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Broken Angel

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Izuku finds himself in the place of his nightmares, a cross-road.


Master Toshinori had taken him once when he was still a young fledgling many thousands of years ago. Of course with cross-roads came cross-road demons. They were one of the worst type, other angels had said. Ruthless, clever and so deceiving. Oh they would never break a deal, but they charm and manipulate to get the best contract out of the most strong minded person.


That was the first and only time Izuku had seen a demon. He had been one of the most handsome people Izuku had ever seen, and he felt instantly relaxed around their charming persona. Had Toshinori not realised what was going on, he would probably have been manipulated to follow that demon to the depths of hell.


Instead all the saw was the bone chilling grin of a dangerous creature as it retreated back into the shadows, his eyes conveying just how hungry he was for a taste of angel blood. Izuku promised himself to never visit a cross-road ever again. But Heaven needs Master Toshinori and Izuku is running out of options.


With a deep breath, he buries the box full of all the items he had gathered: graveyard dirt, a black cat’s bone and a picture of himself.


The moment his hand leaves the box he feels a shiver race through his body. The demon has arrived.



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Izuku turns around slowly, trying to relax his body to not give any hint of the fear he is feeling. The demon stands a small distance away, his hands in his pockets and stance arrogantly languid. Everything screams dangerously handsome from his tight suit and muscles to the elegant horns emerging from the spiky blond hair. Izuku gulps as the deep red eyes study him.


‘Well hello there little angel. What could something so innocent want in such a dark place?’,he smirks, a hint of his fangs emerging. Izuku clenches his fists to stop himself from breaking off what he set out to do.


‘I want to make a deal’, he raises his chin slightly to stop his lip from trembling as the demon gives out a short, chilling laugh.


‘An angel wants to make a deal, how ironic. What did you do little angel? I thought heaven was meant to be paradise, what could you want from me?’ The demon steps closer to Izuku, who can only flinch at the demon’s sudden closeness.


That smirk appears again. ‘I can smell your fear you know’, he murmurs right by Izuku’s ear.


Izuku stands as tall as he can, determined to finish this, ‘I said I want to make a deal. Will you stand by the rules and let me make one or do I have to find myself another demon?’


The blond leans back, inspecting him again, this time with a clearer interest. He nods his head slightly, and Izuku takes it as permission to continue. ‘My mentor is ill. I have tried everything in my power to save him but nothing in heaven is able to reverse the damage’, Izuku looks him directly into the eyes.


’I need you to heal him.’


‘Heaven can’t heal him so you look to hell for help. How...interesting.’ The demon starts circling around him, face betraying nothing of his inner emotions.


‘What would you sacrifice little Izuku?’


Izuku startles at the use of his name and looks to see the demon staring at him with an intense curiosity. He takes a deep breath, ‘Anything. I would give anything.’


The demon’s face contorts into a grin and Izuku is only left a second to hope for his future before the demon responds, ‘Okay then little angel, I can make a deal. I will go and save your mentor, he will be healthier than ever before. But in return, I want you to be mine.’

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The world narrows down until all that Izuku can see are those burning red eyes. His throat constricts, the only noise leaving his mouth being a small whispered ‘what?’.


The demon continues to stare as he repeats, ‘I want you to be mine. You’ll be my possession, a pet to toy with whenever I want. You will leave heaven to stay with me in hell forever.’


He prowls forward until he seems to loom over Izuku, who is still frozen in shock.


‘That is the price little angel. Healing an illness of that magnitude is more difficult work than I have ever done before, so the price must be equal. Now choose, what do you value more, your life or that of your mentor?’


The choice he will make is immediately clear to Izuku. Truth be told he had been expecting to die today, a life for a life after all. But this is so much worse than dying. He would be trapped in hell, his soul stained for all eternity while the demon could do anything he wanted to him.


Izuku’s mind starts vividly imagining all the excruciating pain he could experience if he accepts. The angels had only ever heard whispers of all the torture methods hell contained, but those rumours were enough to make Izuku’s blood run cold like ice through his veins.


But he couldn’t put himself above Toshinori, one of the most powerful archangels in the whole of history. He had raised Izuku like a father and Izuku would rather go through all the torture hell had to offer than watch him die. Even with his own feelings aside, Toshinori was far more important to heaven than Izuku was. Only a few people would miss him if he were to disappear but heaven had suffered greatly when Toshinori had become ill. He needs to make this sacrifice, for the good of his mentor and heaven.


Izuku calms his shaking limbs and gives a defeated sigh, ‘Okay. I agree to your terms demon. You will heal my mentor, in turn I will become yours for the rest of eternity.’


His chest feels tight as he resigns himself to his fate. The demon closes the space between them until their noses brush against each other and those red eyes are all Izuku can see. Like ripping a plaster off a wound, Izuku leans forward and brushes their lips together, sealing the contract between them irreversibly.


There’s no going back for him now.


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The next few hours seem to pass in a blur of colours and places.


It starts when the demon shadow travels them to a hall thatimitates an enormous library, filled with ancient, dusty books and scrolls. The tingling in his bones tells Izuku they are in the very outskirts of hell, so far away from his home.


Izuku steps toward one of the enormous book shelves, trying to decipher the writings on the spines of the antique books. Seeing his curious gaze, the demon explains that each creature in hell receives a book in which they have to record all their actions. Minotaurs record who they have tortured, hell hounds record which people they have dragged to hell, demons record deals and so on. Izuku never would have guessed hell to have so much structure and order. His mind vaguely registers the sheer amount of creatures that must reside in hell as he gazes out to the millions of books around him.


The demon strides forward to one specific bookshelf in the corner and pulls out a faded leather book. Izuku follows him timidly and sets his gaze to where he held the book in his hands. It is well worn with many pages, proof of the demon’s many contracts in the past. It was striking in its simplicity with nothing but a few gold letters adorning the cover.


‘Katsuki Bakugou,’ he murmurs, eyes following each line of gold.


‘My name,’ Katsuki reveals before opening up the book to a new page.


He places his palm down on the blank surface, eyes squinting in concentration as the contract materialises in a fine print under his hand. Izuku’s stomach lurches as he sees the physical evidence of his choice, the words he spoke becoming reality on the plain page.


The last few letters wrote themselves and Katsuki snaps the book shut, placing it back into its place on the shelf. Izuku only has a second to wonder what will happen next before the demon is leaning into his space, his face determined.


‘To full fill my end of the deal we have to go to your mentor. I’m assuming he’s in heaven. Demons can not enter heaven unless guided by an angel so you have to teleport us both up.’


Oh right, Izuku remembers, the demon wards. He nods his understanding and grabs hold of Katsuki’s arm. The archive disappears as both of them are transported up into the bright whites of heaven.



The sweet smell of lilacs waft around Izuku as he feels the familiar safety of heaven and home surround him. He opens his eyes to find himself in his room at home and for a small, fleeting second he thinks it may have all just been a bad dream-


‘Oi, so where is this mentor of yours meant to be. Let’s finish this as fast as possible.’ Izuku shakes himself out of his fantasy and focuses on the job. He leaves his room (abruptly realising this might be the last time he ever sees it) and marches down the hall to where Toshinori’s room is. He had asked the guards to leave for the day this morning, stating his master needed some time alone, so he had no worry of encountering anyone.


Stopping before the white door, he takes a shaky breath before opening it and walking inside the room. Toshinori lay asleep on the bed, his eyes sunken and hair limp around his face. Izuku feels the familiar sorrow of seeing his strong mentor look so broken, his resolve about having made the right decision strengthening when he imagines how strong the angel will be again soon. With that in mind, Izuku strides next to the bed, making sure Toshinori is deep asleep before nodding at Katsuki to enter.


The demon goes to sits on the side of the bed, inspecting the ill angel intently.


‘He looks familiar,’ he accuses but Izuku only shrugs in response. Katsuki didn’t have to know who exactly he was healing just yet.


The demon places his hand on the angel’s forehead, his own creasing into a concentrated scowl. A few seconds pass leaving Izuku worried that the demon wouldn’t be able to heal him, but then suddenly small black tendrils of smoke start snaking past Katsuki’s hand. The veins in his arm turn black, as if he is soaking up the illness into his own body and Toshinori groaned in his sleep.


The green haired angel can only stare in wonder as his mentor’s skin brightens, hair shines and muscles reform with each second that passes. Soon enough his body looks like that of a strong archangel again. He is healed. Izuku only had a short moment to revel about how it had worked before a clawed hand is squeezing his throat.


‘You didn’t tell me I would be healing one of the strongest archangels in heaven, you tricked me!’ he seethes with rage, eyes filled with promises of pain and suffering.


‘I didn’t trick you. I never specified who you would be healing, only that it was my mentor,’ Izuku gasps, black spots dancing in his vision as his lungs try to fill with air. The demon releases him and he drops to the floor taking deep, starved breaths.


Katsuki growls and accepts the statement, at least he seems to going by how his angry aura resides. Izuku is about to explain himself further, or give some sort of excuse but is abruptly cut of by the sound of his mentor waking. Immediately, he races to Toshinori’s side, his hands smoothing down his mentor’s messy hair. Confused, tired eyes look up at him and all he hears is a small mumble that vaguely sounds like his name.


‘Shh, it’s all right Toshi, you’re healed now. I took care of it,’ he gives another incoherent mumble and Izuku realises this will be the last time they ever see each other ever again.


‘Thank you for being the father I never had, I love you,’ he whispers, a lone tear sliding down his cheek.


With a final look towards the mighty angel, he turns to face the demon who holds his future securely in his clawed hand.



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They quickly leave heaven before Toshinori has a chance to properly wake up and realise what is going on. When the sickening darkness of shadow travelling resides, Izuku finds himself in front of a large, modern mansion with black slate walls and enormous windows adorning every side. It lies in the middle of a red lake, stone stilts holding it out of the crimson water.


Izuku had often heard of the luxuries powerful demons receive but it could have never prepared him for this sight; its beauty dark and mysterious, just like its owner. Past the calm waters of the pond, all he can see is a dense forest made of stone trees, leaves the colours of the sunset.


Izuku is surprised just how beautiful hell looks. He had imagined burning fires and dungeon cells in creepy haunted houses, but this was something straight from a dream.


Izuku hears an impatient grunt and turns to see Katsuki standing a few meters away on the boardwalk leading to the mansion. Those red eyes glare into him and he quickly hurries to catch up with the demon.


The landscape provides a good distraction, but it doesn’t stop Izuku’s dread growing with each step he takes. By the time the pair reach the half way point along the walkway, Izuku can only take short gasping breaths with the immense pressure residing in his chest. Katsuki gives him a short glare but ultimately ignores the angel until they reach the end of the path.


The door is a few meters away, a raised platform still left to cross, but Izuku’s legs have started trembling too much for him to walk properly. Katsuki grabs his arm before he can collapse to the floor, a small glimpse of concern breaking through his stony expression.


Izuku flinches at the contact, his eyes flying open wide in panic. This is the person who he sold himself to. The person who most probably will cut, hurt and break him for entertainment. As soon as he enters through that door, the pain will begin and never end, keeping him in a loop of suffering. He can’t go through that door, he CAN’T.


But then Katsuki gives out a sharp’ ‘tsk,’ and Izuku finds himself being practically dragged to the feared entrance.


Soon, too soon, Izuku finds himself being pulled into the house, the door closing behind him. Katsuki lets go of his arm and his legs miraculously stay strong enough to keep him upright. The demon steps towards him and all the muscles in his body tense, anticipating some form of pain to come. Instead all he gets is an exaggerated eye roll as Katsuki strides past him.


‘Quit trembling, I’m not going to do anything to you, yet.’Yet? Yet? What does that mean? But he did say he wouldn’t harm him for the moment, so Izuku allows himself to relax slightly, his shaking body calming.


He looks around what appears to be a large hexagonal entrance room, each side leading to another room. In the middle stands of the stone trees from outside, the red, orange and yellow leaves casting a warm glow around the area. From where Izuku stands he can just make out a glimpse of a kitchen, a lounge area, a spacious living room and a spiral staircase leading to the upper floor where a balcony rings around the room.


Before his curious nature gets the best of him, Izuku hurries to place his shoes and coat on the rack and stumble after the demon now making his way up the steps.


He finds himself walking along the balcony while Katsuki shows him the rooms; the bathroom Izuku will use, an outdoor terrace, Katsuki’s room, an apparently empty room and finally the guest room (well, now Izuku’s room). Each room screams wealth and style and Izuku wonders how the demon managed to get his hands on this much money; torturing people must pay well.


Katsuki scoffs, leaving the angel bright red as he realises he must have said that last bit out loud.


‘Stay in your room, walk around or something, I don’t care, I have stuff to do. The rules are simple: don’t go into my room, don’t leave the premises and most importantly remember you’re mine now so don’t try to escape.’


He shortly inspects the small angel before asking, ‘Aren’t angels supposed to have wings and a halo and shit?’


Izuku startles slightly and gives a confused glance, ‘Uh, angels tend to hide their wings around everyone except family; they’re quite a… personal thing?’


The demon hums his understanding before replying, ‘My fourth rule then, don’t ever hide your wings ore anything else when you’re with me, understood?’


Izuku’s eyes widen in confusion even more, why does he want to see his wings? Showing your wings was a sign of trust or security, did the demon want him to feel a false sense of this? He puts the questions to the back of his mind to dwell on later, instead concentrating on unfurling his wings from his back.


He has always been proud of his wings. Everyone who had seen them had called them beautiful. They are large and so brightly white they seem to glow, with feathers soft from the many hours spent grooming them. The angels always told him to take care of such white wings, after all the whiter your wings are the more innocent your soul is.


Once Izuku feels them fully outstretched, with his halo (a thin golden circlet resting on his green curls) having emerged at some point in the process, he slowly opens his eyes again to see the demon’s reaction. All he sees however is the blond’s retreating back as he makes his way back to the stairs. Brushing aside the small tinge of disappointment from the indifferent response, Izuku makes his way into the room that he could now call his own.


Meanwhile a slightly red faced demon quickly moves to the opposite end of the house, cursing those wings all the way. Those beautiful wings with soft feathers and- No! Katsuki bashes his head into a wall to stop that train of thought right there. He is the prince of the underworld dammit, he doesn’t have fucking weaknesses, especially not some shitty wings.


It doesn’t matter anyway, he only has to do his job and follow the plan, then he can get rid of the annoying angel and things would go back to how they always were. Right, the plan, his mother should be here soon to explain the next few steps. As annoying as the angel is, it didn’t stop him being the key to their success in winning against heaven.


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Izuku’s room is just as big and spacious as every other room seems to be in this mansion. His room in heaven had been big enough to suit his needs and to be honest he didn’t know what to do with all the space now.


His legs still feel a little wobbly so Izuku crosses the room to drop himself onto the large bed. The mattress is perfectly soft and bouncy and comfy enough to be downright sinful- oh yea he’s in hell, makes sense. He just lies there for a few minutes, revelling in the comfort, before sitting up and observing the room.


The room that is now his and that he’ll have to live in for the rest of his life. Izuku shakes away the thought, still trying to wrap his head around how this is now his future. Funny how his world was flipped upside down in such a short amount of time.


His eyes roam over to the side where a window takes up the entire wall, showing the lake and forest from outside. Thankfully there are curtains hanging on each side for privacy, Izuku is scared enough as it is he doesn’t need the feeling of being watched on top of that as well.


He continues to observe the room, seeing a desk, some empty shelves, a large mirror taking up a large chunk of the wall, a large closet and a bookshelf full of books. With nothing better to do, Izuku walks over to the bookshelf to snoop about the books.


They all look pretty old and worn and Izuku wonders how long they have sat here, untouched. He sees one cover that piques his interest, The History of Hell, it was something he had wanted to learn about many times but Toshinori had never allowed him, saying he wasn’t quite old enough.


Thinking of his mentor brought a dull ache to his chest so Izuku discards those memories, instead focusing on opening the book.


The first few pages he already knew, they were the same as the ones from the history books on heaven. God made heaven and hell to coexist… blah blah… God disappeared… blah… heaven and hell went to war and on it goes. Toshinori had made him memorise the early history enough to have him dream about it. Thinking about it now, it is slightly weird how obsessive Toshinori was with it…


Izuku shakes his head and flicks through several pages until he sees something that catches his attention, a family tree of the royals.


Powerful demons don’t age, just like angels, but sometimes they died in war and in that case there is always a successor to step into the free position. Angels pick a human baby that will become their fledgling while demons have children. In both cases the baby will slowly grow to the age of when they’re strongest (usually young adulthood) and then they will stop ageing.


The book showed only seven different successors turned kings in the entire history of time. Izuku’s eyes travel down the page inspecting each face and name until he reaches the last person and freezes in shock. Prince Katsuki, he reads, underneath a small picture of the familiar demon with his trademark stony expression. Izuku’s eyes fly to the top of the page and, sure enough, there it says ‘The Bakugo Timeline’ in looping letters.


Katsuki is the prince of hell? It would explain his drastic wealth but it did not explain why he wanted Izuku. He feels sick, stomach twisting into knots and his wings twitching in distress.

Snapping the book shut, he quickly places it back into the empty space on the shelf and stumbles back a few steps until he stands in the middle of the room. He wants to march up to the demon and demand he explain himself, but he is scared of what kind of answer he’ll receive.


Izuku decides to wait. He can question the demon later on but for now he wants a distraction. He’s still wearing his healers robes from taking care of Toshinori, so he decides to look in the closet to see if there are any different clothes. The toga may be sterile and good for healing, but it is old fashioned and not very comfy, plus they aren’t meant to be worn with outstretched wings so the fabric twists in weird ways around his chest and back.


He slides open the doors to find an array of brand new clothes. Weird. He was expecting there to maybe be some of Katsuki’s spare clothes but this seems excessive, even for someone as rich as the prince of hell. Izuku quickly looks through the clothes, hoping to find something remotely his size, the demon was quite a bit bigger than him, and is shocked to find all the items are exactly his size.


Did Katsuki somehow know he was going to make this deal beforehand? But how? Something seems to be going on and Izuku is feeling even more panic coil in his stomach. Could the demons have purposefully made Toshinori ill in hopes that he would come to them?


Izuku rushes to grab the first tank top (they don’t get in the way of his wings) and jeans he sees, then slams the wardrobe door shut and tries to distract himself by putting on the clothes. Sure enough they fit him perfectly. Izuku’s lungs seem to squeeze into themselves for the second time that day so he decides to leave the room and explore the house. That should provide an actual distraction unlike the bookcase or wardrobe.


He quietly opens the door and steps onto the balcony, walking over to the railing to look at the tree he had seen when he first entered the house. If he reached out he could probably reach the tips of the branches and those beautiful leaves- he jerks his arm back as the noise of talking invades his senses.


It sounds like Katsuki and someone else are talking about something important going by how hushed and urgent they sounded, something they don’t want him to hear.


He goes to ignore it, he went out to distract himself not to have something else worry him, when suddenly he hears his name among the whispers. Screw ignoring it, Izuku crouches down, head tilted towards the frantic whispering to better hear the conversation.


Toshinori would be appalled at his eavesdropping, but what he doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him.


Katsuki seems to be talking with a woman, getting angrier by the second, ‘-expects me to hurt him at any second - fucking head angel has them all wrapped around his finger, drinking up his lies-’.


The woman makes some sort of reply but all Izuku can make out are some swear words among the whispers. She seems to be more in control of the volume of her voice than Katsuki going by the fact that he can perfectly hear his reply.


‘Don’t fucking doubt me old hag!’


After that the bits of conversation he can make out become more fragmented as their voices get quieter, ‘- get through mind block - has to accept darkness so - power will help defeat Endeavour - uld go insane from raw power and extreme pain - teach him control - n’t go insane – have to break him–’

The voices get closer, the two people walking into the entrance hall and the conversation becomes easier for Izuku to understand.


‘-just get started as soon as possible alright brat?’ He sees Katsuki and the other woman walk past the tree, to the front door right beneath his hiding spot. Katsuki replies as he opens the door and the woman steps out.


‘Yea yea I fucking get it old hag, see you Mum.’ He slams the door shut and Izuku quickly retreats from the banister so he won’t be caught spying.


That was Katsuki’s mum? She is rumoured to be a fearless queen and Izuku’s spine tingles thinking just how close he was to her. But what were they talking about with a mind block and accepting darkness? Are they going to control his mind to be their puppet? What did they mean extreme pain and breaking him? And what raw power? He has no extraordinary power, only extremely old angels amass enough strength to get a power. And what did Endeavour, the head angel and ruler of heaven, have to do with anything? Was there going to be an attack?


The ideas race through his head, a new one emerging every second. Nothing is clear, soon he might be in extreme pain, used as a puppet, exploited for power or manipulated in some other way. The only thing Izuku knows is that whatever it is will be happening soon, and he can do nothing to stop it.



Meanwhile far away in a white room, Toshinori sits at his desk, head perched on his interlinked hands. That damn head angel had poisoned him and now the plan was in motion far sooner than he had anticipated.


Of course Izuku was always meant to be taken to hell, but he had hoped to get some more time with the young angel before it happened. Well, it’s not good to dwell on what ifs and hopes now that the plan is running.


Now he has to take action to make sure Izuku survives the upcoming pain and learns to control the power he will receive. He sighs, stands up and walks out of the room onto the balcony. With another sigh he lets his enormous, jet black wings unfurl and takes off into the sky.


He will find his apprentice and hopefully help him understand his fate, but first he must go and speak to an old friend.


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Izuku wakes from a night of unrest and nightmares.


Yesterday had been a long day filled with fear, sadness and confusion, leaving Izuku a tired, miserable mess. After eavesdropping on the conversation Izuku had decided the only way he could truly clear his head from the onslaught of theories was to sleep.


His way to the bed had been slow and full of stumbling steps with his wings dragging on the floor, leaving him with barely enough energy to pull his jeans off before he snuggled under the blankets.


For a few blissful seconds he had just lain there, revelling in the softness of the duvet. But then his mind had started to race again. For hours all he could do was twist and turn while his brain supplied scenario after scenario, each getting progressively worse. Torture. War. Death.


When he had finally fallen asleep, his dreams had been filled with warped faces and twisted recounts of what had happened throughout the day, leaving Izuku waking drenched in sweat multiple times, a scream trapped in his throat.


Now the sun (or hell’s equivalent of the sun) has started to rise, filling the room with soft oranges and reds, effectively stopping any chance of any more sleep for Izuku. Limbs stiff with exhaustion, Izuku hauls himself up to sit on the edge of the bed to think about the upcoming day. Katsuki hadn’t specifically told him to do anything, so he could just stay in his room all day. His stomach gives a loud growl and that plan goes flying out the window. He could just try to avoid the demon all day?


A knock at the door shatters that hope too. Katsuki leans into the room, eyes pin pointing the angel. His gaze travels down his body lingering first on his wings, then the dark eyebags, until finally settling on Izuku’s bare legs. The greenet blushes furiously and quickly hides most of his body under the covers.


When he looks up again, Katsuki has his face turned away, body leaning on the door frame lazily.


‘Uh, yes?’ Izuku questions, his voice escaping in a small squeak. Katsuki looks back at him, face bored and


‘I’m making breakfast. Do you want anything specific?’ Izuku looks at him shocked, why is he being nice? He shakes his head slightly, unruly curls bouncing around his face. The demon grunts (sound slightly strangled) and quickly turns to march out of the room.


‘It’ll be done in fifteen minutes, put some clothes on then meet me downstairs,’ he gives a quick glance over his shoulder, eyes contemplating, ‘You’re probably confused. I can explain the situation after we’ve eaten.’


With everything said, he disappears around the corner, door shutting softly behind him.


The promise of answers gives Izuku the energy to jump off the bed and rush to the closet. He pulls out some new clothes and makes his way over to the bathroom. The hot shower feels amazing and immediately soothes his sore, tired muscles and helps calm his erratic thoughts for a short time. After scrubbing down his body, he sets to work on grooming his wings.


When he finally feels clean, Izuku dries himself off, puts the clothes on and leaves the room to head downstairs. Usually he’d look in the mirror to fix his appearance, but right now the idea of looking into his own sleep deprived face makes him feel sick.


Following the mouth watering scent of eggs and fresh bread, he finds himself entering the kitchen.


Katsuki stands by the oven on the long counter that sits along the far wall, making what looks to be omelettes. Izuku watches silently as he flips the omelette, places it on a plate and drops it on the island counter behind him.


As he turns around to repeat the process, Izuku steps out from behind the wall to sit on one of the stools by the counter. He gets a short glance from the demon but other than that he is ignored until he finishes cooking. Katsuki shoves one of the plates to him, ordering him to eat, as he drops himself in the place across Izuku with his own dish.


They both eat silently, Izuku forcing himself to not look at the demon while the other openly stares at him with his red eyes. After finishing half of his breakfast, Izuku can’t take the tension any more and faces the blond.


‘What do you want with me? Why am I here? I know you’re the prince and I heard you talking about me yesterday. What is going on!?’


He’s taking short gasping breaths by the end, eyes wide with confusion and desperation. He hadn’t meant to reveal his eavesdropping but he was too frantic for an answer to care too much. Katsuki doesn’t answer for a while, just looks at Izuku while contemplating how to answer. Just as the angel stops expecting a reply the demon starts talking.


‘Okay, I’ll explain. However you have to listen to every detail, actually listen to what I’m about to tell you. Everything you are about to hear is the pure truth, even the things you don’t want to hear or believe.’ He looks at Izuku, completely serious, and he nods to show he understands.


Then, for the next few hours, Katsuki goes to shatter every belief Izuku ever had.


When he first starts talking about the history of heaven and hell, Izuku is confused. He’s already learnt all of this, what does it have to do with his situation? But then the details change, sure God left and heaven appointed head angels to stand in his place, but they were meant to be good and pure angels, not power hungry. Izuku knew about the war, but they had never told him that the demons were the ones trying to restore the balance of power, not the angels.


Katsuki goes on to explain how each time they killed a corrupted head angel, another would take their place.


He talks about a war going on for millennia, the vicious cycle never ending, until the demons understood they had to find a new approach. After centuries of searching they found their answer in the form of an angel.


The angel had found out about the corruption in heaven and escaped, informing the demons about how heaven’s angels were being manipulated to believe they were still on the side of good. The angel’s rejection of heaven but desire to do good changed him, turning his wings black and giving him immense strength and power.


Hell thought they had found their perfect weapon against heaven until the angel was suddenly mortally wounded and, knowing he was unfit for battle, they created a new plan. The angel would go back to heaven in disguise, taking on a fledgling who would be completely pure and filled with the desire to do good. Then, when the time came, they would bring the angel down to convert them and have them become the weapon that would restore the balance once and for all.


Katsuki watches the greenet’s shocked face while finishing off his recount.


‘The first angel’s name was Toshinori and you are his apprentice, making you our new weapon against Endeavour. I must admit I didn’t realise the person I healed was Toshinori at first. I believed you had tricked me to heal one of the corrupted angels, which would be an immense set back to the progress we have had in reducing the amount of power hungry angels alive. I apologise for my outburst yesterday.’


Izuku doesn’t reply, just stares at the left overs on his plate. Everything he had been taught was a lie, everything down to who his mentor really was. He had once told Izuku that he had taken him as a fledgling because he believed Izuku could become a powerful successor; how ironic.


Every detail of his life he can remember flashes through his head, only now he’s unpicking the details, actively searching for any proof that what Katsuki is saying is wrong. He doesn’t find any.


Instead certain memories make more sense, why Toshinori hid him away, why he never showed his wings, why he had questioned him if anything seemed wrong with the history books.


Through his confusion, one thought breaks through bright and clear.


‘What did you mean yesterday when you talked about breaking me? What about the pain?’ His voice comes out a weak, broken whisper and he refuses to look up at the demon. He needs to know. Even if the answer terrifies him, he needs to know what is coming.


‘Like I told you, all the angels are manipulated to think they’re doing good. We found out a while back that all angels have a mind block woven into their bodies to stop them from breaking away from heaven. As soon as an angel tries to break this block, they feel unimaginable pain that causes their mind to dissociate from their body, turning them brain-dead. For you to be able to reject heaven, we have to break the block.’


Izuku feels all his blood leave his head. So the plan is to make him brain-dead. That’s...great...real...great.


Katsuki hastily explains, ‘Whoa hold on. Don’t worry, I’ve been trained to help you cope with the pain, you’re not dying on my watch.’


Izuku sighs, light headed with relief.


‘So what you’re telling me is that I have a spell woven into my skin to stop me rebelling. For me to restore the balance and end this war, all I have to do is endure the pain of this spell breaking?’


Katsuki gives a hesitant nod, ‘That’s the first step. You still need to reject heaven and accept the darkness by your own free will, but we’ll get to that later. First we have to focus on getting rid of that spell.’


Katsuki finishes with a determined look and gets up to load the dishes into the dishwasher, giving Izuku time to go over what he just learned in his head. After Katsuki’s story, he is set on helping end the corruption happening in heaven in any way he can, just like Toshinori wanted to. He doesn’t doubt the credibility of what the demon said, it all made too much sense to be fake.


He’s terrified, the thought that the pain could be enough to effectively kill him causing a shudder to crawl up his spine. But Katsuki had said he will help him cope with the pain, right? After all the demons needed him alive and strong enough to fight, they wouldn’t let him turn insane.


He hears an impatient cough and swivels around to see Katsuki motioning for the angel to follow him.


‘Wait are we breaking it now!?’ Izuku squawked in alarm, hands gripping his knees hard enough to turn white.


The demon answers with a hum and starts walking to the stairs, expecting Izuku to follow behind. He quickly scrambles to catch up to the blond, hands jittery where they hang at his sides. He had not expected them to proceed with the plan so quickly, thinking he would be given more time to prepare for the pain or until he at least trusted the demon more. Oh well, at least this stops him from spending hours imagining what it could feel like.


Katsuki leads him past his room to the empty room he had seen on yesterdays tour of the house.


‘This room is convertible. The floor rises to reveal a mattress that covers the entire floor and the far wall retracts to show a large screen, essentially making it my own cinema. I usually leave it in that state but if I need to I can turn this into an empty room, like how it is now. I’m going to strap you into a chair so you won’t be able to harm yourself, okay?’


Izuku gives him an understanding look and the demon leaves, only to return with a chair and some rope in a few minutes.


In the short time where Katsuki had been gone, Izuku managed to get himself extremely worked up, every limb jittering with anxiety. As soon as the demon has placed the chair down in the middle of the room, he turns around to address the angel.


‘Try to relax or calm down or something, at least stop the twitching. It will hurt immensely but I can promise you that I will help you through it as best I can. Just, I don’t know, think of the bigger picture?’


Izuku focuses on heaven, on his reason for going through with this. His twitching almost stops (almost), and he drops himself onto the chair. Katsuki contemplates the boy for a few seconds before demanding he take his shirt off. He raises one eyebrow in confusion but obliges, throwing the item of clothing to the edge of the room.


Apparently satisfied, the demon begins to tie his arms, legs then waist to the chair securely. Izuku tests the ropes, finding his limbs effectively trapped. With a quick glance towards the angel, Katsuki leaves the room again only to return with a duffel bag full of things, a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.


A terrified look from Izuku prompts the demon to answer the implied question,.


‘These are provisions for the next few days. I’m going to need to keep a close eye on you so there’s no time for me to get food or other things and I’ll need to sleep in the room. Don’t worry about needing the toilet, when I first had this room made into a cinema, I got someone to cast a spell so you won’t need to go while you are inside here. I’ve made sure there is no reason either of us have any need to leave this room.’


With those issues addressed, Katsuki goes on to unrolling the mat and sleeping bag in one corner of the room ready for him to use. With nothing else to focus on, Izuku watches the demon’s hands move deftly in smooth motions. Seeing the preciseness of his actions calms Izuku; Katsuki will make sure he survives.


Once everything is ready, Izuku watches anxiously as the blond stands in front of him to explain some last few details.


‘To break the spell I have to mark your skin, giving it an imperfection and a sign that darkness has touched you. The pain you will feel is all inside your head, soul, spirit or whatever you want to think of it as. The aim of the spell is to cause you too much pain on the inside, breaking your mind but leaving your body unharmed.’


