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Make no Mistake

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You yawned openly, stretching your stiff limbs out, having just woken from a surprisingly good night of sleep. Ah….Sunday.

Your least favorite day of the week.

The, literal, beginning of the hellish week that awaited you….and the day that came before Monday, the world’s least favorite day.

You were a busy woman with an alright job with alright employees and customers, heroes with basic powers and regular humans, powerless, alike.

You were one of the 20% of people in the world who were quirkless….but you didn’t have that spark everyone else, who were like you, did.

You didn’t have that spark of excitement that, eternally, boiled in your blood, day and night, as the thought of seeing a possible hero in action crossed your mind, nor did you have the spark of anxiety for the same reason. You felt nothing towards the whole ordeal. While everyone would gawk in awe, you kept your head in your work or whatever you were doing at the time.

There was a time or two you let yourself take a moment to indulge in the news about the legendary hero All Might but besides that, and the mental congratulations you’d give….

….there wasn’t much.

You stared at the ceiling of your bedroom for a long minute, thinking about what you’ve done with your life before turning over and deciding to try to go back to sleep. You jumped slightly at the sound of a soft thud -- actually a hard one if you considered where you were and where it seemed to come from --  from somewhere in your home, most likely the first floor. You laid still for a moment, listening for more thuds, before sitting up, looking at your door, now alert.


You gave yourself a light smack to the forehead, mentally calling yourself an idiot.

“Probably Kega….” you muttered to yourself, laying back down, “Dumb cat….”

The thuds continued but the thought of it being your cat -- a pitch black 1-year-old kitten -- kept you from getting up.

You were about to drift back to sleep when your phone went off, almost making you jump out of your skin.

Dammit! ” you thought, forcing yourself to sit up and stretch for the phone, “ Who could be calling at this hour?! It’s too fucking early!

Well, not really. It was actually almost 10 a.m. But that was still early to you.

You picked up your phone and checked it, pressing the power button to turn the ringer down to off.

An alert…? ” you thought, beginning to read the message, “ And from the boss….it must be serious .”


To all staff and employees,


Due to recent and unfortunate activities in our community, no one is to come into work this week. Recent reports have informed me that there is a group of villain’s known as the League of Villains on the loose. They had fled before capture but there is one that has been spotted in our community.


For safety measures, everyone has been issued to stay home. Your work will be sent to you via email sometime today and expected to be---”

You stopped reading at that point, both because there was nothing else, important, to be read and because you heard the thud again, making your heart drop.

A villain….on the loose somewhere in your neighborhood. That didn’t exactly sit well with you. The thought of your cat still keeping up a ruckus made paranoia rise in the pit of your stomach.

Something was wrong. And something in you knew it.


You slipped from your bed as quietly as you could and slowly made your way out of your room, thinking of where all of your possible weapons rested as you proceeded down your hall to your stairs, which led along the side of your house, almost directly to the front door and living room.

You paused and crouched down at the spot where the ceiling of where the living room met the railing of the stairs and peeked outward looking around for a possible intruder.

Nothing so far.

You slowly and quietly continued your decent, taking a moment to peek at the front door to make sure it was locked up tight. You sighed in relief at the reassuring sight of it still being locked.

But the relief didn’t last very long; you yelped, though covered your mouth when something brushed up against your legs.

“Kega!” you whisper yelled, trying to shoo him away, “I’m busy! Go play or something.”

The small kitten stared up at you with big blue eyes before mewing, front paws making their way up your unclothed right leg and using you as a stretching post. If there was something you loved about this cat, it was that.

You were kind enough to wait until he finished and walked off as though you were no longer interesting taking pleasure in playing with a mouse toy. You continued your search hoping that it really was just the kitten fooling around instead of a---

Another thud sounded through your house, sending your heart into a flurry or panic and fear. It came from somewhere below….there was only one place that rested below your house….

The basement.


There’s something in my house.


There’s some one in my house.


It’s the villain, isn’t it?


Are they going to kill me if i go down there?


Should i call the cops?


Will i be held, hostage?


Will they kill me in the process?


Will they catch them if i die?


Will they make it there here in time to catch them at all?

Then something at the back of your mind spoke shattering everything in your mind.

What am i waiting for?

Oh….that’s right.

“I’m….a nobody,” you murmured to yourself, the left side of your lips twitching upwards as you straightened up, “....i don’t have an exciting life….or do anything exciting….so maybe….”

Left foot.

“Getting to meet a villain ….

Right foot.

….before i call the cops….

Left foot.

….might be….memorably exciting….

Right foot.

….and maybe….”

Left foot.

….what i need to find some real excitement in my life.”

You came to a stop at your basement door. You stared at it for a long minute before taking hold of the door handle and slowly pulling it open, facing the darkness.

All was quiet but your burning left ear grew a little hotter.

There were here. And you were going to face them. Yeah, there was a chance of you dying….

….but a part of you couldn’t resist.


The idea of the rush of fear -- something to really get your blood going -- in the face of death made your heart rate increase again as you put one foot in front of the other, making your way into the darkness.

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Your eyes slowly adjusted the further into the dark you went, your exposed feet slowly meeting ice cold concrete. You extended your left and right hands, waving them slowly as you felt for the thin little rope that led to the only light source that could be provided.


You squint your eyes in slight frustration slowing to a stop in what you presumed to be the middle of the room and continued to wave your hands, feeling more.

Finally, the fingers of your left hand grazed something smooth, like fabric.

You smiled a little in relief, moving your hand back to it and taking hold.

Then you froze.

You moved your thumb up and down the side of it. Soft. A big ragged feeling, possibly worn down a little. Thick too….this isn’t the rope….

This….this is fabric.

You paled a little, not moving an inch before moving your left hand to join the right, following the fabric upwards before coming across something warm, your thumb resting on, unmistakable skin and your other fingers resting on….


You tilted your hand slightly, confusion running through you as your hands traveled further up, feeling nothing but cloth before stopping at the feeling of….


Out of all the emotions, you should be feeling right now….you were just confused.

Not panicked because whoever this was you were touching was inside of your home….


You had some sense in you to remove your left hand and, miraculously, found the little string.

You gave a tug.


The light came on.


You blinked.


You stared.


He stared back.


He lifted a hand.


He pulled the string.


The light turned off.


With a pained gasp, you went under, the sound of his chuckle being the last thing you heard.

The next time you woke it was with pain that came from your wrists and ankles. It didn’t take a genius -- a fully woke, even -- to figure out that you had been tied up.

You blinked a few times, your sight slowly clearing as you took in your surroundings.

You were in the basement still, but tied up, with torn and knotted pieces of your own clothing from your room, and laying on your side against the back wall, far from the door. The basement light was on, barely revealing the space around you, but enough to let you see the approaching intruder. The spot of the lighting was terrible, blocking out their features entirely leaving them as a silhouette.

The man was slender yet held much strength to him, from what you could see. His hands were in his pockets and his pace was slow and casual, as though walking up to someone he had just captured was an everyday thing -- well, considering he was a villain it probably was. He stopped a good 7 inches from you, gazing down at your half curled up form on the floor.

You wore just your underwear and a baggy All Might shirt much too big for you, it being meant for men but you bought it entirely for sleepwear. Your (H/L) hair was in disarray and the growing dark pink bags under your (E/C) eyes made you look as though you hadn’t slept, or had been crying, for days even though you were unconscious just a moment ago.

You were poorly dressed but that was to be expected from having just gotten out of bed….wait how long were you out?

You grunted when he placed a foot onto your side and pressed down, another chuckle rising from him.

“Well this was easier than i thought….” the male hummed to himself, twisting his foot, “I honestly expected there to be more people here….Maybe a chance to fight one or two of them, just to stay sharp…..”

You jumped and squinted your eyes at the new source of light that appeared from his now unpocketed and raised right hand, showing his face. A blue flame from blue-eyeded, black haired, half-cloth half-skinned man. He wasn’t half bad to be honest but---

You winced as he pressed down harder, most likely from noticing you staring at him. He glared down at you, studying you closely before the blue flame grew.

“But you’re alone….not including the cat,” he sighed, “So boring….But that just makes this easier for me.”

He turned his hand in your direction. Your eyes widened slightly.

“No hard feelings, though….” he chuckled.

The flames seemed to explode, blinding you from the brightness. You closed your eyes and prepared to be burned to oblivion….

….but it never came.

Slowly but surely, you opened an eye to see that the flames were dangerously close, like hands reaching out to touch you but not a lick of it did. You opened both of them, looking past the flames to see that he was staring down at you with a strange look on his face.

He was….searching you. Watching your reaction, waiting on something that didn’t seem to be coming.

You waited but he never did finish you off. Instead, the fire died back down and he removed his foot, before kneeling before you and gripping your hair, pulling at your head slightly, earning a pained gasp from you.

He stared into your eyes, his icy blue one staring holes through you. You gulped staring back instead of looking away, not wanting to, possibly, upset him by breaking eye contact.

His expression darkened. You shuddered under his gaze now, feeling exposed like a bunny about to be struck down by a viper.

“. ...what the hell is he doing…? ” you thought, “ Is he going to kill me….? Why the hell isn’t he doing it….?”

He still didn’t do anything….

...besides break into an amused smile, humming to himself.

“Your eyes….” he hummed, giving your hair a tug, “….are dead.”

Your brows rose in confusion and surprise by this remark as he let your head go to rest back on the ground. You flinched and froze as he racked his fingers through your hair.

“You’re cold hearted….careless….and couldn’t be any more bored with your life,” he continued to hum, lightly scratching your scalp as though you were some pet of his, “....i see that now….Why you didn’t run or attack when you touched me….Why you didn’t scream bloody murder when you woke, cry and beg for me to spare and free you….or show an ounce of fear when i was about to burn you alive….”

He tilted his head slightly, “Do you feel fear….little villain?”

You remained silent. He took your quietness as a ‘yes’ and chuckled, removing his fingers and standing.

You remained quiet, watching him pace, before finally speaking.

“....what do you want?” you asked, your voice a little stronger than how you really felt.

He paused before looking to you, “I want to stay here….i need to stay here and hide out until everything calms down….”

He turned away from you, “And you’re going to provide that for me….not like you have a choice anyway.”

With this and another chuckle, he left, leaving you in the poorly lit room by yourself once more.

“Don’t go anywhere~” he called.

You frowned at the stairway. Oh, goodie, he’s got jokes.

You have no idea how long you were down there, having fallen asleep and woken up many times over during your stay in the basement, hunger often rising and eating away at you. You were glad you weren’t thirsty else that would really be a problem.

The only thing that bugged you right now….

….was the bad taste in your mouth.

You sighed in disappointment in yourself having failed to brush your teeth before coming down. Then again it was a serious situation at the time so you decided to give yourself a pass.

Geez…. ” you thought, curling up some more, “ What’s he doing up there? How long has it been since i came down here?”

Speaking of the devil, you heard footsteps from above and, thankfully, he emerged, taking his sweet time getting down the stairs.

“I need you to do something for me,” he began, closing the space between you and kneeling down, “I need you to deliver a letter to a designated address.”

Great…. ” you thought, “ Now I’m a messenger girl….what next, ‘i need you to give me a foot massage’?”

You thought out your complaints but said nothing. He observed you for a moment, able to see traces of the displeasure on your face -- not like he cared -- before leaning over you and untieing only your wrists and tossing the letter to your side.

“Make no mistake,” he warned, his eyes catching a dangerous fire, “An associate of mine will be watching you, so don’t try to pull anything funny or go cry for help.”

You gave a small nod, getting your ankles untied before standing, wobbling a little in the process, and following him out.

He didn’t allow you to get cleaned up or anything hygienic during your preparation to head out. You snuck yourself a breath mint, anyway, before you left to do as assigned.


He said he that one of his associates will be watching me…. ” you thought, sparing a look at every sidewalk and every alley as you drove into town, “ ....something tells me he might be bluffing….if anything, testing me since he did seem interested in me earlier….”

“Do you feel fear….little villain?”

You frowned a little as his question ran through your mind.

He called you a villain….As if.

If there was one thing you weren’t, it was a villain. You were nothing like him and that’s how you planned to stay.

Then again, he was gone for hours--- ” you continued to think while you checked the time to see that it was only 10 minutes past 6 p.m. -- “ Maybe he was….informing his associate or his team that he was safe and in hiding---?”

You gave your head a shake. Since when did you care about what he was or is doing?

All you needed to focus on was giving him whatever he wanted, even time if you had to, to get him out of your house with no bloodshed or lose of life.

The last thing you wanted was to be flayed alive over something that could have been prevented ever so effortlessly.

Half of your mind remained on the situation at hand while the other focused on driving, getting you to the city post office without a hitch.

You did, said and paid whatever you needed to to get that letter out of your hands and to where ever you needed it to go. The moment, you set foot out of the office, an uncomfortable feeling came rushing through you, making you stiff and go on alert on your trip back to your car.

You felt as though someone was….staring holes right through your soul.

When the ravenette did it, it wasn’t this intense. You got into your car and looked around as you buckled up and started your car.


At some point on your way home, your mind went from thinking about the man possibly raiding your home to your growling stomach, having not eaten anything at all that day. Before you knew it you found yourself in a WcDonald’s drive-thru, ordering dinner: A big burger, medium fry, and medium drink. Any other day you would never consider this but today was special.

Why? You couldn’t remember at the moment.

It wasn’t until you walked into your dining room, ready to dig in did you see why.

The man was rummaging through your fridge, taking out a can of soda, ham, and cheese. Although you were frozen on the spot -- both with shock and realization that you would be needing to go shopping soon -- you spoke.

“I did as you told me to.”

“I know,” he said, keeping his back to you as he continued to look through your fridge.

You waited for some sort of….anything. But nothing came. Once he stood from his search, you stiffened slightly.

He set the food onto the counter before taking the can into his hands, opening it and taking a long sip before meeting your gaze.

“And more than that, it seems,” he said, a hint of displeasure in his eyes, “You didn’t go flapping your jaw….or even look like there was something wrong….But you didn’t come right back once you were done.”

You blinked a hint of irritation rising, “You never told me to.”

He kept his gaze locked on yours for a long moment before lifting his drink and taking another long sip.

“Right….” he said, setting the, somehow almost empty can on the counter, “....because i assumed that you, the ‘hostage’ in this situation, would know your boundaries….Guess i need to make that clear.”

Your head tilted slightly as he finished his drink before, like lightning, forcing you against the fridge, gripping the collar of your shirt. You let out a pained gasp, the handle digging into your back, as you dropped your drink and food.

He loomed over you, his eyes seeming to glow brightly with their own flames.

“You do what i say and only what i say,” he said smoothly yet dangerous, his words like knives to your gut, “ Nothing more and nothing less….if you value your life.”

You gave a small nod, though avoided his gaze, feeling as though you would burst into flames if you held it much longer. He didn’t let you go but instead crushed the can to your forehead, twisting it some before withdrawing it, allowing you to fall to the ground, writhing in pain.

“Know your boundaries, little villain.” he said, his voice becoming lazy and bored-like, “Just like any normal villain, assassin or anyone on a secret job, you need to get it done and report back as soon as you do….And just because you are one of the two doesn’t mean you can get cocky and do whatever you want afterward.”

With this he swooped down, taking your food with him as he left.

“I commend you for being a good little messenger….but follow orders to the letter…..Oh, and….clean that up.” he called over his shoulder.

You looked to your side to see that your drink had fallen to the side and the contents had spilled out onto the floor. You removed your hands from your forehead, frowning at the spillage and the reflection of the kitchen window it held.

That overgrown brat…. ” you thought, “ Who the hell does he think he is….? Bossing and bullying me around my own house….Acting like he knows me and who i am….He should be grateful i didn’t come back with the cops….or better yet a hero to haul him to jail.

You rose from your place and left to get a towel, your hands fisted at your sides and anger burning in your eyes.

Damn him….i’ll make sure he pays for this….

Chapter Text

For a full 2 weeks, the man -- named ‘Dabi’ you came to learn -- forced you to stay in the basement, not yet deeming you trustworthy to return to your room….

….or your normal life in general.

You lost a good 10 pounds off of this -- you almost wanted to thank him for the strict eating patterns -- and became paler from the lack of sunlight. Your health was declining but slowly, so much so that you didn’t notice and he, if he had, didn’t care.

You were serving your purpose as his hostage/delivery girl until he decided to leave. Weather he was going to end your life, once the time came to make sure you didn’t run to the cops, at the end of the journey, or spare you, was yet to be seen.

For now, you sat, untied, in your little spot in the dimly lit basement, mentally marking the beginning of the third week.

Well damn…. ” you thought, playing with the pages of a book Dabi had thrown down to you some time ago, “ ....i wonder if my boss has fired me yet….or better yet, guessed that there’s something wrong. Disappearing for a full week without a trace, not counting the week we didn’t have to go in, is pretty sus.

You groaned out loud allowing yourself to fall onto your side. Over time, although it’s only been 2 weeks, Dabi has been allowing you a little more room to….be yourself?

He didn’t crush a can to your forehead or threaten to burn you everytime you let out a groan or when a sarcastic remark would slip past your lips when he ordered you around. Either he just began to not care as much, finding you too hard headed to be worth frightening into submission, or….well, just that.

The thought if him possibly being a little more considerate of what your doing to keep his presence a secret never crossed your mind. Why would it?

About half an hour later, Dabi emerged from the first floor but instead of coming down he called for you to come up.

You took an extra few seconds to comply but made your way to his side.

“Yes?” you said, giving a small shrug.

“I need you to handle this,” he said, extending your ringing phone to you, “They’ve been calling for hours.”

You looked to him and back to the phone, seeing that the caller I.D. was your boss’. You took the phone and answered before he could tell you the usual rules. A smile appeared on your face as your cheeriness took over, putting on your office friendly persona.

There was a little benefit when it came to being you: you were an incredible actress. You were the kind of young woman who wasn’t interested in….life really. So when someone approached you, you wouldn’t shoo them off instantly….instead you, professionally, put on the face and attitude that was required for the situation both to minimize possible suspicious while maximizing the end results in a positive way.

Hell, such a talent for a quirkless woman got you the job you have today.

The conversation wasn’t very long, much to your liking, both not in the mood to be faking it and not liking the look on Dabi’s face as he hung onto every word.

His expression didn’t falter as your voice shifted slowly and steadily, faking an apologetic and ‘i hope you understand when i say’ tone as you explained that a dire family problem had come up and you had gone out of town. You couldn’t inform anyone because you were in a panic and a rush, the signal was awful and had to tend to your hurting family and only them.

You promised your boss to make it all up at the cost of your week’s pay before hanging up and sighing.

“Done….” you sighed, slouching some, “Anything else?”

He looked you up and down before straighening up some, slipping his hands into his pockets.

“Anyone ever tell you you have a knack for acting?” he asked, his eyes resting on your (E/C) ones.

You shook your head, snorting softly as you smiled, “Can’t tell me if they can’t tell.”

It took him a moment to get it before smiling a little, “Clever little villain, aren’t ya….?”

Your smile faded slightly, “I’m not a villain….”

His smile never faltered as he motioned for you to follow, leading you to the living room.


“I don’t know that, Ms. Actress.” he said, flopping onto your couch, “Who knows? Maybe your quirk is ‘Deception’.”

You frowned now, “I don’t have a quirk.”

This caught his attention, his eyes moving from a news report to meet yours. Seeing that you were serious about this, he rose to an elbow.

“Do you?” he questioned, “Have you possibly considered….that you’re working your own quirk on yourself?”

This made you stiffen a little. He….actually had a point.

“Maybe your quirk is deception.” he continued, resting back down fully, “And the back lash is that you can’t tell if you’re deceiving yourself ….but then again, you can’t tell yourself so if you can’t tell, huh? Pretty pathetic, given you’re a grown woman now and don’t even really know.”

You frowned again and, before he could continue, you stormed off.

That f*cker… .” you thought, huffing in annoyance, “ He doesn’t know me….he doesn’t know anything about me and yet he thinks he knows everything !

You mentally vented to yourself as you made your way into the kitchen and towards the basement. You shut the door behind yourself and by then, you realized that you had come here on your own.

You groaned loudly wish you could break something right then and there. You were so used to being ordered to come down here that you had begun to go there instinctively .

That was the tip of the iceberg for you.

You had to get him out of your house -- out of your head and soon. Or you just might become the villain you tell yourself you aren’t.

“I have to do something,” you muttered sitting in your spot, “I have to take action….stop bending to his every order like a scared brat….”

And like that, your mind was set to it. Tonight….you would take back your life…..and try not to lose it in the process.

You kept the basement door cracked in a way that would allow you to be able to poke your head out, just enough, to see the digital clock that resided on your stove front.

It wasn’t until midnight did you leave the basement and, as quietly as possible, make your way into the kitchen. You kept an eye on the living room, taking note to the soft light and sounds from the TV, guessing that Dabi was watching it or deep asleep.

Your mind went into a flurry as you weighed your weapon options, literally, calculating the advantages and disadvantages in your mind as though this were an everyday thing:

“A rolling pin….” you began, muttering under your breath, “Heavy, painful -- if hit by it -- but an efficient option when trying to put someone under for a long period of time….that is if used correctly.”

You slipped it under your right arm, considering it as you continued, “A wooden spoon - Light, can be painful -- if hit by it hard enough -- and also effective when trying to put someone under….but only if you strike the target’s pressure point in the first try so accuracy and precision are extremely important.”

Your eyes flickered in the direction of the living room, having just, slowly, opened a supply drawer, hearing a bit of shuffling and a soft groan, giving you the idea that he must be asleep. You turned your eyes to the drawer again but something else popped up in your mind, the words slipping through your lips before you could stop yourself.

“A knife - Light and straight up deadly, but….” you blinked, lifting your free hand to your mouth as though you had just sworn in front of a child, “I…I don’t want to go to jail for killing someone, villain or not.”


But the idea of running the blade across his throat did sound tempting, even without saying it.


You shook your head, settling on the rolling pin….though you took a small knife with you, just in case, things went south.


Alright, ” you thought, gripping the rolling pin in your right hand and carefully , sliding the knife into the back pocket of your jeans, “ Knock him out….thoroughly….then call the cops. Sounds good….just….


You paused at doorway, your eyes resting on the tilted head of the villain on your couch. You inhaled deeply before slowly sighing, raising the rolling pin.


The knocking part….doesn’t sound so easy…

Everything happened so quickly after this.


You snuck up behind him.


You eyed the pressure point under his ear and behind his jaw, gladly exposed already.


You inhaled and held your breath.


You rose the rolling pin.


You brought it down.

It hit the cushion of the couch where his head had been.

He moved back a good 5 feet from the couch staring at you.


Adrenaline pumped through your blood and everything became vibrant in your eyes, readying yourself.


He launched himself at you, jumping forward and placing his hands on the couch in a manner that told you he was coming for a dropkick.


You dodged, darting to the side.


You watched his movements, everything seeming slower than you intended as you backed up, dodging his attacks.

“Is he holding back?” you wondered as you ducked and scurried, backward, into the kitchen, “He seems so….slow.”

You leaned back as he came for a direct attack, with his left hand, but you failed to realize that this is what he wanted. With you already leaning back, his extended hand turned and gripped your throat, forcing you downward and lifting his right knee into your back.


A pained cry left your lips, the pain surging through you and causing dark spots to appear at the corners of your eyes. He allowed you to fall onto the floor and watched you, waiting as you recovered.

“What’s wrong, little villain?” he taunted, smiling sinisterly, “You wanted to knock me out….now’s your chance! Get up!”

Yes, it hurt like hell, but the last thing you were going to do was stay down and let this man have at you. You reached for the rolling pin, your mind creating a plan in an instant. Instead of picking it up, you feined abandoning it, pushing it away and a good distance behind him. You rose to your hands and balls of feet, like a fox preparing to pounce before doing so, putting your body weight and as much force as you could muster into tackling him.

Good thing he was still a pretty slim man, making it a little easier than you thought to bring him down to the ground. He let out a pained gasp, and even swore, as the back of his head came in contact with the rolling pin you had pushed away. You didn’t pause to celebrate your accuracy and precision, drawing the knife from your pocket and placing it to his throat---

With a flash of blue and extreme pain and heat, you were no longer over him but colliding into your kitchen’s oven. You had no words for the pain that was pounding through you from your chest with every one of your heart beats, the smell of burning clothing and flesh filling your lungs and making your head spin.

And then another pain shot through you yet this one stilled the world.

You had, instinctively bit your tongue, sharpening your senses and snapping you back into focus enough to get you back onto your feet. You swayed, you were hurting but you weren’t done.

You rested a hand against the stove, keeping yourself balanced as your focus fell on the recovered Dabi who had a hand against the door frame to the kitchen, watching you.

“H-heh….” he half-heartedly chuckled, rubbing the back of his head, “....impressive….i didn’t see it coming…. and you’re still standing after i directly hit you….with my quirk.”

He straightened up and brushed himself off.

“Sadly, i wanna get some sleep in tonight….” he said, popping his neck, “No hard feelings….but we can play again soon….”

You didn’t have time to do anything as he marched up to you and, just as he had done the day he arrived, put you under.



.....little villain…..

Chapter Text

The next time you woke, you felt as though you had been through surgery. Your chest felt as though it had been cut open and sewn back together sloppily, pain pulsing through you with each beat of your heart.

You groaned, wanting to turn over and bury yourself in your pillow and drift away from pain….

...but then you realized something.

Your head was resting on your pillow . Your eyes opened, to be greeted by your warmly lit bedroom and a sleeping Dabi in a chair diagonal to your bed, next to your room door -- it took you a moment to notice that Kega had made himself at home on the villain’s lap -- his head rested back and his arms folded, loosely, across his chest.

You turned your gaze to the ceiling, lifting your left and right hands to the center of your chest, feeling bandages wrapped tightly around your chest. Your shirt was missing but, thankfully, your bra remained -- most likely a new one from the feel of it.

“....this is….unexpected….” you muttered, hiding beneath the blanket a little, “He….patched me up….?”

You considered trying to go back to sleep but Kega, having heard you, meows loudly before stretching out on Dabi as though he were his bed. You gave a soft ‘shh’ but the kitten persisted, even hopping down and running over to your bed.

Like he would to your leg, he extended his front paws to the side of the bed and stretched again before climbing his way up. You disliked it when he would claw his way to get to you but then again you weren’t in the mood to send yourself into a world of pain just to scoop him up.

You winced as the kitten walked across you, sniffing closely as he proceeded up to your face. From there he continued to meow, almost seeming to be protesting, walking all over your upper torso to find a good spot to lay down.

You were about to push him back onto the floor -- “ Just testing the theory if all cats land on their feet ”, you thought -- when a soft chuckle aroused your attention to the corner of the room.

Dabi was watching you closely, his eyes open and resting on you. His position had changed too: he went from sitting back and arms folded to leaning forward and hands cupped in front of him with his elbows on his knees, the position making him look beyond exhausted but you reminded yourself that it was just the fabric that he bore on his face at all times.

“Finally, the little villain wakes,” he mused, “I was beginning to think i killed you.”

You frowned at him -- but it came out as more of a wince as you readjusted Kega to at least try to sit up some, “I’m starting to wish you had….Ugh, this hurts like hell….”

“Aw, don’t be like that,” he cooed, standing now, “Then i wouldn’t have anyone special to talk to.”

You rolled your eyes. ‘Special’? Like he really saw you that way, let alone saw you as anything other than a toy to mess with and harass.

“How long was i out?” you asked, watching him approach and make himself comfortable on the side of the bed.

“Mmm….2 to 3 days, i think?” he mumbled, playing with one of the staples within his chin.

You blinked back your surprise but it could easily be heard through your voice, “Seriously?!”

“Seriously,” he repeated, “I actually had to call in some help to get you patched up, considering i could’ve actually killed you if i did it myself---” he shrugged, “---I have no training in the medical field, if you didn’t know.”

“Well, i do now,” you grumbled before replaying his words through your head, failing to take notice to quickly approaching footsteps coming up the hall, “By the way, you said you called in some he---”

You almost jumped out of your skin at the sound of a childish squeal emitting from your room door, your attention instantly moving there to see a young blonde girl standing there, her mouth covered by her hands and eyes wide in shock.

“She’s awake?!” she cheered, bouncing now, “She’s awake, she’s awake, she’s awake! OMG, now we can be friends -- NO, we can be BEST friends! Maybe even like sisters---”

“Cool it before you give her a heart attack, Toga,” Dabi snapped, eyeing the girl, “She just woke up.”

“Ooo~ A heart attack~” Toga cooed, shivering, “I’ll be louder next time~”

Dabi rolled his eyes before turning his attention to you, “This is Toga Himiki….an associate of mine.”


You stared at the girl, having imagined any associate of his to be much older….not a school girl with an obsession over giving people heart attacks.

“You have really yummy blood!” she cooed, creeping forward as though about to take a lollipop from a baby, “So sweet, like candy~!”

“W-wait, when did you taste my blood??” you asked alarmed, your eyes flickering between Dabi and Toga, “ Why did you taste my blood?!”

“Calm down, villain, it’s a part of her Quirk,” Dabi said plainly, his brow furrowing in frustration at your voices’ growing volume, “She was the one to patch you up and, given her Quirk, tasting blood is just a fetish of hers….even when she doesn’t need to taste it.”

“H-hey!” Toga huffed, turning her gaze on him, “I don’t have a fetish!”

“Suuure, you don’t,” Dabi mumbled, rolling his eyes.

You watched as the pair bickered, going on about who knows what. A small smile pulled at your lips, almost seeing them as siblings nitpicking just for the hell of it.

At the same time, an uneasy feeling crept over you. The feeling of being watched….

….and you were right, your attention moving to your door to see a light blue haired male figure standing there like a statue, head turned in your direction but hair and….a hand, it seemed, covering his face entirely. He dressed in all black: a V-neck, jeans, and sneakers along with a black leather jacket, collar popped. Across his body, mostly his torso and arms were more hands that clung to him.

You shivered under his gaze before turning your own elsewhere, not quite comfortable anymore.

Well he sure seems villain material….” you thought, gripping the sheet and holding them closer.

“By the way, (Y/N) i love your kitten!” Toga suddenly gasped, allowing herself to flop onto your legs both earning a surprised hiss from you and a once sleeping kitten to jump awake and scramble into your arms, “What’s his name, hmm??”

“U-um….” you muttered your eyes moving to Dabi for help, “....Kega.”

Toga turned her attention to the alarmed kitten trying to pet him yet he merely began to climb you to escape her much too hyper attitude, not stopping until he rested on your shoulder and mewed loudly, clearly crying for help.

“Enough, Toga….”

Everyone -- but Kega, of course -- turned their attention to the man still standing in the doorway, his soft yet stern and even dry-sounding voice emitting through the room.

“Leave them alone,” he ordered, “we don’t need you accidentally spilling any blood.”

She giggled and blushed as she complied, leaning back until she slid and plopped onto the floor like a good little girl.

“That’s Shigaraki Tomura….” Dabi informed you, turning his attention to Kega as he offered his hand for the kitten to sniff, “He sort of leads us….”

“Sort of?” Tomura repeated, his tone instantly drenched in displeasure, but this clearly went unheard by Dabi who managed to coax the kitten to climb along his arm to his shoulder.

“Anyway, how are you feeling?” Dabi asked.

“Like shit ….but i always do,” you responded, now shifting yourself back some so that your back was propped up against the bed’s frame before studying him, “ to share your reason as to why your whole posse is here?”

“I invited them,” he said simply, helping the kitten climb down his chest, “I figured ‘why not’ considering we’re both villains.”

“I’m not a villain!” you huffed though you had to bring it down to minimize the pain in your chest, “How many more times do i have to say it?!”

“As many as you want, but i’m not going to believe it,” Dabi snickered, “And after the little trick you tried to pull 2-3 days ago, i have no doubts about it. I mean, what kind of normal person attacks the villain, huh?”

You said nothing to this, turning your head away. He studied you, waiting for a response before smirking, glad that his point was proven, “Birds of a feather have to stick together, (Y/N)....and who better to help you fit in than your own kind?”

You didn’t respond, trying to ignore him.

“....once you’re all healed up, we’re gonna get you into shape,” he continued, standing but not before passing Kega back to her, “then you’ll see….that you belong with us.”

Your gaze trailed back to him, checking to see if he was serious but before you knew it, he had gone, leaving you with just Shigaraki and Toga. You pursed your lips, looking between them.

Great….” you thought, turning your gaze to your kitten once more, “....this just keeps getting better and better .”

Chapter Text

You spent a few weeks recovering from your little ‘one on one’ with Dabi while the League of Villain’s -- Shigaraki, Toga and Dabi, himself -- ran your house their way. You were confined to your room while they had meetings, redecorated everything, and do whatever villain’s do on their downtime, downstairs.

Dabi insisted that you ‘rest up and let the adults do their thing’ -- most likely to postpone the fit you were destined to have at the sight of your turned-upside-down home -- everytime you wanted to stretch your legs beyond the confines of your room.

It didn’t take a genius, let alone a rocket scientist, to know what they were doing.

The occasional scolding towards Toga after a crash of something that possibly shouldn’t be breakable and a one-way argument between Dabi and Tomura kept you entertained when you were awake while your dreamless dreams helped you pass the time while you were asleep.

By the time your chest had healed up -- leaving a painfully ugly scar -- you were about ready to put your foot down.

Well….escape actually, knowing very well you wouldn’t survive trying to stand up to three villain’s, one of which being the main reason why you were cooped up in your rom in the first place.

You were just about to put it into action, pacing around your room as you listened to the sounds coming from below, when a soft knock sounded from your door before it opened, Dabi not even giving you a chance to say anything.

“You know, you should wait until i say something before you just waltz in here,” you scolded turning to him, “You never know of what i could be doing.”

“That’s right,” he agreed, slipping his right hand into his pocket and leaving the left at his side, “I never know. And since you’re full of surprises, i prefer to come and go as i please so i can catch the great villain-to-be in her prime.”

A light blush threatened to rise in your cheeks but you managed to keep it down, “What do you want? And what do you mean by villain-to-be?”


“Exactly what it sounds like,” he said walking over and tapping your head with the pointer finger of his left hand, “I hope all the sleep you’ve been getting hasn’t been making your brain rot away.”

“Like that’ll ever happen,” you said dismissively, fanning his hand away, “Get to the point.”

“We -- Toga, Hand-face and i -- have been thinking and debating about something important for a while now….” he began, slipping hands into his pockets and beginning to circle you, keeping his gaze on the floor as though planning and marking out each following step, “....What we’re going to do with you. And i’m sure you’ve been thinking about it too.”

You stiffened a little.

You had been pondering and wondering what the villain’s thought of you -- well, Toga saw you as a big sister, best friend and blood bank, Dabi, a play thing with a headache and a half, and….well, you couldn’t tell from your encounters with Shigaraki, having avoided him most of the time he’s been here.

But in reality….they were criminals all the same. And you were still the hostage here. A month and two weeks have passed since Dabi, the first one, showed up and now the whole gang has made themselves at home in your house.

They took care of you for the most part….but a part of you always knew that once they were done here they would surely eliminate you.

Perhaps that time has co---

“We want you to be apart of the League of Villains.” Dabi cut in, stopping in front of you.

You froze completely, staring into the bright blue eyes of his.




Did he just say---

“Hello?” he called, waving a hand in front of your face, “Earth to (Y/N)!”

You blinked, your lips parting but no words leaving them, a million emotions running through your mind and a billion words struggling to come together just to put a sentence together.

“I-i….I don’t….” you began but that was all you could muster. He rose a brow at this.

“You don’t want to join us?”

You rose your hands defensively, “N-no, no! That’s not what i was going to say---”

“Then spit it out!”

You flinched by this, surprised that he rose his voice. Even he, having been the one to have done it, looked surprised but only for a fraction of a second, his expression hardening.

“....give me some time to think about it.” you finally said, melting back into your former position but still keeping your guard up.

“....well, hurry up,” he said, taking a step back, “We’ve already got some plans ready to be put into action for you and the sooner we get them rolling the sooner we can put this behind us.”

You nodded and with this he departed.

Sitting on your bed, you thought about the advantages -- yes there are some to being a villain, thanks to Dabi clarifying -- and the disadvantages, all of which you knew without his help. The next time someone returned it was Toga. She had been sent by Dabi to bring you down to the living room and, much to your, displeasure, give your final decision.

They weren’t surprised when you confessed that you were still undecided.

But undecided or not, their plan was going to be put into action.

3 days later

With a grunt, you were floored yet again, the overjoyed blonde sitting on your chest holding a fake knife.

“I win again!” Toga cheered, hopping up, “You owe me some blood!”

You swore under your breath as you pushed your pained body off of the floor of your living room and picking up the fake knife of your own.

A month, two weeks and three days the League have been ‘living’ here and for three days you’ve been training your butt off to become ‘ the villain you were already’. Beginning with an offense, since you had mastered defense already.


You’ve proven to your ‘instructor’, Dabi, that you know how to handle yourself in maneuvering around an area when the favor was not in your corner while keeping your opponent on their toes. He was impressed to find out about the instinctive act you pulled when he had blasted you -- the ‘tongue-biting’ thing -- and informed you that such a thing to have as an instinctive act was quite impressive let alone rare.

Ever since then, he and Toga have taken turns training you and pushing you to your limits. At first, you thought light of it -- well, the ‘training with Toga’ part -- even betting to give her a lick of blood if she managed to floor you -- an adult, just once.

Then three times.

Then ten times.

At this point, she won up to ¾ths of a cup of blood….but you being you, you weren’t ready to admit defeat, amusing Dabi, Toga and….maybe Tomura? Even now, you still couldn’t tell….then again you often found him scratching at his neck at the end of the matches, so maybe he didn’t find your failures so funny.

Yet with all of your failure, you were showing promising signs of learning. Your reaction timing was increasing, your focus would build faster upon the beginning of each match and you were lighter on your feet. Still sloppy, nonetheless, but getting better.

Toga ran her tongue over the knife in her right hand before pointing it at you, a big grin appearing on her lips while her eyes twinkled with pure hunger and joy.

“I’m gonna enjoy tasting your blood~” she purred, before dashing forward, “As soon as i kick your butt~!”

Your eyes narrowed, flashing beneath your lashes as you set all of your focus on her knife, not her, just as Dabi instructed you to do.

From there everything seemed to slow down. Your eyes widened in surprise, flickering to Dabi and back to the slow-mo Toga before you.

You were surprised to see a small smile pull at this lips of his, this one looking genuine before they moved.



You obeyed without question, sliding to the side and to her right, your movement making your world speed back up before slowing down again, watching Toga’s approach from a new angle.

Grab her by her armed wrist.

Again, you obeyed, grabbing her by her left wrist. Surprise filled her features as you swept your leg under both of hers and causing her to land on the floor, flat on her back. Your right foot shot out and stepped on her unarmed left wrist in case she were to try anything while you placed your knife to her chest.

Well moved to.

She giggled, a light blush appearing in her cheeks from your roughness -- despite you trying to be sort of gentle. The next thing you knew, a searing pain shot through the back of your head as her lifted right foot came in contact with it, causing you to fall forward and to the side, giving her time to recover and move to attack you again.

You were practically a master at defense so, before you could process anything, you were rolling to the side and snaking your way back to your feet, dodging her surprisingly skillful slashes at you, each one coming much too close for comfort.

Once on your feet, your back pressed against the wall, you watched as she took another dash at you, her knife ready.

She’s wide open. ” you thought, your eyes’, remaining on her knife, ‘looking’ to her wide open chest and stomach, “ All i need to do is….

And with this, you turned your feet outwards, at a 90 o degree angle, and let gravity do its thing, sliding down to the floor before the knife could touch you.

Her eyes widened at the feeling of your knife coming in contact with her chest. She looked down to meet your grin and the sight of both of your hands holding the end of the knife that proudly rested on the upper center of her torso.

Neither of you moved for a few seconds before she and Dabi burst into cheers, helping you up and congratulating you on your first win of the day -- first out of all three days you’ve spent working on this, actually.

Shigaraki, who had been scratching at his neck for a while solely out of irritation from watching your constant failure, slowly lowered his hand as he observed you, replaying every one of your actions in his mind over and over again.

He could see it. Anyone could -- any villain could -- upon first glance.

That spark.

That fire .

That flame the only a select few were destined to hold within their spirits.

With that flame came the hunger for more -- hungry for that push , whether it be one in the right direction or the wrong one -- for adventure , for blood , for love , for money , for excitement .

But you….

….you held something he couldn’t place. And it bothered the hell out of him to not be able to figure you out.

But now he understood.

You were a special kind of ‘more’. There was nothing more to it when it came to you….

….you just want more.

“....just like me….” he breathed, his eyes narrowing slightly and a small crooked smile pulling at his thin lips beneath the hand that rested upon his face, “You’ve got a diamond within that rubble….now you’re finally digging it out.”

His eyes trailed to Dabi, his distaste for the man kicking in even though he wasn’t even bothering him. Despite hating him….Dabi he knew a potential tool when he crossed one. At the same time….Tomura wasn’t blind nor an idiot.

The cold yet hot-headed ravenette changed over the past month. Just slightly but Tomura, and maybe Toga, noticed.

Could the great Dabi… .like (Y/N)?

1 week later

You jumped awake when you heard a loud smack on the table before you, the ladle Dab held a mere inch from your drooping head.

“I’m up!” you yelped, sitting up right before slouching some.

He rose a brow before turning back to your kitchen window that had been turned into a dry erase board for your ‘lessons’.

For a full week, you trained, morning to night, in hand to hand combat. You got the basics and intermediate things down but before you could go any further, Tomura insisted you sit down and learn other things for a bit  -- as in identifying allies and enemies in an area, large and small, the best spots to look for for better viewpoints in an area and so on.

Your tired eyes scanned the poorly drawn image of a random building. The shape of it resembled the floor plan of your house and upon investigation, everyone pointed fingers. You were too tired to really care and decided to put a pin in it for the time being.

For now, Dabi gave a scenario of a break in -- one of which you snorted to, reminding him of his very first arrival -- by a random competitor from other gangs of villains.

One would say he was pretty much giving out a battle strategy to a group of football players from the way he was drawing circles, color-coded lines and arrows all over the place. You couldn’t help but giggle when he demonstrated for you, calling in Toga and Tomura -- one of which not being too happy to be bossed around -- to help him act everything out in case you didn’t get it.

You understood, of course, but watching him pretend to kick your door down and make flaming finger guns was funny enough to just let him play it out than tell him.

“For a villain, you’re pretty good at teaching,” you complimented once he had returned to the kitchen, “Ever thought of becoming a teacher---?”

“NOT---” he began cutting you off, “---in a million years. Being a criminal is one thing but standing around in a classroom with a bunch of ‘snot-nose miniature bastards to-be’ is another. I’d rather have All Might, personally, escort me to jail.”

Before you could stop it, laughter erupted from your lips, causing his eyes to widen slightly and stop him in his tracks. Never once, out of all the time he has known you, have you ever laughed , or came anywhere near it -- not even a chuckle!

And a part of him….

….liked it. A lot.

The sound was….real and heartwarming, unlike the fake or sadistic ones he’d grown accustomed to detecting. It was like the sound of sweet bells sounding on Christmas morning and like a song you listen to over and over just for the endless satisfaction it would bring to your soul.

But then you were calming down. He wasn’t satisfied yet.

He turned his back to you while you calmed completely, cleaning the board. Just the fact that he evoked such a beautiful thing from you was enough to make him want to say something -- do something to make you laugh again.

A small smile pulled at his lips as he took a moment to replay the sound in his mind before snapping back into reality and focus on the board, now scribbling down some familiar faces, none of which as accurate but enough for you to buy what he was selling.

Your eyes narrowed as you studied them closely, once he had finished.

All of them were circle head people but their hair and faces were different.

The very first was a picture someone with supposedly slicked back hair with a big V on the top of their head a huge outside-of-the-lines smile on their face accompanied by mushed together dark spaces for eyes. The second was a picture of a very grouchy -- so you guessed -- person with….spikes coming from their head and face?

God, his art was awful.

The third was an image of a very lumpy supposed-to-be hand over their face and within a tornado of spikes and rough waves for hair. The next few were harder to identify -- not only because of the chicken scratch work but because you just didn’t know them.

The fourth was someone with long messy and slightly decent looking hair with….goggles, you presumed. The next was someone with tall hair -- or a giant spike for all you knew -- shades, and another outside-of-the-lines smile.

Dabi gave you time to study them before pointing to the first.

“Now.” he began, “This is All Might. He’s our enemy and your enemy. No one knows what his quirk really is but what we do know, and you know as well, is that he is extremely powerful and you will need to stay off of his list at all times.”

You nodded.

He moved down, “This is stone-for-brains, or Endeavour. As bipolar as he can be, he too is our enemy. His quirk is ‘Hellfire’ and he can erect it from any part of his body. He can also change the temperature of it, making it a red-hot flame to burning blue, able to take down an entire Nomu.”

You bit your lip to keep your giggles at bay at the sound of Tomura’s unhappy groan from behind. Although you had no idea what that was you knew that it bothered him greatly. You’d find out later.

“Now, this is Shigaraki,” Dabi continued, “As you can see from the hand on the face here---” he drew on a circle, marking the hand, “If All Might and Endeavor are your enemies, then what is Shigaraki?”

“ ally.” you responded.

He nodded, a part of him glad that you were sure with your answer instead of making it sound like a question, “Right.”

He moved to the fourth picture, “Do you know who this guy is?”

“That’s a guy?” you thought before speaking, “No.”

“This is Eraserhead,” Dabi informed you, “Given the name, his quirk is the ability to erase other quirks. Upon observation, we’ve learned that his eyes are how he does it. But to prevent anyone from being able to predict his movements and even from letting us know who he’s targeting, he wears goggles in battle and keeps them on him outside of the field. He has proven to be a strong fighter in close combat at the same time long ranged, since he carries around a restraining weapon in the form of a scarf. Like All Might and stone for---er, Endeavor, he’s powerful but with your training, both what you know and what you will learn, you should be able to handle him.”


A part of you seriously doubted that. A hero that can erase quirks -- not like you had any --, can fight up close, deal damage or just restraint from a distance sounds like someone far beyond the limit you could ever dream to reach.

But you made mental note of all of this anyway.

“This next guy is Present Mic,” Dabi continued moving down, “His quirk is his voice. He is THE loudest man ever to walk this earth and, although we’ve tried to get some, we don’t have any information on his combat skills, since he always just yelled and knocked everyone out.”

Your gaze shifted to the picture and back to him, in thought. A shiver ran down your spine at the thought of this man just letting out a yell that, no matter how much you covered your ears it still ripped through your very being, bursting your drums and causing blood to leak from within.

Terrifying, yes but….you never know. You took mental note over everything -- from Hero-Villains like Best Jeanist, Gang Orcs, Vlad and more to Villainous Allies like someone named Kurogiri -- another member of the League -- , Overhaul, Toga, herself, and Dabi, himself, along with many others.

Like a sponge, you took in everything -- names mostly -- and made mental note of the ‘good guys’ vs the ‘bad guys’.

“This is….a bit confusing,” you admitted, stretching your stiffening limbs, “But i’m getting it down.”

“Good….we’ll need you to be ready,” he said, cleaning the board of scribbles, “How are you on your bills?”

Your brows furrowed at the sudden subject change but a part of you knew it was necessary. It’s been over a month since you paid them and they were most likely sky high and need to be paid soon before you lose both your house car, electricity and….well, everything.

“To be honest….” you began, lifting your hands before letting them fall to your lap, “I have no idea….but i do know that i need to get them paid. Soon.”

“Agreed.” he hummed, leaving the kitchen and going into the living room. You watched as he departed, waited and watched as he approached carrying a handful of envelopes, all of them already opened.

“Care to share?” you asked, raising both brows.

“Precaution reasons,” he clarified, handing them over, “I had to make sure that you were trying to send or receive any secret messages.”

“Yeah, like that’ll ever happen,” you mused, rolling your eyes before turning your attention to the bills and notices. A small smile pulled at Dabi’s lips but this had gone unnoticed by you, taking note of your job loss and bank statement.

Once you were done looking through them you gave them back to the ravenette who tossed them onto the counter before leaning against it next to you, his gaze on the entrance to the kitchen.

“You’ll need to get those paid for and soon….” he stated, “You’ve got no job and little money….So what would a villain do to get both? And plenty of it?”

You purse your lips in thought.

What would a villain do to get plenty of money and a job, apparently? ….get an actual job??

“What kind of riddle is this?” you joked, pulling a pout. This aroused a chuckle from him and, unlike his mischievous ones, this one actually sounded kind of nice, making you smile.

“You’re overthinking this,” he chuckled, “Common, villain-to-be….you gotta think like a villain to be a villain.”

You didn't have to think very long then, your eyes widening and staring into his and lips parting but no words coming out. They were grooming you to---

“Robbing a bank.” he said simply, “That’ll be your first mission.”

Chapter Text

“What??” you protested a little loudly, your brows furrowing in disbelief and frustrations as you watched Dabi move from in front of you to go to the living room.

“Your mission has been called off,” Dabi repeated boredly, jumping over the back of the couch and plopping down, almost deflating as he relaxed, “You’ll get another chance soon enough.”

“B-but what about all of my training??” you continued to fuss, moving to stand in front of him again, “All the work we’ve done over the past couple of months?? Over the past couple of weeks?? What about the bills you brought up---??”

“I took care of those myself, villain, now can you move?” he said impatiently, trying to see around you.

You took a step to the side, your hands fisted at your sides, “What do you mean you took care of it?”

The ravenette settled back and didn’t answer, seeming to be both ignoring you and completely fixated on the movie before him. You huffed, your cheeks turning red with irritation.


He groaned, letting his head roll back. He didn’t move for a moment before lifting it again, glaring holes through you.

“I took care of it,” he repeated, “I got a mission to kill someone. A woman who is supposedly the great and powerful All Might’s girlfriends’ location was discovered. I was given the pleasure of going in and burning her to a crisp….you know, to strike’em where it hurts the most.”

You softened slightly, “And then….?”

He shifted on the spot some, putting his feet up on the coffee table, “She wasn’t home so i did a little searching. I found quite a stash of cash hidden away and thought it would do you -- do US some good.”

He really stopped to look….wow….” you thought a little taken aback by his thoughtfulness “ you paid the bills or something?”

“You could say that.”

“....and her home?” you continued.

“Burned it. Not to the ground but enough that i left no traces of anything,” he chuckled, remembering the event, “I still remember the look on her face when she arrived to the scene, crying her eyes out.”

You pursed your lips yet you couldn’t bring yourself to feel any sympathy for the woman. Broken and empty inside, hurting all over, reddened eyes and shaky limbs as the realization hit her like the concrete sidewalk greeting someone after jumping from the seventh floor….

….oh well.



So my mission is called off yet my bills are paid and i get to keep my car a little while longer, ” you thought, sighing externally as you practiced throwing knives at a tree in your backyard -- under supervision of course -- over and over again, “ I wonder if there’s any money left over to go grocery shopping….we’re going to need to restock on food very soon or it’ll evaporate into Toga’s stomach….Or Kega’s. Who knows any more.

Behind you, a soft and dry chuckle came from your ‘guardian’ Tomura -- who surprisingly volunteered to watch you while you practiced -- clearly somewhat amused with your skills. You looked to him, raising a brow.

“Something funny?”


Your other brow rose, joining the first, “Me?”

“You look funny when you’re irritated….” he pointed out dryly, “....yet somehow you seem to do better when feeling negative emotions….or being in a negative situation in general.”

“Oh, really?” you said, turning your attention back to the tree and your knives, moving to gather them -- both those that stuck and those that had fallen onto the grass, “Well that’s good to know.”

Like you didn’t already.

When you turned around, you froze for a fraction of a second.

Shigaraki, having been leaning against the wall close to your back door with his hands in his pockets, now stood upright and was a good 3 feet from where he used to be despite you having not heard him move an inch, leaving a good 8 feet between your practicing spot and him.

You didn’t pay much attention to him -- well tried not to -- as you continued to throw the knives once again, using techniques Toga had taught you to get closer to hitting the center.


“You’re trying to too hard.”

You jumped and stiffened, turning on the light blue haired male now less than 5 feet behind you. Clearing your throat, you looked ahead and prepared another knife.

Sadly you didn’t have time to throw it before he was right at your side, practically breathing into your ear, his blood red eyes burning holes right into your soul and causing you to freeze up completely.

“Give it here,” he muttered, a hint of bitterness in his voice, “I’ll show you how it’s done.”

You compiled without question yet a part of you wondered how he -- Shigaraki Tomura with the quirk known as ‘Decay’ -- will be able to throw . You took a step to the side and he quickly took your place and aimed.

You didn’t have time to process his hand position before, with a flash of silver, the blade was airborne and driven into the tree hard enough to cause your own to shake and fall to the grass in a pitiful heap.

Your jaw dropped. It was a perfect shot!

“How….” you gaped, pointing like an idiot, “How did you….??”

Another dry chuckle rose from him as he picked up another knife, ‘observing’ it now -- while mindfully holding it with just 8 out of 10 of his fingers -- taking a couple of seconds to savor your awe and the sense of pride, “...Practice and refining.”

He shifted the knife into his left hand and held it up as though displaying something valuable. You took a small step closer to observe his hand position.

His pinky, ring, pointer finger and thumb grasped the knife like normal while his pointer finger was extended outwards, pointing along the length of the knife.

“I do this….and i suggest you do it too,” he said bluntly, “Think of it as though you’re ordering your knife to go in a specific direction and hit a specific target with your desired amount of force. And---”

He threw it again, making it close enough to the first knife that small sparks flew but neither fell due to them being planted deeply into the bark.

“---there.” he hummed, “ try.”

You gulped before moving to pick up one. Positioning your hand just as he had you stand ready to throw, scanning the trunk for a good spot -- thanks to him already taking the center.

Before you could move a flush of heat gradually built up against your back and the soft sound of Tomura’s breathing a little closer to your ear than you were comfortable with, turning your head very slightly in his direction.

“What are you waiting for….?” he breathed, staring holes through you again, “....don’t think….don’t reconsider….don’t hesitate ….Because they won’t…. They won’t hesitate to put you down on the spot…. Don’t give them that chance, (Y/N)....Take your chance….”

You lowered your gaze to the knife in your hand before fixing it onto the tree before you, two knives already in the heart.

“....just do it….”

Just do it… .” you mentally repeated, pursing your lips and setting your gaze -- your target right between the blades.

You inhaled and held your breath. Pointer finger extended as he had shown you, you drew back and threw it…..


….the knife Dabi held came down on startlingly loud on the heart of the layout, causing you to stiffen but not jump for once. At this point, you were beyond the threshold of being surprised.

“I’ve got another job for you, (Y/N),” he said, “Tonight, you’re going in and doing a little piggy-bank robbing. A warm-up compared to the big boy banks.”

You looked from him to the picture and back, your eyes slightly wider with shock at the news. You were finally going to put what you had learned to the test!

“We’ll escort you to the house and watch for your return from a safe distance,” he continued, “The three of us will be set up at least 50 to 75 feet from the house, watching each exit and awaiting your return.”

“ no one’s going in with me?” you asked.

“Why would we need to?” he asked in return, “This is your chance to prove yourself and show us what you learned by getting in, finding what you want and need and getting out in one piece.”

“Don’t forget the knife throwing i taught you~” Toga giggled, taking the knife that was still stuck through the paper, “It may just come in handy.”

Immediately you felt Tomura’s gaze on you, making you shudder internally but you kept it down, “Right….”

“You’re not allowed to kill.” Dabi said in firmly as though putting his foot down on the matter once and for all whilst folding his arms, “This is just your first time -- and a robbery -- so there should be no bloodshed.”

“Aw, you’re no fun!” Toga pouted, huffing and folding her arms yet never putting the knife down.

Dabi stood from his spot. You and Tomura followed suit and Toga eventually did too.

“Time to get ready.” Dabi stated, “Meet us at the door when you’re done preparing.”

You gave a solemn nod before heading out, all three of their eyes on your back as you did so.

Chapter Text

You waited in the living room, right between it and the small hall leading to the stairwell and the front door with Dabi, waiting for the last flicker of color radiating from the setting sun across the sky to fade before either of you made your way out.


“Shigaraki and Toga are already out and in position,” Dabi said, moving to get the door. He held it open as he motioned for you to go first, “Eraserhead and Present Mic are running patrols right now so we’ll do our best to avoid them and remain undetected.”


You rose a brow, “If they are running patrols then why are we doing this right now?  I could get caught if they come through the area i’ll be in.”

“Because your target will be out at the same time,” he clarified, “They’re one of those who doesn’t wanna crawl out of their hole unless they’re sure it’s guarded.”

You gave a nod before proceeding out. You didn’t take more than two steps before one of his hands caught you by your shoulder, seizing your attention.

“(Y/N),” he began, looking you in the eyes, “....remember to take it easy….and remember everything we’ve taught you and don’t freeze up when shit  hits the fan.”

“Got it---”

“And….don’t forget that we’re still here for you,” he continued, “We’re not going to let to go in 100% blind to the world outside. Just remember to check the windows every now and then.”

You couldn’t help but smile a little.

“Are you beginning to worry for me?” you ask, studying him closely.

He stiffened and his eyes widened slightly yet his voice remained level, “What?”

“You’re worrying for me, Dabi,” you chuckled, “And you’re using my name more often too.”

“No, i’m not!” he huffed, releasing you and rubbing the back of his neck, “....and i only say it because Toga and Shigaraki say it too….A force of habit---”

Spotting your amused smile the ravenettes' eyes narrowed and he gave you a semi-annoyed push, “Why am i even explaining myself to you? Get going, already.”

“Sir, yes, sir,” you laugh, jogging off.

Folding his arms he watched you head off up the dark street until you were no longer in sight before proceeding to make his way to the rooftops.



The place you were to infiltrate was a simple two-floored house with a similar design to your own home -- so getting in and finding the ‘weak points’ would be a breeze….

….then again, this wasn’t your home so you never know.

You stood across the street from the house, casually leaning against a wall whilst looking as uninterested as possible from within the darkness keeping an eye out for anyone -- Dabi, Toga or Shigaraki -- to give you the signal to go in.

Eventually, while you were poking at the wall of a building -- currently standing in a tight ally, the sound of approaching footsteps -- timed, quickish and semi-quiet -- caught your attention.

Is it Dabi or Toga? you wondered, still listening to the pattern, “Do they have something to tell me?

You straightened up to meet them but something in you told you -- screamed not to.

Remember your training you mentally snapped at yourself.

You slipped your hands into your pockets and turned your gaze down, your hood hiding your face in time for the person to finally appear.

The person was neither of the two, much to your surprise….but one of the heroes.

The man, first of all, was tall yet slouched over, dressed in all black -- allowing him to sink into the darkness and move with ease like water. You couldn’t see him too well, but you were able to make out the movement of his messy hair and the white scarf wrapped around his neck, concealing most of his face.

You waited, trying to stay as quiet as possible, for him to pass….

….and luckily he did, seeming to have not noticed you at all. You waited until you could no longer hear his footsteps before taking a moment to peek up the sidewalk.


With this you darted across the quiet and dark street to your target house, remaining in the darkest of shadows for a minute straight, pulling on a pair of black leather gloves, before creeping your way around the house, planning to go in through the backdoor. If not that, then a window.

The owners wouldn’t miss a broken window now, would they?

“Feel….push….turn….feel….” you mumbled, reciting a lock-picking pattern as you worked -- something that came in handy thanks to Toga.

By the time you were drawing near finishing, a chill ran down your spine and your left ear gained a hint of heat.

You looked to your right to see Dabi standing atop the house next to this one, just watching you work, his arms folded across his chest and a semi-smug, semi-proud grin on his lips. You smiled and winked back before standing and heading in.

“Time to get lootin’ ” you hummed.


“I’m starting to wish i never brought this thing with me.” you hissed under your breath, considering powering your phone off.

It had been going crazy with messages from Dabi and Toga only 5 minutes after you entered the damned building. Its only been 10 minutes and you were being called back….and Toga was requesting you searched the fridge for something sweet.

You ignored your buzzing phone as you filled your unnoticed -- and almost forgotten -- bag on whatever you found truly valuable: from trophies to bank statements, codes to mini vaults you managed to get open and expensive watches.

You had to admit, this was dangerous and risky….

….but that’s what made it fun!

You felt like you were going door to door trick-or-treating or store to store picking out what you wanted all with the pleasure of not ‘faking-it-till-you-made-it’, paying or even saying thank you!

You had a blast cleaning out and prepared to take your leave, almost skipping to the back do---





You felt the color drain from your face, freezing on the spot.

Shit .

Chapter Text

Slowly but surely you turned around to see a small child -- a little girl no more than 2 or 3 years old -- dressed in a light pink elephant onesie and holding the paw of a bear stuffed animal. She gave her big eyes a rough rub, trying to see you better as she approached, each step as careful as the last as she made her way down.

You bit your lip, stiffly beginning to approach the child, your hands extended in a non-threatening manner.

“H-hey there….” you began, keeping your voice soft, calm and leveled despite your heart ramming in your chest, “....what are you doing out of bed….?”

The little girl, still half asleep, tilted her head slightly, gazing up at you. Thanks to the darkness of the house surrounding the two of you she couldn’t quite make out your face….

….you hoped.

“Noises….” she mumbled, reaching up to rub her eyes again, “....scary noises....”

My phone, maybe? ” you thought taking her little hand and lowering it , already preparing a speech for your comrades when you got back to your place, “I’m sorry….uh, dear….I didn’t mean to wake you.”

With this you offered your arms. She didn’t hesitate to hug you, her little arms making their way as far around your neck as they could whilst her head rested under your chin. You moved your arms to rest under her bum before lifting her up and carrying her back up the stairs, your heart still hammering in your chest.

The thought of her father or real mother coming in whilst you -- a thief -- were tucking their kid into bed didn’t sit too well with you.

You got her into her bed and tucked her away. You even went as far, upon request, to kiss her forehead and wish her sweet dreams before departing, quietly shutting the door.

At the same time your phone vibrated but this one was quicker, pulsating like your heart -- but not as fast -- meaning you were getting a call.

From Dabi no less.

You picked up as you made your way down the stairs.


