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Diddy's Kong-Quest

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Donkey Kong Island was an island that was full of life. In this island, there lived all kinds of animals and plants, as well as the Tikis. However, the animals that stood out the most were the Kongs, a tribe of primates who protect the island from all kinds of dangers...As nice as the island was, it was far from being the safest. Several months ago, a group of crocodiles who called themselves the Kremlings had taken off with with the Banana Hoard, which was the Kongs' food supply. Donkey Kong III, who was accompanied by his nephew Diddy, had to do what they could to get all of the bananas back. Along the way, they encountered giant beavers, killer orangutans, snowstorms, and the Kremling King, himself. But against all odds, the Kongs were able to get their Banana Hoard back and defeat the Kremlings once and for all. Since then, most of Kongs had gone back to their old routines. DK was treated like the king and the hero he usual was. As for Diddy, the only thing that had changed was that he finally had a friend, a young ape named Dixie.

It was a warm, sunny day on the island. DK was sitting back in his beach chair while drinking a banana smoothie. He was perfectly content. There were no Kremlings, there was no training, and there was no word from his grandfather...Everything was perfect, until DK felt something hitting him on the head.

"ACK!" DK yelled while turning towards the culprit. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?"

Standing in front of DK was his grandfather, he wore a brown vest and had a long white beard. He also held a cane in his hand, which he used to hit DK with.

"Gee, I dunno," said the old ape, Cranky Kong. "Maybe it has to do with training your useless nephew?"

"We're takin' a break," DK said while sitting back down.

"Right, and why would someone like YOU need a break?" Cranky asked bitterly. "Back in my day, we didn't even need breaks. We just worked our butts off until sunset!"

"Well? Maybe we need a break right now?"

"But what if those nasty lizards come back!?" Cranky asked while taking away DK's sunglasses. "You know just as much as I do that they could come over at any moment to attack us."

"And I'll fight back as soon as they come over here."

Cranky shook his head. "At this point I'm starting to think Diddy could do a better job then you...speaking of which, where is he?"

"He's probably hangin' around with Dixie or somethin'."

"Oh, whatever!" Cranky yelled. "You wanna get attacked by Kremlings, be my guest!"

With that, Cranky began to make his way back to the village. DK looked around, nobody else seemed to be around today. Diddy was already hanging around with Dixie, Wrinkly was hanging around with Funky while he was fixing his plane, and Candy? She was already working for Swanky, so it would be a little while before they saw each other again.

The big ape yawned, he sat up from his beach chair and stretched, he figured that it wouldn't hurt to check up on his nephew for the time being. After all, he couldn't have been too far off.



Not that far from the beach sat Funky's hut. At the hut, a Kong named Funky was trying to adjust the wings on his airplane. At his porch sat an elderly Kong, she was sitting next to a radio while drinking her tea. As usual, the radio was playing some techno music.

"You know...we've never had music like this back when I was your age."

"Yeah...but I could change it to somethin' else if you want."

"Oh no, dearie," said the old ape. "I don't think it's as bad as Cranky makes it out to be...In fact, I'd play it at full volume just to spite him."

Suddenly, two younger Kongs raced out of the bushes. The Kong in red leapt onto the porch and onto the elderly Kong's back.

"Oh dear!" said the old Kong. "Are we play fighting again, Diddy?"

"Get offa Wrinkly and fight me, you coward!" teased Dixie, the Kong in pink.

"Never!" Diddy yelled before jumping onto the porch's railing. Dixie tackled him to the floor, causing the "fight" to continue. Wrinkly looked at them with concern. "Don't be too rough now, dearies."

The fight continued for a few more moments. Eventually, Dixie managed to pin Diddy onto his back. While he was dazed, Dixie stood up and placed a foot on his chest. "I win!"

"Ugh..." Diddy sat up and glared at her, "You only won 'cause I got tired!"

Once that whole "fight" was over, DK started heading over to Funky's hut. He had a groggy look on his face.

"Yo, DK!" Funky shouted. "You enjoyin' your day off?"

"Yep," DK said with a yawn. "I just came over to see how you guys were doin'."

Diddy scrambled to sit up, he raced over to DK as quickly as possible. "Hey, DK! Did you see any Kremlings out there?"

"Nothin' out there yet," DK replied. "Why do you ask?"

"'Cause I heard Cranky walkin' by earlier," Diddy replied. "He said somethin' about the Kremlings coming back at any moment."

"Well, it's not like I haven't taken 'em down before," DK replied. "Thankfully, we haven't heard a word from them since the Banana Hoard incident."

"Yeah...thank goodness," Diddy said with a sigh. After the last adventure, neither DK nor Cranky would let him guard the Banana Hoard. He was certain it was because he lacked the physical strength the other Kongs had, but he figured it was better this way. On the plus side, he got to hang around with Dixie as much as he wanted...even if she did play rough every now and again.

Before the duo could continue speaking, Wrinkly cleared her throat. "Now, I know you've been enjoying your day, but even then you shouldn't get so arrogant. The last thing we need here is to lose our bananas again...or any of the Kongs, for that matter."

DK shrugged. "Hey, if it makes you guys feel any better, I'll be stayin' at the beach for the rest of the day."

"And what about me?" Diddy asked. "Do you need me to do anything?"

DK shook his head. "Today's supposed to be your day off too, Little Buddy. Enjoy it while you can."

"All right, then."

"Hey, Diddy!" Dixie said excitedly. "How about we go back to your place and play some video games?"

Diddy nodded before looking up at DK. "You don't mind, do ya DK?"


With that, the younger Kongs were on their way over to DK's treehouse. DK looked down at Wrinkly, who gave him a concerned look.

"I really hope you know what you're doing out there, dearie."

"I'll be fine," DK replied. "I'll just be at the beach if you need me."

As soon as DK left, Funky stood back from his plane. "There, now this thing should be able to fly a little faster."

Wrinkly couldn't help but smile. "I must say, even though you hate adventures, you always seem to take good care of your planes."

Funky shrugged. "Well, driving a plane is a little bit like surfing the skies...if that makes any sense."

"If you say so, dear," Wrinkly said with a shrug. At least with an upgraded plane, Funky wouldn't have to worry about the engine failing on him. Surely, this could be a great benefit to the Kongs.



It was late at night, and DK was still at the beach. He recalled that he had dozed off after meeting with everyone, and given how late it was, Diddy was probably worried sick at this point. Before DK could move, however, he noticed a large boat sitting against the shore...along with a lone barrel. He was curious, he quietly walked over to the barrel until a Kremling's head popped out. The ape couldn't help but chuckle, all while ignoring the footsteps coming out of the bushes and walking behind him.

"Is this supposed to be a joke? Are you tryin' to scare me right now?"

The Kremling in front of DK began to smile, which confused the big ape. "...What's with that face?"

Before DK had time to react, a much larger Kremling knocked him on the head with his club. DK could see stars for a moment before he passed out. The Kremling stood over the ape, he was twice the size of Donkey Kong.

"Well, that was easier than I expected, said another Kremling as he came out of the water. It was the Kremling King, K. Rool. He wore a red pirate's coat, as well as a matching pirate hat.

"So wha' do ye reckon we should do?" asked the larger Kremling. "'cause I'd suggest throwin' 'im into th' ocean."

"Nonsense, Klubba!" K. Rool replied. "We'll want to keep him alive if we're ever going to get even with those Kongs."

"But wasn't thar a wee one?" Klubba asked. "'cause I recall ye sayin' somethin' about a prince."

"We'll worry about him at a different time," K. Rool said. "For now, just worry about getting DK onto the boat."

K. Rool smiled as as he lifted the big ape over his shoulder. Finally, DK wasn't going to be the big hero this time around. And with DK out of the way, there was nothing those Kongs could do. And given how weak Diddy was, he would have no choice but to surrender the whole island to the Kremlings. Clearly, this plan was perfect.

