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Brother's Courtesy

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“Stop it! You’re going to hurt him!” The boys cackle in response, scaring poor Izu. Hitoshi is standing between them so that Tsubasa and Oshiro couldn’t push the frail boy into the river.

“Do you think we care if I hurt the useless Deku?” Oshiro growls. Hitoshi shouldn’t be bothered, it’s nothing new. Kacchan’s lackeys have been bullying Hitoshi and Izu since they were little, even when Kacchan isn’t around. Like now, for example. Oshiro’s fingers grow and poke at Hitoshi and Izu, gaining a whimper from the latter. Izu stops shivering when he realized what happened. His classmates always fall for it. They do remember how Hitoshi activates his quirk, right?

“Turn around and walk away.” Hitoshi grins as Oshiro starts to turn. Tsubasa remembers how to get out of Hitoshi's grasp, though. The one thing they remember. Tsubasa taps Oshiro back into reality. As soon as he is back in control of his body, he sprints at Hitoshi.

“You think I’ll go down that easy, villain?” Hitoshi’s tormenter slams him to the ground, threatening him with his fists. Izu yelps and tries to run to Hitoshi, but Tsubasa holds him up in the air. Hitoshi winces as Oshiro scratches his shoulder, leaving blood trailing down his arm. Once Oshiro thinks Hitoshi won’t try to stop him, he signals Tsubasa to drop Izu. He walks to Izu and punches him, hard. Hitoshi is furious. Who does Oshiro think he is to hurt Izu? Hitoshi thrashes about, trying to get to the two. Tsubasa has pinned him down to stop him from interfering.

“You’re lucky I have better things to do than deal with quirkless losers like you, Deku.” Oshiro drops Izu to the ground, and they walk away snickering. Hitoshi hears Tsubasa whisper something about Kacchan, but he pays it no mind. He has worse things to worry about.

“Izu, are you ok?” Hitoshi rushes toward his brother. He ignores his own pain and blood for now.

“Toshi! I’m ok. Are you?” Izu clings to Hitoshi, refusing to look him in the eye.

“I’m fine. Come on, let’s get you home.” Hitoshi helps Izu up, hoping Oshiro and Tsubasa are too busy coming up with a story to tell Kacchan to come back. Luckily, they stay away until Izu is safe at home. Hitoshi examines Izu, looking at his new scratches. While he looks at them, he studies his brother, as he has countless times. From his fluffy black hair to his big, beautiful emerald eyes. Hitoshi has always wondered about his brother's appearance. Izu always dyes his hair black instead of keeping it his natural green. Whenever Hitoshi asks why Izu brushes it off saying that he likes black better because it looks like Papas. He never pushes for answers, but that doesn’t stop Hitoshi’s growing curiosity.

When they arrive home, Papa is making dinner. Hitoshi breaks for his and Izu’s room so he can’t see them. If Papa sees them like this, he’ll ask questions, and Hitoshi is sure he won’t be proud of them getting in a fight. He grabs a change of clothes for Izu and himself and drags Izu to the bathroom to clean their cuts.

“Toshi. You didn’t have to get involved. He hurt you.”

“Izu, I don’t care. He was hurting you worse.” Hitoshi looks up to his brother. Izu looks like he wants to argue, but he knows it’s pointless. Hitoshi wouldn’t let him win a fight of who should feel bad. He’s interfered with enough fights for Izu to give up trying to stop him. As Hitoshi finishes cleaning Izu's cuts, he goes and turns on the shower.

"Take a shower, okay? You’ll feel better once you’re not covered in dirt.” And blood goes unsaid. Izu nods and Hitoshi retreats back to their room. He sits there for a few minutes, and out of boredom he opens Izu’s desk and starts rereading his notebooks. Izu doesn’t know he’d found them; it was supposed to be a secret. The information inside could be used to take down any hero, so Izu keeps them hidden. They are nonexistent to the rest of the world, but Hitoshi doesn’t care, the notebooks are super interesting and full of detail. All 25 of them (Well, 24, Izu is still busy updating his 25th). They are filled to the brim with the quirks of heroes, villains, classmates, every quirk Izu knows is in here. Even Hitoshi’s and Papas. Just being there isn’t enough to make them interesting, though. There is also a deep, in-depth description of how they work, how to use them to their fullest potential, costume designs better suited for them, how to outperform them in a battle, you name it. There are 3 full pages just on a girl from their class who can turn into fire. It’s impressive how much Izuku has memorised in all his notebooks. He plans to use them to be an underground hero. Not that he’ll need them, with his super powerful quirk.

Izu may think he’s quirkless, but reading over the notebooks, Hitoshi knows it’s not true. If his quirk wasn’t a quirk knowledge quirk, then how else would he know Kacchan’s quirk could also be used on his feet if Kacchan didn’t even know. Or that Oshiro could extend his whole hand with enough focus. He’s the one who discovered that Hitoshi could add a delay to his quirk. Little details that nobody would guess, miraculously proved true. It has to be a quirk, whether it be enhanced intelligence or quirk analysis. With all the notebooks full of every detail, it can’t be just coincidence like Izu thinks. It also can’t be a coincidence that Izu’s senses seem to be heightened. No matter what it says on paper, no matter how much he denies it, Izu isn’t quirkless. Hitoshi has been trying to make him realise it for forever. He let Papa know, and they’re coming up with a plan to merge his quirk into their training. It’s difficult, though, because of the nature of Izu’s quirk. If they just start training his quirk suddenly, he’ll be confused or suspicious; Hitoshi wants Izu to figure it out on his own.

Hitoshi hopes Izu finds out soon so that he doesn’t feel useless. He puts Izu’s notebooks back in the secret compartment, safe from prying eyes. Looking for something else to do, he looks around his room, studying everything yet again. He likes to observe things, no matter how many times he’s seen them. He finds new details everytime he looks around his room. Izu got him into that habit of paying attention to little things. Izu loves to look at fights and see what each hero could have done to end the fight earlier or with less collateral damage. He constantly mumbles observations just loud enough for Hitoshi to hear. Not that Hitoshi minds, of course. He mumbles and observes just like his brother.

Hitoshi looks around the room at all the hero posters. There are many heroes from Kamui Woods to Best Jeanist on the posters, but Eraserhead and All Might are the most prominent. The two heroes had been Hitoshi and Izu’s inspirations throughout life, always helping keep their heads raised. Their merchandise covered Izu’s and Hitoshi’s desks and walls.

Hitoshi hears the shower cut off and Izu stepping out. He grabs his change of clothes to take a shower as well. He gets to the door moments before Izu pops out. Izu grins at him, the light reentering his beautiful eyes.

“You know, if you hug me, you’re just going to get dirty again.” Izu giggles and scratches the back of his neck.

“It would be worth it.”

“Not when I make you take another shower.” Izu giggles and settles for patting Hitoshi’s head.

“Fine, but I’m hugging you as soon as you get out.” Izu turns around and goes to his room, stopping just outside the door.

“See you then! Love you Toshi!” Who blessed me with this angel? 


With Toshi in the shower, Izuku has time to add to his notebooks. Izuku and Toshi had stopped to watch a hero fight this morning, and Izuku has so many notes to jot down. Too bad his notebooks never have enough room for a full-depth analysis. If it was up to Izuku, he would have a notebook for every quirk he’s seen. But, he’ll have to settle for only a few pages. He jots down some observations from the villain attack this morning. He noticed Kamui Woods’ reflexes were a bit off today. He must have had a bad day. And Mt Lady only helped. It really was sad to watch. Kamui Woods had almost captured the rampaging villain when Mt Lady showed up and knocked him out. If she keeps relying on others to do most of the work, she should be a sidekick instead. She left a rather big mark on the pavement. She won’t make it very far in the hero career if she causes so much damage just showing off. Gigantification quirks are useful in some situations, but since Mt Lady can’t control her size (or destruction, if that kick was anything to go by), her quirk isn’t as flexible as others. It wouldn’t be useful unless- Why is the shower still running if Toshi got out?

A cough. Izuku lets out a long sigh. Of course, Toshi got sick.  He needs to learn to voice his feelings a bit more. He tends to stay silent when he’s sick to ‘not worry everyone’. If anything, it worries Izuku more when Toshi doesn’t tell him until after it’s gotten serious. Izuku is glad he heard a cough, otherwise, he might not have known for weeks. He goes to the bathroom to get Toshi.

“Toshi? Are yo- Kwi, sia ithquantic! (Oh my goodness!)” When Izuku opens the door, he is greeted with an awful stench masking Toshi’s smell. He finds a shaking Toshi on the floor. He’s curled into himself, hand over his mouth to either stop the coughing or to keep from throwing up. Izuku can’t tell. He rushes over to Toshi and picks him up.

“Izu, no it’s ok. Please don’t, you’ll get sick too.” Toshi breaks down into a painful looking coughing fit, trying to look away so Izuku won’t get sick. Izuku wishes he wouldn’t.

“Toshi, I don’t care if I get sick, as long as I can make sure you’re ok.” It’s true, Izuku wouldn’t mind getting sick if it meant he could help Toshi. In fact, he sometimes wishes he’d get sick too. That way, Toshi wouldn’t be alone. “Papa! Toshi’s sick! I’m putting him on the couch!” As Izuku sets Toshi down on the couch, Papa walks in and gives him a soft, thick blanket. Tamotsu and Kimi, the family cats, instantly cuddle up to Toshi.

“I guess you’re staying home tomorrow, then. Huh, Hitoshi?” Toshi shakes his head.

“No, no, I’m not that sick, I can go.” Toshi starts to get up, but Izuku gently pushes him back down. Toshi never wants to be sick. He’ll try to do everything by himself, even if he can’t. Izuku’s worried. Hitoshi will only want to leave more if Izuku leaves. It’ll only get worse when he’s at school. Kimi shifts on top of Toshi to keep him from getting up.

“Toshi, please.”

“But I want to go to school!”

“And you will after you get better. If you don’t rest now, you’ll have to stay home longer, you know.” Papa’s tone is so matter-of-fact that it leaves no room for argument.

“I-but- fine. I’ll stay.”

“Good! Now, I’ll bring you your dinner.” Izu starts skipping to the kitchen, but Hitoshi grabs his hand to stop him.

“Izu. I can go get it. You don’t have to.” Toshi tries to sound annoyed, or even mad, but Izuku knows he isn’t. He just doesn’t want Izuku to do everything for him.

“No, I’ll get it. How about we all eat here, with you?” Papa sighs a long, exaggerated sigh. He doesn’t mean it. Izuku knows Papa secretly loves eating with them on the couch. Usually, Izuku plays movies and the cats cuddle them. All five of them love watching underground hero documentaries until way past midnight. Izuku can’t stay up too late, though. It’s a school night. Knowing this, he chooses a movie they’ve seen countless times to avoid not knowing the ending. He chooses Eraserhead, their favourite hero. The night passes until it’s time for Izuku to go to bed. He makes Toshi promise to sleep instead of going to school. When he promises, Izuku says goodnight and turns in, satisfied. He sleeps somewhat peacefully, knowing Toshi is finally letting himself rest. He’s glad Toshi will take it easy, but that doesn’t mean Izu is looking forward to tomorrow.

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Izuku wakes up 2 hours early the next morning. He hopes that if he gets there early enough, Kacchan won’t be there. Since Kacchan is usually more agitated when Toshi or Izuku isn’t there, it would be best to avoid him. Call Izuku crazy, but he thinks it’s Kacchan’s way of worrying about them. Worrying or not, Izuku has to be more careful around him. Izuku starts getting ready, half-mindedly noticing that Toshi isn't there. He had better be resting, or so help Izuku. Izuku gives up wrestling with his hair to finish his morning routine and go to say goodbye to Toshi. When Izuku walks into the living room, Tamotsu and Kimi are laying on top of Toshi’s chest. Izuku giggles a bit. At least he won’t be going anywhere. Toshi tries and fails at sitting up when he hears Izuku.

“Sorry, I woke you, Toshi. Good morning.” Izuku isn’t sure Toshi understood what he said through all the giggling.

“No, I was awake already. Good morning. What are you snickering about?” Izuku bursts out in laughter and hugs Toshi.

“Sorry, just, you look so silly with Tamotsu and Kimi on top of you.”

“Good to know you find my suffering funny,” Toshi deadpans, patting Izuku’s hair. “Please be safe at school, ok Izu?”

“Ok. I will.” Izuku gives Toshi a big hug to reassure him. “Bye Toshi.”

“Bye Izu.” Izuku leaves, making sure to lock the door, as usual. He walks down the driveway to the street, as usual. He walks on the crowded sidewalk, as usual. He passes by street signs and stores, as usual. He leaves the crowd and walks with fewer people around him, as usual. The people around him slowly disappear, as usual. He comes to an underpass on the way to school, as usual. He hears a gurgling noise and gets attacked by a sludge man, as- wait what. Izuku wasn’t paying attention for 3 minutes, and somehow he's the victim of the sludge villain, Slime. Slime’s smell is so horrid! Izuku struggles to not throw up.

"Medium-sized invisibility suit." Slime pounces on Izuku, knocking him to the ground and scooping him up. Slime pushed at Izuku, and before he knew it, he was being strangled. This sludge villain was pushing through his mouth, trying to get inside his body. He must need a body to hide in. If the police are after him then he needs to hide in plain sight. Izuku looks up at the villain, searching for a weak spot. The sludge is thick and can’t be removed or torn apart without a wind or fire quirk. His eyes, however, don't seem to be made of sludge. Maybe if he can poke one, the villain will flinch and drop Izuku.

“Calm down kid. It’ll only hurt for 45 seconds.”

It's a wild guess, but it's worth a shot. Izuku reaches his hand through the thick sludge until he finds an eye and pokes as hard as he can. The sludge villain rears back and yelps.

“How dare you! It doesn't matter what you do, you're still nothing against me! Now die already!” The villain charges back at Izuku and scoops him up to drown him again. He pushes harder than before, forcing Izuku's jaw open. Izuku’s consciousness fades as he tries to breathe. He struggles and struggles, but it's pointless. He falls limp, as unconsciousness pulls at him, trying to take him. Only when he stops struggling does he realise he's going to die.


I don't want to die. I have so much ahead of me.


I have to say goodbye to Tamotsu and Kimi. They need me to take care of them.


I have to say goodbye to Kacchan. Even if he wouldn't care, It would feel wrong not to at least say goodbye.


I have to say goodbye to Papa. I don’t want him to hurt for me.


I have to say goodbye to Toshi. He needs me to protect him.


We’re going to be heroes.


Please, I don't want to die. I don’t want to die.


Petranas tir ti origato ve loreat.

Toshinori has had a bad day. He was in a bad mood before the sludge villain, Slime, decided to rob a store. Toshinori never can resist a cry for help, can he? He has been chasing Slime around the sewer for almost two and a half hours. Slime's good at hiding, Toshinori had lost him 30 minutes ago. He's afraid that if he doesn't find him soon, there will be civilians hurt.

“How dare you! It doesn't matter what you do, you're still nothing against me! Now die already!” It appears that Toshinori has found him. He runs to the nearest sewer grate and blasts it open.

“Your days as a villain are over! Why? Because I am here!” Toshinori Texas smashes Slime away and rushes to put him in his soda bottles. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees a small boy. A small boy that fell from the inside of Slime. A small boy that’s pale and unmoving. The small boy that suffered because of Toshinori’s actions. Toshinori wasn't there in time.

He rushes over to the boy to check if he's breathing. He listens, but the boy is silent. I've failed this poor boy. Toshinori sighs and gathers up the villain in his true form. He doesn't know what to do with the boy. For now, he looks at him. He has a mop of curly black hair on his head. His freckles stand out against his pale skin. His eyes are closed, and Toshinori doesn’t dare open them just to see his eye colour. He’s wearing a black uniform that belongs to Aldera Junior High. Should he take him somewhere? He pulls out his phone to call the police, then he hears it. A small groan and coughing. Thank goodness. The boy is breathing! He grows into his hero form and trots to the boy.

“Hey! Hey, are you alright?” He lightly slaps the boys face until he wakes up. His face when he sees Toshinori is priceless. If it weren't for the boy's near-death experience, Toshinori would have gotten out his camera.

“Good, you’re awake! I thought we lost you there!”

“A-A-A-All M-M-Might? Y-You, saved me! Oh, thank you so much! Can I have your autograph?”

“Of course, my boy! Were you on your way to school?” Toshinori signs the notebook he is handed. He notices the notes on a fight that happened yesterday. These notes are amazing! Holy crap! This kid is super smart!

“Ah! Yes, sir, I’m really early, though. School doesn’t start for another…” The boy looks down at his watch, “30 minutes or so.”

“If you say so, my boy! You should still try to get to class quickly, I’ll be taking this villain to the police. See you around!”

“Oh! Before you go, um. Mr All Might, sir? I have a question.”

“What is it, my boy?”

“My brother is made fun of because of his quirk. People call him villainous even though he wouldn’t hurt a fly. I think his quirk would be perfect for being a hero, he could take care of hostage situations and get villains to turn themselves in, but he’s letting all the negativity get to him. We have always wanted to be heroes, but I'm scared his attitude will hinder his work. What I could say to him to make him believe he could be a hero?”

Toshinori is caught off guard by the small boy’s question. Usually, when he meets his fans they want to take a picture or hug. Some want him to give them a shout out or have him do something for them so people will like them too. This boy asked a question for someone else’s sake. He can tell the boy cares so much for his brother from the emotion in his voice. Listening to him is so moving that he doesn’t realise he’s shrinking to his civilian form until it’s too late. Crap. He braces himself for the boy's reaction. It could be anything from fear to disbelief to anger. It should’ve been, at least. This boy surprises him yet again. When the boy looks at him, he acts as if he hadn’t absolutely nothing changed. The spell of indifference is broken when Toshinori starts coughing up blood.


Kwi sia ithquantic! (Oh my goodness)! All Might is coughing up blood! He’s bleeding and scared. What should Izuku do? What can he do?

“Re wux kruth? (Are you okay?)” Izuku cries, running over to the skeleton hero. All Might doesn’t understand, of course. “Oh, sorry. Are you okay? You’re coughing up blood and you’re panicking. Do you need me to take you somewhere?”

“No, it’s alright my boy. You don’t need to worry for me.” All Might coughs a little and looks down to Izuku, confusion and fear evident in his eyes.

“Are you sure? You look scared.” All Might blinks at him and a sudden realisation washes over Izuku. “Oh. Is it because you look different now? Don’t worry, sir! I won’t tell anyone!” Not that I have anyone to tell.


“Don’t worry, sir! I won’t tell anyone!” Toshinori sighs in relief.

“Thank you, my boy. As you can imagine, I keep this a secret. People wouldn’t react too kindly to finding out their Symbol of Peace looks like, well, this.” The boy stares at Toshinori in utter confusion. Does he not speak Japanese well? He did speak a different language a minute ago.

“Like what?” Wait does he not see anything wrong with my appearance?

“Nevermind. What’s your name, my boy?”

“Aizawa Izuku! Please, call me Izuku!”

“Well, young Izuku, to answer your question, I think you should tell him that his quirk doesn’t matter when it comes to who can and can’t be a hero. The only thing that matters is intent and determination. With that, anyone with a quirk could be a hero. And if your brother is anything like you, he has the attitude.” Young Izuku’s eyes light up at Toshinori’s answer.

“Thank you, sir! Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to tell him that!”

“It’s no trouble, young Izuku! Do you mind if I walk the rest of the way to school with you?” Somehow, young Izuku glows even brighter. If he got any brighter, Toshinori would need sunglasses.


“Of course, my boy.” Toshinori continues in silence, listening to Young Izuku's chattering. Toshinori gets a few piercing glares from children wearing the same uniform as Young Izuku. They must be classmates. They must also be very concerned. I would be too if I saw my friend walking with a strange, creepy man. When they get to Aldera Junoir High, Young Izuku walks away. He turns back at Toshinori and waves.

“Bye Mr… what should I call you?” Giving Young Izuku a name wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“Yagi Toshinori. You can call me Toshinori.” Young Izuku looks at Toshinori for a second before he bursts into laughter. What in the world is he laughing about?

“Sorry, Toshinori-san. It’s just that your name is Toshi. So is my brother’s,” Izuku chuckles. Toshinori doesn’t know why young Izuku finds that so funny, but he chuckles to keep the boy from feeling awkward.

“Alright, Young Izuku. Get to school now And tell your brother I said ‘hi.’”

Okay, Toshinori-san! Izuku straightens up into a dorky salute and runs off. What a great kid.


