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Shrine of Lies

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Reyes found himself at Tartarus. Same story, new players.  A business deal had gone south. After securing the requested goods, the client refused to pay the agreed upon amount. Not only refuse to pay, but also attempt to steal the goods right from under Reyes. Words were exchanged, shots were fired. Now, there was no more client, and an excess of a specific good. Reyes wiped at the wet blood on his jacket, only to smear it. Kadara was not a planet in which both parties walked away from a dispute alive.

Reyes entered Tartarus, heading pass the patrons, and the swaying and gyrating bodies. He went straight to the back to what would’ve been the bar’s kitchen had Kian ever used it to cook anything.

“Vidal!” Kian called out. Reyes nodded to him, reaching for the open bottle of whiskey Kian had on the counter. He didn’t bother to pour it in a glass.

“Hard day, mate?” Kian asked, eyeing him.

Being with Lola had left Reyes on a high. It was over quicker than he would’ve preferred, but he had sensed how tired she was after their first go. She needed to rest. She had fallen asleep quickly in his arms, her head on his chest, light snores escaping her kiss swollen lips. Looking down at how peaceful she looked beside him, Reyes had felt...happy. Which made him nervous. At best he was always ok. Happy….Happy was something he never aimed to be. Never dared to be. The universe took happy as a challenge, and Reyes knew better than to challenge the universe. When he had first met Lola his only desire was to fuck her over a table, to sully her. What he ended up doing was making love to her in his bed, and ruining himself.

“You hadn’t been in yer room all night,” Kian continued. “I had nothin’ but people stopping by the bar asking me yer where ‘bouts, and for once I didn’t have an answer for ‘em.”

Reyes took a swig of his whiskey. He wasn’t concerned. If they were important enough they knew how to contact him. If not, they waited. Kian himself knew how to reach Reyes, the fact that he hadn’t meant none of those people had pertinent enough business to warrant Kian contacting him. He trusted Kian’s judgement. He paid Kian for his judgement. Kian eyed him.

“But yer back here. Drinking out of me bottles...covered in blood. I had assumed you were with a lass.” Kian leaned on the counter beside him. “In fact a wee birdie informed me you were with one lass in particular, perhaps it didn’t go so bonny?”

“Would that little birdie go by the name of Keema?” Reyes asked, already knowing the answer.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Kian said.

“How that woman wins everyone’s silence…..” He shook his head and took another swig of the whiskey.

“So, it’s true then. You and yer Pathfinder finally made up. You do seem a wee less cranky.”

“She’s in my bed as we speak.” Reyes said, not wanting to get into details. What he did with Lola when they were alone felt..private, somehow. Maybe, even sacred?  Another feeling he wasn’t used to. He finished off the bottle and placed it back on the counter. Kian’s eyes widened.

“She’s where? In yer bed? In yer bed bed? As in the bed in yer apartment and not some random safe house?” Kian knew of Reyes’s habit of taking women to the nearest Collective safe house for a quick triest. Kian whistled. “Wow, mate. That’s a big deal for you- wait. So what are you doing here?”

Reyes shrugged. Honestly, he wasn’t sure.

“Ok,” Kian said, nodding slowly. “I think I ken.” He folded his arms, and looked away seemingly in thought. “You know that Kosta lad stopped by.”

“Did he?” Reyes asked, keeping his voice neutral.

“Looking for Lola. Told ‘im hadn’t seen her all night. He got drunk and told me all about the time he had sex with her in the storage room of their ship. He’s a sloppy drunk, that one.”

Reyes had no desire to hear this. He knew she had slept with Kosta, and that Kosta wasn’t quite over it, but details Reyes didn’t need. “The point, Kian?”

“That laddie would be thrilled to have her in his bed. And he will. If you fuck this up.”  Kian looked at him pointedly. “Lola already knows yer a smug, sly bastard. She already knows yer dangerous, and sex crazed.”

Reyes shot Kian a look at that. He thoroughly enjoyed sex, yes, and he was damn good at it, but he wasn’t some nymphomaniac.

“She’s aware of the multitude of casual partners you’ve had, and that every other word out yer mouth is a lie, and yet, still, still, she returns to you.”  

 Reyes stood silent, nursing his drink. Kian shook his head and pushed himself off the counter.  

“Look at me sitting here trying to convince you to get back in bed with a beautiful woman.”  Kian gathered a few bottles and began heading back to the bar. “My point is,” Kian said, turning back to him once more, clearly frustrated. “I never took ye for a coward.”

