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Kissing The Moon

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Dabi was always handsy, always took his time running his strangely cold fingers over Katsuki’s body and teasing him. Hands slipping under Katsuki’s shirt, over his skin so that he shivered. Up his stomach to his chest. Thumbs rubbing over his nipples, twisting, then letting go to move back down his front and out of his shirt. Katsuki leaned his head on the wall, his mouth clenched in a snarl. Dabi’s hands came to a stop on his hips. Katsuki could feel his breath on the back of his neck. He growled.

“Are you going to do something or are we just going to poke each other?”

Dabi rested his head on Katsuki’s shoulder, his breath tinted with smoke. “You’re always so desperate.

“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki grit his teeth. And he involuntarily arched his hips back into Dabi, grinding against him. He could feel Dabi’s cock, already hard through the fabric of his jeans. But he also knew that Dabi was going to be an utter prick this entire time, teasing Katsuki and edging him and making him beg before they actually did anything. Because he was an asshole. Katsuki loathed him. But at the same time, Dabi was actually willing to meet up with him again and again, and he wouldn’t tell anyone what they were doing in that tiny room in the dingy sex bar. Nobody would ever know.

And Katsuki let out a tiny breath as Dabi’s fingers went to his belt, undoing the buckle and pushing his trousers down just over his hips. His hand brushed over Katsuki’s cock, making him hiss. He was hard. Because of course he was. Katsuki had been half hard from pretty much the moment he entered the damn bar.

He hated this.

It had been a few weeks since that first time he’d snuck out of UA and ended up at that stupid bar, looking for some sort of release and someone to just fuck him and not ask him any questions or talk to him about what was going on in his head. A few weeks since he’d let a goddamn villain suck his cock and take his virginity, leaving him with tiny burns at his hips and helping him get some decent sleep for once. And shit, he’d slept so well after that first night. If his brain tried to keep him up, tried to bombard him with thoughts about provisional licenses or class grades or All Might so wizened and covered in blood, he could distract himself. He just had to think about Dabi’s fingers on his skin, Dabi’s tongue running over his lip, Dabi’s pierced cock in his ass stretching him open and fucking him until he couldn’t see straight. And each time he thought of it, Katsuki was able to jack off and fall into an easy sleep.

But, again, it had stopped working. His brain had woken him up in the middle of the night, leaving him to stare up at the ceiling unable to get back to sleep. He just kept playing things over and over in his head: the image of Deku going off to his internship with that Nighteye prick; Kirishima talking eagerly about his work with Fatgum; the board of names declaring who’d passed the Provisional License exam and his name not being there no matter how much he looked. And he clenched his jaw, gripped his sheets, and flicked his eyes to his phone lying on his bedside table.

Dabi had been texting him infrequently since that first night. It was always a different number. No matter how many times Katsuki blocked him, his phone would inevitably buzz with another message from a different number.

hows my favourite virgin?

i hope youre studying hard

you ever need some stress relief just lmk

Katsuki always ignored him. Until he didn’t. Until his brain kept him up too late and he felt so exhausted during the day and he grabbed the phone off of his bedside table to text back the most recent number.

Are you free?

Then he’d stare at the phone, his heart thumping in his chest and his guts twisting. Sometimes Dabi didn’t get back to him until the next morning, when Katsuki was tired and ornery and ready to bite anyone’s head off. But more often than not, it would be only a few minutes before Dabi texted him back.

see you in the same place

And Katsuki would pull on his hoodie, lace up his shoes, and sneak out of UA the same way he always did. His brain would spin as he ran through the dark streets back to the same bar he’d first met this prick in. Through the open first floor, past the regulars who now nodded at him in recognition though he refused to meet their eyes, up the grody set of stairs, to the top floor and the same room as always. The door would be ajar. And Dabi would be waiting for him. Sometimes he’d be lying on the bed, and he’d just hold out an arm for Katsuki to cross the floor and climb into his lap. Sometimes he’d tell Katsuki to get on the bed, and he’d fuck him on all fours until Katsuki’s arms were shivering and threatening to give out. Once or twice Dabi wasn’t even there, and he’d text Katsuki to just get himself ready because he’d been held up with something. And Katsuki would growl, kick off his clothes, and fuck himself open on his own fingers, gasping at the sensation and cursing Dabi’s name calling him every insult under the sun and saying he didn’t need this shit that he just wanted to sleep. And when Dabi finally arrived, it would be to find a naked and desperate Katsuki covered in sweat and lube and yelling at him that he’d taken long enough!

Katsuki had no idea how Dabi had even gotten his number in the first place. He had no idea how Dabi kept changing his own number with the different texts, all of them coming up as untraceable. But all he knew was that when Dabi fucked him, he could stop thinking, and he could sleep. And Katsuki so desperately needed sleep. He needed to forget everything.

“Ah, fuck!” Katsuki’s fingers scrabbled on the wall as Dabi’s hand went to his cock. Dabi laughed softly, his hand moving over Katsuki’s dick through the fabric of his underwear. They weren’t even on the bed, that day Dabi had just thrown Katsuki right up against the door and caged him in. It was a new position. Katsuki liked it. And he rolled his hips back against Dabi’s crotch again, sweat pricking all down his back in anticipation.

Dabi kissed Katsuki’s neck, his tongue licking up Katsuki’s skin. Katsuki felt the piercing in  his tongue and shivered. Dabi’s tongue was too cold, all of him was weirdly cold, but the metal on his skin felt so good. And Dabi’s fingers gripped Katsuki’s cock through his underwear as he kissed Katsuki’s jaw. Then he bit him on the curve of his neck.

“No,” Katsuki said, swatting Dabi’s face away. He was panting, his legs shivering. “No visible marks, you asshole.”

Dabi clicked his tongue. And he moved down Katsuki’s neck to instead bite on the curve where his throat met his shoulder. Katsuki groaned, arching his hips back. That area was borderline, he’d have to cover it up with his collar when he got to class. Dabi was always pushing his damn luck. Katsuki grit his teeth and rocked harder against Dabi’s erection to try and goad him on.

“Are you going to fuck me, then?” Katsuki asked.

Dabi pulled his mouth off of Katsuki’s shoulder. He pressed his nose to Katsuki’s ear. “If you’re so desperate for my dick, you should answer my texts more often. We can do this every night if you want.” And his thumb rubbed under the head of Katsuki’s cock. “You’re not that bad when you shut up.”

“Yeah, I bet you’re desperate enough to need me to come running every night.” Katsuki grit his teeth, his eyes scrunching close. “Oh God, come on.”

“Tell me what you want,” Dabi said.

“You know what I want!”

“Yeah, but I need you to say it.”

“You’re such an asshole.”

“So leave.” Dabi’s hand left Katsuki’s cock, leaving him to twitch in his underwear. “Door’s right there, leave if you want to.”

“Urgh.” Katsuki glared over his shoulder at Dabi’s smug face smiling at him. “I want you to put your damn dick in me! Alright?”

Dabi smiled and patted Katsuki’s cheek. “There we go.” And then his hands were in Katsuki’s hair, turning him round and pushing him to his knees. And he undid the front of his own jeans, pulling out his hard cock and pressing it against Katsuki’s lips. Katsuki could feel the cold piercing on his lip. And he saw Dabi looking down at him, raising one eyebrow.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. But he opened his mouth and licked around the head of Dabi’s dick as best he could. They’d only done this a couple times, and each time Dabi told him he was shit at it. But Katsuki closed his eyes and opened his mouth as best he could, clenching his thumb with his thumb the way he’d seen suggested on internet forums, and he let Dabi push his cock into Katsuki’s mouth.

Like his fingers, Dabi’s cock was strangely cold. But it tasted salty, and his precum was a little smoked on Katsuki’s tongue. The metal barbells on the underside of his cock ran over Katsuki’s tongue, making his lip twitch at the sensation of metal moving over him. Katsuki had a problem of accidentally catching his teeth on the barbells, making Dabi hiss in pain. He tried his best to hold his mouth open so that he wouldn’t catch the barbells. And he let Dabi instruct him, using his tongue and lips as best he could. When he sucked experimentally, Dabi’s hips bucked forward and Katsuki choked. He was still trying to work on his gag reflex. But apparently the choking was good, because Dabi’s mouth fell open and he let out one of his rare groans and that went straight to Katsuki’s dick. When Dabi felt good, he usually fucked Katsuki harder.

And besides, being in pain wasn’t a big deal. Pretty much every day he was sent to supplementary lessons Katsuki was thrown around and beaten to a pulp. It helped his brain quiet down. Katsuki could take it. And he clenched his fist around his thumb, scrunched his eyes closed, and let Dabi use his mouth as a sex toy, thrusting shallowly in and out so that he choked softly.

It was only for a short while, though. Pretty soon, Dabi was pulling out and he let Katsuki slump back against the door and cough weakly into his hand, hacking up precum and saliva.

Dabi just watched him, holding his cock in his hand. “You’re getting better,” he said. His other hand rested lightly on Katsuki’s hair, his thumb running through the spikes of hair. “Maybe one day you’ll be able to suck me off without coughing up a lung.”

“Fuck off,” Katsuki muttered. He rubbed the back of his hand against his jaw, eyes flicking from Dabi’s dick up to his face. “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“If that’s what you want.” He stepped back, jerking his head. “Go get on the bed.”

“We’re always on the bed.”

“Yeah. What’s the problem? You want to do it here?”

“No, the bed’s fine.” Katsuki grinned, wiping a thumb over his lower lip. “A little vanilla, maybe.”

Dabi raised his eyebrow. Then he knelt down, his hand going from Katsuki's hair to his jaw, forcing his head back against the door. He leaned closed and Katsuki could smell the ash on his breath again.

“You want to be more kinky?”

Bakugou’s stomach clenched. But his grin widened. “I’m just saying that doing it up against the door was a nice change. Sometimes it’s boring to fuck the same person so much, you gotta mix it up a bit.”

Dabi tilted his head. “If you think it’s boring, then leave. I don’t want to force you to do anything.”

Urgh. Katsuki closed his eyes, feeling Dabi’s hands dig into his flesh. “For God’s sake. Fine! Just fuck me wherever you want!”

“Okay. Let’s do it here, then.”

“On the floor?”

“You want a change and apparently the bed isn’t good enough.” He leaned back, lettings go of Katsuki’s face. “Take off your clothes and get on your hands and knees. Put something under your knees as well, they’ll get carpet burn.”

Katsuki snorted, not caring about any stupid carpet burn. He pulled his shirt off and threw it at Dabi who rolled his eyes and dropped it to one side. Dabi was always meticulous when he got undressed himself, always folding up his clothes nice and neat and tucking them off to one side so they wouldn’t get dirty. Katsuki had figured out at one point that it was probably because Dabi only had like three different outfits. If he got cum stains on one shirt he lost a huge chunk of his entire wardrobe. But it always meant Katsuki was left naked and hanging around waiting for him as he took his sweet time folding his shit up and putting it out of sight.

Katsuki’s fingers curled in the carpet. He was so sick of all the teasing bullshit. He just wanted to get in, get off, and go to sleep. He didn’t need Dabi dragging this entire thing out. And when Dabi had finally put his clothes to one side, Katsuki flipped onto his front and got onto his hands and knees, arching his back and waiting for Dabi to get on with it.

No such luck. Dabi’s hands ran slowly up Katsuki’s thighs, his thumb rubbing over his skin. “You got some new bruises from class,” he said conversationally.

“Yeah, that half-and-half asshole doesn’t know how to hold back,” Katsuki muttered. Todoroki had managed to get past Katsuki’s blindspot at their supplementary class the previous afternoon, landing a roundhouse kick right on Katsuki’s thigh and sending him tumbling to the ground.

“You mean Todoroki Shouto?” Dabi’s fingernail raked along Katsuki’s skin. “He’s always been a little reckless. You could see it at the Sports Festival.”

“Yeah whatever. Are you going to talk or are we going to have sex?”

“You could say please.” Dabi leaned forward and Katsuki felt his cold tongue running over the bruises across his thigh. He groaned, arching into the touch and feeling the metal barbell on his skin. Then Dabi sunk his teeth into the bruise and he groaned even louder.

Dabi’s hands went to Katsuki’s knees, spreading his legs for easier access. Then his fingers moved back up his thighs to his ass. His thumb ran around Katsuki’s entrance.

“There’s lube here,” he said. “Were you having fun without me?”

“You took too long to reply to my texts,” Katsuki muttered.

“Hm.” Dabi pressed a thumb to Katsuki, and it slipped in easily.

Yeah, that evening Katsuki had been more frustrated than normal and Dabi had taken half an hour to get back to him. When his text had finally arrived Katsuki was already three fingers deep inside of his own ass, fucking himself roughly and trying to pretend like it was Dabi’s cock inside of him. He hadn’t bothered to clean up before he’d stumbled out of his room to come here. And now Dabi was fingering him quickly, his hands so much longer than Katsuki’s own. He swirled his fingers inside him, finding Katuski’s prostate easily and making him swear.

“Hurry up,” Katsuki groaned, arching his hips back.

“Mmhm.” Dabi kept swirling his fingers, stretching Katsuki out nice and slow so that nothing tore. Even if being fucked until he was bleeding was exactly the kind of thing he wanted right then. Katsuki glared over his shoulder at Dabi, but the prick wasn’t even looking at him and was just staring down at the bruises on his thighs again. Katsuki rolled his eyes and stared rocking his hips back onto Dabi’s fingers. He felt more lube roll down his skin. Dabi was always slow and he always used so much lube, making things so slick and wet. It was a bastard to clean in the mornings, but it meant that Dabi could fuck him harder and faster when he actually got around to it.

And finally, after what felt like an age, Dabi pulled his damn fingers out of Katsuki’s ass and shifted, stroking his cock and pulling on a condom. Katsuki drummed his fingers on the ground impatiently.

“If you let me top we’d already be done with this shit,” he muttered.

“If I let you top you’d just try to go in dry and we’d both end up hurting ourselves,” Dabi said. His cock pressed up against Katsuki’s ass, slowly pushing inside of him and stretching him out beautifully. “Just learn to be patient.”

“Aah… You learn to not be such a fucking- Hah! Asshole!” And he bit his lip as Dabi slowly bottomed out inside him, his hips hitting the back of Bakugou’s thighs and just resting there.

Dabi’s body was alway so cold, oddly clammy against Katsuki’s skin for someone with a fire quirk. But then he started moving, slowly pushing in and out of Katsuki and he stopped caring about his body temperature.

They always started way too slowly for Katsuki’s tastes. He didn’t want to spend any more time with Dabi than he absolutely had to, so there was no need to go slowly. Shit, if there was another way to get his brain to be quiet then Katsuki would never text the fucker ever again. But Dabi was the only thing that was able to get his brain to be quiet. So Katsuki had to get through all the slow teasing and prepping and fucking him gently until he was raking his nails against the carpet and swearing under his breath.

“Go harder,” he muttered, his shoulders hunched and his head hanging down.

“Hm?” Dabi’s thumbs dug into Katsuki’s hips, his nail pricking the skin. “You want harder?”

“Of course I do. I always do.”

“Alright, if you say so.” And Dabi finally, finally, gave Katsuki what he’d broken out of UA for.

He pulled Katsuki’s hips back and thrust forward into him, hard and fast and with the loud sound of skin on skin echoing through the room. Katsuki threw his head back and yelled in pleasure as Dabi fucked into him hard. He felt the barbells on the bottom of Dabi’s cock were rubbing against him, stretching him out and catching on his entrance and shit it felt good. And he felt Dabi’s hands digging into his sides. He knew there’s be bruises in the morning, there was always bruises in the morning. Marks of Dabi’s long-fingers in his flesh, pale purple against his skin. But it was good, the marks meant that he’d been fucked hard and rough, enough to make him concentrate only on the physical sensations and not on the thoughts swirling through his brain of All Might dead and withered, Deku smiling at his internship, Todoroki at the supplementary classes. Katsuki clenched and fucked back onto Dabi’s cock, letting the cock inside of him push all those thoughts out of his brain and somewhere else. They didn’t exist. They didn’t matter.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Katsuki groaned rolling his hips in circles to try and get Dabi to go deeper. “Keep… Hah, keep going.”

“I wasn’t going to stop,” Dabi said. His nails dug into Katsuki’s side hard enough to pierce the skin and draw blood. Sweat was pricking along Katsuki’s spine and up the back of his neck. His mouth fell open in a long groan, and drool rolled over his lower lip to splatter onto the carpet. And fuck, the carpet was burning his knees as Dabi’s thrusts moved him slightly back and forth. He focussed on the pain, the heat in his skin, the sound of Dabi’s breathing at his back.

Katsuki’s cock was so hard, leaking precum onto the floor. He groaned, his arm tensing on the floor, fingers digging into the carpet. And he lifted one hand off of the floor to grab his own cock, wrapping two fingers around it and pumping it in time with Dabi’s thrusts.

“God, I’m close,” Katsuki panted. He scrunched his eyes shut, the one arm supporting him shaking as it held him up. The muscles in his shoulder flexed. His hand gripped his cock, thumb rubbing beneath the head of his dick. And he tilted his hips up to let Dabi fuck him deeper.

“You need to work on your stamina,” Dabi said and even with his eyes closed Katsuki could hear the irritating grin on his face. It would be the one that curled up at the side, a little crooked smirk that was so punchable. But Katsuki rocked back onto Dabi’s cock anyway, his teeth bared in a snarl and his heart thumping in his chest. And he pumped his cock in time with Dabi’s aggressive thrusts, relishing the feeling of heat and tension in his lower stomach and the way the muscles in his thighs and arms were shaking as he held himself up. And he was so close. So goddamn close!

“Oh shit!” Katsuki rolled his head, his body arching and fucking back onto Dabi’s cock as he stroked himself faster. “Fuck! Gonna-‘

“Come on,” Dabi said. He leaned forward, his back pressing up against Katsuki’s and his breath on his ear. “You’re really hot when you come.”

“Shut up! Hah.. Hah!” Katsuki’s entire body shuddered and Dabi bit on his ear as he came with a strangled yell. He shook, his hand pumping his cock as he orgasmed, cum splattering onto the carpet beneath him and his entire body spasming in pleasure. Until he too sensitive and dropped his hand to the ground. And throughout his orgasm, Dabi kept thrusting into him, his piercings still rubbing inside of him so beautifully. Until Katsuki’s yells subsided to quite groans and pants.

Dabi stopped moving. His chin rested on Katsuki’s shoulder. “You done?”

Katsuki growled and nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay, good. I’m not, so I’m going to keep going.”


Dabi’s hand was in Katsuki’s hair, pushing his head to the ground so his hips were at a different angle, and then fucking him with harsher movements then before. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room again. Katsuki’s mouth opened in a loud groan as Dabi moved in and out of him, his piercings rubbing over his insides and against his prostate. Fuck. He’d just come, it was getting close to too much. But Katsuki grit his teeth and arched his back so Dabi could go deeper. Harder. He clenched around him, drank him in, rocked his hips back onto Dabi’s cock.

“Ah, fuck,” Katsuki sighed, rolling his hips to Dabi to fuck him deeper. “Keep going.”

“I’m going to,” Dabi said. His hands dug into Katsuki’s sides, his hand gripping Katsuki’s hair. Katsuki felt his hairs being plucked out of his skull. And his cock got half hard again as Dabi kept fucking him. His head moved back and forth on the carpet, his skin being rubbed so much he knew it would be red when they were done. And he closed his eyes, gripped the carpet, and let himself be fucked until he was a shivering mess.

He hated this. He hated that Dabi was always such a fucking tease, that he always pointed out how inexperienced Katsuki was, and he hated that he always fucked him hard and fast so he was left red and bruised and all he could think of all he could feel was Dabi. Nothing else existed when he entered that room and Dabi started fucking him. There was no All Might, no Deku, no provisional license or internship or villains. There was just sweat and skin and sex. Just this. So he let Dabi’s fingers burn him with flickering blue flames, let him fuck him so hard that his face was rubbed raw on the carpet. And he let Dabi thrust deeper inside of him, harder and faster until his hips were stuttering deep inside of Katsuki as he came with a long drawn-out sigh.

When he was done, Dabi pulled out and sat back on his heels to pull off the condom. He always wore one, said it was easier to clean up. Sometimes Katsuki’s heart thumped in his chest as he wondered what it would be like to feel Dabi come inside of him. But he also realised that Dabi was a massive pervert and basically an open wound on legs, he was probably crawling with infection and disease. He didn’t need any of that near his ass. Better this way.

“Are you heading out?” Dabi asked, getting up to throw the condom away.

Katsuki looked up at him from where his face was pressed to the carpet. Dabi’s burns stretched up his legs to his hips, then stopped so that his skin was smooth from his pelvis up to his collarbone, before the burns started again over his arms and jaw. It was sort of like he was wearing weird sleeves and leggings on top of his skin. Katsuki watched the staples in his skin glinting as Dabi crossed the room, before he shifted and pushed himself up onto his knees. There was a small burn on his side from Dabi’s hand, and a bitemark on his shoulder. Katsuki rubbed the bite with his thumb

“I’m just going to crash here,” he said. “I’ll leave early.”

“Sure.” Dabi stretched again, and the muscles in his back flexed. Katsuki could see his weird dark skin shifting, the staples along his flesh straining to keep his skin in place. And then Dabi’s hands dropped to his side and he yawned. The staples on his cheeks rippled. And he ran his fingers through his dark hair. Katsuki got up and climbed into the bed, rolling over to face away from him. Dabi stood by the bed and pulled a phone out from his jacket that was resting neatly over the back of a chair. His face was briefly lit up blue as he texted someone. Katsuki glared over his shoulder at him.

“How do you keep changing your number when you text me?” he asked.

Dabi looked at him. In the dim light, his eyes always glowed like two little candle flames. “I’m not going to tell you how I’m hiding from you.”

“Right.” Katsuki huffed and turned away from him, tugging the blanket up over his shoulders. His eyelids were heavy. His body sank into the mattress. All he could feel were the beginnings of bruises on his skin and the dimming euphoria from the sex, relaxing all his muscles and letting him slip away. He barely registered the creaking springs as Dabi got into bed next to him. Or the dim blue creeping over his shoulder from the phone. He just closed his eyes. Let himself sleep. And he always, always slept better after these nights.

He hated it. So much. That it was always Dabi who helped him sleep.

Katsuki’s phone alarm woke him up at five the next morning, blaring music through the room. Katsuki sat bolt upright, pressing a hand to his face and scrabbling for his phone to turn it off. He groaned. Yawned. Rolled his head around on his shoulders. And he looked to the side, to find Dabi still asleep and facing away from him. Some days he was gone in the morning, some days he was still asleep. He slept like a log, never waking up when Katsuki’s alarm went off.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him. He was a gangly, skinny prick with a shock of dark hair splayed on the pillow. The staples running along his shoulder blades were dull in the morning light. Katsuki reached out and pressed a finger to the cold metal of the staples. When he brought his hand back, there was a fleck of dried blood on the pad of his finger.

“Gross,” he muttered, wiping his thumb on the sheets.

Dabi didn’t stir as Katsuki got dressed, pulling on his trousers and tugging his hoodie back over his head. But when he was tying his shoes and getting up to leave, that’s when the bastard shifted and rolled over on the bed, one hand splayed on his chest and his mouth curled up into his crooked smile. “Have a good day. I’ll text you.”

“Fuck off,” Katsuki snarled.

“Love you, too.” Dabi said. And he yawned, rubbing his eye. “Close the door on the way out.”

Katsuki huffed and left the door wide open as he left.

The way that bar was set up, Katsuki couldn’t head out through the bar on the first floor. Not in the mornings. Instead, he had to turn and go to the other end of the corridor and out a little fire exit, down a shitty set of metal stairs in an alleyway full of garbage bags and a couple of stray cats. Katsuki pulled his hood up over his head as he stepped into the open air, glancing round to make sure nobody was around to see him. But luckily he always left early enough that hardly anyone was up. And he shoved his hands into the pocket of his hoodie and set off back to UA, his head bowed and his footsteps hurried.

The burn on his side was beginning to itch as his clothes rubbed against him. And his ass was sore as he walked, making him shake his hips a little at first to try and get used to it. He picked up his pace the closer he got to UA.

Katsuki had stashed his student pass in the usual place: on top of the outer wall hidden by one of the huge trees. He quickly shimmied back up the tree, grabbing the pass as he hopped over the wall. It was a neat trick: the pass never left the grounds so nobody would ever know that a student had snuck out, but he was able to grab it as soon as he came back so he was never registered as an intruder by the security sensors. This way, nobody would ever know what he’d been doing.

Katsuki’s feet touched down on the other side of the grounds. He breathed out, rolled his shoulders, and stood for a moment leaning against the wall just staring up at the buildings in front of him. Then he swallowed and pushed off from the wall, walking back up to the dorm. He wanted to get in a shower before anyone else was up. Rinse off any sweat or blood Dabi had left behind. That was another good thing about Dabi always using a condom: Katsuki had never had to try and clean cum out his own asshole in the dorm bathrooms. The lube was embarrassing enough, but if anyone saw him with some guy’s jizz in his ass it would raise too many questions. The last thing he needed was a conversation.

As he was heading up to the dorm, Katsuki turned a corner and almost walked right into someone. They barrelled into him, forcing him to take a few steps backwards and almost fall onto his ass.

“Oi, watch where you’re going,” Katsuki snapped. Then his eyes narrowed as he saw who’d walked into him. Deku.

Deku looked up at him, eyes wide beneath his mop of curly hair. “Ah, sorry Kacchan,” he said. Then he blinked. “Why are you up so early?”

“Training,” Katsuki huffed, his go-to excuse if he ran into anyone on the grounds.

Deku smiled. “Oh right, you have some supplementary classes today don’t you? Are they going well? I-“ Then his eyes widened and he took a step back. “Oh wait, I’m late for a meeting with Sir Nighteye. Sorry. I need to…”

And he ducked under Katsuki’s arm to keep running, his body crackling with electricity as he pelted away from him, still wearing his school uniform but carrying a box with his ugly hero costume in it. Katsuki watched him go, his lip curling a little up over his gums. Yeah okay, Deku had an internship and he had to run to catch up with some Pro Hero or whatever whilst Katsuki was stuck at his stupid extra classes. That was fine. Katsuki would let Deku have this. He had something better.

It was something Katsuki had decided weeks ago, before he’d first texted Dabi back to meet up. This thing with Dabi? The meet-ups for sex? It was an in. A way for Katsuki to get into the League of Villains, those bastards who thought they could fuck with him and bring down the Heroes. The pricks had been so eager to get him to join them, thought he would be an easy person to turn. He’d managed to shut that down. But now he had another in. A way to infiltrate them.

He would use Dabi to help him sleep, and he would also use Dabi to get to the rest of the villains. And as Deku was off doing his internship, Katsuki would bring down the entire League all by himself. Just watch.

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There was a burn on Katsuki’s side in the shape of a hand. Thin fingers stretching over his hip to brush over his stomach, thumb curving up his torso, narrow palm pressed into his skin. He stared at it in the mirror, holding up his shirt and pushing down his school trousers so the entire thing was on display. Burnt red blisters in his flesh. A mark. A signature. He ran his thumb over the burn and snorted under his breath at the dull pain that shivered through him.

The pain felt good. It actually helped him to get to sleep the past couple of nights. Usually he’d need to jerk himself off two times and bite into his hand to get his brain to shut down, but the burn was a blessing. He spent the last night with one hand around his cock and the other fucking himself open, digging his teeth into his lip and rubbing the burn mark against his sheets. Writhing beneath the blankets, feeling the blisters on his skin, remembering how it had felt when Dabi had held him down and fucked him roughly on the floor and pricked him with fire. Until he came with a shudder and strangled moan, jizz dribbling into his hands and blood beading on the inside of his lip. And he slumped into the pillow with the burn pressing into the mattress, his eyes sliding closed and his brain a distant grey hum. One of the best night’s sleeps he’d had in that bedroom for a while.

But it had been annoying that day when he’d woken up. Always itching and needing attention, distracting Katsuki when he didn’t fucking need to be distracted. Like during his supplementary classes that morning. He’d been practicing his hand-to-hand combat with some extra whose name he’d already forgotten (a challenge to test their skills without their quirks) and his damn costume had irritated the burn. It was his belt: it was chunky metal and sat high up his hips, and the harsh edge had dug right into the burn as he’d twisted to avoid a punch. It had made him pause and hiss in pain for just a moment, letting them get through his defences and land a blow right to the side of his skull. It had caught Katsuki completely off guard and sent him tumbling onto the ground. He’d split his lip. Flipped over so that a thin arc of blood droplets flew through the air and pattered on the floor.

The good news was that he’d managed to push himself right back up and landed a kick to the fucker’s ribs that sent them crashing to the floor. Katsuki had spat out a gobbet of blood, scratched the burn on his side, and turned to look for another sparring partner.

And later, in class at UA, his blazer had sat oddly on the burn as well so it was always itching. Not enough to actually be painful, just enough to constantly distract him and have him shifting a little in his chair. Maybe Dabi had purposefully marked him in a spot he knew would be irritated. It was just at the curve of his waist where the skin would fold over itself whenever he bent or shifted from side to side, causing him to wince slightly if he overextended himself or bent down. And each brush of his shirt or blazer just irritated him, reminding him that there were blisters on his sides from a villain. But he’d grit his teeth and gotten through it. Listened to the lessons, written his notes, ignored the pain in his side. And excused himself to the bathroom before Heroics Training.

Now there he was, standing in the bathroom in between classes holding his shirt up and glaring at the handprint on his side. He rolled his hips a little, watching the way the skin stretched and moved over the burn. Pressed a finger to it and felt the spike of pain through his abdomen. Dug his thumb into the blisters, pushing into the touch, relishing the sensation of fire shocking through him and making hair prick at the back of his neck. Remembering how it had felt to be burnt like that, with his face pressed to the carpet and Dabi’s hips slamming into him. Katsuki chewed his lip. Took a low breath. But then someone else entered the bathroom behind him and Katsuki dropped his shirt back down over his stomach.

He grabbed his Hero Costume up from where it was sitting on the floor, then headed out of the bathroom and down to the locker rooms to change for training. Because he’d spent those few minutes looking at his burn in the mirror, by the time he got down to the lockers the rest of the class were already getting changed. Katsuki pushed through the room and thumped his costume down on a bench next to Kirishima.

Kirishima tilted his head and grinned, flashing his overly-pointed teeth at him. “Hey Bakugou,” he said, fastening his belt with the shiny R-shaped buckle. “We were starting to wonder where you’d gone.”

“We thought you’d drowned in the toilet,” Sero said over Kirishima’s shoulder. He was already changed and was leaning against the locker, tossing his helmet up into the air and catching it again.

Katsuki ignored them and just shrugged off his blazer. He stuffed his clothes into the locker, not bothering to fold them neatly or whatever. A few wrinkles didn’t really matter so long as he kicked ass. His costume still had a few scuffs and dirt splatters across it from the supplementary lessons that morning. Katsuki held up his shirt, looking at the spray of white dust on the side from where he’d hit the ground. And he glanced out of the corner of his eye at Todoroki who was getting changed further down the bench. He had a tiny burn mark on the side of his costume, alongside a sweep of ash. Katsuki let his eyes fall back down to his shirt. He sighed and dropped it down onto the bench, then went to the buttons of his shirt, popping them open. Next to him, Kirishima was talking to Sero about something. Katsuki listened for a little, eavesdropping on their discussion of some inane bullshit Ojirou had said in class. Something about a store in town that he’d been to or whatever. It quickly faded to a buzz of static as Katsuki retreated into his own head.

He stared down at his nails. They were chipped and picked down to the quick. Katsuki had had a habit of biting them when he was younger which he’d only half grown out of. He didn’t bite them any more — not to the extent he had to as a kid — but he still absentmindedly found himself picking at them in class. Digging the nails of his other hand under the lunula and breaking it. Peeling away the little white half-moons to leave behind ragged edges. Katuki stared at his thumb: serrated and harsh from an absent-minded daydream at lunch. He ran the pad of his index finer over the top of his nail, feeling the bumps and tiny nicks catching in his skin. There were callouses on his fingers and palms, rough skin built up from the years of using his quirk. A scar on the back of his knuckle, and more going up his wrist and arm. Square-shaped palm and short fingers. He clenched his hand into a fist.

His hands were so different to Dabi’s. It was weird. The skin on that guy’s hands was surprisingly soft when it wasn’t burnt to the texture of leather. And his nails were neat little half-moons, smooth and polished. He also had those long fingers that could wrap easily around Katsuki’s waist, hold him close as he breathed into his ear that he was so narrow and could be snapped like a twig and laughing in that low tone that had the back of Katsuki’s ears burning and his stomach twisting.

He huffed in annoyance, shaking his head to forget that image. And with a sigh, Katsuki tugged his shirt over his head and pulled on the top for his hero costume instead. The tight fabric pressed up against the burn on his side, not enough to hurt but enough to always remind him it was there. And when he adjusted his collar, the little crescent-shaped bitemark on his shoulder was hidden from view as well.

That particular mark had blossomed into a neat purple smudge over the past few days. It’d be easy enough to pass it off as a bruise from training, but Katsuki didn’t want to risk any unnecessary questions if someone noticed it. He already had his hag of a mother asking him if he was dating anyone, he didn’t need rumours or anything spreading around the school.

He pulled off his trousers to stuff them into the locker and tugged on the rest of his uniform. The metal belt was a familiar feeling on his waist and he clicked the buckle shut. It dug into the burn again, making his lip twitch. But he stretched and rolled his shoulders, forcing his body to get used to it. Then adjusted the kneecaps and straps before sitting down to tug his boots on. The laces were always a pain, sitting underneath a cover that was supposed to protect them from getting caught on shrapnel and tripping him up but only really succeeded in making it an entire ordeal to actually get the stupid things on. Katsuki began his usual habit of swearing at the boots as he pulled them on and started going through the rigamarole of tightening them, his fingers grabbing the laces and pulling them through the eyelets. Got a little lost in the routine. Felt the laces digging into his fingers and rubbing over his ragged nails. Felt the twinge of pain as his bent-over position drove the burn harder into the metal corner of his belt.

He glanced up absentmindedly as he finished tying one boot and pulled the strap closed at the top. Let his eyes flicker over the rest of the class, before landing on a familiar face. Deku was standing on the other side of the room, talking to the guy with the bird head and laughing at something he’d said. Katsuki’s fingers tightened on the laces of his boots as he watched Deku. The way he was laughing, the curl of his lip, the crinkle at the side of his eyes. And the flex of his own stubby fingers as he pulled on his stupid gloves, so long and chunky and a completely different colour from the rest of his uniform. Katsuki couldn’t believe he was actually wearing a uniform his dang mother had designed for him.

He couldn’t believe All Might had chosen Deku to pass on his power to.

Something caught at the back of Katsuki's throat. He grit his teeth and leaned over to tug on the laces of his other boot as tight as they could go. His nails dug into the material, and his teeth ground together. His shoulders tensed and his eyes narrowed. He did not want to think about that shit. About that night when he’d pulverised Deku and pushed him into the concrete and been hugged by All Might and found out the truth about everything that had happened. The truth about what had happened to All Might. His end.

He hadn’t been able to sleep that night. Every time he tried, he had felt All Might’s skinny arms around him again as he’d been given that pitying hug, an attempt to comfort him as though he was a toddler. He’d seen Deku so weak and pathetic, with clumsy moves that were slow and unpolished but still somehow able to push Katsuki to the edge and land blows on his skin so that he was aching and left bruised. But even that pain hadn’t been enough to shut his brain off that night. He’d pressed a hand to his face, willed himself not to cry, felt the tears leaking out of his eyes despite his best efforts. Because he was weak and pathetic and a child and even that asshole Deku was outpacing him!

He hadn’t slept. Had been sluggish all the next day as he’d felt the aches inside his body and tried to get through the chores and clean the apartment without talking to Deku about what had happened. He was going to outstrip Deku. Leave him in the dust. No matter what it took. But he’d been so tired, so exhausted, needed sleep. And that had been the first night he’d responded to Dabi’s texts. The first night he’d sneaked back out to that bar, climbed those stairs, found Dabi waiting for him, gotten fucked until he came with a shudder and fell asleep in those cold arms.

Katsuki snorted and pulled the strap of his other boot tight then picked up his gloves. Leaning up against the lockers, he glared at the back of Deku’s back again as he tugged them on. He’d been at his internship the day before, hadn’t he? Katsuki wondered what he’d been doing. Was he stuck doing inane busywork at the office? Tagging along with Pros to watch what they were doing, notebook in his hand and muttering under his breath in that annoying way he always did? Or had he actually helped attack some damn villains?

Katsuki swallowed back another strange lump in his throat at the image of Deku’s face in a newspaper under a headline saying that he had managed to save a hundred people. He remembered their internships, where he’d been stuck with Best Jeanist who had humiliated him and wasted his time, whilst Deku had actually learned shit and improved. Dammit. Every goddamn step of the way, that prick was rubbing it in Katsuki’s face just how much he was improving. He had gotten into the same UA course despite being beneath him in middle school, gotten the better internship, gotten his license first, gotten the attention of Katsuki’s idol.

He growled and tugged on the other glove, positioning it up on his bicep. Clenched his hands into fists. That shit didn’t matter. It would be Katsuki’s face on the newspaper next time: a full spread after he brought down the League of Villains. All Might told him he needed to save to win? Well, Katsuki would save everyone. And he’d do it without even using his quirk. Just his brain and his body. He pressed his hand to the burn, feeling the pain spark through his body. Then he strapped on his grenade gauntlets and muttered that he was going to wait outside, leaving Krisihima and Sero in the middle of their stupid conversation to stomp out of the locker room.

They were heading to Ground Lambda, a location designed to replicate natural waters and tropical climates. It was a mixed bag for Katsuki in that climate. The heat made him sweat more, but the humidity nullified his quirk a little bit. He snorted quietly and rubbed a hand against the ridged metal of his gauntlet. It was fine. He’d do well and show Deku just who was the superior of the two of them.

“You’re going to be split into pairs,” Aizawa said when the class had all gathered by the side of the synthetic ocean. “And you’re going to race each other to that buoy and back. You can use your quirks however you want, you just have to touch the buoy and come back to the starting position. But there are also going to be obstacles for you to avoid, and objects for you to retrieve.” He held up two rings in his hand, one red and the other green. “Red rings get you one point, green get you five. And you get points for how fast you are compared to your partner.”

“So if you get enough of the rings, it doesn’t matter if you’re slower,” Kaminari said to Katsuki’s left, stating the obvious like only he could. Katsuki rolled his eyes and waited for Aizawa to assign pairs. He glanced over at Deku, wondering who he’d get paired with.

When the pairs were assigned, Katsuki was put against the girl with the ponytail who’d gotten the highest score in the provisional license exam. He scowled at her out of the corner of his eye, then back over at Deku. He’d been paired up with the class rep. Katsuki wondered how that guy would even manage to do any of this shit in a goddamn suit of armour. But whatever, it wasn’t his problem. If these guys wanted to wear stupid and impractical costumes then that was their decision.

“Urgh, this isn’t good,” Kirishima moaned, leaning against Katsuki’s side and scratching under his chin. “My quirk’s terrible in water.”

“Same,” Kaminari muttered. Katsuki clicked his tongue, but gave a little sympathetic grunt. Kirishima could turn into a damn rock, he was good for defence and for support but anything to do with a water-based emergency and he was  pretty useless. And it was probably just cruelty to put Kaminari near water. Once he tried to use the dorm bathrooms when he had a cold and everyone else got static shocks each time he sneezed. This was really the frog girl’s domain. Or Icy Hot if he was sensible and froze whatever part of the water he was on.

And maybe Deku.

Deku had been in that top three when they’d done those races at the pool before the training camp, and they’d never been able to have a rematch to see who was the stronger swimmer. Katsuki adjusted his gauntlets as he glared at Deku. The little fuck was standing off to the side, staring into space and stretching his arms across his chest halfheartedly. Katsuki saw the way his fingers were clenched. And the stretch of his back muscles through his stupid green costume.

Deku had All Might’s quirk… It was basic, a power-up, but that meant it could be adjusted to pretty much anything he needed. Rescue missions, fighting, defence, and even swimming. But Katsuki glared at him and chewed the inside of his cheek. Deku had a useful quirk, but he was still a weakling still figuring out how to use it. He was clumsy and unpolished. He might even forget how to use it in the middle of the exercise and just sink to the bottom of the pool then need to be fished out by Aizawa and sent to Recovery Girl to cough up lungfuls of water.

Katsuki folded his arms and hung back behind the rest of the group to watch as first few pairs raced through the water and collected their rings. He analysed their movements, trying to catch their weaknesses and analyse their strengths. Picking up details for when it would be his turn to go. And when his name was called up with Ponytail’s, Katsuki had a solid plan in place already.

“I won’t go easy on you,” the class rep said as they stepped up to the pool. She was stretching her arms and rolling her head in circles.

Katsuki glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes and snorted. “Good. I won’t go easy on you either.”

And when Aizawa blew his whistle, Katsuki blasted off from the side of the pool with such force that he left a pile of rubble behind him. He didn’t even bother to focus on what his opponent was doing, just propelled himself through the air by settling off as many explosions as he could. He soared upwards, eyes scanning the lake to pick out the rings. He’d done the maths: the green rings’ points weren’t worth the amount of time it took for most people to scout them out and grab them, but he wasn’t most fucking people. And he spotted two rings stashed between a crack on a synthetic cliff. Katsuki growled and shot towards them, raising his fist and blasting the cliffside to rubble. He emerged from the dust clutching two rings. Below him, he spotted ponytail on a motorboat she’d made, standing on the prow and skipping through the water. She’d placed a net down into the ocean and was scooping up rings as she passed. Katsuki narrowed his eyes and felt power spark at his fists. He pushed off from the cliff, jumping through the air and firing projectiles to propel himself forward. Ponytail glanced over her shoulder. Her eyes widened as she saw what Katsuki was about to do. And she opened her mouth in a yell, her body already starting to produce something new. But Katsuki didn’t give her time to fight back.

He exploded her boat. And as the shrapnel and scraps of went flying, he grabbed up the net full of hoops, hopping to the buoy before heading back to the shore. When he touched down, he dumped the rings on the ground.

Aizawa looked down at the rings, then at him. “I guess stealing wasn’t against the rules.”

“I know it wasn’t,” Katsuki said with a grin. Behind him he heard the sounds of the class rep swimming towards them, helped with the whir of some new engine she’d created. And he pushed past Aizawa to the back of the group again, glancing at Deku as he passed. Had he seen that? Katsuki wanted to see just what All Might’s apparent favourite would pull out to top it.

And a spark of annoyance flared in his gut when he saw that Deku was standing off to the side again, a hand to his face and his brow furrowed, not even paying attention to the race.

Katsuki stared at him. What was the little fuck doing? Did he not think this class was worth his time? What, just because All Might apparently thought he was hot shit and had given him his stupid quirk, he didn’t need to pay attention or plan a strategy? Katsuki ground his teeth and clenched his hands at his sides. He hoped Deku would fucking drown. And he hoped All Might would realise what a mistake it had been to choose him as a successor.

His body churned with the image of All Might and he bit the inside of his cheek. The burn on his side smarted.

“Is it really fair to blow up Yaomomo’s boat?” Kaminari asked when Katsuki passed him.

“The fuck do I care,” Katsuki muttered. “If this was the real thing, I wouldn’t have stopped at blowing up her boat.”

That had Kaminari laughing and patting Katsuki on the shoulder. “You’re really hotblooded, man.”

Katsuki shrugged him off. And he folded his arms across his chest as he watched the rest of the class, eyeing Deku the entire time and waiting for his turn.

By the time Deku and the other class rep were called to the water’s edge, Katsuki had dug his hands into his palms so hard they were beginning to bruise through his gloves. He’d pulled of his gauntlets and put them on the ground by his feet, but now he shook his hands out as well to give his palms a break. Instead he started worrying the edges of his glove, pulling it away from his bicep and letting the material snap back onto his skin. And he narrowed his eyes at Deku as he stepped up to the water’s edge and got into position ready to push off.

Katsuki had no fucking clue what was going on with that guy, he was caught in a daze even more than usual. Normally when Deku was daydreaming he started muttering about stuff under his breath and his fingers would twitch for his notebook to scribble down whatever thoughts were rattling around in his skull, but his thoughts that day had been pretty quiet. Hell, even in class Katsuki had kept looking up from his work to find Deku staring out the window with a frown, fingers tapping on his chin and teeth chewing his lower lip. Sometimes he didn’t even write down what their teachers were saying, his pen just hovering an inch above the page. It pissed Katsuki off. He’d kicked the back of Deku’s chair when he saw him doing that, annoyed at him and trying to jerk him back into the real world. If he was really so goddamn special then he should pay attention in class. But now here he was in Heroics Training with that far-off look still in his eye and his brow still crinkled and his head still not in it. And Katsuki was getting really fucking mad.

He drummed his fingers on his bicep. Clicked his tongue. Muttered, “What’s up with him?”

“Huh?” Kirishima looked round. His hair was slightly wilted from swimming but still sticking halfway up from all the heavy-duty hairspray he put in it every morning. “What’s up with who?”

“Deku,” Katsuki said, jerking his chin at where the bastard was waiting by the water. “He’s not even listening to what’s happening in class, its like he doesn’t care.”

“Hm…” Kirishima gave an awkward expression, a little pinched. “He might be… Thinking of other things.”

“What other things?” Katsuki snapped. What could possibly be more important than training to become the best Heroes they could be?

Kirishima looked at him. He shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe something at his internship? I can’t really say anything about it, but there have been a couple things happening. His mind might be on that.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened and he whipped his head round to watch Deku again. So his internship was getting heavy, huh? Enough to distract him from class, huh? Katsuki ground his teeth together and dug his hands into his arms again, narrowed his eyes and leaned forward to watch Deku. Come on then, nerd, if things are really that intense at your internship then you must be learning things. Katsuki wanted to see him put what he was learning into practice. Wanted to see him prove that he was worthy of being All Might’s successor.

But when Aizawa blew his whistle, Deku stumbled. He wasn’t paying attention again, and he missed his start by a good second so that the class rep could race ahead. The guy was running so fast he didn’t break water tension and skated along the top of the ocean. Katsuki growled. But then Deku recovered and his body crackled with energy as he pushed off, leaving a large footprint in the concrete. And he leapt into the water, swimming as best he could. But his movements. They were awkward and slow, splashing water as he tried to swim. Katsuki’s eyes widened as he watched Deku flounder, falling behind the class rep and not even managing to get a single ring. He was faltering. Failing. Not giving it his all! Katsuki grit his teeth and let his arms fall to his sides, hands clenching to fists tight enough that he felt his bones might snap.

Put some fucking effort in, Deku! Katsuki wanted to yell at him from the crowd. He was itching to just pull him out of the water by the neck and shake him and scream at him that someone who’d caught All Might’s attention needed to put some fucking effort in! He was failing! He was making a goddamn disgrace of himself! Didn’t he want to honour All Might’s memory? Was this what All Might had given his career up for?

But Katsuki held his tongue clenched his teeth, feeling that lump in his throat again. And he just watched in silence as Deku finished his race with a pitiful time, climbing out of the water and coughing as his friends surrounded him and asked him if he was alright, with Aizawa standing over him and chiding him for the lacklustre performance. And as Katsuki glared at Deku, watching the way the water was running down his cheeks and soaking through his hair so it clung to his skull, the fucker never once looked round at him and met his eye. He just smiled and nodded at the people who were telling him his performance sucked. Actually smiled! As if he wasn’t letting people down.

Katsuki’s lip twitched. He glared down at the water pooling at Deku’s feet. The rings he hadn’t collected. The gulf of time between him and his opponent. He was pathetic. Slow. Faltering. Clumsy. And he was still the one who All Might had chosen.

Katsuki pressed a hand to the burn on his side, breathing hard at the feeling of pain that spiked through him. He didn’t listen to what Kirishima was telling him, or the jokes Mina was cracking on his other side. He only half-registered what Aizawa was saying about what that exercise had taught them and how they could all improve. He didn’t pay any attention to Deku, or the way that fuck kept staring into space and not listening, as if he was so much better than this because he had been picked by the symbol of hope and been handed a quirk on a silver platter and landed an internship that was apparently so much more important than classwork if it was keeping him this occupied. Katsuki fought back the lump in his throat. Pressed his hand into the burn. Breathed steadily.

And that night, after he had stared at the ceiling for hours unable to get the image of Deku dripping wet and snidely smirking out of his mind, he picked up his phone and texted Dabi.

Are you free?

He stared at the screen until his eyes watered.

Finally, it buzzed with a response.

always free for you

see you at the same place

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Dabi was sitting in the bar when Katsuki arrived. It actually had him coming to a halt in the doorway, seeing him back on the same barstool he’d been sitting on the first time Katsuki had turned up to this place. He had his thin fingers wrapped around another long island iced tea, slurping it loudly as he scrolled through his phone. When he noticed Katsuki approaching he nodded and waved his phone at the stool next to him.

Katsuki came to a stop in front of him, hands buried in he pockets of his hoodie. He glanced up at the barman who was watching him expectantly. Then across the room to the little meeting area. It was pretty empty that night. Nobody came out in the middle of the week. But there were still a few people, a couple of regulars who he recognised. Katsuki shifted and reached up to pull his hood over his face.

“Let’s go,” he muttered, kicking Dabi’s stool with a foot.

Dabi looked down at the bottom of his stool, then up to meet Katsuki’s eyes. He took a long slurp of his drink and scrolled through his phone. “You need to learn to be more patient.”

“Fuck off.”

That had him giving a small grin. “Okay. If you’re that eager then you can go upstairs and get yourself ready for me. I’ll be up when I finish this.” Dabi tilted his drink towards Katsuki so that the ice clinked against the glass.

The implication that Katsuki was eager about anything had him bristling and clenching his hands into fists in the pocket of his hoodie. Dabi just watched him calmly and slurped on his drink again.

Before Katsuki could think of something to say, Dabi gestured at the stool next to him again. “Sit down. Let me get you something. I got some money today, and you’re supposed to buy people a drink before you fuck them anyway. It’s polite.”

Urgh, Dabi was always so frank about what they were doing in that place, Katsuki hated it. His little remarks had Katsuki’s lip curled and he felt hot shame roiling in his gut. And he glared at Dabi, trying to work out how to answer. If he left Dabi here to go up to the room, then that would make it look like he was “eager” or whatever. But if he stayed down here and let Dabi buy him a drink… That felt almost romantic. And there was no way in Hell he was going to be doing anything romantic with this walking infection.

On the other hand… Well, he did want to try and get some intel on the League so he could bring them down from the inside. That was the entire point of these meetings with Dabi, the bonus next to him being able to get to sleep. If Dabi wanted to sit and have a drink, maybe Katsuki could actually start to wheedle into his brain and find out some things about the League that could help him bring them down. Maybe he could rock up to the police station in the morning with a huge dossier of insider information he’d managed to get out of this fuck. And he could do it all without getting distracted during class and almost drowning in a synthetic sea.

Yeah… This was an opportunity.

So Katsuki plastered a grin onto his face and sat down on the stool next to Dabi, tapping his fingers on the countertop and nodding at the barman.

“Get me a…” His eyes flicked over the drink selection. “A Kirin Lemon.”

Next to him, Dabi snorted. He rested his hand on his fist and raised his eyebrows at Katsuki, grinning a little crooked smile that just lifted up one side of his mouth. “Kirin Lemon,” he said, his other hand stirring his straw through his own drink. “I told you it’s on me, don’t be shy. Get some vodka in it or something.”

Katsuki bit the inside of his cheek. “Fuck off, I’m not drinking.”

“Ah. Such a good little schoolboy.” Dabi leaned down and slurped his drink loudly.

“Whatever,” Katsuki huffed. The bartender gave him his soda and he took a mouthful, keeping an eye on Dabi. Dabi’s own drink was almost empty and he slurped it loudly. Then he leaned back, resting the straw against his lower lip. Katsuki watched him, trying to work out a good question he could ask. He settled for, “So you got money today, huh?”

Dabi glanced at him. “Yup.”

“Do you have a part-time job or what?”

“Yeah, it involves kidnapping high-school students and going through their pockets when they’re unconscious to steal their lunch money. I thought you knew.” And he slurped his drink loudly.

Katsuki took a gulp of his lemonade, but it tasted gross in the back of his throat. He usually stayed away from soda and all that unhealthy shit, sticking to water or maybe tea. He’d been on a pretty strict diet since he started training to get into UA. Possibly stricter than it needed to be, but he had to keep his body as healthy as he could if he wanted to be Number One. It had been a while since he’d had soda. He could feel the sugar granules on his back teeth. His brain spun, analysing the ingredients on the back of the soda bottle and trying to work out how hard he’d need to work out the next week to make up for this. And he took another sip. The ice cubes bumped softly against his lip.

He hissed and pulled back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Have you kidnapped many people lately?”

Dabi looked at him. His tongue was playing with the top of his straw, moving it though the ice in his glass by the pointed tip. The piercing in his tongue glimmered. Then he let go and tilted his head up. “Nope.”

Katsuki snorted. He tightened his grip on his glass and looked away, eyeing the little row of bottles behind the bar and trying to think of something else to say. He ran the nail of his thumb up and down the side of the glass to catch the droplets of water condensation. Behind him, the quiet hum of the other regulars were bumping against his ears. Next to him, Dabi slurped at his drink again. Katsuki clenched his jaw and glanced over. Dabi was staring back at him with those cold eyes, chin resting on his hand, phone lazily in his fingers, lips closed over his straw and drinking loudly. He raised his eyebrows a little when Katsuki met his gaze. And he kept slurping through the last few dregs of his iced tea or whatever the fuck he was having, until the last few dregs were gone and it sounded like wet static was emanating from the ice cubes and lime slices. Katsuki’s hand gripped his own glass.

Finally, he snapped, “Are you trying to be an annoying fuck?”

Dabi opened his mouth and let the straw fall away from his lips to clink against the side of his glass.“Yes. You’re funny when you’re pretending not to be mad.”

For some reason that had Katsuki’s ears turning red in shame. “No I’m not,” he said, but he knew as he said it that he sounded stupid.

Dabi looked away from him and tapped a finger against his glass, looking pointedly at the bartender. “You’re chatty tonight,” he said. “I would’ve expected you to be in a bad mood considering.”

“Considering what?”

“Considering it’s only been two days since last time we met up. You usually only text me that soon if you’re really pissed off.” He scratched the side of his nose. “I think last time… Wasn’t it because someone you knew had gotten an internship with that guy Fatgum?”

Katsuki glared at him. Yeah, normally there was a longer stretch of time between his texts to this guy, and yeah when Kirishima had happily told him that he was going to be interning at Fatgum’s agency with that upperclassman who looked like a depressed elf, Katsuki had sat up in his bed unable to sleep until he texted Dabi even though he’d just met up with him the previous night. But he wasn’t mad that day. He was just… Frustrated. And the image of Deku — pensive and not paying attention to the world around him — flicked through his head again.

Katsuki picked up an ice cube from his glass and crunched it between his teeth to distract himself. “I’m not pissed off,” he muttered.


“I’m not.”

“Uh huh.”

“Whatever.” Katsuki looked away from Dabi, chewing his ice cube angrily and drumming his fingers against his cheek. “So what have you been doing then? If you’re not kidnapping people?”

Dabi didn’t answer at first. Katsuki could hear the clinking of ice in his glass, and more of that wet static to indicate he was still slurping at nothing. Then, “Why do you care what I’ve been doing with my day?”

“I don’t.”

“So why are you asking?”

“Am I not allowed to ask?”

“You can ask. But I’m a wanted criminal, so I’m probably not going to answer.” Katsuki glared at him and Dabi shrugged. “If you want I can make up something for you.”

“Fuck off.”

Dabi was handed another drink from the bartender and his empty one was cleared away. He tucked his phone into his pocket and held the new glass out to Katsuki in offering. But Katsuki curled his lip and picked up another ice cube to chew. Dabi shrugged and had a sip himself, quieter that time. “You really need to relax more.”

“I’m relaxed.”

“Sure.” Dabi pushed his stool away from the table and got up. “Anyway. You want to fuck?”

His bluntness had Katsuki coughing and turning beetroot red again. But he nodded and pushed his still-full glass across the counter to follow Dabi through the bar and up the dingy stairs. After all this time, Katsuki still felt awkwardness rolling through his gut at this entire situation. Still felt his tongue trip over the words of exactly what it was they were doing. And he shoved his hands into the pocket of his hoodie as Dabi kicked open the door to their regular room and stepped inside, placing his glass down on the bedside table.

Katsuki knew the drill now and quickly pulled his hoodie and t-shirt off in one fluid motion. But before he could undo his belt, Dabi had stepped over to stand in front of him and placed a finger under his chin. Katsuki’s mouth went a little dry. He let Dabi tilt his head up to look at him. He had his usual blank expression; impassive stone covered in piercings and blood. And his fingers were cold on Katsuki’s chin, holding him in place as Dabi looked surveyed him with one slightly raised eyebrow.

“What?” Katsuki spat. His hands gripped his belt buckle defensively.

Dabi’s thumb moved along Katsuki’s chin to his lower lip instead, pulling it down and letting Katsuki get the taste of sulphur on his tongue. “Do you still want to ask me about my day?”

“W- What’s the point? Are you even going to tell me about it?”

“Maybe.” Dabi’s thumb moved higher, slipping into Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki let him. He dug his teeth into Dabi’s finger. “Why don’t you tell me about your day?”

“Nng.” Katsuki tugged his face away from Dabi’s hand and folded his arms across his bare chest to scowl up at him. “I’m not going to tell you shit.”

“You won’t talk to me, but you’ll give me a blowjob no problem?” Dabi scratched his chin. “Interesting priorities.”

Katsuki bit his tongue again and dug his fingers into his arms, hard enough that maybe he’d bruise. He shifted, feeling his belt dig into the burn on his side again. Urgh, he loathed that stupid handprint. It was a constant reminder of how much he hated coming here. How much he hated Dabi. But Dabi didn’t seem to notice it and just turned away from him to grab his drink from the bedside table, telling Katsuki to finish getting undressed. Katsuki’s fingers shook a little on his belt buckle. It always made his skin crawl when he was completely naked and Dabi was still fully dressed.

But Dabi’s cold fingers ran over Katsuki’s skin, just brushing over his chest and down to his stomach. He focussed on the touch. Katsuki felt his breath catch in his throat and heat stirring in the pit of his stomach again. His cock started to get hard in anticipation. Something Dabi apparently noticed, because he glanced down and raised his eyebrows.

“You’re eager,” he said, his hands going to Katsuki’s waist.

“Well we are going to fuck, aren’t we?” Katsuki bit his tongue, clenching his hands at his sides.

Dabi tilted his head to one side. “Do you want to?”

“Why else would I be here?”

“To talk about our days, apparently.”

“Fuck, I hate you.”

“You can leave whenever you want.”

“Stop fucking saying that.”

Dabi’s hand caught Katsuki’s chin and tilted his face up. His thumb rubbed over his cheek again and he pulled Katsuki closer so their chests were flush against each other. “You’re definitely not cute.”

“So kick me out,” Katsuki spat. “You’re not exactly good looking, either.”

Dabi gave his crooked grin again. The staples on his cheek shifted, the strange leather skin beneath his eyes moving to reveal the pink flesh underneath. The bare muscle and blood that his weird skin grafts were just resting on top of. When he spoke, Katsuki saw his tongue piercing flash behind his teeth. “Hey, you’re the one who wanted to meet up tonight.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

“You’re desperate enough to fuck someone you find ugly?”

“No!” Katsuki snarled and tugged his head away from Dabi’s hand. “You’re such a prick.”

“A prick you’ve been having sex with pretty regularly.”

And Katsuki couldn’t come up with a retort for that because Dabi wrapped his hand around Katsuki’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. Dabi’s mouth tasted more keenly of alcohol than usual. It had Katsuki pulling back a little bit to get his bearings. But he soon moved back to kiss Dabi and melted into him easily. Dabi’s tongue was cold in his mouth, the same way it always was, and he felt the press of his tongue piercing. And he didn’t think of Deku at all as the taste of ash filled his mouth.

Dabi’s hand moved from Katsuki’s neck up to fist in his hair, pulling him closer and opening his mouth to kiss him deeper. Katsuki gave a muffled “mn” and kissed back. His hands went to grip Dabi’s jacket, fingers tight on the fabric. He was still clumsy at this. He moved his tongue a little against Dabi’s, trying to taste him and get more contact, but mostly he just let Dabi take control. Let him suck on his tongue. Bite on his lower lip. Press their bodies against each other and run his hands down Katsuki’s back to his side and over the burn on his hip.

“Fuck!” Katsuki pulled back when Dabi’s nail dug into the burn.

It had Dabi’s eyes widening and he glanced down. “You’ve still got this?” he said, running the pad of his finger around the blistered skin. The sensation made Katsuki shiver and close his eyes. “Doesn’t UA have recovery Girl on staff?”

“I- I didn’t go to see her.” Katsuki bit his tongue, feeling the hairs all along the back of his neck stand up. His cock twitched. He wanted Dabi to move his fingers… Closer to the burn… Dig in with his nail…

Dabi hummed a little under his breath and moved his hand away. “Why not?”

“I- I don’t know.” There was no way in Hell Katsuki was going to admit that he liked to press down on the wound when he was jacking off, that he slept better when he was hurting, that it reminded him of Dabi’s hands Dabi’s skin Dabi’s teeth digging into his flesh. Instead Katsuki just pulled Dabi back to him and mashed their lips together. Dabi kissed him lazily. He sucked on Katsuki’s tongue. Then pulled back.

“Kneel down,” he said.

Katsuki did. He wondered if Dabi wanted another blowjob and clenched his thumb in his fist just in case. But instead Katsuki was gently repositioned so he was leaning over the mattress with his hands in the sheets and his knees down on the carpet. Katsuki looked over his shoulder. Dabi was kneeling behind him, one hand on Katsuki’s lower back and the other going to pick up his drink again. He gave it a slurp. Offered it to Katsuki. Katsuki pushed him away.

“Are you doing to do anything, you prick?”

“I was planning on it.” He had another sip of his drink and put it back down on the table. Then he shifted, getting up on his knees so his legs were against Katsuki’s thighs. The harsh fabric of his jeans felt good. Katsuki turned his head, burying his face in the sheets and gripping the blankets with his hands. He felt Dabi’s fingers running up over his back, down his sides and skirting the burn, then down over his ass and to his thighs. He let Dabi manhandle him, tilting his hips up and spreading his legs. Bit his lip in anticipation.

Then he jerked his head up when something cold and wet licked down his lower back to his ass.

“What the fu- hu- hah!” Katsuki’s words stumbled in his throat and his mouth hung open in a long moan as Dabi licked up his taint and ran his tongue around his entrance. Katsuki looked over his shoulder. He saw the top of Dabi’s head disappearing behind his hips, long fingers wrapped round his waist pulling him closer, and he could feel Dabi’s tongue probing into him and swirling around inside of him. He hadn’t expected this.

Fuck. He knew Dabi liked to take his time and prep him until he was a mess, but this was the first time Dabi had eaten him out. It felt… Strange. Good! But goddammit, Dabi’s tongue was on his ass and it was so weird but it felt… Oh God. Katsuki pressed his face back into the sheet and he swore loudly, pushing his hips backwards into Dabi’s face, silently begging him to keep going, please go deeper oh fuck oh please. And he heard Dabi laugh a little. Felt his tongue swirling. Then Dabi’s tongue was moving down over Katsuki’s taint. He felt the tongue ring press into him, and Katsuki arched his back in a whine of pleasure.

“Hm.” Dabi pulled back, his hands going to the tops of Katsuki’s thighs. “You’re enjoying that.”

“Goddammit,” Katsuki muttered into the mattress. The bastard didn’t need to comment on it.

But Dabi’s hand moved up his thighs to his side. To the burn. He ran his cool finger around the blisters and hummed. “Do you want me to keep going?”

Katsuki grit his teeth. “Yes,” he muttered.

“Let’s make a deal.”

Dabi shifted, moving up so his thighs were along Katsuki’s thighs again and leaning over so his chest was lying down across Katsuki’s back. He kissed the curve of Katsuki’s neck and breathed in his ear, “If I keep going, you tell me what got you so pissed off to text me. And maybe I’ll tell you about my day, since you were so curious.”

What? Katsuki turned his head to stare at him. Did he mean that? He could get intel on the League of Villains, and what Dabi had been doing for them that had earned him money or whatever? And all he had to do was tell him some bullshit about his day? Yeah, that was alright. Katsuki could do that. He swallowed and nodded, gripping the sheets tighter. Dabi gave him a quick, wet kiss then moved back down to his ass.

He heard the sound of him slurping his drink again. “So,” he said, putting the glass down with a clink. “What got my favourite virgin so angry today?”

“Nothing,” Katsuki muttered. He closed his eyes. “Nothing important. Just…”

Shit. He couldn’t tell Dabi what was going on with Deku and All Might, there was no way he’d let that slip to a villain even if they were eating him out. Katsuki gripped the sheets. He carefully chose his words.

“There’s just… This nerd in my class. He fucking… He pisses me off.”

“Mmhm.” Dabi bit onto the flesh at the top of Katsuki’s thighs, briefly distracting him.

Shit! Y- Yeah. He was just… He kept spacing out in class. As if he- Ah! As if he was too good for it or some sh- hi- hit! Mmn. Like he got everything handed to him or something. Doesn’t- Fuck! Doesn’t fucking deserve anything he’s got.” Katsuki closed his eyes tight and sighed, pushing back into Dabi’s mouth. “Oh fuck.”

Dabi was rimming him again, his tongue probing inside of him and swirling deliciously. The tongue piercing was so different to the piercings on Dabi’s cock, Katsuki could feel it pressing against his insides and massaging him from the inside out. His cock dripped precum onto the carpet. Dabi’s fingernails dug into his sides. And he pulled back to plant a firm kiss to the bottom of Katsuki’s spine.

“Who is he?”

“Ah… Who?”

“This nerd you hate?”


“I know you hate him, what’s his name?”

“No! That’s just what I call him, I don’t know.”

“Mmhm.” Dabi’s hands moved up Katsuki’s sides. A fingernail ran around the edge of the burn on his hip, making him shudder. “He got you really riled up.”

“I hate him.”

“Clearly.” Dabi reached over to the bedside table again to get lube. Katsuki felt the cold liquid being poured over his ass and rolling down his taint to drip onto the floor. He gripped the bed and moaned into the sheets when Dabi pushed his first finger inside of him, quickly followed by a second. Dabi began to fuck Katsuki slowly with his fingers, stretching him open with ugly squelching sounds. It wasn’t as good as his tongue, but his fingers could go so much deeper and it had heat coiling in Katsuki’s gut. He dug his teeth into his lower lip in anticipation. Yes… He wanted to be fucked, he wanted to forget everything. The entire goddamn day and that stupid class and his supplementary lessons and every stupid expression on Deku’s face. He hoped Dabi burned him again. Left him bruised and sore. That’s exactly what he needed.

“Is Deku your rival or something?” Dabi’s voice was bored, as if this was an average conversation not taking place whilst Katsuki was getting prepped for sex.

Katsuki grit his teeth. He remembered that fight, and All Might hugging him, and all his bruises, and how he had been grounded to the dorms with Deku and forced to clean up everyone else’s trash and mess. People commented then that they were acting like proper rivals. All Might had said…

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he muttered. And he glared over his shoulder. “What about you, huh? I told you about my day, tell me about yours.”

Dabi tilted his head a little. He slowly circled his fingers inside Katsuki’s ass. “I don’t know if that counts, you didn’t even tell me this guy’s real name.”

“It’s Midioriya, alright? You happy now?”

“Hm… He’s the one with the green hair, right? He broke all his fingers in the Sports Festival trying to fight Todoroki Shouto.”

“Yeah, that’s him.”

Dabi pulled his fingers out, then pushed in three. Katsuki opened his mouth in a low gasp. His toes curled in the carpet and his heart was thumping in his chest. Dabi clicked his tongue. “He didn’t seem to be slacking off in the sports festival.”

“Who the fuck cares about that damn nerd?” Katsuki snapped, whipping his head round to glare at Dabi over his shoulder. “Shut up about him! It doesn’t matter, he’s not fucking important. I didn’t even want to talk about him in the fucking first place. Just tell me what the fuck’s happening to you that means you have money or whatever. Goddammit!”

Dabi pulled his fingers out of Katsuki. He could hear him behind him, moving up onto his knees and pressing his legs up against the back of Katsuki’s thighs. Shit. Katsuki could feel Dabi’s erection pressing up against his ass through the fabric of his clothes. He struggled to not grind desperately back against him.

“You really need to chill out,” Dabi said. And then he was holding something out.  It was his drink again, offering the straw to Katsuki’s lips.

Katsuki was so fucking sick of this bullshit, and he snarled a few choice swears. But Dabi tapped his finger on the straw, tilting the glass towards him. And fine, okay, if it would get him to shut up about it and start talking then whatever! Katsuki rolled his eyes and leaned forward to take a sip. The alcohol tasted disgusting. And he could only have a small mouthful. But he had a sip all the same and slumped back down onto the sheets. There. He was calm. Now hurry up.

He shivered when he heard the clink of Dabi undoing his belt buckle. And the sound of a condom wrapper being torn open.

“Now that you’ve calmed down, and since you’re really so eager to know about my life,” Dabi said, pressing his cock up against Katsuki’s entrance, “Basically, I got money from meeting some potential recruits.”

“F- For the Lea- Ah, shit!” Katsuki groaned as Dabi started to push into him. He felt every one of his dick piercings rubbing inside of him and fought back a moan.

Dabi kept going until he was all the way inside Katsuki, their hips pressing against each other. The metal studs on Dabi’s belt dug into Katsuki’s thighs. Katsuki couldn’t believe this asshole wasn’t going to get undressed. He still had his jacket on for fuck’s sake. But he stopped caring about that when Dabi pressed his fingertips into his burn and he shuddered in pleasure. Katsuki clenched around Dabi, willing him to keep going. Fuck him, or spill some secrets he could use, whatever! Just do something.

