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Hey y'all, this story hasn't been posted yet but I actually have 6 chapters written already. And I guess I'm getting a little impatient? I may or may not start posting them sooner than I planned just because I put a lot of effort into this one and I wanna see you guys enjoy it so-






im going to hell ;-;

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"Hyuuuuunngg!" Jeongguk shouts as he runs down the hall of their apartment, he trips on someone's dirty laundry (Yoongi's) and face plants in front of Hobi, who immediately starts cackling, his own rush momentarily forgotten.

Jeongguk curses and stands, pouting at the older. "Jerk." He mutters, though he quickly regrets it when he tries to walk past Hobi, only to be scooped up in the older's arms, despite them being about the same height.

"Excuse me?" Hobi gawks as he glares down at Jeongguk.

The youngest alpha says nothing, just staring wide-eyed, like a deer caught in headlights.

"Apologize." Hobi says playfully. He cackles again when Jeongguk shakes his head no. And the youngest has less than a second to figure out what's so funny before he's screaming and wriggling in the older's death grip as Hobi tickles him relentlessly.

"Augh! I-I'm s-sorry-Ahh! I'M SORRY!" He screeches, interrupting his own words with laughter.

"Guys!" Taehyung shouts into the hallway. "I'm trying to find my phone!" He leans his head out of his room to glare at them, Jimin's Samsung pressed to his ear as he desperately calls his cellular device, praying to every god he can think of that he didn't leave it on silent mode.

Hobi relents, laughing quietly at Jeongguk's pants. The younger's eyes suddenly widen. "HYUNG MY HOMEWORK! I-I'M GONNA BE LATE!" He screams before wiggling out of the hold of a very confused Hobi… isn't it Saturday? He chuckles to himself, oh well, no harm in letting Jeongguk think it's Monday right?

Namjoon raises his head groggily, why is everyone running around and shouting so early on a weekend? He turns to his right, Yoongi is still very much snuggled into his side. Though he appears to be the only one left in bed. The alpha sighs, turning to his right to better cuddle Yoongi, wrapping his arms around the older alpha and pressing their chests tightly together.

He smiles when Yoongi whines, nuzzling his nose into the crook of Namjoon's neck and taking a big whiff of the younger's pastry scent. He hums in satisfaction, still asleep, before going completely limp in Namjoon's embrace. And when Namjoon both hears and feels the alpha purring against his chest, his whole being blooms with pride.

He buries his nose in Yoongi's soft blonde hair, inhaling his fresh forest scent. He drifts back to sleep, rolling his eyes beneath his eyelids at the noise the rest of his mates are making.

Jin tsks at the state of their pantry, barren of anything that hasn't been processed fifty times over. He rolls his eyes. He'd told Hobi and Taehyung to do the shopping yesterday. It was a day long task, he was well aware of that, but he'd thought the two would enjoy that time together. Yes of course he'd told them they could pick out the snacks for this month, but he hadn't expected that to be all they'd buy. They had completely neglected to buy any of the groceries Jin had listed in the extensive text he'd sent Hobi.

So here he was. Up early on a Saturday morning with every intention to make them all a big, beautiful breakfast. Only to find that the only things close to breakfast foods were the insanely disgusting sugar cereals that the two had gotten. He groans. He's going to have to go shopping all over again today.

It's as he's glaring at the ingredients on the side of a box of Lucky Charms, that Jeongguk comes barreling into the kitchen. Screaming and panicking about something that Jin doesn't understand.

"Ggukie, Ggukie, Bunny please," He grabs the younger's arms to stop him from pulling his hair out further. "Kook, slowly please, what is the problem?"

"MY HOMEWORK!" The youngest wails, tears threatening to fall at the corners of his distressed doe eyes.

Jin frowns. "Bunny, it's a Saturday."

Jeongguk's face pales. "It-it's.. Wh-wha?" He takes a shaky step forward, knees immediately buckling and Jin shouts curses as he rushes to catch the younger. His unconscious body crushing Jin like dead weight.

"Gguk- Jeongguk!" He shouts as he tries very hard not to drop the muscle pig in his arms.

Hobi comes running in, looking worse than Jeongguk had: panicked and very much out of breath.

"Hobi help me!" Jin hisses at the alpha.

Despite his rush, Hoseok runs to Jin's aid, lifting the baby alpha easily and carrying him to their living room, setting him down, less than gracefully, onto one of their couches.

"Again?" Hobi asks.

"These panic attacks are really starting to concern me." Jin says as he walks up behind Hobi, wrapping an arm around the younger's waist.

"We'll have to schedule an appointment at the clinic, I think he's overworking himself." Hobi replies as he checks his watch, stomach dropping when he realizes how late he's going to be.

"Mmm, reminds me of someone else I know." Jin mumbles into Hobi's neck, not ashamed of how obviously high he's getting just off the younger's lemongrass scent.

Hobi clicks his tongue. "I'm fine hyung. I have to go though, I'm gonna be late for our meet." The alpha hisses pulling away from the beta very abruptly, much to Jin's displeasure. "I'll be back around four, see you later!" He calls as he rushes out the door.

"Love you too!" Jin huffs moodily. But he's smiling a moment later when the door opens again and Hobi sticks his head in with a blinding sunshine smile.

"Love you, Baby!" He calls out before leaving for good.

Jin giggles until his eyes land again on Jeongguk's passed out body. He leans down in front of the couch and gently pushes the younger's bangs out of his eyes.

"What are we going to do with you, Bunny?" He asks quietly as he leans forward to place a soft kiss against the younger's forehead.

He turns when he hears rustling in the kitchen, he catches Jimin and Taehyung in the act of shoving cereal and pop cans into their backpacks. He stands up and shouts at them, but they're out the door in seconds, shrieking with laughter as they call out 'love you's and 'see you later's.

Jin rolls his eyes, cursing at the two under his breath. He spares one more side-glance at their baby alpha before he heads back into the kitchen to make something healthy out of the endless sugar products that litter his, once perfect, pantry.

"Joonie! Joon! Kim fucking Namjoon wake up!" Yoongi hisses against his alpha's chest. The younger currently has him in a death grip and normally Yoongi would only be slightly peeved. But he has to pee and Namjoon won't let go.

"Ohmyfucking- Namjoon please!" Yoongi strains, pumping distress-filled pheromones into their room. Namjoon stirs almost immediately, eyes blinking rapidly as he tries to assess the situation. Yoongi's upset, desperate. He needs to fix it.

"Babe?" Namjoon croaks sleepily. He rubs his eyes once before sitting up. "Yoongi what's wrong?" He asks, more alert than awake, but he's getting there.

"Nothing!" Yoongi hisses as he rolls clumsily out of bed, finally freed of Namjoon's arms only to get caught in the blankets he trusts so deeply. "Traitors." He mumbles as he trips out of their tangle and rushes to the bathroom connected to the bedroom. A moment later, as he relieves himself, he hears Namjoon cackling from their room and it only serves to frustrate him further. Stupid Namjoon.

Jeongguk jackknifes off the couch with a strained shout. He gasps on the hardwood before he's up and running into his room. Jin only catches a glimpse of his figure blurring past him, but the nose full of souring perfume is enough to alert him that Jeongguk is still freaking-the-fuck-out and he's quick to rush after the young alpha.

"Whereisit? Whereisit? Whereisit?!" Jeongguk rambles as he tears his room apart, clearly distressed and desperate.

"Bunny, please." Jin groans as he doubles over in the doorway to the younger's room, damn these long hallways. He looks up at the stressed alpha and rolls his eyes. "Ggukie -it's- Saturday." He pants, finally standing. He really needs to hit the gym one of these times with Jeongguk and Jimin.

"B-but m-my-"

"Jeongguk, Baby, please. Take a deep breath and count. Yesterday was Friday, remember? We rented Isle of Dogs and had a pizza night, you made yourself sick with that eating competition Tae challenged you to? It's Saturday, Bun, you have two days to finish your homework and study so please breath." Jin steps into the cluttered room, ready to catch Jeongguk again.

The alpha just exhales with irritation, thankfully, before collapsing backwards onto his bed. Groaning as he rubs his face roughly. "What the fuuuuuuuuck!" He shouts.

From somewhere down the hallway they both hear a muffled 'language!' from Yoongi. Jin chuckles.

"I'm worried about you, Gguk, Baby you can't keep overworking yourself like this. You're still in highschool, at this rate you'll be dead by your sophomore year of college." Jin says quietly as he lays down beside Jeongguk, running a gently hand up and down the younger's chest. He releases his soft lavender scent into the air and watches with proud satisfaction as the baby alpha takes deep breaths of the calming scent and visibly melts into his mattress.

"M'sorry." He mumbles after a moment. "I don't mean to worry you all, I just- I just want to do my best and not have to rely on you guys to-"

"Gguk, bunny, we've talked about this." Jin says gently, reaching over to brush the younger's bangs out of his face so he can look him in the eyes properly. "We love you, Jeonggukie, you're our mate and we'll do anything for you. We have no problem taking care of you, Bun. Overworking yourself into a panic attack every four hours won't make you grow up faster. It won't make you graduate faster. Baby, it'll only hurt you. And us, you're hurting us, Gguk."

The younger flinches at that, sparkly tears pulling at the corners of his eyes as he takes a deep shaky breath of his hyung. "I-I'm so-orry, I just-"

And suddenly Jin is scooping him up, holding him close against his chest and humming slightly as he pumps out more of his scent and rocks the younger in his lap. He doesn't need to hear what Jeongguk's gonna say. He's heard it a million times before, from all of them. His pack is full of workaholics, he swears they're addicted to hospital visits and greying early.

"Hush, Bun. I know you're sorry, but that's not enough," He stops for a moment, frowning when his words bring the younger's sobs out. He knows he sounds harsh but he refuses to let Jeongguk continue to hurt himself this way.

"I need you to promise me you're gonna stop doing this, or-" He takes a deep breath, bracing himself for the reaction he's about to receive. "Or I'm pulling you out of your studies and we'll hold off on college until you're better prepared for it."

The alpha immediately stiffens in his arms, despite the sleepy comfort of Jin's scent, and the older can immediately smell the younger's distress as Jeongguk's perfume begins to sour once again.

"J-Jin, n-no!" Jeongguk can already feel the lightheadedness of a panic attack, can already see the blurs in his vision from his hyperventilating but he can't help it. And he doesn't want to. Jin can't take this away from him, he just can't!

"Shh," Jin soothes, letting the younger wiggle, but not letting him leave his arms. "It's a means of last resort, Ggukie. I don't intend to take it away, and I assume I won't have to. But I want you to understand how serious this is getting. I want you to actually try to get a hold of yourself. I don't want you turning into Hobi and Yoongi, am I clear?" He really hates using his 'mom-voice' but it really seems to be the only thing that his pack takes seriously, after all, he rarely uses it.

Jeongguk's breath shakes."I-I-"

"What's wrong?" Someone asks.

Jin turns slightly, though he really doesn't need to because he can smell who it is, and his gaze lands on a worried, and slightly agitated looking, Yoongi as the alpha rushes into the room.

"I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY COLLEGE!" Jeongguk shouts into Jin's chest. The beta rolls his eyes.

"You won't," he shushes the youngest. "You won't."

"What the fuck, Gguk?!" Yoongi's expression is still recovering from Jeongguk's sudden yell, which has also brought a drowsy Namjoon into the room.

"Baby, what's wrong?" He coos the moment he steps through the doorway

"Apparently he's losing his college." Yoongi rubs his forehead, it's too early for this kind of shit.

Namjoon frowns, an eyebrow arching in Jin's direction. "I thought we were only using that as a last resort?"

"We are," Jin nods. "I only informed him of that, he made himself pass out again after another panic attack this morning. Freaked me and Hobi out." The beta subconsciously pulls the quieting alpha closer to his chest.

Yoongi and Namjoon frown.

"Gguk, we've talked about this." And the fact that Yoongi's voice is suddenly so soft and gentle means he's genuinely worried and that only makes Jeongguk more upset, bringing a fresh batch of tears to his eyes.

"Baby," Namjoon sets himself in front of Jin and takes their maknae into his arms, pumping his pastry scent into the room and making the whole place reak of lavendery cakes. Despite being an alpha himself, the scent of Namjoon still makes Jeongguk shiver. Baring his neck slightly out of submission. Not that Namjoon was really trying to get the younger to submit, but pumping his scent will both comfort the younger and make him more vulnerable, less hot-headed and more open to suggestion.

"We don't want to take away your school, you're so smart it would be a waste for you not to try your hand at a university. But if these habits of yours continue, Jeongguk, Jin and I will not hesitate to do what's best for you."

And normally Jeongguk would argue that it's his life, and therefore these are his choices to make. And his alpha shouldn't be meddling with his life, because namjoon doesn't control him. But his alpha is making the room almost stink with the amount of heady pheromones, and if Jeongguk weren't so caught up in it himself, he'd notice the way Yoongi's knees buckle as he struggles to sit at the foot of the younger's bed.

So instead he just nods, because right now his head is clear and he can see that Namjoon's intentions are not to hold him back, but to rein him in until he's ready and able to handle the undeniable stresses of college life. And who is he to deny being taken care of and coddled by his pack?

"O-okay," he mumbles. "I'll be better."

The three hyungs sigh with relief. For once Jeongguk didn't put up a fight when they confronted him about his dangerous lifestyle.

But suddenly Yoongi is frowning again. He sniffs before scrunching his nose. "Is something burning?"

And before Namjoon can panic about the apartment catching fire and burning down around them, Jin is up and running with shallow breaths and a red face.

"My pancakes!" He screams as he rushes down the hall.

Yoongi shakes his head as Jeongguk giggles in Namjoon's hold. The pack alpha himself chuckles before setting the younger down and running off to help Jin with breakfast, and to calm down the beta before he tears up the kitchen out of agony.

"Feeling less dramatic?" Yoongi asks gruffly, though his actions betray his words as he comfortingly cards his fingers through the baby alpha's chestnut locks.

"Better." Jeongguk establishes with a glare. "Yes I'm feeling better."

Yoongi rolls his eyes with a chuckle. "Because overworking yourself to the point of panic attacks and passing out is dramatic at all."

"Look who's talking." The younger retorts.

"Yah, I stress over real things, like my job. Not homework on a Saturday." He pinches Jeongguk's cheek, not enough for it to hurt but enough to get back at the baby alpha for his snide comment.

Jeongguk just huffs. "Please, I hear Namjoonie and Jin giving you speeches all the time."

And Yoongi's about to open his mouth and put this pup in his place, but before he can even blink, he's got a lap full of a muscley bunny.

"But it's okay because you're right, your stuff is important, I'm just a highschool flunk trying to get a diploma. I can barely manage Cs." He mumbles into the alpha's neck. And the wave of guilt that washes over Yoongi has him mentally punching himself. Sometimes he forgets how young Jeongguk is. Forgets that the boy has all the pride and urges of an alpha to work hard and take care of his pack, but is still just a puppy that hasn't even graduated highschool or had so much as a handjob in his entire life. The younger undoubtedly feels like he's not good enough, what with Namjoon and Jin on their way to becoming CEOs of two seperate companies, Hobi being a famous actor and performer, Yoongi himself owning an entire theatre and restaurant chain, and even Taehyung and Jimin in college and starting careers of their own. It's not surprising Jeongguk feels inadequate, and Yoongi's comment was like a literal mountain of salt being poured into the younger's sensitive wound. Yoongi seems to be doing that more and more lately, hurting his mates without even thinking about it.