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It was another warm day on the island, and Diddy had just woken up from his tire. He looked over at DK's hammock, the big ape didn't appear to be around today. His guess was that he might've fallen asleep at the beach...Especially given how lazy DK was at times.

Diddy stretched, he began to dress himself before heading out. He would always wear the same red hat and the same red shirt before taking off. Although admittedly, his shirts were starting to get smaller on him. Nonetheless, he made his way outside and started walking through the village. While he didn't like to bother DK while he was relaxing, he knew Cranky would go crazy if he saw him lying around. But surprisingly, as soon as Diddy made it over to the beach, DK was nowhere to be found. He could see footprints heading into the water, but they weren't primate footprints. Perhaps DK found some Kremlings last night and scared him off? But if that were the case, then he would've been back to the treehouse last night.

...Well, since he was at the beach, he may as well ask if Dixie had seen anything. He ran along the shore until he reached a lone shack with sand piles in front of it, he had to assume that one of Dixie's cousins was trying to build sand castles again. Dixie came out of the shack and started shaking out her fur. She looked as if she had just woken up, Diddy walked over to the ape with a concerned look on his face. "Hey, Dixie?"

"Oh!" Dixie faced Diddy with a surprised look on her face. "Hiya, Diddy. I wasn't expecting to find you here so early."

"Y-yeah," Diddy started to blush as he rubbed the back of his head. "Anyway, I was gonna ask if you've seen DK anywhere."

"You mean he's not back at the treehouse?"

Diddy shook his head. "I thought he would've been out here still."

"Well, maybe he's hanging around with Funky?"

"I don't think so," Diddy replied. "Because Funky would've been awake by now if that were the case."

Dixie went silent, she thought for a moment until an idea popped into her head. "Well...besides Funky, maybe he's talking to Cranky?"

Diddy sighed, he wasn't exactly on good terms with Cranky. But besides Funky, he didn't have any other options. And besides, if Cranky hasn't seen anything, then maybe Wrinkly has?

"All right, I'll go ask Cranky if he's seen anything," Diddy replied. "I'll talk to you later, OK?"

"OK," Dixie said. "I'll see ya later."

While Dixie grabbed a nearby fishing rod and headed towards the ocean, Diddy began to head back to the village. Surely, DK had to be around there somewhere. For all he knew, the big guy was probably bragging about beating up those Kremlings.



It was almost noon, Diddy had made his way over to Cranky's Cabin. He knocked on the door, and as expected, his great-grandfather opened it and gave him a bitter look. "Well, now...I wasn't expecting DK to send YOU over today."

"Actually, DK wasn't the one who sent me," Diddy replied. "I thought that he was out here with you guys."

"Ugh..." Cranky placed a hand over his face. "Don't tell me he's still sleeping at the beach!"

Diddy shook his head. "I checked earlier, he's not there."

Cranky huffed stubbornly, he grabbed his cane before he started heading out. "I'm gonna go find him myself, you stay put until I come back!"

Diddy rolled his eyes. Since he wasn't going anywhere, he decided to enter the cabin. There, he saw Wrinkly sitting on the couch. She was knitting what looked like a red shirt with yellow stars on it.

"It that you, Diddy?" Wrinkly asked upon seeing one of her favorite relatives. "Come on in!"

"OK," Diddy said as he sat on the couch next to her. "You haven't seen DK around, have you?"

"I'm afraid not, my dear," Wrinkly said. "Have you checked the beach?"

Diddy nodded. "Yeah...but he's not there, either," The monkey sighed as he put his head in his hands. "I know it's not that weird for DK to take off on his own, but this time it just"

"Oh, I'm sure DK will turn up, eventually," Wrinkly said. "Besides, he couldn't have gotten too far."

"Yeah...I suppose you're right." Diddy replied. For all he knew, he could just be overreacting. He looked at Wrinkly with a curious gaze, "What are you making by the way?"

Wrinkly smiled. "Well...since you're getting too big for your clothes, I figured that it would be time to make you some new ones."

"...Am I seriously that big?" Diddy asked, unsure whether to take it as a compliment or not.

"Well...yes," Wrinkly said bluntly. "But it's not the way you're thinking of."

"Then what is it?"

"It's uh..." Wrinkly thought about her words carefully, she wanted to make sure she wasn't hurting his feelings in any way. "It's...been about five months since you turned 9, and already you've grown up so much since then."

"...You really think so?" Diddy asked, excitedly.

"I know so," Wrinkly said as she finished her knitting. "Not only have you changed since your adventure with DK, but you've also grown more social since Dixie moved here. From the looks of it, you'll become a great king in no time."

Finally, Wrinkly handed the shirt over to Diddy. The young monkey looked it over before putting it on. The shirt was a little big, but he didn't mind at all. In fact, he thought the stars on his shirt suited him.

" long do you think it'll take for Cranky to come back?" Diddy asked.

"It shouldn't take too long," Wrinkly replied. "For all I know, he's probably found DK by now."



Meanwhile, Cranky was searching through beach. DK's chair was still here, but that was all that he could find. At this point, he was tempted to check the treehouse to see if DK was there. While Cranky searched, a green parrot landed onto his head.

"What are you up to, Cranky?" asked the parrot, Squawks. Cranky grumbled as he scratched his head, "I'm trying to look for DK. Apparently, nobody's seen him since yesterday."

"Well that's unfortunate," Squawks replied. "But, um...have you noticed the footprints heading towards the ocean?"

"What about 'em?"

"Well, don't you find that a little fishy?"

Cranky frowned, he began to stroke his beard. "Now that you mention it..."

"Ahoy there!"

Squawks rapidly flapped his wings as another parrot flew down and landed on the beach chair. It was a fat parrot with brown feathers. If one didn't know any better, they would say he resembled a vulture. He had a letter tucked under his claws.

"What do you want!?" Cranky yelled. "Can't you see we're busy here?"

"Oh, I'm sure you're VERY busy," the parrot replied. "In fact, I'd imagine you're too busy looking for your grandson."

"I've got no time for-" Cranky stopped himself, he looked down at the parrot. "What did you just say?"

"I thought that might catch your attention," The parrot replied, smirking. "I COULD tell you where he is, but King K. Rool...or rather, Kaptain K. Rool wouldn't want me meddling with you flea bags."

Cranky growled in frustration as he grabbed the bird's neck. "Listen here, you pathetic turkey! You'd better tell me where DK is or I'll feed you to the Tikis!"

"Well aren't YOU impatient?" the parrot said while lifting one of his claws. "Here's your letter, it should tell you where he is!"

Cranky took the letter as he let the parrot fly off, he began to read through it.




To those flea-bitten primates.

I have kidnapped that lumbering fool DK, and unless you surrender your island to me, you will never see him again!

And if you refuse to cooperate, then we'll have no choice to execute him. Not only that, we'll come over and execute that pipsqueak as well!

So what will it be, Kongs? Your island? Or your ruler? Either way, I'll be waiting.

- Kaptain Keith Rool.



Cranky felt his heart sink, he couldn't believe what he was reading. Just yesterday, he told DK about the Kremlings. He made it look as if he didn't care if his grandson got attacked by Kremlings, and now those same Kremlings are holding him hostage.

"W-what have I done?"

"Hey, are you OK?"

Cranky looked up at the parrot on his head, he spoke in a quiet, yet worried tone. "Squawks, I need you to gather every Kong you can find and bring them here."

Squawks tilted his head. He could tell the situation was serious, but he knew it was best not to question it for now. He flew off of Cranky's head and started flying towards Dixie's shack. While Squawks was gone, Cranky sat down on the beach chair. He hadn't felt these types of feelings since he lost his son and granddaughter. And with DK and Diddy's lives at stake, he just didn't know what to do.



