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Sunday Six

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Sandor Clegane was a man of few words, this, combined with the fact that he was usually on the grouch side of things and very little social interaction, had left him very unprepared to deal with a crush.

Sansa Stark was, in Sandor’s very humble opinion, the most beautiful girl on the planet, she was tall, her red hair seemed to shine in the sun, her skin was peaches and cream -he was sure it was soft too- and her eyes were the brightest blue he’d ever seen.

He could wax poetry about her eyes, he loved them and he loved Sansa too; unfortunately, he was terrible at communication: once he actually -quite accidentally too, damn Bronn- had actually growled at Sansa.

Today, they were working together for a project and Sansa had at some point, started talking about how cute her little brother was, which prompted a very awkward response from him, “You know what’s cute? My dog.”

Sansa had grown silent at that, blinked a few times and tilted her head and he had wanted to crawl in a hole and die, but fortunately, his embarrassment didn’t last long, because she laughed.

“You’ll have to show me your doggie then, one of these days,” she chuckled, he could only nod his answer.

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She gently kisses Jaime goodbye, this is it for them, she is to marry in a few hours and they cannot afford being caught, she will not loose this.

She goes back to bed for an hour or so, only rises when her maids and aunt come to help her bathe and get ready, and she cannot help it, excitement bubbles in her chest and she can barely believe that her greatest dream is coming true.

Robert is no Rhaegar, but he is not something she would mind, he handsome, muscular, tall and whereas Rhaegar had been light, he was dark and his eyes were laughing ones, she won’t mind him, she is sure.

Her father comes to pick her and take her to the Sept, he is proud, she can tell; they ride a carriage to the Baelor’s Sept, and he walks her from his arm to the altar, she plays the blushing bride part flawlessly.

The ceremony passes quickly, and she is too excited to pay proper attention, but recites the prayers and vows without a hitch, her Lannister cloak gets replaced by a Baratheon one, people cheer when they are declared man and wife, and Robert looks at his brother and takes the crown and she kneels before him again as Robert places a delicate crown on her head.

She rises and looks down at the people in the Sept, a smile threatening to split her face in half, she is Cersei Lannister and she is Queen.

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“You look the same as you did 600 years ago,” Ned’s voice was soft.

Catelyn looked down, sure that she was blushing, but thankful that the night seemed to cover her, but she gathered her wits and replied, “Thanks. I have a great skin care routine.”

Ned laughed out loud, gods, he had missed Catelyn and her wonderful wit, “Oh I have missed you, my lady, if I may be so bold to say; perhaps you’d like to join me for dinner?”

Catelyn closed the distance between them and gave Ned a bone crushing hug, “Very kind of you to say dearest Ned! I would love dinner, it’s been years since I have been here, so please pick a place for me.”

“Well, there is a place I quite like, little whole in the wall, but the food is absolutely divine,” Ned offered his arm.

Catelyn took it, “Lead on then, Lord Stark.”

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Dragonstone is bleak and she is pregnant, so most of her time is spent with Viserys or resting.

She has attendants who come and make sure her orders are followed and she has company, but for her, all things pale in comparison of her worry and grief.

She worries for Elia, her sweet good-daughter and her babies, her adorable grandchildren held against their will under her brother’s ever growing paranoid eye; she worries for her son, her dearest Rhaegar, out there fighting what it seems a losing war, she worries for Viserys, who constantly is at her side asking questions she doesn’t have an answer for, and she worries for the babe she carries, what world would it come to?

She looses track of time and no news ever come until they do - Rhaegar is dead, killed by his own cousin, Steffon’s boy has killed her child and she feels herself going mad with grief but holds it in for Viserys and the baby’s sake, but she cries herself to sleep in the privacy of her chamber.

Her grief is broken by more news, Elia is dead and so are her grand babies, her hands shake as she reads the news in the garden, her vision blurring thanks to unshed tears, but she reads on and there, almost as a footnote, is the one news that gladdens her, Aerys is dead too, killed by Jaime Lannister.

Rhaella stares at the parchment for what it feels the longest time, then, unbidden laughter bubbles up and she laughs through her tears, she is free.

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“So… you’re a witch,” Sandor could feel his eye twitch.

Sansa shifted from one foot to the other, looking away from him, “Yeah, it’s… kinda complicated and strange.”

Sandor gave her a look, “I just saw you vanish a ghost, Little Bird, my night couldn’t get any stranger.”

Sansa smiled, “Oh it could, I could have fought a demon maybe, or do an exorcism, or…”

Sandor raised his hands in defeat, “Ok I get the point, your life is weird… but I still like you anyways, not going to go back on our date now, are you?.”

Sansa beamed, “Good! I’m glad, and no, I’m not going back; I’m glad you know now, just in case things get weird - welcome to the strange life of Sansa Stark, but uh, I gotta run now, I’ll see you on Saturday!”

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When Sansa had bought the house, she had been told that it was haunted; but she did not care, it was a lovely victorian style and it was in mostly good condition and as a plus, close to her job.

Of course, being told that a man haunted the house had spiked her curiosity, and to the ghost’s credit, he did indeed haunt the house: objects moved, the lights would flicker on and off, temperature would drop, her clothes would be out of her closet and such other things.

She did not care, she wasn’t afraid - dating Joffrey Baratheon had cured her of her fear of the supernatural and had left her wary of living men.

She woke up to early, just as the sun was raising, only to discover that her walls were red, she sighed,  “Wow, blood on the walls? That’s real original.”

The ghost had growled, annoyed that his trick only had seemed to annoy her, rather than scared her, “I’m a ghost! I’m terrifying! Be afraid!”

Sansa looked at the ghost, he was a tall man, muscular too and the only thing she could do, she did, “Listen man, I still have some sleep to catch, but you better turn my walls back to blue or so help me, I’ll see if someone can expel you from here, night.”

The ghost did the only thing he could, he broke her lamp.

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“Not to be dramatic, but I’d rather set myself on fire.”

“Sandor, please? I’m sure it won’t be terrible, when have I picked something terrible?”

“Fifty Shades of Grey, I rest my case.”

Sansa huffed, “Ok, so maybe that movie wasn’t the best, but you liked the show, how bad can the movie be?

"Sansa, it was made by M. Night Shyamalan; I don’t trust him, but fine… we’ll watch the movie.”

Several hours later, “Sansa… I should have set myself on fire.” She smacked him.

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Catelyn looks at the sleeping form besides hers, Ned is still a mystery to her, their marriage is still young.

She can barely sleep, her pregnancy is not allowing her to, the child moves a lot and she has felt quite a few kicks here and there; she is excited for this baby, for little Robb to have a full sibling to play with.

She looks at the dying embers of the chimney and wonders if this is how life would have been with Brandon, but shakes her head, she is married to Ned now and he is kind, if a little aloof, he treats her with due respect and other than his bastard child, he is an exemplary husband.

She is still lost in thoughts that she misses Ned waking up, it is him laying a gentle hand on her belly that brings her back; she looks at him, his eyes still clouded by sleep, “did I wake you my lord?”

“No, I simply did,” his voice is still heavy with sleep, but he lays there with his hand on her stomach and a gentle smile on his face.

And she smiles too, for no matter what time brings, what they have right now is theirs and theirs alone; it’s enough to build a dream on.

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San - Alayne woke up suddenly, heart racing and breathing hard, this was the second time this week that she dreamt of him.

She sat down and embraced her knees, wondering why she kept dreaming of him - he had been and still was a complete enigma to her, he had been rude and gruff when speaking to her and yet - he had been the only one who had ever done something for her.

She threw the covers off her and made her way to her window, opened it and let the cold air hit her, she took a deep breath and then another, closing her eyes and letting the crisp air calm her down.

She often wondered what Myranda would say about her dreams, she had begun to understand -thanks to her friend- them; would Myranda squeal at the thought of having Sandor in her bed, or would she disapprove of him? Would she be thrilled to know that she had dreamed of him on her bed or would she steer her towards a suitable partner?

Shaking her head, she made her way towards a chest where it lay hidden, waiting; she took it out and covered herself in a the cloak and went back to bed, and in the privacy or her room, she allowed herself to dream.

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Sansa held onto the horse for dear life, with every second that passed, her previous life was left behind, not that she wouldn’t miss her family - she would, she just simply didn’t want to marry Lord Joffrey. He was mean and rumors swirled around him about being violent and she did not want that.

She had fallen for Sandor Clegane, a knight at her father’s service and he had fallen for her in turn, but they both knew that they would never be allowed to be together, so they did the only thing that made sense, they ran away.

They had planned it all well, Sansa would pretend to go to bed with a headache and Sandor would ready his horse and things, she had also prepared a bag with stuff she would need, including her jewels, Sandor was not very rich, but he could provide well, he could hunt and she was not worried about their travel to the neighboring kingdom.

At midnight, Sansa left her room covered in a dark cloak, Sandor had been waiting for her near the stables, once he spotted her, he smiled at her and she went to his arms, they held each other for a few moments and then Sandor lifted her onto his horse, he mounted and they left.

Sansa allowed herself a moment of weakness and she looked back at the palace, she would miss her family and friends, but she would rather live a simple life with someone whom she loved and loved her back than a man who only wanted the prestige marrying a Princess would give him, so she held onto Sandor and rested her head on his broad chest, their life together started now.

And no matter what came next, they would be together.

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Rhaella keeps her head down and listens, whispers have been plaguing her grandfather lately, she cannot blame them, his mind seems to be consumed by the desire for dragons.

She knows he wishes to bring them back into the world, to recapture the glory of House Targaryen. She doesn’t know if it’s glory or madness at this point.

But she is a good granddaughter to him, she gives him no reason to complain, and obeys her parents; she is a good daughter and does as bid.

It is only when her father announces that she is to marry Aerys that she protests - no begs, to her father, to her mother and grandparents; her parents won’t listen and her grandparents won’t do anything, except her grandfather does, he gifts her - not Aerys a dragon egg.

She looks at it for the longest time and wonders if dragons were truly the glory of House Targaryen, but a voice in her head whispers that no, but they were something greater than that, they were freedom; so she holds her egg close to her and whispers: “Hatch.”

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The little restaurant was 50s themed and Sandor liked it; or rather, he liked the waitress that worked the morning shift.

She was beautiful, tall and red haired and deep blue eyes, she always had a smile on her face and she was always kind to him, even when he was a grouch in the mornings.

He worked the late shift as a security guard, so he really had no business waking up at 9 am to go and buy coffee and breakfast so early, but oh, she was there and so he went.

Sansa was her name, and he always sat down on what appeared to be her section, and she would always smile at him while taking his order, and he would feel his heart racing and the palms of his hands get sweaty.

But he was very socially inept, he growled at people and usually didn’t go around making small talk, much less he could take time off Sansa when she was busy, so, he did what he could and only left big tips for her.

Until one day, in one napkin, there was her name her last name and her number, he was one lucky bastard.

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She was in trouble.

For the life of her, she didn’t understand why she was attracted to him - he was rude, arrogant, was always awful to her and make fun of her and he was the most non romantic person ever. By all means she shouldn’t like him at all!

But here she was, she knew that he had qualities - he wasn’t a complete lost cause, he was tall and handsome if you ignored his scar, he was protective and in his own way, he tried to make her see life as it was, not under a rose colored lens.

Sandor Clegane was the last person she would have expected to attracted to, yet here she was, pinning after him like a lovesick teen. She took a drink of her wine and thought if saying something would be worth it, maybe just maybe, he liked her too.

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“She smells Dornish.”

The words echo in her head, words meant to reduce her child, an innocent child whose only crime is to have inherited her mother’s coloring.

She knew full well that those words would not have come up if Rhaenys had her father’s coloring.

It didn’t help that Rhaegar was silent - he would never openly oppose his father. At least Rhaella seemed happy with her babe.

And she wonders if the rest of her life will be like this - being seen as a lesser due to her Dornish origin; and wonders if her mother knew what hell she had damned her into.

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“Tell me again, why am I helping you?”

“Because you are my big brother and you love me?”

Maitimo sighed, for all his virtues, Makalaure could be a complete mess when it came to his personal things, like right now, they were both moving furniture and inspecting scroll after scroll due to Makalaure misplacing his newest piece that he was to perform at their grandfather’s palace.

“Are you sure that you left it in your room Kano?”

Whatever response that was going to come, didn’t thanks to the arrival of Tyelkormo, “Kano, amil said you left this on the kitchen.”

Upon inspection, it was the scroll he was looking for, tossing a look to his older brother, Makalaure found him to be giving him a completely exasperated look, one he could only respond with a sheepish look of his own and a simple, “Oops?”



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Sansa felt heat in her cheeks, it didn’t help at all that her sister was laughing too, but damned if she was going to let it go, “Listen you fools, I’m not only cute, I’m also terrifying.”

The merry band of misfits froze for a second and she could feel a victory coming, but, it was not to be, the laughter that greeted her was louder than before.

“Little Bird, listen… you are most certainly NOT terrifying - you wear fuzzy socks.”

“Well, thank you for the vouch of confidence Sandor, but I can do it, I can be a hunter too!”

“Sansa, light of my life, you cover your eyes during blood scenes in movies, how in the seven buggering hells do you actually expect to hunt monsters? You’re a big softy, you don’t have it in you and you know it.”

She lifted her chin, she’ll do it, she’ll show them; she would train and would prepare herself for it, meanwhile, she did the only thing she could, she stomped away.

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The news had been an unwelcome one, Leia, their precious and brave daughter was a captive of the empire.

Breha had been incandescent in her fury, he could not blame her for her anger was his too; all those years protecting Leia seemed to be for nothing, she was in Vader’s clutches, he had failed.

They had spent a whole day planning how to get her back, he hoped that against all odds that Obi-Wan would be get her and bring her home.

Now, it was late and they both sat in silence in their balcony, something felt off, he could feel a tension in the air and a twist in his gut that he could not place.

Suddenly, it happened, a light was approaching fast, Breha stood, fear clear in her eyes as it drew closer and closer and he did the only thing he could, he stood and held her in his arms and kissed her and she kissed him back, desperately, if this was to be the end, then let them go together.

They held onto each other and kept looking into one another’s eyes, and so it was a moment later, they felt the earth shake, yet they stood firm and proud, it didn’t take long and a few moments later, Breha and Bail passed onto the force.

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Ned looked at the offending stick, a look of complete disbelief in his face, thorn between looking at the after mentioned stick and at the unrepentant blonde woman who had tossed it.

Cersei had a look that crossed between amused and smug, how could she do it, he would never know.

Finally, he found his voice, “You know, just because I am part wolf, doesn’t mean I will play fetch, that’s downright rude Cersei.”

She had the audacity to laugh, “Oh well! I couldn’t resist, can you blame me?”

He sighed, “I am going to regret telling you that I am part wolf, am I?”


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Sansa swore she was done with men after Joffrey, and if she would be honest, no one could actually blame her. Joffrey had been a complete nightmare of a boyfriend.

But at the end, Arya had been so persistent that she couldn’t say no to a date, after all, it was just one date, how bad could it be?

What she had not expected was to see none other than fencing prodigy Edric Dayne waiting for her; she hid behind a pillar of the restaurant so she could observe him, he looked calm as he studied the menu, but now she was starting to feel nervous.

Edric or Ned as he insisted on being called, was handsome… but so had been Joffrey, but whereas Joff’s eyes had been green, Ned’s eyes were sparkling indigo, and every time they had spoken (thanks to Arya), they had a gentleness in them that Joffrey’s never had.

She took a deep breath, it was Ned, she told herself, Arya would not set her up with someone she didn’t trusted or liked, she was brave and approached, and as he did, Ned beamed at her; maybe just maybe, he would be good for her.

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It was an unusual friendship they shared - the vampire and the werewolf - but Lyanna could not bring herself to care for it.

She liked Arthur, he was a man that was wise but even though he had lived for centuries already, he had retained a warm humanity that appealed to her; she knew he was one of the rare ones, vampires had a tendency to become jaded after living for so long, but Arthur still found things and people to be amazing.

So, she met him every time she could, but he did everything in his power to be with her every time during her full moon transformation; he would run through the forest with her and stay until the early morning, just before the sun came up.

But lately, something had changed - well, changed for her.

She had begun to notice things she normally wouldn’t, like how his purple eyes sparkled in the moonlight, how gentle were the smiles he threw her way, how handsome he was, how kind and brave he was.

And now, as he walked towards her under the light of the moon and offered her a smile, her thoughts were simple and honest: Shit, I’ve got it bad.

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“No, she will not marry Aerys and that is final, I speak as the King, and you will obey me on this.”

Rhaella had never been more grateful to her grandfather than that day, of course, she knew that she would marry, and the man her grandfather had chosen was Rickard Stark.

She had been sent to the North almost immediately, she understood why, Aerys had been angry at loosing her and her father and mother could still try and get them wed, the farthest she was from them, all the better.

Winterfell had loomed large and the cold was harsh, but she had been given a royal welcome, Lord Edwyle and Lady Marna had been kind to her and welcomed her as she was sure a daughter would be and she was glad.

Her betrothed was a tall, serious looking young man, but his eyes were a deep smoke color that she loved almost immediately, and he welcomed her with a kiss to her hand that had her blushing, his voice was deep and kind, so different from Aerys and she once again blessed her grandfather.

Their wedding was years away -her grandfather had assured her - but she hoped that this strange land, full of strange people would become her home, and as she looked at her betrothed once again, she dared hope that love would also grow.

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It’s her betrothed who escorts her inside, the entrance of Winterfell looms large and she knows that she should feel nervous, but she doesn’t, for the first time in years she feels like she can breathe, she feels free.

Rickard is polite as he asks about her travel, she replies his inquiries with aplomb and grace - she’s a princess and she can do it - as she in turn asks about life in the North, she’s done her reading, but nothing like first hand experience.

Rickard leaves her in her room for her to rest, he parts with another kiss to her hand and she feels like a giddy girl, she knows that there will be a welcome feast later that night, so she allows herself a few hours rest.

It’s Rickard who fetches her again, but this time he does with a crown of blue winter roses and she grins, delighted with the present and allows him to place it over her head, takes his arm and they walk together to the feast.

The feast is so very different from any she has attended at King’s Landing, but it is a welcomed change, Lord Stark apologizes for the lack of music - singers don’t usually come North he says- but she doesn’t mind, the food is warm and filling; Lady Stark is kind and welcoming and she says that she is looking forward teaching about Winterfell.

And then, there is her betrothed, who is attentive to her during the night, listens to her stories about her life South and he shares about his life North and she wonders at the change, there is no leer in his eyes (as Aerys’ always had), there is respect and honest curiosity and maybe, she realizes, just maybe, she will find a true home at his side.

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Their reunion was quiet and full of calm for two people that had a lot to say to each other.

There was no reclamation, no demands, no screams, nothing, just calm and a warm embrace. The tears that fell were silent.

They both knew that they had a lot to say, they had parted in such a horrid way that it tore at both of them, they were family and they loved each other.

Their voices were quiet, full of grief and full of emotions, apologizing to one another for mistakes that happened, for the cruel things said, for actions taken and those that were not.

Life had been cruel to them, separating each other when they needed each other the most.

But now they were together, they were sisters who loved one another and nothing would ever tear them apart again.

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At first, Rickard is not quite sure what to make of his betrothal - he was expecting a Northern match, not a Princess, but when he knew they could hardly reject the King’s offer.

He knew what was expected of him, his father and mother had been very clear that the Princess was to be family and she should be welcomed as such and the was to be at his best; they welcomed her and her small retinue with due honors.

Rhaella was on the petite side of things, she was small standing next to him, but she was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he again wondered how he had ever gotten so lucky.

She was curious about everything, his life, Winterfell and the North, asking pertinent questions about things he would tell her, she was smart and he knew it.

She wasn’t arrogant or entitled, but she was so shy and quiet, that he couldn’t help but to try and coax a smile out of her, he was never good with japes or funny stories, but he tried and he felt his efforts were well rewarded when she smiled or on the rare occasion, giggled.

Rhaella Targaryen was a treasure of a Lady and he intended to treat her as such, and hoped that one day, perhaps not a distant one, she could call Winterfell her home and him, her love, and he would strive every moment to be worthy of her.

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Cersei Lannister is many things, she knows, but a weakling who pinned over a man was not one of them.

No matter what Taena said, she, Cersei Lannister absolutely and categorically was not attracted to Eddard Stark.

She did not like his manners, sure, he was very polite, but so would most be towards her; she did not like his eyes, so dark and smokey they almost looked black; she absolutely loathed his beard and his hair (so common), and did not like his voice, ok, it was a nice one but, that didn’t mean she liked it.

They had worked together on a project and now, he was under the impression that they were friends, how dare the peasant think so, she had a circle of friends who were somebody, people who mattered and Eddard Stark did not fit the bill.

She did not like it when he would greet her in the hallways, she did not like it when he occasionally brought her food, or when he would always ask what she was thinking or what were her thoughts on something.

She did not like the fact that he had managed the impossible, distracting her from class, she was Cersei Lannister and she would be the best damn attorney King’s Landing had seen, she did not have time for romance, so why was she looking at him?

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Their marriage had not been a victory march.

It had been fought and raged against, but she had stood firm; she had come to love this man more than anything and he loved her back.

Only her brothers and sister had backed her, because they knew and understood the position she was coming from; she didn’t trust anyone to not want her inheritance (even now that her two brothers were back) over her.

Sandor was a hard man to like for many, he was harsh and honest, never mincing his words on things, she liked that, she had had enough of lies and deceit for a lifetime.

She wanted honesty, she wanted to be wanted for herself, she wanted freedom and that is something Sandor offered so completely and without reserve that she knew she’d be safe with him.

And as he placed his cloak around her shoulders with slightly trembling hands, she knew, that whatever the future held, they would face it together.

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“Diana, is something wrong?” Etta’s voice is almost distant, almost as if she were trying to hear underwater.

“The snow… it just brought Steve to mind, I hadn’t told you yet, but we were dancing the first time I saw snow,” Diana’s voice was full of sorrow.

Etta did not hesitate to embrace her, “I am sorry darling, I miss him too, but I understand that it’s harder for you.”

Diana returns the embrace, finding comfort in Etta’s warm presence, “Thank you for being my friend Etta.”

Etta smiles kindly at Diana, “I’m always going to be here for you dear, now come, I know a great place that makes a wonderful hot cocoa.”

Diana stares at Etta for a little while, then smiles, yes, Etta was a good friend who was trying, so she does what she can - she follows.

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Cassian Andor is not bitter, no sir, he is not.

He is simply tired as hell of listening to people go on and on about how they met their soulmate - and he is totally done with the looks of pity when they find his world is still very grey.

He works odd hours, has to, his work is demanding and while his superiors have a soft spot for him, doesn’t mean he can slouch away.

He has his friends and his life is good, and he knows that while there is likely someone for everyone, true soulmates are rare, which is exactly why he feels life is mocking him one cold Monday morning when he collides against a very pretty girl and his world explodes in color.

They look at each other for the longest time, not saying anything; but she has a smile that’s forming on her lips and her eyes are beautiful and she’s the loveliest girl he’s ever seen and before he knows it, all his life plans go out the window because she must be in life now else, he’ll probably go crazy.

For the first time in his life, Cassian is happy to be wrong.

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The pains come in the middle of the night.

She manages to get a servant to fetch the maester and her sister, she doesn’t want to go thru childbed alone - the maester comes, Lysa does not.

The labor is long and painful, she is sure to be split in half and wonders if her mother would have had words of comfort for her, one of her servants is holding her hand, and Catelyn feels some relief at not having to be alone and wonders why Lysa did not come.

She soon finds herself with no thoughts to spare, the pains come closer and closer, she can barely hear the maester giving her instructions through the fog that seems to clog her mind.

Hours pass and suddenly, a loud wail breaks the sounds of her moans and screams, she stills, waiting for the maester to tell her something about her babe, she opens her eyes and sees the little bundle and feels pride of knowing she helped make that babe.

It’s only a few moments later that the maester declares that’s a healthy baby boy, who screams as loud as his little lungs can allow and she feels a relief, she has done her duty and now Lord Stark has a male heir, but nothing prepares her for the love that hits her as soon as the babe is in her arms, and she smiles down at him and whispers, “Welcome home my precious boy, welcome home my little Robb.”

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Cersei hadn’t been sure what to expect when she accepted Ned’s invitation of having a quiet night in with dinner, but it certainly wasn’t this.

The dish that Ned had placed in front of her seemed straight out of a food magazine or a five star restaurant rather than homemade. But she had no complaints, the duck had been delicious and the chocolate mousse was so good, it was heavenly.

Now if she could only wipe that smug smirk of his face, that would be perfect, alas, her curiosity got the better of her, “So, since when do you cook like a professional chef?”

“Since I had to find a way to deal with stress that didn’t involved alcohol or dancing,” he explained, “not much of a drinker and I’m terrible at dancing, so I had to find something to keep me busy, I started to cook.”

Cersei raised one eyebrow, “Well Ned, I hope you understand that I will demand more home cooked meals, this was truly worthy of a professional chef rather than amateur.”

He laughed, “Of course Cersei, of course.”

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If asked, Sandor will deny to the high heavens being nervous; he is not, it’s just a simply meet the family dinner and Sansa has assured him that her parents are nice and won’t bother him much.

His stomach is turning and his hands are sweating - he doesn’t want to ruin this; he loves Sansa with all his heart, he sees himself forming a family with her, he’s changed for and because her, she makes him a better man.

What he has with Sansa is magical, even when his usually grouch self doesn’t want to admit it.

He’s way out of his league and he knows it, but he knows better than to question it, he’ll take this happiness for as long as it lasts (if it were up to him, it would be forever).

Sansa in his eyes is perfect, she’s bright and clever and kind - so very kind - and blindingly beautiful; he could get lost in her eyes and be happy to never be found, her skin is the most perfect porcelain with a subtly rosy tint; he’s got it bad and he knows it.

So, Sandor steels himself, takes a deep breath and knocks on the door, for Sansa, he could face armies alone.

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Alayne goes to be once Robert sleeps.

And she dreams, she dreams impossible things.

She dreams of a family she shouldn't have, of loving parents and brothers and a sister, she dreams of a castle surrounded by winter.

She dreams of King Joffrey, of his cruelty and pain she shouldn't have experienced, she dreams of mailed fists and swords hitting bare flesh.

She dreams of a man, who many - including herself - would call cruel, a man who protected her and was honest with her, dreams of a song and a feral kiss.

It was Alayne who went to bed, but it is Sansa who wakes.

Chapter Text

It's almost unfair that Catelyn should be in so much pain.

He knows birth is difficult, he knows that the childbed is a woman's battle, one each woman must face alone; there is nothing he can do there other than hold his lady wife and offer comfort.

His hands hold hers, feels and grits his teeth every time Catelyn squeezes with all her strength, holding her is the least he can do, after all, Catelyn is trying to bring forth another babe, another child of his.

The strong wail breaks Catelyn's screams and he looks up, sees Maester Luwin holding a babe - his child - and the midwife is there too, cleaning the babe; it's Luwin who looks at them with a kind smile and declares the babe a healthy girl.

A daughter, he has a daughter; he is not prone to tears, but he has to blink them back when the babe is placed in Catelyn's breast and he can see his daughter for the first time; she's so tiny and small and perfect.

For a brief moment, thoughts of his lost sister cloud his mind, but shakes his head and concentrates on the here and now, and as Catelyn coos at their child, he silently vows that he will protect this baby with all his might, this baby girl will only know joy and love.

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Cassian did not believed in love.

He did not had the time nor the energy to do so, his life was one of risks, full of dangers and unpredictability.

Love had no place in it.

But Jyn Erso was a force of nature, coming to disrupt his life without any problems; she who was so very different from himself and yet, he saw himself in pieces of her.

She was a woman he could love, someone who could share the rest of his life with, someone who would challenge him, who could - and did - change him.

It was ironic that they found another so close to their end, but as he held Jyn in his arms in that beach of Scarif, doom coming closer with every second, he was glad to have met her and to have loved her, short love that it had been.

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Once upon a time, Sansa would have relished grand demostrations of love. Joffrey had seemed to be the perfect prince charming and it only left her with scars and fears.

Sandor could not be more different than all the other men she had dated; but she welcomed that difference.

He never lied to her - his honesty was brutal at times; he cared for her, for what she had to say, he comforted her when she felt the nightmares were impossible to deal with and encouraged her dreams and always, always stood by her side.

No, Sandor would never sing under her balcony, he would never do a karaoke duet with her (he hated the attention), he wouldn't sweep her of her feet and spirit her away on an improptu vacation to an exotic place.

But he would love her, he'd look after her when she was sick, he'd go to the store and get her tampons, he'd tell her that he loved her food when she cooked, he'd be constant and true and that, was something she had come to love.

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Sandor arched his eyebrow, giving Sansa a hard glare, "That tea is not going to fix your problems, you're only spending too much money on it."

"Sandor, darling husband of mine... be glad is tea and not alcohol, I have deadlines to meet and my editor will kill me if I don't deliver the new manuscript for the book on time, you know this."

"Little Bird, I know, it's just... well, I hate seeing so stressed out."

