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Echoes of Thunder

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My first original story! So excited to release this, the idea just grabbed me and would not let go. It will pick up directly from the conclusion of Primeval New World and continue the story. Now I love Primeval, but they only ever made just under a dozen future creatures and that’s a travesty to me. Plus, Primeval New World didn’t have any future creatures!

So to rectify this, I am making this a crossover with a franchise called the Future is Wild. It was a documentary series that set out to think what creatures may evolve 5, 100, and 200 million years into the future once humans are gone? They came up with almost four dozen unique organisms, so I figured why not spice it up a little? Anyways, enjoy.




Blood. It roared through his ears and poured out of the corpse. He had done it, he had finally avenged Brooke’s death. Even if he was also the cause of it. As the body of the Albertosaurus cooled, he allowed himself to breathe. He turned around to Dylan, still processing that it was finally over.

“Are you okay?” Evan asked shakily as he hauled Dylan to her feet.

“Yeah…yeah.” She stuttered, checking Evan over to see if he was hurt as she got up.

Dylan couldn’t stop looking at the dinosaur’s body. Evan had killed it, would that put him at ease? The unrest crept into the back of her mind, will the Evan that nearly blew up Cross Photonics return in this moment, or be dispelled for good? She thought.

Before she had any time to think of answers to the question, or Evan had time to process the events that just unfolded, they both heard a very familiar sound. They both spun to see which anomaly had closed, hoping it wasn’t theirs. It was in fact a different anomaly, but before they had time to be glad about that – another anomaly closed. Then another. Anomalies began collapsing all around them, and Evan’s mind raced to figure out why.

“We changed something.” He stated. They both looked at each other and knew. In unison they began racing as fast as they could toward the anomaly home, their legs pushing them to their limits to the last anomaly still open – another to their right closing as they ran. They lunged forward in a desperate bid to return, and…



Mac burst through the anomaly and tackled the young Evan, pulling him away from the murderous dinosaur’s bloody maw. The monster stumbled forward, unable to stop its own momentum to turn on a dime and catch its newly relocated prey.

Mac turned from his prone position to face the beast and fired a burst of bullets at the Albertosaurus as it turned to the two of them. The hot metal spikes peppered its body and the hulking brute hissed. This prey fought back, painfully at that.

“GET LOST YOU PREHISTORIC BUGGER!” Mac shouted as he rose to his feet and fired another burst. The dinosaur roared at this challenge after a moment’s hesitation from the prey’s painful attack. It moved forward to ram him, but this prey was fast. Mac saw the attack coming a mile away and sidestepped the creature’s head to deliver several well-timed shots to the side of its face. The Albertosaurus recoiled and decided to retreat and find less difficult prey, departing through the anomaly with a final roar.

Mac kept his gun pointed at the anomaly and backed up until he was next to the young version of his friend and helped him to his feet.

Putting both hands on Evan’s shoulders, Mac patted him over and asked, “Are you hurt?” The young man shook his head, and Mac breathed a sigh of relief.


Mac breathed? He took another deep breath.

“I’m not dead?” Mac wondered aloud, and he began to feel himself over.

“Who are–” before young Evan could finish his question, both of them looked up as the anomaly began to pulsate.

“Oh shit!” Mac exclaimed as he ran to the portal.

“Wait! What is that–” Evan began, the anomaly closing before Mac could reach it– “thing?” he finished as Mac fell to his knees where the portal closed. He had started running after Mac when the anomaly was still open, but he slowed and kneeled at Mac’s side as he finished his question. And after a moment, Mac responded.

“That was an anomaly, shiny hole in the universe that spits out dinosaurs. And, my way home.” Mac had said the first sentence shakily, and the second one much quieter, and Evan kept glancing from him to where the anomaly used to be.

Suddenly Evan shot up and ran to the entrance to the room.

“Wait! Evan, where are you–” Mac started, but cut himself off as Evan dropped to the ground by a body.

Well, most of a body.

Mac walked over to the now sobbing Evan and put his hand on Evan’s shoulder. Evan looked up, tears covering his reddened face.

“It’s gonna be okay mate. But I’m gonna need you to call the police, and–”

“And tell them what?” Evan cut him off sharply. “That a dinosaur ate my wife and disappeared back in time?!”

Mac sighed and continued, “No, tell them that it was a bear or somethin else they’ll believe. And you can’t tell them about me.”

“Why? So you can disappear into another time portal? I deserve answers dammit!” Evan screamed as he clenched his fists.

“Don’t worry mate, I’m not gonna leave ya. But in order for us to do something about this, you gotta absolve yourself of any criminal suspicion that you murdered your wife. Yeah?”

Through choked sobs, with the fury draining from his person, Evan nodded and pulled out his phone.



The anomaly closed.

Evan screamed and punched the ground as he fell to his knees. They were trapped. Adrift in time, with no way back. And worse, no way of knowing what had happened. A gloved hand clamped over his mouth to stop his shouting.