“As cute as it is watching you tuck a babe away to bed you need to get the hell outta there ,” he whisper yelled and hissed at you, “Eraser is searching the perimeter for you as we speak and, according to Shigaraki, the dad’s almost there!”

“I’m fuckin' Oscar Mike.” you muttered, hurrying to the back door.


You paused almost tripping over your own feet, “ What ?” you whisper-yelled back.

“....he’s making his way to the back….” Dabi whispered, “....get the hell outta there….there’s a chance he’ll go inside to try and find you.”

Your heart skipped a beat, your hands become sweaty and your throat tightened all at once hearing this news.

“....on it.” you mumbled, “Thanks for the warning….”  before hanging up. This was your mission -- just you after all. You appreciated the warning but you wouldn’t be able to operate at your fullest if you had him whispering in your ear.

You ignored your buzzing phone as you waited and listened hard whilst trying to steady your racing heart

….breathe in….

….breathe out….

….and listen….

…. crunch …. .

Slow and timed, quiet and patient, like a hunter stalking their prey always ready to strike as soon as they are close enough….the hero approached the back door, the sound of soft crunching of the grass beneath his feet -- no matter how careful he was -- quickly reached your ears. You, equally quiet and now calm, began to make your way to the very front, melting into the darkness while being mindful of your surroundings at all times.

Very slowly and silently, you turned the lock on the door, keeping your gaze behind you alone the whole time, watching as a barely visible shadow -- the hair messy and around the head being bulky -- moved slowly in your direction.

You straightened up and opened the door in one fluid motion. Before you knew it, you were throwing yourself down the driveway and towards the street, almost finally homefre---!

Until the sound of screeching tires and the sight of blaring white lights surprised you enough to come to a dead stop right in the middle of the street, almost coming in contact with the hood. You shielded your eyes and face, not wanting to be seen while you were so close to making it.

“What the---?!” you heard a male voice sputter in disbelief, “ Did you just come from my house?!”

You froze on the spot for a faction of a second but long enough to take notice to the hero appearing at the front door. Even from the shadows that hid your shielded face and the light projecting from the car’s headlights, both of your eyes locked.

And then you ran.

It didn’t take a genius to know that he was following you, having broken into a run at the same time you had.

Into the alley you bolted, turn after turn you made trying to lose this guy….but you felt like you were getting nowhere. Darker and longer the alleys got, faster and harder your heart beated and boots pounded against the filthy, rough and uneven dirt path….

….yet he was still there.

And getting closer .

It was only a matter of time before you either tripped up or he got close enough to use his scarf to restrain you and haul you to jail, neither of which you wanted right now.

“Or the great Dabi to show up and save the day!” you huffed, looking behind you for a moment to see the hero now running the rooftops almost next to you, “Where the fuck is my back-up---?!”

In an instant something collided right into your back, pressing all of the items within your burdensome goody-bag against your back extremely painfully. What sent a cry from your lips was a sudden push against you as Eraserhead pushed off of you, launching you right into the ground face first. Your healed yet painful scar on the center of your chest felt as though it had gone up in flames, each pound of your heart reminding you of the night you got it.

Burning flesh filled your nose and pain wracked through your body. You felt as though you couldn’t breathe, your chest clenching and smoldering all over again.

You had no words to describe the pain the first time but to deal with it again, you were sure you would die….

N-no….no…. ” you thought, struggling to take in a breath, “ ....what’s….happening--?!

The sound of a roar, soaked in nothing but pure and utter fury snapped you back into reality. Although struggling to move without inflicting more pain on yourself you managed to take notice many flashing lights coming from behind you and the increase in temperature in the area around you, the slightly raised bag on your back shielding your eyes from the most painful flashes.

A clashing of good and evil, dark and light, wrongdoing, and justice was taking place right behind you.

The man who is always calm, cool, unfazed by anything and carefree was now more enraged than he had been in his life. He followed the two of you, as did his comrades, aching inside -- the sight of you running for your very life in an attempt to make your getaway whilst being chased by one of the top 10 heroes wasn’t apart of the plan….and, somewhere in his heart -- his soul --  that didn’t sit well with him at all.

So much so that when you were knocked clean off of your feet, all he saw was red. Now he was fighting the raven-haired hero back -- away from his (Y/N).

Cupping his hands together, and with another roar, a volcano eruption worth of bright blue fire, practically white, exploded from the palm of his hands and fingertips. The raven-haired hero, eyes wide in shock, didn’t hesitate to retreat. Not to high ground but as far away as he needed to, not prepared to take on that much fire.

You, now resting on your side and slowly regulating your breathing, shielded your eyes until it died down. You didn’t have time to fully process anything before your bag was gone and you were scooped right up bridal style.

“Common….” Dabi grunted, not a hint of his usual ‘Dabi Spark’ anywhere in the tone of his voice or even on his face, “Let’s get home….the cops will be here any minute now.”

Dabi said nothing to you upon arriving to the house. Instead, he carried you all the way up the stairs to your bedroom and carefully rested you onto it.

“Dabi….” you began.

Don’t,” he said through gritted teeth, causing you to stiffen. He sighed, “....Just get some rest. We’ll talk in the morning.”

You watched as he shrugged the bag off and set it against the wall beside your door before taking hold of the doorknob and shutting the door behind himself.


“That. Was. AMAZING DABI” Toga almost screamed, cheering her head off, “I didn’t know you were so powerful---

“Keep it down,Himiki.” Dabi hissed.

She merely giggled and gave a small nod. Tomura, however, was not impressed whatsoever but Dabi’s actions.

“If she is to become a villain like the rest of us, she is to make her escape on her own,” he snapped at the frustrated ravenette, “None of us have someone on guard for when we’re being chased so she should be treated no different---”

“None of us began like she did,” Dabi snapped back, “It took us years to refine our skills and master just scaling and running the rooftops! She trained for just 2 to 3 months and is nowhere near that point! She’s not a professional villain, so don’t you dare go trying to label her as one!”

“Oh please ,” he spat, his eyes narrowing beneath his hair, “You should be glad i am! You wanted to recruit her in the first place!”

“Yes, i did,” Dabi snapped, more harshly than before, “but she is different and you know it! You of all people!”

Tomura had nothing to say to this, unintentionally giving Dabi room to continue, “I’ve seen the way you look at her….You don’t look at her as though she’s a being whose unworthy of each breath they draw….You know that there’s something more to her, something deeper, just as i do.”

Taking a step, Dabi stood almost chest to chest with the slightly shorter male, looking past his hair and directly into his blood red eyes: Ice and Fire locked in a death match.

“I may be a villain….but the last thing i’m going to do is let her fall when she still has to climb….” he muttered, venom seeping into his semi-calm sounding voice, “She’ll become a pro villain….and i will see to it personally…. with or without your permission .

Shigaraki tensed all over and his breathing hitched at this, utterly defeated into complete silence much to his great displeasure. Dabi, not in the mood to entertain anyone, grabbed a soda from the fridge before departing to the backyard to cool down.

Toga remained silent like a good little girl -- for once, flustered over the conversation that took place before her -- while Tomura slowly made his way from the room, unknowingly leaving a trail of crumbled pieces of the kitchen’s island and a chair behind, both of which having decayed away under his touch.

There was much to think about and too much heat between comrades to do it clearly….

….hopefully, by the time you woke everyone would come to a final decision.


“Did you catch her??” the man asked the returning hero, cradling his now awake daughter, “Did you managed to get back out stuff??”

“No,” Aizawa said, bluntly, nursing a burn mark on his right arm,“She had help from a much stronger villain and was able to get away…..i’m sorry but i wasn’t able to retrieve your items.”

“I-i….” the man mumbled, staring at the ground as the realization fully sank in, “....i understand….”

Aizawa scanned the man before looking away, thinking. After a moment he looked back to him, “Did your daughter see her?”

The man perked slightly, “I….don’t know….she was asleep when i went in to check on her….”

With this he turned his attention to his drifting daughter, muttering her name and getting her attention, “Ellie….did you see the woman in our home?”

She gave a big yawn, roughly rubbing her eyes, “Mama came home….”

Aizawa took a step closer and her father’s eyes lit up.

“What did she do??” he asked.

Ellie gave another yawn before speaking again, Aizawa listening closely and taking in every word.



The last thing he wanted -- other than more paperwork -- was another wanna-be villain running around. 



He was going to find and catch you even if it meant taking a statement from a toddler. 

Chapter Text

You awoke the following day feeling stiff all over yet better than you had in months. It took your mind a moment to remember the events of the night before, your initial sleepiness slowly fading as it did so, leaving you wide awake and staring at the ceiling blankly.

....what have i done? ” you think, remembering the sound of the homeowner's voice just after you emerged from his very home with his very own and rightfully won prized possessions.

Everything of value -- something he worked so hard to earn….you just took it. You felt so sure, so happy, so…. excited  while doing it….

….so why did you feel so bad now?

The sound of a soft knock at your door drew your attention from your thoughts. The entrance of the ravenette got you into action, beginning to sit up -- you would’ve if it wasn’t for the pain in your upper back.

“Take it easy, villain,” Dabi said, walking over to the side of your bed, “Last thing i need is for you to hurt yourself anymore than you already have.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed yourself upright despite the pain, moving to sit at the side of your bed to do a mini stretch while Dabi kneeled down beside you ever so casually. You let your eyes scan him.

Nothing out of the ordinary….yet despite this you could tell something was off. If not that then definitely different.

His crazy hair seemed….neater maybe? Like a black flame burning with a purpose. His usually cold and unreadable, sometimes bored or annoyed, expression held a slightly gentle touch and his bright blue eyes -- although calm like a smoldering flame -- held something deep within: a stirring spark similar to one at the end of a lit firework destined to go off any second. What really drew your attention and began to pique your curiosity was a scent coming from him. It wasn’t like his usual masculine scent: the smell of charred….anything really, light cologne mixed in with his manly musk. This time he smelled of actual soap and light yet attention-grabbing cologne, further piquing your curiosity.

You put two and two together before finally speaking.

“....what’s going on today?” you ask him, raising a brow, “Special event or something?”

He didn’t answer right away, a small smirk pulling at his lips, “So you noticed it, eh?”

“Wasn’t much of a secret.” you chuckled.

“Well, Ms. Detective,” he began, “Today is a very special day for you. For all of us really.”

“How so?” you ask.

With this he stood and approached the bag that still rested beside your door. With a swift movement, he picked it up by one of the straps and brought it over to your feet. You tilted your head at the sight of it. It wasn’t as big as it had been before….

Dabi could easily see the confusion on your face and the turning gears in your mind, evoking a chuckle and him nudging the bag with his foot as he slipped his hands into his pockets.

“Open it.” he said simply, now smiling like an idiot.

You eyed him for a moment before leaning forward and extending your hands to do so. The opening wasn’t even a 5 inches wide before you stopped and stared at the slightly visible contents inside.

Money .

And loads of it, stuffing the bag almost to the brim.

You looked up to the ravenette whos small smile grew to a proud smirk, “Congrats.”

You were beyond speechless, looking from him to it and back before finally reaching inside and picking up a wad.

Heavy…. ” you gasped in awe, like a child seeing snow for the first time.


“And all yours,” Dabi chuckled, “....well almost. Consider it both compensation for last night's job and a gift from the villain industry for you to become an official villain.”

“Meaning i’ll….” you mumbled, still looking through the bag’s contents.

“Yeah,” he continued, “Meaning you’ll be able to get a title, your personal villain outfit, and weapons since you don’t have a defensive or offensive quirk of any sorts.”

You shot him a look but only made him chuckle again. Your half teasing half disapproving look melted into a genuinely happy one as something clicked in your mind.

The man before you made all of this happen.

You could’ve been killed months ago --- should’ve been killed….yet he spared you. Gave you a new life and more. More than you could ever have expected from a villain….or from a man like him in general.

You didn’t have time to think before you were on your feet and your arms were around his neck in a tight embrace.

Dabi’s eyes widened in alarm and shock at this, his gaze glued to where you once were just a moment ago and arms outstretched as though he had been prepared to catch you in case you were falling.


So much contact.

He hadn’t expected you to hug him. Not now and possibly not ever.

He wasn’t used to being hugged….he hadn’t been hugged since….

His arms slowly made their way around your waist and back, hugging back stiffly at first before melting into a genuinely tight one, sinking into your warmth, inhaling your scent and savouring your touch while holding you close, hiding you from the world and the heroes that wander it….from those that could harm you anymore than you have already been through.

He didn’t want to let you go and probably wouldn’t’ve anytime soon if you hadn’t shifted in his hold due to his arms being too close to the place you had been kicked the night before and grip steadily getting tighter.

He quickly let you go and ducked his head while taking a step back. You did the same, hiding your face within your (H/L) (H/C) hair and one of your hands, pretending to clear your throat while rubbing one of your cheeks.

But his eyes caught it a fraction of a second before you could cover it up.

You were blushing . Ever so lightly but the soft tint of pink was visible.

The sight of it caused Dabi’s heart to clench in his chest but what was the deal breaker was how cute you looked trying to hide. He didn’t want you to cover it up!

But he wasn’t about to make you look at him either, rubbing the back of his neck and looking away as though the floor were more interesting at the moment to give you a little room to regain your bearings.

Once calm, you looked back to him before letting your eyes glide to the door.

“....we should….head down now.” you eventually said, “Unless there’s something else i need to know about.”

“Yeah….there’s something else….” he responded, looking back to you, “But it would be best if Tomura told you, considering he is the ‘leader’ of the League.”

You nodded before proceeding to head out. You paused at the door before looking back to him.

“....i wanna change first,” you said.

He rolled his eyes at this before moving past you to wait in the hall, “Women and their clothes. I’ll never understand.”

“Thank you!” you giggled, shutting the door behind him once you had hopped back into the room.

“It’s official!” Toga almost screamed as she attacked you with a hug shortly after your arrival from changing, “You’re one of us now!”

“Toga!” Tomura hissed, “You weren’t supposed to say anything!”

With a wild blush the crazed blonde backed off of you while twiddling her fingers, “Sorry….i was just so excited….”

You looked from Toga to Tomura who was currently sort of sitting on the head of the couch with his feet on the cushions next to Dabi -- the sight of Dabi’s amused face almost made you laugh -- gazing at you through his hair. You approached the pair.

“As i was going to say….” Tomura began again, “...we’ve come to a decision….and we’ve decided to make you an official member of the League of Villains.”

With this the icey blue haired male extended his hands as though both presenting something and stating the obvious, “Congratulations.”

Toga proceeded to hug you again, bouncing and squealing while you just giggled along with her, sort of hugging back.

After at least a minute of the two of you celebrating Dabi stood from his spot and approached, tugging at his coat before slipping his right arm over your shoulders, leaving Toga’s left arm around your waist.

“In honor of our new addition, i say that we have a little….shall i say, ‘a coronation celebration’?”

“Sounds good to me,” you replied, turning your attention to Tomura who was now on his feet as well, “ And… .it’s on me this time.”

“No way,” Dabi protested, “It wouldn’t be fun to make you pay---”

“That’s why no one is making me,” you stated, smirking proudly, “I’m choosing too so---”

You stuck your tongue out at him. He returned the gesture before giving you a squeeze, “What every little villain. Just make sure it’s one to remember.”

“You can bet on it,” you grinned.




Deep and smooth, seductive and teasing, intoxicating and dangerously deadly yet fire igniting and alive, music of Dabi’s choice played throughout your basement.

The villain’s party that took place in your basement -- as to not arouse too much attention from anyone on your street -- was better than you had expected it to be despite you pressing your comrades about decorations and what not.

A dark place with good music, punch and strong drinks combined, a bin to throw up in and a room to fight in was all that was needed. You insisted anyway and -- although the other members of the League were strongly against it -- went out and came back in less than 10 minutes to purchase a big black rectangular speaker and a small but powerful disco ball with purple and deep red lights, further setting the mood and atmosphere. Those who came settled down just nicely making no comment about much of anything other than congratulating you on joining the League and, sort of, wishing you luck whilst encouraging you not to get caught.

Ever .

Toga bounced about chatting it up and drinking untainted punch -- specifically set aside for her -- with anyone either willing to listen or not wanting to lose a limb. Dabi wasn’t anywhere to be found at the moment, much to your surprise, while Tomura kept to himself in the darkest corner, slowly sipping on the spiked punch and avoiding all interactions with anyone who even appeared to be interested in speaking to him. Despite this, you were glad that at least two out of three of your friends were unwinding.

But even so….where had Dabi gone?

The occasional and familiar shiver that would run down the entire length of your spine and disturb your thought process, on a few rare occasions, was all that you needed to let you know that Tomura was keeping an eye on you more so than normal, possibly wondering the same thing and betting you probably knew.

You couldn’t fully enjoy the party knowing the man who practically made all of this happen wasn’t here too and, thus, you excused yourself to go look for him.

Chapter Text

“Dabi?” you called to the house, “Dabi??”

You took a moment to listen for the ravenette -- the sound of a sarcastic or annoyed response or even the sound of his footsteps approaching -- but you heard nothing. Pursing your lips you listened harder, blocking out the distant music from your basement to try and find something yet nothing hit your ears.

Getting impatient -- and a part of you a little concerned -- you made your way up the stairs to the second floor.

What struck you as odd was that all the doors were closed despite you never really closing doors behind yourself, sometimes not even to your bedroom. One by one, you poked your head in each room -- the spare room with random items scattered about, the guest room, the supply closet, and the bathroom -- but he was nowhere to be found.

At least until you poked your head into your room, at last, to find him sitting on your bed with his back to the door, holding something to his ear with his right hand as he pet the medium sized cat at his side, Kega -- who has become his best friend over the past few months.

You tilted your head slightly as you both straightened up and opened the door a little more going quiet as you listened for anything.

“I understand….” Dabi mumbled plainly yet venom and displeasure could easily be heard in his voice, “....Take care of it.”

With this he hung up and set the phone aside before pulling Kega his lap, “....enjoying yourself?”

You stiffened slightly before relaxing again. He was always good at detecting you and anyone for that matter so it was no surprise that he caught you, “Sort of….”

“‘Sort of’, huh?” he repeated, still not looking to you, “And why is that?”

“Because….” you began before quickly trailing off, now realizing the depth reason as to why you came looking for him. A light blush filled your cheeks and your gaze lowered to the bed, “....because you weren’t there.”

With this, he actually looked to you, one of his brows raised in either surprise or suspicion. Or maybe both. You stiffened again, your blush threatening to deepen as you fought to explain.

“I-I mean….you know, you weren’t there celebrating with everyone,” you stated giving a ‘casual’ shrug as though it were nothing, “You are the main reason for all of this, after all….”

Neither of you spoke for a moment before he finally stood -- slipping your phone into his back pocket --, cradling Kega in his right arm and scratching his stomach in the process, taking his time to go to you.

“I’ll be on my way soon,” he said quietly, his eyes scanning your face extremely closely as though memorizing it with his piercing blue eyes, “Go on and enjoy yourself while you can….We’ll be having some busy days ahead.”

You scanned him as he spoke and listened to his words but he gave away nothing but subtle reassurance. With a small nod, you departed from the room to leave him alone once more.

….but something didn’t feel right. You wanted to turn back and casually push him to see if everything was alright but you knew he would never cave and tell you if it was something deep.

Maybe after tonight, he’d be willing to fill you in on whatever was going on.

30 minutes earlier~

He knew this would happen. He always knew.

From the very beginning, he knew that when he showed up --- no before he showed up -- that there was something that was going to complicate things. There was always something and he was always expecting it. But he never expected to make it this far nor for it to be this in general.

“‘Recent reports have informed me that there is a group of villain’s known as the ‘League of Villain’s’ on the loose….They had fled before capture but there is one that has been spotted in our community.’” Dabi quoted to himself under his breath as he read the 3-month-old text in your messages -- the same one you had received the day he broke in.

He lowered your phone, staring at the text in thought.

The only reason -- other than the noise he made upon his arrival that fateful day -- you went into your basement to check for him was because of a message you had received from your old boss from your old job….Because of that and -- well, you being the woman you are with your…..tastes -- he was still in your home, able to come and go freely, talk to you as though his presence were an everyday thing and even have his own comrades live here too.

But also because of that, you were in trouble. Deeper trouble than he had thought you’d be.

Yes , it had been months since you had received this message and yes it has been months since the League had been ‘seen’ by anyone within your ‘community’. Coincidence? A normal person with a brain -- and who knew or worked with you -- would think not.

Although you had spoken to your boss after receiving a concerned phone call from them, you telling them about and being away for 2 weeks on ‘family business’ was one thing.

But 3 months was a whole different situation.

And now, after all this time, he had received word from a pair of eyes on the streets that your old boss was one of those people with brains. Much brains.

Dabi didn’t know when the last time you checked your phone was -- or had any kind of service to it since his arrival and your lack of funds for bills -- but you had almost one hundred missed calls and a shit  ton more of texts from your boss and co-workers trying to reach out to you: ranging from ‘support’ for your ‘family’ to utmost concern for your well being and questions about what was really going on.

And it was getting out of hand.

Soon someone was going to put the pieces of this puzzle together and discover your new occupation and company. But who it would be was tearing him up inside and had been since he received the call.

Your target from the previous night had seen most of you but not your face -- he hoped -- but he was sure Eraserhead hadn’t, so your identity was safe….for now.

And that was unacceptable.

He wanted -- needed you and your identity to stay safe from now on , not be at the risk of exposure and danger like a candle burning too close to a curtain, ready to set it aflame.

Then again, you were a villain now striving to make a name for yourself….did ‘safe’ even apply to you anymore?

He groaned and ran a hand along his face in irritation at the frustration and feelings tossing and turning in his gut. He hated this. Worrying for someone so much that it was driving him mad with anxiety. He should be holding his head high with pride over your achievement, drinking spiked punch and scaring off anyone who even looked at either of you funny as he listened to the music of his choice….

….instead, he sat in your bedroom with his back to the door, holding your phone to his ear now and petting your cat as he waited for a specific someone to pick up.

I was so sure of this…. ” he thought, his brows furrowing and his grip on the phone tightening, “ ....i could feel it in my damn bones….She was special…. is special….She has the potential to be something more, something powerful….And i couldn’t just ignore it….I was so certain….And now---

He jumped slightly, snapping out of his train of thought as the person he had called picked up at the last ring -- on purpose possibly. He wasted no time filling them in on the situation and setting up a plan to possibly get you out of it.



He perked slightly, his speaking and petting pausing as he turned his head to the shut door slightly, hearing your voice in the distance.

Damn! he mentally swore, lowering his voice and speaking a little quicker. He needed to get this done and now.

He knew you would come looking for him, so -- although it wasn’t a very ‘strong’ plan -- he went about the hall and shut all of the doors in order to slow you down and leave you guessing as to which room he was in. Ingenius, yes, but he had to in order to buy him just a few more seconds of time that he now desperately needed.

A date, time, pay and place was set for his ‘eyes’ to go. He could hear you drawing closer and it was clawing at his patience….yet he tried to keep his voice leveled with the person on the line.

“I understand….” he muttered, a hint of venom seeping into his voice as his body stiffened upon hearing the door open -- although quiet he still heard and sensed it and your very presence, “....Take care of it.”

With that, he hung up and lowered the phone before turning his gaze and attention to the all black cat laying on his back at his side: his eyes semi-crossed as he began to doze off from Dabi’s gentle touch. He pursed his lips, pulling the feline into his lap, and continuing to pet it before speaking.

“....enjoying yourself?” he eventually asked

“Sort of….” you replied.

“‘Sort of’, huh?” he repeated, still not looking to you, “And why is that?”

“Because….” you began before quickly trailing off. He waited patiently as you got her words together -- no doubt baffled and fumbling for words like you recently began to do when it came to conversing with him, “....because you weren’t there.”


This caught him off guard. So much so that he looked to you, raising a brow. Although it was quick he could see a small spark in your eyes come and go, telling him that the gears in your mind were working to decipher his expression and current mood in order to get your next words right.

A small part of him was a little impressed but he’d have to get with you about that and teach you how to not be so obvious.

Eventually, you spoke a light blush dusting your cheeks as you tried to play it off as though it was nothing, “I-I mean….you know, you weren’t there celebrating with everyone,” you stated giving a ‘casual’ shrug, “You are the main reason for all of this, after all….”

Neither of you spoke for a moment before he finally stood -- slipping your phone into his back pocket --, cradling Kega in his right arm and scratching his stomach in the process, taking his time to go to you, his eyes scanning your body language all the while.

Your small and seemingly fragile yet strong frame….Just as appealing to touch as it is to the gaze upon -- this he gathered from your hug from earlier in the day. Chest scarred from a burning and back bruised from a hit, both spots right over your steadily beating heart -- the feeling of it against his own chest still fresh in his mind….and yet there you were, standing at the door asking after him instead of enjoying your party or, better yet, taking this time to recover like he initially planned for you to do.

He softened slightly, his once annoyed and impatient attitude melting away into a distant memory as he came to a stop before you, gazing down into your bright (E/C) eyes.

“I’ll be on my way soon,” he said quietly, scanning your face extremely closely and embedding it into his memory as though seeing it for the very last time, “Go on and enjoy yourself while you can….We’ll be having some busy days ahead.”

You pursed your plush lips as you, again, scanned him and studied his expression before nodding and departing but not before he caught your last expression.

Uncertainty, doubt, and concern. No doubt he’d be hearing it from you sometime later….maybe in the morning. He didn’t like leaving you completely in the dark but this was a delicate situation… that he wasn’t going to include you any more than you already are. But he appreciated your concern, leaving him with the p eace you had brought.

He watched you go before turning back to the bed, his gaze resting on it as he thought back to his first week there.

The evening you tried to attack him -- kill him according to you -- was the same night he burned your chest….and the first time he had come to your room. He carried you here and tended to you thoroughly, getting you patched up with minimal effort….but he would never admit to doing it. Knowing you, you would kill him -- probably for real -- if you ever found out what all he had to do so it would remain his little secret until the time was right to share.

Then he wouldn’t lose his life. Maybe a finger but not his life.

The thought caused a soft chuckle and a smile to pull at his lips. You really were something special to him….so much more than he ever thought you’d be….

“....having second thoughts?”

Dabi stiffened and turned his head in the direction of the door but didn’t need to look to know who it was, eventually looking ahead again. Tomura stood at the door, hands in his pockets and leaning against the door frame his head tilted in a certain manner that allowed him to see clearly past his hair, his blood red eye resting only on the back of Dabi.

“....i never do.” Dabi eventually stated blandly.

“Then what are you waiting for?” he mused, “Come join the party….like (Y/N) said, you did help make all of this happen….”

He tilted his head a little more, it now brushing against the door’s frame as his eye narrowed slightly and a thin smirk appeared beneath the hand that covered his face, “Unless there’s something you don’t want her to see in you….The something that is steadily eating away at your sanity and constantly turning your gears….”

Dabi’s own lips pursed before speaking, venom seeping into it again, “That is none of your concern….”

“Everything is my concern,” he calmly hissed back, “Including the integrity of my ‘team’....And ever since we’ve been here your head hasn’t been screwed on as tight as it used to be….Last night for example---”

“What i said before still stands…” Dabi eventually stated, cutting him off, “....she didn’t begin as we did and her skills aren’t as refined as ours….she’ll need to keep trying to get better---”

“How many times do you plan to let her ‘keep trying’ before you put that shitty  excuse for a reason to clean up her mistakes on the shelf?” Tomura snapped, his patience running dry, “She has potential….but everything has an expiration date before it becomes no longer usable. Will you say the same line when she gets caught trying to rob another house--?”

“She won’t---” Dabi began, scratching between Kega’s ears.

“Oh, yeah , she won’t ,” Tomura pretended to gasp as though remembering something, “Because you’ll be there to save her again, won’t you?”

Dabi said nothing to this, unintentionally giving Tomura room to continue, “Something from the beginning of this journey has come back to bite you in the ass , hasn’t it? And now, here you standing alone in her room like a depressed maiden pondering over what you’re going to do about it.”

He removed his hands from his pockets and folded them across his chest, straightening his head as to where his hair covered his eye again, “If you really want her to grow, let her solve the problems she caused….Don’t hold her hand the whole way.”

“So you can do it for me?”

With this, his pupil shrank slightly before his eye narrowed again, his body stiffening a little before relaxing against the door frame again. Dabi finally turned to him but not before resting the sleeping cat onto the bed, a smirk on his face.

“Just what are you planning, Tomura?” Dabi asked almost sweetly adding to the tension in the air, “And why are you trying so hard to steer me away with doubt? Do you want her to yourself?”

Tomura didn’t move let alone answer the ravenette. And he wasn’t expecting one: he was just playing his card in this little game, evening out the score.

“You’re not getting her.” he hummed, dangerously, slipping a hand into his pocket and pretending to observe the other “But you can keep trying all you want….” With this his free hand caught fire, lighting up the dark room with his blue flame, allowing both of the males to see one another, both of their eyes burning with pure hatred and controlled bloodthirst, “....Just try not to get burned in the process.”

Turning his hand over and over, shifting the flames from the palm of his hand to the back of it he continued to speak steadily approaching the door, “I won’t baby her….but i’m not leaving her with a burden she never asked for.”

“None of us asked for the burdens we carry,” Tomura stated darkly.

“Yet none of us asked for it to be taken from us,” Dabi retorted, shutting him up once and for all as he stopped face to face with him, “....I’m done entertaining you for one night….Try not to wake up Kega….or ruin the party.”

With this he proceeded from the room to join the party, leaving Tomura alone at the door. He did have a plan and it did involve you but Dabi was steadily becoming a bigger and bigger obstacle….


….one he would have to take care of quickly and cleanly.

Chapter Text

The following morning you woke with a start -- and almost had a heart attack -- upon seeing Toga’s slightly sleepy but entirely eager face directly over yours, staring at you intently with those golden mako eyes. You had fallen asleep sometime past 2 a.m. -- only because you didn’t want to hit the sack with a bunch of villain ’s in your basement, each and every one of them just as capable of snatching a few goods as the last. You called it a night on your couch once everyone was gone -- purposely annoying Dabi who usually slept on the couch -- and had been there since.

Toga pushed against you like an excited child bouncing on their parent on Christmas morning, trying to get you to get up. For what, she wasn’t too clear about since she was talking fat too fast for your sleepy mind to process. It wasn’t until Dabi showed up a good 5 minutes later did she leave you be for a good half hour before coming back for round two, forcing you to get moving.


“The Black Market?” You mumbled, rubbing the last of the sleepiness from your eyes, “We’re….going there?”

“Preferably online, yes,” Dabi stated before lifting a mug of coffee to his lips yet not drinking just yet, “but i was thinking we could pay a dealer a visit instead....”

“Why?” you asked him, “Wouldn’t that mean we would have to go out? Like, you know, in public?”

“Duh,” Dabi snorted after taking a long sip of his coffee, “Although your little robbery mission took place just a couple of nights ago, the sooner we get you some proper gear to help you move both quickly and quietly, remain undetected and get in and get out with your goods or your target with as little difficulty as possible… .the better.”

“That was a mouthful,” you muttered, resting your chin onto the palm of your hand.

That’s what she said… ” Dabi muttered back, his lifted mug barely muffling his words, earning a punch to his side that made him chuckle, “Drink your coffee and get ready….we’re heading out in an hour.”


Across town, a very tall and thin man with a head fo wild blonde hair entered the public police station looking for his friend, in hopes of both checking in on him and his work on finding the ‘wanna-be’ female villain still on the loose. In his hands were a couple of boxes of donuts, all different flavors, for the crew so he had to use his back to push the door open.

Upon arriving inside, he was greeted with a few smiles, ‘hello’s and waves from those behind the desk or kind enough to speak to him but also sideways glances from others who didn’t quite have it in them to acknowledge his arrival. He didn’t mind this, approaching the desk and asking the person behind it about a specific detective and if he was around.

With a gesture, they led him off to the employee’s lounge where he first placed the boxes of donuts down and insisted that everyone have one to snack on while he spoke to his friend, heading off with a bright smile and a wave.


“Naomasa?” the blonde softly called, knocking on an office door with a couple of his knuckles, “Are you available right now?”

“One moment please,” A male voice called from the other side before speaking to someone else within the room on a much lower level as to where the blonde couldn’t hear them -- not like he was one for eavesdropping.

After a couple of minutes, the door opened and out stepped a fairly round man with thick glasses dressed in a black suit and a white button-up with a silver ID hanging around his neck on a blue lace. His chubby child-like face was a soft pink and his brows were furrowed with what seemed to be worry and concern but for what the blonde was yet to know. The man bowed to him in both greeting and farewell before proceeding away.

“Sorry about that,” the brunette detective -- Naomasa Tsukauchi -- chuckled half-heartedly, motioning for his blonde friend to enter his office, “That was the manager of (Job of Choice) . They came to make a report.”

“What about?” the blonde asked, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind him, “Has there been another break in?”

“No, not recently,”  Tsukauchi replied, heading back to his desk. “But we’ve finally got a solid lead that could prevent another one.”

Surprise filled the blondes slightly concerned expression making the brunette smile a little as he began to type away on his computer.

“That was quick….” He acknowledged with a small nod of approval, “It would never pay to bet against you, huh?”

Tsukauchi chuckled at this, “Just ask the other detectives….they know, first hand, the consequences of betting against me.”

Now it was the blonde’s turn to chuckle but the moment didn’t last very long, his friend beckoning him to come look at his screen.

“The description we received from Eraserhead’s only suspect upon his arrival from his encounter was more insightful than we thought -- considering she is no older than 3 years,” Tsukauchi began, melting into his serious detective side, sliding him a poorly drawn image, “Take a look at that.”

The blonde picked up the picture and held it up with carefulness as he studied it. From the looks of the lazy back and forth scribbles -- yet each one bearing a significant purpose -- it was a woman dressed in all black from head to toe with (H/L) (H/C), big (E/C) eyes and an even bigger -- and sloppier -- smile on her face making the semi-decent picture look messier than it really was. Finished studying it, he laid it back down where it was before letting Tsukauchi put it back in its file.

“Yesterday, we had the girl and her father come in so we could talk to her, personally, and get a statement on what all happened,” he continued, still typing away, “Her description plus the image from both her and an artist here in the office got us much closer to several targets….but not the one. At least until that manager came in with some striking evidence and strong leads.”

This peaked the blonde’s attention, fully turning his attention to the screen as it rapidly sped over numbers and images of men and women, quickly squaring it down to only (H/C) women before stopping and flashing green on a specific one.

“(F/N) (L/N)....” the blonde slowly muttered, observing the image of her very closely -- seeming to be one that had been taken upon the day you had gotten your driver’s license from the looks of the background color.

“She worked for him prior to a few months ago before she just upped and disappeared off the grid. Until two nights ago, that is.” Tsukauchi stated, “....doesn’t look like someone so capable of accomplishing a break in, huh?”

“Anyone is capable of such things….” the blonde commented back lowly, earning a look from his friend.

“....she’s a simple woman with a simple life….yet we have little on her. Name, age, date of birth, level of education and so on -- the simple things….but we have nothing on family information or even friends.” the detective continued, looking back to his screen.

A perfect target….” the blonde thought, his eyes narrowing slightly, “Have you tried to contact her directly?”

“Yes, we have, but her phone is either off of she hasn’t gotten a new one since the system put this number in,” the detective replied.

“Have you sent anyone to her home?”

“Good question...and no, we haven’t.” the detective sighed, “It appears from both Eraserhead’s report and from what we have here, there is some higher powers tugging at the strings in this little game….Only her address has been removed from the system….It’s as though someone is toying with us. The same someone who has been at it for months now.”

“...only one particular power could do something that complex….” the blonde muttered, now rubbing his chin.

“....The League of Villain’s,” Tsukauchi stated, typing away once more -- instead of pulling up a mugshot similar to (F/N)’s it was slightly blurry images taken by civilians during recent sightings of the villain’s in action, “They’re the talk of the town and their deeds are the topic at many gatherings and meetings -- even now as they hide in the shadows….The last time we came close to capturing one of them was a few months ago...around the same time (L/N) went ‘missing’ and in the same community she lived -- and maybe still lives -- in, says her old boss.”

“ don’t think The League has taken refuge in her home have you??” the blonde asked, becoming both alarmed and worried, “Maybe that’s it….maybe they’ve broken her mind by using intimidation against her and forced her into a life of crime….”

“Could be….” the detective mumbled, now turning this idea over in his mind, “but we won’t know for sure until he find her and bring her into custody and questioning.

With this the blonde straightened up -- popping his back and rolling out his neck in the process, preparing to wrap things up.

“Hold on a sec,” Tsukauchi said, extending a hand to his friend, “there’s one other thing….”

“What is it?”

“One of the members of the League: Dabi, he calls himself,” Tsukauchi began again, turning in his seat to face his taller friend, “He was there that night when Eraser almost caught (Y/N)....He saved her from getting captured -- according to Eraser’s report and the burns on his clothing -- not to mention the devastating amount of damage that was done to three whole blocks….I know you want to believe that this woman is being played with…..But with that bit of information alone, i think there may be something more going on. Something between (Y/N) and the League…..Something we’re not seeing here.”

“ believe she joined them willingly?” the blonde asked grimly, the darkness in the creases of his thin face deepening slightly at the thought.

The young brunette pursed his lips before speaking again, “.....’anyone is capable of such things’....” he quoted before turning his chair to face his desk, “I should get back to looking for more leads on her whereabouts….you’ll keep an eye on the streets, right?”

The blonde said nothing as he approached the door before pausing and looking back to him, giving a thumb up, “I may be retired….But i will never stop in my quest to deliver justice where it is needed.”

This caused the detective to smile a little. With a shared farewell, Toshinori Yagi departed from the police station feeling a lot less ‘out of the loop’ than he had when he arrived…..but a lot more troubled. Where the police -- and possibly Naomasa himself -- had begun to strive to put you, ‘the wanna-be villain’ behind bars, he was going to save you from The League. From Dabi…..from yourself.

Even if he was weak and retired.

Even if it meant resorting to desperate measures. If it would come to that was something he was yet to find out….but one thing’s for sure was that he planned on finding you no matter what.

After all….thieves are made, not born.


“Shigaraki~!” Toga called upon arriving back to the house, “We’re back~! And (Y/N) got---”

“For God’s sake , Toga,” Dabi hissed at the blonde, “I should’ve picked something up at the Market that’ll keep you quiet.”

She merely giggled and shivered, cupping her light pink cheeks, “Like a pint of blood~?”

“Yeah, like that,” he sarcastically, responded, using his foot to shut the door before removing his coat, “Anyway, what do you think of your new gear, (Y/N)?”

A moment passed before he looked around for you, raising a brow, “(Y/N)?”

“In here!” you called from the kitchen, having escaped there upon arriving.

Both Dabi and Toga made their way to the kitchen and paused at the door to gaze at you. You were currently wearing at least half of your gear: two knife holsters -- one on your right thigh and the other on the lower part of your left calf -- and a gun holster residing on your left thigh. A harness wrapped around the underside of your chest and behind your back securely, bearing a pair at the sides of your chest. An earpiece resided in your right ear -- currently off due to it needing to charge, and you currently finished pulling on a pair of black leather gloves before presenting yourself properly.

“Well?” you began, looking down at yourself before looking up, “How do i look? MInd you this isn’t all---”

“You. LOOK. INCREDIBLE!! ” Toga screamed before hugging you, mushing her face into your chest despite you warning her about the weapons.

Dabi just stared at the two of you  -- you more than Toga -- with a blank expression on his face as though he was failing to process what he was seeing. He had helped you decide on the best gear to help optimize your movement, defense, and offense….but he had never expected you to look this…. inviting… ..

You, a young and beautiful woman who no one would ever guess to be a villain….So sweet and welcoming yet so sneaky and mysterious….the sight of you all wrapped up in those weapon holsters -- with or without your guns and knives in them -- sent a shiver down his spine….

Suddenly, he wanted to do something. Something he hadn’t done since the first week.

He wanted to fight you. .To take you on, blade to blade -- no, face to face like the adults you both were…..and see you at your current ‘full’ potential….Whether you can endure his wrath was what he really wanted to test. Would you be able to hold on this time….or crumble beneath him to the point of where you’d try to tap out---?

Both you and Toga turned your attention to Dabi, hearing a choked sound from him and noticed his hand fly to his face before he turned away in a coughing fit.

“Dabi?” you called to him, taking a step his way, “Are you alri---?”

“Y-yeah, yeah….” he coughed, waving you off with his free hand as he proceeded away, “G-give me a sec….”

Toga popped up by your side again, resting her cheek against your arm, “What’s gotten into him?”

“No clue.” you admitted before looking to her, “Wanna check out the rest of my gear?”


A Few Minutes Ago

Tomura, having stayed home -- or in the ‘safehouse’ he preferred to call it since he didn’t quite consider this his home -- in the guest room, jumped slightly with a start upon hearing Toga’s returning cry, looking up from his little project resting on his lap.

Not wanting destroy his progress by touching it with his bare hands, slowly but surely and very carefully, he put his utensils away before putting up the main piece and quietly making his way down to the first floor, watching and listening to the others from a distance for a long minute before making his way back upstairs to find something else to do for the time being, his mind turning over the sight of you in half of your gear.

A part of him almost looked forward to seeing you in action….but the rest was more ready to see his plan unfold and what he’ll do with you by then. For now, he wasn’t going to interfere with your training -- despite his compromising feelings towards it all -- but leave Dabi to it since he insisted so much. So for now, he would stay on the sidelines -- stay out of the way….

….At least until he could get back to work without you and Dabi so close until the time to strike was right.

Chapter Text

Your arms, currently extended at your sides a good 45 to 50 degrees from your torso, trembled with effort to stay perfectly still and to keep your balance. Not only them but your legs as well. And you had to keep your back straight and head high.

Your entire body in general really, had begun to tremble with tremendous effort.

You currently hung in the center of an alleyway in the middle of two tall buildings outside of a bar the League originally hid out in -- and most likely still do occupy despite not really being there. What was the good thing about this whole ordeal was the fact that your body was steadily getting stronger and used to balancing. The downside, however, was both the sarcastic cheering from your comrades below and the occasional times when you would lose your focus and your balance causing you to flip upside down and hang there until you found your way back up right or someone could give you a push -- Dabi mostly.

“Common, (Y/N), you can do it!” Toga half laughed and half cheered, “Just a little longer!”

“Then we’ll get to the real stuff once you get this down!” Dabi chuckled, folding his arms across his chest, “Think you can go for 10 more minutes?”

You bit your lip to keep a remark from slipping your lips and costing you another fraction of your dignity.

This is necessary, this is necessary…. ” you thought to yourself over and over again, “ This is nessecar---

“W-whoa!” you gasped, feeling a light push at your left foot completely throwing you off balance and causing you to fall forward, “ Dabi!!

“Don’t forget: Not every run is going to be smooth sailing,” he chipped in, catching you by your hands to keep you from rocking back and forth much longer, “You’ll stumble and trip and, sometimes, you’ll fall. But you have to know how to both keep moving and keep your balance.”

It too you a moment to come out of your surprise as before your processed both his words and his touch, a light blush dusting your cheeks. For a man who could manipulate fire his hands were borderline cool, soft yet a little rough -- no doubt from fights and encounters he’s most likely won over his years of villain work.

You gave a genuine smile filled with determination -- one that he almost reflected, “Got it.”

With this he get you a semi-gentle push to get you back up right and this time you quickly regained your balance.

You were going to get this down. If not for your sake then at least for his.

Day 7 of Training -- 6 Days After Break First Break-In

Your muscles were stronger and your mind was sharper. You could spin around and around and not get dizzy nor lose your sense of balance and, whenever you felt like it no matter how you were angled, finding your way upright again was as easy as breathing. You laughed and joked with Toga as you spun like an acrobat with your hands behind your head ever so casually.


Toga laughed, cheered and egged you on, asking for you to do other things while Dabi stood aside -- smoldering with pride -- with his arms folded across his chest, silently watching the two of you enjoy this achievement for a while.

Eventually he stepped up, letting the two of you know that it was time to move on with your training.

“It’s time to move to the actual transportation, (Y/N),” he announced, “As a warm up, make your way to the roof-top. We’ll meet you there.”

“We’ll?” Toga squeaked, looking to the ravenette, “Why do i have to go?”

“Moral support.” Dabi shrugged before looking back to you, “You’ve got one minute.”

“...wait, why am i being timed---?” you began.

“Get going, little villain~” he chuckled devilishly before taking off towards a wall and beginning to parkour his way to the roof, alarming you.

Then again, you had trained with maneuvering the environment with him over a month ago so you knew better than to just hang around once he started moving.


Moving your hands to your sides where the wires within your gear -- most of which currently wrapped up -- you pressed a release trigger on your right side and the claw keeping your balance on the said side retracted from the building and snapped back to your side. You winced from the impact of the withdrawal but didn’t let it distract you from your current task. Pressing another trigger on your left side just before you planted your hands and feet against the left building you felt a slight tug in your gear letting you know to start climbing.


Similar to the gear of a mountain climber as you maneuvered your way up the building the wire retracted into its circular bundle. In case you were to slip, it was to automatically lock down on what was already wound up so you wouldn’t fall.

Not like you planned to.

Your determination and speed, along with your gear, helped you catch up to the acrobatic like ravenette who was chuckling away -- most likely watching you with unseen eyes as you closed in on him.

Soon the two of you were neck and neck drawing in on the light shining above, hoping, shimmying, clinging and climbing the wall to the top.

“Getting tired?” Dabi called to you.

“Ha ha!” You laughed semi-devilishly, “Never!”

With a huff from the both of you, you both shot upwards at the same time and into the light. At the same time you both emerged from the darkness and landed onto the roof. Neither of you bothered to catch your breath before you both began to bicker about who made it first before a soft giggle seized both of your attention.

Toga sat a good 10 feet away, close to the side of the building -- the side she used to get up and had made it a couple of seconds before either of you.

“I won~” she cooed, making two peace signs.

You just blinked -- mentally questioning for the hundredth time as to how someone so young and a little on the small side can be so quick….then again she was Toga so there was no reasonable explanation.

“....let’s get started.” Dabi finally said before pressing the trigger on your gear’s belt. You yelped and jumped at the sudden pain from the impact before semi-friendly punching Dabi’s arm, causing him to chuckle, “You see the building right there?”

You turned your attention to the building before you -- to the right of the building you all stood on.

“Deploy the claws to the side--” he ordered pointing to the rim of the building, close to the top, “And jump.”

You looked back to him, your brows furrowing. He looked to you upon noticing your lack of response and movement, raising a brow. After a second passed his expression became neutral before softening, a small smile pulling at his lips as he faces you fully.

“You’ve come this far, little villain,” he reassured you resting a hand onto your shoulder, “I believe -- i know you can conquer this….you just have to as well.”

Your heart fluttered in your chest and you almost began to squirm under his oddly gentle gaze and touch. Pursing your lips you gave a nod before he removed his hand.

“If it helps you can give yourself a running head start,” he chipped in standing beside Toga and folding his arms across his chest, “Just remember to time your jump and the claw deployment so you don’t run yourself off of the roof---” he leaned forward some and tilted his head as though his next words were the most important “and please remember your balance training.”

“Got it, Mom.” you mumbled, taking several steps back and shaking out your hands as you stared the building down. You noted the height of it -- pretty high compared to the one you resided on but not so much so that it would intimidate you. You inhaled deeply before planting your feet and taking off towards it, pushing yourself to reach your max speed before the edge of the roof could greet you.

Your eyes entirely glued to the building before you and your senses at their peak, you kept moving until Dabi’s and Toga’s presence felt as though they were right next to you.

“Dabi’s next to Toga,” you thought, “Toga’s next to the edge, so…..NOW.”

You planted your right foot before launching yourself upwards your hands flying to the sides of your gear to deploy the claws. As planned they shot out and away to the roof, the right piercing it deeper than the left but right now fixing it wasn’t of your concern.

At least until after you began to run up the side to reach the top. You had only gone a good 10 feet before a soft ‘chink’ sound came from above.

You eyes widened at the sight that greeted you: the left one had completely come loose due to your weight pulling at its already loose grasp. You extended your hand as though trying to close the remaining distance between you and the roof but you were still much too far.

And getting further at this point, a cry leaving your lips as you were thrown completely off balance -- severely close to being upside down if not entirely -- as you began to swing to the right like a toy.

“(Y/N)!” you heard Toga and Dabi call over your cries.

You had lost all focus on trying to regain your balance and fight to continue -- maybe even re-deploy the claw -- but here you were, mind steadily filling with panic as the idea of sliding out of your gear and falling head-first to your untimely demise made you freak out more.

“DABI---!!” you called before you could process the word, your eyes shutting tightly.

A fraction of a second later, and with a burst of light blue light from the side, the breath was knocked out of you at the sudden impact of another colliding into you, their arms encircling your smaller frame -- one around your back and the other over your head before the sound of glass breaking filled your ears.

The next thing you knew you were tumbling across cold and hard concrete -- your back occasionally leaving it as the other person rolled with you -- before stopping, darkness surrounding you shortly after. You didn’t dare move, your eyes shut tight and your face hidden away against your saviour for a long moment before Dabi’s voice filled your ears: calm, clear yet soaked in worry.

“(Y/N)....” he murmured close to your ear, “....are you alright?”

Still unable to speak you gave a tiny nod. With this he removed his arms from around you and placed them on either side of your head, gazing down at you almost instantly locking eyes with you.

This moment would have been enough to send your heart into overdrive and fill your entire being with butterflies that could turn you into a blushing mess if you weren’t already a trembling mess beneath him, still pale and shaken from before. Your right hand clung to the fabric of his jacket as though for dear life and it took him personally reaching over and removing your hand to get you to let go. If he hadn’t saved you….

You threw your arms around his neck, shaking harder as the unshed tears shook your being. He didn’t hesitate to hug you back with his right arm, using his left to keep the two of you up. Neither of you spoke as you savoured one another’s presence, the sound of one another’s breathing all you needed to hear.

He didn’t release you until your trembles ceased completely and your ragged breathing had evened out, “That….was too damn close…..” he muttered, unravelling his arm.

You gave a shaky laugh before moving a hand to your face, whipping your still pale face as though it contained the last bit of your panic away, the embarrassment finally setting in.

“Oh God…” you sighed, “....Dabi I….i-i’m so sorry---”

“You’ve got nothing to apologize for,” he cut in, sitting up a little more to move off of you, “....and don’t apologize again….i hate apologies.”

You removed your hand and nodded to him once as he pushed himself to his feet and brushed himself off, turning his attention to a nearby wall. You followed his gaze to see a completely shattered window and its glass that once stood in perfect order was now shattered into hundreds if not thousands of pieces across the floor leading out to the two of you and where you had stopped.

Had he meant to come crashing through here? ” you thought, turning your attention back to him, “ He doesn’t look hurt but….then again, he isn’t the kind to complain.

“...are you alright?” you asked him, your eyes lingering

“That doesn’t matter right now,” he said bluntly, returning his attention to you and letting his eyes scan you up and down for any cuts or blood before offering his hand, “If your still in working order from head to toe, we need to get back to Toga and try again.”

You pursed your lips again, just like before, holding your hand up but not yet taking his.

“ are going to try again….right?” he asked, scanning your face for the hundredth time.

You didn’t answer right away though did stiffen when he took your hand, anyway, and pulled you to your feet.

“You are.” he answered, holding your hand still before placing his free one on the small of your back, “You know why? Because my (Y/N) is not the kind of woman who just gives up.”

You stared at him as he guided you back to the window before smiling a little.

He knew you so well….

“.... your (Y/N)?” you repeated.

“Yes,” he answered simply, “.... my (Y/N).”

With this he pressed the release trigger on your belt before pressing it again. The right hook, having still been attached to the roof above, tugged at you as your belt automatically began pull you towards it.

“D-Dabi…!” you began, clinging to him.

“Happy sailing.” he laughed pulling himself free with ease and watching you, reluctantly, get pulled out of the window and steadily move upwards until you were no longer in sight.

From there, you used your hands and feet to help you get back up, your cautiousness at its max the whole way back to the rooftops. Once there, you rolled onto it and laid on your back again and really relaxed for the first time in hours.

The things i put myself through….” you mentally sighed, wanting to just melt under the warmth of the sun.



“(Y/N)!!” Toga half cried half shrieked from the other building, “Come back!! Please don’t be dead!!”

You inhaled deeply before sitting up and waving a hand, “Still breathing!” With this you deflated again, leaning against the side.

Time to try again.



Here you were again, standing at the edge of yet another life and death situation. Except this one was far more extreme and you were going to be thrown in jail if you got caught. Instead, the concrete pavement or sidewalk below would greet you with a nice bit hug.

Big enough to either send you to the hospital or put you 6 feet under….or maybe a few hundred considering how high up you were.

Neither of these options were very appealing to you and yet here you are, standing on top of a literal skyscraper, gazing down at the city of Tokyo. The sun was just beginning to rise and the sky was painted in wavy sheets of violets, lilacs, red and steadily growing orange hues as it’s heavenly light began to peak out and shine over the dark city.

Given your height you were the first to see it. The first to feel its warmth.

You smiled a little and lifted your hand to feel its warm touch on the fibers of your skin….

….at the same time, another hand rose up and, with the slightest of pushes, sent you spiralling down, down, down into the darkness of the city.

Your pupils dilated and your skin paled beyond reason as you plummeted. Your gaze shifted with your turning body from the approaching ground to the receding sky, the once hiding sun now seeming to take your place up above and shine down on you as though to only watch you fall.

Your hands, both extended to the sky, desperately grasped at the receding light trying to find its warmth -- its comforting touch, anything to save you from this -- but you received nothing but empty handfuls of air. The skyscrapers all around -- once so bursting with color and light from shining all night lost their color and turned black as did the edges of your vision as darkness began to consume you, the buildings closing in on themselves like a shutting door and blocking out the light, leaving falling….


….and falling….

….and falling ….

….and falling .

….forever into the empty darkness that no longer bore a direction to you. You began to feel sick as though you were being tossed around like a ragdoll: Up and down, around and around and around until---

Suddenly a burst of light filled your vision, almost blinding you in the process. You didn’t have time to focus on the source before warmth surrounded your right wrist, your once seemingly falling body gaining a sense of gravity causing the remainder of your body to hang almost limply, swinging ever so slightly within the person’s grasp.

The moment your eyes adjusted to the light, tears erupted from you, shaking you to your core shamelessly and mercilessly.

With half of his body seeming to be resting on a surface you couldn’t see above and only his upper torso visible through a hole he made had that resembled the shattered window from before, Dabi stared down at your sobbing form. A serious expression was all that could be seen on his face but what’s more was the other emotions that swam through his eyes: Relief, reassurance and nothing other than utter pain at the sound of your cries.

“Dabi….” you whimpered, slowly extending your other hand. A cry escaped your lips as something cold yet semi-hard wrapped wrapped around your legs, tugging at you to stay down and within the darkness, “Please… .please don’t let me go !!”

“Hold onto me…” he ordered you, effort now filling his features as he began to pull you out of the darkness’ grasp, seizing your other wrist, “....i’m getting you out of here.”

You turned your hands around in his grasp, holding onto his wrists as he pulled and pulled until you emerged into the light….


….(Y/N)..... (Y/N) ....

You slowly blinked as your eyes adjusted to the light of the early morning sun shining through a crack in you closed blinds -- one of which that hadn’t been closed all the way. The light seemed to sparkle in your eyes and it took you blinking a few times to understand why.

You were crying. And the man before you, staring at you with utter concern and worry wiped your tear stained cheeks with his thumbs over and over again -- no matter how many tears seemed to come from your sleepy eyes, he wiped them away until there were no more.

“(Y/N)....” Dabi sighed, relief filling his features as he visibly began to relax, “....why are you crying? Did you have a nightmare?”

You didn’t answer him with your words but with a simple nod. With this, he made you sit up while he moved to sit beside you -- only a couple inches apart at that -- and trained his gaze on the side of your face.

“ to share?” he asked.

You stared at your hands currently resting in your lap before turning your gaze to him.

“I….i dreamed i was….” you began a little weakly, the dream fresh in your mind, “....falling….aimlessly…..into darkness….”

His expression hardened and his brows furrowed slightly yet he remained quiet, letting you explain everything from the beginning -- standing on top of the skyscraper over the city of Tokyo -- to the point of where he saved you and how the darkness was trying to pull you back yet he still prevailed thus waking you up.

“Did you see who pushed you…??” he asked, a hint of irritation seeping into his voice.

You shook your head, returning your gaze to your hands now beginning to hurt from you twisting them over and over again, “….i didn’t.”

After this, the two of you sat in silence -- you regathering your bearings and Dabi both calming himself back down as he processed everything.

You stiffened slightly upon feeling his arms make their way around you and pull you into a hug that almost made you cry again. Him warmth and the security it brought you….You could die at this very moment and be alright with it knowing he held you until the very end….

“Dabi….” you whispered, your grip around him tightening as more tears began to well up in your eyes.

“Breathe….” he murmured back, tightening his own grip, “....just breathe….”

And you did just that, neither of you speaking or moving for what felt like ages. Eventually you began to withdraw, feeling as though he would be getting tired -- if not already tired -- of sitting here.

However he didn’t move an inch, his arms still secured around you.


It took him a moment to respond before he finally let you go his arms unravelling from around you and his hands lazily trailing along your upper and lower back as they did so almost as though feeling on your smaller frame.

A shiver ran down your spine and a light blush threatened to fill your cheeks as you settled back down into your original place, the feeling of his almost intimate still very fresh in your mind.

“....are you still up for the job tonight?” he asked you, not longer looking in your direction not wanting to speak on the previous topic.

You pursed your lips before speaking, a small smirk appearing, “....hell yeah….i’m not going to let a dream scare me out of getting my job done.”

A soft huff came from him as a smile appeared on his lips. With a pat to your back, he stood and you followed his lead, stretching some as you did so.

“That’s the (Y/N) i know….” he chuckled half-heartedly, “....and….one more thing.”

“Yeah?” you hummed, popping your back before rolling out your neck.

“Just because it’s been a week and three or four days since your first break in doesn’t mean the city let it go,” he said, folding his arms across his chest, “Over the week, the hero’s have been on their patrol’s, back to back, like flies on crap. But with your gear, you’ll be able to out maneuver them as easily as breathing.”

“Right.” you sighed, now fully unwound, “Speaking of which, i think i should start preparing to head out now….as in, i need to freshen up.”

“No one will smell yo---” he began to protest, causing you to giggle.

You shooed him out of you room anyway and began to shut the door but he caught it with his foot.

“Hold on….” he began again, a small light appearing in his eyes.

“Yes?” you responded raising a brow.

He studied you for a long moment, the light in his eyes seeming to flicker like an old light bulb before going out as he stepped back, “....nevermind. Forget about it.”

With this he turned and proceeded away, leaving you in peace.

....well, that was weird. ” you thought, shutting your door, “ Never once has he just…. changed his mind about speaking it….I wonder if he’s alright these days .”

You thought about both your dream and your time with the ravenette as you cleaned up and prepared for the night ahead, getting suited up in an all black half-cloth half-leather bodysuit and all of your gear. From your weapons and earpiece to your main maneuvering gear and bag to carry your items in: a brand new one was both light and roomy. You were locked, loaded and ready to go.

This time, everything was about to be much much more different than the first. In and out with no casualties.


“Time to do some real damage.”

Chapter Text

Travelling the rooftops and swinging through the alleyways was as easy as breathing for you now. Not only that but you found it much easier for you to both focus on your task and keep your head clear as you did so, feeling the free-est, and even a little wild like, when your feet wasn’t touching the ground and the crisp night time air filled your lungs and played with your hair, whipping it about like fire. However, Dabi and Toga both traveled the rooftops with you to be on guard -- just as they had the first time you went out on your first mission -- so you had to slow your pace just for them, not wanting to lose them just in case their assistance would be needed.

According to Tomura you were still a ‘work in progress’ so the whole bank-robbing thing was still on hold for the time-being. And you didn’t mind at all just as long as you got to put your new toys to the test.

“You’ll get your chance in due time….” he had assured you, shifting surprisingly closer to you than he had been in months, “But for now….Take care of business like before. With a bit more success this time.”

You chuckled lightly at this despite the fact that he was being serious, “I know, Shigaraki….i won’t let you down again….You have my word.”

You wouldn’t have believed it had you not seen it but as he turned away from you to guide you to the door, his hair fluttering slightly as he did so, you caught a glimpse of his dried and scarred lips pulled into a small but wicked and almost mischievous grin that would have made a normal person cower in fear. You couldn’t help but smirk a little at this, a part of you glad to know that he finally seemed to have some faith in you….at least you hoped.

“I’ll be holding you to that….” he responded, extending a hand to your shoulder in a somewhat friendly four fingered pat, “....for now, you should get going…..the sooner you get to your destination the better….”

In that moment when you walked with him, and even now as you deployed and retracted the claws on your belt swinging low and flying high through the city and its alley ways….you couldn’t help the feeling that something was off about his words. Him being a villain, it was understandable, but… couldn’t shake the deep and burning feeling of having missed something important….as though there was a hidden meaning in his words---

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Dabi’s voice called into your ear piece, snapping you out of your train of thought, “Slow down a bit or you’ll pass your stop!”

“Right….” you responded, beginning to do so, swinging down low before using your legs to swing yoursef back up to the rooftops, slowing yourself to a jog and then to a stop. Crouching down, you took a moment to survey the area. As you did so, you perked slightly before looking behind you in time to see Dabi arrive, his all black clothing helping him sink into the darkness of the night much easier.

“Took you long enough.” you chuckled lightly.

“Says the woman with transportation handicaps.” he retorted, smirking.

He didn’t give you time to make another comment before he pointed out the house you would be raiding this time. It was noticibly bigger than the first and last one you had done, getting the gears in your head turning.

“What’s the situation on this one?” you asked him.

“Unlike the last one, one of the parents works day shift and the other works night,” he began, “The father is out until midnight and mother is home given the car parked in the drive-way. Noting that, this area is most likely patrolled by heroes --- many heroes---” he looked to you “---thanks to a certain someone disturbing the peace in the middle class residence.”

You smiled a little yet didn’t look to him, “....It’s almost nine thirty right now….so if the mother is home wouldn’t see be settling down to sleep? Presuming she’s already put her children down as well?”