“I didn’t realize my personal life was such an interest to you,” Reyes sneered.

“Nah, mate. Yer  a real ass but you came here cuz you know we’re mates. And you knew I’d tell you the truth which is yer being chicken shit.”  Kian placed the bottles back on the counter, and reapproached Reyes. “You didn’t see her face that day. I did. The day she learned she wasn’t the only woman to have visited yer room for a quickie. She wanted me to defend you. Her eyes were just begging me to, but I couldn’t, not when most of what Eldrick had said was true.”

Reyes didn’t respond. He wasn’t going to start explaining himself or his actions while standing in the sticky kitchen of what was, essentially, a strip club. If Reyes wanted confession, he would’ve started a Catholic Church on Kadara instead of The Collective.

“And yet still you were able to win her over again with yer charm. And yer dick.”

“Sounding a little jealous there, mate,” Reyes said, straightening his back. They were standing face to face now, staring each other down. Each challenging the other to throw the first punch.

“Maybe I am. It’s just I’m havin’ a difficult time understanding why an unworthy shit like you can find someone, while I, a decent and loyal lad, can’t find one guy.”

Reyes glared at him, his fist clenching in their gloves. “I’m an unworthy shit, am I.”

“Fuck yea yer are. Who else abandons someone they’ve been actively chasing? Ungrateful. Unworthy. Piece of shit.” Kian stared Reyes down. “But hey, if yer cool with losing her to Kosta, or the Archon then so be it.” Kian waved his hand dismissively, and stepped away from Reyes.

“The Archon? What are you talking about?”

“Kosta, the sloppy drunk. According to him tomorrow they’re off to hunt down The Archon. They’re gonna bring the fight to ‘I’m. I’m sure you have the notification somewhere in yer messages.”

Reyes felt his blood run cold.  “Contra. Why didn’t she say anything?”

“Maybe if ye spent a little less time trying to get in her pants and a little more actually talking to her, she’d have had a chance to tell you.”

Reyes unleashed a slew of curses.

“Nah, nah, nah!  Don’t you curse at me in yer native tongue!  You-” Kian proceeded to throw out a series of explicatives in Irish.

“Hey, I did what you asked.”  Eldrick entered the kitchen, clearly ignoring the fact that the two men were arguing with each other in two different languages. “Ayo. Mister Vidal. I been working hard doing what you asked! Now, word on the street is that you married that Pathfinder pussy. Locked that shit down. I have to ask. You’re not the sharing type are you ‘cuz-”

Eldrick’s sentence was cut short by Reyes’s fist. Reyes caught him right across the chin, knocking the man out cold.  

“Married?!”  Kian asked, ignoring Eldrick’s unconscious body on his kitchen floor.

“Don’t believe everything you hear,” Reyes said. Stepping over Eldricks body, he picked upped an unopened  bottle of whiskey and left.

The night was balmy, like most Kadaran nights. Reyes strolled back to his apartment, wondering, hoping that, despite his fears, Lola would still be there when he returned. 

His Omni-tool flashed red, signaling an incoming call. He pressed the button, answering it.

“Kian has alerted me that you left our newest recruit unconscious on his kitchen floor,” Keema’s voice came through clearly.

“Kian is dramatic. Eldrick will be fine.”

“We need him. Finding him was fortuitous, having a man that is already in Sloane’s inner circle working for us is much easier than attempting to insert one of our own. He’s been doing as we asked. He’s whispered in Sloane’s ear about Lola’s alone time with you in your room, sowing discord and distrust.”

“Sloane doesn’t trust me,” Reyes agreed. “She won’t approve of anyone that does.”  Sloane knowing that Lola was in a sexual relationship with him would make it impossible for Lola and Sloane to work together. Rumor or not. Unlike himself, Lola was a terrible liar, Sloane would see right through her denials. She’ll want Lola to pick a side, and Reyes was willing to bet that Lola would choose him.

“The more I get to know her, the less I like using her this way,” Keema said, her voice full of remorse.

Reyes felt his chest twist. He was good at compartmentalizing parts of his life, but Lola was quickly spilling over into every area. “We didn’t spread anything that isn’t true,” Reyes replied, trying, and failing, to ease his guilt.

“Still. She may not forgive us when this is all over.”

Reyes stood silent. She wouldn’t. How could she? Still, he wouldn’t to let her go. Not yet.