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Despite his little incident earlier, Izuku still manages to be the first in class. He pulls out ‘Hero analysis for the Future’ No. 25 and starts writing down everything he can about Slime. His entire body seems to be made of raw sludge, and with no way to revert his form. With heroes on his tail, he has to find a ‘skinsuit’ to hide. His eyes are a major weak spot because they aren’t made of sludge and have no skin or bone shielding them. They just kind of float there. They must have some type of protective layer if they sit in Slime’s body like that. That was pretty much all he could learn from just one encounter. He writes about how All Might used a Texas smash even though he could have used a Detroit smash. He leaves out All Might’s civilian form because he knows Toshi has been reading Izuku’s notebooks when he’s not in the room. That’s why he wrote down the conversation he had with All Might about Toshi’s quirk. If he can't boost Toshi’s confidence through talking to him directly, he can at least try to indirectly help his self-conscious brother.

Izuku stops writing and hides his notebook when he smells a familiar, sweet smell outside the classroom door. If Izuku is being honest, which he is, his classmates’ smells are the strongest things about them (not that he could say it out loud). As Izuku lays his head down, Kacchan bursts through the door.

“Hey nerd, I heard you walked to school with some weirdo instead of your own brother. Do you not care about him enough to wait for him?” Kacchan growls. Izuku winces at his sharp words. He knows standing up to Kacchan would be a very bad idea, but he can't just stand by and let Kacchan insult someone he knows nothing about.

“Toshinori-san isn't a weirdo. And I couldn’t walk with Toshi today, he’s at home, sick with a fever.”

“Did I ask what happened to Shitoshi?” No, but you might as well have. Izuku can read Kacchan's emotions like a book considering he has known Kacchan since they were born. No matter how indifferent he seems to others, Izuku knows he is really worried about Toshi. He's also worried about Izuku, for some odd reason.

“No, sorry... Oh! Now that we're alone, there's something I wanted to ask you!” Izuku has been wanting to ask this for a long time, but the right moment never occurred. “How come you never use your quirk on your feet?”

“What are you talking about, Deku? I can't use my quirk on my feet.”

“Yes, you can! With enough concentration, you could use your quirk all over your body. Feet would be easier to start with, for now.”

“Did I ask for your help, stupid Deku?”

“No, sorry. I bet you already knew that, didn't you?”

“Of course I did, it's my quirk.” Izuku finds it amusing that Kacchan contradicts himself so that he can sound smart, even when there’s nobody to impress. Izuku makes a mental to help Kacchan with his temper after he helps Toshi with his self-confidence issues.

“Ok, Kacchan.” Izuku sighed, ending the conversation. As if on cue, Oshiro and Tsubasa arrive outside the door. They come in, flocking to Kacchan, completely unaware that Izuku is even in the room. Izuku doesn't know how they don't notice him, his smell is super strong. It doesn’t matter too much, he’s glad they ignore him. Less pestering for him. His classmates slowly file in until eventually, his teacher comes and class starts. They start off class simply wonderfully. His teacher announces planning career paths, but there’s not much planning. Apparently, the entire class is signing up for heroics. While most of them have good quirks, some of his classmates’ quirks are pretty useless for heroism. At least they have quirks, though. Compared to the rest of his class, Izuku is inferior. The teacher knows this and decides to share Izuku’s school of choice anyway. Leave it to Izuku’s teachers to be ignorant or cruel.

As soon as the teacher announces that Izuku and Toshi want to go to UA, the class howls with laughter, all except Kacchan. The aforementioned just stares at Izuku with a glare so sharp it could cut through diamond.

“Deku,” Kacchan hisses threateningly. The entire class falls silent. Izuku whimpers and prepares to defend himself, “You seriously think you could make it into UA? You think you’re on my level? Please! You’d be crushed in the entrance exam! Do you want me to show you my level?”

“No Kacchan, I know I’m not on your level, but I thought I could at least try. Toshi wants me to be a hero, too.” That was the absolute wrong thing to say. Kacchan growls and shouts at Izuku.

“Really!? You’d embarrass yourself and get yourself killed because of your brother? Get real, Deku. You’ll never be a hero with that attitude!” Kacchan pounds his fist on Izuku’s desk, throwing Izuku out of it and against the wall. He doesn’t move after Izuku, just stands and laughs.

“That’s what I thought, if you don’t even fight back against, you wouldn’t fight against a villain. You can't be a hero.”

The class’s laughter returns, roaring in Izuku’s eardrums. Their judgement is painful to feel, stares burning holes in any self-confidence he gained from talking with All Might. At least Toshi isn’t here, too.

When the class calms down, no longer amused by Izuku’s suffering, class continues. They plan for careers the might want in the future. Izuku knows being a hero is not likely, and jots down the Gen Ed course so his school won’t berate him for dreaming big.

Katsuki doesn't know what's wrong with Deku. While he would normally be all over his future hero career, he is silent today. It's concerning, to say the least. On top of that, he's not covering his nose or complaining about the ‘sweet smell.’ That's how Katsuki knows something is wrong. Deku complains every day about the smell, it’s plain odd he doesn’t right now.

Something is obviously bothering Deku.  He has a few suspicions about what it is. Maybe Katsuki finally got the hero dream out of Deku’s head. Or maybe, it’s that extra with some odd wind quirk. She’s been eyeing Deku and Katsuki the entire day. Knowing Deku, she’s mad because he commented on her quirk, or smell or something stupid like that. He never knows when to keep his mouth shut.

Either way, Katsuki will have to keep a closer eye on Deku. He’ll get to the bottom of this after class. Right now, Katsuki has to fill out some dumb survey.

 After class, it’s the same shit as always. Kacchan, Oshiro, and Tsubasa stalk up to Izuku as he finishes packing up. Kacchan picks up Izuku’s bookbag and throws it across the room, its contents spilling out. Izuku makes a noise of protest that goes unnoticed by a very angry Kacchan.

“Ok. What is it? You’ve been sulking all class. It’s annoying.” Kacchan spits. While it’s not, ‘I was worried’ it’s close enough. Izuku is too tired to care. A simple ‘sorry’ is the only response Kacchan will get. This response only fires Kacchan up more.

“SORRY!? SORRY!?! IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF!?” Explosions ring through Izuku’s ears. Izuku doesn’t flinch or react in any way. He’s had a really rough day. And if Kazenoyōni’s aroma looming outside the door is anything to go by, it’ll only get worse when he’s left alone. Once again, how do you people not smell her? She wears so much perfume that it gives me a headache.

“Hey, Bakugou, look! ‘Hero Analysis for the Future: No. 25’. Wow, you must be pretty desperate if you have 25 of these things. Well, soon to be 24.” Izuku looks up at Oshiro, silently pleading for him not to destroy his notebook.

“Give me that!” Kacchan not-so-gently snatches the notebook from Oshiro. He flips through the pages too quickly to actually be reading them.

“Looks dumb,” Kacchan states, before throwing the notebook out of the open window behind him. Izuku lets out a sharp cry drowned out by laughter. Kacchan starts to walk away, Oshiro and Tsubasa following close behind. Oshiro turns to Izuku as he’s leaving.

“You know, Deku, if you want to be a hero so badly, there’s a quicker way to do it. Go take a swan dive off the roof and pray you’ll be born with a quirk in your next life.” With that statement, Oshiro turns and exits the classroom, leaving Izuku to pick up his things. Kazenoyōni’s scent is gone, so she must have given up on whatever she was going to tell Izuku. He finishes packing his things and heads to the koi pond to find his notebook. Kacchan missed the pond, so the only evidence of mistreatment is a few small tears on the cover.

As Izuku leaves to head home, he smells a familiar perfume brand. Sure enough, the girl with the wind quirk approaches him from being a corner.

“It took you long enough, Deku,” Kazenoyōni says. Izuku apologises, but Kazenoyōni doesn't seem to care. “You know, I don't like you. You bother my Kacchan.”

“Kazenoyōni-chan, right? Do you like Kacchan?” Izuku wouldn't be surprised if she did. Most of the girls in class like Kacchan.

“I do. And that's why I don't like you. If I liked anyone else, I wouldn't care. But you bother my Kacchan.”

“If you're going to like someone, at least learn how to read their emotions. Kacchan isn't bothered by me. He mostly just hates the kids in our class.” Kazenoyōni scowls at Izuku.

“And how would you know that? You're just a stupid Deku.”

“I've known Kacchan since before diapers. I can read him like a book.” Izuku states. This doesn't sit well with Kazenoyōni. She lunges at Izuku and pushes him to the ground, yelling that he doesn’t know anything about ‘her’ Kacchan. What a headache. She uses her quirk to pick him up and toss him around. She slams him as hard as she can against the school’s outer walls and the ground. She keeps throwing him until she’s tired (or out of anger to fuel her). She gives him one last throw, and he collides with someone walking by.

“What are you doing, Deku?” Shit.

 “You know, Deku, if you want to be a hero so badly, there’s a quicker way to do it. Go take a swan dive off the roof and pray you’ll be born with a quirk in your next life,” Finger Fuck cackles. Katsuki is absolutely done with Finger Fuck and all his shit. It’s bad enough he’s been messing with Deku when the nerd is down, but that sentence was just way too far. Katsuki goes to the bathroom and punches the wall to get his anger out. How dare he say that? Who does he think he is? Katsuki spends some time alone, in the bathroom, those two brainless dipshits waiting for him . They want me to praise them for being narrow-minded. Go get a life.

“Dude, are you okay in there?” Dragon Boy questions. Katsuki wants a little more time alone, but he’s been in there long enough. He can hold out until he gets home. He sighs and walks out of the bathroom, not bothering to wait for the stupid shits.

“I’m fine. Nobody asked for your concern,” Katsuki growls back. He stalks his way to the front of the school. The two brainless dipshits follow behind him, talking about things Katsuki doesn’t pay attention to. As Katsuki reaches the edge of the school grounds, someone slams right into him. That someone is Deku.

“What are you doing, Deku?” He notices the wind extra behind Deku and immediately knows. Her too?

“My Kacchan!” The extra exclaims, “I’m so happy to see you!”

“Don’t call me that, extra. I’m not yours. And what is your problem? You've been staring at me all day. It's creepy.”

“But Deku and Shitoshi call you ‘Kacchan’ all the time! Why do they get to but I don’t?”

“That’s none of your business, extra. You mean absolutely nothing to me, now answer my question.” Those words must have broken the extra's stupid heart because she started crying and ran off. “She didn't answer my question.”

“Kacchan! That was amazing! Thank you so much!” Deku looks up at Katsuki, and Katsuki finally gets a good look at him. He’s covered in scrapes and bruises, but other than that he’s unharmed.

“Whatever, stupid Deku. I didn't do it for you, she just makes me mad.” With that Katsuki leaves, the brainless dipshits following him once again. Once Deku is out of earshot, Finger Fuck laughs.

“That was awesome, Bakugou! Too bad she made you mad, though. She seemed pretty tough. She'd be great at dealing with Deku,” Katsuki scowls at that sentence, “Oh well, she'll get over whatever that was. Hey, Bakugou, Let’s go to the arcade! Maybe we can pick up a few girls while we’re there!” Katsuki is disgusted, thoroughly disgusted. Thank goodness he can brush them off with an excuse about UA.

“Do you think UA would let me into their school if acted like that? Unlike you, I have a life to look forward to.” Katsuki notices the boys’ expressions too late.

“Is that so? I wonder what everyone would think of such a promising life being cut short.” Katsuki starts to turn but is cut off by some sort of slime thing wrapping around him. “Open up, kid. It’ll only hurt a little.”

Finger Fuck and Dragon Boy shriek in horror, turning and running away. Cowards. Katsuki watches as they run, leaving him alone to die. Unluckily for this slime thing around him, he refuses to.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s day has been a little better since Kacchan stood up for him. Izuku is sure he’d have more than a couple bruises if he hadn’t done anything. Although, he does feel a little bad for the girl. That must have been heartbreaking for her, having her crush turn her down so heartlessly. Not only that, but he also embarrassed her by not doing it privately. As rude as she was, Izuku would never wish that on anyone. Izuku walks with his head down, rethinking the event.

Izuku snaps out of his stupor when he hears an explosion sound. He must have followed the sound of a villain attack out of habit. The bystanders are nervously whispering information. Little do they know, this is crucial information. Izuku hears a few people say the villain took a teenager hostage. Poor kid, they must be scared. He pushes his way to to the front of the crowd. He has to see to take notes. Plus, if he sees a way to stop the villain, he can get a heroes attention faster. He shoves through the bystanders to see better, and when he gets there, he doesn't like what he sees. He looks around at the heroes who just stand and watch. Why aren’t they doing anything? (Well, they are doing one thing. Standing in the way. But Izuku wouldn’t tell them that.) When he finally looks around them and up to the villain, his brain stops. The Sludge Villain: Slime. Wait, but All Might captured him. I was there. He took Slime to the police station after he dropped me off at school. Did he escape?

Izuku’s world shatters even further when he sees who the hostage is. Kacchan is pulling at Slime’s disgusting body, struggling to breathe. He has been for 15 minutes if what the bystanders say is true. Izuku had barely survived 45 seconds, so how is Kacchan staying awake for so long? That’s right, he thinks, Kacchan is so much stronger than me. He always has been -

His train of thought stops dead in its tracks when he sees the look on Kacchan's face. They make eye contact for a split second, but that’s all it takes. He’s halfway to Slime before he even realises he’s moving. Before the heroes even notice he’s there. As he makes it to Slime he hears the heroes call out to him. None of them make an effort to stop him, though. He thinks fast, slinging his backpack off his shoulder at Slime's eye to startle him. It makes contact and Slime loosens his grip. Kacchan breaks his face free and gasps for breath.

“Deku, what are you doing here? I can get out of this myself! You’ll get yourself killed!”

“Kacchan, please,” Is all Izuku manages to say before Slime drops Kacchan and grabs for him. Slime is fast, but Izuku is slightly faster. Izuku has fought him before, so he knows what Slime will do before he does it. Izuku covers his mouth before Slime can get to it. He uses his other hand and pokes Slime's eye more expertly than the first time. Slime reels back and drops him like the first time. A large hand grabs Izuku’s arm and yanks him backwards and away from Slime's grasp. He lands with a small oof.

“Never fear, for I am here!” All Might is here to save Kacchan and Izuku! He punches with a Detroit Smash, literally blowing everyone away. He changed the weather, which is downright impressive. Izuku is dragged away by other pros before he could thank All Might. They praise him, at least, at first.

“Wow, kid! That was super brave! What does your quirk do? Is it some types of foresight quirk?”

“I, uh, I actually don’t have a quirk.”

“You don’t have a quirk?! Forget crazy brave, you’re crazy stupid! Do you have a death wish or something? You could have gotten yourself killed!” The hero, Deatharms’, yelling falls on deaf ears. Izuku doesn’t regret running in, and nothing the pro will say can change that. It’s not like any of the heroes were doing anything. He made the right decision, stepping in to save Kacchan. Not that Kacchan would admit it. The boy glared at Izuku. He glared at the pro heroes, too. After they got over the joy that is scolding Izuku, they basically fawned over Kacchan. As they should, with a quirk like his. While the heroes were ignoring him (distracted by convincing Kacchan to join their agencies when he’s a pro-hero. Yeah that’ll happen.), Izuku slipped away and started walking home.

Izuku walks his familiar way home, kicking stray pebbles at the road. He stops when he hears pounding footsteps behind him. Kacchan is running after him, and he does not look happy.

“Deku!” Kacchan catches up with him. “Are you stupid? You’re quirkless, so stop acting like a hero. I didn’t need your help! I was fine on my own!” Izuku knows his harsh tone in Kacchan’s voice. His pride is hurt, but frankly, Izuku can’t bring himself to care. It doesn’t matter how angry Kacchan is at him, as long as he’s alive to be mad. Kacchan spits in Izuku’s direction and takes off running back to his home. Izuku turns around to continue walking home, but when he starts walking, he is almost instantly cut off by All Might’s yelling. Izuku has heard ‘I am here!’ way too many times today. All Might starts to shout Izuku’s name, but he is stopped by a coughing fit. Ouch.

“Are you ok, sir?” Izuku questions, rushing to All Might’s side.

“I am fine, my boy. Sorry, it took so long to shake those reporters.”

“It’s fine? Why are you here, you seem sick?” All Might- or Toshinori in this form- chuckles a little.

“I’m fine, my boy. I wanted to ask you, what is your quirk?” Izuku sighs heavily. He doesn’t want All Might to know he was quirkless, but he would never lie to his hero.

“I don’t...have one.” All Might gasps, clearly surprised. Izuku doesn’t know why, but he seems happy as well. He starts chuckling quietly. Maybe he’ll make fun of Izuku as well. Tell him that he’ll never be a hero without a quirk.

“A quirkless child that stopped a crime that pro heroes didn’t attempt to interfere in, what an amazing origin story, huh?” All Might chuckles.

“I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t follow.” This makes All Might chuckle a little harder.

“I’m saying you’re going to make a great hero!” Izuku’s heart stops when the words leave All Might’s mouth. He’s never had anyone but Papa and Toshi tell him he can be a hero. And to hear his idol say he could, he almost fainted. All Might continues, not noticing Izuku’s inability to breathe.

“Heroes all have origin stories from their beginning. Do you know what all those stories have in common, young Izuku? The heroes were running to save someone, taking off before realising what they were doing. That’s what happened to you, wasn't it? I believe you will be a great hero. If you allow it, I will train you. You have so much potential, you may even be Number One Hero one day!” It takes all of Izuku’s willpower to not faint. All Might seems to be waiting for a response.

“B-but even i-if you train me. I’m still quirkless.” Strangely enough, that was the answer All Might was waiting for. He explodes in laughter, kind, assuring laughter.

“I guess I should tell you. There have been theories online about my quirk. While some theories are close, none of them are correct. My quirk is called One for All. One For All, the union of two Quirks; a Quirk that stockpiles power and a Quirk that could be transferred to others. If you accept my training, I can pass my quirk to you.”

“I-yes! Yes! Thank you so much!” Izuku is strangled by his emotions. The sudden realisation hits Izuku as hard as the hero’s offer. “All Might, sir, can I tell my family? They’d think it’s weird if I just show up with a quirk one day.”

“Of course, my boy. I wouldn’t want to be the reason for your family to distrust you. I can go with you to tell them if you’d have me.” Thank goodness.

“Yes, sir! Thank you so much!” Izuku grabs the skeleton All Might’s arm and walks with him to Izuku’s apartment.

Toshinori doesn’t flinch when the very excited Izuku grabs his arm and starts dragging him in the direction where Toshinori assumes his house is. He keeps up rather easily since he practically towers over the boy. Humming fills the silence, making a calming atmosphere. The walk is rather short, they were only a few blocks from Izuku’s apartment building. Toshinori is lucky to have caught Izuku in time, then. Izuku drags Toshinori to the door and pulls out his key. As soon as the door opens, he hears two thuds, and two cats come bounding to the door to greet Izuku. One of them takes one look at Toshinori and bolts back into the apartment.

 The door swings open, and immediately Tamotsu and Kimi flop off wherever they had been beforehand. They came running to the door to greet Izuku and All Might. They don’t know All Might is here, obviously, not until they round the corner. Kimi barely glances All Might’s way before looking at Izuku with a look that screamed ‘traitor’ and bolting away to hide. All Might looks slightly disappointed by Kimi’s actions as he takes off his shoes.

“Don’t worry, she’s like that with everyone. Papa! Toshi! I’m home! And I’ve brought company!” Izuku takes off his own shoes and picks up Tamotsu.

“Is that why Kimi took a running start at my head and is now clinging on for dear life?” A tired Toshi replies. Izuku can’t help but giggle a little. Izuku drags All Might into the living room where his brother is holding a terrified Kimi.

“Hi, Toshi! Are you feeling better?” Toshi nods, eyeing All Might. “That’s good! Toshi, I’d like you to meet Yagi Toshinori!” All Might holds out his hand for Toshi to shake. Toshi takes it, despite how uncomfortable he looks.

“Izu, I love that you’re making friends, but I was hoping they’d at least be your age.”

Papa sighs from the kitchen and Izuku giggles. Papa walks into the room and freezes when he sees All Might. They look at each other for a moment. Then All Might coughs and breaks the awkward silence.

“Um, may we speak in private?” Papa nods and turns to Toshi and Izu, “Do you boys mind going outside?” Toshi and Izu nod and run to the door. They hear Papa sigh deeply. Good luck, All Might, you’ll need it.

 Aizawa Shouta pays attention. People wouldn’t assume that because of his uninterested appearance. However, Shouta usually paid more attention than anyone else in staff meetings. Or any meeting, for that matter. So when the living skeleton, Yagi Toshinori himself, showed up at the Aizawa household, he instantly knew something had happened. And knowing Shouta’s glorious problem child, it has a 75% chance of killing one of his kids. And, if he can help it, he wants his children to live longer than him.

“I didn’t know you had children, Aizawa-kun.” Yagi awkwardly states. Yagi hopefully knows about Shouta’s reputation of being the harshest teacher at Yuuei.

“I don’t like to advertise it. Do you know how many villains have a petty vendetta against me? I wouldn’t put them in danger. And neither will you.” Yagi looks up apologetically, but Shouta couldn’t care less. He knows what going on, and doesn’t want the No 1 hero dangering his kids.

