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Mafia Daze / Kookv

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"Jungkook, are you even listening to us?" the purple haired male Namjoon questioned, rolling his eyes at how the younger male was currently acting. They had been in the same meeting for over three hours because Jungkook just wouldn't pay any attention to the upper-classmen.

"We've had enough of this, he won't even pay any attention to the deal with have offering right now." Jungkook chuckled, slightly shaking his head. "Then go, you act like I care about you leaving," the younger teased, getting up from the black office chair.

The raven-haired male sighed, turning his back to the men who stood there shocked by what Jungkook had just said. "Make sure you close the door on your way out," Jungkook coldly stated, earning a scoff from the men in black suits.

"What a brat," they said, walking out through the clear glass door. The rest of them sat there with their head in their hands. "Do you have any idea what you just lost Jungkook!?" Jimin exclaimed the once bubbly, happy pink haired male was fuming with anger.

With Jungkook always acting reckless, they were bound to be in ruins in no time, there was no doubt about that. "I don't really care Jimin," Jungkook said with no emotion in his voice, eyes staring into Jimins' making the male roll his eyes and get up from his seat.

"Of course, Jungkook, you never fucking care about anyone but yourself," the raven-haired male laughed at the statement. "I don't even care about myself Jimin, so therefor I care about no one." Seokjin looked between both men, his eyes darting back to his lap when Jungkook catches him staring.

"Is there something you have to say Seokjin?" Jungkook teased, tilting his head to the side with an eyebrow raised. "I wish you would go back to normal," the eldest muttered, standing up from his spot and walking out of the meeting room where Namjoon sighed.

The rest of the friends walked out, leaving only Namjoon and Jungkook still sitting in their chair, "Jungkook–" the younger cut the male off, "I don't understand a damn thing anymore Namjoon," the older male stared at the glass table, biting his bottom lip, trying to figure out if he should say something.

"Jungkook, maybe it's time you, yanno–" "No, I'm not going to move on and find someone else, I want each one of you to get that through your heads." Namjoon sighed, this wasn't going to be easy, hell, everyone knew that but they were willing to wait,

Because when they got home, after realizing that Taehyung was gone from them forever and they had no say in what they wanted any more, that's when they saw Jungkook officially break into tiny pieces, mentally and emotionally.

It was a whole wild ride trying to get the younger to eat meals, and to even shower and take care of himself. He was convinced that Taehyung would come back to them, and they could be a happy family all over again like they used to.

Though Taehyung already had a family to go home to. He didn't need Jungkook or the others in order to feel safe and warm. He was surrounded by his real family, day and night. Most of their friends had tried convincing Jungkook into capturing Taehyung and bring him back by force.

But who was Jungkook to break Taehyung apart from the one thing he always wanted? He was no one to him anymore and it hurt like hell having to sleep without the blonde male. He missed seeing his box smile and his brown-doe eyes whenever he saw something he wanted.

Jungkook had finally gotten himself into the mindset that he would never be able to love again. He didn't think he was good enough for anyone else, which is why he wouldn't have flings, not after Taehyung. God, no one could ever compare the little ball of happiness.

Even when he went out with his friends, for one-night stans, he could only think of Taehyung, the way the older male would do everything in order to get his way when he wanted it. "We know that, but I think it's time you take up on that offer..." Namjoon trialed off.

"It's for the best Jungkook, you seem so bored with this–" "I'm not going to resign, I want to stay, but you need to give me time. It's only been seven months Joon," the older male sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Taehyung wouldn't want to see you like this Jungkook, please, start taking care of yourself, you know we all care about– your well-being," Jungkook nodded his head, standing up from his seat and walking towards the window, staring out into the city. "That's the thing, Taehyung Isn't here,"


Taehyung's View.


"We've been invited to a Ball Yeri, should we actually go this time?" Taehyung questioned, brushing his ash-grey hair while looking in the mirror. "I don't know, I don't really want to see anyone right now,"

"It's been seven months Yeri, I really want to go, we haven't been out at all!" Taehyung exclaimed, "Maybe we can go– oh, never mind." the ash-grey haired male muttered, putting the hairbrush down on the desk and then jumping in bed, where Yeri tilted her head in confusion.

"You okay Tae baby?" Yeri asked, rubbing the males back. "Don't call me that," Taehyung said into the pillow, letting out a deep and loud sigh. The nickname itself brought back memories that Taehyung wanted nothing to do with.

The latter wasn't going to lie and flaunt like if he wasn't broken inside after everything he had put his ex-boyfriend and him through. Taehyung always found himself thinking of the younger raven-haired male and the friends he left behind.

He still looked at the old photos he had of them when they ate dinner and sealed the deal with another powerful mafia. Jungkooks' hand wrapped firmly around Taehyungs' small waist, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin kissing in the back while Namjoon and Seokjin looked at each other fondly.

They had gone through hell and back, and in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Taehyung made a rational choice and he didn't regret it. He only wanted a family, people who were actually related to him to be with him and care for him.

But now, he was far away from the people who took care of him when he had no one. He was with Yeri and their parents, who cared so much for the both of them. "I'm sorry, we had to leave everything behind Yeri..." Taehyung mumbled, sitting up and placing the pillow in between his legs.

"Don't blame yourself Tae, we can only grow from this," Yeri stated, kissing the males head earning a giggle and a nod. "Tae? Yeri? Come down for dinner babies!" their mother yelled from downstairs. Since they got here their parents had been trying to keep themselves up-to-date with their past lives.

As they all ate dinner, they ate quietly with their mother breaking the silence. "So, I just wanted to ask this," both Yeri and Taehyungs eyes looked into their mothers, "Did you guys ever happen to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?" Yeri nodded her head, looking at Taehyung.

"Did my baby Tae ever have a girlfriend–" "Boyfriend," the male stated, eyes looking into his fathers who only nodded his head as he continued to eat his chicken. "And who was the lucky man sweetie?" their father questioned Taehyung, setting his fork and knife down.

Taehyung swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat, clearing it and then setting his fork down also, Yeri, his mother and father all watched as Taehyungs' right eye began to slightly water due to the fact that his left one was still covered by a patch, to keep the red-eye covered.

Taehyung looked at his lap, sighing hard. "Jeon Jungkook, from the Jeon Mafia." Taehyung looked back up at their parents, watching their eyes go wide and the color drain from their faces. "That was the man who saved me."

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"W-Wait, you mean, as in Jeon Jungkook? Like the Jeon Jungkook!?" Their father questioned, swallowing his chicken harshly, looking around the dinner table. Taehyung only sighed, setting his fork down on the red tablecloth. "Yes, dad. The Jeon Jungkook." the younger mumbled resting his head on the palm of his hand.

"Oh cub, your father just wanted to know," their mother said, her hand reaching over to touch Taehyungs that was placed on the table. "I know mom. I'm sorry dad... it's still hard to talk about him," the ash-grey haired male said, turning his head to look at his father. "Oh, baby bear, I'm sorry." Sang-min, their father said.

Yeri sat there quietly, her eyes locked on Taehyung as she remembers how much the younger male had cried when they had left. "Where's Daehyun mom?" Yeri questioned, looking away from Taehyung as she locks her eyes on her mom now. Hye-Young turned her head to look at Yeri. "I thought I told him to come to eat dinner. Gosh, that boy really doesn't listen." she rambled on.

"I can go get him, mom, don't worry–" Taehyung tried to get up from his seat. Only to be pulled back down by his sister Yeri who nodded her head. "I can go get him Tae, just finish eating," Yeri said, pushing in her chair. "O-Okay," Sang-min stared at his son as he cut through his chicken with his knife. It wasn't the fact that Taehyung was attracted to other men.

For Sang-min, it was completely normal, he had friends who were gay, his own brother is gay, for him to judge was stupid. It was how beautiful his son looked all the time. He looked like a doll, just like his wife is. As for his daughter Yeri, god, he felt like he was blessed to have such good-looking children. Though he felt so terrible for never being a part of their lives growing up.

Both parents' felt like they missed out on the important times of their lives. Their teenage years, they never got to check on their grades. Or have them come home crying due to a fight they got into with their friends or because they got a terrible grade of their tests. They wanted to be more involved with their children again, and get to really know them.

"...Dad," Taehyung said once again, making Sang-min look up at his two sons and his daughter. "Uh– sorry, I was just thinking about something," Sang-min cleared his throat before continuing to talk, "What were you guy's talking about again?" everyone sat back down in their seat, "I thought I told you to come to eat a long time ago!" Hye-Young stated, hitting her son's arm.

"Ow, I had to finish some notes for my class," Daehyun said, rubbing his arm softly to stop the burning pain he got from his mom. Taehyungs' head perked up a bit, looking at his brother with his brown, doe eyes. "W-What?" Daehyun stuttered, as he stopped rubbing his arm and began to eat. Taehyung grinned from ear to ear upon hearing that his brother was attending school.

"I-I was in school before I came here..." the ash-grey haired male said, as he turned his head to look at his dad. "I-I don't know Tae–" Taehyung turned to look at Yeri, pleading her to help him convince them into letting the male enroll back into online or public school. "It's true, he really was in school dad... he actually still has his notes, he just needs a laptop is all."

Sang-min sighed, looking at his wife for approvable to which she smiled from ear to ear like her son, nodding her head eagerly. "Alright baby bear, you can go back to school," Taehyung jumped from his chair, running to hug his dad tightly. Sang-min wrapped his arms around his son also, placing a kiss on his cheeks. "Alright cub, time for bed, we have a long day tomorrow."

All the kids groaned, expect for Taehyung, of course. "That goes for you guys too," the father said, pointing at his kids. "We know," "Also, dad, I'm going somewhere on Saturday," the ash-grey male said, pulling away from the hug. "Where are you going?" Hye-young and Sangmin said at the same time. "The Kim family is going to be attending their first Masquerade ball together, dad,"


Jungkook's View.


"You do know that you have to attend this ball, right?" Seokjin clarified, walking behind Jungkook who only hummed in response. "And do you even have an outfit that you're going to wear?" the older questioned again, making the raven-haired male stop in his tracks, turning around to face Seokjin who only rubbed his face from frustration.

"I'll just wear, a grey suit, with a black tie, and yes, I know it's Masquerade themed." Seokjin nodded his head at the style the younger had picked. "What color are our masks, they go by ranking don't they?" Jungkook questioned, Seokjin nodded his head, handing the leader the letter that was sent out a couple days ago by the organization.

Jungkook scanned the letter, mumbling some of the words. "So, black is the highest ranking while blood red is in the middle?" the younger questioned, handing the paper back to Seokjin who nodded his head. "Yeah, they say that the low rankings don't wear any masks, their open targets," Jungkook sighed, shaking his head again at what the older said.

"What a shame, I doubt they would do that something crazy like that, isn't the lowest the mafias' that went broke or didn't have an heir?" Jungkook and Seokjin walked side to side down the hall together into the meeting room where everyone else was sitting in their chairs. "Yes, but, I doubt something like that would happen." "Took you guy's long enough," Yoongi said, rolling his eyes.

Jungkook sighed again, sitting in the black office chair. "What's wrong with you Jungkook?" Hoseok asked, passing Jungkook the papers that had to be read. "I don't want to attend any balls ever again, but this one was necessary." The raven-haired male mumbled, "Seokjin make sure the right suit comes, okay?" Jungkook said, changing the topic.

Jungkook had made a promise that he would never go back to ball ever again after he lost Taehyung. But he really had no choice but to go to this one. It would hurt his heart, and having his friends tell him that Jungkook should move on, really wasn't helping the male at all. It was more bothering him than helping his mindset.

"Jungkook you really don't have to go, we can represent you–" Namjoon was cut off by Yoongi. "How bad would Jungkook look if he doesn't show up? He'll be disrespected in front of everyone Joon." Yoongi stated clearly, sitting back in his chair next to Jimin who placed a hand on top of his pale one. "Yoongi we can't have Jungkook going somewhere when he's clearly not stable." the purple-haired male said.

"Joons' right Yoongi," Hoseok stated, butting into the conversation the two men were having. "If you want Jungkook to be humiliated then go ahead, but this is important for everyone, we can't just go represent him like nothing," Yoongi said, shrugging his shoulders. "That's not what I'm trying–" "Hyungs," Jungkook started.

"That's enough, both of you," Jungkook said, setting the papers down. "I will be attending this ball for the fact that each one of the old heirs attended. Yoongis' right Namjoon, this represents all of us, not just me, we will all attend this together," The two men sat back in their chairs, letting out a huff of air. "Glad to know were on good terms."

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"We're not wearing mask's?" Daehyun questioned his father who only nodded his head. "We aren't. But your siblings are going to have to. Yeri was the leader of a Mafia and Taehyung, well, we all know about Taehyung," "I can hear you, dad!" Taehyung yelled, huffing at the end. "Love you, sweetie!" Sang-min yelled back at his son, blowing him a kiss.

Taehyung ran downstairs in a white tux, his ash-grey hair left normally. "My baby looks so handsome!" Sang-min exclaimed, pulling the male in for a tight hug, pinching his cheeks. "D-Dad," Taehyung stuttered trying to get out of his dad's grip. "What? Can't I tell my son he looks handsome?" "T-Thank you dad..." "Yeri! What's taking so long sweetie?"

Yeri came walking down the stairs in a dark tight red dress. The dress would for sure turn head's at the ball and that didn't sit well with Daehyun or Sang-min. "Wow Yeri! You look so beautiful!" Taehyung exclaimed, complementing his sister who only smiled at her younger brother. "Thank you, Tae," "I didn't know we had a slut as a sister dad,"

"Daehyun!" Taehyung exclaimed, slapping his brothers' arm. "I didn't know we had a 26-year-old virgin as a brother Tae," Yeri smirked, earning a giggle from Taehyung. Daehyun gasped, pointing at Yeri, "Dad!" Sang-min rolled his eyes and started walking towards the door. "Come on, we're going to be late," Yeri and Taehyung stuck their tongues out at Daehyun, running behind their dad.


"I'm nervous dad..." Taehyung said. Today wasn't just a normal ball. Today was the day they were going to announce as a Mafia. Making them either enemies or friends towards other people there. He knew people that he was close with were going to be there, hence why his dad made Yeri and him wear blood red masks. That didn't stop him from being nervous though.

Each one of them was going to be called down and introduced. He was scared that if people from the Mafia's that hated Jungkook would come after his family and attack them. Taehyung thought that Jungkook wouldn't care if anything would happen to him anymore. Taehyung left Jungkook, end of discussion. Jungkook would never care about him again.

God, he wanted to see the younger male one more time. Just one more time so he could try and make things right with him again. But the feeling of being rejected floated through his head when that idea popped into his mind. What if Jungkook had found someone else? Would he be with Hyebin? This was no joke, he sounded pathetic thinking things like this.

"I want you to know petal, that no matter what happens here, everything will be okay," Sang-min said, kissing his sons' forehead. Taehyung rested his head on his dad's shoulder sighing. Though he limo came to a stop as the drivers opened up the doors' to step out. "Keep a smile, okay? It'll be over soon and we'll go home." Taehyung nodded, watching his dad and siblings step out first.

And just what he didn't like. Cameras. They were everywhere, flashing in their faces, and at that moment, Taehyung knew he didn't have anyone to protect him from the flashlights. he pushed his way through but a certain name rung through his ears. "Jungkook! Jeon Jungkook, over here!" Taehyung didn't even think about turning around.

But there was still such a long way to go until they got to the actual home. "Kim Taehyung! Is it true you're the heir for the Kim Mafia?! Are you currently in a relationship!?" the questions were being thrown at Taehyung like bricks, and if he were, to be honest, he didn't like it one bit. Taehyung kept walking, blocking the flashing lights with his hand.

His mind kept remembering the name he heard earlier. Clearly, maybe it was just his mind messing around with him. Though that wasn't the case with Yeri either. the female grabbed Taehyung by his wrist harshly pulling him away. "Tae, there here!" she whisper-yelled at her brother. Flashing smiles at the men and women who walked in.

"W-What!? Why would they be here?!" Taehyung exclaimed he could feel his heart stop beating when he heard Jimin's voice greeting the guest that was right next to them. But with their mask's on, they were sure that they weren't going to find out who they were unless they heard their names, which was going to happen sooner rather than later.

Yeri had blonde hair and Taehyung's hair was Ash-grey now, but when Taehyung turned his head to look around he made eye contact with Jimin and noticed the black mask he had on. Jimin waved at Taehyung, and to which both siblings waved and soon removed themselves from that awkward place they were both in. All they had to do was wait for their father at the top of the stairs.

Walking around, they met up with their older brother who only nodded at what Yeri and Taehyung had to say. All three siblings roamed the large house together. "I like this house hyung," Taehyung said, looking at one of the paintings at the wall. The ash-grey haired male threw his head back, the tightness of the mask making his head hurt too much.


Jimin's Point of View.


Taehyung. Jimin knew that was the boy they were missing from when he saw the back of his head. There was no way they could forget anything about him. For fuck's sake that's his best friend, how could he ever forget him? It felt as if he couldn't move to see him stand there with the blood red mask on and a white tux.

he wanted to cry, that was all he wanted to do. Cry, and cry until his heart gave out. They had no idea where the male could have been. They couldn't track Taehyung down at all, even if they got the best officers on it. And just seeing him there with Yeri made him feel so weak in the knees, and then, they walked away. Just like the day Taehyung left.

"What's wrong baby?" Yoongi whispered in Jimin's ear as the whole group, expect Jungkook, walked through the halls of the house. "Taehyung's here..." Jimin said back, Yoongi kissed Jimin's lips quickly. "He can't be baby, maybe it's your mind," as they walked in the front, Taehyung was currently loosening his mask, though, he loosened it a bit too much for it to even fit.

Taehyung turned around quickly, with his eyes closed twirling around for his siblings to only roll his eyes at him. Jimin crashed into the male, tripping over his own two feet, they both fell to the floor, making Taehyungs' mask slide down his face. Before Taehyung could even process who he was looking at, his siblings raced to pick him, running away quickly.

"Taehyung!" Seokjin exclaimed, reaching his arm out to grab the ash-grey haired male's hand. Taehyung turned around quickly, with tears in his eyes as his siblings pulled him away. Taehyung felt his heart break again, being separated from the people who were always there for him. "T-That was Taehyung," Yoongis' voice wavered, eyes wide.

"Oh god, his family must be the Mafia they're introducing tonight," Jimin whispered, getting up from the floor. "We can't let Jungkook find out, he'll go crazy knowing Taehyung's here, it won't end good," Seokjin said, "What are we going to do?" the older whispered. "Everyone, we have a special introduction, would everyone please make their way to the main hall!"

The three men all made eye contact, their hearts about to beat out of their chest upon hearing the voice boom throughout the large house. Yoongi turned around quickly, speed walking towards the railing of the grand staircase and looking down at the people who gather, the other two followed behind as they all noticed Namjoon, Jungkook, and Hoseok. "Oh my god,"


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Taehyung stood at the top of the staircase, his head pounding and his mind racing with theories on why his friends were here. "God, Tae, could you be more careful? Dad told you not to loosen nor take the mask off." Daehyun said, rolling his eyes at his younger brother who nodded his head in shame. "I-I didn't mean to hyung..." the ash-grey haired boy mumbled.

"Don't put him at fault you ass, you were the one who tightened these thing's to tight," Yeri whispered, elbowing her brother in the side. "You're so lucky I don't put you in a hospital Yeri, I swear–" the loud, stern-voiced boomed, making the two siblings to stop fighting. Taehyung bit his bottom lip hard. Taehyung looked up where he saw Yoongi and his friends move away quickly down the stairs.

"Now, as you all know, we always introduce a brand new family into our lives at this event's, and the rankings change," Yoongi bolted from his spot where his friends also ran after him down the stairs. Pushing past all the people in expensive dresses and suits. They were determined to make it to Jungkook before Taehyung was called out.

"It was a total honor to have the Jeon Mafia here to represent being the highest ranking for ten years! Let's give him a round of applause for all their hard work!" the large mass of people began to clap for the young leader. Jungkook smiled, raising his cup of wine in the air. "Now, if everyone will now face the grand staircase which will be greatly appreciated."

"Jungkook!" Jimin whispered-yelled at the younger who only turned around with an eyebrow raised. "What is it Hyung? They're introducing–" Jimin cut Jungkook off harshly, his hand making contact with the younger male's wrist. "We have to go, you're not safe here Jungkook," Yoongi said, barely above a whisper. Namjoon turned around confused upon hearing what Yoongi said.

The purple-haired male made eye contact with his fiancé, furrowing his eyebrows as he begins to speak. "What are you three going on about?" Seokjin moved closer to the purple-haired male, whispering in his ear. "Joon, Tae is here at the ball, they're introducing them tonight." Namjoons' eyes went wide, turning his head sharply, narrowing his eyes on the five bodies that stood there.

Jungkook scoffed, shaking his head turning around to divert his attention back on Jinyoung. "We're masked. You said people who were from higher rankings aren't open target's Seokjin hyung." Jungkook mumbled, taking a drink out of his wine glass that was stained with the red liquid. Seokjin and Yoongi looked at each other shortly, to which Yoongi tightened his grip on Jungkook.

"We are leaving whether you like it or not Jungkook, you're not safe here, now let's go." The blue-haired male said through gritted teeth, being clearly annoyed. "Yoongi–""Now if the Jeon Mafia could please make their way to introduce the new family!" Jinyoung's excited tone boomed through the large house, making Jungkook turned around with wide eyes.

Yoongi loosened his grip on the younger's wrist, as they all smiled at the guests and began to walk towards Jinyoung who began to clap with a smile plastered onto his face. Jungkook set his wine glass down on the waiter's tray, as he began to speak. "It's always a pleasure making this speech," the younger began, letting out a low chuckle. "As you know, we always have a family joining us, and it's been quite a while,"

"Thank you for the endless support, and I hope you all enjoyed the ball tonight, it's always a pleasure seeing all you. Now, let's begin to introduce the brand new family!" everyone cheered, the men lifting their glasses of wine in the air while the women, clapped cheering as well. "Kim Mafia, please make your way down, one by one, please!" Jungkook clapped, a smile on his face.

"Here we have Sang-Min and Hye-Young; the parents of three children, two males and one female. They're currently fourth place in the rankings. They have donated over six million dollars towards charity events for teenagers and children alike. Welcome, the leaders of the Kim Mafia, Sang-Min and Hye-Young!" Jungkook cheered and clapped for the couple, along with everyone else.


"We have to do Taehyung's," Yoongi whispered towards Namjoon who only shook his head. "This is why I didn't want him to attend Yoongi," the blue-haired male turned to look at his friend with wide eyes. "You knew!? Why didn't–" "No, I didn't know, but I had a feeling this would happen–" Namjoon stopped talking, upon hearing everyone clap. "This is Kim Yeri!" Jungkook clapped again, this time slowly.

"What do we do?" Jimin panicked, looking at his boyfriend. "We can't do anything Jimin, we can only watch how this plays out," Yoongi sighed, watching Jungkook swallow the lump forming in his throat, fixing his tie as he begins to speak again. "And, everyone welcomes their youngest son, Kim Taehyun-ng!" Jungkook clapped, eyeing the small male that walked down the steps.

"Tae b– Taehyung, is the youngest, he has many different hair colors, known for being very outgoing and also shy– he– he–" Namjoon noticed that Jungkook was struggling with forming the sentence he was reading. The purple-haired male tried to move Jungkook only to get Jungkook's' hand motioning him to stop. "Taehyung has a charity event currently on-going."

"Known for being the black sheep, and has a very great bonding with his sister Kim Yeri! Everyone, give it up for Kim Taehyung!" Jungkook clapped and smiled from ear to ear. With the mask on, you couldn't see the small tear streaks that stained his cheeks, though he was still smiling seeing the person who he longed for every time he went to sleep.

Everyone cheered, glasses clicking in the air as they welcomed the new family. The ash-grey haired male felt his heart stop when he heard Jungkook say his name. So there they stood, Jungkook and his Mafia were standing next to the Kim family with smiles on their faces. "We wish you well," Jungkook said barely above a whisper.

There were so many things that could've happened at that moment. Though, Jungkook felt like doing nothing. Watching how happy Taehyung was acting as if he didn't even know Jungkook. Even a simple 'Hello,' would've done it for the younger male. He just couldn't bring himself to say anything to the ash-grey haired male. He felt numb.

Jungkook removed himself from the families that were gathered and talking. "Where did Jungkook go?" Jimin asked Hoseok who only shrugged looking around the main hall. "I don't know," "I think he went to the bar, I'll go get him," Namjoon said, excusing himself from the crowd. Taehyung eyes' followed the purple-haired male as he crosses him.

Jungkookie doesn't like to drink... Taehyung thought. "...Hyung!" the male snapped out of his thoughts, facing his father who only sighed. "Tae, go find us a table, yes?" the male nodded his head, leaving to find a table to sit his family in. As he pushes past the bodies, instead of looking for a table, he goes straight to Namjoon.

Pulling on the purple-haired male suit, making him stop walking and to turn around. "Tae–" the younger male pulled Namjoon out of the main hall and into one of the empty halls that lead to the exit. Namjoon pinned the younger to the wall harshly and with force. "Out of all the days, weeks, and months," the older started. "Why was it today that you wanted to finally show yourself?"

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"Why did you decided to show yourself today?" Namjoon said through gritted teeth, repeating what he had just told the younger male in front of him. Taehyung choked on his words, eyes wide as he didn't have an explanation. "J-Joon, let me go–" Taehyung stuttered, eyes welling up with tears when Namjoons hold gets tighter. "P-Please," Taehyung whispered.

Namjoon dropped the dominance, his face softening when he sees the way and how tightly he was holding on to Taehyung. He let go the youngers' small wrists, backing away from him as he rubs his face harshly with his hands. "I-I'm sorry Tae," the purple haired male mumbled, looking back up at Taehyung who only nodded his head.

"You don't have to say sorry Joonie... I know, I shouldn't have come, but we were invited to the party. We had been invited to multiple of them..." Namjoon only sighed, putting his hands in his pockets. "Taehyung, do you know how bad this can be?" the older questioned, shaking his head when he sees Taehyungs confused look.

"Do you have any idea what could've happened if it wasn't for us who had found you tonight? You're no longer with Jungkook, anyone can have you at this point." Taehyung shook his head, laughing at what the older had said. "No one can have me Joonie, I hardly ever leave the house and my father is–" The purple haired male cut him off harshly.

"It doesn't matter whether you leave or not. You were taken right in front of our eyes Tae, what makes you think they won't take you right in front of your family?" And that was true. He didn't think that far ahead, but hell, his family loved him. There was no way they weren't going to have good people surrounding them.

Taehyung felt his heart stop, no one would go that far to take him, or Yeri away, would they? "We just want you both to come home Tae– Yeri's best friend's cry and come to our home because they miss Yeri." "W-We don't want to come home Namjoon... we have our little family back together!" Taehyung stated, standing his ground.

"I get that Tae! But please, understand that we have to tell you something about your family. You need to listen to me Taehyung! Please!" Namjoon looked at the younger with pleading "You know what Joon? I swear–" Namjoon pushed Taehyung against the wall, their faces inches away from each other, as Taehyung had his eyebrows furrowed.

"G-Get–" "Shut that mouth Tae," Namjoon whispered, covering Taehyungs mouth his left hand. "I heard that Jungkook is still showing his face after he was left," both men heard someone say as they walked down the hall. "Such a shame, he's a disappointment to his Mafia." Namjoon tsked hearing those words come out of the females.

"You know what's even worse than that? I heard that the family he introduced tonight, his ex-lover was there." they continued gossiping as they continued walking down the hall, taking a left, but not before hearing a "That whole group will fall apart because of that one, horrible boy." where Namjoon finally let go of Taehyung.

