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Kissing The Moon

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“You missed out on a good class last time.”

“Yeah, well I was busy.”

“I know. I’m just telling you it was good. There were these kids, and we had to communicate with our hearts-“

“I don’t care about any stupid kids, Icy-Hot,” Katsuki snapped, tugging his shirt over his head and angrily folding it to stuff it into his case. “And will you stop getting changed next to me?”

Todoroki blinked at him. “What’s the big deal?”

“I just want some space! Go get changed somewhere else.”

Todoroki shrugged. “I’m almost finished,” he said. Then instead of moving, he sat down on the bench next to Katsuki to do up his laces.

Katsuki growled and clenched his hands into fists. With a snarl, he pulled on his uniform shirt, doing up the buttons. It had been a harsh supplementary class, Katsuki had gotten a new set of scrapes up and down his sides. He pressed his fingers to them under the guise of smoothing down his shirt and felt a satisfying throb through his abdomen.

But despite the exercise and new scrapes, his heart was thumping and he was teetering a little from lack of sleep. It had been almost a week since Katsuki had last seen Dabi, and he hadn’t been able to get a full night’s sleep for the past three days. His hand was littered in faded bitemarks from where he’d chewed his own skin as he jacked off, but it was no good. He still woke up in the middle of the night and lay staring at the ceiling unable to get back to sleep.

At least he was going to see Dabi that evening. Hopefully the meeting with the League would make up for his lack of sleep.

Todoroki was quiet on the ride back to UA, which was good. Katsuki closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep. His eyelids were so heavy. But his brain stayed spinning and the jolting of the car kept him awake so he arrived at UA in a foul mood. Then his foul mood worsened when they got into class and found the entire class yelling. Ashido was up at the front of the room dancing, surrounded by a group of cheering students. She was good, Katsuki knew she was good. She’d seen her practicing her moves during class, trying to work them into combat. But he couldn’t be assed with this sort of thing so early in the day. He and strode past everyone to throw his stuff down by his desk.

Deku was standing in front of the crowd watching Ashido, his dorky little notebook clutched in his hand. Katsuki rested his head on his fist, watching the nerd talking to the crowd. Ashido trying to teach him a few faltering steps. Deku slowly starting to pick them up. The two of them laughing when he stumbled over his own feet. Katsuki ground his teeth. He turned to glare out the window instead.

His side twinged. Katsuki reached his arm around his body to press his fingers to the scratches again, chewing his lip in thought. Dabi had told him over text that he was going to meet up with the League sometime that night. It would be dangerous. Katsuki needed to be in top condition, and possibly leave a note in his room in case he went missing so people knew what had happened. Should he tell somebody to wait up for him to come back? No, too risky. They might ask where he was going, and try to talk him out of it. The note would do. Should he try and smuggle his gauntlets out so he can hold his own against the villains? No, not the gauntlets. Too bulky. His gloves. Katsuki had already stolen those from his uniform case and they were stashed in his backpack. He’d be able to hold his own if things boiled over. And if things got really bad, Katsuki would run. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew he wouldn’t be able to take down the entire League by himself. He could come close yeah, but he wasn’t in peak condition just then. He was tired. And he didn’t want to end up in another kidnapping situation where he’d have to wait around for people to rescue him. So he’d just cut his losses and run at the first sign of danger.

Katsuki got lost in his head all through class. He went over and over his various plans for the night, and constantly checked his phone to see if Dabi had texted him where they were going to meet up. His stomach churned. He didn’t register when people asked him questions, and only half listened to the conversations in class. During homeroom there was some talk about a cultural festival that they were going to be putting on, and needing ideas for what to perform. As if Katsuki knew or cared about any of that. Then a handful of lessons until the day finished and they were all let out for the Saturday afternoon. He grabbed his things and left the classroom, his head buzzing.

Back in the dorms, Katsuki forced himself to sit at his desk and try to get some studying done. He tapped his foot irritably against the floor and stared at his phone, waiting for it to buzz or ring or anything. Once or twice, Kirishima knocked on his door and asked if he wanted to hang out or go talk to the rest of the class. Katsuki held up his textbook and said he was busy, before closing the door on him.

At five pm, he got a text. Katsuki looked up from his textbook and grabbed the phone. It was a simple message. Just gave him an address and a time and said that if Katsuki wasn’t there on the dot then Dabi was going to leave.

Katsuki stared at the screen, his mouth dry. This was actually happening. He was going to meet the league. The pricks who’d kidnapped him, the thieves, the murderers. And this time, Katsuki was prepared.