And Dabi rocked his hips slowly, in and out of Katsuki so that he shuddered and became a mess in the sheets, gripping the fabric in his hands and groaning. Dabi leaned down to nip on Katsuki’s ears. “Yeah. For the League.”

“You’re- Oh fuck! You’re recruiting?”

“Always. Are you interested in joining up?”

“Fuck off.”

“Had to offer. The boss’d be mad if I didn’t at this point.”

Katsuki growled and scrunched his eyes shut, trying to steady himself. He wanted to get more information. Anything else he could gleam. “S- So how do you even get money off them. Do they have to pay some kinda finder’s fee or some bullshit?”

“Hmm…” Dabi rocked his hips a little deeper, making Katsuki’s mouth fall open in a moan. His fingernails dug into Katsuki’s sides. He kissed down Katsuki’s jaw to his neck, biting softly on his shoulder. “No. I generally just go through their stuff before I kill them.”


But Katsuk didn’t have time to process that thought. Dabi straightened up and slammed into him with full force, making Katsuki’s head shoot up and his mouth fall open in a yell. And he forgot what he was going to say, what he was trying to do. He forgot everything. Just like he wanted from those nights in the dingy bar. And he came undone, again, in Dabi’s hands.

Chapter Text

“The burnt remains of human bodies have been found in increasing regularity in the Northern wards of Musutafu. Although the identities of the victims have yet to be confirmed, police have announced that Dabi of the League of Villains is the main suspect behind the attacks.

“‘The amount of damage to the victims, as well as the marks on the surrounding buildings, are similar to those we have seen in other situations where he has used his particular quirk,’ Police Chief Tsuragamae told us last night. ‘All evidence points to him being the murderer, but whether or not he’s acting alone or with other members of the League is something we are still investigating. Any individual with any relevant information is encouraged to contact their local police station.’”

Katsuki tutted and scrolled down his phone, skimming over the description of the attacks and the damage the flames had done to nearby walls and windows. The scorch marks were indicative of extremely high heat in short bursts, so it was very likely to be Dabi’s quirk. Oh, and Dabi had also told Katsuki he’d killed those people. So these articles just confirmed that he’d been telling the truth. Katsuki had been eaten out by a mass murderer who burned people alive and occasionally kidnapped high school students. Then later fucked the high school students. God, Dabi was human garbage.

Katsuki put his phone down on his lap and leaned back in his seat. Todoroki was dozing in the seat next to him, his Hero Costume resting on his knees and his two-tone hair in his face. Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him. He’d been spending pretty much every day with this fuck thanks to their supplementary classes, and the guy still annoyed him. The way he always spoke in that monotonous drone, his complete lack of any reaction when they were in the classes and beating each other up, the stupidly powerful quirk that he had no finesse or nuance with other than “make the fire hotter”. He was annoying.

And now there was the added fact that Katsuki always said his name the way Dabi did. Todoroki Shouto, his full name in a slightly elongated tone with a little curl over the ‘Sh’. Dabi always said it with a tiny smile in his voice. Probably thinking about how fascinating the son of the Number One Hero must be, and how wonderful it would be for him if he managed to turn the son of Endeavor over to the League of Villains. It was annoying. Dabi was always whispering into Katsuki’s ears to ask how class was, and how Midoriya was, and how Todoroki Shouto was. He couldn’t get it out of his head.

“Todoroki Shouto,” Katsuki muttered, getting the lilt the same as Dabi.

“What?” Todoroki opened his eyes and looked over at him, immediately awake and alert.

Katsuki huffed and turned away, shaking his head. He picked his phone up again and started scrolling. There were a bunch of different tabs open with articles on the burned bodies, so he picked one at random and started reading through all the different information. Katsuki knew that not everything police had discovered would be revealed to the press just yet, but the articles could at least give him some vague hints of what law enforcement knew and didn’t know so that he could probe Dabi on those points later.

He could admit that his attempts at investigation the previous night had been… Shit. That was his fault. He hadn’t planned things properly and Dabi had thrown him through a loop with the drinks and the bar and the tongue on his ass. So he’d floundered and done a terrible job. But Katsuki was a good study, and he’d make damn sure that next time he’d get decent information. And it wasn’t like Katsuki had learned nothing. Dabi had confirmed that the burned bodies were his doing, it removed the little bit of doubt that the police had. It’s just that there was still more that Katsuki could find out to fill in the blanks. The police still hadn’t identified all of the victims, Katsuki could ask him for names of everyone he’d burned to supply to police. Or the reason for the murders in the first place. Dabi had sort of glossed over why he’d killed the people, just acknowledged that he’d done it. Surely there had to be a reason for this. Other rival leagues or people trying to destroy them so he needed to retaliate.

That had Katsuki pausing and tapping his phone against his lower lip thoughtfully. He may need to think of some way to protect himself if his cover ever slipped and Dabi tried to burn him. Maybe in these classes he could try out some of those new moves he’d been practicing, see if he’d be able to capacitate Dabi before he could use his flames. Although he might be alright if the two of them just stayed inside all the time. Dabi might not want to set fire to the entire bar, especially if there was a bunch of alcohol on the floor below them. There was a lot to consider.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes, his brain chunking through tactics and plans and information. The next seat over, Todoroki watching him lazily.

“Are you reading about Kirishima?” he asked.

“Huh?” Katsuki blinked in confusion. “Reading about- What? No, why would I be reading about him?”

“He’s your friend,” Todoroki said with a shrug. “I just thought you’d read the articles about him.”

What articles?”

Todoroki jut pointed at his phone for explanation and Katsuki flicked back to the main news sites to look for what Todoroki was talking about. When he wasn’t searching for explicitly mentions of burnt bodies, he found them. Numerous articles and photographs of Kirishima at his internship the night before, apprehending a villain single-handedly. There was a picture of Kirishima: his skin still half hard from his quirk so he looked like he was made from shale, standing with Fatgum and blinking into the camera in confusion. Then another of Kirishima giving a shaky thumbs-up as Fatgum clapped him on the shoulder and beamed. Katsuki’s eyes narrowed as he scrolled through the phone, reading about how Kirishima had managed to protect citizens and fight back against a villain with a dangerous quirk, and how he was already trending locally on social media as people posted videos and photos they’d took of the incident. Comments about how Red Riot was already shaping up to be a strong young Hero, new hope for the future, a truly amazing student.

Katsuki ground his teeth together. The fingers of his other hand gripped the fabric of his trousers. He flicked back to another news site and read another article about how Kirishima was out there doing something useful and getting notoriety already whilst he was being driven to a supplementary class with the two-tone fuck with no facial expressions. He wanted to hurl his phone out the window so that it shattered on the ground and took the news articles with them. He wanted to hurl Kirishima out the window, too.

No. No, he didn’t want that. Kirishima was a decent person who worked hard and had been training his quirk furiously and he deserved to be noticed. Katsuki knew how insecure he was about his abilities (which was bullshit, Kirishima was ridiculously strong). He deserved this. He did. Katsuki told himself that over and over: Kirishima deserved this attention. Katsuki just wished he was getting something similar.

Fuck it. He’d get that attention soon enough when he got the information on the League. So Kirishima brought down one little no-name villain, huh? That was good, that was pretty damn good. Nothing compared to the entire League of Villains itself. But it was a start.

With a snort, Katsuki closed the tab with Kirishima’s article and went back to the long piece about burnt bodies. He repeated a list of points to grill Dabi on in his head, planning out conversations they would have, ways Dabi would try to deflect him, ways Katsuki would counteract. The bus jolted as it went over a pot hole. On the seat next to him, Todoroki was dozing again.

Aizawa stopped the bus at the supplementary classes and shepherded Katsuki and Todoroki into the building. He was tired as usual: deep bags under his eyes and the smell of coffee clinging to his clothes. Katsuki wondered how early he had to get up to bring them to these classes. He always thought that their form teacher stole catnaps in the supply closet between classes.

“Okay, go get changed and meet your instructors,” Aizawa said when he left them at the building’s entrance. “Don’t cause any structural damage and try not to break any bones that Recovery Girl will need to set.” It was his usual little dismissal: slightly barbed and resigned. Then he left the two of them to get changed into their costumes, trudging away to either watch or nap in the stands overlooking the stadium where they had their supplementary lessons.

There were a smattering of other students already in the changing room, but all of them were too tired to speak or acknowledge UA’s arrival. Katsuki walked through them to the back wall. Todoroki put his costume down on the bench next to him and flicked the clasps on the box. Katsuki glared at him.

“Go get changed over there, jackass,” he said, pointing a finger at the far corner of the room.

Todroroki looked at him, blinking slowly. But he said nothing as he picked up his costume and carried it to the other side of the room to get changed. Katsuki snorted and focussed on his own clothes. He really hated the time they spent changing into costumes. Couldn’t they get changed at the dorms and then jump right into class when they arrived here? It would save so much time. Or at least it’d save the few awkward minutes he was trapped in the changing room with Icy-Hot as they got changed and refused to look at each other or exchange any sort of conversation.

Katsuki huffed and pulled off his blazer, hanging it up on a hook in front of him along with his tie. He started to unbutton his shirt as well, but paused and glanced round. Nobody else was near him, and Todoroki was looking away from Katsuki as he pulled off his own shirt. Katsuki narrowed his eyes.

Todoroki’s back was riddled with scars: more scars than anyone else Katsuki had met. Sure, Dabi’s body was about half scar tissue, but Todoroki was inching up into the ninetieth percentile. And his were different. People like Deku, their scars were fresh and dark pink across their skin, bright smears of paint on their flesh. Todoroki’s were more subtle. His skin was already weird: soft brown with a tint of gold lit by the fire inside of him that shifted to a lighter tone on the right side of his body. But then the skin of his back was also covered in faded lines and scars that crisscrossed over his flesh and disappeared down his trousers out of sight. A patchwork of ancient burns in shades of brown and pink, and crosshatching of old lacerations. Katsuki knew he had little faded lines on his face, too. They were just always so dwarfed by the dark scar over his eye that nobody would see them unless they were up close. And with their recent combat classes, Katsuki had been forced to get up close and personal with Todoroki more often than he’d liked.

Katsuki glanced down at his own front. Dabi had marked him again. It wasn’t as bad as last time, but there were still things he needed to hide. Faded pink scratches running down his front and along his back, then a scattering of bite marks along his lower back and the tops of his thighs. He hurriedly shrugged off his school shirt and pulled his costume’s tank top over his head before anyone had a chance to see them clearly. The burn on his side was old, it didn’t twinge as bad as it once had, but it still ached a little when the tight fabric of his tank rubbed against it. Katsuki pressed a hand to it, feeling the familiar twinge through his body. He closed his eyes and pressed his fingers into the burn so that a dull pain spiked through his abdomen. Breathed in. Out. His heartbeat evened out. His brain forgot all about Kirishima’s internship and the news articles. And he dropped his hand to his side to pull on the rest of his uniform.

His belt clicked at his waist, the metal sitting at his side and digging into his burn again. The heavy caps on his knees felt secure. He sat down on the bench to tug on his boots, beginning the arduous tasks of doing up all the annoying laces. His fingers scrabbled to grab the laces, tugging them out and tightening them around his calves. Someone squeezed past him to get to lockers, making him glare at them. His knuckles whitened on the laces. When he finally got them done, he got to his feet to pull on his gloves. The tight fabric sat up his arms and over his biceps. His fingers clenched in the heavy material on his fingers. The mask was positioned over his eyes, the explosion decoration blooming behind his head. And he rested his gauntlets on the bench to strap on just before leaving.

“Are you ready?” Todoroki asked, crossing across the room to stand next to him.

Katsuki snorted and picked up his uniform stash in a locker. As he was folding his shit to put away, a buzzing came from his blazer pocket. Katsuki blinked at it and fished his phone out, holding it up to the light. A new message from an unknown number. Katsuki narrowed his eyes and opened it to read.

It was a link. A link to one of the articles about Kirishima that Katsuki had read on the bus over. And then a message from Dabi.

hey, isnt this your friend? guess hes really doing well for himself, maybe the league should watch out for him. he seems to know his stuff

Katsuki stared down at the phone, the words clunking together in his brain. Kirishima was a threat now? No way. Dabi was just fucking with him again, trying to get him angry or something. Make him pissed off so Katsuki wouldn’t be able to sleep and would have to text him back to meet up and fuck again. But he was taking a break from him. He was going to regroup and do his research and work on other shit, he wasn’t-

Katsuki’s train of thought was broken by another text. He hadn’t gotten two this close together before. Normally Dabi was a one-text-a-day kind of guy. Katsuki blinked at his phone.

it was great to see you last night. we should do it again soon. ill eat you out any time you want if you moan like you did

Katsuki stared at the words on the screen, his mouth opening and closing to gulp at air. He felt his fingers shaking, hairs standing up down his arms, blood in his ears. And without telling his fingers what to do, he was texting back.

Shut up. Don’t text me.

He shoved his phone back into his blazer pocket and slammed the locker door shut with a snarl. Todoroki was watching him from the bench, expressionless eyes following him as he marched back to grab his gauntlets and fasten them onto his fists.

“Did you get bad news?” Todoroki asked.

“No,” Katsuki muttered. He strapped the gauntlets on and started to march out of the room. But then an idea hit him and he spun round. Todoroki almost walked into him and took a step backwards. Katsuki pointed a finger at his own face. “Hey. Hit me as hard as you can.”

“What? Why?”

“Don’t ask questions, just do it.” He needed a distraction. Some pain to get Dabi and Kirishima and all the shit with the burnt bodies and his own investigations out of his head.

But Todroki just stared at him with a slight frown. “We’re not even in class yet.”

“This isn’t class, this is just me asking you to hit me. Come on, I know you want to, you beat me up all the time.”

“I do that as part of lessons, I don’t actually-“

“Oh my God what’s the big deal? We’re studying to be Heroes, we get in fights every day. Just punch me!” Katsuki slapped himself in the face, his gloves leaving a dark red mark on his cheek. “Do it!”

So Todoroki punched him, whipping Katsuki’s face round with a satisfying crack. He stumbled, staggering across the floor and hitting into the wall. His head spun. Stars sparked in his vision. And when he recovered, Todoroki was standing in the middle of the corridor watching him with a look of mild concern. But the punch had worked. Katsuki shook his head, getting rid of all thoughts about the articles and texts, and he headed out to the supplementary class with a decided spring in his step.

The side of his face smarted. The burn at his hip ached. Throughout the lesson as they practiced rescue drills, Katsuki pushed himself to the limit until his muscles were tired and shaking. Even when the instructor told him he was being reckless with the exercise, and that this wasn’t a race and he should take his time, Katsuki kept pushing. He hopped from foot to foot when he was motionless, keeping the blood pumping through his veins. Flexed and shook his hands at his side. Tilted his head from left to right. Hefted rocks, detonated his quirk, picked up injured victims in his arms. When he fell, he felt stones digging into his side so the skin broke. When he stumbled, dirt and boulders scraped his skin raw. By the time the class was over, Katsuki’s body was littered with scratches and his face was beginning to swell. He looked like a wreck next to the other students who were much cleaner from the lax lesson.

But he hadn’t thought about anything other than the classes that morning. And when he stripped his costume off, it was with an easy smile.

Dabi had sent him a scattering of texts during his supplementary class. Katsuki refused to look at them, just shoving his phone into his pocket as he and Todoroki walked back out of the building to meet Aizawa. Aizawa nodded at them. His eyes flicked to the bruise starting to blossom on the side of Katsuki’s head, but he didn’t question it and just directed them back to the minibus to take them back to UA.

As soon as they sat down, Todoroki’s eyes closed and he seemed dead to the world again. Katsuki glanced at him out of the corner of his eye. At the crisscrossing scars across his skin. Then he faced forward to stare the back of Aizawa’s head as he drove them back to school. His dark hair was tangled and tied into a scraggly knot at the base of his skull. Katsuki’s eyes went to a split end hanging down the back of his seat. For some reason it annoyed him.

His phone was heavy in his blazer pocket. It buzzed.

Glancing at Todoroki to make sure he was still asleep, Katsuki pulled his phone up and flicked it on. He angled his screen away from Todoroki and started to read all the texts Dabi had sent him.

wow whats your problem today?

is someone mad that their friend is in the news whilst they’re still going to remedial classes?

why would that bother you? im in the news way more than him and you seem to really like me if how fast you came last night is any indication

thought you were more mature than that


have fun in class and text me when youre not in a bad mood

(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Katsuki stared down at the messages. His fingers dug into his thigh, nails clawing at the fabric of his uniform and threatening to rip it. He felt an inordinate amount of anger bubbling inside of him as he read the texts over and over. He was not immature. He was just rightfully frustrated about his friend outpacing him and getting more attention and- He was not immature! And he was not in a bad mood, it was just… Everything had been piling on him lately. Kirishima and Deku and All Might and these stupid lessons and Todoroki’s annoying monotone and that goddamn split end in Aizawa’s hair that was driving Katsuki crazy the more he stared at it!

The bus went over a bump, jerking Katsuki out of his head.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His hand went from his thigh to the burn on his side, pressing it so the pain sparked through him. He focussed on the feeling on his cheek, the throbbing ache pulsing through his skull. He would not think about those stupid articles any more. He had more important things to focus on.

So when he got to class, Katsuki ignored all the people talking to Kirishima about his article and his internship. He ground his teeth as the girls talked about how they were in the news too because of the patrols from their own internships. He deliberately looked out the window to avoid meeting Deku’s eye when he came in and sat down behind him. Ignored it all. Focussed on what was important.

He looked down at his phone, and the emoticon Dabi had texted him.

Katsuki glanced over his shoulder. Deku’s head was down, fishing a notebook out of his bag and not looking at him. Across the way, Jirou was staring down at her own phone and completely dead to the world. Katsuki turned away, hunching over his phone and hiding it with the side of his binder.

I’m not being immature, I was just going into my class and didn’t want you blowing up my phone.

He paused, staring down at his screen waiting for a reply. After a minute, his phone buzzed. It was a different number.

youve never sent me a conversational text like this

are we taking things to the next level?

Shut up.

chill out its a joke

youre so touchy

are you in class now? or are you skipping?

I’m in class.

such a bad student texting villains in class


There are just a few things I’ve been thinking about. And I wanted to ask you about.


Katsuki glanced up again. Then back at his phone. He licked his lip.

I wanna know more about what you said last night.

The people you said you’d killed. What were their names?

Chapter Text

Katsuki didn’t see Dabi in person for a week. He refused to text him to meet up, trying to stick to asking him for information at a safe distance. And it was working. Sort of. Dabi was reasonably forthcoming once Katsuki figured out the right questions to ask and dealt with his bullshit for a few lines.

why do you care about who i killed?

You stuck your tongue in my ass, I want to know how many people you’ve murdered.

i dont know how many ive murdered

i dont keep track of that kind of thing

Why the fuck not? Do you not care?

i dont know

do you not care about the fact that youre being fucked by a villain?

Shut up. You’re such an asshole.

yeah no shit

look i dont know the names of all of the people ive killed but i can try and remember them for you if it will please your highness

Don’t call me that.

sorry your majesty

Fuck you.

Yeah, the conversations always took a lot of back and forth with Katsuki getting more and more frustrated until he almost threw his phone against the wall. But gradually, Dabi started giving him the information he wanted. Katsuki scribbled names in the back of his school workbook until he had a detailed list of murdered people. He didn’t know if they were villains or heroes or civilians who’d gotten in the way, but he’d figure that out later. It was the best he could get at that point. When he’d tried to probe Dabi on why he’d killed these people, Dabi had been very dismissive.

thats what i do

Kill people?


But why? What did they do to deserve it?

what does anyone do to deserve anything?

the world sucks and villains exist and people burn to death in alleyways

im just the one who burns them sometimes

Seriously? That’s your explanation for murder?


It was like pulling damn teeth. Half the time Katsuki didn’t know if Dabi was just fucking with him by making shit up, or if he was actually just terrifyingly cold. Or both. Either way, Katsuki hated it. But he grit his teeth and kept texting him to get a few drips of information, then he reread the messages over and over to figure out if there was anything new he could gleam from them. If Dabi used a particular turn of phrase, or if the times he was texting meant anything. But Dabi was decidedly erratic, and if there was anything hidden in the texts then Katsuki wasn’t seeing it. It was just the same as talking to him in person.

Although there was one thing that was different. Dabi had stopped asking Katsuki if he wanted to meet up and fuck. He’d never been particularly pushy with the propositions in the past, but there had always send the occasional text saying that Katsuki could hit Dabi up if he needed to sleep. This time around there’d just been the one conversation in the middle of trying to find the names of the murder victims.

you seem stressed

do you need me to eat you out again so you can get some sleep?

No! No, shut up about that, stop always fucking asking me to come have sex with you! If I can’t sleep and I need help then I’ll let you know, but you don’t have to keep constantly asking me about it all the goddamn time! Just shut up!



And that had been the end of it. Dabi had just… Stopped. It was weird.

He still texted Katsuki annoying little messages about everything under the sun, and told him to do well in class and study hard, and constantly asked him how Deku was as if Katsuki even knew or cared, but the lascivious comments dried right up.

And with them went Katsuki’s best way to get to sleep.

He’d taken up running again, pushing himself to run for as fast and long as he could until his legs gave out and he had to crawl back into bed and pass out. But now when he sneaked out of the school grounds, he made sure to plan his running routes to loop as far away from the bar as possible, just on the off chance that he ended up in the area again and saw Dabi and let the guy fuck him against the wall in an alley or whatever. For some reason, Katsuki had told himself that he wasn’t going to meet up with Dabi in person again until he felt like he’d gotten enough information to go to the police. And he was planning on maybe recording their next conversation. Getting Dabi to repeat a few things he’d said in text as a final smoking gun. The issue there would be keeping Dabi on topic and not having him talk about the fact that they’d slept together.

This was going to be thorny. Katsuki still wasn’t sure how he was going to get the police to believe any of this stuff without having to admit how he’d gotten it. The idea of having to tell someone everything he’d done made his skin crawl. That concern just added to the shit in his brain that was keeping him up at night.

He’d started combining running with jacking off and pressing onto the burn at his side. Although the burn was starting to heal now, so Katsuki had to keep digging his fingernails into it so the skin broke and he was worried it might get infected. That was the last thing he needed.

But it was whatever. He was making do. And he sure as fuck wasn’t going to give up any time soon, not whilst the rest of his classmates were out fighting villains on their internships and probably laughing at how pathetic he was for still needing to take supplementary classes whilst they were learning new techniques and making connections and refusing to tell him about what they were doing because blah blah secret plan blah. Bullshit.

He threw himself into his own regimes to try and keep up with them. Every morning had Katsuki getting up early to squeeze in a quick workout before his supplementary classes. Then pushing himself in the supplementary classes themselves until he was scraped up and bleeding and tired. Forcing himself to pay attention in class, and studying through the lunch breaks as his classmates tried to get him to join in on their inane conversations. In between periods, he’d text Dabi to try and get a few more snippets of information. And he shoved his phone into his pocket with a shrug if anyone asked who he was talking to. Then when class was over, it was more studying and then another workout. Sneaking out of the grounds to run until his heart was pounding and his breath was ragged and his legs couldn’t work any more. Stumbling back into the dorms. Jacking off with one hand on his dick and three fingers in his ass and his burns and scrapes pressed into the mattress and his teeth biting his lip and his face buried in the pillow to stifle his moans and swears. He didn’t want to think about Dabi. Didn’t want to remember his voice and his cold fingers and the taste of his piercings and how his hair smelt of ash and firewood. But thinking of Dabi meant he wasn’t thinking about Kirishima in the news Deku at his internship All Might retiring Deku outpacing him All Might passing over him Deku All Might Deku All Might Deku-


Katsuki always came with a shudder. His brain swam in fog, everything else forgotten. And he passed out with aching muscles and jizz on his fingers.

Then in the morning, he did it all again.

But it all would be worth it when he could singlehandedly bring down the League of Villains. That’s what Katsuki kept telling himself when he woke up in the middle of the night to stare at his clock beeping that it was 4am and he wasn’t going to get back to sleep any time soon. All of this shit would be worth it. He was still in the ‘Early Life’ section of his entry on the Pro Heroes web database. Soon he’d be in the section talking about all the hero work he did, and the people he saved, and the villains he brought down. It would all be worth it.

A week after his last meeting with Dabi and his failed attempt at information gathering, Katsuki found himself lying awake again staring at the stupid clock as it blinked at him. He tried to close his eyes and get back to sleep, but it never worked. He didn’t know why he even tried. So eventually he just pushed himself upright.

It was five in the morning, and outside there was a light pattering of rain. Not so much that it was a storm or anything, but enough that Katsuki couldn’t be bothered to go outside. Instead he changed into his PE uniform and headed down through the sleeping dorms and out to the UA gym. It was open 24/7 for Heroics Course students, but he rarely used it. He got a lot of exercise in class, and he preferred running when he was tired. But that morning he set up some weight machines and got to work. It was early enough as well that outside was dark and nobody else was around. That was good. It meant he could push himself without a teacher coming over to tell him to take a break or whatever.

The work quickly consumed him. Nothing in the outside world existed, there was just him and the weights that were straining his muscles, tearing his muscle fibres, leaving them shaking and sore and stronger. Katsuki pushed until his body was slick with sweat and his breath was heavy through his gritted teeth. His phone buzzed down by his towel and water bottle. He didn’t care. If it was Dabi or his mother or Kirishima or UA or someone else entirely, he didn’t give a shit right then. They didn’t exist. The exercise, the pain, the sweat was all starting to empty his brain and make him forget about everything that had woken him up so early.

Until it was forced back onto him by a small voice in the corner of the gym saying, “Kacchan? You’re up early.”

Shit. Not him. What was he doing here? Katsuki’s hands tightened on the barbell he was bench pressing and he focussed on matching his breathes to lifting.

“Don’t- Hah! Talk to me- Hah! Nerd.” He grit his teeth and forced the barbell up so his arms shook, then down until it was just above his chest before pushing it up again.

He heard Deku shuffling and apologising quietly, then moving across the room to a different set of barbells. The nerd moved the weights around and attached them to his bar, each clink of metal on metal annoying Katsuki immensely. He reached the end of his rep and put his weights up on the stand, turning his head to look at Deku. Deku was deadlifting, his face set into a frown and his breath steady. Katsuki watched him with a frown, one hand in his sweaty hair and the other resting on the barbell above his head.

He remembered when they were younger, and Deku had been a twig. Just this tiny spindly thing whose muscles were made of mochi. Katsuki could pick him up with one hand. And he was never able to deadlift anything heavier than his book bag, much less the weights he was currently picking up off the ground with the perfect form that he’d probably been taught my All Might himself. Katsuki scowled and turned back to his own weights, lifting the barbell to go through his next set.

He focused on the burning in his arms, the way his heart was pumping, the sound of his breath in his ears. Ignored the way Deku was breathing quietly to his left. Actually, Deku’s breathing was getting to be really annoying. Katsuki grunted and forced the barbell back onto its rest and pushed himself up. He took the weights off and stacked them again, glaring at his hands and the way they gripped the weights.

“Are you finished with the bench, Kacchan?” Deku asked.

Katsuki just snorted in reply and walked away across the room. He grabbed a bar and started doing chin ups instead, trying to get in as many as he could so that all he could think of was the pain in his arms and the sweat dripping on his back to soak into his tank and the way his hair was sticking to his forehead and the ache in his arms and the breath heavy and thick in his throat and nothing else existed nothing else existed nothing else existed!

Katsuki’s arms were shaking and sore, and the movements of his chin ups became slower. He grit his teeth and shut his eyes to force his body to do a few more. Crossed his legs at the ankles to try and stay focussed. When he reached the top of the chin up he let out a hiss of breath. He stayed there for a moment, eyes scrunched shut so tight that a tear trickled down his cheek. Then his arms gave out and he dropped back down to the floor.

For a moment, he stayed crouched on the ground with his aching arms resting on his knees and his head bowed. Droplets of sweat fell off his forehead to splatter on the mat beneath his feet. Katsuki took a long breath. His heartbeat was fast and heavy inside his ribcage. Blood was pumping through his ears. And he clenched his hands into fists, feeling his muscles aching and screaming at him. But the pain was drowning out the rest of the world. He was alone in the rain with aching muscles and sweat on his back.

Of course, he couldn’t stay alone. As soon as he lifted his head, he saw Deku bench pressing his own weights with his glutinous rice muscles straining and strong through his faded t-shirt. Katsuki looked down at his own hands, turning his palms upright. The muscles in his arms flexed.

Deku still couldn’t lift quite as much as Katsuki without his quirk, but he was definitely stronger than he was back in middle school. It was annoying. When Deku was wearing his uniform and just sitting in class, he looked like the same shrimp as always. He still had the round baby face and huge eyes, and that damn tuft of dandelion hair around his head. The least threatening thing in existence. Stupid, pathetic… So why was he

Katsuki clenched his hands into fists and pressed his knuckles to the burn at his side, gritting his teeth at the feeling of pain pulsing through him. He took a long breath again to steady himself. Wiped his eyes and face with the back of his hand. Then he got to his feet and breathed through the brief head rush before walking across the room to refill his water bottle.

He stared out the window at the rain. It was starting to slow down. He should be able to go running that afternoon. Katsuki sighed and stretched his arms over his head, then pulled his left across his chest to stretch his shoulder.

Without looking round from the window, he asked, “Did you get a workout routine from All Might or something?”


“Your workout routine,” Katsuki repeated, glancing over his shoulder. Deku was sitting on the bench, panting a little with sweat on his forehead and a towel in his hand. “You never used to workout in middle school, but now you do. Did All Might give you a routine or what?”

“Um.” Deku looked around the room, making sure nobody was there. Then he nodded. “Yes, he told me I needed to train. So that my body could handle One For All without tearing itself apart.” He paused and looked down at his hand. It was pretty mangled and covered in scars. “It only worked partly.”

“Mmhm.” Katsuki snorted and looked away, changing his arms to stretch the other over his chest. So Deku had been getting training even before he got the stupid quirk. Quirkless Deku was probably in the gym with All Might, learning how to lift weights with the proper form until his weak body was actually useful. Katsuki grit his teeth. He let his arms fall to the side, shook them out, then stretched one over behind his head.

“I bet you’re learning a bunch of useful shit at your internship, too,” he muttered. “You’re with that upperclassman who loses his clothes whenever he uses his quirk, and All Might’s old sidekick.” Of course he was. Everyone All Might knew was tripping over themselves to help out Deku, weren’t they? Deku just had to waltz in anywhere and say he was All Might’s favourite and he got given an internship and special lessons and everything. Katsuki snorted and dropped his hands down, stretching them out in front of him.

“I’m learning…” Deku’s voice was low and thoughtful. Katsuki looked at the faint reflection in the window. Deku was sitting with his elbows on his knees, and his eyes looking down at the floor. Katsuki couldn’t see his face clearly, but he bet Deku had that stupid pensive look on his face again. The one he got when he wasn’t paying attention to anything. Lost in his own little world because Katsuki wasn’t interesting enough to actually listen to or look at. Urgh. Katsuki remembered when Deku had always been talking to him and trying to follow him around to mock him whenever he fell over or fucked something up. Offering his help in that stupid show-offy voice of his. And now that Deku had a quirk of his own, he was even bored of trying to mock Katsuki. Nobody else was good enough, not now Deku had his license and his internship and All Might at his beck and call. Katsuki ground his teeth together.

“What are you learning, then?” he said, his voice dripping acid. “I bet it’s so important.”

“I can’t tell you, Kacchan,” Deku muttered.

“You can’t?” Katsuki looked over his shoulder at Deku, who was still staring at the floor and clenching his hands in front of himself. He was scowling at something Katsuki couldn’t see. It made his hackles rise and he bared his teeth. “You told me everything about All Might and your damn quirk. Why is this more important? What’s so damn secretive that none of you pricks can tell me anything, huh?”

Deku didn’t look up at him. He bowed his head a little more so his curls of hair fell over his face. “I’m sorry Kacchan, I- I promised.”

“Right. Whatever.” Katsuki snorted and grabbed his water bottle from the floor to stomp out of the gym. Outside, he got hit in the face with the mist of rain. His arms were still shaking and his legs were wobbling underneath him but he ignored all of it. Just focussed on heading back to dorms. And when he showered in the empty bathroom, he pressed his hand to the burn at his side again. Breathed deeply. Forgot the outside world.

Dabi texted him when he was getting dressed, because the fucker always had perfect timing. Just a message wishing him good luck in school and sending his love to Midoriya “since i know how much he means to you”. Katsuki felt his blood boil and fired off a reply telling Dabi to fuck off and die. Then he stuffed his phone into his  blazer pocket and stomped off to class.

He spent all of Saturday lost in his own head, just trying to get through classes and not pay attention to Deku sitting at the desk behind him. His skin felt like here was an electric current running through it. His foot tapped out an annoyed rhythm on the floor. His hand spun a pencil around. And he pushed away texts from Dabi.

youre testy today

I told you to leave me alone.

you told me to fuck off and die

but if i died then who would help you get to sleep?

Leave me alone.

okay fine

text me when youre feeling like less of a bitch

Katsuki stared at the phone in his hand, filled with a sudden urge to yell that he was not a bitch. Next to him at the lunch table, Kirishima asked if everything was okay. Katsuki shook his head and shoved his phone into his pocket. It didn’t buzz for the rest of the day.

But that was fine. If Katsuki was going to be left alone, then he could organise more of what he would ask Dabi the next time they met up in person. He planned everything out on his run that afternoon, setting it all out in his brain as he pelted through the streets in a wide arc away from the bar. Then he wrote it down on a scrap of paper before he slept. And he slept well that night. He dreamt of Deku laughing at him, and All Might’s crooked fingers, and he was drowning in dark water that pressed on his chest. But it was sleep. And he knew when he woke up that he’d be able to outshine Deku no matter what, and the world would know his name.

But that confidence fell apart that morning. It fell apart when all of the class sat in front of the television watching Deku and Kirishima and the gravity girl and the frog and all their upper-classmen fighting alongside pro heroes and bringing down a yakuza organisation. Katsuki sat numbly on the couch, staring over the heads of his classmates who were crowded around the television set. He listened to the news reporters explaining what was happening, who these bastards were that Deku was fighting, who was winning. The girls fighting alongside the dragon, keeping civilians safe and buildings upright. Reports of Kirishima in the base itself, holding his own against a villain and being the hero he was born to be. The news cameras following Deku (small, mochi Deku who was so weak and so frail and cried at the slightest provocation) flying through the air alight with electricity as he snatched a young girl from the jaws of a crazed yakuza bastard with a ridiculously powerful quirk who was trying to kill him. Katsuki’s heart hammered in his chest as he watched his classmates become heroes.

He stood at the back of the crowd with his hands limp at his sides and his burn a vague whisper over his skin.

The day passed in a haze. Katsuki left after the news reports to head to the gym, lifting weights until his brain hummed again and he couldn’t think. He showered for maybe an hour, until other people drifted into the bathroom and he had to quickly cover the burns on his lower back with a towel.

Back in his room, Katsuki sat at his desk staring down at the scribbled plans. His hands shook. His eyes crinkled shut.

He ripped the paper into tiny pieces and left them scattered on the desk.

His arms were sore and shaking from exertion. His hair was standing up on end more than usual, from the times he ran his fingers through it and pulled out individual strands. He dug his fingernails into the back of his neck.

He refused to think. He didn’t want to think.

He had to think.

When the four intern students finally came back that night, and the rest of the class surrounded them to ask if they were okay and offer tea and cake and sympathy and praise, and Katsuki hung back with his hands in his pockets and his mouth dry and his heart thumping in his chest. The thoughts in his brain quickly grew louder, talking over each other so he could barely process what was happening in the room. He clenched his hands into fists in the pockets of his pants, digging his nails into his palms.

“Are you guys alright?”

Katsuki was being left behind.

“We saw it all on the news.”

Katsuki was failing more and more.

“Quit scaring us, dammit!”

Katsuki was pathetic.

“Why didn’t you say anything to us, man? You caught us completely off guard!”

Katsuki wasn’t good enough to be a hero.

“We couldn’t believe it.”

Katsuki ruined everything he fucking touched.

“Hey, Kacchan! What are you sulking about back here for?” Kaminari pushed his way out of the bodies and through the haze of Katsuki’s thoughts to thump him on the shoulder and grin that wide grin of his. Katsuki looked at him but couldn’t see him.

Katsuki was a failure, pathetic, worthless, trash, good for nothing…

“Aren’t you here because you were worried too?” Kaminari’s fingers squeezed his shoulder. “Be honest!”

“I’m going for a walk,” Katsuki muttered, pushing Kaminari off and heading to the door.

“Where are you going?” Kaminari yelled after him. “It’s really late, curfew’s almost up.”

“You’re not even going to say anything?” Ojirou asked.



Katsuki ignored them all, tugging his hood up over his head and stepping out into the fresh air. He started walking and didn’t look back. His hands shook. His eyes itched. His throat swallowed thickly. And he found himself tracing a familiar route to the tree at the outer wall of the grounds, scaling it, throwing down his pass on the wall and vaulting over. His heart was hammering in his chest, blood pumping, hands shaking, mouth dry and breath heaving.

Katsuki had no idea what he was doing, or where he was going. Wait. Yes he did. He knew this route. And he walked the familiar streets as he fished his phone from his pocket and pressed a number with no caller ID. Held his phone to his ear. Let it ring.

It was picked up almost immediately. “You’ve never called me before,” Dabi said in his familiar voice. “Did you miss-?”

“I need to see you,” Katsuki said, his feet moving faster on the pavement.

Dabi paused. “Now?”

“Yes. Now. At the usual place. I- I need to see you.”

“Ah. I’m a bit busy…”

“Well make yourself not busy,” Katsuki snapped, his voice rising in pitch and his eyes starting to water. He broke into a run. “I fucking need something. I don’t know. I need you to fuck me, I don’t care. I can’t take this. I need you to be at the usual place, now. Do it or I’m going to fucking… I’ll tell the police about what we’ve been doing.”

There was a long pause. Then Dabi gave a cool laugh on the other side of the phone. “Okay okay, if you need me that desperately. Go to our usual place. I’ll meet you there.”

Katsuki shut the phone off and stuffed it in his pocket. He felt the tears start to leak out of his face as he turned the final corner and found himself back on the steps of the usual bar with the faded sign. He took a shuddering breath. Pulled his hood up. And he stepped back inside that place once again.

Chapter Text

Their usual room was already taken when Katsuki stormed into the bar, but he was directed to room number seven across the hall. Whatever. Being in that one specific room didn’t matter; besides, all the rooms in that place looked the same. Grey carpet, ugly paint on the walls, a small bathroom, one bed, one chair, one lamp, one bedside table stocked with lube and condoms and a booklet listing the deluxe packages you could order using the one phone.

Katsuki didn’t take in any of it. Just ripped off his hoodie and threw it across the room, then tripped over his jeans as he undid the buckle and let them drop down around his ankles. He threw his phone down on the bed so it bounced off the mattress onto the carpet. He then grabbed the lube from the drawer and thumped onto the bed himself, pouring lube into his hands, shoving two fingers inside himself with little prep.

“Shit!” Katsuki’s back arched up off of the bed as he pushed the two fingers into himself. His toes curled in the sheets and his mouth hung open in a low groan. His legs shivered. His cock twitched, lying heavy on his stomach as he splayed out on the bed. Katsuki grit his teeth, groaning in the back of his throat. His toes dug into the mattress. Fuck, he needed this. He needed Dabi to arrive, to fuck him, to make him forget everything. Burn him, leave him covered in bites and bruises, just completely destroy him! Fuck, he needed it so bad.

So where was the bastard?

With a snort of annoyance, Katsuki rolled onto his side and reached for his phone where it had fallen on the ground. “Come on,” he muttered as he flicked the phone open, other hand still fucking his own ass with a loud squelch. He flicked his phone on. No messages. With a growl of frustration, he thumped his phone onto the bedside table and moved onto his knees instead. One hand went behind him to fuck himself open, the other fisted his cock and pumped it furiously. He was only half hard, but he was desperate. His cock twitched in his fist.

But his brain was spinning with images of everyone else on the news, being heroes, getting blood on their skin and dirt on their uniforms and cameras pressed into their faces because they were winning, they were out there on their damn internships and working alongside pros and saving lives! What was Katsuki doing? He was in a seedy bar with two fingers in his own ass, waiting for a villain to come and fuck him so he could make a half-hearted attempt at investigating the villains. Who was he kidding? He was pathetic.

Katsuki let out an annoyed sob, mashing his face into the pillow. His fingers curled inside of himself, trying to make himself hard so that he could come. His other hand left this cock and wrapped around his head, nails digging into the back of his neck. He scratched the skin, a harsh and deep scratch that broke the skin. A third finger was forced inside of him. It hurt; there wasn’t enough lube. But it was a brief distraction and he forgot everything. Until the television clip swam through his brain again and he was punched with the image of Deku fighting hand-to-hand with the head of the yakuza organisation, making him grind to a halt.

Katsuki pulled his hands out of his ass and rolled onto his back. He kicked the mattress in frustration, hearing the springs squeak beneath him. “Fuck,” he muttered. He pressed his palms to his eyes to try and stop them from watering. He was not going to cry like a child. He wasn’t! And he grabbed his phone again to fire off a text.

Where the FUCK are you????

No response. Not even the three little dots that let him know Dabi was texting him back. Katsuki wheezed, clenched his jaw, and rolled over again. He curled into a ball with his phone by his face, staring at the screen until his eyes watered. His cock was soft again, lube was drying on his ass and thighs, his eyes were aching.

After what felt like an age, he heard footsteps out in the the corridor making the floorboards creak. Then the door handle turned and clicked. Katsuki rolled over to find Dabi standing in the doorway dressed in his usual shitty black jacket with ash on his face and his phone clasped between two long fingers.

He looked around, his hair ruffling a little, and clicked the door shut behind him. “Hey,” he said with that crooked grin of his that had the edges of his mouth splitting and blood peeking through beneath his staples.

Katsuki got to his feet with a scowl. “It fucking took you long enough,” he said as he stormed across the room.

“Like I said, I was b- Mmf.” Dabi was cut off mid-sentence by Katsuki’s lips slamming against his. Katsuki’s hands were in his shirt, pulling him closer, tasting the ash and fire on Dabi’s cold lips. He opened his mouth and let Dabi kiss him deeper. His tongue piercing was cool, his tongue slick in Katsuki’s mouth. The metal barbell clicked on his teeth. Dabi gave a slightly amused sound at the back of his throat and his hands went to the small of Katsuki’s back to pull him closer. Katsuki groaned at the touch despite himself. And he drank in the taste of Dabi.

But the thoughts were still in his head, so he pulled back with a snarl to drop to his knees. “Stupid, fucking, useless,” he muttered as he tugged on Dabi’s belt. His hands were shaking and his vision was blurring, making it difficult to undo the buckle. “Why is your goddamn belt so stupid,” he yelled, punching the door behind Dabi.

“Hey, chill out,” Dabi said. His hand came down to rest in Katsuki’s hair and push him away. His other hand lazily tucked his phone away then undid his belt buckle with a clink. He grinned. “What’s got you so worked up?”

“The fuck do you care?”

Katsuki huffed and went to undo Dabi’s jeans. He was only half hard, but Katsuki pulled his cock out of his underwear and stroked it as best he could, playing with the piercings until it got hard in his hand. Dabi leant back against the door, rubbing his fingers through Katsuki’s hair and watching him with slightly raised eyebrows and his head cocked to one side. Katsuki scowled up at him. He leaned in and deliberately licked up Dabi’s cock, tongue moving over the barbells.

He still wasn’t good at this, but he knew that when he was sucking Dabi off, he wasn’t thinking about anything else. So he wrapped his lips around the head of Dabi’s cock and sucked.

“You’re not even going to look at me?” Dabi said.

Katsuki scowled up at him. Dabi was smirking down at him, clearly amused by this entire thing. It pissed Katsuki off. He placed one hand on Dabi’s hip, wrapped the fingers of his other hand around his cock, and started to push his head further onto Katsuki’s length to swallow him down. He got as far as he could before it became too much and he had to pull away to cough.

Dabi’s hand scratched his scalp. “You’re still terrible at that.”

“Shut up,” Katsuki muttered, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He glared up at Dabi. “Move your damn hips or something.”

“You’ll just choke more.”

“Good. I want to.”

Dabi raised his eyebrows. Then he shrugged and placed both hands on Katsuki’s head, pulling him back to his dick. Katsuki opened his mouth and took Dabi’s cock into his mouth again, letting Dabi move his head back and forth so he could slowly fuck his face. That was actually easier. Katsuki just had to close his eyes and move his tongue a little, both hands on Dabi’s hips with his fingers digging into the skin to try and distract himself from his gag reflex. Dab’s hips pushed forward into Katsuki’s mouth. All he could taste was salt and metal and precum. And fuck, it was cold in his mouth. Why was Dabi so damn cold?

“Mng!” Katsuki scrunched his eyes shut so tight that tears pricked and rolled down his cheeks. His nails dug into Dabi’s hips hard enough to break the skin. His teeth caught on the piercings on Dabi’s cock.

“Oh fuck,” Dabi groaned, his hands digging into Katsuki’s scalp harder and his hips bucking forward. “Do that with your teeth again.”

“Mmn.” Katsuki kept his eyes shut and focussed on his mouth. His jaw was beginning to ache and his throat hurt, but he moved his teeth to catch on the piercings again as Dabi thrust into his mouth.

Above him, Dabi swore again and fucked him harder. Katsuki’s head moved on and off Dabi’s cock, his nose hitting Dabi’s pubic hair and his teeth constantly snagging on the piercings. He choked, hollowed his cheeks, swallowed, moved his tongue, tried to keep his mouth open despite how his jaw was aching. Dabi swore and thrust deeper into Katsuki’s mouth. His hands tightened on Katsuki’s hair and pulled him so far onto his dick that Katsuki felt like he might vomit. But then Dabi was groaning and his legs shuddered as he came down Katsuki’s throat. He groaned. Thrust shallowly into his mouth again. Pulled out.

Katsuki fell back onto the carpet and coughed bitterly. Shit, his throat felt like it was on fire! And he coughed up a gobbet of cum into his hand. Damn, he might vomit. And his eyes were watering, tears and saliva and cum all mingling on his face.

Dabi leaned back against the door and gave a low whistle. He tucked his dick back into his jeans and straightened up. “So is that all you wanted, or what?” He blinked at Katsuki in confusion.

Katsuki coughed again. His hands went to his hair, his eyes wide and staring at the ground. He swallowed thickly. “It didn’t work,” he muttered.


“It didn’t work,” Katsuki said, louder that time. His fingers fisted in his hair, pulling strands out by the roots. He coughed.

Shit. Fuck! He was still thinking about everything! Still playing the goddamn news reel over and over in his head, listening to all the comments everyone in class made as they watched. About how what was happening was so dangerous and everyone could have died. How they were putting their lives on the line! So brave! So wonderful! Whilst Katsuki was doing fuck all, just failing his provisional license exam and letting his grades slip and not seeing any improvement in his quirk. Why was he still thinking about it?

“You need to fuck me,” he muttered, getting to his feet and grabbing Dabi by the wrist. “Hard.”

Dabi looked at him, his eyebrows still slightly raised. He tugged his hand out of Katsuki’s. “Why?”

The question had Katsuki’s temper flaring again. “Why do you care?”

“Because you’ve been really weird this week, and I want to know what I’m going to be putting my dick into.” He walked over to the chair, shrugging off his jacket and folding it over his arm. “Come on. What’s got my favourite blond virgin all bent out of shape?”

“I’m not a virgin,” Katsuki muttered.

“Could’ve fooled me with that half-assed blowjob.” Dabi shrugged and lay his jacket over the chair before pulling off his shirt to reveal his skinny frame. “But if you want, I can call you my favourite cumslut instead.”

“You can call me my name.”

“This is more fun.”

“You’re an ass.”

“And you’re avoiding the question.” Dabi looked at Katsuki, holding his shirt in one hand. His nipple piercings were bright silver against his chest. “If you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to. But I’m not going to fuck you unless you do.”

Katsuki snorted and turned away, pressing a hand to the side of his face. “Whatever. I’m not going to tell you shit. Fuck, I came here because you don’t force me to talk about this.”

“Who’s forcing?” There was the unmistakable chink of Dabi undoing his belt and the shuffle of fabric as he pulled of his jeans. “I’m fine either way. I’m just saying I’m not going to put my dick in you if you don’t tell me what bothered you so much that you actually called me and demanded that I get over here as soon as I could like a spoilt little prince.”

“Stop calling me that.”

“Stop calling you a prince?”

“Yes. You keep doing that shit. Cut it out.” Katsuki leaned his head on the door and ran his hands through his hair. He wasn’t a prince or a ‘your majesty’ or ‘highness’ or whatever else Dabi wanted to throw at him. He was just Katsuki. Dabi needed to shut up.

There was a tiny pause from Dabi and Katsuki wondered if he was going to mock him again. But instead he just said, “Okay, Katsuki. Have it your way.”

For some reason, the use of his actual name had Katsuki bristling. He glared over his shoulder and said petulantly, “You’ve got blood on your legs.”

“Hm?” Dabi glanced down at his side. Sure enough, there was a little smear of blood on his hips and upper thighs from where Katsuki had dug his nails in too tight when he was being face-fucked. Dabi shrugged and pushed his way into the bathroom. Katsuki heard the sound of splashing water. He adjusted his position to mash his face harder into the door, feeling grumpy and like his skin was boiling and crawling about on his body. He coughed. His throat was raw and he had blood on his nails

But it hadn’t worked. He was still thinking about everything that had happened that day, it was crunching in his brain and making his heart thump in his chest. He pressed a hand to his eye and clenched his teeth to keep from sobbing. The last thing he needed was for a goddamn villain to see him crying. He just knew that Dabi would make fun of him for it. Probably start off a bunch of baby nicknames to replace the royalty ones.

“I’m actually kinda glad we’re not gonna have sex or anything,” Dabi said, coming out of the bathroom. He’d washed the ash off his face and the cuts on his hip were clean and disinfected.

Katsuki glared as he walked across the room and climbed into the bed with a creak of strings. “Why?” he asked. What, was he not good enough or something?

Dabi glanced over at him as he lay back on the pillows with one arm tucked behind his head, the other resting on his stomach. He shrugged. “I’m just tired. A lot of shit happened today. I’m beat.”

“Oh yeah,” Katsuki said, rolling his eyes. “I saw the news.”

“Ah, you did?” Dabi grinned and his teeth glinted. “Have you been keeping tabs on me?”

“No! The entire goddamn city was watching what was going on.” Katsuki shifted, pushing away from the door to walk over and stand besides the bed with his arms folded over his chest. Dabi regarded him lazily from the pillows. Katsuki’s lip twitched. He felt a little embarrassed by his nakedness, even though Dabi was just as bare as him. He looked away from Dabi’s eyes. “Were you there, then? In the yakuza base?”

“No,” Dabi said. “I didn’t have much interaction with those guys. Not as much as your friends, anyway.”

Katsuki’s lip twitched and he dug his nails into his arms. “Right.”

The springs creaked and Dabi shifted. “Bet me and the boss had to intercept the police truck and kill a few guys, then cut off the yakuza boss’s arms.”

Katsuki looked back at him. He’d seen the news reports on that, but it was sickening how casually Dabi talked about it. Like he was talking about going to the store and buying some fresh radishes. So that’s where he’d been? That’s what he’d been busy with when Katsuki had called? He felt a little bile at the back of his throat and swallowed it down. “You’re sick.”

“Why? Because I helped cut a guy’s arm off?” Dabi rolled his eyes. “How is that any different from your precious Pro Heroes beating up villains until they’re unconscious? The guy was a murderer and child abuser. We could’ve done much worse.” Dabi scratched underneath his eye and yawned. Then he tilted his head and held his arms out. “And don’t stand there glaring at me. Come lie down or something if you’re going to be here.”

Katsuki stared at him. Dabi was lying on the mattress with one leg cocked up a little and his eyebrows raised. Katsuki didn’t want to go near him. Not after hearing that. But he also knew that if he left, if he went home, then he’d have to think about everything else. At least this was a distraction. A sickening, awful distraction, but a distraction nonetheless. So he crawled onto the mattress between Dabi’s waiting arms and let the villain pull him close. He smelt so strongly of ash; it filled Katsuki’s nostrils.

Dabi’s fingers trailed up and down Katsuki’s spine. It was an irritatingly light touch, not enough of what Katsuki wanted. He wanted Dabi to fuck him until he couldn’t think. Why did the prick always make it so difficult?

“Your friends apparently really kicked ass, though,” Dabi said calmly.

Katsuki felt his blood boil and bit the inside of his cheek to keep from blowing up. “Mmhm,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Yeah. Four of them are in you class, aren’t they? Frog girl, gravity girl, rock boy, and your friend Midoriya. They have internships, don’t they?”


“Yeah. Such good little heroes-in-training fighting bad guys and almost dying.”


“I wonder who you’d intern with if you’d passed your license exam.” Dabi’s finger paused on Katsuki’s shoulder blade and he gave a tiny snort of laughter. “But I don’t know any pro who’d take you. You have a really shitty attitude, not suited for an intern.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Katsuki glared at him, feeling hairs standing on end  up and down his arms.

Dabi blinked back at him. “I mean you’re a jerk. And you don’t work well with others.”

“Fuck off.”

“It’s the truth.” Dabi laughed. “Or are you trying to tell me you always do great in group activities and let other kids play?”

Katsuki felt his blood boiling and he shook his head, rolling onto his back to glare at the ceiling. “Doesn’t matter. I’m stronger than all of them,” he said under his breath. He didn’t know if he was trying to convince himself or Dabi.

Either way, Dabi clearly wasn’t convinced. “Uh huh? Is that why they didn’t give you your provisional license and an internship? Too strong?”

“Fuck you.”

Dabi chuckled and Katsuki ground his teeth. The villain turned onto his side and pressed a gentle finger to Katsuki’s chin, pulling his face round to look at him. Dabi was smiling. Katsuki could smell rust and brimstone on his breath. “It’s okay, Katsuki. I’m not going to judge you for being a fuck-up.”

“I’m not a fuck-up,” Katsuki snapped, jerking his head away and turning onto his side to face away. He glared at the opposite wall. His blood was pumping and his hands were digging harshly into his arms.

Behind him, Dabi snorted. “Okay, you’re not a fuck-up.” He paused. Then, in a lower voice, “Is that what got you so riled up today? Watching everyone else at that mission whilst you were at home in your pyjamas?”

“I wasn’t in my fucking pyjamas.”

“But everything else was true?” Dabi’s hand rested on Katsuki’s hip. “Don’t get upset by that stuff. Even if you don’t have a license or an internship or whatever, you’re doing okay.”

“Of course I am,” Katsuki snapped, rolling over to look him in the eyes. He glared at Dabi’s stupid skinny face covered in mottled leathery scar tissue with the neat little line of staples covered in dried blood. When Dabi smiled like that, the split along his cheeks shifted and revealed more of the pink flesh underneath. Like the purple skin was just resting gently on top. Katsuki hated him. He hated him. And he was so fucking annoyed they weren’t having sex.

“I’m doing way better than any of those bastards,” Katsuki snarled. His hands crackled in rage and Dabi’s eyebrows raised a little. “Sure, they’ve got their damn licenses and their internships, but whatever. It doesn’t mean shit. Just because they’re out there being flashy doesn’t mean they’re better than me.”

“Of course not,” Dabi said. “They’re just getting attention. It’s okay to go unnoticed.”

“Yeah, it is.” Katsuki continued to grind his teeth together. There was a vein pulsing in his temple and his hands were clenching and unclenching into fists, his feet tense in the sheets. He wanted to punch Dabi in the mouth and then kiss him to taste his blood. He wanted to punch a wall until the skin of his knuckles broke. He wanted to stop thinking.

Dabi shifted, one hand resting under his hand as he stared at Dabi. His eyes were a dull blue. His eyelashes were dark. “So that’s what’s got you so pissed.”

“No,” Katsuki snapped. “I just don’t fucking thing that it’s a big deal that shitty Deku and Kirishima and the others got to spend their weekend fighting a criminal and almost dying.”

“Mmhm.” Dabi shifted a little closer, his breath cool on Katsuki’s skin and smelling of ash. “They should just be like you, focussing on studies and fucking villains.”

“I’m going to fuck all you shitty villains,” Katsuki snapped.

“Really? So far it’s just me. Unless you’ve been seeing my boss behind my back?”

“No! I’m not actually going to fuck any of them.”

“Aw, so I’m special?”

“No!” Katsuki ground his teeth and punched his hand against the mattress. “Shut up! Let me think.”

“Okay. Thinking is what you’re good at. Much better than doing anything.”

“I’m doing lots of things.”

“But nothing important or flashy.”


“Boring shit.”

“It’s not boring.”

“But not as exciting as bringing down a yakuza organisation.”

“Yes it is! I’m going to bring down your organisation!”

The yell tumbled out of Katsuki’s mouth before he even had a chance to stop it. He was lying there on his side with his hand gripping the sheet beneath him and and feeling fire licking at the back of his throat. It just slipped out. When he realised what he said, he stopped and clamped his mouth shut.

Dabi was still watching him calmly. He raised his eyebrows and nodded. “Right. Okay, then. You’re going to bring down the League, are you?”

“No,” Katsuki said. But he could feel his ears burning in shame and his stomach churning. He sat up, his head spinning. Shit. Fuck! He wasn’t thinking straight. He needed to get out of here.

But Dabi’s hand wrapped around his wrist. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“Home,” Katsuki replied.

“Oh? I thought you wanted to fuck.” Katsuki’s head snapped back to look at him. Dabi was watching him, his gaze darker now. He was smiling. “What happened to the desperate non-virgin who called me and said he wanted to fuck like animals?”

“Y-” Katsuki swallowed and looked away again. His skin prickled in annoyance. “I thought you said we weren’t going to have sex.”

“I said we wouldn’t have sex if you didn’t tell me what was bothering you. But you did. I keep my word.” Dabi’s thumb rubbed up and down Katsuki’s skin. “And I want to hear more about how a brat without a provisional license going to bring down my League.”

“Fuck off,” Katsuki said, tugging his hand away.

“No, seriously. What was your plan? Have sex with me, ask me a bunch of questions, get me to fall in love with you so I trust you and spill all my secrets? Like some cheesy movie?”

“No,” Katsuki muttered. He felt shame in his gut. Shame and embarrassment.

Dabi laughed a little. “Katsuki, if you wanted to meet the rest of the League then you just needed to ask me about them. I would’ve introduced you so you could destroy them all.”

Katsuki knew Dabi was bullshitting him. He had to be. But, he found himself turning back a little to look at him. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Dabi said, “that if you stop being a bitch and running off, I’ll introduce you to Tomura.”

Katsuki stared at him. “You’ll help me destroy the League?”

Dabi shook his head. “No. But honestly, Tomura will be pretty glad to see you again even if you are there to kill him. I can set up a meeting, I guess. Give you an in.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Maybe I like you,” Dabi said with a wide grin.

Katsuki stared at him. “You’re messed up.”

“Yeah, you knew that already.” Dabi held his arms out. “Now come on, are we going to fuck or what?”

Katsuki hesitated for a moment, his head spinning. He had no idea if this was sensible or if he was going to be murdered in his sleep, but he found himself crawling back over the mattress and hovering over Dabi to kiss him full on the lips. Dabi’s tongue immediately pushed into Katsuki’s mouth to taste him. The metal barbell clicked against their teeth. Katsuki swallowed down the taste of brimstone. And he felt himself getting hard almost immediately as Dabi’s hands ran down his side to grab at his ass.

“So are you, mn, going to kill us all or what?” Dabi asked in between kisses. His hands spread Katsuki’s cheeks and a finger ran around Katsuki’s entrance. Some of the lube from earlier had dried, but it was slick enough he could press a long finger inside of him and make Katsuki groan.

Katsuki shook his head. “I’m not going to tell you shit.” Then his sentence was cut off into a tiny moan as Dabi’s fingers pushed deeper into him. His body shivered, but he needed more. “Fuck. Hurry up.”

“I’m going, I’m going.” Dabi’s finger circled inside of him, then pulled out. “You’re a little tight.”

“I don’t care, just fuck me.”

Katsuki reached down and grabbed Dabi’s dick in his fist. It was only half hard, so he started pumping it and tugging on the piercings. Beneath him, Dabi hissed and scrunched his eyes closed. His hips bucked up into Katsuki’s. His fingertips dug into Katsuki’s ass. Katsuki pressed their foreheads together, his mouth open in a little groan. He focussed on the sounds Dabi was making and the smell of his smokey sweat, but his brain still swam with news reels.

When Dabi was hard, Katsuki shifted and lined Dabi’s dick up with his ass, ready to push in. But Dabi slapped his hand away. “Hang on, let me-“

No,” Katsuki groaned. “Come on, just get a move on.” He needed these damn thoughts out of his brain!

“Chill.” Dabi kissed him quickly. Then he shifted and leaned across the mattress to pull open the bedside table and fish out a condom wrapper. Katsuki rolled his eyes. He rested his hands on the headboard, gripping it tight so his knuckles whitened and his muscles tensed. Dabi hummed as he ripped the wrapped open with his teeth, then rolled it over his dick. Katsuki glared at him.

“Well? You done?”

“Mmhm.” Dabi’s hands went to Katsuki’s hips again. He gave his stupid little crooked smile that Katsuki hated. “But you should seriously stretch your ass out more. You’re too dry.”

“I don’t care.” He didn’t fucking care. He didn’t need Dabi talking to him or smirking at him or saying anything. Katsuki had already said way too fucking much and he was feeling shittier than ever. He just needed to be fucked and fucked hard until he couldn’t speak couldn’t think couldn’t see straight. So what if he was a little tight? If it hurt more, then it would work better. He could concentrate on the pain.

Katsuki lifted himself up a little onto his knees and reached back to press the head of Dabi’s cock up against his entrance. When he started to sink down onto it, he groaned. Fuck. He was tight. He’d stretched himself out earlier before Dabi had arrived, but that had only been a few fingers and the lube was a little dry. Now that he was sinking onto Dabi’s cock, it hurt.

But it was hurt he could handle. Katsuki knew how to deal with this, could grit his teeth and get through it. So he groaned and sank down onto Dabi’s cock, feeling every barbell catch on the ring of muscle of his ass and stretch him out so harshly. There wasn’t enough lube, he wasn’t stretched out, he hurt, but he liked it. Because when he was in pain, he was focussing on that. Everything else fell away and all he could think of was how his ass hurt and Dabi’s cock was too big and he shouldn’t be doing this.

God, he shouldn’t be doing this. It was stupid and reckless and he was going to end up dead in a ditch somewhere and he was a fucking moron who deserved to be laughed at and spat on and left in the dirt. But he let Dabi’s hands go to his waist and grip him tighter; when he thrust up into Katsuki he yelled in pleasure. He just gripped the headboard, moved his hips down to meet Dabi, let the villain kiss him and lace his mouth with ash.

At first his brain was still filled to the brim with clashing images of everyone leaving him behind, laughing at him, pointing out just how much of a fuck-up he was as they were plastered onto the front covers of newspapers. No matter how much he tried to drink Dabi in and focus on rolling his hips onto his dick, he still felt All Might’s bony arms around his shoulders and Kirishima’s pointed teeth raking along his spine. But gradually, slowly, he began to lose himself. He focussed on the pain of Dabi’s cock thrusting up itno him, and the ache of his legs as he tried to stay upright and meet his movements. He felt Dabi’s long fingers press into his old burn, tearing the skin and making him cry out. Shivered at the feeling of new burns when Dabi’s palms lit up with blue flame. Bites along his shoulder, scratches down his back, blood and sweat and cum mingling together with ash and metal.

As his hips moved and his body yelled in pain, Katsuki’s brain finally quieted down. He came with a yell, felt Dabi moan beneath him, and that was all that existed. The world outside fell away to nothingness. The news cameras switched off. And for a brief, beautiful moment, Katsuki forgot how much of a failure he was.

Chapter Text

“So, you have like a… A confidentiality thing, right?” Katsuki folded his arms over his chest and glared at a spot on the wall just over Recovery Girl’s head. He refused to look her in the eye during this visit.

Recovery Girl didn’t seem at all phased by his refusal to meet her gaze. “Yes, even as a school nurse I have a fiduciary duty to you,” she said calmly. “Anything you say to me in here stays between us, unless you give me permission to tell other people or you tell me you’ve broken the law or I suspect you are a danger to yourself or others.”

“Right…” Katsuki ground his teeth together and dug his fingers into his arm. “It’s not… It’s nothing like that. Not illegal.” It wasn’t. Katsuki had checked the laws, and at his age the only people he couldn’t fuck were people in a position of power over him. Dabi was a prick, but he didn’t have any actual power over Katsuki so this wasn’t illegal. Stupid and pathetic and reckless as all fuck, but not illegal.

“Well, anything you say will stay here then.” Recovery Girl clasped her hands in her lap and gave a tiny smile. “What is it you need, Bakugou?”

“Uh.” Katsuki shifted a little. When he moved, he felt the fresh burns littering his lower back and thighs rub against the material of his uniform. Last night, he and Dabi had had sex about three times and Katsuki been loud throughout. He’d yelled at Dabi to bite him and scratch him and mark him with even more hand-shaped burns, until he’d passed out covered in cum and blood and bruises.

He’d regretted it pretty much instantly that morning. Woken up at five with an alert on his phone telling him to get ready for his supplementary class with Todoroki, but there was no way in Hell he was going to that. Not with how much his ass was hurting. Dammit, he should’ve listened to Dabi and used more lube, it felt like his entire body was on fire. Also felt like there was still a dick inside of him, stretching him out and making it difficult to move. No way he was going to be able to go to class and try to fight Todoroki. He’d get decked in seconds and it’d be humiliating.

Besides, Dabi was muttering at him to turn his alarm off because it was too early. So Katsuki had switch the phone off and turned over to curl into Dabi’s side instead. His skin was cold and soothing on the scratches up and down Katsuki’s torso. He moved one of Dabi’s hands down onto his ass. The cool feeling soothed him.

Later, Katsuki had somehow managed to waddle back to the dorms without anyone seeing him. The entire journey had been painful and humiliating. So now he was waiting in the nurse’s office before class, stiff and in pain and in desperate need of medical attention. Covert and private medical attention.

He cleared his throat. Shifted from side to side. Ran his fingers through his hair. “It’s embarrassing.”

“I’ve been in the medical profession for longer than you’ve been alive,” Recovery Girl said matter-of-factly. “I promise you, I’ve seen things that are more embarrassing.”

“Well.” Katsuki swallowed and looked round at her, his ears turning a little pink. “This better not go anywhere. But… Last night, I did… Something.” He looked away, eyes darting over the little set of informative posters that Recovery Girl had decorating her walls. Posters about eating disorders, drug abuse, meningitis, pregnancy… He read over one saying that school nurses were wonderful, decorated with a cutesy picture of a nurse surrounded by beaming children. Focussed on that instead of the actual nurse staring at him.

“What did you do, Bakugou?” she asked calmly.

Katsuki swallowed. His eyes flicked to a poster saying “Ouch! Could it be chlamydia?” alongside a picture of a cactus wearing a pair of sunglasses. Katsuki wrinkled his nose and his eyes flicked down towards his crotch. He didn’t think he had chlamydia. They’d always used condoms, so he shouldn’t have any STDs or anything.

Fuck, the silence had gone on too long. Katsuki’s ears burned and he ground his teeth, trying to work out what to day.

“Okay, so.” He jabbed a hand out in front of him and scowled at the wall. “What happened is, I used a thing last night and put it up my ass but I didn’t use enough lube and now it hurts to sit down. And I’m about to go to class where I have to sit down for the next eight hours, so that’s going to suck. And if you have anything that’d help me feel less sore, I’d appreciate it.”

Katsuki’s face burned and he glared at a poster listing “Signs Of Quirk Overuse” as he waited for Recovery Girl to say something. Ask a bunch of questions or tell him off for using sex toys or whatever it is school nurses did. She didn’t do any of that. Instead she just scribbled something down on a notepad and smiled cheerily.

“My dear, I’ve been a nurse at UA for longer than you’ve been alive. You are not the first person who’s come to me because of something like this, and you won’t be the last. Easily fixed. Turn around and lift up your shirt a little for me.”

A mixture of relief and mortification rushed over Katsuki at those words, and he let out a breath. He turned his back to Recovery Girl and lifted his shirt just a tad. Hopefully the burns and scratches weren’t too obvious, or if they were then hopefully she’d think they were just from class. Either way, Recovery Girl didn’t comment on them. And Katsuki shuddered at the feeling of her lips on his skin, followed by the tingling sensation of her healing quirk rippling over his body. The ache in his ass that had been bothering him all morning subsided, and with it went the scratches and burns across his skin. Katsuki’s uniform settled onto his body with a hush. No pain, no itching, no nothing. Just a wave of exhaustion that had Katsuki slouching forward and resting his elbows on the bed.

“Urgh,” he said, letting his head drop down. The tiny bit of sleep he’d managed to get last night just vanished. Stupid quirk.

Recovery Girl shoved a pez dispenser into Katsuki’s face. “Here, eat this,” she said sweetly. “And have a sit down for a few minutes.”

Katsuki took the hard candy and chewed it morosely as he hopped up onto the bed. “I’m going to need a note for my teacher as well,” he muttered. “About why I couldn’t go to my supplementary class this morning.”

“Of course, of course,” she said, scribbling something else down on a piece of paper on her desk. “Naturally you wouldn’t be able to do any sort of training in your condition. But really, the way the Heroics course treats students anyway is too harsh for young bodies. You’re still growing. You shouldn’t be forced to such extremes.”

“Uh huh.” Katsuki let her ramble and lay down on the bed. He swallowed the pez. Pressed a hand over his eyes to block out the light. His body was perfectly healthy now, no scrapes or nicks or burns. No pain in his ass that made him feel like he was still getting fucked and left him unable to walk normally. But he still felt awful. Maybe he was just tired as shit.