He speaks slowly, making sure every detail is understood. After a small pause he continues.


‘To combat this, I’m going to cut you, stab you or do anything that will physically hurt you. This will divert some of the inner pain, letting it escape your body through the pain I will create. By diverting enough, you will be able to survive, you just need to stay strong and focus your willpower on staying alive.’


Izuku takes a shaky breath, squeezing his eyes shut and mentally preparing himself for what is about to come. Think of heaven. The thought doesn’t give him much courage, why should he of all people have to be the one to save heaven? No, screw heaven. Think of Toshinori. He believes in Izuku, now he just has to prove him right. Picturing his mentor gives Izuku the strength to release his breath and open his eyes again. He stares determined at Katsuki, resolve hardening.


‘Okay, I’m ready.’ That is all the demon needs.


In the darkness of a blink Katsuki pounces, sinking his teeth into the base of Izuku’s neck.

Chapter Text

For one heartbeat, nothing happens.


Time slows to a stop and Izuku feels nothing except Katsuki’s fangs and a strange clarity in his mind. Then, the world crashes into Izuku and he screams.


Pure agony lights his every nerve on fire until all he can see if white, blinding pain. His limbs strain against the ropes, skin tearing apart from the force behind his struggling. He can’t see. Can’t hear. Can’t breathe. His lungs are long empty of air, but still his howls of torment fill the room. Reality melts away leaving nothing but Izuku and the scorching fire that is his pain.


The flames burn his eyes, claw down his throat, tear into every pore until his skin is blistering and raw. His body is too full, the flames growing larger, larger, LARGER. His soul starts tearing, his screams growing louder, mind ripping itself apart to just have the agony end.


Then, suddenly, relief.


Its as if water is poured over the flames, extinguishing them until all that is left are smouldering remains. Izuku gasps, voice wrecked and weak, and his eyes flutter open. In front of him Katsuki is perched with one knee leaning on the chair between his legs, one hand holding down his shoulder while the other hovers between them covered in blood.


Izuku looks down to see his chest carved open, red painting his skin. The horrible pain is still pounding in his head, making him pant and whimper in effect, but it isn’t ripping him from the inside out any more. Instead a sharp stinging pain courses through his veins, the feeling glorious compared to the miserable torture of before.


The demon, motivated by the reaction, places one clawed finger back on the angels chest and drags it down slowly, breaking the skin to let more blood run free. Izuku watches, fascinated, as black smoke escapes the wound before dissipating in the air. He clenches his teeth to muffle the sobs trying to escape his moth as Katsuki repeats the motion over and over again, never allowing the inner pain to grow past the level of an intense ache.


His vision blurs and his mind floats, drunk on both the relief and pain. He can breathe again properly, his exhales shaky and pained but at least he’s getting enough oxygen now.


At some point he vaguely notices that Katsuki has pulled out a wash-cloth and is now cleaning his chest of all the sticky blood, his touch gentle and calming among the merciless agony.


All too soon the ache becomes unbearable again and after a particularly loud whimper from the angel, Katsuki go back to turning Izuku’s chest into a canvas, painted with the many shades of his blood.




The next few hours are a nightmare, Katsuki causing new gashes less frequently to stop Izuku from losing too much blood, inadvertently increasing the pain he feels on the inside while he waits. It becomes a cycle of having the pain grow, causing new wounds and relief before it becomes too much, cleaning his abused body, struggling through the dull ache that comes with waiting and repeating the process.


His entire body is now covered in angry red marks and blood, jeans loosely clinging onto his legs by a few strands of fabric.


The one thing that remains untouched are, thankfully, the angel’s wings. Katsuki seems to have sensed his pride regarding them and has managed to not harm a single feather. Still, emotional torment causes wings to wither and feathers to fall out and Izuku wouldn’t be surprised if they look absolutely wretched by the time this is over.


The thought makes him sad in a deep, hollow way, but he is soon distracted as the pain flares up again and his mind focuses on trying not to groan too loudly.


With every wave of of agony, Izuku’s tolerance for it grows. The initial breaking of the spell has helped Izuku view the aches more as discomforts than anything else, and he finds himself holding out longer and longer before needing Katsuki to come and relieve the building pressure. Soon the demon even has enough time to be able to get some food and water out of the duffel bag.


He drops himself on the floor, leaning against the wall in exhaustion while he wolfishly tears into the muesli bar and empties the water in seconds. Sighing, the demon gets back up and goes to get another bar and water bottle before making his way over to Izuku.


‘You need to eat something.’ The angel’s face twists into an expression of disgust, his stomach twisting into knots even thinking about eating anything. Growling at the rejection the demon thrusts out the hand with the water bottle.


‘If you won’t eat then you have to at least drink something.’ His face contorts into another grimace and he childishly clamps his mouth tightly shut.


Katsuki growls again and barks out, ‘You are going to drink this water, one way or another. Now open your mouth.’


He shuts it even tighter.


Izuku has barely any time to react before one of the demon’s hands is wrapped around his chin with his thumb and fingers on either side of his mouth, forcing it open before pressing the rim of the bottle to his lips. With a muffled, indignant response, Izuku swallows the water that is being forced down his throat.


At first it makes him feel sick, but then the thirst overpowers his every other sense leaving him gulping the water like a dying man in a desert. The coolness also manages to soothe his throat, still raw from all the screaming it had to endure. He finishes the bottle in a matter of seconds, tongue trying to gather any last stray droplets from around his mouth after Katsuki’s hand retreats.


The demon smirks at him, ‘There that wasn’t so bad right?’


Izuku is about to try and form a response when another shock wave of pain crashes into him, making him double over and want to throw up. Thank God he hadn’t eaten anything. Katsuki groans as he realises just how long this night will be before he chucks the empty bottle across the room and places his claws on Izuku again.



Time loses all its meaning for Izuku in the next few days. He drinks whenever Katsuki forces it down his throat, refuses the food whenever offered and does not sleep a single second.


The pain is still there in every moment, only now it is bearable enough for Izuku to be able to hold out many hours without needing Katsuki’s help. The demon had instantly taken advantage of this by collapsing on the makeshift bed to catch as much sleep as possible.


Izuku always uses the time Katsuki is asleep to think about his situation, his role in the war, Toshinori or about anything that he had found out about in the past week. He’s still scared and confused and he definitely doesn’t fully trust the demons, but his main problem rises in the fact that he doubts himself. How can Izuku, a single, weak angel, save heaven?


The question festers in his heart, rooting itself into his chest until ‘weak’ is all he can think of himself.


Katsuki seems to notice something is wrong, but ends up misinterpreting his hopelessness.


‘Oi Izuku.’ The angel looks up from where he had been staring at the floor dully.


‘We’ve been in here long enough and you’re doing a lot better. I think it should be okay for us to untie you and get out of this miserable room.’


Izuku slowly nods his head quickly in agreement, wanting to get out of the constricting ropes and stuffy room. Katsuki swiftly walks behind the angel and unties the bindings, carefully unwrapping them from his body while Izuku hisses at the stinging from where the ropes had torn at his skin.


Hesitantly he lifts first one arm, then the other, limbs stiff from having been locked into the same position for days. He groans as his muscles stretch and bones click in the most satisfying way.


Completely overestimating the amount of strength in his legs, Izuku takes a step forward and promptly collapses onto the floor. He yelps at the pain that shoots through his body, Katsuki instantly at his side to help him up. After several failed attempts at getting up, the angel is close to tears from the pain.


When his legs give out yet again, he’s prepared to drop to the floor only to go up instead. With a small yelp, his eyes fly open in confusion to find himself being bridal carried by Katsuki, one hand around his back and another by his knees. He opens his mouth but is promptly shut up with a warning look and a barked, ‘don’t’.


Oh well, Izuku’s not about to complain.


Katsuki carries him out of the room carefully so as to not reopen any of the scabbed over wounds. Izuku immediately feels a weight lift off his chest as he breathes in the fresh, clean air and his eyes adjust to the natural lighting.


Trying not to shift Izuku around too much, Katsuki walks down to the Kitchen where he sets Izuku down on one of the stools. After a few minutes of rummaging around by the stove, the demon places a bowl of warm, creamy soup in front of him, commanding that he finally eat something.


Knowing he wouldn’t be allowed to leave until he empties the bowl, Izuku lifts a spoonful of soup to his lips and slowly slurps the first proper food in a week.


It’s only soup but his stomach is already clenching together, not used to suddenly getting the food it needs. He’s already full after a few spoonfuls but a glare from Katsuki prompts him to continue eating until the bowl is finished. He groans in discomfort but at the same time the food seems to have given him back some strength, allowing him to actually stand up and walk on his own.


The next stop is the bathroom, Izuku closing the door behind him while Katsuki waits outside. He avoids the mirrors and looks at the wall intently while he finally takes a much needed shower.


Unlike the first day where it had felt amazing, this shower just hurts.


The hot water scalds his overly sensitive skin and several of his gashes re-open, the water turning red as the blood washes down the drain. Like usual he goes to clean and groom his wings, but one look at the scraggly feathers and he decides to just ignore the pitiful sight. The neglecting of his wings brings him no pride but right now he can’t bring himself to care.


Once he finishes with the shower, he dries himself off only to notice he’d forgotten to get any new clothes. He clears his throat, voice raspy as he calls out,


‘Katsuki? I forgot to get new clothes, could you get some for me?’


He hears a sharp ‘tsk’ from outside the door but after a moment a hand shoves some new clothes through the door. Thankfully all the clothes are very loose and don’t require a lot of energy to pull on, but the actions still leave him breathless and tired. When he goes out to face the demon, Katsuki only takes one look at him before ordering him to go get some sleep.


He lies in the bed, finally alone for the first time in days. He hadn’t slept properly in ages, the only rest being the times he passed out from exhaustion or pain. Katsuki had left to go sleep as well, telling Izuku to wake him if the pain flares up again or if he needs anything.


He takes a moment to think about how caring and nice the demon had been to him in the past week; sure he had tortured him, but that pain had helped him and most of the time he only did it as soon as Izuku asked him to. But in between those times, were the moments were he had been gentle and caring.


When he slowly cleaned his chest, making sure to not cause any unnecessary pain. When he fed him water, evidently just worried for his health. On the rare occasion he would even whisper comforting words into his ears when the pain just never seemed to end. Izuku is grateful for the kindness, Katsuki often being the one thing stopping him from spiralling into insanity.


He falls asleep quickly, body exhausted and broken. At first, the velvety darkness is a welcoming change from the week’s torment, then the nightmares begin.


He dreams of the initial agonising pain, about how it could have ended had Katsuki not been there. He dreams of his soul ripping apart, his body left empty while Izuku’s spirit lives in a world of torture. Then the scenes change and Katsuki is not helping him, but killing him, a mad grin mocking the angel while he tears his skin apart. Everything is red; red blood, red hands, red eyes, red pain. Everything dissolves in red until suddenly he’s standing in a big hall, the silence jarring compared to the previous hurricane of noise.


At first, he believes the hall is empty, balcony and ceiling shrouded in shadows. Then, one by one, people emerge. Faceless angels and demons stand on the balcony, all looking down on him with murderous, grotesque expressions. Sharp whispers echo down to him, each stabbing him in the chest until he is left gasping for air.


Useless and weak. He can’t help us. He’ll only make everything worse. Izuku collapses onto the floor, chocked cries drowned out by the voices steadily growing louder.

Then suddenly everything is silent. He looks up to see Toshinori stand in front of him, his presence filling the room.


‘You were supposed to save us, how could you have failed me like this? I should have noticed how weak you are. I am ashamed to call you my successor.’


With that he turns away and starts leaving him, Izuku’s vision splintering as he clutches his chest and screams-


He jerks awake, limbs thrashing and eyes madly flitting over the room.


He’s trembling and gripping at the sheets while sweat soaks through his clothes, plastering them to his skin. Throwing the sheets to the side, he flies out the bed, stumbles a few steps forward, and promptly crumples to the floor.


He grips his hair, trying to muffle the wrecked sobs escaping his mouth. It was only a dream, it was only a dream, it was only a dream.


But it was true wasn’t it? He is weak. How can he stop the war? All he can do is get in the way, hinder people or even get them killed! Everyone will hate him, even Toshinori will wish he’d gotten a different apprentice.


He can’t do this any more. He needs to stop, save everyone from him while he can, it would be better if he just died-


The spell rears its ugly head, grabbing hold of the emotions, feeding off it until Izuku is too full, too full! All he can do is choke out one pained cry before something inside him breaks. His eyes roll into the back of his head and his body slumps to the floor.


He doesn’t get back up.


Chapter Text

Katsuki wakes with a heavy feeling in his gut.


He had finally gotten some proper sleep in a real bed and he feels actually awake for the first time this week. He gets up, stretching his muscles and yawns loudly, the heavy feeling remaining. Something is wrong, causing his hair to stand on end and heartbeat to pound in his ears.


He quickly leaves his room, eyes scanning the balcony as well as the hall downstairs for any sign of something being amiss, an intruder maybe?


He shrugs and walks downstairs to make some food. He wonders what Izuku might like to eat and is about to go up and ask him, when he remembers how exhausted he had looked. He’ll let the guy sleep a little longer. He probably likes toasted sandwiches right?


He sets to work grating cheese and slicing bread, continuing to ignore the feeling of something being wrong. He probably just forgot to charge his phone or something, it happens often enough.


He places the sandwiches into the oven and gets to work cleaning the kitchen while he waits. No, he definitely put his phone on charge before he went to sleep. Did he leave a tap running?


The timer dings just as he finishes cleaning and he takes the hot food out of the oven to place them on some plates. He makes sure to put the sandwich with the most cheese in Izuku’s spot, placing a glass of water on the side. The food is still too hot to eat so Katsuki puts off waking the angel a little longer, instead cleaning the oven rack. After finishing that as well, he really can’t find any other excuse to let the angel sleep any longer and so makes his way up to Izuku’s room.


He hesitates in front of the door, planning how he could wake up the greenet without being too brash or arrogant when a dull thud emanates from Izuku’s room and Katsuki’s stomach drops to the floor.


In the blink of an eye the demon crashes the door open, running into the room to see what is wrong.


His eyes zero in on the unmoving angel sprawled on the floor. He rushes over to the greenet, knees crashing to the floor without hesitation while his hands go to the boy’s face. He isn’t breathing.


‘IZUKU!’ He screams eyes frantically looking up and down his face for any reaction. His hand flies to Izuku’s throat, desperately hoping for any sign of a pulse – there! It’s faint, stuttering and getting weaker by the second, but still there. He’s still alive. There’s still a chance to save him.




He’s never had to deal with anything like this before, he doesn’t know what to do. An idea springs in his mind, leaving him sprinting back to his room before returning to Izuku’s side with his phone, shaking fingers pressing on his Mum’s contact.


‘Shit. Come on. Come on. Fucking pick up!’ As soon as it stops ringing, he’s yelling into the phone.




Mitsuki takes a sharp inhale and immediately starts rattling off instructions, voice commanding and calm compared to Katsuki’s panicked responses. She hangs up right after saying she will come over as fast as possible, leaving the demon with the task of keeping Izuku alive until she gets here.


He chucks the phone to the side, it’s done its purpose and would only get in the way now. His mum’s instructions are clear enough, create enough physical pain to match the spell’s agony so that the pressure would escape and stop tearing Izuku apart from the inside.


Now he only needs to figure out a way to create that massive amount of pain. An idea slowly forms and he looks down at his hand, then up to Izuku’s unmoving chest.


Whispering a quick apology to the unconscious angel, he rips apart his shirt and places a palm to the now bare chest. Every powerful demon has some sort of power, it just so happens that his can create a lot of pain.


Taking a deep breath, he focuses his mind on the palm of his hand, willing sweat to cover his fingers with a thin sheen of liquid. He presses down, letting go of his control at the same time, and the room is filled with the thunder of the resulting explosion.


Izuku howls in pain, eyes thankfully opening once more, chest heaving with pained rasps. His skin on his chest is completely burned off, charred muscle and bone revealed underneath. Tears stream down his face, fingers gripping tightly onto Katsuki’s hand while he continues to scream. The demon helplessly watches the destruction he has caused take it’s effect on the fragile angel, not knowing what to do except sit there and hold Izuku’s hand.


Thankfully, in less than a minutes time, his mum storms into the room, worry etched into ever line of her body.


‘Quickly carry him downstairs, I brought someone that can help him. Fuck just be quick!’


She runs back out leaving Katsuki to deal with bringing Izuku down. As careful as he tries to be, the moment he lifts the angel up he screams louder, teeth clenched together to try and handle the pain. Katsuki starts running, focusing on speed instead of being gentle. The faster he gets Izuku down, the faster the person can help him.


He skids to a stop in the kitchen, following the worried face of his mother to the dining table where a short, old woman sits. He gently places Izuku down on the dark wooden surface and sits himself on one of the chairs close to the angel’s head, reaching out to hold onto the boy’s hand again.


He recognises the woman to be one of the older demons, tasked with healing any of the demons that return from battle harmed in any way. She immediately gets to work on Izuku, spreading a gooey paste on his burned chest before placing her lips to the boy’s forehead. Like watching a sped up movie, the flesh around the burn starts knitting itself back together. The charred muscle disappears as new healthy muscle takes its place.


Just as the entire burn scabs up, the old woman steps back, breaking the contact. The healing slows to a stop, leaving Izuku’s chest covered in the dark redish brown colour of dried blood.


‘Fucking heal him fully oldy. Do the shit properly old ha-’ his mother smacks him over the head and gives an apologetic smile towards the woman.


‘Sorry about that Recovery Girl, he’s just worried.’


‘I’m not fucking worried old hag!’ He gives her his best glare, teeth and fangs out on display.


‘Oh don’t worry dear,’ Recovery Girl chuckles, ‘Young Katsuki, I cannot heal him any further or else the strain on his body might become too much. I don’t heal a person, merely speed up the process using their own energy.’


The demon looks over to Izuku who is stead fast asleep from exhaustion. The grey haired demon gently pats Katsuki’s face, eyes comforting, knowing and sparkling with mischief. Katsuki only growls at her, baring his teeth once again to inform her to back the fuck off. She and Mitsuki walk out the room together, leaving the blond alone with Izuku.


He whispers a small apology to the unconscious angel, stoking his thumb along the boy’s cheekbone. His finger comes away wet with the remnants of tears, reminding him of the immense pain he had just inflicted on Izuku.


His face twists in sadness and he walks to the sink to get a wash cloth. After wetting it slightly under the tap, he returns to Izuku’s side and starts gently cleaning his face of the sweat and tears. His eyes flutter slightly but remain closed as he continues to get some much needed rest. After he finishes, he sets the cloth down on the table and turns to find his mother watching him intently.


‘Recovery Girl just left, she has a lot of business to attend to,’ she declares and starts walking towards the table. She gives him another look before sitting down in one of the chairs.


‘If you fucking want to say something then spit it the fuck out. Stop giving me these shitty looks.’


He grips the edge of the table, knuckles turning white and face set in an expression of anger. She does the look again and Katsuki is about to blow her head off when she murmurs,


‘You really care about this boy don’t you?’


His jaw goes slack and he stares at her before exploding.


‘I-I don’t fucking care about him! I’m only making sure he survives this so we can win the war then he can fuck off for all I care! Care for him my ass.’


He huffs, crossing his arms to accentuate his point. His mother shrugs and gets up to leave the room.


‘I’m gonna sleep on the sofa tonight so I can be here when he wakes up. Bring him to bed then get some sleep Katsuki. You look like you need it.’ With that she disappears around the corner, making her way to the living room with a small, knowing smile gracing her lips.


Careful not to wake the sleeping angel, Katsuki picks him up and takes them both up to Izuku’s room. He places Izuku down on the bed, pulling the covers over him and arranging them so they are snug around his body. His wings fan out on either side and Katsuki sadly skims his fingertips over the brittle feathers. They had been so beautifully soft but now they are broken and damaged, just like the angel lying in front of him.


The memory of Izuku crumpled on the floor like a broken doll creeps up in his mind, so beautiful and so still. He had never felt as much fear as he had in that moment. The memory causes his heart to race and chest to tighten, he doesn’t ever want that to happen again.


Ignoring his mother’s advice, he grabs the chair from the desk and sits himself down next to the bed, taking one of Izuku’s hands in his own. He will stay here and watch over the angel. Nothing will ever happen to him on his watch.




When Izuku wakes the next morning it’s to find a blond head resting on the bed beside him, one hand holding his own while the owner lies fast asleep.




Chapter Text

Izuku leaves his bedroom, silently closing the door behind him so as to not wake the sleeping demon. His cheeks are slightly warm, remembering how he had woken with Katsuki’s hand in his.


It was a nice hand. Really soft in a way-no no no. He quickly shakes his head to dispel any of those thoughts. The demon had fallen asleep next to him, probably because he tried to watch over Izuku all night to make sure he would be alright. He is Hell’s big weapon after all, it would make sense for Katsuki to be protective especially after all that work last week. Yea that must be it. He walks down the stairs slowly, continuing to think.


Why had he held onto his hand though? His eyes widen slightly in realisation. Katsuki holding his hand must mean the demon really cares about... him staying alive! He probably was making sure his pulse stayed even and strong throughout the night and when he fell asleep, his hands stayed by Izuku’s until Izuku woke up this morning. Yea, that must be it, the demon wouldn’t just hold his hand for no reason right?


He skips along the rest of the way to the kitchen, proud of his little deduction, and promptly runs into Katsuki’s Mum.


Meeting Mitsuki Bakugou for the first time is an experience Izuku will never forget. He heard tales of her power and clever mind, she is rumoured to be one of the most strong-willed, resilient people ever to have existed. He had expected to meet her in formal conditions with her being far superior to him in every way possible.


If someone had asked him what he thinks she might do if they came face to face, Izuku would have answered with something along the lines of, ‘give me a stony glare before cursing my entire family to disintegrate.’


When he walks down into the kitchen and accidentally bumps into her, he swears his life flashes before his eyes. He opens his mouth ready to apologise but is promptly cut off when her arms circle around him, gently squeezing him as he gets his first hug in years.


Toshinori used to hug him when he was younger, but they became less and less, instead replaced with firm grasps on his shoulder and claps on his back. He never realised just how much he missed hugs.


He sobs and clings to her shirt, the weight of what he is going through suddenly crashing into him now that he is safe in Mitsuki’s arms. The dangerous insecurities and doubts try to surface again, but he quickly locks them away deep into his mind. He doesn’t want to have another breakdown here at this moment. He doesn’t need to prove just how weak he really is.


Instead he focuses on how Mitsuki pets his hair, the soft motherly touches making him aware of an emptiness in his life that he never knew existed. He never had a mother.


Of course biologically he did but she hadn’t wanted him, leaving him in the middle of nowhere for Toshinori to find. It meant he never had a mother in the sense that he never had a person to love him unconditionally. Someone who would coddle him and make his favourite food when he felt down. Someone who would lovingly kiss him goodnight and give him hugs. He never had any of that and only now does the loneliness sink in.


After a few minutes Izuku manages to calm down, eyes still red and puffy but the sobs replaced by small hiccups. Mitsuki pulls away to look into Izuku’s eyes, her face set into a gentle smile as she wipes away the tear tracks.


‘I-I’m sorry. I think I got slightly overwhelmed.’ He sheepishly looks to the side while his face burns red from embarrassment.


‘Oh you poor boy, I wish you didn’t have to go through this.’ She envelops him in another hug and it takes every ounce of Izuku’s willpower not to start crying again.


She sits him down at the counter and plops herself on the stool next to him, eyes radiating concern and warmth while she continues to pet his hair.


‘How is your chest doing?’ She grabs an apple and gives to Izuku, willing him to eat something.


‘Uhh, I think it’s okay. It still hurts whenever I move but it’s not nearly as bad as yesterday.’ He takes small nibbles of the apple as she hums, her eyes suddenly sparkling with mischief. She coughs and subtly shifts to better see his face.


‘Katsuki was so worried yesterday you know; he called me screaming in panic over what to do.’


Izuku stutters slightly, unsure of where this conversation is going.


‘Tell me, what do you think of my son? You probably believe he’s an arrogant cocky dick because of how he acts around people, but he can actually be a nice person under his exterior. You just need to get past all the swearing, death threats and evil glares.’


The what?


Katsuki had been nothing but polite and nice to him, he never gives him big glares (only small ones, or the one he started calling Katsuki’s resting bitch face) let alone death threats.


‘Uhh, no he’s been extremely nice to me? He’s quite assertive but other than that he’s caring and kind.’ She hums and nods her head, a small smirk adorning her face.


‘Doesn’t care my ass,’ she murmurs under her breath and just smiles sweetly at Izuku when he gives her a puzzled look.


At that moment a panicked Katsuki crashes into the room, eyes frantic until they spot the angel. When he sees that Izuku seems to be alive and alright, he lets out a shaky breath before striding forward and flicking the greenet’s head.


‘Don’t just disappear like that idiot!’ He growls as Izuku yelps and rubs his head.


‘S-sorry,’ the angel mumbles and turns to see Mitsuki grinning evilly at Katsuki. The demon completely ignores his mother in favour of making them all pancakes.


For the next few minutes the only thing breaking the silence is Mitsuki fussing over Izuku while he steadily gets redder and redder, not used to the affectionate attention. She seems to realise this and envelops him in even more affection. Katsuki stands at the stove, muscles tense and eyes glaring at the wall, wishing his mother would stop touching his Izuku.


Wait his Izuku? What the fuck? No, he’s not his Izuku, he’s only here to break the spell then he’ll be out the house. Why should Katsuki care? You know what he probably is just annoyed his mother is embarrassing him so much. Yea, that must be it. He couldn’t care less about the angel, he’s just an annoyance and soon Katsuki can have his peace again.


He’s so lost in his thoughts he doesn’t notice the knocking until it happens a second time. Swivelling around, he looks at his mother suspiciously. Has she invited someone else? Apparently so because she jumps up, excitement visible on her face, and skips out the kitchen to the front door.


Izuku looks at Katsuki in confusion, he only shrugs in response. They hear the door opening and two people whispering hurriedly before Mitsuki reappears in the kitchen, another person close on her heels.


Izuku gives a choked cry, frozen in shock for a second before launching himself at the man.


‘Izuku my boy!’



Chapter Text

Toshinori holds out his arms and Izuku rushes into them, ignoring his protesting injuries. Well, ignoring them up to the point where Toshinori crushes him into a hug that has him crying out in pain. Immediately, the taller angel pulls back, face morphed into an expression of shock and horror.


Tears start gathering in his mentor’s eyes as he starts stuttering out, ‘Izuku, my boy I-I’m so sorry. You should never have to go through this pain! I’m so sorry.’ Izuku gives him the brightest smile he can muster, just glad that he can finally see him again.


‘It’s alright Toshi! I’m fine.’ He can tell the angel is not convinced at all, his horror filled eyes lingering on his ragged, frail wings. Shame drowns Izuku’s emotions and he quickly tucks the wings away from sight, no one would want to see something so broken.


The familiar feeling of tightness fills his chest and the angel immediately tries to distract himself from any thoughts that could cause the spell to resurface again. Toshinori does not need to know about any of that.


An awkward silence fills the room, Katsuki unusually still where he is facing away from them. Mitsuki gives the demon a glance before giving an uneasy cough.


‘Well Izuku, Toshinori, I think it’s time you both properly talked to each other about… everything. Come on I’ll bring you somewhere you can talk privately.’ She glances back to Katsuki one last time before leading the two angels out, up to the terrace where she then leaves them to return downstairs.


There is a split second pause where both of them just stare at each other before Toshinori is choking out, ‘I-Izuku I’m sorry. Sorry I never told you. Sorry you are in so much pain. Sorry you have no choice in the matter. I’m so so sorry.’


He looks completely broken, eyes glued to the floor as if he is scared of Izuku rejecting his apology. The greenet only reaches forward to hug him, a happy grin stretched across his face at the fact that he could talk to his mentor again. Tentative arms reach around him until he is pressed into the angel’s chest once more, albeit much more softly than last time.


‘I forgive you,’ Izuku whispers into Toshinori’s shirt and the blond sags in relief.


Izuku is confused at his mentor’s worry, why is he so desperate for Izuku to be okay? Shouldn’t he be disappointed in how weak Izuku is? It’s been weeks since they broke the spell and Izuku doesn’t even know what the darkness or power is meant to look and feel like. Worse still, the effect of breaking the spell still lingers, and although he thought he’d be able to actually manage it by himself, he even managed to screw that up with his collapse.


He’s completely useless and undeserving, but for some reason Toshinori is the one looking for forgiveness. Shouldn’t he be the one saying sorry for being an incompetence and a failure, a stain against Toshinori’s name?


Before Izuku can start apologising for his worthlessness, Toshinori starts talking again, a grave tone to his soft voice.


‘I guess it’s time I explain myself,’ Toshinori sighs and Izuku steps back to allow both of them to sit on the bench behind them, waiting patiently as his mentor stares at the ground in concentration.


‘You probably already know the basics right?’ A quick nod from Izuku and he continues.


‘I was the first person in heaven to realise how corrupted it is, with the balance of nature completely destroyed. I took it on myself to try and restore the balance by choosing the dark side over the light, but merely choosing light over dark wasn’t enough. I did get immense power but it also harmed my body beyond repair.’


He lifts his shirt slightly to show his chest. Izuku is slightly confused until Toshinori smooths his hand over the sleek skin, revealing scarred, red flesh. It looks horrifying, as if someone had cut a chunk of his side out, then covered it in decaying skin. How on earth had Izuku not noticed this before? A bewildered look from the young angels prompts Toshinori to continue.


‘I use a glamour to hide the marks it left,’ he explains while dropping the shirt again. Another short pause before he suddenly stares at Izuku, face set in complete seriousness.


‘Before I continue, you need to understand the importance of balance in this world, Izuku. There is always a certain amount of power in the universe and it has to be spread out equally between good and evil. If hell has too much power, everything becomes a slave to their instincts, their base urges ruling out common sense. If heaven has too much power, everything becomes a slave to rules, their free will practically stripped away leaving empty puppets.’


He looks out across the lake, sorrow etched into every crease in his face. He sighs and Izuku can hear the years of stress and pain weave through his voice.


‘The demons knew about the imbalance and are still suffering, their powers and emotions suppressed under the power of heaven. Meanwhile in heaven every angel is a slave to Endeavour; even his own son has no free will.’


Izuku feels sick. Now that he is out of heaven with the spell broken, he can recognise the feeling of helplessness he had experienced every day. That must have been the control Toshinori is talking about. Everything he did had been manipulated to suit Endeavour’s want, even if he hadn’t realised it. He never had any freedom at all.


‘The demons thought I was their answer, finally a weapon strong enough, but with the injury… well you know how the rest goes. But Izuku, you have to understand that you are not just a pawn.’


He turns and grips one of Izuku’s shoulders, a desperate fire in his eyes as his words become more distressed.


‘When I first found you, I could sense you were perfect, completely innocent and in balance with nature, the person who will restore the balance of the world. But the moment I looked into your eyes you became so much more than that to me.’


He looks right into the greenet’s eyes, remembering the day where Izuku had flipped his world upside down. Where his life shifted until his sole reason for existence lied in a small baby with forest green hair. A chubby bundle of joy thrust into a harsh world before Toshinori came to save him.


Izuku has grown up so much since then, becoming so strong and independent. A man who can stand tall by himself. Where had all the time gone?


‘You became my son,’ he finally chokes out.


‘My young Izuku Midoriya who cried when he stepped onto a flower because he believed everything deserves to live. My adventurous little boy who has the heart the size of the universe and will love anything that exists.’


They are both crying now, fat tears crawling down their cheeks and sobs breaking free from their throats.


‘M-my boy, I-I’m so proud of you.’


Toshinori lunges forward and grips Izuku to his chest, his wings bursting out and circling around them both, effectively hiding them from the world. The smaller angel feels overwhelmed with love and happiness, wanting to hide away in this moment in time forever. Wanting the pain, the doubt, the weight of his responsibility, all of it to just dissapear behind the shield that is Toshinori’s wings.