“I’m terribly sorry for not contacting you, but that’s why I came here, to ask permission.”

“Permission for what?” Shouta tries not to raise his voice, he really does, but he isn’t as forgiving as his Izu.

“I want to train Young Izuku, so he can be a hero. I would like to pass my quirk to him.”

“While I’m sure he’s flattered, you should have come to me first. Quick tip for dealing with parents; anything to do with their child is their business first. Always ask the guardian. Also, I know Izu won’t take it like this, but it’s kind of insulting to be told you can only be a hero with someone else’s help. You should have come to me and shouldn’t have made assumptions.”

“I.. ok.”

“What were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t, I was following my heart.”

“That is honestly the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever heard.”

“Fair enough.”

“Let’s go find Izuku, we need to come up with an exercise plan.”

“Wait, you’re agreeing to this?”

“I don’t think I could stop Izuku if I tried.”

“Thank you so much.” Yagi perks up. Shouta sighs, already regretting his kindness. This man is going to be a headache for sure. He might turn his child into a headache, and Shouta doesn’t want to deal with that.

 “Whatever, now I’m going to find my children. My parent senses are telling me they’ve done something.” If his kids are alone, something will happen. It’s just Shouta’s expectation at this point. Shouta walks to the door and, to Shouta’s relief, Yagi follows (he does NOT trust this man to be alone in the Aizawa apartment). Shouta knows his kids have left, and he knows where they’re heading. Hitoshi always lets Izuku drag him around when they leave, and Izuku has a pattern of where he goes when they are out. Usually, if Shouta kicks them out because he needs to lecture someone, they go get ice cream and walk to the park. So, it comes as a surprise when they aren’t there. Yagi and Shouta were talking long enough for them to be there, so they should have gotten here by now. Unless something had happened to them. Shouta mentally curses his paranoia as he panics a little at the thought. He knows his children know the way, so they couldn’t have gotten lost. As Shouta looks around for his kids, he picks up the pace, but only slightly so Yagi won’t notice his stress. Shouta walks to the ice cream shop they usually get ice cream from. He rounds a corner and the first thing he sees is Hitoshi snickering with his back turned to Shouta. He looks a little to the left and sees what Hitoshi is giggling about. Izuku is talking animatedly to the No 2 hero, Endeavour, and his son. He stops mid-sentence and turns to Shouta. As soon as he sees Shouta he runs toward him and tackles him in a hug. What in the world did they do this time?

Chapter Text

Hitoshi and Izu take off running, going to the ice cream place and then the park so they can wait for Papa and Yagi to finish up the lecture. Izu takes the lead, dragging Hitoshi behind him. They run around, avoiding people and giggling and joking about how dead Yagi is.

Izu rounds the corner and slams face-first into someone.

“Svabol wer uoinota? (What the heck?) ” For once, Izu stops smiling. Hitoshi looks up to see none other than the Flame Hero: Endeavour. Also known as the Worst Hero Ever. Hitoshi doesn’t trust the so-called hero. Why? Izuku doesn’t trust him. Izu has never hated any human. Except for this one. Izu says all the time, ‘He has an aura of terror around him. I’m glad he’s not killing for fun, but I think he’d be better off as a villain’. Hitoshi doesn’t know the story since Papa refuses to tell him about it. But, Hitoshi has overheard the conversations Papa has with Uncle Hizashi when they think he is sleeping. Endeavour is not a good person. Hitoshi glares at the man Izu ran into and an amazing though pops in his mind. Hitoshi’s face splits into a smirk.

“Ptaual, Izu, si tepoha vin ulhyrr. Svanoa zahae yth lehhav vi moxt riyit shafaer viprekil jiil svern tenpiswo? (Hey, Izu, I have an idea. How about we play a little prank on Number Two over here?) ” Izu giggles for a second before he looks like he has made a life-changing discovery.

“Thesek nomeno! (Watch this!) ” He turns toward Endeavour and sniffs him like a curious puppy would sniff something new. Endeavour scowls at him in response. He death glares at Izu like he’s trying to burn him using his eyes. Yeah, just you try to hurt him, man. See what happens.

“He must have a scent-based quirk.” Izu and Hitoshi jump at the new voice. Hitoshi hadn’t even seen the boy who spoke. Izu walks up to him and studies him as well. He has hair split down the middle, one side red, the other white. What a weird way to dye your hair, but Hitoshi can’t judge him too hard.

“Astahii zklaen qe di wer diieson iejir, astahii tepoha svaion vers. Zoti, asadsadavi, svihelen keefum svaion. Nomeno vrak tepohaic vi keefum hefoc vi gul ixen, shar Endeavour tenpiswo tepohaic vi keefum hefoc valignatir xihuu. (They must be related, they have similar quirks. Although, usually, family members smell similar. This kid smells like peppermint, but Endeavour here smells like burning shit.) ” And with that, Hitoshi howls in laughter. Endeavour, on the other hand, looks pissed.

“What did you say?” Endeavour growls. When Hitoshi stops laughing, he joins Izu, who is looking up at Endeavour with false confusion swirling in his eyes.

“Jalla yth wexeag ekess ti kampiun jacion? (Should we pretend to not understand him?) ” Izu asks, forcing himself to sound as utterly lost as possible. Hitoshi responds, mimicking Izu’s confused tone. This only adds to Endeavours irritation.

“What are you doing in Japan if you don’t speak Japanese?! It’s pointless, go back to where you came from!” Rude.

“Endeavour, please, they won’t understand if you tell them that.”

“Don’t defend them, Shouto!” Izuku smirks at the boy, turning so only Hitoshi can see him.

“Ptaual, Toshi si tepoha vin ulhyrr. Svanoa zahae yth ergriff anyui wer vrak. Xurwk coi vorq batobot yth kampiun ergriff jacion, kruth? (Hey, Toshi I have an idea. How about we only answer the kid. Make it look that we understand only him, ‘kay?) ” Hitoshi nods and giggles in response. This day keeps getting better and better. Izu shuffles to Shouto and looks up at him. He leans up to his ear. Knowing Izu, he’s whispering something creepy in his ear. The two-toned boy looks shocked for a split second before trying to make his face uninterested.

“Can I.. help you?” Izu nods excitedly, leaving the garbage behind him visibly shocked. Endeavour looks from Izu to Shouto. This is going to be so fun .

“So you can speak!” Endeavour raises his voice at Izu, and Izu just stares up at him with a blank look on his face. He turns to Shouto, and the boy looks so confused and it’s great.

“Uh. What do you need help with?” Izu lights up and Hitoshi walks over to ‘help with an explanation’. Izu goes in a full dept story of he got lost going home. Not that the pair would understand it, but hey, it’s a pretty good story. Every now and then, Izu would look at Hitoshi to pretend he was asking if he got details right. Hitoshi would nod, adding to the confusion in everybody. The look on Endeavour face was priceless, and Hitoshi’s only wish is that he had a camera. Izu decides to end his little story and turns to Endeavour and Shouto, who look so lost. It takes every muscle he has for Hitoshi not to laugh. Izu then proceeds to talk to Endeavour like Papa when he lectures his students.

Halfway through his ‘lecture’, Izu stops mid-sentence and looks in the direction Hitoshi and he came from. He grabs Hitoshi and whispers ‘he found us’ in his ear.

“Yth re zyak loex. (We are so dead.)


The turn today has taken has been… interesting to say the least. Shouto woke up this morning to Endeavour shouting about patrols or something of the sort. He quickly changed into his ‘hero costume’(which was just a navy tracksuit). Shouto walked out of his room to get breakfast only to be dragged out the door. They’ve been walking together, going on a patrol. Going from store to store, they look for any trouble. And when a small boy rounds the corner, they find it.

“Svabol wer uoinota?” The small boy cries out, and looks up at Endeavour, then turns to another, more tired looking, boy. The tired boy looks up at Endeavour and looks back down to the pale boy. He grins so wide Shouto is worried it might split his face.

“Ptaual, Izu, si tepoha vin ulhyrr. Svanoa zahae yth lehhav vi moxt riyit shafaer viprekil jiil svern tenpiswo” Shouto tries to figure out what language the boy is speaking to no avail. The smaller boy lights up and giggles. He suddenly stiffens, replies (?) to the tired boy and turns back towards Endeavour and Shouto, grinning madly. He does the most unexpected thing. The boy starts sniffing Endeavour like a bunny or dog. Shouto looks at Endeavour, who looks like he’s about to murder the boy. Shouto decides to step in so that the boy doesn’t get hurt.

“Maybe his quirk has something to do with smell,” Shouto suggests. Both of the boys flinch like they hadn’t noticed Shouto was there. The smaller boy walks over to Shouto and sniffs him too, studying him more closely than Endeavour. He looks confused before he looks over to the tired boy and says something in his garbled speech. Shouto still doesn’t know what language it is. As the smaller boy finishes his sentence, the tired boy bursts into laughter and almost falls over. This, of course, sends the No 1 garbage man into a rage. He knows not everyone is talking about him, right?

Both boys look at Endeavour, confusion and concern written all over their faces, as Endeavour yells ‘What did you say?’ at the petite boy. The boy stands there, confused. No, not scared, just confused.

“What are you doing in Japan if you don’t speak Japanese?! It’s pointless, go back to where you came from!”

“Endeavour, please, they won’t understand if you tell them that.”Endeavour whips around so fast he misses the way the small boy lights up. He turns to the tired boy and says something, making the boy smirk.

“Don’t defend them, Shouto!” The tired boy, who has been quiet this whole time, lets out a low growl that Endeavour seems to miss. Endeavour death glares at Shouto for while until the smaller boy moves around the hulking man to Shouto. He stares at Shouto before mumbling ‘Shouto?’ so quietly that only Shouto hears him. Shouto’s eyes widen in shock and confusion for a split second before he composes himself.

“Can I... help you? The tiny boy nods, pointing to Shouto and yelling something to the tired boy. He whips back around to Shouto, who is still slightly shocked about the whole ordeal.

“So you can speak!” Endeavour is practically yelling at the petite boy, who in turn, stares up at him in confusion. Shouto is so confused and tired and just wants to go home.

“What do you need help with?” Shouto asks. The boy starts exploding with chatter, looking at Shouto expectantly for a couple of seconds before continuing again (Shouto thinks the boy is asking questions). He waves his hands around to seemingly emphasise his words. He suddenly stops mid-sentence and freezes. He whips around and whispers something in the tired boy’s ear, then turns back toward Shouto and continues talking. The tired boy turns toward the corner where the boys came from and eyes it warily for a second, then joins the petite boy, except now he starts quietly snickering, holding his hand over his mouth to try and stifle his voice.

Shouto tries to get clues to what the boy is saying, but he’s completely lost. The boy keeps talking for a good minute before he stops again. He turns around and runs straight into somebody who Shouto didn’t even notice. A tired man, probably the tired boy's father, scoops up the small boy.

“Why weren’t you two at the park? I was looking for you. Hitoshi?” The tired man hugs the petite boy and looks over to the tired boy -Hitoshi- for an explanation. To Shouto’s surprise, he gets one.


“Why weren’t you two at the park? I was looking for you. Hitoshi?” Hitoshi looks at Papa and grins. Oh well, cat’s outta the bag, he supposes.

“We were heading to the ice cream shop, but we had to stop for a bit. Izu can explain the rest,” Hitoshi replies, sending Endeavour into a rage. Izu sends him a betrayed look, but he tells Papa what happens.

“Yth nomag usv nomag ti tepoha coanwor riyitir Endeavour sari siofmeir yth tir ti renthisj jacida xanalre. (We may or may not have been pranking Endeavour into thinking we don't speak Japanese.) ” Izu is still keeping it up. Papa sighs heavily and glares at Hitoshi.

“Let me just say, from the bottom of my heart, my idea.” Izu bursts into laughter and Papa almost joins him. Meanwhile, Shouto and Endeavour are just so confused and annoyed.

“New rule, you are no longer allowed to run away when I lecture morons, capiche?”

“Hey!” Mr Yagi whines, stepping out from behind Papa, who sighs to stifle his smiling. He looks unapologetically at Mr Yagi, then turns to Endeavour to bow. Dangit Papa, why do you have to be so formal.

“Thanks for watching them, Endeavour,” Papa grabs Hitoshi’s hand, “Come on boys, we’re going home.” Izu looks back at Shouto and smiles brightly at him.


"See you later, Shouto!” The small boy -Izu?- shouts, in perfect, unaccented Japanese. Shouto’s mouth almost hits the floor.

And with Izu’s final statement, they left to go home. As soon as they make it through the door, Papa dissolves into laughter.

“I’m very confused, what did they do?” All Might turns to Papa, who tries to stifle his giggling with his scarf. He may blame Uncle Yamada for Toshi and Izuku’s pranks, but everyone knows the twins got their sense of humour from him.

“They were pranking Endeavour into thinking they couldn’t understand him. I’m so proud of you two.” Izuku, Toshi and Papa high five.

“You two are certainly mischievous.” All Might chuckles.

“As much as he may deny it, we get it from Papa,” Izuku responds, tackling Papa into a hug.

“No, you don’t. Now, as proud as I am, we still have important things to discuss. Izuku, I’ve talked with your moron of a new trainer. We have an exercise plan for you. Hitoshi, if you would like to join, you can as well. Even if you don’t, you have to  make sure Izuku doesn’t push himself.”

“Wait, does that mean I can train with him?!”

“Yes, you can.”

“Wait, trainer?” Toshi looks around, confused.

“We should probably catch Hitoshi up on all this.”

Chapter Text

To say Hitoshi was surprised would be an understatement. Not only had his brother been attacked by a villain twice in the same day, but the second attack was because he was saving Kacchan. Kacchan of all people. Then after Izu saved Kacchan (when the heroes didn’t do anything!!) the heroes scolded him. They scolded him for doing something they failed at.  Aren’t heroes just the smartest? To top all that off, he gained the attention of No 1 hero and is now training under him. And he’s inviting Hitoshi to join them. Hitoshi is internally thanking his brother. Neither of them are in good physical shape, and since they were planning to go to UA, they needed to shape up. But seriously, he was gone for one day!

“Okay, I’ll train with you. It won’t hurt to be prepared for the entrance exam. Besides, as Papa said, someone will need to keep you from overworking yourself.” Izu tackles Hitoshi in a hug.

“Thank you, Toshi!! We’re going to be so prepared for the entrance exam!” Papa snorts a response.

“You do realize Uncle Hizashi and I could recommend you both so that you don't have to take the entrance exam, don’t you?” They know that. Izu always said that he wanted Toshi to be recommended because his quirk wouldn’t do well fighting against robots. Hitoshi knew this too, but he refused the recommendation because he didn’t want to leave Izu behind.

“I know, and I still want you to take the recommendation, Toshi. Your quirk isn’t going to work in the entrance exam. If All Might gives me his quirk, then I’ll be able to trash the robots, but you wouldn’t. I don’t want to go to UA if you aren’t there with me.” Hitoshi sighs. He hates it when Izu is right. It usually means that you can’t argue with him.

“How about we make a deal. I’ll train with you and All Might. If I still think I can’t trash some brainless robots by the time recommendation submission rolls around, I’ll take the recommendation. I’m still going to train with you, though. And if you don’t pass the exam, I’m backing out of recommendations. I don’t want to go without you, too. Deal?”

“Deal!” Izu squeezes Hitoshi tighter to emphasise his word. Hitoshi ruffles his little brother's hair.

“So, when do we start Mr Yagi?” Hitoshi asks, opening the calendar app on his phone.

“As soon as possible. There is no need for you to have a calendar, my boy. I’ll print the schedule out for the three of you.” Yagi smiles at the boys. Izu lets go of his hold on Hitoshi to bow to Yagi.

“Thank you, Mr All Might!” Yagi chuckles and ruffles Izu’s hair.

“It’s no trouble, my boy. And, please, call me Toshinori.”

“Yes, sir!” Izu does his dorky solute.


Izuku wakes up way earlier than Toshi. He knows that he should probably wait for his brother to get up, but he’s so excited he can hardly contain himself. Besides, it’s the weekend and Toshi is still a little sick. He puts on some athletic clothes and goes running, just like his new training regiment says. He makes sure to follow everything to the tee, no matter what it says. And it says some pretty out-of-place things. He has to reread it a couple times to make sure he isn’t crazy. He isn’t though, because it reads- and Izuku quotes- “Make sure to pay attention to the people passing by. Focus on anything about them from their look to their smell. When you see someone, take a moment to figure out their quirk, and when you think you’ve got it, ask them. If you are right, mark on the piece of paper I’ve given you. Write the total number of people you assess at the end.” Sure, as a hero you have to figure out villains quirks, but these are random people on the streets. Isn't it going to be hard to guess a strangers quirk?

Apparently not, it seems. Izuku didn’t know what to expect, but this was not it. So far, he has gotten three out of four quirks correct, and he’s only a quarter done with his running. Izuku guesses that studying quirks since he could write would do that to someone, but he didn’t expect for it to take only a minute or two per person. Right now, he’s looking at a group of two kids about his age. The boy has black hair and a pointy-toothed smile. He has tougher looking skin, so he probably has some kind of skin quirk, and going by the scar on his eye, he could probably harden his skin or grow rocks. Rocks usually make scratch marks like that. The boy’s quirk was easy to guess, especially since he smells like rocks, suggesting he is around them often. The girl, on the other hand, was a little harder to guess. The only thing suggesting her quirk was that she didn’t seem to want to make eye contact with the boy. When she does, though, then the white of her eyes would flash the colour of the other boy's eyes. She looks like she doesn’t have good control of her quirk, which might be why she avoids eye contact with the boy even though they look like friends. That’s all he could get from her without asking questions. He walks over to the duo.

“Hello there! My name is Aizawa Izuku! My mentor wants me to try and guess other people's quirks! Can you tell me if I got them wrong?” Izuku asks, smiling wide. The boy grins back at him and the girl smiles softly.

“Of course, dude! My name is Kirishima Eijirou, and this is Kouma Sumi!” The boy practically shouts as the girl barely nods her head. Completely different personalities. Kinda like Uncle Hizashi and Papa, Izuku notes.

“Um, ok so for you,” Izuku points to the boy, Kirishima, “You can make your skin harder, as strong as a rock, to protect you. Right?” Kirishima looks astounded for a second and then grins madly.

“Right! That’s cool, how did you do that?”

“Oh! Well, the scar over your eye looks like a scratch, your skin looks rougher than most other humans, and you kinda smell like rocks, so you have to be around them a lot, so, um, hardening quirk.” Kirishima looks at Izuku and smiles. Kouma speaks up, barely heard.

“You’re very smart, Aizawa.” She whispers, causing Izuku to blush a little.

“Thanks, Kouma-san! So, um I couldn’t get your exact quirk since it isn’t something physical, but do you activate it by making eye contact?” Kouma nods, “Cool, also I noticed your eyes blinked red like Kirishima’s, and you stopped walking for a second or two. Do you have trouble controlling your quirk?” Kouma chuckles and shakes her head slightly.

“Oh, no. That’s my training with my quirk. I’m trying to find weaknesses I may have, and Ei is helping me.”

“I see! What is your quirk?” Kouma glances downward.

“I don’t know how to explain it, so it would be best if I demonstrate.” She mumbles, closing her eyes. When her eyes open, they are different. The whites of her eyes -that are the colour of Kirishima’s irises- are glowing, swirling, mixing with Kouma’s baby blue irises. While the colours are wild, her pupils are blank and soulless. Kirishima’s uncomfortable look makes Izuku nervous, but he takes out his notebook to write down everything.

“Sumi, wave,” Kouma raises her hand and waves at Kirishima, “Good job. Sumi, release.” Kouma blinks, eyes returning to normal. She hides her face in her hoodie, turning pink.

“Wow,” Izuku starts, “You quirk is amazing!” Izuku grins from ear to ear, writing down everything he got from the experience.

“You think it’s… cool?” Kouma seems confused at his excitement, clearly not used to people liking her quirk.

“Of course! My brother Toshi has a similar quirk! What’s your quirk’s name? You can use it on other people too, right? Can you break out of Kirishima’s control?” Kouma looks dazed by all the questions and Kirishima laughs and asks him to slow down. Izuku quickly apologises.

“So, um, I can use it on other people, as you said. I can’t break out of it easily, I’ve never actually done it, but I know that I can. My quirk is called AI Command. I got both my mother’s and father’s quirk. My quirk lets me easily persuade people, and the other part… Um… Basically, I turn other people into robots. These people will ‘connect’ to whomever I choose. When they are ‘connected’, they will listen to that person, and only that person.”

“And said person can mess with their personality and memory, right? That’s what the ‘AI’ is?”

“I… Yea… Wait how did you know that?”

“I've done this for years,” Izuku replies absently, “I’ve had so much experience that I can pick apart a person's quirk easily.”

“That’s a powerful ability.”