“Is it okay if I lie here for a bit?” he asked.

Recovery Girl looked up from what she was writing. “Of course. I’ll draw the curtains for you.”

Katsuki nodded and cracked his fingers to stare at the ceiling. The curtains were pulled round the tiny half of the room he was in, blocking out the rest of the nurse’s office. Katsuki blinked. Yawned. His limbs felt heavy. There was a horribly saccharine taste of sugar on his back teeth. He slid his eyes closed, just for a moment. Just a moment.

The next thing Katsuki knew, he was blinking in and out of sleep lying on the bed. There were other voices now in the nurse’s office. Recovery Girl chiding someone, and saying to be quiet as she had another student resting. And then a polite apology. Katsuki frowned. He knew that voice.

“Aizawa-sensei just said to come and see you for a check-up,” the voice said. “In case there are any lingering effects from the quirk…”

“Yes, yes,” Recovery Girl said. She tutted and there was the sound of a chair scraping. “Admirable and important work, of course. But why they had to send in high-schoolers when there are plenty of Pros who could help.” She tutted again and the voice gave a nervous laugh.  “Well come here, Midoriya, lets do a few tests.”

Katsuki’s eyes flew wide open. Deku. The fuck was he doing here? Shit. Did he know Katsuki was behind the curtain? Had he seen Katsuki come in? Seen Recovery Girl’s note to excuse him from supplementary class? Or Katsuki’s bag, was it still out in the office? Shit! Katsuki winced away from the curtain, sitting up slowly and staring at the fabric blocking off half of the room. He could hear Recovery Girl moving around, checking over Deku to make sure the nerd wasn’t injured or anything from the raid the day before. Katsuki wanted to throw up. He bit his tongue and stayed quiet, hoping the check-up finished up quickly so he could duck out and avoid being seen. He didn’t want any questions about why he was in Recovery Girl’s office.

Luckily, the check-up went quickly and soon Recovery Girl was telling Deku that he was perfectly healthy for a change. She chided him briefly about being so risky and putting himself in harm's way, and Deku made appropriately sheepish noises in response. Then there was the sound of a chair scraping along the floor, and Deku saying goodbye. Katsuki waited for the sound of the door clicking shut. Then he got to his feet and grabbed his bag from where it had been placed on the floor by the bed, pulling the curtain aside.

“Ah Bakugou, you’re awake,” Recovery Girl said, arranging her notes. “That must have been a worse injury than you thought for you to fall asleep so quickly. Unless you’re having troubles sleeping in general?” She frowned up at him.

Katsuki met her eyes. Looked away. “I’m fine. I need to get to class.”

“Ah yes, your note.” She grabbed a pink slip of paper and filled it out in neat writing then handed it to him along with a few pamphlets about safe sex. “And Bakugou, never be afraid or embarrassed to come back with anything else. I have free prophylactics as well if you-“

“Thank you,” Katsuki almost yelled, turning on his heel and stalking out the door. Shit. That was embarrassing. His ears burned and his hands clenched, scrunching the pamphlets and note up in his palm. He threw open the door to the corridor.

And came to screeching halt.

Deku was standing in the hallway just outside the door, looking at his phone. He glanced up at Katsuki, looked away, then quickly looked back with wide eyes.

“Kacchan? What are you doing here? Don’t you have supple-“

“Get out of my way, nerd,” Katsuki snarled on impulse, shutting the door behind him and trying to dodge Deku.

“Kacchan? Why were you at Reco-”

“I said leave me alone!” Katsuki reached out and shoved Deku aside, stomping past him and down the corridor. His ears burned. He shoved the pamphlets and note hastily into the pocket of his trousers. He didn’t want to talk, didn’t want to see anybody.

“Wait. Kacchan!” There was the sound of footsteps, and then a hand grabbed onto Katsuki’s sleeve to pull him round. He halted in the corridor with a swear, turning to look at Deku who was… Glaring at him? What? Why would he be glaring? What did this nerd have to be angry about?

Deku pursed his lips. His fingers gripped Katsuki’s sleeve tighter. “Kacchan, are you okay?”

The question had Katsuki blinking in surprise. But he shook his head and tugged his sleeve out of Deku’s grip with a snarl. “Of course I’m okay. Stop wasting my time with dumbass questions.”

But Deku kept glaring at him. “Kacchan, you can talk to me. I- I can tell something’s been happening. You’ve been acting differently for a while. I’m worried.”

Katsuki’s hand froze on the way to be stuffed into his pocket. He stared at Deku. His mouth was dry and his heart hammered in his chest. Something was happening? What did Deku know? Had he seen Katsuki leaving the dorm at night? Did he know where he’d been going? Followed him? Shit, the nerd sat behind him in class! Had he seen what Katsuki had been texting? Had he seen what Dabi had been saying back to him? The bastard! How dare he read Katsuki’s phone over his shoulder, what an utter prick! Katsuki was going to kill him.

No. No no, calm down. He needed to lie, needed to get out of this. Katsuki bit his tongue and looked away, glaring out the window. “Nothing’s wrong.”

“I know that’s not true, Kacchan.” Deku sounded peeved, now. “You’ve been really tired in class, and you keep getting hurt during training. More hurt than Todoroki even though you’re at the same supplementary classes! And… I’ve seen you in the changing rooms, you have so many injuries-“

“You’ve been looking at me when we get changed?” Katsuki whipped his head round. His hair stood up all along his neck and one hand instinctively went to his hip. The burn was gone, but he could almost feel Dabi’s fingers sinking into his flesh again. He sneered, “You’re a fucking creep, Deku.”

“I didn’t look!” Deku scrabbled, his hands flailing in front of him, momentarily forgetting his rage in his embarrassment. He sighed, hands stilling. “It’s… Hard not to notice. You always come back from supplementary classes with more bruises than Todoroki. And then you have some injuries that don’t make sense. Like, animal bites.”

Katsuki ground his teeth together. His fingers dug into his hip through the fabric of his uniform. He couldn’t believe… It was noticeable? Or was Deku just staring at him more? Laughing at him behind his back? Judging him for how pathetic he was, and how he was always getting injured? Shit.

“It’s nothing,” Katsuki muttered. “It’s just training.”

“If it’s nothing then why aren’t you at your supplementary class?” Deku’s brow was furrowed now. His hands clenched at his side. “I’ve known you since we were children, I’ve never seen you miss class. Only if you were really sick. It- It was something I admired about you.”

Katsuki glared down at him. His fingers dug into his side hard enough he felt like he might tear through the fabric of his shirt. Admired? Katsuki had been turning over Deku’s admission during their fight, when he’d said he had always looked up to Katsuki. It had rung a little hollow then, and Katsuki realised now that it had to be a lie. How could anyone seriously admire him if they were paying attention? Katsuki felt Dabi's cold breath along his neck, making his hairs stand on end. He felt a twinge of pain through his ass.

“I’m not a goddamn child any more, Deku. And you’re not my mother. So what if I skip class every so often? It’s not like it matters.” He snorted and turned to walk away. “Why don’t you focus on getting your own quirk under control and leave me alone?”

“Kacchan, if you need to fight me or something then you just need to ask."

Katsuki froze. He growled. “What? You wanna fight me again?”

Deku’s voice was steady. “If you ever need to. If you need someone to hear your feelings, then yes. I’ll fight you again." He paused. "And I’ll win this time.”

I’ll win this time.

Katsuki’s teeth ground together and his hands dug into fists so tight that he felt his nails break the skin on his palms. Deku would win, would he? He’d beat Katsuki’s ass? Yeah, that’s what he thought. He’d probably been thinking it for ages, hadn’t he? Right back from when he first got his damn quirk and got stronger and stronger, and then after their provisional license when they actually beat each other up and Katsuki proved who was the superior of the two of them even as Deku spouted lies to try and disarm him! And ever since then it had been festering inside Deku, hadn’t it? This idea that Katsuki was still the strongest. Had beaten him. He’d probably been thinking about it all throughout his internship, and during that stupid fucking attack yesterday. How he was finally going to leave Katsuki behind.

Well Katsuki wouldn’t let him. He spun round and grabbed a fistful of Deku’s shirt, tugging him forward with a snarl. His arm flexed, fingers digging into Deku’s shirtfront.

“Like fuck you’ll win,” he spat.

But Deku met his gaze and reached a hand up to wrap his fingers around Katsuki’s wrist. His grip was strong. Powerful. Katsuki’s eyes fell to the scars running down Deku’s hands and fingers, the marks from his quirk and training and all the time he’d fought villains. His fingers were mangled. Just broken bones glued together and wrapped in skin. But his nails were neat and squared off, so unlike Katsukis’ ragged and picked-at fingers. Katsuki’s hands and fingers were ugly and broken from himself firing off his own quirk and not taking care of himself. Deku’s hands were mangled from the villains he’d fought. The Hero Killer, the League of Villains, Overhaul. All of them leaving his hand with a crisscross of scars, and crumpled fingers attached to neatly-maintained nails.

Katsuki’s own hand held onto the front of Deku’s shirt. He tightened his grip.

Let go.

“Leave me alone, nerd,” Katsuki muttered, stepping back and shaking off Deku’s grip. “Don’t act like you know me.”


“Get lost.” Katsuki turned and walked away, stuffing his fingers into the pockets of his trousers and slouching over. It was still early. Classrooms on either side of him were only half-full of students. But the corridors felt too noisy, Katsuki hated it. He ran his fingers through his hair angrily, raking his nails against his scalp. And he stopped with his hand at the back of his neck, digging the nails into his skin. Gritting his teeth.

I’ll win this time.

Katsuki snarled and scratched around his neck before letting his hands drop to his side. He needed out of this stupid school, needed away from all the people on every side of him.

Katsuki took a hard left through a fire door into a small set of stairs most people didn’t use. He trudged down the steps and out a back door onto the UA grounds. Turned round the corner and ducked through some trees to come to a secluded part of the campus. Katsuki sank to the ground, crouching in the shadows of the trees. He felt the dappled light on the back of his neck. Glared at the dirt on the ground beneath his feet.

Fucking Deku. Why did he have to see him that morning coming out of Recovery Girl’s office? Shit. He probably thought Katsuki was really weak, needing to go to the school nurse instead of supplementary class. He’d probably talk about it with Todoroki, and spread it to the rest of the class. Katsuki groaned and ran his fingers through his hair again, raking his nails back and forth over his scalp. He scrunched his eyes shut, clenching his jaw so he heard ringing in his ears. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! What a shitty morning!

He let his hands drop from his head to rest on his knees. The leaves rustled in the wind. In the distance, students walked to school and talked to each other. Katsuki could hear their murmured voices. He sighed.

The first bell rang from the school building and Katsuki didn’t move from his position crouched in the trees. Just slouched forward and chewed the inside of his cheeks. Ran the nail of his thumb along the side of his index finger, digging in hard enough to leave a dark red line in the flesh. He really needed to go to class. He needed to get up, walk out of the trees, through the corridors, past the classes of people who’d stare at him, into his classroom with Aizawa who knew he’d been skipping and Deku who’d be thinking he was so weak and pathetic, and he needed to sit at his desk and get to work.

He didn’t move. He stayed crouched in the dirt as the second bell rang signalling the start of the school day.

Fuck. Katsuki ground his teeth together and glared at the dirt in front of him. What was wrong with him that morning? All that he’d done was gone to Recovery Girl to get a problem seen to, it wasn’t a big deal. Sometimes even the Number One Hero needed to take a break and heal up. Although, Katsuki thought with a morose feeling in his stomach, All Might had pushed himself to always be ready to fight and work even when his own body was failing and withering, fading way to the husk he was after passing on his quirk. And Deku was still pushing himself to go to class and training every day, even if he mangled his bones and ended up in hospital. And Todoroki was still going to all the supplementary classes even after all that bullshit with his father treating him like shit that Katsuki had overheard back at the Sports Festival.

It was just Katsuki who was the disgrace.

Shit shit shit, he should’ve gone to class that morning. Katsuki growled and punched the ground. His knuckle hit a rock and the skin split, red blood oozing down his finger. He stared at it. There wasn’t much blood. It dried pretty quickly on his skin. Katsuki curled his finger round, feeling the twinge of pain. It helped a little.

Katsuki’s phone buzzed, pulling him out of his brain. It was Dabi. Of course it was fucking Dabi. The bastard seemed to have an alarm that let him know when Katsuki felt like shit and would be the most annoyed by hearing from him.

you left before i could give you a kiss goodbye

study hard in school so youre ready to destroy the entire league by yourself

“Fuck you,” Katsuki muttered, staring at his phone. But he sighed and closed his eyes, letting his head droop again.

I’ll win this time.

Katsuki snorted. This was stupid. He was being stupid! Of course Deku wouldn’t be able to beat him yet. He was still reckless and he still had that slow left hook. He’d only managed to hold his own against the yakuza because that little girl had been clinging to his back and using that quirk of hers to help out. It was pretty obvious for everyone watching on that she’d been the the most powerful one, there. And… And as Katsuki thought about it, when Deku had fought that yakuza he’d still used his usual moves and techniques. Katsuki had played that fight over and over in his mind for the pst twenty-four hours. He saw Deku flying through the air, saw him winning. His techniques were the usual boring shit. He hadn’t improved much. Not since fighting Katsuki.

Like fuck he’d win. Katsuki would crush Deku. He just needed to tell himself that.

And he needed to get a move on with the goddamn League of Villains, to show everyone else that. Katsuki glared down at the phone and Dabi’s text. He ground his teeth and tapped out a tiny message.

Did you mean what you said last night?

He scowled, waiting for a reply. Luckily, Dabi was prompt and his phone buzzed pretty quickly.

i said lots of things last night you need to specify

You said you’d help me meet the rest of your stupid villain friends.

oh yeah


the boss is already fond of you so hed love to see you again

and im sure i can persuade the rest of them to meet you too

Good. Set up a meeting with them.

so you can destroy us all with your amazing plan

Yes. I’ll “destroy” you.

ur so confident

im quaking in my boots

Fuck you.

usually im the one who fucks you

Katsuki took a deep breath through his nose, clenching his jaw. He rubbed his hand against his forehead with a snarl. And he pushed himself to his feet, firing off another text.

Just let me know when I can meet them. I need to get to class.

such a good student

Katsuki shoved his phone into his pocket and kicked his way out of the little thicket of trees. The grounds were empty, the first period of the day almost over. Katsuki shoved his hands into his pockets and stomped through the corridors, ignoring the stares of students he could feel burning his skin. Let them stare! He didn’t fucking care! He was Bakugou Katsuki and he was arriving to class late and he was going to be the number one Hero. Deku could take his little “I’ll win this time” attitude and shove it up his ass. He probably wanted to fight Katsuki again. Probably wanted to feel superior and see if he’d improved. Katsuki wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

He reached the 1-A classroom and threw open the door.

Present Mic was standing in front of the board, highlighting the future imperfect conjugations of verbs when Katsuki made his entrance. He stopped mid-sentence and pointed. “Bakugou! You’re late!”

“I have a note,” Katsuki muttered, stepping forward and pulling the slip out of his pocket. It was crumpled but it was still accurate. Present Mic glanced over it and gave Katsuki a thumbs up, then went straight back to verb conjugation.

Katsuki knew the class was watching him, eyes flicking over his body to try and decipher just what was wrong with him to have him so late to class. Eyeing to see his weaknesses that they could exploit. If they could beat him in a fight now. Katsuki grit his teeth and jutted his jaw out. No weakness. Let them stare.

Deku was sitting at his usual desk behind Katsuki’s, head bowed over his work. He glanced up and met Katsuki’s eye. Katsuki glared back at him. Deku blinked. Swallowed. And turned back to his work. Katsuki snorted and pulled his own chair out with enough force that it hit Deku’s desk and jostled his pen.

He sat down and pulled out his own stuff, settling down to study and be the “good student” Dabi was so fond of saying he was. All around him, the class focussed on their notes. Behind him, Katsuki could feel Deku watching the back of his head. From his pocket, his phone buzzed.

this weekend

Chapter Text

“You missed out on a good class last time.”

“Yeah, well I was busy.”

“I know. I’m just telling you it was good. There were these kids, and we had to communicate with our hearts-“

“I don’t care about any stupid kids, Icy-Hot,” Katsuki snapped, tugging his shirt over his head and angrily folding it to stuff it into his case. “And will you stop getting changed next to me?”

Todoroki blinked at him. “What’s the big deal?”

“I just want some space! Go get changed somewhere else.”

Todoroki shrugged. “I’m almost finished,” he said. Then instead of moving, he sat down on the bench next to Katsuki to do up his laces.

Katsuki growled and clenched his hands into fists. With a snarl, he pulled on his uniform shirt, doing up the buttons. It had been a harsh supplementary class, Katsuki had gotten a new set of scrapes up and down his sides. He pressed his fingers to them under the guise of smoothing down his shirt and felt a satisfying throb through his abdomen.

But despite the exercise and new scrapes, his heart was thumping and he was teetering a little from lack of sleep. It had been almost a week since Katsuki had last seen Dabi, and he hadn’t been able to get a full night’s sleep for the past three days. His hand was littered in faded bitemarks from where he’d chewed his own skin as he jacked off, but it was no good. He still woke up in the middle of the night and lay staring at the ceiling unable to get back to sleep.

At least he was going to see Dabi that evening. Hopefully the meeting with the League would make up for his lack of sleep.

Todoroki was quiet on the ride back to UA, which was good. Katsuki closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep. His eyelids were so heavy. But his brain stayed spinning and the jolting of the car kept him awake so he arrived at UA in a foul mood. Then his foul mood worsened when they got into class and found the entire class yelling. Ashido was up at the front of the room dancing, surrounded by a group of cheering students. She was good, Katsuki knew she was good. She’d seen her practicing her moves during class, trying to work them into combat. But he couldn’t be assed with this sort of thing so early in the day. He and strode past everyone to throw his stuff down by his desk.

Deku was standing in front of the crowd watching Ashido, his dorky little notebook clutched in his hand. Katsuki rested his head on his fist, watching the nerd talking to the crowd. Ashido trying to teach him a few faltering steps. Deku slowly starting to pick them up. The two of them laughing when he stumbled over his own feet. Katsuki ground his teeth. He turned to glare out the window instead.

His side twinged. Katsuki reached his arm around his body to press his fingers to the scratches again, chewing his lip in thought. Dabi had told him over text that he was going to meet up with the League sometime that night. It would be dangerous. Katsuki needed to be in top condition, and possibly leave a note in his room in case he went missing so people knew what had happened. Should he tell somebody to wait up for him to come back? No, too risky. They might ask where he was going, and try to talk him out of it. The note would do. Should he try and smuggle his gauntlets out so he can hold his own against the villains? No, not the gauntlets. Too bulky. His gloves. Katsuki had already stolen those from his uniform case and they were stashed in his backpack. He’d be able to hold his own if things boiled over. And if things got really bad, Katsuki would run. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew he wouldn’t be able to take down the entire League by himself. He could come close yeah, but he wasn’t in peak condition just then. He was tired. And he didn’t want to end up in another kidnapping situation where he’d have to wait around for people to rescue him. So he’d just cut his losses and run at the first sign of danger.

Katsuki got lost in his head all through class. He went over and over his various plans for the night, and constantly checked his phone to see if Dabi had texted him where they were going to meet up. His stomach churned. He didn’t register when people asked him questions, and only half listened to the conversations in class. During homeroom there was some talk about a cultural festival that they were going to be putting on, and needing ideas for what to perform. As if Katsuki knew or cared about any of that. Then a handful of lessons until the day finished and they were all let out for the Saturday afternoon. He grabbed his things and left the classroom, his head buzzing.

Back in the dorms, Katsuki forced himself to sit at his desk and try to get some studying done. He tapped his foot irritably against the floor and stared at his phone, waiting for it to buzz or ring or anything. Once or twice, Kirishima knocked on his door and asked if he wanted to hang out or go talk to the rest of the class. Katsuki held up his textbook and said he was busy, before closing the door on him.

At five pm, he got a text. Katsuki looked up from his textbook and grabbed the phone. It was a simple message. Just gave him an address and a time and said that if Katsuki wasn’t there on the dot then Dabi was going to leave.

Katsuki stared at the screen, his mouth dry. This was actually happening. He was going to meet the league. The pricks who’d kidnapped him, the thieves, the murderers. And this time, Katsuki was prepared.

An hour before Katsuki was going to sneak out, he went down to the common room and made himself dinner. Listened to the muttered conversation between the class reps about what they could possibly do for the culture festival. Then he declared loudly that he was going to bed. Kaminari laughed at him, calling him a grandpa. Kirsihima said he hoped Katsuki wasn’t getting sick. Deku didn’t say anything. He just sat there on the couch, and met Katsuki’s eye. There was an odd expression on his face, one with his brows furrowed and his lips slightly parted as if he was about to say something but never did. Katsuki glared at him across the room. Dared Deku to blink first. Deku didn’t. Katsuki was the one who turned away to head back up to his room, his hand clenched into a fist in his pocket. Katsuki half wondered if Deku was going to follow him. He didn’t. Nobody did. Katsuki went back to his bedroom alone.

From there, his movements were practiced and precise. Katsuki locked the door and turned the lights off. He pulled on the gloves he’d smuggled out of his bag. Shoved his phone into the pocket of his jeans. And before he climbed out of his dorm window and shimmied down a drainpipe, he rested a letter on his desk just in case he didn’t come back. All it said was that he was going to fight some villains, and that he didn’t need rescued. Just a formality in case the worst happened. But Katsuki knew the worst was never going to happen.

A little after nine, he dropped into the grounds outside the dorms and slinked away.

Katsuki moved through the quiet streets in hurried walk with his head bowed, and then occasionally bursting into a short run when he thought nobody was watching. The entire time, he kept his hood pulled up, glancing out around him nervously. His heart was pounding. His brain was a little fuzzy from lack of sleep. He swallowed.

The address Dabi had texted him was a few streets away from the bar they usually went to. A dimly lit alley. Katsuki paused at the mouth of the alley. He flexed his hands in his gloves, looking round. Was he going to meet he League here? In some alley where anyone could walk in on them? Maybe it was the hiding-in-plain-sight idea. Katsuki stepped into the alley and skulked along the wall. Licked his lips. Leant against the wall. Checked his watch. He had a few minutes until when Dabi told him to be there.

Katsuki waited in the dark. The wind rustled the bags of trash out in the alley. He could hear people talking in the neighbouring houses. Across the road, a little noodle bar was doing some late-night business. Katsuki watched as a tiny stream of customers came and went from the restaurant, pushing through the fabric flaps. He tugged his hood down over his face and slunk back into the shadow of the buildings. He glanced at his phone to check that yes this was the right place and yes he’d got the correct time.

The time Dabi told him to be there came and went. Katsuki walked up and down the alley, his heart hammering in his chest. Shit. Where was the bastard? Had Katsuki gotten the wrong place? He frantically pulled up his phone to check where he was on the map. This was definitely the address he’d been texted. And his watch was still working. He sent a text.

Where are you?

Stared at his screen. No response. No dots to indicate Dabi was replying. Katsuki ground his teeth and flicked back to his map again to quadruple check that this was definitely where he was supposed to be. Maybe Dabi was playing an elaborate joke on him. Or maybe he’d been caught by the police and was currently in a jail cell.

Katsuki was so caught up in what-ifs he didn’t even realise he was being crept up on until a cold hand wrapped around his mouth and a familiar voice whispered in his ear, “Stay quiet and walk.”

Katsuki walked. He shoved his phone in his pocket and let Dabi lead him out the alleyway, his long fingers slipping from Katsuki’s mouth to his shoulder. They walked with Dabi’s arm casually around his shoulder and pulling him close. Katsuki kept his head down. Didn’t even turn to look up at Dabi. Just focused on he weight of the arm on his shoulder, and the familiar smell of ash.

“Where the fuck were you?” Katsuki muttered.

“Shh,” Dabi hushed him. Katsuki glanced up and Dabi grinned, pressing a finger to his lips to shush him. His skin split along his cheeks when he smiled, revealing the dark pink flesh beneath. “We’re going to meet the rest of the League, I just need to get somewhere a little quiet first.”

Katsuki bit his tongue and kept walking. He glanced at Dabi out the corner of his eye. He looked different that night. He was wearing something other than his usual ratty-jeans and threadbare jacket combination. Different jeans, these ones with rips across the knees revealing his scarred skin. And a dark t-shirt that was too big and hanging over his chest again. Maybe he’d been shopping or something and that’s what had taken him so long to turn up. Katsuki snorted and looked away, trying to work out where they were going.

They soon turned off the brightly lit main street to go down darker side streets and alleys. Katsuki tried to keep track of where they were, but he was groggy and it was getting difficult to pay attention. Soon he lost track of the direction they were going in. He’d have to check his phone to figure out where he was later when he needed to get back to the dorm. In the meantime, he looked at his watch to work out what was happening. They’d been walking for twenty minutes. Where the fuck were they going?

They turned down a tiny street and came to a little park in the middle of the town. It was open to everyone, a small path winding through some trees and a collection of bushes. A play area for kids was in one corner. The surrounding buildings loomed over them. Katsuki glanced around as they walked through the park. It seemed quieter here. Every sound they made amplified in the darkness. His shoes clicked over the ground.

Dabi came to a stop in the middle of the park, looking around. Katsuki glanced up at him, then round at the surroundings. Were they meeting here? It was a little open, but maybe they didn’t want Katsuki to see their actual hideout.

Dabi shifted. He scratched his nose. And he asked, “Why are you wearing your hero gloves?”

The blunt question suddenly had Katsuki looking away, his ears burning. “You think I’m going to walk into a meeting with the League of Villains without some support items? I'm not stupid, I brought a weapon.”

“You’re a little stupid,” Dabi said. Katsuki glared up at him, but Dabi just shrugged. “Why would we kill you? What benefit would it give us? If a young aspiring hero died, Heroes would hunt us down even more vigorously than they do now. And besides.” He rested his hand in Katsuki’s hair with a grin. “I'll keep you safe. I don’t want to lose my favourite virgin.”

Katsuki growled and jerked away from him, stepping off the path onto the grass. “Like I'm going to trust you.”

“You don’t trust me? I’m hurt.” He pressed a hand to his chest and tilted his head to one side, raising his eyebrows. Then shrugged again. “Believe me or not, it’s the truth. I have nothing to gain by killing you.”

“Right.” Katsuki shoved his hands into the pocket of his hoodie and looked round. “What are we doing here? Is this where Im going to meet your stupid league?”

“No. I just thought we could have sex since we don’t have time to go to the bar, and we haven’t seen each other in a week.” Dabi shrugged again. “You’re probably tense, it’ll help you relax.”

Katsuki stared at him. Then he grit his teeth and took another step back, shaking his head furiously. “You’re fucking insane. We’re in public! I’m not going to- No! Fuck off. We’re not doing that.”

“We’re hardly in public,” Dabi said, waving his hand dismissively. “Nobody ever comes through here at night, and if you’re that nervous we can go into the trees.”

“No! We’re not doing anything in a goddamn park.”

Dabi’s fingers curled lightly. He raised his eyebrows. “Wow. You found something to help with your insomnia.”


“We haven’t fucked in a week, and the last time we did you were pretty demanding and desperate. But now you don’t even want to have sex. I'm guessing that means you’ve figured out a way to deal with your sleep problems. That’s good. What is it?”

Katsuki glared at him. His hands clenched. “My sleep problems have nothing to do with this. I just don’t want to break public indecency laws.”

“Uh huh. Of course. Yeah. I won’t push you to do anything you don’t want to.” Dabi looked away across the park. “So have you been sleeping well this week?”

Katsuki grit his teeth. He’d woken up at three that morning and stared at his alarm clock as it blinked in the dark bedroom. He wanted to tell Dabi he didn’t know what he was talking about and his sleep didn't mean squat, but his tongue caught in his throat. Dabi seemed to read his expression. The villain turned back to face him, tilting his head and blinking slowly. In the dim light, his eyes almost glowed a pale blue.

“I see,” he said calmly. “And what about your classwork? You’ve been able to pay attention to everything? You’re not still falling behind your classmates?”

Katsuki felt his stomach churn. He’d tried to study that evening, but all the information in his books just drifted through his brain without registering. He had no idea what the fuck he was doing. No clue what he was even supposed to have learnt in class that day. Dabi stepped closer to him, feet sinking into the grass.

“And your friend Midoriya,” Dabi said. “Has he been bothering you again?”

Deku! Katsuki snorted and scowled, looking at his feet. His hands dug into his pockets. He didn’t want to think about that fucking nerd. Didn’t want to remember the way he’d grabbed Katsuki’s sleeve and told him he’d noticed Katsuki’s scars and bruises. Nosy prick. He should just leave Katsuki the fuck alone! He didn’t need some loser looking out for him, he was fine.

Dabi’s feet emerged into Katsuki’s view. He was standing right in front of him now. Katsuki breathed in and all he could smell was the familiar soft scent of ash.

“Katsuki,” Dabi said gently. It was a rare use of his actual name, making Katsuki’s head jerk up. Dabi was watching him with a small smile. He reached out a hand and cupped Katsuki’s chin with a cool finger. “You know I wouldn’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. I’m not into that. Never have been. I just thought that you’d want to do this since sex always calms you down, and this might be stressful meeting everyone else.” He grinned and leaned in a little. His breath tickled over Katsuki’s ear. “And since you were so sore last time, I was going to let you top.”

“What?” Katsuki spluttered, his eyes widening. Did he… He would let… What?

Dabi grinned. His thumb rubbed over Katsuki’s chin. “But if you’re not comfortable, you’re not comfortable. I understand.”

“Wh- No. Wait. I mean…” Katsuki clenched his hands in his pocket and looked down from Dabi’s gaze. The idea of doing something in public made his guts clench. But he did really need to get some sleep. And the promise that he could top was going to his dick, it was embarrassing. “If… Nobody has come through here. I guess.” His stomach churned. He shifted from foot to foot. His cock twitched in his trousers. “If we… Go into the trees. Maybe.”

“You want to have sex in the trees?”

“If you want to. Sure.”

“No no,” Dabi said, shaking his head. He stepped back, hands leaving Katsuki’s face to go to his pockets. He grinned. “If you want to do it, I need to hear you say it. I don’t want to feel like I’m pushing you. Tell me what you want, Katsuki.”

“I-“ Katsuki swallowed. He shifted. Scowled. God, this prick was too much. But he managed to get out, “I want you to f- Fuck me. Or let me fuck you. Whatever. That’s what I want. But not out in the open.”

Dabi laughed. He turned and jerked his head. Lead Katsuki off the path and the grass into a little collection of trees. Katsuki’s cock got half-hard in anticipation alone as they headed into the trees. They weren’t packed close together, but they still blocked them from view in the dim light. Katsuki blinked, his eyes adjusting to the sudden dip in light. He saw Dabi in the darkness in front of him. He was looking at something in his hand. Katsuki felt a nervous flip in his stomach. He opened his mouth to say maybe this was a bad idea.

Then Dabi turned and grabbed the front of Katsuki’s shirt, pulling him round and forcing him up against a tree. Katsuki grunted, but his sounds were quickly muffled by Dabi’s mouth on his. As soon as Dabi kissed him, Katsuki just closed his eyes with a groan. He wrapped his arms around Dabi’s shoulders, pulling him closer and opening his mouth to let his kiss deepen. Shit. One week was too long.

Dabi’s thigh pushed between Katsuki’s legs and rubbed against his cock. Katsuki groaned louder. He bit on Dabi’s lower lip, chewing it. Dabi swore a little against his mouth. His hands went to Katsuki’s hips, up under his shirt. He paused.

“Hm, that burn’s gone,” Dabi said, pulling away to look down.

Katsuki leaned back against the tree and nodded. He swallowed, trying to get his bearings. “I… I went to Recovery Girl.”


Katsuki scowled. “No reason.”

He heard Dabi laugh shortly. “It was because you didn’t use enough lube, wasn’t it? Felt like your ass was split in two.” He punctuated the sentence by rubbing his knee between Katsuki’s legs. “Don’t worry, I don’t have that problem when I don’t use enough lube. You can go as hard as you want.”

“You mean you were being serious? I’ll get to top?”

“Of course.” Dabi’s hands moved up Katsuki’s stomach to his chest, pushing up his hoodie so his torso was exposed to the night air. “I know you’re inexperienced, but not everyone in the world likes to stick to just being on top or on the bottom.”

“I know that,” Katsuki muttered. His fingers dug into Dabi’s sleeves and he pressed back against the tree. His hips rolled down on Dabi’s thigh.

“Mmhm.” Dabi rubbed his thumbs over Katsuki’s nipples so that he swore again. Raked his fingers down Katsuki’s sides. He moved his mouth down to Katsuki’s chin, biting softly. Not so hard to leave marks, just scraping his teeth along Katsuki’s jaw. His ear. Down his neck. Katsuki shuddered and practically melted against the tree. His cock was so hard now, desperate to be touched even if the sensible part of his brain was screaming at him to not fucking do this. He ground down against Dabi’s thigh.

“Come on,” he muttered. “Get a move on.”

“You want me that badly?”

“I hate you.”

“Hate me so much you’re begging me to hurry up and fuck you in a public park.” Dabi grinned and licked up Katsuki’s neck. He kissed Katsuki on the mouth before he could snap at him again. Katsuki opened his mouth and let Dabi’s tongue lick into his mouth.

Goddammit. Katsuki hated that just the taste of Dabi’s tongue managed to calm him down. As soon as Dabi’s hands had slipped under his shirt and he’d sucked on Katsuki’s lip, Katsuki had felt every tiny knot in his body untangle. Dabi’s nails dug into his sides, and Katsuki stopped thinking about UA and Deku and his provisional training and the fact that he was currently getting felt up in a public park. Forgot everything. None of it mattered to him just then. He just opened his mouth and let Dabi force his tongue as far down his throat as it could go.


Katsuki’s eyes flew open as pain seared through his side. Dabi had pressed his hand to Katsuki’s hip and sparked flames all over his palm, burning another handprint onto his skin to replace the one Recovery Girl had gotten rid of. Fucking asshole. He was probably getting off on the idea of marking Katsuki up for everyone else to see. Katsuki would have to cover that shit up in class tomorrow to avoid Deku nosing into his business again. And to top it off, Dabi curled his other fingers to dig his fingernails into his side and scratched Katsuki as hard as he could. Katsuki groaned into his kiss and writhed against Dabi’s thigh. Fuck. Come on!

Dabi pulled back, a bridge of saliva connecting their tongues. He gave his stupid crooked grin as he scratched his nails down Katsuki’s front to his belt. Katsuki muttered a tiny swear and leaned his head back on the tree. His fingers gripped Dai’s sleeves. Dabi’s fingers undid his belt, slipping into his jeans and palming his hard cock.

“Hah…” Katsuki bit his tongue and dug his fingers into Dabi’s arms. “Come on.”

“Mmhm.” Dabi’s thumb rubbed over the head of Katsuki’s cock. Then he raised his eyebrows. “You’re being a little loud, people will hear you.”

“Hear me? You said nobody came through this place at night!”

“They don’t. But you’re moaning loud enough that the entire town can hear. I’m flattered, but I think you might want to keep quiet.”

“You son of a-“

Dabi cut him off by grabbing the front of Katsuki’s hoodie and lifting it up to stuff in Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki gripped it with his teeth, snarling. But Dabi gave him another crooked grin and ducked down. Katsuki moaned as Dabi got on his knees in front of him and pulled down his jeans to better palm at Katsuki’s cock. Katuki’s hips ground up into Dabi’s hand. His teeth tightened round the fabric in his mouth.

He stared down at Dabi as he pulled out his cock, stroking it a couple times with his fingers before licking up the underside. His blue eyes seemed to glow up at Katsuki. His tongue circled the head of Katsuki’s cock, making Katsuki’s thighs twitch. Katsuki’s hands tried to grab at something and settled for gripping the tree behind him.

Dabi’s lips wrapped around Katsuki’s cock and sucked. Katsuki whined against the fabric in his mouth. Below him, Dabi gave a small laugh and started swallowing down Katsuki’s length. Katsuki’s fingers gripped the tree behind him as Dabi deepthroated him. He swallowed down Katsuki’s cock until his nose was pressed to his pelvis. Then he pulled off, swirling his tongue around the head of Katsuki’s cock. Dabi’s tongue circled his head, his fingers pumping the part of his cock that wasn’t in his mouth. Dabi’s other hand was on Katsuki’s hip, digging in his fingers hard enough to leave bruises and scratches for the next day.

Katsuki panted through the hoodie clenched in his teeth. His hips shook. Dabi swallowed down his cock again, bobbing up and down and moving his tongue over Katsuki’s head every chance he got. But it was when he moved his other hand down from Katsuki’s hip to rub his taint, that Katsuki come with a loud barely-muffled whine right down Dabi’s throat.

Dabi kept bobbing his head up and down, swallowing Katsuki’s cum easily. Then he pulled off with a small sigh.

“There,” he said with a tiny smirk. “Now you won’t come so fast when you put your dick in my ass.”

Katsuki leaned against the tree, his head spinning. He was so tired it took him a few moments to register what Dabi had just said. “Huh?”

Dabi looked up at him. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and raised his eyebrows. “You’re going to top,” he said. “I said you could, remember? To help you calm down.”

Katsuki leaned against the tree. He checked his watch. Did they have time for this shit? How late were they going to be out? Shit, somebody would come by and see. It was fucking stupid and reckless.

Dabi stared up at him. He leaned back on the ground, propping himself up on his elbows. Pushed up his hips to make it obvious how hard he was in his jeans. Raised his eyebrows. “Come on, don’t give me blueballs. I’m being nice and introducing you to the League, the least you could do is fuck me as a thank you. Unless you’re scared or something. Maybe you're nervous about being on top for a change.”

The blood rushed to Katsuki’s face. He stepped forward and kneeled down so he was hovering awkwardly over Dabi, his jaw clenched and his face determined. “Like fuck I’m scared,” he said through gritted teeth.

Dabi grinned and spread his legs.

“Prove it.”

Chapter Text

Holy shit this was was actually happening. Katsuki was on his knees in a copse of trees in a public park with saliva on his lip and fresh burns on his sides and his cock already getting hard again. Dabi was lying on the ground under him, his shirt collar hanging low over his chest so the staples over his clavicle were in full view. His own cock was obviously hard in his jeans. Katsuki blinked down at him. Dabi grinned and rolled his hips up.

“Are you going to do anything or just stare at me?”

“Give me a minute,” Katsuki said.

Dabi rolled his eyes. “Fine, take your time.”

He leaned back and reached into the pocket of his jeans, pulling out a tiny packet of lube. As Katsuki watched, Dabi undid his belt and shimmied out of his jeans until they were only round one leg. His cock was hard, a bead of precum on the head. The row of barbells along the underside shimmered as Dabi moved. He raised his eyebrows at Katsuki and ripped open the packet, pouring the contents over two of his fingers. He shifted, spreading his legs, then reached down and ran his fingers around his entrance before pushing in with a low groan.

Katsuki’s breath caught in his throat. His dick was getting hard again pretty quickly as he watched Dabi fucking himself slowly on his fingers. He knelt up awkwardly, his hands hovering in front of him and unsure what to do.

Dabi grinned. “Like what you see?”

“Shut up.” Katsuki leaned down, planting his hands on either side of Dabi’s body. His gloves curled in the dirt. Dabi’s hand that wasn’t fingering himself wrapped around Katsuki’s wrist and moved it to his hip. Katsuki dug his fingers in eagerly. Dabi was skinny as anything, Katsuki felt like he could break him in half.

“Okay,” Dabi said, pulling his fingers out of himself with a squelch. “I’m ready to take your virginity again.”

“Will you shut the fuck up about my virginity,” Katsuki growled.

Dabi didn’t answer. He pushed himself up on his elbows and kissed Katsuki on the mouth instead, forcing his tongue past Katsuki’s lips. Katsuki immediately kissed back. His hand on Dabi’s hip moved up his waist, his other arm moving down onto his elbow so he could get closer to Dabi’s mouth. Dabi laughed into the kiss. One hand ran through Katsuki’s hair and pulled him closer. The other went to his cock. Dabi’s lube-slicked fingers stroked Katsuki’s cock so he was completely hard again. Then he shifted, moving his hips off the ground and lining the head of Katsuki’s cock up with his slick entrance.

“Oh fuck,” Katsuki muttered as he thrust into Dabi. Shit. This was so different from jacking off. Dabi’s ass was tight, incredibly tight, and it was cold. Not an uncomfortable cold. By now Katsuki was used to the temperature of Dabi’s mouth and fingers, so it felt familiar. No no, it just felt… Oh fuck. His hips shuddered and he had to stop when he was only halfway in.

Dabi laughed softly into his mouth. He pulled back. Kissed Katsuki’s mouth quickly. Licked over his lips. “Are you done already?”

“Shut up,” Katsuki growled. “Just… Give me a minute.”

“What? Are you going to cum from just that? I didn’t know you were so hot for me.”

Katsuki shook his head. God, fuck this guy. And he rocked his hips, pushing further into Dabi. Dabi shifted beneath him, folding his hands under his head and yawning loudly. “Let me know when you’re all the way in.”

“If you’re going to be so fucking annoying about this, why did you let me top,” Katsuki snapped.

Dabi cracked one eye open. “I’m trying to do something nice for you. If you don’t want to do this, then pull out and suck me off instead.”

“I never said I don’t want this.” Katsuki didn’t want to suck Dabi’s dick. He always choked and Dabi’s cum tasted rancid, but then the bastard laughed if Katsuki spat it out so he had to swallow. He grit his teeth and forced himself not to come, thrusting deeper into Dabi until he was balls deep. When his hips hit Dabi’s, he paused to catch his breath. Fuck. It felt… Really good.

When he opened his eyes, he found Dabi looking up at him with a bored expression. “Is that it?”

“Is what it?”

“Is that you all the way in? Or are you, like, halfway?”

Katsuki felt the hair stand up along his neck and his cheeks burned. “I… Shut up.”

“Oh my God.” Dabi sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Okay, that’s on me. I forgot you’re a kid, you still have some growing to do.”

“I’m not a-“

“Look, just move your hips or something. It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it. And here.” He took hold of Katsuki’s wrists again and positioning his hands. He wrapped one of Katsuki’s hands around his neck, tilting his head back. “Squeeze my neck here,” he said, tapping Katsuki’s fingers to indicate where to put pressure. “Not all the time, just sometimes. But hard enough to bruise, I want to feel it. And like… Hold my hands here.” He repositioned them both so that Katsuki was leaning over him, one hand on Dabi’s neck and the other holding his wrists above his head. Katsuki squeezed Dabi’s throat experimentally. Dabi gave a small moan and nodded. “Yeah, like that. Now try moving.”

Katsuki moved slowly, rocking his hips out of Dabi and then in again. The tight sensation around his cock was good, but maybe a little too tight. He could have used more lube. But Dabi was tilting his hips up to meet him and when Katsuki started moving Dabi moaned softly.

“Fuck yeah. Keep doing that,” he said.

Katsuki scowled. He squeezed Dabi’s neck and rocked into him harder. Now that he was more used to the sensation, he could move a little faster. And the fact that this utter prick was underneath him and moaning for his cock, asking to be fucked faster, it was really fucking hot. Katsuki grit his teeth and put more pressure on his hands, pushing Dabi into the ground. He angled his hips and fucked Dabi as best he could. This was a new position for him. It was difficult for him to angle his hips well, but he had stamina from all his training and he knew he wasn’t going to be able to come so soon after he got sucked off, so he just fucked Dabi as hard as he could.

And Dabi reacted. He threw his head back and wrapped his leg around Katsuki’s waist, pulling him deeper. He rocked his hips up, trying to get Katsuki to fuck him harder. And when Katsuki squeezed his neck, Dabi’s breath came in eager pants.

“Yeah… Like that.” Dabi rolled up into Katsuki. “You’re actually pretty good when you get goi- Mn!” Katsuki squeezed Dabi’s neck to shut him up and fucked him harder.

This was good. He enjoyed this. Dabi underneath him groaning and rocking up into him, his hand on the bastard’s neck and wrists so he was completely pinned, and the way he was clenching around his cock. Fuck. Katsuki was going to come really soon if Dabi kept doing that.

Dabi smiled. The skin on his face cracked. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself,” he said, rolling his body to clench around Katsuki. “Are you going to come again?”

“No. Shut up.” Katsuki grit his teeth and focussed on fucking Dabi. He tried to angle his hips to find Dabi’s prostate, wanted to make this prick come before he did. He squeezed the bastard’s neck.

Dabi groaned. He gasped for air when his neck was released. “You’re going to come Katsuki, I know you are. It’s okay. Come inside me, it’ll feel good.”

“I’m not going to-“

“Come on. I want you to fill me up with your cum.”


Katsuki grit his teeth and shook his head, trying to concentrate. He didn’t want to think about the feeling in his cock, or how Dabi was moaning under him so much more than he’d ever moaned when he was on top. And he wasn’t going to think about the way Dabi was clenching around him, how he was moving his own hips, how he was moaning to Katsuki about how good it felt how he wanted Katsuki to come inside him and fill him up and fuck him through it and-

“Goddammit!” Katsuki’s body shook as he came for the second time that night. He thrust shallowly into Dabi’s ass, fucking him through his orgasm. Then slumped forward, leaning over Dabi.

When he got his senses back, he opened his eyes to find Dabi staring right up at him. “Having fun?”

Urgh. Katsuki hated him. He shifted up, starting to pull out, but Dabi shook his head angrily. “What, because you’re done now you’re just going to leave me?”

“Well what do you want me to do?” Katsuki snapped. He bit his tongue, glancing round. Shit. Too loud.

Dabi just rolled his eyes. “Stay there, I’ll get myself off.”

He pulled his hands free from Katsuki’s and wrapped them around his dick instead. Katsuki sat up and watched him with wide eyes. Dabi’s fingers went to his own cock, jacking himself off and tugging on the piercings down his length. When he wasn’t pulling on the barbells and rings, he dug his fingers into the flesh of his cock or dropped his hand to rake along the insides of his thighs. And as he jacked himself off and pulled on the metal skewered through his cock, his muscles clenched around Katsuki until he was overstimulated and grinding his teeth together in pain.

“Just a little more,” Dabi said, closing his eyes. One hand was tugging on the barbells in his cock, the other was digging into the head. His hips rocked upwards, his stomach clenching. “Just a little… Ah, shit!” He came with a swear, cum splattering onto his stomach. The orgasm had him clenching even harder around Katsuki who fought back a yelp.

When he was done, Dabi relaxed into the ground. He looked down at the cum on his stomach and wrinkled his nose. Wiped it off with his hand. Then held his hand out to Katsuki. “Want to lick me clean?”

“Gross.” Katsuki shoved his hand away with a grimace. He pulled out of Dabi with a sickening squelch and a final bit of overstimulation that made him shudder. Then he felt his heart do a backflip at the sight of his own cum dripping out of Dabi’s ass.

Ah shit. Katsuki was smacked in the face with the realisation that he’d just fucked this walking scab bareback. His head spun with images of the pamphlets Recovery Girl had given him, about all the STIs Dabi must be swimming with and which would now be latching onto Katsuki’s cock. Fuck. Shit! He fell back onto the grass and hastily did up his jeans. That was so fucking stupid! Urgh, he was a goddamn moron. Shit, shit, shit. And they were outside! Anyone could have walked past, could have seen! He looked round, his stomach lurching with fear now. He felt mildly sick at what had happened.

But no, no he swallowed it down. He needed to concentrate.

Katsuki shifted back, leaning against the tree as he did up his belt. He glanced over his shoulder into the park. Nobody was around, thank fuck. But that didn’t mean nobody had walked past and… Urgh. Katsuki grimaced. That was so fucking stupid.

“Okay,” he said in a quiet voice. “There. We had sex. I’ve calmed down. Now are you going to introduce me to your League, or what?”

“Am I bleeding?”

Katsuki looked round. Dabi was sitting up on his elbows and frowning down at his dick. Katsuki followed his gaze. He’d been tugging at his piercings like a masochistic nutjob, but no he wasn’t bleeding. When he told Dabi that, he sighed. “Good. Last time I pulled a piercing out I got an infection down there and it was so annoying.”

“Why are you telling me that shit?”

“Because I thought you might care about me as a human being and want to know what was happening in my life?” Dabi sat up and pulled his jeans back up over his skinny twig legs. The belt buckle clinked as he did it up.

“I don’t care about you.”

“Clearly. You’re just using me to bring down the League.”

“Yes. So introduce me to the damn League.”

“Uh huh.” Dabi got to his feet, brushing down his front. There was dirt all over the back of his jeans and shirt, and a few leaves sticking to his hair. Katsuki wondered dimly why he hadn’t taken off and folded his clothes like he usually did. But maybe he’d stopped caring so much about his appearance. It was whatever.

Katsuki got to his feet too and shoved his hands in his pockets. Dabi peered out the trees. One hand went to his neck, rubbing the skin where Katsuki’s thumb had been digging in hard enough to bruise. He looked like he was about to say something, but apparently changed his mind. Instead, he wrapped his arm around Katsuki’s shoulders and pulled him away from the trees and into the open.

Katsuki glanced at his watch as they walked. It was really late. His head was starting to get a little foggy from fatigue. Urgh. Not good. Katsuki didn’t want to be asleep on his feet when he came face-to-face with the League of Villains. He blinked furiously, trying to force himself to wake up. But Dabi always smelt so strongly of ash and woodsmoke, it made Katsuki feel exhausted each time he breathed it in.

With a snarl, he pulled out from under Dabi’s arm to walk a little away from him. “So are we going to be walking for much longer?” he asked.

Dabi shook his head. “No, we’re almost there. Actually, I should call ahead. Let them know we’re coming.”

“You didn’t tell them?”

“Of course I told them. But they didn’t believe me.” Dabi pulled his phone out of his pocket and flicked it on. His face lit up blue as he punched in a number. Katsuki glared at him. Dabi glanced at him, then away as he held the phone to his ear. After a moment or two he started speaking. “Hey. It’s me.”

Katsuki strained his ears. He could hear a voice on the other side of the phone, but not anything that was actually being said.

“I’m going to be back at the base soon, and I’m bringing the present I’d told you I’d bring. So get everyone together.”

What the Hell? Was Katsuki the present? Fuck that noise. Katsuki scowled at Dabi, who’s own brow was furrowing in confusion.

“What? What do you mean they’ve gone?”

That had Katsuki’s ears pricking up. Dabi was actually frowning now, showing way more emotion than the shit-eating grin he usually had plastered on his face. It wasn’t much emotion. His frown wasn’t really anything more than a slightly furrowed brow and thinned lips. But it was something. Katsuki lapped it up.

“It’s not that late.” Dabi scratched his nose and rolled his eyes. “Well just get whoever is there and shove them in one place, because I’m not joking and you’re going to want to meet who I’m bringing.” He paused. “Yeah well Giran can suck my dick because I am good at my job.” He hung up and let out a long breath.

Katsuki grinned at him. “Enjoying yourself?”

Dabi looked down at him. His eyes were doing that strange glow-in-the-dark thing they sometimes did. And he reached out, placing his hand in Katsuki’s hair like a giant spider. “So much fun. Apparently, it’s going to be a small and intimate affair tonight.”

“What does that mean,” Katsuki asked as Dabi tugged him closer and wrapped an arm around him again.

“It means that nobody believed a good student like you would actually wander into the hold of a bunch of villains and murderers all by yourself late at night. So a lot of them are out doing some fieldwork instead of waiting to see you. They don’t know you like I do, they don’t know that you’re so incredible that you don’t even need a provisional license to destroy us all.”

Katsuki scowled up at him. Dabi smiled back and squeezed Katsuki’s shoulder. They walked in silence through more empty streets. Katsuki looked around him, wondering where they were going to end up. He had no idea where they were. This part of town was utterly unfamiliar to him, and he was so fucking groggy he couldn’t think straight. But eventually they came to a stop outside an abandoned office block. Dabi pressed his shoulder to the door and pushed it open with a grunt. It scraped along the floor. Katsuki followed him inside. This place smelt of damp and dust. Katsuki wrinkled his nose.

“This place is a dump,” he said.

“What did you expect? Fine china and a chandelier?” Dabi pushed the door shut with another loud creak. “If you just stay there, I can get the boss to fetch a carpet for you to walk on.”

“I didn’t expect a chandelier,” Katsuki growled. “But this place is a squat.”

“Of course it is. If we actually had a building or something, do you think I’d take you there?”

Katsuki looked round at him. “Do you have an actual base in a real building?”

“Well, if I told you everything there was to know about the League then you wouldn’t have anything to investigate.” He left the door and crossed the room, stretching his arms above his head. “Come on then, everyone’s dying to meet you.”

Katsuki watched the back of Dabi’s head. He swallowed. His fingers twitched, arms tingling with nerves. Now that he was here, now that he was actually going to meet the people who’d kidnapped him, it suddenly very fucking real. His head was swimming again. Katsuki wasn’t quite sure what to think. Shit, he was so tired.

Dabi had reached a door on the other side of the room and paused, looking over his shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

Katsuki shook his head in an effort to get his bearings. “Nothing.”

“Are you scared?”


“Yeah you are.” Dabi let go of the door and walked over to stand in front of him again. “You begged me to set this up, and now you’re too scared to go in?”

“I’m not scared,” Katsuki snapped. He glared up at Dabi. Fuck, he loathed him so much.

Dabi looked back at him with a calm expression. He reached out and cupped Katsuki’s face. When he spoke, his voice was low. “I’ve never forced you to do anything you didn’t want to,” he said. “And I’ve never hurt you, except when you asked me to to help you sleep. I’m not going to start hurting you now. Don’t worry.”

Katsuki scowled up at him. Like fuck he’d believe a word this asshole said. His hands clenched in his gloves and he snarled, “If you bastards try anything, I’ll blow up this entire building.”

“I’ll let them know.” Dabi’s hand dropped from Katsuki’s face and he stepped back to the door, throwing it open to reveal a dingy staircase. Katsuki followed Dabi, climbing up the unlit steps to the third floor. Dabi knocked a complicated little rhythm on the door, then paused for a moment before pushing it open.

“Hey,” he said, stepping inside the room.

Katsuki stood in the doorway and glanced over Dabi’s shoulder. His heart was hammering in his chest. His insides twisted into knots. His  palms were sweating, fluid soaking into his gloves ready for detonation.

The room was huge and empty save for a few scraggly bits of furniture. All windows had been boarded up so that the only light was coming from an old lamp sitting in the middle of the floor. It lit up three people in the room. Katsuki recognised all of them.

Shigaraki was tall and gangly, with skin like paper wrapped around his bones. One of his detached hands was perched on top of his skull, and greasy hair was falling around his face. He was sitting on an old desk with one foot up on a chair in front of him and his arms resting on his knees. A little behind him, two other figures were on a couch. The girl, Toga, had always stunk of blood and rust during Katsuki’s kidnapping. Her uniform was old and ragged, almost threadbare. And her eyes were hooded with dark bags, as if she’d been awake for years. Then lying asleep on the sofa with his head on Toga’s lap was that guy Twice or whatever his name was. The weirdo who kept speaking in those irritating contradictions. He was snoring quietly and seemed completely out of it.

Dabi approached them, raising his hand casually. “Hey,” he said. “Where is everybody? Out recruiting people for a change? And what’s up with him?”

“He’s sleeping,” Toga said.

“And everyone else is out getting supplies,” Shigaraki said. He was idly chewing on his ring fingernail and watched Dabi with his dark eyes. “So what did you keep us up for?”

“Yeah, who’s your new recruit,” Toga asked. She was leaning her head on her hand and yawned quietly. Her hair was coming out of its buns to hang around her face.

Dabi looked over his shoulder and jerked his head. “Come on. Be polite and introduce yourself.”

Katsuki’s hands clenched at his side as he stepped away from the door and into the little pool of light thrown out by the lantern. Shigaraki sat up, his eyes widening slightly. With his fingers raised daintily, he moved the hand on his head down to cover his face. On the couch, Himiko straightened up and her eyebrows shot up into her fringe.

“You were telling the truth,” Shigaraki said. His one visible eye was bulging, staring at Katsuki as if x-raying him.

Dabi snorted. One arm snaked around Katsuki’s shoulders, resting there lazily and pinning him in place. “When have I ever lied to you?”

Katsuki tilted his head back, puffing out his chest. He was determined not to seem intimidated by these pricks. “Hey,” he said stiffly.

Shigaraki stared right back at him. “Hello,” he said calmly. “I see Dabi’s actually managed to recruit one person to our cause.”

“I haven’t been-“

“Dabi,” Toga interrupted. She was sitting upright and had her eyes narrowed at him. “Is everything you said true?”

“Yes. Everything.”

Katsuki glanced up at Dabi, who didn’t meet his eye. What the fuck did he mean by ‘everything’? What had he been telling these assholes? Oh. Oh shit. Did they know how he and Dabi had met? What they’d been doing? Hair stood up along the back of Katsuki’s neck and he suddenly became very aware of the intense way Shigaraki was staring at him and taking him all in. Katsuki moved a little closer to Dabi’s side, trying to ground himself. The smell of Dabi’s ash soothed him a little. But his heart rate was still up and his mouth was a little dry. His head spun even more than before.

Toga gave a low hum. “Everything… Even the stuff about Izuku?”

Katsuki’s eyes widened suddenly, but he tried to compose himself. What stuff about Deku?

But apparently Dabi knew exactly what Toga was talking about because he waved his hand dismissively. “That’s all true, yeah. But don’t worry Himiko, you won’t have any competition. I’ll keep an eye on him.” Then, to Katsuki, he said, “Himiko gets a bit jealous sometimes. She thinks she’s the only one who can have a crush on your friend Midoriya.”

“The fuck?” Katsuki boggled up at Dabi, utterly thrown by that. “Crush? What does that mean?”

Dabi looked back down at him coolly. “Come on. I know you’re utterly clueless about a lot things, but you can’t be that dense.”

“What are you talking about? Dense about what?” Katsuki’s cheeks burned in fury and he glared round at the rest of the room. Toga and Shigaraki were still watching him, their eyes raking over his body. Katsuki felt his guts twist and he leaned in closer to Dabi, lowering his voice. “I don’t know what you think you’re saying but it’s bullshit.”

“Sure it is,” Dabi said, leaning down. “I’m just saying what I see. Pretty much every time we meet up, you keep talking about this guy. What am I meant to think when you’re talking about someone else as I’m eating you out? That you don’t want to fuck him? Come on.”

“I-“ Katsuki spluttered, no idea how to respond to that. He didn’t! He didn’t want to fuck- That was fucking stupid. Dabi was just trying to get a rise out of him when he wasn’t thinking straight, but Katsuki wouldn’t let him. He snarled, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Dabi shrugged. “Don’t worry, you’re allowed to have crushes. I think it’s cute.”

“I don’t have a crush on that bastard.”

“Hey,” Toga said across the room. “He’s not a bastard.”

“Fuck you!”

“Easy.” Dabi pulled Katsuki closer to him and breathed in his ear, “I know you’re nervous, but you need to calm down. You’re acting like a more of a bitch than normal.”

“I am calm.”

“Then act like it.”

Katsuki growled and clenched his hands into fists at his sides. His cheeks were burning and his stomach was churning and he wanted the ground to crack open and swallow him. But Dabi kept him anchored to the floor.

Shigaraki, who’d been watching this in silence, now tilted his head to the side. His greasy hair fell over the hand on his face. He pointed a long finger at Katsuki. “You are just as much of a brat as you were last time,” he said. “Why did you even bring him here, Dabi? Has he reconsidered my offer about joining us?”

“Fuck no,” Katsuki spat at him. “I’m still not going to join you pricks, especially not after you tried kidnapping me.”

Dabi snorted, stifling a laugh with his hand. He squeezed Katsuki’s shoulder. “No, he’s not here to join us. He’s here to destroy us,” he explained.

“What’s that mean?,” Toga asked. She was watching Katsuki with a strange expression; a mixture of confusion and malice. Katsuki scowled at her.

“It means what it sounds like,” he said. “I’m not here to join your shitty league, I’m here to bring you down.” He stuck his chest out again and tilted his chin up, daring them to say something about it.

Shigaraki was watching him calmly. At Katsuki’s words, he got to his feet. He was tall, maybe even been taller than Dabi, but he had a slouch that made him seem a little shorter. But if anything, the way he was hunched over made him even more intimidating. He loomed over Katsuki, that one eye staring at him again and his entire body seeming to cage Katsuki in. Katsuki leaned into Dabi’s side and tried to keep his hands from shaking.

Shigaraki stared at him. “And how are you going to do that?”

Katsuki glared up at him. His hands clenched at his sides, then flexed open. If this bastard took one more step closer to him, then he’d turn this entire fucking building to rubble. He didn’t give a fuck. Katsuki bared his teeth and started to raise his hand ready to blast Shigaraki away.

But Dabi interrupted his train of thought. “Relax,” he said. “He’s not actually going to do anything.”

“The fuck I’m not,” Katsuki snapped at him.

Shigaraki ignored him and looked up at Dabi. “What do you mean?”

“This is just a reconnaissance mission,” Dabi said. “He’s not actually going to do anything that’ll draw any attention to this place or tell the police we’re here.”

“Like hell I won’t,” Katsuki snarled. He turned to glare up at Dabi. His ears were burning and his gut twisted. “Maybe I will blow this place up and let the police come and find you. What’re you going to do about it?”

“Shh.” Dabi pressed a finger to his lip and smiled down at Katsuki. The smile was infuriating.

“He seems like a liability,” Shigaraki said. “I don’t like people who talk back like that.”

“Don’t worry, he’s very amenable once you get to know him.” Dabi dropped his hand down from around Katsuki’s shoulder to his waist, slipping under his hoodie. His fingertips dug into the burns over Katsuki’s front. At his touch, Katsuki froze in place and stared at a spot on the wall in front of him. When Dabi’s thumb inched a little higher, Katsuki’s heart flipped. What was Dabi doing? Anyone could fucking see where Dabi’s hands were. He looked up at Shigaraki. Was he going to look at Katsuki’s stomach? The burns on him? Did he know what had been happening? Had Dabi told him they were fucking? How much did he know?

Katsuki was so focussed on Shigaraki that he didn’t notice the way Toga had slipped away from the couch to duck underneath Shigaraki’s arm. Not until she grabbed the front of Katsuki’s hoodie and tugged it upwards, revealing the full extent of his scratches and hand-shaped burns.

“Huh,” she said, pressing a hand to Katsuki’s stomach. “You were really rough with him.”

“Get the fuck off me,” Katsuki yelled. He kicked out at Toga who jumped back, then raised his gloved hand. The palm was covered in stored sweat, ready to detonate and destroy this bitch for laying a finger on him. He felt fireworks crackle in his hand. Ignored the way Toga’s eyes widened, and how Dabi tried to tell him to calm the fuck down.

What brought Katsuki to a stop was Shigaraki’s hand shooting out to grab his face.

“Don’t,” Shigaraki said.

Katsuki froze. His hand stayed in the air in front of him, directed at Toga ready to obliterate her. But he forgot all about setting off his quirk. Forgot about Toga and Dabi and what he had been doing. All he could think was that Shigaraki’s hand was on his face. He could feel his thumb on his cheek, and three fingers resting on his forehead. The middle finger was raised. If he lowered it just an inch, Katsuki would be disintegrated. Katsuki knew he’d be disintegrated. He’d seen this quirk in action. He knew how it worked.

He didn’t want to die.

All of the plans he’d gone through earlier that evening fell out of Katsuki’s brain. He couldn’t remember any of the moves he’d practiced to get out of something like this. Shit, he was supposed to blast Shigaraki from a distance to keep him from using his quirk. Oh God. Katsuki could smell dust on Shigaraki’s palm. He could feel the whorls of Shigaraki’s fingerprints on his skin.

He didn’t want to die.

There was a conversation going on in the room. He heard Shigaraki’s tired voice, and Toga’s high-pitch. Shigaraki’s hand squeezed a little on his face and Katsuki’s heart thumped in his chest. He had no idea what to do. He had no idea what to say. Someone was going to find his note in his room in the morning and know what he’d done and there wouldn’t be a body for his parents to cremate because he was going to be turned to fucking ash. Oh God, he was going to die and nobody would know what had happened to him. He was so fucking stupid. So fucking stupid!

He didn’t want to die.

“Leave it.” Dabi’s voice cut through all the bullshit in Katsuki’s brain. He reached forward and took Shigaraki’s wrist, pulling him away from Katsuki’s face. Katsuki was frozen in the spot. He stared up at Shigaraki who gave him a cold look in return.

Shit… Katsuki had no idea what to do.

Dabi was saying something, but Katsuki wasn’t listening. He just watched as Dabi held Shigaraki’s hand by the wrist and said somethign to him, and Toga and Shigaraki responded. Katsuki couldn’t hear them. He couldn’t think. He took a step back. “I’m leaving,” he said, turning round. “Don’t… Don’t fucking follow me!”

“Hey,” Dabi started, but Katsuki shook his head violently. This was over. He was done! With everything! And he strode across the room to the staircase, throwing the door open. Behind him, he heard Dabi say a put-out “you guys went too far.” But then the door staircase closed behind him, cutting them all off.

Oh fuck oh shit oh fuck. Katsuki’s feet tripped over each other and he stumbled on the steps, just catching himself on the banister. He was shaking so much, he basically fell down the stairs to the ground floor again. He ran across the room to the door, tugging on it to open it with a loud scrape. Fuck, it was heavy. Katsuki grit his teeth. His head was spinning, his heart hammering. He just wanted out! He needed to leave! He wanted to go home!

“Hey.” No no no, Dabi had followed him! Shit, shit, shit!

Katsuki shook his head, tugging the door open. “Leave me alone,” he snapped. “I’m leaving!”

“You don’t even know how to get back from here.”

“I’ll figure it out.” Katsuki’s hands slipped off the door handle and he angrily kicked the wall. “This door is stupid!”

“Hey, hey.” Cold hands on Katsuki’s shoulder, turning him around. Dabi was standing there, looking down at him with that familiar blank expression. “What’s wrong? Why are you so upset?”

“What do you mean why am I upset? That bastard almost killed me,” Katsuki yelled. Shit. He felt tears roll down his cheeks and hastily swiped at them. He was not going to cry.

Dabi blinked. “Yeah. We’re villains. You know we’ve killed people. Okay, Himiko was a bit forward, but that’s just how she is. You tried to attack her and the boss just tried to protect her. What did you expect to happen when you did something that stupid?”

“I-“ Katsuki’s tongue caught in his throat and he looked away from Dabi’s gaze. His hands shook at his sides. More tears rolled down his face. “I don’t know.”

“Clearly.” Dabi put a hand on Katsuki’s cheek and rubbed his thumb up and down “Don’t worry, I’m used to you acting like an idiot and not thinking things through. I warned them something like this might happen. And it did.”

“Fuck off.” His tongue tripped over the words. More tears dribbled off the bottom of his chin.

Dabi gave a small laugh. “Hey. I told you I wouldn’t let them hurt you, didn’t I?” He tilted Katsuki’s head back to look at him. “Didn’t I?”


“And you’re fine, aren’t you?”


“Right. I told you I’d look after my favourite blond virgin.” He stepped closer so their chests were pressed together. Both hands went to Katsuki’s face. “But you need to keep yourself safe, too. Don’t be a moron and attack any of my colleagues.”

Katsuki stared up at him. He opened his mouth to say something. Closed it. Dabi was right, this was his fault. He was a fucking idiot. He shouldn’t have come here. Dabi leaned in close. His cold breath tickled over Katsuki’s lips.

“Don’t worry, I’ll look after you,” he said just before he kissed Katsuki. The kiss was slow. Deep. Katsuki tasted Dabi’s tongue, and the sulphur on his breath. He felt every inch of his body relax and the knots unravel in his guts. He hated how instantly Dabi could calm him down. Hated it! And he clenched the front of Dabi’s jacket to hold him closer.

When Dabi broke away from him, he left Katsuki with the taste of ash on his tongue. Reached behind him and opened the door, letting him out. Gave him some directions about how to get back to UA, and assured Katsuki he could find his way back.

And when the door creaked closed and he was finally alone out in the street, only then did Katsuki start sobbing into his hands.

Chapter Text

Most of Katsuki’s trip back to UA was a blur. His head was full of cotton and he was fighting to keep his eyes open. His phone screen shook in front of him, making difficult to focus on the directions. Shit, just putting one foot in front of the other was a struggle. Then when he finally made it, it took him three attempts to scale the wall and grab his pass before collapsing onto the grass on the other side.

Katsuki got back to the dorm at around three in the morning. The building was dark and fast asleep as he stumbled through the door. There were a few things left around in the common room to indicate a flurry of activity had taken place down there earlier. Discussions about the upcoming festival and what they might do. A notepad was lying on the coffee table with the word “band” written in all caps and circled several times. Someone’s laptop was charging on the couch. A jacket he didn’t recognise was in a crumpled heap on the floor. Katsuki blinked at the disarray as he pulled off his gloves and stuffed them in the pocket of his hoodie. He’d completely forgotten about the damn cultural festival. Maybe he should… Should just focus on that. Instead of the League. Instead of putting himself in danger.

Oh God. Katsuki had almost died.

His legs shook as he sank down onto one of the couches. His hands gripped his hair and he bit his lip as he struggled not to cry. Katsuki's eyes had been steadily leaking tears the entire walk back to the dorms. Now his face was covered in dried tear tracks that left his skin feeling crusty. But he forced himself not to cry. He took slow breaths in and out. Tried to relax. Tried to forget about everything. But as he sat there and the memories of what happened that night washed over him, Katsuki couldn’t help but let more tears flow. Eventually he pressed a hand to his face to muffle the sounds, and just sobbed. Ugly sobs that had his entire body heaving and his lungs aching. Fat teardrops splattered onto the carpet in between his feet. Snot rolled out of his nostrils onto his fingers. His throat was raw, his lungs heaving, his stomach twisting.

