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jerk it (jerk it real good)

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Tommy had bought it for Steve as a gag gift. Something about you never get laid anymore, Harrington so I thought you might need a hand.

And Billy had nearly died when he’d heard that but he’d been good.

He’d sat quiet in the bar and watched Steve open the gift and smile at all the laughing because Steve is a good sport like that -- but really, Billy knows he’s thinking go fuck yourself Tommy but he doesn’t say that. He’d just made nice with Tommy and Carol after years of passive aggressive backstabbing and they’ve all come to some kind of truce to behave themselves.

And it was a birthday party, after all.

Steve’s twenty-first.

Not the time to start a brawl. Especially over a gift.

Even though it’s a fucking sex toy.

A fleshlight, to be specific. Something Billy thinks Tommy probably likes imagining Steve pushing his big cock into, fucking the soft plastic until he fills it with his come.

Billy thinks Tommy’s always had a thing for Steve but he’s so repressed, he’d never actually take a cock up the ass. Even though it’d be good for him. Especially Steve’s cock. Better than a vacation and a week of sleep.

And Billy would know.

He’s been fucking Steve for almost three years. Obviously they’re better at hiding it around Tommy than they were with the kids, who'd guessed they were a thing within freaking weeks. But Tommy thinks he’s a freaking clown, getting Steve a toy he can fuck when he gets lonely at night.

Billy is almost a little possessive of that cock.

So the first time he can, he takes the thing out of the box and waves it in Steve’s face.

“You gonna fuck it?”

He wants the answer to be fuck no but Steve doesn’t say anything for a second so Billy snorts, looks into the thing.

“Come on, Billy. It was a gag gift.”

“Do you know how expensive these things are?” He counters, meeting his boyfriend’s eye. “Tommy dropped some bank so you could wack off in style.”

“I don’t need to wack off.” Steve says, pulling on his cock through his sweatpants like a fucking asshole while Billy watches.

He’s a ho for that big dick and Steve knows that.

“Then maybe I should use it.” Billy says, sticking out his bottom lip like he’s considering it. But then he sees the way Steve’s face lights up and he almost says I’m just kidding.

“I could fuck you while you fuck it.”

And well, yeah that idea isn't so bad. Not when his dick twitches in his jeans with a very insistent hell yes.

So that's how they wound up here, fucking in Steve's room before freaking lunch

He’s not proud of how quickly Steve gets him on his back. He’s worse than a lot of the girls on campus, so willing to fuck at the drop of a hat. And Steve barely has to prep him anymore.

Little lube here.

Little licking there.

And horsecock Harrington can push balls deep in him and Billy is pushing up for more. When they’d first started sleeping together, Steve had called him a slut.

And, well. It’s the only word that really fits when he’s so eager to be split in half by all ten inches of his boyfriend’s thick cock.

He almost forgets what the point of all this impromptu fucking was until Steve spits in the fleshlight and Billy whimpers, watching it slide tight over his dick.

It’s a snug fit, almost uncomfortable at first, but then his cock starts to slide and it feels nice. The more Steve rocks into him, the more he leaks and the wetter the toy and then it’s suddenly great.

It’s gross, the sounds the thing makes. Like he’s in the middle of a sloppy fuck. And he can see how wet he is through the clear plastic, the engorged head of his cock bringing more and more cloudy precome to the surface.

What’s hotter is the way Steve is watching too.

They take turns fucking him with the dumb toy, Steve moving slow and cruel while Billy jerks it fast, edging himself three times while his boyfriend uses his hole in the same way, bringing them both to the edge.

It’s too much of a good thing. They're both panting like dogs in less than a commercial break and well, they've done better

But it's so goddamn hot and Billy knows he’s going to want to do it again, which is just sad. It was a gag gift after all. Something bought to make Steve feel bad about not having a girlfriend like the whole world assumes he wants. Assumes he needs to be happy.

Little do they know that King Steve is better than happy. He’s spoiled by Billy’s asshole.

And like, maybe they’re in love.

So Steve’s doing just fine without a stupid plastic butthole to get him off.

But when Billy blows a thick load into the thing, and Steve pulls out to do the same on his belly, he makes a note to send Tommy a thank you.

Because damn.

Who knew, right?