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Surprise Return and Proposal

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Chapter 27

Serena stared up at the ceiling of their bedroom, with a smile of contentment on her face. She looked over at Bernie lying next to her and suddenly burst into a fit of giggles. He had chocolate smeared all over her face. Her mirth drew her Bernie's attention and a mock scowl. "Is that all I get from you? Laughter? After what I just did for you?"

Serena didn't respond. Instead, she moved to straddle her body, leaned over so that her breasts barely grazed her chest, and proceeded to lick the remaining chocolate from her face. This earned her a satisfied groan from her Bernie. She pulled back from her and arched her eyebrow mischievously. She leaned over to the nightstand and picked up the bowl of melted chocolate that they had used in their previous round of lovemaking.

She moved to sit on her thighs, took the bowl, and poured some of the chocolate onto her chest, taking care to cover her nipples in the sugary confection. She placed the bowl on the bed out of harm's way, and proceeded to devour her lover. She was rewarded with a low throaty moan when she swirled her tongue over her nipple and then gently nipped at it with her teeth. She looked up to see Bernie had her eyes tightly shut and was clutching the bed sheets. She rewarded her other nipple with the same sweet torture, and worked her way further south to her navel. She took her time lapping up the chocolate that had gathered there.




Bernie stared up at the ceiling of their bedroom with a wily smile of satisfaction on her face. Serena lay on top of her, her head on her shoulder. She gently stroked her hair, but began laughing as her hair stuck to her hand. She repeated her earlier inquiry "Is that all I get from you? Laughter? After what I just did for you?" She moved to look into Bernie's eyes, but caught a glimpse of her hand, and realized the cause of her mirth. Remnants of the sugary confection were on her hands from where she had applied the chocolate to her earlier, to put it nicely, they were a sugary mess. She attempted to sit up, but realized that they had become stuck together with the sweet confection that had been applied so generously to both of their chests. The few centimeters that she had moved had rewarded her with a tingling feeling from having their skin pull apart.

"Well, Serena how do you propose we get out of bed without losing any skin?" Bernie looked into Serena's amused expression. With a glint in her eye, she quickly sat up, and was rewarded with the tingling feeling from nipple to navel. One look into Bernie's eyes told her that she had the same feeling. Bernie attempted to move her hand from her hip to her breast, but was impeded by the gluing effect of the sugar, her hands were simply too sticky. Serena took her hand with hers, guided it to her mouth, and slowly licked her finger with her tongue, mimicking what she had done for her earlier.

Bernie loved that Serena allowed herself to be uninhibited with her. Their lovemaking could be slow and gentle, hard and fast, tender, or seductive. No matter what the tempo, her partner seemed to enjoy every moment of it. She had even surprised her with a few ideas of her own. As she looked into Serena's loving eyes, she had the profound desire to make love to her gently and slowly. However, their sticky situation wouldn't really allow for the tenderness that she wanted to be as the tempo for their next round. Sh wanted to do something for her that would make her feel like she was bathed in her love. Bernie thought bathed in love ….a warm bubble bath sounds lovely.

So they slowly get up and Serena says" You go start running the bath I'm going to go check on Lacey then I will join you in the bath".