“Yup! Here’s some advice. Experience is what makes people powerful. Training will only get you so far. No matter how hard you train, you’ll only be prepared once you’ve done it before. You can train, and should train, but at the end of the day, experience is key,” Izuku only realises what he says after he said it. He blushes a little, but continues nonetheless. I’m starting to sound like Papa.

“If you ask me, when you learn how to get out of your quirk’s effect, it will be because you have to if you want to do something, or even if you need to live. When that time comes, you’ll know how. Afterwards, however, you might not be able to. But, that’s ok, things will happen in time.”

“Bro. That was deep.” Kirishima whispers in awe. This makes Izuku turn bright red.

“You know how that feels? Did you feel it with your quirk?” Izuku looks to the ground.

“No, but I’ve seen others like you, and some have it worse, but as I said, it all comes from experience,” Izuku mumbles, hiding his face in his notebook.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what is your quirk?” Kouma questions. Izuku sighs, the dreaded moment for him. Izuku hopes they won’t be too harsh, they seem nice, at least.

“What do you think it is?” Might as well delay the inevitable. Kouma looks at Izuku, contemplating for a second.

“It isn’t transformation type, since you don’t look any different from us. Is it some type of fire quirk?”

“No… fire quirk?”

“You have burns all over your arms.”

“Oh… that’s not from my quirk,” Izuku deadpans, gaining worried looks from Kirishima and Kouma.

“Um… ok. Then, what’s your quirk?” Kirishima questions. Izuku lowers his head and cackles dryly.

“It’s simple. I don’t have one.” Izuku growls. Kirishima and Kouma gasp.

“So you mean… everything you discovered about our quirks… That wasn’t your quirk?” Izuku shakes his head, not noticing the awe in Kouma’s voice, “Are you sure? I’ve never met a person that smart without some kind of knowledge quirk.”

“While I don’t have any physical signs leading to quirklessness, I just never developed one.”

“That’s… amazing, bro!” Kirishima shouts.

“I know- waitaminute, what?” Izuku mumbles. Only now does he see Kirishima and Kouma’s faces, which are awestruck and impressed respectively.

“I mean, you’re so smart ‘cause you didn’t even use a quirk to guess ours, which aren’t that obvious, I think. Do you mean that you like, looked at us and figured out our quirks based on behaviour and appearance alone?” Izuku nods, still not fully registering what is happening, “That’s awesome, right Su?” Kirishima turns to Kouma, who’s a little shocked about her sudden inclusion in the conversation, but nods nonetheless.

“I must say, it’s impressive that you knew how to activate my quirk without really knowing what it is. Only because I tried to avoid Ei’s eyes?” Izuku nods slowly, “That’s impressive.”

“I, um, thank you.” Izuku thanks them nervously. This is so weird, Izuku thinks.

“Well, I have to continue on my run. I hope I see you two later!” Izuku grins at them.

“Same, man! We’ll let you be one your way, then,” Kirishima chirped. Kouma nodded to Izuku and whispered to Izuku, “I’ll see you around, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you want without a quirk. If you want to be a doctor, be a doctor. If you want to be a hero, be the best dang hero in the world.” Izuku giggles and nods at her, whispering a quiet ‘thank you’ back.

“Bye, Kirishima! Bye, Kouma!” Izuku shouts as he breaks into a run. They shout back and continue on their way. They’re some great people. Toshi would love to meet them.

Chapter Text

Izuku makes it home before Toshi and Papa get up. Thank goodness for weekends. He takes a quick shower and heads back to bed, exhausted from his run. When he wakes up again, Kimi is laying on his chest. Toshi isn’t in bed anymore, so Izuku tries to get up and find him. He stumbles through the living room, legs slightly sore from his run. When Izuku gets to the kitchen, Toshi and Papa are attempting to cook. Emphasis on attempting. It is beyond Izuku how they are able to fail at scrambling eggs.

“You guys suck at cooking.” Izuku deadpans, walking over and grabbing the spatula from Toshi’s hand. “Do I have to teach you again?” Toshi giggles sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Izuku sighs. He gives Toshi the spatula back and grabs his hand.

“You were stirring it wrong, somehow , and so it’s not cooking properly. Also, don’t have the temperature on high, they’ll burn. You can cook at other temperatures. You know that right?” Izuku shows Toshi how to stir eggs, again . Papa stands back and watches, empty coffee mug in hand. Tamotsu hops onto the fridge to watch.

“Izuku, you need to teach me how to cook because I’m tired of reheating take out every day.” Papa deadpans, earning a snort from his children.

“Don’t laugh at me, Hitoshi, you aren’t any better.” Izuku leaves Toshi to try and not burn the eggs while he makes a pot of coffee. He takes Papa’s mug and gets out his and Toshi’s mugs. While the coffee brews, Izuku gets out everything he’ll need to make everything taste good. The family waits in comfortable silence while they wait for the coffee to finish. When it does finish, Izuku prepares it the way he knows his family likes; Papa likes it black, Toshi likes it with a block or two of sugar, and Izuku likes it with lots of sugar and peppermint creamer. The family sits at the table and eats, still barely awake. Papa is the first to finish, and he cleans his plate and leaves for work.

“Bye Papa!”

“Bye, boys, try not to burn the house down while I’m gone.”

“Yes, sir!” Izuku does his solute, and Papa snorts as he leaves. As soon as he’s gone, Toshi breaks into a grin.

“Hey, Izuku, you know how we’re at a disadvantage with our quirks?”

“Or lack thereof, yes?”

“Well, I found something we can do to get our strength up to speed before the entrance exam.”

“Really!? What is it?”

“There this beach called Dagobah beach- its covered in trash- we could clean it up!”

“That beach was so pretty before people dumped their trash there! I never saw it, but I’ve seen pictures! If we clean it up not only will it get us muscle mass, but the beach will be pretty again!”

“That’s what I was thinking!” Izuku and Toshi giggle at their like-mindedness.

“So, Toshi, when do we start?”

“I’m not sure, we could probably start today or tomorrow.” Izuku thinks for a moment. It would be best to start as soon as possible so that they could have cleaned the beach before the entrance exam. The problem will be how to incorporate it into their already packed workout regimen. Will they be doing it by themselves, or will the adults be involved too? If they aren’t involved, will we be keeping it a secret from them? If we are keeping it from the adults, then when will we have the time every day to clean? I wonder if-

“Izuku, hate to break you out of it when you’re muttering so hard, but I can answer a few of your questions.”

“Oh! Thanks, Toshi!”

“No problem, anyway, I looked over our schedule while you were sleeping, and the time from when we get home to before we eat dinner is for homework. However, as we both know, it doesn’t take us three hours to do our homework. So, we could sneak out after we finish our homework and be home in time to shower and help make dinner.”

“That’s so smart, Toshi! So, we’re keeping this from the adults, then?”

“I mean, we won’t tell them, but we won’t outright lie if they ask. If they want to know where we’re going, we could say we’re going to the beach.” Izuku feels bad about not telling Papa, but he knows if they tell him, then he won’t let them clean the beach.

“Okay. So will we start today or tomorrow?”

“We can start today if you’d like.” Izuku sprints to his bedroom and grabs his and Toshi’s workout clothes. He returns and yells ‘Let’s do this!’ before sprinting back to his room and changing.

When Izuku walks out of the room, Toshi is already changed and is packing water and snacks into a bag. They talk about their training whiles walking to Dagobah.

“So, are we going to go out the front door when Papa is here?”

“No, we’re going out the window.”

“Hah yeah, figured we’d still go out the door.”

“We’re here.” Izuku looks around at the mounds of trash and sighs.

“So, shall we?” Toshi says.

“Yea,” Izuku replies, already digging into a pile, “We could probably use that truck over there to put the smaller things while we clean, but the rest we’ll have to carry to the dump.”

Toshi nods, starting to chip away at a different pile. They work away at their piles, stopping to help each other with the heavier things like couches. Out of sheer lack of muscles, they leave the heaviest things like refrigerators alone. They struggle carrying everything, and eventually, they stop and take everything to the dump. The brothers throw everything away and get home before Papa gets back from work. When Papa gets home, the boys change and get ready for self-defence training. Days go by the same way, wake up, go running, go to school, clean the beach, hand-to-hand combat training with Yagi and Papa. It becomes a routine. Kacchan leaves Izuku and Toshi alone for the most part, but that’s mostly because no-one can catch them before they leave for the beach. Some days they run into Kouma and Kirishima walking one of their dogs on their runs. Sometimes they see people on the beach, and some people drop their trash and don’t pick it up. The brothers respond by throwing cans back at them. Time goes by until there’s only a month until the entrance exam, which Toshi is not taking due to the recommendation.

Izuku and Toshi have almost finished cleaning up the beach, and so they are just resting for now. They sit there and watch the sunset until a blond figure approaches.

“Young Izuku! Young Hitoshi! What are you rascals doing here?”

“Hello, Mr Yagi,” Hitoshi starts, “We’re enjoying the sunset. Someone’s been cleaning the beach and so we found decided to picnic out here. Maybe throw trash at litterers.”

“I’m sorry, you throw trash at people?” All Might asks. This time Izuku replies.

“Yea! Someone is taking their time to pick up the trash on the beach and other people are throwing trash right back down. It would be rude to not throw trash at them.” Izuku pouts. All Might chuckles at the brothers.

“Well, boys we have a month until the entrance exam for Yuuei. Are you excited?” Toshi covers his ears (that traitor) and ducks his head. Izuku doesn’t care, he just squeals anyway. Of course, he's excited for the entrance exam, who wouldn’t be? It’s the chance to get into the No 1 hero school! He positively can’t wait until he takes the exam because he’s been coming up with strategies to use against the robots without even using All Might's quirk. He could probably take down-

“Woah, slow down there Young Izuku.” All Might interrupts. Izuku turns bright red and hides his face in his hands.

“Sorry! I’m just really excited!”

“I can tell. Young Izuku, I still haven't given you my quirk yet-” All Might is interrupted by Izuku yelling ‘I know’ “Ok. What I meant was, I should give it to you before the exam so that you can get used to having a quirk.”


“Yea, so um. As I’ve learned there is no way I can put this to make it any less weird.” All Might poofs into his hero form and plucks a hair from his head. Izuku can already see where this is going. The only way Izuku can think to pass the quirk down is through DNA, like regular quirks. This will just be a different type of passing through DNA.

“EAT THIS!” How did I know? Toshi bursts into laughter behind Izuku and Izuku turns to face him.

“What? What’s so funny?” Izuku asks, puzzled.


“I said that out loud?!” Toshi is rolling on the floor laughing at Izuku, who blushes madly and covers his face.

“You should have seen Yagi’s face!”

“I feel like this is way too funny to you,” Izuku mumbles Toshi starts coughing and his laughing dissipates.

“OkI’mreadynowcontinue.” Well, Izuku didn’t mean to say that out loud, but hey, it made Toshi laugh. Izuku does as All Might says and it feels… actually no different. There must be some delay or something.

“It will take a little while to digest, but it will probably be ready by training tomorrow.”

“Ok, sir!” Izuku salutes. Yagi says he needs to be somewhere and takes his leave.


After Yagi leaves, Hitoshi and Izu start cleaning the beach again. They’ve got at least an hour before Papa gets home, so they might as well clean up a bit. The brother’s finish cleaning up a couple piles in no time. Their alarm to head home goes off, and they walk together.

“Yo, Aizawa twins!” A familiar voice calls out.

“Kirishima! And Jack!” As soon as he hears his name, Jack, Kouma’s dog, bounds to Izu and Hitoshi. How Kouma manages to own three massive dogs is completely beyond Hitoshi. If Hitoshi was being honest, he didn’t even know Kouma had a dog. He’d only met her a month or two ago, so he doesn’t know her that well. He does, however, know her quirk. When she heard about his quirk, she started calling him ‘Aizawa-nii’ because ‘she felt a kinship to his quirk’ or something along those lines. Hitoshi lets her, though. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t like having a mind control buddy. Speak of the devil , Hitoshi thinks as he sees Kouma running toward them.

“You can’t just run away like that, Ei! Idiota!” She slaps him upside the head and says something that is definitely not Japanese. She then turns to Hitoshi and Izu, “Good evening, Aizawa-nii, Izukun. It’s good to see you.”

“Hi, Kouma! Good to see you too!” Izu picks up Kouma’s saint bernard, which he couldn’t do months ago, and drops him next to Kouma. Jack stands on his hind legs and makes himself almost Izuku sized. He barks at Kouma and drags her past Izu and Hitoshi.

“Ok, chill Jack-Jack we’re going to the beach soon.”

“You guys are going to the beach?” Hitoshi asks.

“Yup,” Kirishima shouts in response, popping the ‘p’, “Somebody has been cleaning it up, so we like to go there in our spare time.”

“Yeah, we do too. If we see somebody littering, we throw cans at them.”

“Haha, same. If Jack sees someone litter, he’ll grab the trash they dropped and follow them with it until they throw it away,” Jack tugs at his leash, “Speaking of which… Y’know, Jack, if you keep tugging, I’m going to let you go. Sorry about him.”

“It’s ok, we should get going too. Papa is going to get home soon.”

“Ok, well see Y'all later,” Kirishima yells as he grabs Jack’s leash and takes off down the road. Kouma waves and jogs after Kirishima. Hitoshi and Izu continue home, getting there only five minutes before Papa. The family eats together and finishes their night in routine. Hitoshi goes to bed, sleep taking him almost as soon as he lays down.


Hitoshi wakes up to muffled screaming beside him.

Chapter Text

Shouta didn’t expect to wake up at two in the morning to Hitoshi shaking him and crying. It immediately sets off several red flags in Shouta’s head. Hitoshi never cries.

“P-Papa! S-Something’s wrong with I-Izuku!” Shouta jumps out of bed and follows Hitoshi. Before they even get to the door, Shouta can hear Izuku screaming. He rushes through the open door to Izuku, who’s covering his face with a pillow.

“Izuku, what’s wrong?” Shouta holds his child, who tightens his hold on the pillow.

“I-It h-hurts. P-Please make it s-stop Papa!” Izuku cries, clinging to the pillow and Shouta’s shirt. Hitoshi runs over and hugs Izuku closely. Shouta picks his kids up in his arms and carries them to his room. They collapse on Shouta’s bed, both enveloped in Shouta’s hug. Shouta uses his quirk to cancel out Izuku’s. Izuku stops screaming, but he still holds onto Hitoshi and Shouta. Shouta slowly gives him his quirk back (a trick that Izuku taught him to do) so that he isn’t overwhelmed. As he’s learned by watching Izuku, his quirks either amplify or rely on his senses (part of the reason he thinks he’s quirkless), so it makes sense that they would be amplified with One for All. Shouta mentally curses Toshinori for giving Izuku One for All so late in the day. If he'd received it earlier, Izuku would have been around Shouta when it activated. Who knows how long it's been since Izuku’s senses have been overstimulated? Izuku cries and holds onto Shouta and Hitoshi, his pillow long forgotten.






What’s happening?



Why does everything hurt?



It hurts so bad.



Is my head going to explode?



The last time I felt like this was years ago.



But that's when-


Hitoshi doesn’t know what’s happening. He asked up to Izuku screaming beside him, so he goes to get Papa. Papa shut off Izuku's quirk, but almost immediately afterwards, he started screaming and crying again. The only difference is that now he’s struggling like he wants to run. But why would he want to run? He's with Hitoshi and Papa, so what's wrong? Is Papas quirk not working? It's always worked. So why isn't it working? Why is Izuku still hurting? Why-

“Hitoshi, please calm down. Panicking is only going to make things worse. Take a deep breath. Hold. Release.” Hitoshi follows Papa's instructions and tries to keep his worrying at bay.

“You're right, but what do you think is wrong with Izuku?”

“At first, it was his quirk being enhanced by One for All. His brain was being overstimulated. You know when something smells really strong and gives you a headache? That's basically happening except worse. Now though? I don't know what's wrong. It's hard to keep him from getting hurt when he keeps struggling.”

“Should I try to calm him down?”

“I'd use your quirk, you might not be able to make him hear you otherwise.”

Hitoshi nods, turning to Izu.

“Hey, Izuku-” Hitoshi is interrupted by Izuku yelling at him. As much as he hates using his quirk on Izuku without permission, he has no choice. Izuku stops struggling.

“Izuku, I know you're scared, and I'm not sure why, but please calm down. It's ok, we're here. I'm going to let you go now, ok?” Izuku nods slowly as Hitoshi releases his hold on him. He jumps into Hitoshi's arms, squeezing him as if his life depended on it. Hitoshi hugs back, humming a calming melody to Izuku to calm him down. Thankfully, it works and the family is calmer than before, conflict somewhat resolved. Hitoshi feels Izuku go limp in his arms, no doubt passed out from exhaustion. Papa sighs and lays down, pulling Hitoshi and Izuku into his arms.


Izuku wakes up early the next morning feeling more groggy and tired than usual. He understands why, with the whole fiasco that happened last night. One for All wasn’t exactly subtle about enhancing everything. That he doesn't understand, though. He was told One for All only enhances quirks and physical strength. But for some reason, it enhanced his senses? One for All is confusing. Oh well, he'll have time to figure out the kinks at training.

Izuku gets up and heads to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. His head hurts, but he still has a schedule to follow. Curse Mondays. He has to deal with school with this headache? He'd rather not. Hopefully, Kacchan will be calmer today.

“Hey ‘Zuku.” Izuku jumps at his brother's voice.

“Hey, Toshi, you scared me.”

“Sorry. You seem peaceful.”

“I'm confused and tired. I need coffee.”

“I do too. Last night was… interesting.”

“Yeah, sorry. I'm going to have to ask Yagi-sensei why One for All messed with my senses. It should've just given me a stockpiling quirk.”

“Um… yeah.” Toshi looks at the ground, obviously guilty. It makes Izuku feel guilty as well. Izuku shouldn’t be so stoic about everything. Toshi must have been terrified to wake up to screaming. Izuku goes back to making breakfast, pushing his unexpected guilt down.

Wait a fucking minute. Suddenly, a realization hits Izuku. Izuku is a little surprised by the sudden curse word, but that’s nothing compared to the dopamine burst and clarity he feels. He gets it now! He whips around to Hitoshi, who looks just as surprised as Izuku feels. Izuku runs over Toshi faster than he could have yesterday (he’ll check on that later.) and gets up his brother’s face.

“I have a quirk,” Izuku whispers, “I have a quirk. How did I not notice this earlier? My sense of smell is super strong now. Toshi, I can smell the people outside. I can’t believe-”


“Izu slow down please.” Hitoshi cuts Izu off. It’s about time he figured it out, but he is so tired that he isn’t exactly getting it, “How about you drink some coffee before you think about this? You’re clearly very tired.” Izu nods as the coffee finishes brewing. He adds an unholy amount of sugar and creamer and downs the whole mug in about three seconds.

“Tired much, Izuku?” Papa says in a gruff voice, entering the room, “Makes sense. You should probably stay home today.”

“No way, I’m not getting behind in class because of a little mishap. I’ll be fine.”

“If you say so,” Papa deadpans as Izuku hands him his coffee. He drinks it slowly, rather than chugging it like Izuku, who gets the pot of coffee after Toshi gets his coffee. Izuku pours less sugar in the pot than his mug but chugs it nonetheless. The coffee helps him wake up more, but he hasn’t returned to his bubbly personality just yet. Kacchan better watch out, sleep deprived Izu is a force to be reckoned with. Izu and Hitoshi go on their jog, Izu mumbling quieter than usual. When they make it home, they both take quick showers and get ready for school. Izu walks into the living room, where Hitoshi is waiting for him. Together, they walk to school.

When they get to their homeroom, the class is empty. They sit down at their desks and talk while they wait for their classmates to arrive. Halfway through their chat about a new hero that debut, Izu stops talking and looks at the door.

“Ptaual, Toshi. Kacchan tepohaic lekara wer goawy (Hey, Toshi. Kacchan is here).”

“Svanoa tir wux vucot batobot (How do you know that)?”

“Si keefum jacion (I can smell him),” Izu deadpans, “Wux vucot svanoa si tepohada vi klewar nomeno nakit vur kartaha si tepohada vi vers? Batobot vers tepohaic creolnali ekess tir mrith keefum vur kipreikup. Si shilta keefum svaklar Kacchan ui, vur batobot jaci ui ti lae harkajup lae asadsada (You know how I had a moment this morning and discovered I had a quirk? That quirk has something to do with smells and emotions(?). I can smell where Kacchan is, and that he is not as angry as usual).”

“Kwi, tir wux kampiun batobot (Oh, that makes sense)?”

“Wux ornla kampiun sjek wux jahen persvek sia fothisev (It makes more sense in my head).”

“Oi, nerd, if you’re going to talk behind my back at least do it when I’m not in the room.”

“Oi, Kacchan, sjek wux re gethrisjir ekess qe vin tzarreth, sva gekip tir coi karif mojka de ve (Oi, Kacchan, if you’re going to be an ass at least do it far away from me),” Izu deadpans, and Kacchan shuts right up. He knows better than to mess with a tired Izu. Izu and Hitoshi go back to talking, this time trying to figure out how exactly Izu’s quirk works. Once again, Izu stops talking and speaks.

