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teach me how to pray, how to say your name

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One of the things that Jimin hates the most is not waking up peacefully. No matter what reason, may it be a nightmare, his alarm or Taehyung annoying him again, it always pisses Jimin off. The worst reason to not waking up peacefully until now is still waking up in his pre-heat. Okay, maybe second worst, waking up in heat taking the first place. But yes, waking up and realizing he’s in his pre-heat is a good way of making Jimin grumpy for the rest of the day.

Jimin kicks his blanket away, sweaty from the heat already despite it not being warm. Now, a heat isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. If only Jimin had a mate to spend it with. Being in heat while having a mate who would fuck him into oblivion is amazing. But he doesn’t have one, so he has to suffer and have dirty dreams all the time just like the one he woke up from with a boner.

What makes matters worse is the fact that it’s the month where Jimin has to take a break from his suppressants. He can’t take his suppressants to make his heat more bearable because his body is not able to take many. He has to suffer through at least every second heat without suppressants, so his body won’t take permanent damage from it. Other omegas are more fortunate. They can take as many suppressants as they want without fearing anything. Jimin, obviously, isn’t one of them.

Giving up on falling asleep again - the slick between his ass cheeks also getting too much - Jimin gets to his feet with a huff to wash his face and clean himself in the bathroom. In his pre-heat and annoyance induced state, Jimin had forgotten about another one of his nightmares – his alpha roommate Jeon Jungkook. Jimin is in shock when he sees Jungkook walk around the apartment, and then groans when he sees that Jungkook has no shirt on, his buff upper body nude in all its glory. Jungkook faces him when he hears him groan but Jimin ignores him and walks into the bathroom. Taking a deep breath, Jimin notices with a burning shame that even more slick pours out of him after the sight of Jungkook’s naked upper body. Not to mention how sensitive Jimin’s nose is to the alpha’s tangerine scent.

Having Jungkook as a roommate for a year is one of the best things that could have happened to Jimin. While Jimin did tell Jungkook to stay clear from him when he first moved in, Jimin in need of having someone who’ll pay the rent with him, it was Jimin who warmed up to the alpha first. It was easy. Unfairly easy, he should add, but it was. Jungkook is a picture-perfect alpha who carries himself with an authority that makes everyone swoon over him and who cares about everyone around him. It was after a night of going out and Jungkook punching another alpha for Jimin that Jimin realized he wasn’t only fond of the alpha, but he was gone for him. Since six months now Jimin has silently suffered with that revelation, not letting Jungkook notice a thing as he takes care of the omega.

Jimin loves the moments where they come back from a long day of university and work and end up on the couch together with take-out or the days where they spend hours in one of their rooms, play video games and let each other scents cloud their minds until they forget anything else even exists. The more devastating it is when Jimin has to step out of the room and face reality.

Jimin waits a minute and then cleans himself, washes his face and mouth, and then walks back out. It’s delightful and saddening at the same time to see that Jungkook has put a shirt on. He grabs his phone from his room and heads for the kitchen where Jungkook is preparing breakfast.

Jungkook looks up as Jimin enters the kitchen, the table already set and a cup of coffee waiting for Jimin. Jimin squeals, mumbles, “Thank you,” and has his hands already stretched out so he can have a sip of the beverage but Jungkook pulls Jimin towards himself. He leans in until his nose almost touches Jimin’s neck and inhales deeply. Jimin’s only response is to freeze, his eyes widening.

“You’re in pre-heat,” Jungkook says as he pulls back, eyes finding Jimin’s.

Jimin clears his throat, silently bemoaning the loss of Jungkook’s touch as the alpha pulls back, and nods. “I know.” He buries his face in his cup of coffee and tells himself that the warmth spreading over his cheeks stems from the heat of the beverage and nothing else.

“You should tell Seokjin so he knows,” Jungkook says and takes a seat, putting three toasts on Jimin’s plate instead of the usual two.

Jungkook gets like that when Jimin is about to go into heat, says Jimin has to eat more the days before he goes into heat because he’ll be forgetting to do so once he’s in heat. Jimin feels pleased and annoyed at the same time. He enjoys the pampering he gets from Jungkook but hates that it stops at the threshold to his room, Jungkook never entering and helping Jimin through his heat, not even once getting him off. Even Taehyung has gotten Jimin off once before.

“I will,” Jimin replies. “I was about to do it today when I go to work.”

“You can’t take suppressants. I’ll go over to Namjoon’s when your heat starts and come by to bring over things you need.”

Jimin huffs, frowning at his toast. “I know. You do that every time.”

“A problem?” Jungkook asks as soon as he notes the grumpy edge to Jimin’s voice.

“No. I was thinking of spending this heat with an alpha. It’s already so unbearable,” Jimin says and reaches for the Nutella.

Jungkook says, “No,” just as he grabs the jar.

Jimin gapes, his hand freezing on top of the lid. “I want Nutella,” he whines.

Jungkook leans back in his chair and assesses Jimin with his eyes. “I don’t mean the chocolate. I mean the alpha. You can’t spend it with one.”

Jimin deflates even more at that, Nutella forgotten as he tries to understand what Jungkook is thinking. He doesn’t know how to judge the sudden spicy tang in Jungkook’s scent.

“Why not?”

“Because it’ll be a real heat and the risk in it to accidentally mate is too big for you,” Jungkook explains and turns back to the food on his plate.

Jimin hates the finality in his tone as if he expects Jimin to listen like an obedient omega and hates even more how his omega wants to do just that just so he can please Jungkook. Jimin knows it’s not that. Jungkook doesn’t think of him that way but Jungkook has a habit of deciding everything with without allowing the other party to oppose. Especially when he is right.

They weren’t always like this, only started befriending each other slowly, but after his parents visited once, worried about Jimin living with an alpha, they instantly fell in love with Jungkook. Jimin’s mother made Jungkook promise to keep an eye on Jimin and take care of him which Jungkook agreed to without hesitation. Since then it has become normal for Jungkook to take such care of Jimin.

It’s not fair though. If Jungkook is not going to let him spend his heat with someone else – though Jungkook wouldn’t say anything if Jimin brought back someone, he would just mope – then Jungkook should at least take full responsibility of Jimin.

“Sorry I’m such a weak omega,” Jimin hisses and puts his chin in his hand.

“That’s not what this is about,” Jungkook says with a side-glance at Jimin but the omega ignores him.