“Where is she? Did she return back to her ship?” Keema asked.

“Don’t act like Kian hadn’t told you that as well.”

 Silence on the other end. Reyes could feel Keema rolling her eyes from the other side of the Omni-tool.

“Fine, then tell me something I don’t know. Sestra’s presence was no accident, was it?”

“Is anything ever truly an accident?”

“Don’t speak in riddles with me, Vidal. Ryota certainly took the bait without hesitation.”

“Ryota is a fool.”

Keema’s cackle crackled through the Omni-took speaker “So, you lure your girlfriend’s date away from her using another woman-”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Reyes mumbled. What were they in high school?

“- oh  she’s most certainly your girlfriend. And then you get upset with the guy because it actually worked.”

“I’m a complex man.”

“I like her, Vidal.”

“I’m aware.”

“She could be good for you if you allow her, and an asset to The Collective.”

Reyes didn’t doubt either statements.



“Reyes?” Lola called out.

She looked around the room. It was pitch black save for the neon lights that poured through a small window. She had fallen asleep in his bed, wrapped up in silk sheets, naked, alone, and freezing.  Why did his apartment feel like a damn freezer?

“SAM?” She called out in the dark, wrapping the sheets tighter around herself. Her head pounded. Another migraine.  

Yes, Pathfinder?”

“How long had I been asleep?” She pressed on her temples, and winced. They were tender. The pain was right behind her damn eyeball.

Not long. 75 minutes.”

“And when in the night did Reyes leave?”

About a 15 minutes after you fell asleep He received a call and then I heard the door open via your Omni-tool mic.”

Lola chewed nervously on her lip. She could ask SAM about the call but that felt overly intrusive, and wrong. Which left her only one option. To guess. Was it Charlatan business? Smuggler business? Or had she done something that scared him away without even realizing it? Should she contact him? Was he expecting her to be there when he returned or was he hoping she’d be gone?

Reyes left you a message, Pathfinder.”

“He did?” She asked, perking up. “Okay, SAM, play it. Wait. He spoke to you? While I was sleeping?”

Through your Omni-tool, yes. He only asked if  I’d give you a message. He was concerned that you’d wake before he returned.

Reyes could be incredibly sweet, when he wasn’t trying to get laid.

“I will play the message now: Lolita,”   Reyes deep, accented voice rolled out. Smooth as butter.  “I had to step out. Por favor, Don’t leave. It is dark, late, and I’d much rather return to a bed kept warm by you, than a cold, empty one. Regreso pronto.”

Lola breathed a sigh of relief. She was welcomed here. He wanted her to stay. She wanted to stay. She smiled to herself in the dark.   

This makes you happy?” SAM asked.

“Yea, well, ‘cuz sometimes humans can be intimate, and then completely done with each other when it’s over.”

Her migraine was slowly increasing in intensity, the pain coming in waves. She felt nauseous. It was going to be a bad one.

You’re dehydrated. You should drink some water.”

Lola climbed out of bed, keeping the sheet wrapped around her. “Yea, ok.”

She headed for the fridge in the kitchenette.  Squinting at the fridge’s bright white light.

Why is that?” SAM asked. He was like an inquisitive child.

Water. Water. How could this man have no water?

“Why is..why is what?” Lola asked, only half paying attention.

Why would a newly progressing relationship terminate after sexual relations?

She closed the fridge. It was useless, the fridge was essentially empty. She sat on the kitchen floor, and brought her legs to her chest, she placed her aching head on her knees.

“I don’t know SAM.” She couldn’t think straight.  “Some only want to sleep with a person once and then they’re done with them. Humans can be assholes,” she said, closing her eyes tightly.

You want to be around Reyes, even after sleeping with him,” SAM responded. His response more a statement than a question.She began rocking on the floor.

“I do,” she agreed, struggling to arrange her thoughts through the pain.   “He’s funny, and smart, and despite his flippant attitude toward everything, I think he actually really cares.....” She trailed off, she was gushing.  Void, had she ever gushed over a guy? Maybe the migraine was affecting her brain.

Pathfinder, you need to drink water.”

“I know, SAM! He has no damn water! The man lives off whiskey!’

You will locate to get some,” SAM responded. Lola opened her mouth to respond. “No, you cannot ingest it from the sink. It is not yet clean enough for consumption.”