“Mobi re throdenilt xiekivi confnir. Nomeno vers ui diwhaf ekess klae (There are more people coming. This quirk is fun to use).” As if on cue, Oshiro and Tsubasa walk in. As soon as they see Izu and Hitoshi, they walk over. Mistake one.

“Hey, nerd,” Oshiro growls, but Izu just ignores him. He tries again. Mistake two.

“HEY, I’m talking to you!”

“I know. You always are.”

“Excuse me?!”

“You’re always talking. It’s annoying.”

“Why I outta-” Oshiro is interrupted by Izu, who talks significantly louder as he goes back to his conversation with Hitoshi.

“AS I WAS SAYING, Si siofme sia vers letocloic ve kampiun lyriki desta (I think my quirk helps me understand others better).”

“You do not ignore me!”

“Shut up before I punch you.”

“As if you know how to punch,” Oshiro growls, stepping closer.

“Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Izu grunts. He decks Oshiro in the face.

“What the heck? When did you- ugg I’m telling.”

“Telling what, that you got beat by a quirkless loser like me. Sounds embarrassing if you ask me. Now, be a good classmate and leave me alone.” Izuku sits back down and talks to Hitoshi, who smiles smugly as he listens. Oshiro and Tsubasa go to their seats and Kacchan snickers. 


Katsuki doesn’t know why Deku is so tired, but dang is it funny to see him throw hands for once. It’s hilarious to see the nerd finally stand up for himself. Katsuki wishes he’d do it more often (not that he’d say that out loud). But, it does bother Katsuki a little bit only a little, that Deku is like this. Katsuki’s never seen Deku so tired before, even before he was adopted.  That’s concerning, to say the least. He’ll have to talk to him about it later. If he could catch the nerd and his brother before they run off to wherever the heck they keep heading to after school.

Katsuki isn’t an idiot, he knows that Deku and Hitoshi are going somewhere after school, and that place is changing them, but Katsuki can’t figure out where the heck it is.  When he first followed them, they headed home instead of where they were going. But that place changed them. Now when he tries to follow them, they easily lose him in alleyways and buildings. At this point, they can protect themselves, so he mostly leaves them alone. The only reason he pestered them so much was so that they would learn how to defend themselves, so he has no reason to be bad anymore. For now, he is content listening in on what he can understand while they talk.

“Nomeno ui zyak tonn ekess itrewic used ekess. Si shilta ti visp svanoa karif tikilvi ui persvek vi idol ihk lyriki ekess kampiun (This is so- get used to.-can’t tell-anyone-a way for-understand).”

“Hak yth jalla tor papa zahae kemir mrith batobot. Shar, tira wux yenta batobot wux tiliw kampiun xiekivi desta tagoa di dout vers (Then- ask Papa about- with that.- didn’t you say that-understand people-quirk)?”

“Vee, si tir ti vucot svanoa ekess kikrem coi, shar si shilta kiwieg svabol wux kiwieg. Si siofme mobi ui vi lex ihk batobot, shar si tir ti jinthil (Yea,- don’t know- explain it, but- feel what you feel. I think- word for that- don’t remember).”


“Veh, batobot ui coi (Yeah, that’s it)!”

“Tir wux vucot svanoa ekess shartleg coi stoda (- you know- turn it off)?”

“Thric, shio vucoti ui batobot sia klae di keefum shalaic ve klae coi (No, all I know- smell).”

“Batobot tiliw qe vi loerchik, Izu. Kipreikup vers shilta tepoha vi tisvelk jedark shafaer dout shishin (That- problem, Izu.- quirks- have a bad- on-).”

“Nomeno nakit wux klae dout vers ekess leor sini. Wux klae dout vers ekess ifpesp ve, shar si tiliw still klae coi onureth dout tija. Tiric batobot jatil wux shilta ergriff shartleg coi stoda mrith vers sklar usv wer vers di Papa (-your quirk cancel-? You- your quirk to calm me, but I- still- influence. Does that mean it- only be- off with quirk suppressants or Papa’s quirk)?”

“Halkiva. Nomagqe mobi ui vi idol ekess shartleg coi stoda, shar wux annish ekess klae coi ga'haithvi. Si ornla siofme batobot sjek wux nurti shartleg coi stoda li wux itrewica coi (Interesting. Maybe there is- to- it off, but you are-. make sense if- never- off- you got it).”

“Batobot ui othokent. Nomagqe yth tiliw (That- make sense. Maybe we could)-” The teacher cuts Deku off when he walks in. Dang, Katsuki wanted to hear the end of that thought.

“Aizawa! Class is starting, anything you’d like to share?”

“No,” Deku replies instantly, not even acknowledging that he was talking to a teacher. The teacher huffs but starts class anyway. Joy , Katsuki thinks, Another boring class.

Chapter Text

Izuku and Toshi head to the beach immediately after class has ended for the day. They don’t take any shortcuts today since they aren’t cleaning up anything (Kacchan can see that they’re just going to relax, and he can deal with it). Toshi pulls a picnic blanket out of his bag and sets it down for the brothers to sit on until Kacchan leaves. They were planning to train, but a group friendly faces make themselves known.

“Izu-nii!! Toshi-nii!!” Akira, Kouma’s little sister, screams as she attempts to tackle him into a hug. Kirishima and Kouma, accompanied by their four dogs, follow behind.

“Yo, Aizawa twins! Good to see you!” Kirishima shouts, despite being right in front of them.

“Same, it’s been a while!” Toshi chirps, trying to make up for Izuku’s lack of flare. Kouma giggles a little at that.

“Ok, so who switched your bodies? Because it wasn’t me, I swear,” Kouma says, putting her hands up in a false defensive stance.

“I assure you, we didn’t switch bodies. Izu here didn’t get much sleep, so I’m making up for his brain’s absence,” Toshi replies with a smirk. Izuku sticks his tongue out at him, making the group laugh.

“Why didn’t you sleep well, Aizawa-san? Did Aizawa-nii keep you up all night?”

“No, something extremely awesome happened,” Izuku deadpans, trying his best to be his bubbly self, “You’ll never guess.”

That statement spurred Kirishima and Akira into spontaneously attempting to guess what happened, each guess more ridiculous than the last.

“Re yth gethrisjir ekess visp astahi zahae dout vers (Are we going to tell them about your quirk)?” Toshi looks at him, face full of concern (that Izuku can feel! He may not show it, but he’s ecstatic!).

“Astahii mirjal ekess vucot, vsist, si tepoha jalyur itrewica vi wharac wineva ekik batobot naktaic wer irthos . Si mi ti yentair froneel, shar si mi ti wharacir ekess astahi (They deserve to know, besides, I’ve already got a story figured out that keeps the secret. I’m not sharing everything, but I’m definitely not lying to them),” Izuku states. Toshi nods back at him, trusting his brother’s judgment.

“Did aliens invade your house?!” Kirishima shouts, making the brothers chuckle.

“Nope, I got my quirk!”

A beat.

“WHAT!? How is that even possible?”

“I think it’s what we call a ‘hidden quirk’, or a quirk that only shows up in certain circumstances. I think it has something to do with how much I’ve been working out. Maybe my body just thought I wasn’t ready for it?”

“That’s awesome, man! But, uh, what is it?”

“I don’t know the details yet, but it lets me create a shockwave from my hands. My body isn't used to it yet, so there’s a negative backlash.”

“You mean it hurts you to use it?” Akira looks at Izuku, eyes wide, with a motherly look that was amusing on the six-year-old.

“Yes, but only until I get used to it. After my body adjusts, I should be good to go,” Izuku deadpans. Akira looks unsure, but she hugs him and says a quiet ‘ok’. Kirishima and Kouma look at each other and come to some silent agreement.

“Kirishima, can you help me with training? Our quirks are the most similar out of everyone I know, so it would be helpful to get some advice on handling it,” Izu suggests. Kirishima practically squeals.

“Yea, man! We could totally train with you!” Toshi looks up at them and grins.

“That would be very helpful. I’m afraid I can’t do much when it comes to quirk training since my quirk is extremely different from his. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, dude! We’d be happy to help!”

“Me too!” Akira giggles. Izuku picks her up and hugs her.

“Yea, you too, Akira.”


Izuku knows he should probably stay in bed, but his excitement was hard to contain. He knows that it’s irresponsible to test his theory on his own, but he is ninety-nine percent sure that he’s right. He goes to the beach and starts warming up without One for All. When he finishes, Izuku fires up One for All and waits, letting the feeling sink in. It feels warm and safe around his arms. He knows the warmth can tear him to shreds, but he thinks he knows a way around it. He doesn't send One for All to any part of his body, for example, his arm. That much power concentrated in one place would only end in disaster. So, instead, he spreads it out on his body. He also attempts to use the power like a cushion, and increase his defence. At first, he has trouble moving, but as he gets used to his relatively new quirk, he can move more and more. After he gets comfortable moving, he throws a punch towards the ocean. Woah. Izuku watches in shock as the water in front of him flies across the ocean.

“I think that’s enough training for now,” Izuku whispers. He runs back home and climbs through the window to his room. He changes back into his night clothes and climbs into bed. Toshi startles in his sleep and cuddles up to Izuku. Izuku relaxes in his brother’s arms and slowly drifts off to sleep.


Katsuki hears Izuku and Hitoshi talking again. He doesn’t understand it perfectly, but he knows enough for what they’re saying to be suspicious to him. They’re talking about a quirk, Izuku’s quirk to be exact, but that’s stupid, Izuku doesn’t have a quirk.

“Si cekipa sia z'ar vers ekik annyo thurkear. Lae coi shartlegi ekik, si shilta drevab pab zahae asildk uraci mojka (I tested my new quirk out last night. As it turns out, I can blast water about ten feet away).”

“Ae wux malai ve? Izuku, wux filki itrewica batobot johj. Wux said batobot coi tepohaic levnimel owrropoqui (Are you kidding me? Izuku, you just got that yesterday. You said that it has harmful consequences).

“Coi ui ti hefoc si used coi sva gliiwr vers! Batobot ornla qe tisvelk! Si filki rigluina ekess ocuir svanoa coi tawuraic (It’s not like I used it at full power! That would be dangerous! I just wanted to see how it works).

“Si tir ti doege, vi vers lae versel lae batobot mrith ilfis ekess thesek wux ui wer bim youwe wux tiliw tepoha authot (I don’t care, using a stockpiling quirk as powerful as that with no supervision is the dumbest thing you could have done) .”

“Vucoti. Vucoti. Si geou ti tir coi tenamalo. Nomagqe (I know. I know. I won’t do it again. Probably).

Hitoshi glares daggers at Deku. Class starts before he can say anything, though. But no matter what he would have said would have confused Katsuki. The few words he got out of that made no sense. Deku got his quirk yesterday? But that’s impossible. Even late bloomers can’t get quirks as teenagers. Katsuki is going to try and follow them to see what they’re talking about. He hasn’t followed them in a while, so they might have put their guard down. Katsuki is determined to figure out what the fuck they’re talking about, even if it kills him.


To say that Eijirou is excited is a major understatement. He’s ecstatic! He’s more than ecstatic! His quirkless friend finally got his quirk! And Izuku even asked Eijirou and Sumi to help him with his quirk! According to Izuku, it’s a strength quirk. Which are super powerful and flashy and manly. Eijirou is almost vibrating in excitement.

“Ei, you look like you might explode.” Ah. Always count on Sumi to be blunt. Oh well, that’s part of the reason Eijirou likes her. She always seems so calm and collected, so it’s easy to calm down around her. Try as she might, though, Eijirou knows her well enough to read her like a book. She’s almost as nervous as Eijirou. He can understand why. The anticipation is killing him. I knew I shouldn’t have let her drag me here early. Su had insisted that Eijirou and her be at least ten minutes early. That may not seem like a lot, but when they have nothing to do to distract yourself, it stretches out and feels like an hour.

“Kirishima, Kouma! Hey!” Thank gods.

Eijirou watches Izuku and Hitoshi appear on the sidewalk above the beach. They jump down, which looks like it would hurt, why would they do that- focus.

“Hey, Izuku!”

“Ready to test out your new quirk?” Su asks from behind him.

“Heck yea!” Izuku shouts, clearly recovered from his lack of sleep. He starts running over, dragging Hitoshi behind him. Eijirou runs up to Izuku and tackles him in a hug.

“Kiri! I have to be able to move to use my quirk unless you want to have to use yours too,” he giggles. Eijirou lets him go and stands next to Su. Izuku walks a few feet away and turns so that he doesn’t hit them. Without warning, green lightning starts crackling around him. He roundhouse kicks the air in front of him and the sand in front of him goes flying.

Eijirou stands there, eyes wide in awe. He finds his voice and shouts at the top of his lungs.

“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Izuku looks a bit sheepish, but his excitement overshadows it.


Chapter Text

“WHAT THE FUCK, DEKU!?” A new voice shouts from the sidewalk. Izuku and Hitoshi visibly tense at the voice. Sumi looks up to the owner of the voice. A kid about his age stands there, scowling. His piercing eyes glow red with rage. His ash-blond hair is messy like he’d been running here. Sumi looks back at Hitoshi, who is standing in a protective stance in front of Izuku. Izuku has a look in his eyes that Sumi would never expect from the boy. Fear. This guy must be something if he can scare Izuku, who walked fearlessly toward Jack (who looks disturbing, not gonna lie). Ei must be thinking the same thing, because when Sumi moves to step in front of them, Ei does too.

“Who are you?” Ei interrogates, clearly unhappy by this kid's sudden entrance.

“Like I’d tell you. So this is where you two keep disappearing to. Training, huh? Of course, you are. Now, who are they ?”

We are his friends, something you don’t seem to have a lot of,” Sumi replies, taking a step forward. Sumi hears a surprised gasp from behind him.

“The heck did you say to me, extra?!” The blonde takes a step forward, hands smoking. Oh… OH HELL NO. Sumi is never quick to assume, but in this scenario, everything just falls into place.


“Do you have a fire quirk?”

“No.. um fire?”

“You have burns on your arms.”

“Oh, that’s not from my quirk.”


Well, this boy has managed something almost impossible. This boy pissed Sumi off.

“So. It was you. Are you proud of yourself?” Sumi hisses, taking a fighting stance.

“What the heck are you talking about?” The blonde growls.

“Izukkun has burns on his arms, you have a fire quirk. Izukkun and Hitoshi-nii seem terrified of you. It’s not hard to put the pieces together.”

“Those burns aren’t mine, not the permanent ones at least.”

“Permanent or not, you’ve burned him.” Sumi makes eye contact with the angry boy, ready to use her quirk to subdue him. The blonde ‘tsks’ and walks away. Well, that was… interesting. Sumi turns to face Izuku and Hitoshi. Izuku tackles her in a hug, maybe even using his quirk to crush her.

“That was so cool!” Izuku shouts, “Nobody’s ever stood up to Kacchan before!”

“Why not, that guy’s a butthead?” Sumi says, struggling to breathe. Hitoshi sighs.

“His quirk lets him make explosions from his hands. Everybody is scared of him, even teachers. He could attack somebody and the worst he’d get is a slap on the wrist.”

“He should come over to my house, he’d get a slap in the wrist for speaking without permission!” Sumi jokes, successfully making her friends laugh.

“That would put him in his place!” When everyone calms their giggling, Izuku and Ei pull Sumi and Hitoshi into a group hug. While the latter two were reluctant, they couldn’t say no the formers’ puppy eyes.

“Group hugs aside, we still have to help you train, Izukkun,” Sumi says, making the greenette pout. Sumi and Hitoshi stand off to the side so that they don’t interfere while the two rays of sunshine go at each other.

“Thanks for standing up for us. I know Kacchan isn’t exactly… harmless.” Hitoshi says, scratching the back of his head.

“Hitoshi-nii, what did he mean by not all the burns were from him?”

“I… don’t know, and that… that scares me.”

“Has Izukkun done… something wrong?”

“What? No, nothing like that. It’s just that, we don’t know his situation from before we found him and he never wants to talk about it, but we know it wasn’t good and so I’m really worried about him, but he doesn’t want me to worry, so-” Sumi stops listening to Hitoshi’s mumbling, but doesn’t interrupt. She’s learned that when it comes to the twins muttering, just let it happen. If you interrupt, they completely lose their train of thought. They are going to mutter anyway, might as well have something good come out of it. Besides, they bring up some really interesting information that they wouldn’t say out loud. Like how one time, Izuku insulted Endeavour. Then again, he would probably say that out loud.

“Hey, Su! Look at this! He’s almost a pro at this! Guess those books came in handy?” Sumi snickers and looks to Izuku, who is covering his face in embarrassment. Hitoshi lets out an amused snort.

“Well, since you’ve got the hang of this, we could probably just spar,” Sumi suggests. Izuku beams.

“That’s a great idea! Since you and Toshi don’t have combatant quirks, you guys are going to need combat practice, and going against one person wouldn’t be useful, so we could all get better at fighting!”

“Yea, but for now you guys look tired, we should rest up for sparring.”

“Yea! You can text me when you want to meet up!” Izuku hands Sumi his phone and she puts her contact in. She hands it to Ei, who does the same.


Aizawa Izuku has added Aizawa Hitoshi, Kouma Sumi, and Kirishima Eijirou to Heroes!!.

Aizawa Izuku has changed Kouma Sumi’s name to Cyborg.

Aizawa Izuku has changed Kirishima Eijirou’s name to Rocky Road.

Aizawa Izuku has changed their name to Izuku.


Rocky Road:




Because I can.

“Are you two seriously texting each other? We are right here,” Sumi snorts. Ei grabs her arm and drags her away, shouting a quick ‘goodbye’ to Izuku and Hitoshi. They shout back and everyone leaves for home.


“That was… fun,” Hitoshi says as they walk home. Izu nods back, exhausted from using his quirk for too long. The brothers make it to their apartment and open the door.

“Papa! We’re home!”

“About time! Where have you two been?”

“We were at the beach.”


“We were meeting up with Kiri and Kouma.”

“Next time tell me.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Good. Now, go get cleaned up, it’s almost time for dinner.”



Hey, can we meet up at the beach?


Izuku is nervous. Very nervous. He wasn’t planning to tell Kacchan about his quirk until after the training session with Kiri and Kouma. But, since he walked in on the training session, he probably made assumptions and hates Izuku more than he did before.

“I’m going to stop you right there.”  Izuku yelps at Kouma suddenly speaking. He’s glad she agreed to help him. Her presence has calmed him down immensely already.

“I doubt that kid hate you for something that you can’t control. At least, he shouldn’t.”

“You’d be surprised.” Kouma raises an eyebrow, but she calms Izuku and they figure out what he should say to Kacchan.


Once again, Katsuki stares up his ceiling and can’t get that dang nerd out of his head. He tosses and turns trying to figure out what the heck happened today. Deku and Hitoshi were talking before, during, and even after class, saying that Deku had gotten his quirk yesterday. Katsuki didn’t think it was possible, it shouldn’t have been possible. but he saw it. Katsui knew that Deku wouldn’t have told him by any means, but if he hadn’t gotten his quirk yesterday, then that means he was lying to Hitoshi too. And Katsuki knows he would never do that. So, Deku broke all sorts of logic in getting his quirk, but it is a pretty powerful quirk, Katsuki thought, If he can catch up to the rest of the losers in our class, then he would be able to protect himself.

Katsuki wanted to be relieved that he didn’t have to watch out for Deku anymore, but at the same time, he felt a small twist of guilt and sadness. If Deku was going to get his quirk late, then was what Katsuki was doing right or worth it? He made Deku’s life bad even after he got adopted. Katsuki had only wanted to show Deku that the outside world is cruel too. Looking back, he may have taken it too far. He only hopes Deku and Hitoshi can forgive him.


Izuku and Toshi purposefully take as long as they can packing up to go home. They want to be alone with Kacchan, as stupid a thought as it is. They know he won’t do anything, though, not after seeing Izuku’s new quirk. That’s the part that bothers Izuku. All of the students leave until the twins are left alone with the angry blonde. Toshi nods to Izuku and leaves the room.

“Kacchan,” Izuku starts, only to be cut off.

“Want do you want?”

“We wanted to talk to you. It’s about yesterday. I wanted to apologise for the misunderstanding. I was going to tell you today after I saw if I could even use my quirk. I’m really so-”

“Stop apologising, it’s annoying. It isn’t even your fuckin' fault either.”


“I’ll see you later, Deku.” Kacchan leaves the room, leaving a confused Izuku behind. That was easier than it should have been. Izuku shakes his head and goes outside t go home with Toshi.

“So, how did it go?” Toshi asks, a concerned look on his face.

“Weird. It was easier than I thought it would be.”

--~~oO The Day of the Entrance Exam Oo~~--

“Hi, Kacchan!”