Izuku’s dreams still haunt him, the hopelessness hiding under the reassuring face he puts up. But even if he doesn’t show it, he can still feel it. Can still feel the spell eating up the emotion, making him weak and exhausted. He still has no idea what to do, how can he, one weak angel, save existence? Toshinori says he is proud now, but he will be disappointed in him for sure.


Izuku clutches onto his mentor’s shirt even tighter, pushing all thoughts out of his head to instead focus on the steady beating of Toshinori’s heart.


It takes several minutes for them to both calm down, faces red and sticky from crying. As soon as Izuku stops hiccuping, he leans back to properly look at his mentor’s wings for the first time. It finally makes sense why he never showed them around the house.


Midnight black feathers line up neatly, each one groomed to perfection, the wings spanning out to each side of Toshinori. They’re gorgeous and Izuku can’t help but run his fingers along several feathers, feeling the softness against his hand.


‘Wings have always shown the truth behind an angel,’ Toshinori starts explaining. ‘But they don’t show the innocence; that is just another plot to make sure angels don’t rebel.’


Izuku watches as the blond plucks one of the feathers off the inside of his wing, holding it up so it catches the light. Izuku stares in wonder as the red glow from the sun turns the feather into a shimmering jewel, the black shining with a crimson halo.


‘No, the darker an angel’s wings are, the more power they have. Endeavour probably has a light grey colour, but he doesn’t want any angel to threaten him so he lies. Now whenever an angel does anything that could increase their power, they stop instantly because it darkens their wings and makes them believe they’re doing something impure.’


He lowers the feather again and places it in one of Izuku’s palms, closing Izuku’s fingers around it in the process. The greenet only has a moment to wonder what is going on before Toshinori is stepping away, a melancholy smile adorning his face.


‘I wish I could help you more with all of this. Act like a proper father and train you properly myself. I still have so many things I want to do with you, but I can’t stay. I have to return to the main castle to help prepare hell for war.’


‘B-but, I- we-’


Toshinori gives him a reassuring smile, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.


‘Don’t worry my boy, I will come see you many times in the next few weeks. We still need to get you ready for the war as well. After all, your body has to become strong to be able to contain the power!’


Izuku calms at hearing that his mentor won’t leave him completely. He doesn’t think he could bear with having to say goodbye again, especially so soon after re-uniting with him.


Toshinori starts leading him back inside, down to where Katsuki and Mitsuki wait, all the while keeping a protective hand on Izuku’s shoulder. The two demons pause their conversation as the angels enter, both their eyes roaming over Izuku to check for any signs of distress.


The air is thick with tension, everyone unusually grave, standing silently around the counter. Toshinori is the first to break the silence, requesting if he could speak to Katsuki privately. The demon gives a bewildered glance to Izuku who only shrugs in response and decides to sit and finish his breakfast.


Katsuki follows after the retreating back of the tall angel, his steps confident while his thoughts are not. What did Toshinori want with him? He did hurt Izuku a lot in the past few weeks, evident with all the marks on the small angel’s body. Could Toshinori want to hurt him for hurting Izuku? As strong as Katsuki is, a fight with the angel could be a struggle with all that muscle and power. Never the less if he wants a fight, he’ll get one.


The angel stops abruptly and turns to Katsuki. The demon almost flinches, almost, his muscles tensing in anticipation for some sort of fight. He calms his beating heart and sets his face to be completely emotionless. No weaknesses.


‘What do you want?’


Okay, so that might have been a bit too harsh, but Toshinori doesn’t seem to mind too much. He’s only giving Katsuki a small smile, gratitude radiating from his body. Gratitude? The fuck?


‘Thank you young man, for taking care of Izuku. You show signs of being a true hero!’


Katsuki bristles at that. He had been hurting Izuku which yes, helped save him, but it does not change the fact that he had been causing the angel pain. He is no hero.


‘Call me what you want old man, but I’m no fucking hero.’ He spits out, a glare pointed at the angel. Katsuki has to look up to properly see the angel’s face which pisses him off even further. Fucking angels having to be so fucking tall. Izuku has the perfect height for Katsuki, perfect for- no, okay, no, he needs to focus on the situation at hand.


Toshinori only chuckles and Katsuki glowers at him further, hoping that will be enough to shut him up. Did the angel actually want something or can he leave? Katsuki just wants to get back to Izuku and never let him out of his sight again. The idiot seems to be some kind of magnet for trouble.


‘Now young Katsuki, the reason I want to talk to you, I have a favour to ask of you. It is vital for Izuku’s health!’


Katsuki perks up at that. Now this is more like it. Something he could actually do rather than just sit around doing nothing.


‘Izuku needs to build his strength and mental control ready for the power he will receive once he accepts the darkness. The original plan was that I would train him, but I have to help your mother prepare for an attack that may happen soon, meaning you have to train Izuku. You have to teach him how to fight, train his body to physically be stronger as well as make sure he strengthens his mental resilience.’


Sounds easy enough, he’s the best at this stuff anyway. Katsuki nods his head to show he understands, waiting for the angel to continue. Toshinori looks relieved at the quick reply, glad to know that he doesn’t have to find anybody else to help Izuku.


‘I will be able to come several times to help but you will have to do most of the work yourself. Hopefully it will be enough; at this point the only way we can help Izuku is to prepare him, the rest he has to figure out himself.’


Toshinori looks contemplative for a few seconds, before his shoulders slump in sorrow. Katsuki startles at the sudden change in emotion, waiting to see if he will get any explanation from the angel. He doesn’t have to wait long.


‘Try to go easy on his wings please? They’re... they’re so broken...’ He murmurs, voice small and tired compared to his tall strong body.


Understanding floods Katsuki as he thinks of how tattered Izuku’s wings are. He’s still confused about that, he didn’t touch the angel’s wings. Why were they so broken?


‘Why are his wings so fucking wrecked? I made sure not to harm them.’


Toshinori sighs and looks in the general direction of the kitchen. If he strains, Katsuki can just about make out the sound of Mitsuki talking to Izuku, the small angel giggling at whatever she is saying. Toshinori turns to look at him again, a sad smile gracing his lips.


‘An angel’s wings reflect their mental state. Preening and grooming them can make your mind more stable, but with what Izuku is going through, I doubt he’d even want to look at his wings, let alone touch them.’


He wants to throw up. That is how bad Izuku’s mental state is? No wonder he collapsed under all the pressure yesterday. Why doesn’t the idiot just get over it and preen them if it helps so much? He needs to remember to try and get Izuku to look after his wings, that should help right?


He ponders that idea for a while longer, not noticing Toshinori walking towards him until the angel clasps his hand on his shoulder. Another reassuring smile (seriously what the fuck is with that) and some unspoken words later and they’re both stepping apart, ready to go back to the others.


When they enter the kitchen, they find Izuku and Mitsuki crying with laughter. Well, Mitsuki is laughing, Izuku just has his head on the table trying to laugh but being too out of breath so it sounds more like a dying seal. The angel takes a deep breath, trying to gain some sort of composure, before taking one look at Katsuki and collapsing in a heap of giggles, tears streaming down his face.


‘Mum. What the fuck did you do?’


He walks over to Izuku’s side, poking the greenet, who has now resorted to trying to muffle his snorts in one of his hands. Mitsuki looks innocently at Katsuki, eyes wide and puppy like as she claims she did absolutely nothing. Suddenly Izuku shoots up, shoulders still shaking, and stares at Katsuki.


‘Did you really get stuck on the roof wearing your mum’s heels and dress?’


Izuku starts laughing again as Katsuki’s stomach drops to the floor and he whirls on Mitsuki, teeth bared, palms crackling with small explosions.


‘Don’t fucking talk about that shit old hag! What the fuck!’ He yells, getting angrier by the second. Stupid shitty ass parents having to go around and ruin his reputation. And to Izuku of all people as well.


Mitsuki looks extremely smug as she stands up to meet Katsuki, giving him a small pat on the head.


‘There, there, we all know you have a teenage girl inside of you.’


Izuku explodes into shaking giggles again and Katsuki is thisfuckingclose to blowing something up, when an alarm starts beeping. The laughing sputters out and the atmosphere turns stale again as everyone sits in silence. The beeping fills the room before Mitsuki finally slams her hand on it, breaking the thing into tiny splintered remnants.


No one seems to want to move; moving meaning having to say goodbye and leaving. Izuku looks miserable and Katsuki wishes back the laughter from before. Maybe those embarrassing stories weren’t that bad after all.


Toshinori is the first to get up, promising Izuku he’d be back within the week to begin his training regimen, with Mitsuki following his example.


The goodbyes are swift and tear filled (for Izuku and Toshinori), ending with Katsuki and Izuku standing in the doorway as the other two make their way to the edge of the property. Toshinori gives one final wave, before they both teleport away back to Bakugou Castle, leaving Izuku and Katsuki to face the night alone.


Chapter Text

It’s late in the evening, the sun almost set with the last rays of sunlight painting the walls of the living room a deep red.


After Toshinori and Mitsuki had left, Katsuki and Izuku were both left fumbling for ideas on how to spend the rest of the day, too tired for any proper action but too awake for sleep.


When Katsuki had suggested just having a movie night, Izuku was too exhausted to provide any other ideas, his head still messed up from the breakdown. They both piled up the pillows on one of the sofas in the living room, sitting themselves down on opposite ends, before picking out any random movie to watch.


This is how they find themselves, many movies and many hours later, bodies stiff from not moving with popcorn in their (mainly Izuku’s) hair and eyes blinking tiredly in exhaustion. The movie rages on, explosions filling the screen (Katsuki had picked this one) while the main character zooms by on a motorbike.


Izuku likes the movies that Katsuki has to offer. They always have a happy ending with the main character saving the world no matter how dire the situation. If only real life could be so simple. One good guy, one evil antagonist that had to be blown up and a happy ending. The hot guys would also be a bonus, but he already has one of those he thinks as he looks over to the demon.


Abruptly realising what he had been thinking, Izuku whips is head back to the screen, a mad blush painting his cheekbones. Whatwhatwhatwhatwhat. Okay so the demon might be very good looking and attractive, but that meant nothing right? It’s like saying a friend has good looks. Yea? Yea. It’s fine. Completely fine. He just needs to focus on the movie. Movie. Yes. Explosions, very nice. Almost as nice as – NO.


He berates himself, trying to calm his erratic heartbeat. At this rate, Katsuki might notice him acting weird and, well, that would just make the matter so much worse. But in reality, Izuku doesn’t need to worry because said demon has zoned out for the past half an hour, thinking about what Toshinori had told him.


An angel’s wings shows their mental state and preening them helps level it out, but Izuku obviously isn’t taking care of them. Should he try ordering the angel to preen them? No, that would be too harsh. He’s going to have to find a way for his wings to be looked after without Izuku having to actually do it himself. Suggest a bath? Get Toshinori to do it? Get a professional groomer? Does that even exist?


Well if he doesn’t want to groom and preen them, maybe he’d let Katsuki do it for him? That could work right? it’s is probably like washing yourself so it would be like washing a friend when they’re unable to do it themselves.


He’s helped his friends clean up many times, usually Kirishima when he got too drunk and started throwing up. Or the several times he helped his dad clean up after a panic attack.


That might actually work! If Izuku doesn’t want to do it then he can do it for him. That should help cheer him up a little and balance his mental state. If not then it would at least make his wings healthier.


‘Hey Izuku.’


The angel startles and whips his head around to look at Katsuki, green curls bouncing lightly around his face, the movie forgotten in the background.


‘Do you want me to preen your wings for you?’ He asks and Izuku stares in shock at the bluntness.


For angels, wing grooming and preening is something extremely personal and intimate, only done between close family or more often lovers and partners. Technically preening is part of the later stages in courting someone. Why would Katsuki want to- oh, he probably doesn’t know. But that doesn’t stop Izuku from knowing exactly how intimate it would be. His wings are extremely sensitive after all and nobody has ever preened them except for when Toshinori was teaching him how to do it himself.


He would feel every single brush of Katsuki’s fingers against his feathers, every touch against the muscles in this wings. The thought alone makes goosebumps rise and his wings twitch in anticipation.


‘Look if you don’t want me to, then just say that and we can forget I ever asked,’ Katsuki grumpily adds, waiting for some sign of rejection from Izuku.


The greenet jumps slightly and fumbles for a response, ‘U-uh, o-okay? That would be quite uh – nice?’


Yes, Izuku reasons, the demon definitely does not know the significance of wing preening. He probably just wants to help Izuku, or maybe he wants to try cleaning up his wings so the demon doesn’t have to see a disgraceful sight everyday. Anyway, Izuku doesn’t want to hurt his feelings by rejecting the offer, friends could wing groom each other right? It doesn’t mean anything, and it’s not like anyone’s going to see them... Right?


Izuku hesitantly shifts so that he faces away from the demon, wings stretched out slightly to each side. Katsuki responds by shifting closer to him, Izuku hyper aware of how the sofa dips slightly behind him. This is fine, completely fine. It doesn’t mean anything-


‘How do I do this?’ Katsuki asks softly, the question making Izuku jump again.


After fumbling slightly, Izuku sets to work explaining the different regions on his wings, mumbling about how to clean each section, placing the feathers in place, making sure they are sufficiently waterproof, removing the broken or dead feathers, massaging the sore spots, brushing-


‘Okay okay geez. I get it. No need to go into too much detail.’


Izuku flushes after realising he was muttering and is about to apologise, but is cut off when he feels fingers brushing through his wings, a gasp leaving his mouth. Damn. That feels absolutely amazing.


Katsuki concentrates hard, hands working carefully to not catch his claws on any feathers, making sure to be gentle in areas where his wings are patchier and the skin becomes scarred. Even broken and mottled, Katsuki thinks Izuku’s wings are beautiful and soft, an echo of their previously perfect state.


The demon strains to remember all the points Izuku had muttered about, trying to make this in any way beneficial and nice for the angel. He shifts slightly, head leant to the side to see Izuku’s face. His eyes have fluttered closed, face relaxed in pure bliss with his cheeks tinted a light rose. Hmm, it seems to be working.


For several minutes Katsuki works on shifting all the feathers to be in their right place, simultaneously brushing out any old feathers and oiling them (unlike a bird’s feathers, angel feathers produce oil at the base, it only needs to be rubbed in). He then switches to a section further inwards, close to Izuku’s back, where he can feel the muscle under the feathers.


An idea springs in his head and he starts massaging any tension out of the muscles, coaxing Izuku to moan in happiness. The angel’s head droops and his body starts subconsciously shifting to the side until he is leant on the back of the sofa. With each brush of his thumb along the muscles, Katsuki can feel Izuku relax more and more until almost all the tension has left his body.


As soon as Katsuki finishes the back he shifts around to reach the other side of Izuku’s wings. Now sitting directly opposite the angel, he can clearly see the relaxed expression, eyes closed and mouth set in a small lazy smile.


The feathers are smaller and softer on this side of the wing, resembling the down feathers filling one of Katsuki’s jackets. The demon marvels at the majesticness of Izuku’s wings. They may be frayed and weak, but they still span out elegantly in the same way the wings of a bird of prey would. If they were stronger they’d be perfect for gliding along the wind, through the clouds and rays of light.


Katsuki can clearly imagine green curls whipping in the breeze, forest eyes alight with happiness and freedom, a bright smile and joyful laugh – whoa okay. Where the fuck did that come from? Katsuki shakes his head and continues brushing the feathers.


He just switches to the other wing when he realises that Izuku has fallen asleep, his lashes casting faint shadows over his cheeks. The demon smirks triumphantly and quickly finishes preening the wings before shifting the angel so he’s lying down properly, head resting on one of the bigger pillows.


Izuku mumbles slightly, face scrunching into a displeased expression, but doesn’t wake up. Katsuki stands to grab one of the blankets on the end of the sofa and returns to Izuku to carefully lay the blanket over him.


Once satisfied that the angel is as comfortable as possible, Katsuki returns to his place on the sofa, turning the movie off in the process. He just sits there for a while, watching the rise and fall of Izuku’s chest, his heartbeat pounding in his chest for some reason. Huh, he should do more excersize if his pulse is increasing just from walking across a room.


Pushing the thought aside, he focuses on how tired he is, sleep not sounding too bad. After remembering what happened the last time he left Izuku to sleep on his own, Katsuki decides to lie down and sleep in the living room too. That way if anything happens he’d be there right away.


It doesn’t take long for his eyes to droop shut, falling into a gentle sleep, lulled by the light snores coming from the other end of the sofa. For the first time in weeks, the house is peacefully silent.


Chapter Text

Duck. Step back. Twist. Jump right- too late. Too focused on scrambling out of the way, Izuku doesn’t notice the arm coming around until he is launched to the floor, body pinned by the weight of another on him. Desperate, he kicks up, bucking his hips to try and throw off the other. It doesn’t work, every limb now trapped under a body of pure muscle and power.


No escape, he’s going to have to be creative. Izuku relaxes his muscles, pretending defeat before suddenly smashing his head up to collide with the other’s. A muffled curse is all he hears before he sprints away, wings held close to his body as he weaves in between the tress. Keep running. Run run run! Faster, he has to go faster. Just need to get away, back to the mansion. He’ll be safe there.


Footsteps thud behind him and Izuku instinctively dodges, evading a sneak attack by a hair’s width. The attacker comes closer, catching up to the tired angel with each step. Izuku wills his legs to go faster, be stronger, hold out long enough for him to escape.


A glimpse of black – the mansion! Relief flows through his body, his first mistake. Never think you’ve won until you’re safe. The next mistake: not focusing on his feet. A single innocent branch is all it takes to send him hurling through the air, body crashing into the muddy ground. His almost healed chest bursts into pain and his arms bleed from the numerous scratches he got while running through thorns.


Ignoring the agony in his body, his arms try to push him back up, eyes focused on the mansion. He’ll be safe there. Before he can get anywhere at all, the weight is back on him, pushing his face down into the ground. Fangs brush against his neck, sharp pinpricks where they nearly burst his skin, and Izuku resigns himself to his fate.


‘Dead,’ Katsuki whispers, breaths controlled and even compared to Izuku’s ragged gasps.


‘What was it this time?’ He asks as the demon stands up, holding out a hand to help Izuku stand. His legs are wobbly and aching from all the running he’s been doing and he bends over in a desperate attempt to fill his lungs with air again.


‘You forgot to look where you were running. Don’t let the sight of the mansion make you think you’re safe. You’re also just incredibly slow, we’ll need to train up you strength and muscles.’


Izuku nods to himself, muttering about different excersizes he’d researched while he follows the demon back into the house. They had started training last week, each day hard and gruelling with many hours of running through scenarios and different excersize regimens, each designed to help him build up his strength, combat abilities and willpower.


His destructive nightmares and the spell barely had any chance at causing him pain throughout the day with how exhausted he is. He still hurts sometimes in the dead of night when the demon is fast asleep, the pain ripping apart his seams, but he doesn’t want to bother Katsuki, instead figuring out a way to hurt himself enough to combat the agony. The demon doesn’t know about it though and Izuku’s going to keep it that way, hiding away the marks he leaves on himself.


He drops himself on one of the stools in the kitchen, the demon placing a plate full of pre-prepared food in front of him. They had all the meals planned out to be as muscle building as possible, each dish full of protein and nutrients. He scarfs down the food in record time while Katsuki watches with a raised eyebrow.


‘M fngry,’ he replies, not slowing his pace in the slightest. His plate is finished way too quickly, leaving a glum angel to mope about the portion sizes. Stupid diets.


‘Oi, cheer up. I heard Toshinori is meant to come over today to train us.’ Izuku perks up, eyes shining hopefully. He’s coming today? This would be the first time Toshinori would train him physically and he can’t help but wonder what will happen. Will he focus on teaching him new ways to build up strength and endurance, or will he have some tricks to make him mentally stronger? Will he go through different simulations and battle scenarios? Could there be a chance that he will show them his power?


‘Stop mumbling nerd. C’mon lets see how long you can hold a plank.’


Several hours of more training pass before Toshinori arrives, a warm smile greeting Izuku as soon as he walks into the mansion. Katsuki leads them both upstairs to the terrace, where he climbs up a small ladder to the roof. It was flat and large, perfect for sparring and doing combat training.


Izuku can barely contain his excitement, hands fidgeting and curls bouncing with each step he takes. Training with the mighty Toshinori! This could be a dream for Izuku. While his mentor taught him a lot of theoretical things in heaven, he never got to actually train physically with him and the chance of doing so now shoots a happy nervous spark up his spine.


They stop in the middle of the roof, Toshinori revealing his wings while he shakes out his limbs. Izuku and Katsuki follow his lead and stretch out their muscles, the angel wincing at the soreness of his muscles as well as the sting of… other injuries. Izuku shakes the distraction away, he needs to get stronger and ignore the pain, stop being weak and finally meet the expectations of everyone around him. He must improve, or die trying.


‘My plan for today is to improve how you fight together. If you get attacked, you will have to work together to win, protecting each other while trying to defeat the attacker. Let’s see how well you do.’


Without any other warning, Toshinori lunges forward, aiming for Izuku who is frozen with shock. Katsuki immediately intercepts, twisting his body to pull Toshinori away and fling him across the roof. The demon stands in front of Izuku, arms wide ready to protect him from any attack.


‘Damn nerd watch out!’ He yells out before having to intercept another attack. Toshinori keeps coming at them, throwing punch after punch, each time inching closer. The small angel stands helpless, limbs locked in place as awe and shock root his feet to the ground.


The archangel is beautiful when he fights. Deadly yes, but graceful so. Powerful muscles twist and ripple with each precise movement, centuries of experience shining through every move. The attacks come heavy and thunderous in a way that would make Izuku worry for Katsuki if he couldn’t see how well he is fighting back. He seems to be holding his own at the moment but while the strength seems equally matched, it’s still not enough to win against the angel.


They need a strategy, dammit brain think! Izuku is more of a liability to Katsuki with his weak state, he needs to try find another way of being useful. He closely observes the two others fighting, desperately trying to see any weaknesses or anything that could potentially be useful later on.


Toshinori and Katsuki dance around each other, bodies a flourish of attacks and blocks. Toshinori shifts his eyes to the right, but his wings twitch left- a trick! Izuku wants to yell out but he’s too late. As if in slow motion, he sees the punch come from unexpected side, the blow connecting with the demons jaw and launching his body to the other end of the roof.


In a flash Izuku finds himself face to face with the other angel, muscles tensing in anticipation. A punch comes from the left, he dodges back, only just evading the attack. He’s desperately trying to remember any of the points from combat training as he ducks below another punch. Think, think! Weak points! Aim for the neck.


He tries to bring his arm up, ready to hit Toshinori’s neck, when suddenly his wings are wrenched to the side. Toshinori flips him around and uses the momentum to throw him down onto the floor, Izuku’s lungs constricting at the impact of his back smashing into concrete. He watches in dazed confusion as a fist descends down towards him, not really understanding what is about to happen until a few seconds before impact. Oh shit.


Katsuki appears out of nowhere, crashing into Toshinori with explosions sparkling in his hands, giving Izuku all the time he needs to scramble back. The small angel can only lie on the floor gasping for a few seconds, trying to regain his breath while the fight goes on.


A dull thud is all the warning he gets before he is wrenched up again, body flying through the air and smashing into the ground. He rolls to the side, lungs heaving to get any sort of air inside, before evading a kick, standing up to take a few steps back.


He sees Katsuki running towards Toshinori from the other side, sees the opening it creates on his side, sees the opportunity to beat the other angel. Without thinking, he launches forward, aiming for the base of the other’s wings – and sees the twitch of the wings too late.


Within a heartbeat he’s been snatched from the air and flung into Katsuki, both of them flying through the air towards the end of the roof. Katsuki manages to twist them around before they hit the floor, taking the brunt of the impact himself while shielding Izuku’s body. It still hurts. A lot. His head throbbing and vision blurry again.


The momentum has them tumbling over each other, Izuku ending up trapped under Katsuki with his head ensnared between two strong arms while the demon growls out profanities. Katsuki curses inwardly at how strong Toshinori is, his egoistic side rearing its ugly head as the urge to win courses through his veins. He isn’t some weak toy to be chucked about, he’s the strongest demon in existence! He’s going to show that shitty archangel who’s boss! He’s going to-


His mind blanks as he looks down so see a pair of green eyes hazily stare up at him. He is so close to them, the emerald colour ensnaring his attention until all he can see is green green green. Dark velvety green, a forest of dark trees. Specks of lighter green merge into the cascade of colours, drawing him in deeper and deeper. He is meant to do something, he knows he’s meant to be concentrating on… something, but all rationality is stripped away. Only green remains.


Katsuki needs to get closer. He wants that forest to swallow him alive, to hide in the greens of that gaze until his world is reduced to only Izuku. Izuku with soft green hair, smooth skin, freckles – god he loves those freckles. His heart lurches, wanting more, so much more.


Distantly he notices he’s closing the space between them, aching to brush his lips against the angel’s. To see those green eyes alight with pleasure. To hear his name slip from Izuku’s mouth. Fuck he’s fallen for the angel. Several weeks of denying did nothing to stop the truth, the greenet still managing to break through his boundaries, throwing his feelings into his face until he can’t ignore them any more.


He likes Izuku. Likes him as more than a friend. As someone he wants to kiss breathless. Someone he wants to kiss right now. Weren’t angels meant to be the ones that fall, not demons?


Their breaths mingle, Izuku’s enchanting eyes widening slightly as he gets closer, closer-


A sudden tug at his horns and Katsuki is ripped away, crashing into the ground as Toshinori pins him to the floor with his wings. Fuck! The combat training! Looking over, he sees Izuku trapped in the same way he is under a powerful black wing. Dammit! He should have been paying attention to the attacker! He looks up to see a smug smile on Toshinori’s face.


‘I win.’



Izuku sits on the sofa with his knees pulled up tight to his chest, intently listening to what Toshinori is currently explaining. He’s been going on for several hours, giving hints and pointers to each of their fighting technique as well as how to cooperate better to protect each other in a fight. Apparently they were absolute crap before with an immense amount of mistakes that would have gotten them killed in a real fight. Great.


He looks over to see Katsuki sulking in the corner, murderous expression set on the archangel. He’s not sure why but ever since their fight the demon has been extremely angry, face set in a scowl that could scare the bravest of men. Izuku wonders why he could be so mad, does he not like losing? His pride could be slightly damaged but that doesn’t explain why he’s so immensely angry.


There was that one moment where they crashed into each other, but Izuku had hit his head pretty hard and the moment is kind of hazy so he can’t quite remember what happened. Did he do something to upset the demon by accident? Wait, is he so angry because Izuku got in his way and caused them to lose? Shame courses through his veins at the idea that he is weak enough to disgrace not only himself but Katsuki as well. Is that why he’s so annoyed?


Toshinori faces him again and he focuses on the lecture, deciding to figure out the problem later.


‘One key point is to not get distracted. Don’t turn your back on the enemy long enough for them to get the upper hand, that is how I ultimately won in the end. Yes, you may have been slightly off balance when you crashed together but you need to make sure you regain your composure quickly.’


He looks at them both seriously, gaze focusing on Katsuki at the end, ‘I know you want to protect Izuku but you can’t put yourself at risk. Protecting Izuku too much will get you killed in a real combat situation. You need to work on your recovery time as well; if you crash with Izuku again you won’t have the time to feel disorientated, you need to get up straight away.’


Izuku sees the demon nod out of the corner of his eyes and he starts thinking about the crash again, straining to remember any significant details. He seems to remember seeing… red. A lot of red; filling the sky as well as his senses. Oh no… did Katsuki injure himself? Izuku sneaks another glance towards the blonde, but he can’t see any visible signs of any blood or damage.


Katsuki turns and catches him staring, his scowl turning more prominent as he jerks away to look out the window. The brash reaction stings slightly and Izuku sets his miserable gaze on the floor. Of course he is so stupidly incompetent he manages to anger the demon. God he’s so stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.


Toshinori seems to feel the tension in the room, words slowing before he suggests they take a break and leave the training for another day. He needs to get back to the castle anyway.


Izuku leads him to the front door, Toshinori giving him some last minute hints for his individual training as he approaches the exit. With a final goodbye and promise of coming by again soon, the archangel disappears into the scenery, leaving Izuku standing in the doorway alone with his emotions. It only takes a few seconds before a distraction presents itself.


‘Oi Izuku, have you ever gotten drunk?’


He flinches slightly at the sudden presence, expecting the demon to be angry with him. When nothing happens, he hesitantly shakes his head to answer the question, following the demon’s steps into the kitchen. As soon as Izuku sits himself down, Katsuki places a line of shot glasses in front of him, filling each with a heavy smelling liquor. He stares forlorn at whatever is in front of him, unsure what he’s meant to do.


Katsuki picks one glass up from the end and Izuku follows his lead, waiting to see what the demon does next. One sly grin and suddenly the blond is tipping his head back, pouring the shot down his throat before slamming the glass on the counter. Izuku copies his actions, spluttering and couching at the burning sensation licking down his throat.


‘Oh man I’m going to get you so wasted you won’t know what hit you,’ Katsuki flashes an evil grin and pushes the next glass towards him. Several shots later and Izuku’s head is buzzing, vision blurry and verbal filter non existent, talking at a mile an hour with no signs of stopping any time soon.


Katsuki sways dangerously from side to side as he makes fun of Izuku’s intolerance for alcohol. He snatches the bottle away from Izuku as the angel tries to pour himself another drink, chugging down the alcohol straight from the bottle while Izuku giggles relentlessly at the sight.


The demon finishes the bottle and slides it away, an idea forming in his head as he watches the angel laugh. Oh shit the angel looks cute with his red cheeks and nose. So fucking cute.


‘Hey, hey ‘Zuku, we sh’ld make d’nner,’ he slurs out, grinning at Izuku’s excited expression. Heh, he looks like some sort of excited puppy.


The angel nods furiously, his curls whipping around with every jerky motion. He staggers over to the stove, steps wobbly with each giggle he emits. Blindly, he looks through the cupboards, searching for something to cook. He gives a triumphant cry when he finds that something, pulling it out before handing it to Katsuki as he looks for the toaster.


The demon looks down to see… pasta? Heh, pasta sounds like a good idea. Everything the angel does is a good idea. So perfect. Perfect green curls. Perfect freckles. Perfect lips. Fuck he’s so whipped.


Izuku takes the packet again, ripping it open before pouring the pasta into the toaster. Wait, that’s not quite perfect.


‘Whtre you dng?’ Katsuki asks slightly bewildered.


‘Crispy pasta!’ Izuku giggles and turns the heat on. The demon nods his head; crispy pasta sounds like an even better idea than pasta. Perfect food from a perfect chef.


He lurches to Izuku’s side, the movement catching Izuku’s eyes, making him turn towards the demon. Damn those green eyes are so pretty. He should tell Izuku how pretty they are.


‘Zuku you’re sooooooo-’ he starts, before his brain realises how he should definitely not tell Izuku how pretty his eyes are, ‘-ooooo uslss. Cn’t defnd yourslf at all. Heh, dfensles Zuku. I shld call youuuuuu Deku! Heh. Cause yre sooooo usleeeessss’


Izuku’s eyes widen at the insult, face set into an adorable pout as he yells protests.


‘Noooooooooo. ‘M not dfen… defnsl… desnfl…. Ugh! ‘M not! Dnt call me Deku!’


‘Watr you gong to do abt it… Deku?’ He retorts, face set in a smug grin, feeling wholly pleased with himself. The feeling increases when he sees the offended expression form in front of him.


‘Nooooooo. Ugh fine, if you call me Deku, ‘m gon call youuuuuuuuu Kacchan! Bcos you’re so fluffy undr that mean outside you put’p.’


‘Fuck no! ‘M not fluffy!’ He yells, trying to set off a few small explosions in his hands. It doesn’t work, his head to cloudy with alcohol to concentrate enough. The small giggles are too cute to be put out anyway.


‘W’tre you gon do abt it… Kacchan?


Oh that was it! Did that nerd think he could really challenge him? Fuck no! He’s the strongest and he always wins! The demon growls menacingly, but the alcohol twists it to sound weird and Izuku just laughs right at him. Oh hell no. He leans forward.




