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Shrine of Lies

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Lola spent the next month fixing Kadara’s vaults. Soon she’ll be leaving to hunt down the Archon, and she desperately wanted to improve living conditions on Kadara before she was gone. Just in case. There was always the chance she would not be returning.

 The vaults were undoubtedly dangerous work, but exciting, and, most importantly, they were Reyes free. The last time she saw Reyes was to help him with rid himself of his ‘Zia’ problem, which turned out to be more of an ‘ex- girlfriend’ problem. The whole situation left Lola unsettled only worked to further convince Lola that distancing herself from Reyes was a necessary action.

My taste in women has increased dramatically since meeting you.


He had messaged her.  She hadn’t messaged back. Still, he remained on her mind.

“Kadara’s waters should be cleared up in a matter of days!” Peebee exclaimed grinning. “Good work team!” She sang out, high fiving Lola and Liam.  

The three of them were piled into the Mako, making their way back to The Tempest.

“Hey, isn’t this the place where the Doc said they were holding his drug recipe?” Liam asked, pointing out one of the Nomad’s tiny windows.

“Formula.” Lola corrected.

“Yea, that.” Liam shrugged.

Lola peered out the window, assessing the building. It was a steel structure. It wasn’t very large or intimidating, definitely do-able. She stopped the Nomad and checked her Omni-tool to be sure that that was indeed the right place.

“You’re right. It’s the place,” she said. 

“Wanna..?”  Liam asked. He stuck his head up in between Lola and Peebee who were ridin in the front two seats.

Lola groaned, throwing her head back, dramatically. She was tired and sore, dirty and gross. But, she was also The Pathfinder, and The Pathfinder’s work was never done.

“Fine!” She said, relenting. “Let’s get this over quick. I’m exhausted.” Lola turned off the Mako and hopped out.

“Damn it, Kosta.” Peebee mumbled, climbing out the Mako after Lola.

The job was quick and easy, and they were on their way to deliver the formula to Dr. Nakamoto in no time.

“You got it back!” 

“We did.” Lola smiled, happy to be of service, despite how utterly exhausted she felt.  “ The woman there tried to sell you as a greedy co-conspirator, but Rey-” She stopped herself short.


It was Reyes that had convinced her to aid Dr. Nakamoto. Reyes was the reason she had believed Nakamoto to be a respectable man, even when another had claimed otherwise.

“An acquaintance of mine had informed us that you were trustworthy.” She finished, picking her words carefully.

Dr. Nakamoto looked at her inquisitively. “You must hold this acquaintance in high regard if you believe their word on a complete stranger.”

Lola considered this. “ I guess I do,” she replied. Though, she wasn’t completely sure what that meant in the grand scheme of things. Something to think of later.

“Keep it safe, doctor,” she said.

She looked around the shed that served as his clinic. Patients were lined up outside for help, and advice, awaiting their turn with the only human doctor available to them since being exiled. He did so much from this little shed, helped so many, and all with charging a cent.

“What you do is admirable. I can’t imagine what you’ve had to do to keep this place running. I’d hate to see it disrupted. Stay well, doc.”  She gave him a farewell smile, and turned to leave.

“Would you like to know?” The doctor called after her.

“Know what?” She asked, turning back to him.

“How I keep this afloat?”

“I’m not sure I understand, doctor.”

“Ah- Ryota, please.” He looked away nervously before meeting her gaze again. “ I apologize. I haven’t done this in some time. I’m trying to ask you to dinner.” He laughed.

“Oh!” Lola’s eyes widened.

Beside her Peebee broke out into a incredibly annoying fit of  giggles, and, to Lola’s utter surprise, Liam smirked, amused.

“Um.” She was about to decline the invitation when she realized that, despite her ongoing entanglements with Reyes and Liam, Dr. Nakamoto was the first man in this new galaxy to have ever asked her out on a actual date. Maybe good food and company was what she needed to stop thinking of Reyes, since distance alone sure as hell isn’t doing it.

“Sure, um, Ryota. I’d like that.”

Ryota immediately broke out into a bright smile. “Splendid! This Saturday? Around five? I’ll send you the nav-point.”

“Ok, see you there.”

“Why are you smiling?” She hissed at Liam once they were out of earshot.

“Oh. Because he is completely not your type. He doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Not my type?” She asked, taken aback. “What do you know about my type?”

Liam’s grin grew wider. “Really?” He asked, motioning to himself.

Lola shoved him.  “Whatever, Kosta.”

But deep down, she knew he was right.


“Finally! A date with a reputable man.” Cora smiled in the cargo bay.

“Yea, from what I hear that Ryota guy will be good for you,” Vetra agreed.

“Yea ok, moms.” Lola said, rolling her eyes. Everyone had a damn opinion.

“Hey! Right here!” Liam called out, pointing to himself. “I’m a reputable man.”

“Please. Screwing in a storage room closet is one of the least reputable things you can do,” Vetra replied.

“Tell us, Liam, did you human men forget what it means to be gentlemen on the way over here?” Cora asked.

“No.” Liam pouted.

“Okay!” Lola spoke up, holding up her hands. “Can you all please just pretend like you don’t know about the storage room closet thing? Maybe? Please?”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Peebee asked, entering the room. She looked at Lola’s outfit. “Goddess! Are you trying to give the poor doctor a heart attack?!”

“What?” Lola asked looking down at her outfit.  It was a simple long sleeve black dress. Unless he got off on exposed shoulders, she didn’t see anything racy about it.

“You gonna sleep with him?” Peebee asked, a little too excitedly. “So, are we not into Reyes anymore? Because I-“

“Right! Here!” Liam called out, again, raising his hand. “I’m still in the ring!”

“Not if she’s going out with someone else.” Vetra snorted.

“Criminals of any kind, including smugglers are off limit to a Nexus rep,” Cora said.

 “But, Ryota is an exile.” Peebee pointed out.

 “Maybe, but he is a doctor. He’s helping the poor, and sick. He isn’t a criminal,” Cora responded.

 “Reyes was still more fun.” Peebee sulked, as though she was personally invested.

That was enough of that.

“You guys seriously need some hobbies. And I hope you all choke on dicks.” Lola said, giving them the finger as she left.

She could hear their roars of laughter from all the way outside the ship.


Reyes had spent the past month working. Working and steering clear of all women (with the exception of Keema). Women were the sole creators of all of Reyes’s troubles.  Sloane caused him trouble. Zia had been trouble, the woman before Zia had been trouble, and the one before her, and so on. Reyes now believed that Lola’s silence toward him was a gift, an out. His messages to her had went unanswered, and at first he was only spurred on more, but now he saw things differently. His focus needed to be on work, on Kadara. On Sloane. Lola had just served as a distraction, an enjoyable one, but a distraction nonetheless.

Of course, none of that meant that he was any less sexually frustrated. And it didn’t stop him from thinking of Lola, constantly.

“Have you seen your precious Lola lately?” Keema asked, a little too innocently.

Reyes’s gaze cut toward Keema. “You know I haven’t.”