Sansa placed her cup of tea on coffee table and sat down next to Sandor and cuddled to his side, "Perils of the job love, every job has it's stressors, but at least, I am allowed to be creative and be free."

Sandor hugged her close, "Just promise me that you'll try to relax, take a day off, go out with your friends and then come back to the book, you know I worry."

Sansa closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest, "And I love you for it."

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"You forgot to lock our son's door, darling."

Rhaella was puzzled, "So?"

A sigh escaped his lips, "Love, our son is a werewolf... the moon is full tonight, he'll be, ah, out and about tonight and finding him is going to be hard."

Rhaella's eyes widened, "Good Gods, Rickard our son is ten, he could be anywhere!"

"Yes, but I'll find him, I might not be a werewolf myself, but I still have a good sense of smell, I'll look for him and I'll get him back, try not to worry; and I don't think he'll go too far."

Rhaella gave her husband a quick kiss, "Ok then Mr Hunter, go forth and find our son, I'll wait up!"

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"Cassian, do you believe in monsters?" The question came suddenly.

He raised his eyebrows, only Jyn would and could come up with this, "No, no I don't."

Jyn gave a sigh of relief, "Good, then you won't mind if I ask you to look into my closet, I think there's something there!"

Cassian took a sip of his coffee, wondering what the hell had gotten into Jyn today, "I'm sure there's nothing there Jyn."

"Oh says you, I'm the one who has to listen to weird sounds all night, and don't get me started on the scratches I can hear, so please, for me?"

Cassian sighed, "Fine."

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He saw her coming back to her house, completely covered in blood, alarmed, he rose from where he was sitting and walked towards her.

"Hey Arthur, I'd hug you, but as you can see, I'm completely covered in blood," she smiled at him.

"Are you ok?" He gave her a once over, looking at her carefully, trying to see if she was hurt.

"Yes. Just, ah, some of your, uh, kin, decided I looked like dinner; fortunately, I'm a good hunter," she gave him a hard look, "and I'm not going to apologize for it."

His smile was rueful, "And I don't expect you too; I knew who and what you were when we started this relationship and I'm not going to ask you to change just for me."

"Good, because I'm not going to."

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Jyn was anxious, today she would meet with the assessin she would be working on this mission, she hoped that they would get along, by all means it all seem to point to a long undercover mission; so she was completely unprepared for the surprise that came when the man she would be working with entered the room.

"Cassian?!" Her voice betrayed her surprise.

He looked at her, winced and quickly looked away, "Hello Jyn, nice to see you again."

"You're the assessin? What the hell?!" Her voice was loud and she was shooting daggers out of her eyes.

"Saying you kill people for a living isn’t something you bring up on a first date," He gave her a tentative smile, "Besides, you didn't say you were a spy either, so there, we're even."

She took a calming breath, and then another, and then she did the only thing she could to calm herself down, she punched him in the face.


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They stood still, in front of the fire and peaceful in each other's arms, not a single sound but the crackling of fire could be heard.

Margaery rose her head from Robb's chest and gave her boyfriend a quick kiss, "I love you, I'm glad that you planned this getaway for us."

Robb looked at her, lost in her eyes and said, “The day I die, is the day I stop loving you.”

Margaery smile's was michievous, “So ghost you ain’t gonna love me? You gonna go find another boo?”

Robb snorted, "Way to ruin the moment Margs."

Margaery let a hearty laugh, "But you love me anyways!"

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Being a vampire had its disavantages, for one, she couldn't be caught in the daylight, or else, she would be nothing but ashes, which is why Amy was practically running home, she needed to get out of the open; once she arrived at Baker's Street, she left a sigh of relief and let herself in, once there. she found her lover asleep in the sofa, she smiled and went to cover him with a blanket, when she did, she heard his sleepy voice, "You're very late, in fact, you're so late is morning."

"Yeah, sorry about that sweetie, work kept me longer than expected, a murder happened and we think it might involve shifters."

Sherlock turned to look at her, a serious look in his face, "They should know better than that, you need to be home before sunrise and they know it."

She took his face in her hands and gave him a quick peck on his lips, "You worry to much sweetie, I am fine, will be fine - you don't get to be my age without some tricks up your sleeve."

"I know you're a smart one, you're too clever and you have a fighting spirit otherwise we wouldn't be together, but," Sherlock paused, looking at her with as much tenderness as he could, "I will always worry, you can die and that's not a pleasant thought for me, I'd rather not face the ages of this world alone."

She simply smiled and kiss him again.

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Arya knew that she and Sansa didn't see eye to eye all the time, but damn it, this was her big sister and she didn't like seeing Sansa so downtrodden, so taking a deep breath, she went into her room and said, “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.”

Sansa turned to look at her, tear tracks in her face and Arya curse Joffrey to the seven hells, that piece of shit wasn't worthy of her sister's tears, "Thank you Arya, but I don't want you to get in trouble," Sansa gave her sister a tentative smile, "he's not worthy of your anger."

"He's not worthy of your tears either," Arya said, "I hate seeing you cry because of him."

Sansa opened her arms and Arya after hesitating for a moment, went and gave her sister a hug, "I love you, thank you for trying to look out for me."

"I love you too," Arya's voice was muffled against her sister's shoulder, "the offer will always stand."

Sansa's laugh was a quiet one, but Arya felt better knowing that her sister could laugh still.

Chapter Text

There were very few things that have left Sandor speechless, today, it seemed to be one for the record, Sansa stood in front of him holding a knitted hat, a smile on her face; his own was full of surprise, “You knitted a hat for my dog? Marry me.”

Sansa snorted, "Glad you like it, I was wondering if you would."

"Little bird, this is the greatest gift I have ever been given, and it's not even for me, I love it; marry me."

Sansa beamed, "Yes, I wanted to do something for Stranger, and well, winter is coming so I thought it would be a good idea, and sure I'll marry you."

"I mean it Little bird, marry me."

Sansa's eyes widened, "Oh, yes!"

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He could spend hours just looking at his lady wife without feeling he was wasting his time, his friends would tease him about it, but, he had held a torch for Sansa since he was a boy of 10 and now, here they were married, he couldn't be happier.

But he knew that the shadow of the pain that Sansa had suffered had left a deep scar, left her to be guarded and so very serious, so he tried his best to make her happy, he strived to get one of her rare smiles and every time she did laugh, his heart soared.

Today, he found her in her solar, doing some embroidery on a dress, a gentle smile gracing her features, he smiled in turn even if she didn't know he was there and said, “Your smile makes me really happy.”

She looked up, her face becoming a mask far too quickly, "I, thank you my Lord, you flatter me."

"Ned, Sansa, my name is Ned, it would please me very much should you use it more often; this is your home and I wish to see you happy, you deserve to be happy," his voice was soft, "I only wish for us to make a home together."

Sansa was silent for a few moments, but to his wonder, her face began to soften, a gentle smile tugging at her mouth, her eyes warm and kind, "Thank you Ned."

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Cassian knew that Jyn had trouble sleeping, which is why he often times awoke to several messages on his phone, today however, he couldn't sleep, no matter how much he tried, sleep eluded him, which is why when his phone vibrated he took it, welcoming the distraction.

It was a message from Jyn that read, “I would fist fight a tornado for you.”

He sighed, Jyn was a veritable force of nature, but with that message, he was sure she was out with her friends, and likely drunk, which is why he answered back, "Jyn, are you drunk?" he replied, "Please don't fight a tornado, hell, if you see a tornado, run the other way."

Jyn's response was immediate, "I love you, not drunk, just being honest."

Cassian smiled, "I love you too, but please, no fighting for me, I can do my own punching."

Jyn's answer was quick, a simple heart emoji; Cassian smiled.

Chapter Text

The night was silent, the only sounds that filled the house were the soft radio music and the crackling of fire in the chimney, Diana found that she liked this, it was peaceful, calm and cozy.

Steve had suggested going away for New Year and her mother had not objected, claiming that she could take the opportunity to leave and see her sister and her wife.

Steve had rented a house in Aspen, she'd been delighted with the snow, being born in Athens and a California resident, didn't see much snow, so she felt giddy like a child, much to Steve's amusement and delight.

Steve had also taken care of dinner, he was a wonderful cook, she appreciated his efforts in the kitchen, he wanted to give her a great celebration and he was doing amazing, after dinner, they had watched movies and simply turned the radio on to wait for the New Year to ring, and as they held each other in their arms, the countdown went off.

She smiled, feeling more at peace than she ever had, "Happy New Year Steve."

"Happy New Year Diana," Steve's voice was warm and full of love.

Chapter Text

"You know, moonlight is the only light I like, the sun burns me," Sandor's voice was gruff.

Sansa snorted, "Of course it is, you're a vampire Sandor; sun would kill you - that'd be sad, I'd miss you."

"Would you?"

"Of course I would," Sansa gave him a soft smile, "I love you you silly man, even with all your defects and I would be terribly sad if you die, so don't."

Sandor took a hand to his head and scratched it, looking away from Sansa, his good cheek displaying a slight reddish tint, "Ah, I'd miss you too, Little Bird, but love?"

"Yes, love," Sansa's voice was firm, "one day you might even love me back."

Chapter Text

Sansa winced at the sound of a slammed door and some angry steps and then, another door slam, Arya had lost then.

Sansa knew how excited Arya had been for this tournament, because if things had gone well, Arya might have been in a good position for a place in the Olympic fencing team; but judging by Arya's anger, things had gone south, well, there's one thing she could do.

Sansa began making Arya's favorite pancakes, apple pie ones, her sister needed a pick-me-up and if she couldn't console her properly, at least she could feed her some of her favorite foods; once she had a good stack, she took four of them and went to Arya's room.

Sansa opened the door quietly, watching her sister's figure face down on her bed, "Arya, I got you pancakes - your favorites, I'm going to leave them in your night table."

“My life has fallen to pieces but these pancakes have always been here for me," Arya's voice reached her before she walked out.

"I love you too Arya," Her voice was soft as she closed the door behind her.

Chapter Text

Cassian regreted offering his help.

Jyn's mother's birthday was coming up and Jyn had thrown herself into a frenzy of party planning, and he, quite foolishly had offered a helping hand.

Jyn had been grateful and set him to work almost as soon as the words left his mouth, sending him to buy drinks (both alcoholic and not), fetch party decor, help with the snacks and of course, help with the cupcakes.

He was many things, but a man who could frost a cupcake was not one of them, the cupcakes he frosted, in his opinion, looked wonky and unappealing, "Jyn, listen, maybe this is not the task for me..."

"Cassian, frost the damn cupcakes," Jyn's voice left no room for arguments.

He sighed and took another cupcake and started frosting.

Chapter Text

There were many things that he loved about Diana, she was outspoken and absolutely fearless, always ready to defend those who needed it and, as a result, Diana had quite the fanclub; not that he minded, he thought it was awesome.

The fact that Diana had agreed to go out on a date with him, well, he thought the luckiest guy in the world.

They had watched a movie and now, they were having burgers and fries; the only thing is that Diana had finished her fries and was now eyeing his, "Uh, Diana, do you want the fries?" He could be a gentleman and give them to her if she wanted them.

Diana gave him a wicked smile, "Sharing is caring, yes if you don't mind, I'd love more fries."

He pushed the fries her way, "Enjoy, didn't think you'd fries this much."

"Oh, I love them," Diana's face lit up, "Thank you Steve."

Chapter Text

Sansa's head hurt, Arya had been playing metal music since arriving from the fencing tournament, which told Sansa that something had not gone right; taking a deep breath, Sansa opened her sister's door and found Arya sitting cross legged on her bed and the music was even higher.

"Arya, what are you doing?"

“I’m trying to achieve inner peace through metal music,” Arya didn't open her eyes, "we lost, so I'm trying to be calm and peaceful."

"Want me to make you a cake?"

Arya opened one eye and looked at her sister, "You're the best."

"I love you too."

Chapter Text

He was sure he was seeing things, no, there was no way Jyn's shoes had floated and went straight to her closet.

“Did your shoes just pick themselves up and put themselves into the closet?” He asked the moment he found his voice.

"Told you there was something in my room." Jyn answered.

He took a deep breath, looked at Jyn's closet and sighed, "Pack a bag, you're staying with me; I'm not leaving you alone with..." he waved at the closet, "that."

Jyn smirked, "Thank you Mr There's-Nothing-In-Your-House, how generous of you; give me half an hour."

He looked at the closet again, "I'll help you, the faster we're out of here, the better."

Chapter Text

"So, once upon a time there was this very handsome vampire and this super smart werewolf that accidentally met in the forest..."

"Mom, I know how you and dad met," Jon sighed, "You've told me a thousand times."

"He's got you there Lya," Arthur's voice was playful, "besides, my favorite part of our tale is that you mistook me for your brother."

Lyanna huffed, “On my defense, you were wearing a hood; also you both are no fun at all.”

Jon and Arthur shared a look, "We love you," both said at the same time.

Lyanna beamed at them, "And I love my boys."

Chapter Text

'Oh this is bad, this is really bad, a Princess should not fall in love with a lowly knight and yet here I am,’ Sansa thought.

Sansa had met Sir Sandor Clegane in the tournament her father had thrown in celebration of her older brother's marriage; she could not quite explain it, but an attraction to Sir Clegane bloomed that day.

Sansa knelt before the altar, praying for help, for guidance and so into her prayers she was, that she did not notice the silent figure at the entrance.

"My Princess Sansa," Sandor's voice broke her concentration, "Perhaps one day I'll ask forgiveness, but I must speak my mind honestly; you are the fairest lady I have ever met, so noble and kind and it hurts that you bestow your attention on someone as lowly as me, so I must leave, for our sakes."

Sansa gathered her courage and spoke, "If you must leave, then at least I beg of you that you take this," she removed a thin bracelet, "so you can remember me by."

Sandor nodded solemn and took the gift, and at that moment, Sansa understood, he loved her too.

Chapter Text

"...and that's how I found out my now ex-boyfriend was dating my so-called best friend AND that he is the product of incest AND that he was actually involved in casting a spell that killed my dad."

Sandor silently watched the woman in front of him, she was so beautiful and deserved better than what asshole had done to her, so he turned around and went to where he kept the poisons, he picked one of each and then presented them to her, "That sucks, here, have any poison you want, free of charge.”

She blushed prettily, "Oh thank you, but I don't think I have it in me to kill him outright, at least not with a traceable poison, but thank you, it's very kind of you."

Sandor nodded, "Wait here then," he left again and went to the back of the store where he kept the rarer things, then returned with a small purple vial, "Here, this poison is truly rare, it will mimic a heart attack, leave no trace; it's free, you don't deserve what that bloody bastard did to you."

She smiled at him, "Thank you, it's very generous of you; I think I will keep coming here for when I need stuff and recommend your store to my coven, thank you," she picked the vial and the quartz she was planning to buy, "I am paying for the quartz and I won't take a no for an answer," she handed him the bills, "thank you again Sandor," she walked out the door.

It was only then that Sandor realized that amongst the bills, there was a card with her name, phone number and a little note that read: "Call me."

Chapter Text

“Your smile makes me really happy,” Rickard's voice broke the silence.

Rhaella turned sharply to glace at her betrothed, this was completely out of the ordinary, usually Rickard was a reserved man who spoke little, if always kindly to her, "Oh, thank you my Lord, it gladdens me that it does."

"Rickard, Rhaella, my name is Rickard; it would make me happy that you would use it, we are to wed and it would please me if you would think of me of someone you could trust."

Rhaella blush, "I trust you my - Rickard, I do; but all my life have I been told and taught to mind my manners."

He snorted, "Well, when we are alone, you need not stand on ceremony with me, I am simply Rickard," he looked in her eyes, "I might not be able to give you a tangible crown, but mayhaps I might give you freedom and happiness."

Rhaella smiled gently at him, "I might not be Queen of the Seven Kingdom, but I'd like to be Queen of your heart."

Rickard nodded, "Rhaella, you already are."

Chapter Text

Sansa had found that immortality didn't suit her; she had lost so many people in her lifetime that for her, heartbreak was constant and now, that she had found someone she loved and wanted to spend her life with him, she knew that she will eventually loose him too.

Sansa looked at Sandor, and said, "You're going to leave, I am not strong enough to do this."

"You’re not going to lose me,” Sandor says “Never, I won’t leave you.”

"Everyone leaves, everyone dies at the end and I remain alone."

"You won't loose me little bird, I'm always going to be here - in a thousand lifetimes, I'll be here," Sandor's voice was firm, "You know why? Because I am immortal too."

Sansa's eyes widened.

Chapter Text

Sansa finds Aegon in the gardens, the flowers are blooming and the sun is shinning, but she still feels strange around him; he's not a terrible man, and he could be someone she could love, but she is still weary.

He is sitting on the grass, a basket at his side, talking to one of the guards that always follow him, stops when he hears her approach and like the Prince he is, rises and gives her a bow, "My Lady Stark, glad that you would join me."

Sansa bows to him in response, "I thank you for your kind invitation My Prince."

He smiles at her, his eyes sparkle, "I'm glad you came, the weather is nice and thought a pick-nick would be nice, also, I - I made you this."

Sansa stares at the flower crown in his hands, the flowers are a little crooked, but his eyes are gentle, she smiles, "No one has ever made me a flower crown before, thank you my Prince."

Aegon beams at her and approaches her and gently places the crown on her head; and Sansa thinks that maybe, just maybe, he would one day love her.

Chapter Text

She had found that she liked the North and Winterfell, ever since arriving she had been slowly making a home of this strange land and people, but she could not complain.

The people were kind to her, Lord and Lady Stark treated her like a daughter, and she could not find anything against Rickard.

He was not a talkative man, but he was thoughtful, he listened to her and asked questions about her, he was going out of his way to get to know her, Rhaella, not Princess Rhaella and in turn, he let her know him too.

He was often prone to take her places, he would talk about them and his people - something that she found lovely, Rickard knew the people at Winterfell and they knew him too.

Today, he was taking her for a ride in the Wolfswood, a small party accompanied them, talking quietly amongst themselves, but often Rickard would point at things and tell her a story or two and she liked that.

And as they rode together, she took the time to look at Rickard and smile, she might not be a queen one day, but she had gained something greater, her freedom.

Chapter Text

Sansa opened the door to the home she shared with Sandor and immediately hear the sounds of a puppy, curious, she walked towards the sound and found Sandor sitting on the kitchen floor holding a small black puppy.

“You got a puppy?”

Sandor turned to look at Sansa, a slight apologetic look on his face, "Yeah, sorry Little Bird, I should have told you first, but... he looked so alone."

Sansa smiled, "That's fine, he's very cute," she sat next to him and started petting the puppy, "what's his or her name?"

"It's Stranger, and it's a he; you sure you're alright with the dog Little Bird?"

"Yeah Sandor, it's fine," she took the puppy in her arms and gave it a kiss on its head, "welcome home Stranger."

Chapter Text

Rey arrived home tired, she had spent her day at work busy, when a problem seemed to have been resolved, another popped up and she was just exhausted, just wanted to eat something and go to bed, thankfully, it was the weekend, so when she arrived home, she blinked, the living room was transformed.

"Poe? I'm home and just about what did you do?"

Poe came from the kitchen, a smile on his face, "Do you like the fort? I made you one since I knew you always wanted one, go in, look!"

Rey did, she took a look inside of sheet fort that Poe had made, there were pillows and blankets and books and soft fairy lights, she was delighted, it was a childhood fantasy come true.

"Poe this is fantastic, I want to stay here for ever!"

Poe laughed, "Well, I don't know forever, but you definitely can all the weekend!"

Chapter Text

When Cassian got Jyn's message, he knew he wasn't going to go home, after all, how could he when it read 'I'm going to kill my father's boss'?

He knew that Jyn hated Orson Krennic, she always had, since he had left a less than stellar impression on Jyn when she was nine.

So, texted back, 'You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?'

Jyn's response was quick, 'Your house or mine?'

'Yours, I'm bringing everything, see you soon dear, just relax.'

'I knew I loved you for a reason Andor'

Chapter Text

He loved Jyn, he really did, she was an amazing woman who could keep up with him, who did not mind his checkered past and did not judge him harshly for the life he used to live; he supposed it was because her own upbringing had been less than stellar, be as it may, he loved her and she in turn him, but some days, like today, it took all his patience not to snap at her.

He stood still, trying to calm himself down and praying that she would let him go soon.

“You’re so cute, just so cute, absolutely adorable” she cupped his face in her hands and squeezed his cheeks, “You must be protected at all costs.”

He sighed, “Jyn, I’m a trained assassin.”

“I don’t care, you still need to be loved and protected.”

He looked at her, he knew she could be playful some day when the mood struck, so he let it go and did the only thing that seemed reasonable, he kissed her.

Chapter Text

“I am glad that my Lord Grandfather found that scroll,” the words left her mouth suddenly, breaking the quiet calm of their stroll in the gardens, “I was so afraid that I would be made to marry Aerys, he is cruel and mean and I did not want to be his wife.”

Rickard looked at Rhaella and said nothing, waiting to see if she had something else to say; but when nothing came, he asked, “Is he truly that terrible, that he could not love you even as just a sister and treat you well?”

“No,” Her voice was quiet, barely above a whisper, “He desires Lady Joanna Lannister, but he cannot have her, I was a consolation prize, one he did not want.”

Rickard took her hand in his and squeezed gently, “Well then my Lady, I am glad that you are free of him, and I hope I won’t disappoint you as a husband.”

“You are not cruel nor mean, you listen to my silly talk, you treat me with kindness and… you have no mistress, and unless you suddenly turn into my brother, then, I’m sure at least we could be friends.”

Rickard was not an overly emotional man, but in that moment, he felt the need to comfort Rhaella, so he kissed her hand gently and said, “Aye, that I can promise you, you won’t know any mistreatment from me; we’ll build a life together, stone by stone and hopefully, love will grow.”

Chapter Text

Rey was excited to get home, Poe had sent her a message earlier in the day that simply read: ‘I have a surprise for you’, and she was looking forward whatever Poe had in store for her, he was usually so good at surprises that she couldn’t wait.

Poe was waiting for her when she got home, sitting on the sofa with a small ball of fur in his arms, bright smile on his face, “Surprise!”

Rey smiled and made her way towards her boyfriend and the puppy, “You got a puppy?”

“Correction, I got us a puppy; I know we hadn’t fully decided yet, but well, I thought we should do it, you said that you always wanted a dog and now here he is,” he placed the puppy in her arms, “Rey, meet Beebee the corgi.”

Rey took the puppy in her arms, eyes sparking with joy, “He’s adorable, thank you love!”

“You are welcome sweetheart.”

Chapter Text

Ned loved his kids, he really did; they were his joy, much like Catelyn was and, nothing had made him happier than having them, but there were days were he often wondered how it would have been with just three kids, today was one of those days; he was sick and wanted to rest, but with five kids under 16 it was nearly impossible.

He was still in bed, when Catelyn walked into the room, a tray with food on her hands, “Ned, darling, you need to eat.”

No sooner that she had said so, when a loud crash was heard from somewhere in the house, then followed by complete silence, Catelyn placed the tray on his lap for him to eat, “Cat, don’t take this the wrong way, but why did we have to have kids?”

She snorted, “Because we were young, foolish and felt invincible; now eat, I’ll see what happened with that crash.”

“You are a Saint Catelyn Stark and I love you.”

“I love you too,” she stood at the door, giving him a tender look, “now rest, I’ll wrangle our kids.”

Chapter Text

Poe knew he loved Rey, he wasn’t a fool; he knew that he had fallen in love little by little with this brave woman, someone who had endured hardships all her life and yet was still kind, brave and noble, someone who had refused to give up, who had the spirit of the fiercest warrior with the most loving heart of anyone he’d ever known.

He knew he had to tell her, even if he was afraid, she was someone worth fighting for, so he took a deep breath and said, “Your smile makes me really happy.”

Rey looked up from the book she was reading, fixing Poe with a searching look, “Why?”

“Because you are the most wonderful woman I have ever met, and your smile reminds me that no matter what we endure, we can carry on,” he took a deep breath, “and I love you.”

Rey blushed and looked away, but looked back when she felt Poe’s hand close to hers, his palm turn upwards, gentle smile on his face, she took a deep breath and placed her hand in his, “I love you too,” she whispered.

Poe beamed at her.

Chapter Text

Sansa was rudely awoken by the phone ringing, she groaned, extended her hand and felt around until she got it; much to her surprise, it was Sandor calling, which was strange, he rarely called her so late, unless it was an emergency, so bracing herself for the worst, she answered the call, “Hello?”

“Uh, hi Little Bird, sorry to wake you, but, there’s been a little bit of a problem with the potion that you helped me create last week.”

Sansa sighed, “Your dog ate the fire breathing potion, didn’t they?”

The awkward silence was broken by a quiet, “Yes, could you come over and help me out before he sets the house on fire?”

Sansa loved her boyfriend, she really did, but there were times when she wondered why; tonight was one of those times, Sandor was new to the world of magic and still very untrained, so she had taken upon herself to teach him, to guide him and so, she simply sighed and said, “I’m on my way.”

“Thank you Little Bird.”

Chapter Text

“Mierda!” The word left his lips as soon as he felt the cut.

Jyn looked up from her book to see Cassian sucking on his finger, glaring at the book in his lap as if it had personally offended him; she sighed, so much for a quiet night of reading, she stood and went to their bathroom.

She came back and gave Cassian the band-aid.

He just stared at it, “Jyn, I am a trained assassin, stop giving me band-aids for my paper cuts!”

“You might be an assassin, but you can be quite the idiot, and a stubborn idiot at that; put the band-aid on.”

Cassian glared at Jyn, she simply stared back and arched her eyebrow; he sighed in defeat, “Yes dear.”

Chapter Text

Cassian hated to get sick, he wasn’t someone who would complain easily; if he felt sick, he dealt with it and carried on.

But this time? It seemed like it was some sort of flu from hell - even Kay had decided that minimum interaction would be best, he only came into the room to give him food and that was it, and to make matters worst, he missed Jyn.

His girlfriend had been busy, but she had checked on him on some occasions when her work allowed it, but he missed her; suddenly there was knock on the door.

When the door opened, it was Jyn, who had a tray in her hands, “I made you some soup because you’re sick and I care for you but please don’t breathe on me,” she said as she placed the tray in his lap.

Cassian smiled for the first time since he had gotten sick, “Gracias Amor, you should leave so you don’t get what I have.”

Jyn just looked at him for a few moments and nodded, she did not kissed him, simply gave him a warm smile and made for the door, “Love you sicko.”

Chapter Text

“I’m a Princess and you’re not a Prince, and I have fallen for you, so let’s runaway together.”

Sandor’s heart sped up at the Princess’ declaration, eyes widening and for once, he could not think of a single retort to say; he loved her too, but he could not ask her to give everything she had for him, he didn’t deserve it.

Sansa reached out to him, gently placing her hand on his arm, when he didn’t removed it, she smiled at him, “I know this might be sudden and in a way, brazen, but I do love you - even when you have tried to keep me away, I know you love me too.”

Finally, he found his voice, “I do, but I cannot ask you to give all for me.”

“I would rather live a simple life with someone I love than a lifetime of riches with someone I abhor; Lord Joffrey might be a perfect match, but, I will never want him - I want you and nothing more, say the word and I will follow you.”

He was shaking, he loved her too much to deny her, “I will make preparations, be ready in a week and we will leave.”

Chapter Text

The silence was heavy, Rickard could hear his heart in his ears, loud and heavy, full of worry, “…well?”

In front of him, Rhaella sighed, So am I supposed to be worried that you’re a werewolf? Rickard, I know.”

His surprised showed in his face, “Since when? I’ve been trying to be careful, didn’t want to scare you.”

“You always got sick around the full moon, your voice would get lower, you would get crankier - it wasn’t hard to figure it out; I’m a good witch myself, you know?”

“That you are, are you sure you don’t mind all of this?”

Rhaella gave him a stern look, then kissed his nose, “No, I love you silly, wolf of not, you’re still my Rickard.”

Chapter Text

“Why are you recreating the lion king with my cat?” Rey’s voice broke the moment.

Poe gave her a cheeky grin, “Because I could hardly do that with our dog, the cat was the only choice.”

“Yes, I can see that,” Rey was holding back laughter, “but why?”

Poe shrugged, “I was bored, so why not just have some fun, the cat didn’t mind.”

Rey snorted, “One of these days, she’ll probably scratch you.”

Poe gave her a quick kiss to her cheek, “She won’t,” he winked at Rey, “much like her owner, she loves me.”

Chapter Text

Steve liked to watch Diana, specially in those moments when she was enraptured by something else, her face would be soft and warm and would always have a gentle smile tugging at her lips, today, were in bed, watching a comedy and Diana’s laugh flowed freely, he loved that.

“Your smile makes me really happy.”

Diana stilled, surprised she turned to look at Steve, her surprise written on her face, “Oh?”

“Yeah, I really like seeing you smile, you shine so bright when you do, I fall in love with you more.”

Diana gave him a quick peck on the lips, “You’re such a romantic, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Sansa stared at her sister, trying to gauge Arya’s reaction was hard, after all, Arya had gotten so much better at masking her emotions.

