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You turn me upside down (and I love it.)

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Karolina has invited them all to this... gala thing that her mom is hosting and honestly it sounds fucking boring but Karolina had said that these things really stress her out and that she needs them there while very obviously looking straight at Nico so...there really isn't anything she can do about it.


Karolina also insisted that they get ready together and really Nico gave up trying to argue with Karolina about anything. Even if she wanted to argue, which she doesn't, she could never win an argument with Karolina.


She expected this would be a amazing opportunity for Karolina to tease her relentlessly but to her surprise Karolina hasn't really done anything. Thought that doesn't really make her feel any better, more like it feels like it's all building to one moment and the anticipation is kinda killing her, because there no way she gets out of this without being embarrassed at least one.


Karolina had just gone into the bathroom to change, which Nico ix kinda is thankful for because she half expected Karolina to just change with her in the room which would have been... something. It would have been a sweet death but at the end of the day not worth it.


The door opens behind her and Karolina steps out in this white dress that's stylish and sophisticated and makes her look five years older than she is. It's simple and elegant and it might have looked boring on someone else but Karolina just looks so effortlessly gorgeous that she makes it work. It shows off a teasing amount of skin around the neck and the shoulders and stops just above the knee. Enough to entice but modest enough to keep the classy feeling. Her hair is in this intricate updo that adds to that classy feeling and Nico can't help but suck in a harsh breath but she's never seen Karolina like this. She looks completely sure of herself, confident in a way she never has been before and's so fucking sexy.


“How do I look?” Karolina asks and Nico barely registers the question because holy shit , how is her brain supposed to work.


Nico has to clear her throat a bit before she can speak.


“Yea- Yeah.” Is all she can say which causes Karolina to smirk a bit


“That all? Just ‘Yeah’?”


Nico finally blink and for fuck sake, she has to clear her throat again.


“You looking amazing...absolutely gorgeous” Is she complimenting Karolina too much? Can friends call other friends gorgeous? Especially in the breathy, stunned way she just did?


Probably not but Karolina blushes, honest to god blushes and Nico thinks it's the first time that's happened or the first time she's seen it anyway and it's just so petty that she can't really find it in herself to care.


“Thanks.” Karolina walks over to stand in front of the mirror and Nico just kinda follows her with her eyes because my god. “Can you zip me up.” Karolina asks, meeting Nico's eyes in the mirror.


And what?


She looks down and oh god. The zipper runs all the way down Karolina's back and right now it's open all the way and... here it is . The teasing moment she's been dreading. She just knows that Karolina left it all the way open on purpose.


Is a phantom heart attack a real thing because if it is she's definitely having on right now. She can see the entirety on Karolina's back all the way to the small dip in the small of her back and... god, it's so sexy.  It's all smooth, toned skin and Nico just wants to run her hands across every inch of it, but that actually would be too far. She reaches up and christ, her hands are shaking. She pulls the zipper up, agonizingly slowly, because it's physically hurts to be doing it. Watching that small dip disappear is like torture and she moves her eyes upwards and she's met with Karolina's shoulder blades and... what the fuck, how can shoulder blades be this sexy. The way they creates these soft shadows against Karolina's skin is so entrancing. Eventually, after what feels like a year, the zipper is all that way up and all she's left with is there nape of Karolina's neck actually really nice too like how .


She's blinks once, shakes herself out of her head and meets Karolina's eyes in the mirror.


“Oh, don't look so disappointed Nico.” She says leaning down to pick something to pick something up and when she straightens back up she meets Nico's eyes purposefully “I'm sure you'll see it again and next time you can stare all you want.” She says and Nico is pretty sure she's actually having a heart attack now. Karolina just smirks, biting her lip a bit, which is also so hot, probably at the mix of arousal, embarrassment and shock on her face, fucking winks at her and then leaves the room. Nico is left just staring at her own flushed expression in the mirror, wondering when her heart is going to stop sounding like a drum in her ears.


“Fucking hell.” She mutters, to herself, because, honestly, what the fuck else is she supposed to do.




