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girl meets world: space and time

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hey babe,
i have something to say,
can i meet you downstairs?
i promise
we won't be late.

i'm sorry.
i know we cant' be,
not right now at least.

i suppose
this is in my blood,
to runaway from the one I love,
to feel ashamed,
and insecure.

my love
this kills me
but right know
I'm hurting.

i'm not okay
i don't know why
but I need to take care of myself.

i love you
i need you
i don't wanna hurt you

but I want to love me
need me
and stop hurting.


If you need
Time and space,
I can give you that
But also myself.


i want to be me,
feel me.
without tearing you apart.
i couldn't do that.


My love I'm here for you,
I'll be waiting until you feel you
I'm here, if it's me who you need.
My love.


i'm sorry.


You don't have to be.
Just be.


and i'm all fucked up
with these feelings inside.
and i know this might be
because the goodbye is coming.

i need to be me
without her
because that's how we'll live
when this ends.

i'm leaving,
and i don't know how to say it.
and i'm this coward who runs away
instead of saying it to your crying face.
because i can't see you cry.
i can't be your crying.