“Right….” he continued, looking ahead again, “Speaking of which, there’ll be three kids you’ll have to keep an eye out for. They’re pretty young from what we’ve gathered so there’s a chance their quirks hadn’t come in yet.”

“And the mother’s quirk?”

“Nothing,” he continued shaking his head slightly, “She’s one of those without one, from what we gathered….either that or she just doesn’t use it---”

“Common, you two~!” Toga suddenly giggled, pressing herself in between the two of you, “Less chatty, more stealy~ The sooner we get the money the sooner i’ll be able to buy things~!”

“Like what?” you asked, raising a brow.

Pretty things~” she simply giggled before slipping away.

“She’s right though. It’s best if you get a move on before the heroes start making their way around to these parts.” Dabi said, straightening up and offering his hand.

You looked to it but didn’t take it, instead shifted to the side of the building to get to claws on your belt ready, “I better not procrastinate then.”

He lowered his hand as he watched you fall down the side, shaking his head slightly yet never losing his small smirk. Upon your safe landing you pulled on the collar of your suit, tugging a neatly -- and still new smelling -- mask from within the thickness of it to cover your mouth and nose. Your eyes would be hidden beneath your hood -- something of which you pulled up shortly after fixing your mask. Although you now really looked like a criminal or spy, it felt good to be properly equipped and ready to really get your job done.

This time you would be flawless. You were going to keep your word to Shigaraki and get out scot free.

“Get in, get what you want and get out,” Dabi’s voice hummed through your ear piece. “Tougher challenge but hopefully simpler than you think.”

“Right.” you acknowledged before inhaling deeply, “.....i’m going in.”

“Good luck~!” Toga cheered as you proceeded to the house under the cover of the darkness of the night.

Atop the building he resided, Dabi crouched down low, keeping an eye on you as you moved. At least until a soft beep sounded in his ear piece and Tomura’s raspy voice filled his ear giving him a disgusted chill.

“Dabi, Toga,” Tomura began, “Come meet me at the house.”

“Why?” Dabi asked, raising a brow, “Did you forget that we’re on guard for (Y/N) or something?”

“(Y/N)’s a big girl now….she can handle herself for this mission,” Tomura hissed, “We’ve been offered a deal….if you want in, i suggest you get here.”

Dabi looked to the roof opposite of him to a squirming Toga who seemed to be doing the potty dance, clearly struggling on if she wanted to leave to look into this deal or stay to keep an eye on her friend.

“What’s the deal?” Dabi asked, slowly becoming suspicious of this.

“The ‘customer’ would like to tell us -- the League -- in person….A special deal with a special pay.”

“Pay?” Dabi repeated as though he had just received a compliment, “We don’t get paid -- as a matter of fact we don’t do jobs . We do whatever the hell we want.”

“And yet we have a system where i’m the leader and you are the follower ---”

“Can you guys quiet down out here?” your voice suddenly whisper yelled, shutting up both the males, “You’ll blow my cover before i even get inside at this rate. Dabi just go with him, i’ll be fine.”


“I’ll be fine,” you stated, “See you all back at the house.”

No one spoke for a long moment before Tomura finished what he ad started, “You heard her.”

Dabi didn’t move, even though Toga had begun to head off. The ravenette glared at the house in thought, a hint of discomfort filling his gut -- something that didn’t happen often, letting him know that something was wrong.

“This better be worth it….” he thought as he turned and proceeded away.




Slightly hunched over, as if exhausted, white gloved hands cupped before him -- close to but not quite touching his chin, his gaze was fixed upon a singular screen upon a singular and lone coffee table in the center of the almost empty room that was, so it seemed, the male’s office. Devoid of everything but two couches, the table, the laptop and a small silver remote with a single blue button at the center resting at his side, the short semi-light brown haired male stared intently into the screen showing nothing but a dimly lit house. Nothing was happening from what he could see but he was well aware of the ordeal that was to be going down inside.


And what was to come afterwards.


Already having a few of his lackies prepared on the sidelines, he waited in silence, watching as one by one the lights in the house turned off and all was still. Despite there being nothing happening, he didn’t move an inch as he continued to wait patiently his mind half elsewhere, taking mental note of the remote at his side and its purpose.



Eventually a slim dark figure could be made out emerging from the backyard of the building and quickly beginning to make its escape hopping the fence before suddenly zooming upwards. He didn’t flinch as the camera began to move, now following the figure.





You were too busy mentally celebrating your highly successful raid to remember that your comrades had left some time ago to tend to the ‘deal’. It wasn’t until you arrived to the spot Dabi had been did it hit you as well as disappointment. Before you could reach for your ear piece a soft beep sounded from behind you, near your shoulder. Instantly going on alert, you spun around to look for the source only to see nothing there yet another beep sounded.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for you to realize that it was coming from you -- right on your shoulder beneath the loose fold of your hood that hung several inches beneath the nape of your neck.

The exact spot Tomura had touched before you left.

You didn’t have time to react before an electric current pulsed through your body right after the third beep, the little device sending pulse after pulse of electricity through your body as though heavily tazing you. Eyes wide, pupils dilated and mouth agape with shock you collapsed as soon as the device deactivated leaving you in a twitching heap, unable to move an inch. A moment later the sound of approaching footsteps filled your ears before a pair came into view slightly hidden behind the hem of a cloak. You stared ahead, your sight wavering and eyes fluttering slightly as the figure knelt down observing you closely.

“This is the one?” a gruffy male voice asked, “Doesn’t look like much to me.”

“Weather of not she is ‘much’ doesn’t matter,” another voice responded, this one being muffled, “She’s the one. Get her and take her back to base.”

With no further response you were collected and hoisted over the shoulder of the first male, your stolen goods swiftly being taken from your back in the process. Your mind raced with thoughts and the urge to fight your way to freedom and back to safety took over all else. You had made a promise to Tomura -- to Dadi that you wouldn’t let them down….You had to get back. You had to….

“I have to get back!”

With this, before your mind could even process the movement, your right knee lifted and planted itself into the chest of your captive knocking the breath from his lungs and causing him to reel forward enough to allow your opposite foot to touch the ground. The feeling of something solid beneath your feet helped you quickly ground your body, mind and sense of balance in time for you to lift the foot of the leg you used to kneel your captive up to catch the second in the stomach sending him back far enough to give you time to deal with the first. Strangely he didn’t try to fight you but seize you as though trying not to damage your body in any way possible despite you trying to pummel him, constantly dodging, ducking and parrying your attacks or trying to get a good grip on you like a police officer trying to put handcuffs on a criminal.


You weren’t getting captured by anyone . Never again!





Toshinori carried yet another box of donuts with him as he left he Police Department for the third time that day. After he and Detective Naomasa, and a few other officers, did some decoding and much much searching they finally came across an address -- your address. And now he was eager to get to the bottom of this case: Either prove your innocence….or reveal the true villain-work that was going down in your life.

He hummed quietly to himself as he proceeded to his car, preparing to head to his home for the night and drop by your house in the morning. He would talk to you, present himself as an undercover police officer coming to see you under the request of your late boss. With your allowance he would check the house and see to it that everything was in place before requesting that you come with him to the police station; that he and Naomasa can ask a few questions.

Maybe you’ll be honest, maybe you won’t. Maybe he’ll find you there and maybe he won’t. The possibilities were endless until he got to your place. But until then he would rest his mind and bod---

He jumped when the sound of metal hitting metal filled the air somewhere above him, causing him to look up in time to see a large figure swing by much too close to the busy street below it and even a little too close to his own car, causing him to duck instinctively. As it moved, he could faintly hear the sound of two voices grunting in effort: one female and one male giving him the impression that it wasn’t just someone fooling around but two people actually fighting .

Whoever was doing the moving was clearly trying to get away from the person holding on….or was it the other way around? Was the person moving about trying to take the person they held away somewhere??

His fists clenched and his jaw locked as he watched the pair tumble along the road and up in the air fighting brutal as they went fully airborne. Weather it be predator and prey or two villains’ going at it, it hurt and angered him to see this. To be completely useless at a time like this….


Where were the other heroes?!





Both you and the man tumbled towards the ground and, despite the current situation, he insisted on trying to grab you and surprisingly, put himself beneath you are you both began to fall while you, more concerned on living than placement, struggled to ready and deploy your claws. You seized him with one hand once you felt the hooks sink into the nearest wall -- they weren’t in two buildings but in one causing you both to make a sharp upwards and left turn towards the building you hooked into.


In that moment you couldn’t be happier that he insisted on being on the bottom, grunting in slight pain as the both of you smacked right into the wall as hard as a speeding car colliding into a tree. He, however, took most of the hit taking it from both the wall and your weight combined with the impact pressing against his ribs hard enough to give an unsavory snap and cause him to gag and gasp for air.

You grunted in effort, your own torso aching, as you pushed yourself off of the wall and away from the man leaving him to plummet to the ground. You didn’t look back as you took off though the sound of him crash landing on the roof of a car sounded loudly behind you along with it’s alarm going off and cries from people who had been walking below.

Weather he lived or died wasn’t your concern. You had won and thus you had your life and freedom. You may have lost the loot but you gained -- no mastered -- no conquered something more and now you felt powerful despite the pain in your body. However, getting back to safety was all you cared about.




The brunette slowly sat up straight, his bright hazel eyes burning almost dangerously as he stared at his now black computer screen consisting of only the words ‘Signal Lost’. He knew better than to send some low-life lackie to do something as important as this….but then again, now he had a good reason to dismiss the fool from his numbers permanently . Like cleaning and disinfecting his facility: he would do it properly and perfectly leaving no traces of any germs behind.

….or there would be more problems than he, and everyone else under him, already had on their plates.  He was promised a quirkless woman fresh to the League -- completely new to the villain world….but there was something more to this woman than he had anticipated.


But he would have patience…..for all good things came to those who waited.

Chapter Text

“(Y/N)?!” Dabi began upon your arrival, hurrying to meet you in the front yard as soon as you arrived, “Are you alri---”

You didn’t let him finish before you shoved him back with surprising strength -- a strength you only found when you were truly angry about something. He didn’t lose his balance but stumbled out of your way as you intended for him to, saying nothing as he watched you march into the house.

Toga, who had followed Dabi to meet you too, jump back at the sight of the rage steaming off of you, now trying to avoid your attention as best as possible.

You weren’t after her or Dabi….not yet anyway.

“Tomura!” you called, beginning to make your way up the stairs.

“I’m right here.”

You turned back to find him at the entrance to the dining room. He could tell that you were mad and yet he had the audacity to stand before you with his stupidly smug look -- yes his hair hid his face but it wasn’t hard to decipher ‘calmness’ from ‘egotistical’.

“Mind telling me what the hell that was all about?!” you demanded stomping up to him until your chest was less than 6 inches away from his own, your once soft (E/C) eyes now burning with great displeasure.

“Whatever are you talking about?”

“That whole ordeal just now!” you stated, “Someone -- some villain just tried to kidnap me! Right after i left the target’s house! What’s more--” you reached into your pocket and pulled out the small device that had been attached to the back of your shoulder, close to the nape of your neck, “Mind explaining what the hell this is?!”

He didn’t respond for a moment before carefully taking it from you, “It clearly seems to be a bug. Designed to taze and immobilize who or whatever it’s attached to.”

“Excellent!” you responded sarcastically, “Since you know what it is and does just by looking at it, mind telling me how it got on my suit?! Or should i share my theory?!”

He didn’t respond for a moment before speaking up, the sarcasm in his voice making your blood boil, “By all means, do tell.”

“....i think you set me up to be kidnapped.” you stated bluntly, a thick heaviness falling over the room, making the already tense moment almost unbearable, “I think you put the bug on me when you touched me before i left. And the whole ‘deal’ thing you announced for Dabi and Toga to see, was to get them away from their watch points and let whoever the hell it was come take their place until i came out.”

No one spoke after this, Dabi shifting his weight from one foot to another as he rubbed the back of his neck and Toga simply lowered her gaze as she fiddled with the hem of her sleeves as though they were far more interesting right now. You paid them no mind as you stared holes through Shigaraki, awaiting his reply.

“ you have any real evidence that it was me?” he asked smoothly.

You stiffened slightly, having not expected this. Other than the bug itself there was nothing you could really bring forward to rightfully accuse him of these actions.

“Guess not,” he answered, the smirk he bore now slightly visible through his hair, ‘It seems to me that you’re ‘theory’ is just that…. a theory .”

You pursed your lip before preparing to speak again but he cut you off, continuing as he leaned forward until his face was just a few inches away from your own.

“Perhaps it was the timing of these ‘events’ that threw you off….I’ll give you credit towards the ‘deal’ thing but i have no reason to put you in harms way like that when i can take care of you myself if i pleased,” he stated coolly, “Perhaps another organization had prepared to rob the same house as you and would’ve at the same time as you came out of it, thus planting a bug on you before you retreated from the property….”

“No one touched me since i left the house---” you stated.

“Perhaps it was their quirk that got it there.” he cut you off again, “Considering this world is full of ‘wondrous’ and ‘unique’ gifts, who is to say that there aren’t some of those gift wielders running about with a dagger beneath their cloak?”

You didn’t nor couldn’t reply to this. What could you say? In actuality he had a point -- a point that could be proven with and without evidence. From this point of view, he had made you -- the victim -- look like the villain, running in here and demanding answers from him: someone who almost never leaves the house let alone would consider making a deal with another villain organization. You knew well enough that he didn’t care for you enough to go to such extremes….

….yet you were no fool. He was calm and collected and you were hot and ready to smack the smirk off of his face….but that would make you look no better. Crazy, actually and maybe even paranoid.

Turning your attention to the others -- Dabi specifically -- and waited for either of them to speak up and defend you. Surely one of them would have noticed something -- the bug specifically -- on you before you went in. Dabi being close to you all the while, you felt whole heartily that at least he would speak up for you.

But neither did, just looking back at you with their causal and calm expressions a little similar to Shigaraki’s. Expect Dabi’s was harder, his lips being pursed into a thin line and his eyes scanning you giving him the look of a concerned parent trying to find the source of their child’s problem as though it was written on your face. As though noticing where you had focused your gaze, he slowly looked away before turning and wandering off all together. A moment later, Toga followed, semi-bouncing away without a second look back.

The sight of them doing this turned your anger into pain and disbelief, completely baffled. Your hands clenched into fists hard enough that your nails couldn’ve cut through your gloves and pierced your skin and your stomach turned as your eyes pricked with tears of irritation, you lowered your gaze to the floor, glaring at it as though this was all of its fault.

“ is not the time to be turning on one another, (Y/N),” Tomura suddenly hummed softly, shifting closer to you from behind as his right hand grazed your right wrist and brushed over your knuckles, feeling the tension locked within your bones, “....there is always competition against the League….and you being the newest and freshest, you will be targeted---”

Don’t ---” you hissed through clenched teeth jerking your hand away from his, “ --touch me….”

With this you marched off again, heading up the stairs and to your room where you could be alone for the remainder of the night. Shigaraki watched you go and didn’t move again until he heard the sound of your room door slamming shut, causing his smirk to melt and his hands to creep to his neck, beginning to scratch at it in irritation as he mumbled to himself.

You weren’t supposed to be here….No, not for a while. He was sure that the plan would work, given who he had made the deal with and the power they wielded -- not like he really cared for that. What mattered was that his plans were now on pause and you no longer seemed to trust him anymore. Maybe not even Dabi and Toga thanks to them holding their tongues.


“This will all play out as planned in the end….” he hissed and growled to himself, his scratching becoming more vigorous, “ has to….we need it to…. I need it to….”

Slowly but surely he began to calm himself back down, lowering his hands from his reddening skin. You not trusting him now would make moving around harder but entertaining in a way given the thought of some mischievous and devious fun would be what he needed to stay sharp while hanging around here. Other than planning on how he would fulfill his end of the deal, he had other matters to attend to.

All of which that would wait until morning.


You didn’t make a sound nor move at the sound of someone knocking at your room door early the following morning. You had awoken in pain from the turmoil you had been through the night before, mostly in your torso from the slam and your hips from the backlashes the claws on you belt inflicted, bruising your skin. You knew you would have to tend to any wounds you had before you could really get started with your day, otherwise you’d regret it later.

“(Y/N)!” Toga called from the other side of the door, knocking again, “Common out! You gotta come see this!”

You pulled your pillow over your head, trying to block her out but she merely knocked harder.

“You’re on the news!” she called, her voice slightly muffled from cupping her hands against the door. A moment later she almost fell forward as your door swung open. Yelping she jumped back to give you room as you ran down the hall and the stairs to the living room to see for yourself.

Much to your disbelief, she was right: you were on the news as was the man you had been fighting the night before. Dabi and Shigaraki sat on the couch -- far from one another of course -- staring at the scene intently as they clung to every word the news reporter said.

You slowly took your place on the floor, listening too as she talked about you: a ‘masked figure’ that brought down a notorious villain who had been on the run from officials for a few years now and had been the prime suspect in a murder case.

“None were harmed and there was minimal damage to the area during the battle,” the reporter said as the camera began to pan over the area -- even showing the damaged car, “Officials are inclined to believe that this ‘masked figure’ is a hero or vigilante in the making. After interviewing bystanders who had witnessed the battle, there is little doubt on the theory.”

“Is was amazing yet terrifying!” A young woman declared, “They were flying and swinging so close to the street and the cars and….it was just amazing! And how the masked figure swung around and smacked against the wall like swatting a fly before just zooming away? That villain was out cold!”

I didn’t zoom….” you thought with a small huff.

“The time and placing for the battle was all too convenient,” Another woman declared, “It was late at night, pro heroes were patrolling the area and they just happened to bring their fight here? Like, right next to the police station? It couldn’t have been all luck or something.”

“I believe it was all planned,” a man said casually, “Whoever the hell it was is clearly trying to make a name for themselves, bringing in a criminal we had all but forgotten about. It's good that he is in jail but whoever did it should leave the jail busting to the pros.”

“I think what they did was awesome and beneficiary to everyone.” another younger male commented with a small shrug, “I don’t care if this person is trying to make something of themselves. The fact that they brought someone that even the pros and police couldn’t catch in is a win-win for us all.”

“You heard it here, folks,” the reported stated coming back into the camera’s view. But before there could be anymore said, the TV turned off, causing you to turn your attention to the couch behind you to see who had done it.

Dabi sat hunched forward with his left hand on his chin and his right extended, holding the remote tightly. Slowly but surely he lowered it before going still, leaving a heavy silence in the room.

“….it seems the little villain has been labeled as the ‘little hero’…..” he mumbled.

“ it does.” Tomura responded.

More silence followed, all three of you in thought. Oh, how wrong the masses were about you: a hero in the making? Unless heroes robbed houses and worked and lived with notorious villain’s you were no hero. Nowhere near it. But just as you had believed the whole situation with the man was a setup against you, it turned out to work quite ‘well’ in your favor….

The world believing i’m some sort of hero….” You thought, “ ....this will complicate things…. normal people will start to look to the skies and keep their ears open for me now….How in the world will i be able to work like this---?

“I say this is a step up for us.”

You, Tomura and Dabi turned your attention to the young blonde sitting at the bottom of the steps, gawking at the three of you like a confused child within a group of businessmen.

“With (Y/N) now labeled as a hero, we could use this to our advantage.” she continued, “She could grow close to the masses and ‘pro heroes’. Close enough that she could get into something pretty major -- like the bank or the hall of fame! And we could be in her shadow, snatching goodies as she goes!”

“How would that even work?” You asked, “In order to get that big i would actually have to fight crime.”

“That won’t be a problem,” Dabi chipped in semi-quietly, “Not for you at least Tomura.”

A this the icey blue haired male lifted his head, looking from you -- you hadn’t noticed he had begun to stare at you until now -- to Dabi.

“Maybe now is a good time to put a few of those nomu of yours to good use.”

“They’d squish her like a fly.” Tomura hissed, “And they’re much too valuable to just throw away for stupid stuff like this.”

“‘Nomu’--?” you began to question but was cut off by Dabi who shifted in his seat to speak louder.

“You heard the people, Shigaraki,” Dabi stated, “It would benefit us all in the end.”

“In the end---

“Sometimes you gotta think about the end to get through the beginning,” Dabi stated, speaking a little louder, “....we can use this to our advantage. Make some sort of plan, pact -- anything to keep the League at the top….That’s what you want right? To be as feared as we are known. To be the dagger in the heroes’ and even other villain’s sides that is constantly a reminder of the power we wield.”

Shigaraki said nothing to this for a very long moment, seeming as though he weren’t going to respond at all. However once he began to give his answer, there was a soft knock at the front door. The four of you looked to each other as though making sure every one of you were really there before beginning to scurry about, the villain’s going in different directions like scattering roaches to find hiding places while you made your way to the door. You hesitated for a moment, eyes looked through your blurry peephole before inhaling deeply and opening the door.

The sight that greeted you made your heart skip and the blood in your veins run cold. A tall, blonde and crazy haired thin man stood at your doorstep blocking out the light of the early morning sun. you instantly recognized the great, and retired, All Might himself in his ‘true form’ -- who wouldn’t after his legendary battle with All for One -- but he was wearing a bulky and somewhat casual dark grey suit with a bright yellow tie. He rose a hand to his mouth as he cleared his throat softly, regaining your attention.


“Ms. (L/N)” he began, “I...i’m sure you’re aware of who i am and wondering why i am here.”

You gave nod allowing him to continue, “I’m here under the request of the police department to investigate your apparent disappearance….Your former boss sent in a report about one of his employees disappearing during the same time there was an attack from the League of Villain’s….and one of their members had last been seen in you community.”

“I remember that….” you commented, folding your arms and leaning against the door frame.

At this his eyes flickered past you and into the house before meeting your gaze again.

“Could we continue this conversation inside, ma’am?” he asked.

You studied him for a moment before giving a small and warm smile, straightening up and backing into your house, “Please, come in.”


With a nod, he ducked his head and stepped inside. You shut the door and inhaled deeply, preparing for the worst.

Chapter Text

You watched All Might with unblinking eyes as he openly looked around your living room, seeming to be simply taking in his surroundings as he approached the couch, “ have a lovely home.”

“Thank you,” you responded, absentmindedly straightening up your coffee table as he took a seat, “Forgive me for my disorganization. I wasn’t expecting guests.”

“No harm done,” he responded with a half hearted smile.

But even with these words you could feel his gaze boring into your entire body as he watched you work, making you feel fairly uncomfortable. The former number one hero, the Symbol of Peace was sitting on your couch . Fan or no fan, villain or no villain this was still a bit much to take in.

Once you had finished, your eyes moved to him before you even straightening up and, surprisingly, his gaze was fixed elsewhere as though he hadn’t been looking at you in the first place. Even retired he was still quite skilled it seems -- even in the smallest of ways.

Smoothing your hands along your (Fav Color) night shirt and matching pants, you took a seat on another couch diagonal from him to give him room and personal space -- for him to be quite thin he was still a big man. So much so that if he were to put his feet up on the coffee table, his heels would be touching, of not hanging off, the edge.

You perked up slightly when you noticed the movement of his head, his blonde hair shifting to the left right slightly as he tilted his head as though spotting something of interest either on your face or neck. As soon as he took notice to your gaze, his posture stiffened before he sat up straight and cleared his throat again, preparing to get into business.

“Is there anything in particular you would like to ask me?” you asked, sort of giving him a hand in getting on with this.

“Yes,” he answered with a nod, his bangs bouncing like springs from the motion, “About your disappearance: Your boss informed us that he had called you some months ago --- two weeks after the League’s sighting and the same time you had ‘gone off the radar’. When he did and requested to know why you hadn’t been showing up to work, you replied that you were out of state taking care of family.”

“I was.” you confirmed with a nod.

He nodded too before continuing, “Would you care to explain why you never did return to work? Or a least contact your boss to inform him of your safety?”

You pursed your lips, your mind buzzing -- yet surprisingly clear -- as you thought of an excuse that was to become your reason. Your heart rate and voice steady, you felt surprisingly focused and calm -- ‘in your element’ in a way as you spoke, “Because i couldn’t bring myself to go in just yet….you see, while i was there, one of my family members -- my father specifically -- was suffering from Non-Hodgkin's cancer. He had been, even before i left my home country….”

Your brows furrowing in a pained manner and your voice softened slightly, “....he had died by the time i arrived….I barely made it to the hospital in time to see his body before he was taken away.”

The blonde’s expression both softened and hardened all at once at the ‘news’, his neutral yet business like expression melting into one of both understanding and pain, his voice gentle and careful as though he were speaking to a fragile toddler on the brink of tears, “ needed time to mourn him….And to regain your own bearings.”

You gave a small nod, though this wasn’t a question but a statement. Neither of you spoke for a moment, your gaze on your lap and -- from the feeling of it -- his gaze on you again, silence fell throughout the living room once again.

“Would it be safe to say that you didn’t contact anyone because you were….’out of it’?” he asked you at last.

You gave another nod allowing him to continue, “Well….if this is the case i’m sure your boss will be understanding if you request to go back….That is if you wish to return to work.”

At this you lifted your head but you didn’t know what kind of spark you had in your eyes or even expression that was on your face at the moment. Whatever it was -- whether it be a neutral one, good or even bad one, it clearly wasn’t what he expected his brows furrowing slightly, “ you not wish to return to your former job? Or find some sort of employment?”

“O-oh?” you began before straightening up, waving your hands, “No, no! I mean....well….I've sort of gotten comfortable at home….I know i really should pick up a job soon so i can, you know, keep my house and everything else i own but….” you gave a small shrug, “....I’m not quite ready to go back out there just yet. It would be a generous offer for my former employer to welcome me with open arms….But now that all of this time has passed…..”

All Might gave a nod once you had finished, seeming to be turning your words over in his mind for a long moment before he spoke up, leaning forward to where his elbows rested on his knees and his bangs almost hid his thin face, “I understand where you are coming from….but you must have come way of providing for yourself.”

You didn’t have time to even ponder over some sort of response before he spoke again, his voice remaining steady as he did so: “You lack a job….You appear to be lacking in funds…..and yet even within all of you pain and brokenness you are well supplied.”

You couldn’t stop your brows from rising from this, “....pardon?”

Straight away, he steered from your sob story right into the more serious stuff -- having most likely been putting a few of the pieces he had collected upon arriving here together in his mind the whole time.

“Excuse me if i am wrong but i must state that it has been well over 4 months since your last call with your boss…..and less than 2 weeks since your last bill was paid -- both for the house and the cable….I could say that it was a paycheck that had gotten you through the first month but you don’t receive a paycheck from a job you’re not working at for three months straight…”


The once soft blue in his eyes glinted before seeming to glow within the shadow his bangs casted along his face, “In other words, you’re still receiving money ‘under the table’ ….Your bills are being paid regularly according to your bank statements....It could be inheritance….or it could be that you’re working and earning money another way….but what’s for certain, you have been busy these past 4 months.”

Your heart skipped a beat and your once calm train of thought seemed to crumble under this reveal yet you fought to keep your composure and voice steady, “What makes you say that, might i ask?”

“....your body does.”

You perked up slightly at this, almost a little offended from his words before something clicked in your mind: the ordeal you had been through just the night before. The fact that you told yourself that you needed to patch yourself up before doing anything had fled your mind upon watching the news and now here you sat, now gazing at yourself for any obvious bruising.


You wore a regular short sleeve shirt that hid a fair portion of the bruised skin on your upper arms -- only so from the villain constantly trying to seize you -- but the rest of the bruise, could be seen wrapping around your arm like a band the shape of a finger. It was still red but a slightly darker shade almost looking like hot pink powder. What’s more there were new ones on your torso -- those you were glad he couldn’t see. Along with a nasty scar Dabi gave you, you were sure you would’ve been in far more trouble with the retired hero than you already were.


When you didn’t speak after finishing observing yourself he continued, “Your skin is bruised on your arms and you look tired -- unrested even, as though you had been staying up late or simply been unable to sleep. I dare say you have more afflictions in other places but these alone are concerning….and questionable…..So i ask you to be honest with me….”

His expression didn’t change but the tone of his voice did, both somewhat gentle yet very stern, “Are you involved in anything you know you shouldn’t be?”

You didn’t answer right away, just gazing back at the older male with a somewhat neutral expression. How could you? Even with your story -- one that could’ve possibly answered any and every question he could’ve had for you -- he still saw through you and now really saw you and the mess you really were.

But not all of it.

“....anyone can appear that way, sir,” you began coolly a hint of the annoying -- shall you say ‘swag’ -- Tomura bore in his voice whenever you spoke to him now shining in your voice, “I understand your concern and your suspicions but i am not fitted to participate in any villainous work or the sorts…. a small and simple woman like me would be crushed among them -- the League of Villains’, the yakuza -- even low life grocery store robbers, let alone the heroes… .I want no part of that.”

He gave a nod allowing you to continue, “Since my father’s passing, life has been very rough for me. I didn’t want to leave my house let alone lose it….So yes, i have been doing a bit of work here and there to make enough to feed myself and keep a roof over my head -- hell, even keep my cable up so i don’t get completely out of touch with the world….But look at me--” you held your arms up and wide, presenting yourself openly, your baggy shirt further aiding in proving your point, “---do i look like someone who was made to run with the wolves?”

All Might pursed his lips at this, it being his turn to fall silent as he turned your words over in his mind once more, a hint of doubt flickering in his eyes before he sat up straight, cupping his hands in his lap, “....thieves are made, not born…..I won’t brand you a villain by your appearance but i don’t know what all you’re capable of….You don’t have a quirk but that doesn’t mean you aren’t dangerous….”

With this he turned his attention elsewhere, seeming to be seeing something you couldn’t “....I’ve met many villains in my former profession that appeared innocent and frail….but they were no better than the last….And that’s another reason why i’m here.” he looked back to you, ducking his head slightly as sincere concern returned to his features, “....i’m hoping that you are not one of them....”

This drew your attention to All Might again your gaze meeting his own. He hid nothing from you, his feelings as honest as his words -- so much so that you felt your heart clench in your chest, guilt forcing you to look away from those crystal blue eyes. Just seeing this, he leaned forward again to see you but you didn’t look back.

“I’m here to help you, Ms. (Y/N),” he stated in a gentle manner, “....i know i am not the hero i used to be….but let me at least do this for you.”

You stiffened when you felt warmth cover your right hand, his hand -- it being fairly larger than your own -- covering it completely like a warm security blanket.

You didn’t speak or even move, too baffled and broken in your own mind from his kindness and determination to form words. You could never admit to this man that the path you have chosen was the path he wholeheartedly hoped you didn’t walk on...and a part of you, although you felt you never cared for him, didn’t want to destroy that hope.

So you kept quiet, your gaze away and remained still, afraid you would break down and tell him everything if you looked him in the eye. After a long moment he gave a soft sigh giving your hand a squeeze before removing his own.

“....I understand if you won’t want to talk about it….” he continued, even softer now.

You still didn’t move to this but it didn’t stop him from reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out a small white card that looked almost tiny in his big hand, “Here….If you ever want to contact me, my number’s on the second line. If you wish to contact Detective Naomasa, his number is the first.”

With this, he rose to his feet, rolling out his shoulders and rubbing the back of his neck, “I should be going….Thank you for your time.”

“….” you finally responded, pushing yourself to your feet, “....thank you.”

A new glint appeared in his eyes and a soft smile pulled at his lips as he gave you one final nod before letting himself out. You watched him go, your eyes lingering on him as he did so. Despite not looking like the number one hero the world had grown to know and love, he still had the heart of one -- a golden heart.

As gold as his hair, maybe. The thought of it made you smile a little as you shut the front door before turning to head back into the living room in time for the villain’s -- your comrades -- to settle down in different places and different ways on the couch: Toga criss crossed with her hands planted in the space within her legs, Tomura sitting on the head of the couch with his feet resting on the seat and Dabi sitting on the couch you were at moments ago with his feet on the table. Only Toga seemed to have a somewhat curious expression, as though she had a question or an opinion -- or an opinion about her own question, even -- that she wanted to share while Dabi looked bored and careless and Tomura….well you didn’t know with that hand on his face.

Neither of the three spoke and you didn’t speak either, the look on their faces saying everything you needed to know. You were sure if not entirely aware that they had been listening in to your conversation with the former hero and it didn’t bother you. At least they knew you had their backs….

….even if it seemed they didn’t have yours. With this thought in your mind, you proceeded to head upstairs and fix yourself up for the day without a second look back. The things you do for others….

Despite the fact that you were supposed to be a part of this team, sometimes you wondered if you’re just a pawn in a twisted little game they were playing. Whatever this game was, they hadn’t let you in on all the rules.

Since they were going to play that way, maybe you should add a few rules of your own.


Toshinori gazed out of the window of his private driver’s vehicle thinking about the discussion. His mind filled with as many questions as there was restlessness in his heart.

He knew from the moment he saw you that something was wrong.

You were tired -- no exhausted looking even though you were obviously wide awake -- and dark spots decorated the undersides of your soft (E/C) eyes. The discoloration on your skin was quite noticeable with his body blocking out the light and leaving your pale skin to ‘glow’ in his shadow. The markings, although not entirely visible, were fresh and, from what he could see, they resembled a hand, the separation of the fingers being on the inner part of your arms -- as though someone had grasped you much too roughly causing the bruises on your delicate skin. Even now the thought of it made his blood boil.


What really caught his attention was a soft pink hue radiating off a small portion of your exposed right shoulder and up your neck, seemingly branching from the nape. He couldn’t call it a bruise but it definitely wasn’t a sting mark of any sort….so he hoped.

Now he wondered: Had you really been out of it since your father died? Did your father die in the first place?? If so, had you been taking harder than he initially thought? Were those bruises self inflicted??

A reason, a story, a lie, an excuse -- whatever it was, it hurt his heart to hear it come from your lips. Your words and emotions were so convincing that he felt the pressing need to hug you -- to tell you that it would be alright and provide you with the comfort you appeared to have not received upon your father’s passing….


….but he had to stay focused on his mission, thus he steered the conversation before he could slip too deep into your grasp.

But even as laid all of his cards out on the table you never did give him a straight answer to his question. You gave a testimony instead, like a criminal pleading innocence, not a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ with a simple ‘because’ follow up. And that only made his doubt grow and his pain deepen.

He wanted to believe that you are the innocent woman you were 4 months ago….To believe that you were in danger, that you were still the prey not the predator, the sheep not the wolf….

….the angel and not the demon….

He was so sure from the moment he saw your picture…..but he didn’t know anymore.

She has to be….” he thought to himself, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and pointer finger, “ Those bruises weren’t self inflicted...someone is doing that to her -- doing things to her and breaking her mind….That has to be why….

He sighed heavily lowering his hand to cup his mouth in thought, “ ....but even so, she had the opportunity to talk to me….Why didn’t she say anything or make hints or give me clues….?

His pupil’s shrank slightly at the thought of this, an unsettling idea forming in his mind “ Maybe….they were still in the house and she couldn’t tell me upfront! Maybe…..maybe they were watching us the whole time and she didn’t want to risk it?? Dammit, why didn’t i ask to check?!

He groaned softly, “ But even so, i’m not in shape nor was i armed in case something where to happen….I’m so useless…..i wouldn't have been able to protect her….I can’t even do anything for her now…..

He sat back completely, running a hand through his hair before letting his hand fall to his lap, resting the side of his head against the window, “ I’ll go mad at this rate….. there must be something more i can do for her….If she is falling or fell victim to the manipulation of a villain then i need to be able to bring her back into the light and take whoever did this to her down as quickly as i can….God, i shouldn’t think about what could be happening to her now….


Both of his fists clenched at this alone and he inhaled deeply through his nose before sighing out of his mouth as heavily as before, “ ....hold on a little longer, (Y/N)....I will save you….

Chapter Text

“You’re going out?” you repeated, tilting your head slightly watching as the villain’s finished suiting up, “Where and why is it so important that i can’t go?”

“We’re just going to meet up with another member of the League,” Toga chipped in, smoothing out her sweater before folding her arms, “Shigaraki and i that is. Dabi’s gonna stay here to keep an eye on you. Or so he says~”

You waved at her dismissively as you looked around for the ravenette but found no sign of him, “It seems he’s already made himself comfortable….in the kitchen maybe.”

“ So it seems.” Toga hummed, now rocking on her heels, “Any-who, good luck on keeping an eye on the house while we’re gone~ Be sure to let us know if the great and skinny All Might comes back with a bouquet of roses for his darling in distress~”

She laughed hysterically, fleeing from the house as you moved to throw the nearest thing you could grab at her. Tomura, who hadn’t spoken to you since the night before, stood aside just watching you as though you were a walking TV with his favorite show on. You’ve learned to ignore his gaze quite well but even this was a bit much. He remained silent even as he departed to follow Toga, shutting the door behind himself with just two fingers. You locked it behind him before turning back to your now empty living room, inhaling and sighing heavily.

It had been months since you had been alone with just Dabi to keep you company and now the silence was deafening -- only because he wasn’t speaking to you for some reason. And you wouldn’t press him about it. So you decided to, first, take a shower to wash away all the ‘emotional residue’ from last night and this morning before gathering some medical supplies -- cleaning wipes, bandages and the likes -- and taking a seat in front of your TV, listening while you finally patched yourself up. Afterwards you planned to watch until you fell asleep, until the others got back or until Dabi felt like messing with you again. Whichever came first would be fine for you.

At least until you heard a knock at your front door, causing you to perk up. A light blush dusted your cheeks as Toga’s teasing words came back to you as you approached it, hoping it really wasn’t All Might here to bring you roses.

Before you could answer it, however, Dabi suddenly appeared at your side, taking your hand into his own firmly before giving you a tug, stopping you in your tracks.

“What??” you asked him. He lifted a finger to his lips before he spoke in a hushed manner as though trying not to be heard by the person on the other side of the door.

“It’s one of the customers,” he answered, pulling you back towards the living room, “I’ll handle just stay here and out of sight. Don’t move or speak until they leave.”

“What? Why?” you asked, your own voice lowering to a whisper.

“Just do it.” he ordered before letting you go and approaching the door. Despite the boiling displeasure from the secrecy, you obeyed, hurrying back to the living room and taking a seat on the floor by the coffee table, almost completely out of sight yet not out of ear-shot.

Or so you thought, huffing in disbelief as Dabi shut the door behind himself.


“What are you doing here, lackey?” Dabi asked the cloaked and masked figure, "If you’re here for---”

“I am, of course, here for the woman.” Chronostasis said, cutting him off, “but not only that but i have brought a message. In case you insist on not holding up your end of our bargain.”

“When did we persist?” Dabi asked, raising a brows as he folded his arms.

“Last night to be specific,” he informed the ravenette with a nod, “We sent an agent to pick her up at the dead drop we agreed on. Unfortunately, and i’m sure you know quite well, your leaders’ little toy didn’t quite work as intended….”

With this the Chrono’s gaze seemed to lower but Dabi could tell by the sudden rise in intensity coming off of him that he was now glaring at him, “Overhaul suspects duplicity…. Or that your leader’s grasp on the situation wasn’t strong enough, thus both parties are falling behind.”

“Or she is simply stronger than some dumb ol’ taser.” Dabi chipped in with a small shrug, “....believe me, she isn’t anyone to be taken lightly. She’s stronger than you think.”

“So i’ve gathered.” Chrono stated, a hitch of uninterest seeping into his voice, “Where is she? I can escort her to our base while i am here.”

“That’s the thing….” Dabi began with a small smirk, “....she’s not here.”

At this Chrono lifted his head slightly as though his interest had been peaked, “Not here? We would expect her to be resting and recovering after the ordeal she endured the night before….unless you moved her elsewhere.”

“She moved herself elsewhere,” Dabi chuckled, “Said she needed to get out of town for a while -- at least until everything settled down. Speaking of which, you watch the news lately?”

“I have, yes,” Chrono sighed, uninterest seeping back into his voice, “As a matter of fact, Overhaul has too. That is also another reason why i am here now….His interest in her has grown. Out of impulse he requested i fetch her personally and immediately. Now i am here.”

“Well, she isn’t. You can still fetch her just go look about -- she’s bound to be hiding in some dark and damp corner licking her wounds.”

“...yes,” Chrono agreed with a small nod, “I suppose you are right….However, if you are lying to me to keep her hidden from Overhaul….he will personally come for her -- wherever she is.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Dabi acknowledged, opening the door before backing inside.

Chrono didn’t move for a moment as though waiting in case Dabi changed his mind or felt the need to say something more -- something relevant hopefully -- but he received nothing but a wave. With one final nod he departed from the house and Dabi finally shut the door soon to be greeted by an all too curious (H/C) woman, demanding answers more vigorously than an excited puppy greeting their owner after a long day. This made him chuckle in amusement and pat your head trying to get you settled down but you merely swatted at his hand, making him laugh.

Damn, you were adorable when you were impatient or annoyed. The way your eyes would light up with that spark of irritation or displeasure from something he, or the others, had done or when the would sparkle with pride when you won an argument of some sort -- which wasn’t often. It always made that part of him that liked you flutter with warmth.

A warmth he would hate to lose but he knew deep down inside, he would anyway. And because of this he has been trying to distance himself from you as much as possible: keep it ‘comrade’ simple as to reduce the inevitable pain to come….yet he would be your bodyguard, sword and shield until the end….whenever that was.

It pained him to keep you hidden, even from the villain world….but your potential had reached the ears of those who sat at the top of the food-chain, just as Tomura said it would during their meeting.


You were they key to putting the League at the top -- above Overhaul top. All that needed to be done was for you to ‘join his numbers’ and ‘get close to him’ before they could make their move. The amount of time that it would take was no ones concern….

But how they were going to get you to comply was .

There was so much more he wanted to tell you….from the dangers to the potential benefits but he knew someone within Overhauls numbers -- if not Overhaul himself -- would somehow squeeze it out of you. So to avoid that, they would send you in blind….and hope you didn’t blow it for them all.

Even now as he sat down on the couch staring past you -- still fussing as you tried to get something out of him -- deep in thought, a small sigh left his nostrils. They were putting so much on you and you didn’t even know it. Not yet, at least….



He finally gave a soft groan as he sank deeper into the couch, lifting his gaze to meet your irritated one.

“What is it, little villain?” he asked, tilting his head slightly.

“Don’t play dumb with me!” you snapped, “What happened with the dealer??”

“They were lookin’ for Tomura so i told’em he wasn’t here,” he stated, “Then i sent them on their way. Nothing special.”

Your expression hardened and your lips pursed in that adorable manner Dabi loved to see -- this meant your gears were working and, although obvious, you were deciphering his words, using what you knew and what he taught you to tell if he was being honest or not. But as of recent he was making lying less and less obvious, of course.

Maybe you could tell and had even figured him out cause you had him reeling in pain and in laughter as you smacked him, your irritation towards all of their secrey finally getting the best of you. He’d let you beat him up a bit this time -- ‘ taking one for the team ’ he joked -- but when it came time to be serious there would be no fists flying.

Or so he hoped.

For now he would resort to pulling you into a suffocating hug and keeping you there while your face turned into a cherry, steadily destroying his ribs with each punch. He took each one with a smile, savoring the feeling of you touch -- no matter how painful it was or how many bruises he would have later. They would just be reminders of the time he held you close. Even if it was against your will.



With your back to the world and your face in your sink, you cleaned up your dishes from the lunch you had finished moments ago while Dabi finished up his own in the living room. Although you were feeling a much better after you took your irritation out on him -- and from his torcherously tight yet comforting hug -- the gears in your mind still turned with questions. At least now they weren’t so erratic.


I’m apart of this team…. ” you thought to yourself, currently rinsing off the dishes, “ ...but why aren’t the others allowing me to sit in or play bodyguard during meetings with customers? I may not be all that intimidating but i at least want to be seen….

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of soft buzzing coming from behind you causing you to turn around. Instead of seeing your phone -- an important item somewhat forgotten over these past few months -- you found Dabi standing at the entrance to the kitchen, holding it in his right hand while his left was stuffed away in his pocket. You once semi-organized thoughts began to scramble with questions as you faced him completely, having not heard him come by. Either you were too deep in your thoughts or he was there the whole time? If so, why --?

“You got a call from an unknown number,” he said, snapping you out of your puzzled thoughts before putting your phone away in his back pocket, “Nothing to worry about.”

“The only thing i’m worrying about is how long you’ve been standing there.” you stated, your eyes narrowing slightly.

“I’d tell you but i think you might slap me.” he chuckled before ducking his head slightly, gazing at you through his lashes in a manner that made your heart rate pick up, “....would you?”

“....that would depend on the answer.” you huffed, folding your arms.

“Let’s see…” he sighed, pretending to be thinking hard about this, “....since you started cleaning up.”

Your cheeks gained a soft hint of pink to them upon his words, your head turning towards the nearest lock. It was almost four minutes to half past three o’clock and you had apparently been so lost in your thoughts that you lost track of time, having begun washing almost twenty minutes ago.

So he had been standing there. Gawking at your back side. For twenty minutes.

That was, indeed, slap worthy. So much so that your body had begun moving to do so before you even processed it, your lips spitting out names  -- specifically anything referring to a ‘pervert’ and an ‘idiot’ -- before your hand even hit his skin.

However, it never did. Instead, he caught your wrist mid-flight before giving you a tug pulling you towards himself, your chests almost touching from the action. Your eyes widened upon processing how close you both were now and your cheeks began to burn under his gaze. His chuckle only made your blush deepen to a hot pink and instinctively, ready your free hand to punch him in his side.

Once again, he caught you by stopping your fist with the palm of his hand just before it could hit his stomach -- most likely not wanting another bruise over his bruises or simply because he wasn’t trying to get into any conflict at the moment.

“Dabi---” you began to protest, twisting your wrist.

He merely chuckled again, tightening his grip before pulling you hand towards his lips causing you to stiffen. Your heart rate quickened upon feeling the contact of his warm and smooth lips brush against your knuckles almost in a teasing yet loving manner. You looked away from his intensifying gaze -- or so you thought it was -- feeling your strong demeanor beginning to crack….yet you didn’t persist or even attempt to break free, allowing him to continue despite your expression saying otherwise.

“....’the hell are you doing….?” you asked, your voice a bit shaky.

“....what does it look like?” he asked, lowering your hand slightly to speak better, “....i’m showing you affection.”

You returned your attention to him, your eyes widening and your heart skipping a beat at his words. Seeing your reaction, a small smirk pulled at his lips -- a smirk you knew all too well. You didn’t have time time to say his name before he pulled you flush against himself and released your limp fist to wrap his arm around your waist and back. Holding your bound wrist up to his shoulder as though dancing with you, he began to spin and saw out of the kitchen towards the dining room.

Your heart hammered in your chest and you felt as though you couldn’t breathe. His scent filled your lungs with every shaky inhale and the feeling of each of his own slow and even exhales fluttered your hair and ghosted along the skin of your dampening neck, arousing chills and goosebumps. He was in your personal space -- touching you, holding you, squeezing you, feeling you---

“Breathe….” he suddenly hummed into your ear, catching your attention yet again, “....i’m not going to hurt you….”

You took a fairly long moment to do so before you finally inhaled deeply and slowly began to settle down, relaxing in his hold until you felt as though you were melting into him, your bodies slowly swaying and spinning to an unheard song as one. Your heart settled down to match his pace and your breathing eased up until you were breathing as deep and slow as him. Although unintentional, it was very easy for your nerves to fall to his level and find ease despite being in the midst of a storm.

It had been maybe over a month since you last touched him in a comforting manner. Before, it was a somewhat awkward hug, but this time….there was something deeper in his touch….

He was being intimate with you….something he never expressed before -- with or without the others nearby. Maybe now that everything was taking a turn from bad to worse, and the two of you were finally alone, he would take this moment to give you some sort of piece of mind….like a way of telling you that he knew you were taking everything hard but he was still or you, no matter what.

And you found yourself loving it. Needing it -- craving it. To be held, to be be cared for on a deeper level than friendship, to feel true security within the arms of someone you had grown to bear feelings for….

….feelings you had begun to forget over time, with all of the work and problems being thrown your way. Just the thought of it all made you rest your head against his shoulder to hide your face from it all, and he welcomed it, releasing your wrist to wrap his other arm around your waist and back while his head rested atop yours, allowing you to wrap your own arms around him too.

You both fit together like pieces of a puzzle despite your differences. He was powerful and you were ordinary. He was wanted, yes, but you were another face in the crowd. He was the coolness to your heated moments and the goofy idiot when things were too serious….You were the anchor he needed to stay sane and the only one he could turn to when he felt as though the world were about to come crashing down….He was the moon to your starless night and you were his sun to his cloudy day….

You two were perfect to and for each other.

Just the thought of this idea in your mind aroused you to raise your head to look to him, causing him to lift his own to gaze back at you.

Your heart rate began to pick up again, ever so slightly, as his eyes began to read your expression, often gazing into your own as though turning whatever he saw over in his mind. Him being quite quick to read you, he was taking his time to react -- seeming to have understood what you were silently giving off. His own brows furrowed and his lips pursed into a thin line, seeming to be heavily debating something you couldn’t read. You managed to catch glimpses of concern or worry but other than that, he didn’t give off much more. But just these alone was enough to give you a hint of doubt….

….was he…. afraid ? Did he not think the same thing?

Due to the moment your throat felt tight and you didn’t trust your words, leaving you unable to ask if he was alright nor could you say his name. Instead you began to lighten up your grip on him, turning your gaze elsewhere, the idea suddenly becoming a dumb one---

The sound of both your phone buzzing and the ringing of your doorbell sounding through your home made the both of you stiffen but only Dabi groaned, moving a hand to check the phone.

“That damn unknown number….” he grumbled, “Who the hell keeps calling you??”

You didn’t have time to speak before he passed your phone to you and made for the front door again. You watched him go before looking to your phone scanning over the number. You were about to dismiss the call but something in your mind clicked and you almost instantly recognized it.

Oh God.


“I told you goons she’s not---” he began to hiss before falling silent his irritated expression melting into one that said 'we're fucked'  more than anything, “---ah. It’s you.”

Chapter Text

You perked up, returning your attention to the front door. You couldn’t see much of anything other than a bit of a violet fluff at the top of a dark green jacket, a sleeve seemingly rolled up to the person’s upper arm and an all white gloved hand. A part of you suddenly began to scream danger and you instinctively ducked behind the wall Dabi once leaned against to stay out of sight.

Whoever it was must be someone important to stop Dabi in his tracks. And if it was Tomura -- you almost wanted to giggle at the sad fact -- then he would’ve still mocked him. And it couldn’t be a hero else Dabi wouldn't have gotten the door at all….but it also couldn’t been the dealer that came by before, else he would’ve continued with his initial mock while shutting the door behind himself.

So who was standing at the door, then?



Dabi waited for something to come out of the all too recognizably ‘great’ and ‘feared’ bird mask wearing brunette but, as expected, he got nothing. He knew he was in trouble now that Overhaul had come in person but he also knew the man wouldn’t do anything to him -- despite Dabi having lied about you being out and secretly sheltering you from this man all the while. But he had his reasons -- a few of which he hadn’t figured out just yet but the fact that they existed was good enough for him.

“What, Chrono not deliver the message?” Dabi began, “I said she’s not here.”

“I have men all over the city,” he coolly retorted back, “It didn’t take long, as you can see, for me to find out that she is nowhere but here….I won’t remind nor ask for you to hold up your end of our deal again.”

With this he moved to remove the glove on his right hand, “It need not get messy….and i prefer that it didn’t. But you and your kind are testing my patience.”

Dabi only gave a soft chuckle at this yet the newfound fire in his eyes said it all: he wasn’t having it, tapping the toes of his right shoe against the door frame in a pattern.

“Then save yourself some time and fly away,” he hummed dangerously, “Isn’t that what all birds do when people wave’em off? Including toucans?

With this both men stiffened up, Overhaul’s glove almost flying off and both of Dabi’s hands catching their glorious blue flame.

“I’ll see to it that you’re still aware when i blow your body to bits ,” Overhaul growled, his eyes narrowing as the gold in them flared up, seeming to glow dimly, “ The pain will be the last thing you ever feel .”


“You’ll be nothing but a pile of ashes before you even lift a finger,” Dabi cackled before sticking his tongue out at him, his own eyes seemingly to glow like his flames, “Try me, bitch.”


A Minute Ago

You poked your head out of hiding upon hearing Dabi’s foot tapping against the door frame, listening to it closely. A few taps….a few slow ones….a couple fast ones….and six medium ones, setting the level of the last ‘word’. It took you a moment to process this before paling.

He had warned you that you were in danger. Wasting no time, you listened closely as you began to make your way to the back door, holding your phone close as you went, keeping it close to your chest to muffle it in case you received another call.

A thought came to you as you slipped out the back door, quietly shutting it behind you and hurried across your yard towards the fence, preparing to climb. As it did so you tucked the phone into your shirt before grasping the fence and hoping, using the momentum and your strength to get yourself over. Once on the other side, you pulled your phone back out and held it to your ear.

You didn’t have time to say anything before an explosion sounded from behind you, shaking the ground beneath your feet and causing you to fall over in time for both big and small pieces of your fence flew over your head along with pieces of fresh rubble. You clutched your hands to your head, your phone still in your grasp, often crying out in pain or fright when something would graze you or come too close to comfort, remaining on the ground until the wind, the items and the shaking stopped.

It wasn’t until then did you move your arms to see, the sight that greeted you causing you to pale and almost scream until your lungs bore no more breath.

Your house….. your house was gone .

Obliterated, destroyed --- no words could describe what state your home was now in. All of the memories, good and bad, alone and with your comrades came flooding back to you in that moment. Meeting Dabi in the basement, attacking him in the kitchen, him nurturing you and giving you your first hug in your bedroom, the day you became a member of the League and All Might, himself, visited you in your living room…

…. gone .

Stumbling to your feet, you covered your mouth and nose with the top of your shirt with your right hand  -- still wearing your pajamas from this morning, unfortunately -- while you held your phone to your chest, the panicked voice on the other side failing to reach your ears as you crept forward towards the smoke and rubble. The closer you grew the worse your sight got, your eyes watering to the point of where you had to wipe them with the back of your sleeve constantly and your breathing becoming raspy to the point of where you were coughing almost endlessly, making it hard to breathe. But you didn’t stop. You weren’t going to until you found Dabi.

“Dabi!” you called, “ Dabi!”

You paused before you reached the middle of the lawn, all of the grass and the tree that you had used to practice throwing knives at was either burning or already turned to ashes, leaning back as though someone had bent it that way. Your eyes narrowed upon hearing the sound of movement from within the remaining pieces of the house -- some of the walls were still standing while most had fallen into the floors, practically connecting the second floor to the first and maybe even the basement -- what was left anyway. You took a couple steps forward to try to see better, now taking notice to a few items being moved about as the person within made their way out of the rubble.

“Dabi…?” you half-coughed out, taking another hesitant step forward. Although hoping you would receive a response or some sign that it was indeed him, he did nothing but approach you. The closer he came the more the sense of uneasy and soon the sense of danger grew to the point of where you were no longer eager to see who this was emerging from the flames, backing away.

Once they came into sight, confusion and even panic began to fill you for this man was not Dabi. Instead it was the green jacket wearing man with the red and gold mask. Although you couldn’t quite see all of him earlier you knew this was the same man Dabi had gone to the door to meet….

….had he attacked Dabi??

His clothing was charred in some places -- mostly his jacket which had lost the purple fluff due to the flames -- and his mask was a little dirty now but otherwise his body was untouched. His golden eyes bore into your retreating form, the sense of danger and the need to run peaking in you but you held it back, not wanting to leave this place without knowing if Dabi was alright.

“Where…” you began to ask, still backing away from him, “Where is Dabi….?”

He didn’t answer you right away, for a moment not seeming to be going to answer before he spoke up, “....somewhere. Alive, unfortunately….he’s a slippery bastard.”

Your eyes narrowed slightly but you said nothing more to this, still backing away. You were at the point of your neighbors’ backyard, hoping to God they had already called the police.

Friend or foe, you felt as though you would be needing them and soon .

“Come now, (Y/N),” he said, snapping you out of your thoughts as he extended a hand your way, “Time to get going. Before the ‘heroes’ arrive.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” you protested trying to toughen up while trying not to move back anymore.

“You don’t have a choice.” he hummed back, a hint of amusement appearing in his voice, “....and you know that. Don’t you?”

At this you flinched as though he had slapped you, the realization behind this fact hitting you like a bag of bricks. This very man, as well as Dabi, destroyed your home and the base of the League’s operations. Your gear, money, clothes -- even Kega, everyone’s feline friend was now gone….you were defenseless against this man with nowhere to run and now no one to turn to.

You thought of Shigaraki and Toga but neither of them would be back until much later and your phone -- oh, how you wanted to use it but the person that was on the line had hung up at some point and with this man right in front of you, you didn’t dare try to call for help.

Maybe letting the heroes take you would be better than going with this masked maniac….but they wouldn't make it in time to save you if you tried anything. And if they did….well that was a whole ‘nother set of problems you didn’t want to think about. The brunette continued to wait for your response as he drew closer eventually stopping a good 7 feet away from your slightly trembling form.

“We must be on our way now,” he eventually said, turning his attention elsewhere for a moment, the distant sound of a fire truck and police sirens beginning to reach your ears, “The authorities and ‘heroes’ will be here at any second….the last thing i need is to get any more filth on me….”

You stiffened, a hint of adrenaline kicking into your veins as you prepared to run now that he wasn’t looking but before you could the sound of your phone ringing hit your ears again, drawing his attention once more and making you freeze.

You shrunk back as his gaze fell to it, the sound of the ring seeming to irritate him to the core both quickly and easily.

If you weren’t scared shitless you would’ve turned it up for him. However shortly after the third ring the person on the other side hung up and a text popped up shortly after. You jumped and shrank back again as the man approached you to take the phone from your grasp, both out of impulse and curiosity.

The text he read, however, was nowhere near what he expected, his eyes widening as he processed two single words:

‘I’m here.’

*Chisaki Kai*


He looked up and around before looking behind himself to greet the somehow unnoticed yet perfectly timed ‘hero’ All Might, his own phone seeming to be almost to the point of breaking from how tightly he was holding it and his eyes burned brightly with nothing other than unmistakable anger.

And he wasn’t alone, the sight of Detective Naomasa followed by a few officers and heroes, each of them tense and ready to act if Overhaul were to even move a finger. Overhaul paid little to no attention to the quirkless officers but to the heroes his displeasure peaking enough to make him grip your phone tightly too.

Disgusting….Each of them leaking with the hero disease….his stomach turned just thinking about it.

But then again….this was an opportunity. With all of these eyes on the two of you, he could take advantage of the situation.

“Step away from the woman!” Naomasa ordered, holding his gun a little more firmly, “And put your hands where we can see’em!”

The brunette didn’t even turn around from this order but look ahead to you again. You still stood before him, less than 2 feet away, no longer shaking but your heart hammered in your chest -- he could see the movements from your shirt even as your chest rose and fell as you tried to steady it. Even as the officers began to form a circle around the two of you he still didn’t respond, just thinking as he observed you.

He didn’t move until his plan was finalized. With this, he suddenly seized you and put himself at your back with his right arm around your neck, turning this into a hostage situation and putting everyone -- even All Might -- on extreme alert.

Overhaul kept a firm grip on you even as you struggled against him, letting you play your part despite not knowing what was to come. However he was surprised when All Might spoke up -- and directly to you at that.

“(Y/N)....” he began, his voice tense as he remained on alert while trying to soothe you, “....remain calm….you need to remain calm.”

Overhaul couldn’t help but smirk slightly beneath his mask, mentally noting the fact that he knew you. He knew that All Might was all too familiar with situations like this, this Overhaul knew….and he knew how to spot the fear of death in someone’s eyes just as Overhaul did.

You were right to be afraid. And All Might was wrong to give you false hope.


“Yes….” the brunette hummed in your ear, his mask too close to your cheek and the tip too close to your collarbone for comfort, his arm tightening around your neck, “....i agree….”

Your grip on his arm tightened as did his own grip, no longer able to breathe. The edges of your sight began to become spotty with darkness and the sound of Naomasa’s and All Might’s voices in your ears began to grow distant with the sound of ringing beginning to sound over them. Fear pulsed through every fiber of your being, feeling that your end was near.

And you were right.

*Toshinori Yagi*

Toshinori trembled with anger at both the villain before him and towards himself. He was trying his damn hardest to get through to you and the villain -- for him to see some sort of reason and let you go but he seemed to be getting nowhere. His heart hammered in his chest and the tenseness in his body made his scar hurt, inside his body and on the surface but he paid it no attention. Something bad was about to happen, so said the bloodthirsty spark in the brunette’s eyes.

He could tell, without even looking at him, that Naomasa knew the same thing despite threatening to shoot Overhaul where he stood. He was choking you and they were running out of time.

There was less than a minute before you would pass out and even less time before you would die from the lack of oxygen, this he knew….

….but the brunette’s quirk was something he didn’t.

“Remain calm, (Y/N),” the brunette hummed gently, “....this’ll be over sooner than you think.”

With this, almost as though he were dancing, he lightened up his grip on your throat and spun to the right to where his back was to you, dragging his ungloved hand across your chest and throat in the process before shifting to your side and flicking the side of your head ever so simply with the same hand.

It wasn’t until a boom hit his ears and he saw the blood fly did it hit him, his skin paling ghost white and his pupil’s dilating as his jaw dropped and his phone slipped from the death grip his hand once bore on it.


Before it happened, your expression became blank as though you had already died even before the explosion, your expression crumbling away into a mass of blood -- not even chunks -- as your head exploded. Not just that but your neck and chest all the way down as though you were nothing but a figure made of dust being blown away by the wind. Soon, nothing was left of you but the blood that was once in your body, painting the side of the neighbors house you once stood in front off. A few droplets had gotten onto brunette’s cheek but he didn’t seem to care, just gazing at the mess as though this were an everyday thing.

And in a way it was.

Toshinori couldn’t move, couldn’t speak and even felt as though he couldn’t breathe, sinking to his knees as he stared at the mess, some officers lowering their guns in shock while others turned away to vomit from witnessing such a sight. He had seen death many times before….but none as gruesome as this. None like this.

And it being your death….this would be a deeper scar than the one that bound him and stripped him of his ability to be the hero the world needed him to be….

….the hero you had needed him to be.