“Fuck!” She cursed loudly. Her head felt like it was going to split in two, the last thing she wanted was to go out in the dead of night, and hunt for bottled water. She didn’t have his passcode to get back in, she’d have to return to The Tempest… she wanted none of things. What she wanted, was more time with Reyes. More time spent forgetting that she’d be chasing down the galaxy’s number one bad guy in a day. More time pretending she was just a normal girl spending time with a guy she liked. A guy she really liked. More time. She needed more time. There wasn’t enough time.

You also require nourishment,”  SAM alerted her.

Her stomach growled loudly. She groaned loudly in response. Why was there never enough time? Lola laid down on the kitchen floor, and cried.



Reyes returned to his apartment to find Lola laid out on his kitchen floor. She was curled up in the fetal position, his sheets wrapped tightly around her, her curls wild around her hair like a dark halo, in between her arms the was the cat he had won her.  He’d had thought it adorable if she was in the bed instead on his floor, and if it hadn’t looked like she wasn’t breathing.

“Lola?” He called, kneeling beside her. She didn’t respond. He gathered her, and the sheets she was wrapped in, into his arms and lifted her off the ground. The pink cat slipping from her arms and falling softly to the ground. She was completely limp. He placed her on his bed, and opened an eyelid. Her pupils were blown wide. Something was horribly wrong. Reyes looked at her Omni-tool, he had never spoken to SAM before, and he wasn’t even sure the AI would even respond to him but.

“SAM? Can you hear me?” Silence.

“SAM. I know you can hear me,,” Reyes said, switching tactics. “I’m sure you can understand why I’d be concerned about her. I need to know if she’s ok.”

I am adjusting,” SAM replied, after a moment.

Reyes lifted her wrist, checking her pulse. She still had one. He exhaled a breath in relief.

“Adjusting what, SAM?”  Reyes asked, his voice calm despite his growing concern. No response. “SAM. Does she need a doctor? Do we need to alert her crew?”

That will not be necessary. I am adjusting,” SAM, repeated. His monotonous voice providing no comfort. Reyes swept stray curls off her face. She looked serene, as though she was only sleeping.

“SAM, what happened? Tell me. Maybe I can be of help.”

You cannot. Ryder was suffering from an intense migraine.” Reyes listened, he hadn’t known she suffered from migraines. There were still so many things he didn’t know about her.

 If you spent less time trying to get in her pants….Kian’s voice echoed soundlessly in his head.

Ryder was dehydrated and in need of nourishment, among other things. This domicile lacked the necessities,” SAM continued. Reyes could’ve kicked himself. He spent so little time here. His apartment lacked many things.

“Ok, so what happened?” Reyes asked, once more. 

She did not wish to leave the domicile in search of sustenance . She asked me to manually adjust her body chemistry to abate the pain.

Reyes looked at Lola. Her chest was slowly rising and falling. “Damn it, Lola.” What she had asked SAM to do was foolish, and dangerous. 

“I warned her that her request was risky, and ill advised.”

He lifted an eyelid once more.

“She’s high,” He said to himself. He’s seen this many times, both in the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy.

“The extra endorphins are having a euphoric effect, this is correct.”

SAM was adjusting her endorphins. If he decreased them too rapidly he’d cause her to crash, and she’d end up feeling much worse than when she began.

“How long?” Reyes asked, stroking her hair. Guilt landing on him like a cement block. If he had just returned sooner ...“How long before she comes to?”

“I estimate two to three hours.”

Reyes laid down, his body beside hers. He checked his watch, it was 2 am. He’d wait. He wasn’t leaving this time.



Reyes awoke to the morning sun streaming through his window. He was fully clothed shoes and all, and falling halfway off his own bed. He looked down, curled up and nuzzled into his side was a completely nude Lola. She had kicked the covers off at some point during the night. She shivered lightly beside him. Carefully, he reached over to grab the sheet, but she awoke before he had a chance to fully place it on her.

“Pervert,” she said peering up at him.  Caught mid movement, he looked more like he was removing the sheets rather than replacing them. He laughed, mostly from relief. She was ok. He laid the covers on top of her and climbed out of his bed.

“You’re a bed hogger,” he said to her, stretching. He had slept uncomfortably, now his neck would pay for it.

“I love the feeling of silk on my skin.” She smiled, squirming happily under his sheets.

“I love the look of your skin amongst my silks.”

He removed his jacket, revealing the blood stained shirt underneath. She stopped moving and sat up, holding the sheets around her, her focus on the blood.

