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Wind Scythe

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Shouto Todoroki is a prince who was forced to lead a surprise attack on the enemy's main military force by his cruel ruler of a father, Enji Todoroki, but unfortunately Lord Bakugou's army was ready for him. In fact they somehow were already tipped off way before Shouto's horse even left it's stable. There was a traitor but the young prince couldn't worry about that now that he was restrained by ropes and forced to kneel in front of a makeshift thrown that Bakugou's retainers must of thrown together for waring times.

He was in the center of the enemy's main camp, disarmed and defenseless. Shouto's heart was beating rapidly, fear and adrenaline of the battle still pumping through him. His forces were quickly overpowered and captured, and to his horror his men were all ordered to be executed except for the prince himself. He looked up at the king of the south and east. The legends say that he stood tall and looked more dragon than man, and his red eyes showed you your own death as they pierced through you but what Todoroki could see was a normal man. Crazed blonde hair, shirtless, body showing off many scars of battle and his arms were tattooed with red stripes that reminded him of flames. He was sitting on his thrown looking down on him like he was garbage and not a prince of the northern kingdom.

"So, the half blooded prince Todoroki dares to attack me? The fucking dragon king. You must got a pair on you." He leanes forward snarling, "Or you think so little of my fucking forces that a weak stand was enough to deter me."

Todoroki looked up to meet his harsh gaze, fear bubbling in his chest but he swallowed it in order to speak strong, like the man he was trained to be, "To be honest, I did not wish to do battle this way but my father ordered me to do this surprise attack on you to hopefully throw you off. I said it wouldn't work but my old man isn't one to be argued with so here I am."

Bakugou laughs out loud before standing, "Sounds like you got some daddy issues."

It was Shouto's turn to laugh, "You have no idea."

The blonde stretches, "Well I don't give a shit, you are still my enemy and a valuable piece at my disposal."

"My father will give you nothing for my return. I'm sure he doesn't give a shit if I live or die so using me for-"

"I have no interest in making deals! You think I'd use you like that? Fuck that. I want to destroy your father's kingdom, there is no point in deals! No. You are more of a moral buster." Bakugou stepped down and marched closer to Todoroki's form, "You aren't half bad looking, besides that dumb ass scar, bet my men would enjoy fucking your brains out."

Shouto leaned away, he never would of thought of the possibility that he would be thrown away like a whore. Even more fear poured out of him when his multicolored eyes met blood red, he could see that the king wasn't joking at all. He felt tears build up in his eyes but he refused to whimper or beg. The rumors of the dragon king being heartless was true. No wonder people feared him as if he were a beast.

"Kacchan, may I speak?"

The voice came from behind the king, making his head jerk behind him and Shouto's eyes followed, falling on a green haired beauty. He was short, skin pale but smooth in the fires light of night. He was thin but healthy, barely any muscle. He must never see battle. His hair wild with green curls perfectly fell around his baby faced. He looked timid but had a sweet smile. His body was being shown off with red flowy fabrics that hung on his arms but cut so deep it showed his entire torso and chest, the red wrapped tightly around his waist and draped to the ground. His feet were bare with gold bracelets., that matched the ones on his wrists and neck. And from the way he shifted as he looked at his king and back at the prince, the fabric was open on the sides to show all the way up to the top of his thighs. Todoroki could only describe him as beautiful.

"Speak Deku." The king's harsh town had softened slightly.

"It would be a waist to just throw him to the wolves like that don't you think Kacchan?" His voice was sweet but for some reason the captive could hear some playfulness in there.

The blonde looked back at Todoroki then back to Deku. "I'm not going to use him as a fucking bargaining chip, I don't negotiate! Plus the men would lick my feet to get a chance to bang some royal ass." Bakugou grabbed the prince by the hair, and looked towards the soldiers standing by.

The jingle of the golden bracelets stopped Bakugou from hollaring an order. "I know my Lord, but wouldn't it be better to use him as a reward?"

That caught the two's attention and Shouto's heart calmed slightly but he was still terrified.

Katsuki turned to meet Deku's eyes, who was now standing much closer, "Explain Deku."

The man looked like he floated as he made his way closer to the two, placing a gentle touch on his king's shoulder, "Well our top generals have been doing so well, and we could say that who ever proves themselves worthy will be given the prince after tomorrow's battle."

The crazed king let go of the other's hair and he landed with a hard thud as he took a moment to ponder it, "But the men-"

"The men are going to receive the riches of the next battle anyway, but to know that their strong general gets such a generous reward like that will get them all riled up for the possibility of them getting something like that." He began to almost lean on the kings brod body.

"Fuck fine," be look toward the soldiers near them, "Take him to my tent. Deku, chain him up and get him cleaned for tomorrow."

"Yes, and what will you be doing Kacchan."

"I got to go over tomorrow's plans with the generals, I won't be back till late." With that he walked away.

Todoroki felt tongue tied but was jerked roughly and carried to a huge illuminated tent and was tossed in. They were about to leave when Deku spoke, "Untie his arms."


"Then chain his neck and lock it to the post over there, and call for a few maid to come with some wash clothes and warm water."

The soldiers looked at eachother and did as told. The chain around the princess's neck was tight but better than being bound that he couldn't move, but as the soldiers were about to walk away one whispered in his ear, "A word of advice, don't fight the king's concubine. One mark on him and you will beg for death." With that, they left.

They were alone and Deku approached him, all smiles, "Let's get your clothes off shall we?"

"I would rather not." Todoroki sat and pulled his limbs toward himself.

Deku sighed, "Listen Todoroki, I saved you from being thrown and raped till you died. But you disobeying me is going to make things worse for you. So please just listen and don't fight me, I want to help."

"But why, why do you want to help a stranger? An enemy." Shouto looked up to see shining emerald eyes.

"Well, its cause I seen the way you looked when you talked about your father. You look like you had been through so much and didn't deserve anymore. And I've been there. I'm Izuku Midoriya by the way. But you can only address me as Deku." The maids appeared and brought the items. "Let them Todoroki. Please clean him thoroughly while I go pick out some clothes."

The prince wanted to protest but instead he kept quiet and let the maids work in silence. They stripped him of his royal attire and washed and scrubbed him. When they were done Deku, Izuku. Brought some fabrics to them and they dressed him in something similar to what the royal concubine was wearing. It was blue, soft and thin. It wrapped around one shoulder and held tight around his abs, and the bottom was exactly like Deku's. Once finished the maids quickly left the tent. Shouto wrapped his arms around himself because he felt his body exposed. Trying to sit closer to the corner his chain was stationed at. His lean muscles were on display and he was being reminded at what was to come.

"Blue looks so good on you Shouto! Kacchan doesn't like the color on me too much so I figure this was fine." Deku sat right next to him. "So you hungry or thirsty?"

"No thank you." He lied but was far too upset to eat or drink anything at the moment. The name Midoriya replayed in his mind, "You said this happened to you....would you mind explaining?"

"I guess it won't hurt, during the battle between the east and the south Lord Bakugou conquered the land swiftly, using his overwhelming large and strong military to take Lord Toshinari's land, the old ruler put up a hard fight but Kacchan had dragons at his disposal and they were too much for the old ruler's forces to even begin to fight against. Katsuki killed him and took the lands. Well I was the king's son, but I had my mother's name to keep my existence hidden in the hopes of being able to escape but Kacchan is no fool. He captured me and kept me for himself." He smiled like it was no big deal.

"That sounds aweful, don't you want revenge on the man that killed your father?" Todoroki couldn't grasp how happy Deku seemed to be.

"It was so long ago, and I promised my father that I would live to see the lands at peace and help make it happen. Being at the Dragon King's side seems the best way. And he isn't so bad once you get to know him. Well to his enemies but not to his people." He stretched and relaxed, the jewelry jingling as he moved.

"His side? You are just a slave right?" Shouto jerked his face to Deku's, "I mean, sorry that was disrespectful-"

"No it's fine!" He waved his hands, smiling brightly. His freckles becoming more present. "No I'm definitely more than just a slave but royal concubine is my official title till this is over. But trust me, I have a lot of power around here." He let out a giggle.

Shouto relaxed a little, the energy coming from Deku was so light hearted that he couldn't help but calm down.

"So how bout that drink?" Deku stood and reached his hand out for Todoroki's.

He hesitates before grabbing it, no reason to fight. He needed to except his fate, at least for now.


They talked for a few hours when finally Bakugou returned with a roar, pissed off from the meeting for tomorrow's battle, "Fuck those dumb asses, I don't see why we can't just fucking storm the place! And what the fuck is he wearing?!" Katsuki threw his furred cape to the floor as he looked at a now self conscious Todoroki.

Deku glided till he was in front of Katsuki. "Oh doesn't he look pretty? You hate that one on me so I figured dressing him in it would be nice."

"He should be dressed like a slave." The blonde growled.

"But he is a gift, so he needs to look like one." Deku said matter of factly.

Katsuki pushed Deku away, lightly as he stripped bare and crawled into the over sized bed. Growling for Deku to blow the flames out and get the fuck into bed. He did and grabbed a blanket and pillow to give to Todoroki. "Try and get some sleep Shouto."

Shouto took the fluffy furred blanket and pillow and curled up into a ball, trying to force himself to sleep. Anxiety settling in at the fact he was going to be given away tomorrow after the battle. Word of his failure probably already reached his father. He was almost asleep when he heard a whimper come from the bed. He rolled over slightly to look in the dark. A figure was sitting up in the bed. Then movements and more whines and gasps. He tried to look away and bury his head in the pillow so he couldn't hear but it was futile. Then Bakugou upped it, "Why are you being so damn quiet? Don't want your new friend to hear how much of a slut you are?" A rough jerk of the bed and a loud cry was his answer. "He needs to learn how to behave anyway Deku. Come on show him how he needs act under a man."

"Stop it Kacchan."

More rustling and a slap, Todoroki worried then that Deku was getting harmed over him but a cry of pleasure quickly followed the slap, followed by another, then another, all while the sounds of movement increasing. And soon Deku's muffled cries turned into outright moans of yeses and mores.

"That's better, my little slut. Taking me so well." The creaks and sounds of moans and grunts increased till finally a final cry came from Deku and then soon they drifted into sleep, Shouto bit his lip and ignored his embarrassing erection and went to sleep. Praying that the one who won him was kind like Deku. And not like Lord Bakugou.

What he didn't know was a gale force wind was coming for him....

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He awoke to his body being shook and Todoroki panicked, flailing but before he made contact with whomever was grabbing him his wrists were gripped firmly but not painfully, he opened his eyes and they tried to quickly adjust to the light coming in from the windows of the tent. He remembered what was going on and where he was once his mind registered just what exactly is going on. He met emerald eyes and a smiling freckled face. He looked down to see his wrists in the other's hold. "Deku?"

"Yes, sorry that I startled you Todoroki! But I thought you would like to see something cool!" His eyes sparkle as he pulled the still half sleep prince to his feet before unlocking the chain from it's post.

Todoroki began to fully wake up as he was dragged outside into the hustle and bustle of morning military, Todoroki saw that they were readying themselves for their march to battle. He knew his father was doing the same, his own forces were supposed to prevent Bakugou's forces from properly formating for the brunt of his father's forces, he failed horribly. He saw he was being taken near the outskirts of the camp and felt nervous. "Um where are we going?"

"Oh!" The royal concubine stopped abruptly and turned to see the prince stumbling by his chain. "Sorry! I just got so excited, have you ever se-" He was cut off by a loud screech that shook the ground.

Todoroki faught the urge to cover his ears, he scanned his surroundings trying to find the source when a large shadow blocked out the sun for a moment and he looked up to see red wings flapping over top of them. He stared shell shocked by the sight. It was the largest being he had ever seen. It was getting closer to the earth, flying effortlessly while releasing frightening screeches of it's arrival. It landed about fifty yards away in the open grass. The ground vibrated at the impact, it stretched and flapped its wings before folding them over it's back. Four legs bracing its body, it was longer than tall, its neck somewhat long, however. Its red scales glistened in the morning light. The long tale whipping out like a cat. It's face was breathtaking, just like the paintings in old books, its eyes blood red, matching its scales. The spikes down its spines almost black. It's back had a saddle. Black, just placed as a seat, nothing else, no ropes or chains to tarnish its natural look.

"He's gorgeous isn't he?"

Deku's voice stopped his thoughts, he blushed but who could blame him, it was a dragon, a dragon in a normal and not warring state, because unless you were fighting for King Bakugou, a dragon meant immediate death and defeat. "He is mesmerizing."

Deku held up the chain and smiled once more, "Want to meet him?"

"Well, yeah, as long as he doesn't eat me." Todoroki felt a hint of excitement in his chest, to get this opportunity to meet a dragon is a one in a million chance.

"He shouldn't." He started to walk, pulling Todoroki along before he protested at the possibility. Deku stopped them when they were only a few yards away before smiling and raising his arms up to the dragon, "Kirishima!! I missed you!!"

Todoroki watched in awe as the dragon neared Izuku and then lowered its head so that the green haired boy could pet the scales on his nose. He took in the sight of the dragon this close alot more seriously. It looked almost cute with the beautiful Izuku rubbing on him and smiling and if Todoroki wouldn't feel like he lost it he would say the dragon was smiling back.

"Meet my friend, Kiri! His name is Shouto!" Deku pulled the chain playfully and the young prince stepped forward slowly. Feeling very frightened still by being near such a powerful creature. The dragon raised it's head and looked at Todoroki suspiciously before lowering its head.

He inched closer toward the large lizard.
Reaching his hand out slowly. Feeling his heart quicken at the prospect of what he was doing. A growl coming from behind them made Todoroki withdraw his hand, the two turning around to see the king stomping towards them, he coward from the king's scowl. He went to somewhat hide himself from the king by shifting behind Deku, but freezing because that meant him getting closer to the dragon.

"Don't you dare touch my dragon." Words were growled out to Shouto before he shifted his sights on Deku, who just giggled and smiled in response, rolling his eyes before stepping closer to the blonde. "Why would you bring him to Kirishima?"

Izuku leaned in and kissed the strong jaw then pulled back to look at his lord in the eyes, "Why not? Not like he will be leaving us, and didn't you want to make a speech and parade him in front of the generals? So I figured this would be fun before you give him away."

The blond stared for a moment, a devilish smirk on his lips, "You can't lie to me Deku. You were doing it to piss me off."

Izuku leaned back, with a stunned expression, hand over his chest acting wounded, "Oh Kacchan, I would never." His tone was full of sarcastic betrayal.

"Cut the shit Deku."

Shouto watched in confusion of the two's conversation wondering if he was going to be killed for Deku's actions as anxiety started building in his gut because tonight, if the battle goes well for the Dragon king's army, he will be given to the general that proved himself on the battle field. He wanted to run away. He didn't want to think about what he was going to be put through, he could be killed or raped or worse.

The two continued to bicker as Todoroki's gaze drifted to the over grown lizard with wings, examining the scales. They were a blood red that shimmered in the light, they were gorgeous. The head was still lowered so he could see into those large red eyes. His heart skipped when they focused on him. The dragon staring directly into Shouto's, he felt so compelled to reach out, to touch. Just for a second. It was like the dragon was giving him permission. He suddenly didn't feel scared as his arm move till the tips of his fingers ghosted over it's snout. Leaning in and its surprisingly warm to the touch. He thought that it would be like touching a reptile but this was like touching warm smooth, steel. Lips quirking up as he stroked his fingers over more scales, letting out a giggle when feeling the warm air from the dragon's breathing.

He had forgotten the other two were even there when the chain around his neck is being yanked, landing him hard on his ass. The pull continues, dragging him away from the dragon. He caught his breath but cried out in pain as his hair was gripped roughly. Todoroki grabbed at the arm holding him. Trying to bring his body toward the pull to prevent more pain but failing. He opened his eyes and met crimson, making him tear up immediately.

"I should kill you for laying your disgusting fingers on him. No one but I gets to decide on who gets to touch my dragon. Do I make myself fucking clear, prince?" The harsh tone came with a jerk of his wrist as he wrenched Todoroki's head back farther.

He whined, but refused to let the tears fall. Hardening his stare in retaliation. "Understood, Lord Bakugou." He felt proud he didn't let his voice crack. The blonde looked like he was about to saying something else when the dragon let out a low rumble.

"What ever." The king simply said as he shoved the prince in the grass. "Let's summon the troops and get this fucker out of my sight."

"Oh Kacchan, stop. Plus he will be around if he is given to Sero or Inasa. They both station with you."

Todoroki went to get up quickly because Izuku was pulling his chain, Shouto could see that the greenet was definitely bipolar or that he just knew how to play on his king's good side and still get his way. They stopped a ways away as Izuku found a horn placed near a black war flag, marked with a red dragon outline. He rose it to the sky and blew three long times and in moments three large waves of soldiers were standing in front of them. The dragon standing a few yards behind them. Spreading its wings and standing taller than before. The air was thick with building adrenaline. Izuku sat the horn down and pulled the chain towards him to get Todoroki to move closer. There were three men forward on horse back.

The king somehow seemed taller on his feet than those on their horse. His fur cape blowing in the wind. "Listen you bunch of bastards! You are to give it everything you got in this battle! This is the Endeavourous King's main military unit! We will show no mercy! We will destroy them! Today they will cower before the Dragon King's army! They will kneel before us and you will all be rewarded for your victory!!" His voice echoing over the men as they began cheering and getting hyped with their king's words, Bakugou's voice lowered, "And those who don't return know this, your King is honored by your sacrifice, and I will use it to destroy the fuckers that dared to stand against me." A growl of pride radiating over the men.

Todoroki had never seen a moral talk like this before, his father just usually said he demanded victory. This made Todoroki wish he was fighting for him, instead of being his enemy.

The king smiled, "Listen generals! I've captured something you fuckers might like." He reached out towards Deku whom pulls the chain with a smile before handing it to Bakugou. He pulls the prince to his body. Pushing him to his knees in front of him as he held the chain tight to the youngers neck. "The Prince of the Northern kingdom! Shouto Todoroki!! For the one who impresses me the most gets to have him!"