He could still feel Shigaraki’s hand on his face. Still smell the cloying scent of dust and decay that was lacing his skin. It seemed to have crept into Katsuki’s nostrils and down his throat. And he could almost taste his palm on his lips still. Katsuki choked. He sobbed even harder.

He could still feel Himiko’s hand on him, too. The way she’d pulled up his shirt and placed her fingers right on his stomach. He could feel her soft palm pressing onto his muscles, over the burns and scratches, how she’d moved upwards ever so lightly so her fingertips brushed over his chest. God, what if she’d moved higher? What if she’d moved lower?

Katsuki shuddered at the memory of all those hands on his naked flesh. He dug his fingertips into his face and heaved. He wanted to claw his skin off and get rid of the memory. He wanted…

He didn’t know what he wanted.

Katsuki sat there for a long time, until the tears stopped coming and he was left tired and raw. When he was done crying he stayed hunched over staring at the carpet. He couldn’t move. Until his phone buzzed in his pocket. Katsuki’s eyes flickered in the direction of the buzzing, terrified of what he’d find. He only knew one person who’d text him that late. He didn’t want to talk to him. Wanted to be left alone. But Katsuki’s hands went to his phone and held it out in front of him to read the words Dabi had sent.

that was fun we should do it again

let me know you got back safe

Katsuki growled and almost threw his phone across the room. He wanted to grab Dabi and punch him over and over until the staples came out of his face and his damn skull shattered and he just disappeared. He wanted to punish him! For everything! For fucking him, for texting him, for dragging him into that hellhole and letting his villain friends put their hands all over his body and… And…

Katsuki’s stomach lurched. He gagged, a hand going to his mouth. With a splutter, Katsuki ran to the nearest bathroom and threw up into the first toilet he could reach. Acid and his dinner and all the memories of the touches from the night poured out of his mouth in one hideous fountain. When he was done puking his guts out, Katsuki sank to the floor for another round of ugly sobbing. What the fuck was wrong with him?

Katsuki’s hand shook as he stared down at his phone. A tear trickled down his cheek. He tapped out a response.

Leave me alone.

Almost as soon as he sent the text, his phone buzzed again. An unknown number was calling him. Katsuki stared at the phone in his hand as it vibrated, but he refused to answer. The phone vibrated. Then fell silent. Almost immediately, it buzzed again. Same number. When Katsuki let that one ring out, Dabi called again. He clearly wanted Katsuki to pick up. Katsuki shuddered and slumped his head forward. But he clicked the answer button and held his phone to his ear.

“What?” he croaked.

“So you did get back safe,” Dabi said. He was annoyingly chipper. Katsuki could hear that shit-eating grin he always had plastered on his face. Could practically smell his smokey breath.

Katsuki hunched over. “Yeah. I’m back. No thanks to you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You just…” He swallowed and coughed at the taste of his mouth. “You’re a bastard.”

“Yeah. I know. Is this news to you?”

“No.” Katsuki snorted, rubbing his eye with a hand. More tears trickled over his face.

“So what’s with the name calling?”

“I just… He tried to kill me.”

“Who? Tomura?” Dabi gave a small snort. “No he didn’t. He was just giving you a warning. It’s not a big deal, he’s done the same thing to me. And why does that make me a bastard? I didn’t tell him to do that. In face, if you remember, I told him to back off.”

“Whatever.” Katsuki shuddered. “You just kicked me out of the building after it happened. You made me walk back by myself.”

“Of course I did. You were pretty desperate to leave, I had to chase you down to actually give you directions how to get back to UA. I wasn’t going to force you to stay or walk with me. Did you want me to hold your hand and walk you back to your dorm and tuck you in or something?”


“Did you want to get seen with me so we could both get arrested?”


“Then what did you want from me?”

“I don’t know.” Katsuki pressed his hand to his face and felt more tears roll down his cheeks. “Why did you call me?”

“I’m just checking that my favourite virgin got home safe and sou-“

“Bullshit!” Katsuki could feel his blood boiling, and he spat venom. “Stop acting like you care about me! I know you fucking don’t, you just want to fuck me and make fun of me and stand back and let your shitty villain buddies try to murder me! You’re an asshole! You’ve always been an asshole. Fuck you. Never fucking call me again, I’m done! I want you to leave me alone. I want you to die! I want-“

Katsuki, will you stop being a little bitch for three fucking seconds?”

Katsuki’s breath got caught in his throat. He stared at the tile in front of him, his heart thumping in his chest and his brain struggling to process what had just happened. It… Dabi had yelled. Actually yelled at him over the phone. It was the first time Dabi had ever actually sounded angry rather than, like, wryly amused. Katsuki had no idea how to respond to that. He felt more tears roll down his cheeks. Shit, his head was really starting to hurt. He was so dehydrated. So tired.

“Sorry,” Dabi said on the other side of the phone. “I don’t want to yell, I just… Fuck. You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, I know you hate me and for good reason. I’m basically the worst person you could ever put your dick in. By a long shot. But believe it or not, as unloveable and ornery and stupid as you are, I actually care about you and don’t want you to die in an alley. So I called to make sure you were okay. And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t snap at me or swear at me or call me an asshole. Okay?”

Katsuki didn’t know how to respond to that. He stared at the tile, his head buzzing and more tears rolling down his face. He swallowed. His throat felt raw and almost tacky. “You care about me?”

“Hard to believe, I know. But someone has to.”

“You’re so full of shit.”

“Don’t believe me if you want, won’t stop being true.”

Katsuki curled over himself, his hand going to his hair. This was bullshit. Dabi was such a bastard and all he did was fucking lie. Katsuki hated him so much.

“I should call the police on you,” Katsuki snarled. “I’m going to! I’m going to fucking get every Hero I can to storm that stupid building and arrest all of you.”

“Oh yeah? And how will you explain to them how you know where we are?”

“Anonymous tip-off,” Katsuki spat. He’d already planned that out. Anonymous tip-off, telling police and all the Heroes he could contact exactly where they could find those pricks. Sure, it wouldn’t have the same punch or fame for him as if he brought them down himself, but at this point he didn’t give a shit. He was shaking and he had vomit on his chin and he was exhausted and he just wanted the League to disappear and leave him alone.

He waited for Dabi to panic and tell him to calm down and not do it, beg him to please reconsider. Anything.

Instead, Dabi just gave a small sigh. “Think about this for five minutes, Katsuki.”

Katsuki growled. Why didn’t this asshole ever take him seriously? Why did he always mock him and make fun of him and serve him up to the rest of the League on a platter so he could get threatened and almost killed, then just kiss him and shove him out the door?

“I have thought about it,” he snapped. “I’ve thought about it and I’m going to do it. I’m going to hang up now and I’ll call the police and leave an anonymous tip and-“

“And we’ll all be captured and handcuffed and taken off to jail,” Dabi finished for him. “Yeah I know. But think a little further. What’ll they do to me?”

“Like I care.”

“You’ll care. Think. What will they do to me?”

Katsuki glared at the floor, his brain turning and chunking over what Dabi was saying. What? Why would he care what they’d do to him? Because Dabi said he cared about Katsuki? No way, Dabi could rot. He rubbed his nose with the back of his hand and huffed. “It doesn’t matter what they’ll do to you, you deserve to be in jail.”

“Yeah, I do,” Dabi agreed. “You should call them. Call them and have me arrested so you’ll never see me again and, I guess, you’ll never sleep again. But when they arrest me, you know what’ll happen? One of the first things they’ll do? Strip search. And a medical exam.”

Katsuki scowled. What was Dabi talking about? Why would he care about any of that? Why…

His blood froze in his veins.


Oh no.

Oh no no no no!

The image slammed into his brain with the force of a truck: Dabi lying on the ground with dirt on his back and bruises on his neck and Katsuki’s cum dribbling out of his ass. Fuck. They’d see- They’d know- Shit!

Katsuki felt his stomach churn and he lurched forward, vomiting again. He’d already puked so much before, there wasn’t really anything else he could do but retch and spit out a disgusting mouthful of acid. When he was done, he sat hunched over the bowl and sobbed. Not as much as before. He didn’t think he had enough tears left in him to cry like that again. And he clamped a hand to his mouth to try and hold the sounds in. But the sobs still forced their way out of his mouth and a few hot tears rolled down his face and over the back of his hand.

He was such a mess! So damn pathetic. He couldn’t even fucking call the police right to let them do their jobs. He’d just let his horny brain get in the way and he’d fucked Dabi bareback and now if he tried to do something productive then the police would know what he’d done. They’d know what a freak he was…

As Katsuki was hunched there feeling all of his insides try to force their way out of his mouth, he heard a muffled voice. Dabi was talking to him again. He looked down. His phone was sitting on the floor where he’d dropped to to throw up. Katsuki didn’t want to talk to him. But he picked the phone up and pressed it to his ear.

“-Up your phone, pick up your phone, pick up your phone,” Dabi was chanting in a monotone.

“I picked up the goddamn phone,” Katsuki muttered. Another tear dribbled down the side of his nose and evaporated off of his skin.

“That sounded awful. Are you okay? Did you eat something or what?”


“Don’t tell me you’re throwing up because of what Tomura and Himiko did.”

Katsuki didn’t answer. He curled over himself, his toes scrunching in his shoes and his arm wrapping around his legs. He just wanted to lie on the floor and let the ground devour him. More tears rolled down his cheeks.

Dabi hummed on the other side of the phone. “Sometimes I forget you’re just a kid,” he said. “Okay, look. Tonight was a bust. We could’ve done way better. But those guys didn’t actually believe you’d come, so they weren’t prepared. Next time you meet them, they’ll know ahead of time.”

“I’m not going back.”

“Oh? How are you going to bring down the League if you don’t? Are you turning it into a remote operation?”

“No.” Fuck. Katsuki was so tired, he couldn’t think straight. Dabi needed to shut up so he could concentrate. He pressed his hand to his head and took a breath to steady himself. “I don’t want them touching me again.”

“Hm.” Dabi sucked in his breath. “I can ask the boss, but he doesn’t listen to me. And Himiko… None of us can really control what she puts her hands on. She’s got some issues, be patient with her.”

Katsuki could feel her hand on his stomach, fingers digging in, palm moving up towards his chest. The fresh burns along his stomach twinged.

“I’m not going to be…” Katsuki’s words died in his throat. He was so tired! He wanted the night to end! “Leave me alone. Go die in a ditch or something.”

On the other side of the phone, Dabi sighed. “Okay… I’m sorry you’re so bent out of shape from all this. I am. I hate hearing that you’re this upset by something the League did, it’s not what I want. But you don’t get to take it out on me. Okay? You’re the one who walked into the base of a bunch of murderers with no real plan. I did what I could to mitigate things, but we're still villains. Things will get intense sometimes. So take some time to yourself if you want, but don’t be pissy at me when all I’ve done is try and check in on someone who I care about. And don’t talk shit on the people I work with.”

Katsuki didn’t answer. He stared at the tiled for a long time. Finally, he muttered, “Fine.”

“That’s it? You’re not even going to apologise to me?”

Katsuki hunched over. “I’m sorry,” he muttered. A hot tear ran down his nose and dripped onto the floor.

“Thank you. That wasn’t hard, was it?”

Katsuki didn’t answer. Dabi gave another small sight. “I’ll call you later,” he said. “Go get some rest. Okay? Next time you meet them I’ll make sure it goes better.”

Dabi hung up.

Katsuki’s hand slipped down from his ear, his phone clicking onto the floor. He stayed hunched over for what felt like forever, just staring at the tile in front of him. His head was buzzing and his vision was blurry and his tongue tasted like leather. Another tear rolled down his face and dried on his skin.

Fuck. He hated himself. He was so goddamn stupid, he couldn’t believe it. He just couldn’t do anything right, could he? First he’d been a horny dumbass and jumped at the chance to fuck Dabi out in the open where anyone could see, and actually came inside of him. Urgh and he was probably loaded with STDs too, that was the stupidest thing Katsuki could’ve done. So of course the police would do a medical exam of him if Katsuki called them, of course they’d find Katsuki’s DNA all over his body, of course they’d know immediately everything they’d been doing. His Hero career would be smashed to pieces before it had even begun. Nobody would give a license or an internship to the guy who let one of the League of Villains fuck him. Only he was the moron stupid enough to do that.

And then after he’d been such a moron that he’d fucked Dabi without thinking, he’d managed to stumble right into the League and he’d screwed that up, too! Shigaraki had been right there! And Katsuki didn’t do anything. God, he could’ve set off his quirk and blown the bastard to smithereens, but no he’d been a pussy and just stood there scared because the guy had touched his face. And he’d cried because some girl with a high schooled fetish had touched him a little.

Heroes didn’t do this. Heroes didn’t cry and throw up in the bathroom at four in the morning. Katsuki wrapped his arms around his body. He felt the fresh burns along his torso twinge. His skin was filthy and covered in sweat. He needed to wash. Wash the entire night off of him.

The bathroom was dark and empty when Katsuki stepped into it. He quickly shed his clothes and started the shower, scrubbing his body as best as he could. The burns on his front were bright red and raw. Dabi had been a bastard that night. Yeah right he cared about him. Katsuki pressed his fingertips to the new handprint on his hip and hissed. He looked at himself in the mirror. A tired failed hero with sunken eyes and bright red marks over their stomach stared back at him. Katsuki pressed his hand to his chest tentatively. He was pathetic. Weak. Ugly. How the fuck could anyone care about him?

Urgh. He shook his head in annoyance. He was too tired for this, Dabi was getting into his head. He was always doing that. Always poking him and messing with him and calling him those stupid nicknames and phoning him at the worst times and making fun of him for the shit Deku said.


Katsuki’s hand moved in small circles over his back, scrubbing suds over his shoulder blades. He felt Dabi’s breath on his ear again, heard his low voice saying, “What am I meant to think when you’re talking about someone else as I’m eating you out? That you don’t want to fuck him?”

Katsuki’s stomach clenched. His toes curled on the floor of the bathroom.

He didn’t… He didn’t want to fuck Deku. Dabi was such an asshole saying something like that. Urgh, Katsuki didn’t even want to think about that it was so gross. Deku was… Urgh. No. Katsuki angrily scrubbed at his body with the washcloth, trying to get rid of all the dirt he felt clinging to him. The water ran over him, steaming off of his body. But he could still feel Dabi’s cold breath on his ear, still hear his words rattling around in his brain.

“Don’t worry, you’re allowed to have crushes. I think it’s cute.”

Katsuki growled and turned the shower off at the tap. When he got up, the burns and scratches down his front spasmed in pain. He pressed his stomach to his front and hissed, shaking his head. He’d have to be very careful to make sure nobody saw these until they healed. Or he needed to get into a fight with half-and-half at their next supplementary class so he had some plausible deniability.

But Deku would probably see right through it. Probably stop Katsuki after class again and ask him what was wrong, try to get into Katsuki’s brain and nose through his personal life as if it was any of his business. Maybe he was the one with the crush, which was why he was so obsessed! He always had been an annoying little thorn in Bakugou’s side, always following him around and trying to be just like him and thinking he could insert himself in Bakugou’s life. That’s the only reason Katsuki always spoke about him to Dabi. He was an annoyance with his own crush. He probably wanted to fuck Katsuki or something.

What would he think if he knew what Katsuki had been doing with Dabi?

Katsuki’s insides clenched. He decided not to think about that…

He didn’t sleep that night. Just lay in bed staring at the ceiling as his clock flashed the time at him, trying to work out what was going on in his brain. If Dabi was telling the truth or lying. Not that that question needed much consideration. Of course everything Dabi said was bullshit. Katsuki didn’t have a crush on Deku, the two of them were just tangled up in this Hero course with All Might and Deku’s quirk and everything else. There was nothing there. Just Dabi pushing his buttons. And as for the other thing he’d said… Yeah no shit that was a straight-up lie. Had to be. Had to be. Who’d ever care about someone like Katsuki?

He felt another tear roll down his cheek onto the pillow.

When he rolled onto his side, the burns on his stomach ached.

Yeah, he thought bitterly to himself. There was no way anyone could care about him.

Chapter Text

Katsuki stood in the empty kitchen, staring down into the sink and trying to gather his thoughts. He was exhausted. His head was a heavy brick weighing down his neck, tilting forward and threatening to roll off his shoulders and down the drink. A glass of water sat undrunk by his right hand. His chest was on fire, the feeling of his burns ripping through him. Was that why he couldn’t sleep? Pain from the burns? Urgh, he couldn’t remember. He couldn’t remember why he was down there in the kitchen, why he was up, or what time it even was. What day it was.


Katsuki looked over his shoulder. Deku was standing in the doorway to the kitchen looking in at him. Katsuki blinked. His vision was blurring, he couldn’t quite make out Deku’s expression.

“What do you want, nerd?”

Deku walked across the kitchen towards him. “Kacchan,” he said again.


No answer. Deku just kept walking towards him and came to a stop in front of him. Katsuki’s vision was blurry from exhaustion. Even this close, he couldn’t make out Deku’s facial expression or what he was thinking.

Deku leaned in close. His hands went to Katsuki’s chest, making the burns across his front flare in pain.  He whispered, “Failure.”

Then he kissed him.

Katsuki was frozen, his hands gripping the kitchen counter behind him. The fuck was happening? Why was this… What? Deku’s lips on his felt soft and gentle. Katsuki’s mouth opened without him meaning to. Deku’s tongue was delicate and warm. So much warmer than Dabi’s. He let Deku kiss him, pressing him back against the kitchen counter. Let Deku’s hands go to cup his face, holding him close. Katsuki gasped and opened his mouth wider. He spread his legs. Deku’s hand ran down his chest and stomach to his crotch, palming Katsuki’s cock through his trousers. It felt good. He wanted to keep going. Wanted Deku to fuck him. Please.

Katsuki groaned against Deku’s mouth. His burns throbbed. He sucked on Deku’s tongue.

Deku had a tongue piercing.

Katsuki’s eyes flew open. Deku was gone. Dabi was standing in the middle of the dormitory kitchen, looking down at him with that crooked grin that had his skin splitting. His long fingers were on Katsuki’s chin. His other hand slipped into Katsuki’s trousers, starting to stroke his cock. His breath was cold on Katsuki’s face as he said, “You’re so cute.”

Katsuki woke up with a start.

A dream. It had all been a dream.


Katsuki sat up. His body was covered in a cold sweat and he shivered as the night air brushed over him. The clock flashed at him from his bedside. He’d been asleep for half an hour. Just half an hour. His meeting with the League had only been four hours ago, his mouth still tasted like vomit, his phone call with Dabi was still ringing in his ears. That bastard! He’d gotten in Katsuki’s head! Fuck. A tear trickled down his cheek and fell onto his chest.


Katsuki shook his head. As he sat there, the dregs of sleep fell out of his skull and he quickly forgot what he’d even been dreaming of. Something about Deku? Or Dabi? He couldn’t remember. He lay down, trying to get back to sleep. But all he could do was lie there as the clock ticked on and the sun rose.

Urgh. He hated Dabi so much.

Katsuki was on edge for pretty much all of that day. He spent most of the morning holed up in his bedroom, trying to get some rest and utterly failing. If he ever felt like he was going to drop off, he got a spasm of pain through his torso or a panicked thought in his brain and he jerked upright. Once or twice someone knocked on his door to ask if he wanted to go do something, but he ignored them. His brain was spinning and he was staring at his phone, waiting for it to buzz with a text from Dabi A snide comment about him or a question about Deku or even a message just asking him how he was doing. But no text ever came. It put him a little on edge.

When the day ticked over into the afternoon, he called it quits and decided to run laps around UA’s grounds until he passed out. If Katsuki exercised, pushed his body until he was aching and tired and covered in a sheen of sweat, then it meant he didn’t need to think. That was almost like resting. At the very least it meant he wasn’t focussing on his disastrous meetings with the League, or on All Might’s end, or on what Dabi might be doing that meant he wasn’t calling. All he had to think about was his form, and the pain of the burns along his front when they rubbed against the fabric of his clothes.

The rest of 1-A was down in the common room talking loudly about the cultural festival when Katsuki passed by on his way to the kitchen. As if Katsuki cared about any of that shit. He just ignored them, flipping people off if anyone tried to call him over to help with planning whatever it was they were planning. A band performance and dance routine? Whatever. He’d do anything they needed him to do, but he wasn’t going to sit and help them put it together.

Especially not when Deku was sitting there with all of them. Katsuki overheard him saying something to the rest of the class, explaining that a kid he’d helped rescue during his internship wanted to come along to the festival too and he wanted to make sure it was good for them. Because of course Deku had to make it all about him. Had to bring up all the bullshit he’d done, and all the people he’d saved.

Katsuki grit his teeth and pressed his hand to his front, feeling his burns scream at him. He stood in the kitchen and stared down into the sink. Saw a blurry reflection staring back at him. Felt Dabi’s hands at his waist and his teeth grazing the shell of his ear as- No! Katsuki shook his head and downed his electrolytes with a snarl. He was not going to think about anything other than running. He slammed the cup down onto the counter and stormed out of the dormitory.

Deku looked up at him as he passed. Katsuki glared at him. His hand went defensively to his stomach again. But he didn’t say a word and just stomped out the front door.

Stupid shitty Deku always acted like he was so much better than Katsuki. Always bragging about his internship and his quirk and the people he’d rescued. Maybe real Heroes were like Katsuki and kept their traps shut. Maybe real heroes just kept their head down and their feet moving and the burns that covered their torsos a secret. Never told anyone what they were doing. Never bragged. Never said a word. Because it wasn’t anybody else’s business. You just did your goddamn job and saved people and didn’t expect a pat on the back.

Katsuki lowered his head and ran. Just focussed on the sensation of his feet hitting the ground, the pumping of blood through his body, and the sun on his back. He felt sweat rolling down the back of his neck and soaking his shirt. His muscles wheezed, protesting at so much work on so little rest. The burns on his front screamed as the sweat and fabric irritated them. It felt good. He felt alive. And he kept running, kept pushing himself, until his body was shaking and he thought he might collapse from the strain. When he was done, his shirt was sticking to him with sweat and his eyes were drooping from exhaustion. He managed to struggle back to the dorms and to his room where he collapsed on the bed, waiting for sleep.

It didn’t help.

The night wore on. The sun set. Katsuki stayed awake, staring at the ceiling. His eyes were heavy, his body was tired, but he just couldn’t fucking fall asleep. All he could do was lie there as his stupid brain chunked through a jumbled mess of thoughts. All Might, Deku, Dabi, Shigaraki’s hands on his face, Dabi, Himiko’s fingers on his  chest, All Might, Deku, supplementary classes, Dabi, his failure at his provisional license exam, Deku, his kidnapping, Dabi, All Might’s end, Deku, Katsuki’s failure, Dabi, Deku, Dabi! The fuck was wrong with him?

Frustrated and tired, Katsuki tried his usual technique to get to sleep. He lay in bed with three fingers in his ass and his hand pumping his cock furiously, trying to force out an orgasm to help switch his brain off and send him to sleep. And as he fucked himself, he thought about every sexy thing he could (Dabi’s teeth sinking into his neck, that swimsuit photoshoot Hawks did that went viral, Yaomomo’s boobs in her hero uniform, Midnight’s ass every time she turned round to write something on the whiteboard, Deku’s chest- No!). Katsuki bit his lip, pressed his burns against the sheets, thrust his fingers into himself with a loud squelch. And oh fuck, oh fuck he was getting close. He just needed to rub his thumb against his head and curl his fingers inside of him and-

“What am I meant to think when you’re talking about someone else as I’m eating you out? That you don’t want to fuck him?”

Katsuki’s eyes flew open. Dabi was leaning over him, holding him by the chin, whispering to him that bullshit about Deku. Katsuki’s hand faltered on his cock. He tried to pump himself a few more times, desperate to come just so he could sleep. But he could feel the fingers on his skin. Dabi’s breath on his ear. His whisper about Deku.

Katsuki whined in annoyance and let his hand fall away from his flagging cock. His other hand pulled out of his ass and he slumped down onto the mattress. He hated Dabi. Hated him so much. Why couldn’t he just shut his goddamn mouth and stop talking about shit he didn’t understand? He was why Katsuki was up. It was all the bullshit he’d said that morning that was wrapping around his brain and strangling him. Katsuki never wanted to hear from him again.

As he thought that, his eyes flicked to the phone sitting on his bedside table. It had stayed motionless all day. Dabi hadn’t texted him.

With a grunt of annoyance, Katsuki got out of bed and started moving around his room. If he was up, he should do something useful instead of just lying down bored out of his skull. The corridor was quiet as he stepped out his door. That late, everybody else was asleep. They had class first thing in the morning, and most of them would be going to the gym before that. He had supplementary classes to get to himself, he should’ve been asleep. But instead he padded down to the communal bathroom, locking the door behind him again.

He stood in the middle of the room and slowly pulled his shirt over his head to reveal the burns across his torso.

Dabi had gone a little crazy when they’d fucked, and the marks across Katsuki’s front were rawer than usual. They were a bright pink, and oozing. Katsuki pressed his hand to them and felt a familiar jolt of pain. His fingertips came away sticky. Dabi was an asshole. Maybe next time they fucked Katsuki would use his quirk and see how he liked it. See how happy he was to wander round with, like, half his face blown off or something. Or maybe Dabi’d just pin himself back together with staples like the weird zombie he was. Maybe that was his real quick, and the fire was just some pyrotechnics he did cos he was prick.

There was no way Katsuki could explain these new burns to Recovery Girl — at least not until he had another Heroics lesson and got a chance to injure himself — so he needed to sort them out himself. Last thing he needed was an infection. Katsuki had dressing, soap, and a tub of something called silver sulfadiazine which he’d scrounged from a first aid kit at the back of the dorm kitchen cabinet. He poured out a little of the antiseptic and, with a wince, dabbed at his largest burn. Shit! It burned! He bit his tongue to keep from yelling and waking up the rest of the dorm. Just scrunched his eyes shut and tried to clean the rest of the injuries. Curled his toes in the bathroom tile as the pain and fire washed through him all over again.

“Son of a bitch,” Katsuki snarled through gritted teeth as he cleaned up. The burns leered up at him. A reminder of how much of a fuck-up he was that he’d willingly fucked and been fucked by a trigger-happy serial killer. He dropped the antiseptic with a grunt of pain.

The silver sulfadiazine was a weird cream in a tub. Katsuki coated his fingers and smeared it across his burns. He closed his eyes and breathed through the pain, determined not to make any sort of noise to alert the rest of the dorm. A single tear leaked out from his eyelid and trickled down his cheek as he pressed the dressing to his stomach. Then a bandage was wrapped around his stomach and tied off. When it was done, he sat there in the bathroom with bandages around his abdomen and shame in his gut.

If anyone saw this shit, he’d tell them he hurt himself training his quirk. If anyone made fun of him for it, he’d just point to Deku. He always hurt himself all the goddamn time when he was training. Nobody bothered him.

Nobody cared about Deku. Katsuki was the only one who got shit.

He sat in the empty bathroom, listening to the distant creak of the dorms overhead, feeling the dull throb of his burns beneath their dressing. He wondered if Deku would still say he ‘admired’ Katsuki if he saw these burns. Knew how he got them. Maybe he’d call him a freak and a loser and a failure.

“No!” Katsuki hunched over and took a long, slow breath to try and steady himself and keep from thinking too much about any of this.

This was fine. So the first meeting with the League had gone horribly, but he was handling it. He’d bandaged himself up just fine. He’d put on all the antiseptic stuff that he had to. He was dealing with it! He wasn’t a failure or pathetic or a mess. He was still going to fucking bring down the League, he’d come too far to stop now. Deku should look up to him! Katsuki was going to destroy the entire goddamn League! So what if he got burned along the way? That was natural. All Might had scars and shit all over his body.

The scars had destroyed him from the inside out…

And Katsuki had worsened it through his own carelessness…

But he was going to put it right! He was dealing with it. He was fine. He wasn’t a dumb kid like Dabi kept saying he was, he was a Hero and he was going to destroy all of them. He was! He was.

So he gathered his shit back up and made his way back to his room where he lay in bed watching the clock, unable to fall asleep for more than a few minutes at a time.

The next day was tortuous. He still had to go to supplementary classes, because there was no way he was going to go to Recovery Girl and explain to her just what was happening so he could get a medical exemption. And he hastily got changed in the bathroom so nobody would see his wounds. But his lack of sleep meant that during class, he was completely out of it and unable to focus. Gang Orca yelled at him three times, and Katsuki snapped back at him in irritation. That had him being thrown bodily across the arena several times. His entire left side was bruised to shit. And he was covered in scrapes and blisters from the training. The one good thing was that he stumbled and landed in the way of some of Todoroki’s fire, so at least he had a plausible explanation for the burns and bandages on his torso.

But overall the supplementary class was shit and Katsuki felt like shit afterwards. He slumped over in his seat on the ride back to UA, head leaning on the window and eyelids heavy.

“Are you okay?” Todoroki asked in his usual monotone. Katsuki hissed and waved his hand in irritation to get him to shut up. He couldn’t sleep if this asshole was talking to him, and God knows he needed sleep. For about half of the car ride, Katsuki dozed with his head against the window and his torso burning. But too soon the car was stopping and Todoroki was nudging him to wake up and start moving.

Urgh. Katsuki’s skull felt like lead. He pressed his palm to his face and opened his eyes as wide as he could to try and force himself to wake up. When he got to class and sank into his chair, he didn’t pay attention to anything going on around him. Just rested his head on his hand and blinked at the front of the room where Aizawa was talking to Iida and Yaoyorozu about what they were doing for the cultural festival. Iida was moving his hands in his usual over-the-top manner, with Yaoyorozu smiling and nodding besides him.

Katsuki blinked. His eyes drifted to the clock. Class hadn’t started yet. He had a few minutes. He could close his eyes for just a little bit. This was fine. He could let his eyes slide shut, his head droop forward, his body curl in over itself as he tried to get some rest. He could drop off, just for a moment. One moment.


Katsuki jerked awake with a small, “Guh.”

Fuck. What was happening? Where was he? Katsuki looked round, trying to get his bearings. Oh. Fuck. He was in class and that had not just been a five minute nap and Midnight was standing in front of him holding out her flogger and the entire goddamn class was staring at him. Midnight spun her flogger through the air and tucked it back into her belt.

“You were asleep,” she said. “Bakugou, is there a problem with my teaching style? Do I need to punish you for not paying attention?”

Katsuki blinked up at her, grinding his teeth together and clenching his hands on his desk. He couldn’t believe he’d actually fallen asleep in class. Shit, shit, shit! He looked round at the rest of the class. Across from him, Jirou was looking at him with concern. Behind her, Sero was sniggering into his hand. Katsuki felt his hackles raise and he dug his hands into tight fists to keep from snapping at him to yeah laugh it up, you bastard. He wanted to throw his desk at the fucker. Instead, he turned to Midnight.

“Sorry. Your quirk must’ve got me,” he muttered.

Midnight looked down at her costume. Katsuki followed her gaze down to her tits. He scrunched his toes in his shoes. Forced himself to look away to the front of the room.

Luckily, his excuse seemed to work. Midnight told him to try and stay awake, but muttered that she’d have to talk to her costume designer. Katsuki nodded. Glanced at her ass as she walked back up to the front of the class. Remembered Dabi lying on the ground with Katsuki’s cum dribbling out of him.

Stop it! He sunk his nails into the back of his neck and forced himself to sit up and pay attention to the lesson. It was difficult. The day seemed to drag on, and Katsuki was having difficultly following what was happening when his teachers were talking. He propped his chin on his hand and gazed blearily at the board, trying to write notes. His writing was a semi-illegible scrawl across the page. Shit. His head was full of cotton. His eyes kept sliding shut and needing to be wrenched open again. In between periods, Katsuki dug his fingers into the burns along his front to jolt himself into waking up. He glared down at his page. Don’t be so pathetic, he yelled at himself. Wake up!

Shit. He was exhausted.

Katsuki forced himself to stay up through the next classes and get some notes down, even if they were terrible. But as soon as lunch rolled around, he flagged. Just put his head down on the desk and passed out. Slept right through the lunch period. Fifty minutes later, Kirishima was shaking him awake and saying class was starting again.

“Are you alright?” he asked. “You’re pretty out of it today.”

Katsuki shook his hand off his shoulder and nodded. “I’m fine. Leave me alone.”

“Okay…” Kirishima gave him a strange look, but he turned and walked away.

Katsuki growled and rubbed his hands over his face. Urgh, he needed to get it together. At least that short nap had cleared his head of a little bit of fog and he felt a tad more awake. Katsuki ran his hands through his hair. He could do this. It was fine. Only two more classes to get through, it’d be alright.

He leaned down to grab his water bottle from his bag. When he straightened up he glanced behind him. Deku was watching him. His eyes were narrowed and he was clenching his hands in front of his face. Katsuki glared at him and waited for him to say something. When Deku didn’t, Katsuki snorted and turned away. He pressed his hand to his stomach and felt that spike of pain. Focussed on the lessons.

Somehow he was able to get through the rest of the day without dropping off. By the time the final bell rang, Katsuki was actually feeling some semblance of normality again. Maybe he was getting a second wind or something. Whatever the reason, he shoved his shit into his bag and basically ran out of the room. Even if he was more awake, he knew that questions or laughs were going to follow him and he didn’t want to stick around long enough for that. Everyone had seen him fall asleep, he didn’t want to have to listen to them all making fun of him or treating him like a kid as if he was sick or something. He wasn’t sick. He’d just had a… A long weekend. He was busy. And he stomped through the corridors and out the front door, determined to get back to the dorms and lock himself in his room again before anyone could say a single word to him. Maybe he could sleep for twenty hours or something.


Katsuki’s body tensed at the shout behind him. He glanced round. Deku was striding towards him through the crowds of students. Oh shit. No! Not him!

People were staring, they were probably noticing the bags under Katsuki’s eyes or the way he was clutching his front. Could probably see the dressing through the fabric of his shirt. Probably knew him, recognised him as the loser who didn’t get his provisional license. And they were staring at him and the way Deku was running towards him through the crush of students. Katsuki turned, leaving the throng and ducking through the hedges away from the main thoroughfare. He needed to get away from the eyes on him. Away from Deku.


Shit shit shit! The bastard was following him. Katsuki lowered his head and walked faster. But he was slow and sluggish, and Deku caught up with him in an empty part of the grounds. He grabbed Katsuki by the arm to pull him up short.

Hands on his flesh, fingertips digging into him, the smell of decay in his nostrils.

“Get your fucking hands off me!” Katsuki ripped his arm out of Deku’s grip and stumbled backwards. He glared at him, his voice rising without telling it to. “What the fuck’s your problem? Leave me the fuck alone!”

Deku stared at him, taking a step back. His hands were raised in front of him, his eyes wide. “Kacchan,” he said weakly. “W- What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Katsuki snapped at him. “Why does everyone say shit’s wrong with me? Why does everyone keep goddamn probing at me and asking me dumb questions? Or goddamn following me? I’m fine!” He snarled and glared at Deku. He hated everything about the bastard. From the ugly clunky shoes he always wore, to the dumb way he muttered under his breath when he was thinking, to the stupid crooked incisor he showed off every time he gave that damn smug smile of his. Katsuki hated him! He hated everything about him! Why wouldn’t the prick leave him alone?

Deku stared at him. His hands dropped to his sides and his brow furrowed into a frown. “You’re not fine, Kacchan,” he said. “I sit behind you in class, I know you were falling asleep before Midnight was there. It wasn’t her quirk. What happened? Why are you so tired?”

“Urgh.” Katsuki looked away from him. “Deku, leave me alone. You’re not a Pro Hero doing some investigation, quit sticking your nose into my business.”

“I just want to know what’s wrong,” Deku insisted. “I care about you, Kacchan! I-“

Katsuki didn’t let him finish. He strode away, leaving Deku in the middle of that alleyway with his sentence hanging unfinished in the air. Urgh. Smug, self-important prick. Always probing and prodding Katsuki, trying to get him to admit his weakness so he could ‘save’ him and be the next big Hero. Katsuki was just another project to him, huh? Another kid who needed rescuing. Bastard.

“I care about you.”


What a load of crap. If he cared, he would leave Katsuki the fuck alone when he asked. Katsuki growled and pressed his hand to his front again. He was so tired. He needed to sleep. Please, God, let him sleep.

The rest of 1-A were walking along the main path. Katsuki sped up and tacked onto the end of their little procession. Kaminari grinned and waved him over, making a joke about him falling asleep in class. When Katsuki glared at him, he laughed and changed the subject. Asked if Katsuki had any ideas for the performance they were going to be putting on for the cultural festival. Katsuki shook his head. He didn’t care about the band. They could do whatever they wanted, he didn’t give a shit.

“Hey, don’t you play drums?” Kaminari asked. He threw his arm around Katsuki’s shoulder.

Touch. Hands on his body. Hands on his face.

Katsuki sped up, walking a few steps in front of Kaminari. “Yeah. What of it?”

“Just working out who can play in the band,” Kaminari laughed. “A drummer’s useful, we may have work for you.”

Katsuki snorted. He looked away from him, back at the school building looming behind them. Wondered if Deku was at his own supplementary classes. Laughing with the other internship students about how stupid Katsuki was for falling asleep.

“Heroics students,” a voice said, distracting him. Katsuki looked round and found a small group of students from the department of general education watching him. He scowled. What were they looking at? Were they making fun of him for losing his provisional license, too? What legs did they have to stand on? They couldn’t even get into the Hero’s department in the first place!

They turned away from him and muttered to each other, loud enough for him to hear. “Apparently,” one of them said, “The Heroics Department is doing a live show in the cultural festival. All for us. They’re so damn cocky, even when they’re the ones who start all the mess with the villains.”

Katsuki’s ears burned. He tilted his head to the side. “Hey. If you’ve got something to say, say it to my face.”

The pricks from the general education department looked back at him. One of them smirked. One laughed behind their hand. Another raised their eyebrows and gave Katsuki a withering look. “I wasn’t talking to you,” they said.

“Yeah, but you were just talking loud enough for me to hear,” Katsuki snarled.

Behind him, Kaminari said, “Dude-“

“You’re saying we cause all that bullshit with villains? Huh? That it’s our fault?” Katsuki’s hands balled into fists and he felt small crackles at his fingertips. Rage was boiling in his chest and he glared at the general education students. These fuckers… They didn’t know what they were talking about! “You think we want to be attacked and almost killed whenever we go somewhere? You think we want to have our faces on some criminal hit-list? You think it’s fun? It’s not fucking fun!” Katsuki was almost screaming now, spit flying from his mouth. His head was spinning. He had no idea what he was doing. “We don’t- We don’t want that shit! I don’t-“

Hands wrapped around his arms. Kaminari and Ashido were puling him back, touching him, hands on his body, fingers on his skin.

“Dude, calm down!”

“Yeah back off, it’s not a big deal.”

“Don’t touch me!” Katsuki’s palms exploded, setting off fireworks that had Kaminari and Ashido falling away from him in shock.

Katsuki looked round. Everyone was staring at him. He felt sick. He could feel hands all over him.

“I…” He swallowed. “I have to go.”

Katsuki ran past everyone, pushing through the crowds. As he went, he heard a mutter of, “Yeah, those heroics class students are weirdos.”

He didn’t go back to the dorm. Didn’t go hide in his room and try to study. He knew that people would come looking for him, would knock on his door and ask what was up. Deku would probably be there too. He’d stare right through Katsuki and pick out every little weak spot of his. Laugh at him for losing his cool and making a scene.

Katsuki walked right past the dorms to UA’s outer wall and a the familiar tree. It was a distant corner of the grounds. Quiet, even during the day. Katsuki leaned against the tree and put his hands to his face, feeling his body start to shake from exhaustion. Frustrated tears pooled in his eyes but he wiped them away angrily. He was not going to fucking cry! He had no reason to! He was just being a stupid pathetic child who couldn’t get to sleep and was throwing tantrums and…

He hated himself so much.

He needed to sleep.

He needed to stop thinking.

He needed Dabi.

Chapter Text

Katsuki turned the bottle over and over in his hands, staring at the blue writing on the label but unable to focus on it long enough to decipher the list of ingredients. He shifted from foot to foot and glanced around him. Tugged his hood over his face. He’d managed to duck back into the dorm to grab his hoodie, but he was still carrying his schoolbag over one shoulder with his blazer stuffed inside of it. Anyone could recognise him. They probably did recognise him. Were probably all wondering what he was doing out in the middle of city, why he wasn’t at the dorms, why he wasn’t wearing his uniform, why he’d failed to get his license after winning the sport festival.

Katsuki hung his head and wrapped an arm around his waist, pressing into the burns on his front. The pain soothed him. Centred him. Kept him from freaking out and turning to go back home rather than waiting around for a murderer to come and fuck him.

Luckily, he wasn’t waiting long. Dabi apparently didn’t want him to hang around on a street corner in broad daylight, because soon Katsuki felt a familiar arm snake around his shoulder and pull him into an alley. Dabi was back in his usual ragged attire, but this time with a hood up over his own head. He grinned down at Katsuki so his staples glittered.

“Having a good day?”

“Shut up,” Katsuki muttered. He shoved the bottle he was holding into Dabi’s hands and pushed him to start walking.

This bastard. Dabi knew Katsuki was having a shit day. He’d teased him about it when Katsuki called him, saying stuff like “I knew you couldn’t stay away” and “I’m so flattered you need me this much” just to wind Katsuki up. Then he told Katsuki that they could meet up that evening, but Katsuki’d need to grab him something from UA. Some specific type of lubricant from the support department. Katsuki had somehow managed to sneak into one of the workshops when nobody was around, even avoiding the crazy pink-haired girl, and grabbed this half-empty bottle from a cabinet. No clue why Dabi wanted it, though. Maybe he was just being an asshole and wanted to annoy Katsuki.

“Where are we going?” Katsuki muttered. He stuck close to Dabi’s side, angling his face downwards to try and avoid being recognised. Dabi seemed keen to stay away from people, too. He was leading Katsuki down emptier side streets and alleyways, away from people.

Dabi hummed in the back of his throat. He lowered his head to whisper to Katsuki, “We’ve been moving our base of operations pretty regularly. Where we are now is new, it's down here. And don’t bother calling the police, we’re going to move again as soon as you leave.”

Katsuki snorted. Honestly, he hadn’t even considered calling the police. He’d managed to wake up a little bit in the past few hours on his way here, and Dabi’s presence and his familiar smoke was calming him down, but his brain was still stuffed with cotton. He couldn’t think too many steps ahead. But whatever. Katsuki could allow himself one day where he didn’t try to destroy the League, just so he could sleep and get his bearings. Then later he could get back to bringing them down.

Dabi turned down a final street and stopped outside a supposedly empty building. The broken sign above the door said it used to be a hotel. Dabi glanced up and down the street lazily, then reached down to shoogle the handle before forcing the door open with his shoulder. He stepped in quickly, pulling Katsuki after him.

The hotel was cold, wind rushing in through the cracks in the boarded-up windows. The entrance was full of moth-eaten furniture and rain puddles. Katsuki stepped gingerly over the threadbare carpets. This place was a dump. There were spiders in every corner overhead, busted lightbulbs in the lamps, ugly paintings on all the walls. But he followed Dabi through the entrance into the lobby.

Katsuki tilted his head upwards. “What’s that sound?”

Dabi followed his gaze to the ceiling. Off in the distance somewhere was the sound of quiet, upbeat piano music. “It’s the boss,” Dabi explained. “He actually believed me this time when I said you were coming, so everyone waited up for you.”

“R- Right.” Katsuki frowned in the direction of the music. So more of them were here? Were they going to touch him again? Were they going to try and kill him? He looked at Dabi and took a breath. “If any of these fuckers touch me, I’m calling every Hero I know. I don’t care if they arrest me, too. Just don’t let them touch me.”

Dabi looked back at him. He raised his eyebrows, considering Katsuki for a moment. Then he nodded. “Sure. Okay. Stick close to me and I’ll make sure I’m the only one who touches you.” He held out his hand and Katsuki went to him, letting himself be tucked underneath Dabi’s arm. The familiar smell of ash already relaxed him. It made him tired. And he let Dabi pull him through the abandoned hotel and up a short flight of stairs, the sound of music getting louder and louder as they climbed.

Dabi leaned in close. “Keep calm this time,” he said. His other hand came up to brush Katsuki’s cheek, turning him to look up at Dabi. “And give Himiko a break. She has issues. I’ll keep her from touching you, but don’t be a prick to her. Okay?”

Katsuki huffed.

Dabi poked him. “Okay?”

“Urgh. Fine. I won’t yell at her so long as she doesn’t touch me.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Dabi grinned, then leaned down to kiss Katsuki on the mouth. Katsuki let his mouth open and tasted Dabi’s tongue briefly, before the guy pulled away. When Dabi smiled at him, his face split in half again. He patted Katsuki’s cheek. And he pulled him through one more door into the room where the rest of the League were sitting.

The first thing Katsuki saw was Shigaraki. He was sitting on the other side of the room, on a tiny raised platform, curled over himself so he looked like some kind of giant spider, and he was furiously playing a grand piano. Katsuki boggled at him. He’d taken music lessons, he’d seen pianists, but this guy was something else. Jesus. Shigaraki’s hands were moving up and down the piano keys, thumping out something Katsuki half recognised but which seemed so incredibly out of place for an abandoned hotel full of criminals. Katsuki’s eyes flicked downwards. Shigaraki’s hands were bare, if he brought down the wrong finger at the wrong time then the instrument would be obliterated. But he was deftly raising his fingers as needed, moving his hands up and down the keyboard, playing perfectly. Katsuki was mildly thrown.

Dabi leaned down. “It’s rude to stare,” he muttered, making Katsuki jump. Then Dabi laughed and stepped further into the room. “I see we’re all having a productive day.”

Katsuki finally looked round. Yeah, he recognised the rest of these fucks. Twice was awake now, and playing cards against the guy Compress who was obviously cheating. Over on the other side of the room was the lizard, Spinner. He eyed Katsuki coldly as they stepped into the room. Katsuki glared right back. What was his problem? And then Magne was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she was on a patrol or something. Or maybe she was with Toga, since Katsuki realised with a start that she wasn’t there either.

Shigaraki finally stopped playing and looked up. His eyes hit Katsuki through the hand clinging to his face. Katsuki’s mouth was dry.

“So,” Shigaraki said. “It wasn’t a one-time thing, the last time you turned up.” He played a little arpeggio. “Are you here to destroy us this time, Bakugou? Or are you joining up?”

Katsuki glared at him. He opened his mouth to yell at him to leave him alone and that no he wasn’t going to join them and they could rot for all he cared, but he only managed to get out a small “Hah” before Dabi’s hand wrapped around his mouth and shut him up.

“It’s not a business call this time,” Dabi explained over the top of Katsuki’s head. “All pleasure. And I’m keeping him to myself, so don’t bother me tonight.”

“It’s rude not to share,” Compress said over by the table. Katsuki glared at him, but only got the passive blank mask back.

“What can I say? I’m selfish.” Dabi grabbed the bottle from his pocket and threw it across the room for Compress to catch. “You can thank me for the oil for your arm later. Don’t wait up.” With that, he pulled Katsuki through the lounge to a door on the other side.

“We won’t,” Shigaraki said. He seemed utterly disinterested now, turning back to the piano. Katsuki glared over his shoulder. His ears and face were burning. He managed to catch one more look at Spinner who was glaring at him, before the lizard turned and left the room.

As Dabi was pulling Katsuki out the final door, Katsuki finally caught sight of Toga. She was sitting on the floor besides the piano stool, resting her head on her hands as she listened to Shigaraki play. As the door closed, he heard her say, “Play something romantic, Tomura.”

The music changed, shifting to a more lilting melody. And Dabi let his hand slip from around Katsuki’s face to instead grab him by the wrist and pull him up this new set of stairs.

“That meeting went much better,” he commented. “You didn’t yell or try to kill anyone. You’re growing.”

“Get off me,” Katsuki muttered, pulling his hand away. He glared at Dabi and stepped away from him. The staircase here was wider than the other dumps they’d been in, he could keep a good bit of distance between the two of them. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Dabi raised his eyebrows. “A lot. You’ll need to be more specific.”

“You just… You just told them all we were going to…” He spluttered and pointed back at the door. “You’re an asshole!”

“Yeah. I told them we were going to have sex. What, was I supposed to lie?” Dabi gave Katsuki a blank expression. “What lie could I have told them to explain why you're here and why they shouldn’t bother me for the rest of the night? Come on, let me know. What should I have said?”

Katsuki glared at him. His face heated up and his heart thumped and he couldn’t think straight! Why was Dabi such a massive cunt all the goddamn time? Why couldn’t he just act like a decent person for once in his life? Yeah yeah, Katsuki knew he was a villain and a murderer and scum of the earth but didn’t he have a heart somewhere in there? Couldn’t he be fucking decent just one goddamn time and not embarrass him? But Dabi just gave another of his annoying blank expressions and gestured at Katsuki to follow him up the stairs.

“It’s not a big deal,” he said over his shoulder as they climbed. “They already know that we’ve been having sex, and they’re not immature teenagers like you and your classmates so they don’t care. This isn’t a major thing, you don’t need to act like a blushing kid all the time. Even if it’s cute.”

“Shut up,” Katsuki muttered. He was not a kid and he was not cute. But that response just made Dabi laugh a little and he stepped off the top of the stairs to kick open a door.

This new room was so different to the bar they usually went to. For one thing, the entire room smelled like Dabi. Katsuki was hit in the face with smoke and ash and sleep so he almost passed out on the spot. But he kept it together and stumbled through the door. This had obviously been a hotel room. There was a tiny bathroom ensuite leading off of it, a few boarded-up windows, a double bed in the middle of the room. Across the room from the bed was a desk and walk-in wardrobe that were both empty. Katsuki saw Dabi's meagre collection of clothes had been neatly folded and put on the one chair.

Dabi locked the door behind them and stepped into the room, taking off his coat to fold and gently lay over the chair.

“Okay, shall we get busy doing what everyone downstairs knows we’re doing?”

“You don’t have to say it like that,” Katsuki muttered. But he still dropped his bag and pulled his shirt over his head. He didn’t care how humiliated he was or what people downstairs were doing, he just wanted to sleep.

He was reaching for his belt, when Dabi’s hands were on his shoulders and turning him around. Katsuki blinked up at him, wondering if they were going to kiss or something. Bastard better not leave him with hickies where people could see. But instead of touching him, Dabi held Katsuki at arms’ length and frowned down at his burns.

“Those’re new,” he said.

Katsuki scowled. “Yeah. You went a little too fucking hard last time, asshole. I had to patch myself up so I wouldn’t get infected.” He pressed a defensive hand to the dressing and felt a wash of pain go through him. His stomach felt hot against his palm, but it was fine. He was dealing with it.

Dabi tilted his head to one side. “Did you seriously tape more dressing over the top of your old dressing?”

Katsuki didn’t answer. But yes, he had. His old dressing was starting to feel wet that afternoon, and there wasn’t time to change it and clean it and put on something new. So he’d just slapped a new dressing on top as like a stopgap. It was temporary. It was fine.

“Urgh.” Dabi rolled his eyes. “You’ve got to change dressing twice a day, idiot. Actually change it, not just smack some new stuff on top as if that’ll make it all better.” He stepped back and gestured his hand. “Go sit on the bed, I’ll deal with that.”

“What? The fuck you are. You’re not touching me-“

“I’m not having you dying of an infection,” Dabi interrupted. “I’m not into necrophilia.”

“Gross.” Katsuki sat down on the bed with his arms folded. Ordinarily, he would probably protest more, but he was jut too tired now. He was flagging. The bed was halfway comfortable and he just wanted to get off and go to sleep. So whatever bullshit Dabi wanted him to do, he’d do it. Besides… He had sort of half-assed this latest dressing.

Dabi grabbed something from underneath the desk and walked back to Katsuki. It was a box. Some kind of medical kit. He put it on the mattress and flipped open the lid, revealing a bunch of little bottles and bandages. “Okay princess, lie down,” he said.

“I’m not lying down.”

“Yes you are. This isn’t me messing with you, it’s so I can see to your dressings easier.” Dabi pushed Katsuki on the shoulder until he lay back dow   on the mattress. Then he shifted to be sitting on the bed next to him and leaning over him. Katsuki stared up at him. Dabi blinked down at him. “Okay, I’m going to remove this. It may hurt a bit.”

Dabi’s long fingers hooked under the corner of Katsuki’s dressing and slowly peeled it back. Shit! That hurt! Katsuki grit his teeth and scrunched his eyes shot, determined not to let on that anything was wrong. He wasn’t weak. This was nothing, he’d been in way worse pain than this. But despite his best efforts he felt tears trickled down his cheeks, and his hands gripped the sheets beneath him. Goddammit! His head was all over the place!

Dabi paused and gave a thin smile. “Wow, you really fucked up these dressings. Hang on, I’m going to have to rip this guy off.”

“Wait, no don’t- Aaargh!” Pain tore through this body as Dabi pulled the dressing off like a damn bandaid. Fuck! That was fucking agony, holy shit! Katsuki pressed his hands to his face and wheezed in pain. He bit his tongue to keep from screaming any more after that first surprised yell. More tears rolled down his cheeks and his body heaved with sobs. His fingers dug into his forehead. His stomach bled.

“Shh.” Dabi’s fingers ran through Katsuki’s hair, an annoyingly soft motion compared to the knives currently being stabbed into his stomach. “It’s done now. It’s okay. I’ve got you.”

Why was Katsuki so goddamn pathetic? Why couldn’t he keep it together? He was so tired and he couldn’t think and now here he was lying on a bed in an abandoned hotel with a murderer, sobbing and in pain and with a raw and open wound on his stomach. Each gentle touch Dabi ran over his cheek made Katsuki burn. Each sob clenched the muscles in his stomach and sent another wave of pain through him. God. He was so fucking exhausted, why did everything he do just hurt him more? He hated himself. He hated himself! He fucking hated himself!

“Here, this’ll help with the pain.” Dabi opened another tub and smeared something over Katsuki’s burns. A strange tingling sensation washed through him, followed by a wave of cool. The pain in Katsuki’s stomach lessened and then seeped away. Katsuki cracked his fingers and stared up at Dabi. Dabi wasn’t looking at his face. Just staring down at Katsuki’s injuries, dabbing him with the cream. His touch was very light.

“What is that?” Katsuki tried to keep his voice steady, but it cracked a little at the end of the sentence.

“It’s an ointment infused with a little bit of healing quirk,” Dabi explained. He snapped the lid back on the tub and held it out for Katsuki to see. “It’s really damn expensive, so I don’t bring it out for everyone. You’re welcome.”

Katsuki blinked at the bottle, but his eyes were blurring the words together. He pushed Dabi’s hand away. “Whatever,” he muttered as he frantically wiped at his eyes to get rid of the few tears clinging to his eyelashes. “Are you done?”

“Not quite.” Dabi took the tub back and set to work taking care of Katsuki’s wounds. He hummed under his breath as he worked. Katsuki stared up at him. Dabi’s eyes were weird. They always seemed to glow a little bit, sort of like a candle. One of those little tea lights you got that were blurry dots in the distance. But eyeball-sized. And blue. He sort of had nice eyes, Katsuki begrudgingly admitted. Shame it was the only nice thing about him.

Dabi got a sterile dressing and gently pressed it to Katsuki’s burns, sealing the edges so they would stay put without needing a bandage over the top. Then he sat up and patted Katsuki’s chest. “There. You’ll need to change that again tomorrow, but the healing quirk should speed things up.” He got up and gathered his shit, walking away to tuck it back under the desk. Katsuki pushed himself onto his elbows. His stomach was clean, and his dressing was considerably neater than before. When he poked it, a spike of pain shot through him. But it was bearable.

“So were you a doctor before you became a murderous son of a bitch or what?”

Dabi gave a small laugh. He stood up and pulled his shirt over his head to lay over the back of his chair. Ran his fingers over the line of staples across his clavicle. “I have a lot of personal experience with burn care.”

Katsuki blinked at him. Then down to the extent of weird purplish scar tissue running over Dabi’s entire body. Snapped his eyes back up to his face. “Did you set yourself on fire or something?”

“Oh, you’re asking questions about me again? You want to get to know me?”


“Mmhm.” Dabi moved to kneel on the bed, leaning over Katsuki. He moved down, his nose hovering close to Katsuki’s. Katsuki was too tired to do much more than glare back at him. When Dabi spoke, his breath smelt of ash and rust.  “Let me tell you everything you want to know. My name is Dabi. I’m twenty-five years old, and I’m a Leo. I like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners and ornery blond virgins who don’t know how to take care of themselves.”

“Fuck you,” Katsuki snarled. But he blinked. “Wait… You’re twenty-five?”

“Yeah. How old did you think I was?”

“I don’t know.” Katsuki had never really thought about it. Maybe twenty-one? He thought Dabi just looked a little older because of his burns. There was something weird about knowing Katsuki was ten years his junior.

Dabi tilted his head. He leaned forward so his nose was touching Katsuki’s. “Seriously? After hearing about all the people I burned alive, my age is the deal-breaker?”

“It’s not a deal-breaker-“

“Good.” Dabi kissed him on the mouth. Katsuki responded immediately, opening his mouth and letting himself be pushed back down onto the bed. Dabi licked into his mouth, filling Katsuki with the taste of ash and woodsmoke. Katsuki’s hands gripped the sheets. His cock twitched in his trousers. And he sucked on Dabi’s tongue, trying to get him to hurry up. No luck. Dabi pulled back to smile at him. “Don’t worry about the age gap, I’m used to you acting like a kid.”

“I don’t act like a kid,” Katsuki snapped. He angrily toed his shoes off to try and speed things along. He didn’t come here to talk or whatever, he came here to get some sleep.

But Dabi just propped himself up on one elbow and raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, because a fully-grown adult would definitely give himself this kind of shoddy medical attention.” Dabi’s fingers tapped Katsuki’s stomach so he winced. “And a fully grown adult would blush every time I tell other people that we’re fucking.”

“I don’t.” Katsuki leaned his head back in the mattress. “You’re such an asshole.”

“Yeah.” Dabi leaned down with a grin. “You’re really cute when you’re angry at me.

Stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“Saying I’m cute or whatever.”

“Okay. Do you want me to say you’re handsome instead?”

“No. Just stop all of it.”

“Stop talking to you?”

“No!” Katsuki looked away, glaring over Dabi’s shoulder at the ceiling. “I know you don’t fucking care about me, so just shut the fuck up. It’s annoying.”

Dabi paused. He shifted down more so he was closer to Katsuki’s face. “Are you still hung up on that?”

“I’m not hung up on anything. I just know you’re full of shit.”

“No. I’m an asshole and a murderer and the worst person alive, but I’m not full of shit. I’m not a liar.” He reached over and rested his hand on Katsuki’s chest. “When I say I care about you or that you’re cute when you’re angry or that you’re a fuck-up when it comes to taking care of yourself, it’s all true.”

Katsuki blinked at the ceiling. He opened his mouth to retort, but closed it again. He… Had Dabi ever lied to him? He couldn’t really remember. Maybe. Maybe not?

No. Katsuki was tired as shit, but he wasn’t stupid. Dabi had probably lied through his teeth about everything. He clenched his teeth and glared at the ceiling.

Dabi sighed. “You don’t believe me.”

“Of course I don't.”

“Very smart. I knew there was a brain in there somewhere.” His hands went to Katsuki’s belt, undoing the buckle and pulling the last of his clothes off of him. He pressed his lips to the hollow of Katsuki’s throat, sucking gently. Katsuki’s cock twitched.

“You- Ah! You never answered me.”

“Mm?” Dabi gently ran his teeth along Katsuki’s collarbone to the curve of his shoulder. “What did you ask?”

“Did you set yourself on fire?”

“Only half.”

“What does that mean?” Katsuki swore as a lubed finger slipped inside him. Dammit, where did Dabi even get lube from? And he closed his eyes, melting into the mattress as Dabi started slowly fingering him, curling his long fingers inside him and letting lubricant roll over the back of his hand and down onto the sheets.

As he worked Katsuki open, Dabi kissed up Katsuki’s neck to his ear. His movements were slower that day. Almost gentle. But Katsuki was so exhausted, so desperate, his cock was already hard and leaking precum onto his stomach. Dabi gently bit on Katsuki’s earlobe. “I set myself on fire, but someone else set me on fire too. I was young. I didn’t have the best teacher. He pushed me further than I should’ve been pushed.”

Dabi curled his fingers inside Katsuki, rubbing against his prostate. Katsuki whined in the back of his throat. His hand came up and gripped Dabi’s shoulder. His legs spread to grant him more access.

“I was in hospital for a long time. Had to listen to doctors tell me I was probably going to die. Learned a lot about burn care.” He kissed down Katsuki’s jaw again and nipped gently at the curve of his jaw. “So forgive me if I don’t want to see you getting an infection and dying because you don’t know how to look after yourself.”

Shit.” Katsuki’s fingers dug into Dabi’s shoulder and he chewed his lip. The way Dabi was slowly fucking him open felt incredible. He fluttered his fingers and Katsuki swore, his cock twitching. Dammit, he was already so close. He couldn't even register what Dabi was telling him. His head was spinning with exhaustion, he just wanted to come. Oh God, oh please.

“Are you close?” Dabi moved up so he was hovering over Katsuki again. His breath was ash and woodsmoke.

Katsuki glared up at him. “Just hurry up and keep going,” he muttered.

“Mmhm.” He leaned down and kissed Katsuki on the mouth, sucking on Katsuki’s tongue. And he circled his fingers, pressing his thumb against Katsuki’s taint. And shit, it was too much! The slow movements, the gentle kisses. Katsuki hated all of it. But he was so wound up that he came with a moan into Dabi’s mouth. His fingers griped Dabi’s shoulder and pulled him closer. His legs shook. His toes curled in the air. And he whined as he came, covering his stomach with cum.

Dabi pulled back. A tiny line of saliva connected their tongues, then snapped. Dabi grinned. “You’re cute.”

“Shut up.”

Katsuki didn’t have the energy to fight. He was flagging, and flagging fast. His eyes slid closed as he lay there, but he forced them open to glare up at Dabi. Dabi was sitting up, undoing his own belt. Dabi gave him a withering look.

“What, just because you’ve come you’re going to fall asleep now? Wow. And after I saved you a hospital trip, too.”

“Ssorry.” Katsuki slurred, trying to move up the bed. But his body was sluggish and desperate to sleep.

Dabi sighed. He leaned down and the smell of him made Katsuki’s head spin with exhaustion. “It’s fine. You can sleep. But do you mind if I keep going? I won’t wake you.”

Katsuki blinked. He couldn’t think straight. Couldn’t understand.

But he nodded. “Sure.”

And he fell asleep to the sound of Dabi’s belt undoing with a click, and the feeling of hands on his thighs spreading him open.

He’d never slept better.



Katsuki woke up the next morning to his phone buzzing. For a moment he lay there and wandered why he was so cold. Then he realised that Dabi was lying with his arms wrapped around his waist and his cold breath on the back of Katsuki’s neck. Katsuki jerked away, pushing the prick off of him. He grabbed his phone and got out of bed. His body felt more rested. His brain was more organised. But he definitely felt a little sore and there was a tiny speck of cum on his chest. He glared over his shoulder at Dabi, who was now awake and blinking at him.

“Morning,” Dabi said with a crooked smile. “Leaving so soon?”

“I’ve got shit to do.” Katsuki’s clothes had been folded for him and were sitting by the desk along with a tiny package of bandages and dressings.

“Change your dressings when you get back,” Dabi said. He was lying with his eyes closed. “And you may want to put some makeup on as well. I got a little crazy.”

“What?” Katsuki tugged a shirt on and went to the bathroom. Urgh. Prick! Dabi had left a couple hickies on the curve of Katsuki’s neck. Katsuki groaned and rolled his head back, pressing his finger to the purpling marks. He could maybe pass them off as bruises from supplementary class, but… No these were definitely hickies. Dabi was an asshole.

“I hate you,” Katsuki snarled as he headed out into the room and grabbed his bag.

Dabi laughed. “I know. I’ll call you, later.” He yawned and rolled over. “And don’t worry, I told everyone to leave you alone if they saw you heading out.”

Katsuki left him, climbing down the stairs of the hotel. It was early, and the place was quiet. Hopefully he wouldn’t run into any members of the League. And if he did, he’d just run. Katsuki wasn’t in the right mood to deal with any of them, even if Dabi had told them to leave him alone. He paused at the door onto the main lounge and pressed his ear to it. No sound. No hint of movement. Hopefully it’d be fine. Katsuki slowly pulled the door open and stepped inside, but froze.

Shigaraki was sitting at a table across from him. There was no hand on his face, so the extent of his pallid skin was revealed. And he didn’t appear to be wearing a shirt, just his jacket hanging open over his bare chest. He was skinny. Katsuki could see his ribs. This guy was definitely just a skeleton wrapped in paper. Katsuki tried to speak. No words came out. Shigaraki slowly raised his eyes from the magazine he was reading and met Katsuki’s gaze. He smiled with pointed teeth.

“Good morning,” he said.

Katsuki was rooted to the spot as Shigaraki melted, his body turning to goop beneath his jacket. His frame shifted, getting smaller and rounder and slightly fatter. Then Toga was perched behind the table wearing Shigaraki’s jacket and clutching a copy of Seventeen magazine in her blood-caked fingers.

Shit. No. Not her.

Katsuki tried to walk across the room, skirting around the edge of the room away from her, but Toga put the magazine down and hopped to her feet. Katsuki glanced over at her and his stomach lurched when he saw she was naked underneath the coat. He’d never seen anyone naked apart from Dabi. His eyes flicked to her tits. Then down to the blond pubic hair at her crotch. Why the fuck was she sitting around naked except for Shigaraki’s jacket? Had they… Gross! He wrenched his eyes back up to her face.

“Don’t come near me,” he snapped, raising his hand. “Your boss isn’t here to stop me. I’ll kill you if you touch me again.”

Himiko stopped halfway across the room to him. She tilted her head to one side and grinned. Katsuki’s eyes tried not to go to her tits. It was very difficult.

But Himiko didn’t approach him or touch him, just stepped back with a tiny giggle. “You’ll need to twist the doorknob to the left and then to the right to get out,” she said, pointing down the stairs. “It’s tricky.”

“Whatever.” Katsuki turned and walked back across the room to the staircase.

“And tell Izuku I say hello,” she trilled after him.

“Fuck off,” he muttered. Creepy bitch.

It was the next thing she said that made the hairs stand up all down the back of Katsuki’s neck. A half-sung little sentence as he climbed down the stairs to the front door. Something that had him wanting to vomit and cry and run all at once, his hands scrambling over the door in an effort to get out. Something had had him shuddering and tense, standing outside and drinking down the cold air to get his bearings.

“You look real cute when you sleep, Kacchan.”

Chapter Text

“You’re blowing this way out of proportion. Nothing happened, she didn’t even touch you.”

“But she was fucking there in the room watching me as I slept!”

“Yeah. So?” Dabi sighed. “You can’t tell me you’re training to become a Hero, but you’re freaked out by the idea of someone looking at you when you’re asleep. How’s that going to work if you need to go on an overnight trip somewhere? Or you’re on a stakeout and need to sleep in shifts?”

“It’s not the same,” Katsuki snarled. He hunched over, turning to face the wall so nobody would hear him. Pressed his phone to his ear. “I don’t want her to look at me.”

“You want me to blindfold her whenever you come over?”

“No! Just… Not… I don’t know.”

“Look,” Dabi said calmly. “Himiko has issues. I told you she has issues. She wasn’t raised in a nice happy family like you were, she didn’t get taught about boundaries or what’s appropriate. And she’s used to sleeping with different people each night, so she just wanted to come and spend some time with the two of us. It’s what she does. It’s like her way of showing affection. She didn’t have much affection as a kid.”

“That’s not my fault.”

“I know it’s not. But it is your fault if you’re a prick to her. Cursing out a girl who has severe issues when she didn’t even touch you isn’t a good look.”

Katsuki didn’t answer. Just ground his teeth together and glared at the wall.

Dabi sighed again. “You’ll get used to her. Seriously, this isn’t a big deal, you don’t need to get worked up over it. Hell, if she likes you enough to want to be with you when you sleep then that’s a good thing. Less likely to stab you. Well no, but more likely for it to not be a mortal wounding.”

“You’re friends are fucked up.”

“Yeah. So how fucked up are you that you want to come hang out with us?” Dabi snorted. “But seriously, it’s nothing. Himiko’s basically harmless. Might even help you get to sleep if you need to be fucked every night and I don’t feel like it. She’s good at that.”

“Gross! I’m not going to-“ Katsuki caught himself before he yelled, glancing up and down the corridor to make sure he hadn’t been overheard. He growled, “I’m not going to have sex with anyone else.”

“Aw, am I special?”


“Okay. So you are having sex with people other than me?”


“Well maybe you should. It helps you get to sleep, and like I said Himiko’s great at it. Could be good for you.”

Katsuki bristled at the idea and shook his head. That idea was disgusting. He wasn’t going to… No! But the suggestion and how Dabi was talking, had him swallowing and asking, “Have… Have you?”

“Have I what? Fucked her?”


“Of course I have.”

“That’s gross. She’s a kid.”

“Okay Methuselah, calm your tits.” Dabi definitely had a smirk in his voice, it was so audible over the phone. “You’re the one and only teenage virgin for me.”

“Shut up.”

Dabi laughed softly. “Himiko’s nineteen. Or twenty. She doesn’t really know. Older than you, though. And not a kid.”

“How the fuck does someone not know how old they are?”

“Because, as I’ve said, not everyone was raised in a nice happy family where birthdays were celebrated every year and they were given lots of presents and had their little egos stroked.”

“You don’t know shit about me!”

“Hey, I didn’t name names. If you want to take what I said as a personal attack, that’s on you.”

Katsuki felt his face heat up and a prickle of shame go down his spine. He didn’t reply. Just pressed his hand to the burns on his front and felt the dull pain there. It was feeling better than a few days ago, but still a little sore. He really had to dig his nails in to feel something.

