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Need Not To Know

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Need Not To Know: Chapter 1 - Somewhere


Warning(s): None… I think

Pairing(s): Future Shinichi/Ran

Spoiler(s): None




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc


Conan Edogawa, formerly known as Kudo Shinichi hated Rain more than anything.

Ever since he was little, he would despise the rain because it reminded him of sadness and depression. He looked up at the sky and found that it was mirroring his feelings.

Gradually, the rain became harder and harder, until he was completely soaked.

'Another reason why I hate rain,' He internally thought.

Today, the sky didn't look like it was sad, or as if the sky itself was crying. It was as if everyone in the world was crying.

He mentally sighed. Eight years… eight long years since his naive self got himself small and as an elementary kid. Even now, he still has feelings for his childhood friend, Ran and sometimes, he dreams of the life he would have had, if he hadn't foolishly followed the men in black.

Yes, another thing. The men in black, also known as Gin and Vodka, members of the Black Organization, was quiet for eight years. It was as if they were waiting for something, and that scared Conan.

He decided to take refuge at Ran's place until the rain stopped.

He walked up the stairs to the Detective agency quietly, not wanting to disturb anything that was going on. When he opened the door, he was greeted by one of his… friends, Hattori Heiji.

"Whatcha doin' Kudo?"

Even now, he was completely annoyed at his friend for not remembering that his name was Edogawa Conan. Not Kudo Shinichi.

"What're you doing here?" Heiji asked casually, his

Conan narrowed his eyes. "What are you doing here?"

Heiji scowled. "You know it's rude to answer a question with a question, and I'm asking you because I thought you lived at that haunted mansion!"

"One, It's raining, two, It's called Kudo Mansion, not the haunted mansion, and three, as you can see, I'm taking refuge because I don't want to catch a bloody cold!" Conan snapped.

Surprisingly, Heiji nodded, but stared at him strangely.
"Oh… oooohhhh,"


"Oh, nothing,"

Just then, Ran and Kazuha walked in, stopping their conversation immediately when they saw Conan.

"Conan!" Ran exclaimed. "Wait here, you're soaking wet!"

She left the room in a hurry to come back to the room a few minutes later, carrying a bundle of towels, and an extra set of clothes.

Conan took one towel and put it on his head. He shivered.

'Wet clothes are the worst,' He thought.

He took the set of clothes- carefully mind you, he didn't want to wet dry clothes- and walked to the bathroom, coming out a few minutes later in a blue striped collar shirt that was rolled to the sleeve and dark grey ankle-length trousers. Ran looked at him apologetically.

"Sorry, that was dad's,"

Conan smiled at her reassuringly. "It's fine. See, it actually fits more than before!"

Strangely, Heiji burst out in laughter, only stopping when Kazuha whacked him on his head. She faced Conan.

"Conan, do you want to go to the restaurant with us? I mean, you don't need to if you don't want to, but, you know, I just thought; Tokyo has the best sushi-"

"Thanks, I'll come," Conan interrupted before she started to ramble for a long time.


When the four got to the 'infamous' sushi restaurant, Kazuha walked up to the store and smiled.

"And of course, the great detective is going to pay for it all!" She said, purposely stroking her husband's ego.

Heiji smiled broadly and said, "Yup! I'm going to pay for it- what?!"

"Yup, thanks great detective," Conan touched Heiji's shoulder and walked into the restaurant, leaving a paling Heiji behind.


"That'll be 130 dollars,"

Heiji considerably paled even more and shakingly, he took a look at his wallet.

'Crap!' He thought. 'I only have 100 dollars, and I forgot to bring my credit card!'


Conan handed Heiji his credit card and he smiled thankfully.

"Thanks Kudo, I owe you-"

"About 700 dollars, yes,"


He. Did. Not. Shriek. Seriously. What's the great detective going to do when people find out that he's the one who shrieked?

"Se- seven… hun-hund-"


"D- do- dollars?"

Conan nodded.

"Are you sure it's not 700 yen?"

Conan scowled and smacked Heiji across the face.

"Of course I'm not joking, dumbass!" Conan said. "You're lucky that I didn't say that out loud… I wonder… I wonder what your wife would think if you owed me 700 dollars-"

"I'll pay you back! Promise! Just please don't tell Kazuha!"

Conan smirked. "Okay," He looked at the two girls who were starting to wonder about what they were speaking about. "So, where are you guys staying?"

Kazuha shrugged. "Heiji knows, don't you?"

Heiji stopped mid step and looked at her.

"I thought you had that taken care of!"

"Me?" Kazuha said. "You're the one who said 'Let's go meet Kudo! Let's go meet Kudo!' Seriously, you should really do something about that brain of yours. You wanted to go, you book it, remember when I told you that years ago?"

Heiji face palmed himself and groaned. "Great," He muttered. "We have nowhere to stay,"

"Actually, you could stay at my place, you know,"

The two jerked their heads towards Conan.

"Really?" Ran said, who was strangely quiet.

"But, I don't want to butt into your personal space-"

"It's fine!" Conan interjected. "I've been feeling a bit lonely there, and that place is pretty big, so I don't mind!"


"I forgot about how this place was fucking big," Heiji said.

"No, it's not fucking big-"

"Shut up Kudo!"

Conan snorted. "So... welcome?"

"So… welcome?"

"For fuck's sake, Hattori, shut up."

"Um…" Both Conan and Heiji stopped their argument and looked at Kazuha. "Conan, can Ran stay with us too?"

Conan looked at Ran, who was standing at the corner uncomfortably.

"No, it's okay Kazuha, you don't need to do this-"

"It's okay," Why did Conan feel like he's been saying the same thing for a while now? "I have plenty of space, so there's no need to feel like you're butting into my personal space, and, I want to thank you for taking me in when I was little," His eyes became slightly distant as Heiji looked at Conan strangely.

The four took their shoes off and neatly put it in the shoe rack. From there, Conan began to tour the house- for the couple, not much of Ran since she knew this place by heart- going from the kitchen to the bedrooms. With each room, he noticed that Ran's eyes became slightly red and he saw unshed tears in her eyes. He decided to stop the tour.

