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Riding into the sunset

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The days were hot and sunny on Malta. Busy life, lots of tourists and locals filled the streets. There was so much to be seen, so much to be experienced and felt. The six members were there, filming new season of Bon Voyage and enjoying every bit of it.


Taehyung had to stay back because some family issue and to join the group two days later. However his arrival was moved for another day and Jungkook missed him like crazy. They all did. Hobi and Jimin didn’t stop mentioning Tae and how they missed him, Jimin even going that far by ordering seven sandwiches instead of six, because he always counts Tae in, until Jin corrected him and Jimin muttered for Tae to hurry up and join them.


This would be the second time on Bon Voyage filming that Tae was coming few days later. On their first season, when they were traveling through Scandinavia, Tae had to stay behind because of Hwarang show he was filming and join them later. Kookie hated that, but he couldn’t say anything, especially not now, when he knew the reason why he stayed back in the first place.


Hobi missed his favorite dongsaeng and was mentioning him several times a day. Even though Jimin was his roommate back at home and they were very close, Tae was very special to him. Jungkook felt a pang of jealousy from time to time because of their closeness, and the way Hoseok looked these days, all hot and stylish didn’t help Kookie’s jealous nature at all, but deep down Kookie knew that Tae loved him and was his as much as Kookie was Tae’s.


The same day Tae supposed to join them, Yoongi got a message, informing him that he would have to go home. Jungkook could not believe it. They were already six, which for them, is very wrong number. They were seven. They would always be seven.

Jungkook saw that Namjoon and Jin weren’t surprised by the news. It was like they expected it. The rest of them, however knew about the situation back home, but didn’t know that this might happened.


Jimin was especially down, even though he put on a brave and smiley face, but Jungkook saw. He saw the way Jimin’s mouth pressed into small pout and he starred through things and people, lost in his own thoughts. Jungkook knew that Jimin ached to touch Yoongi, to be with him. There was always chemistry between Jimin and Yoongi, but their relationship was still relatively fresh. They are going through the same thing Taehyung and Jungkook went. The on camera separation, cautions and observation from the staff, making sure they are not together on and off cameras, so they wouldn’t raise suspicions. Both Taehyung and Jungkook hated that. They were even on the edge of breaking up at one point because the pressure was too high, but not having Tae in his arms was unthinkable for Jungkook and after two whole devastating days of separation, they ran to each others arms and cried.


Now the attention went from them to Yoongi and Jimin who had a slow build on their emotions over the years, until it culminated one day and changed things. Even now, when there were on Malta, the staff didn’t put them together on the team, not once and even though they shared the room, Jin was there as well.


Jungkook always have huge appreciation for their eldest Hyung, even though he teases him often. But the truth remained, Jin always cared and loved his dongsaengs and they all knew and loved him back. The first night there, Jin came to Jungkook’s room and sleep next to the maknae, to give the couple some privacy. Timid squeaking of the bed and soft moans on the floor above them made them grin and place the earplugs in their ears before going to sleep. In the morning Jin was first one up and Jimin, radiant and happy, came to wake Jungkook.


They were intrigued and excited by the city and their people and couldn’t wait to try new things. They were happy that Taehyung will be joining them soon, so they will be complete once again, but the happiness was short lived since the news of Yoongi’s departure is announced and Jimin barely had time to kiss his boyfriend that day before he would leave. Jimin, who always took things to his heart, no matter what they were, cling to his soulmate as soon as he arrived, glancing longingly across the table to very sad, but worried Yoongi.


Jimin cried that night and it took both Hoseok and Taehyung to calm him down. Jungkook, who expected Tae to join him in their room that night was slightly disappointed when Jin came instead, sharing his bed yet again.


Jungkook nearly chuckled on the amount of things happening off the cameras that their fans didn’t know about. They would probably think that Tae chose his room randomly, out of luck, destiny, but the truth was that staff finally allowed them to have room on their own in front of the cameras, since both of them behaved nicely for the past year. The gossip that BigHit was purposely separating Vkook was at large, so they had to feed the shippers some crumbs and quiet them down. Their bigger concern was Yoonmin now.


