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It's Enough to Dream

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When Kai wakes up, the first thing he notices is how different his bed feels. He feels around a bit, brow furrowed but eyes remaining closed for the moment, and feels the different texture of the sheets. He opens his eyes intending to inspect the bed he'd woken up in, but he gasps sharply at the sight of his own arm. It's unmistakably something he's seen before, but it certainly looks nothing like his own. When he throws the comforter aside to see the rest of "his" body, he belatedly notices that these clothes covering scars that don't feel fresh aren't his either.

In his confusion, Kai does the first thing that occurs to him in an attempt to gain some control over the situation; he touches his arm with his opposite hand and attempts to use his quirk. Rather than his own quirk activating, his arm suddenly catches fire-- blue fire, to match the body he'd woken up in. Vaguely, Kai understands what's happening now, but he has no idea how it happened, and his panicking isn't making the fire any better, and he has no idea how he doesn't feel like he's getting burned yet.

He scrambles out of bed and stands in the middle of the room, eyes darting around too quickly to really take in any details. He runs to the door once he spots it, hesitating and feeling his body temperature rise to extreme degrees as he realizes he'll have to touch a doorknob with his bare hand, one that most likely hasn't been obsessively cleaned every day like the handles in Kai's own home. The fire on his arm has dissipated, but now he's smoking all over and he thinks he might pass out from this heat.

Somewhere behind him, a phone starts vibrating. Kai cautiously approaches the sound, moving the comforter with a shaking hand and seeing his own number on the lit up screen. He's not sure if he's relieved, but phones are another thing he hates touching, so he struggles to bring himself to pick it up.

"It's not... it's not mine..." Kai mutters to himself. It's not his body, so he doesn't have to worry about germs getting on him, because it's not actually him. Logically, it makes sense, but he still panics and feels like bugs are crawling all over him and he's actually thankful for this ridiculous heat that makes him sweat and smoke, since it at least might kill the germs he's so afraid of.

Hastily, he swipes to answer to call and takes a few inaccurate tries to put it on speaker phone.

"Ah, you picked up," his own voice says. "Just wondering if you were in the same boat."

That's Dabi. It has to be, unless this body swap thing went multiple ways.

"How-- how do I make my temperature go down?" Kai asks right away, beginning to panic with how high it's getting.

"First thing you need to do is calm down--"

"That's obviously fucking impossible!"

Fuck, another burst of flame comes to life with his outburst, licking at a jaw that doesn't quite belong to him.

"Alright, jeez. If you're gonna be a baby about it, I'll come to you..." He sort of trails off before sighing. "Or, well, I would. I bet if I take one step out of your door, your lackeys will sense something's off right away. Might end up killing me, and who knows what that'll do to you."

He's right. Especially so, since his precepts are aware of Toga's quirk and would assume that his strange lookalike is her. Kai tries to think of a good course of action, but his mind just keeps calling for Hari. Hari tends not to go straight for the kill, even if he can be quite quick to threaten it, so he might actually be the best option anyway.

Kai tells Dabi to hang up with him, call Hari to his room, and then immediately call him back. Dabi nonchalantly agrees, but several minutes pass and his phone doesn't ring again. Did Hari kill him? Or at least restrain him? How fucked is he, exactly?

Dabi hangs up as instructed and looks through Overhaul's contacts until he finds Chrono. He's about to call him before the door opens and he bristles, attempting to summon flames that don't come to his aid because he's not in his own body.

"Meeting in ten," a calm but somehow cheery voice calls. "You ready?"

Well, shit. Dabi doesn't know which one Chrono is, so he doesn't know if this one is safe to talk to at all. He hears him hum in confusion, possibly at Dabi's silence and refusal to turn around.

"Kai, you good?"

He hears him approaching and wonders for a moment if all the precepts are allowed to call Overhaul by name. Chrono is his right hand man, right? He'd probably be the one to come get him for a meeting and ask if he's alright.

"Chrono?" he asks just to be sure, still not facing him.

"Yes..? Are you feeling alright? I can reschedule the meeting if you need me to."

"Yeah, that's probably for the best."