“You get in my way, and I’ll kill you.”

“Morning to you too! Are you ready to take the entrance exam?”

“Fuck off.”

“Me too!” Is Izuku being annoying? Yes. Is there anything Kacchan can do about it? Nope. Well, Izuku will leave him alone so that he doesn’t explode on anyone who doesn’t speak ‘Kacchan’. Izuku starts skipping towards Yuuei. He trips on his own feet and watches as he almost falls. Keyword being almost. As he falls, someone taps his shoulder and he slows down and floats for a second or two.

“Flashy, isn’t it? Borrowed it from some girl. She didn’t suspect a thing.” Izuku looks over and sees a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes staring at him.

“Wow, what a neat quirk! Some type of copying ability?” Izuku asks, saving all information for later. After all, if this goes well, this boy could be in his class.

“Why yes? How’d you know?”

“You said you borrowed it.”

“That could have meant anything.”

“Oh, well, thanks for catching me! Good luck!” Izuku runs off before the boy can say anything else. Izuku smiles really wide. He’s so ready for this!

Chapter Text

Hitoshi’s so not ready for this! He's been in here for all of three minutes and he's already eyeing the exits and wishing to go find Izu or Papa (speaking of Papa, he should be in here right now!). Hitoshi is trapped in a room alone with two rich girls that radiate mom-energy (There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s just that Hitoshi hasn’t had a mother since his birth parents got arrested. So yeah, his impressions of ‘moms’ aren’t exactly the best). The mom-energy girls are very tall and intimidating, even though they are smiling and aren’t threatening in any way. On the other hand, there is someone Hitoshi has every right to be intimidated by here, too. The prick he and Izu pranked and his kid- Todoroki Shouto if he remembers right. Endeawhore has been death glaring at Hitoshi since he walked in the room. Hitoshi doesn’t regret pranking Endeawhore, but boy is it just grand to have those two’s eyes boring into his soul while he tries not to lose his head. Hitoshi might just explode if the awkward silence continues. Thankfully, one of the girls walks over and offers her hand to shake.

“Hello. My name is Momo Yaoyorozu. It's nice to meet you.” Hitoshi takes her hand and shakes it with small, jerky movements.

“A-Aizawa H-Hitoshi, coi ui d'nag e-ekess tafiaf wux k-kiri (Nice to meet you too), ” Hitoshi half-whispers, staring down at fidgeting hands.

“English, Hitoshi.” Hitoshi jumps at Papa’s voice. About frickin’ time.

“S-Sorry. Nice to meet y-you too.” Hitoshi lets out a nervous laugh and scratches the back of his head.

“It's no problem,” Yaoyorozu chuckles, hand reaching up to her mouth, “Although I must ask; What language is that? I've never heard it before.” Yaoyorozu tilts her head slightly to attempt eye contact. An uphill battle, really.

“It’s a family language.” Papa shrugs, not generally one for talking.

“How did you come up with it?” The curious girl asks, eyes glowing. Todoroki keeps glancing in Hitoshi’s direction. Papa nudges Hitoshi forward for him to answer.

“It’s based on Eldritch. My brother came up with it after we found him,” Hitoshi says, head held higher than before. He loves bragging about his clever little brother.

“Found him?” Yaoyorozu raises her eyebrow.

“Izu and I are a-adopted,” Hitoshi says, scratching the back of his neck. He bows his head, hair covering his eyes. Yaoyorozu gasps.

“It’s very noble of you to take care of children that aren’t yours, sir.” Yaoyorozu smiles sweetly. Hitoshi notes that she’s a whole lot closer than she was at the beginning of this conversation.

“I don’t know why you’d want to.” Endeawhore stops leaning against the wall and walks over, staring down at Hitoshi the whole time. His nose wrinkles as he glares. His eyes narrow, a very pathetic attempt at scaring Hitoshi. Unluckily for Endeawhore, bullies are something Hitoshi can deal with. He steps forward, meeting Endeawhore’s eyes. The Number Two hero scowls and faces Papa.

“My choices are none of your business,” Papa snaps, anger lacing his usually calm words. Papa meets the hero's eyes like Hitoshi, baring his teeth.

“I’m just questioning why someone like you would want something like that other brat.” Oh no he didn’t. Hitoshi steps forward, fist shaking at his sides. He looks up at Endeawhore and grits his teeth as their eyes meet. Piercing blue against raging purple.

“That ‘other brat’ is my brother. You have no right to speak of him that way. I don’t really care about your fancy quirk or your power over others. Nobody has the right to speak of someone they’ve never met with such a foul mouth. Especially someone like you. Status or no, you’re a bad person.” Hitoshi stares in defiance, “Maybe this is why everyone hates you.” Endeawhore doesn’t hear the last part, Hitoshi hissed it out too quietly.

“Excuse me?” Endeawhore grits his teeth.

“I said, I don’t like you.” Todoroki is staring at him wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Hitoshi would smirk at the half and half boy if he wasn’t so ticked.

“EXCUSE ME?!” Endeawhore is baring his teeth and growling. His fires grow with his seething rage. He starts to step forward before he freezes where he is.

“Don’t think I’m afraid of you. You may get away with your crap with others, but I’m no pushover,” Hitoshi releases his quirk, “And don’t you ever think otherwise.”

“Why I oughta-”

“WHAT A DISPLAY!” Principal Nedzu pops out of nowhere, a smile plastered on his face, “Aizawa-san, you did not tell me you have children! I do not see why, I have been observing Izuku-kun. He has been interesting so far. Especially with his abilities. The zero-pointer will be a perfect challenge! I cannot wait to see what he does against it! He’s been hanging around Bakugou-kun, Kouma-chan, and Kirishima-kun the whole time. What will he do when he is separated from his friends?” Nedzu shouts, a smirk on his lips- if the mouse-bear-thing even has lips.

“Don’t underestimate him ‘cause he’s small and friendly. He took out a whole building once.” Hitoshi smirks, making eye contact with the principal. He avoids looking in Endeawhore’s general direction out of spite more than anything.

“Hitoshi, you aren’t supposed to tell them that.” Papa pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs.

“My my, a building? But his file says he is ‘quirkless’. Did he somehow get a quirk this late in his life?” The Principle smiles eerily. He knows. I don’t how, but he knows.

“You’ve been reading the wrong file, Nedzu. We updated it when he got his quirk.” Papa says, features blank.

“Oh! Silly me!” Nedzu cheers, clearly bringing Izu’s quirklessness up on purpose. Hitoshi doesn’t like it when people underestimate Izu for something he can’t even control.

“It’s not like it matters,” Hitoshi deadpans, “He destroyed the building before he got his quirk.”

“Interesting… Now, without further delay, let us start with the demonstrations!” Nedzu squeaks in delight. Oh yeah. I still have to do that. UGGGG.


Izuku goes to the auditorium and sits right next to Kacchan, who grumbles, but doesn't ask him to move. Progress! Kacchan has been acting really weird since Izuku got his quirk. Does it have something to do with him or does Kacchan just see me as a rival or opponent? If that’s the case, why doesn’t he keep pestering Toshi? He’s being nicer to our other classmates too? Did something happen?

Izuku can’t figure it out, but he brushes it off because he’s so happy that Kacchan is trying to be nicer. Izuku can hardly focus on anything, he’s just too excited! He tries to listen as Uncle Yamada explains the exam, but a tall boy with glasses (he looks Ingenium) shouts a question and breaks his concentration. Izuku doesn’t really pay attention to the question or the answer.

“Also, you in the back, your mumbling has been disturbing the rest of us. If you won’t take this seriously, then leave!” Izuku bites down on his lip to stops mumbling. He shrinks down to avoid the glares he gets. It’s not the comment that bothers him. Toshi and he mumble all the time in public, so they’re used to comments like this. Izuku knows he can be pretty annoying. It’s not the comment, it’s the eyes on him that make him clam up. He bows his head and fidgets slightly until the the spotlight moves off of him. Thank goodness for Uncle Yamada grabbing the examinees’ attention back.

Once Uncle Yamada finishes, he sends everyone to their designated testing grounds. The blonde boy from earlier is going to the same ground as Izuku. Izuku starts to walk over and thank him, but he is interrupted by a firm hand on his shoulder. For a second he panics.

“That boy looks like he’s trying to focus! Are you really going to interrupt him?” The boy with glasses who called him out stares at Izuku with narrowed eyes. His mouth is turned into a frown.

“N-No I was just…” Izuku looks down at the ground, tears forming (So he’s a bit of a crybaby, bite him).

“Are you serious? You’re talking about him interrupting my focus? He’s done nothing and you’re the loudest person here! For someone so worried about others’ focus, you sure do break it,” The blonde boy huffs. He strides over, grabs Izuku by the arm, and drags him away from the other boy. He huffs again when they’re enough away and mumbles something that sound suspiciously close to ‘idiot’.

“If you wanted to use your quirk on me, you could have asked. You might want to practice with it first.” The boy’s eyes widen.

“Wha- Why?”

“START!!” Huh? “What, you think you’ll get a countdown in real life? GO!” Izuku takes off without his quirk and runs past a couple of robots. They start chasing him. He does a one-eighty and kicks their heads off. He continues running and kicking robots, slowly forming strategies that he could use if certain circumstances appear. The robots start to slowly run out. Izuku’s mind starts to wander. What’s Hitoshi up to? His test might be way harder than this one since he’s in recommendation. I wonder what he-

Izuku is quickly snapped out of his thoughts when he hears Uncle Yamada’s voice and a large explosion. He’s knocked off of his feet when the giant zero pointer rounds the corner. The other examinees run away in terror, and Izuku’s only thought is, ‘So this is why Papa agreed to teach here.’

“Yeowch!” Izuku hears a cry and looks toward the source. The blonde boy from earlier is lying on the ground with an broken leg. Izuku runs toward him and tries to pick him up. It’s no good, his legs are entirely shattered, and Izuku can’t risk hurting him more. But the zero pointer is fast approaching, and Izuku can’t risk the boy being crushed, either. A girl runs over and taps the boy.

“That should help with his weight,” She says, taking quick breaths.

“Thank you, I need you to get him out of here while I draw the zero pointer away.” Izuku turns back to the robot.

“You’re going to fight that thing yourself?” He hears the disbelief in her voice. So what if I am, somebody’s injured. Go help him.

“Worry about him for now,” Izuku yells and runs toward the zero-pointer. He jumps as far as he can with his quirk gives without breaking his legs. He blasts himself up to about the chest of the robot and punches. Izuku feels his arm explode. Crap, I used too much power! Papa won’t be too happy about that.

Izuku and the zero pointer start falling. Izuku is coming up with how to cushion himself while turning so he doesn’t nosedive into the concrete. He doesn’t notice the girl from earlier until she slaps him. He stops falling and floats about a meter off of the ground.

“R-Release,” The girl says weakly before Izuku falls to her knees and ‘releases’ her breakfast.

“Are you ok?” Izuku rushes over to make sure she’s alright. He looks her over and helps her up.

“I should be asking you that. Your arm…” She winces.

“Yea, I wasn’t careful enough. I’ll do better next time, I swear!” A small woman catches Izuku’s eye, “Recovery Girl! Over here!” Izuku waves her over and uses her quirk on his arm.

“That should be better, but try not to hurt it too badly.” Recovery Girl hands him some gummies.

“Thank you, miss. I’ll be more careful next time,” Izuku says sheepishly. The test-takers leave the area and head to the front. Halfway, Izuku gets tackled into an unexpected hug.

“IZUKU!” Toshi’s voice rings out over the examinees whispering, “I’m so glad you’re ok, don’t you do that again or I will physically force you to sit still until you get that recklessness out of your thick skull.” Izuku’s brother berates him and looks him over once more before taking him back into a hug.

“You wound me so, dear brother.” Izuku says, using his uninjured arm to hug back. Papa appears from around the corner and uses his capture gear to wrap Toshi and Izuku up so that they can’t escape his lecture.

“You, don’t run off like that,” He says, directed at Toshi. He looks at Izuku, “And you. Don’t break your arm because of a robot about to crush someone. That makes you a liability. Have you learned nothing?” Izuku represses a wince.

“Sorry, Papa. I thought I had better control over it. But hey, at least I didn’t break my legs too!” Izuku giggles and Toshi gives him a look.

“I’m going to kill Toshinori for infecting you with his happy-go-lucky attitude,” He deadpans. Izuku laughs and drags Toshi and Papa along to the entrance. The trio walks home, chatting about the exams the entire way. Toshi talks about how Todoroki stared at him for the whole exam and how Yaoyorozu ‘radiates mom energy’. Izuku laughs and tells him about the blonde boy (whose name he never learned) and the gravity girl that helped him save the copycat. They ask Papa if he thinks Izuku passed. Papa tells them that he can’t say if Izuku passed or not and that they have to wait for the letter. No matter the outcome, Izuku is glad that he had tried. He would feel horrible if he settled for gen ed or another school just because he didn’t think he could do it.

“Papa, can we go to the beach tomorrow?” Izuku asks. He wants to meet with Kirishima and Kouma to talk about how they think they did. He’s nervous about his own score since he didn’t really keep track of his points (stupid, he knows). Maybe they got higher scores. After all, Kirishima has his hardening quirk and Kouma has… Shit.

Chapter Text

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Hitoshi had entirely forgotten about Kouma! He was too busy worried about making a good impression. He didn’t remember Kouma doesn’t have an offensive quirk! Destroying the robots had to be really difficult for her! She would've been fighting quirkless the whole test! Hitoshi is such a bad friend for forgetting her like that.
Izu and Hitoshi make it to the beach to see Kirishima and Kouma sitting on the beach, staring out at the waves.
“Kouma! Kirishima!” The brothers rush over to them and are greeted with a sad smile from Kirishima and Kouma staring out at the ocean.
“I don’t think I passed. I mean, I didn’t do horribly, I just didn’t get enough points to pass. I spent most of my time helping other people when they fell or handing people something they dropped, not actually fighting the robots,” Kouma says solemnly. She still hasn’t looked at Hitoshi or Izuku since they’ve arrived.
“They shouldn’t count that against you. It’s not your fault that the test is designed to be biased. On top of that, you shouldn’t be punished for helping others. I’ll be pissed if you don’t get in,” Hitoshi says, and he means it. He will fight Principal Nedzu if Kouma gets punished for being a genuinely good person. Kouma and Kirishima are like siblings to him, and if they’re treated unfairly for something they can’t control, things won’t be pretty for the offender.
“It’s ok, I’ll just have to get in through gen ed. It would be so easy if I finally learn how to break out of my own control. It’ll tk longer, but I’ll catch up.” She turns and looks at them with sad, blue eyes.
“Sumi. You two can call me Sumi,” “And you can call me Eijirou,” “The four of us are a family. If I don’t make it in, I’ll try my hardest to catch up to you. I’m not falling behind because of some bullcrap system.” Kouma sits up on her knees and bring clenched fists to her chest. Her eyebrows furrow and her previous expression is replaced with determination.
“That’s the spirit!” Izu shouts, pulling Ko- Sumi into a hug. Hitoshi and Eijirou quickly follow. The group stays there, clinging to each other and smiling for a while before Izu pulls away.
“You can two come over if you’d like, I’m sure Papa would love to meet you!” Izu smiles his thousand-watt grin. Eijirou grins with a smile that comes in close second, and Sumi nods slowly, hesitant smile gracing her lips.
“Then let's go!” Izu grabs Eijirou by the arm and drags him along. Hitoshi holds his hand out for Sumi. She rolls her eyes and takes it, smirk forming on her face.
“Wrong choice!” Hitoshi breaks into a full sprint, dragging Sumi along. She starts screaming and laughing uncontrollably. They pass Izu and Eijirou, who decide to make it a race and start running after them. The four make it to the apartment (surprisingly) without falling. Izu and Eijirou are openly laughing like children while Sumi and Hitoshi are more reserved.
“Papa, we’re home! And we have company!” Izuku shouts through unbridled laughter. Miki runs up to Sumi and rubs against her. A rare occurrence when bringing strangers home.
“Now I have to cook more food,” Papa jokes.
“You don’t cook our food to begin with!” Hitoshi jokes back. Eijirou snickers and Papa waves his hand for Sumi and Eijirou to sit down on the couch. The four children talk while Papa makes dinner (orders takeout). Izu smiles wide when he says that he’s sure all of them will be in the hero course together. Hitoshi can only hope that he’s right.

Chapter Text

Yuuei’s letter comes in the mail a few weeks after the entrance exam. Izuku temporarily kicks Toshi out of their room so he can open his letter. He doesn’t open it right away. He stares at it, contemplating. He can feel Toshi and Papa’s confidence seeping through the door. The confidence helps him feel better about his score, but at the same time, if he fails… Before he can think twice, he rips open the letter.

“I AM HERE AS A PROJECTION!!” The All Might hologram startles Izuku out of his seat. He hears Papa snicker on the other side of the door when he hits the ground. After yelling a quick ‘ha ha’, Izuku turns his attention back to All Might on the projection. Which begs the question; Why is All Might at Yuuei?

“Now, you may be asking; Why am I at Yuuei? Well, the answer is that I’ve accepted a teaching job there! But that’s not important right now! I’m guessing you want to know how you did on the exam, young Midoriya! For the written exam, you passed above average! Good job! For the physical exam, you got eighteen villain points, which normally isn’t enough to pass! But! There was an unseen component, rescue points! Young Midoriya, you got fifty-eight rescue points, which leaves you with seventy-six points overall! Well done young Midoriya, I hope to see you in class soon!” The hologram cuts out and Izuku is already crying. He did it. He latches on to Papa and Toshi’s calmness without leaving the room to keep himself calm. He dries his eyes and wipes his face clean. He’d rather not like a hot mess when he tells them that he passed thank you very much. Toshi’s scent grows stronger, most likely him walking to the door.

“You okay in there? Did falling off the chair break your legs?” Toshi purrs. Izuku can literally feel his smug smile from his desk.

“Hardy har.” Izuku opens the door and Toshi falls on the floor. Izuku lets out a quick victory laugh.

“Well?” Toshi picks himself back up.

“Rescue points, Toshi. Rescue points! Poor Sumi was worried sick that she wouldn’t pass because she was saving people. But. Rescue. Points.” Izuku throws his hands up in an exaggerated ‘are you kidding me’ fashion. Toshi heaves a sigh of relief. Izuku smiles. He’s noticed that Toshi has gotten really close to Eijirou and Sumi. Izuku is so glad that his brother is making friends who don’t care about the stupid quirk standard the rest of humanity has. Izuku is so grateful for them.

Sumi and Ei are together when their letters. They’re together when they open them, too.


“Ei, just calm down. I’m sure there was a reason. Imagine if we knew. People wouldn’t actually take the exam. It’s a test to see who will help others when their future is on the line,” Sumi deadpans. They’ve been talking like this for an hour, and Ei has yet to come up with a valid argument. He’s just been yelling ‘rescue points’. Sumi sighs, totally done with Ei’s complaining.

“Why don’t we just see what Izu and Hitoshi say about it?” Sumi says evenly. Ei heaves a sigh.

“You’re right.”

“I usually am,” Sumi says with a smug smile.

“Hey! Don’t insult my intelligence!” Ei retorts, clenched fist pounding against his chest.

“You’re smart, Ei, you just need to prepare your argument before you actually open your mouth. Now, if you'll excuse me, I’m going to go find my phone.” Sumi does, in fact, find her phone and call Hitoshi.

“Hey. What’s up?” Comes his groggy voice from the other line.

“Hola. Ei is in a pissy mood since the acceptance letters came in.”

“Why? Did he not get in?” Hitoshi’s voice quickly changes to worry.

“No, he’s just mad at the-”

“RESCUE POINTS, HITOSHI!! RESCUE POINTS!!!” Through the phone, Izu starts laughing maniacally.

“Oh don’t you laugh, you were the same way!” Sumi lets out a snort.

“So, what class are you guys in?” Ei butts in from behind.

“We’re both in Class 1A, you?” Izu sounds a little too smug about that.

“We’re in 1A as well. I guess we'll see you soon.” Hitoshi makes a noise of agreement and Sumi hangs up the phone. Then she goes back to trying to calm down Ei. Seriously, he's upsetting the dogs.

“Callate! Estás molestando a los perros!”

Chapter Text

Walking into class 1A is going to be more of an event than it should be. Honestly, Hitoshi was really giddy about going in. Not because he was nervous, oh no. Hitoshi’s excitement is about what Papa told Izu and him this morning.

“One of the most important lessons one can learn is to not be prejudice. I want you two to exaggerate your looks and personalities so that they will judge you. What they do after they’ve made that assumption is up to them.” Papa finishes, placing his hands on the counter behind him.

“So, you want us to manipulate their thoughts and create a false image of ourselves for the betterment of the hero society?” Hitoshi asks, a grin plastered on his face. Papa nods and Hitoshi and Izu grin maniacally. Izu even starts giggling under his breath.

