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In my Dreams

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Kaminari stared his eyes in a milky haze. He stared at them. He stared at two of his best friends, Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou. The newest couple in school. The couple everyone expected. The couple Kaminari Denki put together. The couple that Kaminari Denki was jealous of. He didn't know why he was jealous, but he often found himself being a third wheel on their dates, which caused his heart to hurt. Before Kirishima and Bakugou were together it was always just the three of them. The trio. Of course their friend group consisted of Mina and Sero as well, but Kirishima, Bakugou, and Kaminari were especially close. Kaminari was even one of the only people, besides Deku, that was able to call Bakugou Kacchan without being blown to bits. It was obvious when they weren't officially together that Kirishima and Bakugou had some sort of feelings for eachother, but Kaminari was still much happier being a third wheel then instead of now.

"Hey Denki,"

The voice of Kirishima interrupted Kaminari's thoughts,

"Wanna walk home with us?"

Kirishima asked,

"Oh ye-"

Kaminari glanced down at Kirishima's fingers which were interlocked with Bakugou's. Kaminari's mouth unintentionally pulled into a frown,

"Uh..nah I'm good."

It felt as if the whole class stopped whenever they heard what Denki said. Kaminari never passed up an oppurtunity to hang out with Kirishima and Bakugou. Even if they didn't ask Kaminari still went everywhere with them. At this point whenever they asked Kaminari to hang out they just did it out politeness, because they already expected him to say yes.

"Are you sure?"

Kirishima asked, as Bakugou growled at the people in his homeroom who were staring,

"What the fuck are you fucking extras staring at!"

Bakugou yelled causing everyone to avert their eyes,

"Yeah I'm sure!"

Denki gave a thumbs up, as he hauled his backpack onto his shoulders. Kaminari then left the classroom. He pulled out his IPhone, as he walked down the hallway avoiding other students. He grabbed his ear buds putting them in, as he opened spotify. He clicked shuffle, and the first song to play was "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance. Kaminari sighed, as he made the lonely journey home. As, soon as he got home he immediately felt jumpy, and excited. He ran up to his room slamming the door shut, on accident. He sat on his bed criss cross, and searched backpack for his homework. After about twenty seconds of searching he completely dumped his bag out. He finally found what he was looking for "The Flowers in the Attic". He opened the book, and began reading. As he read the book slowly his leg began to bounce up, and down. Kaminari glanced over seeing a red and gold fountain pen he got from Momo. He began chewing on the pen. He sighed frustrated, as he realized that he didn't understand what the hell he just read. Starting at the top of the page he read it again, and by the time he finished that page he still didn't know what he just read. He tried again and again chewing on the fountain pen. Finally the pen burst. Ink filled his mouth, and covered his uniform shirt. He quickly stood up running to the bathroom that was in his bedroom. He threw up the black ink into the sink before stripping himself of his shirt. He reached into his laundry basket picking up the first shirt he could find which happened to be a long sleeve Joji, "Slow Dancing in the Dark" shirt. Now distracted from his work, and thinking about Joji he pulled out his phone. Going to youtube he played the song.

"I don't wanna friend, just one more night,"

Kaminari sung in a mumble voice trying to imitate Joji when he sang. Kaminari quickly got bored of that song, and played I Like It by Cardi B. He prefered Nicki much more than Cardi, but he loved this song.

" Now I like dollars, I like diamonds. I like stunting, I like shining. I like million dollar deals, where's my pen? Bitch I'm signin'!"

Kaminari yelled dancing in the mirror, there was a buzz, and Kaminari glanced down at his phone. Instagram had given him a post notification, "Red_Ri0t has posted a photo!"
Kaminari stopped smiling swallowing down nervousness and sadness that, for some reason, built up inside of him. He opened the photo, and saw that it was a picture of Kirishima kissing Bakugou's hand. Kaminari felt tears brimming his eyes, as he stared at the photo. He just stared without moving, without fidgeting, just staring at the photo. He double tapped the photo before gently placing his phone on the bathroom counter, screen down. He walked out of the bathroom gently pushing all of his stuff off of his bed. He laid there looking at the ceiling like it was the only thing he could look at. He looked at the ceiling with eyes filled with comfort. He looked like he thought the ceiling was the only thing that could protect him from this pain felt. He, finally, managed to roll over. Gripping the pikachu plushie that Tokoyami won for him, while Kaminari was third wheeling he and Aoyama's date, his eyes felt heavy. He thought about how many dates in his class he's third wheeled. It made his already shattered heart break even more thinking about the fact that his classmates probably found him annoying. They probably just thought of Kaminari as that annoying kid who third wheels their dates and has ADHD. Kaminari had third wheeled Momo and Jirou's date to a haunted house. He had third wheeled Ochako and Tsuyu's date to the movies. He third wheeled Aoyama and Tokoyami's date to the carnival. He third wheeled Todoroki and Deku's date when they went shopping. He even managed to always third wheel Kirishima and Bakugou even when they weren't on dates. Kaminari slowly closed his eyes thinking, "I'll just rest my eyes", but he managed to find himself pulled into a deep sleep. When he opened his eyes again he wasn't in his room. He looked around, and saw that he was at a carnival. Everything was so colorful, and warm. There were orange and red lights hanging everywhere, with pink booths that held yellow and gold prizes. Denki took a few steps forward his mouth agape. Everything felt so warm, and welcoming it almost brought tears to his eyes. He looked forward, and saw that there was an area where a stage stood, and all his classmates stood around.


Kaminari heard all too familiar voices yell. Kaminari looked forward, and saw Bakugou and Kirishima standing there. Seeing Bakugou smiling was a little unsettling, and caused Denki to take a slight step back.

"Will you dance with us?"

Kaminari's eyes widened, as he felt his heartbeat quicken. He stood there his hand hovering outward. No! He didn't like them like that! He didn't have a crush, on them! He's the one who got them together for crying out loud. He loved seeing them together. He was just jealous. He had always been jealous. He's jealous of everyone's relationships, because he's single.