"I'm sorry, Baby. I didn't mean it like that." He wraps his arms around the younger's torso and places a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Your problems and worries are important. You're not wrong to worry, just-" He stops, praying his words won't throw the younger into another fit of tears. "Just don't let it become an inhibiting obsession like me and Hobi do, okay? You've got so much potential Ggukie, we're just scared of you breaking yourself before you can even drink, ya know?"

And thankfully, thankfully, the younger responds with a hum and a sober nod. Namjoon's lingering scent still keeping him in a humble, serious mindset that has him actually taking Yoongi's words to heart, as opposed to brushing them off to defend his alpha pride like he normally would. Honestly, Jeongguk can be a little bitch sometimes.

"M'sorry, Hyung. I'll get better, I won't let it get this bad again, I promise." He mumbles into the alpha's neck, relishing in the fresh forest scent that has him almost floating at this point.

"I trust you." Yoongi says quietly, pressing one more kiss to the younger's head before he sighs and leans back, collapsing all the way onto the bed with a muffled thump.


"It was supposed to be a heart!"

There is a moment of silence before the two alphas break out into a fit of laughs and giggles. "We better go help." Yoongi wheezes as he shoves Jeongguk off him.

"Carry me?" The alpha asks.

"Tch, yeah right."

Moments later, Yoongi walks into the loud kitchen, carrying Jeongguk bridal style as the younger greedily licks up his scent.

Jin's face is red as a tomato as he shouts at their pack alpha, who's currently breaking under the pressure of flipping his suspiciously shaped pancakes before they burn.

Jeongguk giggles again, leaning up to whisper into Yoongi's ear. "He looks like Gordan Ramsey." He says as he nods in Jin's direction

The older alpha snorts. "Nah Gordan Ramsey is waaay hotter.


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Jimin is supposed to be studying in the library with Tae and their assignment partners. It's unfortunate that the first day of his weekend had to go to waste, but that's college for you. However at the moment, Jimin is most definitely not studying. Or even conversing with the others around his table. And Taehyung is too caught up in splitting the presentation evenly to notice the way Jimin's coffee scent is turning bitter.

He just can't stop thinking about that noodle salad Tae had shoved into his mouth around lunch time. Not to mention the sugary cereals they'd had for breakfast that morning. He glances down again, repulsed by the sight of his belly bulging slightly. Anyone in their right mind would just brush it off because that's how your stomach is supposed to look immediately after a meal. Especially when that meal included carbonated beverages that only serve to bloat your tummy with gas and make you even more puffy.

But Jimin can only think about how gross it looks and how disgusting he is for putting on weight and eating so unhealthily when he has such pretty mates that don't deserve someone as ugly and pudgy as him.

He excuses himself from the table under the pretense of needing to take a leak before he's rushing to the bathroom. If he hurries, he might be able to get this nastiness out of his system before his body starts to digest it further.

He's got three fingers down his throat by the time he locks the stall door, having been mated for two years and also having been taught by Min Yoongi himself how to suck dick, it's a little tricky to trigger a gagging reaction. But in his desperation, he manages it, and soon his throat is burning from his prodding fingers and stomach acids as his lunch reappears in the toilet before him. The smell of half digested food and the sour stench of lactic acid has him puking the rest of his stomach's contents without having to use his fingers again.

He's thankful he chose to hide in the older bathroom, on the far side of the library. It's rarely used which allows him the privacy to puke in peace. And in the event that Tae does go looking for him, this is the last bathroom he'll check so it also buys Jimin some time. He wipes his face with toilet paper before flushing away his shame and leaving the stall.

He splashes his face with water, gurgling and spitting a few times. Not stopping until he's satisfied and can no longer taste, nor smell, his vomit. To be safe, however, he pops a handful of mints into his mouth, sucking on some before growing impatient and chewing the rest up.

He proceeds to check his reflection in the mirror, making sure the pale effect of up-chucking-your-brains-out has faded, and the color has returned to his obnoxiously puffy cheeks and plump lips. For a moment he feels like crying, unable to even look at himself anymore without being disgusted by either his figure or the idea of what he's been doing the past few times he's eaten. His mates will hate him if they find out, he's sure of that. But at least it's better than them thinking he's fat and ugly.

He returns to the table to find the majority of his classmates already gone. Only Mark remains as he gathers up his books and laughs at something Tae had said.

"See you guys Monday!" He calls before rushing out of the library, probably eager to get home and spend the rest of the weekend with his own pack. Jimin knows the feeling.

"What took you so long?" Tae asks without looking up from his own pile of papers and books.

"N-nothing, I got side tracked in the fiction section on my way back." Jimin giggles sheepishly as he starts to help Taehyung pack his books neatly instead of shoving them all in like the beta had previously been doing.

"Seriously Jimin? Everytime we come?" He laughs at the blush his comment brings to his mates cheeks before he slings his backpack over his shoulder.

"We can check out some Manga volumes if you want, I don't mind, Chim." He says as he wraps an arms around the older's neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Jimin's too distracted by the offer to avoid the contact, he feels the panic spread through him when he sees Taehyung frowning and licking his lips.

"You need to brush your teeth too." Tae giggles. "Eww." He teases, pulling the omega to the graphic novels section of their library. Surprisingly, the university's selection of Manga and Comics is nothing short of extensive. Tae picks out a couple of books for himself as Jimin just stares, too confused and relieved to even care about getting the next volume of Tokyo Ghoul.

"Hurry up, Jiminie. I wanna get hooooome!" Tae whines as he fishes his student ID out of his wallet.

"R-right, sorry." Jimin leans over a shelf to grab a few volumes before following his mate to the counter to check them out.

"Hyung called while you were in the bathroom," Tae starts as they climb into their cluttered Mazda. "He said he went shopping again today with Ggukie and got stuff for us to make our own pizzas tonight!" He claps excitedly before backing out of their parking space. "I wanna hurry so that Yoongi doesn't take all the good meat toppings. Remember last time? You whined for days about how much bacon he used." The beta giggles. "Now you won't have to worry about it, 'cause I'mma get us home in time for you to have piles of it." Tae's smile is almost as blinding as Hobi's; magnificent and comforting in its own boxy way.

But at the moment, Tae's smile and promise of bacon piles has Jimin's stomach doing nothing but flopping with nausea.

They pull into their parking structure not ten minutes later, Jimin has Tae's speeding to thank for that. As they make their way up the elevator shaft, Jimin can feel his stomach dropping more and more. Jin bought pizza supplies. They all love pizza. Even though they all ate delivery last night, they're still passionate about the saucy saucers. They'd live off pizza if Jin let them. And Jimin could really go for some of the beta's homemade dough and sauce right now. He'd love to stuff his face with the spicy cheese and piles of bacon and pepperonis and sausages and peppers and-

His stomach growls loudly.

"Someone's excited." Tae teases, poking at the omega's belly playfully. And of course he's not implying that their omega is fat. He would never, Jimin is perfect the way he is. Not too small, not too big. And honestly, even if he did put on a few pounds, Tae knows it would go straight to his thighs and ass and by no means would any of them complain about that.

So of course the thought of Jimin being chubby didn't even cross his mind as he prodded the smaller's tummy. He simply found it cute how excited Jimin was to eat the bacon that Tae had rushed them home to get before Yoongi took it all. He was happy.

But Jimin, like he does with most things involving himself, takes this the completely wrong way. He bites back the urge to cry at the thought of Tae thinking he's fat. But he's right. Jimin is fat. Fat and ugly and he just wants to stop eating forever. He bites his lip as they walk out of the elevator and down the hall to their apartment. He swears to himself then and there that he's never going to eat again. Only the necessary proteins every ten days or so. No sugary sweets. No fatty carbs. Nothing. The wafting scent of baking pizzas hits him like a wall, his mouth already watering at just the sight of Jeongguk's fingers dirty from making his own pizza. But no, Jimin's not going to eat tonight. He'll whine about a tummy ache and Jin will make him some tea and hold him all night and he'll let Yoongi have all the bacon he wants because Jimin doesn't need anymore of that fat.

So instead of beelining for the kitchen like Tae as the beta races Jeongguk to the flour covered table, he shuffles over to their couch to drape himself over it, groaning, as if in pain, as he does so. Immediately, there's a hand on his back, rubbing soothing circles over his cramped spine. Tea really doesn't sound bad right about now.

"What's wrong, Jiminie? Don't you want some pizzas? There's still plenty of bacon left if you hurry." Namjoon's hands are warm, and his deep voice and sweet scent are just so comforting, Jimin can't help but feel all sleepy.

He yawns. "Don't feel good." He mumbles with a pout.

"Aw, Baby. And on pizza night too. C'mere." The pack alpha lifts his omega and sets him down gently in his lap, wrapping lanky arms around the pouty dancer. "Jin? Honey I need you." He calls.

The eldest beta walks in a moment later, flour in his hair and sauce on his apron. He's immediately frowning as he rushes over to Jimin. "Sweetheart what's wrong? Don't you want pizza? Yoongi's gonna eat all the bacon if you don't hurry-"

Why does everyone think he's such a pig for bacon? Are they that disgusted with him? To hell with bacon, he doesn't need it. Yoongi can fucking have it if he wants. Jimin is not a pig.

"He doesn't feel good." Namjoon says quietly. "Can you check his temperature? I think he might have caught what Taeyong's pack had. They've been studying together."

"Ohhh boy, here we go." Jin chuckles as he stands. "I'll be right back." He promises the omega with a kiss to the forehead before disappearing back into the kitchen to fetch their thermometer.

"We're all gonna catch it with how cuddly of a baby you are." Namjoon chuckles as Jimin buries his nose in his alpha's neck.

So now they think he's clingy too? Fat, ugly, and needy. Great. Jimin's the absolute worst omega in existence. He's sure of it.

"Say 'ah' Baby." Jin says after returning a moment later. He places the tip of the device under Jimin's tongue and waits patiently as the temperature slowly rises. The white tool beeps a moment later.

"Is it a fever?" Namjoon asks as he rubs the younger's head.

"It's a little high, thirty-seven point seven. Not technically a fever but he's probably getting there." Jin sighs. "My poor baby, do you want some tea?"

Jimin nods.

"Okay, I'll be right back." He rushes off again, leaving the thermometer behind for further usage throughout the night.

Hobi is the first one to exit the kitchen, clean aside from the bits of flour in his hair, they must've had a flour fight, Jimin deducts.

"Hey, Jiminie," He says softly. "Jin told us you're not feeling too good. You caught that stomach bug, huh?"

Jimin just shrugs, secretly happy there's an excuse for his 'lack of appetite'. Hobi's frown deepens as he reaches out to stroke the younger's cheek. "Guess that means you get to pick the movie tonight, huh? No saps, ya hear? I can't deal with another sniffling maknae pair."

They giggle when they hear an indignant cry coming from the kitchen. "I am not a sap!" Jeongguk shouts.

"And Jiminie can pick a gushy movie if he wants to, he's sick." Tae proclaims as he waltzes into their living room, face and clothes absolutely covered in flour. He's licking frustratingly at a spot of sauce above his lip.

"Of course he can, he's going to be spoiled rotten." Jin states as he walks back into the living room with a cup of steaming tea. "And if you dare sit on one of my couches covered in that mess I will personally remove all the toppings from your pizza."

The gasp Taehyung makes as he backs away from the couches is nothing short of over the top. But it's entertaining nonetheless, and has Jimin giggling quietly as the alien rushes off to change and wash up.

"Here you go, Jiminie." The eldest says as he hands the warm mug to their omega. "Don't drink it too fast, okay?" He rubs the younger's cheek softly as Jimin blows on the tea. "I'll be right back, and then you can pick what we watch, okay?"

Jimin nods cutely, snuggling his back into Namjoon's chest. Jin smiles and heads back into the kitchen, no doubt to finish the pizzas.

Yoongi and Jeongguk enter a moment later, flour marking them in random spots as they both rush to coo over Jimin.

"Aw hyung, I told you to stay away from Mark until they got it all the way out of their systems." Jeongguk says sadly as he lays a soft, fuzzy blanket over Jimin and Namjoon.

"We had to meet for the project, besides, he's in my class, I can't avoid him without skipping." Jimin pouts.

"You should've worn a gas mask." Jeongguk says, and he does so with such seriousness that it's hard not to laugh at him, but Jimin manages to just smile sweetly.

"Like in Overwatch?" He asks.

"Mmhm, just like that. You'd have been able to avoid the germs better that way." And again, it's hard to not burst out laughing at how serious Jeongguk looks. But Jimin doesn't want to hurt his feelings so he just nods.

"I don't have a gasmask, Ggukie." He says with as much seriousness as he can muster.

"Well we should get one for next time." Jeongguk concludes as he plops down beside his hyung and their omega.

"I'll remember that." Jimin nods, ignoring Yoongi and Hobi's snickers from the other couch.

Taehyung bounds in a moment later, wearing mismatched, but flour-free, clothing that definitely doesn't belong to him, and flops down in Jeongguk's lap, knowing full well the the space on Namjoon's other side is reserved for their eldest hyung. Who will no doubt be wanting to dote over Jimin for the rest of the night.

"Pizzas ready!" Jin calls from the kitchen, and soon he's wheeling out their serving cart, full of steaming pizzas and two liters of Pepsi and Sprite. "Yoongi, can you grab the paper dishes? They're on the counter by the sink."

The alpha stands, with some difficulty as Hobi is quite literally clinging to him for dear life, before returning a moment later with the requested supplies.

So Jimin sits in Namjoon's lap as they watch I Feel Pretty, much to Yoongi and Hobi's chagrin, he watches the others munch and munch with contentment. His own tummy growls from time to time, causing Namjoon and Seokjin to share worried looks and clutch him tighter. Ultimately, the smell of pizza is completely lost in the calming mix of their scents pooling together as each one of them pumps out pheromones in an attempt to comfort their omega. And in a way, it helps. Slightly calming Jimin's hunger and helping him feel sleepy and relaxed despite the guilt knotting in his empty belly.

He falls asleep soundly, half in Namjoon's lap, half in Jin's. They finish the movie and leave the mess for tomorrow morning as they all trudge to the giant bed that sits in the room originally belonging to Namjoon and Hoseok.

The pack crawls into their usual spots as Yoongi reaches over to turn off the light. Jin on the right edge of the bed, as he despises overheating in the middle of the bed whilst he sleeps. Namjoon sleeps beside him, clutching their omega close to his chest as Hoseok snuggles deeply into Jimin's side. Yoongi rests between Hobi and Taehyung, who is currently koala-wrapped around their maknae as the baby alpha snuggles comfortable into his spot on the left edge of the bed.

It had taken them a good week of shifting and kicking and arguing until they'd each found their preferred spots in the shared bed that had needed to be custom built for seven full grown men. But it eventually worked out nicely for them. Of course they all have their own separate beds, for times they want to sleep alone, because that happened sometimes, or days when they would be getting up early and don't want their alarm disturbing the others.

Bur most nights they sleep together in a big, cozy cuddle. Wrapped up in each other's limbs and soft blankets. Hoseok and Yoongi often switching places half-way through the night because the older alpha gets cold and seeks the heat of being in the middle of warm bodies and thick sheets.

For anyone else, it definitely wouldn't be comfortable or preferred. But for them, unconventional, unrealistic, and ultimately insane as it is, it works.

