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No Ordinary Love

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Once Upon a Time characters.

Regina grabbed herself a bottle of her hardest apple cider and poured the drink in a tumbler. Then, she chugged the liquid down with vigor and slammed the crystal down on her pristine mahogany table. The cider sloshed onto the table and it probably will leave a ring but right now, she doesn't care to be prim and proper that her hateful mother groomed her to be. She looked around at her immaculate home, shrouded in luxury that will almost rival her castle in the Enchanted Forest. It was as close as one could get to a castle in this town she has made after casting the curse that ended all curses.

She laughed, but it lacked any mirth. This curse was supposed to bring her happiness. To see that insipid Snow without her Prince Charming and for nobody to have happy endings was supposed to bring her joy. It was a joy to stroll through her town, seeing these fools suffer and fear her presence, just as she has suffered when a certain brat couldn't keep her mouth shut about her love affairs. But going through the same routine got old very quickly. It has been seventeen years into the curse, and she is just down right bored. Rumple surely didn't mention this part of the curse. She felt nothing but emptiness, like she was missing a piece of herself.

Regina shook her head and took another swig of her honey crisp cider. Maleficent and Rumple did warn her that she would have a grave price to pay for this curse. Scaring these poor peasants brought her a short moment of satisfaction in the beginning, but now the taunts lost their blunder. She was no longer challenged and to be honest, she missed that. She wanted to meet her equal. She sighed heavily, taking in her surroundings. A break from Storybrooke shall suffice. She has yet to venture outside of Storybrooke. The curse has somehow programmed everyone's minds with the knowledge of this world's modern conveniences. If not, she would have been spooked by television and would have no clue how to operate a car.

She walked away from the study and left her glass and stomped in her high priced heels to climb up her elegant marble stairs to her room, determined to find some type of excitement out of the suffocating town that she controlled. She opened the door to her bedroom and perused her closet to find a nice party dress. Her collection is rather limited, considering most of her wardrobe consist of very business formal attire since she is mayor of the town.

While fumbling through her clothes, she thought of where she should take her first trip. Her mind wondered on a show call "Friends". It is such a peculiar series, one of those non-sensical comedies. It is not like she can relate to having friends to confide in. Her only friend in her youth was Rocinante. Her mother made sure to stomp such a weakness of wanting those types of relationships in her life. The one adult friend she had, if you want to call it that as two women just sharing their hatred of certain princesses, was buried underneath the library.

"A-ha." Regina said as she pulled a nice-tight flighty black A-line dress out of her closet. "This will do nicely." New York. That is where the show "Friends" was filmed in. It seemed just quite the place to get into some debauchery. "New York, here I come".


"Hey, Em. I got something for ya." Scrubby Neal pulled out a near perfect card ID that closely resembled her being twenty one as they sat in a busy café in Queens. Emma dropped her spoon of lentil soup and grabbed the card from him. "Sweeeettttttt. Thanks Neal. Have a told you that you were such a good influence in my life?" Neal chuckled and took a bite out of his greasy cheeseburger.

"Ha. Don't say I never did anything for you. But be careful, you don't want to get pinch for being a minor for just trying to get some ass," he crassly pointed out.

Emma met the scrappy ruffian, Neal, while breaking into a vintage Beetle that he himself have stolen beforehand. After nearly getting caught because of speeding, Neal came up with a great excuse to not get searched so the cops didn't find out that the vehicle wasn't theirs.

They have not been separated since. They were like Bonnie and Clyde, stealing from stores on the small time side to survive another day. Neal was like a brother she never had. She has always lived a lonely life, being an orphan after being left by her parents like a piece of trash on a highway in Maine. Neal was family.

Of course, Neal tried to make moves to become more than that, but she had to tell him that she was not interested when he discovered that she had a package herself. It has always been a thorn in her side. It is bad enough to be considering a throwaway, but it has been worse to feel like some type of freak and that is probably why no one loved you. She still remembered the time she opened her heart and entrusted Neal with a secret you has told no one.

Neal and Emma were sitting in the bug in an abandoned, dimly lit parking lot, enjoying some convenience store junk food that they stole a couple of hours ago. Emma told a small joke and both just laughed heartily. Neal turned towards Emma, noticing how a carefree Emma is really beautiful. It is not like he hasn't noticed it before, but a wave of lust and comfort rolled through him. So, he proceeds to lean over the gear shift and kissed Emma lightly.

Emma is shocked into immobility, surprise at Neal's boldness. His scrubby chin tickled her face. She considered Neal to be like a brother, nothing in the realm of any romantic sense. She didn't not reciprocate the kiss, which Neal mistakenly believed since she is not pushing him away, she was giving her consent.

