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Jimin walked through the door, making his way to be falling into his bed immediately. After a long night practicing, perfecting and making his moves so precise during dance practice with Hoseok, he was exhausted. It was late and there was nothing he wanted more than to get into a warm bath and relax. He was so tired, that he didn’t even check to see what his boyfriends were up to, just smiling softly at their bickering.Their soft chattering and yelling of disappointment when one of them died on their video game from the living room assured him that they were okay.

He made his way to their room, across from Namjoon’s. His first instinct was to pass out on the bed, but they had an early day the next day and he knew that if he fell asleep right then, he would wake up all sticky and gross, and that would probably hold all the boys back from their schedule. These days, all of them were so tired but barely pulling through. Jimin had fainted many times due to overexertion and huger preparing for their next comeback, but he wasn’t the type to give up. It was nights like these, practicing extra hours in the studio, his mind traveling far from anything or anyone else but what the fans will think about their future performances and how he can make them better. Instead of passing out, he grabbed a towel, candles, a lighter, and made his way to the bathroom to run himself a warm bath.

When Jimin came back from his bath, towel wrapped low on his hips and hair damp but comfortable, he found Tae and Jeongguk laying on their bed, close together on their phones.
“Hey Min. When’d you get back? You didn’t even say hello,” Tae whined, getting up from his spot and making his way to Jimin, wrapping his arms around him and resting his hands comfortably on Jimin’s lower abdomen.

“Sorry, Tae. I was at practice and I was just so tired and exhausted, I couldn’t wait.” Jimin said sweetly, resting his hands on Tae’s and whimpering softly when he rubbed circles with his thumbs, moving closer to the seam of the towel.

“Is that so Jimin? Is there anything we can do to make it feel better? Huh kitten?” Tae muttered while leaving open-mouthed kisses down Jimin’s neck. Jimin moaned, and Jeongguk for the first time since Jimin made his appearance looked up. His phone was still on, but now resting in his lap instead of right in front of his face. Tae led Jimin to the bed. He kissed down his neck, blowing cool breath making Jimin shiver, and stopped at a nipple, spitting on it then spreading his saliva around with his tongue.

“Mmh. Feels so good Tae,” Jimin moaned when it was now obvious what Tae’s definition of “feeling better” was. He saw that Tae had a growing bulge in his pants from when Jimin walked into the room, and now he felt himself getting hard, rutting under Taehyung to get the texture of the towel, massaging and relieving his cock.

“Jeongguk-ah, don’t you want to join your hyungs?” Taehyung asked from the top of the towel hymn, licking across the line where it began, Jimin squirming and wanting more. He looked and made eye contact with Jeongguk, eyes hooded and mouth parted, saliva pooling in his mouth. He knew exactly how Jeongguk felt when Jimin looked wrecked and pretty, and it made Jeongguk have to control himself, which he was good at, but particularly harder right now because he felt as if his dick was about to burst out of his pants any second. Jeongguk looked at his eyes and put his phone down.

“I think I’ll just watch right now, Jiminie looks like he’s already close. Jimin, tell Taehyungie what you want him to do huh? What do you want him to do, baby?” Jeongguk said, getting up from they bed and pulling his pants down, revealing his growing member. It was so big, and all Jimin wanted to do it pop up and suck him to his release, feeling Jeongguk rough with him but Tae’s soft gentle kisses. Jeongguk rubbed it through his boxer, swiftly fingering his slit, then taking his boxers off to reveal his cock. It was long, thick and red, and precum was already seeping through his slit. Jeongguk sat down in the chair next to the nightstand, legs open while he pumped his cock, head falling back and soft curses escaping. his mouth

What Jimin loves most about the sex with his boyfriends was the dynamics. With Tae, it was slow, thorough, and just so good. With Jeongguk it was fast, rough, but passionate. And his favorite thing is when both of them whispered praises of love to him and each other, reminding him of how much he loves them both. It made him feel so loved. He was a person who needed a lot of reassurance to be make sure he was okay and loved.

“Taehyungie, I- I want you to suck me off. Please,” Jimin pleaded. His thick cock was desperate and still hidden from the others view. Taehyung chuckled and whispered a soft “okay” before unwrapping the towel, Jimin’s hard cock springing up, oozing precum.