“It’s so unfair,” Jimin continues to rant, frowning at the Nutella on his toast. “You stupid alphas get your rut only four to six times a year while we omegas have to go through heat each month. EACH month. Do you know how horrible that is? And it only gets less after we find a mate, which is so bothersome to do when you are busy with uni and work. But maybe that’s what I should do.” Jimin gets up to get the jam from the cabinet as he rants on. “I’m about to be twenty-four soon. I want a mate anyway. Maybe I should accept Minjae’s offer for a date. He’s cute anyway. I’ll get less heats and have someone to help me through them and we can cuddle each- Wouw.”

Jimin stops his rant in the middle of the sentence when he turns around with the jam in his hand and finds Jungkook standing right in front of him. Jungkook scowls at him for a second, takes the jam out of his hand and places it at the counter. Jimin lets him, too stunned by his sudden appearance and the notable change in his scent. Jungkook gathers Jimin in his arms then, leaning down and pressing his nose right on Jimin’s scent gland. Jimin’s breath stutters, eyes fluttering shut, and he gives in without a second thought.

Jimin fists Jungkook’s shirt as the alpha scents him thoroughly, the effect of it instantaneous. The uncomfortable feeling in Jimin’s gut disappears and he grows weak in his knees, Jungkook having to press him closer so he doesn’t fall to the ground. Jimin’s omega makes pleased noises, some of which slip past Jimin’s lips. It’s easy to let the scent Jimin so dearly wishes for always to remain on his body waft over him. Jimin’s grip on Jungkook tightens when the alpha removes his face from Jimin’s neck but he’s appeased when Jungkook just switches to the other side of his neck.

Jungkook scenting him when he’s in heat is a common occurrence, but never has Jungkook scented him like this; cheek, nose and lips rubbing against Jimin’s skin and dousing him in his scent, has only ever rubbed their cheeks together, rubbed his cheek against Jimin’s wrist or given him clothes of himself. Jimin prefers this though. Would any time of the day.

Jungkook’s nose slowly finds his way to Jimin’s cheek and temple until it rests against Jimin’s forehead and Jimin knows it’s time to let go now. His omega whines but he loosens his grip on Jungkook’s shirt, not fully ready to let go yet. Jungkook’s lips move against the heated skin of Jimin’s forehead when he asks, “You’re going to uni later, right?”

Jimin nods and finally opens his eyes. He doesn’t reciprocate Jungkook’s stare though, choosing to just let the alpha go wherever he’s planning to while he tries to collect himself. Supporting himself on the counter, Jimin takes a few breaths and then seats himself on his chair. He presses his fingers against his neck where he can still feel Jungkook’s lips and tries to chase the memory of the touch, hands becoming desperate at the thought of maybe never feeling Jungkook’s lips again. The door to Jungkook’s room opens and Jimin has only enough time to rip his hand away from his neck before a cloth is thrown on top of his head, blocking his view. Jimin is once again enveloped by Jungkook’s scent, only now noticing that Jungkook threw his hoodie at Jimin.

“Be careful!” Jungkook exclaims before he leaves the apartment, leaving Jimin behind confused.


If Jungkook thought that scenting Jimin that morning was a good idea - and even if Jimin was over the moon in that moment - it actually made the whole day harder for Jimin. Jimin craves Jungkook’s presence and heat throughout the whole day, omega whiny and pouty over how they were left and rejected by their alpha. Even his friends are surprised by how strong Jungkook’s scent on Jimin is. Jimin barely makes it through his lectures, and then instantly leaves for home with the intention of scolding Jungkook for making his day so hard. Jungkook isn’t at the apartment when he arrives though, so Jimin takes Jungkook’s pillow, cuddles into his hoodie and hugs the pillow tightly as he mindlessly scrolls through the channels.

“What’s wrong?” Jungkook asks as soon as he enters the living room, most probably alarmed by the distress in Jimin’s scent. “Did someone hurt you?”

As soon as the alpha asks that question, he bends over Jimin in search of any strange scents on Jimin, scents that shouldn’t be there and that Jungkook will most probably “remember for later.” Jimin leans away from Jungkook, simultaneously flattered and appeased by Jungkook’s concern and annoyed after reminding himself that he is distressed because of said alpha.

“I’m fine,” Jimin huffs with as much annoyance as he can. “This is because of you anyway.”

Jungkook pulls away from Jimin, incredulous look on his face. “Because of me?”

“Yeah,” Jimin confirms and jabs Jungkook’s chest with one finger. “Because of you. You scented me so I wanted cuddles the whole day but could get them so I’m annoyed.”

“You can get them now.”

Jimin reddens and his omega lets out a pleased whine. “As if that would undo all the pain I had to endure because of you.”

“Then you don’t want any cuddles?”

Jimin gapes, sitting up so he’s close to Jungkook’s face. “Of course, I do. You caused this, so you have to take responsibility for it.”

Jungkook smirks, amusement written all over his cocky face of which Jimin is unsure whether he wants to punch or kiss it away. Maybe a little bit of both, the kissing more than the punching. Upon Jimin’s urging, Jungkook gets up to change out of his clothes and into his pyjamas, coming back to Jimin to the couch. Jimin shamelessly cuddles into Jungkook’s side, nose against Jungkook’s neck, and inhales the alpha’s scent deeply, discomfort disappearing in an instant. He hums pleased, almost purring as the tension leaves his body, muscles relaxing and his guard that was up the whole day vanishing. Here he can let go, safely cocooned in Jungkook’s scent and arms.

Jungkook absentmindedly rubs up and down Jimin’s back, his nose buried in Jimin’s hair. Jimin has long since closed his eyes and given up on watching TV. He hadn’t wanted to do that anyway. Falling asleep right there would be so easy, forgetting the pain at least for a while until his heat kicks in, but Jungkook shakes Jimin lightly not even fifteen minutes later.

“I need to go to bed. I have an early class tomorrow,” Jungkook says.

Jimin pouts but lets the alpha leave to brush his teeth. It has been a long day for him and usually Jungkook immediately goes to bed after a long day, especially when he has class the next day, but the cuddle session was too short. It wasn’t enough to make Jimin feel satisfied for at least long enough until he could fall asleep. Admittedly, no amount of cuddling could satisfy Jimin in pre-heat but only fifteen minutes should be illegal.

“Go to sleep,” Jungkook advises as he brushes through Jimin’s hair while walking past him, sounding as serious as he can in his exhausted state.