“Hmmm..” Keema hummed. She was fidgeting. She looked absolutely bursting to the rim with secrets, and Reyes was in absolutely no mood.

“But you’re still receiving those little reports on her, are you not.”

“Yes, Keema,” Reyes said. He was growing irritated. “She is still The Pathfinder. Still important.”

“So, you must know …” Keema trailed off.

“That she fixed the vaults? Claro.” Despite himself, pride for her accomplishments rolled through him. The water had been running clear for a few days now. His showers had been divine ever since. He even had the hot springs tested. They had cleared up as well. “It’ll be used to our advantage.”

His thoughts slipped to the one hot spring he favored.  It was nestled away, hidden by one of Kadara’s mountains, and an overgrowth flora. He had stumbled upon it by accident, and had been going back ever since. During every visit he thought about how much Lola would enjoy it there, how much he would enjoy her there. Which only led him to pleasure himself, and - he cleared his throat, stopping his thoughts before they got completely away from him.

“Of course,” Keema replied. “Is that all?” She asked, prying.

Reyes narrowed his eyes at Keema. Is that all? She was fishing for something. He knew something had been up the minute Keema showed up at Tartarus unannounced , over dressed, and with a large package in hand. Why she wouldn’t just come out and say what was on her mind, Reyes couldn’t guess, but whatever game she was playing. He refused to participate. Her round eyes remained glued to him.

“What.” He snapped, his irritation getting the best of him. Irritation over the fact that she was making him ask. Irritation with the fact that he just had asked.

“Oh, nothing. Nothing.” She said waving her cerulean, webbed hand dismissively. A small knowing smirk on her alien face.

Reyes went back to his Omni-tool. He could feel Keema’s eyes on him, burning holes through him. He ignored her, continuing to look through the day’s alerts. “We have copycat?”

Had.” Keema confirmed. “ Someone had been committing acts in your name. Nothing big. Seems their only goal was to put extra credits in their pocket. It was one of our Draullir people.”

“Fantastic,” he muttered. Just what he needed, more problems occurring internally. He’d bet good credits the culprit was a woman. He didn’t bother to ask how it was handled. All that had mattered was that it was.  He swiped t through to next alert. His eyes shot to Keema’s.

The little devil.

“Keema,” he growled out. 

“Finally, darling!” Keema exhaled dramatically. “Come now, you’ll need a tux.” She said passing him the large package she had brought with her. “Put it on. I’ll wait outside.” 

“I’m not going, Keema. It doesn’t concern me.” Even as he said it, he knew it to be a lie.

“Please, Reyes. We both know you’ll head straight over there the very minute I leave you alone.”

She wasn’t wrong.

“And I won’t have it. I won’t have you busting through those doors in -“ she motioned toward him “that.” She paused, frowning at his outfit. “I won’t have you making an ass of yourself. You want to spy on her date. Fine. But I will be there to keep you in line. And you will be paying.”


She stood up. “Don’t argue with me, Reyes. I’ve already made reservations. Also, when you inevitably steal her away from her date, I desire to meet her. That is before you sweep her away to gods know where, to do I - don’t - want - to - know -what.”

“I would never do such a thing. Steal women away from their dates.”

“That smug grin on your face says otherwise, Vidal. Now get dressed. We are losing time.”

“How did I not know about this place?” He asked, entering the restaurant with Keema on his arm.

“You’ve been distracted lately, darling. No worries. I’ve caught everything you missed,” She said, patting his arm. “And that is why you will be covering the bill.”

“How many?” The hostess asked.

“Two. Under Dorhgun.” Keema replied.

The place was immense. It sat overlooking one of the many hot springs that dotted Kadara. The walls were made completely of glass, so that no matter where one sat they could enjoy the Kadaran sunset. However, the best spot appeared to be outside. A large patio sat in the back, extending far over the hot spring. It was open to the elements, yet the mountain wall beside it provided ample shade from the harsh Kadaran sun. The restaurant appeared to be Angaran owned, but species of all kind were dining there. It was lovely.

Had he known of this place, he would’ve taken her.

“No, you wouldn’t have,” Keema said, reading his face. “But you should’ve.”

It was moments like this that he felt he and the Angaran had become entirely too close. But, trustworthy friends were difficult to come by, and, despite her prying nature, Keema was a good one.

“This way.” The Angaran hostess lead them around tables, chairs, and other patrons, past the bar, and to a table out on the patio. The view was stunning. Exotic plants lined the shore along the hot spring, adding bursts of neon colors to a view that could clearly be seen through the glass floor. As usual, it was scorching out, but the spray from the erupting spring cooled the humid air just enough to keep the patrons outside comfortable.

Reyes pulled out Keema’s chair, pushed her in, and then took his own seat across from her at the round table.

“I don’t see them,” he said.

“Look to your two o’clock.” Keema replied, studying the menu.

Reyes looked. Sure enough, Ryota sat there, dressed up in a white tuxedo. Waiting.

Reyes scoffed. “He looks like he’s attending a wedding.”

“Not everyone has a fashionable Angaran friend on their side.” Keema peered at the doctor over her menu. “She’s late,” Keema said, looking at her watch. A gift she had received from Reyes. “Do you know what you’re ordering?”

“Maybe she won’t come,” Reyes replied.

“Oh, she’s coming.” Keema put down her menu.  “What are you ordering?”

Reyes kept his eyes glued to the entrance. “Whatever you’re having.”

Keema sighed. “I’ll order you the “steak.”

Had he been listening Reyes would’ve question the origin of said “steak”, but he wasn’t. Lola had just walked in. He gripped at the white tablecloth.  It had been over a month since he last laid eyes on her, but it felt like two. No messages, no visits. It had felt like an eternity. She had her hair out, black curls spilling down her body, a body that was clad in a skin tight black dress. The sleeves were long but it’s hem was short, her shoulders were exposed,  as were her collar bone, cleavage... Ryota wouldn’t know what to do with her, he was in over his head. Her heels were low but wrapped up her ankles in a way that reminded Reyes of the boot he had untied for her.

“Down boy.” Keema said, placing her hand on his. He released the table cloth, but not his gaze from Lola. Every step she took, every turn of her head had her dark curls bouncing and swaying as though in celebration of her beauty.

No. Ryota didn’t stand a chance.

The Angaran hostess stopped Lola at the entrance. It was humid, and she already  regretted wearing her hair out. She tossed her curls over her shoulder and fanned herself in an effort to cool her neck off.

“I’m meeting someone.” She said to the hostess.


“Nakamoto. Ryota Nakamoto.”

“This way.”

Lola followed the hostess.

The restaurant was stunning. She had no idea that Kadara held such jewels. Did Reyes know this place existed? Despite all her efforts, a day had not gone by that she hadn’t thought of him.  He’d never behave himself in such a place, she thought, smiling to herself. She could imagine him leaning over the table, whispering dirty compliments. Telling her all the things he planned to do to her after they had left, and saying it all in that honeyed voice of his. He always had a way of making her feel like the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.