“Oh Jimin, look at your pretty little cock, so wet and ready. Do you want me to suck it?” Taehyund teased at his balls, whispering against them, sending tingles through Jimin’s body. Jimin was pretty sure that he couldn’t speak actual words right then so he he just nodded and whimpered. Taehyun licked his balls, then up his side, leaving small kisses until he reached the tip, where he spread the precum with a thumb, Jimin whining little “ohs” everytime he brushed over his sensitive slit. Jimin buried his hands in Taehyung’s hair when he used the very tip of his tongue to lick up the precum. Jeongguk got up and walked over behind Jimin on the edge of the bed, reaching around him to Taehyung who was on his knees and caressing his cheek, his mouth sucking the head of Jimin’s cock, closing his eyes, eating Jimin up on an expert level. They were all great at giving head, but Taehyung was especially good, teasing but every minute was worth it after he gave you the best suck of your life.

“Is he doing good baby? Taking your cock so good?” Jeongguk muttered in Jimin’s ear, licking the lobe and moving his thighs to enclose Jimin’s, mimicking Jimin’s position but on his outside. Jeongguk made Jimin shiver. Jimin knew who was in charge now. Usually, he liked being in control, or even sometimes Taehyung, but Jeongguk was obviously feeling different today. Jeongguk really hated it when Jimin pushed himself past where he could handle it, and so he wanted to make Jimin feel as good and loved as possible. Jeongguk took his time kneading his thighs, Jimin already embarrassingly close.

“Jeonggukkie, please,” Jimin whined. He was close, but he didn’t want to come yet. Jeongguk got the message, Jimin whines and eyes rolling back his head as Jeongguk squeezed the base of his cock, muttering a “good boy” as Jimin didn’t protest or cry when he was denied his orgasm. Jeongguk got up and walked over to Taehyung. He pulled Tae’s head off of Jimin’s cock, his slurping and sucking interrupted, Jimin letting a cry at the loss of warmth. Jeongguk tilted Taehyung’s head up.

“Mmm, lemme have a taste,” Jeongguk said before devouring Taehyung’s lips. Jeongguk and Taehyung had undeniable chemistry that Jimin absolutely loved to watch. It was so obvious that even their fans had started to catch on. But the boys would never really let their fans know what happened off stage, so they covered it up. Sometimes it hurt Jimin to see fans talk about how much Jimin annoyed Jeongguk, or how he had such a one-sided love towards the other, but he also knew that the fans weren’t exposed to most things that the boys do when they’re not performing, so he ignored them. Jeongguk’s soft whispers of endearment on nights when Jimin wasn’t well, crying in his arms, being held until he fell asleep and woke up in the morning let him know that his “one-sided” love wasn’t one sided at all. And Taehyung, who Jimin had loved ever since he met him. They were best friends at first, going to school together and being casual because they were in the same year. But it was when Jimin realized that his nights were sleepless without Taehyung, that he didn’t smile as much when he wasn’t around, and he was just incomplete when Taehyung was gone that he loved him. And Jeongguk and Taehyung had always loved each other so much. They were inseparable, not completely being themselves without the other right by them.

Jimin watched Jeongguk and Taehyung kiss in front of him, messy and passionate, and Jimin thought he was going to come just from watching them. Jeongguk reached down and unzipped Taehyung’s pants, the other obliging and sliding out of them. When he was done, they resumed their kiss, Jeongguk reaching under Taehyung’s boxers and pumping his cock, a little smaller than Jeongguk’s but thick and filling. Taehyung moaned and threw his head back, Jeongguk immediately diving for his adams apple. Jimin felt like he was about to explode, so he started swirling an finger on his own cock, squirming around in his spot on the bed. Jeongguk reached out, stopped Jimin from touching himself, tucking his hands so Jimin was sitting on them.

“Don’t even think about it sweetheart,” Jeongguk smirked, eyes on Jimin’s which are trying to avoid eye contact. Jeongguk grabbed his jaw, forcing him to look at him and Taehyung, and Jeongguk licked a stripe from Tae’s neck to his lips. Taehyung whined, pulling his shirt off. Jimin was close to tear. Jeongguk was so mean. The two kissed for a while before Jeongguk played with Taehyung’s nipple, tongue swirling, abusing it, and Jimin finally broke. He sobbed, hands still under him. Jeongguk looked up, then Taehyung, who wore a sympathetic look on his face. Jeongguk however, held a smirk. He got up and yanked Jimin’s head up to look at him. He felt like he was so powerful; two naked men in front of him while he was almost fully clothed.