Even as the sound of Naomasa’s roar sounded through the air followed by gun shots, he didn’t move. Even as the brunette escaped dodging and ducked the heroes by somehow manipulating the terrain around him -- having taken advantage of everyone's stunned reaction time to do so -- he still didn’t move. Even as Naomasa tried to get him to get up and keep moving, Toshinori stayed on his knees, staring at the blood, his thoughts on pause and his heart beating in his ears.


He had failed you…..and now you were gone.

Chapter Text

Under the cover of darkness, two figures walked with their heads down and hood up, dressed somewhat causally, one in a soft purple hoodie with a white mask over his mouth and nose while the other dressed in a dark green hoodie with a black mask over his mouth and nose, looking like friends just taking a stroll.

By a crime scene that is.

It was now evening, a few hours after the whole situation with (Y/N) and Overhaul. Just as expected, the area had been sealed off and the residents had been moved elsewhere while the authorities and heroes did their work. The city was practically on lock down and every available hero was to patrol every available block.

However the males had been watching a few -- those that made rounds in this area -- and were now moving in their open window.

Both would have to act fast if they were going to get this done quickly and, since it had been hours since the death of (Y/N) it was going to take some to undo what had been done…. the very man who did it of course.

Overhaul led Chrono past the tapes and gates surrounding the crime scene before removing both of his gloves, something he didn’t do too often, as he approached the giant stain.

“Mmm…” Chrono hummed at the sight of it, “ did quite a number on her, didn’t you?”

“It was necessary,” Overhaul replied, kneeling down in front of the stain as though observing some piece of art.

“Oh, i meant nothing by it, boss!” Chrono quickly stated, waving his hands, “I was just saying, you know?”

The brunette merely gave a soft hum, as he reached into his hoodie pocket and withdrew a bottle of water, “Help me wet this up a bit. It’ll speed up the process.”

With this, Chrono hurried over, pulling his own bottle of water to do so. Although it would be faster it would eventually lead to some problems in the near future. But he would worry about it then, splashing the water wherever the blood had gone, making sure he had gotten it all. Once they were out of water and, unsurprisingly, not all of the blood came up, Chrono insisted they get more, Overhaul shook his head before kneeling back down to get to work.

The Following Morning

*Toshinori Yagi*


Toshinori didn’t leave his apartment since he went home the day before, his mind still on pause from the whole ordeal but your death playing over and over in his mind in an endless loop. He had called you long before any of it went down -- the explosion specifically, from what he knew -- just to check on you and see how you were doing as or your recovery. He had a feeling something was wrong when you didn’t pick up the first time and, considering you lived alone, or so he hoped, there should’ve been little to no reason for you not to.

His worry steadily climbed when he called you a second time and you still didn’t pick up. So much so that he had left from work -- with the permission of his boss of course --  to check up on you in person and had been on his way when the explosion happened. By then, he had called you a third time, his heart hammering in his chest as he hoped that the smoke he saw wasn’t coming from your house. But in the end, it had been you, only able to confirm this from when you picked up but didn’t say anything -- or maybe you did but he couldn’t hear your words but only your heart-string tugging cries within the crashing in the background.  It was only then did he start breaking the rules of the road, almost yelling directions that you never heard into his phone before hanging up to call Naomasa.

From there, he used his phone to as a guide to find you and Overhaul in the neighbors backyard and….

….well the rest was history.

And there he sat in his living room, on his couch with his head in his hands, mourning your passing and wishing he could have said -- done something more. Had he been able to go All Might form he would’ve saved you in a heartbeat. Maybe faster!

But no….that’s not what happened nor could’ve happened.

The more he thought about it there more it hurt his heart but he couldn’t just let it go so easily no matter what his co-workers tried to tell him or what he tried to tell himself. He had faced many victories and many loses but this…

He perked up slightly upon hearing his phone ring. Sniffing, he stood to retrieve it, hoping it was somehow a miraculous call from you. But instead it was Naomasa’s. Inhaling deeply and giving a heavy sigh, he answered with a cool greeting.

However, the news he received before he even got a proper hello back made his heart skip a beat.


Breathing heavily from rushing to get there, Toshinori arrived to the explosion cite and made his way to the back of the neighbors house to see what Naomasa told him for himself. And without a doubt, he was right:

The giant stain of blood was gone. Not a trace remained.

“ did this happen?” he asked, checking the entire area, “Did a cleaning crew come by last night?”

“No, no one did,” Naomasa replied, watching as the blonde did so, “We talked with the heroes that were patrolling this block but none of them saw anyone come and go….Whoever did this knew the patrol patterns and when to act it seems….”

“You think someone on the inside could’ve cleaned this up?” the blonde asked, turning his attention to his friend.

“You never know,” the detective shrugged with a heavy sigh, “With the world we live in you never know.”

Toshinori turned to face his friend fully, sensing something deeper in his words. Under his gaze the detective finally cracked, unfolding his arms, “I mean….I was quick to judge (L/N) when her missing report came in….I thought she was just another villainous wanna-be that needed to be taken down just like any other low-life….but after what happened yesterday, i’m not sure if i can just say anything anymore….Nor do i know if i can just trust any face. Other than yours.”

The blonde nodded, fully understanding the younger males words before placing a hand onto his shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze, “I’m sure (Y/N) would’ve understood….i’m sure she does . But don’t let it burden you and fill you with doubt. You know your team like the back of your hand.”

“ i?” the detective asked.

Toshinori gave him a firm nod. Neither of the men moved or spoke for moment before Naomasa placed a hand on the blonde’s opposite shoulder, both of them giving crooked smiles like goofballs before parting ways.

“Thanks….All Might.” Naomasa called over his shoulder.

Toshinori gave a small wave before returning his attention to the wall, deflating slightly.

“.... rest in peace….(Y/N) ....” he thought before turning and heading off too, “….what of the other villain?”

“Other villain?” an officer repeated, “Oh! From the blue flames we’re sure without a doubt that it was the notorious Dabi, a member of the League of Villains…..Why he and the other guy decided to duke it out here in (L/N)’s residence is a mystery yet to be solved.”

Toshinori nodded before moving on to take another look around. Although you were gone, the least he could do is see to it that the men responsible for your death were put away for a long time.


As much as you wanted to get some peaceful rest, even while asleep all you felt was pain and restlessness.

Your mind and soul seemed to be floating in a dark space somewhere after you got knocked out of your body -- yup. That’s how you would describe it: literally knocked out of your body.

The last thing you remember was being held hostage by the mask wearing brunette you still didn’t know the name of, full of fear for your possible death, unable to process the soothing words of the retired hero before you and the threatening words of the detective at his side. The next thing you knew the villain had let you go before you just….

….blacked out.

You’ve been in an empty darkness since then which, as of recently, felt like only seconds ago. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. You had no sense of time here. Or sense of anything other than the fact that you were ‘out of it’. After what felt like a brief few seconds of absolute nothingness, pain, tiredness and heaviness had flooded back to you -- in your left arm specifically -- as though you had just undergone some sort of operation or just gotten back from working out an entire day.

You were aware and your mind awake but your body was resting. You couldn’t hear anything going on around you -- if anything was happening at all but you didn’t mind. You were much too tired to waste energy on feeling any other emotion other than calmness. Eventually you decided you would rest your mind too and soon, you were truly enveloped in rest.

Overhaul sat in his office, with his fingers locked into one another and his chin resting on them as he gazed at his computer screen, every once in a while moving a hand to change the camera to something or somewhere else inside or outside of the base. For now, he watched you rest, feeling tired himself from using so much energy to bring you back. The process was slow but productive nonetheless, taking no more than an hour to put you back together again.


It had been a few hours since he had blown your body to bits thus it would’ve taken a few hours to put you back together. But being outside of the base was enough to make his skin crawl and he didn’t have the patience to sit there for that long -- especially with the ‘heroes’ making their rounds and everything. So with the water, he and Chronostasis were able to ‘revive’ your blood to get it going but at a cost.

Not all of the blood was really blood but your actual body broken down to the size of a blood cell, thus appearing like it. The water may have weakened if not entirely destroyed and or washed away some of your cells -- from your blood, DNA, your organs, etc. -- and thus it would’ve caused problems all over your body if he just made you anew without trying. So he centered the remaining destroyed cells to just one part of your body and thus you lost a limb.

Better than brain and organ damage, so he thought. He needed you in tip-top shape for what was to come so the loss of a single arm wouldn’t kill you. If anything you should be thanking him -- once you recovered fully that is -- not only had he brought you back to life but everyone who had witnessed your death believed you were dead . Hell, even those who didn’t see knew by this point, thanks to the news, so you no longer had to hide so much to keep your true identity a secret.

Now you would work from the bigger shadow -- his shadow without worrying about a thing. Just as Shigaraki had promised.

For now he would keep an eye on you and your recovery progress while he too rested up and continued to watch from the dark, relieved that his plans were back on track again.


Tomura’s back hit the wall of the alley he and Dabi stood in hard before he received another blow to the face, causing him to fall over yet again….but he didn’t insist his attacker stopped. Instead he cackled at his anger.

Dabi, currently boiling with a level of pain he hadn’t felt in years, took out his anger the best way he knew how on the person who was the root of it, yanking Tomura back up to his feet for the fifth time. His clothing is a little more tattered than normal from his fight with Overhaul, bearing a larger than normal hole here or there and his skin was cut in a few places including his side, his shirt red with dried blood. Despite the pain in his body the pain in his heart over powered all else -- so much so he hunted Tomura down and, thus, ended up here.

Head spinning and face hurting, Tomura spat a bit of blood off to the side before giving another dry laugh, “Beating me up isn’t going to bring her back, you know….You’re wasting your time---”

With another blow to the face, he went down yet again. Dabi flexed his bloodied fingers before pulling him back up by the hem of his jacket, “It won’t….but it’s a fucking start .”

Tomura chuckled again, watching with no fear as Dabi readied to punch him yet again, “What if i told you she wasn’t dead….?”

“I’d call you a lying son of a bitch  and punch you again,” Dabi hissed, “You weren’t there! You didn’t watch her die!”

“And who killed her?” Tomura asked, tilting his head lazily.

“That God forsaken toucan fucker!” Dabi replied, his fist catching fire, “He killed her….he killed her by blowing her to bits as though she was nothing but fucking toy strapped to a bomb!”

He delivered another punch to Tomura’s face, this time the impact sending him a fair distance away. That being his last one, Dabi ran his hands through his hair growling in pain like a wounded animal whilst Tomura made his way into a sitting position, holding his wounded and aching face.

“Well, at least you saw that bit before you ran with your tail between your legs,” he chuckled, “Overhaul blew her apart….but he can also put her back together.”

At this, Dabi paused in his pacing before turning back to the wounded Shigaraki, “....are you shitting  me?”

“No, i’m not shitting  you….” Tomura retorted, spitting more blood before wiping his chin with the back of his hand to get the rest off, “That’s his quirk….i dare say he’s one of those special people who has two quirks….or just one that has two ways of working.”

Dabi stopped listening to the other male after this, the pain in his heart calming slightly like a smoldering fire as a flicker of hope took some of the free space.

Could you really still be alive??

“...where is she?” Dabi asked, almost too quietly to be heard.

“I haven’t a clue.” Tomura shrugged.

“Don’t play stupid with me, Shigaraki! Where is she?!” Dabi demanded, his fists catching fire again.

The other male simply smiled again, “Do you really think i’d tell you? Watching you squirm like a fussy five year old is too good to pass up.”

At this Dabi made to hit him again before locking his jaw and swearing as he forced himself away from Shigaraki. If the little bastard wasn’t going to cough up your location then he was going to have to look himself -- do some digging while continued his normal work.

Hell, what was normal anymore? Without you around, everything was so…. bland . He used to love being alone and doing his own thing but these last few months have drastically changed him.

You… .have drastically changed him.

No flame, not even his own, could compare to the burning pain in his heart. He expected this but he never expected to see you be taken both from his grasp and from this world in such a brutal way. He had killed and seen someone be killed but nothing will ever compare to that to him. Maybe because you were his whole world? Or because he was yours -- orbiting around you like the Earth encircling the sun? He couldn’t think straight nor would he be able to until he had you back in his arms.

No matter what he had to do, who he had to strangle or flay alive, he would find you and take that toucan  fucker  down for what he did.


5 months later (9 ½ months in total)

High up atop a skyscraper, you stood currently just gazing down at the busy city below, watching the head and tail lights come and go on the road and or the changing of advertisements on giant screens within the more exotic parts of town. Dressed in half black and half white bodysuit similar yet completely different and more advanced than your first one, you crouched down -- your right arm resting on your right leg while your left, although missing from the elbow down, remained under what looked like a cloak resting on your back -- to look a little closer at the scene below for something in specific.



It had been months since you had been out of your home base to do what you pleased. You had been recovering from the ‘incident’ that ended up costing you your left arm and doing much dirty work for the hero and the yakuza world so you didn’t have much free time like you used to. Thanks to your boss, Overhaul, feeling in a ‘good mood’ he allowed you to breathe some fresh air hat night.


Well almost, now sporting a bird like mask similar to your comrade’s -- mostly Overhaul’s, it being the only thing on you that wasn’t black or white but red and gold too -- but it was shorter like a baby bird’s beak, nonetheless giving you some sort of authority among your ken like a female Overhaul. However, this mask wasn’t just for looks: inside was a device that filters the air you breathed, helping you get clean oxygen wherever you went. Solely and only because of your slightly damaged but sensitive lungs thanks to breathing in so much smoke and not receiving proper treatment for it so long ago.


Nonetheless you were a warrior among your people -- one of few ‘true survivors’ that had been welcomed into the yakuza with open arms and survived Overhauls’ and the Eight Precepts’ wrath….well, sort of. Upon your waking and recovering some months ago, no one was surprised about the fuss you put up but they didn’t baby you either. It wasn’t until you made a new and little friend did you eventually settle down -- but only for their sake. Eventually you were properly settled in, trusted enough to handle some real work, leave your room for more than 10 minutes and….well, here you are.

And speaking of which, it was time you got a move on to pick up an item for your friend. You straightened up, turning your face to the night sky as your hair fluttered in the gentle breeze, grazing your skin in a way you hadn’t felt in ages. Closing your eyes and inhaling deeply you leaned forward before beginning to fall head first, diving towards the world below.

Your skills were refined and you were a master in defense, offense, stealth, and deception -- one of these actually being your gift and greatest strength -- and many more. You were still the masked hero, running operations for Overhaul to take down small fry wanna-be villains and make your name bigger for yourself in the hero world whilst you were still a criminal, doing the dirty work where no one else could. Over time you had made enough money to buy new gear for yourself.


Your ‘cape’ for example. With a spin, your ‘cape’ parted revealing that they were a pair of wings -- somewhat mechanical and somewhat real, all apart of you nonetheless. One was lighter than the other, shining white in the light and seeming grey in the dark while the other was glossy and shiny like a new black car at all times.

You were dark and light, after all. Right and wrong. Black and white. Wolf and sheep. Angel and demon .

You were a Nephilim. The Nephilim .

This was your new villain name whilst your hero one remained the ‘Masked Hero’. For that title is indeed just a mask for who you truly are. With a strong beat of your wings, you turned upwards before you could get too close to the cars below, spinning about before opening them wide within the moonlight as though declaring your arrival.


Yes….this would do just nicely. This is where you truly belonged.


Chapter Text

5 Months Ago


From the very moment you woke up -- thanks to the sudden sound of an explosion going off somewhere near your room -- you had been feeling tired, irritated and restless. What egged on your displeasure was the pulsing pain coming from your left arm….what was left of it anyway. It appeared to have been cut clean from the elbow down and was now just a somehow bloodless nub tightly wrapped up in bandages.

Whoever had patched you up must have been much too ‘thorough’ with you and had irritated it beyond measure. How you didn’t wake from the pain was beyond you but why you lost it was something you demanded to know.

You had no sense of the time nor did you know where you were. You wanted to try to escape but the room you were in -- although fairly fancy -- was sealed up tighter than a high security jail cell, irritating you further.

“Hello??” you had called, after giving the door knob a jiggle for the seventh time, “Is anyone out there?!”

When you didn’t receive a response, again, you huffed, banging your fist against the door once before moving back to your bed and beginning to pace along the length of it, not in the mood to try to go back to sleep.

As you did so, over time your breathing began to get strained and stuffy -- as though your lungs were reeling in on themselves -- making your chest feel tight and your throat strained, as if you had breathed in something terrible. So much so that your body was trying to stop you from doing so -- stop whatever it was in the air from getting in -- making it harder to draw breath. Your brows furrowed and you moved your hand to your chest, trying to take a deep breath but this only caused you to start coughing. From there you couldn’t stop, the lack of air in your body beginning to cause your head to spin.

Before you knew it, you were suddenly surrounded by tall cloaked figures -- at least three from what you could see through your blurring vision. Two of them made you sit back onto your bed and stay down while the other stood aside, making room for another figure to stand before you. Unlike the other three, this one dressed in an all black suit with a green jacket bearing a fluffy violet hood: It was the same man that fought Dabi and, from what you could remember, held you hostage just before you blacked out -- not to mention destroyed your house.

He observed your shaking form, your body beginning to ache from coughing so much before motioning to the other men to back off of you, knowing well enough that you were in no shape to do anything. From there he moved closer to you, now extending something to your face but you turned your head away, refusing to let this man touch you or put anything on you. He didn’t play with you or chase your head down -- instead he forced you to look at him by gripping your chin and, although you were now pressing against his chest with your only hand in an attempt to force him back, he remained in place, holding the item to your face and your head in place as though you were merely tickling him.

Over time, the longer he held it there, the easier you found it to breathe, slowly but surely causing you to calm down and focus on catching your breath at last. Your cheeks flushed yet your body finally relieved, you glared at him through your still slightly blurry eyes.

“’ll need to wear this. At all times. ” he informed you, now moving his hands to take hold of the straps and wrap them around your ears. You stiffened and almost tried to force him away again -- and you would’ve, had you not needed help getting it on. You waited until he was done before you turned your head away again -- only with this did he back off.

“....who are you?” You asked, “And what did you do to me? Where the hell even am i?”

“....i am Overhaul,” he stated, “I took and saved your life….but you were badly injured in the process. Now you are here, in my base -- and your new home -- recovering.”

Just with this answer, many more questions formed but one lept past your lips before you could stop it, “You took and saved my life??”

“Yes.” he responded, “That is what I said.”

You wanted to smack him for his ignorance, knowing well enough that he knew what you meant but you knew much better than that. If he ‘took’ and ‘saved’ your life, who knows what else he could do. Especially now that you were as open and vulnerable as a newborn baby.

“Do you remember anything?” he asked, placing his hands behind his back, “As for as what happened before you awoke?”

“....yeah, i do.” you replied, considering giving him a dumb answer, “You specifically….”

“That’s good.” he replied before turning his attention to the henchmen around him. With a nod, the other three men departed from the room as quickly as they had appeared while Overhaul moved to pull a chair over from a desk in the corner of your room to sit before you, leaning forward and cupping his hands close to but not touching his chin, “I assume you remember everything else that happened before that too….”


“I wasn’t asking.” he stated, cutting you off.

Your eyes narrowed but he moved on anyway, “It has been two weeks since those events--” he lifted a hand to keep you from speaking just yet, the surprise from hearing this almost making you blurt out in disbelief, “....but despite this, the world has not forgotten about you. Not yet...and now that you’re awake, i believe it is time that you begin to prepare to make your reappearance.”

“....reappearance?” you repeated once you felt that he was done speaking, “How can I re- appear if i never appeared in the first place?”

“That’s the have.” he noted, nodding his head once, “The ‘Masked Hero’ everyone had been talking about has not yet left everyone’s a matter of fact, ‘you’ have just been seen not too long ago.”

You rose a brow to this, mentally noting how he stressed the word ‘hero’ as you waited for him to continue. He waited to see if you would comment before continuing, “For a short while now, i’ve had a contact of mine play ‘ hero ’ for you so the people of this city didn’t forget about you while you recovered.”

“....why don’t you?”

“Because we can use your connection to their world to extend our reach in places no one can simply go.” he answered, “People will begin to search for you. Their eyes will be to the skies for your arrival when a villain appears just as they do for other ‘ heroes ’. Over time your rep will go from small to big...To the point of t-shirt logos, even. We’ll need you to climb to the top -- as high as the top ten heroes if you can….the farther in their numbers you are the more we can work in your enlargening shadow.”

“....why do you need me specifically to do this for you?”

“Because you are have trained with the League and will be training with us….You will bear two different sets of skills within your being -- a number of skills the League would never consider to share with our numbers...You can utilize them both and make them your own -- what you’ll be needing to get your work done in the months to come.”

With this he pushed himself to his feet, “For now, you will continue to rest and become acquainted with your new home until i feel that you are ready to train again---”


He paused, looking to you once more, allowing you to continue, “....are you the ‘customer’ Shigaraki and the others wouldn’t tell me about?”

“....i am.” he answered, “And you, my dear...are what i ordered.”

You watched as he approached the door again, your throat feeling tight just from hearing his answer, but you weren’t done yet. Surely he had to know why they ‘sold’ you off to him as though you were some sort of gun for hire -- They had gone through so much to bring you up to your best… didn’t sit right with you to believe that they would just throw you away.

There had to be more. There just had to be.

“Why me?” you forced yourself to ask, rising to your own feet.

He paused at the door, one foot already out in the hall. Looking back to you, he merely stared as though contemplating on answering you. Out of ignorance, you lifted your hand to your mask and pulled it off to speak clearer, feeling as though he hadn’t heard you.

“....why me ?” you asked again.

This time he turned to face you completely, using his foot to shut the door back before slowly beginning to approach you.

“As i are unique….” he began coolly yet a flicker of venom could be heard in his voice, “You are quirkless, powerless, weak and frail...Yet you are clean...stainless….prescious even.”

A shudder ran down your spine from his words, becoming a bit uncomfortable under his gaze as he continued to draw closer to you, “Because you are all of these and more….I have selected you -- someone already experienced in the world of villainry -- to be a key part in my plans….”

He rose a hand to your cheek and you instantly stiffened, turning your head away. But just like before he caught you by your chin and forced you to look back to him, his golden eyes catching an all too familiar fire, “You are going to aid me in curing the Hero Syndrome….Or i will kill you over and over and over again until you submit.”

You would be lying if you told yourself you weren’t afraid now, his gentle yet piercing words hitting you right in the heart. This man was nothing to be played with let alone taken lightly...your life was literally on the line and the only thing keeping you from dying again was simply following his orders -- it wasn’t until now did you finally let this reality sink in.

You didn’t move was he released your chin to replace your mask, taking his time to get it on and adjust it properly before moving a hand to your cheek. Your stomach turned slightly upon feeling his finger tips brush along the edges of your mask, the feeling of his cool latex gloves on you in such a caring way making you wanna vomit.

Instead you held your peace until he left, shutting the door behind himself with a soft click but even still you remained in place, turning his words over in your mind.

What the hell had the League gotten you into? And why did it involve this lunatic, above all others??


You were left for hours on end to ‘recover’, still unaware of the date and time, let alone your location. You hadn’t seen Overhaul since he last visited you which both relieved and irritated you. You were glad that the sociopath didn’t bother visiting you often but then again, you still had more questions for him. None of them -- as in Chronostasis, your new servant boy -- bothered to speak to you about anything or answer your questions when they would bring your meals and or come to check on you. What bothered you even more was how they lingered as you ate, waiting for you to finish to help you put your mask back on or to simply be near in case you suddenly had a coughing fit.

Thus you were constantly uncomfortable and irritated.

Although you didn’t know the day, you began to use the arrival of the lackey as a timestamp as well as the food he would bring you -- healthy and expensive , no doubt. Breakfast was around….give’r’take somewhere between eight to ten? Given lunch came a good five hours after that -- since you had nothing else to do, you took the liberty of keeping track of the hours as well as the seconds -- as well as dinner. Your meals were exactly five hours apart so that was already fifteen hours in a twenty-four hour time lapse. Nine a.m breakfast, two p.m. lunch and seven p.m. dinner.

Soon you were your own clock and eventually you began to get back into the swing of things. You tried to work out, mostly with just your right arm, trying to get your body up to speed and used to the change….but the number of times you fell over because you had no balance during a push-up was immeasurable at this point.

It wasn’t until your chest hit the floor particularly hard one evening did you take notice to Chrono standing at your door, one hand holding your tray of food and the other still grasping the door handle. You shot him a look, fighting an embarrassed blush as you forced yourself to your knees.

“What?” you snapped.

“....dinner time.” he eventually stated, pushing the door open more to enter.

You rose a brow at this since he never usually entered your room but met you at the door instead. You watched as he set the tray down onto the side of your bed, somewhat close to you. He paused for a moment, his gaze falling on and possibly studying you. You stared back as though expecting him to say something but with a swift spin he turned and headed back out, shutting the door behind himself.

Weird…. ” you thought, shifting to your feet to get to your food, “ Why is everyone here so strange….?


“Our ‘comrade’ is becoming restless, sir,” Chrono stated upon returning to Overhaul’s office.

“Is she now?” he asked, raising his head from the signature and singular laptop that rested on the coffee table, “she hasn’t attempted to escape has she?”

“Not that we know of no.” he answered, “But she is becoming active now. So much so that she’s beginning to….excuse me, trying to regain her strength.”

Overhaul sat up straighter to this, his interest peaking, “Is that so? ….i hadn’t planned for her to be leaving her room just yet...But maybe she is more of a fighter than I had initially thought...Given how long she was unconscious, I suspected she’d need a full week to regain her bearings.”

With this he pushed himself to his feet, smoothing out his tie, “But a few days seems to be enough….I have a task for her anyway. Let’s go.”

With this both of the men left the room, Chrono following his boss closely behind.


Once you had finished your dinner, in a quick fashion as to decrease the chances of an attack, you whipped your lips and cleaned your fingers to the best of your ability before setting your tray aside and trying to figure out how you were going to put your mask on.

“Chrono!” you called, “I’m done!”

You expected him to immediately appear in your room to tend to you but he didn’t. So you tried calling for him again but still you got nothing. You didn’t want to risk calling too much thus your lungs would punish you for it shortly, so you just picked up the mask and just held it to your fce for the time being.

A good ten or so seconds passed before he finally arrived.

“Where were you?” you asked.

He didn’t answer as he moved in front of you, taking the mask from your grasp and began to put it on properly, changing the subject, “Overhaul wishes for you to join him shortly...There's someone he wants you to meet and an assignment to take up with them.”

“An assignment?” you repeated, holding still as he got the mask on, “Doesn’t he know that i’m not ready to handle any work yet?”

“He knows. We all do.” he retorted, now adjusting it before reaching to grab your napkin to clean your fingers properly, “But you have proven you’re ‘awake’ enough to handle this...consider this assignment a compliment. No one who has worked here has been able to do what you might.”

Your interest peaked at this, watching as he semi gently and semi roughly made sure your hands were spotless. But as you did so, something clicked in your brain and you frowned lifting your gaze to him: “‘Worked’ here?”

“Yes,” he answered, letting your hand go and moving to take your tray, “As in formerly….i hope i don’t need to clarify that much to you.”

“....i have a hunch.” you stated, shifting to your feet, “Let’s get moving.”

And with this, he guided you out of the door and you followed but not before making sure your room door was shut tight.


After much extremely unnecessary walking about -- most likely to keep you from memorizing the floor plan of this place -- Chrono finally began to slow his pace upon approaching a waiting Overhaul. You weren’t surprised that the brunette, although obviously a little irritated from waiting so long, didn’t even bother to lean against the wall or the door frame.

Dabi would’ve been all over it…” you thought, a small smile pulling at your lips, “ Like green on grass….That man is lazier than… .”

Your smile faded and your pace faltered, remembering what had happened before you woke up here. The explosion….

….was he killed in it? Only one person -- Overhaul -- walked out of the smoke from what you remembered….

... could Dabi be---?


You perked up, focusing your attention on Chrono and Overhaul, both gazing at you -- who was further away from them than you were supposed to be. Ducking your head slightly, you picked up your pace, joining them yet staying at least three feet away. Overhaul straightened up once you reached your spot, folding his arms across his chest.

“In this room, there is someone you will strive to become acquainted with,” he began, “Her name is Eri: another vital part in my plans….She is very young and despite knowing the seriousness in my mission, she is resilient and often refuses to comply….I want you to earn her trust so that she can feel that there is someone here she can turn to….That will comfort her when none of us can and be her ‘spark of hope’ when she feels there is none.”

With this he turned his attention to the door he stood beside, “You’ve handled children before….This should be a breeze.”

Your brows furrowed, stiffening slightly as the memory of the little girl from the first house you ever looted came back to you -- How the hell does he know these things?? Shigaraki, maybe??

Once the door was open, Overhaul stepped aside and ushered for you to enter and you reluctantly did so. You were surprised by the sight that greeted you -- having expected this Eri to be...older. Much older.

Your gaze fell onto a small child that seemed to be no older then four or five years old. She sat curled up at the top of her bed, looking even tinier on the thing, holding herself as though she were cold. At least until you had entered, the girl perking up and staring at you in a frightened manner. The sight of her trembling little body -- her arms and legs wrapped up in bandages and her skin almost as pale as her snow white hair -- made your heart clench.

Just what have these men been doing to this girl….?

You stiffened when you were given a light push from behind, both of the males wanting you to get moving already. You looked back to shoot them a look but all you got was a door to the face less than a second later, leaving you alone with the child her dimly lit room. You turned your attention back to her before awkwardly fiddling with the hem of your shirt.

“Um….hello, there.” you eventually said, “....i’m (Y/N)....And you must be Eri….”

You waited for a remark or comment but by the way she was staring at you, you had a feeling you weren’t going to be getting one. Instead you tried to think of something to talk about that would get her to calm down a little and maybe, as Overhaul wanted, get her to trust you...even if it was just a little. You thought about possibly sitting at the side of her bed -- moving slowly as to not arouse any more fright; but as soon as you took the first step towards her she tensed up, her left arm rising slightly as though preparing to defend herself. You paused, your lips pursing at the sight of this.

Getting through to her was going to be harder than you expected….

Keeping your distance, you tried to find out more about her -- like her favorite colors and toys, given she had a mountain of them in a corner -- but she remained silent. You then tried to inch a little closer to her while letting her know that you meant no harm but she kept giving you the look that screamed ‘stay back’ more than anything. You even tried to do a handshake but she just looked at your hand as though it were a tentacle.

No wonder no one’s been able to get through to her ,” you thought, letting your arm swing back to your side, “She’s more frightened than a turtle in its’ shell….There must be something I can do to get her out of her own .”

While you were busy pondering on what to do, you nearly failed to take notice to her movement, Eri shifting on her bed ever so carefully as to get a batter look at you.

Or morso your left arm.

At the moment you were sporting a simple white button up -- one you were easily able to do on your own for once. Although your right sleeve was rolled up to your elbow. the left had been knotted by Chrono before you ate breakfast as to not dirty it up, thus leaving it still a nub but one that almost seemed to have a bow at the end. You turned your attention to it as well, lifting your arm for her to see it better.

“....what happened to your arm?”

You perked up, turning your attention to the girl now leaning forward on her bed with her hands planted on the sheets and her feet beneath her, like a curious yet cautious puppy. Her bright red eyes stared holes through you -- or more specifically, the bow at the end of your left arm’s sleeve. You lifted it slightly to see it too before giving it a wave.

“Oh, this….” you began, “I, uh….lost it recently…”

With this an idea clicked in your mind, allowing you to continue with a mysterious hitch in your voice, “....during a battle with a baddie.”

With this her own eyes lit up as though awed and you could tell that she was, indeed, intrigued. Although she wasn’t asking for you to continue it was evident that she wanted you to, thus you began to tell her the story.

“I was mindin’ my own business, hanging out with my best friend when someone came knocking at my front door,” you began, your tone now bearing a hitch to it as though you were telling a scary story, “My friend went to check the door and do you know who it was?”

Eri didn’t hesitate to shake her head, her hair shaking with her -- clearly wanting you to continue, causing you to chuckle lightly, “It was Overhaul .”

She gasped at this, the surprise causing her to almost fall back in fright. Gripping her pillow she hid most of herself, if not entirely behind it yet she never looked away.

“W-what did he do??” she asked.

“He was coming for me -- this my friend told me through a secret code,” you responded, “I don’t know what happened between them….but the next thing i knew the house blew up! BOOM!

At the same time you cried and threw your arms up in an explosion manner, she squeaked gripping her pillow in surprise from your actions. You chuckled again and prepared to continue but she spoke again, lowering her pillow to where her chin rested on the top of it, making her look more like a cute little bear than child.

“Were you inside??”

You thought her question was the cutest thing given she was so young but in that moment you failed to remember Overhaul’s words from the day you woke up. Either way, you weren’t in the house but close to it when it happened so you’d give her that.

“Nope.” you answered, “I was in my backyard, just barely over my fence. The impact practically blew me into the neighbor's backyard...but the damage to my body was minimal. With that i went to check on my friend since they were in the house when it happened….but only Overhaul emerged.”

You almost immediately regretted your words, Eri’s face almost instantly scrunching up in a manner that said she was preparing to cry - - despite not even knowing who your friend was. You quickly assured her that your friend was powerful and it would take much more -- someone stronger than Overhaul -- to take them down. This got her to calm to a soft sniffle and, with her permission, you were able to continue.

“I, being quirkless, had no way of defending myself other than my phone...which was quite useless until i got a text. At least until Overhaul took it from me when i was cornered. You should have seen his face -- it was drenched in fear for who had sent me the text.”

This seemed to make Eri’s whole demeanor change. She released her pillow and scooted to the middle of her bed, staring at you with extreme intensity. Your heart swelled at the sight of her -- the child that was recently afraid of you was now desperate to hear who was the person that had contacted you.

“Who was it, who was it???” she begged.

You leaned forward some as though to share a serious secret: “.... All Might .”

“NO WAY---”

You quickly shushed her, however you couldn’t help but giggle from her reaction, “Don’t let the others know that you do...They wouldn’t believe you anyway.”

She gave an eager nod, but just from this you could tell that this had lifted her spirits.

“What happened next?” she whispered.

“....All Might showed up--”

She gasped, preparing to cry out in glee but you held up a finger, ushering her to wait, “But he wasn’t alone...almost call of the police force had come with him -- there were so many! Thought Overhaul didn’t stand a chance against them….”

Eri’s expression almost instantly fell at this, “....did they….?”

Your own expression softened, shaking your head, “No one got hurt….At least from what I remember. The next thing I knew everything just...went dark. And i woke up here -- apparently a couple weeks later with my arm missing.”

“ you think Overhaul took it?” she asked, staring at  the tied up sleeve.

“....most likely….” you answered, looking to it too.

“....he’s super scary,” Eri muttered, frowning adorably, “But i...i try not to think about it...About him….”

You frowned a little yourself but pretended to have missed that bit, not wanting to make the moment tense again. “ about you? How did you end up here?” you asked, taking a seat on the floor beside her bed.

She didn’t answer you and from the expression she was giving, you had a feeling she wasn’t going to.

“I don’t mind if you don’t wanna share,” you told her, “I’m not going to be leaving this prison anytime soon so i can wait as long as you need me to.”

She continued to stare at you with unblinking eyes, the gears in her mind turning most vigorously. How someone so young could have a such a serious expression was both baffling and fascinating….and a little disturbing.

For someone so young she bore the spark of someone who has seen much -- much of something someone her age - or someone at all -- is not supposed to see.

Over and over and over again.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t trust you -- doesn’t trust you -- and was a hassle for the other people who had come before you. Hopefully you could change this fact....

….at least before you ended up like the others.


It was a little over an hour did Chrono arrive to Eri’s room to retrieve and return you to your own. You said your farewells before departing with him. In that bit of time you were able to get her to open up to you a fair amount -- which was a huge stepping stone, considering how terrified she was in the beginning.

You thought about the conversations you had with the girl -- well, more like a Q and A session -- and the look on her face from each answer you gave her. Her fascinated and intrigued expression brought a small smile to your lips.

Maybe this whole ‘gaining trust’ mission wouldn’t be so hard after all.

You perked up slightly when you felt something against your stomach, causing you to pause and turn your attention to Chrono, who had extended his arm to stop you from walking any further.

“Day dreaming?” he sneered, “Stay focused before you walk into a wall.”

“Sir, yes, sir,” you sneered back, pushing his arm away as you proceeded to head into your room. Once inside you shut the door behind yourself before you could hear anything else from him before making yourself comfortable on your bed, sighing heavily. All the while you had been sitting on the floor and, although you didn’t want to spook Eri, your rear was a pretty tender at the moment.

Stretching out, you gave a satisfied hum before fully sinking onto your bed. It was night-time anyway thus time for you to get some shut-eye.

4 Months Ago

You slowly awoke to the sound of voices lingering around you, whispering and humming quietly in your ears. You blinked a few times against the darkness before trying to lift your hands to rub the sleepiness from your eyes.

But your body wouldn’t move. Your eyes flickered about, searching and turning over your situation as the whispers -- now no longer random and inaudible but actual questions -- began to grow louder in your ears slowly but surely becoming deafening as your feeling in your body completely depleted leaving you feeling as though you were floating in space. You eventually shut your eyes tightly and tried to move your arms again as the whispers turned into loud ringing, that blared endlessly in your ears.

Just when you thought your ears were going to burst, warmth suddenly surrounded both of them and the sound stopped. What's more, you suddenly felt incased entirely in warmth and what seemed to be wetness, as though your body had suddenly fallen into a pool or tub of warm water -- your clothes felt heavy and soggy and your hair gently brushed against and tickled your skin around your neck and cheeks. Your body was as light as a feather, but still you couldn’t move.

You knew this had to be a dream -- all of it. But you could’ve sworn you had woken a moment ago….

….maybe this was triggered when you shut your eyes? In that case you slowly opened them --

-- but the sight that greeted you made your blood run cold and inhale sharply, your paralyzed body jerking slightly and your sensitive lungs itching, yet the coughing fit never came.

Before you was Overhaul but he wasn’t wearing his mask. Or any mask for that matter, exposing all of his blemishless and smooth face, his cute button nose bearing a small point at the end, and his appealingly plump and smooth lips, slightly parted as he stared, unblinkingly, into your eyes with his dimly glowing golden ones.

Although his face was just like a normal human being’s, seeing all of it made your heart flutter slightly and a blush lightly dust your cheeks. He was very good looking and equally attractive. His intense gaze and, even though this was a dream, maskless-ness was enough to get your heart going.

It took you a moment to process that his hands where over your ears, having seemingly stopped you from hearing the ringing moments ago. The contact, although simple, sent a slightly unsettling chill down your spine.

“....why did i let this happen…?”

You perked slightly, hearing this but his mouth never moved. As a matter of fact...something was off about it. It wasn’t just his voice...but a mixture of voices. Male voices. Your expression hardened slightly as you attempted to turn your head -- even just the slightest -- to look for the source.

With this he removed his hands, giving you a little more to see out of the corners of your eyes. Your heart rate picked up when he began to pace and slowly but surely another figure took his place: Shigaraki. Dressed in his signature all black and no hands, including the one he always wore on his face, he gazed at you with the same intensity as Overhaul had. Although you have seen Shigaraki without it before, seeing him in general filled you with mixed emotions.

The sight of him filled your heart with nostalgia instead of anger and displeasure -- emotions you know you should be feeling. It was his fault that you were stuck at Overhaul’s side in the first place….

….and yet you couldn’t help but miss your old boss and comrade.

“....why did I lie to everyone….?”

You watched as the male continued to walk, leaving your line of sight and another taking his place, this one almost evoking tears from you. The ravenette you had grown feelings for and -- from what you knew -- most likely died during his encounter with Overhaul, stood where the other two had. But unlike them, he didn’t have that strange flare about him….

….but peace and serenity as he gazed at you, a small but oh so familiar half smile, half smirk pulling at his lips. His normal lips, not a staple or piercing on his blemishless face. Compared to Overhaul, Dabi couldn't have looked more perfect. His boyish touch appeared both manly and yet still young-like as though his skin was as smooth and soft as a newborn’s. His piercing blue eyes seemed to glow, just like Overhaul’s and Shigaraki’s but in a gentler manner.

A loving manner.

“....Dabi….” you whispered.

Suddenly, you regained feeling in your body and as soon as you did you collapsed in the spot, having not expected it. The pain you felt from this told you that this couldn’t possibly be a dream….but it just couldn’t be real.

You looked around as you did so, now realizing that the three men had surrounded you, and were still pacing, circling you like a group of vultures preparing to dine on their prey. You watched them, slowly pushing yourself to sit upright before moving to try to get back to your feet.

“.... I let this happen….”

You grunted as you were suddenly pushed form behind, falling back down to your knees. You turned your attention to the male that pushed you, shooting them a dark glare and preparing to scold them before you were pushed again, but harder this time, falling onto your side.

“.... I have become a disgrace... Prancing about like a pretty little sheep…..”

“What the hell?!” you began, forcing yourself to get back up again, anyway, “What the hell are you guys doing--?!”

You were pushed again from behind, this time the impact sent you stumbling into Overhaul who pushed you off once more and into Dabi who caught you by your shoulders before repeating the process. Around and around, over and over again you were pushed about like a mere toy. No matter how much you tried to fight or break out of the chain, they insisted, beginning to shove you about while slowly closing in, making it harder for you to move away from them.

“....I am a liar… .”

No matter what you said or how much you protested and fought they didn’t give, getting more and more aggressive. You eventually had no choice but to shield yourself as much as you could from their growing shoving but through your arms you could see their appearance changing -- Overhaul’s mask was forming onto his face and his gaze had hardened in a disgusted manner. Shigaraki’s hands -- all of them -- had begun to form but his scared and dry face could still be seen. He too was disgusted beyond measure. You were afraid to see Dabi -- to see his beautiful face contorted into one of pure disgust and hate.

But his was almost blank, bearing nothing but pure disappointment. And just this alone was enough to break your heart.

“I am pretender… .No one will care for me once I become worthless… .”

You moved your hands to cover your ears and ducked your head against the voices, even as the men drew close enough for their chests to touch you, never letting you forget their presence.

... you don’t have a defensive or offensive quirk of any sorts…. ” Dabi suddenly said, his voice echoing despite almost being right in your ear, “ Do you ‘little villain’ ?”

“I’m not a villain….” you suddenly blurted.

I don’t know that, Ms. Actress. ” he said, “ Who knows? Maybe your quirk is deception.

“I don’t have a quirk.” you blurted again, moving your hands to your mouth to stop yourself from saying anything more.

But as you did so, Overhaul and Shigaraki seized your wrists and upper arms as though restraining you.

Maybe that’s it .” he continued, his hands beginning to move up and around to your cheeks and your eyes like tentacles threatening to consume you , “ And the backlash is that you can’t tell if you’re deceiving yourself...but then again, you can’t tell yourself so if you can’t tell, huh? Pretty pathetic, given you’re a grown woman now and don’t even really know… .”

You grunted with effort to pull free from them but even in your dreams they were impossibly strong.

“....pathetic indeed….” Overhaul and Shigaraki both hummed plainly.

Your quirklessness is essential to my plans…. ” Overhaul stated, “ will be one of the main pieces to succeeding in purging the Hero Syndrome...once and for all. But you are nothing special to me...You are just another tool within my collection...You and Eri both…..Once you have served your purpose…..I will see that you are permanently relieved .”

A flicker of fear and even anger filled you causing you to pale, but it didn’t stop there:

“We in the League couldn’t care more for our own personal gains ,” Tomura sneered, “ You were always a loose end...Now you are someone else’s problem...Hopefully, not for much longer given you have no power.

Pain filled your heart from his words, your eyes beginning to burn, “Tomura--”

I should’ve known better than to waste my energy on you…. ” Dabi stated, only coldness in his voice, “ ....I believed i saw something in you...that you were different and yet the i’ve learned my lesson...You're just as worthless as the other quirkless nobody’s you once aligned with...but you will again soon, ‘little nobody’.”

Your heart skipped just from Dabi’s words, each one like a bullet straight to your chest. You wanted to crumble and die right then and there -- to disappear into dust -- into nothing . And you thought you would’ve once they all let you go and backed away, leaving yo to fall to your knees as though your legs had suddenly given out on you.

You wanted to cry and felt the tears coming but at the same time, not a drop ran down your cheek. You wanted to demand they take it back -- every last cruel word -- but you couldn’t speak. You felt their gazes -- hard, cold and hatefully disgusted but you couldn’t bring yourself to look to either of them. You sat there on your knees gazing out at the darkness before you.

We trusted you….but you’ve been playing us from the start…. ” Dabi spat.

“I-i….” you began, your tears finally kicking in and causing you to weep like a guilty child, “....i’m n-not…! I wouldn’t….not t-to you….”

“....then admit it.”

You jumped when light suddenly surrounded you and almost shrieked when the three males disappeared sending a deep explosion like sound through the air.

“I must honest...with myself and everyone i’ve ever told this lie to….” you murmured to yourself, however, these words were not your own, “....i must be honest…..i must tell them….I must….

….wake up.

You gasped, jumping awake. The sensitivity of your lungs kicked in causing you to go into a coughing fit. Luckily you weren’t too deep into it before aid found its way to your side, a certain little person scurrying onto you and trying to place your mask over your face. You tried to steady your shaking body, mentally reminding yourself to try to control your breathing. Once you managed to get some sort of pace going you took the mask from her and held it in place properly.

Beside you sat the young white haired and bright red eyed Eri -- both of which currently staring up at you in deep concern and a little fear. You moved your mask to give her a reassuring smile before replacing it back onto your face before laying back down.

She helped herself to cuddling up against you, her head resting close to your chest and your right shoulder as she gazed up at you cautiously yet sleepily. You mentally wondered about how long she had been beside you as you wrapped your right arm around her and held her close, in a reassuring manner and to try to lull her back to sleep.

All the while, you stared into the dark space above you, it being the ceiling to your personal bedroom yet it was cascaded in darkness as as though it were the night sky. Your heart was still aching from your vivid dream yet this was not the first. For months you had been having strange vivid dreams consisting of the males...but not all of them at once. And nothing as intense as that.

For a bit you thought about the dream until your mind slipped off to other things and eventually back to sleep. Hopefully this time you would wake when the sun rose and preferably not from a dream -- or nightmare similar to the last.


You awoke following morning to the feeling of something small seemingly crawling on you. Although you were still a good eighty percent asleep, you went on alert as soon as the small item crawled beneath your sheets, cuddling against you. It took your brain a long moment to realize that it was just your little friend Eri, again.

After you had bonded with her over the past month she had become prone to disappearing without a trace and somehow popping up in your room in the following morning or the previous night. Overhaul and his precepts had first suspected you as possibly planning to make some sort of escape with Eri but after much testing -- as in locking you away in your room for an extended amount of time and leaving no one to watch Eri -- they discovered that it was entirely her doing.

The precepts -- other than Chrono and Overhaul -- where suspicious. However they held their peace due to Overhaul seeming quite pleased with the results. Annoyed, but pleased.

Apparently, from Chrono’s guess -- the ‘lackey’ that had secretly come to like you to an extent -- Eri was stressed and whenever it felt like too much for her she would flee her room to your quarters where she knew you would be. You wanted to smile upon hearing this -- and most likely did in that moment -- but you knew it would spell bad trouble for the girl.

“Eri,” you hummed, hugging the lump under the sheets, “How is it that you get here…?”

She wiggled out of your grasp and crawled her way to the top of the sheets, resting her chin and hands on the pillow beside your head to look at you with this bright red eyes, “I ran.”

You reached over with both hands to gently mush her cheeks in a teasing manner, “That’s not what i meant, you munchkin!”

Although you did this, you could tell that she was making her signature face -- the ‘strained smile’ kind. Over the last month she had begun to make the face often since she, sadly, didn’t seem to know how to smile. You tried to show her to -- by placing both of your pointer fingers at the corners of your mouth and pushing them upwards to make a big smile -- but when she tried it, she looked as though she was hurting herself.

In the end you settled for this, glad that she is at least able to pull this alone. She eventually lifted her little hands to grip whichever one of your fingers she could reach and pulled your hands away with ease.

“You could get in trouble for visiting me,” you told her.

“Why can’t i visit you?” she pouted, scooting above the sheets, “You visit me.”

“That’s exactly why,” you answered her, “I visit you because….I’m older. Thus i can walk around on my own. But you need a guide.”

She pouted more, “I don’t need a guide!”

“Tell that to Overhaul.” you mused, grinning.

You knew she wouldn’t do it and from the look on her face -- not so much as fear but displeasure in the thought -- she wouldn’t do it either.


“....could you do it for me?”

“Mmmm…” you feigned, laying all the way back down.

At this she hopped up and onto you, begging for you to do it and, in turn, making you laugh.

“Alright, alright, munchkin, i’ll do it,” you eventually said, trapping her in a bear hug.

She gave a muffled thank you and a pat to your side. After a moment, she lifted her gaze to you, a flicker of seriousness in her eyes, “....did you have a nightmare last night?”

You softened slightly from her question, “....maybe.”

“You were groaning….like you were in pain,” she told you, “And then you gasped and started coughing! ….i got so scared.”

You hugged her again, making sure to give her a tight squeeze.

“Thank you for helping me, Eri….” you said, “You’re a hero.”

Her eyes lit up to this but before she could speak, a soft knocking came from the door. Eri immediately hid away with your sheets and pillows while you stood and stretched before adjusting your night wear and heading to the door, adjusting your medical mask as you went -- a mask you only wore at night because it wasn’t big like your other one.

As expected it was Chrono waiting with a tray of food for you consisting of perfect and fluffy pancakes, an exotic set of fresh berries in a small dish, syrup and a glass of orange juice -- nothing too fancy as per your request given you might not eat it all.


Although you couldn’t see his face you could tell that he was observing you -- most likely mentally judging your bed head and the sleepiness in your eyes. You held the door open a little further for him to come in and he did so, heading to your bed.

“Good morning, Ms. (Y/N)” he greeted as he set the tray down.

“Morning, Chrono,” you greeted back, taking a seat on the bed beside it.

He passed you the main plate before moving to set your sides beside you while leaving your drink on the tray, as usual, “Overhaul wishes to see you once you have finished and freshened up.”

“Do you know why?” you asked, pulling your mask off to begin eating.

He didn’t answer you -- you knew that when he didn’t he either knew but couldn’t tell or simply didn’t want to. Either way, he knew and if he didn’t he would’ve said so. You tilted your head slightly as though attempting to see past his mask and cloak, “Chrono.”

He didn’t look to you until he finished setting up your little station. You stared directly into his mask and, just faintly, you thought you could see his own eyes, gazing right back at you.

After a second he finally spoke, making his way out, “Overhaul feels that you are ready to get back out into the world again...He's got a mission for you. Eat and clean up so you can see him.”

With this he departed from the room, leaving you alone. Well, almost alone, Eri, shuffling her way aimlessly out of her hiding place to your side.

“A mission?” she repeated lowly, almost whispering.

“Weird right?” you remarked before taking a bite of your food.

“’re not going to leave me are you?”

You turned your attention to her, your brows instantly furrowing from this, “Of course not, Eri. Why would i?”

“Because….” she mumbled, lowering her gaze in a guilty manner. You waited for her to continue but she never did. Instead you took a piece of your food and extended your fork to her.

“Cheer up, pipsqueak,” you said, smiling warmly, “I’m not going anywhere. Not without you.”

She gazed up at you before opening her mouth, allowing you to feed her a bit of the pancake. She hummed from the flavors and from your words, her ‘strained smile’ expression appearing again.

You continued to share your breakfast with her, mostly letting her feed on your berries until you drew close to finishing. From there, she took the moment to return to her hiding spot while you finished off what was left. Once she was hidden you called for Chrono who promptly entered.

“That was faster than normal.” he commented as he began to put everything back onto the tray.

“Yeah...guess i was two times as hungry today,” you chuckled.

He paused in his work, turning his attention to you. You could feel his eyes narrowing as he stared holes through you, trying to decipher your hidden message but you merely chuckled again -- although you hadn’t done it in a while, your skills in keeping your breathing normal, heart rate steady and expression unreadable never faltered.

“What?” you asked, simply.

“....nothing.” he finally answered, moving to clean your fingers properly.

You stood and stretched out once he was done before heading off to prepare some clothes to wear once you had finished cleaning up. Your mind wandered off to Eri, wondering how she was faring at the moment, still hiding away within your bed. You smiled a little at the thought of her complaining once he left, claiming that your sheets were too thick and she felt as though she was boiling.


You turned your attention to your right to see Chrono standing there with your mask -- the one just like Overhaul’s but shorter -- ready to put it on you.

“Would I have to wear a mask even if i didn’t need one?” you asked, “Their not...terribly weird, i’m just curious.”

You could’ve sworn he had chuckled just then, a soft and amused sound coming from beneath his mask as he took his time placing the straps of the mask around your ears, “Most likely...but if it were an option, i’d vouch at least for you to not wear one.”

You rose a brow, raising a hand to catch the end of the mask and pull it back down before he could adjust it, “Because?”

The male stiffened from this for a moment -- or maybe longer than that given he took his time to come up with his answer, “.....because you look better without it.”

“Aw, Chronostasis thinks I look pretty!” you cooed.

At this he huffed, taking a step back from you as though offended, “I did not say that!”

“You didn’t, yes, but I said you think so!” you cackled.

At this, he turned away from you and almost stormed out of your room, “Hurry up and get ready.”

“Aye, aye, Kurono .” you called after him before returning your attention to your closet. Shortly after you heard a small gasp come from behind you followed by semi-heavy breathing, making you chuckle.

“It’s hot under here.” Eri whined, wiggling her body free from the sheets.

“It’s cold in the building,” you chuckled in your defense, “Surely you’ve noticed.”

She hopped off of your bed and bounced to your side, gazing up at your clothes, “Is that why you wear long sleeves all the time?”

“Well, yes and no,” you answered a little sheepishly, “With what i used to do and most likely will do again, it was best to be fully covered. So i can hide and…..stuff.”

“Why would you want to hide?” Eri asked, giving you a funny look.

“You know, so the baddies don’t find me,” you stated, petting her head, “Like the boogeyman -- i gotta be fully covered so he can’t see me.”

“Boogeyman?” she repeated, “Is that some sort of villain?? Can someone turn themselves into monsters ??”

“Yes!” you proclaimed, kneeling down to her level, “And I fought them before, oh yes….But that’s a tale for another time.”

At this, Eri whined and pouted but didn’t fuss too much as you scooped her up into your right arm so she could see all of your clothes from a better view. She then proceeded to pick out your outfit for the day -- a simple white v-neck with a (F/C) undershirt, a pair of all black shorts that reached down just below your knees and black running shoes with simple white socks. You wore a jacket over you not only for a bit more coverage but because of your left arm, not entirely comfortable with having it just….out.

Once you were cleaned up and dressed, you retrieved Eri -- who insisted on taking a bath -- before heading out. On your way, you met up with Chrono who appeared to have been on his way to retrieve you. His posture upon seeing Eri in your arm stiffened and even straightened out as he moved to your side, almost visibly eyeing her.

“Why do you have Eri with you?” he practically demanded, “If you take her to Overhaul’s office--”

“I don’t plan to,” you responded, “Once we’re close, you can take her back to her room. She’s already cleaned up so don’t worry about catching anything.”

“I’m not sick!” Eri huffed.

“Your cuteness is oh so contagious,” you cooed. Again, the soft sound similar to a chuckle came from the male beside you before he cleared his throat and adjusted his mask while Eri blushed lightly, hiding her face away in the crook of our neck.

You continued to gush about her adorableness until you three drew close to Overhaul’s office. From there, you said your ‘see you laters’ before departing into the lion’s den alone.

As expected, the brunette was sitting in his usual spot on his usual couch gazing into his usual laptop on his usual brown coffee table, a medium sized vanilla file resting perfectly symmetrical beside it. The sight of him -- although you both were somewhat well acquainted to a less hostile level -- sent a shiver down your spine. Your dream was still fresh -- like a memory. And although you have heard his threatening words before, they haunted you again as though he had just said them.

But then again….In the beginning, the sight of his fully unmasked face did send your heart into overdrive...Seeing the uncovered face of the sociopathic murderous child-abusing germaphobe was as exciting as the day you went down into your basement and discovered Dabi hiding away. But it was a little more...intense. Being close to someone so dangerous….the warmth of his touch still lingering on your skin….

You frowned a little at the thought. What the hell was wrong with you?

“(Y/N),” Overhaul greeted, pulling you out of your thoughts.

You perked up and stepped forward, “You wanted to see me?”

“I did.” he said with a small nod, “Please, take a seat. There is much to discuss.”

You did so, taking a seat on the couch directly across from him as he reached out to push the file over to you. You took the file and set it onto your lap before opening it.

“I’m putting you to work,” he stated, “but first, i’m going to need your equipment preference information and other necessities...You’ll need to be at your best before i hand you a real assignment.”

“’re going to get me new gear?” you asked, returning your attention to him.

“Yes,” he answered, “and more. I don’t plan to let you run about using the same old devices and tools you had before, no….You are a special case, thus you will be treated and look as such as you work. You must represent your people just as you work with and for them….Even during the dirtiest of jobs.”

“Like showing off your merchandise….and what it can do, too.” you said slightly under your breath.

“Exactly.” he responded, clearly having heard you.

You said nothing more as you continued to go over the file. It was mostly fill-in-the-blanks for your measurements for your suit, spaces for your lists of equipments, gadgets and main gear -- and note space for Overhaul, you betted -- reliable sources, markets in different countries and more. Further back it got more into work things such as a list of possible ‘points’ and ‘hit spots’ -- more like ‘target people’. You began to wonder if these were the names of possibly innocent people but after doing a little more reading they were actually villains and low life criminals with petty crimes.

“That will be your mission,” Overhaul stated, gazing at the file too, “You will take the place of your placeholder hero and...shall i say, ‘clean the streets’.”

“....i see,” you eventually mumbled, more focused on the file than him, “How big has my name gotten over the past couple of months?”

“Fairly.” he answered, “As intended, ‘your presence’ when a villain shows up has become desired as it is for any other ‘hero’. Professional ‘hero’ . You’re on the news a couple mornings every once in a while and on the front cover of a number of magazines...You're getting to the top but you’ve still got a long ways to go.”

You looked up to him once more, raising a brow, “Exactly, how high do i need to go, again?”

“As high as you can,” he answered, his eyes narrowing slightly, “The more you climb the further our reach and stronger our grasp is in the ‘hero’ world…..Consider yourself a book with no words. You will fill yourself with as much information about the other ‘heroes’ as you can -- strengths, weaknesses, family, friends...maybe even dark secrets. Anything you can gather will be put to good use.”

“And if something happened to me in that process?” you asked, “Like if someone catches onto me?”

“I assume you’ll have a solution to that before you come to it,” he stated, his eyes narrowing more, “But I believe you will see to it that it doesn’t happen in the first place. Correct?”

“Right.” you hummed, turning your attention to the file again.

For a good ten minutes neither of you spoke as you filled it all out -- occasionally needing to pause to resituate your papers. As you worked, every now and then you would steal a peek up to Overhaul to see what he was doing. Most of the time, if not all, he was neck deep in his own work, going over documents or some sort of worksheet you never noticed he had or was staring intently into his computer -- his gaze never once moving to you. You returned your attention to your work yet your hand didn’t continue moving as you thought about your dream again.


He gave a soft hum, not looking up from his work. You pursed your lips, slowly setting your pen down.

“....what if i had a quirk?” you asked.

At this he froze, clearly taken aback by your question. After a moment his gaze shifted to you and a shudder of tension and discomfort ran down your spine. “....that i didn’t know about!” you hastily added, “What would you do?”

He said nothing for a very long moment, staring at you as though he were mentally deciding weather or not you would be walking out of his office that day. His gaze was hard and his eyes burned with nothing other than pure disgust from the word ‘quirk’. He sat up right, setting his papers to his side, not even taking the time to make sure the stack was neat before he spoke, his voice calm and steady but laced in great displeasure and a hint of venom.

“....i’d kill you where you stand.” he answered smoothly.

You paled slightly but didn’t move, a part of you having expected this, “...why?”

“I would feel that i have been lied to….fooled and betrayed by you -- someone who i am beginning to see as one of my own,” he continued, “But if you did but really didn’t know about it -- which i strongly doubt….but managed to live your entire life without it….I would do you the favor of removing it…..and we continue in our work as before.”

“Removing it….?” you repeated, your brows furrowing slightly.

As expected he didn’t elaborate, instead asked his own question, “Why do you ask? Do you feel that you may possess ‘it’?”

You took a moment to speak, weighing his words in your mind. Knowing Overhaul, he may seem to be calming slightly but you could tell that his displeasure and usual impulse to act was teeter-tottering back and forth with his reasonable and calm side. You were walking on thin ice and the last thing you wanted was to become the new red paint on his couch….


….but if you were too hesitant and didn’t tell him how you felt, you were afraid to imagine his reaction if something were to activate in you at any random moment….There was no winning with this man, was there?

You took a very deep breath before sighing, your shoulders tensing slightly, “....i do.”

This time he didn’t freeze as he processed your words. After a few more seconds he suddenly rose to his feet, causing you to flinch. He ignored this action, walking around his table towards the door. You watched as he did so, having expected him to approach you instead but he departed from the room before you could say anything.

Where the hell is he going?? ” you thought, twisting in your seat to possibly see where he went, “ God, i hope i didn’t piss him off….

You sat in place for a good ten minutes waiting for him to return. You even thought about possibly retreating to your room, your nerves beginning to get to you at one point. By the time he returned you were expecting the worse but he was empty handed and both were still gloved, at that. You watched as he sat back down, expecting something to happen but he said nothing. If anything, he appeared to be fully calm again, even picking up his papers and getting back to work.

You prepared to ask why he left but before you could you suddenly felt a painful prick on the side of your neck causing you to wince and swear, moving your hand to swat at whatever it was. You jumped at the sight of Chrono standing right behind you with a gun in his right hand and the item that had pricked you in his left, having removed it before you got the chance to do it yourself.

“What the hell!” you hissed at him.

He merely turned and departed from the room, shutting the door behind himself. With this you turned your attention to the brunette still working across from you, rubbing your neck.

“What was that about??” you asked him, “Did he just inject me with something??”

“Obviously,” he replied in a bored manner, “....i told you i would remove it -- or see to it that you remain powerless. And i there is no need for you to worry about anything ‘occurring’ in the future.”

