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'Three Wishes To Go, Please!'

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Aomine was grumbling as he walked through the forest with firewood under his arm. He still couldn’t believe that he had to take Momoi with him. Important mission, they said. You wanted to go on a journey anyways, they said. Now he was stuck with his childhood friend who just couldn’t stop nagging his ears off. He mumbled in frustration as he bent down to pick up another piece of wood that looked like it would burn nicely.

Go find some firewood, ” Aomine mimicked her in a high pitched voice. “ We need to rest.

He had to accompany her to the king of these lands because of her magical capabilities. Take her to him, they said. The country seems to be in trouble, they said. But Aomine couldn’t even see an evil fly in the air. He ground his teeth and glared with a clouded face directly to the front, stomping like a gorilla. There were some birds that flew away, but who could blame them as a rather big guy raged through the woods.

As he took another piece of wood from the ground he began to curse and yell loudly. “You fucking piece of shit, wood.” He let all the firewood he collected fall to the ground. “Fuck this, fuck them, fuck everything.” He inspected his finger and pulled out the stupid splinter tenderly, all this while biting his bottom lip. After the successful operation he stuck his finger in his mouth. He was about to bent over to collect the firwood when something caught his eyes.

There was a garden in the middle of the woods. And there right in the middle of said strange garden was a piano, waiting happily to be played. Aomine was baffled to say the least. He walked closer to the thing. He wanted to take a closer look, just that, and nobody could really blame him. Who in hell would expect a beautifully kept garden with a piano in this godforsaken place? He was literally in a forest and the weirdest part was he could not see any kind of house that was in close proximity that would explain this. Thus he stepped closer again, looked around and then touched the piano cautiously. You could never be careful enough after all. There were all kinds of creatures roaming the forest lately, wolves, bandits, even soldiers and knights. You could never be careful enough.

When he finally put his finger on the smooth wooden surface, a wide grin found its way on his face. He could have fun with this for a while at least, and keep Momoi waiting, she deserved it the way she had been bossing him around. With the least kind of finesse he began pressing the buttons and playing the piano, he was no musician but it was somewhat fun to do this. So he just pressed buttons, heard how animals and even trees and bushes protested. But he couldn’t care less at the time. Until, well, until something came out of the piano, he stumbled back and fell on his ass and nearly screamed his lungs out when a mini human was flying around right in front of his face.

“What the fucking shit?!” He nearly screamed as he tried to swat away that mosquito like human.

“If I was in your position, I would stop this nonsense.” The… thing said pushing up his glasses.

Aomine watched it with big eyes for a while, tried to understand what was going on, at some point he even thought that he was dreaming and therefore pinched himself. The only thing it lead to though was a pulsing pain that stayed on his skin while he couldn’t take his eyes away from that thing. He just realized but it had small fly wings and strange coloured hair.

“What the hell are you…” Was his first question that sounded more like he could still not believe what was going on.

“You foolish human,” the little thing said swirling further away and pushing up his glasses once more. “You dare lay your filthy, untalented fingers upon my home, summon me out of my cocoon of sleep, and yet not know what creature it is that will be talking to you?”

That was the cue that made Aomine jump up to his feet. Filthy? Foolish? Untalented? Was this fly for real?

“I think…” With a fast move Aomine caught the little human, and held him in a cage made out of his hands, his fingers being the bars through which he could see the little thing. He realized then that it was glowing and leaving behind some kind of glittery dust. “... you don’t seem to realize in what position you can be in no time. Now tell me, what the hell are you?”

It didn’t take long for Aomine’s eyes to go wide when the little thing between his palms sighed, snapped his fingers and Aomine began to move entirely without having control over his limbs. He was standing stiff and straight like a soldier about to be scolded and looked with big eyes towards the thing that swirled up to his eyes, looked through his glasses rather angrily.

“Normally…” It trailed off and swirled once around Aomine’s head. “Humans beg for my help. Yet here you are, without any knowledge over the powers I possess, and dare to threaten me on my homeland.” He was flying right in front of Aomine’s eyes, crossed his arms before speaking on. “Human. My name is Shintarou Midorima, you laid your filthy hands upon my choice of instrument for humans to summon me for help. I grant you-”


Unphased from Aomine’s interruption Midorima continued. “- three wishes of your choice. Anything. That is the duty of my people, whatever, whoever plays my instrument of choice is granted these wishes and I will fulfill each of them.”

“Wait. wait, wait! Are you telling me…” Aomine breathed in deep, he wasn’t able to move yet. “I can wish whatever I want?”

“Yes. Sadly, I have to listen to fools like you as well.”

“What was that?” There was this inner wish to squish that little thing.

“If you wish to die you can try what is in your mind.” Midorima snapped his fingers once more before he swirled a few feet away and then stopped again.