"Anyways, if you guys need anything, you can tell me… as long as it's not something stupid," He looked at Heiji who looked back innocently.

He left the three alone and went up the stairs to the bathroom and locked the door. Conan stared at his reflection in the mirror. It was a miracle that Ran didn't suspect him at all since he no longer wears glasses, or did… did Ran forget about how his original self looked like? He didn't know, but he might be able to get answers soon.


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Need Not To Know: Chapter 2 - Sky High


Warning(s): Blood… of course. It's Detective Conan!

Pairing(s): Future Shinichi/Ran

Spoiler(s): None




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc


"Hello?" Ran called.

"Hello," A young girl with a thick english accent said.

"Who- who are you?"

"I don't know… who am I?"

"I- I don't know!"


"What was that?" Ran said. "What- what's that sound?"

"A trigger."

"A wha- trigger?"

The young girl nodded and lifted something blurry off the ground. She pointed the thing at Ran.

"Goodbye," She said.

"-an… Ran… Ran…"


Ran's eyes flew open. She groaned.

"Co- Conan?"

"You were screaming, a nightmare I'll bet," He said.


Embarrassed, Ran stood up and stumbled to the bathroom. A few minutes later, she walked out and saw Conan waiting for him. Conan was wearing a simple collared shirt and trousers that was a little over his knee. She noticed how much Conan looked like him.



"What- where's Hattori and Kazuha?"

"What- oh, they went home, said something about an idiot that they needed to take care of,"

Ran giggled so much that she forgot about the nightmare she had.


After the silent breakfast, Ran left the house, leaving Conan to get some fresh air at the nearest park. He was just about to go get some coffee for himself when he heard a sound he didn't want to hear at all.

"What happened?" Conan spoke to himself.

"There- there's a body in the boy's bathroom!" A teenage boy screamed.

There. It was a freaking body in the boy's bathroom. Why was he always there when something bad happens?

Conan ran straight to the bathroom and nearly gagged at the smell. How long did it take for someone to find the body?

"Nobody touch the body unless you want to become a suspect!" He yelled. "Someone call the police!"

"How- how about an ambulance?" A man in his mid-twenties asked. He was dressed strangely in a red sweater and green trousers.

Conan shook his head. "It's no use, he's dead."

He looked at the body. It was a relatively clean one, since it's a poisoned one. The man looked to be about 30 to 35 years old, and he seemed to have died while sitting on the toilet. There were claw marks on his neck and the bottle of poison was in his hand; it's bottle cap neatly closed. Conan stepped forward and saw that the ground was wet. Plumbing, he thought.

A few minutes (which felt like hours for Conan) the police came and began to investigate the body.

"The victim is Kumiyama Daichi, 27 years old. He died about thirty minutes ago. According to the landlord that owns the house he currently lives in, he owes quite a lot of money." Detective Takagi said. "It wouldn't be strange if he committed suicide."

"Well I personally think that it isn't a suicide," Conan whispered. Too loudly since the inspector in front of him turned around and sighed.

"You again?" He said.

Conan nodded. "Hello, Inspector Megure,"

"Moving on, what's the reason Conan?" Inspector Takagi spoke.

"Because the culprit probably made him drink poison, but then put it in his hand," Conan said.

"How is that the evidence?"

"Because, if you drank poison, you would probably claw at your throat if it wasn't suicide. Why? Because if it was suicide, they would already know that it's poison. Two, if the man drank the poison, then why is it still in his hand?" Conan asked to nobody in general. "When you die, your pulse weakens and you would probably drop the bottle of poison, or you would drop the poison while scratching your throat."

Inspector Megure nodded and Ordered Detective Takagi to write it all down.

Conan walked towards the body, ignoring one of the members of the police's protest and walked around the body, avoiding the water. Strangely enough, he saw something written messily on his arm. Though it was messy, he was able to get the numbers.

1 15 23

"Inspector Megure, there's a dying message here," He called out.

Inspector Megure walked (waddle, though he would never say that) towards Conan and sat down.


Conan pointed at the numbers written on the victim's arm.

"I think the victim wrote that, and I have a feeling that I know what this means… Detective Takagi, who are the suspects?"

"Ah! Um…," Detective Takagi took out his mini notebook. "The suspects are; Yomogihara Zenzou- the man who found the body, Sumihara Yayoi, the girlfriend of the victim, Miyazaki Kimiko, the victim's friend, and Sawaraya Michiko, the victim's other friend."

'I know who the criminal is, but I'm not sure about why the man had those numbers on him…' Conan thought.

"Inspector Megure?" Conan said.

"Huh? Oh- wait what? Conan?"

Conan walked over to Inspector Megure and began to whisper in his ears. Inspector Megure's eyes became wide as saucers.

"What? Okay, Takagi, come!"


"Okay, so this is how the culprit killed Kumiyama. First, the culprit asked him to come, and while no one was in the bathroom, the culprit sneaked into the bathroom, and poisoned Kumiyama." Conan explained.

"S- so the culprit is Sumihara?" Miyazaki said.

Sumihara looked at Miyazaki an anger. Conan spoke before an anger erupted.

"No, the culprit is Sawaraya."

Sumihara stared at Sawaraya. "Michiko, you… you killed my-"

"It's his fault!" Sawaraya screamed. "If- if he didn't dump me for you then… he would be alive!"

She took a gun out of her large overcoat and pointed it at Sumihara.

"No…" She muttered under her breath. "You're going to die, and you too, detective." Sawaraya cackled.

"Everyone get down!" Conan yelled. He pushed Sumihara down, and as he went down Sawaraya pulled the trigger.



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Need Not To Know: Chapter 3 - A Failure



Warning(s): Blood… of course. It's Detective Conan!

Pairing(s): Future Shinichi/Ran

Spoiler(s): None




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc



She took a gun out of her large overcoat and pointed it at Sumihara.

"No…" She muttered under her breath. "You're going to die, and you too, detective." Sawaraya cackled.

"Everyone get down!" Conan yelled. He pushed Sumihara down, and as he went down Sawaraya pulled the trigger.


"Ack!" Conan said as he fell to the ground. He looked at his arm and hissed in pain when he saw the bright red gash on his left arm.