The ash-grey haired male looked around, rubbing his arm harshly as he tried to blink the tears, he felt in his eyes away. "Tae–" Namjoon tried to reach out and grab the younger male only to have him pull his arm away harshly. "They're right Joon, all I'm going to do is make you guys fall apart if we keep this up." Taehyung let a tear roll down his cheek.

"I love you all so much, god knows where I would have been right now if it wasn't for you guys..." Namjoon sighed, bringing the younger in for a hug as he cried into the older arms. "J-Joon?" a cracked voice was heard from down the hall that belonged to Namjoons' fiancé. "W-What're you doing here?" the purple-haired male questioned.

"We found Jungkook and he's a little–" "Hey! Joon!" Jungkook yelled as he laughed soon after. "Is he drunk?" Namjoon questioned, letting go of Taehyung and pushing lightly to the wall. Taehyung's breath hitched upon hearing that. Jungkook was never the one to get drunk so fast, it would take hours for the younger to get drunk.

"Joon~ do you think we could get out of here and go find some fun with like a boy or something?~" Jungkook laughed again right after. For the younger everything was furry and blurry, he had no idea as to what was coming out of his mouth at this point. It could've been the fact that he was hurt and now he's drunk he was trying to loosen up.

Seokjin looked at the younger male with disgust all over his face, letting Jungkook go as the younger held onto the door handle for support. Taehyung tried to move to where his face could be seen, only for Namjoon to stop him with his hand. The ash-grey haired male felt hurt hearing those words come out of Jungkook's mouth.

Taehyung had enough of hiding himself, pushing Namjoon slightly he stumbled into the open where everyone's eyes went wide. "What the hell!" Namjoon exclaimed, trying to hide Taehyung's body with his own. "I-I want to see him, I want to see my Kookie!" Taehyung exclaimed, trying to fight Namjoon off. "That isn't a good idea T–" Jimin fell back onto the floor when Jungkook pushed him away.

Namjoon was pushed to the side, his back hitting the wall with a loud thud. "Y-You look like Taehyung– like my baby, my a-angel..." Jungkook whispered, his hand caressing Taehyung's soft cheek that was tear stained. "J-Jungkook," the petite male whispered, falling into Jungkook's touch. "I missed you so much Jungkook," "I missed–"

The doors came open, wider than before if that was even possible as Taehyungs' father, Sang-min, came through the doors with the rest of his family, as they were armed, gun pointed at Jungkook and his Mafia. The younger slowly put his hands up, turning around to face the family. Taehyung fell back, his eyes wide, mind racing as to why the fuck did his family have Jungkook at gunpoint.

"Get the hell away from my him," Sang-min said through gritted teeth. Yeri pointed her gun at the Jimin and Seokjin, pinning them to the wall harshly. Jungkook chuckled dryly, his eyes piercing through the older male's gaze. "You do know that I'm not drunk, right Sang-min?" the younger questioned, making everyone furrow their eyebrows.

"I had a feeling something like this would happen, so I had my friend Namjoon create a show with Taehyung to keep you all confused to the whereabouts of your son." Yoongi was being held tightly by Daehyun while Hoseok was being pinned to the ground by Daehyun's foot. "D-Dad what are you doing this for?" Taehyung questioned, "Y-Yeri those are our friends–"

"Leave Taehyung alone," Yeri said through gritted teeth, glaring at the raven-haired male who laughed loudly. "Are you scared Sang-min?" Jungkook asked, watching how the older male grabbed Taehyung and brought him to close to his body. "S-Scared of what dad?" the ash-grey haired male asked, "Take Taehyung back to the house," Sang-min said, handing Taehyung to the guards.

"What is Jungkook talking about dad?" Taehyung questioned, as he got pulled away. "It doesn't matter Taehyung, I love y–" It felt so slow though. Of course, after hearing what Jungkook had to say that is. With Jungkook's hands still up in the air, he opened his mouth to speak. "I thought you weren't scared of Taehyung finding out that you're not his real family?" "W-What?"

Chapter Text

"You planned on fooling your 'son' didn't you, Sangmin? How sad that you had to keep that lie in for so many months... ouch." Jungkook sadly stated, shaking his head as he looked around the hall, eyes landing on the ash-grey haired male. For a second, you could see the glassy tint in the smaller male's brown doe eyes. Jungkook darts his eyes away for a moment to look at Yeri.

He shrugs and places his hands down, making the only female in the hall remove the gun from Jimin's head, pointing it at her brother's ex-lover. In Yeris' eyes, you can see it all. All the hurt and pain she felt upon hearing Jungkook expose their family just like that. Her body was shaking with anger, with shaky hands her finger lands on the trigger.

"I-I'm so tired of this, a-all we wanted was to h-have a nor-normal family J-Jungkook!" she said in between laughter, running the hand that didn't hold the gun through her hair, pulling on it. "I want you to get Taehyung out of here- now!" Sangmin barked orders at the guards, not looking back at the broken expression the petite male had on his face.

"You wouldn't dare to pull the trigger Yeri, you wouldn't want to." Jungkook lightly smirked, he knew that the game he was playing with Yeri was dangerous, and he could really lose his life but the truth had to come out soon enough. Jungkook was shocked upon finding out the truth of Taehyungs' so-called "Family" that the older was so in love with.

"Just because you had a horrible family Jungkook- that doesn't give you the right to ruin ours!" Yeri let out a shaky breath, eyes narrowing on the raven-haired male, her grip on the pistol getting tighter by the second. "I-I don't even know what Taehyung saw in someone as nosey as you! You ruin everything!" The redhead screamed as Sangmin looked back at her.

"Don't get it twisted Yeri, you knew this whole time that these weren't Taehyung's parents and you lied to him about it the whole time!" Jimin sneered, grunting when Yeri pushed him to the floor, kicking him in the face. "You better not get it twisted! You're lucky I don't shoot your brains out right here, bitch." Upon hearing that Yoongi kicked around in his place, "Get off of Jimin!"

"You knew these weren't Taehyungs' parents for how long Yeri? Weeks? Months? Yet, you stayed quiet because all you know is to hide behind other people!" Yoongi yelled, thrashing around when the grip on his neck gets tighter. "That's why you all went behind Jungkooks' back and tried to hide Taehyung!" Yeri shot back.

As Yeri and Jungkook stared at each other, the female sending a death glare and the younger just standing there without a care in the world. Yeri smirked, cocking the pistol and aiming it directly at the younger. "J-Jungkook, move she's going to shoot!" Namjoon yelled, finally punching the guard right in the face who was holding Seokjin and him.

Seokjin moved to the side, rushing towards Jimin as Yeri took her foot off his head and began to walk closer to Jungkook. "Jimin- Jimin, are you okay?" Seokjin whispered, moving the bangs from Jimin's bleeding forehead. Namjoon continued fighting the guard, kicking him right in the side of the head as he fell back. "Taehyung won't forgive you for ruining our family."

Yeri looked crazy, she looked like a complete mess as she kept laughing at herself. "Our perfect little family- daddy, why don't you start leaving, I'll finish Jungkook off from here." The female was so confident, now Jungkook knew why Jaehyun was head-over-heels for Yeri. Sangmin turned his body, running towards the exit of the hall surrounded by his bodyguards.

"I'm going to make this quick, you don't have a life worth living if it meant Taehyung wouldn't want to be with you- pathetic." the redhead sneered, "Weren't you the same one who was messaging Jaehyun behind Taehyungs' back? You're pathetic Yeri." Jungkook stated with boredom laced in his voice. "I'm going to put you in your place," the younger began again.

Reaching into the back of his black slacks, the raven-haired male pulled out a gun also, shooting right at the female's upper arm. "You bitch!" Yeri yelled, she knew using the gun was going to do no good, she wasn't the type to kill with guns, but with knives and her hands. She dropped the gun, running towards Jungkook at full speed as she turned her body to the side, kicking him right in the stomach.

Jungkook dropped the gun also with the sudden kick, taking off his jacket. "I hate fighting girls." he sighed, putting his hands up ready to fight. "But if this is what you want Yeri," the redhead wasted no time, kicking the raven-haired male one more time as he blocked it by grabbing it with his hands. Twisting at a horrible angle, roughly she let out a grunt as she fell to the floor.

"Let go you fucker!" she yelled, kicking Jungkook right in the face. She grabbed the pen she had in her hair placed as decoration, pulling the top off as she threw the knife right in Jungkook's hand as he was trying to grab the female again. "I'm going to end you this time only!" she yelled, getting up with a bleeding arm and a hurt ankle.

Jungkook was getting the pen out of his hand, struggling since it had almost hit a vein. She grabbed another knife from the bottom of her shoe. Running and grabbing the younger by the back of his head, tightly pulling on to his hair, stabbing him in his upper back, pulling it out trying to repeat the process over again until Jungkook grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over his shoulder.

"Taehyung was going to find the truth out soon enough! You horrible bitch!" Jungkook yelled, dropping her on the floor, making her cry in pain as she landing right on top of the knife that was once in Jungkook. The younger kicked Yeri to the wall, the knife still in her back-half way. Jungkook watched his friends as they struggled to wake Jimin up, anger taking over his body again.

"You wanted to end me so bad Yeri- now look at you, sitting helplessly. Now I'm going to be the one to make you suffer. I'm going to be the one who ends you, and you won't like it one bit." Jungkook sneered, pulling Yeri's red hair to make her head look up at the younger. "I'm going to end you Yeri. I'll be the one putting an end to you once and for all."

Chapter Text

"J-Jungkook, what're you doing?" Taehyung questioned, finally uncovering his eyes watching how Jungkook held Yeri's hair tightly. "Jungkook, don't- please." Jungkook looked down at the redhead who was breathing heavily. "Don't hurt her, don't stoop down to her level Kookie..." The rest of the men watched intensely, as some tried to wake Jimin up.

It wasn't that Taehyung was trying to save Yeris' life, yes that is his sister, but it's also someone who lied to him about the people he's always wanted to meet. Someone who he never really got to know. Taehyung was trying to save Jungkook from turning into someone he wasn't. Someone who was heartless.

"She hurt you Taehyung, they all hurt you!" Jungkook exclaimed, letting go of Yeri, the back of her head hitting the hard wall. "You can't kill everyone who hurts your friends-" Jungkook cut the male's words off harshly. "You're not just some friend to me Taehyung, you are my boyfriend." The way the raven-haired male stated it, made chills go up Taehyungs' spine.

"Jungkook, we broke up, I left you, don't hurt her, I'm begging you." The younger only chuckled, walking closer to Taehyung who flinched when he felt Jungkooks' hands that were once soft, now rough and stained with blood. "I'm doing this so you can be happy Taehyung, can't you see?" Namjoon slowly raised, slowly looking around the hall. "Kook-"

That was slowly all over, as Jungkook grabbed Taehyungs face rough, squeezing his cheeks together so hard it burned. "Your sister over there, probably killed Jimin- you remember him, your best friend?" Taehyungs' eyes went wide, as they filled with tears. Through the harsh grip, the second youngest tried to speak. "S-She di-didn't-" Jungkook's grip got tighter again.

"Are you trying to say that she didn't mean to hurt our poor Jimin?" Taehyung nodded, tears streaming down his face. "How are you still protecting her Taehyung? If only you could've been that loyal for me. What a shame." Taehyung began to sob, choked hiccups leaving past his lips. "I'm going to stop your sister once and for all, whether you like it or not."

The raven-haired male let go of his ex-lover, walking to Yeri again. "Jungkook don't do this please!" Taehyung cried, falling to his knees that had seemed to go weak at the moment. "Please! I'm begging you, she's all I have left from my family!" Taehyung shouted, sobbing into his hands. Taehyung heard the cocking of a gun which sounded so close.

The ash-grey haired male looked up with tear-filled eyes, he was met with a black pistol pointing right at his forehead with every move. Taehyung felt his breath hitch, his heart slow down. "J-Jungkook..." the male whispered, eyes meeting with Jungkook's coal like ones. "I won't kill your sister... or you Taehyung," Jungkook whispered, dropping the gun on the floor, crouching down.

Taehyung felt so happy at that moment after hearing Jungkook say those words, he threw himself forwards, engulfing the younger male in a tight hug. Jungkook wrapped his arms around the older, bringing his lips to Taehyungs ear. "That doesn't mean I won't kill Sang-min and Daehyun though," Jungkook said, placing a kiss on Taehyungs temple.

Taehyung felt the color drain from his face, he was afraid of what would happen, what Jungkook would do to them. Taehyung let go of Jungkook, staring down at the floor, nodding his head in shame. He watches as Jungkook, Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok all ran out. He slowly got up from his spot, with wide eyes. Seokjin looked up, watching Taehyung sway slightly.

Seokjin got up from his spot, walking to Taehyung who only stared at him as the elder opened his arms for Taehyung, the ash-grey haired male through himself into the arms of the older, making them both fall to the floor next to Jimin who was slowly waking up. Sobbing so loudly that probably even heaven could hear him. "I'm sorry! I'm so, so, sorry!" he sobbed.


"Get him Namjoon!" Jungkook yelled, shooting behind Namjoon as they ran down the halls of the huge home. The purple haired male tackled one of the guards down, throwing a hard punch right in his nose. "The other ones were spotted next to the exit, he should be down there any second." Jungkook nodded, taking Yoongi with him as they ran down the stairs.

"Hoseok! Turn around!" Yoongi yelled, watching as the redhead pulled another guard over his shoulder, throwing him down on the floor. Yoongi smiled and continued running with Jungkook. "What're we going to do with Taehyung?" Yoongi asked, shooting at another guard that fell from the stairs. "I-I don't really know yet." Jungkook breathed.

"Listen, I'm all for the kid coming back- but can we really- look! Sang-min!" Yoongi exclaimed, jumping off the last flight of stairs along with Jungkook. Sang-min turned his head, shooting at the raven-haired male who only hid behind a piece of furniture. Shooting back at him, he missed the older male by an inch, instead of hitting another guard.

Yoongi turned his head slightly to the side as he watched Jungkook reload his gun. Pointing his gun right at the only guard left. "You don't have to die, man, we'll let you go-" Yoongi was cut off with a loud gunshot going off from the back. At first, it had missed the guard, going straight past him missing him just by a little. Then, another shot was heard, shooting the guard with light brown hair right in the head.

Jungkook and Yoongi ducked, thinking someone else was here, and the blue-haired male Yoongi turned his head though, getting a clear view of who it was. "S-Seokjin, Taehyung? Where's Jimin!?" Yoongi questioned, watching the pink and ash-grey haired men walk down the stairs. "We left him with Joon..." Taehyung said, walking towards Jungkook.

"Taehyung..." Jungkook said barely above a whisper, Sang-min had thought he had the change to run off right then and there, leaving behind his gun he scrambled to get up and ran through the doors that lead to another staircase to the highest floor of them all. Jungkook looked away from Taehyung, pushing past the ash-grey haired male running after Sang-min.

"Jungkook!" Taehyung yelled after the male only to be held back by Yoongi. "Just leave him Taehyung, he knows what he's doing." "Sang-min!" Jungkook yelled, shooting at the back of his leg once they made it to the balcony of the mansion. The older male grunted and held tightly onto the railing of the balcony. "T-Taehyungs' going to leave you again Jungkook." He mumbled.

Jungkook sighed, dropping the gun on the floor, walking around the empty, somewhat clean room. Walking into the bathroom where he found so many things packed together, almost like a heist. He took notice of the bright red rope that was laying there, picking it up, he began to tie it together, into a noose.

Sang-min tried to leap over the other side of the railing, once Jungkook had come back. "Get back over here!" Jungkook exclaimed, running towards Sang-min who wasn't close to getting over. The younger wrapped the noose around Sang-min's neck, as the older male kicked and punched, there was no use for it.

Jungkook tightened it, making the other let out a choke, nails digging into Jungkook's' soft skin. The raven-haired male kept a straight face, eyes staring into Sang-min's the whole time as he grabbed the end of the rope, tying it to the railing. Sang-min looked around the room, grabbing what he could as fast that he could to try and harm the raven-haired male.

"You hurt Taehyung, Sang-min..." the elder only coughed, taking a deep breath trying to pull the noose off. Jungkook grabbed the elder by his hair throwing him over the railing thought Sang-min held on tightly. "Don't do this please," the elder cried out. "I'll leave you alone, I'll never come back again." The raven-haired male snickered. "Not good enough."

Jungkook grabbed the gun from the floor, cocking the gun before he took the final bullet and shot the elders' right hand. He screamed in pain, out of instinct letting go of the railing to hold his bleeding hand. The noose tightened, even more, he kicked his legs around, trying to find something to hang on to. "H-H-Help." The gagging that was able to be heard, had the male swinging there by the window.

Taehyung turned his head when he heard the gunshot go off, looking right out the rectangular window. Watching his father's body swinging by a rope that was tied around his neck. "O-Oh my g-g-god," the male whispered as he turned around, falling to the floor as he covered his eyes. He felt arms wrap around him, he uncovered his eyes looking up to find Jungkook with blood all over his face.

Taehyung wrapped his arms around the younger male tightly, Jungkook kissed the males' ash-grey hair, running his hands through it. "You really did a number on Sang-min, Jungkook..." Hoseok whispered, nodding his head slowly. "Is everyone alright? Jimin?" Jungkook asked, "I'm good over here kook," Jimin said barely above a whisper. "I think, I'm gonna be sick guys."

Chapter Text

A recap of the last chapter; Taehyung turned his head when he heard the gunshot go off, looking right out the rectangular window. Watching his father's body swinging by a rope that was tied around his neck. "O-Oh my g-g-god," the male whispered as he turned around, falling to the floor as he covered his eyes. He felt arms wrap around him, he uncovered his eyes looking up to find Jungkook with blood all over his face.

Taehyung wrapped his arms around the younger male tightly, Jungkook kissed the males' ash-grey hair, running his hands through it. "You really did a number on Sang-min, Jungkook..." Hoseok whispered, nodding his head slowly. "Is everyone alright? Jimin?" Jungkook asked, "I'm good over here kook," Jimin said barely above a whisper. "I think, I'm gonna be sick guys."

. . . . . . . .

"Taehyung~ come with us my love," "J-Jungkook?" the ash-grey haired male was confused, watching the tall, masculine figure in front of him slowly start to move away from him. "Come Taehyungie, I know you miss us." The voice he heard was sickly sweet, making the older male stand up on his two feet as he continued to walk towards the voice.

"W-Wait for me!" Taehyung yelled, now picking up the pace as he started to run, tripping over his own two feet. The older fell to his knees, scrapping them in the process. "I said wait!" Taehyung tried his best to get up on feet again but he felt stuck. He was able to stand, but not move.

"Please wait for me! Don't leave me!" the older male felt trapped in the space he was in. It was darkness surrounding him all around and he had no idea how to get out. The ash-grey haired male looked down to see a black sticky mold crawling up his leg. Taehyung screamed, trying to move away trying to pull it off with his hands.

"Do you not love me anymore Taehyung? Why aren't you coming with me?" the raven-haired asked, the words floating around the dark room. "N-No! I do love you!" Taehyung exclaimed, trying to fight off the black mold. "Jungkook don't leave me!" the older yelled, tears running down his cheeks. Taehyung fell back on the ground, hands pulling at his soft hair.

"Why should I wait for you Taehyungie? You left us, don't you remember, you'll never be loved by us again... ever again." Taehyung began to sob uncontrollably; a piercing scream was heard throughout the darkness making Taehyung cover his ears as fast as he could. "S-Stop! Stop it, please!" it got louder as so did Taehyungs' cries for help.

Soon enough, it stopped. It had all gone quiet and nothing was able to be heard.

Taehyung slowly looked up through his glassy, tear-filled eyes. He slowly removed his hands from ears and looked around. It was starting to lighten up. That was until the black mold started to whisper things.

"Come back with us. You know you want to." It felt like hands were starting to crawl all over the older male's body, pulling him back as he started to shake his head.

"N-No, I don't want you, I want my friends." "Come with us, everything is better down here," the ash-grey haired male ignored the chants of his name, covering his ears.

"Taehyung~, Taehyung... Tae–"


"No! No!"

The second youngest member jolted up in the large bed, sweat rolling down his forehead, his breathing hard and irregular as he looked around to see his Hyungs' worried faces, all except one person. "W-Where's Jungkook?" the latter questioned, earning questioning looks from them all. "He's not here, he went out for some– Taehyung, are you okay?"

The ash-grey haired male looked at Hoseok with a sour face, nodding his head fast as he looked around the room. "Taehyung are you sure?" Seokjin asked again, bringing his hand to take Taehyungs temperature, to which the ash-grey haired male flinched. "I'm sorry... I just had a horrible nightmare..." Taehyung muttered, laying back in bed.

"Hoseok, go start the shower for him make sure it's hot water as well." Hoseok got up slowly, placing a kiss on Jimin's bandaged forehead. Taehyung laid on his side, only for him to wince in pain getting up again from the bed. "W-Why does my body hurt so much?" Taehyung questioned, eyeing Yoongi who opened his mouth to speak.

"Honestly? You fainted and landed on a lot of wood... we tried to catch you but it was just out of nowhere, Jungkook went out with a couple guards to get more things for you and Jimin." Yoongi said as he placed his hands on his own thighs to help him up. "I'm sorry guys– really I am," Taehyung whispered, Seokjin watched the latter crawl out of bed.

"Don't say you're sorry, you couldn't control what happened, and no one can control life... okay?" Seokjin reassured the ash-grey haired male, helping him walk to the bathroom where it was turning steamy from the hot water. "Who's going to bandage me when I get out of the shower?" the ash-grey haired male asked as Seokjin peeled the youngers shirt off.

"Jungkook will be, okay love?" Taehyungs' face heated up as he nodded his head. "I can do this part... thank you hyungs," Taehyung said to Seokjin as he pointed to down to his shorts that they changed him into. Seokjin nodded his head, walking out of the bathroom not before blowing a kiss to Taehyung making him giggle.

Taehyung began to take off his clothes, getting into the shower feeling the hot water on his body. "Will things go back to the way they were?" he mumbled, wincing when he brushed his sides with body soap he was using. "I must've fallen hard then, this hurts like a bitch," the ash-grey haired male mumbled under his breath again.

After he finished washing his hair out, and the dry spots of blood from his body, he turned off the hot water. Grabbing the red towel and wrapping it around his waist tightly. Stepping completely out of the bathtub, he walked over to the sick where his clothes were placed. Just a basic outfit of a sweatshirt and a pair of black ripped jeans Seokjin had bought him.

Taehyung stared at himself in the mirror, he liked the way the outfit was out today but soon grabbing a piece of his hair, huffing at the color that he didn't seem to like anymore. He sighed and walked out of the bathroom bumping into another body, his eyes landed on Jungkook who smiled at the older. "How are you feeling Taehyungie?"

Chapter Text

"I-I'm fine Jungkook... sorry for bumping into you..." Taehyung sat on the floor still, eyes wide as he looked at Jungkook who only gave him a smile. "It's my fault for bumping into you, let's get you up." The ash-grey haired male nodded slightly, pushing himself up as Jungkook picked him up. "You're hurt, you shouldn't be picking yourself up alone."

Taehyung muttered a quiet, "I'm sorry..." to the raven-haired male who placed him on the bed. Jungkook walked away from the bed, going downstairs to grab the supplies he needed. "How's it going with him in their Kook?" Jungkook turned around, eyes meeting Yoongis' no emotion on his face. "It's fine Yoongi, no need to worry about it."

Jungkook turned around again, walking over to the basket where he had thrown everything in, picking out the supplies he would need to wrap Taehyung. Yoongi tightly grabbed the hem of Jungkooks' shirt, grabbing the youngers' attention. "What is it Yoongi?" the raven asked, annoyance clear in his voice. "I don't think you should be wrapping his wounds Jungkook."

The younger scoffed, pulling away with the supplies in his hands. Yoongi sighed, turning around to face Jimin who had a confused expression clear on his face. "Yoongi Hyung, are you coming with us?" Jimin asked, walking towards the blue-haired male who nodded. "Yeah... Yeah, I'll be down there in a bit let me just go say to Taehyung."

Jimin nodded, watching his boyfriend walk away into the long hallway. As Yoongi walked towards the room, he brushed thoughts that lingered in his mind. He knocked softly on the wooden door, creaking it open sending a small smile to Taehyung who blushed and looked away. "Taehyungie, we'll be back soon okay? You're going to be staying with Jungkook while we finish up some work."

Taehyung nodded, trying to get up as fast as he could to engulf the older in a hug, only to be held back by Jungkook. "You can't get up Taehyung, you're going to hurt yourself more." the ash-grey haired male slightly nodded, looking away from Yoongi. "Bye Yoons, please be safe?" Yoongi chuckled, stepping into the room completely to plant a kiss on Taehyungs' forehead.

"Of course, love." Yoongi soon walked out of the bedroom leaving the ex-couple alone. Taehyung gripped the silk black, bedsheets that he was laying on when he felt a jolt of pain hit him hard. A whimper left past his lips, eyes shut tight. "I know it hurts, I'll get you wrapped up fast alright Tae?" Jungkook muttered, running his hands through the ash-grey hair Taehyung hated.

"I'm sorry if I'm being too much work Jungkook–" the raven-haired male cut the older off softly. "You're never a bother to us Taehyung, just lay back alright?" Taehyung nodded, eyes going wide as he feels Jungkook apply a cream to the burn he had gotten when he fell into the rough wood. "I-It hurts..." Jungkook nodded softly, using less pressure.

"Taehyung?" Jungkook said, turning around to grab the cloth for his burn. Taehyung laid there, eyes shut as he whispered "Yes?" The raven-haired watched as Taehyung bit his bottom lip hard, he could draw blood if he bit any harder. "D-Don't bit your lip, you'll make it bleed." "I'm trying not to, but this– shit–hurts so much Jungkook, please, hurry..."

Jungkook focused himself on trying to work as fast as he could to try and make this as less painful as he could for Taehyung. Wrapping the bandage around his hips, his hands firm and on his upper waist. Taehyungs' lips let out a lot of whimpers, the pain he felt whenever he felt Jungkook touching his body sent shivers down his spine and a lot of cuss words out his mouth.

"There... all done Taehyung." the younger spoke, pulling Taehyungs' sweatshirt down to fit him. "T-Thank you Jungkook..." Taehyung whispered eyes closed turning away from Jungkook as he stood up. "Listen Jungkook..." the ash-grey haired male turned around to face Jungkook who had a blank expression on his face. You could feel the awkwardness in the air.

"What is it Taehyung?" Jungkook began to put the supplies away in a drawer, putting some away in the boxes it came in. "I– I missed you... so much" The raven-haired male stopped putting his supplies away, fumbling with the one in his hands after hearing those words come out of the boy he loved and adored so much.

Taehyung stood there waiting for a response from the younger. A smile, a laugh. Something. Though the only thing he got from the raven-haired male was the cold shoulder and a door slamming. Taehyung stood in the room with not a sound being able to be heard. He looked at the bedroom door, walking backward as he sat back down on the bed.

"What the hell did I do?" Jungkook whispered, his head in his hands as he stood outside of the bedroom door. He was waiting to hear those words, he needed to hear those words come from Taehyungs' lips again. Jungkook sighed, walking away from the bedroom door, down the hall. Thoughts running around in his mind.

The bedroom door opened wide, "Jungkook! Wait..." The younger stopped walking to face the older. "Please, could you say it back? Even if you don't mean it Jungkook... please..." Jungkook chuckled, walking towards the older male slowly. "I'm not going to lie about something that I strongly believe in Taehyungie."

The older male blushed madly, turning his head. "I do love you. I do miss you. I'm madly in love with you and the thought of you." Taehyung turned back around, eyes meeting Jungkooks. "But I'm scared to... I want to be able to wake up and have you be there lying beside me..." Taehyung nodded, playing with his fingers. "Let's work on each other, my love."

