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Value Of A Quirkless Slave (ID No: 451121)

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Ten years. Katsuki has waited ten long years for this moment. Ever since it was confirmed that Deku was one hundred percent quirkless and he’d been taken away to the slave training facility, Katsuki knew Deku would one day be his. All his. He’s been saving for years. The first paycheck from his first tiny job as a Pro had gone on Deku’s down payment. The best chip money can buy had gone into Deku’s brain, along with all the optional extras. Twenty years old and Katsuki’s already the Number Two Hero. He can afford to splurge a little.

And it’s early one summer morning when Katsuki finally gets the news that Deku’s training is finished. He’s ready to leave the facility. The call comes just as Katsuki as about to head into work. Lucky for him, it’s a paperwork day, so he just cancels it all and heads straight to the facility. His house is within walking distance of the final facility housing slaves ready to be released, so he can get Deku home as quickly as possible.

Excitement fills him as he walks down the street, breathing in the brisk air. Pretty soon his name will be on the collar around Deku’s neck, his hands will be on Deku’s skin, his cock will be in Deku’s mouth. Fuck, the little shit was always so desperately eager to please. He probably didn’t even need the training to make him a broken, cock-hungry slut. But he got it anyway and Katsuki intends to enjoy it.

The facility is a large, modern building. It’s boring and sterile with whitewashed walls, but it pretends to be sleek and elegant with awkwardly shaped furniture. Katsuki heads straight up to the desk. The receptionist recognizes him immediately, of course. She hands him the last few forms and he gets to work filling them out.

“There’s a few questions I have to ask before I hand him over,” she says.

Katsuki gives her a look. It must be a pretty terrifying look because she immediately activates her shield quirk and holds her hands up to defend herself.

“They’re regulation,” she explains. “I just need to be able to say I asked them.”

“Okay, fine,” Katsuki grumbles. Whatever gets Deku into his hands faster.

“Have you ever owned a slave before?”


“Have you prepared a place to keep him?”


“Does he have consistent access to food, water, and a bathroom from that place?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” He taps his pen irritably on the side of the desk. “I thought I was allowed to do whatever the fuck I wanted to him? You telling me I gotta play nice with my own damn property?”

The receptionist shakes her head. “No, no, not at all! But some owners complain to us about their slave starving and they don’t realize that a room with an automatic lock that only they can open isn’t the best place to keep a slave during the day.”

Ah. Right. Dumbasses. They do stupid shit and now Katsuki has to be inconvenienced for it. “Well, I got everything set up for him just fine. I’m not going to let him die. Can I see him now?”

“Just look over the papers and make sure you don’t have any more add-ons you want to purchase.”

Normally, this is the part where the receptionist would start trying to get him to buy something, but Katsuki’s already bought pretty much everything on offer. He looks over the forms anyway, snorting to himself when he sees the refund on the masochism training. Turns out, Deku was such a natural masochist that the facility didn’t bother to charge Katsuki to beat it into him. Saved Katsuki a few bucks in the process too. Maybe Deku won’t be such a useless little bitch after all. And if he is? Well, that’s just part of the fun. He grins and throws the forms back down on the desk, eager to get to the good bit.

“Alright, that’s everything,” the receptionist says, dropping her shield with a polite smile and picking up a clipboard. “Right this way, sir.”

She leads him back into a tiny, white-walled room. It’s even more bare than the waiting room outside, containing nothing but a light and a door at the other end. Then the door opens and a man in white scrubs emerges, holding a leash.

And there he is. Izuku Midoriya. Deku. Still as small and gangly as Katsuki remembers, with that curly green hair that he just wants to grab with his entire fist and pull. He stands with his hands folded neatly behind his back, showing off his nude body. The freckles are still there, speckled across the smooth, pale skin. Katsuki reaches out and runs his hands up and down Deku’s skin, imagines what it would be like to cover him with bruises like he’s always wanted.

Deku doesn’t move or react. Even that has been trained out of him like the good little slave he is. His eyes stare blankly ahead. The deluxe chip Katsuki had installed in his brain has left him blind and deaf. Even blind, those eyes are still as brilliantly green as ever. Katsuki wonders what they’ll look like when he cries. Fuck, he wants to make Deku cry. Soon. He’ll be able to soon.

“Is everything to your satisfaction?” the receptionist asks.

Katsuki takes the clipboard and signs the last few documents. Then, the trainer hands him the remote. It’s got a ton of different settings on it, but it’s laid out intuitively enough and it’s set up to only respond to Katsuki’s biodata so no one else will get to use his slave like he can. And there’s a tiny screen that lights up with his vital signs. There’s a strange moment of reverence as Katsuki turns Deku’s sight and hearing back on, waiting impatiently for his reaction.

Finally, after ten years apart, Deku lays eyes on Katsuki.

For a moment, he just blinks against the light. Then, his jaw drops. “Kacchan?”

Katsuki can feel his eye twitch. Of course the first thing out of the fucker’s mouth is that nickname. Even after all these years, Katsuki can feel anger and hatred lick at his skin. Nobody ever calls him that anymore. He is the Pro Hero: Ground Zero. The legendary Katsuki Bakugou. Every new hero is clamoring to be his sidekick and work in his rapidly growing agency. Every civilian wants to kiss his boots and suck his dick. And yet, this quirkless fuck looks at him and calls him Kacchan. As if they’re friends. As if they’re equals. As if he’s worth anything more than the dirt on the bottom of Katsuki’s boot. Before Katsuki can react, needing a moment to process the sheer insult of it, Deku smiles and speaks.

“I belong to you,” he says calmly, sweetly even. “Use me however you see fit. I’m yours.”

Katsuki’s mouth twitches into a smile. This is what he had been waiting for. He’s going to enjoy breaking Deku so much. He raises a hand to rest it in Deku’s hair, being gentle for now. He doesn’t want to break the little wimp too early and spoil all the fun.

Deku tenses as he’s touched and then relaxes immediately. The smile gets even wider, wide enough that it looks like it might be hurting his face. Katsuki was warned about this. Touch starvation is always something to consider with new slaves. The facility handles them mostly by machine to encourage them to bond with their owners as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

“Hey, Deku,” Katsuki greets. “You look like shit.” It’s true. He knows Deku hasn’t been allowed to eat for the past three days either. Another way to encourage bonding. He runs his fingers down Deku’s round face and stops under his chin. “They haven’t been treating you great around here, huh? We need to fix that. Come on. We’ll get you some food and something decent to wear.”

With a nod to the worker, he gently leads his new slave out of the facility.

As soon as they’re outside, Deku lets out a little gasp. Katsuki turns to check on him, worried that he might be cold, given that he’s starving and naked and it’s not too warm out, but no. Deku’s just staring at the sky like he hasn’t seen it in– in a decade. Right. He probably hasn’t.

“Come on, Deku. We don’t have all day,” Katsuki chides.

Immediately, Deku darts to his side. He clings to Katsuki’s arm, sticking as close to him as possible. He’s just as expressive as Katsuki remembers, blushing and hiding in Katsuki’s shadow as a few onlookers stare at him. Katsuki has to admit he loves the proud feeling he gets in his gut when people stare at him and know that yeah he can afford a slave all of his own, are you jealous you extras? Not to mention the way Deku leans into him and grips at him… Katsuki will have to take advantage of that later.

But then the useless fuck starts stumbling. They’re barely out of sight of the facility and he’s already slowing down and trembling. At first, Katsuki keeps walking, but he’s so goddamn pathetic that it gets a little embarrassing. He tuts and pulls his jacket off, wrapping it around Deku’s shoulders. “Here,” he says quietly.

Izuku’s eyes are watery already .It’s gorgeous, but Katsuki isn’t in the mood to appreciate it. He does appreciate Izuku’s whispered apology though. And the happy little squeak he lets out when Katsuki gives him the jacket.

Katsuki considers him for a moment. He wants to get home as quickly as possible and that’s not going to happen if Izuku has to walk himself. With a small ‘hup’, Katsuki picks him up bridal style. It’s a bit like… like getting a new puppy or something. You gotta train them and break them in a little, because at first they’re a pathetic waste of space. And then when they’re fed and comfy and relaxed, that’s when you start getting to the fun stuff. You just gotta get through the boring build-up first.

Although, this is kinda fun too. Izuku relaxes quickly. He practically melts into the jacket, burying his face in the warm fabric and resting his head against Katsuki’s chest with a sweet little smile and staring up at Katsuki like he’s some sort of deity. Which, if Katsuki’s being honest with himself, he totally is.

He grins at the rush of power that thought instills in him. And that same rush of power propels him into the nearest shop that sells clothes vaguely Deku-sized and he snaps at the staff to get him the good shit because dammit he’s Katsuki Bakugou and his slave is better than anyone else’s and that slave is going to wear clothes because only Katsuki is allowed to see the freckles all along his back.

The nice thing about his position is that the staff are a lot more willing to listen to Ground Zero than they would be another shouty man with a slave and they talk about it enough to get the attention of the half asleep Deku.

Deku sits up a bit in Katsuki’s arms, looking around with interest. “Kacchan is a hero!” he breathes in awe and then immediately drops into muttering. Katsuki can’t pick out every word, the muttering being much quieter than he remembers, but he hears enough to know that Deku is babbling about how he always knew Katsuki would be the best hero ever.

Katsuki runs his fingers through Izuku’s curls with a grin as he listens to him murmur about how amazing he is. Yeah, he could get used to this. He wonders if Deku will keep talking him up like this when Katsuki’s fucking him. If he doesn’t, he can always be trained to. Deku’s going to do exactly what Katsuki wants, after all. That’s what he’s for.

As the store employee escorts Katsuki into a dressing room, Katsuki runs his fingers over the remote in his pocket, wondering if he should have some fun with Deku’s chip. Not yet. He’ll wait until they get home at the very least.

He tosses the clothes Deku’s way. “Put those on.”

But getting dressed proves to be more of a struggle than he expected. It makes sense. Most slave owners aren’t that interested in making sure their slaves know how to put clothes on, but Katsuki still has to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at Deku’s pathetic attempts at dressing himself. The little slave tries to figure out how to get his arms through the sleeves of the tshirt and nearly gets his dick caught in the zipper of the jeans. Even better, Deku seems to realize how much of a pathetic, useless failure he is, if the tears in his eyes are any indication. But there will be time to teach him all of this. They have years for Katsuki to mould him just right.

Deku walks at Katsuki’s side as they leave. Katsuki would have been willing to carry him, but he’s not gonna pass up the opportunity to watch Deku struggle. He likes watching Deku stumble and bite his lip, determined to be able to do literally anything for once in his life. He’s kind of impressed the loser manages to walk home by himself. He would have called for his driver, if this wasn’t so much fun.

As soon as they get back to Katsuki’s house, Deku collapses to his knees in the hall, panting in exhaustion. He stares up at Katsuki with those wide, green eyes. So hungry for approval.

Katsuki stalks close and pulls himself up to his full height, towering over Deku. Deku’s such a weakling. But having a weakling like this around has always made Katsuki feel stronger. Maybe that’s why it felt so wrong not to have Deku at his side all these years. He grins.

“Hah… I’ve missed you, Deku,” he says, stepping around him to hang up his jacket by the door. He pauses, pointedly looking at the framed photo of him standing with All Might and Endeavor that had been taken at the last Hero Awards ceremony. He wants Deku to know just how impressive he is. Then he turns to look at Deku again, so small and pathetic curled up on the floor. It’s obvious when Deku sees the picture. Every line of his body lights up, excited and eager even as he struggles to make his eyes focus through the haze of exhaustion. Katsuki wants nothing more than to just tear him apart.

Still, all the information he’s found about new slaves has told him to be kind and gentle at first, to encourage bonding and obedience. Get too aggressive too soon and the slave might be too scared to obey. And it will be kind of fun to play with Deku a little. So he crouches down and cups Deku’s face again, rubbing a thumb over his cheek.

“You’re doing good, Deku. Welcome home.”

Deku rubs his face against Katsuki’s hand like a pleased cat and shivers at the praise, eyes shining with tears of joy.

Katsuki keeps going. “Now… let me take care of you, huh? Do you want anything?”

Izuku’s face clouds over in confusion. He looks away and hums to himself for a little bit. Katsuki bites back the urge to roll his eyes. It’s a simple fucking question, but apparently it’s too much for Deku’s tiny little brain.

“Um, I just, I just want to make Kacchan happy,” Deku offers nervously. “But if it will make Kacchan happy to take care of me, then, um, then I haven’t been given food in a little while. Kacchan could feed me, if he wanted. And, um…” His voice goes bright red as be blushes. “I do need to, um, to relieve myself,” he whimpers. “If Kacchan doesn’t mind.”

You want to make “Kacchan” happy? Katsuki thinks. Well, the first thing you can do is stop calling me Kacchan, because if I hear that word come out of your stupid little mouth, I’m just going to get angrier until I can’t fucking hold back. And I don’t want to break you the same day I got you…

Katsuki grits his teeth and breathes through his nose to keep from grabbing Deku by the jaw and throwing him against the wall to shut him up. There will be time for that later. In the meantime, he needs to keep Deku safe. Just a little longer. Just until he lets his guard down.

So, he wants food? Katsuki can do that. And he needs to piss. Well, that’s more interesting. Katsuki wonders just how much they taught Deku at the facility about what the chip in his brain does. One flick of a button and currents through his body will relax the muscles in his abdomen. He’d just piss himself right there on Katsuki’s carpet like the pathetic mess he is. That’s tempting, very tempting. Katsuki’s fingers twitch towards the remote as he wonders just how much of a snivelling, pathetic mess he can make Deku. But he stays his hand. Not yet. Not yet! It’s a new carpet, for one thing.

He gets up and gently helps Deku to his feet, leading him to his room. Deku clings to his arms. His legs are trembling. He hasn’t been fed in a pretty long time, after all. Still, he follows behind quietly and obediently.

Deku’s room is really more of a cupboard. It has enough space for him to lie down and sit up, but the ceiling is too low for him to stand. There’s a little plastic box in one corner for him to keep anything and everything that Katsuki sees fit to give him. Next to him is a tiny bathroom just for him. Katsuki doesn’t want him to mess up the guest stuff. It’s dark and the shower doesn’t have hot water, but it will get the job done.

“All for you,” he promises. “And I’ll go cook you something, so come find me in the kitchen when you’re done, alright?” He grins, eyes flashing as he looks down at tiny, stupid Deku. His hand is burning, longing to reach for the remote. He can’t. Not yet. Instead, he kisses the top of Deku’s head and leaves with his heart thumping and his brain spinning with ideas.

Katsuki heads back to the kitchen and starts warming up some broth for Deku. Solid food would just hurt his stomach after so long without any. There’s not much to do, Katsuki isn’t going to waste his amazing cooking skills on a slave, after all. He occupies his time by reading over the leaflets and forms he got from the facility. He probably should have asked more questions while he was there, but that would have meant putting off seeing Deku.

Okay, so Deku knows the chip will take his hearing and sight (he would have to be an idiot to miss that) but that’s all he knows. The rest is a mystery to him. It’s fair game. If Katsuki plays his cards right, he can really fuck with Deku’s head. He bares his teeth in eagerness as he begins to plan things out. If Deku doesn’t know that one press of a button will make him piss himself… Katsuki’s supposed to bond with the bitch. What better way to bond than to let the babbling mess crawl all over him and beg him for his help? Well, there is one thing he can think of. His heart thumps at the idea.

When Katsuki finally hears Deku enter the kitchen, he turns his head to smile. His eyes are flickering with fire.

To his mild surprise, Deku is crawling into the room for some reason. Katsuki will have to remember to ask him why later. For now, he sets down the bowl of broth and a glass of water on the table.

“Here,” he says, gesturing to the chair.

Deku sits in it hesitantly, awe in his eyes like he didn’t expect he would ever be here. He’s confused, but smiling. Katsuki’s got him right where he wants him.

He eyes the collar around Deku’s neck and scoffs. “We can take this shit off when you’re at home too. I know you’re mine.” And he reaches up to undo the collar at Deku’s neck, revealing the barcode tattoo at the base of his skull that permanently marks him as a slave. As Katsuki’s slave. He brushes a finger over it, drinking in Deku’s look of utter astonishment.

Deku doesn’t even react at first, his eyes are wide in shock. Then, his hand flies up to his neck. It’s even paler than the rest of him. Katsuki vaguely wonders how that’s even possible. He’s distracted from his wondering though as Deku kisses Katsuki’s arm, tears rolling down his cheeks. It’s just as beautiful as Katsuki always imagined it would be. Hell, it’s better.

Katsuki grins and runs a hand down Deku’s back. He’s waited so long to do whatever he wants to this fuck. Deku’s so pathetic, so useless. Probably can’t even feed himself.

He leans forward, mouth twisted into a smile. “Here. Let me help.” He picks up the spoon and starts gently feeding Deku.

After a few mouthfuls of the broth, Katsuki quickly changes his mind about the meal. Watching those little pink lips and delicate tongue wrap around the spoon is just not enough. He has no reason to hold back. “Wait,” he orders and he goes to the cupboard to get plain crackers instead.

He feeds Deku by hand and Deku eats it all with a watery grin. He kisses and sucks Katsuki’s fingertips with every bite.

Shit. Yeah, okay, sure, this was kinda the idea behind feeding him by hand, but of course the little fuck is really fucking good with his tongue and it’s annoying. Katsuki hates thinking that Deku is better than him at anything. Even if what he’s better at is sucking on his fingers and looking at him with giant, teary eyes. Damn, he looks good when he cries though.

Katsuki remembers when they were kids and Deku had cried from skinning his knees. Katsuki wants to see him cry again. Not just from happiness or whatever. Real, earnest tears. As the meal ends, he checks on the remote to see how Deku is doing. Not well, apparently. He’s a little nauseous.

Katsuki pushes the glass of water in front of Deku and encourages him to drink, gritting his teeth a little.

“You want to make me happy, huh?” He grins and his other hand slips down to the remote in his pocket, running over the buttons to find the one that does what he’s looking for. This should be fun. He wonders how long it will take to show any of the effects as he presses it gently. “Well, this first day we’re just meant to get along. And it’s been ages since I’ve seen you, so let’s just go sit down in the lounge or something. I’ll let you do whatever you want. Feel free to ask me anything.” Or tell me how great I am and maybe let me figure out the rest of this remote.

Katsuki helps Deku into the lounge and lets the little slave curl up against his side. Deku is quiet at first. Hesitant. But slowly, he opens up. He starts asking more and more questions about Katsuki’s life, his hero career, all his achievements. Katsuki is more than happy to answer him, especially with how much he’s whispering “Kacchan’s amazing” in response to everything Katsuki says.

Deku’s a fucking idiot with the way he keeps calling him ‘Kacchan’, but he’s an idiot that’s willing to feed Katsuki’s ego and give him the little flickers of pride he craves. An idiot who listens to him tell all the stories of his life at UA and the villains he’s defeated and the other heroes he’s worked with. An idiot who squirms in excitement as the conversation goes on, eager to learn more.

It takes about five minutes for the excitement and eagerness to turn into something more as the bulge in Izuku’s pants becomes obvious. Katsuki glances briefly at his watch, a bit surprised.

He didn’t expect the aphrodisiacs to take effect so quickly.

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Izuku should be happy right now. He should be elated to be home with his owner, especially when that owner is as beautiful and perfect as Kacchan. He does his best to pay attention to Kacchan, drinking in all of the stories Kacchan has to tell. He always knew Kacchan would be an amazing hero. Izuku tries as hard as he can to focus on Kacchan, to devote himself to Kacchan like he should. But there’s a strange, uncomfortable heat coiling in his stomach and making him whimper and squirm. Something’s wrong.

Izuku finally tears his gaze away from Kacchan to look down and he’s shocked and horrified to see a bulge in his pants. He whimpers. He’s supposed to be a good boy. He’s supposed to be here for his Master’s pleasure, not his own. This is all wrong.

“This is the first day, we’re just meant to get along,” he tells himself, trying as hard as he can to will down his erection. It doesn’t work. If anything, he’s getting harder. His breath starts to come faster and he pants, tears blurring his vision. “We’re just meant to get along. We’re just meant to get along.”

Finally, he realizes this isn’t going to go away. He slides off the couch and settles between Kacchan’s legs.

“Can I suck you off, please?” he begs. He’s achingly hard and already rutting up against Kacchan’s foot. He knows he has to put Kacchan’s pleasure first and he’s furious with himself for being this aroused when he hasn’t even done anything for Kacchan yet.

“You missed me that much, Deku?” Kacchan asks with a sneer. He presses his foot against Izuku’s cock. Izuku takes that as permission to keep rutting against him, eyes wide and cheeks flushed. He can feel drool slip down the corner of his mouth as he waits for permission.

“Sure,” Kacchan says. Show me how good you’ve been taught.”

A wave of relief runs through Izuku. He can still be good. As soon as he hears the words, he’s fumbling at Kacchan’s pants. He pulls them down and swallows Kacchan’s cock to the hilt.

“Fuck!” Kacchan shouts. His hand grips Izuku’s hair tight enough to hurt. Izuku moans.

Kacchan is getting hard quickly and Izuku gags on his cock, but he clings to Kacchan’s hips to hold himself down. Tears stream down his face and his throat convulses. But he’s pretty sure that Kacchan likes his tears, so he’s going to give Kacchan what he wants.

After a few seconds, Izuku adjusts. Kacchan is large, but not the largest Izuku has been trained to take. He starts bobbing his head, licking and sucking expertly. He wants to show Kacchan just how good he can be.

Kacchan’s hips jerk up into his mouth, almost making him gag again once or twice, but he isn’t making any noise. At first, Izuku is worried that he might be doing something wrong, but Kacchan is still hard and still holding his head down, so Kacchan must just be the quiet type.

Izuku ruts against Kacchan’s foot as he works, keening and moaning loudly. Once he gets close, he pulls away. Even with how hard he is, he knows better than to try and cum without permission. His cock throbs, painfully tight in his jeans, and he sweats, sobbing openly. He won’t let himself cum.

The sob startles some kind of reaction out of Kacchan, though Izuku can’t read it through the tears. Kacchan grabs Izuku by the hair and pulls him down as far as he’ll go.

“You’re being such a good little slut, Deku,” he says, his voice low and sultry as he pulls Izuku’s head roughly up and down his length. Izuku shudders, hungry for more. “Is this what they trained you for? While I was off saving the world, you were locked up and getting taught how to be a good little bitch for your new owner? You’re really lucky you got me, Deku. Instead of someone who wouldn’t appreciate you. So you better be good and… Fuck!” He hunches over, fingers pulling on Izuku’s hair as he fucks his face. With two thrusts, Kacchan is cumming in Izuku’s mouth.

Izuku drinks every drop with a smile on his face. He doesn’t know if Kacchan has ever praised him like this before. It’s wonderful and he desperately needs more. He needs more Kacchan.

Still, he has to obey his training. He licks Kacchan’s shaft clean, careful not to overstimulate him, and then tucks him back into his pants. When that’s done, he rests his head against Kacchan’s thigh with a small whimper. He’s still painfully hard. He pleasured his owner and it wasn’t enough to satisfy him. He really is pathetic.

“Kacchan?” he murmurs, voice shaking with desperate hope. “Would you please let me cum?” He knows he doesn’t deserve to, shouldn’t be thinking about his own pleasure at all, but maybe Kacchan will be kind.

Kacchan grabs Izuku by the hair and tugs his head back. “You want to cum, Deku? Have I turned you on that much?”

Izuku nods, trying to offer an encouraging smile.

“Fuck that,” Kacchan scoffs. “Let’s wait until you’ve settled in a bit more.” With that, he pulls Izuku into his lap.

Izuku’s face falls and his lower lip wobbles, but he doesn’t protest. “O-okay, Kacchan. Okay. I’m sorry to bother you.” He curls up in Kacchan’s lap, his hips writhing involuntarily, but his hands clasped neatly behind his back where they should be. He can still be a good slave. He has to be. “I didn’t mean to get so hard,” he whimpers. “I’m sorry. I’m not supposed to bother you. I’m sorry.”

He is sorry, genuinely, but he’s not stupid. He’s hoping that if he apologizes enough, Kacchan will decide to let him cum after all. He smiles up at Kacchan, fluttering his eyelashes.

“You just taste so good, Kacchan. I can’t stop myself wanting you so bad. Do you want to fuck me, maybe? I promise, I can make you feel good.”

Kacchan blinks for a second and then gives a little snort of laughter. He rakes his nails down the back of Izuku’s neck. Izuku moans and whimpers. He’s more sensitive than usual and each touch feels like it’s burning him. Kacchan’s teeth sink into Izuku’s neck as he unbuttons the new shirt and pushes it off Izuku’s shoulders. Izuku keeps up the quiet begging, hoping this is a good sign.

Then, without warning, Kacchan throws him down onto the his back and rips off his pants. Izuku shrieks in surprise, but he’s not about to protest. Kacchan looms over him, caging him in with his arms. “So, do I have to do all the work?” he demands. “Or do you want me to go in dry?”

“I can prep myself if you want, Kacchan,” Izuku offers. “I just don’t know where the lube or anything is.”

He ponders for a moment and then looks away. He can feel the blush creeping onto his cheeks. “You could go in dry if you wanted,” he offers. His voice is level but he can’t disguise the way his cock twitches as he talks about it. “It-it might not be the most comfortable for you, but if you wanted to… I dunno, you might enjoy it.” He’s being selfish again. He wants Kacchan to make him hurt, to make him feel owned and dominated and loved, but he’s trying not to make it too obvious that’s what he’s doing. “Would you like to try it?”

A strange expression crosses Kacchan’s face, one that Izuku has no idea how to interpret. “Would I like to try it?” he snarls. “Shut the fuck up, you don’t ask me what I want to fucking try. You just do what I fucking tell you!”

One hand grabs Izuku’s thigh hard enough to leave bruises and pushes it up so his knee’s next to his ear. Izuku pulls the other leg up to expose himself even more. His eyes roll back in his head at the overwhelming sensations and he has to fight to pay attention.

Kacchan puts his finger in his mouth, coating the digit in saliva and pushing it into Izuku. Izuku screams. His whole body writhes.

“There,” Kacchan gloats, pumping his fingers in and out of Izuku’s ass. “How does that feel, huh? Is that comfortable, Deku? Are you enjoying it?”

Izuku nods as hard as he can. “It hurts, Kacchan!” he wails. “It hurts!” He’s still hard, his cock twitching. He’s always loved the pain. “Use me,” he begs. “Fuck me, use me, mark me, make me yours! Kacchan, please! Own me!”

Kacchan pulls out his fingers only a few moments later and forces his cock in instead. He bites down on Izuku’s neck as he starts to thrust his hips up into him.

Izuku is in agony. He sobs and cries and shrieks, trying desperately to keep still. Kacchan’s teeth pierce his skin almost immediately and the blood pools in the hollow of his collarbone. Despite the pain, he doesn’t try to get away. He tries to fuck himself down against Kacchan.

“Does that feel good?” he asks, practically begs. There’s barely any lube and it’s probably at least a little bit uncomfortable for Kacchan too. “Does that feel good? Does that make Kacchan happy? Can I make it feel any better?”

Kacchan wipes away the blood trailing down his lower lip. He presses his forehead against Izuku. “You want to make it better? You want to be a good little slut, Deku?” Kacchan’s lip curls and he thrusts even harder, reaching for the remote in his pocket.

Izuku nods frantically. “Please! Please le–”

He goes limp. His whole body sags. He swallows and blinks rapidly but that’s all he can do. He can’t move his arms, can’t move his legs, can’t speak. He’s terrified and panicking, but he can’t even hyperventilate. All he can do is lay there as Kacchan pounds into him, a weak little doll for Kacchan to use.

Slowly, the fear calms. This is obviously what Kacchan wants, so it’s okay. He can deal with it. He can even enjoy it. He focuses on the feeling of Kacchan’s thick cock inside him, filling him up, bruising his hips and marking him as owned. How could he be scared of this? He’s just property, after all. A toy for Kacchan to use. He shouldn’t be afraid of his owner, especially not when that owner is Kacchan. People are allowed to do whatever they want to Izuku and he should let them and help them when he can.

“You’re so good like this, Deku,” Kacchan says, his smile the widest Izuku can ever remember seeing it. “Such a good little slut for me. This is why I bought you, this is what I wanted. You’re all mine!”

Those words chase away the last of Izuku’s fear. He’s Kacchan’s. That’s all that matters. He looks up at Kacchan with a gaze full of love and admiration. He just wishes he could still smile.

Then, just as Izuku starts feeling safe, Kacchan flips him over and his face is stuffed into the soft cushion of the couch. Kacchan’s fucking him even harder than before, but Izuku can’t enjoy it. He can’t breathe. He can’t signal that he needs to breathe. He tries to writhe, to scream, but he can’t even get his fingers to twitch. He just lays there and suffocates.

Time passes. Izuku has no idea how long it takes. Maybe an eternity, maybe just a couple moments, but then Kacchan cums with a long groan, flooding Izuku with his cum. With it comes a rush of pure joy. Izuku has been waiting for a decade to feel Kacchan’s cum inside him. But the terror is still completely overwhelming. Kacchan slumps forward and rests his head on Izuku’s back, pressing him even further into the cushions. Izuku can feel his hands start to lose feeling and white dots dance in front of his vision.

“You didn’t cum while I wasn’t paying attention, did you?” Kacchan gasps.

Izuku hasn’t. The fear has withered his erection away. He’s still half hard, but all his energy is focused on preserving what little oxygen he has left and praying he’ll be allowed more soon.

Kacchan places his hand on the back of Izuku’s neck and presses down. It’s completely unnecessary, but it means that Kacchan wants him here. It’s okay. Kacchan wants him here. It’s okay. Kacchan wants him here. It’s okay. Izuku repeats that to himself over and over again as he’s suffocated.

Right before he loses consciousness, Izuku gets the use of his body back and he can move. Kacchan pulls him up by the hair and Izuku gasps and pants. He’s shaking and sobbing and he doesn’t know why. He should be good for Kacchan. He should take whatever Kacchan gives him without complaint. If Kacchan doesn’t want Izuku to breathe, then Izuku shouldn’t want to either.

“That’s good…” Kacchan reassures him. “You’re already paying for yourself.” He rubs a thumb over the back of Izuku’s neck as he sits up and slowly pulls out. Izuku smiles weakly at the praise.

As Kacchan pulls out, some cum dribbles out of Izuku’s ass and onto the couch. “Shit. You’re making a mess, Deku,” Kacchan points out.

Izuku trembles, hugging himself for comfort. He doesn’t make messes. That isn’t allowed. He doesn’t understand how he could be making a mess now. He’s confused and ashamed and he hiccups through the sobs as he fights for some semblance of equilibrium.

“I-I’ll clean up,” he promises weakly. “If you give me the cleaning supplies, I can–” He cuts himself off with a whimper. “Or I can use my tongue! Please, Kacchan, I can be good! I can clean it up!”

He would use cleaning supplies if he knew where they were but Kacchan hasn’t told him yet and a good slave wouldn’t have made this mess so a good slave shouldn’t needs its owner’s help to clean it up.

Kacchan kneads his hands in Izuku’s ass and more cum rolls down Izuku’s thighs and onto the couch. Izuku stays limp as he’s manhandled, lost in his guilt. He lets Kacchan grab him by the hair and pull him up so they’re face to face. Kacchan cups Izuku’s jaw with his other hand, rubbing his chin with his thumb. There’s that strange look in his eyes again, the one Izuku can’t place.

“It’s okay, Deku,” Kacchan assures him. “It’s your first day. Just be good and do what I tell you so I don’t regret buying you. It’d be such a hassle if I had to send you back now.” He pushes Izuku off the sofa to kneel on the floor instead and mashes his face into the cum on the couch. “Use your tongue. Clean it up.”

Izuku yelps as his knees hit the ground hard enough to bruise, but then he gets to work. His tongue laves over the fabric, cleaning up as much of the cum as he can. It’s already soaking into the fabric and he knows he won’t be able to get it perfectly clean, but hopefully what he can do will be enough. Kacchan keeps his hand on Izuku’s skull to make sure he does his job and Izuku tries to be content with his work. He can’t spend too long beating himself up over past mistakes, not if he wants to be as good as he can in the present. Eventually, not even the fact that he’s swallowing Kacchan’s cum is enough to keep him happy. The musty scent of the couch lingers on his tongue and his mouth his painfully dry. When the fabric rubs him raw enough that he tastes copper, he sits back on his knees, tongue out to show Kacchan the blood. He won’t be able to do any more cleaning this way.

He keeps his back straight, knees slightly spread, hands on his thighs, in the formal kneeling position that his trainers drilled into him. His head feels hazy and his vision is blurred, but he doesn’t show any sign of distress or discomfort. Kacchan doesn’t need to know that Izuku’s getting weak. Not while Izuku can still work.

Kacchan sits down on the couch and leans back, running his fingers through his hair as he considers Izuku.

“Well,” he says after an agonizingly long silence. “I guess you’re not entirely fucking useless, Deku. I didn’t waste my money after all.”

Izuku’s eyes shine happily and he squirms with a pleased little sigh. He’s not useless! Kacchan wants him! That’s all Izuku ever wanted.

Kacchan brings his leg up to push down on Izuku’s shoulder, forcing him down onto the carpet. “You can stay here with me a bit. Get a little rest.” He leaves his foot lazily on Izuku’s side as he turns on the television.

Izuku isn’t entirely sure why Kacchan is letting him rest instead of putting him to work, but he isn’t going to complain. He curls up around Kacchan’s feet, taking the order to rest as permission to drift off into a light nap. He wakes up whenever Kacchan so much as twitches, but the consciousness doesn’t last longer than it takes Kacchan to stop moving again.

Some time later, Kacchan kicks Izuku awake, throwing his clothes down on top of him. “Oi! You’re going to your room. Stay out of my way as I cook, alright?”

Izuku wakes instantly and nods. He tries to get up, but Kacchan grabs him by the arm and pulls him through the house and to his room instead. The room is small, with just the bare floor, a small pillow, and a couple of sheets. He’s confused and dismayed. Why isn’t Kacchan putting him to work? He’s well rested and ready to go. Sure, his vision is blurry and he has a pounding headache, but he can push through that for Kacchan.

As he curls up in his room, he opens his mouth, almost about to ask Kacchan for something to do. Then, he remembers his place and his mouth snaps shut again.

Kacchan leaves, locking the door behind him. Izuku gets dressed, writhing and twisting to do it in the tiny space. He hates dealing with clothes, utterly humiliated by his own failure to perform even the simple task of dressing himself, but he manages eventually and curls up again. He can’t go to sleep now. He’s anxious and worried. Why is Kacchan doing chores when he has a slave there? Is Izuku really that useless?

He must be, because exhaustion overtakes him and he falls into a restless sleep.

Izuku has been left alone for a little while now. He’s not sure how long. Two, maybe three days. He doesn’t have anything to measure time by. The lights are always on and he’s figured out that the intervals when he’s blinded to sleep are more or less random. The only thing he knows for sure is that he’s been hungry for so long that he stopped feeling it for a while and now he’s looped back around to feeling empty. He hasn’t been given much water either. Just enough that he has the strength to stand. That’s definitely unusual. Normally, he needs at least enough energy to go through his training, unless it’s just training his body to accept what it’s given. But he isn’t being trained either. He’s just alone.

He sits on the bed with his knees drawn up to his chest and his eyes closed. He isn’t asleep and he definitely isn’t dreaming, but he’s not sure what he’s doing. Thinking, maybe. Imagining or remembering. Blonde hair and red eyes and the most beautiful smile Izuku has ever seen. If he has, in fact, seen it. It could still just be a hallucination or figment of his imagination. But he calls the figure Kacchan and it keeps him company through the worst of the training.

When he hears the door open, he opens his eyes and finds nothing but inky blackness. He can still hear the faint buzzing of the lights though. He stands up, hands clasped behind his back, waiting for orders. He doesn’t have to think about this. It’s just instinct at this point.

He feels a leash attach to his collar and the familiar voice of a trainer rings in his ears. “We’re done with you. You’re going home with your owner today. Be good.”

Izuku doesn’t respond. He isn’t allowed. But a tiny twinge of hope blooms in his chest. It’s been ten years since he was taken. He knows that much. His hearing stops and he follows the trainer through the halls. He’s so hungry that he’s trembling, although the anxiety probably isn’t helping much. When the leash stops pulling, he stops.

There are hands all over his body, running over his skin and pinching to make sure he’s in good condition. He can’t help but wonder what his master will be like. Hopefully someone nice, almost certainly someone with a good amount of money. Maybe a politician or a CEO of some international company. He’s just trying to make himself feel better and he knows it though. He knows that no master he gets could be as wonderful and perfect as–

His eyes and ears turn back on. He wakes up.

Izuku looks around, trying to figure out why he’s awake. Kacchan isn’t here and the door is still locked, so Kacchan doesn’t want him to leave either. And then he realizes.

There’s pressure building in his bladder, urgent enough that he has to fight back tears. He can’t bother Kacchan while he’s cooking. He has to wait until Kacchan gets back to ask. But it still hurts. He squirms, gripping his pants to resist the urge to grip his cock instead. It gets worse, the pressure mounting with no sign of Kacchan to relieve him. And then, just as he thinks he might have to call for Kacchan anyway and take the punishment, his bladder releases.

Izuku stares in silent horror as he tries and fails to stop himself from pissing. The warm liquid floods his pants and drips through to stain the floor below. He can’t make it stop. He’s a horrible slave. Alone, exhausted and afraid, sitting in a puddle of his own piss, Izuku can’t keep himself from crying. All he can do is pray that Kacchan will keep him.

Chapter Text

Katsuki stands in front of the stove, chewing his lower lip and idly stirring the vegetables in the pan. Every so often, he glances over at the remote sitting on the counter, watching Deku’s heart rate on a tiny screen and judging just how desperate he must be cooped up in his cupboard. It’ll take a little while for the kenchinjiru to cook, so Deku will just have to squirm. Katsuki smiles inwardly, imagining how desperate Deku must be getting. He hopes he gets nice and worked up over this. For twenty minutes, Katsuki stands at the stove stirring the soup and tasting it every so often. When it’s done, he takes it off the heat and covers it for later.

Then, he lazily reaches over and presses the button on the remote to relax the muscles around Deku’s bladder. He can see the results instantly as Deku’s heart rate spikes and his bladder empties. He doesn’t regret paying for the best sensors to keep track of Deku’s vitals, this is way too fun to miss.

He gives it another five minutes, just enough time to wipe down the countertop and clear everything away, before going to check on Deku. And what he finds makes him happier than he’d ever thought possible.

Katsuki opens the door to the cupboard and there’s Deku. Crying and desperate, down on his knees, and trying to lick up his own piss. The disgusting little fuck is actually trying to– Holy shit!

Deku’s tongue laves over the floor as he slurps up the large puddle underneath him. When the light falls on his face, he stops and stares up at Katsuki, cowering away from him. “I’m sorry, Kacchan! I’m so sorry, I couldn’t hold it. Please let me clean up, I’ll be better, I promise!” Fat tears drip down his cheeks, mixing with the piss on the floor and making his eyes shine.

Katsuki stares down at him, his heart hammering in his chest and his cock twitching a little at the sight. Deku’s disgusting. He’s pathetic. He’s useless. He’s the best gift Katsuki has ever been given.

“The fuck is wrong with you?” Katsuki yells, punching a hand against the wall with a burst of explosions. He watches with glee as Deku yelps and reels back as much as he can, piss dribbling over his lower lip and chin. “I gave you new clothes and your own room and you do this? Is this what you think of me?”

He brings up his foot and stomps on Deku’s shoulder, pushing him to the ground so his face is right in his own piss. “You damn useless bastard, Deku! You’re disgusting.”

Deku goes down without the slightest bit of resistance. “I’m sorry,” he keeps whimpering. “I tried to hold it, I didn’t want to bother you. I’m so sorry.” He keeps begging like that over and over until Katsuki calls him disgusting.

Then, he just curls up and sobs softly into the puddle. Katsuki leans over him, face twitching into a wide smile. Deku’s reactions are absolutely fucking perfect.

When Deku speaks again, it’s soft, his voice trembling. “I can tell you the procedures you need to follow to return me, if you’d like. You can exchange me for a good slave for free.”

Katsuki grins even wider. With a bark of laughter, he pushes Deku over so he’s on his back, looking up at him. He leans down, foot pressed on Deku’s shoulder to keep him on the floor. His eyes are blazing with fury and hatred.

“You want me to return you, huh? Do you have any idea what a hassle that would be, you dumb fuck? It’s like you’re trying to make more work for me.”

Deku sobs harder, but he doesn’t try to defend himself, just whimpering apologies when Katsuki stops talking.

Katsuki grinds his foot down on Deku’s shoulder. He wonders if he should go ahead and break something, maybe a clavicle, before thinking better of it and stepping away. He tilts his head to look down at Deku, lips curling up over his gums. “Ungrateful little bitch. You already want to be sent back after everything I’ve done for you? Tough shit.”

He grabs the front of Deku’s shirt, pulling him to his feet and dragging him down the hallway to the utility closet. Deku stumbles after him. The little asshole can barely stand upright. Katsuki throws the door open and shoves Deku towards the cleaning supplies.

“Here,” he snaps. “You’re supposed to work for me, so work for me. Clean up after yourself. And then I’ll decide if it’ll be more of a hassle to keep you or return you.”

He intends to just wander off and let Deku come find him when he’s less of a disgusting, pathetic mess, but he knows that’s not going to happen any time soon, so instead Katsuki follows Deku to watch him work. The slave works quickly and efficiently, obviously well trained, completely focused on his work. He scrubs the carpet, dries it, even wipes down the walls and washes all the sheets. By the end, the room’s cleaner than it’s ever been and Deku’s been silent for half an hour.

When he’s done cleaning, Deku kneels in front of Katsuki in his still damp clothes, forehead pressed to the floor. “Please forgive me, Kacchan. Please give me another chance.” His words are stiff and even formal in a way they never were before.

The formality is new and Katsuki isn’t quite sure how he feels about it. On the one hand, he’s being treated with the reverence he deserves, but on the other hand Katsuki prefers a whimpering mess of a slave to whatever the hell this is. He glances down at Deku’s vitals to figure out what the fuck is going on with him and grimaces.

All of Deku’s vitals are weak with extremely high stress levels. Apparently, he’s close to breaking. Ah shit, Katsuki went too far, didn’t he? He got too excited on the first day. He needs to learn some self control so he can have fun with Deku for a long time and not blow a year’s salary.

Katsuki crouches down in front of Deku and rests a hand in his hair as gently as he can. “Hey Deku,” he says in as soft a tone as possible, ignoring Deku’s tiny squeak at being touched. “You’re actually pretty good at cleaning. I guess I won’t have to replace you after all, huh?” He watches with amusement as Deku’s whole body visibly relaxes. It’s true. Katsuki has never been very good at cleaning himself, but Deku has made that closet sparkle. Katsuki looks round at it, his finger absentmindedly drawing little circles over the back of Deku’s neck. Then he moves his hand down to Deku’s chin, nudging his face up to look at him.

Deku’s eyes are sparkling and joyful, but unfocused. The deep circles under them look almost like bruises. They’re pretty. Katsuki might give him actual bruises there later, but for now, he has to play nice.

“You need some rest, huh?” he says gently. “What about we get you clean and then we go eat something?”

“I don’t need rest!” Deku promises. “I can clean more! I can clean the whole house!” Even without the remote keeping track of his vitals, Katsuki would know that’s a lie. But the remote makes it very clear that any exertion beyond light activity will probably knock him out. “Kacchan can do what he likes with me though,” Deku agrees eagerly.

Urgh, he’s so eager to please. If Katsuki let him, Deku would probably run through the whole house cleaning everything and then pass out on the floor of the kitchen in a puddle of bleach. Then Katsuki would have to be the one to pick him up and move him back to his damn closet. Jeez, he’ll have to train Deku a little more to get him to realize there’s a limit to just how ‘helpful’ he should be.

He gets up and pulls Deku up with him. “If you try and clean when you’re like this, you’ll just get things dirty,” he says, gesturing to Deku’s filthy clothes. That makes Deku frown and pull away a bit. He can’t get far though so Katsuki just tightens his grip on Deku’s arm. He glances at Deku’s bathroom just down the hall. It’s not a bad bathroom, really, but it’s small and dark and for what Katsuki has planned, he’ll need a little more room. Urgh. Fine.

“I’ll give you a treat, since it’s your first day,” he says. That gets Deku to perk back up again. As Katsuki leads Deku through the hallway to his own bedroom and ensuite, the little slave is practically glowing and there’s a skip in his step. Or maybe he’s just stumbling. It’s kind of hard to tell.

Katsuki plants Deku in the middle of the room. “Just today, I’ll get you cleaned up in my bathroom,” he declares. “But don’t think this is going to happen all the time. This is only going to happen again if you’re extra good, okay?” Once Deku nods, Katsuki drags him through his walk-in closet into the bathroom proper.

Yeah, this is more like it. White tile, a huge shower and tub, a clean mirror. Any other day, Katsuki would rather get run over than have Deku come into his bathroom and grime it up, but just this once… it’s fine. It’s whatever. He’ll put up with it. And he stands Deku in the middle of the room and starts unbuttoning his sodden shirt.

Deku just kind of stands there at first before some switch flips in his brain and he helps Katsuki get his clothes off. At least, he tries to. He fumbles uselessly at the buttons until Katsuki just smacks his hands away. Little shit doesn’t even remember how clothes work.

Once Deku is fully naked, Katsuki nudges the piss-soaked pile of clothes to the side with his foot. Gross. Deku’s going to clean those up later when he’s not such a wreck.

“Sh-should I lay down?” Deku asks nervously. He’s trembling in the mild chill of the air conditioning. “Or will you just be taking my senses?”

Katsuki glances up, confused for a moment before he remembers what he had read in Deku’s paperwork. Right, right, the facility always cleaned Deku when he was unconscious. The little fuck probably has no idea what to even do right now. Katsuki’s going to have to hold his hand through all of this and show him how to do anything so that later Deku can clean himself up and not waste too much of Katsuki’s time. He’d been told that breaking in a new slave would be a pain, but he hadn’t really realized just how much of an effort it was.

“I’m not going to turn anything off,” he says. “Hang on.”

He rolls his eyes and pulls his own shirt over his head, throwing it to the side (away from Deku’s pile of clothes) for Deku to clean up later. With quick, practiced movements, he strips down so he’s completely bare. Taking off his clothes just shows off the difference between the two of them. Maybe when they were children they’d been close enough, but now?

Katsuki’s bigger than Deku, taller and broader from years of working. And his skin is darker from more time in the sun. He’s actually got a bit of a tanline from the cut of his hero uniform (something his partners have teased him about a little in the past). And then his body’s littered with scars from various fights. Deku, on the other hand, is tiny and scrawny, eerily pale all over like he hasn’t been outside in years. He actually probably hasn’t come to think of it. The pale skin makes the bruises decorating his body stand out even more.

Deku is staring at Katsuki in awe, but tears spring to his eyes as Katsuki scratches idly at an old gash in his side from where a villain had gotten a claw deep into his gut years ago.

“What’s wrong?” Katsuki asks him.

Deku flinches. “Th-the scar looks like it hurts, that’s all. I don’t–I don’t want you to be in pain.”

Katsuki huffs. He steps past Deku without a word and turns on the shower. When he thinks it’s about the right temperature, he turns and holds his hand out to Deku. “Come on. You’re going to have to learn how to do this for yourself when I’m not here.”

Deku hesitates at first, stepping forward cautiously. He jumps back with a shocked giggle as the water hits his skin. “It feels weird, Kacchan,” he says as he slowly creeps back underneath it.

It feels weird? Okay, so Deku’s probably never seen the rain then either. Katsuki adds that to a growing list in his head of ‘Shit I Need To Get Deku Used To So He Can Earn His Keep’. He really hopes Deku is a quick learner and doesn’t fuck up Katsuki’s garden when he’s put out there. Urgh, Katsuki just wants stupid Deku to be entirely his own to fuck and play with, he doesn’t want some dog he needs to look after and train! But he takes a deep breath and tells himself this’ll all be worth it. The fact that Deku is currently staring at him and mumbling about how gorgeous he is certainly points in his favour.

They stand under the water together and Katsuki starts showing Deku how to control the temperature and water pressure. Then he shows him how to use the soap like a functional human being. He takes Deku’s hands and stands in front of him, helping him shampoo his hair and rinse it clean. Then he gets the soap and starts gently cleaning Deku’s skinny, bruise-covered body. Through it all, Deku follows his lead dutifully, but the heat is making his movements slow and imprecise. He’ll probably need the lesson repeated later. At least he doesn’t pass out.

“I won’t be able to do this every day,” Katsuki warns, running his hand down the front of Deku’s chest and stomach. “You’ll need to learn to do this shit for yourself when I’m busy. Turn around.”

He places Deku’s hands on the wall of the shower and pulls Deku’s hips back, cleaning up the insides of his thighs and to his taint. Then, Katsuki slips a soap-covered finger inside him.

“You’ll need to clean down here as well. Make yourself pretty for me.”

Deku moans as the finger slips inside him and shudders eagerly. “May I try cleaning you?” he whispers. “So I can practice? I’ll be good, I promise.”

Katsuki considers the question, curling his finger inside of Deku and listening to his soft moans. His other hand goes to Deku’s hip, a thumb rubbing over his skin. He’s just… so eager to please. Even back when they were kids, Deku had always been eager to help Katsuki out. Always running after him and trying to pick him up when he’d fallen, before anyone realized just how quirkless and useless Deku was. When he’d thought they were something like equals.

Deku had always made Katsuki little drawings when they were in school, always been the first one to offer to share books, always wanted to be on Katsuki’s team for sports. And now he wants to live in Katsuki’s house and serve him however he can, including by cleaning Katsuki’s own body for him.

