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A Belated Wish

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My Dear Friend,

I am very sorry this is late.  We think it should be called ‘belated’ but that might just refer to when Mrs Hudson leaves Mr Holmes’ meals and they grow cold, either because he doesn’t appear when they are ready, or because he is present but doesn’t actually eat them.  Whichever is the case, as Dr Watson told him last week, “There’s no point in complaining, you won’t get any sympathy!”  So belated may not in fact be the right word.

However, I am sorry.  Aemelia didn’t know it was your birthday, so cannot be at fault.  And the Ferret, well, what more can a small mouse say than that.

I have been trying to write you a note for some days, but there have been difficulties, namely:

  • Obnoxious smell from Mr Holmes’ experiment which meant we all left him to it
  • Rude words from Mrs Hudson re the above, which we didn’t want to listen to
  • Unpleasant client who started throwing things, so we departed
  • Dr Watson made notes for his next story on the paper
  • Visit of the sweetest Inspector Hopkins (Mouselet drooled on paper, rendering it unusable -AV)
  • Visit by Mr Mycroft Holmes – he and his brother played a form of hangman on the paper
  • Second visit of my dearest Inspector, with Mrs Hudson’s jam tarts (She got distracted – AV)
  • Disaster had befallen the Ferret (Urgent mending required of costume – AV)

But now I am able to send you our very best wishes and hope you had a lovely day,

Your Dear Friend,