Reyes Vidal is 20 feet away from you, Pathfinder,” SAM spoke to her.

“What did I tell you about responding to my thoughts?” Lola hissed in a whisper. “Wait? Reyes is here?”

Yes, Pathfinder,” SAM responded.

She looked around. “Where?”

“I’m sorry?” The hostess turned to her. “Right this way. I apologize for the long walk.”

“Oh! No! It’s fine. I’m just sssoo excited to be here.” Lola smiled, trying not to look insane. “Yay!”  The hostess gave her an odd look, but continued on.

“To your left, Pathfinder.” SAM responded.

“Lola!” Ryota stood as she reached their table. He was blocking her view of Reyes. “I am so glad you made it.”

She gave Ryota an awkward hug, wanting to look over his shoulder. And, sure enough. Vidal sat at a table with a lovely Angaran woman. His eyes set intensely on Lola’s. Lola pulled away from the hug with Ryota and took her seat. “Thank you.” She said to Ryota. “I am sure it is going to be an interesting night.”

“..And that was how I discovered that the elements negated each other!”

Lola looked up. “Oh, yes, fascinating.” She smiled, hoping it seemed genuine. She pushed her food around. She had ordered the “chicken”. Yes, the “chicken” in quotation marks. Surprise. It looked nothing like chicken. She had spent the better half of the night pushing the food around on her plate, and only half listening to Ryota. She had been too busy sneaking glances at Reyes, who kept looking right back at her. The man was in a tux. A fucking tux . He was following her, and he looked fucking hot doing it. She was pissed off and turned on all at once. She stabbed at what looked like a vegetable with her fork.

Ryota looked up at her alarmed.

“Sorry, I - um.” She rose from her chair. “ You know what. I’m just going to go to the restroom.”

“Of course,” he replied. “Towards the back. You should know there is only one. One for all species and sexes.”

Lola shrugged, unbothered. “Just like on my ship.” She joked weakly before walking away. She locked eyes with Reyes before turning toward the restrooms. She knew, without looking, that he would follow. The man could never turn down a chase.

She found the restroom easily enough, pushed its swinging door open to enter, and waited. It was just as clean and classy as the rest of the restaurant. Well lit, with a light floral scent. She looked around, as far as she could tell, it was empty.

Reyes is swiftly approaching,” SAM alerted her.

“Yea, I bet he is.” She mumbled, just as he opened the door.

Lola had to stop herself from audibly gasping at the sight of him. He was dressed in an all black tuxedo. The fit was impeccable. It highlighted his broad shoulders and held snugly at his narrow waist and toned arms. His black hair was slicked back, except for a strand or two that had broken free and hung sensually beside his face. Strands that were just begging for Lola to reach out and smooth them back. Worst of all, his bronzed sleepy eyes were full of mischief. If she thought he was dangerously handsome before, now, she stood no chance.

“Lola,” he crooned entering the restroom, a small smile pulling at his lips. She was radiant. Running around in the Kadaran sun all these days had deepened her skintone into a smooth milk chocolate.

The sun had been good to her.

His eyes slid over her. Reyes never thought himself a jealous man. Women had come and went from his life as swiftly as a flowing river, and never had he batted an eye when someone he had once slept with was seen out with another man. But seeing Lola standing there, dressed up for someone other than him, he knew a jealous man existed in him after all. Luckily, he had an iron clad poker face. He had a feeling that Lola would not be the type to find jealousy flattering.

“You look-” he wolf whistled. “Ravishing.” He took in her outfit, the jewels that glittered at her throat, the small black buttons that worked their way down the front of her dress (that looked ridiculously easy to undo). He took in all the details he had originally been too far away to see. “Has he told you that? That you look ravishing?” Lola didn’t respond, and Reyes knew immediately that Ryota had not.  “Of course he hadn’t.”

“You’re following me,” she said, annoyance filling her voice, even as her eyes lingered a little too long on his face.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” He walked up the mirror behind her and adjusted his tie, if not for any other reason than to give his hands something to do. He was itching to touch her, maybe undo some of those tiny buttons on the front of her dress, but he was sure she wouldn’t welcome his touches right now.

“I’ve been busy.”

“You have been.” He nodded in agreement. “You fixed the vaults.” He met her eyes through the mirror, those almond shaped beauties.  

He had been wanting to congratulate her for the vaults ever since he had first learned of her success. It was something worth celebrating, though he doubt she had. Her work in the vaults were changing the chemistry of the whole planet for the better. She accomplished feats that honestly left him in awe.

“You really are something else, you know that, Lola?”  He said, his voice low and intimate. She stood silent, her eyes locked on his, watching his every move as though at any moment she expected him to pounce on her. Wise. Given half the chance, he would.  “The springs are safe to enter now. Word hasn’t gotten out yet, but it will. Do yourself a favor, get to one before it does. The water feels amazing.”  He washed his hands and dried them. He had thought about her every time he visited one. Every. Damn. Time. “I’d love to take you,” he said, trying his luck. “I believe you’d enjoy the feel of that hot water on your naked skin. I know I do.”

“Maybe I’ll ask Ryota.”

He scoffed. “Ryota is a good a man. And I’m sure he has his share of women that would enjoy their time with him, but you.” He shook his head, and turned away from the mirror to face her. “You are not that woman, Lolita.” He loved the cool grey of her eyes. It’s as though they contained snowstorms, and those snowstorms ebbed the infernos he had burning in his. “He is boring you out of your mind, gorgeous. Admit it.”

Ryota was boring her. Nearly to tears. He spoke endlessly of himself. He was a brilliant and selfless man, but he lacked Reyes’s charm, charisma, sex appeal. In any case, she had the feeling she bored him right back.  Especially, when she didn’t ask the right questions. She could see his frustration whenever she asked him for further explanation on things that seemed rudimentary to him. Not that she’d admit that to Reyes.

“You barely know me, Vidal.”

“I know how to make you cum.” He said nearing her, his voice dropping an octave. Lola made sure not to react to his boldness. He moved a few coils of curls off her shoulder, his hand grazing her skin. She quickly gathered herself.

“You make a girl cum once and you think you know her.”

“Would’ve been more than once had you not begged me to stop.” He replied, without missing a beat. He was standing right before her now, a smug grin on his face, his golden eyes boring down on her. Cocky asshole. She wanted so badly to smile. She bit her lip, forcing her face to remain neutral. 

“Are you trying to seduce me away from my date?”

“Depends. Is it working?”

She crossed her slender arms. She was pissed at him, or at least doing her best to reman pissed at him. But standing there with her arms crossed under her breasts and her hip angled out, she looked more sexy than intimidating. He had come to apologize for how insensitive his previous actions were, bringing another woman in his room while pursuing her, not being honest about who Zia really was, but he felt his words getting away from him.

“You know you look even sexier when you’re pissed, right?” He could feel the crooked smirk forming on his face. She blushed. Her golden skin reddening to a rich copper.

“Goddess, what do I have to do to get you to shut up?”

“Kiss me.” He stepped closer to her, placing a hand in her hip.

