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pretty boys get pretty marks

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"I'm not a baby! I can carry it by myself." Jimin huffs, stomping his feet with his fists balled— much to the amusement of Kim Namjoon —in an attempt to make his words seem more believable (although it only does the opposite) not that anything can dispute the soft pink of his plush lips; they're sugared and sweet like the words that fall from them.

And yeah, as Namjoon stands in front of him, all tall and mysterious with a stick of gum in his mouth and a hand on the locker beside Jimin to stop him wandering away like he tends to, he feels pretty damn sure that Park Jimin is in fact a baby.

"Whatever you say, princess." His tone's condescending and low, dragging right over Jimin's head and making his little nose wrinkle in distaste.

Cute. He looks too cute to be anywhere close to menacing. With a coat too long for his arms 'because I wanted it so bad but they didn't have my size!' and the way his cherry lips do that pouty thing whenever Namjoon teases him.

"I'm gonna prove it to you, Namjoon! You can't bully me forever." The boy with the crescent eyes, those which had captured the attention of Namjoon since day one (much to the concern of his friends because why do you even bother with the pink kid? He literally told the teacher she forgot to ask for the homework yesterday).

"It's not bullying if you like it," Namjoon hums and Jimin huffs, frowning so hard that it cycles right past scary to being adorable again. "But still, I'd like to see you try."

And Jimin's just about to retaliate with something like a 'hmph' but then his best friends Hoseok and Jeongguk come bounding over and Namjoon smiles at their presence despite wanting to tease the candy floss kid some more, because when they're together Jimin gets even more excitable— and he'll be damned if he doesn't admit that that's his favourite sight in the world.

"Hi Namjoon! Did you upset Chanyeol? I heard him yelling to Kyungsoo in the corridor outside the gym about you..." Hoseok beams every word with a smile, but still ends up with Jeongguk punching him in the shoulder. "What?"

"He told us specifically not to tell anyone! Especially not Namjoon, because now when he punctures the tire on the front of his bike, he's gonna know exactly who did it!" But Jeongguk doesn't realise he's said too much until he slaps his hand over his own mouth and notices how Namjoon's tongue presses into the hollow of his cheek.

"'Scuse me but I have some urgent business to attend to," The tallest of the lot fakes a smile, cracking his knuckles, and he goes to walk towards the gym, but not before shooting a wink at Jimin. "Catch you later, princess."

And the trio watch him stride out of view, the second youngest one touching his cheeks to see if they're really as red as he thinks they are.

"You shouldn't have done that, guys. Now he's going to get expelled again and his friends will stick gum in my hair and blame me like last time." Jimin sighs, clutching the straps of his clear backpack, covered in stickers he'd collected over the year. "I don't wanna cut it again. I like it as it is."

"Well it wouldn't have happened if you stopped talking to him." Jeongguk interjects.

"I don't try to talk to him! I don't try to talk to anyone, they just talk to me!"

Hoseok and Jeongguk try really hard to feel sorry for Jimin. Really extremely especially hard, but it doesn't work. Because everyone thinks Jimin is adorable, and they touch his cheeks and his hair and hand him spare candy when they have it. And they're all so nice to him (except for Namjoon's friends when they blame him for something).

Honestly, the only person that's denying Jimin's personality is Jimin, and he's only doing that to be difficult.

"Come on, stupid. Let's go get you a new beanie so we're prepared for when Seokjin spits his bubblegum in your fringe." Hoseok links his arms with Jimin's, Jeongguk trailing along while trying to open the wrapper for whatever it is that he's eating now.

Namjoon kicks back in his chair across from the principal, relaxed posture making for the perfect opportunity for some shut eye until a ruler is slapped down against the wooden desk and he startles from his rest.

"You didn't even have to open your mouth and already you've irritated me to the point of exhaustion." Principal Park rubs the tips of his fingers against his temple, trying desperately to fight off the migraine that threatens to swallow any inner peace he's managed to gain after twenty years at this God forsaken school.

"What can I say? I'm a talented guy," Namjoon smirks, dragging his hand through his chestnut brown locks.