“Aww, Jiminie, you wanna be fucked? Want my cock in your tight ass?” Jeongguk teased, and Jimin cried at his lewd words. Jimin was nervous, he knew what Jeongguk could do to him. Usually, Jeongguk had all of the power in bed.

“Yes, please,” Jimin whimpered. Jeongguk leaned his lips closer, Taehyung coming around and starting to massage Jimin’s thigh. He was just as nervous as Jimin.

“Yes? Yes what baby? You want this cock?” Jeongguk growled. Jimin nodded. Jeongguk put his lips on Jimin’s ear.

“Work for it,” Jeongguk said. Jimin shuddered, Taehyung caressed his back. Jimin knew what Jeongguk was doing. If he wanted to play this game, Jimin was going to play along, and he was going to win.

“Yes Daddy,” Jimin moaned.

Jeongguk froze mid-standing. Jimin swears he physically saw the look of game in his eyes. Jeongguk walked over to Taehyung, pulling him up and whispering in his ear. Taehyung brightened, and tucked his face close to Jeongguk and giggled. Jeongguk smiled too, whispering again. Jeongguk gave Taehyung’s ass a little pat as Tae walked out of the room, Jimin guessed to get lube. Jeongguk came over to Jimin. He brushed Jimin’s hair off of his forehead. He finally kissed Jimin, the sweet, familiar sensation Jimin was waiting for taking over him. Jimin let himself completely submiss into the kiss, forgetting his mission. After Jeongguk licked his way into Jimin’s mouth, kneading his ass roughly, Jimin made his way out of subspace, pulling away from him. Just as Jimin was about of roughly push Jeongguk on the bed and give him the suck of his life, Taehyung came back in.

“Come here Tae, our little Jiminie is starting to think he is the one in control here,” Jeongguk said as Tae made his way to their dresser, setting the items he obtained on the surface. Jimin saw what they were, lube, condoms (which he was hoping wouldn’t be used), numerous sex toys, and- was that a blindfold? Behind the stack of toys was a variation of restraints and blindfolds, and Jimin was nervous but excited. The three of them usually didn’t do this. Even if they did, Jimin would never believe Jeongguk was the one to initiate it. Jeongguk and Taehyung saw the look of worry slide past Jimin’s face and Jimin covered it quickly, but that didn’t stop the two from noticing. Taehyung snickered.

“Aww, Jiminie. Worried about what Guk and I are gonna do to you?” Taehyung teases as Jimin was seated at the end of the bed, feeling so small. Taehyung made his way over while Jeongguk was at their pile of objects and toys, planning God knows what. Taehyung crouched to Jimin’s level, cupping his cheek, strong fierce eyes meeting Jimin’s soft, puppy ones. “Well, Gukkie and I are gonna have some fun. He’s gonna fuck me so good, and you’re gonna sit there, wishing it was you who was being fucked,” Taehyung said, leaning in closer. “You’re going to cry out begging to come, and when we feel like it,” Taehyung licked up Jimin’s ear, biting on the lobe. “Maybe you can have us up your pretty tight hole. Maybe we’ll fuck you until you’re crying and lose your voice. But you have to be a good boy, Min. Can you do that? Can you be a good boy?” Taehyung said, and Jimin was literally about to come. Taehyung’s words sending nerves up his stomach, Jimin just nodded. He wanted to be fucked, and he wanted it so damn bad.

Jeoungguk came back over with lube, silky ties, and and vibrator. When he looked at Jimin, he just smirked. Jimin’s eyes lit up, because the vibrator Jeongguk had chosen was his favorite. He couldn’t help the brief excited look on his face when he thought about how good they could make him feel. Jeongguk smirked as the licked up Jimin’s nipple, Jimin whining with sensitivity because it just felt so good. While Jeongguk abused the sensitive skin, his hands slipped behind Jimin’s back to carefully take his wrists and tie them. Taehyung pushed Jimin all the way back to the head board once Jeongguk was done, taking the vibrator and slicking it with lube. Tae took the excess lube on his fingers and pushed Jimin’s legs apart, everything on display for his lover. Jeongguk groaned a low “fuck” and Taehyung mumbled an “oh shit”. Jimin felt so confident, and he tilted his neck back making an extremely sensual expression and biting his lip. Taehyung slowly recollected himself and slowly pushed the vibrator, it slipping in easily.

