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The Bonds Made

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Natasha was stunned to see Steve at S.H.I.E.L.D so soon after his heat. He walked past her without saying hello. Something was wrong. Forcing her presence on him was the answer. Time was what he needed. An hour ticked by before her concern got to her. She knocked on his door. 

“Steve, you okay?”

Distress leaked from underneath the door. She picked the lock and let herself in. The full power of his agitated scent sent her reeling back. Taking a deep breath, she steadied herself. She shut the door quietly behind her. No one else needed to see this. Steve curled up on the bathroom floor, shivering. It was wrong seeing him in such a state. She'd seen many a broken man, but this was different. There was hope for repair. 

This can’t be happening! How was this even possible? He wasn’t fit to have a pup, yet he'd been blessed with one. His hand went to his stomach. Even in his chaotic frightened mindset, he was driven to protect the new life growing within him. He barely registered someone entering his room. It was the least of his concerns.  


Every sound she made seemed to further stress him. She slid off her shoes and slowly approached him. He clutched something close to his chest. She ran her fingers through his hair, hoping to calm.

“I’m calling, Tony,” she said.

Steve tackled her, pinning her to the floor. The phone was knocked from her hand. He growled baring his teeth. Something skittered across the floor, out of her line of sight. She remained calm. Nat stayed calm waiting for Steve to come out of his agitated state. 


He moved off her.

"I won't call him," 

"Thank you," 

Natasha followed his gaze. She snagged it before he could. Nat couldn’t school her expression. Steve was pregnant.


He held his head in his hands. 

"What do I do?"

She would get him Plan B, but she doubted it would work on Steve.

“I know somewhere private that can handle this. No judgment completely confidential,” she said.

Steve tensed. He hadn’t thought about ending his pregnancy. When his first pregnancy it was came to mind immediately. Such procedures at that time were dangerous if you didn't find the right doctor. But the thought hadn't occurred to him. How could he raise a child? He'd do the best he could for it. 

“Natasha no," 

"Are you sure?" 

"There was a time where I'd be grateful to have such an option open to me. But I want my baby," he said. 

It was a terrifying idea. But there's no question of what he wanted. 

"You've gone through this before," she said. 

Steve nodded. 

“Does Tony know?” she asked.


How was he going to tell Tony? Would Tony still love him? He didn’t want to lose his relationship but wasn’t giving up this pup. Maybe Tony would accept it. Nat squeezed his hand, refocusing his attention. 

“This won’t change how he feels about you,” she said.

"A child changes everything," said Steve. 

"True, but it won't change that," said Natasha. 


"How do you know?" he asked. 

"I see the way he looks at you," she said. 

Steve realized he was crying. He wiped them away.

"I need to keep this to myself,” he said.

“You have to tell, Edith,” said Natasha.

“She’ll report it,” said Steve.

“She won’t. Edith is discrete. She puts her patient first. There were some things I wanted off record and she made sure it stayed that way. And she'll do the same for you,” said Natasha.

Natasha nodded.

"This can't stay hidden for long, Steve. In nine months you’ll have a pup,” she said.

Nine months. It didn't seem long enough.

“I know,” said Steve.

Natasha called Edith. Minutes later there was a knock on the door. Nat yanked the doctor inside.

“Came here as fast as I could. What’s the emergency?” she asked.

“Steve is pregnant,” said Natasha.

“What?” she said.

Edith looked at them. They were serious. Steve handed her the pregnancy test. It was a reliable brand. There was little chance of it being a false positive.

“I want you to take another test, Steve. There’s a slim chance of it being a false positive, but I want to be sure,” she said.

Steve nodded. He took another test from the box. He shut the door of his bathroom. Several minutes passed and he hadn't come out. 

"You okay in there?" asked Nat. 

"Pressuring me to pee isn't going to make it happen any sooner," said Steve. 

Knowing they were outside wasn't helping his stress. It came up positive again. He placed it on the kitchen counter. 

“I assume you want this off the record,” said Edith.

Steve nodded. Edith understood. The science team would be all over Steve if they found he was pregnant. He deprived of his privacy.

“For the time being. I’m still absorbing the idea myself. And I have to tell, Tony,” said Steve.

