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For The Greater Good

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So I'm just putting in some details that you may need to know to understand the story a little bit, nothing big just some HC's and basic information like ANBU names, skills, and Rank. Also If I misspell something please tell so I can fix it.

Gaara didn't lose Shikku, instead they bonded and gained a better relationship. he is also the Kazekage.

Just a little thing in all my Naruto stories, Naruto is genderfluid and bisexual.

Naruto has relied on Kurama since he was two and Kurama has basically raised Naruto since then.

Naruto has Fox summons and one of the elders names is Tanaka, she sees Naruto as a kit and has had a big part raising him as well, also one of the only beings he respects and listens to, the others are Kurama, Jiraya, Gaara, and Tsunade.

No one but the people mentioned above know that Naruto is in ANBU and that he's an ANBU commander, he is also very smart, like on par with Shikamaru, but hid behind walls to mask how he truly felt about everything, after all a dumb demon is better then a smart one in the villagers' eyes.

Sasuke never ran away instead Naruto convinced him to stay, and he learned the truth about the Uchaia Massacre. Naruto also has known about his parents since he was around four and most of the village secrets, for example he knew about the Massacre before it happened.

Has been in the ANBU the longest, and I don't care about dates, Naruto is the youngest.

look at the tags for the ships in the story so far, If you have any recommendations please tell me.

Naruto: Fox, Captain, Everything

Shikumaru: Deer, Lieutenant, strategies and tactics long range attacks

Neji: Cat, Lieutenant, hand to hand combat along with strategies and tactics, assassinations

Saskue: Raven, Lieutenant, assassinations and weapons

Shino: Bug,  Lieutenant, intelligence gathering, long range, as well as short range, and tracking

Sakura: Slug, standard, Medic and strength

Choji: Bee, Standard, hand to hand combat, medic in training

Hinata: Mouse, Standard, Medic, intelligence gathering, hand to hand combat, traps

Ino: Pig, Standard, Medic as well as torture and interrogation, traps

Kiba: Wolf, standard, tracking, intelligence gathering assassinations

Lee: Lion, Standard, hand to hand combat, distracting.

Tenten: Bear, standard, Weapons, hand to hand combat, short and long range attacks, and traps

I originally wasn't going to have Lee and Tenten here, but I wanted an equal amount for each house. They are to watch over ALL of Hogwarts, as well as Harry and the other order kids as well.

It's mainly going to be the English way an example is:

Shadow clone Justu, and not writing the kage no bushin, I think it's called. I will be writing things to the way I understand them.

One last time If I do misspell something, please tell me so I can correct it please.

Last is that like before only the select few know about Kurama.

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Third Person

The Hokage was sitting in her chair looking out the window when she saw a bird come flying in. Birds delivering messages weren't uncommon in Konoha but Tsunade was surprised to see this one. Normally owls didn't come to her window

She read the letter and was shocked to see that it was a letter from a friend of her late master, the third Hokage.

At that moment her top ANBU since he was 12 walked in.

He was wearing a fox mask and was turning in his mission report, "I have finished my mission. The target has been taken care of and is in the T&I department with Ibiki."

"And the others that were with him?" She asked.

"I was told to only not harm the main target; I was notified that the others tasted delicious," he told her.

She knew what that meant. It meant that Naruto, or Fox, fed them to Kurama, the nine-tailed beast.

She sighed and looked at the message again.

"I have a mission for you. I will explain once I call in a team for you, and Naruto please tell them who you are, they deserve to know," she asked him with a pleading look on her face.

"I'm sorry Lady Hokage, but I'd rather not reveal that information to them," he said as his team entered. Naruto knew who they were, of course he did, but they didn't even have a guess as to who he was.

"Alright I have a mission for you. An old friend of the Third's requested it of us. His name is Dumbledore and he is the Headmaster for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He wants our best ANBU team to watch over it for the year and make sure nothing bad happens. He also wants you to pay special close attention to what he wrote about Order kids. I'm sure it will be explained in better detail when you arrive," she told them.

"If I may, who will be leading this mission?" Cat asked, looking around the room and noticing Fox was there.

“As captain, Fox will be in charge. Deer is your second, Cat third, and Raven fourth," she answered.

"Why is there a fourth in charge? Shouldn’t it only go up to three?" Raven asked her, confused.

"Typically yes, but this is a year long mission, therefore if someone has to come back or the team gets separated happens there is a back up," Deer explained to him.

"Are you sure I have to go on a year long mission? There isn't a higher ranking one I could go on?" Fox asked her with a calm voice, but she understood the message. I don't want to be stuck with them for a whole year and are you sure it's a good idea to have all of your best people out for that long.

