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Sprouting Love

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Kakyoin worked as a botanist on the newly created recreational plant dome in space for the last 8 years. Being one of the youngest botanist so far and exceling on the research of all the alien life forms and their vegetation, that have slowly being discovered by Mister Joseph Joestar. The plant dome is known as the Speedwagon Foundation Botanical Dome, or SFBD for short, humans and aliens alike are free to visit, explore and even purchase the plants available. Kakyoin works more in the labs and research area of newly discovered plants, and recently Mister Joestar has brought quite an intriguing specimen from his last visit from an inhabitat planet. He noted that the planet was in an unusual state of winter when it has been recorded that is always spring. One of their discoveries was a giant purple flower frozen in a clearance among the cold vegetation. Joseph, Caesar and not even the Foundation knew what it was, so they decided to bring it to the dome for further investigation by one of the very elites in this area.

“Well, I trust I can leave you in charge with this, Kakyoin?” Joseph laughed with a big smile, cheerful as usual.

“Of course, Mister Joestar. I’ll take care of the rest. It is quite a fascinating discovery and quite large too.” Kakyoin looked at the large shining purple flower bud getting set up in the empty isolation research room by fellow workers.

“All set up, chief!” The worker shouted at Kakyoin with a thumbs up.

“Thank you, I’ll take it from here!” Kakyoin shouted back happily. “Can you fill me in about this flower, Mister Joestar?” The younger one asked as he took out his pen to take notes on his clipboard

“It was in an isolated clearance among the forest, we thought it required some more research since it did not look like any of the plants we have so far.” Caesar interrupted Joseph before he spoke, knowing his husband was gonna give the young one an unnecessarily long explanation of the discovery.

“Honey, I had it under control~” Joseph pouted.

“Spare the young one’s time, dear. Please! ” Caesar smiled to his husband, which he nodded with a pout. “Adorable. But, keep in mind, since we don’t know what might bloom from it we decided to put it in the isolation room. It’s safer for you.” Caesar patted Kakyoin’s head.

“Hahaha. Thank you, Mister Zeppeli.” Kakyoin chuckled at the couples conversation.

Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli were a happily married couple of space explores that research on planets for it’s vegetation. Joseph being in search of his alien background since he is half human and half alien. An unusual alien made out of purple thorny vines. He has been searching his whole life for answers and slowly opening this facility together with the Speedwagon Foundation. They also act at times as parent figures towards Kakyoin since he was only 15 years old when he joined to work in the dome with them. They were quite impressed with his abilities and smarts for a young boy and basically saw him grow up in the facility, it was natural to grow attached to him.

“We’ll be taking a break, call us if you need anything or if you discover anything from this flower.” Caesar added with a smile as he walked off first.

“Work hard!” Joseph beamed and walked up to his featherly husband.

Kakyoin bowed down as they left the room and he quickly started to investigate on the flower. At entering the isolation room, and started to take notes of every detail of the flower bud. The form, shape, color, smell and other notes. The first thing was that the flower was completely frozen; other highlights were the flower barely fit in the room of how big it was, Kakyoin taking note that it should be moved after he was done collecting all the info he needed.  He stepped back when he almost tripped over what were frozen dark green leaves and vines that were part of the flower. He took all the notes he needed and took one of the monitors, patching a few wires here and there, the monitor quickly lit up with showing the status and levels of the flower. The flower was in a state of stasis but still alive.

“It’s alive, that’s a relief.” Kakyoin sighed contently as he took out a device similar to a cell phone and called back the staff to move the flower to the greenhouse area to quickly start the process of unfreezing the flower.

It took a few days to change the whole setting of the greenhouse to its maximum heating capacity to finally see the flower finally starting to melt away the ice, while doing so Kakyoin connected the flower again to his monitor and jumped in shocked at detecting a lifeform inside. He quickly reported it to the husbands which were taken by surprised. Started to make theories that maybe someone got trapped inside the flower and has been inside it for who knows how long or maybe the person or alien inside of it was already there to start with. It didn’t make any sense but Kakyoin felt more anxious to finally see the flower bloom and somehow rescue the lifeform that was inside of the same.

“It finally looks like it has fully melted, no? Shouldn’t we move it to one of the larger isolation rooms so that the flower can bloom?” Caesar asked curiously as he stood beside Kakyoin and looked at the monitor, the small wings on the side of his flapping for a moment.

“We should, the flowers vitals and whoever is inside are starting to rise to a normal rate. Maybe what the flower needs it’s just that.” Kakyoin smiled as he let his staff know and made the preparations on one isolations rooms like the blonde suggested to move the flower bud.