In the end, Arya simply sighed and hugged her,  “I’m not saying you should stab Joffrey, but, dude, I mean, you should.”

Sansa rested her head on her sister’s shoulder, “Yeah, I know, he’s awful.”

“You know, I’d always help you hide a body right?”

Sansa snorted, “I know you would and I love you for it.”

“What are sisters for, if not to get rid of terrible men who wrong them?”

Chapter Text

“You could always punch the pillow if you are so angry, you’ll feel better you know?”

“The flames of my wrath cannot be vanquished through punching a pillow.”

“You Targaryens are quite something, why am I dating you again?”

“Because I am the most amazing woman you have ever met, even if I have  a bit of a temper.”

“Dany… I don’t know what worries me more: Your anger or ego,” Sansa gave her once over look, “but serves me right for falling in love with you.”

“Sansa, my dear, darling-est love, you should know by now it should be both,” Daenerys winked at Sansa, “But I love you, so I’ll let it go.”

Chapter Text

“…and that bastard had the gall -the fucking gall! - of saying that my dad only has the job he does now because of him!”

Cassian was stirring the pot with a smile on his face listening to his wife rant, “You know that’s not true Jyn, your father is a talented engineer, he doesn’t need Krennic’s help, calm down, you know, for someone so small, you certainly pack a lot of anger.”

Jyn huffed, “Well you know me, I’m short and angry; but seriously fuck Krennic.”

Cassian took a spoon and tasted the food, smiling to himself and then turning to Jyn, “Ah, you are one angry woman, but amor, wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.”

“You better, we’re married,” Jyn gave him a small smile, “and you’re super corny.”

Cassian winked at her, “Well you love me!”

Chapter Text

“But, my Lady you cannot be serious! That man is…”

“Enough,” Sansa rose from her chair, chin up and proud, “That man as you call him, is the only one I would have as husband, the only one I trust to be honest with me, the one I know has no desire to take Winterfell away from me, who is willing to take the Stark name and does not complain that our children will not bear his.”

“But… Clegane of all people? Surely my Lady, there are sons of the North who would do, even in the Riverlands or the Vale instead of him.”

Sansa glared, “And all those noble sons of the North forgot me; you all might as well have given me for dead when I was dragged to a sept to wed Tyrion Lannister, and you cannot deny it, my own brother disinherited me and the only reason why I hold Winterfell now, is because of my siblings support.”

Silence and some shame greeted her statement, “So yes, I will marry Sandor Clegane and he will be Sandor Stark, my brothers and sister approve, all I did is give you all a courtesy warning.”

Once the men had left, Arya spoke, “You know, didn’t think you’d had it in you - well done.”

Chapter Text

She stood in front of the statue of her father, quietly trying to hold back tears.

“Father, are you proud of me?” Her voice was barely a whisper, “I miss you and mother and Robb so much, I need you. I just want you to be proud of me, I’m trying to rule as you would have done, but it’s hard and I just feel so lost.”

Tears came unbidden, “We survived, but at what price? Most of it is lost, nothing will ever be the same and I’m afraid to fail. I cannot afford to let anyone down, but I wish I had your council, or mother’s or maester Luwin, but you are all gone.”

She wiped her tears away and squared her shoulders, “But I promise you, as you said to Arya, the pack survives, and we will, I will look after all of them, I swear and nothing will tear House Stark asunder ever again.”

Chapter Text

They survive by the skin of their teeth, all is a blur around them as they are shuffled to the med center, they sleep there, exhaustion taking its toll, they loose their battle to sleep.

It is until a few days later, once they are safe in Yavin when reality hits and the nightmares start, Jyn does her best to ignore them, to keep going, but at some point, she has to admit to herself that she is afraid.

So, she knocks on Cassian’s door, he opens, looking hunted himself, and she asks, “I can’t sleep, can I stay here?”

Cassian nods and steps aside to let her in, gently shoves her to his cot and lays next to her, holding her close to him, “Sleep Jyn, I got you, I won’t let go.”

“Do you promise? You’ll keep the nightmares away?”

“I promise, and I’ll try, now rest, we need sleep.”

Chapter Text

“I think I’m in love with you,” Sansa’s voice broke the silence.

He looked up to see her, she was sitting near the fire, embroidery at her lap and she wasn’t looking at him, he blinked and took a deep calming breath, “My Lady, you don’t have to say it if you don’t mean it or say it out of obligation.”

“I know that, but I think I do,” Sansa looked up, “For many years I thought that no one would love me for me, that they would only want Winterfell - but you? You gave me freedom, you gave me time and care and asked for nothing, and I love you for it.”

He stood up, only to come and kneel next to her, taking one of her hands in his, “You have suffered too much my Lady, how could I ask anything of you? I hoped, but would have been content with your happiness, even if it wasn’t by my side.”

“You are too kind,” Sansa smiled at him, “My sister speaks kindly of you, of the short time you both spent together during the war, and through the years you have proven yourself a good man, I’d be honored to be Lady Dayne, if you’d have me.”

“Aye, I would have you and no other, and I swear on my life that I will strive to never make you regret your decision,” he took her hand and kissed it, “And Starfall will never have such fine mistress.”

Chapter Text

Sandor took a hard look at his wife and sighed, “Why are you covered in blood again? You know how hard it is to explain to the dry cleaner why all your clothes are bloody all the time!”

Sansa gave him a sheepish look, “Listen darling, I’m a hunter and you know that sometimes it involves blood, but maybe we could, ah, soak them?”

Sandor narrowed his eyes, “And hope for a miracle? Listen Little Bird, I knew what I was getting into, but you have to be more careful.”

“I know but,” Sansa deflated, “it’s hard, I had to rescue a girl today -she’s fine- and my job can be a nightmare, hug me?”

“I love you, but I’m not going to touch you until you change clothes,” Sandor growled, “And take a shower, you reek.”

Sansa laughed, “Aren't you the best?”

Chapter Text

“What the hell is going on?” Arya stood at the door of her sister’s bedroom, wide eyed looking around, Sansa was sitting crossed legged in her bed, candles had been lit, some music she didn’t understood was playing and there were crystals all over the place.

Sansa opened one eye, “Fix your aura before you get in, I will not accept any sort of negativity in my room today.”

“Uh… ok, listen, just wanted you to know that I’m going with some friends to the movies, want me to bring dinner after?”

“Sure, whatever you want, thank you Arya.”

“Bye,” then whispered, “weirdo.”

From behind the door, Sansa’s voice called out, “I heard that!”

Chapter Text

Rey was cold and she was very unhappy about it, she was a girl from a hot climate and she was very ill prepared for the snow and cold; the vacation that Poe had planned was lovely, but she was just regretting it.

She stood in the kitchen finishing her second mug of cocoa, while Poe was reading on the sofa, their puppy, BeeBee at his feet; she drank the last bit of her cocoa and since she was still cold, she went to Poe.

“Need you to cuddle me, I’m too cold.”

Poe looked up from his book, “How very romantic Rey, demanding affection,” his voice was full of laughter.

“It’s not about romance right now, I’m cold, hold me Flyboy,” she said as she sat down next to him and gave him a tiny smile as he put his book down and opened his arms, she laid with him.

“I love you Desert Girl,” he said as he covered them both with a throw and he smiled as he felt Rey tuck herself under his chin.

Chapter Text

The tent is silent and Harry feels it like a heavy blanket on his shoulders. He wants to cry, rage and scream, but he can't, Hermione is finally sleeping and she doesn't deserve being woken up by angry screams.

So he swallows his feelings and just lays there, mind replying the moment Ron left over and over again; closing his eyes is useless, he would see the images on his brain and feels his heart break.

"Harry?" Hermione's voice breaks his thoughts, "Are you awake?"

"Yeah, I am, I thought you were asleep," he answers, fighting with the impulse to speak, "You could have gone with Ron, you know? Wouldn't blame you."

Hermione approaches the bed he is in and sits down, "I'm still here because I believe you can do it, I wasn't going to give up on you and I can help you."

He is silent for a moment and then scoots over, making room for her to lay down should she wish to, in the end she does and he tosses an arm around her for comfort and whispers, "Thank you."

Chapter Text

Poe loved to cook, it was something he had started when he was a child and his mother would have him help her, it was something he enjoyed doing for his friends and family as he grew older.

Now, he was prepping the food for his dinner date with Rey, he wanted to make something special, the foods of his childhood and share with her something he once did with his mother.

The hilachas and papusas were almost done when the door bell rang, and Beebee's excited barks reached him and he knew that Rey was there, so he washed his hands and opened the door with an easy smile.

She had brought wine with her and he took it from her hands while she sat down on the sofa while he finished the meal, once it was done, he called her.

"It's too late," her voice came from his living room, "I'm too comfortable in your sofa, I'm not getting up."

He blinked surprised and went to get her, and much to his surprise he found her laying there with Beebee on her stomach, he laughed and knew that he would never grow tired of this woman, "C'mon Desert Girl, food will get cold."

Chapter Text

She finds the North to be cold, barren and miserable and she hates it.

It was a bitter wine to swallow, the fact the she would not be queen, it would not be hers or her blood on the Iron Throne after all, her father had failed her twice and now this.

Now she is here, alone and separated to the life she was used to, married to a stranger that wasn't particularly handsome nor a King.

But even she could - grudgingly mind - admit that he was kind, he treated her with respect, and the more time she spent with him, she could see, plain as day that it was not because she was a Lannister, but because she was his wife.

He would never yell, he would never forced her to do anything she did not want, gave her a freedom she had never known, asked for her council - which had surprised and delighted her immensely.

And now, she stood in front of him, watching him as he took in the news she had delivered, watched as his usually grim face grow warm with a smile, and he held her, almost afraid of hurting her and the babe she carried, and as he whispered a thank you, she thought that maybe, this marriage would not be so bad.

Chapter Text

Alayne should not have those dreams.

Alayne should dream of nothing but warmth and comfort, instead, she dreams of a red castle, of an angry and violent lion, of a cruel lioness, of a family she should not know dying.

She dreams of a family she shouldn't have, she dreams of a man - harsh, sometimes cruel, unforgiving but who kept her safe as no one else did.

She dreams of him very often, she could blame Randa of course, the her tales of her escapades should be enough to spark any imagination. But the kisses always feel real.

The mouth that presses against hers is harsh, she can feel the smooth scarring on a part of it, the hard press of want, the itching curiosity of what comes next.

Alayne may go to bed and dream, but is is Sansa who wakes with his name on her lips.

Chapter Text

He stared at the ceiling, completely engulfed in silence and darkness.

He hated that, but then again, he hated a lot of things, his time in among the brothers in the Isle has tempered some anger, but not all. Some of it is still there, dark and raw.

Some nights he can't sleep, he conscience will not let him, he dreams of a lonely and scared girl trapped amongst enemies, away from any sort of comfort and he wonders where she is.

"Little Bird, sometimes I worry about you so much, it keeps me awake at night," He whispers.

But silence doesn't answer, so he closes his eyes and tries to recall the memory of a hand on his cheek and tries to sleep.

Chapter Text

Jyn stared down at the man in front of her, Cassian was a sight to behold, he looked bone tired and there were what she assumed were blood splatters in his blue sweater.

She sighed, she deserves this she knows; working at an intelligence agency as mostly a spy, Jyn knew full well the perils of the job. But Cassian was one of the best men the agency had and thus, some - well, not pleasant things fell on his lap.

“Blood is starting to become an accessory for you at this point,” She spoke quietly, "I know you're tired, go take a bath and I'll make you some tea, you need rest and I'll take care of the clothes."

"Thank you Jyn, I owe you."

"You do, but I love you anyway."

Chapter Text

Arya is - rudely - woken up at four in the morning by her phone, she reaches for it to see who dared wake her up, much to her surprise, it’s Sansa; that alone makes her take the call, Sansa never calls at this hour, Sansa is never awake at this hour.

“Someone better be dying,” she growls.

“Arya, Arya… I need your help,” her sister’s voice sounds panicked, “Arya… I killed Joffrey - I don’t know what to do and I’m scared, Arya please, I need you.”

Arya sits up, all traces of sleep gone at her sister’s pleading, “I’m on my way, hold on, ok?”

“Thank you,” her sister says, more than a little choked up, “I’m so scared, he was so angry and I lost it… and now, he’s dead.”

“Sansa, take a deep breath, I’ll be there soon and we’ll take care of it, I promise; no one will ever know, I have your back, don’t be afraid, I’m coming.”

Chapter Text

Arya finds her sister pacing in her living room, she looks pale, sickly and downright terrified.

Once the door is closed behind them, Sansa launches herself at her sister’s arms and weeps, Arya holds her, completely lost for words - usually Sansa’s the one with words of comfort, but she holds her sister in her arms, lets her weep and hear her story.

By the end of Sansa’s story, she’s filled with fury; she had never liked Joffrey, but now, she’s glad he’s dead, she’s glad that the bastard will never hurt her sister again.

“It’s ok Sansa, I’ve got you,” Arya says firmly, “I’m here and he will never hurt you again, you’re free of him and no one will ever find out, I swear.”

“Thank you,” her sister’s broken voice hurts, Sansa doesn’t deserve this.

“Ok now, listen to me, this is what we’re doing…”

Chapter Text

He found her in their bedroom, munching on popcorn and avidly watching the television, she didn’t pay him any mind when he entered and closed the door behind him.

“You scare me when you watch those cop shows. You could kill me and no one would ever notice.”

She threw him a glare, “Don’t be ridiculous, I wouldn’t kill you.”

“That didn’t install much confidence Cersei, besides, what if I make you so angry enough to kill me? Wouldn’t it teach me to fear the wrath of a Lioness of the Rock?”

Her eyes narrowed and her lips were formed into a thin line, then, out of the blues she snorted, “No.”

Chapter Text

Rey knew that dating someone in the military would always come with its downside. No one could have prepared her for the worry, the long distance and solitude, she could handle; but the constant worrying of if he would come home safe could drive her crazy.

So, once Poe returned home and they were laying together in bed, she spoke, “Sometimes I worried so much I couldn’t sleep, I wanted you home safe - I’m selfish I know.”

Poe gave her a gentle kiss to her forehead, “You are not selfish, I wanted to come home too, you know? I missed you so much, but you were my strength, you kept me going.”

“You’re so brave, I love you,” she burrowed in his chest, “Promise me you’ll always come home.”

Poe was silent for a moment, then squeezed her in his arms, “Listen to me Desert Girl, I am a Dameron, I’ll always come home to you.”

“Thank you,” her voice was muffled by his chest, “You’re the best pilot, I have no doubt you’ll keep your word.”

Chapter Text

The fog is thick and she can’t see where she is going, the sun’s light is poor, barely noticeable and the only thing it does is to give the fog a pale grey shade, she’s been wondering for what it feels hours and she is starting to feel scared and suddenly, a voice whispers, “Come child, come, do not be afraid, he is waiting.”

A shiver goes down her spine, “Who are you?”

“Little Bird?!” A voice cries out, “Little Bird, is that you?! Where are you?!”

“Ser! Thank the Gods, I am here,” she runs, looking in every direction she can, looking for him, “Sandor where are you? I am scared.”

Out of nowhere, a pair of arms catches her, she’s about to scream when she sees it’s him, “You are safe Little Bird,” his voice is raspy, “I will keep you safe now.”

Relief comes in strong waves, she believes him, she knows he will keep to his word, so she simply allows herself to be held and whispers, “I know, thank you.”

Chapter Text

“Jyn… Jyn, babe, please talk to me. Dearest, it was only Mario Kart, don’t give me the silent treatment!”

Jyn glared at Cassian for a few moments and growled at him, “You threw a shell at me and I ended in 5th place Andor - you’re sleeping on the couch.”

“The couch?! For a shell?! Jyn don’t be unreasonable!”

“I’m not being unreasonable, you betrayed me, you deal with the consequences Andor.”

Cassian held Jyn’s angry glare for a few moments and then looked down and a sigh full of resignation escaped him, Jyn could be a sore looser, better leave he be and wait until she calmed down on her own, “Fine.”

Chapter Text

Once upon a time, Sansa had a conscience, she really did, once upon a time, she would weep whenever she needed to feed and only drank the bare minimum.

But age and life had taught her that not everyone deserved that mercy, she had grown too wise to know that some people were better off dead, so, she searched for years on end for the elders of her kin, for those who could teach her to use her powers well.

She became a hunter of the human kind of monsters, that’s how she met Sandor; that’s how she fell for him, such a curious thing, that a vampire would fall for a vampire hunter, for one terrible moment she thought of putting him under a thrall.

He could follow her, she could make do so, but something stopped her. Such a funny thing, she who fed on those who hurt others, who killed without hesitation, who had in some instances put men under her thrall to do her bidding, found herself hesitating.

But Sandor was lonely and so was she, and some sliver of the human she once was make itself known and begged - not him, let him know you, let him care for you, let him love you.

So, she stood from the booth were she was hidden, walked towards the bar and sat down next to him and said, “Hi.”

Chapter Text

It's almost a strange thing, how the years that follow the war only seems to bring them closer together.

There is so much that Harry wishes he could say, but he knows he is not eloquent enough to do so, sometimes, when they hug each other goodbye, he wishes to hold her there in his arms forever.

It is during one winter night at Grimmauld's that he finally gathers his courage to do something, he reaches for her hand, never taking his eyes of the fire and says, "When I picture myself happy… It’s with you."

There's a moment of silence, and it's only broken with a simple "Oh, Harry," he feels her shift her body towards him, "I am happy with you too," her voice is barely above a whisper.

His heart races and a smile begins to form in his face, "So... I got a chance miss Granger?"

Hermione laughs, "You do mr Potter, you do."

Chapter Text

Cassian comes home from the Ministry to find the house turned upside down, he blinks, looks around and there is no place left undisturbed, he begins to panic, is Jyn safe?

"Accio!" Jyn's angry voice breaks his worry and lets out a sigh of relief, she's upstairs; so he follows her voice and continues to hear her call for something.

"What in Merlin's name are you doing Jyn Erso?"

Jyn spins around in their bedroom and snarls, "I can't find the damned cooking book I got from my mom!"

Cassian snorts, tries to suppress a laugh and fails; his smirk doesn't abate under Jyn's angry glare, "The one you loaned to Bodhi last week?" he sees realization dawn on her, his smirk grows and walks towards her and places a kiss on her forehead, "Living with you is like living with a hurricane - a cute one, but still a hurricane."

"Fuck off Andor."

Chapter Text

Sansa raced to the door at the frantic knocking on it, on the other side, there was her neighbor Sandor Clegane, looking for all the world to see, frazzled, “Oh Seven Hell’s sorry, I just - well, my dog’s loose in your backyard and I know that you just moved in - Fuck me you’re cute - and hate to impose but could you help me get him.”

Sansa blinked, the man had spoken so fast she had barely understood, but once she did, she nodded and moved aside to let him in, “What’s your dog’s name?” she asked as they made their way to her backyard.

“Stranger, usually well behaved,” Sandor looked at his dog running all over her yard and whistled, calling him, “Stranger, you demon, come over here right now!”

The dog proceeded to ignore him and Sansa stiffed a laugh, “Stranger,” Sansa called him, “here boy, come on, here boy!”

The dog stopped in his tracks and walked without a care towards her, much to Sandor’s astonishment, and watched as his new neighbor petted his dog, “Traitor,” he muttered under his breath, “Ah thank you for your help, we’ll leave you now; I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“No harm done,” Sansa smiled at Sandor, “See you later Sandor, bye Stranger!”

Chapter Text

Diana looked up to the cloudy night sky, letting the cold seep into her skin, she didn’t mind it - she welcomed it.

She missed Steve, these few months after the war had been hard ones for her to adjust, everything was so strange and so very new, at first she hadn’t had the time to truly grasp the change.

But now things were calmer, quieter and she felt alone and adrift; missed Steve with all her being, she would see couples in the streets and her heart would ache and she would have to fight back tears.

She kept her eyes on the sky and spoke, her voice firm and resolute, “Steve, I might not be able to see the stars right now, but I know that they are there - and so are you. I know we will see each other again, you’ll come back, I know and until then, remember that I love you - always.”

She closed her eyes for a moment and breathed the cold air, she opened them again and prepared to descend back into Etta’s house, but she felt lighter than how she had felt a few moments ago and hope perched itself on her heart. 

Chapter Text

They had met only once, as children since their parents moved in the same social circles, it was impossible not to, two families as old as theirs with wealth, they had to.

She was standing with her friends, Loreza Martell and Joanna Lannister when she saw him stride in the room, he made for a handsome man, tall and stern, but with a faultless reputation and of noble bearing - their eyes locked for a moment, grey met purple and he gave her a nod of acknowledgement.

She returned his nod, looked away and continued her conversation with her friends, until a few minutes later when the sound of a cough caught her attention, it was Rickard, she spoke first, “My Lord Stark, it is a pleasure to see you again, it has been a good while.”

He bowed, “Indeed it has my Lady Targaryen, but if I might be so bold to say, I could never forget a pair of eyes as lovely as yours; and I wonder if you would honor me with a dance, perhaps?”

She blushed and said, “I would be honored to dance with you my Lord,” she took his offered hand and they made their way to the dance floor.

People were staring and she found she did not care.

Chapter Text

He blinked, lowered the paper and then took a deep breath, looked at the paper again and once it had confirmed that he had not misread, he sighed, walked towards the living room where Jyn was currently watching tv, “Jyn, why does your grocery list have ‘the souls of my enemies’ on it?”

"Because there are some people that I need to kill, and I am ready to harvest their souls.”

He simply stared at Jyn, “So, Krennic still annoying you and your dad then? Who else?”

“This bastard at work, keeps making passes at me, I’m like days away from socking him in the face, work be damned; but don’t worry, I won’t actually kill them, yet.”

“Do you promise?”

“Yeah, I promise Mr. Spoilsport.”

Chapter Text

Sandor was reading the newspaper when Sansa skipped into the kitchen, he didn’t pay her any attention, he just continued to gulp his coffee and reading.

“This is a good day for some ice cream and cookies,” Sansa singsonged, “Today’s a fantastic day for dessert for breakfast!”

“Sansa, you are not eating dessert for breakfast,” Sandor said, “You need proper food.”

“Sandor, dear, it’s Sunday, I don’t care, I’m having dessert for breakfast and you cannot stop me, but if you try, I’m warning you, you’ll be sleeping in our guest bedroom for a week.”

“…Fine, do what you want.”

“That’s what I thought!”

Chapter Text

“You know I cannot do that Sandor,” Sansa’s voice was full of grief, “I know you miss your sister, and want to talk to her, but… disturbing the peace of the dead is not something I wish to do, so please, don’t ask that of me.”

Sandor looked at his girlfriend, her eyes were sad and he wanted to be angry at her, but he found that he couldn’t, after all, he was asking an almost impossible, “I just hoped, I don’t know… when you said that you were a witch, I - I just thought that you could, I’ve seen you do incredible things,” Sandor’s voice cracked, “And I just wanted to talk to my sister one more time.”

Sansa’s hand found his, “I know my love, but, I have always felt that the dead deserve their peace; summoning someone’s soul, if only for a moment is not something I can do,” her voice dropped to an almost whisper, “And even if I could, I wouldn’t, I’m sorry, not even for you.”

Sandor looked down at their hands and sighed, “I know Little bird, I was asking too much, forgive me.”

“There is nothing to forgive,” Sansa said, “Perhaps if I told you some stories, you’d understand my reasoning, would you hear them?”

“Aye, I would,” Sandor replied, “I’d like to know whatever you can tell me, Little bird.”

Chapter Text

She looked at Cassian, who was already nearly asleep; she was jealous, going camping had been Bodhi’s idea of a ‘bonding’ experience and well, she was now laying on an air mattress that was not comfortable.

“Are you seriously going to sleep in this horrible thing? How can you?” She asked him.

“Jyn, I think you underestimate my ability to fall asleep literally anywhere, do try to sleep, it’s not that bad, we’re not on the ground, so you won’t be cold, just please, close your eyes and try to fall asleep.”

“I can’t believe I let you all convince me to come,” she try to sink into the mattress, “Bodhi owes me for this… and so do you!”

“What did I do?” Came Cassian’s sleepy voice.

“You all ganged up on me!”

“Oh, Jyn.”

Chapter Text

It will always be a mystery to her how the gods (if the are any) work; she's a queen and yet, she has people telling - no, demanding that she do certain things the way they want to with no regard towards anything other than their own goals.

“Let the Queen decide what she wants.” Such a little phrase and uttered by her now most unexpected ally, Sansa Stark.

And ever since, she found herself seeking Sansa and, as they found out, they had much in common, that they spent more time together, in the end, she had asked Sansa to extend her stay in King's Landing and help her rule, making her a royal adviser; it was a surprise that Sansa had accepted, she knew that Sansa had very little reason to enjoy the Red Keep and she was grateful to her.

But now, it was time to be more honest with herself - her dragons had seen it before she had, Drogon, had accepted Sansa's presence well enough and her other children had followed, emboldened by their brother's acceptance of the red haired lady.

Love, such a concept, such a sweet madness; and now, here she was, admitting to herself that she had fallen in love with Sansa, she laughed at the irony, her house had been thrown due to madness and love, but now, here she was, so she simply sighed and said out loud, "Rhaegar, wherever is that you are, I'm sure you're having a grand time at my expense, but do try and not laugh too much, allow me that little dignity."

Chapter Text

"Let’s move in together," Cassian's voice breaks the silence that had fallen on the door room.

Jyn blinks, raises her head from Cassian's chest and looks at him, "What brought this on?"

"We're on our last year," Cassian shurgs and continues, "and we're both lined up with jobs in the city, so why not?"

"This is not because of Kaytoo's comments right?"

"Partially, but I've been thinking about it for a while, so, what does Jyn Erso say?"

Jyn is silent for a few moments, weighing her options; in the end, she chooses to lay her head back in Cassian's chest and say, "Sounds good."

Chapter Text

"...So, you're in love with me?"

Sansa's voice broke his concentration and Sandor froze, that was NOT how he was planning to confess, he wanted to do something nice for her, seven bloody buggering hells, he wanted to do romantic for once in his life and he had failed.

"You weren’t supposed to hear that," he grumbled.

"So that's a yes?" came Sansa'a amused voice.

He did not turned, kept his back to her, unable to face her, he simply said, "yeah I do."

He felt the silence stretch and his heart constrict, he was doomed, someone like Sansa Stark would never love him back, he was about to tell her to forget it, when he felt arms wrap around his middle, his eyes widened, behind him, Sansa's voice was muffled by his back, "Good, because I love you too."

Chapter Text

She stared at the contents of the box for a full minute, she didn't scream, she didn't do anything but watch its content for a little while, then, she closed her eyes, had reached for the table and the next thing she knew, was the off voice of someone calling her name.

When she woke up, she did so in her bed with a concerned looking Robb Stark sitting next to her, she blushed and said, "What happened?"

He gave her a tentative smile, "You fainted, straight into my arms - you know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

She felt the heat in her face intensify, and prayed that Sansa had not mentioned her crush to her brother, "I'm sorry, it's just I have a terror for those things; thank you for bringing me to my room."

"Yeah, those dolls are creepy as hell, it was from Joffrey, wasn't it?" he frowned at her nod, "bastard, he was a complete nightmare when Sans dated him; but don't worry, I'll throw it out, you stay put and rest, Sans should be home soon."

"Thank you Robb," she smiled at him, "I appreciate it."

Chapter Text

To say you had a crush on your boss would have been an understatement, you had been working with Percival Graves for a few years now and you, much to your woe, had fallen in love with the man, but he had never given any indication that the feeling was mutual, so you did your best to cope with it, comforting yourself by simply being a friend.

You had been devastated when the truth about Gindewald had come out, you blamed yourself, how could you not see this? You called yourself his friend and yet... the whole affair had left a bitter taste in your mouth, and it only partially went away when the real Percival was found.

Much to your surprise, you were one of the few ones he allowed close during the time he was given to recuperate, you were thankful and did your best to try and uplift his spirits - a thing you continued to do after he returned to his post, today, you were taking him some coffee and cookies when it happened, you entered his office and gave him the tray, preparing to go back to your own work, you had a hand on the door when you heard him speak.

"I see the way they look at me when they think I’m not looking, they are wondering if I'm really me, they don't trust me - and it's hell, only few truly trust me, and you're one of them, why?"

Your heart ached for him, all your being aching to hold him and offer all the love you felt for him, to give him all the comfort you could, to tell him that everything would be fine, but you didn't, it wasn't the right time and you knew it, so you kept your back turned, blinking away the tears that formed in your eyes at the thought of his pain, "It's not your fault," you told him, "he fooled us all, much as we like to think we're good, he was better - no one thought anything was wrong; and we all can make mistakes, we can all be bested at one point or another you weren’t weak, it’s easier to blame you than to admit that no one noticed."

He was silent for a moment, then he simply said, "Thank you, Y/N, for everything."

Chapter Text

He finds Rey outside their base, sitting silently and looking up to the stars; so he just looks at her for a moment, feeling the need to offer comfort, he knows all too well what people expect of her and there is a part of him that breaks at the thought of her facing anything the First Order sends her way alone.