"Kid, you've got some strength," Cackled Sawaraya. "But.. unfortunately, you will have to die,"

"Why?" Sumihara cried out. "Why do you have to kill him?"

Sawaraya jerked her head towards Sumihara in anger.

"Why? Why?! It's because of blackmail!" She screamed.

"Hands down!"

Conan turned around and saw Detective Sato standing, her gun in her hand, pointed at Sawaraya. Slowly, she pulled the trigger right at her.

As if in slow motion, Conan saw the bullet fly towards Sawaraya and hit her in the leg. She cried out in surprise and fell to the ground. She tried to raise her gun again, but was disarmed by the nearby police officer, Fujioka, he thought.

"Conan, are you alright?" Inspector Megure said, concerned. Conan could understand that too. A teenage boy being shot in the arm, but he remembered the time when he had worse. He shook his head internally.

"Yep," He stood up and brushed off the wrinkles and invisible dirt off his clothes.

"But… just in case, I'm taking you to the doctors to make sure the cut isn't infected," Inspector Megure strictly said. There wasn't any place for an argument, so Conan nodded.


It had been about a week since the mysterious murder about Sawaraya, but the things that concerned him the most were the numbers. He knew what the numbers meant, but why? Why did the man write the numbers, and why did Sawaraya speak about blackmail?

Conan shook his head, it wasn't good to ponder about a case that's long gone, but soon, his curiosity got the best of him.

He took out a piece of paper and wrote the numbers on the victim's arm down.







The numbers were what number the letter in the alphabet was, like A is 1, B is 2.


That was what the numbers meant, but why? Why shadow?


"Conan, do you want to have some tea?" Ran asked. "It could be sweet too,"

Conan nodded. "Green tea please,"

Ran nodded and left the living room of the house, but man, the place really did get dirty after five years of not seeing it.

The living room used to be one of the cleanest room in the house, but now, empty beer cans were lying on the ground with the smell of cigarettes lingered in the air. Ran came back into the room.

"Here," She gently put the hot tea right in front of him. "It's hot,"

"Thanks," Conan said and took the tea and blew on it. When he finished the tea, he was about to speak with Ran when the phone rang.

Ran rushed over to the telephone and put it near her ear. "Hello?" She said.

"Ran,! Is Conan here?"

Conan stood up. Why would Inspector Megure want him? Ran pointed at the phone and gave it to him.


"Conan! Sawaraya escaped and may be heading to you!"

Conan's eyes widened. How did she escape? The only time someone escaped where they were held was a few years ago.

'Actually, that case also had a few weird numbers, as Detective Sato said,' Conan thought.

"We are going to send a few of our policemen to keep watch of the perimeter, and under no circumstances, please do not go outside," Inspector Megure said. "We don't know what kind of instrument Sawaraya has,"


Ran was suddenly hit with sleepiness. She didn't know why, but one minute, she was okay, then the next, she was getting drowsy and her eyes were beginning to close.

"Hey, Conan?" She slurred.

"Hm?" Conan said, not looking up from his book. He knew that he read this book over and over again, but he just couldn't stop. It was called Sherlock Holmes and the Dancing Men.

"Can.. can I… sleep for a while?"

Conan nodded slowly, but by then, she was in a deep sleep.


"You!" Ran said. "You lifted that weird thing at me!"

"I… suppose, but are you sure it was me?,"

Ran snorted. "Sure, I saw you last night,"

"Anyways," She ignored Ran's comment. "I came here to tell you something…"

"...what, tell me what?"

"To tell you that your friend is in trouble. Danger is coming and it's not friendly, also, your friend is fighting to keep you safe, so if you think that your friend left you, your friend didn't… not at all,"

Ran didn't understand what she was saying at all.

'My friend is fighting to keep me safe, and that friend left me… but didn't?'

"...Shinichi?"Ran said. "But why?"

"As I said, to protect. You may think that that person abandoned you, or threw you away, but all this time, he was near, but still suffered. The person didn't want to leave you, but was forced to. To keep you safe all this time"

"So… is it Shinichi?"

The girl shrugged. She said, "Maybe… or is it Conan?"

"No…" Ran shook her head. "No, it can't be! I know that he's all smart like Shinichi, but lately, all he does is solve cases- like… like Shinichi, but… then why is he like that?"

The girl nodded. "Maybe… maybe someone is out to kill him, and that's why he's missing, and maybe… maybe he's pretending to be dead so the people who tried to kill him won't start killing his family and friends… like you-"

Ran blushed. "Me?"

"-so be careful. The name of the organization is called the bla-"

Ran shot up from her seat and looked around. Conan wasn't there. She was about to look around when she heard the sound of glass breaking.


"Conan?" Ran tried again. She stood up from her seat and quietly opened the door. From there, she walked down the stairs. Her head shot up as another sound rang.

This time it was a gunshot. She wasn't stupid. With years being with Shinichi and his father, she knew what the sound of a gunshot is.


Again, there was the sound of the gunshot. Then, Ran knew what was going on.

'Sawaraya!' She thought. 'Conan's in trouble!'

She ran down the stairs and was about to scream Conan's name when numerous gunshots were heard. It was surprising that no one noticed.

She looked around.

No one… no one was outside, and the buildings were all… empty. Though why?

"Conan!" She screamed as she ran towards the latest sound.

"Don't!" She heard Conan's voice, then there was another gunshot and Conan cried out.

"Silly kid, if you didn't interfere, you could've stayed alive," Sawaraya cackled, though Ran saw Sawaraya starting to tremble. Ran took the chance and ran towards Sawaraya, kicking her in the neck. Sawaraya fell to the ground in pain.

"Huh… what's wrong with me? One minute, I tried to kill you, but then… you… you two made me tear up, but you know kid? You remind me of the kid from eight years ago, though he killed him," Sawaraya said. She dropped her gun and surrendered as the police came. Turned out that the police told everyone to not go outside since the escaped criminal may come here. From there, the ambulance took Conan to the hospital in critical condition.


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Need Not To Know: Chapter 4 - Last Chance


Warning(s): Blood... of course. It's Detective Conan!

