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Seokjin & The 6 Memes

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Jungkook had just finished chugging down yet another can of beer when he began coughing madly. He had drank the alcohol way too fast and part of it went down the wrong way. Jimin - always the devil in disguise - cackled at the maknae's misfortune. 

Once Jungkook calmed down, he sighed and smacked his lips in distaste. 'I should really brush my teeth before going to bed,' he thought to himself.

"Tae, mix more drinks," Jungkook muttered. "Maybe double it. Hyungs should be getting here soon."

"Since when are you such an angel?" Taehyung cooed mockingly as he leaned in and pinched the maknae's chubby cheeks. 

Jungkook grinned innocently, his bunny smile and adorably crinkled eyes making the other two in the room melt. "I know," Jungkook answered proudly. 

He watched Taehyung take a seat on the floor in front of the crowded coffee table full off bottles and bottles of different type of alcohol and soft drinks, then his eyes shifted to his other hyung who was at the end of the coffee table downing three shots of soju.

Jimin made a noise when he was finished with the shots and he stumbled over to Taehyung only to push him aside. 

"I'll mix the drinks, TaeTae. Go sit with Kookie."

Jungkook laid down on the couch, but his gaze didn't waver from Jimin's drunk antics. 

Taehyung, who had refused to let Jimin take over the mixing, was giggling as he tried to fill up the punch bowl (which just so happens to be Hoseok's favorite bowl therefore they had to be really careful with it) with all the leftover drinks spread throughout the table. Jimin couldn't stop himself from stretching to place a quick kiss on Taehyung's neck. It made the younger squirm, still as giggly as before. 

Jungkook unconsciously pouted. "How did you two end up together?"

He was suddenly thankful that he was slightly drunk because the alcohol was keeping him from going into a full blown panic frenzy over the question he unconsciously asked. 

Taehyung finally let Jimin take over and went to lay with Jungkook on the small couch. Jungkook huffed at the sudden weight ontop of his chest. Taehyung sighed in content when he rested his head on his dongsaeng's chest.

"Apparently Jiminie had a crush on me for a while," Taehyung began to explain. Jungkook blinked his eyes open. He wasn't aware when he had closed his eyes, but now he was aware he needed to stay awake. "When he found out I was a virgin, he got excited and wanted to be my first," Tae explained and Jungkook could practically hear the smile on his hyung's face as he recalled the moment. 

Jimin's loud laugh sounded throughout the livingroom. "It was great," he added. "And I made sure it wasn't just a quick fuck. I'm all about the emotional sex, not one-night-stands."

"You're adorable," Taehyung said, almost mockingly. It only made Jimin attempt aegyo, but it turned out to be terrifying instead of cute.

Jungkook suddenly felt odd. He kept listening even as Taehyung started telling his boyfriend all these nice things, and Jimin was practically shining under all the compliments he was receiving from his other half. 

There was a longing feeling in Jungkook's chest. 

"I want compliments too," he said unknowingly. 

Jimin looked up from the bowl and smirked. "The juice is done," he said. 

The two younger members took that as a sign to get back on the floor to continue their drinking.

Jungkook pouted when he thought he went ignored, but Jimin made sure to not let the disappointment last long. 

Once Jungkook and Tae were seated next to each other with their backs to the sofa, Jimin shuffled over to plant himself on his dongsaeng's lap. 

Jungkook frowned in confusion at the situation. Jimin leaned in, his breath strong with alcohol, and whispered something that sent shivers up Jungkook's spine. 

"Is our cute maknae getting jealous?" 

"Adorable," replied Taehyung from next to them. His arm slipped around Jungkook's waist and he let his fingers lightly tap against his side. "How can someone so hot be so adorable?" 

Jungkook didn't realize it at first, but somehow Jimin had lessened the distance between them and the slightest move could make their lips touch accidentally. Taehyung's hand had also somehow ended up beneath his shirt and his cold fingers left goosebumps behind in its trail. Jungkook wasn't sure if he should be blaming the alcohol for the weird feelings taking over his being.