Nico is studying outside again and, of course, Karolina takes a seat beside her. Nico can almost feel Karolina’s smile on her and she looks up and returns it with one of her own. She knows she'll barely get any more studying done this period now that she's given in and looked at Karolina but she's hasn't seen the other girl all day and she might not for the rest of the day. That's just unacceptable, if she goes a full day without seeing Karolina's eyes, her smile, hearing her voice, she'll probably go into withdrawal or something. She loves living in California. Before she didn't really feel any attachment to it but the way the sunlight makes Karolina's eyes shine and her skin golden, almost glowing, makes her thankful for every day of sun. God if she lived somewhere up north and she barely got this then she'd probably cry or something equally dramatic and over the top.


“Hey.” Karolina's voice is sweet, like a soft summer breeze, and it's insane just how much that one simple word soothes her.




“Ugh, that stupid Gala really took it out of me. I hate them.” Karolina says rolling her shoulders and Nico can't help but follow the motion.


“Yeah, I could tell you were stress.”


“My mom tends to get a bit crazy about these things and honestly it's a bit much.”


Nico hesitates, the mention of Karolina's mom reminding her of something that caught her attention that night. She doesn't want to make Karolina uncomfortable but it's kinda been eating at her the past two days. She reaches over and takes Karolina's hand and blue eyes rise to meet hers.


“Speaking of your mom...I noticed that night she was kinda, like, throwing guys your way all night? Does she....” Nico doesn't know if she's ever heard her voice like this, so full of concern, it's weird but it's also Karolina so it's not so weird.


“Know I'm gay? Yeah, she knows, or...well, I've told her anyway but she's got it into her head that I just need to meet the right guy.”


Karolina eyes won't meet hers and the hurt in her voice actually causes Nico physical pain. It kinda scares her sometimes how much she's cares about Karolina but she knows Karolina cares about her just as much.


“That sucks.” Nico says because... fuck, what else can she say. She feels kinda useless right now but Karolina meets her eyes and smiles a bit and maybe just being here is something.


“Yeah, it was a lot worse when I was at my old school and I wasn't out and none of my friends knew. Now I have you guys and that's enough.”


“It shouldn't have to be.”


“I know.” Is all Karolina says, her smile incredibly sad. The smile of someone who's mom might never quite accept them.


Nico has no idea what to say because there are no words and she hopes that somehow her presence is giving Karolina some kind of comfort because that's all she can really hope for.


“Maybe she'll come around someday, when I have a girlfriend. My dad's way better about it anyway and he's working on her.” Karolina's smiles turns a bit more real at the thought of her dad and Nico is glad she has someone in her life that's there for her, completely.


She's trying to ignore that fact that she swears Karolina's eyes went to her when she said ‘girlfriend’ because she's probably just seeing things.


“Your dad sounds awesome. I'm glad you have someone like him.”


“Yeah, he is.”


The moment calls for quiet then and Nico is just content to sit there and be there for Karolina, if she's needed. As the seconds tick by though she notices that Karolina is looking at her, eyes narrowed, almost scrutinising. Her heart picks up and she swears her palms are sweating.


“What?” Nico asks when she can't take it anymore.


“Nothing, you just have…”


Karolina trails off and starts to lean forward a bit. Nico heart stops dead in her chest because she has no clue what's about to happen but she's knows what she wants to happen. Karolina moves slowly and Nico wilish she'd be a bit faster because if he heart doesn't beat in the next five seconds it might become a problem. Karolina’s hand raises up and hovers next to Nico's face, those soft fingers just centimeters away from her skin and she doesn't know when she started holding her breath but she feels like she's about to pass out.


“Hold still.” Karolina’s words are soft, whispered and it reminds Nico of how close she's is, how their lips are mere inches apart yet it feels like miles. It's too far. Any distance is too far.


Karolina bites her lip, in what Nico can only assume is concentration, and her eyelids flutter slightly and- really, that should be illegal. Her hand brushes Nico's eyelid and pulls slightly but she never breaks eye contact as she pulls her hand back.




Karolina’s voice is small and Nico can barely hear her over the blood rushing through her ears. Karolina doesn't move back and their faces are so close and if this were anyone else but Karolina it would be uncomfortable. Nico's eyes dart down to Karolina’s lips, for just a moment, she couldn't help it, and she just hopes Karolina didn't notice but the way Karolina is staring into her eyes tells her she probably did.


“You have really nice eyes.” Karolina says and Nico has to blink, shocked, because that's the last thing she expected to come out of Karolina's mouth.