Jimin hums, too pouty to give a proper response. As soon as Jungkook closes the door to his room, Jimin gets up too, not seeing the purpose in lounging on his couch anymore. His bed is cold and empty as it can be without another body in it, and it makes Jimin feel even more pathetic. He still has Jungkook’s pillow, has cuddled it to his chest but it doesn’t appease him. He’s uncomfortable in his own skin, overly sensitive and needy.

Chastising himself, Jimin closes his eyes and tries to sleep. And tries and tries and tries. Ten minutes later, twenty, half an hour and Jimin is just as wide awake as at the beginning. He tosses and turns, changes positions, and even removes his blanket, not willing to let go of Jungkook’s pillow, the alpha’s scent clinging to it the only thing keeping him sane. He gives up after forty minutes and creeps over to Jungkook’s room with the alpha’s pillow in his hands. He opens the door and sticks his head in first, sneaking inside and closing the door as quietly as he can. Hearing the alpha snore, Jimin walks over and climbs in to Jungkook’s right, in the space between the alpha and the wall, using Jungkook’s pillow to rest his head on.

Jungkook hums, most probably having noticed Jimin’s presence, and turns in his sleep, wrapping an arm over Jimin’s waist. Jimin tries to ignore that Jungkook is only wearing boxer shorts as good as he can. Which is not at all. At least Jimin is wearing a tank top, which is comforting and saddening alike.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Jimin mumbles apologetically, fearing Jungkook might throw him out but he only presses Jimin closer and continues sleeping.

Back in the embrace of Jungkook and his scent, Jimin instantly quenches any desire and thought about being Jungkook’s mate and having his nose pressed against his mating bite, and closes his eyes.

Maybe Jimin should have known that sleeping with Jungkook isn’t a good idea – generally too but especially when he’s in pre-heat. Sometimes he already dreams of Jungkook, dreams in which Jungkook touches him intimately, fucks him and mates him, dreams after which Jimin has troubles looking at the alpha. On other nights when Jimin has a dirty dream, the universe is kind enough to him to make him not dream of Jungkook. Those nights he dreams of Jungkook, follow days in which Jimin spent time with Jungkook and shared the same space with him - the closeness to Jungkook triggering those dreams. So Jimin should have known that he would dream of Jungkook if he slept next to Jungkook, but the omega only had his sleep on his mind and thus it’s too late for dream Jimin, the omega laying underneath Jungkook in the dream already.

Jimin is letting out needy huffs, arms tightly wrapped around Jungkook’s shoulders. His hole is leaking slick and is aching for a cock, mind hazy as he listens to Jungkook. Jungkook, who has his face buried in Jimin’s scent gland, lets out one growl after another. It’s all Jimin has ever wanted. The man who is always in control of himself and his alpha, has finally let loose and his carnal side is showing. And he wants Jimin, his alpha wants Jimin’s omega. The realization hits Jimin so hard in his dream, he bucks his hips up and buries his nose in the hair behind Jungkook’s ear, whining for the alpha.

When Jungkook finally looks up, Jimin doesn’t know whether he should be happy about finally seeing Jungkook’s face or mourn Jungkook’s warm breath and his growl’s vibrations against his neck.

Jungkook in his rawest form looks beautiful. Jimin only wants to be ravished and taken by him, spend days with the alpha in one bed until he doesn’t know what day it is anymore. He wants the alpha’s cum in his womb and take his knot until he’s carrying his pups.

“Alpha,” Jimin moans for Jungkook and hopes he gets it, hopes he understands and gives Jimin what he wants.

Jungkook growls, bearing his teeth and sinking them in Jimin’s neck.

Jimin wakes up, his head resting on top of Jungkook’s right bicep and his right leg thrown over Jungkook’s left. He’s panting, is still out of breath from the dream and abashedly realizes that he has a hard on. It takes Jimin a few seconds to notice that he’s humping Jungkook’s thigh. Jimin moans breathily, his omega urging him to grind harder and faster, to wake their alpha up and demand to be fucked. His hips seemingly fasten their pace on their own, Jimin whining when a rational voice tells him how pathetic and wrong he’s behaving.

Jimin’s hips come to a sudden stop when it finally hits him what he’s doing and a sob from his disappointed omega makes it past his lips. Jimin freezes in horror when Jungkook groggily mumbles, “You okay?”

Jimin is too shocked to say something first but then nods slowly and apologizes. “Sorry. Yeah.”

“You’re stinking up the whole room.”

Jimin barely suppresses a whine, shame sinking in, not daring to speak above a whisper. “Was just a dream. Sorry.”

Jungkook hums absentmindedly. “Go to sleep, Minie.”

Jungkook lays on his back, not removing his arm from under Jimin’s head. With closed eyes, Jungkook pushes the blanket off of them and reveals his boner. Jimin chokes on his breath when he sees it, hips automatically jumping forward and against Jungkook’s meaty thigh. He hides his face against Jungkook’s collarbone and breathes in deeply, inhaling Jungkook’s scent, spiked with slight annoyance and arousal.

Jungkook’s left hand grips Jimin’s hips, tone warning when he growls, “Minie.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” Jimin whines pathetically. “It hurts,” he adds, hoping Jungkook will be as understanding as he is on other days. On other days Jimin doesn’t grind on Jungkook, but Jimin is desperately hoping.

He should have never come. All he wanted was some relief for the uncomfortable feeling in his body and the pending pain, but now he’s only more uncomfortable, in more pain and is grinding against his roommate like a desperate omega. All hopes of Jungkook having been asleep and thus not having noticed what Jimin was doing are gone and now he only feels like crying. He shouldn’t. Jimin knows he shouldn’t because it’ll only be another inconvenience he’ll be putting Jungkook through, but he can’t control it when the first sob makes his chest shake.

Jimin puts his right hand on the other side of the bed and throws his leg over Jungkook’s hips, intending to go back to his own room as fast as he can while he stutters an incoherent explanation. Jimin falters from how hard his arms and legs are shaking, and wants to tell Jungkook he’s fine when the alphas hands come up to grab his hips, but before he can do so, Jungkook pulls Jimin’s hips down, crotch landing right on Jungkook’s.

Jimin cries out, surprised at the sudden movement, and then moans when he feels Jungkook’s cock right next to his, twitching against his cock. Jimin’s left hand shoots up to cover his mouth, right arm buckling and head landing on Jungkook’s shoulder.

Jimin has seen Jungkook naked. He dreamt about Jungkook’s cock for days after seeing it accidentally once, but he never thought Jungkook’s cock would be this huge when it’s hard. Slick pours out of Jimin’s hole, no doubt soiling Jungkook’s boxer shorts too.