The generals looked surprised for a brief moment as Todoroki gauged their reactions. The one on the left with black hair and sharp teeth smiles a bit. The one in the middle whom was also blonde just smiled as well, glancing over Todoroki but the one general on the left stared harshly at the kneeling boy. Shouto began to tremble from the man's harsh black orbs, much more terrifying than looking into the Dragon king's. He didn't smile, eyes staying fixated on Todoroki.

The king was about to continue when he got cut off, "Lord Bakugou!!! May I ask a question sir!!" The man's voice booming.

Todoroki heard the annoyed huff from the king he answered,"Yes, but better make it fucking quick."

"Sir! I am honored!! Thank you!" The very tall man jumped down from the horse and bowed till his head hit the dirt, then he rose. "Sir, what would I have to do to guarantee me winning the prize!?" He smiled a large smile looking at his king but his eyes went sharp with a hidden rage when glancing back to the kneeling king.

The king seemed taken back, "What?! I don't fucking know just impress me!" The king took a moment to look over his general. "Damn it, I've never seen this look on you. Want him that bad huh?" Pulling the prince back, causing his body to arch.

Todoroki gritted his teeth, hating the fact that his face was getting hot with embarrassment because the blue outfit he was given during the night suddenly felt tight. The soft thin cloth did nothing to hide his chest and lean muscles. The fabric on his legs landed slightly open revealing one of his legs all the way up to the thigh, thanking the heavens that his privates weren't on display. He looked up at the tall general feeling his eyes roamed over him. They felt like hands as they looked him up and down.

The general turns back to his king, "Absolutely Sir!"

Bakugou gave a curious look, "Now that I think about it your ass never asks for shit."

The jingle of bracelets grabs everyone's attention as Deku comes into the mix, coming up by the king, "You came from the north didn't you Inasa? Want to take your past frustrations out on the prince I assume?"

"Sir!" That was Inasa's only reply.

The king thought loudly, "Fine, you lead your forces into battle head first and if you and your forces can break the enemy's formation before the second wave charges in you get the prince." He looks at the other two generals, "Sorry bout your luck fuckheads!!" Shouto doesnt really hear the other's replies.

Once again Inasa says Sir but this time it was followed by an outrageous bow before he ran back to his horse and jumped on. Todoroki felt a wave of nausea because something told him that if he becomes that general's he was in for a world of pain, plus there seemed to be something that Todoroki has forgotten. That the sight of the general's face is familiar and Shouto can't remember why. He felt the king shift behind him then he was pushed to the side.

Deku joins his kings side and smiles before waving his arms in the air and spinning around like he was dancing to a tune no one can hear before enchanting words from a language Shouto has never heard before as the greenet begins to glow with a golden light before touching the king. His tattoos on his arms glow with a fiery red tent, then right after the light travels swiftly to the generals as Deku spins, his flowy outfit floating in the wind, his wild curls bouncing with his movements. The strange power then travels to the men who all begin to grunt with power. Once the dance stopped so did the glow, "The power of the spirits are with you my king, charge onto victory for now their power has become One in you, you will power All!" The soldiers cheered loudly, readying for the upcoming march.

Shouto stared in wonder because he had never seen magic like this, only a few magic users were ever found or willing to help in war, they were usually hired mercenaries or made some potions to drink but never a power boost to an entire army. Their were curses of abilities placed on bloodline of families like Shouto's family. His father was given the curse of hell fire, being able to wield fire at will but the cost is burning those you touch if you hold on to them for too long. His mother however had a blessing of sorts, given the power to wield ice. There was no backlash...other than his father buying his mother to breed 'perfect' children.

Suddenly the king flew into the air with crackling of loud blast of fire before landing on the back of the flying dragon. The army belting out a large battle cry as they began to march headlong to the battle field leaving only Deku and the overwhelmed Shouto to watch their backs.

The royal concubine pulled the chain and made Todoroki stand before his smile fell, "Are you okay Shouto?"

"No..." He shook his head, feelings from the past and fear of the future, he felt tears return to the corners of his eyes. This time he let them fall.

"Awe Shouto don't cry. It will be alright. Come on let's go, I'm starving!" Deku pulls the chain, making Todoroki fallow without much protest.

The entire day Todoroki thought about the look that the general Inasa gave him, wondering what he could of done to earn such a death glare. Deku was obviously trying to keep his mind off everything by showing him around the main camp, speaking to the medical units and the other workers who are the backbone of the military force. The ones who make the meals and keeping the weapons ready and so on. When the sun began to fall the loud screech fortelling the return of the Dragon king. The two and many others followed as the dragon landed outside the camp, the king slowly dismounting, his body littered with burns and gashes. Deku looked truly worried as he dropped the princes chain before running to Bakugou. Wrapping his arms around him for support. The king gave in and leaned on Deku as they continued to walk, "We won, the northern army is fucking running like pussies." He looked back to the dragon, "Kirishima! Go gather your mate and chase after those cowards, burn them but back off once they reach there kingdom.... the civilians don't need to pay for their piece of shit king."

Todoroki tensed at the thought but he couldn't be too sad that his father was defeated, he knew one day the evil bastard would get what he deserves but there were still good men in the army fighting for their homes. He looked up and made eye contact with the king who was glaring at him.

"Deku, take the prince to Inasa's quarters, make sure you prepare him a healing remedy if you want the fucker to stay alive." He stood and let Izuku go as he stepped closer to the prince, "I don't know what happened but the way that windbag faught today you better pray to who ever the fuck you pray to that he doesn't destroy you on the first night. Have fun Prince Todoroki." His voice dripped with amused poison. The dragon king shoulder bumped him and walked toward the camp, trying to hide an obvious limp.

Deku picked up the chain from the ground and began to lead Todoroki toward the opposite side of the camp before reaching a large tent, smaller than the king's but still impressive. They walked in and Deku locked the end of the chain to the bed post. He internally thanked that he had some length to not be forced to just lay but he couldn't go too far from the bed itself however. Deku then stood in front of him, smile ever present but not as happy, "I'm going to have you something ready and bring it in the morning, please be strong and don't resist. This will be your life now."

"But what am I supposed to do?"

"Whatever Inasa wants." With that he left.

Todoroki felt so out of place, he didn't know what to do. He felt odd to sit on the bed but he didn't want to sit on the ground either. He didn't have enough length in the chain to go far from the bed so he gave in, sitting hesitantly, feeling it be surprisingly soft. He waited and waited, the night was coming over, darkening the tent. No way to light anything with being chain to the bed. He crawled into the bed feeling small in the middle. He curled up onto the blankets letting the fatigue of the past few days settle over him, and drifting to sleep, not noticing the wind blowing the the entry way open, revealing a large figure now staring at the now sleeping prince.


Chapter Text

The bed dipped, bringing the young prince back from the deep sleep he had slipped in to. He was trying to bring his mind into focus as he felt an instinctual pull to curl his body into himself. He opened his eyes, searching threw the darkness till he met a glare. The large man hovering over him with a stern face. Todoroki's heart accelerated to rapid speed, he was fully awake with his sinced warning him of danger. His mouth gone dry. He wanted to swallow his fear but couldn't. The man above him remained silent, their breathing filling the room, the only sound in the darkness of the tent. 


Finally the general spoke, "Do you remember me Prince?" 


His voice was loud, deep. Warn out even, probably from battle. Shouto searched his memory but nothing came, "No.." He tried to make his voice small, but it came out barely audible. 


The man grinded his teeth in irritation, "You don't remember me? Too beneath you to be in your thoughts at all." Hatred seethed from his words, he sounded like the words themselves were bitter. 


Shouto felt more fear, he angered the man so he tried again but nothing came. "I'm sorry, please Sir, can you like give me a hint?"


A booming laugh filled the room before a still calm, "A hint? Did your mother seal up your mind along with your power?"


The mention of his mother made Todoroki's heart stop and a rush of emotions from the past came crashing over him, memories of a fateful night replayed in his memory.




Eight years ago...


An eight year old Todoroki Shouto was awoken in the dead of night by a deranged looking queen, his mother was over him, shaking him desperately. "Shouto! Shouto we have to go!". She grabbed his arm roughly and dragged him from the bed and toward the door.


"Mother where are we going? It's so late." He tried to pull away but his mother's grip was iron. He whipped the sleep from his eyes as he was dragged down a dim hallway of his father's castle. He kept up with her as they snuck through hall after hall. They reached an exit to a secret path where a horse waited tied up to a tree. "Um.. mom?"


"Get on, we need to hurry." She lifted the boy onto the horse. The light showed she was in a dress with a dark cloak over her. Her silver white hair being hidden and her grey eyes were wide and full of adrenaline and fear. He watched her climb up behind him and she grabbed the reins as they rode quickly down the secret path to flee the castle and the capital. 


They ran so fast though they heard hooves from horses behind them. Men yelling. A horn being sounded. "Mom! What is going on!?"


She held him tight, "We are getting away from that monster! I won't let you follow in his footsteps!" She snapped the reins and the horse sped up. They took the turns effortlessly even in the dark. She must of been practicing this path for a long time. 


"Mother what do you mean?!" The young Shouto was terrified. He didn't know where he was going but he did know that there was going to be a terrible punishment for his mother. His father may even kill her for this. This was treason and considering his father's plans for him since inheriting his cursed hell flame on his left and his mother's blessed ice on his right he was just what his father wanted. 


"He is going to make you a monster. I can't let that happen! Not again. I can't go through that again Shouto!" Just then something spooked the house and they were flown roughly to the dirt.


Shouto rubbed his head in pain, trying to get up when be was grabbed again. The sounds of his father's army were close. They didn't have much time.


His mother grabbed him by the shoulder her face full of tears and despair, "I'm so sorry Shouto. I can't get us away. But I refuse to let that bastard win." The queen pinned her son down. "Forgive me Shouto... this will hurt...but I will have my revenge on that bastard!" 


She held his head back and straddled him. He couldn't push her off. His eyes filling up with tears, his arms were pinned down under her legs as she gripped his skull with both palms. "Mother please! I'm scared."


"It will be over soon.." She began to use all her power, focus it to her hands. Her body illuminated bright with a blue hue and then her voice cried out to the heavens, "Please great spirits of the past, please take the power given to my family as payment for the plea that you seal these blessings within this child. And if my family's blessing is not enough then I offer my life as payment." 


Light wrapped around them as they began to float from the ground. Out the corner of his eye he could see his father's unit arrive with him in the lead. He wore a very pissed off expression, with him a few soldiers, he must of assembled what he could at the ready. His body felt so hot, his head had so much pressure it felt like he was going to explode. The pain was too much. He screamed out for help and for his mother to stop. He called on the power within him and shot ice out with out holding back, he ignited his flame as well. Anything to try and get his madden mother to let go but nothing hurt her. The men on the ground running away from the attacks. Not able to help in any way.


His father's voice rang loudly, "Just what do you think you are doing with my fucking masterpiece you psychotic wench!?"


His mother giggled, "Just taking away everything you tried so hard to accomplish... just like you took everything away from me!!!" She glew brighter, "Seal it for all eternity! I beg of you! Take everything I have, please let my life be enough!


The pain was unbearable. He was screaming in agony. Thrashing then suddenly the light disappeared and his attacks stopped. They lowered to the ground. His face felt so hot, his left felt like his skin was burning away. He cried in pain as he curled up and away from his mother. He looked at her and her face for the first time in his life showed peace. She wore a smile. Her body sat in a kneeling position, frozen in a statue of ice. Her life gone with the spell, signaling its completion. 


His father ran up to him with a soldier behind him. Young, only a few years older than Shouto, must of been a warrior in training running to call of his king. "Shouto! Try and use your power."


He did as ordered but nothing happened, he could no longer feel the blessings of the spirits. He couldn't feel any power at all. "I, I can't father."


He ignited his flames in rage as he stomped over the statue of his wife, "You evil bitch!" He blasted it to pieces. But he wasn't done, he turned back to his son. The rage in his eyes made him look like a raging animal. He aimed his hand toward his son, "Made you worthless... Just like your brother... Like the others before you!"


He braced himself for the blast but it missed instead. He looked back to see the young soldier in training hanging of his father's arm. 


"Get off me!"


"Sir! That is your son!!" The boy hollered back before being thrown to the ground. 


"He is my property and I can do what I want with him!" He rose his hand again.


Todoroki watched as the boy stood in front of his weakened body ready to take the blast for him. "He is the prince and I will gladly take the blast."


King Todoroki laughed hard, "You sure got a lot of passion for someone guarding useless trash."


"I give my all in everything I do Sir." The young man stood tall and unmoving. Finally his father calmed, the other soldiers standing by his side. 


"What's your name?" 


"Inasa Yoarashi Sir." He turned to reach down to pick Shouto up.


In that moment the young prince felt so numb and weak that when he saw his father's flame he didn't say a word. He watched it come. He didn't warn the boy in front of him, the one that just saved him, instead he watched him take the hit. He watched him fall to his death in front of him. He felt soldiers run to his side and lift Shouto up. He said nothing just let himself be taken. Glancing back at the boy on the ground. He remained silent. Wondering about what his future will be like now that he was no longer his father's 'masterpiece.'




"Inasa....Yoarashi..." Todoroki whimpers out. Cringing at the memories.


"Yes young Prince. The boy who stood up to your father, the one you abandoned....left to die after saving your miserable life..." He leaned in close, "I didn't die, I woke up angry, filled with so much rage. So much pain... but not from the burn from the betrayal from my prince. Someone I was training to die for left his man behind without a word. Not even a thank you."


Shouto let the tears fall from his cheeks. Nothing he could say now would ever make up for what he did in that moment. Even though he was going through what he was going through at that time, he still should of said something. He silenced his fearful whine when the general glare went crazed. 


He sat back towering above the prince, anger pumping through his veins. "I was badly injured but I stayed alive. I wondered around when a spy from Bakugou's army found me. They saved me and brought me back. Katsuki's mother was Queen at the time and asked if I wanted to join them. I took the offer to be raised and trained all for the sake of one day getting pay back for what you bastards did to me." Inasa gripped the blue silk fabric and tore it away as if it were paper. Then lean muscular arms flailed out but he caught them with his large hands before putting them in one and pinning them above his head. The large body shifted between those long legs, showing all of his body. 


Shouto tried and failed miserably to wiggle free. He was helpless against the larger general. He felt heat creep up his body, he felt so exposed. He thanked the darkness for hiding most of him, he knew Inasa could only see dim shadows of his body from the outside light from around the camp. He but his lip when he saw that Inasa had only his pants on. His chest was brod but most of his skin was in bandages. He must of went to the medic before coming here after battle. "Please no!"


Inasa took a quick pause, making eye contact in the shadows, "Speaking up now won't fix anything." He then whispered something under his breath and let go of the others hands as a chain of wind wrapped around Todoroki. They were invisible to the naked eye but he knew the prince could feel them over his body. 


Todoroki choked on his own spit and struggled to no avail. His body felt wrapped in a a weird bind. He looked over his form and could see anything but he could feel chills from flowing air all over him. "What..what is this?"


The general grinned as he pulled a key from his pocket, unlocking the chain and collar from his neck, "You don't need this anymore. Something much stronger has you now." He shifted his body down before waving his hand over Todoroki's form. 


Shouto was about to ask again when something pulled his knees up and spreading his legs. He tried to straighten them back down but they felt bound to that position. "Damn it! There is nothing there!"


He chuckled darkly before rubbing his large calloused hands over soft but toned skin. Starting with the prince's chest, to his sides, then abdomen. Enjoying the shivers and tension the young boy was doing under his fingers. "But there is. See I am able to ask air spirits to bless me with powers over the wind. Right now I have bound you by my chains of wind. You will never be able to flee from this spell. No matter how far you run, or where you go they will always be there. One word from me and you will be yanked back into my arms. And I can use them to chain you in anyway I desire. Just like I am now."


Todoroki felt sick, the metal chain was one thing, there was always hope to be freed from it but now, there will be no freedom. No escape. And now he was bound to a man that hates him...again. His father hated his existence since his mother sealed his powers inside the scar on his face. Leaving a visual reminder of his father's failure. He tried to struggle again but it was hopeless. "Please ..." He whined out pathetic. 


Inasa leaned his face in close to Shouto's as he brought one hand to his ass, before squeezing it roughly. "You know the Royal Concubine begged me to be gentle with you. He likes you a lot you know. It's my duty to listen to him. But.." 


A large dry finger circled his entrance before pushing in slowly. Nothing has ever entered there before and it was more than uncomfortable. Shouto squirmed but it did nothing. He tried to relax but the sensation was just too odd. There was a slight pain and when the digit withdrew and pushed back in he let out a pathetic Yelp. The finger didn't stop. It sped up until another one was shoved in beside it. He felt his chest tighten and his toes curle in agony. Fresh tears fell from him. The fingers were too big and the drag was too dry. Making it all so painful. "Hurts! Please! No!"


The prince was beautiful beneath him. Thrashing slightly in his invisible bonds. His ass wrapped tight around his fingers. "I am feeling a little rebellious after finally getting my hands on you. The battle really lit a fire within me! The look on your father's face as King Bakugou defeated him, forcing him to withdraw made my chest burn, and all I could think of was destroying you. Making you make a face just like his, makes me so passionate about breaking you into pieces!!" He dug his fingers in deep brushing his fingers against a soft spot deep inside the prince that made him cry out in something other than pain. "There!"


Vibrations of pleasure pulsated through his spine when those large fingers brushed against a spot deep inside. There was still pain but the strike of random pleasure made it bearable. That us until those large digits began to spread him open. He bit his tongue to keep his voice hidden. He looked away, eyes clenched shut trying to make what was happening go away but there was no escape. Then he felt a third at his already aching hole. His eyes jerked open and he tried his best to please with them in the dark but he was met with a harsh stare as the next finger pushed in. Shouto screamed. His body shaking as they mercilessly pressed the inner spot. Soon the pain was being pushed back as the pleasure came rushing forward. His cries of pain turned slowly into gasps. He kept his head turned however, that is until a large hand cupped his face and forced him to face his attacker. He opened his eyes and met dark ones a second before Inasa crashed their mouths together. Todoroki whined into the kiss. He wasn't skilled in kissing, nor did he really want it but somehow he was kissing back. Slowly getting lost in the sensation of their tongues dancing as one. Shouto felt lost as heat coiled in his gut, the fingers inside stretching him open but managing to attack the bundle of nerves. Shouto couldn't believe he was about to cum. Tears soaked his cheeks he let waves of his orgasm crash over him. That was when Todoroki realized he was as even hard, it jerked wildly between their bodies, splash the prince's chest with white ropes. 