Pairing(s): Future Shinichi/Ran

Spoiler(s): None




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc



"Conan! Conan!" Ran yelled as she followed the doctors carrying Conan's limp body on the stretcher. "...Conan?" She stopped as a nurse came running in, panic etched on her face.

"Doctor Hasegawa!" The nurse yelled.

"What?" Doctor Hasegawa snapped. He needed to take the young boy to the EM. Fast.

The nurse cowered. She leaned towards the doctor and whispered.

"We… we used all of his blood type on the previous lady who had a gun injury-"

"What?!" Doctor Hasegawa yelled. "We used all of it?"

Ran felt as if the past was repeating itself. She walked towards the doctor, knowing what was going on

"Um- er- excuse me, I actually have the same blood type as him,"

The nurse looked at her, relieved.

"Are you sure?" She asked, just in case.

Ran nodded. "I've given him blood a few years ago, so I'm sure,"

Doctor Hasegawa nodded and the nurse gestured Ran to follow her. She followed without hesitance. When the nurse and Ran went to another room, coincidentally, Conan opened his eyes painfully.

"Ran… I'm… so… sorry…"


Ran woke up to the sound of a door opening and closing. Slowly, she opened her eyes and yawned.

'Huh? It's morning already?'

She went through her memories, wondering why she wasn't in her bed when she remembered.

"Ah!" She said as she stood up. Sadly, the sudden movement caused her to fall to the ground. "Oww… My leg's asleep," She mumbled.

This time, she slowly stood up and walked to the doctor.

"Excuse me, is Conan… okay?"

The doctor nodded. "He's a strong one. We almost lost him a few times during the operation, but I guess his will to live was still there and strong."

Ran nodded relieved.

"By the way, you said that you gave him blood before. When?" The doctor asked.

Ran looked at him weirdly. She thought it was strange that the doctor was asking for a personal info, but she answered anyway, brushing the suspicion aside.

"I think it was about eight years ago," She said. "Conan and his friends went camping but from what I heard, he was shot in the abdomen when some robbers were trying to hide a body in a cave. " She shuddered at the memory.

The doctor nodded, sympathetic. "I see, I lost my daughter due to her being killed by robbers when she was trying to run from robbers who were trying to hide someone's body,"

Ran looked at him. "Thank you, doctor," She bowed down.


"What- where am I?"

"You are in a land with no pain, no fears." A strange voice said. "You can stay here if you make your will to disappear.

Conan looked at the man who was speaking. "Will?" He said.

Conan looked down at his hands and nodded. "You're right," He said. "My wounds are gone- wait, where's Ran?"

"Calm down Shonen, rush will not get you anywhere," The voice said, almost soothingly, though Conan ignored it.

"Where. Is. Ran."

"Don't you know?" Conan could almost hear the strange voice crack a smile. "You left her."

Those words hit Conan like a stone. Left her? No… no, he didn't. He shook his head in anger.

"Stop joking around. Where's Ran?"

The strange voice sighed. "Let me rephrase that. You're dead."

"What?" Conan did not shriek, but now wasn't the time to be speaking about that. Dead? He almost laughed.

The strange voice continued. "You have a choice. To live in pain, or die with no pain."


"Now which will you choose?"

"Shut… the fuck up!"

Conan's eyes opened as he bolted up from the bed in fear. He had never had this type of dream before, but how should he call it, it didn't feel like a nightmare, nor did it feel like an ordinary dream. He looked around and saw the heart monitor, which was beeping fast.

"Ow," Conan hissed painfully.

'I forgot I was hurt,' He thought. He took off his oxygen mask and looked at his surroundings.

"So… I left her," Conan closed his eyes, waiting for sleep to overtake him.

Sadly, sleep didn't overtake him and by one in the morning, Conan opened his tired eyes and snapped.

"That's it, I'm leaving," Though he didn't mean literally. He was only going to leave his room. (He was stupid if he actually left the hospital) Without thinking, Conan was walking around the empty hospital corridors with his shoes on.


Nogekama Keoko prided herself in normality. She didn't accept anything abnormal or anything, so when she was walking to the halls where people who are dead or are in comas, she didn't expect a young boy to be strolling around.

Shocked, she dropped her things and let out a soundless scream. She heard footsteps approaching and was about to turn around when she noticed that the young boy was the one who walked towards.

"No!" She screamed. "Demon! Get away from me!"

The young boy scoffed at him. "No way, I'm not a demon," Bad thing to say since the lady looked even more scared than before. "I mean- my name is Conan,"

She narrowed her eyes. There was no way that the English Detective Conan Doyle could speak Japanese, or look Japanese (except for his blue eyes but she wasn't looking at that)

Seeing the lady's shock, the young boy hastily added; "Edogawa Conan… um… hello?"

She stopped struggling and stared at him before blushing. "Oh," She said, embarrassed. Immediately, she looked at him closely and said:

"You're Edogawa! Oh, you're supposed to be in bed! My, why didn't the machines say anything?"

Conan looked at her sheepishly. "Was it the oxygen mask?" The lady nodded. "I took it off immediately,"

"What?!" The lady shrieked. Her eyes widened and she closed her mouth. "It's dangerous to be walking around in that condition, you should wait until the check-up tomorrow,"

"Um.. okay," Conan slowly said as he left the hallway, leaving the nurse behind.


The next day, as the nurse said, he had a check-up and luckily, the Doctor said that he was healing fast.

"You're healing fast, but I would rather you stay in bed than walk around like last night," He pointedly looked at him. Conan like the nurse talked about him.

After the check-up (which was about at two in the afternoon) Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Haibara came to visit him.

"Conan, I was so worried about you!" Ayumi said as she hugged Conan, which ended rather quickly because of the 'ouch' Conan said and the death glare he received from the boys.

In eight years, the Detective Boys changed a lot too. Genta still looked a bit fat, but much of it was replaced over the years. The same could be said for Mitsuhiko. Mitsuhiko was still scrawny, but he was at least 'good' looking, according to the girls (not that Conan knows). Haibara, as always, never changed, and lastly, Ayumi. She had lost most of her baby-fat and proudly had at least some curves but the most change that the Detective Boys found when they entered high school was that she stopped wearing headbands, and instead wore pins.