Jungkook gives Jimin no time to collect himself, uses his grip on Jimin’s hips to grind the boy’s crotch against his own slowly. He noses along Jimin’s cheek, cooing reassurances as he gradually fastens the pace he’s rubbing Jimin against himself. Jimin starts working his hips against Jungkook’s crotch on his own, thoughts of how the alpha’s cock will penetrate him fill his mind. His hole is aching, omega clawing at his conscious for more.

Jimin moans loudly when Jungkook’s hands wander to his ass, massaging the flesh and cupping a cheek in each hand. Jimin braces himself with his hands on Jungkook’s chest, feels the alphas chest move up and down in fast movements. Jungkook surprises him again by pulling his cheeks apart, slick gushing out, and Jimin whimpers. Shame courses through him but it’s forgotten not even a second later when Jungkook’s finger circle his hole over his boxer shorts.

Giving up on grinding against Jungkook’s crotch, Jimin pushes his ass back into Jungkook’s hands. Jungkook’s fingers won’t be able to enter him because of his boxer shorts but Jimin still tries, desperate to get something inside. Jungkook cups his cheeks again and pushes Jimin forward, their crotches connected again, sticking two fingers between Jimin’s ass cheeks again. They have no rhythm now, movements desperate and chaotic as both try to cum.

Jimin’s arms are too weak to hold him up so he lets himself fall on top of the alpha, face against his neck and no longer holding his moans in. It’s a consolation that Jungkook also sounds wrecked, panting and grunting.

Heat builds up in Jimin’s stomach, hands fisting the bedsheets as his pants turn into little cries. Jimin’s mind tunes out for a little when his orgasm washes over him, shaking his body and cum staining his already soiled boxer shorts, no inhale of air seeming enough for his lungs. When he comes to, Jungkook is still rocking Jimin’s hips against his own but now lazily. Oversensitive and worn out, Jimin whimpers and sighs relieved when Jungkook stops moving Jimin’s hips, hands resting there. The stifling room that was filled with moans and grunts only a few seconds ago is now filled with harsh breaths, the sweet scent of the omega mixing with Jungkook’s tangerine one. Jimin has no idea where he ends and where Jungkook begins, barely conscious when his breathing is finally regulated.

Jungkook wraps both arms around Jimin and lays him back on his pillow softly, then getting up and removing his soiled boxer shorts. The moonlight shines on Jungkook through the window which causes Jimin to close his eyes, embarrassment slowly settling in over what they just did now that the high of his orgasm and the need is gone. Jimin only opens them again when Jungkook climbs back into the bed under the covers.

“Now go to sleep,” Jungkook mumbles and traps Jimin in his arms before he goes closes his eyes again.

Jimin would love to but his boxer shorts are soaked with slick and cum and the uncomfortableness is slowly getting too hard to ignore. Swallowing his shame, Jimin clears his throat and tries to remover Jungkook’s arm as gently as he can.

“Lay down,” Jungkook huffs.

“I-I need to change my underwear.”

“You’ll stay in them like a good omega until the morning.”

Being called a good omega is like having a bucket of cold water poured over him. He has trouble breathing for a moment and then he feels hot all over again, his whole face becoming red. Jimin’s omega wants to do nothing other than lay back in bed and listen to Jungkook obediently but Jimin still whispers, “I’ll change fast. I promise.”

Jungkook growls lowly and tightens his grip on Jimin. “It’s your punishment for keeping me awake. Now stay in them and be quiet.”

Jimin pouts. Not even once has Jungkook growled at Jimin, only ever jokingly, and it may be his pre-heat that is making him sensitive, but his eyes fill with tears. He troubled Jungkook with his heat, disturbed his sleep and now Jungkook is also mad at him.

Most probably sensing the distress in Jimin’s scent, Jungkook pulls Jimin tighter against himself and presses his lips against Jimin’s. “It’s okay. Just go to sleep,” Jungkook murmurs.

Letting Jungkook’s scent calm him, Jimin closes his eyes and concentrates on Jungkook’s lips against his temple.

The next day, Jimin wakes up alone. Or when he wakes up the second time he’s alone. He remembers waking up for a few seconds when Jungkook got up from his bed to get ready for university. Jimin grimaces when he moves and notices his soiled underwear that is still wet in some places and hard in others.

After hopping under the shower and letting the sweat, cum and slick be washed away by the hot water, it finally dawns on Jimin what happened between him and Jungkook the night before. Jimin can’t believe he humped Jungkook in his sleep like that and then again when he was awake. He was truly out of control last night. But his behaviour is excused or at least explained by his pre-heat. What is he supposed to think of Jungkook grinding Jimin against himself and having his fingers against Jimin’s hole? Jimin whimpers and washes away the slick that he just leaked out at the memory.

Don’t think of last night. Don’t think of last night, Jimin repeats as a mantra as he finishes and disappears in his room. He puts on some comfortable clothes, not too covering because he can feel his body heat up slowly again. Sleep. Jimin needs to sleep. That’s what he’ll have to do next days as much as possible, so he won’t notice his heat too much and can forget as much as possible although he can feel his heat get stronger slowly, which is concerning because he’s usually in his pre-heat for four to five days before his heat comes but maybe sleep will solve this.

The only problem is that even looking at his empty and cold bed makes Jimin’s stomach churn. Jimin invested a lot of time in making his room but especially his bed be and look as comfortable as possible and has never had any complains about it, but in that moment he hates it. It looks unappealing and… Jungkook-less. There’s not a single thing on his bed that reminds him of Jungkook.

Jimin thinks of the pillow he stole from Jungkook the night before. He can steal it again. Jungkook never minds these things, knows how hard heats can be, but after what happened the past night, Jimin is hesitant. His desperation wins at the end, so Jimin sneaks over to Jungkook’s room although there is no need to.

Back in Jungkook’s room, Jimin is hit by his and Jungkook’s scents mixed with slick and cum, arousal also lingering in it. Jimin didn’t notice it when he woke up, too distracted by his soiled underwear and the appeal of a hot shower, but now that he is freshly washed, the scent is almost too strong for him. Jimin presses a hand against his mouth and balances himself with the other against the doorframe.