Inasa pulled away as he licked the drool connecting there lips and pulled his fingers out slowly. Smiling wildly at his work. He sat back and pulled his large, rock hard cock out his pants. Spitting into his now free palm to somewhat lube his tip up before pressing the large tip to the boy's open hole. 


Todoroki was coming down from his high when he felt the tip press in, it was much larger than the mans fingers and Todoroki began to panic. He was sensitive and and fear of being ripped open by that large thing sent him into desperation. "Wait! It's too big!! You'll kill me with that!!" He thrashed his head and his body tensed and shook but the chains of air were not giving in. 


The general showed no hesitation as he thrusted his hips forward, going in a few inches. The princes hissed in pain. Inasa braced himself over Shouto's form, with his arms on either side of his head as he inches further in, wincing at the tightness. But it felt amazingly hot around his length that the over tightness barely bothered him, plus the faces the other was making were gorgeous. Even in the dim lighting of the tent Inasa could see the looks of pain, it drove him forward. Thrusting all of himself inside, he groaned when he felt the other tear open around him and a wet warmth slowly wet his cock. 


Todoroki screamed, digging his nails into his palms. Fresh tears stream down his cheeks. His ass ached in agony but he didn't need to look to know he was bleeding and that his ass was torn. He whimpered out a don't but it was no use as he felt the large cock withdraw and pushed back in, then again and again. It took his breath away. It felt like the tip was pressing against his stomach everytime it was fully inside. He felt like he was going to throw up. "Gonna-gonna puke."


Inasa didn't stop, he kept a lazy pace, and with each thrust he made sure to pull out till it was just the tip before thrusting back in. He rose up on his hands before sitting up and shifting till the princes lower half was on his lap, and his hands were now free to roam over the toned body. He pinched his nipples roughly with both hands before letting one fall to the stiff member of the other. Wrapping his hand easily around it, giving it some strokes. 


The sensation from the cock in his ass and the hand wrapped around him made Todoroki loose his senses. He didn't know what to do. Cry, scream, or moan. He didn't understand it, it hurt so bad yet his cock was dripping precome. He felt his mind snap when Inasa sped up and rammed his cock in farther. "Oh shit!" 


Inasa smirked and whispered to the wind, as he grabbed the boys hands and brought them to his stomach before pressing down. "Feel that?" He thrusted in harder feeling a bulge from the abs of the prince. 


Shouto wanted to pass out. And the feeling of his stomach being pushed out, it was all too much. He felt himself cumming until the other man's hand once again while the thrusts sped up till he felt a gush of warm liquid flow inside. He was about to hurl when his vision went white and he lost consciousness.




He awoke in warm blankets and fir a split second he thought he was home till a high voice made for a rude awakening. He sat up wincing with pain in his lower back. He looked up to see a smiling Deku. Bouncing brightly in the light. He held up some more blue silk fabric. "I mended the fabric back together for you. Although I couldn't find the full bottoms so it'll just be the skirt."


He blushed and reached for the items before forcing through the pain to get the fabric on to somewhat cover himself. He still felt that the outfit was revealing to the max. He groaned in pain as he stood, getting the feeling that be needed to be ready to go somewhere with how energized Deku was. "So what's going on?" 


"Oh, we are heading home! Back to our kingdom. It's a four day journey. With our victory there is no reason to stay, your father surrendered and they will need to schedule a meeting to have the territory officially given to Kacchan. But we can just fly on Kirishima when that time happens. So let's go!" Deku went to grab him and stilled. "Oh, the chain is gone. Hmmm." He leaned in like he was studying Shouto's body then his eyes lit up and and he smiled. "Chain's of wind. That's a powerful spell."


He looked at himself trying to see but there was nothing but Todoroki could feel a slight brush of air continuously ghosting over his skin. "Really?"


"Oh yes." He stood straight with a bright grin, curls bouncing. "I mean, I wanted to I could break it but it's not my place. Any way let's go." He turned giving a come here wave of the hand as he exited the rent. 


Todoroki followed quickly as other soldiers walked past them and began breaking down the tent. He looked around as he kept up with Deku of the entire main camp breaking down and being readied for travel. "Are they soldiers?"


"Yeah, but this unit is usually used for break down and transportation of goods and equipment. Our unit are getting ready to march now." Deku sped up, excitedly. 


Todoroki kept up but he felt his eyes water with every strike of pain in his back. They reached a lined up military force. King at the head on a black horse standing next to a brown horse that held a man Todoroki hadn't yet seen. He had spikey red hair and a smile with sharp teeth. A scar over his right eye. The generals were with them on grey horses. They approached the group quickly. He looked down when Inasa looked at him. Shivering with slight fear of what he went through will most likely happen again. 


"Deku! Hurry up and hop on. I'm ready to sleep in my own fucking bed!" Katsuki reached down and Deku hopped up in his hold gracefully. Before being sat in front of the king damn near on his lap. Todoroki stared in awe but a tight feeling wrapped around him and before he could tell what was happening he was pulled back till he was sitting on the general's lap. His bottom ached when the rough fabric pressed against his sore rear. A strong arm was placed firmly around his midsection. "Now that everybody is finally here we can get a move on!!" With that the March began. Heading in the opposite way of their home.


It was nearing the end of the day and the army looked like they weren't stopping till nightfall. Hopefully. Todoroki tried to stay upright but with the rape from the night before he felt more comfortable to lean back and rest on Inasa's chest. He blushed but he couldn't help it. He bottom needed relief. And he was so tired. This traveling was taking its toll. He was slowly drifting to sleep when he felt the general pull the reins. He opened his eyes. He couldn't believe what he saw. A Soldier stood in a knight armor that Todoroki recognized so well. He stood tall with a spear in hand. He didn't wear his helmet, showing a serious look and his glasses shined bright with his dark blue hair. His heart leaped for joy at seeing a familiar face. 


King Bakugou gritted his teeth, "Who the hell are you?"


The knight stood strong, "My name is Tenya Iida, a knight of prince Todoroki's personal guard. I come to retrieve my prince."



Chapter Text

The Todoroki couldn't believe his eyes when he seen Iida. His friend and personal body guard, he was actually one of the four white knights that swore an oath to Shouto to be at his side forevermore. But they weren't able to be with him for the ambush mission. The young prince ordered them to other tasks incase he failed. He wished them well, they promised that if he were to die in battle they would leave his father's army and find a new life. But here Iida stood. Ready to fight a whole damn army like the righteous fool he was. The arm around Todoroki's waist tightened. Pinning him on the general's lap. Another strike of pain brought a tear to his blue eye. He couldn't speak. Worried that he would be punished. 


"Oh you got a pair on you! You stand against the dragon king's army alone!?" Katsuki laughed out loud. 


The white knight gripped a spear he was holding beside him. The blade end in the air with the hilt down to the ground. "I do not wish to fight. Todoroki Enji has surrendered and is making preparations for the meeting with you Lord Bakugou for surrendering territories. You have no need to keep the prince. I simply plead for his return." He bowed his head in respect.


Katsuki growled in annoyance, "I don't give a damn about your plea. Ya see I gave the prince to one of my generals. He is his slave now." The king pulled out his sword from his belt holder. Pointing it toward the knight. "Now get the fuck out my way. Or die."


Iida looked passed the king meeting eyes with Shouto. The prince wanted to look away in shame. The tears fell giving the knight confirmation that what the king said was true. He brought his arms over himself to cover his open attire. His face was hot with embarrassment. 


The knight rose his head and took his spear in both hands, readying himself for battle. "Then I have no choice, I will gladly give my life in hope to free him from your clutches." 


Todoroki recognized the stance, "No! Iida please! Just go. You promised me that you and the others would live your lives free if I die. Don't break it!" He was hopeless and the last thing he needed right now is to watch one of his closest allies die for nothing.


The knight frowned but didn't change his stance. "You are not dead! So I am breaking nothing. My prince will not die a slave." 


Todoroki held his hands over his mouth as Iida charged forward right for the king. 

The speed the knight used was lightning fast. The others soldiers couldn't even see it, neither did the king. A clash of blades rang loudly right before the knights spear could reach the king and concubine. The red head that Todoroki hadn't seen till today blocked Iida's strike with twin daggers. Shouto was in shock. No one has ever blocked his first knights charge. 


Iida looked stunned but kept his strike true. He tried to take another step but the redhead with sharp teeth didn't budge. They both strained. "I must admit. I am taken back that you were able to block me."


The red head smiled, "I am my king's shield. You will not pass me." 


Katsuki was beyond pissed. He couldn't see the knights attack and if the other hadn't blocked it he didn't know if his reflexes would of been able to block the spear in time. "You're fucking fast. I'm somewhat impressed. Kirishima! Don't disappoint me!"


"Have I ever?" His tone was lighthearted in this most intense moments. 


The name Kirishima made Todoroki's head spin. That was the name of the king's dragon. So are they the same person? That means that dragons can take on human form. That is impossible right? He watched closely at the seen but then the greenet stood on the kings lap. Looking up before pulling a white thin sword from a sheath that Shouto never seen the boy hold before. He jumped into the air. Everyone's head's tilted back, including the confused king to see Deku clash with a sword being held by girl with brown hair. A tight fit white outfit. The only think that gave her away as a knight was her white steel boots and the steel gloves on her arms. 


"Thought you could come from above? Very smart." The royal concubine smiled as the two kept striking and block in the air. Defying gravity as they danced in the air. "You used air spirits to float, very interesting."


The girl looked frustrated but kept a moving fluidly with the boy, "For being the Dragon King's whore you sure can hold up in a fight."


Deku's face darkened in anger but his smile remained, "If I liked spilling blood, you'd be dead." He moved with a speed that could rival the knight on the ground, he struck the girl to the ground with a strong back hand before floating gently to the dirt path. The girl took a minute to get back to her feet. 


Iida glanced over to her, "Uraraka are you hurt?"


"No, but he hits harder than he looks." She winced at the pain in her cheek but held strongly to the sword in her hand. 


The blond was letting of small crackles and flames from his palms and he jumped from the horse. "All right how many of these mother fuckers are there?"


Just then a barely dressed woman came from the surrounding trees and leaped at the horse Todoroki was on. The prince looked at her, not believing his eyes. Momo was always the hesitant one. Always second guessing herself but right now the beautiful girl with black hair looked determined. Eyes burning as she leaped using a staff aimed right at the general. But before she could make contact Inasa grabbed the staff with one hand. She held on as he flung them both to the air. She landed hard on one knee next to Uraraka. Iida pulling back so they could regroup. 


The king went off, "Alright that does it!" He ran toward the group of three letting off loud blasts as a dark shadow like ninja came from the earth through a black like puddle of nothingness. Using a sword but sparks from of the dark blond general struck him. His knight helmet was on, shaped similar to a crow. A grey cape on his back, grey and white armor stuck to his tight white cloth, giving him protection but not stopping mobility. The king backed off, "I've had enough. Capture these fucks!" 


Todoroki watched in an instant as the blonde general jumped and sparks of energy surged through his hands. The shadow from his knight Tokyami tried to shield them but the prince knew it wouldn't hold. It wasn't dark enough. It broke the shield as Kirishima and the third general, who must of used the other general as a distraction, were using a strange rope to capture the knights. They were wrapped up in what the prince could tell magic infused binds. He started to let the tears fall when he knew what was coming next. 


"Alright, now what to do with you bastards." Katsuki grinned wildly. 


Deku laughed sheathed his sword before jumped by his kings side, "We should keep them. Maybe after punishment they will be of some use. Maybe study their techniques."


Iida growled, "We only follow the prince!"


Katsuki rose a hand toward the group, power surging through his arm, "Then die!" 


Todoroki screamed, "Wait!! Wait!! Please!" Everyone looked at him, Katsuki pausing with a rage stare down, "They follow me right? So if I tell them to do what you want then they can live right?"


The blind huffed, "That's giving a slave power."


"No! No. You are my king right? I can order them to obey the king. They will have to obey. I would never endanger their lives for my own. Please. They have secret abilities, their all yours... but please don't kill them." Todoroki felt desperate. 


The knights clenched their teeth at their princes words, Momo screaming, "We are  yo-"


"Silence Momo." Todoroki tried to sound commanding. And it worked. The raven haired knight closed her mouth. Bowing in forgiveness. 


Deku smiled, "Kacchan you don't have to make your decision now."


He growled again. "The hell with it! I won't kill them yet, hey you fucks over there go put them in the supplies. No food or water. I'll figure out what to do with them later." The foot soldiers did as told. The group remained silent at they were shuffled away. Each of them looking briefly at their prince. They got a sorrowful look in return. 


Todoroki wished for their safety but he may of brought them into a worse situation. He hung his head low in defeat. The king's men got back into their original positions. Todoroki found his eyes landing on the red head, making eye contact with him. The intense yet kind gaze gave it away that he was indeed the dragon. For some reason a calming fell over Todoroki as their eyes remained in contact. His kind smile making him feel at ease. Another moment passed before the dragon turned away and the army continued their march. Todoroki forgot all about Inasa until a hand gripped his hip roughly, making him gasp. He leaned forward on the horse as the horse began to follow those in front of it. His bottom only was being covered by the thin fabric. Shift the wrong way and his butt would be exposed. The generals body would hide it from the world but not the general himself. 


"That was exciting, huh Shouto?" His voice rang loud to the prince but not too loud where the others around them could hear. "They tried so hard to save you, but even if they did I'd just pull you right back with these."


Todoroki felt the air around him tighten. He nibbled on his bottom lip as his body shivered in the cool air. His body being pulled back by the air wrapped around his chest. Making him arch. The general's thumb curled at the fabric before pulling it to the side showing his somewhat spread cheeks. The red hole peaking out. The prince shivered. His ass being exposed, letting the air tough his sensitive area. He gasped quietly when he looked back to see the general reaching into his pants to free himself. No way!


"Now, be my good little cock sleeve, and keep your master warm." He smiled down at the tear stained face of the prince as he forced himself completely inside. Ordering the wind to run to the princes mouth, taking his breath away in order to silence the scream that would of gave them away. The general's cape conveniently blowing around them as a shield. 


The pain was much worse than the night before. He was already torn and raw, now to be impaled without any prep or lube. He thought he could die. His stomach felt stretched. This angle made it feel deeper and his abdomen felt more pushed out than the night before. He felt the tears flow freely, he could barely breathe from the pain and the wind trying to keep him quiet. He thanked the heavens that the general wasn't moving. The wind at his face became less intense and he whimpered and cried in a hush way. He looked over is shoulder to see Inasa flushed, with a bead of sweat dripping off his brow. 


It was so tight inside that it was taking everything he had not to cum. He breathed heavily as he glanced around to make sure no one noticed. He looked back at the prince to see him looking over his shoulder. The general cursed under his breath because Shouto was beautiful, and with a red blush over his face, with tears streaming, a rose colored lip from being chewed on. His pale skin covered in sweat with the silk blue fabric, gorgeous. He looked lower to see himself stretching the abused hole. Some blood slowly dripping from the torn edges. "Fuck..." He was becoming addicted. He came hard lastnight, and wanted to fuck the prince again but he couldn't bring himself to rape him whike unconscious. He wasn't an aweful guy, just mad. Rage from the past he can't let go of. He rocked deeper inside. The heat from the muscle around him was amazing. His cock straining, pulsating inside. His balls felt ready to explode but he kept it at bay. 


Todoroki whimpered and cried silently. Looking back regularly to see if the general had stopped watching him. As time went on Inasa was looking ahead. Like he wasn't rock hard inside of Shouto. He didn't thrusted, pull out or go deeper. He ramained still. The only movement provided by the horse. It didn't make it hurt any less however, the burn was continuous. Todoroki wondered how long this would last. They walked like that for over an hour and the prince was growing use to the burn. He tried to shift to get in a better position and somehow he angled the tip right against the spot inside that made him reach bliss the night before. He let out a low moan. His own cock twitching to life. How humiliating. The wind keeping him in an upright position. He thanked the large cape to shield them from the others because Shouto could see his cock rising in the blue fabric. 


The ass was tightening and relaxing around him. He knew that the prince accidentally angled them just right. He smiled, letting the prince use his arms the hold on to the pain of the horse and they kept him sitting up, his lowered back still arched to keep the large cock inside. The ride of the horse keeping them rocking together. Inasa groaned low, as he took both hands around the small waist to lift him up an inch then back down. That little bit of movement gave the general some delicious friction. 


The small thrust wasn't noticeable, nor was the next. He would lift and lower a few minutes apart, but it felt unbelievably good each time. The pain was fading, that or Shouto was becoming too numb. His prostate being pressed constantly. His cock was now leaking into the fabric and he prayed that the stain won't be too apparent later. His legs were trembling around the horse. It was getting darker as time went on. Nightfall approaching quickly. 


Inasa was close, he was going to cum any minute. This was just too sexy to not get off to. There may not be alot of movement but the tightness, the idea of being in the open and balls deep inside the prince, who looked beautiful impaled like this. Back arched. He had to fight the desire to just start fucking him hard. He would be scolded if they were caught. So he kept it up the subtle moves but he needed a push to get him over the edge. He kept one hand still as the other reached around, feeling on the muscle and he bit hit tongue when the abs were pressed out. He was so big inside, he pressed and he felt the muscles constrict as the movement of the stomach being pushed back made his cock head move. 


He was so happy he didn't get breakfast because he would of lost it as the general pushed at his stomach. Todoroki's eyes rolled back, he felt like his body was being ruined. He felt so much pressure on his prostate and his cock flexed wildly. He pulled so hard on the horse mane that the stallion shook his head. He let go of the hair and drugged his hands into his thighs, trusting the chains to keep him in position. He was about to cum, he looked back to make eye contact with Inasa when he felt the hand that wasn't kneading his abdomen reached under the blue silk to stroke his dripping erection. Shouto felt the wind around his face start to suffocate him as he came into the large palm. Eyes rolling back as he lost his mind to pleasure. He wanted to collapse but he was chained in his position. He clamped hard around the rod buried in his ass as he felt familiar warm liquid flood his insides. It was so much. So filling. 