"I'm so sorry Conan!" Ayumi said as she rubbed Conan's back.

Genta looked at Conan at fury. He was about to lash out at him when Haibara said:

"We came to drop off your homework, Mister Detective,"

"You're so lucky!" Genta whined. "You get to rest school!" 'And have Ayumi take care of you' was left unsaid though.

"Genta!" Mitsuhiko chided. "It's not easy to miss school, 'cause then, you won't learn anything and not know anything when it comes to tests!"

"True, true," Genta said mindlessly.

Haibara smirked at Conan. "So, since you were shot, does that mean that we're going to be pulled into cases?"

"Oh, shut up," Conan mumbled.

Ayumi looked at the time and gasped. "Four?!" She said. "I need to go home!"

The other three nodded and followed Ayumi out of the room. When they left, Conan sighed. Hopefully, they won't be pulled into cases anymore.


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Need Not to Know: Chapter 4.5 - Interlude


Warning(s): None... but THIS IS NOT A BXB CHAPTER OR STORY. More like a interlude to even out the chapters on where I originally posted everything, Wattpad.

Pairing(s): Future Shinichi/Ran... as in, at the end of the story, they'll be together and happily ever after.

Spoiler(s): wot m8 there are not spoilers.




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc



"Stop it Genta!"

Genta laughed as he lightly punched Mitsuhiko on the back.

"Why?" He said as he continued punching, much to Mitsuhiko's dismay. "It's so fun,"

"Kojima, I heard that repeatedly picking on someone means that they like that person." Haibara said. She spun her heels around and looked at the two in the eye. "You will invite me to the wedding, right?"

Silence. That was the only thing that was heard from the children as they looked at Haibara with wide eyes.

"Ai- I- I never knew you leaned on that side," Ayumi stuttered.

Haibara merely smirked. "Who said I did? I don't see the two deny it,"

Mitsuhiko and Genta spared a glance at each other before Mitsuhiko yelled.


"No what?" Haibara replied.

"No! We are not together!" Mitsuhiko looked at Genta and blushed. "I mean, I am not interested in Genta, and I will repeatedly reject him if he ever asks. If."

Haibara chuckled. "Come on, Yoshida, we need to discuss things,"

Ayumi looked at the boys, then at Haibara.

"Coming!" She spoke loudly, running up to Haibara to catch up.

"We aren't. We aren't. We aren't-"

"What're we not?" Genta interrupted, suspiciously munching on chips that hadn't been in his hands earlier. He looked confused.

"A couple you- you- you pig!" Mitsuhiko yelled before running. It wasn't a couple-like running away where the character says something and runs away, but Mitsuhiko seemed to have just run away out of embarrassment.

"What's 'rong with him?" Genta muttered to himself as he chewed on his rice ball. Again suspiciously in his hands where the chips used to be.

He shrugged to himself and walked home.


"I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not-"

"Mitsuhiko, dinner!"

"Coming!" Mitsuhiko said though he made no attempt to get off the bed. Instead, he grabbed his pillow and buried his face in it, muttering about strange things that were muffled from people listening.

Suddenly, Mitsuhiko looked up and clapped his hands together.

"That's it! I could ask Conan, he knows everything!"

He stumbled out of his bed and grabbed his phone. Looking through his contacts, he found Edogawa Conan and he pressed on it.

"Come on, come on,"


"Hello? Conan, I need to ask you something!"

"Huh? Mitsuhiko, what's up?"

"I need to know if Genta likes me or not." There. Straight and simple.

On the other side of the phone, he heard Conan having a coughing fit, then a thump, and someone wincing. Mitsuhiko bets that those were all Conan.

"Did I hear wrong? I thought I heard you ask if Genta-"

"-liked me or not. Yes, I asked that because Haibara told me that the reason why Genta was picking on me was because he fancied me."

"Oh- oh…"

"So do you know if he does?"

"Uh- no- I mean, I see him picking on you, but I don't think it was romantically, I mean I think Haibara was just teasing, you know?"

Mitsuhiko felt stupid. Why didn't he notice her usual tease?

"Thanks, Conan- I'll- I'll see you back at school,"

Mitsuhiko ended the call and fell on the bed. Why were any rational thoughts gone when Haibara had said that?

Wait a minute.

Conan had said that he had seen Genta picking on him.

Mitsuhiko groaned and ruffled his hair. He didn't know how his friend's brain worked. It was just strange.


Chapter Text

Need Not to Know: Chapter 5 - That Night


Warnings: Uhhh none?


Pairing(s): Future Shinichi/Ran


Spoiler(s): The thirteenth movie, you definitely need to watch.




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc


Conan looked out from the window and sighed. He wanted to tell Ran… about him, but when years pass, it gets harder and harder. Maybe he should've chosen to tell Ran long ago that time when Haibara said that he could.

"I guess… I need to tell her," He mumbled as he drifted off to sleep.

Strange, though. He wasn't sleepy just a few seconds ago. Sadly, he failed to notice the smoke covering the room and the mysterious man standing in front of his bed.


"Hello?" Ran said. The place was blank. Completely white. She looked around and saw the person from her dream. "You…"


"What do you need to tell me now?"

The girl smirked. "Who said that I'm going to help you?" She said. "I could be your enemy-"

"You're not."


"You're not my enemy. You helped me to wake up when Conan was in trouble!" Ran stubbornly said.

The girl nodded. "You're right, but I don't know. I don't know if I'm your ally or your enemy, but what I do know is that your friend is in trouble… again."

"Conan? What's wrong with him-"

"I can't tell you all of it, but what I do know is this;

"Moonlight appears, and the one waiting disappears,

Shine comes up to their face, and the one waiting appears,

The red rose will be together, while the other is unclear,

"If you can solve this, then you can help your friend,"

The girl was becoming more and more transparent and by the time she finished speaking, she disappeared.



Ran's eyes flew open as she panted. What was going on?

"Shinichi… red- Conan!" She jumped off her bed and ran to the hospital in record speed. 5 minutes.


Ran got to the hospital, panting. She looked back at the parking spot and her eyes widened.

Conan's eyes were closed and he was being carried into a black car.