Katsuki presses his nose to the back of Deku’s neck, longing to just fuck Deku right then and there until the little shit breaks. But he doesn’t. He swirls his finger inside Deku one last time then pulls out, shakes his hand off, rinses it under the shower.

“Sure,” he says, turning Deku back around so they’re face to face. He hands Deku the soap. “But don’t get any of that shit in my eyes.

Deku learns quickly and mechanically, but Katsuki’s not going to fault him for that. Much. Still, it’s strange, almost a bit creepy, how Deku just precisely mimics everything Katsuki did to him. He makes a few slight adjustments to compensate for the difference in size, but it’s weird.

Katsuki stands there under the shower and watches Deku’s face as he works. The wide-eyed, reverential expression never leaves Deku’s face and his hands move slowly over Katsuki’s body. It’s kind of nice to be taken care of like this, even if it is by shitty little Deku. He even goes so far as to spread his legs for the eager little bastard, but he refuses to turn around and put his hands on the wall. That’s too far.

But then it gets too far anyway when Deku’s fingers go up his ass.

“Woah!” Katsuki jumps, lifting his hand, ready to push Deku away and yell at him. But he stares at Deku’s wide-eyed expression and remembers the long list of training Deku’s gone through. And… well, it’s been a while since Katsuki’s been fingered. So he gives a terse nod and tells Deku to keep going. Inwardly, he vows he’ll never tell anyone about this.

But shit, Deku’s as good with his fingers as he was with his mouth. Katsuki leans back against the wall and his hips buck forward. His mouth falls open in a little groan as Deku’s fingers move inside of him and he throws his head back with a loud swear when Deku finds his prostate, massaging it lightly. Dammit! He hates how good Deku is. Even if it is what Katsuki bought him for.

Deku’s other hand reaches towards Katsuki’s cock, but he stops before he actually touches it. “May I?” he asks. “I just wanna make you feel good.”

“Yes, do whatever,” Katsuki snarls. “Fuck, Deku.” And his hips buck forward again. Do what you were bought for, do what I paid all that extra money for!

And it turns out Deku is a creative little fucker too, at least in terms of being a slut. The slave rinses his mouth out quickly and drops to his knees. A third finger presses inside Katsuki as Deku closes his lips around his master’s cock. His free hand massages Katsuki’s balls.

“Ah, fuck!” Katsuki’s fingers curl against the tile behind him and he grits his teeth, embarrassed by just how much he’s coming undone by goddamn Deku of all people. The extra training, the extra money, all of it was worth it. He melts into Deku’s mouth and hands, his own mouth falling open in a long groan of pleasure as Deku’s head bobs up and down on his cock. And then, with a swear, he’s cumming down his slave’s throat. It’s the best orgasm he’s had in a while, even including what Deku’s already done today.

Urgh, and of course the little slut swallows his cum like it’s nothing. He stays on his knees, hands folded neatly in his lap. “Did I do a good job?” he asks sweetly.

Katsuki slumps back against the wall, his hand coming up to push his hair out of his face. He blinks down at Deku, taking a moment to get his bearings.

“Yeah,” he says. “Yeah… You did a good job.”

He helds Deku out of the shower and shows him how to dry himself off. Then he helps Deku get changed again, since the moron is still having trouble with the entire concept of ‘clothes’, and pushes Deku out to the kitchen for dinner. Deku looks like he’s going to pass out by the time Katsuki gets him in the kitchen and heats up the soup, swaying on his feet and biting back a yawn.

“You’ll have to cook for yourself when I’m not here,” Katsuki explains as he makes a bowl for Deku. “But I like cooking. So I’ll make dinner for me and if you’re good, I’ll make it for you too.” He puts the plate down in front of Deku, who looks half asleep.

Katsuki sits across from him at the table and digs into his own meal, dimly wondering if he should get Deku a dog bowl and save the table for a treat. He adds ‘dog bowl’ to the shopping list he’s got going in his head. He also wonders if he’ll be able to teach Deku how to drive. That might be an insurance nightmare though. He’ll need to speak to his accountant. Urgh. So much to do. It’s been a long day, Katsuki thinks to himself with a loud yawn.

The second Katsuki yawns, Deku puts his spoon down and starts cleaning up. There’s still food in his bowl, but he packs it away as leftovers. Deku’s swaying as he cleans, enough that Katsuki is almost worried, but he doesn’t drop or break anything. Once dinner is all cleaned up, he kneels at Katsuki’s side and gently rests his head on Katsuki’s thigh.

“Where would you like me to sleep tonight?” he asks softly.

Katsuki rests his hand lazily in Deku’s hair, yawning again. Right, right, the little bastard needs to sleep too. And in all his wisdom, Katsuki had him piss in his cupboard. Probably be a bad idea to make him go sleep in there now, it reeks of cleaning chemicals. Deku’d pass out or something. Fuck. Only one option, then. Katsuki gets to his feet and picks Deku up in one arm, carrying him to his own bedroom, completely ignoring how easily and comfortably Deku snuggles into his chest. Katsuki’s bedroom is the only place that’s really an option. Katsuki’s not going to just leave him alone in a guest room. What if he gets it dirty? Better to have him nearby where Katsuki can keep an eye on him.

“Here,” Katsuki says, dumping Deku on one half of the bed. “Just for tonight, while you’re settling in, you can sleep here. This isn’t a regular thing. So just… stay on that side of the bed. And don’t even think about touching me.” If Deku touches him in his sleep, Katsuki will break his fucking hands.

He strips down into his underwear and slips under the covers, making sure Deku’s alright too before he closes his eyes. Can’t have his new slave getting sick from lack of sleep or something. And this is only happening because Katsuki needs to keep an eye on Deku. There’s no other reason he wants him in his bed.

“Good night, Kacchan,” Deku whispers sleepily.

“Go the fuck to sleep,” Katsuki snarls back, more tenderly than he cares to admit. And he pulls the covers up over his shoulder and rolls over, facing away from Deku and determined to ignore him. He doesn’t want the bastard getting any ideas or anything. Doesn’t want him thinking they’re equals or that the fact that Deku fingered him and is sleeping in the same bed as him means he’s anything more than just a slave. Unfortunately, that’s hampered by the fact that when Katsuki wakes up the next morning he’s spooning Deku with his face buried in his hair…


Chapter Text

Izuku had woken up the moment Kacchan started to spoon him, and had made sure to stay perfectly still as he basked in the warmth and comfort, drinking in Kacchan's scent. But then when Kacchan wakes up he immediately pushes him away with enough force that Izuku falls off of the bed with a yelp. Even more bruises. But Izuku just settles onto his knees and smiles up at him.

"Good morning, Kacchan. Am I to make breakfast for myself today?" He wants to get started on chores immediately. His vitals still aren't great, but a night's sleep did him a world of good.

Kacchan rubs a hand over his face and groans. He cracks his fingers to look at Izuku, and mutters, “I don’t care what you do. Just keep quiet. Fuck. It’s too early.” With that, he turns away and pulls the blanket up over his shoulder to try and get some sleep.

Izuku bows his head and scurries out of the room. Once he's in the hall, he pauses, a little lost. He isn't allowed to talk to Kacchan right now but he doesn't know what food he's allowed to have and what is just for Kacchan, so he decides it's probably better not to eat until he's sure. He heads to the hall closet and grabs the cleaning supplies, getting to work immediately. He's had to work while under starvation before, so he doesn't have any problem with it. In fact, he's glad to be doing something useful. He starts near the front door, as far away from Kacchan as possible while he's still getting used to the equipment, and then gradually works his way towards the back of the house. Every room he cleans is utterly spotless by the time he's done.

And just as he’s finishing up, he hears Kacchan shouting from the bedroom, “Oi! Deku!” Izuku immediately scurries back into the room, cleaning rag in hand, and kneels silently in front of him. He hasn't been given permission to make noise yet so he isn't going to. Just blinks up at Kacchan, ready for orders.

Kacchan is just getting out of bed when Izuku arrives, and he grins down at him. One hand scratches the large scar across his torso, and Izuku glances at it with some concern. He doesn’t want to see Kacchan in distress but there’s nothing he can do about it.

“There you are,” Kacchan says, making Izuku look up at him. “I just gotta call you and you come, huh? Good. That’s useful. Did you keep busy this morning?”

"I cleaned all of the first floor and my bedroom and bathroom, Kacchan," he reports dutifully. "I was just starting to clean the upstairs lounge when you called." Kacchan gets up and walks past Izuku as he talks, heading into his wardrobe.

“Uh huh. Well, go put some clothes on, we’re going out. I need to buy you some things.”

Izuku nods and goes to the small bag at the side of the room that has his own clothes, this time pulling on a medium-length skirt. It’s a lot easier for him to deal with than pants.

Kacchan is still talking as he gets dressed himself. “Have you eaten? I didn’t hear anything from the kitchen. Don’t think I’m going to cook for you this morning. And don’t go fainting on me or anything when we’re out, I don’t want to have to carry you anywhere because you did something stupid.”

Izuku purses his lips. "I didn't know what I was allowed to eat. I'm sorry, Kacchan. I didn't want to eat anything you were looking forward to having. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" He's still absolutely terrified of being useless and the stab of guilt and shame is almost crippling, but he manages to keep his voice from shaking too much.

Kacchan’s eyes narrow a little and he turns to look at Izuku. “You can make it up to me by changing your shirt, for one thing. What, are you just going to walk around in public in whatever you slept in and make me look bad? Have some fucking decency.”

Izuku almost cries when Kacchan tells him to change the shirt. It's absolutely humiliating how bad he is at the buttons and his fingers stumble as he tries to undo them all. He's getting faster already though and it doesn't take him too long to get the shirt off. He replaces it with a much simpler t-shirt, hoping to save time in the future, but he still gets tangled up in it for a moment as he tries to get his arms through the sleeves. As he struggles, Kacchan keeps talking.

“Since you haven’t eaten, we can kill two birds with one stone,” he’s saying. “You’ve been trained in how to cook, right? Go make breakfast for the two of us. You know where the kitchen is. I’ll be right there.”

Izuku nods, pulling his head out of the top of the t-shirt at last. And with a tiny bow, he heads back to the spotless kitchen to start cooking.

Cooking is something he's good at. With all the money Kacchan paid for him, Izuku is practically a gourmet chef. Kacchan is still better than him of course, but Izuku is confident he’ll at least be able to make something he'll like. He cooks up a huge selection of breakfast food, though small portions of everything. He doesn’t know what Kacchan prefers. There's enough to give Kacchan a full breakfast and Izuku a meal about half the size as he still tries to adjust to eating regularly.

Izuku gets a little lost in the work, but stops working as soon as he hears Kacchan enter the kitchen. Kacchan quickly crosses the kitchen to stand behind him, forcing him forward against the counter and pressing his hips against Izuku’s ass. He cages him in with both his hands on the counter.

“Don’t stop working on breakfast,” he says, rocking his hips slowly against Izuku’s ass. “And spread your legs.”

Izuku grinds back subtly against Kacchan to help get him hard as he arranges the food on the plates and finishes seasoning it. It's hard for him to concentrate with Kacchan's erection pressed against his ass, but he does the best he can even with shaking hands and quiet whimpering. Then Kacchan pulls up his skirt and digs his fingers into Izuku’s thighs, and Izuku gasps. He spreads his legs as wide as he can to give Kacchan access, feeling Kacchan start to finger him open. He relaxes, eager to let Kacchn in, hoping that he'll be rewarded for it. Chews on his lower lip as he hears Kacchan undo his belt buckle and pull out his own cock, ready to push into him.

But then there’s the sound of a phone ringing, and Izuku immediately goes tense and tries to pull away a little bit. He's purposely not been trained to deal with the humiliation that comes with his position. So all he can do is whimper softly and try to keep quiet as he waits to see if Kacchan will answer the phone.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, who is it now?” Kacchan’s voice is annoyed and there’s a shuffling of fabric as he pulls his phone out. And Izuku can hear him mutter the name, “Yuuto Kansha.”

Izuku has no idea who that is or if they’re important, but they must be important to call Kacchan this early in the morning. And his eyes widen as Kacchan puts the phone on Izuku’s back and turns it onto speaker to answer it. That’s a bit of a predicament. He's supposed to keep working, but there's no way he can let the phone fall. Besides, he's pretty sure he's supposed to stay quiet.

“Kansha,” Kacchan says in an annoyed voice. He lines his cock up with Izuku’s entrance and slowly starts to push into him. “I’m a little busy so this better be important.”

“You didn’t answer any of your emails,” Kansha’s voice says from the phone. Izuku bites his lip. The burn and stretch feels amazing and it's all he can do not to moan. “But I’m calling to see if you’re coming into the office today. You have a meeting with Endeavor at-"

“I’m not coming in today,” Kacchan interrupts. His hips start moving slowly in and out of Izuku. “I need a few more days to break in Deku. Todoroki will understand, he’s got a slave. We can reschedule for next week or something.” And he angles his hips to thrust a little deeper.

Izuku keeps working on breakfast, moving slowly and carefully to keep the phone in place on his back. His face and the back of his neck are bright red as he tries to fight down the utter shame and humiliation. He's so far beneath Kacchan that he isn't even worth paying attention to whole he's getting fucked.

Kacchan changes his angle to thrust in deeper, and he brushes against Izuku's prostate making him jerk. The phone nearly falls off of him and a quiet, barely audible gasp escapes his throat. By now, breakfast is finished, so he grips the edge of the counter to hold himself steady as Kacchan fucks him. He has to stay quiet. He has to be good. He's already hard, staining the front of his skirt with the precum leaking from his head, but he's too humiliated to even want to cum. He doesn't want to be taken apart so completely in front of someone else. Too bad what he wants doesn't matter at all.

Kacchan pulls Izuku’s hips back with a little jerk, dislodging the phone so that it falls off of him and onto the counter. Izuku whines when the phone falls off his back, but Kacchan doesn't seem to be too mad at him for it, or at least isn't paying that much attention. Just keeps fucking him at a slightly faster pace. Izuku's whole body is tense as he puts everything he has into keeping quiet. He doesn't want to bite his tongue and bleed if Kacchan wants his mouth, so he has to focus.

“Look,” Kacchan says over the top of Izuku. “I’m not coming in today. I’m busy. I’m taking a few days to break in Deku and I- Look, fuck it, just. Here.

“Mr Bakugou?” Kansha’s voice on the phone is a little confused. “What-?”

“Here! Deku, you explain to this prick why I’m not going to be in the office this morning.” And he hands off the phone, grips Izuku’s hips tighter, and thrusts into him even harder than before.

Izuku’s blood runs cold when Kacchan passes the phone off to him. How is he supposed to answer while he's getting his brains fucked out? He's just holds the phone for a few seconds, finally crying out and moaning as he's fucked, tears spilling over his cheeks. He can barely gather the breath he needs to respond.

"I'm sorry," he whimpers. "Kacchan is–" His words are cut off by a scream as Kacchan hits his prostate just right. He nearly cums on the spot, his legs trembling. He knows Kacchan is trying to humiliate him, so he goes along with it, hoping for a reward. "Kacchan is busy fucking his slave into the counter." He's blushing and curling in on himself a little bit. "He needs to break me in so I can be good for him. I'm sorry.”

Kacchan laughs at that and his hand grabs a fistful of Izuku’s hair, pulling his head up so he can’t curl up and hide and his moans. Izuku screams openly as Kacchan fucks him harder and faster than before. He can't hide at all in this position and he tries instinctively to squirm away before his training makes him go still. Tears run down his face from the shame and humiliation as he's slammed into the counter over and over again. He can't make himself stop or stay quiet. The worst part is that he makes Kacchan have to speak over him, something he will definitely get in trouble for.

From the phone, Kansha tuts. “You could just say you’re fucking your slave, Mr Bakugou. I’m glad you’re having fun, but I don’t need dramatics.” There’s the sound of typing. “I’ll reschedule your meeting with Endeavor for next week, and I’ll rearrange your other commitments.” He pauses. “And consider bringing your slave into work when he’s broken in, sir, it’ll raise morale.”

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll be back in later this week.” And Kacchan swats the phone out of Izuku’s hand to make him hang up. He pulls Izuku’s hips back and slams into him, fucking him and letting his mouth fall open in a groan of pleasure. “Good boy, Deku.”

Izuku almost dies at the praise. "Thank you, Kacchan," he murmurs. He's okay now. Kacchan is happy with him. And he bears down, trying to give Kacchan more pleasure, as he double checks that all the food is where it should be. Hopefully, Kacchan will finish before it gets cold.

Kacchan moves faster and faster, thrusting into Izuku and slamming him against the counter over and over again. He bows over him, eyes scrunching closed and hands gripping tighter on Izuku’s hips and hair. And Kacchan shouts a loud swear as he’s coming inside of him. “Fuck! Fuck, Deku! Hah…” He thrusts a few more times as he comes. Then stays still for a moment inside of him, panting to get his breath back.

Izuku looks up at him, wondering if he’ll get to cum as well. But then Kacchan pulls out and leaves him bent over the counter with his skirt up over his hips and semen dripping out of his ass. Izuku is bitterly disappointed, but he swallows the resentment down. He's just here to make Kacchan happy. That's all he should be focused on.

Kacchan is making himself coffee from a machine on the counter. Izuku moves the food to the table, shuddering at the feeling of cum dripping down his thighs. And he stands obediently at the table with his hands folded and his head bowed like a good little slave.

“What did you even make?” Kacchan asks, walking over to the table with a cup of coffee.

"It's a little bit of everything, Kacchan. I wasn't sure what you wanted for breakfast." Izuku pulls out a chair for his owner to sit. There’s rice, miso soup, grilled fish, omurice, scrambled eggs, toast and jam, bacon, pancakes, and a green salad, all of it cooked to perfection. Izuku's meal is just the rice, soup, and toast without jam. He doesn't want to overwhelm his system.

Kacchan nods and starts scrolling through his phone as he pulls a bowl towards him. He slurps his coffee and eats one of the dishes Izuku made. "Hm... This is actually pretty good.”

The praise has Izuku smiling as he kneels on the ground to eat. He doesn't want to get the chair dirty since the floor is much easier to clean. Once they're both done with breakfast, Izuku cleans up and takes a quick shower before changing into fresh clothes. He steps to Kacchan's side and offers him the collar. "I'm ready to go when you are," he offers meekly. He's actually incredibly anxious about being out in a crowd of so many people after so long in isolation, but he wants to make Kacchan happy by going shopping with him.

The collar is quickly clipped round Izuku’s neck. He deflates a little when the collar goes on and tugs at it nervously. It can't be tightened more than is safe for him, but it still feels heavy and restrictive after the brief chance he has to take it off. Then he follows Kacchan out to his car.

Izuku looks a little nervous as he climbs in. He's been in a car before, but the last time was when they took him to the facility over a decade ago. At first, he stares out the window excitedly, but it isn't long before he squeezes his eyes closed, sweating a bit. After a long moment, trying to decide if the risk of disturbing his master is worth it, he tugs on Kacchan's sleeve. "Kacchan?" he whimpers. "Would you please take my sight and hearing? I'm getting carsick." Puking in the car would definitely get him in more trouble than speaking out of turn.

“What, seriously?” Kacchan glances over at him with annoyance. But he slows the car and grabs his remote from his pocket. “I’m not going to turn off your hearing, that’ll just make things worse. God, you don’t know anything.”

Izuku blushes in shame as Kacchan mocks him. He had been trying his best to be good! But Kacchan mercifully turns off the switch for Izuku’s sight at least. Izuku passes the rest of the car ride hunched over, his eyes staring at nothing. By the end of the trip, he's adjusted a bit though. It'll still take him a while to fully adjust to the motion of a car, but he's not in danger of puking at least. And when the car slows to a stop at the mall, only then is his sight turned back on. Izuku flinches and squints against the light, peering out of the window at the mall's parking lot. It’s busy. Not as busy as a weekend maybe, but still more people than Izuku is used to. And he notices Kacchan nodding to a few passers-by as he gets out of the car and walks round to open Izuku’s door.

“Here,” Kacchan says, pulling Izuku towards him by the collar and clipping a leash onto him. “This place has some bullshit rule about slaves on leashes or whatever. Just stick close to me.”

He doesn't really mind being on a leash that much, since he would be sticking close to Kacchan anyway. In fact, he's basically glued to Kacchan's side. He holds onto Kacchan's shirt sleeve as he stares around at everything, drinking in the sights. There's so many people and colors and sounds and it's as exciting as it is terrifying. He follows Kacchan through the mall, and they turn to head into a store called ‘Slaves Emporium’. Izuku blinks around him. There's one wall loaded with all sorts of sex toys and bondage equipment. Another has various collar accessories, body jewellery, and lingerie. The displays on the floor have food and water bowls, cages with and without cushions, and all sorts of discipline tools. Canes, whips, electric prods. Izuku shies away from the discipline tools, but the rest doesn’t bother him that much. It's all degrading and humiliating, but in ways that he's used to.

The shop assistant looks up and smiles as they walk in, and says to call if they need any help. Kacchan just nods at her and wanders through the shop glancing at everything. He picks up one of the food bowls and weighs it up in his hands, then puts it down and tries another. Apparently deciding that one’s better, he shoves it into Izuku’s arms. Then he passes the little display of disciplinary toys and grins up at it. Izuku can’t help but lean away from it all. But he stands meekly at Kacchan’s side as his owner’s eyes roam over the equipment and land on a thin cane. He picks it up and gives it an experimental swing. It cuts the air with a small ‘thiwp’ that has Izuku flinching visibly. But Kacchan smiles and hands it to him to hold along with his bowl. Izuku holds the cane gingerly like he's afraid to touch it any more than strictly necessary. He absolutely hates having to even think about it. But Kacchan wants it so Kacchan will have it. It’s just yet another reason to be good.

With that done, Kacchan leads him to a collection of metal cages so they can try to figure out sizes. It’s not unusual for slaves to have cages in their owner's bedroom where they can sleep if they’ve been good. But it can’t be so small that it will cause any damage to the slave being kept in it all night. Kacchan scratches the side of his neck as he looks over the selection.

He lifts his head. “Hey, is it cool if we test these cages out for size?” The assistant nods that it's fine, so Kacchan opens the door of one of the smaller cages and pushes Izuku inside. “Lie down,” he says. “See if that’s big enough.”

Izuku hurriedly puts down the bowl and cane for the moment so he can crawl in and out of the cages easily. The first one, he can barely get all the way in and have room for Kacchan to close the door. "This one might cause some nerve problems in my legs," he reports dutifully. Kacchan tuts in annoyance and pulls him out to try the next one.

They end up having to try out four or five cages until they find one that fits. It's still small enough that Izuku can't fully stretch out, but he can adjust the way he's curled up enough to prevent any problems. "I think this size will be good, Kacchan," he says. The cage he's in is one that comes with a cushion, so he hopes it's the one Kacchan picks, but he tries not to push too hard so Kacchan won't pick a less comfortable one just to spite him. Instead, he just crawls out and picks up the bowl and cane again, waiting to see if Kacchan picks up anything else.

The assistant comes over as Izuku stands up. "We can have the cage delivered to your home, since it's a bit impractical to carry around," she offers. Kacchan nods and fills out the various forms. To Izuku’s delight, he gets the cage with the pillow. The assistant gets everything finalised for the cage and starts ringing them up. She smiles. "We have a sale on plugs and vibrators today as well, if you're interested." There's all sorts of sex toys available and she shows off as many as she can get away with. One of the more interesting pieces is a vibrating butt plug with an attached cock ring. The assistant makes sure not to push too hard on anything, but she does advise Kacchan to get a couple plugs so he won't have to prep Izuku before fucking him.

Kacchan looks at Izuku, then at the plugs. And he reaches out to pick up the plug with attached cock ring, turning it over in his hands. “Yeah,” he says. “I guess it would save time, huh? And Deku can just put it in himself in the morning?”

The assistant nods, and Kacchan buys a couple of different sized plugs that Izuku had been staring at. He gives everything to Izuku to carry as they head out of the store to get some groceries. Izuku is quickly learning his lesson about staring. Namely, that if he stares at something for long enough, Kacchan will buy it whether he wants it or not. Izuku can work with that. He carries the bag with the cane, the bowls, and the plugs as he leans into Kacchan's hand. As they leave the store, they pass by a store selling notebooks and writing supplies and he makes sure to linger and stare at it for just long enough that Kacchan notices before scurrying after him. He really misses being able to write in his notebooks.

As they walk towards the grocery store, Izuku starts to flag a bit. He's not even physically exhausted, but the sheer number of people around him (more than three) and the constant background chatter is incredibly draining for someone who's been isolated as long as he has. Tears start running down his cheeks and he tugs on Kacchan's sleeve, making him look up from his phone. "Can we please sit down for a moment?" he begs weakly. "Two minutes, please. It's–there's so many people.”

Kacchan scowls and rubs his hand over his face.“You’re bothered by the people? How are you going to handle it if I need to take you somewhere busy?”

In a rare burst of courage, Izuku actually replies. He has his eyes down and his head bowed, but his voice is still audible. "I'll adjust, Kacchan, I promise. I just need a little more time. I spent the past decade in a room.” A tiny, white room with never more than two people around while he was conscious. It was hell and he knows it fucked him up. And he doesn’t look up at Kacchan. But then he’s tugged by his leash over to a bench in the middle of the walkway, and is pulled down onto Kacchan’s lap.

“There,” Kacchan mutters. “Happy now?”

Izuku relaxes almost immediately and smiles. He leans his head back and lays it on Kacchan's shoulder. "Thank you, Kacchan."

He can just soak in his owner’s presence and ignore the world around him as much as possible. "This–this helps so much. Thank you, Kacchan."

Kacchan rests his own chin on Izuku’s hair and starts idly rubbing his thumbs up and down over the fabric of Izuku’s shirt. Izuku lets himself rest in Kacchan's lap, fighting down his frustration at being weak as much as he can. He's supposed to be better than this. When he was in the facility, he had thrown himself into his training, been eager, even hungry for it. All of it was to make him good so he could maybe be sold to someone half as amazing as Kacchan. And then Kacchan had bought him and it had been like a dream come true, but it feels like all Izuku's training does is annoy and inconvenience him further. The facility had emphasized making sure the slave would bond with their owner above everything else. Isolation is a convenient way to achieve that.

But he has Kacchan's hands on him anyway, so he's okay. The gentle strokes are soothing and grounding, helping him filter out the horrible background noise. When Kacchan's fingers move underneath his clothes to touch his bare skin, Izuku moans softly. His eyes flutter shut.

“Hey, Deku,” Kacchan says. One of his hands is resting on Izuku’s stomach and the other moves down to his crotch. “You never got to come this morning, did you? Maybe we should fix that.”

Izuku freezes. "R–right here? Are you, are you sure, Kacchan? It'll get my clothes all dirty… I–Keeping the clothes you bought me clean is more important than my own pleasure. That's what they said at the facility." He's incredibly nervous, but mostly because he hates the idea of being so vulnerable and degraded in front of all these people.

Kacchan scowls and presses his nose into the side of Izuku’s face. “I thought the important thing, would be you doing whatever I tell you.” His hand rubs over Izuku’s cock through the fabric of his skirt, feeling him get hard at his touch. And he softly bites at Izuku’s ear. “Besides, you can always clean your clothes when you get home. And I want everyone to see just how good my new slave is. So don’t disappoint me.” Then he lifts Izuku’s skirt so his cock is perfectly on display and starts stroking him. Izuku flinches when he's admonished, but soon all of his attention is taken up by his owner’s hand on his cock. He's much more sensitive than usual. He doesn't know if it's a part of the chip or not, but he gets hard in no time. And he lets Kacchan move his body so his legs are spread and he’s perfectly on display, desperate not to disappoint him even if it's mortifying. But despite his embarrassment, Izuku can't help but writhe and moan a little bit as Kacchan’s hand moves faster on his cock. All he wants to do is keep quiet and get this over with. Unfortunately for him, there's already a few people stopping to watch the show on top of everyone staring. He doesn't dare look away, even making eye contact with some of the people leering at him. They're all so hungry to see him humiliated that he starts to sob.

But then, it's been so long since he was allowed to cum. Another bonding exercise. It's absolutely pathetic how quickly Izuku orgasms and when he does cum, it's with a surprised little shriek. He didn’t expect it so soon. He moans, hips rocking gently as cum spurts out of him, staining his skirt and coating Kacchan's hand as his owner keeps stroking his cock through the orgasm. He gasps for breath as tears roll down his face, but at least he’s more relaxed than before.

At least until some of the crowd starts approaching.

"Hey, you're Ground Zero, right?" One young man asks. "Do you mind if I get an autograph?" And then suddenly the crowd is swarming Kacchan and Izuku is trapped on his lap, exposed, vulnerable, and spent. None of these people who were just enjoying his humiliation care enough about him to give him a second glance. Right. He's a slave. He needs to just do what Kacchan tells him and nothing more. Maybe then at least Kacchan will care about him.

Kacchan shifts, looking away from Izuku as the people crowd round them. “Huh? Oh, right. Yeah, sure. Deku, clean this up.” He holds his hand out to Izuku’s face. It’s covered in cum. And Kacchan keeps talking to the fans as Izuku cleans his hand. “Sorry about this, he’s new and I’m just breaking him in. What’s your name?”

Izuku licks Kacchan's hand clean obediently. It gives him something to do to distract himself from the humiliation. He takes his time, making sure each digit is perfectly clean and uses as little saliva as possible so Kacchan doesn't even have to dry it off. He doesn't exactly have many skills, so he hones the ones he does have to perfection. Not that it saves him from all of the shame and humiliation. Or any of it, for that matter. And when Izuku’s done, Kacchan takes his hand away to start signing autographs. He keeps his other arm around Izuku’s waist, holding him on his lap so everyone can see what a mess he is.

Eager to focus on something else, Izuku ends up listening in on Kacchan's conversations with his fans. He angles his head to try and read the magazine articles, but he never manages to decipher more than a sentence at a time since Kacchan signs so quickly and it's such an awkward angle. As time wears on and he spends longer and longer surrounded by complete strangers, Izuku starts to get more and more overstimulated again. He doesn't close his legs, but he twists his face to hide it in Kacchan's neck and covers one ear, sobbing softly. This is all far too much for him.

“Hang on,” Kacchan says to the crowd. He turns to Izuku, lowering his voice to whisper, “This too many people for you? You know I can’t leave, that’d be rude. You’re being a little selfish.” A soft kiss is pressed to his forehead and something is placed in his hand. One of the complimentary lube sachets Kacchan had picked up at the emporium. “Here, work yourself open for me. I’ll look after you in a second.”

At first, Izuku actually hesitates to obey. He's overwhelmed and scared to take his other hand away from his ear where it's blocking out some of the noise. But it's not like he has a choice in this. He peels his hand away and tears open the lube packet, crying silently as he stretches himself open in front of the crowd. He starts getting hard again, whining on his own fingers no matter how hard he tries to keep quiet.

The fans are standing so close and there's so many of them that a couple end up accidentally brushing against Izuku, who flinches every time, but he keeps working dutifully to make himself ready for Kacchan. After a couple minutes and three fingers, he pulls out and waits for Kacchan to notice that he's done working himself open.

Somewhere through the haze of his humiliation, Izuku hears a fan say, “Mr Ground Zero, I think your slave wants you.”

“Hm?” Kacchan shifts, his grip tightening on Izuku’s waist. He gets another kiss on his forehead. “Good boy. Hang on.” And Izuku is gently being turned around so they’re chest-to-chest with Izuku’s head resting on Kacchan’s shoulder. Izuku happily wraps his arms around Kacchan, making sure to leave Kacchan's arms free, as he kneels up to give easy access. And Kacchan starts fingering him, thrusting his hands in and out of Izuku roughly. Izuku stays as quiet as he can so he doesn't disturb Kacchan, but little whimpers and moans escape him with every twist and shove of Kacchan's fingers. He clings for dear life, still oversensitive, as his cum smears on Kacchan's clothes and his cock twitches.

He starts to lose himself in the sensation until one fan, a newcomer to the group around them, uses his extendable arms quirk to reach out and grope Izuku's ass. Izuku freezes up and clings harder, trembling uncontrollably as the man whispers, "Damn, he's pretty. How much did he cost ya?"

Chapter Text

Katsuki is talking to some kid about studying at UA when it happens. He sees it out of the corner of his eye. Some fuck comes out of nowhere and snakes his hand through the crowd to touch Deku. Some nameless extra is touching his property without permission. The audacity of this bastard! The sheer, unbridled, fucking insolence of someone who thinks they’re allowed to put their filthy hands on something that belongs to Katsuki and just talk to him about it as if it’s no big deal.

He sees red.

Dropping the pen, his arm darts out with all reflexes of a top tier pro hero and grabs that bastard by the wrist. He wrenches the hand away from Deku’s skin, not caring that his own palm is crackling with explosions. HIs lawyers will deal with whatever fallout there is and he can pay the guy’s hospital bill. It doesn’t matter! All that matters is that this prick thinks he can touch Deku and Katsuki has to punish him for that.

He takes his other hand out of Deku and wraps it around the slave’s waist instead, holding Deku to his side as he gets to his feet to glower at the stranger.

He drags the man through the crowd towards him by his arm. The man shrieked when Katsuki blew him up and he’s crying in pain now, but the actual damage isn’t too severe. Once Katsuki is face to face with him, their bodies practically pressed together, he speaks in a loud growl.

“Don’t. Touch. My. Property.”

Katsuki doesn’t give a shit who this guy is. He could be the goddamn president of the official Ground Zero fan club for all Katsuki cares! All he wants right then is to blow this motherfucker up for daring to lay a hand on Deku.

But the words of his agents drift through his mind, reminding him that it would reflect poorly on his approval ratings if he kills civilians. And as much as Katsuki wants to destroy this guy, he wants to climb the hero rankings more.

So, with considerable effort, he lets go and steps back. “Fan signing’s over!” he declares. “You can thank this prick for that!”

He drops Deku and pushes his way out through the crowd of fans, letting his obedient little slave grab the the shopping bags behind him. Deku’s skirt is still hiked up over his ass and lube leaks down his thighs, but Katsuki doesn’t look back to appreciate the view. He’s still fuming, trying to figure out somewhere private he can take Deku where he can vent his frustrations. He was already half hard from holding the bastard on his lap and listening to him whimper softly, but the rage had gone right to his dick and he really doesn’t need public indecency charges on top of the assault charges.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, Katsuki finds a quiet little corner just outside the mall where not too many people pass by. There’s a little garden, but it’s poorly tended and filled with trash. No one has bothered with this place for a while.

As soon as they stop moving, Deku drops to his knees and opens his mouth. He’s shaking and there are dried tears on his face. His clothes are dishevelled. He’s a little pathetic mess. But he’s Katsuki’s and that’s all that matters right now.

“You’re mine,” Deku,” Katsuki says as he undoes his belt and pulls his cock out, grabbing Deku by the hair and pulling his head closer. Fuck, his lips are so hot and his mouth is so open that Katsuki can just thrust right in. He shudders a little, grip tightening in Deku’s hair. There’s no resistance at all. If anything, the little slut relaxes when Katsuki’s dick touches his tongue.

Katsuki thrusts in and out of Deku’s mouth. “You’re all mine! Nobody else gets to touch you without my permission! That fucking… that bastard! He can’t fucking touch you. Only I can do that!” He pulls Deku’s head on and off his cock, roughly fucking his throat to get his anger out as he growls low insults and swears.

Even when he cums, Katsuki’s body is still tense from rage. He stands there with his hands resting in Deku’s hair, watching him lick his cock clean and tuck him back into his pants like he was trained to. He feels a dull fire in his gut as he watches Deku straighten his skirt and stare up at him. He’s always hated the little fuck. But at the same time, there’s always been that obsession there. That fixation, that desire to claim him and be the only one to touch him and own him. The only one to break him.

He watches as Deku reaches into the shopping bag and pulls out the cane, offers it up to him with both hands and a bowed head. “Please use me, Kacchan. I only exist to make you happy.”

Katsuki’s mouth twists into a wide, eager grin. “Yeah,” he says with a light laugh. He pulls Deku to his feet, leans close to his face so they’re inches apart. “You only exist for me.” And he kisses him, thrusting his tongue deep into Deku’s mouth and tasting himself on Deku’s tongue.

It’s rough and hard and Deku whines into Katsuki’s mouth. When he pulls back, there’s a string of saliva between their lips, which he wipes away. Then he pushes Deku against the wall, getting him to place both hands on the side of the building and spread his legs. He swings the cane through the air so it makes a satisfying ‘fwish’, pulls Deku’s skirt back up over his hips, runs a hand over Deku’s ass. Urgh, there’s still lube on the insides of his thighs. He’s disgusting.

Katsuki’s going to whip him to get rid of the feeling of that fuck who tried to touch him so that all there is on his skin is the feeling of Katsuki.

He swings the cane so it hits Deku’s ass with a loud thwack.

When the strike lands, Deku groans, hips rocking back involuntarily. “Kacchan,” he gasps. “Please, Kacchan, I need more. I need you, Kacchan.” Right. The little shit’s a genuine masochist, isn’t he? This is gonna be even more fun than Katsuki expected.

Deku keeps babbling as Katsuki beats him, but he never once begs him to stop. His thighs are already covered with bruises from earlier fucks and new welts spring up over the old marks. His words are a mixture of singing Katsuki’s praises and begging to be beaten more. Katsuki beats him harder and harder and his screams of pleasure get louder and louder as he melts into the wall.

And then the side door to the mall opens and and man in uniform pokes his head out of the door. “Uh, sir, could you keep your slave quiet? We can hear him from inside and it’s disturbing the customers.”

Ah, shit. Just when things were getting good. What a pain. Katsuki nods at the man and sticks two fingers into Deku’s mouth for him to suck, a quick way of shutting him up. Deku still moans around the fingers. He doesn’t seem to be aware of the situation at all, but at least he’s quieter.

“Sorry,” Katsuki says in his best daytime television interview with his practiced smile. “He’s a new slave and I’m still breaking him in. I’ll keep him quiet.”

“Right you are,” the man says with a nod. Then, “And, uh, thank you for your service, Mr Ground Zero.” With that, he disappears back inside.

Katsuki’s smile drops immediately and he shoves his fingers deeper into Deku’s mouth until he chokes. His other hand slaps Deku’s ass. His skin is hot to the touch and covered in red welts. There’s even a couple places where the skin’s broken. And apparently, Deku’s so pathetic that he’s rock hard from the pain. Katsuki glares at him with pure hatred. He stoops down to the shopping bag before realizing that he forgot to buy Deku any gags. Damn. This’ll be a pain.

He twists Deku’s head to the side so he can still keep his fingers in Deku’s mouth and have a good angle to beat him from. “Now, don’t go bothering anyone else while you make me happy,” he orders, his voice low in a veiled threat. “Understand?”

Deku nods, cutting off his quiet moans, but he’s distracted, thrusting his hips back eagerly. From this angle, Katsuki can see how he smiles at the blows. He’s a lot quieter now, but little gasps and whimpers stil escape him until finally it’s too much.

Katsuki’s cane comes down on one of the earlier welts and Deku cums right then and there, completely untouched, spurting his seed all over the wall and wailing around the fingers in his mouth.

And at that, all the tension that had been boiling up inside Katsuki releases and he almost seems to deflate. Because in that moment, he knows that all of these goddamn extras can stare at Deku all they want and they can talk about him and they can even reach out and touch him, but only Katsuki can make him cum like this. Just hitting the little bastard was enough to have him crying and shaking, covering his shirt with cum.

Hm… Okay, so that’s probably why people just keep their slaves naked in public. Well, whatever, it’s not like Katsuki can’t afford to get him new clothes or anything.

The remote in Katsuki’s pocket is beeping, but he ignores it. It’s probably just telling him that Deku came and yeah, he saw that. It’s pretty hard to miss. So Katsuki leans over, pulling his fingers out of Deku’s mouth and wiping the spit off in Deku’s soft green hair. Deku’s lips and chin are coated with drool. It’s disgusting. And his ass is so hot to the touch as Katsuki rests his hand on it. He breathes into Deku’s ear, “Ah, you came without permission, Deku.” He grins, rubbing his hand up and down Deku’s ass. “We’ll work on that when we get home, we–”

He’s cut off. Deku sinks to the ground. His hands are still on the wall, but he’s curled up with his head leaning on his knees and is whimpering under his breath as his chest heaves.

Katsuki stares down at him, utterly perplexed. Shit. What’s happening? What the fuck is going on? “Deku,” Katsuki snaps, suddenly unsure of anything. “Get up! What are you doing?” Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! He scrabbles for the remote in his pocket and holds it up to figure out what’s going on and his eyes bulge out of his head as he sees that his brand new slave is having a goddamn panic attack. What the fuck? Is he broken? What’s Katsuki supposed to do now?

He pulls out his phone and frantically googles as Deku hyperventilates, gasping out apologies and Katsuki doesn’t even understand what he’s trying to apologize for.

Okay… Okay, to get Deku back on his feet, he’s going to have to… calm him down. Alright. This is fine. Katsuki can do this. He crouches down so he’s on the same level as Deku and slowly starts to stroke up and down his back. Deku flinches away when he’s first touched and Katsuki grits his teeth.

“Hey, uh… De–Izuku?” Urgh, he hates that name. He hates it so much. But he’s trying anything he can think of. “It’s alright. I’m not mad.” So please stop acting like an embarrassment in public. “You don’t have to apologize. It’s fine. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Katsuki hopes this is helping.

Deku reacts to that name, at least. He snaps his mouth shut and drops his hands, bringing them to rest on his knees as he straightens up a bit to look at him. His eyes are still filled with utter terror, but at least he seems to be listening now. And then, for some reason, he just starts sobbing again. He tries to stand, but he’s so shaky that he just collapses to his knees again.

Ah, fuck. Katsuki’s not good with emotions! He has no idea what to say when someone's crying! That’s why someone as amazing and wonderful as him has sidekicks whose job it is to make him look good when he inevitably fucks up and yells at the child he’s meant to be rescuing. Where are his sidekicks when he fucks up trying to look after his slave? What the fuck is he supposed to do?

Well fuck, okay, first of all he’s going to get Deku to stop slouching over the wall like a moron. Christ, he’s an embarrassment. Katsuki reaches out and carefully scoops Deku up into his arms, cradling him like one of the kids he has to rescue from a burning building. Deku whimpers at first, but then he wraps his arms around Katsuki’s arms and clings like his life depends on it.

There’s a bench a little bit away, just underneath one of the trees. Katsuki sits down there with Deku in his arms and holds him gently in his lap, one hand running gently through his hair. He smiles his best it’s going to be okay smile, the one his agent has him practice before going on TV spots.

“Iz...Izuku.” Urgh, it’s still so weird saying that name. But Katsuki smiles through it. Deku offers a weak, shaky smile back. He sobs immediately afterward, but it’s enough for Katsuki to assume he’s on the right track so he keeps going. “It’s going to be okay. I’m here. It’s okay.” And, for lack of anything else to do, he awkwardly kisses Deku’s forehead. There. That’s reassuring, right? That’ll get him to stop crying, right?

It doesn’t. Deku smiles back and nuzzles affectionately against Katsuki’s chest, but he doesn’t stop crying. His tears drip all over Katsuki’s shirt and the cum caked on his skirt smears all over Katsuki’s lap. He’s such a fucking mess.

After a few minutes of Deku sobbing, nearly stopping, and then starting again for some reason that Katsuki can’t even begin to wrap his head around, the sobs finally slow down to whimpers. And then Deku’s head lolls forward against Katsuki’s shoulder. He’s fast asleep, but at least he’s stopped crying. Even in his sleep, he clings to Katsuki, hands white knuckled in his shirt.

Katsuki just sits there for a moment with his slave in his lap. Okay, so that just happened. His nice shiny new slave just had a full blown panic attack and cried until he passed out and now Katsuki’s sitting here covered in his tears and cum. This is his life now.

He stays there for a few minutes, listening to Deku’s soft breathing and wondering if he’s going to let go of him any time soon. A couple people walking past glance at him and he pointedly ignores them. When it becomes clear that Deku’s really down for the count, Katsuki decides he doesn’t want to waste time waiting for Deku when he’s got other shit to do. So he carefully gathers up all their stuff and carries Deku’s sleeping body back to the car. He’ll just… just leave him there while he shops.

Despite being a lot stronger than Deku could ever hope to be, Katsuki finds it harder than he expected to disentangle himself from Deku’s grasping hands. When he finally manages to get free, Deku’s fingers curl around the strap of the seat belt instead, but he stays fast asleep the entire time.

The first thing Katsuki does then is find a half-finished bottle of iced coffee in the car footwell and pour it over himself. The dark liquid manages to disguise the cum and tear stains on his shirt, so it’s a lot less embarrassing when he goes to buy something clean to change into. While he’s in the store, he also grabs a Ground Zero shirt from a nearby display. Deku will need clean clothes too, after all. Can’t have him covered in snot all day.

After that, he heads back to the Slave Emporium. It’d be a pain if Deku started screaming like that again and disturbing other people. And a few minutes later he leaves with a few new gags to shut Deku up properly.

His next stop is the grocery store. He tries to remember what sort of food Deku had eaten when they were younger. Deku had liked pork katsudon… and oranges? Or was Katsuki making that up? Whatever. He’s getting oranges and Deku will like them! Katsuki fills his shopping cart with food and ingredients. On the way back to the car, Katsuki pauses in front of the shop selling the notebooks that Deku had been eyeing. He remembers when they were kids, Deku had always been scribbling little notes down in his notebook and writing detailed accounts of their favorite heroes. It might be nice… to have Deku write down things about him. Katsuki heads into the store to buy a small notebook and pen for him. There. That out to cheer him up.

As Katsuki leaves the store, the remote pings to let him know Deku’s woken up. He hopes Deku won’t panic before he gets back, but of course he isn’t going to be so lucky. He just has to open the car door and Deku’s already blubbering.

Deku stares up at him, curled up in a little ball, eyes wide. “I’m sorry,” he whimpers. “I’ll be good, I promise. I can take my punishment like a good slave.”

Katsuki feels his eye twitch. What a fucking pain. He doesn’t want to have to mollycoddle Deku. He just wants him around to fuck and act as an ego boost. Goddammit, slaves are so much work. “I’m not going to punish you,” he snaps, opening the back door to put the shopping bags away. “I already told you nothing was wrong. If anything, I’m going to punish that bastard who touched you for starting all of this. But you’re fine, Deku.”

He pulls the Ground Zero shirt out of the shopping bag. “Here, change into this. You’re a mess.” It’s a nice shirt, one of the newer designs. It has Katsuki’s face on it done in orange and grey and he’s yelling his catchphrase: Die! Deku also manages to get it on a lot faster than usual. He’s getting better. Katsuki throws the dirty clothes into the back and gets into the car.

Deku tucks his knees up to his chest as the car starts, squeezing his eyes shut. Katsuki doesn’t bother turning his vision off since he can obviously do that fine by himself. “Kacchan, I’m sorry,” he whimpers. “I don’t understand. Could-could you please explain to me why I’m not being punished for acting without permission? I don’t want to upset you like this again?”

Acting without permission? Katsuki glances over at Deku. His hands grip the wheel tighter. He’s still not entirely sure he knows why Deku even freaked out, but he’s got a pretty good idea. “What good would punishing you do?” he demands. “So you came without permission, it’s no big deal. I only just bought you. It’s natural you’re gonna jizz yourself a couple times at first. I’m not gonna punish you because you’re excited and you’re into me.” He huffs and turns onto the highway to head home. There isn’t any special reason or anything for not punishing Deku. He’s just trying to be kind during Deku’s first few days settling in. And punishing wouldn’t do anything since Deku seems to be beating himself up over it just fine. For fuck’s sake, he’d practically cried himself into a coma! That was punishment enough, right?

Katsuki’s hands tap on the wheel. For some reason, he doesn’t like thinking about this too much. He changes the topic. “You still like katsudon, right? I figured I’d make that tonight.” If you please for the love of God stop blubbering and shutting down. Katsuki likes seeing Deku cry, but only if he’s doing it as he sucks dick. If he shuts down and can’t do shit, that’s the opposite of why Katsuki bought him.

Deku shifts as he thinks about the question. “I don’t remember what it tastes like,” he says casually. “I’m sure I’ll like anything that you make though. And I remember that I liked it before.”

There’s something about that that hits Katsuki in the stomach. Fuck… he remembers Deku coming round to his house and downing entire bowls of the stuff, his face covered in sauce and rice. It was his favorite! And now he can’t even remember it? Katsuki guesses that’s to be expected. Deku is a quirkless freak after all. They don’t get the good shit to eat. But still. For some reason, Katsuki feels weird about it. He scratches the back of his head and frowns. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. He’s going to make katsudon even if Deku doesn’t like it.

Still, Katsuki isn’t doing a great job of lightening the mood. He tries again and reaches blindly back into the shopping bag to grab the notebook and pen. “Here,” he says, shoving it into Deku’s face. “If you’re worried about upsetting me for whatever, I got you this. Just… use it to write how great I am or something. That’ll cheer me up if you ever do something wrong.”

Deku snatches the notebook out of his hand and holds it to his chest with a squeak of delight. “Thank you, Kacchan! Thank you so much!” He opens up the pen and starts scribbling immediately, his eyes still squeezed shut. It’s oddly cute, watching him scribble like that. It’s not even legible, since Deku is writing in a moving car with his eyes closed. Moron.