Chapter Text

"Jungkook!" Taehyung screamed at the top of his lungs when the younger shoved him a little too hard for his liking. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" Jungkook exclaimed, crouching down in order to stop the older from hitting him." That freaking hurt Jungkook!" Taehyung said again, turning around, pouting, eyebrows furrowing.

"I'm sorry Tae, I promise, I'll make it up to you." Jungkook got up from the floor, walking over to Taehyung. "Oh really, now?" The ash-grey haired male grinned from ear to ear as he turned around putting his hands on both of Jungkooks cheeks. "If that's so..." Taehyung closed in slowly, lips touching Jungkooks ear.

"Then how about you..." Jungkooks breath hitched, he was about to place his large, veiny hands tightly onto the older males waist. Taehyung laughed loudly in his ear, pulling away fast showing the younger his middle finger by waving it in the air for all to see. "Catch me if you can, ugly butt!" Jungkook sighed, shaking his head.

There was no way he was going to chase around the ash-grey haired male throughout the house– "Hey ugly! I'm gonna throw all your shirts out!" Taehyung yelled from across the hall, shutting the bedroom door loudly, his giggling being heard. "Taehyung! I swear, you better open this door!" Jungkook yelled back, Taehyung laughed loudly.

After a few seconds, everything went quiet, Jungkook placed his ear to the door, as he heard the clicking of the door handle, meaning the door was unlocked. Jungkook opened the door slowly, peeking his head through first looking around to try and find Taehyung. The raven-haired male stepped in completely, eyes squinting. He noticed the shoes poking out of under the bed, grinning like an idiot.

"Oh, I wonder where Taehyung went?" Jungkook, ran to grab the bottom of Taehyungs shoes," "got you– huh?" The younger pulled the shoes off only to find no one under the bed. Jungkook turned around upon hearing giggling only to find Taehyung right in his face trying not to touch him. Jungkooks' eyes went wide and the older male kept giggling.

The smile that was on the raven-haired male made Taehyung smile even wide as he couldn't keep his balance. Falling on top of Jungkook where the black silk covers, crinkled from the pressure both bodies had. The ash-grey haired male had his head on Jungkooks' chest as they were both still laughing from the previous actions they were having fun with.

The ash-grey haired male sat up on Jungkooks' waist, small little laughs still left his red lips. Jungkook smiled fondly at the ash-grey haired male, holding him up by his waist. "I-I'm sorry but your face when you saw that it wasn't me was so– it was so funny!" Taehyung said in between laughs.

The raven-haired male seemed to forget about the world around him, only looking at the ash-grey haired male that had stopped laughing when he noticed Jungkook was now sitting up with the older still on his waist. "J-Jungkook..." the older whispered, suddenly becoming a stuttering mess as he also leaned in for a kiss.

"Hey, Jungkook– fuck, I'm sorry..." Namjoon muttered, standing in the doorway as he had his eyes on the ex-couple in front of him. Taehyungs' eyes went wide when he heard the voice of the purple-haired male boom throughout the room. The ash-grey haired male got himself off of Jungkook, a deep red blush across his face.

"I'm sorry Joonie Hyung..." Taehyung whispered, sitting on the black silk covers while Jungkook also sat up, eyes staring into Namjoons. "It's fine Taehyung... Jungkook, a word with you please?" the fourth oldest questioned, his eyes also staring right into the youngers. "I'll be back Taehyung, how about you go downstairs and see what Jimin brought for you?"

The ash-grey haired male nodded, getting up from the bed as he walked out of the door that Namjoon had moved to the side to let him pass. Jungkook got up from his spot on the bed, sighing as he loosened his black tie. "What happened, Hyung?" Jungkook questioned, walking over to the dresser to take off his watch.

"We need to talk about Taehyung," the youngers' best friend stated, closing and locking the bedroom door. "What about him, has anyone tried to come after him that you know of?" Namjoon shook his head. "Jungkook, are you sure you're ready to let him come back into your life again?" Namjoon asked he was actually worried for the younger.

Jungkook had gone through hell and back trying to do whatever to get the at-the-time blonde off his mind. It was like hell for everyone, they had to go through Jungkooks' random bursts of anger, his attempts of hurting people for no reason. It was hell in the home, they had just recently gotten everything fixed from what Jungkook did alone.

"I am ready, I've been with him for 7 years Namjoon, Taehyung will forever own my heart," Jungkook calmly stated. He was having this talk again, and as much as he didn't want to have it, his friend worried about him and that was okay with him. "I know you're worried, but we're working on our relationship Namjoon."

The purple haired male smiled softly, he remembered when he was just like this with his fiance Seokjin. God, he was so in love with him and he always would be. "One day, I want him to be able to walk down the aisle and say I do." Namjoon let out a dry chuckle. "And what do you plan to do with Yeri, his sister?"

Jungkook went wide-eyed, he had totally forgotten about Yeri for a moment, like he really did. "God, I forgot about her, we should treat her wounds– or did Seokjin Hyung do that already?" Namjoon nodded his head, "Do you really think my Jinnie wouldn't treat someone after their hurt?"

"Anyways... how are Mr.Won and Daehyun doing?" Jungkook asked, taking his shoes off, walking over to place them in the closet. "They're doing great, Mr. Won is actually learning to snipe right now and Daehyun is resting, he hurt his arm yesterday trying to open a jar of pickles..." Namjoon trailed off, trying not to laugh.

Jungkook stayed quiet for a moment, letting everything process. "He hurt his arm opening a jar of pickles!? Oh my god– Hahaha!" Jungkook broke out into laughter along with his best friend, clutching their stomachs as they tried to keep quiet. "I can hear you guys! I was trying to open them for Taehyung!" Jungkook let out a breath through his nose.

"Oh god, that was too funny, I remember when he was the strongest guy ever, my old man is now officially getting older," Jungkook said, as Namjoon struggled to keep quiet from the laughter. "That is very true," Namjoon said, watching Jungkook sit on the bed again. The purple-haired male walked to sit next to his best friend.

"Thank's for always caring about things that are bothering me Joon," Jungkook said, looking up to smile at his best friend. Namjoon smiled back, wrapping his arm around Jungkooks' shoulders. "Everyone, watched you grow up Jungkook since you were just 16, we'll always care for you," Namjoon stated. "We'll always love you."

Chapter Text

"Taehyung!" Jimin yelled when he saw his best friend running down the stairs to greet them. "Hi, Minnie!" Taehyung yelled back, running into the slightly older males' arms for a hug. "So, what'd you get me hyung?" Taehyung asked, looking at all the bags scattered around the room. Jimin's eyes went wide, covering the ash-grey haired males eyes.

"H-Hyung?" Taehyung asked, getting frightened when he heard the bags being picked up and people running around. "They're just things for the house bubs, they were nothing special," Jimin mumbled the last part, covering Taehyungs eyes. "Aw man! But I wanted to see them," Taehyung said pouting at the end.

"Jeon! Come get your man, he's doing the puppy eyes again!" Hoseok yelled from the kitchen, earning a laugh from Yoongi, his boyfriend. "I just want to know Hyung's! I won't say anything," Taehyung pouted again, walking into the kitchen where Yoongi stared at him but then soon looked away when he saw Jungkook standing behind the ash-grey haired male.

"And why are you doing puppy eyes Tae?" Jungkook questioned with an eyebrow raised. Taehyung turned around chuckling. "Because they won't tell me what they brought from the store!" Taehyung said, looking Jungkook in the eyes. "It was all house decoration Tae, I promise," Jungkook said, looking at Hoseok.

"Get him out of the house!" Yoongi mouthed to the youngest of them all, making signals to the front door. Jungkook looked back down at Taehyung who was still pouting, "How about we go out and, get some other things for the house Tae? We could also go out to eat." Jungkook said with a big smile on his face as he looked up at Yoongi who threw up two thumbs up.

Taehyung hesitantly nodded his head, while bitting his bottom lip. "Alright then Jungkook!" Taehyung soon said right after. The ash-grey haired male skipped along to the living room to go and talk with the eldest, Seokjin. Upon seeing the happy ball of sunshine, Seokjin threw whatever he was reading behind him.

"What was that Hyung?" Taehyung asked, trying to grab the book until Seokjin beat him to it and grabbed his wrists. "Uh, nothing! It was this book on how to, um--" Seokjin was harshly cut off by the second oldest, "It was a book on how to pleasure Namjoon since Jin can't seem to get his husband up anymore." Yoongi teased the older.

Seokjin's face went bright red, although he wasn't wrong, he was embarrassed by it and hung his head in shame while giving off a quiet laugh. "Yoongi Hyung! That's super mean, you shouldn't say things like that to people! It can really hurt them..." Taehyung stated, going in to hug the older male.

Jungkook and Hoseok watched from afar on how protective the second youngest was with his hyung. He really made sure that no one ever said, or did anything to hurt Seokjin at all, but then again, they really did hit it off when they first met so it was no surprise to them. "It's okay Taehyungie, don't worry about it love."

Yoongi shrugged his shoulders, sipping on his hot tea from the white mug. "Wanna go shopping with Jungkookie and me?" Taehyung asked, letting go of Seokjin as he stood up. Taehyung really didn't give Seokjin a chance to answer before he said "Nevermind, you're gonna go Hyung! We can go shopping for you too!" To which Jungkook facepalmed.

It wasn't that he didn't want his Hyung there with him, but everyone did know that Seokjin and Namjoon weren't acting the same anymore, the eldest had noticed that Namjoon was coming home late and it didn't sit well with him at all. He was scared he was going to be left. "Come on guys, we'll try to come back as soon as we can."

Seokjin got up from the couch and smiled at Taehyung who held his hand as they walked out. "Bye Hyungs!" Taehyung yelled as he closed the front door. It was December, and it was colder than a winters' tit outside. Jungkook noticed Taehyung shivering even though he had two hoodies on. "You want another hoodie Taehyung?" Jungkook asked.

Taehyung turned to look at the raven-haired male, his cheeks turning red. "N-No Jungkookie, I'm okay," Taehyung said, as they made it to the car, Seokjin laughed when the younger couldn't seem to move his finger due to how cold it was. "Oh god, Seokjin Hyung help me, I can't move my fingers," Jungkook said, throwing the keys to the older.

Taehyung laughed even harder when the elder completely missed them and they landed somewhere in the pile of snow. "The keys!" Seokjin cried out, falling to his knees. Jungkook laughed along with Taehyung at how Seokjin reacted. "Yah! This isn't funny you little brats!" Seokjin said, trying to dig through the snow.

Jungkook kept laughing while Taehyung clutched his stomach, as he started wheezing. "Taehyung, your l-laugh, oh god!" Seokjin said in between laughs, getting up from the snow. "I found-- I found the keys, let's go already," Seokjin said, unlocking the car door from his side which then opened all the other doors.

Taehyung and Jungkook both got into the car, still slightly laughing with each other. Seokjin passed the keys to the younger who thanked Seokjin. Taehyung sat in the backseat, buckling his seatbelt. "I look like a little kid back here, don't I?" Taehyung said, making eye contact with Jungkook through the mirror.

It was quiet for a moment as Seokjin turned around to see what Taehyung was talking about before he broke out into complete laughter as he saw Taehyung pouting with his arms crossed. "J-Jungkook! Look-- Look at Taehyung!" Seokjin said in between laughter as he looked forward again and continued laughing.

Jungkook turned around and also broke out into a fit of laughter since Taehyung really did look like a little kid while he was in the backseat. With his cheeks puffed out and red, his eyebrows furred and his arms crossed. "Taehyung, you look really cute back there," Jungkook said, trying to stop himself from laughing anymore.

"Let's take a photo, I wanna remember this day forever," Seokjin said, pulling out his phone from his back pocket. Taehyung posed in the background holding a peace sign up to his eye and another behind Jungkooks head. while Jungkook smiled, the same with Seokjin. When the photo was finally taken, Seokjin had told Jungkook to start driving to the mall.

The older male in the front seat, looked back on the photo they had taken, noticing the pose of Jungkook. The younger was staring fondly at Taehyung as if his whole world was right in front of him. Seokjin looked at Taehyung through the mirror, noticing the joy that radiated off of him when he talked to Jungkook.

The pink-haired male looked away and turned his head to look at Jungkook who laughed at the joke the ash-grey haired male had just made. The older turned back to look at the phone that had now locked and shown the photo of Namjoon and him when they first met, a photo that was taken with Yoongi.

Where Namjoon was smiling at Seokjin while the older had said one of his classic jokes that he was known for. He held his phone to his chest, looking out the window. "We're gonna fix this Joonie, I know we will," he whispered, now turning back into what the two younger males were talking about. "So hyung... how long as it been since you and Joon hyung have done it--" "Taehyung!"

Chapter Text

Taehyung was too busy running around the mall to even notice that he had left behind Jungkook. He was everywhere when it came to looking for things with his Hyung Seokjin. "Jin?" Taehyung questioned, stopping in front of an expensive store for watches. "Hm?" Seokjin hummed, looking up from his phone. "Have you ever thought about getting Joon a watch?" Taehyung asked.

Seokjin stayed quiet as he locked his phone and placed it in his back pocket. "Actually... no, why do you ask?" the older male walked into the shop just a bit more, looking around the shop with Taehyung following behind. "Well... since he keeps coming late, why not get him a watch? He could then know the time and he won't give you a bad excuse anymore!"

Seokjin sighed softly, smiling just a bit at the ash-grey haired male who helped him look for a beautiful watch. "I don't know Tae, none of these look beautiful... I don't think Joonie is going to like this." Seokjin stated, walking out of the store. Taehyung turned around upon hearing that, running right after the older male. "Where's Jungkook Tae?" Seokjin questioned, looking down at Taehyung.

"Oof, I'm right here Jin." Jungkook huffed when he collided with Seokjin shoulder. The older turned around fast, "I'm sorry Jungkook! I didn't see you!" Seokjin apologized to the younger male, rubbing his shoulder softly. Taehyung giggled softly before he turned around to look for more shops. "There!" Taehyung exclaimed, pointing to a taco stand.

Seokjin looked at where Taehyung was pointing, turning back around to give Taehyung a confused face. "What?" Jungkook asked Taehyung who pointed again at the taco stand. "I want some tacos. Can we go get some?" Taehyung asked the two males standing right in front of him with puppy eyes. "Hm, I suppose so–" Taehyung cut the younger off mid-sentence.

"Great! Jungkook can you order us some? I want to take Jin Hyung somewhere! Thanks a lot!" Taehyung pulled Jin away from the younger male to another store before Jungkook could even respond. Jungkook sighed loudly before dragging himself to the stand. He stood in line, his hands in his pockets while whistling a song. Geez, who would've guessed that the leader to a Mafia would be in line ordering tacos?

"Next!" The cashier yelled, Jungkook looked into the eyes of the younger lady, who had to be at least 21 at most. "Hello! What can I get you?" she asked with a sweet tone, Jungkook only looked at the menu intensely, not being able to make up his mind. "Uh... let me get... uh... Four tacos of Asada..." Jungkook said, his eyes squinting at the tiny lettering. "And just three number fives would be all."

The cashier nodded her head cutely, a small smile plastered onto her face. "For here or to go?" "To go, please," Jungkook responded, looking around the mall with his eyes. "So, what brings you here today?" She asked, making conversation with the raven-haired male. "Ah, I came here with my friend and–" the cook from the back cut the younger off. "Order number forty-nine!"

Jungkook smiled as he took the order from the lady. "Give me a call yeah? I totally understand if you have a girlfriend– or a boyfriend! I can't assume you have a girlfriend we don't even know each others-sorry... I'm rambling..." Jungkook chuckled at the redhead. "Listen, maybe we could be friends? I have something complicated going on right now... but I wouldn't mind having you as a close friend. You could get along with the boy's I'm with."

It wasn't always that Jungkook was so nice to people he didn't know. Though this girl gave off such a weird, crazy vibe. "I-Is your boyfriend the one with grey hair?" Jungkook nodded with a confused expression on his face wondering how the girl knew. "Rudy! I didn't know you worked here!" Taehyung exclaimed with a smile on his face as Jin followed behind smiling at his bags in his hands.

Rudy, the cashier turned around as her face was bright red as she literally had tried to hit on her friend's boyfriend. "Did you order them Kookie?" Taehyung asked, licking his lips at the smell of the food. Jungkook nodded, while Rudy smiled at Taehyung softly. The ash-Grey hair noticed the little paper that was stapled to the brown bag, his smile slowly getting smaller. "It was nice seeing you, Rudy!"

Taehyung fake smiled, grabbing the food from Jungkook. Jungkook waved goodbye to the lady, turning back around to catch up with Taehyung, slowly nudging his side. "I smell pettiness in the air." Jungkook chuckled poking Taehyungs side. "Okay, well, go get your nose checked ugly." Taehyung huffed, turning to look at Seokjin. "Jinnie!~"

Taehyung left the younger raven-haired male who was still laughing and smiling at Taehyungs actions. "Oh, what did you two end up getting?" Jungkook asked, holding the door open for the two older males. Taehyung gave a smug smile at Jungkook winking at the raven-haired male who looked at the older male with no expression on his face.

Taehyung huffed and turned back around to look in the front while Seokjin and Jungkook talked. "Taehyung helped me pick out an outfit out... and I think I'm going to use it tonight with Joonie..." Seokjin blushed, a small smile on his face making his way to his lips as he thought of Namjoon and him finally being able to touch each other.

Jungkooks' smug face was caught in the corner of Seokjins eyes, making the older male jump back a little bit. "Taehyung! Jungkook is giving me a weird look again!" Seokjin exclaimed, running away from the younger male who laughed loudly. "Our Hyung is gonna have some alone time with Namjoon!~" Taehyung exclaimed, skipping through the parking lot.

"Taehyung!" Seokjin cried out from embarrassment, his feet stomping his way through to Taehyung. "At least I'm probably gonna get some, unlike some people who haven't for month's." Seokjin teased the two younger males who had gone quiet and started blushing. "Exactly now, let's go home." The older male stated, getting inside the unlocked car.

Taehyung blushed harshly, not being able to look at the younger male in the eyes after Seokjin's all true statement he had said. "Come on Taehyung, in the car we go," Jungkook said with no emotion, holding the car door to the front seat open. Taehyung nodded his head, moving to sit inside the car where Jungkook shut the door behind the older male.

Taehyung turned around to wink at Seokjin making the elder blush profusely. "L-Let's just going home..." Seokjin huffed, a nervous smile on his face when Jungkook begins to back up, his left arm wrapped around the passenger seat as he turns his head to look behind. His jawline being so sharp Taehyung wanted to die by it. The ash-grey haired male crossed his legs tightly, biting his lip as he looked out the window. "I-I agree with Jin, let's go home Kookie."

Chapter Text

Seokjin's red iPhone began to vibrate wildly suddenly. Putting his passcode in as he navigated himself to his messages. "What the hell?" Seokjin muttered under his breath, reading through the messages that were popping up from his beloved fiancé Namjoon. Messages like, "I can't wait to see you xoxo. I've missed you." Popped up on his screen.

The eldest let out an ear piercing scream from the backseat of Jungkooks' car, making the younger swerve to the right lane just a bit before he had his eyes and focus back on the road in front of them. "What the hell Hyung!?" Jungkook yelled, turning his head back and forth. Noticing how Taehyung held on tightly to his seatbelt.

Seokjin didn't answer the younger male who yelled at him before he started sobbing into his hands. It was a heartbreaking sight for the youngers to see. "Pull over Jungkook," Taehyung said, unbuckling his belt as Jungkook began to pull over to the side of the road. Taehyung opens his door, running to the backseat to comfort his Hyung.

"Jin, what's wrong? What's going on–" Seokjin cut the ash-grey haired male off with another sob leaving past his pink lips. "He's cheating! That– stupid, motherfucker is cheating on me!" Seokjin sobbed, lurching forwards to hold on to Taehyung. Taehyungs' eyes went wide when he heard that Namjoon was cheating on the older. It didn't seem like Namjoon to do that.

"W-What do you mean? Are you sure?" Taehyung asked, running his hands through Seokjin's blonde hair. Jungkook got off the car also, going to the backseat to comfort Seokjin. "L-Look at m-my phone," Seokjin sadly said, pulling away from the hug turning to look at Jungkook with wet eyelashes, his eyes turning a light red from the crying.

Taehyung gasped slightly, biting his bottom lip as he shook his head, reading through the rest of the messages that were still being sent to their hyungs' phone. "What did I do so wrong to deserve this Jungkook?" Seokjin whispered, feeling the tears run down his pink tinted cheeks. "I loved him, I always, only loved him." The blonde muttered, putting his head on Jungkooks' shoulder.

"I know Jin." Jungkook used both his hands to cup Seokjins' cheeks softly. "You did nothing wrong okay? You gave him your all, but we shouldn't jump to any thoughts, let's get home and you two can talk this out... okay?" Taehyung watched how Jungkook comforted Seokjin, locking the olders' phone setting it down right next to Seokjins' thigh.

"Taehyung could you sit in the back with Jin?" Jungkook asked, stepping out of the car and walking back to the front, driver's seat. "Yeah kookie," Taehyung answered, closing the backdown, jumping a bit when the blonde latched onto Taehyung as tightly as he continued to cry his eyes out. All the ash-grey haired male did was sit there, whispering sweet things to the older.

The drive home for the three of them was as heartbreaking as it could get. Multiple calls from Yoongi and Hoseok came through but with Seokjin ignoring the two men it really made everything harder. The guilt was eating Jungkook alive with every second that passed, but he kept his mouth shut and continued driving home, gnawing at his bottom lip.

"I'm sorry Jin..." Jungkook said under his breath as they pulled in the driveway of their shared home. Seokjin was the first one to run out of the car, climbing over Taehyung to get to the bottom of what Namjoon had been doing behind his back. He had every bag he brought for Namjoon and his special night. "Jin!" Taehyung called out, slamming the car door as he ran behind the blonde haired male.

Once the door came open, Seokjin thought his world had ended right at that moment. His eyes wide and his mouth agape trying to process what was happening.

Confetti shot out of shooters, the banner that read. "Happy eight year anniversary!" in dark, bold letters. A cake at the end of the grand staircase that leads to upstairs. There stood Namjoon in a black suit, a smile on his face. The smile that Seokjin fell in love with when they were in high school. Taehyung ran in behind Seokjin with a shocked look on his face.

Seokjin fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face. "J-Joonie?" Seokjin whispered the purple-haired male went to his fiancé, crouching down to his level as he brought the pad of his thumb to wipe away the blonde's tears. Jungkook walked in with a smile on his face, clapping along with the rest of them, Taehyung still confused as ever.

"Happy eight years baby. Just one more year until our wedding love." Namjoon said in a soft voice, cupping Seokjins' pink cheeks, "I love you every day... more and more Kim Seokjin." The blonde shut his eyes as he started sobbing again, pulling away from Namjoon. "But I– I thought you had– f-found someone–"Namjoon cut the older off.

"Oh god no, there could never be anyone but you in my life Jinnie, my handsome, sassy, petty husband that I love so very much." From the back, you could hear Taehyungs' "Oh my god, I get it now!" he had still been processing everything, feeling the harsh tug on his heart when he always thought Jungkook and him were going to be this way also.

"Let's give them some alone time," Yoongi muttered under his breath, pulling Jimin and Hoseok away. Taehyung's eyes landed on Jungkook and the way his arm veins popped out, the sleeves to his button up shirt, rolled up halfway. Taehyung looked away quickly, Jungkooks eyes' follow the ash-grey haired male as he moves from the corner.

Namjoon picked Seokjin up bridal style, making the blonde hide his face in the crook of his fiancé's neck. "Missed you Joonie..." Seokjin muttered, kissing the purple haired males neck softly. Namjoon shuddered underneath, biting his bottom lip softly. "I'll make up for all the time you missed me," Namjoon stated, kicking open their bedroom door open.

Seokjin was thrown light on the middle of their bed, he watched as Namjoon took off his suit jacket, following with unbuttoning his white shirt. The blonde whimpered lightly when he saw how Namjoon was more fit from the last time he saw him undressed. "Look at my beautiful baby," Namjoon muttered, bending down to kiss Seokjin's plump lips.

Namjoon unbuttoned Seokjin's shirt, leaving wet kisses all over his beautiful skin. Seokjin arched his back slightly when Namjoon began to suck on his right nipple, leaving It a soft purple color. Seokjin began to tug at the youngers' black slacks that seem to grow tighter on Namjoon as seconds passed within them.

Namjoon got the hint as he quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down throwing it on the floor. Seokjin rushed to take off his own pants, only making it halfway when Namjoon started to palm Seokjin through his white, see-through boxers. The blonde's breath hitched when he felt Namjoon put his hand inside the tight material.

Namjoon was busy kissing Seokjins' lips when he felt his boyfriend break the kiss as a breathy moan went past his spit-slick lips. Namjoon only knew it was because he had touch Seokjin's cock, who knew how long the older had been holding all this sexual frustration in for. "Do you like that baby?" Namjoon's raspy voice whispered in Seokjins' ear.

Seokjin nodded his head eagerly, arching his back with his mouth slightly agape when Namjoon put his finger through the slit. "S-Shit Joonie," Seokjin moaned, his right forearm covering his eyes. Namjoon pulled away from the blonde's cock and moved to open the side drawer next to their bed. Namjoon went to grab the lube that they had in the drawer.

The younger, purple haired male uncapped the lube, coating his fingers with it. "I'm going to put the first finger in, alright baby?" Namjoon reassured his fiancé, earning a nod from him. It was really no surprise that Jin was still tight even after all these years they've been together. "F-Fuck Joon, I-It hurts." A sob broke past the older lips.

"We're going to take our time baby, this is all about you tonight," Namjoon said, moving the first finger in and out slowly. "Joonie~" Seokjin moaned, this time a little louder. Two, and then three fingers later, the older was stretched out. Moaning loudly in their bedroom, "O-Oh god, Namjoon~ m-more, w-want– more," Seokjin moaned with hooded eyelids.

The older placed one more kiss on Seokjins' lips before he pulled his fingers out to coat his length with the lube. "Please hurry Namjoon... I need you," Seokjin whined, Namjoon held Seokjins' legs pushed against the blonde's chest. Seokjin arched his back just a bit when he felt the tip of Namjoons cock pushing at his entrance.

Namjoon went in for another deep kiss that was full of passion, their lips moved in sync. Namjoon pushed the tip of his cock at Seokjin's entrance, making the blonde break the kiss as he moaned into Namjoons's mouth. "K-Keep going," Seokjins' eyes rolled to the back of his head when he felt his lovers' whole cock inside him.

Namjoon moved his head back to admire the way he had his fiancé looking. Seokjin looked down to his stomach, touching the bump that formed in his abdomen. "That's a-all me in there Jinnie," Namjoon smirked, pulling out, only leaving the tip in as pushed in again faster than before. "F-Faster~" Seokjin moaned.

Namjoon gripped the blonde's small waist tightly making the older male whimper. Seokjin started to bounce up and down from the strong thrust's Namjoon was making, he bit his bottom lip to stop the moans from coming out of his mouth. Namjoon went down again to kiss Seokjin's lips, making the older moan into the purple-haired male's mouth.

Seokjin soon started to let out louder, high pitched moans as Namjoon kept hitting all the right spots. Namjoon hid his face in the olders neck marking the older up with hickeys all over his neck and chest. "All mine, just mine," Namjoon muttered under his breath as sweat rolled down his forehead. "All yours, Joonie," Seokjin moaned, eyes rolling to the back of his head. "Oh– Oh god." Seokjin chanted, threading his fingers in Namjoons' soft hair.

