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After Dark

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            God, he’s so attractive.  Why doesn’t he notice me and what on earth does he see in her? Sophie pondered as she wandered around the office, dropping off important papers to their respective recipients. 

If she isn’t busy harassing Captain Brenten about his many overdue reports that the Chief wants handed in (she takes great delight in this), she’s drinking in the sight of the object of her affection, one Al Cu Ad Solte.  Short spiky blond hair, gorgeous green eyes, a body to die for, and a heart as big as the world, Al would make the perfect boyfriend.  Too bad her many advances have all but failed.  She’s tried everything to entice him, from placing her bare leg suggestively on his desk to bending over in front of him so he gets an unobstructed view of her cleavage, to “accidentally” dropping a paper on the floor and giving him an excellent view of her backside.  All to no avail.  Every time she tried something of this sort, he’d excuse himself to go and find Leona. 

Leona, Leona, Leona.  That’s all he ever thinks about.  Hasn’t he caught on that she’s not interested in him?  If she was, certainly she would have done something about it by now.  Seriously Al, just give me one shot and I guarantee you’ll forget all about Leona.  You just wait.  I’ll find a way to make you mine.  She sighed heavily and continued about her business.

Not knowing exactly when this started, Sophie was doing her best to remember when she first noticed it.  She was quite used to seeing Al and Leona’s interactions on a day-to-day basis, but something had changed. 

Normally, Al would be rather polite and even a little flustered when talking to her, but he would still talk to her, even while talking on the phone under his desk (she did think that was a little strange but it was kind of cute too), but lately, he’s been ignoring her completely, even if she was half-sprawled across his desk.  When Leona would stroll past him, he would leer at her.  The smirk on his face was one Sophie had never seen before. 

Dropping the pen she had been using, Leona bent over to pick it up.  Al stared unapologetically at her ass, relishing every second.  The lust in his eyes unmistakable.  This wasn’t like Al at all.  He doesn’t behave like this.  It was almost unsettling.  Leona’s current behaviour was just as puzzling.

Normally strolling proudly around the office, smashing the coffeemakers which failed to produce the desired brew in enough time, Leona never seemed to be flustered by anything.  Even coming face-to-face with the Chief to “discuss” their differences of opinion (ie. shouting match) in his office didn’t faze her.  Nothing unsettled this woman.  With nerves of steel, a bull-headed nature, and an insatiable thirst for justice, Leona truly was one of the tank police’s finest officers.  So how could it be that lately, Leona seemed a little… docile?  She still performed her duties as well as she ever did, but the bluster and beaming pride were lacking.  The coffeemakers remained intact and her interactions with the Chief were decidedly less noisy.  Even the vicious outbursts she was renowned for were now much fewer.  But the oddest thing of all was her interactions with Al.  Granted, they still worked closely together, but they didn’t say as much to each other as they did before, and every time she met his gaze, she’d blush. 

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’d love to find out.


            The day shift was over and everybody had left to go home for the evening.  Sophie was usually one of the first ones to leave but today she had forgotten something and had run back to take care of it.  Most of the lights had been turned off, and the office was quiet.  At first, all she heard was the sound of her high heels on the floor. 

Passing by the office area one last time to leave, she paused to listen to an odd noise she couldn’t quite place at first.  It sounded like people whispering, then a little heavy breathing followed by brief silence.  With a wall between her and whoever was there, Sophie chose to stay behind it but could peer around in an attempt to get a closer look at whatever was going on.  In the dimmed office, all she could make out were the shadowy figures of two people who appeared to be a single form.  Whispers could be heard again, same with the heavy breathing, but some quiet moans were now included.  There was a male voice and a female one. 

Sophie stared a little harder in the hopes of deciphering the shadowy mass in the office.  At last, she was able to see that it was indeed two people.  They were locked in a very romantic embrace.  The clothing appeared to be the standard uniform of the tank police squad.  Since that particular squad only had one female officer, she surmised that it had to be Leona.  As for her male counterpart, it could be just about any other officer from the squad.  Sophie listened again for any clues to the identity of the mystery man with whom Leona was enjoying a tryst. 

