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Those Two

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Jimin woke up in the middle of the night. He was parched and so, waddled his way downstairs to get some water. He had so much fun yesterday but the fatigue registered as soon as he laid down.

He sighed in relief when he finished his glass but almost had a heart-attack when he saw someone on the hall as he turned to make his way back to bed.

"Tae?" Instead of responding, Taehyung moved closer to him. Next thing he knew, he was engulfed by a familiar warmth with the most alluring fragrance of strawberries. Jimin snaked his arms around Taehyung's waist and sighed on his shoulder, taking in a full whiff of a scent he didn't know he missed this much.

"I missed you." Tae finally spoke, the sleep was still evident in his voice.

"Me too." Jimin replied, tightening his hold on the others waist.

"Can I push of Jin-hyung off your bed?" Jimin chuckled from his friend's ridiculous question.

From where they stood, he saw a glimpse of the sofa on the living room. "Think the sofa's big enough for us?" He asked in return. Taehyung didn't even turn to look at it before saying 'yes'.

"Cuddles?" The younger asked with him still trapped in his arms.

"Cuddles." He agreed and let the younger lead him to the living room. He ended up being caged between Taehyung and the sofa's backrest. It might be a little narrow to accomodate the both of them but no one was complaining. At that time, they were exactly where they wanted to be.

"Tae?" Jimin spoke a couple of moments later. The other grunted in response. "Are you ok?" He asked.

All their fans are aware by now why it took some time before Taehyung was able to join them in Malta. Being his bestfriend, Jimin has the privelege to know everything surrounding it.

Sometimes he thinks it's way too much. He's happy being an idol and doing what he's best at but the limelight has its disbenefits. For one, you have to pretend that you're ok even if you're really not, all for the sake of image.

"I'm better now." Taehyung replied. He hummed, doubting what the other just said. He felt the other kissed the top of his head and a smile formed on his lips. "You worry way too much."

"I can't help it." He retorted, tilting his head up to look at Taehyung's face. "I don't like it when you're not ok."

Taehyung opened his eyes to meet his and gave him a small smile. The taller brushed the few stray hairs on his face before placing a gentle kiss on his frown. "I know I can cry my heart out to you on any given day Jiminie. I may not be completely ok but I'm with you now." Taehyung said, reassuring him by holding him closer. "So let's sleep fo now ok."

He gave a small nod before resting on the crook of Taehyung's neck."You'll do the same for me." He whispered as he breathe in Taehyung's strawberry scent.

"I will." He heard Taehyung say before sleep took over his senses.


The guys have lost track on how many times they've heard Jimin whine about Taehyung's absence. They should call him out on it but no one can really deny him anything. Not when he's all pouty and cute whenever he does it. Jimin isn't fond of being dismissed as cute, that's why the rest of the members and their staffs indulge themselves with his natural cuteness during moments like this.

Today though, he's being charming for entirely different reason: Teahyung's arrival. He's been giddy and can't seem to stay on his feet the whole time, waiting for his bestfriend- scratch that, "soulmate".

At first, they thought the whole "soulmate" thing was a bit of a stretch. Just a silly stunt to humor their fans. But as years passed, the bond between the two has become undeniably deep and complex that the word seems to sum it all up.

Their soulmate status has reached their ever growing fanbase, it seems. And although they show a lot of their bond in front of the camera, the people who're always around them can attest that those are nothing compared to what happens in close curtains. Suddenly, soulmate isn't so far-fetched anymore. It's perfect.


Namjoon sighed in surrender. It's partly his fault for choosing to sitting between Jimin and Taehyung. They've been finding the most ridiculous excuse to literally hold on to each other that he actually finds it quite amusing, if only he isn't in the most inconvenient spot.

Hobi was giving him sympathetic look across the table whilst Jin was clowing him whenever the camera wasn't focused on him.

As much as he wants to voice out his burden, he doesn't have the heart to do so. Taehyung has been through a lot these past weeks and Jimin has always been the one to comfort him.

The whole band is there for Taehyung and he knows it, but Jimin has this sort of thing that makes someone feel better. Like a happy pill in human form. Namjoon has been at the receiving end of Jimin's care several times before and he agrees to their fans when they labeled Jimin an angel. He really is one.

Though at that moment, these two angelic looking members are making Namjoon's life a bit hellish.


What for? Jungkook asked inside his head as his eyes fell on Taehyung and Jimin's intertwined hands. Sure, Taehyung has a tendency to get lost when left alone, Like you're not the same, he can hear Jin say, but putting that aside, he's been having the same scenario since the two reunited.

The time they spend away from each other wasn't even that long, added the fact that they've never lost contact through the whole ordeal. Always sending clips of the most insignificant thing and there's that scene caught on camera where Jimin was rushing to get reception to open Taehyung's message.

He guessed too much has never been a thing for the both of them. Sometimes, he finds himself too overwhelmed of how his hyungs treat him so lovingly (yes, cheesy, but true) but the exchange of affection between the two has never been too much. At least not for them.

Jungkook thinks it's the "soulmate culture" as their fans say.


"Absolutely not." Jin announced. "Don't you ever get tired of each other?" Jin asked, looking between Jimin and Taehyung. The two just stared back at him like he asked something weird. He rolled his eyes so far back his skull that he thought they might have fallen off.

He knew this was gonna happen and he's prepared for it. It's not that he doesn't want to sleep next to Jungkook but the younger's bed was to cramped for his own comfort. And even though they had a wonderful day, it was tiring and Jin likes the comfort of the wide bed he shares with Jimin.

"That bed is comfortable. I'm not about to trade it off. Go sleep next to Jungkook." He finalized and turned his back from the two. He swore he could hear the pout in Jimin's voice when he called his name to protest.


Hobi smiled and kept his distance from the door when he saw a glimpse of Taehyung near Jimin's bed. Being Jimin's roommate for the longest time, this wasn't new to him.

He quietly took a sip from his cup of tea as he watched the two. Well, one, since Jimin appears to be dead to the world already. He saw Taehyung shook his head in disapproval before removing his bestfriend's facemask that he left on. He moved to dispose it and went back to Jimin's side of the bed after doing so. What the audience will never know is how Taehyung boopped Jimin's nose, fixed his hair and left a kiss on the top of his head before he left the room.

Most of the guys find their dynamic a bit too much. Hobi adores it. Sometimes, he envies the kind of bond those two have. It's rare to have someone so different but understands you at the same time. He's seen those two fight multiple times. It even escalated to the point that they've thrown punches to each other but afterwards, after they've made-up, they seem to grow closer.

At this point, those two are so familiar with each other, they could communicate telepathically.

Hobi entered their room and placed the mug on the bedside table. He threw one last look at Jimin's small figure sprawled on bed before settling in.


In contrary of everyone's belief, even though Yoongi likes to sleep, most of the time, he's always the first one to wake up. His quiet steps made their way down the stairs. He needed coffee and so he made a beeline towards the kitchen and immediately poured himself a cup.

It was only after he had his necessary dosage of caffeine that the two familiar figures snuggled on the couch registered in his brain. He didn't even need his prescription glasses to know who those two were.

Yoongi swore those two are so opposite that they end up gravitating towards each other even more. Like magnets of some sort. He agrees with Hobi when he said that their bond makes you want to have someone like that in your life. Lucky for him, he has six guys he considers as his Jimin to his Taehyung.

It might not be soulmate tier, but this was a family he was more than grateful to have.