"Just like that baby," Namjoon groaned when Seokjin tightened around his cock. "Fucking hell, Jin." Namjoon moaned, he changed their positions making Seokjin be on top while Namjoons back faced the bed. Seokjin covered his eyes with his forearm, throwing his head back moaning loudly when Namjoon hit his prostate dead on.

Seokjin fell onto Namjoons chest, his legs going weak as he hides his face in Namjoons neck. Marking the younger up as well. Namjoons' hands found their way to the olders middle back, thrusting up in Seokjin. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Namjoon!~" Seokjin exclaimed, picking his head up from the youngers neck letting out loud moans, panting.

"S-hit baby, you're so tight." "Do you like that Babyboy?" Namjoon growled in Seokjins ear, biting it lightly. Seokjin moaned louder each time, shutting his eyes tightly when he came to feel his climax coming. "Close, s-so– so close," Seokjin muttered, Namjoon began to thrust deeper and faster, making sure to hit those nerves that made Seokjin moan louder and clench harder than before.

"I-I love- love you Nam-Namjoon!" Seokjin screamed as he came all over their chests, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Namjoon grunted and kept going making Seokjin sob from the over stimulation. Namjoon was still chasing his own orgasm. He kept thrusting inside of Seokjin, making him so dizzy from the strokes.

"Fuck, I l-love you, baby," Namjoon groaned, making Seokjins' cock squirt more cum out as an after-shock orgasm, a loud moaning leaving past his lips. Seokjin pulled away from Namjoons' sweaty body, with hooded eyelids, his bottom lip purple from all the sucking and biting. Namjoon smiled as he wiped the tear that fell past Seokjin eyes.

"Happy anniversary baby," Namjoon whispered, kissing Seokjins' lips one last time before he pulled out of his lover. "Happy anniversary Joonie, I love you baby." The older, blonde haired male whispered before he drifted off to sleep, in his lover's arms. "And we have many more to come," Namjoon whispered, kissing the blondes sweaty forehead.

Chapter Text

Jungkook followed Taehyung around the corner. Watching as the grey-haired male swayed his hips. Teasing Jungkook, "Jungkookie." The older called out, walking into the raven-haired males bedroom. "Tae?" Jungkook muttered under his breath, picking up his pace.

Taehyung slowly closed his door, as he hid in the bathroom, waiting for Jungkook to come in. He heard the bedroom door open, and it being shut loudly. "Taehyung, where are you?" the younger called out, taking his jacket off. Taehyung bit his bottom lip slightly. Do I really want this?

Jungkook sighed, thinking it was only his mind playing games with his head. "Fuck, I should really sleep some more," he muttered, laying down on the soft, silk covers. Taehyung snuck out of the bathroom. His white button-up shirt hanging loosely off his shoulders. His grey hair ruffled and messy.

Jungkook sighed again loudly, shaking his head trying to wake himself up. "He's only been here for a couple days. There's no way." the younger closed his eyes, his hands making their way to slightly pull at his hair. Taehyung walked his way over to the younger male, his stomach full of butterfly's.

The grey-haired male put his legs on both sides of Jungkooks' waist, straddling the raven-haired male. Taehyung put his hands on Jungkook's chest, bringing his mouth to the youngers' ear. "Jungkookie.~" Taehyung whispered, biting his earlobe lightly. The raven-haired gasped, eyes opening to see Taehyung.

The older male squealed by surprise when Jungkook had flipped them over. Making Jungkook on top and Taehyung's back against the bed. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jungkook questioned, watching Taehyungs' face heat up. "J-J-Just, wanted-- wanted to see you..." Taehyung whispered.

"Congrats, you saw me Taehyung." Jungkook got up from Taehyung, walking away from the older male who stared at Jungkook. "I-I wanted to see you... like I used to..." Taehyung whispered. "Do you have any idea how hard it's been for me since you left me?" Jungkook asked, eyes staring into Taehyungs' brown ones.

"It-- It was hard for me too Jungkook--" "But you left because you wanted to Taehyung. Because you were sure of it. You left with your sister, you left everyone. You left us." Jungkook stated, walking back to Taehyung as he gripped his chin harshly.

"I was scared Jungkook. I wanted my family, I wanted to see the people who claimed who loved me." Jungkook scoffed. "You should've known it was fake Taehyung! If they wanted to see you, they wouldn't have sent Daehyun to kidnap your friends! They would've come themselves to see you!"

Jungkook let go of the older male, turning his back to take his shoes off. "I know. It was foolish of me Jungkook..." Taehyung whispered. "All those sleepless nights I had, we had here in the house, worried about you. We couldn't even get the best person on it even if we paid billions!" Jungkook roared.

"I'm sorry..." Taehyung whispered, standing up to walk out of the bedroom on the verge of tears. The grey-haired male was stopped when he felt arms wrap around his waist. "But it was all so worth it to have you here," Jungkook whispered, kissing the olders shoulder. "To have you here so we can work on our relationship."

Taehyung let his head loll to the side when he felt Jungkooks' mouth sucking on his skin. "J-Jungkook," the older whispered with hooded eyelids. "I thought you didn't want me to see you?" Taehyung said, pushing the younger away when his senses come to him his breathing heavy.

Jungkook chuckled deeply, sending shivers up Taehyungs' spine. "The thoughts of you devour me Taehyung, what do you expect from me?" Jungkook brought the older into a kiss, nipping at the grey-haired males bottom lip. "Then come devour me Jungkook," Taehyung whispered, his hands pulling at Jungkooks' hair. "Gladly."

"I missed your body so much doll." Jungkook whispered, wrapping his arms around Taehyungs waist. "J-Jungkook... p-p-please..." Taehyung whimpered, it felt like Taehyungs skin was on fire when he was under Jungkook's' touch. "It's been months since I last touched you baby, why?" the raven-haired male questioned, tapping the back of Taehyungs' thighs.

"Jump" the raven-haired male whispered, sucking on Taehyungs' neck to leave beautiful, purple bruises on his honey like skin. Taehyung obeyed, as he wrapped his legs tightly around Jungkooks waist, bringing him in any closer than he can get. "Jungkook~" Taehyung let his head loll to the side, biting his lip. "B-Bed, please,"

Jungkook set Taehyung down gently on their red bedsheets, unbuttoning Taehyungs' white shirt. Leaving wet kisses all over him. "My beautiful baby boy, so, so beautiful." Taehyung arched his back slightly when Jungkook began to suck on his right nipple, Taehyung began to tug at the youngers' black button-up shirt.

Jungkook got the hint as he unbuttoned it and threw it on the floor, as the younger did that, Taehyung watched since he only had his boxers on, rubbing his thighs together. Jungkook started to palm Taehyung through his boxers, Taehyungs breath quickened when he felt Jungkook put his hand inside and remove his boxers, he kissed Taehyungs' lips when he saw how hard Taehyung was.

Jungkook opened the side drawer next to his bed went to grab the lube he had in the bottom drawer, fumbling with it. "Please hurry Jungkookie... I need you," Taehyung whined, arching his back when Jungkook pushed the pad of his finger on the older males hole, making Jungkook let out a small growl at the thought of Taehyung lying in bed for so long with no intimacy.

Jungkook pulled his finger away and began to apply the lube all over his fingers, the younger, kissed Taehyung one last time before he pushed in the first finger. Taehyung moaned in Jungkook's mouth softly when he felt the younger enter another finger in. "M-More Jungkook... y-you act like I can't take more- oh god~" Taehyungs' eyes rolled to the back of his head.

"Feel you, wanna touch you--" Taehyungs eyes' rolled to the back of head slowly again, "Wanna touch me doll?" Jungkook questioned, pushing in one last finger, for a total of three. "P-Please Jungkook, I feel like I-I haven't touched-- touched you." Jungkook smiled softly, reaching down to kiss Taehyungs' lips.

Taehyung moaned into the kiss, as Jungkook pulled his fingers out of the older. "I love-- l-love this Jung--Jungkook," Taehyung moaned loudly, breaking the kiss when he felt Jungkook push himself. It was a whole new feeling for him. It had been so long without feeling Jungkook, it overwhelmed him.

Jungkook started pushing in slowly at first for the older male to not hurt him. "F-Faster~" Taehyung moaned, "T-Taehyung, I can't go fast. I'll hurt you." Jungkook grunted, his hands firmly placed at the grey-haired males waist. "Please," Taehyung whispered, picking up upper body up, his elbows and forearms holding him up.

Jungkook reached down again, their foreheads touching as Jungkook started moving in and out of Taehyung. "Oh fuck~" Taehyung moaned, throwing his head back. "My beautiful baby," Jungkook whispered, biting his bottom lip. "I love you," Taehyung moaned, tears streaming down his face.

"You love me?" Jungkook whispered, his pace getting faster with each second that passed. "Y-Yes, I l-l-love you," Taehyung said, eyes staring into Jungkook's. "F-Fuck," Taehyung whimpered as he fell back onto the bed, fisting the sheets that were underneath him. "Jungkook~" Taehyung let out low moans.

Taehyung moaned in pure bliss as he started to bounce up and down, biting his bottom lip, Jungkook held onto Taehyungs waist more tightly than before. "Love me, please," Taehyung moaned, arching his back while Jungkook marked his skin with hickeys. "W-We're in this to--together baby," Jungkook moaned.

Jungkook hid his face in Taehyungs' neck, while the older let his fingers run through the soft hair of his lovers. Taehyung let out a high pitch moan, one that Jungkook never heard come from the older. "Fuck, there Kookie, right there." Taehyung arched his back, Jungkook kept changing his pace. "Right there, baby?"

Taehyung licked his lips as he nodded his head. "Yes, Yes-- ah, k-keep going," Taehyung chanted with hooded eyelids. Jungkook was quick to change their positions. Having Taehyung arch his back, his face in the sheets as Jungkook was on his knees. "This is your favorite position Taehyung," Jungkook cooed when sweat rolled down Taehyungs body.

Taehyung whined when Jungkook shoved his whole cock inside him. "You're-- You're so big Kookie," Taehyung moaned even louder when Jungkook pulled his hair so that his scalp itched deliciously. His breathing cut off slightly, making speaking hard for the older male. "It's all for you Taehyung, I belong to you baby," Jungkook grunted, pulling out and slamming in again.

Jungkook groaned when Taehyung tightened around his cock. "Fuck, just like that baby," Taehyung sobbed from the pleasure, "I-I'm so close Jungkook, please," Jungkook kept hitting the older males prostate head on, "You-- make-- you make me-- oh god-- make me feel so good." Taehyung moaned, fisting the sheets again.

" fuck, fuck! Jungkook~" Taehyung cried into the sheets, tears still streaming down his face. The grey-haired male picked his face up, eyes rolling to the back of his head when he sees his reflection in the mirror Jungkook had in front of his bed. "J-Jungkook~~" Taehyung panted, burrying his face in the pillows.

"Do you like that baby?" Jungkook grunted, coming up to whisper in the olders' ears. "I-I'm so close, cum, make me yours forever!" Taehyung screamed when he felt Jungkook thrusting faster into the male. There skin slapping, the sound of Taehyungs moans and Jungkooks grunts filled the room.

"I'm yours', yoursJungkookie!" Taehyung exclaimed as he came all over the sheets underneath him. Taehyung clenched around the youngers' cock, making the raven-haired male groan. He kept thrusting inside of Taehyung making him cry from overstimulation. "Oh god, y-yes." Taehyung moaned underneath.

"You're so perfect Tae," Jungkook groaned, ramming into the older male who shook. "P-Please, make me come again, f-fuck." Taehyung cried into the sheets. Jungkook reached down, playing with the head of Taehyungs' cock, feeling the older male cave in on himself. Taehyung threw his head back in pleasure.

"Gonna come Taehyung," Jungkook muttered under his breath, sweat rolling down his forehead and body. Jungkook felt Taehyung wrap his hand around Jungkooks' wrist tightly. "C-Come in me," Taehyung moaned. "F-Fuck Taehyung, I- fuck-- can't." Jungkook kept going, thrusting in and out still.

"Come in me, wanna feel your come inside of me," Taehyung's eyes rolled to the back of his head, his mouth open in a silent cry when he felt Jungkook shoot his come inside of him. Making Taehyung come at the exact same time "I-I love you, t-too baby," Jungkook groaned. "F-Feel so good," Taehyung whispered.

The younger pulled out, making Taehyungs body fall straight on to the bed. "Let's get you cleaned up baby," Jungkook whispered, "Wanna stay here with you in bed, don't go," Taehyung whispered back, eyes staring into Jungkook as the younger lays next to him. "Anything for you love."

Taehyung smiled softly, his eyes now focused on Jungkooks hand as he starts playing with Jungkooks rather large ones. "I love you," Jungkook said, caressing Taehyungs' cheeks with his other hand. "I love you too," Taehyung whispered, kissing the younger on the lips. "Forever," Jungkook smiled. "And ever,"

Chapter Text

"Tae, wake up baby," Jungkook whispered into the grey-haired male's ear. "Mmm, why?" Taehyung mumbled, licking his plump lips. "You have to, we can't let you stay in the bed with your own sticky c--" "O-Okay! Okay, I'm awake now Jungkook." Taehyung said, his cheeks a deep, red. "Good," the raven-haired male gave the older a quick kiss on the lips.

Jungkook chuckled, as he pulled away from the older male. It had to be at least nine in the morning, he could still smell the faint smell of waffles that Seokjin had probably made for them. "We'll get you washed up, then we'll go down for breakfast," Jungkook said, as Taehyung winced and lightly rubbed his lower back.

"Sorry," Jungkook mumbled, helping the grey-haired male up from the bed. Taehyung blushed, looking away from Jungkook when he sees the love bites he had left on the younger males neck and chest. "No... it's okay Kookie," Taehyung smiled, as they walked to the bathroom where the hot water fogged the room up with its steam.

Taehyung let go of the younger as he walked himself to the shower, Jungkook was ready to turn back to grab the towel from the closet until he felt a hand pull at his white shirt. "T-Take a shower with me Jungkook?" Taehyung asked, his cheeks flushing red. A smile formed on the youngers lips. "Of course, bun."

The grey-haired male smiled and walked away from Jungkook, opening the shower door slowly. Jungkook followed soon behind, taking off his boxers as he walked into the shower with the older male. Taehyung let out a loud sigh of relief when he felt the hot water on his body. "I feel like I haven't showered in forever," Taehyung mumbled, gasping when he felt Jungkooks hands on his waist.

"Let's wash your hair, yeah?" Jungkook asked, placing a kiss on the hickeys that were scattered around on Taehyungs neck. "Please, I can't handle another round right now Jungkook," Taehyung whined, turning around to face Jungkook. The younger laughed softly, "I know, I'm not going to do anything... right now that is," Taehyung gasped, pulling away from Jungkook. "Kookie!" the younger let out a laugh again.

After the two were done with their shower, they changed into normal clothing, just a simple shirt, and pants. "Kookie~" Taehyung said, following the younger male down the hall. "What is it babe?" Jungkook answered, his hands in his pockets as he continued to walk down the hall. "Can-- Can I go see Yeri?" Taehyung whispered.

Jungkook was surprised, was Taehyung scared that the younger was going to yell at him for wanting to see his own sister? Of course, not. He was more worried about what Yeri would do to Taehyung if she were to see him.

Jungkook stopped in his tracks, turning around to face the older male who was playing with his fingers, moving around in his place, feeling Jungkooks eyes on him. "Look at me baby," Jungkook softly said, playing a hand on Taehyungs cheeks. The grey-haired male looked up at Jungkook, a pout on his lips.

"I don't want you to be scared to ask me anything okay? I'm not going to yell at you, she's your sister. I can't force you to not see her, alright? We'll go see her after breakfast baby." Jungkook said, kissing the older males cheek. "O-Okay... thank you Kookie!" Taehyung exclaimed, kissing Jungkooks cheek also.

"Good morning Jungkook, Taehyung," Seokjin said, smiling at the pair as they walked to the table. There they found Yoongi scrolling through his phone, bright colors display out across the table. "Good morning Jin!" Taehyung chirped. "What's all this Hyung?" Jungkook asked, picking up one of the boxes.

"That is hair dye, I'm trying to see which hair color would look good on me." Yoongi said, sticking his tongue out to focus. "Planning on dying your hair again? Watch, you're gonna go bald." Jungkook teased the older male, setting the box back down on the table. "Haha, so funny Jungkook," Yoongi said, rolling his eyes.

"Taehyungs probably gonna go bald if you keep pulling his hair during sex," Yoongi shot back, making Jungkook shrug his shoulders at the remark. "Whatever he likes, I do." Jungkook whispered in Yoongis ear. "Ah! Shut up! I don't care!" Yoongi exclaimed, dropping his phone on the table, bring his hands to cover his ears.

Jungkook laughed loudy, taking a seat right next to Yoongi who glared at the younger male. "What are you two talking about?" Taehyung asked, as he walked to the table with waffles on a plate. "Nothing babe," Jungkook answered, watching the grey-haired male walk back to the kitchen were Seokjin was.

"So? How was it?" Taehyung asked the eldest male, just under a whisper. Seokjin face turned red, a smile creeping onto to his face. "It was great, although I fell asleep after the first round." Seokjin whispered back, groaning at the end. Taehyung snorted, "Really? I thought you could last longer than me?"

Seokjin shook his head, laughing a bit. "And this? When did the whole name calling start?" Seokjin asked, flipping the pancake that was in the pan. Taehyung turned around to look at Jungkook, his eyes making their way back to Seokjin. "Things change, and I'm happy about it." The older smiled "I'm glad,"

"How was he though?" Seokjin whispered, poking Taehyungs side. The grey-haired male only snickered. "We kind of went two rounds?" Taehyung muttered under his breath, "No way!" Seokjin exclaimed, dropping the spatula on the floor. "Crap, sorry," The eldest muttered. "Was it any good?"

"Of course! I don't think I would've gone 2 rounds if it wasn't." Taehyung winked, Seokjin laughed, placing the pancake on the plate that the grey-haired male held in his hands. "What're you two talking about?" Namjoons, raspy voice was heard making the eldest let out a squeal. "N-Nothing Joonie!" Seokjin exclaimed.

Namjoon hummed in response, turning around with a raised eyebrow as he looked at Jungkook. "Talking about last night," the purple haired male mouthed at Jungkook who only chuckled. Taehyung blushed as he made his way back to the table with Seokjin where Jimin and Hoseok were sitting already.

"Yoongi, move all that off the table, we have to eat now." Seokjin scolded the second oldest. "Okay, dad, I'll do it right now." Yoongi mocked, picking up all the hair dye, throwing it on the floor next to him. "Hey, so... what color would i look good in?" Yoongi asked, "You look good in every color baby," Jimin responded.

"Okay, let's not lie to him Jimin." Jungkook teased, earning a piece of bacon to be thrown at him. "Ah, thank you, I've been craving this." Everyone at the table laughed, serving their plates with the food Seokjin had cooked. "No seriously though, would i look good in a cool gray kind of color?" Yoongi asked, taking a bite of his food.

"You'll be matching with me!" Taehyung happily exclaimed, "I think you'll look good, no lie." Jungkook said, everyone else nodding in agreement. "Yoongi can I use one of your hair dye colors?" Taehyung asked, taking a bite of his pancake. "Yeah, I don't mind. Just grab which one you want after breakfast." Taehyung squealed.

"Wait, can someone help me dye it?" The second youngest asked, Jimin opened his mouth to speak before Seokjin and Jungkook answered instead. "I'll help you doll." Jungkook answered, "Me too Taehyung!" Seokjin also said, the grey-haired male nodded his head in agreement. "But I was supposed to see--"

"You can see her after breakfast still baby, we can do it when you're done." Jungkook calmly said, grabbing another piece of cooked bacon, "Yay! Okay!" Taehyung happily ate, dancing in his chair. "Jiminie, you wanna come with me?" Taehyung asked, earning a nod from Jimin. "Yeah!" Taehyung nodded and smiled, "Hurry then, let's finish fast then!"

Chapter Text

"Taehyung!" Jimin called out, putting away his dirty dish in the sink along with all the other ones. "Tae, come down here real quick c'mon!" Jimin yelled again, this time a little louder, earning the attention from his boyfriend Yoongi and Hoseok. "What's wrong Minnie?" Hoseok asked, back hugging the younger male.

"N-Nothing, I just needed to ask Tae something, I'll go now," Jimin pulled himself away from Hoseok. He walked into the living room where he found Taehyung laying upside down. "Tae didn't you hear me calling you?" Jimin asked, sitting down next to the grey-haired male who only sighed loudly.

"What's wrong?" Jimin asked again, he watched as Taehyung picked up his head and placed it on the couch pillow. "I don't know, I wanna go see Yeri already but Jungkook is taking long down there," Taehyung whined, covering his face with his hands. "Oh Taehyung, I'm sure he's trying to figure something out," Jimin said, rubbing Taehyungs right thigh softly.

The grey-haired male looked Jimin in the eyes, nodding his head slowly. "Well, at least I'm gonna get to see her, so I shouldn't be complaining about it, really." The pink haired male snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Yoongis' deep voice. "Yah! Get your hand off of him Jiminie," the older snapped.

Jimin and Taehyung both looked back at their Hyung, a deep blush spreading across the grey-haired males' cheeks. "S-Sorry Hyung," Taehyung mumbled, sitting up on the couch, scooting away from Jimin. The pinked haired male puffed his cheeks out, moving his hand back onto his own thighs to help him get off the couch. "Sorry, Yoongi."

Taehyung suddenly felt small between the two. Yoongi and Jimin clearly had somethings to work out of their own, you could feel the tension. "C'mon Tae, let's go down now." Jimin grabbed Taehyungs hand, not too hard pulling him away from the couch. "I'll see you later Yoongi Hyung!" Taehyung called out, pushing past the male.

"Hey, Jiminie?" Taehyung spoke up once Jimin had started to walk slower, "What's up with you and Hyung? You both seem different today," Taehyung said, watching how Jimins' eye twitched bitting his bottom lip. "It's really nothing, just a simple argument, We'll get over it and talk later tonight." Jimin smiled down at Taehyung who nodded his head slowly.

Of course, the younger wasn't going to buy that bullcrap lie that came out of his best friend. He knew there was something bothering him but he didn't want to push it any more than he had already done. So the grey-haired male pushed it to the back of his head to speak about it later when they were alone.

They both stopped in front of the basement door, where to bodyguards were posted, no emotions on their faces. Jimin stood there with Taehyung for a while, flashing the guards his ID for the access he needed to walk through the door. Taehyung nervously stood there, making eye contact with one of the men.

"Jimin, 23, first ranking," Jimin said as he flashed to ID. Taehyung coughed lowly, the guards nodded their head, the pink haired male walked through holding Taehyungs hand. "That was scary," Taehyung mumbled into his hand. "You'll get used to it, the guards are actually super nice Tae, don't worry," Jimin said as he opened the final door that leads to Yeri.

"Jungkookie!" Taehyung yelled when he saw his boyfriend crouched in front of the redhead. Jungkook turned his head, his face lighting up when he saw the grey-haired male walk into the room. Jimin followed behind with Taehyung, his hands in his pockets. "What's wrong with Yeri?" Taehyung asked, watching Seokjin stand in front of Yeri.

"She's going to throw up," Seokjin said, putting the bucket in front of the female. Jimin stood there watching along with the rest, expect for Taehyung who looked away, hiding his face in Jungkooks chest. "Yuck," he whispered. "Good morning to you too Yeri," Seokjin said, placing the food next to the female.

"I said I wanted to see Taehyung, not you fucker's." Yeri's voice was harsh but hoarse, Jungkook rolled his eyes. "And you are, he's right here," Jimin said, speaking for Jungkook. "Okay, so then why are you three here then?" she asked, sitting up, her back against the hard, stone wall. "I'm here to stay bitch, don't think I forgot about what you did to me," Jimin snapped.

Jungkook chuckled lowly, making Seokjin bit his bottom lip to suppress the laughter. "We'll be taking our leave," Jungkook said, watching Seokjin stand up from crouching. "Jimin take care of Taehyung and don't let Yeri trick you into anything like she almost did to Hoseok," Jimin giggled, nodding his head. "Bye kookie!" Taehyung said, waving to the younger.

"Hi yeri," Taehyung said, turning to face the redhead. "Hey baby," the female said, her voice cracking. Jimin snorted, rolling his eyes as he watched the siblings talk. "I'm sorry they have you in here," the grey-haired male said in a sad tone, reaching out to hold Yeris' hand. "I deserve it Tae," the redhead chuckled dryly.

"I did try to kill your boyfriend and friends so it's not a problem that they hate me since I hate them too." Yeri stated, eyes staring into Jimins' who tried to walk up to the female. "I outta smack--" Yeri smirked when she saw Taehyung stop Jimin. "Please don't Jiminie, Yeri stop trying to get my friends to kill you."

"Can't help it," she smiled at the grey-haired male who only stared at her. "I'm being serious. I want them to treat you like family too but you won't even try to be nice to them, Yeri you don't even know if the Velvet Ma--" Yeri cut the male off harshly, "They could care less about what happens to me. Those girls only cared about the boy's and that's it."

"That's not true Yeri, those girls came in crying every day about wanting to find you and have you back. Not even Jaehyun came to see you and your giving them shit? Get a hold of yourself, we called them over and that's final Yeri." Jimin snapped at the female who stared at Jimin with wide eyes.

"You did Jiminie? That's so great! You can all work it out now then Yeri!" Taehyung exclaimed, jumping forwards to hug the female. The redhead pulled away slowly though, a sour look on his face, "You need a shower though," Taehyung stood up walking to Jimin. "Ew no! Don't touch me, I already showered!" Jimin screeched.

"Fine... call Jungkook down here he needs to unlock Yeri from those damn chains," Taehyung huffed, "And tell him to order some new girl clothes for Yeri too," Yeri let out a sigh, "I don't understand why you're still making them help me Tae, I hurt them... I hurt you the most." Taehyung smiled widely. "Because you always help out family... in many ways!"

Chapter Text

| Short Recap |

"You did Jiminie? That's so great! You can all work it out now then Yeri!" Taehyung exclaimed, jumping forwards to hug the female. The redhead pulled away slowly though, a sour look on his face, "You need a shower though," Taehyung stood up walking to Jimin. "Ew no! Don't touch me, I already showered!" Jimin screeched.

"Fine... call Jungkook down here he needs to unlock Yeri from those damn chains," Taehyung huffed, "And tell him to order some new girl clothes for Yeri too," Yeri let out a sigh, "I don't understand why you're still making them help me Tae, I hurt them... I hurt you the most." Taehyung smiled widely. "Because you always help out family... in many ways!"


"Ngh-- k-kookie oh god!" Taehyung basically screamed as Jungkook thrusts inside him. "K-Keep quiet Tae, you don't-- fuck-- want our friends to hear you now do we?" Jungkook smirked his chest pressed firmly against the blue-haired male. "N-No, keep going~" Taehyung moaned, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

Jungkook pulled away, placing his hands on the older males waist tightly, he was sure to leave bruises. Ever since Taehyung had finally gotten his hair done by Seokjin, the younger just couldn't keep his hands to himself. "K-Kookie!~" Taehyung gasped, feeling the younger move his hands to his blue hair.

"C'mon baby, you like this, don't you? You like the way I feel inside of you huh?" Jungkook asked, pulling Taehyungs hair that his breathing was cut off slightly. Taehyung had drool slipping past his lips to his chin. "Ju-Jungkook, I-I'm gonna--" Taehyung shut his eyes tightly, pleasure taking over him as the grip Jungkook had on his hair got tighter.

"Go ahead baby, cum for me," Jungkook whispered into the blue-haired male ear. Taehyung came with a high pitch moan, clenching tightly around Jungkooks length as white spurts painted the cushions. "Fuck," Jungkook muttered under his breath as he came inside the condom. Taehyung let out a breath as Jungkook pulled out of him.