Chrono ends up in front of Dabi and takes his mask off, revealing an unexpectedly pretty face. Well, why does he cover that up all the time?

"Huh," he accidentally says aloud at the sight of him. Chrono looks rightfully confused as hell.

"You're not wearing a mask..." Chrono points out.

"Neither are you since a couple seconds ago," Dabi remarks, and the dry, deadpan tone suits Overhaul's voice too, but not as much as his own.

"... Right, sorry," he says, putting it back on without question. "I'll go reschedule that meeting, then."

Just then, a thought occurs to Dabi that makes it nearly impossible to stifle a snicker.

"Actually, I just spaced out for a minute there. Refresh me on what this meeting is for on the way, will you? No need to put it off," Dabi says, walking straight into the lion's mouth for no particular reason other than that he thinks Overhaul's reaction later will be funny.

"Are you still half-asleep..? Well, whatever. It's not complicated or anything, just gotta convince a small gang leader from-- uh, hey, you're not leaving without a mask, are you?" Chrono stops him at the door.

"Oh yeah," Dabi says lightly in an "almost forgot" tone of voice, finding it hilarious to use Overhaul's voice like this. "Gloves, too. Damn, I'm really all over the place today, huh?"

Chrono tilts his head and Dabi can't help but snort at the mental image of what his face must look like.

"Just... wait here, I'll... get them..." Chrono says, uncertainty so thick in his voice it almost manifests physically. This guy seems fun to mess with, and he has a pretty face to boot. Overhaul is lucky as hell, isn't he?

"Oh, by the way..." Chrono starts, pausing in his tracks.


"What's the purpose of imitating him?" he asks, finally catching on. He doesn't pull a gun on him or anything, maybe because he's still uncertain, but Dabi hasn't exactly tried his best to be convincing.

"Not like I wanted to. Some kind of body swapping quirk or fuckin'... I don't know, magic drug or some shit must've hit us," Dabi admits, already sharing pretty much everything he knows about the situation in just that sentence. "Oh, I called my phone and your boss is in my body too, so... Although, he seemed pretty upset. Think he was setting himself on fire, actually. That'll happen, with my quirk."

"Body swap..? And... if you have a fire quirk, are you one of the league's, or..?"

"Yeah, I'm Dabi. And your boss wanted me to call him back once I've talked to you, so."

"... Fuck. Fuck, hang on."

Chrono pulls out his phone and makes a quick call, asking someone to reschedule that meeting.

"Aww, I thought it'd be fun to roleplay," Dabi pretends to whine. "You make a habit of ruining your boss's fun or what?"

"Kai-- Overhaul doesn't really have fun," Chrono tells him once he's done with his phone call.

"Yeah, no shit. I've heard nothing but bad shit about him, honestly, and he really seems like he could stand to cut loose. Think you sh--"

Suddenly, talking becomes a challenge and Dabi isn't quite sure why. He tries to move, but finds that to be difficult as well.

"I don't give a shit if you happen to be in his body right now. Don't think I can't punish you anyway," Chrono threatens, and Dabi notices an arrow framing his mask. "Take things too far and you're dead as soon as you're back in your own body. Got it?"

Dabi's hand finally finishes executing his attempt at curling his fingers and, just a few seconds after, he's back to normal. Well, as normal as he can be in someone else's body.

"Yeah, crystal clear," he answers now that he actually can. "But seriously, you should let him fuck you once in a while."

Dabi expects to be slowed down by another arrow at that, but Chrono seems too dumbfounded to react. He continues just to embarrass him further.

"You know, you've got a real pretty face under there. Overhaul's gotta see that too, right? Maybe you two are already fucking. Why else would he pick such a pretty boy as his right hand man?"

Dabi is honestly shocked that Chrono hasn't made any attempts to stop him again. Better keep going until he does, with a haughty smirk on his face to boot, one that doesn't suit Overhaul at all.

"'S weird hearing this in his voice, isn't it? "Let me fuck your pretty mouth, Chrono," does he ever say that to you?"

"St-- that's--"

"I bet you're blushing under that mask, huh? Take it off."

Dabi doesn't at all expect Chrono to actually obey. It's probably on impulse due to hearing the order in Overhaul's voice.

