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Thick Equals Thin (edited)

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Hoseok huffed out a breath and threw the shirt away. Rummaging through his drawers,he fished out a pair of jeans and eyed them out.

Please, dear God, let them fit.

He sat down on the bed and started dragging the pants up his legs. Wiggling his feet through the snug denim fabric, he stood up and started tugged it up, wincing when the pants strangled his thighs and stopped beneath his ass. Taking a deep breath, he tugged hard and managed to get it up and over his rear end.

“Finally," He breathed out. Sighing in relief, he glanced at the pile of discarded clothes on his floor, the various shirts, shorts and other pants he had tried on, but failed to get past his rear , it didn’t help that all his past clothes were made for skinny people . Lately he had been gaining more and more weight, but stubbornly,he had refused to acknowledge it.

But now the pile of clothes on his floor spoke for itself.

Sucking in a breath, he got the buttons closed and then zipped up the zipper. The pants were tight, but still just flexible enough for him to move. He made some minor squats to test them, feeling the material tighten over his thighs and ass.

“You fucking done yet?"

Seokjin walked in, clad in a pair of black pants and a white button-up dress shirt. His hair was combed back neatly and his shoes were even tied properly. He didn't give Hoseok a glance as he walked past him, aiming for his black suit jacket that laid on his side of the bed.

Hoseok felt a small sting in his heart. Seokjin looked absolutely breathtaking and fit as ever, his shoulders broad and his shirt hugging around his chest and arms in a way that accentuated his perfect body. He still remembered how last month , when Seokjin hosted an event with Irene from red velvet all the Internet comments only said one thing “Irene and Jin oppa would make an amazing couple!!” “#Jinrene is sailing” “If only Hoseok wasn’t in the scenario”

Hoseok had expected this much , Seokjin was absolutely mouthwatering and Irene was a goddess, pale , skinny , beautiful and smart , the ideal Korean beauty and there Hoseok was , too fucking fat and bloated to fit into a simple pair of jeans.

Since their group took a hiatus because of military activities , too many things had happened , the day Jin came back after completing his service , Hoseok had run into Mr. Worldwide Handsome’s arms and confessed his love for the older , it was quite a tearful event , they were not serious before but now it was the complete opposite.

Hoseok was also happy that he didn’t have to call Jin - “Hyung” anymore because it was quite weird to call your boyfriend , big brother all the time.

But all was not good , Hoseok had met with a serious accident which did exempt him from military services but also rendered him to stay at the bed straight for 6 months , and without dance and Hoseok’s perfect fitness regime , he had gained some pounds , although it has been an year since the accident and Hoseok went to the dance studio almost daily presently , he still had to gain his “perfect” bod back , also he was too addicted to good food and gladly preferred korean barbecue over baked chicken breast.

“Christ, we're gonna be late," Seokjin snapped at the sight of Hoseok still only in his jeans and no shirt. "Just put on something. Namjoon will kill us and blame me if we're late to his little sister’s birthday.”

Heartbroken and discouraged,Hoseok looked at his closet full of clothes, then looked at himself in the mirror, looking at the way his hips spilled out over the tightness of his pants, how his little muffin top pouted over the hem, how the abs he used to have had disappeared , he loved wearing loose clothing before , but now all his loose shirts weren’t all that loose on him and his ass looked the size of Texas.

He couldn't believe the generic, pathetic words that were about to spill from his lips, and yet they still did. "Jin..? Do these pants make me look... fat?"

He heard the low curse slither past Jin’s lips.

"No. They don't."

He didn't believe him.

“That's all the chocolate you're eating that's doing that."

And there was why.

“You know what? Forget it," Hoseok said and shut his closet, kicking the pile of clothes inside it. "You can text Namjoon and tell him it's just gonna be you. I'm not gonna go."