That is, until two weeks later, when Jimin wakes up with stomach pains so severe, the rest of them are abruptly pulled from sleep to rush their crying omega to the nearest ER.

Chapter Text

Yoongi sits grumpily in the uncomfortable red chair outside of Jimin's room. He's stable now, having been sedated and confirmed to not have any immediate injuries. So the omega had been transferred to a regular room as opposed to the ICU he'd been in only an hour ago.

Yoongi groans, dropping his face into his hands and rubbing frustratedly at his tired eyes. Willing himself to stay awake so that the others can take a break and sleep. It's almost four in the morning, and he and Hobi have to be at the theatre in three hours.

Namjoon and Jeongguk's whispers drift from inside the room to Yoongi's sensitive ears. The rest of their pack sits outside the room with Yoongi, drifting in and out of a restless sleep due to the fact that they can't be close to their omega. But unfortunately, their large pack greatly exceeds the limit of two people per room.

"Go sleep Gguk, I'll watch over him, don't worry." Namjoon says quietly. And Yoongi can hear the soft suction of a kiss. He licks his lips and pouts, he could really use a comforting kiss from his pack alpha right about now.

Yoongi barely catches their maknae's hushed reply. "I couldn't even if I wanted to hyung, I can't sleep when he's hurting."

Yoongi grunts, understanding the feeling entirely. As they've all observed over the past few months since Jeongguk's presentation, the baby alpha suffers from the same empathetic sensitivity that Yoongi does. Which basically means, whatever any of them are feeling, Yoongi and Jeongguk will feel it as well, almost as strong as the person themself is feeling the emotion. So if any of them are feeling even the slightest bit of discomfort, be it physical or emotional, both he and Yoongi will feel it through their bond. Hence the reason for the majority of Yoongi's insomnia; he rarely sleeps deeply, always slipping in and out of unrestful naps as his pack's worries and nightmares plague his mind.

And now poor Jeongguk is showing signs of the same hypersensitivity. Of course it's good to be able to tell how your pack really feels despite them trying to hide it. But it can really take a toll on a person to constantly suffer from not only their own struggles, but everyone else's as well. Hence the reason Yoongi is, more often than not, in a relatively cranky mood.

So he's not surprised when he hears Jeongguk admitting that he can't sleep, and hasn't slept, since that first night two weeks ago when Jimin had whined about his tummy ache. Yoongi growls lowly at the memory, they'd all thought it was the same stomach flu that had plagued their friends only a week before hand. When in reality, as the doctor had explained to them little over an hour ago, Jimin had been starving himself.

The shortest of the alpha's growls again, he'd been so close to slipping into a rage at the mere implication of Jimin having body issues. He's disgusted with himself for not having noticed that, especially now as he recalls catching Jimin staring at his stomach in the mirror, asking for smaller portions, and whining about needing to work out. How could he not have seen what their omega had been so worried about? How could he not have felt it?! It's his responsibility to look after his pack, even if his rank is lower than Namjoon and Hobi's (and seemingly even Jeongguk's), they're still his pack, and he still swore to look after them and care for them no matter what.

Yet here they are, waiting for their omega to wake from his drug-induced sleep so that he can explain to them why he thinks he's fat, and so that they can convince him to never do this again. How could Yoongi not have noticed?! He's always been so attentive, even before becoming so hypersensitive. He should've-

"You're not the only one at fault here, Gi."

The alpha looks up, the tired voice having pulled him from his frustrating thoughts. Jin smiles down sadly at him.

"I should've known though, I could've-"

"Stop." The beta cuts him off again. "We're all at fault here. Including Jimin. Stop beating yourself up over it, we don't even know for sure if that's why he starved himself. And besides, I need you to stop brooding because-" He pulls Yoongi up from his uncomfortable chair, with some difficulty due to the alpha's grumbly protests, and intertwines their fingers.

"-I'm hungry." He finishes, nosing at the alpha's scent gland, frowning at the smell of polluted forests.

Yoongi rolls his eyes. "Of course you are, come on." He says tiredly, tone teasing despite their sad mood.

Jin smiles, letting Yoongi pull him to the elevator. He yawns as he watches the alpha punch in the ground floor digits, Jin was unaware that the cafeteria is so far down.

"The ground floor has no rooms for patients. It's meant for guests checking in and break rooms for staff. In a way, because there are no sick people being wheeled from room to room down there, it's the cleanest floor." Yoongi explains tiredly, having sensed the older's confusion.

Jin just nods, feeling kind of dumb for wondering, but he knows Yoongi's not judging him for it, so he lets it go and focuses on what he wants to eat right now. It's not that often that any of them find themselves in the hospital, so he hasn't the slightest idea what the cafeteria has to offer, but it's probably just like any other cafeteria right? Is the cafeteria even open at four in the morning?

Jin silently struggles with decision making as he follows Yoongi through the long confusing corridors of the hospital. He's surprised by how busy it still is, and by the energetic attitude of the staff despite the ungodly hour. He could never work in a hospital.

"In here." Yoongi directs, pushing through two doors and leading Jin into a big area filled with tables, chairs, and strange but appealing smells. It's at this moment that Jin wonders how Yoongi even knows where the cafeteria is, but he forgets to ask when he spots slices of chocolate cake being set out behind the glass counter.

Yoongi chuckles when Jin bolts toward the counter and buys three heaping slices without hesitation, much to the amusement of the cafeteria staff and his alpha. He sits and watches Jin excitedly grabbing plastic forks and a few bottles of cold coffee. The beta rushes to his alpha a moment later with a big smile.

"Ready to head back?" Yoongi asks as he stands and takes the bottles, Jin won't let him hold the cake, however, and Yoongi's not surprised.

They make their way back to Jimin's room and Yoongi hands coffee to each of his mates, all of whom are now waiting in the hall.

"He'll be waking soon." Namjoon says after taking a sip of the coffee. At that information they all stand up, eager to see their omega and coddle him.

Namjoon would chuckle at their enthusiasm if he weren't so damn tired, and so stressed with their current situation. "Only two at a time." Namjoon patiently reminds them.

Taehyung and Jeongguk simultaneously groan. They both know when it comes to rank they're the lowest on their pack's spectrum. And while Jeongguk is starting to assert dominance over Yoongi as opposed to the other way around, much to the older alpha's chagrin, he knows that still won't be enough to get him into the room to see Jimin before Yoongi.

They all know Namjoon and Hobi will get to see Jimin first, followed by Yoongi and Jin, and then finally Taehyung and Jeongguk. With this knowledge, the youngest two begin to pout and whine.

Hobi chuckles at their pup-like attitudes, teasing them for being such impatient little babies. Yoongi's about to join in when a shrill cry quiets them all.

Jimin's cry.

Naturally, all of them rush to the doorway, only for Hoseok to growl and remind them of the occupancy rule. He and Namjoon then rush to the omega's side and try to quiet his screams. Like any omega, Jimin has a cry; each omega's cry is unique to them and distinguishable to their pack and their pack alone. The six of them have only heard Jimin use his cry twice, as it's only utilized when the omega feels they're in a life or death situation. Like right now, when Jimin's just waking from a drug induced sleep in a small room. Surrounded by unfamiliar scents and sounds, not to mention the pain he must still be in.

"Shh, Jiminie Baby we're here. Breath, I need you to breath. Calm down Sweetheart." Hobi comforts as he grips the younger's arm, desperately trying to get the omega to focus on him.

Namjoon leans over the screaming omega and bites down, roughly, on Jimin's mate mark. The sensation and rush of hormones stun the younger, and Jimin freezes, his mind unclouding as the unfamiliar scents of the strange room are replaced with the ever-comforting scent of his alpha. His senses calm down and his heart slows as he recalls the events of the past few hours. Immediately he goes rigid, knowing full well the trouble he's caused.

"Jimin." Namjoon growls after pulling away from the younger. The omega keens immediately, baring his neck with no resistance whatsoever. He knows he's in for a severe punishment after tonight.

"You have a lot of explaining to do." Hoseok says, eyes hard and voice cold. And Jimin wants nothing more than to shrivel into a ball and hide his shame, but he knows that if he breaks eye contact with Namjoon, he'll only make matters worse.

He holds his breath, ignoring the tears streaming down his cheeks as he watches Namjoon bite the inside of his cheek in thought; he knows the older is choosing his next words very carefully.

"You do have a lot of explaining to do, and I can assure you there will be consequences no matter your excuses-"

Jimin feels like vomiting at the mere mention of consequences.

"-but for now," Namjoon continues, "You're going to rest and we're going to do what we can to get you out of here asap."

Jimin's eyes just about pop out of his head at that, he was expecting a strict scolding, a list of punishments, and angry remarks from everyone. He definitely didn't expect Namjoon to tell him to rest while they tried to get him home so he can be comfortable.

"B-but-" He starts to protest, but Hoseok cuts him off.

"No 'buts' Jimin, we're more concerned with your well-being than punishing you." The alpha states as he runs his fingers through the omega's messy hair.

"I want you to forget about explaining yourself for the time being and focus on feeling better, understood?" Namjoon instructs with a strict tone. He then leans forward and brushes his nose against Jimin's in an attempt to calm the younger down, and says much more gently: "Just let us take care of you for a bit, okay? We've been worried sick, I'm pretty sure the only thing any of us want to do is hold you right now."

Jimin nods, his tears slowing; he wipes violently at his eyes and nose and inhales deeply to steady his breathing before he replies. "O-okay."

Namjoon smiles for the first time in hours and kisses the younger, Hoseok follows suit and soon they're both smothering the omega in kisses and gentle tickles.

"A-alpha!" Jimin whines between giggles.

"Okay, okay." Hobi chuckles as he lets up. He turns to Namjoon. "I don't want to leave anymore than you, but I can literally smell Yoongi swearing at us for taking so long."

Namjoon sighs and nods. "Jiminie," he says softly. The omega focuses his big, slightly teary, eyes on his alpha again. "We're gonna let the others come in and have a turn okay?"

Jimin nods, slightly confused as to why they weren't already in here, or why Namjoon feels the need to ask if it's alright that they come in. That is, until he realizes that Hobi and Namjoon are leaving and no, he most certainly is not okay with that.

"N-noo!" He whines in protest, reaching forward to grip weakly to Namjoon's arm.

The alpha frowns. "Baby, only two of us can be in here at a time, you need to let go, Chim." He leans forward and distracts the younger with a kiss while he pries his sleeve free of Jimin's tiny fingers.

"We'll leave soon and then you can cuddle with all of us, okay?" Namjoon offers as he slips out the doorway. Jimin doesn't have time to cry in protest, however, because the moment Hobi and Namjoon step out, Jin and Yoongi rush in so quickly Jimin barely has time to register who they are before they're all over him.

"Baby, Baby, Baby!" Jin cries as he clings to their omega, tears run down his cheeks as he tries to take in as much of the younger's scent as possible.

Jimin immediately bursts into tears at the sight of Jin crying, he knows Yoongi isn't in much better of a state at the feeling of warm, wet tears against his neck where the alpha clings to him.

"I-I'm okay." Jimin croaks. The sound of his voice, both dry from lack of use and wet from his tears, only causes the oldest two to sob harder.

But despite everything, Jin smiles. "I'm so glad you're okay, Jimin." He says as he kisses the younger's forehead. "I love you so much, I don't know what I would've done if I'd lost you." Jin sniffles, but manages to reign his tears in, for now at least.

"Don't you ever, ever, do that to me again, do you understand?" Yoongi asks, voice just as watery as his eyes.

But Jimin says nothing, because that's not a promise he can make, so instead he just clings to Yoongi's shirt and shoves his nose in the older's scent gland, greedily taking in as much of his forest scent as he can.

The alpha frowns, eyes locking with the beta sat across from him as they exchange worried glances but nothing more. It doesn't matter right now; they'll discuss it later. For the time being, all of their focus is on taking care of their omega.

So they sit in silence, pumping their scent into the air to comfort him as he drifts in and out of a sleepy happiness. That is, until Yoongi and Jin are suddenly standing and the fear of being abandoned tears him from his dream state.

Jimin begins to whine in protest, but soon the smell of a lavender forest is replaced with strawberries and perfume as Taehyung and Jeongguk rush into the room. And for the first time ever, Jimin feels more ashamed than relieved to be coddled. He's the hyung to these two and all he's shown them so far is that he's not mature enough to be their role model.

Guilt plagues his conscience as they dote over him. He gently but firmly pushes their arms away, frowning at their confusion.

"I'm sorry." He says, as steady as he can with all the crying he's done. "I'm so sorry. I haven't been a good omega, but more importantly, I've been a terrible hyung. It's my job to take care of you two and teach you how to live and act, and I've fucked it up so badly. I'm so sorry." He'd apologize more, but he can feel his resolve melting as his bottom lip trembles. And he doesn't want to turn into a blubbering mess into the two pups he's already disappointed so much. So he bites his lip and stares at his fingers, waiting for them to speak or just stand and leave.

"Hyung-" Jeongguk starts.

"How could you think you've fucked up as our hyung?!" Taehyung shouts, appalled at Jimin's self-hating mindset and infuriated that it's gotten to this point without any of them noticing.

"Jimin you messed up, but we've all messed up. And even though we try our hardest, we're still going to mess up in the future. But that does not make you a bad hyung."

Jimin stares, wide-eyed and speechless at Taehyung's stern tone and serious expression. He turns to Jeongguk and watches him nod solemnly in agreement.

"You messed up, Hyung. But that doesn't mean we won't forgive you, and that doesn't mean you can't make it right. We're gonna fix this, Jimin-ssi, all of us, but you have to stop beating yourself up first." The youngest says quietly as he runs his fingers through his omega's fluffy hair.

Jimin opens his mouth to reply, but he's cut off by Namjoon. "The doctor wants to come in and take a look at him. We have a few things to sign also, but he'll be discharged soon." He says as he sticks his head through the doorway.

Taehyung and Jeongguk sigh before they take turns kissing their omega goodbye. Namjoon and the doctor walk in as the two youngest leave.

After checking the machines Jimin is hooked up to, and looking over the clipboard in his hand, the doctor nods and mumbles a few things to himself before turning to Namjoon and Jimin.

"It's nothing terribly serious. He hasn't been eating properly for the past few months, that's evident from the stomach ulcers-"

Namjoon can hear Jimin gulp at the doctors words.

"-But had he continued on this path, I can assure you it would've become life-threatening. Starving yourself does not, in fact, help you to lose weight. At first you may notice a change but before long your body will become larger for many other reasons, ultimately leading to obesity. However, the dangerous part is that your body reacts to being starved similarly to the way it reacts to you being overweight. One by one, your organs will shut down as your body runs out of energy, until ultimately, your heart stops."

Silence fills the room as the doctor's words hit both Namjoon and Jimin. The alpha can feel himself growling before he can stop, but he nods and the doctor continues.

"Even after stopping these habits, it can take up to two years for your body to heal properly, and in the span of those two years, even if you're eating properly, your organs may still shut down. But that depends entirely on how severely you starved yourself before seeking treatment."

Jimin gasps. He'd had no idea it could be that serious…

"Is there anything we can do?" Namjoon asks.