Hitoshi and Izu had already told Sumi and Eijirou about their whole ‘acting crazy’ thing, so no worries there. Oh boy was this going to be fun.

“Can I break down the door?” Izu requests, still smiling as evilly as this morning. Izu has always been a manipulative child. It’s his way of getting people to do what he wants without saying it outright. And he’s really good at it.

“Be my guest,” Hitoshi replies, mimicking his brother’s grin. Izu turns to the door and slams it as hard as he can. The door doesn’t break (sadly), but it does get blown open. All heads turn to the door, where Izu and Hitoshi stand. Hitoshi does a head count. There are twenty-one students in the room, twenty-three now that Izu and Hitoshi are here. That’s weird, aren’t there usually only twenty? Did they change it?

Kacchan is sitting in his seat with his feet up on the desk, and two kids are standing around him, supposedly chiding him.

Izu spots Eijirou and Sumi and gives a tired, but still enthusiastic wave. His uniform is really messy, as is his hair, and he looks generally unnerving. Even so, Eijirou waves back with the same amount of umph and Sumi nods in their general direction.

“Nomeno geou qe desta loupon si siofmea (This will be better than I thought),” Izu says, just loud enough for Hitoshi to hear. The rest of the class starts to buzz with conversation as everyone goes back to whatever they were doing before. Izu skips over to Eijirou and Sumi and whoever they’re talking to, Hitoshi following not too far behind.

“Wux guys jahen ti wharacir. Wux vorq bim (Y’all weren’t kidding. You look ridiculous),” Sumi states and when did she start speaking our language?

“Coi jahus ti batobot tonn ekess winev ekik. Tir svadrav wux tepoha wer cre sva dout relgr. Tira ti xihood, si tir ti anku eijirou svanoa ekess renthisj coi (It wasn’t that hard to figure out. Not when you have the internet at your disposal. Don’t worry, I didn’t teach Eijirou how to speak it),” Sumi chuckles at the look on their faces. Izu processes the words and starts giggling, too (although that’s probably because she said some things wrong).

“What? What did she say?” Eijirou pipes up.

“Ti bensvelk lorakimas, si assure wux (Not good grammar, I assure you),” Izu giggles back. Sumi looks offended for a second before Izu messes up her hair, which makes her all the more mad.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” She shouts before proceeding to chase him around the room. Izu lets her chase him for a minute before he leads her back to where they started. Neither look winded, which is for the best.

“Hesi ankin ui tenpiswo, gethrisj spical ekess dout revniki (Our teacher is here, go back to your seats)!” Izu shouts before heading to his chair. Sumi and Hitoshi start for their seats. Everyone around the room looks confused (except for Kacchan, but his only emotion is anger).

“He said that the teacher is here and we should go to our seats,” Sumi calls. A couple of students comply, but this one glasses kid practically jumps out of his seat.

“How do you know that the teacher is here? Why should-”

“If you’re going to shout, do it outside.” Papa crawls, no literally crawls, through the door in his sleeping bag (the yellow one(Hitoshi and Izu totally don’t have ones of their own)). The class looks down at him, some in horror, some in confusion, all not expecting this man to be the one raising a group of teenagers that are supposed to save the world one day. Well, all except four. Eijirou smiles and waves at Papa, who blinks and sighs.

“It took some of you ten seconds to get to your seats. Some of you were there before I was in the room. Be more like the latter.” He drawls before taking out the gym uniforms and telling everyone to get dressed. Izu and Hitoshi rush into the locker rooms and change as fast as they can. This test oughta be interesting.

Chapter Text

Izuku has been preparing himself mentally for the quirk assessment test. When Papa reveals that someone will be expelled, heck will break loose. So, Izuku has latched himself onto Toshi and Papa’s smugness so that he can cancel out the fear and shock. That should work, right?

An explosion breaks through Izuku’s train of thought. Oh, of course, Kacchan had been chosen, he came first in the entrance exam.

“We will be testing your quirks,” Papa drawls, looking out across the sea of (pretty much) toddlers.

“Oh! This is gonna be fun!” Someone with an acidic smell shouts. Toshi, Papa and Izuku grow smug. Here comes the catch.

“Fun you say? Alright, if this is a game to you, then the person in last place will be judged to have no potential and be expelled. See how fun it is now,” Papa smirks. Dread fills the whole class. Almost the whole class. Peppermint boy, a girl who smells like a perfume factory (or something of the sort), and this carrot-top with a smell Izuku can’t really describe aren’t worried in the least. Izuku pulls on Toshi’s sleeve and points at the three students.

“Svabol re asta ominaki? (What are their names?)” Toshi points to each of them.

“Todoroki, Yaoyorozu, Kendou,” He replies loudly, not caring if they hear him. The girls look confused. “He asked for your names.”

“Why?” Yaoyorozu is more curious than offended. Izuku loves how easy his quirk makes his life!

“Yaoyorozu vur Kendou re ti xihooda sva shio. Astahii vucot batobot coi ui vi itriyo (Yaoyorozu and Kendou are not worried at all. They know that it is a ruse),” Izuku sing-songs, and Hitoshi repeats it, although quiet enough for nobody else to hear.

“The others don’t know that?” Yaoyorozu worries.

“Don't tell them or they won’t work as hard. Some people think that they can slack off if there aren’t any direct consequences. If they slack off now, they’ll slack off when lives are on the line,” Izuku says, in Japanese this time, and Yaoyorozu nods her head understandingly.

“Hey, Izu! Man, I didn’t know you’re dad was gonna be our teacher, you shoulda told me!” Ei shouts, appearing out of nowhere. Yaoyorozu and Kendou jump, but Izuku and Toshi are so used to it that at this point, they’re unaffected.

“Svaklar ui wer diwhaf persvek batobot (Where’s the fun in that)?” Izuku replies, putting a hand on his hip. Sumi arrives and stands next to Izuku.

“Translation: If I told you then I can't watch my friends suffer at the hands of my terrible role model.” She puts a hand on his shoulder, “Vur ihk batobot, si shilta ti xurwk wux kiwieg krethel (And for that, I can’t blame you).” Sumi says before booping Izuku in the nose. He giggles. Before Izuku knows it, he is being roped through the tests. Each test is easy for him since Papa has made him take the test every year before school, including this one. Incorporating One for All is easy for some of the tests, but in some it's useless.

When Izuku isn't doing something (and sometimes when he is), he’s studying his classmates. Some, like Kacchan and some guy with a mask over his face, seem confident in their abilities. Others, like Ei, Sumi and the blonde Izuku met in the entrance exam, are scared that they’ll be the ones sent home.

“Oh hey!” Speak of the blonde and he shall appear, “If it isn't the one with the arm exploding quirk!” He shouts, running over and practically draping himself over a very flustered Izuku.

“Goodness gracious, vrak! wux shilta ti filki (You can’t just)-” Izuku is cut off by the boy.

“Monoma Neito, I owe you one,” He grins.

“Ai-Aizawa Izuku,” Izuku mumbles, face still bright red. Sumi and Toshi are standing by and laughing at him. Traitors. Izuku can sense a general annoyance coming from a couple of his classmates, namely Shouto and Kendou. Papa is also a little bit mad, but that's probably the father's adrenaline kicking in.

“Nice to meet you, I-”

“Izuku. Ball toss,” Papa snaps, attempting to separate them. It isn't even Izuku’s turn.

“Knock ‘em dead!” Monoma shouts. A girl with long horns and hooves trots up to him and say something. Izuku ignores it for now.

Izuku steps up to the circle and takes the ball from Papa. He examines it for a second. If Izuku uses only his finger to throw the ball, his hand will explode, but the ball will go farther. Or he can sacrifice distance to keep his hand intact. Or- yes that’s it.

Izuku holds the ball and sends One for All throughout his body. He jumps as high as he can and spins rapidly and throws the ball hard. Just like Kacchan’s Howitzer Impact. Kacchan looks pissed, but he doesn't say anything. Izuku braces himself for the fall, taking a position that will spread out the impact and not break anything. He lands (not very gracefully but he doesn't care) and walks back over to Toshi, who wears a shit-eating grin. Izuku straight up falls into Toshi, who looks very close to stepping out of the way. 

“Next up, Kouma Sumi,” Papa continues the exercise quickly. Izuku flashes Sumi a huge smile and a thumbs up. They watch as she sends the ball flying as far as she can, which is pretty far for someone without a body-building quirk like the rest of the class. Sumi walks over and pats Izuku on the head, feeling very smug. Monoma and the horse girl wander over to the group.

“Thaaaaat ws grrreat!” The horse girl slurs, half over her sentence in English. Izuku had spent enough time around Uncle Yamada to understand.

“Wow thank you very much,” Izuku replies in English. The girl lights up and crushes him in a hug. Izuku blushes yet again and Sumi snickers. The horse girl introduces herself in English and starts talking animatedly to the group. Izuku translates some of it, but he makes Toshi translate too. Speaking of Toshi, he smells uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable with this little group, but whenever another classmate wanders too close, he gets mad and worried. Izuku understands why, they've been treated horribly by their classmates and Toshi can't be sure if these ones have good intentions. Meanwhile, Toshi knows three people in this group, and the rest show that they're nice so he's more comfortable. Izuku sighs. This is not changing anytime soon. Oh well, Izuku is just glad that Toshi has found a few good people he can be friends with.

“Alright, here are the results,” Papa drawls as he clicks a button on his remote. A hologram projects the scores of the entire class. Monoma and Pony (as Izuku has learned the horse girls name) are in the upper part of the class with Ei, while Sumi, Izuku and Toshi came in the lower part. Izuku doesn't feel bad for the boy in last place, half because if he even gets expelled, he deserves it.

“By the way, none of you are going home.” The entire class (minus the five who knew already) gasped and a couple people started throwing a tantrum.

“IT WAS A LOGICAL RUSE!” Five voices call out. Papa heaves a sigh and looks at Izuku and his friends. Sumi, Ei, Toshi, and Izuku share a look before bursting into laughter. The rest of the class just stares in shock and confusion.

“I hate all four of you.”

“Tir ti xihood batobot jahus vi itriyo kiri (Don’t worry, that’s a logical ruse too)!” Izuku shouts and Toshi snickers.


The day went by pretty fast after the whole ‘quirk assessment test’ thing. Izuku smiles as he starts walking home with Toshi, Sumi, and Ei. Soon to be joined by Monoma and Poni, if their smells approaching from behind was anything to go by.

“Oh, heeeeeey! Izuku!” Pony slurs in Japanese, “Slow up, we catch up!” Well, she’s trying.

“Pony, Monoma! Totally didn't see you coming!” Izuku shouts back, once in Japanese, once in English. Pony smiles and stands next to Sumi. Monoma stands next to Izuku, and the six teens dissolve into talking about their day. Everyone is still kinda mad at Izuku and Toshi for not telling them about the logical ruse, but they are pretty understanding when Izuku explains why. It may be everyone's emotions messing with his, but Izuku has the feeling this is going to be a good year.


Sweet, naive child.

Chapter Text

Neito is interested in Aizawa Izuku. His quirk is very… interesting. Whenever Neito copies his quirk, he never gets the same one twice in a row. He either gets the super strength one that turns his bones into soup or the one that makes his head hurt. So that means he has two self harming quirks. First, nobody else has had multiple quirks. Second, who the hell decided that giving him two quirks was a good idea?

Even without that, he’s an interesting kid. He’s absolutely adorable and has a hero complex unlike any other Neito has seen. Best to keep an eye on him; after all, he may be important.

Hitoshi may not show it, but he’s excited for class with Dad. He's happy that Dad doesn't tell Izu or Hitoshi what they're doing in class, it would be unfair and Hitoshi likes the surprise. Speaking of surprises, Izuku kicked down the door again, and this time, half the class fell out of their seats. The blond talking to Kacchan yelped and dropped. Kacchan was laughing so hard, it was so great.

For once, classmates were laughing with Izu and Hitoshi instead of at them. Hitoshi is wary of his classmates, though. Aside from Su, Ei, Izu, and the two new friends from yesterday (Tsunemori and Mimosa?), Hitoshi doesn't like his classmates. Doesn't trust them not to hurt Izu. Izu and Hitoshi have been through that crap too much already, and Hitoshi would rather not at Yuuei. The only real reason he even trusts the two new friends is because Izu trusts them and his quirk can tell what type of people the two are. So far, they seem alright. Blond boy even has a copying quirk, so he possibly didn’t have too good of a time on the entrance exam. The other doesn't seem to know proper Japanese, so she can't really say anything bad. So, Hitoshi trusts them more than the rest of the privileged kids.

In the present, though, Dad is being such a drama queen, making everyone so scared. It’s both sad and ridiculously funny. Hitoshi wonders if Izu is feeling scared because of them.

(Izuku is not feeling scared because of them. He can separate all of the emotions because of One for All. Creating girl is hardly fazed, glasses boy is nervous, electric boy is terrified, Shouto is… actually, Shouto is kinda nervous too. Huh. Yagi’s quirk is so cool!)

“Today we’re choosing a class president,” Collectively, the whole class releases a sigh and jumps up on their feet to say that they should be the president.

“Everyone! We should have a voting system to determine the best nominee is!” Iida shouts, springing up from his seat. One student disagrees, saying that everyone will vote for themselves, “That is why anyone with multiple votes would be the best candidate!”

And so, the class ends up voting for a class pres. Hitoshi knows that he’s voting for his brother, Izu may not be the best leader, but he is the smartest person Hitoshi knows and trusts. Although, Izu might not appreciate being put in a position of power. Well, Hitoshi has nobody else except… maybe that’d work.

“So, our new class president is Aizawa Izuku and the assistant is Kouma Sumi,” Papa drawls from the floor. Izuku sends him a ‘help me’ glance and he responds with a ‘deal with it yourself’ grin. Sumi is vibrating with anxiety beside Izuku and he’s tempted to give her a hug to satiate their fear. The class wreaks with disappointment and Toshi, the little traitor, is so smug over there. He probably didn't even vote for Izuku, why is he so smug?

“W-Well, uh, l-lets do our b-best, Izuku!” Oh goodness, why is Sumi so nervous? She’s shaking like a leaf. Thank goodness Papa notices and tells them to sit down. Sumi nervously fidgets with her hands for the rest of class. Izuku and his friend group keep sending her worried looks, which she blatantly ignores until lunch rolls around.

Sumi is anxious. She’s never helped anyone lead before and it scares her that she has to. Who even voted for her? She had two votes, but she voted for Izuku, so that was two people who made the terrible decision that she’d be fit to lead. She’s super lucky, if Izuku had gotten one vote less, she would have to be class president.

“You’re nervous, Sumi. It’s okay, I understand. After all, these dopes thought I’d be a good class pres,” Izuku solaces, patting her on the back.

“Don't know what you saying.” Pony says innocently. Ei, Monoma, Hitoshi, and Pony look anywhere but their faces.

“Which three of you even voted for me and how did I get less votes than Izuku?” Sumi says frantically.

“Toshi, Pony and I voted for you. Monoma, Eijirou, bubblegum girl, and engine boy voted for me.” As Izuku finishes, the groups’ jaws drop.

“How’d you know that?” Monoma whines, struggling to fake apathy.

“Easy, if Toshi didn't vote for me for the same reason Eijirou didn't vote for Su. they knew how uncomfortable we’d be. Monoma doesn't know Su as well, and he didn't have any votes. Bubblegum and Engines didn't have any votes either, and Bubblegum had helped me during the exam, so she no doubt trusted me more. Pony didn't have a vote, and she asked me how to write Su’s name, so yeah. Everyone else either had a vote or most likely voted for someone else. Simple deduction, really.” Izuku states as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Yeah, Sumi sometimes forgets that her friend is a super genius with a better understanding of other people than other people have of themselves. Sumi is about to open her mouth to comment when Izuku goes rigid and turns away from the group. He lets out a noise that can only be described as animalistic before the alarms go off.

“Waning: Security breach level three. Please evacuate in a calm manner.” Calm many Sumi’s butt. The entire cafeteria erupts and scatters, heading for the exits. Hitoshi rushes to Izuku’s side and drags the boy, who is clutching his head (why does he need to do that?), off. Ei and the rest of the group get separated in the crowd. As it turns out, being shoved into a window isn't the most pleasant feeling in the world, but it does give some pretty vital information.

“Ei! Ei! It’s just the press!” She calls, and miraculously, Ei hears her and manages to fight his way over, “Ei, it’s just the press. I can use my quirk to get them to calm down, but they have to be looking at me! How am I-” An idea pops into her mind, “Wait, I got it! Throw me up there,” She points to the overhang above the door. Ei looks at her like she’s crazy (he’s not wrong), but complies and tosses her to the overhang. Sumi grabs hold of it and doesn't let go.

“Everyone!” She shouts as loud as she can. Everyone turns to face her and she activates her quirk. Her mind goes blank and cloudy as her vision grows red.

“Sumi, release,” Ei commands her. Sumi’s mind sharpens and her vision clears as she climbs up to sit on a pipe going across the door frame. Looking out on the crowd, she is terrified. Their eyes go from red to blue, a sign of Ei surrendering control to her. This makes her sick to the stomach.

“It’s just the press outside! We are not in danger! Go to your places and act like the high-class Yuuei students you are!” She shouts, and everyone obeys. After the hallway clears out, Sumi drops to the ground and lands expertly next to Ei.

“Good job, but you might want to release them.” Sumi does release them, along with some wonderful galaxy-looking tears. Boy, does she hate her quirk sometimes. Why does the backlash have to be crying eye colours, that’s just so random that it sounds like something a stupid original character would have just to look cool. Original characters don't even have to feel the stupid colour tears, she thinks bitterly. Crying is so weird after she uses her quirk.

“You know, I’m never going to get used to people crying eye colours. You’re crying red. Why does that even happen?” Ei questions, throwing his hands up in an ‘I give up’ fashion.

“Heck if I know, why don't we ask Izuku?” She responds sarcastically. She rolls her eyes and red tears plop on her shirt.

“Ask me what?” Sumi and EI startles at their friend’s sudden appearance. The little crap just giggles at them, “If it’s about the whole ‘crying ink’ thing, that’s because your body needs a way to get rid of the colour that takes over your eyes when you use your quirk. Crying is just the most convenient. If you didn't have tear glands, you’d probably spit out the colours.”

Sumi might die if this kid gets any smarter.

Izuku was going to make Sumi the class president after the stunt she pulled during the break in, but one whiff of pure anxiety was enough to make him change his mind. For now, at least. Izuku is very excited for tomorrow, though. He heard from a certain blond that they’ll be having class with All Might. (There’s absolutely no way that could go wrong.)

Chapter Text

Today is the day that class 1A has their first class with All Might. Izuku can feel the excitement coming off his classmates in waves. It’s almost too much when the guy actually shows up.

“Get dressed in your hero costumes and meet me outside!” Oh goodness, that smells so strong. Toshi puts his hand on Izuku’s back and waits with him until the stench is gone. Together, they get their costumes and head to the locker rooms to get dressed. It still stinks but there’s not much Izuku can do. It’s not like he can tell his classmates to stop feeling.

“Hey, Izu! Somethin’ wrong, man?” Ei shouts as soon as they walk in the room, “Oh! Wait! I know, it’s quirk stuff, right?” Izuku nods, hand stiff covering his nose and mouth.

“Yeah. In the words of Izuku, y’all wreak. Do you have to be so excited. It’s just another teacher,” Toshi deadpans. Ei and Izuku facepalm as all the boys make some sort of offended noise. Kacchan literally blows up.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN I STINK?! SHUT YOUR TRAP, DEKU!” Izuku barely startles.

“Bakugou, not cool. He’s having trouble with his quirk.” Ei says, smacking Kacchan upside the head.

“THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HIS QUIRK!” Kacchan and Ei continue ‘arguing’ while Toshi and Izuku quickly pull out their costumes and change. Most of the boys are done already and have left, the rest choose to ignore them. Well, except one.

“Woah! Aizawas, you two are jacked, ” The guy who smells like a new computer shouts. He’s got a lightning bolt in his hair. Interesting, “LIke, wow, how the heck?”

“We need strong bodies ‘cause our quirks don't do the work f o r us,” Toshi spits, radiating irritation. Sparky backs off. Izuku takes the opportunity to leave the locker room unnoticed. When he gets to where his class is, he stays to the back with Toshi, Sumi and a couple other socially awkward teens.

“Alright students! Gather around while I go over the exercise! There will be two teams of two. A villain team and a hero team. The hero team must capture both villains or the fake weapon before the time runs out. The villain team must protect the weapon until time runs out or capture the other team!” Immediately, several hands raise.

“How will we decide teams?”

“Will we be expelled for failing?”

“We have an odd number of people.”

“Does my cape look fabulous?”

“How much can we hurt the other team?”

Kacchan’s question makes Izuku cringe. Toshi rolls his eyes and leans against Izuku, most likely to fall asleep as the questions keep coming. All Might clears his throat and the students snap to attention. He tries to subtly look at his note card, but if there’s one thing All Might isn't, it’s subtle.