"Why don't you guys dance with each other,"

Kaminari asked averting his gaze,

"Besides I wouldn't be able to choose one of you to dance with.."

Kaminari mumbled.

"Oh Kami,"

Kaminari felt his heartbeat quicken, and his skin heat up at being called "Kami" by Bakugou,

"We don't want you to choose one of us,"

Bakugou continued. Kaminari looked back over to them eyes widening,

"We want you to dance with both of us!"

Kirishima finished Bakugou's sentence. Kaminari felt a flood of happiness spread through his body, as he clutched his chest.

"We love you Kami!"

They said at the same time. Kaminari's eyes shot open, as he stared at his ceiling in a cold sweat. His heart still beating a million miles a second,

"Oh my god..."

He mumbled the reality of the situation sinking in,


"I'm not jealous of their relationship. I'm jealous I'm not in their relationship."

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"A crush on both of them,"

Kaminari ran his fingers through his bright and vibrant blonde hair. He was lost in frantic thoughts, as he layered his Bleach shirt on over his long sleeve yellow shirt. He mumbled to himself as he searched his messy drawer from his wallet chain.

"Come on now, Kaminari, you could of at least had a crush on only one of them,"

He mentally cringed as he scolded himself,

"Having a crush on both of them? Come on now, that's just selfish!"

Kaminari yelled to himself, as he ran down the stairs, and out his front door.

"Ok, just don't think about it."

Kaminari told himself. He decided to listen to some music to get his mind off his crushes, and to be honest, love as a whole. He opened spotify clicking shuffle,

"I can't wait to see your brilliant face light up the room around the pillow case."

One Hundred Sleepless Nights by Pierce the Veil. A love song. Next,

"Change is inevitable. Why hold on to what you have left? Like, did I really break your heart? Was it all my fault?"

Spotless Mind by Jhene Aiko. Another love song. Next,

"I thought that I was dreaming when you said you love me." Frank Ocean. song. Next,

"I don't usually go all in, babe, but you're a hum that I had to play, and you took me all the way."

Kaminari let out an irritated sigh, and tried to skip the song again. Only to be met by a message from spotify on his screen, "You are all out of skips. Please wait another hour for more skips." It took everything in him not to throw his phone on the ground, and shatter it to pieces right then, and there. Taking a deep breathe, Denki put his phone away walking to school in, uncomfortable, silence.
When Kaminari finally made it to school he wasn't surprised to see Kirishima and Bakugou in their assigned, unassigned, seats that they chose at the beginning of the year. Kaminari looked over at them, and Kirishima glanced up at him, and smiled. Kaminari felt his heart beat pick up to unnatural speeds, and quickly scanned the room. His eyes landed on Momo and Jirou who sat writing little notes to each other on a little piece of paper at their table in the back near the window. Kaminari walked past Kirishima and Bakugou walking up to the couple,

"Hey, can I sit with you guys?"

Kaminari asked, as Jirou quickly shoved the paper they were writing on in her bag.

"Um, excuse me?"

Jirou asked very shook, about the fact Denki wasn't third wheeling Kirishima and Bakugou.

"Can I sit with you guys? It's ok if you say no, I can sit with someone else?"

Kaminari asked, as he began to shift back and forth from one foot to the other. Did he take his pills this morning?

"Oh yeah, of course you can sit with us,"

Momo said moving her backpack, so Kaminari could sit in the empty chair.

"It's just we were a little shocked since you usually sit with Bakugou and Kirishima."

Momo explained while Kaminari took his seat next to them.

"Sparky what the fuck are you doing!"

Bakugou yelled at Denki only to have his mouth covered by Kirishima. Bakugou scolded as he continued to yell underneath Kirishima's hand.


Jirou said resting her head on her hand,

"Why'd you choose to sit with us, disaster lesbians, today instead of the disaster gays?"

"I have my reasons."

Kaminari nervously smiled,

"You're being so cryptic that I could make a conspiracy theory out of you."

Jirou scoffed, and rolled her eyes. Soon Aizawa walked into class, and it quickly began. Kaminari found himself easily spacing off in class, and realized that he forgot to take his pills. Kaminari began to silently tap his pencil as he began to play with his hair. Aizawa's words seemed to float right over his head, nearly there, but just out of reach. He hadn't noticed, but his tapping had gotten loud at this point.

"Kaminari can you please stop tapping your pencil?"

Momo asked giving him a kind side smile,

"Oh yeah,"

Kaminari said being pulled back into reality,

"Yeah, sorry."

Kaminari smiled, setting his pencil down. Kaminari's surroundings were blurred, and he was completely distracted by his own thoughts. He didn't notice, but he began bouncing his leg up, and down. He wanted to do a million things at once, but he couldn't just focus on one thing to do.

"Maybe I could do like three of them at once, so I could get them done faster?"

Kaminari thought, but that thought was quickly drowned out, and thrown into the tornado of other thoughts.


"Oh yeah?"

Kaminari asked his leg bouncing up, and down,

"Can you stop?"

Jirou said getting annoyed at this point,

"Yeah yeah I'm really sorry,"

Kaminari said trying to get his thoughts together,

"Kaminari would you like to say something to the class?"

Aizawa asked his voice dragging out like usual,


Kaminari began, as he started scratching at his arm,

"Did you not take your pills, Denki?"

Mineta snickered, as everyone widened their eyes finally understanding. Kaminari looked at the floor embarrassment covering his face.

"Oi, shut the hell up grape bitch boy!"

Kacchan yelled at Mineta,

"What you gotta stick up for your other boyfriend too?"