"Oh, look at you," Dabi coos, although he sounds more amused than seductive. He takes Chrono's chin in his hand, earning a gasp out of him. "Those eyes are so submissive."

"... Dabi, was it?" Chrono asks to confirm, some of the shock leaving his eyes. "If I..."

Chrono's phone conveniently starts vibrating before he can get that thought out. He pulls it back out of his pocket and checks it cautiously, like he's hesitant to take his eyes off of Dabi, and holds it up to show him. The number is unregistered to the phone, but Dabi recognizes it as his own. He's sorely tempted to lie and say he has no idea who that is, if only so Overhaul doesn't ruin his chance at having a fun fling with his pretty assistant.

"Yeah, that's mine," he says anyway. "Better answer before your boss burns my apartment down."

"Kai..?" Chrono hesitantly addresses once he answers the phone. Dabi can't really hear what Overhaul must be saying in Dabi's voice, but Chrono's face grows concerned at the sound of it.

"Uh... yeah, there was just a meeting I had to reschedule, but other than... Yeah, sorry about that... Oh, no, I didn't-- I mean, yeah, he told me what's going on, but I didn't do anything to him--"

"Heeee's a liar," Dabi leans in to say with a smirk, and Chrono seems flustered at having Overhaul's face so close to his. "Slowed me down or something 'cause I was running my mouth. All's fair, if I'm being honest."

"Just don't fucking kill him," he barely hears Overhaul order, sounding exasperated with traces of panic still in his voice, making for a combination Dabi has never heard out of himself.

Chrono puts up with the rest of the call without flinching, despite being interrupted a lot due to Overhaul's panic. Dabi zones out partway through it and wanders away to look around Overhaul's place. He knows the call is over when there's suddenly silence and he feels himself be pulled by the back of his collar.

"Overhaul doesn't slouch like that," Chrono chides as if Dabi hadn't been flirting relentlessly at him a few minutes ago. "He's going to take a long shower and wait for us to arrive. How far is your place?"

Dabi sucks in an exaggerated hiss and clicks his tongue.

"Pretty far... guess it probably wouldn't make much of a difference if we got distracted, huh?"

"Quit messing with me or I really will kick your ass once you're back in your body."

"Didn't think you were a top. Is that the fantasy you have with Overhaul?"

"Will you--"

"Nah, you're too submissive to him. I bet you wish he'd pin you down and fuck you 'til you can't walk. Want me to do that for you?"

"You-- you've gotta stop..." Chrono says again, and he looks a little pained like he's conflicted about saying no.

"Mm, how's he talk, again? Let me make this convincing for you."

Dabi clears his throat to make a point.

"It's filthy, but I guess I can indulge for you, just once," he says, even making a convincingly disgusted expression. "Just clean up properly and don't follow me into the shower after."

Talking less like himself and more like Overhaul seems to stun Chrono and tinge his cheeks red.

"You'd do anything for me, wouldn't you, Chrono?" he asks, and somehow, he feels a weight on those words that he didn't even intend to put there.

"For Kai, yes," Chrono answers pointedly, not forgetting who he's actually talking to.

"I never really reward you like I should, do I?" It's a guess, but Overhaul doesn't seem like he'd give enough of a shit, so he's probably right. "Perhaps you're overdue."

Chrono makes a noise that can only really be described as a frustrated sob.

"Fuck, you better mean it," he finally snaps, dragging Dabi to bed. "Didn't even make the bed, he'd be so pissed."

He only manages to get his coat off before he's allowing Dabi to crowd him onto the bed.

"Bet he'd be pissed that I'm about to fuck you in his body, too," Dabi quips, and Chrono doesn't seem to appreciate the reminder that he's not Overhaul, despite just alluding to it himself.

"Can... can you keep talking like him?" Chrono asks, shame clear in his expression even as his eyes avoid Dabi. He grabs Chrono by the chin and makes him look at him.

"That won't do, will it? I want you to look at me while I fuck you."

Chrono gasps and Dabi figures he must be doing a convincing enough job acting like Overhaul despite the fact that he's just winging it. Man, he probably could have nailed that meeting. Maybe Overhaul would have even thanked him for taking care of it. Maybe he'll thank him for taking care of Chrono, too.