“But you have been caring for this flower exceptionally, Noriaki.” Caesar smiled at Kakyoin, who smile back proudly.

“But Kakyoin you should be careful!” Joseph quickly added standing next to his husband. “Be on your toes and keep your Stand on the side lines if whatever is inside attacks, got it?” Similar to a worried father, Joseph pointed at the younger.

“Yes, I will, Mister Joestar. You know my Hierophant Green is pretty fast.” Kakyoin let the white and green strands appear around him to emphasize, and slowly the body of his Stand appearing on his back. “I’ll be fine. And aren’t you late for an important reunion?”

“OH NO! Yes! Gotta run!” Joseph sprinted out of the greenhouse area, almost crashing with the staff, and running down the hall indirection to the conference room.

“Joseph! Don’t run in the hallways!” Caesar scolded his foolish husband with a shout, shaking his head with a sigh. He then looked down and Kakyoin and said: “Like always-”

“I’ll call if anything happens, yes, Mister Zeppeli.” Kakyoin finished the blonde’s sentence, who smiled with a nod and also left the room.

“I’ll see you later!” He waved as he walked down the hallway to follow his husband.


It took an additional day but the flower was moved to it’s special isolation room, and Kakyoin being diligent as always with this new discovery. It has taken several sleepless nights but he knew the flower was gonna finally bloom today and couldn’t wait.

“I can’t wait to see you bloom…” Kakyoin commented happily in a muffled voice. He was wearing an oxygen mask to breath since the room was completely set to original and exact environment of the home planet of the flower. The flower was planted in a makeshift pot in the ground of the room full of it’s soil and around it, the humidity and temperature was adjusted just right for it and the oxygen the flower needed and released was toxic for humans, so a gas mask was needed whenever entering this room. And the room was prepared with a heating lamp to keep the flower extra warm.

In that exact moment, the monitor was going highwire with loud and glitching beeps, and the flower starting to move and inflating from the sides, the top of it releasing a white gas, and with a loud pop the flower opened, splatting purple slime all over the room and on the startled botanist. Slowly it began to open it’s petals, the gas and slime surrounding a tall and strong figure. The figure groaned and started to move its limbs and pushing down a few petals still stuck on it. The gas soon disperse around the room into a ground level similar to mist as Kakyoin looked shocked on the figure covered in slime. It looked like a plant at first glance, but it still had human like features and a face. He stared back at Kakyoin in a dazed, as the younger one managed to somewhat snap out of his shock and stood up, walking up to the alien. Now that he was closer, he was able to see each detail of the creature. Kakyoin noted it appeared male, due to his large body and muscle structure, the skin was one similar to that of a plant with a shiny green colour mixed with some purple hues here and there, especially some scale like patches in some areas of his body. His hands had a dark green and were big with sharp nails, his face looked serious with a strong chin, bush like eyebrows and a set of brown horns on top of his head that grew back like branches. What could be called his hair, were short leaves covering his whole scalp that were pressed down by the slime but they were slowly rising as the slime dripped off. Kakyoin looked into his eyes, his sclera was black and his pupils shined a green hue as it stared back at the botanist curiously. Kakyoin deducted on his brain that the figure in front of him was a living plant humanoid, an amazing one.

“You are… amazing.” Kakyoin was breathless at the being in front of him, unconsciously reach out his hand to touch the plant being but his hand was quickly grasped by the same. Which caused him to gasp, suddenly feeling afraid of what it would do to him, what happened next shocked him.

The plant man was looking at the human’s small hands compared to his, looking at them from all the angles and raised both of them, carefully intertwining their fingers and pulling the human closer.

“Huuuh…” Kakyoin was feeling his face turning red at the sudden embrace and then flinching at how the plant being was inspecting him without holding back. The plant humanoid would smell him here and there. Then suddenly he took a long lick from Kakyoin’s cheek to wipe off the slime.

His tongue felt rough like a cat’s yet soft because of his saliva, making Kakyoin blushed even more since it felt really nice against his skin. The plant humanoid grunted again and embraced Kakyoin tighter and stepped out of the flower.

“Huuh, could you let me go? Please?” Kakyoin tried to get out of the surprisingly comforting plant muscles but he couldn’t fall to temptation just yet! He needed to investigate this completely new being.

“Hmph…” The plant man grunted and obediently set the botanist down.

“Whoa… You understood what I said?” Kakyoin adjusted his lab coat shocked.

