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Weeping Willows

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Amelia wasn’t one to usually party, and she definitely wasn’t one to go to one being thrown by the lockwoods. The only reason she was getting ready to go to one was because Harper had asked her to. It had been about a week since she had the dream and she had been sleeping peacefully since. Because of this Amelia felt like she owed Harper one, and Amelia hated to owe anyone anything. That’s why she agreed to go to the Halloween Masquerade.

Harper was sitting at her vanity putting on a thick layer of red lipstick to her lips. She had been getting ready for the last hour and a half while Amelia was ready in the first 30 minutes. “I don’t see why you like going to these things Harper. It’s not like either of us are founders,” Amelia said as she watched Harper pull out her setting spray.

Harper rolled her eyes, “Sure, founders are a big deal around here, but that doesn’t mean we cant have fun. Tyler Lockwood is pretty good looking too.”

Amelia’s mouth opened in shock, “You have a boyfriend Harper. Plus Tyler is a year younger than you. I thought you weren’t into younger guys.”

”I wasn’t talking about for me,” Harper smiled, “I was talking about you. The last time you dated a guy was in the sixth grade, and if I remember correctly, it lasted less than 8 hours.”

Amelia rolled her eyes remembering Dennis Fisher, her first and only boyfriend. He smelled like fish, tried to hold her hand at every turn, and forgot her name. “I’m not going to date Tyler Lockwood,” she declared.

“I don’t see why not. He’s hot. You’re hot. You’d make great kids. Not to mention the fact that your kids would be founders,” Harper raised her voice an octave in a silly voice, “Oh just imagine the honor Amelia.”

Amelia could imagine the honor. When she was younger her and Tyler had actually been rather close friends. Her father and his father had been friends since she was little, so Tyler and her were sort of forced to be around each other. She knew that if she married him, she would be in charge of galas, fundraisers, and her voice would finally be heard in the town, but she didn’t plan on staying in Mystic Falls all of her life. In Amelia’s opinion, Mystic Falls was too boring. Nothing ever happened, and when something did happen, it usually wasn’t something good. It was usually a death by some wild animal or something. Just like her father. Instead of focusing on that Amelia said,”You and I both know that Tyler Lockwood has some anger issues.”

Harper rolled her eyes before standing up from her chair, ”Whatever. Let’s go.”

Amelia grabbed her mask walking out of the bedroom’s door, “See you didn’t even fight me on it.”

“Whatever,” Harper grumbled.


Once at the party Harper had left Amelia almost immediately leaving her with Tyler Lockwood and his friends Matt and Sarah. Amelia sat on the floor in the middle of the room. She knew the room used to be Tyler’s fathers office and she couldn’t help but feel a little wrong to be in there.

“So, what happened to Aimee?” Sarah said with furrowed eyebrows.

Matt rolled his eyes, “I don't know, she disappeared.”

Tyler looked at Amelia rubbing his forehead with a semi-sorry look on his face, ”She's probably drunk somewhere.”

“Like me.” Matt said as he poured alcohol onto the floor, nearly splashing Amelia.

Amelia stood up quickly, an irritated look on her face, “Hey, what the heck dude?” She said as she brushed off her crimson dress, hoping that she could get any alcohol that may have come into contact with it off of it.

Matt then grabbed a photo of Tyler’s dad and mom off the desk. “Your dad wants to party Ty,” he said as he poured alcohol over it.

Amelia was in shock, but her body responded almost immediately as she grabbed the photo trying to rip it away from the drunk boy, “Stop it, Matt! Give me the photo.”

Matt tried ripping it out of her hand, “Come on buzzkill. His dad was a douche.”

Tyler joined in and grabbed another end of the photograph. As he tugged at it, Matt released one of his hands and smacked him. His hand making a loud clapping sound causing Amelia to let go of the photo and gasp. Amelia moved to the corner of the room grabbing Sarah as she moved allowing the two boys to start to fight. Tyler stood strong looking Matt directly in the eyes. “I’m not going to fight you Matt,” He said, eyes glaring. Matt rushed over him and threw him onto the floor. Matt thew his arm back and punched Tyler in the face. Amelia ran up to Matt pulling his back in a feeble attack. Matt went to punch her, right as the door opened, revealing a beautiful blonde in a stunning one shoulder dress. She put her hands on her hips, “What is going on? Stop!” 

She ran over to the boys putting herself in the middle of them. “I can't!” Matt cried out “Let me go, I have to finish!”

Amelia looked at him eyebrows furrowed as she grabbed his shirt in an attempt to stop him, “What is wrong with you?”

He struggled against her all the sudden strong arms. Amelia’s knuckles turning white as she grabbed as hard she she could. “Let me go!” The boy demanded her.

The girl who had walked in looked at Matt with calculating eyes, before elbowing him in the face causing him to fall unconscious on the floor. Everyone looked at Matt in a sort of shock. Sarah slowly took a paper knife off the desk. “How did you do that?” Amelia asked confusion practically echoing through her voice. Out of the blue, Tyler let out a soft sounding scream. Amelia turned around to see Sarah with a slightly bloody knife. “Matt failed. If Matt fails, I can't.” She said. 

Tyler whipped around and pushed her causing her to fall back and hit her head hard on the desk. Tyler looked at his wound quickly before running over to Sarah, “No, no, no! Come on, wake up! Sarah, open your eyes, wake up! This can't happen, oh no, this can't happen. This can't be happening! Sarah! Sarah, get up! Sarah! Open your eyes! This can't be happening! Not like this!” 

Amelia watched over to Sarah checking her pulse. There wasn’t one. She turned around to see the girl standing over Tyler, “Tyler? Tyler?! Tyler, what's happening?”

Tyler screamed out in agony, “Get away Caroline!” 

“What’s happening?” Amelia asked watching Caroline and Tyler. Tyler raised his head. His eyes had changed from the color of dark chocolate to amber the color of a candle when lit. She gasped, “Oh hell no.”