Within an hour, the beach was full of Kongs. Dixie's family sat up front, along with Funky, Diddy, and Wrinkly. Many of the other Kongs sat along the beach, most of them were asking each other what was going on. Finally, Cranky sat up from his spot and hit his cane against the chair. He gained everyone's attention.

"Listen up, everyone!" Cranky said, "There's something important I need to tell you all."

"S-so were you able to find DK?" Diddy asked. Cranky gave him a stern yet concerned look, causing the monkey to back away.

"Now then," Cranky continued. "From what Diddy has told me, he hasn't seen DK since yesterday. He's checked the beach, but there was no sign of him. That's where I came in. I looked around the beach myself, and...well...To put a long story short, K. Rool's parrot handed me this letter, which means that DK's been taken hostage on Crocodile Isle. So unless we give up our island, K. Rool will kill him for sure!"

Diddy turned pale as the Kongs behind him started to talk. Many of them looked hopeless, it was as if they had no choice but to comply to K. Rool's wishes. And of course, he couldn't exactly blame them. Still, he couldn't help but ask.

"Why can't we all go rescue him?"

"Because K. Rool would kill you too if we headed over there!" Cranky replied. Diddy scowled, his tail moved like an angry cat's tail. "So if you're not gonna go rescue him, then I'll do it myself!"


Diddy replied with a shrug. "If those Kremlings are gonna kill me anyway, then the least I can do is try."

"You don't understand, dude!" Funky said in an unusually stern voice. "Crocodile Isle is NOTHING like our island, everything could kill you if you're not careful...and I mean EVERYTHING!"

"And I'd hate to imagine what K. Rool would do to you over there," Wrinkly added. "He makes even the toughest Kremlings look harmless."

Diddy began to look discouraged. He wanted to save DK, he really did. But from the looks of it, saving him would be impossible.

"Wait, isn't Diddy supposed to be the king right now?" asked Dixie as she stepped in. Cranky glared at the young ape in front of him. "And what would an outsider like YOU know what a king is?"

"Well...if anything were to happen to DK, then that would make Diddy the king of this island...right?"

Cranky grumbled as he looked away from Dixie. "I know he's supposed to be the king...But even then, I'm not going to let him endanger himself out there...Especially not all by himself!"

"But what if he's not," Dixie asked, smiling mischievously. Most of the Kongs stared at her like she was crazy, Diddy walked over to her with a frightened look on his face. "Don't tell me that you're plannin' on coming with me!"

"Why? Are you scared?" Dixie teased, causing Diddy to blush. "N-no, but-"

"Then don't argue! If you're going out there, I'm coming with you!"

Diddy went silent as the other Kongs began to speak. Most of them sounded concerned over whether or not it would be a good idea to send Diddy over to Crocodile Isle. In fact, many of them sounded just as hopeless as they did beforehand. But if these Kongs wanted to continue to live on the island, then they had no other choice.

"Fine then!" Cranky said, bitterly. "Wrinkly and I will meet you on Crocodile Isle island first-thing tomorrow. So if there's anything that you need to do for whatever reason, do it now!"

"Don't worry, Cranky...I won't let you down!" Diddy said proudly.

He wasn't sure why, but he was more excited to go on this adventure then he was scared. If anything, he saw it as a way to prove to the other Kongs how strong he could be. And with Dixie around to help, he was going to save DK no matter what.

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While the Kongs rested, the Kremlings remained as busy as ever. K. Rool's castle rested at the very top of Crocodile Isle, where DK was being held. The big ape sat inside a grey jail cell, his hands were chained to the wall. The only light here were the ones coming from the torches lining the halls. There was a small window in DK's cell, but there was hardly any light coming through there. And as for the food...all the Kremlings ate around here were rats and fish, no fruit whatsoever.

DK stood up as he heard someone walk in. He attempted to get close to the bars, but he was held back by the chains on his wrists. Standing in front of him was Kaptain K. Rool. His parrot, Screech, stood proudly on his shoulder.

"What's the matter, DK?" K. Rool teased, "Are you sad that you'll never see those Kongs again?"

DK growled as he tried to reach K. Rool, but once again, the chains prevented him from doing so. At this point, all he could do was scowl. "Why are you doing this?"

"Gee, I don't know," K. Rool replied. "Perhaps it's because you apes HUMILIATED ME LAST TIME!?"

"Well? You were the one goin' after us in the first place!"

"Oh, whatever!" K. Rool said, rolling his eyes. "What's important is that those Kongs should be handing over their island soon."

"And why is that?"

"Because," K. Rool replied. "If those Kongs don't cooperate, then not only am I going to execute you, I'll be turning that pipsqueak of yours into a fur rug."

DK roared as he, once again, tried to reach K. Rool. "Do whatever you want with me, but if you lay a SINGLE CLAW on Diddy, then I'll-"

"You'll do what?" K. Rool teased. "Because last I checked, I'm not the one sitting behind the cage...But don't feel bad, I'll be sure that when you die, you both die together."

K. Rool cackled like a madman as he left the cell, leaving DK all alone once again. He took Screech off his shoulder and held him in his claws. "I need you to keep an eye on the other Kongs, do you think you could do that for me?"

"Sure," Screech replied. "Any reason why?"

"Because I need to know whether they'll actually give up that island or not," K. Rool replied. "Since that pipsqueak should be the one in charge, I especially need you to keep an eye out on him."

"Yes, sir!" Screech said as he flew off of K. Rool's claws and headed out of the window. While K. Rool was certain that he would take control of Donkey Kong Island, he couldn't afford to make any mistakes. After all, the worst that could happen would be Diddy breaking DK out of his cell...But K. Rool was confident that it could never happen.



It was finally dawn. As soon as Diddy was ready, he grabbed a nearby backpack and headed out of the treehouse. While he enjoyed being able to leave the jungle and join DK on his adventure last time, this time he felt as if it would be the last time he ever actually saw his home. And as he moved on through the village, it was completely empty. Even Cranky wasn't outside complaining about whatever was on his mind. Though to be fair, he was probably on Crocodile Isle already.

Really, as excited as he was to rescue DK, he wasn't sure if he could actually do it. Last time, all they had to worry about was getting their Banana Hoard back. But even then, the worst Diddy had to put up with was getting kidnapped by the Orangutan Gang AND the Kremlings. Surely, getting through that island wasn't going to be easy.

Diddy finally made it to the beach, he sat down on DK's beach chair while waiting for Funky and Dixie to show up. In the meantime, he started digging through his fur for dirt and bugs. Eventually, he spotted Dixie running over to him. She looked as if she were in a hurry, as she was still tying her hair back. Her shirt was already tied up, which was something she usually did so she could move more freely. Yet for some reason, she still wore the knee pads.

"I didn't miss anything, did I?"

"Nope," Diddy replied. "I just got here not that long ago."

"Oh thank goodness," Dixie said as she sat down next to Diddy. "For a second there, I thought Funky left without us."

"I think he left earlier with Cranky and Wrinkly, he should be coming back soon."

Dixie nodded in understanding, she started to kick her feet back and forth under the chair. "So, are you excited?"

"...Kind of?" Diddy said, uncertain. "I dunno if I should be excited or scared."

"So would that mean you're...Kong-flicted?" Dixie asked with the widest grin she could manage.

"Oh, knock it off!" Diddy said while playfully shoving her, yet he couldn't hide the smile on his face. Dixie chuckled as she shoved him back. "I know it looks scary, but I'll bet the island won't even seem that big once we're gone through it."

"And how would you know?"

"Because Dad used to tell me the same thing whenever we went exploring," Dixie replied. "Besides, you've been on this island your whole life, haven't you?"


"Well, does it seem that big to you?"

"...Not really."

"Exactly!" Dixie said excitedly. "Once we get through Crocodile Isle, then it won't even seem that big to you!"