Katsuki snorts a little to himself and leans back in his seat to keep driving as Deku’s starts to mumble, his ramblings drifting over Katsuki. He catches a few words. Deku’s writing down old notes about the old pros: Endeavor, All Might, Crimson Riot… everyone they’d looked up to as kids. Katsuki’s surprised he remembers any of it. Actually… Deku’s remembering a lot about those guys. Katsuki frowns and pays more attention to Deku’s mutering. He’s talking about all the individual quirks of these heroes, yeah, but also techniques they’ve used in battle and possible ways to counteract their quirks and styles. A lot of it is stuff Katsuki had already figured out, but some of it is completely new. What the fuck? Did Deku just spend his entire time in the facility thinking about heroes and how to fight them? He glances over. Deku’s notebook is covered with unintelligible scribblings and he’s still muttering under his breath about fighting techniques. He’s obviously pretty invested.

Katsuki clears his throat, making Deku jump in surprise. “Hey, how come you know so much about heroes?” he asks. “Did they let you watch TV or anything in the facility?” Or do you just somehow remember that after all these years?

Deku actually giggles at the question. “They didn’t let me watch TV in the facility. They didn’t let me watch anything half the time.” He gestures to his eyes that Katsuki can make useless on a whim. “I just–” He pauses, long enough that Katsuki almost prompts him to answer. “I just remember it, I guess.”

He doesn’t mutter any more on the drive home.

When they get back, Deku carries the groceries and other bags inside and puts them away without a word, leaving out the ingredients for katsudon. He remembers the ingredients too. Then, he kneels in the dining room and starts writing, starting to mutter again before too long.

Katsuki cooks wordlessly. Deku’s muttering is slightly harder to pick up from all the way from the dining room but if Katsuki strains his ears, he can sort of work it out. As he’s chopping up onions, he hears his own name and he raises his eyebrows. Good. Deku’s talking about him. He’s doing what he was bought for. That’s good. And so Katsuki listens with a small smile as Deku mumbles about his quirk and abilities, even if a lot of it is painfully out of date. Does Deku even know Katsuki’s catchphrase? God, how’s Deku supposed to keep up with how great Katsuki is if he can’t watch TV? Damn facility stunted his growth.

When dinner’s read, he serves some up in Deku’s new dog bowl and carries it into the dining room. “Oi,” he says, dropping the bowl on the floor. “Here. This is yours now. You clean it and take care of it, alright?”

Deku grins at him. “Thank you, Kacchan!” he says excitedly. So fucking grateful at the idea of having his very own dog bowl to eat off the floor.

Katsuki sits down at the table and starts eating. “And hey, if I’m out and you’re here by yourself, you can watch TV. Just don’t go up on the furniture and turn it off when I get back.” There. Now Deku can actually watch Katsuki in action and get some up-to-date notes on him.

Deku thanks him again and then clasps his hands behind his back, leaning forward to eat from the bowl. Katsuki definitely doesn’t watch his reaction eagerly. He doesn’t feel a twinge of nervousness when Deku just pauses, staring off into space for a moment. Then, Deku swallows. “Kacchan! It’s so good! It tastes so good!”

Fuck, Deku’s almost crying from how happy he is, but the teary eyes vanish pretty quickly as he shoves his face into the bowl like an animal. Katsuki wants to step on his back, forcing his face further down into the floor. But Deku’s only just recovered from a panic attack so he holds off. If Deku goes on another massive rollercoaster of emotions, he’ll probably pass out again or something. Katsuki just lets him eat and focuses on his own food. It’s not the best thing he’s ever made, but it’s alright. Plus it makes Deku praise him and tell him how amazing he is, which is basically the only thing that matters.

Deku ends up lickin the bowl perfectly clean, kneeling up with a contented smile on his face. “Do you want me to do anything else for you?” he asks eagerly. “If not, I was just gonna clean the bowl you gave me and the rest of the house, but I can do anything you want me to!”

Katsuki considers Deku’s question, his head resting on his hand. “No, that’s fine. I need to get some work done anyway, so you can clean the house. But, wait here a second.”

He gets up to head to the kitchen and find one of the bags from the Slave Emporium. He roots through it to find one of the buttplugs. It’s a heavy, silver one that Deku will be able to feel inside of him as he moves. Katsuki will put this in him to keep him on his toes throughout the day as Katsuki works on some emails and paperwork in his office. Then, maybe later, Katsuki can use Deku to let off some steam. With a wide grin, Katsuki goes back to the dining room with the plug and the lube. “Bend over the table, Deku.”

Deku is practically bouncing in excitement as he bends over, spreading his legs without needing to be asked. When he was a kid, Katsuki always wanted a puppy to play with and to follow him around the house, wagging its tail and licking his face. He’d never actually gotten that puppy, but Deku is the next best thing. Katsuki ruffles his hair as he works the plug in, patting his head like he’s a good boy. Hmm… maybe he should’ve picked a tail plug up at the store. Well, whatever. He can order one later. And Katsuki slips the plug easily inside Deku, slaps his marked-up ass, and sends him to do his chores.

Alright, fun’s over. Now he has actual work to do. Fuck. Emails to answer and calls to make and people to shout at. Kansha’s sent him a whole bunch of emails that need to be answered today as well as an updated schedule since so much of his shit needed to be rearranged due to Deku’s adoption. Katsuki really can’t afford to stay away from the agency too much longer, but he doesn’t know if he can take Deku in with him. Someone will try to touch him without permission! And he can’t exactly take the little prick on patrol with him either. Katsuki groans and rubs a hand over his face. Whatever. He’ll figure that out later. And, with a huff, he starts working, hoping that Deku doesn’t fuck up his house.

It’s absolutely miserable. Emails are stupid, forms are stupid, running a hero agency is fucking stupid. It’s coming close to time for UA internships and Katsuki is expected to take on at least one intern at the agency, which means he’ll need to go through all these goddamn applications and profiles to find the perfect student with a good quirk who’d fit in. And then on top of all that, there are new support items that needed to be ordered and new routes for the city since there are some major building works going on and he needs to call some of the nearby agencies to organize heroes for police stings. Not to mention he needs to contact his publicist to talk about a TV spot and he has a group call with other agencies that evening and urgh! Katsuki rubs his temples with his fingers, utterly frustrated by everything.

Luckily, Deku chooses that moment to come into the office. He crawls inside, his ass swaying in a way that makes Katsuki’s cock twitch in his jeans. Deku bumps his head against Katsuki’s leg just once and kneels back, waiting silently to be acknowledge. He lets out a little whine as he moves though. The shift of position must be shoving the plug against his prostate. He’s hard and leaking a little bit of precum, but he must have been cleaning it up at least since it isn’t smeared everywhere.

“Hey, Deku,” Katsuki says with a grin as Deku kneels. “You finished cleaning already? Good boy.” He reaches out and places a hand in Deku’s hair. “You gotta do something else, though. I need you to get me hard real quick.” He leans back in his chair, spreading his legs for Deku. He has two minutes before he needs to get onto this group call with a few other agencies. He can have a little fun with Deku to make the talks more interesting.

Deku smiles and nods, pressing up against Katsuki’s hands. He doesn’t hesitate at all as he crawls between Katsuki’s legs, takes his dick out of his pants, and swallows him down. Doesn’t even gag. He massages Katsuki with his tongue, slowly working him up to hardness, and then stops, Katsuki’s cock hanging heavy in his mouth. Katsuki gets the web camera set up while he does this, but he notices that Deku is starting to shift nervously between his legs. He remembers how awkward Deku was with so many people watching him at the mall and sighs internally. He doesn’t want to deal with Deku panicking again.

When Katsuki’s hard, he pulls Deku up and strokes his cheek. “It’s okay, Deku,” he says with what he hopes is a gentle smile. “This call is just going to be a little stressful, I’m going to need you to help me relax. It’ll be fine.”

He takes the plug out of Deku and pulls him down onto his cock until he’s sitting on his lap with Katsuki’s head resting on the top of his head. Katsuki makes sure he’s comfortable, kisses his hair, then turns off his sight and hearing. There. Now he won’t panic about being watched and Katsuki will be able to have a little fun during the talks. He strokes his hand up and down Deku’s front as he waits for the rest of these time wasters to join the conference call they’d organised a week ago. Deku just settles back against Katsuki’s chest, perfectly calm for once.

The first face to appear on the screen is Momo. She’s currently ranked number five with a slightly larger agency than Katsuki, but less focus on merchandise to raise her public approval (her loss). She smiles and waves as her camera focuses. “Hello, Katsuki-kun,” she says cheerily. Then her eyes widen. “Oh, who’s this? You finally picked up your slave?”

“Yeah,” Katsuki says, pulling Deku’s head up a little by the chin so she can get a look. “This is Deku. Just breaking him in.”

“He’s precious,” she says, resting her face on her hands. “Look at those little freckles! You should bring him to lunch next time. We can let him and Dabi play!” She holds up the little silver chain hanging from a hook on her chair, indicating that her own bejewelled slave is just off-camera (most likely between her thighs). “Are you thinking of getting him any piercings?”

“Nah, I like his face as is,” Katsuki says as more people finally join the call. Tenya is the only other one he recognizes. The rest are newbies. As they get settled, Tenya makes a polite comment about how well behaved Deku is. Some of the newbies blink in surprise to see Deku there, but remain composed. Katsuki waves his hand. Whatever, he’s the goddamn number two hero, he’s higher ranked than all of these extras so they can deal with him breaking in his new slave on camera. So, he just adjusts Deku on his lap to get him settled. “Right, so is everyone here? Let’s get this going then. I’ve got shit to do.”

The call is long and boring, as these things usually are, but it’s pretty amusing to see the newer heroes be so completely distracted by Deku. They can’t stop staring at him. Only problem is it makes the meeting drag on even longer than it has to, but at least there’s some entertainment value to be had. When it finally wraps up and most of the newbies leave, Katsuki leans back in his chair with a small groan. Really, all the newbies need to get used to this. So many of the big name heroes have their own slave that they’re going to run into it a lot in this line of work.

Tenya comments, “So, is this the same Deku you used to talk about at UA? I remember you said he was always scribbling in notebooks. I hope that hasn’t translated into bad habits. Mine used to always talk to herself when I turned her ears off so I just keep her gagged now.”

Katsuki looks up, placing a hand on Deku’s front. “Yeah, this is him. I always knew the useless fuck was quirkless, but I kind of felt sorry for him going to someone who’d treat him badly. I put a down payment on him a while back and paid for the extra training so he’s good for something. Finally got him yesterday.” He moves forward a bit so his dick pushes up into Deku, reveling in the slave’s soft cry at the movement. “But he doesn’t have any really bad habits yet. I gave him a notebook as a treat and he’s just been writing down information on heroes. Kinda like a scribe or something.”

“You can try training him out of bad habits too,” Momo adds. “If you need it, I’ll send you the card for my slave trainer. He was able to really change Dabi for the better. He used to have panics if I had him in the living room with the fire going, but now he’s just fine.”

“Mm.” Katsuki shifts. Deku’s starting to feel really heavy on his lap and it’s getting late. He smiles. “Hey, I really need to get this guy off. Do you mind?”

Tenya leans back in his chair, pushing his glasses up his nose. Momo smiles and rests her chin on her hands. “Not at all,” they say.

Katsuki grins.

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The meeting is long and boring, as these meetings usually are, but Izuku passes most of it in a comfortable daze. He has a soft smile on his face the whole time that all the other heroes can see. Every time Kacchan shifts, he perks up, waiting to see if he's needed, and then settles back down again. When Kacchan moves forward, he lets out a soft, barely audible gasp. He's completely forgotten about the audience, but that also makes it hard for him to remember to keep quiet.

When Kacchan starts jacking him off, he's still calm and relaxed at first, but as he gets close, he starts squirming and whining nervously. His hands clench and unclench at his sides and it seems almost like he wants to get away. His heart is pounding and his breathing is uneven. He can't cum without permission. Only a bad slave would do that. Kacchan didn't mind last time, but it seemed like he was only just letting it slide back then. Izuku has to be good.

Soon, his stress starts to become obvious, and he can feel his hearing slowly get turned on. Words start to filter into his brain. Izuku tenses, wondering if he needs to brace himself for a punishment or not. He hasn't disobeyed yet, but he definitely isn't being as good as he could be.

He hears an unfamiliar woman’s voice. ”You said you had the extra training done, right? You need to be careful with that. My Dabi had to go to the hospital the same week I got him because I forgot to order him to drink.”

And then the hand on his cock slows a little and he hears Kacchan. “He’s been fine so far,” his owner is saying in a conversational tone. “But yeah he has freaked out before and thought I was going to punish him… That’s why I’m turning him back on.” Izuku shifts a little as his hearing returns to normal, wondering what Kacchan is going to say. But he relaxes when Kacchan says softly in his ear, “Hey Deku. I want you to meet a couple friends of mine, okay? They’re Pro Heroes too, so be nice.”

He's going to get to meet more Pro Heroes! Izuku smiles eagerly as his sight is turned back on, and Kacchan holds him by the chin so he’s facing the computer screen. Two people are watching him expectantly. Izuku’s too excited to be humiliated by the audience and his mind is occupied with trying to figure out if he knows these Heroes, but then Kacchan's hand returns to his dick and starts pumping him harder.

“Show them how good you are, Deku,” Kacchan says. “Show them how nice you scream when you come.”

Izuku moans and whines, panting as he clenches around Kacchan's cock. When he does cum, it's with a beautiful, almost pornographic scream, his whole back arching and muscles clenching around Kacchan’s cock. “Oh fuck,” Kacchan mutters through clenched teeth, his hips jerking up into Izuku. But he doesn’t come himself, just lets Izuku spasm a little and rock on his lap as his body shakes with his orgasm. Then he sags against his owner’s chest and buries his face in his neck. Izuku glances out briefly at the computer screen where the two other Pros are still watching, then back to Kacchan.

"Kacchan?" he whispers softly, nervous about speaking without being prompted. "Is that one in glasses related to Ingenium?" He knows he shouldn't ask about other heroes in front of Kacchan but Kacchan knows Izuku loves him more than anyone else and he's been okay with indulging Izuku's curiosity so far. And, luckily, Kacchan just laughs at the question.

“Tenya, Deku recognises you,” he says with a grin. And he nudges Izuku to get him to look back at the computer screen. “Deku, this is Tenya. He took up the Ingenium name after his brother got married and retired. You’re number… Nine, right?”

Izuku was right! And he's the number nine hero? Definitely someone who's worthy of being in the same room as Kacchan. It was the helmet that gave it away. Izuku won't forget the first time he saw that helmet. He and Kacchan were walking home from school in the spring. The cherry blossoms wouldn't bloom until next week but the buds were already so pretty. Kacchan had just figured out how to use his quirk to fly and he was showing off all the way home while Izuku just watched in astonishment and took notes. Then they got ice cream together and they were watching TV in the ice cream parlor when they saw Ingenium's debut. Izuku remembers every detail of it. He doesn't realize that he's mumbling about it out loud though into Kacchan’s chest as he talks to the others.

“I’m up two from eleven,” Tenya is saying with a nod. But he raises one eyebrow and peers quizzically at Izuku. “How does your slave recognise me? Have you been letting him watch television? I find that letting my slave watch television fills her head with too many ideas and distracts her from doing her job.”

Izuku tenses up when Tenya mentions not letting him watch TV. That was something he had really been looking forward to… But Kacchan just shrugs. “Deku hasn’t watched anything, I’m guessing he just knows who you are because he’s that smart. I paid top dollar for him, he’s got an actual brain in here. I don’ t know, maybe he recognised that clunky-ass helmet of yours.”

Izuku relaxes and grips the front of Kacchan’s shirt. Yes, it was the helmet. Kacchan’s so smart for realising.

“Educating your slaves can be fun,” Momo says with a nod. “Sometimes I have Dabi read to me as I sleep. You should try it, Katsuki, it can be relaxing.”

“Hmm…” Kacchan raises his eyebrows. “Maybe.”

“Oh, and I have to go,” Momo says, glancing at her watch. “But Katsuki, we have to catch up and let our slaves play together. I’ll have our secretaries arrange something.” And she waves a little goodbye as Kacchan nods.

Izuku keeps his head resting on Kacchan’s shoulder as he closes down various computer programs and flicks through a few last emails. He tangles his fingers in Kacchan’s shirt. ”Is there anything else you would like me to do for you?" he asks politely. "I could ride you, if you liked." He really wants to ride Kacchan. It doesn't matter that he's just been fucked so it'll be painfully oversensitive. It'll make Kacchan happy in a way that Izuku knows he's good at. Being a good slave is what he's for. It doesn't occur to him that he might be able to do anything else.

At the question, Kacchan leans back in his chair and nods. Sure, Izuku can get him off, that’s fine. He keeps a hand on Izuku hips, and has the other behind his head. And he watches Izuku bouncing up and down on his cock, making use of all the extra training Kacchan paid for, moving just right so that Kacchan grits his teeth and bucks his hips forward and comes inside Izuku’s ass with a low swear.

Izuku crosses his legs cutely once he's finished. He's panting a bit and there's tears in his eyes from the overstimulation, but that doesn't prevent him from smiling anyway. He did a good job and he knows it. And Kacchan pushes him away, telling him to go to bed as he finishes off his last few emails. Izuku nods, pulling his clothes down over himself and leaving to his little closet. He falls to sleep easily on his blanket, exhausted by the events of the day, though he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. This is his first time sleeping away from Kacchan since he was bought and being alone reminds him of the facility. That's a place he'd much rather not think about.

The next day is slower. Kacchan is up early and already on his phone when Izuku makes him breakfast. He’s pressing a fist to his forehead and snarling at someone named Kohosha about rankings and public approval. From what Izuku can pick up, apparently people have been talking about how Kacchan yelled at the man who tried to touch him in the mall, and his publicist is trying to swing it as a good thing. Izuku trembles as he listens to his owner growling about how he doesn’t have time for this shit. He can’t believe he’s already caused Kacchan so much trouble. So he does the only thing he can think of and crawls under the table to suck Kacchan off.

Luckily, Kacchan is willing to let Izuku apologise and he spreads his legs for Izuku to crawl between. One hand comes down to rest in Izuku’s hair as he talks. “Swing it as protective of my pet or something,” he says as Izuku licks up his length and sucks his cock into his mouth. Izuku keeps his own moans to a minimum so as not to disturb Kacchan’s phone call and starts bobbing his head up and down on Kacchan’s cock. Kacchan’s fingers tightened in Izuku’s hair. “Uh huh. No, I’m not going into the office until tomorrow, I’m taking a couple days to get Deku settled in. If you want to talk to me I’ll be in tomorrow-“ He pauses, his hips bucking up into Izuku’s mouth and making him choke a little. Then his fingers tighten, pushing Izuku onto his length. Izuku swallows him down and moves his tongue in circles, trying to make him feel good. “Okay, okay. Fine. Give me fifteen minutes or something.” And Kacchan hangs up the phone, thumping his cell down onto the table.

”Stupid fucking bullshit PR,” Kacchan mutters. Both of his hands grab Izuku's face and start pulling him on and off his cock. Izuku relaxes and lets him fuck his face, glad to be of use. He moans prettily like he’s been trained and lets Kacchan use him until he’s coming down Izuku’s throat. And he swallows Kacchan’s come eagerly before licking him clean before tucking his cock away.

“Hm.” Kacchan’s hands drop from Izuku’s hair again and he stretches. “Deku, you’re going to need to keep yourself busy today. Apparently I have to deal with some PR bullshit.” He clicks his tongue and pushes his chair back from the table. “Just… I don’t know, work in the garden or some shit. You can do that, right?”

”Y- Yes.” Izuku has learned a little theory about gardening, it was one of the options for his education. But it took a back seat to basic cooking and cleaning and sexual services that most people want from their slaves. Honestly, it was probably only taught to him because Kacchan went down the list of possible services Izuku could provide and just ticked everything. But if his owner wants him to tend to the garden, then he’ll do his best! And he cleans up the kitchen, then follows Kacchan through the house to the glass doors leading off of the lounge to the backyard.

”Do basic shit,” Kacchan says, sliding open the back door onto the patio. “I haven’t had a gardener in a while so it needs work. Supplies are in the garage. And if you need something just… Yell. Or whatever.” And he leaves Izuku to his own devices, heading back into the house and muttering under his breath about lawyers and social media and Hero Rankings.

Izuku has been outside a couple times since leaving the facility (he’s so glad Kacchan is kind enough to actually take him places instead of locking him up at home) but he hasn’t really had the time to relish the experience. The walk back from the facility on that first day, he’d been tired and so overwhelmed by seeing Kacchan again after so long. And at the mall, he’d been distracted first by the amount of people and then by that stranger touching him without permission. But this? This is different. This is Kacchan’s garden, surrounded by high walls and cut off from everyone else. And he’s calmer, he’s been allowed to sleep and eat. So when he steps out into the garden it really strikes him that he’s outside and he just stands on the patio for a moment taking it in.

For years, he’d never been let outside the facility. He’d never been able to meet people, talk to anyone, go anywhere except for the few square metres that were his room and the training areas. If he ever needed to be transported elsewhere, Izuku’s senses were turned off and he was carried in a crate to be revived on arrival. He would never have imagined that he’d be lucky enough to have an owner like Kacchan, who lets him go outside by himself.

Izuku feels a pricking sensation at his eyelids and a few stray tears trickle down his cheeks. But he hurriedly wipes them away and gets to work. He wants to make this the best garden for Kacchan, to cheer him up after the trouble Izuku’s put him through. And if he does a good job, hopefully Kacchan will let him come and work out here again. With that hopeful through, Izuku runs through the long grass to the back door of the garage to get supplies.

Kacchan’s garden is big, bigger than any garden either of them had when they were children. But that’s to be expected, really. Kacchan’s the number two Hero, of course he’s going to have a big garden! It just means Izuku has to work harder to make it look good. Leading away from the patio, there’s a large swathe of lawn that clearly hasn’t been mowed in a while since the grass comes up to cover Izuku’s ankles. Around the outer wall of the garden is a little flowerbed, full of large rose bushes with bright red flowers, and smaller shrubs around the edge of the bed. And in pride of place, a vegetable patch with herb garden. And then, a large cherry tree reaching up over the walls. It’s just past cherry season, but not so late that the leaves are starting to turn orange. They're still a dark green and Izuku takes a moment to look at the way the sunlight catches the green. He wonders if he’ll be allowed to pick cherries when they’re ready.

But no time to dwell on that, he needs to work. Izuku drags a lawnmower from the garage out to the lawn, his tiny arms struggling to heft the thing. But when he’s out, he turns it on, positioning his toes carefully away from the blades so that he doesn’t injure himself and possibly interrupt Kacchan’s phone calls. And he starts going through the garden like he was trained, neatly trimming the grass until it’s all level, carefully avoiding the plants.

When that’s done, he moves to the roses. They’re in bloom, and very fragrant. Izuku stands next to the flowerbed a moment, clutching his gardening shears and watering can to his chest as he breathes in the scent. He’s never really been able to smell what flowers are like. And he feels a tickling at the back of his eyes again, but shakes it away. Glancing back at the house, he can see the vague outline of Kacchan marching back and forth in his bedroom. He hopes that things aren’t being too difficult for him.

Izuku was taught how to care for roses. He mutters all the tips and knowledge he was given back in the facility as he spreads mulch around the base of the flowers and makes sure they’re all watered. He tentatively raises his shears to cut some of the bushes back a little, but hesitates when he wonders just how much Kacchan micht want them to be trimmed. It would be really bad if Izuku cuts them back too much and upsets his owner. He decides to wait until he’s told what to do, dropping the shears to one side. And instead he gets to work dutifully combing through the plants and picking off the beetles that are eating the leaves, dropping them into a solution of dish soap.

He pauses to run his fingers over one of the flowers, pressing the petal between his fingers. It’s soft. Softer than he would’ve expected. Izuku smiles and rubs the petal between his fingers. Then he moves his fingers down to the leaves around the blossom and lower to the stem.

”Ow!” Izuku falls back onto the grass and holds his hand up. A fat bead of blood is oozing from his fingertip and down his hand. He pops his finger into his mouth and sucks, glancing up at the house. Kacchan is leaning against the side of his window, staring down at Izuku in the garden. Izuku hurriedly moves onto his knees and gives a little bow to Kacchan to indicate everything’s okay and there’s no need for him to be distracted from work. When he looks up, Kacchan gives him a thumbs up that has Izuku beaming. He sucks his finger until the bleeding stops, then pulls on a glove to protect his hand and goes to work on the vegetable garden.

Izuku gets really caught up in the vegetable garden, making plans in his head for all the recipes he can make with what’s being grown. He doesn’t realise he’s muttering all of the recipes he knows under his breath as he weeds the garden and picks a few shallots for dinner. There are herbs as well, some in the garden and some in pots, and Izuku takes a few moments to run his fingers over the leaves and smell them as well. He cuts some snippets of herbs to tuck next to the shallots for dinner.

When the garden is finished, Izuku pauses in the garden with a bunch of shallots and herbs in his hands. He doesn’t know if Kacchan wants him to stay outside until he’s called for, or if he can go inside and do some cleaning or prep for dinner. But luckily, he hears a voice calling him from the patio that gets him out of his head.

“Hey. You done?”

Kacchan is standing in the doorway to the kitchen, drinking a protein shake and watching Izuku with raised eyebrows. Izuku hurries over to him and bobs into a tiny bow. “Yes, I’m all done. I hope it’s to your satisfaction.” And he looks up from under his hair for approval.

Kacchan looks over Izuku’s shoulder, still drinking his shake. “Hm… Yeah, it looks good.” And he gives Izuku a stern look. “You need to take good care of that garden, okay? It’s not mine.”

”Not-“ Izuku catches his tongue mid-sentence, but looks down hurriedly. He doesn’t want to question his owner so soon, that’s not a slave’s place. Even if that comment is confusing.

Luckily, Kacchan explains. He gestures with a finger. “I didn’t plant any of this shit. It was a gift from Eijirou and Momo. Well… The flowers are Eijirou. Momo did the vegetable garden. They did it when I first moved in. And I promised them I’d take care of it, so you need to make sure bugs don’t eat anything or whatever.” And he slurps his drink, bringing Izuku into the house.

Izuku doesn’t know those names. Momo… That was the woman on the webcam, wasn’t it? The Pro Hero? Izuku didn’t recognise her, but she has to be important to Kacchan. And so does this other person: Eijirou. Izuku wonders if that’s another Pro. He doesn’t realise that he’s muttering again, doesn’t notice the way Kacchan's smirking at him as he wanders into the kitchen to put the shallots and herbs away.

That night, Kacchan actually lets Izuku sit next to him on the couch as they watch television. Thank goodness he didn’t listen to what Ingenium had recommended and was letting him watch. Izuku tucks his knees up under his chin and watches as Kacchan flicks through the channels to get to the Hero Highlights of the day. He keeps going, pausing on Pros he knows so he can tell Izuku about the times they’d worked together. He even lets Izuku write little notes down in his notebook. And he starts to fill up pages and pages when Kacchan comes on screen. Muttering little notes about his technique and his moves and how incredible he is, how he’s everything they’d both said he could be when they were younger. And halfway through his muttering, Kacchan pulls Izuku onto his lap and fucks him, his hands on Izuku’s waist pulling him on and off his cock as Izuku leans his head back on Kacchan’s shoulder and breathes in the scent of him. Until Kacchan is coming inside of Izuku and slumping back on the sofa.

Izuku stays curled up on Kacchan’s lap happily, letting his owner stroke up and down his back. Then Kacchan shifts to look down at him. “Hey Deku,” he says. “I’m going into my agency tomorrow, and you’re going to come too. I might have some jobs for you to do there.”

When Kacchan mentions bringing him to the office, Izuku tilts his head to the side curiously. "You do?”

“Yeah. I need to go in anyway, no point leaving you here if I can get jobs for you at the office.”

Izuku nods and chews his lip. “I… I know my opinion doesn't matter, but I would like to see you in your hero costume," he says slowly. "And… I want to pleasure you through it. If you'll allow it." Hero costumes need special cleaners and there's all sorts of paperwork that has to be filed to get it done, but Izuku has his fantasies regardless. And it has Kacchan grinning and saying that maybe after his patrol they can arrange that.

The next morning, Kacchan is greeted by breakfast already waiting for him at his bedside table while Izuku nervously cleans and recleans the kitchen. He's been up since five in the morning and he needed something to do. He's dressed in a pair of tight fitting slacks and a plain black tshirt: the closest to formal he can get dressing himself.

“Are you going to take me to the office?" he asks nervously when Kacchan comes downstairs. He's excited for the chance to see Kacchan in action but he's worried that there will be too many people there. And his eyes keep darting to Kacchan in his hero costume, with the cinderblock and gloves and heavy boots and the collar dipping down over his chest. He knew Kacchan was a hero, but it's somehow different to see him in his costume. It's amazing!

Kacchan raises his eyebrows at Izuku’s question, tugging on his gloves so they go further up his arms. “Of course I’m taking you to the office. What, do you want to stay here alone all day?” He gets a glass of water and downs it in one, then grabs the slave collar and goes to put it on Izuku’s neck. “Just hang out at the office and don’t bother anyone. Sit under my desk. Maybe do some paperwork or something since you’re so interested in Heroes. And after my patrol, if you’ve been good, maybe I’ll let you suck my dick.” He fastens the collar pushes past Izuku to the door. “And carry my gauntlets for me. They’re in the cupboard by the door.”

Izuku apologizes softly with his head bowed as Kacchan puts the collar on. But then Kacchan lets him hold his gauntlets and Izuku mumbles excitedly to himself the whole way to the office. Kacchan explains the office as they drive. Apparently they’re going to his agency, but his is joined up to the agencies of a few other Heroes as well. Izuku finally hears the name “Eijirou” as well, finding out he’s a Pro called “Red Riot” and works closely with Kacchan. It sounds… A lot. When they arrive, Izuku is placed on a long leash, part of industry regulations for allowing him into the workplace. And he sticks close to Kacchan's side like a good slave as they enter the building, but his eyes dart all over the various screens and pinboards with information on all the villains they're fighting. He's too focused on that to notice all the people staring hungrily at him when Kacchan isn't looking. The room is so busy and Izuku’s already getting nervous. But if he sticks with Kacchan, he knows he’ll be fine.

A man with rectangular glasses approaches Kacchan, handing him a dossier and explaining his agenda for the day. He gives Izuku a passing glance, then back to Kacchan. “I see you followed my advice and brought your slave in, sir.”

“If people are good maybe they can use him after work on Friday,” Kacchan says, flipping through the dossier.

“I’ll put it in the work calendar.”

Kacchan looks down at Izuku who’s peeking out from under his arm. “Deku, this is Kansha. He’s my assistant. If I go on patrol and he’s not on a break, you can ask him for water or whatever. Okay?”

Izuku nods and follows Kacchan into his office. It’s quite big, with a sofa for guests and a large desk. Izuku can see through another door into a walk-in wardrobe with more costumes. He licks his lower lip when he remembers Kacchan’s promise that after his patrol Izuku may be allowed to pleasure him through it. But then Kacchan hands him some paperwork and he jumps.

“Here,” he says, forcing the files into Izuku’s hand. “You can write. Make yourself useful and fill these out, they’re pretty basic.”

“Yes, Kacchan!”

Izuku settles down under Kacchan's desk for the better part of an hour to work on the paperwork with an astonishing amount of enthusiasm, until it's time for Kacchan to leave for patrol. Izuku doesn't say anything as he leaves, since any encouragement would be condescending from a slave. But he does kiss Kacchan gently. Then he gets back to work on his paperwork. It's boring for most heroes, but Izuku has never seen anything like this before and he's excited!

He works diligently until the office door opens again. This time, it isn't Kacchan. It's five strangers. Izuku raises his eyebrows in confusion. Kacchan said he’d be left alone until he came back from patrol, and he can see through the door that Kansha isn’t at his desk. But before Izuku can ask a question or work out what’s happening, the men have crossed the office and surrounded him. One claps his hand over Izuku's mouth. "You stay quiet like a good slave, and don’t let Ground Zero know about this,” he mutters in a voice that has Izuku’s blood running cold. “Alright?”

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Having Deku under his desk doing all the menial paperwork isn’t that bad. Katsuki doesn’t have to pay any extra for his work, and Deku actually enjoys doing this boring shit. Every so often, Katsuki drops one hand down to run his fingers through Deku’s hair, enjoying the feeling of warmth at his feet. But he gets antsy being cooped up in the office too long and he leaves Deku locked up in the office for his patrol. Katsuki tells him to ask Kansha if he needs water or something when he’s gone, and he’ll be back in a few hours. And he straps his gauntlets on, and lets Deku kiss him good luck. Katsuki grins and kisses him back very quickly before he leaves. There, that should tide him over until Katsuki gets back. Katsuki leaves the remote with Kansha in case Deku doesn’t actually ask for something he needs and heads out. It’ll send an alert to his phone if anything goes really wrong.

Katsuki’s patrol that day is pretty uneventful. A couple of villains rob a convenience store, but they immediately drop everything when Katsuki just points a fist at them and threatens to burn their skin off. Then he meets up with Eijirou and the two of them head over to the east side of town together. Finally, things get interesting towards the end of his patrol when a villain with a monstrous growth quirk starts destroying some buildings in the side of town he and Eijirou are monitoring, and Katsuki finally gets to get his hands dirty. He leaps through the air, his hands crackling with explosions, and detonates his fists in the villain’s face. His body pricks with sweat and his mouth is open in a yell of power and rage. And he and Eijirou bring the villain down and wait with him for the police to arrive and restrain him.

“Urgh, my shoulders,” Eijirou says, stretching his arms behind his back and groaning as the police cart the villain away. “I need to go back to my masseuse.”

“Just don’t be so reckless with your right hook,” Katsuki tells him. “Come round to mine later this week, we’ll train together. You can have some fun with Deku afterwards if you want.”

“Really? You’ll let me use your slave?” Eijirou brightens up at the possibility and grins his shark-toothed smile. “Thanks, man!”

“No problem.” Katsuki checks his phone. His patrol’s been over for five minutes, so he heads back to the agency while Eijirou stays back to fill out the paperwork. His body is covered with soot and dust and blood, and he wants to have a shower. But before that, he wants to get Deku and use him to burn off some of the leftover adrenaline he got from that villain fight. The problem with being the best hero ever is that he rarely gets to have fights that challenge him enough to make them worth the trouble.

When he arrives back at the agency, everyone’s still working at their stations like normal and they nod at him as he passes. Kansha is on his hour lunch break, leaving his door unattended. Katsuki hopes Deku hasn’t been a little bitch and pissed himself whilst he was alone. Well, if he has then it’s his own problem. But it’ll be fun to yell at him about it. And with that happy idea swimming through his brain, Katsuki pushes open the door to his office to step inside.

But he freezes in the doorway.

Deku’s lying on the floor in front of him, naked and bruised and crying and covered in cum. The remote sits on Katsuki’s desk, pried open with the batteries nowhere to be seen. Deku looks up and croaks an apology, saying he’s sorry and he tried to stop them, but Katsuki barely registers it. He’s staring at the scene in front of him, at his slave covered in someone else’s cum. Someone in his agency broke into his office and used his property without permission, and just left Deku there for Katsuki to find. Someone had snuck in and used Deku when Katsuki was away. The insolence! The sheer fucking gall! He could half understand this shit from some bastard at the mall, but his own sidekicks?

Katsuki bares his teeth and his hands crackle with explosions that make Deku cower and whimper. Then he scoops down to grab his slave by the collar, pulling him to his feet and dragging him out into the rest of the agency. Deku is hunched over, his arms clutching himself in a futile attempt at comfort. But when Katsuki pushes Deku in front of him he gets into a proper position, straight back with hands behind his back and head down.

“Who did this?” Katsuki bellows. All eyes are on him as he forces Deku in front of him. Everyone can see his slave, tattered and crying and utterly ruined. There’s cum leaking from Deku’s ass and a bite mark around his nipple. He’s a mess and everyone can see it.

Katsuki yells again, “Which one of you fucks touched my property? Huh?” None of them answer. He growls. “Deku is mine! He is my slave, not yours! You ask permission if you want to touch him! You don’t go behind my back into my office and fuck him when I’m gone!” Then he pulls Deku close and says in a low voice, “Deku, who did it? Tell me who touched you, I’ll crush them.”

Deku lets out a wordless whine at the question, latching onto Katsuki with all his feeble strength. His mouth opens and closes, but the only noise that escapes him is a sob. But he seems to gather what little courage he has and scans the crowd. Then, he raises one shaking finger and points it someone, an intern borrowed from another company. The man instantly starts spluttering and trying to defend himself, making his guilt obvious. Katsuki wants to blow the fucker up and take the entire agency with him, but the way Deku is clinging to him is making that really difficult. Instead he bares his teeth and watches Deku’s finger point at another man.

This guy responds with more composure. "I don't know what else you expected to happen with a pretty little slut like that lying around. Piece of ass like that? You're lucky no one's stolen it yet.”

That gets Deku to sob even harder and Katsuki can feel a vein popping in his temple as he waits for Deku to point out if there are any more. But Deku doesn’t. He holds up three fingers to indicate there are three more people Katuski needs to destroy, but then buries his face in Katsuki’s chest and just sobs. With the tears in his eyes and the sobs wracking his body, Katsuki would be very surprised if Deku could still see enough to tell people apart.

Katsuki’s hands are crackling with fireworks as he glares at the asshole who made his slave cry. All he’d wanted to do today was come back to his agency and find Deku waiting for him and ready to suck his cock. But no, these bastards wanted to get their dicks wet and had used his property to do it, so now Katsuki has to deal with this shit after his patrol. He growls, ripping Deku from his chest and letting him drop to the ground, striding over to the fuck who’d talked back to him. Who is this guy? How long has he been working here? Where’s Kansha when Katsuki needs him to tell him who his employees are? Where the fuck was Kansha when Deku had been used like this?

Whatever, doesn’t matter. Katsuki grabs the smarmy bastard by the front of the shirt anyway, his explosions burning the material to cinders. “What I expect,” he snarls, his voice so dangerous that the man’s cocksuredness seems to wilt immediately, “Is for my employees to leave my shit alone. You come in here and treat my slave like he’s yours and then you talk back to me like that? Who the fuck do you think you are? I will destroy you.”

The man tries to smile. “Y- You can’t hurt me. You’re a Hero.”

Katsuki’s eyes bore into him. “And you are the fucking dirt on my shoe,” he snarls. “I don’t know where an extra like you gets off thinking you can fuck with me, but I will spend the rest of my life making sure you are destroyed. Both of you.” His eyes dart to the intern, who jumps and babbles, waving his hands in front of him.

What the fuck did these guys think was going to happen? That Katsuki would let them do whatever they wanted with Deku just because he wasn’t there? He is the number two Pro Hero, with a dedicated team of publicists and agents and lawyers, and these guys treat him like this? Fuck them. Katsuki will set every power at his disposal on them, he’ll drag their names through the mud, he’ll make sure they never work again. Did this guy have a family? They’ll be fired from whatever jobs they have. Children? Good luck getting them into any of the good schools. An elderly relative on life support? Katsuki will pull the fucking plug. Nobody touches Deku without his permission.

Still gripping the bastard’s shirt, Katsuki turns to the rest of the agency, his blood boiling and his heart racing in his chest. “Since you’re all apparently so eager to have a go with my slave,” he snarls. “This is your one chance to do it. He’s here! He’s already been opened up! Don’t let these fucks have all the fun, from a line on each end and let Deku show you how well he’s been trained.”

When he hears Katsuki’s order, Deku dutifully gets to his knees, legs spread and mouth hanging open. He still has cum leaking out of his ass but he’s showing how well-behaved he can be.

When nobody else in the office moves, Katsuki picks up a chair and hurls it across the room so it crashes into pieces against a wall. “Fuck him, goddammit! I’m giving you permission!”

Somebody finally steps forward, going for Deku’s mouth. Deku makes eye contact with the man, but he doesn't say anything. He gags on the man's cock, sucking expertly, as another man approaches his ass and presses in.

Once the ice is broken, it goes a lot more smoothly. Katsuki stands there with his arms folded over his chest, watching everyone in the agency take a turn using Deku. He watches the way they touch him and hold him and the way Deku reacts to any of them, trying to find a flicker of recognition or familiarity, anything that’d point out the three last people who used his property. And Deku’s moaning prettily and doing everything he’s trained to do, and Katsuki gets complimented on how well behaved he is. But each compliment just makes Katsuki even angrier and he digs his fingers into his arms. The thought that someone else touched Deku… It’s making his blood boil.

Ten minutes after Deku started servicing the agency, Kansha finally comes back from lunch. He takes in what’s happening as he hands Katsuki his usual afternoon coffee. “I see we’re having a productive day.”

“Shut up,” Katsuki snaps. He jerks a thumb at the two guys he’s forced into his office. “I need those fucks fired. And there’ll be three more to fire later. Oh, and get my goddamn remote fixed.”

Kansha pushes his glasses up his nose and nods. “Any reason you’re firing them?”

“They stole something from me.” Katsuki doesn’t say any more, letting Kansha do the busy work as he watches Deku to make sure he’s alright. After about half the agency has had a turn with him, Deku starts whining and looking up at Katsuki instead of focusing on his job. Katsuki glances down at the remote to check vitals, then pushes his employees away to get down next to his slave.

Deku’s pretty beaten up and tired, and his ass is pretty worn out. It looks like it might start bleeding any second. Urgh, this is such a pain. Someone else touched Deku and now Katsuki has to teach everyone a lesson when all he wanted was to get some rest. But he strokes his hand over Deku’s face. The touch has Deku looking up, his face going from blank to a mixture of fear and hope. It's one Katsuki sees a lot in his line of work, rescuing civilians who are reassured just by his presence. Not that Deku needs to be rescued. This is what he’s for, after all.

“You’re doing good, Deku,” he says, and just that faint praise brings the light back into the slave’s exhausted eyes. “Just a little more.” Then he turns around, turning his attention to the crowd.

“Okay, new rule,” he declares, running his hand up and down Deku’s back. “You can use Deku’s mouth and hands but that’s it. Keep going.” And he leans down to press a quick kiss to Deku’s forehead, before stepping back. He keeps a hand on Deku’s leash and sits down on a chair behind him, watching him to make sure he’s alright and eyeing the rest of the agency trying to figure out who else hurt him.

With three at a time, it goes faster too and Deku’s hands are skilled enough that none of Katsuki’s employees feel like they're missing much by not getting his ass or mouth. And the little slave goes on autopilot, barely shows any reaction to any of the people using him. But despite his complete lack of reaction, one of the employees who takes Deku’s mouth happens to have a sixth finger, matching the bruise around Deku’s thin neck that's just now resolving into the shape of a handprint. Deku doesn’t react, but Katsuki does.He shoots to his feet. The man quickly pulls away, holding his hands up in surrender. Good. Makes it easier for Katsuki to grab him by the front of his shirt and drag him away.

Katsuki recognises this guy, he’s one of the better admin assistants whose quirk allows him to grow extra fingers. Makes it much easier for him to get through paperwork and filing. Well whatever, Katsuki will just have to let the agency be a little less efficient. In the corner, he finds Kansha filling out the dismissal letters for the other two. And he’s told that the young intern named the other people who used Deku without permission in exchange for some sort of leniency. Apparently the kid’s a student, trying to get some experience as he works towards his Hero’s License. Katsuki looks at him and sneers.

“This’ll be a lesson for you, then,” he tells the kid. “The Pro Hero industry is about connections. And I’m going to use all my connections to make sure you never get your license after this. Look for another career.” And he goes back to look after Deku.

It takes over an hour, but finally everyone finishes using Deku and leaves the agency. Katsuki is left in the office, still covered in dirt and blood with Deku sitting at his feet with his head down and his hands clasped behind his back. Katsuki runs his fingers through his hair and growls. He did not want to do that! He should’ve been home over an hour ago, cooking dinner with Deku sucking his dick and telling him how great he is. Instead, everyone else has used Deku and Katsuki just sat back and watched. Urgh. And he’s still covered in dirt. He needs a shower. Katsuki looks down at Deku, sitting quietly in front of him and not meeting his eyes. He reaches out. Deku’s hair is matted with cum, and his face is filthy. Gross.

“You did good,” he says stiffly. “The shits who touched you without my permission got fired, so you won’t see them again. Nobody gets to touch you without my permission.” He grits his teeth and gets to his feet, shaking his head. And he tugs Deku up to his feet. “Come on, we both need a shower.”

Deku follows him wordlessly through his office and walk-in wardrobe to the bathroom. Katsuki quickly strips off his own costume and dumps it to one side before getting into the shower. Deku follows him in. Then seems to remember he’s supposed to take his clothes off before getting washed. Katsuki watches him struggle with the last few scraps of fabric left on his body. Damn. What sort of training did they even give him in the facility?

When they’re both undressed and the water turns on, Deku starts washing Katsuki right away like the obedient slave he is. His hands are clumsy and slow, but Katsuki can’t expect much more after what he just went through. He relaxes into Deku’s touch, letting him take care of him as the soap and water gets rid of the grime. The spray also clears the worst of the cum off of Deku’s face. He actually looks sort of pretty when he’s covered in water droplets.

Katsuki’s even about to press Deku against the wall to see if his ass can take something slow, but then Deku slips on the wet floor and crashes to the ground. The little shit starts blubbering and clinging to Katsuki’s leg, which completely ruins the mood.

“Why am I bad?" Deku sobs quietly. "They trained me for so long! I tried to do what they wanted! I want to be good! Why can't I–?" He cuts himself off, as if remembering that slaves aren’t supposed to speak. His face returns to careful neutrality as he bottles everything back up again.

“What-?” Katsuki stares down at him, utterly out of his depth and confused. What the fuck? What’s Deku talking about? ‘Bad’? Jesus Christ, he’s not done anything bad, it’s those assholes he had to fire that went against Katsuki’s rules. How stupid does he have to be to not catch onto that? Katsuki crouches down so he and Deku are face-to-face and takes him by the shoulders, forcing their eyes to meet.

“Deku, shut the fuck up. You’re perfect. Why would I buy a slave who wasn’t the best I could get, huh?” He runs a soapy hand through Deku’s hair, cleaning out the grime and cum and whatever else people got in there. “So you’re having a rough start settling in, that’s not your fault. That’s everyone else who can’t keep their hands off of you because they can see you’re the best slave there is. Why the fuck would you think you’re not perfect?” Katsuki is going to kill the next person who so much as looks at Deku without permission if this is what happens.

It’s supposed to be a rhetorical question, but clearly the facilities didn’t bother to teach Deku about shit like that because he replies anyway. "I keep upsetting you," he whispers, trembling. "I keep doing things like cumming when I shouldn't and letting myself get touched and fucked and it bothers you and I don't know how to stop doing those things. I know you get upset sometimes when you look at me. That shouldn't happen. I should be better than that."

Deku wipes the tears away from his eyes with one hand, breaking eye contact and looking away again. "I just wanna make you happy but everything I do just makes you feel bad." He sighs and takes a deep breath. "Could you please turn my muscles off? I can't– I can't keep disappointing you if I can't move.”

Katsuki stares at Deku, feeling the water pattering onto his bare back and running in rivulets down his skin. The room is filling with steam, making his blond hair wilt slightly. And he grips his hands on his knees, considering the bullshit apology. As if it’s Deku’s fault that Katsuki’s employees are apparently all useless pieces of shit with no sense of self-control. If anything, this was probably Kansha’s fault. He was the one who’d left the keys to Katsuki’s office in his desk drawer so anyone could go in and use Deku when he was at lunch. And fuck, Katsuki doesn’t get angry when he looks at Deku cos of anything he’s done. That’s just… That’s just Deku. Katsuki has hated him since they were kids in school together, there isn’t anything that can change that. Dammit, wasn’t Deku supposed to be the observant one?

Shit. The only thing that’s upsetting Katsuki is the way Deku keeps whining at him and apologising instead of just going along with everything. But he really should’ve expected this. Deku had always been a little rambly idiot, apparently the facility hadn’t gotten that out of him. Too ingrained. And Katsuki doesn’t want to turn Deku off. He’s exhausted from work, the last thing he wants is to heft Deku’s body around with him. But he also can’t just say that, because Deku probably needs to feel like less of a burden just then. Goddammit. Slaves are such a goddamn pain.

So instead, Katsuki pulls Deku onto his lap, hugging him to his chest and resting his chin on Deku’s shoulder. “I’m not turning off your damn muscles. Fuck. And shut up, you do make me happy,” he admits. “It’s these assholes that can’t keep their hands off you that piss me off.” He grips Deku’s back, feeling his spine sticking out. Damn, Deku’s so skinny. He’s small and weak and annoying, but he’s Katsuki’s. And the only person Katsuki wants to make Deku cry is him. He shouldn’t be crying because of what anyone else does, just him.

Carefully, Deku wraps his arms around Katsuki’s back. He doesn't hold tight, but it’s something. He opens his mouth to lick and suck at Katsuki’s neck, which gets Katsuki’s hopes up a little because maybe they’ll be able to actually fuck now. But Deku was already weak before he fucked an entire office and the heat of the shower is getting to him. He slumps forward against Katsuki’s chest, slipping in and out of consciousness. Katsuki’s too tired to move Deku around to fuck him, so he’s just going to have to suffer through blue balls tonight. Great.

He pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a long breath. Then he gets to his feet, pulling Deku up with him to finish getting washed. And he helps Deku out of the shower, dries him off, and just throws him naked over one shoulder to carry him back to the car. Deku’s clothes are ruined, no point cleaning them up or trying to put them back on. Katsuki’ll throw them out in the morning or something.

As they drive home, Katsuki wakes Deku up and makes him drink a bottle of water so he stays hydrated. He doesn’t want to have to send his slave to hospital with severe dehydration like Momo and Dabi. Gotta be a responsible owner. When they get back home, Katsuki finds a note by the door saying that his new cage has been delivered and set up in his bedroom. They’d apparently been let in by his neighbour. Huh, expedited shipping had been worth it. Katsuki’s going to have to leave that store a good review. He leads Deku up to the bedroom and sure enough there’s a shiny new cage in the corner of the room, complete with pillows and blankets ready and waiting. Good. That’ll save time.

