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Danganronpa Chronicles [Unknown?]

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PROLOUGE - Battle of Sword Valley

"Long ago, the world was nothing more than an endless sea. Cloaked in a boundless sky, until two great titans came into existence... The Bionis and the Mechonis."

The camera shifted far away, focused in between the battling titans. The Bionis seemed more natural, while the Mechonis looked more Mechanical. The Bionis wielded a sword of pure light, while the Mechonis used a mechanical sword, with complex structures built in it.

"The titans were locked in a timeless battle, until at last..."

The two titans kept battling, until at last, the Bionis cut the left arm of the Mechonis. Even so, it kept fighting, until at last, it cut through the waist of the Bionis, as the Bionis sliced through the head of the Mechonis. And thus, the battle ended.

"Only their lifeless corpses remained." The camera zoomed out, and it would be a simple white screen.

"Eons have passed. Now, our world, this vast land stretching across the remains of the Bionis is under attack from a relentless force known as the Mechon." The battle is zoomed in onto a field, with steel structures covering the land. The machines, known as the 'Mechon', charge down the valley to attack the army of 'Homs' soldiers. However, just to take down one Mechon... Took a lot of men.

"Retreat! Retreat!" yelled one of the soldiers, and everyone began to retreat the battlefield as lasers and explosions followed behind them. Yells and screams of agony echoed the field, as panic spirals into chaos. "Get away from me!" As a soldier who was on the ground said to one of the approaching Mechon, but was eaten nonetheless.

"Number of M78 Mechon is unknown! Aghh!" Taken out by a Mechon, and thrown into the army of them. Only then, did a man run into the fight with a red sword and a beam of light erupting from it...

"Hah! Huagh! Hyah!" The man in the white suit yelled, as he took down Mechon after Mechon.

"They're advancing down our weak right flank. For a bunch of soulless machines, they seem to know a thing or two. But we'll see." As he said that, a surge of light erupted from it.

"Kyosuke! We've been given the order to retreat. We're pulling back the line to the Future Foundation base. That's where we'll set up the last line of defence!" Said a man that came running in, appearing to be very old.

"Yeah. That's a good idea." Said Kyosuke. "Any more time spent hanging around here and we're done for."

"Count me in. We gotta get outta here!" Said another man right next to the two. "Or we can stay and fight?" Kyosuke replied. "Whaaat?" Said the man. "We may die if we take a stand here. But staying gives us the chance to change our destinies." Kyosuke elegantly said.

"We have the Monado. With it, the future is ours for the taking!" He said, and tried to run into battle.

"Hey, I know your all about the action, but try and take a step back, will ya? You sure your body can even take any more of the Monado? Your body gives it away!" The old man said. "Getting short sighted in your old age, Mr. Tengan? Don't worry, I'm fine. You surely remember the training I went through to wield this." Kyosuke said, as he tried to reassure Kazuo.

"I should've known I couldn't talk sense into someone like you, especially considering what the Mechon did to your home... Good thing your wife made it outta there alright, otherwise you'd have been long gone right now." Kazuo replied. "Let's do this. I'm going in with you! You'll need someone to drag your corpse home." Kazuo decided. "As long as you think you've still got the strength in you, you old fart." Kyosuke jokingly replied.

"Call me an old fart again, and I'll show you one." Kazuo joked back. "Oi, you two! We've been ordered to pull back! I'm leaving!" The man said. "Well I say you're coming us, Haiji. I mean, didn't you devote your life to assisting the Future Foundation and defending the Bionis after 'that' incident?" Kyosuke said, but it was like he was threatening Haiji. "Grr..."

"The enemy's second wave is approaching!" A soldier said. "It's now or never, Kyosuke. Let's give em' a good old welcome from Hope's Peak. We'll show them what we can do." Kazuo said. "Acknowledged!" Kyosuke agreed.

The two jumped over their cover to charge at the enemy. "What're they trying to prove?! I'm not throwing my life away! I may have decided to do this to make up for my mistake, but not at the cost of my life! Nothing for it. I'll have to use Kyosuke as a decoy. That should allow me to escape." Haiji said to himself, as he joined the two in the battle.

Commence Battle

"Haiji! Kazuo! Let's go!" Kyosuke shouted to them, as he stood in the front lines, wielding the Monado and preparing to strike the Mechon down. "Don't worry about me, Kyosuke. I can take care of myself." Kazuo said, as he prepared his chuusen. "Whatever you say, pretty-boy." Haiji said, as he wielded his handguns in both hands.

The Mechon stepped closer, and there seemed to be way too many to take on. "Are you even sure we can do this?" Haiji asked. "You're forgetting we have the Monado. With it, we can take the future for our own! Monado Enchant!" He gave a quick little inspriational speech, and then launched a Monado Art that would allow the others to deal proper damage to the Mechon with their weapons.

"Alright, let's go!" Kyosuke shouted, as Haiji and Kazuo charge at the enemy. Haiji seemed to be doing well, as his handguns allowed him to shoot from a distance and keep the Mechon away where he won't be in danger.

Kazuo had a similar ability with his chuusen, as he kept launching his own spikes from it at the enemy, also keeping them away. It's a bonus when its able to pierce through the smaller Mechon and into the others behind them.

Kyosuke had to go in, though, considering his weapon was a sword. But even then, when he's surrounded, he's able to attack them no matter the situation, and seemed to be unscathed for the most part. But...