Kaminari's heart pinged then warmed at the fact that someone called him Bakugou's "other boyfriend". That's when the scratching picked up, as he listened to the yelling between Mineta, and Bakugou. Kaminari couldn't deny it anymore. He had a crush on both of them. He wanted to be with them. He always thought he was straight, but here he was with a crush on both his best friends. His breathing picked up, as he thought about what others would think. They would think he's greedy, and selfish. They would think he's an attention seeker, because here he is in the classroom already making a scene, because he forgot to take his pills. Then the bowl of emotions finally over flowed when Kaminari thought, "What would my dad think?" Bakugou stood up slamming his hands on his desk getting ready to beat Mineta into a bloody pulp. Kaminari's eyes over flowed with tears, as the skin he was, previously, scratching at began gushing blood.


Kirishima asked Kaminari, as he stood up abruptly,


Kaminari yelled, as he stood up wincing at his hand. It seemed like the whole classroom became still, and all eyes were on him. He held his hand as he gushed blood, and hot tears fell from his eyes non stop.

"Denki, are you-"

"I'm fine!"

Kaminari yelled glancing up at Aizawa who looked tired and worn out,

"Mr. Aizawa can I go to recovery girl?"

Kaminari asked, and , without waiting for his answer, left the classroom as fast as possible.

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Kaminari went home that day very tired, and embarrassed. How could he not be? He freaked out. He couldn't help it. Freaking out in front of his crush(es) was definitely the opposite of what he wanted to do right now, but he did. The day was over with, and all he earned from Aizawa was an annoyed look that somewhat held pity. Then again Kaminari could just be reading into it wrong, so he could at least feel a little bit better about himself. Whenever he saw the shiny black car sitting in his driveway, however, he dreaded even walking through the door. His dad was a very busy business man, and didn't come home often. Kaminari loved his dad, because, well, that was his dad, and if it wasn't for him he wouldn't have a roof over his head. His dad was, however, very homophobic, and openly showed his disgust all of Denkis life. Denki never really saw anything wrong with it, because in his mind people should have the right to love whoever they love, and since it never affected him Kaminari never said anything to his dad about it. Kaminari's dad openly showed his disgust towards people in the LGBT community, and now that there was a slight possibility that Kaminari could be gay he felt like he had been forcefully shoved inside a closet. His hand hovered over the doorknob trying to find a valid reason for himself to open it, and walk inside. Knowing he had homework to do, Kaminari opened the door, and walked inside. He took off his shoes at the door, and heard the booming voice of his father that was as powerful as thunder.


Kaminari flinched slightly, because instead of the usual appreciation in his voice he had a voice full of anger. Kaminari scanned his mind trying to think about anything he could of done wrong. His mind scanned over all the possibilities, leaving the stove on, not doing the laundry, not taking the pork out the freezer to thaw...

"Denki, your school nurse called us,"

Kaminari's mind stopped racing, and he stood there confused. He furrowed his eyebrows racking his brain. What could of recovery girl said that made him, so angry?

"She said you forgot to take your pills, and started crying in class! Crying in public? Really? Do you want people to think I'm raising some sort of faggot!"

Kaminari's eyes widened, and he felt an unusual amount of hurt pull at his heart strings. His words hurt a lot more than usual, and for some reason he felt the strongest urge to defend himself,

"Why does it matter if people think I'm gay?"

Kaminari regretted the words as soon as they came out of his mouth, but he couldn't back down now.


Kaminaris dad stood up abruptly, as his mom came rushing around the corner. She put a hand on his dad's shoulder, but didn't say anything. She never said anything. His mom was neglectful to Kaminari in her own way. She would ignore his presence not even acknowledging the fact he was a human. Kaminari liked staying with his grandparents. They actually cared about him. They always had. They were loving, and let him do what he wanted, while still properly disciplining him in a way that wasn't too extreme. He loved going to their house, and would go every chance he could.

"Being fucking queer is disgusting! Faggots are disgusting! As long as your'e under my roof I won't have people thinking I'm raising a disgusting child!"

Kaminari was hurt, and tried to think of a come back, but all that came out were a series of "uh"s and "um"s,

"Do I make myself clear!"

His dad yelled, satisfied with having the last word. Kaminari stared at the floor, feeling his cheeks heat up.


He mumbled quickly turning to rush up the stairs, and into his room, so he could cry in piece without being called a faggot. He threw his bag onto the floor looking around helplessly. He had nowhere to run. He had nowhere to hide. He had nowhere to cry silently in peace. His eyes stopped at his closet door, as his eyes flooded with tears. He charged towards it swinging the doors open, and crawling inside. It was small and cozy. It was also warm having a vent inside of it. Kaminari hugged himself trying to regulate his breathing. The only thing that was heard in the quiet room was the quiet deep breaths, and sniffles from Kaminari. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He quickly grabbed the phone, not bothering to look at the caller ID, and swiped to answer. Sniffling one last time, he smiled weakly, and put on his best happy voice,

"Hey, whats up?"

"Oi, idiot we're on fucking facetime."

Kaminari silently panicked, as he threw his phone onto the floor of the closet. He began wiping his eyes aggressively,

"Kaminari, are you crying?"

Asked the concerned voice of, Kirishima. Of course they were together. Bakugou and Kirishima. They were always together. Feeling another wave of tears crash down on him he tried to act natural,

"Y-Yeah I'm okay I just can't figure out this pesky homework,"

Kaminari lied fake laughing,

" But, we didn't have any homework today?"

Kirishima said confused. Kaminari slightly panicked, and told himself to be rational. However, out of sheer panic and fear he hung up the phone, throwing it across the room onto his bed. Kaminari hugged himself tightly not knowing how to calm himself down. He felt like he had been crying for hours, and that was honestly tiring. Kaminari felt the sandman pulling him gently into dreamland, as he closed his eyes, and everything faded to black.