She shook her head and stepped out of his reach. “You’d do that to your date?” She asked, disgust in her voice as she rounded him, heading for the exit.

It took Reyes a moment to realize Lola was referring to Keema.

He stopped her, blocking the door with his arm before she had a chance to leave.

“Is that the man you think I am?” Had he truly given off the impression of being a chauvinist pig?

Lola shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. I think you’re a shady bastard who thinks he can get away with anything just because he looks like sex on two legs.”

“The shady bastard part wounds me, but the latter..” he smiled.

“Goddess, Reyes! I was not complimenting you!”

He tilted his head from side to side. “You kind of were. You called me a sex god.”

She laughed. “I did not. That is not at all what I said.”

“You did though. I heard you.”

“I’m starting to think that mouth of yours is only good for one thing.”

He dipped his head toward her. “There are other parts of me you might enjoy more.” His voice dropping to a mere whisper.

“Is that what you want, Mr. Vidal?” She asked, grabbing at his lapels with both hands, pulling him roughly toward her. “For me to fuck you?”

“No, bella. It’s your birthday. Allow me to fuck you.” His hands were now at her waist.

She let go of his lapels. “It’s not my birthday.”

“It is your birthday, muñequita. I went through great troubles to get that intel, and my intel is never wrong.”

She was avoiding eye contact with him now. He let her go. He had made her uncomfortable.

“Go to your date. But, if you find yourself preferring the company of someone who actually desires to know you. You know where to find me.”

He held the door open for her.

“You’re on a date,” she replied, exiting the restroom.

“Keema, is not my date. She’s my…” He trailed off, pausing, looking for the correct term. “Babysitter.”

 And with that he left her.

Lola returned to the table she shared with Ryota, only to find another woman in her seat. 

“There you are!” Ryota smiled as Lola approached. “Lola, I’d like you to meet Sestra.”

“Uh, hello there,” Lola extended her hand, standing awkwardly by the redhead now seated comfortably in her seat.

“Hi!” Seatra took her hand and shook it vigorously. “Ryota said he was on a date with The Human Pathfinder, but I’d never believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself!”

Lola recoiled at that. Of course. She hadn’t seen it until now. Ryota was never on a date with her. He was on the date with The Pathfinder. 

“Sestra and I completed our residency together.” Ryota said, his attention completely on Sestra. “My, I haven’t seen her in -“

“600 plus years!” She finished his sentence, both of them cracking up at her joke.

“I had no idea you were on Kadara! I would’ve looked for you. I would've found you sooner had I known!” Ryota exclaimed, his gaze not straying from Sestra.

Lola looked from Ryota to Sestra. He was looking at Sestra the exact way Reyes often looked at her.

“You know what? Why don’t you stay Sestra?” Lola said, leaning over the chair.

“Yes!” Ryota clapped, excited by the idea. “Didn’t I tell you The Pathfinder was an extraordinary woman?”

Lola cringed. 

“No, I couldn’t!” Sestra replied, not budging.

“Of course you can! I have to get up early anyway, really. Pathfinder business and all.”

“Well, only because you insist.” Sestra smiled.

They returned to their conversation, so enthralled with one another that they hadn’t even noticed that Lola was heading further into the restaurant, rather than to its exit.

Lola reached Reyes’s table and to her surprise there was already an extra chair waiting for her. Right beside Reyes. He stood up as she approached, a smile on his handsome face, and withdrew her chair.

“Lola Ryder, this is Keema Drugher, my friend and aforementioned babysitter. Keema Drugher, this is Lola Ryder-“

Lola braced herself as she took her chair. Waiting for the word Pathfinder to leave his lips.

“- my date and-”

“The woman he won’t shut up about.” Keema grinned at her looking every bit like the cat that had just ate the canary.

Lola smiled. The woman he won’t shut up about. She didn’t quite believe Keema, but it was a thousand times better than being referred to as The Pathfinder. Reyes was retaking his seat beside her, frowning at Keema, but not denying.

“Keema, we are eating. Surely, you can wait until after to tease me.” He turned to Lola. “I ordered for you. The menu here is tricky for humans, but if you stick to things that are more like vegetables and fish, it isn’t too bad.”

“He’s so humble.” Keema spoke up. “He tried everything on the menu until he came across something he thought you’d like.”

Lola arched an eyebrow at him. Humble was not a word she would use to describe the Reyes Vidal she knew.

“Did you really?” Lola asked.

He avoided eye contact, and cleared his throat. “Those Angaran, honest to a fault,” he said shooting Keema what looked like a warning glance, which only made Keema cackle, which in turn made Lola laugh, and soon enough Reyes was chuckling along with them.

Lola took a bite of her food. It was good. “Thank you.” She said to Reyes, her voice low.

“Anything for you.” He replied, his gaze soft, lingering.

Keema cleared her throat. “Perhaps it is time for me to see myself out.” She began gathering herself to leave.

“No!” Lola said, her hand reaching out to stop Keema. “ I’ve never met any of Reyes’s friends. Besides Kian, but he doesn’t count. Please, stay.”

Keema’s wide smile returned, and to Lola’s surprise, Reyes was smiling as well.  He inched his chair closer to Lola’s. “Mind if I?” He asked fork in hand, eyeing her meal. Lola frowned, she was terribly hungry. She pushed part of the meal on her plate toward him. “You can have that. It’s my least favorite.” He placed an elbow on the table and leaned toward her, scooping it up and into his mouth. “Perfecto. It’s the part I prefer.” He winked at her, taking another bite.

“How about you save that -“ she motioned to them, “- that human flirting for after I leave, hmmm?”

“I have something else to show her after,” Reyes said.

“I hope you’re not talking about your dick, Vidal,” Lola snorted, absently. The wine she had been sipping loosening her tongue. 

Reyes nearly spit out his wine, and Keema threw her head back, letting out the loudest cackle Lola had ever heard. Keema’s laugh was insanely contagious and soon enough they were all laughing so loud that the entire restaurant was staring at them.

“Oh, I like her, Vidal!” Keema said, once they had settled down. “Keep her.”

“I was thinking of it.” Reyes responded smiling at her.

The night continued on like that: laughter, food and good company, and Lola could honestly say that, so far,  it was the best birthday she could ever remember having.

Now and then Reyes’s hand would find its way to Lola’s bare thighs under the table, reminding her of the last time he touched her there, which was probably the exact image he was hoping to conjure in her mind. The smooth bastard would then lean in, ever so slightly, and whisper a compliment in her ear. Just as she had imagined he would.  “Did I tell you how amazing you look tonight?” Or, “I just can’t seem to take my eyes off you.” Keema would quickly scold him and tell him to keep his hands to himself, and where she could see them. He’d pout and mumble something about how Keema was stealing his date from him, and it was just adorable enough to have Lola swearing to herself to make it up to him later.

“Since you ladies won’t let me have any fun, perhaps you’ll excuse me,” Reyes said, rising from his seat.

“And where, pray tell, are you heading off to?”  Keema asked, fetching a cigar from her clutch.