He came hard, he let out so much inside Todoroki that it dripped from around him. Inasa felt so satisfied. He let go of the prince's softening cock and wiped the the sticky cum on his pants. Not giving a damn. It was getting dark anyway. He would clean it later. He didn't pull out though. He liked being inside him. He had the chained bring the whimpering Todoroki back to his chest so he could talk into the other's ear, "You were a good boy Shouto."


The angle was painful, it was becoming too dark for people to really see them, "Please..take it out.." 


Inasa smiled, "Maybe after we stop."


After another hour of marching the king gave the word to set up a camp, now that night had flooded the sky. Only then did Inasa pulled out. He lifted him up as they got down from the horse. He was ordered to stay by the horse and Shouto gladly agreed too tired and used to do much else. He was falling asleep in the dark grass in solitude, off to the side, well except the horse. He wondered before falling asleep if his mind would give out before his body.



Chapter Text

 Todoroki opens his eyes, trying quickly to adjust them but soon realizes it's still night, he must of only slept a short while. Their was chattering in the darkness, he shifted and a pulsating pain in his lower back kept him from moving too much. He managed, slowly to sit up and take a look around when he seen that a couple yards away was a group of soldiers chatting near a few fires. He couldn't tell if Inasa was there or not. He was hurting too much to move so he laid back down, feeling oddly warm. He felt fur as he wondered his hands on his lower body, fine silks and fur like material, he pulled it to his nose to further cover his body up and a familiar smell drifted into his nose. It smelled earthy, it smelled like Inasa. He wanted to be repulsed by its familiarity of the scent, however it was comforting and he blushed in the darkness because that meant Inasa had covered him up and with it smelling so strongly of him it must be his cape from his general uniform. 


He moved his legs and noticed that he wasn't sticky or messy near his ass, meaning he was cleaned up, and now that he thought about it there may be an ache but it was nowhere near as excruciating as before. He reached down, and behind him as he laid on his side, a timid finger ghosting over his hole. He pressed in and felt something slick. He grimaced and pulled his hand to his face to take a whiff and it didn't smell like semen, it smelled like herbs. This truly confused the young prince, did the general apply a healing ointment too? 


He tried not to think too much into it, this kindness could very well be Deku, but if it was Inasa he wondered if it meant that he may start taking it easier on him. He shook his head at the thought, everything that the general has done was cruel, so why would he start being nice now? The sound of heavy footsteps in the grass came from behind him as he pretended to be asleep. Closing his eyes, he tried to relax his breathing to fool whoever that he was still deep in slumber. A third came from his back and then some shifting before the cape was lifted and a large warm body pressed up against Todoroki's. 


Shouto stiffened but willed himself to relax, then failing when a large arm draped itself over him, pulling Todoroki flushed to warm muscle. He whimpered feeling a hardness rub his bottom. Making him wince in discomfort though it was still not horrible. The herbs must be very potent for the young prince to be healed up so much. He bit his lip, before opening his mouth to speak, his voice quiet so that no one near the fires could hear him, "General...?"


A deep but low voice vibrated his ear, "Yes, my prince."


"Did you...? Um thank you.... for um.." he was terrified and should he really be thanking the man? He was the whole reason his bottom hurt in the first place. 


A deep chuckle came from the general, "You're welcome, can't have you breaking apart so easily..." 


His heart dropped, of course that's why he was being kind. If he lost his mind too quickly then the general would lose all his fun. He wanted to curl away but that could mean possible punishment so he stayed as still as he could. Though the way Inasa's voice trailed off, it seemed as if he wanted to say more or that something was on his mind.




Earlier, right after Todoroki passed out...




The general stopped his tasks in setting for a quick camp, which is just finding a spot to sleep and also gathering up firewood and getting some supplies out in order to eat before turning in for the night. He turned, landing his eyes on a very irritated royal concubine. "Yes Deku! What can I do for you!?" He tried to keep cheer in his booming voice, the scrunch of green brows was all he needed to know he was very much in trouble. 


Deku put his hands on his hips as he lifted his hand pointing towards the passed out prince, "Look at him, you are being far too rough." 


Inasa fought a frown, he kept up his smile from disappearing, though it did become smaller. "It was my understanding Royal Concubine that the prince was my slave and I could do what I wanted with him." He inwardly prayed that he didn't sound disrespectful. Because to be honest they all knew who had the real power here. Bakugou Katsuki may be king, conquer, ruler over the dragons but he would give his life or even his men's life, hell even a dragon's life for Deku. He loved him more than anything, no matter how hard he tried to keep his composer and toughness he had a huge weak spot for the green haired beauty. 


"That is true, but I told you that he was my friend and to take it easy. Look at him he is unconscious, and he looked like he was in serious pain earlier, also.." there was a pause, a scowl that resembled the kings, "I could sense the spirits of the wind surround you, I asked them what you were up to and they told me. You are going to ruin him."


Inasa felt like he was going to snap, "And? I have a lot of overflowing amount of rage for him....he deserves it all." He kept his voice low. 


Izuku rolled his eyes and stepped closer, smirking at the quick shiver of fear from the general, he held out his hand with a vile. "Use this, it will heal his injuries quickly." He turned to walk away after handing it over, but continued to talk. "You know, you should take into consideration that the boy had just lost everything. He probably was so frozen with anguish that he couldn't of warned you even if he wanted to."


Inasa stared in shock, "How did...?"


Izuku cut him off, "Kirishima's empathetic stare." 


The general huffed, that dragon's ability to calm you with his gaze as he looks deep into your past was sometimes a double edge sword. 


"Also.... you are taking your revenge out on the wrong be honest to that young prince you are probably exactly like the Endevorous king." He began to walk away, "Oh. If you don't lighten up, I'll have Kacchan take him from you." With that he disappeared in the crowd of soldiers. 




Inasa gritted his teeth because maybe the concubine was right. Maybe he was taking his rage out on the wrong man. Then to know that he could be compared to that wicked bastard left a foul taste in his mouth. He thought long and hard when he cleaned the prince and put the herbs inside him. About that night, this time he thought from Shouto's point of view and he cursed at his own stupidity, the boy had just lost his mother, his blessings and curse, and then his father was about to kill him. How could he of done anything but lay there and wait for the death that never came. A death that Inasa stopped, to be honest the prince probably rather of died that night, maybe Inasa was the bad guy for saving him. He made an internal vow to change, to be softer. And maybe when this is all over he could get back at that bastard by letting his slave kill him, or getting Shouto to be so good that he could fuck him in front of his father before killing him. His pain will be avenged only this time it will be on the bastard that caused it. 


Inasa shook those thoughts away and pulled the smaller boy close, he knew he wouldn't reveal the reason for the change to the prince, he would just do it slowly with his actions. Though with his cock like a rock, it was going to be hard. Inasa was only human, the prince was beautiful so he was going to continue to fuck him, just be nicer about it. For now, he was going to ignore his erection, needing to let the prince heal, with those herbs it would only take a day or two.


Todoroki wondered for a moment if the general was going to act on his hard on, but after a while he felt like he was able to relax because he wasn't making a move on him. Slowly he drifted to sleep. 


The prince's breathing became steady in his arms and he knew he was back to sleep. He snuggled the boy closer, wrapping his larger form around him before he too drifting to sleep.




The next few days were simple. They marched on towards The Dragon King's main kingdom, Todoroki learned that Inasa lived in a castle connecting to the kings, in fact most of the military lived either right by him or had to be stationed near other strong holds of the king's land. The king needed to know where they were at all times, he was smart, he understood that his land could be attacked at anytime and he always needed to be ready for battle and so did those who followed him. Shouto could understand his thought process considering how the blonde got stuff done. But what Shouto couldn't understand is why the general wasn't touching him, or having his way with him. 


He wasn't complaining but it just seemed to be constant then bam nothing. He wondered if the wind user was already tired of him and if that was the case then what would happen to him next, what would happen to his knights. He prayed to the heavens that where ever they were they were being treated fairly. He hadn't even seen a glimpse of them since their failed attempt at rescuing him. 


When they reached the Capitol their welcome was shocking. People were screaming with joy of their kings return. He looked above to see large dragons of many colors flying through the sky screeching. The general's and soldiers waved as a celebration went on around and above them. The king rose his hand and shot out an explosion and the crowd went nuts. He hopped off his horse, starting a speech, "We defeated the Endevorous King! His land is ours now! No more will his people live in fear of that bastard ruler! They will now be mine, the Dragon King's!! Celebrate their fucking luck you peasants!!" 


The prince stared with his mouth open in shock as the people cried out, with yes as music played by surrounding towns folk. He looked at the man behind him, "May I ask why the people are so happy? I understand that he won but he degraded them as well?" A booming laugh came from behind him, the man vibrated his body from the outburst. Blushing when it startled him, making him almost slip off the horse but a strong arm was there to steady him. 


"Sorry!" He apologized as he steadied the prince, "The people are so used to our king's language that they aren't even fazed anymore! Oh! And he is a good king, he is truly for his people."


Todoroki smiled, "Well from what I've seen so far, those that follow him seem to be very trusting of him. Despite everything I've heard."


"Well you were an enemy, to his enemies he would very much seem like a monster." Inasa thought briefly about when he was brought to the queen's kingdom, she stood strong and spoke with authority but their was so much kindness in her eyes that he was stunned, almost unable to speak. Then he remembered looking at the young Katsuki, and seeing his scowl. Remembering the boy's words that probably helped save his life. He looks useful mom. Let's keep the fucker. The general smiled at the memory before following the other soldiers.


"Um so, where are we going?" Todoroki felt unsure of anything, being in a strange land, and a slave. He didn't know what to expect, he wondered if he was going to be in a slave house, or maybe a cage, maybe even a pleasure district...


They followed the group and then slowly split off as the other soldiers went back to their homes and land. Going to rest and get ready for the celebration. "We are going to my home, I live in one of the branches of Lord Bakugou's castle. You will stay in my room, and be at my side at all times, unless I tell you otherwise." He made his voice strict. Thinking he may be weirding the prince out considering how aweful he was in the beginning. But he couldn't blame himself, in the end he blamed the boy's father....for everything!


"Oh okay." Todoroki felt bewildered because that meant that Inasa wasn't bored with him, though the man was cruel, he didn't want to die, or be sent to be a pleasure slave to others. He was ultimately relieved. He was trying desperately to find ground in something. 


They made their way around, getting off the horse to travel through the castle grounds as maidens and other people began to set up for the victory party for night fall. The young prince tried to take in everything he could because the design of the castle was so much different from his father's. It seemed so much warmer than the cold blues and greys of his father's castle. Here was covered in splashes of colors, mostly reds and oranges, even the stone seemed to have a red hue. Stopping at a large door as Inasa rushed passed him and opened it, the room was large like Inasa and like Todoroki's room back home. But everything was made out of wood that looked beautifully polished. Dark mahogany, the bed was in the center with silk brown drapes that hung from the poles above. There was another door to what Todoroki believed was a bathroom. There was also a large desk with books on the shelves all over the walls. A white fur rug took up most of the floor that was so soft he accidentally moaned, after being barefoot for so long it felt wonderful on his toes.


He was about to continue exploring when Inasa spoke, "Let's get you cleaned up." He went to the doors and gave out a loud hollar when two maids rushed to the opening of the room. They dressed identical, both in white simple gowns that hugged tight but still was kept modest. "Take him to the baths and get him scrubbed up, find him something pretty to wear. I like him in blue but change it up, make sure it is something to look at too. Oh! Add some jewelry! He is my slave so he needs to look nice for me." With that they bowed and gave Todoroki the signal to follow. He hesitated but went without any protest till a large hand clamped down on his shoulder, "Remember, you can't get away from my chains of wind, so don't even try it, or there will be consequences."


The young prince tensed, feeling flushed at the cool air tickling his skin as a further reminder that he was forever blinded to the general. He nodded his understanding as he followed the maidens. They lead him through the halls and then to a large bath house. It was full of steam and the water bubbled hot, he doesn't have time to admire much as the maids strip him bare in a flash before nudging him to step down into the water. Shouto eased into it, the heat quickly beginning to relax every muscle. His bottom no longer felt sore so it didn't even sting once fully in the bath. The maidens left for a moment then reappeared with scrubbing cloths and oils and began sudsing him from head to toe. He was used to being washed but these maidens had a heavy hand and worked quickly and quietly. He didn't try to speak either, he doubt they were aloud to talk to him anyway. When they pushed him to get out he let out a small whine of protest because the water did feel so good on his aching muscles. That's when one spoke, "Sorry slave but we must finish quickly. We need you ready for the celebration tonight." The other continued, "Lord Inasa is also not a patient man."


Shouto nodded and got out the bath where he was quickly dried, and rubbed with oils that smells unbelievably good. The sent was almost alluring. Like he wanted to breathe it in forever, he had never smelled it before, "What are these oils if I may ask?" 


The women stilled for a moment before grabbing out some fine blue fabrics they must of brought but Shouto couldn't of told you when, "They are 'love' oils. They are made from special herbs that entice men and make the body ready for coupling." The woman's voice seemed almost embarrassed, like he should of already knew. 


Shouto blushed red, "Oh, I see." He tried hard not to inhale it too deep anymore. He stood and let them dress him, the blue was similar to the hue of the previous outfit but this one was nicer almost, softer. He waited patiently till they were done and soon silver bracelets were places on his wrists and one ankle. He was also given white slippers that covered his toes and heels, he wouldn't recommend walking out and about with them but they were nicer than being barefoot, he looked down to see the maidens wearing similar ones. He was pushed to a mirror and when his multicolored eyes met his reflection he barely recognized himself. 


He looked from top to bottom, his neck had blue fabrics that wrapped around it tightly in a thin necklace manner that dropped to the center till the fabric hung loosely to his chest, keeping it covered then tightened around his lower abdomen, he turned to see his whole back on display, his eyes traveled lower to a skirt that flowed like the one before. It draped to the ground till it slightly dragged, only one slit to his right hip this time. He felt more covered but still so exposed. This cloth seemed more solid and less see through which made him feel better but it was still embarrassingly revealing. His wrists and two small silver bracelets that looked too big but still wouldn't fall off off his hands without effort. His right ankle had three silver bracelets in the same manner and his left was bare. They signaled for him to follow once he was done admiring himself and led him back to Inasa's room. 


When the room opened Inasa was dressed in boots, black pants and a light brown fur vest, the rest of his chest was bare. Todoroki must of been staring because a loud chuckle brought his attention to his eyes. He blushed and felt uncomfortable remembering what he was wearing. The tall man sat down in the chair that accompanied the desk and faced the center of the room, he got a large toothful smile, "Let's have a look."


Todoroki felt the pull of the chains, lifting gracefully into the air, his breath hitched as he glided over and floated in front of him, the outfit somewhat blowing in the wind that was surrounding him. The wind tightened around his limbs as he he was spun around slowly, when he was completely facing away from the general he heard a pleased grunt. His legs began to be spread, Shouto struggled to keep them closed but the wind was much stronger. He could hear the shifting behind him and he was lowered till he felt the tickle of fur on his opened back, then the warmth of hard skin. "Don't.." He whispered it out of reflex, the fear of the pain to come with the rough treatment the general usually gave him. A large hand cupped the lean muscle of his revealed thigh and slowly crept up to his inner crotch, stopping a hair short of his soft member that was hidden by small fabric that left little to the imagination. Heat spread through the prince's body. He couldn't move his arms to fight, he was helpless. He tried to steady his breathing to calm down, failing, letting the panic over run him. Biting his lip to stop a noise when another large hand rubbed over his back before settling on his lower hip and the thumb made small circles at on of his small indents. The chains of wind starting to pull him forward, making him arch. The hand on his thigh tightened, digging large imprints that will be bruises in a few hours. He could hear heavy breathing, as something hard pressed at his bottom. He blushed red when he knew just what that hard thing was. 


Inasa couldn't help himself, Shouto looked lovely like this, all dolled up for him, all for him to use. He had been nice right? So a little play time was okay, the royal concubine didn't tell him he couldn't fuck him, he just was told not to break him. He was so hard in his pants the moment he seen the little vixen walk in the room. He said don't but wasn't he just checking him out, he grinded into the bubble butt that was hidden by the pretty fabrics and relished in the gasp. Grinding again he was given the same result. His hand left the smooth back to pull the fabric to the left side to reveal the small under garment, it didn't hide his ass much at all but it was even more arousing, his cock twitching at the sight. Drool pooled in his mouth thinking about just how tight and warm it was to be inside. He dug his thumb and pulled the cloth to the side as well, not caring if the shit ripped. The pink and healed hole was now on display. He took the other hand away from the thigh to spit over his large digits before he circled the rim. Teasing momentarily right before pushing in to the first knuckle. "Shit. So tight." 


Todoroki threw his head back, letting out a loud drawn out moan. He didn't hear the general's words, he could only feel that large finger digging in deep. It was slick and with his body so relaxed from the bath and the oils it didn't hurt at all, the stretch wasn't even painful. He pulled at the invisible blinds, not to get away just to grasp onto something but finding it impossible to grab air. It pulled out then thrusted back in and the prince couldn't help himself but rock back into it. 


When the other's hips met his hand he stilled in shock. Inasa couldn't believe it. He he shook it off thinking he may of imagined it, then that was thrown out the window when he quickened the pace and Shouto chased after his digits. He pushed his second finger right beside the other, pausing to give Shouto a second to adjust. He started thrusting them in and out with a fast pace, twisting the prince open. He spread the boy open with a scissoring motion, loud moans and gasps poured out like a waterfall from the prince's mouth. Spurring him on, he leaned forward so his lips pressed to Shouto's ear, "You sound as if you want more Shouto." 


The warm breath at his ear made his body even hotter. He couldn't control his sounds as those incredibly large fingers fucked and stretched him open. They were so big they brushed his prostate effortlessly. His cock leaked into the new fabric, his body becoming covered in a light sweat. He tried to protest with his voice but a slutty moan came out instead as another finger pushed through. A small amount of pain from his hole made him whimper. They didn't slow, the general pushed them in deeper, hitting his sweet spot and he almost came. They built him up with their movements, Todoroki felt warm in his belly, warning him he was about to reach his peak, "Gonna cum!" He was rocking back, chasing his release.