"Quite," The principal scoffs. "Listen, You're not going to get any better behaviour wise but I know that deep, deep, deep down you're a smart kid. I'll turn a blind eye to the phallus you keyed into Park Chanyeol's car and any other low level pranks you pull if you do one thing for me."

"I'm listening," Namjoon quirks an eyebrow, rocking forwards in his chair with interest. A free pass to run havoc around the school? Freedom never tasted so sweet. They've finally given up.

"You must come to my house for math tutoring every Tuesday."

Namjoon laughs hard, slapping his knee with a shake of his head at Mr Park who looks a bit taken aback at the reaction. It's a bit extra, even for the student he's used to being so excessive.

"You almost had me there, Park. Almost made me think you were desperate enough to try to spend more hours with me just so I remember if it's Pythagoras that overflowed his bath or not."

Mr Park frowns, turning his nose up at the ridiculous suggestion— nearly laughing himself. God no, that's the last thing he'd do. It's like a suicide mission. "Not me, Mr Kim. My son, Jimin. If you let him tutor you in math I'll be more lenient towards your ideas of fun. I know you're a smart kid, you just have trouble focusing and I need you to get good grades."

Namjoon blinks twice.

Sorry, but did he just get offered a place in heaven in the middle of a meeting with Satan himself?

"Thank you for seeing the potential in me, Mr Park. I am going to take this opportunity in with open arms, penetrate it, and make it mine," He stands up from his seat, bowing before the principal, giving him a round of applause, nearly blowing a few kisses. And he even wants to chuck in a 'you won't regret this' but he's not sure even he'd believe it, so he goes with the kisses and leaves the principal baffled.

"It's Tuesday today!" Mr Park calls when he acknowledges Namjoon dancing out of the door to his office. "At six!"

"I won't be late!" Namjoon calls back without turning around. And sure as hell he won't.


When Jimin hears the front door, he jumps up in his fluffy socks and shirt that's far too big and baggy for him (probably because he stole it from Jeongguk). His father told him he was going to get to be a tutor again like he had done last fall and he'd had so much fun teaching back then. In fact, him and Hoseok are best friends now.

Needless to say, he gallops down the staircase and rushes to the door, eagerly peeking around it when he opens it because he can't wait to see who's behind it. They could be anyone and like anything; Maybe an artist like Jeongguk or a dancer like Hoseok. Or maybe they'll be completely different. Jimin's sure he won't mind as long as they're nice— but it's upon the first glance that his face falls.

"N-Namjoon?" He asks, unblinking as the boy in the shredded denim jacket and untied laces on his Timberlands flashes him a cheeky smile. "But— why are you here?"

"Well that's not a very nice way to greet me," Namjoon sneers, standing all but expectantly in the doorway. "A hello is usually in order. Or a hug, you know? Personally I'm more of a hello-kisser but you take your pick."

"I love hugs!" Jimin comes alive as soon as the words leave his mouth, arms quick to wrap around Namjoon's waist and suck the oxygen from him before he has the chance to properly take in the scent of strawberries and lavender radiating from his skin and hair. "But... are you here for tutoring? Dad never told me that you were coming. I assumed it'd be Taehyung-ah because he was struggling with his times tables yesterday."

"Yeah," Namjoon smiles, sporting two soft dimples that make Jimin want to pinch his cheeks. "Think you could help me with that?"

"You can't be that bad."


Park Jimin was wrong.

Park Jimin was deathly wrong.

In the past hour, Namjoon has consumed more paper than Jimin had in his entire lifetime, accidentally swallowing the little rectangular flash cards with equations on when he'd put them in his mouth and chewed them just so Jimin wouldn't touch them again. Because Namjoon hates equations. Namjoon hates math.

"I'm bored of learning like this. Hasn't anyone ever told you that you're supposed to adapt your teaching style to suit the student?" Says the boy with a pencil between his teeth as though he needs anymore products of trees in his stomach. He can think of something much more appetising he'd like to taste, though, and it isn't made of wood, but it might create some.

"Fine," Jimin huffs, trying not to feel offended when Namjoon insults his teaching. He only wants to be helpful, Namjoon's just a bit... unwilling. "What do you want to do then?"

"How about..." The brunette hesitates as though he hasn't already figured out exactly what he wants to do. "How about I ask you questions and you have to answer them."