“Are you fucking joking?"He heard Jin snap after him as he walked into the bathroom, quickly hiding the stupid tears welling up in his eyes.He knew he shouldn't care that much, knew that everything out of Jin’s mouth shouldn't be taken too seriously. Still, today had been a low point for him when he had been forced to realize he’d let himself get... fat.

“Just tell him I came down with something," He replied from the bathroom, snatching a tissue from his Kleenex box to wipe away the water under his eyes. "And wish his younger sister a happy birthday from me, too."

The door to the bathroom opened, and in Jin walked, a hard look on his face. He watched Hoseok throw the tissue into the bin, hiding his tears. "The hell I will. You wanna tell me what's going on?"

Hoseok didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. In result, a mix between the two came out, followed by a sob. "Just go. I'm not in the mood for talking, I just want to be alone."He suddenly felt very self-conscious about Jin staring at him in the mirror, all of his fat and extra weight plunging out over his too tight jeans.

But of course, Jin never did what he was told. Instead he shut the door with a harsh hand and turned to glare at Hoseok, grabbing his chin. The younger flinched when he leaned down to him. "I'm not leaving this fucking bathroom till you tell me what's gotten into your stupid head. For fuck's sake,Hobi, if it's about the pants comment—"

“Of course it's about the pants comment!"He yelled and shoved him away.

He turned and looked at himself in the mirror, then let out a sob when the sight disgusted him. "I'm too fat to fit into anything! I couldn't fit in my favorite pants, the red one that you like. I've gotten fat, and don't pretend like you haven't noticed."

"Of course I've fucking noticed, I'm not blind."

Even though he hadn't wanted Jin to lie, the truth hurt more than he could take. Jin could see he had gotten fat and what did he do? Nothing. He could've stopped him after the second cake slice, he could've told him to order veggies instead of fries, but no; he had stood by for months and let it happen , hell Jin himself had never let a day pass with Hoseok not being overfed in the hospital . At first he thought maybe he just didn't care, but now that he knew he had noticed...

“Get the fuck out of my bathroom," Hoseok growled at him, wiping his eyes again. When Jin didn't move, he clenched his fist and slammed the countertop. "I mean it! Get the fuck out and leave me alone, you stupid, fucking—"

In one fluent sweep, Jin had him pushed up against the tiled wall, trapping Hoseok in his grip. When he cursed Jin and shoved at his chest, Jin grabbed his wrists in one hand and yanked them above the his head, then grabbed his chin and forced him to meet his steely, almost black eyes as he stared him down.

“You fucking listen here now, Jung Hoseok," He growled down at him, pinning him firmly with his glare. "You've gained weight, there ain't no fucking denying it. You want me to lie to your face?"

“No, goddamn it! I want you to get the hell off me—"

“I told you right from the start I'd be a shitty boyfriend," He reminded Hoseok, ignoring his attempts at getting out. He was much stronger and kept him in place. "I've forgotten our anniversary like I promised, you've yelled at me every month for not buying you your favourite wax strips, but like hell if I'm gonna take your bitchflip for telling you the truth."

“Fine, I get it, you're the poor victim and I'm the fat boyfriend that gives you hell," Hoseok cried and and looked away from him.

"So why don't you just leave, huh? Go make a new girlfriend or boyfriend i dont care , someone with a toned dancer body , preferably Irene since you couldn’t stop staring at her in the award show last week, someone who doesn’t have fat ass like me , someone who doesn't nag you about shopping or yell at you for—"

“Every-fucking-thing," Jin finished for him. He leaned down even closer, and Hoseok felt the traces of his lips against his own; that's how close he got. "But I'm not about to fucking walk out because you've gotten it into your head that fat equals ugly."

Staring up at him, speechless, Hoseok just glared. He saw Jin’s eyes remain like daggers, angry and harsh. He stopped struggling, but still hiccuped when Jin eased his grip on his chin and cupped his face instead.