"Kyosuke? Where are you? Ugh, I was worried he'd get himself in trouble..." Kazuo said to himself, but as he looked around, he saw a pile of Mechon, with Kyosuke on the top of it and him getting attacked by a Mechon. "Kyosuke!"

Kazuo ran up there as fast as possible, and got in the way of the attacking Mechon, and managed to destroy it. "These old bones aren't done yet!" He exclaimed to himself. "Agh..." Kyosuke got up, and his right eye was missing. "Woah, that's a nasty injury. We gotta get you out of here and have it treated." Kazuo suggested. "D-Don't worry... I'm still in control. I'm completely alright." Kyosuke reassured Kazuo, but he's clearly not alright.

The two began to walk back to the main base, but it was seen that Mechon were blocking the way to the base. "Ugh... These guys just don't give up, do they?" Kazuo said, clearly annoyed. "Wait, where's Haiji?" Kyosuke asked. "See you, pretty boy! I hate to break it to you both, but they're after the Monado!" Haiji said, as he appeared to be on an alternate path. "Haiji! You dirty-" Kazuo began. "Don't worry, I'll organize your funerals!" Haiji interrupted, and began to run away. "Wait! That way is-" Kyosuke began, but then they were hit by a blast of light.

"Ugh... Damn that pretty boy! Think he's so cool just because he's the Former Ultimate Student Council President, and can wield a sword properly... Well, I don't care! I just want that damn sword! That thing is gonna be mine!" Haiji said to himself, and then he tripped down a hill. "Agh!" As he began to get up, lasers started pointing to him. "Wait, no, please! Stop! AGH!" Haiji yelled, begging for mercy.

Back with Kyosuke and Kazuo, Mechon began to unleash their final assault. "Well, it looks like it ends here... At least it can't get any worse, right?" Kazuo said. "Kazuo, take care of the survivors. I got it from here." Kyosuke said. "Are you sure? Your eye is..." Kazuo said, trying to make sure Kyosuke was absolutely ready. "Go!" Kyosuke yelled. Kazuo began to go tend to the soldiers across the field.

"Vile Mechon. If you think the people of Future Foundation will give in, the people of Bionis will just submit to you... You are sorely mistaken!" The Monado's light was stronger than ever, and charged towards the Mechon. And that... Is the story of the Battle of Sword Valley.


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Chapter 1 - Hope's Peak Academy

One Year Later...

In a grassy area, with cliffs surrounding said area, and scraps of Mechon lying around...

"Is that a Mechon M71!?" A boy said, wearing a dark green jacket and brown shorts, along with ruffled brown hair...

"If I can just get the hard drive out of it, it could help advance the targeting radar for one of the Anti-Air Batteries!" The boy exclaimed to himself. But, a groan came out and he threw the scrap down. "No good... It's outdated. The joint section... It's buckled. It's all completely... Useless! *yawn*" The boy said to himself, and then laid back on the grass.

Looking upwards at the bright sky, and then right at a skeeter next to him. "Huh...?" The boy took notice of something a little in the distance. "An M69!" He yelled. "It's armor... It could be perfect for making a shield! If I could just get it off, then..." Suddenly, the armor began to shake. "Gah!"

"Chihiro!" A man came in, carrying a weapon known as a Driver, and shoved the armor away. Then, it got up, revealing itself to be a simple Krabble. "It's just a Krabble! It's using the armor as a shell." Chihiro said. "Thanks for the quick save, Leon!" "No problem, but we gotta take care of this guy first. You get that thing off it's feet, and I'll topple it!" Leon said.


Chihiro went behind the Krabble to pull out his Junk Sword. "Sword Bash!" He unleashed the attack from behind, and the Krabble immediately aggro'd in on him. "Oi, pick on someone your own size!" Leon taunted, and then the Krabble went right back to targetting Leon. "Are you gonna help me out here, Chi?!" Leon yelled out to him. "Yeah, I got it! Turn Strike!" Chihiro unleashed his own Talent Art, and the thing seemed to be tripping about. "Wild Down!" Leon yelled, knocking it down.

The Krabble was toppled, and he was vulnerable to all of their attacks. The two quickly finished it. "That was a good fight!" Chihiro said. "Oi, look out behind you!" Chihiro raised his sword as if it was a single slab of stairs, then Leon jumped on it, did a quick flip for aesthetics, and hit the Caterpile behind Chihiro. "That was cool!" "Nows not the time to celebrate, we got to finish this guy." Leon reminded Chihiro.

"Got it! Light Heal!" Chihiro swiveled his sword in the air, and Ether Particles seemed to gather in the air above Leon, eventually coming down on him to give him a quick blue glow. "Thanks for the heal, Chi! Now, let's get this guy done so we can get back to Hope's Peak." "Got it!" Chihiro quickly went to the side. "Slit Edge!" The Caterpile seemed to be in pain, and it's skin clearly seemed to not look as good as it was before. "Nice one there!"

The battle was over in no time after that.

Battle End

"Thank's for the help there, Leon. I would have been toast without you." Chihiro thanked. "Oi, you gotta stay where I can see you! I can't see you from everywhere, y' know." Leon said. "Sorry, but at least I found some good armor from a Mechon that we can make into a weapon or a shield." Chihiro said. "I'm more worried about you than the shell... Eh, at least you'll make a decent weapon out of it." Leon said.