Izuku shifts forward, meeting his challenge head on.












They’re so, too close. Noses almost brushing each other as their breaths twist around each other. Katsuki doesn’t know what to do, except try to close the gap the last little bit- BANG!


Izuku yells in surprise, body lurching back until he overbalances and crashes to the floor. The demon looks to the counter in bewilderment, seeing the toaster burning after having exploded. Well fuck.


Chapter Text

Months fly past Izuku like insects in summer, he know they’re there but he can never quite catch them. He feels the time pass, every minute ticking along on an invisible timer while all he can do is try to keep up. The war comes closer every day, the effects cracking through the normal in Izuku’s life until the world is only a memory of what it used to be.


Toshinori comes less and less, his duties growing until they chain him to the castle while Izuku is left to train himself to exhaustion everyday. The forest sways with hushed whispers, leaves darkening in the face of war. Rather than comfort him, the mansion suffocates Izuku, its tight grasp leaving him gasping with barely contained panic attacks when he wakes in the dark of night.


Katsuki also changes, the tension making him more brash and uncontrolled with his emotions. Izuku can feel his anxiousness under the nonchalant facade he hides behind, can see the tension in his jaw when Izuku isn’t progressing fast enough, can hear the pacing and explosions in the dead of night when the other believes he is asleep. The mansion is overflowing with stress, both inhabitants on edge in the face of a possible attack.


Through it all, Izuku still battles with the sharp claws of the spell and his insecurity. The pain he used to cause himself is not enough any more, the stress amplifying any negative side effects enough to overwhelm any cuts he carves into his skin. Even when the blood ends up covering his legs in a dark sheen, the pain is not enough. It leaves Izuku cutting deeper, over and over again, the only reason for not bleeding out being his natural fast healing.


While the wrong and the pain cloud most days, a few rays of light still shine in the dark times. The small private moments where Izuku and Katsuki eat in silence, basking in each other’s presence. The now daily habit of preening Izuku’s wings every evening before bed. The small victories when he manages to do those extra few reps or last a few more seconds when trying to outrun the demon. The dazzling rush of finally landing a punch on Katsuki, even if he had his feet knocked out from under him right away after.


The small moments build up, making the Hellish time bearable enough to have Izuku getting out of bed every morning, the pain outshone by the few bright times.


He smiles to himself as he sits on the edge of the roof, watching the sunrise paint the sky with its magnificent colours. Izuku knows that he has progressed a lot compared to where he used to be. Not enough, but he has progressed. When he had finally built up the courage to look in the mirror a week back, he had found a muscular body staring back, strong where he used to be weak and scarred where he used to be smooth.


While his wings are still too wrecked to let him fly, his legs are now strong enough to let him run for hours through the woods. His stamina and combat skills have also improved drastically until sparring sessions are spent actually sparring rather than waiting for Izuku to get off the floor again.


The first ray of sunlight caresses his face and Izuku tilts his head up to bask in the warm glow. He’s made it a habit to watch the sunrise every morning while Katsuki goes to the city to buy food and any other supplies they need. At first he had spent hours trying to convince the demon to let him come, even resorting to near begging, but the demon remained stubborn in his decision. Izuku understands his logic, the mansion is safe, the city is not. Still, the angel wishes he could see something new, something exciting, something like a large city full of Hell’s creatures and cultures.


A cough behind him nearly has him falling off the roof in fright, head whipping around to see who the intruder is. Katsuki stands behind him, shoulders tense and face set in a small scowl that Izuku now knows means that the demon is embarrassed and nervous. He’s wearing his city clothes, black jeans with a shirt and leather jacket, with a backpack slung over one shoulder.


‘What’re you doing here Kacchan,’ he asks, the nickname easily sliding off his tongue, ‘I thought you had already gone to the city?’


That was another thing he loved and cherished in the past months. After that drunken evening, they both woke up completely smashed (and that was with superhuman alcohol tolerance) with a broken toaster and two shiny new nicknames. While the hangover receded and the toaster got replaced, the nicknames stuck, first as a teasing joke, then as a more endearing term of affection. Either way, hearing Katsuki call him Deku always left his chest fluttery and heartbeat pounding, cheeks heating up to a light blush.


Okay so he might have developed a tiiiinnnnnyyyy crush on the demon, but that’s completely normal isn’t it? People get crushes all the time, it’s natural to develop feelings for someone if you live close to them for long enough. Especially if said person is extremely jaw dropping hot and gorgeous.


‘Yea about that, I want you to come with me today.’


Izuku immediately perks up, scrambling to his feet with an enormous grin stretched wide on his face. He’s going to the city! He can finally leave the mansion and forest!


‘With an attack due at any moment I don’t want to leave you completely alone so I want to take you with me. That way if something happens, I can protect you. But I have some rules so if you want to come, you have to follow them, got it?’


Green curls bounce as Izuku nods his head in vigour, eyes alight with excitement. The city! There’s bond to be so many different people and types of species, he’s going to have to take his notebook, then he can ask people about their powers and roles and-


‘First rule, no talking to anyone.’


Damn. There goes that plan. Oh well, he can still have a great time just hanging out with the demon. He can go shopping for food! How exciting! Izuku always wanted to know what a supermarket in Hell looks like. Would there be different types of food for the different species? Would there be different sections or completely different shops? The possibilities are endless and the thought of finding out makes the angel hop about in anticipation.


Katsuki can barely keep the victorious grin off his face at seeing the poorly hidden excitement as he continues to list the rules, ‘Rule two, stay close to me and don’t wander off. I still need to protect you and I can’t do that if you are too far away.’


The demon inspects Izuku a short while, eyes roaming over the firm muscle as he reminds himself that the angel could most probably handle himself at the moment. His eyes end up settling on the healing wings, the sight of the feathers bringing up the memory of their intimate evening habit, the ghost of soft feathers and firm muscle making his hand twitch, aching to touch Izuku’s wings.


Katsuki’s emotions turn ugly as he thinks of how other people’s eyes are going to taint those beautiful wins. NO! They’re his to see, only his. Nobody else is allowed to see them, none of those disgusting lowly extras with their sickening fantasies. No, Izuku’s wings are for Katsuki alone.


‘The last rule is you need to hide your wings at all times,’ he finishes, grin small and smug as he pockets his victory. The small questioning glance from Izuku is all it takes to have him backtracking, reeling for some sort of excuse for such an unexpected rule, brain scrambling in barely concealed panic. Nevertheless he manages to keep his cool composure on the outside.


‘Ugh, well, it’s not a good idea for everyone around us to know you’re an angel. That would only create problems for us and make us more suspicious, especially with the war coming. We don’t need any of that attention on us.’


Izuku accepts the explanation easily, not noticing the discreet relieved sigh that escapes the demon. That was damn close. The angel definitely did not need to know about his possessive tendencies regarding his wings. Just like he doesn’t need to know about his stupid crush. After realising his own feelings towards Izuku, Katsuki had set some ground rules for himself, don’t tell Izuku, don’t try to kiss him, don’t go easy on him in training and don’t ever get drunk with him again.


The demon knows Izuku doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, why should he anyway? Katsuki basically kidnapped him and forced him to live with him. While the greenet seems to have accepted his fate, there is no guarantee he even likes living with him, maybe even secretly hoping for the war to come soon so he can finally leave again. The thought hurts, he has to admit, the dull ache festering in his chest at all times.


But he had to be realistic, as soon as the time comes, Izuku will leave. Once this is all over he will go and live with Toshinori again, maybe even leaving to go back to heaven where he never has to see Katsuki ever again. What a fucking tragedy.


For now he focuses on leading Izuku downstairs, stopping shortly along the way to let Izuku get some different clothes to put on. When he comes out of his room, his wings have disappeared, their absence sending a small twinge of sadness through Katsuki. Izuku’s apparent happiness and excitement all but make up for it though, his joyful mood infectious in a way that leaves the demon with a small smile on his face.


With everything ready to go, and Izuku on the verge of exploding, they finally leave the house, the door shutting softly behind them as they make their way along the boardwalk. The lake laps softly at the beams, the red colour ominously dark and unsettling in its gentle state. While the ball of anxiety twists in Katsuki’s chest, Izuku seems to not be affected, nothing able to disturb his excited skipping.


The walk to the edge of the lake is short and soon enough they find themselves on the edge of Katsuki’s land, where the path dissolves into the forest to not be followed any further. It was perfect for privacy, nobody being able to find it unless they knew how to teleport here. Katsuki hated other people anyway, they’d just mess with his things and he’d rather be alone.


Teleporting is easy for the demon, second nature really after all the training he received when he was younger. The moment he grips Izuku’s arm is a weird twist of the first time Izuku and Katsuki met, now underlined with trust and security rather than fear and dread. The demon grins a smug smile at how far they’ve both come, their bond strong and deep. Not deep enough to stop him leaving. He shoves the ugly thought away, punching it to a deep corner in his mind to instead concentrate on teleporting them to the city. When they open their eyes again, the mansion has disappeared, leaving a bustling city instead.



When the city life invaded his senses, Izuku can do nothing but gasp and bask in awe of the structured chaos surrounding him. Skyscrapers. Cars. Shops. People. Everything is wild, untamed and free, everyone leading their own lives and routines separately in a way that should create mayhem and confusion. But it doesn’t. Everything seemed to know it’s place, weaving around each other to create a fresco of harmony. Izuku loves it.


Stumbling, he follows the pull of Katsuki’s firm grip, no idea where they’re going as his eyes roam the streets. They blend into the bustle of the creatures around them, inconspicuous enough to not be noticed by any harmful glances. He lets his emotions run wild and grins from ear to ear as he basks in the new surrounding. The mansion grew so boring after being locked in for so long.


Katsuki glances back at him, eyes mischievous and full of mirth, glinting in a way that makes Izuku’s heart stutter and cheeks flush bright. The demon pulls him out of the crowd, turning down a small side alley where the shadows hide them away from the life of the city. They run through the twists and turns of the narrow passages with their hands interlinked, racing each other to the point where their breaths are ragged with exhilaration.


The smell of street food, the view of the tall buildings, the feeling of his hand in Katsuki’s. Everything piles up to make this a moment he wants to ingrain in his mind forever. The stress of war melts away, worries fading until all that’s left is the two of them, running carefree and happy in the privacy of the small paths.


When the finally slow to a stop, they’re behind a towering skyscraper, one of the tallest in the entire city if Izuku had to guess. Katsuki reaches out one of his hands, placing it on the small backdoor. The metal around his hand glows for a short second before the door clicks open, the metal sliding to the side to reveal a small room.


‘Being the prince has its perks in the underworld. For example I’m allowed to go wherever the fuck I want.’


The demon gives him a coy grin before pulling him inside, turning sharply to the left where a spiral staircase lies. Izuku follows as he starts climbing the steps, one floor, two floors, three floors. Izuku loses count quickly, the levels blurring into each other as they continue to climb the stairs further and further up.


It’s just as his legs start trembling with effort that they finally stop, the staircase ending before another metal door. This time Katsuki just pushes on the handle, the door swinging open easily as they both step through to see… everything.


They’ve ended up climbing to the top of the building, now standing on the roof of the tallest building in the entire city. The view rolls out from where Izuku stands, reaching out to where the city ends at the foot of a large mountain. The sun shines down, every window gleaming red, yellow and orange like a fire spreading out across the city. He looks down in wonder, the cars looking like ants while the people turn into senseless blobs of colour.


Izuku’s smile grows impossibly wider as the rush of freedom flows through him. He could be a bird up here, flying above the city in the early morning, free from every anxiety and stress. He turns around to face Katsuki, finding the demon already staring at him with a dazed expression. His blond hair halos around his head, glowing against the red morning sky. Without thinking, Izuku throws his arms around Katsuki in a fierce hug.


‘Thank you so much Kacchan!’


The demon is frozen for a few seconds, and Izuku nearly worries he did something wrong, before he relaxes and lets out a small weak spirited ‘Tsk’. Strong arms circle around the angel’s body, cocooning him against his firm chest. Izuku hums happily with his one cheek smushed against the demon’s shoulder. Damn he has a nice shoulder.


Suddenly realising just how close he is to the demon, Izuku’s cheeks light on fire and he hastily steps away back to the railing, the vast landscape doing little to quench the racing of his heart. He looks back over to the mountain, seeing a large split in the earth run from the base to the centre of the city. The crack seemed to be bottomless, the darkness making his hair stand on end and neck prickle. To either side stands a tall wall, probably ten meters high and five meters wide, with guards stationed in regular intervals along it.


‘Hey Kacchan, what’s that?’ He questions, pointing one hand to the giant fracture that splits the city.


Katsuki’s face darkens, eyes grim and haunted where they follow the path of the crack. His hands are clenched tightly on the railing, every muscle tense as if ready to flee.


‘That, is the Pit. It’s a prison, well, the prison for the worst criminals and creatures. Once inside, you can never escape, no matter how powerful you may be. Legend says it robs you of all senses, leaving you completely alone with your mind to go insane for the rest of eternity. We have never purposefully dropped anyone inside there, nobody deserves that kind of torture. I… nearly fell inside when I was younger and… well.. yea, I avoid it as much as I can.’


A shiver racks through his spine, the void calling him to jump inside to allow it to snake its dark tendrils around him. Izuku tears away from the railing and marches to the other side of the roof, gaze roaming over the second half of the city. Here the houses and buildings go on forever, seemingly no ending to the bustling life. The further on he looks, the older the buildings get, the styles changing from modern to older until the city resembles an old medieval setting.


‘Many people die or go to Hell in different time periods. The city develops like Earth does, only nothing grows old here so the older styles don’t get renewed, the city only expands to incorporate more times.’


Izuku hums and looks on in wonder, the buildings like a timeline of history. He looks to the horizon, only just making out the shape of an enormous castle protruding from the ground. It must be even bigger than the skyscraper they’re standing on, its tall spires reaching far into the sky to pierce the rosy clouds. Katsuki grins and continues to explain.


‘That is the heart of Hell, the Bakugou Castle. It’s where my mum lives, where I used to live too before I demanded some privacy. Pretty cool huh?’


So that’s where Toshinori and Mitsuki are, Izuku thinks. Preparing for war in a gigantic castle every day. Though he can’t see that much of the actual architecture, the size is impressive and Izuku can only imagine what it might look like up close.


Once Izuku had drank up as much of the sight as he could, Katsuki leads him back down the stairs into the small backstreet. Rather than race through the city, Katsuki leads him through the streets slowly, giving him time to appreciate every detail around him. He imagines how the city grew through the ages, starting with small houses to end up as one giant hive of building and creatures.


The angel’s thoughts are ripped from the clouds back to earth as he is suddenly jerked to a stop. A supermarket casts its glow on Izuku as he stands wide eyed in wonder. The last time he went grocery shopping was about half a year ago whenever Toshinori asked him to go, he often missed the routine of it in the past months.


A short unbelieving huff is all the warning before a certain demon is pulling him along again, just now with a shopping trolley in the other hand. Izuku jabs his elbow into the demons side in protest and the demon retaliates by swiping his feet from under him, shoving him into the trolley before he can fall to the floor. Shaking away the dizziness of being flipped around, Izuku looks in bewilderment as he finds himself being pushed around by the demon, his feet sticking out over the side of the trolley.


‘Kaaaaacchhhaaaannnn please take me out of the trolley?’ He whines, eyes wide and puppy like in the way that usually gets him what he wants from Katsuki. A deadpan stare is all he gets and the angel knows he’s going to have to get himself out of this mess. Easier said than done with the way Katsuki is racing through the aisles.


He waits, poised for the perfect opportunity as the demon slows, reaches out to grab something, looks away… now. Arms taught, Izuku grips onto the sides of the trolley, balancing his weight evenly as he flips up into a handstand and pushes up until he is launching through the air, a somersault leading him on until he lands, graceful as a cat, next to Katsuki. He only has a few seconds to feel smug before a hand smacks him in the back of his head, eyes meeting with an impressed but pissed glare.


‘Idiot, we’re trying to not draw attention to ourselves. Don’t do fucking graceful stunts in a the supermarket of all places!’


A small pout is all the demon gets in retaliation, Izuku feeling slightly guilty for forgetting one of the key points in their trip. Still it doesn’t stop him from moping a little, hand rubbing at the slightly sore spot on the back of his head.


‘So mean Kacchan. So mean,’ he mutters, sticking close to the demon’s side as they continue shopping for the last few items.


The supermarket is just like the ones in Heaven and Earth just… bigger. A lot bigger. Each aisle seems to hold ten times the amount and variety of different things, with the meat selection even grander. With morbid curiosity, Izuku looks through the different packages of animal hearts, blood bags (different types for different flavours) and any other type of thing that could satisfy different creatures. He thinks he may have even seen brains further along, but Izuku quickly turns around and goes somewhere else before he can confirm that theory.


When Katsuki tells him he to wait while he goes and pays, Izuku thinks nothing of it, deciding to go outside and wait in front of the store where he can see the people walk past outside. He doesn’t think anything could hurt him, and he’s still close enough to the demon to be able to call for help should he need to. Well, that’s what he thought.


He’s so lost in the wonders of the city, he doesn’t notice the demon until he accidentally crashes into it, the creature lurching to the side and falling to the ground while Izuku lands on the floor next to it. As if in slow motion, Izuku sees the scaled demon whip his head around to him. Orange slit eyes. Gaze angry. So angry. He meekly tries to stutter out apologies but is promptly cut off. A slimy hand locks around his neck, lifting the angel into the air as the creature stands to its full height.


He’s choking, windpipe constricted under a firm grasp as he weakly attempts to call for Katsuki. The demon in front of him grins, rows of razor sharp teeth protruding a mere few inches from Izuku’s face as a gust of fish tainted breath skims his face. Panic roots itself in Izuku, adrenalin flooding his veins as his combat training kicks in, muscle memory guiding his limbs to attack.


Reptilian eyes widen as his foot connects to the side of its face, the kick strong enough to make the creature lurch back and grip loosen. Seems like all that training amounted to something after all. Fierce pride lights Izuku’s body on fire and he brings his feet in position to brace for the drop to the floor.


It never comes. Green eyes widen in shock and fear as the scaled face turns around slowly, teeth even closer to his face and expression radiating murder. He tries another attack in vain, his blows easily blocked as his body is raised even higher into the air, the grip on his throat tightening to the point where Izuku thinks he’ll never be able to breathe again. Black spots swim in his vision and he meekly realises that all his training amounts for absolutely nothing because in the end he’s still weak. Completely pathetically weak. Fighting skills don’t help if your opponent is made of pure strength.


A dark gravelly voice growls beneath him, but Izuku’s too near unconscious to understand any of the words said. His legs kick weakly in a last attempt to break free. He’s going to die. He’s going to die. He’s going to die.


Suddenly a furious roar resonates through the street and the grip around his throat disappears. He vaguely realises he’s been thrown to the side, body aching from the fall. A high pitched ringing resonates through his ears, the world tilting and spinning when he tries to open his eyes. Izuku still can’t breathe, his throat swollen to the point where each inhale turns to a strangled cough, the stinging taste of copper a stark contrast to the throbbing agony.


Distantly he hears yells and shouts, the road rumbling from the shock of an explosion. Then there are arm surrounding him, lifting him, tightening when he emits a rasping cry. The pain racks his body as he grips the person loosely, too weak to hold on properly.


Time blurs as his vision does, only the feeling of safety accompanying him through his conscious and unconscious state. Strong arms, a warm chest, a steady heartbeat next to his ears and through it all the deep hum of someone’s voice, the low murmurs comforting Izuku into a restful numbness.


Izuku drifts in the dark, the velvety void filling him until he is left with nothing except a sense of peace. Every now and again voices will float around him, sound warped as they wind around him, but they always fade away, leaving Izuku by himself. Sometimes his body will tingle and prickle, his throat and hands most of all, but the numb senselessness always seeps back in, an endless song of content.


He doesn’t know how long he drifts for, time meaningless in the dark, before shapes start forming around him. Something soft presses into his back, something else enveloping around him as well. Then comes the rigid lines of something to his left, blue orbs locked on his face. Something small and grey hovers by his head, another blur by his feet. But most of all is the bright gold hovering right next to him, a dazzling red gleaming from the middle, shinning stronger and more precise… no wait, his vision is focusing. He’s in a room, the softness being a bed and duvet. Around him are people, not abstract shapes and colours.


There’s Toshinori, his eyes warm, Mitsuki and another brown haired man by his feet, the healing demon from before by his head and last of all, Katsuki. Spiky hair, ruby eyes and a face filled with worry and… something else. Izuku blinks slowly, once, twice, then all the memories slam into him like a wave in a stormy sea. The demon, he thought he was going to die, the pain, the helplessness, the creeping darkness, the fear. Everything surges through him and he’s drowning, drowning.


Deep ruby red. Katsuki must have saved him, rescuing him from the jaws of death. He must be so ashamed, Izuku failed him completely. All that training for what? Izuku couldn’t even defend himself from one random demon. Dammit he’s supposed to be strong! He’s supposed to win the demons the war, he’s supposed to restore the balance! But he’s so weak. Not for the first time he wonders why he was chosen out of everyone. What can Izuku do but disappoint everyone?


A hand grips his own and he opens his eyes again to see Katsuki’s eyes filled with relief. A small smile curves his lips slightly and the grip on his hand tightens slightly. His gaze shouts that the demon isn’t disappointed, but that can’t be true right? Why would he not be angry? He’s failing everyone isn’t he?


‘Deku I’m so fucking glad you’re okay you damn nerd.’


Izuku holds back the tears as best as he can, the flood mostly locked away apart from a few lone tears that leak out of his eyes, sliding down over his cheek to disappear in his hair. Each muffled sob shoots pain through his throat and he barely hides the tremble of his lip behind a wobbly smile.


He opens his mouth, ready to thank the demon for saving him, before he is promptly shut up by Recover Girl. Her face is set in a stern frown, eyes gentle but reprimanding as she scolds him.


‘My dear boy you may be an angel with healing powers and I may have sped up your healing process, but you still should avoid speaking for at least a day or else risk damaging yourself even further.’


He solemnly nods, sincere and apologetic to the kind old lady who now saved his life twice. She seems pleased and pats his head before making her way to the other side of the room, grabbing a green vial before returning to his side. Stern, she hands the vial to Katsuki, explaining that he should apply it to Izuku’s neck every evening until he is fully healed again. With everything important said, she hobbles her way over to the desk in the corner, giving the group some much needed privacy.


‘What happened?’ Izuku whispers, completely ignoring what Recovery girl said. His memory is still foggy and hazy with oxygen deprivation, the few moments after the demon had released him filled with blurs rather than memories. Anger flashes over Katsuki’s face and he growls, fangs on display as if to scare away any other threats. Mitsuki replies instead, sitting herself down on the edge of the bed.


‘The demon strangled you to the point where you almost passed out. Katsuki came outside just in time and went slightly berserk, destroying anything in his way until he saved you. As for the other demon… well what’s left of him is locked away in one of our prisons. While you can do what you want in Hell, murder is one of the few things we have forbidden.’


The tension in his muscles eases slightly now that he knows he’s safe, the slit eyes of the demon haunting him like a branded memory. Katsuki still looks somewhat feral, only now with a hint of smugness lining his features. Izuku doesn’t really want to know what he did to that other demon any more.


The group talk as long as Recovery Girl allows it, Katsuki keeping a firm grip on Izuku’s hand the entire time. The angel is also finally introduced to Masaru Bakugou, the brown haired man that stands next to Mitsuki. In stark contrast to the two feisty blondes, he is a gentle man, full of compassion and warmth that radiates out to those close by. Black horns arch from his head, imitating the horns that protrude from Katsuki’s as well. He likes Masaru, hoping he could see more of him in the future. Izuku can imagine them getting along well.


When exhaustion finally weighs Izuku’s eyelids down and yawns fill most of his speech, Recovery Girls finally has enough, shooing them all out of the room to give Izuku some rest time. Masaru and Mitsuki departed with an invitation to stay at their castle should he want to, stating he’d be welcome at any time. Gratitude shines in the shaky smile Izuku gives them, their parental love making his chest ache and eyes water. Toshinori leaves shortly after them, giving Izuku one last hug and reassuring pat.


When Recovery Girl looks at Katsuki, he gives her a stubborn stare, a challenge sparking in his eyes. With a sigh and a small shake of her head, she leaves the room in defeat.


‘Are you staying with me?’


Katsuki nods and shuffles around, finding a comfortable position to half lie down with his head next to Izuku’s chest. It reminded Izuku of the time months ago, where he woke up in the same position, just now the demon is awake, red eyes protective as they stare at him. The angel grins weakly, warmth spreading across his chest until it floods him to the breaking point. The sense of peace and safety he feels whenever he’s close to Katsuki is unmatched, never did he feel as protected as he does now.


Heart pounding. Chest filling. He’s drowning in his love for Katsuki. Oh shit. Love? Is he really in love with the demon? He’s never been in love before, Izuku has no idea. But it sounds right, every beat of his heart chants the same rhythm for Katsuki, the melody blurring to one song that aches for the demon. Every smile, every glance of red, every touch, everything sets his skin on fire.


He loves Katsuki. Loves him with every fibre of his being. Loves him unconditionally to the point where he’d sacrifice everything to keep the demon safe. He will become strong and win the war, he’ll fight to his last breath, he’ll use every ounce of his energy to keep the demon alive.


Determined, Izuku grips onto Katsuki’s hand tightly, promising on his life that he will protect his love no matter what. Nothing can stop him, nothing at all.



Chapter Text

Katsuki wakes blearily, eyes focusing on the plain ceiling above him as they blink away sleep. His childhood room surrounds him, everything exactly how he had left it when he moved those many years ago. To say it’s his childhood home is a bit of an understatement, he’d lived there for most of his century long life, only opting for his own mansion when he had found out about his mission to take care of Izuku.


Still, he hates this room. Sure it holds a lot of good memories and if someone pestered him long enough he might even admit to liking it, but with this room comes one big problem. Something that makes his eye twitch and fingers itch with the urge to explode something because it is so extremely absolutely annoying-




Ah. There it is. The ultimate headache. He can already feel the suffering he’s going to have to endure for the next few hours as the door flies open, hinges nearly ripped off in the excitement of a certain red head.


‘I missed you so much Katsuki! Man the castle was so empty without your sour face and explosions. How’s the mansion? Do you miss me all alone over there, oh wait, not so alone any more are ya? Ha!’


Eijirou Kirishima struts into the room, his grin wide and sharp, filled to the brim with spiky teeth. Katsuki has no idea when exactly it happened, but one day in his childhood him and Eijirou had been paired up together as sparring partners. He hadn’t really cared, mainly ignoring the other until for some god awful reason Eijirou decided they were best friends. After that followed many countless hours of Katsuki trying to explode the red haired demon into little pieces, failing spectacularly each time until one day where he gave up and begrudgingly became friends with him. He might never admit it but Katsuki had a soft spot for the bubbly red head, even if he absolutely hates him in the mornings.


Suddenly his duvet is ripped away, the cold springing on his unsuspecting body as he yells profanities at the other demon. All he sees is the blur of red dissapear out of the room before he’s springing out of bed with a roar to give chase. If that brat thinks he can get away with this oh he is so wrong.


Distant laughs guide him along the corridors, explosions ringing behind him as he uses their force to propel him forward. It doesn’t take long for him to catch up. Before Eijirou has the chance to be surprised, Katsuki pounces on him, his weight forcing the other’s body to the floor. He swivels Eijirou around under him, letting the other face his full wrath-


Eijirou laughs and pulls Katsuki down into a hug, strong arms ensnaring the stunned demon.


‘Katsuki you’re still just as I know you, so manly!’


With a huff and a roll of his eyes, Katsuki pulls himself out of the hug to look over the demon below him. He looks good, the knight training giving him solid muscle and a healthy glow. His eyes are still red and stupidly sparkling as always, with his red spiky hair gelled away from the small horns on his forehead. When Katsuki pulls him up into a standing position, his red dragon wings flare out to each side.


‘And you’re still the same shitty hair I’ve always had to deal with.’


‘Aww thank you bro!’


A small grunt is all Eijirou gets but it’s enough to set him off on a tangent, speaking a mile a minute about everything Katsuki could have missed while he was gone, as if he hadn’t heard it all over the phone already. He already knows all about the extra training the knights go under, all the reinforces on the defences, all the stock piling and everything else happening in the face of war, but he lets the other chatter to his hearts content. At least he doesn’t have to speak, grunting seems to be enough to keep Eijirou going.


While everyone else appears to have suffered under the pressure of war, Eijirou seems to not be affected at all, his personality remaining as bubbly as it ever was. He reminds himself to never put Eijirou and Izuku in a room together, at least not with him there too. The thought of Izuku sends a pang of worry and agitation to his gut, ears completely blocking out what the demon next to him is saying.


Eijirou seems to notice his sudden shift in mood, his words slowing down until he’s left staring at the demon, worry shining in his eyes. He stops and places a gentle hand on his shoulder, giving a small hesitant smile to try cheer up the blond.


‘How is Izuku? I know I’ve never met him but your mother has told everyone a lot about him.’


Katsuki sighs, the heavy feeling in his chest pulling him down into the earth below. He had stayed with Izuku that first night and day, not even leaving to eat. But then Recovery Girl had wanted to do a quick check up, a full body scan, of the angel to make sure he really is okay. It was only meant to be a few hours at most, but then for some reason she had forbidden everybody to enter until she allowed them. By now it has been almost two days and she still hasn’t let them in yet.


Katsuki’s stomach is in knots every time he thinks about it, horrible fantasies plaguing him through day and night. What if something is really wrong with Izuku and he never noticed? What if he has a life threatening injury from that lizard demon? What if he’s dying?


While he doesn’t reply to Eijirou’s question, the demon seems to understand, not saying anything as Katsuki wallows in his anxiousness. When the red head suddenly grabs him arm and pulls him out of the castle, he’s is confused until he sees the familiar scorched ground surround him, a wicked grin slipping on his face as Eijirou turns to face him.


‘C’mon bro, we haven’t sparred in ages! Let’s get your mind off things and you can show me how much you’ve forgotten while you were gone.’


Katsuki wastes no time in launching himself forward in an attack, Eijirou easily deflecting it and retaliating. They quickly set a rhythm, one that they built up from hours of sparring and practising together, Katsuki loving every second of it. He loves the feeling of his hands and arms straining with the force of explosions large enough to kill a normal person. He loves that he needs to actually fight and push himself to keep up with Eijirou. He loves that he can completely let himself free.


By the time they finish, the sun is setting in the sky, sweat glistening on their skin as they both try to catch their breath. They banter all the way back to the castle, the years melting away with each shove, taunt and laugh until they’re left with no walls between each other again. Sadly no walls mean no secrets too.


‘Sooo, how’re things between you and Izuku? Have you finally found the balls to ask him out? Profess your undying love? C’mon at least tell me you’ve kissed!’


Katsuki whirls on him in alarm, face slack with shock before he manages to pull himself and his composure together. He shoves Eijirou’s questioning face away, yelling angrily as small weak explosions spark in his hands.


‘Why the fuck would I want to kiss that idiot? Like hell I’d date him, what gives you that idea shitty hair? Did the last few brain cells decide to flee as well you- WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!’


Sharp teeth clack together as Eijirou cackles, body hunching over as he tries to breathe properly again. When he finally straightens up once more, tears are glistening on his cheeks which stretch out into a wide happy grin.


‘Oh man it was even better than I thought it would be. Dude, your mum saw your crush immediately and we’ve all been betting on how long it would take for you guys to get together.’


Katsuki stares dumbstruck once again. So his own mother betrayed him, and now they’re all betting on his love life. Hah, joke’s on them because Katsuki is one emotionally constipated demon and he’ll be making a move exactly never in the future. Take that stupid bitch, try betting on your son now. Wait – everyone knows he likes Izuku. FUCK.


Eijirou’s still shaking with silent laughter by the time they reach the castle, his wings knocking into the walls as they turn the final corridor to Katsuki’s room. Any joy quickly stutters out when they find Recovery Girl standing outside his bedroom door, her eyes serious and grave as they land on the pair. The blond immediately rushes to her side, worry tensing his muscles as he starts questioning the woman.