An hour before Katsuki was going to sneak out, he went down to the common room and made himself dinner. Listened to the muttered conversation between the class reps about what they could possibly do for the culture festival. Then he declared loudly that he was going to bed. Kaminari laughed at him, calling him a grandpa. Kirsihima said he hoped Katsuki wasn’t getting sick. Deku didn’t say anything. He just sat there on the couch, and met Katsuki’s eye. There was an odd expression on his face, one with his brows furrowed and his lips slightly parted as if he was about to say something but never did. Katsuki glared at him across the room. Dared Deku to blink first. Deku didn’t. Katsuki was the one who turned away to head back up to his room, his hand clenched into a fist in his pocket. Katsuki half wondered if Deku was going to follow him. He didn’t. Nobody did. Katsuki went back to his bedroom alone.

From there, his movements were practiced and precise. Katsuki locked the door and turned the lights off. He pulled on the gloves he’d smuggled out of his bag. Shoved his phone into the pocket of his jeans. And before he climbed out of his dorm window and shimmied down a drainpipe, he rested a letter on his desk just in case he didn’t come back. All it said was that he was going to fight some villains, and that he didn’t need rescued. Just a formality in case the worst happened. But Katsuki knew the worst was never going to happen.

A little after nine, he dropped into the grounds outside the dorms and slinked away.

Katsuki moved through the quiet streets in hurried walk with his head bowed, and then occasionally bursting into a short run when he thought nobody was watching. The entire time, he kept his hood pulled up, glancing out around him nervously. His heart was pounding. His brain was a little fuzzy from lack of sleep. He swallowed.

The address Dabi had texted him was a few streets away from the bar they usually went to. A dimly lit alley. Katsuki paused at the mouth of the alley. He flexed his hands in his gloves, looking round. Was he going to meet he League here? In some alley where anyone could walk in on them? Maybe it was the hiding-in-plain-sight idea. Katsuki stepped into the alley and skulked along the wall. Licked his lips. Leant against the wall. Checked his watch. He had a few minutes until when Dabi told him to be there.

Katsuki waited in the dark. The wind rustled the bags of trash out in the alley. He could hear people talking in the neighbouring houses. Across the road, a little noodle bar was doing some late-night business. Katsuki watched as a tiny stream of customers came and went from the restaurant, pushing through the fabric flaps. He tugged his hood down over his face and slunk back into the shadow of the buildings. He glanced at his phone to check that yes this was the right place and yes he’d got the correct time.

The time Dabi told him to be there came and went. Katsuki walked up and down the alley, his heart hammering in his chest. Shit. Where was the bastard? Had Katsuki gotten the wrong place? He frantically pulled up his phone to check where he was on the map. This was definitely the address he’d been texted. And his watch was still working. He sent a text.

Where are you?

Stared at his screen. No response. No dots to indicate Dabi was replying. Katsuki ground his teeth and flicked back to his map again to quadruple check that this was definitely where he was supposed to be. Maybe Dabi was playing an elaborate joke on him. Or maybe he’d been caught by the police and was currently in a jail cell.

Katsuki was so caught up in what-ifs he didn’t even realise he was being crept up on until a cold hand wrapped around his mouth and a familiar voice whispered in his ear, “Stay quiet and walk.”

Katsuki walked. He shoved his phone in his pocket and let Dabi lead him out the alleyway, his long fingers slipping from Katsuki’s mouth to his shoulder. They walked with Dabi’s arm casually around his shoulder and pulling him close. Katsuki kept his head down. Didn’t even turn to look up at Dabi. Just focused on he weight of the arm on his shoulder, and the familiar smell of ash.

“Where the fuck were you?” Katsuki muttered.

“Shh,” Dabi hushed him. Katsuki glanced up and Dabi grinned, pressing a finger to his lips to shush him. His skin split along his cheeks when he smiled, revealing the dark pink flesh beneath. “We’re going to meet the rest of the League, I just need to get somewhere a little quiet first.”

Katsuki bit his tongue and kept walking. He glanced at Dabi out the corner of his eye. He looked different that night. He was wearing something other than his usual ratty-jeans and threadbare jacket combination. Different jeans, these ones with rips across the knees revealing his scarred skin. And a dark t-shirt that was too big and hanging over his chest again. Maybe he’d been shopping or something and that’s what had taken him so long to turn up. Katsuki snorted and looked away, trying to work out where they were going.

They soon turned off the brightly lit main street to go down darker side streets and alleys. Katsuki tried to keep track of where they were, but he was groggy and it was getting difficult to pay attention. Soon he lost track of the direction they were going in. He’d have to check his phone to figure out where he was later when he needed to get back to the dorm. In the meantime, he looked at his watch to work out what was happening. They’d been walking for twenty minutes. Where the fuck were they going?