“Um, thanks. You do too.” Nico hates the way her voice shakes in this moment.


“I know...or, I mean, I know that you like them. When we're speaking you always look me in the eye and sometimes...I look over at you at our eyes just meet so I assume you must have been looking at them.”


Nico can't help but notice the way Karolina sounds flustered but at the same time it feels like she's being call out? On what, exactly, she doesn't know but she can't exactly lie.


“Yeah, they're, umm…” Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, magical, ethereal, entrancing, stunning, something words can't describe. “Pretty.” The word is entirely underwhelming and doesn't do Karolina's eyes any justice but she can't find it in her to say anything else.


“Thanks.” Karolina says with a smile and she finally, finally , pulls back and Nico feels like she can finally breathe. Her lungs ache and her heart hurts and she feels like she just ran a marathon. Is she sweating? What the fuck.


“I gotta go. I'll see you later?” Karolina says, standing up.


Nico barely manages to mumble “Yeah” before Karolina walks away. Nico can't help but watch her until she's completely out of sight and even for a few moments after. She's so focused on Karolina she doesn't notice someone taking a seat across from her.


“So, why aren't you two dating.” Gert's voice scares the shit out of her and she jumps a little.


“What the fuck.” She says, her heart racing in an entirely different way from just a minute ago.


“You and Karolina. Why aren't you dating?” She repeats like Nico hadn't understood that the first time.


“What? Were you spying on us or something? That's creepy.”


“No, actually I was even here before you. It's not exactly spying when your doing shit like that in public. I was just looking is all. It's a free country.”


Nico just sighs and shakes her head.


“Whatever, what are you on about again?” If Gert gets to the point fast then she might be able to actually study.


“Why aren't you and Karolina dating? I mean, I don't know exactly what just happened but you two looked ready to molest each other right here at school.”


And... what? Nico's pretty sure that her face is about to burst into flames.


“What the fuck are you talking about.” Her tone is deadly, because this isn't something she wants to talk about, and anyone else would be running away right now but Gert just stares at her, unflinching.


“You like her. She likes you. I just don't know why your not dating.” Gert says as if it's obviously.


Nico pauses because she feels completely exposed and is she really this obvious?


“I don't like Karolina. Not like that.” Nico says and the words taste bitter on her tongue because it such a bold faced lie.


“Ha. Yeah sure. Okay then, if you don't like Karolina then why did you just watch her walk away.”


Nico feels her jaw clench.


“Okay...I do like her.” She forces the words out and it's hard to admit something so raw and real that she barely understands it herself. The word ‘like’ seriously doesn't do it justice but she's scared of using any other word. “But, she doesn't like me.” Nico says through gritted teeth.


“Oh, please. Nico, really, are you like blind? She's always touching you and when she looks at you, god, she just lights up. Sometimes when we're all hanging out together you two are just completely in your own little world. And what about when she literally said she wants to kiss you.”


Nico knows Gert's right on some level. Her and Karolina’s relationship quite often goes over the line of being friendly but she can't, she can not , get her hopes up because if Gert is'll fucking crush her.


“She didn't say she wanted to kiss me, she said if she had to she would kiss me. And anyway she was just teasing me.” She says and Gert just gives her this dry look as if she knows it's all smoke.


“Yeah, because queer girls tease their female friends like that all the time.” On some level she knows that Gert is making sense but she just can't think about it.


“Just...don't. I really don't want to talk about this.” She hates the way that her voice is pleading but she can't help it with the way she feels like open and frayed right now.


“Fine, but seriously?” Gert's voice is a lot softer now, more gentle and Nico meets her eyes and see sincerity there.


“You two already make each other so happy. I know you Nico I can see it. I think you'd be even happier if you just...went for it. You'd make a great couple.”


“Or it could just blow up in our faces.” She says without even really thinking about it because that's her biggest fear, that somehow she's loses Karolina.


“Maybe, but isn't it worth the risk?” Gert says, as if it's just that simple.


All Nico can do is shrugs because honestly she has no clue and it's way too terrifying it even thing about.