Diddy nodded, as he started to feel a little better about this new adventure. Soon enough, they spotted Funky's plane in the distance. Diddy looked at Dixie with a determined look. "Are ya ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be!" Dixie said proudly. Soon, the plane landed in front of the Kongs. Funky stepped outside for a moment and stretched. "Man, does four hours of flight really hurt your back!"

"You all right?" Diddy asked. Funky nodded in response, "I just needed to stretch for a are we ready to go?"

"Yep," Diddy replied while lifting his backpack," I've got everything I need here!"

"And what about you, Dixie-dude?" Funky asked. "Did you say your good-byes to your family?"

Dixie nodded. "Tiny said she'd keep an eye on my pets while I'm gone."

"All right, dude!" Funky said while leaning against the plane. "If you guys are ready to leave the island, then hop on in."

Both Kongs nodded as they climbed into Funky's plane. Once Funky hopped in, he started the plane. They started heading over to Crocodile Isle, but for some reason, Diddy couldn't help but look back. He watched as Donkey Kong Island grew smaller and smaller, he was leaving his home once again. But no matter how much he wanted to go back, he had to focus on DK for the time being. Surely, rescuing DK shouldn't be a problem for him.



Diddy and Dixie had been on the plane for a while, now. For the most part, there hadn't been too much going on. Dixie was mostly looking down at the smaller islands while Diddy looked up at Crocodile Isle. To someone who's lived on Donkey Kong island, Crocodile Isle looked absolutely huge. And yet, Diddy had no idea HOW huge the island actually was. From where he was, he could see the wrecked ships sitting on the beaches and swamps on the bottom. Towards the middle he could see what looked like a bunch of blinking lights, as well as a forest made from dead trees. At the very top, he could see what looked like K. Rool's castle. He had to assume that DK was there.

In one of the broken-down ships sat a large vulture-like creature called a Necky. He was sitting inside a crow's nest with several bad eggs beside him. When he noticed the plane coming toward's the island, he stretched his wings and began to fly towards the plane. The Kongs panicked as Funky tried to avoid the bird. However, not only did the Necky knock one of the wings off the plane, it also managed to knock Diddy and Dixie off the plane.

"DUDES!" Funky yelled as the plane continued to barrel towards the island. Diddy screamed while Dixie grabbed onto his wrist. She used her ponytail like a propeller, hoping that it would help break their fall. Sure enough, the Kongs were able to decend slowly into the water. While the two of them were still alive, they were still several miles away from the island.

"Now what?" Diddy asked with uncertainty. Dixie tried to think, she knew there had to be a faster way over there. She could probably use her ponytail to propell herself over to the island, but then she'd probably end up holding Diddy underwater through the whole thing. Plus, it would take hours to reach the island. Perhaps they could use a fish to help them get to the island?

As if on cue, a blue swordfish peaked its head from out of the water, it had a curious look on its face.

"E-excuse me," Diddy said, gaining the fish's attention. "Do you think you could bring us over to that island over there?"

The fish looked over at Crocodile Isle for a brief moment before turning its head and nodding. It allowed both Kongs to climb onto its back before it sped through the water. At this rate, they'll reach Crocodile Isle in no time.

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After what seemed like forever, the fish finally made it over to the island. However, since the beach was surrounded by pointed rocks and wrecked ships,the Kongs had no choice but to get through one of the ships. The fish took them through the bottom of what looked like K. Rool's galleon...or rather, what's left of it. For Diddy, it felt strange seeing the ship in this condition. He remembered the Kremlings dropping him down here so he wouldn't escape, yet he also remembered K. Rool's snake coming down and helping him. He remembered how neatly the boxes around him were stacked, but now they were covered in barnacles and algae. There were stingrays and puffer fish swimming in the water, there were seastars sticking to the walls. The ship was in no condition for sailing, but it at least provided a home for some of the fish here.

A little further ahead, and the Kongs could spot several piranha-like fish called Lockjaws swimming in the water. They were rare to find on Donkey Kong Island. In fact, most Kongs would be lucky to find one Lockjaw, let alone several. The Lockjaws noticed the Kongs and began swimming towards them. Diddy nearly screamed as the sword fish began to speed up. One of the lockjaws managed to grab Dixie's hair, to which she responded by pulling in out and tossing it aside. Finally, the swordfish made it over to a collapsed ceiling. The Kongs climbed into the cluttered room above them as the fish charged after the Lockjaws. Terrified, the Lockjaws began to swim away. Diddy watched as the swordfish swam off. He couldn't help but wonder where he was headed, but at the same time, it's probably best not to worry about it.

"Where are we?" Dixie asked while looking around.

"I think this is s'posed to be the Captain's Cabin," Diddy replied. "I'll bet K. Rool had a lot of stuff hidden away here, too."

"Yeah, well...maybe he has a map of the island," Dixie said while digging through the bookshelves. Diddy nodded as he looked through K. Rool's desk. One of them contained a pen and a bunch of notes, most of which referred to the Banana Hoard Incident. The other drawer, however, contained a rattlesnake. Diddy screamed as he jumped back from the drawer. Dixie was about to ask what was wrong, but then she noticed the snake peaking his head out of the drawer.

"Oh, hello," said the snake as he crawled out of the drawer. "It'sss been a while, hasssn't it?"

Diddy tilted his head. Come to think of it, the snake DID look familiar to him. It had a green body with red stripes. However, there didn't seem to be a rattle like Diddy remembered.

"Are...Are you the snake that helped me escape?"

"Oh, ssso you do remember?" The snake said happily. "Ssso what bringsss you here? Did you come back to kick K. Rool'sss butt?"

"Uh...kind of," Diddy replied, though he still looked puzzled. "I...couldn've sworn you had a rattle."

"I did," said the snake. "But onccce K. Rool found out that I helped you essscape, he decccided to cut off my rattle and leave me here with the ratsss."

"That's horrible!" Dixie yelled in response. "Why would he do such a thing!?"

"Becaussse it'sss K. Rool," the snake replied. "If you go againssst him in any way, then he'll do whatever it takesss to make you sssuffer. Losssing my rattle isssn't all bad, though," the snake began to smile, "This way, I could eat as many ratsss as I want without being detected."

Diddy couldn't help but feel sorry for the snake, especially after losing his rattle like that. He knelt down to the snake's level and extended his arm. "I know I can't get your rattle back, but maybe there's a way for us to help you out?"

"And why would you want to help me?" the snake asked. "After all, I was one of the Kremlings."

"Because you were the one who freed me last time we met," Diddy replied. "So why not return the favor?"

"...Very well, then," the snake said while crawling onto Diddy's arm and into his backpack. "But I mussst warn you, there isss a Necky outssside named Krow. He'sss the reassson why I can't escape this ship and head back to the island. And not only will he come after me, he'll try to come after you guysss too. "

"So what do you want us to do?" Diddy asked.

"Well, you could either sssneak passst him or fight him yourssself," said the snake. "Either way, I need you two to help me get back to the island."

Diddy nodded before turning his attention towards Dixie, "What do you think we should do?"

"I say we try to get past him," Dixie said. "Besides...he had no problem with tearing up Funky's plane, imagine what he'll do to us?"

"Good point," Diddy replied. "We'll have to try and lay low until we're outta here."

Both Kongs made their way to the door, they peaked outside of the cabin and looked up at the crow's nest where Krow sat. Krow was scanning the area, he appeared to be looking out for trespassers as well as prey. Along ship's deck were barrels, which were scattered all over the place. Rats and beetles hid inside the barrel, hoping that Krow would not be able to find them. Along the ship's masts sat some smaller Neckies. Although they didn't appear to pose a threat, they could still attack the Kongs if they wanted to. Diddy grabbed a nearby crate and held it over his head. Dixie moved closer to him to keep herself hidden as well.

As the Kongs tried to sneak by, Screech landed on one of the masts beside the Neckies. He tilted his head as he watched the one of the crates move. He knew he saw a plane crash earlier, and yet he was certain that no Kong would be foolish enough to come to the island. Still, he couldn't help but look around to see if anything suspicious had popped up.