‘Don’t worry, he’s alright, just resting. I imagine these past few months have worn him down a lot, much more than I could have ever imagined. But I need to speak to you about that privately, if that’s alright with you.’


The last part is directed towards Eijirou, the red head standing forgotten off to the side after Katsuki had rushed to the small demon. He mumbles out a small acknowledgement and turns back the way they came from, leathery wings disappearing out of sight as he walks around the corner. Once alone, the two demons enter Katsuki’s bedroom, Recovery Girl sitting on the desk chair while the blond perches on the edge of his bed, his foot tapping out a nervous rhythm where they rest on the floor.


‘As you know, I wanted to conduct a full test on Izuku to check for any other longer lasting injuries. What I found may not be life threatening on its own but… what caused it could be.’


Katsuki inhales sharply, eyes boring into the floor as his thoughts race. Who could have harmed Izuku? Nobody could have entered the house… or have they? Has someone been breaking into his house, attacking Izuku? He grips his hair until it hurts, teeth clenching in worried frustration. Dammit! Why did Izuku always have to get hurt? He’s supposed to protect the angel!


‘Katsuki. He’s hurting himself.’


...What… What does that mean? Hurting… himself?


‘Now I couldn’t ask him properly, but my assumption is that he’s cracking under the pressure of everyone’s expectations. He can’t handle all the stress coming from the war and his part in it, but he doesn’t want to bother anybody by saying anything so he hurts himself to cope with the pressure. Throw in a bit of self doubt, maybe even hatred, plus the spell still having some lasting effects with all the negative emotion and… you get this.’


The words fog together in Katsuki’s mind as he tries to wrap his head around the facts. His chest hurts dully, disappointment in himself rooting in the pit of his stomach as he tries to imagine Izuku isolating himself, hurting himself. How could he have not noticed it? How could Izuku not trust him after all they’ve been through together? Why didn’t he ask for help?


‘That fucking idiot, why did he not-’ he finishes with a strangled noise as he gets up, mind set on getting to the infirmary as fast as possible and questioning the hell of out that little-


‘Katsuki stop. I tried asking him gently and he immediately spiralled into a panic attack at the idea of everyone finding out. I gave him a memory concotion to make him forget I asked but we cannot risk it happening again, especially as he’s bound to be more sensitive when it comes to you. You cannot even hint that you may know, understand? All we can do is support him in any way we can.’


Katsuki coughs out a strangled, ‘Fine.’ as he strides past her, a small sigh all he hears before he’s out the room, racing to the infirmary where Izuku would be. While he may not be able to confront the angel, he’d be damned if he isn’t going to see him right now, the past two days have made him anxious enough already and he finally wants to be able to protect Izuku again.


Pace slowing as he reaches the infirmary door, Katsuki walks in quietly, finding Izuku asleep on a bed in the far end of the room. He makes his way over, sitting on one of the stools as he takes one of the angel’s hands in his own.


Izuku stirs slightly, face scrunching up in a way that brings a fond smile to Katsuki’s lips. The demon runs his hand through the green curls, sweeping them back to get a good look at the angel’s face. Nothing seems wrong. Nothing on the outside anyway. How can he not see it? How can he not see the pain hiding in the small body before him? The angel stirs again, eyes slowly blinking open as Katsuki’s hand drops away.


‘Hmm-Kacchan?’ He mumbles and Katsuki beats himself up again for never noticing. Recovery Girl’s words echo through his head as those green eyes meet his. Hurts himself, self doubt, maybe even hatred, cracking under the pressure.


‘Hey Deku. You’ve been out for a few days, seems you were more exhausted than we thought. Damn nerd don’t strain yourself too much.’


Hurts himself, self doubt, maybe even hatred, cracking under the pressure.


A tired grin seeps onto Izuku’s face, expression sheepish and shy. Katsuki’s heart breaks slightly, how can he keep smiling like this if it hurts so much inside? Dammit he has to do something! He can’t just sit here knowing Izuku tears himself apart.


‘Deku we can trust each other right? After all these months, we’re a team now, we protect each other. So… if anything happens, anything at all, tell me. No secrets. I will never judge you or think you’re weak. It’s okay to let down your walls sometimes.’


The angel looks slightly bewildered, eyes concerned and confused as Katsuki finishes talking. They sit in an awkward silence for a short while, just long enough for Katsuki to start shifting in worry, did he say something wrong?


‘Uhh, Kacchan is this about the me getting strangled thing? Because I’m slightly confused and-’


‘Ugh no you idiot!’ He grits out, teeth clenches at how mushy he’s sounding, ‘Look I just, I promise I will always protect you okay Deku? I will always protect you.’


The angel suddenly grins wryly before starting to giggle slightly.


‘My my Kacchan who knew you could get so fluffy.’


He continues to giggle and Katsuki has half a mind to smother the angel’s face with a pillow before Izuku leans forward and hugs him. Suddenly this doesn’t seem like such a fail after all. Katsuki holds him close, burying his nose in the soft curls as he inhales Izuku’s calming scent.


He has no idea if what he said will help Izuku at all, or if the angel will even listen to his words and trust him enough to explain the problem, but Katsuki vows to himself that he will help. Somehow, sometime soon, he will find a way to help Izuku.


The angel shifts slightly and leans back into the pillows behind him, face content as he stares at Katsuki. His eyebrows quirk and he pouts slightly in contemplation, lips parting slightly as if to say something-


The door crashes open behind him as his mother strides to the side of the bed, a happy grin stretched wide on her face. Katsuki tries scowling at her to get her to leave, but it’s all in vain as she starts pulling Izuku out of bed, demanding to give him a tour of the castle while he’s here. Izuku seems happy enough, excitement written across his freckled face as he rushes out of the room with her, the echo of his tinkering laughter the only thing left as the door shuts behind them. Katsuki sighs and stares up at the ceiling in exasperation, why can’t people just give him a fucking break?


Nevertheless, the demon still ends up following the angel, weak for his bright eyes and smile. They tour the castle for hours but never once does that happy expression leave Izuku’s face, each room brining new fascinating history, stories and uses. But the look on his face when they step into the library, that is a look Katsuki will remember forever. Wide eyes, sparkling with pure awe as his mouth opens in shock, his face seemingly glowing with pure radiance while each freckle shines from rosy cheeks. Wonder stricken, Izuku staggers to the nearest shelf, his hands delicately brushing over each spine. Katsuki’s already planning different excuses to go to the library more often.


After a small amount of convincing, Izuku finally relents and leaves the library to continue the tour around the castle, through kitchens, halls, ballrooms, corridors and many other places, until they finally arrive back on the top floor where the bedrooms lie. After a quick glance in Masaru and Mitsuki’s room, they stop outside Katsuki’s room, Mitsuki turning to give Izuku an innocent smile that makes Katsuki immediately feel suspicious.


‘Izuku I know you’ve been staying in Katsuki’s mansion all this time, but if you ever wanted to you could stay here with us. I’m sure Katsuki wouldn’t mind sharing his room with you,’ Oh fuck there it is. That stupid witch! ‘But if you want to be closer to Toshinori we could even give you the room next to his, it has a very big bed to sleep in.’


Katsuki can see right through her and her stupid messing in his business bullshit. Sharing the room his ass. Geez and the emphasis on sleep as well, could she be any more fucking obvious? Stupid old hag. Oh shit what’s Izuku going to think? He gives a panicked glance to the angel, only to have his worry fade immediately. Of course that is idiot is dense enough to not get the innuendo.


‘Oh uh, it’s alright Mitsuki! I don’t want to invade Kacchan’s space. Uh, but seeing Toshinori more would be quite nice-’


‘Like hell are you staying where I can’t protect you! Fuck no that’s the shittiest idea ever. Stupid Deku you’re coming right back to the mansion with me!’


It only takes a few seconds for his words to register, the smirk on this mother’s lips confirming just how possessive he must have sounded. Shit. Now Izuku might find out about his feelings and that will just ruin everything. The stupid angel probably doesn't even want to stay with him, why would he if he could instead stay with Toshinori? Izuku stares at him with wide eyes and he sees his mother open her mouth to probably mess this situation up even more, dammit he has to do something-


‘Deku have you fucking forgotten that it’s my job to protect you? What good are you going to be if you’re dead, how are you going to do your fucking part in the war if someone’s killed you? You’re useless on your own, you can’t fight or defend yourself. You can’t do anything. You’re staying with me until the war is over then after you can go wherever the fuck you want. I couldn’t fucking care less what you do.’


The words sting and burn in his chest, the idea of Izuku leaving painful to the point where he wants to curl up and stop breathing, but he keeps his scowl nonchalant and indifferent. In hindsight his words may have also not been the best considering Izuku’s mental health, but he was put on the spot and he’s not about to apologise in front of his mother. At least for now Izuku will stay with him and him alone, no other stupid extras able to mess with him. He can figure out a way to make Izuku stay longer once the war is over, but for now this will have to do.


Katsuki’s so wrapped in his own thoughts, he never sees the hurt flash across Izuku’s face. When his eyes zone in on the angel again, Izuku’s face is neutral, no hint of the previous emotions left. The angel laughs slightly, the sound dry to his own ears, before he nods his head and murmurs a small, ‘Okay.’


Izuku watches as the two demons seem to get into a heated silent conversation made up entirely of glares and angry looks, using their focus on each other to fake a big yawn and excuse himself back to the infirmary.


‘Uh I’m pretty tired after all this so I think I’m just going to go back to the infirmary to rest again. Thank you Mitsuki for showing me around and uh… thanks Kacchan for uh taking care of me.’


He gives them a small wave, but they’re still deep in their glaring so he turns around and takes several careful, measured steps until he reaches the end of the corridor. As soon as he’s out of their sight he’s sprinting, running as fast as he can all the way back to the infirmary as barely contained tears fill his eyes. Once inside the room, the slams the door shut behind him, sliding his back down against it until he sits huddled on the floor.


With no eyes to watch, Izuku finally lets the tears spill down his cheeks, his hands muffling the racking sobs as they escape his lips. Of course the demon doesn’t care about him. How could he be so stupid as to believe that. All of this is nothing but a job to Katsuki, they may be somewhat friends but after all this is finished, he’ll want nothing to do with him.


Izuku has to admit that for just a moment this morning, with the way Katsuki had been so nice, he had thought that maybe, just maybe, the demon could have some feelings for him, something more than friendship. But now the harsh words cut through him like a knife, dashing any such hope. Stupid! Why would Katsuki care for someone as weak as him?


The pain digs deeper into his chest and Izuku curls himself into a tight ball, holding himself until the familiar numbness seeps into him, his eyes drooping and limbs heavy. With a small grunt, he pulls himself up, wobbly steps carrying him to his bed where he collapses onto the covers. When sleep comes Izuku is almost glad to escape reality, almost glad to have the nightmares distract him from the waking world.


Yet still he wakes in cold sweat, chest heaving as the last lingering traces of his nightmares dissapear. The room is still dark, the clock on the wall pointing to just past 2am, and Izuku sighs as he slumps back down into the pillow. He tries to go back to sleep again, the ticking lulling him into a drowsy state, but after lying awake for half an hour he decides to just give up. With nothing else to do, the angel shifts out of bed and pads across the floor, rubbing away the dried crusty tear tracks still sticking to his face.


The halls are, thankfully, empty when he walks through them, the only sound coming from his steps as he walks to the library. Expecting the it to be empty, Izuku is surprised to walk in with all the lights already on, Masaru looking up from where he is sat by the fireplace.


‘Ah Izuku. Having trouble sleeping as well?’ He asks gently, his voice barely above a whisper as he moves to make room for Izuku next to him. The angel makes his way to the sofa and sits down with his legs tucked up, chin propped on his knees as his eyes stare off into the labyrinth of bookshelves.


‘Why can you not sleep?’ The angel asks when he finally looks at the demon again.


‘Well… being a king has many responsibilities and sometimes the pressure becomes quite a burden. I’m sure you know the feeling all too well.’


Izuku hums in agreement, letting his eyes droop closed as he listens to the crackle of the fire. They sit in a comfortable silence for a while, the sound of pages turning being the only thing to disrupt the calm. When Izuku opens his eyes again, he has no idea how much time has actually passed, only that he feels completely at ease for the first time in a long while. He inhales the heavy scent of burning wood before turning to look at Masaru once again.


‘How do you cope with the pressure in your chest? How do you stop it from hurting so much? Plea-please tell me how I can finally get rid of the pain.’


He finishes in a pleading, broken tone, almost begging the other man for some answers with desperate eyes. Masaru closes his book and sighs, a sad smile painting his lips as he focuses his eyes on the angel.


‘I have never managed to rid myself of it, I don’t think there is a way. But I can tell you how to cope with it, well, how I cope with it. You see I have my wife Mitsuki,’ he says, eyes glazing over as his thoughts pull him away into the past, ‘and every time I feel myself getting too close to the edge, she is there to support and help me in every way possible. You need to find yourself someone too Izuku. Find someone who will carry you when you can’t walk any more, someone who will love you when you can’t love yourself.’


Izuku can’t help but think of blond hair and red eyes at that, eyes trained on the floor and teeth biting into his lip as the ache returns to his chest. A warm hand grips his own and he’s pulled from his musings as Masaru leans towards him.


‘Don’t worry. It took me a while to catch his mother too.’


The brown haired demon gets up and places his book on its spot on the shelf before turning and leaving the library with a small, ‘Goodnight.’. Izuku can only sit still in shock, thoughts running rampant at those few words. Were his feelings really that obvious? With a small wail he drops his head into his hands, staying in that position until the sun rises once more. Today’s going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

‘Oi Deku! You nearly ready to go?’


Izuku rushed out of the room, now fully dressed, and nearly crashes into Katsuki outside. The demon only huffs in exasperation, rolling his eyes fondly at the small angel. They walk in silence through the corridors, both minds racing with entirely different thoughts as they make their way to leave the castle. While Katsuki worries about his harsh words yesterday and tries to think how he could apologise, Izuku’s head is overflowing with anxiety. The library had calmed him a lot, his breathing normal again and fidgeting down to small twists of his fingers, but yesterday’s outburst from the demon still has his stomach in knots, the pain in his chest still thrumming to the beat of his heart.


When they finally arrive to the front hall to say their goodbyes, Izuku’s anxiety has taken full control of his hands, their fidgeting turning into scratching, his left arm completely red and sore from his blunt nails. Thankfully, a distraction forms itself in the form of several people waiting at the entrance, their smiles open and warm as they ready themselves to see the pair off. Izuku is glad to break away from Katsuki, rushing to Toshinori to throw himself into the archangel’s arms.


‘Be safe my boy. Don’t stress yourself too much okay? Know I’ll always be proud of you,’ he whispers into the green curls, arms tightening around Izuku’s body. The greenet gives him a big grin as he steps away, Toshinori’s hand ruffling his hair fondly.


Next come Mitsuki and Masaru, the blonde crushing him into a hug as the other laughs. Their goodbye is swift and cheerful, Izuku knows he’ll see them soon enough anyway. Mitsuki always has a habit of visiting unannounced and he’s sure Masaru might come along a few times.


It’s just as he’s stepping away from the two, that an arm suddenly swings around his shoulder, a group of people he’s never seen before surrounding him in the same way a hoard of puppies would.


‘Soooo, you’re the manly Izuku Midoriya everyone’s talking about. Nice to meet ya I’m Eijirou Kirishima!’


Spiky teeth set in a wide grin fill Izuku’s vision and he feels completely overwhelmed as he tries to stutter out any form of words. He doesn’t have to in the end, the people knocked out of the way as a furious Katsuki stomps towards them, eyes set on the red head next to him. Eijirou gives a small whispered, ‘Oh shit,’ before unwrapping his arm and stepping back.


‘Heeeeeyyyy Katsuki! Man fancy seeing you here, what a surprise!’


Red eyes narrow further, each step radiating murder as he gets closer and closer to Eijirou. The winged demon starts to sweat as his grin becomes nervous, his hands held up in the air in surrender by the time Katsuki is only a few steps away from him.


‘Okay! Okay! So I might’ve ignored the part where you told me not to annoy Izuku with my presence but hey, could you blame me? He’s cute! I can see why you – Mmpf’


A hand slaps his mouth shut, small sparks flitting along Eijirou’s face as Katsuki stops him from saying another word. To most others this would probably look like Eijirou is about to be burned to a crisp, but the red head has known Katsuki for centuries, he’s just embarrassed.


‘Ugh, Kacchan? W-what’s going on?’


A pink skinned demon from the group latches onto Katsuki’s arm, her face set in a manic grin as she squeals.


‘Aww, he calls him Kacchan. Can we call you that too, it’s so cute!’


‘Fuck off Mina! Deku, these are just-’


‘Katsuki’s best friends! Right bro?’ Eijirou finishes for him, his mouth finally freed after Mina distracted the blond. Izuku’s face lights up in an instant as the words register properly. He rushes towards Eijirou with sparkling eyes and a big grin, excitement written in every movement of his muscles.


‘Wow really? Kacchan actually has friends?’


The entire group of demons burst into laughter as the blond demon starts yelling indignantly, small explosions sparkling in the palm of his hands. The demons quickly warm up to Izuku, the already open group finding it easy to become friends with the cute angel. Izuku enjoys meeting Katsuki’s friends, each with their own exciting personality and funny charm.


There’s Mina Ashido, the pink skinned lizard demon with the ability to spray acid, there’s Denki Kaminari with black and yellow streaks across his skin and the ability to create electricity, there’s Hanta Sero with long black claws and arms that shoot tape and finally Eijirou Kirishima with dragon wings and skin that can harden to be indestructible. Izuku likes them a lot. He’s glad Katsuki actually has some friends that willingly hang out with him.


Almost all goodbyes have been said, with Katsuki only having a few other people left, so with nothing else to do, Izuku decides to stand by the door and wait for the demon alone, but he only now realises that he’s not as alone as he believed. While he only properly said goodbye to a small amount of people, many others that lived or worked in the castle has come along, lurking at the sides to try and see a small glimpse of the angel fated to save Hell. Now they are whispering about him.


Izuku doesn’t want to turn around or give them any idea he can hear them, instead straining his ears to try and understand what they are saying. The chatter in the room makes it hard, but with all his concentration focused he can just make out the whispers.


‘-that really meant to be him? But he’s so small, so weak!’




‘Yea I know! Are they sure they got the right person? He seems more like the prince’s boy-toy than someone who is meant to save the underworld.’


What do they mean with boy-toy? Who on earth are they talking about?


‘Ugh why would the prince would someone pathetic like him? He’s skimpy and would probably die in the first few seconds of an actual real fight. I’d be much better suited for someone like his highness.’


‘Yea yea you with your fantasies. But seriously I think we should move away for a while at least until this war’s over. If fate really lies on that guy’s shoulders then we might as well all hand ourselves over to the angels, that weak brat will only ruin Hell’s reputation and pride if he so much as tries to fight against the angels.’


Oh. Oh. They’re talking about him. A deep ache settles in his bones at that, embarrassment tainting his cheeks red. They all think he’s weak and pathetic, of course they do. Everyone probably thinks that, just they’re the only ones who are honest enough to say it. Izuku ducks his head down further, hiding his eyes behind his green bangs so nobody could see his eyes swim with tears-


A hand on his shoulder makes Izuku squeak in surprise, body jumping slightly as he whips his head up to meet Katsuki’s red eyes. Izuku locks the conversation in the back of his mind for later and gives the demon a bright smile, desperately hoping that none of the pain shines through. The other doesn’t look entirely convinced, but he lets it go for the moment, leading Izuku to the entrance so they can finally leave.


Everyone waves a final goodbye as they walk along the path out to edge of the property where they can teleport away. Izuku is quiet the entire rest of the short walk, the scratching starting again about half way to the edge as the moments from before knock and shake the box in his head. He does not need to have a mental breakdown right now, not with Katsuki so close. He doesn’t need to further prove his weakness when it’s already so obvious.


As soon as the sight of the mansion finally greets him, Izuku feels like he’s home again. They haven’t been gone long, a week at most, but he’s missed the privacy of his own room as well as the routine of training everyday, at least then he had felt like he was progressing slightly. Now he just feels hollow.


As soon as he’s past the front door, he goes straight to his room, too mentally exhausted to take off his coat or say anything to Katsuki. All he wants is some sleep.


The blond demon watches as Izuku all but flees upstairs, mouth pulled in a scowl at what the angel’s actions imply. He’s been acting strange ever since Katsuki told him he had to stay in the mansion, practically evading the demon at every chance and staying quiet in the short moments together. Did he really want to stay in the castle that badly? Is Katsuki’s home, his care, not enough to suit the angel’s needs? Does he want to get rid to the demon that much?


Katsuki grits his teeth at that idea, chest painfully tight at the thought that these past few months of living together meaning nothing to the angel. So he wants to leave so much that he resorts to ignoring Katsuki? Fine. Two can play at that game.


Angry at himself, angry at the angel, he stomps to the kitchen to make dinner, it’s getting late anyway and as soon as they’ve eaten he can go to the roof and explode something. Maybe himself and his stupid feelings.


The smell of food lures Izuku out of his hiding, the angel tentatively stepping into the kitchen where Katsuki is creating havoc. Sure, he seems to be making food, but while he normally keeps everything neat and tidy, now the room is a mess. One of the shelves is nearly ripped off, there’s food everywhere, as if the demon had just chucked everything to it’s place. The demon himself stands by the stove, the pan he’s using with a melted handle in the shape of a hand print, as he violently stirs the soup he’s making.


‘Ugh, Kac-’


The glare he gets shuts him up straight away, the angel sitting in his place quietly while the demon finishes with the last remaining touches. His bowl is slammed in his place, his entire body flinching at the anger directed towards him. While the demon tended to get angry a lot, he has never been this angry to Izuku, and definitely not without reason.


After a few awkward seconds of nothing but Katsuki’s angry slurping noises, Izuku decides to risk a glance at the demon, immediately regretting the action. Katsuki always stared at him when they ate. Always. But now he’s actively glaring at his bowl, completely ignoring the angel as he eats as fast as he can.


With a small stab to his chest, Izuku focuses back on his own food, quietly slurping his own soup. It’s too salty. Katsuki never makes his food anything but perfection. What did he do to anger the demon so much?


Suddenly the blond slams his spoon down, stomping across the room to drop his empty bowl into the sink before leaving Izuku to finish eating by himself. The angel stares in shock at where the demon left, the room strangely silent and empty now that he’s alone.


Appetite gone, Izuku walks over to the sink filled with dirty pans, cutting boards and other utensils. Katsuki always did the dishes, never allowing Izuku to even so much as get close to the sink whenever he offers to help. Maybe cleaning up would help cheer up the demon? He gets to work with the dishes, going on to even tidy the mess in the rest of the kitchen while he’s at it. He just wants to see Katsuki happy again.


With no sign of the blond however, Izuku decides to just go to sleep, the exhausting reality of his life could wait until tomorrow. Not surprisingly, reality doesn’t loosen it’s grip on him even after he’s curled under the duvet in his bed. Worry for the demon circles around his head, the same question repeating as if on a mantra for hours. What did Izuku do to make Katsuki so angry?


The answer comes to him in a shock, Katsuki’s outburst. He had said Izuku was weak, useless even. That’s why he needed to come back to the mansion. It was obvious the demon didn’t want him here, not with the way he said he couldn’t care less where he goes after this is all over. So he must be angry with Izuku for not progressing fast enough, for not being able to protect himself, for being – well a disappointment. So much of a disappointment that he still has to be babysat when all Katsuki wants is for him to leave.


He can’t breathe. Every box with every insecurity is rattling inside of him, each bursting open one by one bringing a new type of pain with it. The last chest flies open, the overheard conversation. They called him weak. They called him pathetic. He’ll ruin Hell’s reputation, drive its pride into the dirt all because he can’t meet their expectations. He’ll kill everyone. Every last person will die because of him.


The edges of a panic attack start knitting together, he knows he’s not going to last long before all rationality leaves him. It’s happened many times before. He knows what’s about to happen, the pressure will increase, he’ll start hyperventilating, he’ll curl into a ball in the corner of the room for hours bearing through wave after wave of pain until finally, finally, it goes away and he can breathe again. Either that or he passes out.


The pressure is already tightening, he can’t do this. Not now. Not again. Isn’t there anything that could help? Anything, anything at all.


We’re a team now, we protect each other. So… if anything happens, anything at all, tell me. No secrets. I will never judge you or think you’re weak. It’s okay to let down your walls sometimes.


He barely realises he’s stumbling out of bed, crashing to the floor in a desperate attempt to get to the door. Shaky legs carry him out of him room into the hall where he can see Katsuki’s bedroom door.


His chest is tightening even more, he knows he has to act fast, get to the room, get to Katsuki. Gripping the banister in one hand, his chest with the other, he shakily walks to the door, raising a hand to turn the knob and… he stops. Angry stomps, ignoring eyes, furious glares. The demon doesn’t want him here, Izuku shouldn’t annoy him any further. The hand drops. Feet step away from the door. This is pointless, why should he bring his problems to Katsuki anyway? What’s he going to do to help?


I promise I will always protect you okay Deku? I will always protect you.


The door clicks open and Izuku steps inside.




His voice comes out raspy and scared, breaths getting faster and more uneven with each second. Izuku’s eyes flit around the room quickly, resting on the bed where the demon lies deep asleep. He could leave right now and Katsuki would never have to know.


His lungs squeeze together and he can’tbreathecan’tbreathecan’tbreathe. Stumbling, he rushes to the bed and desperately shakes the demon awake. Red eyes fly open in confusion, the bewilderment only growing as he realises it’s Izuku that woke him. The demon grabs on of Izuku’s arms to steady him as his body starts shaking and trembling uncontrollably, Izuku’s gasping inhales hindering him as he tries to say anything to the demon.


‘Ca-can-can’t br-brea-b-can’t-’


Katsuki immediately sits up, any trace of sleep pushed away as he shushes Izuku. He knows what’s happening, has seen this before happening to his father many nights whenever he got too stressed. Izuku’s having a panic attack. He has to help.


Thinking back to his father, he tries to remember exactly what his mother did each time, there had to be something he could do. Gently he takes Izuku, placing him in his lap so the demon can curl both of his arms around the angel. The wings get in the way slightly and Izuku’s frozen limbs make it difficult to move him to where Katsuki wants but it works.


With the angel now sitting locked up in his lap, Katsuki starts rocking them side to side, whispering reassurances and comforts into his green curls all the while. When the hyperventilating starts, the demon only holds on tighter, ignoring the tears and snot dripping onto his shirt.


‘Breathe out Deku. Breathe out. That’s it you’re doing amazing. Keep breathing out. Just breathe.’


He repeats the words over and over again. Repeats them when Izuku tries to curl into himself. Repeats them when Izuku tries to hide away in shame. Repeats them when Izuku tries to push him away. He never stops holding him tightly, rocking him side to side for hours until the angel goes slack in his arms, exhaustion pulling him to sleep while he continues to cry silently.


Katsuki stays in the same position for a while longer, petting Izuku’s hair while he presses small kisses to his forehead. He doesn’t know how long he sits there, doesn’t care really, before drowsiness makes him movements sluggish and eyes droop. He picks up the angel, carrying him bridal style up to the centre of the bed where he gently places him back down. With a few small shuffles he finds himself lying next to Izuku, curling around him protectively as he hugs him close to his chest. A small smile against green hair is the last thing he manages to do before sleep claims him too, their breaths settling together as they sleep peacefully late into the next morning.


Chapter Text

Katsuki wakes bleary eyed with the sun tainting the room a hazy gold. He yawns, stretching out his limbs, only to find something blocking his way. Memories of last night filter in all at once as he turns to find Izuku snuggled into his side, face relaxed as a small amount of drool drips from his lips. The demon stares, entranced by the angel’s delicate features, as his eyebrow twitches and he cuddles further into his side. There’s probably a mad blush raging on his cheeks but Katsuki doesn’t care, focusing instead on how the soft green curls twist aside as he threads his fingers through them.


His hand travels lower, across his forehead, down the sides of his face and across the many freckles sprinkled on Izuku’s cheekbones. The angel sighs, subconsciously pressing into the feather light touch, face relaxed and blissful without the stresses of day dragging it down.


Katsuki’s chest is filled with sunlight, the warmth spreading across his entire body, filling every limb with love for the angel. He’s not really surprised when he realises what he just thought, it makes sense that he would eventually fall in love with Izuku. How could he not when Izuku is hands down the best thing to have ever happened to him?


He may have been angry and nasty yesterday, may have been angry many times in the past as well, but in the end it all boils down to his loneliness and love for Izuku. Why can’t the angel just stay with him? Why can’t he just feel the same way as Katsuki does?


He can’t help himself when he pulls Izuku into himself, face buried in the mess of green curls as his heart lurches and aches for the one thing that’s so close but so far away.


Izuku stirs in his arms, face scrunching up at the sudden intrusion of his sleep. He goes to stretch out his arms, similar to the way Katsuki had done only moments ago, when suddenly his eyes snap open in confusion. A hand tentatively pats at the demon’s chest, as if he’s trying to figure out what is going on, before he shoots up in alarm.


‘Morning Deku.’


‘Ahh Kacchan! I’m so sorry for bothering you and now for sleeping with you, ah I didn’t mean sleep with you in that way just that we were sleeping next to each other but I must have accidentally curled into you so I was sleeping on you and I’m sorry you had to have put up with that and-’


‘Deku breathe! Stop mumbling nerd, if I wasn’t okay with you sleeping next to me I would have just carried you back to your room.’


Izuku’s worry doesn’t seem to fade at all, cheeks pink and eyes downcast to where his fingers twist and fidget. Suddenly he slaps his hands on his face, hiding his eyes from the world as he wails in embarrassment.


‘Waa I’m so sorry you had to see me like that last-’


‘Stop. Never fucking apologise for coming to me for help ever again. In fact, I want you to come to me every time this ever happens so I can help you again and again until you get better okay?’


‘B-but you- you’d never get a good nights sleep! I can’t bother you that much that would be horrible of me!’


Katsuki sighs and shifts himself closer to Izuku, grabbing his chin softly to tilt his face up until their eyes meet. He holds his gaze for several seconds, letting Izuku see just how serious he is about this, before he starts speaking again.


‘Izuku. I want to help you. Any way I can. So tonight, the next night, every night after that, come sleep with me. Remember what I said? About how I’ll protect you? Well that still stands true, I will protect you be it from rampaging demons, angels or even nightmares and panic attacks. I will protect you. No matter what.’


Tears start pooling in the angel’s eyes and Katsuki worries for a split second that he might’ve said the wrong thing, before Izuku launches himself at the demon, arms holding him tight as he presses his face into his chest. And if wet tears suddenly start staining his shirt, well Katsuki doesn’t mind very much, neither does he mind when Izuku’s bed stays cold and unused for the next few weeks to come.


However peace rarely stays, and it makes no exception for the angel and demon. Everything comes crashing down one morning while they’re on a break, Katsuki playing a video game while Izuku reads a book on demons, the sudden desperate knocking on the front door a stark difference to the quiet calmness of the mansion.


Izuku gets up to open the door, a large smile ready when he sees it’s only Mitsuki coming to visit. He immediately realises something’s wrong when he sees the red rimmed eyes and hollow look on her face, the only greeting being a curt, ‘Is Katsuki here?’


He nods towards the living room and follows after she speeds to the blond, her legs trembling as she finally flings herself at the demon. Agonised screams and sobs fill the room, each sound piercing Izuku’s heart further as he stands still in shock.


‘H-he’s d-dead! He’s dead! M-ma-’ she breaks out in violent sobs as she collapses to the floor, Katsuki following her as he hugs her close,’- Masaru, he’s de-dead.’


Katsuki turns to stone, face showing nothing but utter shock as Mitsuki continues to sob against him. His mouth opens several times, no sound escaping him as he tries to understand what was just said.


‘Dad’s dead?’ He whispers, the sound so broken, so lost, it makes Izuku want to hold him and take him far away where nothing could ever hurt the demon ever again. Fat tears roll down Izuku’s cheeks while a hand stifles the sobs coming from his mouth. While he may be distraught to hear of Masaru’s death, he had no right to pull any attention to his own grieving, this is between Mitsuki and Katsuki.