"Math questions?" Jimin checks, Namjoon shrugs. "Sure! It'll be like a game, and you get a punishment if you don't remember the answer later," The pinknette prods Namjoon's side and makes him jump.

"Let's leave the punishments to me, yeah, princess? Doesn't sound right coming from those lips. I'm sure we can put them to better use." Namjoon's words only make Jimin cock his head to the side a little in confusion. What had he said? "Doesn't matter. If you can't answer I decide your forfeit. Deal?"

"Okay!" Jimin beams, scooting over to the lamp to turn it on as it starts to get dark. He then sits cross-cross in front of Namjoon, waiting eagerly for his first question. It's just like a pop quiz— and he adores those.

"Alright, please tell me who did the bath thing with the water if it's not Pythagoras."

Namjoon's first question doesn't really seem important to Jimin who's quite sure it's not on the syllabus, but it's easy, and he loves feeling smart, so he enlightens him about Archimedes and takes pride in the look of disinterest on Namjoon's face by the end.

They continue like this and Jimin finally lets his guard down, spouting out information like his mother tongue, facts and numbers and letters pouring from the lips that Namjoon watches with intentions far from anything geometric. And he can't find any hesitation in those eyes, no more than a second passing between any question and it's answer— he could ask anything and Jimin would answer it like second nature.

"Have you ever touched yourself before?" His words come so casually. Jimin doesn't even register it as something non-math-related, eyes nearly shutting as he reads off his answer like he'd been asked the first ten digits of Pi.

"Every day after school."

Namjoon's eyes widen. Cute little Jimin's gotten himself off before? Several times? Touched himself when no one's around even though there's homework to be done and tea parties to attend (or whatever it is that he does in his free time). God, he bets he gets so whiny and loud, too. Probably cries because, judging from the size of the hand that's slapped over his own mouth now, his fingers just don't hit the spot.

"W-Wait... That's n-not math! You— You tricked me!" The boy's cheeks get so red Namjoon's sure that the fire brigade should be informed that they're in a danger zone. "I didn't mean... I've never... I mean—"

"It's okay, princess. I don't want to ruin your reputation," Namjoon shakes his head gently. "You've gotta know how tempting that innocence is though, baby. Makes me wanna do things with you that you can't even imagine. And after, once I've tired you out, I'd ask you to name every step we'd just been through, because you like tests, don't you, baby?"

"M-Math... I like math tests... You're— You're h-here for math," Jimin tires to shake the heat from his cheeks, because he definitely hasn't noticed the seduction in Namjoon's gaze and he definitely hasn't noticed the way his words are significantly slower and he definitely isn't reacting to that in a way that's nothing short of embarrassing.

"We deserve a break, baby. Your little head's so tired that you told me your secrets without thinking about it, hm?"

"But you were doing s-so well! You were so focus—" Jimin's words drift out into nothingness at the presence of a hand on his knee. It's really warm. The pressure is nice.

"Then let me keep asking questions," Namjoon offers but doesn't move his hand, long fingers stretching out to reach his lower thigh. Jimin only manages a short nod, but Namjoon doesn't waste his time with any more math questions to lull him into a false sense of security. "When was the last time someone touched you?"

"Namjoon..." Jimin whispers, biting his lip and averting his gaze. "That's not about math."

"Gotta get me interested again or I can't focus," Namjoon counters, stroking testing circles into Jimin's thigh, as though he can tell that it works like medicine over the boy's doubts. "Your secrets are safe with me, princess."

The pet name works like a charm, probably enough to coax him from a coma, because he's gone too far now already, and all of this pent up frustration because of Namjoon's constant belittling him has sort of turned into a case of proving himself.

"H-Hobi and Gguk made me take turns humping their thighs last week." Jimin blurts out, thinking he'd be a lot more proud when Namjoon's eyes widen in shock, but he just begins to panic. "It was— It was because they said I looked good in my thigh highs a-and—"

"Thigh highs?" Namjoon's voice thickens, hand stilling on Jimin's warm skin. The younger boy nods meekly, guilty eyes shifting to his closet. "Could you put them on for me?"