"Make sure he eats properly, have him snack in between meals and make sure he gets a healthy amount of fat and protein. If he pursues a healthy lifestyle, he shouldn't really have any problems. And the stomach ulcers are not serious, they'll take care of themselves after a few months. Until then I would suggest an over-the-counter pain killer when they bother him. And-"

He's cut off by a blinking pager in his pocket, he raises the device to his eyes and frowns before shutting it off. "If you have anymore questions feel free to call. The nurse will be here shortly to schedule a follow-up. Have a nice day."

"You too, thank you." Namjoon says as the man leaves hurriedly. He turns to his omega, frowning at all the information running through his head right now. A few months?! Jimin had been starving himself for months and none of them had noticed?!

Jimin whimpers under the gaze of his alpha and visibly shrinks into the sheets, attempting to hide himself and his shame as Namjoon paces the room.

It's going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

Jimin groans. He rolls over onto his back as he waits for the medicine he just took to kick in. It’s been three weeks and he doesn’t think his poor tummy can take much more of this pain. But in a way, he knows he deserves it, so he’s done his best not to make a big deal of the pain and focus on fixing the broken trust between him and his mates.

He stares out the window of his room and watches the bustling city three stories beneath him. He recalls the events that took place the day they returned from the hospital.

“Are we going to punish him?” Hobi asks as the three oldest alphas sit at the foot of Jimin’s bed. In the coming month, Jeongguk’s rank would raise enough to join them, but he’s still underage, which means no dominance over Yoongi, no sex, and no taking part in alpha meetings. So for now he stands outside the room with the rest of his pack as they wait impatiently for the alphas to finishing talking things over with Jimin. Who, at the moment, is sitting at the head of his bed with a look of anxious worry etched into his soft features.

“It’s difficult.” Namjoon begins. “Normally, we punish them by confining them to the apartment for an allotted time. And when they’ve disobeyed the rules of how they are to interact with wolves outside of our pack, they’re not allowed to go out or receive special attention for a day or two.”

“But Jimin,” Yoongi adds. “Has school, and it would hurt his grades to keep him home for a week. And he’s done nothing to deserve a cold shoulder from us all-”

“So what are we going to do?” Hobi asks seriously.

“We’re not going to let him eat smaller portions anymore. But with the stomach ulcers, the nurse suggested easy things on his stomach, like soups and rice. So Jin will have to make something extra for him. And we’re going to make sure he eats everything.” Namjoon explains.

“What about the days he doesn’t have school?” Yoongi asks.

Namjoon nods. “Jimin,” the omega’s gaze shoots up from where he’s been staring at his feet. “Jimin, you are to go straight to school with Tae, and then come straight home. No parties, no going out with the others, nothing. You may study with your project partners on the weekends but that is it. Nothing else for at least two weeks.”

The omega nods slowly, soberly taking in every word. Namjoon’s tone isn’t cold, but it’s stern, frustrated even. And Jimin hates the fact that he’s the reason for all of this. Stupid omega, why can’t he just do things right?

“And you are never allowed to starve yourself again, do you understand?” Hobi asks.

The omega nods. He watches the three exchange worried looks before Namjoon sighs.

“Jimin, under no circumstances are you ever to starve yourself. Not Ever. ” Namjoon repeats, his words are loud and firm. Unquestionable, Jimin couldn’t defy them if he tried, because Namjoon has just alpha ordered the omega. He will never be able to starve himself again, so long as he remains a part of their pack. Which hopefully, he always will.

The omega groans again, rolling over to face the door to his room. He hates the fact that Namjoon had alpha ordered him. He can’t stand it. He knows he deserved it, but that doesn’t make him feel any less annoyed with the fact.

Alpha orders are saved for serious situations in which an alpha’s omega or beta (or fellow alpha in serious cases) are being foolish and unreasonable. The orders carry a lot of weight, they’re not to be taken or given lightly. But an omega or beta that has been alpha ordered will lose significant reputation points, and if word gets out, the society surrounding them will begin to look down upon them. Jimin has always thought of himself as an obedient and well mannered omega, he’s a good boy. But the fact that his alphas felt he needed to be ordered, proves otherwise.

He feels childish. And it’s infuriating.

The door to his room opens and the soft sound of socked feet padding into the bedroom pulls him from his thoughts. He silently watches Jeongguk tip toe across his room and into his bed.

“I thought you were going to come out and have breakfast with me.” The baby alpha pouts as he wraps his arms around Jimin.

“I didn’t want to get up, Jin Hyung brought me some soup. Didn’t you eat with the others?” The omega asks as he snuggles into his alpha’s chest.

“Yoongi had a doctor’s appointment, so he and Hobi left earlier than usual this morning.”

Jimin frowns, “but you still ate with Taehyung, right?”

“No, he forgot he had scheduled a session with his government professor, he had to leave. So it’s just us, and I had to eat breakfast alone.” Jeongguk whines a bit as he speaks.

Jimin smiles fondly at the younger’s pouting, such a needy alpha and he’s not even of age. “Just us, huh? Too bad you’re not nineteen.” He hums.

Hyung !” The teen shouts, making the older giggle evilly.

“Sorry, sorry. You’re just so fun to tease.” He says as he sits up. “I’m sorry, Baby, I didn’t realize you were eating alone.” He says this a bit more seriously.

“It’s okay, Hyung. Are you hungry?” Jeongguk asks, and of course the topic of Jimin starving himself because of insecurities is still very uncomfortable for all of them. But they’re all trying to get passed it, so Jimin ignores the guilt knotting in his belly and nods.

“A little.”

Jeongguk smiles wide with his bunny teeth. “I made pancakes.”

Jimin’s eyes immediately widen tenfold. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” He smacks Jeongguk’s arm before jumping out of bed and racing toward the kitchen. The sound of Jeongguk’s laughter following close behind.

“If I have to hear that song one more time, I’m going to smash the speakers with a bat.” Yoongi grumbles as he and Hobi climb into his car.

“You think you’re sick of that song?! I’ve been practicing to it for the past month . And there’s still another fucking week of practice until the actual performance.” Hoseok whines as he slumps against the back of his seat.

Yoongi scoffs. “Maybe you shouldn’t have picked such a terrible song.”

The younger growls and shoots him a warning glare before turning on the car radio and attempting to ignore his annoying hyung. Yoongi only rolls his eyes and chuckles as he drives them home.

“One more week.” Hoseok suddenly says as they’re nearing their apartment complex.

Yoongi smiles. “One more week.” He repeats. One more week until Jeongguk turns nineteen. One more week until he fully matures (physically at least). One more week until, well, they can finally fuck him. It sounds so wrong, like they’ve been lusting after an underage child. But they’ve really just loved Jeongguk for so long, and being in a relationship like theirs, six horny adult men suddenly meeting their last mate when he’s only seventeen was definitely difficult.

None of them had sexual feelings for him when they first met Jeongguk of course, but they definitely had to change their day to day lifestyle around a bit when he moved in. They couldn’t very well be having sex around the house when a seventeen year old was living with them.

However, within the past few months, they’ve all been noticing the younger maturing into an adult alpha, and they’d be lying if they said they weren’t anticipating when they’d finally be able to be as intimate with him as they were with each other.

And now, after two long years, they were only a week away from being able to take all his firsts. And that fact alone excited them more than anything.

“It’ll be nice, he’ll be fully bonded with us after Namjoon knots him.” Hobi says as he watches their parking garage come into view.

Yoongi nods. “I think it will finally take some of his stress away as well, you know how anxious he gets when Jimin goes into heat. All he wants to do is hold him, but if he did that during Jimin’s heat-”

“Jimin would pounce on him so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him.” Hobi chuckles. Jimin’s is definitely the most sex crazy of them all, although the competition is pretty stiff.

Yoongi smiles. “It’s going to be easier, him being an adult. Harder in some ways I guess, but with those extra classes he took, he’ll be graduating soon. Which means we can finally leave all this highschool drama behind us once and for all. Aish, I fucking feel like I had to go to highschool eight times with how much you all whined.”


Yoongi glares at the windshield. “You have no idea how much of a bitch Jin was.”

“-Thank you, Nani.” Namjoon bows to his secretary before leaving. Most days he enjoys working, but ever since the ordeal with Jimin, his one and only thought has been being by the omega’s side. The moment he arrives at his office is the moment he’s ready to leave. But he has a duty, a responsibility to take care of his pack. And, among other things, that means working to make ends meet. So he doesn’t have much of a choice. Especially with the company merge his father and Jin’s father are orchestrating, he has a lot of work to do regarding that plan. And shortly after, he and Jin will be receiving the joined company as their fathers step down. Which is honestly great, working alongside their mate is the best thing an alpha could ask for. But it still means a shit ton of work, which is currently the last thing Namjoon wants to think about at the moment.

He bounces on his heels impatiently as the elevator makes its slow descent. He just wants to leave, pick up Jin, and go home to his mates. That’s all he’s asking for, is that so bad? Why won’t this damn machine move faster?!

He curses under his breath as he practically sprints to his car. Yeah, he could hire a driver, -because, ya know, efficiency- but he’s an impatient alpha, big surprise there, and he likes to speed, far too much in Jin’s opinion. So while most people of his stature would pay someone else to shuttle them around, Namjoon prefers to do so himself.

“You’re late.” Jin teases, not fifteen minutes later, as he climbs into the passenger’s seat.

“I didn’t ask to get stuck in traffic.” The alpha mutters. Dammit, he just wants to get home . Did Jeongguk make sure Jimin ate enough? Fuck, did Taehyung remember that appointment with his professor? Maybe they should pick up dinner? It’s late but the others probably haven’t even thought about-

“Aish, stooop ! You’re stinking up the car!” Jin whines as he rolls down his window to release Namjoon’s anxious scent. “They’re adults, Joonie, they’re capable of taking care of themselves. Why have you been so stressed lately?”

Namjoon frowns. “I-I’m no- haven’t been-”

Jin raises an eyebrow, and that’s all it takes.

“Okay! Geez! It’s just- everything with Minnie, and Jeongguk’s turning nineteen in a week, and Hobi and Yoongi have the worst bags under their eyes and I’m damn near positive that Taehyung was late to his appointment, if he remembered at all - and this all had to happen at the same time as Dad’s project and I’m just-”

“Namjoon!” Jin screams as the alpha runs a red light. Namjoon curses and swerves to the left, missing a Toyota by a hair . The sounds of tires screeching and brakes screaming erupt from all around them.

“Pull over. Now. ” The beta seethes.

“An accident?! ” Yoongi shouts.

The heads of all his dongsaengs raise at his words and their volume. Anxiety and panic run cold through their bond, and even though Jeongguk can’t feel the bond (since he’s not mated yet), his growing sensitivity picks up on it.

“Damn right he’s taking the fucking week off.” Yoongi groans as he pinches the bridge of his nose. “No, no we don’t need it, Jeongguk and Jimin were out earlier. They picked up some food just- just come home. And please, for the love of god , drive responsibly.” Yoongi sighs as his hand drops away from his ear. He sets his phone on the counter before looking up at his mates. They’re all staring wide-eyed and terrified.

“Namjoon ran a red light, he almost got t-boned but missed it and swerved into a lampost while he was trying to pull over, but-”

“ARE THEY OKAY ?!” Taehyung shouts, dramatic as ever, as he stands from where he was curled around Hobi.

“They’re fine .” Yoongi says through his teeth. He catches a glare from Hoseok and takes a deep breath before speaking again. “They’re fine, if you’d let me finish , I would’ve explained that the car is totaled but they weren’t hurt. And conveniently, they crashed in front of Exby’s so they were able to rent a car. But this time Jin is driving them home. They should be back in thirty minutes or so.”

“Why would Namjoon run a red light? He’s such a good driver.” Jimin wonders aloud, no longer as concerned as he was only moments ago.

“He speeds like a maniac .” Jeongguk argues.

“Yeah but he’s always safe about it.”

“He’s a cautious driver.” Taehyung notes.

“No, you can’t be a cautious driver if you speed.” The youngest points out.

Jimin frowns. “Yeah you can.”

“No because if you’re a cautious driver-” Jeongguk starts.

“Come on.” Hobi whispers to Yoongi as he drags the older alpha to his room. He really doesn’t think either of them need to hear another maknae conversation at the moment. “You stink, are you okay?” He asks as he shuts the door behind them.

Yoongi shakes his head before collapsing in the younger’s bed. Sure, Hobi doesn’t sleep in here often, but he does a lot of work in his room. And the whole place reeks of the alpha’s calming lemongrass scent. It has Yoongi’s stresses swimming out of his mind. The younger alpha curls up beside him and nuzzles his nose into Yoongi’s neck. And yeah, this is just what Yoongi needed. It’s nice, quiet and comfy. And before he knows it, Yoongi’s fast asleep in Hobi’s arms.

“No -Jin, honey I- no. Just- no.” Namjoon shakes his head as he watches his mate drive.

“Namjoon, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. We’re taking the week off. It’s a completely understandable and acceptable reason. Jeongguk matures in a week, which means he’s going to have his first rut and we all need to be with him. Jimin is finally eating and looking healthy again but I can feel how much those ulcers are still bothering him and nothing will help him heal faster than all of us being with him. And on top of that,Yoongi and Hobi really need a break. Yoongi fucking owns the theatre, he and Hoseok are more than able to take the week off and get some rest. And since Jeongguk is maturing soon, the school gave him the next two weeks off in case he starts early or late. It’s perfect, Joon, our parents won’t mind us taking a break from their project for a week. In fact, I’m sure they’ll encourage it. Honestly, Babe, I’m not gonna let you argue this one. You need a stress free week. We all do. We all need to focus on each other right now.”

The alpha frowns. He knows Jin is right, he just hates that it took a car accident and Jeongguk’s maturation for him to realize that maybe he does worry too much and maybe he is turning into a workaholic just like his other alphas.

“I’m sorry, Jin. You’re right. We need this, I’ll take the week off.” He smiles at his beta, it’s a little sad but it’s genuine.

Jin smiles back. “Thank you, Joonie.”

“You wanna tell me what’s got you in such a mood?” Hobi asks when he sees Yoongi stir. The alpha didn’t sleep for very long, no more than fifteen minutes actually, no surprise there.

“Nothing, just- just stressed. Work, Jeongguk coming of age, Jimin’s anorexia, and now Joon’s car is totalled and he nearly killed them, twice . And-” He stops himself, realizing he almost just told Hoseok his secret. The older internally curses the way Hobi’s words and scent always calm him so well -always getting him to let his guard down. Honestly, the younger would’ve made a great beta.

“And what?” The Hoseok asks as he strokes Yoongi’s arm comfortingly. He frowns when the alpha does nothing more than tighten his lips further. He can both sense and smell the change in the older’s attitude immediately. Yoongi went from stressed to terrified in 0.2 seconds. Something is most definitely wrong.

“What aren’t you telling me?” The younger asks as he sits up. His own scent starting to rot as Yoongi’s panic transfers through their bond.

“Nothing, there’s nothing to tell.” Yoongi says casually. “It’s fine, I’m just tired and stressed and I just need some tea and a good na-”

Hoseok growls. “ Yoongi .” And dammit all, why did Yoongi’s rank have to be the lowest of all the alphas. Even fucking Jeongguk will be dominant over him in a week.

What ?!” The oldest spits. And he immediately regrets it because before he’s even finished speaking, Hoseok has him pinned to the bed with his canines deep in the older’s neck. And despite his pride, Yoongi whimpers. Baring his neck as much as he can and submitting because he knows what happens when you defy an angry Hoseok and he doesn’t want to die today thank you very much.