“Here, Deku,” he says, opening the cage door and helping Deku lie down on the cushions. “You did good today. Get some sleep.” And he kisses Deku’s forehead quickly then leaves him to sleep.

Deku sleeps curled up in a tight little ball. The tiny cage still has a good few inches of space on every side that he ignores. He also doesn't seem to register the pillows and blankets at all and ends up curled up on top of them. Katsuki wonders idly how long it’s been since Deku’s even had pillows or blankets. The cupboard doesn’t have anything like that.

Katsuki goes to cook something for himself, trying to decide if he should save something for Deku. Deku’s had a long day, and he’s clearly exhausted, it might be best if he ate something so he doesn’t faint or whatever in the morning. But Katsuki still doesn’t know what sort of food Deku can handle and doesn’t want him puking in his bedroom, so eventually he decides against it. Just cooks something for himself and eats it alone, scrolling through his feed to see what’s up in the world. Momo’s posted a picture to her Instagram of Dabi with a new diamond in his nose. Katsuki begrudgingly likes it. And he wonders if he should start posting pictures of Deku to his social media. He’ll ask his publicist what she thinks later.

When he decides it’s probably time to go to bed, he walks right past Deku’s cage and to the bathroom. As he’s brushing his teeth, he hears Deku quietly ask a question.

“W- Would Kacchan like to use me before bed? I can make Kacchan feel good.”

Hm, apparently the rest did him some good. Perfect, now Katsuki can actually get laid before bed. This is why he got Deku in the first place. Start earning your keep, Deku. Katsuki spits out toothpaste. “Yeah hang on, I’ll be right out. Just get on the bed and get yourself ready or something. Lube’s in the bedside cabinet.” And he rinses his mouth out with mouthwash and spits again.

He rips his clothes off and leaves them dumped in a pile in the walk-in wardrobe, then heads out to the bedroom. Deku’s waiting for him on his elbows and knees, lube rolling out of his ass and down the insides of his thighs. He meets Katsuki’s eyes and bites his lip, arching his hips back. He doesn’t need prep, right? He should still be fucked open from the office.

Katsuki climbs on top of Deku, loving the way his small frame feels underneath him and relishing the sight of his tattoo on the back of Deku’s neck. His fingers go inside Deku, quickly checking to see that yeah he’s still stretched and ready. Perfect. It’s been a long day and Katsuki doesn’t want to wait around. He wants to cum and go to bed. So he sits up on his knees and thrusts into Deku with a small grunt.

Deku moans happily beneath him, his whole body relaxing to welcome him in. "Kacchan's so good," he mumbles to himself. The whole time he's being fucked, he's just muttering praises and talking about how much he loves Katsuki. Katsuki thinks Deku doesn't even realize he's doing it. He just has a habit of muttering. And so long as he’s muttering the right things, so long as he’s calling Katsuki’s name, so long as he remembers who he belongs to… He can mutter as much as he wants.

Chapter Text

When Izuku wakes up the morning after the debacle at Kacchan’s office, he's more sore than he's been in a long time. His ass aches like it did when he first started training it and he just feels exhausted. Still, he's more or less content. He's in his brand new cage, the one he liked best. Kacchan got it for him. He feels a twinge of guilt at the thought of how much Kacchan has done for such a bad slave as Izuku, but Izuku will make it up to him. It'll be okay.

He crawls out of his cage and rests his head on Kacchan's bed. He isn't sure of the protocol yet, so he just plays it safe. And he heard Kacchan waking up during the night, so he doesn’t want to disturb him. When Kacchan's alarm goes off, Izuku is waiting for him. "Does Kacchan want me to give him a blow job this morning?" he asks politely.

All Kacchan really does is mutter a gruff affirmative then pull Izuku towards him by the hair. He's already got morning wood, and just thrusts right into Izuku’s waiting mouth. Izuku hollows his cheeks and lets Kacchan tug him roughly on and off his length, choking a little when he picks up the pace. He opens his eyes and finds Kacchan grinning at him with one hand behind his head. Then closes his eyes and groans happily, trying to make Kacchan feel good. When he comes in Izuku’s mouth, it's with a satisfied sigh. Izuku smiles as he swallows Kacchan’s cum. He’s already making things right.

"Hm." Kacchan pushes Izuku off and shifts up into a sitting position, rubbing his eyes and rolling his head around on his neck. "Go make breakfast or something. I got a lot of shit to do today."

Izuku nods immediately and scurries off. He doesn't want to distract his owner from important duties. And Kacchan probably has a lot more work to do today after all the trouble Izuku caused for him at the agency. Izuku makes the same breakfast as before, though with larger portions of everything Kacchan seemed to especially like. He's been paying attention to that. He finishes getting breakfast ready without seeing Kacchan, something that vaguely unnerves him though he's not too bothered by it. He just settles on the floor with his portion and waits for permission to eat. When Kacchan comes into the room, he throws something onto the chair next to him that Izuku doesn’t quite see. But he doesn’t dwell on it, focussing on eating breakfast when Kacchan gives him permission to.

Izuku eats his whole meal. He's still getting used to the large portions, but he's grateful that Kacchan allows him to eat so much. It makes him feel spoiled. Treasured. And he sits back on his heels when Kacchan calls his name to get his attention.

"Deku,” he says, slurping his coffee loudly and staring down at him. “You're going to have to stay here and do chores for the day, but I want you to wear this for me while I’m gone. It might be a little big, but it'll have to do." And he reaches out to grab what he’d just thrown onto the chair. It’s a harness along with a set of cuffs for his ankles, made from dark red leather and secured with golden rivets. The harness is pretty simple and will crisscross over his entire body, with an attached buttplug to sit inside of him. And the cuffs have an adjustable spreader bar. The gear is clearly high-quality, but what makes Izuku perk his head dup is the monogrammed initials on the front: Kacchan’s initials. Izuku quickly puts two and two together. He's going to be wearing something that Kacchan once wore! He's almost bouncing in excitement as Kacchan fits it over him, only holding still enough for Kacchan to get it on without any trouble. He flexes around the plug and moans happily.

The spreader bar is a little less exciting, obviously. He's been trained to move around in a spreader bar, but not well. No one who puts their slave in a spreader bar wants them being too mobile. "Yes, Kacchan," he says softly as his chores are outlined to him. He just has to do his best.

Once Kacchan leaves, Izuku gets to work. Usually, he cleans up from breakfast first, but he figures that waiting until he's a bit more used to this to handle the fragile plates would be wise. So he takes a few shuffling steps, bracing against the table for support. Slowly, he settles into an awkward, wobbly rhythm that gets him through dusting and vacuuming the first floor and goes back and does the dishes without incident. But then he's faced with the next big hurdle. The stairs.

They loom in front of him like a massive wall. He can't stand upright to get up there and he can't even really crawl since he can't have both feet on different steps without the bar getting in the way. He has to inch his way upstairs with just his arms, and the hardwood steps and his own sweaty palms are not a great combination. He lost so much time trying to navigate the first floor that this is where Kacchan finds him. Halfway up the steps, pulling himself up one step at a time and slipping back down again whenever he starts making progress. He doesn't even hear Kacchan come in until he’s walking up the stairs and grabbing his ass in both hands.

"Having trouble?" he asks, leaning down and nipping the skin on Izuku’s shoulders so he squeaks. The tattoo on the back of Izuku’s neck is half-hidden by the harness, but Kacchan pulls the leather aside to kiss it. And he also undoes a few buckles so the harness falls away from Izuku’s ass and hips, pulling out the plug so he can fuck him. They don’t even move off the stairs. Kacchan forces Izuku’s head down into the wood and fucks him hard and fast, his body pressing down onto the hard steps and his hands scrabbling on the wood.

Izuku shrieks and tries to struggle away at first before he realizes what’s going on and relaxes. “K-Kacchan!” he moans as he feels Kacchan’s body drive him against the wood, adding even bruises to the ones already decorating his body. When Kacchan finishes, he pulls out and shoves the plug back in. Then he grabs Izuku and drags him upstairs. A bit of cum leaks out despite Izuku’s best efforts to keep it in.

”Finish cleaning up here,” Kacchan orders.”If you’re not done by the time dinner’s ready, you’re not eating.”

”I’ll do my best!” Izuku promises, but his best isn’t enough to get him dinner. It’s almost midnight by the time he’s finished cleaning. Figuring out how to clean Kacchan’s cum off the stairs without slipping down to the lower floor is an hour in itself. Luckily, Kacchan has a late shift tomorrow, so he’s still awake to undo the spreader bar and fuck Izuku again before putting him away in his cupboard for the night.

As Izuku drifts off to sleep, all he can think about is how kind Kacchan is to him. Missing a meal is barely a punishment at all. He deserves so much worse.

The next morning, he wakes up in a good mood. He isn’t nearly as tired or hurting as he’s used to. He almost wants to hum to himself, but Kacchan has never asked him to do anything like that so he keeps quiet as he makes breakfast. He’s just finishing the omurice as he feels Kacchan’s arms wrap around his waist.

“Good morning, Kacchan. How can I serve you?”

Kacchan doesn’t reply immediately. He strokes Izuku’s skin and presses a kiss to the collar at the back of Izuku’s neck. “I was thinking about whether or not to bring you to work so you can be a cockwarmer,” he says lazily. “But I can’t trust my shitty sidekicks not to fuck with you when I’m not there. Don’t want you getting bored all along at home by yourself either, though. You might mess with my stuff.”

“Slaves don’t get bored,” Izuku explains, a bit confused about why Kacchan is concerned but wanting to put him at ease. “If I don’t have a task, I’ll just shut down until I get a new one.” He’s used to spending hours completely still, staring off into space. It’s relaxing, even.

For some reason, that makes Kacchan go tense. “Well, I’m not really getting my money’s worth out of you if you’re shut down,” he points out. Right. Of course. Izuku’s an idiot for not realizing it. Kacchan pauses for a bit before speaking again. “How about you take care of the garden too. I dunno, chase the squirrels away from the birdfeeder or something?”

”D-does Kacchan have a birdfeeder?”

Another pause. “No. I’ll get one on the way home. Okay, today just make sure nothing needs to be cleaned in the house. If it’s dirty then clean it. When that’s done go to the garden and make sure everything’s in order there. Stay out there unless it rains or some shit. I’ll send you an alert for when to get dinner started, I’m working late so I can’t cook myself.” He leans up, running his hand through Deku’s hair down the back of his neck to the ID tattoo. “And you better make me something good, alright? I don’t want to bust my ass fighting villains only to have crappy dinner waiting for me at home.”

And then, Kacchan leaves. Izuku stares at the doorway for a moment. He wants to run after him, to stay by his side and never leave him. But what he wants doesn’t matter. He’ll see Kacchan again soon. He walks through the house much faster today since he isn’t in bondage. Everything is pretty clean so it’s still morning when he heads outside.

The garden is probably Izuku’s favorite place in the house, aside from wherever Kacchan is. The plants are beautiful and the fresh air is even better. He kneels in the vegetable garden. It’s incredible, really. Seeing the life grow up through the dirt, green and vibrant. Coming from absolutely nothing and still becoming something valuable and wonderful. Then his eyes fall on the weeds.

They’re plants too, aren’t they? Why do they have to die when the other plants can thrive? Tears prick Izuku’s eyes and his vision swims. But, no, Kacchan only said he had to take the weeds out of the garden. He didn’t say that Izuku had to kill them.

Izuku jumps up and dashes to the little shed. He’s allowed in to get whatever he needs to garden. This counts as gardening! He’s taking care of plants! He grabs the little trowel with the bright yellow handle and goes back to the vegetable bed.

He spends the next hours weeding with painstaking precision. He has to be careful not to damage the roots of any of the vegetables while still getting enough roots of the weeds that they’ll survive. Then, he brings each weed to a small patch of dirt by the fence. It gets good sunlight, but it’s not visible from the house so Kacchan doesn’t care to keep it looking nice. Izuku doesn’t want to make Kacchan’s precious garden uglier, so he replants his weeds in neat rows. But he plants them all the same and pours a little extra water into the watering can so he’ll have some left over once the vegetables have gotten everything they deserve.

By the start of the afternoon, judging by the sun, Izuku’s garden is finished. He smiles proudly at it for a second and then tamps down on the pride. He’s a slave. This isn’t his garden. It’s Kacchan’s. Izuku was just trying not to destroy any of Kacchan’s property. Maybe Kacchan likes the weeds, too. Izuku shouldn’t destroy them without asking first. And since Kacchan didn’t mention it, there’s no need to bother him by asking. There. That makes sense.

He dusts his hands off and makes a circle around the edge of the fence. The grass tickles between his bare toes and the dirt squelches beneath his feet. He flexes his toes as his mind focuses in on the sensation. How long has it been since he felt something like that?

A flash of an image darts through his mind before the correct answer asserts itself. Never.

With nothing else to do, Izuku shuts down. He sits in the dirt under the tree so the sun won’t damage his skin and stares off at the fence by the front door. He’ll be able to see Kacchan getting home if Kacchan doesn’t send the alert first.

The wind rustles. The birds chirp in the trees. Insects hop over Izuku’s legs. Izuku thinks he might see a flower blossom, but it’s probably just a trick of his mind. The garden looks perfect. Kacchan will love it. That makes Izuku happy. That’s the only thing about this that makes Izuku happy. Why would anything else?

The shadows lengthen and the sky begins to darken just a little bit. Izuku hears a strange sound and startles, snapping out of shutdown mode. It sounds like a–


Sure enough, stuck halfway through the tiny gap under the fence, is a small tortoiseshell cat. Izuku stares at it. It stares back for a moment and then tries to dig its way out, scrabbling uselessly against the dirt. It meows again in distress.

“You shouldn’t do that,” Izuku tells it. “It’ll mess up the garden. Kacchan wouldn’t like it if I let you mess up the garden.” It’s strange to think that he might let something else do anything, but Kacchan isn’t here to tell him what to do. He has to take matters into his own hands. So he has to figure out what Kacchan would do.

The answer comes to him immediately. Kacchan is a hero. He helps people. A cat isn’t a person, but some cats are pets and that means they’re valuable to humans so Izuku shouldn’t let this one be damaged in case it has a person and the person will be sad if it gets hurt.

He crawls toward it slowly. Standing up and making himself big and tall would just scare it. Plus, his legs are still waking up from shutdown mode so it’s a bit hard to walk. The cat hisses at him as he gets close.

“I’m not gonna hurt you,” Izuku promises. “Kacchan doesn’t want me to. Kacchan wants me to help you. He’s a hero.”

The cat hisses at him again. It doesn’t understand that Izuku is just trying to help it. Izuku frowns. He could reach out and touch it but that might get his hands clawed up and Kacchan probably wouldn’t like that either. He has to figure out something else to do. He examines the fence as closely as he can. The cat thrashes in fear as he approaches and the whole fence post wobbles. It’s coming loose. That’s no good. But Izuku can use it.

He climbs a little way up the tall wooden fence and pushes on the slat with all his might. It’s not much, but it’s enough to shift the slat enough for the cat to dart into the garden. It looks around, shakes itself off, then scurries up the tree and out of the garden on one of the higher branches. Izuku doesn’t understand. It tried so hard to get in and then just left right away. Oh well. It’s not his job to understand.

He goes back to the toolshed and fixes the fence. He leaves the post a little bit higher than before. Just in case the cat wants to come back for whatever it needed. Just like Kacchan would want.

The alert on Izuku’s collar sounds right as he’s putting the tools away. He heads inside and shuts the door behind him. He takes a quick shower in his own tiny bathroom. He can’t even see the dirt swirl down the drain it’s so dark. But he can feel it. He feels a strange pang in his chest at losing the feel of wind on his face and the scent of the dirt.

But he can’t get dirt in his owner’s food. Especially not for an owner as wonderful and perfect as Kacchan.

When he’s done, Izuku heads into the kitchen. He gets started on a simple stir fry. Just rice and vegetables and meat. He hopes it’s good enough to be what Kacchan wanted, but Izuku’s limited. There isn’t much in the house for him to cook with. Kacchan will have to go grocery shopping later. As a way to make the dinner more exciting, Izuku adds half a bottle of red pepper flakes to the pan. Kacchan likes the food hot and he’ll be at the grocery store anyway later so it’s not a waste or anything.

Clearly though, Izuku still picked something too simple. He gets dinner on the table covered in aluminum foil to keep it warm and Kacchan isn’t home yet. So he pours Kacchan a glass of water and opens a beer and goes to wait by the door.

A few minutes later, the door bangs open. Kacchan is standing there in his civilian clothes, face covered in ash and body tense. Clearly, a bad day. He steps into the house, then jerks in surprise when he finds Izuku waiting by the door. “What the fuck are you doing here? You trying to give me a heart attack?”

Izuku puts all his effort into not recoiling. “No! I just-” He swallows and does his best to smile. “Dinner is ready, Kacchan,” he explains.

Kacchan stares down at him for a moment. “Whatever,” he finally says, shaking his head. “Here. Make yourself useful, take my boots off. The laces are a pain in the ass.”

Izuku crawls over and carefully unlaces them. He moves as quickly as possible, but he can’t help the revenant gaze he casts over them.

“You wanna lick ‘em clean or something?” Kacchan scoffs.

“I want whatever makes Kacchan happy!” Izuku replies immediately.

Kacchan snorts. “Gross. You can do that later, come on.” He strides off into the dining room and Izuku puts the boots down by the door before following.

A few minutes later, he realizes that the timing wasn’t the only miscalculation he made with dinner. Izuku’s so used to being told he isn’t supposed to eat his owner’s food that it slipped his mind that Kacchan doesn’t bother to make special slave food. Which means that Izuku also has to eat half a bottle of red pepper flakes. Kacchan looks pleased by the food, or at least not pissed off which is kind of the same thing, but Izuku hesitates to take a bite.

Kacchan glances down and nudges Izuku’s side with his foot. “Eat,” he orders. “I don’t want you fainting or something because you starved yourself like a dumbass.” He sounds mostly stern, but Izuku can hear the faint smirk in his voice. He knows Izuku can’t handle spicy food. Slaves aren’t exactly given the most flavorful stuff.

“Y-yes, Kacchan,” Izuku whimpers and leans down to take a bite.

He has a brief moment of tasting delicious food before the fire rages across his tongue and down his throat. He coughs, his eyes tearing up and sweat dotting his brow.

“Come on, Deku, that was barely anything!” Kacchan mocks him. “You made this, didn’t you? Put a lot of effort into it, huh? So eat it!”

Izuku makes his way through about half the bowl before his lips and tongue are too numb for him to actually eat any more. He lays his head on Kacchan’s inner thigh and stares up at him with an apologetic look on his face.

“What?” Kacchan demands. “I’m not letting you suck my dick after you just ate a bunch of chilli, dumbass.”

Izuku just whines. He knows he’s being bad, knows he shouldn’t be bothering his owner, but he just can’t seem to stop himself.

Kacchan rolls his eyes and sighs dramatically. “Fine. Whatever. But you need to drink something to wash your mouth out first.” He takes his beer bottle and grabs Izuku’s jaw to force his mouth open, then tips the alcohol down his throat. “Be a good boy for me. Drink up.”

Trepidation sinks down into Izuku’s stomach, but he can’t refuse. The alcohol hits him almost immediately. He’s never had any before and he’s so small that he can’t handle it. His vision swims and his fingers tingle and everything feels weird and detached and he doesn’t like it at all. It stops the burning in his mouth, though. And Kacchan is smiling at him. At least, he thinks Kacchan is smiling. It’s hard to tell with how blurry his vision is.

Kacchan pushes his chair away from the table, giving Izuku room to crawl out from underneath. “Get up.”

Izuku slips and stumbles, but he finally manages to get himself upright, supporting himself with one hand on the table. The beer bottle is empty and Kacchan didn’t take more than a couple sips from it. “Gonna puke,” Izuku grumbles. He’s horribly nauseous.

“No, you won’t,” Kacchan says. He does something with the remote. The nausea doesn’t go away, but Izuku stops feeling like he’ll puke. “I just got this flooring put in last month, I don’t want you messing it up. Turn in a circle for me.”

That seems like an impossible task at the moment, but Izuku’s training is taking over. He’s trained to be able to obey under any conditions. He focuses all his energy and turns in a circle. He can feel his thoughts trying to scatter, but he reminds himself of what will happen if he scatters too much. He has to be good.

Katsuki clicks his tongue. “Damn. Thought you’d be more wasted than that.”

“Got practice,” Izuku mutters. He’s very standing, but he’s standing and that’s what matters.

“Right,” Kacchan snorts. “Of course you’ve been trained for this sort of thing. Okay whatever, come with me.”

Izuku follows Kacchan to the living room. Kacchan sits down on the couch and Izuku sits down on his lap when Kacchan directs him to. He has another beer bottle in his hand. Izuku isn’t sure when he got it.

“We’re gonna play a little drinking game,” Kacchan says, popping open the bottle. “You remember Never Have I Ever?”

Izuku shakes his head. He’s not supposed to remember anything from before. “Just Kacchan,” he explains.

Kacchan doesn’t respond immediately. Just flicks the bottle cap across the room for Izuku to clean up later. “We’re going to play the opposite of that. I tell you something I’ve done and you take a drink if you haven’t done it before, and then you tell me something you’ve done and I’ll drink if I haven’t done it before. Make sense?”

Izuku nods. He’s trying to remember things he’s done, but his mind is foggy already.

“Alright. I’ll go first,” Kacchan says. He grins and his eyes glnt. “I’ve met All Might. Several times actually, he’s pretty cool. Have you?” But of course he knows the answer, and he holds the bottle to Izuku’s lips.

Izuku sobs, but he manages to take a sip. It’s so unfair! He wanted to meet All Might so bad but he’s worthless and quirkless and just a slave so he’s never gonna be able to.

“Your turn,” Kacchan prods. “You gotta tell me something you’ve done.”

Izuku shrugs. “I’ve been good,” he says. That’s the only reply he can think of, the only thing he’s ever allowed to say. He’s just supposed to be good. Maybe if he had been better, he would have been able to meet All Might.

“Well, I’ve been good too,” Kacchan laughs. “Hard to be the Number Two Hero without being good. So, I guess I don’t have to drink this round and now it’s my turn again. Let’s see…” He leans his head into the back of the couch and strokes his finger up and down Deku’s back. “I’ve studied at UA. But I guess you haven’t done that either, since no school would ever let someone quirkless in. Drink up.”

Izuku isn’t sure how long the game goes for. He knows that he sobs and that he drinks and that at some point, Kacchan starts fucking him. He knows he doesn’t ever get Kacchan to drink and he knows Kacchan spanks him hard enough to make him scream which makes Kacchan laugh and hearing Kacchan’s laugh is almost enough to lift Izuku’s spirits after the constant reminders of how worthless he is. But mostly, all Izuku can do is cry. After a while, Kacchan just gets impatient and starts skipping his turns so he can get Izuku to drink even more. It’s completely unfair. Izuku shouldn’t have been making Kacchan wait so long.

He doesn’t remember much of the rest of the night. He remembers being dragged outside and trying to put together the bird feeder, then crying when Kacchan tells him he’s stupid and useless because he is and he starts crying even more at the thought of all the birds that are gonna starve because Izuku isn’t good enough to get their birdfeeder put together. And then he remembers being dragged back to his cupboard and the world going black.

And the next thing he knows, Izuku is waking up in his cupboard with a dry mouth, pounding headache, and a cold puddle of vomit under his cheek.

Chapter Text

“So you just… Made him clean up his own vomit whilst he was hungover?”

“Yeah. It was pretty funny, he kept crying as he did it and looked like he was going to pass out.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re having fun with him. But remember to keep him healthy. Slaves are for life not just for Christmas.”

“I know, Momo. I gave him a bath as soon as he’d cleaned up, I’m not completely cruel.”

“I know you’re not.”

“I also brushed his teeth for him so his breath wouldn’t stink.”

“Did you choke him with the toothbrush?”

“Of course I did.”

That has Momo laughing, a sweet tinkling laugh. Katsuki grins and splays his fingers on Deku’s chest. He’s in his office with his slave sitting on his lap, eyes and ears turned off for the time being. Katsuki’s been fingering him slowly for the past ten minutes, so Deku’s already hard and stretched open. He’s being obedient and quiet on his lap, but whimpering softly to himself and clutching the arms of the chair each time Katsuki thrusts in particularly deep. Katsuki lifts his leg to rub between Deku’s thighs. The little bitch whines loudly.

“So,” Katsuki says, pinching one of Deku’s nipples. “Are you almost ready? Or are you going to tease me a little more?”

“I’m not teasing anyone, I’m just taking my time. Besides, I’m watching your slave. He’s so precious.”

Projected on Katsuki’s computer screen is Momo Yaoyorozu, aka Creati, aka the current number nine Pro Hero, aka Katsuki’s ex girlfriend, aka Katsuki’s current friend-with-benefits, aka one of the two most important people in Katsuki’s life. And just out of sight, visible only by the top of his hair, is her slave Dabi.

Katsuki has a mixed opinion on Dabi. He’s a strange little slave who Momo had bought on a whim one day when they were still dating. Katsuki had just gotten a text one morning saying “Look what I bought” along with a picture of her next to this brand new slave. And Dabi was the ugliest slave Katsuki had ever seen in his life. He was tall and gangly and thin, with burnt skin that had been badly healed by a quirk so that it was now tinged purple. Honestly, there was a reason nobody else had wanted to own him. But apparently Momo had been glancing through a catalogue for something to do, seen this monstrosity, and immediately fallen in love with him. She’d bought him on the spot, and has been spoiling him ever since.

But as ugly as Dabi is, he’s extremely well-behaved. Dabi had been in the facility for as long as they could legally hold him,. If Momo hadn’t bought him then Dabi would have been gifted to the government to become a public-use slave servicing whoever would want to use him. Momo had explained all this to Katsuki that first night and told him how she had just had to save this ugly little fuck, as Dabi had sat by her side with his head bowed not reacting to anything around him. Because of his long time in the facility, Dabi doesn’t do anything unless he is explicitly told. Which suits Momo very nicely. She’s been a perfectionist ever since Katsuki met her in UA.

“I sent you an email of the trainer I used for Dabi,” she says conversationally. “It’s good to get your slave perfectly trained to iron out the last little flaws and get him how you want.”

“I’m good, thanks,” Katsuki says, rolling his eyes.

“Fine. I also sent you the name of some of the better shops you can go to for him. Like a tailor that specialises in outfits for slaves? I know how much you like the idea of your partner being dressed up nicely.” Momo smiles and lifts up one leg. Katsuki sees one of Dabi’s burnt hands pass round her thigh and fasten something in place. His fingers brush over her skin gently before falling out of sight again.

Katsuki snorts. His fingers splay on Deku’s stomach, feeling the muscles twitch instinctively underneath. “I actually picked him up a maid outfit the other day. He looks really fuckable wearing it.”

“Is it tailored?”


“I’m telling you Katsuki, he will look so much more precious if you tailor it to fit him.”

“Yeah. Maybe. Fine, I’ll look at your dumb tailor.”

“Good!” Momo smiles and gets to her feet, revealing the strap-on that Dabi was helping fasten to her hips. She reaches back and pulls the straps secure around her thighs. Katsuki knows that strap-on intimately: it’s the one with a concealed bullet vibe that’ll press against Momo’s clit every time she fucks into Dabi. And he leans back in the chair as Momo calls Dabi up from where he was kneeling to bend him over the desk. Momo’s slave is as tall and skinny as ever, and glittering with piercings. Momo likes to decorate her pet, and he has jewelled studs piercing his skin all around the edge of his burns. Momo always spends ages before a party changing them out so he matches whatever outfit she’s wearing, too. She spoils him. If Katsuki ever takes Deku outside, he just has him in one of his official t-shirts and then a skirt for easy access.

Not that they’ve gone outside together much lately. Deku likes to play in the garden, and sometimes Katsuki takes the little twerp to the store to buy groceries, but mostly he’s at home. This webcam-chat with Momo is probably the most interaction with a living being other than Katsuki that Deku’s had all week.

“Alright,” Momo says, grabbing Dabi by the hair and forcing his head up to look into the camera. “Shall we introduce them to each other?”

“Sounds good.”

Katsuki leans forward and hums in Deku’s ear, slowly bringing back his hearing and sight. “Hey, Deku. I’d like you to meet someone real quick. You remember my friend Creati, right? We’ve watched her on the Hero Highlights, on tv…”

Deku blinks, his eyes adjusting. Katsuki sees him take in the sight in front of him: Momo in her designer bra and strap-on harness, about to peg her obedient and bejewelled slave. Deku’s eyes widen. Slaves in the facility are kept apart, to ensure that they bond closest with their owners. This will probably be the first time Deku’s ever seen another slave up close.

“K- Kacchan,” Deku says softly, too softly to be picked up by the computer’s microphone. “Who…?”

“Who’s the slave? That’s Dabi, he belongs to Momo.”

“Say hello, Dabi,” Momo says, tugging on her slave’s collar.

Dabi raises his eyes and nods obediently. “Hello, Ground Zero. Hello, Deku.”

Katsuki pinches Deku’s nipple so he squeaks out a, “Hello!”

“So cute,” Momo trills. “Dabi, would you like to play with him?”

Dabi nods. “Yes, mistress.”

“You want to play, Deku?” Katsuki asks.

Deku shivers in his lap. “If… If it’s what Kacchan want- Mn!” His sentence is cut off by Katsuki shoving two fingers into his mouth to suck on. At the same time, he fucks up into Deku’s prepped ass with a groan. On the computer screen, Momo starts thrusting into Dabi as well, who immediately whines obediently and arches his hips.

Dabi’s more polished. More well-trained. Every movement and whine he does is perfectly rehearsed and he moves his hips to ensure that the vibrator in the strap-on presses against Momo’s clit so she feels the most pleasure. And even when Momo’s hands go from his collar to his waist, Dabi keeps his head tilted up and his eyes fixed on Deku through the camera. Meanwhile, Deku’s fresh out of the facility and still adjusting. His moans are slightly messier and more fumbled than Dabi’s, but that’s what Katsuki wants. He likes listening to his little slut falling apart and slurring around his fingers, drool splattering down his lip onto his chest. And even if he’s not polished, Deku bounces on Katsuki’s cock better than anyone else. He moans prettily, Katsuki’s hand in his mouth forcing him to keep looking at Dabi and get used to the sight of another slave being fucked.

“They look good, huh Deku,” Katsuki mutters into Deku’s ear. “Would you like Dabi to fuck you? Or maybe you want to fuck him instead?”

“Mmng!” Deku babbles around the fingers in his mouth, and clenches around Katsuki’s dick.

“Oh fuck!” Katsuki closes his eyes and fucks up into Deku harder. His eyes go over Deku’s shoulder to the computer, watching Momo fucking Dabi. He watches the way her eyes are lidded, the way she bites her lip, the soft moans coming from her that cut through both their slaves straight to Katsuki’s dick. And when Deku lets out a particularly loud mewl right in his ear, Katsuki comes with a long groan inside of his slave, fucking up into him with a few shallow thrusts.

Katsuki slumps back into the chair, pulling Deku off his cock and watching the cum drip out of him and down his thigh. In the computer, Momo’s still going and Dabi’s still whining like a bitch in heat. Katsuki clicks his tongue. He pulls Deku to his chest, one hand going around to start pumping Deku’s still-hard cock.

“Good boy,” Katsuki mutters, biting into the curve of Deku’s neck. Deku moans and writhes in Katsuki’s lap, thrusting up into his hand. But he’s holding off on coming, digging his fingernails into the arm chair, clearly not wanting to come without permission. Katsuki grins. He watches the computer screen. Momo’s hips snap into Dabi, grinding her strap into him, her head hanging down and hair falling in front of her face. Then she comes with a long moan, her hips writhing against the bullet vibe.

Katsuki takes that as Deku’s cue. He gives permission and jacks Deku off as he comes. Deku wails cutely, his head rolling back onto Katsuki’s shoulder. His hips buck forward weakly, then fall limp. Then when he’s done, he lifts Katsuki’s hand to his mouth to lick his fingers clean.

In the computer screen, Momo picks Dabi up and cradles him in her lap. Katsuki knows from experience that she’ll be whispering to him that he was such a good boy for her, and she’s so proud of him. She looks up with a smile. “You let him come?”

“Yeah. Did you not let Dabi come?”

“I do sometimes if he’s been good,” Momo shrugs. “Maybe he can come tonight, I don’t know.”


“You need to be careful not to spoil him.”

“I think we’re fine on that.”

Although Katsuki has been letting Deku come more often in the past few weeks. After he signs off the video call and turns off the computer, he throws Deku across the couch in his office and fucks him again, jacking him off so this time Deku comes before him and clenches so tight around his dick that it feels fucking godly. It’s not spoiling him. If it’s just for Katsuki’s own pleasure, it’s not that big a deal. Plus, whenever Katsuki lets Deku come then immediately afterwards the little prick’s extra affectionate and willing to do whatever Katsuki wants.

Like, that evening after the webcam chat with Momo and Deku got to orgasm twice, Deku makes dinner slightly better than usual and then obediently curls up on the floor for Katsuki to use as a footrest as they watch the Hero Highlights on TV. He babbles more than usual about how amazing Katsuki was every time he appears on screen, too.

The slave is affectionate and very eager to please no matter what, of course. It makes Katsuki look forward to coming home, knowing that as soon as he steps inside Deku will be there to welcome him home. It’s a welcome relief from his stressful job, but after he receives the first passive-aggressive note through his letterbox, Katsuki decides to stop fucking Deku against the door and getting him to scream so loud the entire neighbourhood can hear. He can wait a few minutes to fuck his slave.

They have sex pretty much everywhere else, instead. The kitchen, in the shower, on the couch as Katsuki watches himself on television, in the office as he’s having more business calls, outside on the patio with Katsuki’s hand over Deku’s mouth so as to not annoy the neighbours. Once or twice in the bedroom.

Never at his Hero Agency, though. Katsuki sometimes considers taking Deku in again, if only because he wants to have Deku suck him off in the middle of a meeting, but ultimately decides against it. He doesn’t want to risk anyone else touching his property without permission. So Deku is kept safely at home, keeping the place clean and making food for Katsuki when he can’t be bothered doing it himself, and letting Katsuki fuck him several times a day. It’s a pretty decent life, all in all. There are worse routines to fall into. And the days slip by easily.

“Where’s your slave? I thought you brought him to the office,” Katsuki’s PR Manager says a week after his chat with Momo, during their fortnightly meeting. Kohosha is a short woman with a third eye in the middle of her forehead that allows her to see emotions as a faintly coloured glow around people. Katsuki wonders what the colour for vague irritation is.

“The last time I brought him in, some of my employees got cocky and used him without my permission,” he says. “I told you that when you asked me why I’d fired a bunch of people supposedly at random.”

“And you’re still upset by that?” She clicks her tongue and types something in her tablet. “It was two weeks ago, Ground Zero.”

“Yeah, well, I’m keeping Deku at home for a while longer.” Even if it has been two weeks, the thought of other people touching his slave still makes Katsuki’s blood boil. “Why do you care, anyway?”

“Because, you need to utilise him for your public approval ratings.”


“Your slave,” she says. “You just got a brand new slave and that’s a valuable commodity for a Hero. You need to be smart with how you use him. I think you need to post some pictures of him to your social media account soon. Just photos of him on a walk or cooking dinner and especially at work. People would love to see a slave in an office setting. It would really boost your ratings. Plus, it makes you seem more human. More approachable. We both know you need all the help you can get on that front.”

Katsuki rubs the back of his neck. “I don’t know, Kohosha. My social media’s stupid enough already.”

“Your social media is what’s helping you stay in the top rankings,” Kohosha reminds him, all three eyes narrowing at him. “You’ve seen Hawks’ social media, haven’t you? He’s constantly updating it and talking to fans, and it’s what keeps him at your heels in the rankings. And Creati? She’s barely got any sort of branding or sponsorship deals, but her approval ratings are kept high thanks to her social media pages. Her Instagram account for her slave gives her an entire extra percentile on the competition.”

“Yeah I know about Dabi’s stupid Instagram,” Katsuki groans, pinching the bridge of his nose. “It’s stupid and I don’t want Deku to have one.”

He remembers when Momo first set up that stupid Instagram, she kept sending him links to all the pictures. They’re all photos of Dabi wearing new jewellery, or with a new collar, or in a new cage. And all captioned with things Momo writes herself, saying shit like “Mistress just got me a new collar!” followed by a dozen emojis. She’s a wonderful and intelligent person, but she does the most asinine things when it came to her slave. Katsuki isn’t up for that. If he starts an Instagram for Deku then next thing he knows he’ll be calling the bastard cutesy pet-names and taking him to an expensive groomer for a thousand-dollar haircut. Fuck that.

But Kohosha doesn’t agree with his reservations. “You may think it’s stupid, but it works. The social media engagement is what keeps Creati in the top ten.”

“She’s in the top ten because she’s good at her job-“

“And you do not have the luxury of slacking,” Kohosha interrupts. “You hired me to help you stay in your position, and I am telling you that this will help. Don’t make your slave his own social media account if you don’t want, but every so often you should post pictures of him to your current accounts. You don’t even have to do anything if you don’t want to! Just send me the occasional picture and I’ll post for you.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes. “Fine. If you really think it will help me with my approval ratings.”

“I know it will.” Kohosha smiles and taps something out on her tablet. Then she turns the device round to show Katsuki a bunch of new designs they’re considering for his official merchandise line.

That night, when Katsuki gets home, he pulls Deku out into the garden and sits him on his lap. Hands Deku his phone and tells him to take a selfie of them. Deku’s fumbling and nervous, the little twerp hasn’t held a phone in years and seems worried he’ll break it. He keeps saying dumb shit about how it’s Kacchan’s precious phone and too expensive for a slave to hold. As if Katsuki can’t buy a new one if Deku’s clumsy fingers drop the stupid thing. But eventually, Deku manages to shakily hold the phone up and take a few selfies of them both. Katsuki grins into the camera, his hand snaking around Deku’s waist and into his pants. Then after he’s fucked Deku out in the garden, he sends one of the better-looking selfies to Kohosha.

The next day, his official personal twitter updates. A picture of Ground Zero grinning at the camera, with a wide-eyed slave smiling sweetly from his lap, along with a barebones message about how Deku wants to meet all of Katsuki’s fans too and is so happy to be with Ground Zero, yadda yadda. The typical stuff that’ll appeal to a wide range of people that Kohosha’s best at. To Katsuki’s surprise, that tweet instantly gets a fuckton of likes and retweets as well as a handful of dumb articles about how the Number Two Pro Hero has gotten a slave and how exciting and wonderful that is. Kohosha tells him excitedly that it even bumps his approval rating up a fraction of a percentage, and says he’ll need to send her more pictures and selfies to post at opportune times.

Well, at least it means Deku’s earning his keep. Apparently he’s good for more than just being a pathetic quirkless fuck and keeping the house clean (and Katsuki has to admit he’s really good at both those things). Katsuki lets a few more pictures of Deku get posted onto his social media over the next couple of weeks. Every morning, he lies in bed, his hand in Deku’s hair forcing his head down onto his cock, reading through the comments underneath all of them.

“Ah, all these strangers think you’re cute Deku,” he says one morning as he scrolls. He glances down. Deku’s lips are red around his cock and tears roll down his cheeks. He chokes on Katsuki’s cock and gurgles something Katsuki can’t hear. Katsuki grins. “I think you’re a very cute little slut.”

The tiny comment has Deku gurgling more. He closes his eyes and more tears roll down his cheeks. Katsuki comes down his throat and kicks him off the bed, telling him to make breakfast. When he comes back from work later that day, he fucks Deku and lets him come. Deku’s stupid and worthless and he pisses Katsuki off, but he gets his ratings up. He deserves to come once or twice for that.

Then about two weeks after that first Deku selfie is posted, Katsuki’s out getting coffee with Eijirou Kirishima, aka Red Riot, aka the current number thirteen ranked Hero, aka the guy Katsuki had lost his virginity to, aka Katsuki’s current friend-with-benefits, aka the other most important person in Katsuki’s life. They’re stopping by their usual place after their patrol, still in full uniform with dirt and blood splattered on their clothes. That day it’s Katsuki’s turn to wade into the coffee house and order their usuals as Eijirou waits outside and schmoozes with his fans. Katsuki orders their drinks and glances outside. Eijirou’s grinning and signing a kid’s magazine for them out in the street, chatting amiably as he does so. It’s typical for Eijirou to just summon a young fan and start signing things the second Katsuki turns his back. He’s always been great with people.

Katsuki pushes his way out of the coffee shop and shoves Eijirou’s matcha latte at him.

“Thanks,” Eijirou says, taking it from him. Then to the kid, “Okay buddy, I’ve got to go. But remember that the manliest thing you can be is a good person!”

The little boy smiles a gap-toothed smile and nods. But before he leaves, he turns to Katsuki as well. “M- Mister Ground Zero? Um… I like the pictures you posted of your slave.”

Katsuki blinks at him. “Thanks,” he says eventually. And he punches Eijirou on the shoulder to get him moving away from the kid and his parents. He glances over his shoulder, then back forward. “I can’t believe my goddamn slave has fans now.”

“Ah, the pictures you post of him are cute!” Eijirou pulls out his own phone and flicks to the latest ones. “Like this one of him gardening? He’s taking such good care of my roses!”

“Yeah, he’s actually pretty decent at gardening. Doesn’t kill everything like I do.” Katsuki slurps his coffee and glares down at the photo. It’s a series of three selfies he’d taken of himself glaring at the camera with Deku in the background pottering around the garden wearing an oversized Ground Zero shirt and a straw hat. The last one has Deku glancing up at Katsuki and smiling, clutching a dandelion that he’s moving to the little weed garden he has in a tiny corner that he thinks Katsuki doesn’t know about. Everyone who sees the photoset thinks it’s so sweet that they’re spending time together, and they all comment that Deku’s really cute in the big baggy shirt. They don’t know that underneath the shirt he’s got a plug in his ass and that his pale skin is covered in bright red cane marks. Honestly, it might raise his approval ratings if they did know that.

Katsuki tells that little titbit of information to Eijirou, who laughs.

“Man, I still can’t believe you have a slave,” he says, slurping his own coffee.

Katsuki frowns. “What do you mean? I always wanted to own Deku, way before we met. As soon as he was first taken into the facility.”

“Yeah, I know.” Eijirou shrugs. “I don’t know. I guess I figured you wouldn’t actually end up getting one. I thought you’d marry Momo and pop out a couple kids and move into a big house in the suburbs.”

“Okay first off, neither of us wanted kids,” Katsuki says, jabbing his finger at Eijirou. “In fact, I seem to recall that’s why we agreed we should never get together, Mr I-Want-Five-Children.”

“You could change your mind,” Eijirou says. “Stranger things have happened.”

“And second,” Katsuki interrupts. “If I’d married Momo, we’d still have a slave. Deku would just have Dabi to play with.”

“I see. So Deku and Dabi would be your children.”

“Our expensive children who are the same age as us who we own and have sex with in our respective agencies. Great analogy.”

“Well now, you haven’t had sex with Deku at the agency after that first time.” Eijirou pouts. “And I missed out on it because I was talking to the police about that villain attack.”

“Yeah, that’s what you get for taking your sweet time filling out all those stupid-ass forms,” Katsuki says with a shrug. Then he sighs. “But yeah, I’m sorry. I’m just… I don’t want to bring him in again until those extras learn to not fucking touch my property. It pisses me off.”

“I know, man. I know.” Eijirou pats Katsuki on the back as they turn the final corner onto the street their agency’s on. His arm snakes around Katsuki’s shoulders. “But when you get over it and bring Deku back to the office, I want first dibs on him. Okay?”

“Dude, I’ve told you you can fuck him whenever you want. Just come visit after work.” Katsuki pauses in front of the door to their agency. “Actually, are you doing anything tonight? You wanna come over and fuck my slave?”

“What? Really? Today?” Eijirou blinks at him over the lip of his coffee cup. “I mean… Yeah! Yeah, I’d love to! That’d be great. But, I mean, I’ve never… Uh…”

Katsuki blinks at him. “You’ve never what? Used a slave?”


“Seriously? But you’ve been to a bunch of Momo’s parties.” Momo is a socialite who invites everyone in her contact list to whatever event she’s hosting, and Katsuki can count on one hand the number of parties she’s had where Dabi wasn’t available for her guests to play with. How has Eijirou never used a slave?

He rubs the back of his head and grins sheepishly. “Well, I like to socialise,” he explains as they step onto the lift up to the office floor. “And by the time I get around everyone at the party and have conversations with all of them, there’s already a line to use Dabi. And I don’t want to cut in line. But then by the time it is my turn, Momo says Dabi needs a break. And I don’t know. I’ve just never used one.” He shrugs a little. “It’s never bothered me. I prefer people anyway.”

“I know you do,” Katsuki says. Eijirou regularly has about five different fuckbuddies in rotation at any one time, besides Katsuki. But still. He has to fuck Deku at least once. “Well come round and use Deku tonight. You get first dibs.”

“Okay.” They step out of the lift into the office and Eijirou pauses. “But… I’ve never done this before. How do I… Do it?”

Katsuki rolls his eyes. “You just fuck him. It’s like having a fleshlight that can talk, it’s not a big deal.”

“Right.” Eijirou frowns. Then he smiles and nods. “Okay. Yeah, sounds good.”

“Cool. I’ll meet you after our shift and we can drive over together.”

“Nice!” Eijirou slaps Katsuki’s ass and walks back to his office. As he goes, he shouts over his shoulder, “It’s a date, Ground Zero!”

Chapter Text

Izuku settles into a comfortable routine over those few weeks. It takes him a couple days to get used to feeding and hydrating himself without reminders, but he adjusts eventually once he figures out what food is Kacchan's favorite so that he doesn't eat any of it by mistake. The house stays sparkling clean, since he wants so badly to earn all of Kacchan's praise. And then, once he's finished cleaning, he always takes his notebook and sits on the living room floor to watch the heroes on TV. He saves all the Ground Zero stuff to watch with Kacchan, but he fills up his notebook with detailed analyses of all the heroes he can. He also starts taking notes on villains, mostly so that he doesn't end up with too large a profile on any one hero that isn't Kacchan.

The sex is absolutely amazing, of course. Izuku rarely gets to cum, but as long as he's getting Kacchan's dick in his ass and mouth every day, he's plenty satisfied. Getting to cum is a nice treat to look forward to when he's especially good or Kacchan's in a good mood. But even more than the sex, Izuku loves the quiet moments they spend together on the couch when he gets to tell Kacchan how happy he is to serve him. Kacchan will probably never fully understand the depth of Izuku's gratitude for him, but that's okay. Izuku will do the best he can. He still isn't entirely comfortable performing for an audience or with another slave, but he'll do his best on that too.

Then one day, Kacchan comes home and he isn't alone. Izuku looks up from where he was kneeling by the door, his mouth almost falling open in shock when he sees another person. This is a stranger! A change in the routine too. Izuku schools his face carefully so he doesn't show how alarmed he is. "Welcome home, Kacchan," he says, just like he always does. "Did you have a good day at work?" His eyes keep darting to the stranger, unsure if he should acknowledge him too.

Kacchan grins and throws an arm around the stranger’s shoulders. “Deku, this is my friend, Eijirou. Red Riot. You’ve seen him on TV, right?” Then, to Eijirou, “I let him watch the Hero Highlights when I’m not home, he’s seen your stuff before.”

Izuku's eyes light up when Kacchan explains who it is. Another Hero! He kisses Eijirou's feet obediently, like he’s been trained to do when greeting somebody new.

“Oh,” Eijirou smiles and nods, waving at Izuku like he’s a child or a dog. He’s clearly nervous, but his mouth keeps twitching up into a small smile. “H- Hello?”

“We’re going to be in the living room,” Katsuki says when Izuku’s properly greeted Eijirou. “Bring us some tea or something.”

Izuku nods and scurries off to make tea. He also adds in a few snacks to the tray. He's getting bolder and having more independent thoughts, even if they mostly still just amount to being a good slave. Kacchan works hard so he’s probably at least a little hungry. Once he's gotten the tea out, he settles between Kacchan's legs, facing the TV. On the very rare occasions that Kacchan is too tired for a fuck, they usually just go straight to TV time.

After a little bit of light conversation between the two Heroes, Kacchan signals to Izuku to be nice to their guest and make him feel welcome. Izuku gets to work, shifting over to settle between Eijirou's legs instead. He looks up at him with an eager smile. "How would you like me to use you, sir?" he asks respectfully. "I'm especially well trained with my cock, ass, and mouth, but I can do anything you want." Kacchan has never ridden him before so he may be a bit out of practice there, but it's standard training for all slaves with the relevant equipment.

Eijirou laughs awkwardly, glancing up at Kacchan who just raises his eyebrows. "I, uh..." Eijirou coughs. "Um... Your mouth? Would be good?”

“Smooth," Katsuki says, rolling his eyes and sinking back into the couch to watch. "Deku, this is Eijirou's first time with a slave so show him how well you were trained."

Izuku would probably have rolled his eyes too if not for his intensive training. Red Riot knows he got fucked by all the staff at the Agency. Why would he be worried about breaking Izuku all by himself? He’s not that big. Still, Izuku has to service Kacchan's friends, even if they are dumb. He kneels up and undoes Eijirou's pants, fishing out his limp cock and swallowing it to the hilt in one go. It's not even that hard when it's… not hard.