When he opened his eyes again he felt engulfed by warmth. Soft skin was pressed into his back. He looked around, and realized he was in a bathroom. Not any bathroom, however, a fancy bathroom that Kaminari has only seen in movies. Everything was made of marble, and had an orange gold glow to it. He was sitting in a bathtub blue candles sitting around him. He felt warm, and safe. He sunk deeper into the water, but then felt broad and muscular arms wrap around him. He leaned back looking upwards, and was met with a face he knew all too well. Bakugou. His eyes widened, as his face convulsed into one of confusion, and embarrassment. Then he felt a hand gently brush his face. He looked forward, and was met with piercing eyes, and fiery red hair. Kirishima. He felt blush spread across his face, as he realized the situation. He was having a, romantic, candle lit bath with Bakugou and Kirishima.

"B-Bakugou? K-Kirishima?"

Was all Kaminari was able to mutter in his flustered state.

"What? Fucking dork."

Bakugou mumbled nuzzling himself into Kaminaris neck. Kaminari flinched slightly when he felt Bakugou gently kiss his neck. He didn't think Bakugou could gently do anything.


Kirishima whispered, gruffly, and Kaminari's mind became hazy. He was confused, but this all felt right. This is what he wanted. If he hadn't been here laying in between Bakugou's legs, and being held up by him, he was sure he would of fallen over by now. Kaminari didn't think he was gay? He didn't think he was straight either. All that really mattered to him in this moment was that he was here. With both of them. Kirishima began to slowly lean forward, and Kaminari did the same, wanting to meet him halfway, as soon as he felt his lips brush against Kirishima's he was jolted awake from his dream.


Kaminari sat there in his closet where he had fallen asleep, his heart racing. He was, sadly, pulled back into reality, and was sad he couldn't stay in his dream world forever. His dream world where he felt like his sexuality didn't matter, his dream world where everything was nicer, his dream world where he had a chance with Bakugou and Kirishima.

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It was Friday, and Kaminari sat in his last class day dreaming. His last class was study hall, and instead of doing his homework he was doodling in his notebook. He was sketching out the two people that have been in his dreams recently. Bakugou and Kirishima. He tried to make them look different enough that it wasn't obviously them, but it was hard. It was clearly them though. Kaminari sighed dreamily, as he stared down at the paper. His cheeks heated up slightly, as he stared at the sketches. They looked so pretty. Kaminari almost didn't hear the bell ring. He closed his notebook, as he slipped it into his backpack. His mind was so wrapped up in his fantasy that he wasn't prepared when his crushes actually came up to him. Kirishima set a hand on Kaminaris shoulder, and he almost jumped out of his skin. He turned quickly, and locked eyes with the two taller males. Kaminari nearly screamed, but decided to play it cool. Giving a lopsided smile he waved slightly at Kirishima and Bakugou.

"Hey Kirishima what's up!"

Kaminari said, as Bakugou grunted.

"Me and Bakugou are going to the shopping plaza, and wanted to know if you wanted to come,"

Kirishima said,

"We haven't hung out in a while.."

He mumbled. Kaminari felt his heart break slightly, but he brushed it off trying his hardest not to catch even more feelings.

"Uh, but what about you guys? Shouldn't you guys go by yourselves? Like a dat-"

Before Kaminari could finish Bakugou cut him off.

"Shut the fuck up dunce face, we're obviously inviting you for a fucking reason."

Bakugou grunted narrowing his intense eyes at Kaminari. Kaminari had to stop himself from blushing, as he looked down at the ground. He didn't want to look at them, because he knew that his face would turn the color of Kirishima's hair. Kaminari huffed, and began twiddling with his thumbs.

"Sure! Let me just stop at my house, and get my stuff!"

Kaminari smiled, as Kirishima's eyes lit up. He grabbed Kaminari and Bakugous hands, and Kaminari nearly imploded.

"Fuckin shitty hair."

Bakugou mumbled, as Kirishima dragged them out of the classroom.


As the trio made their way to the small blondes home. When Denki saw the same car that was in the driveway a couple days ago his heart dropped. Kaminari tugged his hand out of Kirishima's, which he had honestly forgot he was holding, then he glanced over at Bakugou and Kirishima hands. He winced slightly, and turned to them putting his hands out.

"Stay here!"

Kaminari pressed, as Bakugou raised his eyebrow.

"But, Kami we've never met your parents-"

Kaminari cut Kirishima off.


Kaminari insisted as his eyes glinted with an emotion neither of the boys could place.

"M-My dad doesn't like meeting new people."

The three stood there for a moment before Kirishima just gave a smile.

"Oh yeah I get it bro!"

Kirishima said understanding as ever, as understanding and nice as ever. As Kaminari turned on the heel of his doc martens, and made his way inside his house. Both the boys stood outside wondering about Kaminari. He's been acting strange lately, and he stopped hanging around as much. It left a void in each of the boys, but they wouldn't admit that to themselves or each other. They just assumed that they missed having their best friend around. When they heard the door open they heard yelling in the short amount of time the door was open.


They heard before Kaminari shut the door exhaling a breath he didn't know he was holding in.

Kaminari stood there for a moment before turning around, a strained smile on his face, and walked back over to his friends. Bakugou and Kirishima shared a glance speaking to each other with their eyes. That's something the couple was good at. They could easily talk to each other without saying a word. With Bakugou's aggressive personality people probably wouldn't expect he and Kirishima to be so in sync. When Kaminari got there Kirishima reached for his hand, but Kaminari quickly began walking ahead of them glancing at the window of his home as he did. Kaminari was worried about his dad. He was terrified that he would see him holding hands with Kirishima. If his dad reacted the way he did to him crying he didn't want to see how he would react to him crying.


When they finally got to the shopping center Kaminari had managed to somehow managed to fall behind. He watched the couple holding hands, as Kirishima giggled at a joke Bakugou said. It's happening again. He's a third wheel. He's always a third wheel. This has happened too many times. Even when Kirishima and Bakugou went on their first date Kaminari tagged along. It didn't bother him when it first happened, but now that he's figured out that he has a crush on his two best friends it bothered him to no end. If he slipped off he wondered if they would even notice, or care. Kaminari reached into the back pocket of his black jeans, pulling out his phone. He began scrolling through his phone while he pulled up the sleeve of his striped long sleeve shirt over his free hand. He wasn't paying much attention, and was just following his friends around. Y'know typical third wheel stuff. Kaminari should of been paying more attention, because if he was he would of noticed the girl who was holding her foot out in front of him. He tripped over the girls foot yelping, which caused his friends to quickly turn around. Before they could do anything Kaminari was caught in a boys arms. Kaminari clutched the boys black leather jacket, and fell into his chest.