“Wow baby. Already worked yourself open for us? What a fucking cock slut. Was it us?” Jeongguk said, coming around to lock up Jimin’s newly exposed next. Jimin mumbled a soft sound of confusion while Taehyung worked the vibrator in and out of his hole. Jimin shuddered with pleasure, the object hitting his sweet spot and rumbling through him still just wasn’t enough. “The ones you were thinking about when you were shoving your pretty little fingers up your hole?” Jeongguk asked, now sitting back stroking his dick. Jimin whined and nodded.

“Use your words baby,” Jeongguk demanded, and Jimin knew he was going to be the death of him.

“Y-yes,” Jimin whined, the vibrator hitting him better. It felt so good, but he wanted more. His hands were clawing at the thick tie holding them together, his milky wrists turning crimson.

“Yes what?” Jeongguk smirked while grabbing Taehyung who was busy pumping Jimin’s vibrator in and out of his hole. Jeongguk bent Taehyung over the bed, licking his fingers and softly rubbing them over Taehyung’s hole. He moaned softly, and Jimin felt pathetic with a vibrator in him and Jeongguk in Taehyung. He wanted both of them to fuck him, and he wanted it now. But the only way he was to get it is if he were to play Jeongguk’s little game.

“Yes Daddy,” Jimin whispered, and Jeongguk turned the vibrator on its lowest setting, teasing Jimin as he entered Taehyung. Taehyung cried out, and Jeongguk released his head back, making a pretty picture.

As Jeongguk fucked into Taehyung, Jimin let his mind get hazy. The vibrator was pathetic compared to what Taehyung was getting. Jeongguk pulled Taehyung up, chest against his back, and lazily fucked him. Taehyung wore a lazy smile, biting his lip and rolling his head back when Jeongguk brought his hands up to play with his nipples. Jeongguk was busy kissing Tae’s neck, whispering sweet nothings into his ear, and Jimin’s wrists were aching as they were pushing against the tie that was holding them together. He desperately wanted to be the one fucked; to feel Taehyung’s soft fingers and Jeongguk’s rough touch.

Jimin whined while watching the other two get each other off, wishing it was him. Jeongguk’s head snapped towards Jimin. “Good boys stay quiet, baby.” Jimin immediately shut up. His legs were shaking and sensitive, and Jeongguk reached out to start stroking Jimin. The oversensitivity was killing Jimin. He tried to bury his face in his arm to muffle his sounds, but Jeongguk reached out. “Eyes on me.”

Jeongguk kept fucking Taehyung, his cock sliding in and out of him slowly, and then faster when they both felt the familiar heat burning up into their stomachs. Jimin felt a little relieved, the lower setting of the vibrator taking some of his sensitivity away. But even just watching Jeongguk fuck Taehyung, their expressions just so out of it like they were the only people in the world, just aroused him more. Jimin felt the vibration in him and once again he felt his orgasm coming on. This time however, Jeongguk was so immersed in finding his own orgasm that he didn’t even notice Jimin was about to come, Whimpering over and over, squirming on the bed, Jimin felt like he could come any second.

When Jeonggukk’s thrusts got harder and Taehyung's eyes rolled to the back of his head, they came together, Jeongguk inside of Taehyung. The oversensitivity killed Jimin and he too came with a muffled and suppressed cry. It was too late though, Jeongguk had already heard him. He pulled out of Taehyung and ame up to Jimin, who was laying on the bed overwhelmed. Jeongguk roughly pulled the vibrator out, Jimin letting out a sharp cry and whimper at the loss of stimulation.

“What the fuck you slut? Did I say you could come?” Jeongguk asked, roughly grabbing Jimin’s face by his chin. Jimin, shy and embarrassed looked down. He was ashamed fr coming, and coming while he had barely been touched.

“Look at me,” Jeongguk growled, and who was Jimin to disobey him? Jimin looked up, and Jeongguk wore a face of anger.

“You want to come so bad? Want to be a cumslut? Ok then, be a fucking cumslut. Tae, baby, get up here.” Jeongguk then realeased Jimin’s face as Tae crawled up in front of Jimin.

“Sit on his face. Jiminie’s gonna get all the come he fucking wants.” Tae, with Jeongguk’s come dripping down his thighs, hesitantly crawled up over Jimin, ass hovering over his face. He slowly rolled his hips down, Jimin immediately feeling the sticky come hit his face. Tae let out a long moan as he felt Jimin’s tongue come out and leave little licks around his hole, eating the come like candy. Jimin kept circling his hole, getting every little taste he can of Jeongguk’s come.

