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Ruts Galore

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 You gasped, leaning onto the kitchen table in front of you as you felt Mirio press up against you from behind, his hands eagerly tugging at your clothes, tearing them from your smaller form while his scent washed over you.

 His rut was coming into effect. You could tell just from his scent, that and the way he was rubbing his erection against your folds, his dick already throbbing, filled with a carnal desire for your touch.


 “Mirio…? You aren’t really going to just fuck me like this are you?”


 The next thing you knew, you were laying on the table on your back, your head leaning over the edge of the table, causing you to come face to face with another, erect dick.

 “No, Tamaki is going to need your help too” Mirio muttered, his hands settling on your hips while the tip of his dick pressed up against your folds, slowly slipping past them and pressing up against your entrance teasingly.

 “Tamaki?” You questioned, letting out a choked gasp as the dick filled your mouth, twitching as you gagged on the impressive length. The whole situation was entirely new to you and completely uncalled for but your omega instincts were starting to kick in and you found that you didn’t care all too much, satisfied with the idea of having your mouth fucked if that’s what your alpha wanted.

 “Her mouth is warm” Tamaki groaned softly, his hands settling on either side of your face, holding your head steady while his hips started to rock back and forth, using your mouth as his very own cocksleeve.

 Your body jolted each time Tamaki’s hips bucked forth, making you gag and choke on his dick slightly as you attempted to breath through your nose, the situation causing slick to pool between  your thighs, making Mirio’s entrance all the more pleasurable.

 With each inch that filled your aching hole, your back arched and your hands grasped desperately at Tamaki’s thighs, pulling him closer to your head and making his hips buck hard in surprise, his groan of pleasure filling the room.


 “What a good girl...I knew you’d take him well”


 Mirio’s praise made you whimper in desperation, finding yourself sucking at Tamaki’s hard dick, his knot pressing up against your plump lips while Mirio fucked you without mercy, his thrusts causing your body to rock towards Tamaki, Mirio’s knot continuously being pushed in and out of your body.

 Since it wasn’t yet inflated, it felt amazing, spreading your body open more than you thought possible in the most pleasurable way.


 “Is she going to be alright like this?”


 At the sound of Tamaki’s concern, your hands moved back to his butt, your nails digging in harshly and forcing his hips forward, his dick pressing closer to your mouth with his knot popping inside your mouth and though, like Mirio, his knot wasn’t yet inflated, it still locked him in place, keeping his dick pressed up against the back of your throat. Leaving you only just barely able to breathe through your nose.

 That was all it took. Before your mind could register it, Tamaki’s grip tightened and his pace changed, matching Mirio while he fucked your mouth roughly, without any mercy.

 Your body jolted, your nails dragged over his ass and your back arched, your body unable to handle the way your alpha and his friend were abusing your body.

 With each thrust of their hips, you let out a muffled whimper of pleasure, squeezing your eyes tightly shut and allowing them to use you. Their grunts and growls filled the room, along with the wet and lewd sounds of their actions, overloading your senses faster than Mirio had ever managed to before, setting your body on fire with a heat that wasn’t supposed to be due for another week.


 “Is that?”


 “Mm, beautiful omega...her body went into heat”


 You moans turned into screams of pleasure as their movements grew stronger, hands greedily grabbing at your hips and chest, leaving deep scratches and harsh bruises, Mirio even marking up your body with his teeth, drawing blood with every second bite, knowing your body craved a rough treatment.

 It wasn’t long before their knots began to swell, your mouth becoming pained with Tamaki’s knot while your body was filled with Mirio’s own, thicker knot, their releases filling you as your orgasm hit.

 Pleasure flooded your body as you swallowed Tamaki’s seed, desperate not to choke on his dick while your orgasm sent wave after wave of pleasure through your body, your hands slapping at Tamaki’s ass and causing him to pull himself free of your mouth before his knot could swell completely.

 You took in a gulp of air, crying out in pleasure while his cum covered your face, leaving you whimpering as you tried to take his dick back into your mouth, eager to swallow his seed.

 Tamaki’s body shuddered as his dick throbbed painfully, his eyes widening at the sight of you before Mirio reached over and tugged him closer, helping you to take his dick back into your mouth.


 “If you don’t let her, she’s going to get upset…”