Once he feels calmer, Jimin hops over to the bed to grab the pillow Jungkook slept on and not the one Jimin stole the night before and then used. He sinks his nose into it, inhaling deeply a few times and then sighing relieved. Jimin’s eyes instantly land on Jungkook’s blanket once he opens them, a thought crossing his mind. How shameless would it be if he took Jungkook’s blanket too? It’s Jungkook’s fault anyway that Jimin is so focused on Jungkook in this heat.

Before Jimin can feel too pathetic or creepy, also encouraged by the pleas of his omega, Jimin reaches for the blanket and then halts. It’s going to take Jungkook long anyway until he comes back. At least another four hours, maybe even more if he decides to stop somewhere. Jimin could actually nap in Jungkook’s bed which would be much better for his pre-heat that is getting worse and worse. He can set an alarm and then leave Jungkook’s room before Jungkook comes back.

Suddenly shaking with nerves, Jimin hops to the door and closes it, coming back to the bed to crawl under the blanket. Instantaneously, Jimin feels like he’s in heaven, breathing in Jungkook’s scent, a blinding smile on his face as his pre-heat starts to settle down a little. His eyes fall on Jungkook’s shirt on the back of Jungkook’s chair and then on the laundry basket in the corner of Jungkook’s room. Jimin doesn’t even question the thought. If he has come this far, he may as well make himself as comfortable and his nap enjoyable as possible.

Jimin grabs Jungkook’s shirt on the back of the chair first, remembers Jungkook’s hoodie he wore yesterday and then gets Jungkook’s shirts that are laying in the upper part of the laundry basket and don’t smell bad. He hasn’t nested in so long that Jimin feels his stomach twist in anticipation. It takes a while for Jimin to arrange Jungkook’s clothes, pillows and blankets until he’s satisfied with it and has created a safe cocoon for himself, but the happier he is with the result of it at the end. Closing his eyes and hugging one of Jungkook’s pillows, Jimin falls asleep with the hope of his pre-heat going back to its usual self. That’s not what happens though.

Jimin wakes up with a boner and feeling as if his skin is on fire. A pained groan escapes his lips and he automatically hides his face in the pillow he fell asleep hugging, chasing the comfort of Jungkook’s scent. This time it doesn’t help in soothing his pain but only increases it. Calling out for Jungkook happens automatically, everything is out of Jimin’s control now.

“F-fuck,” Jimin stutters when his gut twists in pain. He has to get off as fast as possible or it will only get worse.

Jimin kicks the blanket off himself but keeps it close to himself and is mindful of his nest, not wanting to ruin it. The mere thought of it distresses him. Jimin reaches his first orgasm fast, just needing a few pumps of his fist to get himself over the edge. It doesn’t soothe Jimin’s heat though. He’s still hard despite having come on his hand and abdomen, feeling empty and dissatisfied.

Jimin’s body is on auto-pilot when he turns around and situates Jungkook’s pillow under his crotch and starts humping it, props himself up with one arm and prods his hole with his fingers. Jimin moans, hips coming to a stuttering halt as he spreads his slick all over his hole. Spreading his legs, Jimin hesitantly pushes the tip of his middle finger in and works himself open until he’s four fingers in and is desperately humping the pillow. It’s messy to finger himself and hump the pillow at the same time but he’s too gone to be bothered by it, and it does a much better job at soothing his heat than jacking off did.

Jimin ends up back on his back, his cock half-hard and chest heaving. There’s cum on Jungkook’s pillow and Jimin’s shirt and slick on Jimin’s hand, Jimin’s pants half way down. The omega is in that state when Jungkook walks in on him. Jimin’s eyes fly open and he turns his head to Jungkook, the alpha’s name falling off his lips without him even knowing. Relief washes over Jimin at seeing Jungkook, his omega delighted.

Jungkook stands frozen in the doorway, hand tightly gripping the handle. His eyes wander from Jimin’s face to his legs. “You’re in heat,” Jungkook says through his teeth, voice tense and jaw locked.

Jimin pouts, a little intimidated by Jungkook’s tone. “Yeah and it hurts so much.”

“Why are you in heat?” Jungkook questions, ignoring Jimin’s words. He doesn’t seem to be breathing at all.

“Woke up all wet,” Jimin whines, reaching out to Jungkook with one hand. “Need you so bad.”

The door slams shut, Jungkook gone before Jimin can even blink. He whines, burying his face in the pillow. Jimin hadn’t expected Jungkook to leave him like that, and the only thing that is keeping Jimin in Jungkook’s bed is the fact that he can hear Jungkook on the other side of the door and the hope that he will come back. He gets impatient fast, though, pulling his pants up and marching to the door with shaky legs.  Jungkook’s head whips around as soon as Jimin opens the door, barely having enough time to mumble into his phone that he’ll call the other person back before Jimin throws his arms around his neck and buries his nose in Jungkook’s scent gland.

“Jungkook,” Jimin moans, electrified by Jungkook’s scent and the feeling of his body.

Jungkook curses under his breath and wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist, pressing Jimin closer instinctively and then seems to think better of it, trying to create distance between him and Jimin. “Jimin, stop,” Jungkook breathes.

Jimin ignores him in favour of sucking on his skin, humming appreciatively when he tastes Jungkook’s sweat and the small hint of arousal that only spurs Jimin on.

“Jimin,” Jungkook growls and shakes Jimin by his arms.

Jimin gasps and stares open-mouthed at Jungkook. He can feel his cock twitch and hole leak some slick, wanting to beg Jungkook to fuck him but the alpha’s warning keeps him from it.

Jungkook glares at Jimin, making sure he has Jimin’s attention and then asks in a soft voice, “Are you alright?”

Jimin nods dutifully, hoping Jungkook will let him hug him again. Jimin only notices that he has been moving his hips against Jungkook when Jungkook grabs his hips to stop him. The omega doesn’t mind, locking his hands behind Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook’s eyes glance at Jimin’s lips once and then back to his eyes but Jimin noticed already.

“I talked to Namjoon,” Jungkook says, slowly as if to test the waters and see whether he has Jimin’s attention.

Jimin bites his lower lip and hums, starting to feel antsy again.

“I explained to him what happened, and he said that last night may have triggered your heat prematurely.”

“I know,” Jimin whines sulkily, looking at Jungkook through his lashes. “And it really, really hurts.”

Jungkook gulps, his grip on Jimin only slightly tightening, but otherwise than that he shows no reaction. Jimin commends Jungkook’s willpower mentally, now only more determined to break him.

“Namjoon said that it would be best if I spend the heat with you since your omega is focused on me now,” Jungkook says, still looking into Jimin’s eyes.