“We have to go my office. I have to remove your birth control. And run some tests,” said Edith.

Steve growled.

“Only tests to see if everything is going smoothly. Nothing that will bring harm to you or the baby,” she said.

Steve relaxed. He nodded.

“I’ll be waiting in my office when you’re ready,” said Edith.

Steve nodded. He was actually going through with this.

“Natasha, will you come with me?” he asked.

She nodded.

“If it’s a girl Natasha is a great name,” she said.

Steve smiled. 

"I'll think about it," he said. 

Steve got up.

“It will be less suspicious if we go separately,” said Natasha.

Steve went to Edith’s office.

“I have this down in the records as a heat assessment. First, let’s remove your birth control ring,” she said.

Steve undressed, changing into the gown given to him. He closed his eyes. Edith was quick as always.

“I’ll run tests to see why it malfunctioned. You can put your pants on,” said Edith.

Steve dressed. Natasha quietly came into the room.

“What made you believe you were pregnant?” asked Edith.

“I was nauseous. Now that I think about it dizzy and sleepy,” he said.

“That’s normal,” said Edith.

His phone rang.

“It’s Tony,” said Natasha.

“He’s checking up on me,” said Steve.

“Should I ignore it?" she asked. 

“No, give me it,” he said.

Steve took a breath before answering.

“Hey, Tony,” he said.

“When are you coming home?” he asked.

Hearing the alpha both panicked and calmed at the same time.

“I finished my paperwork, but I still have to meet with Dr. Star and Turner,” said Steve.

“Call me when you’re done,” said Tony.

“I will. I love you,” he said.

“Love you too,” said Tony.

Steve hung up. Natasha and Edith were smiling. His cheeks burned with blush. He’d forgotten he had company. 

“Aww, you two are so cute,” said Edith.

“Ten bucks, he faints when you tell him,” said Natasha.

“He won’t faint,” said Steve.

He was nowhere near ready to tell him. Tony had a right to know.

“Edith, can we please continue,” he said.

The two women regained their composure.

“I’ll have to ask you some questions,” she said.

Steve nodded.

“Is this your first pregnancy?” asked Edith.


“Have you experienced any issues or miscarriages?” she asked.

“What does it matter it was before the serum?” he asked. 

“It matters, Steve," said Edith. 


"It’s an uncomfortable subject but it’s still relevant to your current condition,” said Edith.

“You have no idea how uncomfortable it is! I loved and hated the being growing in me. It wasn’t its fault, but I couldn’t stop myself. I wasn’t strong enough. It was a constant reminder of what its father did to me!” snarled Steve.

He took a shaky breath. Their eyes were on him. He was shaking with anger. Steve took a breath, calming down.  

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“It’s fine, Steve,” she said.

“I appreciate the option of making my own choice about my body, but I don’t need it this time,” he said.

“I still need to know for the health of this one,” said Edith.

Steve nodded.

“How far along were you?” asked Edith.

“A month in I bled out when I regained consciousness I was in a hospital. Doctors told me that trying to have a pup again would kill me,” said Steve.

“I’m sorry, Steve,” said Edith.

"Will I lose this one?" asked Steve. 

"I don't believe so," said Edith. 

Steve relaxed. 

"Lay down," she said. 

Steve did as told. She pressed gently against his lower stomach, feeling for any abnormalities.

"I don't feel anything out of the normal. I want to get an ultrasound to make sure everything is healthy," said Edith. 

He tensed when she squirted a blue gel onto his stomach. She moved the probe across his stomach. He searched her expression for any signs that he should worry.

“Everything looks perfect,” said Edith.

Edith gave him a paper towel. He wiped the gel from his stomach. Edith hand him a bottle of pills.

“What are they?” asked Steve.

“Prenatal vitamins. Take one a day,” she said.

She gave him translucent bandages.

"Scent blockers?" 

She nodded.  

“Tony will notice if I don’t smell like an omega,” he said.

"These filter out the pregnancy scent. You'll give them off in a few days. Maybe less," said Edith. 


Steve put a bandage on each side of his neck. They took on shade and tone of his skin. It was almost impossible to tell the difference. He put on his shirt.

“When will I start to show?” asked Steve.

