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From the moment he first met him, Saku has admired Kazu. He’s just so strong and handsome and talented and friendly, and Saku isn’t embarrassed to admit he’s totally fallen for Kazu. He just can’t help but stare and smile when he sees Kazu being the amazing team captain and cheerleader all of the Breakers love, so amazed by the awesome person Kazu is.

One day when the Breakers are doing pre-practise stretching, Saku is meant to be helping Gen stretch. But his eyes drift across the gym and he spots Kazu helping Haru stretch, and Kazu just looks so handsome his hands drop from Gen’s shoulders and he just sits there, watching Kazu with a faint smile on his face.

“Saku? Saku, man?”

Gen shakes Saku’s shoulder, and he snaps out of his trance.

“Oh, sorry.”

“You were totally out of it,” Gen says, smiling. “Is something on your mind? Got a crush on anyone?”

Saku jumps, his face flushing. Gen laughs.

“Yeah, I was right! So, who’s your crush, man? You can tell me?”

He looks up at Gen, cheeks burning. He’s never told anyone before, but… Gen is so nice… yeah, he trusts him.

“Um,” he mumbles, and his voice is tiny as he says, “K-Kazu.”

Gen stares at him, processing his words. But then he smiles. “Cool. He’s not my type, but if I was into guys, I’d totally fancy him.”

Giggling, Saku says, “Thank you. And… do you think I should tell him?”

“Why not?” Gen says, and Saku gulps.

But it turns out he had nothing to worry about. Because when he tells Kazu how he feels…

“That’s awesome,” Kazu says, grinning. “I like you too.”

And after that amazing conversation, he sends Gen a text.

Me: He loves me too!!!

Gen: Awesome, man!