"Oh, no, I just learn by watching Kazuo. His weapons are amazing." Chihiro said. "Yeah, his weapons are cool, but Mr. Munakata's weapon is the best." Leon said, reminding Chihiro of that specific weapon. "The Monado... I hope to learn it's secrets one day." Chihiro pondered to himself. "I'm sure you will, but we should probably get back. If I'm late, Nekomaru's gonna chew me out again." Leon said.

"Ah, Nekomaru. The Ultimate Team Manager... He's pretty good at what he does." Chihiro said. "Yeah, but, I mean, I'm not really into baseball anymore... Ah well, I came to Hope's Peak for it, so I'll do something after I graduate or whatever." Leon said to himself. "Oh?" Chihiro asked. "Nothing, let's go." Leon said, seeming to be in a hurry.

So they left the Mechon Wreckage Sight, fighting a few Skeeters and Caterpiles along the way. They do eventually make it to Hope's Peak, though. "Alright, this is where I go. Apparently, the next training meeting is by the track field, so I'll head off there. I assume you're headed to the Ultimate Mechanic's lab?" Leon asked. "Yeah, that'll be the best place to leave this Armor in, and I'll work on it as well." Chihiro answered.

"Alright, then we'll be off on our seperate ways. See you." Leon said, waving back at Chihiro as he entered the front door.

He made his way to floor BF2, where the 77th classes labs are. He entered the ultimate Mechanic lab.

"Hey, Chi! How's it going?" A man said, seemingly knowing about Chihiro. "Hey, Kazuichi, I got a request for you. Can you take this shell and see if you can make a good weapon out of it?" Chihiro requested. "Anything for a man who helped me get to hang out with Sonia!" That's right. Kazuichi was very enamored with Sonia Nevermind, the Ultimate Princess. However, she is, to be frank, quite dense, and hasn't caught on to Kazuichi's antics yet, but...

"Uh, well, sure... Anyways, see you!" Chihiro said, as he left the Mechanics lab. After that, though, he went to Floor F4, where the previous students work to help the school... And where the Monado is kept. Chihiro went into the specific lab where the Monado is, and looked at it.

"I see you're back already, Chihiro." The man known as Kazuo Tengan, one of the heroes who fought in the Battle of Sword Valley a year ago alongside Kyosuke Munakata, wielder of the Monado.

"K-Kazuo?! When did you get back to Hope's Peak?" Chihiro asked in surprise. "Just now, actually." Kazuo replied. "I see your research on the Monado is going well... Although that's to be expected, considering how mechanical the Monado is, and you're the Ultimate Programmer." He said. "Y-Yeah... Anyways, when I was studying the Monado, I found out the center part is actually made of multi-layered glass, and there's at least 10 panes of glass." Chihiro said.

"But what does that mean?" Kazuo asked. "Well, when the Monado is activated, it shows a symbol. And then, other symbols appear when certain Monado Arts are used, and as of right now, we've only seen two symbols, and one of them has two variants. Every layer of glass within the Monado is constructed differently, so it is possible to activate other Monado Arts... But right now, we don't know how to do that. And no one can control the Monado." Chihiro explained. "Yeah, but there is one person, but during that battle and the Monado combined, it caused the part where his eye was taken out is unable to be replaced." Kazuo said.

"If only there was one more person who could control it... We could surpass any military force here." Chihiro said. "If only we could just... Unlock the Monado's power..." And then, Chihiro reached for the Monado, and had a flashback.

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"Father! Father!" A girl cried out. "Prioritize the most severely injured! Come on, I didn't train you all for nothing!" A man yelled out. "Kyosuke!" Chihiro said. "Don't look like that... I'm not the wielder of... The Monado for nothing..." He muttered. "Chihiro..." Kyosuke whispered to Chihiro, and then Chihiro stopped moving. He looked over at the Monado in the cargo ship, as the alarm continued to sound, with yells all around.

"It was the Monado... It was controlling me... Even then, it still gave us a hope... And we were able to use that hope to win the war. Next, it will be up to you..."

"Kyosuke..." Chihiro muttered. "Well, I'd better get to Defence Branch One of Future Foundation. I'll be stepping out for a bit." Kazuo said. "I'll drop 'round Nekomaru's training session and check on Leon for you, kiddo." "OK then. I'll see you later." Chihiro replied.

"Chihiro, come on, you're spending way too much time either programming or spending time in here. And sometimes, you're just searching for parts in the junkyard. You shouldn't spend your life like that, after all, you only live once. Get some fresh air!" Kazuo suggested to Chihiro. "Aight, I'm off." Kazuo then left, and Chihiro followed suit...

Kyosuke/Chisa's Major Room (Hope's Peak Academy), 3rd floor. Kyosuke's Point of View.

Kyosuke would by sitting on his bed, covering his right eye which was covered by an Eyepatch, courtesy of his wife, Mrs. Munakata.

"Kyosuke! Are you up yet?" A girl came up, wearing traditional orange clothes. "Yes, I'm fine. Let me guess, you're here to bring me breakfast?" Kyosuke asked. "Of course! Mom told me too, and besides, I still owe you all that time ago..." She said.

This young girl is Hiyoko Saionji. Despite what she may say, she is not our biological son. We merely took her in after a Mechon Assault in Towa City. While I was fighting there, a young girl seemed to be cowering in fear. I assisted her in escaping, and she told me everything. Her parents were killed in the Mechon Assault, and after consulting with my wife, who was once known as Chisa Yukizome, now known as Chisa Munakata, we decided to take her in, as our 'first child'.