“Twelve to sixteen weeks, but it may take longer with you since your muscles will need time to soften and stretch,” said Edith.

"Will you wait that long to tell him?" asked Natasha. 

“That wouldn’t be fair,” said Steve.

“You’ll find the right time,” said Edith.

Steve bit his lip.

“What’s wrong?” asked Natasha.

“The baby what will it be like? Will it be affected by serum?” asked Steve.

“Your body hasn't shown any signs of rejecting the pregnancy. It sees the embryo as part of you. This only a prediction but I believe, since its half super soldier it will only have half your capabilities,” said Edith.

He didn’t care if the child had super soldier abilities.

"All I care about is if it's healthy," he said. 

Steve would love the child either way, but he wanted to know what to expect.

“It will be fully protected by your healing and durability. I wish there was information on this,” said Edith.

Of course, there wasn’t. The super soldier serum was never intended for an omega.

“And the sooner Tony and you claim each other as mates the better. It’s been proven that healthy mate bond leads to healthier newborn pups,” said Edith.

"We've talked about it," said Steve. 

"You might want to broach the subject with him again," said Edith. 

"I'll think about it," said Steve. 

Commitment wasn't an easy topic to approach with Tony. Everything came so naturally between them. It didn't work to force conversation on this, but he might have to. 

"Nat, can you give me a ride home?" asked Steve. 


“Remember you can’t have raw fish, deli meat, high mercury fish, or unpasteurized dairy products, and absolutely no alcohol,” said Edith.

Steve nodded.

“Oh, you should know that’s it perfectly safe to have sex while pregnant,” she said.

Steve turned red.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it,” said Edith.

“How you going to explain not taking your bike back?” asked Natasha.

“I’ll say I had a bad session with Turner. It won’t be difficult with the way I’m smelling,” said Steve.

They got into her car.

“When are you planning on telling him?” asked Natasha.

“I need a week”, said Steve.

They pulled up to Stark Tower.

“If you need anything call,” said Natasha.

Steve nodded. He went in through the garage. Steve took the prenatal vitamins from his pocket. He took one and hid the bottle in Vivien’s saddlebag. Steve took out the sketchbook.

“Jarvis, does Tony know I’m home?” he asked.

“No, do you wish me to inform him of your arrival?” asked Jarvis.

“Tell him I’m going for a walk in the Central Park,” said Steve.

“I will,” said Jarvis.

Steve started the walk. He weaved through the crowded sidewalks. One of the things he enjoyed about being in the city was he didn’t stand out in the crowd. He made it to the park. Steve walked until he found an out of the way bench. He watched families walk by. Would he bring his pup here to play? He always loved the rare occasions he left Brooklyn with Bucky to come to Central Park. It seemed so big to him when he was young. There were families playing in the distance. He wanted that. Steve started sketching out his surroundings. At 4:30 pm he started walking home. He made it back to Stark Tower a little after five.

“Welcome back,” said Jarvis.

“Tony in his lab?” asked Steve.

"As always maybe you'll be successful in pulling him away from his most recent project," he said. 


Tony was struck by a wave of stale distress. Steve stood in the door of the lab. The man looked exhausted. 

“You stink, sweetheart,” said Tony.

“That’s how you greet your boyfriend after he’s had a long day?” said Steve, draping his arms around Tony’s shoulders.

He nuzzled against Tony's neck. Steve purred. Tony reached back, carding his fingers through the omega's hair. 

“How about a cold one and later the bedroom,” he said.

It sounded perfect to Steve, but he couldn’t.

“Mm, that’s one option," 

"And the other?" 

"Cuddling on the couch and see where it leads," said Steve. 

"That's good too," 

Steve nuzzled against Tony’s neck again, taking a deep breath of that earthly, metallic, clove scent. 

“Why didn’t you take your bike home?” asked Tony.

“Tough session. I didn’t think I could drive my bike safely so Nat took me back,” said Steve.

"I pity the cop to pull you over," said Tony. 

"Mm, that would be an interesting encounter," he said. 

“I could have gotten you,” said Tony.

“I didn’t want to disrupt,” said Steve.

“I wouldn’t mind,” said Tony.

“It was faster for Nat to take me home. Can we order Chinese tonight?” asked Steve.