So he just gathers his courage and makes his way at her side, sits by her for a moment in silence and looks up to the stars; he can feel her eyes on him and after a moment, he speaks, "You're not alone, you know that Rey?"

"It feels like I am," comes her reply, "I know I am not, but it feels like - I'm the one that can use the force, I'm the one who people expect to carry Luke's torch."

He feels his heart break, because he knows it's true, looks up to the sky and throws caution to the wind, "Look," he says pointing to the stars, "I have traveled many time amongst those stars and let me tell you, it's magical but," he takes a deep steadying breath, "they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes; there's magic in you Desert Girl, and you are not alone - you have us, Finn, Rose, me and what is left of the Resistance, we got you."

Rey is silent for what it feels like an eternity, his heart beating out of his chest, hoping that he had ruined it, at the end, she simply whispers, "Thank you."

He sighs in relief, boldly throwing an arm around her, allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder and simply says, "Welcome."

Chapter Text

Sandor sighed, for the first time wondering how did it came to this, here he was, married to the love of his life - Sansa was great, really! - but today, oh today she was full of determination to test his patience, "Sansa, I don't think it is a good idea."

"Oh?" Sansa looked at him, eyebrow raised, "And why is that Sandor?"

"Because tomorrow is a full moon and you know how rowdy it can get!"

"Sandor, I'm having a rave with werewolves and there is nothing you can do to stop me."

"Sansa" Sandor gave a sigh full of resignation, "If you want to have your family over, that's fine... just please, not during the full moon; last time your family got together during a full moon your brother's house ended wrecked, how does your mother deal with it, I will never know!"

Sansa looked at him, a thoughtful look on her face, "You know what?" Sandor looked up, hopeful, "I don't care."

Chapter Text

"Hey Cass, what's the weirdest prank anyone has ever played on you?"

Cassian turned to look at his wife, who was sitting on their dinning table, while he was cooking, "Ah, that would have been Kaytoo, during college, one time wrapped everything in birthday wrapping paper when I was gone for a week."

Jyn looked bewildered for a moment before bursting in laughter, "That's not weird, that's just plain annoying!"

Cassian grinned, "Yeah, I know, but that's Kaytoo for you - never know what to expect with him, it's both refreshing and annoying."

"And that's why you're friends with him," Jyn returned Cassian's grin, "because you're far too serious for your own good."


Chapter Text

Aphrodite had what some of the rest of the Saints would call 'moments of madness', he was usually ruthless, sometimes cold, distant, haughty and yes, vain; but there were days were he was simply strange.

Many simply shrugged his behavior off as 'Aphrodite being Aphrodite', but Shaka knew himself well enough to know that he could not simply just shrug those moments, because those moments left him with questions no one could answer.

To say he was intrigued was putting it mildly, he wanted to know - to unravel the Pisces Saint was, but... he didn't dare do it, he never quite build the nerve to do so; he could not even bring himself to speak to the guardian of the twelfth temple.

Today, Aphrodite took him by surprise, he had been passing around his temple, thinking on his feet since meditation did not seemed to work today, when he felt Aphrodite's cosmo approaching and asking permission to cross his temple, he granted it.

Moments later, Aphrodite was standing in front of him, a crown of roses on his elegant hands and before he could speak, Aphrodite approached him, placed the crown on his head and said, "I have bestowed a flower crown upon thee, do not worry, those are not poisonous, good day to you Virgo."

What Aphrodite didn't know was that Shaka followed his retreating back with his eyes closed, nor he didn't see Shaka's smile as he touched the flower crown... nor the fact that he kept it on his head for the rest of his day.

Chapter Text

Sansa rushed to the door, the frantic knocking worried her; she was waiting for Aegon to show up, they were supposed to go and meet her parents today, she opened the door and felt her jaw drop.

"Uh, hey babe," a very sheepish and very blue Aegon stood outside, "Listen, I had a little accident, you see the spell was suppose to turn my hair blue, but as you can see, everything else is blue; do you think mom will notice?"

"What in the name of the Gods were you thinking?" Her voice rose several pitches.

Aegon had the decency to look ashamed, "Ah well, I wanted to experiment with a color changing spell... and as you can see it almost worked, ah, too well."

Sansa groaned, "Of all the days to do this, you pick today?"

"Yeah my timing could have been better," he tried to give her a confident smile, "Forgive me?"

Chapter Text

"You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me."

Tony's voice made you look up from the book you were reading, eyes wide in surprise you looked at your boyfriend, you had been so into your reading that you didn't even heard him come into the room, "Oh Tony, oh my darling," you put your reader down and walked towards him, grabbed his face in your hands and gave him a soft kiss, "thank you, you're pretty damn great yourself, you know?"

He gave you half a smile and placed his hands on your waist, "I mean it honeycomb, you have no idea how lucky I am to have you," he rested his forehead on yours, "hey, here's an idea, let's get married."

You blinked, "Excuse me, what? Could have sworn you just proposed!"

"I did, admittedly, I wasn't planning to do so today, hell I don't even have a ring for you, but, just seeing you there on our bed, it made me realize how much I want you there, in both my bed and my life forever... so, what do you say, would you like to be Mrs. Stark?"

You felt tears coming and your heart skipped a beat, Tony was serious, he meant it, so you threw yourself at him and rested your head on his chest and felt his arms completely wrap around you, then you looked up and said, "I'd love to be Mrs. Stark."

Chapter Text

They had not had a moment of solitude before, the worry and preparations for the war had kept them apart; they had barely known a moment's peace.

But now the war had been won, heavy with causalities and sacrifices but humanity had won, still, they did not look for each other until some dust had settled, in the end, it was Sandor who went looking for Sansa, and he found her in front of Winterfell's heart tree.

They both had stared at each other, silently measuring each other; at the end Sandor broke, he fell on his knees and lowered his head, "I am sorry Little Bird, I am sorry for not being able to help you; my actions towards you kept me awake many nights and I can only hope one day you might forgive me."

Sansa approached him without fear in firm steps and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, "There is nothing to forgive, you were the closest thing to a friend I had during my captivity, I always felt safe with you - I knew you'd never hurt me, or allow someone else to do so, I prayed for you, and it gladdens my heart to see that at least a prayer was answered, but if it is my forgiveness that you need, I grant it, I forgive you Sandor."

Sandor looked up, startled at how close Sansa was, "I am unworthy of kindness, of your prayers," he looked down again, "I am a wretched man, who only wants to serve you now, wherever you command, I shall go."

"Then I command you to stay," Sansa's voice was firm, yet kind, "for I am in need of a friend and councilor, and then... well, we'll see what tomorrow will bring, after all, we have time."

Chapter Text

You found Thranduil under a tree in his private garden; usually, no one but the servants bothered him there, but you were concerned about him, his return from the war had placed a crown in his head and you could see he was struggling with the loss of his father, his people and the burden of kingship.

You had loved Thranduil for centuries, if not millennia, but you never had had the guts to confess, you didn't know if Thranduil held any sort of feelings towards you other than friendship, so you kept quiet, content with being his friend.

"Mellon nin, I know you are there," Thranduil's voice broke you out of your thoughts, "come and join me, it is a lovely night."

You did so and sat down next to him, only to have him lean on you and rest his head on your shoulder, "You worry me you know? I know that you have work to do, and that crown on your head must weight and," you hesitated, but took a steadying breath and continued, "you miss your father, but I want you to know that you are not alone, I am here always should you need me."

You felt his hand reach for yours, and allowed him to hold it, "Le hannon mellon nin, I am grateful that you are here, at my side - I do not know how would I deal with all of this without your kind presence by my side; you have my eternal gratitude."

You rested your head atop his, breathing the clean scent of his hair, perhaps today was not the right day to confess, but you hoped that maybe your feelings wouldn't be so one sided at all, you closed your eyes and said, "What are friends for?"

Chapter Text

You were not happy when your phone rang at 3 in the morning, not when you had to wake up early to work, groggily, you extended your hand, reaching for your phone wanting to see who dared disturb your rest.

It was Tony, all your anger and sleep gone you answered, "Tony, darling, what's wrong?"

On the other side of the line, you heard him take a deep breath, "Hey, (Y/N), listen... I'm sorry to wake you, but I... well," you heard him take another breath, "I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay."

Your heart clenched, you knew how he struggled with nightmares, Afghanistan and going through a space portal had left some scars, "Tony, darling, do you want to come over? You can if you want to, we can sleep a little while longer, so come over and don't think you'll be bothering me, just... come."

"I hate this," his voice was quiet, "I hate feeling so weak," another breath, "but if you're sure, I can fly there."

"Then fly, come darling, I'll wait up for you."

Chapter Text

Poe was completely sure that life had it out for him today; his day had started on the wrong foot, his alarm didn't ring, his puppy pooped on the shoes he was planning to use, he didn't have time to have breakfast because he was already late, he was out of coffee and the closest coffee shop was packed and now this, his car had died out.

He already had called the mechanic and his would-be employer to let them know of his car problem, luckily (and so far the only good news for him) they were opened to re-schedule, all he had to do was wait for the mechanic.

A little while later, a tow truck parked in front of him and much to his shock, a very cute girl excited and walked towards him, she extended her hand when she reached him, "Hi, Poe Dameron? I'm Rey Kenobi, from Skywalker mechanics, I'm here to check your car and take it to the shop."

He gave her a dazzling smile, "Ah my savior! My battery died, so there's no coming back from that right," he chuckled and so did she, maybe his day had just improved a little bit, "I'm very fond of this gal over here."

Rey nodded, "I understand, I'll take good care of her in the shop - she'll be spoiled!"

"Of that," he winked at her and she smiled at him, "I have no doubt miss Kenobi."

Chapter Text

Pretending to be a bartender had to be one of the worst 'pretend' jobs he had ever had, if he had to hear another sob story about how much someone's life sucked, he was going to explode, not to mention he was also kind of sick of drunk people making passes at him, he was grumbling to himself that he totally missed the arrival of the red haired woman.

When he saw her, he blinked, all anger evaporating into nothing, 'please lady, just get your drink and go', he thought; out loud he asked "what will you have?"

The woman gave him a smile and said, "I'll have a Three Hounds, please!"

Oh no, oh buggering hells no, this was not his contact, this woman could not possibly be... "Wouldn't you like a Little Bird better?"

"You know what yes, that drink sounds more like me," she winked at his disbelieving face, "and here, a tip for you!"

On her hand, there was a folded bill, but behind it, a card and an usb were hidden, this was just his luck, having to work with the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, "One Little Bird coming right up."

Chapter Text

Cassian liked to cook, he enjoyed it and prevented Jyn from doing so (bless her, she was a complete mess when she tried), and he enjoyed having Jyn with him in the kitchen and he knew Jyn long enough to know that complete silence in mutual company was a lovely thing, but… today, she had a glint in her eyes he did not like at all when she sat down at their table with her laptop.

Trying to calm his “Jyn is up to something” instincts, he shrugged off and continued to prepare dinner and the dessert he had been craving for a while, one that he knew Jyn would also like, a guava and cheese flan.

Meanwhile Jyn is completely silent and now his alarm bells are going off, “You’re quite busy there, what are you doing?”

“Oh, this idiot at work gave my number to one of his friends because ’you’d hit it off so well’ even after I told him I was dating, now the moronic imbecile just sent me a dick pic, so I’m editing it to have a mouth and hundreds of eyes and going to send it back.”

Cassian blinked, then let out a loud laugh, “You are an evil genius, you know that? And I adore you.”

“Of course you do Andor,” Jyn smirked and winked at him, “and I adore you too.”

Chapter Text

Arya had been waiting for Sansa to get at the bar for a little while, when she felt a presence by her side, turning to look who it was, she realized it was her sister, "You're late, you know?"

"I know, I'm sorry, work kept me late," Sansa flagged the bartender, "vodka and cranberry please!"

Arya raised her eyebrows surprised, Sansa rarely drank hard alcohol, "Damn Sans, must have been a day from hell for you to start with vodka!"

"It's my boss," Sansa groaned, putting her head in her hands, "She hates me, I'm sure of it; she just... wants me to fail so she can gloat about it - joke's on her though, it actually motivates me to do better."

Arya patted her sister's shoulder, "That's the spirit! Show her who's boss!"

"Technically, it's her," Sansa smirked at her sister, "but thanks for the support, now let's drink, have some fun and forget about that awful woman!"

Chapter Text

"No," Betha paced their solar, "you cannot allow this to happen Aegon; must I beg? My pride is nothing compared to the life of Rhaella," she looked at him with wide terrified eyes, "please, for the love you bear me, do not allow this."

Aegon was silent, swallowing a deep gulp of wine to try and calm himself down, "No Betha, you mustn't beg, I swear this to you, Rhaella will not wed Aerys."

Betha silently looked at her husband, looking at his face and eyes, trying to find any deceit, she found none, only then did she allowed herself to collapse on a chair, "Praise the Old Gods and the New, I know we will likely fight with Jaehaerys and Shaera, but Rhaella's life is worth more to me than their anger."

"We will have to find someone for her and soon," Aegon stood and walked towards his wife, taking a seat next to her, holding her hand gently, "someone who will not mistreat her and will treasure her - and we will need an excuse, I pray to the Gods that we will find one soon."

Betha looked at their joint hands, kept her eyes down a moment, "I will look for one myself if I must, I will do everything in my power to make sure that Rhaella doesn't marry Aerys and the Gods have mercy on anyone who tries to stop me - for I will not have it."

Aegon smiled, "There's the Betha I know and love; she will be free of him beloved, I swear."

Chapter Text

Jyn was rudely awoken to the sun shinning on her face; she grunted and rolled to the other side, no fucking way she was getting up early.

"Jyn, amor despierta, you promised your parents that we'd have brunch with them, and if you want to get there in time, you better get up now."

Jyn threw a baleful glare at her husband, he simply arched an eyebrow - the bastard, he looked so refreshed for someone who had slept as little as her, "How in the name of everything that's holy and sacred are you so... alive?"

"Tricks of the trade," he shrugged, "come on, corazón, get up, I started the coffee already."

"Do me a favor," she groaned as she got up and made her way to the bathroom, "never let me make plans with my parents for this early on Sundays again."

He let a happy laugh, "As you wish Jyn, as you wish."

Chapter Text

The fog is thick and dark grey, even the sunlight seems dull in it, Diana feels lost; she has no sense of being, she doesn't know where she is, "Hello? Is anyone there!"

"Diana?" Steve's voice, she swears it's Steve's voice.

"Steve, is that you?"

"Diana, where are you? Can't see you at all!"

"Steve, keep talking, I will find you, I promise!" She walks, and the more that she does, the fog changes from dark grey to thick white and she seeing his silhouette in it, makes her way to him.

And in one moment, the fog lifts completely and Steve Trevor is standing in front of her.

Chapter Text

You found Nelyo (because that was who he was for you, would always be) alone in going over some trade agreements, it was very obvious that he was completely lost in thought, considering he didn't even hear you knock and let you in, "You should sleep soon Nelyo, it is late and tomorrow you have a council meeting to tend to," your voice broke the silence.

His head snapped up, whole body tensing, ready for an attack, saw that it was you and relaxed, "Ah, Y/N, did not hear you come in."

You snorted, "I can see that," your voice softened, "I mean it Nelyo, you should rest, nothing that you have there can not wait until tomorrow; you have nothing to prove to them, you did the right thing."

He was silent for a moment, looking at you, then he closed his eyes and sighed, his shoulder dropped, "Was it? A crown over my head might have tamed my brothers easier, you know how they are... only Makalaure and you seem to approve of my actions."

Your heart clenched, oh how you loved this elf, the one who you had followed and would continue to follow until the bitter end, how you wished you were brave enough to speak and said the words out loud, instead, you sighed and made your way closer to him, "Your brother are difficult, they have always been - but you did the right thing, you know how much Kano struggled to keep them in line while... well, you know, it's no different now."

He looked at you for a moment, those deep grey shinning with force, at the end, he smiled at you and said, "You are right of course, thank you, now, sleep... yes that does sound good right now, come, I will escort you to your chamber."

Chapter Text

You were getting ready for a gala that you were attending with Tony; you had spent hours making sure you looked your best and it showed, the dress fit you like a glove, the color flattered your complexion, your make up was flawless, your hair was expertly done and your jewelry was very sparkly, in short, you felt like a princess as you looked in the mirror.

Suddenly, a whistle broke your concentration, "I’ve never seen someone so gorgeous! Aside from the times I look in the mirror, of course."

Leave it to Tony to find a way to flatter both of you in one go, "Yeah? Well you don't look half bad yourself today Babe!"

"How dare you, I look great, always," he approached and spun you around so he could take a good look at you, "flawless perfection, that's what you are; belle of the ball, others will be jealous."

"Are you saying they're going to be jealous of you or me?"

"Let's be real Doll," he winked at you and gave you a quick kiss, "the answer is both."

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"Um... Arya? Quick question, why does your grocery list have ‘the souls of my enemies’ on it?"

Arya looked up from the book that she was reading, "Valar Morghulis Sansa, that's why; also because they pissed me off."

"Ok, yes, I get you, but why?"

"Because they are terrible beings who do not deserve to breath air, I also have a list of people who are going down."

"Arya, you know I love you right? But this overly competitive spirit is freaking me out, you lost at soccer, you'll live."

"Congrats, you're now on my list."

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"Would you look at that smile? Beautiful, I hope I see it more often."

Sansa blushed and gave her boyfriend a playful shove, "Would you stop?"

"No, I'm not going to stop telling you lovely you look when you smile," His voice was calm, "listen Sansa, I know that the one we never speak off did a number on you, but I promise you, I'll never look down on anything you do; you're not silly or an idiot, you're very smart and clever and kind and I am a very lucky man."

Sansa was silent for a moment, then she let go and threw herself at his arms, tucking her head under his chin, "Thank you," her voice was barely above a whisper, "you have no idea what that mean to me that you believe in me."

"Good, because I will continue to say until you believe me, you'll make a kickass doctor," he pulls back a little and gives her a boyish grin, "now how about we go get some spicy wings and a big milkshake?"

Sansa laughs, carefree and happy all thoughts of her ex dissolving away, grateful for Edric's boundless optimism, "Yeah, sounds like a plan mr Dayne, but you're buying!"

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They stare at each other, silently measuring one another - wondering, who will be the first to break and speak?

In the end, Sansa Stark comes to the surface faster than what Alayne can stop her, "They said that you died, that you had killed other before being killed yourself?" Her voice shakes.

"Aye, I died; but not as many would consider a true death, part of me died when the Elder Brother found me; those tales? Buggering lies, another took my helm - bloody bastard ruining my name," he grumbles and fixes a hard stare at her, "The Hound died, Sandor lived."

Sansa takes a tentative step towards him, "I had so many things I wanted to say to you, but they all seems very childish now," she offers him a small smile, "I am grateful to the Gods that you live and," her voice dropped and she looked down at her feet, "that you are here, I... I have missed you."

He approaches her then, she does not flinch or move away, but she does not look up either, "Little Bird," his voice is kinder now, he knows better now, "the Elder Brother and I can help, do you want to go home?"

She looks up, eyes shinning and without an ounce of fear says, "Aye, my brothers live I heard them say, take me home."

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"Sansa I know you think you're being subtle, but you're not; you are literally pushing me towards your brother!"

"Well, someone needs to do so! You both are being silly, you like him, he likes you, what stopping you?"

"... wait, he likes me? I thought he liked that Westerling girl! Seven hells Sansa, you should have said something earlier!"

"I was going to give you both the chance to gather your courage and do so; but it seems I must play matchmaker... so now, off you go, look Theon's going somewhere, go on, now's your chance!"

Sansa watched as her friend made her way towards her brother, saw them greet each other and talk for a few moments, then she saw Robb's eyes widen in surprise, his face becoming a light red and then nodding very quickly, grin on his face.

She took a sip of her drink and muttered, "Long live Robbaery!"

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You looked up from the book that you were reading, your husband seemed bone tired, "How did the Council go?"

Erestor let himself drop on the bed, face down and groaned, "Mithrandir used the Black Speech, you tell me."

You put your book down and winced, "That bad huh? Well, did you at least get a solution to the problem at hand?"

"Aye, we did, a fellowship has been formed and they will depart for Mordor soon in hopes to destroy the One."

You reached out and patted your husband's hair, "Have faith meleth-nin, perhaps this time they will succeed, Estel and Mithrandir have joined them has he not," at his nod, you continued, "then have faith, maybe this is what Eru has intended all along."

"I hope that you are right," Erestor answered, moving closer to you and resting a hand on your leg, "whatever happens now, I am just glad that I have you."

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"They said that you killed Joffrey with a spell and turned into a wolf with bat wings," Sandor takes a drink of his cup, "Your sister didn't believe it, nor did I... you were far too gentle to kill the bastard."

Sansa's eyebrows raise in surprise, "Well, thank you for believing in me, that's more than what anyone else did, but I might as well have had a hand in killing him; I carried the venom in my head."

Sandor growls, "Fuck Little Bird, I am sorry - you didn't deserved that."

"No I did not," Sansa nods, "They used me and when I stopped being useful in their eyes they let me sink, but now? Look I am alive, my name weights more than theirs now, my words have more sway with Daenerys than theirs could hope to, so I won, besides," she smiled at him, "You are here now, we are to be wed soon, I won."

"I would not consider me a prize Little Bird, you know my reputation, some of your lords are still angry at you picking me" Sandor spoke, slow and measured, "but, ah, seven hells, thank you and I want you to know, I am proud of you for surviving."

"You are welcome and thank you, funny how now we both have reputations, huh?"

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Rey found Poe alone, sitting under the stars with face down on his arms, knees up to his chest and she couldn't help but to think that he looked like a child, a lost and scared child and her heart went out to him.

She sat down next to him and said, "I'm sorry, I know the General meant a lot to you; I didn't know her for long, but she was always kind to me."

"She was like a mother to me," Poe's voice was muffled, "after my mom died, Leia, she was just there; she always seemed larger than life, but, she cared for me and my dad; she was family."

Rey said nothing for a moment, allowing Poe to gather his thoughts, "You are not alone, you don't have to be strong all the time. You can lean on me too if you want, we'll do this together."

Poe hesitated for a moment, at the end, he shrugged and rested his head on Rey's shoulder, looking up the stars and whispered, "Thank you."

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There was something incredibly freeing about dancing under the stars, and you loved every second of it; Thranduil had thrown a party to celebrate the first anniversary of the war against Sauron, many had questioned his decision, but to you he said, "War took much from us meleth nin, we must celebrate life."

And so you did, you danced with many, but always found yourself back on your husband-to-be's arms, "I do love you so," he whispered close to your ear, "I love seeing the joy in your eyes, they sparkle like jewels and your laughter soothes my weary mind."

You smacked his arm playfully, but you did feel your face heat up, "Oh you silly elf, of course you think my eyes sparkle, you do love me."

"Aye, that I do," he said, smiling gently down at you, "that does not change the fact that it is true, you were made for laughter and joy and I can only hope our children - when we have them - will be like you."

"In that we agree meleth nin," you said, "I only wish for those children that they only know love and joy, but I do hope that they are just like their father, strong and wise."

Thranduil raised one of your hands and placed a gentle kiss on it, "With you as their mother? They will be."

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The room fell in complete silence, all of them staring silently, unbelieving at who they were seeing, it was impossible, Steve was dead.

“Not to be dramatic, but I’m back from the dead - hope you all missed me,” he gave them a tentative grin.

At once the room exploded in movement and sound, Etta dropped the glass she was holding while she gave a startled cry, Charlie took a deep gulp of his drink, Sameer said a prayer, Chief shook his head and muttered something under his breath and Diana, well, she did the only reasonable, threw herself at his arms.

"How? How is it possible? I saw the plane explode!"

"Ah well," Steve hugged her tightly, "as it turns out, your uncle is alive, and he well, sent me back, said I was a 'thank you' for killing Ares, so here I am."

Diana laughed happily, "Praised be Hades for bringing you back to me!"

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Her temper flares the moment Aegon gives her the news, Rhaenys could not be dead, this had to be a terrible jest, a cruel trick from the Dornish to make themselves look superior.

"Do not jest Aegon," she snarls, "Rhaenys is not dead and you are a fool for believing them!"

Aegon simply looks full of grief, "They do not lie and it is no jest Visenya, they," his voice broke, "they sent a medallion she was wearing, the one I gave her, Rhaenys is death, shot down the sky with Meraxes."

"No, that simply cannot be!" She yells, ignoring the tears that are gathering in her eyes, "she was the best of us in the sky, there is no way for her to die like that!"

"They also sent a lock of her hair," Aegon's voice is tired, "she is gone," then he looks at her almost begging, "please Visenya, I need you to help me, let us bring Dorne to heel - together."

"Vengeance," she swears, "Rhaenys will be avenged and Dorne will know it's place!"

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It starts as two young women talking, they speak about their experiences, their loss, the fear, the loves and the pain - they have so much in common they find; so they spend more time together, talk, advice and support one another, find family in each other, but it is Daenerys who wakes one day with the realization that she has fallen for Sansa and then panic hits, after all, how to court a woman who already is weary of love declaration?

In the end, she gets a big helping wing from Viserion, who during one of their visits to her children, approaches Sansa and, much like a docile animal, crouches low and rubs his head against her, tail swinging side to side and Daenerys laughs at Sansa's shocked face, "Well, it seems that he wants you as a rider Sansa."

"But Dany, I am no Targaryen!" Sansa's voice was high pitched, "I cannot ride a dragon!"

"Oh you can, look at him, he might as well be a domesticated cat for you," Daenerys voice became soft and warm, "he loves you."

Sansa's eyes are sharp when they look at Daenerys, "Like their mother?"

For a moment, it is Daenerys who is surprised, but just simply nods, "Like their mother."

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Breha was silent, contemplating these two babies that were now theirs, she felt sorrow for Padmé, and vowed to give her children all her love and raise them to be great people.

"Are you upset?" Bail's question brought her back to reality, "I should have spoken to you before, but, they wanted to send the boy to Tatooine of all places, I could not allow that."

"No, I am not upset, at least not at you for bringing them here," she smiled at her husband, "you did the right thing, these children should not be separated, and Tatooine doesn't have the best of reputations, they will be loved here; I am upset that these children lost their mother before they could know her."

Bail sighed in relief, "Their names are Luke and Leia, Padmé named them before passing on; I know that I could possibly be bringing the wrath of the 'Emperor' here should these children be discovered."

Breha frowned, lips forming a thin line and then shook her head, "By everything you have told me, that man that calls himself Emperor will strike over nothing, at least these children will have a good life for as long as Aldeeran stands, whatever happens, we will face it together."

Bail took his wife's hand and kissed it, "Together."

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Sansa does her best to fade into the background, even if she has varying degrees of success, some people notice and she has requests for dances, bitterly, she thinks that years before, she would have been delighted to dance with so many handsome men, now she is just weary.

She knows that many who seek her hand want a foothold in the North, even with her brothers returned, even with her sister back, even with Jon's protection, she feels trapped and does not like it.

But she is whole unprepared for when Aegon comes to her side, bows to her and says, "Would you dance with me Lady Stark?"

She knows she can hardly say no to the heir of the Iron Throne, so she curtsies and takes his extended hand, they make their way to the dance floor and she can feel eyes on them, "People will talk your Grace."

"Let them," His voice is full of confidence, "you see Lady Stark, I quite happen to like you - hells, my aunt likes you and let me tell you, that doesn't happen a lot, so if you would permit it, I would like to court you; oh I know you have vultures surrounding you, but I hope you would allow me permission to know you more."

She is both shocked and pleased, delighted that someone has for once, asked for her consent, "You may my Prince, I would like to know you too."

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"Dorne?" Catelyn's voice is dubious, "Ned, Sansa I agree with you that is good to plan for our children's future, but Dorne?"

"Aye Cat, Dorne," Ned's is firm on his convictions, "Sansa will be well treated, Prince Doran has a son her age, Quentyn, she won't leave immediately and she won't wed him until he is older, but he will be a good match for our daughter."

"If you say so."

Sansa's betrothal is announced a moon's turn later, when all the details have been finalized and she beams, quite content with her luck, she is to marry a Prince!

Her father gives her a letter too, one that is addressed to her and tells her that it is from her betrothed, she blushes profoundly but thanks her father who smiles down at her.

Later that night, Sansa opens her letter and starts to read, not many betrothed get to know each other before the wedding, but she is thankful that both her father and Prince Doran seem to agree that letters would be a good way for them to start to know each other, she hopes that Prince Quentyn would find the tales of the North as interesting as she is of those of Dorne.

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"You're married?!" Comes the surprised question from Bruce.

Tony shrugs, "We got married by accident, like, three weeks ago and haven’t bothered to do anything about it."

"Honestly I'm surprised, you're not one to miss an opportunity to party."

"Maybe, but you know Y/N, she's not one for big parties; honestly I think I'm getting old, but I'm starting to just like quiet nights in with her."

"You're not old, you're in love."

"Yeah, that I am," Tony grins, "however I am planning on taking Y/N away from a romantic trip: Paris, Venice, Greece and our ultimate nerd spot, New Zealand; Y/N and I want to visit all the Lord of the Rings locations, so we're going... and don't ruin the surprise, 'cause she doesn't know!"