They turned down a tiny street and came to a little park in the middle of the town. It was open to everyone, a small path winding through some trees and a collection of bushes. A play area for kids was in one corner. The surrounding buildings loomed over them. Katsuki glanced around as they walked through the park. It seemed quieter here. Every sound they made amplified in the darkness. His shoes clicked over the ground.

Dabi came to a stop in the middle of the park, looking around. Katsuki glanced up at him, then round at the surroundings. Were they meeting here? It was a little open, but maybe they didn’t want Katsuki to see their actual hideout.

Dabi shifted. He scratched his nose. And he asked, “Why are you wearing your hero gloves?”

The blunt question suddenly had Katsuki looking away, his ears burning. “You think I’m going to walk into a meeting with the League of Villains without some support items? I'm not stupid, I brought a weapon.”

“You’re a little stupid,” Dabi said. Katsuki glared up at him, but Dabi just shrugged. “Why would we kill you? What benefit would it give us? If a young aspiring hero died, Heroes would hunt us down even more vigorously than they do now. And besides.” He rested his hand in Katsuki’s hair with a grin. “I'll keep you safe. I don’t want to lose my favourite virgin.”

Katsuki growled and jerked away from him, stepping off the path onto the grass. “Like I'm going to trust you.”

“You don’t trust me? I’m hurt.” He pressed a hand to his chest and tilted his head to one side, raising his eyebrows. Then shrugged again. “Believe me or not, it’s the truth. I have nothing to gain by killing you.”

“Right.” Katsuki shoved his hands into the pocket of his hoodie and looked round. “What are we doing here? Is this where Im going to meet your stupid league?”

“No. I just thought we could have sex since we don’t have time to go to the bar, and we haven’t seen each other in a week.” Dabi shrugged again. “You’re probably tense, it’ll help you relax.”

Katsuki stared at him. Then he grit his teeth and took another step back, shaking his head furiously. “You’re fucking insane. We’re in public! I’m not going to- No! Fuck off. We’re not doing that.”

“We’re hardly in public,” Dabi said, waving his hand dismissively. “Nobody ever comes through here at night, and if you’re that nervous we can go into the trees.”

“No! We’re not doing anything in a goddamn park.”

Dabi’s fingers curled lightly. He raised his eyebrows. “Wow. You found something to help with your insomnia.”


“We haven’t fucked in a week, and the last time we did you were pretty demanding and desperate. But now you don’t even want to have sex. I'm guessing that means you’ve figured out a way to deal with your sleep problems. That’s good. What is it?”

Katsuki glared at him. His hands clenched. “My sleep problems have nothing to do with this. I just don’t want to break public indecency laws.”

“Uh huh. Of course. Yeah. I won’t push you to do anything you don’t want to.” Dabi looked away across the park. “So have you been sleeping well this week?”

Katsuki grit his teeth. He’d woken up at three that morning and stared at his alarm clock as it blinked in the dark bedroom. He wanted to tell Dabi he didn’t know what he was talking about and his sleep didn't mean squat, but his tongue caught in his throat. Dabi seemed to read his expression. The villain turned back to face him, tilting his head and blinking slowly. In the dim light, his eyes almost glowed a pale blue.

“I see,” he said calmly. “And what about your classwork? You’ve been able to pay attention to everything? You’re not still falling behind your classmates?”

Katsuki felt his stomach churn. He’d tried to study that evening, but all the information in his books just drifted through his brain without registering. He had no idea what the fuck he was doing. No clue what he was even supposed to have learnt in class that day. Dabi stepped closer to him, feet sinking into the grass.

“And your friend Midoriya,” Dabi said. “Has he been bothering you again?”

Deku! Katsuki snorted and scowled, looking at his feet. His hands dug into his pockets. He didn’t want to think about that fucking nerd. Didn’t want to remember the way he’d grabbed Katsuki’s sleeve and told him he’d noticed Katsuki’s scars and bruises. Nosy prick. He should just leave Katsuki the fuck alone! He didn’t need some loser looking out for him, he was fine.

Dabi’s feet emerged into Katsuki’s view. He was standing right in front of him now. Katsuki breathed in and all he could smell was the familiar soft scent of ash.

“Katsuki,” Dabi said gently. It was a rare use of his actual name, making Katsuki’s head jerk up. Dabi was watching him with a small smile. He reached out a hand and cupped Katsuki’s chin with a cool finger. “You know I wouldn’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. I’m not into that. Never have been. I just thought that you’d want to do this since sex always calms you down, and this might be stressful meeting everyone else.” He grinned and leaned in a little. His breath tickled over Katsuki’s ear. “And since you were so sore last time, I was going to let you top.”