"Ah- wait!" Ran yelled as the door closed and the car was driven out of the hospital parking lot. She knew it was futile to chase the car, so she decided to call the police.

Ran took out her red phone and pressed 110.

"Hello, this is 110,"

"Hello? I went to see my- I mean- do you have Inspector Megure here?"

Silence. Then. "Please wait for a moment,"

Ran sighed in relief when she heard the Inspector's voice.


"Hello?" Ran said back.

"Ran- what're you doing at this time?"

"Inspector Megure? I went to check if Conan was okay, and I saw a black car taking Conan!"

"...What?!" Ran winced as the Inspector screamed. There was a distant clang followed by Inspector Megure yelling for Detective Takagi and Detective Sato.

"Um- and-" The phone call ended and Ran scowled though she didn't really mean it. She actually couldn't blame him though. Conan was a likable character at times, and when he wasn't, he was just a detective geek. Just like… him.

That night, Ran couldn't sleep at all and when morning came, she felt like she had been hit by a car.

"Urghh," She said as she held her head in pain. Then she remembered. Inspector Megure was visiting her today to ask about things.

Ran quickly out of the bed, albeit reluctantly and got ready for the inspector to come, though thank goodness that her father was out somewhere, probably doing Mahjong or drinking… or even both.

"-It was a black car, it looked really old though- like fifty years-" Ran said, recalling the last night. "-and it looked really nice, though I really shouldn't say that-"

"Porsche 365A."

Ran looked behind her to see who spoke and nearly reprimanded whoever it was. Motherly instincts from taking care of Conan, she thought.

"A- Ai?"

Ai Haibara nodded curtly, her face holding no emotions.

"W-why do you think that?" Ran managed to stutter, temporarily forgetting about the police right behind her.

However, Ai ignored her and grabbed her stuff. She bowed* before Ran. "Sorry for barging in Ran-san* I thought Edogawa* was here," She walked out of the Detective Agency.

"Any- anything else you wanted to ask?" Ran said.

Inspector Megure quickly straightened his tie and cleared his throat. "Nothing to ask, though we did spot a Blue Dodge Viper suspiciously following Takagi and Sato*. Just a few minutes ago, while you were speaking to the young girl, we have been informed that Sato's car had been shot. They say it's the blue car following them." We stopped momentarily, as if thinking about something. "That is all, goodbye and take care, Ran-kun*"


"Yikes, this is bad! The police are already tracking us- Korn! Tell him!" Chanti barked out.

"Roger," Korn bluntly said. He took out his phone and stopped. "Now?"

Chanti looked at Korn as if saying 'are you fucking crazy' before yelling, "Yes!"


*1- Ran-san. I don't write like this often, but this time, I didn't know how to say san in english since in Detective Conan (Original) Haibara Ai says Ran-san in a way of still being respectful while not being too childish since she's about 18 years old.

*2- Edogawa. Unlike America, Japan and many other places don't speak to others with their first name. Most times, only mutuals say their first name and others say surnames. Personally, I like the surname ting better since it's much more respectful, unlike (I don't want to be rude since I also live in America though I'm Japanese) other places where people just say their first names. It's kind of scary when people you've just met or the people you don't like saying your first name.

*3- Takagi and Sato. I didn't write Detective because Inspector Megure is somewhat superior, so I thought, 'Why the fuck does he have to say their names with their titles?' And the fact that I'm trying to make this as close to the anime as possible and in the anime (inspector) Megure doesn't call them with their titles.

*4- Ran-kun. Meh, just something to make it so that the way Inspector Megure calls is different from the others.


Chapter Text

Need Not to Know: Chapter 6 - meeting people


Warning(s): Japanese dialogue beware! lololol

Pairing(s): Fufufufu future Shinichi/Ran even though it doesn't look like it!

Spoiler(s): You know, if you've seen movie 13 and 20, you know about the helicopter right?




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc



Conan slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he felt was that he was tied.

'Where am I?' He thought as he felt the ropes tighten as he tried to pull his wrist apart.


He was forced to breath sleeping gas.

'Who did that to me?' He thought.

Strangely, the only place he was tied was his wrist.


"Detective... be quiet or else your friends will get it first,"

Conan's eyes widened at the voice. Gin! With an amazing speed, he turned his head back and winced at the sensation of having a gun pressed tighter on his temple.

"Don't speak," Gin said. He walked in front of Conan and sneered. He took a good look of his face. "I remember you... you're the meddlesome kid from eight years ago, destroyed my helicopter. Twice."

Gin brought his gun down and pulled the trigger.



"What was that?!" Inspector Megure shouted. "A gunshot?"

BANG! Again, the shot rang through the air.

"Dammit!" Inspector Megure swore as he ran around the empty warehouse with the police in tow.


Ran bit her lip as she rubbed her eyes a bit. She hadn't been able to sleep ever since the time she saw Conan being kidnapped by some strange people. Who knows what might be happening right now to Conan? The thought itself made Ran tremble.

She looked up at the ceiling. Her dad still wasn't home- that wasn't surprising- but the fact that her father seemed to have lost the 'Sleeping Kogoro' thing and how his deductions became... incorrect after Conan had left made some doubt in her mind.

Conan and Shinichi. One day, Shinichi disappeared off to who knows where and Conan mysteriously appears. Then Shinichi somehow disappears off the face of the planet and appears to be sick. Then he disappeared again with Conan in the bathroom wearing the same shirt.

She isn't stupid of course. How could Shinichi leave without opening the door? Why was Conan sick at the same time at Shinichi.

As Ran thought of it more, the more the answer became 'Shinichi is Conan. Conan is Shinichi' but then it makes her wonder, during the school festival, Shinichi and Conan were here at the same time, though it could've been someone acting as Conan, but who?

She was about to ponder at the theory when the phone rang.


"We found Conan-kun*!" She heard the booming voice of Inspector Megure say joyfully.

Ran dropped to the ground in relief and sobbed. "Really?" She said while tears fell to the ground.

"He was found in an abandoned warehouse, we will take him to the hospital immediately,"

Concern rose when the inspector had said that.

"Why?" She blurted out.

"When we found Conan-kun, we found him on the ground bleeding. Alone. But don't worry!" The inspector hastily added. "It might be a small cut," The call ended.


