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Full Disclosure

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It was Saturday morning, two weeks after Frisk revealed the truth about last timeline to Papyrus and Undyne. Toriel had a meeting and would be gone for most of the day, so Papyrus brought Frisk over to hang out with him and Sans.

"So what do you want to do, Paps?" Sans asked. "Should we watch a movie? Go for a ride in your new car?"

"We could check out the new fun zone. I heard they have an escape room." Frisk said with a smile.


"Subtle as always." Frisk sighed.

Sans blinked in confusion. "What was that all about?"

"I...I think he wants us to talk about……" Frisk shuffled a bit. "L-Last timeline."

Sans's eyelights went out. "What? Kid, what are you talking about?" His tone though implied he knew exactly what.

Frisk looked down with tears in her eyes.

"Kid, why are you bringing this up?" Sans asked. "And why does my brother know?" His tone was unreadable.

"I have nightmares about it. All the time." she whispered. "Two weeks ago, after movie night while I was sleeping at your house, I had a really bad one, and Papyrus found out. He wanted to know what was bothering me. I told him I was fine at first, but he knew I was lying. He asked me to tell him the truth. So I did. He deserved to know who he was friends with." She wiped her eyes. "I thought he'd hate me, and I thought if he did, I deserved it. But he didn't hate me. He forgave me." She softly told him the whole story.

Sans listened quietly. "So both Papyrus and Undyne know."

Frisk nodded softly. "I don't know if Alphys knows yet or not."

For a minute both were quiet. The silence was heavy and awkward, almost suffocating.

Then Frisk broke it. "What I'm trying to say here is that I'm sorry, Sans. I'm so sorry. I know I hurt you. I know that you're wary of me or worried I'll reset. And if you hate me, I understand. I…"

"Kid, calm down." Sans placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Look, I don't hate you. Not at all." He looked into her eyes. "You're thinking of what I said last timeline, aren't you?"

She nodded softly.

"Heh. I may be a Judge... but I'll admit I wasn't exactly an unbiased one. I was angry at you. Undyne and Mettaton were dead and you had killed them. Undyne is one of my closest friends. I was heartbroken at the fact that Paps and I might never see her again if you decided not to reset. I didn't know how I was gonna tell Paps. I felt helpless because you have a power that I couldn't do a thing against even if I decided to fight you."

"Sans...I'm so…"

"Kid, let me continue. I knew what you had done was self defense. I knew she and Mettaton had killed you over and over. I didn't care. I was angry and grieving and I took it out on you. I never gave a second thought to the pain you were going through, or that you could feel it when you died. I never took responsibility for the fact that I promised to keep you safe and not only failed, but barely even tried. You're just a teenage kid who was thrown into a situation no kid should ever be in, and instead of guiding or helping you, I condemned you, and I'm sorry for that. I've thought about what I did for months after you freed us. I just didn't have the GUTS to bring it up, plus, I'm a lazy bag of bones." he joked, trying to make her laugh.

She laughed a little, and he smiled before getting more serious.

"Look, kiddo, it's over. You fixed everything. You even brought us to the surface, and everyone's the happiest I've ever seen them. Unless you're planning to reset, which I really hope you aren't, leave the past where it belongs. Let's move ahead to the future, okay?"

Frisk nodded softly. "I'm not planning to reset if I can help it. Ever. I've been saving every day so that if something happens, we'll hopefully stay on the surface, though I'm still not sure what will happen if I die of old age or something. If it's possible though, I want to get rid of these powers. I don't want to be caught in a time loop any more than you do. The very idea of going back in time and losing our happy ending, everyone I love forgetting me, having to fight and die terrifies me." She looked up at Sans hopefully. "Is it possible to delete the Reset button?"

"I don't know." Sans admitted, but something inside him seemed to relax at Frisk's words. "But we'll find a way, okay?" Frisk nodded, feeling a lot better.

Sans smiled at her, and for once, his smile was completely genuine, not sad or forced. "C'mere, kid." He extended his arms and Frisk walked into them. He pulled the fifteen year old into a hug and ruffled her hair.

"Just remember, kid, you got a lot of people who really care about you, including me. Don't ever forget that, okay?"

Frisk nodded with a wide smile, and hugged him back tightly.

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