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Rhaella is curious about Winterfell, the North and the Old Gods; she seems to appreciate every little morsel of information that is told, listens avidly and asks questions.

He is thankful for that, he doesn't know if they could have gotten along if she had seen them as lesser, as the savages many of the people in the south called them.

Today, he is escorting her to see the Godswoods, he appreciates how she seems enthralled by it all, feels a relief that she shows no signs of discomfort in the woods, smiles openly as her eyes widen at the sight of the Heart Tree, "Here it is my Lady, Winterfell's Heart Tree, as old - if not older than Winterfell itself."

"I had never seen one as big as this before! The one in the Red Keep is smaller, no face is carved on it; it looks impossing with the red sap, almost looks like blood, is it true that in the old days sacrifices were made?"

He barks out a laugh, "I see that you have been reading my Lady, well, I do not know for sure if sacrifices were made, but executions did - some would sentence someone to die, make them bleed and leave them at the roots, but, ah, my apologies my Lady, it might be too gruesome for you."

“Perhaps it is,” Rhaella nodded, “but I find history fascinating, even the ugly bits, history will not scare me, I will not let it!”

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Steve knows he only has a split second to get it right, else he is a dead man; he prepares himself, sends a quick prayer, gets ready, takes a deep breath and stands, presses the button with his feet as he jumps into the night.

The parachute opens in time and he lands away from were Diana and Ares are fighting, so he runs, runs to her and hopes that she is able to defeat him; hides behind a hangar, watching as Diana fights, sees her kill Ares just as the sun is rising.

"Diana!" He runs towards her, "You did it Diana!"

"Steve?!" She is surprised to see him alive, "Praise the Gods, how are you still alive?"

He embraces her and she holds him back, "I jumped, used a parachute, right on time; I love Diana, I'm alive and I can say it out loud."

She smiles through her tears, "I love you too, I'm am so glad you live; but what now? My mission is complete."

Steve holds her face in his hands and smiles at her, "Now we live, now we have more time."

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It had taken a while for Percival to be back on his feet, being a prisoner and been kept barely alive had taken a number on him, you felt for him, you loved him deeply, and now with this knowledge that you had almost lost him, you were working on your courage to confess.

Right now, both of your found yourself on your apartment, you had invited him to stay with you for a while, much to your surprise, he had accepted - which told you clearly that he was still not ready to be alone.

"What am I going to do Y/n?" Came his tired voice, his back turned to you, eyes looking out to the streets, "How can I regain what I lost? I am alone, only you and Seraphina still trust me, people are weary of me now."

You felt for him, "People are idiots Percy, all of us were fooled - we should have know, I should have known! The moment the verdict against miss Goldstein was given, you can be harsh and stern, but never viciously cruel and we did not notice; you survived this, you are stronger than this, and you are not alone."

He turned and looked at you, "Ah Y/N, ever fierce in the defense of those you care for," he said gently, "I am lucky that you're by my side, I can never thank you enough for what you've done for me."

Boldly, you took his hand and squeezed it, "You'll always have me, no matter what, always Percy, you are not alone, won't be as long as I live and breathe!"

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"How is that we are alive?"

"Sheer dumb luck Jyn," Cassian's voice was heavy, "we're the only ones who made it out from the ones who went in."

Jyn looked at Cassian, he seemed to have aged years, she sighed and sat next to him, taking his hand in hers, "So, the whole 'Welcome Home' still stands?"

Cassian squeezed her hand, "Of course it does, why wouldn't it?"

"The Death Star was still used on Aldeeran," Jyn looked away, "a whole planet gone because of the Emperor, thanks to my father's work."

"You are not your father," Cassian's voice was fierce, "it was you who got the information we needed, thanks to you we have a chance, so let me say it again, 'Welcome home Jyn Erso."

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"Sandor, could you spare a moment please?"

"Aye, what it is that you need Little Bird?"

She hesitated, "I know you are not fond of knights or chivalry, but you and the rest of the men are departing for a war that I will either be won or we will loose our lives for; so, please accept this," she raised her hand, showing him an embroidered handkerchief.

He looked at her face, found her solemn, and then at her extended hand - he did not deserve that, "You should give it to your brother Little Bird," his voice was not ungentle.

"I gave one to Jon too, but I want you to have it; as a thank you for what you did for me," he was about to protest when she stopped him, "it might not have been much to you, I was a child and I am sure I annoyed you some times, but, your help meant a lot to me; you are here now too, you answered my call when you didn't need to, so please, take it."

Sandor looked at her face again, eyes wide and sincere and felt wretched, he had done nothing much to help her, he had left her behind in a snake pit, but somehow she had survived, rallied people around her to fight the real enemy, maybe he could give her this - so he took the handkerchief and said, "You honor me my Lady."

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"Help me rule?" Daenerys asked one day, once they had been left alone.

"Pardon?" Sansa was confused, "Why would you ask me of all people?"

Daenerys took a sip from the goblet, then looked at Sansa, "Because you know how, I've seen you here, in Winterfell, people follow you and listen to you; I know you have reasons - valid ones - to hate the Red Keep, but I ask you to consider taking the post of adviser, no one will lay a hand on you again, and should they try, I'll feed them to Drogon."

"Does the Queen asks, or commands?"

"Neither, it is not the Queen who asks or commands - it is Dany, your friend, the woman who loves you, I might be the Queen, but you shall never fear from me, I will never command you do something that you find unpleasant, I swear."

Sansa looked down, thinking, then on a bold move, he held Daenery's hand, "Then I will, I will do my best to help you be a Queen people will remember for ever, for good reasons."

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You felt for your husband, the weight of the crown was heavy on his head; Makalaure was - for the most part - a gentle elf that was not meant to rule, at least not being the High King, you knew that his brothers weren't helping.

So, you fixed him some tea and some food he could snack on while overseeing some paperwork, you found him on his office, head on his hands and his hair made for a fine curtain, "My love, are you well?"

"No, (Y/N) I am not well," his usual lovely voice sounded croaky to your ears, "how can I be? I have not been able to get in place a proper rescue mission for Maitimo, my brother stir and rest uneasy and they are only obeying my commands as long as they suit them."

Your heart clenched and you moved to stand next to your husband, placing the tray on his desk; you then guided his head to rest against you, "You are not alone my love, you have me, you always will."

You felt him cry, quiet shudders and you remained that way for a while, until he calmed down and with a voice that was barely above a whisper, he said, "You are all I have now."

"And I will be at your side," you promised fiercely, "forever, you'll never be alone."

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"You would reject the title of King?" Daenerys was perplexed, not many men would.

"Aye," Robb said, "I only took the crown offered to me by my men in response of Joffrey's killing of my father; Kingship was never my goal, only justice."

"Justice," she whispered, looking away, "I want that too; I was always told that it was greed that overthrew my father, but now? Here I stand surrounded men of those who rose against my father, hearing the truth is hard and painful, what justice can I claim?"

"Justice for your lady mother," Robb said, firmly but gently, "justice for Princess Elia Martell, for Princess Rhaenys and Prince Aegon, they were your family too; my father hated what was done for them, be the Queen who honors them."

Daenerys was silent for a moment, looking at where her dragons played with his wolf, "Aye, that I could do, I can give them the justice that was denied; I will remind the Lannisters why the Dragon rises above the Lion, and may they beware," she turned and smiled at him, "For Winter is Coming, with Fire and Blood."

Robb raised his cup to her, "Lannisters beware!"

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He was just staring at the Falcon, that legendary ship he grew up hearing stories about, his mother might have taught him to fly, but some days, it was the Falcon he dreamt about.

"You wanna fly her?"

"Oh Rey," he turns and offers her a friendly smile, "Didn't even hear you!"

"I can see that!" she laughs, "So, what do you say? Wanna fly her? I hear you're the best pilot of the Resistance," she nods at her ship, "so, what do you say, want to take her to the skies?"

There is a big part of him that celebrates at that, he knows not many people have flown that ship, and now here is Rey, offering to let him take her if only for a while, he loves her for it, "You sure you don't mind me driving this legend?"

"No, you're good, Leia vouched for you, come on, if anyone would appreciate flying her, it's you!"

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Tony was sprawled on the boxing ring floor, you were grinning down on him.

"Babe, babe, babe... how did you even managed to do that move! That's a move worthy of Natasha!" He said as he sat up, proudly looking at you.

You blushed, "I've been practicing jujitsu for a while, you know, just in case I ever need it."

"That's it, I'm building you an armor, pick your colors," he stood up and rested his forehead on yours, "You know you'll always have me, right?"

"I know Tony," you smiled at him, "but still better be safe than sorry; and you know I love you, but you can't be with me 24/7, you got work to do - and no armor!"

"Fine," he whined, "no armor for you, but I still love you anyways."

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Sandor blinked, he was positive that he was seeing things, maybe it was the distance? He walked closer and no, it wasn't, Sansa Stark was crying while eating her wrap; he felt the urge to go and comfort her, to hold her and try to make her smile, to hurt the miserable bastard that had caused those tears.

But he was terrible at comforting people and even worst at talking to the girl he was crushing on, in the end, he approached her, "You alright there Sansa?"

"Oh Sandor, hi," she spoke through her tears.

"This might be a stupid question, but... are you ok? You seem... ah, a little upset."

"Oh! Oh goodness no!" she rushed out, "I was very silly you see, and ordered a heavier spice level than my usual order, foolishly thinking I could handle it well, as you can see, this is not the case; but thank you, it's sweet of you to ask!"

Sandor could feel his soul return at his body, while groaning at her foolishness, in the end, he just muttered, "Thank fuck."

Chapter Text

The map that will guide them to Luke comes to life, complete and suddenly, everything explodes, voices cheer, people hug each other, relief and hope palpable in the command room.

He is no exception, he cheers and feels relief, he doesn't see who he is hugging until his world explodes in color.

The world pauses, he blinks, trying to make sure he is not hallucinating, things have color now, which can only me that he is, in fact, holding his soulmate in his arms; he looks, a young woman, who is also looking up to him, curiosity written on her face.

"Uh, hi," are his awkward words, a great first impression for his soulmate, he's sure; "I'm Poe."

"I recognize that name, you're Poe Dameron, the pilot; I'm Rey."

"I know," he offers her a smile, "It's nice to meet you," and it was.

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"No Jyn, we are not watching horror movies for our movie night, if you want to watch horror, do so alone," Cassian glared at his girlfriend.

Jyn had a tiny smirk, "And pray tell, Cassian why is that we are not watching them?"

Cassian pinched the bridge of his nose, "Jyn, I love you - I do, but I can't watch horror movies around you; why? because the you try to scare me, which for the record never do, just annoy me."

Jyn pouted, "You're no fun."

"No, maybe I'm not, but I'm not having you going ahead and try to pull some jump scares on me, pick something else, but no horror," with that, Cassian made his way to the kitchen for a tea.

In their bedroom, Jyn grinned, "Hello, 'The Holiday'; hello sweet, sweet victory!"

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"I beg your pardon? I could have sworn you said your nickname was 'Franny Granny'," Percival's voice was tinged with laughter, his eyes lighter that what they've been in months, a side smirk grazing his handsome features.

"Yeah, it was," you grumbled, but weren't too unhappy with the result, seeing Percival smile was worth it.

"Do I even want to know how you ended with that as your nickname?"

You released a deep sigh, full of resignation, "I wasn't the most stylish girl growing up Perse, and I have no shame to admit that I was that friend, you know the one who knits and wants to wrap you in scarves when it's cold? Yeah, that was me."

He laughed, "I will literally pay you if you show me a picture of you when you were younger," he then shook his head, "I would have loved to see you in Ilvermony, running about being a grandma."

"Not going to happen Perse," you said, firmly as you pointed at the untouched slice of pie, "now eat your pie or else!"

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"Such a curious thing, isn't Aphrodite?" Shaka spoke, calm, yet curious.

"What is it?"

"That of all the flowers, we both have opposite of the ones our elements are, you with your roses - they bloom from earth; and I with my lotus, who bloom from water."

"I am not surprised; what I am surprised is that it took you this long for you to realize it - we're opposites Virgo, the astrological signs we fall onto demand it, but even so, opposites as we are, there are some things that echo, for us, is our flowers."

"Never thought of it that way," Shaka spoke, pensive, "but I suppose you might be right, funny thing isn't it?"

Aphrodite closed his eyes, willing his heart to stop racing; he had always liked Shaka, so he treasured those little moments when they could talk, so he simply said, "Yes, yes it is."

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“Arya please, I know you’re not a fan or even like the idea of modeling, but I have this big project coming up and I need a model, please?”

Arya groaned, “Seriously? I’m not going to wear pink tutus for you to take a picture of it!”

“You won’t have to wear pink, wear whatever you like, just show me the outfit before hand and I’ll plan the photographs accordingly!”

Arya gave her sister a side eye, “You sure you won’t want me in pink? Fine, but only if you pay me and make me something.”

Sansa gave a little victory cry, “Yes, thank you Arya, no pink, you get 50 bucks and I’ll do the cookies you love.”

“I’ll hold you to that!”

Chapter Text

They survive mostly by pure luck, two pilots spotting and getting them out right on time is what does it, they are taken back to Yavin IV, both of them immediately escorted to the MedCenter, Cassian is ordered rest, Jyn is given something for the pain and let go.

She’s wondering about the base when she hears the news, Aldeeran is gone, the Death Star used for its destruction; she doesn’t want to believe it, a whole planet gone on the whims of a dictator; tears begin to blur her vision and she runs, makes her way to where Cassian is.

“We failed,” she says the moment the door closes and tears fall, “We failed and now Alderaan is gone, the Emperor destroyed it, Force, my father made that thing, and we failed.”

Cassian closes his eyes and tries to be calm, “Jyn,” he speaks, gently coaxing her to him, “It is not your fault, sometimes, things get out of your control and the best you can do is adapt, remember what I told you about Rebellions?”

“That they are built on hope,” Jyn answered, still teary eyed, “I just don’t get it.”

“Yes, they are built on hope Jyn, on hope of a better day, a better tomorrow; we might not have been able to save Alderaan, but we will save other planets by getting rid of the Emperor, just take a deep breath Jyn, there’s always tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

Sansa’s world was several shades of grey since she could remember, which only meant one thing: her soulmate had grey eyes.

As the years passed, she hoped that every boy or man she met would be the one, she knew how wonderful it was to find your soulmate like her parents had, and she was excited to meet him or her.

They met during one summer holiday she had taken with Arya, they were having dinner in a small little restaurant near the resort when it happened, she accidentally collided against a wall of solid muscle and her world exploded in color.

“Oh it’s you,” Sansa cried out, happy, “I found you, you’re my soulmate, hello I’m Sansa, would you like to join my sister and I for dinner, she won’t mind!”

Sandor blinked, taken aback by all the colors and her exuberance, he scratched the back of his head, feeling awkward, “Won’t your sister mind me?”

“Not when she finds out you’re my soulmate!”

Chapter Text

He paled after Professor McGonagall told him that he should have a dance partner, he was not a good dancer, and while he had managed to get back into the school population’s good graces, he was unsure as to who he should invite.

Then, in a moment of clarity, he knew, and he made his way back to Griffindor’s Common Room, gathering his courage.

He found Hermione sitting by the fire, book in hand, so he approached her and sat down next to her, “Hey Mione,” she looked up to him and he gave her a tentative smile, “You know how the Yule Ball is coming yeah? Well, I was wondering… if you’d like to go together?”

Hermione blinked, surprised, “Oh, I thought you’d ask Cho or someone else, I mean, I’d like to, but I don’t know, I’m surprised I guess.”

“Mione, you’re my friend, the only one who believed when I said I did not my name on the goblet, hell, you helped me with the first task! I want you to go to the Ball with me if you want, we could have fun yeah?”

“If you’re sure, then sure, we’ll have fun!”

Chapter Text

“It would be much easier if we killed them,” Arya said, looking at her sister.

Sansa gave her sister an unnamed look, “Beth, you can’t just solve a problem by killing it; besides, we need one of them alive so we can have the combination of the safe.”

“See, that’s why you’re the boss and calls the shots,” Arya grumbled, “I forgot about the safe.”

“Well, it’s my job to think these things,” she placed her hands on her sister’s shoulders and gave a small squeeze, “You are by far my best agent - never doubt that, but sometimes, we need a subtle hand.”

“So, they don’t die today.”

“Not today.”

Chapter Text

War, wounds and his time at the Quiet Isle had changed him, most of his rage was gone, not all of it but the bigger part was gone, he thought about things, about how he had lived his life and how he had treated two girls who were very much alone.

It ate at him, with Sansa, he had been harsh and sometimes cruel in the hope that she would realize how much danger surrounded her, in his very clumsy and angry way, he had tried to protect her, because he could see the boy he used to be in her.

With Arya, well, that girl was pure wolf, her anger and hatred reminded him of himself, of who he had become, he had failed her too, he did not know if she was safe either, he hoped she was, he hope both girls were.

But then, war in the North called, a treat bigger than a simple chair and he knew he had to go North, he had to fight, he would not stand aside and not fight for Sansa, for Arya too; wherever they were they deserved better, so he would fight for them.

So, he packed his things and got Stranger, bid the brothers goodbye and with a thought for both Stark girls, he made his way North and whatever fate that awaited him there, he would embrace it.

Sandor Clegane went North to fight because it was the right thing to do.

Chapter Text

You watched as Percy ate, silently wondering if he was planning on stuffing himself, but then you caught yourself, you did not know if he had been well fed during his captivity (but doubted that had been the case).

You smiled at seeing him eat your chocolate pancakes, “I’m glad that you like the pancakes Percy!”

He stopped eating, only to take a gulp of coffee, “My life has fallen to pieces but these pancakes have always been here for me, so thank you Y/N.”

You patted his hand, “And they always will,” you said, faking a cheerfulness you did not feel.

“Honestly,” he spoke, not looking at you, “Thank you, for everything, I mean, not just the pancakes.”

You held his hand, “I’ll always be in your corner Percy, always.”

Chapter Text

“My feet are cold,” came the grumbling from the other side of the bed, “how come you sleep in the nude and are perfectly fine, I have furs piled on and my feet are freezing.”

“You are not used to the cold yet,” he says, “come, rest in my arms and tangle your feet with mine, you will be warm soon.”

Reluctantly, she huddles with him for warm, “You are warm,” she says.

“Yes, virtue of growing up here Visenya,” he wraps his arms around her, but hisses a bit when her feet touch his, “you truly are cold, but no matter, when you least notice, you will barely notice the cold.”

“I will hold you to that,” she mutters against his chest, “I do not mind it during the day, but now? Well, I would like to sleep and my feet are always cold, what a jape this is, sorry wife I make.”

“You make an excellent wife, even better Queen, yes, your feet might be cold right now, but it does not matter; you are worth it.”

Chapter Text

Sansa’s jaw dropped, “Sandor, what the hell? Why did you punched that guy for?”

Sandor shrugged, unrepentant, “He was staring at your ass.”

“So?, Sansa was incredulous, "You don’t go around punching people because they are staring at me, or my ass in this case.”

“On my defense, your brothers did made me swear that I would always look after you, do you know how many times men stare first and then try to get physical?”

“Oh Sandor,” Sansa smiled in-spite of herself, “I’m happy that you always look after me, but you can’t just go around punching people, at least not if they are only staring, if they try something else, sure, but not before.”

“Fine,” Sandor grumbled, “but if your brothers and that obnoxious Greyjoy ask, I’m blaming you.”

Chapter Text

It happened during one of the few free nights they had, Rey had grown curious about Poe’s upbringing, and he had been more than happy to oblige and tell her stories about Yavin IV, of his parents and growing up.

Then, out of the blue, Rey looked down asked, “Do you think they could have loved me?”

Poe blinked, taken aback by her question, “Of course they would have love you Jedi-Mine, how could they not? My ma would have loved that you had taught yourself to fly, my pa will love how nice you are - and you will meet him - and both would love how strong you are, and no, I’m not talking about the force, but, look at you, you survived with the odds stacked against you!”

Rey threw herself at his arms, tucked her head under his chin, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, it’s the truth,  Rey you are one of the strongest people I’ve known; I love you and I admire you, trust me, my pa will love you too, so no more doubting yourself, you hear me?”

“Loud and clear Captain!”

Chapter Text

Cassian woke to the sound of the kitchen alarm going off, he immediately made a move to wake Jyn, she wasn’t there, he ran to the bathroom and he found that she wasn’t there either, so he ran into the kitchen to see what was on fire.

There on the kitchen, with a burning pan, stood a very frantic Jyn who was desperately trying to put down the fire, “Jyn, what the hell are you doing?” he asked while he reached out to help her.

“I… well, crazy story Cass, I was just craving some mac ‘n’ cheese and I tried and well,” Jyn gestured at the pots and the previously on fire pan, “it did not go so well.”

Cassian closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then counted to ten, “Jyn, you’re telling me you almost set the kitchen on fire at 3am because you wanted mac 'n’ cheese? That’s it, you’re never allowed in the kitchen without supervision ever again.”

“Not even for boxed mac 'n’ cheese?” Jyn joked after Cassian turned off their alarm.

Cassian glared, not amused in the slightest “not even then.”

Chapter Text

You and Percy had been friends for some time now, there were a few years in between you both, but by luck, you two met one time when he stumbled into your coffee shop right before you closed and ordering a tea, after that, he kept coming back be it for something to drink or something to eat and you both developed a good friendship.

Today, he came in early morning, letting the chill of winter enter as he did, “Morning Percy!” you called out to him, “boy you look cold, did you forget your coat?”

“Morning Y/N, no I did not forget the coat, I gave it to a homeless man on the streets,” he sat down, rubbing his hands together for warm.

“Well, that’s quite noble of you, do you want a coffee? On the house, of course, I can’t have my most loyal customer freeze!”

“Ah, how about a hot chocolate instead? I had coffee earlier at home,” he looked away for a moment, then looked back at you, “Y/N… listen, I’ve been thinking, would you like to have dinner sometime?”

You blinked and felt your face heat up, well, this was a surprise, a pleasant surprise, “I’d love to Percy,” you spoke, and were about to say something else when another customer came in, you gave Percival an apologetic look, “One hot chocolate coming up and, what can I get you sir?”

Chapter Text

Dating Tony Stark came with a lot of perks, he was a generous mas who did not hesitate to spoil you rotten at the drop of a hat, you were used to getting some trinket or another ‘just because it reminded me of you’; of course, you had tried to cut down on the more expensive gifts, but still, Tony was Tony.

One day, he just asked you to pack for a weekend at home, all comfortable things, nothing fancy, you were surprised but complied with his request; he then had taken you to a house in Upper State New York, asked you to close your eyes because the surprise was inside.

After a little while of maneuvering you to the right place, he told you to open your eyes and you gasped when you saw it, there, in the backyard of the house, was a very large sheet and pillow fort, Tony’s smile was dazzling, “And here you go Sweet Cheeks, the a fort worthy of a Princess, go on, go in!”

In you went and your jaw dropped, inside there was a very comfortable looking bed, the floor had a rug and pillows strewn all over the place, a small table in the corner and a projector, over your head, there were fairy lights that would light up the place at night, you were delighted, and popped your head out to tell him “Oh Tony, this is fantastic! This is the best gift you’ve given me, thank you Babe, but hon, why?”

He gave you a smug grin, “I’m glad you like it! We have the place for a week as you can probably guess, also, hired us a chef, so food’s also taken care off and as to why, well, I’ve wanted to give you the pillow fort you always wanted.”

You smiled and went over to kiss him, “Thank you Mr. Perfect!”

Chapter Text

Sansa hesitated, hand raised to knock on her sister’s door; in the end, she took a deep breath, knocked and waited, when she heard her sister’s ‘come in’, she pushed the door and let herself in.

“Arya, I was wondering if you could help me, you see, I have this problem…”

“Kill it.”

“Can you like, chill for two seconds… besides, my problem is not Joffrey; I wanted to ask you if you could get go and get me some pads or tampons? I’m in serious pain right now and I’m running low.”

“Sure, I’ll go, but you owe me for this, and you owe me in the shape of that chamomile cake you did the other day.”

Sansa beamed, “Sure thing, I’ll make you that cake!”

Chapter Text

It was during one the talks between Mu and Shaka that the latter confessed about his feeling for the now dead Pisces Saint, “Do you think he could have loved me?” He was quite mournful.

“I do not know,” Said Mu in soft tone, “I knew very little of Aphrodite to truly say he would or he would not.”

Shaka looked away, towards that house that now laid in complete darkness, “I wonder what would have happened should I had spoken to him before all of this, maybe I could have done something…”

Mu laid a comforting hand on the Virgo Saint’s shoulder, “The ‘what-ifs’ are truly beyond us my friend, I know it brings you no comfort, but I you are a good man, I am sure that had Aphrodite had taken the time to know you, he would have loved you.”

Shaka gave him a rueful smile, “I did not know him much either and yet I love him, love is truly one of the great mysteries of life that escapes me, and I have so many regrets when it comes to him, but I thank you for your words and comfort my friend.”

“You are welcome Shaka, just know that you are not alone; I might not have loved him, but I also have regrets.”

Chapter Text

Sandor watched, dispassionately as one Joffrey Baratheon tried to stop his throat from bleeding, trying in vain not to die.

He turned to his summoner, a witch named Sansa Stark, "Are you sure you want him to die? There is still time to stop his death."

"He is a killer himself," Sansa spoke, stern and unflinching, "He is responsible for many deaths, my family amongst them, he does not deserve any mercy."

Sandor considered it, shrugged his shoulders, "His blood will be on your hands, are you sure you are ready to be damned over this miserable soul?"

Sansa turned and looked at the demon, then gave another look at Joffrey, then turned back to the demon, "Oh but I am already damned, I have nothing left, for I was damned the moment my father was killed on his orders; I was damned the moment my sister went missing, I was damned when my little brothers were killed, I was damned the moment his grandfather ordered my mom and brother killed."

Sandor fixed Sansa with a hard stare, then nodded, solemn, "Then have your vengeance She Wolf, and as our deal entails, I’ll get rid of the body."

Chapter Text

"Y/N, are you sure you saw someone in the house? It looks pretty deserted to me," his voice was quiet, as to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

"Yes, Percival, I saw a woman in the window," you replied, "she looked on the younger side, probably early twenties."

"Y/N, before we go in," he stopped and gave you a serious look, "you need to know that this house has been deserted for years," he rose his hand to stop you from speaking, "I know you know that, what you do not know is why, it said that a witch managed to summon spirits back from the dead."

You blinked, "So, like, inferi?"

He shook his head, "No, it was ghosts - ghosts who would do as she commanded, she... well, this happened when I was starting on MACUSA, so I was not a part of the original investigation, but she managed to have some people killed by using the ghosts to kill for her."

"And now we're heading into a killer house," you groaned, unhappy with the prospect, "just wonderful, no wonder you agreed to come with me!"

Chapter Text

"I am still amazed that you taught yourself to fly," Poe gives a grin, "I was too young for my ma to teach, but in the end, look at me, I followed on her footsteps."

"And now you're the best pilot in the Resistance, and probably the only one better than me."

"Only the Resistance? Rey, I'm the best the Galaxy has," the grin turns cocky, "ask Beebee."

"And so humble," Rey rolls her eyes at him, "but you are good, the best really, but now you have to compete against me, I intent to be better than you."

"Is that a challenge Jedi mine? I accept, what's the prize?"

"Flying the Falcon," Rey tells him and relishes how his eyes sparkle at the thought, "but only if you beat in three out of five!"

Chapter Text

"You seem to love like the moon," Shaka spoke at his fellow saint, looking at him with sharp eyes, "and your hatred burns like the sun."

"What can I say, I am a complicated person," Aphrodite gave Shaka a strange look, "I am one of the dual signs I'll remind you, but if it makes you feel better, I do not hate anymore."

"Could have fooled me," Shaka said as he drew closer to the Piscean, "You avoid Shun like a plague."

Aphrodite rolled his eyes, "Just because I do not hate him, doesn't mean I want him near me; for better or worse, he was the one who killed me."

Shaka rises a tentative hand, hesitating as to whether he should place it on the Piscean's shoulder, in the end, he did and when Aphrodite didn't shrug it off, he calmed enough to speak, "Perhaps so, but the boy does wish to make amends with you... and should you allow it, I do wish to know you, we have been granted a new life, and I do wish to make it better than the one we left behind."

Aphrodite narrowed his eyes, wondering if there was any deception behind Shaka's words, in the end, he didn't think of a reason why there would be, he just shook his head and sighed, "Tell your student to keep away from me for a while longer, I might not hate him, but I'm not ready to forgive," he lifted a hand to stop whatever Shaka would have said, "it will take a while... and when it comes to you, well, just know that I am complicated, I feel that I should warn you about that, take it or leave it."

Chapter Text

"Sometimes I really don't get you, you know?" Sansa said to her sister as they walked in the mall, "you can be such a weirdo."

Arya snorted around her drink, "I'm not a weirdo, you're just basic, and before you even say you're not, you're usually first in line for the pumpking spice drinks at Starbucks."