A secret lover?  Is that why she’s been acting so strangely? 

The man broke the kiss and pressed his face into Leona’s neck.  She cried out for a second as his hot mouth and probing tongue teased the soft skin below her jaw.  “Oh!  Oh god, I can’t wait anymore!  Take me. Take me now!”  The mystery man acknowledged Leona’s plea by wrapping his arms around her waist, lifting her up and sitting her down on the desk in front of them. 

That’s definitely Leona’s voice but I still can’t see who she’s with Sophie thought to herself in frustration. 

The man coaxed Leona to lie back on the desk, her legs hanging over the edge, his shadowed body between them.  He kissed her on the mouth, then trailed his kisses downward, unbuttoning her shirt as he went.  Leona ran her hands along his back, eventually bringing them back up to run her fingers through his hair. 

Sophie suddenly realized that even though she didn’t know the identity of the man in the shadows, she might wind up witnessing a lot more than she initially thought she would in an effort to satisfy her curiosity about him. 

He paused briefly to fondle and lick Leona’s breasts as his hand found its way to her belt buckle.  Deftly unfastening it, he slid his hand inside of her underwear to tease her a little.  Leona’s body lurched as his hand found its mark.  She cried out again as he stimulated her for a few moments.

 Whoever this guy is, he really knows how to keep her on her toes.  Huh?   Sophie had just noticed that watching all of this was starting to turn her on a little.  She blushed at this, being a voyeur had certainly not been her intention.  She knew she should probably go and leave Leona and her mystery man to their love affair in peace.  Unfortunately, Sophie just HAD to know who this secret man was that Leona was keeping from everyone.  Against her better judgement, she decided to stay put and do her best to ignore the little throbs coming from between her legs.

She continued to watch as the man slid off one of Leona’s pant legs, flipping it off to the side, and freeing one of her legs from her underwear.  Sophie blushed a little more furiously now.  This is the first time she’s seen Leona undressed (at least partially) since clerks and officers have separate locker rooms. 

Come on!  Just let me get one good look at you.  Who are you? 

Just when she thought she might get a glimpse of his face, the mystery man knelt down behind the desk, and buried his face between Leona’s waiting thighs.  “OH!  AH!!”  Leona exclaimed, surprised by his choice of tactic.  She pounded her fists against the top of the desk a few times before reaching to grab his hair.  Leona’s screams of ecstasy and the wet, slurping sounds coming from her mysterious partner got Sophie running pretty hot.  She could feel the throbbing between her own legs quite strongly now.  A part of her wanted to turn away and give up on this little venture, but another part of her wanted to stay and see what happens. 

Feeling terribly conflicted, Sophie bit down on her knuckle and tried to keep her urges under control.  She shouldn’t even be here.  Had she done what she always did, she never would have found out about Leona’s secret office rendezvous.  She swallowed hard and continued to watch the couple.  Certainly, Leona will cry out his name at some point, won’t she?  I mean, she’s not exactly what you’d call “quiet”.

Leona’s entire body spasmed as her orgasm overtook her.  She panted heavily, thoroughly enjoying the moment.  “You were waiting all day for that, weren’t you?” said the mystery man.

Sophie’s eyes widened.  She knew that voice.  She knew it very well.  But it couldn’t be… could it? 

Leona smirked at him.  “You are such a tease.  Besides, I knew you were checking out my ass before.  I just pretended not to notice.”  He replied “Oh, I know you noticed.  Every time I looked at you, you turned beet red.”  She blushed, then remarked “After what we did the last time, how could I not?  I’ve been thinking it about all week.”  He snickered.  “No sense in keeping you waiting any longer, is there?  You feel pretty ready to me.”  He ran his hand between her legs, retrieving some of the moisture he readily found there.  She gasped and instinctively thrust her pelvis in the direction of his touch.  “Hm, my point exactly” he purred as he licked her juices from his fingers. 