The alpha growls again before lifting his teeth off the older and looking him in the eye. “Tell me.” He says again, voice stern and cold. And maybe Yoongi should just tell him, but it’s hard because he’s been keeping this secret so well that-

Tell me!! ” The younger roars, and oh -that’s- did he just? Yeah… Hoseok just alpha ordered him.

Tears prickle at the corners of Yoongi’s eyes as he attempts to deny his instincts, but to no avail. His mouth falls open and two very quiet words fall from his lips almost silently.

“I’m… pregnant.”

Chapter Text

Hobi blinks. And then blinks again. "You're wh-what?!"

"I'm pregnant, okay?!" The older alpha shouts, raising his hands to cover his face.

"You're what?!" Namjoon shouts from the doorway. Shit, when did he get back?

"What's going on?" Jin asks, an entourage of concerned maknaes following close behind.

"Yoongi's pregnant." Hobi says, albeit incredulously.

"WHAT?!" They youngest all shout in unison.

"Stooooop!" Yoongi groans into his hands. He just wants the earth to open up and swallow him.

"How? I thought you were on birth control!" Namjoon groans.

"I am -I was." Yoongi cries.

"Clearly." Jin scoffs.

"I don't know what happened! I didn't plan on it!" Yoongi shouts.

"Well I sure, as-fucking-hell, hope not, because I like to think this is something you would've told me about." Namjoon says.

"How long have you known?" Hoseok asks.

The alpha doesn't answer.

"Yoongi!" Hobi shouts.

He winces. "Not long."

"How long?" Namjoon growls.

"A month." Yoongi says quietly.

"A month?!" Hoseok bellows.

Seokjin turns, grouping the maknaes and pushing them down the hall as Namjoon walks into the room and shuts the door roughly behind him. From the living room, the four submissives can hear their alphas shouting and growling at each other.

Jimin begins to whine and cry, neither Taehyung's nor Seokjin's scent can calm him. And Jeongguk begins to gnaw at his nails as he watches his baby omega suffer, knowing he can neither comfort him properly, nor go into Hoseok's room to help deal with the issue at hand like a real alpha.

It's driving him crazy, all of this, he's not good enough to do anything. He curls in on himself in the corner of the couch, watching through his tears as his betas do their best to comfort each other and Jimin. He wishes now more than ever that he could just mature already.

Three hours. Three fucking hours. That's how long it takes for the screaming to die down, and for their three alphas to finally emerge from Hoseok's room. Yoongi's face is red and puffy, it's very clear that he's been crying. As if that wasn't obvious from the sobs they'd heard coming from the bedroom.

Jimin and Jeongguk have fallen asleep, the two of them often tend to sleep, albeit restlessly, when things like this happen. They're currently curled in the most painful looking positions on the couch while Seokjin and Taehyung are sipping tea in the kitchen. The sound of their chairs scraping as they stand in surprise at the sight of their alphas echoes throughout the silent apartment.

"Shh, sit down, it's fine. Everything's fine." Namjoon says softly, not wanting to wake their sleeping babies. The betas do as they're told while the three alphas take their own seats.

"So?" Taehyung asks. There's a moment of silence before Namjoon sighs.

"So Yoongi's about three months pregnant, he's been consistently on birth control for the past year now, we know because we take him to get his shot every month. I don't understand how, but he has managed to get pregnant. However, he didn't get his shot last month when he found out about the baby. The doctors promised not to say anything to us because they wanted Yoongi to tell us on his own." Namjoon answers.

"Is it okay?" Taehyung asks.

"They are." Yoongi answers, his voice is sad and quiet.


"Yes, they, Yoongi is pregnant with twins." Hoseok clarifies.

"So what's the plan?" Jin asks as he stands and places himself in Yoongi's lap, wrapping the alpha's arms around himself as he rests his back against the older's chest, humming in satisfaction when Yoongi takes a few deep gulps of the beta's calming scent.

"Well, we're not going to abort them, if that's what you're asking. We're just going to see how this plays out. I mean, there's not much else we can do. Yoongi has another check up in six weeks, that's when we'll learn the pups' genders. Until then, well, we'll just live like we normally do." Namjoon explains.

"He's going to start getting bigger soon. He won't get huge though, even though he's having twins, because of his work out regimine and his alpha biology." Hoseok adds.

"What about the other stuff? Like cravings and vomit." Taehyung asks.

At this, Namjoon chuckles. "Everyone is different, Tae. He might get weird cravings and he might not. Same with morning sickness and mood swings. All of it is different for each person."


The five of them turn towards the doorway where Jimin is standing, rubbing tiredly at his eyes with a tiny fist.

"Come here, Minnie." Namjoon opens his arms. The omega waddles into his alpha's lap, snuggling up against his chest and nosing at his neck.

"Someone's sleepy." Hoseok teases.

"Is Yoongi okay?" Jimin asks around a yawn.

"Yes Baby, he's okay." Namjoon says gently. The omega nods before closing his eyes and drifting back to sleep in his alpha's arms.

Hoseok sighs. "So Namjoon explained that we're taking this week off?" The alpha asks, turning to face Jin and Yoongi.

The beta nods. "Jeongguk is maturing soon, and I don't want Namjoon crashing anymore cars, he needs a break."

"We all do." Taehyung frowns. He won't be getting the week off like everyone else, not until Jeongguk actually starts his rut. That's the only time his professors will grant him leave and exempt him from due dates until he's able to come back. He and Jimin will still have to get up tomorrow morning and go to class.

Silence settles over them. It's not necessarily uncomfortable, but it certainly isn't peaceful. Hoseok is the first to stand. "I need to call the team and let them know that I won't be able to perform this week." He says before he heads off down the hall, to his room no doubt.

Jin sighs. "I'll let Dad know about this week." He stands, making sure to give each of them a kiss before pulling out his phone and heading to his room.

Taehyung glances up from his tea to Yoongi. His alpha meets his gaze instantly, it's a little comforting to the young beta, that, despite all of this, Yoongi still looks like Yoongi. He's still the same, tired looking, grumpy alpha that can always tell when one of his mates wants his attention. He nods at Taehyung; the beta stands and drags his alpha to their room to cuddle. Because he needs to study, but he also needs to cheer his alpha up. He can do both, he's a decent multitasker.

Namjoon sighs. It's been quite a day. He's about to stand and carry Jimin to bed when he hears a small whimper. He looks up to see a teary eyed Jeongguk standing awkwardly in the doorway.

"Is Hyung okay?" The baby alpha asks. His bottom lip trembles dangerously, but he's not crying yet.

"He's perfectly fine, Gguk. The pups are okay too." Namjoon replies.

"There's more than one?" The younger squeaks.

Namjoon nods. "Come on," He stands, cradelling the omega in his arms. "Let's go watch something fun, it's too early to sleep." He leads Jeongguk back to their living room and lets the younger curl up next to him on their couch.

"Any movie, in particular, you want to watch?" Namjoon asks.

"I don't know, just something funny." Jeongguk says quietly as he wipes at his eyes.

Namjoon nods, renting a random comedy as he watches his baby alpha. He knows Jeongguk is crying for many reasons, most of which aren't even his, but are the worries of his mates that he's feeling through his hypersensitivity. Nonetheless, he's also crying for his own reasons, Namjoon can guess it has a lot to do with him finally maturing, and the fact that he'll have graduated highschool once and for all by the end of the month. He knows the pressures of choosing a career and getting into a university, preferably the one Jimin and Taehyung attend, are killing Jeongguk. He just wishes he could take some of the younger's stress and anxiety away from him, but he knows he can't, at least, not until the boy matures and they're fully bonded. But even then, Namjoon has a hunch that Jeongguk will still struggle with his feelings of inadequacy.

Jimin rolls over, then rolls back. He tries snuggling into Namjoon's chest, and then into Hoseok's. He even crawls over his sleeping mates and wiggles between Jeongguk and Taehyung. But nothing works. He can't sleep. He doesn't know why. He just can't. And it's frustrating because he has three exams tomorrow. Three! He just wants a little bit of shut eye. Is that too much to ask for?!

He whines, subconsciously of course, but he stiffens the moment he does because he didn't mean to be loud and he doesn't want to wake everyone up. But it's too late now, he can hear Yoongi stir.

"Minnie?" The alpha whispers, voice only slightly hoarse from disuse.

The omega says nothing as he lies against Taehyung's side. He can hear the sheets rustling before he feels a big, cold hand ruffling through his hair.

"Baby, what's wrong?" The alpha asks. He knows Jimin's awake, he can feel the younger's discomfort.

Jimin bites his lip, turning his head slightly and looks up at his alpha's face. It's dark, but Jimin can still see the outlines of Yoongi's features pulled into a concerned frown.

"Can't sleep." He whispers. Feeling guilty for having woken up his alpha, his pregnant alpha, even worse. Stupid Jimin.

"C'mere." Yoongi whispers. And Jimin crawls over Taehyung and into Yoongi's arms. "What's wrong?" The alpha asks quietly as he holds Jimin's body close to himself.

"I can't relax." The omega mumbles into Yoongi's neck, the alpha's scent is a little polluted, but otherwise crisp and comforting.

"Are you worried about your exams tomorrow?"

Jimin doesn't even recall telling anyone about those, that's Yoongi for you. Always remembering and worrying about his mates' problems for them. "Yeah, but I'm also worried about you." Jimin whispers.

Yoongi grunts. "There's nothing to worry about, Jimin. I'm perfectly healthy." He assures.

Jimin whines. "I know, but -I just- I can't help it. I'm worried about you being safe while the pups drain you. And I'm worried about how it will affect your work, I know you love it, a little too much honestly, but still. And what about when you have them? What if something happens to them and you miscarry? I'm just scared."

"Ah, Minnie." Yoongi sighs, rubbing the omega's back slowly. "It's not your job to worry, that's our job."

"But then what am I supposed to do? Just sit and watch you guys worry?"

Yoongi frowns. The omega has a point. And yeah, he is an omega, but that doesn't make him any less of an adult, or any less important to their pack. "Well, for starters, when you see us starting to get too overwhelmed or angry, you could help calm us down."

"But I'm not a beta." Jimin pouts.

"You don't have to be. You're always good at cheering me up. You're a special omega, you're like an omega and a beta all in one. A super omega."

Jimin giggles quietly. "I really make you happy?"

"You always make me happy. No matter what's happening, seeing you always makes things easier to handle. You make us all happy. You're like a little angel. Always so caring and willing to help in whatever way you can to keep us going."

Jimin smiles. He helps? He really does? They don't just think of him as some needy, sex-craving burden? They genuinely feel better when he's around? The omega's so happy he wants to jump and cartwheel around.

Instead, he settles for giggling and clinging closer to his alpha, peppering the older's neck with soft, happy kisses. "I'll do my best to cheer you up, Hyung. I promise." He whispers.

"I know you will." Yoongi smiles, holding Jimin close as he feels the younger's worry dissipate. Soon, the omega is sleeping soundly, snuggled up against Yoongi, his nose tucked closely to the alpha's scent gland, providing him with a comforting scent that qualms his nightmares and keeps his dreams peaceful.

Yoongi closes his eyes, sighing tiredly. "I know you will." He says again.

Hoseok leans against the shower wall. Water runs down his neck and back as he stares at the grout between the chic tiles of their modern bathroom. He'll never understand the point of making bathrooms so pretty and artsy. They're bathrooms. People shit and shower in them, why do they have to be so fancy? It's stupid.

He groans, resting his forehead against the cool tiles, a welcoming contrast to the steaming water that trails down his body. Okay, he doesn't really hate their bathroom, he finds it quite pleasant to look at, actually. He's just in a pissy mood. He's been in a pissy mood. Since last night when Yoongi admitted to hiding the fact that he's pregnant from his alphas. And not just for a few days, not even a few weeks. And entire month. He lied for an entire month.

The alpha growls at the provoking thought, he wants to rip something, or someone (he has no preference), apart. He knows he can't act like this, he's an adult, he shouldn't be slipping into a rage so easily. But he's just so angry.

"Dammit!" He smacks the wet tiles, the sound echoes throughout the almost silent bathroom. He groans again, he needs to get a hold over his temper, before he does something he regrets. The door to the bathroom quietly opens and closes. Hoseok doesn't even hear it over his own screaming thoughts.

The intruder strips before opening the glass door to the shower and stepping in behind the alpha. Hoseok freezes when he feels arms wrap around his waist.

"Relax." Jin says quietly as he rests his chin on the alpha's shoulder. "It's just me."

"What's wrong?" Hoseok asks.

"Does something have to be wrong for me to spend time with one of my alphas?"

Hoseok turns around in Jin's arms and raises a skeptical eyebrow.

Jin frowns. "Fine. You're stinking up the house with your dumb, angry mood. And I'm sick of smelling rotten lemongrass. So I came to calm you down." The beta admits.

Now Hoseok frowns. "I'm not angry."

Seokjin rolls his eyes. "Right, because Yoongi's gonna get pregnant and lie about it for a month after Jimin nearly killed himself and you're not going to get upset over it."

"I could do without your sass."

"I could do without your grumpy ass stinking up my apartment." Seokjin counters.

The alpha sighs. "I'm sorry."

"I know."

"I'm just so frustrated."

"I know"

"I'm trying so hard to keep my cool, but everytime I think about it I just want to tear something apart."

"I know."

"I just- I just- I-I don't know what to do anymore..."

The beta wraps his arms tightly around his alpha, pulling him close as he fills the bathroom with his calming lavender scent. "I know."

Yoongi looks at himself in the mirror. He doesn't look pregnant, does he? He really doesn't want to. It's bad enough that he's having pups, he doesn't want to get ugly from it too. He pinches his pale stomach, is that a baby bump or is he just bloated? Does this mean he can't wear tight clothes anymore? He supposes he can settle for his alphas' baggy shirts and sweats for now. He drops his shirt and frowns at his reflection. He looks so tired and angry. Why does he always look so miserable?

"You're glowing."

He turns around, Namjoon's standing in the doorway. A shiver runs down Yoongi's spine from the way the alpha is eyeing him.

"No I'm not." Yoongi scoffs. He knows he doesn't look good. His hair is a fucking rat's nest, he's got bags the size of golf balls under his eyes, and his face is starting to wrinkle from how often he's been frowning; none of him, none of him looks good.

Namjoon sighs, he walks into the older's room and wraps his arms around the smaller man's middle. "You look beautiful." He says as he slowly kisses up the alpha's neck.

Yoongi watches their reflection in his mirror as Namjoon rubs his nose against his scent gland before licking it. He feels his legs shaking as he watches. It feels so good, and Namjoon looks so hot.

"Nngh," Yoongi whines, tugging on Namjoon's sleeve.

The alpha stops. "What's wrong?"

Yoongi blushes. "It feels good." He says quietly.

Namjoon frowns. He knows that's Yoongi's way of saying he wants more. And due to their busy schedule, he also know Yoongi hasn't been properly bedded in almost two months. And while he should really be punishing Yoongi for lying to him, he can't help but feel guilty for the lack of attention the older has received. He knows that has a lot to do with why Yoongi hid his pregnancy from them for so long, he tends to become distant when he feels unloved. Which, Namjoon knows, is exactly how they've all been feeling lately.

"Okay." Namjoon says, he smiles when Yoongi's eyes widen, he knows the older hadn't been expecting him to agree to his request. He lifts the alpha and carries him to his bed. Laying him down gently before crawling over him and kissing him softly. He knows Yoongi is in a slightly fragile state at the moment, and he knows the older would prefer Namjoon make love to him rather than simply 'fuck' him. Again, Namjoon feels guilty for having neglected his sub's needs for so long.