“Look,” Dabi said after Katsuki had been silent for a while. “It’s not a big deal. Himiko didn’t hurt you, she just wanted to come and see what was going on. You were asleep, the covers were over you, she didn’t see you with cum leaking out of your ass or anything embarrassing. All that happened was she sat on the bed with me for a bit and said you were cute as you slept. It’s a compliment. But if you’re such a massive baby that the thought of someone looking at you upsets you then I’ll tell her to butt out next time.”

Katsuki grit his teeth. His fingernails dug into the fabric of his shirt and he glared at the ground. The burns on his front pulsed in anger. “I’m not a baby.”

“Then stop acting like one.”

“Hey Bakugou!”

Katsuki jumped out of his skin and whipped round. Kaminari had poked his head out of a door a little down the corridor and was watching him with raised eyebrows. “Are you going to be much longer? We’re waiting for you!”

“Yeah. Yeah just give me a minute,” Katsuki said, waving his hand.

“Aah, are you holding people up?” Dabi asked.

“Shut up.”

“Uh huh. That’s a very mature and adult response.” Dabi gave a small laugh. “What are you holding people up for? Study group?”

“No. It’s band practice.”

“Oh yeah, your little band. How’s that going? You having fun?”

“Yes,” he muttered.

“Good. I’m glad.” Dabi laughed a little. “Damn, I can’t believe you’re actually in a band.”

“Why not?”

“Maybe I thought you’d be far too busy training for your provisional license and making plans to destroy the League.”

“It’s for the cultural festival, we’re given spare time to practice. Not that I even need to practice since I’m really damn good.”

“I’m sure you’re just as competent at music as you are at bringing down a criminal organisation,” Dabi said. “But no, I was more pleasantly surprised that someone wanted to spend time with you for a cultural festival.”

“The fuck’s that supposed to mean?”

“I didn’t mean it in a mean way or anything,” Dabi said. “Not everything’s a personal attack, you don’t need to snap. But come on, you’re not  exactly the most likeable person. You’ve said it yourself: you’re kind of a jerk and don’t get on well with other people. You’re not great at teamwork. More a lone-wolf kind of Hero.”

“Right,” Katsuki muttered.

“Yeah. So I was just surprised that you got over yourself and agreed to a group thing. My little virgin’s growing up. What a proud day.”

“Shut up,” Katsuki growled. “They wanted me to be in the band, I’m good at music.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure you are. What instrument do you play?”


“Ah.” He paused. “Are there many drummers in your class?”

“I-“ Katsuki opened and closed his mouth. His ears burned. “No. But they said I was perfect.”

“Right. Of course. I’m sure they would’ve still asked you to drum if there was any other option.”

“Yeah. They would’ve.”

Dabi paused. “Hey, what do you call someone who hangs out with musicians?”

Katsuki didn’t answer.

“A drummer.” There was the sound of quiet laughter on the other side of the phone. Katsuki’s face burned and his insides clenched. When he didn’t respond, Dabi sighed. “That was a joke, Katsuki. It’s funny. Fuck, you need to laugh at yourself sometimes. You take yourself so seriously.”

“I don’t.”

“Nobody likes a killjoy.”

“I’m not a damn killjoy.”

“Yeah you are. Nobody in the League tried to recruit you for your sparkling personality, I can assure you.” He paused, then said with an obvious smile, “I like that about you, though. It’s cute when you’re all grouchy. You can always be a killjoy with me.”

“I hate you.”

“I know you do. But speaking of grouchy, I’m going to be out of town for a week so try not to alienate everyone in your life before I get back. I won’t be around to fuck you and make everything better.”

“You don’t make everything better,” Katsuki sighed. He rubbed his forehead and glanced over his shoulder. “What do you mean you’ll be away? Where are you going?”

“Why do you care? Do you want to come with me?” Dabi hummed quietly, then said, “I’m not allowed to tell you. You haven’t made the best impression on the boss so he’s not letting me talk to you about what our plans are. You’ll just have to read about it in the news like everyone else.”

“I don’t even get a hint?”

“Maybe. Ask nicely. Say please.”

Katsuki pressed his palm to his face. Dabi was such a pill. “Tell me what you’re doing please.”

“Anything for my favourite blond virgin,” Dabi said gently. “We’re going to kill and rob a bunch of people. Need to get some supplies.”


“No, that’s too much information. You’ll see in a few days.” Dabi paused. “And you may want to hold off on calling the police, as well. I won’t be able to change my phone out until I get back, so if they catch us and go through my shit they’ll see that we’ve been talking. May have a few questions for you.”

Katsuki felt his hair stand up down the back of his neck and he swallowed. “Right.”

“I’m just looking out for you. Don’t want you doing anything stupid and putting yourself in danger.”

“You’re real kind.” Katsuki’s voice dripped poison.

Dabi paused. Then, in a gentler voice, “But seriously, don’t be an asshole to these guys in your band. I know you’ll be having a difficult time sleeping if I’m away, but don’t take it out on them. It’s not their fault.”

“I won’t.

“Okay. And send me a picture or video of your band practice. I want to know how you do.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes. I do. I want to know about your talents other than single-handedly destroying my entire league. And I’ll miss you when I’m gone, I want a video so I can pretend you’re with me even when I’m far away.”

“Urgh. Fine. Now get lost.”

“Love you, too.”

Katsuki hung up and stuffed his phone in his pocket, finally heading back into the practice room. They were on the girls’ side of the dorms. Because of the fewer girl students in the class, the empty rooms on that side of the building had been turned into study rooms or storage. Jirou had moved instruments into the empty room next to hers, and Yaomomo had soundproofed it so they could practice without disturbing anyone. Now everyone else was waiting by their instruments and stared at Katsuki as he came in. He felt his phone burning in his pocket and wondered how much of the conversation they’d heard.

“Who were you talking to out there,” Kaminari asked as Katuski pushed by him. “Did you get a girlfriend at your supplementary classes?”

“It was our mom calling to tell me how much she loves my dick,” Katsuki muttered. He hated people pointing out he had supplementary classes.

Yaoyorozu gave a disapproving sniff as Kaminari laughed. Jirou cut them both off by telling them they needed to practice. Katsuki sat down at the drum kit and picked up his sticks, staring at the music Jirou had set up for him. It wasn’t that difficult, really. Nothing he couldn’t handle. He hadn’t been bullshitting Dabi; Katsuki was a great drummer. Rhythm had helped him with his hand-to-hand training during middle school, and drumming was good for his hand-eye coordination. Plus, he’d always liked making a large amount of noise to piss his parents off.

Jirou said they would just do a quick sight reading of the piece to see where they all stood.

“Can you give me 100, Bakugou?” she asked.

Katsuki looked at the clock on the wall and started counting, tapping his foot on the floor. When he’d gotten the right tempo, he tapped the sticks over his heads four times before starting the song. It was alright. Not great. The first run through, so as good as could really be expected. Katsuki fucked up a couple of moments, sometimes using the wrong drum when he was meant to change. At one point he carried a beat over and left Yaoyorozu hanging, but he managed to make up for it.

He was a good drummer. He did pretty damn well for a first run through. Sure, he made a couple of mistakes, but so did everyone else. Not a big deal.

When it was over, Katsuki clicked his tongue and glared at his sheet music as Jirou spoke to Yaomomo about a few bars in the bridge. He spun his drumsticks in his fingers. Glanced down at his feet. He hadn’t quite been able to match up the hi-hat to the rest of the drums in a few places. Katsuki practiced one of the bars that had given him trouble, trying to get the rhythm right. It was a bitch of a rhythm. Katsuki fucked it up again. He swore. Tried again.

He was a good drummer, dammit!

Katsuki counted in his head, trying to get through the complicated bars. He fucked it up again. Another swear. He tried again. Fucked it up. Goddammit.

It was Dabi. The bastard was in his head again. He was always in his head! Katsuki could feel his breath on the back of his neck, his nails in his skin, his cock in his mouth. The taste of his piercings.

Katsuki’s dick twitched in his jeans.

Oh shit. He shifted on the seat and shook his head, determined not to get hard. Not now. Not because he was thinking of that bastard. And he thumped out more of the rhythm, practicing the intro.

“Okay,” Jirou said, cutting into Katsuki’s thoughts. He jerked his head up to see her stepping back into position in front of them. “Lets give it another run through. Bakugou, count us in?” She smiled at him kindly, as if they were friends and not just classmates that had to work together for a festival they couldn’t get out of. Urgh, so fucking fake. She’d hated his guts a week ago, where did she get off acting like they were all buddy buddy?

Katsuki counted them in and started playing the intro, glaring at the drums in front of him. He tried to keep the tempo steady. Fucked up the bridge again. Went too fast for a bar and caused Tokoyami to mess up. Kept the rhythm later and didn’t leave Yaoyorozu hanging. It was fine. He was good!

“Can we do the bridge again?” Jirou asked when it was over.

Katsuki’s head jerked up. She wasn’ looking at him, was talking to Tokoyami about the bassline, but Katsuki knew he’d fucked up the bridge. He knew he’d messed up that stupid complicated bar. He’d fucked it up. Katsuki clicked his tongue and tapped the drumsticks against his leg. He’d do better. He’d blow these fucks away with his skills.

Yaoyorozu glanced over her shoulder at him. Katsuki glared at her, making her jerk her head round. Well, at least one person wasn’t pretending to like him more than they actually did. Katsuki snorted. Spun his drumsticks in his fingers. And he counted them in again to practice the bridge.

The practice was long. Jirou was a fine enough teacher, but they were learning a long set. Katsuki felt himself getting more and more exhausted as time went on, his brain spinning and fuzzing. Jirou had to stop more than once to ask him to play a few bars back because he’d messed up the rhythm, or he’d used the wrong drum for the wrong beat, or something else inane. Katsuki growled and followed her instructions obediently. His hands were aching from clenching the sticks all day. His head was pulsing from the sound of the instruments on all side of him. His brain was spinning with the fact that Dabi was going away fro a week. What the fuck was he going away for? Who was he killing? Was it a hero? Was it more villains? Was it some strangers on the street whose bodies he’d burn and leave piled up for a police officer to find? Would he be fucking Himiko when he was away? Would his hands be on her tits, fingers on her nipples? What was it like to fuck someone with a cunt? Would his piercings feel good inside her? Would she wear his jacket the next morning? Had she been wearing Shigaraki’s jacket as she sat on the bd and watched Katsuki as he slept? Had she leant over him, let her breath tickle his skin, reached out to run her fingers over his bare chest and up to his neck and his mouth and his-



Katsuki threw his drumsticks down to the floor and ran his fingers through his hair. He’d fucked up that set! Royally fucked it up! Just slammed the drums with all the elegance of a tyrannosaurus. Stupid, stupid, stupid! But he lifted his head and glared, eyes landing on the first person he saw. Kaminari. He jabbed his finger at him. “You played too fast,” he snarled. “You fucked me up.”

I didn’t play too fast,” Kaminari said, his eyebrows shooting up into his hair. “You were speeding up the tempo, it threw me off.”

“You were a little fast, Bakugou,” Jirou said with a nod.

Katsuki’s tempers flared. He got to his feet, knocking the stool over behind him. “I’m going to get a drink,” he muttered.

“You were good aside from that though,” Jirou said in a hurried attempt to placate him as if he was a damn child. “It’s been a long day, why don’t we take a break for tonight?”

But by the end of her sentence, Katsuki was already leaving. He strode down the corridor, listening to the fading voices behind him. He knew those voices. They were saying he was a liability, not a team player, more harm than good. It’s what his teachers had said in middle school. Not that they’d ever been brave enough to say that shit to his face or expel him or any of that shit. They knew he was too good. Like this band knew he was too good.

Katsuki headed to the kitchen. He needed a drink. Luckily, the kitchen was empty. Good, he didn’t want to deal with anyone. Everyone who wasn’t in the band was out in the middle of the dorm practicing their dance routine. Katsuki watched them as he crossed over from the stairs to the kitchen. He saw Deku in the middle of it all. He was focussing on the movements with a determined little frown. Trying to get his footwork right. He wasn’t the best dancer. A piss-poor dancer, actually. But in the middle of the crowd he was fine.

When he turned, Deku met Katsuki’s eye. Katsuki glared at him. And he turned to head into the kitchen.

Dabi had texted him when he was practicing. He was asking Katsuki for the video of him on the drums. Katsuki texted him that he hadn’t been able to get a good video as he got himself a glass of water. Dabi’s reply was pretty quick.


send a selfie then

Katsuki glared at his phone as he drank.


i miss you (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

You’re so full of shit.

I’m not sending you a picture, you’ll probably blackmail me or something.

im not going to blackmail you

if i was going to blackmail you wouldnt i just use these texts?

i just want to see your face

its a nice face

Urgh. Fine. He’d probably keep bothering Katsuki if he refused, anyway. Katsuki glanced at the door to the kitchen to make sure he was alone and leaned against the counter. He snapped a single photo of himself, flipping off the camera. He wanted Dabi to know just what he thought of him. He got himself another glass of water as Dabi texted him again.

youre real cute even when youre childish

What was childish about that?

you know what was childish

send me a nice selfie

one where you look good

Why don’t you send me one?


but i asked you first

Katsuki snorted and pushed his hair out of his face. He took a slightly better photo and sent it to Dabi. Drank his water. Got a reply back.


you look nice when you try

Shut up.

heres mine

Katsuki snorted on his water. Dabi had sent back a photograph of himself shirtless, the staples along his clavicle catching the light. And he was doing a typical douchey pose; his fingers in a v in front of his mouth and his tongue out so his piercing was on display. He was a fucking asshole. But Katsuki’s mouth went dry as he stared at his phone screen. Remembered the taste of Dabi’s tongue. The cold feeling of his staples. Katsuki’s cock twitched again in his jeans.

No! No, Katsuki wasn’t going to get hard from some dumb selfie that Dabi sent him. He shoved his phone into his pocket and gulped down his water. The mouthfuls were too big and hurt his throat. But it stopped him from thinking of Dabi’s cock stretching him out.

As he stood there in the kitchen trying to get his bearings, there was movement in his peripheral vision. A face with wide eyes and curls of green hair peered into the kitchen at him. Katsuki glared.

“Dancing already finished?”

“No,” Deku said, slipping into the kitchen. He was wearing an ugly shirt that said ‘tank-top’ across the chest. “I just wanted to see how you were.”

Katsuki bristled. He turned away and glared at the sink. “I’m fine.”

“Okay.” Deku paused. “Kacchan. About Monday-“

“God, shut up about Monday,” Katsuki said, rolling his eyes. “I wasn’t well. Okay? I had a cold and I hadn’t slept much and I’d hurt myself in supplementary classes and that’s why I was out of it. It’s not a big deal. It’s over. Drop it.”

There was a palpable silence in the kitchen. Outside in the rest of the dorms, the music was thumping and Ashido’s voice was happily encouraging the rest of the class.

Finally, Deku asked, “Is that all?”

“Of course that’s all.” Katsuki filled his glass up at the sink and refused to look Deku in the eye. The nosey little bastard was so annoying, always asking him dumb questions when he clearly wanted to be left alone.

“I just…” There was movement in the kitchen. Deku crossing the floor a little towards him. “Katsuki, you know I’d always help you if you need it. With anything.”

“Like a sludge monster,” Katsuki muttered.

“Yes. Or with training or-“

“I don’t need any help with training,” Katsuki snarled. His teeth clinked on the glass. Like Dabi’s tongue piercing when they kissed. He closed his eyes angrily.

“But if you do,” Deku insisted. “I don’t know what’s going on, or if anything’s going on, but if you ever need anything then tell me. Okay?”

Katsuki looked over his shoulder. Deku was frowning at him again, his hands in fists at his sides. The same little stance he’d had back when they were kids and he’d tried to square up to Katsuki for picking on someone. The little twerp trying to bark him down.

Katsuki’s eyes flicked over Deku. Hair that needed cut, the stupid t-shirt, scrapes on his knees from training, scars on his hands, his ugly red shoes. He hadn’t changed much from when they were kids. Still the annoying thorn in Katsuki’s side who always wanted to follow him around and talk to him and insist they were friends. He was basically the only person who even wanted Katsuki around in UA. Sure, Katsuki had people who hung out with him here. Kirishima and Sero and Ashido and Kaminari… He’d picked most of them up during the sports festival, but also during the exams. When they’d wanted help with training or their exam studies, they came to him. And now this band, where he was the only drummer in the class. Jirou had said she didn’t have time to train a beginner. They were basically stuck with him.

Deku was the only one who stuck around him without asking for anything. Because he was laughing at Katsuki. Using him as a leg-up. Mocking him, putting him down, watching him struggle for his own license and fight with his own quirk whilst he was in All Might’s lap.

What a bastard.

“How’s that kid you rescued?” Katsuki muttered.


“The kid. The one you saved single-handedly from the yakuza. How are they?”

“She’s good.” Deku blinked, the perfect image of confusion. “But it wasn’t single-handed, I-“

“It basically was. Everyone was tripping over themselves to suck your cock after you rescued her.” Katsuki snorted. “But that’s what you do, right Deku? You save people. Like a good Hero.”

“I… Yes. Of course I do, I want to be a Hero to save people.”

“Uh huh. Save to win. Right.”

“Kacchan what are you getting at?”

He shrugged. Looked down at the drink in his hand. The way his fingers were warbled through the glass. “Do you know what Jirou said when she asked me to be in this stupid band of hers, Deku?”

“No. What?”

“She said, that if I do this then I’d be a good person.” Katsuki grinned a little at the memory, then scowled. His fingers tensed on his glass. “What a load of crap… I know I’m not a good person. I’ve never been a good person. And I’m probably never going to be a good person, even when I become the number one Hero. Being in some dumbass band and performing for a cute little rescued girl won’t change that.”

“I don't-“

“So just stop pretending that you like me or care about me or think I’m decent. Alright? That insincerity makes me want to throw up. Just admit you like to play the fucking Hero and smarm up to everyone you can. Okay? Be honest with me for once in your fucking life.” Katsuki swallowed the last of his water and slid his glass back along the counter. He left Deku alone in the kitchen.


“Save it.” Katsuki waved his hand over his shoulder and headed up the stairs.

It was late. He was tired. He couldn’t be fucked listening to any more of anyone’s bullshit. He needed to do his homework and work out what the fuck was wrong with his drumming. But first he had to take care of his dick which kept getting hard without him telling it to. He locked the door and threw himself down on the bed. Kicked off his trousers. Lubed his hand and started fisting his cock.

Dabi was in his brain, because of course he was. He was good at that. Everything he said always stuck in Katsuki’s head and got him riled up and way too turned on. He hated it. Katsuki squeezed his cock. Bit his tongue to keep from making any noise. Thought of Dabi fucking him, sucking his dick, fingering him as he kissed Katsuki’s neck. He groaned softly. Rocked his hips up off the bed.

But another image danced across his brain without him telling it to. Deku, shirtless in the locker rooms, his body shorter but more built than Dabi’s, his fingers calloused and warmer. Deku kissing him in the kitchen. Deku holding Katsuki down and fucking him, calling him pathetic, coming inside him. Dabi behind him, saying it was cute. Both their hands on his body. Katsuki groaned. Bit his tongue. Let his brain flicker with Dabi and Deku, both of them fucking him together. His toes curing in the sheets and his fist clenching around his dick. His other hand moved up his shirt, scratching against the burns on his stomach. He drowned out everything else. Until he came across his stomach with a tiny, strangled yelp.

When he was finished, Katsuki lay in the bed staring at the ceiling.

Fuck, he hoped he could survive a week with Dabi gone.

Chapter Text

There were police reports about that giant mansion out in the sticks. The one that had apparently been owned by an obscure cult who taught that mutant quirks were abominations. The one where the bodies of the cult members that had been found either burnt until they were unrecognisable, or drained of all their blood. And after the massacre, the house had been stripped of everything remotely valuable and set aflame. Bright blue flames that had alerted the authorities, who had headed out there to douse the fire before it could spread to the surrounding forests. There were officially no traces of who had done it, but Katsuki knew. Dabi hadn’t confirmed or denied anything, but it had to be them.

Who the fuck were these people? They’d been killed and left to burn. That was sick. But from the reports, they were a bunch of scummy fucking racists so maybe that wasn’t as bad as killing some random guy. But they were all people with lives and families, so maybe killing was too far. Had they been killed quickly? Or had he burnt them alive? Did it matter? Katsuki didn’t know.

Katsuki felt sick. When he tried to sleep, he saw burning bodies and Dabi standing in the middle of them staring at him with those creepy-ass glowing eyes of his. Snapped awake with a yell.

He wasn’t doing well. Dabi had been gone for five days, and Katsuki hadn’t slept for two. He was flagging real bad in class, fucking up tests and drills and getting the shit beaten out of him during his supplementary classes. Then when he tried to make up for it by studying, he kept finding himself sitting at his desk in his room just staring at his textbooks and not taking in a word of it. His brain kept wavering and turning off, only able to focus for a few minutes at a time before it got distracted. Always going back to Dabi.

Bastard was in his bloodstream.

No matter what Katsuki did, he found himself thinking about that asshole. In class, he wondered what Dabi was doing and if he was murdering some other poor bastard. If Katsuki would see his picture in the news the next day. During training, he remembered Dabi’s hands on his body and the way he teased him about wanting to destroy the League. And Shigaraki and Toga’s hands on his skin, threatening to tear him apart. In band practice, he heard Dabi whispering in his ears that everyone was just putting up with him, that they hated him, that they wouldn’t want him there if they had any other option for a drummer. And each time he fucked up a fill, each time his fingers slipped on the drums, each time he lost time or missed a beat because he couldn’t get that icy motherfucker out of his head, he knew that Dabi had a point.

Fuck’s sake. He hated him. Hated him! And he needed him to come back.

Luckily, Dabi seemed to love tormenting Katsuki so he constantly called at around midnight when he knew Katsuki would be awake. Every night when he wasn’t sleeping, Katsuki lay in bed with his phone pressed to his ear, talking to a murderer. Telling him what he’d been doing that day. Listening to Dabi drop cryptic little hints about the League and what they were doing. Not enough to go to the police, but enough to make Katsuki’s insides twist. But mostly Dabi just complained about how the rest of the League were all useless and he was the only one who did anything of any value.

It was odd hearing a villain complain about the work ethics of other villains. Put Katsuki a little on the edge. But it was oddly calming at the same time. He’d gotten used to Dabi. Used to the timbre of his voice, and his monotone delivery, and the little insults he laced every sentence with. It wasn’t quite the same as being fucked and falling asleep next to him, but it was in the same ballpark. It relaxed him a little. Almost as good as sleeping.

The third night he’d been awake though, Katsuki was getting on edge. “When are you coming back?”

Dabi’s smile was obvious in his voice. “Aw, do you miss me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself. I’m just exhausted.”

“Then go find someone else to put their dick inside you so you can sleep,” Dabi said. “Maybe ask Midoriya if he wants to help out.”

“God, will you shut up about Deku?”

Katsuki’s cheeks always burned whenever Dabi brought up that nerd. Everything he said was stupid and completely false, it was annoying. Katsuki didn’t have a crush. He didn’t! But Dabi’s constant words were wriggling into his brain. Katsuki found himself watching Deku during training, analysing his movements and his techniques. Sometimes he watched the rest of the class practicing for the dance, and he saw Deku and the way he was focussing with his brow furrowed slightly and his hands clenched into determined fists. He was an annoying little twerp, but even Katsuki had to begrudgingly admit that Deku had that bullheaded determination. When he set out to do something, he wouldn’t stop until he’d achieved it. Even if what he wanted was stupid and nonsensical, like getting into the Hero Course at UA. Just barrelled straight through.

Katsuki rubbed his hand over his face in annoyance, getting rid of the thoughts of Deku. On the other side of the phone, Dabi gave a single small laugh.

“Right right, you’re not going to start making out with Midoriya. Stupid of me to suggest it. You hate him.”


“Like how you hate me.”

“I do hate you.”

“So why do you let me fuck you and not Midoriya?”

Katsuki opened his mouth. Closed it. Scowled up at the ceiling and dragged his hand down his face, digging his fingers into his lower lip. He dropped his hand down at his side and sighed. “Pity.”


“Yeah. When we met you were all alone in that shitty bar, and you were desperate enough to want to fuck a high-schooler, so I guess I thought I’d throw you a bone.” Katsuki wrinkled his nose and grimaced a little at the memory. The night he’d lost his virginity in the dingy sex bar to the guy who’d kidnapped him wasn’t his proudest moment. Neither was when went back again the next week. And the next. And the next.

“So if you met Midoriya in a sex bar, would you fuck him?”

“Why are you so focussed on Deku?”

“Because you’re cute and your crush on him is cute and I’m interested in your love life.”

“I’m not cute.”

“No, you’re ugly and annoying and foul-mouthed and stupid. And yet I still care about you and am interested in your love life. So answer the question: would you fuck Midoriya if you’d met him in that bar instead of me?”

Katsuki grimaced. His arm wrapped around his stomach, but his burns were healed now and there was nothing to press on to send pain through his body and ground him. He shifted up his tank top. Dug his fingernails into his side. Dragged them slowly across his stomach so they ripped the skin, leaving behind dark pink trails.

“I don’t know.”

“Mm.” Dabi hummed a little in the back of his throat. “Right. I guess it is a really out-there thing to consider.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he’d never actually fuck you.”

“Oh fuck you.”

“Hey, don’t get angry or anything! You take shit so personally.” Dabi’s eye rolling was practically audible. “All I mean, my little angry virgin, is that you’re an acquired taste. Not many people would be willing to fuck you, even if you do make the cutest little noises when my tongue’s in your ass.”

“You’re disgusting.” Katsuki scowled. Turned over in bed and pressed his phone to his ear. “Lots of people would fuck me.”

“Mmhm? I’m sure. How many people confessed to you in school?”

Katsuki didn’t answer. He hadn’t gotten any confessions in middle school, but that didn’t mean anything. Nobody got confessed to in middle school! And nobody was dating in UA either. Well, maybe  a couple people in the general course. But not in the Hero Course! They were all too busy.

His silence was apparently enough for Dabi though, who clicked his tongue. “We both know you can be a little difficult to handle. It’s not a secret. What did you fail that provisional license exam for, Katsuki?”

Katsuki grit his teeth. “My attitude.”

“Yeah. Would you want to fuck someone with attitude problems who yells and gets angry at every little thing?”


“Exactly. You’re honestly kind of lucky I have to deal with the assholes in the League every day, so you’re a breath of fresh air.” He laughed a little. Katsuki didn’t say anything. Just chewed the inside of his cheek and stared ahead of him. The clock on the other side of the room was flashing at him. One in the morning. Dabi sighed. “Katsuki? You there?”

“Yeah,” he muttered.

“Look don’t take this the wrong way. You know you don’t worry about these other guys who aren’t interested in you. I like you.”

“Great.” He spat into his phone, “Some asshole with only two changes of clothes who lives in a hovel with a bunch of murderers likes me. What a treat.”

“If you hate me so much, then hang up the phone. Never talk to me again. Find someone else’s cock to suck who can help you get to sleep. Apparently they’re beating the door down to fuck you.”

“I-“ Katsuki deflated immediately. “You’re a bastard.”

“And you’re a brat.” Katsuki could hear his crooked smile. “My favourite brat.”


“If I was there, I’d suck you off.”

“Y-“ Katsuki’s breath caught on his throat. The fuck was with this sudden change of topic? He rolled onto his back, staring at the ceiling. Swallowed. “What?”

“You heard me. It’s been a while since I’ve sucked your dick. If I were there, I’d probably have your dick in my mouth right now.”

Oh fuck. Katsuki’s head spun, remembering how it felt to get a blowjob from Dabi. The cold feeling of his tongue, the movement of his lips, his piercings. His cock started to get hard beneath the sheets.

“Maybe I’d let you fuck my face,” Dabi was saying. “You’ve never done that before and I normally don’t let people do it. But I think, if it was you, I’d be fine with it. You could make me choke on your cock and then come on my face. Would you like that?”

“I guess.” Katsuki rested a hand on his cock. His toes curled in the sheets.

Dabi went on. “Or maybe I’d just have you lie down and take my time sucking you off. And I’d prep you at the same time. Nice and slow with my fingers inside you, stretching you open. And my tongue on your cock.”

“Hn.” Katsuki bit back a moan. His hand gripped his cock through the fabric of his pyjamas. Shit, he could almost feel Dabi’s mouth on his dick, his long fingers stretching Katsuki open. It felt… Felt good! Goddammit, he wanted that. Wanted Dabi to suck him off. Katsuki bit his lower lip.

“Have my mouth on your cock and my fingers in your ass, until you’re so fucking close you’re begging me to let you come. I love it when you’re needy.”

“I know you do.” Katsuki loved that too. It felt so fucking good when Dabi pushed him right to the edge, he always came so hard. His fingers slipped into his pyjamas and fisted his cock.

“But I miss you, so I’ll be nice. Keep sucking you off and let you come in my mouth, and swallow it all. Or maybe you want to watch me with your cum dripping out of my mouth? Or you want to come on my face, getting it in my hair? I’d let you do whatever you want.”

“O- Okay.” Katsuki’s hand was moving on his cock now, stroking himself slowly. His breath caught a little in his throat. His hips bucked up. He wanted all those things. Goddammit. Dabi! He wanted… Fuck!

On the phone, Dabi laughed a little. “I should stop,” he said. “I’m getting myself turned on just thinking about it.”

“Oh.” Katsuki blinked, his hand on his cock and sweat on his forehead. “You are?”

“What can I say, I really like having sex with you.” There was a pause. “Are you turned on?”

“No,” Katsuki lied. He was still stroking his cock, but slower now.

“Then I’ll stop. Don’t want to distract you when I’m sure you want to go to sleep.”

“Right.” Katsuki’s head was spinning. His cock was hard in his hand.

“Sleep tight, Katsuki. I miss you.”

“Okay. Whatever. Bye.”

“You’re not going to say you miss me?”

Katsuki hung up without replying. He threw his phone down on the mattress besides him and started stroking his cock, biting his lip in annoyance. Fucking asshole had just left him hanging! God he was such a jerk. When he got back, Katsuki was going to fuck his mouth and come on his face. Just cover him in cum, get it all over his stupid face piercings and in his hair so it dripped down his chin. Have him beg for it, beg for Katsuki to come on his face. Run his tongue over his cock, stretch his lips around it, look up at him with those glowing eyes of him. Groan his name.

“Fuck! Hah!” Katsuki bit back a yell as he came into his hand, his hips arching off the bed. He stroked himself through his orgasm, imagining Dabi’s face with his tongue hanging out and his piercing glinting. Then he slumped back into bed with a sigh.

But he still wasn’t tired. His brain was incapable of turning off these days, it was insufferable. Katsuki lay there in bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to get to sleep. When he glanced at the clock, twenty minutes had passed. He still wasn’t tired. Now he was just thinking of Dabi sucking him off, and the murderers cult up in the hills, and Deku in that sex bar sitting on the stool where he’d run into Dabi the first time.

“If you’re going to be staring at me all night, we may as well get a room.”

Katsuki shut his eyes and shook his head. He didn’t want to fuck Deku! But now Dabi had put it in his head, he’d never be able to get to sleep. Katsuki sat up with a groan, running his fingers through his hair. He needed to get out of that room. It was stuffy. He needed air.

The common area was empty and quiet, lit a dim blue by the moonlight coming through the massive windows. They’d been practicing dancing down here that afternoon so all the furniture was pushed back to the walls. Dabi had told him he needed to send him a video of the routine, since he wouldn’t be able to come and watch Katsuki himself. “I want to support you and your super important hero training.” Katsuki snorted at the memory of that conversation. It had been the one where he’d sent Dabi a video of the band practice and Dabi said he was actually pretty good. It had made a little spark of pride bloom in his chest. He’d sent Dabi a few selfies of him at the drum kit to hammer home that fuck yes he was good at what he did.

Katsuki shuffled across the carpet and sank down onto one of the sofas by the window. The light pollution from the city blotted out most of the stars here, but the moon was pretty big. He rested his chin on his hand and yawned softly. Maybe he could just sleep down here.

As he sat there dozing quietly, he heard movement. Katsuki looked up. There was a figure stepping into the common room from the stairs. They shuffled forward. Katsuki blinked.


Deku stepped into the light. He was tired, his hair sticking up more than usual, and wearing one of the UA gym uniforms. He met Katsuki’s eye awkwardly. “I… I didn’t think anyone would be up. I couldn’t sleep.”

“Mm.” Katsuki was too exhausted to fight with Deku. Just looked away out the window again.

Deku paused, awkwardly staring at him. He coughed. “I was going to make some of Yaoyorozu’s camomile tea. Would you like some?”


Katsuki let Deku walk past him to the kitchen, and listened to the distant chinking of cups. He shifted on the sofa, curling his knees up to his chest. Hunched forward a little. Clenched his toes in the cushions. The hand resting on his head dug its fingernails into his jawline, and his other arm wrapped around his waist to dig into his torso.

More footsteps and Deku reappeared at his side, holding out a cup. Katsuki took it from him and shifted back up the couch, holding it in both hands. Let the heat soak into his palms. Didn’t drink it.

After a moment’s hesitation, Deku sat on the other side of the couch and took a long slurp of his own drink. Katsuki curled his lip. Dabi had slurped his drink in that bar when they’d first met. Would Deku have slurped his goddamn cocktail if he’d been the one sitting in that sex bar? Looked up at Katsuki with a thin smile? Asked him if he wanted to go upstairs?

Katsuki grimaced and clenched his fingers on the mug.

“So… Why are you up?” Deku asked quietly after they’d been sitting there for a few minutes.

Katsuki kept staring out the window. “Couldn’t sleep,” he said stiffly.

“Yeah. Me neither.” Deku rubbed the back of his head and looked down at the cup in his hand. “Nightmares.”

Katsuki looked round. Deku was still staring at his own cup, not meeting Katsuki’s eye. His profile was lit up in the silvery moonlight from the window. His hair was tinted soft green. Katsuki narrowed his eyes. “Nightmares,” he repeated slowly.

“Yeah, they don’t happen often but I get them sometimes. Just of… Villains.” He sighed and shook his head. “It’s stupid. Not important.”


Katsuki let it drop, but he kept watching Deku with narrowed eyes. Did the prick know that he was having problems with his own nightmares? That his brain kept playing an endless stream of villains and hands and flames? He already knew Katsuki was having trouble sleeping, had mocked him for falling asleep in class. Maybe this was more bullshit making fun of him.

As he watched him, Deku looked up. His hair shifted around his face, curls bouncing a little bit. Urgh, his hair was stupid. Like a dandelion or something. Katsuki frowned at him, resting his head on his hand again. His other hand rested his cup on his knee. Deku blinked. His cheeks flushed a little darker. He looked away.

“How… How was band practice?”

“Fine,” Katsuki said. “How was your dancing?”

“Hard. But Ashido’s a good teacher so I think I’m getting better.” Deku sighed and looked at his feet, sticking them out in the air in front of him. “I’ve never been very coordinated.”

“No, you haven’t,” Katsuki muttered.

That had Deku cringing a little. He ran his hand through his hair so his curls ruffled. “I haven’t had the training you guys have had.”

“No,” Katsuki said. “You haven’t.”

Urgh, why’d Deku have to bring that shit up? Yeah, he was clumsy and unpolished but he’d only gotten his quirk last year so of course he wasn’t as quick on his feet as everyone else. These guys had been working on being heroes for years, probably. Of course Deku wouldn’t be as on the ball as everyone else. Frankly it was amazing he was as good as he was.

Deku sighed and leaned his head back in the cushions. The moon lit up his face. All the freckles on his cheeks. Deku had surprisingly long eyelashes. They looked nice. Dabi’s eyes had been fucked up by his burns so his eyelashes were brittle and thin. Katsuki wondered if Deku’s skin would be smoother than Dabi’s. His face was certainly rounder. Softer. His finger twitched on his teacup.

Deku smiled a little. It made his eyes light up a bit. “I’ve heard the band practicing. You’re really good.”

“Yeah, of course we are. You think I’d be in a band that wasn’t amazing?”

“No.” Deku laughed quietly. It was a good laugh. Almost squeaky. “I know you only do things that are amazing, Kacchan.”


Katsuki looked away, back out the window. He was so tired, hadn’t slept well in a couple days. He’d reached a point where he felt like he existed a few inches to the left of his body. So sleep-deprived that he started to wonder what it would be like if Deku was telling the truth.

It’d be nice to believe that. That Deku actually thought he was amazing, someone to look up to. That he wasn’t worthless for causing his idol to end his career and give up his muscled form to be the weak husk he was. Not pathetic for failing to get his license. And maybe if they met somewhere else, they would do something. Not fucking. Not that. But maybe…

Katsuki didn’t know.

“You’re going to be a great hero,” Deku said quietly. “I think we’ll both be great.”

Katsuki gave a small smile. “Yeah. We will.” He adjusted his position on the sofa. He and Deku were only a few inches apart.

When Deku turned his head, the entire left side of his face was lit up a pale silver in the moonlight. Katsuki could’ve leaned forward and counted the freckles on his cheeks.

“You know… I’m not the only one who admires you,” Deku said slowly. His brow furrowed slightly and he looked Katsuki right in the face. “I’ve talked to other people. We… We think you’re great for working hard in your supplementary classes and our hero classes.”

“You do?” Katsuki blinked and frowned. Deku had been talking to people about him? About his supplementary classes? Why? Why would they be brought up in conversation?

“Uh huh. I think they’re helping.”

“They are?” His brain was churning. His toes curled underneath him. His fingernails dug into the skin along his jaw.

Deku nodded, still looking him right in the eye. “You’ve been getting on with people more, like everyone in the band. Everyone’s been saying you’re more easy to get along with. It’s really cool, I think it’s helping you with your teamwork skills.” He smiled, wide enough that his dimples showed up in his cheeks. “I really admire you, Kacchan. We all do. So… You’re not alone. If you ever need anything.”

Katsuki stared at him for a long minute. His fingernails dug into his jaw. And he slowly dragged his fingernails down his jaw to his neck, dropping his hand down onto the back of the couch. Deku blinked in confusion as Katsuki put his cup down and got to his feet.

“I’m going to bed,” he muttered.

“Oh… Okay. Goodnight, Kacchan.”

Back in his room, Katsuki locked the door. He sat down on his bed, staring ahead of him at the clock. It was two in the morning. He wasn’t tired. He couldn’t sleep. He just sat there, thinking of what Deku had said, getting angrier and angrier

Oh, so Deku had been talking to other people about his supplementary classes had he? Yeah, he’d probably been discussing it with the other fucks in his extra classes with the internship students. Gravity girl and the frog, they were friends with Deku. They probably all laughed at Katsuki for failing his provisional license exam. Tokoyami probably agreed with them. That stoic bastard, he acted so aloof and cool and like he didn’t care but he probably looked down on Katsuki more than anyone else. He was the prick who’d been interning with Hawks, wasn’t he? Bastard! Probably hated that he had to be in the same band as a failure like Katsuki.

What about Kirishima? Had he laughed at Katsuki too? Joined in? No. Probably not. But he was so affable, he’d just've smiled at what Deku had said and let it pass. Bastard. Bastard!

Katsuki hunched over and gripped his hair in his hands. His eyes watered, but he angrily blinked the tears away. He wouldn’t cry! He wouldn’t cry over Deku’s bullshit!

Deku was so fucking transparent. It was obvious Katsuki wasn’t getting along with people and that nobody wanted him in the band. They only had him there because he was the only person who could play drums. Jirou had said she couldn’t teach a beginner. She hated him! They all hated him! Tokoyami was laughing at him behind his back, telling everyone the stories they’d passed around in the internship group. All of them laughing at him not able to keep a simple rhythm. Wondering how he was able to even stay in the Heroics Course.

So Deku had been trying to break down his defences. Make him feel like he actually cared. Probably wanted Katsuki to confide in him so he could laugh at him more in his classes. And the prick had almost managed it!

He was so sick of this. Two-faced assholes always lied to him and mocked him. Passive-aggressive snide remarks. Katsuki saw through it all. He didn’t need them. He didn’t need them…

Katsuki sighed and lay down on the bed, pulling his covers over him.

Before he slept, he picked up his phone and sent a single message to the only person who was actually honest with him these days.

I miss you too, Dabi.

Chapter Text

I can’t leave early. I have shit to do.

nobody will notice youre gone

do you think youre like the main character in a movie or something? everyone will notice if youre not there and wont be able to go on with their lives?


They’ll just notice if I’m not there.

nobodys noticed you sneak out until now

I know.

if you dont want to see me just say so

you can stay at school and make out with midoriya instead

Urgh. Fine. Tell me where to meet you.


and btw if you have a spare shirt lying around bring it

i destroyed mine

Katsuki glared at the phone in his hand. He had no clue what he’d been thinking when he actually agreed to this. Dabi had arrived back in town from his little villain murderfest, and persuaded Katsuki to sneak out of UA earlier than he usually did. The sun was still up and people were actually out on the street, which made things harder to get through to their meet-up. But Katsuki had just hidden his face and stuck to alleyways so he wouldn’t be seen. It was whatever. And he’d expected Dabi to take him to some abandoned house to fuck him as soon as they met up, but apparently that jerk had different plans. He’d led Katsuki down a bunch of alleys and side streets and then just abandoned him. Grabbed the old tank top Katsuki had pulled out of his cupboard and told him to wait a second, then vanished.

So Katsuki was left in an alleyway in a part of town he didn’t know, surrounded by skips and graffiti and probably rats, wondering just what Dabi was doing. Prick was probably calling the cops or something else humiliating. Katsuki sighed. He leaned against the wall and wondered what the fuck he was doing out there. He should’ve been back in the dorms. Sleeping, or studying, or practicing drums. Something. Not this. He didn’t need to sleep so badly that he could sneak out like this.

But just as he thought that, a wave of exhaustion hit him and he slapped himself in the face to stay alert. Urgh. Okay, he needed to sleep. When Dabi got back from wherever he was, Katsuki would tell him to stop messing around with this and just take him somewhere and, like… Fuck him. Or whatever.

He cringed at the thought of that conversation.

Where were they, anyway? Katsuki had never been to this side of town. There were a bunch of people passing by on the street at the mouth of the alley, and some was coming from one of the buildings nearby. Some music. He could hear the bass thrumming through the wall. Were the League holed up somewhere around here? Hiding in plain sight?

He turned his head when there was movement on the other side of the alleyway, and saw Dabi stepping out of a door a little down the way. He was wearing Katsuki’s tank top, so the full extent of the scars on his arms and across his chest were on display. His jacket and old shirt were tossed casually over one arm, along with a grocery bag.

“This is some decent material,” Dabi said as he approached Katsuki, rubbing his thumb and forefinger over the tank top. “Won’t rip.”

“Yup.” Katsuki was glaring at Dabi’s clavicle. The guy was so skinny and lanky, and now his bones were even more on display than usual. Plus Katsuki had picked out a tank top with the roughest fabric to try and irritate him. He hadn’t expected it to hang so low over the fucker’s chest, though. He pulled his eyes away from Dabi’s clavicle to look him in the face instead. Focused on the sliver of pink flesh peeking through the staples on his cheek. “So what now? Are we going to go somewhere?”

“Yes.” Dabi tilted his head back to look up at the building next to them. “I thought I’d treat you.”

“Treat me?”

“Mmhm.” He turned and walked back down the alleyway, gesturing at Katsuki to follow him. A little further down the way was an old fire escape, and Dabi grabbed onto it to start climbing. After a moment’s hesitation, Katsuki followed him.

“Where are we going?” he asked as they climbed.

“I told you, it’s a treat. Just keep quiet and act like you’re having a good time when we get there.”

Katsuki bit his tongue and scowled at the back of Dabi’s head. Followed him up to the top of the fire escape and onto the roof, before running across the rooftop and hopping down onto the next building over. This was the building the music had been coming from. Katsuki could feel it beneath his feet. Dabi stopped at the edge of this building, getting down onto his knees. He wrapped his shirt around his fist and leant down out of sight. Katsuki heard breaking glass.

“The fuck are you doing?” He ran forward, glaring over the side. Dabi had smashed a small window and was knocking out the last few fragments of glass with his fabric-covered hand.

“I told you to keep quiet,” Dabi said. Then, he climbed down the side of the building and slipped through the broken window. Katsuki stared after him for a moment and didn’t move. As he watched, Dabi’s bony hand emerged from the window and beckoned him to follow. Katsuki grit his teeth, looked round to make sure that he wasn’t visible to any of the neighbouring buildings or anyone on the street, then followed after Dabi.

The building was a large, hollow space that looked like it had once been a factory and had since been turned into whatever it was now. The window had let them drop down onto a strange balcony running all along the top of this wall, with the rest of the building dropping away in front of him. Below them, a band was performing for a crush of bodies. The music in here was loud, crashing guitars and drums that went straight to Katsuki’s bone marrow. With the way the stage lights were directed, the balcony where Dabi and Katsuki were standing was in shadow and invisible to the crowd. Not that anyone was looking up, anyway. Everyone was focussing on the music.

Katsuki stood with his back to the wall beneath the broken window, staring down at the crowd. The fuck was this? Why were they here? Was Dabi mocking him because of the cultural festival or something?

Dabi had moved a little down the walkway and sat down. He hung his legs over the side of the balcony, leaning his chin on the railing. When he looked up at Katsuki, his eyes flashed.

“You going to just stand there?”

Katsuki didn’t move. “What is this? What are we doing here?”

Dabi raised his eyebrows and glanced down at the band below them. “We’re here to have fun.”

Katsuki followed his eyes. The band was playing, the music going to his bones again. He could feel the drums through his ribcage. The bass was in his teeth. Then he looked back at Dabi, who was still watching him with his usual blank expression. Katsuki’s lip twitched. “Fun?”

“You do know what fun is, right?”

“Yeah I… But…” Katsuki’s hands clenched into fists at his side and he glared at Dabi. “I don’t fucking want to have fun with you.”

Dabi tilted his head to one side. “I thought you missed me when I was gone.”

“I did.” Katsuki felt a prickle of shame at the base of his spine.

“Well, I missed you too,” Dabi said, not noticing or caring about Katsuki’s embarrassment. “So I wanted to spend some time with you. Thought you might like this band since you’re so into music these days.”

Katsuki still didn’t move. His brain spun, trying to work out what Dabi’s play was here. If maybe Dabi would push him off the balcony or the rest of the League would step out of the shadows and kidnap him or if-

“Katsuki,” Dabi said, snapping Katsuki out of his own head. “It’s not that deep. You’re not so important that everything is a big set-up to attack you. Sit down and have fun for once in your life.”

Katsuki stared at him. Dabi blinked back up at him, his skinny legs dangling over the side of the balcony and his chest staples on display through the collar of that tank top. Katsuki looked down at the crowd of people below them. Nobody seemed to be looking up… And they were in shadows… And Dabi had never sprung anything on him before without telling him beforehand.

With slow, nervous movements, Katsuki crossed over to him and sat down. He kept his legs crossed beneath him and his arms folded over his chest, but he sat down. Breathed in the smell of Dabi’s smoke. Turned his head to look at the band.

It wasn’t anyone Katsuki recognised. He’d never been much of a music person, learning drums had been more to work on his own sense of rhythm and to piss off his mother when he was mad at her. But this band was alright. Jirou or Kaminari might know them, it definitely seemed like something Jirou would be into. At that thought, Katsuki suddenly got a jolt of fear that they’d be down in the audience and he stared down at the crowd in search of Kaminari’s recognisable lightning streak or Jirou’s bobcut. Nothing. He breathed out and leaned back, shifting to get comfortable. His insides were in knots.

“Here,” Dabi said. He held a bottle in front of Katsuki’s face, shaking it a little. “Drink this and calm down and stop thinking everything’s going to go wrong.”

Katsuki leaned back. Urgh, it was some shitty alcoholic thing. “Fuck off with that,” he said, pushing it back towards Dabi. “I don’t drink.”

“Such a good student.” Dabi rolled his eyes and took a swig himself. He rested his arms on the bars in front of him and watched the band.

Katsuki shifted on his hips, trying to get a little more at ease. His brain was spinning and his heart hammering, he could barely register the music. All he could think was that this was all some elaborate trap or something. He didn’t know what kind of trap this would be. It didn’t seem there would be anyway for Katsuki to get caught without Dabi getting caught as well. Unless Dabi would warp away or some shit. Or… If that wasn’t Dabi at all.

Fuck. Katsuki’s eyes swivelled and he stared at Dabi. Was this actually that Toga chick disguised as him and wearing his clothes? Would he melt away and just be Toga wearing Katsuki’s tank top? How could he tell?

As Katsuki was staring at him trying to work out if this was a disguise, Dabi looked up. His tea light eyes glowed and seemed to leave trails in the air as he turned his head. “What?”

Katsuki swallowed. Narrowed his eyes. “Are you really Dabi or are you Toga?”

“Really? You’re seriously asking me that?”

“Are you going to answer?”

Dabi sighed, rolling his eyes. Then he leaned forward and pushed his hand up underneath Katsuki’s shirt, his palm flickering with flames to burn Katsuki’s stomach. But only briefly, just enough to have him sting, before pulling back. Katsuki slumped against the wall, his hand gripping his stomach and his cock twitching in his jeans. Dabi took another sip of his drink and turned back to the band. “You’re so damn paranoid.”

Katsuki swallowed and clenched his hands into fists. Scowled down at the band below them. “Well forgive me for thinking something’s up when you just decide to bring me to some gig or whatever this is. Like we’re friends or whatever.”

“Wow. You actually think it’s more likely I’m an imposter than that I just want to spend time with you.” He tapped his drink against his lip and raised one eyebrow. “But given how much a pill you are, I can see why it’d be hard to think anyone would want to go to a gig with you.”

“Urgh.” Katsuki glared at him, then scowled down at the band. “Maybe I wouldn’t think you were an imposter if you weren’t such an asshole all the time.”

“Hm.” Dabi was silent for a moment as the band started up the next song. A slower number, this time. More lilting. A few verses in, he said something too quiet for Katsuki to make out.


“I said I’ve never done this before.”

Katsuki blinked and looked askance at Dabi. Dabi wasn’t looking at him, was still watching the band. He took a sip of the drink. A little droplet clung to one of the rings on his lower lip, glistening in the dim light. His finger on the bottleneck was tapping out a rhythm in time with the music.

“What do you mean you’ve never… What?” Katsuki’s lip curled.

Dabi shrugged. The movement had the fabric of the tank top shifting a little bit and revealing more of his clavicle. “Don’t be so surprised. I didn’t have the same upbringing as you, my pampered little virgin.”

“I’m not pampered,” Katsuki muttered. And he shook his head. “What have you never done before?”

“This. Gone to a live band with someone.”



Dabi sipped his drink. For a long time, he didn’t speak. Just stared down at the band and tapped his finger on the bottle. Katsuki soon turned away from him and watched the band as well, slowly starting to relax just a little. He was still on high-alert for anyone noticing they were up there or any other villains sneaking form the shadows, but he started to get into the music. It was a little heavy on the reverb for his liking, and the main singer was a bit nasal, but they were alright. It wasn’t the worst thing he could be doing that night, anyway. His spine softened from rigidly upright to a little soft. His hands unclenched. His teeth stopped grinding.

In a break between songs, Dabi asked, “Do you like your parents?”

Katsuki looked round. He shrugged. “I guess. They piss me off and get on my nerves, but we’ve been getting on better since I moved into dorms.”

“Mmhm. You love them?”

“Yeah. Of course I do.” He narrowed his eyes. “Why?”

“I bet you were really spoilt growing up,” Dabi said with his usual face-splitting grin. “Little blond prince got every toy he could ask for, and a hundred little outfits, and he got sent to the best school where he got told every day how amazing he was. Is that right?”

Katsuki felt his cheeks burn, knowing that there was some truth to that. His parents had admitted to spoiling him when he was younger… But so what? He was still good at what he did, still a great hero in the making.

“Why are you talking about that shit?” Katsuki growled.

Dabi paused again. He took a sip of his drink and let his eyes drop back down to the crowds below him. Scratched the piercings in the shell of his ear. And he shrugged and said, “No reason. I just didn’t have the best childhood. Or the best relationship with my parents. So I never got the chance to come out like this.”

“Oh.” Katsuki didn’t really know what to say to that. His gaze flicked over the burnt skin on Dabi’s arms, and the staples holding him together with the pink flesh peeking through beneath the metal. He remembered what Dabi had said about someone else setting him on fire, and not having the best teacher. He wondered what Dabi’s childhood was like. Even though sometimes it was hard to believe this walking scab had a childhood.

Katsuki chewed his lip and considered where he wanted to take the conversation. Of course he was curious about just who Dabi was. The motherfucker was cryptic as anything, and Katsuki still needed information to feed to the police. Even something like a background on him might be helpful. He glanced at Dabi. Swallowed. “Do your parents know you’re a villain?”

Dabi shook his head. “They don’t even know I’m alive.”

“Wh-“ Katsuki frowned. “How does that work?”

He snorted. “Remember when I fixed up your burns for you because you were terrible at taking care of yourself? I told you that I learned all that stuff when I was in hospital for these burns.” He gestured to the extent of scar tissue visible through the tank top. “I spent a lot of time when I was in there listening to doctors tell me and everyone who would listen that I was going to die. I got sick of it. So one night I snuck out and let them all believe the inevitable had happened.”

Katsuki wrinkled his nose. “That’s fucked-up. You can’t just run away and lie to your family, even if you are a mass-murdering shit.”

“You think so?” Dabi sipped his drink. “That’s the part that was fucked-up? Sneaking out of the hospital? Not the fact that it was my parents who put me in hospital in the first place?”

“What?” Katsuki’s eyes went to the size of dinner plates and he gaped at Dabi. His parents had… What? No way. He leaned back, looking away from Dabi and trying to get his thoughts lined up. He was so fucking tired, he couldn’t think straight. But Dabi had to be lying to him. There was no fucking way that was true. He looked back round.

Dabi was staring right back at him, not wavering. He took another mouthful of his drink. “You look shocked.”

“I…” Katsuki licked his lip and scowled. “You’re bullshitting me.”

“Nope. My father was a wannabe hero. He wanted to train me to use my quirk better so I could save the world too, but he was a shitty teacher. Ended up setting me on fire and sending me to hospital.” Dabi paused. His eyes were bright blue, burning little holes through Katsuki’s skull. Katsuki’s hand wrapped around the railing, gripping tight. Dabi tilted his head and shrugged. “And my mother was a crazy bitch too. She tried to kill me by drowning me in the bath so I had shitty health even before I was sent to the hospital with half my skin burnt off. I stayed in intensive care for maybe a year before I said fuck it and ran away.” He grinned so his face split again, the pink flesh peeking through beneath the metal of his staples. He pressed his finger to it. “Never did heal quite right.”

Katsuki’s mouth felt dry. He stared up at Dabi, trying to process everything he’d just heard. It was… A lot. And he didn’t feel like he could get it all straight in his head. It was bullshit, of course, it had to be complete and utter bullshit. Parents didn’t do that shit. They didn’t set their kids on fire or try to kill them or whatever. They…

But his memory flickered back to the sports festival. When he’d stood out of sight behind that corridor and listened to Todoroki telling Deku about the shit his parents had done.The memory had Katsuki’s stomach churning. And that two-tone bastard… He hadn’t even gone against Katsuki at all his power during that fight. He’d used his past as some excuse to be weak, acting like he was worthy of being a Hero but in the end he was in the supplementary classes with Katsuki. He was… He was worthless. Deku… Katsuki was… Todoroki… Urgh, Katsuki couldn’t think straight!

He gripped the railing in his hand and glared down at the crowds. “Why are you telling me this,” Katsuki asked. “Are you trying to get me to feel sorry for you or something? Because I don’t.”

“Wow.” Dabi grinned and gave a snort of laughter. “You are so damn paranoid.”

“No I’m not-“

“You are.” Dabi shifted, moving closer to throw an arm around Katuski’s shoulders. His fingers went to rest in his hair. When he spoke, cold breath tickled Katsuki’s ear. “You need to stop thinking so much. There’s no deeper meaning. No plot. I’m not trying to screw you over or whatever. I like you. I missed you. I wanted to come out with you, and I wanted to answer your questions about why I never got to go to a gig like this. And I wasn’t going to make something up for you, so I had to tell you my tragic backstory.”

He sipped his drink and Katsuki could hear the bubbles slurping in the bottle neck. Katsuki looked out the corner of his eye. That close, he could clearly see the open wound beneath the staples on Dabi’s cheek. Glistening and red and festering. He swallowed.

“That’s fucked up,” he eventually said. “What happened to you.”

Dabi nodded. “Yeah. But come on, did you honestly expect an asshole like me to have a normal childhood?”

Katsuki grinned and looked away at the band, focusing on the music. “No, there was no way a prick like you would ever be normal.”

“Mmhm.” Dabi’s fingers were in Katsuki’s hair. He held out the bottle to Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki looked at him. He parted his lips. Let a mouthful of alcohol over his tongue, and swallowed it down. Dabi grinned and leaned forward to kiss him, licking the last of the alcohol off his mouth. Pulled back to grin at him. “It’s not all bad, if my shitty life meant that I could end up finding a cute little virgin like you.”


Katsuki’s face immediately shifted into a scowl and he jerked his head away from Dabi’s hands, but the prick just grabbed him by the hair again and pulled him back in for another kiss. Violent and probing this time, with his tongue piercing clacking against Katsuki’s teeth. But Katsuki let his mouth open and his hand gripped the bar of the railing tighter as he tasted Dabi’s smoke and rust. He’d missed the taste. Missed this walking infection with his shitty childhood and badly-healed burns and all his piercings and staples and blood. What did that say about him? Katsuki didn’t know. All he knew was that he leaned into the kiss and felt his cock twitch in his jeans.

Dabi pulled back. His lower lip was glistening with saliva. “Did you really miss me when I was gone?”

“Yeah,” Katsuki said without thinking. He leaned forward, trying to catch Dabi’s mouth again, but the bastard held him back by the hair.

“I missed you too,” Dabi said with his crooked smile. He took a mouthful of his drink, then kissed Katsuki again. Katsuki spluttered at the alcohol Dabi forced into his mouth but swallowed it down anyway. And he let Dabi kiss him, suck on his tongue, bite on his lip, and push him back to lie on the balcony.

Dabi’s hand went to Katsuki’s crotch and palmed his half-hard cock. He laughed against Katsuki’s mouth. “Eager.”

“Fuck off.” Katsuki shook his head, pulling back. His head was spinning and the way Dabi was touching him was getting him hard way too fast, but he was painfully aware of the sea of people below them and the music pulsing through his ribcage. This shit was dangerous. Way worse than the park. He placed his hand on Dabi’s chest and shook his head. “Not here. People will see.”

Dabi sat up a little, looking down at Katsuki. His hand went to Katsuki’s belt, undoing it with a flick of his fingers.

“You need to stop thinking,” Dabi said as he pushed his hand into Katsuki’s clothes and wrapped his cold fingers around Katsuki’s cock. “What’s the matter? Don’t you trust me to keep you safe?”

“Shit!” Katsuki swore as Dabi squeezed his cock. His hands clenched into fists and he chewed his lip. His hips writhed. But he managed to choke out, “No… I don’t.”

“Hm.” Dabi’s thumb rubbed over the head of Katsuki’s cock. “Have I ever put you in danger or anything?”

“I… Hah! N- No.”

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“No. Oh fuck!”

“Right. So just shut up for once.”

So Katsuki shut up. He let Dabi kiss him again, and nip down his jaw and his neck. Let him pull down his trousers. Let him suck his cock right there above the sea of people. Felt Dabi’s tongue move over his dick, cold and wet and just what he needed. Until he covered his mouth with his hand and came down Dabi’s throat. And he let Dabi kiss him lazily, then push Katsuki’s head down to return the favour.

Way up there above the music and the crowds, Katsuki just let Dabi do whatever he wanted.

Chapter Text

“Hurry up.”

“You really need to learn to be patient.”

“I don’t want to be patient, I want you to fuck me!” Katsuki dug his fingernails into Dabi’s back and grit his teeth, rocking his hips up to try and get some contact. “Come on.”

But Dabi just gave his usual shit-eating grin and leaned down to kiss Katsuki’s neck, gently sucking on the skin so that Katsuki melted into the bed again. He closed his eyes and groaned, his hands flattening on Dabi’s back and pulling him closer. Dabi kissed up Katsuki’s neck and over his jaw, up to gently nip on his earlobe. His cold breath tickled Katsuki’s skin.

“I missed you,” he said quietly.

“Stop saying that.”

“But you're so cute when you're annoyed.” Dabi grinned and moved to kiss Katsuki’s mouth again, shutting up the rest of the insults Katsuki was going to throw at him.

Dabi had been such a prick that day, but when was he not the worst person he could possibly be? He’d gotten Katsuki to suck him off on the balcony above the crowds of people at the gig, and Katsuki had managed to get sort of into it. Or at least, he hadn’t choked as much as he usually did and he swallowed Dabi’s foul-tasting jizz without much complaint. But then Dabi had pulled him down to lie with him and listen to the rest of the music from up on the balcony like they were a couple or something. It was annoying, but Katsuki had gotten into it after a few songs. Or at least, he’d relaxed enough that he was fine with Dabi shoving his tongue down his throat. And he’d even drank the rest of the bottle of whatever it was that Dabi had forced at him, so now his brain was slightly fuzzy around the edges.

But when the band had started to wind up and people began to leave, Dabi had pulled Katsuki out through the window and back across the rooftops and through some more backstreets until they’d ended up in this new hideout for the League. And thank God, because Katsuki was getting hard at that point and was desperate to just be fucked so he could sleep. He’d let Dabi pull him into a dingy little bedroom and strip him, before pushing him onto a bed and climbing over him to lick into his mouth. Katsuki’s cock had been hard and he had been desperate, messily moaning into Dabi’s mouth and gripping the sheets beneath him.

But then Dabi had just… not done anything.

Well, he’d done plenty of touching. His hands were like an octopus, running over every inch of Katsuki’s body. But he seemed to be deliberately avoiding Katsuki’s cock which was hard and twitching and desperate to be touched. Dabi didn’t seem to care. He just kissed Katsuki lazily. Sucked on Katsuki’s tongue. Licked down his neck and over his chest, hands spread over Katsuki’s stomach so his muscles twitched. Then completely skipped over his hips to rub his fingers over Katsuki’s legs instead.

Every time Katsuki got frustrated enough to tell the prick to get a damn move on, Dabi just laughed and told him to chill out and take things slow. But Katsuki didn’t want to take things slow! He wanted to get to sleep! And he could only do that if he was fucked and fucked hard. And Dabi knew that. But he just kept moving slowly, and kissing him gently, and running his cold fingers all over Katsuki’s body and not even burning him or digging in his fingernails or anything. It was sickeningly tender and Katsuki hated it.

He tried to get things to go faster by kissing Dabi aggressively, biting his lip, pulling off the fucker’s tank top so he was just in his jeans, but nothing worked. Dabi just pushed him down onto the bed and hovered over him so those cold eyes bored into him and told him to relax.

“We’re just having fun,” he said. His cool breath filled Katsuki’s nostrils with smoke. “Calm down, lets just take it slow.”

“I don’t want to take it slow,” Katsuki snarled. But his head was spinning again and his sleepy brain was starting to get stupid. He needed to sleep.

Dabi titled his head to one side. “You have such an attitude problem.”

Katsuki did. He had an attitude problem, everyone said so. It was why the other classes at UA all hated him, didn’t want anything to do with him, all muttered behind his back about how fucked-up he was. How everyone in the Heroics Course hated his guts and only hung out with him because of his strong quirk. And what good was a strong quirk if he couldn’t even keep it together enough to get a goddamn provisional license? When fucking Deku had gotten his license?

Shit, Deku had looked so pretty that night on the couch in the dorm common room. And he’d been sitting so close. Katsuki could’ve easily reached out and taken his hand and-

Katsuki growled and kissed Dabi, breathing in the taste of smoke and blood to try and clear his head. His cock twitched, precum breading at the head. But Dabi only indulged him for a moment by licking into his mouth, before he pulled away with a grin.

“I missed you,” he said yet again, kissing up Katsuki’s nose to bury his face in Katsuki’s hair. “And I’m tired. I want to take my time.”

“Well I don’t.”

Dabi sighed and pulled back, propping himself up on an elbow to look down at Katsuki. His hair fell into his face a little bit. The mangled skin underneath his eyes looked like rotten meat in that dim light. He quirked his eyebrows. “You’re a real chore.”

I’m a chore?” Katsuki said angrily. “You’re the one who’s a mass-murdering creep who breaks into buildings. You know why I’m here, and you’re just teasing me and…” He closed his eyes, shaking his head angrily to get his thoughts straight. “Fuck you.”

“I know I’m a mass-murdering creep. I also know it’s never been a problem before. You can’ t just throw insults in my face when you’re mad, don’t be a child.”

“I’m not a child.”

“You’re acting like one.” Dabi shifted, sitting up so he was straddling Katsuki’s hips. “You’re throwing a tantrum because I wanted to spend some time with you instead of just fucking you so you can pass out.”

“This isn’t a tantrum.”

“So what is it?” Dabi stretched. The staples on his chest strained to keep his skin in place. “You’re swearing at me and insulting me because I’m trying to spend time with you. What is that if it’s not being childish or throwing a tantrum?”

“It’s…” Katsuki glared at him and pushed himself up onto his elbows. His cock was hard and lying across his thigh. He wanted to be touched and fucked and he hated Dabi so fucking much. Why was he making this so hard? Why was he toying with Katsuki and making fun of him and acting like he actually cared or wanted to ‘spend time with him’? Katsuki hated him. Stupid fucking liar. Everyone was lying to him all the goddamn time and he was sick of it. He just wanted to sleep. Sleep and forget everything. Why wouldn’t Dabi let him?

He didn’t realise he’d teared up until Dabi wiped at his cheek with one cold finger. He leaned forward, spine curling over to look Katsuki in the eye. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Katsuki muttered. He wiped his face angrily with his arm. “Just… I need you to be rough. I always need that, why are you being such a fucking prick about it?”

“Because I care about you, you idiot,” Dabi said. He cupped Katsuki’s face. “I don’t want to just have sex when you’re this wound up. What happened? Was it Midoriya? Or your band? Did they laugh at you?”

It felt like someone had stabbed him right through the chest. Katsuki ground his teeth and gripped the sheets beneath him.

Deku would be back in the dorms just then, talking to everyone about all the embarrassing shit Katsuki had done when they were kids. Every stupid little thing Deku had seen him do when they’d hung out together. Everything Katsuki had said when they were together in the dorms. They were probably all talking about him just then. Talking about where he was. Maybe they knew he was sneaking out to suck the rancid dick of a villain with metal on their face. Or maybe they didn’t care. He didn’t register as anything more than an annoyance. Something to step on on their way to get their Hero License.

Katsuki screwed his eyes shut. Dabi’s fingers were cold on his skin, keeping him grounded. Katsuki breathed in. Out. He opened his eyes. Dabi was watching him with his usual blank expression.

“Everyone’s such a fucking liar,” he muttered.

Dabi blinked. “Who’s been lying?”

“Everyone. Fucking Deku lied and said he cared about me and that I’m a great person. Everyone in class when they say they actually want me around for the cultural festival. You.”


“I know you don’t care about me. You only want me around because you can get your dick wet. And you’re probably using me to get into UA or something.” Katsuki ground his teeth together and snarled, “You’re such a fucking liar. So stop pretending you care or want to take things slow or want anything other than to piss me off. Just fuck me so I can leave.”

There was a long silence. Dabi tilted his head to the other side so his hair shifted over. His hand dropped from Katsuki’s cheek to his shoulder, then down to rest at Dabi’s side. He sighed, breathing out smokey air.

“Okay, passing over your obvious hate-crush on Midoriya and that the rest of your class are idiots for messing with you.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “You know I’ve never lied. I care about you because I think you’re fun, and you have a nice face, and you make cute noises when you come.”


“And I actually don’t like seeing you crying and in pain.” Dabi paused. Then he grinned. “Unless it’s when you’re begging me to leave you covered in burns. That I like.”

“Fuck you.”

“My point,” Dabi said, cutting Katsuki off, “Is that nothing is actually about you. Fuck, how paranoid are you? I don’t have a fucking major plan to bring you down or hurt you. Think about this a second, Katsuki. Have I ever forced you to have sex? Held you down and raped you when you said no?”

Katsuki bit his tongue and scowled. “No.”

“No. Because I’m not into that. I’m not so desperate to get laid that I need you. You’re the one who always asks me to hook up. You’re the one who never leaves despite me always saying you can. You’re the one using me to bring down the League.”

Dabi frowned and tapped an accusing finger against Katsuki’s bare chest. “You’re paranoid, Katsuki. You’re paranoid and you’re projecting onto me and you’re just telling yourself lies until you believe them. And then you get mad at me like it’s my fault that you’re not a functional human being. I’m not your psychiatrist or your mother. I’m not going to pat your head and tell you you’re a wonderful kind person and a great Hero. I can’t make everything instantly better. I’m just a criminal who you picked up in a bar because you wanted to lose your virginity.”

Katsuki glared up at him, unable to answer. Dabi went on. “I didn’t ask you to keep calling me and talking to me and telling me about your high school problems, then fucking me and leaving as soon as you could the next morning. I didn’t ask to have a fucked-up childhood that’d make me express my emotions in a way that may be strange for your little pampered brain to digest. Sorry about that.” He paused, clicking his tongue. “And I definitely didn’t ask to fall in love with you and start caring about your wellbeing. It just happens sometimes. So you just have to suck it up and stop being a baby and accept that I haven’t lied to you about anything.”

Katsuki gripped the sheets. It took a while for his brain to process everything Dabi had just said. It wasn’t quite going in. Didn't make sense. Eventually, he muttered, “I don’t believe you.”

Dabi rolled his eyes. “Fine. Don’t believe me. But it’s still true. I haven’t lied to you.” He leaned down, wrapping his long fingers around Katsuki’s neck and pulling him closer. “And I actually do love you, you stupid paranoid virgin.”