Jimin buries his hands into Jungkook’s hair, giving up on being patient. “Then why don’t you?

“Do you want me to?”

“I told you to take responsibility for what you caused, didn’t I?” Jimin mumbles and presses himself closer against Jungkook.

Jungkook frowns and he almost looks nervous when he says, “What if I mate you?”

“I don’t think I’d mind that at all, alpha.”

Jungkook curses under his breath, eyes falling shut at being addressed by his status. Jungkook inhales shakily through his mouth, and Jimin would be happy about the effect he has on the alpha if it were not for the fact that Jimin can see him regain his composure. Jimin has to change tactics.

“Jungkookie, I really need you,” Jimin whimpers next to Jungkook’s ear, makes sure Jungkook’s nose is right next to his scent gland. He takes Jungkook’s hand and leads it to his ass, adding, “Right here.”

Jungkook inhales sharply, his hand grabbing Jimin’s ass, grip rough and bruising, and buries his nose in Jimin’s neck. Jimin cries out, throws his head back as his omega yips jubilantly. Jimin tightly holds on to Jungkook as the alpha assaults his neck, cries each time Jungkook bites him or sucks on his skin rough.

“Alpha, please,” Jimin moans when Jungkook spends too much time on Jimin’s neck. Jimin feels like he’s on fire, boner hurting, and he desperately needs relief.

Jungkook separates his lips from Jimin’s neck and immediately attaches them to Jimin’s lips.

Jimin has had many dreams and fantasies about kissing Jungkook, imagined a wide variety of scenarios of how it would happen, but none of it prepared Jimin for the real thing. It’s different than he painted it out to be. It’s messy and there are far more teeth and more desperation but Jimin loves it. It’s raw, both of their feelings laid out naked.

“Bed,” Jimin breathes against Jungkook’s lips and starts dragging him back to his room. They part lips for the sake of undressing each other.

Jungkook pushes Jimin’s pants down as they enter the room, Jimin then trying to help remove Jungkook’s clothes but his hands are shaking too much from excitement. When Jungkook tells him to, he sulkily lets go so Jungkook can take off his clothes. Telling himself to wait for Jungkook on the bed, Jimin freezes when he sees the bed, his nest ruined. Jimin must have done it when he got up to follow Jungkook.

Jimin whimpers, tears springing into his eyes. He rearranges the pillows, clothes and the blanket, starting anew. Anger and frustration replaces the lust. Jimin can’t believe he was stupid enough to ruin his nest.

Jungkook embraces Jimin from behind and noses along the back of Jimin’s neck. Jimin relaxes but doesn’t let go of the shirt he was trying to put in place.

“What’s wrong?” Jungkook asks, making Jimin pout again.

“I ruined it,” Jimin hisses, a lump forming in his throat.

“I’ll help you,” Jungkook offers and slowly tries to get the shirt out of Jimin’s hands.” How do you want it?”

Jimin lets the shirt reluctantly go and helps Jungkook put everything in place while he gives the instructions too. He’s extra careful when both of them climb into bed and checks everything again once Jimin has sat down and Jungkook is kneeling between his legs.

“Good?” Jungkook asks, and Jimin nods sheepishly.

Jungkook smiles and leans forward to kiss Jimin, pushing him onto his back slowly. “Where’s my desperate little omega?”

Jimin moans, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s middle. “Here.”

Jungkook smiles, kissing him again. “Such a good omega. Gonna fuck you so good.”

“Please,” Jimin whines and tries to rub his cock against Jungkook. Now that he isn’t distracted by his nest anymore, the heat seems ever-present and unbearable again.

“How desperate are you for my cock?” Jungkook teases, sucking Jimin’s earlobe into his mouth.

Jimin huffs irritated. “Very.”

Now that Jungkook mentions it, Jimin hasn’t even looked at Jungkook’s cock yet. Seeing it in all its glory, red and curling against Jungkook’s stomach, has Jimin squirming. It’s almost as big as Jimin’s biggest dildo and he loves it.

Jungkook smirks at Jimin’s annoyance, somehow becoming compassionate enough to press a finger into Jimin’s hole. Jimin moans and then pushes Jungkook’s hand away.

“Already fingered myself,” Jimin explains.

“Are you su-”

Jimin interrupts Jungkook before he can complete the question, “Yes, please put it in. Please.”

Jungkook takes out a condom from the drawer in his nightstand, rolls it on and lines himself up at Jimin’s entrance. He watches his cock as it slowly disappears inside of Jimin, unaware of Jimin’s gaping mouth. Jungkook is huge. Jimin feels more than a small burn when the alpha enters him, continues to do so for what feels like forever, and Jimin gasps when he finally bottoms out.


Jungkook looks at Jimin concerned, removing his bangs from his forehead and rubbing his thigh soothingly with the other hand.

“’m fine,” Jimin breathes and smiles weakly at Jungkook. “You’re so big.”

Jungkook tsks and leans down to kiss Jimin. “Told you we should wait.”

Jimin doesn’t correct Jungkook on how he loves the burn in favour of kissing Jungkook. Jungkook’s patience once again surprises Jimin when he doesn’t pound into Jimin like the omega hoped he would. Jimin puts his hands on Jungkook’s hips and tries to move his hips.


“Please, move,” Jimin begs. “Please, please, please. I can take it.”

Jungkook nods and closes his eyes when he starts pulling out. Jimin’s mouth falls open, mewling when Jungkook thrusts in again. Jimin feels so full. He wonders how there could be any space left for Jungkook’s cum or his knot. The thought has Jimin moaning out loud, catching Jungkook’s attention.

“Harder,” Jimin moans.

Jungkook narrows his eyes at Jimin but braces himself with his lower arm next to Jimin’s head and then starts thrusting harder and faster, until he’s pounding into Jimin, shaking the omega’s body with each thrust. The slaps of skin on skin resonate in the quiet room, only interrupted by Jungkook’s grunts and Jimin’s mewls.

Jimin’s orgasm comes suddenly but not lacking in intensity at all. He tightens around Jungkook’s cock, legs shaking and toes curling against the mattress. Jungkook stops when he notices that Jimin came, kisses the omega’s cheeks and caresses his sides, but only giving him a minute to collect himself. Jimin gasps when Jungkook thrusts in again, first slow and then jackhammering into the omega until he’s fully hard again and begging Jungkook to go harder.

