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Chapter 9

Couple days later they were all together in the loft sitting around Lou who was still recovering. Her head was gradually getting better, so of course, she wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible, but the girls were having none of it so Lou was still resting most of the time.

When the girls left and it was only Debbie and Lou.

“Do you want more juice?” Debbie asked.

“No but I could use some vodka”, Lou said under her breath.

“I heard you”, she said looking at Lou and feigning anger.
Lou smiled.

When Debbie came back to the couch she saw Benny trying to jump on.

“Benny down!”, she almost screamed.

“Debs, Jesus don’t scare him like that”, Lou said when Benny ran to his bed.

“Sorry, I just didn’t want him to jump on your ribs until you’re healed”

Lou's eyes softened as she said,

“He knows that Debs, he’s pretty smart you know”

“Yeah”, Debbie said still feeling bad about yelling.

“And he is pretty forgiving”, she teased Debbie.

“And you?”

“What about me?”, Lou was confused.

“Will you forgive me?”

“For?”, Lou still didn’t know what Debbie was on about.

“For leaving you there that night.”

“Debbie, you didn’t leave me anywhere, I was at my club how could you know”

“I should’ve known when he came that night something was off and then they told us you were in the hospital”, Debbie's voice got very quiet as she played with her blanket.

Lou knew Debbie and she knew there were no words she could say that would make Debbie feel better so she came closer to her and put her head on her shoulder as she took her hand in hers.

Debbie squeezed her hand as hard as she could and exhaled.

“I felt the baby kicking today,” Debbie said calmly.

“What? When?”, Lou smiled widely.

“When the girls were here.”

“What didn’t you say something?”

Debbie shrugged and Lou knew that Debbie deep down was a shy person who didn’t want to be in the spotlight unless necessary.

“What does it feel like?”, Lou was curious.

“Weird, but in a good way”

“When’s your next appointment, I thought you had one last week”

“No, I have one next Monday”

“And last week?”, Lou wouldn’t budge.

“She canceled”, Debbie was a terrible liar.

“Debbie.”, Lou said sternly.

“Fine. I canceled, I wanted to make sure you don’t do anything stupid while I’m away okay?” Lou could felt the worry in her voice so she simply said,

"Thank you", and put her head back on her shoulder.

Later that evening it was time to treat Lou's wound, something only Debbie did since Lou was released from the hospital.
So like every night she was prepared to the fullest and took it very seriously. The same could not be said for Lou, who would probably change it every five days if Debbie didn't badger her.

“Come on, shirt up, we have to change the bandages”

“Ughhh”, later Lou groaned sleepily.


“Fine”, she said lifting her shirt up.

Debbie was standing above her with all the equipment she got in the hospital and to be honest she became quite skillful in doing so this past couple of days.

As she was taking the old bandage Lou winced in pain.

“It still hurts ha?”, she said sympathetically.


“Liar”, Debbie smiled.

“Okay. A little”, she admitted.

“You sure you don’t want pain meds?”

“Yeah I’m good”

“But the doctor said it’s perfectly fine to take one, even two per day so you’ll sleep better”

“I sleep just fine”, she objected.

“Lou you’re forgetting I’ve been to jail and I’m a light sleeper so I hear you going in and out of your room”

“Look if I’m keeping you up I can sleep downstairs”, Lou said defensively.

“Come on Lou that’s not what I meant! I just want you to not be in so much pain.”, Debbie said playing with one lock of Lou’s hair.

“I can’t take them”, Lou said looking down in shame.


Lou sighed. “Couple years ago I fell from my bike and hurt my leg pretty badly, and they gave me pain meds and I guess I took them for too long and one thing led to another I couldn’t function without them.”

Debbie was speechless. Six years sometimes seemed like a lifetime. She wondered how many more shitty situations Lou had to get through alone and it physically hurt to think about what was, so she tried to make it better now that she was finally here.