And he kissed Katsuki, tongue pushing past his lips into his mouth.

Katsuki gave in and kissed back. Let Dabi explore his mouth. Tasted the smoke and blood on the side of his lips. Let himself be pushed back onto the mattress so Dabi’s fingers could roam over him and not touch him where he wanted so desperately to be touched. And he let the words rattle in his head until they started to lose all meaning.

“I love you.”

Liar. Such a goddamn liar. He didn’t. He couldn’t. Who could ever love Katsuki? The failure, the asshole with attitude problems, the problem child, the spoilt brat. Nobody. After all the shit he’d done, only someone messed up and broken and crooked could ever love him.

Someone messed up, who had been set on fire by his own father and tried to be killed by his own mother. A bastard who spent his time murdering cult members and then burning their bodies. Only someone like that could ever be broken enough to genuinely love Katsuki. Love him. Care about him. Tell him the truth.


Katsuki wrapped his arms around Dabi’s shoulders and kissed him deeper, feeling his piercing against his tongue. He pulled back with a gasp, staring up at Dabi. Their noses rested together.

“I don’t love you,” Katsuki said. “I hate your guts.”

Dabi grinned. “I know.”

Katsuki let Dabi kiss him again. He dug his fingernails into Dabi’s back, feeling the staples underneath his palm. Ran his fingertips over the ridges of Dabi’s spine. Every kiss was still agonisingly slow. Every time Katsuki tried to get things to go faster or move Dabi’s hands to his cock, Dabi would laugh against his skin and slow down. Eventually, Dabi moved up to Katsuki’s ear.

“If you’re really this desperate, there is something we can do so you can get off and I can keep going slow.”

Katsuki’s toes curled in the mattress. “W- What?” Anything, please God anything.


“No!” Katsuki’s eyes snapped open and he pushed Dabi off him. “No fucking way, I’m not letting that crazy bitch anywhere near me. Fuck off. No. No!”

Dabi sat up next to him on the bed. He ran his fingers through his hair. “You need to stop calling her a crazy bitch, it’s not a good look. She has issues.”

“I don’t care,” Katsuki snarled. “I’m not letting her touch me.”

“Fine. Then we can just keep doing this and you won’t get to sleep.” Dabi rested his hand in Katsuki’s hair. “I only brought her up because I know she’d help you get to sleep. I thought that was what you wanted.”

“It is,” Katsuki muttered. But not her, definitely not her. Even if he was exhausted and horny and desperate.

“Well. She’s how you get to sleep, because I’m not in the mood for anything hard tonight. I won’t force you or anything, but those are your options right now.”

Katsuki growled and pressed a hand to his face. Dabi’s fingers played with his hair, cold digits running over his scalp. Soothing and gentle. Katsuki’s toes dug into the sheets beneath him and his stomach churned. He remembered Himiko’s hand on his chest, running over his burns. The feeling of porcelain against his cheek as he’d thrown up after getting back to the dorms. Dabi’s thumb rubbed over Katsuki’s skin, bringing him back to the present. Grounding him.

“What’s the big issue?” Dabi asked. “Do you not like girls or something?”

“I like girls,” Katsuki muttered into his own hand. He’d jacked off to the thought of girls enough to know that he’d be fine fucking one. If Midnight ever wanted to tie him up and use her flogger on him, he’d probably sleep just as soundly as he did with Dabi. Pity that Midnight actually had some morals and followed the rules about not fucking students. And all the girls in his class, he knew none of them would ever look twice at him. They’d probably spit on him and laugh at him, he knew they would. Fucking bitches didn’t know what they were missing. He knew the only people with standards low enough to fuck him were the criminals who made his skin crawl.

His fingernails dug into his face and he took a shuddering breath, trying to get out of his head.

“I hate her,” he muttered into his palms.

“You don’t even know her.”

“She touched my chest.”

“One time, and she stopped when I told her to back off.”

“And she’s watched me sleep.”

“But she didn’t touch you. And if you don’t want her to stick around when you sleep, I’ll get rid of her.” Dabi played with Katsuki’s hair and shifted on the mattress. “Are you jealous because I fuck her as well as you?”


“Good. Jealousy’s stupid.” Dabi’s fingers brushed down Katsuki’s cheek and jaw. “Everyone sleeps around, it’s ridiculous to be jealous about that kind of thing.”

Katsuki cracked his fingers and glared up at Dabi. “Being a pervert isn’t normal for everyone,” he spat. “Most people don’t hang out in sex bars and fuck everything that moves.”

Dabi raised his eyebrows. “Oh really? The virgin is going to lecture to me about what’s normal? Please go on, tell me all about what’s normal. Because you’re so experienced and know all about what adults do.”

Katsuki’s face turned red, his fingers clenching his face. He felt shame prickle up his spine again and his insides twisted. He wasn’t a goddamn child. Surely the fact that he’d taken Dabi’s dick maybe a hundred times and also fucked him was evidence of that. Why was Dabi such a colossal fucking prick? Why was it only this asshole who cared about him?

Dabi’s fingers trailed down Katsuki’s neck to splay across his chest. “I thought you needed to sleep,” he said.

“I do,” Katsuki muttered.

“Yeah. Himiko can help with that. And I’ll be here too, I’ll keep you safe.” His thumb rubbed over Katsuki’s skin. “I’ve kept you safe up to now, haven’t I?”

Katsuki bit his tongue, trying to get his brain to calm down so he could think. It was hard to concentrate. He was now thinking about Ashido. How she'd been at the bottom of all the tests at UA and hadn’t bothered to ask him for help with her studying, even failing her practical tests that year. Thinking about how even she’d managed to beat him out for the pro-license exam. Thinking about her laughing at him and spitting on him, her pink hands around his throat as she watched him writhe beneath her. His cock twitched. Her face flickered. Changed to Himiko. Then Dabi. Then Deku. Katsuki chewed his tongue. He felt another salty tear roll down his cheek.

He let his hands drop to the side and stared up at Dabi. “I… Fine. I don’t care. Let her… Whatever.”

He needed to sleep.

Dabi grinned and leaned down to kiss him, filling Katsuki’s lungs with smoke again. When he leaned back, he wiped away the tear. “You’re emotional today.”

“Shut up.”

Dabi didn't answer and got off the bed. He left the room without looking back, leaving Katsuki naked and alone on the bed.

With the room empty, Katsuki felt exposed. He sat up and curled over, pulling the sheets up around his waist to cover himself as best he could. Gripped the sheets over his lap. Katsuki’s heart was pounding and his mouth was dry. This was a stupid fucking idea. Why did he agree to it? He didn’t want to fuck Himiko! He didn’t want that nutcase anywhere near him! He shouldn’t’ve said yes. He was just… It was so late. He was so tired. He just needed to sleep! And his heart leapt into his mouth when the door opened and Dabi stepped back into the room with Himiko right behind him.

She had her arms around Dabi’s waist and was peering out from under his arm, her eyes shining. She grinned as she approached. Katsuki swallowed thickly. But he stuck his chin out, determined not to let her know he was scared. No way would he let her get the better of him. He wasn’t a child.

“I’ve explained things to her,” Dabi said, unlatching Toga’s fingers from around his waist. “So she knows to be good and polite so as to not abuse your delicate virginal sensibilities.”

Anger sparked in Katsuki’s guts. He glared up at Dabi, unable to form words as the prick leaned over the bed. Dabi’s breath was cold on his face. “But she also knows that to get to sleep you need things to be rough. And she’s fine with that.” He grinned and kissed Katsuki, biting on his lip. Despite his anxieties, Katsuki couldn’t help kissing back.

He needed to stop thinking. Thinking was what got him into this situation where he couldn’t sleep for days at a time. So instead, Katsuki opened his mouth and sucked on Dabi’s tongue, letting the taste of smoke wipe his brain clean of everything. He didn’t want to be a fucking kid whining about his own bullshit. He wasn’t a kid. He was a Hero, and he would destroy all of these fuckers! So he let Dabi’s hands roam over his body, fingers rubbing up his sides and thumbs circling his nipples. Then down, pushing aside the sheets and spreading Katsuki’s legs and finally going to his cock.

“Shit!” Katsuki swore against Dabi’s mouth. His fingers dug into Dabi’s arms and he scrunched his eyes closed. He’d gotten a little soft during the brief panicked time Dabi was out of the room, but quickly got hard again when Dabi stroked his length. His hips jerked forward into Dabi’s cold grip, begging for more contact. It made Dabi laugh into his mouth.

“What about me?” Himiko’s voice made Katsuki’s eyes fly open and his insides clench. She was resting her chin on Dabi’s shoulder and watching Katsuki with a smile that showed far too many teeth. She’d also stripped out of her clothes so she was naked, the ragged uniform in a pile by the door. Katsuki’s fingers tensed on Dabi’s arms. He swallowed thickly.

Dabi pulled away to glance at her, then at Katsuki. “You still want to sleep, right?”

Katsuki nodded, unable to find his tongue.

Dabi looked back at Himiko. “Fine. Suck his dick or something.”

Himiko grinned and pushed past Dabi, her hands going to Katsuki’s thighs and spreading his legs. Katsuki tensed at her touch. Her hands were unfamiliar. Smaller and warmer than Dabi’s. It seemed her touch burned him. And when she wrapped her lips around his cock, it was hot and unfamiliar and Katsuki almost came down her throat right then and there. And he only swore louder when she immediately sank down onto his cock until her nose was pressed his stomach, and swallowed around him. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Katsuki’s eyes almost popped out of his head at the feeling and his hands dug into Dabi’s shoulders.

Dabi kissed him again, shifting up onto the bed. His arm wrapped around Katsuki’s waist and pulled him to lean against Dabi’s chest as Himiko sucked him off. Dabi kissed round to Katsuki’s neck and up to his ear. Bit on the earlobe. “I told you she was good at this.”

He kissed Katsuki’s cheek, and reached a hand down to rest in Himiko’s hair. She looked up at Katsuki, her yellow irises blazing. And she swallowed around his cock again. Her cheeks hollowed. When she slowly pulled off, she sucked on the head of his cock so hard Katsuki had to bite his tongue to keep from yelling.

“Don’t forget to get him stretched open,” Dabi said. He grabbed lube and held it out to Himiko who took it from him.

Katsuki swallowed and shook his head. “She… She doesn’t need to do that.”

“Hm?” Dabi leaned back against Katsuki’s side, squeezing his arm round his waist. “I thought you needed to be fucked nice and hard to be able to sleep.”

“I- I do. Oh, fuck!” Katsuki threw his head back against Dabi’s shoulder as Himiko’s tongue swirled round his cock. He felt her push two fingers inside of him, starting to fuck him roughly open. Shit, he was already so damn close to coming. He couldn’t think straight. But no no, he didn’t want… Not that far. He tried to voice that, his tongue tripping over the sentence. “I don’t want… Her…”

“Ah. Do you want me to fuck you?” Dabi’s teeth ran up Katsuki’s neck, nipping softly.

“Yeah.” Katsuki groaned, his hips thrusting up into Himiko’s throat. She hummed around him, her head bobbing up and down. Her cheeks were flushed and drool rolled over her chin. She had one hand between her legs, fingering herself as she prepped Katsuki. But Katsuki didn’t want her to fuck him. That thought was too much. He couldn’t.

Dabi kissed the curve of Katsuki’s shoulder. He grinned against Katsuki’s skin. “I knew you cared about me.”

“I don’t f- Ah! Fucking care about you.”

There was a small giggle from between his thighs. Katsuki looked down as Himiko pulled away from his cock, her lips shining with saliva and precum. She grinned up at Katsuki with pointed teeth. “You two are so cute together.”

“No we’re not,” Katsuki snapped. And he raised his foot to kick her away, but froze as her body started to melt away. Katsuki’s mouth fell open and his cock twitched as he watched Himiko dissolve and reform. She became taller, thinner, more gangly. A tall motherfucker with icy blue eyes and stapled-on skin. Katsuki’s heart stopped in his throat as Himiko shifted and another Dabi was sitting between his legs, grinning up at him with pointed teeth and far more emotion than the real Dabi had ever shown. Himiko laughed and sucked Katsuki’s cock back into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks and bobbing up and down. And shit, she’d even managed to copy Dabi’s tongue piercing.

Katsuki groaned, dropped his feet to hook around Himiko’s shoulders instead. Fuck, she could keep going. Oh please! He looked down at her with hooded eyes as she sucked him off. And the real Dabi sat with his arms around Katsuki’s waist, stroking up and down his chest and kissing his neck. His hand moved to Katsuki’s hip. Sparked with blue flames that burned his flesh. Himiko’s fingers scissored inside him. It was too much!

Katsuki yelled as he came, but he slapped his hand over his mouth to muffle it. His entire body shook as he came down Himiko’s throat. Himiko groaned as she swallowed it down, smiling far more than Dabi ever had. It was so fucking weird to see this. Dabi grinning around Katsuki’s cock, swallowing his cum, licking the head of his cock clean. It wasn’t Dabi. The real Dabi’s smile wasn’t as wide, and his mouth wasn’t as warm, and his eyes burned with a different sort of light than Himiko’s did. But fuck, it was good enough.

Katsuki let himself be manhandled. The real Dabi shifted so he was leaning back against the bed with Katsuki in front of him, his back pressed to Dabi’s chest. He felt the cool skin against his spine, Dabi’s chill seeping into him. Dabi’s hands went to Katsuki’s thighs, spreading his legs so Himiko could move between them. She’d shapeshifted so perfectly into Dabi. Every one of his staples moved on her body like the real Dabi. And when she pressed her cock against Katsuki’s entrance, it felt just like the real thing. Right up to the piercings tugging on Katsuki’s entrance as she pushed in.

But so different. Her cock was hot, her hands didn’t burn him, when she forced her tongue into Katsuki’s mouth she tasted of pure blood without a hint of smoke. But it was close enough. Katsuki wrapped his legs around her waist and let her fuck him, groaning into her mouth. She angled her hips to hit his prostate, fucking him so he quickly got hard again. His heels pressed to the small of Himiko’s back. She pulled away from his mouth to instead sink her teeth into his neck, breaking the skin and licking up the blood. Katsuki didn’t even care enough to tell her to not leave visible marks. He just turned his head, searching for Dabi. He needed him.

Dabi’s lips found his easily. Cold tongue against his, smoke filling his lungs, the taste of metal. Katsuki drank him in. And he let Dabi’s hands on his hips ignite with flames, burning him again. Let Himiko fuck him harder, her own fingernails digging into his sides. Her sharp teeth bit crescent moons into his shoulders and neck.

And Katsuki came for the second time over his own stomach. He swore, leaned into Dabi and breathed in his smoke. Felt his own blood beading along his shoulders. It wasn’t as intense as the first orgasm, but it had him shaking and whining in pleasure.

Himiko's hands clenched Katuski’s hips, pulled him so she fucked him harder. And with a loud cry, she came inside of him. Katsuki didn’t even know she’d be able to come when she shapeshifted, but apparently she could. When she pulled out, he could feel hot cum dripping out of his ass.

Katsuki slumped against Dabi. The world was already darkening at the edges. He was so fucking tired.

Dabi’s hand was on his chin, turning Katsuki round to face him. “Feel better?”

Katsuki nodded. “Uh huh.”

“Good little virgin.” He kissed Katsuki. Sucked on his lower lip. “I told you I’d make sure you didn’t get hurt.”

“Uh huh.”

The last thing he heard before he passed out in Dabi’s arms was a soft, “I love you."

Chapter Text

There was a line of bite marks running along Katsuki’s shoulder and up his neck. Crescent moons where Himiko had bitten into him and drunk his blood, when Katsuki had been too out of his mind to stop her. He was still a little out of it, honestly. Last night had been… A lot. A lot of firsts. First date, if it could be called a date. First time he’d had sex with a girl, even if she’d been shapeshifted into Dabi for most of it. First time he’d been confessed to, even if it had been by a mass-murdering fuck.

“I love you.”

Dabi had said again it as Katsuki had left. He’d been lying in bed with Himiko snoring next to him when Katsuki had climbed out of bed and started getting dressed. Katsuki thought he’d been asleep. But he’d grabbed Katsuki by the wrist and pulled him down. Kissed him on the mouth to fill him with more smoke and rust. Muttered it against his lips again. Told Katsuki he should stay longer, that nobody would miss him if he skipped one stupid lesson.

And shit, Katsuki had been tempted. He could’ve easily crawled back into bed with Dabi, pressed his face to the fucker’s chest, listened to him say over and over again that he loved him until Katsuki maybe believed him.

But he’d tugged his hand out of Dabi’s grip and stumbled out of the hideout, somehow making his way back to UA in time for his supplementary classes. He was told off by Aizawa for arriving to the bus late, but that was whatever. He was there and he had his uniform and he had actually managed to get some decent sleep so he was on form. What more did these people want?

There was just the small problem of these bite marks to figure out now. Katsuki glanced over his shoulder at the locked bathroom door. He’d managed to sneak into here without being noticed, getting changed quickly so all he had left was his shirt waiting in the sink. And back to the mirror. There was a hand-shaped burn on his stomach, and these hickies on one side of his neck. A few bites along his shoulder and one smaller bite on his neck up by his right ear.. Katsuki pressed a finger to his shoulder. The scab split and a droplet of blood beaded on his skin.

He scowled. Dug his fingernails into the skin, scratching up his shoulder and neck, tearing the skin and ripping his scabs so thin trails of blood smeared up to his ear. Then rested his palm flat against his neck, feeling his pulse.

There was a quiet knock on the door. “Bakugou? Are you almost ready?”

“Fuck off, Icyhot. I don’t need you micromanaging me when I’m in the bathroom.”


Urgh. Todoroki was annoying, but at least he gave up when you told him to get lost. Still… Katsuki did need to get a move on.

He turned back to the mirror and spread his fingers, pressing his palm against his shoulder. Took a deep breath. And ignited his quirk.


Katsuki bit his tongue to keep from yelling and alerting the rest of the class about what he was doing. Small fireworks crackled on his palm, burning through layers of skin. So different from Dabi’s searing flames, these explosions were irregular and forceful. And the pulsing pain felt even worse somehow. It was ragged and painful and he chewed the inside of his lip to keep from yelling. But it had to be done. He had to drag his hand slowly along his shoulder blade, exploding his own skin and leaving behind a mess of blood and singed flesh.

When he was done, Katsuki’s shoulder was dripping blood into the sink. It was a mess, but now the hickies were gone. He bit his tongue. Tears burnt his eyelids but he sucked them back. No time for that shit. He splashed water into his face and cleaned the blood off his shoulder, rinsing out the sink. Then pulled his shirt on ready for class.

Todoroki glanced over at Katsuki when he finally joined the rest of the class, a few seconds late for their instructions for the day. Katsuki glared at him, daring him to say something. Todoroki didn’t say anything. Just turned away to listen. Katsuki swallowed. He ignored the pain in his shoulder and focussed on the lessons.

“Are you okay,” Todoroki asked when they moved off into pairs to start practicing.

Katsuki glared at him. Over Todoroki’s shoulder, the annoying Shiketsu girl with the glamour quirk was blinking at him. Katsuki made a point to not look at her tits. After waking up with his hand on Himiko’s chest, he’d had enough tits to last him a lifetime.

But she stepped forward, leaning over Todoroki to peer at Katsuki. She pointed a finger at his shoulder. “Hey, that looks, like, real bad. You okie there, fam?”

“I’m fine,” Katsuki snarled, shoving past the two of them. “Now stop asking dumbass questions and lets get to work.”

The good news was that night’s sleep had definitely done it’s job. Katsuki was on point that lesson, blasting people left right and centre. During the rescue practice, he was actually able to keep his cool with the civilians and not snap at them to keep themselves out of danger for a change. Sure, sometimes he fumbled and growled, but overall he was doing better. Like he was actually a hero. Like he didn’t have an ‘attitude problem’. And if he felt himself slacking or getting lost in his head, he’d punch himself in his mangled shoulder to stay centred.

By the time the lesson was over, his shirt had a dark red stain in the shoulder. When he peeled it off of him in the changing room, dark threads were caught in his open wound. Katsuki glared at the oozing blood and picked at it, hissing in the pain. It felt good.

“Did you set off your quirk in your sleep?” Todoroki asked as he got changed next to Katsuki.

Katsuki glanced at Todoroki’s own cross-hatching of scars all over his body. Then up at the warbled flesh across his left eye. He curled his lip. “Do I ask you how your face got mangled?”

He saw the way Todoroki’s face twitched, and how he raised his hand to touch his burn awkwardly. “That's from when I was younger. I-“

“I don’t ask,” Katsuki interrupted, “Because I don’t care. How you get yourself hurt is none of my damn business. And how I get hurt isn’t any of yours.” He angrily shoved his uniform into its case and snapped it shut before pulling his school shirt on. The white fabric immediately darkened at the contact with blood. Whatever.

Todoroki didn’t ask why Katsuki wasn’t going to the nurse they had on hand to bandage things up, which was good. And understandable. Todoroki had a crazy high pain tolerance himself. Probably from that brutal upbringing his father gave him. I meant that he could be standing there with blood dripping down the side of his face from a massive gash and he’d only give a quiet “ow”. And Katsuki was getting used to the pain too. He had this massive thing on his shoulder, and the dull throb from the burns on his stomach, but he didn’t give a shit. It kept him awake and grounded and present. Kept him working. It was good.

Aizawa was waiting for them by the bus. He glanced over them, his eyes lingering on Katsuki’s shoulder. But he wordlessly got them into the bus and started the drive back to UA. Katsuki leaned back in his chair, rolling his shoulders and feeling the twinge of his muscles. It’d be twinging every time he tried to write with that arm, which was perfect. No dropping off in class. It was going to be a good day.

As was his style, Dabi had texted Katsuki when he’d been in class. Katsuki shifted, turning away from Todoroki so he wouldn’t read it and tell everyone in class who Katsuki was texting. It was just a simple message and a photo.

we missed you this morning

Katsuki raised his eyebrows and clicked on the photo to load it. When it loaded, he felt his ears burning and he jerked his head up to make sure Todoroki wasn’t paying attention.

Dabi, that asshole, had sent him a photograph of Himiko sucking his dick. She was looking up at the camera, throwing a peace sign, her tongue running up the underside of Dabi’s cock. But the annoying thing was that Himiko’s quirk had been partially activated. She was melting away, half of her body still a tiny girl with messy blond hair and crazy eyes. But the other half of her was broader, with a more angled jaw, darker eyes, hair spiked around her face. Katsuki’s own face was staring back at him from his phone, tongue on Dabi’s pierced cock and lips turned up into an impish smile.

He deleted the photo immediately, his ears burning and his heart thumping in his chest. The fuck? What were those assholes doing? Did Himiko wait until Katsuki was gone, then transform into him so she and Dabi could fuck? Why would… Dabi had said last night he didn’t want to do anything too rough! Why would he even need Himiko to shapeshift? Fuck, was she better at sex than he was or something? Probably. Dabi always said that Himiko was good, and he always laughed at Katsuki when he choked in the middle of a blowjob. His brain flashed with images of Dabi fucking Himiko who’d shapeshifted into him, telling her how much better she was than Katsuki. His stomach lurched. And he crossed his legs to try to keep from getting hard at the thought.

Keeping his phone angled away from Todoroki, Katsuki angrily fired off a text asking what the fuck was up with that picture. Dabi responded pretty quickly.

do you not like it?


Why the fuck is that nutjob shapeshifted into me?

she does that with people she likes

its a compliment

And why did you fuck her when she looked like me?

well you werent here

you had class to get to like the good student you are

but i missed your mouth on my dick and himiko was nice enough to turn into you so i could come on your face

you look real good with cum on your face

He was sent another photograph. Katsuki’s ears burned and he glanced up again at Todoroki, who was asleep. He opened the image.

His own face was staring back at him from the phonescreen, covered in ropes of jizz. It was up in his hair, and dribbling down his forehead and cheek. A rope of cum was on his right eye that was clenched shut, cum droplets clinging to his blond eyelashes. More was rolling down over his cheek. And he was smiling up at the camera, pink tongue licking the his lip as he threw another peace sign. And Dabi’s hand, of course, coming in from outside the frame to grip him by the hair and tilt his face up to the camera.

Katsuki swallowed, squeezing his thighs together. He couldn’t fucking believe this… This photograph was… Fucking… He hated Dabi so fucking much!

Delete that.

What the fuck is wrong with you why would you think it was okay to take that?

whats the matter with it?

It’s a picture of me with your jizz on my face thats what’s fucking wrong!

I don’t want you to have that shit!

not you



alright fine

dont get bent out of shape its just a picture

i deleted it


should i delete this one too?

Katsuki was sent another picture, this time of jizz-covered Himiko with Dabi’s fingers in her mouth. She was still disguised as Katsuki, of course. Now he was treated to an image of himself eagerly sucking on Dabi’s fingers and gripping the sheets beneath his own head. The Katsuki in the picture had hickies all over his neck, and a bitemark around his nipple. Katsuki’s own shoulder throbbed and he licked his lips. Dabi’s fingers had a strange, smokey taste. The few times he’d shoved them into Katsuki’s mouth to shut him up, the taste of woodsmoke had been… Shit, it had been really good…

He covered his face with a hand and curled his toes in his shoes, trying to get his face to stop burning through sheer force of will. His fingers shook as he deleted the picture.

Yes. That one too.

All of them. Delete all of them!

those are the only sexy ones

i wanted to see your face

You’re a freak.

no i just love you

No you don’t.

i do

i love you

Katsuki’s chest clenched. He chewed the inside of his cheek and shook his head, trying to stay present. Dabi was so full of bullshit.

Another image was sent to him. Katsuki rolled his eyes and opened it. This one wasn’t anything sexual, just a selfie Himiko had taken when disguised as Katsuki. She was shirtless still, with hickies on her neck, but was wearing Dabi’s ragged jacket. She was throwing another peace sign because apparently that’s all she knew how to do and was grinning with a very un-Katsuki-like grin. In the background, he could make out Shigaraki and Dabi having a conversation, with Shigaraki looking round at Himiko.

this one is cute

Delete it.

shes not doing anything sexual

Just delete it.


but you owe me a cute selfie now

Fine. Whatever.

Katsuki sighed and pressed his hand to his face, taking a long breath. He glanced out at the passing buildings and tried to keep calm. His cock had gotten half hard and he tried to will it away. Squeezed his legs together in irritation to keep it down. But no good. When they got back to UA, he was still awkwardly hard and held his uniform case in front of himself to cover up.

“Go see the nurses about any injuries you have,” Aizawa said as he lead them back to the school. “And then the start of the day has been blocked out for cultural festival preparation so just head back to class.” Katsuki nodded and started to leave, but Aizawa stopped him. “Bakugou. After class, come see me in my office. I need to talk to you about some things.”

Katsuki stared at him, confused and irritated and still embarrassingly turned-on. “What? What’d I do?”

“You’re not in trouble,” Aizawa said. “I just wanted to talk to you about your future.”

“Oh.” Katsuki blinked, then felt his face twist into a grin. His future? Had Aizawa watched his performance in the supplementary class and wanted to give him a new exam for his provisional license? Today was a good day. “Right. Sure thing.”

With a smirk at Todoroki, he headed into the school building. Ducked into one of the lesser-used bathrooms and locked himself into a cubicle. There, he hastily jerked himself off. With his teeth biting into his lip and one hand digging into the wound on his shoulder, Katsuki stroked his cock roughly. He through of Dabi coming on his face, fucking him, shoving his fingers into Katsuki’s mouth to suck. Thought of the night before with two Dabi’s on either side of him. What it would be like to be fucked by both of them at once! Oh fuck! Katsuki came with a strangled groan, cum splattering onto the floor.

He slumped against the wall and got his breath back. Breathed out.

And when he was settled, Katsuki cleaned up the bathroom and grabbed his stuff to head back to class. The band was already set up in one of the music rooms and told him to sit down. He spun the drumsticks around in his fingers, ready to get going. And with his shoulder constantly twinging with bursts of pain keeping him alert and on the ball, he managed to not fuck up the song that day. Jirou actually smiled at him and said he was pretty good. He spun the drumsticks around in his hand and grinned. Fuck yeah he was pretty good! They were going to blow everyone else away. That’d show all those pricks who’d insulted them and called them freaks. That’d show everyone who thought he was a failure.

Class went way better, too. Katsuki’s shoulder ached every time he overextended it and he had to pause sometimes to twirl his pen in his hands, but he’d never been quicker at the maths questions or translations. He was reminding people just why he was placed so highly in the class rankings. Let them think of this instead of the time he’d fallen asleep.

He rolled his shoulders again, feeling the way his burnt flesh twinged and sent flickers through his body. Turned his head to look at Deku. The nerd should see him, know he was fine. He didn’t need saving or whatever. Deku looked up briefly and met Katsuki’s eyes. Katsuki grinned and turned away. Went back to studying.

After classes were over, Kirishima asked if Katsuki wanted to walk back to the dorms but he told him he couldn’t.

“I need to see Aizawa,” he said casually. “Something about setting up a provisional license exam, I think.”

“Oh, wow, really?” Kirishima grinned widely and punched Katsuki lightly on the arm so his shoulder screamed in protest. “Great job! I know you’ve been working hard, you deserve to take that exam again. I swear, someone messed up those first results. Okay, I’ll see you later then.”

Katsuki made his way to Aizawa’s office and knocked on the door before standing back, his arms folded over his chest. Aizawa slid open the door and told Katsuki to come in and sit down. Katsuki threw himself down on the sofa as Aizawa stepped into the room, pouring them both a cup of tea. He placed the cups down on the table and sat down opposite Katsuki, looking up at him with a curious expression on his face. Katsuki raised his eyebrows, waiting for something to happen. He’d never really gotten a talk from Aizawa before, except the time where he’d beaten Deku up after their license exam. And that had been very different from this. Aizawa wasn’t restraining him with his binding cloth, at the very least.

Katsuki leaned forward and picked up his tea, sipping it. It tasted like dirt but he grinned around it to be polite. He didn’t want to fuck this up and have his exam taken away.

Aizawa straightened up a little, clasping his hands in front of him. “How are you doing, Bakugou?”

Hm. Weird way to start this conversation, but alright. Katsuki shrugged and said, “I’m fine.”

“Mmhm.” Aizawa rubbed his chin and sighed. “Bakugou, as your homeroom teacher it’s my job to make sure that you’re doing alright during your time at UA and offer any guidance and advice I can. And since you’re in the Heroics Course, that includes watching over you during your provisional license exams, supplementary training, and any internships you may go through.”

“Uh huh.” Yeah, Katsuki knew all that. Now when was Aizawa going to say he was proud of Katsuki’s had work and that he’d clearly been working hard, so Aizawa had organised for him to sit another license exam? Katsuki took another sip of the disgusting tea and waited.

Aizawa paused. “Another important part of my job is to monitor my students health and wellbeing. This course is incredibly strenuous, and the job of a Pro Hero is dangerous. It’s important for us to watch over our students who want to go into that area of work. Make sure they’re handling the work. Obviously, if there are any issues we want to tackle them immediately.”

“Okay,” Katsuki said slowly.

“The reason I wanted to talk to you, Bakugou, is because I’ve been noticing some things that have concerned me.”


“During your supplementary classes, I’ve noticed more than once that you’ve been sloppy and gotten yourself injured. And then today, you refused to get your shoulder looked at by the nurse. That’s concerning for me as your teacher because I know that as your studies go on they’ll get tougher, and then things will just get even more brutal when you start working as a Hero. I don’t want you to get permanently disabled.”


“And I’ve also had reports about your performance in class faltering lately, even going so far as to fall asleep during a lesson with Midnight. There have also been a few cases where you’ve missed class to go to Recovery Girl.”


“And from what your classmates have told me, you’ve been going to bed early and getting up late. Not socialising as much as you might have done. I know you’ve never had the widest circle of friends, but it’s still a concern for me. So I wanted to check in on you and see how you were going. If you were coping with the Heroics Course.”

“I…” Katsuki’s mouth was dry and his voice was a frail croak. He blinked in confusion at Aizawa, hand clutching the cup to his chest.

This was… No! This wasn’t how this conversation was supposed to go. Aizawa shouldn’t be concerned about him. He should be telling Katsuki that he’d done well during lessons, and that the rest of the class had enjoyed his company that day, that he was going to be the best Hero he could be. He wasn’t… He wasn’t supposed to… He wasn’t supposed to say he was a fuck-up!

Katsuki’s pulse picked up and he swallowed clumsily, his brow furrowing as he tried to figure out what to say. Aizawa was patient and waited for him to speak, hands clasped in front of him and gaze steady.

Katsuki shook his head. “I’m fine,” he said. “Of course I’m fine.”

“Mmhm.” Aizawa nodded, his expression still blank. “Bakugou, there’s no shame in not being fine. This course is notoriously intense. We’ve had cases where about half of the cohort had to drop out by the time they got to third year. You’re expected to do all the coursework of the other cohorts, along with physical examinations and quirk tests. And even after that, there are only a limited number of Pro Hero licenses to go round. It’s not at all shameful to not be able to handle this work.”

Shut up, shut up, shut up! Katsuki ground his teeth and stared at the table, trying to keep his breathing steady and his blood from boiling up. He was not fucking dropping out! No shame in that? Oh what bullshit, of course there was shame in it. If he, Bakugou fucking Katsuki, couldn’t cut it as a hero then what the fuck was the point? What else could he do? This was all he’d ever wanted since he was a kid, and now he was being told that it was just fine to give that all up and leave? What the fuck? He was a hero! He was the greatest hero! And nobody would change that, not Aizawa or Deku or Dabi or anyone.

Aizawa was still talking calmly to him. “And you’ve personally been through a lot. Your entire cohort has, but you especially. The fact that you were able to come back to class and participate in the provisional license exam after your kidnapping was incredible for a boy your age. But it’s alright if you think you need to take a break, or that this is too much for you right now. Nobody will judge you for that after everything that’s happened to you.”

Yeah fucking right. Of course they’d judge him. They were already judging him for everything he did. Every little misstep, people judged him. He knew they laughed at him for failing his license exam, and for missing class, and for falling asleep at his desk. They probably all hated him for being kidnapped and causing All Might to end his career.

Oh fuck. Was that what this was? Aizawa was a Pro Hero, he was a colleague of All Might, did he hate Katsuki for being the one to cause All Might’s end? Was that what this was?

No. No that was stupid, Aizawa wouldn’t do that. He wasn’t thinking straight.

Katsuki gulped down his tea, purposefully taking too-large mouthfuls that hurt his throat as he swallowed. He blinked his eyes furiously to fight back tears.

And he lowered his cup, angrily swiping at his mouth with his sleeve. “I’m fine,” he insisted. “I don’t want to drop out or take a break or whatever. I’m fine.”

Aizawa nodded. “I thought you’d say that. You’re definitely one of the most passionate students I’ve ever taught.”

Katsuki nodded, puffing out his chest as best he could and glaring at Aizawa. He’d rather die than give up on this dream.

But Aizawa looked back at him coolly. “Bakugou, I brought you in here to let you know that I’m going to start monitoring your performance. And if I feel like you can’t take it, then I will have you removed from the Heroics Course.”

“What? You can’t do that!”

“Yes I can. And I will.” Aizawa’s face was set, his lips a thin line. “My job as to teacher is to keep you safe. Being a Pro Hero isn’t a glamorous, easy job. It is dangerous and people die. Students die. If I think that a student would be safer out of the Heroics Course, then I won’t hesitate to withdraw them. And that includes you.” He leaned forward, reaching out to press a hand to Katsuki’s good shoulder. “Your safety is my utmost priority. And I’ll do whatever I can to keep you safe, even if that means removing you from the Hero Course and making you hate me.”

Katsuki stared at him and nodded. He sat there numbly as Aizawa kept talking, explaining that UA was still a great school and that the other streams were respected across the country, and that Aizawa would do anything he could to set Katsuki up on another career path if it came to that. And if he would prefer, UA had arrangements with other schools so Katsuki could transfer to another course at a different institution. No matter what, it would be alright. Everything would be alright.

Katsuki nodded through it. He clutched his cup and stared at a spot over Aizawa’s shoulder. When his teacher was done, Aizawa walked him back to the dorm and left him at the door. Patted Katsuki on the shoulder again and told him to think about it, that he wasn’t going to make any decisions just then. Then he left Katsuki to go inside.

The dorms were busy, everyone gathered own in the dorm to talk about homework or their cultural festival or whatever was going on in their lives.

“Bakugou,” their class rep said, running past him as he stepped inside. “Dinner tonight is cold soba.”

Katsuki didn’t respond and started walking through the common room to the stairs up to the bedrooms.

As he passed the couches, Sero looked up from the intense argument he was having with Kaminari. “Bakugou, come settle this for us. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or ten duck-sized horses? You can’t use your quirk.”

“It’s going to be the big duck! The horses would overwhelm you,” Kaminari insisted.

“No they wouldn’t! They’re the size of ducks!”

Katsuki didn’t answer and kept walking as they bickered behind him. Past the couches, closer to the kitchen area. Eijirou was standing in the kitchen with Ashido, laughing at a joke she’d told and slicing up vegetables for dinner. He looked up at Katsuki and grinned, revealing his pointed teeth. He smiled like Himiko.

“Bakugou,” he said. “Did your talk with Aizawa go well?”

Katuski blinked at him, then looked away without answering. He walked past him to the stairs. When he reached them, Deku was coming down in his gym uniform for his evening run. As they passed on the steps, Deku smiled at him and waved nervously. Katsuki watched him pass by.

He didn’t say a thing. Just climbed the stairs to his floor, and walked slowly down the corridor to his own room. He unlocked the door and stepped inside. Didn’t bother to turn on the lights. Didn’t bother to take off his uniform. Just pulled up the covers and crawled into bed.

The clock across the room flashed in the darkness.

Katsuki didn’t cry. He didn’t sleep. He didn’t do a thing.

Chapter Text

“Oh fuck. Fuck! Harder!” Katsuki lifted his hips up and slammed back down on Dabi’s cock, letting out a moan he’d probably be embarrassed by if he wasn’t in a lust-addled haze. As it was, he was too wrapped up in the feeling of sex that he didn’t care that he was moaning loudly and begging Dabi to fuck him harder and leave him covered in burns and scratches and burn marks. But at least Dabi was willing to indulge him.

“You’re going to fucking break me,” Dabi muttered. His nails dug into Katsuki’s ass as he thrust up into him. His fingertips ignited with flames, adding more burns to the ones already littering his skin. The feeling had Katsuki groaning. He rolled his hips in a circle. Pressed his head to Dabi’s shoulder and dug his own teeth into the flesh. Gripped Dabi’s hair tight enough to pull it out at the root.

He’d already come two times already, and was close to his third orgasm. So yes maybe he’d break Dabi’s twig-like body but he didn’t care. He needed this. He just needed to fuck and cum and forget.

He’d already come in some alleyway out of sight of anyone else, when he and Dabi had started making out and he’d let Dabi’s hands go into his trousers and jerk him off. Katsuki had been pushed against the wall and thrust up into his hand. He’d let Dabi’s mouth swallow his moans. And to show he wasn’t an asshole all the time, Katsuki had even licked Dabi’s fingers clean for him. Then back in the hovel the league were hanging out in, Katsuki had let Dabi fuck his mouth as he prepped himself. He was getting better at this. Didn’t immediately choke and want to throw up when Dabi’s dick forced its way over his tongue. In fact, he’d liked it! It had been the feeling of Dabi’s cock hitting the back of his throat making him choke, combined with the three fingers he was thrusting into himself that had gotten Katsuki hard again. And as Dabi pulled on his hair and used him, Katsuki jerked himself off furiously. Hadn’t even cared when Dabi said he was going to come on Katsuki’s face. Let the fucker pull his cock out of his mouth and splatter cum on his cheeks and up his nose so that he choked. And the way Dabi had grinned down at him, the taste of his rancid cum, the feeling of his own fingers, that had been enough. Katsuki had come for a second time then and there.

That was when Katsuki had angrily stripped off the rest of Dabi’s ragged clothes, pushed him down onto the bed, and told him to fuck him hard. He needed this so bad.

“Come on,” Katsuki groaned. “Is that all you fucking have?”

Dabi rolled his eyes and moved his fingers down over Katsuki’s ass. Two of his long fingers slipped inside of Katsuki alongside his pierced dick, stretching him out even more. The stretch felt so good. Katsuki moaned breathlessly against Dabi’s neck. He rolled his hips frantically. Dug his fingernails into Dabi’s skin. Dabi’s staples were cold under his fingertips, and his skin was oddly leathery. Katsuki felt his fingers slip, sliding under the rotten skin and into the open wounds at Dabi’s back. He pulled out with disgust.

“God just lie down,” Katsuki muttered.

“A please would be nice.” But Dabi let himself be pushed down, his fingers slipping out of Katsuki’s ass to go to his hips instead.

Katsuki placed his hands on Dabi’s chest, feeling his ribcage through his skin. He braced himself, lifting up his hips and then dropping back down. In this position, he could angle his hips better so Dabi’s piercings would feel the best. And he clenched around Dabi’s cock with a groan. He rocked his hips faster, fucking himself on Dabi’s cock and letting his head fall forward in a groan.

When looked at from that angle, Dabi could’ve almost passed for handsome. Lying beneath Katsuki, his dark hair pressed out on the pillow like some shadowy halo, his mouth open in a series of breathy moans as his fingernails dug into Katuski’s hips. Katsuki bit his lip.

One of Katsuki’s hands grabbed his own cock and he started pumping himself as he bounced up and down on top of Dabi. He closed his eyes and focussed on what he was feeling. The cock inside of him, hitting him just right. The burns littering his back and sides that were bright white pricks of pain. The fingernails digging into his sides so hard that blood trickled down his skin. The feeling of his thumb rubbing over the head of his cock. Dabi’s cold body beneath him, fucking up into him. The cold, the smoke, the flames. It swallowed him.

And he came for the third time with a strangled yell, his body shaking in pleasure before hunching forward and lying on top of Dabi.

Dabi grunted and smacked Katsuki’s ass. “What am I, chopped liver? I haven’t come yet, princess.”

“Urgh.” Katsuki rolled his eyes and propped himself up a little. He looked Dabi right int he eye as he slowly rocked his hips and clenched around him. “How’s that?”

Dabi raised his eyebrows. Then he shook his head and hooked his fingers in Katsuki’s hair, pulling him down to kiss him. “You’re really lucky I’m in love with you because you’re the most annoying little brat,” he said against Katsuki’s mouth. He started moving his hips, thrusting into Katsuki harder. “I’ve no idea how I stand you.”

“Well I don’t know how I stand you either so we’re even.” Katsuki kissed Dabi, tasting the smoke and blood on his tongue. He rolled his hips in eager circles, loving the overstimulation as his cock rubbed against Dabi’s stomach. The feeling of his ass being stretched to its limit, and the cold lube drying on the inside of his thighs.

Dabi’s breath hitched and his grip tightened in Katsuki’s hair. He thrust deeper into Katsuki, hitting his prostate so that Katsuki whimpered. Then Dabi was coming with a groan.

When he pulled out, his icy cold jizz trickled out of Katsuki and down his thighs. Katsuki had been too desperate to let Dabi stop and put on a condom, but it was whatever. If he got an STD now then it didn’t really matter, did it?

No! It did matter! He screwed his eyes shut and rolled off of Dabi to lie beside him. Breathed deeply. Pressed his hand to his face.

The mattress creaked as Dabi sat up and got off the bed, heading to the bathroom. Katsuki turned onto his side and watched him. This new hiding place had been someone’s house at one point, but had since been boarded up. The bathroom still had water from an old tank, but it wasn’t hot. Dabi didn’t seem to care. Katsuki lay his head on his arm and watched Dabi through the open bathroom door as he cleaned himself off. It seemed to be a nightly ritual for him. Keeping every inch of his body clean and sterile. There was an old hand mirror on the counter next to the sink which he held up to examine the staples along his back. Katsuki had pulled one of them out when they’d fucked. A trickle of blood was running down Dabi’s spine. He watched as Dabi cleaned it with antiseptic, then pushed the staple back into his flesh to seal up his wounds. This was followed by a quick examination of the rest of his body, looking for more cuts that he might have missed.

When he was done, he flicked the light off and slipped back into bed with Katsuki.

“So,” he said, pressing cold lips to Katsuki’s neck, “Are you going to tell me why you demanded to meet up and then tried to fuck me to death?”

“I had a bad day,” Katsuki muttered.

“Clearly.” Dabi’s arms looped round Katsuki’s waist, pulling him closer. “But if it means you call me, then you can keep on having bad days.”

Katsuki couldn’t even be bothered to snap at him. He turned over and pressed his face to Dabi’s sternum, breathing in the smell of his smoke. Dabi hummed quietly and stroked his fingers up and down Katsuki’s spine, drawing light spirals in his skin.

“Dabi,” he said quietly. “Did you want to be a Hero when you were a kid?”

“Nope. My old man wanting me to be a Hero is what got me sent to the hospital with half my skin missing. Never been my main life goal.”

“Mm.” Katsuki sighed. He breathed in Dabi’s smokey scent. He could still feel Aizawa’s hand heavy on his shoulder, telling him that he was a useless sack of shit and was going to be removed from the Heroics Course. But he shook his head and pressed his nose harder to Dabi’s sternum.

Dabi’s fingers paused on Katsuki’s back. “You know being a Hero isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be.”

“Of course you’d say that. You’re a Villain.”

“I am. But…” He paused. Then spoke in a lower voice. “Look, I don’t tell people this. But I want you to know where I’m coming from when i say that.”

“Say what?”

“That Heroes aren’t always as great as everyone says they were. My little sister was killed by Heroes.”

Katsuki froze. He pulled away from Dabi to blink up at him, taking in his expression. Dabi was unreadable as always, but there was a strange softness in his expression. Katsuki swallowed. “What do you mean?”

“You know how Heroes are paid, right? They from the government based on how many crimes they’re involved in solving, and then brand deals if their public approval ratings are high enough to be profitable. So if they save a lot of people and everyone loves them because they think they’re heroic and shit, then they get more money.” He paused, looking away from Katsuki at a spot over his shoulder. “My sister was a few years younger than me. Basically the only good thing I had in my life. She wasn’t nuts like my mother, or violent like my father. Just a kid. And I loved her. But then one morning as we were walking to school, there was a villain attack. And we were caught in the middle of it. I tried to protect her, but…” He tailed off and shook his head.

“What happened?” Katsuki asked.

Dabi looked back at him and gave a thin smile. “There were Heroes there, trying to fight the Villains. It caused a bunch of property damage. And this chunk of cement hit her on the head, knocking her out. I just dragged her out of the mess, tried to yell for someone to help. I must’ve shouted pretty loudly, because this Hero came to rescue us.” His lip twitched. “I told the bastard that he was holding her too tight. That she was hurt. They didn’t care. All that mattered was that they were involved in the crime, and that the media could get good pictures of them carrying a couple of kids to safety. Didn’t matter that he was holding her so she shouldn’t breath. The media wouldn’t get that. She died before we got to hospital. Nobody cared.”

Dabi trailed off and blinked down at Katsuki. His fingertip was drawing a line up and down Katsuki’s back. Katsuki stared up at him with narrowed eyes, trying to decipher the expression on Dabi’s face. He’d never been great at working out just what other people were feeling, and Dabi was the most impassive person he’d ever met so it was infuriating to try and work out just what was going on in his head. But this thing he’d said… It was a lot. And he’d never lied before now.

Katsuki thought about all the Pro Heroes he’d met in his life, all the teachers at school, and if any of them would ever do something like that to a girl they were trying to rescue. They couldn’t. They were there to help people, weren’t they? They had so many tests to make sure that assholes didn’t get through the system to become Pros. But of course all the assholes in his class who’d gotten their license probably wouldn’t hesitate to let him choke if he was dying. Aizawa had spat on him and said it was a kindness.


He didn’t know what to think.

“That’s fucked up,” he finally muttered, lowering his gaze and pressing his forehead against Dabi’s chest.

“The entire system is fucked up,” Dabi said. “It messes people up. Nobody needs it.”

“Whatever. I could still kick your ass even if I wasn’t a Pro Hero,” Katsuki muttered.

That had Dabi laughing gently. He pulled Katsuki closer and kissed his forehead. “I know you could.”

Katsuki fell asleep in Dabi’s cold embrace, listening to his heartbeat through his ribcage. It wasn’t a good sleep. He had bad dreams that had him waking up more than once with sweat on his brow and the sound of laughter rattling through his brain. But Dabi slept like a log and Katsuki curled up around him until he fell asleep again. Early morning, half an hour before his alarm would’ve gone off, Katsuki woke up again with another set of arms round him. Himiko had slipped into bed with them at some point and had her face pressed to Katsuki’s back. Urgh, she was so clingy.

Katsuki pulled his way out of the bed, getting dressed as quickly as he could. When he looked back at the bed, Himiko had shifted across the mattress to hug Dabi instead. Dabi was still lying on his bed with the extent of his scars on display and his hair splayed across the pillow.

Katsuki stepped closer, looking down at him. He wondered what he’d look like if he hadn’t been burnt to a crisp. Maybe he wouldn’t be a villain, but just some regular guy who never broke the law and wasn’t messed up in the head. And he’d never fall in love with Katsuki because who would if they had any other option? Katsuki sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He leaned down, careful not to disturb Himiko. Kissed Dabi’s mouth gently.

“See you,” he muttered as he straightened up. And he slipped out of the building without anyone noticing him go.

He didn’t go back to the dorms when he arrived at UA. He didn’t go anywhere. Just started walking through the grounds, staring at the path in front of him. His brain was turning and he hadn’t managed to get decent sleep so he was a little fuzzy, but god knows what would’ve happened if he hadn’t gotten fucked. Probably would’ve stayed up all night. At least now he was able to think a little bit.

Katsuki rolled his shoulders and felt the burns along his back and hips brush against the fabric of his uniform as he walked. It kept him awake. But it wasn’t enough. With an annoyed huff, he broke into a gentle jog. The sensation of the fabric chafing his fresh burns kept him alert and his brain started chunking faster.

He was a failure. That was now a definite thing he could be sure of. It wasn’t enough that he hadn’t gotten his provisional license, but he’d also been sucking so hard in class that he was going to be kicked out. Even when he thought he was doing good, he was a fucking failure. Nothing but a stupid fuck up who deserved to be laughed at and spat on and ground into the dirt. He was a stupid motherfucker who just fucked up and hurt people. Even when he tried his hardest! Even when he concentrated and worked his ass off and had his own coping mechanisms, he still failed! Stupid useless good-for-nothing piece of shit!

Katsuki angrily swiped at his wet cheeks and sped up his jog. He clenched his hands into fists and breathed, focussing on the feeling of the concrete beneath his feet and the way his heart pumped blood through his scarred body.

He’d spent most of the morning after Aizawa had told him he was going to fail in a daze. Hadn’t been able to hold a conversation really, only able to take basic notes in class. It felt like there was a sucking feeling in his chest, consuming him. Then after lessons were over, he hadn’t gone back to the dorms at all. Instead, he’d gone out and called Dabi, told him to meet him so they could fuck. Then used him to shut his brain off. Katsuki’d probably have to do that more often if his brain was like this now. Fucking Dabi shut his brain off, and the asshole never lied to him or bullshitted him about anything. It was what he needed after all the lies everyone else constantly spat at him.

“You’re going to be a great Hero. I think we’ll both be great.”

Katsuki heard Deku’s gentle voice, remembered the night they’d sat together in the common room and talked. He snarled at the memory. Deku with the moonlight in his hair, the small smile, the soft eyes. He was such a lying snake. How could Katsuki be a great Hero if he couldn’t even fucking stay in the Heroics Course. Where did Deku get off saying that shit.

Katsuki swore and lowered his head, running even faster. Pumped his legs like pistons. His tears stung his eyes and were whipped away by the breeze.

He couldn’t fail. He didn’t want to fail! Please oh please, this couldn’t happen. What the fuck else was he supposed to do? This was all he’d wanted his entire life and now Aizawa was just going to fucking take it away? He couldn’t! It wasn’t fucking fair! Okay, so Katsuki had fucked up in class a few times and hadn’t been able to concentrate, but that wasn’t a big deal. He was still turning up! He was working! He had ways to cope now. He was doing fine in his supplementary classes. He could be the best Hero the world had ever seen!

So okay, he hadn’t fucking single-handedly killed a yakuza boss and rescued some cute kid with big eyes and apple pie cheeks or whatever. So he wasn’t the protégé of All Might, and had gotten himself kidnapped, and was sucking the pierced dick of one of the villains who’d kidnapped him. So what! He could still be a Hero. He could prove himself.

He couldn’t lose! Especially not to a useless lying quirkless bastard like Deku! He needed to kick Deku’s ass, show him who was boss, needed to show that he was infinitely better than that loser had ever been! He needed… He needed something.

Katsuki ended up back at the dorms, sweaty and dishevelled with his wrinkled uniform hanging off of him. A few people were already awake and said good morning to him as he passed by, taking in his messed-up appearance. Katsuki ignored them. Just pushed his way into the kitchen and grabbed something fast he could gulp down for breakfast before heading out to supplementary classes. He was too busy to socialise with any of them. Had to think about how to prove that he was a Hero.

On the way to his supplementary classes, he fired off a quick text to Dabi. Dabi responded almost immediately.

I need more information on you pricks. I need to talk to Shigaraki.

the boss?

well since you were so desperate last night sure ill throw you a bone

ill talk to him and set up something one on one


any time

youre lucky i love you

Chapter Text

Katsuki stared down at his hands. He’d been gripping his drumsticks too hard so there were dark pink lines across his palms. And his shoulders were aching from the way he’d been hunched over the instrument, trying and trying to get the songs perfect. He was slowly getting better. But he was still shit. He still fucked up at least once every single song, he still missed beats and went off on his own tangent, he still made the rest of the band trip up. Kaminari had called him out on it, telling him to stop going off in his own direction, which was bullshit because Kaminari always went his own way and did his own fucking thing no matter what Katsuki did! This wasn’t Katsuki’s fault! So why the fuck was he being blamed for this shit?

This fucking festival was going to be a travesty. Their songs sucked, the dancing was shit, the ideas for a human disco ball or whatever were a joke. Everyone was going to laugh at them.

And what was even the point of this? Why was Katsuki taking part? He could be using this time to study and work on his Hero classes or something useful that wouldn’t get him kicked out. Instead he was stuck going over the same songs again and again and fucking them up and…

Katsuki ran his fingers through his hair and growled through his teeth. This was such bullshit. But if he pulled out then Aizawa would probably say that didn’t reflect well on him and mark him down, something about teamwork and cooperation and not being a good Hero or whatever. And he’d be expelled.

Maybe he should just let Aizawa expel him.

No! Fuck that! Katsuki deserved to be here, he put in so much work! And he picked up his drumsticks and practiced the last song again.

Katsuki was alone in the room, practicing after the rest of the band had already left. He knew he was the weak link. The stupid festival was a week away, and he still fucked up every single song. Like he fucked up everything else. And even after he practiced again and again, he couldn’t do this shit. Everything sounded like syncopated garbage.

After trying and failing three times to get a particular fill right, Katsuki threw his drumsticks down in disgust and called it a night. He headed down to the common area. The rest of the band were gathered in the kitchen, talking to the Staging Team about lighting cues for the various songs they were going to be performing. Or rather, half of them were talking about lighting cues. Kaminari, Kirishima, and Sero were standing off to one side sniggering about something Sero was showing them on his phone. When Katsuki stepped into the kitchen, Kirishima grinned and waved him over.

“How’d practice go,” he asked, swinging an arm around Katsuki’s shoulder.

The touch was too much body heat. Katsuki hunched his shoulders and shrugged Kirishima off, getting himself a glass of water. “Shit,” he said.

“It wasn’t shit,” Kaminari said. “We’re sounding really great, we’re going to blow everyone away at the performance.”

“Mm.” Katsuki’s teeth clinked against the glass as he drank.

There were footsteps and then Kirishima leaned over the counter next to him. Katsuki glanced at him out the corner of his eye, not lowering the glass from his mouth. Kirishima was looking at him with a small frown. “Are you okay?” he asked. “You’re quiet.”

Katsuki looked away and finished his water with a large gulp that hurt his throat. “I’m fine,” he muttered. The glass clacked against the metal sink as he put it down to be washed. His fingers were cool on the glass. “Just tired.”

“You’ve been really working at those supplementary classes, huh,” Kirishima said. “And this practice.”

“Yeah.” Katsuki ran the nail of his thumb along the side of his index finger and didn’t look up. It was suddenly hitting him how many people were crammed into that tiny kitchen. Him, Kirishima, Sero, Kaminari, Jirou, Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami, Todoroki, Aoyama, Koda… And they were all talking behind him, voices running over each other and crowding each other out. He hated it. He wanted to go upstairs and get away from them so they wouldnt’ see him or try to talk to him like he was a normal functional human being. But he didn’t want to make a scene by storming out. So he just dug his nail into his finger and breathed. Clenched his stomach so the burns on his sides and hips twinged.

Kirishima leaned in a little closer. “Hey, you never told me how your talk with Aizawa went. Did you find out anything about your Provisional License exam? Are they going to let you take it again?”

Katsuki looked back up at him. Kirishima’s eyes were wide and a pale red colour as he blinked at Katsuki. His mouth was turned up into a gentle smile. Katsuki tried to parse out what he was getting at, if he knew what Aizawa had said. Maybe Aizawa had told them at the interns’ classes. And Kirishima was digging at him, trying to get him to break in front of everyone. But…

No, no of course Aizawa wouldn’t have done that. He was getting fucking paranoid. For as much a bitch as the Heroes were, Aizawa wouldn’t laugh at him with other students. The other teachers maybe… But not the students.

So Katsuki shook his head and looked back down at the sink. “No it… He didn’t want to talk to me about that. It was something else.”

“Oh.” Kirishima leaned against the counter and puffed out his cheeks, letting out a small breath. “What did he want?”

“Nothing important,” Katsuki muttered. He stared down at the sink. His hands gripped the side of the counter. Behind him, the voices were trickling over each other and worming under his skin, up his spine. He could feel people’s eyes on the back of his skull. Too much. He needed to get out of there.

“I’m going to bed,” he said, pushing himself away from the sink and turning to leave.

“What? It’s not even late.” Kaminari blinked at him, sticking out a leg to block him. “And we were going to do a study group anyway.”

“Yeah, we need you to yell at us to work harder so we don’t goof off,” Sero added.

But Katsuki pushed his way past Kaminari’s leg, shaking his head. “No. I’m leaving.”

“You’re such an old man,” Kaminari joked. Katsuki heard the laughs behind his back, making the hair stick up along the back of his neck.

Back in his room, Katsuki lay on his back on the floor staring at the ceiling. He should’ve been studying. Or working on his drums. Or doing anything except just lying there picking at the blisters along his stomace. But he felt like he couldn’t move from the floor. His limbs were heavy. His stomach was full of lead. All he could do was feel his spine slowly become one with the carpet, his heartbeat in his ribcage, the sweat on his palms, the pain in his sides.

There was a large poster of All Might on the wall, beaming down at him. Katsuki blinked up at it. From that angle, All Might looked warped and out-of-proportion. Katsuki looked away. He lifted his hands up in front of his head instead. Tiny explosions flickered over his skin. It felt like a thousand tiny pinpricks in his flesh. If he concentrated, he could send the explosions down his forearms as well for more power.

God. What a stupid, useless quirk.

Katsuki’s hands dropped to the ground and he sighed, closing his eyes. He didn’t feel sad or tired, just numb. He was just waiting for the alarm in his phone to go off, letting him know it was time to pull on his hoodie again and get out of there. That evening he was going to meet the League and talk to Shigaraki, and actually prove to people he was a good Hero by getting them information on the League’s plans.

The time slipped away as he lay there. The world turned without him. Maybe he fell asleep briefly, Katsuki didn’t know. The only thing that made him come back to the present was a quiet knock on his door.

Katsuki cracked his eyelids. His alarm hadn’t gone off yet, he didn’t know what the fuck this was.

Then a quiet voice on the other side of the door said, “Kacchan” and Katsuki’s eyes snapped fully open.

“I’m sorry if I woke you,” Deku was saying out in the corridor. “They said you went to bed early so maybe you’re sick. But… You missed dinner, and it’s curry rice tonight. I know you like that so I brought you some.”

Katsuki pushed himself up onto his hands and stared at the door.

Deku paused. “I didn’t want to wake you so I’ll… I’ll leave it here for you. If you want it. It’ll still be good cold.”

There was the sound of clinking china. Katsuki ran his fingers through his hair. He felt light-headed. His tongue was leathery. But he pushed himself up and went to the door, opening it.

Deku was standing there, writing something down in his notebook. He met Katsuki’s eye and smiled. “Ah! You’re awake. I was just writing a note in case you were asleep.” Then he knelt down and grabbed the food, holding it out to Katsuki. “How are you feeling?”

Katsuki looked at him and got a sudden, ridiculous idea. It would’ve been so easy to pull Deku into his room and sit him down and tell him everything that had been happening. Everything. He could’ve cracked open his ribcage and told Deku about that first night where he couldn’t sleep and had stumbled into Dabi’s arms and his bed. Showed him the scars on his stomach that were raw and bleeding from all the times he scratched them. Admitted all the messed-up things he had done, all the people he’d let fuck him, all the places he’d let them fuck him. Everything Aizawa had said. Everything he’d been feeling. Everything he’d been playing over and over in his head for months. He could have spilled it all out to Deku right then and there until he was a shrivelled husk. Part of him wanted to. After all, Deku couldn’t think any less of him if he found out about this stuff. He was already pitying Katsuki enough to bring him food, as if he was going to keel over and die without help. Katsuki could have told him about this. It would be so easy.

But he bit his tongue. Reached up and took the bowl from him, feeling the scar along the back of Deku’s palm as their hands brushed together. And he shut the door on Deku, turning the lock with a loud click.

The curry was spicy and burned his tongue the way he liked it. Katsuki sat at his desk eating it, chewing slowly. He only got halfway through the bowl before he felt hot tears rolling down his cheeks and splattering onto the desk.

He didn’t even know why he was crying. Nothing had even happened that day! There was no fucking reason for him to sit there at his desk with tears rolling down his face, one hand on his mouth to keep from sobbing out loud. Katsuki’s other hand gripped the desk. His knuckles were white.

On the wall, All Might beamed down from the poster Katsuki had bought as a child. He had gone to the store with Deku, back when they still hung out like friends and Deku hadn’t started to hate him. Katsuki had spent all his pocket money on the poster and run home with Deku so they could carefully pin it above his bed. Katsuki had wanted to be a Hero from that day, wanted to be like All Might. It’s all he’d ever fucking wanted in his goddamn life!

Katsuki lifted his head. He bit his lip. All Might beamed down at him, his chest puffed out and his hands on his hips. Katsuki’s teeth dug harder into his lip. Tears ran over his cheeks and onto his fingers.

The poster was ripped from the wall with a snarl. Katsuki’s hands dug into the paper as he ripped it in half, then half again and again and again. Smaller and smaller pieces of coloured crumpled paper in his hands. And when Katsuki had destroyed the poster and crumpled it in his hands, his quirk ignited. Explosions across his palms set fire to the paper which burnt like dry kindling. He slammed it against the desk, a mess of burnt paper and ash.

The phone in his pocket buzzed. It was time to go.

Katsuki didn’t look back as he climbed out the window and away to meet the League.

Chapter Text

Katsuki could vividly remember how he used to hate the taste of Dabi’s tongue, and the way he’d always run his hands over every inch of Katsuki's body. Push up Katsuki’s shirt, his icy fingers on his skin up up to his chest and his nipples. The way his breath tasted of woodsmoke and rust. How he nipped on Katsuki’s lip and sucked on his tongue. It was weird that what had skeeved him out before, was now so comforting. Katsuki found himself pulling Dabi closer, frantically kissing him back and drowning in his taste and his touch.

The new villain hideout was some old bar. It looked kind of like the shit hole they’d taken Katsuki to when he’d been kidnapped from the training camp. Back then he remembered Dabi passing by him, carrying with him the smell of blood and smoke that had Katsuki’s nose wrinkling. He hadn’t thought of him as any more than a walking scab. Now he was straddling Dabi’s waist and letting the villain’s tongue piercing clink against his teeth as they kissed.

“Fuck,” Katsuki groaned as one of Dabi’s hands slipped into his trousers.

Dabi pulled back to grin up at him. His fingers groped Katsuki’s ass. “You’re cute when you’re needy.”

“I’m not needy,” Katsuki muttered. But it was hard to sound convincing when he was already hard and practically rutting against Dabi’s crotch. Instead he leaned forward to kiss Dabi again. His hands were in the fucker’s wiry hair and he pressed his chest close to Dabi’s skinny frame to feel the cold leech into him. Dabi laughed against Katsuki’s mouth and groped his ass again, then moved his hands up out of his trousers to slip under his shirt. Katsuki’s chest arched into Dabi’s as his hands wandered higher. His toes curled in his shoes. He was getting desperate, his brain spinning with a jumbled mass of thoughts, and he really needed Dabi to fuck him. A particularly stupid part of his brain was begging Dabi to throw him over the table and fuck him right then and there, forget going somewhere private with a locked door. Just anything! Katsuki groaned and tried to let Dabi consume him.

But the asshole that he was, Dabi pulled away again.

He nipped Katsuki’s lower lip and smirked. “So,” he said, his cold breath brushing over Katsuki’s skin, “You ready for this thing tonight?”

“You mean where I get information from your boss? Of course I am.”

Katsuki and Dabi had organised this over the phone. Apparently Dabi had negotiated with the rest of the League, convincing them to give Katsuki a little bit of information on their future plans. Just feeding him something he could work with. Dabi and Himiko were apparently in favour of letting Katsuki get some information to tide him over and keep him around, whereas others were more wary. Dabi had said he’d managed to convince Shigaraki, but Katsuki still had to show him he was trustworthy. He wasn’t entirely sure how he could manage that. And it was getting a little difficult to think about it what with the way Dabi’s fingers were splaying on Katsuki’s shoulder blades and his hips were slowly grinding up against him.

“Yeah, that.” Dabi’s nails dug into Katsuki’s skin and he slowly pulled down, scratching down his spine to his hips. “But I was talking specifically about you persuading the boss to give you some sort of information that you can use to destroy us.”

“Mm. Okay. Well, what does he want? Does he want me to bring him some shit like lubricant or a shirt or another stupid makeup set?” Katsuki had been so fucking embarrassed when he’d promised Dabi to get Himiko some makeup in exchange for setting up this meeting. Yeah he had his own eyeliner and shit for his Hero Costume, but the stuff Himiko wanted was all sparkling pink pastels. The person at the counter when he’d bought it had fondly asked if it was a gift for a special someone. Katsuki couldn’t admit that it was a gift for a psychotic blond bitch who’d just as soon stab him as suck his dick. Himiko had grabbed it from Katsuki's hands when he held it out to her that evening, then darted away without so much as a thank you or creepy comment about smelling his hair as he slept or anything.

And Dabi was wearing Katsuki’s old tank top again that night. Another weird trophy Katsuki had brought the League. It was so annoying, Dabi’s body was skeletal and covered in scar tissue, so the tank top hung open over his chest revealing his nipple piercings whenever Katsuki looked down. Someone with that prominent a ribcage who smelt of smoke and was constantly bleeding shouldn’t be as attractive as he was. Katsuki hated him so fucking much.

His fingers went to Dabi’s hair, brushing through it as Dabi smirked.

“Well, I tried to see if the boss wanted you to bring him anything. You’ve been such a good little errand boy. Everyone appreciates it.”

“Fuck off.”

“But he prefers actions over gifts. So you’re probably going to have to use your specific talents to show him you can be trusted. And how badly you want this information.”

Katsuki scowled in confusion. “What are you talking about? What talents?”

“You know what I mean, my little virgin,” Dabi said. And he squeezed Katsuki’s hips, pulling him down to grind slowly against Dabi’s crotch again.

Immediately Katsuki’s blood ran cold and he pushed himself away from Dabi. But the table behind him blocked his progress. He ended up just leaning away from the asshole, still on his lap unable to escape. “No way,” Katsuki said. “No! that’s fucking disgusting, he wants me to- No! I’m not fucking him for information!”

God, the thought had Katsuki’s stomach churning. Shigaraki with the unwashed hair and the long nobbled fingers and the one visible eyeball bulging out of his skull. He stank of dust and decay and he always loomed over Katsuki like a shadow and he had tried to kill him! There was no way, no way, Katsuki would let that asshole anywhere near him!

But Dabi’s hands were stroking his sides, keeping him on his lap. “Hey, it’s not a big deal. You’re not going to fuck him, just maybe suck him off.”

“Yeah because that’s so much better,” Katsuki muttered. His hands griped the table behind him and tried to shift it, but it was apparently nailed to the ground. Wouldn’t budge no matter how he tried to shove it away. He gave up and just slumped backwards, the edge of the table digging into his spine.

Dabi tilted his head to one side. “It’s just to show him that you’re not going to snitch on him immediately. You’re a UA student and you already tried to blow him up, he’s not going to just give you information this time around for free.”

“He tried to kill me,” Katsuki muttered.

“We’ve been over that. He was just defending Himiko.” Dabi’s hand went to Katsuki’s chin, tilting his head down to look at him. “Are you still pissed about that?”

“No,” Katsuki lied.

“Well good. You shouldn’t be pissed about something you brought on yourself.” He paused, rubbing Katsuki’s cheek with his thumb idly. “And you sort of brought this on yourself too with how often you’ve been jumping my bones lately. And letting Himiko fuck you. Only natural the boss would want in after he’s heard through the walls how nicely you scream when you come.”

Katsuki felt his ears burn and he looked away from Dabi’s face. His stomach clenched. Right, yeah, okay he knew he was being a stupid fucking slut with how much he came to Dabi for sex lately, but that was just so that he could sleep! It wasn’t because he was desperate and constantly horny or whatever. Even if he was sitting on Dabi’s lap at that moment with his cock half hard. It was just because whenever he tried to sleep without being fucked, he had nightmares and he woke up, or else he tossed and turned and didn’t drop off at all. And it had gotten to a point where not even jacking off as he dug his fingers into his burns helped any more. He was just exhausted and Dabi helped him. And Himiko helped him.

