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Chapter 9

Ever since she married Harge, Carol felt as though she needed an outlet to get rid of anger, disappointment, and sadness that occasionally got the best of her, so she found a way to blow off some steam at a gym near her school.

She has genuinely grown to like it so kept going even after the divorce besides she wanted to stay in shape and maintain a figure and if she were honest, look presentable naked if by chance she met someone.

She was fond of that particular gym because it was big enough to have enough personal space while working out and yet small enough that all receptionist and coaches knew you.

Carol always used her time on the treadmill for planning things for Rindy or herself. Today, however, she thought mostly about Abby’s upcoming wedding, and it surprised her just how much she was looking forward to it. Maybe it was being happy for her best friend or the realization that this wedding will be quite the opposite of her own. There will only be people Abby truly loves and that love her, not some aunts and uncles to impress, or business partners to entertain.

Thinking about her own wedding Carol often had a feeling it was someone else going down that aisle and saying I do. Whilst being lost in thought Carol didn’t notice the beautiful woman next to her on a treadmill until she was done for the day and went to the changing room. While ruffling through her bag to find fresh clothes she noticed that the woman from a treadmill entered the changing room and they exchanged a polite nod. Carol couldn’t help but notice how hot the woman was.

After Carol took a shower and was about to leave the woman asked,
“Excuse me I see that you come here often, can you recommend me some of the coaches, I would like to try some personal training?”

“Well, I had a few sessions with Toni and he’s fun so I think it’s worth a try”, Carol smiled politely.

“Thanks, I’ll take your advice-“, she paused waiting for Carol to say her name.


“Nice to meet you, Carol, I’m Lisa”

“Likewise, how long have you been a member?”

“I joined two months ago”, Lisa said as she started to take her top off and Carol could feel her cheeks going red. She was used to seeing women naked in changing rooms even though she herself always used a private stall, but today she felt different so she looked away as to search for something in her bag.
Just as Carol was about to leave, Lisa said,

“Um, Carol?”


“Can I have your number, you know in case I need another workout advice?”
She was definitely flirting now, right?!, Carol thought as she gave her number.

Rindy was staying with Harge for a couple of days so Carol decides to treat herself with a hot bath and some light music. However, whether it was the endorphins or flirting with a beautiful woman but Carol soon became aroused. It’s been a while it’s been a while since she pleasured herself and she really missed it. So she slid one finger between her lips to open herself up and slip her finger back and forth from her opening to her clit. Then she added one more finger and slid them inside her, curling them slightly. When she felt she was close she rubbed her clit in circular motions, each time with more intensity until she climaxed for the first time in months, but the picture that was in her head as she came wasn’t the one of Lisa but rather of one Therese Belivet.

Carol, she moved in with her girlfriend and she is ten years younger than you. She scolded herself.

Afterward, she took a long bath, treating her skin with all kinds of body lotions one could imagine, drank a glass of wine and simply enjoyed the evening she had to herself.


“I wanna throw you a moving in party this weekend”, Gen said as the pair walked into the mall.

“I really do have a lot of work this weekend, remember we have a potential investor coming in and everything should be running smoothly”

“T, why do you always find some excuse not to hang out, you can't read your books every night.”

“Excuse me but I’m pretty happy with my books”, she said annoyed.

“And that’s great, but I’m just saying it wouldn’t kill you to spend more time with our friends.”

“I guess”, Therese shrugged and Gen gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“I promise it won’t be anything wild and we will invite only the people you like”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Well I know you are not a fan of some of my friends”

“Like who?”

Last time you fought with Molly over Instagram.”, Gen sighed.

“Gen, she is a grown woman who still thinks posting fifteen pictures online makes you a professional photographer and what was the other word she used?”

“Influencer”, Gen laughed.

“See my point?”

“I do, but that’s her thing she didn’t mean to offend you”

“I know I know”, Therese said dragging her feet to yet another store.

Later that evening when Therese was walking Augie she thought about her life and she was overwhelmed as feelings of nostalgia washed over her. She knew that Gen loved her and cared about her but she never felt understood by her. And she longed. to be understood and loved for who she was, instead of being molded into some idea Richard or Gen had about who she's supposed to be. Therese reached in her pocket to get her phone and like a habit, as she did it a thousand times, she called Carol.

“Hi Therese”, Carol answered almost immediately.

“Hi”, Therese called without any plan of what to say so she was quiet for a few seconds before Carol asked,

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to talk I guess”, she said honestly.

“Well, that’s refreshing, people usually call when they need something”, Carol knew just what to say to ease Therese’s nervousness or embarrassment.

“I didn’t wake Rindy, did I?”

“No, no don’t worry she is with Harge so it’s just me”

“What are you up to?”, Carol asked playfully.

“Nothing much, just walking Augie.”

“That sounds nice”


Carol could sense the sadness in Therese’s voice, it was quite different from the one when she spoke about photography or books that she loves.

“Would you mind if I joined you?”, Carol asked on an impulse before she really thought this through but still hoped Therese would say yes.

“Really? Yes, I mean no I wouldn’t mind, of course”

“Tell me where you are and I’ll be there in ten minutes”

Ten minutes later, Carol, Therese, and Augie were enjoying their evening stroll.