“We’ll sleep together until you get better, we will watch TV, read or I’ll tell you all about prison dramas until you’re asleep”, Debbie saw Lou wanted to say something so she lifted a finger and said, “And no you don’t wanna fight me on this one”

“I just wanted to ask my room or yours?” Lou smirked.

“Smartass, your room is bigger so..”

Lou gasped and said, “You damn well know I gave you a better room with a view!”

Debbie chuckled “I know, I know but I like yours better.”

“Wanna switch?”,

Debbie shook her head, “Nope”

“But you’ll still complain mine is better”



That night Lou came to her room while Debbie was changing.

“Shit, sorry I thought you were in the bathroom”, Lou said awkwardly not knowing whether to leave the room or not. They haven't exactly seen each other like that for a long time and she would hate to admit it but Debbie was still just as beautiful as she was when they were a thing, and pregnancy suited her.

"That's okay", Debbie said softly.
"I'm almost done anyway"

A couple of minutes later Debbie was under the covers together with Lou and it was just a question of time when Benny would join them.

“What are we watching?”

“There’s really nothing worth watching”, Lou sighed as she looked at the ceiling.

“Give”, Debbie said taking remote from Lou’s hand and a couple of seconds later she found a comedy starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lou nodded in approval.

“I know you have a crush on her, you don’t have to pretend.”

“What, I do not!”, Lou said blushing.

“You hate those cheesy movies but I’ve never heard you complain when she’s on screen”
Debbie said smugly.

“Fine, she’s insanely hot”, Lou admitted and started to laugh.

“You’re insufferable”, They were now laughing together.

“I was jealous of her back in the day”

“Of Catherine Zeta-Jones? She didn’t exactly live in the neighborhood”, Lou teased.

“No, but a lot of hot girls like her did”, Debbie said more seriously now.

“I was never interested in anyone else”, Lou said matter-of-factly.

“But a lot of them were interested in you”, Debbie made her point.

“Like I said I wasn’t interested in anyone else”, Lou said shortly trying really hard to keep her eyes focused on the screen.

Debbie looked at her and knew Lou felt her gaze on her but she pretended not to notice.

After a few minutes, Lou started to get up and startled Debbie.

"What are you doing?"

"I need to pee," Lou said sitting at the edge of her bed.

When she came back to bed the movie already ended.

"Did they end up together?"

"Mhm", Debbie nodded

"Shocker" Lou teased and petted benny on the head.

"Ouch" Debbie yelped as she held her belly.

"You okay?"

"The baby's kicking again" she smiled and saw Lou was excited and freaked out at the same time.

"Give me your hand," she said as she reached for Lou's hand.

Lou was freaking out inside but gave her hand willingly.

As she felt the baby her emotions got the better of her and her eyes became watery soon and she was thankful it was dark in the room. Benny came impossible closer to two women, rolling on his back playfully trying to get their attention.

"Someone's jealous," Debbie said as she pulled him close.

"I'll bet they'll be best buddies when the baby is born rights Bens," Lou said lovingly looking at their dog.

"Besides they say it's great for the baby to grow up with a dog", Lou said proudly.

"Did you read that in one of your bike magazines?" Debbie teased her.

"I read other stuff too."

"Yeah?" She raised her eyebrows and smiled.

"Shut up" Lou smiled back and said,

"We should invite Tess for dinner soon to meet the girls"

"It so surreal she is here," Debbie said

"I know I honestly thought I died for a second when I saw here there"

"Don't joke with that" Debbie said upset "Ever."

"Sorry" Lou made a cute pout face.

“Does scratching your back still makes you sleepy?”, Debbie asked suddenly.

“I wouldn’t know, it’s been a while”

“What, Catherine Zeta wasn’t so generous while I was incarcerated, ha?”, she said sheepishly which made Lou smile even more.

“Turn around”

“Big spoon ha?”

“It works better if you are quiet”

Ten minutes later Lou was sound asleep.