"Namjoon." Yoongi whines against his lips, he wiggles beneath the alpha. His pants are becoming embarrassingly tight and Namjoon hasn't even done anything to him yet.

"What do you want?" The alpha asks gently, nipping playfully at the blonde's ears.

"M-my pants," damn Namjoon, always making it difficult to focus on anything with his heady scent and deep voice. "H-hurts." Yoongi whines again.

Namjoon smiles. "Okay, okay." He goes back to kissing the older, meanwhile, his hands creep down his hyung's body. He grabs the hem of Yoongi's pants and briefs and begins to pull them down. Yoongi moans quietly at the feeling of his dick finally being free, the cold air adds a pinprick of pleasure to his sensitive member.

"So pretty." Namjoon says as he lifts the older's shirt off his head. Yoongi blushes.

The younger goes back to kissing his hyung, he licks Yoongi's soft lips, and without hesitation the blonde grants him access. He moans softly at the feeling of Namjoon's tongue inside his mouth, he begins to suck on it eagerly, enjoying the groan it pulls from the younger's throat.

Namjoon's hands trail up and down the older's pale skin. He can feel Yoongi shivering under him, the thought of his hyung being so small and eager for him has Namjoon grinding down against the older. And the feeling of Namjoon's jeans against his bare dick has Yoongi moaning.

"Nam-Namjoon." Yoongi whines.

The alpha chuckles. "Okay, okay." He kisses Yoongi's neck gently before sitting back to remove his own clothes. The moment he does, Yoongi's cold hands are all over him, the older absolutely loves how handsome his alpha is. And Namjoon's pride swells as he watches Yoongi ogle over him, he leans forward and nips gently at the older's collar bones.

Yoongi whines again, he's growing impatient, and Namjoon is teasing him. The younger alpha smiles, reaching down he slips a slender finger into the older's hole. Yoongi keens, hips twitching as he pants at the feeling of just one finger. And ah- when did Namjoon get a hold of the lube?!

"So sensitive." Namjoon muses as he moves his finger in and out of the older. Yoongi lets out a shaky moan when the younger adds a second finger, scissoring him open and jabbing at his prostate.

Yoongi begins to writhe beneath him, whining and moaning, he reaches down to touch himself but Namjoon pushes his hand away. The older alpha whines incessantly.

"Namjoon!" He says angrily.

The alpha chuckles again. "I know you can cum untouched, Hyung." He pulls his fingers out of the older, much to Yoongi's displeasure, and leans over him. "And you're going to, just for me." The younger says before kissing his alpha again.

Yoongi whines in the back of his throat, but he doesn't make another attempt to touch himself. Namjoon smiles; he leans back, taking in one last look at his alpha before he grips Yoongi's hips and slowly pushes himself inside the older.

Yoongi moans, he grips the sheets around him and arches his back as Namjoon continues to move until he's completely sheathed himself inside his alpha. He stills for a moment, letting Yoongi adjust and catch his breath.

"G-good." Yoongi moans. His eyes are closed tight as he bites at his lip. Namjoon knows he's trying to keep his voice down, Jeongguk is home afterall.

Namjoon smiles. He pulls back before thrusting into his hyung again. Yoongi twitches and writhes beneath Namjoon, throwing his head side to side as the younger works up a steady pace.

"Mmn!" Yoongi groans, he bites down on his finger, trying to keep as quiet as he can.

Namjoon smirks before lifting one of the blonde's legs over his shoulder and thrusting as deep as he can. He hits Yoongi's prostate spot on and the smaller alpha lets out a wobbly cry.

"N-Namjooooon!" He he moans. Voice getting high-pitched and whiny. His body shivers as Namjoon slams into his prostate again.

"Come on, Baby. Come on." Namjoon encourages. He speeds up his thrusts, gripping Yoongi so firmly he knows there'll be bruises marking the older's thighs after today. The thought of Yoongi being marked by him has Namjoon growling deep in his throat.

He leans down and bites into Yoongi's mate mark, hard. The older alpha wails, back arching and cock twitching as he cums hard, painting his and Namjoon's stomachs in with white streaks.

Namjoon growls at the feeling of the older tightening around him. His hips stutter and cums only a second later, filling the older with his seed. Yoongi hums at the feeling. Namjoon chuckles before catching Yoongi's lips again. He growls into the older's mouth possessively, Yoongi wraps his limbs around the younger in response, pulling him close before nuzzling into his scent gland.

Namjoon smiles at both the sound and feeling of Yoongi purring beneath him. He pulls out slowly, eliciting bratty whines from the older as Yoongi feels Namjoons cum leaking out of him.

"Shhh, I fill you up later." Namjoon promises before leaning down to lick his hyung clean. Yoongi pouts but concedes. He pulls Namjoon up and nuzzles into the younger's chest, yawning quietly before snuggling closer to the alpha.

Namjoon chuckles at his hyung, Yoongi always gets cuddly after sex. He pulls the, now slightly dirty, comforter over them and wraps his arms loosely around the older.

"Love you." He says softly.

"Love you too." Yoongi mumbles into the younger's chest.

Namjoon smiles, feeling content despite their situation. He's about to drift off with his hyung when he smells something funny. He takes a deep breath through his nose and nearly gags at the strong perfume scent, accented by the nostalgic smell of fresh rain. He opens his eyes and turns to the door.

Jeongguk is standing with tears in his eyes and his hands in his hair as he tugs at his chestnut locks. "Hyung!" He cries out as his legs wobble.

Immediately Yoongi and Namjoon jump out of the bed, rushing to catch the younger just as his knees give out.

"A-alpha!" Jeongguk wails as he falls into Namjoon's arms. He clings to the older with one hand while the other remains buried in his hair, tugging at the strands to ground himself.

The pack alpha swallows hard. Jeongguk is burning up in his arms, sweating and shivering.

"N-Namjoon he-" Yoongi's words get stuck in his throat just as Jin and Hoseok rush down the hall to Yoongi's room.

Jin gasps as Hoseok pulls out his phone. "He's- he's-"

"Come home, now." The alpha says when Taehyung picks up. "Jeongguk is in a rut."

Chapter Text

Taehyung and Jimin don't even bother to gather their backpacks or textbooks, their professor promises to keep hold of them as the two rush out of their class. Taehyung is cussing profusely as he and Jimin sprint into their car.

The beta doesn't even wait for either of them to buckle before he speeds out of the parking lot. Their apartment is only ten minutes away, but it feels like it's been hours by the time he crookedly parks in their structure. He runs out of the car hastily, not even bothering to turn it off, and Jimin curses after him as he pulls the keys out of the ignition before running after his beta.

They crash into the apartment sweaty and out of breath, immediately falling to their knees at the thick, musky alpha scent that's filled their apartment. They stand on shaky legs before rushing to their big bedroom. When they reach the room, the others are on the bed, already stripped of their clothing.

Jimin begins kicking off his shoes and pants as he pulls his shirt over his head, Taehyung practically rips his hoodie off as he rushes into the bed. Namjoon is holding Jeongguk as the younger alpha cries and whines. His nose is pressed deeply against the older's scent gland as Yoongi pumps him and Namjoon finger's him.

Hoseok has his teeth in the younger's neck and Seokjin is stroking Jeongguk's cheek, trying to calm him.

"Baby, you need to tell us what you want." Seokjin says gently.

Jimin and Taehyung clobber into the bed, both staring at a sight they've never really quite seen before. Sure they've seen Jeongguk naked, they've lived together for years now, accidents have happened. But they've never seen him like this before. Never seen him so… needy, so demanding.

The baby alpha's cheeks are crimson as he clings to Namjoon, begging and crying for something, anything. And- has he always been that handsome? That muscular? The process of maturing seems to have had its full affect on their maknae. And, while Taehyung's not really one to care, he's pretty damn sure Jeongguk's cock has tripled in size as he watches Yoongi's shiny, lubed fingers gliding around the younger's member.

"Jeongguk," Namjoon says calmly as he pulls the younger from his neck so he can look him in the eye. "Jeongguk, Tae and Jimin are here now."

Jeongguk nods, looking over at his hyungs with an expression the two have only ever seen while being fucked by their alphas. It suits him. They collectively swallow as the younger's gaze sends shivers down their spines.

"Do you want to start?" Namjoon asks him. And he's actually asking Jeongguk if he's ready to be knotted, their bond won't be fully sealed until he is, but Jeongguk doesn't seem to get that.

He nods again, distracted, and licks his lips as he eyes Jimin and Taehyung. He crawls off of Namjoon and over to the two. Gripping Taehyung by the nape of his neck, Jeongguk pulls him forward, devouring the older's mouth as he pushes him down. He licks and bites. Attacking Taehyung's lips, momentarily moving down to nibble and suck the older's neck before going back to the beta's mouth. His tongue is practically down the beta's throat when Jimin begins to whine, angry and desperate for attention from the alpha.

But Jeongguk ignores him in favor of grinding against his beta. He's acting purely out of instinct right now, but in the back of his mind, all he can think about is how small Taehyung looks under him. How soft the older's thighs are, how pretty his lips are, especially when they're slick with spit and swollen from the attention he's been giving them. But what he's really savoring are the sweet sounds that the beta makes. Jeongguk presses himself down harder, half-humming/half-growling at the high and needy moans Taehyung lets out. Oh yes, he's definitely enjoying this side of his hyung, and he desperately hopes he'll see more of it.

As Namjoon watches this unfold, he acknowledges that he should probably pull Jeongguk back and knot him before this carries on any further, but he can't deny how cute Taehyung looks pinned beneath their baby alpha. And furthermore, Jeongguk looks so perfect as he makes a mess of their beta. He's definitely an alpha alright. And Namjoon smiles at the wave of pride that washes over him. Regardless, he needs to knot the younger. He's about to call Jeongguk back when he sees Jimin reaching his limit. And suddenly, knotting Jeongguk has become much less of a priority as their pack eagerly anticipates how their baby alpha will take to handling their feisty omega.

Jimin whines again, this time much louder and much more persistent as he crawls over to where Jeongguk is destroying Taehyung. The beta has begun to beg for Jeongguk to fuck him and oh, Jimin is having none of that. He's going to be the first one to get fucked by their baby alpha, no one else. He latches onto Jeongguk's arm, tugging and pleading as he leans up to press kisses and nips at the younger's neck.

Again, Jeongguk tries to ignore it as he focuses on pleasuring Taehyung. But Jimin is a brat and he's not going to just sit around and let Taehyung have Jeongguk's first knot. He leans up to the younger's ear and cries out in a pathetic little way that only omega's can. It sets off something primal in Jeongguk, and the older alphas have to restrain themselves from responding to Jimin's request for sex, formally known as a mating call, as they watch Jeongguk growl before jumping from Taehyung to Jimin, leaving the beta a frustrated, whiny mess, as he pins the omega to the bed and bites down on his neck. Jimin keens, hips jerking upwards as he releases sweet smelling pheromones, trying to convince Jeongguk to enter him.

"A-alpha~" Jimin purrs.

And that does it. Jeongguk snaps, growling loudly as he roughly grips Jimin's hips and slams into the younger. And thank god Jimin's an omega, his hole able to self-lubricate and stretch immediately without the prep that's necessary to any other sub gender.

Even so, he cries out at the sheer fucking size of Jeongguk. He's not as big as Namjoon, but he's definitely bigger than Yoongi, maybe even Hoseok. Jimin doesn't have time to think about that, however, because right now, Jeongguk is pounding him into the mattress with such strong, precise thrusts that they have the omega seeing white with each and every assault on his prostate.

"A-ah! J-Jeongguk-ah! Y-yeah, Mmn A-alpha! right there! Oh fuck!" He cries, cumming almost instantly. His face red as his back arches off the sheets and he spills then and there all over himself. He hasn't cum so fast since the day Namjoon mated him, and it's humiliating, but in a good way. He pants roughly as his body begins to twitch and convulse at the overstimulation of being thrust into despite having just cum. And he moans brokenly at the prickly feelings that rush through his over-sensitive body.

Growling deeply, Jeongguk continues to chase his release. Jimin's muscles have begun to clench and throb around his cock and it feels incredible. It's too much for the baby alpha, however, and he cums hard into the older, still thrusting steadily as he fills Jimin. The omega moans throatily when he feels Jeongguk getting even bigger. The alpha continues to thrust until his knot catches on Jimin's rim. He gives one final push before he's locked inside of the older. Jimin groans, rotating his hips and moaning at the feeling of being so full. Every movement he makes causes pleasure to jolt through his body.

He begins to whine, making grabby hands at his alpha until Jeongguk leans down and places his lips on the omega's, giving Jimin what he wants. The others watch in awe, all of them hard and growing harder at the sight of their maknae knotting their omega. Jimin looks absolutely fucked out as Jeongguk licks into his mouth, greedily swallowing down each and every little noise Jimin makes as the omega continues to roll his hips, loving the feeling of Jeongguk's knot shifting inside of him as he does so.

"Fuck." Yoongi says airly as he licks his lips. Fuck he wants to taste Jeongguk so bad.

"Alpha." Taehyung whines, crawling into Yoongi's lap, brushing their cocks against each other. Yoongi groans and grips the younger's hips.

The possessive action itself has Taehyung keening. "Alpha please." He whines. "Want you, need you." He begs, pressing his lips against Yoongi's and sucking the older's tongue into his mouth.

Yoongi smirks. "I guess Ggukie left you in a pretty needy state, huh?"

Taehyung nods with a pout as he grinds against the older, he's so hard right now it hurts.

"That was mean of him wasn't it?" The alpha continues to tease.

"So mean." Taehyung whines, trying to get Yoongi's tongue back into his mouth.

"You want Hyungie to make it better? Want me to knot you tight and fill you up?" He says smugly, chuckling at the way Taehyung is chasing his lips.

"Yes please, Alpha." He says cutely. And Yoongi gives in, normally he'd tease the younger longer, but the previous show that Jeongguk and Jimin had put on for them kinda has him at his wits end. He lays Taehyung down gently, careful not to break their kiss, before lubing up his crooked fingers and stretching out the younger. Taehyung's moans are music to his ears, and he smiles.

"Love you." He says against the younger's lip.

"L-love -ngh- you too."

At this point, Hoseok's already buried deep inside of Seokjin. His patience having run out completely as he'd watched their maknaes' interactions with each other. He gives another rough thrust when he catches a glance of Jeongguk and Jimin making out, the younger still knotted deeply inside their omega and, oh fuck, they're so hot. His movements become more rapid, pulling beautiful sounds from his mate beneath him. He chuckles despite his thrusting, Seokjin's always been noisy, loves the attention it gets him. And honestly? None of them are ever complaining about the sweet moans that the beta makes.

Hoseok bites down on the older's collar bone, sucking gently, his body thrills at the thought of all the marks he's leaving on the beta. His beta. He spares a quick glance to his left and spies Namjoon making his way behind Jeongguk. The knowledge of what his alpha is about to do adds a new fervor to his movements and he thrusts ever deeper into the man beneath him.

"Aaah, mmn, a-alpha!" Seokjin cries out. His voice reaching Namjoons ears. The alpha groans; his mate's sweet noises only serving to turn him on more as he crawls behind Jeongguk. He shouldn't have let him knot Jimin; technically, Namjoon is supposed to mate Jeongguk first and foremost before any of them are even allowed to touch the youngest alpha. But they'd all kind of gotten carried away when their maknaes had decided to put on their little show.