Eijirou blushes and acts awkward and uncomfortable as if this is his first time having sex, and he doesn’t have five different partners on the go at once. Izuku knows all about Red Riot’s sex life, Kacchan had laughed about it one night as they watched the Hero Highlights together. But maybe he’s reacting differently because it’s a slave sucking his cock. Izuku licks and sucks and massages Eijirou's cock like a fucking pro, which he is, but by this point he's also settled in enough to start getting a bit spoiled. Normally he'd have Kacchan's cock in him by now and it annoys him that he doesn’t. And besides, Eijirou’s just sitting there letting Izuku do all the work. He leans forward, tilting his ass up, and gives Kacchan a meaningful look over Eijirou's cock.

Luckily, Kacchan quickly meets Izuku’s eyes, sees the way he’s arching his hips up eagerly, and decides someone has to show his friend how it’s done.

“Come on Eijirou, you can go harder than that,” he says, slipping off the sofa and moving to kneel behind Izuku. Izuku’s got his plug in like normal, and Kacchan quickly pulls it out of him. They’re so used to each other by now, Kacchan doesn’t even need to check that Izuku’s ready, he can just thrust into him. And he starts moving his hips roughly, his hands on Izuku’s sides to hold him in place. “Keep using your mouth, Deku,” he orders as he slams into him. “Be nice to our guest.”

Izuku doesn't quite let out a sigh of relief when Kacchan finally gets up and goes over to him, but he's definitely happy to be getting fucked properly. He moans as Kacchan slams into him, letting the motion shove Eijirou's cock as far down his throat as it will go, making him gag and tear up. He whimpers and moans as loudly as he can, trying to encourage Eijirou to fuck him harder and deeper. He can take a little pain. Hell, he loves it. But frustratingly, Eijirou is just sitting there on the couch watching and doesn’t seem to want to fuck Izuku hard. It’s frustrating.

After a bit, he basically starts ignoring Eijirou almost entirely. It's obvious that Eijirou isn't as interested in this and Izuku has a much better option in Kacchan. He starts rocking his hips back as much as he can and clenching around Kacchan but he does little more than just make sure Eijirou's cock stays in his mouth. He doesn't really want to pleasure someone who doesn't appreciate him. Almost a month of Kacchan giving Izuku exactly what he wants has made him a bit spoiled. And the way Kacchan’s gripping his hips and fucking him harder to try and get Izuku to pay attention to their guest is wonderful.

Eventually, he gets bored and distracted enough that Eijirou's cock slips out of his mouth as he screams in pleasure from Kacchan's brutal fucking. He goes back to his normal mumbling about how great Kacchan is, ignoring Eijirou completely.

But that’s too far for Kacchan.

“Do as you’re fucking told,” he snarls, grabbing Izuku by the hair and pulling him upright. Eijirou’s staring up at them, his cock still hard and ignored lying across his stomach. Kacchan stops thrusting into Izuku and instead holds him up against his chest, his hand moving from Izuku hair to his jaw and fingers slipping into his mouth. Izuku whines and squirms, desperate to be fucked. And he sucks on the fingers that are forced into his mouth. Kacchan never punished him for things he thought he should have been before, so Izuku doesn’t see why he’d start now.

Kacchan jerks his head. “Eijirou. Pass me that ball gag. The one on the coffee table.”

Eijirou stumbles, grabbing the ball gag from behind the cushion and handing it over. Izuku puts but lets him force it into his mouth and works his jaw around him, his brow furrowed in discomfort.

Kacchan says in a low voice as he tightens the gag around Izuku’s face, “If I tell you to take care of our guest, then you fucking do it. Don’t show me up in front of people, don’t disobey me and focus on me, just do as you’re told and show them how well you’ve been trained.” And he fastens the strap so that Izuku’s mouth is held open and drool rolls over his chin. One hand is on Izuku’s jaw, the other lifts his legs up to open him up more. “Eijirou, if Deku’s not going to use his mouth properly, you should use his ass as well.”

Izuku leans into Kacchan's touch, but he makes a point to show much more attention and affection for Kacchan than Eijirou. Even though he flinches a bit at Kacchan’s annoyance, he pushes forward with his misbehavior and just leans limply against Kacchan while Eijirou fucks him. He’s not gonna try as hard for someone who doesn’t appreciate him at all.

Once Eijirou finds his prostate, Izuku dissolves into a shuddering, whimpering mess, but it's pretty clear that he's only doing this because he thinks he'll get something out of it too. When Eijirou comes inside him Izuku just starts rutting against Kacchan, rock hard and leaking everywhere. Just because he won't cum without permission doesn't mean he can't enjoy himself a little.

But Kacchan gives an annoyed growl, his fingernails digging into Izuku’s skin. He pulls out of his ass and shoves him into Eijirou’s chest.

“Deku,” he snaps, grabbing Izuku by the chin and forcing him to face his owner. “Do you want to come? Is that why you’re not being good and focusing on Eijirou? Why are you so goddamn impatient? Have I been spoiling you?” And he looks over Izuku’s shoulder to Eijirou. “Sorry, I’m going to have to punish him. Do you mind holding him a second?”

“Sure,” Eijirou says, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s waist to hold him in place.

Kacchan leaves for a minute, then comes back with hands full of toys from the Slaves’ Emporium. And he and Eijirou manhandle Izuku, securing his hands behind his back and cuffing his ankles together so he can’t move. He’s just a pathetic, drooling lump on the floor. And then, Kacchan finds Izuku’s favourite vibrator, the one that sits right on Izuku’s prostate, and he pushes it into him.

And he turns on the vibrator inside Izuku’s ass, as Eijirou’s hands wrap around Kacchan’s waist to tug his shirt off. Izuku will just have to watch for once.

“There,” Kacchan says, running his fingers through Izuku’s hair. “If you want to come so badly, then you can come as much as you want.”

Kacchan gets to his feet to loom over Izuku. Eijirou’s hands wrap around his narrow waist to tug his shirt off, revealing the scar across his abdomen again. Kacchan turns to him, pulling Eijirou into a rough kiss. The way they touch is familiar. They’ve done this before. Probably dozens of times. Eijirou bites Kacchan’s neck and over his chest so that he groans and gasps. Kacchan quickly stretches Eijirou open with practiced fingers, fucks into him so he quickly gets hard again. The way they kiss is open-mouthed and messy, but they’re grinning and utterly at ease with each other.

Izuku can only watch Kacchan and Eijirou fuck with an expression that's mostly obscured by the gag but still recognizable as a pout. He wants to be there with them. He wants to be the center of attention like he always is when Kacchan is home. This isn’t fair! Kacchan is allowed to fuck people all he wants, of course, but why would he want to when he has a perfectly trained slave right here?

But they ignore him no matter how loud he whines and fights against his restraints, so he eventually stops trying. The vibrator is enough of a distraction anyway. He cums once pretty quickly, but the vibrator stays on and pressed against his prostate. His whines turn pained as he tries to pull out of the bonds and get away from the overwhelming sensation.

By the time he's started getting hard again, the frustration is mounting. He's still trying too hard to be a person as he watches them from the floor. They'll pay attention to him eventually, right? Right?

No such luck. When Eijirou’s hard again, Kacchan does something that Izuku’s never seen before. He covers his fingers in lube and quickly stretches himself out before climbing into Eijirou’s lap to ride him.

“Hah… Oh fuck.” Katsuki makes sure he groans extra loud, wrapping his arms around Eijirou’s shoulders. And he starts bouncing up and down on Eijirou’s cock, letting him run his hands over Kacchan’s body so Izuku gets a good view. He groans, rocking his hips down. Writhing in his lap and yelling as loud as he can. “Oh fuck, Eijirou… Hah!”

Kacchan angles his head so Izuku can see as he and Eijirou kiss, loudly and messily and neither of them paying attention to Izuku. He has to be doing it to make Izuku jealous. Kacchan’s only kissed him once, on the second day they’ve owned him. But the way Katsuki kisses Eijirou is so familiar and practiced because of course they’ve been doing this for years. And when he comes he makes sure to yell Eijirou’s name as loud as he can, not once looking back to see if Izuku’s alright.

And Izuku absolutely gets jealous. Jealous enough to start growling, even. He makes little angry noises that are more adorable than anything else as he yanks on the cuffs hard enough to draw blood. That'll have to get Kacchan's attention. He just wants Kacchan to look at him. Watching Eijirou touch Kacchan and kiss him and fuck him is enough to have Izuku murderous. He waited a decade for Kacchan! He went through the most hellish training imaginable for Kacchan! Kacchan shouldn't need anyone else but him! At this point, he genuinely wants to hurt Eijirou. He yanks and tugs on the cuffs, not caring how much he hurts himself. All he wants is for Kacchan to pay attention to him and he'll do anything he has to to get that. Of course, Kacchan could always just take his limbs away and make all this worthless, but Izuku isn't thinking about that right now.

He's already in pain with how overstimulated he is. He cums twice while Kacchan and Eijirou keep fucking and it hurts. He's thrashing on the ground to get away from the vibrator. Some of it is just for the dramatics of it, but some of it is sincere, instinctive need to escape.

When Izuku starts thrashing like that, Eijirou pauses with his tongue in Kacchan’s mouth. He pulls away a little to say, “Uh… Should we… Stop him?”

Kacchan sits back a little to look at Eijirou with raised eyebrows. Any other time, this would probably when he would turn around and cup Izuku’s face before letting him curl up on his lap to watch the Hero Highlights. But instead, Kacchan runs his fingers through Eijirou’s hair and kisses him again. Softly. And he says, “ Who are you talking about, man? There’s nobody else here. Sure as fuck not a badly behaved slave who was more interested in getting himself off than treating you well.”

Then he kisses Eijirou again and pushes him to the floor, rolling his hips slowly and softly until he’s coming again with a shudder of pleasure.

Kacchan's words shoot right through Izuku's heart. It finally settles over him like a heavy weight. He's been bad. He's a bad slave. He made his owner angry. He doesn't have a panic attack, not really. The fact that he's in an active punishment helps keep him from feeling the need to beat himself up too much. But he does stop whining so loudly and starts crying softly instead. He still moans and screams as the vibrator wrenches another orgasm out of him, but mostly all he can do is sob. He has to make it up to Kacchan but he can't do that if Kacchan won't let him get close.

Finally, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He inches his way across the floor as best he can, trying to get close enough to offer himself up to one of them and earn his forgiveness.

By that point Kacchan’s lying on top of Eijirou, head propped up on his hand as he watches Izuku struggles towards them. He raises his eyebrows and makes no attempt to help Izuku, content to watch him flop across the floor like a pathetic kind of slug. When Izuku’s still a couple feet away, Kacchan pushes himself up onto his knees and stretches his arms over his head.

“I need a shower,” he says, getting to his feet and helping Eijirou up with him. That’s when he finally turns to address Izuku, who’s still trying to work his way across the floor. “Deku, you stay here. And remember that when I tell you to take care of a guest, you fucking do it.” He picks up the remote from the pocket of his discarded clothes and flips the switch to turn off Izuku’s limbs, then walks through the house to the bathroom.

As he leaves, Izuku can hear their fading conversation. “Sorry about him,” Kacchan’s saying. “He’s always been good, but this is his first time with just one other person. I guess I need to train him more.”

“No it was great! Can I come round and use him again when he’s been trained more?”

“Sure, dude, whatever you want.” Then the sound of Kacchan’s bedroom door closing, and the conversation cuts off.

Izuku is utterly miserable. He’s slack and limp on the floor. His wrists dig into the cuffs and blood oozes down his arms from his wrists while the vibrator still assaults his prostate. He shivers on the floor from the intensity of the vibrations, tears streaming down his face. At the angle where he was stopped, he can't quite get a full lungful of air. It's not enough to put him in danger, but it's extremely unpleasant. He's alone and Kacchan is off in another room with someone else and Izuku just wants the affection. He cums once more, his cum tacky and unpleasant as it sticks to his skin. He wishes he could clean it off.

Why was he such a bad slave? This is all his own fault. All he had to do was do what he's been training for for so long. Why is he such an idiot? He keeps beating himself up mentally as the pain washes over him and he waits helplessly for Kacchan to return. He doesn't even notice that Kacchan and Eijirou are back until he hears the door shut as Eijirou leaves. He wants to brace himself, but that's impossible right now. Instead, he just waits.

He feels the floor shake as Kacchan walks across the room to him, and stares at his feet when they come into view. He can’t see any more until Kacchan takes pity and kicks Izuku over to lie on his back. Kacchan looms over him. He curls his lip. “Urgh, you’re covered in jizz. Fucking disgusting, try and have some control.” He nudges Izuku with a toe and folds his arms over his chest. “Deku, Eijirou is one of my oldest friends. If I tell you to show him how well you’ve been trained, you fucking do it. I don’t care if he doesn’t want it, or he doesn’t seem interested, you keep going until he comes. You don’t act like a needy little slut and embarrass me in front of him, alright?” He kneels down and unbuckles the gag from Izuku’s mouth, pulling it away with a string of saliva linking it to Izuku’s lip, then switches his muscles back on so he can answer. “Alright?”

All Izuku can do is nod. Even without the forced limpness, Kacchan's angry glare is enough to paralyse him. He's been an awful slave and he needs to fix it. He opens his mouth to reply but then gasps as the vibrator is pressed even harder against his prostate. His cock twitches, but he can't cum any more. "I'm sorry, Kacchan," he whimpers, his voice hoarse from how much he's been crying. "I'm sorry. I'll be good. I promise." It's most likely an empty promise. He gets jealous far too easily. But he'll try and that's really all he can do.

He slowly pulls himself up to his knees, shuddering and bracing himself as the vibrator shifts inside him, but he manages to get down with his forehead to the floor. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" he asks softly.

Kacchan looks down at him and snorts. “Don’t touch me,” he says when Izuku’s head moves a little too close to his feet. “Just get up, and go change into something else. Then come back and clean this room and my bathroom.” He tilts his head. “Maybe when you’ve done that, I’ll take the vibrator out of you.”

Izuku flinches away when Kacchan snaps at him. His whole body is shaking as tears roll down his cheeks. He wants to be good. He wants to make it up to Kacchan. He scurries off to his room without a word and struggles to get changed. Clothes are hard enough at the best of times, but the vibrator is making him weak in the knees and his hands tremble and the only clean clothes he has left are slacks and a button down shirt, which is the hardest for him to deal with. He's so flustered that he messes up the buttons at first and has to redo all of them. He's losing so much time and it's just making him panic more. Panics so much he doesn’t hear the distinctive click behind him of Kacchan locking him in the closet before going to make himself dinner.

Izuku doesn't notice that the door has been locked until he tries to leave. He pushes on the door and his breath catches in his throat. He's trembling and scared and almost panicking. He's been bad. He needs to fix it. He needs to follow Kacchan’s orders. He can't get through the door. He can't fix it. The only thing he can do is get as close to following orders as he can. He gets to work compulsively cleaning his tiny cupboard. There's not much to work with besides his spit and an old rag, but Izuku cleans every nook and cranny over and over again.

His muscles ache and he's exhausted but he can't stop. The vibrator stops moving not long after Izuku starts cleaning. It just ran out of battery, but Izuku takes that as a sign that this is what he's supposed to be doing. He keeps frantically cleaning the tiny cupboard as best he can. He needs to be a good slave.

After his fifth round of cleaning the tiny cupboard, Izuku hears Kacchan shouting. “Deku,” he yells. “Deku, come get your dinner!” Kacchan is calling him. Izuku needs to obey and go to him. Izuku tries the door again but the handle just rattles. “Deku! Don’t make me shout for you again!” Izuku’s being a bad slave. Izuku needs to be good and go to his owner, but he can’t get out of the cupboard. He needs to be good. Izuku pushes on the door, but it stands firm. he desperately goes back to cleaning the closet instead, trying to be good. “Deku, what the fuck are you waiting for? Where are you?” And then the cupboard door is finally unlocked and thrown open, Kacchan standing in the doorway with a bowl of food.

Izuku surges forward when the cupboard opens, trying to get out so he can clean. He has to clean where Kacchan told him to. But Kacchan isn't letting him. Kacchan is blocking the door, preventing him from being able to do what Kacchan wants him to do. Izuku curls back against the wall, trying to puzzle through that. It's utterly terrifying and confusing how this is even possible. It makes his head spin to try and understand. Kacchan wants him to not do what Kacchan wants him to do. That's the only sense Izuku can make of it.

Kacchan stands in the doorway and grins with pointed teeth. “Have you been hiding in here, Deku? I told you to clean the living room and bathroom, but they’re still filthy. What the fuck? I was making dinner for you, I was going to let you watch television with me, but you just stayed in here instead of doing what you were told?” He holds out the bowl and drops it onto the floor so that the vegetables and rice spill out onto the carpet. “Well, if you can’t listen to me and since you love your cupboard so much, you can just stay in here until the morning.”

Izuku stares at the food spilled out on the carpet with his mouth hanging open in shock. Does Kacchan want him to be bad? Is that what's happening here? Izuku thought Kacchan wanted him to be good. He doesn't know what to do so he just defaults to shutting down and going along with the most basic training he has.

Izuku sits back on his knees, hands in his lap. "Okay, Kacchan," he says calmly. That's what Kacchan wants, right? He doesn't touch the food or try to clean it. He hasn't been ordered to so he isn't supposed to. He's supposed to stay here until the morning. He can manage that much. That makes sense. His vitals have stabilised as he regains his equilibrium. He got into this whole mess by trying to think independently so he just won't do that anymore.

Kacchan tilts his head and blinks down at him. He stays in the doorway a moment, waiting to see if Izuku going to do anything. Maybe crawl forward and try to get touched, or offer to do a bunch of different sex acts. Anything. When he doesn’t, Kacchan just steps back and closes the door on him.

Izuku doesn't sleep that night. He just dozes lightly, still on his knees, the food cooled and congealing by him. It bothers him immensely to leave it untouched and his fingers itch to clean it, but he can't. He really crossed a line today. Or is it yesterday now? Whatever. The point is, he really crossed a line. He has to be perfectly obedient or risk being sent back to the facility. There's something strangely calming about just kneeling there with a dead vibrator in his ass while his legs slowly go numb. He's used to this. It's familiar. It’s good.

He can be good.

Chapter Text

When Katsuki wakes up, he’s forgotten pretty much everything from the day before. Eijirou came over, Deku was a little bitch, he was punished, that’s about it. No big deal. He rubs his hands over his face, yawning loudly as he heads downstairs. When he gets to the kitchen and finds it completely empty with no slave cooking breakfast, he pauses.

“Hey Deku,” he shouts. "Where are you?”

There’s a very long silence. Katsuki scowls. The fuck’s taking that prick so long to answer him? He’s about to shout again, when finally he hears a quiet reply.

“I’ll be there soon, Kacchan.”

Katsuki snorts. Right. Okay. Deku probably slept in or something, or he was too busy crying in the closet to cook. ‘Oh no I’m so sad and stupid that I made Katsuki yell at me bloo hoo hoo.’ Pathetic. Katsuki makes himself a coffee to wake up as he waits for Deku to get his shit together. After a few minutes, he hears movement and turns round to finally see his slave. He blinks. Deku’s crawling into the kitchen on all fours, his head down and not saying a word. Yeah, okay, he was always like a dog before but this is... Something else.

Katsuki looks down at Deku as he crawls shakily across the floor and kneels in front of him. His clothes are in disarray and the vibrator’s still in his ass from the night before. His eyes are puffy with deep bags underneath them, and there are tear stains on his cheeks. When Katsuki takes him in, he sees that Deku’s wrists are covered in dried blood from his restraints yesterday. Goddamn. What the fuck?

“Good morning, Kacchan,” Deku says quietly as he kneels in front of him. “How would you like me to serve you?”

Katsuki boggles at him for a moment, then gets his bearings. He snorts.

"What's wrong with you? You look a mess." Katsuki pulls the remote out of his pocket, finally looking at the screen. Apparently Deku's exhausted, even though Katsuki didn't do anything to him all night. He's tired and he's hungry and he's almost on the brink of getting sick. Katsuki puts the remote back in his pocket and looks down at Deku. "If this is some weird ploy to get me to feel sorry for you it's not working. Don't be a little bitch, Deku." He slurps his coffee. "And where's breakfast? What the fuck?”

Deku flinches ever so slightly at Katsuki’s snarl, but the polite, attentive smile doesn't leave his face. “I apologise, Kacchan. I was told to stay in my cupboard until morning. I did not know when I had permission to leave. I will make breakfast now." He stands up, shaking a little as he does so. Then slowly walks past Katsuki to the kitchen.

"Permission...?" Katsuki frowns over the lip of his coffee mug at Deku. Then he grins. "Good, you're learning. I've seen how other slaves acted and you were not like them, but this is good. Just doing what I say. Keep it up." And he gives Deku a pat on the head as he leaves to sit down. Okay, so the punishment actually did something and now Deku’s going to try and be less of an asshole and more like an actual slave? Like Momo's and Tenya's? That's fine. Katsuki can work with this. It'll be nice to have someone follow him around on a leash and do exactly what he says and isn't a selfish brat when he brings his friends round. Yeah, that’s perfect.

Pretty soon, Deku sets some breakfast in front of Katsuki and kneels down without his own food. Katsuki looks down at him as he eats. “So,” he says as he chews. “What’s the deal with this?” He gestures at Deku with his chopsticks.

Deku doesn’t look him in the eye. ”I was selfish," he explains. "I put my desires above your needs. That will not happen again. From now on, I will do only as you say.”

“Right.” Katsuki eyes the wounds on Deku’s wrists. Deku cleaned off some of the dried blood in the sink before cooking, but he’ll probably need some bandages and antiseptic or something. Katsuki remembers what Momo told him about needing to remind Dabi to drink. Is he going to have to tell Deku to clean up his own wounds? Like a damn child? What a fucking pain. Whatever. He swallows down his breakfast and points a finger at Deku. "Remember to drink and eat throughout the day," he says. "That's an order. I don't want you curling up and dying on me. And take care of whatever happened to your wrists." He takes a sip of coffee. "Then take that vibrator out of your ass and change into some clean clothes. Fuck’s sake." Urgh, telling Deku to take care of himself is going to get old fast.

At least Deku’s obedient. He whispers a little “Yes Kacchan” and immediately makes himself some breakfast, then goes to get changed as soon as he’s eaten. It’s really weird the way he does it with that unchanging expression. But he’s quiet and he’s not talking back and he’s actually listening. This is good. This is how a slave should act, it’s how Dabi and Uravity act when Katsuki’s round at Momo’s or Tenya’s. Maybe now Katsuki will be able to take Deku out in public without embarrassing himself.

Yeah. He can work with this.

Their routine changes after that morning. Before, it was pretty regular. Katsuki would get up, Deku would make breakfast, he’d get a kiss goodbye before heading into work, when he came back Deku would be waiting at the door for him, then he’d fuck Deku and tell him about his day and they’d watch the Hero Highlights together. Simple stuff. But after the punishment, when Deku starts behaving more obediently, it becomes… Katsuki would describe it as rigid.

Before bed, Katsuki now has to order Deku to get up early and make breakfast for him in the morning. He has to tell him to kiss him goodbye as he leaves for work. When they’re out doing chores together, he has to pull Deku along behind him instead of Deku always walking next to him and clutching his sleeves. He even has to be reminded every goddamn day to eat and drink and wash and change his damn clothes. But the really big change is the sex.

Katsuki likes having an enthusiastic partner. That was one of the best things about Deku: the way he obediently screamed every time Katsuki fucked him. He didn’t even need to be told to do that, he was just that much of a slut. But after the punishment all of that just stops.

Oh, they still have sex. Or they do at first. Katsuki comes home from work that first day and uses Deku’s mouth right there in the hallway, pulling him on and off his cock. Deku takes it obediently, his hands resting on his lap and his eyes staring up at Katsuki’s face. But then when Katsuki’s done, Deku sits there with his mouth open and cum dribbling off his tongue and onto his lower lip until Katsuki tells him to swallow. So he swallows. Then goes right back to sitting there quietly.

And then he just kneels there in the hallways until Katsuki tells him to come sit next to him to watch the Hero Highlights. And Deku stays quiet the entire time. He doesn’t mumble into Katsuki’s side about him, or about other Heroes, or whisper little insights about powers or strategies. He’s just… quiet. It’s actually a little creepy. Katsuki tells him to go sleep in his cupboard and goes to bed feeling out of sorts.

He tries to fuck Deku over the kitchen counter the next morning, but Deku just stays quiet and motionless as Katsuki uses him. Doesn’t even react when Katsuki call him names or comes on his back. Nothing. And he doesn’t react much to sex the next day either. Or the next day. Or the next.

Katsuki mentions it to Eijirou about a week later. They’re both at Eijriou’s apartment after a particularly gruelling day at work so they can unwind, and of course that means Eijirou fucking Katsuki up against the window. Then cuddling afterwards because they’re both the affectionate types. And the subject of Katsuki’s slave is brought up.

“First time in a while you haven’t run home to Deku right after patrol,” Eijirou says with a small laugh. He scratches his nose and yawns. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Mm.” Katsuki shrugs. “Deku’s been weird lately. I missed having an actual person.”

“Yeah, I get that. I missed you too,” Eijriou says.

Katsuki nods and shifts over to fuck softly Eijriou again, listening to his enthusiastic mumbles. It’s been a little while since Deku mumbled anything… Katsuki actually misses it.

Katsuki never thought he’d end up feeling any sort of loss for something Deku did. But fuck, he’s grown used to listening to sleepy Deku muttering about Heroes and tactics and Katsuki. He’s used to Deku writing in his shitty little notebook about Heroes. He’s used to him saying Katsuki’s amazing and incredible. And he’s used to Deku being a needy little slut who keeps trying to crawl into his lap and kiss his neck and grind against him, just begging to be used and broken. Now he just… Kneels there. Until Katsuki tells him to get on all fours or something. And even when they fuck, he doesn’t make a sound or move at all, he’s just… A doll. Katsuki didn’t pay for a doll. It’s annoying.

The night after he fucks Eijriou, Katsuki orders Deku to make some sort of sound. Deku obediently starts moaning his name and saying it feels good and all the usual stuff. But it just isn’t fun if he’s doing as he’s told. Katsuki likes Deku crying and apologising and begging, he doesn’t want this. Whatever this is. So he pulls out of Deku without even coming, and leaves him on the bed. Walks downstairs to get some fresh air. Urgh. What’s wrong with him?

Katsuki half considers calling Momo to ask if she has any slave advice, but she’s overseas for business and he isn’t quite sure of the time-difference. Wouldn’t want to wake her up at 3am with his own dumb problems. So instead he just scowls and glares out the window. There’s an ugly tortoiseshell cat walking along the fence and yowling. Katsuki throws a rock in its general direction and yells at it to fuck off.

And he doesn’t sleep with Deku after that.

He goes about a week without fucking Deku. It just isn’t fun with him like this. Deku can clean the house all he wants, that’s fine. He can come with Katsuki to the store and he can cook for him and look after the garden and everything else he’s been trained to do. But having sex with him feels too mechanical. Katsuki burns off steam with Eijirou, but that just frustrates him even further because dammit he shouldn’t have to burn off energy with someone else. He has a slave for this! His slave is meant to fall apart at his touch and be devoted to him and actually react when being fucked! If he wanted a damn sex doll, he’d’ve bought one!

And it all comes to a head a few weeks after the punishment, when Katsuki comes home from a patrol covered in ash and dirt with aches in his bones and smoke in his lungs. And Deku’s just sitting there in the corridor with his head bowed, looking so submissive and not moving. The television’s off. His notebook’s nowhere to be seen. He’s not looking at Katsuki excitedly, waiting to be praised and touched and fucked. It’s too much! So Katsuki slams the door so hard the pictures on the wall shake and Deku gives a tiny yelp.

He grabs Deku by the front of his shirt and pulls him up, shaking him. “Stop it,” he yells into Deku’s face. “Stop doing this, stop acting like a fucking… Like nothing. You’re Deku, so fucking act like him.” I want the slave I paid for, you asshole!

The moment he grabs him, Deku shrieks and flinches, cowering away as much as he can. Oh, so now he’s showing some emotion, huh? Too little too late, asshole!

“I don’t– I don’t understand,” Deku whimpers pathetically, finally growing a spine and talking. “I’m a slave. I should be good. I should obey. I should do what you want and nothing else. I– I am nothing. Deku is nothing. Deku is a slave. A worthless, useless slave who can’t even make you happy even when it does everything you want. No matter what I do, I’m not good enough.” He snivels, and wails, “Why am I even here?”

Where was all this last week? Katsuki thinks. Where was this shit? Katsuki just stands there and listens to Deku crying about being worthless as if he didn’t already know that. That’s the point! Deku’s always been the useless kid who didn’t realise he was worthless. The kid who kept following after Katsuki and trying to help him and talk to him and act like they were the same, and that’s what Katsuki wants! He wants Deku to keep doing that! Instead of whatever this is supposed to be.

Deku curls in on himself as much as he can with Katsuki pinning him to the wall. He’s shaking badly now. “You should get rid of me!” he cries. “You should send me back to the facility! I knew how to be good there. I could do everything they told me to do and it would be enough. I’m not good enough for you. You deserve better than me. I want to make you happy, but I–”

Katsuki slaps him, cutting him off mid-sentence.

The fury is too much for him to listen to another word out of the little slave’s mouth. “I’m not going to send you back because you feel bad about something, you bastard,” he snarls. “I bought you. I want what I paid for. And I paid for Deku.” He narrows his eyes at Deku. “I shouldn’t have to tell you how to just be who you are! If you want to make me happy so bad, then act like your damn self. Act like Deku. That’s why I bought you. Because I wanted you. I want you to talk to me and write in your damn journals and actually use your brain. And yeah, you’re a goddamn brat and a slut and you need to listen when I tell you to fuck someone else, but you also need to… Dammit.”

He drops Deku and grabs him by the wrist instead. “Hit me, Deku. Like when we were kids. You remember that? You used to always try and beat me up if I was an asshole to someone else, you never fucking used to care. You weren’t such a pathetic lump. Be like that! Hit me!”

Katsuki watches impatiently as Deku shakes and cries. The bastard was probably trained not to hurt his master, but he was also trained to fucking obey so–

“You’re right, Kacchan,” Deku spits. He’s hunched against the wall, shoulders shaking with tears, but his voice is firm. “You bought me. You commissioned me. They told me at the facility that I was bought years before you picked me up because they were giving me more training to make me exactly to your specifications.”

Katsuki feels a strange mixture of glee and fury creeping up the back of his neck. Yes! There’s the Deku he wanted! Yelling at him and standing up to him, even though he’s a useless little twerp who won’t be able to go two minutes against him. Katsuki feels his hands twitch, ready to start his quirk if Deku pushes him too far.

Deku raises his head and looks Katsuki in the eye, glaring fiercely. “I can do what you spent all that money to train me to do or I can do what makes you happy. It’s not my fault you wasted your money making me into something you hate.”

And then, he slaps Katsuki across the face as hard as he can. Katsuki blinks in surprise, completely thrown even though that’s what he asked for. The two of them stay there for a moment, Deku staring at his own hand and Katsuki’s face turned to blink at the wall. There’s a flicker of pride in Katsuki’s chest.

Then Deku ruins it all by running away like a coward.

Katsuki watches him disappear down the hall with a growl. What, is that it? Just that little snap and one hit and he’s done? Fuck that. They’re not finished yet. Katsuki tugs his shirt over his head and drops it at the door. He rolls his shoulders, cracks his neck, stretches his arms over his head. There’s a fire in his gut again. Something igniting, reminding him what he’s been dreaming of for years. Of Deku, yelling at him and fighting him and hating him. And Katsuki crushing him.

Katsuki knows where Deku’s hiding, of course. There’s only one place that Deku would go right now, only one place that’s really his. Katsuki pulls open the door to Deku’s cupboard slowly and his eyes fall on Deku curled up and shivering in the corner. Small and pathetic already.

Katsuki tilts his head. His hand crackles with a small firework that has his slave cowering. He walks forward, grabs Deku by the hair, pulls him up and out so his head is against the wall. He shoves his leg between Deku’s thighs, his own cock already half hard from a combination of the slap and the rage and an entire week without Deku. One hand is in Deku’s hair and the other goes to his throat. He doesn’t strangle Deku, not yet. Just rests his hand there as a warning.

“Fight me, Deku,” he growls. “Go on. Hit me again. Punch me. Push me away and tell me you hate me. You’re angry that I kept you in that facility for years, right? You must be. You must hate everything that happened to you. So hit me!” He tilts his jaw to give Deku better access. “You must be so angry. Take it out on me.”

Deku is shaking, leaning into Katsuki to support himself. He doesn’t hit Katsuki back. Instead, he smiles.

It’s a simpering, cloying smile that does nothing to hide the fury in his eyes. “Hate you?” he asks with mock innocence. “Why would I hate you? It’s not your fault I was taken to the facility. You were just trying to make me so that I could be happy when you got me. It’s not your fault you didn’t know what you needed.”

Katsuki’s eyes widen, then narrow. His grip tightens in Deku’s hair and he pulls the bastard’s head up to look him in the eye. His hand is shaking on Deku’s neck. He feels Deku’s tears trickle onto his hand. He can hear the words Deku doesn’t say loud and clear. You failed to train me right. You’re not good enough.

Deku’s shoulders shake as he sobs. “I could never hate you, Kacchan.” He bows his head again. “I’m so sorry, Kacchan. I can’t hit you again.”

“You should hate me,” Katsuki replies without thinking. Why are Deku’s words shaking him so much? So fucking what if Katsuki doesn’t know what he wanted from his slave? Isn’t that Deku’s job? To know how to please him? To not get on his last nerve? Maybe Katsuki just wanted the extra training because that’s what everyone else told him to get, maybe he ordered the chip because he’d happily ticked everything on the damn form when he’d put in the first down payment. Maybe he got so excited to have Deku be completely his that he’d never thought about things much more than how great it would be to see Deku broken and pliant and obedient. And he hadn’t stopped to think fully about what would happen after Deku broke.

His mouth twitches out into a wide snarl and his chest rises and falls with heavy breaths. “After everything, I’ve done to you, you should hate me!” His fingers tense on Deku’s neck, his nails dig in. “I was an asshole to you when we were kids! I left you in that damn facility! I could kill you right now if I wanted to! You should hate me!” He feels like his heart’s going to explode in his chest. “Why the fuck don’t you hate me, Deku? What’s wrong with you?”

But Deku just smiles gently at him. “You saved me, Kacchan,” he simpers. “How could I hate you for that? I went to the facility because I’m quirkless. You didn’t do that to me. If you hadn’t ordered the extra training then someone else probably would have. You’re the one who took me away from that place. Do you remember that first day you took me to the mall? You protected me from the man who touched me.”

I humiliated you in front of the whole world.

“You saved me and took care of me when those men raped me.”

I let my entire staff fuck you while you were scared and hurting.

“You let me have my own toys and some time for myself.”

I let you think you might become a person so I could tear it away whenever I wanted.

“Why would I ever hate you? You’ve been better to me than anyone else ever has. If I hate you, what point would there be in living if my only other option is to serve someone I hate more?”

“Shut up,” Katsuki snaps. Everything Deku says just makes him angrier, listening to Deku list off all the bullshit Katsuki’s done to him since he bought him. As if it was a kindness. He feels his blood heat up and sweat prick on his bare back. He leans forward so he and Deku are nose to nose, his hot breath on Deku’s skin. “I hate you, Deku. Maybe you should die if you’re so stupid that you don’t hate me too. You’ve always been a spineless coward.”

That makes Deku freeze. He doesn’t respond and just snaps back into his old obedience, but Katsuki doesn’t care. His hand moves up Deku’s neck to his jaw, a thumb slipping into his mouth and forcing it to hang open. He presses his chest to Deku’s small frame, his knee grinding up between his thighs. Katsuki’s own cock is fully hard now. Is it hatred? Is it anger at what Deku’s saying? He doesn’t know. All he knows is that he wants to teach Deku a lesson.

His hands go to Deku’s clothes and he rips off Deku’s trousers, tearing the fabric like paper. Deku’s wearing a plug, just like Katsuki always tells him to in case Katsuki actually decides he wants to fuck him. Good. Katsuki doesn’t want to wait and this’ll make it easier on both of them. He tugs the plug out of him and drops it to the floor, pulls his own cock out of his trousers, and presses it up against Deku’s entrance.

“I hate you so fucking much,” he mutters into Deku’s face. And then he kisses him as he thrusts in.

And suddenly Deku comes alive again. He bursts out laughing, hysterical giggles wracking his frame. He returns the kiss wholeheartedly, bites down on Katsuki’s lower lip, wraps himself around Katsuki. “You hate me, Kacchan?” He giggles as he tosses his head back and does his best to bounce on Katsuki’s cock. “Good. I hate me too.”

That sends him into another fit of hysterics. Katsuki hates it. Why is he laughing? Why the fuck is he laughing? What’s funny about all of this?

Katsuki grips Deku’s hips and thrusts into him, trying to fuck the laughter out of him and get him to stop. He shouldn’t be enjoying this, shouldn’t be happy about this. Why is Deku laughing? He hates himself, huh? Does he find this shit funny? Does he think it’s funny that both people in this damn house hate his guts? The stupid, messed-up little bastard.

Katsuki fucks him harder, knocking him against the wall and growling. Deku’s clenching around his cock, ever the good and obedient slave trying to get his master to cum. But this time, he’s more aggressive. His fingernails rake over Katsuki’s back, leaving red trails on his skin. Katsuki loves it. He leans his head against Deku’s shoulder as he fucks him, getting lost in how much he loathes him. How much he wants to destroy him.

And then, just as Katsuki is getting close, Deku leans up and whispers in his ear. “If you want me to die, just say the word. I’ll do it myself and save you the trouble.”

Katsuki groans and thrusts deeper into Deku. He brings their foreheads together. His hands are on Deku’s hips, digging in hard enough to leave bruises. And Deku’s still laughing and it’s spurring him on, making him fuck harder and faster.

“You are not going to kill yourself,” Katsuki growls.”You’re not going to die. I’m not done with you yet. You need to stay here and you need… you need to…”

He doesn’t know what to tell Deku to do. He doesn’t fucking know! He just knows that even though he blusters and yells and he gets angry at Deku and wants to smash the little shit’s head into the wall, the past few weeks where Deku was a mechanical doll were the worst. And he slides his head off of Deku’s neck to his shoulder again, fucking him and cumming inside of him with a long groan. “Goddammit. You need to stay with me.”

All of a sudden, Deku stops laughing, goes rigid like he’s been doused with cold water. He breathes heavily for a moment. “Why?” he pleads in a soft, barely audible voice. He’s still shaking as he wraps his arms around Katsuki and clings as tight as he can. “Why do you want me to stay if you hate so much?” He hides his face in Katsuki’s chest and digs into the scratches on his back. “Why not get yourself a slave you don’t hate and find me an owner who doesn’t hate me?”

Find me an owner who doesn’t hate me.

The idea pierces right through Katsuki and he stares at the wall, imagining giving Deku up to someone else. Someone who’d treat Deku nicely, give him a soft pillow to sleep on, fuck him gently, shower him with compliments, get him diamond ear piercings. Spoil him. Make him feel loved. But he doesn’t… No. Katsuki can’t stand the thought of that. Not of Deku being treated nicely, that’s not what he cares about. It’s the thought of someone else touching him that’s making Katsuki shake. Someone else’s hands on Deku’s neck. Someone else’s cock in Deku’s mouth. Someone else’s name on Deku’s tongue as he comes. Katsuki’s hands grip Deku’s hips and pull him closer.

Deku leans back to look Katsuki in the eyes. “If you want to torture me for the rest of your life, you can, of course you can. Just please, please tell me what you want from me. I can’t keep going like this. You don’t have to figure out what you want from me right now, but I need to know there’s a way for me to be good. If I can’t…” He looks away. “I know it’s selfish and I shouldn’t ask anything of someone who hates me so much, but… please. Please.”

Katsuki’s teeth clench. The hairs along the back of his neck are standing up and there’s anger in the pit of his stomach. “I don’t fucking know what I want,” he admits. Deku’s staring at him and asking him questions he doesn’t want to answer and… All Katsuki really knows is he doesn’t want to give him up. Not yet. But if this is what’ll keep him here, then fine. Fine! It’s not like Deku will tell this to anyone. He leans his head forward, scrunching his eyes shut and baring his teeth.

“I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what I want you to do or how you’ll make me happy. I just… I just know I want you. I always fucking have. Ever since we were kids. Just you.” Because it’s true. He hates Deku. Hates him so much. No one makes him angrier. But Katsuki needs him for some reason. From the moment Deku was taken away, he felt like there was a hole in his life, and he needed the damn bastard back with him. He doesn’t know why. It makes no sense! Why would he need this useless, pathetic, quirkless fuck? He doesn’t understand. But he does. He needs Deku.

Deku doesn’t reply immediately. He holds onto Katsuki and cries. Katsuki holds Deku up and lets him sob into his chest, feeling the weight of him in his arms and his hot tears splatter on his skin.

“I need you too,” Deku whispers and then flinches away immediately. “I only exist to make you happy. I couldn’t do that for someone else.”

Some part inside of Katsuki relaxes. Even if the confession makes Deku flinch away and he gets that look of shame on his face, it’s reassuring. Deku needs Katsuki too. He doesn’t love him, not anything as saccharine and useless as that, but needs him. Now Katsuki knows that Deku is going to be his and nobody else will ever own him. Nobody else will ever have Deku so devoted to them. Deku is his.

He stays motionless as Deku disentangles from him to kneel down on the floor, curled up into his usual ball. “We don’t have to figure it all out now,” Deku says to the floor. “Just. Please tell me what I should do tonight.”

Katsuki clenches his hands at his sides, unsure what to say. He’s torn. Part of him wants to… to keep fucking Deku and make up for the last few weeks. Just fuck him until he’s a shivering mess and all he can do is talk about how much he needs Katsuki all he can do is make Katsuki happy he is entirely Katsuki’s. But another, louder part is balking at that idea. If he spent more time with Deku, that would be like saying that… that he cares? About him? And that idea just makes Katsuki’s skin crawl, makes him feel so utterly ashamed and fucked up. He can’t. He doesn’t care about Deku.

He needs him. He wants him. He treats him well because that’ll keep Deku devoted to him. But he doesn’t care.

“I’m going to make dinner,” he says, tucking his dick back into his trousers and turning away from Deku. “So come eat, and then… Then come back here and sleep. And we’ll figure the rest of this shit out later.”

He walks away without looking back. He doesn’t care.

He can’t care.

Chapter Text

“I’m going to make dinner. So come eat, and then… Then come back here and sleep. And we’ll figure the rest of this shit out later.”

It’s barely anything. It’s barely any orders at all, it’s just more interminable waiting. Izuku is still lost and overwhelmed and terrified. He crawls after Kacchan to the kitchen, still not quite at the point where he can be comfortable standing in his presence, and settles in an out of the way corner to wait. When he finally gets his food, he starts eating immediately. He wants to show that he can be independent and not just a useless doll. But the wave of anxiety that crashes over him when he does that makes him so nauseous he almost pukes so he has to stop. After he gets permission to eat, he thanks Kacchan for the food and compliments the taste in a small, scared voice. He's trying to get back to where he was before, but when he was shut down, he couldn't do anything wrong. Trying to be like Kacchan wanted before is opening him up to making mistakes.

He gets through dinner with no small amount of difficulty and retreats back into his cupboard at the first chance he gets. The only advantage to the past couple hours is that now he's so exhausted that he falls asleep easily, too tired to even being trying to process what happened. The next morning, he wakes up early and goes to make breakfast, following the routine without specific orders to do so. His hands shake so badly that he struggles to get anything done, so he's only just barely finished the food by the time Kacchan gets downstairs.

Izuku sets Kacchan's plate down in front of him and then kneels at his side without any food of his own. "I'm too anxious to eat right now," he reports dutifully, but that's all he says. He's waiting for Kacchan to make the first move.

Kacchan sighs and rubs his hand over his face. For a moment he looks like he’s going to grab Izuku and force his head down into the bowl to eat, but then he turns his head away. “Whatever. Just don’t… Don’t faint or anything. And have something to drink at least.”

Izuku immediately gets up and pours himself a glass of water. He drinks slowly, his hands still shaking, but he gets through it. Then he cleans the glass. He wasn't asked but he doesn't have any other orders so it should be fine, right? He nearly drops the glass and has to pause to fight through the terror, but he manages to clean it. He's so fucking broken and he hates himself for it.

As he’s working, Kacchan finishes eating and gets to his feet. “Deku,” he says, making Izuku jump and turn round. “Go get changed into a shirt or something. And get your collar. You’re coming to the agency with me today.”

Izuku jolts in shock. He hasn't been to the agency since the first, disastrous time… But it had been nice. Before everything had happened. He goes to put on the shirt that Kacchan likes best and a skirt if Kacchan feels like using him at work, along with a slightly bigger plug than usual. Normally, he's just been grabbing whatever clothes his hands land on first, so hopefully Kacchan won't mind him putting more thought into the decision. He comes back to the kitchen and offers Kacchan the collar with a small hint of a smile. Kacchan just give a small grunt of affirmation and snaps the metal around Izuku’s neck.

On the way to work, Izuku is careful to keep his face blank like he’s supposed to, but his eyes still shine as he stares out the window and there's a lightness in his step as he walks up to the office. Once inside, he presses close to Kacchan. Everybody’s staring at him and he has to remind them who he really belongs to.

Then his attention is caught by the display in the center of the room. It’s a scale model of the entire area Kacchan's agency patrols, with differently coloured lights to mark out various patrol routes of the Heroes at the agency. Izuku's brow furrows as he looks at it and his ears prick up when Kacchan’s filled in on what his sidekicks have been doing that morning. There's a team heading out now to deal with a fire based villain who have no prep at all for the ice villain Izuku knows is almost certainly lying in wait to ambush them. He and Kacchan watched a few news clips on these elemental-based villains earlier in the week, Izuku remembers the details even if he didn’t write them down.

But everyone here is of course smarter and more experienced than a mere slave, so he doesn't say anything as Kacchan tugs him away. But he's still worried. When he gets to the office, he hides under the table, curling around Kacchan's feet as he waits for something to do.

Kacchan ignores him at first. He focuses on some paperwork and emails, goes through a couple of the reports he was given by his assistant. But after about fifteen minutes, he pushes his chair away from the desk and glares down at Izuku.

“What is it?” he asks, nudging him with his boot. “You were thinking of something when you were looking at the display out there, Deku. What was it? Tell me.” He narrows his eyes as he waits for an answer.

Izuku's mouth opens and closes for a bit as he tries to work up the courage to speak. He's expecting a punishment for his arrogance and ingratitude. "I was just wondering where their preparations for the ice quirk villain were. I saw some things about them on the news and they're working together so you would have– I mean, I think it would be a good idea to prepare to take them both on at once. But I'm just a stupid slave so I figured you'd thought of that already." Any confidence he had in his own intelligence has long since been beaten out of him. He curls over, bowing his head. "I just can't keep myself from worrying. I'm sorry."

He's reached the point where he has one hand subtly clinging to Kacchan's pant leg. He needs the comfort and it’s the most he can dare to ask for.

Above him, he hears Kacchan say quietly, “Ice quirk…”

And then an alarm sounds, blaring throughout the room and Izuku falls, crawling to press himself against the wall with hands on his ears. He can see Kacchan get to his feet, yelling for Kansha and stomping out of the room. Izuku whimpers when Kacchan leaves. He's in trouble. He has to be. He took a risk and then he was punished by the bright lights and loud noises and then Kacchan left him. The only explanation is that he did something horribly wrong. He wants to beg for forgiveness or just find some way to escape this life and stop disappointing Kacchan but Kacchan needs him so he can't die just yet. And he can't go out of the office given what happened last time. But all of that is a moot point when he's shaking too hard to even raise his head, much less get up and leave. He lays on the office floor, right where Kacchan left him, hyperventilating as he tries to block out the noise.

At some point, someone comes into the room. Izuku has no idea who except that it isn't Kacchan. He wants Kacchan. He needs Kacchan. He can't even begin to process what not-Kacchan is doing or saying. All he can do is wait and pray that Kacchan will come back. He knows Kacchan will he annoyed that he's acting like this, but that just drives the panic deeper and makes it harder for him to stop.

Words of a phone conversation drift into his brain. “Hello, Sir. Sorry to call you, but I saw the villains had been dealt with and I think you need to get back to the agency. Mmhm. Well, I suppose it can wait. It’s your slave. He’s been having a panic attack the entire time you’ve been gone and isn’t responding to me. Sir? Are you there?”

An eternity later, familiar boots enter his vision. "Kacchan!" Izuku cries and wraps his arms around Kacchan's legs. He's pathetic and useless and annoying but Kacchan came back for him anyway. He'll let Kacchan move him around to get comfortable, but he clings to his master the whole time and he won’t–can't–let go.

Izuku clings to Kacchan like his life depends on it, sobs and apologies pouring out of his mouth. "I'm sorry Kacchan I'm so sorry I didn't I should have I'm sorry the lights the the I'm so sorry I tried to be good the villain I what did I do I'm sorry I'm bad I don't even know what I did why did I please please Kacchan make it stop I'm sorry…"

He keeps babbling as Kacchan picks him up off the floor and holds him to his chest. His arms wrap around Kacchan’s neck automatically and his fingers grip the back of Kacchan’s shirt. He tries to explain what he did wrong, to show he understands so he won’t do it again, but he’s crying too hard and too upset to make the words come out in a way that makes sense. He doesn’t even fully understand, but the bright lights and loud sounds were always saved for when he was at his worst in the facility.

Kacchan backs up, sitting down on the couch at the side of his office. And he rubs his hands up and down Izuku’s back.