Jimin's tentative, voice careful as he whispers out. "If I do... Will you please do well on your next math test for me?" And Namjoon doesn't even think, he just nods, until Jimin holds out his pinkie so they can make a promise and Namjoon swears his heart would melt if it wasn't already liquid.

"Anything," He wraps his larger pinkie around Jimin's and presses it to his lips as though he's making a stronger promise, Jimin's big brown eyes boring into him like a puppy. And he nods delicately, getting up and tiptoeing over to his closet, taking out the pair of socks he'd hidden away ever since the incident with his friends.

Namjoon only glances once at the boy as he pulls the white cotton up his smooth legs, and God, he gulps when he does so, because Jimin's jumper isn't long enough not to ride up when he bends down, and he's quite sure that the boy isn't wearing any underwear at all. The underside of his ass is completely bare.

Jimin makes the bed dip as he kneels on the mattress, hands clasped together atop his knees as he waits, silent and glossy-eyed for Namjoon to say something.

"You're gorgeous, princess," Namjoon breathes, eyes locked on the way his figure looks with the socks there to shape him.

His thighs are heavenly.

The younger boy doesn't respond, just bats his eyelashes a single time before making unfaltering eye contact again. God help Namjoon, how is he supposed to leave this room without doing something about that pretty face?

"You... uh... You think I could give you a dare this time?" Namjoon asks, half expecting that to be where Jimin draws the line, but instead he nods again. "I'll set a timer for a minute. You just have to try to stay silent for sixty seconds. Then I'll focus, do some math, whatever you want."

Jimin considers the dare. Thinks it sounds too easy. But Namjoon seems to be giving up the situation they're in now on the whim that Jimin won't be able to complete it, so he thinks it won't be so easy.

"What happens if I can't?"

Namjoon swallows thickly, runs his tongue over his lip, and then he speaks quiet and calm. "If you can't... I get to spank you."

"But I haven't been spanked since... Well, dad used to do it when I was younger, but why would you want to spank me?"

"This won't be anything like when your dad did it," Namjoon counters, and suddenly the punishment feels a lot more intense than when he thinks back to his father's hand on his backside when he'd snuck extra candy past bedtime. But is it wrong for the idea to make the room feel more stuffy?

"Just for a minute?"

"Mhm, no noises," The elder presses the countdown button on his phone and Jimin closes his eyes, five seconds passing like a breeze until he feels hands on his knees, pushing them apart just enough that they can slide between and caress the soft inner parts of his thighs.

And the pink haired boy is about to whimper out the name of the person causing him to shiver, but when his lips part they just hang there, words caught in his throat as he focuses on the way circles are massaged into his sensitive skin.

They smooth over the tops of his thighs, brush over the sides of his shins down to his ankles and run over his lower back, Jimin's breathing growing heavier as the clock ticks on with seconds that feel like hours.

"Good boy," Namjoon whispers, words hot, heavy, and Jimin hadn't realised his mouth was so close to his ear until he felt his breath against the shell of it. "So quiet and obedient. So tempting. Just wanna make you sing for me, baby. Bet you could make your dad hear us from downstairs. Let him know that I'm a lost cause and you're too good for me but I want to touch you anyway because God, look at you."

Jimin's breathing stutters but he doesn't give in yet. The clock says he has 25 seconds left.

"Hmm, you're a dirty boy, really, aren't you? That idea made you excited? What if..." Namjoon ghosts his lips down the side of Jimin's neck, smirking when the boy pushes against him so that they have to make contact properly. "What if he found out his little angel was being fucked by the boy he considers the devil himself? Would he be proud of you then? If he knew his son used his tutor sessions to be played with?"

Jimin shudders now. Namjoon feels his lungs start expanding quicker, and he knows it's time to strike. He places an open mouthed kiss on the side of Jimin's neck, slotting one knee between his thighs and brushing it just teasingly over the bulge in his pants.

And finally Jimin breaks, eyes shut so tight that he can see colours prickle up in the darkness. Five seconds left, and he whines so desperate that it almost shocks them both. And when the timer goes off, Jimin gasps, hands trembling as he falls forwards into Namjoon's chest.

"I— Couldn't— I almost did it..." Jimin's fragmented sentence can't mask the fact that Namjoon can feel the boy's crotch pressed perfectly against his knee at this angle. He can't help moving ever so slightly under the weight to give the boy something to make him talk dumb. "J-Joon, that's m-my..."

