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crazy how the plot has thickened

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Hoseok isn’t sure when he lost control, but he thinks he might like it better this way.

Part of the deal he’d cut with the Great Dane hybrid that’d begged to be taken in was that he would do what Hoseok said.

Piss where he wanted him to, eat when he wanted him to, lounge around the house in no more than a collar when he wasn’t at home. The biggest condition was that he would never be allowed domination over Hoseok.

But here Taehyung is, thrusting his uncut cock into Hoseok’s pretty pink hole faster than he can comprehend.

It’s humiliating. And though the elder knows he should put a stop to things before his pride is shattered beyond repair, all he can manage are strained hiccups. Ones that Taehyung is forcing from him with each inch he’s pushed forward on the couch.

It’s started out the way it was supposed to. He’d tugged his puppy forward, wide eyed and excited as ever to please, towards his groin. He had him leashed, using the leather strap to guide his head down onto his leaking cock.

Hoseok had been so hard, letting his head roll back on his shoulders the second his puppy licked a slobbery stripe up his length, tail wagging in excitement.

He doesn’t let him talk when he’s pleasing him. Because puppies don’t have a say in what their masters want and though the baby usually respects the rule, he can always tell he wants to break it.

But even this time, he’d obeyed, doing no more than humming around Hoseok’s length when he’d finally swallowed down around it.

It’d been messy the start, slobbery with too much tongue but as always, Hoseok had enjoyed it.

It was only when he’d teased the puppy about fucking his ass that things had started to spiral.

Hoseok always watches taehyung’s cock when he sucks him off. He never plans to admit it to the younger, but there’s something about how riled up the puppy gets, the way it twitches against his stomach when he tugs the leash especially hard.

And Hoseok’s never really been one to fixate on cock before, but his puppy’s is so huge that he can’t help but obsess over it.

He wants it inside him. And bad.

Which is what leads him to yank Taehyung off his cock and snarl, “Bet puppy wants to fuck his master, huh? Put that useless cock to work?”

It’s only later that he recognises the fire in the other’s eyes for what it is. At first glance, all he seems is eager, licking a fat stripe up Hoseok’s length and nodding up at him.

“Gotta earn it,” he replies, turning onto his hands and knees and looking over his shoulder. “You’re gonna sit and watch while master fucks himself open. A single peep out of you and I never let this happen again, got it?”

Taehyung’s ears flatten, signifying he understands, so Hoseok begins. He reaches under the couch cushions for the half empty bottle of lube and slicks his fingers up.

Then, after making sure he’s twisted himself into a position where he can comfortably monitor the baby, he slips a finger in.

But it feels too easy.

Taehyung is sitting stock still, and though his cock is swollen and leaking precum at the sight, Hoseok wants to watch him struggle. He wants to make sure Taehyung feels it. Knows his place.

So he moans. Hisses at the pup to hold his eyes as he talks down to him. About how he’s doing this out of pity, and how he knows Taehyung wouldn’t be able to make him cum if he tried.

It works. The baby bares his teeth at Hoseok’s remarks and his cock swells further. The struggle is finally clear on his face, as are the red scratches now running up his legs from the way he’s digging his nails into his thighs.

“Aw does the pathetic little bitch want to fuck his master that bad?” he coos at him, voice nowhere near kind. “Can’t even sit still for five minutes? That spoiled?”

Taehyung opens his mouth to reply, but it snaps shut just in time to avoid breaking the rules.

“Might have to muzzle you, you dumb fucking stray,” Hoseok’s voice falters as he brushes his prostate. He’s about three fingers deep, but it’s still nowhere near enough to rival the cock he’s about to take, and the idea is intoxicating.

If only Taehyung knew what he really thought.

“Not an ounce of manners in you- agh!”

This, for whatever reason, appears to be the final straw. He isn’t given the chance to finish his sentence before Taehyung is bounding forward with a carnal look on his face. His pupils are blown, ears flat to his head and he’s snarling, a low, gutteral sound that sends a chill down Hoseok’s spine.

Before he can protest, Taehyung is grabbing his wrist, effectively pulling his fingers from his hole, and pinning it behind his back.

It hurts. His claws have extended enough to sink into his flesh, but there’s something addicting about how intrusive it is. Hoseok tries to hold his ground, grunting out in protest when Taehyung bends over him and buries his nose in his neck to sniff.

He growls in Hoseok’s ear, a wordless warning and though he knows how irresponsible it is to submit to his pet, he can’t bring himself to pull away.

Hell, he isn’t sure he’d be able to, even if he wanted to. Taehyung is not only broader than him, but taller and much heavier, too.

That’s when it dawns on him that he’s trapped.

Still, his cock twitches in delight when the puppy runs his long, soaking tongue up the column of his neck. He tries to fight back a groan, but he can’t, turning his face into the cushion to try and hide just how good it feels. Taehyung isn’t supposed to know he likes this. He isn’t supposed to like it in the first place. All this is supposed to be is a sick little game for Hoseok to exercise his power over the hybrid.

The low chuckle he lets out tells Hoseok that his efforts are futile.

He squeezes his eyes shut in embarrassment, the flush on his cheeks only deepening when his puppy leans back and lines the blunt head of his cock up with his hole.

It’s far too big. He hadn’t even gotten himself fully adjusted to the third finger when the other had taken over and besides, Taehyung has him on edge.