The older male almost collapsed right into the couch they were on, his legs going weak. "Let's take you to the bed," Jungkook chuckled, picking the older male up. "I'm so tired," Taehyung muttered, feeling dead. "I'll let you sleep while Jimin finishes dying Yoongis' and Yeris' hair." Jungkook placed Taehyung on the bed.

The younger male opened the drawer, grabbing two pairs of boxers, slipping one on to Taehyung and the other pair on himself. Taehyung nodded his head, turning over on his side, the blankets covering him completely. Jungkook walked over to his closet, picking out a black t-shirt and grey-sweatpants.

The younger walked out of the room and into the bathroom everyone was currently in. "You guys almost done--" Jungkook stopped talking once he felt the empty box of hair dye thrown at his face. "Ow," the younger muttered. "Why would you have sex with Taehyung knowing we were all in here!? We could hear everything!" Hoseok whined, stomping his foot.

"You act like Taehyung and I can't hear you three having sex at four in the morning! Who even does that by the way!?" Jungkook shot back, smirking. "Two people actually," Jimin muttered under his breath making eye contact with Namjoon who only looked away, rubbing the back of his neck. "What was that Minnie?" Yoongi asked.

"Nothing Hyung. There, your hair is all done, go do your things or whatever you do these days," Jimin said squinting his eyes as he tried to read the name for the next color he was going to use. "Jimin why are you squinting? The box is right in front of you?" Seokjin asked, turning his head to the side slightly.

Jimin only chuckled nervously, "Ah, I just thought I read something else is all," the pink-haired male said smiling at the eldest. Seokjin only nodded his head, "Did someone change Yeri already?" Jimin asked, taking the things out. "What are you talking about? I thought Hoseok was doing that?" Jungkook said, pointing to the redhead.

"I thought that it was Jin hyung doing it?" Hoseok said back, their eyes going wide as they all rush out of the bathroom. "How could you just leave her unattended!? She tried to kill us do you not remember!?" Jungkook shouted at the boys. "We were having fun!" Hoseok complained, a sorry look on his face.

The men all ran different ways, some down back to the basement others making their way outside to the front and back. "Why the hell does the house have to be so big!?" Yoongi yelled, out of breath from running so much. "I can't find her at all guys!" Hoseok said, walking out of the basement door. "She wasn't outside either," Jimin and Seokjin said in unison.

"Get the guards on it, and make sure they bring out the dogs, we need to find her," Yoongi said, pointing to Seokjin who only put his hands up in defense. "Yes, sir," Seokjin said in a deep voice. "Did anyone check the rooms?" Hoseok asked, "I think Jungkook--" the men all turned their attention upstairs.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Jungkook yelled Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi all ran upstairs to see what the younger male had been yelling about.

There they found the female, curled up in a ball, sleeping soundly next to the blue-haired male. Taehyung cuddled up into the female, a little smile making the way to his face as he slept. "And Victor washed those sheets already, dammit!" Jungkook exclaimed, facepalming. "Hey, sleeping beauty and smelly girl, wake up," Yoongi said.

The grey-haired male walked over to the two sleeping, nudging Yeri until she woke up. "Wake up, you have to get your hair done-- Jesus what is that smell?" Yoongi stepped back, covering his nose. "It's me," Yeri muttered in a sleepy tone.

Taehyung moved around in his sleep, making everyone stop moving. "I know you said she smelled bad... I didn't think she really would though!" Yoongi coughed, walking out of the room, shaking his head, making eye contact with Jimin as he did so.

"Sorry, Jungkook... I-I just missed sleeping by Taehyungs' side." Yeri said, getting up from the bed as she walked past the boys. Jungkook stayed quiet, watching the female walk into the bathroom. Jimin stood there, turning around as he smiled at Yeri. "I know you're going through shit, so let's shower you first, and then we'll dye your hair."

Jimin handed the female a bathing suit to put on, "I'll be the one washing your hair though because this is gonna need some deep, deep, cleaning." Yeri slowly nodded his head, watching Jimin step out of the bathroom so she could change. "Because you always help out family, maybe Taehyung was right." the redhead mumbled, her shirt coming off.

Chapter Text

Taehyung doesn't know how he got himself into this position. How his sister got herself here nor does he know how he managed to even let out the breath he was holding in without feeling his sister's blood on his hands.

Everything was going perfect, they were enjoying their dinner, as a family. Taehyung was sure that this was the start of something great for himself and his friends. He should've known that whenever he got too happy because his fragile life was falling back into place,

That something always had to break, because the thing's that fall when they're fragile, always seem to break on the way down.

Taehyung watched as his sister had excused herself from the table, her bright, red phone in her hand. "I'll be right back Tae," the female whispered in his ear, earning a nod and a giggle from the blue-haired male. "Where is she going?" Jungkook asked, setting down his fork. "She just went to answer a call or something, calm down Jungkookie."

Taehyung eyes' looked into Jungkooks, smiling slightly as he pressed a quick kiss on the younger, raven-haired male lips. The sound of Seokjins' laughter brought Taehyungs attention back to the rest of his friends. "Okay, but let's talk about how Taehyung almost hurt himself making the cheesecake today," everyone laughed while Taehyung blushed.

"W-What do you mean?" Yeri's voice was caught in her throat, the words barely being able to come out. "J-Jungkook-- he killed h-him." Yeri stuttered through the phone. Her hands were shaking, biting her bottom lip harshly. "Y-You can't possibly blame me for t-this..." The blonde walked backed into the corner of the kitchen.

"We can, and we will blame you for this. The only thing you had to do was keep Taehyung away from Jungkook and the first thing you did was bring them together." the man spoke through the phone. Yeri closed her eyes tightly, getting the thoughts out of her head. "Here's what we're going to do Yeri,"

The female stayed quiet, she could hear the laughter coming from the dining room from Taehyung and his friends. Yeri kept her best to keep calm, she should be used to this by now, but she wasn't. "The only way you're going to be to get out of this is by either killing Jungkook, or your other option would be, fending for yourself while you become our next target."

Yeri's breath hitched, eyes going wide when he hears those words come out of the male's mouth. "W-What?" Yeri asks, her grip on the phone getting tight."It's basically suicide Yeri if you go for the second option." Jinyoung said, "I-I don't think I heard you quite well..." she stifled out a laugh, thinking this was all a joke.

"I didn't stutter, not one bit. Do you think this is a joke or something Yeri? You failed us, and you know exactly what happens when you fail someone here Yeri." The female covered her mouth tightly, trying to get her breathing back on track. "A-Another mission, give me another m-mission Jinyoung..."

"Kill, Jeon Jungkook," Jinyoung spoke through the phone, his voice deep sending chills up Yeri's spine. "I-I, I can't bring myself to do that Jinyoung... m..y brother would never forgive me--" "Then you know the other way. You'll have only 12 hours Yeri. The clock is ticking, make up your mind soon. Is it going to be your life or Jungkook's?"

Yeri brought her hand down to grip the kitchen counter, her knuckles turning white. "Tick, tock Yeri." the line went dead, she moved the phone from her ear as she set it down on the counter. Her breathing uneven as she tried her best to calm herself down. "Hey, Yeri, we're cutting the dessert, come on," Taehyung said, walking into the kitchen.

Yeri smiled at her brother, nodding her head as she walked out with him, her phone in her hands. "Look's like the princess is back," Jimin spoke up, eyes meeting with Yeri's. The female only stuck her tongue out at the male, rolling her eyes. "Child," Yeri muttered, taking her seat next to Taehyung.

"What ended up taking you so long on that phone call?" Taehyung asked as Seokjin cut the cheesecake. "Ah, just some dumb call from the bank since they've noticed a lot of the money gone that I had originally," Yeri spoke up, thanking Seokjin for the cake. "Oh..." Taehyung said, nodding his head as he turned to Jungkook.

"Hey, Taehyungie, can we sleep together in the guest room?" Yeri asked she watched the blue-haired male turn his head with a big smile on his face. "Of course!" Taehyung exclaimed, "Hey, what about me?" Jungkook said in a sad tone. "We always share a bed together, but tonight I'm gonna be with my Yeri!" Taehyung squealed excitedly.

After dinner, Taehyung and Yeri had stayed back along with Seokjin cleaning up the table while they had one of their maids load the dishwasher. One thing Jungkook didn't like was making the maids do too much, he wanted his house to be seen as a place for them to call home. "Thank you lovely, you can go off to bed now," Seokjin said, thanking the female who smiled and walked away.

"Can you believe it Yeri? We're gonna stay up all night and watch movies!" Taehyung said the joy was raiding off of him. "Taehyung, we're not little kids anymore," Yeri laughed, patting Taehyungs back. "But we can watch movies, beat you to the room," the female shoved Taehyung lightly, making a run for the stairs. "That's not fair Yeri!" Taehyung yelled.


Halfway through their little night of bonding, with endless of Taehyungs, screams from watching the pop-ups on the scary movie of IT. Yeri would only laugh it off, hiding under the covers along with Taehyung when they saw the clown run towards the screen. "Taehyung!" Yeri screamed, they had the volume all the way up, making everything scarier.

"Yeri!" Taehyung yelled back, holding onto each other tightly. Soon the sound stopped and they both removed the covers from their faces only to be met with an angry, tired Jungkook. "Please, please, I am begging you to just go to sleep already," the youngest groaned, rubbing his face with his hands. Taehyung giggled, nodding his head. "Okay~"

The youngest left the room with a sigh, only being able to hear the sound of Taehyung and Yeri's breathing. "Hey, Tae?" Yeri whispered to her brother. "Yeah?" the male answered back. "Do you think Jungkook hates me?" the female asked, biting her bottom lip. She was waiting for Taehyung to answer her with a Yes, maybe making her choice easier.

"Of course, not." Taehyung spoke up, "Jungkook is only disappointed with the way everything turned out, you two were always so close to each other, so it hurt when you tried to hurt us, they love you so much, Jungkook still holds a place for you in his heart." Taehyung said, turning on his side to fall asleep. "Goodnight Yeri, I love you," Yeri felt tears staining the sides of her face turning away from Taehyung, "I-I love you too Tae,"


It had to be at least four in the morning when everyone had woken up from a crash coming from downstairs in their kitchen. Jungkook and Namjoon were the first ones awake, bolting up in bed, Jungkook walked out and opened his bedroom door only to find Namjoon doing the same thing.

Both had a confused look on their faces when they knew it couldn't have been any of the boys, they were all fast asleep. Jungkook was the first one out of his room completely, walking down the stairs with Namjoon behind. The noise only continued to get louder as seconds passed. They were both sure everyone had to be awake now because of it.

Jungkook and Namjoon didn't think they would find Yeri, covered in blood, as she sat in the corner of the kitchen, knife in her hands as her body twitched.

"J-Jungkook," Namjoon whispered, "Oh fuck, Yeri!" Jungkook exclaimed, running towards the female who was in a daze, her eyes hazy and full of tears. "Namjoon, get Jin down here, now!" the younger exclaimed, crouching down in front of Yeri. Reaching around the countertop to find a towel. "God, what did you do Yeri?" Jungkook whispered, his hands stained with blood.

Jungkook turned his head as he saw Seokjin running down the stairs, tying the rob around his waist as he ran into the kitchen. Seokjin grabbed the towel from Jungkooks' hands, trying to figure out exactly where the cut Yeri had made was. Her blonde hair had droplets of blood on it. The orange pill bottle that belongs to Taehyung laying next to her.

Yoongi had heard the screaming, running downstairs along with Hoseok. Jimin had run behind them, a worrisome feeling in the pit of his stomach. Taehyung held tightly onto Jimin's wrist as they both ran down the stairs. The sight he was met with had him backing up into the wall when he saw Jungkooks' tear-filled eyes.

The raven-haired male had noticed how Taehyung and Jimin were watching but the blue-haired male had yet to register what was happening.

Seokjin turned back to look at Jimin. "S-She's-- She's going to be okay, r-right?" Jimin asked Namjoon came back down, his phone in his hand. "I called an ambulance, they're on their way," Namjoon said, watching how Seokjin managed to get the bleeding to stop. "W-What-- Yeri, Yeri, what's wrong with Yeri!?" Taehyung exclaimed.

Jungkook got up from his spot, running towards Taehyung who was trying to push past Namjoon. "Yeri!" Taehyung yelled, there was no way in hell that Jungkook was going to let Taehyung see this. It was too late though, the blue-haired male pushed into Namjoon with full force, running into the scene.

Taehyung ran to Seokjin and Yeri, holding her head in her hands. "Y-Yeri, K-Ki-Kim Yeri," Taehyung muttered, trying to get the female to open her eyes. "D-Don't-- why-- w-why?" Taehyung cried out, the blood on his hands and the lifeless look on her face could haunt Taehyung, it could haunt everyone.

The tears were building up in Taehyungs eyes, making it hard for him to see his sister who had turned her head to the side, "I-I love you Tae," Yeri whispered, and within moments, Taehyung was being pulled away from his sister's body, Seokjin moved away letting the paramedics take Yeri away. "Tae-- Taehyung stop!" Jungkook exclaimed, grabbing the males wrist.

The blue-haired male watched as they took his sister into the ambulance, fighting against Jungkooks grip. "Yeri!" Taehyung yelled, trying to pull away from his boyfriend Jungkook. "Y-Yeri, p-p-please, please, don't go!" the male yelled again, choked sobs leaving his lips. "I'm begg-- begging you to not leave us,"

Chapter Text

Taehyung sat the hospital, his hands shaking as he tried to process the night they all went through. The wild images going through his mind as he tried his best to stay as calm as possible. His best friend, Jimin sat next to the blue-haired male with coffee in his hands. His leg shaking violently.

"Hey, Tae?" Jimin called out, making Taehyung lift his head to look at Jimin through his tear-filled eyes. "Yeah Jiminie?" Taehyung croaked out, placing his hands on his own thighs. Jimin looked around, eyes landing on Jungkook and Yoongi who were talking to an officer. "W-Why do you think she did that?"

Taehyung let the question wander in his head before he answered. Why did she do it? Taehyung thought, Jimin only let out a sigh, placing the cup of coffee on the floor on the side of his chair. "I don't know Jiminie... we were having so much fun tonight, I got to actually connect with Yeri..." Taehyung mumbled, eyes drooping.

Jimin nodded his head, patting the blue-haired males back. "I'll be back, I'm going to get a cup another coffee for the boys, want anything?" Jimin asked Taehyung, feeling the younger tense up. "I just want orange juice, I don't like coffee," Taehyung said, moving around in his chair making Jimin let go of the younger.

Taehyung sat there in silence, he didn't know if he felt angry, sadness, or overall numb. His feelings were overwhelming him and the thought of Yeri laying on that operation table made Taehyung sick to his stomach. He felt his mind clouded, he just wanted this all to be over with, he wanted to go back home and rewind time to stop Yeri from hurting herself.

"H-Hello... Taehyung," the female said, Taehyung looked up from the floor, eyes making contact with Soo-Youngs. Taehyung stayed quiet, looking back down at the floor as he tried his best not to answer her. Soo-Young sighed, putting her right hand up telling her guards she was fine. Jungkook looked over at his boyfriend, excusing himself from Yoongi.

Before the female could even try to set herself next to Taehyung, Jungkook took it upon himself to butt in. "Hello, Soo-Young." the raven-haired male said, his hand ready to give the female a handshake. Soo-Young stared at the hand, making her eyes up to Jungkooks face. "Hello, Jungkook." she ignored the handshake, intertwining hers together.

Jungkook only chuckled, "Taehyung isn't feeling well. So, please don't bother him. That wouldn't be too much to ask for... right, Soo-Young?" Jungkook questioned, setting his hand on top of Taehyungs back. "Of course, Joo-Hyun, couldn't make it. So on behalf of them, I came." Soo-Young answered, her guards watching every movement around her.

"Thank you for that, Taehyung greatly appreciates that," Jungkook said, a smile playing its way to his face. "I'll be taking my leave then. Taehyung, call if you ever need anything from us, we'll only a call away," Soo-Young said, kneeling down, placing her hand on Taehyungs thigh. The blue-haired male flinched only a bit, soon nodding his head.

"T-Thank you, Soo-Young." Taehyungs voice was barely above a whisper, the female only pulled her hand away, standing up. "Goodbye Jungkook." she turned around, her guards gathering around her as they all walked out. Jungkook only tsked watching the way she flaunted herself out the door, getting attention from the nurses.

The raven-haired male turned to face his boyfriend, sitting down in the chair next to him. Jungkook placed his hand on top of Taehyungs, slowly intertwining them together. The blue-haired male looked up at the younger male, his lashes wet from the crying. "I-I think, I'm gonna be sick," Taehyung muttered, letting go of Jungkooks hand as he gets up from his spot, running to the bathroom.

Jungkook followed soon behind, he sat behind Taehyung as he threw up vile at this point. Jungkook rubbed Taehyungs back lightly, trying to get the older male to calm down and recatch his breath. "You're going to be okay baby," Jungkook whispered, Taehyung sobbed, tears rolling down his face. "I-I'm scared, Yeri was so lifeless Jung-- Jungkook,"

The raven-haired male had known Yeri for years. Before he even met Taehyung, the female and he had gone back to childbirth. Jungkook was only a year old when his mothers' friends had brought over Yeri for the first time. They clicked and were inseparable from that day on. "She's a fighter. Your sister is strong and will overcome this baby, I know it."

Taehyung nodded his head, getting up from the toilet, "Here's a toothbrush, Jin got us some, we're gonna be here for a while baby, it's already seven in the morning." Jungkook said, watching Taehyung brush his teeth. "O-Okay,"

Both men walked out of the men's restroom, Taehyung walked towards his old seat where Jimin sat with three cups of juice. "Thanks, Minnie." The blue-haired male said, grabbing one of the cups. "I didn't think you would get me orange juice, didn't know they had it here," Taehyung said after he took a sip.

"Oh they don't," Jimin started, he blew on his coffee to cool it down. "I just went to the store and brought you some," the pink haired male smiled, the younger giggled slightly, "Thank you Jiminie, you're really a sweetheart." "Ah, stop it Tae, you're gonna make me cry again," Jimin teased, drinking his coffee.

"Jin-Young is here," Yoongi said under his breath to Jungkook who let out a low chuckle. "That's got to be a joke. He never seems to come out of that damn house of his," Jungkook says, watching Yoongi crack a smile. "Believe it or not, he's here. He came to see Yeri." Yoongi said with his eyebrows raised.

"Jungkook! My favorite man!" Jin-young exclaimed, patting the younger males back hard. "How have you been?" the older male tried to make conversation between the two. "I've been okay. Taehyung and I have been just fine," Jungkook said, pressing Taehyungs name hard into the Conversation. "Ah... that's, that's really nice," Jin-young said.

"I heard you two went through some--" Jungkook cut the male off harshly, "That doesn't seem to be any of your concern Jin-young," Jungkook said, an annoyed expression on his face, his tongue poking his cheek. The black-haired male only chuckled, Yoongi stood there with an unreadable expression on his face, watching Jin-young.

The black-haired male only grabbed tightly onto Jungkooks wrist, the youngers' black sleeved suit slightly getting wrinkled from the hold. "Of course, it isn't my concern, but watch your back and the way you speak to me. I'm your elder Jungkook, you wouldn't want to upset anyone... now would you?"

Yoongi opened his mouth to say something, moving forwards. Only for Jungkook to tsk, pulling his arm away from the older male. "Yes, I'll be more careful with my words... Hyung," Jin-Young smiled slightly, rolling his eyes right after. "Good. Well, I'll be taking my leave Jungkook, take care of yourself."

Jungkook rolled his eyes, turning back around to face Yoongi. The grey-haired male watched Jin-young and the way that at the snap of his finger his guards were there surrounding him. Yoongi adverted his eyesight back to Jungkook, watching the youngers' top lip twitch. "Pathetic excuse of a person, he wouldn't be where he is if it wasn't for Soo-Young and Joo-Hyun."

Chapter Text

"Is Taehyung finally showering?" Namjoon asked as he knocked on the raven-haired males' door. The knock made Jungkook turn his head as he continued to put his shoes on. "Yeah, he got in a couple of minutes ago," Jungkook response was short and curt, making the older male raise an eyebrow.

"Hey, what's bothering you? You seem pissed off a bit." Namjoon question, making his way inside the bedroom of Jungkooks and Taehyungs. The younger grumbled something under his breath. "I don't know. Jinyoung just knows how to piss me off I guess?" Jungkook says, more as a question.

Namjoon chuckled, taking a seat next to Jungkook, making the bed dip a bit more from their bodies. "That's how he's always been. He can't help it, he's been with us since the moment your father first signed the contract with us." Namjoon said, patting Jungkooks back lightly. "Say... what would happen if we were to cut the contract?"

Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "You want to cut the contract with Jinyoung? But why? They help us tremendously whenever we run into little problems. They're like our line of defense." Namjoon said, "Something about him doesn't feel right. I don't want anyone getting hurt, not after we have Yeri on life support."

"Taehyung isn't feeling well these days, I just don't want to add any more pressure on him nor on you guys. Hoseok and Jimin almost died, I haven't answered any of the other contracts in fear that they'll be lying about something." Jungkook sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he stood up.

Namjoon following suit behind the younger male. "Listen, we'll talk in the study room while we wait for Taehyung to get dressed," Jungkook said, leading Namjoon out the bedroom door as they walked to the study room that was a couple of doors down. "I just feel as if, Jinyoung changed. Something in him snapped and it wasn't for the better."

"I understand where that's coming from, he's been staying low under the radar, just like we are--" Jungkook cut the older off calmly, the doors to the studying opening wide by the guards. "We were staying under the radar, but with this happening? I've gotten calls from old Mafias, I thought were dead."

Namjoon whistled, taking a seat in the black, leather chair that was seated in front of Jungkooks desk. "I heard Soo-Young went to go see Yeri yesterday at the hospital." Jungkook chuckled lowly. "You'd be surprised, and it wasn't even all of them that had shown up, it was just Soo-Young." Namjoon let out a breathy laugh.

"Can you believe her assassin name is Joy. Talk about a plot twist." Namjoon snorted, reaching forwards to grab the water bottle Jungkook placed in front of him. "But a hell of a good assassin though. She sure can change up the game." Jungkook spoke up, a smirk making its way to his lips.

"Very true. But, listen, if we cut ties with Jinyoung, who knows what'll happen to us Jungkook," Namjoon spoke up breaking the little time of silence they had. "We cut ties and then we're an open target all over again. It's not worth it Jungkook." Namjoon finished his sentence, setting the water bottle on the desk.

"I'm just worried that Jinyoung could be hurting us while we think he's helping us. Even if we cut ties with the weirdo, we still have plenty of allies that compromise with Namjoon. He isn't the only one." Jungkook spoke up, sitting up in his chair, his arms resting on the handles of it.

Namjoon narrowed his eyes on the younger male, letting out a breathy laugh again while shaking his head. "Okay, if he were to be against us what would make you think that he didn't have other Mafias against us? There's no way of trying to get out of that." The purple-haired male stated.

"Nonsense Namjoon. Some of these Mafias are older than us and have been signed with us since we were all born." Jungkook spoke up, raising his voice little by little. Namjoon laughed loudly. "So what? Daehyun is your father and he hurt Taehyung and Seokjin. He was your damn father and that didn't stop him Jungkook!" Namjoon yelled at the younger male.

"Because he wanted something! Clearly, he did and he was using Tae and Jin to get it and it didn't work. We ended up killing the main target behind the damn problem which was the so-called mom!" Jungkook yelled back, shooting up from his chair to stare down at the purple-haired male.

Namjoon raised himself from the black leather chair, "You have no idea what kind of shit we could be getting our allies into if you want to go through with this Jungkook." the older male said through gritted teeth. Jungkook only stared at the older male, he was sure that his hands were balling up to fists.

"Would you rather have the thought that at any given moment Jinyoung could just put us under some shit that he did? He could fucking kill the damn leader of a company and he could fucking throw us under the bus, we are allies with him. We have a contract with the damn guy, he could fucking ruin--"

Jungkook stopped his talking, eyes looking at the door that he had heard open. Namjoon turned around upon seeing Yoongi standing at the doorway. "What the hell is going on in here?" the grey-haired male asked, closing the door behind him as he walked into the room further. Namjoon put his hands at his waist, under his suit jacket sighing loudly.

"Nothing," Namjoon shook his head pointing at the younger male. "Nothing, Jungkook and I were just speaking about something and we let it get carried away." the older male spoke, Jungkook rolled his eyes turning his head to look out the window that was closed by the red curtain.

Yoongi raised an eyebrow, do these two really think I'm that stupid? the grey haired male thought, eyes staring into Jungkooks angry ones. "Have you figured out what you're going to do with Jinyoung?" the oldest of the three spoke up, walking over to the mini bar Jungkook had of alcohol, made just for Yoongi.

"That's what we were just speaking of," Jungkook muttered, sitting back in his chair. "Hm? Oh really now, how nice." Yoongi teased, taking a drink of his whiskey as he sat in the chair next to Namjoon. "And what are your ideas Namjoon?" Yoongi asked, turning his head to look at the taller male.

"Kookie?" Taehyung opened the door, peeking his head through. Once the younger saw his boyfriend, dressed and ready to go, a smile makes its way to his face. "Yes? I'm right here baby," the younger calls out. "Are you ready to go now? Everyone is downstairs waiting for you two, we need to go see Yeri." Taehyung says, a smile on his face.

"We'll be down in a second, just wait for us down there, babe," Jungkook says, watching Taehyungs head disappear behind the door as he closed it shut. The smile falters from Jungkooks face, turning back to Yoongi. "We need to go, you heard Taehyung," Yoongi says, standing up from the chair, the other two following soon.

Namjoon stands up from the chair, walking behind Yoongi who only smirked feeling Jungkooks' hand on their shoulders. "We speak of none of this once we step out of this room." Yoongi shrugged his shoulders. "This is only meant to be spoken about in this very room, understood?" "You got it Jungkook," Yoongi said, opening the doors. "Sounds fine with me."

Chapter Text


Once everyone gets to the hospital, the cold wind blowing making Taehyung shiver as he wrapped his arms around Jungkook. The raven-haired male smiled, kissing the top of Taehyungs head who flashed the younger male a big smile. Did Taehyung change Jungkook? No, not really, not entirely. Jungkook was still the same person he was, he just learned to open up without always resorting to his violent ways.

Yoongi placed his black mask on, pinching Jungkooks’ back making the younger male squirm around. “What was that for?” Jungkook asked, turning around to look at Yoongi who only laughed. “Nothing, I got bored at just staring at your ugly back… had to spice things up.” The grey-haired male said, shrugging his shoulders.

“You’re so weird, I swear you are,” Jungkook said shaking his head as they all continued to walk into the hospital. Taehyung laughed, pulling away from Jungkook. “The guards are going to take you to Yeri, okay? Please stay with them.” Jungkook stated, letting the blue-haired male walk with his guards. “I love you! I’ll be there real soon baby,” Jungkook exclaimed.

Taehyung waved goodbye, turning back to face the guards as he started a conversation with the older, taller male. The raven-haired male sighed, turning to talk with Hoseok and Yoongi who seemed lost in their own little world. Jungkook then turned his attention to Namjoon who was also with Seokjin, talking in the back about how hospital food tasted.

“Where’s Jimin?” Jungkook mumbled to himself, turning his body around fast only to see a pink-headed Jimin talking in the back with another guard. “Geez, I really am alone these days,” Jungkook laughed to himself, the guard beside him chuckled. “Ah, hey Mark, how’s the family?” Jungkook asked the blonde male who quickly responded.