This all happened only 6 years ago, and the care of Hiyoko is doing well, but she seems to enjoy pranks very much... And because of this, we thought she wouldn't make any friends. This is what I thought, because most seemed to avoid her, despite her getting into Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Traditional Dancer. However, when they say there are two sides of the same coin, it seems to be pretty literal, with her best friend, Chihiro Fujisaki. I'm pretty positive she has a crush on him, but don't call me perceptive.

"Thanks, but I could've done it myself. Besides, that was six years ago, wasn't it? It's just a natural thing we've grown to be accustomed to." I replied. "Don't say things like that! I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for you... But, well, you eat up." She said. "Heh, if you're done here, why not go make Chihiro something and deliver it to him?" I said. "It wouldn't really matter, after all, his tastes aren't really varied, due to how often he eats just one kind of thing." She said. That... Was true, considering the amount of time he spends programming. That, or studying the Monado.

"Why does it matter? Perhaps you could take some tips from your step mother, I'm sure she won't deny your request of learning how to cook exquisite foods." I suggested. "That's actually a good idea! Thanks dad!" Sheesh, when we first took her in, it felt... Weird, to be called 'dad', and I'm sure it was the same for Chisa to be called 'mom'. But, for some reason, just hearing that makes me feel at ease.

Hiyoko's POV

I headed down after talking to father for a little bit, to take his suggestion and go talk to mother.

It sounds weird, right? You may assume that they're actually my parents, considering how different I am, but it should be easy to deduce that they're step-parents.

I lost my parents to a house fire, caused by the Mechon in Towa City... It was painful to watch, but it's been six years, and I've moved on now. But that won't make those emotional scars go away. It's why I owe my life to Kyosuke and Chisa.

"Mother!" I called out. "Yes, dear?" That beautiful, calming voice... That was Chisa alright. Or in this case, mother, or to be completely factual, 'step mother'. "Dad suggested me for you to teach me how to cook better!" I said. "Oh? Is this about Chihiro?" She said. "W-Well... Yeah." I answered honestly. "It's alright, you're young and in high school, so most people start relationships right now. It's alright to be embarrassed, but I guess you want to learn because of his lackluster tastes?" Chisa said. "Yeah, he just says the same thing every day. I swear, even if the soup was stone cold, he'd say it's delicious.

"Probably!" Chisa laughed, and I laughed a bit as well. After that, she taught me how to cook, and then I was on my merry way with one of her masterpieces.

As I was walking down the hallway to the spiral staircase, I ran into Kazuo Tengan, Chihiro's step father. I guess that's why I'm sorta into him, considering we get along well and we're a bit similar in certain aspects. "Oh, hey Mr. Tengan!" I called out. "Ah, hello there, Ms. Saionji! I take it you're delivering one of Chisa's amazing meals out to Chihiro?" He's as perceptive and sharp as ever, as they say. Despite his age, he is one of the most agile and combat-oriented people here in Hope's Peak next to Kyosuke.

"Sharp as always, Kazuo. I'm headed to the Monado Research Lab downstairs." I told him. "Oh, he's not there right now. He went out to get some fresh air as I told him." He replied. Ah, so then he must be at... "Outlook Park, isn't it?" I guessed. "That's the place. You should be able to get there via the back exit through the Track Area." He told me. I knew how to get there, but a fresh reminder was nice.

"Thanks for the help, Kazuo! I owe you one!" I told him, and was one my way.

"Ah... The joy's of youth... Heh..."

Timeskip. Outlook Park.

It took me a while to get there, especially with all the skeeters on the way. But they were nothing, as they didn't realize that I practiced using dual knives to protect myself with.

Chihiro's POV.

The Monado... It's incredibly strange, and it's the finest sword I've seen... I first saw it about 14 years ago, during the Monado Expedition. I went there with my parents, but... They, and all the other people there, died. I don't know why, and what's even weirder is that I was the only survivor there. I was rescued by Kazuo Tengan, and he's been my step father ever since.

All those deaths... It's probably why I'm studying the Monado, to figure out if it has anything to do with those deaths. But so far, all's I really found out that was significant was that there was more power in the Monado that we originally thought there was. What could it all mean...?

"Chihiro!" A familiar female voice called out. Ah, it's Hiyoko with the daily meal delivery. If only my taste buds could improve... "Ah, hello Hiyoko! Here with another delivery?" I asked. "Yup! And I know for sure you're gonna love this." In my dreams... "Oh? How are you sure?" I asked. "You'll just have to taste it to find out." She told me. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try...!

Th-This is... "This is... Amazing! Where did you learn to make something like this?!" I continued to devour the sandwich, which had an exquisite taste worthy of challenging the Ultimate Cook. "Chisa helped me cook it, she knows the best recipes you could find alongside Teruteru, but we don't speak of him." She held a fair point about Teruteru, but this is just amazing...

"D-Do you have, by chance, any more?" I asked. "No, sorry, but it was amazing, wasn't it?" She said. "It was like nothing that I've ever had before... I didn't even know my taste buds could change at the snap of a finger like that!" I exclaimed.

"Well, that's great. I was sure you didn't have good tastes by this point, but I guess this settles it... But, have you noticed? The breeze feels great today." She pointed out. "Yeah... I never knew how peaceful it was here." I said, and only realized how great it felt for the gentle, soft wind to blow against my face. "It could be because you're spending alot of time with Leon. He's pretty loud, and you likely just got accustomed to it by this point." She said. "Yeah, maybe! Hahaha!" I laughed, and she giggled as well. "Chihiro... Once again, I just want to thank you for being my friend. I never thought I would have one, until you came along two years ago." She said. "Actually, I should be thanking you as well. Because of you, I managed to come out of my shell.."