“There will be one team of three. Teams will be chosen by drawing lots!” All Might booms.

“Sir! Wouldn't it be better if we chose our own teams?” Glasses shouts.

“Not really,” Izuku says before he can stop himself. Glasses turns to him, offended, “We can’t always pair up with the people we want to. We need to work with random heroes, rivals, or people we hate for the sake of safety. It’s just how being a pro works. Kii ornla tikilvi tawura mrith Endeavour? (Why else would anyone do missions with Endeavour?)” As Izuku finishes, Toshi and Sumi snort and try to not giggle. Glasses looks scandalized and chops his hands in weird movements.

“Thank you, Young Aizawa! Now, Team A will be… Aizawa Izuku, Pony Tsunotori and Ceatha Nathair! Team B will be-” All Might lists all of the team names as Izuku finds his group. Two animal girls stand next to each other, looking around, presumably for Izuku. Ceatha spots him and waves him over.

“Hey, Izuku. Is it alright if I call you that? My name’s Ceatha Nathair, please call me Nathair!” The scaled girl speaks with a thick accent. Her mismatched eyes, red and brown, are lit up with determination. Long hair is pulled back into twin ponytails, maroon strands swirling into a deep purple. Orange tail swishes back and forth, like an excited dog wagging its tail. Long fangs peek out from her lips. Nathair radiates excited energy that Izuku would still feel without his quirk. She smells like bitter almonds.

“Okay! Now that we have teams decided, we will choose who will go first! The first match will be… Team A and Team F!” Izuku looks around for Team F and… oh. His stomach drops. Kacchan and Sumi. Welp. Izuku didn't need his bones anyway.

Chapter Text

Sumi doesn't want to work with Bakugou. She really doesn't. He’s hurt Izu and Hitoshi, and while they forgive him, she won’t. He’s loud, annoying, pig-headed, stubborn, prideful, entitled and the list goes on por siempre. So yeah, he’s not exactly her cup of té. Bite her.

But, this is a teamwork exercise, so she has to. As much as she hates it, she has to work with him, if only for the grade. That brings up another problema. Their team is outnumbered and there’s no way Izuku won’t take advantage of that. They’re at a disadvantage from the start, and worse of all, Bakugou doesn't seem to care enough about his grade to even try to work with Sumi. Seriously, who does this guy think he is?!

“So I’ve come up with a-”

“I’m going to find Deku. Guard the weapon.” Before Sumi can get a word in, he’s gone. Aye, ayudame!

“¡Sabes qué, está perfectamente bien, gilipollas! ¡Protegeré este bomba de papel maché en contra de dos combatientes mejor mientras entras corriendo a combate con no idea qué hacer! ¡Que héroe gran!” 

Sumi shouts at him. Well, she didn't want to work with him anyway. She’s at a huge disadvantage since her quirk is non-combative. That’s what her support items are for, and if they’re made correctly, this will be awesome. Sumi gets to work setting her death trap.


“Kacchan is definitely coming after me. I’ll distract him while you go get the weapon. Sumi will probably be alone. Don’t look at her, that’s how she uses her quirk. Knowing her, there will be traps in the hallways that you’ll need to look out for. Pony, use your quirk to get her out of the room or trigger traps prematurely. Does that sound good?” Izuku says, once in English, once in Japanese. The mutant girls nod and start studying the floor plan.

“The weapon is most likely on the fifth floor, but we shouldn't go in through the roof. Sumi has an array of support items and traps and is no doubt using them.” They continue discussing their plan until the timer runs out. Once All Might’s voice calls out for them to enter, they stick together. Pony’s hooves clank against the ground and she winces with each thud. Soon enough, they come to a four-way stop. Kacchan’s sweet, caramel smell is stronger than ever, so Izuku holds his hand out to top them. He signals for them to stand back and go their own directions. They nod and as soon as Kacchan rushes out, they sprint off to the routes they (hopefully) memorised from the plan.

“Hey, Deku,” Kacchan hisses.

“Hi there Kacchan…” Izuku nervously chatters before turning tail and sprinting down the hallway. As he runs, the smell of ash reaches his nose. That must be where Sumi is.

“Hey, I think I know where Sumi is,” Izuku uses the communicator in his ear to talk to Pony.

“You mean the trap girl?” Izuku nods before he realises she can't see him. He vocalises his affirmation.

“She's somewhere on the north-west part of the building. Upper floors, too. I'll relay it to Nathair.” Izuku keeps his voice low. He's lost Kacchan for now, but he knows it won't last long.

“Okay.” Nathair takes in the information. Izuku can smell Nathair and Pony heading towards him from two different directions. At the exact moment Izuku breathes a sigh of relief, Kacchan bursts into the room and sets off an explosion in Izuku’s direction.

“Couldn't run forever, Deku. You should've known that. Now, you’re trapped with nowhere to run,” Kacchan growls, taking another step forward.

“That’s okay, Kacchan, I don't need to run anymore. We’re right where I need us to be,” Izuku sing-songs, dropping to a low stance. Kacchan’s confident aura wavers for a second before stabilizing once more. Above them, Nathair and Pony comes to a quick stop. What happened?


Sumi watches as the hero team arrives. The hero team minus Izukkun. Thank goodness; he is the only one that could figure out the nightmare that is her support item trap. There is capture tape strung around everywhere, from floor to ceiling and a few across the room. There is barely any space between the powerful strands, which are mostly up and down like prison bars. The only space that isn't occupied by the spider-web-like trap is where Sumi is standing. Even the door is almost sealed off. Honestly, though, it’s more for show. The only thing it does is slow you down if you go through it. But Sumi’s opponents don't know that. They are being cautious. Good.

“So… heroes. You've finally arrived! Good to see you're all in one piece. Lets see how long that lasts. ¿Listos?” Sumi stands guard of the bomb from across the webbed room, grinning while she plays the villain.

The heroes look around the room for a way in. Little do they know, there are traps at every possible entrance. Sumi vacantly hears explosions from underneath her. Bakugou must have found Izukkun. That’s good; all Sumi needs to do now is wait for time to run out.


Izuku can feel the smugness of Sumi mixed with the confusion and panic in Pony and Nathair from above him. He quickly tells his teammates not to move and that he has a plan. Said plan is likely to get him hurt, but what can he do? Against all better judgement, Izuku decides to piss Kacchan off as much as he can.

“Hey Kacchan. How’s it feel to be in a school where not everyone’s below you?” Kacchan fumes and lunges toward Izuku, who dodges swiftly, “I mean, I know we haven't seen any real performances yet, but I can already tell that some of these people may even be better than you!” Izuku activates One for All and jumps at the ceiling. Kacchan sends an explosion, a rather large one, after him. It tears a hole in the ceiling, knocking down most of Su’s traps and giving Izuku a visual on the girls from both teams. The blast singes Izuku’s arms, but he keeps a wince from creeping on his face.

“Get the bomb!” Now that the remains of the traps are all spread out across the floor, Nathair and Pony quickly jump towards the bomb, nothing in their way. Both keep their eyes on the bomb, preventing her from using her quirk. The dark-haired girl leaps forward, away from the bomb, and kicks at Nathair, who uses her tail to counter. Occupied with Nathair, Su doesn't notice Pony jumping and clinging to the bomb.

“HERO TEAM WINS!” All Might’s voice calls out, and the fighting ceases. Kacchan outright glares at Izuku, who sheepishly ducks his head. Nathair and Pony crowd him.

“We did it!” They yell, both in a different language (at least he’s assuming that’s what Nathair is yelling; he doesn't understand her language). The five students head back to the observing area and Izuku is immediately tackled in a hug.

“I see you took one from my book, eh Izu?” Toshi says, looking way too proud. Izuku smiles as Toshi ruffles his hair.

“Alright! Can anyone tell me who the VIP is?” All Might booms.

“It’s Kouma!” One of the girls in the back shouts.

“Actually, I’d say it would be Aizawa.” Yaoyorozu says evenly.

“How so, young Yaoyorozu?”

“While Kouma’s trap system was impressive, it was rather flawed. She may have gotten into her role as a villain, but she didn't try to work with Bakugou. Aizawa, on the other hand, took charge of the situation and communicated with both of his teammates. The hero team came up with a plan beforehand and carried it out. On top of that, Aizawa also used his Kouma’s ally against her. Her trap was destroyed when Bakugou fired at it, effectively leaving the bomb undefended.” Yaoyorozu finishes, and everyone looks at her, amazed.

“While that may be true, I say that Kacchan forced Su to work alone and she made the best out of that. If we hadn't been directly beneath the room that the bomb was in, Su’s plan would have worked, keeping the hero team away from the bomb long enough for her to win.” Izuku chimes in. Yaoyorozu pulls on her lower lip, thinking.

“You’re correct, but teamwork was a huge part of the exercise. You may not have seen it, but when Bakugou left her alone to guard the bomb, she started talking to herself and then yelled at him,” Izuku nods. He had heard a word or ten. Pony and Nathair had heard it too. That’s just how loud she was yelling. Nobody understood what she had said, though.

“I guess.” Izuku shrugs. Su breathes a small sigh and the group of five merge with the class as the next group goes up.

“Next up: Team H and Team B!” Ah! Engines and Bubblegum versus Sour Patch Kids and Cthulhu!


The day ends rather quickly after such an exciting exercise. Izuku got to watch Toshi kick ass and he learned a whole lot about his new classmates!

“What’s gt you so excited, ‘Zu?” Papa smirks (it’s the closest thing he’ll get to a smile).

“It was awesome! Toshinori-san had us do a villains versus heroes exercise. My team went first and we won because I tricked Kacchan into blowing up the ceiling!” Papa’s expression quickly turned sour.

“He had you fight each other?” He deapans.

“Yep!” Izuku cheers.

“In your first hero class?”

“Yep!” Izuku’s grin is now borderline maniacal.

“… I’ll be having a talk with your mentor. Now go upstairs and do your homework.” Izuku follows Papa’s instructions. He smirks, all too aware of what he had just signed his metour up for.

“You're evil.” Toshi smirks, barely holding back his giggles.

“I have no idea what you're talking about.”

Chapter Text

Izuku is super excited! He has no idea what their doing for class today, but he knows that it has to do with rescue. Nervously jittering in his bus seat, Izuku sits in-between the frog girl, who he has internally dubbed Frogger, and Toshi. Toshi is laying back and trying to sleep, but the loud bus banishes all hope of that.

“Kero. Izuku, is it alright if I call you that?” Izuku nods, “I usually say what’s on my mind. Your quirk is a lot like All Might’s, kero.” Izuku chuckles to hide the fact that he is freaking out.

“Yea, I guess you could say that. But All Might’s quirk enhances his muscles too! Mine just makes me stronger. I can't really do the whole ‘buff’ thing.”

“And you know it enhances his muscles because…?” One of Izuku’s classmates asks.

“What, you think a normal person could look like that?” Izuku retorts. Toshi and a couple other classmates chuckle beside him. Kiri grins.

"Yea, 'Zu! Your quirk is really cool! Mine's mostly just defense, not very flashy." Ei demonstrates his hardening dor the bus.

"Eijirou, you perfect angel, never sell yourself short. Your quirk is beautiful and useful and I will fight anyone who says otherwise." Ei bursts out laughing and reaches across Toshi to pat Izuku on the head. A few classmates speak up about their quirks and the bus goes into full-on discussion mode. Toshi falls asleep on top of Izuku, waking every now and then when Izuku gestures too wide and hits him in the face (sorry Toshi). Before Izuku knows it, the bus arrives at a giant dome-like building. Everyone is ushered inside, where No Thirteen is waiting for them.

“Hello and welcome the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, or as I call it: USJ!” They shout, gesturing to the structure around them. The space hero starts explaining what they’ll be doing, but Izuku isn't focused on that. The smell of decaying flesh and death reaches his nose and makes him gag. It’s hard to listen or think with that toxic smell. How does nobody else smell that? The smell gets stronger and stronger until Izuku can't take it anymore. He falls to the ground and gags. Toshi immediately steps in, crouching next to Izuku and trying to mind control him.

“Get out of here. Death is in the air.” Izuku manages to choke out before the buzz of Toshi’s quirk takes effect.

“I wouldn't say that I'm death, but I am in the air.” Black mist forms around the students and Izuku lately realises that Papa is no longer there. Toshi’s hold wavers and Izuku takes the opportunity to pinch himself. When he snaps out of it, Izuku steels himself against the horrid smell and assesses the situation. One: There is a mist-man in front of Class 1A, preventing them from moving forward to fight. Two: The door behind them only opens if you can get to the control deck, which is under the stairs, so they can’t go back. Three: the class is all together, but that won’t last long with the portal-making man in front of them. Four: the mi- wait Kacchan no! Izuku zips in front of Kacchan and Eijirou, preventing them from jumping at the purple mist.

“Your little friend here is clever. Provoking murderers isn't exactly a smart move.” The villain chuckles. Actually chuckles. This fucking villain thinks attacking people is amusing?

“I didn't stop them because it’s a bad idea, I stopped them because their attacks were aimed at the wrong part of your body,” Izuku snaps back, hoping the class knows to stay together. Unfortunately, a few outliers like Peppermint, Sour Patch Kids and Cthulhu are standing just far enough away that the portals Misty forms separate them. They make startled yelps as they are whisked away.

“They're still in the USJ, just in different areas!” Hot Topic yells, pulling her earjacks out of the ground. The class, for some odd reason, deems it appropriate to separate themselves and go after Misty. A portal opens up under Izuku and the world goes dark.


Mezou hits the ground with an audible thud. When he realises what’s happened, his head snaps up. He looks around the dark area to the best of his abilities and sees several figure close by. A sudden movement form behind catches his attention.

“Aizawa?” The smaller Aizawa falls into a dumpster a couple of feet away.

“Hi Cthulhu. That’s a lot of villains. Most of ‘em look like petty thieves, though. We could take most of them, but we’d get overwhelmed if we try to take them all at once,” Aizawa looks to Mezou, “Could you help me get a couple alone?” Mezou nods, not sure of what the greenette is going to do once they're alone. Whatever it is, AIzawa probably knows what he’s doing.

And after they isolate a couple villains, it’s clear that, yes, Aizawa does know what he’s doing. Each villain that they corner is unconscious very quickly, and soon there are only a few left. Aizawa seems to deem it safe.

“Hey, Cthulhu, we can go in now. You go after that group and I’ll get the other one. Alright?” Mezou nods and moves closer to the group Aizawa pointed out to him. Aizawa counts down and the two students jump in to fight the villains. The villains go down surprisingly easily. Mezou aims a three-fisted punch towards one smaller villain. They raise their hand and Mezou is pushed back, but only a little. The villain scowls and turns to Aizawa.

“Deku.” She (?) hisses. Having finished his group off, he turns to look at her head-on.

“Kazenoyōni Konojo,” Is all that’s said before the two lunge at each other. The villain’s wind doesn't seem to be affecting Aizawa, much to her growing frustration. She tries to land a punch on Aizawa, only to have her arm grabbed and be tossed to the ground. Unconscious, the villain doesn't get up. Aizawa grabs Mezou by the arm and drags him toward the central plaza.

“-serhead! I bet that burns, doesn't it?!” A crazed villain with… hopefully fake hands covering him yells at Aizawa-sensei, who is laying on the floor. Under a giant thing. Covered in blood while Mezou’s runs cold.



Tomura is yelling at the stupid pro, Eraserhead. What a joke! Tomura didn't even know his name before they planned this genius attack! If Tomura didn't know about him before, he’s obviously not worth Tomura’s time now!

“Dad.” A small voice catches Tomura’s ears. He grins. Eraserhead has a kid. That could be so fun!

When he looks over to the voice, though, Tomura’s day gets a thousand times worse. A feeling he doesn't know wells up in his gut. Tomura falls to the ground, throwing a tantrum. He doesn't like this feeling! He shouldn't feel this feeling! He doesn't even know what this stupid, scary feeling is! He’ll kill however makes him feel this feeling! That stupid brat!

Tomura tries to move towards the stupid, brainless, dumb Eraserhead two-point-fucking-o, but the closer he gets, the worse he feels. It makes him feel lost and Tomura hates it. He hates it and hates it and hates it! He hates that cheater! Stupid mini-boss showing up and throwing shit at Tomura’s plan! It was supposed to be his time to kill the stupid Symbol of Peace, why did this stupid kid have to make Tomura feel bad. Tomura hates it!

“Shigaraki Tomura,” Kurogiri’s strained voice snaps him to attention.

“Kurogiri. Did you kill the kids? Did you kill Thirteen?” Tomura asks. Kurogiri doesn't move.

“There were… some complications. A student with a horse quirk busted down the door and ran. Thirteen is incapatated, yes, but the students fought back.” At Kurogiri’s words, the bad feeling eases, but Tomura doesn't notice, he’s too busy seething.

“If you weren't my way out, I’d kill you. There’s no way we’ll win with all those stupid mini-bosses! We should just leave now!” Tomura scratches at his neck and blood runs downs his finger-tips.

“Coward.” The bluenette freezes. He turns to the source of his headache, the stupid Eraserhead two-point-o. The kid has moved from his hiding spot and is now crouching next to Eraserhead.

“What. Did. You. Say?” Tomura hisses.

“I said you're a coward! What else would you call the kind of person that won’t fight for what they believe in! What do you even fight for? It can’t be anything important if you're willing to leave because of a hiccup in your plan!” The brat shouts at Tomura, riling him up. He runs to Eraserhead.

“I’ll tell you why I’m here! I’m here to kill the Symbol of Peace! There’s no difference between heroic and evil acts! I’m going to kill All Might to prove it!” Tomura shouts back.

“I didn't ask why you're here! I asked what you fight for! Cause right now, it looks like a whole lotta nothing!” Tomura bristles.

“I- What do you fight for, brat?!”

“Right now?! I’m fighting for my dad! Y’know, the one that’s dying beneath me! Overall, I’m fighting for equality and peace! People are treated unfairly because of how they're born, and I want to change that! That’s what I’m fighting for!” Tomura doesn't like this. There’s another feeling he doesn't like. He’s felt only a few times before. Doubt. The need to question things. Tomura doesn't like feeling unsure. Tomura doesn't like this at all. A loud bang startles Tomura.

“It is alright now! Why? Because I am here!” Stupid. Stupid! STUPID! All Might was supposed to show up forever ago!

“You’re upset.” The meek voice of Eraserhead two-point-o rings out beside Tomura. Large green eyes stare into his soul. It’s creepy. How did he know Tomura is upset? Tomura is unreadable. ((ha)).

“Why? Why are you upset? You wanted him here, didn't you?” The stupid brat nearly whispers. Tomura has to actually listen to hear him.

“I- you- ugh! Noumu!” Noumu’s head raises from where Eraserhead no longer lays. When did that happen? All Might rushes to hit Tomura, but Noumu easily intercepts him. The two of them go at it and Tomura turns the stupid brat.

“How are you doing that?”

“Doing what?” The brat whispers.

“Messing with my head. Stop it,” Tomura growls.

“I didn't mean to. I can't control it. Please don't…” The rest of the sentence is quiet enough that Tomura can’t hear. Interesting. Tomura doesn't even care that Noumu just got flung out the- wait what. Noumu is gone.

“I’d appreciate if you gave me my student and turned yourself in, villain.” All Might booms. It’s annoying. Tomura moves closer to the brat.

“Nah, I like the brat. I think I’ll just take him!” The brat tries to back up, but Tomura latches onto his arm with four fingers. A shot rings out and Tomura’s arm starts to burn. A couple more shots ring, but no bullets hit Tomura again. He’s swallowed up in Kurogiri’s portal before they connect.


“Kid, you're gonna have to let someone in here other than me. I’m sure that Eraserhead’s friends would like to know that he’s okay,” Dad’s doctor sighs.

“His friends do know he’s okay. I let Yamada-oji in. Toshi’s here too. Everyone else can wait until he’s better to see him,” Izu says, not even opening his eyes. Hitoshi smiles sadly.

“Wh- Aizawa, I know you think he’ll get hurt again, but this is ridiculous. At least let the police in!” Dr Hana is trying, she really is, but nothing can sway Izu.

“No. He’s not awake to answer their questions. You can’t question me and Toshi without him here and awake and all they’ll do is wake him up and hurt his recovery, so the police can go shove it,” Dr Hana opens her mouth to reprimand him, “In case you think that’s rude, I heard them talking. They're rude and quirk-racist. They don't actually care if Papa recovers or not because they’re not good people. Send in Naomasa and maybe I’ll let him in, but I’m not letting the police in here.” Izu finishes, huffs and lays back down on Hitoshi. Dr Hana gives up trying to talk to Izuku, but bless her heart she’s gotten the farthest. The doctor leaves the room and doesn't come back for a while. That’s how it’ll go until Dad wakes up, Hitoshi guesses. Izu hasn't let anyone in the room except doctors and Yamada-oji since he got checked up.

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