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Pete is everything Ae has ever wanted, before he even knew he wanted it.

He was never one of those guys that had a long laundry list of requirements for girls. Hell, he never thought about girls at all. Before Pete, all he did was picture anonymous body parts the few times his discipline slipped and he needed to get off. Outside of that, Ae never spared what he wanted a second thought. 

It became a running joke with his friends; any girl that caught Ae’s eye would have to be out of his league with how high his standards probably were.

They weren’t completely wrong about that.

After Pete, it’s a whole different story.

All he can think of when he’s got his hand wrapped around his cock are long legs, and red swollen lips. Even when he’s not, he can’t stop thinking about the swell of Pete’s hips and his slender fingers. Ae can’t even hold his hands without remembering how they feel tugging at his hair and scratching up his back.

It’s a problem when he’s trying to leave class, but he can’t stand without flashing the hard on he has from thinking of Pete’s ankles. It’s even worse when he’s on the field in front of hundreds of people, and he gets hard at the sight of Pete’s smiling face in the crowd.

Sometimes he feels like he’s been possessed after eighteen years of freedom, and now his head is constantly clouded with Pete.

Pete is everything Ae could ever want and need. So much that it’s ruining his life. That’s why when Pete says, “I want to try something,” he feels his stomach drop.

Pete could be talking about a new restaurant or a hobby, but the cherry flush of his cheeks makes it crystal clear what he’s talking about.

And it could mean a million things related to that, but the first thing Ae thinks is, I’m not satisfying him.

Pete is kneeling on their bed in fresh pyjamas, a pile of half folded laundry on his lap. His fingers are wringing a hand towel and Ae has to force himself to look away so he doesn’t make him use them on something else. 

“What do you mean?” he asks, a little too strong.

Pete visibly deflates at Ae’s tone, shoulders dropping.

“Never mind,” he says quickly, darting out of their bedroom and into the kitchen.

Ae follows.

Pete is doing his best to look busy, moving plates from the dish rack to the cupboard even though they’re still damp. Ae stops him, covering his back with his body, hands tugging the dishes away to hold Pete’s wrists instead.

“Pete,” Ae says, “What is it?”

Pete doesn’t reply for a moment; he just squirms in his arms.

“It’s embarrassing,” he eventually says, “Forget I said anything.”

Ae presses a kiss to the back of his neck. It makes Pete whimper, head falling back on to Ae’s shoulder before he remembers himself.

“Tell me what you want to try,” Ae says, a hint of warning in his voice. The thought of not satisfying Pete like that is a shot to his pride, but it’s also a challenge. He doesn’t know what Pete wants, but he’s prepared to fuck him so good, he’ll never ask Ae for anything again. That’s how Pete deserves to be treated all the time.

“You know I’ll always give you what you want.”

Pete breathes against him before turning around sharply and finally meeting his eyes.

“I was talking to Pond and -" 

“Did he tell you to do this!?” Ae asks, voice hardening. Pete hasn’t been a virgin for awhile at this point, but the thought of a man other than him talking to Pete about sex makes his hackles rise.

I’m going to kill Pond.

“No.” Pete shakes his head, stroking his neck. “Don’t be mad.”

It’s hard to be angry with Pete looking at him like that. He’s so nervous, Ae can feel his fingers twitching where they’re resting against his chest. 

“I’m not mad,” Ae lies, nudging Pete’s nose with his own to soothe him. It works because Pete smiles, some of the tension seeping from his shoulders. 

“We just talked. About Chaaim and…you. He had a lot to say.”

“When does he not?”

Pete looks anxious at the barb, so Ae holds his tongue. 

“It made me realize, I’ve never really thought about what I like. Or what you like. You’re my first everything. The only first that matters. And I’m yours too.”

The reminder that he’s the only man that’s ever been inside Pete, and the only man that ever will makes Ae stiffen.

“You are mine,” he affirms, “So I already know what you like.”

He leans forward pressing a kiss to the soft skin behind Pete’s ear.

“I know you like this.”

His hand on Pete’s waist slide lower, groping him through his thin pyjamas.

“And this.”

“Ae,” Pete says, pushing against his chest.


“You’re distracting me,” Pete pouts, and Ae can tell by the way Pete’s eyes fall to his lips, wanting.

“I won’t stop until you say it.”

“I like it,” Pete says in a small voice. His fair face is on fire.

Only then, does Ae step back to give Pete space to think. It’s the last thing he wants to do, but he wants to know what Pete wants so he can give it to him. He wants to give him everything.