The plant being nodded instantly, he moved his hand up to play with Kakyoin’s pink slime stained long strand of hair on the side of his face, causing the younger to chuckle at that.

“Fascinating!” Kak’s eyes glittered in amazement as he scanned again the alien in front of him. The being was much taller and muscular than him, the botanist having a smaller and thinner frame in comparison.

“Can you talk?” Kakyoin asked but jumped as the other tapped his oxygen mask with his nail curiously. “Oh, uh, no. I can’t take it off here, I need it to breathe you see.” Kakyoin explained to the other

“...” The other was deep in thought as if it was trying to figure something out and then started to move his mouth but no voice could be heard. He touched his throat a bit concerned but then shook his head to the younger.

“You’re vocal cords haven’t developed yet? Give it some time then.” The botanist reassured the larger being, he was smiling under the mask. “Can I give you a name then? I don’t wanna keep calling you plant humanoid and such.”

The other widen it’s eyes and nodded with a small smile, which caused the younger’s heart to skip for a bit. Since he was from Japan, he could only think of Japanese names for him and when making a quick mental list one single name stood out at seeing the being in front of him.

“Jotaro… That’ll be your name.” Kakyoin smiled with his eyes, thinking the same was very fitting for him. “What do you think?”

The plant humanoid, now named Jotaro, widen his eyes amazed at the name, actually liking it a lot and quickly hugged the smaller one once again. Locking him between his strong chest and arms, feeling a muffled laughed from the younger.

“Happy you like it!” He groan between the painful hug but happily accepted it. Now this was gonna be interesting for Kakyoin.


Joseph and Caesar visited the next day to observe the plant creature. Kakyoin explained in detail about Jotaro.

“He already has a name huh?” Joseph scratches his chin.

“Y-yes, I gave it to him.”

Joseph snickers.

“He can’t seem to speak right now but I’ll test his intelligence and ask about his home planet when he learns to communicate.” The redhead suits up and takes with him a board, a table, and many papers and pens.

“We’ll leave him up to you. If you find out about his origins contact us.” Caesar grabs Joseph’s hand and pulls him out of the room.

Jotaro is sitting on the dirt staring at Kakyoin enter with objects he hasn't seen before.

“Hey, I’m gonna help you speak again. Well, try.” He sets the table with the papers and the board in front of the alien.

“What noises can you do?” He draws Jotaro’s face with the mouth open.

Jotaro stares in silence for a few seconds until he made a horrific screech as his scales and leaves stand up for intimidation.

Kakyoin pulls out his stand in fear thinking he was going to be attacked.


But nothing happened.

“What the hell?! You scared me, Jotaro!”

The alien pouts and he stretches out his arm to touch his stand.

“You can see it?”

He grunts and clicks.

“Impressive.” He writes down what he witnessed.

“Let’s try again. Any other creepy noises you want to make?”

Jotaro growls, roars and clicks.

“That's good I guess. Now I will show you what the vocals are. A, E, I, O, U.”

Kakyoin stayed for hours trying to teach Jotaro basic english since it’s one of the easiest to learn. He gave Jotaro a marker so he could write on the board what he had learned.

The redhead stood next to him watching him struggle trying to not drop the marker. He chuckled as it was rather cute.

Jotaro huffed and managed to write the vocals, very crooked but he did it.

“Very good! I’m proud of you.” Kakyoin passed his palm on his scales. The giant clicked happily and hugged the tiny human. Kak started to blush and shook his head. This can’t be happening.


Weeks went by quickly and the plant alien was slowly speaking english.

“What do you say?” The redhead handed him food and stared at him without letting go of the plate.

“... Thank you.” He said shyly.

“Very good. You’ll be mastering this language soon.”

In fact, Jotaro was a fast learner. He can write sentences and say things but he's stoic and not very emotional except with Kakyoin.

“Now my dear friend, please tell me about your home.” Kakyoin brought a chair with him to sit across from the plant man.

“I don’t know.”


“I don't remember, I know I was getting ready for winter but that’s it.”

“O-oh. It’s understandable.”

“It doesn't matter anyway.”

“How so?” He sighed; he felt bad he couldn’t find out his origins for Mr. Joestar.

“Because you here.”

“W-what do you mean?” The redhead covered his pink cheeks with his palm even though the mask covered part of the face.

The creature crawled in front of him. He pets the others’ hair and nuzzled his face on it. Kakyoin didn’t move and felt Jotaro purring deep from his throat.

