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The day was a cool sunny one. It was Autumn and Sorey sat on a bench outside Marlind University, watching as students exited the building or started to enter. The Shepherd was waiting patiently for Mikleo to come out from teaching his last class of the day. He taught ancient historia to Shepherds in training along with their prim and sub lords, though he only did the class for one semester every year. Sorey other then his Shepherd duties was helping out a young team of excavators explore this newly found un-named ruin found just outside where Camlenn used to be.


The Shepherd looked up to see Mikleo walking towards him with a wave. The brunette smiled and stood up, greeting Mikleo with a soft kiss then took his hand as they started to walk together. The two of them had been married for almost half a year now and have been very happy together since Sorey came back 2 years earlier.

“So how did the class go today Mik?”

Mikleo let out a soft sigh but smiled.

“It went pretty well, though it was hard to get through part of the lesson today when two of my students started to have an argument about Rolance’s worship over dragons…”

Sorey chuckled hearing this and gave Mikleo’s hand a little squeeze.

|“Well I’m sure the two of them will have it sorted by next week’s lesson.”

“Dear Maotelus, I hope so.”

The both of them now laughed.

They headed to a small house they were staying at while Mikleo taught him classes over the semester. Once done they would go back home to Elysia. They entered the small house and Mikleo placed his bag down in the study before sitting down on some pillows by the fireplace. Sorey made green tea before joining his other half by the fire and handed him a cup.



Mikleo mumbled and took a sip of the hot drink. Sorey nodded and just stared down at his cup. He had been meaning to ask Mikleo something very important but just couldn’t find the right time or place to bring it up. So while he had the other alone and to himself now was a better time than never.

“Hey, uh… Mikleo?”

“Yes Sorey?”

The water seraph looked over at the other and instantly became worried upon seeing the nervous look on his face. Mikleo placed his tea down and cupped the others face.

“Sorey what’s wrong, did something happen?”

Sorey smiled softly and shook his head, leaning into one of Mikeos hands and kissed it gently.

“No, no nothing happened love, don’t worry. I just have something important I wanted to ask you.”

“Oh, okay what is it?”

Mikleo asked calming down and sitting up straight, tilting head to the side out of curiosity. His long hair swaying with the motion making Sorey blush softly. He cleared his throat.

“So we’ve been married for almost a year now..”


“And I was wondering if... well… we could take another step forward.”

Mikleo blinked before giving him dead panned look.

“Sorey, we have sex. How much further could we get with a relationship after marriage and that?”

Sorey blushed more darkly at that statement.

“N-NO, that’s not what I meant! I was talking about expanding our family!”

Mikleo instantly became surprised hearing this, his eyes going wide. He was not expecting this question from his husband… at least not so early, but then again it was Sorey. Mikleo looked out the window thinking. He wouldn’t lie that he thought about expanding their family also. Especially since he started teaching. The thought of them taking in a child, hearing them running around the house giggling brought a smile to his face.


Sorey looked at his husband now surprised, had he heard right?


“Let’s do it, let’s adopt a baby.”

This couldn’t be real, could it?! Sorey had expected Mikleo to shoot down the idea, telling him reasons why they couldn’t yet.

“Are you serious?!”

Mikleo laughed with a nod.

“Yes I’m serious!”


Sorey cheered happily and tackled Mikleo down into a hug and kissed him deeply. Tears collecting in his eyes.

“Gods Mikleo your going to make a wonderful Dad!”

“So are you Sorey.”

The two of them kissed again before beginning their plans on the future adoption.