"I like pumpkin spice," Sansa grumbled, "in fact, I like it more than an actual pumpkin."

"And that's why you're basic, but that's ok, you can't be as cool as I am," Arya gave her sister a challenging look, "you'd never wear anything that I picked for you."

"Yes I would," Sansa responded, "I would because you're my sister and I love you, even if it were ugly, I would wear it, in fact, I'm going to let you dress me for a week, we're at the mall, c'mon, you pick my stuff."

Arya got a glint in her eye, this was perfect, she'd always wanted to try and get Sansa to wear something different, she had no intention of making her sister look bad, just different, "Oh this is going to be fun!"

Chapter Text

Sandor thinks that if there are any Gods, they have it out for her; they had managed to escape the Red Keep and he was going to deliver her to her mother and brother, but noe? Bloody bastards have taken that opportunity away from her.

He's about to drink again, when he sees it happen, Sansa's eyes widen, she opens her mouth in a silent scream and he rises and almost drags her out of the house that allowed them shelter, he takes her away, far enough for people not to hear.

"Little bird, breathe girl," he's frantic, "I know it's terrible but breathe, you need to breath."

Sansa is panicking and he knows he has to do something to calm her down, which leaves him completely blank, he's never had to calm someone down, but he can't leave the poor girl like this.

So, Sandor does the only thing that comes to mind, much as he hates it, the poor girl needs some sort of comfort, so he begins to sing, the only love song he knows well because of Myrcella "I loved a maid as fair as summer, with sunlight in her hair..."

His voice is not one for singing and Sansa knows it, but hearing him is better than thinking of her mother and brother, so she holds onto him, closes her eyes and lets his voice wash away her hurt, let this kindness last a moment longer.

Chapter Text

"How do you do it," Jyn asked after she entered his room, "how do you deal with all the death around you and keep going? How do I keep going knowing what my father's creation has done?"

Cassian sat up, making space for Jyn at his small bed, patting over the free space so she could sit, "It's never easy, you loose people to war, and this is a war; sometimes all you can do is hope that they're on a better place, hope that we are doing the right thing."

"Baze called me 'Little sister'," Jyn's voice cracked, "it made me feel like I belonged, like I wasn't as alone as I used to be."

"You're home now Jyn," Cassian hugged her, "the Rebellion is your home now, we are family, united by hope, and nobody will blame you for your father's creation, we all understand it wasn't your fault, you tried."

"And still failed," Jyn tucked her head beneath Cassian's chin, "the Death Star was still used in the end."

"The plans are still out there," Cassian reminded her, "have hope Jyn, have hope that we will win, you can't give up, not now, not ever, I won't let you."

Chapter Text

Daenerys had never seen something quite like this, when Sansa had promised to show her something beautiful, she wasn't quite sure what to expect, but she loved this; the glass gardens of Winterfell had started to bloom again.

"It's not quite as lovely as they used to be," said Sansa, "before the war, before Theon, before the Boltons, the gardens would bloom year round and would feed the castle, and the flowers brought color to the landscape."

Daenerys heard her lover's unspoken grief, "They are beautiful now, a different sort of beautiful I think, but lovely anyways; I am sure that you will restore them to their old glory and I'll love them more."

Sansa shot her a grateful smile, but tugged on Daenery's hand, "Look, there is a particular flower plant that blooms now, come, let me show it to you."

Daenerys followed, surprised when she saw which plant it was, "Blue roses," she whispered, "they are lovely."

Sansa crouched and revealed a small crown of the flowers, gently laying the wreath on Daenery's head, "A blooming crown for a Queen, long may she reign."

Chapter Text

When you woke up, you were surprised that Tony was awake and still in bed with you, and he was giving you a funny look, "What?" you asked.

"You know babe, I understand talking in your sleep, I get that; what I don't get is this dream you've been having, what I don't understand is this dream of yours that I'm a princess and the dragon that keeps trying to take me away."

You blushed, "Well, you know how weird dreams can get; I'm not even sure what it means myself."

"Babe, I get it, I'd make a marvelous princess," he wiggled his eyebrows at you and smirked, "Oooohh maybe Fury is the dragon."

You snorted, "Considering how he just shows up when he's least expected, and he's a complete grouch, it fits."

"FRIDAY, you heard the lady, from now on we're calling anything Fury related as 'Code Dragon'.

Chapter Text

You ran as someone knocked on your door, barely wrapping your robe and hiding your wand for protection, "Who is it?"

"Y/N, it's me, Percival," came the muffled voice from the other side, you opened the door to see a disheveled Percival, "I am sorry for waking you, Y/N, I just... had a terrible nightmare that you were hurt, and well, came in to check on you."

You felt your heart break, you understood what he meant to say, "Come on in Percy, I am well, but thank you for coming to check on me."

He walked into your home and sat down on the sofa, "Don't thank me, it's just... I've been on edge lately."

Of course he was, after being held captive and someone posing as himself, anyone would be, "How about some tea Percy, we'll have some tea and then we can talk, lucky for us, tomorrow's Sunday and we're both off work."

He gave you a look you couldn't place, then he looked away, and held his hands together, "Tea sounds nice Y/N, thank you."

Chapter Text

"Marry me," was what came out of his mouth once he had finished eating.

Your head snapped, eyes widening in surprise, "I am sorry, I think I misheard you Percy."

He shook his head, reaching for your hand and taking it between both of his, "You didn't misheard me, I said 'marry me', I've been thinking it since I came back; yes I've thought about it for a while, but if anything, I got a glimpse of my own mortality and I want to spend my life with you, if you want that is."

"I'm just, surprised I guess," you looked at him, noting how serious he was, "you just know how to surprise me; a few months ago I thought you didn't care for me and then you're back and now you propose," you shook your head, "my head is spinning."

"I don't blame you," he said gently, "with everything that happened, I don't blame you, but I do mean it."

"Then yes," you whispered, "if you are certain and mean it, my answer's yes."

Chapter Text

Sansa felt her phone vibrate, and much to her surprise, it was Dany; and it was a surprise because Dany rarely called her, usually, she'd just text, "Are you ok Dany?"

On the other side, her girlfriend hesitated, "Uhm, I'm going to need you to remain calm and not be angry."

Sansa felt her stomach drop, this was bad, "What is wrong Daenerys?"

"Well you see," Daenerys spoke, "Isortofadoptedthreecatsandadog, don't be mad!"

Sansa groaned, "Let me get this straight, you adopted three cats and one dog... out of the blues and without warning, so I just have to deal with this right?"

"On my defense, the cats and the dog are super cute, you'll love them," Daenerys hesitated, "Please?"

Chapter Text

"I think I could have loved you," Shaka whispered, looking at the roses, who still stood tall and proud, as if nothing was amiss.

"It's quite silly isn't it? You would tell me it is, look at me, the man closest to God... is here, talking to roses, as if they could deliver you my message."

A breeze carried the perfume over to where he stood, and he inhaled the aroma, "I'm sorry, I am, I should have tried to know you better, I should have taken my time to talk to you while you were alive, but..."

"You should not be so hard on yourself," came Mu's voice, "Aphrodite could have tried to reach you too."

"Perhaps," Shaka hesitated, "but perhaps I would not have listened, I was so sure about things, about how things were supposed to be, that it took Ikki's sacrifice for me to open my eyes to reality and now, it's too late."

Mu said nothing, but laid a gentle hand on his friend's shoulder and allowed him to grieve.

Chapter Text

"Rey, look up quickly, it’s a shooting star," Poe said, pointing upwards, "quick make a wish!"

Rey looked up, on time to see the star and while she didn't understand, she closed her eyes and made a wish, "You know, I don't understand why we must make wishes to shooting stars."

"Well, in Yavin, we used to say that it's because when stars listen," Poe threw his arm around Rey, "and when the Force was at play and giving more chance for your wish to come true."

"That's nice," Rey said, resting her head on Poe's shoulder, "do you always wish on the stars?"

"When I spot them, but I have to say, one of my wishes already came true, so yeah, I'll keep wishing and see what else does."

Rey gave him an inquiring look, "Fine Flyboy, you wish on your stars, because we need luck!"

Chapter Text

"Excuse me miss, but did the 12:15 bus came already?"

Rey looked up to see a very handsome man, "Yes, sorry to say, I missed it too by a few minutes."

"Damn it," the man said as he sat down next to her and extended his hand, "hi, I'm Poe, hope the next bus doesn't take long, I'd hate to arrive late to the speech I'm doing."

"Rey," she shook his hand, ".... Wait, you're Poe Dameron? The pilot?"

"...Yes?" he looked confused for a moment, "yes I am."

Rey beamed, "Lovely to meet you! I'm actually going to your speech, I'm studying flight engineering and you're our star pilot and I am so glad I won’t miss your speech!"

Chapter Text

"Tell about the Lady Sansa," the Elder brother asks gently.

His throat closes, he blames it on his sickness, on being almost an invalid, "Lord Stark's oldest daughter, pretty thing, a proper Lady."

"You were calling for her, asking her to forgive you," the Elder brother pressed.

"I - she," he chokes, the words are stuck on his throat, "she didn't deserve what happened to her, she was just a child and I, I stood there wearing a white cloak and watched as men beat her on command, I barely saved her on a riot, but in the end, I scared her, I couldn't save her."

The Elder brother is silent at that, "You should rest, we can talk later; but perhaps she will forgive you one day."

Sandor looks away, "She would, she is a good lady, but I don't deserve it."

Chapter Text

Looking back, Rey had to admit that Maz had been right.

She had felt so lost for so long, hoping and waiting that one day the family she had so wanted would come back and take her in their arms, taking her away from all the hurt; but in the end, the past yielded nothing, the future did.

She had found a mother in Leia, a father in Han - if only for such a brief period -, a recluse uncle in Luke, a brother in Finn, a sister in Rose. And she had found a different sort of family in Poe.

She had found love in him, a love so full of laughter and joy, warm, kind, gentle, passionate and generous, understanding and patient; and in him also found another family, his friends became hers, his droid became theirs, his father became another father who welcomed her with open arms.

In the end, Rey discovered that family did not limit itself to the blood in your veins.

Chapter Text

"You have got to be kidding me," you muttered as you heard a bell ring, you stood from your bed, put your book down and walked over to your living room, seeing you guess still ringing the bell, "what now Percival?"

"Oh the full name," he said, not an ounce of shame in his voice, "I was wondering if you could make me a sandwich, please?"

You stared at the man, and in that very moment, you regretted offering a place so he could stay and recover, "You made leave my bed for a sandwich? Make one yourself!"

"I will remind you," he tutted at you, "that I am on recovery and they told to rest, besides, you are a better cook than I am, and there is only so much of my nagging that you can stand before you do it."

You scowled at the man, who simply stared back at you, "You are a wizard, a very talented one in fact, are you telling me that you can't get up and make yourself a sandwich?"

"Oh I can get up and do it," he smirked, "but as I said, you're the better cook and, you'll do it because you love me."

Chapter Text

Pepper knows Tony didn’t had the best childhood, truth be told, neither did she, it was just another thing that bind them together.

But she loved him and he loved her, she loved him with all his faults and ugly sides, he wasn’t perfect, but he was her Tony and she was his Pepper and that was enough.

To be loved for who you are without shame, or hiding parts of you it was magical.

But, there was something she loved the most, that childlike wonder he had, that ability of him to see the world and see its wonders, to still dream of a better tomorrow, to still be excited for new things, to still feel excitement at a new creation.

In all truth, what she loved most was his laughter, it was rare that he would laugh, and honest, open laugh wasn’t something that came easy to Tony Stark, but when it did? It light up his whole face, his laughter was contagious and free, joyful and loud.

She had decided that she would always fight for that part of him. No matter what, she would defend his joy at whatever cost.

Chapter Text

"I don't know why you love me," came the voice of Percival, he was looking out the window, "after everything, you still took me back - you love me in a way I do not deserve."

You sighed, you were expecting this, Percy, had been quite understandably morose after the whole affair with Grindewald, "Percy, what happened wasn't your fault, he fooled us all, you are no less deserving of love than you were before the whole thing."

"You're very generous."

"And selfish, I am also selfish because I want you with me; I am not letting you go now, not ever, unless you don't love me, only then will I let go."

He was silent then, his back still turned to you, "No, I do love you still," his voice was full of emotion, "you gave me strength in those months as a prisoner, I'd hope to come back alive to you."

"And so you did; and now we live and now we love."

Chapter Text

They live, they survive what is being called "Battle for the Dawn" by the skin of their teeth and he remains in Winterfell at her request, he can not say no to her.

Years pass and she grows in beauty and wisdom, and he remains at her side, falling more and more in love with her, but never saying a word, she deserves more than what he has to offer.

But in the end, she approaches him, when she's eight and ten, "I... I know this might sound sudden and very forward, but, marry me?"

He blinks, surprise written in his face, "Little Bird... your family will not approve, the North will not either."

She smiles and she is as radiant as the sun, "My family will not object, I have spoken with them already and when it comes to the North... they can live with it, none looked for me when I needed it, so it's my choice now and my choice is you."

He stares at her, long and hard and she doesn't look away, her smile still in place, he kneels, "I'd be honored my Lady."

Chapter Text

When your husband entered your shared chambers, you stared, he was completely disheveled and his crown was askew, "What in the name of the Valar happened to you."

He let a hearty laugh, "The children ambushed me, they wanted to play and I indulged them."

You rolled your eyes, "It is far too late for them to be playing, they should have been asleep."

Thranduil, still smiling laid his crown down and shrugged his outer robe, "They are in bed now my love, I made sure of it."

"Good then," you walked towards him and he opened his arms to you, we went and laid your head on his shoulder, hugging him, "now it's our turn to rest too."

"Yes, because I have a feeling the children will ambush us tomorrow again!"

Chapter Text

"Do you remember your mother Cassian?" Jyn's question surprised him.

"Very little," he admits, "she died when I was very young, all the memories I have of her are faded."

"My mom was killed by Death Troopers, she stood up to Krennic, gun in hand and she was gunned down."

"I am sorry," he hugs her, she lets herself be hugged, "I am sorry that you had to see that, your mother must have been very brave."

"I'd like to believe that she is with dad now, that she is glad of what we did."

Cassian says nothing, but kisses the top of her head, "I am sure she is Jyn, she must be proud of what you did, of what you had the courage to do."

Chapter Text

"Cassian, I... I need help, I feel like I can't breathe," comes Jyn panicked voice.

He rises immediately from the cot where he is resting, he knows what's happening, the adrenaline is fading and Jyn is going to have a panic attack, he limps to her, "Come Jyn, there's nothing wrong, calm down," he rubs his hand on her back, "take a deep breath, in your nose and out of your mouth."

Jyn does as told, over and over again, until she looks and feels calmer, "What is wrong with me?"

"You likely had a panic attack," he says, still rubbing comforting circles on her back, "we survived by a miracle and now, the adrenaline is fading, reality hit you hard."

"How come you are fine?" she frowns.

He closes his eyes, his heart beating fast, he's not fine, "I'm used to it."

Chapter Text

Nerdanel knocked on Feanaro's forge door, he had asked if she could help him with something and she was curious to see what it was.

Feanaro looked up from the small place where he sat, "Ah Nerdanel, thank you for coming, come, come, I need your opinion on something."

She walked in and made her way towards him, "What is it Feanaro?"

"Here," he said as he gave her a piece of parchment, "I am making a new necklace for my father see, but I am unsure of the shape of the stones besides oval ones, what do you think?"

She looked at the design, it was beautiful - but then again, Feanaro had an undeniable talent, "Perhaps drop-shaped jewels for some of them, hexagons for some and smaller rounds to give the bigger stones a halo," she returned him the parchment, "why ask me though?"

"Because," his voice was soft, "I trust your opinion."

Chapter Text

“I’ve never seen eyes the same color as yours,” said Ned.

Cersei raised her eyebrow, drank a sip of her wine and then asked, "Whatever do you mean husband?"

"It simply is that, I have seen green eyes before, but most of them are pale, whereas yours are dark, like proper emeralds."

Cersei was grateful for the dark of the room, and for the fire that she could blame for the slight blush that she felt heat her cheeks, "Of course not, I am a Lannister of Casterly Rock, none can compare to me."

Ned smiled at her, "Of course, a torch cannot compare to the raising sun."

Cersei felt her blush deepen, and as much as she was initially displeased with this marriage -she was meant for Queenship damn it -, Ned Stark was proving himself a man worthy of her, in the end she said, "Good, remember that."

Chapter Text

"I hope I'm old before I die, I hope I live to relive the days gone by..."

"Whoa I didn’t know you could sing," came Harry's voice.

She snapped and looked behind her, hand in her chest, "You scared me Harry! I'm sorry, did I wake you?"

Harry shook his head, "Sorry and nah, I was already awake - couldn't sleep to be honest."

"I'm sorry," she said, "I've tried sleeping too, but couldn't, so I just gave up and well," she gestured vaguely.

Harry sat down next to her, took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, "You should sing more often, your voice is lovely."

Chapter Text

Sansa was stunned, completely surprised at how easily Sandor spun her around the hall at the rhythm of the music, "I thought you said you can’t dance?"

"I can, I just don't like it," Sandor grumbled.

"Then why...?"

"Am I dancing with you now? Well, it's clear that you wanted to dance, and it would have been terrible of me to start our marriage without dancing."

Sansa smiled up at him, "That is very sweet of you."

"Anything for you Little bird, but don't get used to it, I really am not a dancer."

Chapter Text

Harry waited for Hermione to be ready in the Gryffindor's Common Room, he was nervous, he knew that people would be watching and didn't want to embarrass himself of Hermione.

He was pacing, not paying much attention to anyone else in the room when he heard Hermione call, "Harry, I'm ready."

He turned and blinked, Hermione looked so nice and very different, her hair was done up and the robes were blue and the color looked nice on her, "I love that color on you," was the first thing he said, and he immediately blushed and looked away.

Hermione also blushed, "Thank you Harry, I'm ready to go if you are."

Harry cough, trying to clear his throat, "Yeah, let's go then," he offered his arm and she took it, "'Mione? I'm glad that you're coming with me."

Hermione smiled at him, "I'm happy that you asked me!"

Chapter Text

"I know this is going to sound weird, but, I honestly feel like I've known you forever," Jyn says to Cassian.

Cassian looks up from the datapad, still in ordered bed rest, he works as best he can, "It's not strange, I feel that way too."

"Do you think we're similar?"

"In a way, we are," he told her, "without family since young, both joined military operations, we were always moving, always on the run, never really safe, we put faces on and pretended everything was fine."

"Is that why you're welcomed me into the Rebellion? Because you knew...? Well, if I must be honest, as much as welcome as I've been, I... I think you're my home."

Cassian smiled, "And you're mine."

Chapter Text

You held your boyfriend's hands and enjoyed the feeling of his skin, "Has anyone ever told you you have really nice hands?"

Tony looked at you, surprise clearly written on his face, "That's a first sweet cheeks."

"Well, I like your hands," you said, "they are strong, and I can feel that you've worked with them and yet, they're so soft."

He was silent for a moment, then a cocky grin made it's way to his face, "I know how you'd like my hands even more," he said as he wiggled an eyebrow at you.

"Oh don't ruin the moment, you idiot!"

"You didn't say no!"

Chapter Text

"I really appreciate you," said Daenerys once after their meal.

"Oh?" Sansa looked at the Queen, who had a small smile on her face.

"Aye, you hate this place," Daenery raised a hand, "oh I know you do, with good reasons if I may say it, but, here you are, facing your ghosts, still living, your head held high and helping me run a kingdom, so thank you."

Sansa blushed and looked down, "I am glad to help, even if people speak behind my back."

"They're idiots," said Daenerys fiercely, "Men do not understand what it is to suffer, how many of them saw you in pain and did nothing? My brother only cared for the throne, he had no qualms on using me for it, and now, here we are, standing strong and with more wisdom than what they could only dream."

Sansa was silent for a moment, looked at Daenerys and said, "Then I am glad that we are friends," she raised her goblet of wine and said, "to the Queens they did not see coming!"

Chapter Text

Poe found Rey outside, looking at the stars, "You ok there miss Jedi?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks," she spoke not looking at him, "just thinking."

He sat down next to her and nudged her with his arm, "Thinking, huh? Can I ask about what?"

"About how you make me feel at home," she said.

Poe blinked, that was unexpected, not unpleasant, on the contrary, it made him happy, but it still surprised him at her just blurting it out, but then again, she's never had the most conventional upbringing, "Well, I'm glad that I make you comfortable and at home."

Rey smiled at him, "Yeah, you're my home now Dameron, so don't go and die, you hear me!"

Chapter Text

"You need a place to stay Percy," you spoke, firmly trying to convince your stubborn boyfriend to - temporarily - move in with you.

He sighed, "Y/N, I don't need a place to stay, I have my own place."

"Yes," you spoke, anger tainting your voice, "a place where Grindelwald kept you prisoner for months, a place his followers know you live, you're inviting attacks!"

"No more than what I already did," he told you calmly, "I will be fine, I appreciate your concern, but I will be well."

You took a deep breath, trying to calm your emotions and closed your eyes, "Percy, I know you already did invite revenge against you, you are the very best of what MACUSA has to offer and your record is impeccable, but this is different, we're dealing with a man who actually has followers who are willing to do things for him, I will not be at ease until that man is gone from the States."

He looked at you, then he pulled you in and kissed your forehead, "I know you're worried, but I promise you, I will be fine and just so you know," he enveloped you in his arms, "I am very lucky to have you."

Chapter Text

"Are you going to the dinner party Seraphina is throwing?" Percival asked you, "She told me she asked you to sing a piece or two."

You frowned, "No, I have not felt very well and my voice is a bit raspy, I don't think I'll make it, are you going?"

"I’m not going if you’re not going, it wouldn’t be fun without you," he shook his head.

That surprised you, "You don't have to do that you know? I'll be fine if you decide and go have a nice night with your boss and co-workers."

"I know you don't mind," he smiled at you, "but it's more fun when you're around, who else is going to get snarky and make funny zingers at me?"

You snorted, "Ok, fine, we're staying in, so game night?"

Chapter Text

They day is absolutely beautiful, which is why Sansa is loathe to just stay in and do nothing, so, she runs to the kitchen and makes some snacks, packs them well and gets the dogs.

“Oh Sandor!” she sings from the bottom of the stairs, ready to go, “oh my darling-est love!”

Sandor pops his head from his office, just in some old jeans and a wife beater, he’s about to ask what she needs, when he sees her, a bag on her person and two dogs ready to go, he gets the message, sighs and says, “Let me put on a shirt.”

The park is far too full for Sandor’s liking, but he doesn’t have the heart to complain when Sansa is clearly happy, even the dogs seem to be in a good mood, so they just relax and bask in the day.

“See, coming was a good idea,” said Sansa as they munched on the sandwiches she made, “it’s a good day and the puppies are happy, I am happy.”

Sandor smiled around his sandwich, “I’m happy you are happy Little bird, that makes me happy.”

Chapter Text

"You're so easy to talk to," Sandor admitted as he and Sansa sat together in the cafeteria, "and you listen and don't laugh, thank you."

Sansa beamed at him, "We're friends are we not? That's what friends do!"

"Not everyone," Sandor said, "many just ignored me, saw my face and wanted nothing to do with me."

Sansa reached and took his hand in hers, "They were not true friends, I'm happy that you talk to me, I'm glad that you're my friend."

Sandor looked at her hand atop his, and his lips twitched upwards, "Joffrey was a bastard, you didn't deserve what he did."

"No, I did not," Sansa agreed, "but something good came out of it: you're my friend now!"

Chapter Text

You rushed to the door, your wand carefully hidden and there were very insistent knocks on it, "Who is it?" you asked.

"It's me, Percy," came the gruff voice on the other side of the door.

You opened it a bit, to allow Percy to cast a patronus and prove it was him, once he did, you let him in, "Percy, what's wrong?" you asked as soon as you saw how upset he looked.

"I need a place to stay," he said, "I'm sorry to bother you, Y/N, but... I can't sleep in my apartment, I tried, but it all comes back to the time I was kept there, alone."

"Oh Percy," you spoke, your heart breaking for him, "You can stay here as long as you need, I'll set up the extra room I have, don't worry about it, would you like some tea?"

"Tea would be lovely, and thank you Y/N, I do not know what I would do without you."

"You're never going to find out, I'll always be here Percy, always.

Chapter Text

You held onto Thranduil, unwilling to let go, he held you back, whispering reassurances in your ear, "I will come back meleth-nin, I promise."

You felt your tears fall as he spoke to you, "I'll hold you to that Thranduil, I'll be waiting, so please, live and come back!"

He rubbed your back, and then let go of you to raise your chin and wipe the tears from your eyes, "You know I will never willingly leave you, but Sauron must be dealt with, but I promise you, I'll come back to you."

You smiled through your tears, "I know, but I worry, I worry that you can be slain and I will never see you again."

Then, he reached into one of his pockets and pulled a small ring, and brought it to your eye level, "I had this made for you, it is a promise; my promise to you that after the battle is done, I will come home to you, and should you wish it, we will wed and live for as long and we shall."

Tears came back, as you took the ring with shaking hands, "Now you really have to come back, I'll be waiting."

Chapter Text

Amy’s arm is linked with Phryne, who has brought her here, “And what do you think Amy of our little spot?”

“It’s fantastic,” she replies as she looks around, taking everything in, the place is beautiful.

“Well hello there Phryne, and who is that you bring in today?” Said the barmaid.

“Joanne, this is Amelia Pond, but call her Amy, she’s traveling the world, and as such, she seemed like a good fit for our little spot,” Phryne replied.

“Oh? Well Amy, welcome to the Club, tell me, what places have you seen and I’ll make you a drink to fit.”

Amy hesitated for a moment, how to tell people that she had seen more of space than actual world, “Ah well, I’ve been to New York, Venice, Wales and France.”

“Whew, you Amy, you’re quite the traveler, so my drink of choice for you is “the bee’s knees”, I’ll have it ready for you in a second, now sit down and welcome to the club!”

Chapter Text

Cassian was used to Jyn drinking coffee, it was something she did every time she felt she needed a pick me up, however, that didn’t mean that he didn’t worry.

“Jyn... are you sure you want this coffee?” he asked as he waved the disposable cup that he had gone and fetched for her.

Jyn looked up from the book that she was studying from, “Cassian, I haven’t slept for two days, I have so much coffee inside me, I’m practically vibrating... yes I want that coffee, now if you please.”

“You know, you don’t have to drink the blackest coffee available, you could switch to black tea.”

Jyn scowled, “Cassian, give me the goddamn coffee or face my wrath.”

Cassian, who had actually seen Jyn fight two people once, did the only smart thing he could, handed over the cup, “Happy not sleeping then, seeing you crash will amuse me.”

Chapter Text

“First lesson is this Sandor, you are polite to those who speak to you,” Sansa told him.

Sandor scowled, “Why the buggering hells should I do that?”

“Because we’re married now, you’re a Lord of a Keep and have responsibilities to those who follow, well, me,” she smiled at him, “I know it’s not your ideal life, but you did marry me and now you have to do the work, why do you think people were loyal to my father? Because he was a good man, so give them a chance and be the lord they need.”

Sandor was silent at that, then he sighed “You’re right Little Bird, it’s not my idea of what life would have been for me, but now, I’ll do it for you, because you deserve better.”

“If it makes you feel better, you’re allowed to scowl and growl at them if they start it,” Sansa’s smile widened, “but be polite first, then comes the harshness should they deserve it.”

“Too many rules,” Sandor grumbled, “but aye, I’ll play nice and then growl if they deserve it.”

Chapter Text

Many things of the modern world perplex him, but Steve has never been afraid to ask, “Diana, what’s a dudebro?”

Diana looks up from her book, “Young white men who are very insecure of their masculinity, who are very dominant and jealous, why?”

“Well, now I’m offended, you see, I went out today and I was sitting down enjoying a piece of cake and coffee and two girls passed by and said, ‘see he’s handsome, but he’s probably a dudebro’.”

Diana laughs, “You’re the farthest thing from a dudebro Steve, in fact, you’re quite the opposite, you’re the kindest, most loving and respectful man I’ve met, by a long shot.”

“Thank you Diana, I’m glad that you think highly of me,” Steve smiled at his girlfriend, “how about I makes dinner now, any preferences?”

“Vegetarian maybe?” She said and watched him nod and leaving for the kitchen, “farthest thing from a dudebro indeed.”

Chapter Text

Harry could feel the eyes of hundreds of students, but for once during this whole debacle, he didn’t care.

Hermione looked great and she was happy, and while he was not the greatest dancer in the world, he tried his best for her.

“This is really nice, they outdid themselves on the decorations, don’t you think Harry?”

“Yeah, all’s pretty great,” he told her.

But the truth was, he was talking about her, because right in this moment, with the other champions only and people watching, Harry didn’t care about anything but her.

His life had been in constant danger, but in this very moment, while he sway in the hall with Hermione in his arms, all he felt was peace and joy.

Chapter Text

Jyn looked at her boyfriend, he did not look good, all night he had tossed and turned and, at some point, even tossing the sheets.

