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By Futaba's recommendation, Claudine had picked up a new app for her phone. Snapchat; everyone used it, so she figured she might as well join the bandwagon.

Even Maya had started using it at some point, and Claudine wasn't about to let the brunette one-up her in any way.

So she had exchanged information with all of her friends, hoping that this would help her keep up-to-date on current events around the dorm.

Other than that, she didn't plan on using it much.

Not that she was given a choice, of course, given who her friends were.

Notifications popped up on her screen for every dog Karen passed by, every meal Nana cooked, and every dirty joke that came to Kaoruko's head. Most surprising though, was her first message from Maya.

Maya, her sworn rival, the girl she hated more than--

When she opened the snap, she nearly dropped her phone.

It was a picture Maya had taken of herself in a casual outfit, half-sitting on a bathroom counter, one knee tucked up to her chest carelessly, throwing out a peace sign as she gave the camera a small smile. The bottom of the screen read:

"What's up?"

It was... adorable. Claudine managed to get a screenshot before it went away, a light pink dusting her cheeks as she did so.

She closed the app briefly to look at the picture in her camera roll. She justified it by telling herself that it was for the purpose of studying her rival. To get the upper hand on her, somehow.

But she soon remembered that she had forgotten to actually reply, so she went back to send a picture of her own.

Out of good humor, she returned the peace sign in her picture, but kept a neutral face as she sat on her bed. After taking the lazy picture, she typed out a caption.

"Just finished practice. Going to bed."

She pressed send, throwing herself onto her bed and closing the app, going straight for her camera roll. She opened the screenshot she had just taken, but before she could get a good look, she received another snap from Maya.

She tapped on it, and couldn't stop the way her eyes widened when it loaded.

Maya was still in a bathroom, her dark blue shirt was hanging to the side, revealing one of her shoulders, and the lighting made her look perfect. She was winking, giving the camera that little grin that always drove the blonde insane.

"Isn't it a little early? It's only 9."

Claudine bit her lip as she screenshotted the image. She wanted to go to bed, but... if she kept this conversation going, she could get more pictures of Maya. For research purposes, of course.

Still laying down, her hair sprawled out, she winked as well, still keeping that uninterested look as she took the picture. She took a moment to think before typing out a message to go with it.

"What are you doing, then?"

After that, she was given some time to admire her camera roll before a new notification appeared.

This picture of Maya featured her sitting in the same position as her first snap, sitting with one leg tucked up. She had one hand running freely through her hair, and giving the camera a half-lidded smile.

"Just talking to you."

She screenshotted it immediately.

She wasn't going to lie, Maya was hot. Looking at the image a second time made Claudine feel like she was going to spontaneously combust.

She spent so long staring at the picture that another message came in.

She opened it to reveal the girl sticking her tongue out of a playful smile, the camera angled down just slightly to show her collarbone and right shoulder spilling out of her loose shirt.

"How are you enjoying snapchat?"

After screenshotting the image she took a picture of herself sticking her tongue out, copying Maya's grin. She tapped the photo to type out a message.

"Kaoruko is annoying but it's fun I guess."

The rest of the night continued like this, and Claudine saved every selfie that was sent to her.


The next morning, Claudine awoke to the sun pouring in through her window, and her phone buzzing next to her pillow.

She groaned in exhaustion, ignoring her phone for a moment. As she recalled the events of yesterday, her face began to heat up; she had ended up screenshotting around fifteen or twenty pictures from Maya.

After that, Futaba had messaged her, and the two talked for a while, but Claudine fell asleep after sending a joke that had her grinning last night, but now she couldn't even remember what it was.

She lazily grasped for her phone, pulling it closer to her face when she finally had a handle on it. Pressing the home button, she squinted at the screen.

Futaba screenshotted your snap!


Without another thought, Claudine put the phone down and closed her eyes. It could wait five more minutes--


Her eyes shot open.

"Wait a minute--"

She rolled over and sat up, grabbing her phone and staring at the notification on her screen.

"...Oh no," she muttered. "Shit."

If her phone was letting her know that Futaba had saved her snap, then...

Maya knew about every single one of those pictures that Claudine saved. She cursed under her breath, unlocking her phone and going right into her string of messages with Maya.

Before she could even think about what to do next, she received a new message from the girl in question. Claudine hesitated for a moment, before opening it.

The picture was of Maya laying in her bed, running a hand through her hair and winking again, smiling sleepily into the camera with a light pink dusting her cheeks. At the bottom was a short message.

"Did you enjoy those pictures last night?"

Claudine barely kept herself from taking a screenshot, and she felt her face heat up in both anger and embarrassment.

She moved to reply, taking a picture of herself in bed with one arm above her head as she gave the camera her signature glare.

"Shut up."

She slammed her phone onto the mattress angrily, trying to calm her pounding heart. But it only took about thirty seconds for her phone to buzz again, pulling her out of her moping.

She grabbed it, looking at the screen.

Maya screenshotted your snap!

Claudine wondered, in that moment, if it was possible for a person to die of embarrassment.