‘Dad’s dead? No, he-he can’t be. H-he’s really dead?’


The fact seems to overwhelm the demon out of nowhere, the blond doubling over in pain as he starts screaming, the sound stuttering off into broken sobs. The two demons clutch at each other in pain, their combined sorrow filling the room until Izuku can’t take it any more, fleeing to his room where in hopes of hiding from those soul shattering sounds.


Still, even with the sound of his own sobs, he can hear the screams from downstairs echoing around the house with a bone chilling finality, as if nothing good could ever brighten the world ever again. Izuku clasps his hands over his ears as he curls into himself, wishing the sound could go away, wishing he could take the pain away from the two demons, wishing Masaru had never died.


He doesn’t know how long he stays in that position, the screams have long since stopped, the hollow silence so much worse than the constant noise. Only the slam of the front door finally shakes Izuku out of his frozen state, his limbs stiff as they finally move once more. Dried tear tracks are all that’s left of his grief, all the sadness inside having escaped to leave a bottomless chasm, a void aching to fill with anything at all.


Slowly he stretches out, body on autopilot as he trudges downstairs to the living room where Mitsuki lies huddled on the sofa. She looks as empty as Izuku feels, her normally radiating eyes now dull where they lie in a tired face.


He moves slowly so as to not startle her, kneeling down next to the sofa to see her face better as he takes on of her cold hands in his own. A sad smile is all she sends his way before her face becomes the same hollow marble as it was before. Izuku wishes so badly to give her any comfort at all, anything to help ease her pain.


‘Masaru and I met when I was still a young demon. He was immediately intrigued with me and my fiery attitude, it didn’t take long for him to develop a crush on me. I have to admit I was rather harsh to try and get him to leave me alone, but he just wouldn’t stop trying. I don’t know when exactly we fell in love, only that one day he stood up and asked me to be his queen as soon as he became king and, well, it still remains as one of the best decisions in my entire life.’


She sniffs quietly as new tears escape down her cheeks, hand gripping tightly onto Izuku as she loses herself in memories. The angel uses his thumb to draw soothing patterns into the skin of her hand, letting her know he is there for support in case she need any, while her face holds the ghost of a smile. When she finally returns to the moment again, it’s to look straight at Izuku, eyes kind as they fill with a hint of actual happiness.


‘Well I’m only glad that you had already left and that you were not harmed.’


Wait what? Izuku’s eyes scrunch up in confusion, a small questioning sound leaving his lips, a prompt to explain what she meant.


‘The angels must have somehow known you had been in the castle and they sent two assassins to kill you. They invaded the King’s Office where Masaru was working but when they found out you had already left, well, there was nothing they could do so they killed – killed... they fled after that, we’re currently still trying to find them to give them the punishment they deserve.’


The last part was said with such steel, Izuku felt shivers run up his spine, almost sorry for the angels and their fate if Mitsuki ever got her hands on them. Then suddenly he recognises the implications of her words, the reason why Masaru is dead is because they were after Izuku. He’s the reason why Masaru is dead. How can Mitsuki even look at him, knowing that he inevitably caused her husband’s death?


She must see the torment on his face, a soothing hand coming up to cup his cheek as she gives him a reassuring smile.


‘I don’t blame you at all Izuku, so please don’t blame yourself. Everything happens for a reason, everything has a balance that needs to be settled. Masaru died for some reason we can’t comprehend, I just have to cling on to the fact that his death means something, that the universe had to take him to restore the balance and set fate on the right track. You need to trust that process too, trust the universe to create the path ready for you to follow. Remember the universe always wants you to succeed, always wants what’s best for you.’


Head spinning and throat clogged from emotion, he doesn’t know how to reply, instead opting on giving her a shaky smile and nod, new tears joining the old crusty ones as his eyes spill over once more. They sit in a comfortable silence for a while, Izuku doesn’t know exactly how long but he does feel significantly calmer. The clearness to his thoughts finally allows him to consider a question that has lingered in his mind ever since he heard the slam of the front door.


‘Where did Kacchan go?’


‘Well, you know him... he’s angry. I think he said something about taking a walk in the woods? I’d just let him sort through his emotions as long as he wants, he needs to figure out how he’ll deal with… the thing.’


The ring of a phone startles them both out of their conversation, Mitsuki twisting around to grab the offending device out of her pocket. She stares, eyes confused, as she accepts the call and brings the phone to her ear, the static voice blaring loud and clear in a split second. The demon immediately sits up, eyes intensifying and lips thinning into a small line as she starts barking orders.


Grief seemingly forgotten or pushed aside, she stands from the sofa, entire body radiating the aura of a fierce commander. As soon as she hangs up the phone, Izuku starts questioning her, following her out in front of the mansion until she stops to address him.


‘They have a confirmed location on the angels, a trail of dead demons leading to a small village not far from these woods. I’m going to show those bastards who exactly they’re dealing with and every last angel will know what happens when you mess with the Bakugous.’


She turns around, ready to shadow travel, before she pauses and turns to Izuku one more. The commander wavers for a split second, replaced by the face of a concerned mother.


‘When he gets back, take care of Katsuki for me please? He needs you.’


With that she disappears into thin air, Izuku left standing by himself, hoping she won’t get herself in any trouble with her rage. Something tells him, however, that the demon should be alright, her willpower and dominance enough to give her the edge to stay alive. Now only what to do with himself.


He ends up sitting in the living room alone, eyes distant as he waits for Katsuki to return home. He had to come back soon right? He could just wait and think about how he’ll deal with Masaru’s death in the meantime, it’s not like he can do anything else.


One hour. Mitsuki’s words are still fresh in his mind, there must’ve been a reason why Masaru died, must be something other than just the whole wrong place wrong time spiel. The universe has a plan and he just needs to trust the process, everything will work out fine.


Two hours. Small amounts of doubt are trickling into his thoughts, what could Masaru’s death mean in the big picture except a cruel twist and mockery of life? Why should he have to die for the universe’s plan? What kind of message is it meant to send to everyone? To Izuku?


Four hours. He’s pacing back and forth now, hand in his hair as he battles an idea that just keeps coming back over and over again. Surely that can’t be it? The universe can’t be cruel enough to make Masaru’s death be that message, can it?


Six hours. There’s no option left, it has to mean that. There’s nothing Izuku can think except for the fact that Masaru’s death happened because of him, isn’t that a clear message that he’s weak and will end up killing people because he isn’t strong enough to fight? Toshinori had said that a power rushed through him after he fell, that it made him strong enough to potentially restore the balance, but why has he not gotten this power yet? He fell over half a year ago, did- did he get rejected? Is he too weak, to incompetent so that the power just downright refuses him?


Ten hours. He’s the reason Masaru is dead. He killed someone because he’s weak and now Katsuki has disappeared without a trace, probably to leave him too-


The front door slams open with enough force to rattle the walls, heavy footsteps smashing their way to the living room. Izuku rushes to Katsuki, relief making his knees weak as he goes to hug the demon- only to stop short a few steps away from him. He absolutely reeks of alcohol.


‘Ughh, Kacchan are you okay? Do- do you need some help?’


He’s completely ignored, the demon not even looking at him properly as he turns away and staggers to his room. The angel follows him, biting his lip as he anxiously watches Katsuki stop at the door frame, leaning heavily on it as he turns angry red eyes on the angel behind him.


‘Kacchan, I’m so sorry-’


‘I don’t fucking want your pity. Leave me alone.’


Izuku stares wide eyed as the demon turns his back on him, shoulders tense as he staggers forward, nearly pitching over when one foot gets caught behind the other. Before he can hit the floor, Izuku darts forward and catches the blond, carefully pulling him back up until he can stand by himself again. He’s immediately pushed away, the force of the shove knocking him down to the floor as Katsuki lurches away from him to the other end of the room, putting as much distance between them as possible.


Izuku slowly rightens himself, wondering if he should leave like the blond demanded, but one look at Katsuki’s face is enough to change his mind completely, the anguish making him determined to find any way to comfort the demon.


‘Kacchan please let me help you. Anyway possible. Just let me help!’


‘I already told you Deku. I. Don’t. Want. Your. Fucking. Pity.’


He’s turned himself away again and Izuku finally understands what’s going on. He thinks he’s not aloud to grieve properly in front of Izuku. He thinks it makes him weak. Why would he feel like that!? After all they’ve been through and after all the times in the past week where Izuku made himself completely emotionally bare, why does he hide any vulnerability from him? Does he not trust Izuku?


‘Didn’t we say we’d never judge each other? Never think the other to be weak? Let your walls down for me Kacchan, Katsuki, please. Please let your walls down.’


The demon stays turned away, his breaths shaky as Izuku comes closer, reaching out to lay a hand on Katsuki’s arm. A small sob escapes the blond, entire body quivering under Izuku’s touch as the pain overwhelms him once more.


‘Why did he have to die? What could the angels possibly have wanted from him?’


The words come out almost too quiet for Izuku to hear, the small crack in Katsuki’s voice making the angel’s heart squeeze with the burning desire to help ease the pain. Mitsuki’s words spring back to his mind and, remembering how they helped ease the pain for him, he tries to repeat what she had told him those several hours ago.


‘Kacchan, your mum told me that there must have been a reason why he died, some cosmic reason we can’t understand that we have to trust will make everything work out. And I know it’s not much right now but at least the angels didn’t get what they were after, so your father died protecting us. In truth I blame myself for his death, the angels were after me and he only ended up being in the wrong place-’




Katsuki has gone completely still, no tremors left now that his muscles have tensed up to a hard marble. The sobs are gone, an icy silence filling the room in its stead, each of Izuku’s instincts screaming at him to flee as fast as he can. The demon finally turns to him, face cold and threatening as he looms over Izuku like a wolf before a rabbit.


‘I said. What. Did. You. Just. Say.’


‘I-I, the angels they- they were assassins on the way to kill me. The only reason your father was killed was because I had left by that time.’


‘So… you’re what killed him? You’re the reason my father is dead?’


The whispers that escapes Katsuki’s lips are a stark contrast to the previous ones, now dead and empty where before they were broken and painful. His eyes have glassed over in disbelief, expression vacant as he tries to process the information.


‘I’m sorry Katsuki, I’m so sorry. Please believe me when I say that I wish I was stronger. If I had just progressed faster then maybe I could have stopped this-’




The anger shocks Izuku into jerking his head up again, green meeting with a furious red as the glare pierces right into the angel’s soul.


‘You’re right, you should have progressed faster. But you’re too weak,’ he sneers, crowding into Izuku’s space in a way that has him backing up a step in fear, ‘too pathetic and look where that got us. My dad’s DEAD. HE’S DEAD AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!’


The demon breaks off in heaving breaths, barely containing the vicious flood inside. Izuku stumbles back further, back almost against the wall as he tries to stammer out a desperate apology.


‘Get out.’


‘B-but Kacchan I-’


‘I SAID GET OUT!’ He roars, grabbing the lamp on his bedside table and flinging it at Izuku’s head, the angel only just throwing himself to the side in time before the lamp shatters into pieces right where his head had been only moments before. With barely any time to react, Katsuki rips a picture frame off the wall, aiming at Izuku once again as he continues to yell.



This time he isn’t quite fast enough when ducking to the side, small glass shards lodging themselves into his arm as he throws them up in front of his face. Adrenalin spikes through the angel’s veins as he sees Katsuki reach for another frame, his legs moving of their own accord as he flees out of the room and down the stairs.


The words swirl around his head, rooting themselves in every crevice of his being as they bring each of his walls tearing down. He vaguely feels the tears run down his cheeks, not caring to wipe them away as he rushes to pull his shoes on. What must be seconds drag on to feel like hours, Izuku not breathing or thinking as he runs. Runs out the house, runs into the woods, runs and runs until the trees become unfamiliar and his chest bursts in a cry for air.


Still he keeps going, no care for where he’s actually going, why would that matter now anyway? Nothing matters any more. The one reason to live now hates him, there’s nothing to life now.


It’s with this thought in mind that he finally stumbles, tripping on a root until he’s crashing to the floor, dirt and twigs digging into the cuts on his arm as he curls himself into a tight ball and cries. The air is cold as it bites into his skin, his tears are too hot as they slide down his cheeks, legs ache from overexertion, but Izuku doesn’t feel any of it. He feels absolutely nothing except the crushing agony of his heart caving into itself, crumbling into dust now that the one thing he loves above all disappears from his life.


Katsuki’s face is ingrained into his mind, the crazed loathing ingrained into his expression crowding out any other thought Izuku could be having. Everything is too red, the anger, Katsuki’s eyes, the blood dripping on the floor, it’s all too red, too vivid, Izuku’s stomach churning as he feels like throwing up.


He doesn’t know when exactly the world turns black, maybe he got knocked out, maybe he passed out. Izuku knows nothing at all.



Katsuki screams. He cries and sobs and yells, only stopping when his voice gives out and legs buckle beneath him, body slumping to the floor in defeat as his body trembles with silent misery. Reality is a blurry mess of colours and memories, the alcohol in his system easing the pain slightly but not enough, never enough.


Hours fly by, or maybe it’s just minutes, he doesn’t know any more. Sleep had to have come at some point, he definitely wasn’t awake when he started throwing up. Mitsuki appeared at some point, was that really her? No, she left. He must have been dreaming. Izuku walked in several times, arm bleeding with his face distorted in terror, what had scared him so much? Why was he bleeding? Then he disintegrates into dust and Katsuki sinks into the void once more.


Now, finally, Katsuki finds himself lying in his childhood bed, Masaru lying next to him with a storybook open in his lap. It had been their evening habit when Katsuki was younger, the young demon always demanding to have the same story read to him over and over again, something Masaru could never say no to. The familiar words wash over Katsuki and the ache in his chest pulls, reaching out to touch the other once more.


‘And so the mighty hero finally defeated the villain, his big smile never fading as he saved the world one final time. The end.’


Masaru closes the book and smiles down at the blond, placing a gentle kiss to his forehead as he gets up and moves away -don’t leave me- placing the book back in it’s place on the shelf. He turns to face Katsuki as he steps out the door- please don’t go – whispering out a final goodnight – I’m not ready! – before closing the door and disappearing forever.


The shrill ring of a phone breaks Katsuki out of the muddy reality, eyes blinking against the harsh light of the morning sun. He groans at the light headache, one hand wildly grabbing in the general direction of the offending object while the other rubs at his temple. At least he’s not properly hungover, supernatural metabolisms seem to be good for something after all.


The phone turns out to be just out of reach and he huffs in annoyance as he gets up and slouches towards it. Ugh he’s never going to sleep on the floor again.


Something crunches under the demon’s foot and he peers at the floor in confusion, mind blank as he tries to figure out why glass is covering the entire space. What one earth did he do when he was drunk yesterday? The last thing he can remember is running out the house and getting himself completely wasted then… nothing. Looking around, he finds his lamp in the same state a little further along and- dread curls in his heart. Red droplets decorate the floor as well as a single smudged hand print that is definitely not large enough to be his-


The piercing ringtone starts up again and Katsuki furiously grabs the phone, spitting out a sharp, ‘what,’ as he runs out the room and down the stairs, following the trail of blood along-


‘Katsuki? Katsuki are you there? Listen to me brat! Do not go out the house! The angels are in the woods somewhere, we’re not sure where exactly and we’re trying to track them but make sure you both stay in the house. Do you hear me? Do not under any circumstance let Izuku out the house!’


Mitsuki’s words fade into the background as Katsuki stands frozen in place, watching as the last visible drops of blood disappear under a door. His blood runs cold. It’s the front door.


Chapter Text

Snap. Izuku wakes with a start, head throbbing, arm searing, everything hurting. He gasps and sits up, clutching his head as his eyes flit over the woods around him. Unfamiliar trees loom above his head, crowding around to witness the utter mess that is Izuku Midoriya. The angel only sighs, leaning his back against one of the trunks behind him as he stares at his feet in misery. They hurt. Oh who is he kidding, everything hurts.


He sighs once more, dropping his head into calloused hands, blocking the too bright world around him. Another snap echoes around the trees and the sound of wings beating fill the air as some bird flies away but Izuku doesn’t look up, doesn’t care. Why should he care about anything? Katsuki, the one thing keeping him going, the one thing that kept him fighting and getting up, the one person that made him want to live, now hates him. Of course he does, Izuku is the main reason Masaru is dead.


What should he do now? What can he even do now? He’s failed, no one will want him anymore. They can’t even use him as a weapon because in all this time he hasn’t even managed to accept the darkness whatever that meant. Izuku is completely dead on the inside and he has no idea what to do about it.


It’s only when the sound of feathers disrupt the quiet woods a second time that Izuku is finally pulled out of his thoughts. Now that he thinks about it properly, the woods are far too quiet, even eerily so. And those ruffling sounds are far too loud to be a small bird-


Something grasps his collar and he’s flung through the air, the rough ground meeting his face too fast for him to react properly. Bones aching and breath spluttering, he pushes at the floor in vain, a heavy weight on his back pinning all limbs in place so there’s no hope of escape.


‘Well, well, well, what do we have here?’


The rich, honey voice invade Izuku’s ears, sticky and sickening in their false sweetness. His futile attempts stop as a hand grips around his throat, delicate fingers hiding the strength Izuku knows lies beneath. In a sudden dizzying rush, the world spins around, Izuku finding himself hanging suspended in the air by his neck, the two angels drinking up the sight of him at their mercy.


Izuku doesn’t even so much as try to fight back, the hollow ache in his chest turning every muscle to lead as he drops his empty gaze to the two in front of him. They’re definitely Endeavour’s angels, they radiate an innocent grace that could set anyone at ease. Not Izuku though, he just feels dead on the inside.


Why should he fight back anyway? He’s only going to be a disappointment to everyone, wouldn’t it be better if he just died? At least then he won’t get anyone killed again. Malicious laughter fills the air as Izuku closes his eyes, subjecting himself to his fate.


‘Would you look at that, the saviour of the demons is as weak as a human. Where’s your fight Izuku?’


His name drips off their lips like poison, the hand gripping his neck tightening in search of any reaction from the greenet. When none comes the air becomes heavy, suffocating even as the annoyance of the angels manifests into something physically real, something set on choking Izuku until he writhes on the floor. Combined with the hand gripping his throat, Izuku feels like he’s about to pass out, his head foggy as any oxygen is stopped from entering his lungs.

‘Why’s he not responding? Is he not going to fight at all? What do we do now?’ One of the angels whispers furiously, each word spat out in confused discomfort.


‘Endeavour wants him, do we kidnap him? Knock him out?’


‘No you idiot! Have you never seen any movies? If we take him alive he’s definitely going to escape or be rescued! I say we just kill him now then bring his body back.’


The words register somewhere in Izuku’s head and he vaguely realises that they are definitely not good, but right now he can’t bring himself to care. So what if they do kill him? They’ll only be doing exactly what Izuku wants. He readies himself for any sort of pain, waiting for the stab of a dagger, a blade to his throat, anything that could end his life, but it seems the angels are not quite done with him just yet.


‘Hey Izukuuuuu, did you hear that? We’re going to kill you now. That pretty mouth of yours is never going to breathe another breath ever again.’


Holding himself completely still, Izuku gives them no reaction at all. The resounding growl from the other angel shows exactly how annoyed they are by his silence, and it isn’t long before Izuku can feel another hand wrenching his hair down, wisps of breaths caressing his ear as one of the angels starts murmuring.


‘After that we’ll take your body to heaven and you will be given to Endeavour who can take all of your pretty power away. And then, oh boy, then we’re going to invade Hell.’


Izuku can’t help how his breath hitches the slightest bit at the last fact. They would invade Hell even with him, the threat, gone? No, no, no, they can’t do that! Nobody knows! They’re not prepared yet! The angels seem to feel his distress, their excitement obvious now that they found something to torture him with before he dies.


‘Oh you don’t want that? Let me tell you exactly what we’re going to do-’


‘Hey, we should just stop and kill him already. Someone might find us before we get the job done,’ the other angel interrupts, the anxiety clear in their strained voice.


‘Pfft, you think someone will find us out here? Yea right. And I doubt Izuku is going to fight, he’s too weak. Just let me have my fun a little longer.’


The lips return next to his ear, the slithering voice cutting to Izuku’s core as each word sinks deeper, filling Izuku with dread and fear for everyone he’s come to see as family.


‘First we’re going to invade the city, killing and enslaving every demon scum until we get to the castle. Then we’re going to find that gorgeous feisty queen and cut her up until even she looses that fiery will. When fire is all they know, that is when we find that elusive prince and chain him in front of any survivors. Everyone will watch as Endeavour will tear him limb from limb, signing the new will of God with the blood of the damned.’


Everything is cold. Izuku stopped breathing at some point, he can’t remember, not when the vivid image of everyone he knows dying a gruesome death paints his eyelids. He can hear their screams, can smell their blood, can see their broken bodies littering the floor and he can’t let that happen. He can’t!


A sudden burst of adrenalin sets his body on fire, eyes flying open as he wrenches himself away from their mocking faces. Their shock makes them too slow, the hand on his throat not quite tight enough, then he’s running. Enraged shouts follow Izuku as he runs faster than ever before, the forest floor flying past under his nimble feet. Faster. Run. Get to the mansion.


The world slows to this one moment in time, his muscle memory from all the training taking over as steady legs guide him in the right direction. Izuku has no idea where he is, but he does know where the mansion will be, his instincts setting a clear path to follow.


The swipe of wings. Dodge to the side. A crash sounds to his left but Izuku doesn’t stop, doesn’t even look back, he can only run. The trees are starting to look familiar again and the wave of relief that courses through his veins almost has him crashing to the floor.


Why does he always forget that relief means your downfall?


Two bodies hit him from either side and now he’s actually crashing to the floor, every bit of air forced out of his lungs as Izuku’s body slams into a tree. Tears clog the angel’s vision and he makes one last desperate attempts to run off again, before a heavy foot stomps down on his arm. The boot tears his skin, the glass shards still embedded in his arm digging deeper as Izuku lets out a pained scream.


Izuku blinks through the stinging tears, only able to watch in horror as the angel above him pulls out a large dagger, the wicked grin on their face showing just how much they are going to enjoy Izuku’s pain. He squirms in vain, pain forgotten in the immediate danger above him, but he abruptly stills as the sharp point is pressed into his chest. It’s right above his heart.


A drop of blood pools around the tip and Izuku digs his teeth into his lip to stop himself sobbing in fear. He squeezes his eyes shut, one hot tear scalding his face as it slips down his cheek. He can’t die yet, he needs to warn someone! They’re going to invade and everyone will die if he doesn’t. He can’t, he can’t, he can’t. Even with the blade digging slightly deeper, Izuku’s head is spinning with any possible idea of escape, anything at all to buy him some more time- blank. There’s nothing. It’s completely futile.


‘Say hello to Satan, Izuku.’ The words spit out above his head and the dagger lifts the slightest bit, ready to plunge down and end his life-


A sudden roar fills the air, even the trees quivering at the pure anger radiating from the sound. The prick of the dagger disappears along with the angel at his side and Izuku finally feels like he can breathe again. Large gasping sobs tear from Izuku’s throat as he basks in the feeling of being alive, the relief of surviving filling him with warmth where he lies on the floor. Twigs and dirt clumped beneath his fingers, gentle rays of sunlight warming his face, fresh air in and out of burning lungs. He’s alive.


Everything is fine. He’s not dead. He can breathe.


A pained yell cuts through the woods and Izuku’s eyes fly open in panic, watching as the same dagger that had rested on his chest just moments ago now slashes into one of Katsuki’s legs, blood splattering on the floor as the assassin laughs in wild abandon. There’s so much red, too much red. It decorates the ground, gives the dagger a deadly sheen, but most of all it seeps down Katsuki’s thigh, painting his jeans a dark sickening red.


The demon either ignores or doesn’t feel the pain, desperation and focus driving him to keep fighting, keep protecting Izuku. Even injured the demon fights in deadly grace, holding his own against the two assassins while Izuku watches in awe. God he’s so beau- Izuku sees the other angel rounding in on the other side of the demon and he lunges up, launching himself into the fight.


Even with Katsuki hindered and their previous fight opening a chasm between them, the hours of training together take hold, angel and demon working together in a flourish of coordinated attacks. Each blow is calculated, each movement is rehearsed, they are actors in a play the others don’t know the lines to.


When one angel staggers away, Izuku is right there to send them back to Katsuki’s merciless attacks. When the other tries to sneak up on the greenet, Katsuki is there to launch him into the trees. There is almost something dance-like in the way their movements flow around each other, Izuku’s speed and Katsuki’s power mixing until they become one deadly weapon.


The assassins have no chance. Their final move is one they’ve practised many times, with Izuku twisting both angels together before Katsuki sets off a pulse of power that shakes the earth. The angels crumble into ash, the dagger being the only thing left as the dust blows off into the trees.


Izuku and Katsuki stand facing each other, panting in the face of their victory. Izuku’s mind is racing in a wild hurricane of thoughts, not sure what to do or think after what just happened. With Katsuki so close he can clearly see the image or his angry eyes, the empty feeling destroying any sense of happiness from the angel’s defeat. On the other hand, Katsuki had still come to save him, could that mean the demon doesn’t hate him?


A pained whine pulls him out of his musings and Izuku’s eyes widen at the sight of Katsuki collapsing to the floor, skin pale and sallow as he takes rasping breaths. Izuku has to get him back to the mansion. After that they could talk and if Katsuki really does want him gone then he’ll leave, but first he has to make sure the demon doesn’t bleed out.


With a quick huff, Izuku runs to Katsuki’s side and pulls him up, wrapping one of the demon’s arms around his shoulder as he starts dragging him in the direction of the mansion. Normally it would have been easy to carry the demon, but now his bruises and injuries scream at him with every movement and the general exhaustion of the events from the last 24 hours makes his feet drag and stumble with each step.


It takes too long to reach the mansion, Katsuki’s steps turning even sloppier, but they make it. With the front door in sight, a new burst of adrenalin has Izuku practically running into the house, the angel dropping Katsuki onto the island counter in the kitchen as he rushes to grab the first aid kit.


The press of the gauze on the deep cut has the demon cursing out in pain, hands gripping the edge of the counter as Izuku stops the bleeding. Next comes the clear cream Recovery Girl gave them, the blond instantly looking better as the magic seeps into his blood. With each second Katsuki’s eyes become sharper, his consciousness returning as the blood loss is reversed.


It’s when Izuku reaches for the bandages that a light finger trails along his arm, passing over the shallow cuts embedded with glass. He gasps in shock and whirls his eyes on Katsuki, the demon’s face twisted into something broken and horrified.


‘Did-did I do this?’ The hoarse whisper comes out just as broken, hand shaking as it continues to follow the line of small cuts.


‘It’s fine,’ Izuku shrugs, wishing the demon would stop looking so sad. He knows Katsuki didn’t mean to hurt him, that it was only the grief that made him lash out in that particular way. And anyway, it had been true that Izuku was to blame for his father’s death, so the angel guesses that was exactly what he deserved.


‘No. No it’s not fine! I – I hurt you! I can’t – can’t believe that I would ever-’


He cuts off with an alarming strangled sound, Izuku’s eyes widening as he slips off the counter and lifts Izuku up to sit where he just had. The angel starts protesting in horror as he sees the cut on the demon’s leg start bleeding sluggishly again, but Katsuki ignores him. His objections turn into a hiss as the demon starts pulling out any glass shards, dabbing the wounds with disinfectant while his face is set in a mixture of concentration and pain.


‘I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Izuku.’ He repeats over and over again as his shaking fingers carefully wrap up each of his wounds.


Izuku stares in bewilderment as fat tears roll down the demon’s face, mixing with the soot and blood already covering it. The scene from last night flashes in front of his eyes once more, seeing the same tears slipping out of angry eyes as the demon tells him to leave-


‘Kacchan, I- I can still leave after this. I won’t invade your space and you can grieve properly without having to take care of me.’


The words seem to affect Katsuki, the demon stilling before turning to hunch over the first aid kit, his strained back facing Izuku. The angel thought the news would make Katsuki happy, surely that’s what the demon wanted all along right? But with the way his muscles are quivering and how is back is still turned, Izuku is starting to worry he may have said something wrong.


‘Kacchan, what’s wrong?’


The blond’s shoulders quiver as he takes a shaky inhale, only a moment passing before the hoarse whisper fills the room.


‘Why do you want to leave so much?’


Izuku’s brows scrunch up in confusion, the words not registering entirely in his head. Why would he want to leave? It’s Katsuki that wants him gone isn’t it? The demon hunches over even more, not daring to turn and look at the expression on Izuku’s face as the inner turmoil twists his face into a pained grimace.


‘I-I know I’m not the nicest person to be around and- and if you want to leave after what I did to you yesterday, I won’t stop you but… what did I do wrong? You’ve always wanted to leave. After all the time we spent together, why- why don’t you want to stay?’


The sentences break apart with each shaking inhale, the words stumbling over each other in a rush to finally be free. Izuku stares dumbfound at the questions, mouth opening and closing before his reply finally bursts out.


‘You told me to! I know you want me gone so I’ll make it easier for you and leave then you won’t have to deal with me any more.’


‘WHY WOULD I WANT YOU TO LEAVE WHEN YOU’RE THE BEST DAMN THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED TO ME? IF YOU LEAVE THEN YOU’LL BE FINE WHILE I’M LEFT FUCKING ALONE AGAIN! Why does everyone I love leave?’ Katsuki turns to face Izuku, expression as shattered as the last few words that leave his lips.


But Izuku doesn’t see his crestfallen eyes or hear the crack in his voice. No, the only thing Izuku can feel is the pounding of his blood, his stomach curling in on itself as one particular word circles around his head. Love, love, love, love. Katsuki loves him? Is there a chance- could he really- does he- holyshitdidhejusthearthatproperly. Izuku lifts his eyes to the demon, an aching hope swelling, feelings roaring and he can’t stop himself anymore-


He grabs Katsuki’s shirt and smashes their lips together.


Then his brain catches up to his actions and he shoots back, hands covering his mouth in shock. Oh no. What if Katsuki meant platonically?




Soft lips. Soft hair under his fingers. Soft hands holding his face. Izuku sighs into the kiss, pulling Katsuki impossible closer as he falls deeper and deeper. He has no idea what he’s doing, letting Katsuki lead him into bliss as he clings on for dear life. Everything falls away, narrowing down to the electric thrill of kissing the demon, the thrumming relief and happiness in his veins setting Izuku on fire.


There’s tears flowing down his face, or are they Katsuki’s? He can’t tell, the emotions from the last two days creating rivers of joy, relief and sadness as the two of them hold on tighter. The kiss turns desperate, the fear of losing each other too much for them to handle alone.


It’s only when Katsuki starts sobbing that Izuku pulls away the smallest fraction. The demon’s eyes shine with love and pain, the expression so honest and vulnerable Izuku wants to kiss him senseless once more. So he does, there’s nothing stopping him from kissing Katsuki and he’s going to take full advantage of that.


Relieved sobs against his lips.




A thumb stroking his cheekbone.


‘I’m right here’


Arms hugging his waist close.


‘I’m not leaving’


They break apart, foreheads touching as they stare into each other’s eyes, green against red, red against green. The gesture is so domestic, so achingly sweet Izuku can’t help but break out into a wide teary smile.


‘I love you. I love you so much.’


‘You’ll stay?’

So much hope. A future full of possibilities and paths to explore. A place, no, a person to call home. Izuku can feel the answer written in his DNA, there’s no way it could be anything else.



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Soft curls wind around his hand, fingers caressing along the edges of Izuku’s forehead as green eyes stare at him in awe. No matter how hard he tries, Katsuki’s gaze always returns to those eyes. Always.


A small sigh escapes the angel’s lips as he leans into Katsuki’s touch, head shifting where it lies in the demon’s lap. Katsuki smiles gently as he drinks in the sight, memorising each and every detail down to the stupid twist his heart does almost every second.