The same day, after Yoongi left however, they went on horse riding. Jungkook enjoyed immensely, having fun and enjoying the time with his horse, but his breath hitched as soon as he laid eyes on Taehyung. The way he rode that horse was so magnificent and Jungkook felt familiar clench around his heart.


Taehyung, who slightly galloped towards the sunset ahead of them, looked like he was born on the horse. Jimin and Hoseok praised his beauty and posture, but Jungkook kept silent, unable to speak from all the emotions he felt at the moment. He missed him like crazy and seeing him now, not being able to kiss him properly made him extremely uneasy. His horse felt that and buckle a little and Junkook needed to put all of his effort to calm himself and took the control over the horse again.


Now, lying in his bed with Jin sleeping next to him, Jungkook remembered the sunset and the feeling he felt by looking at Taehyung’s golden skin bathe in the warm light, back and shoulders straight and body agile. He watched his strong legs tighten around the animal’s sides and the way his hips rolled as they went. The sudden image of Taehyung, naked, glistening with sweat as he rode him, made his cock twitch with interest.  It was some time ago that they were intimate like that and Kook was completely aroused in matter of seconds.


Trying not to wake Jin, he got up and went towards the bathroom to take care of his little hard problem, only to hear soft footsteps on the stairs. Jungkook looked up and smiled as Taehyung came down.


-Kookie, why are you awake? – Taehyung whispered and threw himself to his boyfriend’s embrace.  – I was just coming to sneak into your bed. – Taehyung added and Jungkook tighten his grip around him and breathe in Taehyung’s scent. It made him lightheaded.


-I was thinking about you actually, I couldn’t sleep. – He answered and Tae chuckled quietly.  – I can see why. - His hand went down to cup Jungkook between his legs, whispering in his ear, voice amused and interested. – Did you miss me?


-You know I did Tae. I always miss you. – Jungkook nipped at Tae’s neck, murmuring softly. – I need you. Oh, I’m so glad you are here. It took you long enough. – There was slight disapproval in Kook’s voice and Taehyung giggled.


-I think we should sue the air company for slow planes, hmm? – Tae joked and Jungkook’s bunny smile came easily on his lips. Everything was much easier with Taehyung around.


-I think we should. – Kook murmured nuzzling his nose into the other man’s neck, making Taehyung ran his fingers through Jungkook’s hair in response.


-Oh Jungkookie how I missed you. – Tae breathed and Kook found his lips. They kissed passionately, standing in the middle of the room, holding each other tight. After a few moments they broke the kiss in poor attempt to calm themselves down.


Wanting to divert his mind from Taehyung’s warmth and having serious concerns about his friend Kook asked softly.


-Tae, how’s Jimin-ssi holding?


Tae stepped away from him and pulled him towards the sofa. They sat, facing each other, holding their hands together.


-He calmed down after crying the rivers of tears. – Tae said quietly. – You know it’s not just about Hyung’s leaving, right? It’s about everything that’s happening.


Jungkook nodded at that, his brows furrowed, his body cooling down from the arousal. This kind of things always bugged him and he hated when his Hyungs suffered.


-They doing the same to them, what they did to us and I hate seeing Jiminie suffering so. Hyung is not better either, he is fuming inside, but he just hides it better.


-I know. – Jungkook agreed. – I could tell by his quietness, he is not happy.


-I know, but they get through that, just like we did.


-Not really. – Jungkook said and went on explaining after seeing Taehyung’s confused expression. – What I mean is it’s not really over. We still have to be very careful and to hide everything and it’s so fucking hard Tae. It’s so hard.


-I know Kookie… - Tae caressed Kookie’s face, pressing their foreheads together. – I know baby, but that’s the only way… at least for now.


-But will it be so wrong for the World to know the truth? That we love each other.




-Our international fans would definitely approve our relationship. They are literally begging for it.




