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Gone Fishin' - Artpost

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And here's artpost No. 3 ;) The second story I claimed in this year's Captain America Big Bang is actually one that doesn't have our favorite Brooklyn Boy(s) in the focus, but my favorite het pairing in the MCU instead - Clint Barton & Natasha Romanoff. But don't fret, "Gone Fishin'", written by Mari_Knickerbocker, has Bucky, Steve, and a slew of other MCU characters on board (pun intended!) for everyone to enjoy.

As you all already know, I won't spoil the story for you. Instead, I want to thank my author for the wonderful collab we had going. I'm a bit sad to see this road end here, but who knows, maybe we'll meet again at another Big Bang! Thank you, Courtney, for being an immense joy to work with, for sharing not only your story, but also some RL with me, and last but not least becoming a friend! *tacklehugs*

And now - on the with the art show! *inserts drumroll*




Note: this is the small version of them; I'll link to the original sized ones below


CH01 | CH02 | CH03 | CH04 | CH05 | CH06 | CH07 | CH08 | CH09 | CH10 | CH11



image host image host image host image host image host image host



Google Image Search (everything that's not mentioned below)
pixabay (most of the yacht pictures)
Fractured Simplicity (Bobbi Morse pic on the cover) (Natasha's pic, which is actually a public appearance of ScarJo) (Steve's pic, which is from a photoshoot Chris once did)
Clint's and Bucky's pics come from my own stock (and I have no idea from where I got them in the first place XD)


Title/Chapter Header: Monsieur Pomme

Names: Jack Lane

Again, I hope you like what you see! And now, please head over to the story and leave my author some love, too!