He motioned to your file before turning his attention back to his own work, “The sooner you finish filling that out the sooner you can to your return to your quarters.”

You didn’t move for a moment, your hand still on your neck where you had received the shot. You eventually removed it so you could pick up your pen and keep working.

2 Months Later

For a full month, shortly after you got your new gear you were working to get back into shape. You had gotten smaller in body mass since the incident with Overhaul and Dabi over three months ago and it surprised you that you hadn’t gained it back despite the work you’ve been trying to do. Maybe it was because you were a little over thirteen pounds lighter now? The thought made you wanna laugh.

What took away the chuckles was the realization on how much Overhaul had spent on you --- even Chrono thought it was ridiculous upon learning it but he didn’t complain….to Overhaul at least. You were in constant denial of the items you had received, each one ranging over at least a thousand dollars but Overhaul wouldn’t hear it, his obviousness in his lack of caring for the amount of money he casually threw away becoming clearer than a glass of water.

Your new suit was a little loose on you at first but once you were in the full swing of things again it fitted like a glove. Maybe a little tighter however, given Chrono had been promoted from errand boy to your training partner. Needless to say, you were floored more times than you could remember yet with each defeat you grew stronger, faster, tougher and better.

At the end of your third month with a yakuza you were ready to take the place of your ‘hero placeholder’ -- a young woman who called herself  ‘The Zookeeper’, or so you were told.At the moment you were finishing prepping for the mission due to come the following morning from now, currently getting settled down in your bed to sleep.

You couldn’t help but wiggle around in your sheets stirring up a bit of heat under them as you did so, your restlessness, nervousness and even excitement keeping you from getting your rest. Eventually you had no choice but to pull the sheets off of you to let the coolness of your room’s air cool you down and hopefully help lull you off to sleep.

You had the feeling it did help after some time because the next thing you knew you were inglufed in utter darkness -- even darker than your bedroom -- and you lost feeling in your body again, just as you had a couple of months ago during your strange dream.

The same dream you were having again.

Just as before, ringing filled your ears but it wasn’t as loud as it was the first time. And once again, a pair of hands covered your ears but this time it wasn’t Overhaul but Shigaraki’s doing, the icy blue haired male standing before you with the exact same expression he had so long ago. After a long moment he removed his hands before backing up and beginning to circle you as he had before.

You heart clenched at the sight of Dabi following behind him, his face bearing that same lovable half smirk, half smile, not a staple in sight on his smooth skin. You watched him until he was completely out of your sight before looking to the person who followed after him. The sight of them sent chills down your spine:

It was Overhaul….but he was a monster. Darkness and blood covered and even seem to ooze off of his body, very little color from his own clothes could be seen from beneath it all. He limped as he walked as though he were in pain but his limbs and even his body was contorted as though he were a ghost or even a demon. His masked dripped with some sort of dark mass that looked like blood and what made it worse was that it appeared to be apart of him, the bottom and top opening and closing with each of his steps just like the beak of an actual toucans.

He looked like -- no, was a demon . you would never had imagined a version of such creature existed or could ever be. The man you had once believed was deeply attractive on the outside was this on the inside….

Your stomach turned at such a gruesome sight, not even watching as he disappeared from your vision. A moment later, only Shigaraki and Dabi stood before you -- you didn’t dare to wonder where ‘Overhaul’ had gone if he had left at all.

“ didn’t work,” you suddenly mumbled, “ was never going to work….Not for long.”

At this you frowned a little, now trying to move your head to see who was possibly making you say these things. It was your own voice but the words were not.

“But now i can see….” you muttered, “......I must be strong in the days to come….I must be careful of who i trust....I must see Shigaraki soon….”

I must wake up.

Just like the first time you woke with a start despite not being startled. You managed to keep your breathing somewhat even as you reached around in the darkness for your nightstand. Once you had it you rested it onto your chest so you could move your nightly medical mask out of the way.

You stared at the ceiling sleepily as you inhaled and exhaled slowly, your lungs and body beginning to relax again. Once your breathing was even once more, you sat your main mask back in place before pulling the medical one back up. From there you pulled your sheets back over yourself and steadily drifted back into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Text

The following morning you woke from the feeling of someone nudging your left shoulder. You frowned a tiny bit but just from this little movement, the nudging grew rougher and soon the person’s voice filled your ears.

“It’s time to get up, (Y/N),” Chrono half hummed, being somewhat gentle yet stern with you, “You need to get ready.”

You gave your own hum, grumbling ‘i’m up’ despite your eyes remaining shut still. However the male didn’t stop bugging you until you were sitting upright and rubbing the sleepiness from your eyes.

“Good morning by the way,” he commented shifting to your nightstand to retrieve the tray containing your breakfast.

“Morning….” you grumbled before lowering your hand. However before he could place your tray onto your lap you stiffened leaning back slightly as though to get a better look at him: which, in fact, you were.

Either he wasn’t wearing his mask or this was still a dream….but his face was completely uncovered -- and never once have you known Chrono, not even during training sessions, has he ever removed his mask.

You gawked at him and his surprisingly attractive features: his silver hair slightly dulled by his hood, yet you could see the slight shine against it from the openness. His hair was longer on his right side, reaching and even twisting down into arrow like points up to two or three from what you could see. His eyes reminded you of Overhaul’s -- sharp, focused yet rich with life and far more gentler than the brunettes -- and the shape and structure of his jaw added to it all, giving him quite the defined and manly look to his softness.


However, there was something else about him that took away from his attractiveness: there was darkness radiating off of his upper back, shoulders and head, as though something was attached to him there, kind of spooking you.

He rose a brow as he studied your expression before speaking, “What?”

You lifted your hands to give your eyes a good rub again but nothing changed, “.....Kurono…..where is your mask?”

Both of his brows furrowed at this, now eyeing you, “Excuse me?”

“Your mask!” you stated, “You’re not wearing it!”

He continued to stare at you, his eyes searching you closely for a long moment before he replaced the tray back onto your night stand before extending a hand to your forehead, “You must be feeling unwell….perhaps we have been pushing you too much---”

“I’m not sick!” you protested fanning his hand away, “Nor am i going crazy! I can see your face as clear as day!”

You extended your hand out to touch it, not caring for the fact that he leaned back slightly….but you didn’t touch skin. Instead your fingers gazed something cold and hard that your eyes did not detect -- it was his mask. You quickly withdrew your fingers at the same time he quickly leaned further back from you. For a moment his mask seemed to come into sight, faint color and the shape of it waving into sight as though you had disturbed still waters. You ignored him as he seemed to fix it, watching as it faded from sight again.

“(Y/N)....” he began, lowering his hands, “If you’re feeling under the weather you don’t have to push yourself. Overhaul will see to it that someone else take up your mission.”

You pursed your lips, internally steaming at the moment. You wanted to tell him off and prove your point but in the end it wouldn’t be worth it. You’d get into trouble and Overhaul would have to waste energy on sending some other goof to do your job -- not only that but waste energy on trying to figure out what’s wrong with you.

“....sorry,” you eventually said, lowering your gaze, “Really, i’m fine, my brain is….still ‘powering on’ i guess…..”

He gave a small nod but you could tell that he didn’t quite believe you entirely. Despite this he presented your tray to you, resting it onto your lap before departing to wait outside of your room for you finish. You ate semi-slowly, turning over what you saw in your mind over and over again.

I’m not going crazy ” you thought, “ I know what i saw….what i’m seeing ….Unless….

You lifted your hand, observing it closely before feeling on your face and running it through your hair, making sure nothing was on you.

Do i…. ” you thought, lowering your hand to gaze at it again, “. ...have a quirk after all?


You tried your hardest to keep your expression neutral and give nothing away in your eyes as you walked along side Chrono to Overhaul’s office for a breifing. Each person you passed, although they wore their masks, you could see their faces as clear as day. And each were as….. interesting looking as the last but neither as good looking as Overhaul or Kurono. Some were weird looking -- like the precept with the huge mouth and blooshot eyes -- while others were just monsterous. All of them, however, bore the darkness.

You were almost relieved to have finally arrived to Overhaul’s office once you both did yet you weren’t all too eager to see him either; not after seeing the monster from your dream.

Hell, you wholeheartedly expected to see it since you were seeing people’s true identities now.

You were somewhat ‘pleasantly’ surprised to find him just as ‘mask-less’ as everyone else, currently neck deep into whatever was on his computer screen. Your heart gave a light flutter when he lifted his gaze to you -- although it wasn’t filled with emptiness nor was it intense, he was still quite nice to look at. Other than the massive dark energy coming off of him, blackening the ceiling like the suffocating smoke of a fire, of course.

You took your seat across from him just as you normally would, trying your hardest to keep your focus on him and not the rest of the room. He proceeded to breif you over your mission but you were hardly listening. Your eyes remained on him but your focus was on the shifting radiation of the darkness coming off of him: whenever his emotions shifted -- like if he said the word ‘hero -- the darkness would increase in medium bursts like the blossoming cloud after an explosion, feeding it greatly. Or if he expressed his faith in you and your capabilities there would be no burst and the darkness would die down a little, but never did it go away.

You nodded when you needed to and commented when you had to but other than this you had no words. You would only gaze at him and try to listen in the process. No one else -- not even Chrono was this bad…..maybe he was the root of the darkness on the others? It had to be….and if that is so, then you really did need to be careful of who you trusted -- for although you were under their wing for three months that didn’t mean you were their ally just yet.

Did you really want to be?

“....once you’ve turned in the villains, Chrono and another of the precepts will move in to make the second move,” he stated, “That is where we will put on the show…..The show of how you lost your arm.”

“The last thing we need is you to return and confuse the masses,” Chrono said, “To lose a limb is a major feat….one everyone will be dying to know how it was done. If no one sees it happen your cover could be blown all in one day and all that we’ve done will be for nothing.”

“It won’t” Overhaul added, “We’ll give them a show….as long are as you are still prepared for it.”

You gave a stiff nod, “.....i am.”

Overhaul returned the nod before standing to retrieve his jacket, “Prepare to head out. We leave in ten.”

Both you and Chrono did as told, swiftly departing from the office. You were not looking forward to this.

*Toshinori Yagi*


Over the past three months, Toshinori had been focusing more of his attention from the police work to his young pupil. Ever since the death of (Y/N), for a time he had been scarred by it; the fact of his powerlessness and the idea of his uselessness having constantly haunted him ever since. But he had grown out of it over the recent month however, the pressure on the young lad he was trying not to push was crushing him inside.


The last thing he wanted was another case like (Y/N)’s to pop up ever again….and if it did, he wanted the boy to be ready for it in the way that he wasn’t.

For now, he focused on lighter things, such as staying in shape and seeing to it that the lad, Young Midoriya he called him, was doing just fine in and out of his lessons in school, as well as staying out of trouble. At the moment he walked along side Midoriya currently on cool-down mode from jogging a fair distance around a park.

He would often steal a glance or two at the young lad to see how he was doing but the fire in his eyes and the determined smile he would often recieve back aroused one from himself, all the while encouraging him to keep going -- this being part of why they’ve been out and about for over two hours. However, when Midoriya didn’t take notice to his glance, he could tell that the boy was deep in thought, slightly egging his curiosity. He was a little surprised that he wasn’t mumbling away under his breath, thus giving him the idea that it must be something serious.

He thought about asking him if there was something bothering him a few times but then again, he didn’t want to press him, knowing Midoriya would probably brush it off as something unimportant or for him to not worry about but he always knew better.


With this, he extended a hand to him and placed it onto his shoulder, instantly getting his attention.

“Young Midoriya,” he began, “You’ve been looking awful serious for a while now….Is there something troubling you?”

He instantly perked up but instead of babbling nervously about nothing bothering him and everything being alright, but instead he offered a big smile and the shake of his head, “No, i’m just thinking about my internship, is all.”

At this, Toshinori nodded, removing his hand, “Are you having trouble with finding someone who will take you in?”

“Not…. exactly ,” Midoriya said, lifting a hand to rub the back of his neck, “I know who i want to speak to but….i want to hear what you think first.”

Toshinori paused to face the lad, “I’m listening.”

He could tell that Midoriya’s cool demeanor had begun to crack from this, a hint of that nervousness shining through as he prepared to speak his mind, “....All Might! Could you be the one to vouch for me to work under your old sidekick, Nighteye---?!”


Toshinori would’ve chuckled at the sight of the boy’s stunned expression and the way he stiffened like a board if this wasn’t a serious moment.

“B-but--” Midoriya began.

Toshinori sighed and began to explian why he gave the answer he did but the distant sound of siren’s met his ears and caught his attention. Soon, even Midoriya began to hear it and even began to run ahead to see if any police vehicles were coming this way. Toshinori perked up and even called to him before quickly following while being sure not to push himself too hard.

*Izuku Midoriya*

He pushed his surprise and confusion to the side for the time being, his curiosity for whatever might be going on right now becoming far more important to him. He had taken a notice to how often villains had been popping up -- mostly people who were much too eager to make a name for themselves by robbing convenience stores -- and how every now and then the Masked Hero would make an appearance just as any other hero would. And just like any other hero, she would get the job done cleanly, with minimal to no damage to civilians or even the villains and constantly kept a cool head.

Although she wasn’t as stunning and flashy as the other heroes, giving her a mysterious flare, she had become popular nonetheless. Not the ‘Top Ten Hero Popular’ but she was getting there. At one point, he even wished he had brought his journal with him to take some notes on her and her skills, often becoming fascinated by her actions.

At the moment, all he could do was watch as a large truck -- one that was to be used for transporting baked goods -- sped up the street, filled with villains in the front and the back, all of which trying to shake off the police and the very Masked Hero herself from behind them.

As he did so, an unsettling feeling began to fill him, something about the Masked Hero -- although they were just working -- began to give him mixed vibes. He tried to push the feeling down but something in him knew better….something was going to happen. Before he knew it he was on the move, running at normal speed after the police vehicles.

“Midoriya!” he heard All Might call after him but he didn’t stop.

“I’ll be right back!” he promised. With this, and a burst of air, as he activated his quirk causing power to spark off of him like electricity, he planted his right foot before launching himself into the air and over the street to the nearest building, using it and many others to bounce about and follow the chase.

*(Y/N) (L/N)*

This is ridiculous ” you mentally hissed as you ran along the side of a building, preparing to shoot one of the claws on your belt onto the truck, “ Who the hell are these guys?! And why are there so many?!


Once you reached the end of the building you launched yourself off of it and into the air, high above the truck. You would’ve thought you had gone too far had you not perfetly deployed both of your claws into the center of the truck, allowing you pull and swing yourself down into the very opening in the back, planting both of your feet into two villains, allowing you to push the rest in the back deeper inside like falling domino's. With no one holding the doors open, both of them slammed shut plunging the lot of you into darkness.

Not only have you trained for situations like these with the League and the yakuza but what really got you excited was being able to do two times the damage you’ve really been wanting to, now that you bore a ‘placeholder’ limb on your left arm. It wasn’t yours but some sort of mold that Overhaul and Chrono took the liberty to have attached to you for the time being but the longer it stayed the more real it felt. Before, it felt far too foreign for you and the fact that it wasn’t going to last you very long made you fairly sceptical at first but now you were ready to do some real damage. With the doors shut and the police unable to see anything, there was no holding back.


Once you were all done, you busted from the back, deploying your claws up and outwards, letting the wind catch them and hit the roof of the truck again. You made sure no one in the back was badly beaten -- not like they really knew how to fight anyway -- but thoroughly tied up before gtting back out there. Once you were on the roof again, you began to move forward but had to pause a few times as the driver began to swerve, trying to get you off. However, thanks to a couple of police vehicles pulling up on either sides of it, the movement of the trick became limited, granting you space and time to get to the front. Both of the villains in the front sweared and possibly shrieked at the sight of you poking your head down in front.

“Excuse me!” You called, “I’m going to need you to pull over now! You’re friends have been captured and the goods will secured by the authorities soo---!”

Fuck. You. ” the driver hissed before extending a hand your way, his fingers suddenly morphing into blades and shooting your way.

You quickly with drew before any could cut you or through your mask, “Alright….guess we’ll have to do this the hard way.”

With this you gripped the driver’s side of the roof, inhaled deeply as you mentally hoping that you wouldn’t mess this transition up, before hoping over the side and turning your body and stiffening in time to launch yourself into the front through the open window, kicking the first villain into his friend and dropping yourself into the driver’s seat.

With your left hand on the wheel, left foot on the brakes and right hand extended to the first villain, currently tasing them, you gave an ‘I told you so’ kind of hum as you slowed the vehicle to a stop at last, managing to get it to stop before it could hit anything or anyone. Once the truck stopped, you removed the taser before hopping out to tend to the second villain but you weren’t the only one. He had already climbed out but before he could do anything, several officers surrounded him with their weapons in hand, stopping him in his tracks.

You inhaled deeply before sighing and placing your hands on your hips in a proud manner. Despite this not being the Masked Hero’s first mission, this was, indeed, your first successful rodeo in hero work. What made it better was the cheers that began to sound around you from gathering civilians, all of them impressed by your quick and clean work. You squinted against the sight of them all, however, the brightness, instead of darkness coming off of the people and the officers -- all gathered in one spot -- becoming almost blinding.

It was better than seeing only darkness however, making you smile. Just as you turned to prepare to leave, deploying your claws into the nearest building, that very same darkness you were glad to not see seemed to explode from behind you, drawing your attention again. It was the villain that the police had just taken in; he was resisting with all of his might, literally snapping away at the poor men -- at least until he broke free and charged in your direction like a feral animal.

Unlike any of the other villains this ones mouth was far larger than normal, giving him a pack-man like look now that he was using his quirk -- no wonder he didn’t do anything when you f orced yourself into the truck earlier.

Against your better judgement, you turned mid-flight as he sprang toward you try and catch and recapture him but his attack caught you entirely off guard. The next thing you knew, you were falling and searing pain shot through and up your arm arousing a cry from you. You didn’t have time to recover or do much of anything before you were dragged up the street by the arm, the villain running on all fours like some sort of animal.

The pain was indescribable -- you felt nothing when Overhaul blew your body to bits but you would rather die that way again and again and again than feel this. You could feel his teeth shredding the muscles and crunching down on your bones -- although makeshift it still felt so real. It wasn’t until he started shaking his head, making sharp turns and making the pain far worse, as trying to tear it off did it become unbearable.

You both tried to knock him out with your right arm and tried to reach for something -- anything on you -- to hit him with but your actions were fruitless. You could feel your gear starting to heat up as it wore down against the concrete of the road beneath your back and your neck began to ache as you struggled to keep your head from hitting the ground. But all that mattered was that you were being taken away from the watching and panicked eyes of the masses to only he and God knew where.

Just as Overhaul had intended.

You had completely forgotten about this part of the mission, but you never imagined it would be like this. You were the Masked Hero….yet you wanted nothing more than for a hero to come along and save you from this pain.

And just like that, one did. At least you thought so.

The ground ahead gave an unsettling tremble as though something had just landed not too far in front of you, causing the villain to stop in his tracks.

*Izuku Midoriya*

Power still pulsing off of him and his dark green hair fluttering in a light wind coming off of him, he prepared to attack if he needed to, staring down the villain, “Let her go!” he demanded.

He wasn’t surprised when the villain gave a muffled cackle before speaking, dropping her arm in the process, “Outta my way, kid! I’ve got a score to settle!”

Stiffening his body, more sparks began to come off of his body, charging up, “I’m sorry but i can’t let you do that!”

“Like you can stop me!” he cackled before springing forward to attack him, head on -- as predicted.

He won’t be too hard to take down from the looks of his attack” Midoriya thought, bursting forward, “Just one kick should wear him down enough for me to get her out of here...Or at least hold him off until the authorities find us

Midoriya didn’t veer off from his attack until he spotted the villain's mouth opening -- purposefully close to the last second as to throw him off he suspected. With this he launched himself upwards and over the villain but not too far, their heads almost touching from him being so close and upside down. Twisting his body around, he managed to get his kick in on the villain’s back just before he could recover and turn on him, sending the man flying and tumbling. For a moment he wondered of he had been too rough just then, watching and waiting for a reaction to come from the man but once he started moving again -- just the tiniest bit -- he sighed in relief.

However, he was surprised to see that you -- the Masked Hero -- had completely vanished, only a medium sized pool of blood where you had been trailing off to an alley before disappearing all together.


He blinked a few times, wondering how you managed to get away without being seen or heard before turning his attention back to the villain. He didn't want to fight him if he didn't have to, but if he needed to defend himself while making sure the man didn’t hurt anyone else, he would do it.


*(Y/N) (L/N)*

“Well done out there, (Y/N)” Chrono congratulated you as he carried you through several dark alley’s back to the base, “You played hero so well, i had begun to believe you really were one.”

At the moment, although you were processing his words at normal speed, your body was moving as slow as a snail’s, practically rendering every inch of you immobilized. It was necessary, however, for Chrono to use his quirk on you -- even if it meant he had to practically impale you with one of the arrows of his hair -- due to him needing to slow your bleeding.

For a bit, you wondered of it was because he simply didn’t want you to bleed and pass out on him as he got you back to safety or simply because he didn’t want to hear it from Overhaul. Maybe it was both reasons, but at the moment you couldn’t care less.

The pain still pulsed through you but you were more hurt by the fact that you had lost your arm again. It may have been a fake -- one doomed to give out on you by the end of the day and return to the mush or whatever it was before -- but it was more than nice to have two working hands again. You continued to think about the events of the day and the succession of them all, a small smile pulling at your lips.

With all of these in mind and most of your body at ease, you managed to drift to sleep in Chrono’s arms. You needed the rest, so surely he wouldn’t mind. But if he did….well, it wasn’t your problem.


The next time you woke it was to the sound of quiet chatter somewhere around you. Gladly, this this time it wasn’t a dream, this you could tell from your sleepiness. Opening your eyes ever so slightly you faintly caught a glimpse of Overhaul and Chrono hovering over your stiff body, Overhaul on your left side seeming to be deep in whatever he was doing while Chrono hovered on your right, watching him and often looking to see of you were awake yet.

You didn’t have time to process much more before he blew your cover, informing Overhaul of your apparent consciousness. The brunette merely gave a hum, continuing his work. Every now and then he would say or request something from Chrono and he would get it, but other than this there wasn’t much happening. Soon you found yourself dozing off and drifting back into a dreamless sleep.

*Chisaki Kai*

Once he had finished, fully removing the mold from (Y/N)’s arm, he whipped his forehead with the back of his hand before whipping it off on his pant leg, sitting up fully and rolling out his neck and shoulders. Once again, he had to use a fair amount of energy from his quirk to get the job done but he wasn’t as ticked as he was before. If anything he was proud -- you did better than he expected you to on your first mission for the hero world and he was sure both your performance and the low-life’s -- one of which he took the liberty of turning into a puddle -- had earned you the hearts of everyone in the city by now.

It was only a matter of time before he would begin to extend the hand of the yakuza into the ‘untouchable’ world of heroes. The time was drawing nearer and soon he would be able to put his plan into action.

But for now, he would see to it that you were taken care of while he had Chrono prepare a bath for him, planning to wash away today's filth and prepare for the days -- maybe months -- to come.

1 Month Ago


Chrono gave Overhaul’s office door a few soft knocks before entering, “Sir, our guests have arrived….”

His eyes flickered between you and Overhaul currently sitting on the same couch side by side -- yet at least three inches apart -- both of your gazes glued to his computer screen. You sat with your left leg crossed over the right and your body slightly leaned forward in an intrigued manner with your right hand rested on your knee, while Overhaul sat in his usual manly position, with his elbows on his knees and hands cupped just a centimeter from his chin.

One would’ve said you two looked like a perfect couple or even siblings from the how much you two had begun to look and act alike, but in your defense: it was all Overhaul’s doing. Over time as your name out in the hero world grew even bigger so did his apparent feelings towards you.

You had become a valued companion more so than an asset to the man -- so much so that you could simply sit next to him without internally panicking over the thought of dying if you so much as brushed his sleeve. He had even begun to show his appreciation for your work, by buying you simple yet expensive things -- such as new clothes to wear out on your off time, a slightly longer mask that was two-thirds the size of his, and better quarters closer to his own already done up to your liking. He had pushed to give you other things like jewelry and other girly things; but with a bit of convincing you were able to get him to settle with what he had already done.

What had both of your attention, at the moment, was the news -- something he often watched apparently. It was about you and your great return after the events that took place a month ago.

Your sudden uprising, your acts of bravery, the loss of your arm and unbreakable spirit was the talk of the town -- as well as your recent activity. You were simply listening to the opinions of the gushing masses while Overhaul mentally analyzed everything, already making out plans for the future movements of the yakuza, no doubt. It wasn’t until Chrono arrived, having left to see to a ‘special guest’, did you finally look up.

Chrono stepped aside and leaned against the wall by the door allowing the guest to enter:

Shigaraki Tomura .

You perked up at the sight of him, even standing from the disbelief of his presence, “Shigaraki--”

You paused as Overhaul stood too, one of his arms slightly extended towards you in indication for you to settle down, “Relax…..he’s here on business. Nothing more.”

The icy blue haired male -- dressed in his usual all black consisting of a black leather jacket over a black v-neck, regular black jeans and, for once, white sneakers -- shot you his signature ‘smile’ as he fully entered. Even if you wanted to return the gesture, you didn’t. Not like he would’ve been able to see it through your mask anyway.

As for you, you could see his face despite his signature hand being over it, however, you weren’t paying too much attention to it: but the rest of him. His hair had grown longer, maybe he’d even grown taller and the vibes coming off of him was more relaxed than he had ever been -- if anything, a bit of pride seemed to be radiating off of him as he gazed at you, seeming to be liking what he was seeing.

Overhaul motioned for him to take a seat on the couch opposite to the both of you and he gladly did so. Once he was settled, Overhaul sat too and you followed his lead, recrossing your leg over the other and somewhat folding your arms, mostly trying to hide your left arm away.

“I must say, Overhaul ,” Shigaraki began, slouching forward in his seat some, “You haven’t changed a bit over the past few months….by now i would’ve expected that you trusted us. Enough that you wouldn’t have your lackey’s dragging me all around this maze just to get here.”

“I’ve told you before, Shigaraki ,” Overhaul noted, leaning forward and cupping his hands again, “That although we are….’working’ with you, i cannot afford to be too careful and open-minded….not at a time like this.”

“Of course…” Shigaraki said, shifting to sit back a little as he lifted his right foot and placed the heel of it on the coffee table, the sudden action causing everyone in the room, including you,  but him and Overhaul to stiffen, “ that we’re on that topic i have another offer for you….as well as a request.”

Overhaul almost immediately grew irritated, rubbing his right temple in displeasure at the sight before him, “Put your foot down. You’re making the table dirty.”

“You should be saying ‘please , put your foot down’.” Shigaraki retorted, not moving an inch, “I, as the leader of the League or Villains, have the power you’re looking for and you know this…...You’re planning something big….and you need my people -- people like (Y/N) -- to help you get it done---”

“(Y/N) is not one of ‘ your people’ anymore,” Overhaul stated somewhat darkly, making you stiffen again, “She is a full member of the yakuza….but what she is not , is a part of this conversation right now.”

With your quirk still active, you took notice to how Shigaraki’s blood red eyes moved to you, scanning you for any sort of reaction. But you gave none, given Overhaul was entirely correct. Shigaraki gave up the mantle of being your boss when he handed you over to Overhaul so long ago, thus he had no right to make any claims.

“You’re right….” Shigaraki eventually said, “...let us stay on topic….Now, for the reason why i came….”

With this he began to reaching into his jacket, but the action aroused all kinds of sudden responses: Chrono was on Shigaraki with a gun pressed to the back of his head, ready to pull the trigger while another of the precepts -- a tiny one that looked much like an all black teddy bear with a white bird mask for a face -- activated their quirk, one of his arms suddenly exploding from the little black cartoony hand into a full fledged arm, packed with muscles. But even with his hand around the back of Shigaraki’s neck and Chrono’s gun to his head, Shigaraki didn’t seem afriad at all -- if anything he couldn’t look more displeased with the contact, his eyes flashing dangerously.

“Just who do you think we are? !” the smaller male hissed dangerously making you jump slightly, “You better start taking us seriously!!”

“And watch your tongue ,” Chrono warned harshly, “else your brains will be blown all over this table.”

“I would prefer that they weren’t,” Overhaul stated casually, “Blood is a pain to clean….”

“ off your lackey’s, already.” Shigaraki grumbled, “My neck is getting tired….”

With the nod of Overhaul’s head, Chrono and Mimic backed off of Shigaraki, allowing him room to withdraw the item he had from his pocket. You rose a brow at the sight of it: a tiny needle that was barely the size of a child’s pinkie. You almost wanted to laugh, given the reaction of the precepts just a moment ago. However, Overhaul seemed to know exactly what it was and what it contained, his body perking ever so slightly.

“This….” Shigaraki began, “I want to know what this is and what all you intend to do with it.”

Overhaul said nothing to this, giving Shigaraki room to continue, “I know you have more of them...and i know you’ve been randomly deploying these things -- as well as quirk enhancers -- to random lowlifes….This city has practically become your testing bed.”

With this, he put the needle back into his jacket pocket before speaking once more, “I assume your testing has reached its end….That’s why, now, you plan to make your move, thus you need my people….But before we help you anymore, we want in on everything.”

Overhaul shifted to this, lowering his cupped hands as he sat up a little straighter, still listening, “Everything?”

“Everything,” Shigaraki repeated, “Every detail from the beginning of your project to this point….”

“That’s a hefty request,” Overhaul stated, his eyes narrowing slightly, “If much will be given, much will be required.”

“And you’ll get it,” Shigaraki stated, “As long as you’re ready to give too.”

Overhaul said nothing more for a long moment, his eye contact with Shigaraki never breaking. The building tension in the air began to thicken and, with this, darkness began to pool off of both of the males, steadily growing as though they were silently and, possibly, fighting a battle even you couldn’t see. You wondered if the room would possibly go pitch black from the amount of darkness filling it, the amount almost touching everyone’s heads at this point but in an instant it all seemed to evaporate as though someone had removed a steaming kettle from the heat and aired out the room, Overhaul taking the liberty to stand and speak first, “I will see to it that you receive the information you need.”

“Sir….” Chrono began a bit wearily.

“It will be alright, Chrono,” Overhaul stated before looking back to Shigaraki, “give our guest a copy of our research….then see him out.”

Chrono gave a somewhat stiff nod before straightening up from his place against the wall. With this, Shigaraki stood too his gaze on Overhaul for a moment before shifting to you.

“(Y/N)....” he greeted, “It’s nice to see you again….We should catch up sometime soon….”

You remained still and silent, watching as he finally departed from the room with Chrono at last, leaving just you and Overhaul alone once again. Once you were certain everyone had gone, including the little precept -- who was obviously, yet silently, steamed about sharing information with Shigaraki -- you returned your attention to Overhaul who retook his seat beside you.

“ never did tell me that he was coming,” you said quietly.

“I didn’t see a true need to,” he stated, turning his computer back on, “He is not important anymore….Not for you.”

“But you know how i feel towards him….After what he did, a warning would’ve been nice.” you said, a hint of irritation seeping into your voice.

“Then consider yourself warned,” he replied, a hint irritation rising in his own, “We will be expecting more members of the League to join us soon….And i will be needing you to keep your head on straight.”

“I will.” you stated firmly.

“....we’ll see.” Overhaul said, before fully focusing on the screen once more.

Neither of you spoke for a short while, both of your attention settled on the screen before you. Eventually after maybe fifteen to twenty minutes you before his voice cut through the silence once more, a bit softer than it had been before, “....i do have faith in you, (Y/N)....You’ve come this far, somewhat unscathed and you’ve proven yourself to be far more valuable to me than a simple asset.”

You looked to him but he wasn’t looking to you. You could tell that he was being sincere, the darkness over his head beginning to fade until very little seeped off of him, “I must admit….these past several months, i had my doubts…..but you’ve proven me wrong at every turn, surprised me beyond measure…..impressed me beyond words, even.”

Eventually he did look to you, meeting your gaze, “Unlike everyone else here….even the other precepts, you are the only person i have begun to see as….an equal. It’s….odd to call you a good person, despite the fact that you work for the yakuza, but….you are one in a way.”

“A weird way….” you chuckled softly.

He chuckled too, “Yes….a very weird way….Nonetheless, i appreciate what you have done for us, despite your coming here not being your will….You’ve done us a great service.”

“....what’s this about, Overhaul?” you asked, shifting slightly to sort of face him, “Why the sudden gush?”

“....we’re reaching the end of our little journey,” he stated, sitting up straighter, “....when this is over….i will permit you to leave the yakuza, if you a thank you gift.”


You sat up straighter to this, baffled by his words. Was he really planning to just let you go once this was over??

“I remember well enough that your original home was destroyed….so i would do you the pleasure of purchasing one for you -- and every necessity you desired….You will be able to have your normal life back.” he said, his voice almost as soft as a hum, “....or, you can stay with us….we could remain as your new ‘family’ and Eri can remain under your care….Your work, of course, will continue as is but i will see to it that you are paid for it in more than just food and shelter. You will have the entire base at your disposal if you wish it….as well as a new position at my side.”

Your eyes widened from this and heart rate kicked up a notch. There was no way that any of this could be real. Overhaul, the all powerful leader of the yakuza with the very power to do anything he pleased without so much as lifting a finger was practically promising to give you the world. No one would just do that for someone unless there was some sort of deeper meaning behind it….

“E-excuse me, but…” you stammered, lifting your mask slightly to give your heated face some room to cool down, “ almost sounds like….”

A soft knock came from the door before you could regather your words, Chrono appearing once more, “Shigaraki has departed, sir. He appears satisfied with what we have and will be sending his people to us within the week.”

“Good to hear,” Overhaul said, pushing himself to his feet, “Now that he’s gone, i’ll see to it that everything is still in place and ready….the last thing we need is to be missing any more needles.”

Before he headed out, he paused and looked back to you, a very small smile pulling at his lips, “Think over what we talked about, (Y/N)....Take all the time you need.”

With this he departed, shutting the door behind you and leaving you alone in his office. You took the moment to fully remove your mask and thoroughly rub your reddening face. Although he didn’t get to answer you -- or simply didn’t on purpose -- you knew in your gut that he wouldn’t do all of it out of the kindness of his heart.

Overhaul was the most untouchable man you had ever encountered….and yet somehow it seemed that you managed to touch his heart in a way that no one had. You had heard from the other members of the yakuza, and even from a few of the precepts, that Overhaul didn’t see his people as his people, but as tools to do his bidding and as puppets in his show. Despite knowing this, they were loyal to him in a way that you couldn’t figure out.

You refused to let yourself be some tool to be used and thrown away….but never did you think you would be that special someone the brunette would see as an equal . Your cheeks grew warmer the longer you thought about it and your heart fluttered in a way it hadn’t in so long. It couldn’t be possible….it just didn’t seem real.

The special treatment, the gifts, the promises of new positions and power you never thought you would be able to wield….It all pointed to one possible theory:

Did Overhaul…. like you?


Eri climbed onto your back and helped herself to getting comfortable there, tilting her head in curiosity as she stared at the back of your head, “What’s the matter, (Y/N)?”

You gave a muffled hum, currently face down on your bed yet still dressed as though you were going to head out soon. Eri, in her usual nightgown and bandages, had been in your room before you arrived but had been napping before you entered. Now she was wide awake and ready to do something while you wanted nothing more than to sink into your bed and sleep away the remainder of the day.

Eri, however, dug her little fists into the small of your back, earning another hum from you, “(Y/N)! It’s too early to sleep!”

You were just napping,” you protested, turning your head slightly to speak, “I wanna nap too.”

“After you play with me? Pleeeease?” she begged, now bouncing on you. You took your time respond but once you did, Eri wiggled off of the bed, bouncing with anticipation.

“But we can’t be too loud,” you told her, “Overhaul’s room is right next to ours, remember.”

She frowned slightly but gave a firm nod, “Can weee….play hide and seek? I won’t be too loud.”

“Of course, we can,” you responded, “I’ll count and you hide….ready?”

“Ready!” she huffed.

With this you covered your eyes before beginning to count. You couldn’t help but chuckle when you heard a distant ‘No peeking!’, already giving you an idea of where she had gone off to hide. But you would stall, as you always did when you played.


(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N).... ” Overhaul thought over and over again, “ ....what will you say…? What will you do….?

Even now as Overhaul sat on his couch with a file consisting of all of the information they had in his right hand, and the palm of his left hand resting under his chin in a bored manner, the brunette stared ahead currently deep in thought about you. Ever since he…. vaguely opened up to you, you had been on his mind, giving him no room to see to other things.

You had been on his mind more and more often than not as time passed, to the point of where he had begun to struggle to keep his focus on the important matters -- even though he never showed it. He wondered as to what you were doing, if you had enjoyed your timely meal, what sweets you liked the most, what you did outside of the yakuza before and during your time here, your opinions on certain places, what style of clothes you were more into….

Any and everything, he wanted to know.

Your feisty but headstrong attitude, the way you didn’t shy down from a mission, from him or even the other precepts -- or anything for that matter -- and the way you handled your business with both style and professionalism, playing your part to the tooth even at the risk of your own integrity ….He respected it on a level he never thought he would for someone beneath his status.

You were far more perfect than he could ever have known. Even now it still baffled him that Shigaraki gave up such a diamond as you. A pure, bright, beautiful and perfect diamond among filth… .

His grip on the file tightened and his fingers sank into his cheek slightly the more he thought about your perfection. Something -- someone he had only dreamed about meeting was so close to him yet so far….And one of your old comrades tried to keep you from him.

Despite the pain it brought you at the time and the carelessness he felt then, he couldn’t be happier he had brought you here, whilst running that bastard Dabi away….Now no one was more close to you than him now. Not including Kurono and Eri.

And he liked it that way. He liked knowing he had something over you on a slightly deeper level than friendship. It filled him with pride whenever you would blush or squirm from something he said, the softest of chuckles or even the way he would look at you. Despite being a villain, your hands -- well, hand -- were the cleanest of all. Even more so than his own.

He wondered how you would react if he held it in his own ungloved ones, his bare fingers tracing and caressing every curve and crease of your delicate skin...savoring the unforgettable feeling of the clean flesh of another on his own...before intertwining his fingers within your own, locking your hands in place as he claimed you for himself once and for all with the sweetest and softest of kisses to your lips....


He had to. He needed to. Before you could slip away from him and he would never see your bright and beautiful light within his dark world again. He would hand you the world on a silver platter before he would let you leave him -- this he meant with all of his heart….

But to his heart, what did it all mean? All of these thoughts and feelings -- quickly becoming overwhelming -- were beginning to drive him mad. He wanted to feel something….a something inside of his chest -- something he hadn’t felt before -- fill him a foreign kind of warmth. One that made him both want to embrace his feelings….and run from them. He needed an answer from you and soon before his impulse led him to do something risky. But for now he would calm himself, his heart and his mind. Taking a deep breath and setting the file down onto the table before he leaned and rested his back onto the couch, he let his body relax for the second time since you came to his office that day.

Your reaction to his proposal -- although expected -- had him hopeful. Everything would be alright in the end….He had a good feeling about that. He truly did see you as an equal to him. More real than the realist of people he had ever encountered in his life.

You were the most intriguing and beautiful diamond he had ever encountered. To have you with him, working for him was a blessing on its own…. he would strive to keep at all costs.


Shigaraki and Toga hovered around the yakuza base -- however, they were a good two blocks away to keep from being spotted. Even now, Shigaraki was still radiating with pride from how much you’ve grown, bearing a never fading smirk on his face. Toga, however, was a little steamed that she couldn’t visit too, but his ‘report’ was enough to get her excited for what was to come.

“Everything is going as planned….” Shigaraki muttered to himself, “Better than that…. She’s….. powerful now…. a different being… . What she has become will surely be the crowning piece in this little game ….Once Toga and Twice join her and their little plan is put into motion, everything that has been built up---”

His right fist came down onto his left palm with a smack, causing Toga -- who had accompanied him to play guard on the outside -- to jump and huff.

“---will come crashing down~” he chuckled darkly.

“I’m excited too, but you’re starting to creep me out,” Toga huffed, “Stop talking about (Y/N) so much! I feel like i’m not here!”

“Oh, but you are, Himiko,” Shigaraki purred somewhat gently, “You are another key player of this little game….and soon you will be able to do any and everything your heart desires~”

She gave a soft gasp before giggling as he held herself in delight, her mind bouncing from new clothes and sweets to newer gear and, for some reason, a bunch of needles, “Really? Oh, i can’t wait! Let’s go already~!”

“Not yet.”

She snapped out of her gleeful daze at this, her brow furrowing in confusion, “Huh? Why not?”

“We need to wait on Twice first,” he noted, “Plus it would be suspicious if you just waltz in there right now, both alone and far too soon….You’ll need to prepare yourself as well.”

“I will,” she nodded once, “In the mean time, i’ll plan out what my first new outfit will be~”

He gave a small but careless ‘go ahead, sport’ smile as he returned his attention to the yakuza hideout


They would continue to be careful as they watched this puzzle grow, making sure every piece held together until the end.

As long as you held together until then, there would be no problems.

You were the heart of this picture now. And everything was building, quickly, around you. Everyone -- knowingly or not -- would witness your final image before this was over.

Chapter Text

2 weeks ago

It took you some time to calm down from Overhaul’s sudden offer but once you did, you felt far more…. comfortable with him. As though you both had come clean about your darkest secrets and now you both could breathe a little easier around one another. Literally.

Since then, whenever you visited the brunette he would take the liberty of taking off his mask in front of you. Although you could already see his face with your Sight active half of the time, it still made your heart flutter to see him so relaxed around you. And, although it was risky, he insisted you do the same. If something happened, as in a coughing fit, he would be by your side ready to tend to you.

It warmed your heart knowing that he cared for you in such a way but then again you still had a couple of questions for him pertaining to his offer and apparent feelings towards you…


However, you always pushed them aside, not wanting to make the moment suffocatingly awkward. At the time you were just arriving to his office after being summoned through Chrono who promptly went about his business shortly after delivering the message.

“You called?” you began upon arrival.

“I did,” he replied, sitting up straighter in his seat, “....your new ‘ companions’ have arrived.”

You rose a brow to this, taking a moment to figure out what he was referring to before relaxing again, “Oh….”

“....i’m giving you permission to greet them and Shigaraki at the door….only because he is insisting on seeing you again personally,” he stated before pushing himself to his feet, “....i will accompany you.”

You couldn’t help but smile a little at this. You appreciate the thought of him accompanying you but the last thing you wanted was for the leaders to break into a battle no one would be able to break up. “It’s alright, Overhaul. I’m a big girl now.”

He chuckled at this, “Yes… are. But i can never be to careful…..not with an intriguing woman like yourself shining as brightly as you do.”

Your brows rose slightly, having not expected to hear such a sincere compliment from him. He had, indeed, praised you before but….this one bore more weight to it than his other ones. It almost sounded as though he were…. flirting . A soft blush threatened to dust your cheeks but you nodded and headed out, trying to swallow the compliment before it would choke you.

“That’s….very nice of you to say.” you said once he appeared at your side, “....thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” he replied simply, adjusting his mask as he walked.

Silence fell between the two of you -- other than the soft clicking of your shoes on the marble floor. You kept your gaze on the almost empty hall ahead, your gaze often straying over to other members that passed you both by. However, you internally giggled whenever they would almost scurry away at the sight of Overhaul at your side.

You could only imagine what they would do if you had the same level of power as him.

With this in mind, you turned your attention to him -- almost failing to take notice to the fact that his gaze was already on you -- his offer coming on your mind, “....i’ve been thinking about your offer, by the way”

His full attention shifted to you from this but he didn’t speak, giving you room to continue, “I don’t quite have an answer for you yet, but…..i want to know something.”

He lightened up slightly -- or maybe deflated as though disappointed from this -- but gave you small nod, letting you continue once more, “….what brought it on? Why would you want to do so much for me when i’m just doing my job?”

“....because you are worthy of such gifts,” he answered simply.

“What made you think that?” you asked.

“As i said: your performance with us has been phenomenal -- beyond any way i can simply express with words….” he replied, “....i feel the need to reward you in some way for helping in bringing us this far.”

“....what about the others?” you asked, tilting your head slightly, “If you feel that way, why not reward everyone?”

“Everyone will recieve their dues,” he stated simply, “But you, however, are a different case….one i want to see to personally.”

You smiled a little beneath your mask again before speaking up once more, “Speaking of which….it might just be me, but….”

His pace began to slow as you said this, as did yours. Soon both of you came to a stop within the center of a completely deserted hallway. If he listened hard enough, you betted he would be able to heart your now pounding heart.

“....the way you worded it and….and your voice….” you continued, no longer looking at him, “ almost sounded like you….”

Your voice trailed again, no beginning to feel embarrassed and regretting the fact that you brought this up. Even without looking to him, you felt his gaze on you, studying you closely as though trying to find the rest of your sentence within your skin.

A few more seconds of silence passed before he shifted to stand before you, his left hand moving to your right cheek and gently making you lift your gaze back to him. His gaze was steady and as calm as his demeanor yet his golden eyes glinted with a familiar fire -- one you hadn’t seen in anyone eyes other than Dabi’s the day you were taken.

He knew exactly what you were talking about and what you meant, this you now knew.

“....we can continue this conversation in my office once we’re done with the matter at hand,” he responded, trailing his cool latex gloved fingers along your cheek to the under side of your mask, the tip of it almost touching his own, “....i will explain everything there….”

You gave a small nod as he lowered his hand and motioned for you to continue with him. Your heart still hammering in your chest and heat beginning to build up under your mask, a sense of anticipation began to fill you….as well as a sense of conviction.

Something didn’t quite sit right in your heart….but you couldn’t figure it out. However, you didn’t get to ponder over it for long before you took notice to a small group of four ahead, standing near the entrance to the main building -- a place that was made to look like an actual, abandoned, lobby to disguise and hopefully confuse anyone who may come wandering in.

You picked up your pace slightly when your gaze fully settled on two out of the four people approaching, the familiar sight of wild pigtails on the head of a school uniform wearing young girl causing you to almost break into a run.

“Toga!” you gasped.

The young blonde perked up upon hearing her name before her eyes widened with glee and she met you halfway, jumping into your arm in a tight embrace.

(Y/N) ~!!” she squealed, kicking her feet as she clung to you, “OMG, you’re so strong now! Did you get taller, too??”

You couldn’t help but laugh at this, glad that she hadn’t changed a bit. Once you set her back down, she took the liberty of taking in your appearance and poking about on your body as she verbally noted your changes. At the moment you were in your casual wear -- a simple shirt under your signature jacket, black jeans and sneakers -- but even through this she could see your developments. As she did so, every now and then the other person at Shigaraki’s side -- a man in an black and red suit -- would make a comment, or nudge Shigaraki to ask him a question: one he never got an answer to.

It wasn’t until Shigaraki -- who had just been silently marvelling in the sight of you too -- cleared his throat did Toga bounce back into her original spot. Chrono, who had come to escort the three to Overhaul moved to stand on the other side of Overhaul, putting him in the middle.

With this, he shot Shigaraki a look that you guessed was to be his greeting before looking back to the others, “State your names and quirks.”

“Himiko Toga,” Toga said first and simply, “and why should we tell?”

“Because, Himiko,” Overhaul began, “If you’re to be working with us, i will be needing to know how your abilities function….to make things less antagonistic, shall i say, and to give us an idea of how we will be using you.”

“.... well ….” she began, tapping her chin as though considering this, “....well it works like this: my quirk has to with blood consumption….If i drink someone’s blood -- lets say up to a cup -- i can become them for full day--” she poked her cheek, twisting her finger slightly, “--as in look like them as well as use their quirks, if i try hard enough. Or an ounce, i could become them for an hour and so on.”

Both Overhaul and Chrono nodded, mentally noting this before Overhaul turned his attention to the male in red and black.

“And you?” he said.

“I’m Twice,” he stated, “And my quirk is...well, my name. I can make doubles of myself….and they can make doubles and their doubles can make doubles and….well, you get the point-- no he doesn’t .”

Both you and Chrono perked up from this however Overhaul wasn’t effected by the sudden outburst. 

“In order to make them -- or anyone i need to at the time -- i need a full body measurement of the person i’m trying to double,” he continued, lifting his right arm to show a piece of a measuring tape concealed around his wrist. “However, the more doubles i make the more frail they become.”

Overhaul gave a ond once Twice had finished before speaking again, “Well, Himiko and Twice….From here on out, you both are official members of the yakuza. We welcome you with open arms.”

“Sweet,” Toga hummed, “got any food? I’m starvin’.”

“Yes….and you will be fed once you are shown to your quarters,” Overhaul stated, a hint of boredom seeping into his voice, “Chrono. See to it that they get settled in accordingly….i will join you shortly.”

Chrono gave a simple nod before motioning for Toga and Twice to follow him, both of which doing so and leaving just you alone with Shigaraki and Overhaul, both of which giving each other their signature death stares. You took this moment to clear your throat, drawing both of their attention.

“You had something you wanted to talk to me about?” you asked Shigaraki.

At this he straightened up -- something he did only when he had something important to say, “I do….but i would prefer to say it in private .”

Overhaul didn’t move an inch, thus giving Shigaraki room to move himself, extending a hand to you. At this, the brunette did move, taking hold of your upper left arm and pulling you closer to himself.

“....possessive are we?” Shigaraki cackled, “I won’t do anything to her….nothing anywhere close to the damage you’ve already done.”

At this Overhaul slowly released your arm, allowing you to follow the snickering Shigaraki out of the building but not out of his sight, folding his arms across his chest as he paced impatiently, watching the two of you through the glass doors.

“Well?” you shrugged.

“I simply wanted to congratulate you….” he shrugged back, slouching forward some again, as he removed his signature hand from his face to see you better, “’ve grown to be so much better of a villain here than you have with the League….”

“....speaking of which,” you began, “....why did you throw me under the bus? After all i had done for the League?”

“For a good reason.” he answered with a crooked smirk, “A reason i won’t be explaining….not here….not now. However, i know you’re a reasonable woman….i feel that once this is over and everything is laid bare for you to see, you’ll see why i did what i did….”

You frowned at this, already getting irritated, “ Again with the secrets… .why can’t you just tell me??”

“For the same reason why the others couldn’t tell you,” he replied simply before shifting closer to you. You stiffened, shrinking back slightly from how close he now was.

A fair amount of his hair brushed the side of your mask as his blood red eyes bore straight into your own (E/C) ones -- He lowered his voice, seeming to hide your face away from everyone’s prying eyes as he shared a secret with you and you alone: “....but just know that we were always watching over you, (Y/N) were never alone in this….”

You didn’t speak or move as he continued to stare into your eyes, looking for something that no one else -- not even you -- could see. You guessed he had found it because a big smile pulled at his dry and scared lips whispering in awe, “ i was wrong about you….? You have one after all….?”

You paled slightly, already knowing what he was talking about. Your quirk….your Sight….could he see and tell if you had it going or not?


“I can see it in your eyes,” he snickered quietly, “A secret… .something that could turn the course of this little game on its heel….Only something as important as a quirk could affect Overhaul and this little game that much....” With this he lifted a hand to trace under your left eye specifically, “....i look forward to seeing it for myself…. soon .”

You winced from the sudden contact, now taking a step back from him, eyeing his still extended hand still residing in the space you had been a moment ago, “Shigaraki--”

Enough .” Overhaul’s voice cut in drawing both of your attentions. You watched as the unhappy brunette, made his way towards the two of you, his burning golden eyes resting only on the still slouching Shigaraki before you, “If i had known you were just going to be a pain in the side, I would've reconsidered letting you come.”

“You have no authority over me….” Shigaraki snorted, “I would’ve come either way….”

Placing his signature hand back onto his face, Shigaraki returned his attention to you, “....until next time, (Y/N)....”

You said nothing but gave a small nod as he turned and finally departed, turning his words over in your mind. You perked up slightly when Overhaul ushered you to go back inside, letting you lead the way.

Neither of you spoke during the walk back to the office, your mind entirely on trying to decipher Tomura’s words. There’s no way they really could’ve been watching over you all this time. Why would they? Given he didn’t even consider your feelings when he let this happen in the first place….but you couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being honest.

As strange and sometimes cryptic as Tomura would be -- both with his words and his actions -- you could tell that even while he was sitting on the sidelines he was always the one to really come up with a plan. Dabi would work out the details and present it the way he saw fit but Tomura would be the mastermind behind it all in the end. He was truly most suited to be the leader….

But even the leader would keep his followers as up to speed as he was….So if whatever you were doing was so important why didn’t he just tell you? Then, you would be able to fully grasp the situation at hand and have a full understanding of your role in this ‘ game ’....

…. unless you weren’t meant to---

“Is everything alright, (Y/N)?” Overhaul asked you upon arriving to his office, the feeling of his hand on your shoulder pulling you to a stop and catching your attention.

“Yes….i’m fine,” you answered him, “Just….thinking.”

“....did something Shigaraki say trouble you?” he asked, tilting his head slightly.

“,” you replied, shaking your head before you looked up to him, “He just answered some questions for me….In a cryptic manner, of course. It’s just got me thinking. Don’t worry about it.”

He studied you, mentally weighing your words before slowly removing his hand and opening the door for you to enter first, “Alright….”

You nodded and entered. Inhaling deeply as though you had just woken up, you rolled out your shoulders a bit, getting a bit of tension off of you, before removing your mask. Overhaul removed his own, as well as his jacket, before taking a seat on his couch.

Now that you both were back in his office -- and alone -- it was time to discuss other matters at last. Overhaul rubbed his hands together as though warming them up before pursing his lips in thought. You waited patiently, sitting at his side as he put his words together.

“ wanted to know what my feelings were behind my offer….” he stated, “....the real reason why i was making sure a generous offer for you….a promise of some sort of happiness for either if you stayed or moved on once this was over….”

You watched as he began to fiddle with his gloves, his gaze never shifting to you as he spoke again. His voice, usually strong yet plain with an irritated or bored flare was now soft and almost shy like, the hesitation he was feeling now causing his brows to furrow slightly.

A good minute passed before he finally spoke up but even then his voice was almost inaudible: “....desperation….”

You tilted your head slightly at this, “....desperation?”

“Yes….” he answered quietly, “I’ve become desperate….to keep you here….with me….because i….”

His words caught in his throat and his hands tightened around one another as though it pained him to speak up. Your own brows furrowed as you extended your hand to him but didn’t touch him, giving him the room, yet support, he needed to continue.

“’re perfect, (Y/N)...” he whispered, “’re everything i have ever wanted in a woman….In mankind…. You are powerful…. Fearless…. Headstrong…. Yet graceful….. Beautiful….. Pure….”

He pushed himself to his feet with this, beginning to pace as though talking to himself. You watched as he did so, listening to his words: “The day you came here, i only planned to use you as a tool and nothing more….To stay far from you as i have from everyone else here, even Kurono...But as you opened up to us -- to me on a level deeper than business whenever you could….Something began to fester in me….”

His pacing quickened and one of his hands moved to his hair, “....i can’t stop thinking about you…. I can’t focus on my work anymore…. I can’t think straight…..Not when you’re away.”

Your cheeks caught fire from this, having never known you had such an effect on him. Slowly but surely, he began to slow back down, taking a deep breath.

“....I’m desperate because i don’t want you walking out of my life, (Y/N)....But if you do, i would be willing to do any and everything to make sure you are happy living out the rest of your days out there….”

You were a blushing mess at this point. Even your body was beginning to heat up, making you feel as though you were going to break out into a bashful sweat all over. You tried to calm your heart as he began to approach you, slowly retaking his seat whilst allowing you to see his own flushed cheeks -- neither of which were as bright as your own but the color was still there.

You remained silent, staring into his golden eyes, both of which no longer glinting but burning with the all too familiar passion you had seen before…. least until he looked away from you, inhaling deeply before sighing heavily, lifting a hand to rub his eyes, “....i care too much for you….But i know i shouldn’t….If something happened to you i’m not supposed to mourn or feel pain….I’m not….i’m not supposed to ---”


He went silent returning his attention to you. Your gaze was still on him and, for once, you were feeling like the stronger person in this situation. Your voice was as levelled and even, as well as calm, as you extended your hand towards his own -- both of which now tightly intertwined into one another. You could feel the tension in them both the moment your hand came in contact with them and, although still gloved, the action caused him to stiffen but not to move away.

“ can feel these things….because even though you are someone important and powerful -- business and quirk wise….you are still human,” you stated, “….It’s okay to feel something for someone….for me….but you have to let yourself in order to feel at peace again….Confessing is the first step but you must accept it yourself if you want to be accepted….”

He studied you as you spoke, taking in your words as though clinging to them for dear life. The way he looked at you -- so troubled -- reminded you a bit of Eri or any child seeking some sort of comfort and reassurance.

But he was confused and worried about what he was feeling. He desired, he hungered, he worried and he obsessed over you….

….because he was in love with you.

But he didn’t know how to handle it in any other way than trying to block it out, however, the more he tried, the more he internally battled with himself the worse it became and the more obvious it was.

“ you accept me?” he asked.

Your throat tightened slightly and your lips pursed into a thin line as you turned your attention away from him. Even with all of his kindness and generosity, his carefulness and caring nature with and towards you…

….you couldn’t bring yourself to feel the same. Not entirely….but you couldn’t tell him that now -- not when he’s pouring his heart out to you….

You inhaled deeply before returning your gaze to him, “.....i….can’t….”

His brows furrowed to this, a flicker of confusion filling his expression, “You can’t? ….feel the same way or tell me?”

“....both,” you answered, liting your hand to rub the back of your neck, “'s ...complicated. And now that i know how you feel, i need to….i need to think things over and gather my bearings first….”

You didn’t have time to say anything more before he pushed himself to stand again, “You’re right….I shouldn’t push you for an answer…”

With this, he offered a hand to you and you took it, making your way to your feet, “....thank you for talking with me….I already feel better after getting it all off of my heart….”

“What do you plan to do now?” you asked.

He gave your hand a gentle squeeze, his thumb gently rubbing your knuckles, “....i will continue to turn over your words….until i am ready to face you again…. properly. Until then---” he rose your hand to his lips, gently placing a kiss to the back of it, “---please….accept me too.”

1 week ago

You tossed and turned all night, trapped in an endless nightmare that ceased when you would jump awake only to drag you back as soon as your eyes shut for too long. Everything was flashing and moving about, as though someone where rewinding your memories. But they all were black and white and fuzzy like an old timey TV show that, occasionally, would drop out altogether, leaving you feeling as though you were, literally, falling and plummeting to your death -- before coming up again, starting completely over.

All of the darkness you had been seeing was now coming out of your memories and was turning into some sort of thick mass that was slowly encasing you and making your body heavier, causing you to fall faster and the fear of death to peak each time.

This was nothing like any ‘dream’ you’ve had before. It was too lucid -- too real to be a nightmare. The darkness was getting heavier, you were falling to no end faster and faster and faster until---

You finally hit the bottom, the breath being knocked right out of your lungs and your eyes darting open in shock. But you weren’t dead or even broken...

Wherever it was you landed, it was quite soft yet much too hot on your body. Still bouncing slightly, you jumped right up to see that you had just ‘landed’ on your bed. You would’ve said it was an extremely crazy dream but even though you were tossing and turning your sheets were across the room and you hadn’t thrown it there last you remembered.

You ran your trembling hand over your face, pulling your medical mask off and throwing it to the floor as you backed up and leaned against the wall closest to the main door, the coldness arousing goosebumps on your sweaty back. It’s touch as relieving as it was comforting, you slid to the floor, bringing your knees up to your chest and resting your head within them, trying to calm your racing heart.

To top it all off: it wasn’t even the first nightmare.

Every single night since Overhaul’s confession, you’ve been having terrifying dreams. And every night when you woke up your right hand, where he had kissed you, would ache as though it were burning and had hundreds of little pins and needles sticking you to the point of where you couldn’t move it.


“T-this….” you muttered to yourself, taking a shaky breath as you ran your hand over your face again, “...this is getting out of hand…I can’t take this much longer….I can’t... I can’t… .”

You remained there for a long moment before giving a soft hiss as your hand began to itch and seemingly burn, suddenly too warm for comfort and too painful to move. What made it worse was the accursed feeling of pins and needles that began to spread up your arm, as though it had fallen asleep -- or ‘passed out’ after your little adventure moments ago -- but it didn’t go any further than your elbow: the same place where your left arm ended.

You sat there, trying to move your fingers for who knows how long before looking up and around your room, wondering if you should call for or seek help on foot. But by now, everyone would be asleep -- as in Chrono and maybe Overhaul -- and you didn’t want to disturb them, even for something like this. You never did despite the fact that you were almost to your breaking point.

However, the generous thought was short lived the sound of someone approaching -- and in a hurry -- already beginning to reach your ears. You shifted to your feet, trying your hardest not to move your hand as you moved from behind the door in time for it to open.

Just as you had thought, Overhaul didn’t hesitate to enter your room, barely missing you with the door. He blinked a few times, trying to clear his eyes fully -- although he was still in his suit but the top two buttons were undone and his tie was missing, he wore a black medical mask over his mouth and nose like you -- as he processed the fact that you were, indeed, awake. He had obviously been resting, given the sight of him, but he was wide awake now.

You had forgotten for a long moment that his room was right next to your own but it wasn’t until tonight did he seem to hear you, it seemed. However, but you couldn’t be more relieved to see him, melting into his arms as he embraced you tightly. You wanted to hug him back -- hold him tightly and let his presence wash away the last of your fear but your right arm was still immoble and your left -- what all that there was -- didn’t get very far.

“(Y/N)....” he sighed heavily into your hair, “....are you alright?? Did something happen??”

“N-no, no….” you muttered into the collar of his shirt, “....i….i just had a nightmare….”

He relaxed slightly yet not enough to let you know that he had calmed down. One of his arms remained around you as he leaned down and suddenly scooped you up bridal style, carrying you out of the room.

“O-Overhaul--” you began to protest.

“You’re staying with me for the rest of the night,” he stated, the tone in his voice telling you that he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

And you said nothing more as he carried you off, your right arm resting with your left one while your head remained tucked away within the crook of his neck and shoulder. You wondered if this was how Eri felt when you carried her this way: safe, secure and protected….