“They’re doing great these days, my little girl just got accepted into the college of her dreams,” Mark said, a smile on his face though his body was on guard for any weird activity. Jungkook smiled widely. “Really? I knew she always had it in her, I’m really proud of her,” Jungkook spoke, patting Mark on the back lightly.

“And you Jungkook? You’re happier these days now that Taehyung is back,” Mark commented, facing the raven-haired male. “Ah, of course, he’s my first love Mark, you can never forget the person who makes your heart beat.” Jungkook teased, putting his hands in his pockets as they took a turn down the dark hallways of the hospital.

“How could I? My wife makes it beat daily,” the guard, Mark put his hands to his chest, staring up at the ceiling. Jungkook laughed loudly. “Marriage sure is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?” Jungkook commented, a small smile on his face. Mark nodded, “Of course, it is. I wonder when Namjoon and Seokjin are finally going to have the marriage! It’s been forever since he proposed!” Mark exclaimed.

Jungkook turned to look at his two older friends. “Oh trust me, Namjoon hasn’t tied the knot yet. Seokjin says he isn’t ready for marriage. Though Namjoon loves to call him fiancé and I enjoy hearing it.” Jungkook responds. “I heard Seokjin saying he wanted a baby last night!” Mark whisper-yelled to the younger who raised an eyebrow. “I don’t doubt it,” Jungkook laughed.

Taehyung opened the door to Yeri’s hospital room, thanking the guard for walking him there. The blue-haired male watched the monitor with his sisters’ heartbeat, his heart hurting. “Hi Yeri,” Taehyung whispered, sitting down in the chair next to Yeris’ bed. “I really miss you, it’s been three days now since your surgery…” Taehyung says, intertwining his hand with the blondes.

Yeri laid unresponsive, Taehyung smiled widely, “I—We all really hope you recover and get better Yeri, I have so much to tell you… I was reading a page in a magazine about marriage… and wow-oh-wow it really does wonders to you.” Taehyung giggled, his thumb rubbing Yeris hand. After a few moments of silence, Taehyung decides to speak again.

“…Why did you hurt yourself Yeri?” Taehyung asks the blonde, sighing at his question he pulls away from Yeri, sitting back in the hard chair. “What a stupid question to ask, I haven’t been able to sleep much but now that I know that you could possibly be here with us… makes me feel relieved.” Taehyung says, resting his head on the palm of his hand.

“I just always wish I could’ve had more time with you… before all this happened, turn back time and stop you from going into that damn kitchen. At times I think of it, and I don’t cry anymore. I just feel angry with myself for letting you go alone.” Taehyung says, standing up to kiss Yeris’ forehead that seemed to be covered by her bangs.

The knock on the door makes Taehyung pull away, sitting back down in his chair. The blue-haired male notices his boyfriend Jungkook who peeks his head through the door. “Can I come in baby?” Jungkook asks, eyes staring into Taehyungs. “Yeah… Yeah come in,” he answers back, patting the seat next to him that was empty.

Jungkook opens the door to the room, stepping in completely. The raven-haired male only closes the door behind him, walking to Taehyung who seemed to have his attention all on Yeris’ heart monitor. “How are you feeling babe?” Jungkook asks, kissing the older males cheek. “Good, I talked to Yeri like the doctor had told me too, it felt nice.” Answered Taehyung, who rested his head on Jungkooks shoulder.

Jungkook picked Taehyungs hand, kissing it. “I’m glad,” the younger said, his eyes landing on Yeri who had a tube attached to her. They sit in silence, and it’s not the silence that would make everything awkward, it felt calm and peaceful as they both sat there holding each other tightly. Taehyung played with the Youngers fingers, the rings that he had on he would slip and move them around.

“You seem to like my rings babe,” laughed Jungkook who pulled his hand away. “They’re so cool, I only have two,” Taehyung pouted, showing the younger male. “Soon you’re gonna have one more, on that pretty little ring finger.” Said Jungkook making the blood rush to Taehyungs cheeks. Internally he screamed and jumped with joy.

Taehyung laughed, “Well you better be ready to add a ring to your finger Mister Jungkook because I’m gonna be putting one on it as well.” Taehyung stated, with a proud smile on his face. “No one else is gonna take it Taehyung, I’ve kept this one open just for you my love,” teased Jungkook. Taehyung giggled, holding the Youngers’ hand again, kissing it lightly.



Chapter Text

Yoongi sighed, walking away from Hoseok who was talking with Jimin. The grey-haired male rubbed his neck stepping out through the hospital doors. "I'm fine out here on my own Gus," Yoongi stated, leaning against the hospital beam. "Jungkook says that I am to be with you at all times," Gus, a redhead states as he standing next to Yoongi.

"Of course, he would say that," Yoongi said to himself, turning around to face Gus. "Listen, I don't really like being watched 24/7... even though I am in this mafia and eyes are all me all the damn time," Yoongi said, putting his hands up. "I prefer to be left alone, I like loneliness," Yoongi finishes his sentence, only for Gus to shake his head no.

The grey-haired male sighed, shaking his head also, "Okay, well that was no use." The redhead stares at Yoongi with cold eyes, his cheeks red- probably due to the cold wind that was blowing. "Say, how old are you?" Yoongi asked, tilting his head to the side. "You look rather young if anything, I'd have to say 18 or 19?" Yoongi says, eyes meeting with Gus'.

"I'm 35 Yoongi," Gus says nonchalantly, Yoongi raises both his eyebrows in surprise. "35? You're the youngest guard we've had then." Yoongi responses, he stares up at the sky for a moment, rolling his eyes he just turns back around to go into the hospital. Gus says nothing, only following behind Yoongi silently.

Hoseok and Jimin see their boyfriend who gives them a cold stare at first but soon turns into a big smile. "I'm off to see Yeri and Taehyung, are you two going to stay down here?" Yoongi asks Hoseok response makes Yoongi raise an eyebrow. "We're just gonna stay down here, Jimin wants to go eat something," Jimin blushes, eyes meeting with Yoongi.

"Make sure you eat lots Jiminie," Yoongi says, turning back to walk down the hall with Gus. The redhead seems to always be on alert with Yoongi for the smallest things. A female would stare for too long? Gus would stare down the female until she ran off. A doctor didn't move after Yoongi says excuse me? Gus would move the doctor with a harsh shove.

Yoongi was slightly confused with the redhead, but none-the-less stayed quiet and continued to walk. They-Jungkook had personally asked for a room at the top for Yeri to be safe in. Now, Yoongi is probably going to regret that. "What number is she in again?" Yoongi asks himself, trying to recall the number Jungkook repeated to him over a million times.

"She's in room 1074, at the end of the hallway." Gus says, Yoongi turns to look back at Gus, "Thank you," the grey-haired male says, he keeps a steady pace to his walking, and once they reach the elevator, Gus does the honors of leading the younger male through the hospital until they get to Yeris hospital room.

Yoongi thanks the guard, knocking on the door where he hears the laughter coming from Taehyung and Jungkook. "Well, they're in a good mood." The grey-haired male says to himself. "I'll give you a call when we should be leaving Gus, thank you again." The redhead nods, turning around to walk back down to the elevator.

Yoongi opens the brown door, closing it behind him as he makes eye contact with Jungkook. "Hey, Kook, is it alright with you if I speak with Taehyung alone?" Yoongi asks, Taehyung perks up, "Hi Yoongi Hyung!" Taehyung happily says, Jungkook turns to look at Taehyung, nodding his head. "Yeah, I'll go get us something to drink," Taehyung smiles, "Yeah, be safe." The blue-haired male says.

Yoongi waits for the raven-haired male to leave the room, now walking towards Taehyung who had his attention back on Yeri. "I just want to ask you a couple of things Tae," Yoongi says clearly. Taehyung nods, now this time turning his attention back to Yoongi. "The night Yeri... hurt herself, Jimin says she got up to answer a phone call, that's true, right?"

"Yeah, right when Jin started talking about how I almost hurt myself making the cheesecake, she got up to answer a phone call in the kitchen." Responses Taehyung who leans back in his chair, trying to get situated in the roughness of it. "Okay, do you remember if she answered it on a private phone or on the home one?" Yoongi asks, Taehyung turns to look at Yeri for a moment before turning back to Yoongi.

"She used her personal phone, the rose gold one, it kind of looks like Jungkooks," Taehyung says. Letting out a breath. "The night we found her, she didn't have a phone with or on her," Yoongi says, Taehyung tenses up. "What are you talking about? She had a phone on her that night when we slept in the guest room together." Says Taehyung, attitude slowly being shown.

"Were you the one who called Yeri back into the dining room after she left?" Yoongi asks, moving his head side to side, trying to pop it. "Yeah, I was. Jin told me to go call Yeri." The blue-haired male said, eyes staring into Yoongi. "And you happened to not hear a single thing on that phone call with her bank?" the grey-haired male asks again, pressing hard on the bank.

Taehyungs line form into a thin line, adverting his eyesight away from the older male who tilted his head to the side. "I'll take that as a yes," Yoongi firmly states, scooting his chair closer to Taehyung if possible. "And what did you hear from her talk?" Taehyung lets out a breath before he begins to speak about what he had heard with Yeri.

"I can't say it word for word, but I could make out that she said 'my brother could never' then that's when Jin told me to call yeri, so I couldn't fully get the sentence. After that, I got closer and heard. 'Tick tock.' And that's when I walked into the kitchen to call her." Taehyung says, Yoongi throws his head back slightly.

"That wasn't no damn bank call, she was talking to someone else, and clearly it was about you." The grey-haired male states, getting up from the chair. Taehyung stays seated, tilting his head to look up at Yoongi. "What are you trying to say?" Taehyung questions, flabbergasted at the older male reaction.

"Yeri had something going on in the back of her life, clearly. She must've thrown the phone away, or maybe even smashed it before we could find out what the hell she had going on. She must've been scared-" Taehyung cut the male off, "What are you two talking about now?" Jungkook questions as he opens the door.

"Jungkook, when you found Yeri that night, did she have her phone on her?" Yoongi asks, Jungkook turns to face Taehyung, "She didn't, not that I know of." The younger answers, walking further into the room. "Why? Did you find something out?" the raven-haired male asks, "I think I may have." All three turn their head fast when they hear Yeris' heart monitor beep fast.

The nurses, doctors all rush into the room, Taehyung backs away from the bed moving towards Yoongi and Jungkook. "Get the family out of the room! Nurse, quick and get the defibrillator, we need to have her heart beat back to normal rate fast!" the doctor yells out.




Chapter Text

The nurses, doctors all rush into the room, Taehyung backs away from the bed moving towards Yoongi and Jungkook. "Get the family out of the room! Nurse, quickly get the defibrillator, we need to have her heart beat back to normal rate fast!" the doctor yells out. Jungkook, along with Yoongi and Taehyung stumbled out of the room.

"What are they going to do with yeri?!" Taehyung exclaims, trying to get his way out of Jungkooks hold. "Baby, the doctors are doing everything they can—" the yelling of the doctors cut Jungkook off. "Clear!" he yelled, the shock did nothing to Yeri. "She's going to die..." Taehyung whispered, loud enough for the raven-haired male to hear.

"Jungkook we should get Taehyung out of here it could get—" the blue-haired male cut off Yoongi. "No." "Clear! Nurse, we're going to need more watts!" Taehyung flinched slightly. "No, I don't want to leave, if Yeri dies... I am going to stay." Taehyung states, he stands his ground on this. Jungkook turns to look at the older male who shakes his head.

"You aren't capable of being able to see this happen Taehyung! This will haunt—" Jungkook also cut the grey-haired male off. "Taehyung, I think Yoongi is—" the blue-haired male harshly stopped Jungkook from even finishing his sentence. "Then I won't be able to ever do anything Yoongi! I don't want to leave Yeri and I'm not going to, she was all I had left besides you guys." Taehyung says stomping his left foot.

"Okay," Jungkook breathes out. "Clear! Nurse more!" each time the doctor yelled "clear!" it was fresh in his mind that at one point, they had him exactly like that. If this were to be the last time Taehyung could see Yeri, he wanted to stay. He wanted to say goodbye to Yeri, he wasn't going to let Yoongi or Jungkook decide whether he could or not.

This is what Taehyung wanted.

"Clear! One more time nurse, c'mon Kim Yeri, you're a fighter you can do this." Doctor grunted, watching the nurse higher the number of watts. "All clear doctor!" the blue-haired male watched the doctor do the defibrillation one last time, his eyes going wide when the doctor applies the pressure onto the blonde's chest.

"Jungkook what the hell were you thinking to let Taehyung stay!? His sister is fighting for his life—" Jungkook cut off the pink haired male. "This is what my boyfriend wants. I am not going to control the things needs to do, he is his own person!" Jungkook exclaimed Jimin gasps his eyes go wide at the sound of it.

Taehyung turns around, walking towards Seokjin who watched the blue-haired male the entire time. The blondes' heart broke at the sight of Taehyung watching his sister fighting for her life. "Jimin, this is something Taehyung wants," the older male states, Seokjin meets the blue-haired male halfway, holding tightly onto him.

The words rang through his ears, through all their ears as they stood there watching the doctors rush through the room putting all the power into getting Yeris' heartbeat back to a normal pace. Though the beeping only seemed to get faster, her heart rate was rapid.

"Doctor, her heart rate is at an 82, her pulse is also at an 82." The nurse stated, the doctor looked back up at the monitor, eyes going wide when he sees the heart rate starting to drop rapidly. "The defibrillator nurse! Quick!" Taehyung held tightly onto Seokjins' and Jungkooks hand, a tear slowly falling down his cheek.

Yeris body slightly jumped up whenever the defibrillator pads gave her a shock that was probably the one movement she could ever make after that.

To Taehyung, it seemed so loud. The beep that the monitor made, the one that let everyone know that the person on that bed, in that room, was dead. Their heartbeat stopped. They were no longer breathing.

Taehyungs eyes go wide, his legs want to go weak but he seems to keep his stance along with his friends who hold tightly onto the blue-haired male. The doctor seems to stay still when he sees the flat line on the blondes monitor. He could feel his heart breaking as he turns his head to face the friends and family of the blonde.

"Pronounced dead on March 12th, 2019... at 6:06 pm." The doctor says the nurse writes it down on the report, the doctor only walks forwards to cover Yeris body with the baby blue, hospital cover. Taehyung makes his first move, pulling away from his friends he walks towards the doctor who had tears in his eyes.

"I am— so, so sorry for your loss, Taehyung, I'm so very sorry." The doctor says, patting the younger males back. Taehyung smiles at the doctor, pulling him in for a hug. "You did everything you could, thank you, for fighting for my sisters' life," Taehyung says, the doctor seems to feel the forgiveness in Taehyungs bone-crushing hug. "I'll leave you to bid your goodbyes."

Taehyung nods, pulling away he walks over to Yeris– now lifeless body. The blue-haired male pulls the cover down, no tears seem to fall or form in his eyes when he lays eyes on her. "You did so good Yeri," Taehyung says, bending down to kiss the female on the head. "You were the last family member I had with me in this world."

The friends only stay outside the room, they know Taehyung has so much to say to the female. "I won't let your memory die in this cruel world, I'm so glad I spent the time with you. I'm so glad that we found out that we are siblings. I will always be proud of you, lay in peace Kim Yeri because that's the only time you'll be able to find it." Taehyung says, giving the female one last kiss on her pale skin. "I will always love you too."

Chapter Text

"What's Taehyung doing?" Jimin questioned, popping out of the blue once he hears the door to Jungkooks bedroom shut. The younger male jumped back in surprise, being taken off guard. "Jesus Jimin," Jungkook breathed out, the pink-haired male tilted his head slightly, eyes staring into Jungkooks.

"Tae's playing games with Seokjin, you can go in Jimin, I don't understand why you're just standing out here," Jungkook said, narrowing his eyes at the older male in front of him. "No it's fine, I think I'll just make everything awkward... I tend to do that a lot." Jimin says, turning on his heels.

Jungkook huffed, walking forwards ahead of Jimin. "So... have you fixed the misunderstanding you had with Yoongi yet?" Jungkook asks, Jimin nods his head curtly. "I still can't believe he thought I got the female who worked in our garden pregnant..." Jimin mumbles, rubbing his shoulder.

"Yeah, I couldn't believe it either, I'm glad you're all better now though," Jungkook says, walking into his study room. "Yeah, we're better after five rounds of rough sex-- you know, my ass still hurts!" Jimin exclaims, plopping down in the chair in front of the desk, letting out a loud sigh.

"Okay, that was a bit much Jimin, I didn't need to know that," Jungkook says, pulling out files from his cabinet. Jimin watched the raven-haired male, his eyes following Jungkooks every movement. "You know what I haven't seen in a while?" asks Jimin.

Jungkook hums as a response, turning around with three, grey files in his hands making his way over to the desk. "The company," Jimin says as Jungkook laughs, "I haven't seen you over there in a while... maybe a year now?" The pink-haired male says.

"I have someone running it at the moment, after the incident with Lizbeth, Tae didn't want me there for a while," Jungkook sits down in the chair, his arms lying on the rests. "I forget about half the people we kill sometimes," Jimin says nonchalantly, the younger only sit upright in his chair, looking through the files.

A knock on the door makes Jimin turn his head around slowly, he then sees the small little, grey hair pop through the door. "Yoongi!" exclaims Jimin, getting up from his seat to hug his boyfriend. Jungkook pays no attention as he continues to look through the different contracts he had unanswered.

"Please refrain from being loud in here." Jungkook looks at the two through his eyelashes, Yoongi rolls his eyes, letting Jimin go. "I only came in here to see Jimin and what you were up to." The grey-haired male says.

"I'm reading the contracts that we just pushed away-- Yoongi did you know some of these have good offers? What the hell were we thinking that wanting to sign these?" Jungkook mumbles, Jimin kisses the older males cheek, "I'm gonna go see what Hoseok is doing," Jimin whispers into Yoongis ear.

"I'll see you soon then love," Jungkook continues reading the papers, setting some aside in different piles. Yoongi walked towards the raven-haired male, picking up a bright red folder. "And this? What's in here?" Yoongi asks, Jungkook furrows his eyebrows together in confusion.

"Probably the final plan we thought of for the company, Jimin and I were just talking about it before you got here," Jungkook said, not looking up at the older male. "Jungkook, Soo-Young is here to see you," Hoseok said through the door. Jungkook sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Looks like our girl is here," Yoongi teases, Jungkook rolls his eyes pushing the rolling chair back as he stands up. "Put the papers into the file cabinet. I'll read the rest tonight," Jungkook says, walking out of the study room. "Mhm, alright." the older says.

Jungkook walks down the stairs, his hands in his pockets when he meets eyes with Soo-Youngs. "Hello to you Soo-Young," says Jungkook. The redhead turns her head, Taehyungs body being shown as she does so. "Hello Jungkook," Soo-Young says, standing next to Taehyung who smiled at the younger male.

"What brings you by? Marco, could you get us some wine?" Jungkook asks, guiding the female to their living room. "Please, come sit down with us," the raven-haired male takes Taehyungs hand into his own. "We need to speak about a certain someone Jungkook, I heard Jinyoung never showed up to see Yeri."

Jungkook sat in the couch chair across from the female, Taehyung in his lap, the blue-haired males back pressed against the younger males chest. "He did go see her. Although, he walked right out once I got there. Is there a problem with Jinyoung?" Jungkook asks.

Taehyung is to busy paying attention to Soo-youngs, bright red, beautiful hair, his eyes going back from that and how composed she currently was. "There is-- Thank you-- I think Jinyoung has something he's hiding from me. As you know, Jinyoung wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Irene and me." Soo-young clearly states, taking a drink of her wine.

The blue-haired male turns to look at Jungkook who kissed his forehead. "This sounds like a problem that you would have to fix Soo-young... what would you possibly want us to do about this?" Jungkook asks, handing his glass of wine to Taehyung. "Just find out what he's hiding from me is all Jungkook."

Yoongi happens to overhear, walking into the living room where he sits on the couch diagonal from both the female and younger male. "What is this I hear?" Yoongi presses, Soo-young looks away taking another drink from her glass.

"Soo-Young here thinks Jinyoung happens to be hiding something from her. She wants us to go and figure what that is, what would you think about that Yoongi? Hm, Taehyung what do you think also?" Jungkook asks, his eyes staring into Soo-Youngs intensely.

"I think we should, we happen to have a contract with him Jungkookie..." Taehyung mumbles, the younger was taken back slightly, it's not that Taehyung hated this... he just didn't like to get involved, he kept his distance. "See, it would benefit you also Jungkook."

"I agree with Taehyung, we do have a contract, who knows, he might have something hiding from us also," Yoongi speaks up, Jungkook nods his head slowly. "We'll think about it Soo-Young, what exactly do you want us to do if he messing with us-- or you."

Soo-young gets up from the chair, placing the glass of wine on the glass table. Jungkook feels Taehyung get up from his lap, going with the pink haired male Jimin who called his name out. Once the red-haired male saw Taehyung leave the room, the smile falters as she puts a cold look on her face. "It's simple Jungkook, nothing big."

Yoongi turns to look at Jungkook with a raised eyebrow, Jungkook chuckles, getting up from the couch as well. "Oh yeah? And what's that Soo-Young?" Jungkook asks the female kept walking ahead of the two men. Turning around completely with her dark, furry blue blazer going her shoulders."Bring him to me and we'll never hear from him again. You know what I mean... right Jungkook?"

Chapter Text

"When I said I agree to do this, I didn't think you would send me on a mission with Taehyung," Yoongi muttered under his breath, eyes traveling to Taehyungs back as he walks in front of the older male. "Jinyoung clearly doesn't take a liking to me Yoongi," Jungkook says into the grey-haired male's earpiece.

The older male rolls his eyes mentally, after the talk they all had with Sooyoung on wanting to find out whether Jinyoung was hiding something, Yoongi agreed, but under the condition that he could get the gym whenever he pleased. He just didn't think Taehyung would want to tag along with the older male.

"Tae, stop messing with your suit jacket," Yoongi states, his lips pressed into a firm line as Taehyung almost, immediately stops pulling on the royal blue suit. "S-Sorry Hyung," Taehyung sheepily says, turning his head around as he rubbed his neck.

How am I supposed to find out what I need with Taehyung tagging along?  Yoongi thought to himself, mentally facepalming himself. "This is going to be different Yoongi, but under no reasons should you be attached to Taehyung." the younger says through the mic.

At that the older male raises an eyebrow, Don't be attached to Taehyung?  "Are you crazy?" the grey-haired male responds, pulling his phone out to make it seem as if he was answering a phone call. "We're going to Jinyoungs house, and you don't want me near Taehyung?"

Jungkook only laughs breathlessly. "It sounds crazy, yes, but I'll be there sooner rather than later, Taehyung is off limits." The raven-haired male states, Yoongi only responds with a hum. "You got it then boss," Jungkook snickers.

"Don't call me that, makes me feel old and I'm the youngest... it shouldn't work that way."

"Jinyoung Hyung!" Taehyung exclaims upon seeing the older male. The blue-haired male speed walks to hug him leaving Yoongi all alone behind, putting his phone in his pocket. "Hello Taehyung, still the same hyper person," he states.

Taehyung only smiles in responses, though his head is leaking with curses towards the older male. "Hello Jinyoung, thank you for having us tonight. I'm very sorry Jungkook couldn't make it, as he had a company meeting with another CEO." Yoongi says, reaching forward to shake the male's hand.

"Yoongi, it's nice to see you. Everything is well, Jungkook can take his time, nothing is rushed." He gives the grey-haired male a smile, ignoring his handshake. Yoongi grumbles something under his breath, pulling his hand back behind him.

Taehyung notices this and holds it tightly, giving him a reassuring smile before they follow behind Jinyoung who was already standing by his door alongside the rest of the important Mafias. "Don't be nervous Tae--" the younger cuts off Yoongi.

"I'm not Hyung, I trust you."


Taehyung and Yoongi sat next to each other at the dinner table, Yoongi looked across from himself only to find himself staring right into Hye-bin's eyes. He quickly adverts them before the female gets any wrong ideas, just like she got with Jungkook.

"Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung will be representing Jeon Corp, tonight. Jeon couldn't make it for company reasons, so here we have his boyfriend and co, CEO." Jinyoung introduces the pair before sitting down in the chair that was placed at the start of the table.

Taehyung begins to poke at his food, not feeling hungry as they didn't come to eat but to talk, but clearly, Jinyoung had different ideas. "It's been a while since I last saw them out in public like this, how is he these days?" Hyebin asks, putting a piece of cooked salmon in her mouth.

The older, grey-haired male Yoongi opens his mouth to answer before he's cut off by Taehyung. "Jungkook is doing just fine, I'm surprised you still of him these days after so long," Taehyung responds, his tone is soft but curt.

Hyebin giggles, bringing her napkin up to her lips. "How can I forget such a person like your boyfriend?" Taehyung remains his calm in the conversation, a smile playing onto his face. "Well yes, he's always been such a nice person. He just needed the right person to show him how to--"

"Stop them from an argument."


"Jinyoung, how's everything been?" Yoongi asks as they take a seat in their living room. The older male smiles at Taehyung whos admiring the painting that is in the room, his hands behind his back as he walks around.

"Everything has been fine these days, nothing unusual yet," Jinyoung responds, at that Yoongi raises an eyebrow, waiting for Jungkook to tell him the next question. "I haven't seen your wife in a while either Jinyoung, is she also doing okay?"

Yoongi takes a sip of his wine, cold eyes looking into Jinyoung as he crosses his right leg over the other. The response that Jinyoung gives his curt, making Taehyung look over his shoulder at both of the men. It only makes Yoongi raise his eyebrows, impressed.

"How do you want my wife to be? Did you not hear we're getting a divorce Yoongi?"

"Was only wondering Young, no need to get all riled up with me," Yoongi smirks, placing his glass of wine on the glass table in front of them. Taehyung turns his head back around, a small smirk plastered onto his lips, eyes going back to the paintings.

Jinyoungs eyes stare into Yoongis, narrowing them as he tries to read the younger male in front of him. "Not getting riled up Yoons, only stating the obvious is all," Jinyoung tilts his head to the side, a small smile on his face.

They stare at each other a for a while, no talking, only their breathing being heard. Taehyungs ears perk up when he hears Yoongi begin talking. "It seems to be getting rather late Jinyoung, it's almost Two am. We wouldn't want to trouble you more than we already have," The grey-haired male gets up from his seat, dusting his lap.

"Oh no, it's quite okay with me, I don't have company over much, would you like to join me in my study for a quick smoke?" Jinyoung asks. Although Yoongi is not a big fan of smoking, cigarettes or whatever, he would never want to go with the older male in front of him to leave Taehyung alone in the living room.

"Of course, I don't mind,"  Yoongi responds, turning to look at the younger, blue-haired male. "Great, follow me."

"Taehyung, we'll be back soon, we're only going to be in his study for a couple of minutes." Yoongi states, Taehyung nods his heads, walking in front of the older males fireplace. "Go ahead Hyung, I'll be here waiting." 



Chapter Text

"I feel like I haven't really had a chance to talk to you with Jungkooks' puppy out in the hall with us." Jinyoung laughed as he closed the door to his study. Yoongi only nodded his head, "Well, he happens to be Jungkooks first love, what do you expect?"

Jinyoung raises an eyebrow, nodding his head slowly, walking over to his glass cabinet where he held his cigars. "I suppose you don't want one Yoongi?" the older male asks, Yoongi shakes his head no, sitting down in the leather chair that was seated in front of the desk.

"Regardless, Taehyung is here to represent Jungkook also. Don't falter the respect for him as well Young. You remember what happened to GD... right?" Yoongis soft, but deep voice sent chills down Jinyoungs spine. "How could anyone forget? Seems like it happened last week if anything." Yoongi smiles like honey.