Aomine though was relieved when he could feel his arms and legs again. He would have never thought that moving would be this amazing. He stretched his joints, moved his fingers and testingly squatted once or twice, everything seemed to be fine with him. Then finally his attention returned to the small human being that was swirling around in the air. He was still baffled, but not scared. He had heard of all kinds of creatures from Momoi as they were little, his first fright was over, now he could talk some business with this guy.

“You are a pixie?” There was a grin on his face. “I always thought they were supposed to be beautiful little women flying around with short skirts who can’t control urges.” There might have been a mocking tone to his voice.

The next thing he felt was how he was yanked by his collar up into the air. He couldn’t feel the ground beneath him.


The pixie just flew up with him as Aomine took off, further up and up, until he was above the trees.

“Now. Normally, I am above threats like these, and I fairly dislike them. However-” It flew closer to Aomine. “I, too, have friends important to my soul and your words were rather insulting to their whole being.” He drew up an eyebrow. “I want to show our difference in power, Daiki-” Aomine’s eyes widened when he heard his name. “You may yield that sword of yours, be a master of it like none other, I however-” There might have been a very unmanly shriek that left Aomine’s mouth when he felt how the hold on his collar loosened and he began to fall, luckily he was caught mid air soon after. “- posses the power of gravity and the elements of earth, on me was bestowed the duty to grant wishes for you lowly humans from my great king. I hope we now see each other as equals?” Aomine was placed gently on the ground.

“Jeez, no need to go all out, midget.” He knew that it might be too daring to insult the pixie in this way, he, however, couldn’t let this get to him. There was a reason why he was the best swordsman in his village -it wasn’t because he was holding back all the time.

“That I cannot deny. My size however, does not matter in sense of power difference. You are a giant of a man yet would never be able to kill my kind.” Midorima swirled up and then down, sitting down on Aomine’s shoulder. “Now, let us talk about formalities, what is it that your heart desires?” He looked up to Aomine’s face from above his glasses, bouncing his leg.

“An immortal horse.” Was what shot out of Aomine’s mouth without even a second of thought. That was a wish suited for a soon to be knight like him, he needed a huge dignified horse to accompany him. He just saw shortly how the pixie snapped his fingers and right before him there it was, a huge horse, made for noblemen. His eyes widened as he approached the horse. He couldn’t believe what just happened.

“I-It appeared out of nowhere!” His voice sounded as baffled as he felt. “I… I can’t believe this!”

He laid his hand on its mane and petted the horse’s back but as he was about to pull himself up to the saddle, the horse buckled and sent Aomine’s flying through the air. Once again that day Aomine found himself on his ass, sitting and looking up rather baffled but this time also angry. His head snapped to the pixie who seemed to have left his shoulder before this could happen.

“What the hell?” He yelled.

“Foolish man.” Midorima said as he flew up to the horse’s head and sat down between its ears. “Your wish was not specific enough, be grateful that I did not give you a small useless horse. I am nicer than a few other of my species. It is my job to grant your wishes, however I do grant them the way I deem right. I saw in your stance, your arrogance and ungratefulness, thus I gave you this magnificent beautiful immortal horse that you will never be able to ride. Its name must be chosen correctly or it might even stop following your orders. Be wise, swordsman.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever…” Aomine grumbled in annoyance, he would have really liked to get to the pixie, squish it to mush, until its glitter was mixed with its blood. As of now however, Midorima was right, he did in fact not possess the power to do anything to the pixie, so he just crossed his arms and began thinking. What would a horse a knight couldn’t ride be of use? He looked at the horse with squinted eyes and felt his anger boil as his eyes fell on the pixie between its ears. What a waste of his first wish. “You could have told me before, you know.” He then muttered before he picked up the firewood. He needed to get back to the camp.

“Be grateful I told you after your first wish. It is your, humans’, duty to know the creatures they so easily use and disrespect.”

Aomine heard how the horse started following him… At least now he could tell people he had a horse, maybe leave out the part about not being able to ride it then. He sighed.

“You were forgotten a few years back…. are lucky that people like Satsuki exist....” Aomine mumbled more to himself than the pixie.

“I do not need luck, Daiki. I have the power to create from nothingness, I do not need luck. Also I carry my lucky item of day.”

“Lucky… item?” Aomine said face scrunching up in confusion. “Before you start telling me I don’t care.” He then added rather fast and quickened his steps.


Luckily it didn’t take long for the trio to return to camp. Aomine was glaring at the firewood in his arms, actually didn’t even stop glaring when he heard Momoi approaching him.

“There you are, you big idiot! Do you know how scary it gets in the woods all alone?” She didn’t even sound annoyed or scared as she bounced towards him; it was probably quite the opposite. She was able to assess situations well and if she had been scared there would have been something that had happened. “Aren’t you supposed to prote-”

Aomine looked at her quite annoyed but saw soon that she wasn’t looking at him but past him. He nearly turned around when he remembered - right, there was the horse; he really had to explain a few things.