The sound he makes when Dabi touches him through his pants is cute. Overhaul really is squandering what he has, isn't he? Dabi is tempted to express just that out loud, but Chrono clearly prefers it when he doesn't break character. Not that trying to adhere to Chrono's wishes really lasts long once Dabi realizes something.

"I doubt your boss keeps lube in here, huh?" he supposes. Chrono freezes, the thought clearly having slipped his mind as well.

"... Fuck," he mutters. He then jumps out of bed and makes for the door, yelling over his shoulder for Dabi not to move until he gets back. Dabi laughs; Chrono really did just sprint out the door so he could fuck Overhaul, even if it's not actually him.

Kai had kept his thoughts to himself at the first sight of Dabi, but he did assume based on his appearance that he's just as filthy and disgusting as he looks. Now stuck in his body, he expected to be met with untold horrors if he looked too closely at the stitches, but he couldn't resist looking anyway. To his surprise, he doesn't see a single thing wrong besides the scarring and patchwork itself. It occurs to him that it makes sense for Dabi to stay as clean as possible with a body like this, as he could easily put himself in danger otherwise.

That makes Kai relax, marginally. Still, he needs a long, hot shower, and maybe even a bath after. He has no idea how far this place is from his own residence, so Hari could easily be a while. Scratch that, his bathroom has one of those combination showers that has the tub in it. No way is he taking a bath in that, he'll just stick to a shower for now and have Hari draw him a bath later, at his place.

As soon as he's made that observation, he goes straight for the sink and starts vigorously washing his hands. He happens to glance up and is startled by his reflection despite his knowledge of the situation. Since he's already looking, he checks himself for smoke, or even fire, but it seems like he's calmed down enough for that nonsense to stop. He'll have to keep in mind that Dabi apparently turns into a fireplace when he's stressed, for future reference.

Even over the notoriously shitty quality of a cell phone speaker, hearing Hari's voice was a big help in calming himself down. For some reason, Hari then dominates his mind, leaving little room for Kai to focus on anything else. He doesn't mind the distraction from his current situation, but it's a bit odd that he can't even try to think of anything else. He wonders if it has something to do with his body and the fact that it's with Hari.

Kai then resigns to having to carefully clean the seams and staples he's never had before, predicting that he'll most likely end up taking even longer than his typical 40 minutes to an hour. It's a way to pass the time, at least, he muses as he steps under hot water and barely even feels it. Hari is there in his mind as a distraction the entire time.

"You really expect me to sully myself like this?" Dabi asks, having figured out that Chrono might have a thing for being talked down to, unless that's just so Overhaul that it turns him on. "How do you plan to make this up to me, Chrono?"

"Anything..." He has to swallow a moan and he sighs shakily. "I already said I'd do anything for you."

He looks so fucking good, fingering himself with his other hand fisted in the sheets by his head. He's holding back too much, trying too hard to keep those adorable noises under control, and Dabi can't wait to tear that control away from him.

"Do you like it rough, Chrono? Do you want me to hold you down and fuck you as hard as I can?"

Chrono gives a choked moan at that, arching into his own touch. Dabi wants so badly to drop Chrono's given name, just to see the reaction it'd get, but Dabi doesn't even fucking know it, which is the biggest shame he's ever experienced. He sets a gentle hand on Chrono's thigh and tries to raise his body temperature before quickly remembering that he's physically unable to at the moment. That's a shame, he'd love to leave warm hand prints all over Chrono's body, make him gasp with sudden flashes of heat that are almost painful.

Chrono makes such a fucking noise when Dabi finally starts pushing in, like he's been waiting his whole life for Overhaul to fuck him-- and he still hasn't even gotten it, the poor thing.

"Am I hurting you?" he asks, concern not even attempting to make its way into his voice. He's fairly certain that the uncaring tone turns Chrono on even more.

He shakes his head, though, already grinding against Dabi like he's desperate for him to move. Dabi has none of it, roughly grabbing Chrono's hips and holding him down. He can feel Chrono shudder, can hear how it affects his voice.