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m here.” He swallows. “It’s alright, Izuku. It’s okay. The alarm wasn’t a punishment, that was just to let us know we needed to send in reinforcements for the away team. Fuck, when would I even have had time to put in an alarm to punish you?” He strokes up and down Izuku back. “I’m not going to punish you for that shit. If one of my staff members paid as much attention as you then maybe things would have gone over quicker.”

Izuku is still pretty fragile right now. He's paranoid and prone to interpreting everything in the worst possible way, not to mention the stress from being in a place where he was traumatized before. He just heard the alarms and panicked without time to consider if they were directed at him or not. Still, Kacchan's words do help him calm down a lot faster, once he can actually process them.

As Kacchan soothes him, Izuku slowly settles down. The sobs slow to soft hiccups and he finally pulls away enough to wipe his eyes with the heel of his hand. He shifts so that he's curled up with his head to Kacchan's chest, listening to his firm, steady heartbeat. He doesn't apologize for his meltdown, having realized that apologies just annoy Kacchan. Instead, once his nerves have calmed enough for him not to tremble uncontrollably, he leans up to press a soft kiss to Kacchan's cheek. "Thank you, Kacchan," he murmurs sincerely. "You're my hero."

And then he bows his head, a cute little blushing rising to his neck, accentuated by the collar. His tattoo is just barely visible underneath it. "Is there anything I can do for you?" he asks. He has a lot of heavy emotional shit to get out of his system and he hasn't cum in nearly two weeks since he was too angry last night to stroke Kacchan's ego enough for Kacchan to reward him like that. He just wants to make Kacchan feel good and maybe he'll get lucky.

Kacchan tilts his head to look down at Izuku with an appraising expression. His hands run down Izuku’s back to his hips, then over his thighs and up underneath his skirt. “You want to do something for me, Deku? Sure, let’s see.” His hands go to Izuku’s ass, digging his fingers in and pulling him closer. One finger loops through his plug and starts gently fucking him open with it.Once Kacchan starts playing with him, he goes limp. It's not the same mechanical lifelessness as before. His hands are still clutching Kacchan's shirt and he has his head buried in Kacchan's neck. But it feels good and he's hoping Kacchan will be nice to him. He moans and whimpers as Kacchan fucks him with the plug, getting hard quickly.

“Yeah, you were a good boy today Deku. You figured out the ice villain quirk before anyone else did. And you wore a skirt for easy access. Very good boy.” And he pulls the plug out of Izuku’s ass at the same time as he unzips the front of his pants.

When Kacchan calls him a good boy, Izuku squeaks and clings harder. Did he really hear that? Did he really do good? Did he really do something to make Kacchan happy? He tries to bite back the urge to beg to hear it again, but Kacchan says it again without him even having to ask. "I want to keep being a good boy for you," he murmurs. Summoning all his courage, he reaches down to palm Kacchan's cock. "Will you let me be a good boy for you?" His voice is low and tempting. He just wants to let Kacchan sit back and relax while he rides him. He wants to show Kacchan how good he can be. He wants to hear those words again and again until he actually believes them.

Kacchan groans softly and rocks up into Izuku’s touch. He shifts back, leaning against the back of the couch and pulling Izuku further up his lap. Holds Izuku’s chin to make him look at him. “Be a good boy for me, Deku. Maybe if you do a good job, I’ll even let you cum.”

Izuku smiles to himself. This is what he's been missing. This is all he craved. He kisses Kacchan again, this time on the neck. He would never kiss him on the lips without permission, no matter how much he wants to. He rocks his hips against Kacchan and grinds his ass against Kacchan's cock before slowly sinking down onto him. He moans around the stretch and bur, taking his time to relish it as he sinks deeper. He wiggles his hips teasingly until he's seated to the hilt.

He takes his time riding Kacchan, his pretty little cock leaking all over Kacchan's uniform as his eyes flutter shut and his hands clutch Kacchan's back. It's so slow and gentle that it's almost teasing, but every time Kacchan looks a little frustrated, Izuku picks up the pace just a little. Just to tease and taunt Kacchan as much as he can without ever pushing him over into getting sick of Izuku.

Izuku trails kisses all along Kacchan's neck and shoulders, nipping and sucking. He doesn't leave any marks, he knows better than that, but he wants Kacchan to know that he could. And Kacchan wants him to be more assertive, right? To actually ask for what he wants? Izuku leans closer, trailing his hand down Kacchan's arm and clenching his ass around Kacchan's cock. "You know, Kacchan, if you wanted... You could make me cum before you and just keep going as long as you want. Fuck me until I'm a writhing, shivering mess and it hurts and there's nothing I can do to stop it." His cock twitches and his eyes flutter shut as he thinks about it. “You could make me cum for you over and over again until there's nothing left to give and then only when you've taken everything from me, you can let everyone in your office try and fuck me and win even a scrap of me and laugh at them because I'll still be begging for you. You know. If you wanted to."

Kacchan grits his teeth and digs his fingers into Izuku’s hips, starting to move himself and thrust up into Izuku.

“You’re such a needy little slut, Deku,” he growls, one hand going to pump Izuku’s cock as he fucks into him. “You want to come, huh? Is that it? Do you really want everyone in the agency to use you and fuck you? To see you squirming and yelling my name as you come?” He rubs his thumb below the head of Izuku’s cock, the place that he knows always has Izuku squirming and yelling. And he thrusts up into him, moving his hips brutally now. “Okay then Deku, since you’ve been good and you were smart enough to spot that ice villain, you can come. And maybe when I’m done I’ll show everyone else what a smart boy you are. And they can all see how smart I was to buy you when they use you.” He bites on Izuku’s lower lip, thrusting up into him and stroking his cock until he’s coming onto the front of Katsuki’s costume.

Izuku doesn't let his expression change, but he's learning how to get what he wants. He screams as the orgasm washes over him, tossing his head back quick enough to make his lip bleed as he rips it out of Kacchan's mouth as thick ropes of cum shoot out of him. It's obvious that he's been denied for far too long. He licks the blood off his lower lip and pants for a moment to catch his breath, staring at Kacchan with eyes that are fogged over with lust.

Then, he grins, leans forward so his head is resting on Kacchan's shoulder, and starts fucking himself even harder than before. He's going all out, screaming and whining and crying through the overstimulation. It's far too much and it hurts and he loves it and he doesn't want to stop. He cries Kacchan's name over and over again as he starts getting hard before he's even fully recovered from the first orgasm. "Need you, Kacchan," he mutters. "Need you."

Kacchan growls and fucks up into him just as hard. His hands are gripping Izuku’s hips, pulling him on and off his cock, getting closer and closer to his own orgasm. Before long, he's coming inside Izuku with a long moan and a shudder.

At that exact moment, there's a polite knock at the door and Kansha pops his head into the office. "Are you done, Sir?"

"What is it, Kansha?" Kacchan asks, slowly fucking into Izuku. Cum is dribbling out of him around his cock and he's quickly getting hard again.

"I tried to delay your meetings for the next hour, but your strategy meeting can't be pushed back. They need to see you now.”

Kacchan rolls his eyes and waves his hand to let Kansha lead people into the office. He gets up, carrying Izuku across the room to throw him down on the desk instead. He pulls out, repositioning so Izuku’s bent over the desk with his chest on the wood, and then pushes into him again. The other Heroes are let into the office and sit down. Kacchan thrusts slowly into Izuku. None of the Heroes are at all perturbed by this, they've all been in the business long enough to understand that sometimes a slave just needs to be fucked and there's no helping it. And when everyone's settled, Kacchan opens a folder over Izuku back and starts the discussion of battle tactics.

Izuku is absolutely thrilled by all of this. He clings to the desk with both hands, biting down on his lip to keep from crying out and disrupting the meeting, but he can't help the way his hips twitch as he tries to rock back against Kacchan. Normally, he would be humiliated by having other people around, but right now he's just in a sex-fuelled haze. He moans and whimpers as quietly as he can, still caught up in the delicious agony of the overstimulation.

He gets close before long but he holds himself back like a good little slave, whining and moaning to try and coax Kacchan to let him cum again. And Kacchan seems distracted, thrusting slowly into Izuku even as he talks to the other Heroes about a new villain that’s been giving them hassle. The one with the power-up quirk that seems to effect their healing. Izuku’s mostly concentrating on the feeling of being fucked, but he’s still paying just enough attention to hear when someone guesses that a villain will be alone.

"What about the accomplice?" he blurts out without thinking, before shrinking in on himself with hastily mumbled apologies. As far as any of them know, that villain works completely alone, but Izuku's been paying attention. It’s something Izuku had mentioned one evening, when he’d noticed differences and delays in the villain’s healing ability between fights: the idea that maybe this particular villain doesn’t have a healing quick but is working with someone else who does.

The room immediately goes quiet as everyone looks down at him. What the fuck is a slave doing asking a question in the middle of a meeting? Why wasn’t he trained better? There’s a little ripple of laughter through the room and most Heroes raise their eyebrows at a stupid slave asking such an idiotic question. But Kacchan waves his hand impatiently to get them to shut their traps.

“Shut up. He’s right. There is an accomplice.” He stops thrusting, instead moving the folder off of Izuku’s back and pulling him up so his back is arched with his palms braced on the desk. Kacchan’s hand hooks under Izuku’s chin, forcing his head up to face everyone. “Come on, Deku. Tell these idiots what they were all too stupid to notice.”

Izuku is getting used to Kacchan not punishing him for things most masters would, but he's still surprised that Kacchan came down in his favor instead of just tolerating it or ordering him to stay quiet in the future. He relaxes into Kacchan's arms with a moan as he tries to get his thoughts in order enough to reply. The implication that he's smarter than these people makes him swell with pride and his cock twitches eagerly at Kacchan's encouragement.

"There's an accomplice," he says as firmly as he can. "A power up quirk that also involves self healing would look a lot different. Besides, he always heals slower when he's somewhere with poor visibility. He's working with someone with a sight based healing quirk who's been staying in the back so far. Find them and he'll have to surrender. He obviously cares about them a lot to risk us considering him a potential Nomu to make sure w– you don't find out they exist." He still shrinks into himself after that little speech, but that just presses him further into Kacchan's arms, helping him relax.

"Did I do good?" he asks softly, staring up at Kacchan with wide, eager eyes.

“You did good,” Kacchan replies. Then he pushes Izuku back down onto the desk to shut up, since there’s still the rest of the meeting to get through. But he rocks his hips slowly into Izuku the entire time to keep him a little riled up. Izuku can't keep the smug little smile off his face through the whole meeting, though he's careful not to make eye contact with anyone in particular. He grinds back against Kacchan whenever he starts getting bored, usually getting a pet in response to keep him settled. He wants to be good but having all this excitement going on where he can't participate is hard for him, especially since he knows he can do well.

“So, we’ll need to station some people here, here, and here,” Kacchan says, pointing at different areas of the map. “Heroes with quirks suited for stealth and observation, to scope out the accomplice. If they’re keeping to the shadows, they may be less suited for combat. But don’t be complacent either, they’ll probably have some of those new weapons that’ve been flooding the streets.” He goes through the rest of the meeting, occasionally rubbing a hand up and down Izuku’s side or through his hair. And when it’s over and people finally leave his office, only then does Kacchan bend over the desk with both hands either side of Izuku’s head and start fucking him in earnest.

“Fuck,” he says, moving so fast that the entire damn desk shakes. “You did so good, Deku. So- Hah! Good.”

Izuku shrieks as Kacchan plows into him. He moans and keens and shouts Kacchan's name over and over again, practically glowing with the praise. Finally, he braces himself, his hands white knuckled on the desk. "Kacchan can I cum? Please, please can I cum?" He's already cum once but it's been weeks and he did good today. He doesn't realize that he's muttering all of this, but at least he's being polite about it. And it pays off.

"Yeah, you can come," Kacchan says, reaching round and fisting Izuku’s cock. He pumps him in time to his thrusts, constantly muttering under his breath how good Izuku’s been today and how he wants Izuku to say his name. Kacchan gets exactly what he wants. Izuku throws his head back and screams Kacchan's name as he cums. He's been denied for so long that he cums before Kacchan and Kacchan fucks him through the overstimulation, leaving him a shivering, squirming mess. When Kacchan comes inside him, filling him up, Izuku keens and melts against the desk.

Kacchan helps Izuku to the shower and into a new set of clothes (he only had his own merchandise around, but that's fine). Then he has Izuku sit by the side of his desk as he answers calls and does more paperwork. Izuku’s bored out of his mind. Kacchan's work may be boring but at least he gets to do something. Until the clock ticks on, and Kansha tells him that he has a visitor: Creati.

Kacchan sits up. “Cr- Yeah, of course, bring her in.” He runs his fingers through his hair and wipes some of the cum splatters off the front of his shirt, before letting his face settle into an expression of mild disinterest. Izuku blinks at him in confusion. He’s never seen Kacchan act like this before.

"Hello, Katsuki," Creati says, beaming as she walks into the office in her Hero Costume with her own slave behind her. There’s a delicate silver leash through the ring in Dabi’s nose, keeping him obediently at his mistress’s side.

Kacchan leans back in his chair. "Hey, Momo. You didn’t tell me you were back in town, what the fuck? I would’ve dropped by.”

She doesn't answer. Instead she spots Izuku sitting by the desk, and her eyes sparkle. “Oh, you bought your slave to work? He's so cute!"

Izuku’s staring at Dabi, so astonished that he doesn't even acknowledge Creati beyond a polite, perfunctory smile and nod before he goes back to staring at her slave. He’s never been this close to another slave before. Except for– He’s never been this close to another slave before.

Dabi's training is much more... traditional. As soon as Momo stops moving, he drops to his knees and clasps his hands in his lap, eyes on the floor. He greets Kacchan politely without looking up. He's a lot more disciplined than Izuku. It makes Izuku nervous to see another slave doing so much better than him but he doesn't want to bother Kacchan about it since Kacchan doesn't want a traditionally good slave. He fidgets a little bit, but otherwise stays quiet.

Creati doesn’t seem to care. She coos over Izuku a little more, talking about how sweet his face is and how soft his hair looks, until Kacchan clears his throat loudly. “Is there a reason you’re here or did you just want to see Deku?”

“Yes,” Creati says with a smile. She pulls a small envelope out of one of the bags on her belt and hands it to Kacchan. “I’m having a party next week, some Pro Heroes are coming and slaves are welcome. You should come and bring Deku. He can play with the other slaves. Would you like that, Dabi? Answer me.”

Dabi lifts his head to stare up at Kacchan with his pale blue eyes. “Yes, Mistress.” And his head drops down again.

Kacchan leans back in the chair and is about to rip open the envelope, when Creati tuts at him. “Katsuki, there’s cum on your shirt.”

“Huh?” He looks down and yup there’s still some semen left on his outfit. “Ah fuck.”

“You’re always such a mess. Come on, get changed.” She reaches across to grab Kacchan’s shirt, pulling it over his head. Kacchan rolls his eyes and lets her, following her into his bathroom to get one of his spare uniforms, leaving Izuku alone with Dabi for a few minutes.

“You can’t just come into my office and take my clothes off, we’re not dating any more,” Izuku hears him say as he leaves, followed by Creati’s tinkling laugh.

Izuku watches Kacchan and Creati's casual interactions with a bit of a glower. First Eijirou, now this person. Is everyone closer to Kacchan than him? No. Kacchan needs him. Clearly, Kacchan doesn't need her the same way. It's fine. This is fine. He's not jealous. Not even a little bit. He stares after them as discreetly as he can, which is to say he doesn't mumble while he does so. This is fine. Kacchan needs him. Kacchan can go find someone else that makes him happier, someone he doesn't hate, whenever he wants, but– No! Kacchan needs him. He said so! He promised!

"Would you like me to help you relax, sir?"

Izuku's head whips around to glare down at Dabi, who is looking at him with a tiny smirk. It's only then that he realizes he got up to pace anxiously around the office. He drops to his knees, close enough to Dabi that their knees press together, heart pounding. "I knew him," he offers as an excuse. "Before. I always knew I would be his."

Dabi reaches forward hesitantly and carefully to rub Izuku's knee. "You're his," he promises. "Just be good."

"He hates me," Izuku says with barely contained hurt and anger. "He said so."

"You're his," Dabi repeats carefully. "Just be good."

And now Izuku's thrown into turmoil again. He wants to fall back in his normal pattern of just being good. He's hungry today because Kacchan let him get away with not eating. He was better off when he was just good. No. Kacchan didn't like it. He has to be good for Kacchan. By not being good. Tears drip down onto his hands as he tries to process the frustration and confusion.

Dabi rubs his knee until Izuku can look at him again. "Just be good." He goes quiet, mouthing the next words clearly enough that Izuku can still understand him. "Make him need you.”

Chapter Text


Katsuki isn’t in love with Momo any more. He used to be. He used to be so utterly in love with her that it was sickening. The kind of love that made his friends mime throwing up whenever he answered a phone call from her and switched to his “boyfriend” voice. The kind of love that had him more than once flicking through wedding magazines and getting stupid ideas in his head. But that was a long time ago. He’d stopped being in love with her after their last break up. Somewhere in between the fifth or sixth stranger he’d picked up in a bar, and the third drunken spiel he’d given to her answering machine. He’d puked it up in an alleyway as Eijirou had rubbed his back and told him it’d be alright. He’d screamed it into his hands when he woke up alone again.

It’s over now. All his emotions and dependencies and plans and hopes and dreams that were tied to Yaoyorozu Momo are gone. He isn’t in love with her.

But he still fucks her in the walk-in wardrobe of his office.

“How’s that?”

“A little to the left.”


Ah! Yes.” Momo wraps her legs around Katsuki’s waist and kisses him with a smile. “Just keep going.”

“Like I’m going to stop.” Katsuki kisses Momo’s jaw, trying to get her mouth. She always tilts her head back because she’s a damn tease. Wraps her legs around him and clenches her muscles so he swears.

“Your slave needs more training,” Momo says. Her hands are gripping the thick clothing rail above her, making the muscles in her arms flex. “He doesn’t greet people properly, that’ll make my guests upset when you bring him to the party.”

“I don’t- Hah! Care.” Katsuki has one hand on Momo’s back and the other on her tit. It’s the same routine whenever they’re at each other’s agencies. Even though they haven’t been in a relationship for over a year, Katsuki just can’t help himself. It’s probably just her damn uniform. And the fact that she knows exactly what he likes when it comes to sex. And the fact that she’s one of his top two favourite people, next to Eijirou and who knows maybe Deku now too. Wait no fuck no not Deku the fuck is he thinking. He’s getting in the same stupid idealistic headspace he always gets in when his dick’s inside his ex.

Momo giggles softly and squeezes around Katsuki’s cock. “I’ll send you the number of my trainer. She’ll whip him into shape no problem.”

“I don’t want him whipped into shape.”

“Oh fuck!” Momo moans as Katsuki moves faster, sucking one of her nipples into his mouth. Her ankles dug into his back. One of her hands leaves the curtain rod to fist in his hair, encouraging him to keep going. And she laughs into his hair. “You’re so romantic, Katsuki. Of course, you want to keep him like he is. But he’s not going to be immediately perfect and just right for you. Things need a little work sometimes.”

Katsuki growls and thrusts into her, letting Momo’s moans pick up louder to drift out of the wardrobe and into his office. His own groans are muffled by the way he kisses every part of her skin he can reach. When Katsuki’s close, he looks up at her and asks for permission. She nods. And then he’s coming inside of her with a long gasp.

He stays like that for a moment, with his head resting in the curve of her neck breathing in her perfume. She always has good perfume. It’s some expensive thing that comes in a bottle that’s shaped like a shoe. The most ridiculous looking thing Katsuki’s ever seen. But it suits her. He kisses her collarbone softly.

“I’m not romantic,” he mutters into her neck. Especially not for Deku. He remembers the weird way Deku’s been acting the past month, and the fucked-up way he laughed and said he wanted to die just yesterday. How can he be romantic for that? He’s fucked-up and weird. Not like… He closes his eyes and presses his nose to the curve of Momo’s neck.

But before he can start fucking her again, Momo pushes him away and drops down to the floor. She kisses Katsuki’s forehead and adjusts her outfit. Katsuki watches her walk past him to the little corner of his wardrobe that’s hers. A few collection of her uniforms and civilian clothes are there, and he has some at her agency too. It just makes sense with how often they do this. She picks out some clothes and heads to the bathroom. As she walks, Momo looks over her shoulder at him expectantly. Katsuki rolls his eyes and follows.

“I don't think Deku’s going to be perfect,” he tells her, stepping into the shower with her.

“You don’t think you do, but I know you,” she says with a smile. She leans back and pats Katsuki on the cheek. “You’re an idealist.”

Katsuki huffs and rolls his eyes. Five minutes later he’s dressed and he and Momo are back in his office. Their slaves are sitting quietly by his desk waiting for them. Deku doesn’t look up at him when Katsuki comes in, just stares straight ahead. Like he’s angry about something. And Dabi’s the obedient little slave he always is, sitting perfectly still as his mistress leans down to kiss him on the forehead and pick up his thin leash.

“You should come over,” Momo says, straightening up. “I haven’t seen you in a while, we should have dinner. You can tell me everything that’s happened since I’ve been away.”

“Okay,” Katsuki says with a grin. He knows Momo already knows everything that’s been going on, but they always like to dance around the fact that they enjoy each other’s company. “I’m finishing up here, I can be at your place in maybe half an hour.”

Momo smiles and leads Dabi out the door. Katsuki pauses in the office and watches her. He glances down at Deku. His slave is still kneeling on the floor with his head tilted slightly downwards, his hands clenched into fists on his knees. Didn’t even say goodbye to Momo, the rude little bitch. Probably still in his weird doll headspace he’s been in for the past month. He didn't really fully snap out of it. Katsuki’s lip twitches.

There’s no way he actually expects Deku to be “perfect” or whatever the fuck. Momo’s smart about a lot of things, but not this. Katsuki knows that Deku’s a fuck-up and useless, that’s what he’s for. It’s fine. So he leaves Deku on the floor and heads out to the open floor of the agency.

Momo’s run into Eijirou out in the middle of the agency floor and is pressing a party invitation into his hand now. Eijirou’s arm is wrapped around her waist as he reads it. Her hand is on his chest. Katsuki doesn’t care. He’s not in love with her anymore. But he still looks away from them as he heads to Kansha.

“I’m leaving now,” he says. “Cancel anything I had this afternoon.”

“I already have,” Kansha says lightly. He hands Katsuki a folder. “Those are the reports for you to go over for tomorrow, and your morning meeting with Endeavor has been moved to two in the afternoon at his agency. So you can come in late tomorrow if you decide to stay up with Creati this evening.”

“You’re real creepy when you do all this shit in advance,” Katsuki remarks as he takes the folder from him. But being creepy and very good at his job is what he pays Kansha for, so Katsuki isn’t complaining. He turns around with the folder and runs into Eijirou’s chest.

“So Momo’s back,” Eijirou says with a grin.

Katsuki ducks under his arm and heads back into his office. “Yup, she is. You going to her party?”

“No, I’m rostered to cover a few shifts that night.” Eijirou pouts. “I’ll have to miss out on fucking Dabi again.”

“The world weeps.” Katsuki grabs his bag from behind his desk and shoves his folders into it, along with a jacket and all the detritus over his desk. “Well I’m leaving, so if anyone comes asking for me say I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Of course you are. Has there ever been a day when you didn't duck out of work early to see Momo when she comes back from a work trip?”

“Did you need something or are you here to make fun of my sex life?” 

“Mostly make fun of you.” Eijirou grins and looks down at Deku. “You're going to have fun tonight.”

“He’s going to behave,” Katsuki mutters. He shoots a glare down at Deku who actually looks up at him now. Katsuki doesn’t want Deku pulling any of his weird bullshit he pulled with Eijirou, or acting like a little puppet who doesn’t speak. He’s going to behave and he’s going to do what he’s fucking told.

Luckily, Deku’s mouth twitches and he nods. “I’ll do whatever Kacchan tells me,” he says before looking away.

Katsuki tells Eijirou to make sure the agency doesn’t blow up in his absence, and he grabs Deku’s leash to lead him out the office.

He and Momo had gotten together back in UA, during their third year. At first all of Katsuki’s friends thought it was some bizarre kind of prank, or that Momo was dating him to get back at her parents or something. There was no way they could actually be serious, right? But then the months and years stretched on and they were still together in various degrees and it was just accepted that yup they were a couple and they worked surprisingly well together. Until they didn’t. But then usually they worked again. Things are complicated. The press always has a field day with Creati and Ground Zero’s on-again-off-again relationship. Katsuki is still half convinced that his relationship with Momo is what helped him keep his public approval rating as high as it was when he first debuted. People love drama.

But there’s no drama here any more, just two good friends who used to date and don’t any more. Just someone incredibly important to Katsuki who Deku will not fuck with.

“You’re not going to pull with Momo what you pulled with Eijirou,” he mutters as he drives. “Okay?”

Deku’s stiff and quiet. “I’ll do whatever you tell me, Kacchan.”

“Good.” Katsuki scowls ahead of him. “And do whatever she tells you, as well. And if I tell you to eat her out or whatever, then fucking do it. Alright?”

“Yes, Kacchan.”

Katsuki snorts. He hopes Deku actually does behave this time. Doesn't want to leave him alone for two seconds and find out he went and killed himself or something like that.  His hands clench on the steering wheel.

Momo’s waiting for them in her living room when they arrive. Katsuki’s long since stopped bothering with pleasantries like knocking, just pushes into her ostentatiously-large house and yells that they’re here. Finds her in the living room, with Dabi obediently pouring tea for them. There’s a copy of Anna Karenina sitting on the arm of the sofa and some orchestral music playing. Momo was probably having Dabi read to her before they’d turned up. When she sees Katsuki and Deku she smiles and beckons him over, sitting back on the sofa and wiggling her toes. Katsuki grins and sits down on the couch, letting her rest her legs across his lap. Dabi hands him a cup of tea, then sits back out of sight behind the arm of the couch. Katsuki sees Momo’s hand slip behind the couch, probably brushing through Dabi’s hair briefly.

Katsuki glances at Deku who’s kneeling in front of the sofa by his knee to make sure he's still there. Then, he rests a hand on Momo’s leg and gives her his undivided attention. “So how was your conference?”

Momo sits up and immediately starts gushing about how amazing the conference she was at for the last week was. It was some major show for support scientists, all getting together to display gear or talk about their latest research. Katsuki rests his arm on the back of the couch and listens to Momo describe everything that happened. All the wonderful little support items she’d found, and the advances in research that would influence future developments. She spends about ten minutes describing some complicated paper about the impact of quirks on DNA and what it will mean for future medical scientists. Katsuki nods along. He understands most of it, but some things go over his head. He’s a genius yeah, but Momo’s the smartest person he’d ever met. She just naturally gets a lot of these things.

He isn’t staring at her. He’s just resting his head on his hand and watching her as she talks. Mesmerised by the way she tucks her hair behind her ear. How she licks her lip. The sound of her voice. Her laugh. And he lets her lean forward, closer to him. Lets his other hand shift a little up her leg to the inside of her thigh.

Katsuki is distracted by movement at his feet. Deku’s shifting, resting his head against Katsuki’s knee. Katsuki snorts and reaches down to pat Deku’s head and let him know that yeah he hasn’t been forgotten, but he can’t be rude and interrupt people.

“You want something?” he mutters. What, is Deku hungry or some shit? He hadn’t eaten much that morning, that could be it.

Deku blinks at him, then away. “No. Sorry.”

Katsuki snorts in disbelief and takes his remote out of his pocket. Yeah, just as he thought. Deku’s weak and tired and hasn’t eaten. Katsuki grabs one of the little snacks from the tray on the table and puts it on a plate, then dumps it on the floor for him. “Here,” he says. “I don’t want you fainting or anything because you’re too stupid to eat.”

Momo sits up and watches Deku with a fond smile. “You need to remind him to eat, Katsuki,” she says, squeezing his arm. “You’re supposed to look after him. Be nice.”

“I’m very nice,” Katsuki says. “I’m basically spoiling him.”

“You’d better. He’s too cute not to spoil.” Momo shifts closer, almost sitting on Katsuki’s lap now. Katsuki’s arm slips round her waist. “So what’ve you been up to when I was away?”

Katsuki grins and tells her everything that’s been happening. It’s the usual stuff: fighting villains and doing paperwork and general office politics. Nothing she doesn’t already know. The only really interesting thing to happen was that morning when Deku came back to the office and gave him that information on the villains.

“You did what?” Momo beams at that and looks down at Deku. “You actually got Deku to sit in on a meeting?”

“Yeah.” Katsuki looks down. “Tell her,” he says, lightly kicking Deku in the side.

The little twerp sits up awkwardly, looking from Katsuki to Momo and back again. Then he speaks with his eyes downcast, his hands clenched into fists on his lap again. “Y- Yes,” he says. “Kacchan let me sit in on a meeting and asked me to explain that a villain who was thought to have two quirks, actually had an accomplice with a healing quirk.” Then, with a distinct note of pride in his voice, “I was good.

“I bet you were,” Momo says. Her eyes are sparkling as she looks at Katsuki. “Kacchan?”

Katsuki feels his ears burn. “It’s just an old name I haven’t got him to stop saying. It’s not a big deal.”

“It’s cute.” Momo smiles at him. Her fingers stroke up and down Katsuki’s arm.

Katsuki raises his eyebrows. “You think so?”

“Mmhm.” Momo shifts, moving to straddle Katsuki on the couch instead. Katsuki grins up at her, his hands going to her hips as she smiles down at him. “Can I call you ‘Kacchan’, too?”

“I think…That’ll be fine.” Like he’d ever tell Momo no.

She leans down and breathes over his lips. “Maybe I’ll only call you that if you’re a good boy.” And she kisses him.

Momo’s had her dominatrix side ever since they first started dating in high school. The first time they’d had sex (a fumbling mess in the UA dorms) she’d quietly asked if Katsuki would wear a collar for her. It had just progressed from there. So it’s the same old routine when Momo pulls Katsuki upstairs and handcuffs his arms above his head to the canopy of her bed, and fastens a collar round his neck.

“Too tight?” she asks as she fastens his hands.

“Nope, we’re good.” Katsuki’s arms flex, testing the bonds. And he glances over his shoulder to where Deku and Dabi are kneeling together at the door.“What are you planning on doing?”

Momo follows his gaze and smiles. “Your slave’s so cute,” she says, resting her chin on Katsuki’s shoulder. “Can I give him a reward for helping out with that villain today?”

Katsuki scowls. Deku’s sitting on the floor staring ahead. There’s a tiny twitch in his face, a minute clenching of his fists. Next to him, Dabi’s perfectly still and not moving. Katsuki looks back at Momo. She’s smiling at him in that way that makes the corners of her eyes crinkle. Urgh, nobody else has as firm a claim on his balls as she does.

“If it’ll make you happy,” Katsuki says.

Momo kisses him quickly on the mouth and hops off the bed, beckoning to Deku. “Come here sweetheart.”

Deku gets to his feet with a start and steps forward. Momo’s hands go to his hair, ruffling it and cooing over him again. He stares blankly into space, all but ignoring her. She pulls him over to the bed. “Deku, you get your master undressed and hard for me okay? But don’t touch his cock yet.” She smiles and leaves them.

Deku hesitates a moment, looking up at Katsuki. Katsuki raises his eyebrows. “You heard her, Deku.”

With the express permission, Deku moves forward to undo Katsuki’s belt and pull his trousers down and off. It’s a little awkward since Katsuki’s kneeling on the mattress with his arms tied above him, but they make it work. And then Deku’s mouth and hands are on him and Katsuki groans softly. Deku sucks on one of his nipples, his hands moving over Katsuki’s waist and down his hips but never on his cock. Not that he needs to. Katsuki gets hard pretty quickly just from this. Probably a combination of the situation he’s in and the taste of Momo still on his lips.

Behind him, he hears Momo and Dabi doing something. Probably Dabi helping his Momo into another strap-on or a corset or something else. Katsuki’s cock twitches. His hands clench in the bonds over his head.

Then more hands on his sides, calloused and strong from hero work. Katsuki groans as Momo presses up behind him, her strap pressing against his thigh. She whispers in his ear, “I got Dabi a present when I was away. I think you might like it.”


Katsuki blinks in confusion as Dabi kneels on the mattress in front of him too. The slave opens his mouth and reveals a new tongue piercing that seems to glimmer inside his mouth. Katsuki tries to say something, and Deku stops to watch Dabi for a moment. But then Katsuki swears loudly when Dabi’s tongue licks over Katsuki’s nipple and holy fucking shit what is that in his mouth?

“You like it?” Momo’s laughing softly in his ear. Her lubed fingers press into Katsuki’s ass, slowly stretching him open. “It’s made of a new metal that’s being developed, something that’ll increase sensitivity. Good for people with quirks that impact their skin and leave them with numb nerves. And good for this.” She presses her fingers against Katsuki’s prostate at the same time Dabi sucks on his nipple and oh fuck that’s good.

Katsuki swears loudly. His hands clench in the bonds over his head. And his eyes flick downwards, meeting Deku’s gaze who’s staring up at him. Deku blinks, then gets a look of determination on his face and moves down to start kissing and sucking on Katsuki’s thighs. It’s a lot of sensation to deal with.

His head rolls back, leaning against Momo’s shoulder as she preps him. He’s never been with two slaves before. It’s almost too much. Almost. He grits his teeth and fucks back onto Momo’s fingers. Dabi’s movements at his front are slow, almost lazy, but the new tongue piercing is goddamn incredible. And then Deku’s going with some sort of fervent eagerness as if he’s trying to win a competition or something. Well, Katsuki’s not complaining. But he is really goddamn hard now and wants someone to touch his dick.

No such luck, though. Momo fingers him slowly and reverently for what feels like an eternity, kissing his neck and biting gently on his ears as she says how cute he is. But every time Katsuki turns his head to try and kiss her or anything, she pulls back with a laugh. And if he tries to thrust his hips forward for Deku to suck him off, she grabs him by the waist and holds him still. Tells the slaves to back off whenever he gets to close to coming. Katsuki quickly becomes a horny mess, his legs weak and his arms straining in the cuffs.

“Goddammit Momo, please,” he whines through gritted teeth. His eyes crack open and he sees Deku sitting obediently on the bed where Momo told him to sit, eyes wide and staring up at him with a slightly open mouth. His lower lip is shining with saliva and his own cock his hard between his legs. Katsuki wants to snap at him to not fucking look at him like that, but Momo grabs him by the chin and pulls him back.

She kisses the shell of his ear. “What do you want?”

“I want to fucking come.” Katsuki’s arms flex against the cuffs and he groans, his cock aching and begging to be touched. “Please, come on, I haven’t seen you in so long and this has been going for ages and goddammit! Please!”

Momo laughs softly and finally kisses him on the lips. Katsuki opens his mouth eagerly and groans when he feels her strap finally push into him. And as she starts fucking him, she pulls away and says to the slaves, “Suck him off.”

Deku’s the one who wraps his lips around Katsuki’s cock, eagerly bobbing up and down on his length and staring up at him. Katsuki’s swears get caught in his throat. Dabi moves in besides Deku, licking the parts of Katsuki’s cock he can’t fit in his mouth, the strange piercing making everything fucking incredible. And Momo’s lips are on his neck again, sucking hickies into his skin that’ll definitely be on full view when he puts on his hero uniform the next morning.

Momo bites on his ear again. Katsuki stares down at Deku, who’s looking back up at him as he sucks his cock. Momo’s hands move up Katsuki’s stomach to his chest, her fingernails raking over him and leaving little red lines.

She kisses him. Her breath tickles his ear. “You’re such a good boy, Kacchan.

Maybe it’s just the way Momo says it, or the combination of tongues on his cock and Momo’s strap in his ass, or just the fact that he’s been edged for so fucking long, but Katsuki comes down Deku’s throat with a yell of pleasure. His entire body arches forward, his arms straining and his legs shaking beneath him. Momo holds him up, her hips rocking into him. Deku sucks him through it. Dabi’s the only one who really stops moving, remaining passive with his mouth on Katsuki’s cock as he comes.

Katsuki shivers and slumps back into Momo with a groan. She kisses him. “Good boy,” she says. Then, to Dabi, “Take Deku and go have some fun for an hour or so. I need to look after Katsuki.”

Dabi nods and says a soft, “yes mistress” before slipping off the bed and indicating for Deku to follow him. Deku pauses, looking at Katsuki. Katsuki’s slumped in Momo’s arms. He’s fucking exhausted but he manages to gesture at Deku to get lost. Deku does, scurrying out the room. And then it’s just him and his ex girlfriend.

Momo’s always gentle with him after they fuck. Even if they’ve had scenes way more intense then this, she’s still gentle as anything. Undoes the cuffs and rubs his wrists and kisses him softly until Katsuki’s lost in her mouth again. Then she sits on the bed with him cradled in her lap, her hand stroking up and down his back.

“You need anything?”

“No,” he says. He leans his head into her shoulder, smelling her perfume. The shoe-shaped bottle is sitting on her dresser on the other side of her gigantic bedroom. She’s so goddamn opulent and ridiculous, he loves it. He loves lots of things about her. Her laugh. Her pretentious books. How caring and gentle she is. How she can hold a grown man down with one hand whilst using the other to create a bo staff and knock out his accomplice.

He doesn’t love her, though. Not any more. They didn’t move in together, didn’t get married, didn’t get two dogs to play with their slaves in their forever home. Now he’s just got his own house and his own friends-with-benefits and his own slave that he knows isn’t perfect and doesn’t want to change no matter how coyly Momo suggests it. He knows it’ll never go back to how it was before.

That last break-up was so fucking tumultuous and so many bridges were burned. He was a moron and said things he can never take back. Even if, sometimes, when they’re like this, Katsuki can pretend he can take them back. He can pretend they’re happy again. That he didn’t fuck things up.

Just pretend, of course. He was always going to fuck this relationship up.

When does Katsuki ever not fuck things up?

Chapter Text

As soon as they’re out in the corridor and the bedroom door clicks shut behind them, Izuku sinks down to the floor with his head in his hands. His fingertips dig into his skin as he tries to hurriedly process what just happened. Kacchan… Kacchan had been wearing a collar and tied to the bed like he was a slave! And that woman, Creati, she had called him Kacchan? And Kacchan had liked it, he’d let her call him that, and he’d even come when she said it. But… But maybe he’d only come because Izuku had been sucking him off at the time. Izuku had been working hard, he’d tried to make Kacchan only look at him, only pay attention to him, showed him that he could be good and obedient and do what he was told even when it tore him up inside, and he’d made Kacchan come! But… But maybe it had been Creati…

And now here he is outside, without Kacchan! He’s been banished, and his Kacchan is still in there with that woman who’d treated him like a slave, and it isn’t fair!

“It’s not fair,” Izuku says into his hands. He’s been so good and he made Kacchan come, he should’ve been told he was good and he should’ve had Kacchan look at him, instead of immediately being told to go away but that’s not what happened and he doesn’t know what he did wrong.

“You need to calm down.”

Izuku peeks up through his hands to find Dabi standing in front of him, one eyebrow raised as he stares down at Izuku.

“You were good and you did what you were told, that’s all you can do.”

Izuku grits his teeth and let his hands drop away from his face. “I’m trying to be good,” he says. “But I just…” He doesn’t know what he’s trying to say. Doesn’t know what he wants!

Dabi’s lip twitches. He nods his head to the side. “Come on, Mistress said we need to go have fun so they can rest. Let’s go to my room. We can talk there.”

He turns and starts walking away. Izuku scowls after him, then pushes himself up and follows. Kacchan did say he needed to be good and do what Creati tells him. He follows Dabi through the corridors, to a door just a few down from Creati’s bedroom. Dabi pushes it open and steps in, flicking on a light. Izuku steps in after him and feels his eyes bug out of his head. This is… far bigger than Izuku’s cupboard.

There’s a cage set up on one side of the room, long enough for Dabi to stretch out on easily. And it’s semi-covered with a soft curtain hanging from the ceiling. And the cushion on the base… Is that a mattress? Izuku glances at Dabi and darts forward, leaning down to press on the cushion. Yes, it’s a mattress! Like on Kacchan’s bed.

“It’s still a slave bed,” Dabi reassures him. “It can’t be taken out from the cage so I have to sleep locked up most nights. But if I’m good, sometimes Mistress lets me sleep with her.” He smiles fondly. Walks past Izuku to open a cupboard.

Izuku watches the doors open, and boggles at what’s inside. Sets of sex toys are all stacked neatly in their own boxes, and various harnesses and collars are hanging up ready to be put on as need be, along with shelves of lingerie and costumes and simple clothing. Izuku has never seen so many actual items being kept in the same room as a slave.

Dabi picks up a small box and flips it open. Izuku stands up and peers over Dabi’s shoulder to see what it is. It’s a collection of barbells all set out in rows. Dabi sticks out his tongue, undoing the glimmering barbell that had made Kacchan yell in pleasure. He switches it out for a simpler silver barbell and closes the box.

“That one always makes my lips numb,” he says quietly, rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand.

“You have… A lot of things.” Izuku steps back, folding his arms over his stomach and looking around. The room is nice. There’s a window letting in sunlight from the garden, and an ensuite that’s clean and well-lit. The carpet is soft under Izuku’s feet. And there are even two more little shelves over besides the cage. Izuku steps up to look over them. The top shelf is covered in strangely shaped boxes and bottles with sticks inside of them. He frowns.

“What are these?”

“Puzzles,” Dabi says. “If I’ve been good, Mistress sometimes buys me a new puzzle. She likes watching me figure out how they work.” He picks up a tiny, nondescript box, and hands it to Izuku. “Here, try and open it.”

Izuku frowns at it. He’s in an utterly foul mood and doesn’t fucking want to fiddle with a box, but he’s also trying to be good and kicking up a fuss with Creati’s slave will probably upset Kacchan. So he takes the box and angrily presses on some of the sides before giving it back to Dabi in disgust. Dabi grins and holds it out, and Izuku watches as he slides a few of the different sides in a complicated way so that the top of the box pops open. Inside is a tiny, crisp photograph of Creati with her arm around Dabi’s shoulders and kissing his cheek.

Izuku feels a little flare of something in his stomach as he looks at the photograph. Kacchan has never given him a photograph. And he’s never kissed his cheek like that, either. Every single one of Kacchan’s kisses, Izuku can still feel on his skin long after they’re over. That’s because Kacchan cares about him more, he insists to himself. Kacchan wants him to remember every touch without needing a photograph to remind him. But he still scowls at the photo. And at the rest of the puzzles on Dabi’s shelf that his mistress buys for him. Then his eyes drop to the lower shelf and he feels his guts twisting.

Dabi has books.

There is a little bookshelf in Dabi’s room and it’s completely full. Izuku’s hands clench and he sinks down to his knees to stare at them. A book of poetry, several novels, a textbook about support items, a textbook about basic mechanical engineering, and a play. Izuku’s teeth grind and a horrible roiling feeling flares up inside him.

“She lets you read?”

Slaves don’t read. Slaves don’t have interests. Slaves don’t have anything they want except to please their masters. Izuku knows this, and Dabi knows it too.

Dabi places the puzzle box down on the shelf and picks up a new one, folding his arms across his stomach. “She likes it when I read,” he insists as he sits cross legged on the floor. “And the books aren’t mine, they’re hers. But Mistress keeps them in here because they’re the ones she wants me to read when she’s not using me for something else.”

Izuku doesn’t know why he’s reacting like this, but the knowledge that Dabi’s so spoiled that he’s even allowed to borrow books to read makes his blood boil. It’s not allowed! Dabi and Creati will be in so much trouble if anyone finds out. He looks round the room, glaring at everything in it. The window looking out onto the garden. The cage that’s big enough for him to lie down in fully stretched out. The collection of soft collars with his name and ID number gently engraved on them. As Dabi leans over the new puzzle box, Izuku looks at the tattoo on the back of his neck. Tattooed right onto the burned skin. 412920. He’s a slave, just the same as Izuku. But somehow his life is so… different.

“You’re stressed out,” Dabi says. His fingers are delicate on the puzzle box and he stays crouched down as he turns to look up at Izuku. “Do you want me to help you relax?”

“I’m not stressed out,” Izuku says. He leans against the wall, his nails digging into his arms. A few rooms down, Kacchan is with Creati. Izuku is shut out of his life again and he has to wait as his Kacchan is with someone else. Something hot creeps up his spine and he grits his teeth.

Dabi puts the puzzle box down and scratches the piercings through his ear. “You’re not going to be able to serve your master if you get lost in your head. You’re his. You need to be-“

“I know I need to be good,” Izuku mutters. “You don’t need to keep saying it.”

Dabi raises his hands in mock apology. He tilts his head to one side, clicking his tongue a little. “You need to trust him more. He’s not going to leave you.” Dabi’s eyes flicker a little. “Not for my mistress.”

Izuku’s heart twists, thinking about Kacchan with her. Ever since they got here, Kacchan hasn’t even looked at Izuku. All his attention is on her. What does she have that Izuku doesn’t? Is it just that she’s a person? But people can’t be devoted and loyal like he can! He grits his teeth and glares at Dabi.

“What’s so special about her anyway?” he snaps.

“Well, from what I’ve picked up in the time I’ve known her and your master, he loves her tits and thinks her pussy was made for his cock.” Dabi grins. “Or at least that’s what he likes to say when they have sex.”

Izuku’s face is red and he digs his fingernails harder into his arms.

Dabi continues, “But of course Mistress is special. She’s smart and kind and beautiful and your master is lucky to have her. Anyone would be lucky to spend time with her. It’s your master who I don’t understand. I don’t understand how he could ever leave my mistress.”

“He doesn’t need her, he has me,” Izuku snaps.

“But he didn’t used to. And he still left her and made her cry.” Dabi snorts. “Ground Zero is a good Hero, but he must be stupid to leave Mistress.”

“She doesn’t deserve him,” Izuku growls. He steps forward, standing up over Dabi and glaring down at him.

Dabi meets his gaze cooly. “Mistress is a better Hero than Ground Zero, anyway.”

“Shut up!” Kacchan is the greatest hero, just like he always said he’d be! Dabi doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

And Dabi just sits up and places his hand on Izuku’s hips, opening his mouth so his tongue piercing is visible again. “Shut me up.”

Izuku’s still half-hard from when Kacchan came down his throat, and he doesn’t need more persuasion. He grabs Dabi by the hair and thrusts into his waiting mouth. This is okay, he’s allowed to do this, he was given permission. That’s what he tells himself as he starts fucking Dabi’s face roughly. And Dabi groans into it, encouraging him. He has no gag reflex so Izuku can go as hard and as deep as he wants. And when he pulls on Dabi’s hair, he moans louder.

He’s never fucked another slave before. He always knew it would be an option, that sometimes owners make their slaves have sex with each other, but he’s never done this before. He’s never had someone else’s mouth on his cock. The most is when Kacchan uses his hands, making him come when he’s been a good boy. And Dabi’s been trained for this, he knows how to use his tongue and his lips so Izuku feels so close. It’s not as good as Kacchan though, nothing’s as good as Kacchan. When Kacchan lets him come, that’s the best feeling. He could always come with Kacchan’s permission. He should only come with permission.

When he comes down Dabi’s throat, it’s not with permission. Izuku pulls out of Dabi’s mouth with a whine and steps backwards, leaning against the wall. He sinks down to the floor, his head in his hands, trying not to hyperventilate.

Dabi is unfazed and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. “There. Are you feeling any better now?” He pauses, watching the way Izuku is clutching his hair. “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t have permission,” Izuku mutters.

“Yes you did.” Dabi shifts forward, resting a hand on Izuku’s knee. “Mistress said we needed to have fun. This was just having fun. She told me that we could come when we were having fun.”

“She’s your mistress, not mine.”

“And Ground Zero told you to obey her so you have permission too.”

It takes a while, but eventually Izuku calms down enough to let his hands drop away from his face. Dabi gets them both water and they sit on the floor, backs against the wall, in silence. Dabi’s the one who breaks it.

“You knew Ground Zero before? Before the facility?”

Izuku glances at him, then back at his half-empty glass in his hands. “Yes. We were friends when I thought I was…” Thought I was a person. He swallows, unable to get it out. It’s wrong for a slave to even think of a time when they believed they were a person. “Back then.”

But Dabi knows enough to not ask him to continue. “Weird the things you remember.”

“Do… Do you remember anything?”

Dabi looks up at him, then away. “A few things. I remember someone setting me on fire because I was quirkless and it was better that I died.” He holds his hand in front of his face and slowly flexes his fingers, watching the movement of his burns and the piercings along the edge of his warbled skin. “I don’t remember who it was who did it, or what they looked like. Or anything else about my life before then. Sometimes I think I do but… Not often.” He clenches his hand into a fist and drops it to the floor. “But they don’t matter. She’s the only thing that matters now.”

Izuku gulps his water down. Would he be a better slave if he didn’t remember anything from before the facility? If he didn’t remember Kacchan? Maybe if he didn’t remember then he’d be good and Kacchan would need him more, wouldn’t be so confusing about what he wanted. But… No, Kacchan keeps talking about how he knew Izuku before. He’d probably be angry if Izuku didn’t remember! But remembering makes Izuku bad and… This is confusing.

He doesn’t know what to do! Doesn’t know what he’s feeling or thinking! He cares so much about Kacchan, all he wants is to make him happy. But when he was being a good slave, that just made Kacchan angry at him. And today, Izuku was a good boy when he spoke out of turn at the meeting. And then even though Kacchan said he was a good boy, he kicked him out of the room to be with Creati even though Izuku was the one who made him come! But a good slave wouldn’t be bothered by that. Dabi isn’t concerned. He’s picked his puzzle box up again and is frowning at it, moving the pieces back and forth in different ways trying to solve it. Izuku scowls at him.

Slaves don’t want things or need things or have interests. But Kacchan hated it when Izuku shut out everything he was feeling. But if Izuku wants things, he gets angry about other people and Kacchan hates that.