Sophie’s mind was reeling.  She felt like she was dreaming, only she knew she was very much awake.  It sure sounded like him, but… how could this be?

The man unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a very fit body.  He then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled down his underwear.  His large, hard cock sprang free and Leona grinned approvingly.  “Glad to know I still have that effect on you, Al.  I think I’ll be able to handle you just fine today.”

Al?!  So, it really is…?  Sophie’s mind had a catastrophic meltdown.  How?  When?  I thought she wasn’t interested in him!  When did they start sleeping together?!!  She was also unable to stop staring at his raging hard-on.  He was just so big!  Why couldn’t that be me instead?  Sophie lamented to herself.  Without thinking, she reached for her own breast and began fondling it.  Having seen Al’s cock aroused her further.  She was heartbroken but also very turned on.

Al plunged himself deeply into Leona.  She screamed in pleasure as she felt him enter her.  He pressed himself against her, thrusting in and out of her repeatedly as he kissed her passionately.  Her muffled groans only excited him further as she clawed at his back in response.  Soon, he was groaning too, the thrusts making loud, wet smacking sounds against their joined bodies.

Not being able to resist anymore, Sophie gave in to the urges she had been fighting so hard to hold back.  She reached under her skirt and began stroking herself through her underwear.  She continued to watch Al and Leona have passionate sex while fantasizing that Al was having sex with her instead.  She felt a little embarrassed about masturbating in the office, her cheeks turning a rosy pink.  Her underwear was getting very damp, so she pushed it aside and began stroking her slick, swollen lips and clitoris.  It felt unusually good for some strange reason.  Was it because she was secretly watching her crush have sex on the sneak, or was it the fact that she was pleasuring herself in the office space where she worked every day?  Maybe a little of both, she pondered. 

Sophie would have thought that Leona’s groans and cries would have been a turn off for her but surprisingly, it appeared to have the opposite effect.  Al was obviously a very good and skilled lover, and Leona had absolutely no qualms about expressing it.  Rubbing herself a little harder, she continued to listen and watch the couple, wondering how long it would be before they finished, and would she dare try to finish along with them?

Suddenly, the sounds abruptly stopped, and Al withdrew from Leona without any kind of warning.  “Al!” yelled a sexually frustrated Leona “What the hell?!!!”  He panted and ordered “Turn around!  I want to take you from behind!  You’ve been teasing me with that gorgeous ass of yours for far too long.  I want to show what I wanted to do to you in the office that day!”  She went from frustrated to impish.  “Then show me what you’ve got, big man.”  With a bull-like snort, he grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach so fast, she barely had time to process what had just happened.  Like greased lightning, he re-positioned himself between her legs, his hands firmly gripping her hips, and shoved himself forcefully into her again.  Her shriek this time fell somewhere between surprised and incredibly aroused.  He pounded into her very aggressively, her juices dripping down the side of the desk, slowly making its way to the floor.  Fearing that he might yank her off the desk in his zeal, Leona had just enough coherent thought left to grab hold of the front of the desk to give her support.  He moved one hand to grasp her shoulder and the other to give her ass a firm slap or two before gripping it tightly.  His grunts became more vicious as Leona’s cries became more primal.  This was quite a change from the coupling a few moments ago.

Sophie didn’t know how to feel about this.  This type of sex was very aggressive, almost brutal.  She was shocked that Al was even capable of such behaviour.  In all honesty, it frightened her a bit.  She found herself worrying for Leona’s well-being.  Was she ok?  She bit her lip and waited to see what would happen.