Maybe sucking off Shigaraki would help too.

Urgh, what the fuck was wrong with him?

Dabi was leaning back on the bench, looking up at Katsuki with a blank stare. “Why is this bending you out of shape? Do you only want to suck my dick or something? Am I special?”

“No,” Katsuki muttered.

“So just go and suck off the boss. It’s not a big deal, you’ll just be there for a few minutes. And he’ll give you some information you can use to bring us all down. Quid pro quo.” Dabi shifted, his hands slipping into Katsuki’s trousers again. Katsuki’s cock twitched. And he just stared down as Dabi shifted so they were chest-to-chest. “Are you worried that your amateur dick-sucking skills will disappoint him and he won’t give you what you want? That you’ll fail here like you failed your provisional license exams?”

“What? No!” Katsuki shoved Dabi away. “Fuck, you’re such a bastard.”

“Hey now, I’m not a bastard. My parents are still married, they’re just sacks of dicks.” Dabi smirked as rolled his hips up against Katsuki. “You’re not allowed to use family-related insults for me, my little spoilt virgin prince with the loving parents. Just call me a jerk.”

“Right. Sorry. Whatever.” Katsuki huffed and ran his hand through his hair, staring down at Dabi who’s mouth twitched into a crooked smile.

“You’ve gotten much better at sucking my dick. You’ll definitely earn whatever information the boss wants to give you.”

For some reason, that had Katsuki blushing even more in shame. He didn’t need Dabi to remind him how much he’d put the fucker’s dick in his mouth. Didn’t need to be told how much of a slut he was. He knew he was pathetic. But Dabi didn’t let him dwell on it too long. His hands were in Katsuki’s hair again, pulling him down to kiss him. And Katsuki became consumed with the taste of smoke again, licking into Dabi’s mouth and feeling Dabi’s cold tongue against his own. The glint of metal, the taste of blood. Dabi’s fingers groped his ass, making Katsuki groan and writhe in his lap. Then the asshole pulled away again.

“No come on,” Katsuki muttered, chasing Dabi’s lips.

But Dabi laughed and turned his head up so Katsuki could only kiss his neck and chin. Eventually Katsuki gave up and sat back, his arms around Dabi’s wiry shoulders.

Dabi tilted his head forward again. “I know you’re eager for me to fuck you, but you have to go see the boss first.”

“Right.” Katsuki’s fingers tensed on Dabi’s shoulders. He looked down, examining the curve of his scar tissue over his chest.

“Hey, don’t be so bent out of shape by this. It’s no big deal. The boss’s dick isn’t any bigger than mine so you won’t choke on it.”

Katsuki blinked. Without looking up, he asked softly, “Have you had sex with him?”

“Yes. Does that bother you?”

“No.” Katsuki didn’t know if that was a lie.

Dabi laughed. “You have to get over this. It’s not a big deal, people sleep with other people all the time. And this guy barely counts. He likes to just lie there and let other people do all the work, so you’ll need to really move your head and tongue. It’s like having sex with a mannequin.”

“Urgh.” Katsuki’s fingers clenched into tighter fists. He didn’t know why the knowledge that Dabi had fucked Shigaraki made his stomach twist the way it did. But the expression on his face clearly amused Dabi, because he was grinning up at him.

Dabi squeezed Katsuki’s ass again. “You’re so cute when you're jealous.”

“I’m not!”

“You are.” Dabi kissed Katsuki’s neck, nipping gently. Then breathed over his ear, “Don’t be jealous. You know I love you, you moron. No matter who else I fuck, it won’t stop me loving you.”

Katsuki shivered at the feeling of breath on his ear and turned to kiss Dabi again. His tongue licked over Dabi’s lip. Then away. “Do I really have to suck Shigaraki off?”

“Yeah. I mean, you can let him fuck you if you want but your mouth is fine too.”

"Right.” Katsuki’s lip twisted and he looked round at the empty bar. “Fine. Let’s just… Let’s get it over with.”

“Sure, sure. He’ll be upstairs, probably with Himiko.” Dabi paused, looking up at the ceiling. “You may need to watch out for her, by the way. She’s got a bit of a thing for the boss. She’s possessive.”

“A thing?”

“Yeah. I don’t know what her deal is, she’s some nympho nutjob, but she gets incredibly attached to some people. Like your crush Midoriya.”

“I don’t have a crush-“

“Shut up, yes you do. And my point is, she’s also into the boss. She fucks him a lot, and gets jealous if other people fuck him as well. Usually insists on being there. So you’ll have an audience.” Dabi grinned, showing his crooked teeth. “But she likes you, so she probably won’t cut you to get you away from him.”

Great. The two people who made Katsuki’s skin crawl the most, in the same room, waiting for him to come along and do depraved sexual acts in exchange for information. How many other top Heroes had gotten their start by whoring themselves out? He very much doubted that All Might had let villains come on his face. Deku definitely wouldn’t. That was why Deku was the golden child, protégé of the Symbol of Peace, and Katsuki was some useless slut failing all his exams.

Urgh. May as well seal the deal and mark himself as the gross freak he was.

Dabi pushed Katsuki off of his lap, and led him through the back room of the bar where other League Members were playing cards. The lizard glanced up at them and curled his lip, but nobody said a word. Then another door opened onto a staircase heading upwards to a set of doors. Dabi pushed on one, opening it to find Shigaraki sitting in what used to be an office. An old leather couch was in the corner of the room, and Himiko was sitting next to him painting her toenails with the kit Katsuki had bought her.

She looked up as the door opened and scooted a bit closer to Shigaraki.

Dabi pushed lightly on Katsuki’s back so he stumbled further into the room. “Here’s the good little Hero, looking to earn some information.”

Shigaraki looked up, scratching his chin. His severed hand was perched up on his forehead again, so his scarred face was fully visible. Katsuki shivered when he felt the both of Shigaraki’s eyes land on him, flicking over his body and taking him in like he was some goods put on display. Which, Katsuki reasoned, he was right then. Shigaraki looked away from him. “You better be right about this, Dabi.”

“I’m always good on my word.” Dabi laughed quietly and pressed his hand to Katsuki’s lower back again. He leaned in and whispered into Katsuki’s ear, “Just suck him off then come find me next door. I’ll fuck you as hard as you need me to, so this’ll all be worth it.”

“Wait you’re not going to be here?” Katsuki looked round in surprise. His heart thumped in his chest.

Dabi raised his eyebrows. “You want an audience? Kinky.”

“No, that’s fucking not it.” He just didn’t want to be alone. But fuck, Katsuki couldn’t admit that. He was already pathetic enough that he was willing to suck a villain’s cock, he wasn’t about to appear childish and beg Dabi to stay. So he dropped the subject. And Dabi stepped back out of the room, closing the door with a click.

Shigaraki sniffed loudly. Katsuki looked round at him. He was leaning back on the couch, his legs spread and his arm resting around Himiko’s shoulders. As Katsuki met his gaze, Shigaraki raised one eyebrow.

“Are you going to do anything? Or are you the kind of character who needs to be told exactly what to do?”

“I’m not a character,” Katsuki muttered. He swallowed down the last dregs of his pride, and stepped forward to get on his knees between Shigaraki’s legs. He didn’t have the same comforting smell as Dabi up this close. He stank of decay and cobwebs. And his spine curled forward as Katsuki scooted closer, caging him in.

He could also smell Himiko’s synthetic strawberry perfume. He looked up at her, gauging her expression and if she would cut him.

Himiko didn’t exactly scowl down at Katsuki, but she definitely didn’t have on her usual face-breaking smile. She just kept her eyes on him as she leaned against Shigaraki’s side. One of Shigaraki’s fingers toyed with a loose lock of her blonde hair as if this was something that happened every day. And considering all the fucked-up shit Katsuki had already done with Himiko, it probably was a normal occurrence for these freaks. But fuck fuck fuck, he couldn’t call them freaks any more when this was normal for him now too. Urgh. He needed to stop thinking.

Katsuki shuffled forward between Shigaraki’s legs, placing his hands on the guy’s thighs. They were boney. He took a moment to get his bearings. Above him, there was a small click. He looked up again. Himiko had opened a tube of lipstick and was slowly putting it on. She was clumsy, not getting it on her lips perfectly, and she kept her gaze on Katsuki as if it was some kind of challenge. Katsuki felt his hair stand up down the back of his neck. But he shook his head and undid Shigaraki’s belt with nervous hands.

Well, Dabi had been right. Shigaraki’s cock wasn’t as big as his. And it didn’t have intimidating piercings to catch on Katsuki’s teeth. But it was hotter in Katsuki’s hand than he was used to, and as he gave it an experimental stroke it twitched. Katsuki leaned down and tentatively ran his tongue up the underside, getting used to having something hot in his mouth. It was different. Shigaraki’s cock felt dry against his tongue. More papery skin. His pubic hair was grey and wiry, and when Katsuki licked down over his cock he found Shigaraki’s balls were leathery and disgusting against his tongue. Almost made him gag.

But Katsuki forced his revulsion down and wrapped his lips around the head of Shigaraki’s dick, lubricating his mouth with as much spit as he could, before sucking and swirling his tongue in circles, digging his tongue tip into the slit. Shigaraki’s pre cum tasted like rotten fruit. The taste made Katsuki's tongue recoil, but he forced himself to keep sucking.

“You need to use your hands more,” Himiko said in a grouchy voice.

Katsuki squinted up at her, working his mouth and lips on Shigaraki’s cock. She’d turned her body towards Shigaraki, her arm around his skinny waist and fingers gripping at his clothes. Shigaraki was largely ignoring her. His eyes were on Katsuki, eyebrows slightly raised in appraisal as he watched Katsuki sucking his gross papery dick.

But as disgusting as this was, he needed to earn the information. So Katsuki did as he was told, lifted his hand from where it had rested on Shigaraki’s thigh, and wrapped his fingers around the length of his cock that didn’t fit in his mouth to start stroking him. His movements were lubricated by his own spit and his fingers quickly grew slick. His other hand went to Shigaraki’s balls. He tried to listen for any sound from Shigaraki to indicate he was doing well. But there was nothing. No moans, no words, nothing at all. Katsuki just kept going, doing what he knew Dabi liked and hoping it was enough.

“You’re doing it wrong,” Himiko said again.

Katsuki glared up at her as he worked his mouth and hands. He could taste pre cum on his tongue and felt Shigaraki’s cock twitching against his lip, so he knew he was doing something right. But she had her face pressed to Shigaraki’s neck, nuzzling him with her nose.

“He’s not doing it right,” she said again into his neck. She was wearing her stupid short skirt and Katsuki could see her panties from here. They were patterned with rainbows. She squeezed her thighs together and curled her toes in the sofa. Nail polish smeared on the cushions. “Tomura, let me show him how to do it.”

“Mm.” Shigaraki gave a dismissive little murmur in the back of his throat and lifted his arm.

Immediately, Himiko was down on the floor, pushing her way in between Shigaraki’s legs and pulling Katsuki off of his cock. Katsuki fell back with an annoyed grunt and could only watch her. Himiko immediately wrapped her own lips around the head of Shigaraki’s dick. She swallowed the length of his cock down until her nose was pressed up against Shigaraki’s pelvis. Her eyes were wide, staring up at Shigaraki with some kind of crazed expression Katsuki couldn’t put his finger on. She hollowed her cheeks, sucking, her nose buried in his wiry white hair and her glossy lips stretched around his cock. Stayed down longer than Katsuki thought would've even been possible. When she pulled off, she left a smear of pink lipstick at the base of Shigaraki’s cock.

She looked at Katsuki with her eyes flashing and eyebrows furrowed, as if challenging him. Her cheeks still hollowed around Shigaraki’s cock and she was stroking the rest of his saliva-coated shaft with her hand. Katsuki felt his face flush red. A mixture of anger, shame, and a strange type of competition flared in his chest.

Fuck, he was supposed to be sucking Shigaraki off to get information! Would he still get the info if Himiko took over and forced him off? He looked up. Shigaraki wasn’t even looking at either of them, his eyes were closed and he was scratching his nose, disinterested. Goddammit. Katsuki hated that he’d been reduced to this, but he needed information. So with a grunt of annoyance, he moved his head in besides Himiko and licked up Shigaraki’s cock next to her.

“Hm.” That got Shigaraki’s attention. He cracked his eyes open and looked down at Katsuki and Himiko. Katsuki met his gaze with a scowl, determined to show he deserved anything Shigaraki was willing to feed him.

Himiko hummed happily next to Katsuki. She tapped on his cheek to get his attention, then pushed him lower. Katsuki moved down, licking down Shigaraki’s cock to his balls. He sucked and licked on them too, but quickly moved back up to his cock head. Pushed Himiko off to suck his dick into his own mouth instead. Katsuki couldn’t deepthroat, but he pushed his mouth as far onto Shigaraki’s length as he could go before choking and pulling off with a cough.

“Relax your throat,” Himiko told him. She was kissing Shigaraki’s shaft, leaving behind more flecks of her lipstick before licking it back up with her tongue.

Katsuki glared at her, then sank back on Shigaraki’s cock. He clenched his thumb in his fist to suppress his gag reflex and managed to get further down. His eyes watered and he wanted to throw up, but he forced himself to keep going. Kept his mouth on there as long as he could. He heard Himiko giggle quietly, and felt warmth on his skin. Himiko’s lips were kissing Shigaraki right next to Katsuki. When he pulled off with a gasp, Himiko moved up with him. Her hand kept pumping Shigaraki, but her lips met Katsuki’s at the top of his cock. She tasted of blood and strawberry.

Katsuki expected her to take Shigaraki’s cock into her mouth again, but she did something he didn’t expect. With one of Himiko’s hands giving Shigaraki a handjob, the other hand grabbed Katsuki by the hair and forced their mouths together. Katsuki panicked, his eyes going wide. He could only see Himiko’s crazed eyes and her silver eyeliner and the mascara coating her eyelashes. And she pressed her lips to his, smearing him with the last of her lipstick. Then she forced their lips down over Shigaraki’s cock. Katsuki’s tongue flicked out despite himself, swirling over the villain’s head and meeting Himiko’s tongue. He got the taste of blood and decay and strawberry all mixed together on his tongue.

They made out over Shigaraki’s cock. It was messy and disgusting, with saliva and pre cum dripping over their lips and chins. Himiko moaned. Her hand moved faster. Beneath her, her hips squeezed together.

Despite himself, Katsuki felt himself getting hard too. He hated this. Hated the taste of Shigaraki’s dick in his mouth, and the feeling of Himiko’s makeup on his skin, and the sound of his own breath coming out in choked moans. He had no idea what to do with his hands and had them hovering awkwardly in the air in front of him. When Himiko grabbed one and forced him to touch her breast, he squeezed despite himself. Over the top of them, Shigaraki gave a small noise in the back of his throat.

“Tomura,” Himiko moaned against Katsuki’s lips. She started stroking his cock harder, her eyes going to look up at him. Her tongue worked faster.

Katsuki followed her gaze. His lips and tongue were working as hard as he could. Swirling over Shigaraki’s head, licking up his rank pre cum, suckling on his frenulum. His fingers groped Himiko’s boobs. His other hand came up without him telling it to, slipping under her shirt to grip her tit through her bra. She arched into the touch with a moan. His cock strained against the fabric of his trousers.

Shigaraki was watching them with half-lidded eyes, his lips parted slightly. His arms were spread on the couch behind him. His hands twitched as if desperate to grasp something. As Katsuki watched, his mouth opened wider and a long breath was let out. His hips bucked forward. Himiko whined and wiggled her hips.

He came without any warning. Just his eyes shuddering closed and hips upwards. Himiko squeaked in pleasure, her mouth falling open to catch his jizz on her tongue. Katsuki swore in annoyance as it splattered on his face. He thought Dabi’s smokey cum was gross, but Shigaraki’s was putrid. He wiped it away with the back of his hand and sat back on the carpet.

“That was pretty good,” Shigaraki said. He raised one finger and flicked a strand of his hair out of his face.

Himiko whined and climbed up onto the sofa, straddling Shigaraki’s lap and kissing his neck. She arched her back so Katsuki could see her panties again. He looked away as her hand reached down to pull them aside, but could hear the gross squelch as she started to finger herself.

Shigaraki tiled his head to give her better access to her neck, but looked past her at Katsuki. “Dabi was right about you.”

Katsuki’s face burned and he grit his teeth. He still tasted the guy’s gross cum on his tongue and he wanted something to wash it out. Wanted to leave. But he needed to ask, “So are you going to tell me… Whatever you were going to tell me?”

“Yes. Later.” Shigaraki lifted his hand, delicately undoing Himiko’s buns so her hair fell down around her shoulders. “I’m a little busy now.”

“Urgh.” Katsuki looked away. “Gross.”

“You can stay if you want. We can see if you’re like the photos.”

Katsuki got to his feet. “No that’s fucking… What photos?”

Shigaraki didn’t answer. Himiko had managed to claim his mouth and was kissing him loudly and sloppily, her hips writhing in his lap. Shigaraki didn’t seem bothered at all by Katsuki, or interested in anything else he had to say, and since Katsuki didn’t want to see the two people he hated most in the world fuck, he slipped out the door.

In the corridor, Katsuki took a moment to lean against the door and catch his breath. He felt dirty. Dirtier than he had done in a while. Like he was covered in a sheen of dust and saliva and jizz and strawberry perfume. It was gross. He was gross. Katsuki scratched his fingers through his hair and spat on the floor, trying to get the taste of strawberry and rot out of his mouth. He shook his head angrily. Swallowed down bile. This was fine. It was necessary! A gross, horrible, necessary thing.

A hot tear rolled down Katsuki’s cheek and he angrily swiped it away. Fuck! He was such a fucking baby, he hated it.

When he’d stopped shuddering and had his shit together, Katsuki pushed himself away from the door and knocked lightly on the next room over. When he heard Dai’s familiar voice calling him in, Katsuki turned the handle and stepped back into his icy embrace. He'd let Dabi wash him clean again.

Chapter Text

Dabi was waiting for him. Sprawled out on a ratty old couch, one leg up on the arm and the other foot on the floor. His face was lit up by the light of his phone as he texted someone, fingers tapping on the phone screen awkwardly and his brow furrowed in a frown. He didn't even look up when Katsuki closed the door behind him, just lifted his arm  to beckon Katsuki to hiss side. It was too easy to move across the room and slide under Dabi's waiting arm.

"Did you have fun?" Dabi asked.

Katsuki swallowed thickly. He still tasted those two on the insides of his cheeks, and it made him feel sick. So he leaned forward and tried to kiss Dabi. Tried to drown out their flavour with something familiar. Dabi kissed him back with a small laugh, then pushed him away.

"You taste like Himiko," he said. One thumb came up to rub along Katsuki's lip. "She got her lipstick on you. Gross."

"Urgh." Katsuki swiped at his mouth in distaste. He felt so dirty. Like he needed fifteen showers. He felt hands all over him, and mouths licking over his skin. Could hear Himiko's laughter and Shigaraki's hot breath in his ear. Gross. He wiped at his mouth angrily as Dabi watched him in mild amusement. Then when his scrubbing didn't get the taste of dust and strawberry out of his mouth, he leaned forward to crash his lips against Dabi's again. When he licked into Dabi's mouth, the taste of smoke and rust barely blocked everything else out. He needed more.

Dabi laughed a little against Katsuki's mouth. He dropped his phone onto the table next to the couch and tugged Katsuki closer to straddle his lap. His hands roamed over Katsuki's body, up his thighs to his ass and then slipping under his shirt to his back. The press of his cold fingers to Katsuki's skin had him moaning despite himself. He was still half hard from groping Himiko's tits, and he needed something now. He ground down against Dabi frantically. Tears pricked behind Katsuki's eyelids. His breath caught in his throat. His fingers dug into Dabi's back, pulled him closer, tried to imprint his body onto Katsuki's. Please, let everything else fall away. He needed this.

Dabi's teeth bit down on Katsuki's lip. He pulled back with another small laugh. "So you clearly got pent up in there," he said.

"Yeah." Katsuki tried to kiss him again, but Dabi placed a hand on his chest to keep him back. He grinned so his cheeks split. The blood glistened through his staples.

"Easy," he said. One hand went to rub the front of Katsuki's crotch. "We have all night."

"No, come on," Katsuki muttered. He ground against Dabi's hand, not even caring any more that he was being a needy slut. He was exhausted and he felt dirty and he just needed to be fucked and he needed to sleep and he needed this shitty night to be over.

And that was when a shout came from downstairs. "Hey, Dabi!"

Dabi immediately took his hand off Katsuki's dick and rolled his eyes. "What?"

Katsuki growled int he back of his throat and tried to kiss Dabi, but he was pushed back. Dabi glared at the door, waiting for a followup.

"Come down here, we need you for something," the voice snapped. Katsuki vaguely recognised it as Spinnner. He always had a strange stutter on his Bs that he got from his lizardlike mouth.

Dabi sighed. "They need me for some reason," he said as he pressed another kiss to Katsuki's neck.

"No screw them," Katsuki muttered. His hands fisted in the front of Dabi's tanktop. "I need you to fuck me."

"I want to fuck you," Dabi said. "But business calls. I'll be right back. If you want to start getting yourself open for me, you can."

"Screw you," Katsuki said. And he shifted off of Dabi's lap to sit back on the couch as he left.

Katsuki hunched over, drawing his knees up to his chin. He shivered. Felt his eyes sting and a few stray tears roll down his cheeks. But he angrily swiped those away. Urgh. He hated this.

When the room was quiet he could hear sounds. Muffled voices from downstairs of Dabi arguing with Spinner about whatever they were arguing about. And then, making Katsuki's stomach churn, he could hear Himiko in the next room over making happy little squeals and gasps over the sound of thumping furniture. He didn't want to think about what she and Shigaraki were doing. But he had to fight back a wave of nausea as he remembered the feeling of Shigaraki's cock in his mouth, and the taste of his jizz.

He hunched over, shaking his head and trying to get out of his head. He felt sick. Like trash. Worse trash than usual. What kind of fucking hero was he? He was a filthy stupid slut who sucked a villain's dick just for a little bit of information. Even if he somehow managed to be a Pro after this, how could he ever look other Pros in the eye? How could he fucking... Face them? Face anyone?

For some reason the image swam through his head of Deku sitting on the couch next to him with the moonlight in his hair as he said that Katsuki was amazing. It had him crying again and he slapped himself in the face to get himself to stop.

For something to do, Katsuki pushed himself to his feet and started pacing back and forth across the carpet. Jumped up and down. Slapped his own face again. Punched the wall whenever Himiko moaned particularly loudly and got into his skull. And when he felt like he was about to rip his skin off, his eyes fell on Dabi's phone on the desk.

He didn't know why he picked it up and turned it on. Something about what Shigaraki had said about photographs had made Katsuki confused. And besides, there was nothing else to do up in that place. He picked up the phone and flicked it on, surprised to find there was no passcode or security to keep him from accessing everything. And even more surprised to find the phone's wallpaper was of a smiling family Kasuki didn't recognise. Katsuki's fingers shook a little as he skimmed over the various apps and clicked on the photo album. He probably wasn't going to find anything. Shigaraki had just said something vague about pictures, there was no reason to think it'd be linked to Dabi's phone. If anything, Katsuki aas just curious to see if he had more photos of Himiko sucking Dabi's stapled dick.

And yeah, there were picturs of Himiko. For some reason, most of the photos on here were the same family as on the wallpaper. But a few weeks back, there was the first photograph of Himiko. She was covered in blood and taking a selfie with her arm around Dabi who was staring blankly at the camera. In the background... Katsuki could just make out something visceral and red.

He flicked through a few more pictures mostly of Himiko and the rest of the League. Nothing interesting. Most out of focus and useless.

But then he froze.

The next picture was of him. It was taken the last time he'd met up with Dabi, when he'd been stressed out and needed Dabi to fuck him hard before he passed out. He was asleep, his arms around Dabi's waist, his face turned to press against the villain's chest. And Dabi was looking at the camera, holding it up to snap a photograph of the two of them. The blankets were arranged to reveal that yes they were naked and yes there were hickies and scratches down Katsuki's back. And yes, he was clinging to Dabi in his sleep.

Katsuki's blood run cold. There were several photos like that, of Katsuki asleep in bed next to Dabi who was taking selfies of the two of them. And then a series of photos with Himiko on Katsuki's other side. She was pressing kisses to his shoulders or licking up his neck as he slept. In one, Katsuki had rolled onto his back and was nestled between the two villains. In another, Himiko was kissing his mouth as he slept. Dabi was kissing his neck. With the way Katsuki was positioned, he could have been awake just with his eyes closed.

What the fuck was this? Why had he taken them? Why were they still on this phone? Who's phone even was this? Who were the people in the older photographs? Katsuki remembered the different numbers Dabi always texted him from. Was there a trail of different phones, full of photographs of him when he was asleep? Katsuki felt sick. He grit his teeth and deleted all of the photos on the phone. His palm exploded and melted the flimsy plastic.

“You can stay if you want. We can see if you’re like the photos.”

Katsuki threw the mangled phone across the room so it hit the door and fell onto the carpet. Before it hit the ground, he had curled up over himself. He gripped his head in his hands, threatening to pull out clumps of his own hair. His teeth dug into the flesh of his leg to muffle his frustrated and confused screams.

That was the position he Dabi found him in: curled up and biting his own flesh and trying to disappear.

"What's wrong with you?" His boots appeared in the field of Katsuki's vision. Scuffed and cracked leather. The smell of him filled Katsuki's nostrils, comforting and safe.

He took a long breath. His hands dropped away from his hair and he sat up a little, but Katsuki didn't look Dabi in the eye. When he found his tongue, he muttered, "What are those pictures on your phone?"

"What are you talking about? What pictures?"

Katsuki took a long breath and swallowed. Tried to figure out what to say. "You have pictures of me on your phone. When I'm sleeping. Of me and you. And Himiko. You have pictures of the two of you kissing me as I sleep. Where anyone could see them."

He trailed off, unsure what to say. What to ask. He wanted to ask why they were there. Why Dabi had taken them. Kept them! If there were others. If Dabi was ever going to tell him about them. But he couldn't find the words to phrase that, so he just stared ahead of him at Dabi's belt buckle. Unable to lift his gaze to meet Dabi's eyes.

Dabi himself was quiet for a few moments. Katsuki saw his hand clenching and unclenching into fists. Heard him lick his lips. In the background, he could hear Himiko and Shigaraki fucking in the next room.

Finally, Dabi said in a quiet voice, "You looked in my phone?"

That had Katsuki actually looking up at him. Dabi's face was blank, but his eyes were narrowed and his brows were slightly furrowed. It pissed Katsuki off. He felt his own palms crackling with more tiny explosions.

"Yeah," he said, his voice louder now. "Yeah, I did. I looked at your phone and I found your creepshots of me. What the fuck were they, Dabi? Why were they on your phone?"

"Fucking Hell." Dabi kept his voice low and took a step back. "Where's my phone, Katsuki?"

"There." He pointed at the chunk of melted plastic on the floor.

Dabi followed his finger. Katsuki saw his hand twitch slightly, in surprise. Then he bent down and picked the phone up. "What did you do to it?"

"What do you think I did? I destroyed that phone and all the pictures you had of me on there." Katsuki got to his feet, his hands crackling at his sides. "Were you ever going to tell me you took those shots of me? Huh? Or were you going to keep perving on me as I slept?"

Dabi didn't look at Katsuki. Kept staring down at his phone. He asked in another low voice, "I had important stuff on this phone, Katsuki."

"Oh yeah? Important stuff? Like what?" Katsuki's voice raised a few more decibels and he stepped closer to Dabi. "The names of more people you've killed? Places you've set on fire? More pictures of people you've fucked?"

"Katsuki," Dabi said quietly. "You can't just look in my phone behind my back."

"Oh can't I?" Katsuki's hands crackled even more. "Well fucking excuse me. Maybe you shouldn't hide shit from me."

He growled, his palms igniting with his quirk now. He felt his own palms start to heat up from the rage and frustration. And Dabi, that bastard, didn't move. Just stared down at the mangled phone in his hand. He didn't say a work! Didn't try to explain! Didn't apologise! Just made Katsuki's anger levels tick higher. "Are you going to fucking look at me, Dabi?"

"No," Dabi muttered. He closed his eyes, his hand shaking on the phone. "No, I'm too angry."

"You're angry? You're fucking angry? I wasn't the one taking photos of your dick."

"Katsuki, seriously, shut up for two seconds. Let me think."

"No!" Katsuki felt tears prick his eyes and he knew he was shouting loud enough for the entire building to hear, but he didn't care. He was tired and he had jizz in his mouth and lipstick on his skin and there were pictures of him in Dabi's phone. He wanted Dabi to look at him! Wanted him to talk! Why wouldn't he look?

Katsuki reached out and grabbed him by the arm, feeling his leathery skin. "Fucking look at me! Talk to me! Why can't you fu-"



Katsuki heard more than felt Dabi's hand cracking across his face. He reeled back in surprise at the sudden force. An open-handed smack across his cheek, leaving him smarting. And he barely had any time to realise what was happening before Dabi was on him. A hand on his throat was squeezing him, pushing him backwards, forcing him onto the couch. He could feel Dabi's cold fingers digging into his windpipe and cutting off his air. Feel Dabi's breath on his face. Could see his icy eyes boring through him. And more than any of that, he felt Dabi's hand on his front, his quirk igniting, flames burning right through Katsuki's shirt.

He'd never felt Dabi's flames like this. Before, he'd used his quirk when they'd fucked, to tease him and make him feel good. This was different. Angry. Piercing. Hot. Katsuki could feel Dabi's fingers igniting on his flesh and burning through his clothes. He felt his skin starting to bubble. Could smell the flesh cooking. Pork and death. And fuck fuck fuck, he'd been in fights with villains and in class but he realised now that holy shit they'd all been holding back. They'd been going easy on him. Because this feeling scorching through him, ripping open his stomach, burning him alive, it was more intense than anything he had ever felt. Katsuki could feel his mouth open in a scream, trying to yell that holy shit he was on fire! He was going to die! And it fucking hurt! All he could think of was the pain, the agony consuming him and taking over his brain and making his body spasm to try and get away but he was trapped between Dabi and the couch. He wanted to scream. Kick. Fight. Stop! Please! Stop!

All that came out of his mouth was a croak. A gasp. It was like the fire at his stomach had swallowed his words, and the hand on his throat stopped his movements.

He was going to die.

Dabi leaned over him. One knee on the couch by Katsuki's side. His hand squeezed Katsuki's neck harsher, cutting off his breath. He couldn't breath. His stomach was on fire. He couldn't think. All he could do was stare up at Dabi's eyes. See the staples on his cheeks. Count the eyelashes on his top lid. The hairless lower lids.

"You have to learn when to shut the fuck up," Dabi muttered, his nails digging into Katsuki's neck. His breath was frigid on Katsuki's skin. Rushing over his face. It almost made him shiver despite the fire burning through him. "I am not a Hero, or one of your stupid schoolmates, or your little crush Midoriya. I will tolerate you being a whiney little bitch, but you cannot yell at me or look through my shit or manhandle me. I'm a villain, and you need to remember all the people I've killed when you talk like that to me. I'm not scared of you."

Katsuki's mouth opened and closed. He stared up with wide eyes, his tongue moving hopelessly, his breath coming in gasps. His head spun. His stomach was agony. He couldn't fucking think. Couldn't see. Couldn't breath. Tears pricked in his eyes. His fingers scrabbled at Dabi's hand at his neck. He choked out a weak word.


And Dabi pulled back. His quirk turned off, his hands left Katsuki's body, and he stumbled away. Katsuki lay on the couch, staring at the ceiling and gulping down lungfuls of air. His stomach was pure agony and he couldnt' fucking focus, couldn't speak, couldn't even scream. But as the air rushed back into him, he felt his body start to shudder and he started to sob loudly, tears rolling down his cheeks.

And over the top of it, he heard more sobs. Katsuki fought through the pain and looked across the room. Dabi was leaning against the wall, one hand to his mouth and his body heaving with sobs.

"I'm sorry," he said as he stared at Katsuki. "I- I was so angry. I'm sorry. I..."

"Dabi," Katsuki croaked. More tears rolled down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry." Dabi crossed the room, pulling Katsuki to him in a clumsy hug. Katsuki yelled in pain at the burn on his stomach when he was moved, but he still curled into Dabi's embrace. Breathed in the smell of him, and leaned into the coolness of his embrace. And he started to sob louder, tears flowing faster. Dabi held him closer and sobbed himself. Katsuki heard him crying, and felt his body shuddering. He wrapped his own arms round Dabi's waist and curled into him. He coughed hopelessly. His throat ached. His stomach was a hole in his body. He couldn't move. He couldn't...

"I'm so sorry," Dabi said again. His hand went to Katsuki's hair, pulling him closer and pressing his face to Dabi's chest. "Why did you look in my phone, Katsuki? Why would you do that?"

Katsuki coughed and sobbed. His voice was laboured and slow. "Sh- Shigaraki mentioned pictures. I don't know. I was confused. I don't know."

"You fucking idiot," Dabi said. He sniffed and pressed a kiss to the top of Katsuki's head. "You need to learn some self preservation. You're in a villain's hideout. There's shit lying around, stuff in my phone that you can't see."

"I'm sorry," Katsuki babbled. Tears were rolling down his face and he couldn't think. He was just so tired, so in pain, and his cock was half hard in his jeans. All he could do was hug Dabi closer and lean into him. "I'm sorry. I fucked up. Don't hate me."

"It's okay."

"I don't know what I was doing."

"You never think. It's okay."

"I'm sorry."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

It slipped out in between Katsuki's sobs and coughs, falling from somewhere deep in his spinning brain. But he didn't try and claw the words back or deny them, just leant into them. Leant into Dabi. And he said it again as he cried.

He loved Dabi. He was so fucking stupid and so sorry and he'd fucked up so much, and he didn't deserve any sort of affection or attention just then. He had no idea why Dabi kept petting his hair and kissing him and hugging him and saying he loved Katsuki. He was fucking filth and he was so fucking stupid and dirty and he was a no good fucking whore. Why did Dabi love him? He didn't know. He just leant into the feelings and cried until the tears stopped and all he could feel was the agony in his stomach, and at his throat, and Dabi's cool embrace around him.

"Lay back," Dabi said quietly. He pushed Katsuki to lie down on the couch, and knelt on the floor next to him. Katsuki stared vaguely up at the ceiling. He knew that Dabi was peeling his ruined shirt off, but didn't really acknowledge what was happening. He felt Dabi spreading some cream across his burnt stomach, the same cream as before when Katsuki'd fucked up his own wound care. Fuck. He was always fucking up and needing Dabi to fix things. He fucked up his wounds, fucked up his classes, fucked up his infiltration of the League. And Dabi had to pick up after him every time. Shit. Fuck. Katsuki wanted the wound on his stomach to spread and devour him whole. It'd be better that way. Katsuki's mouth twitched and he felt more tears rolling down his cheeks.

Dabi wiped the tears away with his thumb. "I'm sorry," Dabi said. "I don't usually get angry. It's... When I found out you'd gone through my stuff and broke my phone... It reminded me of my father."

"Your father?" Katsuki turned his face, leaning into Dabi's touch. He didn't want to be like Dabi's father. Didn't want to be trash who hurt people. Fuck, why did he always hurt people?

Dabi nodded. His thumb rubbed Katsuki's cheek. "He used to wreck my stuff if he was angry. He ripped my books up, burnt my clothes, destroyed my phone. He went through my emails and texts to make sure I was doing everything he said. So when you said you'd done that... I just thought of him." His hand dropped away and he looked back at Dabi's stomach. Rubbed the cream into the wound again. "I hurt you the way I always wanted to hurt him. I'm so sorry. I never want to hurt you."

"It's okay," Katsuki said. He rested a hand on Dabi's wrist. And he asked, "Why do you have those photos?"

"Because you're cute." Dabi's fingers ran around the outer edge of Katsuki's burn. "You're cute when you sleep, and I love you. I wanted to have photographs of you so I could look at them when I was away from you. Is that wrong of me?"

He looked up. Katsuki felt sheepish, a wash of shame flowing over him. He shook his head. Shit, he'd overreacted. He was so fucking stupid!

Dabi raised his eyebrows a little. "I wish you'd just asked me about them. You need to be more mature, Katsuki. Have a conversation with me."

"Sorry," he said again. He sighed. Focussed on the feeling of Dabi rubbing the healing ointment over his burns. "It was Shigaraki. He... He said he wanted to see if I was like the pictures. And I didn't know what he meant."

"Urgh. He talks a lot." Dabi shook his head. Then he tilted his head forward, his hair falling over his face. "When we first met, before I fell in love with you, the League was suspicious of you. They didn't know why we were always meeting up and thought you were some spy sent in to fuck me and get info on us. They said we needed some sort of defence mechanism. They wanted me to threaten you so you would be scared to go to any Heroes. But I didn't want to do that. Even back then, I thought you were cute." Dabi grinned, so his cheeks split. "Like one of those ugly little dogs who yaps and doesn't realise how small he is. You were adorable."

"Shut up," Katsuki said. He coughed and rubbed his aching throat.

Dabi laughed softly. Then his smile faded. "I took photos of you. When we were together."

"You what?" Katsuki tried to sit up, but Dabi pushed him to lie back down on the couch.

"Don't move, I'm still healing you." He got some dressing and placed it gently over Katsuki's stomach. Smoothed it out. And he nodded. "Yeah. The idea was, if you ever threatened to go to the Pro Heroes or police about us, I'd bring you down with us. Frame you as a villain conspirator. Destroy your reputation and any sort of career. With these pictures. Of you and me. Having sex."

Katsuki stared at him. He felt cold sweat along the back of his neck, and his mouth was dry. He had no idea how to respond.

Dabi shook his head. "I think those photos helped me fall in love with you. I looked at them a lot when you weren't around. Got attached to them. To you. I'm glad I never had to use them."

Katsuki's lips were dry and cracking. "Do you still have them?"

"Yeah. Somewhere. I like looking at you." Dabi's hand stroked down Katsuki's cheek, his thumb rubbing over him. "But Katsuki, you needed to know something like this would've happened. Did you think I wouldn't have put something in place to protect myself and the League? I know you're not so naive to think I wouldn't have anything."

Katsuki looked up at him. He felt more tears roll down his face. He hadn't thought... Hadn't even considered the possibility that Dabi had some sort of backup in case he ever went to the police. He suddenly felt like such a stupid child, just playing at being a Pro Hero.  Fuck, what was he doing? Had he ever done anything right? What was wrong with him? More tears rolled down his face.

Dabi stroked his cheek. "I never told you about them, because they were never relevant. But if you wanted to know what the boss was talking about, you should've asked me. Do you not trust me?"

"I trust you."

"Do you? You've a weird way of showing it. You just yelled at me because you thought I'd taken creepshots of you. And you destroyed my phone, which I was still using for important business. How is that trusting?"

More tears splattered onto the couch. "I wasn't thinking."

"You rarely do." Dabi leaned down and pressed a kiss to Katsuki's lips. It was cold and smokey. When he pulled back, Katsuki could see his eyes and every eyelash on his top lid. "I love you, you stupid angry bitch. But you need to learn to trust me. I'm still a villain, I do dangerous things and there are important files on my phone. I don't want you to get hurt because you look at the wrong thing. You need to trust me."

"Sorry," Katsuki said. He reached out his hand and rested it on Dabi's cheek. His staples were cold on his skin. Comforting. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Dabi leaned in again and kissed him. Deeper that time. Katsuki opened his mouth and welcomed his tongue in, tasting him. He felt Dabis' tongue stud clink on his lips.

When Dabi pulled back, his lips were glistening. "Are you going to apologise for not trusting me and destroying my stuff?' he said with a grin.

"Sorry," Katsuki said. "I... I fucked up."

"I know you did. But that's not what I meant." Dabi got to his knees. His crotch was level with Katsuki's mouth, and he could see his cock was hard. "You should get the taste of the boss out of your mouth. I'd fuck you, but you need to rest a little longer. And, well, you did break my things."

Urgh, fucking finally. What Katsuki had been waiting for. He shifted into a better position, wincing at the pain in his stomach. Reached forward and undid Dabi's belt. His cock was cool and familiar in Katsuki's hand. When he stroked it, he heard Dabi sigh over him. It had Katsuki's own cock getting hard.

He paused, and looked up. He wanted to ask something. Maybe if Dabi was proud of him. Or if Dabi thought he was a useless little bitch who deserved to be spat on, or if he was something more. But the words didn't come out. So instead he let his head be pushed towards Dabi's cock. Just opened his mouth and swallowed him down. It was easy now. He wanted to do it. He liked doing it.

And as his head bobbed up and down on Dabi's cock, as Dabi's fingers clenched in his hair, as Katsuki's stomach throbbed with pain and his throat ached and he tried to stifle his gag reflex as Dabi's hips bucked forward, he dimly thought that love wasn't quite what everyone had said it'd be like.

But he was happy.

He'd never been happier.

Chapter Text

Admitting that he actually felt something for Dabi was confusing. Katsuki had a mixture of emotions in his stomach over the next few days. Like, he felt as though a gigantic weight had been lifted off of his shoulders but then another weight had been put right back on. He was comforted and safe with Dabi when they talked on the phone or texted. But then when they were apart, he felt a little nauseous and confused, terrified someone would figure out what was going on and his life would crash and burn around him. It was a weird mix of warmth and terror. And falling for a mass-murdering asshole probably said a lot about him, too.

"Of course it says something about you," Dabi told him with a laugh when Katsuki admitted his concerns. "It tells you you've got shitty judgement. But I'm grateful you've got shitty judgement, because I love you too. I guess we're shitty together."

"Uh huh." It was early. Katsuki had woken up a few hours before his alarm clock again, his stomach churning with nerves that he'd had to settle by calling Dabi. Now he was lying under the blankets so that Kirishima wouldn't hear him, curled into a foetal position. His toes wriggled in the sheets, rubbing together. He licked his lower lip. "I wish you were here."

"I wish I was there, too." Dabi laughed. "You're so cute not wanting to be away from me."

"Whatever." Katsuki had made the mistake of telling Dabi a few nights after his love confession that he felt weird when they were apart, but Dabi had assured him that was fine. Dabi felt like he wanted to be with Katsuki all the time, too. That was love, after all. Wanting to be with the other person forever and feeling sick when you were apart. Which was comforting reassurance. Katsuki felt so soothed when he spoke to Dabi. He hated that this was the guy who calmed him down so instantly, but that was his life apparently. He leaned his head into the pillow. "I just meant I don't want to fucking do this damn festival thing today. It's so stupid. I should be training or working on useful shit."

"But it's such a cute little festival," Dabi said. "And you're not half bad. I still watch those recordings you sent me sometimes."


"Yeah. You're alright."

Katsuki's heart swelled in his chest and he smiled despite himself. "I love you," he said.

"I love you too." Dabi sighed and there was the souns of shifting, and creaking springs on his side of the phone. Katsuki wondered where he was. If he'd moved to a new place since they last met up, or if he was still in the run-down hovel. But he couldn't think much more about it because Dabi dropped a bit of a bombshell. "Himiko's going to be at the festival, by the way."

"What?" Katsuki almost sat up in shock, but he bit his tongue and hunched over under the covers. He hissed, struggling not to yell. "What do you mean she's going to be here? Why the fuck did you even tell her- Why? Why is she going to come? That is the stupidest fucking idea-"

"She's going to be in disguise," Dabi interrupted with a lazy yawn. "She stoles someone's ID and she's going to be there like a regular guest."

"But why?" The last thing Katsuki needed that day was the pressure of a knife-wielding villain loose in UA. As if he wasn't feeling sick enough that day.

"Because," Dabi said, "We needed to get some stuff to you anyway, so you can earn back the good graces that you lost with the boss after you destroyed my phone. And Himiko volunteered. She's never been to a school festival, and we thought it'd be nice for her to go and have fun for once in her life. You know she's had a shitty life and not the stuff you've had. Let her have this. Don't be a jerk."

"Urgh. Fine." Katsuki rolled onto his back, feeling the usual little flicker of shame he got whenever he was chided for insulting Himiko. It was just so early. He was so tired. "But she better not stab anyone. And if she gets caught, I'm not taking a bullet for her. I'll deny everything."

"I wouldn't expect anything less," Dabi said with a laugh.

The thought of Himiko running around the grounds was on Katsuki's mind for the rest of the morning as they got ready for the festival they'd all been planning for. It made him feel even more sick than normal. He was already tense enough what with the festival, and now this. It was going to be a shitty day. Katsuki felt like he was going to throw up all through breakfast, and he was surly with everyone who tried to talk to him. Luckily, they seemed to brush it off as nerves for the performance. Kirishima and Kaminari both laughed at how funny it was to see the usually so confident Bakugou being anxious around a concert. Katsuki let them laugh. Better they thought that than knew what was actually going through his head.

He fucked up during the band's final few practices that morning. Fumbled the fills and messed up the beat. He swore angrily, and insisted they try again. He managed to get through it the second time around. He imagined the drums were Himiko's face and he destroyed them. The nerves kept him on point. Kept him alert. And they got through it. Maybe. It'd be alright. Hopefully.

As the morning dragged on, the band gathered in the back stage area of the UA theatre. They were on first, opening up the entire day for the stage performances. Katsuki just rocked back and forth on his heels. He just wanted to get this performance over and done with, then he'd go. He'd do a few songs, make everyone feel good, show Aizawa he was a team player or whatever, then he'd leave to find Himiko and get her to leave with minimal casualties.

He hovered near the edge of the room, away from the edge of the band. Checked his phone to see the time.

"Why do you keep checking your phone," Kaminari asked from across the room. "You've been on that phone so often lately. You got a girlfriend or something?"

"Get lost," Katsuki muttered, flipping Kaminari off.

Fifteen minutes until the performance.

Katsuki tapped his foot. They'd been held up a little by Deku running off to get some equipment for the show, but he'd managed to turn up so now everyone was setting shit up. Katsuki was about to go back on the stage when his phone starting ringing. It was Dabi.

"You can't answer that," Yaoyorozu said as she walked past. "It's bad for the techs to use a mobile phone in here."

"He needs to speak to his girlfriend," Kaminari explained.

"Guys are we ready?" Jirou was hopping from foot to foot nervously.

"Give me a second," Katsuki said. He flicked his phone on and held it to his ear, walking across the room. "What is it? I'm busy."

"You need to get to Himiko."


"Bakugou, we need to be on stage," Jirou called.

"One minute," Katsuki snapped. He pushed past the dancers and out into a quiet corridor behind the stage. "What did you say?"

Dabi's voice was calm. "You need to get Himiko. She's freaking out."

Katsuki felt a vein pulse in his temples. "What do you mean she's freaking out?"

"I think it's all the people and the excitement. Too much for her. You know she's unstable."

"Yeah, she is. That's why I didn't want her to come here!"

"She's allowed to have fun even if she's a little different," Dabi said. "Don't be a little bitch, Katsuki. She's not being dangerous, she just needs some comfort when she's like this."

"Urgh." Katsuki shook his head. "Well I can't help her right now, I've got my performance."

"Wow." Dabi sighed. "You're putting your little class performance ahead of Himiko? My friend? So you're okay fucking her, but helping her out is too much of an inconvenience for you?"

"I'm not okay fucking her," Katsuki snarled.

"Sure." Dabi sighed. "Look I don't know what to tell you. She's a messed-up girl and she's having a breakdown and I'd go help her out, but I can't. But you can. And you know I'd do anything to help out someone you cared about if you asked me to, no matter what. But if your little band is more important than me, I understand. She'll probably be fine for a few minutes."

Katsuki scowled. He looked over his shoulder at the door. Then he swore and started walking. "I'll have to be quick. Do you know where she is?"

"She mentioned something about dorms," Dabi said. "And needing some quiet away from the crowds."

"Fuck, those're so far away." Katsuki snuck out of the theatre and started running, weaving in and out of various people and stalls to head to the dorms. "You owe me a big one."

"I owe you so many big ones. I love you."

"I love you too," Katsuki muttered.

It's okay, he could do this. He'd just find Himiko, make sure she was okay like Dabi said, have her not stab anyone, then he'd get back to the performance. He'd be a little late, but not too late. They'd just have a delayed start. It was fine. And it was better than Himiko freaking out and stabbing someone.

When he reached the dorms, Katsuki slowed down to a jog, looking around to see someone unfamiliar. Dabi described what she looked like, so it wasn't going to be too hard to spot her. Especially since there weren't any regular festival-goers this far away from the stalls and performances. Eventually, when he passed the 1-A dorm, he pulled to a stop. A woman with long red hair was standing at the side of his dorm, her head tilted back so could stare up at the balconies. Her feet were on their tiptoes, as if trying to get closer to the sky.

"I found her," Katsuki said into the phone.

"Cool. Just remember what I said: be gentle and kind and do whatever she wants so she feels safe. She's important to me so don't hurt her."


"I love you."

"I love you, too."

He hung up the phone and shoved it into his pocket."Hey," he called out, making the woman look round. She smiled with Himiko's pointed teeth as he approahed. In this disguise, she was a few inches taller than Katsuki. He hated it. Why did everyone always have to be taller than him? But he held his breath to keep from seeming scared and walked over to her.

"So this is where you were,' he said. He held out a hand. "Come on, lets go. I'm taking you out of here."

"Just a second," Himiko said. She looked back up. "Which of these windows is Izuku's? I want to know where he lives."

"I don't know which one is his," Katsuki muttered. "Now stop wasting time, I'm getting you out of here. You need to go. I have shit to do."

"Mmhm." Himiko rested a hand on the side of the dorm and had a strange not-there sort of expression on her face. She smiled dippily up at the windows. "It must be nice to have a dorm on campus. So you can spend all day with your classmates. All day at school."

"Yeah it's fucking peachy," Katsuki muttered. His phone buzzed in his pocket, probably the rest of the band frantically texting him to ask where he was and what he was doing because they were meant to be on stage any second. And yes Katsuki knew he was ruining everything by not being there, but things would be ruined even more if Himiko flipped out and started stabbing people. He looked over his shoulder. This part of the dorms was tucked out of the way, hidden by some trees and bushes. The only people who'd come past here would be people who were trying to get to the other side of the dorms. He sighed and looked back at Himiko. "Come on, let's go."

But she wasn't listening. Himiko smiled and wrapped her arms around her. "I would have loved to live in a dorm with other students. Imagine if the person you loved was just down the corridor. You could stay up late tapping morse code on the walls to each other, or slipping notes under each others' door." As she talked, her body melted away. Red hair turned to blond, blue eyes turned yellow, and she shrunk down to be shorter than Katsuki again. Her sunken eyes blinked slowly and she smiled happily.

Katsuki scowled. "The fuck are you doing? If someone sees you, they'll fucking arrest you, and I won't defend you or anything."

"I always wondered," she said happily, "What it would be like if someone confessed to me."

"Knowing you, it would involve a lot of blood and screaming."

That had Himiko laughing in high-pitch. "I like boys who smell of blood, Kacchan. Like Izuku." She held herself and smiled. "He's always running into danger to help people and he gets himself all cute and bloody. He's so perfect, isn't he?"

"Yeah, he's great," Katsuki growled. "Now come on let's go, you can talk about how you wanna fuck Deku as we leave."

"I don't want to fuck him, I just want to love him."

"Okay, sure."

"Have you ever been confessed to, Kacchan?"


"I think it would be lovely. I had to leave school before someone could confess to me."


"But I've always dreamed of someone confessing to me. Calling me out to the back of the school after class. Being nervous and unable to look me in the eye. Stammering a little. Saying that they love me and can't live without me, and need to be with me forever and ever." She sighed, her eyelashes fluttering. Then, to Katsuki, "Could you pretend for me, Kacchan? I want to know what it'd feel like to be confessed to."

"The fuck?" Katsuki blinked at her in confusion and irritation. Was she seriously asking him for this? Urgh, of course she was. Himiko was so out of it, she didn't see anything at all weird about standing in the middle of a school campus full of Pro Heroes who would kill her, asking for Katsuki to pretend like he was a blushing high school boy confessing to her. Anyone else, Katsuki would have told them to fuck off, but he'd promised Dabi he'd be gentle with her. And honestly if Dabi wasn't Dabi, Katsuki would've told him to fuck off too. They were lucky Katsuki loved that scabbed weirdo.

"Fine," he muttered. He stepped closer and looked over his shoulder to make doubly sure they weren't being watched. Then muttered, "I like you. There. You happy?"

Himiko stared at him for a long moment. Katsuki couldn't tell what she was thinking. Her brows were furrowed just a little, and her lips were a little thinner. He stood there waiting for her to say something. Eventually she leant forward, shaking her head. "You didn't mean that. It felt so fake."

Katsuki wanted to snap at her that of course he didn't mean that. He hated her and just being near her made his skin crawl, it would be impossible for him to say he liked her and actually mean it. But he bit the inside of his cheek and just muttered, "You want me to say something else?"

She spun a little on her heel, looking up at the dorms. "You need to feel these confessions, Kacchan. You need to really believe you like someone when you confess to them. If you say you like someone and you're lying, you'll break their heart. You mustn't break someone's heart. That's the worst thing you can do."

"Noted." Katsuki ran his fingers through his hair and growled, "Fine I can say it again if it'll make you feel better."

"Mmhm." Himiko paused. Her eyes flicked over the balconies on the dorm, then she head slowly turned to Katsuki. "Yes. Try it again."

Katsuki opened his mouth, but froze in place as Himiko began to melt away. Her body grew taller, but not as tall as Katsuki. Her shoulders widened, her torso became more muscled, her hair shortened and turned into a mass of dark green curls. When she blinked her eyes, they turned a dark green. And she smiled with her pointed teeth.

"Kacchan," Himiko said in Deku's voice. He- She stepped forward, closing the gap a little between them. Katsuki had never seen her shapeshift into Deku. It was weird. She looked so much like him, but was different at the same time. The way she stood wasn't quite right. The way she smiled so wide it felt like her face was cracking. And the way she said his name: placing the emphasis wrong and having the wrong lilt in her voice. Deku, but not Deku. Katsuki couldn't find his tongue and just stared at her as she stepped closer. Whens he spoke, her breath stank of blood and fried festival snacks. "Are you going to confess to me, Kacchan?"

"I-" Katsuki struggled, trying to understand what was happening now. Getting his brain together. What had happened? Why was she doing this? Where had she even gotten Deku's blood to turn into him?

Himiko laughed. It was a bizarre sound coming out of Deku's mouth. "Imagine it for me. You tell Izuku that you want to tell him something. You have him meet you round the back of the dorms. And you tell him you love him, and you want to be with him forever. I want to know what it would be like to be Izuku. To be confessed to. Tell me, Katsuki. Tell me how you would confess to him. I want to feel what it's like when someone means what they say."

Her eyes were wide and sparkling, boring through Katsuki. He felt his face heat up and his tongue uncurled from around his teeth. He found the words. Cleared his throat. Coughed.

"I..." Katsuki's mouth was dry. He swallowed. Looked down. Looked up. "Deku. I like you. A lot. I..." Katsuki shook his head and closed his eyes. Then muttered, "I want you to be my boyfriend."

"Ah." There were hands on Katsuki's and he snapped his eyes open. Himiko was holding his hands and smiling at him. "That's it. That's what it's like when you mean your confession."

Deku was so close now. Katsuki could count the freckles on his cheeks. He looked different in the daylight than he did when he'd been sitting with Katsuki in the dorms that one night and they'd been so close. Not as close as this though. Deku had stepped closer, his chest against Katsuki's. His hands were holding Katsuki's tightly. His fingers were scarred and calloused. Katsuki's fingers squeezed back, testing the strength of his muscles.


This wan't Deku.

"Are you done?" Katsuki muttered, looking away from Himiko.

She giggled again. "I like you too," she said sweetly. Then, "Do you want to kiss me, Kacchan?"


Deku's smile was wider now, threatening to split his face in half. He leaned up on his toes so they were nose-to-nose. "Do you want to kiss me, Kacchan? It's what you do when you like people."

Katsuki's mouth was dry. He didn't know what to think. How to respond. All he could do was stand there frozen in place as Himiko closed the gap between them and forced Deku's lips against his.

Deku's mouth was forceful, pressing against his own. He opened his mouth and Deku's tongue was immediately moving against his own. Katsuki could taste oil and fat and blood on Deku's tongue. He felt Deku's hands on his front, pushing him back so he was against the wall. Deku's hands moved over his body, over his chest and his nipples and then down his stomach to his hips. One hand went to Katsuki's crotch. Katsuki moaned when Deku grabbed it. His mouth opened wider. Fuck, Deku.


No. She was saying it wrong. Deku didn't say it like that.

Katsuki's hands splayed in front of him, wanting to shove Himiko away. But he'd promised Dabi he'd be nice. And besides, it's not like he wasn't used to having her tongue shoved down his throat. He just hadn't fucking expected it. Hadn't expected her to kiss him when she looked like... That.

Himiko pulled back, a line of saliva connecting their lips. Deku's cheeks were tinted pink. He smiled up at Katsuki. Katsuki's knees were weak. He let himself be pushed down onto his knees so his eyes were level with Deku's crotch. He watched wordlessly as Himiko undid Deku's belt.

Deku's cock was a decent size. Not too long or anything, and it wasn't mangled with piercings like Dabi's. When Katsuki leaned in to take it into his mouth, it didn't taste like decay and rotten fruit like Shigaraki's. Katsuki found that he could easily take all of Deku's cock into his mouth, swallowing it down until his nose was pressed against Deku's green pubic hair. He wondered if the real Deku would be impressed by that. If he'd cover his face and say that Katsuki was amazing. Beg Katsuki to keep going, then moan and thrust gently into his mouth before coming down Katsuki's throat. Pull Katsuki up to kiss him gently, say he loved him. Had always loved him.

Or maybe he'd say that Katsuki was disgusting and a slut for sucking so much dick that he could do this like it was nothing. And he'd hold Katsuki down so he choked, passing out from lack of oxygen on Deku's cock. That was more likely. Katsuki kept his nose against Deku's pelvis, feeling his head start to spin as the airflow was cut off. Then he slowly pulled off and took a breath in. He looked up. Deku smiled down at him. His calloused hands gripped Katsuki by the hair. When he fucked into Katsuki's mouth, Katsuki didn't fight back. Just let his face be used. His hair be pulled out. Saliva and precum rolled over his lower lip. Splattered over his band shirt.

His phone buzzed in his pocket. More texts from classmates asking him where the fuck he was and why he was ruining their festival performance. Telling him that he was the reason everyone looked down on the heroics course. That he was a failure and good for nothing. That it would've been better if nobody had rescued him back when he was kidnapped. Everyone should have left him and forgotten about him and they would've been better off. What was the point of that shit? All that happened was he'd put his classmates in danger, and destroyed All Might's career. Everyone had put their lives ont he line to save him. And after all they'd done, he was still on his knees letting a villain use his mouth as a fleshlight. He was pathetic. So stupid. Would never be a Pro Hero. This was all he was good for.

Deku's moans were high-pitched. Himiko thrust into Katsuki's mouth and came down his throat with a sigh. Katsuki swallowed without any sort of fuss. And when she was done, he slumped against the wall as Himiko pulled out of his mouth readjusted herself.

"I feel much better," she said with a happy smile. "Thank you for looking after me, Kacchan. I hope I didn't ruin your time at the festival. You should go have fun! And here. Tomura told me to give you this, to make up for you destroying Dabi's phone."

She kicked a small medical kit over to him. "There are instructions inside for what he wanted. But that's all I needed to do. I'm going to go back to the festival. Bye bye, Kacchan!"

She walked away, body melting and changing back to the tall red-haired woman. Vanished into the bushes.

Katsuki didn't follow her. He didn't move at all. Just sat on the ground, slumped against the wall, tasting the remains of cum on his tongue and feeling his phone buzzing against his thigh. Until eventually after enough time had passed, the buzzing just stopped. He wasn't even worth sending insulting texts to any more. He could just sink into the ground and let his mouth fill with dirt and bugs and worms until he couldn't breathe and he never came back out, and nobody would care. Probably be better off.

He could hear the festival off in the distance. Felt the wind rustle his hair. His tongue was like leather. His cheeks were itching from dried tears. Katsuki didn't even know he'd been crying.

He had no idea how long he sat there. After a while, his ass started to feel numb underneath him, and the temperature dropped. Katsuki shivered and felt his quirk weaken. The sky turned orange as the sun began to set. Katsuki knew people would be going back to the dorm, but he couldn't bare to move. People would be in the living area, and they'd all try to talk to him. Ask him where he'd been and why he had cum on his teeth. So he stayed put, waiting for the sun to go down and everyone to go to bed, so he could slip back into his room without anyone seeing him and asking him questions he couldn't answer.

But of course the universe had to spit on him one more time.

Where Katsuki had been left, there was no reason for anyone to come walking by and find him. The only people who'd come by would be people wanting to come out into the patch of grass between dorm buildings. Maybe for some quiet and privacy, for studying or a love confession. Or because they were a previously-quirkless Heroics Student who wanted some space to practice combat moves.

Deku stopped when he emerged from the bushes and caught sight of Katsuki hunched over against the wall. "Kacchan?"

The way he said his name was different. Emphasis on a different place than Himiko. But why did it alway have to be him? Why did fucking Deku always have to find Katsuki when he was at his worst? Couldn't he get a break for one goddamn day? Fuck off Deku, just let Katsuki be.

But of course Deku had to stick his nose in. He stepped closer to Katsuki, stopping a few metres away. "Kacchan, is this where you've been all day? We were looking for you! What happened? Are you okay?"

Katsuki didn't answer. He scowled at the floor, just wishing that Deku would take a hint and leave him alone. He didn't want Deku right then. Deku was the last fucking thing he wanted.

"Kacchan? What's wrong?" Dekus topped in front of Katsuki, staring down at him. Katsuki stared at his feet. The stupid scuffed up shoes that he'd stared at after he sucked Himiko's dick. Why did Deku always wear those hideous things? Fuck, Katsuki hated him.

He got to his feet, not looking Deku in the eye. "Leave me alone," he muttered.

"What? Where are you going? You can't just vanish for the entire festival and then not tell me why?"

"Yes I can."

"No, you can't!" Deku grabbed Katsuki by the arm, making him stop. "Katsuki, what's wrong? What's happening with you? Please, talk to me. Or fight me if you need to, I'll still fight you whenever you want."

"Don't touch me, you bastard," Katsuki snarled. But he didn't pull away from Deku. He was frozen by the feeling of Deku's callouses on his bare arm, making his hair stand up on end.

Deku didn't flinch away the way he had when they were children and Katsuki yelled at him. He stood his ground. His voice was steady. "If you don't want me to touch you, then push me away."

Katsuki snapped, spinning round and grabbing Deku by the front of his shirt and forcing him off of him, backing him up and pushing him against the wall. Deku wasn't smiling at him, he wasn't revealing pointed teeth and his sunken eyes, he didn't smell of blood and fried food or ash or decay. He was just Deku, glaring back at him from the wall, his face as round as when they'd been kids but his gaze steady and unflinching.

Katsuki wasn't really thinking when he crashed his lips to Deku's. All he registered was that Deku (the real Deku) tasted different to everyone else. There was no blood or rust on his lips the way there had been on Himiko, and the way there was on Dabi. He tasted of caramel apples and sweat from his workout. And when Katsuki mashed their mouths together, Deku squeaked in the back of his throat in surprise.

Katsuki's hand went to Deku's hair, gripping the soft curls and tilting his head so their lips mashed together more. His other hand went to Deku's waist, feeling the slight give of fat and muscle underneath his palm. Different to Dabi's bones and leathery skin. And Deku's lips were warm. When Katsuki's tongue licked over Deku's mouth, Deku's lips parted and Katsuki could taste festival food on his breath.

Katsuki's tongue moved over Deku's, tasting him and trying to reassure himself that this was Deku and it wasn't Himiko in disguise trying to fuck with him. Deku's teeth were blunt and didn't slice his tongue up, and he didn't taste like rotten fruit or ash. His own movements were clumsy. His hands awkwardly held Katsuki's elbows, and his mouth moved against Katsuki's. He squeaked nervously. And he gasped when Katsuki ground his crotch against Deku.

This was real. This was Deku. The festival was over and he'd fucked up and Deku was here and Katsuki didn't know why he was kissing him, but he felt he had to. Another tear rolled down his cheek and his brain was spinning and he still had the taste of jizz on his teeth, but he kept kissing Deku.

His leg came up, rubbing his knee between Deku's thigh. Feeling his cock start to get hard. Deku muttered something against Katsuki's mouth that he didn't hear. The hand on Deku's waist moved down, going to Deku's ass and pulling him closer. Deku's ass felt good and he groped him hard, his fingertips digging into the flesh. His teeth bit down on Deku's tongue.


Katsuki scrunched his eyes shut. He just needed Deku's lips on his, and Deku's skin under his palm. He hated Deku, he hated him, he hated him so fucking much. And he needed to keep kissing him. Keep touching him. So he mashed his face to Deku's, groped Deku's ass, ground his leg up agains't Deku's crotch, and kept Deku pressed against the wall even as he squirmed and tried to speak into Katsuki's mouth and his own fingers tensed on Katsuki's arms and his tongue stopped moving and his lips tried to clamp closed although Katsuki forced their faces together so his mouth would stay open and-

"Kacchan, stop!" Deku's quirk ignited and he pushed Katsuki away with such force that Katsuki was lifted off his feet and landed on his ass a few feet away. It knocked the wind out of him. Katsuki looked up. Deku was standing with his back against the wall and one hand on his mouth, looking at Katsuki with wide eyes.

"W-" Deku's voice was wavering again. "Why did-?"

Katsuki didn't stay to hear the rest of what Deku was saying. He got to his feet, grabbing the small med kit Himiko had given him, and he left. Pushed his way through the bushes and away from the dorm. And he kept walking through the UA grounds with his head swirling and his heart thumping in his chest.

Deku didn't follow him.

Chapter Text

Katsuki hadn't meant it when he'd told Deku to jump off the roof that day in middle school. Looking back, he didn't even know why he'd said it. There was just something inside of his chest that twisted up and poured out of his mouth, making him say something he couldn't take back. He had a habit of that: doing stupid shit that he could then never take back. Like the time he'd let a murderer suck his dick, and the time he'd kissed the murderer and sucked on his tongue piercing, and the time he'd told the murderer he loved him. All stupid bullshit things he'd done that he could never paint over and move on from. Shit, maybe he should've been the one to jump.

He couldn't apologise for saying that. Couldn't apologise for being a bastard to Deku for all those years they were kids. And he definitely couldn't apologise for that kiss where he'd tried to feel up every inch of him. He wouldn't even have known where to start with an apology for that. Or an explanation. There was no explanation. There was nothing. Katsuki was just... A mess. A disorganised jumble of emotions and self-hatred and bullshit and blood and organs and bones, mashed together into an ugly human shape.

No wonder Aizawa was going to transfer him out of the Heroics Course.

The transfer was an inevitability at that point, Katsuki knew it was. He hadn't actually seen his teacher that weekend, but he'd gotten an email to his UA account telling him that Aizawa wanted to talk to him before class on Monday. The meeting was pointless. He could already see it playing out in his head.

He'd go into Aizawa's office, and Aizawa would tell him to sit down on one of the two uncomfortable chairs. Maybe pour him some tea, as if they were friends and got along with each other. Maybe he'd drug the tea so that Katsuki would be too sedated to get angry and blow the fucker's office up. And then he'd sit down opposite Katsuki and ask him what had happened on the day of the festival.

"I was really hoping this would be a turning point for you and you'd show that you can work as a team," Aizawa would say. "The entire class was depending on you to be there. They couldn't perform without you. Everyone was really upset."

And Katsuki would apologise and bow his head and drink more of his doped tea until he passed out, fell forward, cracked his head open on the coffee table, and bled to death.

Or he'd just tell Aizawa the truth. "Sorry sensei, my boyfriend told me I had to leave quickly because there was a murderer freaking out on school grounds. So I had to go calm her down but she turned into Deku and she kissed me and she let me suck her dick, and I keep thinking about it. I can't sleep because I can still feel Deku's cock in my mouth and how it felt when it hit the back of my throat. How it felt to have his lips on mine: the real ones and the fake ones. How it felt to have his hands on my skin and feel his scars under my skin and smell his body sweat. I can still feel his heartbeat against mine. I feel like my own heart is going to explode from it."

Or, more likely, he'd just sit there and stare at a spot on the wall over Aizawa's shoulder, acting like he didn't give a shit as Aizawa explained that he was being kicked out of the Heroics Course. Someone else would be getting his spot. Someone more deserving who put in the work and didn't suck villain cock behind the dorms in the middle of the cultural festival.

He was such a fuck-up. Always had been, always would be. Maybe it was genetic, like his parents were also fuck-ups and passed it on to him. But as soon as he thought that, Katsuki angrily shook his head and snorted. His parents did the best they could, he loved them. It was just him that was broken.

"Go take a swan dive off the roof."

Being in Deku's bedroom was making Katsuki think about all this shit. He was getting lost in his head. He'd been there too long.

Deku looked pretty peaceful when he was asleep. He slept on his back, with one hand tucked underneath the pillow and his mouth hanging open so he snored quietly. His chest rose and fell with all his breaths. Which was good, because he was sleeping so deeply Katsuki was worried he actually was dead now. And if he died then it genuinely would be his fault.

Because in his habit of doing stupid shit he couldn't take back, Katsuki had drugged his entire class.

The tiny med kit that Himiko had given him had contained a bunch of needles and bottles, as well as a vial of something labelled as a sleeping aid. Some sort of quirk similar to Midnight's, squashed up into liquid form. And then Dabi had texted him a list of instructions as well as a quick note saying he loved him and was so pleased Katsuki had taken some responsibility for Himiko and looked after her. Then he and Katsuki had had phone sex and Katsuki had gotten sticky cum all over his hands.