'Oh shit,' was Conan's first thought when he felt that he was in bed and the place had somehow suspiciously smelt like the hospital.

He opened his eyes and saw Ran's worried eyes on him.


"Conan!" Ran said joyfully. "You're awake- hold on, I'll go get the doctors," She carefully closed the door.

A few minutes later, a doctor came in.

"Hello, Edogawa," Said the doctor. The doctor appeared to be in his late forties and seemed to be a doctor for a long time. His hair was greying and wrinkles covered his face when he smiled.

"Hello..." Conan said as he nodded towards the doctor.

"You can call me Dr. Nakamura," The doctor said.


A few weeks later Conan was finally discharged from the hospital.

"-WHAT?!" Conan shrieked. "You're getting married!"

Ran blushed as she nodded.

"What- what about Shinichi? I thought you liked him, didn't he call you a week ago?" Conan spluttered. Inwardly he was crying. Why? Did Ran give up?

Ran smiled sadly. "Me and Sonoko had tea with each other and I thought, I do love the Detective Otaku, but I need to have a life, you know? I can't be waiting for him forever,"

Conan nodded sadly. "I'm leaving," He said suddenly.

"...what? But you were just discharged! I thought... you know... we could hang out or-"

"It's fine," Conan said. He took his jacket and left the agency.

It was nighttime by the time he was walking towards his house, but something felt wrong about this. He felt like he was being watched.

...only... it wasn't just a feeling.


1*: Conan-kun, Why do people keep asking? I wrote Conan as Conan-kun for Inspector because he's the type to put kun on every name. Sato-kun Takagi-kun Shiratori-kun Mouri-kun Ran-kun. See. Every name has kun.


Chapter Text

Need Not to Know: Chapter 6.5 - Interlude 2


Warning(s): Nothing much.

Pairing(s): Future Shin/Ran

Spoiler(s): Spoiler from chapter 1017 in the manga, and you need to know who Furuya Tooru, Bourbon, Amuro Tooru, and the Rum candidates.




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc



"WHAT?!" Sonoko yelled. "You're getting married?"

Ran sighed. She nodded slowly as the gears in Sonoko's mind changed.

Sonoko smiled.

"So, who's the lucky guy, Miss-Abandoned-Kudo-Shinichi?"

"Sonoko!" Ran said. "I didn't abandon Shinichi, first of all, didn't he abandon me?"

Sonoko rubbed her chin a bit before answering:

"I... guess... but anyways, who's the lucky guy?"

Ran rolled her eyes while Sonoko giggled. "Tomoaki Araide, remember?"

"Oh! The guy I kept on telling you to get together!" Sonoko clapped her hands together happily. "So, are you engaged yet?"

Ran shook her head.

"He only proposed yesterday, and... I didn't want to have the engagement and wedding too early, you know, just in case Tomoaki wanted to get together with someone else-"

"You mean, you wanted to get together with someone else?"

"Sonoko!" Ran chided. "Don't interrupt me!"

"Sorry, so-" Sonoko took a sip of her coffee. "-what's going to happen to the detective? You know, when he get's back?"

Ran smiled sadly.

"To be honest, I wanted to be with- with Shinichi, but with the disappearance after the field trip at Kyomizu Temple for eight years without a single phone call... I was a little sad, because, if he like me so much, like he said in London, then I expected a few phone calls here and there-"

"-but he stopped calling after that." Sonoko finished. She huffed. "What kind of boyfriend is he if he won't call you or even text you after eight years? Pshh, he's a-"

"-but what if he was being targeted?"


Sonoko turned around to see Amuro holding a tray, smiling.

"Forgive me for being rude, but what if he was being targeted?" He smoothly said as he put down a drink in front of Ran. "He is a detective after all,"

Ran thanked Amuro for the drink.

"What if... something happened on the day we went to Tropical Land?"

Amuro shrugged.

"I don't know, but if he hasn't been calling for a while- and he's your boyfriend-" Ran blushed. "Then it could mean that he can't risk you being hurt,"

"That's a great idea! Maybe your husband didn't abandon you after all!" Sonoko gushed while batting her eyelashes at Amuro, an action that wasn't missed by Ran.

"Sonoko!" Ran said. "You're getting married to Kyogoku next month!"

Sonoko waved her hands in a dismissive way.

"I'm just joking Ran, you need to get jokes!" She said.


"Hello?" Amuro said. His eyes widened.

"Yes, I know-"

"No, I'm not one of-"



"Thank you... Rum,"

The call ended as he put the phone in his pocket.


"So, did you call Bourbon?"

The figure nodded.

"Don't think of it the wrong way, but you know that he isn't a NOC, why ask?"

"...Because," The figure said for the first time. "I don't think the message was actually from Curacao,"

"What? How? It's not possible-"

"Sorry Vermouth, they are calling for me,"

Vermouth sighed.

"Why did you have to become a police in the first place? A police in Nagano to begin with, it's pretty far from here,"

"It's just like you said, no one would expect the First Division Police Chief of Nagano to be... well Rum,"


"Tell my hands to go back to their workplace," he said. "Or else they'll expect them to be one of us, teacher and chef aside,"


Chapter Text

Need Not to Know: Chapter 7 - Some Sadness


Warning(s): Little Gory

Pairing(s): Future Shinichi/Ran even if it doesn't look like it.

Spoiler(s): So... you know in volume 2 of Detective Conan? There's a character appearing from there and it's NOT the Detective boys.




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc



Conan should've stayed at Ran's place, but he couldn't help but felt betrayed. Was the London confession for nothing? Who was she marrying- probably Araide, he shouldn't have asked.

He shivered. Something was wrong. It was as if someone was looking at him.

Conan took out his phone and pressed the chat button on Hattori's photo when he saw from the corner of his eye, a rustle.

Normally, he would ignore a rustle, but his instincts told him not to, and they were rarely wrong.

They weren't.

Sticking out of the bush was a bloody pale hand, hopefully not severed.

Conan knelt down to check the hand when a shriek pierced the air.


Was he cursed? Why was it always him that stumbled across danger? Not that he wanted someone else to stumble but-


Conan trembled as he pulled apart the bushes to find a sight that would leave nightmares even for him.