She's laying around on her bed thinking about...Karolina, obviously, what else. She can't stop thinking about Karolina and what Gert said. Is it true that Karolina could like her? She guesses that she can see where people are coming from and she's had moments where she thought the same thing but she always pushed the idea aside because...she didn't dare hope. Sure there were rumours at school but now one of her closest friends, and one of Karolina's, was saying it too. If she looked back at her and Karolina relationship she could see it but she always just convinced herself that Karolina was just joking around or teasing her.


But if Karolina did ike her that opens a whole other can of worms.


She's never been in a relationship before and from what she can tell Karolina hasn’t either or at least she's never mentioned anything about an ex girlfriend. There ways to high a chance she'd fuck it up and if she hurt Karolina she doesn't know what she'd do with herself. If she fucked up and lost Karolina it'd kill her. Not only would she be losing her best friend but the first person she fell in love with.


She squeezed her eyes shut at the tears that threaten to leak out. She's never let herself think that word but there it was.


She loves Karolina.


She's in love with Karolina.


Holy shit .


It's a weird feeling, this moment. A battle between this amazingly euphoric happiness and a overwhelming, crippingling sense of dread. Now she has everything to lose and so, so much to gain. She's never felt this close to anyone and it's exciting and scary and everything in between. Outside of her immediate family, she's never cared about someone so much. It terrifies her because suddenly the thought of anything happening to Karolina literally sends cracks ricocheting through her fucking soul. She's not good at this, caring too much, being close to people, having people care too much about her. She's not really had a new person in her life in forever. All her friends she met when she was really young and too young, too innocent to care or understand that letting people too close can hurt. By the time she understood that she didn't want them gone but she still keeps herself at a bit of a distance. She supposes that she gets it from her mom. Her mom was never really openly emotional when she was growing up and she's always taken more after her mom and her dad so-


She's broken from her train of thought from her phone buzzing. She plucks it off her bedside table and sees that she's got a snapchat notifications. She's smile because only one person sends her snapchats, Nico doesn't use it, and she really wouldn't mind seeing her face right now.


Except when she opens the app Karolina’s face isn't in the photo, it's cut off at her neck. Her arm if extended forward holding the phone above her. She's laid on her bed, hair splayed out behind her shoulders and she's wearing this faded, yellow t-shirt, that's a bit too big for her and hangs a bit off one shoulder, and...and that's it. The shirt ends just at the top of Karolina's thighs and the rest is just exposed skin, smooth and tone and fucking hell. Nico feels her mouth literally dry out and her hands are shaking if she dropped her phone on her face right now it'd be mortifying and entirely...apt. She imagines running her hands up those legs, soft, silky skin underneath her fingertips and she can almost feel it. Images of her reaching the top of those legs and, just, the thought of what's at the apex of this thighs sends a shiver rolling through her body. Then another thought comes to her, what if Karolina is literally only wearing that shirt. The thought of dipping her hands just beneath and finding, just, wet heat burns itself into her mind and-


Fuck fuck fuck shit fucking shit shitting fucking shit.


It's not even that scandalous of a picture but god, it does things to her. Maybe because it's Karolina and she's fucking in love with her or maybe it because ninety nine percent of the time she's comes off as so sweet and innocent and pure and then she does something like this and, god, it fucking wrecks her brain. The attached message just said ‘night’ with a winking face.


That's the moment she realise the timer thing is ticking down and it's at three...two and-


She does it without even thinking about it. She doesn't even know how she knows how to take a screenshot on her phone but she's fucking thankful for it. Then a moment later she's so fucking embarrassed that she's pretty sure her face is on fire .


No one is going on her phone. Ever.


She's chucks her phone down on her bed, covers her face with her hands and lets out a pitiful groan.


She needs a cold shower or... something .




She's stood at her locker just kinda..staring into it. She's pretty sure there was a reason she opened it but she's kinda forgot. That picture Karolina sent her flashed through her mind for a moment and now she can’t stop thinking about it. It feels like her phone is burning a hole in her pocket just knowing it's there and that she could look at it if she wanted to. It's kinda makes her nervous and she has half a mind to just delete it but she just can't. She also can't look at it because it makes her feel...a weird mix of shame and arousal.


It's kinda freaking her out.


“Hey Nico.”


Nico's head snaps round so fast her neck might break. Karolina's stood right there and the image of that picture just gets about ten times stronger. She thought her face couldn’t redder but Karolina is smirking at her like she knows exactly what she's thinking about and…


She seriously can't deal.