There is a point after their fourth round, Jungkook tongue-deep in Jimin’s hole, slick and spit dripping down his chin, and Jimin overwhelmed even in his heat, where he wonders whether he may have triggered Jungkook’s rut. Either way, Jungkook is relentless in his fucking, taking Jimin in all positions and at any time of the day, even waking Jimin up from his sleep so he can fuck him.

Jimin may have noticed it but soon into his heat he starts crying for Jungkook’s knot and forgets everything else.


Jimin wakes up alone. It’s not the first time that day that Jimin wakes up because he remembers waking up earlier and Jungkook giving him a bath before fucking him in the bathtub, but it’s the first time Jimin wakes up alone during his heat. The sight of his alpha not laying next to him, makes Jimin feel utterly empty, him and his hole. His heat is sated for now but he can feel that it’s far from ending.

Grumpily, Jimin sits and is surprised to find that Jungkook put one of his oversized shirts on Jimin. The fact that it smells like Jungkook, appeases Jimin but only a little bit, barely enough for him to refrain from stomping into the kitchen where he finds Jungkook, shirtless and with only his sweatpants on.

“Hey,” Jungkook greets when he notices Jimin.

Despite being annoyed, Jimin still has the decency to blush when he notices the red and blue marks Jimin has left on Jungkook.

“It’s evening,” Jimin notes.

Jungkook looks up from the pain he is cooking eggs in and nods. “I know.”

“You’re making me breakfast.” Jimin knows this is nothing to get irked by but his heat is still there and he just wants to cuddle with Jungkook in his nest, sit on his cock maybe.

“You wanted breakfast, were talking about toast and eggs in your sleep,” Jungkook explains.

The smile on Jungkook’s face makes Jimin more embarrassed than his sleep-talking.

“Why weren’t you there when I woke up?” Jimin asks, wanting to change the topic.

“Because I’m making breakfast for you.”

“It’s not fair,” Jimin whines and hangs of Jungkook’s arm. “My alpha should be with me when I wake up.”

“You need to eat,” Jungkook says with a smile, turning off the stove.

“I need my alpha with me in bed when I wake up,” Jimin retorts.

Jungkook softly removes Jimin from his arm so he can put the eggs on the plate with the toast. He picks up the plate and another one filled with fruit, walking to the living room. “Come on. You need to eat.”

“I don’t need to,” Jimin says but follows Jungkook obediently.

“Sit down,” Jungkook urges and sits down on the couch, pulling Jimin down next to him.

“I can think of whole different meal,” Jimin breathes and lead his hands to Jungkook’s sweatpants, trying to pull them down.

Jungkook stops him with one hand, ignoring Jimin’s pout. “Behave.”

“Can I at least sit on your cock?” Jimin begs sulkily. “I feel so empty.”

Jungkook huffs but relents, putting the plates on the couch next to him. Jimin smiles brightly and instantly pulls Jungkook’s sweatpants down. He takes Jungkook’s soft cock into his hand and starts pumping up and down to make him hard. Encouraged by Jungkook’s fingers softly carding through his hair, Jimin leans to suckle on the tip of Jungkook’s cock but is harshly pulled back by a tight grip on his hair – Jungkook’s grip.

“I think I told you to behave,” Jungkook growls, glaring at Jimin.

“I’m sorry,” Jimin apologizes meekly.

Jungkook’s expression softens and he lets go off Jimin’s hair, fingers caressing the scalp. He pulls Jimin up and throws one of his leg over his thighs and says, “Come on. You still need to eat.”

Jimin lifts up his shirt and lines Jungkook up with one hand, slowly sinking down on Jungkook. His slow gyrating is stopped by Jungkook’s hand.

“Open up,” Jungkook orders, holding a spoon filled with scrambled eggs. Jimin does so and closes his mouth around the eggs, accepting the toast Jungkook presses into his hands. He nibbles on the toast, satisfaction replacing his sulkiness. Being fed by his alpha isn’t bad at all.

“Won’t you eat?”  Jimin asks after Jungkook fed all the eggs to him and is now holding a water bottle to his lips. Jimin puts his hand over Jungkook’s on the bottle and gulps the water down.

“I already ate,” Jungkook explains, puts away the water and grabs the fruit plate.

Jimin accepts the strawberry Jungkook holds out and then holds one out to Jungkook too. Jungkook looks into his eyes and takes the strawberry into his mouth, lips brushing Jimin’s fingers which Jimin licks afterwards. Jungkook’s eyes harden but he doesn’t say anything. Jimin takes another strawberry, puts it between his lips and leans down, offering it to Jungkook. Jungkook keeps his eyes on Jimin as he leans forward and bites into the strawberry, the juice flowing down between their lips as Jungkook kisses Jimin once. Jimin smiles, chewing and swallowing the fruit so he can repeat it but is stopped by Jungkook holding another fruit to his lips with his hands.

“My alpha’s very pretty,” Jimin says after swallowing the apple and playing with Jungkook’s abs. Jimin traces the lines of Jungkook’s abs, not having had the time appreciate them before.

“Really?” Jungkook smirks. “Because I’m sure my omega is much prettier.”

A smile breaks out on Jimin’s face, coyness making him lower his face. He didn’t expect Jungkook to retaliate like that, the sound of Jungkook calling him his feeling like music to his ears.

After everything is finished, Jungkook puts the empty plates on the coffee table, Jimin wondering if he can maybe now suck off Jungkook and is surprised to see Jungkook’s phone in his hand when he leans back, typing away on it. Jimin is annoyed by that turn of the events but he can wait, prove to Jungkook that he can be patient and deserves to suck him off. Only problem is that Jungkook takes way too long on his phone.

“Jungkook,” Jimin whines and jumps up and down on Jungkook’s cock. “Pay attention to-”

Jimin gasps, Jungkook’s cock having brushed his prostate. All thoughts about sucking off Jungkook are forgotten. Now, Jimin is trying not to start riding Jungkook while he asks for permission. Jungkook leans forward to kiss Jimin once and then leans down to attach his lips to Jimin’s nipple. Jimin whines, closing his eyes as Jungkook licks and nibbles on Jimin bud.

“I wonder how big your tits will get once you start lactating,” Jungkook mumbles while pinching Jimin’s nipple.

Jimin curses, images of being pregnant with Jungkook’s pups filling his mind.

“Look at you, sitting on my cock without a condom, begging to get knocked up. Would you do that? Would you carry my pups?”

Jimin nods as soon as Jungkook asks, no doubt about his answer at all. “Please.”