It looked like Leona could have been uncomfortable, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  It wasn’t often that Al took the lead, much less being the aggressor in an encounter like this.  He was in rare form tonight and Leona planned to take as much as he could possibly give.  Looking over her shoulder at him, she issued one final challenge.  “Harder, Al!  HARDER!” she shouted at the top of her lungs.  There were no words.  He replied only with a fierce growl.  Releasing her shoulder, he pushed his hand into her hair and gripped it tightly.  Along with another mighty thrust, he pulled back on Leona’s messy auburn hair, her head going back with it.  She screamed as Al continued to dominate her. 

Inserting two of her fingers inside her dripping core, Sophie pleasured herself at the same pace.  Something about watching Leona being so savagely dominated by the normally calm and meek Al was too stimulating for her inhibitions to hold her back.  He was so strong and powerful right now, and Leona was completely at his mercy.  Sophie struggled to keep from moaning or whimpering too loudly, not wanting to draw any attention to herself.  One slip-up at this point would be devastating, not to mention extremely embarrassing for all of them.  Holding back her own voice only increased her pleasure and she could feel her walls tightening around her fingers.  She wanted to cry out too but knew she couldn’t.  Her orgasm was very close, and it felt as though it might be one of the strongest ones she’d experienced in a long time, and never without a partner before. 

Al’s grunts got louder as he increased his speed.  He was close, very close.  Leona knew he was almost there, and that knowledge allowed her to get there first.  She gave one last great howl, her inner muscles squeezing Al so tightly he almost couldn’t bear it.  He cried out next, his hot juices pouring out of him and into Leona.  She gasped a little at the sensation, then grinned weakly with great satisfaction.  He collapsed in a heap on top of her, both of them panting heavily in an attempt to catch their breath.

Sophie was also breathing heavily herself, having just experienced an orgasm so intense as to bring her to her knees.  A small cry had escaped her lips but thankfully was lost among the much louder ones coming from the lovers.  Her legs shook, and she slid soundlessly down the wall and onto the floor.  Withdrawing her fingers, a thread of thick, hot, gooey liquid followed them.  It took a few moments for her to clear her head enough to think again.  Still feeling a little light-headed, she returned her underwear to its normal positioning and wiped off her fingers on the inside portion of her skirt.  That was… wow.  I’ll never look at those two the same way again.  She was heartbroken at first, but she came to realize that Al and Leona really were a good fit for each other after all.  She’ll just have to find romance somewhere else.  But, how am I going to get out of here without being seen?  I have to get past them to reach the door!

“How was it, Leona?  I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Al asked in his usual, concerned tone.  She turned her head to look at him, her eyes half-closed with a dreamy smile on her face.  “Mmmm, that was incredible.  It’s exactly what I wanted.  You’re really sexy when you get all bossy like that, but don’t think I’ll let you get away with it every time.”  She gave a cute little giggle then kissed him.  “I wonder how long we’re going to have to keep sneaking around like this?” she sighed wistfully. 

“The guys would never let us hear the end of it if they knew.  Besides, it’s most likely just a matter of time before we get found out” he said as he played with the damp, stray hairs on her head.  “Hmmm,” she pondered, “I guess we’ll keep enjoying the thrill of being naughty until it happens.”  Al shrugged his shoulders, then snuggled in between Leona’s shoulder blades.  “What are you doing?” she questioned.  “I’m really tired.  I just want to catch a quick nap before we head out.  I don’t think I can walk under my power right now.  Besides, you’re really comfy” he replied sleepily.  “You’re lucky you’re cute enough to get away with that, you know” she said.  Between his weight and his body heat, she felt herself getting rather sleepy and gave into it.  Soon they were both snoring away on the desk.

Seeing her chance to escape undetected, Sophie wasted no time getting back on her feet and sneaking very quietly past the sleeping couple.  Once she reached the safety of the outside world, she allowed herself a very audible sigh.  “That was way too close” Sophie said to herself.  At least I know what’s going on now.  As she started walking away from the building, a small, naughty smile crossed her face along with reddening cheeks.  I wonder if I should stay late again tomorrow night?