“To the bar. Whiskey.”

Keema waved him off. “Go. Let us talk.”

Reyes bent down toward Lola. “Don’t believe a word she says about me,” he whispered to her before dipping away with a smile.

“He likes you,” Keema said, once he was gone. She took a drag of her cigar.

“I can see that,” Lola said with a small smile.

Keema tisked. “ And he thought he was being so subtle.” Keema was eyeing her now, studying her. Lola wasn’t sure what Keema was looking for, but seeing how close a friend Keema was to Reyes, Lola found herself hoping she didn’t disappoint. Lola went to take a sip of her wine, only to find she had finished it.

“Could I get you ladies a drink?” A man asked, appearing beside their table. He was asking both of them, but it was clear he was only speaking to Lola. Despite herself, Lola found herself blushing,  knowing that Keema was closely watching.

“No. Thank you. I’m with someone.” Lola said.

“And the fool left you alone?” The man asked surveying her. “ Shame.” He walked away.

“Does that happen often?” Keema asked, motioning toward the man as he walked away, her eyes trained on Lola.

“What? Men? Me? No.” Lola blanched, shaking her head. She looked around desperately for the waiter. She needed more alcohol.

Keema raised what would’ve been a brow at her.

“Maybe?” Lola corrected, she raked a hand through her curls. “I don’t know. I don’t exactly keep track..”

Keema hummed, she looked unconvinced.

“Have you met many of Reyes’s…”  Lola paused realizing she didn’t know what she was to Reyes exactly. They were friends, sure, but didn’t their incessant and explicit flirting mean they were also more than friends. Not to mention, you know, the sex. 

“Girlfriends?” Keema asked, finishing her sentence.

“Girlfriend? No.” Lola laughed, embarrassed. It was getting warm out there. “I’m not- I hadn’t meant to imply-“ Sure, she thought of him non-stop, and yes, she found herself missing him when he wasn’t around, his smile, his laugh, his touch, but that didn’t mean this was building into a relationship....did it? No. It takes two to make a relationship. Even if she wanted to be only with him, he’d need to want the same. “I’m sure Reyes only sees me as a bit of casual... fun.” Fun. Ugh, she hated the sound of the word even as she said it.

Keema scoffed. “Has Reyes told you that? That you two are just casual fun? Because I don’t believe he’s received the memo.”

Lola looked at her in disbelief. “Did he say…?”

Keema swirled the wine in her glass. “No. Never. It’s more how he’s been behaving than what he’s been saying. With Reyes, his actions hold more weight than words. Though, I suppose it is that way for most humans.”

“How has he been behaving?” 

Keema looked toward where Reyes stood at the bar, and Lola’s eyes followed. He leaned against the counter chatting up the Angaran bar tender, looking every bit the handsome devil he was.

“He’s behaving like a love sick puppy. A horny one, yes.” Keema said, rolling her eyes dramatically. “But still love sick. One look at his face and I know immediately whether you two are fighting or not. He is insufferable when you’re unhappy with him by the way. Just a pouty, petulant child. He is simply horrible at hiding his emotions.” Keema ran a webbed finger over the rim of her glass, her eyes continuing to study her. “At least when they pertain to you”

Lola couldn’t believe it. “I don’t understand. I thought he was seeing other women?”

“Darling, you have enraptured him.” Keema paused, in thought. “Well, if we’re being pedantic, and honest, I would say he has tried once or twice to rid his mind of thoughts of you, but they were about as successful as your effort to clear your mind of him tonight with that doctor.”

“But I thought-” 

Keema shook her head. “Are you seeing other men?”

Of course she was. She was just on a date with one.

“And no, the Doctor doesn’t count.”

“Why doesn’t he count?” Lola asked, utterly confused.

“Because you ditched him for Reyes, and all it took was five minutes alone with Reyes in a public restroom.”

DitchPublic restroom. Oof, that all sounded terrible. “I mean, I didn’t really ditch him-”

“Why? Because of that redhead in your seat?” Keema guffawed. “Darling, all she did was give you the out you were already looking for. If you really wanted to be with our dear doctor you would be, would you not?”

Lola thought this over. “Yes, I guess I would.” Lola sat in silence for a moment. Were they really together without actually being together? And was it so obvious that anyone actually paying attention would notice.

“Ah, you humans,” Keema frowned, putting out her cigar. “You’re not even honest with yourselves.” She shook her head at Lola. “ Don’t feel bad, though. I don’t think he’s even admitted it to himself. But to answer your question: No. I have not met any of Reyes’s past girlfriends. Reyes has...flings, women that temporarily fill up space. Not girlfriends. And his taste is usually suspect. Though, I suspect he chooses unstable women on purpose. Either way, Lola. You are a breath of fresh air.”

Lola’s mind stumbled through the wine induced fog, struggling to take in all this new information. She had so many questions, but all that came out was: “but, why?”

Keema seemed to think this over. “Well, his work, darling. His work has always been his priority. You’re the first woman I’ve seen that may actually stand a chance at changing that. Though, I suppose that depends.”

“On what?”

“On you.”

The time came when Keema excused herself, leaving Reyes and Lola alone.  Keema had never approved of the women Reyes brought around, in fact she had absolutely detested Zia, but Lola. Lola she seemed to enjoy.

“How about we get out of here?” Reyes asked, leaning towards her. Their meals were finished, bill paid, it was nearing nine which was ridiculously early; there was all types of mischief to be had.

“Alright let’s go,” she said.

He offered her is arm and lead her out. The night was warm, as it always was. They walked along aimlessly around Kadara port with no specific destination in mind with Kadara’s two moons hanging low and bright in the sky lighting their way. She leaned into him and he snaked an arm around her small waist. Neither of them concerned with being seen together. There was no one around to bear witness.

“You look dashing. Have I told you that?” She asked looking up at him, her grey eyes capturing the moonlight.

“I’m glad you approve.” He smiled down at her, tracing her jaw line with his finger.

“I’m not the only one to approve. Did you see the looks you received tonight? You’re hot stuff Reyes Vidal.”

“I try. I try.” He glanced down at her. “Do I detect a hint of jealousy?”

She shook her head. She gripped his tie, and began walking backward, roughly pulling him after her. “Not when I’m the woman leaving with you.”

He hummed in response, allowing her to string him along. Enjoying the view. His eyes slid along her body, as they constantly did when he was around her. “I saw that man approach your table.”

She arched a perfectly groomed brow at him.“Jealous, Vidal?”

He closed the gap between. “Siempre,” he responded, realizing the truth of it. Yes, as it turns out he most certainly was a jealous man.

They continued on to the heart of Kadara port. They passed by businesses closing up for the night, and stalls that were still open and hoping for the late night patron. 

“Win a prize for the lady?” A voice called out from in front of a carnival styled stall. It was a small stall, tucked between two larger ones. It would’ve went unnoticed had the vendor not called out. The stall featured red and white targets with, what looked like water guns stationed a few feet away from the targets.

“Hit a target, win a prize!” The vendor called out.