“You're so fucking crazy and stupid sometimes, you know that?" Jin growled, breathing against his lips. "Yeah, you've gained weight, and yeah, I've noticed, but do you hear me complaining? You know me, Hoseok; if I had a problem, I'd fucking speak it. You'd slap me handwise and call me one of your creative nicknames, but I wouldn't give a fuck if I meant it. Yell at me for that."

Small tears welled up in Hoseok’s eyes. He knew Jin hated it when he cried, but he couldn't stop it. "I just don't get it, alright? You're you, you're fucking gorgeous and smart, and yet you stay with me," Hoseok sobbed, hating when Jin rolled his eyes at him .

“I mean it! I'm bratty and I don’t come from money like you although I have made all the money I’ve wanted to , by my own , mind you , but still all I ever do is yell at you for not cleaning or spread my legs for you. I thought the only reason you stayed with me was the latter one, maybe because I was hot or something, but now look at me! I'm fat, my hips are wide, my ass is enormous and—"

“And you need to shut the fuck up before I fuck you right up against this wall," Jin let go of his wrists and yanked Hoseok’s body to his, smoothing his hands down and around to his rear. He gave the two juicy globes a firm squeeze, his fingers dipping into the flesh.

Hoseok gasped and flattened his hands against Jin’s crispy white dress shirt, feeling his nipple piercings beneath it. After the older’s hands gave his ass another good squeeze, he surprised him by slipping his hand into his jeans and grasping his ass plainly. His fingers brushed over his thong, down to the cheekies .He gasped again and felt a jolt of heat go through him. "Jin..."

“Tell me again that you're fat," Jin snarled down at him. "Go on. Say it."

Hoseok shook his head. He knew better than to play this game with him.

“Hoseok, say the fucking words."

He shook his head again. "No. I get it, okay?"

With a whirl, Jin suddenly shoved him face first up against the countertop of the sink, placing himself right behind him, up against him. His eyes caught his reflection, saw his own wide eyes and Jin’s darkening glare deepen as his eyes rolled down his boyfriend’s body. He wrapped an arm around Hoseok’s waist to bring him closer and then pulled at his nipple and tweaked it while the other hand unbuttoned his pants and dipped into the back of them.

“We are so fucking late to Namjoon’s little sister's birthday, all because you can't fucking look at yourself and tell me what you see,"Jin said in his ear, leaning down again to press his lips against his nape. "So I'm gonna give you a choice here, sweetheart ; Either yell at me and don't believe a word I say, or bend over this fucking sink and watch me fuck every thick curve you see in that mirror. Your choice."

Hoseok saw his own mouth’s reflection turn into a gape the second the words left Jin’s mouth.

His ultimatum left him speechless—even more so than before—and so he used a whole of five seconds to process them.

He never said the words directly, but somewhere between all the swear words, did Jin say he actually liked his new curves?
He looked at himself in the mirror, then looked back up at Jin’s face that told him to decide before he decided for him.

- But if the hardness he felt dig against the crack of his ass was any indicator, he had already long ago chosen for him.

“If you can get these pants off me..." Hoseok meekly whispered. In one swift tug, Jin bent down and yanked them down to his ankles.

The material burned against his skin and he let out a brief hiss, but then exchanged it for a shriek when Jin grabbed his waist and turned Hoseok towards his own self . Hoseok’s hands caught hold of the drawers near the mirror and he braced himself as he felt Jin part his asscheeks, squeezing them tightly. His pulse spiked up when he then felt him yank his thong to the side, exposing him.

“Fuck." The single curse was breathed against the lines of his throbbing cock before Jin’s mouth locked on it and sucked it between his lips . His one hand went up to cater to Hoseok’s balls while the other already drenched in lube was pistoning a finger into his asshole.

“Ah!" Hoseok arched his back and his fingers bent against the sink drawer as Jin’s mouth swallowed him whole and a second digit entered his cavity . He cried out and started trembling, feeling pleasure spread throughout his entire body, down to his very toes. "Jin!"