“H-hey.” She can't believe she stammered.


Karolina’s smile gets wider and now Nico is sure that somehow Karolina can read her mind.


“How did you sleep?” Karolina ask and Nico can't actually believe Karolina is doing this to her.


“Fine- er, good, I guess.” God, she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to have a normal conversation with Karolina ever again.


Then Karolina just leans against the locker and gives her a real smile, one that isn't teasing, and she feels like she can finally relax because it's still Karolina and she's never been more comfortable with anyone else. God, Nico hasn't seen her in like two days and she almost forgot how fucking gorgeous she is.


“I just wanted to say hey before class so- oh, wait. I got some new perfume what do you think?”


Karolina leans forward, craning her neck slightly and for a second Nico has no idea what's going. Then it clicks in her mind and she leans forward a bit. She really only meant to take a small smell but she ends up, like, just, inhaling deeply probably a bit creepy. But Karolina smells...well she doesn't know exactly but just, sweet and light and probably like some kind of flowers and entirely like she expected Karolina would smell. Her eyelids just kinda fall closed on their own and she can't help but hum a bit in pleasure.




“Hmm? Wh-what?” Oh great and she's back to stuttering.


“Is it okay?”


“Oh, yeah, it's great, you smell...great.”




Nico expects Karolina to walk away but instead Karolina leans in slight and Nico again has no idea what the fuck is going on. Then before she can figure it out Karolina is already leaning back.


“You smell nice too.” And then she's gone and Nico still kinda doesn't know what happened.


She looks back to her open locker...why did she open this again?


“So, that was really gay.”


Okay so when is Gert going to stop just appearing out of nowhere.


“What?” Nico says dryly. She really doesn't want to deal with this.


“You and Karolina. What you just did was pretty gay.”


“She asked me to smell her perfume.”


“Oh, okay then that's not gay...except that you’re totally into each other so it is.”


She's about two seconds away from slamming her locker down on her head and she still doesn't even know why she opened it.


“Will you just drop this. I'm trying to figure it out okay.”


“I would except there's literally nothing to figure out, you just need to, and I can't believe you've made me say this, man up and just tell her how you feel.”


On some level she's knows that Gert’s right but…


“If you're so sure that Karolina likes me why hasn't she said anything?”


“Maybe because she doesn't know if your into girls?”


Well...that was a good point though...


“No, I think she knows. Otherwise why would she send me that-” Nico cuts herself off, her face flushed red.




“Nothing.” Okay, now her voice is coming out all high and weird.


“Yeah...okay, I don't think I wanna know.” Gert says, her face twisted uncomfortably. “Just, say something to her. Please.”


“I'll...yeah. Okay.”


“Good.” Gert smiles like she's just fucking won a medal.


“Fucking Gert.” Nico mutters turning back to her open locker.


Why did she open this again?


Down the hall some guy pulls his locker open and it fucking explodes with glitter. The guy just stands there, shock, face covered in glitter, sparkling in the hall because slamming his locker shut and storm off down the hall.


Ah, sweet Karma.




Karolina asked her to come to this dessert place which...she doesn't really get the point off. Why would you go somewhere just to eat dessert? It doesn't really make sense to her then again she doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. It's just her and Karolina because everyone else had something else to do she's supposes.


This last week has been kinda awkward, even since she spoke with Gert , she has kinda been in her own head a lot. She keeps going back and forth on whether or not she should talk to Karolina. Everytime she tries to work up the nerve to saying something images flash through her head of Karolina crying, hurt, sad and it stabs at her gut painfully and her words get caught it in her throat. Then she goes back to not saying anything and she pictures everything she could have if she was with Karolina. Those images build until she's back to square one, wanting to talk to Karolina. From there it just goes round and round, endlessly. She thinks that Karolina knows something up because she keeps getting this look where her eyes are all narrowed like she's trying to figure something out and-


“Nico, you okay?”


Okay, yeah. Karolina knows something up.


“Yeah, I'm fine. Why?” She knows it's bullshit, Karolina knows it's bullshit but thankfully Karolina is too polite to push her.


“Well, you've just been a bit weird this week.”