"So...what brings you here?" asked one of the Neckies. "Did K. Rool ask you to spy on us or somethin'?"

"No, not you," Screech said while shaking his head. "He's asked me to spy on the Kongs."

"So then why aren't you spying on the Kongs?" asked another Necky.

"Well, doesn't that crate down there look awfully suspicious?" Screech asked while pointing to the crate the Kongs were hiding under. Another Necky tilted his head, "Are you sure that's not a rat?"

"Look closer," Screech said pointing to the crate, "Don't you see that blonde hair dragging behind it?"

"Fine, I'm gonna go take a look at it!" the Necky said bitterly as he flew off of the mast. He quietly soared onto the crate, causing both Kongs to pause. When the Necky looked below the crate, he could see the terrified expression on Diddy's face.

"KONGS!" yelled the Necky, "THERE ARE KONGS ON THE SHIP!"

Diddy was completely frozen, he wasn't sure if he should throw the crate at the Neckies or dive off the ship. But either way, it was too late. As the Neckies continued to freak out, Krow began to notice. He flew out of his nest and headed towards the Kongs. He managed to grab Diddy, but the snake inside his back pack lept out of it.

"What do we do now?" Dixie asked the snake.

"I know thisss might sssound foolisssh," the snake replied as it coiled itself like a spring. "But if you want to sssave your friend, then I'd sssuggest holding on!"

Dixie nodded as she grabbed onto the snake's head. He began to make his way up towards the masts, knocking out as many Neckies as he could in the process.

"Is that you, Rattly?" asked Screech , who was still sitting on one of the masts. "I couldn't recognize you without your rattle."

"You be quiet!" Rattly demanded as he hopped off of Screech's head and continued towards Krow's nest. "I've got a child to sssave!"

Screech was furious. At first, he was tempted to go after the duo. However, perhaps it was best to warn K. Rool about his unwelcomed guests. After all, regardless of whether they survive or not, Screech was sure that something interesting was going to come out of it.

Chapter Text

Diddy was panicking, he tried to squeeze himself free from Krow's claws. But now no matter how he did it, he wasn't able to free himself. Krow eventually threw him into the nest like a dead rat.

"So...who said that a filthy Kong like ye was allowed on me ship?" asked Krow as he placed one of his claws over Diddy's chest. "Answer me, lad!"

Diddy was stunned. He wanted to speak, but he just...couldn't. If anything, all he could do was lay there and babble. Krow hissed as he pressed his claw down further. "Speak up, I wants an answer!"

"I-I'm just here to rescue someone!" Diddy yelled, startling Krow. The Necky gave him a confused look, he started to rub his head with his wing. "How strange...I've ne'er heard o' a Kong endangerin' hisself t' rescue someone afore, especially nah on an island like this."

"...So you'll let me go?"

"An' starve t' death?" Krow asked as he picked Diddy up by the shirt. "But 'tis been such a long time since I've gotten t' eat anythin'. Ye wouldna let me starve, would ye?"

"W-well, you can't eat me!"

"Well that's too bad!"

Krow was about to eat Diddy when an egg flew into him. The Necky extended his neck to see who the culprit was, only to get pelted by another egg. He dropped Diddy and looked over to where his eggs were sitting, he was greeted by the sight of Dixie holding onto one of the eggs. Rattly was coiled around her waist like a belt.

"You let him go RIGHT now!" Dixie yelled as she threw another egg at Krow's face.

"So 'tis a fight ye wants, huh?" Krow hissed. "Then I'll give ye somethin' t' fight about!"

Krow flapped his wings as he took off from his nest, he soared upwards until it looked like he was blocking off the sun. Afterwards, he began to fly towards the nest, as fast as he could. Dixie grabbed Diddy and pulled him out of the way before Krow could attack either of them.

"Are you OK?" Dixie asked as she helped him stand up. Diddy nodded, though his knees were still shaking. He could see Krow turning around with his claws open, he was going to grab one of the Kongs. Diddy pushed Dixie as hard as he could before he was grabbed by Krow once again. Dixie watched in horror as Krow smashed Diddy against the the mast.

"Did ye really think 'twould be that easy t' defeat me?" Krow hissed. "A yellow-bellied cur has no right t' be on this ship, let alone o' Crocodile Isle. But if ye think about it, scuttlin' ye off right now would be a blessin'. At least then, ye wouldna 'ave t' face K. Rool's wrath!"

Diddy struggled to breath as Krow squeezed the air out of him. At this point, he was ready to black out. Meanwhile, Dixie tried to grab one of the largest eggs she could carry. She quickly brought the egg over to the edge of the nest, dropping it on top of Krow. The Necky looked upwards as he dropped Diddy, assuming he had died already. He began to fly towards the sun, once again. Dixie jumped off the nest and grabbed onto Diddy's shirt, she hovered before either of them could hit the ground. Once they landed, she put her head against his chest. He was still breathing, but he was unconscious.

Once again, Krow managed to block out the sun. He started diving towards the ship, barreling faster and faster towards Dixie.

"I think now might be a good time to get off the ship," Rattly informed Dixie as she held Diddy onto her back. She headed towards the bow and jumped off before Krow could hit either of them. She was standing on the beach, watching as the galleon in front of her fell apart. While she knew the adventure wasn't going to be easy, she wasn't expecting something like this to happen. Heck, Diddy would probably think the same way.

Dixie jumped as she heard something bark at her. She turned her head to see what it was, only to relax as she saw Cranky riding on top of a rhino. She ran towards him with a troubled look on her face. "Cranky, you'll never believe what just happened!"

"What? You mean the bird diving into his own ship?" Cranky asked, "Or the bird trying to kill my great-grandson?"

"Uh..." Dixie couldn't say anything, she couldn't help but feel like she was in big trouble. Cranky finally sighed, he took Diddy off of Dixie's back before she could ride on top of the rhino.

"Look...I know you're doing everything you can to help him," Cranky said as the rhino began walking along the shore, "But I don't know if it's going to be enough."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know I don't like to go easy on you kids...but those Kremlings...they're FAR worse then I could ever be. I can't imagine what kind of stuff DK's going through, and I don't want Diddy to share the same fate."

Dixie blinked, she'd never heard Cranky sound so worried before. Then again, she was aware that he'd lost some of his family to K. Rool, so she could understand why. A few moments later, Diddy began to wake up. He looked confused at first, but he was just thankful to be alive.

"About time you woke up!" Cranky said bitterly. "If you'd been out any longer, I would've thought you died!"

Diddy looked over at Dixie, whose only response was to shrug. If it's one good thing they could say about the fight with Krow, it was that they were glad it was over.



Back at the castle, K. Rool was sitting on his throne. There, he was balancing a plate onto his snout. He wondered how long he could keep it there.

"K. ROOL!" yelled Screech as he flew into the throne room, causing K. Rool to drop his plate. He scowled at the parrot as shards of glass flew everywhere, "You'd better have a good reason to come back here!"

"Believe me, it's MORE then good," Screech replied. "Do you remember Rattly?"

"You mean that traitor we let behind?" K. Rool asked, "What about him?"

"Well...he's decided to team up with that pipsqueak and his girlfriend."

"The pipsqueak?" K. Rool repeated, making sure he had heard Screech correctly. "You mean to tell me that DK's little brat made it onto the island?"


"And he managed to make it past KROW of all things."

"Yes, sir!" Screech replied. "Although...Krow might've killed himself while trying to take down the Kongs."

"How unfortunate," K. Rool said as he began to think. "But...what should we do now that the pipsqueak's made it to the island?"

"Why don't we just kill DK?" Screech asked. "Isn't that the reason why that rat came here in the first place?"

"...Actually, I have a better idea!" K. Rool said as he got out of his throne, "Come with me!"