“What did you want to try?”

Pete blinks for a few moments, still dazed from Ae’s touch, before he comes back to himself.

“It’s stupid,” Pete says, and Ae won’t have it.

“Pete,” he says, “It’s not stupid if it’s something you want.”

Pete still looks like he’s struggling to get the words out, but Ae’s permission is the push he needs.

“I want to play a game,” Pete says breathily. It’s so naughty, Ae can hardly believe it’s coming from someone as innocent as Pete. He can’t say it doesn’t turn him on, but he feels out of his depth. 

He knows he’s rough and demanding, but when it comes to Pete he’s the simplest man in the world. He doesn’t care how he gets there, as long as he’s between Pete’s legs.

This is all strange to him, but for Pete he tries. 

“What kind of game?” he asks, straightforward. Pete’s ears burn red at his bluntness, even though he’s the one who asked.

Pete plays with the collar of his shirt, avoiding his eyes.

“Pete,” Ae says, shaking him slightly when he stays quiet for too long.

“A game where…we act out something.” Pete bites his lip before shaking his head, “No not act, but pretend.”

“Like pretending to be other people?” Ae immediately doesn’t like it. Why would he ever want to pretend that he isn’t with Pete? Or that Pete is with someone else. The second one makes his jaw clench, teeth grinding together.

“Not specific people,” Pete says when he sees Ae’s reaction, “But different people.”

Ae is trying to understand but Pete isn’t making it easy for him.

“You don’t need to be anyone else,” Pete stresses, “I just want to pretend…that you’re someone else.”

“Pete, you might as well be speaking English to me right now.”

Pete’s frustration with how slow the conversation is going finally outweighs his shyness.

“You could pretend you’re not my boyfriend,” Pete says quickly, “Like you’re just someone new that I’ve met and brought home.”

Ae leans back, considering.

“Is that what you want?" 

Pete nods slowly, like he’s scared of Ae’s reaction.

“I looked at a list that Pond gave me -”

“He gave you a list!?” Ae is really going to kill him.

“Most of it was really weird, or…scary.” Pete’s nose wrinkles cutely as he thinks of it. “I don’t want to do any of that stuff. I just want to be with you, only you. But in a different way.”

How can Ae say no to that?

He kisses him, hard, rough hands cupping Pete’s soft face. He can’t stop himself from pouring all the love he has for Pete into his mouth. When he pulls away, Pete’s eyes are hooded and hazy. Ae thumbs at his cheeks to bring him back.

“What happened to the Koon-Chai who couldn’t even look me in the eye when I asked if he wanted it?”

“Ae!” Pete pushes him again, but Ae doesn’t move.


“Stop teasing me,” Pete whines. He starts to giggle when Ae nuzzles his neck, blowing a kiss there.

“No.” Ae presses another kiss to the sliver of skin peaking out of Pete’s pyjama top, making him squeal.

He likes it when Pete is confident enough to ask for what he wants. 

But he likes his Pete even more. Shy and sweet, rose staining his cheeks like he doesn’t want Ae to touch him all over.

Ae knows exactly what he likes. And he’s willing to do whatever Pete wants to figure out what he likes too.



The next time they talk about it, Pete’s head is in Ae’s lap and they’re pretending to watch a movie. Or at least Ae is. He can’t focus on anything but Pete when his head is literally on his dick. Pete, on the other hand, is twisted towards the TV, his sleep heavy eyes focused on the screen. 

“Pete.” Ae runs a hand through his damp hair to get his attention.

“Hmm?” Pete replies, sweet if a bit absent.

“How do you want to do it?”

Ae doesn’t need to clarify what it is. The back of Pete’s ears flush red before he even finishes speaking.

“Ae,” Pete says, dragging out his name like a child, “Do we have to talk about it? You know it makes me shy.”

“Yes, we do,” Ae says, his stern voice breaking the quiet blanket they’ve been under for the last hour and a half. “I’ve been doing some reading of my own.” All links provided by Pond after Ae sat on his chest and clapped a book over his head for showing them to Pete first, and without his permission. “If we’re going to do anything like that, we need to talk about it. We also need to have limits.”

“What do you mean?”

Pete turns his head in Ae’s lap, till he’s looking up at him.

“Ae,” Pete says gently, “You know I trust you with anything.”

“I know that.” Ae strokes Pete’s cheek. It’s too soft, just like the rest of him, and Ae will do everything to keep it that way. “But it’s different if we’re going to do something like that, where we’re pretending. What if I do something you don’t like? What if you’re hurt or scared?” Ae can feel bile rise in his throat, just thinking about hurting Pete like that.