Still, he needs to seal their bond with the youngest, and show Jeongguk his place. So he grips the unsuspecting alpha's hips and thrusts his, already lubed, cock into the younger. The force of the action has Jeongguk gasping and Jimin moaning. And suddenly the sound of the youngest alpha crying out in pain and pleasure echoes through their room. It's a bit of a stretch, Namjoon is aware of his size, but he also knows that he fingered Jeongguk well, and he isn't too concerned about how the younger is faring. Especially when his shaky cries turn into moans and whimpers as the younger begs for more.

And Namjoon is happy to comply, he changes his angle and quickens his pace, alpha pride inflating at the sounds his baby makes, the younger's moans are sweet and alluring, much like his scent. Namjoon groans when he feels Jeongguk clenching around him, he knows the younger is close to cumming, and the thought only serves to speed his thrusts. Namjoon is fucking him relentlessly at this point, savoring the sweet noises his actions bring from both his omega and baby alpha.

It's certainly a sight to see. And the other four momentarily stop what they're doing to watch their pack alpha absolutely ravaging their maknae. The strength of Namjoon's thrusts have Jeongguk moving inside of Jimin, causing the omega to keen and writhe beneath them, oversensitivity taking him over as he grips the sheets around him. It's a little too much for the tiny omega, but he loves it anyway.

Jeongguk is crying out as Namjoon pounds into him, he shakes and nearly collapses on top of Jimin when the older hits his prostate head on. The sensation has him cumming a second time, filling the omega even further and causing Jimin to babble incoherently as pleasure completely takes him over. The feeling of his little belly swelling with his alpha's cum is just so satisfying.

Namjoon growls, leaning down to bite hard into Jeongguk's mate mark as his knot begins to form. And Jeongguk cries out at the pain, his insides feel like they're about to be ripped apart but he feels so full and everything about it just feels so right.

"A-ALPHA!" He cries out when Namjoon finally breaks, filling his insides with hot cum as he bites down even harder, growling as he does so.

Across the bed, Hoseok is pounding into Seokjin with more passion than ever as Yoongi absolutely destroys Taehyung. Pride swells inside of Namjoon as he watches his pack. He's overwhelmed by the complete and genuine love that he feels as their bond finally seals. Jeongguk's pleasure adds to their bond and the entire pack lets out a collective moan at the feeling of finally being complete. For a moment, everything is warm, still and perfect.

That is, until Jeongguk and Namjoon's knots begin to go down and suddenly, despite having just fucked and been fucked almost simultaneously, the urge to fuck Yoongi into oblivion overtakes the maknae. And suddenly he's pouncing the older alpha as Namjoon takes a whiny Jimin into his arms.

The pack alpha chuckles as he rocks his omega back and forth, it's going to be a long afternoon.

"M'tired." Jimin whines as he rolls into Jeongguk's arms.

"Namjoonie Hyung says you need a shower though." Jeongguk pouts.

"Nooo," Jimin wiggles right back out of Jeongguk's arms, he throws the blanket off himself. "Just lick me clean, I'm too tired for a shower." He says with an air of brattiness.

Yoongi chuckles from across the room, where he's pulling on some clean sweats. "He'll never move, Gguk, he turns into the biggest brat after a good fuck, or in this case, six good fucks."

Jimin sticks out his tongue at the older alpha before spreading himself out for Jeongguk. And the baby alpha, despite just having fucked his entire pack, minus Namjoon and Hoseok, blushes furiously at Jimin's demand.

"Hurry, I'm getting cold." Jimin whines.

Yoongi walks over, smirking at the flustered alpha. "Like this Gguk." He says before diving down to lick Jimin clean of all the slick and cum covering everything from his tummy down to his thighs. Jeongguk's throat goes dry as he watches Yoongi lick long stripes up Jimin's body. The omega hums contently when he finishes, smiling at the feeling of being clean as he rolls back into his blanket cocoon.

Yoongi stands straight and smirks at Jeongguk. His rank may now be officially lower than the younger's, but for the moment he still has a few things on the baby alpha, and he's proud of the reaction he's pulled from Jeongguk.

"Brat." Jeongguk says as he squints at Yoongi.

"Oh he definitely is." Hoseok says as he walks into the room, carrying a naked and sleepy Taehyung in his arms. He slaps Yoongi's ass, smirking at the yelp he lets out, as he walks past them and into the master bathroom inside their room to grab the beta's lotion.

Jeongguk snorts at his hyungs, smiling smugly at the faint blush on Yoongi's cheeks. "Hyung, where's Namjoon?" He asks Hoseok while watching an angry Yoongi stomp out of the room.

"He just finished showering with Jinnie, I think they're in the living room." Hoseok says as he lathers Taehyung's legs with the younger's lotion. Shushing the younger's tired whines to hurry. "Tae Tae and I are going to head out there after we get dressed, you can go ahead and take Jimin out there, I'm sure Joon'll want us all to be together right now."

Jeongguk nods, frowning at the icky feeling of dried cum and slick that still covers his body as he lifts Jimin, blankets and all, and carries him out of their room and down the hall to where the others are cuddling on the couch with tea while an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender plays.

"Hey, Ggukie, how you feeling?" Seokjin asks as Jeongguk sits down next to him, Jimin dozing in his lap.

"Sleepy." The alpha answers as he leans his head against the older's shoulder.

"I'm not surprised." Namjoon muses, watching Seokjin run his finger's through the alpha's hair. His nose twitches before he takes a deep breath and frowns. "Baby, have you showered?" He asks Jeongguk.

The alpha grunts tiredly, eyes closed as he answers. "No, Jimin wouldn't let me take him to the shower, so Yoongi licked him clean and then I brought him here."

Seokjin clicks his tongue. "Gguk you're stinky, go take a shower, I'll hold Jimin." The beta says. Jeongguk whines in the back of his throat, frowning as he does so.

Namjoon chuckles. He stands, lifting Jimin and placing him in Jin's lap before lifting Jeongguk. It's a little harder than it's been in the past, Jeongguk's a full grown alpha now, but he still manages. He carries the whiny maknae to their master bathroom, walking past Hoseok carrying a similarly bratty Taehyung as he does so.

He places Jeongguk on the toilet before turning to start a bath. He then patiently helps the argumentative alpha out of his sweats and into the steaming water. Jeongguk immediately sighs, melting into the warmth and trying to sleep as he does so.

"Keep your head up, Baby. The sooner you let me clean you, the sooner we can go back and cuddle with the others." Namjoon says softly as he rinses the younger's hair.

Jeongguk makes a noise that's somewhere between a grumble and a whine before complying. He closes his eyes and hums at the feeling of his alpha's big, gentle hands lathering his body and gently scrubbing it clean. Before long he feels strong arms lift him out of the warm water and place him on his feet.

Immediately Jeongguk whines, both at the cold feeling of air on his wet skin, and also at the fact that he has to use his legs again while Namjoon towel dries him, doing his best to go as quickly as possible.

"Stay here, Sweetheart. I'm going to go grab you some clean pajamas, I'll be fast; don't worry." Namjoon smiles.

Jeongguk pouts bratily when his alpha returns and helps him into some warm sweats and a fuzzy hoodie that definitely belongs to Hoseok, but Jeongguk doesn't mind, he likes the smell of the older alpha. He brings the sleeves up to his nose and takes deep lungfuls of the lemongrass scent as Namjoon carries him back to their couch, planting him right between himself and Seokjin.

"See? That wasn't so bad now, hm?" Seokjin smiles, gently placing their omega back into Jeongguk's lap.

And normally Jeongguk would argue some stupid, bratty retort that would drive Seokjin up the wall. But right now, he's too sleepy to be annoying. So he pulls his omega closer and leans against Namjoon as he watches Sokka dancing from a cactus high. And before long he's asleep, surrounded by his mates and their comfort.

He smiles through his dreams at the fulfillment of their bond. He feels surrounded by warmth and love in a way he never has before. He feels like he could rule the world with all the courage and confidence he suddenly has. But for now, he'd prefer to just stay by his mates' sides and learn to love and take care of them. So he pulls Jimin a little closer, and snuggles into Namjoon's side a little deeper, because, no matter what happens now, he knows, he knows he'll be okay. They'll be okay, because now, they're finally complete.

Chapter Text

Surprisingly, not much has changed since Jeongguk’s maturing a few weeks ago. Sure, he graduated high school, finally , and yeah, Yoongi’s gotten a tad more cranky and a little chubbier. But in all honesty, things are running smoothly again, same routines, just a little better.

Namjoon and Jin are now the proud CEOs of their joined company, and that gives them chances to actually spend days home with their pack. On top of that, Jimin and Taehyung decided to take this semester off, and Hoseok is now working much less demanding routines and only performing once a week as opposed to every other night.

Okay… so maybe it is a little bit different. But it’s nice. The mood of their apartment is no longer tense. They no longer tip toe around each other with confused feelings and unconfronted anger. There’s no more hiding sex from Jeongguk, or not knowing how the younger is doing. Because now that their bond is finally complete, they can finally feel his emotions. And honestly? Their overall mood is just better because, well, they’re complete. They just feel so satisfied.

The little things that used to set Yoongi off, now just make him chuckle or roll his eyes. The problems that always seemed so big to Jin and Namjoon, now just look like little issues that can easily be handled. The fears and insecurities that plagued the maknae line have now subsided, and they feel confident in themselves and in their mates’ love. And the work that Hoseok so adored and couldn’t stay away from, now feels like much less of a priority than it ever was.

So yeah, it’s a lot different, but in a good way. It’s a lot better . And they know that they’ll be able to handle everything that gets thrown at them. Yoongi’s pregnancy, Jimin and Taehyung’s careers, Jeongguk’s parents coming for a visit. And- wait, WHAT ?!

“Who wrote this?!” Jeongguk shouts as he stomps out into the living room, where his mates are currently marathoning Naruto, for like, the millionth time.

“Wrote what?” Namjoon asks, unnerved by the dread that’s begun to trickle through their bond.

This !” Jeongguk hisses, pointing to a date in their calendar marked, ‘Dinner with Gguk’s parents’.

“Oh, that.” Seokjin chuckles nervously.

“Yes, ‘that’ .” Jeongguk says through his teeth, trying to control his anger.

“Well, you mother called the other da-”

“Don’t lie to me, Hyung.” Jeongguk says coldly.

Seokjin sighs. “Okay, okay. I called your mother. A few weeks ago. To let her know that you’d matured and graduated and that you’re turning into a fine alpha-” he stops suddenly, realizing his next words may cause the younger to panic a little. The room tenses, the only sound being Jeongguk’s teeth grinding together as he does his best to remain calm.

“And?” He prods impatiently.

And , I invited her and your father over for dinner. She accepted.” The beta finishes.

Jeongguk looks like he might explode, or at least settle for ripping Jin limb from limb. Instead he turns to Namjoon, shoving an accusatory finger in the older’s face.

“Did you know about this?” He asks incredulously.

“Of course I knew about it, I was there when Hyung called your mother.” Namjoon answers honestly.

“And you didn’t tell me ?!” Jeongguk slams the calendar down in fury. Gah, he’s so fucking angry right now. Everything was going so well . Why did they have to go and ruin it by inviting his stupid parents over?! Why here? Why now ?!

“Ggukie,” Jimin starts, voice soft as he tries to coax the younger over to him. “It’s gonna be okay-”

No , Jimin, it’s not going to be okay. It’s going to be very not okay. In fact , it’s going to be fucking terrible and we’re calling it off.” He states, locking eyes with Seokjin.

The beta looks nervous as he shifts in Namjoon’s lap. “Gguk, Sweetheart, this will be good for yo-”

“I said call it off!” Jeongguk shouts angrily. “Just call it off, Hyung, please .”

“Jeongguk, you need to calm down.” Namjoon says, tensing beneath Seokjin.

The alpha groans, grabbing at his hair as his breathing quickens, a habit of his they’d all thought he’d finally gotten over.

Panic adds to the dread flowing through their bond as Jeongguk attempts to take in enough air, but, in this state, his body is forcing him to think he’s not breathing fast enough when, in reality, he’s doing the exact opposite. He’s taking in too little of air at too quick of a pace; he’s hyperventilating.

“Gguk, Baby wait; stop .” Hoseok says as he stands from the couch. The others follow suit, circling their alpha and trying to calm him down the best they can, it doesn’t really work… at all .

And the youngest begins to lose his vision, toppling over and crashing into their glass coffee table before any of them can catch him. He can’t feel the pain though, he can’t quite feel anything except the cold, concentrated panic that’s shooting through his veins at the moment.

He can hear his mates speaking, those are his mates’ voices right? Well he can hear someone’s voice, but he can’t quite tell if they’re shouting or whispering. Are they whispering in his ear or shouting from far away? He can’t really tell. Not that it matters, he can’t decipher their words anyway.

Everything is numb and confusing. But it hurts, fuck , it hurts . His body is tingling and his nerves are burning . He can’t quite feel anything but at the same time he’s in pain; it’s excruciating . But is it pain? It is pain, isn’t it? Whatever it is, it’s uncomfortable and he doesn’t like it and- is he breathing? Is he breathing ?! He takes in huge gulps of air, or at least attempts to, as quickly as he can.

It’s not enough though, his head feels fuzzy, but not in a good way, and the blurry figures (or whatever the fuck they are) rushing around him begin to fade to black.

Everything begins to fade into black. It hurts but it’s slightly relieving because as his vision fades, so does the pain (it seems like pain anyway, he can’t really tell). And, he can’t be sure, but he thinks he might be hearing Jimin calling out to him. Is it Jimin? The tugs on his bond feel like Jimin. Ugh Jimin, what does he want? Can’t he just let Jeongguk sleep? Yeah, sleep. Sleep would be really nice, he wants to sleep. But Jimin (it is Jimin… he thinks) won’t stop tugging. And he’s about to try and respond, to try and see what’s going on and what’s so important that it can’t wait until after he sleeps, but he just doesn’t get the chance.


The steady, rhythmic beeping of the machine monitoring Jeongguk’s heartbeat is nothing short of torturous. Jimin had immediately decided he hated the machine the moment he stepped into the room. He sighs, standing from where he was planted in Yoongi’s lap to hover over their sleeping maknae.

They’d called an ambulance after Jeongguk had smashed down onto their coffee table, blood and broken glass still litters their floor back home. But Jimin doesn’t want to think about that. All he can focus on is the bandaged boy in front of him. His baby alpha, his Ggukie. All bloody and pale. He aches to scoop the muscley bunny up and rock him back and forth, shielding him from all his demons but-

He can’t. He can’t understand what Jeongguk is going through, try as he might. Even through the bond, it’s not like he can read the younger’s mind, he can only feel a little of his emotions. And even then, they’re faint; in the back of his mind, there but without any real presence or weight. Jimin knows that’s Jeongguk’s doing, he knows that despite everything, the younger still keeps his feelings to himself, refusing to share them through the bond at certain and random times. It frustrates Jimin to no end, and he can’t understand why the younger won’t let them in. Won’t let them help him. He knows Jeongguk’s past was full of abuse and hardships, but that’s all he knows. And Jeongguk won’t let them know anything else.