The earth styled carnival game seemed out of place all alone in this dingy part of the port.

“No, thank you,” Lola responded.

“Oh, the Lady doesn’t believe you can you hit the prize.”

“You don’t believe I can hit the target?” Reyes asked, stopping suddenly. His facial expression overly serious.

“No, I-” She began, not catching onto his game.

“You see? She doesn’t think you can hit it. Prove her wrong!” The vendor instigated.

“I can hit the target, Lola.”

“I-” She looked from the vendor to Reyes, realization dawning on her. He was screwing with the vendor. She smiled. “Vidal. You couldn’t hit the target if it sat in front of you with its ass up.”

That made no sense, and she knew it. They both fought back a fit of laughter in order to keep up their pathetic ruse.

“I’m going to hit it.” He declared, removing his tuxedo jacket. He handed it to her. She took it and watched as he opened his cuffs and rolled up his sleeves, revealing toned, deeply tanned, and inked arms.

He has tattoos, she thought, turned on by the mere sight of them.

He caught her staring and arched an eyebrow seductively at her.  “Don’t stare too hard, Lolita. I do terrible things to women that stare at me like that for too long,” he said, before sitting down on a stool in front of the vendor booth. He looked ridiculous sitting on that little stool, hunched over a tiny water gun; his black shirt stretching to accommodate his flexing muscles.

“Miss, surely you won’t let your husband have all the fun.” The vendor called out to her.

Lola stood quiet. Husband? She had no rings on her hand, though most didn’t wear rings anymore. Still, that was awfully presumptuous of him. She imagined Reyes’s internal panic at just the thought of that kind of commitment. But instead of fleeing in panic, Reyes turned to look back at her and crooned: “Are you coming, Mrs. Vidal?” A humorous glint in his heavy lidded eyes.

“Vidal?” The vendor asked, looking from Reyes to Lola. “Reyes Vidal?”

“The one and only.” He gave the man his most charming smile, his teeth shining bright white against the night and his brown skin. It was enough to have Lola rolling her eyes. For someone who enjoys their privacy, he sure does bloom under a little attention.

“You had smuggled in the medicine my daughter needed,” The vendor said.

Reyes looked lost for a moment, staring at the vendor with blank eyes. Reyes seemed so uncertain, that Lola was sure the vendor had the wrong person.

“Justinia,” Reyes said, snapping his fingers. “ Si, yo recuerdo. How is she? Well, I hope.”

“Much better, sir!  Much better!” The vendor replied, beaming. He turned to Lola. “No other smuggler would take the job. Stealing medicine from the Initiative..” he whistled, shaking his head.“A high price to be paid if caught. But this man,your husband.” He clapped Reyes on the back. “He didn’t blink an eye at my request, and not a single credit did he take from me.”

Lola looked at Reyes. It would seem this dangerous man had soft spots.  Incredibly sweet, heart melting soft spots. 

“It was the right thing to do, por favor, don’t mention it.” He avoided eye contact with her. And was that a hint of blush she spotted spreading along his cheeks?

“Nothing he says.” The vendor scoffed. “Please, sit,” he said, motioning to Lola. She took the stool beside Reyes, folding his tux’s jacket onto her lap. The vendor turned his back on them, readying the game.

“Keep looking at me like that, Lola, and I’ll start believing that you like me.” His bronzed sleepy eyes surveying her in a way that turned her liquid. His  voice silk.

“Would that be so bad?” She asked.

His eyes slid down her body.

“That depends-”

The vendor turned back to them. “Alright! We are ready to go!” He said clapping his hands together. “So, you’re married? Didn’t take you for the marrying type.”

Lola and Reyes looked at him wide eyed, already having forgotten their earlier lie.

“Ah, yes, well-” Reyes rubbed at his neck.

“Yes.” Lola said, not wanting Reyes to be caught in a lie. This Vendor clearly admired him. One little lie to one random person couldn’t hurt.

“Newly.” She said leaning into Reyes. She gave him a tender, lingering kiss. His eyes stood open, bright, and locked on hers.

“Lucky man!” The vendor said. “You would find the most beautiful woman in the port to marry.”

“She is, isn’t she?” Reyes responded, his voice soft. “ I am extremely lucky.”

“Alright! You two ready!”

“Ready.” They said together, not at all focusing on the game.



Forty minutes later,  he had Lola was walking down the alley with a new stuffed pink cat nestled between her arms, and a new dinky children’s bracelet wrapped around her small wrist. Both won by him.

“The Great Reyes Vidal isn’t such a great shot when it comes to water guns,” she teased.

He chuckled. It had taken him nearly an hour just to win her those two small items. “Would you like to give those items back to the vendor?” He teased back, jabbing his thumb behind him in the direction of the stall.  

She pouted, and wrapped her arms tighter around the cat. “Absolutely not. These are my new favorite things.”

He brought her to him. “So easy to please, I love it,” he laughed.

They walked in silence for a moment, but something was bugging him.

“So, what did Keema say to you?” He asked as nonchalantly as he could. The question had been bouncing around his mind all night, since he had first left the two of them alone.  Unsure of how poorly Keema would paint him. Good friend or not, Keema would never paint him to be a better man than he was. Lola pushed him away, laughing lightly.

“I’m not telling you!” She said, putting space between the two of them. “I like her, and I plan to stay in her good graces.” She leaned her back against the side of the nearest building, clutching the pink cat he had won for her, the cheap bracelet catching the light from the neon signs. Her short dress, and cleavage called out to him, making her look equal parts adorable and sexy.  He wet his lips trying decide if he wanted to cuddle or fuck her. Fuck her then cuddle her? He was never much of a cuddler, but that could be amended, he thought as he neared her; his steps slow.  He had his tuxedo coat slung over his shoulder, hooked on one finger. He had kept it off, enjoying the way her eyes roamed over his arms and chest whenever she thought he wasn’t looking. He reached her spot against the building’s side, placing his arms on either side of her, he pinned her.

“More than you like me?” He asked, his eyes slipping to her lips.

The alleyway was empty, and although being out in Kadara Port at this time of night was dangerous for most, he was The Charlatan, and even though no one knew, it wasn’t dangerous for him. She looked up at him under a canopy of dark lashes. The night’s warm wind rustling her hair.

“No, Reyes. I couldn’t like anyone more than you.” She reached up and looped her arms around his neck, the pink cat dangling from one of her hands. “Believe me, I’ve tried.”

He dipped his head toward her, holding her gaze. “You’ve tried?” He tisked. “Well, I don’t like the sound of that.”  

She closed the space between them. Her pouty lips hot and soft on his. She tasted of wine, apples, cherries...He had missed the feel of her, the curves of her body under his wandering hand. He deepened their kiss, pushing himself onto her, pinning her roughly between himself and the wall. All it took was one look from her to get him started, but a kiss, that was an invitation. He slipped into her mouth and she groaned into him as his tongue met hers. He felt her arms tightening around his neck, pulling him closer. He moved his hand from the wall to the hem of her dress, as she pushed herself further into him. He played with hem before slyly slipping his hand under. She gasped at the suddenness of his touch. He hissed, sucking air in between his teeth. She had on the tiniest piece of underwear imaginable. It barely covered her ass. And now that would be all he would think of. He pulled away from their kiss, frustration building, and shook his head.