“Ae,” Pete starts. He reaches for Ae’s side, pulling one of his hardened hands to his chest and holding it in both of his own. “You would know. Because you always take care of me.”

Protecting and taking care of Pete is something seared into Ae’s bones at this point. But he doesn’t think he’ll ever feel deserving of the blind faith that Pete has when he looks up at him like that.

“I wouldn’t be taking care of you if we didn’t talk about this,” Ae says finally, “We need a safe word." 

“What’s a safe word?” Pete asks innocently.

“It’s a word that you should say if you want me to stop.”

“Why would I ever want you to stop?”

Ae inhales deeply, looking down at Pete with dark eyes. Pete’s eyes are still hooded, but this time not from sleep.

“Don’t tease me." 

Pete red lips curl into a tiny smile that he tries to hide by turning back towards the TV.

“Pick a word,” Ae says, “And then I’ll take you to bed.”

Ae can see Pete’s cheek flush, even with his face hidden in Ae’s knee.

“What kind of word?”

“What’s the least sexy thing you can think of?" 


“Absolutely not,” Ae says, the edge in his voice probably sharper than it should be, “If you say his name in bed, I’ll put you over my knee.”

“Ae!” Pete slaps his leg, but it feels like a tap. “Don’t say stuff like that.”

“Why? You’d let me do it.”

Pete doesn’t deny it but he still pouts.

“How about…” Pete’s eyes search the room before landing on the plate of discarded shells that Ae forgot to throw out because Pete climbed into his lap, “Shrimp?”

Ae doesn’t have the heart to tell Pete that he associates shrimp with sex at this point, so he just nods.

“That’ll work.”

Pete beams at the small praise.

“You still didn’t answer my first question,” Ae says, “How do you want to do this?" 

Pete’s smile drops from his face, getting flustered again.

“I don’t know,” Pete says in a small voice, “I haven’t thought about it much. I just know I want you to do it with me.”

This was Pete’s idea, so Ae should make him write the script. But he can’t bring himself to push when Pete looks at him and says, “I thought Ae could help me figure it out.”

Sometimes I wish I could say no to that face.

“After school,” Ae says, “You meet me after I help you pick up the books you dropped. And then you invite me back to your apartment to thank me.”

Pete’s breath catches for a moment, pupils dilating.

“Good?” Ae asks, a little smug.

“It’s good,” Pete says, nodding earnestly like they’re talking about dinner and not a sex fantasy.

He’s too cute. 

Ae leans down and kisses Pete once, twice, before pulling back to peck his ruddy nose. It’s the least he can do because he doesn’t think he’ll be gentle again tonight. 

“Now,” Ae gets off the couch, pulling Pete with him, “Let’s go to bed.” 

“Okay,” Pete kisses him sweetly, before letting Ae tug him into their bedroom.

The movie plays on, forgotten.




It happens on a Friday after football practice.

It’s routine for them. Ae meets Pete in the parking lot by the field and Pete drives them home. Pete usually waits for him by his car, his eyes lighting up when he sees Ae. This Friday isn’t any different.

That’s why Ae is completely confused when Pete sees him and drops everything in his arms, before ducking behind his car.

What the hell?

Ae’s walk turns into a jog until he reaches Pete.

“Are you okay, Pete?”

Pete doesn’t answer, too busy gathering his books. Ae kneels down next to him and starts to help. It’s only when their fingers touch that Ae remembers the conversation they had days ago. He looks at Pete’s face trying to gauge whether not that’s what they’re doing, but Pete won’t meet his eyes.

“Uh, I mean, are you okay?” Ae amends, awkwardly. He’s not supposed to know Pete’s name. 

“Yes. Thank you for helping me,” Pete says, ducking his head, bashfully, “You didn’t have to.”

He scratches the back of his neck nervously and bites his lip, still avoiding Ae’s eyes.

We’re doing this then.

Pete plays coy well, maybe a little well. Ae isn’t sure he’s going to make it back to their apartment if Pete keeps acting like this.

Ae pulls Pete’s books from his arms, and helps him up with one sturdy hand on his waist.

“It’s no problem,” Ae says. He can’t help himself from puffing up a bit when Pete looks at him like that. Like Ae is his hero just because he helped him pick up some books. “You’re not hurt right?" 

It’s something he would say if Pete had genuinely dropped his books, but he feels strange playing himself.

Pete shakes his head, finally looking him in the eyes.