Screech nodded, he followed K. Rool until they reached the dungeon. Standing in front of the entrance were two burly Kremlings, one of them was blue while the other one was pink.

"Is everything all right, Your Majesty?"

"Everything is fine," K. Rool replied. "I just need to bring our prisoner upstairs."

"But...why?" asked one of the Kremlings.

"Because a certain little pipsqueak is on his way to take him back," K. Rool said clasping his hands together. "And I'm sure they'd love to see each other one more time before they perish!"

"So you're just going to kill them both at the same time?"

"Of course not," K. Rool replied. "I'll be the one taking care of DK. And as for that brat...I'll make sure he suffers a fate FAR worse then death!"

Both Kremlings nodded in understanding, though they couldn't help but feel sorry for the Kongs. Nonetheless, they lead K. Rool through the dungeon until they reached the very end. There, DK was sitting against the wall. The fur around his wrists was starting to fall out thanks to the chains.

"So I've heard that a certain someone is coming over to get you," K. Rool said, though DK ignored him.

"What's the matter, Kong? I thought you would've been excited about seeing your nephew again."

DK snorted like a bull. As much he wanted to beat up K. Rool, and as much as he would love to see Diddy again, there was nothing he could do. K. Rool rolled his eyes as he opened the cell. "Oh well, I suppose the least we can do is take you upstairs!"

Once K. Rool opened the cell, he allowed the two Kremlings to grab DK's arms and take him upstairs. K. Rool began to follow them, he grabbed a rope from inside his pocket.

"Now Screech? There is something else I need you to do."

"What is it?"

"I need you to tell as many Kremlings as you can about those brats," K. Rool replied. "Let them all know that I want them both here alive!"

"Yes, sir!" Screech said as he started to fly off. K. Rool smiled to himself as he followed the Kremlings upstairs. While DK was going to be much more useful as bait, he was certain that Diddy would be much more useful as a sacrifice to the island. After all, if Diddy were dead, then Donkey Kong Island would have nobody to rule it. And the chances of Diddy getting off the island were so small, there would be nothing left of him by the time he met DK. K. Rool chuckled to himself, he felt as if he had already won.

Chapter Text

The Kongs had finally gotten to what looked like a cabin. There, Wrinkly was sitting down next to Funky. The older Kong had a worried expression on her face, though Funky was doing whatever he could to calm her down. The rhino barked, which gained the attention of the duo.

"Oh thank heavens you two are alive!" Wrinkly said in relief. "After Funky told me what happened, I was worried that you could've gotten killed!"

"Well, we've been better," Diddy said as he hopped off the rhino's back. Once Dixie and Cranky jumped off, the rhino started to lay back down.

"So how exactly were you able to get Rambi over here?" Diddy asked curiously. Funky crossed his arms and smiled proudly, "I have my ways..."

"All right, but with Funky's plane destroyed, we have no way of getting back home!" Cranky said bitterly. "So I sincerely hope you two take this rescue mission seriously!"

"We will, Cranky!" Diddy said while rolling his eyes. Suddenly, Dixie remembered something. "Would anyone happen to have a map of this island?"

"Oh!" Wrinkly said in surprise, she headed towards the nearest bookshelf. "I think I might have seen one somewhere around here."

As Wrinkly searched for a map, Funky began to speak. "While we're here, you might wanna look around for Swanky. "

"Why?" asked Dixie.

"Well...besides us, he and Candy are the only other Kongs on this island," Funky replied while rubbing the back of his head. "I know he ain't the nicest, but I'm sure he could give you a break if you need it."

Diddy nodded in understanding. Although Swanky wasn't the first Kong Diddy would think of when he needed help, he figured that it wouldn't hurt to pay him a visit. And if Swanky wouldn't help, then maybe Candy could do something to help out.

Soon, Wrinkly managed to pull out a book from the shelf. She placed it onto the table and gestured for the other Kongs to gather around it.

"Now all of us are in this spot," Wrinkly said as she placed a dot on the beach. "If you were to keep going from here, then you'll end up going through Crocodile Cauldron. Then eventually, you'll run into a fork in the road. If you go left, you'll end up inside the Kremlings' Lost World. But if you go right, you'll end up in Krem Quay."

"Krem Quay is full of Kremlings, by the way," Cranky added. "So unless you two plan on meeting the same fate as DK, then I'd suggest hiding somewhere in the brambles."

Wrinkly nodded along as she continued. "If you manage to get through Krem Quay, you'll eventually find yourselves inside Krazy Kremland. And I know it's tempting to go on the roller coasters there, but besides the Kremlings, those roller coasters could also kill you. So please don't go riding them, all right?"

"Yes, ma'am," Diddy replied.

"Good," Wrinkly continued. "Once you get through Krazy Kremland, you'll have to get through Gloomy Gulch. From there, you should keep going until you reach K. Rool's Keep. That's where DK should be, but for now, you just need to worry about getting through Crocodile Cauldron first."

Wrinkly handed Dixie the map, she began to read it over again before stuffing it into Diddy's backpack. "So what are you guys going to do?"

"Oh, you know," Cranky said, "We're just gonna sit and wait for you to get back. Besides, I heard the author loves to torture the main character."


"You know what? Forget I said anything!" Cranky yelled while pushing the younger Kongs out of the cabin. "Just don't come back until you find DK!"

Diddy gave Cranky a puzzled look before he took off with Dixie. Once the duo was gone, Cranky sat back down at the table. "So has anyone seen Squawks anywhere?"

"I asked him if he could send a message to DK." Funky replied. "Why do you ask?"

"I was just asking," Cranky said. "I'd rather have Squawks down here with us, but I suppose he'd work better as a messenger then any of us right now."



While Diddy and Dixie had started their adventure, Squawks was making his way over to K. Rool's Keep. He was at least thankful he had wings, and if he could, he would rescue DK in a heartbeat. But for now, all he could do was give him a message.

The parrot sighed as he flew by the dungeon's windows. As tiny as they were, DK was nowhere to be found. He started flying through the castle while making sure nobody noticed him...Although the ones that DID notice him hardly seemed to care. For all they knew, Squawks was just another parrot.

Eventually, Squawks made it to the top room of the castle. DK was in the middle of the room, surrounded by cannons and cannonballs. He was tied up and dangling from the ceiling. But thankfully, he was still alive.

"Is that you, DK?" Squawks asked as he flew in front of the ape. DK was confused at first, but he finally smiled. He was happy to see at least one of his friends.

"So what brings you here, Squawks?" DK asked.

"I'm just here to send a message," Squawks replied. "Diddy and Dixie are on this island right now, they're gonna do whatever it takes to save you."

"So they really are here?" DK asked, letting out a dejected sigh. Squawks gave him a confused look. "What's the matter? Shouldn't you be happy that they're trying to save you?"

DK looked away from the parrot, he tried to hide the look of concern on his face. " much as I appreciate it, it's probably best that they get out of here."

"But why?"

"Because I know K. Rool is up to something," DK replied. "If those two make it up here, then K. Rool won't hesitate to kill them. So I'm asking you as a friend, please tell them to tell them to get off this island and forget about me."

Squawks went silent, this wasn't something he would've expected DK of all people to say. But given the circumstances he was in, it was kind of understandable.

"Are you sure about this? Because Diddy's not going to be happy about it."

"Yes, I'm sure!" DK replied. "This ain't like the time he helped me beat K. Rool. If he keeps going, he'll get killed for sure. So please, Squawks...tell them to leave the island!"

"Yes, DK," Squawks said while nodding, "I understand!"

With that said, Squawks flew out of the room and started searching for the Kongs. DK knew that Diddy wouldn't be happy with this decision, but he honestly couldn't care less. All that mattered now was that Diddy was safe and out of harm's way.