The thought made you smile a little. You perked up slightly when the lighting around you shifted from semi-bright to almost completely dark, only one light out of at least four being on and giving his master bedroom a bit of warmth. Just like your bedroom, the sheets where a clean white that seemed to glow in the lamps warm light -- maybe even without it. The feeling of the cool sheets on your exposed skin and even through your clothes, sent another wave of relief through you as Overhaul gently rested you onto it.

“....thank you,” you eventually hummed as he took a seat at your side.

“Anytime….” he hummed back, resting his right hand on your own, causing you to wince. He quickly pulled it back, turning his attention to it, “....did you hurt it? While you were sleeping?”

“....maybe….” You replied, turning your attention to it, “....but, that’s the thing…..there’s something….. wrong with me….”

He lifted his gaze to you, becoming one hundred percent serious, “What’s wrong?”

You inhaled deeply before beginning to explain it to him. The flashing lights and darkness, the things that latched onto you making you heavier and fall even faster before you finally met your end at the bottom -- the impact being what would wake you up every night and how your hand and arm would shut down on you for a little while.

The brunette before you said nothing as you explained it all -- he even shuddered when you described the falling feeling as ‘going down in an elevator really fast’ -- hanging onto every word. However, what caught his attention was when you brought up what he had done the week before -- a full week ago, he had confessed his heart out to you before placing a kiss to the back of your hand: the same spot the pain would begin.

Once you were done, silence fell between the two of you as he turned your words over in his mind, his gaze currently resting on your immobile hand at your side.

“....this must be my doing….” he eventually muttered, “These nightmares….It must be because of what i said….”

“....Overhaul….” you began, your brows furrowing slightly.

He didn’t acknowledge you, continuing, “....did i pressure you that day? ….or maybe you’re stressed out because i put so much on you….I never wanted you to feel any pain---”

Overhaul ,” you said again, this time forcing your hand up and onto his, ignoring the flaring pain, “ You didn’t do anything ….How my body reacts to changes is my problem -- my fault ….not yours. Not every burden must be your own.”

His attention shifted back to you as you continued to speak, shifting until you were sitting up straight, “If anything, i should be mad at myself for not doing anything about it….But now that i’ve told you about it and you’re here with me in general, i already feel so much better.”

He studied you closely, somewhat baffled by your words. You gave him a genuine smile in return. After a long moment, he turned his attention to your hand -- unmoving yet warm on his own.

“....i want you to come to me the next time you have another, (Y/N),” he eventually stated, firmer than you expected, “....and any other time after that. I’ll comfort you, no matter how i am feeling at the time…. You won’t be afraid anymore….”

Your heart warmed from his words and you watched as he gently turned his hand over to hold yours. From there you both began to talk about lighter things in an attempt to pass the time until you both felt like sleeping again -- however, you were well aware of the fact that he wouldn’t be laying down to rest until you did.


Eventually you took the liberty of settling back down and stretching a little as you let your body sink back into the sheets. With this, Overhaul stood and made his way to the opposite side of the bed but didn’t lay down just yet.

He actually left the room for a minute before returning with your medical mask, the sight of it arousing a giggle from you. Now he was starting to act like a concerned mother.

Once it was on you, and you both were settled down with your backs to one another, you closed your eyes and sighed heavily, allowing your body to fully melt into the bed -- despite not having a cover over yourself for extra comfort.

However before you drew close to drifting off, a flush of warmth surrounded your waist and pressed up against your back causing your eyes to fly open and a blush to fill your cheeks. It didn’t take a genius to know that he was holding you -- cuddling you. Never once had you been held in such a manner causing your face to light up completely.

Despite this, you remained still and quiet, trying to calm your steadily increasing heart rate, not wanting to disturb the brunette behind you. But even with this thought in mind, even while you were trying to be considerate of him, he didn’t quite seem to do the same for you, now feeling him nuzzling you near your ear before moving to your shoulder, the feeling making you twitch slightly as a small but pleasurable spark ran along your neck.

By God, what was this man trying to do? Make your face catch fire? Literally??

Luckily he didn’t do this for much longer, his head eventually and finally resting close to your own before going still, letting you know he was finally settled to sleep. With a small gulp and a slow but shaky inhale you manage to settle back down again.

Your mind still buzzing a little, you tried to think about other things until you mentally wore yourself out. You began to wonder as to what the others -- Toga and her friend Twice, as well as Shigaraki had been up to over the past five months….

….what had Dabi been up to?

Although your mind would jump to him every now and then when something would remind you of him, it wasn’t until now did you realize how much you missed him. The way he constantly lounged around, constantly teased you and the other members of the League and constantly got on your nerves ….

….you didn’t notice the lack of warmth in your heart until now -- that constantly stirring and swelling fuzzy feeling of life and energy. With this thought, you realized why you were feeling the unsettling sensation of conviction and why you couldn’t tell Overhaul your feelings the week before: Because your heart still clung to him. And it felt wrong to even think about committing yourself to another.

A part of your heart resided with Overhaul, you would admit….but the rest would never let go of Dabi. Even now, you felt haunted and guilty for still feeling such emotions given another had poured his heart out to you -- was holding you in his arms, now . You never dedicated yourself to Dabi, not even that day when he held you close and kissed your knuckles, danced with you and assured you that he you were alright….

Your heart clenched at the thought now wishing you had, your already shut eyes tightening slightly, fighting the rising stinging sensation within.

You missed him….and it hurt dearly….But now was not the time to shed any tears.

With another deep inhale and heavy sigh, you tried, once more, to relax yourself and soon your nerves. You were alright. Everything would be alright in the end.

Soon, you drifted into a dreamless sleep, feeling more at ease that you had in ages.



*Chisaki Kai*

He was happy. He was worried. He was tense. He was calm. Overhaul -- no, Chisaki Kai was all of these and more.

With it morning now, he paced about in his room, his eyes never leaving you as he fastened his signature white tie around the underside of his raised shirt collar, having gotten a shower not too long ago -- yet you remained asleep. He hadn’t felt so alive in years -- since he was just a small child….

….and now he had a good reason to even think of his real name. Why not? Overhaul was a stone cold bastard with zero tolerance for nonsense and even less than that -- oh, yes -- for filth and failure. Always serious, always working, always burning himself away with his project….

….but ‘Chisaki’ had found his way back into his life, ever so slightly, just as his sweet (Y/N) had found her way into it too. And he couldn’t be more pleased. To sleep beside you, holding you in his arms in the most comforting way he could get himself to do for your sake was a stretch for him at first….but the contact was exhilarating.

Exciting , even, given he never touched anyone that much before. And with such confidence!

Although he still felt that your nightmares were surrounding his confession, he was glad to see you finally resting peacefully -- even if it meant you were dreaming a dreamless dream. With this thought in mind, he approached you and kneeled down beside the bed, close to your head while being careful not to bump into the night stand close by.

Even sleeping, you were beautiful, your blemishless skin perfectly smooth and seemingly untouchable and too delicate to even gaze upon -- like a precious porcelain doll. He tilted his head slightly as he extended his right hand to brush his fingers along your left cheek. Despite not being able to feel it due to his gloves, he could still feel your warmth radiating through the latex.

What he wouldn’t give to see you wake right now. To watch as your lovely lashes fluttered before slowly opening to reveal those bright but tired (E/C) eyes, shining brighter than the sun itself or glowing like the moon’s light over the Earth at the break of midnight….To see your soft, smooth and luscious lips pull into that heart warming smile he had grown to love as much as he loved the sweet rosey blush that would fill your cheeks -- one he looked forward to arousing from you soon….

But for now, he had other matters that demanded his attention….the finalization of the plan, for instance. He was behind on a few things but far less than he had been the week before, now that his head was clear again. Not only that but he would need to see to the progress of the ‘recruits’ not too certain that everything was still in its place -- not with Himiko around.

Although he had shifted Kurono’s attention to them, given (Y/N) didn’t need him very often anymore, he had a feeling that these two were going to be more of a problem than he anticipated.

No matter. Everything was still going according to plan -- better than planned. Just a little more time left before it would be time to act.

He perked up upon hearing a knock at his room door. He sighed, pulling his jacket on and adjusting his signature mask before heading off to see to whoever had come. He rose a brow at the sight of Kurono but before he could ask anything, the other male spoke up in an urgent manner, “Sir. Have you seen (Y/N) and Eri anywhere?”

“(Y/N) is resting.” he answered, stepping out of the room and shutting the door behind himself before heading off to your room to check for the girl, “As for Eri, there’s a chance she may have slipped into her room over night. Did you already check there?”

“Yes. And her personal quarters too,” Kurono responded, walking at his side, “Her nightly caregiver is looking for her as well as any and every available body at the moment….”

Overhaul gave a hum, becoming fully serious as they turned up another hall, said personnel dashing and hurrying about, “....this is too busy for me. If no one has found her at this point then she must have gotten out.”


“I’m afraid so….” Kurono said, a bit softer this time.

Both he and everyone else who worked here knew that whenever Eri got out, only Overhaul would be able to ‘convince’ her to come back. Given that she hadn’t tried to escape due to (Y/N)’s presence over the past five months, no one really expected her to try to run again.

However that wasn’t the case. Now the brunette was beginning to steam with irritation as he prepared himself to head out into the open world, “Tell everyone to go on lock down but keep their eyes and ears open in case she may still be in the building -- other than her nightly caregiver. I want him at the door for my return….and a clean up crew on standby.”

“Right away.” Kurono responded before turning and heading off.


Panic overcame her senses before she could think of anything reasonable to quell her initial fear. She had snuck off to your room overnight ...but she didn’t find you anywhere. Instead she found your bed a mess, your sheets and even pillows on the floor and your room door open as though someone had broken in.

You were gone. Gone . Missing . Nowhere in sight .

She searched for you, she panicked due to the insidious ideas forming in her young mind and soon, she fled. Was it in search of you? Was it in fear that she too would disappear as you had? 

She didn’t know.

But it was because of you that her little heart was racing, her bare feet began to ache with each quick step she took against the hard and cold concrete of a random dark alley and her eyes pricked with tears of fear and panic yet adrenaline and anticipation.

You had promised to never leave her…. you promised . Now she was alone, searching for her light….

….a light that was now blossoming ahead, the open world just ahead now--


With her mind spinning, she failed entirely to take notice to someone -- an older person in green clothes -- come into view. With this she ran directly into them, the impact causing her to fall onto her rear.

“H-huh??” The male gasped in shock, turning his attention to her as he quickly knelt down to see to her well being, ‘H-hey there, are you alright--”

She immediately clung to him once she was back on her feet, hiding most of herself away within the green fabric of his suit. She needed some sort of security from someone -- anyone . For she knew that it was only a matter of time before he would find her.

Her eyes shut tightly for a moment, a hint of hope filling her at the feeling of one of the older male’s hands making its way onto her back, patting her in a reassuring manner while he asked where her parents might be. She didn’t answer him, saying nothing or even making a sound….

At least until she heard his voice from behind her.

*Izuku Midoriya*



Lifting his gaze he couldn’t help but visibly stiffen and stare at the sight of the man standing before him -- the very man that Sir Nighteye, certain members of U.A. and a fair portion of the hero society in general was searching for: Overhaul .

No words left his agap mouth as he continued to stare up at him, one hand hovering absentmindedly as the other remained on the little girl’s back, no longer moving. He had no idea what to do now, his mind buzzing with alarm--

“Hello sir!” an all too familiar peppy voice said from his right, snapping him out of his shock. He blinked but before he could turn his attention to his companion, his hood was suddenly and practically smacked onto his head to hide his face as Mirio Toogata lifted his hand in a waving gesture, his usual peppy voice never wavering as he spoke to the very leader of the yakuza, “Is there something we can help you with?”

“....yes,” Overhaul answered plainly, “ daughter had run off and i was in search of her….But i see that she has made herself acquainted with your friend here.”

“So she has!” Mirio chuckled, “You know kids -- they can’t resist the sight of a hero!”

At this, the brunette visibly stiffened, disgust almost becoming too apparent in his eyes, “Heroes…? You both are so young….”

“In training of course, sir,” Mirio gladly clarified, giving Midoriya’s head a firm pat, “Speaking which, we should get back to our training. Right, buddy?”

Midoriya turned his head in Mirio’s direction before looking back down to the girl still gripping his suit fairly tightly. Although he removed his hand she didn’t let go but tightened her grip on him.

“....please….don’t go…..”

At this he paled slightly -- if this man was her father why on earth wouldn't she want to go with him? But it wasn’t until now did he notice it: Her arms . They were wrapped up in bandages from her elbows to her wrists. He couldn’t see any blood but he knew there had to be a reason she wore them….

“Come now, Eri,” Overhaul said, extending one of his hands, “Let’s go home now.”

No one moved for a long moment, even as Mirio suggested that they too went on about their way….

But Midoriya couldn’t shake the feeling in his chest: something was wrong. Very wrong.

Questions and concerns began to rise in the young lads mind but before he could ask anything, it wasn’t until Overhaul began to remove his extended gloves hand did Eri release his suit and even hurry back to the older males side.

His mind racing with confusion as his questions fell apart with just this action alone, he slowly rose to his feet as he watched the pair disappear into the alley. The girl….the bandages….her whimper for help yet her obedience to him was obvious.

There was something they had not seen happening...and it wracked his heart t see her, someone who was obviously in need of help, walk away from him. Before he knew it he was beginning to pursue them but before he could even finish taking his first step, a firm hand rested on his shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

“Deku….” Mirio warned, his voice containing very little of his peppy flare, “Don’t.”

“But…..but she said….” he began, his gaze never moving from the darkness.

“We can’t worry about what she said….it’s not our business or our place to worry about her business with him,” Mirio clarified, “....however, we have something to report to Sir Nighteye about now….the sooner we get back to him the better.”

Midoriya didn’t move for a long moment, the places where Eri had gripped his suit still feeling fairly loose. Eventually he pursed his lips and gave a stiff nod before turning and following his companion back to their rendezvous point, Eri’s words still fresh in his mind like a burn or cut to his heart.

....please ...don't go….

You stirred awake at the sound of a distant explosion -- although it sounded quite far, with these empty halls any sudden sound would be able to hit your ears. You blinked a few times before lifting your right hand -- finally back to normal -- to rub your eyes and your face, aiding in getting the sleepiness out of your system.

As expected, Overhaul was no longer behind you, giving you room to stretch out openly and mentally confirm that he was about -- painting the walls with someone, no doubt.

With a big yawn and few popped bones, you swung yourself to sit up right before popping your back. However with this action, you took notice to something moving out of the corner of your eye on your right side -- something pitch black against the all white of the room. You jumped up to your feet in a panic, believing that whatever it was might still be nearby.

But there was nothing.

You looked all around for any signs or traces of what it had been but you came up empty handed -- not like you wouldn’t have, given Overhaul was a clean freak. It wasn’t until you rose your hand to run your fingers through your hair, you had begun to believe that it was just your imagination….

….at least until you spotted said darkness move by your face with your hand. With this, you yelped jumping back a fair distance as you shook your hand in an attempt to make whatever it was release you. However, it took your brain a long moment to realize that this was no creature trying to take your other hand….

….but the same dark matter from your nightmare seeping out of your hand as though it were flames. Although such a sight was impressive to witness when Dabi had his quirk active, you had no idea how to handle this black flame like mass dancing and waving from your very skin. You couldn’t feel anything -- heat or coldness at least -- but that didn’t mean you were comfortable with this. Nowhere near it.

What the fuck?! ” you hissed as you paled completely, “ M-my hand--!! What the hell is happening to me?!

You began to shake your hand, as though trying to put an actual fire out, desperately trying to make it go away. However, this action, it began to shrink no longer appearing like fire but seeming to become a solid, making you think it was dying down. Sadly it was just firmly attaching itself to your skin. At one point, it finally seemed to solidify, the sudden weight of it pulling you down to your knees and causing your ‘hand’ to hit the floor quite hard.

Luckily all of the floors were marble, else it would’ve broke right through.

What once was flames now seemed to be a slightly contorted rock that was hard and heavy on the outside but still twisted and swam with life and movement within -- as though you were looking into a fish tank consisting of only black and possibly silver like tar swimming within. It was shaped just like your hand -- which was now beginning to feel a squeeze as though you were wearing a semi-tight glove -- yet almost impossible to move, each of your fingers feeling as though they bore their own weight to them.

You looked up and around taking a moment to listen for anyone before returning your attention back to it, your mind racing with confusion and panic.

A-Alright, (Y/N).... ” you muttered to yourself, “ Stay calm….and breathe….Think, think, think…..”

You thought over what you had done since you had woken up: but other than stretching and freaking out, you hadn’t done very much.

“That might be it…” you continued, “I was panicking…..trying to put whatever this stuff is out because it looked like fire, s-so… solidified? And…..covered my hand--”

You perked slightly, “As though protecting it--!”

You yelped as the weight suddenly ceased causing you to fall back -- having not even noticed that you were pulling against it just now. Quickly sitting up you returned your attention to it to see that it had returned to its beginning stage. You internally laughed at yourself and your geniusness before turning your hand over and around to get a better look at it -- now that you were calmer at least.

Peering closely at it -- now able to spot your actual hand within the dancing black and silver ‘flames’ -- you studied its movements closely as you shifted to your knees. Unlike with Dabi’s, it didn’t begin on and reside at the palm of your hand but cover it all together, waving like the gentle flutter of a dress in a gentle breeze.

Now that you were over your initial fear, you wanted to test it out and see what all you could do with it but before you could the sound of a heated voice coming from either direction in the hall told you now was not the time.

And with this thought, the flames ceased, evaporating as though it were never there. Ever grateful, you used the bed to get back onto your feet in time for Overhaul to storm in, breezing through his mini chill space -- consisting of one singular couch and a coffee table -- through the bedroom portion to his bathroom, seeming to not even notice you through his anger.

And you didn’t plan on bothering him. Not until he was level-headed again. Taking this moment, you excused yourself to go to your own room’s bathroom, needing to freshen up anyway.

The day hadn’t even truly begun yet -- for you -- and so much was already happening.


You rose a brow at Chrono when he approached you with an all too familiar bundle in his arms. You had just finished cleaning up for the day and was just preparing to head off to see to the very child in his arms but it must have been serious if Chrono was bringing her to you now.

“Someone missed you,” he stated, dryly as he stopped to hand Eri over.

With this, Eri perked up and turned her attention to you. A second after her eyes landed on you, both of which began to glisten with tears as she extended her little arms your way, whimpering your name.

You couldn’t help but chuckle to yourself as you took her into your arm, allowing her to cry until the collar of your shirt and cling to you as tightly as she could. Before you turned to go back into your room, you gave Chrono a nod before departing -- one he gladly returned before hurrying off.

“Why are you crying?” you asked Eri as you used your foot to shut your door.

It took her a few minutes to calm down and speak, roughly whipping her eyes and face with her hands, “I-i th-thought…..y-you….left m-me….”

“Why would you think that?” you asked, using your own hand and sleeve to dry her face for her, “I told you, I would never leave you, Eri.”

“B-but….” she sniffed, slowly lowering her hands to let you do so, “Y-you… were g-gone….”

“.....did you come to my room overnight?”

She nodded in a guilty manner, giving a hard sniff before inhaling shakily. You gave her a squeeze, resting your head atop her own, “Oh, munchkin….I was just….busy over night and i needed to get some fresh air. And i’m sorry if it looked like something happened to me…..But i’m here now.”

As you spoke, her nerves finally began to settle down completely, now reduced to occasional sniffing followed by a hiccup or two. Once she had fallen quiet, you took the moment to ask her if she wanted to help you track down Chrono so you both could finally fill your stomachs with breakfast. She wanted the food but she wasn’t quite comfortable with leaving the room at the moment, nor did she want you to leave her.

So you decided you would sit with her until either Chrono came back or she became comfortable enough to go with you -- or let you go, in general.

To pass the time, you chatted a little with her but there wasn’t much new things going on in her life -- and for once, not even in yours. However you did vaguely talk to her about yours and Overhaul’s blossoming relationship, occasionally earning ‘bleh’s and ‘aw’s from her, each one making you chuckle with amusement. Considering you never said either of your names, she still seemed happy for you.

With this in mind, you thought about the blade fire from earlier, wondering if you should tell her about it. You thought over it as she patted and mushed your cheeks, often making you pull weird faces that drew her strained smile and maybe a giggle.

“....Eri?” you began at one point.

“Hmm?” she hummed, moving her hands from your cheeks to let you speak clearly.

“ you wanna know a secret?” you asked, lowering your voice slightly. Just with this, she gave an eager nod, ready to hear what you had to say.

Instead of speaking, you stood and moved her to sit onto the bed before kneeling down before her as though hiding away, “Now i’m going to do a bit of….shall I say magic, okay?”

She nodded eagerly, planting her hands onto her knees with anticipation. You turned your attention to your hand now willing for the black flame like matter to appear.

However, it didn’t.

Eri tilted her head slightly watching as you flexed your fingers and turned your hand over, looking for any signs of it but your hand remained normal.

“Hmm….” you eventually hummed, “ didn’t work….Too bad. “Hmm….” you eventually hummed, “ didn’t work….Too bad. But that just means we can get to the games sooner.”

Her eyes lit up from this, “Games?”

“Yes!” you chuckled, jumping to your feet and picking her up in the process, spinning in circles, “Today, we play until we’re purple! ...not literally, of course. But first….breakfast.”

She gave a small nod and her strained smile, however insisted that she waited in the room for you to return with it -- in case Overhaul was about outside. Nuzzling her head you departed to get the food, mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead.

4 days ago

“Have you thought of a name for yourself?” Chrono randomly asked you one evening as you finished preparing to head out on a delivery mission.

Fastening your utility belt, lifted your gaze to the male at your side, “A name?”

“As in a villain name,” he clarified, “To the world you are just known as the Masked Hero…. But here, you are just (Y/N)....Although respected, your positions would hold more weight if you considered one. Something that speaks for both sides of you.”

“Like Chronostasis?” you said with a smile.

“ that.” he chuckled, shaking his head in an amused manner, “But more on the lines of what your quirk is.”

You gave a soft hum, even though you knew he was well aware that you didn’t have one….. back then . But you wouldn’t tell him that even if he was your best friend only because he was also Overhaul’s….in a way, at least.

“True….” you hummed, now taking a few items out of his waiting hands to put in your belts’ pouches, “But wouldn’t that mean i would need at least two names? It would be pretty confusing and concerning if my hero and villain name were the same and being tossed around so carelessly.”

“Possibly,” he replied, staying still until you had everything before moving to get your newest piece of gear: the wings, “But that is up to you.”

You followed him over to your personal wall of suits and equipment -- which hid ever so perfectly behind your bedroom’s dresser. You pressed ahead to get there before him and get yourself ready and planted for him. He chuckled as you extended one arm as though waiting for him to put a jacket onto you.

“I’m coming, i’m coming,” he hummed, cupping his hands under the front ‘straps’ of the piece and heaving it out of its resting place. With a grunt, he got himself balanced before slowly turning around to get it on you.


“Heavy huh?” you cackled, waiting patiently.


“N-nothing i can’t handle….” he huffed, holding it still as the piece manually locked in place on the back piece of your suit, “Ugh ...okay, maybe a little.”

You waited a moment for it to do so, Chrono holding it in place until the ‘straps’ made their way around your arms. From there, he let it go and you fell right onto your back like an elementary student bearing an overstuffed bag containing nothing but bricks...or maybe an anvil, if you wanted to go that far. At this the both of you burst into laughter, now that you resembled an overturned turtle. 

Once you both had calmed down -- and did a quick check to make sure that everything was still operating, you agreed that it would be best for the sake of your spine, that you held off on these this time, given the mission wasn’t serious enough for such heavy duty armor .

You cheered Chrono on as he removed and began to put the wings back where it was, toying with him all the while by giving his biceps a squeeze and poking at his sides, bugging him with baby talk. You almost had another laughing fit when he cursed you and the wings in the process, his struggle finally shining through.

You thanked him, taking the moment to pull an all black hoodie over you to hide your gear -- and make you look as though you were just wearing black and white leggings -- before leaving the silver haired male to catch his breath and relax his nerves, earning a tired groan in response. With a pep in your step you made your way to the lobby to meet up with Overhaul -- who was to brief you over your mission again before you set out.

“Ah,” he began when you arrived, straightening up from his spot against the wall, “There you are. Are you ready?”

“Ready when you are,” you replied with a nod, “The package?”

Reaching into his left pocket he withdrew said item from within -- a small but long rectangular thing seemingly made from polished spruce wood. He handed it to you and you tucked it away securely into a pocket on your belt before returning your attention to him.

“That’s going to a client just a few blocks off of U.A.’s dorm area -- the fourth alley to the left of the residential area,” he stated, “It won’t be busy with students but it might be with heroes. But that shouldn’t be a problem, yes?”

“Not at all.” you chuckled.

From the way his masked shifted ever so slightly around his cheeks, you could tell that he was smiling -- a little but it was noticeable -- as he extended his right hand towards you, his fingertips brushing the skin of your cheeks your mask didn’t cover.

“ careful out there, (Y/N)” he said a little cautiously, “Do what you need to do and come right back….okay?”

You smiled a little too, even though he couldn’t see it you knew he could tell, “You can count on me.”

You stiffened slightly when his hand shifted around to the back of your head, pulling you in to where your forehead touched his own, your masks resting against each other on either side.

“I know….” he hummed softly, “And i do….”

Your heart gave a light flutter to this but you swallowed back the feeling swirling within you. After a moment longer, he released you and turned to leave but not before reminding you of the location and the time you had to get there. You 

 waited until he had gone and you were out the door to inhale deeply and sigh heavily, shaking the last of the flutters from your system before heading off.


As you walked, you snapped your fingers over and over again, playing with your black flame all the while. Ever since it appeared -- and whenever you were alone or just with Eri -- you would test it out to see what all it could do, to learn more about your abilities and the effects it had on you. Given it always started off as this black fire you grew to call it: Void Fire. A more ‘heavy duty’ kind of thing given what all you could do with it… far.

The first thing you could do was make it solidify around your hand to become a fist three times the size of your own -- or the same size, like a glove, if you so pleased. The good thing was that it was unbreakable and easy to dismiss ...the down side however, was that it was far too heavy for you to move at full power, always threatening to pull your arm from its socket whenever you tried to lift it.


However, even though you weren’t the heavy duty kind of woman, it was nice to use when you would work out, strengthening your muscles and helping you stay fit. So you grew to call it Void Fist.

The second thing you could do was make it rubbery and elastic -- a whip that, like the Void fist, consumed your arm from your elbow down but not your hands, looking like fairly thick sleeves and making your hands seem quite tiny. It jiggled and bounced as though you bore water balloons on your arms ...water balloons that could pull whatever you waved it towards you, but not you towards it .


You were a little disappointed by this given you wanted to use it to get around and whatnot ...but either way, it was still quite useful given it was also good for doing long range or area damage. So you deemed Void Whip.

The last thing thus far was the fire itself, unsurprisingly. Over time you came to learn that the tempatureless flame wasn’t quite so ...empty as it seemed. The longer you held it -- and just it -- the more it would begin to build up heat. You didn’t know the extent of heat it could’ve possibly went because in a matter of just one minute, it became too hot to bear, too big in size and almost too hard to control as it began to consume more than just your upper arm. Overhaul nearly had a heart attack at the sight of your first burn so you’ve been holding off on it ever since.

Well….as in letting it get out of hand, that is. You’ve been working on your endurance and, thus far, you were close to a breakthrough on another possible weapon. But for now, you were focusing your attention on the little things you could do now.

And with the sun’s setting light hitting your face as you emerged from a secluded alley, you focused on your task at hand as well, putting your fire out and making sure your mask was on straight.

It was currently evening yet the streets were still busy and buzzing with life, glowing a soft golden orange as it bathed in the sun’s warmth. The feeling of it on your exposed hand brought a small smile to your lips. As much as you missed walking in the sun’s light -- as open and free like any normal citizen, it had become far too risky.

Mostly, if not entirely, because the people loved you. You would be surrounded in seconds if you so much as removed your hood, thus it was better to stick to the shadows.

You, the Masked Hero, had become the Symbol of Hope . The world saw you as a quirkless and masked figure that became a hero despite not having powers -- a symbol to the other twenty percent of the world’s population that being a hero didn’t always require a quirk but hard work, dedication and the strive to never give up no matter what happens.

The deal breaker was your return after you lost your arm and, despite the small uproar of protests from both supporters and haters, got right back into the swing of things as though it never happened.

You were the focal point on the news once or twice a week, on the front pages of magazines , the cover of t-shirts and hoodies , the topic of talk shows -- hell, you even had your own logo on children’s lunchboxes and backpacks ! Maybe even a theme song, if you wanted to do a little research.

You were worthy of being within the top 10 heroes at this point, this you thought as you watched a mother and her child stride along the sidewalk across the street from you, the kid bearing a ‘masked hero’ bag even now. You smiled a little at the sight before slipping your hand into your pocket and proceeding away.

Whistling, as you slowed your approach upon arriving to your destination ina timely fashion, you slowed your pace to a stop within the cool and dimly lit alley, slowly turning in a circle as you looked for the client.

For a moment, you began to believe that you may have missed them or come too early but before you could shrug it off and leave, your senses kicked in, telling you that someone was moving in on you. You didn’t hesitate to turn on them, withdrawing a small blade from your belt in the process.

However, you halted your attack at the sight of the person: Shigaraki. Again .

You frowned a little before straightening up, putting your knife away and removing your hood to see him better, “Shigaraki….?”

“(Y/N)....” he hummed, lifting his lowered gaze to see you better too, “What a pleasant surprise….”

“What are you doing here?” you asked, “Don’t tell me you’re the client.”

“Oh, but i am,” he chuckled dryly, “Speaking of which do you have what i ordered?”

You hesitated for a moment, not too sure about this. Given the tension between him and Overhaul concerning both you and the project, handing over a case containing fragments of Overhaul’s very dream didn’t sit well with you...but you were in no place to argue. So you gave him the case and he gave you the money for it.

“There've got what you came here for,” you huffed, making sure the money was secure.

“Not quite everything…” he said, tilting his head slightly as he shuffled to stand a little closer to you, “Now that we’re alone….We can finally catch up on things.”

You eyed him, preparing to move back in case he got too close as he had the last time you spoke, “Like?”

“Like how the yakuza is treating you,” he asked, “You and the others. How are Toga and Twice doing? I haven’t been seeing them out and about lately.”

“Um ...they're fine, i think,” you responded a little awkwardly, “I don’t get to see them so i can’t say for certain ...But i know they can hold their own. And Overhaul doesn’t usually deploy the newbies so might be a month before they are given any missions.”

“I see….” he sighed, his signature smile growing slightly, “Hopefully you can see them soon… there is so much they want to talk to you about.”


You rose a brow to this, “Do you know what about?”

“Maybe….,” he hummed.

Alright. You were done here.

With this you turned to go on about your day, not at all in the mood for his cryptic B.S. but before you could go far he caught you by your wrist, remembering to keep his pinkie off of your skin.

“I’m not done with you yet…” he said a little more firmly than you expected to hear from him.

“Then what do you want, Tomura?!” you snapped at him, pulling your wrist free, “Why the hell do you keep bothering me?!”

“...because you are all i have left.” he stated simply.

You softened slightly to this, confusion beginning to replace your irritation, “What? How?”

“Toga and Twice are with you now….” he explained, “Dabi is still missing and the few others who work with us are either in hiding, imprisoned or missing too….So that leaves just me running whatever is left of the League alone. For now.”

“...if you’ve got no one left then how are you still operating?”

He didn’t answer you but gave a big smile instead, letting you now that he wouldn’t say. Your lips pursed in annoyance but you moved on anyway, “Anything else you wanna say before i go?”

“Two things….” he chuckled, “ is your relationship with Overhaul? Something tells me things are steaming up between the two of you--”

“Nothing it going on between us,” you stated a little darkly.

“Don’t play innocent with me, (Y/N)....That sociopathic bird has grown soft…..Soft enough that a good eye could see that he, the powerful , untouchable and ‘holier than thou’ Overhaul is more human because he has a weakness… .All thanks to you. Because it is you.”

You said nothing to this, lowering your gaze slightly. He did have a point….the last couple of times he had seen Overhaul, you were always with him. And with that, he always looked out for you -- his actions making it a little obvious that he cared for you on a deeper level than just companionship….You knew the brunette’s feelings for you -- this you would never tell Shigaraki -- but you also knew that Overhaul had unintentionally been wavering on his ‘stone cold’ demeanor.

If Shigaraki were to ever find out that he was right about the two of you, things would crumble faster than his decaying quirk could make it.

“Anyway,” he chuckled, seemingly satisfied with your silence, “The other thing: ...I want to see your quirk.”

You perked up from this, both of your brows rising in surprise, “Huh?”

He waited patiently and silently for you to make your move, the glint in his blood red eyes telling you that you wouldn’t be able to leave -- or he simply wouldn’t let you -- if you didn’t show him. So, with a sigh of defeat, you lifted your hand and snapped your fingers, the black flame consuming your hand as it normally would.

Shigaraki, instead of being surprised or stunned, smiled at the sight of it before moving closer to get a better look. Tilting his head slightly, he lifted a hand and slowly waved it through the fire, surprising you. You didn’t tell him anything about it, yet he seemed to know that it bore no heat, slowly moving his hand back and forth within.

“Fascinating….” he breathed before lifting his gaze to you, “How long….?”

“....a little over two weeks now.” you answered, meeting his gaze.

His eye contact never broke as he slowly lowered his hand, his fingertips brushing the palm of your own and causing you to stiffen, the sudden contact causing heat to flare up and you to hiss in slight pain.

“....did that hurt?” he breathed, tilting his head slightly in order to keep seeing your eyes.

You pursed your lips, trying not to shoot him a glare as you put the fire out, considering it was quite obvious.

“....we’re done here.” you stated, shaking your hand out before letting it fall to your side, “....goodbye, Shigaraki.”

This time he didn’t stop you as you departed, his gaze never leaving your back as you did so.


Opening and closing your hand, trying to forget both the pain from the fire and his lingering touch, you began the journey back to the base. The sky was a little darker than before but otherwise, it was still quite nice out. The streets were less populated with people but you were stopped a few times by a car or two driving by.

While you were waiting for a red light to come, currently standing on the side-walk at a four way road, you almost failed to notice a flicker of bright gold to your right. Believing it might’ve just been the sun on the window of a vehicle you brushed it off and kept looking ahead. But it wasn’t until the flickering continue but fairly closer did you turn your attention to the source.

Your eyes widened at the sight of the retired hero, All Might, walking along side a familiar green haired lad, the both of them indulging in conversation -- well, more like the boy was doing the talking and All Might would listen and chuckle.

You couldn’t focus on trying to hear what they were saying due to your mind now being torn in two as to what you should do now -- the part of your heart that was touched by this man’s kindness desperately wanted to speak to him: to let him know that you were alive and okay…..while the other half told you to pull your hood on and focus on getting back to the base.

However it wasn’t until the lad took notice to you and gasped in nothing other than delight, did you snap out of your daze, quickly pulling your hood on. You would’ve made a run for it if the light weren’t still green at the moment, cursing under your breath.

“Could it be--? It’s her! The Masked Hero!” he cried, bouncing over to you.

You jumped slightly when he suddenly bowed, making him himself calm down a notch, “Excuse me for my sudden behavior-- i didn’t mean to startle you!”

“It’s alright,” you chuckled lightly, placing your hand over your heart, “If anything you woke me up there. My head’s been a little out of place lately.”

He straightened up, his arms at his side making him look as stiff as a board. Moving your hand to your mask, you fiddled with one of the straps -- something you subconsciously found yourself doing just as Overhaul would tap his when something was bothering him -- as you tried to remember where you had seen him before.

As you did so, his posture relaxed slightly as his gaze shifted ever so slightly to your hand, watching your movements -- the flicker in his green eyes telling you that he too was trying to remember something but neither of you were figuring it out.

“You seem awfully familiar,” you eventually hummed, placing your hand on your hip, “Have we met before?”

“Oh?” he hummed back, snapping out of his thoughts before perking up, “Y-yes, we have! I was wondering if you would remember me -- was the one who showed up that day when you….you know….”

You turned your attention to your empty left sleeve, lifting your arm slightly, “Oh? So the one who saved my tail from that villain? I owe you thanks.”

However, the lad’s expression deflated greatly as though hearing this brought him sorrow, “....i wish i could’ve gotten to you sooner… Had i been faster---”

“I would still have my arm?” you finished.

He said nothing to this, lowering his gaze again. However his gaze didn’t stay low for long, looking back up to you as you placed your right hand onto his left shoulder, seizing his attention.

“What happened, happened okay?” you hummed, tilting your head slightly, ”You can say that you were late….that you believe you failed because i didn’t walk away from the scene whole…. But because of you and your actions -- you’re heroic actions -- i’m still standing and still fighting. Because of you i only lost an arm and nothing more. I could be in the hospital in critical condition or even on my death bed….but his vigilante is still kickin’ villain butt only because you showed….So i’ll say this again….”

With this, you moved your hand and made a fist, planting it to the center of his chest and giving him a light nudge, “ Thank you . Keep your chin up in everything you do… And keep being the hero you already are. Now and the years to come.”

His eyes wide and almost seeming to sparkle like emeralds, it took you a moment to realize that he was winding up to start crying, his body beginning to tremble under your touch and repetitive sniffling already beginning to rise. Slightly panicked you tried to calm him back down, but with a loud sniff and after rubbing the tears from his eyes with the back of his sleeve, he inhaled deeply before giving you a big smile. Even All Might -- who was silently standing aside just watching and listening -- gave a smile.

“I won’t let you down!” he stated triumphantly.


You had the strange dream again that night.

It had been weeks -- or maybe even a month -- since the last one. It felt so long ago that you had almost forgotten about it all: the suffocating warmth that would surround you, the bone chilling ringing that would fill your ears, the way your limbs would become immobile and your voice -- not the one that sounded like yours -- lost to the dark Void that was your ‘dream’.

You had received your Sight shortly after a dream like this one. Needless to say, you weren’t exactly excited but a part of you definitely looked forward to waking up. But first, you would see what -- or who -- awaited you here tonight.

As predicted, a pair of hands covered your ears, silencing the annoying ringing. But once your eyes opened, the sight of the person before you made your breath catch in your throat. It wasn’t Shigarak or even Dabi…

...but Eri.

You didn’t even notice that her hands were far smaller than you expected until just now, your (E/C) eyes locking with her worried looking red ones. Behind her stood two figures -- both fairly tattered as though they had just come out of a battle but stood as though they were about to go back in.

The taller one was unmistakably Dabi, his body tense despite not entirely looking ready to fight -- no doubt because of his coolness and, seemingly, carelessness in battle -- his flames were out and his hands were smoking as though his fire was burning him, yet he didn’t quite seem to care.

The other male was familiar from his crazy green hair but not from his suit. He dressed in almost all green, with white and red here and there, bulky leg gear and iron soled shoes. Unlike Dbi he looked as though he were in both fight and protect mode, his body crouched low and his limbs stiff yet ‘charged’ as green electricity like power pulsed off of him.

Never once had Eri and this boy appeared in your dreams….and yet, it felt like an important moment. As though this weren’t just a dream.

And with this thought, you regained feeling in your body extreme exhaustion and even pain filling you -- so much so that if you were not already asleep you would’ve passed out again. Your left arm ached and pulsed with pain, so similar to how it had felt the day you woke up to find it missing. But it was nothing compared to the screaming pain in your right side, through your ribs and maybe even through your back. You felt as though you had been shot or even impaled by something devastatingly large ….And this wound was slowly killing you, this you could tell from the warm wetness on your clothes turned bodysuit.

You were dying.

You wanted to panic and find someway to stop your bleeding, stop your pain, just make it all go away….but you didn’t. You remained in place your gaze just on Eri alone, your right hand raising to give the girl’s cheek a reassuring stroke. However, this only made her cry, her eyes welling up with a stream of tears before she hugged your fading form.

You hugged her back, tears of your own rising as your sight blurred and world faded away, everything going dark once again….

Your eyes slowly opened, staring through your tears at the dark and blurry ceiling of your bedroom above. It was just a dream...but you could still the pain both in your body and in your heart. Moving your hand about, you felt around for any foreign items within your bed but just when you were beginning to think you wouldn't find her, you felt her shift ever so slightly on your left side, just barely out of reach.

Shifting to sit up a little, you pulled her in deeper beneath the covers and closer to yourself, a small smile pulling at your lips from the sound of her soft hums. You didn’t settle down to sleep again until she was in your arms -- both of them -- nuzzling her head until you found yourself beginning to drift back to sleep.

“...i love you, Eri….” you breathed with the smallest of smiles as your eyes shut, “....never forget that….”

Chapter Text

2 days ago

Once again out and about, you were currently on your way to a local toy store to pick up a replacement All Might action figure for Eri -- only because they keep ‘disappearing’ thanks to Kurono. Humming to yourself, you entered the store and went straight to the boy’s toy section to find one, while still being aware of the very few people lingering: the clerk, a janitor or somethin’, a tall man in a suit and a woman with a basket full of items.

Might be closing soon…. ” you thought to yourself, while scanning the isles, “ I should hurry…

You weren’t the picky sort but you definitely wanted the best toy available for Eri, tapping your chin in thought as you scanned the options for the best of the best. A part of you wanted to both laugh and cry at the sad fact that the poor toys were downright buffer than the actual man -- possibly wider too considering how slim and thin All Might’s true form was.

While you were mentally comparing both forms, you almost failed to take notice to the man in the suit approaching you, perking up when he began to slow his pace.

“Excuse me,” he greeted a little dully, motioning to the toys.

You began to shift out of his way, moving your right foot to take a step back. However before you could, your ankle got caught onto something and despite trying to steady yourself, with a startled gasp you fell backwards.

But instead of feeling the impact of the cold and hard marble floor, the man caught you with his left arm; at the same time he caught one of the boxes with his right hand -- the same one you must’ve grazed and knocked over in your attempt to regain your balance.

With a deep inhale you gave a shaky chuckle before returning your attention to the man, “W-wow! Thank you for catching…….”

Your words trailed off shortly after your gaze met his own….and somehow you couldn’t get yourself to look away. His eyes were gold like Overhaul’s but bore a much more serious touch to them -- but you could’ve sworn you saw a flicker of black and glowing violet just now, the ceiling lights shined down around him, making a slight glare against the glasses he wore and his neat and seemingly perfect dark green hair, bearing a single golden streak through it, was a little dishevelled possibly due from his sudden movements a moment ago.

He was quite an attractive man….but the vibes you were getting the longer he stared at you had you feeling uncomfortable. You almost didn’t feel... there . As though you had gone from a human being to some sort of open book -- literally -- for him to read or as though he was gazing into your soul and not at you. And that didn’t sit well with you at all, finally making yourself look away and straighten up, taking a step back from him.

Straightening up too, he held the box in both of his hands before extending it to you. You took it from him with a small nod, taking notice to his expression. His lips were pursed into a very thin line and he looked as though he wanted to say something -- something fairly important from the glint in his eyes -- but instead of getting it off of his chest he bowed his head in apology, “It seems that what i am looking for is not here….Forgive me, ma’am, for troubling you. ”

With this he departed as swiftly as he had arrived, leaving you alone in the isle once more. You shuddered and tried to shake off the bad feeling turning over in your gut, proceeding to the register.


“Welcome back,” Overhaul hummed once you arrived to his office.

“Glad to be back,” you replied, taking a seat beside him, “Eri has her new toy and she’s asleep now….though she hasn’t been doing too well these days.”

“With the plan in its final stages her presence has become far more required….” he said, reaching out to his computer to close it, “....but it is almost complete. Soon she will be able to rest easy….as will the rest of us.”

Sitting back, he turned his attention to you, “Now that i think about it...there’s something i wanted to ask you.”

“What is it?” you asked, tilting your head slightly.

“As you know...your time here is reaching its end….And the time to make your decision is drawing near….” he began, “....I don’t know what you intend to do when that time comes….But before then, i want to cherish you as much as possible.”

You sat up a little straighter, “Cherish?”

“Yes...i want to take you out tonight….to treat you to whatever you want while the night is still young...while the dust is still settled.” he clarified, “....if you would let me.”

You didn’t think it over for too long, a smile appearing on your lips as you gave a nod, arousing a a small one from him too. From there you waited as he changed into a white button up, black blazer, his usual black pants and tennis shoes, before changing his mask into a medical one similar to your own. He chuckled lightly yet quietly at the sight of you -- currently fairly excited to be heading into town to do something other than work.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad hanging out with just Overhaul for a while.



Everything turned out far better than you could have ever expected….mostly. You both went out to eat at a fairly fancy restaurant, visited an arcade -- one that you both were just supposed to walk through, but Overhaul -- who insisted you called him Chisaki Kai outside of the base -- apparently saw something he wanted you to have.


He insisted on buying it -- a large beep brown teddy bear -- off of the owner of the arcade, almost teasing the poor man with a fat stack of cash. He almost did if you hadn’t insisted he at least  try  to win it the normal way.



And you were glad you did. It was down right hilarious watching him stare down a ‘whack-a-mole’ station as though it were his greatest enemy, while trying to encourage himself to get over his phobia solely for your sake.

“What’s the point of hitting these damn things if they’re just going to come right back up?” he hissed, holding the rubber mallet yet only watching as the ‘moles’ rose and fell.

“So you can earn tickets!” you chuckled, “The point of the game is to just hit as many as you can as fast as you can before you run out of time!”

He continued to glare at the machine, his expression only darkening when the time for the round ended. You gave him a pat on the shoulder and encouraged him to try again -- well tried to, considering you were trembling with laughter.

It took him a fair amount of time to really get into the games and, in a matter of ten minutes, he went from having no clue how to play to making unreachable high scores on almost every game. It was a joy to watch him have so much fun but you retreated when he found interest in a dancing game.

“(Y/N)~” he hummed, chuckling evilly.

“I-i can’t dance,” you said, waving your hand, “You can go on without me.”

“Sure you can,” he chuckled, “It says that all you have to do is step on the right platforms at the right time.”

“R-really i can’t--” you insisted. However, he wasn’t taking no for an answer, hopping down to get you.

“Oh, (Y/N)~” he cooed as he came after you.

“Don’t you  dare-- !” you protested with a squeal as he captured you in a bear hug before carrying you back, “Chisaki Kai,  put me down !”

“If you insist,” he cackled, stepping up and onto the platform before putting you down but not letting you go as the game started, “Who’s laughing now~?”

“Y-you’ll pay for this….” you huffed, a flustered and irritated blush appearing on your cheeks.

He merely chuckled as he turned his attention to the screen. The first round wasn’t too good due to you being too flustered to fully focus on your side of the ‘dance floor’ -- and it was hard to focus with Overhaul’s ‘encouraging’ words right in your ear. 


However the second and, yes, the third were much better. Eventually he let you go so you both could do a two player round. From there you both had a blast: You both were quite skilled at dancing -- or simply at following the directions without looking at your feet -- so much so that you both found that messing with one another physically was the only way to throw each other off track.

After a good seven to eight rounds, you both were tied with two S and two A ranks each. You both would’ve kept going to reach some sort of tie breaker if the owner of the arcade hadn’t let you both know that it was closing time.

Breathless and giggling like idiots, you both made your way down to both collect your tickets and your bearings.

Gathering all of the tickets, Overhaul gladly traded them in for the bear before giving it to you. You thanked him with a big hug before you both departed to continue the fun. By now, the sun had completely gone down leaving only the warm lights of the buildings and street lamps all around, giving the comfortable and chill atmosphere a bit of warmth.

“I thought you couldn’t dance,” he teased, giving your side a gentle poke.

“I could say the same for you, Mr. Mysterious,” you mused with a smirk, turning and walking backwards to see him -- and to keep him from poking you again, “That was an impressive sight….But i was better!”

He couldn’t help but chuckle back, the sound being fairly close to a laugh, “Thank you...But who got more S-ranks, again?”

“I did of course!” you beamed, spinning to face forward again.

“Your eyes must have been only on my screen,” he snorted, his right hand slipping into his pant pocket while the other rested at the small of your back as he now walked at your side, “We could always settle matters later, if you wish.”

Raising a brow, you looked up to him, “....what, in a game of chess?”

With a chuckle and a roll of his eyes, he began to slow his pace as you both drew close to another store -- one that was in the process of closing but he seemed to want to go inside anyway, “As intriguing as that sounds, i’m afraid not.The tie-breaker.”

“....tempting.” you hummed, slowing your pace to look through the building’s windows, “I’m not saying no but i won’t say yes….We’ll see where the night takes us, hmm?”

A small smile pulled at the brunette’s lips as he, too, peered through the window, “Yes….we will.”

For a good ten minutes or so the two of you walked about looking for any more open stores to venture through. Other than a small number of fast food restaurants, a bar and a club, a few clothing stores -- along with quite the number of other adult places -- there wasn't much to check out. Neither of were hungry, neither of you drank and just the thought of being caught between two creepy, sweaty and horny bodies -- male and or female -- made both of your skin crawl; Overhaul's specifically, given he gave a shutter and even emitted a disgusted noise.



Eventually you decided to turn the tides, asking him if he would like anything. Although he didn’t say yes but also didn’t say no, you took the opportunity to drag him around some more, often gauging his reaction when you would point certain things out that you thought would be nice for him.



However, the man was more stubborn than a  field  of mules, showing interest in absolutely nothing….when it came to himself, at least. The only time his eyes would light up with that burst of life was when he looked at you or saw something he thought would look nice on you -- like a simple silver laced, diamond necklace or a beautiful dress that was fit for a ball. More than once has he actually insisted on going back to get you the item and each time you reminded him that you were shopping  for  him at the time. 



At one point, you were getting both tired and stumped with no clue as to what could possibly get this man’s attention. Overhaul must have noticed your distress because the next thing you knew your face was enveloped in a literal bear hug, your sight becoming entirely obscured by darkness and tickled by the soft fur.



“Cheer up, (Y/N)” Overhaul hummed, eventually lowering the bear and wiggling its floppy arms in a playful manner, “This night is supposed to be all about  you , remember?”



You gave a half hearted smile, resting your hand atop the bear’s head, “Yeah….Guess i forgot.”



“....are you ready to head back home?” he asked.



Home? ” you thought. After a moment, your smile grew as you gave a nod, “Yeah….let’s go home.”



So with this, you both began the journey back to the base -- one of which didn't feel as long as it was given you both were chatting away like the best of friends or, occasionally and absent-mindlessly teasing like a couple fresh into the world of love.Once you both arrived to his office, you took the liberty of getting comfortable on the couch while Overhaul -- while he reminded you to call him ‘Overhaul’ again -- departed to change back into his usual black button up and white tie. You were too busy thinking of a name for your bear to notice when he had returned, only looking to him once he drew close.



You perked up when he shifted even closer to you, seeming to extend his hands to cup your cheeks….But instead he plucked your bear from your arms.



“Hey--” you began to protest, reaching out for the stuffed animal.



“You can have it back in a moment,” Overhaul assured you, setting the toy on the arm of the couch, far from you, before returning to your side,  now  offering you his hand, “There is something i want….but i need you to help me get it.”



“...what is it?” you asked, taking it and letting him help you to your feet.



He didn’t reply immediately nor release your hand, his gaze lowering to it as though he were debating on answering. You turned your own gaze to your hands as he gave it a gentle squeeze, noticing as he began to take a small step closer to you. Your body stiffened and your gaze instantly shot up in time to meet his own, now taking notice to exactly how close he was.



A familiar fire burned in his eyes and his lips pursed before parting ever so slightly, as though he were nervous and his words had died on his tongue. His gaze intensified with every passing second and your throat began to feel tight and strained as your eyes widened slightly, the realization of what he said he wanted finally clicking in your mind.



He must have known you had figured out his intentions because the next thing you knew, he was leaning in to close the space between you. However, your hand was on his chest just in time to stop him in his tracks, just before his lips could touch your own.



“....(Y/N)....?” he murmured, his once half lidded eyes now scanning you closely.



Slowly removing your hand from his chest, you took a small step back from him, giving your head a slow shake, “....i told you….i can’t.”



“....why can’t you?” he asked, straightening up slightly, though his neglected hand remained in place, “....why won’t you accept me??”



“Because….” you sighed, deflating slightly. Taking a deep breath you lifted your head and squared your shoulders, looking him in the eyes as you spoke semi-firmly but very clearly, “....because a part of my heart is not yours. I do care for you Overhaul...very much. But i can’t commit myself because i still have feelings for another. And i feel that it would be wrong to just forget them when i know they have something for me too….”



Neither of you spoke once you finished, your somewhat confident demeanor beginning to melt down some as you waited for a response. His expression melted into a semi-neutral one but you could tell that he was turning your words over in his mind, his bright golden eyes seeming to be swimming with emotions -- none of which you could read.



Soon you began to get a little uncomfortable under his gaze, the part of you that really knew Overhaul beginning to tell you to try to calm him -- despite him not seeming to be upset -- and clear some of the possible assumptions forming in his mind. The last thing you wanted was for him to turn your words and his own thoughts into something that would cause him to act out of impulse and end up hurting you….or even himself.



But since when was it your job to do that? You said what you meant and you meant what you said….You were as clear about your feelings as he was. What he did with this knowledge was all on him and not you.



“I should... probably go get some rest now…” you began, turning your gaze elsewhere, “If you need time to think, you can….i won’t bother you.”



As expected he didn’t reply, watching as you moved around him to retrieve your bear in preparations to leave.



However, just as you were preparing to go, you didn’t have time to process or even sense his movements before he seized the biceps of your right arm, pulling you to a stop and even a small distance back to him.



“W-what the--?!” you gasped in surprise, almost losing your grip on your bear, “What the hell--?!”



“Don’t just walk out on me,” he growled almost dangerously, his eyes burning with displeasure, “We’re not done here.”



“Then what do you wa--?” you began to snap at him, turning your arm to get it free. However, as you spoke his free hand moved up and around your head, grasping a fistful of your hair before pulling you in, the male finally closing the distance between you in one fell swoop.



Your eyes widened as your words died on your tongue as soon as his lips met your own, your bear slipping from your fingers and landing in a heap at your feet. He was irritated and maybe even upset -- this you could feel -- and yet he was using his displeasure as his fuel and strength to hold you in place. You were frozen in shock either way, your breath caught in your throat and your heart seemingly still in your chest.



Slowly but surely you began to melt out of your frozen state, your now available hand moving to his chest, beginning to push against him but not wholeheartedly -- almost not at all. Your heart pushed you to make him stop but your body had other things in mind, your lips beginning to move with his own -- just this small action seemed to arouse him further, his right hand moving from your arm to your waist and his left hand loosening on your hair, giving you room to move a little more.



You wanted to try to stop, even breaking the kiss occasionally as though you catch your breath or prepare to speak, but the sweet sound of your lips parting from his own and the sight of your flushed cheeks only made his hunger grow, pulling you back in each time. You began to push against him, your hand still on his chest but instead of forcing him back you were also pulling at his tie as though urging him to come even closer, occasionally arousing soft hums from him, that would send a shiver down your spine. You wanted to break away, to tell him again that this was wrong -- you wanted to be mad at him for forcing himself onto you….But how could you really when you were enjoying this?



You kept telling yourself that this was wrong….and yet it felt so  right .



You wanted this to be right...but the voice in the back of your mind screamed that this wasn’t. His hunger was becoming your own and your reasons behind why you couldn’t commit to him were slowly leaving your memory, this moment replacing them instead.



His once gentle touch was growing rougher as was his grasp on you, both of his hands moving from their places and beginning to half claw and half tug on your clothes. His soft hums of approval and arousal urged you on to continue pleasing him with your kisses in exchange for his own.



You wanted him...You  needed  him….but you couldn’t have him. Not in that way….not now.



….maybe not ever.



Finally,  finally , you found the strength to both break the kiss and push him away -- well, more like push yourself away from him, taking a few steps back and even turning your back in the process. His gaze, although slightly clouded by lust, remained on you, both of his hands extended your way  as though he were preparing to comfort you. Slightly startled by your sudden movement, a small smile pulled at his lips as satisfaction and even peace filled his heart and expression.



However, you couldn’t be more petrified. Now that you were focused, free and coming down from your peaking state of arousal, the realization of what had just occurred came down on you like a bag of bricks. Lifting your hand to your lips, your fingers grazed them as the feeling of Overhaul’s own lingered still, causing you to tremble. Your heart hammered in your chest for both the right and wrong reasons and your throat felt tight and tense.



“(Y/N)....?” Overhaul’s voice cut in behind you, one of his hand resting onto your left shoulder.



The moment you fully processed his touch, you turned on him almost instinctively. In the blink of an eye, the satisfying sound of skin on skin filled the office -- as loud as it was quick, both you and Overhaul freezing on the spot as though someone had paused you in motion.



You stared at his recoiling form blankly, your eyes glistening with tears but not so much so that you couldn’t see the reddening of his left cheek, right where you had slapped him. With a hint of adrenaline pumping in your veins, you didn’t even feel the stinging pain in your hand as you fisted it and drew it back into your chest as though holding back a wild animal.



“Y-you idiot….” you muttered, as he slowly returned his attention to you, his left hand lifting to touch his cheek, “I…. told  you….”



“....(Y/N)....” he tried again after a few seconds of silence, beginning to extend his hands to you again, “....calm down--”



Don’t touch me !” you snapped at him, taking a few more steps back.



Despite just being slapped for doing so, he embraced you anyway, earning a fist to his gut. He reeled ever slightly but never released you, even as you hit him again, “(Y-Y/N)....”



“Why did you….?” you muttered, rubbing your fist into the spot you last punched him, “....i told you….i told you i couldn’t….but you--”



“I did it because i still care for you….” he replied, his voice slightly strained form this action, “....and even though you don’t…. entirely  feel the same….i still wanted to show you….that  I  do no matter what.”



His grip tightened on you slightly, “...I will do any and everything i need to to make you mine...To win  all  of your heart, just as you have won mine. No matter how many times you hurt me in the process.”



You considered doing both again but instead, you deflated in defeat, almost melting in his arms and fully allowing him to embrace you. You did however, pinch his side earning a pained chuckle and causing him to struggle to get free from your painful grasp, “....don’t you  ever  pull something like that again….”



“Y-yes ma’am….” he replied before you let him go and moved to the coffee table to retrieve your signature mask -- you hadn’t felt the burning sensation and need for it since you both got back but after that you would probably need to wear it the remainder of the night. Now you were tired -- physically and emotionally….But to know that he wasn’t going to give up on you was oddly…. relieving  and even a little reassuring. 



The air was now clearer than before -- strained and a little tense but clearer -- and now you had one less weight on your heart.






The following day was a tiny bit tense between you and Overhaul….well to  you  it was.



You had calmed down from the kiss with a good night’s rest -- in your own room -- and much self-reassurance the following day….But the fruits of your labor were all in vain. You found yourself avoiding him whenever you didn’t have to see him and barely speaking when you did, finding company in Eri’s or Kurono’s presence instead -- both of which being quite concerned about your behavior.



However, Overhaul merely watched you as you ran from him at every chance you got, neither upset, angered or offended by this. If anything, he was merely waiting for you to fully come to your senses. Once you returned to him to sort of apologize for beating up on him he gave you a proper apology for what he had done the night before, sort of easing you. However, he noted that he didn’t entirely mean it given he was dying to do it for far longer than he would ever admit. So you admitted that you didn’t entirely mean your own apology given he deserved every hit -- this he agreed on.



With your head screwed right and fully focused in your work once more, you were given the remainder of the day off -- some time to gather your bearings before the deployment day --  tomorrow  came.



At the moment, you were back in your old-new room -- the one beside Overhaul’s -- absentmindedly playing with your Void Fire as you stared intently at the marble floor at your feet, turning over everything in your mind.



Five months ….so much had happened in that time yet it seemed to fly by in an instant. You’ve grown stronger in more ways than you’ve ever imagined….discovered your quirk, made new friends and allies, found another who fell for you, a chance to bear the very world at your fingertips and so much more….



….but before you would let yourself commit to such a position -- or even consider it -- there was still one thing to do.



The time for the bullet deployments was finally here and a part of you couldn’t be more ready to see it through to the end. As expected it wouldn’t be as simple as sending them out and about to random villains like before: but it would require a whole force -- a sudden but carefully considered and planned out-break like attack all across the city, or maybe the entire country, consisting of just the yakuza.



Although it sounded unrealistic to you -- and Kurono too, given how his lips parted and brows furrowed as though shocked or disapproving, Overhaul explained that they: as in everyone within the base at that moment, weren’t going to be doing it alone of course. He had already pulled every string on every connection, contact, gang and force he needed to, struck every deal and paid every fine -- no matter how ridiculous -- he needed to to get all the skilled muscle he could find.



It wasn’t too hard given the worst of the worst were behind bars thanks to you, leaving only those who remained to beef themselves up in case the Masked Hero showed. Just as you had grown stronger the best of the villains had too. You were part of what influenced them to grow far stronger than you were betting they would be -- also given Endeavors and Hawkes growing power and fame lately -- giving you and the others a flicker of hope.



Fisting your hand, you lifted your gaze to your door as though expecting someone to enter any moment now, a small smile pulling at your lips. You had a good feeling about this….That everything would turn out perfectly fine in the end. That you would get to live your life to the fullest, whatever path you took, with the ones you cared about -- weather it be back with the League or here with Overhaul and Eri.



No matter what, you would see this through to the end….for everyone’s sakes.



Present Day



The finalization of the plan was finally complete. Everyone -- as in you, Kurono, Mimic and one of the precepts, Nemoto Shin -- had your parts to play at last. Thus leading to why you were out and about on the town the night before, sitting atop a skyscraper and gazing down upon the world.



This was to be the last time you see it this way, so you believed, before the people below turned it upside down in a panic to restore what once was. There would be no heroes -- amateur or professional -- to the rescue this time. The police force wouldn’t be of too much help given they were mostly quirkless and there were villain’s already keeping their eyes on vigilante’s, even now.



A small part of you couldn’t believe it was finally and really going to happen….An even smaller part, almost non-existent, believed it might not work. But you were living proof of what the yakuza could do, so there was no room to doubt. For now you would focus on your assignment, inhaling deeply before sighing heavily as you straightened up, turning your face to the night sky. Closing your eyes you leaned forward before letting yourself fall head first, plummeting towards the world below.