A woman, in her mid-twenties, was lying on the ground. Her heart was pierced with a... wooden stick- probably from the ground and there was there severed hand that was sticking out of the fucking bush.


He didn't want to look at the body that's now dead anymore.

Conan took out his phone and dialed 110* and put the phone near his ear when he was hit in the head roughly.


Another hit to the head. The culprit swore as he saw that Conan dialed the police number and quickly stepped on his phone, rendering it useless.

"Aw shit," The culprit's deep, raspy voice echoed around the park. He saw lights. Red lights. And sirens. He needed to get away as soon as possible.

As he hid behind the tree, metal bat in hand, he prepared himself to run amok when his hand suddenly hurt and he dropped the bat.

"Yutaka Abe! You are arrested for second degree killing-"

One chance to do this. He quickly picked up the bloody bat with his bloody hand and picked up the teenager that had gotten him arrested eight years ago.

"Can't you see this?" He roared as he readied himself to hit the brat on the head. "If you don't want the kid to die, open a path!"

He shouldn't have been hopeful that they would. Instead, there was a sudden pain in his leg as he fell to the ground, dropping the bat. Again.

Yutaka held his leg as he cursed when he saw the police running towards him.

"Co- Conan-kun?!"

Yutaka smirked as he saw the Inspector trembling when he saw the bloodied form of Conan Edogawa. Hopefully the brat was dead.


Shit. He was handcuffed now.

"Mr. Yutaka Abe, captured, 22:23." Detective Sato said. She glanced at Conan. "Inspector, did you call the ambulance?"

The inspector nodded. "Just now," He lowered his phone.

"It's too late..."


"It's too late," Yutaka repeated, smiling evilly as he was taken into the police car. "I hit him with a metal bat,"

"Takagi, did you perform some first aid?" Inspector Megure yelled.

Detective Takagi nodded, albeit slowly.

"We did some general first aid..." He trailed off.


"The wound was blunt trauma and all we could do was wrap his head around to stop the bleeding," He finished.

"We'll just have to wait for the ambulance to come," The inspector said as he took off his white gloves that were stained red.


Chapter Text

Need Not to Know: Chapter 10 - No One Cares



Warning(s): You need to remember the few things that happened in chapter 2

Pairing(s): Future Shin/Ran

Spoiler(s): None... I think




Flashback and Dreams

A/N and etc



When the sun started to shine through the windows, the surgery lights went off and the door opened.

"Doctor Nakamura," Inspector Megure nodded.

Doctor Nakamura came out of the room while the nurses took Conan to his room.

He smiled.

"The surgery was a success, though he may have some memory loss, other than that, all was good."

Inspector Megure held onto his hat and bowed slightly.

"Thank you," He said. "Now, I'll get going,"


Conan opened his eyes. "Where- where am I?"

"Do you want to die?"

Conan turned around and looked at the boy in front of him. Somehow, he looked familiar.

Conan looked into his eyes.

"I have people that I love... but either is fine,"

The boy smiled bitterly.

"Why?" He said forcefully. "Why waste life that easily?"

Conan shrugged. "I don't know... I don't want to waste my life, but I could've died either war right?"

The boy nodded.

"I'll ask you again, see you... Kudo,"


Conan slowly opened his eyes.

I'm... Alive,' He thought.

A small smile crept across his face as he looked up.

"You're finally awake,"

Conan turned his head and hissed as he did so.

"Don't move your head too much. It's still healing from the shock of getting hit by a metal bat." Detective Sato said sleepily.

"... I'm actually alive," He repeated, although out loud. "I survived getting hit by a metal bat... how's Ran?"

"Ran?" Detective Sato said. She shook her head. "We called her just in case and she said she would come, but she hasn't come yet, did something happen with you and her?"

Conan tried to shake his head. Instead, he said;


Detective Sato smiled fondly.

"Conan, if something happened, you could tell me, I'll be listening,"

She walked out of the room.

Conan waited for the footsteps to fade before he stood up.

"Ow- ow, ow,"

He clutched his head as he walked out of the bed.

"Edogawa-san!" The nurse who just walked in said shocked. "You should-"

"I'm fine," Conan interrupted. He changed into the clothes folded neatly on the chair and walked out of the room.

"Tell anyone who comes in looking for me that I'm going to see Sawaraya."


After an hour of talking to the guards standing by the jail, he finally got in.

"Sawaraya, I came to speak with you," Conan said.

Sawaraya looked up hesitantly. Her face was much more tired than before, probably from nightmares.

"The dying message- what was it about?" Conan continued. Unconsciously, he touched his bandaged head.

"Hm? What's with the bandaged head?" Sawaraya said, not meeting his eyes.

"An accident." He answered. "Now answer my question. What was the dying message- and if you forget, it was numbers that mean the word; shadow,"

Sawaraya trembled.

"You might not believe this but..." She started hesitantly. "I wanted to kill him for a while. When I was planning 2 men in black came up and said that they also wanted to kill him. I, naturally agreed but I was a bit suspicious. And where did that do to me? Me getting captured and here I am,"

"... Did you tell that to the victim?"

"Of course I did, he was going to die anyways,"


"The fuck? Why're you here? This's the men's bathroom-"

"Shh!" Sawaraya put a finger over his mouth. "The 2 men in black told me to kill you... and that perfectly went with my plan." She smirked as she put a bottle of poison in his hand.

"Poison, duh," She said. "Goodbye, let us meet... in the afterlife," She trailed off crawling back into the girl's side of the bathroom.

The man looked at the bottle and smiled fondly.

"As if I could say no to that... Michiko," Daichi said. "But... I can't let you get away free..."

He walked to a bathroom stall and drank the poison. When the poison kicked in, he started to claw at his throat, then carved numbers into his arm messily. He smirked.

"M ...i ... chi... ko... see- y- ou..."


"Let me ask one last question," Conan said. "Was one of the men in black bulky, had a hat, and wore sunglasses with the other tall, skinny with long silver hair with cold eyes?"

Sawaraya shivered at the detail.

"How... how do you know?"

Conan smiled bitterly.

"Just a thing,"