He slowly moves his hand to her stomach to rub, and dives his hand into the waistband of her tight jeans to touch her more. When his hand goes further down he felt an appendage so he hastily snatched his hand away in haste like he touched a burning iron. He looked at her in shock and confusion. "What the hell!?"

Emma just shook her head in disbelief, she dropped her bag of Doritos when Neal face smashed her. She didn't know why she didn't push Neal away when he initiated the kiss but knew she was in deep shit when his hands were going in her pants. She knew she should have stopped it earlier. Now Neal was going to treat her like a freak. So is starved for companionship, she didn't want to frightened him away by rejecting him so suddenly.

She has lived through many rejections growing up parent-less, with people who couldn't give a rat's ass about her. She experienced the pain of being bullied because she was different. She had foster parents who called her an "abomination", saying things like "she shouldn't be living."

She couldn't stand to face another taunt or rejection for being different, that is why she turned towards her door and unlocked it to run away from this awkward situation. Before Emma could leave the car, Neal grabbed her left arm from leaving the passenger seat. "Wait! Emma! Shit. Please just stay. I didn't want to hurt you in any way. Please don't leave. But…please, can you explain that? Please?" Emma slowly turned to Neal, contemplating whether she should tell him about her abnormality. Neal's brown eyes penetrates her with curiosity, confusion, but also gentleness. She didn't sense any judgment or disgust from. She exhaled slowly, wanting to get this secret out and settles back into her seat.

"Neal, yes, what you felt is what it is. I had developed a fully functional penis since I was a baby. I didn't tell you because I fear that you would have made fun of me and dropped our friendship like bad habit. I am not attracted to guys. Initially, I didn't stop you because I didn't know you had feelings for me and if I stopped you, I feared you would have abandoned me," Emma lowered her eyes to the car floor before her and sadly finished, "like everyone else has." Silence encompassed the whole car and passed for a few minutes. Nothing could be heard in the car except car alarms randomly going off in the city that never sleeps.

Neal faced the front window, and ran his hand through his unruly hair. He slouched into his seat. He returned his gaze to Emma, observing her with her eyes shut, breathing harshly, looking like she wanted to bolt after her confession.

He lift her chin towards her. "Em, look. For one, you shouldn't have let me continue to touch you if you didn't want it. You shouldn't have to feel like you have to allow unwanted touching to continue because you are afraid that person wouldn't like you anymore. That is not cool at all and I'm sorry for misinterpreting your response. Two, I know how it feels to feel like you are not wanted. I thank you for trusting me enough to tell me about your…." he slowly gestures to her crotch, "…package." He chuckled softly, trying to lessen the tension in the car. Emma smiled a little, relieved to find that Neal does not hate her very existence. Neal removed his hand from her chin and good-naturally said, "Besides, now you told you like girls, that just means we have more in common. But I bet mine's is bigger."

Emma now fully laughed, shaking her head, not believing the turn of events of today. She is so happy to find someone that still treated her like a human being, and still wanted to be her friend. She is also glad that Neal understood that they can be nothing but friends.

"Emma, you know that I really don't have any family, but I consider you part of it. Don't forget that. You are my sister, even if I just had tried to grope you." They both laughed, understanding the turn of their relationship, they are truly now family.

Emma slightly shook her head from her memory and gave him a goofy smile. "Thanks for this Neal."

Neal rubs his patch of hair on his chin. " Don't mention it sis. Just go and enjoy yourself." He gave her an impish grin. "Can't I go with you? Like….there has to be some ladies that are into guys, right?"

Emma just shakes her head. "No Neal. For the last time, you are not going to a lesbian club to try to hit on chicks. Don't you have straight ones you can chase?"

"Emma, how else will I live out my threesome fantasy?"

"Dude, you are insane."

"Well, I'm happy you are trying to put yourself out there. But please be careful. I bet there are some real tough ladies that go to those clubs. If one of them get too handsy, knee them in the crotch, give them a right hook, and elbow them in the back."

"Wow, so you are like some karate master, huh?"

Neal relaxed in his seat and shrugged. He had a faraway look when he casted his eyes away from her stare. "There are crazier things to be, trust me on that."

Emma continued to devour her soup. "Hmmppp…whatever. But I am so amp for tonight. I just want to be somewhere where I can be myself and have some fun."

Neal looked over Emma, tough and street smart, but still had insecurities and a deep sense of longing. "Maybe tonight starts a new beginning for you. Who knows?"