He heard the boy purr,

"Are you a snowflake? Because it looks like you've fallen for me."

Kaminari glanced up, and locked eyes with hazel ones that bored into his soul. The boy had fair, slightly tanned, skin with messy blonde hair with dark roots. Kaminari blushed profusely. Kaminari was a very flirtatious person, but he wasn't used to being flirted with. It took a moment for him to collect himself. As he smirked slightly.

"Pinch me because you're so hot I must be dreaming."

Kaminari flirted back,

"Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night."

Kaminari's face flushed a red color. The boy glanced at a girl with pale brown hair, pastel purple eyes, and pale skin who had her cheeks puffed out. She was the one who tripped Kaminari. She reached into her pocket, and slammed 5 yen into the hand of a girl with peachy hair in pigtails. She winked at the girl with pale green eyes. Bakugou and Kirishima could only watch in what felt like jealousy? The feelings they were experiencing didn't make sense to the pair. They were, obviously, dating each other, and they cared about Kaminari very much, but not like that. Kaminari was their best friend, even if Bakugou pretended to hate him, they cared about him dearly, and only concluded that they weren't jealous, but didn't trust the guy. Yeah, that was it, they didn't trust this good for nothing guy who was clearly doing this on a bet. Bakugou grabbed the back of Kaminari's black shirt, and dragged him away from the teenager. Kaminari made a weird noise, and reached for Bakugou's arm.

"Kacchan let me goooo!"

Kaminari whined, calling him the nickname their classmate Deku called him. Kaminari was the only one, besides Deku, who was able to call him it without being thrown into the sun. Even Kirishima didn't call him it.

"Shut the fuck up dunce face!"

Bakugou yelled, as Kaminari pouted. Kirishima managed to get Bakugou to let go of Kaminari. Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly,

"Sorry bro we just didn't like the vibe we got from that guy."

Kirishima explained his cheeks tinting. Kaminari stood there for a second his heart beat increasing. His face heated up, and he tried his hardest to make sure his face didn't turn the color of Kirishima's hair. They really cared about him that much? It made Kaminari feel important that the two people he had a crush on cared about him so much. It was romantic. It was heartwarming. It was unreal. It was.... was unfair that they were dating each other. It was unfair that they were in love with each other, and they were teasing him by making his heart beat a mile per minute. They were teasing him, and whenever he went to be with someone else they didn't let him. It hurt. His stupid crush was nothing, but completely irrational. When Kaminari didn't say anything, and had a hurt look on his face Kirishima and Bakugou shared a look. Kaminari shoved his hands in his pockets, and started to follow the couple around again. He started to be a third wheel again.

Chapter Text

Kirishima and Bakugou had noticed how depressed and low energy Kaminari seemed. Kirishima couldn't help, but feel bad. He's noticed how strange Kaminari had been acting lately. It made Kirishima upset, because he didn't know how to help him. Kirishima and Kaminari had been friends ever since the start of the school year. That was, well, until Bakugou came along, but even then Kaminari never backed off. He was still close as possible to them. Bakugou remembered when he met Kaminari. He basically had called his personality shitty then later on sat as close as possible to him without sitting on his lap. (Kaminari probably didn't think that Bakugou knew about that, but he did) Kaminari had always been around being the other part of the package deal with Kirishima, until he and Kirishima started hanging out. It honestly confused Bakugou on some level that people would call him and Kirishima a package deal when personally he saw Kaminari and Kirishima as a package deal.
Kirishima nudged Bakugou with his elbow, and Bakugou growled at him slightly. Kirishima gestured back at Kaminari who looked down at his phone a bored, and kinda sad, expression on his face. Bakugou raised his eyebrow, and was about to have an outburst to ask Kaminari what was wrong, but bit his tongue. Kirishima hummed to himself thinking for a moment. He glanced around the mall, and then his face lit up with a smile. He turned to Bakugou, and whispered his plan into his ear.


Kirishima yelled, as Kaminari looked up, and was engulfed by Kirishima. Kaminari let out a little 'oof' then glanced up at Kirishima's arms. Kirishima had on a sleeveless turtleneck which showed off his giant arms. Kaminari nearly drooled once he saw his muscles.

"Uh whatcha doin' there bud?"

Kaminari asked blushing. Kaminari felt like he's been blushing a lot lately.

"I've got a surprise for you!"

Kirishima smiled, and suddenly warm hands were over Kaminari's eyes?


Kaminari asked genuinely confused, as he placed his hands over the warm hands.

"No it's me dumbass."

He heard Bakugou's gruff voice say.

"Oh, so, Satan?"

Kaminari smirked, as Bakugou growled, and hit the back of Kaminari's knees causing him to fall over. He fell over into Bakugou's chest, and nearly had an aneurysm.

"Bakugou be careful with the precious cargo!"

Kaminari thought he was actually having an aneurysm at that point. Bakugou grunted, and placed his hands back over Kaminari's eyes. Bakugou lead Kaminari in some direction he had no idea where he was being lead. After a few seconds Bakugou finally removed his hands from Kaminari's eyes, and his eyes instantly widened. It might of been childish, but the sight of a toy store brought out the inner child in him. Kaminari hadn't even noticed that he gasped until Kirishima grabbed his hand, and dragged him inside.

"Kirishima why would you bring me in here? I'll spend all my money-"

"Don't worry about it Kami!"