Chapter Text

After they left the cabin, Diddy and Dixie were on their way to Crocodile Cauldron. From the name alone, they could tell it wasn't going to be a pleasant place to get through. After walking along the beach, they eventually stumbled upon what looked like a giant crocodile's head. The inside of the crocodile's mouth was dark, and yet its eyes appeared to be glowing red. It was as if the volcano was actually alive.

"This is the place, right?" Diddy asked while Dixie looked over the map. The ape smiled as she put the map back into Diddy's backpack. "Yeah, I'd say we're in the right place."

"You know, Kongsss," Rattly said while peaking out of the backpack. "I think one of my friendsss might be able to help you get through the volcano."

"Dude, what's your friend doing in a volcano!?" Diddy exclaimed.

"That'sss jussst where he livesss," Rattly replied. "And if we can find him, it'll be easssier for us to get to Krem Quay."

"Well I think it's a good idea," Dixie said excitedly. "What do you think, Diddy?"

"W-well," Diddy stuttered. "I guess another ally wouldn't hurt."

"Great," Rattly said as he ducked back into the backpack. "I jussst hope you're not arachnophobic."

Diddy had a puzzled expression on his face, why would someone like him be arachnophobic? It's not like he hasn't touched a spider before, although the thought of eating a spider was enough to make him uncomfortable. He started heading into Crocodile Cauldron with Dixie before any other strange thoughts could enter his mind. As the duo kept going, they began to notice that they stumbled across a mine. The walls of the mine were lined with topaz, there were crates, pickaxes, and lanterns scattered about. Diddy wasn't used to being in such a place like this. While there were the Monkey Mines and the Chimp Caverns back at home, they weren't anything like the mines here.

"I've never seen so many gems at once," Dixie said in awe. "I don't understand why K. Rool would want your island when he could just take the gems out of here."

"Because it's K. Rool," Diddy replied. "He'd take over the world if he could.

The duo stopped in their tracks as they heard someone walking by, they jumped into a couple of nearby crates before they could be spotted. Walking along the path were a couple of Kremlings. One of them was fatter and wore a pirate hat, the other Kremling was smaller and wore a fur coat. He had two hooks where his claws should be.

"Do you really think those Kongs might be around here, somewhere?"

"Well...after getting off the Gangplank Galleon, they couldn't have wandered off too far."

"Yeah, I'm a little worried about what K. Rool might do to them. After all, they're just kids!"

"Kids or not, they shouldn't have come here in the first place!"

Once the Kremlings were gone, the Kongs finally peaked their heads out of the crate.

"Looks like it didn't take long for them to find out that we're on the island," Dixie said.

"Yep," Diddy replied as he crawled out of the crate, "So we've gotta be careful."

The Kongs went a little further ahead. As they kept moving, the mines began to feel hotter and hotter until the Kongs felt like they were being cooked alive. Temperatures like this would be perfect for a reptile, but definitely not a Kong. Eventually, the duo reached a wall that stretched across the room. There were wooden planks embedded in the wall, as well as the topazes seen throughout the mine. There was also a bright orange glow coming from behind the wall, which the Kongs figured contained magma. Nonetheless, they began making their way up the wall. Diddy would jump from plank-to-plank, with Dixie following not too far behind him. Most of the planks that Diddy landed on held up pretty well, though some of them looked as if they would fall apart as soon as he landed on them. Eventually, Diddy was at a point where reaching the next plank would be impossible. And as soon as he jumped, he fell several feet into another plank.

"Gyah!" Dixie jumped after Diddy while once again using her ponytail to glide, she managed to land right next to him. "Are you OK!?"

"Ugh..." Slowly, Diddy began to sit up. This wouldn't have been the first time he'd fallen onto his face, but it still hurt nonetheless. He noticed something odd sticking out of the wall, it looked like a bunch of lava had pooled out...except the lava had legs. The creature turned around, it revealed itself to be a spider the size of DK. Dixie kept her guard up while Diddy tried to back away.

"What 'sss with all the ruckusss?" Rattly asked as he peaked out from the backpack, only to notice the spider in front of them. "Iss that you, Sssquitter?"

The spider perked up upon hearing its name, it grabbed Rattly from inside the backpack and started twirling him around...Somehow with shoes on its feet.

"I know," Rattly said, "I've misssed you too!"

"THAT'S your friend?" Diddy asked in shock.

"What were you ex-sspecting?" Rattly asked. "I DID warn you if you were arachnophobic."

"I'm not arachnophobic," Diddy argued. "I just wasn't expecting a spider THIS BIG!"

"Well if you think about it, a bigger spider would be a lot more helpful then a tiny one," Dixie said as she started to pet Squitter's head.

"That'sss good," Rattly replied, "becaussse he can help usss get through the hard partsss of Crocodile Cauldron."

Squitter nodded as he allowed the Kongs to climb on his back. He began to run along the planks like the Kongs did before. However, to the Kongs' surprise, he started shooting webs out of his mouth. This made it easier for the group to get past gaps. Squitter climbed and climbed until he was finally over the wall. The Kongs looked at the scenery in awe, there was Magma as far as the eye could see, there were crocodile-like creatures swimming in the lava. In front of them, however, was a path which lead to the outside. If Diddy recalled, the path should lead them to Krem Quay. Carefully, Squitter began to make his way through the volcano.

"Have you ever been in a place like this?" Diddy asked Dixie, the ape shook her head. "Dad never would've let us near magma...let alone an actual volcano."

"Really?" Diddy teased, "And here I thought you were an adventurer."

"Hey, I'm more of an adventurer then you'll ever be!" Dixie retorted, trying her best to imitate Cranky. Still, joking aside, he had never seen so much magma at once. Sure, he's seen magma back on Gorilla Glacier, but it was just a small pool compared to this. He also recalled seeing lava before on Timber's Island, but he wasn't sure if that counted...not to mention the lava there looked more like cheese than anything.

As the group continued, they were surrounded by the magma-swimming crocodiles. They didn't appear to be malicious. Instead, they looked curious. For all Diddy knew, these things have probably never seen a Kong before. On the plus side, that meant he didn't have to worry about them coming out of the lava and attacking him. He looked on ahead as Squitter kept going. At this rate, they'll be able to reach Krem Quay in no time.

Chapter Text

The group had been moving for a while, now. Squitter had managed to find a high-enough platform to where the Kongs wouldn't have to worry about burning themselves. The Kongs hopped off of Squitter's back. They found some hot-air ballons sitting around, though the baskets needed to board the balloons were crushed.

"Oh dear..." Rattly began to frown. "I was hoping thossse Kremlingsss would've left thossse hot-air balloonsss alone."

"Well, we could still ride them," Dixie said while holding the balloon above the lava, watching as it instantly filled up with air. "That shouldn't be too much of a problem, should it?"

"Not for you, maybe," Rattly replied. "But I'm afraid Squitter'sss far too big to hold onto them, and I don't want to leave him behind after we jussst reunited."

Diddy nodded in understanding. As much as he didn't want to leave his new friends behind, he couldn't just seperate them either. "I really appreciate the help, but I think we'll be fine on our own for a little while."

"All right," Rattly said. "It was niccce meeting you again, but have to warn you two about what liesss ahead."

"Are there Kremlings at the exit?" Dixie asked, "Because I'm sure we can handle it."

"Well...How ssshould I put thisss?" Rattly asked as he tried to think. "You Kongsss have a diety living on your island, right?"

"You mean Tiki Tong?" Diddy asked. "But he only wakes up once every 1,000 years."

"Well, unlike your diety, the diety who livesss on this island will wake up whenever a sssacrificcce is offered," Rattly replied. "Jussst be careful when you try to get to the ek-sssit, or it will thing YOU'RE the sssacrificcce."

"No worries," Dixie replied. "I'm sure we could still handle it...right, Diddy?"

Diddy turned pale, as just hearing the word "sacrifice" was enough to scare him. After all, what if that was what K. Rool was going to do with DK?