“I’m fine, really. Thank you…” Pete trails off. It takes Ae a moment to realize he’s waiting for his name.

“Ae,” he answers, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Pete,” Pete says, smiling sweetly.

This is the weirdest thing Ae has ever done.

Pete seems to realize it too because he stares at him awkwardly for a moment, clearly not knowing what to do.

“Can I thank you for helping me?” Pete asks abruptly, the words running together because of how nervous he is, “Like maybe get you a drink or…something.” Pete would have never offered Ae that when they first met, too shy, convinced that even that was a burden. It’s not right, the script, but this is about sex so Ae tries to squash the small part of him that feels strange about Pete being so bold.

“Yeah, sure,” Ae smiles, trying to put Pete at ease because he looks like he liable to bolt at any second.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?" 

Pete nods, eager now that Ae is controlling the situation again.

“We could…go to my place.” Pete sounds mortified as he says it, even though this is his fantasy. He can barely ask Ae for sex without getting embarrassed, so Ae isn’t surprised. 

“Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” Pete almost pants, “Nobody else is home.”

He’s so shy you’d think Ae had him on his back already. It’s enough to make Ae harden, not that that’s saying much when it comes to Pete.

Pete’s car is open so Ae opens it and climbs inside. Pete follows after a few seconds, avoiding Ae’s eyes the entire time. 

The car ride to their place is silent, the only sound in the car being the hum of the air conditioner. Usually they’d talk about their day, but Pete looks like he’s about to vibrate out of his skin so Ae doesn’t push.

The elevator ride up to the condo is similarly quiet, Pete shuffling his feet and shaking his leg like they don’t do this every single day.

Ae wants to tell him to calm down, but even if he feels awkward and out of his element.

Ae’s own keys are in his pocket but he’s not supposed to live here, so he watches Pete fumble with his keys for a solid thirty seconds. When Pete completely drops them, he kneels down and picks them up, opening the door before Pete can protest. 

“Thank you,” Pete says in a tiny voice, embarrassed.

“Why are you so nervous?” Ae teases, even though he knows why.

“I’ve just never brought someone back to my place before.”

Ae’s jaw twitches at Pete’s words, but Pete is too anxious to notice. He leads Ae inside, sliding his shoes off before walking into the kitchen.

The condo looks the same as how they left it this morning.

One of Ae’s freshly washed football uniforms is hanging on the couch, his muscle tanks folded beside it. His football studs are by the door, thrown next to a neat line of Pete’s loafers. Ae can even see the bowl he forgot to wash that morning sitting in the sink.

He’s marked the entire place, but Pete still brought someone else home. 

Ae knows they’re just pretending. Its just a game and the only person Pete has let into their apartment is him. But it still makes his skin itch that this fantasy is so easy for Pete.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Ae asks.

Pete shoots him a confused look, eyes wide.

“How do you know I have a boyfriend?”

Ae walks over to the couch and picks up his football jersey, waving it under Pete’s nose. “I can’t see someone like you playing football.” Ae tried to teach Pete one time, and he ended up flat on his back within twenty minutes so that part is true.

“I also can’t see someone as pretty as you being single.”

Pete blushes to the tips of his ears, even though Ae calls him pretty all the time, among other things. Ae can almost get it now, why Pete wanted to do this. It feels like a first when they’re playing their roles.

“My boyfriend’s…at football practice,” Pete says slowly. He clearly didn’t expect Ae to mention himself while they were doing this, “He won’t be back for awhile.”

A surge of anger burns through Ae. 

Would Pete say the same thing if he actually brought someone else home?

He has to sit down so Pete doesn’t see his hands clench into a fist. There’s an awkward moment, where Pete stares at him with eager eyes and Ae remembers that he’s supposed to be here for a drink, because they’re still playing.

“Can I get you the drink I promised you?” Pete asks, clearly unaware of the restlessness rising in Ae.

“Oh, right. Yeah, sure,” Ae says. He knows he’s being too standoffish and curt, but he can’t get back in the mood when he’s so pissed. Thankfully, Pete doesn’t notice as he goes through their fridge, humming the entire time.

It’s almost normal, Pete pouring Ae a drink after practice. It eases some of the tension in his shoulders, at least until Pete speaks again.

“Which one do you want?” Pete waves at the two pitchers on the counter.

Pete already knows that Ae likes mango juice. Pete’s the only one who drinks the pomegranate juice that he seems to hoard in the fridge by the gallons. But Ae isn’t supposed to be himself right now, he’s supposed to be a random guy that Pete brought home.