Kirishima smiled sweetly at his friend, and Kaminari became so glad that he wasn't in a cartoon, because he knew if he was he'd have heart eyes right now. Not even half an hour before Kaminari was upset about his crushes "teasing" him, and now he was falling for them all over again. He wanted to be mad, he wanted to curse, he wanted to throw a temper tantrum like a child, but his heart was beating too fast and his head was spinning. He kept falling hard and fast, and at this point. He doesn't care. He's no longer crushing on them, but he thinks that he's fallen in love. That wasn't fair. It wasn't fair. Love wasn't fair. That's just how life is, however, it's not fair, and he shouldn't try to fight it.

He ended up getting a Pip the Bear (AN: If you don't know what a Pip the Bear is I HIGHLY recommend looking her up, because she's cute af) an alien inflatable, a rubix cube, and two Rwby figurines. One of Blake Belladonna and one of Yang Xiao Long. When asked why he chose those characters Kaminari simply responded with,


As they got to the register Kirishima pulled out his wallet, and Kaminari's eyes widened. He hadn't known what Kirishima meant when he said 'Don't worry about it', and now that he did he felt special. After they were done paying Kaminari hugged Kirishima. Now it was Kirishima's turn to be flustered. Kirishima felt his heart beat pick up, and his heartbeat picked up. He didn't know why, but this is how he felt when he hugged Bakugou. Bakugou, on the other hand, didn't know why, but he felt happy seeing that both Kirishima and Kaminari were happy. It filled him with some weird sense of joy that he couldn't explain. All that he knew was that Kirishima and Kaminari being happy made him happy.

Chapter Text

Kaminari skipped along in comfortable silence next to Kirishima as he talked with Bakugou. Kirishima laughed as Bakugou gruntly softly. As Kaminari scrolled through his instagram timeline and as soon as he saw a picture of Rico Nasty he silently began to hum her song "Smack a Bitch". That song, not surprisingly, reminded him alot of Bakugou.

"Why she be yellin' so much,"

Kaminari silently sung as Kirishima and Bakugou glanced over at him,

"If I see you in the streets bitch your ass is done."

Kaminari smiled as he got into a Rico Nasty mood. That was new since Kaminari tended to listen to alternative rock, something both he and Jirou bonded over, and indie rock.

"What the fuck are you on about?"

Bakugou asked as Kaminari puffed up his cheeks slightly,

"Haven't you ever listened to Rico Nasty?"

As Kirishima and Bakugou both shook their heads Kaminari gasped very offended.

"What about Doja Cat?"

Kaminari asked hope in his eyes. They both looked at each other before shaking their heads. Kaminari gasped before dramatically falling into Kirishima's, big muscular, arms.

"That's it!"

Kaminari yelled as he grabbed both of their hands. Kaminari's hand was comparably smaller than both of the others hands. Kaminari had long and slender fingers that were elegant and looked like they were better made for music or writing rather than fights. There was chipped away black nail polish on his fingertips and his hands were warm but really dry. (Something Kaminari was incredibly insecure about.) Bakugou's hands were large and his knuckles were rough and bruised. They were also incredibly dry because of the cream he had to put on his hands due to his hyperhidrosis. Kirishima's hands were calloused and warm with a silver ring on his third finger. They all were in great contrast with each other, but fit perfectly with each other. Kaminari dragged them to the arcade, and they glanced back and forth between each other. As soon as they entered Kaminari got glances from of the girls and boys there who were clearly attracted to him. Who wouldn't be? He had the right balance of femininity and masculinity and had the e-boy aesthetic that everyone drooled over.
Kaminari dragged them over to a Just Dance machine, but it wasn't just any Just Dance machine. What was special about this one was that the user could connect their phone to it, and play music from their phones. The machine quickly makes dance moves for the person based on the song. Kaminari quickly began typing on his phone as he plugged it into the machine.

"What are you playing?"

Kirishima asked curiously as Kaminari gently nudged him away.

"Just wait."

Kaminari giggled which made both Kirishima and his boyfriends heart skip a beat. Kaminari finished typing and placed his phone face down. The screen began loading as three pink dots loaded onto the dark blue screen. Then the music began to play. Kaminari began to sway his hips as he began to sing to the song.

"Hair grow long like chia, money go long like nia, I am the big idea, my twins big like Tia."

Kaminari began jumping so his movements matched those popping up on the screen. Even though he was matching the movements on the screen he still managed to seductively move his hips.

"He said Doja hit so sticky I said thank you very much. Bent the whole world over and said spank you very much."

Kaminari sung as he spun around and dropped down quickly before slowly rising back up. He let out a laugh as Bakugou and Kirishima looked away blush coating their cheeks. A crowd began to form around Kaminari. Kaminari got every step right. Every right step, left step, every step was perfect.

"They said Rico you so nasty I said thank you very much. He just wanna eat me like some candy,"

Kaminari turned to look at Kirishima and Bakugou,

"But I'm not his buttercup."

Kaminari winked at the pair. Kirishima looked behind them convinced that he was winking at someone else, but once he realized it was them he was winking at them his face heated up.

Finally the song finished and everyone clapped as Kaminari grabbed his phone and hopped off the dancing plattform. Kaminari ran his fingers through his hair sweat coating his face. Dirty thoughts quickly flashed through Bakugou's mind as he turned towards Kirishima who was blushing as well. Kaminari laughed as he began saying something to them, but they couldn't hear him. The same question was running through both of their heads.

Why did they get the same heart eyes they got for each other for Kaminari.

Chapter Text

Kaminari sat locked in his bathroom as he listened to his mom and dad argue about whatever downstairs. Kaminari was sitting in the bathtub scrolling through instagram and as he did so he managed to fall down a hole of posts about "couple goals!!!" Kaminari frowned as he scrolled. He had always been a flirt but it was usually dismissed, and he never had good luck with it. He was always dismissed or rejected, but he brushed it off. Or at least. He tried to anyways. As he was scrolling he stopped at a post that was a screenshot from twitter. It said,

"Met a homophobe at pride n me n my baby decided to do something abt it."