‘How does your leg feel?’ Izuku asks, voice mumbled as he nuzzles into his stomach. Katsuki almost doesn’t hear him with how intensely focused he is. He just hums in reply, leaving Izuku to roll his eyes and sit up to inspect his wound himself.


‘The healing salve has definitely worked very well and your leg is almost fully healed even though it’s only been about four hours at most so it should maximum only take two more until you’re fully healed and then we have to go tell your mother about everything-’


Katsuki cuts his mumbling sort with a small kiss, pulling Izuku to his side so he can bury his nose into the angel’s neck.


‘Don’t worry about anything like that just yet Deku, I already called mum and we can work the rest out tomorrow. Let’s just be together for now, just you and me, no worries.’


Time warps. Or maybe it doesn’t. It’s not like they would notice as wrapped up in each other as they are. It’s only after Izuku accidentally presses his arm into the sofa and winces at the slight pain that they break out of their trance, the heavy weight of all they have to talk through pushing to reveal each miscommunication in the past few months. In the end it’s Izuku that starts first, eyes downcast and voice mumbled as he reveals his true feelings from the past months.


He talks for hours, from when he first realised he liked then loved Katsuki to the frequent nightmares and panic attacks he has had. Katsuki says nothing but each new part brings out new emotions on his face, each saying more than a hundred words could. When Izuku talks about his longing to stay and fear of not being wanted, his eyes are a mixture of relief and an aching sadness. When he talks about his deepest fear of failing and the pain Izuku inflicted on himself to ease the thoughts, Katsuki’s face twists and he holds Izuku’s hand a little tighter. When he goes on to say how he overheard the people in the castle, a dangerous glint appears and Izuku knows that if Katsuki ever finds those servants they would surely regret the day they were born.


Then, when Izuku has talked himself hoarse and every secret is laid out in the open, that is when Katsuki picks up with his side of the story. The idea that Izuku only wanted to get away as fast as possible, the fear that he would be abandoned as soon as the war was over. He goes on through the months, recalling every time he saw Izuku as this ethereal beauty. On the rooftop standing in the sunrise’s glow. Asleep on the sofa after he preened Izuku’s wings. Whenever he saw Izuku getting stronger during combat training, a determined radiance filling the air around him as he got up over and over again. And finally he opens up about his father’s death.


It’s at this point that the demon begins to shake, the instinct to hide his pain with anger strong once more as his brain vehemently tries to deny showing any vulnerability. But then Izuku’s hands are cradling his cheeks and any walls crumble instantly. Last time he tried to cut Izuku off Katsuki had managed to hurt him. He made Izuku bleed. From this moment he vows himself to never hide himself from the angel ever again, he will do everything in his power to protect the greenet and nothing can stop him. Not even his own suppressed emotions.


The pain cuts deep and an aching hollowness makes his moves sluggish as he sorts through his feelings. Some deep part in him, the little child that wanted the same story read each night, still denies the idea that Masaru could really be dead. How could one of the wisest men he knows have died so suddenly? How could Katsuki forgive himself knowing that he spent the last years away from his family? Why didn’t he make the effort to talk to him more?


Izuku holds him the entire way through his pain, not talking or trying to make him feel better, just keeping enough contact to show his unending support and love. In a way that made him feel much better than any attempt at making it right.


The room had been long quiet by the time Izuku’s breath slows and evens out, sleep pulling him into a deep slumber where he lies against Katsuki. The demon follows quickly, the peaceful face of the angel making his eyes heavy until they both find themselves asleep, curled into each other with no secrets pulling them apart.


The next morning turns into a wild frenzy of movement and action. The entire city lights up with the news of the army approaching, every defence readied in preparation for the impending attack. Katsuki and Izuku find themselves moving to the castle again after Mitsuki demanded they stay where they are most protected, the mansion providing little to no protection against an invasion.


They both don’t bother hiding their new relationship, the first week in the castle filled with people losing and winning bet after bet as they found out exactly when and how Katsuki and Izuku had gotten together (Mitsuki smugly found herself the richest, with every other person learning to never again bet against anything with her).


The laughter and fun seems to leech from the rooms with every day though, everyone on edge in the face of the angel’s attack. No one knows when it’s going to happen, they could attack at any moment and the tension is almost visible in the air, everyone constantly on edge with the thought that this day could be their last.


Today is a particularly bleak day, not even Eijirou managing to crack a joke to lessen the tense atmosphere. Katsuki clings close to Izuku, his shoulders hunched and jaw clenched with the need to protect Izuku and hide him from any harm. Their morning had been filled with the usual desperate attempt to make Izuku accept the darkness and power. The angel has tried everything he could think of from meditating to training until he collapses, but nothing seems to work, the frustration growing to the point where he nearly rips his own hair out every evening.


Izuku drops himself into the desk chair in his and Katsuki’s room, mumbling any new far fetched idea that he hasn’t tried yet, while Katsuki drops himself onto the bed face down, a muffled groan escaping from where he lies motionless.


Izuku pulls himself out of his thoughts, focusing on the tension in the demon’s body, hating how he is the reason that stress exists. An idea forms in his head. With deft movements he crosses the room and pulls out Katsuki’s x-box and one of the many action games from the shelf, plugging everything in and switching it on so the loud upbeat soundtrack vibrates throughout the entire room.


He shuffles to the bed where Katsuki watches him with bated interest, grabbing one of the demon’s legs and yanking. An indignant screech leaves the blond’s lips as he suddenly falls of the bed, pulling Izuku down with him when he tries to hold on to his arm.


They both stare in bewilderment, limbs tangled where they lie sprawled on the floor, before Izuku bursts into giggles. Katsuki forces the grin off his face as he grabs one of the pillows off the bed, smothering Izuku’s face and giggles with it before mercilessly tickling the exposed skin under Izuku’s shirt.


‘Die shitty nerd!’


‘No! Kacc-Kacchan! St-stop!’ He gasps out between squeals, body squirming to escape Katsuki’s deft fingers. The demon ceases the attack, pulling Izuku up so they both sit facing each other. Izuku gives one final giggle before pulling Katsuki to the set up video game, excitement radiating out of the giant grin on his face.


The angel holds out one controller, puppy dog eyes activated as he slyly asks, ‘teach me?’ Katsuki huffs in exasperation, but a small smirk still slips on his face as he takes the controller and explains how to play the game.


‘Don’t worry Deku. I may be the best at this game but I’ll go easy on you because it’s you first time,’ he smirks, the playful hint to his voice matched by the innocent smile Izuku gives him.


Izuku completely crushes him.


The demon can only stare in utter shock as the points add up, Izuku’s by far beating him and even going so far as beat his high-score. The angel gives a little self satisfied hum and gives Katsuki a wicked grin, ‘oh, did I forget to mention that I’ve played this before?’


‘Damn nerd I should tickle you again,’ he murmurs, still too distracted by the unimaginable high score to properly act on his threat. To be fair that self satisfied grin was worth the loss.


A knock on the door shakes them both from their little world, bringing the previous worries swooping down on their shoulders once again. They find themselves walking to the library after the servant’s message, Mitsuki waiting in one of the sofas by the fireplace. Izuku’s mind flashes with the image of Masaru sitting in the exact same place, and he quickly shoves the thought out of his head.


‘Ah boys, please sit down. We need to talk.’ Her voice is stern and tactical, face set into a frown as she watches them sit in front of her. Katsuki’s ever present frown finds itself on his face again while Izuku immediately starts fidgeting in worry. Is this because he’s not progressing fast enough? Did he do something wrong? Oh no he probably did do something wrong didn’t he.


‘We have to discuss what is going to happen if the angels attack while Izuku isn’t ready to fight yet. There’s no chance we’re sending you to fight in a battle where you’ll get killed immediately, I’m not risking your life for something that stupid. But then you need to stay behind with someone to protect you-’


‘I’ll protect him old hag,’ Katsuki cuts in, face set in determination and not a single bit of doubt.


Izuku jolts up in panic with his hands clenched and eyes wide. ‘I can’t just sit here while people are out there risking their lives to protect the city! It’s my fault the angels are attacking so I have to fight!’


‘You are not setting a foot outside of this castle!’ Katsuki roars as he looms over Izuku. Mitsuki quickly pushes them back down to sit next to each other, both the angel and demon stewing silently in their thoughts. Mitsuki gives out a shaky cough before resuming where she had left off.


‘I know you want to help Izuku but until we figure out how to make you accept the power, you have to stay here in the safety of the castle. Katsuki, while your power and fighting capabilities will be missed in the battle I think it’s best if you stay with Izuku like you want to. That way if the worst should happen you can still protect him.’


Katsuki gives a curt nod, seemingly at ease with his situation, while Izuku stares at his shoes in frustration. Just thinking about how many more lives will be lost because of him has his hands curling into tight fists, fingernails digging into his palm hard enough to leave red and purple crescent moons scattered in a thin trail.


Distantly, Izuku realises that Mitsuki leaves after receiving an urgent message from Toshinori, but his thoughts focus on the frustration again, unshed tears turning his vision foggy as he imagines the two armies fighting, the people dying, the blood everywhere spreading more and more-


Gentle fingers whisper against his cheek and Izuku jolts out of the turmoil in his head, eyes locking with Katsuki’s red ones as the demon continues to ground him to this moment. The blond places a soft kiss on his lips before pulling Izuku into his chest, arms circling around him possessively as the angel continues to calm down bit by bit.


‘I’m sorry. I know how much you want to play your part but I can’t let you die. I can’t,’ Katsuki whispers into his green curls, arms clutching tighter around Izuku.


The angel sighs into the blond’s chest, focusing on the smoky scent rather than the worries building in his mind. ‘I know Kacchan. I just-’


Any other words are cut off immediately as the sound of a bell vibrates through the walls one, two, three, four, five times, each toll shaking Izuku to the core. The silence that follows is even worse than the noise, the air thick with tension as Izuku and Katsuki share a look of understanding. The angels have arrived.


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One drop of sweat running down the middle of his back. Heavy, thudding pounding inside alert ears. Every muscle tense as he stands ready to dodge, attack or deflect. Izuku watches unblinking as Katsuki circles around him, predatory eyes seeking any weakness or opening. He stops. Izuku tenses. The smallest twitch of the demon’s right hand and Izuku is launching himself left, just in time as he narrowly evades Katsuki’s body, propelled by the small explosions he lets off.


The momentum should carry the demon forward more, Izuku calculating just how much time in theory he has before the other will be on him again. When the last second ticks down, Izuku ducks down, swinging his leg out and around to connect with the demon’s shin while his hand reaches up to grab the too close hand, only just missing the series of explosions.


No time to worry about the angels attacking hell. He jumps to the side, landing in a roll as he spins around again, face focused on any new sign of attack. Heartbeat drumming, blocking out the thought of dying screams. An opening to Katsuki’s left has him spinning around in a full body kick, the demon only just getting his arms up in time, using Izuku’s momentum to fling him away into one of the side walls. Eyes following the movement of the blond, not seeing dreams of the scattered bodies of Toshinori… Mitsuki… Eijirou…


Izuku’s head slams into the wall, stars swimming in his vision, Katsuki’s arms boxing him in place as his red eyes scrutinise the angel’s face. So maybe Izuku was more distracted than he thought he was.


‘Damn right nerd. You’ve been mumbling the entire time.’ Katsuki growls in frustration, face twisted in thought. ‘Fuck I want to be out there fighting alongside everyone else, at least then I feel like I could be saving someone’s life or helping get rid of some of those angel fuckers. Anything other than this… waiting.’


Izuku understands the feeling completely, everyday beginning and ending with the desire to somehow help. The training has been getting him nowhere and by now he’s even doubting whether this power properly exists, or if it is just another fluke the angels came up with.


It’s been two weeks since the bells first tolled to signal the angel’s arrival and since then the castle infirmary has seen more severely injured people than it has in the past one hundred years, each new patient bringing stories of the horrors of the battlefield. They came with deep gashes and daggers lodged in their chests, every wound another demonstration of the angel’s vicious intent. So far Recovery Girl has managed to save everybody that came back, but it’s only a matter of time before someone is bound to die, even with her there doing anything possible to keep them alive.


Izuku helps out as much as he can between training sessions, bringing Recovery Girl new bandages, helping her make more healing salve and even going so far as to use his meagre leftover angel powers to ease the pain of some soldiers if their wounds were particularly bad. Katsuki has been there with him the entire time, helping him alongside Recovery Girl, training him further until every muscle aches, distracting him when his thoughts get too far or when a panic attack grabs him.


By now Izuku is experiencing nightmares every night, the injured demons he treated in the day morphing into his dead loved ones, each of them mocking him, blaming him for letting them die. Even Katsuki’s calming presence when he wakes isn’t enough to stop him spiralling every night.


However, even with the constant fear and stress, the past two weeks have also held some of his favourite memories. Katsuki seems hell bent on making out with him at least twice a day, with the rest of the day filled with small touches and gestures. The demon’s still not good at saying his emotions or talking about his feeling, preferring to show his support through his unwavering presence close by, or with a hand resting on the small of his back. Many times, when the stress becomes a little too much, he’ll just take Izuku’s hand and take him somewhere to distract him with things like the big gardens or the castle kitchens.


Izuku’s favourite way he distracts him, however, has to be when he kisses him until he forgets all about the angels, and it seems like the demon is planning on doing just that right now with the his eyes spark and lips quirk.


‘Deeekkkuuuu you’re meant to focus on me when I’m attacking you, or do you need me to give you a better reason to focus on me? Hmm weeellll,’ he drawls, dragging his hands up slowly until he’s holding Izuku’s wrists against either side of his head, face a mere inches away, ‘what kind of thing could I do to get you to focus now?’


The smirk on his face is downright sinful and suddenly Izuku’s heart is racing for an entirely different reason. Katsuki closes the distance between them, lips ghosting across his cheek until they rest by his ear, soft breath tickling the delicate skin under his ear in a way that makes Izuku’s entire body shiver. Teeth graze against his ear lobe and Izuku is gone, a small whimper the only thing escaping his mouth before Katsuki slams their lips together, kissing him with an animal hunger that Izuku matches every bit.


He desperately wants to thread his fingers in the demon’s hair, to pull him even closer until not even the idea of space between them exists, but Katsuki still has his wrists firmly held against the wall next to his head. He doesn’t have wait long anyway, Katsuki pressing into him more so all Izuku can sense is Katsuki Katsuki Katsuki-


A door crashes open behind them and Katsuki whirls around as a small demon from the infirmary enters the training hall. The blonde lets out a vicious growl, palms lighting up with explosions as he advances on the petrified demon, the person fleeing the room in terror within an instant. The room is dead silent for a spilt second before Izuku bursts into laughter.


‘Don’t laugh fucking nerd!’ The demon yells, but there’s an undertone of embarrassment that makes Izuku laugh even harder. The blond grabs him and tackles him to the floor in hope of silencing the giggles, but at this point Izuku’s eyes are streaming with tears and there is no hope in stopping. It takes several minutes for Izuku to remember how to breathe properly again, stifling the last few giggles as he grins at Katsuki.


Rolling his eyes, the demon pulls Izuku up so they’re both standing once again, a comfortable silence filling the air around them as they pack up and leave for the day.


‘C’mon Kacchan, let’s go to the infirmary. That guy probably was sent to get us for some reason.’


The first thing that hits Izuku when he opens the infirmary door is the overwhelming scent of blood. Then the sight of red smeared across the floor like paint. Finally comes the numb horror as he sees the person lying pale and sallow on the closest bed, the colour of death shadowing the skin of his protruding limbs, a ghost of it’s usual vibrant colour. For one gut wrenching moment the blonde hair looks far too familiar, but the moment passes as Izuku’s rationality picks up that nobody close to him has a black tail or black marks patterned on their face.


The demon takes an anguished, spluttered breath, choking on the blood gushing from his lungs, and Izuku immediately pushes any emotions away as he runs over, his fingers getting to work cutting away the remains of fabric to fully reveal the spear lodged into his chest. Distantly he hears his own voice instructing Katsuki to get Recovery Girl but in a split second his entire attention is back on the injured demon.


Izuku has done this enough times in the past weeks to know how to slow the blood flow until Recovery Girl comes; this time however, the blood doesn’t slow in the slightest. He presses the gauze on harder as the blood continues to spurt out in an unstoppable stream, coating his hands and forearms in a thick layer of warm red.


Izuku begins to panic without Recovery Girl here to guide him, his knowledge of healing close to nothing, especially not with a wound of this magnitude. He knows too much blood has already left the demon, that he needs to be treated immediately, but other than that Izuku has no idea what to do. The spear protrudes mockingly, its elegance sharp and deadly even with the dark tinge of blood staining it. Izuku is frozen in terror, he can’t let this person die.


The hand that latches onto his arm almost has him yelling out in surprise, his wide eyes focusing on the face of the demon in front of him. His pale face is taught with panic and agony, splatters of blood gurgling out of his mouth as he desperately tries to say something- then nothing. The hand around Izuku’s arm goes limp just as the face turns slack, body laying unmoving before him as the last bit of blood flows out in a slow trickle.


Izuku can only stare in horror at the sight of- of death before him, the once alive demon now only an empty shell. Glassy eyes stare into his soul, etching themselves into his memory so he can forever remember the time he let someone die. He feels empty.


The angel has no idea how long he just stands there, eyes vacant and bloody fingers limp, before Recovery Girl steps next to him, calmly pulling him aside and sitting him on the floor before she pulls a white sheet out and covers the body. Katsuki kneels down in front of him, holding his face before shaking his shoulders to get any reaction out of him, but all Izuku can do is stare at the red tainting his hands. So much blood.


Glassy eyes stare into him (Didn’t Recovery girl cover the body?) A hand grabs his arm (He’s dead, he can’t grab you) Blood splatters onto his face as it continues to get coughed up more and more (He stopped breathing, there’s no more blood coming) Red red red (Dead men don’t bleed)


Where is he? What’s going on?


Black surrounds him, inside and out, floating him along in gentle waves. He can’t remember his name, doesn’t have any memories of anything but the all consuming darkness that cushions him now. (Wake up) It’s so peaceful here, why doesn’t he just stay here forever? That would be nice. (Wake up) Just him and this blanket of black with two red orbs (WAKE UP)


Izuku’s vision focuses, the dark transforming into the shadows of the room around him, the two orbs turning into the fiery eyes of Katsuki lying next to him. The angel blinks once, twice, takes a deep breath, before shifting to press his face into the demon’s chest. Strong arms circle around him, grounding him to reality as gentle fingers stoke patterns into the tense muscle of his back.


‘I’m so terrified,’ Izuku confesses into the darkness of the room, voice shaking with each word, ‘ so terrified that it will be someone I know next.’


The fingers still on his back. For a second the arms tighten around him, before they slip away and Katsuki sits up next to him. The demon’s fingers wind into his hair, threading through the green strands in a comforting gesture that has Izuku’s chest aching with a bittersweetness.


‘I’m so scared that I will have to watch helpless as Toshinori, Mitsuki, you bleed to death. That the blood coating my hands will be yours. That the next glassy eyes I see will be red. I- I can’t-’


He breaks off with a strangled noise, the words trapped in his throat. A moment of silence passes before Katsuki suddenly pulls Izuku up, dragging him out of bed and out the room, the angel’s questions falling on deaf ear as he guides him through corridors and up stairs.


When they finally stop once more, it's in front of an old wooden door, the hinges rusty and screaming of disuse. Katsuki carefully pushes the door open, the lock opening under his clawed hand, and they step through out onto a small walkway that circles one of the castle’s tallest spires.


Izuku looks out in wonder at the view of the castle sprawled asleep before him, the city looming further ahead in it's ever awake state. The sky is dark, with the beginnings of a sunrise looming on the horizon, the stars slowly dying as the black turns into inky purple.


Katsuki takes his hand and gently pulls him down to lie on the roof of the spire, both of them watching the sky turn steadily redder with each passing second, ready for the first rays of sun to break through at any moment. Izuku sighs a deep breath, the cool air refreshing and helping him ground himself to the present rather than the horrors of the past few hours. Remembering the red stains, he lifts one of this hands to the sky, inspecting the now clean fingers for any remnants of last night. Not a single speck of red remains; someone must have washed his hands for him while he had dissociated.


Katsuki's hand reaches up and threads itself with Izuku's, the demon pulling both their hands down to lie entwined between them. Izuku feels completely at ease, all worries forgotten for the time being, the fingers rubbing circles into his hand soothing him as much as the gentle breeze ruffling his curls.


The angel is so lost in the bliss of the moment, he almost doesn’t hear when Katsuki starts to speak, green eyes focusing on the demon’s face, the stars reflecting in his eyes, shining brighter than any in the sky.


‘Us demons are strong. My mum will make it, I know she will, and Toshinori is strong too, even if his injuries stop him from fighting like he used to. And,’ he looks deep into Izuku’s eyes, rooting the words into his genetic make-up forever, ‘ I’m not leaving you. I will kill any shitty angel bastard that even thinks they can get in between you and me.’


Izuku’s eyes glitter with tears as he smiles a grin that only Katsuki can bring out of him. Cheeks tinted rose, he shuffles closer to the demon, the blond’s free hand coming up to trace his freckles as a small smirk makes its way onto his face.


‘And then,’ he whispers, just as the first few rays of gold break through, turning the demon before him into an ethereal god of light, ‘we can have our forever together.’

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Izuku walks aimlessly through the never-ending maze of corridors, feet carrying him past old doors, big paintings and other corridors that would only make him more lost should he walk down them. Everything is dark and quiet, he loves this time of peace where it feels like he’s the only one awake in the whole world. It’s become a nightly habit for the angel to sneak out and walk through the castle, not really to specifically do anything or go anywhere, but to just exist for a few hours without any stress trailing him like his own shadow.


He blinks as he finds himself in a familiar room, one he always seems to end up in when he goes out in the night. There’s nothing in here except one big map hung on the wall, magically enhanced to show a birds eye view of everything in Hell. Izuku eyes the castle and the ever awake city, watching as miniscule cars and people roam around, but, as they always do, his eyes end up settling on the far edge of the map where a large army of dots lie. Right now it seems like both armies are resting, all dots staying clear of the middle ground where all the battles happen. One of those is Mitsuki. Another is Toshinori. He sincerely hopes they’re not the small splodges scattered in a small field a little way away from the army, he knows that’s where the dead are placed.


Even with all the strong demons out fighting, it’s obvious the angels are just too strong; the past weeks showing the army advance further and further towards the city while the demons only stall and bring more time. More time for what? Izuku thinks bitterly, the people in the city have no where to go, they can only wait until they are eventually slaughtered.


Izuku quickly shakes the dark thoughts away, holding onto the strained faith that somehow everything has to turn out fine. It has to. He sighs, the sound echoing around the room as Izuku steps away from the corner with the armies, going back to the centre where the castle lies.


A large group of weird shaped dots are circling around to the back entrance and Izuku feels exhausted once more. A large group of people coming in through the back means more people with injuries the nurses at the camp can’t deal with. They only send people over with injuries from enchanted or poisoned objects, something only Recovery Girl can heal, and only if they think there is good chance the person will survive. So far only three people have actually died in the infirmary.


Izuku is just about to seize up his mental strength so he can leave to see if Recovery Girl needs help when a crawling, twisting feeling curls into his gut, alerting him that something is deeply wrong. He steps closer to the map, squinting at the blobs as they one by one enter the castle, their wings disappearing as they step out of sight. Wait. Wings?


SHIT. Another look confirms that, yes, there is a large group of angels appearing out of seemingly nowhere, all around the castle as well as the city, each blob disappearing into either the castle or one of the various houses and buildings. He needs to warn someone!


Muffled steps come towards the door, Izuku only able to hear them due to the complete silence in the castle. Shit. The back entrance is only a few corridors from this room. There’s no where to hide, the angels will definitely find him if he stays or leaves, so Izuku shoves his own safety to the side to focus on warning the rest of the castle.


With a mad sprint he runs out the door, only narrowly dodging the surprised angel outside as he runs through the corridor. He’s yelling at the top of his voice, hoping to alert someone, but his hope is quickly drowned as he crashes to the floor under the weight of the angel. Fuck.



Katsuki wakes with a start, his instincts screaming at him that something is very wrong wrong wrong. He reaches over to wake Izuku, cursing as he finds the bed void of the angel’s presence. That damn idiot! Why the fuck did he leave without him?! No time to spare, he rips the bed sheets off him and runs out the room. He’s only wearing his tracksuit bottoms but right now he couldn’t give two shits on who saw him half naked, all that matters is making sure Izuku is okay.


A yell echoes through the halls, and his stomach drops to the floor as he realises that that is Izuku’s voice, screaming something about angels before he’s suddenly cut off. Katsuki pushes himself to go even faster in desperation, hoping with every ounce of his being that he makes it in time.


Heart racing, he finally rounds the last corner – only to crash to the floor as several bodies hold him down. He roars and fights with all his might but they’ve wrapped some sort of binding around his arms that makes the muscles in his arms go limp. All of a sudden he’s completely incapacitated, only just able to keep himself up as one of the angels pulls him up into a kneeling position, arms stretched almost painfully behind him.


He looks up to find Izuku a few feet next to him, a breath of relief leaving him when he sees the angel seems to be unharmed. While Katsuki is completely tied up in the strength oppression tape, Izuku seems to be only tied down with regular tape. Heh, they must have completely underestimated the angel. To be fair the nerd is wearing loose pyjamas that only show his delicate frame, not the firm muscle he’s built up in the past year.


The angels stand silent as one of them, the leader probably, steps before them, an evil glint shining in his eyes as he bends down towards the two on the floor. Katsuki growls something low and threatening as the angel’s eyes linger on Izuku, only serving to make the bastard’s grin stretch even bigger.


‘Seems someone is protective. Completely understandable with this catch involved. Such a shame I’m going to have to kill you.’ The fucker reaches forward and strokes (strokes!) Izuku’s jaw with a hungry look in his eyes.


‘Get the fuck off him bastard! I’ll kill you!’


The angel takes a step back and laughs, making his way over to Katsuki who seethes in rage. He has to figure out how to get him and Izuku out of here. Preferably sooner with how the other angels seem to vibrate with excitement at the prospect of killing them. Killing Izuku. Fuck no.


The sound of skin hitting skin rings in the room and it takes Katsuki a second to realise what the stinging in his cheek means. A vicious snarl leaves his lips as he spins his head back round, blood dripping down his chin while Izuku yells beside him. His ignores it all though, focusing on the angel before him while his eyes dare him to do his worst.


A punch to his gut has him reeling but still he keeps his head held high. As long as they focused on him they wouldn’t harm Izuku. Until he figures out how to get them out of this situation that will have to be enough.


The nerd is worryingly silent and he shoots Izuku a quick glance, green eyes staring at him intensely before glancing down and back up. Confused, Katsuki looks down to Izuku’s hands. Deep smug satisfaction fills him as he sees the tape hang loosely, no doubt ripped apart with Izuku’s strength. He quickly snaps his head back to the gloating angels, yelling taunts to divert any attention to him so Izuku could do his thing.


He receives another aching blow, the angel’s supernatural strength making each hit hard enough to have him curling into himself. He sees the hand pull back once more out of the corner of his eye, before it is suddenly gone. Katsuki snaps his head up to find the entire angel gone.

Chaos breaks out as the angels scramble for their weapons, not fast enough as Izuku darts around them, delivering precise hits that render each one unconscious before they can drop to the floor. The demon can only stare in utter pride and awe as he sees Izuku use the moves and attacks he taught him to render every single one of those shits useless, bodies hitting the floor faster than Katsuki can count and then – silence.


Izuku stands in the middle of the room breathing hard with the adrenaline coursing through his body, a dazed look marring his face as he views the sight of the unconscious angels flung around him. Then his eyes find Katsuki’s and he’s broken out of his spell, running forward to break apart the demon’s bindings with one of the angel’s daggers.


As soon as he’s free, Katsuki lunges forward and smashes their lips together.


‘That – was – so – damn – hot.’ He breathes between each kiss, the angel clinging onto him as he reciprocates every ounce of his hunger. They reluctantly break apart for air, Katsuki resting his forehead against the angel’s as the world spins into focus around them once more.


There’s a moment of utter silence where everything is solely focused on the two, but then a resounding crash shakes the walls of the castle as shouts and screams fill the air. Katsuki grabs Izuku’s hand and suddenly they’re running through room after room, only just dodging arrows and bullets as they streak past.


Well, they mostly dodge them. He just makes it out the back door when a pained cry rings next to him, Izuku stumbling forward onto the grass just as the demon wrenches the door shut. It seals tight, no angel should come through in the next few minutes.


Izuku staggers up onto his feet again, face twisted in pain as he clutches the gash in his arm, the blood running down his arm and dripping off his fingers. Katsuki’s just about to reach for the angel when the door behind him starts crashing apart, the force of the angel’s hits big enough to make the wood splinter and bend out of shape. So much for the protective seal.


‘You okay to keep running nerd?’He yells, grabbing the angel’s good arm once more after he receives a firm nod. Trees and plants fly by them as they run across the manicured lawn, vegetables crush and break under their feet as they run through the garden. They’re leaving a wreck but right now all that matters is getting to the edge of the grounds where they can find cover in the streets of the city.


Distantly, the sound of the door finally shattering completely can be heard, but by now they have finally reached the gates, Katsuki lifting Izuku as he blasts them over the walls into the deserted street behind. They waste no time, immediately running into small side passages and alleys in a winding labyrinth of street names and roads. Left. Right. Right. Straight ahead.


Only when Izuku starts to stumble and Katsuki starts to lose his momentum do they finally slow to a stop, both boys leaning against a wall to catch their breath and rest their legs. Katsuki can still hear the distant yells and blasts but for now it seems they have lost their pursuers.


He leans over to Izuku, carefully inspecting his injury, but it’s already scabbed over due to his supernatural healing speed. Good. While they managed to slip past their attackers, they certainly didn’t have the time to stop and wrap up any injury right now.


‘We should be close to the edge of the Pit right now, so if we walk for about two hours we can reach the end of the city. I know a hidden cave in the mountainside, we should be safer there for a little while.’


Izuku listens intently as he speaks, already pushing off the wall so they can keep going. There’s a spark in his eye and damn, if Katsuki hadn’t already been in love he would have fallen for him all over again. The demon quickly shakes his head of that thought, they did not have the time for this right now.


‘Listen nerd. If any angel attacks us or gets in our way, you first get behind me okay? I can blast away any weapon they throw our way and then we can fight together but first you have to promise you won’t pull any sacrificing shit got it?’


A hesitant nod later and they are off again, not running this time to preserve energy but with a clear destination in mind to fuel their steps. Each of Katsuki’s instincts are still screaming at him that he needs to fling Izuku over his shoulder and just sprint away, but he packs them to the side and focuses on cutting through the city as fast as possible.


The city is in shambles, almost apocalyptic with the way the street is devoid of life, several buildings burning in the distance where the angels must have attacked out of sheer spite. If he had to guess, he’d say the angels had found a way to cloak themselves and send a small army into the city to ruin it while all the soldiers were gone. God they were so stupid.


A sharp tug in his gut and he quickly ducks to the side, a spear lodging itself into the wall where his head had just been. Cursing, he yanks Izuku to the side as an angel appears out of nowhere, pulling the spear out of the wall as hetero-chromatic eyes zero in on him. Well shit.



Izuku gasps as he realises who exactly just tried to kill them, stepping forward to catch the angel’s attention. ‘Shoto please, don’t do this. I’m your friend, do you really want to hurt me?’ Shoto gives him a hard look, eyes betraying no emotion as he continues to stalk towards them.


‘I will not fall for any trick like you did Izuku. You may have been too weak to withstand their brainwashing but I am going to make sure I’ll defeat all the evil that exists. Do not try and stop me.’


With everything said, Shoto pulls his arm back, aiming the spear for Izuku’s head once more before he is suddenly knocked to the side by Katsuki, the demon raging as sparks crackle in his palms. Izuku can only watch in hurt and betrayal as Shoto fights back, using every opportunity to try and kill either Katsuki or Izuku himself. Since when had Shoto been so under Endeavour’s control that he would try and kill one of his friends?