"Diddy!" Dixie yelled as she waved a hand in front of his face. "Are you OK?"

"...I'm fine," Diddy replied as he snapped back to reality. "I just kind of zoned out, that's all."

"Well at any rate, good luck out there," Rattly said as he curled around Squitter's leg. "Until we meet again!"

With Squitter and Rattly parting ways, the Kongs were on their own once again. Dixie held out the hot-air balloon and allowed it to fill up with air. "If we're gonna get outta here, we'll have to hold on to these things."

Diddy looked at the exit from the distance, all the surrounding lava was making him nervous. He looked at Dixie. "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Of course," Dixie responded, "How else are we gonna get over there?"

"Can't you just use your ponytail?"

" know I can't glide THAT far."


"But if you're THAT scared, then I'll go first. How does that sound?"


"Great, I'll meet you on the other side!" Dixie said as she hopped off the ledge while holding the balloon open. Despite being high above the lava, she sounded as if she were having the time of her life. She would even spin herself a few times before landing on the other side of the volcano. She called out to Diddy, but she was so far away, he wasn't able to hear her.

Diddy took a deep breath, he grabbed a nearby balloon and held it over the ledge, filling it with air. Looking at the lava below him was starting to make him dizzy, so he closed his eyes, jumped off the ledge, and hoped for the best. He couldn't tell if he was falling or flying, but he held onto the balloon regardless. He kept his body curled up the whole time until he was certain he was back on land. He managed to land on both feet.

"See? It wasn't that bad," Dixie said as she placed a hand on Diddy's shoulder. The monkey opened his eyes and gave her a stern look. "I am NEVER doing that again!"

The Kongs began to walk along the platform. In the middle of it, there was a massive pool of lava. Surrounding the pool was a bunch of large swords and cannonballs of various sizes. In fact, they were so big that even DK would have a problem carrying them. Diddy was certain that this was where the Kremling diety lived, judging by the pool's appearance. He stayed by Dixie's in case something were to happen. Both Kongs stopped walking as they heard something laugh, it was coming from the lava.

"Well, must be that wee Kong prince," said the voice in an intimidating manor. "Here t' save that useless uncle o' yers?"

"I...wouldn't call myself a prince," Diddy said quietly.

"And why do you care?" Dixie asked angrily.

"'cause I know everythin' that goes on in this island," said the voice. "'n since YOU'RE here, that can only mean ONE thin'."

"...You're not...gonna kill me, are ya?" Diddy asked, ducking as he heard the voice laugh again.

"I'll tell yout wha', kid...If ye can beat one o' me Kleevers, then I'll let ye keep goin'. But if ye lose, then yer soul be mine. How does that sound?"

"...Not very good."

"Well, then how about this?" asked the voice. "If ye lose, then not only will I take YOUR soul, but that lass's soul as well."

The Kongs gasped as the swords around them began to float. They circled Dixie before hitting the ground, caging her inside the circle. Diddy freaked out, he wanted to pull her out of the swords, but he didn't want her to get hurt either. Suddenly, a giant sword came out of the lava. It was twice the size of the other swords surrounding it, its eyes were glowing red.

"Don't jus' stand thar, lad!" yelled the voice. "Fight the Kleever and I'll let ye go!"

"I guess it's all up to you, Diddy," Dixie said as she sat down, unable to do much in her makeshift cage. The Kleever started lunging towards Diddy, he barely managed to dodge. Taking down a living sword wasn't going to be like taking down a beaver or a croc, so Diddy had to think of something he could use. Picking up one of those swords was going to be a hassle, so perhaps he could find a way to use the cannonballs?

Diddy ran towards the opposite side of the pool, hoping he could out-run the Kleever. When he grabbed onto one of the cannonballs, he threw it as hard as he could. Unfortunately, the cannonball didn't go very far. Diddy tried to run again, but the Kleever was given a chance to attack. It managed to cut Diddy's left arm, the wound went from his shoulder to his elbow.

"Maybe you should use a smaller cannonball?" Dixie yelled. Diddy nodded as he started running, again. He wasn't sure if a smaller cannonball would do much damage, but at the very least it would be enough to stun it. He scrambled to grab one of the smaller cannonballs before throwing it. The cannonball was able to set the Kleever back, but it didn't stop it from attacking Diddy. This time, it managed to strike his back. The monkey ended up collapsing onto the ground, causing Dixie to panic.

"Wha's th' matter, lad?" teased the voice, "Too weak t' fight?"

"Ugh..." Diddy stood up and sat against the wall, he watched as the Kleever hovered over him. Once the sword lunged, Dixie covered her eyes. She was expecting to hear a scream, and yet, she heard nothing. When she opened her eyes, she could see Diddy standing beside the Kleever. It had embedded itself inside the wall, with no chance to escape. Diddy had a shocked expression on his face, it was as if he wasn't expecting to live another second.

"DIDDY, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!" Dixie yelled, snapping Diddy out of his shock. He grabbed one of the heaviest cannonballs he could carry and threw it as hard as he could at the Kleever. Once it got hit, the handle had broken off the blade. The swords around Dixie had vanished, the handle from the Kleever flew around until it landed into the pool. From the looks of it, the fight was finally over.

After having to fight such a difficult foe, Diddy collapsed against the wall. He couldn't remember the last time he was this tired. Upon seeing this, Dixie ran towards him and offered to give him her hand. "Are you OK?"

Diddy nodded, "I've...I've been better."

"Well, now," said the voice, "It looks like ye might get t' live a wee bit longer."

"D-do you really mean it?" Diddy asked excitedly.

"Aye, lad!" the voice replied. "' future ain't necessarily set in stone, 'n I can't tell ye wha'll happen next. So I'll give ye Kongs a choice. If ye go home, then ye'll be a disgrace t' yer entire tribe. But if ye keep goin', then ye'll 'ave t' face every single obstacle th' island 'as in store fer ye. Wha' do ye choose?"

"It's...nice of you to offer," Diddy said, "But I'm not ready to throw in the towel, yet."

"So ye'll keep goin', even at th' risk o' yer owns life?"

Diddy nodded. "DK would've done the same thing for me. And besides, I've got Dixie here to help me."

"...Very well then," said the voice, "Jus' know that this won't be th' last time ye'll hear from ole Kerozene!"

With that said, the Kongs finally left the volcano. Even with the dangers that awaited them, they had no choice but to move forward.



Leaving Crocodile Cauldron was like a breath of fresh air for the Kongs. They no longer had to put up with the sweltering heat, nor did they need to worry about fighting Kerozene's swords. All they needed to do, now, was get through the rest of the island.

As the Kongs continued to walk, Dixie couldn't help but stare at the wound on Diddy's arm. It looked as if it still hurt, especially after having to fight off something as dangerous as a giant sword. Diddy began to notice her staring, he started to grow more self-conscious about it. He put his hand over the wound to try and cover it up.

"...Sorry, I know I shouldn't be staring," Dixie said, scratching the back of her head. "But it looks so...painful."

"Hey, it could've been MUCH worse," Diddy replied. "We could've lost our souls back there."

Dixie nodded. While she appreciated Diddy's bravery, she didn't want him to run into every single Kremling they came across. Of course...the sun was still up, so it had to be mid-afternoon at the very latest.

"Do you wanna call it a day?" Dixie asked while clasping her hands together.

"Why?" Diddy asked, tilting her head.

"Because," Dixie replied. "If we rest up now, then it'll be night time as soon as we wake up. That way, it'll be harder for those Kremlings to find us."

"Oh yeah," Diddy said upon realization. "That's actually a really good idea, but how are we gonna rest up when those Kremlings could come out here at any moment?"

Dixie paused, that was actually a really good question. There were hardly any trees or bushes around, and the only plants in the area were in the water. Still, Dixie was sure that she could figure something out.

Perhaps there would be something in the crossroads? Hopefully by then, there would be enough plants to hide around in.