“How did you get that horse?” She said pointing towards it.

It really would be a bother to explain, she would believe him that was for sure but it would also cost a lot of energy he was not ready to waste on a mundane explanation. But he eventually had to tell her so better sooner than having his ears nagged off later, he opened his mouth but then he heard Momoi gasp excitedly.

“I can’t believe this!” Her voice was high, ear numbingly high, she was bouncing up and down, all whilst pointing at the horse’s head and looking at Aomine with star shaped eyes. “You found a pixie!!”

“Calm down.” He finally said, her voice was scratching his eardrums.

There was a cough followed by Momoi smoothing down her long robes.

“The lady can see me?” Aomine’s head snapped to Midorima.


“What, is she not supposed to?” His voice rumbled. He was really annoyed, he needed rest and something proper to eat. Momoi’s cooking was slowly burning a hole into his stomach.


“No. There is a reason why humans have to play our instrument of choice before we grant them a wish. Normally we are not visible to human eye and even after the instrument is played only the human who played it has the ability to see us.”


At this point Aomine was sure he was going to pop a vein. “When were you planning to tell me?!” He snapped.

Momoi stomped on the ground with an annoyed look on her face as she breathed in deep.

“I rarely repeat myself, but as you seem to be the dense kind of human I will repeat it for you once again.” At some point he would turn that pixie into mush, Aomine just had to wait for the right moment. “ It is your, humans’ duty to know the creatures they so easily use and disrespect. Please keep that in mind.”


“What?” His voice was maybe harsher than he intended it to be but Momoi was unfazed as she looked him in the eyes.

“Can you not start a fight?” She glared at him while crossing her arms, then a sigh left her lips before she talked on. “You know, I have a lot of questions for both of you, however, we should first light the campfire before it gets dark and cold.”

“She is quite sharp, not like other people.” The pixie said and swirled towards her and stopped flying right beside her head, giving Aomine the stink eye.

Momoi had a hard time keeping a straight face - firstly, this whole situation was exciting for her, and secondly, the pixie seemed to be quite fun.

“For hell’s sake…” Aomine mumbled as he got to work.


“So, how did you find him?”

Aomine was making a face at whatever he had to chew to get a full stomach. He was really close to teach cooking to himself. After forcing the stuff that he could hardly call food down his throat he replied Momoi.

“Played a piano in a garden.”


“Let him explain.” he pointed towards the pixie sitting on top of the horse’s head and eating his own share of food, he so magically let appear; it looked damn tasty. Momoi huffed in frustration as she turned to the pixie.

“Dai is being a pain, could you maybe explain to me what happened? I want to learn about your kind. More than I already know.” She showed her sweetest smile.

The pixie however pushed up his glasses and eyed Momoi from head to toe “What is it that you know about us?”

Momoi hummed and leaned over, supporting her head with her hands. “The usual, I’d say. You grant three wishes to whoever summons you, but these wishes have to be formulated carefully if the person who wishes wants to get exactly what he wishes for. I just don’t know how to summon you…”

Midorima snapped his fingers and his dishes disappeared; he stood up on the horse’s head and then swirled -leaving a trail of green glitter behind him- towards Momoi and came to a stop a few inches from her face.

“You, young lady, seem to have learned a few things before starting to travel through magical lands. The fool there,” he pointed towards Aomine with his head.


Ignoring Aomine’s outburst the little pixie talked on “played a piano, my instrument of choice, to summon me.”

“Oh!” Momoi sat up abruptly and looked at Midorima with big eyes. “So you have musical instrument assigned to you?”

Midorima rose an eyebrow at how excited the girl seemed. “Indeed.” was his short answer.

“That’s so amazing!” She shot up from her sitting position and nearly hopped over to Aomine. “We have to find another one! I want three wishes too.” Her grin was big as she crouched down in front of Aomine.

“I have to get you to the king, Satsuki, not play games with you.” he grumbled as he looked at his food, apetit long gone, however he had to eat if he wanted to have enough energy to keep going, he sighed.

“Dai! It could help us…” she made a pouty face “please?”

Aomine really didn’t want to be part of this, however, when he looked at Momoi, her sparkling eyes, her little pout he sighed again. “Okay.” he then said.

He just heard her cheer as she jumped up and down excited like a little child. “This will help me so much with my studies!”

“One condition though.” Aomine quickly added.


“When we get to the crown city we will eat something nice…”

Momoi laughed loudly. “That’s not a condition I could say no to. I had actually planned that already.” Then she continued her grinning and hopping and cheering, talked a bit more with the grumpy pixie before they decided to settle for the night.