“Do you know how dangerous these parts are? And you walk around looking the way you do, with practically nothing underneath.” He gave her bare ass a pinch; punishment for the massive amounts of sexual frustration she caused him.She hissed back, but didn’t cry out.

“Why exactly is it so dangerous?” She asked, her chin held up in defiance. Her eyes searching his. “Is it because of men like you?”

He narrowed his eyes at her. She had no idea how accurate that truly was. He wanted her to understand, to really see the man that was standing before her. He grabbed her chin, arching her head back further, forcing her to focus on his eyes.

“Especially, because of men like me,” he replied, his voice low and rough.

She rubbed her thigh along him, pupils dilating at the feel of his erection. He let a low groan escape his lips.  

“Are you one of these bad men, Mister Vidal?”

He smiled, a wicked smile that hid nothing. Placing his hands on her waist, he swiftly spun her so that she was facing the wall. She let out a small, startled gasp. Her back now towards him, he had one hand on her full hips, the other on the wall in front of her. His body was flushed up against hers, her ass sitting tenderly on his cock.

“No, Lolita,”  he said into her ear from behind. His voice a mere growl. “I’m the one all the bad men are afraid of.”

 He waited for her to pull back, to recoil from him, to zap him. To perform some stunt that would push him away, but she didn’t. Instead she turned back to him, grey eyes full of more understanding and trust than he deserved.

“I know,” she said simply. “Is it crazy that I want you anyway?”

He studied her face. Wondering how much she truly knew, but those questions could wait the night. There were others things on his mind.

“How long are you on shore leave?” He asked, his gaze fierce. He debated taking her right there in the alley. That’d make for a memorable night.

“Whatever’s left of today. All of tomorrow.”

He arched an eyebrow at her response.  That was much more time than he had anticipated.

“Lexi’s birthday gift to me. She’s the only one that knows. Besides you.”

He nodded slowly, his mind studiously listing off all the ways he’d have her tonight.

“Come. I want to show you something.” He said taking her by the hand once more. He pulled her from the wall and led her swiftly away from the dark alley. “And yes, it is my dick.” He called back with a wicked smile. She laughed rapturously, her heels clicking on the steel floor as she attempted to keep up.

A storm had broken out.

Kadara’s rainy season was approaching, and it seemed the rains had decided to start early. He gave Lola his tuxedo coat in an effort to shield her from the rain, but it was useless. They were both soaked to the bone by the time they reached his apartment. He inserted the keycard into the door and punched in the passcode, noting Lola’s nervousness. Fortunately for him, her nerves were trumped by her curiosity.

“I hope you don’t plan on murdering me here, Vidal, and after such a nice night together,” she said, a small smile on her face.

Reyes looked at her. Her curls clung in bunches to her skin, rainwater slid down her cheeks, droplets clung to long lashes, all of which was giving him a clear image of how marvelous she must look after a shower.

“Oh I have much better plans for you, muñequita .”

He finally got the door open and sweeping her off her feet, as a groom did a bride, he carried her in. He placed her on the ground once they crossed the threshold, closing the door behind them. He flipped a switch on the near wall turning on the apartment’s soft, bright lights.

“This is .. this is your place?” Lola asked, surprise coloring her voice.

He hadn’t told her where they were heading. It complimented some deep part of him to see that she had willingly followed him without asking. He took his drenched coat from her shoulders and hung it on back of a kitchen chair, water droplets immediately pooling onto his floor.

“You’re surprised?” He asked, pushing his wet hair back and out of his face. He hung back by the kitchen, leaning on the counter, allowing her the space to take look around.

“I just..” She shook her head looking around. She placed her stuffed kitten on his kitchen counter. “You brought me back to your place? Your home.” She looked at him, her large eyes glittering like he just gave her the best gift she had ever received
Home was a strong word. In truth, his apartment had never felt like a home. It was more like the ghost of a home. The shell of oe.

“I don’t know about it being my home. But it is my place.”

She took off her heels and walked barefoot on his rug, leaving trail of small wet footprints in her wake.  He noticed she had painted her toes black, just like her nails. He pictured her on her ship balancing a small bottle of smuggled nail polish in her hand as she slicked paint on her small toes.

“Who’s your smuggler?” He asked motioning to her toes. For some time now he had been wondering who it was that took the risk to smuggle out goods for her.

“My smuggler?” She asked, looking down to where he had motioned. “Oh, it’s Vetra.” She replied, wiggling her toes. Adorable. “I never really thought of her as my smuggler. Though, I guess she kinda is.”

Vetra. The Turian. He felt an odd sense of relief knowing that those smuggled goods were given to her without romantic intent. He began removing some of his wet clothing as he watched her look around. The place was small, but tidy. His needs were basic: a place to eat, sleep, and shit, and he was golden. He had survived much longer on much less. As The Charlatan, he had the funds to afford something much more extravagant, but lacked the desire. There wasn’t much purpose to spending money on a large place that only he would live in.

“Let me get those things for you,”  He said, meaning her smuggled goods. He knew full well how ridiculous it was for him to offer to get her things someone else was already getting. Still, he wanted to be the one to do it.  

“Why?” She asked. Her back was turned to him now; her clothing completely soaked through and clinging to her like a second skin. His eyes followed the trail of wet curls down her body. Each tendril stretched and hanging low from the weight of the water they had stored.

“Are you attempting to get me indebted to you, Mister Vidal?” She asked, her voice lyrical, and teasing.

That wasn’t the reason, but he could think of worse people to have owing him.  

“And how would you desire to be repaid?” She turned to him, and he was caught staring at her ass. A sly smirk slid onto her face.

“I could think of a few ways.” He said, his voice husky, his attention slipping to the way her dress was slowly riding up her thighs. He could tell that his desire for her was not lost on her, and he could feel the loss of power as she realized what her wet body was doing to him. He clenched his hands against the sudden rise of a primal instinct to tear that thin dress right off her.

“And what if I told you, I’d do what you wanted for free?” She was practically purring her words as she slithered toward him. Her eyes sliding over his now exposed chest, the way his had slid over her body hundreds of times. The vixen. He didn’t need any convincing. They were immediately on each other. Hands tore at clothing, mouths on skin. Pants, moans and groans filled the air, as their rain slicked bodies came together. He quickly lifted her off the ground. He wanted her naked and on his bed. He felt her long legs wrap around his waist. Her arms tighten around his neck. Her mouth was warm on his cool skin as she nipped and kissed feverishly at his neck. The top buttons of her dress had already come undone, but fabric still clung stubbornly to her damp breasts. Wasting no time, he threw her down onto his bed; she bounced softly, and scooted up to make room for him.  He undid his belt, savoring the look of her wet, half naked body before him, and how the paleness of his sheets accentuated her deep honeyed skin. She went to undo the buttons on her black dress.