"Cass, I think you should see a doctor," she tells him, "you look pale and tired."

"I am fine Jyn, must have been something I ate," he answers, but she can hear his voice being rough.

So, she carefully caresses his forehead, gently placing her wrist in it, "You have a fever, you're burning up Cass."

Cassian sighs and closes his eyes, "Fine, I'll see a doctor, but please let me shower first, I'm sweaty."

"Fine by me, I'll call your doctor and let him we're going."

Chapter Text

Sherlock wasn’t someone who regretted things easily, but right now, he was starting to wonder if he had been completely out of his mind to accept Amy and the Doctor’s invitation for a ‘short’ travel.

But the planet they had landed was in the middle of a war, the airships that floated above their heads looked almost like zeppelins, and they had been running all day.

But, seeing Amy be so fearless was awe inducing; he’d always known that she was not defenseless, but seeing her in action was another thing.

“Sher, listen to me,” Amy said as they were hiding on a corner, they were close to the Tardis, “I managed to get one gun from the guy that was chasing us, so this is what we’re doing, you run and I follow while covering you.”

“Are you sure,” he hesitated, it wouldn’t do to just let her fend off hostile aliens, “I can help.”

Amy snorted, “Sher, listen to me, you’re unarmed and I’m not, I have very good aim, so when I say go, you run and I’ll follow…” and with that, she raised the gun and aimed at one of the aliens, “three, two, one, GO!”

Chapter Text

“Diana, I’m going to get real nosy again, but… uh, what does it mean ‘slutshaming’”

Diana stopped taking her shoe off and looked at Steve, “It’s when men - and well some women - shame women for their right to sleep with people, did you hear that today?”

Steve sat down in the bed besides her, frowning, “Yeah, these women where talking and the word came up, it’s unpleasant, men don’t have to deal with it, men get praised for sleeping around.”

Diana smiled and removed the other shoe, “I don’t know how you do it, but I am glad that you are not like most men, I am very lucky, the world is better with you in it.”

“Yeah, I hate that, it’s also unfair… women have rough, now on more pleasant thoughts, dinner’s almost ready, this crock-pot is brilliant!”

Diana laughed out loud, and kissed Steve’s cheek, “You’re the best.”

Chapter Text

Sandor found Sansa in the kitchens, he had been looking for her and no one seemed to know where she was, until a maid told him where he could find her and when he did, he understood why.

Sitting in the kitchen table, sat Sansa, holding a direwolf puppy in her arms while both cooing and making him drink milk, “It’s hard to believe those monsters start that small.”

Sansa looked up, gentle smile still adorning her features, “Lady was smaller still, but this one will grow without anyone hurting her.”

“Snow got her for you didn’t he?” He asked as he sat down next to her, hand hovering on the pup’s head, in the end he patted it, the puppy, in turn licked his fingers and wagged its tail.

Sansa beamed, “Yes, Jon got her for me, I think she might be Ghost’s pup, but we don’t know, be as it may, she’s adorable and look, she likes you.”

Sandor patted the pup’s head again, “Aye, I guess she does.”

Chapter Text

Pepper watched as life drained from Tony’s eyes, until he finally closed them, then and only then did she allowed herself to scream in grief… only to wake up with tears in her eyes and a worried Tony shaking her.

“Pep, Pep, are you ok? What’s wrong?”

Pepper couldn’t speak, tears falling down and the only thing she could do was to hold onto Tony and cried as he whispered words of comfort, in the end, she whispered, “I dreamt you died, you used the stones to defeat Thanos and died, you left me and Morgan alone.”

“What an awful dream,” he whispered, “but I am ok, we’re ok, Wanda destroyed the Mind stone and Thor took out Thanos, we’re alive babe, we’re alive.”

Pepper still held onto Tony, unwilling to let him go, “It felt so real,” she whispered, “as if I had actually live through that.”

“But you won’t,” he told her, “we’re alive and you’re stuck with me, Iron Man is retired, and we get to grow old together, I am here, forever.”

Chapter Text

It started with a ill-thought phrase, ‘anything you can do I can do at least as well’ and Aragorn was regretting his words.

Arwen had laughed and said, “Indeed? Then perhaps we should put it to the test, how about we sew a piece of cloth?”

And so they had, but now, Arwen was struggling to not laugh in his face, as good as Aragorn was in surviving in the wild, his stitches were uneven, erratic, big and crooked sometimes.

“Perhaps Aragorn, we have found the one thing you are not good at?”

“It seems so Arwen,” he ruefully admitted, “I cannot compare to your fine hand, this should teach me a lesson I think.”

Arwen laughed and patted his hand, “You can learn and improve.”

Chapter Text

Thranduil paced the entrance hall, occasionally pausing and looking into the entrance, waiting for his son to return, as he worried about how his son would return.

“Hello again Ada,” Legolas voice broke his thoughts.

His head snapped and turned to look at his son, he immediately rushed towards him and held his son in his arms, thanking Eru and the Valar that his son seemed to be well, “Welcome home, pen-neth, welcome home ion-nin.”

Legolas held onto his father, feeling very much like a child again in the safety of his father’s arms, “Forgive me for leaving, I did not meant for you to worry.”

“Oh Legolas, you worry me every time you are out of my sight, but, I am glad that you are safe and that you came home.”

“So am I ada, so am I.”

Chapter Text

Harry guesses what’s wrong the moment he looks into Hermione’s eyes, for they’re wide and worryingly vacant, so he approached her gently, “’Mione, are you ok?” he knew she wasn’t, but he had to ask, she didn’t say anything, but shook her head ‘no’, he sighed and without hesitation took her by her hand and somehow managed to avoid people and they made it to the forbidden forest.

He did not let go, instead, he hugged her, he knew and understood she was beginning to process all the grief they couldn’t properly express during the war.

“Stay with me please Harry,” she whispered, “don’t let go, please.”

“I won’t, I promise,” he said and began to sway with her in his arms, they remained in silence as she calmed down, no words passing between them, only silence and the presence of the other.

Suddenly, Hermione plants a gentle barely there kiss on his lips and whispers “Thank you, can we stay here a while a longer?”

He looks at her, then up, the stars are shinning and they are away from people, they both need alone time, so he turns and rest his forehead against her, “Yeah, yeah we can.”

Chapter Text

"Sandor, please put me down it’s just a sprained ankle," said Sansa as she was held in her husband's arms.

"No, remember what the doctor said, no putting pressure in it," he said.

Sansa sighed, "Sandor, I am not going to run a marathon, I am just going to the bathroom, that I can walk to."

"Nonsense, I can help you," he grumbled as he walked the short distance between Sansa's crafting room to the master bathroom.

"My love thank you, but I promise I can move on my own," she told him gently, "I might impose and ask you to fetch something from downstairs, but I can move here you know?"

"Ah yes, but... this is nice, having you in my arms is quite nice and the only reason I am letting go, is because you need to use the bathroom."

Chapter Text

"So, let me get this straight, a witch managed to create a killer house," you whispered as you walked behind Percival.

"Yes," his voice was quiet, "she would invite people over and then, they would turn dead in their bedrooms, all heart attacks."

Both of you had your wands up and ready, but the house seemed harmless, every where you looked, everything had been covered in dust and cobwebs, "All seems quiet and abandoned."

"And yet, you still saw someone at the window," he answered you, "I want to make sure no one is living here."

"If they are, they're making a terrible job at housekeeping," you attempted to joke.

Suddenly a soft music began to play, "Y/N... not to alarm you, but, I think there's something here."

Chapter Text

Sansa held a hand to her chest, trying to calm down, she could feel her heartbeat and how fast it was, "That... that is the tenth demon summoning this week holy shit."

Arya winced, Sansa never cursed, "I'm sorry?" she offered.

Sansa sighed, hand still on her chest, "I know you are, but please, be more careful; I know this summoning of yours need to improve, but Arya, you're trying to summon ghosts, not demonds!"

"I know!" Arya let a frustrated growl, "I'm trying, but it doesn't seem like it's working."

"If it makes you feel better, I summoned two demons myself when I first tried, you'll get there, I promise."

"I hope so," Arya looked down, "I just want to make sure I'm good with my magic before we open shop."

Chapter Text

Rickard glared at his sons, Brandon and Ned were completely covered in mud, “And well, what do you children have to say for yourselves?”

Both children looked down, Rhaella, who was holding a toddler Alysanne, said, “You both should not be fighting, let alone in mud, you are brothers.”

“I’m sorry mama,” Ned spoke, looking contrite, “but Bran said I was a coward.”

If anything, Rickard’s glare intensified as he watched his eldest, “Brandon Stark, you will apologize to your brother, right this instant, and Ned, you are no coward child, you are a child, you are allowed to be afraid.”

“Brandon, we are waiting,” Rhaella spoke, firmly.

“I’m sorry, I should not have called you a coward, forgive me brother.”

Chapter Text

“What is that?” Are the first words Rey says when she sees him eating... whatever that is.

Poe smiles at her and offers it to her, “It’s cotton candy, no, not made of cotton, but it looks like it, hence the name.”

Rey gives it a weary look, but takes a piece between her fingers and eats it, much to her surprise, it dissolves in her mouth, “It’s magic, does everyone eat this?”

Poe laughs, “Nah, not magic, just very fine sugar with flavorings, and mostly kids eat this, but I have a bit of a sweet tooth and wanted one.”

“I’ve never had anything like this,” she says as she grabs another piece with Poe’s encouraging smile.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you try a wide variety of food, I’ll keep you well fed!”

Chapter Text

“…but what if she says no?” asked a very nervous looking Brandon, who was taking turns at looking at his mother and his brother.

“And what if she says yes,” his mother said, a gentle smile on her face.

“Cat loves you,” Ned chimed in, “she won’t say no, if she wanted to break up, she would have done so already, Cat is not someone to lead someone on.”

“Your brother is right, sweetling,” Rhaella stood and placed her hands on her first born’s shoulders, “Catelyn is a lovely woman who loves you, she will be thrilled when you ask her, you have the ring already don’t you?”

Brandon looked down at his mother, who was a few inches shorter than he was and gave her half a smile, “Yes, I have the ring, I have everything planned too.”

“Then do it,” said Ned, “you are both wolf and dragon, don’t let your courage fail you now.”

Chapter Text

“It is completely unfair at how elegant you are,” you said as you looked at Percival, who was dressed to the nines, “you don’t even try, you just are!”

Percival smiled, “Blame my mother, she didn’t like that we dressed in rags.”

“One thing is to dress in rags, the other is wearing a three piece suit to work… on a Saturday!”

Percival let out a laugh, “Perhaps, but still, I do not like many of those casual clothes, I feel more at home in a nice suit.”

“Of course you do, it’s just that I have never seen you look disheveled, I mean, I’ve seen you in pajamas, and even then, you ooze class and elegance.”

“Part of my charm,” he said with a smile and a wink, “isn’t that why you love me?”

Chapter Text

Cassian struggled to get to the bathroom, glad that Jyn could not see him, otherwise she might not let him take the shower.

In the end, he decided that a quick, almost cold shower would have to do, it would not do to bathe with hot steam, making him dizzier than what he already was, and was not intending to take long, he lathered quickly and was out of the shower in under ten minutes.

“Feeling better?” Jyn asked when he returned to their shared bedroom, looking at him sharply.

“To be honest no,” he admitted, “I feel dizzy, I bathed in mostly cold water to avoid steam and… oh dios mío*, I need to sit down.”

Jyn rushed towards him and helped him get to their bed, “Sit down Cass, relax, I got you,” she said as he sat, “I called the doctor, he can see us in one hour, so take your time, I’ll help you dress, just sweat pants will do and let me get you some water and a piece of bread with butter, you need to eat something.”

“Thank you Jyn,” Cassian closed his eyes, “you’re the best.”

Chapter Text

Faramir stood at a distance, watching as Eowyn swung her sword, her strikes were precise and elegant, almost like a dance and he smiled at his wife.

“If you want to keep sparring, you can do so my love,” he spoke to her.

Eowyn turned, surprised to see her husband behind her, “Would it not be much trouble?”

“Why would it be? You and Merry defeated the Witch King, if anyone were to judge, you could just ignore them, you have done something no one could have done, I spoke to the elven lord Glorfindel and he spoke about his own statement, he said that once he faced the Witch King, he said that no man defeat them, and yet you did.”

“I am no man,” she said quietly, “I am a daughter of Rohan, a shieldmaiden and now, wife and healer to be, what sort of person would I be?”

“The very best,” Faramir answered without hesitation, “You would be Eowyn of Rohan, a woman of many virtues and no less worthy than any other.”

Chapter Text

Cassian stared at his phone, not sure if he was seeing what he was seeing, he had received a good night from Jyn that read: “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite,” which could only mean one thing, Jyn was drunk.

“Jyn… are you drunk?” He sent.

“Why would I be drunk?” her response was quick.

“Because you’re on a girls trip and I know that you never shy from a shot challenge.”

“Maybe I’m a little drunk, just a little… btw, don’t believe whatever Leia tells you.”

Oh boy, now that seemed promising, Leia never minced words, “Now I’m curious.”

Chapter Text

“You, my dearest sister are smitten,” Finrod teased with a smile.

Artanis shook her head, giving her brother a haughty look, “Do not speak nonsense Findarato, it is not true.”

“Yes it is,” he told her, “you follow Celeborn around like a lost puppy, and you stare at him ‘discreetly’”.

Artanis narrowed her eyes, “Lies, I do not ‘follow like a lost puppy’, I simply find him interesting and knowledgeable regarding these lands and I wish to learn.”

“You will end up marrying him, you mark my words.”

“Do not count on it,” she said.

Chapter Text


"No Rey, I love you, but no, I have to draw the line somewhere," Poe said, arms crossed as he gave his girlfriend a stern look.

"It wasn't that bad, we can do it together, think of it as 'bonding' time," Rey tried again.

"I’m not buying ikea furniture again," Poe snorted, "and it's not bonding time when we're arguing as to where the parts go."

"Quitter," Rey laughed.

"On Ikea furniture? Yeah!"

Chapter Text

"I need to ask a big favor Percival," You said as you sat down in his office.

"What do you need," he asked without looking up from the papers he was reading.

"You know how my family is having a reunion, well, I need you to be my date for the day," you said and hoped for the best.

He looked up at you, "Let me guess, parents wondering why you're still single?"

"Grandma, mostly, but once she starts, the whole family follows; unfortunately, I can't get out of it, because I've already missed two family reunions in a row, so... please?"

He looked at you for a while, making you a bit nervous, "Fine, but you owe me."

Chapter Text

"I am not sure this is a good idea Dany," Sansa spoke as she warily watched the dragons play with each other.

Dany laughed, "They won't hurt you, specially not while you are with me, I promise."

Sansa followed her lover two steps behind, "I'll hold you to that, because if they roast me, I'm coming back to haunt you."

Dany called for her children and it was Viserion who approached his mother, she petted him with one hand while reaching for Sansa with the other, "Here, let him get your scent and feel free to pet him, he's the cuddliest of the three."

Sansa patted the dragon, heart beating loudly in her ears, but the dragon only seemed content to be petted and she allowed herself to smile, "I'm still not sure about flying, I am not a Targaryen after all."

Dany smiled, "Viserion will take you, believe me Sansa, nothing will compare to a flight upon a dragon."

Chapter Text

“Rickard Stark, you know you’re very lucky that I love you right?” Said Rhaella, as she walked guided by her boyfriend, who had asked her to wear a blindfold for the surprise he had for her.

“I know and I think I’m the luckiest man alive Rhae,” Rickard told her as he guided her under the tree, “Ok, we’re here, whenever you’re ready, take of the blindfold.”

When Rhaella did, she gasped at what she saw, Winterfell’s garden had been transformed, little fairy and sevenmas lights had been draped on the trees, a small table was under the heart tree, rose petals had been scattered all over it and around it, some rose-scented candles were also lit, but when she turned to look at Rickard, she found him on his knee.

“Rhaella Targaryen, you’re the greatest woman that I have ever had the fortune of meeting, you make so happy and I love the man I am now because of you, and should you want it, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Rhaella, will you honor me by becoming my wife?”

Rhaella’s eyes filled with tears, and she took a calming breath as she tried to get her heart to calm down, “Yes,” she whispered, “Of course, I’ll marry you, I love you,” her voice was louder and firm this time.

Rickard took her hand and slid the ring on her finger, then placed a gentle kiss on her hand, “Forever starts today my love.”

Chapter Text

“Cersei’s got a crush!” Taena said in a sing-song voice, while nudging her.

“How dare you speak such filthy lies Taena,” Cersei’s eyes flashed, but with a slight blush to her cheeks.

“Listen Cersei, you could do so much worst than Ned Stark, besides, I have it on a good source that he kind of likes you too,” Taena was smug.

Cersei’s eyebrows shot up, and was about to say something when said Ned Stark walked by, and stopped where they were, hesitating for a second in front of Cersei, “Hi, sorry to interrupt, I just... wanted to give you this goodbye,” he said as he passed a small envelop to Cersei and fled down the hall.

Cersei opened it, it was a very lovely declaration letter, if anything her face was as red as her blouse, who would have thought that Ned Stark would be able to be poetic, “Wow, he’s really good,” she said.

“Told you so, go get your man Cersei!”

Chapter Text

You had been on busy all day and now, you were grateful that a) you didn’t work tomorrow and b) that you were home, you had called ahead letting Tony know you were en route home.

So, it was a surprise that when you were almost at the floor of the Penthouse you shared with Tony, ‘Monster Mash’ started playing, surprised, you asked Friday, “Friday, what’s with the music?”

“I am afraid that is a surprise that Boss has forbidden me to say,” there was some amusement to the AI’s voice.

And surprised you were, for the living room had been transformed into a Halloween party and there, dressed as Dracula, stood Tony, grin on his face, “Hey babe, do you like the surprise?”

You looked around, Tony had outdone himself, but... you liked it, Halloween had always been your favorite holiday, so you smiled and said, “Yeah, I do, but honey, it’s May, not October.”

He met you halfway, “Doesn’t matter, we’re due a private party, it’s just us and the guys, I promise, so go and change babe, let’s have some fun and watch some old school horror movies, and let us monster smash!”

Chapter Text

Jyn woke with a groan, opened her eyes and immediately regretted all the life choices that had taken her to this moment, damn her and her inability to say no to Leia’s challenge.

“I see you woke up,” came Cassian’s voice, thankfully, he wasn’t loud, else she would have chucked a pillow at him.

“How did we get home?” She asked him as she blinked, trying to get used to the sunlight.

“Woke up with this on my forehead,” he said as he lifted a post-it.

‘You both are banned from drinking more than 3 shots ever, you both weight a ton - Baze’

“Oh, at least they dumped us on the bed, Cass, remind me to get something nice for them as a thank you, now please, can you give me something for the headache?”

Chapter Text

Rey was dusting the living room, without a single care and singing, “ I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…”

“Oh babe, I hate to go,” came Poe’s voice, which startled her.

“Poe, you scared me!”

“I’m sorry sweetness, did not mean to, you have a lovely voice you know? You should sing more often.”

Rey smiled at her boyfriend, “Thank you, you should sing more yourself, honestly I think singing duets with you during karaoke nights with the guys is catching.”

Poe smiled at her, happy to know that she liked those karaoke nights, “We should sing together more then, even around the house.”

Chapter Text

Pepper was used to Tony’s bouts of generosity, it was in his very nature, he wasn’t one to not share his money towards good causes (and those close enough that were family).

So, she should have expected something, but nothing prepared her for seeing the dinner table that she and Tony shared on their penthouse stacked with boxes of cookies.

‘Oh,’ she thought, ‘Girl Scout cookies, is that time again?’

Tony knew that she liked the thin mints, but the amount of boxes that were on the table were ridiculous, they would go stale before she made work of half of it.

“Do you like my surprise?” Tony asked, face completely unrepentant.

Pepper took a deep breath, “You better send half of them to the company’s break room or else,” she glared, “and no more cookies, if you want to help, make a donation.”

Chapter Text

“Are you sure you want a tattoo Little bird?” Sandor asks, after Sansa tells him his plans for the weekend.

“Yes, I used to dislike them, but Arya showed me some flower designs and I fell for one, and I quite like the idea of having a blue rose on me somewhere, besides, you have tattoos.”

“Yeah, I do, but you don’t strike my much as a tattoo-haver,” he said.

“I know, ‘miss goody two-shoes’ right? But I am certain that I want a tattoo, so recommend me someone.”

“Show me the design or a similar one and I’ll see if anyone I know can make it,” he told her.

“Thank you love!”

Chapter Text

His days had been dark, hidden away on a closet, muffled sounds and nothing but sporadic meals, he had not been allowed to speak then, being Grindelwald’s prisoner had been hell.

And then coming back and work at MACUSA wasn’t exactly pleasant, people would avoid him, watch him out of the corner of their eyes, watched him with suspicion or hostility.

All but Seraphina and you; with Seraphina she simply understood better than most people, she knew how forgive and move on, you, on the other hand, were a bright spot on his darkest days.

He would often visit the small inn you had, but since returning, it was almost a daily excursion to go and see you, to talk to you while you both shared a meal together.

“Thank you,” he told you one day while eating your famous meat pie, “for not fearing me, for helping me adjust… Y/N, I’m very grateful to have you on my side.”

You beamed at him and held his hand, “You’re welcome Percival, you’re very welcome.”

Chapter Text

"Percival, had you not gone into magical law, what else would you have done?" You asked one day while having coffee in his office.

He looked up, surprise clearly written on his face, "No one has ever asked me this before; you know what, I don’t know."

"Really? You never thought about doing something else?" You were curious now.

"I mean, I suppose I could have gone into teaching," he said, his eyebrows furrowed, and he swirled the pen on his fingers, "but, I never really thought about it, all the men in my family have gone into law, from the original twelve onward, so I just followed the path."

"And you're the best," you said with a nod, "but wouldn't you have fancied done something else?"

One side of his mouth curled upwards, "Maybe a famous quidditch player."

Chapter Text

Arya was not planning on adopting any animals, she already had Nymeria and she shared the room with Lady, Sansa’s dog, so it was a complete surprise that she stopped and looked at the shelter.

Behind the window, there were two kitties, but the one who caught her attention was quite something, all white and it’s eyes were split, half were greenish and the other half was blue.

She entered the place and allowed herself to play with the cat, then took a deep breath and called Sansa, “Would you be too angry if I got a cat?”

“No,” came her sister’s voice, “You’re planning on adopting?”

“Wasn’t planning on, but I just saw the prettiest cat ever, so if you don’t mind, I’m filing papers.”

With one last assurance that she wouldn’t mind, Sansa hanged up, Arya looked at the kitty and said, “You hear that furball, you’re coming home with me!”

Chapter Text

Steve watched as Diana gritted her teeth in anger, and decided to go and make her a tea, once he returned, tea in hand, he joked, “You should run for president.”

Diana took the tea with a grateful smile, “Don’t even joke, I’d terrify the men in power and nothing would be done, besides, I have a French citizenship.”

Steve shrugged, “Weak men then, but the women would follow you, at least a very large portion, I’d vote for you… and on the French citizenship, run in France, the world needs good leaders.”

“And you think I’m one?” She asked and then took a sip of the tea.

“You’re better than anyone I know, you care Diana and that is a gift; add the fact that you genuinely want to help others and you are very charismatic, so yeah, you’d be a fantastic president.”

‘Diana for President,’ Diana whispered around her mug, then looked at Steve, “Maybe on another year, but never say never, I guess.”

Chapter Text

Thranduil tried not to think of the past, too much, there was so much pain and loss and he knew that he could be consumed by grief should he do so.

But every so often, he made celebrations of remembrances, for his father, for his late king Elu, for his wise queen Melian, for Lúthien, for Doriath and all those who perished protecting their home.

For those who died in the battle of the Last Alliance, for those who had already passed onto the Heaven’s and gone beyond, for those who had lost to grief.

Other days, it was simply him alone who would mourn, he kept those days for himself.

But now, as he fought side by side with Celeborn, fighting to expel Sauron’s minions from Mirkwood, he prayed to Eru and the Valar that Sauron might finally be defeated.

“Please Eru, do not make me go into mourning for my son, do not take him from me, do no make him another name for me to remember, bring him home.”

Chapter Text

Shaka found Aphrodite staring at the distance, a frown on his handsome face, worried, he asked, "What is the matter Aphrodite?"

Aphrodite jumped, having been so deep in thoughts that he had not felt the Virgo Saint approach, "It's nothing, at least, nothing that should concern you."

'Too late,' thought Shaka, but those were the downsides of having a crush on the Pisces Saint, "Surely, if something has you so deep in thought that you did not noticed my approach, it must be something."

Aphrodite shook his head, "It's just, well, I've been thinking... and it's just, well, screws with my head that I’m brushing my skeleton every time I brush my teeth," Aphrodite sighed, "as you can see, it's nothing, pure nonsense that my brain has decided to focus on."

Had Shaka not had his eyes closed, he would have blinked in surprise, "Ah, I see, well, I'll be in my temple should you need anything, good day."

And with that, Shaka left Aphrodite alone, he still hadn't found a good way to get closer to his fellow saint, but he was hopeful that one day he would; that night as he was brushing his teeth, Aphrodite's words came unbidden and he stopped - needless to say, Shaka didn't sleep that night.

Chapter Text

Legolas gave a wearing look at Merry, “What is that?”

Merry looked up to Legolas and smiled around his pipe, then removed it, “This, is only the greatest pipeweed in all the Shire.”

Legolas sat down next to his friend, “And what, pray tell, is pipeweed?”

Merry sputtered, “Only the best weed to smoke, Gandalf does… and so did Saruman!”

“Doesn’t smell pleasant,” Legolas said, “can’t imagine it would be good for anybody.”

“That’s not the point, it’s meant to help you relax… you could use a smoke or two.”

Chapter Text

Her labor is long and painful, and she curses the man holding her hand with all her might, "I hate you," she says between screams.

Torrhen gives her half a smile, gently pressing a wet cloth to her forehead, "No you don't, it's just the labor you're going through."

Visenya glares, gritting her teeth as another wave of pain wrecks through her, she's about to speak when a strong pain grips her and she pushes as the maester tells her, in the end, she screams, but there is a second scream, the babe.

But the pain doesn't go away, "Why am I still in pain?"

The maester, who is busy cleaning the child, turns to them, "It's a daughter my lord, my queen... and my queen, it seems there's another coming."

If anything, Visenya's glare intensifies and Torrhen who then decides to live to see his children into adulthood, simply says, "Forgive me?"

Chapter Text

"Sansa, do you remember where I put my grimoire?" Arya said as she entered her sister's room.

"No," Sansa looks up from the potion she's observing, "are you sure you left it here?"

"Where else would I leave it?"

"Oh I don't know," Sansa smirked, "Gendry's house?"

Arya's eyes went round, and gave a loud groan, "Fuck, I think you're right."

"Go and let him know you're going," Sansa said as she turned back to her potion, "any excuse will do to see your boyfriend, I guess."

Arya threw a pillow at her sister's head.

Chapter Text

"You're so cute, you know that?" Sandor looked down at Sansa.

Sansa squared her shoulders and glared, "Excuse me? Who are you calling cute, I'm a fierce warrior and nothing stands on my way."

Sandor frowned, "Aren't you one of the librarians?"

If possible, Sansa was now more offended, "No, I am one of the hunters - let me correct that, I'm one of the top 5 hunters, I'm Sansa Stark!"

Sandor looked away, embarrassed, he knew by the hunters by name, but he wasn't expecting to meet them soon, he raised his hand and scratched the back of his head, "I'm sorry," he grumbled, "I'm new here, I won't assume anymore."

Sansa calmed down then, offered a friendly smile, "Good, appearances can be deceiving, I'm a hunter and I'm good at it, people don't expect me to be it, after all," she winked at him, "I'm cute."

Chapter Text

Jon could see that Val was, not nervous, but on edge, “Could you calm down, they’ll like you, don’t worry.”

Val shot him a glare, “Easy for you to say, they’re your family.”

It was in that moment when the door opened and Arya walked in, holding the door as Bran was pushed in by Sansa, “Hello, welcome to Winterfell,” it was Sansa who spoke.

Val watched them wearily, but they seemed friendly enough, “Thank you m’lady... m’lord.”

“Please, no need for that, just call us by our names, after what you did for Jon, we have much to thank you for.”

Val gave the Starks a wry smile, “Well, someone needed to look after him.”

Chapter Text

"Can you tell me again, why are we going to the lake?" Hermione asked as she followed Harry.

"Because I need your help, otherwise I'll fail the second task," Harry said as he walked, "normally I wouldn't mind now that people are not wearing the pins much, but still."

Hermione frowned as she saw Harry put the egg under water and open it, she was about to ask when the voice came up, her eyes widened, "Harry, I think that's the voice of a merpeople!"

Harry didn't answer immediately, but waited until the voice was done, "Merpeople? Great," he groaned, "so quite possibly under water, fantastic."

Hermione patted his arm, "Don't worry Harry, we'll figure something up, I'll help you again!"

"You are a life saver 'Mione," Harry said as he smiled at her, "to the library?"