As he swiped to see the other pictures from the post he was met with a picture of a much smaller male being lifted up by a bigger male. Their lips interlocked in a passionate kiss. Kaminaris heart skipped a beat before starting up again and banging like a drum. Kaminari, obviously, had gay friends, but he never thought that HE might be gay. He obviously liked girls, but the thought of having a boyfriend didn't disgust him. He blushed slightly as he furrowed his brows. Was he gay? He didn't know himself, and before he could even properly think about it he was already opening safari as he opened his incognito tab. He hesitated for a moment before quickly typing in "Am I Gay Quiz". He clicked on the first link he saw and began to quickly answer the questions. He was afraid his dad would burst through the door at any moment. He was afraid that if his dad found out that he was connected to anything LGBT no matter what he would kick him out or worse. He didn't know what exactly could be worse than getting kicked out, but with his dad anything is possible. The more he began to answer questions the more afraid he became. He soon realized that he might not of been as straight as he thought. As he finished the quiz he watching anxiously as the results began louding. Right then his dad began banging at the door. Usually Kaminari would of got up immediately, and opened the door knowing how bad his father's temper could be. But...something about that loading screen sparked something in him. His fathers banging became more frantic, but Kaminari continued to anxiously stare at the loading screen. Kaminari could hear his heart beat in his ears as well as the banging of the door. Finally the results finished loading and the number that flashed before his eyes was "75%" He quickly began reading the screen as his dad began to scream, but he couldn't find it in him to care or hear him. As he scanned over the words on the screen his golden eyes landed on the word that made his heart stop.




The word trapped him in the corner, pinned him down, and wrapped itself around his mind. His breathing hitched as he found it nearly impossible to pull himself back into reality.




"Kaminari Denki!"
His father yelled as Kaminari opened the door breathing heavily. His father glared at him noting his flushed face and the deep breaths he was letting out. His father began to speak but Kaminari wasn't listening. He was zoning off as a new question found its way into his head,

"Am I bisexual?"

Chapter Text

It had been about week since the mall hang out session with Bakugou and Kirishima, and now they were hanging out at Momo's house. The BakuSquad and MomoSquad hung out often, considering the fact that Momo and Jirou were dating, and tonight was one of those nights. This time it was the whole MomoSquad as well including their friend Shinsou who went to a school not too far away. The friends sat around Momos giant living room, as they were all off in their own conversations. Kaminari, how ever, was off in his own world. Ever since he took that fucking quiz one question has been plaguing his mind.

"Am I bisexual?"

He had never thought of himself as anything other than straight, but at the same time he had never dated anyone before. He figured that since he had never dated anyone before, so therefore he didn't even know if he truly liked being with a guy this was nothing but a phase. He had heard before that bisexual people hated being told that their sexuality has a phase, so if he was supposedly bisexual wouldn't he hate saying these things about himself.

(A/N: look at this internalized homophobia shit poor boy)

Kaminari was in his own world until Mina quickly plucked him out of his dream realm.


She yelled in his face as he nearly jumped out of his skin.

"What the hell Mina!"

Kaminari pouted his voice void of any real malice.

"I've called your name like 20 times,"

Mina pouted back.

"Anyways! Everyone choose a number between 0 and 50!"

Mina yelled a devious smile on her face. Bakugou groaned,


Mina just ignored him and clapped her hands.

In the end Kaminari ended up choosing the number that was the farthest from the number Mina chose, which was 45, and then Mina finally revealed her intention behind all of this.

"We're gonna play 7 minutes in Heaven!"

Mina yelled deviously.

"Mina some of us are in relationships."

Shinsou said in his usual dead voice.

"Buuut you're not!"

Mina exclaimed as she turned to Kaminari.


Mina shooed him, as he groaned and left the room. In all honesty Kaminari was nervous. Everyone left that weren't in relationships were guys, except Mina which is who he hoped to get, and he was already having a crisis about being bi. Then a thought passed through his head. This was a perfect opportunity to prove he wasn't bi.
Mina called him back into the living room holding out a porcelain bowl in his direction, Momo was clearly nervous about that, that was filled with random stuff. Mina ordered Kaminari to look away and take something out of the bowl. Kaminari did as he was instructed and after a moment of moving his hand around he pulled out a little paw print charm.

"Ok in the closet you go!"

Mina yelled as she began to drag Kaminari away. Kaminari got a glance of Kirishima and Bakugou faces which didn't look quite pleased. Kaminari was shoved into the closet then everything went dark. Then moments later someone else was shoved into the closet. Since it was Mina who clearly shoved the person inside Kaminari knew it was a boy.


Kaminari mumbled and was met back with a deep and tired voice. He knew exactly who it was. Shinsou. Kaminari didn't know why but his face flushed.


Shinsou whispered.


Kaminari whispered a blush coating his cheeks once he realized how small this closet was and how close Shinsou was.

"Listen Denki I know you're straight and I'm not going to do something to you that would make you feel uncomfortable."

Shinsou said as he rubbed his neck. Shinsou was what is known as a "bisexual disaster", and lived with his two dads Aizawa and Hizashi. (Aizawa was actually his homeroom teacher)

They stood there for a couple of minutes in awkward silence waiting for this to be over with. Kaminari took a deep breath.

"Hey Shinsou,"

Kaminari whispered,

"How did you know you were bisexual?"

There was a short silence between them before Shinsou exhaled.

"I don't know. I never really thought about dating or anything like that growing up. I was always focused on my studies, and people usually bullied me so I thought no one would of ever wanted to date me. I was, obviously, adopted by my two dads so I never had a problem with gay people. It wasn't until I kissed a girl during my school play in 6th grade then kissed a boy at a party in 7th that I realized I might like boys and girls."

Kaminaris brain racked as he remembered in 7th grade whenever he kissed a girl in his class on a dare. Kaminari gulped his brain going blank as he heard his heartbeat in his ears once again.