Inasa couldn't stop himself, with his hand that wasn't up the prince's ass he used to pull his rock hard cock out, he was about to pull his fingers out and thrust in when a better idea ran through his mind. He pulled out his wet fingers and groaned inwardly when a whine of protest came from Todoroki. He signaled the wind to turn the prince around, his own face felt hot with a blush when he seen the fucked out expression on Shouto. His nipples hard in the outfit and cock hard and dripping. It was trying to poke out the small material and Inasa wanted to eat it up. Maybe tonight. He promised himself. He gave the wind another order making the chains raise the pale arms over the youngers head and keeping the long legs spread open wide. He pulled the fabric to the side again before spitting once more on his palm and rubbing it over his head. He lined up and pressed his head in. "Fuck." The only word he could muster as he sunk into that tight, wet, warmth. His balls tightened quickly once fully seated. Even though he wanted to he waited patiently. 


He was being filled up once again. His stomach clenched, his whole body tightening at the intrusion. This time it felt absolutely amazing. The pain was nonexistent, only pleasure. He felt himself leak precom, and waited for the general to move, and he wated... and waited...and waited..... He looked up at the general trying to question why he wasn't pounding away when he was met with a knowing smile. Is he wanting me to ask for it? How aweful....but this ache...come on... Shouto clenched his eyes shut and looked away, refusing to give in. Time went by, maybe five minutes when it became uncomfortable and somewhat itchy? He gave a small wiggle and a jolt that felt so good shot through him. He gave another small grind, only to ease the discomfort a little. Just a little bit...just a little... 


"Oh no Shouto." He grabbed the sides of the small waist, "A good slave needs to ask his master what he wants." He teased in his most playful tone and the glare from those mismatched eyes made him groan but he couldn't lose this. It was too hot to ruin it by coming early. "Go ahead, tell me what you want."


How degrading the prince thought, though he was so close, he just needed a little more, this was the first time it felt nothing but good. He tried to move his hips again, the firm grip on his sides stopped. He huffed and looked up at the general again, another large smile was his answer. A few more minutes went by and Todoroki was loosing his composure. He started to thrash in his chains, then once again a squeeze from those strong hands ended that. Frustrated tears leaked out the edges of his eyes as he bit the inside of his cheek till he tasted copper. 


Inasa restraint was impressive, even to himself because he wanted nothing more than to give in and pound away at the tight ass that was gripping him perfectly, but he wanted to hear the prince want it too. After a few more moments however he was about to cave when a broken voice caught his attention.


"Please...move..." Todoroki felt his face heat up, the wide grin from above made him look away from the general's face.


He gave a small thrust and the sound that came from Shouto was music. "Not good enough, try again." 


He couldn't stop the roll of his eyes, he took a deep breath before opening his mouth, "Please fu- oh gods..." He was so embarrassed, "Please general, fuck me." He let it slip passed his lips like bile though the grunt of approval and the feel of that large cock pulling out so slow before ramming back in was so good. He threw his head back and clamped down hard, wanting more. Much more. Everytime it pulled out and slammed back in his prostate was hit. More precome oozed out his own member and he knew he was about to cum. 


"That's a good slave, " He sounded winded already, probably from all his restraining. He felt his hips go on instinct, thrusting in and out roughly, enjoying every drag of those tight soft walls. He knew he wasn't going to last, he also knew time was running out, the celebration was going to be starting soon. He started to pull the prince into his thrusts feeling his balls tighten as the prince lost his mind in pleasure. Inasa watched every expression, tears leaked from the boys eyes as his face tinted pink. His body jerking in his hands as he grew tighter. He was letting out the lewd sounds with every thrust. He just needed a little more.


Todoroki was about to blow, he was loosing himself in the general's hands on on the large cock. He couldn't hold his voice in at all. He was about to lose it completely when his arms were being pulled toward the general, forcing him to wrap around Inasa's muscular neck, the huge calloused hands gripped his ass cheeks pulling them open as the strong hips slammed into him hard as he was listed and brought back into the thrust. He felt so full, so good. The sounds of the general's groans and breathing in his ear were maddening. He wanted to wrap his legs around the wide hips but the wind kept them spread open. The angle made the head push up on his insides, his abs felt stretched. He started to let out a wail when his prostate started to get abused with non stop pounds.


The cries and the screams and the wet slaps of skin sent him over the edge. Inasa came hard with one final slam, he poured himself into the tight warmth. The wet splatter made him grin when he knew that the prince came as well, he let the chains loose and the prince went limp in his arms. He was breathing heavy as he carried him to the bed before turning and sitting on the edge, letting the prince sit down on his lap, he groaned as he twitched inside. "Wow! Your ass is perfect Shouto!" His normal loud voice returning as he laid back letting the smaller fall on top of him. He felt himself slowly slip, but not enough to pull out completely yet. 


Todoroki blushed at the compliment, his eyes felt heavy and laying on top of the general was comfortable, that with the exhaustion made Todoroki sleepy. He closed his eyes and was drifting into slumber of the beat of the larger man"s breathing when there was a knock at the door. They both sat up in surprise when a sweet and familiar voice came from the other side, "Hey guys, it's Deku, I wanna speak to Shouto."

Chapter Text

The embarrassment was threw the roof as both scrambled to wipe themselves off, then when they were somewhat put together, Inasa went to the door. Todoroki's face went beet red when a trickle of cum went running down his leg, he tried not to move too much as he desperately fought to clench his hole. The door opened with a loud greeting, "Royal Concubine Deku, what a surprise! I figured you would be getting ready for the celebration!"


Deku smiled his bright smile as he leaped into the room with grace, "Oh I am! And that's why I wanted to talk to you Shouto!" He ran up to the prince and grabbed his hands with his own, eyes sparkling with excitement. 


Todoroki blushed still as he forced a smile, "Oh really? Why?"


Deku continued to smile, "I am doing a dance tonight, its Kacchan's favorite thing to have me do. And I was wanting to see if you would dance with me tonight!"


The prince wrinkled his brow in confusion, because this was random, "Da-Dance? I have never danced before. I'd be horrible. And ruin everything."


"Oh don't say that! You will be great! Please Shouto! We would look so good dancing together, wouldn't we Inasa?" Deku's head whipped to see the already in thought general.


The moment Deku asked his slave the question a new hidden desire popped in his head because the prince would look so good on stage moving those hips, that ass, the blush that will be on his face, "Oh yeah you would! Todoroki you will dance with him tonight."


The order was clear and tears sprung to his eyes with frustration mixed with anxiety, this was beyond embarrassing, he was going to be up in front of strangers, he was the son of a king they just defeated and he was about to be paraded and made a total fool of. "Please! I can't do it! I don't even know the moves or even have time to learn anything!" The fear was showing in his voice as it cracked. 


"Oh Shouto! Don't cry." Midoriya grabbed his shoulders and smiled a knowing smile, "I am going to put you in a trance and you won't have to do anything! I will make you dance." Green eyes sparkled with amusement. 


Todoroki stared, "You can do that?" He had never heard of such a thing but Deku is full of surprises and really doesn't doubt him he just is shocked that he could control someone in such a way. 


"I can do many things, and something like that I can do in my sleep, so come, let's go! The sun will be down soon and we need to go get ready!" Deku dragged the prince with him and they rushed passed the general without looking back. They rushed in an awkward run when finally they were heading for an exit and that's when Todoroki stopped. Deku turned to see a panicked expression, "What's wrong?"


He blushed not meeting green orbs, "I really need to go to the bathroom first." During their sprint more and more thick liquid was making it's way down his legs, he even worried if he dripped on the floor. 


Deku tensed slightly, looking down and over Todoroki, "Oh, Oh! I'm sorry, yeah come with me!" They made there way down another hall as maids and soldiers walked around, scrambling for the celebration. 


Deku then shoved him into a public restroom area, it was small but he didn't waist anytime as he got cleaned up, feeling mortified because it had reached his ankles so that meant some had to be on the floor, oh gods! He walked back out and wasn't able to catch his breath as Deku dragged him around once more. They ran past a huge open area once they reached the outside of the castle seeing a giant feast being sat at a U shaped table. It was massive, low to the ground. Beautiful pillows of different colors were being placed around it for people to be able to sit. 


Many were gathering and they looked pretty important, smaller tables were placed behind them as performers and maids in colorful garments were going through the crowd. He was pushed with Deku behind a curtain with four young, and beautiful dancers two girls and two boys stood in white outfits that all matched, except for some small differences but they wore skirts that slit up to their thighs. The girls had a piece of fabric over their bosoms and sparkle cloth over their arms the boys just had the sparkle over their arms. All bare feet. One girl and boy were placed on either side of Todoroki and Deku as Todoroki was placed on Deku's left side. 


"Take your slippers off and tossed them over there!"


Todoroki did as told and then anxiety had his stomach flip flopping, he was about to perform in front of people and he had no idea what he was doing. "Um so how does this work?"


Deku smiled and put his warm hands on Shouto's face, "Take a deep breath and relax, when this spell takes over you will be put in a trance, don't fight it, just feel it. When the music stops so will the spell, then you will go to Inasa okay?"


Todoroki felt unsure still because he was already so tensed, how in the world was he going to relax? He took a deep breath just staring into Deku's eyes. A weird fog started to drift over his vision. Making the world spin, soon his mind was drifting somewhere else as the sound of the music began to play. His body felt like it wasn't there, like he was being drawn into a dream. He blinked and was no longer looking into Deku's eyes. He was somewhere else. Standing in a thrown room he never seen before, an older blonde man sitting at a thrown with a smile. Todoroki examined the man's face and wondered why it looked so familiar. 


His attention was pulled away when the large doors of the room were ripped open and a younger, teenage version of the Dragon King came stomping in. He panicked and moved out the king's path before realizing that he couldn't be seen. Todoroki watched as the blonde reached a few feet before the thrown before bowing his head slightly right before he let out a loud crackle from his hands, "I just want to say Lord Toshinari that it's a fucking honor to stand before you, with that said I will let you know now that I don't give in to demands and I don't fucking make deals. So what the hell did you ask me to come here without my army?" Todoroki was taken back by the struggle for the usual explosive king to be calm though it was very obvious Bakugou was restraining. 


A hearty loud laugh rang through the room, "Oh young Bakugou, you are just how I expected you to be. I must say for a young warrior and king you are doing great things. Many kingdoms fear you and your army. I've even heard that king's throw down their crowns the moment they hear the screech from one of your dragons. But I am not asking you to stop a war, I'm asking you for a favor."


The young king stepped back tsking, "A favor? The hell, you ask a favor from your enemy? The All Mighty King of the South? Have your stories all been lies or did you beg for favors from those you know will defeat you!"


Another laugh, "Oh I confirm that the stories are true, well some are exaggerated but I assure you that I am worthy of my title."


"Then why-!?" Bakugou sheathed his tongue when a large hand rose, cutting him off. 


"The truth is, I am very ill....I will not be able to survive the battle with you," That made the blonde smile with teeth showing, he straightened his stance but Toshinari, which Todoroki was in awe to see because this was the man his father strived to defeat. This was the king that his father did so many horrible things to defeat, just for it to be stripped away by a young man. King Bakugou drove his father mad with his surprise victory. He couldn't believe he was about to find out how it all went down. "I mean, I probably could fend you off but your dragons would take a heavy toll and the loss of men would be too great and unnecessary because the outcome is still clear, I doubt you wouldn't try again even if I managed to live through it. So here is what I am considering. We have a mock battle."


Bakugou growled in irritation, "The fuck are you getting at, just spit it out already."


"Haha, to be young. We bring our forces to the battlefield, you arrogantly challenge me to a one on one battle and I except because that's just the type of guy I am. You defeat me. Kill me. The kingdom and its men come under your rule with unnecessary bloodshed." Lord Toshinari didn't even bat an eye at his own plan. Even though it ended with his death. 


Bakugou stepped back, shock clear on his face, he looked like he needed to think for a moment, "And you think I will believe that shit, us fighting one on one is asking me to commit suicide, I'm not too fucking proud to know you are a huge threat in battle, you expect me to fall into a trap like that then you can go to hell!" He turned to storm away from the king. 


The old ruler had other plans, "I am too ill, I need someone to rule that I know won't abuse his authority and King Todoroki would do just that. If we have a war the casualties would be grand and though you will win, the Endevorous King will come marching in and take your spoils while your defenses are down!"


Bakugou growled and turned back around, "And how do you know-!" 


"Because I have an Oracle at my disposal, he warns me of the future, he can't control his future sight but I ensure you he is never wrong." Toshinari smiled brightly, reading the the dragon kings prove it expression. "When your mother died you went to the center of the dragon's den and asked why they didn't come save her."


Bakugou Katsuki stared with gritted teeth, tears building up in his eyes and for a second Shouto felt that he shouldn't look, that it was unfair for him to see the king vulnerable.


The king continued, "They didn't answer, instead they asked you why you didn't save her."


Katsuki looked away and then back at the king, "Continue, Lord Toshinari."


"Thank you young Bakugou. Now of course my men will not just willingly follow you, however with the Oracle at your side they will be persuaded."


"Why you think he would listen to me, how do I know I can trust him?" Bakugou sounded almost defeated.


The All Mighty ruler snapped his fingers as a side door opened slowly, "You see the Oracle, is my son. Midoriya Izuku. " 


Todoroki was feeling overwhelmed with information, and couldn't help but question why he was being shown all this. That's when a young Midoriya Izuku walked into the room, his corset curls just as wild as they were in the current time, he smiled and gave a respectful bow to Katsuki before standing by his father. Bakugou looked awestruck. And said nothing. 


"He respects my plan and has agreed to be at your side. You will keep him close and protected, and this is not one plea from king to a king this is a plea from one man to another, keep him safe and rule with the honor he believes you have. He is powerful and will be very useful." The stoic king's voice faltered and he began to cough hysterically till blood splattered from his mouth. 


Izuku's face contorted into worry as light came from his hands, giving his father energy, "Father you are straining yourself."


"I know my boy, don't fret." He wiped his face and waved Izuku off. 


Bakugou huffed, "He can't heal you or what?"


Izuku's eyes brimmed with tears, "I can't, I've tried so hard but I can't. So please to save many and to stop the Todoroki kingdom from ruining this land, let me stand by your side."


Katsuki scratched his wild hair, "Damn, fuck. Well I don't see a problem, in the end I get everything I want, but my men won't just except the son of the enemy being at my side they will think its nuts. It would be different if you were a fucking chick."


Both parties sat in silence for a moment, the Toshinari coughed, "Um you could have it seem like the spoils of war. My son is beautiful."


Izuku flushed shyly. Todoroki wondered if maybe Katsuki corrupted his innocent. 


Bakugou rolled his eyes, "Yeah, he is definitely hot but that doesn't mean I can like just up and have him at my side barking orders and he is no warrior so he can't be a general either. Spoils of war? The only time we keep someone like him alive is as a slave or a whore."


Another cough, harder than the last, "Then that's what he will be."


Katsuki laughed, "You know I will have to really make that believable right? Won't he like lose his sight or something?"


Midoriya flushed, "That's only an old wives tail, no one knows I'm the Oracle, just as the protected son of their king, so its fine. To our people they will follow you if they know you will keep me safe and do right by them. To the enemy and most of your men I will be your whore. A trophy." Even though his face was flushed he held determination in his eyes.


Toshinari sighed shakily, "So what will it be young Bakugou?"


The dragon king looked at his hands and then back to the two, "Fine, let's do this. We march on your land tomorrow at dawn," He turned to leave, reaching the door, "It better be one hell of a battle, someone I idolized my whole life will NOT disappoint me, or else I'll say fuck it and burn down your lands anyway!" With that the large doors slammed.


The king relaxed, "You still sure that he is the one?"


Izuku smiled, "Yes, he will unite the lands father. With me at his side we will finally bring peace."


Todoroki was then thrusted into another time and he watched the battle between the two kings, their armies surrounding them at the ready as Izuku stood near a man with long black hair. It was epic, truly a battle to be seen. They were like monsters and though Toshinari was ill he was beating the dragon king back like it was nothing. But it took its toll after a while, then with a huge explosion and a well place sword Katsuki was impaling the king. Todoroki was able to hear what most could not as Bakugou said with tears in his eyes, "Its an honor to deal you the final blow....if you weren't sick you would of killed me easily....I admit that...fuck...I will do right by you, I swear it!"


The king gasped as the roar of sorrow from the men surrounding them echoes in the air, "Just keep my son safe...he believes in right by him and you will do right by me." The light left his eyes, and the All Mighty King was gone. 


Shouto looked to see Izuku weeping, even though he foresaw all this Todoroki couldn't blame him for still crying. Katsuki stood, "I win! This is enough today!" He walked away before turning back in Izuku's direction, "A great king died today! We will all go home and mourn this loss! And tomorrow! You!" He pointed his blade at Izuku from afar, "Will be mine!"


Another flash and Izuku was announcing that the men follow Bakugou and why it would be extremely beneficial. They agreed bitterly but he worded it so well that even Todoroki would of followed them and then from then on showed that Izuku was announced as the Royal Concubine once Katsuki had him. Another flash and Todoroki was standing in front of a large crowd that was cheering! He recognized that he was no longer lost in the vision of the past and now was gasping for air feeling physically drained. Looking over to see Deku huffing and smiling at him. They took a bow and Izuku pulled him toward the large table, guiding him toward Inasa then whispering, "Now you know the truth. Don't speak of it to anyone."


Todoroki whispered back, "Why would you show me all that?"


Izuku smiled, "Because you needed to know."


"That doesn't make since at all," Shouto was quieted by a finger and a grin.


"It will," is all the concubine said as he was pushed to an empty spot next to Inasa. And then he watched as Deku rushed to Katsuki's side and plopped on his lap, the king looked a bit tipsy as he pulled the greenet into a passionate kiss. 


A large hand groped his hip and he got pulled close to the tall general, he looked up to see a pinkish hue on the general's face, the lights of the celebration letting him see in the night, the stench of alcohol on his breathe. "You looked good out there. I'm going to have to have you put those hips to work later." He leaned closer, biting Todoroki's ear making him wince.