"You're amazing, Jungkookie," Jimin whispered against his mouth. 

The maknae unintentionally looked down at his best friend's lips, and when he looked back up at Jimin's eyes, he saw his hyung staring intently at him. 

Suddenly, a disgusting smell clouded Jungkook's nose making him gag. 

Jimin - the one who had burped in his face - pulled away in a fit of laughter and Taehyung joined in. 

"Hyung," Jungkook whined once he stopped gagging. "You're horrible to me."

Jimin crawled off and sat himself next to the table before he began filling a glass with the mixed concoction in the bowl.

Deciding enough was enough, Jungkook grabbed his unopened water bottle from coffee table and gulped down half. If not to sober him up, then to try and prevent a hangover the next day.

When Taehyung saw Jungkook put down the water bottle, he crawled onto the younger's lap too.

Jungkook couldn't help but stare in amazement at Taehyung. Even from that angle he looked good. Then Kook started panicking when the thought of pulling his hyung down to kiss him passed through his mind. 

Wasn't that wrong? Jungkook has long accepted he was attracted to both genders, but this was his group mate he was thinking of kissing. One of his best friends. Someone very important to him. Also, he was taken by another important person in Jungkook's life. 

This couldn't possibly end well, right?

Jungkook was so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed Taehyung grab a cup of whatever it is that Jimin mixed together and hand it to Jungkook. At least, not until Taehyung bumped their foreheads together. 

Jungkook looked at the cup, then at Taehyung's happy expression that was now way too close to his face. Taehyung was so attractive and adorable and Jungkook suddenly wanted to know how good of a bottom Jimin claimed Taehyung to be. 

"You okay there, bud?" Taehyung asked when Jungkook made no move to take the cup from his hand. 

Jungkook licked his dry lips and nodded. "I'm feeling kind of sleepy," he responded in a mumble. 

Just then the front door slammed open and in rushed a small hyung bundled in a thick jacket to protect him from the october breeze. "Stop right there and give me that cup of whatever it is," Yoongi demanded as he waddled over to the trio. 

Taehyung grinned as he stood up and handed the concoction to his hyung. Yoongi took a seat on the sofa and Taehyung gladly sat next to him and cuddled in closer to his hyung. Yoongi didn't bother to complain, nor did he push the younger away. 

"I'm surprised you guys left some for us," Seokjin said as he walked in, followed by the remaining members of the rapper line.

The three of the hyungs stood at the front door to remove their coats and hang them in the closet built in the wall next to the front door. 

"I had Jimin make some more for you assholes," Jungkook responded. 

Seokjin ran over with a cheeky smile on his face. He crouched down and squished Jungkook's face. "I knew I could count on my baby boy," he cooed. 

His words has Jungkook’s stomach flipping upside down, but just like always, Jungkook ignored it.

Seokjin straightened up and turned to Yoongi. The oldest didn't say anything as he began to undress Yoongi from the jacket, scarf, and beanie he was wearing. 

Hoseok and Namjoon made themselves comfortable on the floor next to Jimin and began to drink with him.

"I'm not an asshole by the way," said Seokjin as he struggled with a purposely listless Yoongi. "You're just a brat who thinks it's fun to mess with his hyungs." 

Namjoon choked on the shot of soju he had been drinking. "Oh please. You're the worst out of us all," he exposed. "You and Hoseok are probably tied for the title of 'Biggest Backstabbers' of the group."

Hoseok side eyed his same aged friend. "Keep me out of it. I have access to your studio."

Namjoon rolled his eyes. "Everyone has access to my studio, Seok.”

A slight argument began and Jungkook took it as his cue to drift off to sleep. With that, Jungkook took a throw pillow from the sofa and laid down on the floor. The loud background noise didn't bother him in the slightest, just made him feel comfortable as he slowly succumbed to unconsciousness.