The wet sound of his lips and tongue devouring his small length was Hoseok’s only reply. A moan ripped from his throat and he whimpered when he felt a third finger probe the fine outline of his sphincter. Jolting, he then fell backward when he felt Jin’s tongue tease his slit, at the same time the 3rd finger sunk an inch inside his rear. His lungs snapped shut and his whole body soared with pleasure.


He screamed as he came apart, convulsing as Jin rubbed against the bundle of nerves inside him that made him tick. His breath fogged up the mirror behind him and his panting turned into hyperventilating when he finally hailed down, his knees feeling quivery .

His stomach ached with the spasms of climax. Jin kept sucking him through his orgasm almost making him faint from the oversensitivity.

He removed his hands from drawers to grab onto the mirror again when Jin stood up and turned him 180 degrees towards the mirror like a rag doll. He heard Jin’s zipper go down , saw him apply lube on his very thick long veiny length and take his position behind him in the mirror , pressing the tip of his warm blunt against his entrance . Hoseok snapped his eyes shut and waited for the thrust.

It never came. Instead he felt a hand coil in his hair, yanking his head up and making his eyes snap open again when he felt a slap on his left asscheek. Gasping, he fumbled for something he didn't know what was and ended up clutching his hairbrush. Parting his lips, he looked at Jin’s dark eyes, filled with lust.

“Eyes open," Jin told him, holding his eyes firm on him while he felt him slide his cock up and down his now cushiony ass. His eyelids almost fluttered closed at the sensation, but when another smack hit his rear, they flew open again. "Hoseok!"

“I'm sorry," He whispered and gulped when Jin let the tip of his cock press against his entrance again. The head slipped inside him, stretching his walls gently. "Ah, Seokjin..."

"When we're done here, I never want to hear or see you cry about being fat ever again, that understood?" He demanded, giving his ass another smack. Hoseok quickly nodded.

"I might fuck you doggy, but I'm a man, Hoseok , and men want their fucking meat."

And then with a last slap on his ass, Jin sunk inside him, Hoseok cried out as he stretched his inner walls. He arched against him and felt Jin go even deeper, before he pulled out again. He waited a beat, then thrust inside him harshly, making Hoseok scream out. He bottomed inside him and hit his prostate. Hoseok’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and his hand flew back, trying to push Jin’s hip back.

His hand got caught by another one. Grasping it firmly and clenching it, Jin stopped him and instead gave him another deep thrust that knocked the air out of him.He felt him everywhere; rubbing him, stretching him, massaging his insides until he crumbled to a blubbering mess. Jin’s thrusts sped up and accompanied his moans with the hard sound of his hips clapping against Hoseok’s thick rear.

Even in his bent-over position over the sink drawers, he could still see his ass in the reflection of the mirror, see it ripple with each hard thrust Jin gave him.

Jin’s one hand was resting on his left hip, keeping him steady as he roughly plunged in and out of him while the other was busy stroking him.

“Oh fuck, Jin..." Hoseok cried out as the pleasure became too much, as his dick tortured his ass until he felt himself clench around him in the starts of a new orgasm. Jin struck him just right, knew just where to aim inside him to make him plead his name like a prayer.

"Fuck, this sight," Jin’s voice was a deep growl, but laced with pleasure. He slowly moved his hand up Hoseok’s spine, locking it at the nape of his neck. He muttered a curse and let his other hand release the younger’s wrist to knead his rear again, the flesh folding in his palm. "You're so fucking crazy, Hoshiki..."

Hoseok couldn't help but bite his lip at the erotic sight of Jin groaning over his ass. He looked so damn close to whipped, the clench of his jaw wound tightly. Another smack then fell across his asscheek and made him gasp, the stinging adding to the pleasure of Jin’s cock stroking his insides. He saw the red handprint on his cheek, vivid and flaming, and not seconds later, the other one got one as well.He whimpered and felt himself begin to tip over. "Jin..."