The bite made his body heat up, the thoughts of what was to come making him tingle. He cursed at how lewd his body was becoming. "Um was I good?"


Inasa laughed loudly, "Yes!" He leaned back in, whispering in the prince's ear, "Very good." Licking the shell. 


Shouto shivered hotly as he felt a familiar tightness in his under garment. He decided to push what Izuku shown him out his mind for now, thinking that maybe he could learn more later, he was about to let out a moan when his stomach made a god aweful noise. 


Another booming laugh, "You should eat! You'll need your strength."


Shouto turned towards the table, everything looked so good, he reached for some meat when the pull of the wind kept his arm back, that's when Inasa reached instead and gathered some meat and vegetables on a plate before placing it on Shouto's lap. He looked up at him, wrinkling his brow. "Um, sir?"


Inasa leaned in close again, "You are a slave, you can't eat unless I give it to you. Oh and here!" He sat a big cup in front of Todoroki.


"Oh, understood. Um, I've never really drank before, is there anything other than alcohol?" Shouto began to shove some food in his mouth waiting on the answer and his eyes almost rolled back, it had been a while since he had a descent meal. 


"Alcohol is all they serve at these celebrations so you are out of luck prince. Now drink."


Todoroki shrugged and just gave in, taking a sip, he was expecting it to be bitter but instead it was sweet so he took a few gulps and started rotating between food and drinking. His head began to get groggy. He was feeling really good and relaxed. Glancing over, eyes landing on the muscular form he was becoming oh so familiar with. He bit his lip remembering how good it felt earlier against him. The fabric felt tight again with his new growing arousal. He just kept looking at Inasa feeling himself getting more and more hot. He shifted closer until feeling his leg brush up against a larger one, it must of went unnoticed as Inasa continued chatting with someone else. 


The prince took a few more sips, finding it more and more sweet each time he swallowed. He didn't move his leg away either, remaining in a cross legged position. He was comfortable enough because the table hid his waist from prying eyes. Shouto's vision began to blur with each passing minute. Looking over the table and crowds seeing many unfamiliar faces laughing and conversing loudly, some performers with instruments playing a lively beat. All the noise was becoming a buzz in his ear as his head started spinning. Todoroki knew he was definitely drunk. 


He pushed the drink away before looking towards Inasa again who was still talking and laughing loudly with two people on his other side. From what Todoroki could see was a man with an obscene amount of hair and another man with a neutral but focused expression. Shouto was beginning to feel ignored and the pulse of arousal was still there. He began wondering if Inasa was going to bed him tonight, blushing at the feeling of excitement of the idea. He couldn't believe that he actually wanted to be raped. If I want it then it's not rape....right? He hoped that his body would react like it did this morning, he couldn't believe that it didn't hurt and he wanted so badly to experience that again. 


His cock felt like it was about to pop out of the thin fabric, he tried to shift without being noticed. Reaching underneath the open side of his skirt and squeezed his cock, trying to relieve some of the pressure but that just ended up making things worse. A jolt of pleasure ran through him, a sound was about to rise from his throat, biting a knuckle of his free hand, stopping that from happening. He quickly moved his hand away from his cock to prevent that from almost moaning again but that just brought back the ache. He was becoming unbearably horny. 


Looking over at the general again his eyes focused the best they could on every muscle, then on every patch of exposed skin. The fur vest only came down to the middle of his abs and even though Shouto could only really see the general's lower back it was still enough to send another spike of arousal. Then his mind started thinking about the massive size difference of the two, looking at his arms that were helping Inasa apparently explain his story as they waved wildly around him. 


Shouto let his eyes travel back down and settled on the top of Inasa's pants, the general shifted so the prince could see part of his front. His alcohol induced brain started to think about what those dark pants were hiding, that just what he wanted was right inside. He felt drool pool in his mouth, so much he needed to gulp it down before it dripped down his chin. He shook his head trying to get his mind to stop thinking dirty but it failed instantly when a large hand landed on his thigh. 


Todoroki welcomed the warmth, glancing up to see Inasa finally looking at him, he blushed as their eyes made contact and he tried to portray all his wants and desires through their gaze without embarrassing himself with actually saying it. 


His dark eyes scanned over his slaves prince, he couldn't help but smile at the drunken state of the prince. It was amusing to say the least, then when their eyes met Inasa could swear he seen desire in them. His face was flushed, he let his gaze travel down to his chest, the blue fabric still tight enough to show off everything Shouto had to offer, then he looked lower and he stared at the tent between the others legs. Inasa couldn't believe it, he then noticed the flex in the muscle underneath his hand, he leaned in to whisper in Todoroki's ear, "My little slave want some attention?"


Shouto didn't want to admit the shiver that his entire body did at the deep voice in his ear, he felt a dribble of precome leak, dampening the fabric further. He let out a quiet whimper, "Please."


The general thought for a moment that the the prince was going to deny his obvious state but with the prince's admission Inasa was ready to pin him to the table in front of everyone. He took in a deep breath, looking around to see the crowd slowly dwindling from people calling it a night or passing out where they were. He looked at his king and Lord Bakugou was only paying attention to Deku. They were damn near dry humping, not paying the world no mind. He took that as a que they could go when they pleased. "Then let's go."


Todoroki mind tried to clear but he was lifted and thrown over the general's shoulder. He blushed with embarrassment, as he looked around at the crowds faces as they marched away from the party, he was relieved to see that not many people were focusing on them just the two that Inasa was talking to most of the night who were hollering at Inasa to have fun. 


Then general moved quickly, carrying the prince with ease at they rushed through the castle to reach his room. Before reaching there however the prince started squirming, he stopped his long strides, he went to ask what's wrong when long limbs started maneuvering Shouto till he climbed down off his shoulder and around his midsection, wrapping his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck. Their bulges rubbing against one another. Insas groaned. "What are you doing?"


Todoroki felt light headed, "I felt like I was going, going to pass out." The blood was rushing to his head in that position and now that he was wrapped around the general's massive form another rush was happening. A rush of desire because he could feel Inasa's large cock hard in his pants rubbing him just right. He couldn't stop his own grind, it felt too tingling good, so he did it again and again, till he was dry fucking himself on the general. His voice couldn't be stopped as he let out the most feminine moans and gasps he ever heard but the haze of the alcohol made him not give a damn. "Please, Inasa. I want it." The clothed grinding wasn't enough, just a giant tease. He grinded harder.


He was in shock at the slutty acts of the prince, thinking momentarily that he needed to get the pool prince to drink more often. A hard grind made him tense, he grabbed the other's waist to stop them from giving in, he didn't need to be scolded for fucking in the halls. He started to walk, trying to hold onto Shouto as he squirmed, trying to seek more friction. He laughed out loud at the frustration in the prince's huffs and puffs and not being able to move. They were almost to his bedroom anyway.


The irritation of being denied, plus the alcohol gave Shouto the strength to tease in a different way. He flushed but knew the halls were clear, so no one would hear him, he still flushed as he started to whisper near Inasa's ear, "I want it so bad, please hurry. I want you to fuck me general." He smiled, at the small stumble in his walk. He felt bolder. Leaning in to lick the salty skin of the large neck, then placing his lips down on to suck. He sucked hard before stopping and licking over the redden skin. That earned him a hard squeeze on his ass as he was pressed down on the large buldge. He moaned at the friction. It wasn't enough, he needed more. Thinking about what could spur the other on more, "I've been wanting your cock inside me all night, it felt so good this morning. I want it again please. Please..." The pace began to accelerate so he smiled knowing what might take the other over the edge. "Master." The word made him feel so dirty saying but right now he didn't give a shit, oh please hurry. So hot. 


"Fuck!" He slammed the prince into his bedrooms doors, the sound echoing in the dark halls, he grinded up as he buried his face in the prince's neck and bit down, he took a second to calm down. Their breathing heavy, the bit settled the squirming vixen. He release the bruised skin, smiling, "Damn, you want it that badly huh? Don't you slave?" 


The word slave was said in a deep, sultry tone, knowing that it was true but he knew he wasn't being demeaning this time, he knew imho was playing it off the master. He started this, Shouto was controlling this. He liked it, "So bad Sir, please, I've been a good slave right?"


Oh he really wants to play. Inasa didn't answer, just pulling them away from the door to open it and slamming it shut. He all but ran to the bed before pulling those surprisingly strong limbs off and tossing him onto the bed with a bounce. He looked over the prince who was breathing heavy, spreading his own legs open. Inasa took his vest off and then released his pants, kicking off his boots with them before crawling on the bed naked and achingly hard. 


Todoroki moaned at the sight, finally! He felt so hot on the soft blankets and the outfit he was dressed in felt unbelievably itchy. He wiggled out of it quickly till he also was completely bare. His own cock hard and leaking. "Master, please."


Inasa swooped down and buried his tongue into the tight ass without any warning. A scream from the prince spurred him on, this was so hot. He licked and thrusted in till the muscle relaxed and he thrusted a finger in roughly, he was greeted with slimy, wetness and he remembered they had just fucked earlier so much prep wasn't needed. He pulled away to see the princes eyes clenched shut and his body arched and trembling. He looked close. The general smiled as he licked a path over the tight ball, then up the smaller shaft to the head before swallowing it down in one gulp. 


His eyes shot open when a warm and wet cavern engulfed him. He cried out as his hips moved on his own. He fucked into Inasa's mouth with a brash pace. Seeking release. "Going to! Going to cum Master!" 


He pulled off till his lips were wrapped around the head and sucked, he felt the prince shutter but right before he had time to finally cum he sweated the base hard.


He convulsed as he dry came, collapsing in a gasp. He couldn't catch his breath, it was so cruel he had been building for so long then to be that close was almost painful. He felt the stink of tears behind his eyes as he looked down at the devious smile. His cock still achingly hard as Inasa crawled over him, they were face to face, inhaling eachother's air. "Why?"


The general lined up, pressing the head in as he pushed slow, "Because I can. And a good slave, waits for his master." He was halfway inside when he slammed in deep.


He say stars as his insides were plunged into. He groaned at the full feeling. He wasn't able to enjoy it for too long when it was yanked away, he whined then moaned when the cock was thrusted back in. It was slow and deliberate pace. It felt so good as the general thrust in fast but pulled out slow. Each time it was slammed back in it his his sweet spot making him dribbled precome with every movement. He felt the build, as the general started to speed up. "Please, please. So good." 


The tightness was so good, he didn't think he would ever get tired of this. Every time he plunged inside the ass welcomed him eagerly, then as he pulled out it tried so hard to keep him there. The prince was lost in his own world of pleasure and Inasa stared at it like it was most amazing thing he ever seen. His balls started to tighten, warning him that he wasn't going to last much longer. He sped up, each thrust more powerful than the next. The bed moved with the impact. He leaned his face in close and captured the gaping mouth with his own. Their tongues dancing as he fucked him with vigor.


The build was quick and so good. Shouto was loosing himself, he wrapped his arms around the large neck to bring them closer, his legs clinging to his waist, his own hips meeting each blow as he kissed back sloppily. Moaning into the larger mouth. 


Inasa just needed a final push, and so did his precious slave. He pulled away from their kiss to sit up, he placed both his large hands on the others tight stomach and each time he was fully sheathed he could feel the abs accommodate by pushing outward. His rhythm stuttered as he was about to lose it, he whispers to the wind to bring Shouto's hands to his own. He put his hands over the smaller, holding them there, as he gave the wind another order to pull the prince's legs back so they were spread wide open. "Feel it? Feel me fuck your guts?"


He barely heard the questions, he was so close and it all felt so good. The feeling of his stomach bulging with every thrust was driving him crazy, he started to feel his body tighten around the over size cock, "Yes! Yes I feel it sir!" He moaned and arched his back.


Leaning over, letting more of his weight rest on the other's stomach, letting them both feel what the cock inside was doing. It's extremely arousing to know just how big he was inside the other's body, how much of a presence his cock was. "You like it, you like how big I am inside?"


Shouto was close, he almost missing the question again, "Yes, yes! I'm so close please." 


The begging was music to his ears, he kept the prince's hands on his own stomach with the chains of wind, as he buried his face in Shouto's neck, moving his hands to the firm cheeks and squeezing, spreading them further open. "Go ahead my little slave, cum on my cock."


The cock seemed to go even deep with Inasa laying his massive body over him, he felt so warm and full, his hands feeling the stretch of his muscles, the abuse of his prostate, his eyes rolled back as he screamed in ecstacy, "Master!". Clamping down tight before finally, finally, coming all over the both of them. 


The prince's scream, and the overwhelming tightness around his cock tipped him over the edge and he was coming deep. Deep inside. He collapsed, letting his body crush the other to the mattress. He wanted so badly to drift off to sleep but he knew he would probably suffocate Shouto. So very carefully he pulled the prince's limp body to his as he shifted them under the covers and held Todoroki close, making sure to stay inside. 


Shouto couldn't move, body fatigued. He let himself be man handled and positioned till his face was in the other's neck, he could still feel the cock inside, though softening. He didn't care, just was ready to fall into a deep sleep. 


But something told him to look, told him to take a glance toward the window. He did, it was dark but something darker was there, the window was somewhat open and Todoroki wondered how long it had been that way. A gust of wind and the dark shadow was gone. He went to ignore it, thinking that maybe his tiredness was making him see things, then that's when he saw it. A red feather floating to the floor of the bedroom. Striking fear into the prince's heart. 

Chapter Text

He laid still, almost lifeless. His heart slowing, barely beating. listening to Inasa already lost to sleep with the exhaustion from the sex and the alcohol that was consumed. The prince was wishing he was doing the same but he knew he needed to retrieve the feather that lay in the center of the floor. He needed to know immediately if his mind was playing tricks on him or not. After he knew with utmost certainty that the general was fast asleep he continued waiting a bit longer, just to make sure. Finally he slid carefully off of the broad chest and out the bed, wincing at the pain in his lower back, ignoring the dripping sensation coming from his abused hole. Using his stealth he lowered himself to the floor and felt on the cool ground near the window till finally he felt the feather.


It was from no bird, feeling like steal. His heart clenched in fear, his beliefs of his mind not playing tricks on him earlier being founded, but he needed to know for sure. He needed to find some light. He glanced around the almost completely dark room. His multicolored eyes landing on a door with some light shining through the edges. Shouto glanced back at the bed to make sure Inasa was still fast asleep before opening the door just enough for his slim body to slip through. Once inside the light from the flame on the walls shown off the personal bathroom for the general. He didn't have time to admire anything however, as he inspected the feather, it sparkled in the flames, a brilliant crimson red. It reminded him of blood. This feather was indeed from Hawks.


Hawks is his father's right hand man, top assassin, number one bodyguard.....lover... He only leaves his father's side for important missions that no one else can handle. Hawks was a skilled warrior, and his wings were not for show, powerful weapons. And if he left a feather, then there was a reason. These feathers were full of magic and if he sheds too many he could not fly so this feather in Shouto's hand was a message. He studied the object quizzely still ending up with no answer. Other than it being made of steal it seemed like a normal shed feather that a bird would leave. Todoroki sighed, leaning his head back before opening his eyes, staring up at the flame on the wall, then back at the feather then back at the flame till a memory flashed through the prince's mind of his father using his flames on one. Well Shouto couldn't conjure flames but he could use the flames around him. Slowly he put the feather in the fire, low and behold it turns to ash in a flash before the ashes swirl around the naked prince before Hawk's voice echoes in his head.


My prince, meet me in the bath house


Shouto watched the unnatural flame turn to normal and the ash fall to his feet, he needed to go meet Hawks. Hardening his nerves, he slipped out the bathroom, finding a small fur blanket that wasn't wrapped around the general's sleeping form, quickly he tide it around himself trying cover some of his body before sneaking out the bedroom, trying to run swiftly down the halls, praying to the God's he wasn't making too much noise and praying that the general would stay asleep till he returned. Once he reached the bathing area he was almost out of breath and trying to calm himself, when a sarcastic yet coy voice echoed in the dim lit room. "So nice to see you my prince, or should I call you slave?"


Old resentment and rage bubbled deep in his core, Hawks' never respected him, then again why should he? His father, the king, always treated him like trash, so why would his father's servants treat him any differently. Still, Todoroki was Prince Todoroki Shouto, the next inline for the thrown of the Todoroki Kingdom, even if it was about to be taken by Lord Bakugou, these were the current facts. Excluding being the general's pleasure slave. He stood firm, trying to make himself taller as he hardened his voice. "You will address me with respect, Hawks."


The ash blond smiled, raising his hands as if to wipe away the glare being aimed at him, "Sorry, you were just so fond of it earlier. I mean you practically were the one calling the shots for most of it.'" He laughed out loud, as if he had no fear of being caught. "Any who, in the next day or so Lord Bakugou will be making his way on his dragon back to your father's kingdom. Along with his royal concubine, the plan is for you to somehow get yourself on that dragon."


Shouto huffed, "And how am I supposed to do that? I am the enemy here, not like I can just ask to tag along." Todoroki decided to just swallow those mocking comments, better to pick his battles with Hawks then to argue each one, plus depending on all he saw, can I really argue?


Hawks rolled his eyes as he let his wings stretch a bit, "Don't know, don't care, but here."


Todoroki watched as one of the wings flexed and then fired a feather in his direction, with his reflexes he was able to quickly catch it. Glaring at the asshole, because it really could of struck him! The feather looked just like the one left in his master's bedroom except it smelled foul. "What is this?"


Hawk's smiled, "Obviously it's one of my feathers, but this one has been soaked in a rare poison. A poison that is made with the sole purpose to kill dragons." Looking at his nails as he kept his mouth in his grin, "Well I guess it can kill pretty much anything now that I think about it but you get what I mean."


Shouto held it out in front of him, feeling disgusted as he thought about the beautiful red dragon's both human and dragon appearance, he wanted to throw the feather away. Already sure that there was no way he could do such a thing, it would be a suicide mission anyway, he kept it instead in his hand, knowing he could not dispose of it in front of Hawks. He wouldn't put it passed him to kill him right here and now. Shouto didn't speak, instead waited for Hawks to continue the plan. Making sure to not let his emotions read on his face.