You were falling faster than normal due to your wings being on your back this time, since you figured you would try to enjoy the semi-calm but bustling life below up close as well as from above, not opening until you spun almost last second, the half mechanical and half real like angel wings shooting open and turning you up before you could hit the pavement, your body a good foot from it.



A small smile pulled at your lips as you turned and maneuvered your way along the street, in between and around cars, often doing a few tricks as you went. The sight was unreal -- flying at high speed, being dangerously close to vehicles that seemed to be moving backwards in a blur, the bright red tail lights and bright white headlights zooming by like streams as though you were time travelling….



….You loved every moment of it. But you had a task at hand, this you remembered before, with a heavy flap, you sent yourself upwards and back into the sky. A villainous hero, a justice seeking criminal, maybe even a ghost or zombie depending on who you asked….Y ou  were  dark and light. Right and wrong. Black and white. Wolf and sheep.  Angel and demon


You were a Nephilim.  The  Nephilim.


This was your new villain name whilst your hero one remained the ‘Masked Hero’, you finally decided. For that title is indeed just a mask for who you truly are.

Your wings spread wide, as though declaring your arrival, you gazed down upon the world once more, a small sigh leaving your lips. This is where you truly belonged….But after tomorrow, would you still?

Only time would tell….but now was not the time to ponder over such matters. You needed to pick up another toy for Eri -- and not only because Kurono stole her last one again. Even though whenever you went to do so you weren’t so heavily armored -- or not at all -- tonight was indeed different.

One of Overhaul’s connections expressed that a bunch of heroes were looking into their little plan -- and unlike anyone else who had been tailing the yakuza, they were making much progress and showing themselves as a problem towards the deployment. Everyone was now expecting this group of heroes to make an appearance tomorrow, thus giving you your part to play: you were to protect Eri at all costs. Since she trusted you the most, you alone were in charge to seeing to her wellbeing, keep her distracted and hidden away until Overhaul himself came to retrieve you both. To either let you know it was clear or to see to it that you escaped was something yet to be seen.

For now, everyone who left the base was to be ready for anything to happen, even if it meant you had to be loaded to the tooth with weapons -- especially you given how close you were to Overhaul, even though you were just going to pick up an action figure.

Once you finished doing so, getting in, paying for the toy and getting out before someone could have a heart attack at the sight of the great Masked Hero, you quickly ducked into the nearest alley in preparations to take off.

However before you could, your senses peaked, telling you that you were no longer alone -- that someone was right in front of you. It took your eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness of the alley, now vaguely able to make out the shape of the person. Tall, fairly slim, dressed in mostly black with a faint white shirt. Your brows furrowed as your wings began to part in case you would need to fight or run, eyeing them.

But the tenseness of the moment was short lived given your heart skipped a beat at the sound of the person’s voice, watching as they straightened up from their place against the wall, “Slow down there, little villain….I just wanted to talk.”

You bag slipped from between your fingers, landing on the ground by your feet with a soft thud as he -- the very man you had been internally dying to see again -- stepped out of the shadows, a small smirk pulling at his lips as his sharp and brilliant blue eyes met your own.

“....long time no see, (Y/N),” Dabi hummed, lightly as though you two had spoke just the day before.

No words left your lips -- how could any now that you were seeing him with your own eyes? You had begun to believe him dead both from the explosion and from his disappearance. No one, not even Shigaraki, spoke of him and although Overhaul hinted to him getting away after the explosion, you didn’t know if he had truly survived….

….but here he was. Standing before you, in the flesh. Just as you had grown stronger, you could tell that he had too. He was still fairly slim in build but the muscle growth was as obvious as his new coat, it revealing the seams that bound his sleeves to the main piece -- and even some coming from underneath his arms and curving upwards across his chest to the collar of his coat.

Taking a step closer to him, you began to lift your hand in his direction, a little hesitant to touch him in case he would disappear as though he were just a ghost or a figment of your imagination. But with your movement, he took a step closer to you too, lifting his own right hand to meet yours.

The moment he took your hand in his own, a big smile pulled at your lips as tears rose in your eyes, the familiar coolness and softness of his touch causing your fingers to tingle -- as though your very skin cells were celebrating.

Not even a second later he pulled you into a tight embrace, the both of you laughing with glee and slowly rotating on the spot, clinging to one another as tightly as you could. You felt like crying your eyes out -- and you probably were but couldn’t tell -- taking in his scent, his warmth, his very presence….You would’ve believed it all a dream if he too wasn’t doing the same thing, his grip tight and painful enough to arouse bruises.

But you didn’t care….not when you finally had him back.

Once you both calmed down -- him from his relieved chuckles and you from your half hysterical crying and emotional laughter -- he slowly released you, moving his arms from around you to rest his hands onto your shoulders, gazing down at you as though you were his child -- which, to him, you might as well be.

“Look at you….” he hummed in approval, moving a hand to touch your cheek, “....even after all this time you’re still the way i remember you being….Well, mostly.”

Your smile grew as he moved a hand to dry your face, still slightly damp from your shed tears of joy, “....miss me much?”

“More than you will ever know, little villain,” he replied with a warm smile, “....i thought i lost you.”

“I could say the same….Where were you all this time?” you asked, “What happened to you after the blast?”

“I went into hiding,” he replied, his smile fading slightly, “....the toucan caught me off guard and i took a few hits….I needed to retreat to recover. As for where i was...I was here and there, all over the place, looking.”

“....looking for?”

“Looking for you,” he answered, his smile fading completely, “In the midst of my recruitment work, i hunted and tracked down every possible organized gang i could, searched every hide out for any signs of where you were…But i found nothing. I have no clue where that damn yakuza hide out is but i hoped that at least one of those hornets nests did.”

“It’s…a little more obvious than you think it is,” you informed him and a small smirk.

“Don’t matter now,” he replied, his crooked smile reappearing, “You’re here now….Now we can get the hell outta here and keep it moving, yeah? Just like old times.”

Your own smile faded from this, causing his to fade slightly too, “What’s wrong?”

“....i can’t go with you,” you said, lowering your gaze slightly, “I have a duty to fulfill now….and someone i need to look after....”

With this his smile faded completely and his expression hardened as his hands fell from your shoulders, “Is that so?”

“It is,” you replied, “I can’t just back out now….Not when i’m needed.”

“For what exactly?” he asked, his eyes narrowing slightly, “What’s so important that you can’t ditch?”

“’s a special operation….A quirk erasing bullet deployment,” you answered, a little hesitantly but fairly quietly just in case, “I’ve been tasked to seeing that the key componet is safe.”

“...wait,” he began after processing your words, “You’re tellin’ me that the yakuza’s been rollin’ those things out all this time? Tch….shoulda figured. And now you’re tangled up in it….”

Neither of you spoke for a moment as he fully turned over what little you gave him before speaking again, “...when will they be making their move?”

“....tomorrow.” you replied, “Sometime in the morning or the afternoon.”

“Seriously?” he huffed, perking up in surprise, “Well, that makes things a whole lot easier.”

At this your brows rose, folding your arms, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that after you’re done with whatever the hell the deployment thing is, you can come back,” he said with a simple shrug, “Simple as that.”

“Yeah….” you hummed, turing your gaze elsewhere, “....Right.”

“Good.” he responded with another smirk, “Then it’s settled. See you tomorrow.”

Perking slightly, you returned your attention to him in time for him to turn his back and begin to march away, “Wait, what?”

As expected, he said nothing more, just waving over his shoulder as he disappeared into the darkness. You moved to go after him but you knew well enough that he was long gone at this point. Gazing into the darkness, you gave a somewhat heavy sigh before looking back to the small bag still laying on its side on the ground where you had dropped it.

You were overjoyed to see Dabi again….but you never expected to receive another heavy weight on your heart when he departed. You dreamed of returning to the League over the first couple of months you were with the yakuza and in all the time you had been there, the happiest you had been was when Toga and Twice arrived….But during your time with the yakuza -- with Overhaul, Eri and even Kurono -- that dream and yearning had…. faded .

As though it were just that: a once bright and colorfully inviting dream that was now as worn out as an old shirt. Now that the man you had been missing with all of your heart had made a reappearance….you weren’t too sure anymore.

You cared  deeply  for Dabi -- you would even go as far as to say you loved him….But were you ready to give up everything and turn away from everyone who came to care for and even love you just to go back to the life you had before?

Picking up the bag and holding it close, you took off into a run up the alley before giving a hard leap, your wings flying open and allowing you to fly up and into the starry night sky once again. You would continue to think things over once you got back to the base.

Deployment Day (The Following Morning)

Overhaul marvelled in the sight of one of four bullets within a small slick and smooth black box, slowly but surely and carefully  packing  them away, one by one, before setting them aside with another similar box.

“At last….” he breathed to himself, slowly closing the final box, “ dream will be realized….and the Hero Syndrome with cease to be for good….”

Once he finished muttering to himself, he sat up, inhaling deeply before pushing himself to his feet, turning his attention to you, Kurono and Mimic -- all of which were standing aside almost against the wall of his office, awaiting a final debriefing.

“....Irinaka,” Overhaul began, his voice firm and strict, “I want you on the bases’s defenses in case we are to expect a attack. Take as many of out men and vigilante’s as you need and prepare for anything.”

“Right away, sir,” the little man replied with a small salute before making his way out of the office.

“Kurono,” Overhaul continued turning his attention to the silver haired male, “I want you and Nemoto to see to our offenses. Make sure our vigilante’s, precepts and remaining able bodies are strategically positioned and have back up in case things do turn ugly. When you both are done with that, rejoin me here….I want you two with me to spearhead the operation.”

Kurono said nothing as he gave a firm nod before departing -- but not before shooting you a look on his way out, leaving just you and Overhaul alone.

“(Y/N)....” he began again, his voice far gentler now that he was with just you, “My Neph….I want you to stay with Eri at all times. Far from any entrances and passage ways in case someone tries to use them to get in. Per their request, Himiko and Twice will be keeping an eye on you two until they are called to fight or defend…. You are not to leave from your safe point until i come to get you both personally.”

You gave a nod. Placing a hand on your shoulder, he leaned in and rested his forehead against your own in both a comforting and encouraging manner for a few seconds before backing off.

“Before you go,” he said as he took a step back, reaching into his right jacket pocket, “....i have something for you.”

You waited patiently as he carefully removed the item from his pocket. Your eyes widened slightly at the sight of a familiar silver laced diamond necklace, your gaze lifting from the item to him. You could tell, even without your Sight going, that he was smirking with pride from the sight of your surprise, “For you.”

“I….” you began to protest, slowly shaking your head, “I can’t accept it…”

“Of course you can,” he hummed, moving close to you again as he held it up, “And i would like it if you did… Consider it as one more gift to you from me.”

You pursed your lips, seriously considering deny it again but you had a feeling that he wouldn’t let you go if you did. With a light sigh and a small smile that he couldn’t see but knew you had, you let him put it on you. Your smile grew at the sight of his eyes lighting up, clearly pleased with the sight of his gift around your neck and resting perfectly on your collarbone -- even though you were in your bodysuit and fully armed, it still looked perfect with your black and white.

“....i should let you go,” he eventually stated, tearing his eyes away from you, “Stay safe, (Y/N)....we don’t know what will happen today.”

“Right… too,” you hummed with a small smile, “....Chisaki.”

At this he gave a small chuckle before pulling you into a semi-tight hug. One that lasted a good seven seconds before he let you go and motioned for you to get going. With another nod you began to leave to tend to Eri. however, you paused at the door for a moment before turning back and returning to him, removing your mask in the process.

With a quick kiss to his cheek and a departing wave, you finally departed leaving him stunned and frozen in place.


“It’s been ages since we talked, (Y/N),” Toga hummed as she played with your hair, currently laying on her stomach at the side of your old bedroom’s bed -- where the four of you agreed to gather, given it was thoroughly secure and secluded from the world, “Maybe since we last saw each other! Bird-Face and Friends are so serious, how did you  ever  make it this long?”

“By not being so serious,” you replied, currently sitting on the floor playing with Eri’s hair, “and playing with cute little Eri.”

You heard a soft hum from the little girl and, although you couldn’t see it, you knew she was giving the smallest of her strained smiles. You began to braid Eri’s hair, Toga continued to play with your own and Twice chatted away with her all the while.

So far everything was nice and peaceful -- not including the occasional bickering between the other two -- just as you wanted it to be. They were in the middle of talking about something to do with ‘Pandora’s Box’ and the secrets held within when your name came up in a semi-hushed whisper: “When’re you gonna tell (Y/N) yours?”

“Huh?” you hummed, turning your attention from a dozing off Eri to the pair behind you, “Tell me what?”

“You know what,” the young blonde hummed, “The big secret you’ve been  dying  to know.”

Your brows rose in surprise and even anticipation, the thought of finally getting some answers to long awaited questions drawing your full attention, “.... you  know about all of this? Why any of this happened to me in the first place??”

“Of course,” she hummed in response, “We all do….as in Shigaraki, Dabi and I. And speaking of them, we were supposed to tell you all at once when this was all over….But i guess now that you know that i know, i might as well spill the tea.”

With a swing of her legs she stiffly pushed herself to her feet before stretching out and facing you, “You sent here as an agent of the League to bring down the yakuza from the inside.”

You blinked staring up at her as though waiting for something more. But just that spoke for itself yet your mind was almost refusing to process it, “....I’m sorry?”

“Confusing so blunt, ain’t it?” she giggled, “Leeeet’s….hmm….go back to the beginning. Overhaul was the client and you were the one he wanted. You were presented as ‘a fresh face and fresh meat’ to the bird face. But to Shigaraki you were ‘the key to unlimited power’.”

“Unlimited power?” you repeated as though offended.

“Mm-hmm,” she hummed, nodding, “Not many people -- if any -- knew that the yakuza was rising to great power right under the city’s noses….But once Shigaraki found out when Overhaul showed up on our doorstep, he wanted to take advantage of the situation. You had been with us for a good four months but you were still new into the world of villains -- still a  blank slate  with a few scratches from your runs….But still perfect for them either way.”

Your brows furrowed slightly, remembering the day you woke up to find yourself here and Overhaul’s words to you when you questioned him:

“Because you are unique…”  he had told you, “ You have trained with the League and will be training with us….You will bear two different sets of skills within your being -- a number of skills the League would never consider to share with our numbers...You can utilize them both and make them your own -- what you’ll be needing to get your work done in the months to come.”

“So….Shigaraki specifically sent me here--” you began to ask.

“To get close to Overhaul,” she answered smoothly, “To become one of  them . To grow strong and powerful in every way possible. And finally… be the opening Shigaraki needs to deal a killing blow to the yakuza.”


You paled at this, remembering Shigaraki’s words the last time you spoke….

“....That sociopathic bird has grown soft…” he hummed, “...Soft enough that a good eye could see that he, the  powerful untouchable  and ‘ holier than thou ’ Overhaul is more human because he has a  weakness… .All thanks to you. Because  it is  you.”

“....impossible,” you responded after a moment, “There’s no way this was all a part of his plan from the start….”

“I know right,” she hummed, folding her arms as she began to rock her hips, “I thought the same thing at first….But somehow, he was always two steps ahead. I guess you’re predictable, in a way…”

“If i’m so predictable then i’m sure he would’ve known i would never have agreed to---”

“Come here in the first place?” she finished, “Oh, he knew. We all did, actually.”

With this, the young blonde moved to take a seat beside you, her gaze turning to the half asleep Eri currently cuddled up into your stomach -- and being your only anchor against the inner turmoil stirring in your mind and heart, “We knew how loyal you were to us….And we saw you as more than an ally but a true friend. Family, even…. And because of this, we were ordered to keep quiet about the deal and to distance ourselves from you. You know, to make it seem as though we were losing interest in you.”

“....why?” you asked quietly, your gaze set on Eri alone.

“So that when you were taken and none of us showed, you wouldn’t get the idea that we betrayed you,” she explained, “That we set you up for a fall….But instead we lost total interest in you and you were taken while we were busy  not caring … It would’ve made your settling in with the yakuza a lot smoother for you…..Wait,  did  you believe it?”

“...No,” you answered a little coldly, “....all this time i had been feeling that you and Shigaraki betrayed me and  purposely  left me for Overhaul to take. I had suspected Dabi too but he was the only one who tried to protect me that day.”

“Oh….too bad. Oh well,” she hummed with a smile.

“....why didn’t you guys try to talk to me?” you asked, “....there would’ve been a chance i would’ve understood.”


“Shigaraki thought you’d say that,” she giggled, “And his reason was because he  needed  you to go in clueless. If you knew about your importance in bringing down the yakuza, you would’ve become  dead  meat more than fresh meat. That one precept -- the one that makes you spill your guts with his quirk -- he could’ve rung you dry the moment your secretive behavior became too suspicious before Overhaul painted the wall with you. Or took your head to add it to his ‘Wall of Traitors’!”

“....he doesn’t have a wall covered in heads,” you grumbled.

“You never know,” she smirked, “But that’s not the point. The point is that everything was for a greater cause….For all of us within the League, according to Shigaraki. And get great things  someone  had to suffer a bit.”

“A  bit ?” you hissed, causing her to stiffen, “I lost my only friends. I lost my house and my car. I lost everything of great value to me, including my cat. I lost my frickin arm for crying out loud. I was treated like a prisoner for months and i’ve been fighting to live the double life for just as long. I’ve been stressing day in and day out, wishing i knew why you guys threw me under the bus and battling my emotions just to get my work done each day. And i’m always doing my  damndest  to make sure this single little girl forgets the constant pain she is forced to endure, constantly putting my  life  on the line….But you say someone has to suffer  a bit ?”

Toga said nothing to this, seeming a little tense both from the tone of your voice and everything you had said; even Twice, who had been silently listening the whole time, looked uncomfortable now.

“Let me guess…” you continued, “....once this is all over, you want me to come back to the League as though  none  of this ever happened?”

“Um….yyyes?” she answered, not seeming too sure, “I mean….when you put it like that, it almost sounds like a bad idea….”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t,” Twice chipped in, sitting up and at the side of the bed, “I don’t see anyone just letting the people that used them back into their life just like that. Not after five months of that kind of pain-- of course you don’t, dimwit.”

“But then again, once you learn about everything  Overhaul  had been doing, would you still consider  us  the bad guy?” Toga chipped in too, tilting her head slightly.

Your boiling displeasure smoldered a bit to this as you eyed her, “I  know  of what all he’s been doing.”

“Do you really?” she asked, “Just because he’s been keeping you perched up on his shoulder doesn’t mean you had a full view of the bigger picture, you know. But if you’re so sure, let’s test your knowledge!

With this, she shifted to sit directly in front of you, a wicked smile pulling at her lips, “Let’s start from the beginning….and we’ll see if you still feel the same way about the great Overhaul when we reach the end.”


Just as promised, Toga explained everything from the beginning to this very moment, holding no more secrets back. And every revelation was as devastating as the last.

As Shigaraki had intended for her to, Toga soaked up all the juicy devilishness that he had received from the information over the bullet development a couple months ago -- when he and Overhaul met up in person to make another deal: Toga and Twice would join the yakuza in exchange for a copy of all of the information and data they had gathered. However, no one suspected that Toga would study it too, let alone remember everything and report it to you.

Everything he had been doing all this time, even before you arrived, she knew.

You always knew they were using Eri for their project….but he never told you --  no one , not even your friend Kurono Hari, told you -- that Overhaul was literally  taking the girl apart  with his quirk to harvest her blood.

He was using it because of  her  quirk -- something she never used but you knew she had from the sight of her horn. It was a special and powerful quirk, one that Overhaul called a curse. One that could rewind and revert something back to what it was in an instant or completely destroy altogether. And although he cursed it and her very existence, he used her blood  in  the bullets -- the very same bullets he had used on you a couple of times during your first and second month here. And not only you but countless civilian’s, low ranking villain’s and even low ranking heroes.

While you were processing this information, you came to realize something else: So long ago, before you even got your equipment, you were given a vanilla folder that both consisted of blank spaces for you to put in your information….and an entire section designated for your future missions.

The very same villain’s you took down weren’t just random low life’s….They were both  clients  and  targets  set up for you to put down.

All five months, and maybe even before you arrived, he had been peddling bullets out to them, letting them stack up while unknowingly preparing for you to drop in on their little parade. Each outbreak they would cause that would ‘summon’ the Masked Hero was orchestrated by Overhaul from the beginning….

….because they were his  guinea pigs.  Their purpose was  solely  to test the for him while he watched from a distance, studying the effects and taking down notes. He’d set everything up right behind your back but make it seem as though you were really cleaning the streets for a finer cause -- to  really  extend the power of the yakuza into the hero world….

When all you were doing was cleaning up their mess and erasing all evidence of the yakuza’s involvement. Not only that, but you  eliminated  the possibility that they would come crawling back to him for more. The ruckus they would’ve most likely put up would have exposed Overhaul’s plans prematurely and everything would’ve been in vain.

At every turn, he put the project first and you didn’t suspect a thing. You were beginning to think that he saw it as some sort of side hobby, given how much time he spent with you and how much he wanted you around….But it seemed he really  didn’t care  about others -- or even see them as people, but tools in his little plan…. All this time, while you were at his side, you believed you had gained higher ground in the yakuza when you were just labeled as his favorite utensil.

To top it off, all of that was only the tip of the ice-berg. You weren’t sure if your head could handle the finer details as well as the things he had done long before you even met Dabi; so you let Toga know that that was all you needed to know.

If you had known all of the dark and twisted things he had been doing from the very beginning, who knows where you would be. One thing is or certain you wouldn’t have any feelings towards him other than disgust and maybe hatred….However, even as you learned this, neither overcame you and your romantic feelings. If anything you didn’t want to believe it. But the evidence was as unavoidable and clear as death was at the end of one’s life.

Toga eventually left you to think on it all while she took up refuge on the bed to relax her brain. At this point, Eri was deep asleep in your arms and Twice was thinking over everything too, leaving a heavy silence in the air.

Now that everyone’s cards were on the table and almost every question had been answered, the idea of deciding on who you would turn to once this was over no longer felt like a hard one. You would still need to debate on it, of course… but at this point, everyone was past the point of good-guy, bad-guy status. No one was in the green zone with you other than Eri, but she couldn’t help you make a final choice like this.

So the score was even…. All you had to do was choose who would be the winner of this little game...and who would be left behind for good. At this point, your thoughts were disorganized and beginning to make you mentally exhausted, yet because of it you couldn’t find yourself feeling tired enough to rest on it all. So you stayed awake, watching over little Eri in your arms, your gaze fixated on her as though this were the last time you would see her.


Who knows? Maybe it was….

Chapter Text

*Chisaki Kai*

20 minutes later


Noise . So much noise was bouncing off the walls of the yakuza base -- his base and his home -- from all around. He, Kurono, Nemoto and another of the precepts: Sakaki Deidro -- were far from everything, almost at the heart of the building, but they could still hear the fighting from where they were.

Overhaul was remaining fairly calm so far, despite it all beginning to irk him inside. However, he was far more confident than he appeared -- in both his men and their impending success to come no matter how hard the heroes fought. He believed in his men and their power, their teamwork and combined strength would surely wipe out their intruders. To make it better, the person they were looking for wasn’t even with him, but with his (Y/N) -- someone the heroes would never suspect to be here. With the both of you far away and in hiding in a place only he and Kurono knew about, he felt that even if his men were to fall in battle -- which he highly doubted -- the three or four you, Kurono included if possible, would be long gone before anyone made it this far.

At least he thought so. His thoughts were interrupted by his own senses peaking and his attention being drawn to the hall behind him and Kurono.

There stood a familiar young blonde man in white, red and gold -- the same one he had seen so long ago and had claimed to be a hero in training….and yet here he was, with a serious expression on his once bright face. Although his very presence was unexpected, what really caught him off guard was how quickly he found his way here, given the battling had been going on for a little over fifteen minutes now.

“You shouldn’t have been able to get here so easily….” he stated a little darkly.

“I took a short-cut,” the blonde replied as his hands became fists, “...and i came to rescue that girl.”

Figures .” he thought, his eyes becoming half lidded as though bored, “ Heroes are so  predictable.”

“....i see you pull your hero face after the circumstances dawn on you, hmm, Mr. Student?” Overhaul hummed, “At that time you noticed but pretended not to, didn’t you.”

The young blonde’s expression hardened slightly, remembering that day he and his friend ran into the frightened Eri, earning another hum from Overhaul, “She doesn’t even wish to rescued by you. To her: you are no hero.”

The young blonde said nothing for a moment before lifting his gaze slightly, “....that’s why i’m here now.”

However, Overhaul gave a mental sigh before turning his back and beginning to walk away, Kurono following close behind, “It seems i’m not getting through to you. So i’ll put it simply: ….you’re just going to die .”

With this, the blonde began spring into action in an attempt to stop him but before he could go far, both Nemoto and Sakaki took Overhaul’s and Kurono’s places, slowing him down for the time being.

It wasn’t until Overhaul and Kurono grew to be a fair distance away from the three did the brunette speak again: “That boy’s presence this far in is going to cause a major problem….And considering how quickly he found us, he could easily find (Y/N) and Eri too.”

“Are you suggesting that you send them off?” Kurono asked.

“I am,” Overhaul answered, slowing to a stop, “Premature as it is, i can’t risk letting him, or anyone, get to them first.”

“Sir….it would be a risk to try to get them out in this heat of battle,” Kurono noted, “But if you wish, i can accompany you.”

“No,” he said, shaking his head, “I need you out here, keeping the heroes back and distracted as much as you can until we return. The four of us will leave this place together, if we must.”

With a nod from each male, Overhaul set off up the hall once more as Chrono departed to assist Nemoto and Sakaki.


You and Eri both jumped upon Overhaul’s sudden arrival to your room, the both of you having shifted from the bed to a corner against the wall near the door yet out of sight. Ever since the fighting began, the both of you had been expecting his arrival but not this soon, surprising the sleepiness from the both of you.

“Chisaki--” you began, holding Eri close as you moved to sit up straighter.

“We need to get moving,” he said, helping you up, “Common.”

Keeping Eri close, her arms being tightly wrapped around your neck, you silently followed him out of the room without looking back. Toga and Twice had left some time ago since they had apparently been summoned by Mimic to help him fight….but something told you that that wasn’t the case. You didn’t mention anything that they told you -- about themselves or about Overhaul -- given now wasn’t the right time. But you would later…

...if there would even be time for that. Shortly after arriving to the main hall, Kurono came jogging to the three of you and quickly joined your retreating party--

You jumped, gripping Eri defensively at the sound of several gunshots just a few halls to your right. However, Overhaul merely took hold of your left arm’s upper bicep and continued to lead you along up the right hall, moving away from the fight at a quick pace while leaving Kurono to watch everyone’s back on the way, fiddling with his personal gun as he walked.

“....where are we going?” you eventually asked.

“Away,” he answered, “You two need to find a new hiding place -- far from here. With Eri gone, they’ll likely give up their search….After a while.”

“They’ve come for Eri?” you asked, paling slightly, “Why??”

“To rescue her,” he answered, turning his gaze slightly to look at you, “We are the villain’s after all.”

You didn’t reply to this, lowering your gaze slightly, “....what about you?”

Just from your question, you could tell that he appreciated your concern as he turned his gaze ahead again, “I will follow once you both are clear of this area. In the mean time, i must see to the others. Kurono will stay with you two until then.”

You gave a soft hum saying nothing more as you continued fast walked, Kurono now shifting to your free side in preparations to take Overhaul’s place in leading the way out. However, the growing silence in the air was interrupted by a small gasp you emitted as your senses peaked. You didn’t have time to process what you were seeing -- only flashes of gold, white and red -- followed by Overhaul’s real name being yelled by the figure before pain flared right through your very skull, your world flash bright white with hot pain before going dark.

*Chisaki Kai*

He reacted just a fraction of a second before (Y/N) and Kurono did, leaning backwards to duck the blondes fist as he swung his body around after phasing from below. His left hand barely missed his face but his extended right leg phased right through the surprised Eri’s head and caught only yours and Kurono’s directly and at once. His eyes widened slightly and his heart skipped a beat at the sound of both of your cries the sight of your very bodies flying from the impact, Eri soaring upwards from your arms and into the young blonde’s upon his landing.

To top it off, just a smallest drop of blood, possibly being your own or Kurono’s, had hit his right cheek, causing his right eye to twitch and his semi-cool demeanor to burn away in his sudden but contained fury.

“(Y/N)....” he breathed, straightening up as he turned his attention to your unmoving and unconscious body, considering going to you before turning his attention to the young blonde, his gaze darkening greatly, “ You should not have done that…

“N-no!” Eri cried at the sight of you, “B-but why…. Stop… .You can’t-- That man will kill you!

Despite her protesting, the young blonde continued to keep his gaze fixed on the brunette before him who, although visibly and seemingly calm, was burning with anger and even disgust -- the sight of all of these and more only fueled the young man to protect her from the likes of his people, “I’ll never let him make you sad ever again….Everything’s fine now!”

At this Overhaul’s eyes flashed and his voice, although smooth, was filled with venom: “ How filthy …”

With this he slowly began to make his way over to yours and Kurono’s unsconcious bodies, putting the young blonde on edge but not arousing him to attack, “Come back here Eri. Don’t you care if he is killed? If (Y/N) gets hurt again? How many times must i tell you before you understand?”

With this, he kneeled down beside you, carefully lifting your upper body as though cradling you against his chest with his right arm, his gaze never leaving the other pair, “ You were born to destroy others.

With this Eri flintched before beginning to whimper again, “M-mister, you can’t--! He’s gonna--!”

“Don’t listen to him!” the blonde ordered, silencing the girl.

Removing your mask for Eri and the blonde to see your slightly bloodied lip and chin, and clearly see the few droplets of blood seeping from the roots of your hair and your reddening right cheek, his expression and calm like demeanor melted entirely as his fury finally began to overcome him: “Look at her…. She’s hurt because of you . Because of your selfishness , she cannot protect you….”

Carefully resting you back down but keeping his left hand under your head, he reached over and grasped Kurono’s cloak, pulling him over slightly before he slowly rubbed his right hand up his thigh out of the blonde’s sight, “ I’m always telling you the same thing: Whenever you act selfish like this, then i’ve gotta get my hands dirty….Every single one of your actions is destined to kill people. You are a cursed being .”

Visibly wincing from this, Eri lowered her gaze as though in shame, arousing the blonde male’s anger even more, “ HOW THE HELL CAN YOU SAY SUCH A THING TO YOUR OWN DAUGHTER ?!

However, this only caught Overhaul off guard for a moment, “What?” he asked before perking slightly, “Oh, that old story…. I don’t have any children. Yet .

With this, and remembering to keep his left hand under your head, he placed his right hand out in front of you flat against the ground with a soft tap. As though the world were mere glass, the floors and the very walls seemed to shatter into tiny pieces turning the spacely halls into an entire open area, forcing the blonde into the air. Lifting the palm of his hand from the floor and using only the tips of his fingers, the rubble came together again but as giant spikes as he now tried to impale the boy.

Holding Eri above his head to keep her from getting harmed, the blonde activated his quirk, each spike that had come his way -- much too quickly for him to properly evade -- phased right through him, startling him and breaking his focus. The sight of this, however, only made Overhaul frown as he lifted his right hand from the floor, humming as he mentally noted the boy’s quirk.

“Looks like you’ve got more going for you than just your quirk,” he acknowledged with a dark hum.

Growling, the blonde held Eri close again just as he had properly regained his bearings atop a spike, glaring down at Overhaul, “You’d even put her in harm’s way...?!”

“Yup.” the brunette answered coolly, “It doesn’t matter if Eri breaks ...If i reassemble her in time, i can bring her back to life. And Eri doesn’t need to come out of it in pristine, since i can revert her back to her original state anyway.”

His eyes becoming half lidded, Overhaul replaced his hand back onto the ground before your body again, “Trust me…. She and her body know that first hand .”

No words could describe the fury that sparked into the blonde’s eyes as though someone had flipped a switch him. The amount of rage burning and pulsing through his body as he cluntched Eri harder -- as Overhaul disassembled and reassembled the terrain once more -- was unreal to him but not as unreal as Overhaul’s cruelty to this girl.

“What are you going to do if Eri gets hurt?” Overhaul asked, in a teasingly menacing manner, “Because in this situation, i’m the only one who can heal her. You can’t phase your way out of here while holding onto her, so are you going to fight me here? Do tell, Mr. School Boy .”

A small portion of his attention shifted downwards as a soft groan rose from you, your eyes beginning to flutter and your head shift in his hand, however he continued to speak the rest of his focus on the boy before him, “I’ve sealed any path out of here through my quirk….As for your quirk….

The blonde perked up at the sight of movement from beside Overhaul; instead of you getting up, Kurono did, raising his gun with his right hand while he adjusted his mask with his left, “ hit from this and you can kiss it goodbye .”

From the look of his expression, Overhaul could tell that the blonde hadn’t truly meant to knock (Y/N) out, but his assistant instead, given he appeared Kurono had his weapon out at the time. Either way you were slowly waking and Kurono was operating again, truly giving the brunette the upper hand.

“Aim for the arm cradling her, idiot,” Overhaul almost spat at the other man near him.



“The way he uses that quirk is very precise and controlled….” Kurono noted, “I don’t think he’d let that happen.”

Either way, he lifted the gun, taking aim, “He must have put quite some effort into training it.”

Just as the blonde moved to take cover, Overhaul’s eyes flashed, all of the spikes he had assembled crumbled back into rubble, exposing him for Kurono to take the shot. However, the blonde clearly had other plans, giving a quick apology to Eri before suddenly twisting his body in a spin and coiling in on himself and Eri, he used his cape to hide away, obscuring Kurono’s line of sight as he shot.

“And here i thought heroes wore capes just to look cool,” Kurono huffed, lowering his gun slightly after wasting two bullets. However as he did so, taking notice to how the cape landed before seemingly deflated, it took a moment for it to dawn on him but a fraction of a second for Overhaul -- who was tending to you, helping you regain your focus -- to realize what the boy was doing.

“Kurono!” Overhaul called as he directed his quirk in his friends direction. Just as the blonde emerged from below and directly in front of Kurono, knocking his gun from his grasp with his shoulder as he came to uppercut him, the now disassembled ground reassembled as quickly as Overhaul could make it, managing to send his friend up into the air and out of harm’s way but the gun out of his reach.

“Sorry, Overhaul!” Kurono called upon landing a fair distance from the main battle field.

Not seeming to hear him, Overhaul’s attention shifted from you -- who was now sitting up and preparing to look for Eri -- to the cape that seemed to be moving out of the corner of his eye. It was Eri!

He left Eri behind! ” he thought now beginning to shift around to you place his hand on the ground in her direction, “ If i destroy that thing, he can’t resist me--!

Chisaki !” your voice suddenly called to him, instantly seizing his attention in time for him to take notice to the blonde who just finished phasing up behind him.

“So you really are… .” he began, his right hand becoming a fist.

Although Overhaul lifted his hand to both protect and disassemble the blonde’s fist upon contact, the punch still hit its mark, given he had forgotten the boy’s phasing quirk. The impact, being a full on hit, sent him off his feet and flying just as his kick to the others did, stunning him yet not knocking him out as he tumbled across the ground.

“....that kind of scum !!” the blonde finished as he fully recovered from throwing the blow, beginning to go after Overhaul again.

Hit after hit he got back up and continued to try to kill the boy, his patience and tolerance running out entirely and his energy beginning to run off of his fading sanity. But even as Kurono fought with him, struggling to get his gun back to take just one shot, neither of them were getting any closer to defeating the boy.

“The way you fight, i’d never think you were just some yakuza.” the blonde said, as he phased out again, “You’re no pushover, Chisaki! But you know what?!”

“I’m stronger than you!!” he declared, delivering a devastating punch to the brunette from below, completely knocking him off of his feet , “You lose , Chisaki ---”

Until, entirely at random, a wall of spikes assembled themselves in time to come in between him and the blonde catching them both off guard but giving the fallen brunette time to recover. However it wasn’t until then did he take notice to the color of the spikes: they were like black metal or a shiny obsidian rock of some sort, glistening with seemingly moving streaks of silver on the inside but appeared unbreakable on the outside.

This was nothing he had done. And if he did, it wouldn’t look like this.

No one he knew could do something like this….

It couldn’t be---

Get away from them !!” (Y/N) demanded with every fiber of her being, her voice radiating with nothing other than pure rage. It wasn’t until his eyes landed on you did he finally understand.

You were still on your knees now but your body was slack as though you were tired, with your right fist against the ground as though using it for support, but your knuckles were bleeding slightly as though you had been beating your hand against it. Your body burned with some sort of black fire like power -- so much so he had no idea of how he had missed it altogether -- and your eyes where a blood red similar to Eri’s but glowing with power. You were strong… .

And you were furious .

“(Y/N)....” Overhaul breathed in disbelief.


“Protect them….” you huffed over and over again, “My friends , my family !! I must PROTECT THEM!!!

Raising your hand, activating the Void Fist, you brought it back down onto the ground and caused it to shatter as though you had just broken a glass cup, the pieces sinking into the damaged ground for just a fraction of a second before emerging again as even more spikes than before. The blonde, completely startled by this, managed to phase before he could be caught as he began to retreat, his expression hardening at the sight of Eri behind you.

You were becoming blinded by your power but you couldn’t stop it. Even as the ringing in your ears grew louder blocking out everything other than your own screaming thoughts, you couldn’t stop. Even as the edges of your sight became peppered with dark spots and the painful heat of the fire around you started to brew, you couldn’t stop.

Never once have you gone this far with your Void Fire….But it wasn’t even by your choice.

You were watching as Overhaul and Chrono got knocked down over and over again, fighting this boy, in horror… But something clicked in the back of your mind and your body erupted into the black flames you had been concealing this whole time.

You couldn’t take the sight of this -- of Overhaul losing himself figuratively and the battle literally. This project….his very dream was crumbling with him. You were losing him with each punch….It was impossible for you to continue to sit by.

And now you were here, your spikes dancing a dance of death with Overhaul’s as you both strove to impale the boy -- never once had to killed another or thought to, but in this moment, nothing else but Overhaul mattered.

“Nemoto!” Overhaul suddenly gasped.

You perked up and your attention shifted from the young blonde to Overhaul who’s attention was on a hole in the wall. Laying there, half of his own beaten body poking out from within was Nemoto Shin, the precept that was supposed to be with Overhaul earlier. But you didn’t care for why he wasn’t hear before but was a little relieved to see him now.

And so close to Kurono’s gun.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Overhaul withdrew a familiar slick black box from a pocket within his jacket and threw it in the other male’s direction, its content spilling out for him to collect and load into the gun.

In that moment, the blonde hesitated as Nemoto began to point the gun in the his direction but you knew that even in the heat of battle, Nemoto was smarter than that. With this thought in mind, he pointed the gun in Eri’s direction -- breaking your focus at first and almost causing you to turn your spikes in her direction to defend her -- but you stayed focus on Overhaul, pushing yourself to your feet in preparation to get to him as the blonde phased out of sight to reach Eri before the newly fire bullet could.

“Chisaki…!” you called as you broke into a run, your fire bursting off of you before going out as you made your way to his side, clinging to him to help him stand.

“(Y/N)...” he sighed in an exhausted manner, holding onto you too, “....i never knew you had a quirk….”

“I didn’t at first either,” you said, turning your attention to the blonde as he emerged from below in time to protect Eri from the bullet -- bearing an unsettlingly bright simle on his face at that, “But we can talk about it later….”

“And we will….” he grumbled as he began to reach with his right hand to the ground below, no longer speaking to you as he raised his voice, “Because people are endowed with these things called quirks, they can dream….Dream that they can be someone that matters….They’re all sick in the head!!”



Letting him rest on his knees, he slapped his hand flat on the ground, “So wipe that smile off your face! Thanks to the power of that girl you were trying to save, everything you’ve worked so hard to cultivate…. has been reduced to naught -- !!

Before Overhaul could activate his quirk to finish off the now quirkless blonde, Kurono -- who had been unconscious for some time now -- suddenly went flying in your direction, catching both you and Overhaul off guard.

“Chrono!” you both called at once. Overhaul merely managed to swipe his left hand in Chrono’s direction, seeming to catch the unconscious man in the head before you half caught his body and half fell under his weight.

“Young master!” Nemoto called out in shock but more so to get Overhaul to regain his focus on his approaching opponent.

“Focus on your opponent and predict their next action….!” the blonde declared, as he delivered another punch to the now open brunette causing him to reel in pain, “Nothing…. Nothing i’ve done up until now will ever be useless !! I will always be LEMILLION!!!

Even with this unfortunate turn, Overhaul continued to fight constantly trying to get a hand on the boy no matter what, just like before when he had his quirk, he was losing it again. You, sitting aside with Chrono’s head in your lap, watched on like before as they did so, the need to protect him beginning to claw at you again….

….but he reasonable side of you kept you from moving. You had wanted to kill the boy before, not only because of your uncontrollable awakening, but because you felt that the battle wasn’t even. But now it was. He was still just a boy despite his unbreakable spirit and fighting will….Now that you were to your senses, you didn’t want to kill him.

You didn’t want anyone to die. Not here. Not today.

“(Y/N)!!” Overhaul suddenly yelled as he recovered from another punch. You perked up, and your fire immediately erupted around you again….but you couldn’t bring yourself to summon your Void Fist.

Lemillion seemed to notice this, given he had braced himself to take a hit once he noticed your black flame….but in that moment your eyes met and he could see what you were thinking and feeling. Although you were poised to attack him, he didn’t turn on you. Pursing his lips, he stiffened his body and leapt back, out of Overhaul’s reach as he made to touch him again, giving you room to put up a wall of spikes in between them.

What are you doing?! ” Overhaul demanded turning his burning gaze on you.

You didn’t answer but instead pursed your own lips, returning your gaze to the boy. Despite your attempt to just separate them, the boy still took damage from this action, the tip of one of the spikes being stuck in his right side while a fairly large portion of another impaled him right through his left calf, bloodying his suit. Seeing this seemed to calm Overhaul slightly, given the boy seemed to be unable to move anymore.

“You wanted to be a hero and you wanted to save Eri, Lemillion….” he began, carefully dipping down into a crouch, placing his hand flat on the ground again, “It is all because of the sickness plauging this squalid age! I’ll cure all the delusional people like you….with Eri’s power!”

Despite the obvious pain, Lemillion gritted his teeth and pulled his body off of the spike in his side and groaned in pain as he pulled his leg free, in preperation to try to defend himself from Overhaul’s coming attack.

CHISAKIII!!! ” he roared, his fists clentching as hough preparing to make one final strike.

However, before either males could make the fateful move, booming sounded from their right, drawing all three of your attention. With another boom, a large hole in the wall Overhaul had created opened up and in flew an all too familiar green haired boy, an all black clothed and messy haired, scarf weilding pro hero, Eraserhead, and the suited man you met in the toy store.

The other heroes had finally arrived. And Overhaul was not happy about it.

Neither you or Overhaul had time to react before the boy launched himself in Overhaul’s direction, delivering a bone-shattering punch and sending the man flying harder and farther than any punch Lemillion hand done.

“No!” you cried, before, with a grunt and your flames erupting again as you extended your hand as though tossing something upwards as hard as you could, a thick slab of the black rock rose up in a curved manner, causing Overhaul to roll along it. Instead of falling from the top of the slope, the tip of it seemed to melt down into the Void Whip, catching and carefully lowering him back to the ground. Breathing heavily, you lowered your hand again quickly putting the fire around you out once more, the faint smell of burning clothing beginning to reach your nose. The last thing you needed was to be cooked alive by your own quirk in the middle of battle -- when Overhaul needed you most.

Using the curved wall as support, Overhaul regained his focus and balance, visibly trembling in pain from the punch. However he was nowhere near ready to stop now -- if anything he began to make his way towards you, falling to his hands and knees in the process.

“Nighteye!” Eraserhead yelled to the man in the suit -- currently standing aside as he took in the sight of the situation, “Secure the girl!”

You perked up hearing this, turning your attention to the silently crying Eri who sat where she had been left before, clinging to Lemillion’s cape as tightly as she could, “N-no….stay away from her….!”

You wanted to personally move to defend her from the heroes but you still had an unsconcious Kurono resting on your lap -- and now that you spoke, when you lifted your hand in her direction nothing happened. Your quirk had been completely erased by the now approaching Eraserhead who clearly did not fail to miss your burning body a moment ago, ordering the green haired boy to take care of Overhaul -- who was still trying to get to you and dearly wanted to attack the heroes but couldn’t bring himself to with them so close to you.

“(Y/N)!” Overhaul growled before letting out a roar, “ WAKE UP ALREADY, CHRONO!

And right on cue, a silver arrow erupted from Kurono’s hood and, although Eraserhead had tried to dodge, made just the slightest of cuts on his right bicept causing the hero to slow down tremendously.

“....anyone cut by the minute hand….” Kurono began as he pushed himself to sit up, “....will have their movements slowed!”

“Kurono….” you gasped, your heart lifting at the sight up him moving again, “You’re alright! But how…?”

The it dawned on you. When Lemillion had kicked his body at you and Overhaul, Overhaul had touched his head -- he must have repaired his damaged but it wasn’t until now was he able to get back into the fight.

Now that you were up and on your feet again too, Kurono seized you at the same time the boy seized the slowly falling Eraserhead in time for Overhaul’s attack, separating everyone in an eruption of spikes all around the entire area, turning the once smooth battle field and disoriented walls he had created -- even your own spikes -- into a nothing more than a valley of death.

After a few seconds of letting this newly stirred dust settle, Kurono -- having clutched you close to his chest to protect you from any misshapen debris -- unravelled his arms from around you but gripped your upper biceps, as he spoke quickly and quietly.

“(Y/N)....” he began in a hushed whisper, “I’m going to take the eraser hero off the battlefield….I need you to be the one to protect Overhaul from here on out.”

You gave a firm nod, lifting your right hand to give his left a reassuring squeeze, “ can count on me….Good luck.”

“You too.” he nodded back before releasing you and maneuvering his way out from within your spikey prison. As for you, you crouched down in your limited space, just your hand catching fire this time as you bended the spikes around you to make a solid black platform. Rising up and giving you a fair amount to see, you looked around for any signs of Overhaul and Eri.

Just as he had intended to -- most likely to buy him some recovery time -- Overhaul was the only one in open space and still in the center. Off to the far right from you was Nighteye, clutching Lemillion and Eri to himself while off to the far left was the green haired lad, caught in between a couple of spikes and bearing a fairly small cut on his side but was in the process of getting free. A small distance from you, resting in the middle of the field was Nemoto he must have fallen unconscious shortly after Overhaul’s eruption broke him free from the wall.


You perked up and returned you attention to Overhaul upon hearing his voice. At this point, the brunette had been pushed to his limit, his left hand gripping his face, specifically over his eyes while his right rested upon a spike for support as he began to move inward in Nemoto’s direction.

“My sweet (Y/N)....” he gasped, “ loyal (Y/N).... come back to me….

You didn’t move for a moment before beginning to do so, your fingers digging into the rock in preparation to bend it again but the sound of the green haired boy’s voice caught you off guard: “Masked Hero!”

You stiffened upon hearing this but you knew it was only a matter of time before he recognized you. Even Nighteye lifted his gaze to you, disbelief filling his expression as it too dawned on him.

“Don’t do this….” the boy huffed with a shake of his head, “You’re a hero too….you don’t have to listen to him!”

“Shut it, boy!” Overhaul hissed, “You don’t know anything about her!!”

“Remember the day you told me to keep my chin up?!” he continued, ignoring Overhaul, “The day you thanked me for saving you….Well, i want to thank you !”

Your eyes widened from this and your breath caught in your throat, tears pricking at the edged of your sight as he continued, “Because of your kindness and the inspiration you showed me that day, i’ve been able to fight harder than ever! I have peace of mind because of you...Because of you, I can fight on knowing that everything will be alright in the end no matter what happens!”

Stop talking to her,” Overhaul hissed again, preparing to shift the spikes again.

However before he could, you pursed your lips and tightened your grip on your slab of rock again, a pulse of the fire rippling from the roots of it and sending a wave of black rock in the boy’s direction, creating a wall and shattering Overhaul’s oncoming spikes like glass.

“(Y/N)....” he growled, “Don’t you dare--

I’m not helping the heroes ,” you clarified, blinking the slight tears from your sight, “But i’m not going to let anyone die here today, Chisaki….”

His gaze hardened sensing the truth in your words. Although displeased with this fact and your final decision, he returned his attention to the unconscious Nemoto in front of him, “....come to me….”

Finally, you obliged, not failing to notice the gaze of the still idle Nighteye. It was as unreadable as it was in the toy store when he gazed into your eyes but you could tell without taking a second glance that he -- and even Eri who was watching too -- was hoping that you wouldn’t listen to the brunette.

But there you went, melting the slab you were on down as though it were mere ice, sliding your way down it towards Overhaul who caught and clung to you once you reached the bottom. Seemingly satisfied with your wholeness, he released you and began to stumble towards Nemoto again. The green haired boy, finally free from being in between the spikes, radiated with his green electricity like power as he tensed his body on the side of spike in preparations to make an attack.

“I cannot….i will not….” the brunette muttered, replacing his left hand on his face again, “Allow my plan to be ruined by these damned heroes! Right Nemoto?!”

“....Chisaki….” you began taking a step towards him.

“You don’t want that either, do you?! You would never want me to meet my end here!” he continued, falling to his knees beside the still unconscious precept, “Nemoto….you have truly done well for me. I’m sure you, of all people, would be happy to die for my sake, wouldn’t you?!”

You paled hearing this, beginning to make your way towards him at a faster pace. Even the green haired boy, realizing what he was planning to do, sprung from his place to attack, “Chisaki--!!”

The boom was the first thing to reach your ears, stopping you dead in your tracks,. The blood that followed, erupting from both of the males made your heart skip a peat as you watched in horror as Overhaul disassembled both himself and his own subordinate at the same time. Even the boy was forced back by this, diverting his original attack, given there was nothing for him to hit anymore.

At last at the time being.

The both of you watched as the two began to assembled again….but into one being. Into the demon Overhaul you had seen in your dreams so long ago: The darkness and blood, his contorted body -- now bearing two extra sets of arms -- the virus like blackness that spreaded from his mask and along his face to each arm, including his own real ones and the way his mask now looked like an actual toucans, dripping and oozing with the black mass....

He had truly lost it. 

“I’m in an awful mood right now…” he said, his voice and even his demeanor far calmer than it had been a moment ago, “...but this is a little better.”

“Ch-Chisaki….” you breathed, sinking to your knees in disbelief, “why….?”

The boy visibly cringed at the sight of him this way but didn’t break his focus -- if anything his gaze was now scanning the room, clearly taking in the situation before returning his gaze to the monster that was Overhaul, accepting the fact that he was now the only one available to fight.

“Whenever someone lays their fingers on me, i can’t help but feel the need to cleanse myself…” he hummed lowly, his voice almost a growl, “I can feel the blood rushing to my head…This is the first time i’ve been pushed to this point.”

With this he crouched lower, his arms spreading wider as though flexing them, “What a tragic life, huh Lemillion? If only you hadn’t gotten involved with Eri….with us….You wouldn’t have lost your quirk forever .”

Even from your spot you could see that the boy had paled upon hearing this, staring at Overhaul in utter disbelief. The brunette, however reached over with his lower left hand and carefully picked up the forgotten box of bullets, slipping it into his pocket before turning his attention to the group of three not too far from him, “And despite losing it, because you insist on dragging this out….You’ve gotten all your friends mixed into this, only for them all to die .”

“N-no….” you began to protest, pushing yourself to your feet, “You can’t--!”

The corrupted brunette turned his attention to you as you stumbled to your feet, “I can’t have you running around right now, (Y/N)....” he hummed, “For your sake and my own….Stay out of the way.”

“I’ll stay out of the way if you stop trying to kill them!” you snapped with a dismissive wave of your hand, narrowing your eyes in the way that told him you weren’t having it, “....if you really want me to stay off of the battle field then don’t give me a reason to get onto it, Chisaki…. We’re supposed to leave this place together!”

At this, his gaze lifted slightly, a bit of the old him only you really knew shining through but just for a moment, “....retrieve Eri for me…. And we can all leave together.”

You didn’t move for a moment before giving a firm nod. With this he moved to return his attention back to the three but before he could even take a step, the green haired boy came down on him from above, bearing one of your larger spikes in his hands as though it weighed as much as a mere pillow. Luckily, Overhaul managed to catch it easing your startled heart before you turned your own attention on the three.

Nighteye’s attention shifted from the other pair to you who was now approaching, your gaze resting only on the white haired girl tucked away within his left arm.

All you needed to do was get Eri and get out of there. Kurono was already gone with the Eraserhead and you would surely meet up with him once you two were out of there. Overhaul would hold up on his word and the four of you would escape.

But in order for that to happen -- in order to see to it that these heroes made it out alive -- you would have to get your own hand dirty. This you concluded at the sight of Nighteye releasing Eri and the barely conscious Lemillion and taking a stand, stepping out from within their little spot to face you.

“....we meet again, Ms. (Y/N)....” he began, “I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this….and I believe you have as well.”

“....i just want Eri back, Sir Nighteye….” you clarified, slowing to a stop, “...we don’t have to fight.”

“I know,” he replied, slowing to a stop too, “But i can’t let you have her… no matter how good your heart or your intentions truly are, you walk with the wrong people.”

With this he got into his own fighting stance, with a wave of his hands a few seal like items appeared in between his fingers. Your own fingers flexed before your fire appeared -- mentally managing to keep it from consuming anymore of your body than your entire right arm, it seeing to become as black and distorted as one of Overhaul’s arms, a few spikes emerging from your shoulder and curving upwards in a armor like manner. Pusing your lips and squaring your gaze as you shifted into your own fighting position.

*Sir Nighteye*

Neither of them moved and, although a fight between Young Midoriya and Chisaki Kai was going on behind (Y/N) at that very moment, a deathly silence seemed to hang in the air. Taking in your posture and current state, he mentally assessed what he would be dealing with and pointed out your weak spots before beginning to make his move.

However before he could fire his first hypermass seal, your body tensed and you dashed towards him with alarming speed, your very expression and even demeanor melting from unsettled and unwilling to blank and empty -- as though you had just become a mindless machine programmed to kill him. His eyes widening in surprise, he sprang upwards, managing to get out of the way before your clawed fist came down where he once was, making a fairly deep crater.


What just happened….?! ” he thought in alarm as he landed a fair distance from you, almost in the same place you had been before, quickly recovering and turning back to you in time to see a rising wave of spikes come erupting his way -- since a fraction of your fist was already in the ground, you automatically followed up with a ranged attack.

Dodging again, he launched one of his seals your way but you managed to block it by leaning forward, the spikes on your shoulders not even cracking from this as it repelled and flew right back to him, landing at his feet in a hole of its own.

Damn….that stuff can’t be broken….” he thought, scooping it up and preparing to launch another as he dodged your next attacks, “ ...but she isn’t using it to defend her entire body, leaving almost all of her body open….But i can’t get a clear shot with her moving so quickly--

He perked up at the sight of you making a direct attack, coming to strike his head. His body moving before his mind could process this, he jumped upwards once more, flipping over your still moving form. While he was still upside down and had a clear view of your back half, he launched another seal, hitting you directly in the back of your head, earning a pained gasp from you as you fell face down.

Landing on his feet, he returned his attention to you, expecting for you to stay down given he had meant to knock you out with that blow….but his eyes widened at the sight of you pushing yourself to sit up again. A small trickle of blood could be seen running down the nape of your suits collar in the back but despite this you were moving as though nothing happened.

Impossible…! ” Nighteye thought, his pupils dilating, “ The hit….it was hard enough to arouse blood...but she’s still standing !”

On and on, the two of you battled as ruthlessly as Overhaul and Midoriya were, each of you getting in your own number of hits but neither showing any signs of going down. Nighteye was beginning to feel his age getting to him, his energy beginning to dwindle while you, however, seemed to continue to grow stronger with each hit you took. Her already cut lip was bleeding again, her torso, back and head had been hit repeatedly by him with both his actual punches, kicks and his seals, steadily breaking her down from the inside and outside at once, she bore a gash on the left side of her head, above her brow from trying to dodge him at one point -- he later came to take notice to you missing left arm and took advantage of your vulnerable point….

But even with this she kept fighting. Just as Mirio had.

Nighteye couldn’t tell if he was winning or not. He was most certainly managing to hurt you but he wasn’t wearing you down and you weren’t lightening up on him, getting in your fair share of bone shattering hits and gashes on his body too. At one point he could’ve sworn he heard you laugh, giving him the sense of uneasy.

“Can’t you see…?” you had panted, “....I fight harder….in negative situations….The closer i grow to defeat….the stronger i get….”

“....strength won’t save you, (Y/N),” Nighteye stated, breathing just as heavily, “Surrender.”

“I’ll never stop…. never ….” you panted before giving a harsh cough, more blood seeping from your lips, “....n-not until i have Eri back….We need her… . I need her !!”

With a half huff, half growl, you were gone. Perking up, the green haired hero looked around for you before quickly taking notice to a shadow moving over head. However, he was unable to react fast enough -- and probably wouldn’t have been able to escape so easily -- to escape your next attack. Something rubbery and thick wrapped around his torso, pinning his right arm to his side but barely missed his left. As though a giant hand had just seized him, it tightened before tugging him back hard enough to pull him off of his feet and into the air with you. As you landed, and he hovered idly in the air above, he began to plummet downwards headfirst the moment you gave a tug.

His eyes shutting tightly as he braced himself for impact, he failed to take notice to a flash of dark green at the corner of his eye. The next thing he knew, instead of hitting the ground head first, he was tugged again shooting upwards as though he had become some sort of yo-yo, a bone chilling cry of pain arousing from the young woman now below him. Opening his eyes, his breath caught in his throat at the sight of a spike -- one of Overhaul’s -- lodged in the last remaining wall like a dart in a dartboard. About half of it had perfectly pierced the rubbery substance that was her arm and pinned it to the wall, slowly dragging her towards it and causing him to swing its way too.

Once he was close to the wall, he caught himself with his feet, the rubbery hand releasing him and allowing him to fall safely to his feet. But instead of moving to see to Midoriya he withdrew one final seal before launching it to the spike holding (Y/N), shattering it like glass and managing to catch her before she could hit the ground.

Overhaul would’ve never noticed it had he not heard your cry. He was so immersed in his fight with the pesky green haired boy that he had clearly forgotten about you and your task in retrieving Eri. It wasn’t until the green haired boy left his sight for just a fraction of a second did he realize what had happened.

Lemillion and Eri were gone -- when they had left was beyond him -- a light trail of the wounded hero’s blood leading to the hole that was made some time ago and you -- bloody, beaten and defeated -- now laying on your side, unmoving and clinging to life, Nighteye now rushed in Overhaul’s direction.

However, much to his surprise, Overhaul didn’t make a sound or even say his dying lover’s name as he rose all six of his arms and brought them down as hard as he could onto the already disassembled floor, sending a shock wave of countless spikes Nighteye’s way, making to kill the man with one strike.

However, even as he did this, he dodged and even used the newly formed terrain to maneuver his way to Overhaul, launching up to three of his seals his way, “I’ll take this guy on!” he shouted to the young hero, “Go take care of Lemillion and Eri-Chan!”

Like i’ll let you! ” Overhaul retorted, how voice laced with venom and bloodthirst.

“Roger that!” the young hero called before bouncing his way through the twisting terrain to the exit.

The brunette began to turn his fury on his retreating form but was pelted in the chest by two of Nighteye’s seals, forcing him to return his attention to his new opponent.

What did you do with eraser ?” Nighteye demanded, “Your lackeys aren’t here either.”

“I’ve got a bit of interest in that quirk-erasing hero, you see,” Overhaul replied, a hint of annoyance seeping into his voice, “We’ve escorted him to the VIP room!”

Nighteyes own expression darkened slightly from this, his words calm but piering all the same, “I wonder….could it be that someone so obsessed with destroying other’s quirks….is terrified of having his own erased? When you talk about forever, that must mean your bullets have been completed….And then you used one on Lemillion…?”

“Well, i was trying to keep everything a secret as we were running away, but…” Overhaul muttered, but not quietly enough.

So you really were that afraid of Lemillion, huh?! ” Nighteye demanded, a hint of disgust in his risen voice.

However, Overhaul’s ‘silent fury’ demeanor deflated into nothing -- just as your own had when Nighteye faced you -- as two out of three of his arms on his right side suddenly disassembled as he made to physically swipe at Nighteye.

Out of my way ,” he stated coolly and calmly -- his voice and the sudden realization of what Overhaul was truly planning to do making Nighteye’s blood run cold. Activating his own quirk one last time, the white of his eyes turning black and his pupils and iris’ turning violet, he gazed into Chisaki’s eyes, seeing into his future--

--and then she appeared.

Chapter Text


Your eyes half lidded and your vision obscured by darkness at the edges of your sight, your ears ringing and only your slow breathing and even slower heart beat sounding within the white noise, you laid on your side in a bloody and beaten heap, the fingers of your remaining hand twitching and moving on their own, reacting to false triggers from the damaged and pulsing nerves in your arm.



You never expected the boy to attack during you finishing move -- a move that would’ve put Nighteye under in order to give you time to get to Eri -- but the next thing you knew, you were hanging from the wall with a giant and sharp rock in your whip arm: an advanced version of the Void Whip that came to you after your awakening.



It wasn’t until Nighteye laid you down to rest did it all of the pain you endured came down on you and your bodily tension ceased. Your ribs creaked, your stomach ached and your head pounded from all of the hits you absorbed during each of his attempts to put you down. You felt like you were dying but other than the hole in your arm, the gash on your head and your bloodied lip -- and maybe a broken bone or two -- you were still able to operate.



However the ground trembled and exploded all around you as Nighteye took on Overhaul, ordering the green haired hero to see to Lemillion and Eri.



Just before you could finally slip into an unwilling dreamless sleep, the sound of the boy’s voice filled your ears and his touch on your pained body made you focus on him. You could’ve sworn he had already left by now, given his speed, but here he was: using your torn sleeve to patch up your arm in a hurried manner, his words jumbled in your ears but you were sure he was trying to encourage you to hold on.