"Yes, I'm sure. You have your two normal days off Fox to go to Suna and do whatever it is you do, so you don't have to worry about that," she told him making everyone else curious as to what he did [in suna].

"Why does he get two days off?" Wolf half yelled.

"Because he takes SSS-ranked missions back to back and never asks for a break except for the two days I grant him," She growled back.

"When are we to leave?" Fox asked her.

"You are to leave in two days," she told him as he nodded.

"You are to meet me at the gate two hours before sunrise. If you miss the time, then you will be left behind," Fox informed his team, before disappearing in blaze of fire.

"What's with that guy?" Wolf asked.

"Look, I have a side mission for you guys as well. Fox is to not know about this," she told them while glaring at them.

"What is it? Is he giving out information about us to the other villages?" Raven asked.

"No, only Suna, but that's not what this is about. I already told him he could tell them everything, they are his therapist basically. No, what I need you guys to do is try to find out what's wrong with him. Look into his eyes long and deep enough and you'll see that he acts like a robot. It's like he takes mission after mission until he dies," she explained with a sad look in her face.

"So he's suicidal?" Slug asked confused.

"With the kind of missions he takes and how he deals with them, I bet, but no. It's like he wants to die, but he doesn't plan on going down easy. Everything he does is for the sake of the village, but the amount of people he lets in is so small. If I'm correct, including myself only five people know who he truly is and out of those five he has only let his walls down around three. I'm not one of them," she told them.

"Why don't you just order him to tell you what's wrong?" Bee asked.

"I would never use my position to betray his trust like that. Oh, there’s also some things you need to know before going on a mission with Fox, especially a long-term one," she said.

"Like his name and who he is." Bug stated her with no emotion.

"No, he doesn't want anyone to know that information. You can go ahead and try to find out, I wish you good luck, but no, you need to know about his quirks and things like that," she said getting out his file from her main drawer, "She's looked at the file so much she'd rather keep it close at hand than have to ask for/retrieve it every time she wanted to see it.

"He has the fox summons, and they are able to call upon his chakra to come whenever they want. They practically raised him. If you see him zoned or dazed out don't do anything; he might kill you. If you hear him mumbling don't even ask, as he does that to himself a lot as well. Don't try to force him to sleep; it won't be pleasant. Never question his skills or why he's captain. He's not afraid to put you in your place and believe me he can. He has a pen pal in Suna, so if a fox comes to you with a message for him, I recommended not reading it as the last person that did that can't remember who he is and was hanging by his ankles for 48 hours upside-down. Last is his strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: Everything. Weaknesses: None," she informed them. Hearing this they were shocked.

"What do you mean everything and none?" Lion asked.

"Exactly that. He has never shown a weakness when he has his mask on and he is good at everything. Oh! I almost forgot. If he mentions anything about humans tasting good don't try to do anything about it. Especially if he tosses a body part in the air for a fox named Kurama to get it. With that I wish you the best of luck on the mission," she said dismissing them. They all exited in a swirl of leaves except for one.

"What are you still doing here Shikamaru? I told you everything," she asked him as he took off the mask.

"I want a copy of Fox's file. You can take off the description of him and his name, anything related to his identity. I just want to go through everything we learned about," he said her.

She complied and copied his file, making sure there was nothing pertaining to his identity on it. His name description of his face, even his picture, was removed and replaced with one of him in his ANBU mask as both male and female.

"Lady Hokage there’s a mistake, there are two Foxes here," he told her pointing it out.

"Nope, that's Fox. You'll understand after being around him enough," she said.

Confuse but knowing he wouldn’t get anything more out of her he disappeared... like the others and reappeared at the Uchiha compound.


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Third Person

They were all at the Uchiha compound getting ready for their mission and going over what they just learned.

"What the hell is this side mission about?" Ino yelled as she took off her mask.

"It makes no sense why we have to watch out for our captain," Lee said.

At that moment Shikamaru came in with a file in his hand. "I have all the information on Fox besides his name and what he looks like here. This is to be the only copy. You are to not tell him we have this," he explained holding out a scroll.

"Anyways, we should hurry up and get ready. Maybe we can have some time left over to hang out with Naruto," Sasuke told them.

They all agreed and got ready. Once done they sent Sasuke and Sakura to go out and get Naruto from his apartment.

They knocked but received no answer. "Where is he?" Sakura asked.

"Maybe he's asleep," Sasuke told her as they went in to search for him. They didn't see him and decided that he would most likely be training. With that in mind they left to go and find him.

They searched everywhere and finally found him at training ground seven. Naruto was training in his ANBU style, but sensed the two coming and acted like the dead last once again.