Jungkook leans forward and sucks Jimin’s nipple into his mouth. Jimin huffs, pressing his chest against Jungkook’s mouth and burying his hands in his hair. He only wants to get back to his nest and get bred by his alpha.

“Your milk would be so warm, wouldn’t it?” Jungkook asks after a suck hard.

Jimin moans, grinding against Jungkook. He takes one of Jungkook’s hands and presses it against his stomach, “I want to give you all my pups, alpha.”

Jungkook growls, switching their positions so Jimin is laying underneath Jungkook and slips right back into Jimin. Jimin wraps his legs around Jungkook and urges Jungkook to go deeper. It’s a mess of tangled limbs and both not trying to fall of the couch while Jungkook growls dirty words into Jimin’s ears.

“Mate me,” Jimin mewls after another harsh thrust from Jungkook. “Please mate me.”

Jungkook’s hips stutter for a moment before he regains his pace. Jimin almost cheers loudly when Jungkook leans down but is disappointed when Jungkook bites his shoulders. Jungkook picks up on his pace and starts pumping Jimin’s cock up and down. Jimin wants to beg him again to mate him but is too overwhelmed to do so when he orgasms shortly after. He sobs when Jungkook pulls out and comes on top of him, accusing Jungkook of not having kept his word. Jungkook has to carry him back to his nest and console him for thirty minutes.


Spending his heat with Jungkook seemed like a good idea when Jimin entered his heat prematurely and then had the alpha standing in the doorway. Now that Jimin has woken up and his heat isn’t clouding his mind anymore, Jimin feels horrible.

Not completely. Jimin feels sated and happy about having spent his heat with Jungkook but he’s concerned about their future. What will they do now? Will they date? Will they remain as they used to be? Or will they become distant? Just the thought of meeting Jungkook after all the things Jimin said to him in the past four days is making his stomach churn. Just like the sight of his bruised neck and chest in the mirror is.

Jimin hides his face in his hands and whines. He woke up before Jungkook did and was able to sneak out without waking the alpha, this time being mindful of not waking the alpha up unlike the days when he woke up wanting to get fucked by Jungkook. After taking a shower and spending as much time in the bathroom as possible, Jimin is too afraid to walk out and have to face the alpha. He would have gone to university and procrastinated the inevitable for even longer but there are still traces of his heat left and he doesn’t feel like dealing with horny students.

Jimin peaks his head out the door and sighs relieved when he sees that the door to Jungkook’s room is still closed. He walks out, squeaks when the doorbell rings and rushes over before Jungkook wakes up from the incessant rings.

“Hey?” Jimin says when he opens the door and finds Minjae there.

“You’re in heat,” Minjae blurts out and then clamps a hand over his mouth.

Jimin averts his gaze and tries to hide himself behind the door. “Yes, I am.”

“Sorry,” Minjae apologizes. “You weren’t in class yesterday and I got your stuff from the professor and thought I’d give you my notes. No one told me you were in heat.”

“It’s fine. Thank you. I appreciate it,” Jimin says and holds his hand out.

Minjae’s smile drops, his eyes fixed at something behind Jimin. Jimin doesn’t even need to turn around, Jungkook stepping up behind him and placing a hand on his hip. He’s not wearing his shirt, sweatpants low on his hips, and a glare on his face. Jimin almost whimpers when he sees the marks all over Jungkook’s chest and neck. He looks like a proud alpha showing off his marks, a sign of having a loving mate.

Jungkook softly pushes Jimin aside, behind the door and out of Minjae’s sight. Jimin doesn’t dare not follow as Jungkook orders wordlessly, smelling the anger in his scent. Jungkook keeps his glare focused on Minjae even as he takes the notes out of his hands. “Thanks,” Jungkook says in a low voice and then slams the door shut.

Jimin follows silently when Jungkook leads him back into the living room where he throws the notes on the table.

“J-Jungkook,” Jimin stutters and stops when Jungkook frowns at him, hands shaking at his sides,

“You’re in heat,” Jungkook hisses, jaw clenched. “And you step in front of a strange alpha just like that.”

“It was Minjae though,” Jimin murmurs and fiddles with his sleeves.

Jungkook scoffs, chuckling humourlessly. “Minjae. I’m sure you were happy seeing him here, weren’t you? Probably wanted him to come in and fuck you, didn’t you?”

“That’s mean,” Jimin says, his intimidation replaced by hurt. “And uncalled for. You can’t just say that after you… after you spent my heat with me.”

“You wanted to spend your heat with him to begin with but I just happened to be here so you took me as the next best thing.”

“That didn’t happen at all. Why are you saying such mean things?”

“So you wanted to spend your heat with me?” Jungkook asks.

“Why else would I have?”

“Because sometimes people spend heats and ruts with others without it meaning something.”

Jimin pauses, unsure what Jungkook’s words mean. “What is this about?” he asks. “First you’re a dick and now you say this.”

Jungkook brushes his hands over his face, steps towards Jimin and takes his hands in his own. “I’m sorry for acting like a dick,” Jungkook apologizes softly. “I didn’t mean to. I just hate it when… when I see other alphas around you. My blood boils and especially now that you’re still in heat.”

“I know my mom told you to take care of me but that doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to play jealous alpha. You-”

“It’s not about your mom, Jimin. I like you.”

“You what?”

Jungkook inhales deeply and doesn’t stop Jimin from removing his hands from his grip.

“I like you.”

“Since when?”

“Since a few months now. Ow. What was that for?” Jungkook asks when Jimin hits him.

Jimin hits him again and again, feeling idiotic after Jungkook’s confession. He tries to get out of Jungkook’s grip when the alpha grabs his wrists and presses Jimin against himself to stop him from hitting him.

“You couldn’t say that before?” Jimin questions, having given up on hitting Jungkook.

“Well, sorry I didn’t want to scare you away.”

“I hate you,” Jimin says.

Jungkook’s grip on Jimin loosens, eyes widening at Jimin’s words. Jimin sighs, wraps his arms around Jungkook’s neck and presses his lips against Jungkook’s. Jungkook stumbles but regains his balance and envelopes Jimin’s in his arms.

“Stupid alpha,” Jimin murmurs against his lips. “You better not have ruined my nest.”

“It’s still intact.”

“Good. You better fuck me again.”

Jungkook pulls back from the kiss but keeps Jimin pressed against himself. “Wait. What’s going on?”

“Idiot,” Jimin mumbles softly. “I like you too. Now kiss me.”

Jungkook smiles, throws Jimin over his shoulder and closes the door to his room.