“Sure, Jarvis place the order,” said Tony.

“I’m going to shower,” he said.

“Want company?” asked Tony.

"Will you ask me that every time I shower?" said Steve. 

“As long as there’s a chance of you saying yes,” he said.

Steve smiled before walking away. He went to the elevator. Steve turned red when memories of their time there came back. Heat warmed his cheeks. Would he be able to go into this elevator without thinking of this moment? He went into the master bathroom and got into the shower. Jarvis set it to the perfect temp. He opened the lavender scented body wash. Tony only bought lavender soaps. The alpha loved how it complimented his scent. Steve let himself soak longer. He ran his hand over his stomach. Steve purred. This was so different from the first time. He was terrified about how Tony would respond. This pup was the start of his family. He hoped desperately that it included Tony.

“I know you can’t hear me, but I already love you,” he whispered.

Steve left the shower. He towel dried and put on a pair of sweatpants. Steve went to the living room.

“You were in there awhile. I was almost to tempted to go in after you,” said Tony.

"You should have you missed out on a wonderful time," he said. 

Tony took a moment to stare at the beauty. It was so rare to see the flirtatious side.

“I also placed an order of sushi,” said Tony.

Steve nose crinkled in the cutest way. He may just order it again next time to earn the reaction.

“I don’t like the idea of eating raw fish,” he said.

“More for me then,” said Tony.

“Enjoy your raw fish,” said Steve.

Tony watched as Steve stretched seductively out on the couch. He didn’t think the omega was aiming for that effect. It just came naturally to him. Steve caught him staring and blushed.

“You’re making me blush,” he said.

“I’m not even trying,” said Tony.

He leaned in closer, causing Steve’s blush to deepen.

“Does it just come effortlessly?” he asked.

“What?” asked Steve.

“Your perfection of seduction,” said Tony.

Steve laughed.

“You aren’t joking,” he said.

“Never about that,” said Tony, caressing Steve’s cheek.

He leaned up, kissing the alpha. Steve deeply breathed in Tony’s scent. He wanted to be covered in it. Steve forced himself to pull away; the motion was completely driven by instinct. His omega wanted him to be bathed in Tony’s scent, so the smell of his pregnancy would be protected from other alphas. He would have to watch out for his maternal instinct. It would only be a matter of days before they started kicking in more powerfully. For now, he could indulge them slightly. This was only his second day off of his heat Tony would think it was related to that.

“Sir, your order is here,” said Jarvis.

Tony went to get it. They set out the food on the coffee table. Steve didn’t bother with chopsticks he just used a fork. When done he helped Tony clean up. They laid down on the couch. Steve pressed himself closely to Tony, craving contact. He started dozing off at some point during the news. Steve was jolted awake by the loudness his purrs when Tony’s hand ran across his stomach. Tony laughed softly in his ear.

“I wondered where it was,” he said.

“What was?” asked Steve.

His mind was getting fuzzy.

“Every omega has a spot that causes them to do this,” said Tony running his hand over Steve’s stomach, causing him to purr loudly.

Tony smiled as Steve went lax. He worried Steve may not have one. Normally, it was a certain place in the neck but it could be in other places. Pepper’s spot was between her fourth and fifth rib. Steve’s was just below his belly button. The moment was ruined when Pepper came walking in. Steve’s purrs transformed into a snarl. He forced down the urge to snarl.

“Excuse me,”

He took shelter in his studio. His inner omega screamed at him returned. Make sure that woman didn’t go anywhere near the sire of his pup. No, he wasn’t going to be ruled by such instincts that wasn’t him. He huddled up on the large love seat. Steve was staring at his most recent painting. It was unsettling. He walked up to it. The paint was still wet. His hand moved to his stomach. He didn’t want to work on it. Steve didn’t want to see it. He put it on a shelf. Steve curled up in the love seat. He pulled a blanket over himself.

Tony looked down the hall to Steve’s studio. The door was shut, a clear sign Steve wanted to be left alone. It was best to let Steve work it out. But he had to check.

“Don’t bother knocking sir. Steve is asleep,” said Jarvis.

“Tell me when he wakes,” said Tony.

“Yes, Sir,”

Tony pressed his ear against the door, from within he heard Steve softly snoring.