Chapter Text

"Well, I better get going, it's kind of late and it's raining, so..." Jyn said as she rose from the sofa she and Cassian were sitting in.

Cassian frowned, "Jyn, the weather's too bad, I don't want you driving like this on your own."

Jyn smiled at Cassian, "I've driven in worst weathers, besides, I can't impose and stay over."

"Just because you've driven in worst conditions," Cassian said as he took Jyn's keys from her hands, "doesn't mean I'm letting you drive, stay, I'll sleep on the sofa, one night won't kill me."

"You sure?" Jyn asked, "I mean, thanks, but I don't want to be a bother."

"You're not a bother Jyn, c'mon it's late, let me give something you can sleep in and set the sofa for myself."

Chapter Text

Cassian was a light sleeper, so he heard when the door of his fridge was opened, curious, he opened his eyes, and rose from the sofa, "You ok there Jyn?"

Jyn who was checking his fridge out, jumped and turned to look at him, hand on her chest, "Jesus Cass, make some noise next time, you scared me half to death!"

"Sorry," he smiled at her, "you hungry?"

"Yeah, hope you don't mind, I just woke up hungry and came to raid your fridge."

"I don't mind, grab whatever you want, if you need anything and don't know where to look, wake me, ok?"

"Thank you Cass," Jyn smiled at him, grateful that he was the kind of man who liked to cook, because his fridge was well stocked, "I'll just have some fruit and yougurt, so, don't let me keep you up, go and rest."

Chapter Text

Brandon was about to drink some wine when Ned came crashing down on him, “Hide me!” he said.

As soon as Ned had ducked under the table, Lady Baratheon came in his sight, “Oh you poor bastard,” he said, barely containing his laughter at his brother’s distress.

“Ah, my Lord Brandon, you have not seen Neddy by any chance?”

He was about to answer when he felt a punch to his leg, fine he could be a good brother from time to time, “Alas no my Lady, I have no idea where that brother of mine has gone, should I see him, I’ll tell him that you were looking for him.”

“I’ll be grateful if you do my Lord,” she spoke, an unhappy look on her face and then she left.

“You, Eddard Stark, are a complete coward,” Brandon said as soon as his brother came out from under the table, “it’s not everyday you get chased by a lady.”

Chapter Text

Jyn was holding onto Cassian with a strong grip, likewise, he held her as the white light grew closer, so he kissed her forehead and said, "See you in the next life, my love," and everything went black.

Jyn woke with a start, it was the third time this month she dreamt of that man and of herself dying on a beach, she was worried, even thinking of talking to a therapist about them, but she shook her head and got ready for work.

In the end, her day was pretty normal and boring, but on impulse, she entered a small bookstore after work, she began to look around when she heard a voice behind her, "Can I help you miss?"

She turned, she was about to say no, that she was only looking, but all air escaped her lungs, the man was the same man of her dreams, her eyes went wide, "Cassian?" her voice barely above a whisper.

"Jyn," his voice was equally soft, "here you are, I found you."

Her eyes filled with tears, "Hello my love."

Chapter Text

"Are you ready to order?" The bar keep asked.

Sansa was still eyeing the small menu, but sighed and gave the menu back to Sandor, "Strawberry daiquiri, the bacon sandwich..."

"They don't serve salads here Little bird," Sandor warned, "a beer for me and the animal burger."

Sansa glared at her boyfriend, "No, if it's the same to you, I'd like some fries."

The bar keep wrote it down and left to pass on the food request and make her drink, meanwhile Sansa was looking curiously around the pub, it was clean and modern, the music wasn't as loud as she would have imagined it would've been, "This seems like a good place to have a drink, I like it."

Sandor's lips twitched, "Yeah, it's a good place, the list of food is small, but good - glad you like the place."

Chapter Text

Once the food was put in front of her, Sansa grabbed her sandwich and bit into it, Sandor was amused, "Hungry Little bird?"

Sansa nodded, still chewing on her sandwich, "Yes, I didn't have chance to grab something to eat at work, by the way, this spread is delicious!"

Sandor frowned, "You should have ordered something else then," he motioned towards his burger, "want half of it?"

"No, thank you Sandor," Sansa smiled at him, "a heavy meal after no food always ends up with me and stomach pains."

"I see," Sandor was silent as both of them ate their respective food, "by the way, I think on the spread is cream cheese with scallions and - don't quote me - everything seasoning."

Sansa took a sip of her drink, "Interesting, I'll see if I can get the recipe, because it's delicious, so thanks again to bring me here!"

Chapter Text

“What if she changes her mind?” Ned asked his brother, who was sitting there, calmly scrolling through his phone.

“She won’t Ned, had she wanted to, she’d told you before today, besides, I just got a message from Alys and she says that Ashara is quite happy,” Brandon told his brother.

Suddenly there was a knock to the door, and Ned nearly jumped out of his skin, both Brandon and Aegon rolled their eyes, Aegon opened the door, on the other side, stood their sister Serena, “Hey Ned, Ashara send me to give you a little something,” she gave him a small box that contained star shaped cuff links, “family tradition and she wants you to wear them for good luck.”

Ned stood at the altar, waiting for his bride, and saw his parents and he felt calmer, his mother shot him a reassuring smile, and then the music started, he turned and looked at Ashara as she made her way towards him, once she reached him, he spoke, “You look beautiful my love.”

Ashara beamed at him, eyes full of love, “Only for you.”

Chapter Text

Cassian woke up with a groan, the light coming from the windows was rather unpleasant, he wanted to roll over and cover his head with a pillow, but there was someone on his bed, he opened one eye and nearly fell over.

It was a very naked Jyn, he looked at himself, he was also naked, he looked around the room, desperately trying to make sense, and then, something on his left hand caught his eye, it was a wedding ring.

He let his head fall back onto the pillow, took a deep breath and spoke, "Jyn, Jyn, you need to wake up."

Jyn woke up and blinked up at him, "What?"

"Not to alarm you, but... uh... I think we got married last night," there, he said it.

Jyn sat up, eyes wide but sleepy, she looked at his left hand and then at hers, there, sitting on her ring finger was a matching band to the one Cassian was wearing, "Oh shit, my mom's gonna kill us."

Chapter Text

Seraphina looked at the couple, a gentle smile on her face, it made her happy to see her friend happy and openly dating, you were such a good person to be around, his whole being seemed lighter.

She only approached him when she saw you leaving his side, "You two are a good match Percival, I'm happy for you, I hope you marry this one, you're the happiest I've ever seen you."

"Thank you Seraphina," he said, "And... well, this will be awkward, but, we got married two weeks ago."

Seraphina's eyes widened, "Two weeks ago? And you didn't say anything? Percival Graves you have some explanations to do!"

"I proposed to (Y/n) shorty after my rescue, didn't want to loose time, and well, we just, got married, but we're planning a small dinner to celebrate, so... surprise?"

"Well, congratulations to both of you, but if you hide something this big again, I am going to have words with both of you."

Chapter Text

"You always make the days a little brighter for people, you know that?"

Poe stopped eating and looked at Rey, tilted his head to the side and asked, "What do you mean Desert girl?"

Rey shrugged, "Just that, you're always so kind to everyone, people look up you and no matter how bad your day is, you never take your anger on anyone else, never yell at anyone, on the contrary, you make people smile and keep going."

Poe looked down, but there was a gentle smile on his face, "Ah well, thank you Rey, we need to keep going you know? And if I can help someone remember that the fight will be worth it in the end, I will do it, that's what my parents taught me, they always told me to be kind to others."

"They sound like great parents," Rey smiled, "I'm glad that you do that, the light needs as much help as it can get."

"Pa will love you," Poe took Rey's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, "ma would have adored you; well, the light will always have me."

Chapter Text

Ned and Cat were now wondering what the hell had they been thinking at suggesting this double date, for now, Brandon and Cersei were in the middle of a snarky comment battle, only pausing to eat.

“I like you, you remind me of me when I was young and stupid,” Said Brandon and then took a gulp of his beer.

“So, your current self? Anyways, you’ll find that I’m quite easy to get along, as soon as you start to worship me.”

“Cersei, you are validating my natural mistrust of blondes.”

“I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.”

“I know, it’s hard to realize that I’m even better.”

Chapter Text

You heard Percival scream and ran to your guest bedroom, "Percy, is fine, you're fine, you're safe!"

Percival sat on the bed, looking quite disheveled, his eyes were round and you noticed the fear clear in them, "Y/N... I'm sorry, forgive me, I - I did not mean to wake you," he tried to smile, but it was more of a grimace.

You sat next to him and began to pat his back, "It's quite alright, you had a nightmare didn't you?"

"Yes, they keep coming," he looked away.

"It's been weeks now and sleep is not getting easier for you, perhaps you should try a sleeping draught?"

"No, no potions or draughts," he spoke, low but firm, "I - I just need some company, would you stay?"

You did.

Chapter Text

Rey paced on the throne room, uncertain as to what was happening outside the castle's walls, when suddenly, the doors slammed open, "Captain Dameron of the royal guard, your Highness! The kingdom's under attack!"

"And my grandfather? Captain, what happened to the King?"

"His Majesty was still alive when he commanded me to take you away, my orders are clear your Highness, I must take you to safety; your father wants you safe, he asked me to take to Queen Leia for protection."

Rey nodded reluctantly, she did not want to abandon her kingdom or her grandfather, but she knew that Captain Dameron would toss her over his shoulder if necessary, "Give a few moments to pack a light bag, please."

"Of course your highness, but you must hurry," he said and followed her to the royal apartments, hand never leaving his sword, reading to protect her.

Rey closed the door to her room and gave herself a moment to breath, what an irony that she would get to spend time alone with Captain Dameron at the cost of a war and danger, she liked him and wanted him to like her, so praying that her grandfather would emerge victorious of the war, she hoped that now they would be alone, Captain Dameron would like her back.

Chapter Text

You woke to the sound of someone knocking on your door, you rose quickly and opened the door to find a disheveled Poe on the other side, "Is anything wrong Poe?"

The smile he had on his face faltered, "I had a nightmare again, sorry."

You moved to let him in, "I'm sorry, would you like to stay and see if you can sleep here with me?"

"You don't mind? I mean, it happens every time I close my eyes, I see myself in that room, with Ren standing in front of me and I feel the pain still... sometimes I wish I wasn't so weak."

"You're not weak Poe! Anyone would have broken, to have your mind invaded by force is something no one would think you weak for, now, come on, lay down, we'll rest together and I'll keep the nightmares away."

Poe gave you a gentle smile and laid down, "Thank you starshine."

Chapter Text

They are staying at Grimmauld Place when it happens, Harry wakes up during one night, unsure as to why, he rises and goes to the kitchen, there he finds Hermione nursing a mug of tea, "You alright 'Mione?"

Hermione jumps, surprised at not hearing him enter, "Harry! You scared me."

"Sorry, can't sleep?"

Hermione looks down at the mug on her hands, "No, every time I close my eyes, I see Hogwarts hall... and the bodies lying there."

Harry says nothing for a while, but then, he goes and hugs her gently, "C'mon, we need to sleep, I can stay with you until you fall asleep if you want?"

Hermione leaned onto the hug, knowing that Harry would do his best to keep her safe, even now, after the war, "It would mean a lot Harry, thank you."

Chapter Text

Hermione wakes slowly, feeling safe and feeling someone's arm around her middle, she turns and it's Harry; she smiles as she watches his sleeping face.

She hadn't been able to sleep last night, and Harry, ever the protector had offered to stay with her, her eyes brimmed with tears that she hastily rubbed away.

"Hey 'Mione," cames Harry's sleepy voice, "you slept well?"

"I did, thanks to you," she told him, "no bad dreams or nightmares."

Harry gives her half a smile, "Good, I'm glad that you slept well."

"Thank you Harry, for everything."

Chapter Text

"You keep doubting yourself, you shouldn't do it Poe," Rey spoke.

Poe looked back, surprised that Rey had managed to sneak up on him, he gave her a cocky smile, "I don't doubt myself my Jedi."

Rey frowned, "You do, I sense you doubt in the Force, you're a good leader, you care, that's the best we can all do."

Poe smile faltered, "Unfair advantage my Jedi, but you know I can't let Leia down, I can't let anyone down, the First Order is hell and I need to do my best."

"Yes, but so do I, so do everyone on the Resistance, you can't just shoulder the whole thing alone by yourself."

Poe went and hugged Rey, who hugged him back, then he kissed her forehead, "My wise Jedi; I'm just glad that I have you, we'll beat them - together."

Chapter Text

"What will you name them," Torrhen asked his tired wife, as he held their daughter while she fed their son.

Visenya nodded at him, "For our daughter, I would call her Valaena, after my lady mother... for the boy, perhaps you should name him, he's your heir after all."

"Brandon then, the oldest of all Stark names, quite fitting for a son and heir of House Stark," Torrhen spoke, "but should you wish it, we could give him a valyrian name."

Visenya shook her head, "No, Brandon will do just fine."

"I already sent word to your brother and sister about the children, I expect they might want to visit with you and them."

"I am sure they will," Visenya said, "Rhaenys will come for sure, she has always loved children... and where Rhaenys goes, Aegon will follow."

Chapter Text

Daenerys was running on the park when she felt herself sway, she stopped immediately and took a gulp of her water bottle, but she still felt a bit dizzy, she was about to fall down when she felt someone holding her.

"Are you ok? Do you want me to call someone for you?" Came a feminine voice.

Daenerys looked to see who had helped her, it was a beautiful red head, 'great, way to meet the woman of my dreams' she thought, "I am well, thank you, there's no need to call anyone, I'll just sit down for a bit."

The stranger smiled at her, "I'm Sansa Stark, if you don't mind, I'll stay with you until you feel better," Sansa sat down next to Daenerys.

"Daenerys Targaryen, but please, call me Dany; thank you for staying with me, you don't have to, you know?"

Sansa gave Dany a dazzling smile, "I know, but I'll feel better knowing you're safe."

Chapter Text

"You should hate me, why don't you?" Daenerys asked him after one meeting, "my father nearly ended your family."

Robb looked up from the map he was reading, and gave her an appraising look, "You're not your father, when you were told the truth of the Rebellion... you understood," Robb raised his hand, "understand is not the same as agreeing, but, you saw what your father and brother did as unjust."

"That doesn't explain why you don't hate me," Daenerys pressed.

Robb shook his head, "No, it doesn't," he agreed, "but, as I said, you're not your father, nor am I mine, you should hate us, yet here you stand."

It was only then when Daenerys looked away, "I hated your father for a long while, but... with all the story told truthfully, it's hard not to see the harm done to your family, I want the throne yes, but I need to be better than my own father."

"And with that, you're already better than him," Robb reached and held her hand, "just take it one day at the time, be the queen you want to be, without your father's influence, be free of those chains Dany, you are not your family."

Chapter Text

Cassian was lying on the sofa, reading a book when he heard the door slam shut, Jyn had no doubt had a bad day at work; heard stomp in and stand in front of the sofa, "I need you to do me a favor," Jyn spoke, "I need you to pretend we're engaged."

Cassian looked up from his book, surprise clearly written on his face, "And why is that?"

"Because I had a shit day at work and I want cake, so I made us an appointment to see a cake maker and taste test a bunch, so I had to say we were engaged."

Cassian blinked, titled his head and asked, "Couldn't you just buy one?"

"Don't be an idiot," Jyn sighed, "I want several, so... yeah."

Cassian sighed and rubbed his temples, "Fine."

Chapter Text

"Why is it so hard to believe that i could love you?" Sansa asked Sandor one day when they were alone.

Sandor said nothing for a few moments, then sighed deeply, "Look at me Little Bird, I'm an old dog, almost a cripple, who was terrible towards you, you were a child and I treated you badly."

"And yet, you've changed; I don't know what the man you call Elder Brother did with you, but you are almost a different man, I barely recognized you when we met again, only your scars gave truth to your identity."

"That still doesn't answer your reason," Sandor said softly, "I still don't understand."

"No, it doesn't," Sansa spoke just as softly, "but of all the men I've known, you're the only one who wants - because you do - for me, you see Sansa, not Lady Stark, not the possibility of being Lord of Winterfell, you're honest and speak the truth and when it comes to me, you're gentle; you wouldn't hurt me, you're what my father wanted for me, someone brave, gentle and strong, you are what I want and I love you for it."

Sandor looked down, trying to subdue the emotions that he felt at listening Sansa speak, the years and the war had made her wise, he could not deny that, neither could he deny that he loved her, so he simply whispered, "I love you too."

Chapter Text

Thranduil had been looking for you, on his way to your favorite spot, the library when he heard a loud crash coming from inside, worried, he rushed in, "Y/N! Are you here? Are you well?"

"Yes, I am here," you groaned from the spot on the floor where you had fallen.

Thranduil rushed to you, quickly spotting you on a corner of the library, surrounded by several books as you glared at what now remained of the staircase, "Did you hurt yourself?"

"Other than my pride, I believe I am fine," you said as you tried to stand up... only for a sharp pain to shot from your right ankle and it unbalanced you enough that you almost fell again, had it not been for Thranduil's quick reflexes, you'd be on the floor.

"That cannot be good meleth, let me take you to the healer, he can see if all is well with you ankle, I'll carry you," he said as he maneuvered you into his arms.

"Thank you meleth, I am glad that you are here."

Chapter Text

Arya watched as her sister walked towards her, hands balled into fists and a deep frown on her face, "...Did something happened?"

"Yes, a newbie just confused me with a librarian," Sansa grumbled.

Arya snorted, quite amused, "You can't blame them really, you don't have the look of a hunter... you wear too much pink."

"What side are you on? You're supposed to side with me!"

Arya rolled her eyes, "I am, but I can still think it's funny as hell; besides, he or she will learn soon enough that you're a badass, so don't sweat it too much, chill."

Sansa took a deep breath, "I suppose you're right, still, it's annoying."

Chapter Text

Poe was struggling to keep himself awake, he needed a strong caf to keep him going, he rubbed his eyes with one hand and tried not to fall asleep while piloting.

"I can pilot if you're tired," came Rey's voice and he nearly jumped out of his skin, he hadn't heard her come into the cockpit.

"Stars Rey, you scared me half to death," he tried to smile, but he yawned.

"See, you're nearly asleep while flying, c'mon, I can handle the Falcon myself for a few hours, go sleep a bit."

"You sure you don't mind, miss Jedi?"

Rey smiled at him and gave him a quick peck to his cheek, "Go and sleep Poe, I'll fly."

Chapter Text

To say that Maitimo was a terrible patient was an understatement, he was stubbornly fighting the decision of him being on bed rest for more time, "No, I refuse to lay useless in this bed a moment longer, I've been here enough," he growled.

You sighed, as a healer, you knew that his injuries were severe, "Maitimo, you still need to rest, Melkor nearly killed you," you whispered the last part, "please, just stay in bed and let me care for you."

Maitimo ran his hand through his hair, glaring at the stump where his right hand used to be, "How can you want me anymore? Look at me, I'm a cripple and I'm barely alive," he said, mouth twisted into a grimace.

You took his hand in yours, "Ah, but you live... Maitimo, you are a very strong elf, not everyone could have survive what you did, with the proper care I'm sure you will be back in fighting form in no time at all."

"Y/N... you're too good to me, I don't deserve you," he whispered, "you could do so much better than me."

"Ah, but I want you," your voice was soft, "and I want you just the way you are, for as long as I can have you, so, please, let me take care of you."

Chapter Text

At per Seraphina's request, you had been put in charge of taking care of Percival after his capture, the man was in rough shape, but you were confident that you would help him get back in top shape.

One of those days, Percival had drunk a potion to help him, on the downside, it left him groggy, "You're so gentle, no wonder you're a healer," he slurred.

"Ah, thank you," you told him, unsure if he was paying attention to you or not.

"You're also very pretty," he continued, "why are you so pretty?"

You blushed, while you didn't want to give much thought to his words, you knew that 'in vino veritas', and while he might not be drunk, the potion was probably lowering his inhibitions, "Thank you, my mom was very pretty, I suppose I look a little like her."

"We should go out someday," he said, and then proceeded to fall asleep.

You could only stare in shock.

Chapter Text

You were making coffee when you hear Percival's footsteps approaching, "Good morning moonshine, did you sleep well?" You asked.

"I actually did, I sleep so good last night... I didn't have nightmares," he said.

You turned, a smile on your face as you held up a coffee cup for him, he was very peculiar with his coffee, "That is good," your voice was gentle, "perhaps finally you're getting back to normal."

"I hope so," he said as he stirred some sugar in, "my life was thrown into chaos thanks to that bastard, I refuse to let him win by not getting better."

"That's the spirit!" You cheered him, "You know as your appointed nurse, I am quite happy with your progress, you're starting to sleep without needed the dreamless sleep potion."

"As I said, I think I'm getting there," he said firmly, "I'm not fully recovered yet, but I will, the bastard will not beat me."

Chapter Text

Cassian was cooking when he heard Jyn come in, “Dinner’s almost ready,” he called out.

“Oh bless your hands,” Jyn all but groaned, tired from work, “I am starved and thankful, but I’m about to sound like a complete child, but I want a sundae first.”

Cassian stopped and turn to look at Jyn, she was visibly tired, eyes and shoulders dropping, mouth down turned, “Yeah, let me make you one, just relax.”

Jyn watched as Cassian prepared her sundae, “Thank you, you’re really the best, you know?”

Cassian smiled at Jyn and shook the whipped cream can, “Do you want whipped cream on that?”

“Tons of it,” Jyn said, “as in pile it up and top it with a cherry, please.”

Chapter Text

Cassian was not a man prone to comforting others, and seeing the Princess put on a brave face twisted something on his gut, so he approached her when she was alone, “I’ve heard great things about you,” he said softly.

Leia turned, startled as she had not heard him approach her, “From Mon?”

“Your father actually,” he said as he came to stand next to her, “he was a good man, he didn’t deserved what happened, I’m sorry we didn’t get the plans on time.”

Leia was silent, looking at him and then sighed, “You did what you could, you barely survived and now the Death Star is gone, thanks to you and Jyn, and those who went with you, and Luke.”

“It’s ok to mourn Princess,” he told her quietly, “no one will judge you.”

“Perhaps,” she agreed, “but first, I want the Emperor gone and the Empire disbanded, I want the war to end, then I’ll mourn, in the meantime, I’ll keep fighting.”

Cassian gave her a knowing look, “You are an honor to your parents, they’d be proud, I’m sure.”

Chapter Text

Pepper was going over some contracts that she needed to check and sign, when suddenly, she heard Tony come in, she didn’t look up until Friday began to play music.

Tony had a shit eating grin, “ Wake me up before you go go, don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo!”

Pepper rolled her eyes, “Tony… darling… no.”

“ I don’t want to miss it when you hit that high, wake me up before you go-go,” Tony continued singing.

Pepper sighed and put the Starkpad down, it was better to indulge him now and then go back to work, “ ‘Cause I’m not plannin’ on going solo,wake me up before you go-go,” she sang back.

If anything, Tony smile grew and became dazzling, “That’s the spirit Pep!”

Chapter Text

“You’ll always be my first love, you know that right?” Diana told him one evening, when they were both resting bed.

Steve looked at Diana, “I’m honored, you know, I knew love before I met you, but now I can’t imagine my life without you.”

Diana gave a tiny smile, “I might not be your first love, but I like the idea of being your last.”

Steve nodded, solemn, “Yes, you are and will be, I will go to my grave loving you and no one else, you’re my forever love.”

“A forever love,” Diana’s repeated, voice low and gentle, “you are a romantic.”

“And proud of it,” Steve gave her a wink.

Chapter Text

“Hey mate,” Ron greeted Harry at the Ministry, and gave him a cocky grin, “I know something you don’t know.”

Harry rolled his eyes, “Ron,  there’s nothing you know that Hermione doesn’t know.“

“Wrong mate,” Ron grinned, “I know she fancies you, but she’s kind of in denial.”

Harry’s face revealed his surprise, “No, she doesn’t fancy me, we’re friends.”

“Yeah sure,” Ron waved his hand, “Doesn’t mean she doesn’t fancy you… it’s only that she doesn’t want to admit it.”

Harry narrows his eyes at Ron, “You are crazy, we’re friends, that’s it.”

Chapter Text

You woke up slowly, reaching for the other side of the bed, and felt nothing; you opened your eyes and said, “Percival?”

There was no response, so you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and sat on the bed, grabbed your robe and rose, “Percival where are you?”

You left your bed and made your way to the kitchen, and there, you found your missing boyfriend, “Here you are, I thought you’d gone out.”

Percival turned to look at you, a tray on his hands with two mugs and some bread, butter and jam, “I thought I’d make us a nice cup of tea, and stay in bed a while longer.”

“That sounds lovely,” you said softly, “it’s not everyday we can just stay home and relax.”

“No it’s not,” he smiled at you, “so, back to bed missy, let’s have a day in.”

Chapter Text

“Missed me!” Amy yelled at Sherlock, wide smile gracing her features, eyes sparkling with laughter.

“My aim is never off, Pond!” An indignant Sherlock responded.

“Well, it is today lover boy, because you missed me,” Amy tells him with a laugh.

“You cheated then,” Sherlock grumbled.

“I don’t have super speed Sherlock,” Amy laughs, “Just admit that you miscalculated for once, it’s not the end of the world, we all fail sometimes.”

“Fine, but if you tell John that I failed while playing dodge ball, I swear Amelia Pond…”

Chapter Text

Sherlock stood at the door as Amy soothed the weeping girl, their daughter was barely a year old and she had them wrapped around her little finger, “Have you tried reading her something?” 

Amy frowned, “I hadn’t thought of that, can you give me a book, please?” Amy said as she sat down on the chair next to the crib.

Sherlock made his way to where they kept her books, selecting one at random, “The Never Ending Story? I didn’t know we had that.”

“Gift from Mary,” Amy told him with a smile, “all children need fantasy in their lives.”

Sherlock didn’t respond immediately, “She’s ours,” he said softly, “I’m sure she’ll have it in spades.”

Amy took the book, “And what a fantastic adventure that will be.

Chapter Text

“Those two are peas in a pod,” said Pepper with a smile, then blew on the surface of her tea and took a tentative sip as she watched Tony ran after Morgan, much to the girl’s delight.

“Yeah, Tony’s always been a kid at heart,” he agreed.

Pepper patted her stomach, “We’re having another child, and we’d like to name them after you.”

Rhode turned away from the window to look at Pepper, surprise clearly written on his face, “You don’t have to, hell, the baby could be another girl, I’m honored, of course, but… you don’t have to.”

“We want to, you’re family to us,” Pepper smiled at him, “you’re practically Tony’s brother and we love you, our boy could not be named after someone better, James Stark has a nice ring to it.”

He felt himself choke, his eyes watered, but he smiled at Pepper, “Then I’ll make sure that my future namesake is the best boy and man he can be, thank you, thank you both.”

Chapter Text

Sansa put down the controller with a groan, “I can’t believe I lost again, since when are you so good at Mario Kart?”

Arya snorted, “Since I’ve been practicing, so… rematch?”

Sansa glared at her sister, “If you pick rainbow road Arya, I swear to the gods…”

“Scout’s honor,” Arya smirked, “I won’t.”

“Fine, but let me go and get some snacks, I’m starting to get hungry, want anything?”

“Nah, I’m good,” Arya said, “but don’t take too long you loser, I’m looking forward beating you again!”

Chapter Text

Amy had decided to take a day for herself, so while the Doctor and Sherlock were off investigating some artifact, she did some window shopping until she reached a place called “The Pie Hole” and the tempting aromas coming from inside, lured her, no sooner she was in, she heard a high pitched voice, “Hi, welcome to the Pie Hole, can I help you?”

She looked down to find a petite blonde woman in an apron, “Oh! I just… well, wanted some pie.”

“Well doll, you came to the right place, whatever you want, we got you covered, sit down and I’ll get you a menu!”

Amy sat down and the waitress placed a menu in front of her, after perusing it, she picked an apple pie a la mode, “Oh good choice,” said the waitress, “Ned’s apple pie is divine, I’ll get it for you.”

When the waitress returned, she placed the pie in front of her and gave her a beaming smile, Amy, began to eat, and she was not able to suppress the moan of delight at the pie, “Oh god this is absolutely divine!”

The waitress, who had not left her side, gave a hearty laugh, “Best pie in all of  Couer d'Couers, you’ll never taste anything better… Ned has magic hands with pie, enjoy!”

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe you got us tickets to the match Harry,” Hermione beamed, “It’s been a while since I saw one live!”

Harry returned her smile, pleased that she was happy, “Yeah, one of the advantages of having some money, hey, crazy idea, how about we pick opposite teams and looser buys dinner?”

“Oh it’s on Potter!” Hermione laughed and nudged him with her elbow.

Hour and a half later, Hermione was downright smug, “See Harry, that’s why you don’t bet against Man U!”

Harry laughed freely and threw his arm around her, Hermione cuddled against him, “Worth it, we both had fun… it’s been a while since we were muggles for a bit and honestly, just seeing you happy is good for me.”

Hermione looked up, “Oh you sap, thank you, seriously… now, pay up Potter, I’m hungry!”