He’s about to turn around and go back to Yoongi when he hears the younger groan. Immediately Jimin and Yoongi are leaning over the bed rail, trying to get a good look at their alpha without smothering him. Jeongguk winces, eyes opening before squeezing shut as he shifts from lying on his back to lying on his side. A broken whimper escapes his lips, and that’s all it takes, Jimin and Yoongi are all over him in seconds.

The omega runs his fingers through the younger’s locks and tries to calm him with soft kisses as Yoongi pulls away Jeongguk’s bandages to lap at his wounds. The alpha hisses at first, spine going rigid as he pulls his arm away from the older. But soon he relaxes, limbs going to jelly as his mates pheromones and the tingly sensation of his wounds healing soothe his mind. His thoughts are running through his head a hundred miles an hour, screaming like a banshee. But he pushes them away and focuses on the comfort that Jimin and Yoongi provide as they whisper soothingly and rebandage his body.

“You there, Gguk?” The oldest asks, voice deep and familiar.

Jeongguk just whines in response, making grabby hands at them both. They hesitate, sharing a wary look, but their alpha’s whines only grow in volume. And soon he’s growling at them, desperate for his mates’ bodies to be pressed against his own. And, well, they can’t really defy their needy, and demanding, alpha now can they?

“Shh, Grumpy, we’re here.” Jimin teases as he gently wraps himself around Jeongguk’s side, careful not to press too close on the younger’s sensitive wounds. The alpha hums contently only when both Jimin and Yoongi are clinging to his sides. His eyelids flutter with exhaustion, and he struggles to keep them open long enough to find his voice, but he’s failing miserably.

Yoongi watches him fondly, he hums, pressing a few fleeting kisses to the younger’s neck. “Sleep, we can talk about it when the sedatives wear off.”

Jeongguk frowns. “S-sedatives?” He manages to croak.

Jimin hums. “You were in a rage, Ggukie, don’t you remember?”

The alpha frowns, he doesn’t remember anything after Namjoon had told him to calm down.

“You were going into a rage, but you were also, kinda, having a panic attack as well. When the ambulance arrived, the panic attack had subsided but your rage was full blown. The paramedics had to sedate you to get you on the stretcher. You broke our table and practically impaled yourself. They had to remove the glass from your spine .” Yoongi explains tiredly.

Jeongguk feels nauseous just thinking about it.

“But they let Namjoon clean your back and it healed a lot,” Jimin explains. “It still wasn’t enough, though, so they had to stitch you up here and there, but you’ll be good soon. As long as you let the Hyungs clean you.”

Again, Jeongguk frowns. He had a panic attack, again , and to make things worse, he slipped into a rage . Some alpha he’s turning out to be, he’s third in rank out of seven . And he’s still the one that requires the most attention and care? Fucking hell, he out to-

“Alpha, stop.” Yoongi groans into his neck.

“Stop what?” Jimin asks, sitting up to look at both Jeongguk and Yoongi.

“He’s feeling guilty again.” Yoongi frowns.

Damn Yoongi and his hypersensitivity.

Jimin glares accusingly at Jeongguk. “Are you hiding from the bond?”

Jeongguk stutters “Wh-wha- I-”

Again ? Gguk, come on .” Jimin groans.

Shame rushes over Jeongguk, they knew he’s been hiding? How long had they known? They knew and never even said anything? Now he feels even more guilty.

A knock interrupts them and Namjoon peeks into the room. His concern instantly melts away when he spots his mates cuddling. Capacity rule forgotten, he rushes into the room and smothers Jeongguk with sloppy kisses. And Jeongguk giggles despite himself, bunny teeth bright and showing. Yoongi and Jimin smile at their alphas.

“Nam joon !” Seokjin hisses from the doorway, he’s about to scold the alpha for breaking the hospital’s rule, but gasps instead when he sees Jeongguk’s awake. “Baby!” He exclaims as he rushes into the room to smother the maknae, much in the same fashion as Namjoon had.

“Seok jin .” Namjoon imitates, teasing his hyung as he watches the beta coo over the youngest. Jin merely rolls his eyes before going back to fussing over Jeongguk.

Hyung~ ” Jeongguk laughs at Jin’s silliness.

“Ggukie?!” Taehyung shouts, bounding into the room with a yelling Hoseok on his heels.

“Taehyung the ru- Oh.” The alpha shakes his head with a chuckle when he spies all of his mates clinging to Jeongguk. “You guys, we’re gonna get kicked out.” He muses as he walks over and gently runs a hand through their maknae’s hair.

“The sooner the better.” Yoongi mumbles into Jeongguk’s neck.

“Indeed.” Says a voice from the doorway, they freeze as they look up to see the doctor frowning at them all.

Namjoon chuckles sheepishly. “Sorry we, uh, got a little excited.” He says as he rubs the back of his neck.

The man does not look amused.


“We’ll clean it, Gguk, don’t worry about it.” Seokjin says when Jeongguk bends down to pick up the broken glass that still litters their floor.

Jeongguk ignores him, standing to retrieve the broom.

“Baby, seriously, let me get it-”

“It’s my mess, Hyung. I’ll clean it.” He interjects, voice rigid as he continues to take care of the glass.

Seokjin sighs. He knows why Jeongguk’s being difficult. In fact, the younger's been difficult since they left the hospital an hour ago. Trying to prove to them all (himself actually) that nothing is wrong. The beta frowns as he recalls the situation.

“He’ll be fine, you can take him home now.” The doctor says as he signs a few papers, discharge papers.

“Thank you.” Namjoon bows as he takes the forms.

“Now in terms of his mental situation-” The doctor starts. And Namjoon can feel his mates look up in interest. “I’m prescribing him some depressants. They’ll help to ease his anxiety. You can up the dosage on particularly stressful days, but be aware that doing so will make him sluggish and tired.” He begins to scribble out the prescription.

“B-but he doesn’t need-”

“I’ll also refer you to a few psychologists; if things persist, however, I’m also giving you a few psychiatrists to try.” He begins to scribble names and numbers on the back of a business card.

Namjoons frowns, looking around at his mates, they all share the same confusion. Psychologists? Medication? But Jeongguk’s fine… isn’t he?

“I don’t understand.” Seokjin speaks up.

“Pardon?” The doctor asks.

“Jeongguk is perfectly healthy, why the therapy and medicine?”

The man sighs. “I know you don’t want to think about it, but your mate is suffering from very severe mental issues. Physically he is very healthy, quite honestly the healthiest young man I’ve ever treated. But emotionally and mentally, your mate is very very not okay. I cannot be sure, because it’s not my field of expertise, but I suspect your mate has a form of an anxiety disorder. What I can assure you of, is that, after reviewing his medical history, nothing physical is causing these panic attacks. Therefore, I insist that you see a specialist who can give you a proper diagnosis so that your mate can start receiving the proper treatment. For now, all i can give you are depressants, which are basically just watered down sleeping pills.”

Namjoon feels like his world is crashing down around him. An anxiety disorder? It’s that serious? Jeongguk’s been suffering this long and they’d never even realized he was-

“Please, do not overthink this, it is difficult to see these things if you don’t know to be looking for them. But now that you know, I expect you to take care of your mate accordingly. Don’t let him down, Mr. Kim.”

Since then, Jeongguk has been nothing short of cold and agitated. Even now, as Seokjin watches him pick up the remains of their coffee table, he can see it. See the jerkiness of the younger’s movements. See the way the alpha is grinding his teeth, the way he’s disassociating further and further into his head. He’s feeling guilty and incompetent. He knows Jeongguk wants to be the best he can, be a strong and reliable alpha for them to lean on. He knows how much these issues have always torn Jeonguk apart, but the doctor confronting them, and saying so to their faces, made it real. It’s no longer something the youngest can just brush off as hormones and pent up stress from lack of intimacy with his mates. It’s real now. It’s a legitimate issue. It has a name, a face, a presence. And Seokjin knows it’s tearing Jeongguk apart.

One thing’s for sure, they’re going to see a psychologist. They’re going to get him psychotherapy. They’re going to address this and handle it properly. They’re not going to just sit by and watch Jeongguk kill himself. They’re going to fix this, and they’re going to do so together. As a pack, as mates. Because they love Jeongguk more than anything, and they’re not just going to stand idly by.

Seokjin just hopes Jeongguk will be able to see it that way...


It’s late, well, okay, it’s early . Whatever it is, it’s still dark out, which means Yoongi should be sleeping, or at least, resting. But he’s not. He’s not because something keeps waking him and he can’t, for the life of him, figure out what.

He lies still, sandwiched between Hoseok and Taehyung as his mates slumber deeply, despite the stressful day they’ve all just had. He strains to hear it, to hear anything. But there’s nothing, no sounds, no movement, nothing . He groans, rolling onto his side to curl back into Hoseok’s embrace. He silently prays that whatever keeps waking him is gone for good. He has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and he doesn’t want to drive all the way there on two hours of sleep, thank you very much.

He’s just about to fall asleep, eyelids heavy and mind quieting when suddenly, something jolts him awake, again . He’s on the verge of tears at this point, yes, he’s that frustrated. He can’t help it, these pups are draining him. He just wants some sleep. Is that too much to as-

The sound of a sniffle interrupts his angry thoughts. A sniffle . He sits up, ignoring Hoseok’s sleepy protests as he wiggles out of the younger’s arms. If someone’s crying, he should be able to feel it through their bond, or at least his hypersensitivity… unless.. unless it’s-

Another sniffle, followed by a hiccup and yeah, Yoongi knows that hiccup. That’s Jeongguk. He frowns, no wonder he couldn’t feel the sadness, Jeongguk’s somehow found a way to keep his feelings hidden from even Yoongi’s senses, that fucking brat.

“Jeongguk,” He says quietly, voice raspy and deep from disuse. He hears the younger gasp and even spies the alpha clamping his hands over his mouth. It would be cute if it weren’t so damn saddening to see Jeongguk trying to hide from them.

“Jeongguk I know it’s you.” Yoongi continues.

The youngest says nothing, probably hoping Yoongi will give up and go back to sleep. It doesn’t work. Because suddenly he feels Taehyung unclinging from his back, and being replaced by the sturdy body that is Yoongi. He inhales sharply when he feels the older’s cold hands running up and down his sides.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” He says into the younger’s ear. Jeongguk simply shakes his head. Yoongi sighs. “Gguk-”

He feels the younger shaking beneath him, can hear his ragged breath as he tries to keep quiet, and then he hears it again: the sniffles. Shit, he hadn’t realized the younger was still crying. He clicks his tongue in disapproval, how dare Jeongguk try and hide his feelings from Yoongi? They’re practically married for fucks sake. (well okay, maybe not quite, but still!)

He manhandles the younger into his arms, pressing a firm, comforting hand to the nape of Jeongguk’s neck as the younger cries into his chest. His rank may be beneath Jeongguk’s, but that doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to take care of his dongsaeng anymore. He shushes the boy gently, holding his nape to give the younger a sense of security, while simultaneously rubbing gentle circles into Jeongguk’s back with his other hand.

“It’s okay, Guk, let it out.” He says quietly. And it’s so soft . His voice is so hushed and gentle . The affection behind it has Jeongguk falling apart. Right then, right there. He unravels for the first time ever . All these years of building walls up, of pretending he doesn't ever feel weak, or scared. All this time of hiding his feelings from his mates, all of it. He lets it go. Instantly, complete and utter hopelessness rushes over Yoongi, surprising him for a moment until he realizes that the emotion is not his own. Jeongguk is finally letting go, and his emotions rush, uninhibited, through their bond. Yoongi can feel it even more severely through his hypersensitivity, and suddenly he can feel his own hot tears soaking into Jeongguk’s hair.

Jeongguk continues to cry, harder now, he’s full on sobbing, and it’s messy and it’s embarrassing . But it feels so good . So good. He feels like he can breathe again, the way he just lets everything go, lets everything out. He can feel himself relaxing despite his wails, can feel the way his stress and anxiety are alleviated when he lets them flow through the bond, feels the burden be lightened by his mates taking portions of his sadness.

He can feel Yoongi shake as the older cries with him, and it’s weird, but it’s so comforting to see someone else, someone who’s an alpha , being vulnerable and broken too. Suddenly he feels another pair of arms wrap around both him and Yoongi, and the familiar sounds of Taehyung’s gentle, airy sobs reach his ears.

And he tenses, a feeling of shame rushing over him at the realization that his feelings are causing Taehyung pain through their bond. He’s ashamed that he’s even letting his beta see him like this. But Yoongi hushes him through his own tears:

“I-it’s o-oka-ay.” He says through broken sobs. “It’s-s oka-a-ay.” He promises the youngest.  

“Oh Baby,” He suddenly hears Seokjin’s broken voice, the feelings that he’s finally let flow are strong enough to wake all of them.

And soon he finds himself in the middle of their big bed, surrounded by shaky, crying bodies as his mates take on more and more of his emotions through the bond. Jimin is crying, Taehyung is bawling, he can feel Hoseok shaking with airy sobs behind him, Namjoon’s tears are hot against his neck, Yoongi’s wailing is intense enough to rival his own, and Seokjin’s weeping is gentle but still so passionate. And it’s weird, but it’s not bad .

And yeah he’s crying, he’s fucking hysterical . But it feels so good . The pressure of pent up feelings is gone, just completely, entirely, dissipated. And the shame of crying in front of and opening up to his mates is a distant memory. He’s so comforted by the fact that they’re crying with him, comforted by the fact that they’re not ashamed of him, not disgusted by him being vulnerable.

It just feels so nice . So... right . Feels like it was meant to be, like this is how it should have always been.

And despite the fact that they get no more sleep, despite the fact that when the sun is rising they’re gathered on the couch to cuddle with cups of cocoa, puffy eyes, and sniffles. Despite the fact that Yoongi misses his appointment. Despite the waves of tiredness that randomly wash over Jeongguk. Despite the conversation he catches later that day, of Namjoon scheduling therapy over the phone. Despite the texts he receives from Seokjin asking what he should make on the night his parents are coming for dinner. Despite the panic that suddenly rises in the back of his throat, causing all of them to rush to comfort him and Yoongi to hurriedly shove pills into his mouth. Despite all of it.

He’s okay. He’s not perfect, he’s certainly not fixed. But he’s better. And even though it’s weird, the way Taehyung’s suddenly by his side before he can even feel the sadness or stress that creeps up on him, or weird when Namjoon randomly finds him and kisses him over and over while holding his wrists to stop him from curling in on himself, or weird when Jimin literally kicks the bathroom door down to stop him from doing something stupid. It’s still not bad.

It’s… nice. Lovely even.

And maybe he’s even kinda starting to love the way he can feel their emotions more clearly too, starting to love that he’s learning how to handle them, loving the way he’s getting better at taking care of them. Loving the way that they seek him out instead of the other way around, though he still goes to them when he feels upset. Loving the way they call him alpha. Loving the way they praise him and the way they cling to him in public places. Loving the way they wear his scent proudly. Loving the way Namjoon smiles at him with a look of approval in his eyes, instead of worry.

And yeah, as weeks pass by, even as his panicking comes and goes, and Yoongi begins to need him more and more, and the date that his parents will visit is fast approaching, he knows he’ll be alright. It won’t be perfect, in fact, they all know it will be very not perfect. But that’s okay, because he’ll have his mates by his side, ready to take on his problems with him. Ready to keep him in check and steady, but most of all, ready to love and love him. No matter what.

And he thinks -no- he knows , he can definitely get used to that.