Dylan looked him in the eyes and started quietly, “I know you’re scared and pissed and a million other things right now. I am too. But we need to go into survival mode now, and there are God knows how many dangerous animals out there from a hundred different times in these woods and loud sounds are going to attract them.” She removed her hand from his mouth. “That, and the giant piece of meat you just made over there. Now grab that flamethrower you dropped and let’s get moving. I don’t want to be added to the menu of whatever’s going to come over here for a free meal.”

Evan nodded and did as he was told. The pair of displaced travelers began walking down the shoreline away from the body, while dozens of creatures called to each other throughout the forest.




The whisking of automatic doors was followed by the sound of teenagers’ amicable chatter. Their voices added to the hum of the numerous consoles and readouts of the sleek, purple room, with a large central console crisscrossed by ovoid screens surrounded by chairs occupying most of the room and a countertop lining its perimeter. The side of the room opposite the doors had three large teardrop shaped windows and another cluster of oval screens below the central one, their surfaces awash in numbers and crossing orange parabolas.

“Well! As interesting a journey into one of the different environments of 5 million years in the future that was, I think we can safely scratch the Great North American Desert off the list as a suitable habitat for humanity’s relocation.” An auburn-haired young woman in a blue jumpsuit noted while easing into the captain’s chair.

“Yeah! Who thought a desert could be so cold?” Exclaimed a blonde young man whilst he rubbed his muscular upper arms and crammed into his seat at the cockpit’s central console. He was dressed simpler than the girl, only in khaki pants and a yellow t-shirt.

“You know, Antarctica is technically a desert Ethan. A desert is just wherever there’s extremely low rainfall.” Proclaimed a second young man while sliding into the copilot’s seat. This boy was the polar opposite from the other, rather than being muscular and boisterous this raven-haired teen was lanky and had a reserved quiet about himself. He was also in simpler clothes, but instead he wore a long-sleeve black shirt with a cartoon skull on it and jeans.

“Luis is correct, glad to see you’ve taken more of an interest in ecology.” The girl in the captain’s seat complimented. “Now, I’m almost prepared for Time Jump. Luis can you make the final calculations while I go check on Emily and Squibbon?”

“Sure thing C.G.” Luis said, spinning around to face the console.

C.G. walked through the automatic doors back to the living quarters, and upon entering was greeted with a repetitive squeaking sound. An odd-looking creature was holding a tube of rubber, using one of its small frontal tentacles to squeeze it. Its body looked like a green, fleshy beret. From the bottom, multiple orange-tan appendages extended. Two eyestalks came out from the front, observing the world with curiousity and staring intently at C.G. Two short tentacles that ended in two-fingered graspers bobbed between the bottom of the stalks, one of which squeezed the rubber toy – producing a squeak. Four small and wide tentacles came off its sides, curling inward in joy as the creature gurgled with glee. Going straight down were four individual long muscular tentacles upon which the creature was balanced. It looked almost like a squid that had learned to walk.

“Is everything alright now that Squibbon has his toy again?” C.G. asked with a smile, gesturing to the odd creature in front of Emily.

“Once we got it out of the Spinx burrow, yeah! Little buddy missed his squeaker didn’t he?” Emily coddled as the Squibbon jumped off the ground with its four powerful ‘leg’ tentacles onto Emily’s back, tugging at her green t-shirt. As it held onto her like a backpack, it tousled Emily’s bright red hair and simultaneously pushed its rubber toy into Emily’s khaki pocket as the group walked back to the bridge.

Sitting back in the pilot’s seat, C.G. declared with a smile “All hands prepare for Time Jump to the Bengal Swamps of 100 million AD!”

With that, the teal spacecraft-looking machine caused a cloud of dust to be blown away from its position on the dry, cracked earth. Its shape was odd, like a stretched magatama, and you would not expect it to be capable of flight; but green rings of light within the two disks coming off the main body began to spin – and the craft rose.

Once high in the air, it backed up and surrounded itself in a red aura. In a burst of great acceleration, it vanished into a bright light. Leaving behind nothing but the sound of echoing thunder.



Well that was an exciting first entry, no? Now what I may have neglected to mention is that the Future is Wild also had a kid’s cartoon spinoff where a group of teens explored all of the creatures and environments made in the documentary to find a suitable relocation for humanity, which is under threat from a mega ice age 10,000 years in the future. So those characters, who you just met, will also be in this story. Trust me, they won’t detract from the story and they don’t mean this fic is going to become a kid’s show in tone. I have plans.

For you Primeval fans, don’t worry the original series characters are coming. And for you Future is Wild fans, sorry for the moment of making it look like I wasn’t going to include the Time Flyer crew. Also, extra apologies to you guys as I kinda threw you into the deep end of Primeval with no prep. SentinelStorm signing off.

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