Jeongguk came around to the front of Taehyung, sitting on Jimin’s thighs as he grabbed his cock. Jimin whined, feeling sensitive as he just came. Jeongguk stroked up and down his dick, being especially aggressive on the tip where he knew Jimin was sensitive. Jimin was shaking, desperate to move his hands that were still tied behind his back. Taehyung was still rolling his hips down as Jeongguk took his free hand that wasn’t stroking Jimin’s cock and slapped his thigh. Jimin jerked, but Jeongguk knew he liked it.

“Stop messing around, Jimin. Fucking eat him out. Get all the come you desperately wanted you nasty fucking slut,” Jeongguk spat as he tightened his grip on Jimin’s cock, thumb dipping in and out of the slit that was already oozing precum onto his hand.

Jimin sucked on Tae’s rim, slurping and eating him out like a meal. Tae was shaking on him, and Jimin too was squirming, his hands pathetically tied behind him while Jeongguk was stroking his cock so well. Jimin felt like he was going to die any minute, but he kept eating Tae out, sticking his tongue in and out of his hole, thrusting it in just so he could hear the sweet moans leaving Tae’s lips. And, obey Jeongguk. Jeongguk’s come was practically spilling down his throat, and he couldn’t get enough of it.

Tae started spasming, Jimin’s tongue too much for him as he arched back and came all over Jimin’s thighs, releasing a high and pretty moan that made Jimin’s cock strain more, desperate to come. Jeongguk squeezed Jimin’s thigh, a signal for him to keep going, to eat him out through his orgasm. Jeongguk dipped down and licked Jimin’s thighs, tongue liking the sensitive area, collecting Tae’s come on his tongue. Then, still stroking Jimin’s cock, reached up to take his face and kissed him, feeding him his Taehyung’s come. Their tongues twirled together, the spit and come so dirty and so hot.

“Stay on him. Did he make you feel good baby? Did he eat you like a good slut?” Jeongguk whispered against Tae’s ear while stroking Jimin’s cock on a faster pace. Tae nodded. whining and arching back.

“Good. Don’t stop.”

When Jimin was too distracted from eating Tae out due to Jeoungguk’s movements and his actions got sloppy, Tae slowly got up with a hiss due to the sensitivity and walked over to Jeongguk who was still pumping Jimin’s dick, now at an even faster pace. Jimin cried, feeling the familiar heat in his stomach.

“Oh god, please Daddy, please let me come. I need- I need to,” Jimin whined. He was just about to come, when-

“No! N-no! Why?” Jimin cried, tears dropping down his face as Jungkook squeezed the base of his cock with a firm hand. Jimin curled to the side, frustrated, trying to release his hands from the tie they were kept in as he experienced his orgasm dry. He was kicking his legs and crying, hands constantly pushing againts their restrain in hopes of just pulling it off. He had to come. He needed to come. Jeongguk got up and came to Jimin as he brushed his hair out of his face.

“You did so good baby, right Tae?” Tae came over to Jimin’s other side and brushed his fingers down his side, Jimin shuddering and upset, because he was so fucking close. He was almost there, and Jeongguk had ruined it.

“Yes he did. Min, you did so good, was such a good boy for me and Guk,” Tae commented, breathless but feeling bad for the boy who had just gone through torture when he had already came twice.

“Wanna come baby? Want to come like the good lil’ slut you are? Want Daddy’s cock in your tight little cunt?” Jeongguk whispered in Jimin’s ear, and Jimin let the tears fall down his face as he nodded and whimpered. He wanted Jeongguk’s thick cock so bad.

“Ok baby, we’re gonna fuck you now.” Jimin felt the excitement run through his veins, that he was finally going to get the relief that he was waiting for.

Jungkook came around and circled Jimin. “Tae, get him ready,” he muttered as he wrestled Jimin into a position where his chest was on the bed, ass up. Jimin felt so vulnerable at the moment, his hands still restrained ny the silky tie, the cool air making him more sensitive than normal.

Taehyung got behind Jimin as he grabbed his ass and spread his cheeks apart, admiring his already loose hole.