“Whatever you want,” Ae says, tersely.

Pete smiles and turns away, pouring his drink. He turns back after a few moments and promptly trips over a chair leg, spilling it all over Ae’s lap. Of course, it’s the pomegranate juice.

“Oh no!” Pete falls to his knees, wiping at Ae’s pants uselessly. He moves to stand and get a hand towel, but Ae stands to get it himself. 

“It’s fine,” Ae says, “Really, I got it.” He sits back in the chair and wipes at it but it doesn’t help much. It’ll definitely stain.

Pete doesn’t move from where he’s kneeling on the floor.


When Pete looks up at him, his eyes are filled with tears.

“Hey,” Ae says, a swell of panic filling him, “Why are you crying?”

“I’m sorry,” Pete sniffles, “I was supposed to be thanking you for helping me, and I just caused you more trouble.”

It sounds like something Pete would have said to him before they started dating.

Pete can’t be this good of an actor.

Ae doesn’t know if they’re still acting or if it even matters. The sight of Pete in tears always triggers something primal in him, something that makes him want to drag Pete to their bedroom and press him down under his weight till he knows he’s safe. 

He kneels down next to him, grabbing his cheeks and wiping at the wetness gathered there.

“It’s fine,” Ae says, “It’s just juice and I’m not angry. So please, don’t cry.”

“I’m still sorry,” Pete sniffles, pushing Ae’s hands away to wipe his own tears. Ae’s heart aches at how delicately he does it, only using the ball of his hands. 

“Stop apologizing,” Ae says. He pushes himself to his feet and reaches for his belt, shucking off his juice soaked pants. Pete’s eyes widen, cheeks colouring with the barest hint of pink. That coupled with the tears still lining his wide eyes make him look sinful.

But Pete just cried, and Ae can’t bring himself to push for sex after that.

“Ae,” Pete says, “Wait a second.” Pete stands on shaky legs and then cautiously touches his chest, trailing down and further until his hand is barely brushing the Ae’s cock through his boxers.

“I…could apologize to you another way.”

Is he serious?

He’s hard, despite the anger rising inside him. He doesn’t know what it is, but Pete playing with his emotions, pretending to cry, pisses him off. Maybe it’s because it goes against the image of Pete he has in his head. Pure and sweet, too pure to play him. Too sweet to cheat on him.

“You want to apologize to me?” Ae asks gruffly.

Pete stares at him before nodding cautiously, biting his lip.


Pete makes a noise of surprise when Ae grabs him by the wrist and starts to drags him to their bedroom.


He throws Pete on to the bed, pinning him under his weight before Pete can sit up and dismount him.

“You said you wanted to apologize to me right? This is what I want.”

Ae kisses Pete, muffling his words when he tries to speak as his hands work on his belt, pulling his pants and underwear to his knees. 

When he jerks back, Pete gasps, his swollen mouth wet and open.

“Okay,” Pete pants, “Just be quick. Before my boyfriend gets home.”

Ae can’t stop the growl that escapes him when Pete says that, pulling him down the bed and hoisting his legs up.

Pete whimpers when he feels Ae’s hands on his hips, still gentle but firm enough for him to know that he’s serious. If Pete tried to move right now, Ae wouldn’t let him.

“Stay still,” Ae says. Pete keeps squirming against him, completely overwhelmed. Ae is still pissed but he soothes him, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head, and another to the curve of his cheek.

He always smells so good.

Ae completely bypasses Pete’s pink cock, kissing his hole instead and pulling his legs around him.

“Ae,” Pete whines, trying to close his legs. He’s always shy, so embarrassed when Ae does this, even though he obviously loves it.

“Be good for me,” Ae says, and that’s enough for some of the tension to leave Pete, his legs falling open. Ae immediately surges forward, pressing his tongue inside Pete’s body.

Pete instinctively tries to close his legs but Ae’s firm hands hold him open, making him stay still.

It’s quick and sloppy, but so good, tasting Pete like this. He didn’t think anybody could be sweet everywhere until he did this with Pete. He can hear Pete start to cry above him and that just eggs him on more. He starts with small licks because Pete is always so tight, no matter how many times they do this, but he always opens up for him eventually. When he does, Ae fucks his entire tongue into him, ignoring the ache in his jaw and Pete’s small scream. 

Pete’s fingers start to tug on his hair, and that’s when Ae knows it’s enough. The only way Pete is going to come tonight is on his cock, or not at all. 