-I know Tae, but still…we could…


-Jungkook. – Tae’s voice was firm. It stopped Jungkook from talking instantly. – Baby, it’s not just about us, you know that, we been through this. Even though a lot of people would accept us, there are still majority of them who wouldn’t and we are not the only ones that could be the target of their disapproval and hate.


-I just don’t get it why the hate? – Jungkook snapped through gritted teeth.


-Because some people are stupid. That’s the stupidest excuse in the world, but it’s the fact, unfortunately. – Tae said, looking at his lover calmly. Jungkook chuckle darkly.


-You spend so much time with Yoongi Hyung. You are starting to sound just like him.


-Well you and Jiminie both make us like that sometimes. – Junkook was about to protest, when Taehyung put a hand on Jungkook’s lips to silence him. – We both love you very much and you are the ones that make us feel alive and happy. Never forget that. – Tae smiled. – Daegu men always have a soft spot for Busan men.


They both chuckle at this, the atmosphere slightly lighter than moment before. Taehyung sighed deeply. - Maybe one day the things will change and we might love happily each other in piece without hiding. To have life we wanted.


-I know TaeTae, I know…I’m just...oh…I hate seeing Hyungs suffer like us.


-I hate it too, they do not deserve it. We do not deserve it either.


They went silent after that, breathing slowly and caressing each other. After few moments, Taehyung kissed Jungkook’s lips and pulled him on top of him, so they lied on the sofa kissing and cuddling. Kookie who was between Taehyung’s legs, started moving his hips on Tae’s crotch.


-Aish baby…fuck…don’t…we…we can’t…


-I miss you Tae…so…fucking…much…. – He moved with each of his word and Tae throw his head back, holding his lip between his teeth in attempt to stay quiet, while Jungkook latched his lips on his neck.


The door opened at that moment making them both freeze on the spot. They turn their heads only to see it was Jin, who was heading towards the bathroom. He haltered, seeing them on the sofa and chuckled, shaking his head and went on with his business. After a few minutes he step out of the toilet and went to the room to retrieve his phone and water bottle.


-I’ll sleep in Hobi’s bed. Don’t make too much noise you horny rabbits. We have things to do tomorrow morning and it’s already… - He checked his phone. – Three and twenty three am, so do what you must and go to sleep. – And with that, he went to Namjoon’s and Hobi’s room, closing the door behind him.


The youngest members only look at each other, grinning and silently cheering for their Hyung, almost running to the room. Jungkook pushed Taehyung on the bed, pulling the latter’s pajamas pants down in one swift movement.


-Fuck Tae, I love when you go commando. – He proceeded pulling off his top as well until Tae lay naked and gorgeous on the bed, his long fingers caressing his erected cock. Jungkook gulped, feeling himself twitching in his pants. – Beautiful. – Jungkook murmured, pulling off his own pajama and settle himself between Tae’s legs, kissing him deeply.


-I want you. – Jungkook kept murmuring in Taehyung’s mouth while kissing him and licking his neck. – I want to fuck you baby… ah fuck… - Tae rolled his hips upwards to meet Junkook’s, their erections sliding against one another slicked with precum and heat. – I want to fuck you so bad Tae…and…oh…baby…fuck… I want you inside me too…


Oh fuck Kook…I want that too…so fucking much… but aaah…we don’t have time n-now…oh God… Jungkook…


Jungkook spread Taehyung’s legs wider and kneel for better access before rubbing himself more. Taehyung latched his lips on Jungkook’s nipple and sucked, making Jungkook moan loudly.


-Not so loud Jungkookie… - Tae said continuing with abusing Jungkook’s nipples.


-How can I…be…q-quiet when you d-do…fuck…when your tongue…? Fuck…aaah… You are driving me crazy Taehyung.


Taehyung smirked and reach down to wrap his hands around both of their cocks.


-Jesus Tae!


-Shhhh...Behave baby.