One thing I forgot to mention... I was a crossdresser for 5 years. I started at the age of 11, because of how hard school was going on me... Bullies were at every corner, and I wasn't able to evade them. My only option? It was to be accepted. I was bullied for my weakness, and since I was a boy while being weak, I wouldn't be accepted. But then I thought; "It's only natural for a girl to be weak, right?" And that's how I became a crossdresser. However, despite being a shut-in, Hiyoko seemed to be in such a sad state, so I came over to her to help her... And I only learned how lonely she was.

We became friends after that, and I eventually told her my secret. It was thanks to her strength that was probably founded by our friendship, and it gave me the courage to tell her, despite it seeming like I was betraying her and everyone... However, when the day came I revealed my secret, everyone accepted me, and even Nekomaru helped me in getting stronger...

"Oh, that's right... I'm just glad you were able to come out of your shell. I'll never forget that day when you told me... And I'll always consider it as the ultimate evidence of our trust in each other." Hiyoko said. "I agree..." I said.

Suddenly, the Anti-Air batteries surrounding Hope's Peak aimed up, and fired. I looked up, and saw some debris falling from above. "Strange, not much Debris has been falling lately..." Hiyoko said. "Yeah, but either way, the Anti-Air Batteries won't be able to protect us out here. Let's get back to the Monado Research Lab." I suggested. "I think that's a good idea. I wouldn't mind helping you with your research!" Hiyoko cheerfully said, and I only looked away and blushed in response.

Chapter Text

Chihiro and Hiyoko makes their way down from Outlook Park, still looking at the view of Hope's Peak from there. "So, what did you do today? Let me guess, more scavenging?" Hiyoko asked Chihiro. "Yes, actually. We managed to find some Mechon Armor than could be used as a shield. It's currently under maintenance at the Ultimate Mechanic's Lab."

"What do you mean, 'we'?" Hiyoko reacted. "Well, I was about to be attacked by a Krabble using said Mechon Armor as a shell, but Leon came in at the right moment there. Things proceed swiftly from there, and we made it back." Chihiro explained. "I see... Well, in short, its just business as usual, right?" Hiyoko said. "You're being a blunt there, Miss." Chihiro joked, and Hiyoko chuckled. The pair kept talking until the made it to the research lab.

When they walked in, there was an unexpected visitor 'waiting' for them. "L-Leon?! What are you doing here?" Chihiro asked, then spotted the Monado in his hand. "Ch-Chi! I-I was, u-uh..." Leon tried to think of an excuse until a beam of light erupted from the sword.

Suddenly, madness ensues. He keeps moving around like crazy, blue sparks all around his skin, and even hitting some of the walls. The last hit came from hitting a charging station for Analysis Devices (which is outdated with current technology), and hitting Hiyoko who was laying in fear. Yet, despite hitting Hiyoko, it didn't do anything. In fact, it bounced right off Hiyoko, and Leon lost grip of the sword.

Hiyoko was the first to speak up after that chaos. "Wh-What just..." He looked around all over herself, yet, not even a scratch could be seen. "H-Hiyoko! Are you alright?!" Chihiro rushed over, Leon following suit. "I'm fine..." Hiyoko said. "Thank goodness... Looks my research was true." Chihiro said to himself. "What do you mean? Why didn't the sword cut her?" Leon asked. "Leon!" Hiyoko shouted. "S-Sorry! That's not what I meant..." He replied. "If you'll all be listening, my research showed that the Monado can't cut people. It cannot hurt Homs." Chihiro explained. "I-I see... Thank goodness..." Hiyoko said, Leon nodding in agreement.

"More importantly, though, what were you doing, Leon?!" Chihiro shouted. It's rare to see Chihiro so worked up, the last time he was this angry was when somebody was trying to kidnap Hiyoko out in Gaur Plain. They were on a little trip together, until they were attacked, and while at their weakest, people came in to try and take Hiyoko. Yet, even then, as if a message from them was delivered to God, Leon came in to save the day. The three were friends ever since.

"S-Sorry... I just wanted to touch it, didn't know it would do that..." Leon said. "There is a clear difference between touching something, and grabbing something you know you can't control!" Chihiro yelled back. Leon continued to Sulk. "Ugh... Whatever. That battery charger was outdated, and we were about to throw it out or sell it anyways. I'll go put this sword away. You have to be careful in here." Chihiro said. "Well, at the very least, we now know the only one who can truly control it is Mr. Munakata." Leon said.

"I would be against him using the Monado. Chihiro, you said it was controlling him, right?" Hiyoko asked. "R-Right, that was right after that battle on Sword Valley..." Chihiro confirmed. "That would mean that not even Father was in full control. It's better we don't use it at all unless it becomes a last resort." Hiyoko said. "Well, either way, we shouldn't have to worry about that for the time to come." Chihiro said. He picked up the Monado, gently, and started to walk towards where it would be kept.

"That reminds me, there was a Mechon squad spotted recently on Bionis Leg." Leon said. "What?!" Chihiro and Hiyoko yelled in sync, as Chihiro ended up knocking the Monado against something while holding it. That would result in the Monado being activated... "A-Auuugh!" Chihiro yelled. But suddenly, time stopped.