Kaminari said as he heard Shinsou turn his head in his direction.

"Can we kiss?"

Shinsou didn't responded for a moment and soon Kaminari got so anxious he began breathing out loud. Soon he felt a calloused hand on his cheek and his breath hitched.

"Are you sure?"

Shinsou whispered. Kaminari could feel his warm breath on his cheek. He nodded quickly making a small squeaking noise as confirmation. Shinsou hummed in response. He leaned in slowly before his lips brushed against Kaminaris. Kaminari felt a slight spark run through him as a shiver ran down his spin. Before he thought about it he pressed his lips into Shinsous. Shinsou was, surprisingly, not taken back and deepened the kiss by pulling Kaminari closer into him. Kaminari felt something hes never felt before. He felt like there were fireworks and his knees began to get weak. This was what it felt like whenever he had his first kiss, and he didn't know why. This couldn't be real. This didn't even feel real. This felt like a Disney movie.
Shinsou wrapped his arm around Kaminaris lower back feeling that Kaminaris knees were getting weak. They parted for a moment to take a quick deep breath before they kissed once more. Right as they began to kiss again Mina swung open the door. When she saw the sight in front of her, as well as the others behind her, she squealed. Kaminari quickly pulled away from Shinsou and tried to get out of the closet, but was dizzy from the kiss and tripped over his own feet. He stumbled out of the closet and Sero quickly caught him. He yelped pushing away from Sero before falling on his ass. He looked up realizing he was at Bakugou and Kirishima feet.

"Hey Denki are you alrig-"

Before Jirou could finish her question Kaminari blurted out the words he was so afraid of just seven minutes before.



"I think I'm bisexual!"

Chapter Text

Kaminaris mind racked as he remembered his friends reactions after he blurted out his supposed bisexuality. He quickly recanted his statement saying he just thinks he's bisexual, but he's probably not. Then he patted Shinsous shoulder and laughed, and said he was a good kisser and could kill a guy or girl with a kiss. Kaminari was embarrassed, but the night went on as usual. Kaminari, however, couldn't think that night nor could he listen. All he could do was let his mind wonder. All he could think about was his mom, and how he was going to tell her.
Now he was sitting in his room laying down on his bed. He couldn't bring himself to get out of bed. His head was spinning and his eyes were glazed over in a lost look. He wasn't pulled out of his trance until his phone started buzzing. He looked down as was met with the notification "Elmo is calling". Kirishima wanted to facetime. Kaminari pulled himself out of his trance and answered the phone. He placed it face up so Kirishima was faced with the same view as him.

"Hey Kami."

Kirishima said in a calm tone.


Kaminari responded as he heard another voice.

"Tch what's the matter idiot."

Of course it was Bakugou.

"What do you mean."

Kaminari asked in a soft voice as he heard his mother moving around downstairs. He didn't know why, but he thought about his mom a lot. His relationship with her was strange. She would pull him in and make him love her, but then break him down right afterwards. He constantly thought about the time she took him dancing. She told him he had two left feet, but he still knew how to dance. Afterwards as they walked home she stopped him under a street light, and held his hands in her own. She had a distance look on her face, and brushed a piece of hair behind his ear. She pulled out a small necklace with a lavender colored pendant on it. She placed it over his head onto his neck, and gently whispered into the wind that he was her sweet honey lavender. She looked him dead in the eyes with her own dead eyes, and whispered that he never wants to take the chance. She told him that he needs to take a risk every once and awhile.

Then later on that night she told his father about the necklace and watched with a distant look as he yelled at Kaminari, and locked him in his room.


Bakugou said pulling Kaminari out of his trance.

"Oh uh yeah?"

Kaminari asked sitting up his bed as he rubbed his bed.

"We asked if you wanted to come over to Kirishima's."

Bakugou said in a surprisingly soft tone. Kaminari was silent for a long moment.

"You don't wanna stay the night?"

Kirishima asked, but finally on some kind of impulse Kaminari blurted out.

"I'm coming over."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

Kirishima asked as Kaminari impulsively blurted out his words once more.

"I think I'm actually bisexual,"

He said,

"and I think I have a crush on these guys,"

He gulped loudly,

"I have a crush on these guys named-"

That's when he heard it. The creak of his door opening. There his mom was standing in the doorway. She was staring at him with her deep blue eyes.


Kaminari whispered his eyes widening. He flew himself off the bed as panic filled his body.

"How much of that did you hear?"

He whispered as his mother's dead eyes bored into his soul. Her face grew slightly pink as she ran her fingers through her hair.

"Denki sweetie,"

She began as Kaminari balled his hands into fists,


"You're supposed to be sweet like honey lavender, "

She began blabbering on as Kirishima and Bakugou silently listened on facetime,


"You don't know your wrongs from rights!"

She yelled glaring at him. Kaminari felt anger bubbling inside of him. He couldn't take it. It seemed like he was always the one who was being walked over. He was always the one who was pushed to the side. He was always the Kaminari.

"I met a boy,"

Kaminari blurted out,

"I don't care what you tell father!"

He screamed letting tears slip out of his eyes and fall down his cheeks.


He choked out,

"You always told me to take a chance."

She stared at him. It was silent for a long moment.

"My patience is like petrol its running low,"

She whispered balling her fists,

"I'm still gonna try to give you space, and I don't know what else to say now."

She whispered before she slammed his room door closed.


Kaminari whispered his voice cracking.


He whispered

"Kami, are you sure you want to stay the night?"

Kirishima whispered as Kaminari ran his hand over the necklace she gave him all those years ago. He gripped the small pendant on the chain feeling his heart rate pick up.

"I can't keep running back to her."

He whispered pulling the necklace off his neck breaking the latch. He threw it at the door as he grabbed his bag and began shoving his belongings inside. His hand hovered over the door knob for a moment before he turned and walked towards his window. He pushed it open before silently slipping off into the night.