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Surprise Return and Proposal

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Chapter 1

Serena gets up on her birthday and goes to walk out of her room when her phone goes off, she picks it up and smiles when she sees a text message from Bernie saying "Happy Birthday my darling I love you hope you have a wonderful day,I have sent you a surprise it will be waiting for you at the hospital and ps I will Skype you later babe I love you so so much Bernie xxxx. Serena smiles and types back "thank you sweetheart, I can not wait for the surprise and I can not wait to Skype with you tonight I love you so much as well xxxx Serena.

Serena has her coffee then gets ready for work and makes sure that she has everything she needs in her bags, she then locks up and grabs her coat and puts her shoes on. Walks out and closes and locks her door goes and gets in to her car and drives to work. She parks up gets out and walks in to the hospital.

Once Serena has got her coffee from Pulses she goes up to AAU and in to her office where she dumps her bags and coat. She then comes on to the ward where she speaks with Nikki and Donna.
As they talk a patient gets brought in so Serena goes to treat the patient with Nikki which they do then as Serena finishes telling Nikki what tests to
order Donna comes over and tells Serena that the new F1 is here.

Serena leaves AAU and walks down the corridor and stops when she sees a blonde girl in scrubs taking a selfi.

To Be Continued