When he pulls back and sees Pete, his face is stained with tears and his eyes are foggy, one hundred miles away. Ae’s fingers pinch the soft curve of his ass to bring him back. It works, but Pete still pouts at him.

“You’re mean,” Pete says. Ae is offended that he’s still able to talk.

“If I was really mean, I would have spanked you instead.” He’s angry enough to do it, but they’ve never talked about it before. Still, Pete inhales sharply, his eyes going dark.

It’s a conversation for another time, but Ae has to force himself not to act on it. Instead he reaches between Pete’s legs and presses his fingers against his hole. He can’t stop the animalistic sound he makes when the head of his thumb slides into Pete easily, just aided by the slick from his tongue. 

It’s not nearly enough to fuck him, but Ae still screws his thumb inside, just pressing until he's inside Pete's body.

Pete gasps at the feeling, not saying a word.

“You’re already so open,” Ae says, voice low.

“Ae,” Pete covers his face with his hands, “Don’t say stuff like that.”

“Why?” Ae says, pressing his thumb in deeper, “You are.” 

Pete whimpers, pushing back against him despite what he says. Ae doesn’t want to leave him but he has to get up and go to their bedside table to get the lube.

Pete makes a small noise of discontent when Ae moves away from him. It makes Ae’s chest hurt so he kisses Pete’s thigh to calm him down. 

Ae pours the slick on to his fingers before sliding one into Pete to the hilt, not giving him a chance to breath. It goes in easily, despite Pete’s gasp of surprise at how abrupt it is.

He’s so hot inside.

Ae can’t even say it out loud without risking coming in his pants, so he just forces Pete’s legs open so he can see where his fingers are pressed inside him.

It’s lewd, the crude image of his thick fingers inside of Pete’s hole. Pete tries to close his legs again, but Ae keeps them open with one hand and slides another finger in with the other.

It doesn’t take long for Pete to start pushing back on to his fingers, muffling his cries with his own. 

Ae knows he should stop before Pete comes, but he curls his fingers against Pete’s softest spot just to see him scream, his hands useless at hiding it.

“Ae,” Pete whines, and Ae knows what he’s asking for. He pulls his fingers out ignoring Pete’s whimper when he does in favour of slicking up his cock.

He holds Pete’s eyes as he pushes into his tight body, adding pressure until his hips are as deep as they can be, pressed against Pete’s ass.

Ae has fucked Pete hundreds of times, but the initial stretch always makes him moan, high and overwhelmed as Ae makes space for himself inside him. He remembers telling Pete, ‘You were made for my cock,’ multiple times in the midst of fucking him, and he really believes that. How can Pete be anything but made for him when he feels so good around him? 

“You feel so good,” Ae groans, his hips moving slowly to open Pete up. He’ll never get over how good it feels to be inside of Pete. How tight and wet he is, even after all this time.

Pete just stares at up at him, mouth open as his body shakes with every shove of Ae’s hips.

“I’m going to keep you like this.” Ae feels like he’s possessed, his head going foggy as he imagines it, “In our bed, ready for me. You’re always going to be full of me.” 

“Our bed?” Pete pants.

Ae surges forward, fucking into Pete deep, making him scream.

“Yes, our bed,” Ae growls, “Because you’re mine. Only mine. And the only way you’re ever going to invite anyone else into it is over my dead body.”

The words are violent, too violent to be said in bed to someone like Pete. But Pete has never been as innocent as Ae gives him credit for so it just makes him moan, high and desperate.

The moan turns into a scream when Ae thrusts into him suddenly, pushing him up the bed. It has Pete scrambling to hold on, fingers sliding over Ae’s back as he gives it to him good.

Ae gets tunnel vision when he’s like this and the only thing he can focus on is Pete, Pete, Pete. His delicate fingers scratching up Ae’s back, the whining in Ae’s ears, and the feeling of his tight wet hole around him.

“Ae, Ae, Ae,” Pete cries the entire time. It’s so intoxicating he loses it for a moment, changing his rhythm from quick to hard, fucking into Pete as deep as he can and grinding so he can feel how big he is. 

He leans down so his elbows are resting on either side of Pete’s head, but his hips don’t stop, opening him up more with every thrust. 

“You’re so beautiful.”

Pete keens when he reaches for the pink nub of his nipple, rolling it between his rough fingers.

“Ae, stop it -”

Pete’s voice breaks when Ae gives a hard thrust, his words becoming garbled.


The only thing Pete should be saying when he’s under Ae, is his name. He picks up a hard pace until Pete is only letting out whimpers, his entire body squirming.