“He has to adjust to me being here,” said Pepper.

“Give him a break, Pep. He just off his heat,” said Tony.

Steve never quite warmed to Pepper, but he never unkind or rude. Most omegas would be far worse. That growling was more than a scare tactic it was warning before an attack. It wasn’t like him, even off of heat.

“We need to go over the plans for the arc reactor,” said Pepper.

“Why their mine they’re perfect?” said Tony.

“This will further put Stark Industries on the map as a source of alternative green energy,” she said.

Pepper was losing his attention. Tony gaze was focused down the hall. She sighed. He’d completely moved on.

“When are you going to purpose?” she asked.

The only reason Pepper knew was she found him working on the ring. Tony handcrafted Steve’s wedding band and trinket. At first, she found herself jealous of how quickly Tony was moving on, but she was moving on herself. His relationship with Steve made him more predictable.

“When the time is right,” said Tony.

"That’s not an answer. I have to find a way to explain this to the press,” she said.

“He’s not ready yet,” said Tony.

“Are you sure it isn’t you who isn't ready?” asked Pepper.

“Drop it, Pepper!” he warned.

“Fine,” she said.

They discussed the plans for the announcement and the final touches. It took an hour for them to finish. He went to Steve’s studio. Tony carefully pushed open the door. Steve was curled up on the love seat. It always amazed him how small Steve could make himself. Tony joined him. He instantly cuddled closely to him. It was only nine and it looked like he was going to spend the rest of the night like this.

Steve woke at eleven. He snuggly pressed against Tony. Steve dry heaved. Once he untangled. He ran to the nearest the bathroom but didn’t make it in time he threw up in the hall. Steve groaned. He glanced back at his studio. Tony was still asleep.

“Are you alright? Should I wake sir?” asked Jarvis.


“It’s obvious you are unwell,” said Jarvis.

“I’m fine, Jarvis. If you even try and tell Tony I will tear this tower apart until I find a way to unplug you”, said Steve.

“As you wish. I’ve voiced my concern,” said Jarvis.

Steve cleaned up the mess. Then took out the trash not wanting to leave any hints of what happened. He was grateful his morning sickness seemed to happen at night. Steve spent the rest of his night bent over the toilet. At five in the morning, he got to his feet. Steve slowly got up from the floor and went to the master bathroom. He brushed the taste of vomit out of his mouth. He went to the shower. Steve soaked under the hot water. When done, he put on a pair of shorts. Steve looked at himself in the mirror, trying to picture what he would look like further along.

“You should hydrate”, said Jarvis.

Steve was too tired to argue. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle.

“Why haven’t you told sir you’re pregnant?” asked Jarvis.

If Jarvis knew Tony would know shortly. It was actually a bit of relief.

“How?” asked Steve.

“The symptoms were obvious. To be sure I scanned you while you were sleeping. You are approximately nine days along”, said Jarvis.

Tony knocked him up on the first day. If Tony found out he would never let him forget it. It was a point of pride with alphas.

“You can’t scan me without my permission,” he said.

“I was concerned for your health,” said Jarvis.

“You can’t tell, Tony. This is private,” said Steve.

“It’s also related to sir,” said Jarvis.

“You will not tell him. If anyone does it will be me on my time,” he said.

Steve realized he was growling at the AI unit.

“It's my secret to tell not yours,” said Steve.

“Fine,” said Jarvis.

Three people knew none of them were the pup’s father. Steve went back to the bedroom, resisting the urge to rearrange the pillows. Sleep came swiftly. Tony woke alone on the chair.


“In the master bedroom,” said Jarvis.

That was the second time he’d woken up alone. He went to the bedroom. Steve was huddled under the blankets. He pulled down the covers slightly. Tony placed a gentle kissed Steve’s forehead. Steve had bad days that extend could into a bad week. An hour later Steve woke up.

“Another rough night?” asked Tony.

Steve nodded.

“Why didn't you wake me up?” asked Tony.

“Tony, you wouldn’t want to be near me last night,” said Steve.

He took Steve’s hand.

“You should have woken me up,” said Tony.

“I’m fine,” he said.

“You aren’t,” said Tony.

“I’m going a walk,” said Steve.