"You're getting so hard, princess," Namjoon soothes his worried tone. "You lost the dare, didn't you? That's okay. Three spanks and I'll give you a reward."

"I couldn't help it... It felt too good," The boy whispers and Namjoon thanks every higher power that he got the chance to break down little innocent Jimin into this blessing. "Your hands... They're so good on my thighs.

"It's okay. You're just so sensitive here," Namjoon watches as Jimin keens into the touches on his legs, the silkiest, most melodic moan falling from his lips. "Nice and loud for me, baby, and I won't spank you so hard."

"W-Why... Why do I need to be lou— ah! Joonie!" The boy shrieks in panic and Namjoon gets his way when he lifts Jimin's jumper up to touch his waist and instead finds his jaw hanging slack with the sight of perfectly pink panties clinging to the boy's gorgeous figure.

"Panties," Namjoon deadpans, swallowing thickly, eyes locked on Jimin's. His facial expression gives away no secrets. In fact, Jimin doesn't have a clue whether the reaction is good or bad. "Princess, you're making this too hard on me. Need you closer. Right here, over my lap, Jimin. Show me how good you can be."

"J-Joonie," The younger whimpers, almost in protest, pink hot on his cheeks as he gets comfy over the denim of Namjoon's legs, something reminiscent of a contented purr falling from his throat when a large hand rubs over the curve of his ass. "I want to be good for you."

"Yeah?" Namjoon asks, pulling at the top of the lingerie to tug the material between his cheeks. Jimin groans, toes curling up at the added pressure it creates. "You're doing so well, wanna keep it up? You can tell me no, can't you? You'd tell me if you want me to stop?"

"A-Are you gonna let me hump your leg after you spank me, daddy?" Jimin asks his question so hopefully that the name he uses doesn't even register in his mind as an issue. It just slips out so naturally that he's not sure why Namjoon looks so happy.

"Daddy's going to give you something much better as a reward, princess. Count for me, okay? Be my good boy and I'll give you a present."

Jimin nods obediently, counting with each slap that Namjoon gives him and practically yelling out the third because Namjoon uses one hand to spread his cheeks and the other to spank him right over his entrance and God, it feels so good.

"Daddy!" He moans, panting heavily as Namjoon rubs over the stinging area, subsequently making Jimin grind against his denim.

"You're so gorgeous with my handprints on your butt, baby. Do you mind if daddy takes a picture?" He asks, Jimin nodding hastily at the opportunity to pose for Namjoon, crawling off of him and getting on his hands and knees to present his new marks like they were gifts. "Oh, good boy. You're so beautiful like this, just for daddy to see. Pretty boy with pretty marks, hm?"

Namjoon squeezes his left cheek, the tan of his hand such a nice contrast to Jimin's plump, peachy skin with the pink hand marks and panties to make for a great picture. And maybe Namjoon switches to a recording and rubs Jimin's cock between his legs to capture some stray moans and save them.

"Mmm, Joonie. Can I have my present now?" Jimin asks, biting his lip as he looks between his legs at the way Namjoon is rubbing himself with his free hand as he tucks his phone away. "Can I choose it?"

"You want to decide, princess? What is it that you desire?" Namjoon's quite intrigued, really, licking his lips as he gets comfy on the bed, cock twitching when Jimin crawls over to him, thigh highs and all, and sits in his lap. The elder begins to pull the jumper up over his head, freeing him of the extra clothing making him sweat, and the bed creaks as he tries to remove his own.

"I want to ride you, daddy. Can I? Please?" The request sort of takes Namjoon by surprise, so it takes a few seconds for him to nod, because despite his reputation; he's got a big soft spot for this boy and most of his thoughts revolve around getting him like this or kissing his cheeks and buying him flowers.

But you didn't hear the last part from him.

"Ah, you think daddy's cock a reward, princess? Good." He drags his thumb over Jimin's glossy lips, feeling him rut against his waist impatiently as they both get frustrated. "Do you need daddy's fingers to stretch you?"

"No..." Jimin whispers. "I fingered myself before you came."