Ae can feel it, the telling tightness around his cock as Pete gets closer and closer to orgasm.

Pete reaches down, trying to touch himself, but Ae won’t let him. Not tonight, when he has something to prove.

“No,” Ae orders, he grabs Pete’s wrists and pins them over his head so Pete can’t touch his cock.

“Ae, please,” Pete cries, wriggling. Ae doesn’t take pity on him, just fucking into him harder, short thrusts that send him up the bed and then deep ones that leave Pete gasping for air.

“I said, no,” Ae says, “The only way you’re coming tonight, is on my cock.”

His words have Pete crying, straining up against his hands for a kiss. Ae gives it to him, but it’s too sloppy and intense to be called that. They’re just breathing, Pete moaning into Ae’s mouth with every thrust.

They’re nearly nose to nose but Ae doesn’t want to pull away, he doesn’t want to give Pete a chance to breath anything that isn’t him.

“Look at you,” Ae says, reverently, thumbing at Pete’s pink nipples and his wet eyes. He’s ruined and Ae wants to ruin him some more. His hips slap against Pete’s ass, the wet sound the lube makes driving him crazy. “You don’t need anything else, do you?”

Pete is too far gone to answer, his whimpers turning into cries.

Ae folds his legs over his shoulders, nearly folding Pete in half before he starts to piston his hips.

Pete’s not crying anymore. It’s like he’s in a daze, eyes wet and body pliant as Ae fucks into him. Ae loves when Pete gets like this, when he makes him feel so good that he can’t do anything except lie there and take it.

He’s started to tremble, panting a garbled mix of ‘Ae’ and ‘please,’ in Ae’s ear. It makes Ae grind into him deep, so he can feel every pulse of Pete’s body when he comes. 

Ae swallows his scream with a kiss, because everything about Pete belongs to him, even the noise he makes when he comes. Pete just lies there helpless under Ae as he snaps his hips, urged on by his wet tightness. Pete’s completely boneless after he comes but he still wraps his arms around Ae’s neck and begs.

“Please, Ae. I love you so much. Come inside me, please. Come inside me Ae,” and Ae does, his entire body going still as he fills Pete up like he promised he would. If he had his way, Pete would always be full of him.

Pete’s already wrung out but he whines at the feeling and it makes Ae’s hips twitch, fucking his come deeper inside so he really feels it. He wants Pete to feel this for days. 

Ae wants to stay this way forever, inside of Pete and on top of him. But he knows he’s heavy, so he moves to get up. The slick sound of his cock sliding out of Pete’s hole is completely obscene. Ae grits his teeth, willing himself not to get hard again by sheer willpower alone.

He can’t stop himself from looking down at where they were connected, thumbing at Pete’s hole until his come starts to trickle out. It makes him stiffen and without thinking about it, he presses two thick fingers into Pete, pushing his come back inside.

“Ae!” Pete yelps in surprise.

“Sorry,” Ae says, but he doesn’t pull his fingers out, high on the feeling of himself inside of Pete. When he’s sure that none of it’ll escape, he slides his fingers out, kissing Pete’s brow apologetically.

“I’ll be right back, stay here.” Pete doesn’t respond, he just stares back at him with trusting eyes. Ae has to give him a parting kiss before he goes. When he comes back, he has some crumpled tissues in hand.

“Spread your legs,” Ae orders. His intention is entirely non-sexual but a trill of excitement still shoots through him when Pete does it just because he asked.

The first time Ae did this, Pete nearly kicked him in the face. That impulse is still there so Ae keeps a firm hand on his inner thigh the entire time.

He’s gentle when he cleans him but Pete whimpers at the feeling, still oversensitive. Ae kisses the back of his thigh to soothe him.

“I’m done,” he says. He quickly tosses them before climbing back into bed with Pete, pulling him to his chest. Pete is still breathing fast, his entire body trembling with the after shocks of his orgasm. Ae knows he was intense, but it worries him. He kisses his shoulder gently, and that makes Pete sigh, the first reaction out of him since they finished.

“I…got jealous,” Ae admits.

Pete stares at him blankly, but his eyebrows furrow.

“I know it doesn’t make any sense,” Ae says, “Because it was just you and me, like always. But it was like you really brought another guy home and it pissed me off.”

Pete’s started stroking the hollow of his neck, face thoughtful but not angry.

“You know I’d never bring anyone home except you." 