She forces her eyes to meet Karolina's and god , those eyes. She doesn't really understand the pull Karolina’s eyes have on her but they make her just feel so much and it's just as terrifying as the first time she realised that.


“I've just had something on my mind, is all.” She says and the words are painful in her throat because holy shit she's gonna have to say something now. She's committed.


“Wanna talk about it?” Karolina ask and to anyone else it might sound casual but Nico can see that curiosity behind her eyes.


“Yeah, yes. I probably should. It's just…”


Karolina drops her fork to her plate with her half eaten piece of chocolate cake and the small rattle of the silverware hitting the plate sounds so fucking loud and maybe it's because it's so fucking quiet inside Nico's head.


“I just...I don't really know what's going on...between us.”


There. She said something. It might not be the best something but she needs Karolina to take the lead somehow because she has no fucking idea what she's doing and she kinda feels like she could throw up.


“You don't know what's going on?” Karolina asks, all slow and careful.


“Well, yeah...people keep telling me that you like me but I just- I don't-” want to get my hopes up because if it isn't true it'd kill me.


“Oh.” Karolina says and she sounds kinda hurt and shit, shit, shit. Nico's already starting to panic and she's about to say something, what exactly she has no idea, when Karolina buries her face into her hands and lets out a groan.




“What, what!?”


“Oh, my god. I'm so embarrassed. Nico, I was so obvious , how could you not know!? Pretty much everyone knows. Well except you somehow.”


Well, I dont-I dunno!”


And she really doesn't. She can't even really believe what's going on.


“I thought you liked me back! You should have said something.”


And, wait. What? Does Karolina think she doesn't like her back?


“You even screenshotted that photo I sent, which first, oh god kill me, and second why did you do that if you don't like me.”


Okay. There's been a misunderstanding somewhere and- wait. How does Karolina know she did that!


“How do you know I did that?” Nico didn't think she could be this embarrassed. She doesn't know if her voice will ever go back to normal.


“Snapchat tells you if someone screenshots something you sent.” Karolina says rolling her eyes like it should be obvious.”But that's not really the point here is it Nico. Why didn’t say anything if you didn't like me back?”


Nico stops panicking for a moment to just look at Karolina because she really sounds hurt now and god , her eyes are glossy from tears and- what the fuck is she doing. She should be telling Karolina how much she fucking loves her but she's just sitting here like at idiot with Karolina staring at her, near tears.


She shakes her head once because fucking say something.


“Karolina, I do like you.”


“Yeah, just not like I like you.” Karolina says bitterly and god , Nico heart fucking shatters.


“No, Karolina- Karolina.” She stress her name because- fuck- Karolina won't meet her eyes and she need to see those eyes when she says this, those eyes that she fell in love with, those beautiful blue eyes that are like a tranquil lake or that moment between night and day. She shakes Karolina's hands a bit and finally she looks up and god, she's so fucking beautiful.


“Karolina I do like you. I'm fucking in love with you.”


There. She said it. She put herself out there.


God she fucked that up, majorly, but she got there in the end.


Karolina’s faces clears, all that hurt disappearing, which thank god, and it seems that the whole world goes silent. The only sound she can hear is the sound of her own heartbeat like some kind of deafening thunder clap in her ears and it feels like her heart is going to burst out of her chest, just to be closer to Karolina. After a few, torturous, excruciatingly long seconds she feels Karolina's hands grasp her and this fucking amazing smile appears on Karolina's face, this soft smile, like the sun appearing over the horizon in the early morning, and the world starts turning again.


“Really?” Karolina's voice sounds so small and so full of emotion and so fucking happy and Nico can barely believe that she's the cause of it.


“God, Karolina. How could I not fall in love with you.”


Karolina”s smile grows then and it hits her eyes and makes them fucking shine and if Nico had to compare it to something it'd be like a star going supernova, a brilliant explosion of light, way too bright to look at but way too beautiful to look away from. She could live in this moment forever with Karolina smiling at her like she created everything good in the world. Karolina pulls on her hands then and they end up hugging across the table and it's kinda awkward and a bit clumsy but Nico wouldn't be anywhere else.


“I love you too.” Karolina whispers and god , it's feels amazing to hear that. Nico didn't think someone else's word could affect her like this, make her feel like she's going to burst from sheer happiness.


