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elle est belle

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It was as if she was a flower on top of a mountain; unattainable and impossible to find.

Dazzling, bright, brilliant, ravishing, sensational, stunning.

An ordinary person couldn’t stand to be on equal par with her.

What she had was rare. Natural talent, they would call it.

But it wasn’t just talent that pushed her through,

It was her dedication to the stage.

When she stands on stage, everyone’s eyes automatically look at her.

Captivating her audience; she acts, sings, and dances.

For their entertainment and her own.

She is a natural born stage girl.

She is Tendou Maya.

And Saijou Claudine thinks she’s beautiful.

She was a diamond in the rough.

At first glance, she looked quite tame but in actuality; she is competitive.

Taking her first step on the stage; a child actress since young.

She believes she has what none other has, until she meets her.

Someone who makes her realize, she isn’t so special after all.

Causing her to be reborn.

Taking it all in; her passion and perseverance. She trains herself to become better than that person.

She knows that anybody ordinary cannot stand equal to her.

So, she’ll be the first.

She is a stage girl who evolved from competition.

She is Saijou Claudine.

And Tendou Maya thinks she’s beautiful.

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She wanted to part of the stage world.

Her first encounter with the stage was from watching a play on television.

Ever since, then she’s been captivated.

Now, she strives to capture that star of her own.

She works till she’s exhausted.

Thinking she’ll never grasp that star, that she’ll never be seen.

She fights her way to Position Zero.

She’ll grasp it with her own two hands and make it her own.

Whether it’d be a morning star or shooting star.

She is a stage girl who aims to make her mark onto the stage world.

She is Hoshimi Junna

And Daiba Nana thinks she’s beautiful.

Seisho’s 99th performance will never disappear from her memory.

It’s too precious to forget.

She stills keeps that notebook from before, unwilling to let go of it.

Determined to protect everyone from the future hardships and failures.

She sets back time, over and over.

Until someone stops her replays, making her think.

Was she the villain this whole time?

She listens to quotes from a special someone.

Hearing them for the first time, she asks for more.

She is a stage girl who has little firsts and has seen many futures.

She is Daiba Nana.

And Hoshimi Junna thinks she’s beautiful.

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A child born with the name of a flower.

Since birth, she had a traditional upbringing.

She was a bit selfish and self-centered.

Excelling in traditional dance and anything related to the art.

She thinks that she had a follower but was wrong.

The follower grew into their own person, which made her think that she could grow too.

She is a stage girl whose flowers lit a new path down her way.

She is Hanayagi Kaoruko.

And Isurugi Futaba thinks she’s beautiful.


Strong and valiant.

A protector of some sorts.

She stuck near a certain someone and they relied on her.

She was relied on so often that it became a problem.

Always being dragged by them.

She decided that she wasn’t going to be a follower anymore.

She decided that she won’t be a follower but will still watch them grow.

She is a stage girl who followed through and became a flower of her own.

She is Isurugi Futaba.

And Hanayagi Kaoruko thinks she’s beautiful.

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Enthusiastic and warm like the sun.

Keeping two people in order, like a mother.

A voice that’s just as kind as her heart.

Her heart was full of jealousy at one point.

She had fear that the only thing that shines for her will be taken away.

Now she realizes she still has the ability to shine just as bright as them

A heart that used to belong to one now belongs to two.

She is a stage girl who is as bright as the sun.

She is Tsuyuzaki Mahiru.

And Aijou Karen and Kagura Hikari think she’s beautiful.


Born in Japan and moved to London.

There, she studied the ways of becoming a stage girl.

She shined so brightly and brilliantly.

One day, her brilliance got taken away.

She couldn’t feel the excitement she once felt before.

The thought of stealing one’s brilliance to regain her own disturbed her

Trapped in an eternal tower doing a never ending play.

Repeating Starlight over and over.

She is a stage girl who once was dead.

She is Kagura Hikari.

And Aijou Karen and Tsuyuzaki Mahiru think she’s beautiful.


The first play she watched captivated her.


She wanted to make her own starlight too.

She wanted to bring the story she loved so much to life.

Reuniting with a childhood friend further ignited her flame.

A loss from the Top Star fed the flame.

She continued to fight till she made it to the top.

They say there can only be one Top Star but she thinks differently.

A promise made near Tokyo Tower.

A tower that had once fallen rises again to reach her beloved Claire.

She is a stage girl who has been reborn.

She is Aijou Karen.

And Kagura Hikari and Tsuyuzaki Mahiru think she's beautiful.