Jinyoung lights his cigar up, sitting down in his black, crystal encrusted office chair. "Looks like you have more money than you know what to do with Jinyoung." The black-haired male chuckles, blowing out a puff of smoke. "Oh, I know what to do with it, just can't find the right time to use it, is all."

At that statement Yoongi raises an eyebrow, crossing his left leg over his right thigh. "Thinking of making an expensive purchase? Does Jungkook know about this?" Yoongi asks, Jinyoung snorts, ashing out his cigar.

Jinuoungs eyes look back into Yoongis, like always-- he's trying to read the grey-haired male facial expressions and he fails to do so-- "I haven't had the right time to say anything. Besides, why should I? If anything he needs to be telling me these things." Jinyoung starts getting defensive, sitting upright in the chair.

Yoongi only chuckles, "Yes, of course, Jinyoung. That may be so, but let's be real here, who's more incompetent when it comes to the money?" Jinyoung inhales the smoke, an eyebrow-raising. He blows out the smoke as he continues to talk. "If you're referring to my gambling, I'll have you know that I've gotten better."

"Still doesn't change the fact that you almost put us in debt at one point Jinyoung. What the hell are you planning to do with the money, now I seriously need to know." Yoongi voice is deep this time, he shoots up from the chair he was sitting in. Jinyoung lets his cigar fall into the ash-tray, a smile playing onto his lips.

Jungkook is listening all too well to the conversation between the two men. With mister Won on his left and Namjoon seated with a map right in front of him. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Jungkook hears Jinyoungs voice from the earpiece, he turns to look at mister Won who had hacked into all the housing cameras.

"Do you see Taehyung anywhere in the house?" Jungkook asks the older male, Won only seems to focus on the living room where they once currently were before Yoongi had left with Jinyoung to go smoke. "Ah, there he is, he's walking around," Won says. Jungkooks nods his head. "Start it."

"I don't know if you know this or not, but we do need to know. You happen to be taking Jungkooks money, so spill it Jinyoung." Yoongi threatens, Jinyoung only happens to stare at the grey-haired male. "And what is to happen if I don't say a damn thing about this Yoongi?" Jinyoung asks.

It only seemed as if Jinyoung was trying to push the younger males buttons by asking rhetorical questions he could have answered himself. He knew damn well what would happen, he only wanted to see how far he could push Yoongi.

"I happen to be your elder Yoongi. You do what I say, not what some premature teen with mommy issues is going to tell me what I can and can't keep, do you understand?" Jinyoung isn't hesitant to say what he needs to, he says it without biting his tongue.

"You putting up and getting defensive about this is only proving that you're scared shitless about what could possibly happen with this. Meaning that you're hiding something you know very fucking well that Jungkook should know." Yoongi has his hands on the desk, his face right in Jinyoungs.

"Take it easy on him, remember Taehyung is still out there." Yoongi scoffs when Jinyoung laughs in his face. "I don't have to do shit, sooner or later Jungkook is only going to run us into the ground. Yoongi, don't you just want to be able to have control over what you want to do? And not some fucking kid?"

"What the hell is he planning?"

Yoongi stares at the older male with wide eyes, confusion was shown on his face. "What the hell are you going on about Jinyoung?" the older male laughs again, getting up from his chair. "We could be our own leaders. We can have our own money and wouldn't have to worry about Jungkook-- or anyone for that matter!"

Jinyoung was crazy. Oh god, he was so fucking crazy. Yoongi didn't know if he should just pistol whip him or not. The younger male stumbled back slightly as Jinyoung walked around his desk, his hands reaching out to touch the grey-haired male. "You are an absolute--"

"W-We could do this together Yoongi! You and I, and whoever else you want! We could ruin Jungkook, we could get rid of him... we-we could kill Jungkook!" Yoongis' eyes go wide once he hears Jinyoung finish his sentence.

"Oh ho ho, let's see if we can get the truth out a bit more." Taehyung could hear the yelling from the study, ignoring it, he only seems to walk away from the living room. Eyes looking into the little home cameras Jinyoung had. Sending it a smile.

"Jinyoung--" "No! Listen to me, hear me out! I know how we could do it together, we could rule the whole underworld Yoongi! We don't need Jungkook-- we never needed Jungkook." The younger male on the other line laughs loudly.

"What exactly are you trying to say right now Jinyoung? Do you fucking know I'm Jungkook right-hand man!?" Yoongi yells at the older male, Jinyoung furrows his eyebrows together in anger. "What the fuck are you trying to do to us!? To Bang, to Cheet, to fucking Red Velvet!"

"They made you into what you are right now! And you're going to fuck them up, you're going to fuck us up!?" Jinyoung cut the younger off. "To hell with them! I made them into what they are! Why-- Why do you guys always assume they made me!? I fucking made them! And I end up being a fucking side piece!?"

Yoongi shakes his head, a breathy laugh leaving his lips. "We can work together to end them, make them cry in pain-- we can be our own--" "Our own what Jinyoung!? What the fuck is it!?"

"This money-- the money that I've been getting to buy all this..." Yoongi puts his hand around his back, feeling the gun still in his waist band. "I've been selling drugs with the cartel-- I've gotten all this money for it..." Jinyoung tries to grab the younger by the suit.

Only for Yoongi to push him away. "We could make a living with this in this underworld, we could fucking ruin everyone!" Yoongi stares at the male, his expression changing to one of an unreadable.

"I-- We can rule the world, the underworld... We can fucking be our own Mafia Yoongi! With out them, without Jungkook, or his fucking puppy!"

Chapter Text

Mafia Daze.

| ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪ'ᴍ

ᴛʀʏɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ʙᴇsᴛ. |

C h a p t e r; T w e n t y - S e v e n.

"I don't understand why you would want to do that Jinyoung... regardless if you are able to make this happen, this won't stop anyone from wanting to end your life." Yoongi coldly states, eyes narrowing on the older male in front of him. "I don't want to be that guy Jinyoung, but this drug cartel thing you're doing..."

Jinyoung pulls away from Yoongi, his hands at his side as he fists them. "It isn't going to work out for you." Yoongi finishes, Jinyoung furrows his eyebrows in anger. "And how the fuck do you know Yoongi?" Jinyoungs voice slowly starts to get louder, and Yoongi doesn't like it one bit.

"All you ever want to do is follow orders, you can't ever follow your own... and you wanna fucking know why!?" the older male begins to get in Yoongi face, a drop of spit landing on. Yoongi lifts his hand up to wipe it away slowly.

"Why Jinyoung? I want to hear you tell me why I can't ever follow my own orders." Yoongis voice drops an octave. Though Jinyoung never seems to stop his talking and goes back to running his mouth. "Because you're weak. coward. You wouldn't last with me, you would bring me down, just like my wife did."

Jungkook on the other line smirks, he's watching the cameras with all his power. Won doesn't hesitate as he records the cameras. "You're doing great baby, now, walk towards the study and I want you to wait until I tell you when," "Okay, Jungkookie."

Jinyoung smirks when he notices that Yoongi had frozen up. Though its all gone, all the confidence he had in his body leaves him when Yoongi laughs loudly, it sends chills up Jinyoungs body and all he can fear is the next move Yoongi makes.

"Do you want to know why I'm a coward and I'm weak?" Yoongi asks his reaches behind his back, grabbing tightly onto the gun he had in his waistband. "Because if I was the one calling the shots, I would've done this by now,"


Taehyung pushes the doors' to the office wide open a gun in his hands as he points it at Jinyoungs head, right at the same time Yoongi happened to pull the gun out from his waistband, pointing it right at the older male. "Surprise Jinyoung," 

Both men shoot at the same time, Taehyung moved his gun to the right side, shooting behind the older males head, hitting the framed photo of Jinyoung and his wife. Yoongi also shoots it, this time he shoots for the wall.

The older male falls to the floor, on his knees with his hands covering his head. Taehyung lets the gun fall to the floor as he walks over to Yoongi who stares at Jinyoung. "Do you want to know he called the shots this time Young?" Yoongi teasingly asks, he kneels in front of the older.

Taehyung only watches how Jinyoung is breathing hard, eyes not being able to focus on one little thing. "I-It was J-Jungkook," he whispers, his hands grip the carpet underneath him. Yoongi laughs again, pulling Jinyoungs hair to make the older look up at a certain person.

 Jinyoung winces, but none-the-less looks up to make eye contact with Yoongi. "You happen to remember Jungkook's puppy... right?" Jinyoungs eyes go wide, his head is now jerking to the right to make eye contact with Taehyung. "This was who called the shots this time Jinyoung."

Taehyung only stares innocently at Jinyoung, and for some reason, Jinyoung can't find the boy he saw earlier today that wouldn't stay in his seat. He saw someone different, and something didn't feel right when he did.


"I'll have you thank you again Jungkook," JooHyun says, she gives the younger male a small smile before. Sooyoung makes her way back into the living room. "Ah, yes, I hope we didn't trouble you at all with this Jungkook." the females says, putting her hair behind her ear.

"None of this would've happened without Taehyung and Yoongi." the raven-haired male says, he wraps his arm around Taehyungs waist, giving the older male a kiss on the lips. "Taehyung and Yoongi did all this?" JooHyun asks.

"Believe it or not, this little ball of sunshine thought of the plan with Yoongi. You should be thanking them," Taehyung blushes and rubs the back of his neck, all the while as Yoongi stares at Sooyoung.

JooHyun smiles at Taehyung leaning in to give the blue-haired male a big kiss on the forehead. Taehyung scrunches his face up, a breathy laugh leaving his lips. JooHyun stares at Taehyung, a smile on her face. "You really do take after your sister Tae,"

Taehyung only nods his head, "She was always a person full of color just like you but we'll bid our goodbyes now, thank you again Yoongi and Taehyung, please, let us keep in touch," Sooyoung says, handing Taehyung another card.

"This has our new number on it, love, don't hesitate to call either Jungkook, I feel that you grow bigger each time I see you." JooHyun laughs, coughing loudly at the end. Taehyung looks at JooHyun. "I'll walk them out Kookie, I'll be back."

Taehyung walks with the females out the door, their guards walking ahead of them. Once they step outside into the open, Taehyung holds tightly onto JooHyun, letting SooYoung continue walking ahead of them.

The blue-haired male brings the female into a hug, one full of love and understanding. He can see past JooHyun fake smiles and laughs to know that the female in front of him was hurting badly. "You're doing so great JooHyun,"

the female wraps her arms around the male also, closing her eyes as they both stood there. "We're proud of you and I want you to know that you can always come to me whenever you need something," Taehyung whispers,

The female nods her head, pulling away from the hug. "I'll see you around, love, please make sure to take care of yourself," JooHyun says, walking down the step to meet with Sooyoung and her guards.

Taehyung waves goodbye to the females, turning back on his heels inside the large home of Jungkooks. And once he does he's greeted with a happy Jungkook who has him pinned against the wall. "J-Jungkook--"

Jungkook doesn't answer, instead, he begins to kiss under Taehyungs jaw, making Taehyung lick his lips, his eyes slowly closing. "Hush, that was the sexiest thing I ever saw," Jungkook groans, licking the shell of Taehyungs ear. "Wanna see something else that's sexy, sir?" "Oh fuck,"


Chapter Text

"You know, a lot of us would really like it if you didn't fuck in front of the door," Yoongi says, as he walks past the couple, a bowl of cereal in his hand. "Speak for yourself, I would love to see how much stamina Jungkook has," Jimin answers back, laughing under his breath

Taehyung rolls his eyes as he looks at Jimin. "It's not much Minnie, trust--" Taehyung shuts up when two-- animal-like growls come from both males-- Jimins' eyes go wide, and Taehyung only looks away from the older male.

"And why would you want to know how much stamina Jungkook has, Minnie?" Jimin chuckles nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. "Y-You know, I think Hoseok just called me guys, I'll see you later... bye!" Yoongi puts the bowl on the glass shelve, running after Jimin.

Taehyung adverts his eyes back onto the younger male in front of him. Jungkook drug his fingernails into the older males waist, Jungkook brings his lips back up to Taehyungs ear. "I'm going to ruin you so badly,"


And that's probably why Taehyung found himself-- face down, ass up-- on their shared bed, gripping the sheets until his knuckles turned white, bitting down on the sheets. "Jungkookie~" Taehyung voice came out muffled, but Jungkook knew what his baby wanted.

"Hm? What is it baby?" the younger asks, bringing his face to Taehyungs ass. "Please, please-- just one more time," the blue-haired male is pushing his ass back on Jungkooks face, and all the younger does is lick a long stripe on Taehyungs' hole.

Taehyung throws his head up fast, a groan leaving his lips. "Again, please..." Jungkook is sure that he could keep this going as much as he wanted, but Taehyung was so close to unraveling, and they had just barely started.

"Your wish is my command, my little prince," Jungkook brought both of his hands up, on his knees, he holds apart Taehyungs ass cheeks. Taehyung moans loudly again, basically caving in on himself. "Don't finish now Tae, we still have a lot to do,"

Jungkooks brings his right index finger up, as he continues to work the wet muscle into Taehyung, his finger makes its way in making the blue-haired male let out a high-pitch moan. "Jungkook, Jungkoook~" Taehyung chants.

Jungkook pulls his face away, only leaving his index finger that was moving in and out at a slow, slow pace. "Mhm, that's me, prince, what is it you want?" Taehyung doesn't try to form any sentences when he feels another finger inside of him.

Jungkook, only pulls them out, flipping the older male on his back. "I want to see your pretty little face while I fuck you," Taehyung can't respond when Jungkook begins to finger him open again.

"Oh god, fuck-- more Kookie," Taehyung cries out, fisting the sheets even harder. Jungkook smirks to himself. Another finger later and Taehyung is full on sobbing into the sheets, wanting more than just Jungkook fingers.

Jungkook lines himself up, he teases the older male underneath him by pushing in the tip of his cock just a bit, only to pull back out. "If you-you won't put it in, t-then I will," Taehyung whispered, he reached his hand forwards, grabbing onto Jungkooks length.

The younger male smirked, rubbing Taehyungs thighs as the blue-haired male takes control and pushes Jungkooks cock, all in him. "F-Fuck, yes," the older male breathed out, "Such a good boy you are baby."

"Just you're good boy, o-only y-your good boy~"

Jungkook starts thrusting in slowly, watching Taehyung scrunch his face slightly. "F-Feels so good," Taehyung moaned, arching his back as Jungkook grunted, his hands holding Taehyungs legs to his chest. "You're so big, ngh-- fuck Jungkook!"

Jungkook brought his hands to Taehyungs waist, gripping it tightly. "Mhm, you like that Taehyung?" Jungkooks questions, making the older male let out another moan. "Mhm, mhm, lo-- love its s-so much~"

"Oh fuck~" Taehyung moaned, throwing his head back once Jungkooks begins to thrust faster into him. "All mine," Jungkook whispered, throwing his head back slightly to the side. "All yours' Kookie~ I love you," Taehyung whispers, eyes looking into Jungkooks.

"I love you too baby," Jungkook whispered, bringing his head down to kiss Taehyung. His pace only seems to get faster. "Y-Yes, ngh-- ah-- shit," Taehyung groaned, he licks his lips after the younger pulls away. "Jungkook~" Taehyung, had let out a string of high pitched moans.

Taehyung let go and moaned in pure bliss. Letting Jungkook ruin him to his liking, bouncing up and down like a rag doll. Jungkook holds Taehyungs waist tight, this time there was sure to be bruised like last time. "Mmm, gonna make me cum?"

Jungkook hid his face in the older males neck, sucking on Taehyungs skin. "Want m-my cum inside of you?" the younger mutters, bringing his face up to look Taehyung in the eyes, their noses touching. Taehyung brings his hands up to run them through Jungkooks hair.

The older male licks his lips as he nodded his head. "Yes-- ah, k-keep going, want it all~" Taehyung whispers with hooded eyelids. "Want all y-your cu-- cum inside me~" Taehyung brings his head up slightly, kissing the younger male.

Jungkook lets out a low moan when Taehyung tightened around his cock. The sound of Jungkook moaning had Taehyung seeing stars. "D-Do it aga-- again~" Jungkook moans into Taehyungs neck. The older complies, clenching his hole around Jungkooks cock.

"Fuck, just like that baby," Taehyung sobs from the pleasure, "I-I'm so close Jungkook, please," Jungkook kept hitting the older males prostate head on, "Cum in me~ please," Taehyung moaned, fisting the sheets again.

"Fuck! Jungkook~" Taehyung cried out, tears streaming down his face. The blue-haired male eyes roll to the back of his head when he feels his orgasm hitting him like a truck. "J-Jungkook~~" Taehyung panted, wrapping his legs around Jungkooks waist.

"You like that baby?" Jungkook moaned. Taehyung let out a high pitch squeal when he felt Jungkook thrusting faster into the male. "I-I'm-- ngh-- I'm cumming baby~" Taehyung is the first to cum, white ropes of cum shooting out of his cock.

Jungkooks grip gets tighter on the older males waist, reaching down to Taehyungs neck and lightly bitting into the older. "Fill me with your cum~ wan'-- want your kids~" Taehyungs eyes roll to the back of his head when the younger shoots his cum inside of him, 

"Fuck-- want my kids?" Jungkook whispers into Taehyungs ear, earning a whine from the older male. Jungkooks lifts his body when he notices that Taehyung is already closing his eyes from sleepiness. "Mhm," the older responds with hooded eyelids.



Chapter Text

Maybe it was a crazy dream when Taehyung had fell in love with Jungkook. That's how Taehyung saw it, when he first met Jungkook, he was filled with lies about the younger male. So many lies, luckily Taehyung saw through them all.

He just really didn't know how to feel now that he's sitting at the conference table with Jungkook with another company right across from them.

"Do we have a deal then?" the older male questions, placing the contract in front of the men, a blue pen placed on top. Taehyung eyed the contract up and down before he turned to Jungkook who stared at the older male in front of him.

The blue-haired male reached forwards, grabbing the contract and sliding it over to him so he could read it. Taehyung scanned it, licking his lips as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "Are you're sure about this Hansol?"

Hansol laughs as he nods. "Of course, I don't think anyone would want to cross with you guys after the truth came out about Jinyoung." Hansol smiled as he tilted his head to the side. "Besides, if you didn't remember, we attended the same college for our business class and we seem to have the same mind."

Taehyung giggles a bit before he finds himself giving the papers to Jungkook. "You two went to college together?" Taehyung questions, Hansol smiles at Taehyung before answering, "Yes, actually Jungkook was the one who helped me through it the most, smart kid he is."

Jungkook looks up at Hansol through his eyelashes, Hansol notices and stops smiling before he adverts his eyes back to the windows. "Wow, Kookie, I didn't know that," Jungkook chuckles lightly, sitting back in his chair.

"You have good offers here Hansol, I enjoy them, they'll be of use to both of us." Hansol smiles and nods. "Of course, they will. We're in this contract together, not just one of us." Jungkook places the contract back on the table.

Taehyung watches as Jungkooks brings the pen up to sign. "I'll be glad to team up with you. Hopefully, we can rely on each other Hansol." The blue ink is dark and Jungkook signature is big on the x.

"Perfect! It's pleasure doing business with you both," At that Taehyung raises an eyebrow. Both us of? Hansol stood up, walking over to the couple giving Jungkook a handshake while he hugged Taehyung. "I'll see you both soon at the company party, you're holding it here, right?"

Jungkook tilts his head to the side, his hands in his pockets. "Yes. I'll be happy to see you there Hansol." Taehyung smiles at Hansol, watching as the male nods and walks himself out of the conference room.

"Hey... Jungkook?" Taehyung questions, Jungkook hums in response as he moved to push in both of their chairs. "Why did Hansol say he had pleasure doing business with both of us?" Taehyung pushes hard on both. Jungkook smiles softly to himself before answering.

"Because you're always going to be there with me for these kinds of things. We are partners after all baby," Taehyung blushes before letting out a squeal. "Really!? Oh god-- gosh, I have to tell Jimin and Seokjin!" Taehyung is fast to jump around the room.

Jungkook sighs to himself before he moves to grab Taehyungs arm. "Baby, you can tell them once we get home, remember there are still people doing conferences all around us." The raven-haired male says, "So we have to be extra quiet, okay love?"

Taehyung winces at himself, nodding his head. "I forgot... sorry Jungkook," Taehyung sheepishly smiles at the younger. Jungkook stares at Taehyung for a moment before he moves to kiss the older on the lips, lightly biting Taehyungs bottom lip.

Taehyung smiles into the kiss but pushes Jungkook away lightly. "S-Stop, we have to get home." Jungkook groans and rolls his eyes but none-the-less follows behind Taehyung. The older opens the door, peeking his head out first.

"Taehyung what are you doing?" Jungkook asks as he stands behind the older male. "Sh, I'm acting like a spy," Taehyung whispers back at the younger male who smiled at his boyfriend. "C'mon, we have to go," Taehyung quietly groans but opens the door wide to walk out.


"Jimin! Seokjin! Guess what I found out!" Taehyung yelled once they opened the front door. Jungkook laughed loudly before stepping in with Taehyung. Everyone came running down the steps, out of the kitchen or the living room.

Even the guards came running down to see what was happening.

Jimin was the first to speak up once he got there, Seokjin came soon right after everyone had gotten there. "Come with me," Taehyung grabbed both Jimins' and Seokjins' hands, leading them upstairs.

"Really? You're going to leave me down here?!" Jungkook yelled as he watched the boys run up the stairs, laughing. "Sorry, Jungkook! Personal Talk!" Taehyung yelled back, reaching the top of the stairs. Seokjin turned his head to make eye contact with Hoseok who smiled at him.

"But I know what it's--" the younger was cut off when he heard the door to someone's bedroom slam shut. Namjoon made eye contact with Jungkook before he looked over to Hoseok who was still eying the stairs.

Yoongi was the only one to break the silence, "You guys can go back to your posts. How did it go that has Taehyung so excited?" Jungkooks pinches the bridge of his nose, walking towards the living room with Yoongi, leaving the other two behind.

"It was good. I signed with Hansol and Taehyung was happy to hear that he and I were partners since I let him have a say in the contract and let him be in there." Jungkook said, eying the liquor bar they had.

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

"Oh my god, that's why you're so happy?" Jimin questioned, his body radiated boredom. Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows and pouted. "Thanks for being happy Jimin," Taehyung mumbled, laying back down on the bed.

"I think it's cute Tae, I remember when I first went in on a conference with Namjoon and Hoseok, it was really interesting." Seokjin reached down to kiss Taehyung on the forehead. "Don't listen to Jimin, he just had to wake up early to help me make breakfast."

"Yanno, pancakes are hard to make, okay--""Hoseok! Namjoon, what the fuck!?"

Chapter Text


| short recap. |

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

"Oh my god, that's why you're so happy?" Jimin questioned, his body radiated boredom. Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows and pouted. "Thanks for being happy Jimin," Taehyung mumbled, laying back down on the bed.

"I think it's cute Tae, I remember when I first went in on a conference with Namjoon and Hoseok, it was really interesting." Seokjin reached down to kiss Taehyung on the forehead. "Don't listen to Jimin, he just had to wake up early to help me make breakfast."

"Yanno, pancakes are hard to make, okay--"

"Hoseok! What the fuck!?"


It's not always that's there's a fight between the boys in the house. Sometimes it's while their drunk, other times it's when they're just trying to talk it out. Namjoon was sure as hell, it was not either of those things.

"What is it Hyung?" Jungkook turned his body, facing Hoseok straight ahead who only glared at the younger male. Yoongi raised an eyebrow, confused on why Hoseok was acting so aggressive towards Jungkook so suddenly.

"Babe? You alright?" Yoongi asks, he tries to raise his hands to hold Hoseoks before the redhead pulls away harshly. "I-I never thought I would have to think or ask this, but--" Jungkook stared at Hoseok, confusion is clear in his eyes, a bad feeling bubbling in his stomach.

"Hoseok, what are you talking about?" Namjoon is now the one to talk as he walks over to stand next to the male. Yoongi leans back in the chair he's currently sitting on, while Jungkook stands in front of the mini bar.

"Are you sleeping with Jimin?"

The room falls silent, you could hear the pin drop once the question that Hoseok asked was processed through Jungkooks mind. "What are you asking me?" Jungkook lets out a breathy chuckle, shaking his head in disbelief.

Hoseoks eyes dart to look at Yoongi for a moment before he moves them back to Jungkook. "I asked if you were--" Jungkook cuts the older male off harshly. "I know what you asked me Hoseok... why the fuck would you think that?"

Yoongi is quick to his feet, jumping to cover Hoseok. "Listen, just don't listen to Hoseok, he's overthinking--" Jungkook scoffs, turning away from the three men. Namjoon stands there his mouth agape in shock.

"Call Jimin down here," Jungkook says calmly, looking at Namjoon who closed his mouth. "Call Jimin? But--" "I said, Call Jimin!" Jungkook exclaimed, Namjoon was quick on his feet and was up to the stairs by then.

"How could you accuse your own boyfriend, of cheating on you... with me?" Jungkooks questions, Hoseoks stomach churns with worries. "You two have been close, you sometimes forget your own boyfriend at times!" Hoseok exclaims.

"You don't assume your partner is cheating Hoseok! Do you not trust Jimin or something? After he talks about you as if you're on some throne!" Jungkook yells out at the older. Namjoon comes back downstairs, Jimin-- and the rest of the friends running behind them.

Taehyungs eyes go wide when he sees the neck veins on Jungkooks neck start to pop out. "What's going on?" Taehyung asks, Jimin furrows his eyebrows when Hoseok turns to glare at the younger pink-haired male.

"I'm not going to have this conversation in front of everyone--" "Really? You didn't have a problem when you were having it when it was just us four in here." Jungkook states Jimin walks down the last couple of steps slowly.

"What are you guys talking about?" Jimin asks, "Okay, how about we all go, let's just leave them alone. We'll let them sort this out themselves, it's their relationship, we have no right to mingle in it." Seokjin states.

Yoongi looks at Jimin and the way he acts with the situation at hand. Jungkook scoffs, as he walks past the older male. "I just want you to know that I would never disrespect you in that manner, ever." Hoseok listens for their friends' to leave the three alone.

"Hoseok what did you do?" Jimin quietly asks, walking over to stand in front of the older male Yoongi looks away, sitting down on the couch. "Did you sleep with Jungkook?" Hoseok asks, not daring to look Jimin in the eyes as he asks the question.

"What?" Jimin breathly responses, Yoongi shuts his eyes while Hoseok now turns to look at Jimin. "Sleep with him! Did you sleep with Jungkook, Jimin!?" Hoseok yells at the younger male who flinches and steps back a bit.

"You-- do you think that lowly of me Hoseok? That I would cheat on you!?" Jimin yells, his face turning red. "Instead of just assuming things about me, and about our love life, ask me!" the younger exclaims, pointing to Yoongi.

"The day Yoongi thought I was sleeping with our gardener, he talked to me about it. He didn't let it bottle up, because he talked to me!" The pink haired male yells at the older. Hoseok turns to look at Yoongi who shook his head.

Hoseok then turns back to look at Jimin who had tears from anger, "Jimin-- I didn't mean to make you cry--" "I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying from anger because I want to kick your ass!" Yoongi raises an eyebrow at this, staring at Hoseok.

The room falls silent for a moment, Hoseok lets out a sigh, running his hands through his hair. So he moves to embrace the younger for a hug, for a kiss, for anything. And Jimin lets him, feeling Hoseoks warmth as he closed his eyes tightly.

After a moment of silence, Jimin finally speaks up. "Do you two have any idea how I felt? It felt as if I wasn't apart of this relationship anymore. You never let me do anything and I felt so alone so I went to Jungkook for help."