"Daddy's princess is so good, isn't he? All prepared and ready. Come get your reward baby. Take what you need." And Jimin doesn't need telling twice to undo Namjoon's trousers and pull them down to his ankles. Nor does he need any encouragement past the relaxing hand in his hair, petting him gently as he pulls the boxers off and whimpers at the sight.

"My fingers..." He puts his hand to Namjoon's cock to compare the length. "You're going to go so deep inside. What if I die?"

"You have nothing to worry about, princess. Daddy's here to protect you. Try it out. It could fit you perfectly. Make you feel good." Namjoon chuckles, gripping Jimin's thighs as he takes off his panties and positions himself above his lap. "Good boy, put daddy inside, then. Take your reward."

And Namjoon hisses as Jimin sinks down onto his cock with a broken whimper. He watches his tummy bulge ever so subtly as the tip goes all the way in until he's sitting on Namjoon's lap, skin to skin.

"Mmh, You look so cute on daddy's cock, princess." Jimin grips Namjoon's shoulders and sobs, body convulsing as he adjusts, head bowed down to hide his face. "Daddy's popped your little cherry, huh? But that's okay, baby, up and down now. Slow strokes for me."

"Ah, Daddy. I like it so m-much." Jimin gasps as he slowly starts to bounce. "You're touching my insides. It's in so deep!"

"There we go. All the way, baby. God, you're so talented," Namjoon keeps praising the boy as he starts to speed up, finding a rhythm to stick to as Namjoon throbs deep inside, snug against his good spot. "Tell daddy how much you love having cock buried inside your sweet little ass."

"I love taking your's, daddy! It fits in— ah! S-so well. It's gonna make... I'm... Daddy's going to make me come," Jimin babbles, eyes shut as Namjoon thumbs his nipples, a feeling that makes him moan out loud, the bed creaking at the change in pace as he gets more and more hungry for the length inside of him, his own cock slapping against his and Namjoon's tummies the harder he bounces.

"Louder, princess. Want everyone to know how good I make you feel," Namjoon prompts his lover with a voice that's rough and assertive, one hand reaching up to hold Jimin's throat as his urges get the best of him.

"Daddy! It's too much!" Jimin gasps as Namjoon squeezes his throat, heightening every sense as his eyes blur and he screams, little prick exploding over their stomach's as he tries to keep bouncing but only collapses against the man instead, body twitching and thoughts violet as Namjoon pulls out and starts jerking himself off until he can push Jimin off of him and aim to come over his face.

Jimin's mouth is already open from exhaustion as he lays, pliant, collecting the substance on his tongue and cheeks. And maybe Namjoon manages to snap another picture, the boy decorated in his mess with panties in the background and his thigh highs on display.

He's a mess, but Namjoon adores it, wondering if he'll wake up from this and have it all be a dream. But he knows that won't be the case when footsteps thunder up the stairs and he and Jimin jump up despite the overstimulation.

"Kim Namjoon!" Mr Park's voice booms and Namjoon gasps, grabbing his shirt and tugging up his pants as quickly as he can. It sounds like Mr Park has some sort of weapon, or he's at least getting one from the sound of the clanking outside.

"Dad!" Jimin cries, pulling the blanket up in horror as his father bursts into the room. "Dad! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt him!"

"Never set foot in my house or my school again!" Mr Park bellows, coming straight for the brunette who's planning a quick escape route to avoid getting hit with the bat in the man's hands. "Never come near my son again!"

"Daddy, Please!" Jimin grabs his father's forearm and both other boys respond to the name, only making Mr Park more ravenous.

"Stay beautiful, princess! You were amazing!" Namjoon winks at Jimin to provoke his principal before he makes a break for the window, sliding down the porch roof and off onto the bins before getting into his car and speeding away, adrenaline pumping through his veins as he sets his home screen to a picture of Jimin at the first set of red lights he encounters.

He is not going to forget this night in a hurry. The boy fit him inside so well; more than worth all of the math he'd had to learn and the new school he'd have to find.

Although, Mr Park did say he'd let him do whatever as long as he came back every Tuesday. Who knows, maybe he'd push his luck one more time. To see his pink haired angel, he'd recite the time Archimedes got in the bath a million times. A scolding from the principal seemed like the least of his worries.