What is Izuku meant to do?

He goes round and round in his head, trying to figure out what he needs to do to be good and have Kacchan need him the way Creati seems to need Dabi. The entire time, Dabi fiddles with his puzzle, his brow furrowed and his fingers moving delicately.

After some time, Dabi puts the puzzle down and gets to his feet. “We need to make dinner.”

“Oh.” Right. They had work that still needed to be done. Izuku shakes his head to get his thoughts straight and follows Dabi out of his room to the kitchen. This is bigger than Kacchan’s, too. Izuku stopps by the counter, looking round to figure out where ingredients might be. That’s when Dabi hands him something.

“Put this on,” Dabi tells him. “Mistress likes uniforms.”

Izuku unfolds the fabric he’s been handed to reveal a crisp white apron with lace around the edges. Dabi has already pulled his own apron on and is getting ingredients out of various cupboards. Izuku pulls his own on and gets to work too. If there’s one thing he knows he can do to make Kacchan happy, it’as cook. Creati can never beat him there.

But just as he starts feeling a little better, a familiar voice filters in from down the hall.

“Wait, what do you mean they got married?”

“Katsuki you have got to leave your house every so often and talk to people. They got married two months ago.”


Kacchan and Creati get to the kitchen just as the slaves finish cooking. Kacchan is just wearing jeans so his scars are on display again. Creati has her own set of scars crisscrossing across her body, which are visible through the light robe she’s wearing as she sits down.

“Oh this looks good,” Creati says. She smiles at Dabi and leans up to kiss him gently. “Good boy.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Dabi says. And he immediately slips under the table to settle between Creati’s legs, pulling her panties aside and licking over her cunt. Not enough to get her off, but enough to keep her warm and ready if she wants to fuck after dinner.

Izuku stands awkwardly to the side, not sure what to do. He glances at Kacchan. Kacchan is tapping his chopsticks against the side of his bowl and glaring at the table, in the direction of where Dabi is. Then he looks up and met Izuku’s eyes.

“Well don’t just stand there, Deku,” he snaps, spreading his own legs.

Izuku stumbles forward, crawling under the table and eagerly undoing the front of Kacchan’s jeans. Kacchan isn’t hard, but he doesn’t need to be. Izuku sucks his cock into his mouth anyway. Lets himself be used as a cockwarmer as Kacchan eats, talking to Creati over the top of him about Hero work and support items and whatever villains is going on and a plethora of mutual friends and acquaintances that Izuku doesn’t know and never will know.

But he can be good. Izuku hollows his cheeks and works his tongue slowly, expertly getting Kacchan hard but not so turned on that it’s a distraction. Maybe if he does a good job here, Kacchan will fuck him. He wants Kacchan to fuck his face so hard that he’s left a shivering, crying mess covered in snot and cum. Or he wants Kacchan to take him to Creati’s bedroom and fuck him right there on the bed and tell him he’s a good boy and he’s Kacchan’s he belongs to Kacchan. Izuku’s own cock gets half hard between his legs at the thought of it. He squeezes his thighs together and wills his erection away, focusing on keeping Kacchan happy.

Above him, Kacchan and Creati have finished eating and are talking quietly. Kacchan’s cock is hard in Izuku’s mouth, twitching against his tongue. Izuku sucks gently.

Creati hums softly. “What are you thinking, Katsuki?”

“I’m thinking that I want to fuck you again.”

She laughs as Izuku’s hands clench into fists on his lap.

“You’re insatiable. Dabi, come clear these plates away.”

Dabi pulls away from Creati at the same time that Kacchan shoves Izuku off of his cock. Izuku crawls out from beneath the table to see Dabi take away the plates and clear a space for Kacchan to pick Creati up and place her down on the table. He immediately thrusts into her. Buries his face in her neck, kissing every inch of her he can reach. Izuku feels a spike of something in his chest as he leaves to help Dabi clean up.

That night, he sleeps in Dabi’s cage with him. And as Dabi sleeps peacefully, clearly not caring about what his mistress is doing, Izuku clutches his arms around himself and bites his lip to keep from crying. He doesn’t even know why he’s crying. He just closes his eyes and takes shuddering breaths, trying to stay calm.

It’ll be alright. He’s still Kacchan’s.

Even if Kacchan seems determined to forget that.

Chapter Text

Deku acts like a real bitch over the next and Katsuki has no idea why. It seems his emotional state keeps flickering. He’ll go from giving Katsuki the cold shoulder and regressing almost back to his shutdown state to heavy flirting and taking the lead and back in sometimes mere minutes. He's angry, depressed, needy, eager to please, affectionate, and completely unreachable all at once.

Why is he doing this? Katsuki’s been good to him! He’s let the little twerp come multiple times and let him up on the sofa with him and given him good food and let him sleep in the cage in his room, but Deku’s still whiny and bratty and wiggling out of being properly punished. Never quite good enough to be perfect, never quite bad enough for Katsuki to relish in putting him in his pace. Really pisses Katsuki off. Maybe he should listen to Momo and get the number of her trainer. But at the same time, he doesn’t want to have some voiceless slave at his beck and call all day. But that’s probably better than a Deku who practically blue-balls him every day. So he just grits his teeth and bears it, until the night of Momo’s party.

Katsuki has a really long day at the agency and he isn’t in the best of moods by the time the evening rolls around. And he and Deku haven’t had sex either which is putting him on edge even more. Katsuki was mostly just too lazy to fuck the slave, and didn’t feel like dealing with Deku’s bullshit. Honestly, if it was anyone other than Momo throwing this party then Katsuki would be calling with some bullshit excuse about why he couldn’t come. But she really does have a claim on his balls. So instead, Katsuki gets into the tux he always wears for these things, and goes to Deku who’s doing that prim proper voice that gets Katsuki’s blood boiling.

"How would you like me to dress, Kacchan?" he asks in a cloyingly sweet tone that he knows Katsuki hates.

“There’s a dress code,” Katsuki says, grabbing a box from the wardrobe. “Momo had this sent over as a present. She likes you. So you’re going to wear it.” And he puts the box on the bed and opens it, removing the layers of tissue to reveal what’s inside. It’s very much Momo’s style: a delicate white full-body harness covered in white lace and blue detailing, then the baby blue panties, and the white stockings, and the blue shoes.

Katsuki grabs Deku and helps him get into everything, fastening the harness and clipping on his collar. At least Deku doesn’t complain or act like a brat when Katsuki’s dressing him up. With the way his fingers run over the fabric, Katsuki could believe Deku actually likes being dress up like this. And he tugs Deku round to look at him.

When he’s done, Katsuki pulls Deku round to face him. “Now, you need to promise me that you’ll behave and do exactly what I tell you tonight,” he says. “You can’t show me up or misbehave. Not tonight.”

Deku need to be on his best fucking behaviour around other people. And if he doesn’t, Katsuki already knows how he’ll tinker with that remote.

But instead of nodding demurely like a decent slave would, Deku frowns. "I'll behave," he growls. "I know how to be good.”

Okay yeah, that’s the final straw. When Deku’s looking away, Katsuki fishes the remote out of his pocket and turns a dial just a tiny bit. Throughout the evening, aphrodisiacs will be leaking into Deku’s bloodstream, slowly building up over the night. Not so much that he’ll notice what’s going. Just enough that later when the party’s in full swing, Deku will be desperate. Desperate and half-dressed, in a room full of strangers. Maybe now he’ll be good.

With a satisfied smirk, Katsuki drives Deku to the party, not caring if he’s a brat and not talking to him. Let the bastard stew. Maybe if he’s quiet he’ll be polite. And by the time they get to Momo's mansion, he's relaxed a little bit. As they enter the party, Deku’s holding onto Katsuki like he should.

There are a lot of heroes already there, but not that many slaves, all things considered. There's no fun in flaunting your wealth at people who are just as rich as you so there's a lot of lower ranking heroes who are looking for a chance to get a leg up. Other heroes didn't bring their slaves to the party for one reason or another. That just means there's a lot of interested, hungry eyes on Deku. Deku clings a lot closer to Katsuki once they’re inside.

As is usually the case at one of Momo’s parties, Dabi has been put on display. She’s outdone herself this time. Dabi is strung up in the middle of the room, suspended from the ceiling by gorgeous maroon ropes. He's hung low enough with his legs spread that anyone can just come right up and fuck him and his ass is already stretched and leaking cum. One of the main events later on will be punishing him for the mess he's made. Sometimes Katsuki thinks Momo just has parties as an excuse to show off her slave. Not that he’s complaining.

Katsuki tugs Deku along by the leash to go meet him. “Hey Dabi,” Katsuki says, running his hand through Dabi’s hair. He tilts the slave’s head up. Dabi’s got a jewelled ring gag in his mouth, and his tongue is hanging out and dripping with more cum. He nuzzles against Katsuki’s hand like he’s been trained, and raises his eyebrow in an invitation. But Katsuki shakes his head. “Not just now. Where’s your mistress?”

Dabi’s eyes go to Katsuki’s right and he looks over to see Momo walking across the floor with a glass of water. She’s just as beautiful as ever. Katsuki smooths down his lapels as she approaches.

“Katsuki, you made it,” Momo says with a wide smile. She stops in front of Dabi and undoes his gag to offer him the glass with a straw. He drinks obediently. As she tends to her slave, she looks at Deku. “Oh, Deku, you look perfect in that outfit. I’m glad it got to you on time. Does it fit alright?”

“Yup,” Katsuki says, pushing Deku forward to thank her. Deku behaves for once and drops to his knees, forcing out an adequately polite reply. He then stays on his knees out of sight.

With a smile, Momo steps close to Katsuki. “By the way, if you want to let some of the guests use Deku, I can rig him up like Dabi here. Or we can let the two of them play together, for some pre-dinner entertainment.”

Katsuki raises his eyebrows, then glances at Deku. “Sounds interesting. Let’s just wait and see how Deku’s feeling later.”

At the conversation, Deku perks up a little bit. "I will do anything you want me to, Kacchan," he says respectfully, "but I think I would really enjoy playing with Dabi, if you happen to care about my opinion.”

Katsuki looks down at Deku, clearly hearing the snark that’s dripping off his offer. That was a clear respect for dominance, which is normally fine since it’s jsut two slaves playing together. But then he had to go and put in that biting remark about Katsuki caring about his opinion. The little shit… Katsuki’s eyebrows furrow into a tiny scowl at the disrespect, but he stays composed. Doesn’t want to yell at Deku this early in the evening, not in front of Momo’s guests. Instead, he reaches down and grabs Deku’s hair, tilting his head back to look at them. And he reaches out a foot to toe at Deku’s cock, which is already hard and pressing against the fabric of his underwear.

“Well you’re certainly eager,” Katsuki says, rubbing his toe up and down Deku’s cock. Deku’s eyes flutter close and he ruts against Katsuki’s cock, obviously needy. Good, the aphrodisiacs are starting to kick in. Maybe he’ll be able to keep Deku playing with Dabi all evening, and then have him service all of Momo’s guests after dinner. Like a good slave. He can definitely see the way a lot of the guests are eyeing Deku up, they’ll be able to keep him busy. Katsuki lets Deku’s hair go and waves vaguely in Dabi’s direction. “Fine, go play. Momo, let me get you a drink while we watch.”

Momo lights up and leans down to strap the gag back onto Dabi’s face. She’s been excited to see Deku in action for a while now, and Katsuki has to admit he’s a little curious to see Deku on top as well. He gets two flutes of champagne and stands back with Momo to watch the entertainment. Momo links their arms together, smiling widely in anticipation.

As they watch, Deku stands up and approaches Dabi slowly, almost prowling towards him. It's a massive shift. Even at his angriest and most assertive, he's always been at least a little bit submissive with Katsuki. But he's completely dominant now.

He walks a slow circle around Dabi, who keeps his eyes down respectfully. At least until Deku grabs him by the hair and tilts his head up. He studies Dabi for a moment and then grins and presses a kiss to his open mouth. "You're gonna be good for me," he says. Not like an order, just like it's a simple statement of fact. He pushes his panties aside and takes out his cock, holding it so the tip is just barely past Dabi’s gag.

"Blow me," he orders.

His hand is tight in Dabi's hair, keeping the other slave from getting any closer. Dabi's tongue pokes out of his mouth to circle the head of Deku’s cock. Tiny whimpers start to escape him as Deku refuses to let him obey the order he was given. His tongue flicks in the air. His hands flenching and unclenching where they’re tied at his back.

“What’s he doing?” Momo asks. Her grip on Katsuki’s arm is tensing, her protective instinct coming out.

But just as Dabi is starting to get distressed enough that Momo will step in, Deku lets go and Dabi lurches forward, gagging on Deku’s cock. Deku strokes his face and murmurs encouragement the whole time but Dabi is clearly shaken. He's still whimpering and trembling and he keeps looking back to Momo with fear in his eyes.

“Little bitch,” Katsuki growls. Is this Deku’s idea of a joke? Is he getting back at Katsuki or something, trying to punish him? Such a little brat, trying to get send Katsuki a message using Momo’s property. He squeezes Momo’s hand, glaring at Deku. It was fun for a moment, watching Deku take control and force Dabi onto his cock, but if he’s bullying Momo’s pet and upsetting her Katsuki won’t stand for that. He turns his head. “He’s misbehaving. I need to punish him, do you have any toys that’ll stop him from orgasming?”

“Oh. Yes, of course,” Momo says, waving over a waiter carrying a tray of tiny sex toys. She takes a ring and hands it to Katsuki. “You should really call my trainer.”

“No, I have a better idea,” Katsuki says. He stalks forward, grabbing Deku round the throat and pulling him back, out of Dabi’s mouth. “I know what you’re doing, Deku,” he growls. “If you’re upset about shit and you’re mad at me, don’t fucking take it out on Momo.” He roughly handles Deku’s cock, getting the cock ring on him then forcing him dow on his knees. “If you want orders that are easy to follow, then fine. Here’s one: you are going to stay here and you are going to let anyone at this party use you and you’re going to come until I let you.” And in a final burst of rage, Katsuki grabs the remote from his pocket and turns Deku’s sight off so he’s trapped and helpless. There. Now Dabi has a friend.

Momo is hugging Dabi and stroking his cheek to calm him down when Katsuki’s finished getting Deku ready for his punishment. He stands there with his hand in Deku’s hair, looking at her. When she looks round, he offers Deku to her. She’s the hostess, she gets first dibs. And besides, she’s been talking to him for a while about seeing how Deku’s tongue was. He knows his oral won’t be a patch on Dabi, but Momo loves variety above everything else. And because Katsuki’s gotten half hard from watching Deku fuck Dabi, he steps over to take over Dabi’s mouth. He has to finish what Deku started, can’t have Dabi go unused. And luckily for Dabi, Katsuki isn’t a little shit who’ll tease him. He just gets Dabi to suck his cock and when he’s done he watches the cum drip off of his tongue onto the floor. Dabi’s good. He does what he’s trained to do and no more.

Katsuki steps away from the two slaves, tucking his cock back into his tux. Deku’s currently being fucked by two of Tenya’s sidekicks and he seems to be putting effort in to be good. Katsuki stands back, takes another glass of champagne, and watches as the rest of the guests use Deku’s mouth and ass. It’s kind of a shame that Deku’s mouth is always occupied with a cock or a pussy. The guests don’t get to hear just how loudly he can scream.

Katsuki’s eyes go to Deku’s cock, hard and red between his legs witht he special rign not letting him orgasm. He sips his drink. Wonders what it might be like to have Deku fuck him like he’d tried to fuck Dabi. He certainly seemed able to take charge just fine before Katsuki had to step in and tell him to cut it out. Maybe he’ll give him a treat later and let him fuck Dabi as Katsuki watches. He’ll have to organise a brunch or something with Momo.

But then someone comes up to make smalltalk with him, and Katsuki has to turn away from Deku to start networking. He ends up getting into a discussion with a group of people about support items, ignoring the way Deku’s muffles whines are filtering over the top of the crowds. Ignores the way his cock is a little hard in his own tux. The way he keeps glancing over at his slave, covered in tears and other peoples’ cum, shaking and red and exhausted in the middle of the floor.

Deku’s fucked up until dinner, when the guests all stop and leave him to go eat. Katsuki’s sitting on Momo’s left, picking at his food. He’s rubbing a hand against his temple, nodding and giving sort of half-interested grunts in response to conversation.

Momo leans over to him, resting her hand on top of his. “You’re thinking about Deku, aren’t you?”

“No,” Katsuki lies.

But she squeezes his hand gently. “Katsuki, it’s fine. Of course you’re concerned from him, he was really put through a lot. It’s okay. I’ll make excuses for you, go look after your slave. He’s been broken a little, he’ll probably appreciate his master.” She sips her drink. “And let Dabi down from his ropes while you’re there. And take off his gag.”

Katsuki pushes back from the table and leaves the dining room to go into the ballroom. Dabi and Deku are alone, Deku curled into a ball on the floor and Dabi still hanging from the ceiling. Katsuki ignores Dabi, going for his own slave. He crouches down next to him, runs his hands through Deku’s hair. Then pulls back with a grimace when he hits a glob of jizz.

“Hey Deku,” he says, slowly turning Deku’s eyes back on so he’s not blinded by the light.

Deku is utterly exhausted, fucked out in all his holes and covered in cum. He clutches at Katsuki shirt almost instinctively and slowly fights his aching muscles to curl up against him.

"I'm sorry, Kacchan," he whispers once and then just goes quiet as he clings. He doesn't even cry. It's all so much for him. It’s cute. It reminds Katsuki of when he’d first got him, when Deku was terrified of everything and didn’t want to leave Katsuki’s side. Katsuki runs his fingers through Deku’s hair, and down his back. But just the fingertips. He doesn’t really want someone else’s jizz on his tux.

After a few long moments, Deku shifts a bit. "Does Kacchan want to use me? I can make you feel good?" He doesn't make eye contact and he waits patiently for orders, but he isn't shutting down again. At least, not entirely.

Katsuki shushes him. “Shh, it’s fine,” he says,” reaching down to take off the ring around Deku’s cock. Damn, he’s so hard. He’s just been fucked and used this evening, not allowed to come once. Katsuki leans forward so his nose is in Deku’s hair, one hand going to his cock and the other fingering him gently open. And he fucks Deku slowly and gently. Deku clutches Katsuki's shirt as he whines and groans. He can't stop crying out Katsuki’s name, his voice soft, but he's too tired and fucked out to properly participate either. He doesn't manage much more than twitching his hips towards Katsuki while Katsuki plays with him. Makes cute little whines and chirps as he wriggles helplessly on Katsuki’s fingers.

When he cums, he blacks out for a moment, giving Katsuki the opportunity to detach his hands. Deku wouldn't be willing to let go on his own and he reaches for Katsuki as he leaves, but stays where he's told. Katsuki lets Dabi down from the ropes and takes the gag out of his mouth. Dabi just obediently sits on the ground where he’s placed, not moving or looking up. Katsuki steps back.

“Momo told me to let you stay here,” he says to Dabi. “Deku, you stay with him. I’ll be back later.” And with one last look at Deku he leaves them to head back to dinner.

“All fixed up?” Momo says when Katsuki comes back. He nods and sits back down, quickly eating the rest of the food and eager to get back out to the ballroom. There’s still some after-dinner entertainment. When they’re done, all the guests drift back out to the ballroom, where Deku and Dabi are waiting. Momo goes straight to Dabi, who leans instantly into her touch when she cups his face.

Meanwhile, Deku’s stiff and awkward, clearly completely used up from earlier. All he can do is lie curled up on the floor half asleep. And he lifts his face to look at Katsuki, muttering a quiet, “Kacchan, it hurts…” Yeah, he won’t be joining in on whatever Momo has planned for Dabi.

“Come on, Deku,” Katsuki says, helping Deku move over to one of the sofas by the wall. He sits down and puts a cushion on the floor so Deku’s knees don’t get even more fucked up. Then he leans back and watches what Momo’s doing.

She’s set up a new set of stocks in the middle of the floor, strapping Dabi’s head and arms in so he’s trapped. Then she kisses his mouth softly and runs her fingers through his hair. Katsuki sees her lips moving as she whispers something to him, and he knows what she’s doing. He’s been to enough of these to know how it’ll be. She’ll be telling Dabi that he was very bad for letting the guests’ cum spill out of his mouth and ass onto the floor, and that he needs to be punished. Then she has a set of waiters on hand with whips and canes and nipple clamps and anything else the guests might need to punish Dabi and help ease their digestion. And she kisses Dabi again, smacks his ass so he gasps, and walks across the room to sit down next to Katsuki.

“Not joining in with them?” Katsuki asks, one hand in Deku’s hair and the other going to rest at Momo’s waist.

“Not tonight,” she says, leaning her head on Katsuki’s shoulder. Her finger toys with his bowtie. “But maybe later, you’ll let me punish you.”

“Punish me? But I’ve been good tonight,” Katsuki says with a grin.

“We can always change that,” Momo says, and she kisses him. It’s like Deku isn’t even there.

Or it should be like Deku’s not even there. But as soon as he starts kissing Momo, Katsuki feels something bumping his hand. His stupid slave trying to get attention when Katsuki is obviously busy. But Deku shifts, moving in between him and Momo, resting his head on Katsuki’s leg and glaring up at Momo. Little cockblock. Maybe he should be in the stocks instead of Dabi. Katsuki rolls his eyes and removes his tongue from Momo’s mouth to glare down at his aggravating little slave. Fuck’s sake Deku, read the room!

But luckily, Momo isn’t bothered. “Aw, someone wants attention,” she coos. And she picks Deku up like he’s nothing, the muscles in her arms flexing as she moves him into Katsuki’s lap. Katsuki’s arms automatically go around Deku’s waist, giving him the attention he doesn’t deserve.

Katsuki looks at Momo. “I thought I was meant to be training him to be good. This isn’t sending a good message.”

She laughs and kisses Katsuki again. “Mm. Spoil him a little, just for tonight.” And her hands cup Deku’s face as she presses a quick kiss to his nose. “He’s so cute. You can’t stay mad at him!”

Deku wrinkles his nose when she kisses it, but he curls up in Katsuki's lap without any more glaring or making a fuss. And since this is making Momo coo about how cute they are, Katsuki rolls with it.

He sinks back into the couch, giving up and just holding Deku to his chest. He strokes up and down his back, letting him rest. And Momo leans against his arm, until she has to get up to see to her guests and Dabi. Katsuki watches her. And then looks down at Deku, dozing against his chest. He's a good boy, really. And when he's an impatient little brat, that's fine. Katsuki likes it. In moderation.

When the party's dying down, and everyone's going home, Katsuki hefts Deku up and gets him ready to go. Doesn't even bother waking him up as he kisses Momo goodnight. Just carries Deku back outside to the car, bundling him into the passenger seat and driving home. Then he lets him sleep in the cage and falls asleep himself pretty quickly. He thinks that punishment will have reset Deku. He hopes it does.

He doesn't realise how much things have gone south until the next morning, when someone knocks on the door and says they're from Deku's slave facility and are there for an unscheduled 'check-up'.





It all happens so quickly.

Deku’s has just finished bringing breakfast to the table when the technician arrives. He immediately goes still, holdings his hands out to let the technician inspect him. His breath is short and his heart is beating rapidly, but he doesn't move.

Katsuki’s got a mug of coffee in one hand, and he’s already in a foul mood. Snaps at these bastards to ask why they’re in his house and touching his slave?

"Mr Bakugou, sorry to bother you without warning, but we received multiple complaints from multiple sources saying that your slave tried to damage another slave without your permission. We pride ourselves on our thorough training, so we will acknowledge our mistake and repair it without any additional charges. If you would like us to make any other alterations, they will be the normal price. We should be able to have it back to you in six weeks, but we will alert you if there are any delays."

“The fuck? No, you’re not taking him!”

But the technicians apparently don't care whether Katsuki will allow this and neither does Deku. He keeps his head low and follows the technician quietly out the door and into the car. Katsuki follows, trying to grab Deku but gets pushed away by the technician.

“It’s all routine, sir,” he says.

“The fuck it is! Deku!”

Deku doesn’t look at him.


He is helped into a car.

“Deku, answer me!”

It's only when the door closes that Deku finally looks round. His eyes wide, his hand on the window, his voice piercing right through Katsuki’s chest.


Chapter Text

Izuku doesn't finish the word. Clamps down on it before it can leave his lips. He doesn't even dare think it. That's not allowed. That's the one thing the facility can't take.

His hand is grabbed and wrenched painfully behind his back, punishment for touching the window. He can hear the handlers talking as they force him into a tiny travel cage. Impulsive. Disobedient. Aggressive. Possessive. Any one of those is enough to make a slave worthless, disposable. If he wasn't already sold, he'd probably be on his way to the disposal site right now.

“Really, it's bizarre to see this one malfunction,” The technician comments to the trainer, glancing at Izuku in the rear view mirror. “I would have thought it was a model slave from the pre-sale tests. And the chip’s still in good shape, so that's not causing the problem.”

The trainer lets out a hiss of air through his teeth. “Yeah, I’m gonna talk to Nakanishi about having some more owner workshops. I don't think people realize how malleable slaves can be. Given who his owner is–”

Izuku's head shoots up. This isn't Kacchan's fault! Izuku's the one who misbehaved!

“See what I mean? Defiance and aggression. Bet you a month’s salary his owner modeled that behavior for him. I swear, every time I have to do a behavior mod, it's the owner that fucked it up.” He shrugs. “I don't mind though. This one’s great to work with. I’ll let you have a go on him if you want. He needs to practice behaving for strangers.”

“Yeah, sure. As long as it's on company dime. I’m gonna be working overtime to fix up this next one.”

The car slows to a stop and the technician gets out. Izuku can't see what's happening and doesn't dare turn his head to find out. A few minutes later, the door opens and another travel cage is shoved inside. The other slave is pale and sweating, eyes rolled back and mouth flecked with foam. Every so often, a shudder runs through it.

“Actually, you drive,” the technician says. “I’ll send you the next address but I should get to work on this one now.”

“What’s wrong with it, Harada?” a new voice says, high pitched and frantic. “Is this gonna void the warranty?”

“Gimme a second,” Harada grumbles. “I’m trying to keep your slave alive here.” He flips the slave onto its stomach and attaches a sensor to the base of its skull. A sickly blue glow shines on the slave’s face from his tablet, but a couple seconds later, the slave’s breathing eases. “There. It should be stable, but I’m not sure.” A pause. “Look, kid, lemme show you something.”

Izuku's cage opens up and a hand fastens in his hair. He doesn't move, doesn't react at all as he's dragged upright. Not even as his head is slammed into the wall hard enough to make him see stars.

“See that?” Harada says. “That's fine. Do that all day if you want. Or this.” Izuku's temple cracks against the edge of his cage. His vision is darkening. “This is fine too. Or anywhere else on your slave, go wild, do whatever. But if you smash this–” Harada wrenches Izuku around to face away from the open door and forces his head forward “–into a railing, don't be surprised if it's not good for the hardware.” He lets go and Izuku settles back onto his knees. “Go on. Show me what you can do.”

The next hand in Izuku's hair is almost hesitant. “You sure about this?”

“Sure, we’re taking it in for repairs anyway. It can take a couple hits.”

The hand tightens. Pain lances through Izuku's skull.

His vision goes dark.





Six weeks later, they send him home.

Chapter Text

Katsuki’s going to fucking kill somebody! He doesn’t know who it’s going to be, but somebody is going to be murdered and they’re gonna be murdered soon. They’d taken Deku from him! He had stood there in his driveway as two motherfuckers with pristine white uniforms took his slave away. They didn’t even slow down their crappy little car as Katsuki tried to chase after them, yelling at them to fucking give Deku back or tell him what the complaints were or anything. Just drove away. And Katsuki was left alone in the middle of the street watching as Deku was taken away from him again.

It’s bullshit! He’d waited years to have Deku back, and they just take him from him without any warning? How the fuck can they even do that? Deku is his! They have a contract, he’d paid a small fortune for the bastard, he is Katsuki’s property.

But apparently that isn’t the case.

“It’s in this contract you signed,” his lawyer, Bugoshi, tells him when he brings this bullshit to her. She points a finger to the relevant section which she’s highlighted. “It’s standard for all slave ownership contracts. The central slave facility retains some ownership over the slave and can recall it for maintenance and retraining if they see it as reasonably necessary.”

“But he’s my property,” Katsuki mutters as he stares down at the contract.

Bugoshi gives him a small shake of the head. “He is your property, which is why they cannot dispose of him without providing a refund or a replacement slave of equal or greater value. But they also have a complete right of maintenance and training. It’s about them ensuring their slaves are always of a high quality, so as to maintain the good reputation of their services.” Her lips thin and she nods her head. “I can try and contact the facility for information on your slave’s wellbeing and training, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to get him back. Not until they think he’s suitable for use again.”

Katsuki snorted. “And when will that be?”

“If they said six weeks, then I assume six weeks. They’re usually prompt. But if it needs to be longer, they’re required to inform you. And if the repairs are going to take longer than three months, you are entitled to a replacement.”

“I don’t want a replacement,” Katsuki snarls.

“Well then I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do but wait.”

It’s bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

The bastards won’t even tell him just what it is that Deku was taken away for! Katsuki calls the facility three days in a row, yelling over the phone at the moron on the other side for some answers and information. What training does Deku need? Who had complained to them about him? What had their stupid complaints even been? And why couldn’t Katsuki have trained Deku himself at home?

He doesn't get any answers. All they can tell him is that they had received multiple complaints on the night of Momo’s party from people who’d said his slave had misbehaved with another slave. So apparently some of Momo’s guests were snitches or whatever. And they were so concerned that they’d called the facility just because Deku had been a little bitch with Dabi when the two of them had played together.

A few days after Deku was taken away, when he’s had time to simmer down, Katsuki asks Momo about it. If she knows who had reported Deku.

“I’ve no idea,” she says, frowning and tilting her head to think. “I’ve been thinking about it too, and I just can’t figure it out. It would be someone who knows enough about slaves to see Deku was misbehaving, but not enough to recognise that you properly punished him immediately after and that he was fine at the end of the night.”

“Probably one of those fucking sidekicks who were there,” Katsuki snarls. “Wanting to feel important.”

“I hope none of my sidekicks. If it is, I’ll have to discipline them.” That’s Tenya. The three of them are talking after a meeting at Tenya’s agency, before Katsuki and Momo head out on their respective patrols. The two of them are the only other slave owners Katsuki personally knows so he’s been complaining to them about this situation for a few days now.

Momo rests a reassuring hand on Katsuki’s shoulder. “They’ll bring Deku back soon,” she tells him. “And I’m sure that whoever called the facility had good intentions.”

“Whatever.” Katsuki snorts and shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts. “Have you guys ever had to send your slaves back for training?”

“No,” Tenya says. “Uravity has been exceptionally-well trained since I got her. But I know you and your slave are slightly more unorthodox, so perhaps people misunderstood the dynamics you have.”

“We’re not unorthodox,” Katsuki mutters.

“I’ve had to send Dabi to the facility a few times.” Momo taps her chin thoughtfully. “Not for retraining, but just because he’s quite fragile. Sometimes he needs specific repairs to his chip. He never has to go for six weeks though, that must be awful. I miss Dabi so much when he’s only gone for a few days.” She smiles. “But Dabi’s always so well-behaved and eager to please when he comes home, so you have that to look forward to with Deku.”

Yeah, but that’s sort of what Katsuki’s worried about. What if those fuckers send Deku back and he’s like Dabi? Quiet and perfectly behaved and doesn’t do a single thing unless he’s explicitly told by Katsuki. What if he becomes a doll again? Empty and useless, like how he was after that entire Eijirou fiasco whatever that was? They were only just getting over that shit, those bastards training him better not send him back into that. There’s a goddamn reason Katsuki paid for Deku and not some other faceless slave.

It would be easier to get on with this if Katsuki was able to find out just what they were doing to Deku, but the slave facility is notoriously secretive. Katsuki calls them every morning to ask for an update on Deku’s training and health, and he always gets the same spiel about them not being able to disclose any information on the slave-training regime. Yadda yadda trade secret yadda yadda. Katsuki tells them that he doesn’t give a shit about any trade secret or whatever, he just wants to know what they’re doing to his slave and when he can get Deku back. It doesn’t work.

He tries threats. He tries legal talk. He tries throwing around the name ‘Ground Zero’. But they never tell him what’s happening with Deku, just that he will get him back when the training is over.

After a week, Katsuki walks into the facility himself and demands to see Deku. Just to make sure he’s alive and these bastards haven’t hurt him. No good. The man at the reception calls security and Katsuki is politely asked to leave. And because he know that it’ll be a news storm if he’s forced out of the facility by the security guards, he goes. But then he sits on the hood of his car outside, glaring up at the facility and wondering where in there Deku is. If he’s alright. If he’s still himself or if they’ve broken him.

“You better not break, Deku,” he mutters to himself. “I’m the only one who can break you.”

It is… Bizarre to realise how much Deku has embedded himself into Katsuki’s life in such a short time. It only becomes apparent when he’s gone just how much Katsuki depends on him. He wakes up in the morning and breakfast isn’t made. He comes home from work and Deku isn’t waiting to greet him. He goes to sleep and Deku isn’t snoring in his cage at the foot of his bed. Some nights Katsuki wakes up and panics for a moment that the sound of Deku breathing isn't there, before remembering that he’s gone. And he tries to go back to sleep. Lies awake for hours watching the clock flashing on his bedside table.

At work, Katsuki gets out his aggression and frustration on the villains he meets on his patrols. These few weeks are some of his most productive when it comes to fighting crime, actually. His PR team tell him that his ranking when it comes to apprehending criminals ticks up. All he needs to do when he’s on patrol is imagine that the villains he’s tracking are the fuckers who took Deku from him, and he blasts apart entire streets to bring them down. It gets out a lot of his tensions and leaves him feeling much more refreshed at the end of the day.

But then later when he’s in his shower, he remembers how much nicer it was to have Deku in there with him washing him and he punches the wall in frustration until his knuckles bruise.

So there are highs and lows.

Katsuki’s so unused to not being in control! He doesn’t fucking know what to do when all this shit is out of his hands and he can’t even learn about what’s going on. He finds himself getting grouchier than usual, snapping at his sidekicks and at Kansha and at Eijirou when they get on his nerves. Luckily, everyone in his agency knows how to handle him. His sidekicks and Kansha just ignore him, and Eijirou forces him to sit down and tell him what’s crawled up his ass and died. But there’s no way Katsuki could ever admit that he’s bent out of shape because his slave is gone. So instead he just mutters that he hates having his shit taken away from him. Which is true. And luckily Eijirou believes him. He nods and ruffles Katsuki’s hair and says it’ll be okay.

As if Katsuki can believe that.

His friends do try their best to keep him positive, but their efforts are largely wasted. Despite being the number two Hero and a minor celebrity, Katsuki is still a massive introvert. But he’s somehow amassed a friendship group composed entirely of extroverts. So when Mina tries to cheer him up, her solution is to take him out to a club.

“It helped me so much after me and Rumi broke up,” she says as she drags Katsuki out of the house. “You just have to go out and dance and have fun and soon you’ll forget you were even sad!”

And he tries his best. He goes out there to the pulsing dance floor with his old UA squad and dances with them for a few songs, trying to get lost in the music and letting Mina grab him by the hips and try to teach him to loosen up. He lets Hanta and Denki try to wingman for him to distract him, and lets them buy him brightly-coloured drinks that have so much alcohol and syrup in them that Katsuki thinks he’s going to vomit. Then he has to leave the dance floor because he thinks he actually will vomit. And instead of rejoining his friends, he leans against the bar and watches as Eijirou and Mina dance with some girl they picked up, Hanta and Denki nowhere to be found. As the music pulses through his ribcage and he sips water to get rid of the taste of the awful drinks, he just wishes he could just have Deku here to get some of this stress out. He needs someone small and pathetic and useless who’ll take his rage and distaste and thank him for it.

And maybe it’s serendipity or something because just as he thinks that he looks across the bar and sees Deku blinking back at him.

Katsuki chokes on his water in shock and shakes his head. When he clears his vision, he realises that no of course that isn’t Deku. Deku’s locked up in a facility where Katsuki can’t get to him, probably forgetting all about him as they train him not to be himself. But this guy on the other corner of the bar… Shit he looks just like Katsuki’s slave. He’s short, kind of skinny, has huge eyes. No freckles, though. And he has ear piercings. And his hair is a dark blue instead of green, but it curls around his head just the same.

Katsuki waves down the barman and orders another drink of whatever that guy’s having, saying it’s compliments of Ground Zero. When the guy gets it, he looks up at Katsuki who raises his eyebrows. The guy blushes and smiles at him.

There are perks of being the Number Two Hero and frequently coming top of all the polls ranking the Sexiest Pro. One of them is that if you meet someone cute at a bar, they’ll usually be very willing to follow you out of that bar and then suck your dick in the parking lot. So about ten minutes after that first drink and a quick introduction, Katsuki’s fucking this guy’s throat. He’s not as good at it as Deku. Few people are as good at sucking dick as a trained slave. But he’s eager and willing and he doesn’t use any of his teeth. And he seems to have a masochistic streak because when Katsuki pulls on his hair he moans loudly and writhes his hips. He even swallows Katsuki’s jizz without a bit of hesitation when he comes.

“What’s your name?” Katsuki asks as he tucks his dick back into his jeans.

“Yuki.” The guy wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and blinks up at Katsuki, his cheeks flushed and his cock hard.

“Yuki.” Katsuki runs his fingers through his hair and looks down at him. In the dim light, he looks just like Deku. If Deku was a little taller, stronger, an actual person. Katsuki smirks. “So are you going to invite me to your place or what?”

Yuki isn’t as good a fuck as Deku either, but it’s good enough. He screams nicely when Katsuki thrusts into him, and he digs his hands into Katsuki’s back. Lets Katsuki bite into his neck and come inside him. He even says it’s fine if Katsuki wants to fuck him again, which Katsuki does. He comes about three times back in Yuki’s cramped apartment, making the guy scream ‘Ground Zero’ so loudly that his roommates will hear and know just whose dick is in his ass. It’ll be a good story for him to tell all his buddies later: the time he got rawed by the Number Two Hero.

Katsuki even deigns to stay the night. He’s sort of missed having someone in his house sleeping in the same room. And with his eyes closed, Yuki’s hair in his hand feels like Deku’s. His warmth at Katsuki’s side feels like his slave’s.

Katsuki doesn’t know why he sleeps so much better that night, but he does.

The next morning, he leaves Yuki asleep in his bed and sneaks out early. Yuki’s roommate is having breakfast when he walks through the kitchen, and gapes at Katsuki as he passes. Katsuki nods a good morning at them. This isn’t his first time hooking up with a fan. They’ll tweet about it, maybe someone who was at the club will have taken a photo of Katsuki and Yuki leaving and that’ll do the rounds on social media, and soon everyone will stop caring as the next Hero drama picks up. Same old routine.

He does feel a little better after it, though. Mina had a point. Maybe if Katsuki just has fun and stops thinking about Deku then he’ll be okay. He’ll get through the next few weeks without having a major fucking breakdown and needing to have another psych evaluation and put on pills that’ll turn him to a zombie or whatever the fuck they’ll want to do to him this time.

It’s easier to distract himself. He needs to keep moving, keep his brain occupied, just do whatever so he’s not thinking about what those pricks are doing to his Deku.

Katsuki throws himself into work. Stays overtime to finish up reports, sometimes falling asleep on the couch in his office and showering in his private bathroom. His house feels empty, so it’s easier to stay in his office. He goes on long patrols through the city, making sure to destroy as many villains as possible to keep his numbers up. He even asks his PR team if there are any interviews or promotions they want him to do, because he wants to keep his brain occupied and limit the time he has to sit alone in his house. He ends up doing three different photoshoots for various products that want to plaster Ground Zero over their advertising. Lets the photographers order him around so they can get the best angle for their product. And then he goes to interview after interview where he pretends to be a decent person for the camera. Then after all that he heads to a bar or a club and fucks the first person who’ll agree to take him to their place.

He doesn’t think about Deku even once. Doesn’t sit in his office and glance down at his feet, remembering what it felt like to have his slave perched down there with his head on Katuski’s knee. Doesn’t go through his morning exercise regime and remember how Deku liked to help massage his aching muscles afterwards. Doesn’t even pause when he’s in the mall and passes by the Slave’s Emporium. He never fucking thinks about Deku, he forces it out of his brain. Every memory of what his life’s been like since that asshole came back into it. Every thought of what he might be doing if Deku was there with him. Every lingering question in his brain of what Deku is doing, what they’re doing to him, if they’re hurting him, if someone else is touching him, if Deku misses him if Deku needs him if Deku is being hurt and broken and used by someone other than Katsuki when nobody else is allowed to touch him he’s Katsuki’s he belongs to Katsuki only Katsuki can touch that little fucker!

Only Katsuki.



And finally, after six agonising weeks, Deku is sent home in a box.


The bastards don’t even have the decency to deliver him when Katsuki’s at home so he can tear them a new one. He’s at work when he gets a text message saying that his slave has been returned and is waiting for him. So he leaves as soon as he can, practically breaking down his own front door to try and get Deku. And he finds a huge box waiting for him in the middle of the living room. Thick white plastic, his name and address printed on the top.

Katsuki drops to his knees and rips the lid off with a grunt.

Deku is lying in the padded box, curled up in a foetal position with his fists up by his face and his eyes closed. He’s skinnier than he was when they took him away, about as skinny as he was when Katsuki first picked him up before he fed him and got some meat on his bones. And there’s a line of purple and yellow bruises around his neck where his collar would have been during his training. He’s sedated, his eyes half-open and staring glassily ahead. Barely reacts when Katsuki picks him up.

But shit. It’s him! It’s Deku! His Deku is back and he’s alive and he’s still in one piece! All small and fragile and pathetic, and he’s warm to the touch and Katsuki can feel his heartbeat, and he pulls him into a tight hug and Katsuki can smell his soft curly hair, and he’s home.

“Deku,” Katsuki mutters into the curve of his slave’s neck. “Oh fuck, I missed you.”

Chapter Text

Izuku doesn’t move. He isn’t allowed to. The bright lights and sudden noises are a punishment. They have to be. He doesn’t know what else they could be. He doesn’t know what he’s being punished for, but resisting will only make it worse. He has to be good. He has to. There are hands on him and he whimpers in confusion and fear. Why is he being touched? He’s a bad slave. He shouldn’t be touched unless it’s for training.

But it’s the first time he’s been touched in so, so long, that he can’t help but wrap his arms around–

He knows that voice. “Kacchan,” he sobs. “Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan.” It’s the only thing he can say and the name falls off his lips over and over again. It’s the only thing he has that the facility couldn’t take away. And that little nugget of disobedience is enough to remind him what it is to be Kacchan’s slave. Kacchan doesn’t want a perfect, facility trained slave. He doesn’t want a doll. But the thought of not being good is enough to flood Izuku’s veins with ice.

He wriggles out of Kacchan’s arms and drops to his knees at his feet. It’s so much defiance that he shakes like a leaf and presses his forehead to the floor, but it’s what Kacchan wants. Kacchan wants a bad slave and Izuku’s breath hitches as he tries not to cry even more.

“I don’t–Right now, I need orders. I’ll be–” He pauses. Is this really better? To disobey, to act on his own, to not be good all the time. The memory of the facility’s punishments makes him curl up and tremble. “I’ll be Deku,” he promises. Summoning all his courage, he looks up at Kacchan, his eyes wide. “Kacchan, please. I need orders.” Just for now. Just so he can get his head back on his shoulders. Just to quell the sea of anxiety threatening to drown him.

Kacchan just stares down at him, face blank. His hands clench into fists at his side. Izuku’s eyes dart away.

They land on a bird in the windowsill. It’s a little blue bird, hopping up and down. He stares at it in awe. It’s so… alive. Nothing like the blank, sterile walls of the facility. It’s out there in the sun and the wind and the dirt. It can fly anywhere it wants to. It can want. It–

“Hey, Deku.”

Izuku’s hand snaps back to his chest. He was reaching towards the bird without realizing it. A blush rises to his cheeks, but Kacchan doesn’t comment on it.

“The garden’s been kinda shit lately,” he says instead. “I need you to look at that. And there are seedlings you need to transfer from pots to the flowerbeds.”

Izuku almost bursts out crying, but that would annoy Kacchan, so he forces himself to hold back. He gets to go outside! He’s going to go outside! “Yes, Kacchan,” he says, voice and face carefully neutral. He isn’t allowed to show any kind of emotional reaction, isn’t allowed to try and manipulate his Kacchan.

He stands up, blood rushing back to his legs, bows deeply, and gets outside as quickly as he can. He stumbles a few times from the pins and needles, but then the door opens and he can feel the wind chilling his tear-stained face. Kacchan isn’t watching him anymore. Izuku lets out a tiny, barely audible laugh.

He doesn’t get to work immediately. Kacchan just said to look at the garden. So he can just stand here for a bit, right? Just stand on the porch and feel the wind in his hair and the sun on his face. He can smell the fresh scent of the dirt and watch the birds fluttering between the trees. As he approaches the garden, the tension and fear of the facility slowly start to seep away.

The garden really is in bad shape. There’s a lot of weeds and the plants are looking dry. He stares at it for a moment, unsure of what to do. He can’t waste time watering the parched plants, but he doesn’t like killing the weeds either. Killing living things for no reason isn’t very hero like and he’s a hero’s slave so he needs to do what Kacchan would do.

His hands tremble. He blames it on the hunger.

Well, he won’t get to eat until he takes care of the garden. So, it’s the weeds first, he decides. The plants have survived this long. They can wait a little longer. Lots of things can survive without water for longer than someone might guess.

He sets to work weeding the garden. His little weed garden tucked out of sight almost doubles in size by the time he’s done. It seems to be in much better shape than the proper garden. Guiltily, he looks back at the proper garden. He hopes the weeds aren’t stealing nutrients from the proper garden and destroying all of Kacchan’s flowers and vegetables. If they are, he’ll have to kill them. It just isn’t allowed to let them live if they’re a waste. He has to be good, no matter what.

But no, no. It’s just the water. He planted the weed garden under a gutter so it could get the extra water like they’re supposed to. It doesn’t seem right that they can get water while the real flowers can’t, but Izuku is just a slave. There’s a lot he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t need to understand how to do anything except make his Kacchan happy. And the way to do that is by taking care of the flowers.

The watering can is heavier than he remembered and he sways under the weight. As soon as the flowerbeds done, he crumples to the ground. Even with all the retraining, he’s still too lazy to do the whole job. It felt like he got lazier the longer the training went on. He wishes he understood why. No. He doesn’t wish anything. He’s a slave.

He’s a slave who can’t move. He tries to lift his head but it makes his vision double. Maybe he needs to reset. He tries to remember the last time he slept, but he’s a bad slave so he knows it’s been a long time.

Long enough that Kacchan is there. Kacchan up in the window looking down at him from the house and Kacchan in the garden crouching down right in front of his face.

“What? You still need me around?” the Kacchan in the garden snaps. “You got the real one right there. Go beg him to look after you.”

I have to be good for you. I have to get up.

“Then just do it. Plus ultra. Get to work.”

Izuku glances to the Kacchan in the window in time to watch him leave.

“Now look what you’ve done,” the garden Kacchan says. “Now he’s gonna have to come down here and beat you up instead of doing hero things because you’re too useless to just plant some plants.”

I just need to rest and then I’ll–

“You’ll what? Keep sleeping? Eat all his food? Keep acting like the ungrateful bitch you are? Do it now before he has to send you back and I’m stuck keeping you entertained forever.”

Oh. Izuku doesn’t like that idea. Doesn’t like the idea of keeping any Kacchan doing something he doesn’t want to do even if this one is probably not real.

“Of course I’m not real, idiot. Get back to work.”

Izuku pulls himself to his feet and staggers over to the corner with the new seedlings. He keeps seeing flashes of Kacchan out of the corner of his eye, but he doesn’t know which one it is. Still, it hurts to disappoint either of them. He’s not going to be a bad slave. He’s not going to make Kacchan go without him. Or put up with him. He’s not sure which. It gets all tangled in his brain and he’s too tired to think. But he’s a slave. He doesn’t need to think.

He plants the seedlings carefully. The edge of the flower beds is stone so he has to be careful not to crack his head on it. At one point, he sees the cat out of the corner of his eye too. Then she vanishes and a strange, soft feeling winds around his shins. It’s vibrating too in a way that’s oddly comforting.

He doesn’t realize the cat came to his side until she’s leaving, tail flicking angrily. He didn’t pet her. He’s supposed to take care of her. No. He’s supposed to plant the flowers. Nothing else.

By the time Izuku finishes, it’s nearing dusk, but he’s proud of himself. The garden looks the best it ever has. Not perfect, of course not. But the best a slave like him can expect to do. He tries to stand up, but nearly collapses again. He’s been awake long enough to see both Kacchans and he hasn’t been fed since before he saw Kacchan either. He needs to make sure he doesn’t damage himself.

So he crawls to the door instead, knocking lightly on it. He doesn’t want to risk trying to turn the knob himself. Instead, he just curls up on his side and waits. Feels the dirt on his skin and the sun and the wind and the scent of the grass and flowers. He knows he should be anxious about inconveniencing Kacchan but Kacchan doesn’t like it when he’s a nervous wreck and the calm of the garden helps him keep from breaking down.

The door opens not long after and strong arms wrap around Izuku and scoop him into the air. “Hey, Deku. The garden looks good. You did a great job.”

Oh. Izuku wasn’t expecting that. He snuggles against Kacchan. He knows he shouldn’t be showing that much affection without orders but he can’t help himself. He’s home. Kacchan said he’s good.