“I know,” Ae stresses, “You just drive me crazy.” The words he’s been holding back come out in a flood, “You’re mine. I don’t like thinking about you bringing other men home. It made me want to…" 

He doesn’t have a word for the depths of his own anger, so he hits the bed frame instead.

“I’m sorry,” Ae finally says. He wants Pete to speak, to tell him he’s ridiculous, but instead he smiles. It quickly turns into a giggle that Pete tries to hide by covering his mouth with his hand.

“Are you laughing at me!?" 

“No,” Pete says, even as another laugh bubbles out of him.

“If you’re laughing, I’m going to punish you.” Ae pulls himself over Pete, sucking a kiss into his already ruined neck.

“Ae!” Pete squeals, “I won’t laugh anymore, I promise.” Ae actually wants him to laugh some more, so he has an excuse to fuck him a second time, but Pete stays silent. He rolls off of him, drawing Pete back to his chest.

“And don’t be sorry,” Pete says in a tiny voice, “I really liked it.”

“Yeah?” Ae asks, smug.

Pete nods shyly. Ae is so relieved, he kisses Pete, hard. Pete’s lips part for him, pliant as ever, at least until Ae tries to reach under the duvet.

Pete pushes his hand away. “Ae, I’m really tired.”

Usually Ae would push but he can see how tired Pete is. His lips are bitten cherry red, and his eyes are puffy from crying, both before sex and during it.

“Okay,” Ae says, “Just go to sleep then.”

“I want to tell you something first.”

Pete suddenly looks a lot more nervous, and it sets Ae on edge.

“I didn’t just like the sex,” Pete says, “I like that you’re so possessive of me. Even when you’re being silly and getting jealous of yourself." 

He’s still tense so Ae waits for the ‘but’.

“But…” Pete trails off, “I don’t like that you did something that you didn’t like.”

Ae peers down at Pete in confusion. There’s no part of fucking Pete that he doesn’t like.

“The pretending,” Pete clarifies, “I wanted to try something new and you went along with it for me. You even came up with it and told me to pick a word to use if I didn’t like it, but you didn’t use it.”

“That’s different.”

“How?” Pete pushes. 

“That word was for if you were hurt or scared, not for me,” Ae says, a bit flustered at Pete questioning him because he never does.

“You said it was a word for if I wanted to stop, and you wanted to stop pretending right? Because you didn’t like it.”

He’s right, but Ae’s pride won’t let him admit it. Pete props himself up on Ae’s chest, stroking his hair before tugging at it to make Ae look at him.

“You don’t have to say yes to everything I want,” Pete says, “I told you before, I just want you. I don’t care how, as long as it’s you. Would you get mad if I didn’t want to do something in bed?”

“Never,” Ae says, voice strong because of how angry he is at the suggestion. It makes Pete smile.


Pete falls back on to his chest, point made. He doesn’t push for Ae to admit he was wrong, which Ae is grateful for, but he considers his words. The sex was amazing but Ae can admit to himself; he hated the entire scenario. He hated pretending that he wasn’t Pete’s boyfriend and that Pete was cheating on him. Pete belonging to him is the one of the few things he’s proud of and pretending that Pete doesn’t, doesn’t excite him. It just makes him angry.

“Now, can I say something?”

“Hmm?” Pete hums into his chest.

“Did you spill the juice on me on purpose?”

Pete startles, clearly not expecting that question.

“No! It was an accident.” Pete looks up at Ae, bashful. “I was already really nervous and that just made it worse. I felt like I ruined something that I asked for and it made me want to cry.” Pete’s cheeks have been dry for awhile now but Ae still presses a kiss to where they were.

“But you made it okay again, like you always do.” Pete nuzzles his soft downy head under Ae’s chin, sniffing against his neck.

Deep down, Ae knew that Pete couldn’t have been pretending to cry, but Pete’s confirmation makes him warm.

Even like this, fucked out and rumpled after roleplaying with his boyfriend, Pete is still the sweetest boy in the world.

“That’s what I’m here for.”

He kisses Pete, hand curled around his head protectively. Pete smiles into the kiss, pecking him when he pulls back.

“Sleep now,” Ae says. He can see the exhaustion in the droop of Pete’s shoulders and the darkness under his eyes. He thinks he’ll bathe him later, when they’re both able to move.

“Okay,” Pete says, “But you have to hold me all night.”

Ae doesn’t remember most things, but he’d never forget what Pete said to him after their first time.

“Even if you tell me not to, I won’t let you go,” Ae recites back to him. It makes Pete smile.

Ae might not be able to play anyone else, but he can always do this.