“Don’t.” He commanded. “Let me.” She removed her hands. His trousers fell to the ground.

“Briefs?” She asked arching a brow at his charcoal colored underwear, they wrapped snugly around his mid thighs.  “Would you prefer I went commando?” He asked, his eyes flicking down to her exposed bum, remembering how he had found her under her combat suit.

She shook her head. “No, I like them. I could see... you.”

He chuckled, he was hard as a rock. He was pretty sure she’d be able to see him even if he were down the block wearing winter style sweatpants. He went to remove them, sticking his thumbs in the waistband.

“Don’t.” She said, mimicking his tone of authority. She smiled a sly grin, that lit up her soft features. “Allow me.” She got on her knees and inched her way toward him. She knelt before him, her grey feline-esque eyes looking up into his. She wet her lips and he felt his cock twitch. She hooked her thumbs on his waist band and pulled down, a small gasp escaping her lips once he was fully exposed to her. He grinned down, glad she approved.  She touched him, and he couldn’t help himself, he groaned; deep and low. Her hands were warm and soft as they slid over him. Massaging him, kneading their way up and down his shaft. He closed his eyes and rolled his shoulders and his neck, allowing all the tension that had built up since meeting her to melt away through her touch. Her hands expertly worked at him. Pleasure filled him up.

Mierda.” He cursed. He felt something hot and wet wrap around him. He opened his eyes to see those pretty lips placed securely around his cock; her ice colored eyes focused on the fire he had burning in his.

Aye, Lolita,” he crooned. Her tongue moved beside him in her mouth, the softness and warmth coming together in way that made his eyes want to roll back, and even though he had been pleased many times this way, absolutely none had ever looked as good as she did doing it.    Her eyes fluttered closed as she worked on pleasing him, but that just wouldn’t do.

“Open your eyes, muñequita,” he said softly, reaching down to touch her face. She obeyed, and he could’ve let go right then. He fought the urge to wrap his hands around her thick hair and fuck her mouth to completion. Maybe next time, he told himself, if she’d allow him. Either way, he’d  make damn sure there was a next time. “Lolita, lie back for me.” She hummed in response, sending vibrations down his shaft that had him uttering a curse. She slipped her mouth from him and he immediately ached for the loss of warmth.  

Lola laid herself back onto his bed at his request. At some point he had switched the lights off, leaving the neon lights to pour through the slats of the small window above his bed; the bright colors lit up his naked form. He was her technicolored Adonis. She spread her thighs allowing him to lower himself between them, the bed dipping under their combined bodies.

One arm supported his weight, while the other began to work on the buttons of her dress, his golden brown eyes focusing fully on the job in front of him. She was sure he could tear it off with one strong tug, but she knew he liked the anticipation. The slow reveal of inch after inch of skin. So. She let him. She arched into his touch as he opened one button after the other, unwrapping her like a long awaited present. He hummed and groaned in appreciation as he worked his way down. One low curse in his native tongue after he freed her breasts, another for when she was fully exposed to him. She slipped her arms out the remainder of the dress and he tossed it to the side, where it noiselessly fluttered to the floor. She still had her underwear, but he seemed unbothered.

“The gods truly paid special attention to you, didn’t they?” He murmured, running a hand down the length of her body. He flicked the thin strap of her panties, sending it snapping back into her skin. She hissed at the sharp pain.

“I’m glad you approve,” she said, mimicking his earlier sentiment. He smiled his crooked grin as she pulled him down to her, his full weight pushing her deeper into his incredibly plush mattress. He kissed her passionately, each kiss deeper and more searching than the last. She pushed herself further into his firm chest, urging him to touch her, tease her, fuck her. His tongue fought for dominance, pushing and tangling with hers as he rolled his hips against her, his erection sliding over just the right spot. She moaned loudly as pleasure shot through her like an electrical current. She pushed her hips back into him. He growled at the pressure and nipped at her neck as he continued to grind against her, the pleasure and pain mingling into a transcendent bliss. This was torture. She was done waiting. Reaching down between them, she pushed her panties aside, and slid him inside her. His length immediately filling her up, taking up any and all space available to him. She moaned his name at the sensation, and his honeyed eyes shot to hers. She had taken him by surprise, but the smug grin on his face told her he liked it.

“Eager, bella ?” He asked, but instead of moving he stood still, leaving her to buck and writhe impatiently under him. He slid a hand up her thigh, his callouses scratching at her skin. He went over her rear, and back down. He pushed lightly on the back her thigh with his palm, guiding her leg back and up. The position immediately allowed for more of his length to slip into her unobstructed.

“Goddess, Reyes,” she gasped.

“¿ Que tu quieres ?” He asked. His voice deep, both smoke and ash, and everything that was both heavy and light at once. His accent thick, the way it always got when he was drunk or horny. She didn’t respond. She hated this game. All she wanted was for him to fuck her until she came. He ran his hand roughly up her stomach, over her breasts and to her neck. She tilted her head back allowing him to apply light pressure at her throat.

Ok, maybe, she didn’t hate all his games.

“I want you to fuck me, Reyes,” she said.

 The fire in his eyes ignited. He began rocking his hips.

Slowly,” she added.

A devilish grin formed on his face, at his new instructions.

“As you wish, bella .”

She closed her eyes and allowed the pleasure of him pulling out and returning back into her to pulse through her whole body. Wave after wave of indescribable pleasure. He moved slow, just as she had asked, and she could feel every inch of him with every stroke. One hand supported  his weight, the other cupped the back of her thigh, holding her leg back and over his head. Each stroke built pleasure up upon the last. Getting into it,  Reyes hooked her leg over his shoulder, and moved to run his thumb over her mouth with his newly freed hand.

Dios, those fucking lips,” he panted, the pace of his strokes picking up. Lola opened her mouth allowing his thumb entrance. He groaned, as she sucked on it. His thrusts became quick and rough. Removing his thumb from her mouth, he moved to use his hand for better leverage as he began to pound himself into her. Pleasure overtook her, she dug her nails into his broad shoulders. She was so close.

Mirame bella.

Lola opened her eyes to him. They were glowing embers trained on her.

“Cum for me, Lola,” he ordered roughly in between strokes. “Let me hear you say my name.”

And she did.

She sobbed out his name as waves of ecstasy overtook her, but he didn’t stop. He stroked deeper, her orgasm stirring him on. He lowered his body onto hers, and, fuck, the feeling of his full weight pushing into her as he stroked and hit at spots she hadn’t even known existed pulled out a second orgasm from her. He placed his hands on the metal headboard behind them using it to push every inch of himself into her. Low groans left his lips as he buried himself deep in her, fucking her deeper into the bed. He roared out foreign curses, and burying his face into her neck, he came. He ground her against, as he emptied himself. “Fuck.” He snarled into her neck when he was done. Placing light kisses along her collar bone as they both panted sated from the pleasure.

What happened next Lola couldn’t recall. She woke up a few hours later and Reyes was gone.