"Look at you! Worthless without the Monado!" A scene, Chihiro trying to hold back against an attack with the Monado.

A giant, emitting power.

"Until I've scrapped each and every one of you!!" A girl said, raising her rifle high up and taking aim with a purple aura surrounding her.

A strange man looked down on him from above.

A man looking like he's panicking in a machine of sorts.

"So, of course I want to get my revenge!" Chihiro yelled.

A girl with a staff in hand, looking at him.

"Your blade... Did not cut deep enough."

A man with wings on his head, shocked expression turned around.

Chihiro yelled at something.


A Mechon-like thing cut through a Mobile Artillery.

Blood on his claws once pulled out.

Then, white.

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"...hiro...Chi..." A voice... Who was it? "...Chi..." It's calling out... My name... "...Chihiro!" A girl yelled. Oh wait, it's Hiyoko, right... Right... Wait, what? What... even happened? "Chi! You alright!?" Leon shouted. Yes, his name was Leon... Alright.

I saw things. Something like... Time stopped, and then... Who, or what were those people? And those voices? "Hey, Chihiro, say something!" Hiyoko shouted in distress. "...I'm fine." I said. It's a start to get back on my feet, right? "Oh, good god, thought you became brain dead or something!" Leon said in relief. "We were so worried... What happened?" Hiyoko asked.

"Well... Leon, when you held the Monado, did you see anything?" I asked. "Like, a big beam of blue light that came out just now? Yeah." Leon replied. I should have known. "So... It was just me?" I said to myself. "Seriously, what happened? You just stopped moving." Leon said. "W-Well..." What could I say? Would they even believe what I would say? What did even happen? "..." I stayed silent. "Well, it seems even you don't understand..." Hiyoko said. She was a sharp one, likely because of the time we spend together and how I explain most of my programs in detail, I just never knew she was actually paying attention.

"Well, that aside, why ARE you here, Leon?" I asked. "Funny story, the Mobile Artillery that crashed into the side of the change room? The Ether cylinder leaked, and we're out of stock. So, lucky me, I'm being singled out to get them from Tephra Cave." Leon explained. I've know him for a long time, so I instantly knew what he was up to. "And you want me to help?" I asked. "You're a sharp one, but lets be real, when aren't you? Yeah, the monsters there have been giving even the best of our team some trouble." Leon explained. "Luckily, we haven't faced any casualties there yet, but it's dangerous."

"Well, if you two are going, I'm gonna go too. I just want to make sure Chihiro is safe." Hiyoko said. "Just be on your guard, aight?" Leon said. "I am experienced in wielding dual knives during battle, thank you very much." She replied. "Then I guess we're going together." I said. "Alright, let's get some Ether Cylinders!" Leon exclaimed.

We left the building, and to get to Tephra Cave, we had to go up Tephra Hill, but that had us go around the Track Field. Yet... "WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?!" A man yelled. I knew that voice all too well. No doubt, it's Nekomaru Nidai, captain of the Hope's Peak defence force, and the Ultimate Team Leader. "I thought I told you to continue repairing the damage!" Nekomaru yelled again. Those two young men aren't gonna live to see the action... "S-Sorry, sir... I-I-I..." A short man stuttered, presumably Teruteru... I would like not to speak of him, especially about the incidents after I revealed myself. Let me just say I feel sorry for him that he's still alive after everything he's done, it's honestly a miracle he's alive.

"I-It was his fault! He dragged me to the girls change room! He said there was something BIG there!" The other man said, and it was Kazuichi... I'll have to remember to ask him when he's done with the Mechon Armor, if he's still alive that is. "WHAT?!" Nekomaru yelled. "YOU WERE WHAT?!" He yelled again. "I-I'm a man! I have nothing to be ashamed about what I've done!" Teruteru exclaimed, what a shocking reply. "No matter what you do... YOU NEVER STALK ON WOMEN, YOU HEAR THAT?!" Nekomaru yelled again. "Y-Yes, sir!!" The two men said. "NOW GET TO WORK! AND REMEMBER TO EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL, AND SHIT WELL!!" Nekomaru yelled again, with his catchphrase no less.

"S-Sir... We're out of stock on materials, however..." Kazuichi nervously said. "Wh..." Nekomaru said, finally quieting down... It's honestly a rare sight to see him get this loud or angry. "A-A stock of materials is supposed to come in tomorrow! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt usss!!" Teruteru said, bursting into tears. Despite surviving several of the beatings he's received from girls, there's no way he could survive Nekomaru. "You two will come with me, and I'm going to give you a good lecture so you DON'T REPEAT WHAT HAPPENED TODAY!! UNDERSTOOD!?" Nekomaru yelled at the two. "Y-Yes sir!!" The two exclaimed, and went with him into the building. But before Nekomaru went inside, he caught notice of us. "Ah, you're bringing your friends to Tephra Cave? Good for you, Leon! It's amazing to have friends that care about you!" He said. "R-Right, sir..." Leon said, confused at the sudden change of heart. Nekomaru then went inside.

"Well, that was... Something." Hiyoko was the first one to speak, and the rest of us nodded in agreement. "Well, let's get to Tephra Cave for those Ether Cylinders!" I exclaimed, and it seemed to have reminded the two. "Oh! Right, I nearly forgot..." Hiyoko said. "Well, let's get going!" Leon said. "No, no, I mean I forgot the bags to hold the Cylinders in!" Hiyoko exclaimed. "Oh, shit!" Leon said. Hiyoko then quickly ran in to get the bags, and the two of us just waited outside.