“Yeah baby, already loose for us? What a slutty baby, fuckin’ just takes what he’s given like some fucking toy. Our own little slutbaby. Right Min? What are you?” Tae whispered as he came around to Jimin’s ear. Jimin shuddered, the dirty talk turning him on and making his cock hurt so much more.

“Yeah baby what are you?” Jeongguk asked as he got on his knees in front of Jimin, delicious cock hangin right in front of Jimin’s face, urging him to just reach out and lick it.

“‘M-m a fuckin’ slutbaby,” Jimin muttered as Tae’s fingers came up to start circling his hole.

“Yeah? And whose slutbaby are you? Whose Jimin?” Jeongguk asked as he took one hand to lift Jimin’s head up to tap his cock on his thick, plump lips. Jimin moaned at the sensation, wanting to take the cock in his mouth and get fucked so hard he’ll feel it for days.

“Oh g-god, ‘m yours, just yours- Oh my god!” Jimin cried, not being able to finish his sentence as Tae pushed two fingers into his hole, starting at a fast pace as Jimin was already loose enough. Jimin slumped down, head hitting the matress as he rocked with Taehyung, his fingers long and hitting his prostate immediatley. Jimin was crying out, the stimulation just too fucking much for him to handle. Jeongguk roughly grabbed his hair and brought his cock to Jimin’s mouth.

“Fuckin’ be a good slutbaby and suck my cock. Fucking take it you stupid fucking whore,” he spat as Jimin opened his lips and took Jeongguk down, a low moan coming from Jeongguk as Jimin hit his pelvis, gagging as Jeongguk held him there. Tae was still ruthlessly thrusting into Jimin with his fingers, going fast and then slowing down to let Jimin come down from his high. His fingers curled deep into Jimin, sending Jimin into ecstacy and pleasure, and strengthening his desire to come. His hands were still restrained behind his back, raw and sore from their constant begging to be free.

“Good baby, just a little bit more. Doing so good, making Daddy feel so good,” Jeongguk praised as Jimin hummed around his cock, holding it down to be a good boy for his boyfriends.

“Fuck, you were made for my cock baby,” Jeongguk moaned as he released his grip on Jimin’s head and he popped up, a string of saliva still connecting to Jeongguk’s cock. Jeongguk picked up the saliva with two fingers and shoved them into Jimin’s mouth, the latter sucking greedily on them.

“God, that’s so hot Guk,” Tae praised as his fingers came to a stop and pulled out, leaving Jimin’s hole empty and gaping, wanting to be filled. Jeongguk thrust his fingers into Jimin’s mouth a couple more times before pulling out and carressing his cheek.

“What do you want baby? Tell me and Tae,” Jeongguk asked as he held onto Jimin’s face. Jimin looked up into his eyes, with the most innocent face you’ve ever seen, pleading in his expression.

“I want Daddy to fuck me and fill me up with his come so good. Wanna feel you for fuckin’ days, want your name to be the only word I can remember.”

Jimin doesn’t really know what happened after that, other than the fact that Jeongguk had growled, and now he was on his back, legs spread wide open while Jeongguk was teasing his hole with the tip of his cock, flushed an angry red, thick and hard.

“What a fucking slut, just wants anything in his cunt. Will take anything right? ‘Cause that’s what you are, fucking slutty baby,” Jeongguk groaned as he pushed into Jimin’s ass, the velvety walls taking him into another dimension.

He began to ease his way in as slowly as he could but the pent up frustration of just smashing into Jimin caused him to tremble from the urge. Jeongguk had already been so riled up earlier it was almost enough for him to come by just entering the tightness. It was so good, squeezing Jeongguk so tight even though Jimin had already been opened up twice and fucked loose, he was still so goddamn tight. He felt like he could just come right there which was something he definitely didn’t want to happen. He glanced down at Jimin who had closed his eyes and was biting his bottom lip hard and his hands were moving behind his back. Jeongguk was ready to fuck Jimin, who was whining into the air, the cute noises making Jeongguk go crazy. Even though he felt like he could just ram into Jimin right there, he wanted to make sure his baby was okay.


“Are you ok?” Tae whispered, his mind connecting with Jeongguk’s. He came up behind Jimin, hands brushing through his hair, knowing how sensitive and frustrated he is. Jeongguk’s cock engulfed him so completely he was ready to burst from just that but he wanted to keep going, to be a good baby for them. Tae reached over and took Jimin’s face in his hands and lifted it to his lips, kissing him gently, wanting to fuck him and give him pleasure to but being too sensitive. Jeongguk wanted to kiss Jimin so badly right now but his lips were out of his reach for the moment because of the position they were in, and the fact that he was still trying to get used to the feeling of Jimin around his cock, a feeling he learned to love and cherish over the years. He wanted to fuck Jimin like he deserved, give him the attention his body needed. Finally Jimin nodded.