"What? Why did you feel like that?" Yoongi asks he's quick to jump from his seat-- again-- to go and question Jimin on why he felt hat way for so long. "I hated how we would always get into little fights, just like these... and we would never talk about it. We always left it alone and never spoke about it again..."

Yoongi kisses Jimins forehead, encouraging him to talk more about his feelings. "It felt unhealthy and so, so toxic to me. I started feeling unappreciated and I started eating more, wearing less clothing, even trying my best in hopes that maybe you would pay attention to me, any attention... I just wanted it..."

"Even if it was just to tell me to eat more."

"We're sorry Jimin, I-- we didn't mean for you to feel like this, and we're willing to work on our communication with each other Jimin." Hoseok whispers, Jimin pulls away from the hug, nodding his head. "Communication is key... I don't want to keep going through this anymore."


hi! so, the last chapter WAS A TIME SKIP. as you can tell, it was going to be an epilogue but i kept it going! so this takes place 5 months later.

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namjoon throughout this whole chapter:

namjoon throughout this whole chapter:       

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Chapter Text

"I said, I wanted the ornaments to be blue! Not teal, for the love of god, please get your shit together before the party!" Jungkook yells at the party decorators, pointing to the teal centerpiece.

Taehyung rubs his thumb over his own bottom lip as he watches Jungkook move throughout the house. Now, the younger was never like this for simple parties that they hosted and why was this one any different?

"Your boyfriend is spazzing over there Tae," says Jimin as he sits next to his best friend. Taehyung slowly turns his head at an angle towards Jimin, rolling his eyes as he does so. "I think I can see that Jimin."

The pink haired male rolls his eyes, watching Jungkook hand the centerpiece to the maid. "Why is everyone in such a bad mood," the older mutters, Taehyung sighs before he answers Jimin. "My head hurts Jimin, I haven't slept much with Jungkook stressing out over this."

Jimin only nods his head, "Jiminie, come here for a second babe?" Yoongi calls out, holding his hand out for the younger to take it. "Be right back," Taehyung closes his eyes before he mumbles something under his breath.

"You okay peach?" Jungkook asks, crouching face to face with Taehyung who pulls his own head back quickly. "I'm fine Jungkook, I'm just tired," Taehyung says, yawning at the end of his sentence, covering with mouth with his right hand, his eyes watering.

"Why don't you go take a nap babe, we'll have someone wake you up before the party starts," says Jungkook, rubbing Taehyungs cheek with the pad of his thumb. "Are you sure? You're stressing over this and I don't want to leave you alone doing this..."

Jungkook nods his head before he places a quick kiss on the older males forehead, pulling away. "I'll be fine-- I just hate how they got teal... out of all of the shades from blue, teal!?" Taehyung giggles as he watches his boyfriend rant.

"I'll keep it noted that teal is not a color you enjoy," says Taehyung as he stands up from the chair he's currently sitting on. "I'll see you later babe," Taehyung kisses Jungkooks lips as he walks away. "Oh, Jungkook~" Namjoon and Hoseok sing.

Jungkook turns to them, raising both his eyebrows. "Yes?" "Excuse me-- sorry-- We just got the list for everyone attending, we're short on 10 tables." Won says Jungkook furrows his eyebrows, "What? How do you know that?" Jungkook asks, grabbing the paper in Won's hands.

"I thought we were good on tables?" Jungkook says, looking at the short, blue haired male. "Ten families got added to the list on short notice," Won states, looking back at Namjoon who gave the male a curt smile.

"Does this say the Lee family?" Jungkook asks, pointing to the group. "Ah, yes, they were one of the families added on--" "Deny their access once they get here." Jungkook cuts the older male off harshly. Namjoon makes an awkward face while Hoseok looked around the ballroom, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Deny their access?" Won repeats. "I don't need unnecessary drama at the party, not for what I'm planning tonight. Hyebin only brings drama and no one needs that." Won nods his head, grabbing the papers from Jungkooks hands, "The only Lee I want there will be Mark Lee, so make sure the chauffeur doesn't mess up on that."

"Yes, I'll let them know," Won excuses himself from the group, walking over to the maids. "So... you plan on doing it tonight?" Namjoon asks with his eyebrows raised. "Yup, I have the beauty right here," Jungkook says, patting his front pocket.

"Good luck, Jungkookie~," Hoseok says, blowing the younger a kiss. "Well, we're going to start getting dressed. The guests don't get here until six, but as you know we have guests that like to show up hours before." Namjoon rolls his eyes.

"Could you wake up Taehyung for me in thirty minutes? It usually doesn't take him long to get ready but just to be sure." Jungkook says, "Yeah, I'll wake him up," Namjoon says as he turns around with Hoseok and starts walking out of the door.

Jungkook lets out a loud sigh and smiles, turning on his heels back around. "Donghyuck, no! I said bring the full bar! Not the mini bar, do you have any idea how much these people drink-- Oh my god, who's suit is that!? Mine!?-- Not a chance in hell, send it back!"



time skip to the p a r t y



"You really outdid yourself with this party Jungkook," Han says, "I give you props, everything is so beautiful, really Jungkook, you did very well." Daisy comments, giving the younger a kiss on the cheek. "It's nice to see you again Daisy, hows your husband?" Jungkook asks, handing the lady a drink. "He's great. He apologizes for not being able to attend."

"It's quite alright, we have to catch up though, Taehyung and Seokjin miss him a lot." Jungkook says, "I'll excuse myself, I need to attend to a problem." the younger moves quickly throughout the crowd.

"This is a lot more people than I thought," Namjoon says under his breath. "I know," Jungkook takes a quick out of his glass. "We have to go make the announcement, come, we all have to be up there," Yoongi says, pushing everyone through the crowd of big dresses and white suits.

Taehyung holds Jungkooks hands as they walk up there, a smile on the blue-haired males' faces. "I'm so proud of you Jungkook," Taehyung whispers, kissing the younger on the lips, pulling away quickly. "I couldn't have done it without any of you,"

"Thank you for attending our company party to congratulate the sealing of our alliance with Hansol Incorporated!" Namjoon says through the microphone, a smile on his lips. The crowd claps and a couple of whistles are heard. "Here we have some words from Jungkook!"

The younger makes his way over to the microphone, a big smile always on his face. "It's always been a pleasure working with you all, some of you have gone back to when my father Daehyun was the company president, and others are still new."

"Either way, I'm very happy with the growth we've all seem to go through. We've lost contracts with families, and we've lost friends and family members due to our way of living." Jungkook clears his throat before he continues.

"I'm glad about the way everything has gone and the way it's unfolded because that makes us who we are. It makes us stronger and with who we surround ourselves with, who we are with can also play a part in how you develop. Thank you for everyone who could attend and those who couldn't, none of us would be here without you!"

The younger raises his glass of champagne before the crowd of males and females cheer for everyone. "I also, have something I want to say before we finish," Jungkook says through the microphone.

"When we met, it felt like a movie. Something you wouldn't expect to be happening to you before he does happen. I remember our first date, our first kiss, I remember when you first said Thank you to me." Everyone goes quiet and Taehyung turns his head to face Jungkook.


"I'm so glad I was there in that moment. That I got to hold you and see you for who you really were. I don't know what I would be doing right now, or what you would be doing. I know, we've had some terrible things happen to us, to our relationship but it made us to who we are."

"Oh my god..." Taehyung whispered under his breath, he watches Jungkook bend down onto his knee, pulling out a velvet black box in his hand, his eyes look into Taehyungs whos on the verge of tears. "I don't think I would want to be with anyone else to make me as happy as you do... so, Taehyung?"

"Y-Yes J-Jung-- Jungkook?" 

"Will you marry me?"

Chapter Text

Taehyung could scream.

Taehyung wanted to scream.

So what did Taehyung do?

Taehyung screamed.

"Yes-- Yes, of course, I'll marry you Jungkook!" Taehyung yelled at the younger, jumping up and down in his spot. All of Jungkooks worries washed away once he heard the words slip out of Taehyungs mouth.

"Y-Yes?" Jungkook repeated, and Taehyung nodded with joy, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. "Yes! Yes!" Jungkook jumped to his feet, placing the diamond ring on the blue-haired males' ring finger.

Taehyung watched slowly with his eyes, the big smile on Jungkook face and the way he moved so gracefully. Jungkook looked up at the older male, moving quickly to kiss Taehyung holding the olders head in his hand.

A loud roar of claps was heard once again, and Taehyung smiled into the kiss. "I'm engaged!" the younger yelled once he pulled away from Taehyung. The men whistled and the women clapped while shouting "Congratulations!" 

"Looks like you finally did it Jungkook," Yoongi walked over to the younger while patting his back lightly. Jungkook turned his head away to look at the grey-haired male, the smile really never seemed to go away.

"I never thought I would be able to do this, and god-- I did it! I actually got the man I love to marry me," Jungkook whispered, watching Jimin run towards the blue-haired male who was currently crying with Seokjin.

"Taehyungie!" Jimin screamed at the top of his lungs, throwing himself at the blue-haired male. "Jimin! I'm married! I'm really married!" Taehyung yelled back.

The party went on throughout the night after Jungkooks proposal, little by little everyone who attended left slowly. Soon only being left with half of the guests who still drank and dance throughout the night with Taehyung or Jimin.

"Jungkook, congratulations." the female came from behind, placing her soft hand on Jungkooks shoulder. "Thank you, Sooyoung," Jungkook said, staring as Taehyung danced with Yoongi. "You know, you really hit the jackpot with Taehyung."

The younger male nodded his head, "I know." Sooyoung sighed, placing her drink on the marble table next to her. "I know, I haven't been supportive of you ever, but I want to let you know that I'm proud of you and everything you do for us," Sooyoung says.

Jungkook turns to Sooyoung slowly, eyes staring into hers as he continues to talk with the female. "Thank you, it means a lot to us as well." the raven-haired male says, his eyes darting from her dress back to her eyes. "It really does mean a lot to us."

"Jungkook!" Taehyung calls out, waving his left arm in the air to try and catch his fiances attention. "Jungkook!~" the blue-haired male calls out again, this time, getting Jungkooks full attention.

Once the younger looks at Taehyung the younger doesn't hesitate to walk over to his fiance whos dancing in his spot. "Dance with me," Taehyung says, grabbing the youngers hand and dragging Jungkook further into the dance floor.

"Baby, you know I don't like to dance," Jungkook whispers into Taehyungs ear once the younger places his hands firmly on Taehyungs waist. Taehyung places both his hands on Jungkook shoulders, bringing them closer together.

"You're going to be dancing at our wedding Jungkook, so get some practice in right now," Taehyung teases the younger, kissing his cheek lightly, pulling away to look Jungkook in the eyes, a smile on his face.

"You're so lucky I love you," Jungkook smiles as they both continue to sway with each other. "Am I really lucky though Jungkook?" Taehyung gives a breathy laugh, tilting his head to look at Jungkook from an angle.

The younger, raven-haired male notices and tilts his head in the opposite direction. "Hm? What're you looking at?" Jungkook asks, Taehyung only shakes his head proudly from the side. "Just admiring the most handsome man in the world is all,"

Jungkook snorts as he answers. "There are other handsome men in the world Taehyung," the younger states firmly, moving his head to look straight ahead, at Taehyung who also looks straight ahead at Jungkook.

"But in the end Jungkook, all those men didn't come close to you," Taehyung goes forwards and kisses the younger on the nose, making Jungkook laugh.


As they continued to sway with each other, in each other's arms, Taehyung smiled widely before he began to speak. "Jungkook, do you know what I've always wanted to do?" the blue-haired male asks, and Jungkook hums in response. 

"And what have you always wanted to do?" Jungkook asks, Taehyung stops dancing and Jungkook raises an eyebrow. "This,"

The blue-haired male is quick to hold both Jungkooks hands and begin to spin both of them in a circle. "Taehyung!" Jungkook exclaims, the younger is trying to stop the older male since they could get hurt or Taehyung could get dizzy.

"C'mon Jungkook!" Taehyung says, closing his eyes as he spins the both of them. And for some reason, Jungkook finally let's go and lets himself go loose enjoying the fun he was having with his fiancee.

"As they both spun in a circle, Taehyung opened his eyes as was able to see their friends watching them from afar. The music playing as they what they wanted in that moment and for the first time,

Taehyung saw Jungkook having all the fun in the world without having to care or worry about who was around and who was judging him. And Taehyung loved every second of it.

Jungkook smiled and then soon stopped them both from spinning, even though the younger and Taehyung were dizzy, Jungkook pulled Taehyung in for one more kiss before he pulled away completely.

The smile on Taehyungs' face could never compare to any of the other times that he had smiled, it looked genuine and it was the best thing in the world. It would always be the best thing in the world.

Jungkook pulled in Taehyung one more time for the last kiss at the moment, holding Taehyungs head in his hands. Taehyung was the first to pull away this time, catching his breath. "God, we're really getting married Jungkook," Taehyung breathed out. "I know. I love you Taehyung."


Chapter Text

"Do you like these colors? I think it'll make the reception look so beautiful!" Taehyung says, showing Jungkook the color palate Seokjin and Jimin helped him choose. "Yeah, they're beautiful Tae," Jungkook says under his breath, looking at the paperwork in front of him.

Taehyung furrows his eyebrows for a moment, watching the younger. "Really Jungkook?" Taehyung says the older male crosses his arms across his chest, staring at the younger who was oblivious to Taehyung. "Jungkook!" Taehyung exclaims.

The younger sighs heavily, turning his head around staring right at the blue-haired male. "What Taehyung?" asks Jungkook. "I asked you a question about the reception and you didn't even look at them once." the blue-haired male says.

Jungkook brings his hand to his face, rubbing his eyes before he continues to answer Taehyung. "Okay, Okay can I see the colors then Tae?" Jungkook asks, and Taehyung happily nods his head and hands him over the color codes.

"Tae, these two look the same though?" the younger says, pointing to the two beige colors. Taehyung giggles, shaking his head. "Silly Jungkook, there are different undertones for each color." the older male says, and Jungkook only holds back a laugh.

The raven-haired male then hands the cards back over to Taehyung after he looks at them. "I think Pink would make the reception look just beautiful," Jungkook says, looking up at Taehyung with a smile on his face.

"Really!? So, we've decided that the reception will be pink!" Taehyung pulls out a notepad from his pocket, grabbing a black pen from Jungkooks desk. "Taehyung, why don't we get someone professional to do this? It'll be--"

The older, blue-haired male is quick to cut off Jungkook harshly. "This is something I wanted to do together," Taehyung stops talking for a moment to stare at Jungkook intensely. "But clearly someone had other plans."

Jungkook leans back in the office chair, raising an eyebrow at Taehyung. "Oh really now? And how do you suppose we pay for the wedding then honey?" Jungkook questions and Taehyung stares back at him, trying to suppress a laugh.

"Well, we could do that together and still plan our wedding, lover." Jungkook is the first to break as the first spits out a laugh making Taehyung laugh right after him. "Okay, Okay, come sit on my lap then so we can begin meeting."

Taehyung moves to sit on the youngers males lap, furrowing his eyebrows. "This isn't a meeting Kookie and stop thinking about work!" The older tells Jungkook, crossing his arms across his chest, puffing his cheeks out with air.

Jungkook snickers, kissing Taehyung on the cheek. "Alright, alright, let's get this started then," Jungkook says, placing his hand on the blue-haired male's thigh. Taehyung nods his head as he grabs Jungkooks laptop from the desk.

The younger is quick to grab it back from Taehyung, a nervous smile on his face. "What are you hiding?" Taehyung asks, raising an eyebrow. "Nothing, just some paperwork." the younger answers back. "Okay, then why can't I see it then?" the older asks.

Taehyung tries to grab the laptop back, and Jungkook only seems to pull it back towards him. "Let's just leave it here, we'll use one of the company computers-- Tae!" Jungkook exclaims when the blue-haired male opens the laptop in one swift motion.

The raven-haired male is quick to close the laptop back up, the echo of how loud the laptop closed echoed throughout the room. "What if I was watching porn or something?" the younger exclaims, and you could see the hurt flash through Taehyungs eyes once he turns back to look at Jungkook.

"Why would you need to watch porn?" Taehyung questions, standing up from his spot on Jungkooks lap. Jungkook quickly realizes what he had just said, rubbing his face with his hands. "Baby, that was uncalled for--"

"We can finish this later tonight h while you sleep in the guest room." Taehyung smiles at Jungkook as he turns on his heels and walks straight out of the office. Leaving Jungkook to himself to rethink of his words.

The younger huffs and slumps in his chair. "Oh, wow, I really do make things worse," Jungkook says to himself, rolling his eyes. He sits back up and reaches for the laptop that's only sitting right in front of him.

Jungkook begins to talk to himself, feeling guilty for the things he had said earlier to Taehyung he had no idea that something small like porn would make Taehyung feel so embarrassed. Jungkook didn't mean to say he was watching porn but he felt like it was the only way to Taehyung to stop trying to pry open his laptop.

"Well, we got ourselves into this mess-- well, really I got myself into this mess," Jungkook mutters to himself. He opens the laptop, and the bright white screen shows it's self. "Just please answer," he whispers as he reads the email over and over, and over again.

"... We only got to meet once, and it wasn't under the best circumstances. It would mean a lot to your son, Mrs. Kim.

Best regards, Jeon Jungkook."

Jungkook closes his eyes tightly as his mouse hovers over the "Send" and Jungkook prays for the best as he pushes send to the email. "Now, to go talk to the love of my life because I am a stupid man," Jungkook says, closing his laptop shut.

Only a couple minutes later he finds himself knocking on their bedroom door, he can hear the sniffling coming from the other side of the door. "Tae? Baby?" Jungkook calls out and the older male lets out a string of "Go 'way!" from where he is.

"I just want to talk baby, open the door and we can talk through this." Jungkook calmly says, he can hear the bed creak and can hear Taehyungs footsteps coming to the door. The older male unlocks the door and then walks back to the bed where he lays back down.

Jungkook opens the door, peeking his head through, his eyes landing on Taehyung who was on his side facing away from the bedroom door. Jungkook shakes his head at himself, he walks in completely and closes the door behind him.

"Tae?" Jungkook sits down next to Taehyung, "Could you sit up for me?" the younger asks and the blue-haired male nods his head, sitting up in his spot, criss-cross. "I'm sorry--" both of them say at the same time, Jungkook looks into Taehyungs red eyes.

"Why are you saying sorry?" Jungkook asks, holding Taehyungs hand. "For being over dramatic..." Taehyung mutters, lowering his head as he speaks. "Oh baby, my little baby, you weren't being overdramatic," Jungkook brings the older male in for a hug.

"I'm sorry, for me being an asshole and lying to you, I wasn't watching porn baby, I just had something I really didn't want you to see. It was a secret, something I was going to surprise you with on our wedding day baby," Jungkook says, pulling away from the hug, and kissing Taehyungs face a million times.

"S-So you weren't watching porn?" the older male asks, giggling at Jungkook who had gone soft for just a moment. "Of, Course not, why would I want to when I have the most handsome man right in front of me?" Jungkook questions, pushing Taehyung down on the bed.

The older male brings his hands to cup Jungkooks face, biting his lip as he eyes Jungkook. "Oh, really now Jungkook? The most handsome man ever?" the younger thinks for a bit, "Well, now that I--" the younger gets cut off by a pillow to the face"Jungkook!" Taehyung exclaims, laughing at the "I'm joking baby!"

Chapter Text

"Today's the day Tae!" Seokjin exclaims, pushing the door wide open with his eyes closed. "I can't go out there!" the eldest hears from the bathroom, he furrows his eyebrows in confusion and the yelling only continues as seconds pass.

"Taehyung, stop freaking out! Everything is going to be fine!" Jimin exclaims back at the now blonde haired male. "Jimin I look like a mess! I can't-- I'm not going out there!" the blonde is staring at himself through the mirror, fixing his hair.

"What am I even supposed to do!? I can't be serious and go out like this! Even if my life depended on it, Jimin!" Seokjin walks into the restroom, knocking on the door before Taehyung sees him and Jimin turns his head to look at the elder.

"Hyung! Can you please tell Taehyung that he looks super fucking beautiful?" Jimin exclaims and Taehyung rolls his eyes. "Taehyung, what's going on? You're never this nervous," the blonde, Seokjin asks.

"I-I'm scared okay!?" yells Taehyung and the two older males are taken back by the sudden confession. "Why? Tae all of our friends and family are out there, why are you so scared?" Seokjin says, walking over to hold Taehyungs hand.

"I don't know, I want to be there with Jungkook but he's probably so calm and isn't even freaking out over this and it's only going to be me freaking out and he probably doesn't care--"

"Taehyung!" Seokjin and Jimin call out at the same time, the younger stops his rambling and look between both older males. "Jungkook cares," Jimin says. "Jungkook will always care."


"Holy fucking shit I'm getting married!?" Jungkook yells throughout his shared room. The younger is quick to get on his feet and run over to his friends who were all asleep in different spots in the bedroom.

"Namjoon! Namjoon wake up the fuck up!" the younger shook the older male violently, making the purple-haired male grumble and move his head around on the pillow. "Namjoon I swear to fucking-- Hoseok! Hoseok wake up!"

The only person he knew who wasn't anywhere to be seen was Yoongi, and truth be known, the grey-haired male walks out of the bathroom, toothbrush in his mouth as he stares at Jungkook who tries to wake everyone up.

"What in the hell are you screaming about?" Yoongi asks, taking the toothbrush out of his mouth and Jungkook jumps back once he hears the voice come out of nowhere. "I'm getting married and you didn't wake me up!?" Jungkook exclaims.

At that, the older male raises an eyebrow and stares at Jungkook still. "Hey, idiot, did you check the time yet?" Yoongi asks and Jungkook continues to shake Hoseoks body. "What?" he answers, his frustration getting the best of him.

"I said, did you check the time yet." Jungkook turns to Yoongi, running his hands through his hair as he now tries to look for the phone, a laptop, a clock-- anything that could tell Jungkook what time it was.

"I don't even know where my phone is Hyung," Jungkook answers back and Namjoon finally flutters his eyes open. "Yo, can you guys shut up for a moment? My head is killing me." the purple haired male grumbles.

"Wanna know the time?" Yoongi sarcastically asks once Jungkook pulls out his phone from under his grey covers. "O-Oh..." the younger whispers under his breath. Namjoon sits up completely in his spot, rubbing his face with his hands.

"What's wrong with Jungkook now?" Namjoon asks, and Yoongi snickers as he watches Jungkook go back under the covers, bringing them up to cover his mouth. "It's only five am." the younger whispers.

Namjoon groans, reaching behind and grabbing the couch pillow he once slept on. "You fucking--" the older says, throwing the pillow at Jungkooks body. "I'm sorry okay! I'm getting married and Jesus, I have never been so fucking nervous my whole life."

Yoongi goes back into the bathroom, you could hear a bottle being opened, followed along with the rustling of a plastic bag. "I get your nervous and all Jungkook, but let's be real here, you literally could've looked outside and seen if there was light out."

Yoongi throws one water bottle at Namjoon, having it land in his lap and the other he tosses by Jungkooks feet. "Here, for your headaches," Yoongi goes first to Namjoon, handing two Advil pills to the half-drunk male.

"I know this is a lot to take it right now, but everything is going to be perfect Jungkook, so let's all start getting ready so no one will rush," Yoongi says handing the pills to Jungkook.


It's only halfway through the morning, the time only gets faster and Taehyung just can't wait to see his husband waiting for him at the end of the aisle. "You're getting married baby," Seokjin whispers and he stares at Taehyung from afar.

The blonde turns back to look at Seokjin, his eyes water slightly due to being nervous and all the emotions he couldn't seem to control. "I can't believe I'm marrying my high school sweetheart," Taehyung whispers to himself still staring at Seokjin.

Throughout the morning, females and males walked in and out of the room, Sooyoung, watched in awe. A smile on her face as he claps for the young groom. "Okay, Taehyung are you ready, only four minutes until you walk down that aisle." an older man says

Taehyung nods his head, closing his eyes before he stares at himself through the mirror. "Yes, I'm ready." Jimin tilts his head to the side, his lips in a straight line as he shakes his head. "Is Jiminie gonna cry?~" Sooyoung questions and the pink-haired male shakes his head even faster.

"N-No," he says, and Taehyung turns his head to look at his best friend. "Jiminie, don't cry," the blonde says and Jimin finally breaks out in tears in front of the younger, "You're happy, and you always thought you never were going to be and that's the most beautiful thing ever Tae,"


The music played, the classical music-- that Taehyung had chosen-- made Jungkook feel overwhelmed. He stood at the end of the aisle, his hands in front of him intertwined. His hair slicked back perfectly, the white rose in his front jacket pocket, perfectly placed.

"When we get married one day, I want us to have white roses Jungkook!" Taehyung said as they drove home from Jinyoungs wedding. "Why's that baby?" the younger answers back, his eyes on the road. "White roses symbolize purity and innocence."

Jungkook smiled to himself, everything Taehyung had said on that ride home was engraved into Jungkooks head. "Everything you wished for is here baby," Jungkook whispered to himself, his eyes finally snap towards the main entrance when he notices that everyone is standing on their two feet, waiting for the groom to walk down the aisle.

Jungkooks' eyes widen. "This is happening," the younger says to himself.

"You can do this Taehyung," the blonde says to himself, he brings his hand to his waist. He looks over his shoulder as Namjoon interlocks them together. "You look beautiful Taehyung," Namjoon says, kissing the blonde on the forehead. "Thank you Namjoon Hyung,"

The orchestra plays and the talking stops, all eyes are on Taehyung as they stand and watch him. The blonde and Namjoon take the first step before Taehyung stops completely. Namjoon looks over at him, a worry expression on his face. "Jungkook is there waiting for you. He's going to be out there with you Tae,"

Taehyung nods his head, as they continue to walk out of the doors, the blonde closes his eyes at first, and soon, but slowly opens them as he meets eyes with Jungkook. A smile on his face, the bouquet of white roses in his hands.

Jungkook brings his hand to cover his mouth, his eyes watering as he watches Taehyung walk down the aisle. Jungkook closes his eyes as he lets a tear roll down his cheek. And once Taehyung is standing in front of Jungkook, Namjoon moves to the side, standing behind Jungkook.

"Hi," Taehyung whispers, eyes staring into Jungkooks tear-filled ones. "Hi, baby," Jungkook whispers back, a smile on his face. "Now, we will continue with the wedding."


"The grooms will now read each other the vows they have written for each other." the pastor steps back, letting Jungkook and Taehyung step closer to each other.

"I do promise that I will remember that neither of us is perfect. But I also will remember that we're perfect for each other. To remember that when I first met you, I never thought that I would be standing here in front of all of our friends and family, getting married. But In sickness and health, I will always be there for you, for richer or poorer, till death do us part, I will cherish every moment Jeon Taehyung, I don't care how complicated this get's, I love you."

The younger then places the diamond ring being placed on Taehyung ring finger, and the blonde male loses it completely as tears roll down his cheeks, Taehyung bits his bottom lip, as he starts to say his own vows.

"I love you. Not for what you are Jungkook, but for what I am when I'm with you. I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself. But for what you are making out of me. I always talk about how every love story is beautiful," and Jungkook nods his head, holding Taehyungs hand. "But our's will always be my favorite. So in sickness and in health, richer or poorer, till death do us part, I will want you. All of you, your flaws, your imperfections, your mistakes, I will only want you. I love you Jeon Jungkook."

The blonde slides the ring on Jungkooks ring finger, his eyes filling with tears again and the younger, raven-haired male lets the tears roll down his cheeks as well. "I now, pronounce you, as husband and husband. You may now, kiss the groom."

And that's what Jungkook does, as he sweeps Taehyung off his feet and into his arms. He kisses the older male with so much passion he can feel every emotion running through his veins. They pull away for a moment before they both whisper. "We're finally married."