"So, uh... How's your day so far?" Leon asked me. "Well, I almost got hurt from a Krabble, I had to go outside to Outlook Park, Debris started falling on us, you went crazy with the Monado, I saw something strange, we have to go get Cylinders from Tephra Cave, and then that just happened..." I gave a brief overview of what happened today. "That sounds about right." Leon said.

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We've been waiting for about ten minutes, doing nothing. Right when we were about to set off without her, she comes right out of the side doors. "I found them!" She yells. "Great, now we're all ready to go!" I said. "Let's get going, those Cylinders won't bag themselves!" Leon said. I always love these moments, when we're just being ourselves with what we say. And it's even better when we're happy and ready.

We set off for our trek towards Tephra Cave, but to get there, we'd have to climb up Tephra Hill, which was infested with Bunnits and Skeeters, and even a couple of Krabbles for some reason. Yet, despite their best efforts, we flawlessly defeated them as a great team. However, when we reached halfway up the hill... "Hey, everyone, shh!" I said. I recognized that Bunnit on the hill. Evil Rhangrot, it's been causing the Defence Force trouble when they tried to get to Tephra Cave.

"Hey, isn't that...?" Hiyoko began to speak. "Yeah, it's Evil Rhangrot. He's been giving the Defence Force some trouble getting up the hill." I explained. "Well, why don't we take care of that piece of shit if he's so annoying?!" Leon began to say. "Remember, even it's been giving trouble to the Defence Force. It will not be easy to take him down. Not only that, but there's other Bunnit's surrounding it." I warned. "Well, why don't we just pick up some of the rocks on the ground and throw them at those weaker Bunnit's to make that big Bunnit alone? Won't that make things easier?" Hiyoko suggested.

"Good idea. Alright, Leon, will you do the favors?" I asked. "Leave it to me! Anything for Hope's Peak!" Leon said. He walked onto the track and grabbed some pebbles off the ground. "Take this! Hyah!" Leon grunted, as he threw some pebbles at the weaker Bunnit's. They all came down the hill, one by one, and we managed to get the advantage of a surprise attack.

"Alright, let's get rid of that big one now!" Hiyoko said, clearly all excited. "Killing that thing will surely earn us some nice rewards, which we can then use to become even more powerful!" Leon said. "All right. Let's go!" I said, ordering our team to go up around the hill, and we managed to get a first strike. "Leon, focus on taking the Aggro! I'll get it unstable, and then you can throw it on it's feet! After that, we'll all attack at once!" I explained the plan.

"You mean a Chain Attack?! You know not many were able to pull those off!" Leon said. "We're a full team. If we truly are trusting of each other, we should pull this off! Now, let's go!" I said, trying to encourage everyone. "Aight', then let's give em' hell!" Leon yelled, in excitement. "Yeah!" Hiyoko said. The battle began with Leon sneaking up behind and hitting hard with an under-blow. After that, me and Hiyoko ran in to start dealing damage.

Tougher than we thought, we finally understood why even the Defense Force was having trouble. Leon was looking pale, so I quickly grabbed some ether particles to help heal him up. It won't fully heal him, but it will keep him going with the aggro. The Bunnit then did a huge smack on the ground, knocking us all back. Luckily enough, I had taught myself a new art earlier~ Air Slash. "Alright, Leon, get ready to knock it down! Hiyoko, are you ready to unleash your unique 'Butterfly Step'?" I made sure to reassure everyone of the plan.

"Ready when everyone is! Are you saying you want to do that?" Leon asked. "I like the way you think!" Hiyoko said. "Alright, let's go!" I started by hitting an Air Slash on it. It seemed to be on steady feet, but not for long, and the fact that hitting it by the side makes things easier. "Wild Down!" Leon shouted, toppling it. "Alright, time for a Chain Attack!" I shouted. "Turn Strike!" "Hammer Beat!" "Power Smash!" "Back Slash!" "Bone Upper!" "Hidden Thorn!" We all quickly shouted our arts, one after another, dealing more and more damage. "Air Slash!" "Wild Down!" "Butterfly Step!" Hiyoko got the last hit, and it seemed to be at it's weakest. "Slit Edge!" I finished it off, with my last hit and last usable art.

"Nice job, everyone!" I said, congratulating everyone on our victory. "That felt too easy!" Leon said. "Hey, if Chihiro wasn't here with the intelligence, your head would have been torn off by that Bunnit!" Hiyoko said. "I wouldn't say it that harshly, but it is true." I said, and then Leon grumbled.

"Well, don't forget to get off track you two boys. We still have to get those Ether Cylinders." Hiyoko said, reminding us of our main goal. "Oh, right!" I said, recalling our goal. "If I'm right, we should be more than halfway up the hill." I said. "Well, then let's get going!" Leon said. We then ran off towards the entrance to Tephra Cave.

The three march onwards to the top of Tephra Hill, and in front of the entrance to Tephra Cave.

"Well, look's like we made it!" Leon said. "I'll go scout ahead, you two check our gear, alright?" Hiyoko said. "Sounds good to me, we should make sure we're prepared." Chihiro agreed. "Alright, just don't get caught by the monsters, alright Hiyoko?" Leon said. "Don't worry! My mind is too fast for their eyes, after all!" Hiyoko said, boastfully. "I believe you mean to say that you're just faster than them..." Chihiro corrected.