As Kacchan carries him inside, he runs his fingers through Izuku’s hair. Izuku wants to kiss those fingers, taste the caramel flavor of Kacchan’s sweat, of his awe inspiring quirk.

“Time for you to eat,” Kacchan says. “Then you’ll sleep after.”

That sours Izuku’s mood just a bit. His stomach is an empty knot, has been for weeks. The facility doesn’t bother giving slaves the enjoyment of solid food so he’s been given nutrients only through IV. They were starting to wean him back onto solids, but he didn’t adjust fast enough before his training ended.

As he’s placed on the ground by his bowl, he leans up against Kacchan for support. Kacchan gently brings the rice up to his lips and Izuku eats it as best he can. He’s exhausted and without adrenaline shots to keep him going, it’s all he can do to chew and swallow.

Halfway through the meal, he has to stop to catch his breath. A yawn splits his face open. He won’t be able to stay awake on his own much longer. Goddamnit. He wanted to be stronger than this. But what else can he expect from such a useless, worthless slave?

“Kacchan,” he whispers, “I’m gonna fall asleep soon unless you choose to keep me awake.” His head bobs forward as he struggles to keep his eyes open. “If you don’t wanna do that, you can play with me while I’m asleep. It’s not as good as if I’m awake, but–” He rubs his eyes with one hand to keep the tears from falling. “I”ll be stronger after I sleep. I can make it up to you then.”

Kacchan takes the bowl away. “Go to sleep. We’ll–”

Izuku doesn’t hear the rest of the sentence.

His dreams go to strange places, as they always do. Vague images of the things he isn’t supposed to remember anymore, forbidden from remembering. Him and Kacchan at school together, him and Kacchan in the woods, the taste of caramel, scribblings in his notebooks about Kacchan’s amazing quirk.

His dreams never linger long. Even in his sleep, he knows he isn’t allowed to stay there. But he doesn’t dream of the facility either. It hurts too much. So the only place left for his exhausted mind to take him is home. Back at Kacchan’s side where he belongs.

He dreams of Kacchan stretching him open, sloppy, rough, and something he almost dares to call desperate. He dreams of his legs bent back to his ears as Kacchan thrusts into him hard and fast. Dreams of Kacchan using him like he should, a stream of praise and insults pouring from his mouth. Kacchan says he missed him. Kacchan calls him perfect, even. A perfect little slut. Exactly what Izuku is supposed to be.

Izuku can’t respond in the dream. He rarely can. His tongue is tied, but this dream is strange. He feels warm. Safe. He desperately wishes he was home for real.

Dream Kacchan cums inside him, filling him up, and then the scene changes. He’s still in Kacchan’s room, Kacchan’s arms wrapped around his waist and early morning light filtering in through the windows. It’s so vivid it might almost be real, but there was no rough jolt of adrenaline to startle Izuku awake so he knows it’s still a dream.

Izuku takes in the room, trying to decide what to do. Even in dreams, he doesn’t like the idea of getting out of bed without permission. Dream Kacchan is still his Kacchan, after all. Just as Izuku sits up to go and try to make breakfast (and probably find the door leading off into the office or the mall or somewhere else), Dream Kacchan opens his eyes.

Izuku smiles down at him. He doesn’t want to move. He’s warm here. Comfortable, safe. Kacchan’s arm is heavy across his waist, and it’s grounding him. It’s nothing like the hell that makes up his waking hours.

“Good morning, Kacchan,” he greets, then smiles wider as he realizes this is one of the rare occasions he can actually talk. “Is it morning? I’m not sure.”

The window is blurry and hard to make out and Izuku’s head feels fuzzy from hunger. He pouts. “It’s not fair. I shouldn’t feel hungry until I wake up. This is supposed to be a good place.” He pulls his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around them. “I miss you. The real you. I can never stop thinking about you. I tried, sometimes, because I knew I would never be good enough to deserve you, but you bought me anyway.”

He leans his head back against the headboard and sighs. “I don’t know if the training is working. I don’t think it is. It’s supposed to make me happy, but I just hurt. I’m happy when I’m dreaming, but what if you hadn’t bought me? What if I’d been bought by someone else? What if you sold me to someone else and I’m never going back to you again? I would be a terrible slave for them. Even worse than I already am.”

He can talk to Dream Kacchan a lot easier than the real one, say all the things he doesn’t even dare begin to think when he’s awake, and the strange vividness of this dream makes it even easier. Dream Kacchan isn’t even talking back to him this time, insulting him and calling him worthless. So Izuku can keep talking. “I just wanna go back to you. I know I’m bad. You deserve better. I don’t think I’ll ever be a good slave, but…” He sighs, curling up on himself even more. “You don’t want a good slave. So all the training is for nothing. I’m trying not to let it get to me too much, but it’s so hard. Every time I think for myself, I make things worse. I made them take you away from me.”

He chews his lip. Even asleep, the words on his tongue make him hesitate. But he has to say them, if only to himself.

“I love you, Kacchan,” he finally admits. “I’ll never be brave enough to say it when I’m awake and I know you’ll never say it back, but...There it is. I can admit it here, at least. I can be content with being needed.”

He turns his back to Kacchan and swings his legs over the bed. “I’m gonna go see if I can go outside today,” he declares. “Sometimes the doors don’t go where they’re supposed to.”

He stands up, a familiar ache in his ass telling him it’s time to wake up. But nothing changes. He doesn’t wake up. He feels pain, real pain, but he doesn’t wake up. He was awake this whole time and he didn’t even realize it. He was talking to Kacchan! The real Kacchan!

Izuku falls to his knees, feeling the carpet against his knees and pressing his forehead to the floor. All he can do is try and stammer out an apology.

All he can do is pray he won’t be sent away again.

Chapter Text

Katsuki half wakes up when Deku sits up. He’s sort of floating in that grey area halfway between waking and sleeping. He knows he should be awake because Deku’s sitting up and talking about something, but also his alarm hasn’t gone off yet so that means he doesn’t have to be up for work. He'll be fucked if he has to get up before he has to. So whatever Deku's doing, he doesn't care. Katsuki closes his eyes and tries to get back to sleep. But Deku’s still mumbling about something and it’s really fucking distracting. What the hell is he saying? Is he talking in his sleep, now? Urgh, if he starts talking and sleep walking then Katsuki’s going to move his damn cage out into the living room.

“I just wanna go back to you.”

Okay, Deku’s dreaming. What’s he dreaming of? Some prince on a white horse or whatever about to rescue him from here? Yeah right. Katsuki scowls and rubs his nose.

"I love you.”

Urgh. Katsuki rubs his head into the pillow. The fuck is Deku doing having these stupid dreams about someone? What the fuck’s wrong with him? Are slaves allowed to dream? Probably. But he should probably be dreaming of Katsuki and his dick or something. A good slave just dreams of his master. Whatever. Katsuki’s about to go back to sleep when the mattress shifts and Deku gets off of the bed to leave. That’s when he props himself up and scowls. Deku’s hunched over in front of him, trembling like a damn leaf.

“What?” he groans, rubbing his eye. “Deku it’s fucking five in the morning, if you want to go to the garden then just go. I’m not going to stop you.” Then he frowns at Deku, registering that he’s apparently terrified enough to apologise. “What’re you sorry for? The fuck’s the matter, did you have a bad dream or something?” He rubs his nose and yawns. He honestly doesn’t give a shit what Deku dreams of. But a part of him is curious to work out just who Deku was saying he loved in his dreams. That sounds embarrassing. He could make Deku squirm with that.

But Deku just starts babbling about nothing. "I–I don't think it was a bad dream really, I just... I just don't know when I woke up. I wasn't hurt or scared so I thought I was still asleep, but maybe I wasn't? I don't know. I don't know."

Katsuki slumps down into the pillow. Yadda yadda, shut up Deku. It’s too damn early for this. It would be cute if he said anything of interest (like what it was he was actually dreaming of so Katsuki could make fun of him for it), but he doesn’t because he’s useless. Just as useless and pathetic and stupid as he was before the facility took him in. But at least he quickly leaves the room and Katsuki can go back to sleep again. He drifts back to sleep with a quick, half-formed thought that it’s nice to have Deku's babbling back. The house was very quiet without him.

But then the next thing Katsuki knows his alarm is going off and he has to get ready for work. Urgh. Katsuki gets dressed quickly, pulling on his uniform and splashing water in his face to wake up. As he goes downstairs he wonders dimly if he should take Deku to the agency or leave him at home. Or maybe he should take the day off entirely to make sure he doesn’t collapse or anything. Deku does look impossibly thin as he sets breakfast down in front of Katsuki then kneels down at his side. Like he hasn’t eaten the entire time he was locked in the facility. Katsuki rests a hand in Deku’s hair. Almost tenderly.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" Deku asks eagerly.

Katsuki's thumb rubs over Deku's hair. He's sort of cute.



No, he isn't cute! And Katsuki doesn’t want to be tender. Urgh, it’s too early, he isn’t thinking. He bites down on his breakfast with a snarl. “Suck me off,” he says, pulling Deku’s head towards his crotch. “As an apology for waking me up so early. Then make sure you eat something too, I don’t want you collapsing or anything today.”

Deku nods and shifts forward between Katsuki's legs, undoing his belt with slightly shaking hands. His mouth on Katsuki's dick is as good as it ever wash, he still knows how to use his lips and tongue. But there's something off. He doesn't move quite as much as he usually does, and his hands seem to be trembling more from nerves or weakness than from excitement.

Then when Katsuki comes, Deku swallows it all and sits back with an oddly contemplative look. "I don't know if I can eat much more," he says, one hand on his slightly distended stomach. "I think I'm full."

What the fuck? It's not like Katsuki's quirk makes him produce buckets of jizz or anything. Christ, Deku's in worse shape than he thought. Urgh. He's going to be such a pain.

"Stay here," Katsuki says, getting to his feet to grab his phone from his bedroom. Kansha's on speed dial and Katsuki starts talking as soon as he answers. "I'm not coming in today. Deku's sick, I gotta stay with him and make sure he doesn't keel over and die. Rearrange all my shit."

"That's okay, Sir," Kansha says. "I thought something like this might happen when you got your slave back, I've already cancelled all your appointments. I'll email you your new schedule now."

"I-" Katsuki opened and closed his mouth, frowning. "Stop doing that. It's weird."

"This is what you pay me for, Sir. I'm hardly going to stop it." And he hangs up the phone, leaving Katsuki gaping like a fish. Urgh, bastard. If he wasn't so good at his job and willing to put up with Katsuki he'd've been fired long ago. Instead, Katsuki puts his phone away and pulls off his gloves to head back out to Deku.

Deku's still waiting in the dining room where Katsuki left him. But he's being weird, again. Hunched over on the ground, trembling, a hand on his stomach. He's unresponsive at Katsuki approached, when normally he'd be scrabbling to kiss his feet.

"Hey, Deku," Katsuki says slowly, testing these waters. "What if you ate something easy? Like... A protein shake or something." That'll go down easy, right? And Katsuki has the good shit with all the nutrients. Maybe Deku can stomach it.

Deku is unresponsive at first. But after a moment, he lifts his head. "I can try that," he says. He's obviously pale and shaking and scared, but he tries to smile despite it. "I don't know how much I can eat, but I can try."

He stands up to go make the shake, but wobbles and has to hold the table for support.

"Ah, shit." Katsuki grabs Deku by the shoulders and helps him stand up, turning him around to look in his eyes and trying to remember his first aid training. When he can't remember anything useful, he just checks Deku's remote. Yup, Deku's exhausted and malnourished and can't do anything too strenuous. If a light breeze comes in one of the windows he'll get blown over. Or something. It's a good thing Katsuki cancelled all his plans, there's no way Deku would survive being left alone in this state.

"Come on, Deku," Katsuki says, helping Deku into the kitchen. He just, kind of, props his slave up against the counter as he goes and grabs all the stuff to make him some easy-to-digest food. It won't taste like much, but hopefully Deku will be able to keep some of it down.

When it's done, Katsuki looks round at Deku. He looks like shit. Katsuki's going to call the facility and get his damn money back after Deku's better. They're sending him a defective product! In the meantime, he has an idea of what might make Deku perk up a little. It worked yesterday. So he steps forward and runs his hand through Deku's hair. Notices the way Deku flinches at the touch before relaxing into his hand. "Let's go eat this in the garden."

There's no external reaction, but the remote shows Deku's heart rate picking up in excitement. So he must be happy as he stumbles outside into the garden and to the shade of the tree. When they get there, Deku apparently reaches the end of his energy and collapses into Katsuki's lap. Still doesn't make any indication he wants to eat, though. He stares at the sky, runs his hands through the grass, wriggles in Katsuki's lap. Procrastinates as long as he can until Katsuki starts getting annoyed and he has no choice but to stop being a little bitch and eat.

Katsuki doesn’t trust Deku with anything as complicated as a spoon right now, but the tiny slave can at least gulp down the shake. It's a slow process and Deku struggles to get even the first mouthful down. Katsuki has the remote to guide him, but it's clear that the only reason Deku isn't utterly miserable and curling up over himself is that they're outside.

But he drinks. To encourage him, Katsuki rubs his hand up and down Deku's back saying a lot of shit like, "Good boy. You're doing great."

But even that's apparently not enough to get Deku completely settled down. He’s still writhing and whimpering at every mouthful. Luckily, Katsuki has an idea that may relax him. He slips his hand down Deku's back to his ass, running a finger around Deku's entrance. It’s still slick and stretched out from when Katsuki had fucked him the night before. It'll be a little tight, but if they go slow it should be fine. And Katsuki intends to go very slow. He pushes a finger inside Deku, stretching him out gently. "Good boy," he says. And he feeds Deku another small mouthful of food.

That works. The more Katsuki stretches him out, the more Deku calms down, at least until he starts getting hard and squirming in pleasure. He gets hard quickly. Apparently they didn't let him cum in the facility so he would bond with his owner more on release. Even just one finger is enough to get him hard and leaking and he clings feebly to Katsuki's leg to brace himself.

Deku's tiny whimpers always go straight to Katsuki's dick. He quickly gets hard himself listening to Deku whine and feeling him clutching at his leg. He leans his chin on Deku's shoulder. Looks down at Deku's cock, his slave already so desperate. He grins. "It's been a while since you've come, huh Deku?"

Katsuki rock his hips up so his cock grinds against Deku's ass. Then he slowly pulls his own dick out and line it up with Deku's entrance, gently pushing into him. Not fucking him, not going that far just yet. Just letting Deku sink down onto his cock so he's sitting there with his back pressed up against Katsuki's chest. Deku whines and whimpers and gasps the whole time. Katsuki gently rubs up and down Deku's sides and plants a small kiss on the back of his head.

"Good boy," he says. "If you finish all your food, then you can come. Alright?"

"O–okay Kacchan," he murmurs, squirming on Katsuki's cock. "I'll try..."

Katsuki rubs his hands up and down Deku's sides as he eats, saying soft encouragements the entire time. Deku struggles and whines still, and Katsuki's going to kill whoever starved him at that damn facility, but finally he gets the last of the food down and keeps it down. And Katsuki puts the food down and sits with his hands on Deku's hips, letting him heave and sigh and get used to the food in his stomach. It's pathetic. The facility destroyed him. The bastards, that's Katsuki's job.

Finally, they get through the meager little shake. Deku's in tears and clutches his stomach. He heaves a little bit, though he manages to keep everything down. Good. Katsuki would kill him if he vomited on his uniform. But instead Deku just rests his head on Katsuki's shoulder.

"D–did I do a good job, Kacchan?" he finally asks.

Katsuki grins at the question. "Yeah. You did real good, Deku."

And he starts rocking up into Deku, gently fucking him. He doesn't want to go too fast, doesn't want Deku to throw up on him. But maybe if he goes slowly like this, Deku will be okay. He rocks up into him. Gently lifts Deku up and slowly thrusts into him. And he takes Deku's cock and strokes it softly, whispering to him the entire time how good he's being.

When Deku comes with a quiet whine, Katsuki keeps fucking him slowly. It's weird to be doing something gentle like this, normally Katsuki goes hard and fast. But it's pretty good all the same. Something different. And when Deku clenches around Katsuki, he fucks slightly harder into him until he's also coming inside Deku's ass. Then he slumps forward, sighing so that his breath ruffles Deku's hair.

"You can go to work if you want," Deku offers. "I'll be okay at home. Or you could just take me to the agency and put me in a corner somewhere. I don't wanna get in the way of your work."

"You won't be fine at home," Katsuki mutters into the back of Deku's head. "The damn facility went too hard on you, if I left you alone you'd get sick." He rubs his hands up and down Deku's thighs, enjoying the feeling of his soft skin under his hands. He sighs. Shifts back so he's more comfortable. Pulls Deku to lean against him. "Besides, I've got the day off today. Just gonna take it easy."

They sit out there a little longer, until Deku falls asleep still on Katsuki's cock. Katsuki carries him back up to his room and lies him on the bed again. He fucks Deku again when he's passed out, one hand on Deku's throat and the other holding his leg up. Listens to Deku moaning and squeaking in his sleep. Fills him up with cum, and leaves him in his crate. It's good to have him back. Even if he is sort of useless right now.

Over the next couple of days, Deku slowly gets better. Or at the very least, he doesn't look two seconds away from keeling over dead at any point. And he manages to eat solid food and keep it down without needing a dick in his ass. His chores still need work, but he's better than any house cleaner Katsuki could get even when he's a wreck. Then when his work is done, he goes out in the garden every chance he gets, even if he comes back soaking wet and needing to snuggle into Katsuki's chest for warmth. It's like having a demanding puppy.

But he's not all the way there. He doesn't mumble as much as he used to, not since that one day where he was mumbling in his sleep. And whilst he seeks out Katsuki for warmth and is eager during sex, the rest of the time he's quiet and keeps his head down. Doesn't speak unless spoken too. Doesn't look Katsuki in the eye. Behaves more like Dabi than like Deku. That pisses Katsuki off.

But at the very least his brain doesn't seem to have a problem, judging by the detailed notes Katsuki finds in Deku's notebook every day. The bastard sure likes to write about Heroes. The few times Katsuki leaves him alone, all he does is watch the Hero Highlights on television and write about quirks and strategies and ideal Hero team-ups. Katsuki flips through his notes a bunch. One day on patrol he puts some of Deku's strategies into practice. Feels a strange mixture of annoyance and pride when they actually work.

Deku's got a good head on his shoulders, Katsuki admits that. And his strategies have actually gotten Katsuki out of a few scrapes in patrols. Not that he'd ever tell him. But still, he kind of wants to... Reward Deku for that. Somehow. Give him a treat. Show him how proud Katsuki is. And it's Momo who gives him an idea. She fawns over Dabi's piercings so much, it's surprising Katsuki doesn't organise to get Deku a tongue piercing sooner. But yeah, after everything Deku's been through and all the work he's done, Katsuki wants to treat him. Just this once.

So that Saturday, he finds Deku when he's out in the garden. "Hey, Deku," he says, stepping up behind him. "You've been pretty good lately, I thought I'd give you a present. Something that'll help you with your slave work." He ruffles Deku's hair. "Go get dressed and get in the car."

Deku seems confused at first, but he gets dressed as quickly as he can. Clothes are awkward for him again (another thing the facility fucked up) but he seems to like being in the car. Or at least, it makes the stress readings on the remote go down. Winds down the window to feel the air in his face. Katsuki wonders if he should just put a fan in his cupboard for him since he likes the wind so damn much, but doesn't say anything.

The piercer they're going to is the one Momo uses; some fancy place that caters specifically to slaves. The kind where you have to call ahead and make an appointment with the single piercer they have. It's pretty damn expensive too, but apparently this piercer's the best so whatever. Katuki's wallet can take it. And he's really excited to see what Deku's tongue is like with a piercing in it. Deku's already really good with his tongue, so if Katsuki fits him with one of those tingling tongue piercings then it'll be a whole other echelon. Katsuki's cock gets half hard on the way to the piercer's just thinking about it. But he brushes it off. He'll have Deku see to that later. And he pulls the car to a stop outside the piercing studio.

The front room's set up with a little waiting area. There's another woman here, her own slave sitting politely at her feet and already glinting with piercings. Katsuki chews his lip eagerly as he waits for his session. Deku's nervous around people, and keeps his head down. Kneels at Katsuki's feet as they wait, with his head on his owner's knee. It's more intimate than other slaves might be, but Katsuki lets it slide. He sees how Deku's twitching and nervous, and this is meant to be a treat.

As they wait, Katsuki looks down at Deku and considers what he might get. Earrings are nice. Maybe nipple piercings. And Deku hasn't topped Katsuki yet, but maybe if he had dick piercings they'd feel good. Katsuki's so caught up in his own head staring at Deku he almost misses his name being called.

With an eager grin, he grabs Deku and pulls him into the piercing studio. Has him hop up on the bed, then turns to the piercer. They're pulling on some gloves, and telling him something about aftercare. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Katsuki will have Momo help with that, it's fine. He just wants this done. So he misses a lot of what she says. Just tells her to fix his tongue.

Katsuki looks at Deku with a wide smile. "You're going to look so good after this, Deku."

"The tongue is a very popular and useful piercing," the piercer says with a nod. And she turns to Deku, holding up her forceps. "Open your mouth."

Deku opens his mouth obediently and lets her pierce his tongue without complaint. He lets out a little gasp when the piercing goes in, but that's it. Katsuki grins. The slut's probably enjoying it, since he's such a masochist. Katsuki digs his own nails into his arms when the needle goes through Deku's tongue. The metal barbell glints invitingly. God, he can't wait to fuck Deku's mouth and find out what these fancy studs feel like on his dick.

The piercer compliments Katsuki as she finishes up. "Most slaves are a lot jumpier when they get their first piercings. Usually we have to either tie them down or turn them off. This one's taking it well." Deku preens subtly at that, glowing with pride and looking up to Katsuki for approval. Katsuki grins at him, letting him know he's done a good job.

"Deku's pretty well behaved when it comes to pain," he says. "He's probably enjoying getting stabbed with needles." His eyes flick to Deku's crotch. The fabric of his skirt is already starting to tent a little bit, just like Katsuki expected. And his tongue is hanging open still, the new piercing on display. Katsuki wants to fuck his mouth right then and there. But he tears his eyes away and looks back to the piercer. "Let's do a couple more. Ear lobes. And maybe nipples."

"Sure. But just so you know, it'll take longer to heal if we do more," she says, picking up a new sterilised needle.

"Whatever," Katsuki says, waving his hand. And he steps forward to unzip Deku's jacket and push it off his shoulders. "Be a good boy now, Deku. If you behave maybe I'll give you another present later."

Despite his efforts to keep it hidden, there's still a little pout of disappointment on Deku's face when the piercer goes for his earlobes first. Such a masochist.

The piercer gives Deku simple studs and then moves on to his nipples. That's a little bit more of a challenge. He's hard and needy and he can't stop himself from squirming just a little as she sends the studs through his nipples. A damp patch grows on his skirt where he's leaking precum. The piercer wipes the blood droplets away from his chest and Deku's almost coming just from that touch. Spreading his legs and whining like even more of a slut than usual. Katsuki grins, his own cock twitching. He probably won't be able to fuck Deku in the piercing room, something about sterility. Have to wait until they get outside.

The piercer laughs incredulously when she finally notices it. "Damn, you were right. He does enjoy it." She giggles and straightens up, discarding the needles and pulling off her gloves. "We could probably manage a couple more, but any more than what we have now and it'll get annoying waiting for them to heal so you can play with them properly."

Katsuki gives a small bark of laughter and steps forward to pry Deku's mouth open. The metal stud on his tongue is glinting prettily. Deku moans and leans into the touch, his tongue slipping out of his mouth again to try and lick Katsuki's fingers. "That's fine, we can leave this for now. How long will it take to heal? How long before I can use his mouth again?"

The piercer puts the needles down and pulls off her gloves. "Tongues heal quickly," she says. "If you take care of it and clean it hourly, it should be alright in six to eight weeks."

Immediately, Katsuki's hand tightens on Deku's jaw. His nails dig into Deku's skin and he turns to stare at the piercer. "What? I have to wait two months to use his tongue?"

"Yes. You were told this over the phone when you made the appointment," she says, raising one eyebrow. "He needs time to heal. And he has to avoid heavy use for a few weeks. But after that, his tongue will give much more pleasure with various piercing options."

Katsuki glares. His hand crackles against Deku's jaw, making the slave whimper quietly. Two months? Two months without Deku's mouth? But using Deku's mouth was the entire point of getting this shit. He looks back round at Deku, the horny little bitch who Katsuki can't use any more. And he lets go. "Fine. Deku, get dressed. We're going."

And he leaves the room, his head brewing with dark thoughts. Almost throws his credit card at the man behind the register to pay for it. His cock is still hard in his jeans and he can barely look at Deku as he storms out of the piercing studio. Deku follows him, his head down and his mouth tightly shut. He keeps his trap shut most of the way back to the car. But when they're walking through an alley to the parking lot, that's when he starts talking.

"Kacchan can still use my ass and hands," he points out in a small voice. The words are slurred and hard to understand around the fresh piercing, but comprehensible. "I can still be good!"

That gets him fucking pissed. Katsuki rounds on Deku, grabbing him by the throat and pushing him up against the wall. Deku squeaks at that, his eyes wide with fear. Katsuki can feel his throat moving as he swallows. Can feel the sweat on his skin make contact with his palm.

He's so fucking pathetic. Katsuki could kill him at that very moment, and Deku would have no way to stop it. Katsuki can do whatever he wants to him! Well... No, not everything. Stupid fucking useless piece of shit slut!

"I know I can still use your damn ass, Deku. I know exactly what I paid for, I know how I can use you. But maybe I don't want to use your hands or ass, maybe I want to use your mouth. You ever think of that?" His hand goes from Deku's neck to his jaw, pulling his mouth open so the piercing on his tongue is on full display. It's glittering beautifully inside his lips. And Katsuki can't have it! He growls and forces his thigh between Deku's legs. Deku's still hard despite everything. Katsuki's nails dig into his skin.

"You can barely speak right now," Katsuki says, grinding his thigh up against Deku's cock. "What makes you think you can be good?"

"Please, Kacchan," Deku slurs. "Just wanna make you happy..."

Katsuki's fingers twitch on Deku's jaw. He feels sweat prick on his palm. Deku's so fucking fragile, he wouldn't stand a chance against Katsuki if he tried to fight back. He should be grateful that Katsuki hasn't blown his head off, yet. It would be so easy. He could destroy Deku, call the facility, say that Deku had misbehaved again and been disciplined. Then he'd need to pay a small fee, and he'd get a replacement slave shipped out by next week. If Katsuki ever got bored, it would be so so easy to get rid of Deku. Who'd care about a stupid quirkless slave dying?

But if he did that, he wouldn't get to see Deku squirming any more. Wouldn't be able to see the hopeless way he's grinding against his thigh and begging to be good. The way he's tearing up so prettily, and practically melting in his hand as he begs Katsuki to please use him. Deku's so eager to please. So desperate for any sort of affection.

Katsuki moves forward, his hand going to Deku's cock. He's pathetically hard, and immediately whines at the touch. Katsuki barely needs to use the damn remote to turn Deku on, he's just always like this. He grips Deku's cock. Hard.

"You're going to need to make me very happy for the next few months," he says as his grip tightens on Deku's cock. "If I can't use your mouth, you'll need to work extra hard to make sure I don't send you back and get someone with a working tongue." And he lets go of Deku's cock to go to his ass, hooking a finger through the plug he's wearing and pulling it out. If he can't use Deku's mouth, he'll just have to use the rest of him.

Deku wraps his legs around Katsuki waist, sinking onto his cock without any more prep than what the plug offers. He wraps his arms around Katsuki's back and digs his fingers in. He's only done that once, but it's good. A little bit of independence, so he's not a doll. More fun to break down when he's like this.

Katsuki grunts, his hips jerking upwards. He hadn't planned on fucking Deku like this so he doesn't have any lube and it's a tight fit. It almost hurts. But the way Deku squirms and whines in pain makes Katsuki forget about his own discomfort. And he fucks into Deku, pressing him against the wall with a hand still on his jaw holding his mouth open. Drool rolls down Deku's chin. It's flecked with a little blood from his new piercing.

Katsuki likes the way Deku's clawing at his back, acting like he's an equal and can hold his own. His nails are almost hurting Katsuki through the back of his shirt. But Katsuki can see the way he's trembling, and the way his eyes are wide and scared. Terrified that Katsuki's threats are real and he'll actually throw Deku out. It's almost cute. Katsuki grins and fucks him harder. He has one hand on Deku's chest, a thumb pressing on his new nipple piercing to get him to squirm more. And he slips his other hand into Deku's mouth, grabbing his tongue with two fingers. Blood trickles out around Deku's piercing.

"That's good," he mutters, slamming into Deku's ass again and again. "Just keep... Keep doing this. And maybe I won't replace you." And he slams into Deku with a groan, coming inside of him.

But Deku doesn't stop. He clings even tighter with his legs and bounces harder.

"Ah, fuck!" Katsuki's fingers grip Deku's tongue and chest as he keeps moving. He's being a brat apparently, still moving even after Katsuki's come and getting himself off as without asking permission. Katsuki's mouth hangs open and he glares at Deku, daring him to keep going. And of course the bastard keeps going because he's a damn brat. And Katsuki's overstimulated, his hands digging into Deku and his legs shaking. Until finally Deku comes as well, covering his own skirt in jizz as he moans through it, and hops off of him. Katsuki glares at him and wipes the blood off of his fingers.

Deku can't speak more than the absolute bare minimum right now. But he does look up at him with a surprisingly steady expression, even if his eyes flicker away a moment or two later.

He's a brat. A bitch. Broken.

But this is what Katsuki wanted, right?

Chapter Text

Kacchan doesn’t punish Izuku for cumming without permission. Izuku has no idea how he managed to get away with it, but it makes him a little giddy. To know he can push the boundaries just a little bit. Although the giddiness may have something to do with the constant stimulation from his nipple piercings. Kacchan keeps flinging insults at him, but they just roll off. Izuku already knows he’s a useless whore, so it’s not like it bothers him when Kacchan brings it up. At least, it doesn’t bother him much. Then on Monday, he gets another surprise.

“Go put on something professional,” Kacchan orders after breakfast. “Not just nice. Professional. I want you to talk at a meeting today about some of your Hero theories.” He jabs a finger at Izuku’s notebook that he’s been reading through. “If you’re spending all your time writing about Heroes, may as well put that to some use.”

Izuku freezes for a moment, his breath catching in his throat. His recent retraining reminded him that his little hobby is nothing more than something to keep him out of trouble when he has nothing better to do. Everything in his notebooks is worthless because he’s worthless. He’s just gonna be wasting everyone’s time.

But it’s what Kacchan wants, so it’s what Kacchan gets.

Izuku gets up and bows low before scurrying off back to his cupboard. He’s spent the last couple days in the cage in Kacchan’s room. At some point, Kacchan must have put a suit in there, because it’s staring Izuku in the face.

It’s the most complicated piece of clothing Izuku has attempted so far. The buttons are backwards from what he’s used to and he has to put the tie on the hanger and tie it there before he can get on his own neck. He has to put his collar on over the tie to make it visible and the knot presses against his throat and makes it hard to breathe. Or maybe that’s just the anxiety. It’s hard to say.

When he emerges, Kacchan is sitting back with an easy smile. “Damn, you almost look like a real person, Deku,” he laughs. He tosses Izuku the notebook. “Figure out what you want to say on the ride over.”

“What-what would you like me to talk about?” Izuku asks. One hand fiddles with his explosion-shaped cufflinks.

Kacchan glares at him. “What did I just say, Deku? Figure it out.”

Oh. Well, that’s not very helpful. Once he’s in the car, he starts reading through his notes, poring over them for anything that the Heroes might think is even a bit interesting or useful. He can’t find anything, but he does figure out a few new connections that he hadn’t seen before, so he marks them down. Maybe that will be helpful. He hopes so.

He gets so caught up in his pitiful mockery of work that he doesn’t even realize they’re in the building until the leash comes off.

“Change of plans,” Kacchan says to the gathered crowd as he coils the leash up. “I’m starting off with my slave talking about some theories. Any objections?” There aren’t any. So he sits down off to the side and waves a hand. “Okay, Deku.”

Izuku stares out at the assembled crowd. There’s Heroes and sidekicks and so many real people. He wants to run and hide but that’s definitely not allowed. His mouth opens and closes soundlessly as they all stare at him, waiting for him to start talking.

And then he does. It’s slow at first, stammering and stuttering as he explains what pathetically little he knows. But Kacchan’s occasional nod of approval keeps him going. Gradually, he settles into easy rhythm, gaining confidence, barely glancing at his notes, pacing around the room, answering questions without apologizing for not anticipating them. At one point, he sees a bored first year intern on her phone and snaps his fingers at her. She’s so stunned that she puts her phone away immediately.

But still, it can’t last forever. Eventually, Izuku is just rambling. He’s said everything he has to say, but he doesn’t know when he’s supposed to stop. Just as he’s considering asking Kacchan if he’s done, he feels a warm patch start to leak down his side.

He’s pissing himself.

He’s pissing himself in front of the entire room.

He did have a lot to drink this morning, since milkshakes and smoothies are the easiest for him to deal with around the piercing, but he didn’t think it was that much. His face flushes bright red and he tries to keep going. He has to be good. He’s supposed to be talking about Hero theories. He tries to stammer on, tears in his eyes, but of course, none of the Heroes are paying attention to him anymore. Not to his words, anyway.

Every eye in the room is on his crotch, on the dark patch that just keeps growing. There’s so much of it that it just drips down to the floor. Or maybe that’s just the humiliated tears. This is going to reflect badly on Kacchan. That’s the worst part. He tried so hard to be good and he just ended up embarrassing Kacchan in front of everyone.

“I’m sorry, everyone,” he hears Kacchan say distantly. “I think my slave got a little too excited. You know how they can be.”

Izuku has no idea what to do. He tries to fall back on his default training, but all that tells him is that he’s not allowed to cover himself ever. So he clasps his hands behind his back with his soiled pants on display and stares straight ahead, lip trembling and tears rolling down his cheeks.

Kacchan walks up to him with a grin, places a gentle hand on his cheek and wipes the tears away. “You really need to learn to control yourself better, Deku,” he purrs. “This is disgusting.”

He shoves Izuku to his knees and Izuku goes down without a fight. If anything, this is a relief. He’s not good, not right now, but he can do what Kacchan wants. Sprawled on the ground with Kacchan’s boot planted firmly on his spine, face ground into a puddle of his own piss. He can be okay with this. This is where Kacchan wants him to be! He’s okay! He’s fine! And he needs to keep quiet. That’s the important thing. He needs to keep quiet and not break down sobbing and make even more of a nuisance of himself.

He lays there for what feels like hours as Kacchan talks, his heel digging deeper into Izuku’s back every so often. Izuku’s calmed down enough that he’s in a blank, almost meditative state. Just stares off into space and listens to Kacchan talk about patrol routes and construction and contracts that still need to be finalised. Listens to Kacchan call him a horrible, useless, pathetic slave until the room is empty and it’s time for his punishment.

“I’m sorry,” Izuku murmurs. “I can clean it up.”

Kacchan scoffs, then kicks Izuku onto his back. He glares down at Izuku, arms folded across his chest. And he rests his boot against on Izuku’s cock.

“You’re so pathetic,” he snarls. “Were you so excited to give a presentation that you wet yourself? Or did you piss yourself on purpose to make me look like an idiot in front of everyone? Such an ungrateful piece of shit.” He grinds his heel down, making Izuku whimper. “Or were you just so stupid you didn’t pay attention to your own body? Is that it? Stupid Deku needs me to do everything for him, huh? Is that what you want?”

Izuku’s eyes flutter shut as he fights not to press back against the boot. Kacchan’s been annoyed about the piercings, hasn’t used him much since that day, plus the shame and pain and humiliation are always a turn on. “I’m sorry, Kacchan,” he repeats. “I’m stupid. I can’t function without you. I’m stupid.”

He lies there, looking up at Kacchan, and his hips writhe up against the boot. He can’t help the small moan that escapes him as Kacchan grinds down in response. He knows he’s going to be punished, knows he should be grovelling for forgiveness, but he’s still so needy and turned on. “Are you going to punish me?” he asks, trying not to sound too eager.

Kacchan’s eyes narrow. “You want to be punished, Deku? Is that it? You think you’ve fucked up enough and now I’m going to put you back in your place? Maybe bend you over me desk and whip you til you bleed?”

Izuku moans shamelessly at the thought, but Kacchan steps away.

“It’s not really a punishment if you’re a freak who gets off on that kind of shit.” Kacchan kicks him again, forcing him over onto his front. “You’re such a pain. I give you a new suit and let you talk about your interests and you just piss yourself and make me look like an idiot. You even need my help to feed yourself! Why would I be nice and beat you up after all that, huh?”

Izuku hears the words but they don’t register, not really. He really is pathetic and he wishes he could work properly without bothering Kacchan so much. He tries to be good but it seems like that’s just impossible for him. But being on his stomach presses his nipple piercings to the floor and that takes up most of his attention and he has to force himself to pay attention to his Kacchan through the haze of arousal.

“No,” Kacchan declares. “I’m not going to punish you. I’m going to take care of you. And if you’re so pathetic that you need my help for everything, then I’ll make sure that only I get to decide when you do everything. How’s that sound? Good? Good.”

And then Izuku can barely feel his piercings anymore. Barely anything. Oh. Right. Izuku forgot about the remote. He sighs inwardly. “How does Kacchan want to take care of me?” he asks sweetly, his voice shaking despite himself. He wants, needs, to put his life in Kacchan’s hands, but he gets the feeling he won’t enjoy this as much as other punishments. “I’ll do my best to be good for you.”

Izuku hears Kacchan move behind him, notices his hips be dragged up and his face pressed further into the piss still pooled on the floor.

“How does this feel, Deku?” Kacchan demands and that’s when Izuku realizes that Kacchan’s hand is fisted around his cock.

“More,” Izuku whines, “Please, Kacchan, I need more.” He doesn’t stop begging as Kacchan goes faster and harder. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, the sensations begin to sink into him. He can feel himself start to get hard and needy, but the orgasm is so far out of reach. He fucks Kacchan’s hand, tries to think of the most erotic and beautiful Kacchan has ever been, but he still can’t even approach the edge. He’s sobbing in frustration before long and he’s sure this is taking more of a toll on him than he can feel.

“Hey, Deku,” Katsuki whispers into his ear. “Maybe… if you’re a good boy and call me ‘Master’, I’ll let you cum. How about that?”

Izuku’s blood turns to his ice. Kacchan is his owner. That’s what he’s supposed to call his owners. But…

“Yes, Kacchan,” he gasps out. A moment later, he realizes his mistake. “I–I mean, yes, Kacchan.” Fuck. “Yes, M-m…” A sob cuts his words off. “Please let me cum, Kacchan. Please, please.”

“Are you being stupid on purpose or are you trying to piss me off?” Kacchan snarls in his ear. “I told you to call me Master, you useless little prick. Do it!” The stench of blood pierces the air. He must have bit Izuku. “I gave you a fucking order, Deku. You need to call me Master. Don’t call me Kacchan again. Don’t you fucking dare call me that. Come on. Be good for me. Call me Master and you can cum.”

“I’m sorry,” Izuku whimpers. He’s hard and he needs to cum, but mostly he needs to not disappoint his Kacchan again. “M-m-m…” His breath picks up, shuddering with sobs. Why can’t he do this? This should be easy! “I’m sorry, Kacchan! I–” Fuck. He did it again. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, please, Kacchan, I–Please, m-m..” He can’t stop crying, tears blurring his vision. “I’m trying to be good, Kacchan, I swear, I just–”

He shrieks in anger and frustration. He wants to rip his own hair out but he knows better than to move without Kacchan’s permission. And yet, he can’t obey a simple fucking order. He summons his nerve. He just needs to say the word. Don’t think about Kacchan. Just say the word.

“M-m… ma-master…” A wave of relief washes over him. “I did it, Kacchan! I–”

And then even more floods him as Kacchan returns sensation to him. He feels like he’s been thrown underwater. His vision is blurry and his ears are ringing. He isn’t sure if he’s being rewarded or punished. Everything feels so painfully, overwhelmingly good. He doesn’t even know if he’s allowed to cum or not, but it happens anyway.

He closes his eyes as he cums.

But when he opens them, he’s somewhere else.

The office is gone, and so is his suit and the puddle of urine he’d been forced down into. He’s in a hospital bed. There’s a leash connecting him to the wall and an IV drip in one hand. His body aches all over. He blinks, confused, and looks around until his eyes finally land on Kacchan in the chair next to him. Kacchan’s in civilian clothes and he has a strange look in his eye.

“Kacchan?” Izuku asks. His mouth feels dry. “What happened?”

Kacchan folds his arms over his chest and snorts. “Don’t call me Kacchan. We’ve just been over this.” He yawns and runs his fingers through his hair. “You’re in the hospital. Because you fainted. Because your stamina is shit after the facility. We’ll work on that too.”

Izuku flinches. “Sorry, K–. Sorry.” He’s mad at himself. He should be able to stay awake and serve Kacchan no matter what. Besides, it’s not like he needs sleep until the hallucinations start. And even then, he should be able to work through them. “I’ll get better, I promise. I won’t disappoint you again.” His heart is pounding in his chest, making the monitor on him beep faster and faster. The white walls and sterile air remind Izuku of the facility, remind him of what happens if he does disappoint his Kacchan.

The beeping alerts a nurse who comes in and takes a look at Izuku’s chart. “Just got back from a retraining session?” she asks Kacchan. “Yeah, it’s a shame when they end up here this soon after.” She examines Izuku without actually touching him, smart enough not to test Ground Zero’s temper. “We’ll have him out of here as soon as we finish this round of fluids. Just want to make sure he’s upright long enough to get him home. I’d recommend avoiding hard labor for a couple of days though. Just in case.”

Once she’s made sure Izuku won’t fail Kacchan again, she walks out and then it’s just Izuku and Kacchan. Kacchan props his head up on his hand, just watching.

Izuku bites his lip. “Kacchan?” he asks, flinching when Kacchan’s eyes narrow. “M-may I ask what prompted your decision to change how I address you?” His voice is somehow even smaller and weaker than the rest of him.

Kacchan’s eyes widen briefly. He looks away, watching the hallway through the open door instead. He doesn’t answer for a long time. Instead, he chews his lips. Digs his fingers into his thigh. And snorts. “I don’t have to explain shit to you, Deku. Just… try to call me Master more often in public. And get some rest or something so we can get out of here.”

“Yes, Kacchan,” Izuku murmurs. He tries to choke out the word ‘master’, but that just gets his heart rate up again and he falls silent.

It’s like that for the next day or so. Izuku barely speaks, but when he does, it’s Kacchan every single time. He tries as hard as he can, but he just can’t do it. It’s making him utterly miserable. He’s not doing much better physically. The stress takes its toll on him, leaving him too weak to exercise in any way beyond maybe riding Kacchan for a bit and even that leaves him trembling and panting for all the wrong reasons.

By the second morning, he’s come to a realization. He’s on his knees with his hands behind his back, licking the remains of his breakfast off his face as best he can. “Kacchan, I think I was trained wrong,” he admits, speaking without prompting for the first time in a while. “I think the facility programmed me to call you Kacchan by mistake. If you want to fix it, you-you can… You can send me back to them. It should be free if it’s their fault.”

Kacchan puts his coffee mug down and just that action is enough to have Izuku cowering away.

“I’m not sending you back to the damn facility, Deku. If I do, then they’ll just try to sell me extra add-ons and keep you way too long and they’ll break you even more. Fuck, if they’re the ones who broke you in the first place, then how could they fix you?”

Izuku bites his tongue. The facility didn’t break him. They’re the ones who made him good. But they did make this one small mistake, so that’s probably what Kacchan means.

Kacchan huffs when Izuku doesn’t offer an answer. “It’s whatever. We’ll work on it some more today. Clean your shit up and get in the car. We got shit to do today. No need for clothes.”

Izuku obeys immediately. He cleans up the table and washes down the kitchen before making sure his piercings are clean. He wants to ask where they’re going, but talking isn’t working out too well for him right now. Instead, he just stares up at the ceiling as they drive, curled in the traveling cage installed in the back seat.

Kacchan parks and drags Izuku out of the cage and Izuku’s eyes go wide when he sees where they are. They’re at a swimming pool. “M-mas… May I ask why we’re here?”

Kacchan grabs a gym bag from the back seat and walks inside to a small reception area. “We’re here so you can learn to swim,” he explains as he walks up to the front desk. “Hey, I need a pass for my slave.” He slides his Hero license across the table to the employee there, who checks his name in the database and holds out a wristband for Izuku to wear. Kacchan pulls it onto his wrist then takes him into the changing room.

“You need to get some more exercise to build up stamina so you don’t pass out when we fuck,” Kacchan explains as they walk. “Swimming’s good for that. It works all your muscles. And if I ever want to take you on a boat or to a lake or something, I want to make sure you don’t drown. That’d be a nuisance. So we’re here to teach you how to swim.”

Izuku vaguely remembers swimming before, a lifetime ago, but he’s sure he needs to learn again. He smiles. He’s always loved learning. Besides, he imagines that Kacchan will have his hands all over him. That’s definitely a bonus.

He waits patiently while Kacchan changes into swim trunks and then follows him out to the pool, staring at it in quiet wonder.

“Wait,” Kacchan orders. He dives gracefully into the water, gliding underneath it for a few moments before he resurfaces. “Alright, come around to the shallow end and walk in.” He holds out his arms to Izuku.

Izuku grabs them and dips his toes into the water. It’s cold enough to make him whine, but he walks in anyway until he’s waist deep. It’s weird to move around on, but the water supports his weight so he can work out a lot more gently.

“Let’s try floating,” Kacchan says. He takes Izuku and pushes him back so he’s lying down in the water.

Izuku squirms a bit. It feels weird to be floating like this and he can’t help but giggle a little bit. He kicks at the water when Kacchan tells him to, watching it splash with wonder and curiosity. For the first time since before he was taken back, he can just have fun.

And then Kacchan speaks, running his hand up and down Izuku’s chest. “Hey, Deku. Try calling me ‘master’.”

Izuku can feel the blood drain from his face. The hand on his chest helps keep him grounded, but that just makes him feel guiltier. He doesn’t deserve it. Not when he’s such a miserable failure. He screws his eyes shut and licks his lips. Just say the word. Don’t think about Kacchan. Just say the word.

It takes him a couple minutes, but he finally manages to stammer out the word “master”.

The moment it leaves his lips, a bolt of fear pierces him. “I’m sorry!” he cries, flailing uselessly in the water. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll be good, I promise. Please, please, let me try again. I’ll be good. I’ll be good, I–”

He’s underwater.

It’s so sudden that he inhales some water. A moment later, he’s back on the surface, coughing it up again. He’s at the pool. He’s in Kacchan’s arms. He trembles, leaning into Kacchan for comfort. “I’m sorry,” he whimpers again as Kacchan pats his shoulders. “I just–I’m not supposed to call you that. It’s not what I was trained to do.” But then, it is what he’s supposed to do because it’s what Kacchan wants him to do and Kacchan’s the one who actually matters.

Izuku sighs and pulls away a bit. He knows he doesn’t deserve the comfort right now. “I can try again, if you want.”

Katsuki presses his thumb to Izuku’s mouth. “Just keep practicing. Until you get it right.”

He lays Izuku out in the pool again. They practice floating and kicking and moving his arms. And every so often, Kacchan tries to get Izuku to say ‘Master’.

Izuku fails. Every single time. For hours on end. He tries and tries as hard as he can, but he panics every single time and has to be shoved underwater to calm down.

Finally, he manages to get the word out and then hold still for a couple seconds, but the blood pounding in his ears makes it impossible to hear and he doesn’t know if Kacchan is mad or not and if he doesn’t know Kacchan is happy, then Kacchan is mad so Izuku starts crying again and ends up underwater again.

After that, he gives up. He just hurts. This must be a trick. Kacchan is trying to make sure he doesn’t disobey, even if it’s to do what good slaves should. The next time Kacchan asks him, he just squeezes his eyes shut and murmurs “Kacchan”.

There’s no response at first. Then, Kacchan’s hand pushes down on Izuku’s chest so it dips just under the water. “Deku,” he says in a low voice. “You really need to try harder. This is an order. You’re going to call me Master or I–”

Izuku cowers, bracing himself for another punishment. He knows he’s disobeying orders, he knows he’s giving up, but he can’t help it. It hurts to obey and it hurts to disobey and everything just hurts. It’s too much for him to deal with right now. He’s about to just beg for a break when Kacchan loops an arm around his waist and swims out to the deeper end of the pool.

“Here,” Kacchan says once the water is much, much deeper. “Practice keeping your head above the water for me. And if you need help, just say ‘Master’ and I’ll come save you.” With that, he swims away.

Izuku flails at first, but it doesn’t take him long to realize he needs to conserve his energy. He’s already exhausted. If he’s careful, he only needs to move a little bit and the water makes it so easy for him to move. He doesn’t need help. He can be good. He can do this without Kacchan. He treads water for a good half an hour before the soreness in his limbs really starts weighing on him. Anxiety eats away at his strength even faster.

But he doesn’t need help. He just needs to be better. He just needs to make up for how much of a miserable failure he is everywhere else in life. He really doesn’t deserve Kacchan’s help anyway. He doesn’t deserve Kacchan at all. Kacchan deserves better, deserves a slave who can at least call him the right name.

By the time Izuku really starts panicking, he’s too weak and breathless to call for help, even if he could manage to get the right word out. He just grabs the biggest breath he can and lets himself sink. Maybe he’ll have gathered enough strength to get back to the surface by the time he runs out of air. Maybe he won’t.

Maybe it would be better if he didn’t.