So yeah, he'd drugged his class. The day after the festival, he'd cooked dinner for everyone. A genuinely good dinner, none of that half-assed crap. It was a way of apologising for everything he'd done and for everything he was going to do. Plus it meant he didn't have to talk to any of them. Although they kept trying to talk. Kept asking him questions about what had happened to him and where he'd gone and why he hadn't answered any of their calls or texts. Acted like they cared or were concerned. Put hands on his shoulder to try and get him to open up.

"Where did you go, Bakugou? We were worried." Kirishima had leaned on the counter and watched him with furrowed brows. As if he genuinely cared.

Katsuki could have just lifted his shirt to show off all of Dabi's burns, and explained everything. "I'm in love with a serial killer and he texted me that morning and told me that I needed to go and help another serial killer so she wouldn't flip out and do her serial killer schtick at the festival. I know it's the stupidest thing I could do and I shouldn't fall in love withs someone as fucked up as him, but I guess he's the only option for someone as fucked up as me. And he loves me and he makes me happy and he makes me sleep because shit I'm so tired and I can't fucking sleep without him. You'd never fucking understand what I'm going through or what I went through on that festival day, so stop acting like a friend or looking at me like that. I know I disappointed you and everyone else here. I don't need you fucking reminding me."

But he didn't. He just scowled and looked down at the vegetables he was chopping and told Kirsihima to get out of the kitchen if he wasn't going to help. Same thing he said to the rest of his class.

Katsuki didn't want to fucking see any of them! He didn't need their disappointment or their pity or their anger or anything. He just wanted to be left alone.

Then when his classmates took the hint and left him in the kitchen to go and gossip about him out in the common area instead, Katsuki had taken the vial out of his pocket and poured it into the pot he was stirring. He watched as the creamy white liquid mixed in with the sauce, coating the vegetables.

It wasn't the sort of thing that knocked everyone out at the table meaning Katsuki had to carry them all up to their beds and probably pull his back out. It just made them drowsy, and ensured that when they went to sleep they wouldn't wake up until morning.

Which meant Katsuki was free to go from room to room, sticking needles into his classmates' arms and getting vials of their blood.

He probably should have felt bad about doing it. It was some seriously villainous shit he was doing, anyone decent would've been torn up inside. Mostly he just felt numb. Katsuki thought, as he sucked out a vial of Todoroki's blood, that he'd probably just used up all his bad feelings already. Cried out everything so that all he was left with was just existing. Then he labelled the vial before sticking it into the box alongside all the others. The vials chinked happily together as he walked through the quiet corridors.

Katsuki had left Deku for last. He couldn't fucking face Deku just then. The entire day, he couldn't bare to look him in the eye. Every time he caught the fucker in his peripheral vision, he just saw that expression on Deku's face. The way he'd stared after Katsuki had kissed him.

Like he'd finally realised what a bastard Katsuki really was.

So, all the years where Katsuki had been a prick to Deku and told him to die and called him worrhtless and told him to top himself, Deku still said he was amazing. Then Katsuki kissed him, and Deku finally realised that he was slime. Seemed appropriate.

Katsuki sat on the side of Deku's bed and held his arm in his hands for a long moment before he stuck in the final needle. He examined the scars along his skin. The skin felt smooth under his calloused fingertips. Smooth and warm. And more muscled than when they'd been kids. Katsuki pressed his palm against Deku's and wondered if Deku would ever have been willing to hold his hand back before he'd fucked everything up. If he'd asked Deku to go on a date or something, if Deku would go with him. Maybe, if none of this shit had happened, Deku would've kissed him without having to be forced. Or maybe Katsuki was always poison and Deku would've always been able to taste that on him.

He could've stayed the night there: sat on the floor, surrounded by the accusing glare of the All Might posters, holding Deku's hand gently in his. Then when Deku woke up, Katsuki would have apologised for everything. Explained that when he'd kissed him, he'd wanted to make sure he was real. And that it was a stupid awful thing he'd done and he shouldn't have done any of it. Deku deserved to be kissed by someone nice who was gentle with him. And he was sorry, so fucking sorry, for ever lying and making Deku believe he was worth admiring. Or for hurting him, for yelling at him, for destroying his shit, for beating the crap out of him. For everything.

Then maybe Deku would accept the apology and lean forward to kiss him again, and Deku would taste sweet and his lips would be soft and warm, and Katsuki would feel safe with him.


Hot tears rolled down Katsuki's cheeks to splatter on the carpet. He was so fucking stupid. Of course Deku would hate him for everything he'd done. He'd just punch Katsuki in the face and break his bones if he tried to apologise. He'd spit on him and push him out of the Heroics Course. Then become the Number One hero, whilst Katsuki watched from the gutter.

It was what both of them deserved.

Katsuki took a shuddering breath and raised his final needle, pressing it into Deku's arm. Deku's blood was dark and filled the vial easily. Katsuki tucked it into the box alongside the others. Closed the lid. Slipped Deku's arm back under the covers on top of his chest.

He got to his feet.

Back when they were younger, Deku had sometimes spent the night at Katsuki's place. In the few years when they were still children, when Katsuki had deigned to give Deku the time of day because their parents had forced them together. When Katsuki had acted like Deku was lucky to be there, because he was a quirkless freak whilst Katsuki was so amazing and cool. They'd stayed up late watching All Might movies together, then fell asleep curled up on the same bed. They'd actually gotten on at one point.

"We really fucked this up, huh?" Katsuki snorted, looking down at Deku fast asleep. Another tear rolled down his cheek. He leaned forward, hovering over Deku's face. this was selfish. An apology, or something to make himself feel better maybe. Katsuki kissed Deku's mouth very softly, the way he deserved.

Deku murmured something in his sleep, shifting under the blankets. But he didn't wake up as Katsuki left, clicking the door shut behind him.

Katsuki had the vials of blood in one hand, and a case with his Hero Uniform in the other as he walked away from the dorms to the perimeter wall. He did his usual routine of vaulting up the tree and leaving his pass on the wall so as to not trip any alarms. Touched down onto the pavement outside. Then he started walking.

A few blocks away from the school, there was a car waiting for him. A beat up old thing with stolen license plates. The person behind the wheel looked like a middle-aged housewife, but she smiled with Himiko's pointed teeth. As Katsuki approached, the back door was kicked open and a scarred hand reached out to him. Cold fingers wrapped around Katsuki's wrist, pulling him into the seat.

Dabi's breath was frigid and his lips were harsh and leathery as he kissed Katsuki. Katsuki relaxed into him. His arms wrapped around Dabi's waist. His eyelids slid closed.

The car turned down another street, driving away from UA.

Nobody would know Katsuki was gone until the next morning, when they'd find his room empty and his Pro Hero posters all ripped to shreds.

Chapter Text

Katsuki was quiet as he turned the key in the lock and stepped into his house. His parents were away for the weekend so the entire place was quiet and dark. Normally there was always the sound of something going on: his mother’s loud laughter shaking the walls; his father playing his music far too loudly in his office; the television someone had left blaring. But it was so quiet that night. Katsuki paused in the doorway hallway to take it in.

And was immediately shoved in the back, jerking him out of his reverie.

“You’re blocking the door,” Dabi said with a cool smile as he stepped round Katsuki into the house. "We can't hang out in the street, people will notice us."

"Take your damn shoes off," Katsuki muttered. He swallowed his bile as the other members of the League crowded round him into the porch of his house. When their bodies brushed past him, he shivered.

"This place is nice," Spinner muttered. "Your folks must be loaded."

"Don't touch anything," Katsuki snapped. He glared at all of them, pushing through the crowd and stomping down into the house. "Just wait here, I'll be one minute. Don't move and leave all my parent's stuff alone."

He heard Himiko huff something about being rude, and Twice muttering that he was hungry, but Katuski ignored them. He climbed the stairs to his room, slamming the door behind him when he got inside. He stood there in the middle of the carpet, trying to catch his breath. Below him, he heard the villains moving around the house. Probably touching all his parents' stuff and getting it all dirty or whatever. And his parents... Urgh, they were going to wonder what happened to him when they heard that he'd left UA and then they'd come home to find their house probably trashed and this was too much for one night.


He'd left UA.

He'd drugged his class and he'd taken their blood and he'd climbed over the wall and he'd driven away from the school and nobody knew. Nobody would care. They'd probably not even notice for like a week until someone asked why his desk was empty, then they'd see his empty room but they'd just think he'd done them all a favour and killed himself.

"No," Katsuki muttered. He pressed his hand to his eyes and bit the inside of his cheek, trying to keep himself from crying. He was not going to fucking cry with all the villains here who were probably going to laugh at him for that shit. He took a shuddering breath and mashed his hand into his face, until he felt like he wasn't about to fall apart. Then he grabbed a backpack and started shoving some clothes into it. Only the bare essentials: a few shirts and some underwear and shoes. He'd get a toothbrush from the bathroom, and then they'd go. They wouldn't need to stay here any longer than was necessary.

The door opened and the familiar smell of smoke drifted into the room. "Hey," Dabi said as he stepped up to Katsuki and kissed the back of his neck. "How's your packing going?"

"Fine," Katsuki muttered. "I told you to stay downstairs."

"I wanted to see your room." Dabi looked round, taking everything in. His eyebrows raised. "You have a lot of clothes."

"My parents are designers," Katsuki muttered. "They bring home stuff from shows."

"Uh huh." Dabi went to the closet and started rifling through all the things hanging up. He pulled out a jacket and tried it on over his shirt. "You have really wide shoulders."

"You're just a twig."

"Yeah, that's what happens when you don't have access to a gym and good food and all the presents your parents bring back from work. Hm. How many pairs of shoes does one person need?"

"More than that one pair you have." Katsuki shoved his last shirt into his bag and zipped it closed. "Okay, I'm done. Let's get out of here."

"Aww, an All Might shirt." Dabi was holding out a faded pyjama shirt and grinning at Katsuki. "That's cute. You had so many dreams."

Katsuki tried to grab the shirt from him, but Dabi held it behind his back instead. His other hand went around Katsuki's waist instead and he grinned so the scars on his cheeks split again revealing his shiny flesh beneath. "It's okay. The Heroes didn't deserve you. I'm glad you came to your senses and left them."

Katsuki ground his teeth, glaring at Dabi. He didn't know what to say to that. Wanted to yell t him that he hadn't left anything, and that the Heroes did deserve him. But who would deserve him after all the shit he'd done? So the words died in his throat and he just shook his head, trying to pull away.

Dabi's hand tightened around his waist. "You're being really cold. You've barely kissed me all night."

"I don't fucking have time to kiss you," Katsuki muttered.

"Yes you do. Your parents are out until tomorrow, you can take five seconds to kiss me after I've been so accomodating to all your demands."

Katsuki huffed. But he leant up on his toes to plant a quick kiss to Dabi's cold lips. Then pulled back.

"We should go."

"You're being a real pill," Dabi said. "We came to pick you up from running away from school, and you're getting a chance to actually go home and pick up your things. That's being really generous, anyone else would at least make us tea. But you can't even give us a few minutes to breathe."

"You don't need to fucking stay in my house," Katsuki snapped.

"Is it your house any more? I thought you were going to come with me?"

"I..." Katsuki clenched his teeth. His hands clenched the front of Dabi's shirt, glaring at his clavicle. "I am."

"Yeah. So why are you so antsy to keep moving? I'm here. Nobody knows where you are, or is looking for you. You can calm down. Just relax."

"I just want to go," Katsuki muttered. It felt wrong to be standing in his bedroom with a villain. Like he was letting his parents down. He didn't deserve to be in this house any more, he didn't deserve anything. Shit, he had no idea why Dabi was so indulgent. Actually coming to pick him up from UA and taking him to his house, and hugging him now and kissing him. Katsuki was such a fuck-up, he didn't deserve this. Didn't deserve to wrap his arms around Dabi's waist, tilt his head up, let Dabi kiss him on the mouth.

Maybe it was the taste of smoke being so tied to sleep now, but when Katsuki kissed Dabi he felt himself start to relax. Just a little. He was still super tense and felt like he was close to tears, but at least when his tongue was inside Dabi's mouth then he didn't have to think about anything else. But, still... Katsuki pulled away after a short kiss, shaking his head. He couldn't stay there in that room in his parents' house, he needed to get out. Get the fuck away from all this. But Dabi pulled him closer and kissed him again.

"Calm down," Dabi said against Katsuki's lips. His tongue was so cold and Katsuki couldn't help kissing him back. His hands clenched in Dabi's shirt and he tilted his head to kiss him deeper, Swallowed the taste of rust and smoke and ice on the back of his tongue. Dabi's hand crept up Katsuki's back going to his hair, holding him in place so they could kiss more. His other hand went to slip into Katsuki's trousers, groping his ass. Katsuki moaned at the feeling of Dabi's fingers.

"No," he mumbled. Katsuki's hands fisted on Dabi's chest and he closed his mouth, pulling back so they were nose-to-nose. "Not here."

"You can suck Himiko off outside your dorms, but you don't want to kiss me in your bedroom?"

"You... You know about that?"

"Of course I do." Dabi kissed the corner of Katsuki's mouth, then moved to bite on his ear. "I heard that she turned into Midoriya for you. I bet that was fun. Did you like it?"

Katsuki froze. He stared at a spot on the wall as Dabi's hand kept groping him and his dick got hard without him telling it to. Dabi's breath tickled over his ear.

"So, did you ever make out with Midoriya in this room when you were kids? I know you didn't fuck him, you're always going to be my little virgin. But I bet you used to try and kiss him."

"I didn't."

"Mmhm. What about jacking off?"


Dabi laughed. He licked over the shell of Katsuki's ear. Bit softly. "Did you jack off to Midoriya? Lie here in your bedroom, and think about him fucking you? I bet you had so many fantasies."


"Ah, don't need to lie to me. It's okay. I won't judge you or anything." Dabi moved back and kissed Katsuki on the mouth. Pushed him back along the floor and down onto his bed. Shit, why was it so easy for Dabi to do that? Katsuki still wanted to get the fuck out of there, but he also wanted Dabi to keep kissing him. Keep touching him. Distract him from everything.

"I bet you thought about fucking him," Dabi said. He kissed into Katsuki's mouth again. "Thought about how great his dick would feel in your mouth. Himiko would've been like a dream come true."

"I don't want to talk about that bastard," Katsuki muttered. He fisted his hands in Dabi's hair and stuck his tongue into Dabi's throat, their teeth mashing together with the click of tongue piercings. His cock was hard now and he ground upwards against Dabi's bony frame.

Dabi laughed. He palmed Katsuki's dick through his trousers. "So desperate."

"Shut up. It's your fault."

"Mmhm." Dabi laughed again. His bit down on Katsuki lower lip. "So have you jacked off thinking about me?"

Katsuki bit his tongue. He kissed Dabi as a way of answering, thrusting his hips up into Dabi's hand. It seemed to be enough of an answer for him. He kept one hand on Katsuki's dick, the other going to unbutton his school shirt and pull it down off his shoulders.

"I've wanted to fuck you in your house for a while," Dabi said with a smirk. He bit on Katsuki's neck, moving down his neck.

"What?" Katsuki looked down at him, one hand in his hair and the other clutching the sheets.

Dabi grinned. "I have my own fantasies. My own family sucked and I can't go home, so I wanted to fuck you in your home. Maybe get introduced to your parents. Usual stuff. Like a normal couple." He pulled off Katsuki's shirt and dumped it on the floor. Dabi crawled up to hover over Katsuki again, gently brushing his cheek with one hand. "Do you have fantasies about me? We have all the time in the world now to make them a reality. You're all mine."

Katsuki shook his head. Grabbed Dabi by the hair. "Just want you," he muttered as he kissed Dabi again.

Dabi laughed and kissed back. His hands went to Katsuki's belt, undoing it with a click and pulling his trousers down enough to actually start stroking his dick lightly. Katsuki moaned into the kiss and spread his legs. He kicked out, growling when his trousers got caught on his shoe. Forced the shoe off along with the rest of his trousers. When he brought his thigh up, he felt Dabi's own cock hard in his jeans. Katsuki groaned and bucked up his hips. He let Dabi stroke his cock slowly, then let go. Dabi pulled back for a moment to suck his finger into his mouth, then kissed Katsuki again. Katsuki grunted in pain when a spit-covered finger was pushed into him. But it was a good pain. It helped him forget just what they were doing.

Katsuki got lost in Dabi's mouth, the way he always did when Dabi kissed him. He only remembered there were other people in the house, when he heard a loud "Oh."

His head whipped round. Himiko was standing in the open doorway peering in at them. "We were wondering what was taking you so long," she said. Then she peered into the room. "This place is big. You really were spoilt."

"Get out," Katsuki snapped at her. His face was bright red and he moved his hands down to try and cover his dick.

Dabi didn't seem at all fazed. He propped himself up on his elbow, his other hand still slowly fucking Katsuki open. "Hey. Go grab some lotion or something from the bathroom, would you?"

"What the fuck?" Katsuki spluttered in rage as Himiko went on her little errand. "Get off me. Shit, we've been here too long. We need to go."

"God, shut up," Dabi said, kissing him again. Katsuki melted. Dabi pulled back, licking over Katsuki's lower lip. "Calm down. You're so wound up, you really need to get fucked."

Katsuki tried to protest, but Dabi stroked his cock with his other hand, rubbing the head in the place that had him whining in pleasure and arching his back off the bed. "Shit, do that again."

"You should just let Himiko fuck you, too," Dabi said. "You always sleep better after you have sex with both of us. Then we can leave when you've calmed down."

Katsuki groaned. He pressed his hand to his face. No. Fuck no, he didn't want Himiko to fuck him. He didn't want Dabi to fuck him! Not here and not now and not on his bed in his parent's house on the night he'd run away from UA. But he couldn't word it. Couldn't find his tongue. It felt too good to have Dabi's fingers inside him, and on his cock, and he just wanted this over with. So Katsuki nodded.

Himiko came back with some lotion that she handed to Dabi. When Dabi told her the plan for them both to fuck Katsuki, she was as eager as always. Just reached under her skirt to pull off her underwear before straddling Katsuki.

"You've never actually fucked her pussy," Dabi said with a thin smile. He rested his chin on Himiko's shoulder and looked down at him. The two of them towered over Katsuki. He just lay on the bed as Dabi reached down, grabbing the front of Himiko's skirt and lifting it up to give a good view of her cunt and blonde pubic hair. She grinned with pointed teeth as she grabbed his dick and pressed it against her slit. Katsuki's hands gripped the sheets beneath him. When she sank down onto him, he let out a long moan of pleasure.

This was followed by a hiss of discomfort as Dabi's cock was pushed into him without any prep. He'd just slathered some lotion onto his pierced cock. The fact that it didn't hurt - that his ass had become used to being fucked and used - made Katsuki's eyes sting with tears.

The two of them started moving: Dabi lazily fucking him as Himiko rolled her hips in quick little movements. Her fingers were on Katsuki's chest for balance, nails digging into his skin. He had a sudden image of her breaking through his ribs and piercing a hole through his heart so that he bled out across the floor. Then the two of them could keep fucking him as he bled out, and he'd die as much a mess as he'd lived. But she didn't even break the skin. Just ran her fingernails down his chest to his stomach, leaving dark lines as a mark of her being there.

Katsuki's hips thrust up into her. He hadn't fucked anybody since that time Dabi pulled him down in the middle of a park and got Katsuki to fuck him and come inside of him. It was an intoxicating feeling. Dabi had frequently told Katsuki that Himiko was good in bed, and he hadn't lied. She was moving her hips in quick circles and clenching around his dick so he thought he'd come any second. It was a lot. The feeling of fucking up into someone when he raised his hips off the bed, along with the sensation of Dabi's piercings when he pushed back onto him. Katsuki's eyes clenched shut and he focussed on the feeling of being fucked, forgetting everything about that evening. It slipped away. All there was was that moment.

He heard the sound of kissing and opened his eyes. Dabi's hands had moved off of Himiko's skirt and were on her tits instead, groping her as she leaned back to kiss him. Katsuki saw their tongues moving across each other. The flash of Dabi's tongue piercing. He saw the way Dabi laughed as he pulled Himiko's bra down to get at her breasts better. For some reason it had an ugly feeling of jealousy bloom in Katsuki's stomach. He didn't want her to kiss Dabi. Not like that. So he shut his eyes and shook his head.

Focus on the sensation of fucking, and being fucked. On how good Himiko's cunt was. How it'd feel to come inside of her.

It'd feel good.

Like it had when he'd fucked Dabi.

Katsuki's brain flashed with images of his cum dripping out of Dabi's ass onto the dirt, he felt vomit on his tongue, his heart pounded at the idea of someone finding his cum inside someone else, of everybody seeing the proof and knowing what he'd done.



"Get off," Katsuki said. He covered his face with his hands and felt his heart hammering in his chest. "Stop. Get the fuck off me."

"What's wrong?" Dabi said. "Not into it?"

"No, he's definitely into it," Himiko said. Her hand squeezed the base of his cock where it was going into her pussy. And she clenched around him, making him gasp despite himself.

"That's not it," Katsuki said. His fingers dug into his face harder. If he fucked Himiko he'd get his cum inside her and people would see and they'd know and they'd fucking realise what he'd done and they'd hate him everyone would hate him. Katsuki's breath was coming in short bursts now and his head was spinning. He wanted to leave, wanted to blast the two of them off of him so he could crawl away. But Himiko was weighing him down and Dabi's cold hands were firm on his hips, and where would Katsuki even crawl to?

"It's okay," Dabi said. His hand rubbed up and down Katsuki's thigh, cold and familiar. Katsuki hooked his leg around Dabi's skinny waist to try and ground himself. He wished HImiko would get lost so he could just be with Dabi for a moment. Get some sleep. Dabi continued, "I know sex helps you calm down and takes your mind of things, so this'll help you. And you kind of owe use since we dropped everything to come pick you up. Just relax. It's okay."

Himiko laughed quietly and moved again, bouncing gently on his dick. It felt good. Katsuki grit his teeth, feeling a tear prick at the back of his eyelids. This was so messed up. He felt the pleasure of being fucked, but he also felt like he was going to throw up. He had no idea what he was feeling. His brain was such a jumbled mess of bullshit, and he hated it. He just wanted things to make sense. Wanted everything to be alright.

Maybe they'd be alright.

Katsuki lay back and let the two villains fuck him.

At the very least, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Himiko was giggling and clenching around his dick, and Dabi had his hands up her shirt to grope her. His movements were lazier, but he definitely wasn't complaining about fucking Katsuki. Katsuki tried to move his own hips too so they would come quickly and they could leave. It seemed to work. Dabi's thrusts picked up the speed a little bit, and his breathing hitched. He came inside Katsuki with a low groan, his teeth nipping Himiko's neck. When he pulled out, Katsuki felt his icy cum drip down his ass. It was almost a relief. Katsuki still wanted to vomit, but he was one step closer to leaving that room and everything in it.

Dabi moved up to sit on the bed by Katsuki's head. He shifted, letting Katsuki lean against his lap as Himiko kept fucking him. Dabi's hand on Katsuki's cheek was cool and familiar. Just a touch calmed him down.

"You don't need to get all bent out of shape," Dabi told him gently. His thumb brushed up and down Katsuki's cheek. "You don't need to worry about anything, or panic, or get twisted up over whatever is going on in your head. I'll look after you."

Katsuki blinked. He reached up, placing his hand on the back of Dabi's. "Promise?"

"Uh huh. Promise."

Katsuki swallowed. "I-"

"Shh." Dabi shook his head. He brushed up Katsuki's face, running his thumb over Katsuki's lip. Shifted on the bed so one leg was tucked up underneath Katsuki's head and he was leaning over him. Katsuki's nostrils were filled with the smell of ash and smoke. Dabi's cold breath tickled his skin. "I love you. I'll always love you. You need to stop worrying so much and just trust me more. You said you want me, right?"

Katsuki nodded wordlessly.

Dabi raised his eyebrows and smiled. His skin cracked along his cheeks. "You've got me. I'm all yours. So you need to be all mine and just trust me." Dabi's fingers brushed again over Katsuki's cheek. "My favourite little failure of a Hero. You know I'll always love you."

He lifted his hand off of Katsuki's face and kissed the tip of his own thumb, then brought it back down to brush over Katsuki's lip. Katsuki kissed his thumb back. And at a gentle push, he opened his mouth. Dabi's thumb tasted of ash, the same as always. He sucked on it, looking up at Dabi silhouetted against his old bookshelf. The one sure thing in his shitty life just then.

I love you, Katsuki thought. He felt a tear roll down his cheek, and Himiko's fingers dug into his chest as she moved faster on his cock. Through it all, Dabi smiled down at him. It was nice, when he got into it. A little bubble of calm in amongst all the mayhem. Katsuki even felt close to an orgasm with the way Himiko was riding him.

But fate spat on him again. Just as Katsuki was starting to calm down there was more movement in the doorway. Twice, flanked by the rest of the League, banged on the doorframe.

"Hey," he snapped, jabbing a finger at the bed where Himiko was still happily riding Katsuki's dick. "We don't have time to hang about, so you just take your time."

"Jin," Himiko said with a smile. She placed her hands on Katsuki's chest and rolled her hips in a circle. "Come join us!"

"Mn?" Katsuki's head tried to jerk round to tell Himiko to shut the fuck up and get off him, but Dabi stopped him.

"Easy," he said, Dabi stroked his cheek. He smiled down at Katsuki. "You're really pent up, it's been a long night. I know sex lets you relax, and you need to sleep. It might help you if everyone fucks you."

Katsuki stared up at him. Dabi looked down again. A calm, cold hand on his cheek.

He tried to plead with him that he didn't want this, that he wanted to fucking get out. He loved Dabi of course he did, but this was too fucking much. Tried to get that across in his facial expression as he drooled around the thumb in his mouth.

"I love you," Dabi said gently. His words were quiet, just for Katsuki to hear. He was gentle. "It'll be okay."

Katsuki melted. Yes. It would be okay. Dabi was there. Katsuki had fucked everything up, and Dabi still loved him. Dabi wouldn't hurt him. It was fine. It was all okay. It had to be.

Katsuki closed his eyes and leaned into Dabi's hand. That was enough for him, so Dabi beckoned the others over. Katsuki felt unfamiliar hands on his thighs and a cock different to Dabi's pushed into him. This one was thicker, and hotter. Katsuki whined around the thumb in his mouth. More tears pricked his eyelids. But he wouldn't cry, he wouldn't be weak. It was okay.

Another voice cut through everything. "This is fucked up, you know."

Katsuki's eyes cracked open. Spinner was standing at the edge of the room by Shigaraki, watching everything with his arms crossed tightly over his chest. He glared at Katsuki, then at Dabi.

"This isn't what Stain wanted. This isn't bringing down the Heroes society. You're just fucking a high schooler."

"Yeah, you've made your opinion on Katsuki very clear," Dabi said lazily. His other hand came up to run through Katsuki's hair. "I know you hate him and hate our relationship."

"Yeah, I do," Spinner snapped. "You know it's wrong to fuck a teenager, and-"

"You fuck Himiko," Shigaraki pointed out.

That had Spiner blushing furiously. "That's different. She's always into it. He isn't."

"Of course he is," Dabi said calmly. "You think I'd ever have sex with Katsuki when he didn't want it? I always give him the option to stop or slow down or leave if he wants. Always have."

"I don't know what I believe."

Dabi's voice was calm. "It's not a big deal, Spinner. Katsuki wants this. Don't you?"

Dabi pulled his thumb out of Katsuki's mouth and raised his eyebrows. Katsuki swallowed. He looked up at Dabi. Down at Himiko who was still groaning down on his dick, ignoring everything that was happening as she pulled off her shirt and lead Twice's hands to her chest. Then over at Shigaraki who was standing besides Spinner, just half-watching what was going on.

Katsuki wanted to cry. His hands fisted the sheets beneath him and he tried to find his tongue. His head was spinning. All he could really pick up on was the feeling of Dabi's fingers in his hair, and the two people fucking him so his toes curled and he got closer to orgasm. And his head just span with images of Dabi and the League and All Might and Deku. All the myriad of ways he'd fucked up. He didn't deserve to want anything. He was a mess.

But Katsuki managed to choke out, "Yes. I want this."

Because he did. He wanted this. As selfish and stupid as it was, he wanted Dabi, and everything that came with Dabi. The rest of the world could fall away and Katsuki would be fine. He wasn't a Hero, he didn't get big wants or desires, he was just some slut who let villains fuck him in his childhood bed. He wanted to die and he wanted the world to stop existing and he wanted Dabi. More than anything in the entire world, he wanted Dabi. So he let Dabi tilt his head to the side, beckoning Spinner closer so he could fuck his mouth. Katsuki was so used to this, he didn't even gag when Spinner reluctantly fucked his throat.

Katsuki orgasmed three times that night. The villains all used him, fucking him, making sure he was completely worn out and able to sleep that night. A kindness, so generous of them. All except Shigaraki, who watched from the side of the room. His eyes made Katsuki feel worst of all, like he was on display. It would've been better if he'd joined in and made Katsuki suck on his rancid dick. Or maybe this was better. Letting Katsuki know he didn't even deserve that much. Made sure he didn't get any thoughts about being a decent person.

And through it all, when he wasn't fucking Katsuki, Dabi sat on the bed and cradled his head. Ran his cool fingers down his cheeks and through his hair, and cleaned off the cum that was on his lips. Kissed him gently. Told him he was proud.

Katsuki fell in love with him even more that night. He didn't even know that was possible.

He didn't know what he'd done to deserve him.

Chapter Text

Police are still on the lookout for missing UA student Bakugou Katsuki. Bakugou disappeared from the UA dormitories just under a month ago, and people are suspecting villain involvement. Whether this is the League of Villains or another villain group is unknown. However, teachers at UA insist that there is no foul play on Bakugou's part.

"Bakugou Katsuki is an exemplary student," the UA principal said at a press conference last night, addressing suspisions that Bakugou had become a villain himself. "He was known for always striving to be the best Hero in his own way. Even when he was kidnapped earlier this year, he did not once consider joining the villains. We know that no matter what has happened, Bakugou would never have nefarious intentions."

But nefarious intentions are exactly what some are suspecting. "It's fishy," says one commenter who asked to remain anonymous. "This kid was always off, even at the sports festival. He was powerful enough to come first but then he's the only one to get kidnapped? And the kidnapping leads directly to All Might's retirement? I think he's been a traitor from the start."

The missing students' parents have still not made a comment to the press.

Katsuki's face stared out of the newspaper, a snapshot taken of him during the UA Sports Festival. He was scowling, a vein popping in his temple, his lip curled back to show his gums. A pretty fucking ugly photo. They should've used a picture of him covered in his own snot and tears, too pathetic to even look at the camera and just trying to cover his face. Then people would realise that he wasn't worth any sort of attention or media coverage. They could go back to doing something useful with their lives.

Katsuki looked away from the magazine rack, into the store. The clerk was busy helping a few people at the counter. Katsuki milled around at the front of the store, looking at the produce on display. His hand went to a stack of biscuits he knew Tomura liked, his thumb running along the edge of the packet. With a practiced ease, he fluidly grabbed it from the shelf and shoved it up under his hoodie. The movement was natural and unhurried. Nobody would've noticed he'd done anything unless they'd had their eyes on him at all times.

Katsuki looked over at the clerk, who was still busy. He drifted through the shelves, looking for more packets or products that were easy to conceal in his hoodie. A few things were added to the supplies rustling under his hoodie. Then when he’s gotten enough, he left the store.

On the way, he paused at the magazine rack. Katsuki didn't know what made his hand reach out, but soon he was leaving with an issue of the magazine rolled up and stuffed in his sleeve.

The streets were crowded, but nobody bothered to look at Katsuki. Himiko had told him that most people wouldn't care about him so long as he kept moving and didn't make a big deal about himself. She said she'd worked that out as a kid, back before she'd really gotten comfortable with how to use her quirk. So he just kept his hood up and his head down and kept moving through the crowds of people. His breath was steamy clouds in front of him as he walked. His arms were clenched in his front pocket, subtly holding up all the shoplifted groceries he was carrying.

The League’s current hideout was empty when Katsuki pushed his way inside. Just Spinner sitting down in the front room, flipping through a dusty old book. He glanced up when Katsuki entered, then immediately looked away again.

He still didn't like Katsuki. He'd fucked him a few times in the past few weeks, but he always complained about it. Like it was a chore to put his scaly dick in Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki always wondered how he could so pathetic that even Spinner was disgusted by him. Pretty fucking pathetic.

They didn't talk as Katsuki walked over to the table in the middle of the room and dumped out the supplies he'd picked up. Katsuki left wordlessly, going out a back door and through a corridor to his and Dabi's room. The magazine was still stuffed up his sleeve.

Their room smelled like Dabi. Being there always calmed Katsuki down, and he stopped to lean against the doorway and breath in the lingering scent of Dabi's smoke. It soothed him and steadied him, let Katsuki pause until his heartbeat slowed to a steady rhythm again and he felt able to function.

He stepped into the dingy bathroom, pulling the cord overhead to make the lightbulb overhead flicker on. The sink was lined with a neat row of Dabi’s medicines. In the weeks they’d been living together (Katsuki still felt a little thrill in his chest when he thought of that phrase) he’d learned a lot more about Dabi. Like how Dabi’s body was an open wound that required constant maintenance to keep ticking. Every night, he dabbed his body with antiseptic to clean out any dirt and stave off infection. The sting of the antiseptic didn’t bother him because the fire had mangled all of his nerves. Apparently he didn’t feel much any more. The parts of his back he couldn’t reach, he asked Katsuki to help with. Katsuki reverently cleaned the staples across Dabi’s spine, wiped them free of the build up of blood. Silently seethed at Dabi’s piece of shit father who’d done this to him.

“Fuck that guy,” Dabi said sometimes. “Not worth getting mad about. You’re all the family I need now. Just you.”

And Katsuki kissed the scar tissue on Dabi’s neck.

In the bathroom, Katsuki cleared a little space for himself on the sink and picked up the container of contact lenses. He flipped it open. Then peered into the mirror to pick the dusky green contacts out of his eyeballs. His eyes changed from green to bright red. And he placed the contacts back into the case, clipping it closed. The contacts always irritated his eyes, left him rubbing them with his fist. But they were necessary. His red eyes were recognisable, when they were green nobody would look twice at him and he could do errands.

Katsuki sighed and rolled his head around on his shoulders. Looked at himself in the mirror. Even without the contacts, he wasn’t really recognisable. His hair had been cut. Himiko had gleefully sat him down the first night he’d been with them and taken a pair of kitchen scissors to his head. His usual blond explosion was gone, replaced with short bristles that showed off the shape of his skull. It made his ears look so much more prominent. Katsuki pressed his hands to his ears. They came away bloody from the new piercings.

Those were a present from Dabi: three silver studs through the shell of his left ear and two in each lobe. Dabi had been gentle with him. Given him something to drink so he wouldn’t have felt it hurt so much, and then let him bite down on the pillow when he sat over him and drove the needle through his ear. Afterwards, when they’d fucked, Dabi had said how proud he was of Katsuki for not screaming or crying. He was so strong. Dabi loved him.

Katsuki dabbed some of Dabi’s antiseptic around his piercings. They still ached, but he bit the inside of his cheek to ignore the pain. And he twisted the piercings round to help them heal.

He looked a little thinner in the mirror, too. That was to be expected, really. He wasn’t training as religiously every day here. There wasn’t time. He had to do stuff to help out with the League (he was the only one able to go on supply runs, for one thing) and where they were staying there wasn’t any gym equipment. Plus, the food wasn’t as easy to come by. It had to be rationed carefully. If Katsuki was better at his damn job and was able to bring back decent food then it wouldn’t be an issue. But he was still a wannabe Hero who balked at the ides of shoplifting so he could never get anything decent. A fucking pussy who couldn’t do anything. His face wasn’t as round as it had been at UA. As it was in his photographs in the newspapers. And his eyes were a little more tired. He didn’t know what was up with that. He was able to sleep when he was with Dabi. He slept so well when Dabi fucked him and lay next to him and let Katsuki curl up in his arms. But he still woke up exhausted. Sometimes he mentioned it to Dabi, but Dabi said it was normal. He was constantly tired from his burns and his bullshit with the League. So Katsuki shut up about it. Wasn’t a big deal.

He turned off the light and went back into the bedroom. Pulled off his hoodie and dumped it on the floor as he walked. The bed creaked as he sat down. Katsuki took a moment to examine his arms. He had a few more burns from the previous nights, but they were healing up nicely. And Himiko had bitten him hard enough to break the skin, but they were all scabbing over. He was fine. The stupid concern over him that was in this article was bullshit.

Katsuki picked up the paper and started reading it. He hadn’t actually been paying that much attention to what people were saying about him. Now this article was like a punch in the gut.

They mentioned his teachers being worried for him and that they were looking for him. Wasting their time looking for him when they could’ve been doing something actually useful. That is if they actually were looking for him at all. More likely they just said that to the press when asked, then in the school they were saying it was a good thing he’d gone and he should’ve fucked off earlier. Meant Aizawa wouldn’t have wasted his time trying to teach him how to be a decent human being.

The members of the public had his number, though. They knew he was a fuck-up from the beginning, with the way he’d managed to be kidnapped andhad destroyed All Might. He’d tried to be a good person, but of course he was a pathetic piece of slime and had fallen in love with his kidnapper. His hand went to the piercings in his ear and he sighed. Dabi was out and Katsuki missed him. He always missed Dabi when he was gone. But he tried to swallow his neediness down and read the article some more.

He turned a page and his heart lurched. There was a photograph of the UA students at the start of the sports festival. Katsuki was standing front and centre, glaring up at something off camera. And behind him, was Deku. He was looking at the back of Katsuki’s head with some weird expression on his face. Something like admiration. Because back then, he hadn’t realised what a bastard Katsuki really was.

He still thought sometimes of Deku. Of kissing him again, and the way Deku had pushed him away. Katsuki had no idea why he’d done it. Or why he still thought of it. Maybe he was torturing himself, imagining that he was a decent human being who could have a normal high school romance with someone who wasn’t a mass murderer m. Because Dabi wasn't good enough for him, apparently. Because Katsuki was a piece of shit who hated his boyfriend even when his boyfriend had fucking saved him from UA and given him a place to stay and hadn’t kicked him out even when he’d constantly constantly fucked up and been a piece of shit and didn’t appreciate him and thought of someone else who’d never give Katsuki the time of day. Shti! Katsuki hated himself.

He dropped the magazine onto the bed and lay down on his side. He was so worthless. Fuck. He just wanted to fucking die, but he was too weak to even do that. So instead he clung to Dabi who was way too good to him. Katsuki dug his fingernails into his fresh burn on his arm, feeling the pain lancing through him. He lay there letting time slip away. Didn’t move for hours, until Dabi finally came back.

“What’s the matter with you?” Dabi said when he stepped into the room.

Katsuki sat up, rubbing his eyes to try and stop tearing up. His body was aching but he shook it off. “Nothing,” he said. “Just being stupid. I missed you.”

“Mmhm. Missed you, too.” He was wearing Katsuki’s tank top under his jacket, and his arms and scar tissue were breathtaking. Katsuki gripped the sheets beneath him and watched Dabi hang up his jacket and head to the bathroom.

“What were you up to today,” he asked.

“You know I can’t tell you.”

Yeah, Katsuki knew. He was squeamish and he hated knowing that Dabi killed people. He’d almost thrown up when he’d found out that Dabi’s constantly changing phone numbers were from stealing phones from people he’d set on fire. On days when Dabi came back smelling strongly of ash and rust, Katsuki knew that there would be articles about burnt bodies the next morning. It made him sick. He wished he was stronger, that it didn’t get to him so easily. He loved Dabi so fucking much. He didn’t want to be sick from this sort of thing. He wanted to be able to talk to him. But he couldn’t.

Katsuki got up and leaned against the doorway into the bathroom, watching Dabi standing at the sink washing his face. “I don’t need to know everything you did,” he said. “I just want to know what you’ve been up to. I’m allowed to ask.”

“Villain stuff,” Dabi muttered. “Which I know you get upset by, so I don’t want to tell you about it.”

“But you can tell me-”

“Fuck’s sake, Katsuki,” Dabi snapped. “Can I have one second to myself without you pestering me?”

Katsuki looked away, not saying a word. He dug his fingers into his arm again to pierce his burn. Shit. He’d fucked up again with how desperate he was for attention. Idiot! He stood there in silence as Dabi continued washing his face, waiting for him to be ready to talk. The water droplets glistened on his skin as he straightened up.

“Okay,” Dabi said. “We can talk now or whatever you want. I just needed a moment to decompress.”

“Sorry,” Katsuki said. He stepped into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around Dabi’s shoulders to kiss him. Dabi’s tongue piercing clinked against Katsuki’s teeth. His hands immediately went up Katsuki’s shirt, running over his chest. Katsuki leant into his touch.

Dabi pulled back and grinned. “Go get on the bed.”

Katsuki eagerly ripped his shirt off as he went to the bed, the springs creaking beneath him. He lived for days like this: when it was just him and Dabi. No Himiko leering down at him and shapeshifting into someone else. No Tomura just watching or else lying there expecting him to do all the work. Not the rest of the Lesgue crowding him, using every inch of him, covering him in his cum until he couldn’t take any more and needed to crawl to Dabi for comfort. He just wanted Dabi. So he was already half hard by the time he sat on the bed and kicked off his trousers.

Dabi pulled his own tank top off and folded it over his arm. But he paused in front of Katsuki.

“What’s that?” he asked.

Katsuki followed his gaze to the magazine that was lying open at the photograph of the UA sports festival. His heart thumped in his chest as he muttered, “It’s nothing. Some bullshit I picked up when I was getting supplies.”

He tried to grab it off the floor, but Dabi got there first. He skimmed over the article with a scowl. Then looked at Katsuki. “So they’re looking for you. Your UA friends.”

“Yeah,” Katsuki muttered.

“Good to know. Good to see your keeping tabs on them.”

“I’m not keeping tabs.” He wanted the ground to open so he could fall into the earth's core and be burnt to a crisp.

“Are you thinking of going back to them?”

“No!” Katsuki’s fists crackled in annoyance and he glared at a spot on the wall behind Dabi. “I know they’d fuck me over, I know I’m never going to be a damn Pro Hero. Why would I go back to them?”

“I don’t know. Why are you reading articles about yourself?”

“I just…” Katsuki bit his cheek in shame and folded his arms over his chest. “I don’t know.”

“Hmm… Were you being a little vain bitch and wanted to see if people were saying nice things about you?”


“Did you want to get a nice picture of Midoriya to jack off to because I’m not enough for you?”


“So what is it? Why would you need this? Because right now, all I can think is that you’re trying to check out if the heroes and UA will welcome you back because you’re planning on leaving me.”

“I’m not going to leave you!” Katsuki got to his feet, glaring up at Dabi. He felt tears in his eyes, but refused to cry. He hated being weak, hated making Dabi apologise to him for upsetting him. He didn’t want to cause him any more pain. “I love you. I’m not going to fuck you over and leave you.”

“So why did you get this,” Dabi snarled, holding up the article. “You know I hate thinking you’ll leave me. I don’t like to think you’ll abandon me after all the shit I’ve done for you. When you’re the only person in my life I actually care about.”

“I’m sorry,” Katsuki repeated. His heart was twisting and he clutched his head, trying to keep from crying. “I’m really sorry, I know you hate thinking aboutthat. But I’m not going to leave you. I swear I’m not.”

“Good.” Dabi’s quirk ignited in his hand, burning the magazine to ashes.

Katsuki watched the ashes drift down onto the carpet. Dabi cupped his cheek and tilted his face up to look at him. Dabi’s eyebrows were furrowed. His thumb slowly caressed Katsuki’s cheek.

“I don’t like getting mad at you,” he said gently. “I just get worried that you hate me. That you’ll leave.”

“I’m sorry,” Katsuki said. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“You never think.” Dabi leaned forward and gently kissed Katsuki’s mouth. “I don’t know what I’d do if you left me, you know. You’re everything to me.”

“You’re everything to me, too.”

Dabi kissed him again. Then pulled back. “You gotta stop making me scared like that. I don’t want to be mad at you, I hate feeling like my father.”

“Sorry,” Katsuki said. He wrapped his arms around Dabi’s waist and kissed his jaw. “You’re not your father.”

“Mm.” Dabi’s hand ran down Katsuki’s back. He kissed Katsuki’s mouth. Then he turned and got onto the bed, pulling Katsuki down on top of him.

Katsuki loved him so much. He never wanted to make Dabi feel like shit, he hated that he did that. He was such fucking garbage. Dabi was giving him a place to live, and then Katsuki turned round and was fucking thorughltess and made it seem like he was going to leave him. Fuck. Kasuki hated himself. Of course he wasn’t going to leave! Where would he even go ?

He shifted, pulling down Dabi’s jeans for him and leaning down to kiss and nuzzle his dick. Dabi’s hand rested in Katsuki’s hair. Comforting and grounding. Katsuki closed his eyes and opened his mouth, swallowing down Dabi’s cock. He felt the cold barbells running over his tongue, and hitting the back of his throat. He didn’t even choke. Dabi had helped him with that. He hollowed his cheeks and swallowed, listening to Dabi’s breath catch slightly in his throat. Then came up to suck on the head.

Dabi was watching him with a fond smile. Katsuki smiled back as best he could. His tongue swirled around the head of his dick. He just wanted Dabi to feel good. Katsuki was useless, he couldn’t do jack shit, but at least he could do this . He only hoped it was enough to have Dabi love him and forgive him for all the bullshit he did.

He worked his mouth and tongue as best he could, his hand stroking the part of Dabi’s cock he couldn’t fit in his mouth. His eyes were always on Dabi’s face, keeping track of his emotions and the facial twitches. He ignored the way his own dick was now getting hard between his thighs. He’d get seen to, later. Dabi always made sure he came as well.

“Fuck,” Dabi muttered. His hands were both on Katsuki’s head, holding him in place as his own hips bucked up into Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki let out a little moan of pleasure as Dabi fucked his mouth shallowly. Just fought not to gag and worked his tongue as best he could. And he groaned when Dabi came down his throat. Swallowed his cum easily.

“You’re getting good at that,” Dabi said. He smiled, splitting his face open again. Katsuki would help him clean his staples later. “Go get the lube.”

Katsuki got the lube from the bathroom, quickly slicking up Dabi’s cock and straddling his waist to sink down onto him. He never needed any prep, now. It was good. It meant he could fuck Dabi as much as he wanted, until he fell asleep. And he sank easily onto Dabi’c cock, feeling all his piercings stroking him inside. Katsuki groaned. He began to bounce up and down on Dabi’s cock, hands on Dabi’s chest for balance. Dabi watched him, thrusting lazily up into him. His hand was on Katsuki’s waist, encouraging him.

Dabi grinned. He reached to his bedside table and grabbed his phone, holding it in front of his face. “You look real good,” he said. His fingers tapped the screen, taking a photograph of Katsuki riding him.

Katsuki’s face burned in embarrassment but he didn’t look away from Dabi or his phone. The last time he’d done that, he’d made Dabi feel like he didn’t love him. Like he didn’t want Dabi to have photos of him to look at when they were apart. So he sucked up his shame and focussed on the way Dabi’s cock was hitting him just right each time he rolled his hips down onto him. He clenched around him. His own cock was beading precum now, his legs shaking from the effort of riding him.

“Dabi,” Katsuki groaned. His fingers were digging into Dabi’s front and his mouth was hanging open in moans. His stomach muscles flexed with each movement. “Dabi, I’m gonna come.”

“Mmhm.” Dabi tilted his camera, and grabbed Katsuki’s dick in his hand. He started pumping Katsuki, thrusting up into him in time with his movements. “Go on then.”

Katsuki moaned, thrusting into Dabi’s hand and down onto his dick. His body tensed up. Heat rushed through him. And he came with a long yell of pleasure, coating Dabi’s hand and stomach with cum. A few thrusts later, Dabi was coming again inside of him.

“I love you,” Dabi said. He held his hand out to Katsuki’ smouth. Dabi licked his fingers clean. And he laid down on the bed next to him, tucked into his cold embrace.

“I love you too,” he murmured as he drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, he’d clean up the ashes of the magazine article and he’d apologise again and he’d make it up to Dabi. Katsuki really was a piece of shit. But he’d make himself worthy of Dabi’s love. He had to.

Chapter Text

There was a hand-shaped burn on Katsuki's neck and it stung like a bitch. He knew it was his fault - Dabi had been really pent up the previous night so he’d squeezed Katsuki's neck too tight for him to speak up - but he was still pissed about it. Then his mood just got even worse because he’d woken up to find Himiko in their bed with her arms around Dabi’s waist. She'd fucked off when Katsuki had peeled her arms off of him, but it still made his blood boil. Katsuki was too jealous, he knew that, but fuck he just wanted Dabi to be his. He knew it was immature and selfish and that adults had needs and Dabi needed more than just Katsuki but still... He scowled at his reflection in the mirror as he dabbed antiseptic on the burn.

“Do we have any more gauze?” he called back into the bedroom.

“How should I know, you’re the one spending an hour in the bathroom.” Dabi appeared in the doorway, pulling on his jacket. “If we’re out then just get some more on a supply run."


"And get something for Himiko too, she’s been a bitch lately and needs something to shut her up.”

“Your dick in her mouth seemed to shut her up fine,” Katsuki muttered under his breath.

“What was that?”

Katsukis' eyes shot up, meeting Dabi’s in the mirror. His heart jolted. Fuck. Why did he say that? He turned round immediately and said, “Nothing. I wasn’t thinking, I-“

“You’re a real selfish prick, Katsuki,” Dabi said with a scowl. “You can’t get possessive and clingy over me and mad at Himiko. We both have needs and I was fucking her way before I fucked you."

"I know. I know that."

"You can’t tell me to change everything to accomodate you.”

“I’m not,” Katsuki insisted. He pressed a hand to his neck, feeling the pain spark. “I don’t know why I said that.”

“Hmm... Do you want any more from me?" Dabi tilted his head to one side, scoling at Katsuki. "Maybe that's it. Maybe I’m just not enough for you, any more. Maybe it's not enough that I love you and do everything for you. I mean, you've always been a selfish needy asshole so I'm not surprised.”

“You are enough!” Katsuki tried to take Dabi’s hand but he backed away.

“I’m going out,” Dabi said. “I’ll see you tonight, if you can stand to be around me.”

“Don’t leave,” Katsuki said weakly. Then as the door closed he said a quiet, “I love you.”

Katsuki stood there in the bathroom for a moment, listening to the sound of Dabi's footsteps getting quieter. Then he yelled and punched the wall hard enough to leave a dent in the plaster. His knuckles came away aching, but he ignored it. Fuck! He couldn't believe he'd messed up again! God he was so fucking stupid, he hated himself. He made Dabi feel like he didn't love him, and he insulted Himiko, and goddamn he always fucking messed up!

Katsuki growled and slapped the burn on his neck. The pain lanced through him, making his eyes water and his breath catch in his chest. But it made him calm down. Centred him. He'd be okay, he could fix this. He'd just go out on a supply run and pick up everything he needed to, and then Dabi would know he was sorry for fucking up.

He pulled his clothes on, put his contacts in, and flipped his hood up over his face before heading out the door. By that point, he was great at blending into crowds. Just kept his head down and made himself unnoticeable. That was the key, Himiko had told him. Just be boring and not worth anyone's time, and nobody would notice you passing by.

He managed to slip into a couple grocery stores and grab a few things. Never quite enough food to really feed people, because he was still a coward afraid of getting caught. But he got things that hopefully would make the League happy. Then he stopped in at a pharmacy, looking for some more bandages. They didn't have much.

Dabi was much more skilled at swiping the things he needed. He'd been doing it for years. Katsuki knew that he sometimes targeted ambulances, setting them on fire and stealing what supplies he could before it was reduced to ash. He reasoned that it was okay, that the patient inside was probably going to die anyway. And he needed a lot of medical attention thanks to his father, so this was a necessary evil. Still made Katsuki's stomach churn, though. He tried desperately to find some gauze and dressings so Dabi wouldn't have to destroy another ambulance. Finally, he found a pack of bandages that might do, annoyed that it was slightly too big to hide under his clothes. With a huff, Katsuki stepped up to the counter and pulled out the change he had in his pocket. He didn't have much, but he maybe had enough. He dumped coins on the counter and started counting as the cashier watching in mild annoyance.

Behind him, he heard the door opening and a set of voices coming in. Katsuki didn't pay much attention to them, focussing on the money on the counter.

"See if they have any more of those painkillers," a voice said.

Katsuki scowled down at the coins. He was tired and his brain was fuzzy. He couldn't count as easily as usual.

"I need cough syrup, too," another voice said.

Katsuki scowled at the coins, pushing them to the pharmacist who started sorting them into his drawer. His eyes landed on a little display of perfume by the counter. The kind of cheap, kitschy thing Himiko would like. He should get her something too. Katsuki's fingers went to one of the bottles, turning it over. The rest of the pharmacy was reflected in its warped surface.

"We can't be out much longer," a third, familiar voice said. "Aizawa-sensei said we needed to be back by twelve."

Katsuki's heart stopped in his chest. He stared at the reflection in the perfume bottles, tilting it so he could better see. Three people behind him, and he recognised all of them. Kirishima, he'd recognise that godawful hair anywhere. He was still dying it and spiking it up religiously. Then the girl with the round face that was always hanging out with Deku. And then...

Katsuki hadn't seen Deku in over a month. Back when they were kids, they used to see each other basically every day. He'd gotten so used to having the nerd following him around, it was weird to have him out of it. He couldn't fucking escape him. Katsuki's hand shook on the bottle.

"Sir," the cashier said in a bored tone. "Are you going to be buying that, too?"

"What?" Katsuki looked round, then at the perfume bottle in his hand. He slammed it down on the counter. "No. Forget it. Forget everything, I'm going."

"Oh." The cashier blinked, then looked down at the register. "Okay, let me just get you your money and-"

"No, it's fine, it's fine. Keep it." Katsuki stepped backwards, his head spinning. He walked into a display behind him which toppled and fell with a crash.

The entire pharmacy looked round at the commotion. He heard Kirishima say something and step forward to pull the rack up. Katsuki stared at him. Kirishima looked the exact same. He glanced up and met Katsuki's eye. There was no recognition. He just smiled and righted the display.

Katsuki looked past them, his gaze flicking over Uraraka's surprised face and landing on Deku. Deku looked different. More tired. His hair was tangled. And he had a plaster on his cheek, from training or a fight or something else. But he was still Deku. Still had the same old round-face and big eyes and freckles all over the place. And he was wearing a hoodie that had All Might plastered over it, and his stupid shorts, and his ugly shoes. He was clutching his phone in his hands, looking at Kirishima who was setting the display up. His eyes moved up to meet Katsuki's.

He blinked.


"I have to go," Katsuki muttered, turning away and walking towards the pharmacy door. The cashier called after him, saying he forgot his money. "Keep it," Katsuki yelled back.

Behind him he heard Deku again going, "Kacchan! Is that you?"

"Kacchan? You- Bakugou?" He heard Kirsihima nad Uraraka now, their voices both surprised.

Now other eyes were turning to him. Recognising him. They all knew him. They knew who he was, they knew he was Bakugou. He was Bakugou Katsuki, the kid who'd vanished from UA, who was hanging out with the League of Villains, who had killed All Might. The pathetic stupid ugly-

"Kacchan, wait!"

Katsuki didn't fucking wait. He started running, pushing his way past people and out into the streets. But he heard Deku behind him in hot pursuit. Heard the crackle of his quirk igniting, making him faster. Katsuki swore and picked up the pace, ducking through crowds of people who looked round in surprise. A few people called out at him to watch where he was going, and to Deku to tell him to not use his quirk in public. Katsuki skidded and headed down an alley, hoping to throw Deku off. But he heard Deku coming after him.

Katsuki looked over his shoulder. Deku was chasing him, his arms pumping, his body crackling with his quirk. Shit, he was fast. He'd been training every day, and Katsuki had let his workout slide. There was no way Katsuki could escape on foot.

He barrelled out of the alley into an open street, his hands crackling. Katsuki barely had time to look round and make sure there was space for him to set off his quirk. His palms exploded and he shot himself into the air, vaulting up out of the street and onto a rooftop.

"Holy shit, it's that kid who went missing," he heard someone yell after him.

Katsuki landed badly on the roof, tumbling over and scraping his face on the brick. But he didn't stay down. He knew Deku would come after him, cos he was an annoying bastard who didn't know when to quit. He picked himself up and started running again. Sure enough, he heard a clunk of Deku Landing on the roof behind him.

"Kacchan, you can't run away from me," Deku yelled.

"Leave me alone, Deku," Katsuki yelled back. He jumped off the roof, blasting his hands behind him and propelling him forward. But Katsuki couldn't keep up the pace. He was tired. He was hungry. He hadn't been practicing his quirk so his palms ached. He'd never been a good Hero. So of course Deku caught up with him, jumping on him with a yell and sending them both crashing down onto the roof of a building.

"Got you," Deku muttered. He was lying on top of Katsuki and quickly grabbed his wrists, holding them down on the ground. His own body was straddling Katsuki, weighing him down and keeping him in place. He was so heavy. Katsuki stared up at him. Deku was so tall. His hands were calloused, and rubbed Katsuki's skin when they gripped him. Shit, how long ago had Katsuki kicked Deku's ass and pinned him to the ground? Now he was so fucking weak he couldn't fight back.

Fuck. And he hadn't even been able to pick up the gauze from the pharmacy.

Deku stared down at him, his face a strange mix of emotions. Katsuki couldn't figure out what he was feeling. It looked like a combination of sadness and anger and fear and a bunch of other things. Katsuki was always shit at figuring out what people were feeling. He couldn't even figure out what he was feeling half the time.

"Kacchan," Deku said. His voice sounded choked. Then he grit his teeth and almost yelled, "You asshole! I was so worried!"

Katsuki glared up at him. He clenched his hands into fists and muttered, "Get off me, Deku."

"No. I'm not getting off you, I'm not leaving you. I'm taking you home."

"The fuck you are," Katsuki started struggling, trying to throw Deku off. There was no fucking way he was going back home, not now. Not after everything he'd done. Shit, if he left Dabi now then Dabi would never forgive him. Dabi'd be so mad, and so miserable. Katsuki couldn't abandon him! And his parents would hate him for everything he'd done, and he'd never be a Hero so what was even the point in leaving? Why was Deku so heavy?

Deku sat up, staring down at him. His expression softened a little bit. "Kacchan, what's wrong? Why are you so against coming home? Did something happen?"

"Nothing's wrong," Katsuki muttered. He stopped fighting, his hands still clenched into fists. If he moved his hands just right, he could blast Deku off of him and get away. He just needed to find a right moment.

But Deku didn't move. "Something's wrong. What happened to you? Where did you go? I-" Deku bit his lip and shook his head. "I looked everywhere for you! I couldn't understand what had happened, I thought you'd been killed."

"Well sorry to disappoint you," Katsuki spat.


"I bet you were all so happy to be rid of me, huh? You were glad that I wasn't there to drag everyone down. Now there's nothing to stop you being the wonderful number one hero."

"Kacchan, shut up!" Deku punched the roof hard enough to split the concrete. His eyes were glistening with tears now. "I was so worried about you! Everyone is worried! You just vanished one night and we couldn't find you and now you're here and you're a mess... Where have you been?"

Katsuki looked away from him. He knew he looked a mess. He was sure the burn on his neck was on full display, still bleeding from the night before. He was so filthy and he needed a shower, and his clothes were ripped, and he was so weak now. He didn't need Deku to rub it in how awful he was. How pathetic he was next to Deku.

"Kacchan, if you're being threatened or blackmailed by a villain, I can help you. I- We can find you somewhere safe to hide out. We'll fix it."

"I'm not being threatened." Katsuki snorted at the absurdity of that. That he was where he was now because of something he didn't want. Something he didn't deserve. Deku really was stupid. "You don't understand, Deku."

"Then explain it to me!"

A tear splashed onto Katsuki's cheek, hot and salty. He didn't look round. Just grit his teeth and snorted again. "There's nothing to explain. I left. I'm not going back. And you can stop fucking trying to find me or following me or forcing me to come home. I'm not going to. I don't want to. You can't fucking make me."

"Kacchan..." Deku was silent for a moment. Then his hands grabbed the collar of Katsuki's hoodie, tugging it down to reveal the hand-shaped burn there. "I don't know what's happened to you, but I'm not going to leave you. Who did this to you?"

"It doesn't matter. Leave it."


"I said leave it!" Katsuki pulled his hood up and slapped Deku's hands away from him. "You bastard, you can't ignore me for all your life and then suddenly act like you care. You can't just find me now and tell me you're not going to leave me. I don't want you! I don't-"

"What are you talking about? I've never ignored you-"

"You think I don't know how everyone's always treated me? Like a monster! Like-"

"I want you to come home, I don't know what-"

"And nobody listens! And nobody-"

"I'm listening! I'm right here! Kacchan-"

"Leave me alone, you bastard!"

Katsuki punched, throwing all his power behind his fist. He connected with the side of Deku's head. It wasn't hard, not really. But it was enough to dislodge Deku off of Katsuki so he could get to his feet.

Deku looked up at him from the ground, clutching his face. "Kacchan..."

They looked at each other for a brief moment. Katsuki wondered if Deku was going to say something. If there was anything he could say that Katsuki would want to hear. But the two boys just stared at each other until Katsuki turned to walk towards the edge of the roof.

"Just... forget about me, Deku."

Deku didn't respond. Before long, Katsuki was down on the ground and slipping into a crowded street. He lowered his head and became boring and unnoticeable again. Nobody cared who he was, or what he was doing, or where he was going. He was nobody. And Deku couldn't find him.

Later that night, Katsuki was lying on his bed and watching Dabi through the door into the bathroom as he was doing his nightly ritual of disinfecting his open wounds. He moved slowly and methodically. No bit of him was untouched. And he didn't wince as the antiseptic seeped into his body, killing bacteria and keeping him alive. Katsuki had managed to find him more supplies at a different pharmacy, so he had plenty of tools for the job. It had earned him a kiss from Dabi that had Katsuki's chest glowing. But now he was just lying on the bed, thinking of what had happened.

There'd be something in the news the next day about what he'd done. There was no way there wouldn't be. He and Deku hadn't been subtle in using their quirks, and there'd been a bunch of witnesses. Maybe Deku would even go to a news site and blab about how Katsuki was useless and weak now. Katsuki should say something to Dabi so he wouldn't learn about it from a website, but he also didn't want to make Dabi angry again. Urgh. No matter what he did, Katsuki fucked up.

"Hey," Dabi said, coming out of the bathroom. "Do my back."

"Sure." Katsuki sat up and Dabi sat on the bed in front of him. Carefully, Katsuki started cleaning the line between burnt and smooth skin. He disinfected it thoroughly, and wiped away the congealing blood that always clung to the staples. Dabi's body was cold to the touch. The sooth skin a contrast to the purplish leather. He couldn't believe he'd once found it hideous. Dabi was the most beautiful thing in his life.

He placed his hand flat on Dabi's spine. "I saw Deku today."

Dabi barely reacted. He tilted his head and said a gentle, "Oh?"

Katsuki felt his insides twist together and he focussed on cleaning Dabi up. "I didn't look for him. He just... The bastard was in a shop I was in. And he recognised me."

"Ah, that's true love," Dabi said with a small laugh. "Did anything happen? Or did you just stare at each other?"

"He chased me. He tried to get me to go back to UA with him."

"Did he?"

Katsuki knew that tone. That was Dabi's blood starting to boil, angry at the idea of losing Katsuki. He hurried to get him to simmer down.

"I didn't go back. Fuck UA and fuck all those bullshit heroes. I'm not leaving you to go back to them. He tried to make me, but I told him to fuck off."

"Good." Dabi turned and grabbed Katsuki's hand, raising it to his mouth to kiss his palm. His lips were soft and Katsuki leaned into him. Then Dabi dropped his hand with a sigh. "This sort of life where you run away is hard. I know it is. I mean, shit, sometimes I've been out and I've seen my sister. She didn't recognise me but if she did she'd probably ask me to come home with her, too. You just need to remember who you actually care about and who your real friends are." He gave Katsuki his usual crooked grin.

Katsuki frowned in confusion. "Your sister?"

"Yeah. I told you about her."

"Yeah, you did. You said she'd died." Katsuki remembered that. She'd died in Dabi's arms and it had fucked him up. Because Heroes were garbage. And his father was garbage. Katsuki knew his sister was dead.

But Dabi raised his eyebrows and said, "No I didn't. Why would I tell you she'd died if she's alive?"

"I..." Katsuki looked down at the antiseptic in his hands. "I don't know."

"That's okay," Dabi said. His hands were in Katsuki's hair and tilting his face up. His breath was cold smoke. "Just try and pay attention."

Katsuki nodded and kissed Dabi. Dabi kissed back with a small laugh. His fingers ran down Katsuki's cheek and brushed over the bandages at his neck. Katsuki moaned at the touch. His arms went round Dabi's shoulders and pulled him closer. Opened his mouth. He wanted Dabi to fuck him and consume him and let him know it was okay. That he was loved. He wanted to forget Deku and UA and everything else. Just Dabi. Dabi was all he needed.

"Here," Dabi said, getting to his feet. He undid his belt and let his jeans drop so Katsuki could actually get to his cock. Katsuki shifted to the edge of the bed and licked over his dick, trying his best to make him feel good.

Fuck, he loved Dabi so much. He was so fucking sorry for always causing him trouble and for not listening when he said his sister was alive. He must've misunderstood the earlier story. Or he wasn't listening. But... No, he was listening. Katsuki remembered lying there next to Dabi as he told the story, and thinking how fucked up it was. But maybe he was misremembering that. Fuck, he didn't know.

It didn't matter. Katsuki tried to shut his brain up and just moved his head up and down on Dabi's cock, working his tongue as best he could. Dabi's hand was in his hair, guiding him.

Had Dabi ever mentioned his sister being alive before? Katsuki couldn't' remember. He didn't like talking about his family too often. Just about his father, the son of a bitch who set him on fire. He had no family, his sister was dead and his father was a jackass. He only had Katsuki. Dabi only had Katsuki, and Katsuki only had him. But if Dabi's sister was alive, then he did have someone. Was she alive?

He was thinking too much. His head was spinning again. That run in with Deku had thrown him through a loop, he had no idea what he was doing. Katsuki focussed on working Dabi's cock, licking up his precum, tasting the metal of his piercings, coating his cock with saliva. His own cock was hard in his clothes, and he palmed it in an effort to distract himself.

"Look at me," Dabi said casually.

Katsuki opened his eyes and blinked up into Dabi's phone camera. He was recording him. Katsuki felt his face burn in embarrassment, but he knew Dabi liked this. He wanted a show. Something to remember Katsuki by. So Katsuki started moving faster and moaning louder. He opened his mouth and licked the head of Dabi's cock, then sucked it back into his mouth. Hollowed his cheeks and swallowed. Let his teeth tug on the piercings in the underside. Tasted the metal on his tongue.

When Dabi came, Katsuki opened his mouth so the camera could see the jizz glistening on his tongue. And he swallowed it, trying not to grimace at the taste.

"Wa that good?" Katsuki asked.

Dabi nodded, stepping back. He was looking at his phone, tapping it. "You're really sexy when you do that. Next time the others fuck you, I should get a photo of you covered in their cum."

"Urgh, do you have to?" Katsuki rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand and pulled off his clothes. His own cock was hard now and he desperately needed to be fucked until he passed out. He needed Dabi to be rough with him.

"Well, I won't do anything you don't want me to," Dabi said. He knelt one knee on the bed, leaning down to kiss the back of Katsuki's neck. His hand went to Katsuki's ass, slapping him. His hand was flickering with little blue flames. He nipped on Katsuki's ear. "But you know I like having photos and videos of you."

"Yeah, I know." Katsuki groaned and tilted his head into the pillow, tilting his hips up. "Come on, just fuck me. I need this. Please."

"So desperate."

The mattress creaked and he felt Dabi's hands run down his sides to grab his hips. Flames flickering on Dabi's palm again, making Katsuki's skin blister. Katsuki moaned, already forgetting about the rest of the world. His cock twitched, dripping precum onto the sheets. He thrust back onto Dabi's cock when he entered him.

"Fuck," Katsuki moaned. He started moving his own hips, fucking back onto Dabi. Angled his spine so that Dabi's cock hit him just right, and he could feel all the piercings inside him. The sound of his hips slapping against Dabi's was loud, echoing on the walls. Katsuki didn't care. The entire town could hear him if they wanted, he didn't care. He needed to go faster, needed more. And he moaned at Dabi to fuck him harder please. He needed this so bad!

"Oh, you want me to fuck you hard?"

"Yes Dabi, I need you to fuck me hard. Please." Katsuki's hands gripped the sheets and he turned his head to plead with Dabi. The bastard had his phone out again, recording Katsuki fucking himself back onto Dabi's cock. Dabi grinned down at him, his face splitting apart.

"If you want me to give it to you harder, then take this for me. And get a good angle of yourself."

Katsuki looked at the phone Dabi was holding out to him. He hesitated. He didn't want to... But he needed to forget things. And he needed to make Dabi happy. So he swallowed his pride and took the phone, holding it out in front of him. His own face looked back at him from the phone screen. Katsuki looked tired. He was so tired. Behind him, Dabi grabbed his hips and angled his own cock to fuck him better. And then he thrust into him. Katsuki let out a strangled swear.

"Oh fuck yes!" Katsuki held the phone, got a good angle, fucked back onto Dabi as hard as he could. And Dabi fucked him as hard as he needed. Kept his flames on his hands to keep him constantly pricked with pain and hurting. He was left bruised and burned and covered in scratches, covered in his own blood and Dabi's smoky cum. The entire time, Katsuki held the phone out to capture the entire thing on film.

Somewhere along the way, he passed out. Katsuki only dreamed of Dabi.