“What?” Katsuki spluttered, his eyes widening. Did he… He would let… What?

Dabi grinned. His thumb rubbed over Katsuki’s chin. “But if you’re not comfortable, you’re not comfortable. I understand.”

“Wh- No. Wait. I mean…” Katsuki clenched his hands in his pocket and looked down from Dabi’s gaze. The idea of doing something in public made his guts clench. But he did really need to get some sleep. And the promise that he could top was going to his dick, it was embarrassing. “If… Nobody has come through here. I guess.” His stomach churned. He shifted from foot to foot. His cock twitched in his trousers. “If we… Go into the trees. Maybe.”

“You want to have sex in the trees?”

“If you want to. Sure.”

“No no,” Dabi said, shaking his head. He stepped back, hands leaving Katsuki’s face to go to his pockets. He grinned. “If you want to do it, I need to hear you say it. I don’t want to feel like I’m pushing you. Tell me what you want, Katsuki.”

“I-“ Katsuki swallowed. He shifted. Scowled. God, this prick was too much. But he managed to get out, “I want you to f- Fuck me. Or let me fuck you. Whatever. That’s what I want. But not out in the open.”

Dabi laughed. He turned and jerked his head. Lead Katsuki off the path and the grass into a little collection of trees. Katsuki’s cock got half-hard in anticipation alone as they headed into the trees. They weren’t packed close together, but they still blocked them from view in the dim light. Katsuki blinked, his eyes adjusting to the sudden dip in light. He saw Dabi in the darkness in front of him. He was looking at something in his hand. Katsuki felt a nervous flip in his stomach. He opened his mouth to say maybe this was a bad idea.

Then Dabi turned and grabbed the front of Katsuki’s shirt, pulling him round and forcing him up against a tree. Katsuki grunted, but his sounds were quickly muffled by Dabi’s mouth on his. As soon as Dabi kissed him, Katsuki just closed his eyes with a groan. He wrapped his arms around Dabi’s shoulders, pulling him closer and opening his mouth to let his kiss deepen. Shit. One week was too long.

Dabi’s thigh pushed between Katsuki’s legs and rubbed against his cock. Katsuki groaned louder. He bit on Dabi’s lower lip, chewing it. Dabi swore a little against his mouth. His hands went to Katsuki’s hips, up under his shirt. He paused.

“Hm, that burn’s gone,” Dabi said, pulling away to look down.

Katsuki leaned back against the tree and nodded. He swallowed, trying to get his bearings. “I… I went to Recovery Girl.”


Katsuki scowled. “No reason.”

He heard Dabi laugh shortly. “It was because you didn’t use enough lube, wasn’t it? Felt like your ass was split in two.” He punctuated the sentence by rubbing his knee between Katsuki’s legs. “Don’t worry, I don’t have that problem when I don’t use enough lube. You can go as hard as you want.”

“You mean you were being serious? I’ll get to top?”

“Of course.” Dabi’s hands moved up Katsuki’s stomach to his chest, pushing up his hoodie so his torso was exposed to the night air. “I know you’re inexperienced, but not everyone in the world likes to stick to just being on top or on the bottom.”

“I know that,” Katsuki muttered. His fingers dug into Dabi’s sleeves and he pressed back against the tree. His hips rolled down on Dabi’s thigh.

“Mmhm.” Dabi rubbed his thumbs over Katsuki’s nipples so that he swore again. Raked his fingers down Katsuki’s sides. He moved his mouth down to Katsuki’s chin, biting softly. Not so hard to leave marks, just scraping his teeth along Katsuki’s jaw. His ear. Down his neck. Katsuki shuddered and practically melted against the tree. His cock was so hard now, desperate to be touched even if the sensible part of his brain was screaming at him to not fucking do this. He ground down against Dabi’s thigh.

“Come on,” he muttered. “Get a move on.”

“You want me that badly?”

“I hate you.”

“Hate me so much you’re begging me to hurry up and fuck you in a public park.” Dabi grinned and licked up Katsuki’s neck. He kissed Katsuki on the mouth before he could snap at him again. Katsuki opened his mouth and let Dabi’s tongue lick into his mouth.

Goddammit. Katsuki hated that just the taste of Dabi’s tongue managed to calm him down. As soon as Dabi’s hands had slipped under his shirt and he’d sucked on Katsuki’s lip, Katsuki had felt every tiny knot in his body untangle. Dabi’s nails dug into his sides, and Katsuki stopped thinking about UA and Deku and his provisional training and the fact that he was currently getting felt up in a public park. Forgot everything. None of it mattered to him just then. He just opened his mouth and let Dabi force his tongue as far down his throat as it could go.