Because, sure, he’ll admit that the idea of being pinned down and fucked stupid by his pet is kind of appealing if he really thinks about it, but he’s never given up control before and it feels… off.

Which is why he inadvertently clenches shut the second Taehyung tries to seath himself inside him. As far as Hoseok knows, he’s basically still a puppy. An adult, but too young to know what he’s doing with his intimidating length.

He tries to sink to the hilt in one go, but Hoseok’s narrow frame can’t take it and he’s forced to slide out before shoving himself back in.

He manages get further this time, but the slide is pure fire against Hoseok’s rim, ripping a watery cry of pain from his lungs.

Much to his luck, Taehyung seems to understand why. His heavy breathing comes to a momentary pause before Hoseok feels hot, wet saliva pouring from his mouth into the crack of his ass.

His back arches, the act sending a new wave of pain radiating down his spine. It should be agonsing, but he’s quickly adjusting and it’s addicting.

Taehyung is addicting.

In his musty smell and the animalistic groans he lets out each time he inches himself deeper. Not to mention the feel of his damp breath against the back of Hoseok’s neck.

He could have been protesting this entire time. He could have threatened to throw the pup right back onto the street, but he doesn’t dare.

Taehyung is nice to come home to. And besides, being thrown around like he’s a rag doll has an appeal of its own, however humiliating it is.

It takes what feels like an eternity, but eventually, Taehyung has squeezed his cock all the way into his owner. Hoseok thinks he’ll have the decency to let him adjust, but then he remembers he’s working only off lust and instinct.

When it comes to sex, he’s untrained, and as soon as the thought crosses his mind, the younger is pulling right back and fucking him into oblivion.

The burn in his ass would be overwhelming weren’t it for his other set of claws, which are now sinking into his waist. He might leave scars, not that Hoseok cares. It might be nice to get claimed by something so far below him.

The pain has him hyper alert, far past any other sexual experience he’s ever had. Though there’s a ringing in his ears, he can still hear the slap of skin against skin and Taehyung’s low humming.

Eventually, he collapses onto Hoseok’s back, gasping into his scalp. When he tilts his head to meet his eyes, they’re bloodshot and manic and for a second he’s convinced it’s not Taehyung that’s inside him.

But it must be. Now that Hoseok’s beginning to adjust to his size, he knows the pleasure he’s feeling could be given to him by no one else. The rolling of his hips is uncoordinated and sporadic, but his cock is big enough to drag against his prostate with each buck and it’s heavenly.

For a moment, he’s confused as to why he’s in pain once more until he remembers something: dog hybrids pop knots.

And Taehyung’s is starting to expand. The pup lets out a confused coo, the only thing Hoseok’s heard all night that allows him to see the younger for anything but a monster.

Taehyung doesn’t know what’s happening to him. But Hoseok’s pride is already hanging on by a thread and begging the other to push the knot into him so he can fill him up is not something he wants to do.

So he loses himself to the pain once more, eyes rolling back into his head while Taehyung struggles to keep sliding it in and out of him.

He’s too stunned to speak, anyways. Each time knot is forced into him, he’s fucked farther from coherence, left only to moan stupidly and drool into the leather.

He’s no better than his fucking dog, for chrissakes.

The thought brings a delirious smile to his face and he finds himself pushing back onto Taehyung’s cock to ease the slide. He doesn’t care anymore, has finally submitted himself to pleasure to the fullest extent and doesn’t even have it in himself to regret it.

Finally, the knot grows too big for him to continue thrusting and Taehyung is left to whimper and whine like a bitch. It’s a strange switch in demeanour, the stupid baby too out of it to figure out why his cock is so painfully sensitive within his master.

He’s so heavy on top of him that he can hardly breathe, his body warm enough to have caused a thick layer of sweat to build on the leather of the couch and though the mess should disgust Hoseok, all it does is turn him on.

That, and it’s nice to grind his dripping cock into. He hasn’t said a word since Tae entered him and he wants to keep it that way, not too keen on letting the other know just how badly he wants him to touch finish him off when he should have stopped this before it even begun.

Thankfully, it’s enough. With a final, frustrated buck, the knot locks itself in place and they cum, Hoseok’s noise of defeat complimenting Tae’s relieved one.

He knows he’s stained the leather. He can imagine his release seeping into it, though admittedly, his mind is focused more on the thick ropes of hybrid cum filling him up.

It’s too much, to say the least. Now that he’s beginning to come down, each spurt is suffocatingly hot within him, eliciting jolt after jolt from his spent cock.

He grumbles under his breath, fucked out and incoherent. His body is threatening to give out on him, but he sort of wishes it would, just wants to welcome sleep instead of continuing to struggle with the overstimulation.

Taehyung passes out the second he’s done knotting, shoulder pressing uncomfortably into the back of his neck. So, with what little energy he has in himself, he rouses the pup enough to urge him onto his side.

Taehyung pulls him with him, of course. They’re locked together, leaving Hoseok no choice but to accept the situation as he regains his bearings.

The baby, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind the turn of events at all. No, his claws have retracted by the time he wraps his hands around the elder’s waist, and his voice sounds steady when he mumbles, “‘Felt nice, hyung,” into his neck.

Hoseok isn’t ready to tell him how it was just as good for him, because god, is this wrong. The whole cock sucking thing is illegal, but penetrative sex with a hybrid is a whole nother story, one he needs some time to process before he makes his next move.

This whole thing had been impulsive after all. Enjoyable, but impulsive nonetheless.