"Hey Naruto," Sakura yelled as she waved to him.

"C'mon dobe we're all meeting at Ichiraku's for a get together," Sasuke said, grabbing his arm.

"Nah, you guys go ahead, I'll be fine here," he told them.

The two exchanged a look. This has been going on for a while now. It was like a shell of the Naruto they once knew. The old one gone and replaced with this new one.

"No way are you getting out of this. We're all going on a long mission in two days and we want to spend this time together," Sakura told him dragging him.

Naruto just put on a smile and went along with it.

Naruto's Pov

Kit, you should at least pretend to smile.

"Isn't that worse than actually smiling?" I asked him as I sat down at the bar waiting for some ramen with the others.

Kit, you're making them worry. If you don't want them to find out then you have to act like your having a good time, but if it was up to me I would tell them that you're Fox.

"No way, that would only end in disaster. I'm the dead last remember. They don't even think I'm in ANBU, much less a captain," I told him as I threw on that fake smile that everyone always believed in since I was four.

After all a dumb demon is better than a smart demon because a smart demon is a dead demon, at least that's my motto.

Everyone was smiling and I was trying to get the mission info out of them, and even though they knew that they weren't supposed to say anything they still gave out tiny little bits of information. How much more of an idiotic team could I get.

Don't blame them, Kit. They see you as a friend. They don't want to keep anything from you. You should do the same. It would be good for you.

"I do talk to people. I have Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro, remember," I told him.

Ah yes. Your drinking bud and his siblings. How could I forget?

"No need to be sarcastic."

Pay attention, they're talking to you.

"Naruto!" Tenten said while looking at me.

"I'm sorry I must have zoned out," I told her scratching the back of my head with that stupid smile on my face.

She sighed and looked at me. "I said that Neji, Lee, and I gotta go. We have to get ready for this new mission. We were wondering if you wanted us to walk home with you, or if you wanted to wait for someone else," she asked nicely.

"Yes, our Spirit of Youth must let us see Naruto home!" Lee said with fire in his eyes.

"Listen you guys, go on ahead. I was planning on meeting up with Jiraiya for a few minutes. He wanted to talk to me about something," I told them, getting up and walking the opposite direction from them.

Once I was sure I was out of sight I went to where the pervy sage was waiting for me.

"You can't keep lying to them. They're going to find out that you faked everything sooner or later, especially with that year long mission," he told me.

"I didn't plan on letting my guard down one bit to them. They can try, but they're not going to know it's me," I told him with a serious expression.

"Naruto, you need friends in your life. They can help you," he said as he grabbed my shoulder. I could see worry in his eyes.

"I have friends," I told him taking his arm off of my shoulder.

"You and Gaara are very similar, I can admit that, but you need to have someone here. We let you tell them everything because you help keep our peace with Suna. In reality we don't know how you do it, but we thank you for it," he said looking down.

"You want to know what I do to keep peace with Suna on my trips once a year?" I asked him.

He looked his head up in surprise; I couldn't blame him, I barely tell him or anyone but Tanka, Kurama, and Garra anything. "We get Temari and Kankuro to buy us a bunch of alcohol and we get so wasted that we need to be careful the next day to not punch or kill anyone because we are so hungover, then we send messages the rest of the year," I told him.

That's when I saw him smile. Why is he smiling? shouldn't he be worried?

He is happy that you are still able to have fun. You should do it more often, or you might actually kill yourself.

"Humans confuse me," I told him and Kurama.

With that he busted out laughing and told me that he would see me later to drop off one of his books.

They may be for pervs, but they really are good.

It's also porn.

"Yes, it is porn, but it's actually good porn and not something that is just made out of thin air," I told him laughing as we got home to prepare for the mission.


Third Person

All of the ANBU were there except for Fox. He was five minutes late. and they were still wondering where he was, except for Raven, Deer, Cat, and Bug. They sensed him hiding in the tree above them. If they thought about it he wasn't even trying to mask his presence, just waiting for them to notice him.

Also one ANBU was late, Lion. They thought that must of been why he hid. A minute passed and Lion finally showed up. When he did they were all surprised when they saw Fox jump down and kick him in the gut.

"I was told that I was not allowed to leave anyone behind, so instead you took one of my standard punishments. Don't be late again," Fox told him with a glare.

"That's unfair. You were late as well," Wolf shouted at him.

"Troublesome. No, he wasn't. He was hiding in the tree above us," Deer told him.

"You have a nose Wolf, I suggest you use it. Now grab hold of the boot, it will take us to our destination," Fox told them as they all grabbed on and disappeared.