And you planned to, allowing him to pull you to you your feet and into his arms -- highly surprising you as you mentally questioned if this kid was really a kid -- before he began to bounce towards the exit again.



So you really were that afraid of Lemillion, huh?!” you heard Nighteye shout, drawing your attention.




Your sight still blurred but slightly clearer than before, it wasn’t hard for you to see what was coming. Two of Overhaul’s arms were disassembling but he was moving to make a direct attack and Nighteye was moving right into him.



He was going to kill him.



Your body moved before your mind could process it everything slowing down in your eyes. Your bodily pain seemed to wash away in that moment as you extended the remnants of your left arm in the fighting pair’s direction, your right hand gripping and pushing against the startled boy still holding onto you -- at least until you broke free -- slipping over his shoulder and into the open air.



Hero or villain….ally or enemy. Dark or light. Wrong or right you would protect them -- all of them. You promised to see that no one would die by Overhaul’s hands.



Not now--



Light filled your vision.



Not today--



You disappeared.



Not ever--


You reappeared.



For as long….



Overhaul’s arms reassembled.



….as you lived.



Nighteye’s pupils shrank.







The sickening sound of tearing flesh and spilled blood filled the small area, all of it being one shade but from two different people, painting the disoriented ground and the spikes extended from the both of their bodies. Overhaul stared blankly at you - who had suddenly appeared from thin air -- his now reassembled arms slowly recoiling from his attack as his visible and normal skin slowly paled at the sight he was seeing.



From the way your body was hunched over -- a single thick spike erecting from your back through your torso but a little more to your right, entirely shattering your ribs -- you had been in a leaping motion and your left arm -- despite not having half of it -- was extended in Nighteye’s direction as though you were in the process of jumping to save him….



But you didn’t make it.



However, just as he had before the boy’s body seemed to light up as though he were struck by lightening, his power visibly increasing as he suddenly stomped his foot, the effects of this acting as a devastating shock-wave that shattered every one of the spikes coming his way -- and even in his vicinity.



He’s stomping out the ground and squashing out areas i’m targeting… ” he thought, preparing another attack, “ That power is nothing like how it was moments ago….Was he holding back earlier… ?



Other than saving your life and getting Eri back, he wanted nothing more than to crush this boy and every other hero still running around….But the reason why you were dying was because of that very desire.



You had been protecting the heroes -- and even himself -- the entire time because you didn’t want anyone to lose their life… But yours was steadily slipping away because he wasn’t holding himself back and you threw yourself in the way to try and save Nighteye.



And now that he had no choice but to focus on you, this boy was using his need to tend to you against him, forcing him into a corner, giving him the upper hand. “ This kid…




*Izuku Midoriya*



“I ’m sorry, Ms. (Y/N).... Midoriya thought as he crouched low, preparing his body for a direct attack, “ I’m sorry, Sir Nighteye...



He needed to take this moment to finish Overhaul -- even if it meant preventing him from getting close to you and stopping himself from helping the other injured adults. Although a part of him wanted to let Overhaul try to save your life, he knew well enough that once he did, he would flee without a second look back to find Eri and Togata. But during his stomp, the shock-wave had broken the terrain holding you and Sir Nighteye down, buy you both a little more time.



It was now or never.



One for All! ” he huffed, a wave of energy bursting off of his body, “ TWENTY PERCENT .”



“You guy’s coming here has only made things worse for everyone,” Overhaul growled, sinking four arms into the ground, “You do realize that right? Give it up, it’s just going to turn out exactly as i said it would--”



With this, instead of spikes coming up, full out spires formed spiraling like drills, “-- Everyone will die!”.



However even as this statement seemed to be more of a fact, Midoriya merely prepared himself to attack, “I won’t let that happen! Even if that’s what fate has decided!”



With another burst of power, he launched himself towards Overhaul, readying his fists, “I WILL BEND THE FUTURE !!”



As expected, the brunette’s expression darkened as his hands cracked the ground further, as though silently accepting his unspoken challenge.


Maneuvering his way along the terrain he had crumbled and Overhaul hadn’t touched yet, using it as his ‘wall’ for defense and offense, he began to wind up to boost into an attack -- but before he could the spires shot in his direction, forcing him to dodge.



A pained and choked sound emitted from him at the feeling of one of the spires grazing his side, almost impaling him altogether, “ I can gauge the timing of the disassembly, but...i can’t dodge them all!



With a huff and a well timed launch off of the closest spire, he made to catch Overhaul within another shock-wave, stomping his feet down upon landing as hard as he could, causing the somewhat flat surfaces to turn upwards likes spikes of his own, “ Endure it...until you win!



However, the brunette -- keeping two hands on the ground -- managed to assemble his area of the wave, no doubt for (Y/N)’s sake given she was only a good fifteen feet directly behind him. A fraction of a second later, the middle two arms shot out to touch Midoriya directly while the bottom two assembled more spires, forcing him to dodge and out of the corner Overhaul was trying to force him into, Chisaki isn’t going to let up!



However, instead of going to the sides, he zoomed upwards, one of the new spires just barely missing him -- so much so that it tore the entirety of his entire right arm’s sleeve glove off, exposing his sleeve, ” He won’t give up Eri….even if it kills him!



Flipping himself upside down, he planted his feet on the very ceiling, “ I can’t take too much time! Even if he accumulates damage he can simply ‘repair’ it!



Bouncing off of the ceiling, he readied himself to deliver a powerful strike, his eyes flashing as he flipped right side up and rasied his left leg, “ Finish it with….One strike to the head!





Bringing his leg down, the very force of wind seemed to cut into the ground below almost arousing an explosion like reaction that destroyed all spires in the area, slicing through the air like the ax of an executioner bringing down the blade of death atop Chisaki’s head. But even with this, the speed and power he put into his final strike….



...he had missed his mark, the heel of his foot merely grazing two of Overhaul’s arms on his right side.



“He dodged---” Midoriya breathed in shock.



“No matter how fast you are,” Overhaul hummed a little too calmly for comfort, quickly recovering from dodging the attack whilst preparing another of his own by grasping two chunks of flying debris, “Compared to the first two, the approach of your movements is straightforward and easy to see.”



Locking his jaw, Midoriya quickly made a dodge of his own as Overhaul slammed the chunks back onto the ground, allowing him to create another spire but surprisingly faster than before, catching the young hero off guard and even in his right arm, a small piece of the tip piercing his right just before he landed.



“Honestly….” Overhaul hummed again, straightening up and out of his fighting stance as one of his hands on his left side hovered over his two injured arms on his right side, healing his damage, “Although it’s true i can ‘repair’ things, it hurts quite a bit when they’re disassembled.”



Midoriya, however, was beginning to feel himself breaking down further, beginning to be become in no shape to continue fighting. Huffing with breathlessness yet not allowing his will to waver, power continued to pulse off of his body as though he were poised to attack again, despite still bearing a small chunk of rock in his arm.


He watched, trying to muster the strength and energy to push himself to stand again, as Overhaul began to walk away from him and back to where he had been before in search of something but in a manner that told him that he were leaving the fight, “I’ve had enough of this.”



Gritting his teeth again and using his left fist to push himself to his feet, Midoriya readied himself to keep going, ignoring the pain in his body, “Not yet!”



Kneeling down, the bottom two of Overhaul’s arms carefully scooped up the unconscious but, thankfully, still breathing (Y/N), holding her bridal style as he extended his middle right arm towards the exit. Before Midoriya could make a move to stop him, in case he tried to make his escape, a voice filled the air, echoing in the wide space for all to hear: “BECAUSE OF YOU , I HAD TO DIE AGAIN ! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED, ERI ?!”






His serious expression melting and the power of One for All seeming to snap off as though someone flipped a switch in him, his attention entirely shifting from Overhaul and (Y/N) to the exit, his blood running cold.



“....not what i wanted!” Eri herself stated upon stepping into the crumbled remnants of the battlefield.



“Why…?!” Midoriya yelled, a hint of panic rising, “Stay away….! Eri you need to stay with Togata!”



“Eri….” Nemoto continued but in a somewhat softer tone, “Do you think this boy can overcome this situation on his own?”


“” she answered, lowering her gaze -- her response causing Midoriya to lose his focus on his power, the pulses coming off of him slowing to a stop as he gazed at her in disbelief.



“In that case...what is it that you should do?” Nemoto asked of her once more.



“....come back,” she answered, lifting her gaze as she began to approach, slowly and carefully making her way towards Overhaul, “....and in exchange….You need to fix everyone back to normal!”



“Indeed…” Overhaul chipped in, holding (Y/N) a little closer to himself as he tilted his head slightly, “Rather than others getting hurt because of you….it’s much easier for only you to be the one who gets hurt. You may have momentarily placed your hopes in Lemillion….but that fleeting hope that had begun budding within him has been broken.”



Turning his attention to Midoriya, the venom in his voice only deepened as he looked down upon him in disgust, “Have you realized it yet? Your actions were the cruelest possible thing you could’ve done to Eri….and for that…. You are unwanted.



As though absorbing his words, Midoriya remained silent, lowering his gaze to the the droplets of blood on the slab of rock he crouched upon…



….but he wasn’t giving up. He would never give up. Not when Eri still needed him.



“Even so….” he began, moving his left hand to grasp the piece of rock still in his arm, “Even if you think it’s none of my business…! You were crying!”


With a pained huff, he ripped the chunk of rock from his arm, One for All activating with a burst of power as though it were the switch he needed to get back into the fight, crushing the piece with his bare hand in the process, “ No one will die! I WILL save you!”



But before anyone could make any sort of move or say another word a loud boom sounded from above, seizing everyone’s attention to the roof above in time to see it begin to crack as though something where pressing against glass. The way it was cracking and chipping… Only one person could to this -- someone only Midoriya and (Y/N) have witnessed him do before. A single piece of rock fell….before the roof finally came crashing in, forcing Overhaul out of the way as a few unexpected visitors: Team Ryuku and the precept they were fighting before, the vitality thief.



“Team Ryuku….!” Midoriya gasped in surprise and relief….at least before he took notice to another familiar face that caused the flame of his relief to dwindle slightly: Shigaraki Tomura.



He was currently crouched down at the side of the hole, his right hand, having been positioned in the open air a moment ago, withdrew as he pushed himself to straighten up before turning and disappearing, confusing Midoriya.



Had he been the one to break up the roof for Team Ryuku--?



Perking up, his attention focused on the situation at hand, taking notice to a pillar containing Overhaul and (Y/N) going upwards towards the newly formed hole. Noticing that Eri wasn't within his grasp, but still standing where she had walked to before, he dove to grab her -- but before he could come within a full foot, another pillar shot up beneath her feet, launching her little body up and into Overhaul waiting hands.



" C HISAKI !!" Midoriya roared after the brunette before charging up, crouching low as his body coiled before springing, launching himself after them with everything he had. He would save her....he would save the both of you! No matter what!!




She watched with teary eyes as the boy came after her...but she was too conflicted in her own heart to truly find hope in him -- in her chance of escaping. But she deserved this...she deserved everything and more for all of this. Because of her: Lemillion was hurt, because of her: (Y/N) was dying and because of her: Overhaul had been pushed to a length no one ever expected him to go...all because of her selfishness.



She really was a cursed being... Now she felt like a fool for believing she truly had a chance--






She perked up at the distant sound of your weak voice, turning her attention to you tattered body. She hadn't seen you very well from the distance she had been a moment ago but now that she was practically standing on you, she could see everything. Your the blood from your cuts, the discoloring of your skin from your bruises, and finally the chunk of rock still in your torso, the sight of it turning her stomach slightly...



...yet even with all of this, you were smiling at her. That all too familiar smile that you give her every morning when she woke at your side and every night when you tucked her in to sleep...the smile that always said: everything would be alright.



"Keep...your chin...u-up...." you choked out, your smile never fading.



Her eyes began to water from your kind words -- so few and yet powerful enough to make her feel unworthy of them, even in your dying moments... before the sound of distant flapping met her ears and she lifted her gaze from you to her right in time to see a rock containing Lemillion's forgotten cape come flying. Her gaze never moved from it as it came and began to go, her aching heart quickening and her bright red eyes widening...



...Before she could begin and finish blinking, the comforting feeling of the fabric under and between her fingers filled her senses and her distant gaze focused on the still flying green-haired boy, still trying -- still fighting to save her...



....when deep inside, deep beneath the pain and tears, the suffering and darkness...she wanted nothing more than to save them too. It was a silly thought at first...And yet--





With a crack her horn lit up, sparking and burning with her piercing green power, similar but sharper than the bolts coming off of the young hero, instantly arousing a smile from you. You didn't expect Eri to activate her quirk so soon, but a part of you felt it coming -- and Overhaul didn't.



The next thing you knew, Overhaul's giant arms that had been holding you released your body and Eri's as he and Nemoto suddenly separated under the effects of Eri's quirk, both wide eyed in shock as the four of you split going in your own directions.



"...the power to rewind... " you thought mid-fall, " ...that is Eri's quirk ."



With a pained grunt, you landed on the edge of the pillar before slipping off of the side -- but unlike Nemoto who was less fortunate than you were -- you were caught by Overhaul who managed to snap out of his daze to save you before you could plummet 50 to 60 feet back down to the ground below. Your body sharply bouncing off of the side, you couldn't hold back the shrill cry of pain from the action, the chunk of rock jerking and pressing further through your side, hurting your internals beyond measure -- but you were not the main task right now. Holding onto Overhaul's wrist, and him holding your own, you lifted your gaze to him, visibly wincing as you spoke.



"Go..." you struggle to order, "...i' fine..."



"I'm not letting you go, Neph," he stated beginning to pull you upwards.



"Eri needs you more than i do!" you managed to protest in one breath. " me, Chisaki...."



At this he paused, scanning you before finally letting go, allowing you to activate your Void Fist and sink your claws into the side -- tearing it up a small amount but not enough to where you would destroy it.



Given Overhaul was already doing that.



From your spot, you watched in both surprise and horror as the brunette demanded at the top of his lungs for the airborne hero to return Eri -- who was clinging to him as tightly as she was clinging to Lemillon's cape -- literally diving after the pair with no concern for his own well being. With this action, five spires formed from the pillar you still clung to -- but you guessed he still kept your location on it in mind given only the portion you clung to remained untouched.



The boy, clearly at a disadvantage, began to wind up for another kick as his grip on Eri tightened, preparing to make some sort of final attack or something of the likes. Your eyes shut, not wanting to witness the coming brutal end of the children...but instead, there was a burst and, with your eyes now open again, the boy and Eri were gone.



Just gone .



Whipping your head around, you -- and even Overhaul -- looked around in a bewildered manner before, just as suddenly as they had gone, an extremely strong gust of wind rose from below, slowing Overhaul's fall before forcing him up and out of the hole the heroes made before. You didn't have time to call after him before your poor body followed, flying up and high into the brightly lit afternoon sky, the sun's rays almost blinding you in the process.



Blinking furiously, you stared wide eyed as you climbed high above the ground -- Eri and the boy still being in the air not too far from you, looking as bewildered as you felt.



" What the hell?! " you mentally swore as your ascent began to slow, slowly rotating to have your back to the sky, " This is too high...i can't land! Shit, shit, shit--! "



Your attention drew to the sight of a wisp of something light blue zoom past your face. Not even a second later, several more followed dancing around you almost in a mocking manner -- so much so that just as your body came to a stand still in the sky, you reached out in a feeble attempt to grab one....but to no avail. Paling you began your decent, your hand still extended to the quickly fading wisps of blue.



But just as you were longing to fly like those flickers of blue, a tornado worth suddenly surrounded you, spiraling around you as though you were in the open space of a folding wave that never closed, surrounding you in an endless rush of clear blue water...



... hot water.



You felt as though you were being cooked alive now -- now shielding your head, as least, from the worst of the heat. However, you didn't dare complain, because this process was saving your life: the cool and heated pressure of the air inside and outside the tunnel slowing your decent until you were moving slow enough to land on your own with minimal injuries.



However, the man waiting for you at the bottom clearly had other plans. But even with his presence being obvious to you now, a part of you was still baffled by it all, refusing to believe that he was really there, despite him promising to be just the evening before. Even as he caught you bridal style, the tornado of flames evaporating into the air as he did so, you didn't believe it. Even as he gave you his usual crooked smile, his stunning blue eyes meeting your still baffled (E/C) ones, you didn't believe. It wasn't until the sound of Overhaul's pained but furious roar not too far from the two of you snapped out of you daze and you finally accepted this reality.



Unlike him, he didn't have such a smooth and safe landing but was now bloodied, cut and ruffled up all over again -- his body having, literally, just fully reformed after he was separated from Nemoto. His blood didn't even drip but flowed in a semi-light stream from somewhere under his right jacket sleeve down to his bare fingertips, the fabric becoming redder with each passing moment, and a couple of streams ran down his face from his scalp, dripping from the tip of his mask, only because his head was bowed in an exhausted manner. Not far from him was an unconscious precept -- Katsukama Rikiya, someone you hardly saw -- who wasn't as fortunate either nor did he seem to be in a good condition...not like Overhaul noticed or cared.



" Eri !" he huffed, finally lifting his gaze as he began to limp aimlessly walking as he searched for the boy and Eri, "You can't leave! You... belong to me!! "



Seeming to spot her, the brunette, half huffed and half growled as he proceeded away from the two of you -- who he somehow failed to notice. Past him, maybe a good 100 feet from you but 50 from Overhaul: was the boy and Eri... But they weren't moving. Eri stood before the boy, still clinging to Lemillion's cape as she watched, with a regretful expression on her face, as the boy writhed in pain, currently on his knees and curled up, gripping himself in a manner that said he were trying to keep himself together.



Like this, and with Overhaul's steadily increasing progression, they wouldn't be escaping.



And just like before, you wiggled your way out of your saviors arms and to your hands and the balls of your feet to avoid falling completely, startling the ravenette.



"Chisaki!" you called, steadily pushing yourself to your feet fully as you moved towards him, " Chisaki, don't--! "



"(Y/N)!" Dabi began to protest, helping you to your feet only to hold you back, pinning your arms to your sides, "Don't get involved--"



"He'll kill them!" you protested, struggling against his iron grip, "I have to do something!"



With another tug and a burst of light, you suddenly disappeared from his grasp, startling the ravenette who stared at the space you once were before looking up in time to see you reappear not too far from him -- but also not far from Overhaul.



Your stomach turned from the sudden teleportation, moving your hand to your mouth in case you needed to stop yourself from vomiting. Swallowing back the urge, you stumbled after the now close Overhaul who was beginning to wind up to deliver a devastating hit to the ground to kill the children, raising his right hand as though he were preparing to slap someone -- at least until you forced yourself forward and, with a lunge, seized the hood of his jacket, managing to jerk him back upright before he could lay a finger on the overturn concrete.



"The hell--?!" he hissed, almost losing his balance as he stumbled back and almost into you -- you took this moment to shift around him, now standing between him and the children.



Despite the both of you struggling to just stay on your feet, you glared at the brunette in a manner that said you weren't having it -- no matter what you had to do, you weren't about to let him pass. He stared at you for a moment before huffing, beginning to move forward again.



"Stay out of my way...." he growled, moving around you.



"Stay away from them!" you ordered, shifting and pushing him back by his chest before he could go too far, "You promised promised not to kill anyone!"



"She can handle it--!" he snapped, moving forward again but faster than before.



"The boy can't !!" you snapped back, shoving him back hard enough to almost knock the both of you off balance, "We're supposed to leave together , remember?! Focus on getting Eri back in one piece and we can do that -- without spilling any more blood!"



Fully regaining his balance, Overhaul stared holes through you -- almost seeming to be debating on literally getting through you to the slowly recovering boy and Eri. But you held your ground, glaring back intensely, as though daring him to try.



Slowly but surely, he began to soften up under your gaze and, with a sigh, his blood thirsty expression melted into a defeated one as as he hung his head, his gaze settling on his hovering right hand, stained in his own blood, "'re right," he hummed tiredly, "...i'm sorry, (Y/N)..."



With this he shifted closer to you, extending his bloodied hand your way to touch your cheek. You kept your guard up despite his apparent gentleness and defeat -- however, this faltered when he suddenly hugged you, his right hand cupping the back of your head and his left resting in the small of your back, open palm, holding your body to his own.



"...we'll get her back...." he whispered before burying his face into your shoulder, his fingertips pressing into your clothes flesh ever so slightly, "...together."



Not even a second later, your eyes widened and a sharp inhale filled your lungs before the realization as to what he was doing hit you -- however, just like the first time he had killed you, you didn't feel a thing. Instead, the darkness enveloped your senses leaving your world in utter silence.



*Izuku Midoriya*



His body ached and screamed under the effects of Eri's quirk pulsing through him at a faster rate than One for All at 20%. he felt as though he were being pulled apart from the inside out and if he didn't hold himself together he would surely explode under the pain of it all. Twisting and turning, tearing him apart like a sheet of paper -- he couldn't move, or even breathe with this power pulsing through his very being with each heart beat, making it impossible for him to escape with Eri.



But he had to -- even through his pain he could hear the commotion between Overhaul and (Y/N), the woman clearly trying to keep her lover from hurting anyone else.



However, just as he perked up, finally managing to lift his gaze, his eyes widened at the sight of blood erupting from Overhaul's back before the sound of the explosion even met his ears. He didn't even notice that (Y/N) was in his grasp, her eyes wide and empty with shock being her last emotion before he disassembled her body and his own to make a perfect and large opening in their torso's. So much so that he could see a horrified yet furious Dabi across the field watching as the madness unfolded....and began to mend itself together again.



His stomach turned as he watched their bodies and even their clothes crumble before becoming one mesh of a creature, like living goo slowly taking form and, visibly beginning to grow larger. The back seemed to jerk and writhe, audibly snapping and cracking as a spine formed inside. With ripples sounding from this, something pressed against the sides from within, like the kicks of a baby ready to be born. With another jerk, four separate chunks of the meat sprang from within the sides, the flesh disassembling from one solid and flat surface to make thin and bony arms, like a witch's hands.



This process repeated on the other side as the main chunk began to form from the bottom up, a rib cage visibly spiraling into view and the torso forming into a featureless feminine chest, leaving a fairly large piece of the blob still remaining where the neck was supposed to be. With this thought in mind, the collarbone began to expand from inside as a giant circular item began to form from within, the bones of the spine forming within the back of it to make the connection between the back and the head. With this established, like a character in a movie rising up out of the water and flinging their soaked hair back, the head, currently pulling backwards, snapped the flesh, flinging the bloodied skin onto its back, its featureless face turning to the sky...



...before going completely still.



Midoriya, no longer hurting, couldn't bring himself to look away from the giant horrendous creature that once was two separate people. However, just before he could regather his bearings, the head lowered again, to reveal that it now looked exactly like (Y/N) -- this motion, stirring the wind enough to make everyone watching jump -- and when they focused back : It looked exactly like (Y/N)--!



"Neither you nor Eri...understand the value of her power..." Overhaul's voice rang out calmly through the air, causing everyone to go on alert.



Her once bony arms that had been resting on the ground and fingers digging into the overturned concrete as though clinging to it in pain -- while holding the main body up -- were no longer creepy but beautiful and perfect -- flawless , even, like the arms and hands of a young maiden, simply resting in a patient manner. Though it's eyes lacked in color, being just milk white, and her expression was dead blank, her lips began tearing at the corners as though someone were cutting her mouth open from the inside until it reached almost up to her ears.



"By developing a quirk, you make leaps forward," he continued, "Through extensive research, i have been able to extract Eri's power and successfully brought it to its pinnacle. And the not merely to rewind the body, no....but a flow that runs deeper..."



From there, her mouth -- and even nose -- disassembled and reassembled in a spiraling motion to make Overhaul's mask, now a full fledged beak just like a toucan's -- still being red and gold, however. Her right eye twitched as though she were in pain but managing to keep it all in before relaxing. Besides the exposed rib cage at the bottom of her and the extra limbs, she was beautiful -- like a deity in the flesh with burning (E/C) eyes and, now literally burning white hair that turned black at the tips. It flowed like water and danced like fire, but in slow motion all at once, adding to her godly look.



"The flow that brought about out kind... the ability to rewind back to before the mutation happened... That is the power that lives in Eri!" he declared , "The power to extinguish ones quirk factor, returning them to normalcy...!"



Midoriya couldn't peel his eyes away from the masterpiece that was (Y/N), though he couldn't bring himself to attack her since he couldn't find Overhaul...until her mouth opened, revealing the very man who had done this to her.


Just as he had the last two times he assembled himself with someone, he was whole and new again, though only half of him was fused with (Y/N) leaving only his upper torso untouched. His expression still as furious as it was before, his initial blood lust reignited in his eyes and four of the eight arms released the ground to mimic his own arms -- fists clenched and raised at his sides as he prepared for a fight, despite the circumstances as he gazed down upon the seemingly tiny Midoriya and Eri. Forcing himself to his feet, he seized Eri, keeping her close as he tied Mirio's cape around himself to keep her on his back, getting back into a fighting stance.



"The power to DESTROY this world built on top of QUIRKS ," he declared the very top two arms extending to nearby buildings and gripping them tightly, cracking and shaking their foundations " The POWER to DESTROY the very way of things... THAT is ERI-- !! "



An explosion suddenly sounded from behind the creature's head, blue flames dancing and mixing with the white ones while earning a pained and startled grunt from Overhaul and a distant yet clear cry from (Y/N) -- making it clear that she was aware of what was going on and at least somewhat watching and feeling, but not in control.



"Honestly, as terribly interesting as destroying the world or whatever is to me....i couldn't give a damn about what purpose this girl serves..." a familiar male voice said in an irritated manner from somewhere nearby,



Perking up, both he and Eri turned their attention to an approaching Dabi, who -- although his expression was somewhat neutral, was burning with his own blood-lust and internally burning fury, sparing nothing as he spoke directly to Overhaul, "...but because you've gotten on my last nerves, taking and killing my (Y/N), i feel it only necessary to kick your butt one more time... For my little villain's sake."



With this both of his hands -- and even a fair portion of his body caught fire as he sank into a fighting position, "Don't take my help for granted kids... I've got my own score to settle."



Midoriya couldn't help the small smile that pulled at his lips, glad to accept any help he could be getting for this. And now that he understood the effects of Eri's quirk -- how it 'reverted' and 're-winded' his supposed to be broken leg from the kick, he knew well enough that in order to keep from getting swallowed whole by her incredible power, he would need to keep getting injured -- to constantly be reverted to keep his chains going....and in order to do that....




Falling into his signature stance, the power of One for All burst of of him at max percentage, sparks of it dancing within Eri's own sparks like lightening.






Raising her head higher, Overhaul growled before raising his hand real right hand and motioning in their direction, " DIE ."



Wit this, six spires formed from the buildings and the road -- since only six out of eight hands were touching anything -- but, surprisingly, the spires were not normal rock but a mixture of his assembly combined with (Y/N)'s strange quirk, turning the normal rock into her unbreakable black stone, forcing both males to dodge -- but not to retreat.



" We have to focus on getting her hands away from all surfaces... " Midoriya thought, already bouncing his way along and through the spiraling spires towards a building on his right, " With her grip and weapon gone, she won't have any balance...and finishing her shouldn't take too long! "



Locking his jaw, he charged up before springing off of a spire, landing a devastating attack to her third left hand. Surprisingly, given how flesh like it looked, it shattered to pieces as though he had just destroyed mere rock. It wasn't enough to disturb her balance but it was, in fact, enough to get her attention and allow Dabi to get to the hands on the left, a devastating and organ vibrating explosion going off on his side, causing Midoriya to shield his eyes.



" Stop...please! "



Both he and Eri perked up at the sound of your voice whimpering through the air, the two hands on the right side, grasping their building tighter in an attempt to stay balanced, "You're hurting me...!"



"(Y/N)...?" Eri mumbled, lifting her gaze to the monster,



"Close your eyes!" he instructed the girl just before taking off, the feeling of her head mushing into the nape of his neck giving him the room he needed to get into the fight for real. Grateful for the iron soles of his shoes and the spic speed of One for All, with several well timed jumps, twists, turns and even a somersault, he maneuvered his way towards Overhaul himself, launching himself towards the mouth of (Y/N)--



" You're hurting me...!! " your voice cried again.



"(Y-Y/N)!" Eri cried, lifting her teary gaze again as she spoke up, "I'm sorry, w-we didn't mean it--!"






With a grunt, Midoriya was suddenly snatched by his left arm and yanked away from them in time for the beak to snap shut failing, entirely to notice the flash of black and blue coming from his left. He swallowed hard at the realization that Dabi had saved him just now, not even wanting to imagine what would have become of him and Eri had he continued forward.



Once released from Dabi's grip, the both of the them maneuvered their way back downwards, unsurprisingly being chased by countless spikes on the way. With a lunge, Dabi launched himself into Midoriya and Eri on purpose, knocking the three of them off balance and out of Overhaul's sight. Both males quickly recovering, they watched the spikes and spires build up behind a wall of them, making sure they were truly safe before turning their attention to one another.



"Th-thanks---" Midoriya began semi-breathlessly.



"Yeah, yeah, thank me when we're done here," Dabi huffed with a dismissive wave of his hand, "Right now, we need a plan -- one that will knock them both out or apart in one blow."



"Right..." Midoriya nodded in agreement, "I have just the thing in mind..."






Foreign thoughts and feelings buzzed through your body like an active hive of bees. You were dead again and yet you had never been more alive. Your body was not just your own but was being shared by another person -- one in complete control in more ways than one.



You were the monster, combined with Overhaul. And yet you felt like a feeble woman, again, being dominated by this man in more sinister ways.



You were fighting the boy and Dabi, yet your consciousness was clouded -- because Overhaul had stuffed the real you deep down into the pits of yourself... but you always knew what was happening. You could hear your own voice but you were not the one speaking and you could feel the pain of your limbs -- disassembling and or being shattered by the boy's kicks and Dabi's explosions -- but you were not moving.



Stabbing and piercing, falling apart and coming back together only to fall apart again -- it was tearing your soul apart slowly but surely, as though you were being tortured in someone's sick least until everything seemed to fall quiet.



Dabi and the boy were nowhere to be found in the battle field...thus the pain ceased, leaving the neutralizing sensation, at full power, to take over your senses.



Even through all of the pain half of your body was experiencing, the other half was experiencing something entirely different.... Pleasure .



A foreign yet familiar kind of pleasure -- not a high someone would get from crushing their enemies but one that would boil in your blood and flicker like a candle, tickling your core to make it stir with embers of desire and hunger, waiting for a match to set your flame...



...and one did.



Your body was painfully pulled apart....and yet you felt full and whole with him in you. You were your own person...yet only Chisaki's thoughts and feelings whispered empty secrets and promises in your ear. Your mind and soul were faint and floating freely in heavy bliss, with no voice to guide it through the madness...yet you were in one single place, deep in the darkness clinging him just as he clung to you, for dear life under it all.



He was intoxicating, keeping the real you under a spell that you couldn't break. He was your only piece of sanity -- the other half your soul , once separate but now together again. Like an old friend greeting you for the first time in ages or the sweet sensation of the long awaited satisfaction in combining two puzzle pieces to finish the bigger picture.



You were combined physically by the disassembly and reassembly....and although your bodies were made into one, literally, that is exactly what happened... two became one, never to be apart, a part of his soul latching onto your own in every way.



" Relax my love... " Overhaul hummed gently, both verbally and within your little space, ". ..Let me continue to take care of you....We're almost done here...~ "



You gave a soft hum, both too intoxicated to focus on him or your surroundings. Whatever he was doing to you on the inside was entirely keeping you from focusing on the fight....and although you knew that he was doing to you on purpose so he could have control, you didn't argue or fight.



Not until something caught your eye, forcing your foggy sight to clear, your big and pale (E/C) eyes gaining some sort of life and focus in the process.





Kneeling down and cupping his hands, he nodded towards the kid letting him know he was ready. After making sure the girl on his back was secure, he took off into a run and, stepping onto Dabi's hands, was lifted it up and over the wall of spikes and pillars -- but not before Dabi took hold of his ankle with one of his hands, flying up and with him.



In this transition, the kid flipped mid-flight, using a bit of his quirk power to spin himself, giving Dabi the momentum he needed to go flying over the field towards the now still monster waiting ahead through the cloud of stirred dust. Often using his own quirk to burst light -- like a signal in the sky -- he managed to draw (Y/N)'s and Overhaul's attention, two of the remaining four hands becoming fists -- the third right one rising up as though to crush him like a bug.



Out in mid-air this way, he was completely open...but not at a complete disadvantage. With a burst of his flames, he sent himself flying higher and faster, dodging the hand last moment. With another burst, climbing higher into the air and drawing near to Overhaul, the palms of his hands crackled with flames as he prepared one final burst -- one that would seal his fate.



"For (Y/N)..." he thought before exploding towards the mouth -- leaving an insanely large blast behind him in the process -- in time for the beak to slam shut, causing his world to go completely dark.



But why sit in the dark when he could simply turn on the light?



With this in mind, right hand lit up revealing that he had made it into the mouth and his left hand was gripping none other than Overhaul's very face, cracking his mask considerably from the tightness and tenseness of his grasp.



"Oh," he hummed pleasantly, "...looks like i caught me a birdie~"



"'re the one who's caught, " Overhaul retorted, sneering at him even through his mask, " ...bright idea, coming in here with no way out, Dabi...You're done for. "



"Am i? I'm like a roach, you know?" Dabi snickered, "I always find a way in and out of places i shouldn't be..."



With this his left hand began to light up, the cracks in Overhaul's mask glowing and growing as he prepared another explosion, "...and i'm not so easy to kill~"



Despite his unfazed demeanor and bone-chilling words, he knew well enough that he had indeed trapped himself in here. e could blow Overhaul sky high but he would also be killing himself in the process -- and with the fact that Overhaul can simply reassemble himself, he truly was at a disadvantage....



Or so the little voice in his head thought.


*Izuku Midoriya*


Thanks to Dabi taking the lead, he was able to maneuver his way through the field of spikes and under the monster to behind it, taking up position as he charged up his next attack -- one he wouldn't be able to deliver until he got the cue he needed from Dabi....any moment now.



Just as he was beginning to worry for the man -- hoping he wasn't chomped in half by the beak, the third left hand suddenly shot up and to the front in time for the explosion to go off. Confusion filled him for a second before he focused on his task at hand. With Overhaul stunned, if not destroyed and void of power with the body shattering from the inside out from the blast, knocking him and (Y/N) out, figuratively or literally, was all there was to do.



Inhaling sharply he launched himself towards the monster raising his burning right fist.






" DETROOOOOOOOOIT ...." he began before delivering the punch to the center of the monster's back, " SMAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!! "



For a fraction of a second, nothing seemed to happen before every bone in its body shattered upon flying away -- even its remaining arms crumbled from the vibration of the impact -- and the body, starting from the back, quickly disassembled. Rippling and falling apart like crumbling puzzle pieces from the spot he had punched it first, it disassembled all the way through as it now soared like a shooting star preparing to crash...



...however, once it was small enough the sight that greeted his eyes surprised him beyond measure. It was all three of them: Dabi and Overhaul both clung to (Y/N) -- sandwiching her in between their bodies with one hand while they used the other to try to kill each other, their growls and roars filling the air even from his spot as they fell.



Just as Midoriya launched himself into action to try to catch the three, (Y/N) herself, managed to break free and shove both men away from herself in different directions -- both of them suddenly being encased in the blackness of her dark quirk before landing, alarming both Midoriya and Eri.



"(Y/N)!!" they both cried, as he bolted to her as fast as his legs could carry him. The moment he arrived, Eri was off of his back and running the rest of the way to you -- currently laying unmoving on your side.



Midoriya's heart sank at the sight of your condition: unlike with Overhaul, you didn't come out crystal clear and refreshed -- but most of your wounds were gone. Still slightly bloody and bearing a hole in your side -- slightly smaller than before but still significantly life threatening -- he and Eri kneeled down to see to your well being, hoping you were still breathing.



"Please...don't go..." Eri whimpered, fresh tears running down her cheeks.





"Please...don't go...." you heard a little girl whimper, her voice distant and muffled as though you were just barely hearing her through a wall....



...which in this case you kind of were.



You were in a tunnel of sorts, the walls around you being dark and literally like storm clouds, encircling your drifting soul in a spiraling motion towards a brilliant light ahead -- one that shined own magnificently onto your path, making the clouds grow lighter the closer it was.



You didn't even realize that you were moving towards it until you heard the girl's voice again... But this time it sounded more desperate. You wanted to respond and to soothe the girl but no words came from your mouth. Your body was free and warm as though you were floating in a warm pool... But you couldn't bring yourself to move.



Who was the girl anyway? For some reason you couldn't bring yourself to remember her....or much of anything. You remembered...light. And heat. And explosion that went off in your mouth but not before you managed to pull a certain someone from within. Then pain from behind. The next thing you knew, you were flying with one man at your back and the other at your front, suffocating you in their grasp as they fought.... A flare of annoyance and even pain had filled you before you managed to save the men by separating them last minute --



-- then, boom...Y ou were here.



"Am i dead?" you wondered, now beginning to squint your eyes against the glowing light, "...i can't be...I'm not ready to go..."



With this thought in mind, anxiousness filled your being as you tried to move again. The girl...that was her wasn't it? The girl this whole fight was for! You weren't ready to leave this life -- you weren't ready to leave her . And the many others who cared for you.... Dabi......and Chisaki....and Kurono...and Toga. And Twice. And Shigaraki, and Lemillion , Sir Nighteye All Might--






You weren't ready to go.... And you weren't going to!



With a jolt, your progression towards the light slowed to a stop and the twisting clouds seemed to rewind in the process. Instead of remaining gloriously slow, they picked up in speed, spinning faster and faster, dropping you again and pushing you further from the light as though you were being flushed away until---



With a gasp, breath filled your lungs and your eyes shot open, instantly watering as you began to have a coughing fit, almost failing to hear a soft squeal before you as you moved to sit up. Not even a second later, Eri threw her arms around your neck, sobbing into the crook of your neck and shoulder as she clung to you. Your eyes wide with a bit of surprise, you relaxed into her hug and steadied your breathing, your watery eyes growing wetter with new tears as you hugged her back...



...before giving an uncomfortable groan and wince, feeling as though something was creeping into your body. Like cold water running threw your body sending chill to your organs, the feeling invaded your body, filling your internal injuries with an icy-hot sensation with a mixture of pain.



Steadily intensifying pain.



You felt as though your body -- and even the stump of your left arm was expanding, as though you were a balloon that someone was blowing into...when it was just your body healing. Almost literally, the hole in your side, starting from your damaged bones, lost muscle and organs, began to sew itself together giving you a full sensation and your remaining bruises from your fight with Sir Nighteye disappearing with small flickers of hot pain.



What really had you was the sight of you stump seemingly returning from healed and normal skin to scared and tender from the cuts and surgery so long ago. You winced, gripping Eri tighter and biting your lip as the end literally exploded, startling the green haired hero who watched in amazement as it sewed itself together again, building the bone, the tendons, the muscle, the veins, the blood and soon the skin up... remake your entire left arm.



The finishing piece was the clarity at which you breathed, now able to take deeper breaths without fearing of having a coughing fit anymore. Even your suit was in one piece again, not a tattered piece hanging from your skin like before.



You were truly whole again. Tears of joy erupting from your eyes, you hugged Eri with both of your arms and clung to her with all ten of your fingers, the sweet sensation of her gown beneath your renewed fingers now being the best sensation you ever felt...



However, the happy moment was short lived both from the sound of someone approaching and the sound of something tearing again, your blood running cold at the all too familiar sound of exploding meat meeting your ears.



"(Y/N)..." Dabi huffed once he was close enough, "You're alive...! I swear to God, i thought i saw you die!" 



"....i did," you replied, "....but Eri brought me back."



With this his gaze shifted to Eri who was still buzzing with power before looking behind him, not entirely seeming to able to, mentally, stand this all for much longer, "....the bird wasn't the only one who's back....And is fusing himself with someone else now. We need to get you two out of here."



"...Katsukama Rikiya..." you muttered, "The Vitality Stealing precept...I forgot he was here!"



And with this, Overhaul had, once again, taken control of the body of another....but this form was far more intimidating and stronger than the one he had made with you. Overhaul was still in the mouth of the beast and its bones were visible like before, but unlike with you, its body were mostly made of both muscle and rock -- your remaining rock from the spires he had created -- and it bore ten arms instead of eight, proving to be more a challenge than the last round. Although Dabi and the boy managed to fool Overhaul last time, you were sure trickery and hiding wouldn't cut it this time...



Nevertheless, Dabi and the boy moved to stand before you and Eri in a protective manner -- more like Dabi was standing semi-casually aside, his hands slightly steaming and smoking from his over use of his quirk and the boy crouched low to both fight and defend if he had to...



...just like they did in your dream.



Except you weren't dying anymore...Eri's tears had stopped and she clung to you, rubbing her face along your shoulder in a manner that begged for comfort...Comfort you wanted to give but knew would have to wait. She was the key to winning this fight, whether she knew it or not.



"...go with them, Eri," you hummed to her, "They need your help to finish off Overhaul...once and for all."



She lifted her teary gaze to you in confusion, "Me? B-but...what can i do? and what will you do??"



"You can be the hero you were always meant to be." you replied, drying her face, "...i will be here, waiting for you to come back...okay?"



Staring at you for a moment, she then gave you one final and tight hug -- one you returned, "....i love you, Eri...."



Her grip tightened slightly before she gave a light sniff, "....i-i....i love you too...."



Neither of you released one another for a second before letting her go allowing her to retake her place on the boy's back -- who re-tightened the cape around himself to secure her before both he and Dabi charged into battle, leaving you behind. As much as you truly wanted to get into the fight too your renewed body still had aches and pains in your side and your entire left arm -- this you felt during the hug -- rendering you unable to participate.



All that was left for you to do....was regather your bearings and wait for their return.



"...never forget that..." you finally finished, smiling after them.



You watched as the chaos began again, spires and spikes flying about, Dabi and the boy working together to make their way to Overhaul's supporting hands and taking them out with swiftness like before, each taking a turn to distract Overhaul long enough to keep him from reassembling them and or attacking the other person in the process. And just like before, once up to half of his supports had gone, just as he was beginning to reassemble them, Dabi disappeared from the main battle for the moment, leaving the boy -- still burning with his and Eri's power -- to deliver a blow that shot Overhaul into the sky, forcing you to raise a hand to shield your eyes.



Fighting and dancing in the sky, blocking out the sun like a solar eclipse...this was truly the ultimate battle between good and evil...



...but after all that you had done, where did you stand?



You were out of time to ponder on what to do: Now was truly the time to decide, before the boy or Overhaul could seal one another's fate. Your expression hardening slightly, you closed your eyes and inhaled deeply....




...before opening them again, returning your gaze to your hand, now clenched into a fist, finally making up your mind.


Chapter Text

Perking up, your gaze turning from your fisted hand to the sky, you squinted slightly at the sight of the battle still going above. It took you along moment to realize that the fight was almost over, your eyes widening at the sight of the monster beginning to grow larger and a charged up Dabi on the other side of the battle field, one arm recoiled back as though he were preparing to throw something, waiting for him to land.



Forcing yourself to your feet, ignoring the stabbing pains in your side and left arm, you turned your back and began to run off. With a quick wave of your left hand, you disappeared in a burst of white just in time for him to come crashing down, the impact alone creating a giant crater and taking down several buildings.



Reappearing a fair distance, you stumbled a little and even fell with a pained grunt due to not being used to the backlash and your recently repaired wounds still aching terribly. Nonetheless you pushed yourself back to your feet a little too soon an explosion of light from Dabi’s finishing attack blowing you back off of your feet. Once you landed with a pained grunt, you remained on the ground, your hands over your head and your eyes shut tight to protect them from the light and heat, waiting until the world stopped shaking before you moved to stand again.



You held your side with your right hand as you let your eyes scan the area for any signs of the boy, Eri and Dabi. Dabi was nowhere to be found, alarming you but luckily you didn’t have to look long for the children, said pair suddenly coming crashing down: the boy’s rough yet safe landing creating a small crater of his own yet it was hard enough to blow all the dust away, clearing the air again. You sighed with relief at the sight of them before beginning to hurry over. However, before you could draw within ten feet of the pair, they exploded with their still buzzing power, the unseen impact almost blowing you back in the process.



With this, the boy cried out in pain as he reeled over before falling to his knees, gripping himself as he rested his forehead against the very concrete of the street as though he were trying to hold himself together. Eri however, clung to the boy with her head to the sky and mouth agap in a silent scream, her now long horn pulsing with power -- so much so that she almost appeared to be burning and was causing the boy to burn with her.



“She can’t control it….” you breathed, shielding your eyes from the light before forcing yourself forward again, “ I have to do something!



With a huff, you pushed yourself forward to kneel in front of the young hero, your hair even fluttering from the brewing wind from the spiraling and uncontrolled sparks of power. You ignored the small cuts to your suit and skin as though it were viciously trying to attach to you, promising a world of pain.



One you would endure as long as this boy lived.



Just as you extended your hand towards him, a sudden bone chilling and blood curdling roar sounded from behind you -- the sound unfamiliar but the source unmistakable.



HOW THE HELL IS HE STILL AWAKE?!! ” you thought, growling aloud in irritation as you turned your attention to the giant creature in time to see one of the hands rise in preparation to crush the three of you. You paled slightly at the size of it -- Overhaul having put his all into making this one limb -- yet your focus never broke. Instead you fixed your gaze on it and pursed your lips into a thin line with determination, your eyes flashing as you braced your body, shifting from a kneeling position to a crouch and planting your feet firmly. Shooting your left out to the boy, grasping his hair fairly firmly, your right hand became a fist at your side as you began to wind up just as the hand began to come down.



With a loud grunt of your own, you threw out your right hand activating both quirks at once, your eyes catching that bright red power, slowly turning white. Eri’s power increased your own -- the white side currently healing -- reversing the damage Eri’s reverse was doing to him while restoring your power -- at the same time, the black side exploded with your flames like a cannon or as though your arm had become an impossibly powerful flame thrower -- one that could out-burn Dabi’s or even Endeavor’s any day. Even the center of the flames, which would normally appear silver, was turning white from the increasing heat.



Although you were pushing yourself above and beyond anything you ever imagined yourself doing, the hand seemed to be never ending -- it was beginning to move backwards, shaking as though it were struggling to win a match of arm wrestling, yet it was constantly assembling itself. Your skin was beginning to burn, the heat becoming so hot that it now felt cold….But you would endure….until the end!!



The only option was to give it your all!!



To go beyond--!!!






*Sir Nighteye*



He watched everything from an extreme distance -- one everyone had retreated to for the sake of the fighting -- guarded and being tended to by Uravity -- who was also watching at the same time, her never ending fear for the three lives at stake almost always causing her to lose her focus. His hair fluttered from the circulation of wind in the area and eyes burned from his staring yet he couldn’t get himself to blink once. The future he had seen….His and Midoriya’s deaths….The boy had really changed it… But this woman… she was sealing that future with all of her might.



Midoriya knew the risk and he knew that the odds were against him, he felt the effects of Eri’s power and knew that it would be the greatest of risks to go into battle with her on him -- physically and quirk wise. But he held on and fought even now, trying to hold himself together from Eri’s increasing power… But then there was (Y/N). Even at the cost of her own well being, even with all that they had done to her and her people...she was putting her life on the line again, without hesitation: for her enemy and her target, and against her own lover….



Like a true hero.



“Give it….” he began to hum, watching as the heart of the flames began to turn white, “...your all….”



“Go beyond--!” Ryuku huffed, lifting her head slightly.



PLUS. ULTRAAAAAA!!!” (Y/N) declared at the top of her lungs, your eyes giving an all too familiar glint -- one he could see even from here.



Everyone watched as the black flames sparked at the heart before turning completely white and literally exploding in a blinding manner, Ryuku’s order for everyone to get down as she spread her wings to protect everyone fell on deaf ears as a bubble of light spread up and outwards as though someone had disturbed still waters -- or better yet, the very drop that came after a perfect drip had just separated from the main pool and was preparing to come back down.



When it did, the ground trembled as though an earthquake had suddenly struck and any remaining buildings shook but only their windows shattered on building at a time -- and even Nighteye’s glasses cracked -- from a wave of raw power in the air, making it terribly hard for anyone on their feet -- or even on their knees -- to remain in place. Nighteye grunted in pain, the chunk of rock in his body arousing much pain as he fell from his kneeling position onto his side. But he didn't care but instead remained in place as he shielded his head and tried to shield the now panicking Uravity and Froppy.



Everyone remained in place until the shaking finally stopped and the light died down again. Eventually, and slowly but surely, everyone lifted their gazes, scanning the giant wind tunnel surrounding the three. The giant creature that was Overhaul was gone, the real him and the other villain were out cold, Eri -- who had just a moment ago, been snared in the power of her quirk -- was still the same spot, her head back and mouth agap in a silent scream….yet she was free now, just staring into space for a long moment before collapsing onto Midoriya who almost instantly followed.



(Y/N), however, was still in place, her right hand -- sickly burned up to her elbow -- was still in extended while her left no longer gripped Midoriya’s hair, but instead fell to her side, her finger tips still sparking with power. Slowly but surely her right hand became a fist, moving from outwards to upwards, as a silent declaration of her victory…



Just as All Might had done so long ago.



A smile pulled at his lips as roars of cheers sounded all around him, as the police officers and called in several EMS vehicles and as the special forces moved in to secure Overhaul and the other villain. Not even a minute later, before any heroes could reach her, (Y/N) finally collapsed onto her side. Nighteye’s smile never faded as a few officers and heroes saw to his well being too. Even he took the liberty to close his eyes, not minding as siren’s began to fill his ears or the number of concerned voices speaking to him became distant. He too needed rest...they all did.



Today was a job well done.



Mission….accomplished . ” he thought before drifting to sleep.





The next time you woke was to the sound of hushed conversation going on around you -- automatically giving you the idea that this was one of your weird dreams. Your body was surrounded by warmth and, although you didn't get the feeling that you were floating, you couldn't bring yourself to move an inch.



However, as you opened your eyes ever so slightly, not wanting to be blinded by the burning white light directly above, a flicker of gold nearby as well as the sensation of something large and warm resting over your left hand, told you that this was in, indeed no dream...



Opening your eyes further, your gaze instantly fell upon an all too familiar crazy blonde haired adult sitting on your left side, gazing down at you withe those piercing but soft blue eyes and a small smile on his thin lips. Across from him was the green haired boy, who smiled the moment your eyes shifted to him and Lemillion who stood behind him cheesing too, both no longer suited up and serious but dressed casually -- along with a few bandages here and there.



Goodness, you almost wanted to smile. But instead, you wanted nothing more than to sit up and get some answers to your brewing questions. You wondered if All Might could see this, his smile growing slightly as he stood to help you do so. With a heavy sigh, you felt your stiff body relax slightly now that you were moving -- despite the slight stinging pain in your side, you almost felt brand new.



At least until you took notice to your right arm. From the elbow up, it was encased in a cast and, from what you could feel, only the sensation of pins and needles filled it as though ti were still asleep. You wanted to try to move it -- to get a sense of what had been done to it -- but taking notice to your curious gaze, All Might spoke up, drawing your attention.



"It was burned badly that day," he told you, "...fourth degree. There wasn't much anyone could do to heal the burns, scars and internal damage, other than take away the pain so it could heal naturally."



"No healing quirk could fix it?" you asked, "...what about my own?"



"We thought your own would kick in to do it for us, at one point..." he answered, "...but a quirk specialist informed us that your quirks were inactive. As in, if quirks could make sound or give off a signal...both of yours have gone completely silent. Mute even, as though they were never there."



"....impossible..." you huffed, your brows furrowing in denial, "...if no one could speed up my recovery then how long have i been out?"



"....five days," All Might replied.



Both of your brows rose in shock, feeling as though you've been out at least an entire night's worth of time -- as though you had merely fallen asleep and awoke the following morning. The fight was almost a week ago....What had to missed?



"What about Eri?" you asked, "How is she?"



"She's still unconscious," Lemillion chipped in, "Her doctor believes that she's in a comatose from the over use of her quirk that day... But otherwise, she's harmed."



"....and you two," you continued, " both are okay?"



"Never better!" Lemillion replied before the green haired boy could get a word out, "It feels good to be back into the swing of things again."



"I'm alright..." the other boy replied, his smile growing slightly, "I'm just glad to see you awake."



"" you hummed, "...wait, i never got your names."



"Oh? Midoriya, ma'am," the green haired bow stated with a nod of his head, "Izuku Midoriya! Or Deku, if you prefer."



"Mirio Togata!" Lemillion stated, unfolding his arms and placing his right fist on his hip and motioning to himself with his left thumb, "But you can call me Lemillion if you want."



"Midoriya and Togata..." you hummed with a smile, "It's nice to properly meet you both."



The four of you chuckled from this before beginning to indulge in other matters, talking almost like old friends as the three males filled you in on the latest news. A fair amount of the time you found yourself chuckling and borderline laughing at Mirio's silliness and All Might's and Midoriya's occasional father-son and or teacher-student moments.



But, eventually it shifted to the serious stuff: like the damage and the repairs to the district that had been destroyed during the fight some time ago, as well as the number of casualties during it -- luckily it wasn't many, no higher than seven people, yourself included. As for the yakuza members, everyone of them other than Chrono -- who managed to escape apparently -- had been heavily injured and were being treated in a villain's hospital in Takodana... except for one.



"Someone attacked him?!" you gasped in shock, paling ever so slightly, "Why?!"



"The intentions of the attackers are unknown,"All Might stated calmly, while trying to calm you back down, "We... believe that they were trying to kill him...But we don't know because his body wasn't at the scene. Only his blood and..."



He trailed, his gaze shifting from your intense one as he took a breath before looking back, " keep him from using his quirk, the officers concealed his hands inside of a steel box...However, that and his forearms were the only thing at remained."



You continued to pale until you looked like ghost, staring at the blonde in utter disbelief. Chisaki... Someone had attacked his truck on his way to the hospital the same day of the fight. The trucks burning and the bodies of the officers in burning pieces, no evidence at to who had done it remained at the scene... There were no leads and thus, nothing for the justice system to go off of. Without hands, and with him bleeding out non-stop with no aid at his side to help him...



There was no way Chisaki would have survived.



Your heart clenched in your chest and you began to feel sick, your left hand fisting under All Might's who gave it a reassuring squeeze. He knew -- all three of them knew how much you cared for Overhaul...and to hear this news was devastating.



"There always a chance that he could be out there, still, Ms. (Y/N)," Midoriya chipped in, perking up slightly with determination, "Don't give up hope."



Finally lowering your gaze to All Might's hand over yours, you inhaled deeply through your nose before sighing out of your mouth, blinking a few times to keep the slight stinging sensation in your eyes at bay, "'re right. Thank you, Midoriya."



He gave a firm nod and an encouraging smile before you continued, now speaking to him, " you know what happened to Dabi?"



"Dabi?" he repeated, "The villain? ....i don't. After he blasted Chisaki, he just disappeared."



You gave a nod before lifting your gaze again, "So Overhaul's missing and the League is in hiding again..."



Just saying this seemed to affect something in you. But in a good way. You almost felt relieved, as though a great shackle had suddenly been lifted off of you: freedom. You couldn't help but smile to this, giving a soft sniff, " more villains."



It took all three of them a moment to understand what you meant before beaming, All Might chucking lightly as you shifted to hug him tightly, chuckling yourself. You never thought you would be so relieved to be free from that life -- from the double life, from hiding under the world, from lying and faking -- from hiding in the dark...



...finally, you were back in the light -- where your heart truly belonged.






You couldn't help but smile somewhat proudly as you walked at All Might's side through the semi-busy hallway of the hospital, watching in amusement as the boys fast walked ahead, competing against each other in who could move the fastest and be the quietest on the to the cafeteria.



"There's a detective who is supposed to come by to speak to you, later, (Y/N)," All Might informed you, drawing your attention, "He wants to ask you some questions."



"....about what i had been doing over the past year?" you asked, lifting your gaze to him.



"...yes." he answered, "Any and everything you can remember."



You gave a small nod, looking ahead again. Although you weren't surprised nor did were you quite happy with the idea of some detective prodding at your memories, it wasn't enough to steer your good mood.



If anything, while you had the chance...



"...i'm sorry for what i did to you all those months ago." you hummed, keeping your gaze ahead, "...and for all the trouble i caused you...when you were only trying to help."



Keeping your gaze ahead, you could feel his piercing blue eyes staring holes through the side of your face as though searching for some hidden meaning in your words. however, when you didn't look to him, he slowed to a stop, arousing your attention.



He was smiling warmly, a hint of understanding smoldering in his now gentle blue eyes as he gave your left hand a gentle squeeze, "....i forgive you... You were a different woman back then.... But you've grown so much since then. And just seeing you now and knowing that you truly are a hero at heart warms my own more than you will ever know."



A smile pulled at your lips and a blush dusted your cheeks, ducking your head in embarrassment. Getting a sincere compliment from All Might himself ....What a treat!



He chuckled from your reaction before continuing forward, keeping your hand in his own as you walked, your heart enlightened and your chin held higher than before, you felt as though you could float away at any given moment, glad that every burden on your heart had been lifted at last.



However the cheery moment didn't last -- shortly after having lunch, one Mirio and Midoriya so graciously put together and served, along with several laughs from the colorful array of food -- the four of you returned to your room, where the conversing continued. You learned much about the boys: that they attended U.A. the Hero Academy and were licensed heroes still in training for the big league and were currently working with internships: a conversation that inevitably lead to talking about Sir Nighteye. 



Once again, All Might had to be the one to deliver the burden of bad news, however, it was his, as well as the boy's turn, to be brought down by this. Mirio, however, seemed to be minimally affected by this news -- as though Nighteye's death didn't quite matter to him anymore -- but you now knew that the Sir was his mentor figure and behind that smile, he was more hurt than everyone in the room to have witnessed his passing...




...It wasn't until the funeral, did he let his facade go, his bright and cheery expression melting into a pained and mourning one as he gazed down at the casket before him.



The sky was a bright blue and the sun was shining -- however, dark clouds scattered it, giving the impression that a storm would come at any moment. But no one one seemed to care, and neither did you in all honesty.



With everyone dressed in their finest of black clothes, you stood among a number of heroes -- most of which having been at the attack that day. From All Might, Midoriya and Mirio to Ryuku, two young female heroes who Midoriya attended school with and many more famous heroes, friends and business associates of Sir Nighteye. Everyone paid their respects -- some crying, some trying not to and others appearing unfazed but were truly the ones who were hurting the most.



Even you paid your respects to him, stepping up to offer prayer for a peaceful rest with All Might, Mirio and Midoriya at your sides. You never knew the man but from what you could remember -- from when you first encountered him in the toy store almost a month ago and your one on one with him during the attack -- he was one of the better ones...and he would truly be missed.



Slowly but surely, once the prayers had been offered and the ceremony came to an end, everyone began to depart one small group at a time. You and Mirio remained at the freshly buried grave, gazing down at it. Reminiscing over and over again the moment you tried to save his life, your brows furrowed as a sense of guilt began to build up on your heart, feeling that his death was all your fault.



If only you had been faster, you would've r eached him before it happened... If only you could have managed to push him out of the way, he wouldn't be gone. If only ....



You perked up slightly focusing on the present at the feeling of Mirio's right hand giving your left one a squeeze as he gave a deep inhale and a slow exhale as Midoriya's hand appeared on your right shoulder.



"It wasn't your fault," he assured you, his gaze resting on the grave before the three of you, "You did what you could....But he knew this would happen."



You lifted your head slightly, looking to the boy on your right, "...he knew he was going to die...?"



"Yes..." he answered, lifting his gaze to you, "...Foresight was his quirk. He predicted that he, you and i were supposed to die that day.... But we changed the future."



"And we lived.... but he still died." you muttered, looking back to the grave, "If he knew how he was going to, why didn't he try to change it?"



"Because fighting to change the inevitable will only make it more real." Mirio answered quietly, "So he accepted it....just as we should."



No one spoke for a moment before, as though someone had flipped a switch in him, Mirio lifted your locked hand for you to see, now smiling brightly.



"But we can't let his passing weigh us down..." he stated firmly, "That's not what he wanted. He wanted us to keep smiling, to keep fighting and pushing forward -- to be the best us and the best heroes we can be."



A small smile pulled at your lips as did one on Midoriya's who gave a nod of agreement. With one last look to Sir Nighteye's grave you let your once building guilt go, accepting his final wish.



He was right. There was so much to look forward to now: thanks to Detective Naomasa, All Might's friend, you didn't have to serve anytime for your crimes -- having been judge to have committed ' acts under villainous influence ' thus you weren't punished. Not only that but All Might and Naomasa helped you fill out an application to make Eri your legal daughter, officially adopting her under your name and making her your child.



You were also striving to become a licensed and full on hero, currently under the protection of U.A. itself until All Might -- who didn't hesitate to offer -- purchased a suitable home for both you and Eri to live in and until everyone felt that no one -- Overhaul, Chrono or the League -- wouldn't appear to take you and Eri away again.



You would remain the Symbol of Hope to the world and a mother figure to dear Eri....And you knew, deep down inside, that Nighteye wouldn't have wanted you to die in his place that day. So you would honor his final wish to your dying breath, giving Mirio's hand a light squeeze.



"Then let's make it happen." you stated firmly, "For him."



Mirio beamed returning the squeeze before releasing your hand for the first time since the beginning of the ceremony and Midoriya removed his own but not before giving you a determined smile -- one you returned. Walking in between both of the boys, you turned and began to proceed away to join a waiting All Might not too far from the three of you.



Just as you walked, the cloud that that had been looming over the cemetery finally seemed to depart from overhead -- as though accepting the fact that neither of you would let it loom over you anymore.



You left behind everything that let go of Dabi and Overhaul, of the yakuza and the League, the grudges and even the memories, good or bad, from your time with and before them.



You felt anew -- reborn as you walked along side Deku and Lemillion, the sun emerging from the dark cloud in a heavenly manner, welcoming the three of you with open arms into the light....






...into a new beginning.