“Yeah.” Jimin breathed the word out keeping his eyes tightly shut because Jeongguk was just so fucking big and he felt so fucking full. He loves this, being completely vulnerable to the both of them, letting them do whatever they wanted as Jimin just payed there and took it, being used like a slut.

“Good baby. Now stay down and take what I give you. Make Daddy feel so good,” Jeongguk murmured, then he thrust forward until he was buried to the hilt inside. Jimin moaned lewdly and loudly as his mouth fell open to form the perfect o, plump plush lips looking so obscene and perfect in this moment, and Jeongguk wanted to fucking wreck him. Tae kept stroking Jimin’s hair, encouraging him through it as Jeongguk thrust into him.

The sensation of being surrounded by Jimin’s soft and velvet like insides were scorching Jeongguk so hotly he didn’t even realize he had retreated enough to repeat his agonizingly and teasing slow moves. Not to mention the way Jimin looked in the exact moment, the innocent angel looking so obscene and dirty taking his cock so well. His mind was going blissfully blank with every sway of his hips, Jimin sending him into another trance like he always did. Tae did however have enough sense to take a firm hold of Jimin’s momentarily abandoned cock in one hand and stroke it until he heard the pleasure dripping from the swollen lips again.

Keeping up the steady rhythm of his hips, Jeongguk was simply teasing, making Jimin frustrated, so he whined.

“What is it baby? Daddy isn’t fucking you hard enough? What is it baby?”

“F-faster, please, y-your cock’s so b-big, fucking me so good,” Jimin whined, bouncing with the force of Jeongguk’s thrusts.

“You heard him Guk, faster baby. Lil’ slut’s being so greedy, not even his Daddy’s big fuckin’ cock’s enough for him right? Always a cock slut,” Tae whispered, reaching down to massage Jimin’s sensitive nipples, causing him to cry out with pleasure.

Jimin let out a groan of pleasure after Jeongguk increased the speed due to his request, it all becoming too fucking much as Taehyung kept running his thumb over the now slick tip of the cock in his hand, spreading the pearly liquid all over, eventually bringing the fingers to Jimin’s mouth whos moans were muffled as he licked them clean. Jeongguk felt like he was in another universe, to be the one to cause such reactions from Jimin was incredibly rewarding as he got to hear his moans, see his beautiful face when he came. Jeongguk’s ecstasy grew higher with each thrust but he wanted to prolong the release as much as it was possible, wanted to tease Jimin until he was crying.

“Oh my god,” Jimin whimpered when Jeongguk hithis prostate, the little bundle of nerves so good and sensitive.

“Feels good baby? Is Daddy fucking you good?” Jeongguk grunted, thrusting faster.

“Ride me,” he gasped, demanding, but a little uneasy as the tightness was around him, his cock warm and good. But Jimin wasn’t in any condition to notice such thing; he himself was feeling out of it, Jeongguk fucking him so nice. “Use that ass of yours baby, fuckin’ ride me, your ass was made for my cock.”

“C’mon baby, ride Gukkie like his lil’ slut,” Taehyung said as he pulled Jimin off. He licked his lips deliberately slow, ending the show by sucking his bottom lip between his teeth all the while looking straight at Jeongguk and into his eyes. The look Jimin gave Jeongguk after was solewd and obscene, Jeongguk thought he could come right then. Hesat back, stroking his cock slowly while looking at Jimin who was so beautiful.

“God, gonna fuckin’ wreck you,” Jeongguk then laid himself on his back to the bed and folded his arms behind his neck acting nonchalant and relaxed which bewildered Jimin when in fact he was just the opposite.“Get your tight little as over here and sit on this fat cock.” Jeongguk jerked his head at the throbbing cock of his laying against his stomach. “You ride my cock so good it will make you moan and cry my name. And don’t hold back on your voice either. Daddy and Tae love to hear your little noises, begging me to fuck you. You know you like being loud, love being our little baby slut. You're ours.”