Then Karolina pulls back slightly and looks Nico in the eyes for a quick moment before she's leaning back in and Nico watches Karolina's eyes slide shut and hers follow a beat after. She feels Karolina's breath brush against her lips in the moment before and it's like a promise of what's to come. When Karolina's lips meet her, in the softest caress, Nico swears if she died now she'd die happy and Karolina’s lips taste sweet and feel warm against her own and are so loving. She isn't one for clichès so fireworks don't go off in her head, she doesn't see stars or hear violins. What she does feel is just happy. Pure, unbridled bliss. In that moment she feels content, whole , and she knows that it's Karolina that completes her, her other half, her soul mate.


The thought is so cheesy that she can't help but smile into the kiss and Karolina matches her, almost as if she's thinking something similar.


Nico pulls back, only a inch or two because anymore would be too far.


“I love you.” She says, because she's already addict to how her lips form the words and how sweet they taste on her tongue.


“I love you too.” She hears back and she doesn't think she'll ever get tired of how those words caress her ears or make her heart race.




She's sat on Karolina’s lap in the courtyard at school, all her friends around the table with them because Karolina would not shut up about it and it's not too bad anyway because she's kinda small and Karolina is kinda tall and-


She's not really fooling anyone, she loves it.


She never thought of herself as someone who'd be super affectionate in a relationship but Karolina has changed the way she looked at a lot of think. When Karolina walked into that classroom on the day they met she turned Nico's world upside down and she couldn't be happier for it . Anyway , she's allowed to be cutesy and shit with the girl she loves.


Their friends weren't at all surprised when they officially started dating and Nico is so fucking glad she dodged any drama because if it caused any issues with the group it'd be utterly shitty. The only people's opinions she cares about are her friends and her family. Her mom and dad had been completely fine and Amy had said she'd figured it out after she'd gotten a text about a girl named Karolina for the tenth day in a row which Nico will never hear the end off. Anyone else's opinion she doesn't really give a fuck about.


Chase is currently telling them about some stupid dream he had last night where they all had superpowers.




“Well, me and Alex didn't have powers exactly. I had these awesome gloves and Alex was this like this hacker man. Nico had this staff that was basically magic but it was actually tech or something. Molly had super strength and Karolina like glowed or some shit and best of all Gert had a fucking dinosaur.”


Molly looks really excited about their imaginary powers but Nico couldn't even really focus with Karolina rubbing circles on her hip with her thumb.


“So? Anyone else have any weird dreams lately?” Chase asks, taking a bite out of a fry.


“Yeah, I had this dream where I was strapped to a chair and this guy in a red robe kept shouting ‘behind the bookcase’ at me.”


Everyone stared at Alex for a moment before he just shrugged as if that explained anything.


“Okay…” Chase drawled, then he pointed a fry at Karolina. “Karolina? You got anything?” He said, grinning.


Nico looked at her girlfriend- god, her girlfriend, and Karolina was blushing and looking away.


“Nope.” Karolina mumbled and she seems to get even redder.


“C’mon Karolina.”


“No, I really can't say.”


“Why not we're all friends here.”


Karolina eyes flicker over to Nico for a second and there's a hint on a smirk on her face and-


Oh no.


“Because...if I told you about the dream I had last night I think Nico would die of embarrassment.” Karolina's grin is entirely evil and-


She doesn't mean…


“Karolina!” Nico buries her head in Karolina's shoulder, entirely mortified, and she can hear Chase laughing his ass off and for once she doesn't have the urge to kill him, mainly because she'd have to get up off Karolina.


“Sorry babe. You know I love it when you blush. It's too cute.” Karolina whispers against her ear.


Nico can't help but think that being a little embarrassed is probably a fair price to pay for Karolina.


“Shut up, I'm not cute.”


“Okay, whatever you say.” Karolina says, grinning and god, she's so in love with this girl.


“Did you guys hear? Apparently some guy’s clothes got stolen from the locker room so now he's walking around is some seriously questionable shorts and a shirt that I'm pretty sure was made for a fifteen year old girl.” Gert says, taking a seat at the table.


“Nico…” Karolina says, loud enough only for her to head.




“Don't you think he's had enough now?” Karolina asks, poking her teasingly in sides.


“Hmm, No.”




“What can I say? Karma can really hold a grudge.”