“No need to be modest, bella. There’s officially no part of you I haven’t seen. Or tasted,” he grinned.

Laughing, he dodged the pillow she threw at him.


It was obvious that there was blood on his shirt. 

“You disappeared on me last night.” She said, wondering how much he’d willingly share with her. Not much, she guessed.His eyes darkened as he gazed down at the blood.


He pulled his shirt off over his head. The morning sun bathing his torso in its soft warm light. He was chiseled stone. There was not a muscle on his body that wasn’t hard and defined. She could stare at him all day, and she knew he’d be more than happy to let her.

“Does all your business end with blood?” She asked.

He sat at the edge of the bed, his back toward her, and began removing his boots. His skin was littered with scars, covered in tattoos, and even bore a few scratches she had left there herself. In the daylight she was able to see all the things she had missed in the dark.

“The ones that go well, don’t. The ones that go poorly..” he trailed off.  “Still end well when it’s their blood, and not my own.”

Lola hesitated. She wasn’t sure how much she could ask before he completely shut her out. One night together didn’t make her privy to all his secrets.

“Do they go well often?” She ventured.

“Not as often as I’d like,” he sighed, and ran a hand through his hair. He suddenly sounded tired, and she wondered how long his night had actually been. He kicked a boot off and began working on the second.

“You were passed out when I returned. Laid out on my kitchen floor.” 

Lola gasped. She had forgotten. “Oh goddess. I’m sorry. I hadn’t meant for you to see me like that.”

“It’s happened before?” He asked, alarmed.

It was sweet, he was concerned.

“Maybe once or twice before,” she said. She chewed nervously on her bottom lip. She wasn’t irresponsible though it definitely sounded like she was.

Dios,” he replied, kicking off his second boot. He turned toward her. “Lola ..” he began, his voice beginning to fill with authority. He sounded as though he was about to scold her, or pass down some important life lesson.

“Reyes, I have it under control,” she said, cutting him off. He narrowed his eyes at her. It was clear he didn’t appreciate being interrupted.  She straightened her back and met his gaze. He never backed down, well, neither did she. He must’ve saw her resolve because he just nodded and looked away, though she could clearly see him clenching his jaw as though trying to physically restrain himself from speaking the words he truly wanted to say.

“Alright,” he said. Alright for now.. his face seemed to say. Perhaps he felt he wasn’t privy to all her secrets yet either. “And your crew mates?”

“They don’t know,” she said simply, refusing to explain herself. It sounded bad, she knew, but it wasn’t as bad as it looked, and she hated having to explain herself, whatever she did, she did for a reason. In fact, Reyes and herself were alike in that way, and that’s why she never pushed him for details, but she had a feeling he wouldn’t give her the same consideration.

“You won’t listen to anything I have to say on the matter, will you?”

“No,” she replied, stubbornly.

She watched as he rubbed at his neck. He looked tense. She tied the sheet around her, inched toward him, and began massaging his neck and shoulders for him, hoping to distract him, to calm him. It didn’t take much.

Aye,” he groaned, relaxing into her touch. “I swear your touch is magic.”

“See,” she said, kneading her hands into his firm neck and shoulder muscles. “No worries.”

He grabbed her hand, stopping the massage. She had said the wrong thing.

“No,” he said firmly, his gold eyes fixing on hers. “That’s not how this is going to work between us. We need to talk.”  

Us, he had said, she thought sitting back onto the bed. He was right. They did need to talk. She needed answers and she was sure he did too, but the more confident he became the more unsure she felt. She felt it. She could fall for him. The man with a million secrets. The man who made other men disappear, but also smuggled drugs for sick children. He was an enigma. She was enthralled. She got out of the bed.

“You make a girl cum twice and all of a sudden there’s an ‘us’?” She arched a brow at him.

“Three times.” He corrected, pulling her toward him with the blanket. “We can go for three more right now.”

She felt her pulse jump at the thought of him being inside her again, but she refused to move. She enjoyed making him work, she loved to see the fire that ignited in his eyes when he was denied what he wanted.

Vente,” he said, pulling slightly harder.

She shook her head, and instead of moving along with the sheets, she allowed them to unravel around her.

“No. You think you can just speak to me the way you do, and look at me the way you do, and I’ll just bend to your will?”

His smug grin returned. “It’s worked so far, munequita.”

That it had.