The assassin scratched his head, eyeing every move the young prince took, "We got it from Shigaraki."


That piece of information stunned the prince, the Shigaraki tribe, or kingdom, or even gang of misfit trash, as Shouto would like to call them were the lowest of the low. Using horrible tactics to win battles and take land. He never guessed that his father would of stooped even this low to ally or even seek help from the likes of them. "And what did my father promise them in return for this?" He could only imagine the promises his father must of made to get something as powerful as a poison to kill dragons, they were known as unstoppable beasts for a reason.


"You know my young prince that's not my business to tell." Shrugging his shoulders as he continues, "So after you manage to get your slave ass on the back of that dragon, you wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Once you see the castle in sight and are about to descend to begin landing you stab either the dragon or the king himself. Either one will benefit. There will be a group of men ready to capture the survivors where ever you crash. Do this and restore your honor as prince." Hawks went towards the door, shoulder checking Todorki in the process, "Oh and please do complete your mission, I would hate for your dear sister to suffer even more. The loss of first your brother, then mother, now knowing her precious baby brother is a prisoner. It's  all been so hard on the poor dear. If her land is taken away she might just die..." With that he slipped out the room with nothing more than a giggle.


Todoroki knew that to his father, everyone was a pawn. His children were no different. The mention of his sister was a warning that if he failed then his sister will be punished, no worse....killed. He couldn't let that happen. Hawks was right when he said that she had been through so much, that was true, now for her life to be threatened by their own father's hand was sickening. It made him despise the man that much more. How could he? He gripped the feather in his hands, how was he going to do this? He was kind of close to Deku so maybe he could ask, but how could he look into those green eyes, the only ones that had showed him much kindness and just betray that. Plus the dragon's stare? There were so many ways to get caught, and what if Lord Bakugou senses the attack and stops him, there wont be a way to beg for mercy and everyone will die anyway by the enraged dragon.  Plus there was the general, not to mention the chains of wind, there were too many obstacles that demanded total failure. He looked at the feather once more and wondered how he would be able to conceal it, he barely wore clothes. He let out a sigh, it echoed in the wash room.


He decided to push it all to the back of his mind for now, first things first is to get back to bed so he wouldn't be caught sneaking out, then a rising fear that it may be too late, and Inasa is just waiting to rip him back to punish him, he needs a valid excuse for being gone. There was still water in the bath, he quickly untied the makeshift fur skirt and jumped into the lukewarm liquid, scrubbing with his bare hands to rid himself of the dried on fluid and give himself a valid alibi. After finishing and rewrapping the fur around his waist, and retrieving the feather he snuck back to his master's quarters and let out a silent sigh of relief when the familiar deep snore coming from the bed traveling to his ears. He tiptoed around the room before tucking the poisoned feather under the bed then crawling into waiting warmth, trying his best not to make the cushions move too much to awake the general. Once he was under the covers, he curled away, eyes closed as he willed himself to relax, feeling the fatigue. He was just about to sleep when he felt the shift from the body next to him making him bite his lip to keep form letting out a panicked whine.


"Where did you go Shouto?"


The question came out in a hushed tone that was still painfully loud in the quiet room, Shouto needed to lie, and believe his lie, "I woke up and needed to get cleaned up, really made a mess of me so I went to the wash room." Shouto stayed facing away, because his face is sure to give him away.


Inasa looked at the prince in the darkness, reaching with one hand to feel the two toned hair damp with water. He could feel Shouto's whole body stiffen, he is telling the truth, but the way he tensed, is he still scared, even after last night?  "I see." Inasa wanted to ask more but he didn't feel up to much more chatter, instead he chose to ignore the situation entirely and pull his slave close, till their naked forms were pressed to one another.



That was all that was said between the two. Todoroki truly wished he wasn't being wrapped in such a warming embrace thinking about the task ahead of him. He closed his eyes, trying to push away all the thoughts racing through his fatigued mind, slowly letting the general's breathing lull him to sleep.




When Shouto awoke he was in a panic, looking around to make sure that the general was nowhere in sight before looking under the bed to see if. he breathed out in relief seeing that it was unmoved. Leaving it to hopefully remain there till he could figure out away to be taken on he King's journey back to his homelands. He tried to relax and think, he really did not want to follow his father's orders but with his sister's life in the balance what could he do. Almost wandered if Deku would know what to do if he told him, but if he did and the king got wind of it he could be thrown in a ce- Wait, a cell? Remembering his men made him wonder if they would know what to do. He gathered up his clothes and shimmied his way back into the tight silk fabric that was laying out for him before leaving the bedroom, hopefully he won't get in trouble for leaving without permission but he shook it off, he needed to find-


"Hey Todorki!"


Shouto's eyes darted towards the voice and relief flooded him, this was perfect! "Oh Deku I was so hoping to run into you!"


The two sped walked till they were in front of each other, the freckled face was bright and smiling, as usual, "Oh you were? Why is that?"


Blushing, "I was wondering if you could take me to my men that were captured, I just want to see them and make sure they are doing well." He tried to use his best puppy dog look he could muster as he waited for Deku's response.


The concubine pondered for a second before smiling brightly, "No problem but I have a question for you as well."


He tilted his head with curiosity, though he was extremely happy for knowing he was going to get to see his friends again, "What is it?"


"After a lot, and I do mean a lot of persuasion, I got Kacchan to agree to take you with us, would you like to come with us when we go see your father, you know to say goodbye?" Izuku siled sweetly, keeping eye contact with Shouto, whom was gaping at him in awe.


This had to be a joke, this was all way to convenient and perfect for his plan, there was now almost no need to go see the other warriars but still, seeing them might clear his head. He shook his head, feeling a tear slip from his scarred eye, "That would be wonderful."


"Awe Shouto you are crying?," Izuku had concern in his voice, reaching his arms out to comfort him.


The prince rejected it, how could he cry into the greenet's arms when he is plotting to kill his king, no, he was already ashamed enough, "Sorry, I'm fine, I just got emotional because I never thought I would see it again."



Another smile, "Well come on,"


They made there way to a near by housing, that honestly looked like a home more than a prison for enemy soldiers, there were however guards stationed out front that looked ready to strike Todoroki down but Deku did his usual charming and gave Todorki the go ahead to head inside. The first to great him was Momo, tears I her eyes as she rushed to embrace him, "Oh my prince! We are so happy to see you!" The other's came running as well, giving greetings and hugs till finally Todorki broke the ice as he talked softy so only they could hear, once explaining Hawk's and his father's plan and the fact is sister was being held for ransom did he stop talking. His personal soldiers looked like they were contemplating multiple scenarios when Tokoyami spoke first," If it were me, I would carry out the mission, mainly for it was my duty to do so." 


The prince figured that would be his answer, that was just the kind of man he was though. The second to speak was Iida, "I would agree, you have duty as prince to do what ou must against the eemy and to make sure your sister is safe."


"But the fact that your sister is being held for ransom by your father is deplorable," Momo chimed in, determination in her eyes, "You would be causing more harm in the end, we follow you because we believe in you, not your father, your sister wouldn't want you to do something that you yourself didn't feel right doing, you would bring her even more pain."


Ochaka quickly bobbed her head in agreement, "Yes, if she knew you were using such evil from Shigaraki to even complete the mission it would break her heart. Those people have done awful things, to be honest after The dragon king's conquering of you father, the land that the Shigaraki rule will be the final stepping stone to unite the land and from what we have experienced we honestly don't see the bad in it. Lord Bakugou is a king to be followed, even if he has a rough demeanor." That triggered a memory from the flashback of Deku telling his own father that Bakugou would be the one to unite the lands, did he really want to go against it, but his sister was always his protector, how could he turn his back on her after everything?



After hearing more from them on the pros and cons Todorki was still torn in what to do, but felt more at ease knowing that the four of them can start training soldiers soon, under watch but it was a start, being a step up from prisoners anyway. A soft knock on the door ended their reunion and Shouto gave his goodbyes and followed Izuku away from the home slash cell. He told the concubine thank you a million times as they made there way back.


Izuku jumped around while wearing his signature smile as his green curls bounced and blew in the wind of morning, "Oh I hope talking to them helped your spirits, so anyway Kacchan is speaking to Inasa because ofcorce he will have to come as well, being your owner and all, plus it is a good idea to have some extra protection going so deep into enemy territory, we wouldn't put it past the Endevorous ruler to try something while we are there." Midoriya spun to continue leading Shouto back towards the main entry area of the caste.


Shouto couldn't shake how Izuku hit the nail on the head so damn quickly, his heart sputtered with the fear that maybe he already knew of the plan. Izuku was in fact the Oracle. He chose to remain silent.


"We are leaving tonight, and should arrive midday tomorrow, that should be enough time."


Shouto stopped, looking up to see the king, Inasa, and his dragon, Kirishima all looking at them through a window and in the prince's heart he felt in that moment that all eyes were on him, waiting in wonder of what his decision would be, "Enough time for what Deku?"


Midorya turned, meeting their eyes in a strong and knowing stare down, "Enough time to get there silly."


He didn't need to tell Shouto the truth, instead leaving it all up to him.....




Todorki followed Inasa, feeling off with the building tension. Todorki looked down at his attire feeling relieved at being finally clothed. Nowhere near mescaline considering the fabric was still silks but this time accompanied with a thick jacket. He was able to sneak the feather inside it as well. Still unsure of what he was going to do. The two barely spoke through out the day, instead Inasa was discussing plans with his Lord and Todoroki following Deku around for most of it. The sun had set and as they approached the time to depart Todoroki felt his heart ache at the sight of Kirishima in all his dragonlike glory. The four said nothing as they settled on the larger saddle on the dragon's back, must of been placed there just for this trip. Todorki let his amazement show as they took off, it was cold as they shot up through the air. Todorki waited till the flight evened out before looking over the edge of the saddle towards the ground, he couldn't believe how high up they were. Shouto was so wrapped up in his excitement of actually riding on a dragon that he barely felt the chains of wind get slightly tighter around his body. Inasa's deep voice ringing in his ears, "Careful prince, you'll fall."


The concern made his heart ache, thinking back to his mission, the feather feeling like it was burning a hole in his pocket as he settled back down next to the general, Deku's giggle grabbing his attention before he spiraled into a depressed state, "Oh let him have fun, it's his first time."


"Everyone shut up! I'm going to sleep. Inasa keep an eye out would ya?!" The king didn't wait for a reply as he threw his cape over himself then pulling the concubine to his lap. Forcing his eyes closed.


The two sat in silence after Todoroki returned to his spot next to the general, the flapping of the wings and the wind the only noise, Todoroki going over the mission and the thoughts of his sister, even his whole life replaying over and over in his mind and before he knew it the sky lit up with the sun and they were over looking the land that Todoroki grew up calling home. His heart hurt and so did his body, thinking one final time on what he should do as he took a few steps toward the head of the dragon., unaware of when he stood up. Nobody said a word as he did, he could only hear them shift. Inasa remained quiet at he stepped behind Kirishima's head, the chains of wind gripping his body tightly before loosening their hold. Todorki replayed all the wrongs his father ever done to him, replayed his mother's death, replayed the battle against Bakugou, replayed the rapes and somewhat torture he already endured, replayed his sister's smile, replayed the past that Deku showed him, replayed the lustful acts with Inasa, the want of more to come from this new life, replayed the desire to be free. He looked down to see the feather in his hand, dripping with poison. glancing to the red scales sparkling in the rising sun, taking a deep breath, he grasped the feather firmly with both hands. He enforced his resolve as he stood firm, holding the feather high above his head before plunging it down, the needle like head piercing flesh as a screech from Deku came from behind him, but he could barely heard it as the poison rushed through his veins, looking down at the blood soaked feather coming from his abdomen before falling back, the last thing he could make out as he lost conciousness was a laugh booming from the Dragon King, "As always Deku, you were fucking right."

Chapter Text

It was so dark and everything hurt so much. The blackness surrounded him making him feel like he was floating. Body swaying as if being carried. 


After trying with all his might he was able to open his eyes, looking up at the gray sky. It looked like it could storm. He looked over himself to see his body a ripped up mess of blood and bruises, though he noticed his stomach didn't have a pierced area where he plunged the feather. 


Reality set in, Shouto realised he was being carried after all. He panicked eyes jerking up to see none other than Hawks. 


"Finally awake my prince?" His tone coy, but not full of his usual malice. 


"Yes, what...?" What should he say? He didn't want to reveal anything, however didn't really know much. 


"Well I had extreme doubts but it seems like you were finally able to do something right. The dragon is dead and the dragon king is on the run with his little whore in our territory. Our soldiers are out on the hunt for them. It looks like you took the fall hard and they must of thought you were dead or something cause they left you alive." Hawks looked away from him as he kept walking. "Your father may be proud this time."


Todoroki didn't say anything. He knew he stabbed himself. There was no way the dragon was dead. They must of somehow left a decoy of some kind. Todoroki didn't know the plan, or even if he was apart of it. His stomach clenched at the thought of being their enemy again. He rather live his days as a slave than be back under his father. Something that Bakugou said before he passed out...something about Deku being right...maybe they had a plan. Maybe Deku, whom was infact the Oracle, knew what he would do...if that's the case then he needed to play along and have faith.


They reached the castle and Todoroki felt numb being carried back through the threshold of the place he called home his entire life. That's when he felt it. The chains of wind gripping his body and he relaxed. That meant Inasa still possessed him, that he was alive. That at any moment he could be jerked back into he safety of the general's arms.


Hawks didn't say anything else as he continued to carry him. They were about to reach his father's throne room and the prince did not want to look weak in front of his father even of he was in degrading attire and looked a mess, he was still going to walk in on his own two feet to face his father again. "Put me down Hawks."


"You sure? You loo-"


"I'm fine! Now put me down." Shouto's voice was stern. And Hawks did as told, rolling his eyes dramatically to make sure Shouto seen it. He ignored it and balanced himself, wincing at the pain throughout his body. He put on a brave face as he pushed open the doors. It didn't take long to lock eyes on his father, the flames of hell flickering around him as usual. His stare ice cold but a small twinkle was in there that he didn't recognize. 


"Shouto. Welcome home." His voice loud, echoing in the thrown room as he stood from the throne and walked down the few steps he had. Wearing all black. The only color was the flames themselves. 


The prince didn't want to be here but he kept it together, trying to return to his uncaring and expressionless personality. "Father." Is all he said. 


"Reports say you slayed the Dragon King's dragon. I am truly impressed. Tell me, how you managed to do such a thing?" His father spoke with a smirk, though it was genuine. Prideful in his son for almost the first time. 


Shouto ran through a list of things and stories he could say and just as he landed on the right one a voice silenced him. 


"We can get the details later. The poison worked so give me what you promised Shiguraki." 


That voice, it took Shouto's breath away... he hadn't heard it in so long, though he recognized it instantly. There is no way. Shouto's eyes traveled to the far in of the room where a man with raven locks was standing, his skin was badly burned in places and it almost looked like stitches were holding his skin on. The young prince almost felt mistaken till he met his eyes with a familiar blue. Todoroki Touya. His older brother the one that was cast aside for failing to meet his father's expectations. He was thought to be dead, his death being a huge part of his mother's mental decline. 


He wanted so badly to yell his name and cry and run to his big brother. They were so close before he left. Always telling him it was going to be alright and saying it with a smile. Shouto's heart ached, and he was about to let it all out when a small, minute shake of the head told him no. Which means that he, Todoroki Touya was the double agent working for Bakugou.


"I know Dabi, be patient. My son has just returned from enemy lines and has went through some horrific acts." His father looked back at him and Shouto did the same. 


He gulped, "Its okay father, you can give the guy what he wants."


"People pleasing as ever. Fine." With that his father left from in front of him and Shouto felt like he could breathe again. He glanced back to Dabi whome was still staring, with a smirk. When his father returned he was holding an egg. It was huge. The size of a toddler and it was a deep red. And textured in a strange way. 


"Father what is that?" He asked with the answer chanting in his head. His heart beating a rapid pace, adrenaline pumping through his body, like it knew something Shouto did not. The chains of wind ghosting over him, till they tightened up. He didn't resist them, making sure not to alert the other in the room. A few stationary soldiers were standing guard and Hawks was lounging in his cushiony chair that was near his father's but not so close to show them as equals. Then there was him and Dabi. 


Dabi left the wall and walked out to Enji's out stretched hand but right before he could reach out for the egg the king pulled it back, "Just a minute Dabi, why does your leader want this? No matter how many people have stolen over the years, or how many years someone takes to try and raise these beasts if you are not their king you can't control them. So tell me. Why does your leader want a dragon egg?"


Dabi seemed to be more than annoyed, "It is no concern of yours, now give it to me before you really piss me off."


Shouto stepped back, feeling the tension rise, the subtle wind around his body gripping him firmly making him feel as if someone was hugging him, trying to keep him calm. Something was about to happen, but what


The room was interrupted by a crack and flash of lightning, shining through the large windows. The storm had begun. The wind picked up, it all felt symbolic of the turmoil happening inside this thrown room. 


"No need to get so hasty," Hawks flapped his wings but still did not rise from his spot, though the young prince knew that the extension of red was a warning. 


Dabi shifted, standing tall, a glazed, crazed, look flashed through his royal blue eyes before he laughed out right, "Give me the fucking egg. A deal is a deal. What does it matter and what makes you think I even know?"


"Curious is all. You are right, however. A deal is a deal." Enji slowly hands the egg over and Dabi looks awed once in his hands, then his expression fell and he launched the egg onto the stone floor, shattering it into pieces. Shouto screeched till he saw nothing come out. He figured there would be yoke or something but it was completely empty.


"You think I'm a fool! We had a deal old man! The egg for the poison!" He is so fast as he pulls a dagger from his pocket and points it right at the king. "Are you going back on your word?"


His father laughed out loud, his expression as arrogant as ever. His flames rising, heating up the entire room. "You trying to threaten me with that? Oh and we have the egg, but it's not going to you. I figure I can keep both." The scattered soldiers in the room began to surround them, and Hawks stood and began circling the others. Shouto felt the slight pull of the wind, making him back further and further away. 


"Man, of course you wouldn't make this shit easy. But I expected no less from you." 