“All I can say is, I'm an adult plantoid and I was in my last phase of growth and winter happened as well.”

“It’s fine, Jojo.”


“Oh sorry, I just thought a nickname for you out of nowhere.”

He purred happily and licked Kak’s cheek.

“No please don’t. Now my face smells like a vegetable.” He laughed and teased the giant.

“Can I see outside?”

“I’m sorry… I don't think you can. Your air and temperature is different from the dome. But I will think in something.” He touches Jotaro’s face for the first time.

“What if I adapt to the dome? Could I stay with you longer?..” His eyes shine.

“Possibly.” Kakyoin smiles softly at him.

They shared an embrace in silence and Kakyoin breaks it off because it was time to sleep

“Goodnight, Jotaro…”


Not long after, Jotaro had managed to “escape” his isolation room and wonder around the lab area. Much to Kakyoin and everyone else shocked seeing the plant man in the greenhouse interacting with the other plants like nothing was wrong.

“Jo-Jotaro?! How did you even get here?! Wait, are you okay?! Isn’t the air toxic to you?!” Kakyoin asked shocked and very confused as he checked Jotaro all over in deep worry

“...” Jotaro stopped Kak on his tracks as he pulled the smaller closer and touched his lips without a second thought. They were soft and lumpy, this would be the first time he had seen Kak’s whole face properly, especially his mouth.

“Jotaro…” Kakyoin stuttered shocked and feeling his face grow hot.

“I’m fine… It only hurt for a bit but it was fine after. I just wanted to be with you.” Jotaro handed over the card key to his isolation room to Kakyoin, he had stolen it from the other since they hug quite often. “I had no intention of escaping… It was just lonely in there.”

“Oh… Well, if you are feeling okay. Then I guess you are staying with me.” Kakyoin chuckled as the older cupped both sides of his face with his large hands and nuzzled his face along with some purrs. “Hahaha. Jotaro it tickles.”

“I like you…” Jotaro said without any hesitation, taking the other by surprised and snickered at seeing him blush for the first time.

“I-I like you too, Jotaro…” Kakyoin replied back with some shyness but still felt happy. He was going to have some amazing moments from now on with Jotaro.

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This pair of well known husbands go way back in the days were Joseph was a young and stupid explorer hopping from planet to planet. And Caesar was just a lab rat in an extraterrestrial science laboratory. The Botanical Dome was yet to exist and the Speedwagon Foundation was just a small group of people. Joseph was invited to the extraterrestrial science lab to see the plants they had discovered so far and could take; while being there he never knew he would meet what soon be the love of his life.

Joseph walked down the hall full of experimentation tanks full of all kinds of subjects, but he stopped on his tracks when he was mesmerized at the human in one of the tubes. He walked up to it and looked at what seemed like a man of his age or a bit older, blonde locks and green eyes that stared back at his own. He noticed two colored spots on his cheeks, and then saw what made him blink a few times in disbelief, but they were small wings on the side of the blonde’s head, they would flap for a moment and then settled down. The blonde man was strike naked floating in the middle of the tank with his knees pressing to his chest, some splat stains in some areas of his body and had all kinds of tubes and wires connected to his body, and an oxygen mask of sort that looked quite painful. But Joseph was honestly struck by his beauty and the sudden need of wanting to save him for some reason… He wanted to free him from such a painful thing.

“I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m getting you out of here…” Joseph said to the blonde one, who widen his eyes taken aback by the other’s statement. As if had heard the words he had forgotten ever since he got abducted.

“You have a good eye, boy.” The alien scientist stood next to Joseph. “This is specimen 356.26 from Earth. Quite an impressive specimen for a disgusting flesh of skin and weak bone structure. It has tolerated all our devices that most humans usually die from. Right now we shall test him one of our new poisons.”

“What!?” Joseph shouted shocked, the blonde one widen his eyes frighten and began to struggle, shaking his head side to side rapidly.

“Now, now. It won’t hurt much, I suppose.” The scientist chuckled evilly with a shrug for a moment as it took out a monitor and touched a few buttons. The tank lit up and some of the tubes that were connected to the veins of his arms started to flow down a dark blue ooze. The blonde started to shake again desperate and afraid of what was gonna happen to him again.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Joseph thought as he started to panic.

“No worries, he always throws a fit before we do anything to him, he’ll faint from the pain soon enough.” The scientist looked at the monitor emotionlessly. The ooze was quickly injected and the blonde was struggling in pain as his veins popped out with the dark blue poison across his pale skin.

