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elle est belle

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It was as if she was a flower on top of a mountain; unattainable and impossible to find.

Dazzling, bright, brilliant, ravishing, sensational, stunning.

An ordinary person couldn’t stand to be on equal par with her.

What she had was rare. Natural talent, they would call it.

But it wasn’t just talent that pushed her through,

It was her dedication to the stage.

When she stands on stage, everyone’s eyes automatically look at her.

Captivating her audience; she acts, sings, and dances.

For their entertainment and her own.

She is a natural born stage girl.

She is Tendou Maya.

And Saijou Claudine thinks she’s beautiful.

She was a diamond in the rough.

At first glance, she looked quite tame but in actuality; she is competitive.

Taking her first step on the stage; a child actress since young.

She believes she has what none other has, until she meets her.

Someone who makes her realize, she isn’t so special after all.

Causing her to be reborn.

Taking it all in; her passion and perseverance. She trains herself to become better than that person.

She knows that anybody ordinary cannot stand equal to her.

So, she’ll be the first.

She is a stage girl who evolved from competition.

She is Saijou Claudine.

And Tendou Maya thinks she’s beautiful.