Taehyung proceeded to jerk them both off, still sucking at Jungkook’s bud, until Kook grabbed him by the hair and pulled back only to smash their lips together in sloppy wild kiss. Taehyung moaned deeply, sending shivers down Junkook’s spine. He always managed to make maknae shake only from his voice and he used that whenever he could. Now however Jungkook felt that Taehyung had enough power over him as it is, so he gently wrapped his fingers around Tae’s neck and squeezed.


Tae’s eyes went wide and his movements falter only for the second before they continued more fervently than before. Jungkook raised his head to look at him, only to groan at the lust and wildness in Taehyung’s eyes, making him buckle his hips in Taehyung’s hand faster, searching release. Jungkook was completely turned on by this gorgeous man which neck he was pressing now firmly, while biting his lip to stop from growling. All Tahyung senses were tingling now, making him alive, while the deep burn in his stomach grew bigger and bigger. They didn’t kiss anymore. They just stared at each other’s eyes deeply, bucking their hips together so intensively, until it was too much. Jungkook came few seconds after Taehyung did, bodies wet from sweat and cum.


Jungkook fell down next to his lover, covering his eyes and breathing heavily, while Tae gulped for air, after having his air pipe released. His heart trumped like crazy, but he loved it. He loved the control Jungkook had over him. He loved the control he had over Jungkook as well. It was mutual trust and deep love that fuel this relationship for so long and Tae wouldn’t have it any other way.


 -Damn it Taehyung, I die almost every time you stare to my soul like that…fuck…I can feel you…t-twisting my mind and I make me b-burn in…inside…


Taehyung chuckled. – You almost die? I was the one having your hand around my throat, chocking me to death.


Jungkook laughed. – You kinky bastard. – Tae joined him and they fell in fit of giggles, like they often do after intense orgasm. They were tired and sleepy, so they cleaned up quickly and dress their pajamas again, cuddling in each other’s arms.


-Won’t Jimin be asking where you are? – Jungkook asked, not wanting to let his boyfriend leave.


-Hobi Hyung is with him. He was scratching his hair, so Jiminie cuddle himself around him, he will be fine.


-Good, because I don’t think I could let you go now. – Jungkook said, tightening his hands around Taehyung and kissing his temple.


-I love you Jungkookie…


-I love you too baby.


-Fuck, I love the way you say “baby”, it’s so sexy. You will make me hard again.


Jungkook spread his lips in a wide smile. – Good, I like to make you hard.


-Oh is that so?


-Yeah….and you’re the one to speak…Mr. I know how to ride a horse.


-What? – Taehyung laughed. – What riding a horse got to do with the way you pronounce “baby” so sexily?


-You were riding that horse with such enthusiasm. – Jungkook said seriously and Taehyung buried his face into Jungkook’s chest, muffling the laughter.


-Oh, did you like how I ride that horse Jungkookie? – Tae said finally, raising his head to look at the younger man, biting his lip and smirking. Jungkook was glaring at him, hardly managing to stay serious. The good humor got the better of him and he smiled, making Taehyung giggle again.


-Oh you are adorable baby. – He cooed at the younger man and Kook smacked his thigh gently and pecked Taehyung’s lips, only to kiss him again more meaningfully.


-It’s late, we should sleep. – Jungkook said after some minutes. Taehyung agreed, settling down more comfortably in Jungkook’s arms, but not before he leaned in and whisper to Jungkook’s ear.


-Do you want to know what I kept imagining while I was riding that horse today?


Jungkook smirked. – That it was me?


-That we were fucking while riding that horse.


-Fuck Tae…


-Fuck Kookie to be precise…someone need to hold the rains…someone more experienced in riding the… - He never finished as Jungkook attacked him, tickling him senseless. Taehyung was laughing a bit too loudly until they heard knocking on the wall from the room next to them.


-Sorry Hyung. – Jungkook raised his voice only slightly, so Jin could hear him. They settle down again, hugging and panting.


-We should try that one day… I don’t know how, or when, but we should definitely try that. - Jungkook said and Taehyung grinned, nuzzling his face in the crook of Jungkook’s neck before kissing it gently and starting to drift to sleep.