“Fuck it!” Joseph drop kicked the scientist against the floor, knocking him out cold, he did a quick movement to summon his ripple and purple veins that cracked the thick crystal of the tank and breaking the blonde free from his suffering.

Joseph quickly cut off all the wires and tubes, the dark blue poison splashing everywhere, and he took the blonde one into his arms and quickly ran off to his space pod. Quickly making a fast escape in direction to the nearest medical station, where Caesar was attended immediately.


Joseph waited in the hospital room for the blonde man to wake up from his slumber. Seeing the man closer and out of a tank, Joseph couldn’t stop staring at him and taking in every small detail he saw on the other’s face. His handsome face with those weird colored spots on his cheeks that suited him very well, golden locks that went on all directions, and then came the small wings on the side of his head, that somehow gave him this angelic touch he couldn’t stop thinking about. Did he save an angel? Which Joseph has tried from stopping himself from touching them no matter how tempting it was. The doctor let him know that they were real and most likely added to him between all his experimentations in that laboratory. They also shared the same body build but clearly the blonde looked very thin and pained, if they were starving him as well.

“Ugh…” The blonde groaned as he opened his eyes and looked around the hospital room slowly until his eyes landed on the man with weird cowlicks and bright blue eyes looked back at him. His small wings flapped for a moment before settling down for a second.

“Hey! How you feeling?!” He smiled widely


“Uh, are you hungry?” Joseph suggested awkwardly as he offered the blonde a spoonful of gelatin.

The blonde moved his head away and slowly sat up, still looking at the other.

“Hmmm…” Joseph ate the spoonful instead with a small sulk. “You’re in really bad shape, the doctor said you’ll be keeping a few nasty scars from all the tubes and wires… they were deeper than they looked. They managed to cleanse all your blood from that nasty poison but they injected an antidote if there was still some remaining. They were kind enough to remove the almost tracker as well.”

“...” The blonde blinked confused as it processed the whole information and look down at all the bandaged and large patches across his body. He shook his head and asked in a pained strained voice.

“Why… did you save me…?”

“When I saw you… I just had this sudden urge to save you… to get you out of there… to take you with me…” Joseph said honestly looking straight at the blonde’s eyes. “And I did just that.” He gave the other a loving smile.

Suddenly, tears started to stream down the blonde’s face and choked sobs as he covered his face. The small wings on the side of his head becoming droopy as he cried harder.

“Whoa!! What’s wrong?! You okay!?” Joseph shouted shocked as he stood up and walked next to the blonde which was taken by surprise when the other took him into a tight embrace around his waist and cried into his abdomen. Joseph widen his eyes not sure what to do for a moment but slowly smiled as he bent down to hug back the blonde.

“Let it all out… You are safe now.” He rubbed circles on his back.

“Than-thank yo-you…. Than-k y-ou… s-s-o mu-ch…” He cried out with loud hiccups between thick tears and sobs falling down his face, feeling so safe and sound within his savior’s arms

“There, there…” He reassured and slowly calming down the blonde in his arms, he decided to sit on the bed next to him, letting the other hug him as much as he wanted and cried out on his shoulder. Joseph knew he needed this and didn’t mind it at all. After he finally calmed down, Joseph helped the blonde to eat at least a bit and talking idly to him.

“What’s your name?” He asked as he stole a bit of the pudding.

“Caesar… Zeppeli.” He gave Joseph a small smile. “I’m from Italy…”

“Oooh, fancy! I am Joseph Joestar!” Joseph flexed his muscles to show off for a bit.

“American aren’t you?” Caesar added with a chuckle. “So full of themselves… and goofy.”

“Heey! I’m mostly British anyway.” Joseph crossed his arms offended, but smiled at hearing the other chuckle for the first time. It was very cute.

“The doctor asked… if you wanted those to be removed.” Joseph nodded to the small wings.

“Hmm…” The blondes wings extended in surprise and settled back down, moving one hand to pet it down. “It’s fine… I’ll keep them.”

“They do suit you.” The brunette added with a grin.


“Do you remember how long you were in there?”

“No… It felt like an eternity though.” Caesar stabbed his gelatin with a pained face.

“But you are with me now! Everything will be fine from now on because you have me!” Joseph proudly stated with another big goofy grin

A few tears fell down Caesar cheeks. “Thank you…”

It didn't take long for the duo to become well known explorers and soon be the founders of the Speedwagon Foundation Botanical Dome, for a wider and faster research on all the plants they could find. Getting married a few days after and living happily as they explore the cosmos together.