Ven pa’ca. Don’t act like you don’t want there to be an us.” He continued to slowly but firmly pull at the sheets. She continued to allow them to unravel and was almost completely uncovered.

“I belong to no one, Vidal.” Lies. Even in all her uncertainty she already knew she’d gladly belong to him.

“Those bite marks I left all over your body say otherwise.”  He gave the blanket one sharp tug, leaving her standing nude before him. His bedroom eyes snaked over her shoulders, breasts, stomach, thighs. She followed his gaze. It was true. He had left his mark all over her. “And the cum dried to your thighs...” He grinned devilishly at her. Reaching his hand, he ran his hand between her legs. She gasped at the coolness of his touch and moved further out of reach. He was right, she thought, looking down once more. Ugh, she needed a shower.

“How am I supposed to explain this to everyone?” She asked, focusing on the red marks he had left.

“Ryota and I had a little chat,” he said, crumpling up the sheet, he threw it behind him on the bed. “Seems he’ll be covering for us.”



He watched as Lola crossed her arms and legs in a futile attempt to hide some of herself from his gaze. He wished she wouldn’t. She looked amazing in clothes, but nothing could beat how she looked without. He wondered, not for the first time, what it would take to put her completely at ease with him.  There was nothing about her that needed to be hidden, least of all from him.

“What? When? Why?” She asked in rapid succession. 

“Don’t worry about it,” he replied, avoiding the first two questions. He didn’t want to stare too hard, but damn she looked amazing naked, and last night was over far too quickly for his liking.

“And,” he said, forcing himself to focus, “because it benefits him and his clinic to have people believe he is in a relationship with The Pathfinder. More protection, less harassment, more patients, the possibility of receiving more funding.”

Lola looked at him, she seemed unconvinced.

“Whose idea was this?” She was trying to be serious but she couldn’t hide how her eyes kept flitting down to his bare chest.

Reyes made a mental note to make sure they were both fully clothed  before beginning any future important conversations. This.. he thought, as his eyes strayed down once again, was only going to end one way. 

“Reyes?” She asked again, drawing his attention away from her thighs. 

“His.” Reyes lied. In truth, Reyes had approached him, or rather The Charlatan had, under the guise of wanting to protect The Pathfinder from prying eyes.

The Charlatan is interested in building a business relationship with The Pathfinder, the message had said. There are rumors that she is in a relationship with a smuggler (rumors Reyes stared himself, or rather Eldrick started, rumors that had yet to reach Lola’s ears) such speech only leads to The Pathfinder being scrutinized by The Initiative, which only leads to more eyes on us. 

Interestingly enough, Ryota was initially unwilling. But with threats that The Charlatan would rescind their provided protection, and funding, it was quite remarkable how quickly Ryota came around. Ryota understood that without The Charlatan’s help, the clinic would shut down, and if the clinic shut down, the people would suffer. And though Reyes would never allow that, he had bet Ryota wouldn’t call the bluff, and Reyes had been correct. Ryota had folded.In return, The Charlatan would make sure the clinic got additional funds and supplies for their trouble. Everybody wins. But more importantly, Reyes wins.

“And that doesn’t bother you? People believing I’m with him? People thinking he gave me these marks instead of you?” She asked motioning to her body, a body he was beginning to miss feeling on his.   Of course he minded. He had an ego, it was no secret, and the thought of some other man getting credit for her ravished state irritated him in ways he didn’t quite understand, or desire to admit, but at this point he wanted nothing more than for this conversation to be over so he could get back between those thighs. He rose from the bed. His broad shoulders blocking out the sunlight that was streaming in, casting her in shade.

“If it means more uninterrupted time with you. I can tolerate it.”  And that was the truth “Ready to talk now?” He asked gazing down at her. A little bit more business and then straight to pleasure, he told himself. She looked up at him. 

“You can talk to me in your shower,” She said, turning and walking toward his bathroom. His gaze fell on her ass as she sashayed away. He felt himself growing hard. Damn woman. Always making him work.

“This will only end one way, Lola,” he called after her, voicing his earlier thoughts. He began unbuckling his belt.

“How’s that?” She asked, popping her curly head out the bathroom door. Her grey eyes gleaming with mischief.

“With me inside you,” he replied, his voice gruff, his pants falling to the ground.

“Good,” she said, disappearing back into the bathroom. He heard the water turn on. Removing his underwear he went to join her, neither of them noticing their Omni-tools flashing to alert them of incoming priority messages.