“Yours, D-Daddy, Tae,” Jimin whined hotly, climbing over Jeongguk’s body, Taehyung helping him as his hands were still caged, gripping onto the soft skin of his hips with bruises. Jimin looked down at the smirking face of Jeongguk. Jeongguk’s breath nearly caught up in his throat at the sight; Jimin was so beautiful, so fucking perfect and gracious even with his hair messy and plastered to his face, plump lips red and wet. Jimin bit his lip hard when Jeongguk guided his cock back inside his ass, pushing him down with force. The two moaned, the feeling of being inside each other finally taking over them. The pleasure tightened inside Jimin's stomach, he could feel it churning and twisting, the familiar heat returning, his cock heavy and neglected. His thoughts flying far away from him as he rammed himself mercilessly again and again down the shaft throbbing inside him. Jeongguk couldn’t help it, not one bit; he closed his eyes the moment their connection was renewed and his lips parted to let out the most lewd groan he had made in a while.


“Feels good doesn’t it baby? Tell Gukkie how good you feel,” Taehyung whispered into Jimin ear, reaching around to wrap his hand around his cock which was in desperate need of attention.

“Oh god, Tae, so fuckin’ good. D-Daddy’s thick cock’s s-so g-good, oh my god!” he yelled as Jeongguk took hold of his thighs and squeezed the flexing huge muscles and his hips thrust up to meet the angel moving above. The connection when their skin smacked together made that insolent, indecent slapping sound that echoed in the darkness around them along with all the shameless noises rising from their mouths, the sounds arousing and bringing them both closer.

“Baby I love you, so much. You’re so fucking beautiful.” Jeongguk managed to whisper out while he was moving Jimin up and down on his dick, his hips doing most of the work at this point. Jeongguk was sure Jimin had taken the rest of his remaining sanity. He felt like he was almost on fire and Jimin, god Jimin looked like another world fucking himself so hard and raw and and Tae stroking him at the same time, it was insane not to look at the two and think about just how lucky he was to be here with the two that he loved so much. It was almost unbearable and even if Jeongguk really, really wanted to continue this for a long time like he wanted, he wasn’t able to control the surges of pure, levitating pleasure driving him over the edge.

“Nnn….Guk!” Jimin cried when their bodies hit together with so much force it shuddered the very core of them both. Jeongguk’s hips were far from his league as he pounded up into Jimin so fast and so hard now they both were shaking and moaning so unashamed someone was bound to hear them.

“Ffuck..” Jeongguk grit his teeth together almost painfully. “I’m gonna come Guk,” Jimin groaned, the pleasure too close and too powerful for him to manage it much longer. Jeongguk just thrusted fasted, and Tae’s hand worked harder. Jimin was crying at this point, tears streamed down his face as his wrists were moving to bee freed, hips jerking as every part of him was sensitive and so fucking pleasured, he could owe Jeongguk and Taehyung forever.

Jimin threw his head back as he came, spilling all over Taehyung’s who kept jerking his cock.

“Gonna fill you up baby, make you be my cumslut,” Jeongguk moaned as he worked his hips faster, skin slapping as Jimin sobbed so hard, the overstimulation killing him.

“F-fuck!” Jeongguk came with a final thrust, spilling into Jimin as he came with a groan, resulting his hips to slow, long lasting thrusts.

Jeongguk slowly took Jimin’s cum from his chest, picking it on two fingers and giving it to Jimin, who sucked it greedily. Then, turning to Taehyung, kissed him, sharing the taste of his cum and the feel of his tongue.

Jimin collapsed on Jeongguk, breathing heavy as he felt Taehyung untie his wrists, and layed next to Jeongguk, stroking Jimin’s hair and Jeongguk’s, whispering praises. Jimin’s hands immediately came to hug Jeongguk, a silent thank you for the pleasure he was given, and then one to squeeze Tae’s hand, another for his.

“I love you two so much, you don’t even know,” Jimin whispered.

“I love you too, you’re so beautiful you don’t even know Min. And Guk, you’re so sweet baby. So sweet,” Taehyung praises as he rests his head on Jeongguk’s chest.

“I can’t even put into words how much the two of you mean to me,” Jeongguk started as he moved Jimin to his side, hand wrapping around his waist as he found Taehyung’s hand and gave it a small kiss, then giving Jimin one on his forehead. “But I love you so goddamn much, it hurts.”

And the three of them fell asleep there, naked, holding each other in their soft sleep, atmosphere filled with sleep, sex, and love.