He’s so lost in his thoughts, he doesn’t notice when Katsuki is thrown to the side, eyes only focusing once more when a hand latches around his neck and pushes him against one of the walls. The spear only just misses his chest as he twists himself around, kicking out into Shoto’s chest so the angel has no choice but to release him.


Katsuki is still struggling to get up a few feet away so Izuku gets into a fighting stance, ready to defend himself against the vicious attacks. He knows he won’t hold out long, he needs to get an idea. Fast.


Shoto throws the spear again, Izuku rolling away to evade it. By the time the other angel has ripped the weapon out of the wall, Izuku has formed an idea in his mind, something incredibly desperate that will probably never work but, oh well, he has no other plan.


‘Shoto! Stop this! You think I’m the one being controlled? You’re wrong, it’s always been Endeavour who’s been manipulating everyone!’ He ducks and dodges as Shoto swings his spear around. ‘Do you honestly think I would lie about something like this? Think about it Shoto! You know your father better than anyone else.’


Shoto falters slightly in his next attack, his blue grey eyes storming with confusion. Yet still he keeps advancing, Izuku tiring as he continues to evade.


‘You’re your own person aren’t you?! Are you really going to let your father control you into doing something wrong?!’


Finally, finally, Shoto reacts, the spear ricocheting off the wall as he throws it at an odd angle. It seems like something in the angel has snapped, his power of fire and ice blooming out around him as he screams, ‘You’re wrong! Demons manipulate and spread evil, that’s why we need to kill them all!’


‘Shoto, that’s not true,’ he almost whispers his voice is so low, ‘your father has spelled all the angels to do exactly as he wants, you all have no free will to decide your own thoughts anymore.’


The angel stands still as his power flares out of existence, shock breaking through the normally blank face as he takes in the truth. ‘I – No that’s – It can’t be -’


Izuku steps forward carefully, eyes quickly glancing to Katsuki who stands to the side ready to interfere should anything happen, before he places a gentle hand on Shoto’s shoulder. A sad, comforting smile slips onto his face as he watches the light in Shoto’s eyes shatter slightly, the angel’s entire world shifting in a matter of seconds.


‘I – I -’


Whatever he was about to say is suddenly cut off when flames erupt from the rooftops, the area filling with smoke and falling rubble as something, no someone, drops to the floor in a crouch, rising to an enormous height that only seems bigger with the massive wings stretching out on either side.


Shoto’s breath hitches as he probably sees the wings properly for the first time, Izuku’s words confirming themselves as true when he sees the colour is a dull grey rather than the white he always stated they were. The angel steps forward, flames still flickering around his face in a loose imitation of hair as he stares down in complete disappointment and fury.


‘I always knew were good for nothing, it’s only fitting that you would betray me now when it’s most vital to succeed,’ Endeavour’s voice booms out, as imposing as his large body. Shoto shifts beside Izuku and when he looks over, the angel has put himself in a fighting stance once more. Fury and fire flares in his eyes as he stands against his father.


‘Izuku, get out of here. I’ll hold him off as long as possible.’


Izuku nods, backing away until he reaches Katsuki, the blonde reaching for his hand once more as they start to run faster than ever before. Deep down they know, if they were to face Endeavour now after he has leeched the power from so many others, they will not make it out alive.


An earth shattering rumble booms behind them, glass breaking and tinkering to the floor around them as the houses shake. Even so far away, Izuku can still feel the heat of the fire behind him, both Endeavour and Shoto using their power to try and overthrow the other. A quick glance behind shows a blast of red shooting into the sky from behind the rooftops, followed by a wall of ice that shatters into a million pieces.


He quickly turns back around again to focus on running faster; watching is not going to help him in any way right now.


The buildings slowly turn more and more modern as they continue ducking through alleys, the bigger buildings making it harder to hide from any stray angels. Not that they have to worry so much, strangely enough all the angels they have seen in the past few moments have been dead, their bodies scattered across cars and pavements with limbs bent at odd angles.


‘Katsuki! Izuku!’ A familiar voice calls out and relief floods through Izuku as he sees a certain blonde queen run over to them. She’s covered in blood from head to toe, armour dented in places, but wholly seemingly unharmed. Behind her stands a large group of equally bloody demons.


‘What the fuck are you doing here?’ Katsuki yells, ‘why the fuck have the angels invaded the city?’


‘Those fuckers tried to trick us by sending half their troops past us under a cloaking spell. They almost managed to get away with it until we stormed the camp to find all the strongest angels gone. We figured out pretty quickly what happened and got over here as fast as we could.’


Another rumbling explosion behind them has both Mitsuki and Katsuki cursing, a curt nod all that’s exchanged before Mitsuki calls her group of demons forward, following the sound of destruction while Katsuki and Izuku continue to run along the streets in the direction of the mountains lying at the edge of the city.


Time advances in a blur of passing buildings and battles, Katsuki effectively pulling them away before they get caught up fighting any of the angels. Every turn they take shows more destruction and bodies of both angels and demons flung about, like rag dolls that hadn’t been put away after they were played with.


After what feels like days but also just the flash of a moment, they finally find themselves in the area where Izuku went grocery shopping with Katsuki those many weeks ago, the area looking completely different to how he has it in his memory. It should only be another half an hour until they reach the mountains, then they should finally be safe once more.


The air feels thick around them, silence clogging his ears as the taste of ash fills his throat. Something feels wrong.


As soon as the thought forms in his head, the air is filled with the unbearable heat of fire. Izuku screams as the heat scorches his skin, something only just managing to wrench him to the side before he would have been engulfed in the flames. His skull cracks against the floor as he falls, stars blooming across his vision as he tries to make any sense of the situation.


Smoke fills every inch inside Izuku’s lungs and he chokes out racking cough after racking cough in a desperate attempt to clear them. Groaning he props himself up, his vision spinning until it focuses on-




Shoto’s spear protruding from his chest. Blood dripping from the end that emerges from his back. Shock and pain marring Katsuki’s face as he stands completely still.




Izuku screams, seeing Endeavour pull out his own sword to finish off the demon. He doesn’t even think when he stumbles up, running to Katsuki. He has to save him. HE HAS TO SAVE HIM! All rational thought leaves as he flings himself before the demon, Endeavour’s sword slicing down towards his body. Then suddenly it disappears. Endeavour is flung back, his sword sliding away somewhere, but Izuku doesn’t care, doesn’t look to see what is happening.


He spins around, catching Katsuki as the demon grunts and collapses into himself. Static is charging in the space around him, the air throbbing and pulsing but all Izuku can see is the blood coating the demon’s bare chest. Small pained gasps escape Katsuki’s lips, blood starting to drip from them too. This can’t be real.


Distantly Izuku can hear screams and sobbing, vaguely realising that those noises are coming from his own mouth. His tears drip and mingle with Katsuki’s own as Izuku cradles the demon to his chest.


Katsuki lies limp, a broken doll in the red stained arms of the angel. A heaving sob wrenches from Izuku’s mouth as a shaky hand reaches up to delicately caress his trembling cheek.


‘Why’re you crying nerd? We pro- we promised forever didn’t we?’ Rasping coughs cut off any other words, more blood staining the already too red lips. It’s too much blood. There shouldn’t be this much blood!


‘You damn demon. How should I spend my forever with you if yours is ending so soon?’


Katsuki smiles, so full of grief it overflows, filling the air until it’s too heavy to breathe. He reaches up again slowly, oh so slowly, pain forgotten with the need to complete this last task. When their lips brush, time slows to a stop, giving them their final forever in these last few seconds. Then, suddenly, it’s gone.


Katsuki lies limp in his arms and the world breaks.

Chapter Text

Silence. It pulses, warps, clogs the air like cotton. There’s water in his lungs, pins in his arms, a collar around his throat digging deeper and deeper. It’s so dark. Suffocating. Tearing. Dying.


A drop of blood slowly crawling along a pale cheek. The same cheek he had kissed yesterday, the same cheek he had softly stroked as they sat in front of the library fireplace, the same cheek that had rested on his shoulder as beautiful red eyes had gazed into his own. There had been so much fire in those eyes, where is it now?


Izuku grips Katsuki’s face, desperate to find any sign on life, any sign of that fiery spark. Nothing. The red is dull now, only an echo of how it used to be. No. NO! He can’t be gone. He can’t he can’t he can’t.


Someone is screaming. They need to stop screaming, Izuku needs to focus, he has to find that spark. He shakes Katsuki’s head, grips tighter, anything to make him wake up again. There’s panic now, the numbness is slowly melting. Everything hurts so much.




He shouldn’t look down, deep down he knows that, but he does anyway. The same gruesome sight still tears into his eyes and Izuku wrenches the spear out of Katsuki’s chest, throwing it to the side so he never has to see it again. He can still save him. There has to be a way. He’s used his leftover powers to heal wounds, he can heal Katsuki right? He only has to heal his wound. Everything will be fine then. Just one wound.


Pain is all he can feel so he channels it, pulling every ounce of his energy out of his chest and into the demon before him. He pulls more and more, logic screaming that he’ll kill himself but he doesn’t care. All that matters is seeing the demon breathe once more.


His arms shake as the energy flows through them, the pain making him scream until his throat is raw. His muscles tear and bones break one by one as energy courses into him. What’s happening? Why is the energy flowing into him? No, no, the energy is meant to go to Katsuki not him. Not him!


Izuku’s entire body spasms and he collapses forward with a cry, everything around him blurring into one white blinding blur. Where is Katsuki? Where is the city? He screams again as his bones groan under an immense pressure, turquoise lightning crackling around him, through him, in him. Veins glow red and his back bursts open, something inside him growing like a storm.


His body is flung around as an immense wind takes a hold of his body. More power and unending life courses through him until the pressure has him tearing at the seams, unravelling his essence and putting it back together. Something fundamental shifts inside him and a for the first time in his life Izuku feels a complete sense of balance.


Suddenly the light parts to reveal the demon, the world now only consisting of him and Katsuki, everything else dissolved in the light that surrounds them. There’s a gold red vapour surrounding the demon’s body now, tendrils of mist trying to escape. It sparks and glows, Izuku’s eyes widening in shock as he realises that this is the spark that was missing just moment ago in the demon’s eyes. He’s seeing the essence of Katsuki and it’s beautiful.


A hum vibrates in his chest and Izuku has a moment of total clarity, the overwhelming fire within him circling his hands as he reaches forward. The energy forms around him, shaping in his will as it gathers the mist and places it where it belongs back in Katsuki’s body. The blood all around them starts moving as well, sluggishly retreating back into the hole it had escaped from until that too disappears into smooth flesh once more.


The buzzing expands out from his chest until the air is charged with it, everything focusing on the body in the middle, pushing more and more-


Katsuki’s eyes fly open with a gasp and the world shifts into it’s rightful place once more. The energy releases, rippling out into a massive shock wave that crumples the buildings around them. Izuku reaches forward, almost disbelieving, as he lifts Katsuki to rest against his chest.

The demon blinks up at him slightly dazed, awe filling his eyes as they skirt over Izuku’s face. Katsuki huffs out a little laugh as a smile slips on his face, only coherent enough to mumble out a small, ‘Izuku,’ before unconsciousness captures him.


His chest bursts with happiness and the tears of agony turn to ones of happiness as he shakily presses his lips to the demon’s forehead. He allows himself one small moment to just bask in the fact that he has Katsuki alive in his arms once more, before he collects himself. Izuku has to finish this war. He knows he has the power to do so now, but first he must get Katsuki to safety.


Izuku lifts the demon properly in a bridal style, finding his legs carrying the extra weight with ease. The light still hums around him faintly, deep down he knows it will protect him for as long as he needs.


Black wings unfurl at his sides and with one powerful blast he shoots up into the sky. Skirting around the skyscrapers and rooftops, he searches for one particular person. Katsuki will be safe with her.


He still needs to deal with Endeavour and doesn’t want the demon to be in danger while he destroys the subject of his wrath. Just the thought of the head angel has lightning crackling around him in anticipation, the bolts not hurting anymore but filling him with strength instead.


It doesn’t take him long to find Mitsuki with his speed, her voice clearly ringing out from where she’s barking out commands. He dives down, landing right before her in a flourish of wind while she only stands and gapes at him. The demons around them stand awe filled, entranced by his wings and the sense of power he exudes. Mitsuki hesitantly steps towards him and Izuku wordlessly places Katsuki in her arms


‘Endeavour?’ She whispers.


‘Still alive.’ His eyes turn cold as a dangerous look passes over his features, eyes glowing turquoise as his veins glow red. ‘But he won’t be for long.’


With Katsuki safe he takes off once more, adjusting to his newfound abilities and wings as he searches for Endeavour. He returns back to where Katsuki had died, only finding the abandoned spear but not the angel himself. Izuku has no patience, no mercy left for the vile creature that is the current head angel; he will find him and he will destroy him. With one powerful roll of his shoulders, he shoots up into the sky, black wings beating as he hovers in place.




The crack of a whip vibrates through the air and Izuku is wrenched to the side as it wraps around his arm. He rips himself free, the wound on his arm healing almost immediately as he whirls around to face Endeavour. The angel hovers a few feet away, one hand engulfed in flames while the other holds a burning whip, poised to strike once more. His eyes are filled with madness, with each movement showing a rushed desperateness. It’s clear to both of them who is stronger right now.


But if Endeavour is one thing then it’s prideful and he will not give up without a fight. Fire engulfs Izuku and he easily deflects it, using the cover of the smoke to fly close to the other angel. Electricity sparks around, Endeavour screaming in pain as it tears into his skin. Izuku’s veins glow as he shoots pulse after pulse of pure energy, each hitting Endeavour square in the chest and jerking him back.


A moment of hesitation and suddenly the whip is circled tightly around his waist, body flinging around wildly with each twitch of Endeavour’s hand. Another jerk and he’s wrenched towards the angel’s burning arm, the fire burning his body as he frees himself from the whip. Lightning and fire clash together making thunder rumble across the city.


Izuku needs to end this. With each second Endeavour remains alive more demons are dying at the hands of the controlled angels; the faster he kills him, the faster the angels will be released from his hold.


With renewed vigour he attacks the other, mind working as fast as his muscles to figure out how to kill him. It would either require an immense amount of energy or some way to remove him from this dimension… wait. The idea springs into his head and suddenly victory seems much much closer.


Izuku tears himself away from Endeavour, ducking around the angel to grasp one of his wings and hurl him in the direction of the mountains. He’s momentarily stunned, allowing Izuku to continue his barrage of attacks in such a way that he can only retreat. Each precise hit has Izuku steering the other to the one place Endeavour will never escape from: the Pit.


It’s only when Izuku finally sees the Pit open up beneath him that he attacks with every ounce of power he has. Endeavour holds onto his strength at first, but with each strike from Izuku the assurance leaves him, fear crossing his face. His actions become more rushed, more sloppy as Izuku unleashes every ounce of his fury on the angel that had killed the man he loves. With a clap of his wings and a blow to his chest, Endeavour tilts off balance, Izuku taking advantage of his sudden confusion to launch himself at the other.


They plummet to the floor at breakneck speed, both trying to tear into the other as much as possible before they inevitably hit the floor. Izuku gathers up the energy around him to form a wave of power that crashes into Endeavour, shooting him into the ground as Izuku lands unharmed beside him.


Weak fire tries to envelop Izuku but he easily blows it to the side, standing over the shattered body of the head angel. Endeavour coughs pitifully as Izuku lifts him by the neck. They’re standing in the middle of a large open space, all the buildings that had stood here have now turned to rubble and dust. Angels and demons alike stand around them unmoving in their fear.


The Pit is right before them, the only thing separating them being the giant wall. Izuku easily launches himself up onto it with a beat of his wings, landing softly on the edge to show everyone just what he is about to do. He knows no one will stop him, they’re too scared of his power to stand against him.


Izuku drags Endeavour’s broken figure to the edge of the Pit, the cold chasm sending shivers down his spine as the distant sound of wailing and misery filters into his senses. A sharp tug and he’s got Endeavour lifted by his neck over the edge, the angel choking on his own blood as well as the hand that now blocks his throat.


Fear engulfs his eyes as Izuku dangles him above the chasm, eyes flitting down to the unending depth before resting back on Izuku’s face.


‘You- you won’t do it. You’re too full of good to do this.’


Izuku tilts his head to the side, eyes betraying no emotion as he stares straight into Endeavour’s soul. He’s too good huh?


‘Watch me.’ He lets go.


Endeavour yells as he falls, wings too broken to lift him back out. The voices raise in excitement, black tendrils capturing the angel and dragging him down to his new life of isolated misery. He feels no remorse, no pity for the man, instead ignoring the wails as he turns to survey the city.


The first thing he notices is how the angels all collapse, each regaining consciousness for the first time without a spell controlling their actions. Their confused faces are met with those of the exhausted demons, many of them offering comfort and an explanation. Izuku smiles, he can sense how a new era of peace will rise.


His smile grows even wider as he sees Toshinori standing to the side, watching him with a proud smile. Finally his eyes land on Mitsuki appearing from one of the streets, a now awake Katsuki walking next to her. Warmth fills him, everyone’s safe now. He can live in peace.


Something grabs his ankle and he only has the time to recognise it as Endeavour’s whip before he’s suddenly yanked back, falling down to where black swallows him whole.

Chapter Text

Everything is dark. Izuku can’t see anything as cold pierces his skin, his never ending shivering vibrating around him with each clack of his teeth. Only the voices of the damned provide him company here with their agonised yowling. He’s so alone.


All thoughts leave as he floats in the endless sea of black, he doesn’t know if his eyes are open or closed at this point. Or if he even has eyes. Who knows. He can’t feel his body anymore, trying to lift a hand or even a finger is futile as the cold numbs him of any sensation in his limbs.


A slow breath and now there’s liquid in his lungs. Or had it always been there? Izuku decides to stop thinking about it. In fact he tries not to think of anything at all, he’s heard of what this solitude does to your mind and he wants to push off he inevitable as long as possible.


The silence doesn’t last long. Within seconds (or was it months?) his head is full of thoughts once more. What is going to happen to him? Is there any way of escaping? No of course there isn’t. But what if there is? No he can’t get himself to hope.


Questions layered on questions fill every corner in his mind, each begging for his attention as Izuku tries to push them aside. Think of something else. Be in control.


So he starts to think about Katsuki. Obviously.


Hair brighter than the sun. Eyes burning like the embers of a dying fire. Soft lips against his, making him yearn for their touch as soon as it’s gone. The thoughts and questions dissolve in the image that is his demon, his future.


An eternity envelops Izuku in its gentle touch, Izuku floating in its grasp as he lets his thoughts take him far away. Every time he feel himself slipping, every time he thinks the loneliness will drive him insane, he lets Katsuki take him far far away.


Sunlight trickling through trees as he laughs, Katsuki chasing behind him. The red leaves cast shadows on the demon, his skin burning orange and red as a halo of gold glows out-


- Then it’s suddenly dark, the stars reflecting in Katsuki’s eyes as their hands entangle between them. The demon is grinning then laughing then reaching towards him –


-Now they’re behind the castle on the training grounds. There’s no one here besides them, the empty field large enough for them to test their new combination move. Izuku kicks his leg up ready for Katsuki to support him and vault him up towards an imaginary attacker. He doesn’t doubt for a second that the demon will be there, the blinding trust in the other burning strong under Izuku’s skin-


-He sinks into the mattress with a shaky exhale, eyes never leaving Katsuki’s as the demon cages him between his arms. Slow warm kisses turning hot and needy as his body burns hotter and hotter, the fire coiling deep in Izuku’s gut with each touch. Nimble fingers creep up his stomach then back down lower until he’s a gasping mess-


-A soft, quiet morning, sunshine filtering through the windows as Izuku blinks awake. A soft sigh escapes his lips as he snuggles into the bare chest beside him, the warmth radiating from Katsuki’s skin more than enough to heat his bare body. A deep rumble next to him and suddenly there’s fingers stroking through his hair, the gentle petting as well as the strong heartbeat next to his ear enough to pull him back into a deep slumber-


Izuku wakes properly for the first time in forever. He’s not alone.


There’s a hazy light surrounding him and it’s like he can see for the first time in his life, eyes taking in the glow with wonder as he reaches forward, something reaching out to meet him halfway-


With the first brush of contact, warmth blooms through his arm, into his chest where it expands out until his entire body is tingling with the feeling of safety, comfort, home. He can finally breathe again, the water disappearing like a drain down a pipe as he gasps deep breath after breath of pure sweet air.


‘It’s okay my boy. I have you now.’


Izuku’s eyes widen as he starts to fall, black shapelessness morphing and rushing past him as he is flung around, the only anchor being the strong hand wrapped around his. He watches as damned souls fade in and out of his vision, most having succumbed to the insanity of isolation as they writhe in pain and anger. If he had to describe what they looked like, Izuku wouldn’t really know what to say except that he felt more than saw them. He felt their pain, their fear, their hatred, the emotions morphing to create something distinctly alive.


The souls become less and less frequent, the darkness pushing further into him as the pressure increases. Still he keeps flying, trusting that Toshinori will guide him out. If he even is doing that, maybe this is all just another one of his desperate dreams, his mind projecting an image of being saved while he’s actually still exactly where he was before.


But then there’s a comforting squeeze on his hand and, although he can’t see his face, he knows Toshinori is real. He has to trust this is real. Izuku lets his eyes shut with a smile, focusing on the hand in his, focusing on where he wants to go. With a surge of heat under his skin he pushes out on the darkness around him, the world spinning faster and faster as he channels all his power into that one thought. Out.


Then everything stops.


Izuku opens his eyes and his mouth drops open in wonder at the sight before him. He’s seeing the galaxy. No the universe. No, he’s seeing everything in existence, everything that has and will every exist lies before him in an empowering haze of colour and life.


He’s floating again, only this time his mind isn’t burning with insanity but with wonder and awe at the sheer size and beauty that is the universe.


‘It’s beautiful isn’t it?’


Izuku whips his head around at stares at Toshinori, only able to nod his head in agreement before staring back out into the space around them.


‘I was as awed as you when I first saw it. When I was given the role that I now pass on to you.’ He turns to face Izuku at the same time as Izuku turns to stare at him in puzzlement. What does he mean with role?


‘My boy, you are so close. The universe has already accepted you as its new guardian, but now you need to accept this role too. Tell me Izuku Midoriya, are you willing to become the new God?’






Toshinori smiles gently at Izuku’s confusion, taking his hand once more as he says, ‘here let me show you.’


The galaxies around them morph and twist into themselves as they travel through time, right back to the beginning where it all started. No worlds exist yet, everything is silent and empty, ready to be filled with galaxies and teeming life. Izuku can sense however, that even with nothing tangible there, something still exists.


Like with the souls in the space after the pit, he can sense something out there, just this time it’s so much bigger, the ancient force stirring in its restless power. Deep down, a fundamental truth wakes in his soul; this is the universe.


He watches with baited breath as the entity curls, compressing until a bright light shines through the emptiness. The creation of the first world. Time moves fast, speeding up as he sees the world grow and take on a design of it’s own even as more worlds and galaxies start forming around it.


It’s beautiful. So beautiful it almost hurts. But even with all the beauty, Izuku can sense something is extremely wrong.


The worlds teeter, they collide too often. More than not the worlds break apart, destroying the delicate structure it spent so long perfecting. Some other world seem to sap the strength out of the universe, their pulsing forms growing larger as they destroy and greedily engulf all the energy around them.


It’s unbalanced.


Suddenly there’s a shift in the whirlwind of events, the universe pulsing more than ever before as the first being with life is formed. Izuku gasps as he sees a human like creature step forward, the power of the universe radiating from it as it begins to restore a sense of balance to existence. The worlds stop crushing each other and soon there’s more life teeming and growing as creatures start to inhabit the galaxies.


Toshinori speaks up next to him as time speeds up beyond comprehension, ‘That was the creation of the universe as people call it, and with it the creation of the first God. Most people believe God is the most powerful being, the one who created everything, but they have it all wrong. A God is merely a guardian of the universe, someone who keeps creation in balance so it can thrive.


‘However we too must be in balance, which is why we have another person to anchor us, someone you may call a soulmate in the sense that they are part of you until the end. Your life forces become entwined, the other person becoming your only weakness in the sense that if they die or reject you, you too will die and the role of God will pass on to another.’


The scene in front of them slows once more to show a different God embracing another person, their souls wrapped around each other tightly. Then the image shifts and suddenly the other person is standing over the God as she gasps in pain, a dagger plunged deep in her chest after her soulmate turned on her.


‘Gods can’t die from anything else, only the rejection of their soulmate tips them out of balance so that their life force merges back to where it came from. I am the eighth God in existence, but sadly my time has come to leave and, if you agree, you will become the new protector of the universe.’


Izuku can hardly take in all the information, eyes still lingering on the frozen image of the two women, the one bleeding as her end draws near. He’s almost certain he know the answer but he asks anyway, ‘Is Kacchan my soulmate?’


‘Yes he is, and he is also what caused the universe to accept you as the next predecessor. As Endeavour tried to attack him a final time, you stepped in and sacrificed yourself in his stead. The fact that you, an angel and so a symbol of pure goodness, sacrificed yourself for a demon, and prince of the demons at that, ended up restoring the balance that has so long been out of place. The universe admired that in you, that sense of balance, and accepted you, giving you the power to bring back Katsuki.


‘However you haven’t accepted your role so your power isn’t complete yet and, should you refuse, this power will slip away and you will be allowed to live the rest of your life with Katsuki as a mere angel.’


Izuku already knows his choice, after all he can use this power to help people and to restore the balance, isn’t that what he’s been working towards all these last few months? But before he accepts, he has one last burning question, ‘Why can you not be the God anymore?’


Toshinori sighs and a look of pain passes over his features as his eyes grow distant.


‘Soulmates don’t have to be lovers and in my case it wasn’t. My balance was my best friend, my brother. I thought we would always be together ready to face the world by ourselves but, well, he grew jealous of my strength. He betrayed me the day he planned to overthrow me and became the new head angel.’


The information takes a moment to process before Izuku is shrieking, ‘Endeavour was your soulmate?!’


The other laughs at his disbelief and clasps Izuku firmly on the shoulder, ‘Yes Endeavour, or as I used to call him, Enji was and still is my soulmate. It broke my heart to have him betray me and I’ve been suffering ever since, trying to hold on to my life as long as possible until I could find a new successor. The wound I showed you is not from some battle, but more a reminder that my time is now over and that my power is almost non existent.’


Izuku’s heart wrenches in pain at the idea of Toshinori leaving him, and a new surge of anger at Endeavour rolls through his heart. Endeavour who also set the world so off balance all due to his own selfish needs. Never again, he promises himself, will the world be so off balance. Not if he can do something against it.


‘If I accept this, will I ever see you again?’ he sobs, tears gathering in his eyes as he thinks of a life without his father figure, the man who has taken care of his longer than he can remember.


‘Oh my boy, of course we’ll see each other some day. Nothing ever really dies and while we may not see each other for a long time, I will always be with you every step of the way just like I always have. And anyway, I think it’s time I finally caught up with my soulmate, it seems we have a lot of talking to do.’


Izuku sobs openly now, his emotions too strong to even try and contain as he latches on to Toshinori, holding him close as they hug for the final time. When they finally part, Izuku stands tall, ready to accept his responsibility as the new bringer of peace. Toshinori mirrors him as he stands tall and proud, face shining with a heart warming smile.


‘Izuku Midoriya, do you accept the role of being the new God, balancer of the universe, bringer of peace?’


Deep breath in. Deep breath out.


‘I do.’


And with that his body starts glowing, the galaxies around him fading into a blur until Toshinori’s face is all he can make out. The blond gives one final proud smile, before he too disappears, a warm sense of peace the last thing Izuku feels before he is jolted back into his own body once more.



A hand clasps around Izuku’s and he feels a sudden weightless dizziness as he is lifted before arms crush around his shoulders and he finally opens his eyes. He’s sitting right on the edge of the Pit, body held in Katsuki’s arms as the demon yells into his face.


‘You damn nerd always scaring the shit out of me! Seriously what the hell was that shit?! You only just caught the edge, what if you’d actually fallen in Deku?! Fucking God you’re always doing reckless shit what the shit-’


He’s cut off as Izuku crashes their lips together, pure happiness radiating out of his every pore as he clings onto the demon like his life depends on it.


‘Kacchan we’re alive! We survived!’ he laughs carefree and breathless in his new freedom.


The demon gazes at him with the fondest expression as he tucks a strand of green hair behind his ears, other hand grazing through the soft feathers at the base of his wings, ‘Yea nerd, we survived.’



The next few weeks are filled with what Izuku likes to describe as ‘damage control’. Demons and angels alike can be seen all over the city repairing any damage left from the fighting, a sense of unity binding everyone together as all past misconceptions are let go.


At first the angels were keen on making Izuku the new head angel now that the place was unoccupied, but he quickly declined stating his role is by Katsuki’s side in Hell. It doesn’t matter very much though, he already knows the perfect person for the role and while his father may have had the wrong mindset, Shoto definitely has the right morals to lead well.


It seems the angels have the same view as not even a week later Shoto is appointed as the new head angel, the ceremony and celebrations lasting all night as everyone rejoices the coming of a new era of peace between angels and demons.


As for Katsuki and Izuku himself, well, they have a lot of time to do whatever the hell they want now. Izuku grins as he sees the demon parade around in his tipsy glory, everyone around him pulled into the show of explosions and fireworks he creates from his hand. He watches from the sidelines as the demon pulls one last spectacular explosion, always basking in the attention and praise from others as he stuns them with his never ending fire. He sure did stun Izuku that’s for sure.


As the crowd starts to settle and dissipate after the spectacle, Izuku slips between the people and latch himself around his demon before he could run off to do something else. Izuku wants Katsuki all for himself for now.


‘Hey Kacchan are you enjoying the celebrations? It’s great that Shoto is now head angel don’t you think?’


Katsuki turns around aghast and a grumpy pout slips onto his face, ‘Hah? Damn nerd you should be focusing on me not that half’n’half bastard. I’m way cooler than he is.’


Izuku giggles into Katsuki’s chest before resting his face in the crook of the demon’s neck, inhaling that smoky scent that never fails to make him feel at home.


‘Of course Kacchan. It’s you and me against the rest of the world isn’t it?’


Katsuki looks him right in the eyes, trailing a gentle finger along his freckles before pulling him in for a gentle kiss.


‘That’s right Deku. You and me against the rest of the world.’

Chapter Text

Soft. Warm. Safe.


‘Hey nerd wake up.’


Izuku presses his face further into the space between Katsuki’s shoulder and neck, deciding to ignore the demon in favour of a few more minutes of sleep. It seems like the blond is not having any of that today though, the feeling of a wet tongue swiping across his cheek enough to make him jolt awake.


‘Kacchan! Eww your breath smells disgusting.’


‘Hah? My breath smells fucking great and you know it! I bet you can’t get enough of it Deku.’


Izuku bursts into giggles as the demon traps him down kissing all over his face and neck before blowing his stinky breath right in his face.


‘C’mon Deku admit defeat and say I have the best breath in the world!’


They collapse next to each other with breathless grins, Katsuki burying his nose into Izuku’s green curls to inhale their entwined scent. It’s been several years since the war now and these last few years have been some of the best of Katsuki’s life. Sure the whole finding out your boyfriend is a God thing was a bit shocking but he wouldn’t trade it for the world.


And anyway, Izuku isn’t going to be his boyfriend for very much longer. The ring on Izuku’s finger as well as what’s happening today is going to push them way past that stage.


‘Kacchan, what are you thinking about?’


The demon smiles warm and soft, tracing a finger along the golden band on Izuku’s finger as he talks, ‘I can’t wait to be able to call you my husband. I can’t wait until I can show the world you’re my very own Izuku Bakugo. I can’t wait until we one day have our own little ones crawling around. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,’ he ends with a whisper, expression so raw and open Izuku wants to cry.


‘I love you so muck Katsuki. So much.


The demon grins, pressing a soft kiss on Izuku’s lips before he gets up, reaching a hand out towards the angel.


‘Ready to spend the rest of our forever together?’


Izuku takes it without hesitation, ready to face the day with Katsuki at his side. Forever and ever.


‘Hell yes.’