"Fuck, this is so wrong," he keens just as Dabi moves a little. He's still conflicted after all, then.

"You wanna stop?"

Immediately, Chrono shakes his head even more enthusiastically than before. Plenty satisfied with the answer, Dabi leans down and kisses at Chrono's neck as he starts rocking into him, slowly and gently at first to indulge what he's sure Chrono must want out of someone he loves so much. He's either stopped holding back completely or Dabi was right about how much he wants this kind of treatment, because he's already so loud and Dabi is barely even fucking him yet.

Dabi's hands slide up to Chrono's waist to hold him there, one quickly leaving to hold a leg open instead. He speeds up just a little, pressing his lips against Chrono's adam's apple and feeling it vibrate as he moans, and bob as he swallows. He's so tight that if Dabi were actually the one Chrono is so devoted to, so in love with, he'd think he's doing it on purpose.

"Are you a virgin?" Dabi asks as it occurs to him. "You're so loud, you're making me think nobody else has ever gotten to hear these cute noises."

He's not sure if Chrono would've answered or not, but he quickly becomes unintelligible as Dabi speeds up to a pace he's more used to. His hands release the sheets to grab at Dabi's shoulders instead and he starts practically screaming the name belonging to the body Dabi is borrowing so fucking reverently. He sounds like he's crying, but his cheeks are unfortunately tear-free. Dabi plans to change that just to see how cute he looks when he's crying.

He fucks him harder, gives him a sweet little kiss on the cheek that Dabi can tell will make Chrono emotional, and, just as he wanted, he can see Chrono blinking tears away. Poor thing is gonna end up with a sore throat if Dabi doesn't let up, and there's no way all his little precept buddies don't know exactly what's going on, with how much of a screamer he is.

He wraps all around Dabi like he never wants to let go-- of Overhaul, that is. He's not at all hurt by the knowledge that it isn't Dabi Chrono is into, especially since he'd been the one to start this in the first place. He's known to speak his mind, and how can he stay quiet when a clearly underappreciated cutie unmasks himself in front of him? He wishes they had more time so Dabi could take his time unraveling Chrono over the course of an entire night. He'd still be a fling, but making him beg to be broken sounds like such a fun idea.

"What are you waiting for? Jerk yourself off, I wanna see you come," Dabi says, and Chrono obeys immediately. He throws his head back, practically begging Dabi to mark him, but who knows how much trouble that could get Chrono into? Pissing Overhaul off sounds fun, but not if it gets this cutie killed, so he has mercy and keeps his biting light, leaving faint marks that'll disappear before Overhaul can notice them.

When he comes, it's like he's run out of his voice, biting his lip like he's suddenly self-conscious again and only a little hum of a moan gets past his throat even as his entire body tightens around Dabi.

"Inside," Chrono says against his ear, breathless. "He'd never..."

Chrono doesn't voice most of the request, but with the way he holds Dabi close to him with an unexpected strength, he can easily gather what he wants.

"You want me to make even more of a mess of you, Chrono? How disgusting," Dabi indulges, although he doesn't pretend to be disgusted in any aspect but his words.

Even though it's Dabi doing it, the fact that it's Overhaul's body is enough to give Chrono this dreamy look on his face as he's filled up. He shudders, making one more tiny noise in his throat.

Dabi only allows himself a few seconds to take in Chrono's pretty, satiated face before he rolls off of him.

"Never speak of this," Chrono pants almost right away, turning to give him a distressed look. "Please."

"Sure," Dabi shrugs non-committally.

"I mean it. I don't know how he'd take it and I... fuck, please."

"Relax, your secret's safe with me," Dabi assures, offering a dismissive wave.

"Take a shower before we leave, too."


He sits up and Dabi doesn't bother following.

"I'll make sure everything's clean and in order out here..."

"Hey, aren't you forgetting something?"

Chrono looks at him expectantly. Dabi taps the corner of his mouth, of Overhaul's mouth, offering Chrono one last indulgence. The kiss is slow when Chrono finally initiates it, and criminally shallow as well. Maybe someday, Chrono will get what he deserves, because this sure wasn't it.