“Get it. Do it, my prince ," Jin’s thrusts sped up, his hips pounding against his. "Get there, you crazy, fucking bitch."

“Ah! JIN!" He struck something inside him that made Hoseok scream and come apart with a jolt. He clenched Jin in a deathgrip, closing and contracting around him, milking him until he heard him curse as well and dig his fingers into his plush hips.

The warmth of Jin’s cum filled him up as he shot his load inside him, grunting behind him and squeezing his ass. He shivered and felt him give him his everything; clenching around him to get it.

By the time both of them fell off their high, they were both a mess, though unarguably, Seokjin looked the best. A few strands of his gelled hair had fallen out of place and contoured his face, while his crispy white shirt now was wrinkled and stained with sweat. Hoseok didn't even want to look at his own reflection and avoided catching it as he shakily straightened out, feeling his legs wobble unstably.

Jin’s hands came to his hips, pulling Hoseok around and pressing him up against the sink again, ass first this time.

“I fucking love you so much Hobi , just as you are , never question it.”

With one hand, he gripped the back of the younger’s head and dragged his lips up to his, giving Hoseok only a second to catch his breath before he stole it from him again.

Jin’s ips savaged his with absolutely no mercy, but with so much heat and passion, Hoseok nearly tipped over sideways. Gasping for air and tasting himself on his tongue, he let out a small moan and clutched onto his shirt, wrinkling it some more.

When Jin finally broke the kiss and gripped his chin, he was two steps from being in Wonderland.

“You good now?" Jin asked him flatly, his voice still jarred with pleasure, but much more gritted and firm than before. He thumbed Hoseok’s lips apart and caught his swimming gaze as his eyes opened. "Or do you feel like calling Namjoon and telling him the reason we missed his sister's birthday party was because you felt you were too thick to go?"

Blushing, Hoseok realized how silly and stupid he had acted now. It was just that he had never weighed this much before. He had always had to look good and care about his appearance because his surroundings had demanded it. In Seoul, everyone was skinny, pale and on some sort of diet that involved the clinic and a gym membership.He went to neither, happy with his tan skin still didn’t want to accept his new curves.

But right here with Jin, he realized he didn't have to care anymore. That life was behind him; he was part of his new one.

“You really don't care that I've put on a few?" He whispered, feeling his heart clench when Jin sighed irritably. "Just for once, say it. I promise I'll never bother you with it again." Staring at him for a long, hard moment, Jin finally gritted his teeth and dragged his forehead to his. "You're perfect however you look. I don't give a shit about the weight if you're scared of me leaving you because I don't find you attractive anymore. You couldn't be any more fucking off," He steeled him with his eyes, then leaned down to his lips and pecked them. "It's all the more reason to stay."

Smiling like a fool, Hoseok reached up and cupped the nape of Jin’s neck, getting up on his toes to plant the biggest kiss on his lips, right when his phone decided to go off.

Pausing one millimeter from his lips, he watched Jin roll his eyes and then dig his hand into his pocket, fishing out his phone. Without even looking at the caller ID, he pressed the phone to his ear. "We're on our fucking way, chill the fuck out."

Hoseok heard the muffled voice of an angry Namjoon pointing out that he could tell on the tracker on Jin’s phone that they hadn't even left the apartment yet.

"Christ. Will you back the fuck off? We're gonna make it, I just had to fuck some fucking sense into Hoseok."

It was Hoseok’s turn to roll his eyes when he heard Namjoon’s voice exclaim; 'again?' He turned around and started fixing himself up while Jin continued arguing with Joon. His hair was as a fucking mess.

“The problem?" Jin glanced at him while he
washed his face with cold water.

"There's no fucking problem.He just thought he’s too thick for me to handle."

Hoseok’s eyes widened and he gaped at Jin in disbelief, he saw him buckle his pants up before walking up to the door—but not before smacking his already sore ass one last time and mouth whispering ‘you look so beautiful’ to him.

“Had to prove him the hell wrong."