Katsuki’s eyes flew open as pain seared through his side. Dabi had pressed his hand to Katsuki’s hip and sparked flames all over his palm, burning another handprint onto his skin to replace the one Recovery Girl had gotten rid of. Fucking asshole. He was probably getting off on the idea of marking Katsuki up for everyone else to see. Katsuki would have to cover that shit up in class tomorrow to avoid Deku nosing into his business again. And to top it off, Dabi curled his other fingers to dig his fingernails into his side and scratched Katsuki as hard as he could. Katsuki groaned into his kiss and writhed against Dabi’s thigh. Fuck. Come on!

Dabi pulled back, a bridge of saliva connecting their tongues. He gave his stupid crooked grin as he scratched his nails down Katsuki’s front to his belt. Katsuki muttered a tiny swear and leaned his head back on the tree. His fingers gripped Dai’s sleeves. Dabi’s fingers undid his belt, slipping into his jeans and palming his hard cock.

“Hah…” Katsuki bit his tongue and dug his fingers into Dabi’s arms. “Come on.”

“Mmhm.” Dabi’s thumb rubbed over the head of Katsuki’s cock. Then he raised his eyebrows. “You’re being a little loud, people will hear you.”

“Hear me? You said nobody came through this place at night!”

“They don’t. But you’re moaning loud enough that the entire town can hear. I’m flattered, but I think you might want to keep quiet.”

“You son of a-“

Dabi cut him off by grabbing the front of Katsuki’s hoodie and lifting it up to stuff in Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki gripped it with his teeth, snarling. But Dabi gave him another crooked grin and ducked down. Katsuki moaned as Dabi got on his knees in front of him and pulled down his jeans to better palm at Katsuki’s cock. Katuki’s hips ground up into Dabi’s hand. His teeth tightened round the fabric in his mouth.

He stared down at Dabi as he pulled out his cock, stroking it a couple times with his fingers before licking up the underside. His blue eyes seemed to glow up at Katsuki. His tongue circled the head of Katsuki’s cock, making Katsuki’s thighs twitch. Katsuki’s hands tried to grab at something and settled for gripping the tree behind him.

Dabi’s lips wrapped around Katsuki’s cock and sucked. Katsuki whined against the fabric in his mouth. Below him, Dabi gave a small laugh and started swallowing down Katsuki’s length. Katsuki’s fingers gripped the tree behind him as Dabi deepthroated him. He swallowed down Katsuki’s cock until his nose was pressed to his pelvis. Then he pulled off, swirling his tongue around the head of Katsuki’s cock. Dabi’s tongue circled his head, his fingers pumping the part of his cock that wasn’t in his mouth. Dabi’s other hand was on Katsuki’s hip, digging in his fingers hard enough to leave bruises and scratches for the next day.

Katsuki panted through the hoodie clenched in his teeth. His hips shook. Dabi swallowed down his cock again, bobbing up and down and moving his tongue over Katsuki’s head every chance he got. But it was when he moved his other hand down from Katsuki’s hip to rub his taint, that Katsuki come with a loud barely-muffled whine right down Dabi’s throat.

Dabi kept bobbing his head up and down, swallowing Katsuki’s cum easily. Then he pulled off with a small sigh.

“There,” he said with a tiny smirk. “Now you won’t come so fast when you put your dick in my ass.”

Katsuki leaned against the tree, his head spinning. He was so tired it took him a few moments to register what Dabi had just said. “Huh?”

Dabi looked up at him. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and raised his eyebrows. “You’re going to top,” he said. “I said you could, remember? To help you calm down.”

Katsuki leaned against the tree. He checked his watch. Did they have time for this shit? How late were they going to be out? Shit, somebody would come by and see. It was fucking stupid and reckless.

Dabi stared up at him. He leaned back on the ground, propping himself up on his elbows. Pushed up his hips to make it obvious how hard he was in his jeans. Raised his eyebrows. “Come on, don’t give me blueballs. I’m being nice and introducing you to the League, the least you could do is fuck me as a thank you. Unless you’re scared or something. Maybe you're nervous about being on top for a change.”

The blood rushed to Katsuki’s face. He stepped forward and kneeled down so he was hovering awkwardly over Dabi, his jaw clenched and his face determined. “Like fuck I’m scared,” he said through gritted teeth.

Dabi grinned and spread his legs.

“Prove it.”