A few things happen, Shouto is ripped with loud gasp and is tossed to the corner, everyone looks in confusion. Then the loud storm happening outside let out a thunderous boom making the entire castle rumble before the glass shattered. A large figure bursts through. Shouto looks up and sees Inasa, his face full of pint up rage. As he wields a large sword that matches his frame. Swinging it at the king. The room is in confusion but the battle is on. 


The Endevorous King pulls his own sword out as he blocks the swings from the general. Flames lashing out, the wind, however, keeping them at bay. Hawks charges head first a short blade in hand but a flash of blue hits him from the side and then hits the surrounding soldiers, taking them out before they could even make a move. The blue flames came from Dabi. 


Inasa roared, "I've waited so long for this day! I will take your head!!" He swung wildly, somehow keeping each swing with some purpose. His skills were there, his emotions making him sloppy. 


Shouto never seen the man in battle but he just knew that he was acting on emotion and not that of a groomed soldier. His body felt tight, the wind squeezing him so tight he couldn't move. Chained to the floor. He watched the two fight and yell insults at one another as Dabi clashed with Hawks. Neither side looks like they ar giving in, until Shouto blinks.... 


"Argh! Damn it!" Inasa groans, looking down at the sword embedded deep in his abdomen. Blood pouring around the blade. It hurt so bad, the general fell to his knees coughing as he spit up blood. 


"Still as weak as when you were a child. You should of died then. Saved everyone the trouble." 


Hawks kicked Dabi against the wall before a barrage of feathers pin him to the wall. "Hey Enji, pretty sure that's the general who now owns your son."


Shouto's heart plummeted. He could feel the tears in his eyes the moment he saw the sword through Inasa. Millions of thoughts swirling around his mind, he didn't know how to feel except that Inasa dying meant he was no longer the general's pr part of Bakugou's side anymore. That his father could now take him back, and the life before was full of torment and pain. The future as a slave didn't seem like a life worth living either but the few days he was with the general was so much better than even a second of his life with his father. Inasa getting stabbed was like watching Shouto's possible future being destroyed. 


"You were the one who Hawks saw rape my son... Hahaha!" The king grabbed the hilt of the sword and ripped it out the general and Inasa gasped as he fell back. Body jerking as blood spewed. Forming a pool of blood around the large form. 


Shouto stood and started to run towards the now lifeless body of the general. He couldn't stop, he didn't care what this meant. That his cover was blown, all that mattered was getting to his master's side as quickly as possible. He put the large head in his hands to cradle it as he wept, "Inasa? Inasa?! Please wake up..... don't die please! Wake up. You gotta wake up.." Shouto felt the harsh glare before locking eyes with his enraged father. That's when it dawned on him. He was sitting here, holding Inasa... the wind... He looked away. Back down at the closed eyed general. He held his breath trying to keep as still as possible but he couldn't feel it...."The chains.. they are gone. That means... Inasa is... dead.."


"You should be happy Shouto. Your master is dead."


Hawks voice tipped the scale.


Shouto fell into a deep and dark place inside his soul. He is dead... his mother dead... his brother.... he didn't know anymore...his sister... Gods know where right now... Bakugou wasn't here... Deku....wasnt here... he was alone. Wth his father... his father that caused...that caused all this... his father....father...father.... father......


"Father..." Shouto stood, his flimsy outfit covered in flood... his face glowing before flames and ice engulf both halves of his body. Power he hadn't felt since that faithful day. Running over with rage and hurt. The room beginning to burn on smoke on the left of him as the other side froze over. The look on their faces were priceless.


Shouto didn't think... Didn't care anymore.... he wanted everyone to pay for his life. He was fed up.. 


"Once again Deku. You are fucking right. His powers returned." 

Chapter Text


Shouto couldn't control the power that was overflowing within him. His power seemed to never have been sealed. The flames had his father's soldiers running and screaming as the castle started to burn, and as quickly as they turned to ash, they froze and crumbled. The stones of the building almost seemed to become ice itself. Shouto didn't give a damn whom was struck, feeling as if everyone deserves to pay for his pain, his life!


He couldn't focus on anything in particular, part of him wished to die in the destruction. That's when he heard the Dragon King make his entrance, he tried to calm his powers but then thought, does it matter? The only side he needed to be on, was his own. 


"So, your powers have returned my son?" Shouto saw his father, large manic smile on his face. He started to approach, ignoring the Dragon King entirely. "Now we can take them down together!!"


The prince would have laughed, using his right side to blast a barrier of ice towards his father who quickly dodged and backed away, "Together!? After everything you've done to me!? My siblings! My mother! How do you even have the nerve to think I'd ever help you!!" 


Enji growled, "You are the prince of this land, and they are the enemy! You protect your home Shouto! That is more than enough reason!" His flames riding the ice immediately. 


Shouto contorted his face into rage, "Now you treat me like a prince?!" He waved his left hand and the raging fire clashed with his father's own. The heat and smoke would be unbearable and deadly to anyone without the curse of hell fire. 


"Such a disappointment!" The Endevorous King leaped over the flames, sword in hand. 


The young prince started to rev up an ice wall but Bakugou took a cheap shot, punching the king to the ground. Shouto was in shock, he had never seen his father sent flying, whether caught off guard or not. Apparently his father felt the same as he rubbed his face in disbelief. 


"Your fight is with me!" The dragon king seemed to roar as he charged the king who stood quickly to clash blades. Flames increased and soon, if they don't hurry, the entire castle will burn to the ground. 


Shouto started to calm down and assess the situation. He could run…. Run away from it all...go into hiding and start a new life.. Then again where would he go, his face and hair were recognizable so hiding may not be an option. He could wait, and help finish this battle, but without Inasa… "Oh no, Inasa!" The prince wanted to get the general's body out of here at least, so maybe he could have a proper burial. Or something. But when he looked for the body was gone. 


"Die!" A swipe of a blade whizzed by Shouto's face, leaving a cut in its wake. He jerked his head in the direction the blade came from to see a beat up Hawks flying at him. "I'll rid my king of his burden." He had another knife, swinging it wildly at Shouto. It took everything the prince had to dodge, with him calming down his powers were running low, and he was losing stamina quickly. Everything must of been pure adrenaline. "Your death will mean nothing!" 


He was backing up, dodging with grace trying to get either one of his powers to work but unable to have enough time to get them to strike. Hawks was fast. His speed rivaled the knight, Iida's. His back hit the wall and he stared, stunned as Hawks charged with the blade and for the millionth time, he thought it was over. That this was it, and once again, he was not dying today. 


Hawks stopped his charge, a blade protruding out his chest from behind as blood dripped from his mouth. 


Shouto didn't see the blade, till blood spurted on his body, as the blade sliced Hawks in two. Falling to a heap on the floor. That'll probably be another nightmare...later. The prince could feel his heartbeat in his chest, pounding at his ribcage. The man standing behind them was Dabi. But Shouto knew who he really was, "Are...are you.."


A smirk, and a flash of sadness in his blue eyes was confirmation enough. "Another day. Now I think the king's dragon is coming." On que a loud screech was heard, shattering the castle windows, letting in the sounds of the raging storm as well. "Oh and that storm is Bakugou's little minx keeping the remaining soldiers outside the castle at bay."


"Makes sense.. so what should we do?" Shouto whipped the cooling wetness from his face. Trying to get the blood from smearing on his skin, but failing. 


"Well we got to wait on that general to retrieve the egg, and Bakugou isn't going to leave without killing the King, Todoroki." 


"Oh okay, wait." Shouto grabbed Dabi's vest. "You said wait on a general?"


"Found it Lord Bakugou!!!!" A blast of wind blew the flames put as Inasa stomped in. Large egg in one arm. Rage ever present on his face. 


Katsuki let out an explosion sending the king flying to a wall. "Take it and retreat! Wait at the rendezvous point." 


Shouto had so many fucking questions because Inasa was dead! Right? So why and how was he standing there. He was about to dash over there when he was tossed over Dabi's shoulder and then they were going through one of the broken windows. All of it seemed to be planned in detail because his brother, well Dabi, knew exactly where to run through the storm to make it to an open spot in the woods where two horses were waiting. Dabi placed Shouto on one when they felt a swirl of wind. "He rides with me!"


Dabi simply shrugged, "Whatever."


Inasa said nothing else as he placed himself behind Shouto. The young prince wanted to cry, he could feel the tears burning in his eyes, but he must of ran out because they refused to fall. The warmth of the large general behind him made him shiver. He leaned back with a sigh of relief, this was really Inasa. The egg he was holding was sat in Shouto's arms. "Hold on to it. Let's move." He did as told as they read off into the woods. Shouto wanted to look back but the large form would of kept him from seeing anything else. The loud screeching, the sound of soldiers dying in the storm, and the faint hollering from the Dragon king. He knew the fall of a kingdom when he heard it. This was it. 


They rode for a short time before reaching the clearing where they 'crashed'. They sat in silence on horseback. Waiting and waiting and waiting. More loud and terrible screeching, Shouto looked up. The sun was rising and with it dragons of all colors and sizes flew overhead. "There is no hope for that bastard now. Even if somehow he was able to fight Lord Bakugou, with the gathering of so many dragons they could wipe out the entire kingdom." 


Todoroki's mind raced, "But the people-"


"He wouldn't, but he could. The threat is real. And many know him as a beast so they won't argue." Dabi's voice had no emotion. 


"Oh, I understand." The quiet returned. 


"Hey guys!" 


They turned to see a smiling Deku, completely uninjured and shiny. Like he didn't spend the whole night causing a powerful storm. "Yes, royal concubine."


"Kacchan has asked us to return to the castle."


He started to float and guide them back, but Dabi had other ideas, "My deed here is done, so I'm gonna head out. My payment?"


"It's where it always is, oh and they are safe. No harm will come to them." Deku didn't stop, nor did he look back at Dabi when he spoke.


"Thanks." He turned his horse away. Heading in the opposite direction. In no real hurry. 


"You know, there is a commanding officer position for you whenever you are ready. Dabi-kuhn." 


Shouto was a little envious but more curious than anything. His brother, another son of the Endevorous King was being offered a commanding officer position. What all could his brother have done. There is no way that this one task would be worth such an offer. The tense body behind him let him know that Inasa did not agree at all. 


"Nah, I'm not the officer type. More of the spy guy. Plus I'm worth more to Bakugou where I am. Just send word when he needs me again." With that he kicked his horse and they raced away. 


The general relaxed, and held the reins as they trotted behind Izuku. Dragons were circling and gathering over head. Looking like they had no plans on an attempt to land. The people from the town looked terrified. The soldiers that followed the king, what remained of the Todoroki army were also there. In chains. Bakugou stood covered in blood, burns, and wounds. Smiling like a mad man. Shouto gasped when he saw his father's head in one of Bakugou's hands. Kirishima had landed behind him, coiling like a snake ready to pounce. He was on the castle showing off his size. Teeth bared with steam coming out. The seen looked horrifying. 


He pulled the egg in close, worrying that if anything were to happen to it, he would be dead in the Dragon King's other hand. "Its okay. It's easier to start the people in fear, so the risk of immediate retaliation is squashed. Then after a bit of time Bakugou will rebuild the people's trust with bettering their lands and ruling fairly. This will also be a warning to anyone who dares stand against the king."


Shouto understood, but it didn't stop his trembling. He did, however have a question. "I saw you are you alive?"


"Unfortunately it was part of the royal concubine's illusion magic. He wanted to bring your powers back and the easiest and fastest way would be trauma." He moved a large hand from the reins and wedged it between the egg and the prince’s body, stroking his abdomen. "I'm sorry… but when Deku makes a plan we have no choice but to follow it."


He understood, Shouto knows that he didn't need to be told any of this. He was just a slave. A tool. Plus he wouldn't of had an emotional break strong enough to bring his powers back. He wondered what it all meant, now that he had his abilities he wondered what they will do with him now. Or of anything will change at all. He felt numb. He still wondered if any of it was worth continuing to live through. They stopped, looking toward the faces of the people and soldiers. All those he used to lead and protect. But here he was covered in blood. Holding a dragon egg, while being held by an enemy general, still wearing blue silks of a concubine. He felt embarrassed.



 I WAS MET WITH AN AMBUSH!!" He threw the severed head in front of the people, making them gasp and look away. Some crying. Others just seemed to be waiting. "This is what happens to those who betray Me!! This goes for anyone who has the fucking balls to go against me!!" Bakugou started to hover, the wind seemed to make him rise as his tethers cape blew in the wind. "BOW TO YOUR KING!!" 


The people started to kneel but the soldiers stood their ground, chains or not, some even began to holler. Inasa leaned over whispering, "Shouto, look away."


Shouto did not. It was fast. Unbelievably fast. And a fourth of the remaining were ripped to shreds by a swooping dragon, blood sprayed the civilians and other soldiers. Tears dripped down his cheeks. 


"I will not repeat myself!" 


They dropped to their knees without hesitation. 




The rest was a blur. And before he knew it, he was on the back of Kirishima and the others on their way back to Bakugou's kingdom. The eggs still in his arms. It was odd, he didn't notice but the egg was surprisingly warm. He looked over it closely as he rubbed his fingers over its shell. It seemed to sparkle, the shell wasn't like a normal egg shell either. They were more like scales. The egg somewhat wiggled too and Shouto couldn't help but smile. He never felt a pregnant woman's stomach before but he wondered if this was what it felt to be kicked. 


"Hey Shouto." Deku said next to him, smiling a sad smile, "I want to personally apologize to you for what happened. You have been through alot, and I put you through more. I won't ask your forgiveness but I want you to know that your remaining siblings in the kingdom, including your sister are safe and being relocated to a nice part of the kingdom to live their lives. They will want for nothing and that's a promise." Shouto felt relieved, he wanted his family safe. They were not the cause of their father's mistakes. "The country will be rebuilt underneath Kacchan's rule. The people will learn to adjust."


"So what happens now…. Now that he controls so much land." Shouto kept his eyes on the egg. 


A small giggle made him relax a little more, "Oh Kacchan isn't satisfied yet. There are a few independent lands left, not to mention there is still the Shiguraki kingdom to deal with as well. But for now we need rest, and to put the new land to rest and order before trying to conquer another."


"For someone so brash he is smart." Shouto almost laughed at his words, Deku did.


"It surprises me too! But you will have to remain under Inasa's care. You were given him as a gift." Deku placed a soft hand on Shouto's shoulder urging him to look at him. The prince gives in and does. "I hope you can find some happiness. You deserve to smile too."


Shouto didn't know why but he could feel that the Oracle really meant it. And he cried, because even after everything he still wasn't free. But that was okay. Inasa wasn't that bad anymore...or maybe he was so warped and fucked up he didn't know what was good or bad anymore.


Time went by and when they reached the kingdom it was nightfall again. The king hadn't said much, Shouto couldn't blame him, he looked exhausted. He even seemed to lean on Deku when they walked into the castle. Maidens and healers rushing to them guiding them away and out of sight. Shouto still held the egg as Kirishima transformed into his human form. He walked over with a kind smile, "I'll take the egg," Shouto held it tighter before gently handing it over. Kirishima smiled, showing sharp teeth, "It likes you."


"Oh?" Shouto blushed, he always felt flustered and drawn to the dragon, maybe it was part of the magic the dragons had? 


"It's a dragon thing." He walked away towards a different part of the castle. 




The prince tensed before turning around and meeting the general's gaze, "If you want, you can run away and never look back. No one will look for you. You can live out your days as a normal person with no duties or responsibilities. You can go find your happiness."


Shouto couldn't believe what he was hearing. I can just go? Be free? He was at a loss for words. 


"But if you stay, you'll have to live the rest of your days as mine…I won't let you go."


He should high tail it out of there. Even with nothing he could survive. His powers were back and he could do it. Live out his days in peace. Live out his life for his own. He could live! But…. But… "I don't know what I want…" He collapsed, shaking, he was tired, mentally and physically, absolute emotionally. For some reason running away wasn't even appealing anymore, neither was dying. But what he did know was the pain of watching Inasa die was probably almost as bad as watching his mother. He also knew that the pleasure Inasa gave him was pretty good too. Maybe I'm just too fucked up, maybe I just don't want to be alone… no I don't want that. I don't want that at all. "I don't want to be alone." 


Inasa couldn't stop himself, he reached down and scooped the crying prince up, pulling him close in his arms. Letting him weep into his shoulder, this frail man was so broken, way more damaged than Inasa ever thought himself ever was. And he knew he was part of the reason and it hurt. But he never expected feelings to come out of all this either. He was just supposed to be his slave. Then he was going to kill him after the king. Shit didn't turn out that way but the idea of losing Shouto hurt in many other ways. "Let's get you cleaned up, my prince."


He let himself be carried. Feeling all the stress and fears and worries be washed away as Inasa personally bathes him, and himself in warm water of the general's personal bath. They said nothing. Never parting. Then Inasa laid them in the warm soft furs and sheets of the general's bed. Being surrounded by so much warmth and protection for the first time Shouto truly relaxed. It felt so good. But one thing was missing. "Ma-master?" 


Inasa smirked in the dark. Spooning the much smaller male. "Yes?"


"Are you going to...? I mean the spell was broken and….um the chains are…"


Inasa was baffled….he couldn't help it, he laughed loudly in the room and even in the dark he could see the absolute embarrassment going through Shouto. He was now hiding himself in the pillows and furs. Trying to sink through the bed to get away. "Miss them?"


Shouto felt hot with embarrassment. He didn't respond to the asshole. But then he felt a tickle of familiar air caress his body. A tingle ran up his spine as he felt his abdomen tighten. He felt aroused by the feeling of the wind chains traveling around his body. Then he was pulled out the warmth of the furs to the searing heat of the generals naked body. His bottom pressed against the general's erection that slotted between his legs. Pressing up against his balls and own erection. He felt excited wondering if Inasa was going to use him tonight. 


"Such a minx. But not tonight my little slave…. We need to recover." Inasa held him tight, ignoring his own arousal. 


Todoroki smiled, completely agreeing. Rest now, the fun can be later.


Soon both were fast asleep. Their breathing the only sound in the room. The past being left there as they dreamed of the upcoming future that was little more welcoming than ever before.