"Well, who cares about what I said? I'll go scout!" Hiyoko said, and she entered Tephra Cave. "Well, shall we check our equipment?" Leon said. "Yeah, let's." Chihiro said.

Chihiro's POV, Heart-to-Heart (Leon/Chihiro)

We checked our gear, making sure we were completely optimized. Hiyoko must have done her check, otherwise she wouldn't have gone in so bravely into the Cave. "Man, is it already 3 years?" Leon asked. "Oh yeah, I remember. That incident in Gaur Plains?" I tried to confirm. "Yeah. Man, it was a miracle I heard your yells there. You probably wouldn't be here, living happily without that luck." Leon said. "Probably not." I let out a little laugh, but then coughed.

"So, out of curiosity, what do you think of Hiyoko?" Leon suddenly asked. "Uh, you can't just ask someone... Well, she's really nice, pretty, and sweet. 'Course, she wasn't nice or sweet around 6 years ago, but now I couldn't ask for another friend." I said. Leon giggled. "Are you seriously that dense...?" Leon coughed. "Huh? What do you mean?" I asked, unsure of what he meant. "Nothing, nothing! Just that you two are the bestest of friends, is all!" He said, still chuckling. Confusion warped around me.

"Well, how's our gear looking?" Leon asked. "It's looking great. We should be prepared. Now, to return the punishment, what do you think of Hiyoko?" I asked Leon. "You can't just ask someone... Well, I've only known her for three years, but I've seen she's really nice, but can have some backbone if she chooses to. All in all, she's a really great friend. I'm seriously lucky to meet someone like you and her." Leon said. "Yeah, no kidding. I feel the same way about you two." I replied.

"Well, Hiyoko's been in there for a while. We should probably-" Leon began to say, but then speak of the devil. "Pfft... You two are so awkward sometimes!" Hiyoko said, snickering. "H-Hiyoko! How long have you been there for?!" I asked. "Well, from around 'Man, is it already three years?'" Hiyoko said, answering my question. "Man, is it already... That's the entire conversation, you stalker!" Leon yelled, just realizing that. "Hahaha! That look on your face is so funny!" She said, laughing.

"Alright, you two. We should probably get going now. Those Cylinders won't come to us on their own." I said. "Yeah, you're right. Let's get going." Leon said. "Stick close to us, Chihiro! You're the captain, after all." Hiyoko said. "Thanks guys. Let's do it together." I said, replying to them.

Enduring Friendship

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The trio entered Tephra Cave after talking to the Soldier guarding it for a little bit, and began to walk through a long tunnel. "Do any of you come here often?" Hiyoko asked. "Well, no, not really. I only came through here once with you and Munakata to get to Gaur Plains and just have general fun." I replied. "Yeah, and I just happened to be doing training there to enroll in the defense force." Leon said.

"Alright guys, I think we near the end of this tunnel. If memory serves, there is a lot of Arachno to watch out for, so be careful." I said, warning my teammates. "They won't stand a chance against us, so we shouldn't worry!" Leon said. "Don't get reckless, big guy." Hiyoko said. "Hey!" Leon said. "Alright you two, let's just clear the way." I said.

We fought against the Arachno for a little bit, proving to be a slight challenge. But as Leon said, they stood absolutely no chance against us. "Heh, we're just too strong for them!" Leon said. "Quiet, Leon. These monsters are incredibly responsive to sound, so be very, very quiet." I said, warning my teammates. "Let's move, then. There's another big guy up ahead, but as long as we sneak past we should be fine." Hiyoko said. "That's exactly how the Defense Force is able to get past this area. So, let's move and try to avoid this one for now." Leon suggested.

We all slid against the wall, barely getting past the Arachno. We had to deal with some Brogs as we ventured in, but they were no threat to us since we just dispatched each of them one by one instead of all at once. Some skeeters tried to get in the way, but they were far weaker than the Brogs themselves.

"There's quite a few monsters... We should be careful from here on." Hiyoko pointed out. "Yeah, and we should be approaching the Mag Mell Ruins shortly. Theres a lot of lizards and the Wallslide Gwynry." Leon said. "Wallslide Gwynry... Now I know why the sent out some of their best. We should probably dispatch of it to make getting those cylinders easier." I suggested. "Alright, sounds good. Let's go take it down!" Leon said.

"We'll use the same strategy as last time, right?" Hiyoko asked. "Sure, why not? It worked absurdly well. But we should probably take care of the lizards there first." I said. "It's likely that... Giant lizard will come crawling out towards us shortly. It's best if we lure the lizards away, methinks." Leon suggested, for this plan of attack.

"Oh, so you DO have a head on your shoulders! Use it more often, will you?" Hiyoko said, innocently. "Hey, I resent that!" Leon said, looking offended. "Now, now, guys. Let's just use Leon's suggestion and use rocks to lure them out, like this... Hyah!" Chihiro picked up a pebble off the ground and threw it at one of the Mell Lizards, which ends up attracting all of them directly towards the offender.

"Alright, let's get to it!" Leon shouted. "I've got your back, if needed!" Hiyoko exclaimed. "I couldn't ask for a better team. Onwards!" Chihiro said, looking back and drawing his blade.

[ : Battle / Mell Lizards, Wallside Gwynry (UM) : ]

Battle was engaged by luring the Mell Lizards just outside of the path of where the Wallside Gwynry tours by, in order to avoid them joining battle in the middle of the five-ish Lizards. "Watch out, here they come!"